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Dorm Life Fun

During my dorm days we had parties. All female, in those days dorms were not mixed. We existed in a two bedroom suite with a joint bathroom. Seeing each other naked, or sitting on the toilet was common. We lathered each other down, lots of of time spent on boobs, and crotches.

One cold day, after dinner, we got ready for bed, and a panty fight took place. Every thing was legal, until all panties were off and groping and licking an open girl was the objective. We never thought of ourselves as gay, we did enjoy the girl time together.

We have some old instamatic pictures, some good memories. Celebrating our thirtieth anniversary of our college graduation, we got together and had fun reminiscing.

  • One-sided Oral

    30 years ago I had just moved to a new city and was lonely, with few dating options. I did a phone sex line and got connected with a black woman who lived out of town about ten miles, in a nice but cluttered one-level house. Livy was a big woman, about 10 years old than me, businesslike and extremely direct. I wasn't there very long before she said she was looking for someone to eat her pussy. I asked if I could get oral sex in exchange, and she said she usually didn't do that, but would consider doing "something" for me if I was good enough. But she was clear that she was very demanding in sex.

    I hemmed and hawed for about 20 minutes, asking more about her, and she was reasonably forthcoming, but her demands were still very clear; she wasn't warming to me as a person, but treating me as a potential sex toy. I thought about it for a while and finally said I could try. She wanted more than trying, so I said yes, I will definitely do this, and she told me to sit on the floor while she pulled off her pants and spread her legs on the couch. I moved closer and she started stroking my head, then pulling it in. She gave very specific directions, and got my tongue right on her clit, but her thighs were pretty thick and her vulva large, so this basically got my face pretty wet and nearly smothered. Soon I learned I mostly had to focus on sticking my tongue out and finding a way to breathe, as she would do the rest, pulling me onto her clit. It was almost a tug of war as I squirmed between her hands and thighs, and it seemed to take forever for her to cum. She kept getting close and moaning, then telling me to move differently while squeezing my head hard, and I tried desperately to follow her commands while still getting enough air somehow. Suddenly she came really loudly and pushed me away but still held me in her big hands, then a few seconds later said "AGAIN!" and pulled me back in, demanding that I flick her hard with my tongue. She screamed SO LOUD then and shoved me away. This happened about 3 more times, and then she said "hold it still" so I just rested my tongue on her clitoris for several more minutes. She would then occasionally ask me to move slowly, then stop. then move again, then stop. She would sometimes shudder, but sometimes it wasn't clear what effect she was getting from this. Maybe she was experimenting, figuring out what ways she could use me given what I was doing.

    She finally let me rest and said it was "OK" but I could definitely learn some more, if I wanted to. I was a bit disappointed by this judgment, as some women in the past really appreciated what I did, but Livy clearly had some very specific needs and it was hard to meet her standard.

    I hung around a bit after that and said I would like to cum before leaving, and she brusquely told me to take my shirt off, lay it on the couch and jerk off while she watched. I asked if she would even touch me, she said no, but by watching she could see how I did it. So I spread out my thighs and slipped out my cock, taking a long time to stroke it in her general direction several feet away. She watched me closely, but refused to even let me touch her. After 15 minutes or so I squirted all over my shirt, and then she told me I could leave. I wrapped up my shirt and drove home with a cold bare chest, feeling very strange about this.

    We got together two more times, and those two times she let me tit fuck her, but she really didn't seem excited by it, and made it clear that she was just letting me use her chest the way she used my tongue. She had nice large tits, but it really wasn't the same as being with someone who wanted me. Fortunately I soon found another lady to date, who in the end was a disaster, but that's another story. This was truly heartless orgasm trade with a woman who was totally in control and denied me almost all power and desire. But somehow it worked for her.

    Never Thought We Would Be In A Three Way Relationship

    As a college senior I became pregnant by my college boyfriend who was already working. He was too friendly with a coworker, which I reacted to. Little did I know that when I became pregnant she did too.

    He had to pick. He said we needed to pick. Of course we each picked ourselves. Flip a coin? Pick a card? He procrastinated while we got bigger and bigger. I was petrified of having an out of wedlock child. So was she. We though that he could marry one of us, divorce her immediately, at least that way we were not 'unmarried'.

    What we did was not legal, he married me in my home state, he married her in Lake Tahoe. She agreed not to push it, not change her name immediately. The babies were both recognized by him, they both got his name.

    We lived in separate addresses, but spent all free time together. After awhile we just moved in together. We passed ourselves off as 'friendly girls'. Neighborhood wise, that's what we were, and after some time that's how we lived publicly. He kept his marital privileges, spent weekends and holidays with us. We 'managed' his apartment living conditions.

    At some point we no longer role played, we did what needed to be done when it needed to be done, lots of chores we did together. Our center responsibility were the children. Slowly, ever so slowly, we stopped being 'strangers'. At some point we stopped caring. At some point we were acting out what we had pretended living.

