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Sex Doll Step Daughter

Mmmm mmm I must confess!! I have fantasies of my step daughter each and every day! I've had dreams of her and I have even had a wet dream or two.
Let me tell you about my step daughter, she's 20 yo and she's 5'9 125 lbs ,lucious lips, perfect breasts, flat stomach, small waist,thick thighs, long legs and a delictable ass! Sexy feet and toes that makes your mouth water!!!
Well it started as a typical day for me, woke up with my usual morning wood, went to the bathroom to pleasure myself thinking of My step daughter of course.my wife is out of town for work for a few weeks ( yeah) after I took care of My morning wood I jumped in the shower as always after that I decided I'm going to stay home and relax so I put on some boxers and a tank top and went down stairs, after about an hour I heard my step daughter up stairs I texted her if she wanted breakfast and she texted me"yes" she said she was going to brush her teeth and get dressed and would be down stairs in a few minutes, so I jumped up and quietly went upstairs to see what she was wearing as I got near her bathroom she was bent over the sink brushing her teeth and she was wearing only a lace thong (blue) and a white tank top (one of mine)no bra!! she saw me in the mirror as she finished brushing her teeth and in a embarrassed voice she yelled What are you doing spying on me, I didn't know what to say so I blurted out making sure you really brushed,her nipples were hard (they looked like pink erasers) My cock started getting hard so I said to her come on let's go downstairs and make some breakfast as I walked down the stairs she ran and jumped on my back and said carry me to the couch and I will give you my breakfast order and feed your queen! I carried her to the couch and laid her down and as I asked her"what does the queen care to feast for breakfast" she was still in her thong and tank top! So
I walked in the kitchen with my cock starting to throb, she made her breakfast request and says to me"feed your queen" in a flirtatious way,so I walked up to the couch and said"my queen would you care for some gr**es?"she replied feed them to me one at a time, I began feeding her gr**es and slowly walked around the couch and sat down next to her she placed her feet on my shoulders (she had really sexy feet and pink toe nails) she said the queen would like a mixed drink a strong drink for breakfast, I jumped at her command and made her a double shot with orange juice, I watched her down the drink in no time she says she wants another and make it a triple shot, I made it and again she downed it,in my mind I was saying to myself"please let this be a dream come true" I sat down and I put her feet on my laps trying not to get a hard on she picks up her foot and says" mom's not home! Let's get drunk! I answered quickly "you read my mind"she sat up and scooted over and sat on my laps, she asked me if she needed to put on clothes or not? my cock stood at attention as she lifted her ass hmmm what do we have here? I was embarrassed and red, I said to her Is there anything I can do for the queen? She giggled laying on her back, lifted her foot to My face "kiss my feet and suck on my toes"with out hesitation I began kissing and licking her sexy feet, she moaned with pleasure, I slowly worked my way up her leg kissing each foot, ankles until I was between her legs (my cock was so hard and throbbing ) she says to me"the queen's pussy doesn't eat itself"I gently pull down her steamy wet thong,my mouth is watering! In a blushing way she says"I didn't shave! I hope you don't mind the stubbles! I dove into her pussy and licked her clit so good that her legs began trembling as she quietly moaned, I grabbed her legs and flipped her over, kissing her bubble butt as I worked my tongue into her ass, spreading her cheeks I licked her hole as I slowly stuck my tongue in her ass, she moaned asking to go deeper into her hole,my cock was throbbing hard sticking out of my boxers,as I turned her on her back and licked her clit up to her belly button kissing side to side pushing her tank top up to her lucious breasts those beautiful hard Pink nipples waiting to be sucked on
As I sucked her beautiful breasts she wrapped her legs around my waist, grabbed my head and slowly began kissing me with those plump lips, I was in heaven!!
She looks at me"I love the way you are pleasuring your queen!
I want to give you the same pleasure, but I have to confess! I have never sucked a cock and I don't know how to! I looked at her, would you like to try it? just take your time and practice, she turned me on my back.
Kissed her way down from my lips,chest and she opened her mouth and in my cock went, she began going up and down gagging and sucking, I was ready to explode in her mouth!
I asked her if she wanted to swallow my load?
With a mouth full of cock she says to me what are you waiting for! As soon as she said that I blew my load in her hot sexy mouth! She gagged as her eyes teared up as she swallowed as much as she could.
She sat up with cum on her lips and chin licking her lips,
With a smile she says"can I practice some more?
So she practiced sucking cock the rest of the day
She swallowed so much cum she was filled like a jelly donut.

