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I Picked Her Up, And She's As Sticky As Chewing Gum

The story starts in Spain. At the train station in Barcelona. The girl, obviously American, was filthy, her eyes would not focus, she was begging for money. I gave her a Euro, then held it back. I held out a five Euro bill and told her she needed to fess up. What was she doing there, begging in a train station.

The story she said was that her backpack was stolen with her passport and money, she was trying to get to Italy. I offered her a meal, to come with me to my hotel, get a shower and get some clean clothes. She came, for the food.

The next day I took her to the consulate and got her a replacement passport, a ticket home to Dallas. And that was it. Over, gone, done with my good deed.

But life doesn't work like that. She needed swift kick in the ass, get registered in college, get her ass in gear. She moved down to Austin and hid out in my guest room, went to St. Edwards, my nickel, got her degree in Art Appreciation. Somewhere between her first year and her last year she moved down the hall into my room.

She's still here, raising kids, she's got three. I never thought I'd have a girl my daughter's age living with me popping out kids one, two, three. My nickname for her is Chewing Gum, stuck to my shoe. Can't live with them, can't live without them. She's a cuddler.

  • Look At Me!

    I really wanna go out in public with a dress and no panties, sit somewhere in front of a crowd of complete strangers, mostly men (dozens of them!) and spread my legs for them, showing off my pussy. All of it, every inch of my c**t, inside and outside! Spread it wide in full view, in broad daylight, for all of them to see. I want them all to gather around, closer, as i start touching myself for them. I want them to grab their phones and take several pictures of my wet pussy in close up as I spread it wide and rub my clit, then I wanna take off the whole dress and be completely naked in public! I want them to take pics of my whole body so that my face is visible on the images too. I want my face and pussy in the pics, so there's no doubt it's me, no doubt that the slut masturbating outside to strangers is me! More people would start showing up, the audience of strangers increasing! And then I want them to start filming... film as I masturbate uncontrollably with my legs wide open to the public and my pussy dripping wet! I want them to film my c**t up close, then zoom out and film my boobs and my face, and i wanna tell them my name. My full name! Several times! I want it to be recorded, loud and clear, in every video! I wanna cum over and over while all of the strangers film and take pics!! And then I would let each and everyone of them take turns sucking on my nipples and licking my pussy until every single person in the crowd has had a taste of my c**t and made me cum at least once! Then I would let every penis-having person in the crowd or passing by fuck my asshole over and over, filling it with strangers' cum, all that while still filming!!
    Finally, I want all of them to upload these videos and pictures all over the internet, in every website, social network, blog and chat, always with my face and full name! I want them to send it to all of their friends, even outside of my country, so that everyone sees them! I want everyone to see my slutty pussy cumming in broad daylight and my slutty face having an orgasm in front of a crowd in public!


    We took in a 20 year old girl that grew up with my girls and she often slept on our couch my girl and her went out drinking one night and she did a little coke on the side so this night she was out cold .I have been trying to get in her pants for some time .I often smelled her panties in her dirty laundry and it just made me instantly hard every time. I finally had the opportunity to have her I took off her pant and I smelled her sweet arouma I stuck my toung in her pussy and ate her her legs tightened around my head and she shook then I fucked her and filled her with cum. The next day I sat across from her and she kept staring at me I think she knows I had her last night

  • Awkward But Fun

    When I was in college I connected with a guy on Craigslist - he said he could host and that he'd suck my cock to completion, no recip required. I was horny and hadn't released in a bit so I agreed to meet him that night.

    I show up at the address he provided and a older woman answered. I didn't know what to say and considered just turning and running but she quickly asked if I was here to see Jason. I said yes so she showed me inside and had me follow her upstairs. She said she was really happy that I could come by as Jason had been looking for a friend and hadn't had much luck.

    We got to a room at the end of the hallway and she knocked a couple of times. I heard a guy say to come in from the room and she opened the door. Jason was in his wheelchair playing video games in the corner. His mother held the door open and sincerely told us to have fun. I slowly walked into the room as Jason put his headset and controller down.

