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Changed Desires

Years ago i was married and enjoyed sex with a woman. After 14 years of being married, I had a toxic relationship so very little sex. Now i was a male that was frequently horny so i would masterbate. Many times i reach down in two or three strokes cum all over. I read about a park where men could meet other men for enjoyment. I had always wondered about being bi or gay.
One day i was given a blow job and it felt so good also didnt take long. I waited about 30 minutes and another guy came by and gave me another blow job . This i lasted about 20 minutes and the new friend was amazing it felt so good.
After 3 or 4 months of getting relieved of horniness I had thought about and wanted return the favors and feeling i was getting. I realized i enjoyed sucking a guy making him cum . I al felt like my friends deserved to get their cocks sucked too. I was giving guys head getting very hard myself and began to cum myself just sucking a guy. Now i was a bi or fag guy became real to me. 33 years later i have sucked off at least 800 guys swallowed lots of cum. I enjoy this so much some days i.have and do suck for or 5 guys.
Some guys won't like this but it happens to many guys they need sex and find a way to get it. This is
My true life and confession .

  • BLToes

    I put mayonnaise all over my bare feet and made BLTs with My Feet and that’s what I’m doing while typing.

    Smell My Feet

    Anyone want to Smell My Feet?

  • Our House Warming Party

    We had been married for 3 months . My wife wanted to hold a housewarming party . Really an apartment warming . Lots of friends , with wives and girlfriends . Some singles . I was 22 . My wifes young friend J from work was there . She was 18 , she only knew us . Just after midnight , my drunk wife . Told me to give her friend some attention . Talk to her . My wife and everyone else was dancing . I went up to J , and talked to her . She was a little plump , wearing glasses . I For some reason i had always found her sexy . We got to kissing . I could tell that she was enjoying it . I know i was . Knowing that we would not be missed . I took he to the door . Walking out , and through the apartment blocks . To a local wood . There was no one else arround . I walked her in to the wood . Finding a place away from the paths . We stood kissing . She was weaing a dress . I put my hand up her dress , and pulled her panties down to her knees . I fingered her wet pussy . Rubbing her clit . We were still kissing , tongues and all . She started to breath different . Then i could feel her knees sag . She was having an orgasm . When she had finished . She thanked me , and kissed me . Tongue down my throat . I turned her round . Bending her over , she was holding on to a tree . I lifted her dress and slid my cock in to her pussy . Fucking her , i had my hands under her dress . Feeling her boobs . I was cumming . I wiped her with some tissues out of my pocket . Rubbed her pussy . She must have been still at peak arrousal . We were kissing , and she was cumming again . When she had finished . She pulled her panties up . Thanking me for nice orgasms . We stood kissing for a short time longer . I was hoping to get another erection . When it did not happen . We walked back . Hand in hand . Stopping every so often to kiss . We had one last long kiss . Before we went in to the apartment . No one had missed us . Later in the early morning hours . When everyone had gone home . Me and my wife fucked . It was one of the best fucks . Knowing where my cock had been earlier . Made me extra horny . Knowing that it had not been washed . J s dried juices were still on it . Mixing with my wifes juices . I don't know if this was definitely the night . My wife was pregnant . Counting back , she was sure this was the night .

    To The Racist Troll Below

    This is to the Racist Troll who posted about hating Muslims, what do you say we drag you out of your Parent's Basement or whatever Trailer Park your retarded ass lives in and kill you since you serve no purpose other than being a pathetic loser.

  • I Can Dream...

    My constantly recurring fantasy is to be a rubber-bondage sex-slave to one or more sexual sadists, either gender, any age, weight, appearance, or race, and to be kept in a rubber bondage-bag, and made to suck cock, or clit, or whatever, through the zippered opening at my mouth. Icing on the cake would be really merciless orgasm denial, while my V....a-soused cock gets more and more desperate, and I make promises I shouldn't...I live alone in a pleasant and secluded house, paid-for, and loaded with amenities, and and any such person(s) could live very nicely, as long as they care to treat me that way...no interruptions - I'm an orphan and survivor of extreme abuse in foster 'care' and unable to re-connect with them, am now reduced to seeking out substitutes...isn't there anyone, who sees the endless possibilities such an arrangement would bring?

    I Hate Muslims

    I hate all Muslims they should be rounded up and thrown into a volcano.

    They should be rounded up, dumped with crisco and be burned alive

    They should be rounded up, and be roasted over an Open Pit Barbecue.

    Sometimes A New Girl Brings It Out Of You

    Everything is wrong about this, except for the sex. My husband brought one of his office girls home one night and told me to move over and give her room in our bed. She was a bit hesitant but he insisted and three of us were in a bed together. He had sex with her, pretty Neanderthal, she got lost in an orgasm. Wow! He never tucked me like that.

    I woke up, he was in the shower, she was dead to the world, so I went to the kitchen to put some blueberry muffins in the oven and put on a pot of coffee. My husband was out of the shower, I gave him a blowjob, before he came he fucked and she woke up beside me.

    I've never been a prude, sex is sex for sex' sake. If it takes three to tango, then put on the music. She's fun, and he has her where he wants her. Watching is sexy, I get wetter than wet, I suck and lick his cock clean afterwards. She is sexy and young, and makes me want to eat her. I get my share, at my age it's in the anticipation. My tits hang a little, my butt's not as tight as it used to, I get wet, but wetter is better, and watching and waiting gets me wetter than wet for him.

    Allison Jones Chicago Area Therapist Escort Dove Kelley

    Allison Jones, or a "Dove Kelley" (formerly Nadia Inanna) charges $10,000 per day and while she has a nice body and tight pussy, no woman is worth $10,000 per day. I wonder Allison Jones is taking new patients in Chicago? I wonder if she uses her bedroom talents on any of her patients at Depth Counseling Chicago?


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  • Grandson's Friend Wow !

    I went camping with my family members. My grandson invited his buddy. His buddy was into physical fitness and he kept his body toned. We camped near the beach where I got to see his toned body in his swim trunks. I got to wishing that only I was younger and have sex with each other. Now and then I spotted his bulge in his swim trunks when he got it wet and it poked out a bit. I must say he was sort of toned there too !
    Then one evening after he had several drinks he asked me if I would stroll along with him near the ocean edge. As we walked I kept refitting my saggy aged breasts under my top. Then he said to me that I have whopper breasts on my wrinkled aged body and asked if I would flash them to him him since no on the beach. " You'll be disappointed ! " I said to him as I exposed them to him. " i'm not young young with big firm tits but wished I was ! "as I held them in my hands.
    He quickly groped them , lifting and dropping them and pulling out his dick that was good size telling me to get on my knees as he rubbed that cock on my tits and shoved it into the wrinkled cleavage. " Fuck me ! " I told him as I squeezed my breasts on his dick. I decided to give him head taking that penis in my mouth and blowing him wildly , tasting the cum that was coming oozing out.
    That night when my family slept, My grandson's friend friend slipped into my bunk groping squeezing my tits as he pushed his youthful dick in me. It's been years that my vagina been fucked by a real cock. I held him tight against me I felt his sperm load in me and what a load !
    The following morning I shoved my breasts into his face grabbing his cock and said, " Thank-you ! "