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Hung Like A Horse

I will admit, it was humiliating the first time we played. Throughout our sexual play, he slapped my face and my pussy with his hung cock. It was embarrassing to be treated like a piece of meat.

Then he started to fuck me. His hung cock hit places inside of me that have never been touched. His cock stretched me to the max, giving me sensations I have never felt. He would pull out and drag his cock over my exposed clit and lips, creating a sense of teasing me. This teasing was further humiliation that I desired his cock in a way I have never desired.

Christian is a regular in my pussy. When I desire a humiliatingly deep pounding, he is my guy.

  • My Sister

    why can my sister not just be a slut like all the other stories i read here. Why must she be all innocent? Damn, how I would love to taste her lips, her tongue, her breast, her body, her juices. She is 47

    Services Rendered

    I had friends who I had met when I was in my teens. They were a married couple who were friends of my boss.

    Years later when I was about 25 Dave and I were talking at a wedding reception when he asked me if I would like to join him and his wife for sex. Lisa was and still is today a very beautiful woman.

    I was nervous at first because I didn’t want to get caught by my girlfriend but I did it anyway.

    She was so sexy and her favourite thing was to ride hard and fast on top. Her orgasms were incredible and I had lots of fun with them many times for almost a year.

    Dave loved to watch us the most which was weird for a while. I remember looking down between our bodies when she was on top and seeing him crouched at the end of the bed watching my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. As weird as it sounds I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to fuck the woman I had only dreamed of earlier.

  • Watching Or Being Watched

    I believe that all straight guys enjoy watching their female counterparts masturbate. There’s certainly a huge audience online searching for female solos and one of my absolute favourites is just that.

    I often wonder though about women and if they enjoy watching men. I’ve been with many who have mutually masturbated with me some as a first time experience and others who have had a history of mutual pleasure with both men and women.

    I’d like to know from women who will be honest about their personal preferences if they enjoy watching women or men, or, do you prefer to be watched or perhaps both.

    The only female feedback I have is from those I’ve been with it became a bit of a fetish for me around 25. There is a long gap before then going back to when I first had the pleasure of watching two women masturbating. I was 19 , they were 18 and 19.

    That began as a very awkward situation a few weeks before then when my 18 year old gf asked me if I ever jerked off. I was very embarrassed and sheepishly replied that I only did it if we couldn’t have sex for a few days. I was too embarrassed to admit that I did it a few times daily to my dvd collection of hotties.


    So I have a buddy and I’m obsessed with his wife, good looking and reserved. When she drinks here and there I can tell she could have a wild side to her sexually. When we go to the lake and my buddy goes to town for beer or gets our in the lake I swear she’ll pull her bikini bottom up riding herself more or get hard nipples hanging around the campers. Once she went to have a nap in the camper and I thought I could hear her play with herself. I was a bit tipsy but it got louder and louder. Then it went quiet and she came out in boot shorts and a tank top. Her thong was sticking up out of her shorts at the hips and damn her thong was white. Did a couple shots and went back in. She had to have been messing with me cause not long after I could hear her using a viberator. Everyone else went to the lake and I really wanted to ask if I could help. I chose not to and had another drink by the fire. She came out after a while and headed to the lake seeing she changed clothes a third time? I debated it and told myself I’ll never get another chance. I went into their camper and to the bedroom, there on the little night stand was her viberator. My heart was pounding but walked up to it, it was very noticeable it was just used. I picked it up and smelled it first, finally getting to smell her little clit it made my mouth water. I ran my tongue up and down it tasting her constantly. Jesus I wanted her some bad. I licked her toy clean and picking up her white thong I smelled that to. Her toy wasn’t that big so I imagined her having a small clot to match her body. I put the toy back where I found it and went back to the fire. When I sat down they all came back not knowing I smelled and tasted my obsession…

  • A Young Boy's Cock Turn My Pussy Into A Slut For Him.

    After i left high school my parents wanted me to go to college but instead i chose to do a nursing course mainly because of the love that i have for babies.
    After i graduated nursing school, at 24 i got my first job to work as a babysitter in a huge mansion that is owned by a black couple who possessed great wealth where he and his wife seem like the 2 busiest persons in the world.
    The couple had a baby boy who were born naturally weighing more than 9 pounds.
    I use to wonder if a baby that big could really come through a woman's passage. He seem the size of some one year old.

