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The Boss

I confess I liked watching my big step uncle come out the shower naked and in front of my wife showing her his big ten inch dick and telling her to get her cloths off if she wanted some his big dick and I loved it when she stripped and he suddenly jerked on the bed and shoved her feet in his arm pits and splayed her apert suddenly mashing the big head against her inner thigh then he parted her pussy and mashed and she groaned as her pußsy stretched then snapped around the big head then he mashed jerking his hips side to side and buried his ten in her and he asked her How's that pussy feel gfull of dick and she was suddenly came around it And he fucked long and hard and I gave her to him by getting on my knees and sucking his big dick in front of her and swallowing every drop of his cum

  • Girlfriends Kid Brother

    Over the last twelve weeks I've been fucking my girlfriends brother Connor.
    He's three years younger than me and a real dirty gay slut.
    He told me one afternoon when I went round to their house, that he sucked cock far better than his sister. She was taking a shower and their parents were at the golf club. So being already horny from some fooling around with my girlfriend earlier, I asked him to prove it.
    Stood in their kitchen Connor dropped to his knees, took my already hardening cock out and began licking, sucking and gently biting my cock and balls.
    He wasn't lying either, as he was far better at giving head than his sister.
    Nearly ready to shoot my load after five to ten minutes, Connor stood up, pulled his joggers down and pretty much begged me to fuck him.
    I'm not joking, I would have shagged my gran after the amazing blow job he'd just given me, so I didn't need too much persuasion to slide my cock up his arsehole once he'd used hand cream to smother his rear hole with.
    It was obvious I wasn't his first fuck and I've since learned Connor has been fucked by five guys since he lost his cherry at the age of fifteen.
    The more I thrust into him, the more he backed onto my cock and wanked his small dick.
    It was all over within ten awesome minutes, but it was long enough for us both to cum, with Connor cumming onto the kitchen floor and me spunking up his arsehole.
    By the time my girlfriend was ready to go out, we'd cleaned up and were drinking coffee Connor had made us.
    Since then every chance we've had I've fucked my girlfriends brother and have even fucked him outdoors and in my car.
    Before Connor I'd never even thought about gay sex. Now I can't stop wanting to screw his beautiful boy pussy. I'd go as far as to say, I now prefer sex with him than I do with his sister.

    First Time I Wanted A Man, And Still Dream Of Him

    When I was 15 (virgin till I was 18, had only ever kissed one boy at this point tho) my family took a trip to the Dominican Republic. One day we went to this place you could go zip lining, cave exploring, hikes, etc. my step sisters and I (they’re 10 years older) went to go zip lining. They had tons of instructors so I only I got assigned to this one guy who was the hottest and most beautiful man I’ve ever met. As soon as he looked at me I got so turned on and was so speechless at how lucky I was bc he started looking at me as if I was naked, he was shamelessly flirting with me. Taking a long time to tighten the zip line harness straps around my rly thick thighs. I have thick thighs, nice fat ass I’ve been complimented for my whole life, long brown hair that goes to my butt, very pale (which a lot of guys are addicted to me for lol) green blue eyes and nice lips and small cute boobs and slim stomach. My ass looked soooo good and fat in the straps and he was staring and even made me do a twirl for him. I was wishing he would “accidentally” touch my pussy while touching me. I wished he could’ve just picked me up and took me somewhere to do whatever he wanted to do with me. Throughout the zip line tour there were different men at every point and they would flirt with me, compliment my eyes and smile while I could see them looking at my ass, god I felt so hot and confident for like the first time ever, I wanted pray for any of them to lay me down and take my virginity and share me with the other guys. At one point there was a man sitting in a small cave that you can only crawl on your hands and knees to get past. So that guy got the best view of my strapped up thighs and ass crawling past him he watched me the entire time and it turned me on so much I was so wet. And just like a DREAM the first guy was there to catch me at the very end of the tour, I was standing on a tall pedestal so he face was at my belly button and he was looking up at me holding my hips and smiling at me so beautifully. He took him time undoing my belts. Touching my thighs, I held on to his shoulders and squeezed tight. He looked up and asked if I had a boyfriend and looked confused when I said no. But sadly I had to walk away and I never got to see him again but I dream of how perfect it would’ve been to lose my virginity that day by any of those beautiful men. When I got back to school after the trip I became so attracted to my male teachers. I only ever somewhat flirted with my gym teacher but nothing ever happened lol. All I wanted to do was get fucked by a man. I’m a good girl irl and quiet and follow the rules but I’ve been so dirty minded and perverted since that trip lol. I dream of finding some sugar daddy one day to take me to a resort somewhere and he makes sure I get used by tons of men. I came in the shower once I got back to the hotel after zip lining lol