  • First Cock

    I’m a straight guy who enjoys a active dating life. Well hear lately I’ve been out of town mostly and only home enough to get a few things done then head out on another work trip. Well I was at the hotel bar on this last trip . It was a Friday night and around 12 midnight my co worker left . A guy in his late 20s to early 30s came in and sat next to me. We talked some time. A really nice attractive looking guy who was a good conversationalist.
    Not sure how it ended here but I invited him up to my room to have him taste this liquor I had that is really good. When we walked into the room I had let the TV on. Unfortunately it was on a porn channel. As we walked into the room there was a girl sucking a cock off on TV. I apologized but he said keep it on. So we poured some drinks and watched the porn flick. I could see his cock getting really hard under his pants and mine was doing the same. I sat kiddingly “ I see your enjoying the movie”. We both laughed and he said he noticed I was too. Then he said as their was another girl sucking on a cock on TV do you ever wonder what it’s like to suck a cock. I responded yes of course I have but being a straight guy I’ve never tried it. He said he two has never tried it but has always wondered what it must feet like.
    Then he went on saying he’s never even touched another cock. Not sure why I said it but out my mouth came out. Look we’re both hard watching this movie why don’t we just jack each other off to the movie. He took a moment to think about it then reached up and turned the lamp light off leaving only the light from the TV on. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a nice size cock out and started stroking himself. I couldn’t believe me eyes. I did the same. After a minute of stroking our cocks to the movie I reached over and started stroking his cock for him. It felt fat , hard and muscular in my hand. It was also warm to the touch.
    I slowly stroked his full length up and down. At times I would speed up and slow down. He seamed to really like this and moaned. His moans turned me on knowing I was doing something right. My cock got even harder.
    I was now so into it that I found my face really close to his cock.my face was only inches away from it when he moved trying to point his cock at my mouth. His cock mushroom head was at my lips. I just opened my mouth and went down on him. What a wild feeling . His cock felt good in my mouth. I could feel every little twitch it made . I played with his cock head. Sucking and licking it all over. Soon I was tasting his pre cum. I took my time trying to feel even bit of it. I even tried to see how deep I could get it down my throat. A few times I felt his cock head start to go down the back of my throat. It was a wild feeling. I made it a challenge to try and deep throat him. He moaned even louder and was now pushing into my throat with his hips. I took my hand off his cock and just went up and down on it freely. Well I guess he had enough and was now piston fucking my mouth. I tightened my lips around his cock and let him have his way. After about 2 minutes I felt his cock start to grow just a bit harder and with out warning he shot hot streams of cum filling my mouth with white cream. I actually tried swallowing it but it was shooting too fast and too much. I just kept sucking trying to milk all his cum out.
    He quickly returned the favor and went down on me. I don’t think I lasted as long as he did before I was shooting in his mouth. He was definitely new at it because I have had better blow jobs but I’m sure I wasn’t that great also. It was a huge turn on because we both did cum pretty hard. I felt incredible pleasuring a cock to the point of cumin. It just felt so different. I think if the Circumstances were right I could easily do it again.

    Complete And Utter Domination...

    I just want someone to use me. Anyone at all as long as they can satisfy me, I want to be tied up and helpless, I want a stranger in the woods to overpower me and lift up my skirt for his own pleasure. I don't want to know their name, I don't even want to know what they look like, I just want them to use me like their own little pleasure doll. I want them to tell me how much of a slut I must be for getting off on such an encounter, I want them to mark me as theirs in some way; bite me, cut me, cum in me over and over again, whatever they can and want to do to make me remember our encounter forever and to remind me that I belong to them. I guess I just need someone to completely dominate me but idk where I'll find a real dom who, after the whole fantasy is over and my sanity eventually kicks back in, knows how to care for me afterwards and how not make the experience completely traumatic.

