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The Fuckpig Slave Again

She's been lent to me by her husband and her owner 5 times now. She's in her 60s, short, fat, medium tits, marks all over her body from spankings and whippings through 40 years of being a submissive slave, indeed a fuckpig, a cocksleeve. I've taken her the first couple of times for long 4 day weekends, then for a week. I took her to a nudist resort for a week also, mistreating her, and leaving the nasty writing I put on her body exposed for all. One evening it got into a free for all fuckfest. I didn't expect the ugly, fat fuckpig to have anyone want her, but in front of everyone I demanded she kneel down and take anyones cum on her body. Guys were fucking their wives, or others wives, pulling out and cumming on the piggies face, hair, tits, c**t and ass. I made her roll over and beg me loudly for an assfuck. I used sperm from her butt cheeks as lube and ram fucked her in front of everyone.

She loves being degraded, sold, whored out, exposed, demeaned publicly. She's had everything possible done to her, I personally have made her lick another girls pussy after I dumped a load in it, she's lined my cock up to a CD's tight backhole, then laid down while the CD fucked her. I've sold her for $100 and sold her c**t for a quarter. I had her for a night last weekend. She likes going with me. I took her into a grocery store wearing only a loose fitting oversized tee shirt. Her ass with writing "ASSFUCKED WHORE" was showing halfway under the bottom of the tee. She exposed herself to several people, her ass, her tits, her piggie pussy. I made her buy 6 heavily iced cupcakes. When we got back to the hotel, I wanted to really focus on the piggy part of her submissive tendancies.

She had her pig nose on, her pigtail buttplug up her ass and on all fours I put down a cupcake without the paper and made her eat it from the floor with her mouth, not picking it up. Then another. She was a mess on her pignose and her lips and chin. I made her eat three of them. Then I yanked out her buttplug pigtail, and with her opened stretched asshole, I crushed a cupcake into her asshole. I picked up the pieces from the floor and pushed them in. I wiped up all the icing and pushed it into her ass. Soon I had the whole thing pushed into her ass. Then made her roll over and the same way shoved another into her slut c**t. Then I fucked her c**t making it shove all the way in, then did the same up her ass, using my thick cock as a plunger to get it further up her ass. I then made her push the buttplug pigtail back into her ass, and suck all the cupcake and icing from her c**t and her ass off my cock.

Then I made her eat the rest of the cupcakes, and go to the toilet, leave the door open and empty her used up slut pussy and worn out ass of the cupcakes. I made her douche her pussy and give herself an enema to get it all out of her. I had tons of pictures and she and her husband and her owner have told me it's the first time anyone has done anything new to her in a long time and they all loved it. I did too, the next day I made her rub two cupcakes all over her tits, her belly, and her face. I ate them all off her, and fucked her, shot on her face and made her walk around the hotel parking lot. She had two orgasms out there.

I love taking the fuckpig and using her when I can, I'm now #1 on the list of guys who gets to take her. I know it's sick, but all loved it and she most of all. It's her life, she loves being a fat pig slut and having so much sex.

  • I'm So Ashamed Of Myself But I Can't Help It

    Ever since I hit puberty I've been storing most of my fat on my tummy, and whenever I look in the mirror and see my belly hanging over my jeans it turns me on so much. I usually wear baggy clothes to hide it, but I want my friends to find out I have a fat belly and expose it in the most embarrassing way possible. I want them to laugh at me and poke my belly button to humiliate me. I want them to fat shame me and say degrading things about my tummy. I even want them to do it in front of my crush once, and I wanna feel my cheeks heating up from the embarrassment the whole time. What can I do to turn this fantasy into reality, without telling them?

    I Am Going To Jerk Off To Her.

    I am an old married grampa. My cheating years where over 20 years ago.

    Today at a regular doctor's appointment the tech was taking my blood pressure. She was late 20's at best (if that) and everything that happened was purely innocent and happenen stance.

    She was taking my pressure and I was leaning on her cart and she was leaning in to read the machine. And I saw right down her top. She was pretty flat chested and that is likely why her bra hung loose and i saw her whole tit right down to the very nipple.

