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Streaking High On Crack Part 2

What the fuck is wrong with me???, I mean im glad I didn't do anything so for, but I am soooooo hung up on smoking the fuck outta some qual stones lika fiendish horny little bitch that I would fuck and suck cocks on all fours like a slutty slave ass fuck piggy gooboy.
God help me l just can't help thinking about myself with a group of people huddled around me outside while I'm completely naked and oiled, high as shit pointing at my scared turtle head pee pee as l gulp down a shot of Jack and do a monster blast.
At this point I drop down on all fours and cock my ass high shouting "GANGBANG MY VIRGIN ASS HOLE AND FUCK MY FACE!!!"
The men and women with strap ons then form 2 orderly lines and proceed to pound my drooling mouth and gaping lubed asshole at approximately 5min intervals, cumming in said orifices when able like a well oiled rehearsed machine.
The ecstacy is orgasmicly numbing as l gulp down the thick warm jizz and my oozing gaping throbbing asshole expells and dribbles goo in an almost breathing like motion until I'm doushed with the hose and passed to the next bone.
As the ass pounding continues, I'm graciously provided endless monster blasts of pure uncut SAMCbst and I become a zombified fuckpig screaming for more, gulping down loads and licking hoes assholes as they peg me wide open raw.

  • Trans

    Ive always dreamt of fucking a trans girl. I don't really comprehend my feelings, since I dont feel attracted to men. Ive even tried watching gay porn but it just doesnt do it for me. I do like the image of a dick bouncing on my stomach as a tranny rides me.

    I sometimes drive through the streets where tranny whores wait for clients. I once kissed one and dipped. Ive matched with some on tinder, although she found me attractive we never met. I wish I could meet a sexy trans to chat with and exchange pics.

    Hard And Cumming

    I went out fishing last weekend so my wife decided to have a bunch of her girlfriends over to swim, drink and have some fun. I ended up coming home earlier then anticipated so when I got there they were all still there swimming and all a little hammered. I told my wife I was going in to take a quick nap. As I walked through my bedroom door, there was one of my wife's friends laying on our bed with her bottoms down around her ankles and she was playing with herself. We were both startled. She cover her pussy with her hands and instantly turned red in the face. I said "sorry" but could not make my self not look or walk out. We looked at each other for a second , which seemed like an hour and then she smiled and moved her hands and ask me if i wanted to watch. I told her you are drunk and she said so what. I said what if we get caught and she said don't worry about it and started to play with herself again. I could not look away. She is 40m years old, blonde, nice tits and a great body for her age. As i watched i could feel myself getting hard, so i pulled out my cock and started stroking it while watching her. When she realized what i was doing she asked me to move closer so i did. Now i was standing next to the bed with my cock inches from her pussy. I told her that's as far as we can go and she agreed. I asked her to turn over one her hands an knees soo i could watch her in that position and she did. There was her sweet wet pussy and tight ass staring right at me. It did not take long after that and I shot my load all over her pussy and ass. She rubs it in and said good job. I ended up rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her pussy and ass a few times and we stopped there. She cleaned herself up and went back to the party. All i can do now is think about sliding my cock in the sweet pussy and ass of hers.

  • Friend's House

    I remember when I was first involved in something publicly that was sexual.

    I went over to my friend's house and his sister was there along with 2 of her girlfriends. I was 14 at the time, my friend was a year younger than me and his sister was 16 and I assume her friends were the same age too. The parents were out so the 5 of us were just hanging out listening to music. The girls began to dance to the music. It was one of the girls that suggested they do a strip dance for us boys. My friend's sister said there was no way she was getting naked for anyone. The girl said they would just strip to their bra and panties not naked. The sister said she wasn't taking any clothes off at all but the other girl agreed to do it.

    The first girl gets up and dances alone while the music was playing and takes off her shirt. Next she takes off her pants along with her socks. She is just in her bra and panties now. She danced a little more before she sat down and the next girl started her dance. She removed her clothes like the first girl and now there were 2 girls in just bra and panties and I was enjoying this. The 2 girls tried to get the sister to do it but she was refusing every time they asked her too.

    The girls suggested us boys should do a dance for them. My friend said he didn't know if he should and his sister said he wasn't going to. I thought about it and decided I wear a bathing suit that is the same size as my underwear and agreed to as I didn't see I would be exposing much more than I did while swimming. The sister said she couldn't believe I was going too and neither did my friend.