    He nodded and asked me to sit down on the bed. I was nervous and considered telling him that I had to go. He clearly sensed that and asked me to stay - he would suck me off however I wanted and that he was very lonely. Nobody would come over once they found out he was disabled so he didn't tell me.

    We talked for a little bit before I warmed up and let me guard down. He started rubbing the outside of my jeans. I let him undo my jeans and slide them down and off my legs. He quickly moved in and slurped my hard cock. He sucked it nice and slow, worked my balls, licked my ass and worshipped it. It didn't take me too long to pop off and he let me cum in his mouth. He swallowed every last drop.

    We hooked up a couple of more times but it ended when I tried to get his mom involved..

    Enjoying The Company Of A Young Man, My First Foray Into Gay Sex

    After my divorce I lived alone for several years. Tried dating but way too much baggage. I retired five years later, sold my place and headed to Costa Rica. I rented a place that came with a maid and a houseboy. The maid was an old hag, the houseboy smooth effeminate young man. One day he caught me coming out of the shower. I walked around in front of him naked and let him eye my not so small cock. I pushed him into showing me his and sucked him down first then put him to sucking me.

    His smooth ass was just too appealing and using some lotion I slipped my bit too large cock up his ass. His squealing and wiggling just made it better. Been fucking him ever since. The old hag calls me all sorts of names, I tell her to mind her own business. Right now I'm just happy the young man wants to suck an old man's cock, likes getting his smooth cock sucked and can't get enough of getting mounted like the bitch he is.

  • Want It

    Like a lot of men on here I confess my wife has cooled off sexually as she's gotten older and I still want some good hot sex. Have seen where guys have done m2m just for sport sex and not romantic or anything. I could go for that I think.
    Lately have been checking out internet gay porn and have got very hard and stroked off watching. Not looking to be fucked up the ass but would like to try doing mutual oral.
    When I was very young I had one time when I was at a adult video place.
    I went in a private booth with a young guy like myself and he was rubbing my hard on through my pants and I could feel his through his pants.
    Something came over me that never happened before and I dropped to squat down and opened his pants and dropped them around his ankles, then took his tighty whities down to reveal his dick standing straight out.
    I was fascinated by his small bit low hanging nuts and leaned in to kiss his smooth balls. In seconds I had one in my mouth, gently sucking on him as he moaned and said Don't stop.
    He was holding his average sized cut cock and the head was juicy with clear precum. I swiped it with my tongue and loved the salty taste and slid my mouth over his dick. I was afraid to get him off and take his cum in my mouth but was loving hearing his moans.
    Suddenly I didn't think I just acted.
    I sort of turned him sideways and parted his ass cheeks. He was quite smooth between his legs and I licked my tongue all up his crack as he shuddered and again said Don't stop, please don't stop.
    My tongue tip found his hole and I was teasing it and sticking my tongue in a little. Then I was just so horny I pushed my tongue as deep as I could up his ass and tasted inside his ass. My dick was out of my fly and dripping my own precum onto the floor as I tongue kissed this fellow's hot musky asshole. He was reaching back holding my head tightly between his cheeks and he was going nuts saying stuff like Yes, yes, that's it, Lick it good, stick your tongue in your Master's ass!
    We were both really loving it and way too soon he was cumming buckets all over the floor and the wall.
    I took the head of his starting to soften dick in my lips and tasted the last of his hot white cream.
    When I stood up he looked a little shy and said that was wonderful and he went to move in for a kiss. I rubbed my wet hard dick against his junk and thought about how nasty it was for him to kiss my dirty ass licking mouth and I had a decent cum right between his legs.
    He was asking me if I wanted to watch him fuck his gf and I told him I would love to watch and would even eat his cum out of her if he wanted. We both had really good time but I never did see him again.
    Also never had m2m sex again for the next like 40 years.
    Have been thinking about it and would really like to try again.
    Get stiff thinking about nursing on a set of nice balls and rimming a hot musky ass and hearing a guy moaning and loving it. Sometimes I imagine it's a young guy and other times an older guy like me. Have seen some gay rimming pornos where the guys ass is so wrecked it looks like a pussy. Would love to eat out a fat red pussy ass like that. Even think about rimming out a just fucked ass with nasty creampie.
    Haven't done anything but stroke off and think about it but it's a strong urge to hook up with someone just for the fun of it.

