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Seniors Wanting To Have Sex With One Another Just To Get Off

I had to relocate. I started hanging out at a fast food place for coffee and something to nibble on. I notice that there was other seniors about and around my age or older there. I was getting aroused of doing an older an old gal to have sex with. There was this big gal with big hangers and big belly that would smile at me. I would smile back and say " hello ". I started to dream about her wanting to fondle those breasts and rub my cock all her fat hanging belly and cum hard on her.
She noticed me starring and looking at her when she came into the place. Then one day she sat next to me. " You don't mind if I sit here ? " she said as her cleavage showed that she had mega size tits as she slid her arm under them. I felt her hand on my cock. " I think a little sex play would be nice ! she said to me as she leaned into me and whispered " oral is fantastic ! "as she squeezed my cock.
We walked to my car where she pulled out my dick and began to put it in her mouth giving me a blow job in the car as I placed and squeezed with my hand on those mega tits. She slapped my face with her tits. I drove her to my place where she undressed and told me to eat her out as she face sat me. Her c**t juices was fantastic tasting as she told me to shoot my load all over her belly and face.
I gotten to enjoy our sex and desired anal at times.

  • Walked In On Him With Another Girl

    I saw him with her. Excuse me, watched him having sex with her. It didn't make me angry, it made me feel like I was the one having sex. I had never seen live sex, a woman thrashing under him. Until it was over, only she wasn't over.

    After he was out I went to her, she was frightened to see me but I calmed her down, and took her away from him. I let her dress and drove her to her apartment. I felt for her, he has always been able to pick up girls.

    It was my first time. Watching.

    It Only Gets Better

    Have a few fuck buddies that have been going on and off for a while. I love when the sex gets amazing though. One night stands are hit and miss. Regular sex with a f0ck buddy gets better and better. This morning had my one f0ck buddy show up and absolutely pound my 4ss hard and deep, and blow his load deep in me, made my cock leak tons of precum. He has one of the biggest cocks I’ve f0cked. Thick and long. White guy, blue eyes, 6 foot 4. His cock fills me up and goes in deep but I can handle it like a seasoned porn star now. He loves to eat my ass, suck and lick my balls and cock. He probably enjoys that I’m a short at 5 foot six, muscular and fit. Sex is so good with him now. I blew a load thinking about it right now, he’s load is still in me it normally is so deep in me it will stay in me for few hours before coming out. I certainly attract a certain type of guy and that is hung white guys. I look like a white supremacist even though I’m Mexican ethnically and by birth, I’ve noticed minorities seem cautious around me, little do they now I’m one of them lol. Not sure if a curse or blessing but for now I’ll enjoy my hung white guy’s cocks balls deep in me. Got a few of them that I f0ck on the regular. I swear my city is the Mecca for hung white buy because I’ve been fucked by lots of them here in my city.

  • Becky's Butt

    I met Becky 18 years ago in a social group. She had brown hair, a few extra pounds, and a long face--not especially attractive, in short, but she was spunky and lively, and a little flirtatious. We exchanged numbers, and I soon invited her over to my house for a movie. I rubbed her shoulders a bit and after the movie she asked for more, so we went upstairs to my bedroom where I could rub her back. She quickly removed her and bra so I could rub her skin directly, and her expressed encouragement to my touch soon led to my kissing her back, rubbing her hips, then pulling down her loose pants and underwear to find that she *really* liked her butt being rubbed and kissed. She told me she felt very comfortable with what I was doing so I went further, and started licking her asshole, which drove her wild.

    I had some mineral oil within reach--left by another lady I used to date & give backrubs to--so I started greasing up her butt with my fingers, and told her I was negative on all STIs; she said "oh yes, me too" and in a few more seconds I was pressing my cockhead into her bottom. She moans and cried with pleasure, "oh yes oh yes please" as I slowly sank into her inch by inch. I never kissed her lips, but grabbed her under her arms and pulled my lips to her neck, breathing and talking dirty into her ear, telling her what a dirty girl she was for liking this, which again drove her crazy, she started screaming at me to fuck her deep over and over, and within a few minutes she was clearly having analgasms. Feeling how tight she got pushed me over too, and I started ejaculating into her asshole. I lay in her a couple more minutes until I started to get slightly soft and slid right out, then I collapsed onto her and we talked a little more about sex--both our experiences and desires--while I spooned her.