    I Wanted To Be A Girl

    My parents both worked and I had no one to watch me. So they would leave me home by myself all day.

    I was 6 years old boy and I never saw anything sexual ever. I had no clue about any of it.
    One day I was sitting on the couch in my underoos and started to play with myself. It felt really good. I was chubby and had little man boobs. I looked down and saw my nipple and I was able to stick my tongue out to lick it and I was able to suck it. I continue to play with my little gerkin. I don't have any idea why but I had this epiphany. I said to myself that I would love to be a girl. I thought that they were so lucky that they had more ways to be sexually stimulated than a boy. Boobs, vagina, ass! I had no idea how sex worked so how did I know this? And as I got older I would sit on my atari joysticks, carrots, and would pretend I was a girl. After I would fuck myself I would then suck the joysticks or carrots. As an adult Im straight bordering on bicurious.

    But why and how did I think about these things at such a young age not knowing anything? It's strange, Right?

    Best Christmas Break Of My Life

    During Christmas break I got a job to pick up some extra money. I answered an ad in the newspaper for a driver, to and from my town to the port, about a 3 hour drive each way. I started at this warehouse, the van was loaded with boxes, I drove to this warehouse at the port, the van was unloaded and I drove back, one roundtrip a day.

    A couple of days before Christmas I met a girl, also a college student and daughter of the business owner, in the office of the warehouse while the van was being loaded. We talked and she told me she was hanging out and if I wanted she would be company. A pretty girl was a good thing.

    On the road down she asked if I knew what was in the boxes. I told her I hadn't been told and I didn't care. She teased me, she asked if I had ever seen a naked girl, naked guys, boys on top of girls, girls kissing other girls? Laughing she told me the boxes had porn magazines for the sailors at the port.

    When we got back, it was after the employees had left, she took me into the warehouse. Magazines of every kind, she sat beside me, flipping through the pages, showing me and talking to me about the naked girls. She was into boobs, the fuller the better, but young girls with small tits also got her attention. She knew what magazines to pick, she rubbed her hand over my cock to see if the pictures turned me on. She opened her top and wanted to know if I liked her tits, she gave me a blowjob, I fucked her on a work bench.

    On Christmas Day she called me to come over, she had a present for me. She gave me a rolled up magazine with a ribbon. A kiss on the lips, a Merry Christmas and she said she had to go to her grandparents and we would see each other around. At home, in my room I opened the magazine, in French "Ingenue". It was her, maybe 14, in the nude, page after page.

  • The Mistress

    This January 15 I completed my tenth year with Mr. Jones (not his real name). Mr. Jones is an attorney to wealthy clients. I joined him on completion of my paralegal certification. Mr. Jones saw more than that in me and I've been his paramour for these last ten years. There is a young girl between us.

    Cumming With Guys On Omegle To My Girlfriends Nudes

    I love being on omegle stroking my cock and showing guys my girlfriends nudes. I used to show random girls nudes and no guy would cum to it, when i first started to show my girlfriends nudes i started to feel dirty but it felt so good and alot of guys would blow huge loads. Shes 19 with 34 DD tits. I love watching guys cum loads to my gf nudes, it makes me blow a huge laod.

    Immortalized In Bronze

    In the garden of my grandparent's house there is a life size nude statue of a young girl in the middle of a fish pond. That's me when I was 12, posed in the nude for the sculpture which was done by an artist friend of my mom. It gets lots of attention because the artist made a small last minute adjustment, she added a thin line indentation of my pussy.