    And I am being honest I did not mean to look. I was just leaning on the cart and our angle was happen chance. As soon as I realized I was fixated on her literal nipple I turned my head to not get caught and turns out I over reacted and she knew where I had looked.

    It was awkward but she was a professional. I blushed and she tried not too but did, and quickly changed the topic to what other testing I needed was. And we chit chatted as she worked and I still had a minor boner when I had to stand to be weighed. lol. I know she saw but said nothing.

    Her tit was small but I have not seen one that firm in years. She was cute too. And professional but understood she made me horny. I am going to beat off her her memory for weeks. She makes me miss cheating with younger pussy. But at my age ... sigh.

  • I Love Men's Holes.

    It's so hot to see a guys asshole twitch as they cum...just thinking about it makes me all sticky ;))

    Cuckold Newbie

    41 year old great shape
    Sneaking her plastic bag out the door and off to work.
    I noticed everything about her as she become a stronger women. When she got home
    That night she said I got fucked in a motel today by two
    Guys who took turns on me ,all of my hour lunch break.
    Mrs G is her name as she hands me her lunch in eaten
    Where I noticed next day the burger tasted of semen as I finished it.I complained that she needs to take on a second paying job to contribute to house hold bills.Her Boss listed after her and Friday night party her arms went up in the air as she was stripped
    In front of me.Dancing in her bra which was laced see thru.
    Mrs G would disappear while I danced with her mates.
    She would come back after about an hour...looking flushed and leave the party .
    Upon returning home straight to the shower.
    I become suspicious as her phone was used texting under the table at meal times. Upon
    Putting my youngest two girls I would read goodnight stories to put them to sleep ..and I would hear my wife quitely talking on her phone giggling away in a low murmur in the next room in our water bed.
    Friday night was party night and same people different places. It all become more erotic with a garage show where a blonde 6 ' foot women wearing garters and bra ,skimpy lace nickers would perform a slow erotic strip show. I felt my wife push me forward in the audience of about 30 to 40 people.
    I felt a gust of wind as my wife fell pray to a male whom stood so close to me .When I moved.Long story short looks like the stripper and my wife had a dare on .If she could blow her boyfriend before her friend finished stripping .As I moved through the crowd I noticed most where looking backwards into the yard where
    Upon looking I saw a women bent over giving some guy the best head I had ever seen .
    As I watched her wanking the 10 inch hard cock while her mouth had engulfed the rest and he had both his hands grabbing my wife's boobs twisting and pulling her nipples. Then 1 hand went to her head as he pushed her head down to the base as she gasped e looked at the crowd
    Giving them the two fingure victory signal as his hips bucked back n forth. I was mesmerized by the girl with her jeans still on and top pulled around her neck.
    As his eyes closed for a couple minutes she glanced up as she swallowed a huge load at me in the crowd ...you could see her to carried away with the moment to care as she went back to sucking h slurping and cleaning him.up as he does his buckle up and slips into the crowd.
    Nothing is said I still need to process this...she showers off to bed. (True story) Page 2

  • My First Time Actually Doing It

    During my days when I wanted sex with a man and being kept back by my upbringing and fear of discovery I had the opportunity to make a trip to Rio de Janeiro. I stayed at one of the beach front hotels and after unpacking decided to go for a walk. I had been warned about being robbed so I was without anything but shorts, shoes and a loose shirt. Right outside the hotel was a young man, with a great big smile and he approached me trying to sell me some purses. My first reaction was to chase him away, but he spoke English and I was killing time so I started to negotiate with him.

    He asked me if I was looking for something else, maybe for later in the evening. What did I like, tall, short, big breasts. I thought I would shock him and said to him close to his ear, "I like a nice hairy ass, with a nice hole for kissing, with a cock hanging down between the legs". I actually said it, he was nonplused and said that there were all kind of boys in Rio, but to be careful because if they were too young the police would arrest me. 'So no boys, okay'. I looked at him, about 5' 7", chubby, hairy legs and arms, I touched his stomach "how about you?"