    She asked to use the shower to clean off, and when she was done I took my turn, matter-of-factly switching out our naked bodies in my tiny bathroom. After I was done, I came out to find her clothed again on the bed; I wanted to air dry a bit so I sat down next to her, and in a few minutes she leaned over to give me a wonderful blowjob for about 20 minutes. Finally I told her "if you don't stop soon I'm going to cum in your mouth," and she let up just a second to say "I want you to," and plunged her lips around me again--I soon did, and she kept her eyes shut as she almost meditatively and calmly continued to lap me up. She then confessed that she didn't think that was her best blowjob--and a couple weeks later she interrupted another backrub to prove it, sucking me off even more strongly than the first time.

    She then got too busy to come over again, and though she was single for a few years after that we never met again. She got married to a man she clearly loved strongly, and now the sad part--I just learned that she died of cancer last year, Fuck, fuck, fuck cancer. Becky, you were so nice to me. I'm glad I had a brief chance to be nice to you.

    Playing With My Naked Mom...

    I recently read a post about a guy playing with his topless aunt's big titties while she was passed out. That post caught my attention as I thought back to when I was a kid. My Mom and Dad had split up when I was 16 and my mom started to drink a lot more than normal.

    Sometimes when she would be drinking, we'd play around ,maybe wrestling on the sofa while watching a movie. She always wore these big oversized tank tops and her boobs would pop out. I'd squeeze them or pinch her nipple and she'd squeal and smack me while laughing. But mom had fantastic titties with huge nipples as thick as my little finger.

    When mom would go out drinking with her GFs from work, she would often come home pretty blitzed and I'd chat with her while she was trying to undress and even help her to bed. I always got an eye full. more often than not, she'd just slip into bed naked.

    I got to the point where I would sit on the edge of her bed and pull the sheet back and admire her naked body as she drifted off passed out. After I got my nerve up, I'd slowly explore her body with my hands and massage her big heavy boobs and watch the jiggle slightly. I'd jerk off and rub my wet cum covered fingers on those big titties.

    Mom never knew. LOL.

  • My American Name Is Alice

    Am I the only one?

    .It feels that way. I was married at nineteen to a man with a future. It's the last gasp of my parents to provide for me. The last party. My parents are both dead. My husband moved me to Buffalo New York, later to the much warmer south. There are just a few people from my town, no body I knew when I lived there, no attachment to my past.

    I have tried to be a good wife. I speak English now. I obtained a high school equivalency diploma and I have a real estate certification. I keep myself busy, I have two daughters, I met a man who made me a partner and he finances and I find properties to flip. I own two houses now, one we live in, and one we rent. This helps my husband.

    But I have a secret from him, from my family, from the man who finances the buying and selling of properties. Only my mother knew, that's why she hurried to marry me. It is something that in the last few years has become talked about everywhere, but I am still embarrassed. I cannot risk my marriage, my family, my work.

    I envy those who are so explicit, but I must remain hidden. It is only my job that let's me meet and participate with other women like me. But I live in fear that one day one of them will speak.

    Am I the only one?

    She Does Do That

    I live alone in nice house great neighborhood. My neighbors are nice well almost all. I have an older couple next door the husband is kind of a prick but the wife is nice and although she is in her late 50s she has an ass that can compete with that of a 20 year old. Yes being single has it advantages and being in great shape helps out. I’m not the married type I like to be single love women and would be hard for me to settle for 1 mouth 1 pussy 1 ass for the rest of my life isn’t for me. Cheryl’ the Gilf neighbor had been letting me use her for a few years now and her husband finally retired and caught on that the love of his life was my personal fuck doll. He threw a fit I guess she told him she loved me. It was a mess meanwhile I had started sleeping with the other neighbors wife. I eased up on her because of the other neighbors husband finding out. So incase he talked to the neighbors around me. He was so embarrassed that he kept quiet. He out the house on the market Cheryl was hear broken. I told her she could just drive over and it would be easier. She did visit often after a while and after a few months we got to get lay around more when her husband suddenly passed. The couple that purchased there home where a family husband wife and a daughter around 10. They where Asian small people nice. The wife Stacy was probably 5 foot tall maybe 110 lbs. small boobs very nice legs that where ice and thick and a good looking ass to match it. Very pretty later found out she as half Hmong half Japanese. I took a liking to her instantly and well after a few weeks I was knee deep in Japanese Hmong pussy. It took a little booze and I learned a while ago that to really loosen a women up a highly potent edible will do it. Totally relaxed this also helps if your dating someone that won’t give up the rear. Or sentence and experiences to much pain while trying to enter there rear. She opened up shortly after and we would hang out and smoke a bit the screw. I was totally surprised when she said that she had never had anyone or anything back there. It wasn’t long before I was licking and probing her rear with my tongue and toys a few plugs to loosen her up and some drinks and an edible or 2 and I got the prize her tight very tight little rose bud. I wanted this on video and set up a few cameras one for me to hold and one so I could see her pretty little face. I was bottoming out when I let go a gush of jizz right up her ass. When I pulled up she was a little embarrassed as she let out a giant sperm fart. It didn’t bother me as I told her this was not the last time I’d hear her fart. Some light kisses and home she went. Her husband was a commuter so leaving at 6 and back home at 7 ish. Left us plenty of time to play. There was plenty of kids in the neighborhood so her 10 year old was usually off playing. I’d come over to there house and we would play around. She was very inexperienced in sex and I showed her what her body and most importantly how to sue her holes. She told me that her husband had always wanted to try anal but that she had shot him down. She said that while in bed the other night he asked about it again. By then she was a pro and could probably take 2 cock up her rear at once if she wanted. She ended up telling him that she didn’t ever want that and it would remain off limits. She said she had sex but it was not as satisfying as it is with me. I’m by no means John Homes but I’m a bigger guy and am probably bigger I never asked. I know that when I fuck her she cums and has come close to be a squirter. Her husband has been friendlier recently has come over and hung out. He has admitted that he is envious of me being single. He also mentioned that he wished his wife would be more open to things. All of a sudden I’m a marriage counselor. After a few times I started to like the guy. He even had me over for dinner. Stacy liked it because I was super hands with her. At one point during the evening she slid her panties off and put them on my lap. They where soaked since I had been grazing and sliding fingers in her all night. We had a few minutes while her husband to a call and I pounced using her pussy and dumped a massive load in her. We could see her husband on the phone from the window. My cock went form her pussy to her mouth. She then mentioned that she should probably get on birth control unless I wanted a g*ft. I made her go get on BC the following week and was anal exclusive with her for a few weeks.