    I watched this baby grown into a lovely young man who is now 19 years old.
    I first noticed the size of his willie when he was just 8 years old and when he turns 17 it marks the first time seeing what i now call his cock as a teenager.
    It didn't really surprise me to see what it now looks like but the only thing that surprises me is the way i felt when i saw this teenage cock that stands out on his body.

    The long and short of it is, i became lustful and wanting to fuck this young man so bad who seem like a exhibitionist. His cock is always on display whenever i attended to him when serving him breakfast in his room which they instructed me to do. I also noticed that he sleeps in the nude as every time i enter his room for whatever reason there is this big cock steering me straight in the face.

    Well last week i allowed myself to wandered off a bit and it cost me. His mom and dad were off on a weekend cruise. I routinely took breakfast to his room and saw him naked as usual. I have never tried to talk to him whenever i saw him nude before but this time we started a conversation about the pending US presidential elections.

    Almost an hour of conversation around politics which quickly turned to him telling me he wanted to be a gynecologist. I entertained his argument by telling him that dreams and aspirations are within the grasp of our hands therefore he must go after it.
    By chatting and chatting i saw his cock begin to swell. No longer my nipples started to get hard seeing this.

    I could have left right there and then after sensing what could happen but i stood there getting myself wet by steering at this cock that i now started to feel for.
    He now must have seen right through me when he started to force the foreskin of his cock back and forth as we now became quiet. I then turned away and went through the door but only to strip myself and re-enter the room where i went straight and straddle him tightly.

    I could not believe myself the way i was riding this 19yo with this huge cock way up my pussy. I fucked him hard before orgasm and he pommel me harder thereafter.
    For that entire weekend we fuck as if we were a couple. His maturity for his age is more like an adult except he's just 19.
    I have never dreamt of having a teenager fucked me much less to fuck me so good.
    And one thing is for sure and that is i'm not going to stop fucking him as long as he wants to. My pussy is on fire for this black cock.

    Owning My Classy Boss

    I often dream about seducing my Boss. The way she looks at people, it's a power eye contact, oozes confidence. She holds the power, she loves leading the people. To seduce such a high profile woman and making her mind dance to my tunes is a dream made in heaven.

    She has the other side too. She loves pets and I often see her care for elder people. Such a lovable person. She smells wonderful and her flexible body is a treat for the sore eyes.

    Everytime she calls my name I feel the rise in my heart beat. I want to look at her eyes and let her know that my eyes undressing her, moving my wet lips All over her neck. I wanna hear her moan my name into the air.

    I'd love to pin her to the wall in the cabin room and kiss her passionately when other employees would only think we were discussing about the project.

    I'd spread her legs wide and push my fingers inside her. I touch her g-spot, making her eyes roll back into her head. Her c**t spasms and she feels the orgasm building up inside her pulsating body.

    She scream silently as the pleasure overwhelms her. I push my fingers even deeper and kiss her lips with immense passion.

    She throws her head back and leaks all of the warm fluids pooled in the groin area. She takes deep breaths and rests in her chair and I move out of the cabin quietly.

    Just Found Out The Love Of My Life Always Liked Me

    I have a friend who rarely saw, she is 6 years younger than me and at times we were single and hanging out alot, our age gap was too big to ever consider dating her. I was embaressed to say it but I always felt like I was truly in love with her. Now we only see eachother once or twice a year, and she gave me the longest hug when I saw her last night. To the point I let go and semi pulled away twice but she held on so I went back in. I'm happily married, but we were all drinking together last night and she happened to get super drunk. We were catching up and broke off alone and she said "I've always had the biggest crush on you." My emotions have been in an absolutely wild spin cycle since. Sorry it's a lame story with no sex, but man I'm in a weird place right now.

    The Date

    When I was 16, my lawyer dad asked me for a favor. One of his clients had a pair of tickets to the Nutcracker Fantasy ballet for the following night, and his wife of five years had just moved out as they were separating. Most of the women he knew were also friends with his wife and turned him down as a replacement, not wanting to get in the middle of anything. He could have gone to the ballet with one of his bros or given the tickets away, but out of spite for his wife for whom he’d bought the tickets he wanted to see the show with a female companion.

    I reminded Dad I had a boyfriend I planned to see that night. He told me to take a night off from my relationship and cheer up his client who needed cheering up. The guy had seen my picture on Dad’s desk and said I was pretty.