    Sharing My New Fetish

    Over the last year I've developed a wonderful fetish. And it was my wife who introduced me to it.
    I've always enjoyed going down on women's pussies and clits, and my wife's no different.
    This time last year I was enjoying licking her out before I desperately wanted to fuck her. My wife had already orgasmed, and was building to another when she said "You're not fucking me, unless you clean me up orally afterwards".
    I agreed but had never done it before. She climaxed so hard as soon as I went back to sucking on her clit, then I quickly spun her over and began fucking her from behind.
    The thing is, she has such a tight beautiful fuckable arse. And I just couldn't help myself from sliding my cock up her bum.
    She squealed and backed onto me, so I really went for it, fucking her rear hole until I unloaded.
    The agreement soon arose when she moved over my body, and practically sat on my face.
    At first I balked at tonguing her arse, then my wife gripped the side of my head and pulled my face into her butt cheeks, telling me loudly to lick her hole.
    I put out my tongue, tasting my own cum and her anal juices, and it immediately drove me wild with lust.
    If I'd always been super keen to lick pussy and I had, then licking, tonguing and eating her arsehole I became totally and utterly crazed for it.
    I devoured her arsehole and even surprised my wife with how horny I became for her backside. She began rubbing her pussy and arsehole all over my face, but I kept on pulling her backwards to tongue her rear hole.
    Then taking control, I moved away from her, turned her over and buried my face and tongue back into her arse.
    Fingering her pussy at the same time, I brought my wife to two orgasms.
    We both crashed onto the bed after she orgasmed the second time, then kissed while holding each other. Ending the kiss, my wife asked me if I'd enjoyed myself. My response was to tell her I'd never felt so horny and so dirty in a sexual sense, at the same time.
    We had a similar but shorter sexual time in our kitchen two days later. I'd fucked her as she was trying to prepare our evening meal. When I came inside her pussy, she was about to pull her knickers back up, but I kept her bent over and tongued my cum from her pussy. I then used the cum to smother her arsehole in. Pulling her arse cheeks apart, I gave her arsehole a long and very deep tonguing, making her climax that way for the first time in her life.
    We ate our meal after cleaning up, then my wife posed a question I never thought she'd ask.
    We were lay cuddling on the sofa, as we listened to music. She propped herself up and asked me if given the chance, would I tongue Cloe's arsehole, like I had hers.
    Cloe is my wife's younger sister. She'd not long been divorced after marrying too young. I've always known wife and Cloe were close, and I also knew in the past her sister had expressed openly to my wife, she thought I was sexy.
    When I asked her why she'd asked, my wife told me it was Cloe who had said "If **** (me) tongues your pussy or arsehole full of his cum, he truly loves you".
    Only a year on, its become a passion of mine to lick and suck out my cum from my wife's pussy, but especially her arsehole. And she's only too happy to have me do it.
    There was a brief time, I got the distinct impression my wife wanted me to offer Cloe the same sexual pleasure.
    Nothing happened, but only last week my wife mentioned it again. I'd fucked her arse having a quickie in bed before going into work. I'd then gone down on her. As I was tonguing her arsehole my wife said "Cloe would love you doing this to her".
    I didn't say anything, obviously because I had a mouth full of my own cum and my wife's arsehole, but I understood she said it for effect.
    Later the same day, I received a message from Cloe. She wanted to know if she could visit and stay for a while after lockdown.
    When I quizzed my wife after getting home, she told me it would be great all round, if I got to know Cloe better, adding "I'd love it if you two were close".
    She already knew Cloe had messaged me. And my wife suggested she could stay for as long as she wanted to.
    I know it's not a direct say so, but I can't help but think my wife wants to share me with her sister. Or am I reading too much into it.

    Lady Issues

    Being a girl sucks. After 10 years on birth control my doctor suggested I stop, let my body adjust, stay celibate or be very careful, after ten years I could ovulate out of pattern. But I needed to get off the pill. Two months later I started leaking, I had to wear a pad all month, I didn't realize it smelled and that my older coworker picked up on it. He was nice enough, very gentle in telling me that I had very strong female odors. Pheromones gone wild.

    My doctor told me to change my pad every two hours, wash myself with soap and water every time I changed, use disposable panties and change them when I changed the pad. In a few months life would get better. Everyday at work my coworker was my yellow canary, if he smelled me he signaled me and I changed. I didn't have sex because of my problem. It was a year before I was normal and I could go a day without being embarrassed.

    The first man that got me for sex was my coworker. I was better, but my fertility cycle wasn't and we ended up at the JP for a quickie marriage. My doctor wants me to stay off artificial contraceptives after this baby is born, my new husband may not want to cooperate. He just raises two fingers.