    I stepped forward and kissed him on the mouth for a half a minute, "do you have a hard cock and a hairy ass?" He was uncomfortable, getting his courage up he asked me if I was security, I of course said no, he asked me what room I was in, I told him and gave him the second card key and asked him when he could be there. He told me it would take a few minutes, he couldn't go up the guest elevator but he would use the elevator by the pool and he would knock three times, but I needed to hurry to let him in before the hotel security found him.

    I went back to my room, my heart racing, I had actually asked a man to come to my room for gay sex. When he arrived he walked around the room, I asked him what was wrong and he told me he was looking for cameras. I sat in the only chair and held his hips and rubbed my face in his crotch, biting his dick in his pants. He let me undress him, I'm sure it wasn't his first time, he was covered in hair on his chest and his back, his ass was free of hair but not his crack, and he was was heavy on the pubes. A very hairy man. I was in by then and I sucked his cock before asking him to sit on the bed while I got undressed.

    He was sitting on the bed with his leg crossed, leaned over onto his elbow when I sat down in the chair. His cock was there, and the crack in his ass, the hair heavy and by the way he was sitting I could discern his asshole. I stood and pushed him onto the bed and kissed him on the mouth, I was at that point very hungry and I was determined to make my first time count, and not let him know I was new to the game. I sucked his cock for a while and pushed up his feet over his head, exposing the crack o his ass, hairy ribbons of hair surrounded his asshole.

    It was too much for me, I got down on my hands and knees and put my mouth between his legs and rimmed my first asshole. The taste is memorable, you never forget it, the smell was powerful and drove my dick into an erection. I spent about five minutes licking his hole and stood up with my erection and he laid back and spread his legs to let me get on. He held his dick and closed his eyes while I stuck my dick in him, I fucked a few times and came in a series of unchecked ejaculations. I was no longer a virgin, I had fucked my first man.

    I let him suck on my cock, I ordered refreshments while he hid in the bathroom, we had sex again after it got dark, and in between we kissed and played with our dicks. I wanted to ask him if I passed my first test, but he was sucking on my dick at that moment. He left a bit before midnight, he left a purse for me and I told him I would pay him in the morning

    Everything about the encounter went perfect, I loved rimming him more than I would have imagined. That more than anything got him in the mood, and that is what drove me to want to fuck him.

    I Had My Husband Fuck My Ass Like He Did That Boy From The Warehouse

    I walked in on my husband fucking the new warehouse clerk at his job. He was six and half inches deep in him and the boy was tearing the sheet off the bed. I watched for a split second, my husband rose a bit, his ass clenched, his dick visible, beneath him the hairy ass slit of the boy. He ran his dick in. I turned and left, I went to my sisters. I didn't tell her a thing.

    I went back home around nine that night, my husband was angry, he had fixed a sandwich instead of his normal hot meal. I took the chewing out staring at the dick in his pants. I got up and took my clothes off until I was stark naked. He asked me what I was doing. I went to our room and turned down the bed, and laid on it on my stomach and told him I wanted him to fuck me like he had fucked Jacob that afternoon. I wanted it in the ass. I wanted him tear me a new asshole.

    He called me out but I interrupted him. I spread my cheeks open with my hands and I told him to fuck my ass like he fucked Jacob. When he finished I wanted blood on his dick and I didn't want to be able to sit for a week. Tear me a new asshole, fuck the shit out of me, bury your dick in me like you buried it in Jacob. By then he had figured out I wasn't kidding and I must have caught him.

    The first thing I felt was the sting of his belt across my ass, three lashes, then his finger in my asshole. He leaned over and asked me if I wanted an ass fucking to which I said yes, to fuck me with his dick. I never thought of his dick as being too big for anything, my vagina never cared how big he was. My ass did. I bled for a week before going to the doctor. I had to call in at work. Now I know why boys like Jacob want his dick in their ass. There's nothing else like it. I'd be gay too if it meant getting my ass fucked like that.