    We're Tricking Each Other

    Met and married my wife in college and we had 24 good years together before she passed in 2021. Two grown daughters. It was rough for a while, but I felt ready to start dating again late last year.

    I met this petite young blonde, bubbly personality, hourglass figure. I'm much older, and of course I knew my affluence was a big factor in her attraction to me. I didn't think she was quite so mercenary about it, though. A month or so after we started seeing each other, I heard her talking on the phone to a female friend when she thought I had already left the house. She was saying various things like,

    "He's a sweet guy. Old, yeah, but he's good to me. You saw the car I'm driving, didn't you...............No, I don't love him, but .......... I never had shit before, and if I can get pregnant............ hey, it worked for you!"

    Not a shocking thing, considering our age and other differences, but I didn't think she'd just casually mention her whole plan like that, even to a friend.

    The thing that has never come up between us is that I had a vasectomy after my wife had our second child. She can try all she wants, but she won't get pregnant. If she does, I'll insist on a paternity test.

    I'm getting great sex, she's getting a better life, for a while, anyway. Transactional, but I'm still in the driver's seat, and I intend to keep it that way.

    The More The Merrier

    I am an average looking white girl who has been dating black men since I started dating in high school. I live in an area where nobody really cares and it is accepted.

    The guy I was dating asked me if I would be interested in fucking a friend of his that just got home from being in way (military guy). After some thought, I agreed to do it. We set it up. I went to his house and I gave him a welcome home fuck.

    About a week later, my guy asked me to fuck another guy. After some thought, I agreed to do it. We set it up. I went to his house to give him a welcome home fuck and his three other friends were there. It is not what I agreed to so I called my boyfriend from my car. He laughed, teased me that I would enjoy it and told me to come home if I did not want to do this. I sat in my car for a few minutes and role played this scenario in my head. Four cocks is a lot, but I decided to go back in and allow this to happen.

    When I returned to the house, they all cheered and started to clap. These men were ready to fuck and I was going to be the pussy. I spent the evening there and they fucked me every imaginable way. I went home the next morning, showered and slept until 3:00 in the afternoon. I never gave any of the details to my boyfriend. These men completely turned me out and left nothing left of me.

    Me and my boyfriend broke up shortly after these situations took place. It was mutual. I am still fucking these five other guys and a bunch of their friends. I am actively having sex at least once per day, sometimes two or three. These men are young, fit, hung and all they want to do is fuck while they are home. I provide the holes for their needs.

  • Moms Boyfriend

    My mom’s boyfriend (Will) is an extremely handsome, fit and well spoken man. He is openly generous and openly flirty. Generally speaking, he is a good catch for my mom.

    My mom had been telling me that she wasn’t happy in her relationship with Will. One night my mom had been pissing me off royally and I had enough. I told Will straight up what she had told me. I then proceeded to fuck this man’s brains out. Well, he fucked mine out too, but you get the point. My mom eventually broke up with Will and now he and I fuck on a regular basis. The age different would not work in a relationship, but we can still fuck.