    We are both still married, he 'insists'. He also pays the bills, he 'insists'. It's okay with us.

  • Gays Are 15% Of The Population

    Butt 75% of the posts here. And 90% of the absurd ones. WTF?

    Anything Oral

    If there's one thing I adore more than anything else sexually, its eating out a woman's pussy and arsehole, hopefully before I fuck them.
    If I don't manage to fuck their pussies or arseholes, that's fine too. But I simply need to taste their love holes.
    My wife unfortunately no longer sees it that way. In fact she doesn't enjoy sex at all since she had her menopause early.
    So I had a dilemma. One which I have now resolved.
    That's because I put my profile on a hookup site, a profile which proclaimed I would tongue out any (Clean) woman, with no need to have penetrative sex, if they didn't want to.
    Since December of last year I've had oral sex with eight different women, five of whom are married and whose husband's won't go down on them.
    Two of my regular sex partners love to face sit me, and I often entertain their needs for over an hour making them orgasm multiple times.
    I do fuck one of the other women on a regular basis too, yet I prefer tonguing her out.
    You'd be surprised by just how many women aren't having oral sex from their husband's or partners and crave it.
    Next time, I'll go into detail about one of my regular married women. She's so horny all the time which means I eat out her pussy and arsehole two to three times a week. It'd be more if she could get away more often.

  • Singles Dance

    This happened a decade ago and changed how I view my sexuality.

    I was 50 and attending a singles dance in a swanky hotel hoping to meet a special gal. Had lots of dances that night but no real connection. I was about to leave when this heavy set guy in his late 50's at my table asked me for a favor. He told me his car would not start and he needed a lift home. The hotel was in the suburbs which meant a taxi would be expensive and impractical. A staff member told him he could park overnight there and deal with it in the morning. I said sure I could give him a lift.

    Phil was very appreciative and we got ready to leave. We got in my car and began driving along the waterfront as the hotel was near the lake that was near our city. It was a warm summer night and Phil had the idea to stop by the water,park ,listen to the waves and enjoy the cool breeze coming off the lake. I thought why not so we stopped there. No other cars were around in that parking area. We sat there quietly for a few minutes then Phil has another idea this one wilder. He said the evening dancing with the ladies had made him horny and he wondered how I was feeling. This was getting a bit weird but I admitted I was kind of horny too. Why don't we Jack off together Phil suggested like guys do when they are young. I never had inclinations this way before but this night felt different. I felt sexually frustrated and was sad about getting older wondering as a divorced guy would I ever meet a nice woman to date again. These gloomy thoughts made me feel impulsive and hopeless. Oh God why not just rub one out as my fellow man does the same thing beside me. Like it would matter. So I said okay to his suggestion.

    Phil looked happy and quickly had his cock out. I noticed he had a thicker cock than me with a bigger head but mine was longer and slimmer. He started stroking his cock then I got mine out. Seeing him stroke started making me feel hornier. He was looking at my cock intensely as well. That is a nice looking cock he said. I began stroking my cock. Before I got too into it Phil had another idea. I can suck it nice so there is no mess he stated matter of factly. Things were getting out of hand so to speak. Before I could reply he bent down and guided my cock between his full lips and in sucked it in. It felt so warm and pleasurable in his mouth I just let him go to work. He sucked me like a pro. Had me on the verge of orgasm in no time. I warned him I was on the edge. He stopped,lifted his head and looked at me straight in the eye. In a soft seductive tone he said "Baby I am going to make you cum like you have never cum before." He said it in such a knowing take charge manner it stunned me. I felt myself surrendering to something mysterious and different that I never felt before. This man was seducing me and I was giving in. He then went back down and finished me off with my body shaking and my cock exploding in his mouth. He took every drop making sure I had nothing left. I sat back emptied wondering what the hell just happened. Phil relaxed and told me he got what he needed and I got what I needed. I wondered aloud about his hard cock. Phil teased me it was my turn. At this point I was lost in this sexual trip. Even though he had sexually satisfied me I felt this urge to taste forbidden fruit and explore what it meant to suck his cock. He guided me down and my mouth slowly engulfed the head of his cock."That's it baby" he said as I sucked him. I realized quickly I loved how his cock felt in my mouth and the act of pleasing him. I took his cock hungrily feeling thrilled inside I was going to satisfy this man too. He shot his load with a groan and I swallowed his sweet and salty load. After this we sat back and looked at the water. I realized I'd crossed some bridge of no return. Phil lit a cigarette which we shared like two intimate lovers. We smoked that cigarette and after we were done Phil gave me a smoky soft kiss which we shared as well. The kiss in a strange way was even more intense and lingering than the sex and after that everything and I mean everything felt different between us. We got to his place and he took my hand and led me inside. In his bed he again explored my body with his hands and mouth this time every nook and cranny. Then I did the same. He tongue my asshole and I did the same. The kissing now was urgent insistent. Invariably he lubed himself up and guided my now erect again cock into his ass from behind. I fucked him joyfully gripping his big ass with mounting lust until my cock seeded him. After I was done we fell asleep entwined. The next morning after breakfast I drove him to his car and we dealt with that. He looked at me knowingly and we again had sex later at his place. We began our love affair with sleepovers and dates. As we are closeted lovers to an extent we still went to singles dances with no intent to find a woman just dance and have fun.