    I began to dance and took off my shirt followed by my pants and socks. I was dancing in only my underwear now and the sister was the most vocal about. She couldn't believe I actually did it. The girls tried to get my friend to do it and his sister said he wasn't going too. I think my friend didn't like his sister telling him what to do so he decided he was going to do it. He got up, danced and ended up in only his underwear like me. The sister couldn't believed he actually did it. The girls tried to get her to get up and dance but once again she made it quite clear she was not going to.

    The first girl got up and danced again. This time she surprised us by taking her bra off. I was seeing her tits and I liked it. I had only seen pictures before this and now I was seeing them right in front of me. The sister shouted, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE SHOWING US YOUR TITS!!!". The next girl gets up and she danced for a bit before she took off her bra too. The sister was shouting things in disbelief and her friends tried to get her to at least take her shirt off but once again she refused. I was really liking seeing what I was seeing and was told it was my turn to dance again.

    I got up and danced and decided to flash my ass to the girls. My friend couldn't believe I did that and his sister shouted, " YOUR ASS, I JUST SAW YOUR ASS!!!" . It was my friends turn to dance and he got up and danced. The girls shouted at him to show ass but he said there was no way. When he was done he said it was his last dance and just sat down and began to get dressed.

    It was the girls turn to dance again. The first one got up and played with her tits and flashed her ass to us. My friend and his sister were just watching and didn't say anything. The next girl got up again and pretty well did the same as the first and flashed her ass too.

    It was my turn again. I got up and flashed my ass a few a times. Then I made my next move. My friend shouts, " YOU ARE NAKED!!!". His sister shouts, " YOUR PENIS, I CAN SEE YOUR PENIS!!! I had taken off my underwear and was naked. The girls were loving it and cheering me on. I was stroking my penis as I danced and was getting hard which is what I intended to do. The sister is now shouting, " YOUR PENIS , IT'S GETTING HARD, I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM SEEING YOUR PENIS AND IT'S HARD". She seemed to be over reacting compared to the girls who were just say "NICE" and "WAY TO GO" .

    The first girl got up again and began to dance. She played with her tits and flashed her ass again and I was hoping her panties would come off but they didn't. The next girl got up doing the same thing and her panties stayed on too. It was my turn again. I stroked my penis and it started to get a little hard again and we heard a sound. It was the parents pulling into the driveway. We all quickly get dressed before they came into the house.

    They came in and asked what we were doing and the sister said we were just listening to music. It was close to dinner time now and the parents said they were taking my friend and his sister out for dinner. Me and the 2 girls left. One girl said we could go to her house if we wanted and the 3 of us did.

    We go to her house and no one was home. The 3 of us went up to her room and she asked if she could see me hard again. I got undressed and she told me to lay on her bed. I was on my back and one girl on each side of me on their sides as they watched me as I stroked myself. I remember feeling a little weird now compared to earlier as I was naked and they were fully clothed. They asked how hard I get and I told them they would see. I stroked and got pretty hard and took my hand away so they could see and told them I can get harder. I began stroking more but probably stroked one too many times because I felt myself about to do something that I could not hold back on. I tried to stop but I began cumming. There I was being watched by 2 girls cumming all over myself. The girls were completely surprised and loving what they were seeing. I never intended to have this happen but it did. This was a day of firsts for me. I saw girls tits, girls bare asses, took all my clothes off in front of a group and even stroked my penis and now had unexpectedly cum in front of a couple of girls.

    Broke A Rule That Could Get Me Fired.

    I work as a massage therapist for a popular chain. I've only been working here for about 3 months since they have re-opened. I was never tempted in any way to do anything, despite having some beautiful women come through.

    There is one woman a few years younger than me who has a monthly appointment and had personally requested me the past 2 times. Our first appointment she was randomly assigned to me. She Is a gorgeous brunette that definately tans and runs alot. I could tell she was a runner during her first massage due to the tightness of her bfm. Our first 2 appointments were deep tissue and working out tightness and soreness from her workouts.