  • Babysitting Took A Kinky Turn

    When I was younger I would babysit for my sister and brother-in-law usually with my gf . This involved zero baby sitting and mostly heavy making out and nudity on their lounge suite .
    We did this most Saturday nights for over two years which we thought was fabulous as it was a warm private place we could get it in together. Sometimes if they had an early dinner booked we would go straight from school and we would make out in our uniforms .
    Eventually we would get braver and explore the home and ‘ play’ around the house.
    This would involve my gf trying on a lot of my sisters clothes and shoes , and underwear! Which drove me wild and we were now fucking and did that usually with my gfs teen body wrapped in my sisters adult lingerie.
    New levels of delight were found when we found sis’s vibrators and we used them in my gf too .
    However the kink was we found in the back of her panty draw ( with the vibrators ) a shoe box of Polaroid photos my brother in law had obviously taken .
    Some of his cock , hard and cumming , some of my sister nude , some of them fucking .
    My gf and I would fuck like crazy after we had masturbated looking at these.

    Best Bit was the photos increased as time went on so they were obviously still filming themselves .
    The final kink came a few months later . We were around on a Saturday night as usual and quick to get up to their bedroom after they had left . In the bottom draw was a vhs video labeled “ us” . My gfs mouth went wide , we had to play it . So downstairs we went and loaded it in the machine . There they were in all their glory nude on the bed doggy style fucking the night away .
    We immediately got into doggy position to copy them and fucked away until we came .
    We collapsed on the floor with my sister and husband still at it on the screen.
    We lay there sweaty and smiling as the video ended.
    A few minutes late the video did it’s screen distorted start up and started to play again . We looked at the screen and saw my brother in law dressed setting up the camera , time frame was later , we looked at the screen and saw myself and my gf walk in the lounge … we gulped but we were transfixed. Realizing it was last weeks time stamp . It showed me a d her arrive , leave the lounge , return with my gf in my sisters heels and underwear then we fucked on the couch , he had captured it all !

    We were stunned as we watched . But immediately fucked again as we played on the screen.
    Afterwards we put everything away and sat a little shell shocked as they came home . We left a d walked home wondering how long he had been filming us , how many tapes did he make , did my sister know.

    Fyi , we kept on babysitting.

    Step Son In Law Sex

    My husband passed away because of a brain tumour 6 years ago not long after his 60th birthday. For a couple of years after his death I was in limbo, just going through the motions really, gradually I started to enjoy life again, and I started going out with friends.

    On one such occasion my Step Son In Law picked me up and took me home, it was usually my step daughter but she was away out that night as it turned out cheating on her hubby my ' Chauffer' for the night, of course we both didn't know
    it at the time.

    When I left my friends they were all saying to me now try and behave yourself and try not to take advantage of the hunk driver, we wouldn't blame you if you did though, I just laughed.

    When we got back to my home we went in, we had a coffee, while we were there my Step Son In Law's phone rang, it was one of his friends, who knew he was taking me home, I don't know what the person said, but his answer was, hardly she's a good looking woman, and yeah sexy too, of course I wouldnt say no if the opportunity arose.

    He also said she's a good looking woman and I'm surprised that no one has tried to get his feet ' under the table' cos I would be trying to if I thought she fancied me if I was free.

    After that I started to wear revealing outfits any time my Step Son In Law was around, I would sit with my feet up on the coffee table giving him an eyeful of thigh, I would say things I like to run my hand round the cucumber, and I might be 66 but I'm still moist, then one weekend I had a problem with the plumbing , my ' Chauffer man' tried to fix it got soaked in the process, in the end a plumber had to be called.

    He didn't have a change of. clothes so I gave him my late husbands robe to wear, it didn't quite fit, as I could see his hairy chest and sometimes his balls, this got me all hot and bothered.