    Husband Is Missing Out

    I work for a small construction company and my boss Tony is a heavy set guy. Drives a big truck and spends money like it grows on trees. Has a good looking daughter who I have been flirting with. A week after I started, I met the controller. She is Tony's wife, short small framed women in her 40s. She is 4 foot 11, very petite, dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, and for having a small frame she has a big rack. Her tiny little waste quickly shows of her bubble butt and tits.

    She comes in a few times a week and it was my first time meeting her and I couldn’t help notice that she and I had a connection. Didn’t think anything of it until that afternoon she came by my office and asked how everything was going. I had a chair at the corner of my desk and she sat down. Her husband Tony came in and was asking both of us questions. He got his answers and shortly later I heard his truck pull away. The shop guys had left and it was our foreman closing up with N and I in the office left alone.

    I got my stuff and we walked out together. We continued to talk in the parking lot. Her hair is big and it hit me that she has that early to mid 80s porn star look. She was not scheduled to come back into work until Friday but ended up coming back the next afternoon. The same thing happened, she stayed late talking to me, this time a lot more flirting. She was dressed and a denim skirt that came up high showing off her nice thighs and a blouse that hugged her tits. Again it was after work and we where left alone. We talked and she sat facing me to my left at a chair I had in the corner. As she sat I couldn’t tell if she was wearing dark panties or if it was her bush. Finally she fidgeted and saw that she had a landing strip and no panties. I was rock hard I asked her if she would want to grab some drinks. She said she would love to but she had an idea. She left my office and came back in with a bottle of Jameson and 2 glasses. She said her husband always had booze in his office.

    At this point I was all in and after a few sips we were kissing each other. I’m 6 foot 2, 208 lbs I don’t have a massive cock but it’s around 7 inches, thick and veiny. To see N in front of my desk with her tiny mouth stretched around my cock. Her mouth felt like a tight pussy with her tongue flicking all over my head. I blew my first load partially down her throat. She spilled a bit onto my thighs and she got lower on her knees and licked the area clean. She gave my balls some attention and I quickly got hard again. She asked if I liked to fuck me partial clothed or completely naked. I loved that she asked because I love something about a women with her panties to the side and her skirt hiked up and blouse pulled down exposing her tits. That late afternoon I fucked her mouth pussy and ass in my office. It was close to 6 when we cleaned up. Since then we have been all over each other. The thing is that I came help but wanting to shove my cock down her throat. I get pics and nudes constantly sent over. At this point it is what it is. I will continue to enjoy using her holes. She calls her self my big cock whore. Think i am falling for this one.

    Morning Walks

    I live on the edge of the city in a new subdivision having bought this townhouse a year ago with money from a successful investment. Work remotely in IT and usually start my workday by noon.

    To start my day I have breakfast before a nice long walk through a forested nature preserve about a 30 minute walk away. An older male neighbor who is retired likes to walk with me. Jack is 60 and retired early from his insurance career. He is tall masculine and rangy with a trimmed moustache and a full head of silver hair.

    I have had several girlfriends in my early 20's but now at 26 found myself single. Jack is great to talk to and we have great chats about the economy politics and subjects du jour.

    After a few months walking together out friendship deepened. We started talking about more intimate topics like love and relationships. He admitted he was gay but has not had a partner in years as he had not found anyone he liked enough. One morning he asked me what I did to relieve sexual tension and not surprisingly we both resorted to masturbation. He looked at me quizzically and asked me if I would like a helping hand with that. I became embarrassed but curious. He explained that helping someone get off made the act more special for both parties instead of just rubbing one out alone. I said I could see that buy had never tried it with a man. He laughed and said why not try it once and if you don't like it we never have to mention it again. I thought about it and decided to try it once. We were in a secluded part of the forest as Jack asked me to lower my pants. My heart started thumping when he said that. I nervously unzipped and saw my cock rise once my pants were down. Jack told me I had a very nice cock and reached over to fondle it. His hand knew how to caress it and make it even harder. I groaned as he began milking it slowly. He was right it did feel better when he was jerking me off than when I did it. He kept jerking my cock until I blasted my load in the air. He milked every last drop of cum out of it. Then he pulled down his pants revealing his big cut erect cock. See what doing that has done to me he said. I stared at his cock and thought God he gas a beautiful cock. Can I do the same to you I asked. Go for it he said. I grabbed it gently marveling how sexy it felt in my hand silky smooth. I masturbated him as he closed his eyes. When he finally had his orgasm and shot his wad I felt a thrill inside me. He asked me after how it all felt. I told I enjoyed everything about it both being masturbated by him and doing the same to him. He said well we should do this in the morning anytime one or both of us need it. I agreed. From this point on at least one or both of us was masturbated at least once a week so there was a build up of desire. This went on a few months and it created an erotic tension between us that began to grow. I looked forward to our walks daily as if they were dates. I noticed our eyes started catching each other more and more and our looks softened towards each other. Then one day he kissed me as he masturbated me which made the orgasm more intense. Then I kissed him when I jerked him off. So kissing became part of it then oral as well. Then he was telling me he was in love with me and I realized I felt the same and told him. That became part if it. From there I started ending up in his bed as well where I got fucked for the first time. It all started with morning walks.