    She requested that this past session be a Swedish massage, a much more relaxing massage with less focus on working out muscles. She undressed fully, we cover our clients with towels but naturally I've gotten brief glimpses of her when working on areas near her labia. When working her inner thigh she asked me to work out some soreness a little higher. I was starting to get closer to her labia than I had been with any other client and she asked "can you massage higher?" At this point I knew she was asking for a Yoni massage. These are very strictly forbidden and I was worried that it was some type of entrapment. If it was not someone I had massaged a few times prior there is no chance I would have done it. But... she is so hott, and I started to rub my oiled hand up and down slowly spreading her labia and rubbing her clitorius. She gave muffled and gentle moans and I could feel her producing vaginally translate.

    My fingers started to slip in deeper and I was full blown fingering her. The rest on the session from this point, 38 minutes, was just her getting fingered. She wanted to turn over at one point and then I continued to figure her once she got face up. When the session was over she said "I think you got me atleast 5 times. I owe you now."

    I am equal parts excited and nervous for her session next month.

  • Sex With Trans Guy!

    I'm newly single and decided to using Tinder and some other dating apps. A few months ago I struck a really awesome conversation with this trans guy (I knew it from the beginning, he had it in his profile). I have never been with a trans man or woman before, so it was definitely knew to me and I wasn't sure how to feel about it at first. So as our conversations progressed and we talked about hanging out, I watched a few porn videos to just see what it was all about and what I may experience. I was not disappointed in the videos at least!

    The first few times we hung out we didn't hook up, which was fine. But on the third or fourth date (I can't remember exactly) he initiated sex. I told him I had never been with a trans person before and wanted to make sure I was making him comfortable and what not. He told me that nothing (on his body) was off limits. The first time we had sex he gave me some amazing head and even let me cum in his mouth. Afterwards, he let me return the favor. As I pulled down his boxers it was so weird seeing the happy trail leading to a freshly shaved pussy. It was not weird in a bad way though, just new to me. I asked him what I could refer to it as, since I didn't want to offend, and he just said he called it his pussy, he wasn't offended by that.

    So after eating his boy pussy, we made out some more and we ended up fucking in a few different positions. He even let me try anal, which he seemed to really enjoy and felt great for me too.

    Since that night we've had sex together two other times and it's been quite the experience! It's kind of like the best of both worlds - getting to fuck a guy with a pussy. But at the same time, I am worried about the societal pressure or expectation set on me specifically. Since I was born a man, and am bisexual at that, it seems life people might try to invalidate my experience or say that I'm weird for having sex with a transgender person. Even though it was a wonderful experience and I really enjoy his company!

    Am I? Or Am I Just Messing Around?

    I drank to much at my friend's house and she let me sleep over. I woke up in her bed, unclothed, dry mouthed and hung over. She was asleep beside me, also unclothed. I managed to stand, find the toilet, wash my face and wash my mouth with toothpaste and my finger. I fell back on the bed and passed out.

    The second time I woke up I was on my back, she was naked leaning over me, her hand totally on my lady parts, letting her hair wave across my face. I opened my legs, and she gripped me with her middle finger pressing into my slit. "what are you doing?', I asked, she answered that she was waiting for me to wake up.

    After a cup of coffee I asked her how come I was naked, in her bed, and she had her hand in my crotch. "You were there, I was there, it just seemed like the right thing to do". I stood up, walked over to her and grabbed her boob. I said 'it was there, I was there, it seemed like the thing to do'.

    i can't recall a feeling of desire, what I do recall is pushing her onto her back, pulling her pants off and tasting her woman thing. It was there, it seemed like the right thing to do. Having upped the ante, she took her top off and pulled my pants off and gave me a tongue lashing down there too. Having gone too far we agreed on a truce. Our truce lasted three days, until a kiss started it all over again.

    If I am. I am. I don't think I am, but I can't deny I've been playing around a woman's lady parts. But I am, and letting her play around mine. But that is not what concerns me, it's the kissing that makes me believe this isn't just something to do, this is real, real enough to seriously make me believe that I am, and she is too. And this thing is for real, it's not just fooling around.

    I Stole My Friends Panties

    When I was 15, I was so horny all the time, I had this friend (let's just call her E) E. She had a gym bag in the classroom on the shelf. After school finished, I used to look through her clothes hoping to find some hot clothing. First I found a sock, I came in it so hard because it smelled like her (not the dirty feet, her nice smell).