    It became apparent that the problem could not be fixed until next day, and as my ' Chauffer' didn't have a change of clothes it meant him having to stay over.

    I went snd changed into something more casual that revealed a decent bit of cleavage and a good bit of thigh, I was horny and I was just wanting him to take me and Roger me silly. I could see him ogling my legs and cleavage, I said to him we'll you have a choice of beds to sleep in, the two rooms at the back or my room at the front, I had said it before I thought what I was saying.

    He replied oh no problem then how can I turn down an offer like that, its the front room for me, but where will you be sleeping ? Then he said to me, lock your door of the room your in cos I've been known to sleepwalk and laughed, I said don't worry I'm sleeping in the 3rd room and it has a lock.

    I was somewhat disappointed as I thought he would have made a move, especially as I had given him a good eyeful all night, but no so off I went to the back room.

    Imagine my surprise when a pair iof strong hands grabbed me at the top of the stairs, and lifted me up, and took me to my room, it wasn't till we got there that I realised that he was completely naked.

    First thing I remember was looking at his cock and wanting it in me, he stripped me naked, kissed me all up and down, fingers me senseless, then laid me on the bed and mounted me, I loved the feeling if his stiff hard cock entering my aching beaver, he asked me I would like him bull me I said just bull me and fill me with your hot creamy spunk and he did just that 4 times in fact, he's still bulling me every chance we get, he says I'm the sexiest woman he's ever met, the way he bulls me I believe him.

  • See It Like This

    I came on his knee. We danced and I rode his leg by the camp fire site when everyone left and it was close to 1am and we had drank some. I was happy drunk ready to be sexed with, what i liked was the way his body jerked and involuntary spasms over and over and he had to put it back in several times to please me and we both felt like we were orgasming for minutes over and over

    Bachelorette Party Sex

    I’ll make this quick. I’m a 25 year old white female who recently had her bachelorette party. The party was small. Just me and my 3 bridesmaids.
    We went out to dinner and then to a few bars to have drinks. The night was pretty tame. We danced and played some dumb games. I wore a bridal veil and a sash so everyone of course knew I was the bachelorette like most of the parties you would see.

    2 of my bridesmaids left a little early. They aren’t big drinkers and my maid of honor and I told them we would meet them back at the hotel later on. It was like 130 am and these two military guys ( one black and one white) were buying us drinks and flirting. The one showed us his abs and my friend and I rubbed our hands on his chest. When the bar closed they asked if we wanted to go back to their place. I initially said no but my maid of honor was all for it so I went along. Of course we were both pretty drunk

    We got back to their apartment and my maid of honor immediately went back to the white guys room. She was the only single one and was looking to get laid. I was out in the living room with the black guy and it was a little awkward at first however he put on some music and said since it was my bachelorette party I deserved a good strip show. I giggled and he started to strip and put on a pretty good show. He was in good shape and was grinding on me in different positions. He got down to his boxers and picked me up and carried me into his bedroom. He laid me down and started to grind on me in the missionary position. I should have been looking about my fiancé but I was drunk and horny. He kissed my neck and then removed my shirt and bra to suck on my tits. I let him without complaining and reached down to stroke his very large erection. Def the biggest I had ever seen before.

    He then removed my pants and panties so now o was completely naked and being eaten out. He had a thick tongue and I came within a minute of him licking me. I started to come to my senses after I had the orgasm but he didn’t waste any time. Didn’t ask me for a blwojob or anything and just started to penetrate me with his bbc. I was a little shocked but I was also super wet and he had no problem getting into me balls deep

    He didn’t thrust and stayed in me for about 30 seconds for me to get used to his size and then he started to slowly thrust into me. Not going to lie he made me feel so full and amazingly orgasmic that I can pretty quick and just let him use me for his pleasure. Probably about 5 minutes into the fucking I hear my maid of honor say wow and enjoy yourself girl. She was naked and I’m sure went back to fuck some more.

    I just laid back with my legs spread wide as he pounded me out. He didn’t stop and after another 5 mins I came as he unloaded his cum into my pussy. He got up afterwards to rinse off and said we could stay the night since we were so drunk. I didn’t protest and we both fell asleep for a few hours.