    On The Road

    My company sent me to a 4 day business convention in a neighboring city 5 years ago when something unexpected happened.

    At the time I was recently divorced and lonely. I had a new apartment and this business trip was a way to focus on something else in a different environment. The second evening I had gone out to dinner and returned to the hotel bar for drinks. Memories of my past marriage were coming up and I felt sad. I had my second stiff drink which just made the memories more vivid. At the bar near me drinking was this middleaged balding pudgy fellow who I noticed was attending the same convention. We started chatting and he told me he was divorced too. He also was in a reflective mood and we shared our pain and hardship with each other. On my 3rd drink the mood shifted. He became more lighthearted and excited. That kind of had an effect on me as we became more and more like 2 affectionate buddies. He often put his arm around me even rubbing my neck briefly. When he asked me to his room for a nightcap we were both a little tipsy. We got to his room and we both sat on one of the beds as he poured me a drink from the minibar in the room. We had our drink and his arm went around me. This time his arm lingered even longer and our faces were close. He leaned in and unexpectedly kissed my mouth softly.It awakened something in me as the kiss was prolonged and insistent. His face looked kind of warm and loving in that moment as I realized I now wanted to kiss him back to show him I felt something. My mouth opened and I let myself kiss back passionately. The kissing excited both of us and slowly our clothes came off. Both our cocks were hard and pressed together as we rolled around kissing on top of the bed. He ended up on top and slowly went down my body until my cock was in his mouth. Frank sucked me slow and easy causing me to cry out in pleasure. The alcohol delayed my orgasm a bit but when I finally came I deposited a huge load in his waiting mouth which he swallowed hungrily. I lay back in bliss wondering how this could feel so good. Later I returned the favor giving Frank a sweet slow blowjob until he filled my mouth then belly with his semen. We both lay there quietly until the kissing began again. Being 30 it was not all that long before I was hard again and Frank went to work on my cock with his mouth making me cum again. We both began craving a cigarette after sex so we went outside after quickly getting dressed to share one in the parking lot. I returned to my room to sleep. The next evening we hooked up together in his room. This time we talked and made out but no sex as we were trying to process what sex together meant. When I returned home Frank called me a week later excitedly asking me to visit him for the weekend. My heart skipped a bear as I realized I wanted to explore this further. I drove the hour distance and almost immediately we were naked in his bed performing a 69 on each other. That set the tone for the weekend which we mostly spent in bed exploring.

    Five years later we are still together. We take turns on weekends visiting each other. Oral turned into fucking as well. We both love to mount each other's ass for some slow loving. Frank is moving in with me this summer. Can't wait.

  • Trouble

    My daughter is only 16 but is starting to act just like her mother, and thats not good! We divorced 3 years ago and my wife moved to another state. My daughter stays with me during the summer.
    Now one of the main reasons we divorced was my wifes lack of modesty of discretion. She was an outright exhibitionist. If any of my buddies simply asked she would take off her shirt. Even allow my friends to feel her tits. Everyone I knew saw her naked and I suspicioned she had a few affairs.
    Last summer was rough with my daughter. I could see she was following in her mothers footsteps. I had to stay on her to dress appropriately around the house. At that time she wasn't quite so outgoing in public.
    BUT NOW at 16! School just let out and she has been with me for a week. She rarely wears clothes around the house. When I say something about her nudity she makes some smart comment about me being uptight. Sunday afternoon we attended a cookout by the lake with a few family members and friends. Her bikini was very small but at least the appropriate parts were covered. There was a crowd down by the horseshoe pits and she joined in. After an hour I walked down to see how things were going. There was my 16 year old daughter playing horseshoes topless! Family members, friends, strangers, all getting a great view of her tits. I nearly had to drag her out of there to get her to put her bikini top on.
    Its only going to get worse.