    After a week or two, I looked through it again, I found this beautiful black Calvin klein underwear, it hasn't been used. After I got home I was smelling it for a good 10 minutes, I whipped out my bulging cock and started rubbing it on my dick. It smelled so good. She is blonde with bangs, nice tits and ass. It was rare when I could see it because she usually wore baggy clothes. On my phone I got a picture of her face and as I was looking at it a came so hard it went all over the place. The sweet smell of her panties was so nice.

    I still have it under my bed and I sometimes use it to masturbate. Should I feel guilt for steali g her oanties

    Unlikely, Improbable, But True

    As the title says, unlikely, improbable, but true. My mother was a waitress in Victoria, Texas when an oil field hand knocked her up on a one night stand. He was married and disappeared from her life. She was 19, I am here as proof. She embarrassed her family and moved to the Houston area and with a two month old baby ended up in a room at a shelter. The woman working there took her in. This woman was a lesbian, divorced from a man, living on a share of his military pension. Poor is saying a lot.

    Growing up I had my mother and Grace, they loved me well enough. Grace inherited a run down house from an aunt, that's the house where I grew up. Like all kids who grow up poor, we lived around other poor kids and we weren't unhappy. I started working at 14, Grace kept the boys away from me. If my mother complained she was reminded of how I came about. Socially it was mostly Grace's friends, some of which were strange to say the least. I won't say I wasn't hit on by a chick.

    I managed college, part time, working, six years. Grace's friend got me an office job with benefits. Big deal for the social circle I lived in. The owner took a shine to me, I never asked why, and pushed and shoved his way into my life, and pants. Not being experienced, although I was knowledgeable but lazy, and not being sexually active I got pregnant. Telling my mother and Grace was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

    Unlike my bio dad, this old man married me and made sure my baby and I had a safe and nice place to live. He redid Grace's house, from landscaping to remodeling, he really fixed it up. Grace got central air, indoor washer dryer, three bedrooms, and a second bathroom. A carport and a nice car. My husband put my mother and Grace in tall cotton. I went on and had another one, two boys for me.

    Unlikely, yes. Improbable, no question. But true.

  • Old Man Moneys

    I worked as a language therapist and individual with people. I am currently working with an 40 year old adult male. I am paid by the company i represent and enjoy my work. This individuals chatted me up the one day after our session and i started visiting his father. After a while it was clear that his father liked certain things about sex as we always got into those types of conversations. One day while visiting the clients father we had a few drinks and full on admitted that he would pay me to let him jerkoff and cum on me and more specifically cum on my ass. He continued saying I'm an ass man all the way the look and feel just gets me going. Know i know he had money to spend so just kinda going with the flow i asked jokingly kinda oh yeah how much to do that and with no hesitation just $300 easy. So with all that beings said we finished are drinks and i left. A couple weeks go by and i am still thinking about all this. Should i do it? do i take the chance and risk my job if his son found out. One day after my lesson with his son i approached the father and mentioned "hey remember our conversation about jerking it on my ass" and he replied of course i wasn't kidding. So you will pay me $300 to jerkoff and let you cum on my ass and he said yes but bend over with your ass out. I looked at him for a couple seconds and said ok, you wanna do it now? he smiled and said really? like your serious?? oh my good ok ok hold on i will get cash. So he went to the corner store took out the money gave it to me and i proceeded to take my pants off bend over couch. He was super excited. When he removed his pants and underwear i caught a quick look at his dick and a lot of grey hair my the size was fucking large. Anyways he gets naked in front of me goes around back and starts jerking it. Can i touch it he ask's i said sure but not only is touching it softly and firm he is smacking his dick on my ass too lol. So he lets me know he's going to cum so i though awe what the hell so i grab my cheeks and spread them she he can see and cum right on my asshole. the next thing i hear is "holy fuck yes" and i can just feel all the hot cum on my asshole and ass cheeks. it felt really nice and warm i actually liked the experience more then i thought i would. I said oh my god thank thank you that was amazing. So i pulled my pants back up didn't even clean up just left. showered when i got home masturbated and fell right asleep. Now this started in 2018 and we are currently still doing this. I help his son once a week but i see the father 3 times a week and he pay the $300 ever time. lately i have let him put the tip of his dick inside my asshole and cum just for easier cleanup. No complaints from anyone yet!!