    My First Lovers Revenge

    She was in her 60s, I was 16 when we started having sex. She taught me a lot about sex and pleasing women. She would have me have sex with her older friends, women whose husbands were not giving them sex anymore, some were widowed, all pretty old, some weren't that old, only in their late 30s up to mid 40s, but those were usually pretty fat or, quite frankly, not good looking. I didn't care, In about the first 6 months, I'd had my cock in 14 different pussies.

    One day she, I and one of her friends, were drinking and partying. I was 17 at the time. I pulled off drinking, they kept going. The friend was about 40 and was married, so didn't want me to fuck her, though I did suck on her little, floppy titties, and watched me eat my older friend out. I wanted to jack off on the younger ones tits but my older friend didn't let me. That evening, the younger woman, passed out in the bedroom, my friend took me into her. She stripped the woman, and told me to fuck her. I didn't want to, but was told that all the pussy, ass, and mouth sex would be over, just do it. I gave in, not really realizing that I was actually abusing the woman. She had me do it to her again twice that night. Each time she would put a mound of pillows under her ass and basically hold her pussy straight up for half an hour.

    Turns out that the younger woman, took a rich boyfriend from my older woman friend. The rich guy was snipped, and couldn't have kids, and she knew enough about her "friend" that she knew she would be fertile. Turns out she got pregnant. She had to tell her husband. I asked how she explained it when the woman woke up. My friend slept in the bed with her naked that night, and when they woke up, told the woman how much of a good time we had both us them getting fucked. The woman panicked but the revenge was already happening inside her womb.

    It sucks, I did it and know now I shouldn't have. I didn't know the whole story for a month. So I'm going to have a kid out there with this 40 year old woman. The woman married to a rich man who couldn't inseminate her.

    My Needs

    I had sex for the first time when about a year and a half ago, I was 19. I was definitely in love, it was on my terms and was good. Slightly, uncomfortable but not really painful. My legs were sore, he used it as a badge of manhood that he could last. My first time and he was in and out of me for about 30 minutes. I pretended to have an orgasm twice during it. I honestly didn't really care about it, I did it, and it wasn't that enjoyable. I had sex with him again probably a dozen times, but though I got wet and he'd slip in easily and it wasn't uncomfortable, I didn't enjoy it. I didn't really get any good feelings out of it.

    Next was another woman, well I was a 19 year old she was more of a woman at 32. I orgasmed the first time, but it wasn't the same loving feeling, it was just animal urge to "get off" with her. I did, she knew how to use her tongue on me to get me an orgasm. I still felt I was missing something. I still see her, we have a good relationship an quite frankly she is the one who encouraged me to try more men. To find someone who can "do it for me" or just realize that only a woman can do it. So I went from a 1 guy girl, through the following 6 months where I, ashamedly admit had sex with 16 different guys. Some one nighters, some fucking a few times, up to a dozen or so, and 2 that stayed with me throughout the time. Of course my woman stayed with me too. I got close to having a good sex relationship with one, older guy, in his 40s who was very dominant and really bossed me around. Told me to strip, to lay in positions, to rub myself to get ready for him. A couple of times he would spank my bare butt while lying on the bed apologizing for not being sexy enough for him. I liked it but it never went far enough.

    I told this to my woman friend, and the next time we got together, she wore all black lingerie, was very bossy, and when I mentioned it,she told me to shut the fuck up and take off my clothes. Naked she had sat in a char without arms, and told me to get on my knees to lick her off. I did, she had an orgasm, then made me lay over her lap and using her hand first, then a ping pong paddle, she spanked my ass till it was fire engine red. It was warm to the touch, and I was crying, but she wouldn't stop. When she did stop she made me stand up and turn towards her. I was so wet my juices were dripping down my legs, I was so embarrassed. She made me play with myself in front of her, despite our having had sex I'd never done myself in front of her, in fact I'd probably only used my hand on myself 10 times in my whole life.