    I playfully asked what sort of cheering up he needed, and Dad gave me his stern look and said not to get carried away—just dress up nice and be friendly for a few hours. I told Dad I’d do it and make up an excuse to tell my boyfriend. I loved the Nutcracker. I’d taken ballet classes since I was five. I looked the guy up on the Internet—he was a good-looking corporate type. Thirty years old.

    For our date, I wore a short red wrap dress that had a low neckline that tended to gape wide open showing my prize-winning boobs (I’d been voted Best-Biggest Boobs by my classmates in a poll posted on an unauthorized school website). A lace pushup bra made sure they’d get noticed.

    Hi picked me up in a BMW, looking great. At the theatre, we checked our coats and he saw me in my dress for the first time and got a big grin on his face. He was a gentleman during the first act, but his hand found my bare, slender thigh during the second act and stayed there, and I leaned closer to him remembering to be friendly.

    The ballet ended a little before ten. Getting up to go, he asked what time I needed to be home and I said midnight. He asked if I wanted to go to his place for a little while and I said okay.

    He lived in a nice house. He offered me a glass of wine and started a fire in the fireplace. I wasn’t planning on doing anything with him but, after the wine, he started kissing me and I didn’t stop him. He got me out of my dress and bra and sucked on my boobs, then undressed himself and started fucking me on a big fluffy rug by the fireplace, pounding me hard like he was taking out all his anger and frustration with his wife on me. I asked him to slow down. Go more gently. Kiss me as though he liked me. He responded to my wishes, fucking me with more affection and less aggression while kissing me deeply. It felt intimate and he drove me to orgasm. He then carried me to his bed and fucked me for a long time until we both came together—something I’d always hoped to do with my boyfriend but it never worked out that way. I forgot to ask him to pull out, so he came inside me.

    I was still catching my breath when he checked the alarm clock. Shit—it’s one-thirty!

    We got dressed and he drove me home. Kissed me in the car. Thanked me for being such a great date.

    Inside, I was glad to find Dad in bed, asleep, so I wasn’t in any trouble.

    The next morning, he asked how my date had gone. I said it was fun. Great show and everything. We got along fine.

    About a week later—just before Christmas—Dad told me his client had reconciled with his wife and they were getting back together. I wondered what the guy told his wife about what happened to his Nutcracker tickets. I’m guessing whatever he said, I wasn’t mentioned.

  • Situation Ends Well

    Chip and I had been in a relationship 5 years beginning in the 11th grade. We had done everything but have intercourse waiting until marriage. My dad disliked Chip and had tried to break us up for years. Chip was almost graduated college and I worked in my dad’s business. I was jealous of Chip during college years thinking he would leave me for someone else. I was mad one day for no reason at work and my dad noticed. I told him I was concerned about losing Chip. He convinced me Chip had been cheating and would buy me a new car if i broke up with him. I broke up with Chip that weekend and he was devastated. I mostly cried all the next week. I went to a lake hangout the next weekend with some old friends. A good looking well built guy in his 30’s hooked up with me. Later I couldn’t believe myself for making out with him. I let him be my first in the water and he cum inside me. I was drunk all day and he had sex with me two more times but pulled out. I was awoken from a drunk sleep that night with someone else just finishing inside me. I went home ashamed and and the next week called Chip and asked to get back together. He had been told what I did at the lake so he was over with me. I had my son unmarried and blood test showed the second guy was the father. He pays child support but his words, would never marry a slut like me. My dad realized he wrecked my life. He tried to get Chip to take me back but failed. No one my age group wanted a young mother with a son for marriage and after many flings I switched to an older divorced man. I moved in with him for two months but he asked me to leave so he could get back with his wife. Chip got with another girl got married and had 3 daughters. 16 years later his wife died after a long fight with cancer. I went to his house only to wish him condolences. He was a wreck. I started going over and doing housework and helping with his daughters while he was at work. I never made a move romantically on Chip. On evening he called me and asked for a dinner date with me and kids. We did this several times the next few months. He finally asked for a date with me alone. He asked for us to give us a try again. I cried uncontrollably and wouldn’t quit hugging him. We had sex in his pickup truck. We married almost 2 years after his wife passed. He had been clipped so I couldn’t have a child by him. My son and his three daughters was enough children anyway. We have been happily married since he married me. I am totally committed to being a good wife.