    I woke up at like 5 am and could feel him rubbing my ass. He whispered that he was horny again and for me to stick my ass up in the air for him. I did and let him take me hard from behind. It hurt a little bit but I was still really wet and turned on. I came once more from this fucking. He was pretty aggressive. Smacking my ass and pulling my hair. I was kinda into it and egged him on. After he came in my pussy again we both passed out until like 10 the next morning. He wanted to fuck again but I was way too sore and gave him head before I left. My maid of honor was getting one last fuck in when I went looking for her. She was riding her man and told me they barely slept and that was the fourth time they fucked. I told her she is an animal.

    Anyway although it may not seem like it I do feel guilty about what I did even though my maid of honor said it was one last night of freedom before settling down. I don’t plan on saying anything and just going to leave it as that. I’m sure I’ll be callled a slut or whore but so be it. The sex was great regardless

    Dating Woman With Asberger's

    Last year I found Marnie on a dating site who seemed very intellectual and hence my match, but when I met her I immediately found her behavior rather strange in a way I couldn't quite describe to myself. But it wasn't long before she openly told me that she was on the Asberger's-autism spectrum, which explained a lot. She often didn't understand things with shades of meaning, but was extremely blunt about almost everything she talked about. Our first date was at an art gallery, and while she certainly enjoyed some of it our tastes seemed rather different, so there wasn't a lot to talk about there. She was thin, more dainty than cute but certainly not bad looking, and felt like she had a lot of energy, but only rarely displayed it.

    Afterwards went out on a balcony to talk outside a while. She had a music degree and did individual lessons for a living, but lived with her parents still in her late 20's. It also turned out that the place she lived in Chicago where she studied was a mile from where I once lived, though at a different and shorter time. I told her about some of my studies in history and literature, but she didn't seem very interested in it, though I think what her lack of expression really meant was that she hadn't studied those areas. Her knowledge was pretty narrowly focused on music and parts of psychology, and often kept coming back to those in the conversation, almost as if she didn't know what else to talk about.

    She suggested we go to my car, and we sat there a while longer, talking about dating experience. She soon admitted that she didn't like very much physical touch, and wasn't into kissing or sex, but had many dates with guys in Chicago where she usually either gave them a handjob, or watched them jerk off. I said that of course my experience was wider, but I enjoyed a good handjob. I mentioned I got hard talking about this and she asked to see, so I unzipped and showed her my erection. Soon she had her right hand gripped tightly around it, with surprising strength, and pumped me solidly with an earnest look on her face, very steadily for several minutes until I started to spasm and ejaculated all over her hand and my pants. She laughed a bit, and then asked if I had something to wipe up with, unfortunately I had nothing to spare but it wasn't that cold yet in the year so I took off my shirt, throwing it in the backseat after we used it to clean off as best we could. I thanked her and took her back to her car.

    I thought that might be it, since she said she often just had dates with guys once in Chicago and never saw them again. But we did get together several more times. Once I gave her directions to my house, but she was totally confused by the street directions and called me when she was lost; she gave the street corner and I realized she was just 6 blocks away, so I walked over there and guided her in the rest of the way. At my tiny house we again talked a while, this time more about her family and how she liked them but also liked to get away when she could without telling anyone to live her own life. Again, this ended in a nice handjob, this time with me on the bed and her in a chair so she could direct my cum onto a towel. The lighting was much better this time and she seemed to get a delicious kick out of watching me lose control and spew my cum.

    At a third date, she met me at a library I worked at in the evening very near where she sometimes gave lessons, and I took a break so we could go into the empty back room where she jerked me off into a wastebasket. On our fourth and last date, she invited me to her house while her parents were on vacation, a largish split-level in the outer suburbs. This time she let me watch her naked in a bath and even take a picture with her face covered so I can remember her nude body. She wanted me to stay over, I knew we couldn't cuddle overnight but she did let me touch her a little bit more this time, and then again jerked me off both before bedtime and in the morning before I left. But frankly it was harder and harder dealing with her strange mannerisms, and doubtless for her to deal with my lack of understanding of how to relate to her, so when I said something about that she simply said, "OK," and closed the door on this brief, strange, but "with benefits" relationship.