    I got wetter, couldn't keep standing as my knees weakened having an orgasm. She made me lie face down on the bed and put a vibe in my hand. I used it and came three or four times, all the while she was humiliating me. Telling me my tits were too small, my pussy didn't work well, I could barely please a man with what little experience I had.

    Then after she let me stop we cuddled on the bed, and gently she pushed me down to her mons and I licked, fingered, and sucked her dry and to many orgasms. She asked if I liked being told what to do and I did. She told me that's the way it would be from then on, she would say and I would do. The next thing she said was to call the older man and tell him in straight language that I wanted to be told what to do sexually, and needed to be spanked, not lightly but hard and long, till I was dripping wet and crying.

    I know have two people, male and female who give me what I realize I need. I need spanking, being submissive, and both lovers know about the other and berate me for seeing the other one. I actually had an orgasm while leaning over her lap while she paddled me. I'm sick, I know but I like it. I think it goes back to my parents. I and my brother and sister were spanked, bare butt, over the knee in front of each other till we were 17. I think I must have craved the abuse and the embarrassment. I finally can get orgasms from having sex though.

  • Sexy HR Manager

    About 18 years ago, I worked at a downtown office that had about 100 people working there. I was the nice guy that helped everyone with technology issues. The hr manager there was super sweet, but she was also crazy sexy hot. She had long curly blonde hair, a luscious big ass and beautiful breasts (size DD). She also had a sultry voice that guys loved to hear. Guys would just call her on the phone to hear her voice. I'll refer to her as Jane.

    Jane took a fancy to me for some reason. I'm not real handsome. I kinda look like the older Bruce Willis with a shaved head. At that time I was married. I was very unhappily married with kids but trying hard to remain faithful.

    Anyway, we started talking and getting to know each other. We emailed and texted quite a bit. The crazy thing was, she was engaged! But she was in real torment about what to do. The guy she was engaged to was a cool guy. Very funny. Rugged handsome. But she was attracted to me as a person and she really didn't want to marry this other guy. She felt trapped.

    We began flirting a lot and sharing fantasies, and soon it became a few kisses during elevator rides together.

    A night in May became one of my favorite memories.

    Jane called me from a bar. She had been home alone earlier, but she went out with some girl friends. There was an older jerk who was hitting on her. She called to say she wished I was there to help her escape. So I drove as fast as I could and quickly helped her make excuses to leave the group she was with. We went back to her place and had a few shots of some Jack Daniels single-barrel whiskey. She was pretty loaded but had a knack for holding her own when it came to drinking. She could drink most guys under the table.

    We were sitting on the sofa, and her bare legs were laying on my lap. I was caressing and massaging them as we talked.

    She got up to show me some pics that she was talking about. I followed her, and as she was holding the pics to show me, I pressed up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. My hard on pressed up against her ass. I think she was hoping I would do that. I then spun her around and we started kissing and caressing. The clothes began coming off next.

    We moved to the bedroom where our pants and underwear came off. I was so excited to be with this woman who had so captivated me. She was now laying on her back on the bed. My lips and mouth moved from her neck down to her huge breasts. Her moans were intoxicating and I was enjoying her hands rubbing my head.

    I was anxious to get my tongue to her pussy but I wanted to savor the moments and not go too fast. But Jane was anxious and ready too. When my mouth reached her pussy, I was thrilled to find a lovely patch of hair (that turns me on). And oh my god, did she taste divine! As I was licking and sucking on her clit, I paused a few times to tell her how wonderful she tasted. She continued to moan and caress my head while I devoured her pussy. After several minutes, she pulled at my head to motion me up. She wanted my cock inside of her. She was so very wet. My stiff cock slid in easily and I still remember how she threw her head back and gasped. As I started to thrust, we switched between kissing and sucking on each other's neck. Her hands reached down to my ass and squeezed. This was heaven. It didn't take too long before I exploded inside of her, and we both collapsed in contentment.

    Over the course of the next several hours, we were at it again two more times before the sun rose. During one of those romps, we actually fell off the side of the bed, laughing as we went.

    It was an amazing night.