    Busted My Husband Using This Site

    My husband Dave and I have been married 11 years, my name is Beth. We have no children and both work and make good money. I make about about 25K more than he does but that’s never been a problem. However, that past 2 years our sex life has dwindled to about once or twice a month. I’ve tried everything I could think of to spice things up but he hasn’t really responded. It’s not like I’ve let myself go, I’m still fit, 5’4” tall, 115#, C cup breasts, and reasonably pretty face. I run almost daily, and go to the gym 3 times a week. I always get hit on if I go to a bar or club without Dave, and sometimes when we’re together.

    A few months ago, he left to run some errands and left his computer logged in. I sat down planning to log it off but something caught my eye. He was on THIS website and had typed a story that he had not finished or sent yet so I read it. It was a story about fucking a woman he works with and one of our neighbors. In the story, he stated he had been reading the confessions on this site for a while and had a true story he wanted to share. As I read the story, I realized exactly who he was talking about. The woman he works with, Sharon, I have disliked for a long time. She has openly flirted with him in my presence and rarely even speaks to me. The neighbor is a single mom with 3 kids who I’ve always liked.

    My initial thought was to confront them all, but the more I thought about it I decided to get even. There is a guy who he works with named Ralph. Ralph is a large man, about 6’4”, a bit fat, but you can tell he’s strong as a bull. He also has beaten Dave out for 2 promotions and then, according to my husband, stole an account from him. I’ve known Ralph for several years, we met at company gatherings and various parties. He’s been divorced 2 times and It’s obvious why, he’s a bit of a sexist pig. He’s come on to me more than once, which I told Dave about, and that’s one more thing to make Dave hate him.

    I knew what I wanted to do, but had to figure out how and when. I checked him out and found that there is a small bar where he hangs out on weekends. Dave had started playing softball on Friday nights, at least he says that’s what he’s doing, so I decided to go out myself. I dressed up in a short, low-cut dress, a tiny thong, and no bra. I made sure his car was in the parking lot, and I walked inside. Sure enough, there was Ralph sitting at the bar with a drink in front of him and talking to the bartender. It was an L shape bar and I walked over and sat on the other side pretending not to see him. I hadn’t even ordered yet before Ralph called to me and invited me to join him. He asked where Dave was and I said supposed to be playing softball, then he offered to buy me a drink. I ordered scotch on the rocks and finished it in about a minute, he quickly ordered me another.

    After about the 4th drink, I looked at him and asked if he and Dave were getting along. He laughed and said “I don’t want to make you angry, after all you are married to him, but Dave is a bit of a prick. I don’t like him and neither does anyone at the office….except Sharon of course.” When he said that he looked like he had said something he shouldn’t but then just shrugged and said “Sorry, but they seem to be pretty damn close.”

    I looked him straight in the eye and said “I know all about it. So, do you want to fuck me?” He seemed shocked but said of course he did and we left right away. I followed him to his place and we had sex on his sofa, then in his bed. I let him do anything he wanted to me and you know what? He made me cum multiple times and is a far better lover than Dave ever was. When we were done, I thanked him and told him I’d call him if I wanted a good fucking again. He thanked me and said “Anytime!”

    I haven’t told Dave, but I’m posting this hear so he can find out like I did. I’m going to say something that should make it obvious who posted this, if he couldn’t tell already. Dave, we went on vacation to Belize and 8 of us stayed at Little Harvest Caye in 2018. You and I skinny dipped at night with Joe and Carla, and then 8 of us played strip poker. I lost and had to give you a BJ in front of everyone.

    Hope you read this you asshole.


    I have a pregnant wife that I have a daughter with. One day I brought my friend over and he fucked my wifes mom and I was kind of jealous because I’m the man of the house lol. So long story short I was teasing around about fucking my mother in law until she bent over while helping my wife in the bathroom and I saw her whole bald vagina . I never laid my eyes on a pussy and didn’t stick my schlong in it . Eventually her mom and I ended up talking in the living room while she was on some booger sugar and I invited myself into her room . When she bent over to do a line I stuck my coke so deep inside of her she told me she’s been waiting on me to teach her a lesson for a long time. I eventually started fucking my mother in law every weekend or so while my pregnant wife is sleep . I fucked her for the last time today hopefully I don’t do it again . She has big fake tits and a deep throat with tight pussy muscles great for busting a load in