    Sleepover Betrayal

    I had a sleepover this weekend I invited my new best friend Kenzie. We met on the first day of school. We both have a lot in common and we both have the same taste in music, clothes and boys. So this was our first sleepover. She said she would sleep on the floor. I told her I have a queen size bed all to myself and that we can share the bed. We stayed up all night watching Squid Game, eating popcorn and ice cream. We were having so much fun. I got up to go brush my teeth and go pee. Kenzie snooped around my room and found my diary. In my diary I wrote all my secrets. That's where I wrote about my feelings towards girls. I like boys but I feel a stronger urge to be with girls. When I got back to my room Kenzie was under the covers staring up at the ceiling. I asked if everything was ok. She nodded but I wasn't convinced. I asked again, are you sure everything's cool? She looks at me and says I have a secret to tell you, but you can't tell a soul. I promised that I would never betray her. She went on to tell me that uncle took advantage of her. She had tears in her eyes as she told me. I felt my heart break. She said she has never told anyone that. After she was done I hugged her and said I was so sorry that happened to her and that I am there for her. After she composed herself she asked if I had any secrets or confessions. I thought about it for a second. Should I tell her I like girls? Can I trust her? She just told me her deepest darkest secret. I felt like I had to tell her. So I told her. I said that ever since I was a little girl I always got butterflies around other girls. I like boys, I think they're cute but I get aroused by girls. She asked me if she aroused me. I said that I have not thought about her in that way. She then removed the covers to show me her naked body. I was stunned. She told me she saw my diary and that she read about me liking girls and that it turned her on and she would like to see if we could be together. I was a little mad that she read my diary but her naked body was too amazing for me to care about her snooping. She took my hand and put it between her legs. She wasn't lying! She was super hot and super wet. I sunk my finger into her slick slit. She closed her eyes and gasped as I penetrated her. She then opened her eyes and grabbed my face and pulled me in for my very first kiss! I continued to finger her as we devoured each other's faces! We stopped kissing and she asked me to please lick her pussy. I was nervous as hell but in a good way. I kissed my way down her body, stopping at her perky little tits. I nibbled, licked and sucked on them. I loved it and so did Kenzie, but then Kenzie told me to please lick her pussy. I kissed all the way down her stomach then got comfortable in between her legs. I then gave her little pecks around her pussy and then on her pussy lips. Kenzie whimpered please lick my pussy! Our eyes were locked on each other and then I parted her lips with my tongue and licked all the way up to her clit! Kenzie bucked her hips up thrusting herself more firmly to my mouth. I continued to lick and then suck on her pussy lips! She was begging to keep going, don't stop. I wasn't about to stop! I then started licking her from her asshole up to her mound of peach fuzz. When my tongue would lick her ass she would gasp with pleasure! I then lick all the way up again, putting her clit in my mouth, sucking it and swirling my tongue around it. Kenzie grabbed my hair and forcefully held me right there. Don't move she commanded. I kept up my pace with my tongue. Kenzie started to shake and tremble as she cried out Oh My God! I'm cumming! I continued to lick her as her juices were flowing. She couldn't take it any more and pushed my head away. I went and laid next to her face to face as we kissed. I asked her if she would do me now but she was starting to doze and turned over. I couldn't go without cumming so I played with my pussy with the taste of Kenzie in my mouth and on my face. I had the best orgasm I ever had. I then rolled over and fell asleep.
    Sunday morning I woke up and Kenzie was gone. I didn't hear from her all day. No texts, no calls, nothing. She didn't return any of my correspondence.
    This morning I walked into school and everything was weird. I felt like everyone was talking about me. When I saw friends they just ignored me and walked away. When I got to my locker the word "DIKE" was written in big black marker. It wasn't even spelled correctly but my stomach sunk. Did everyone now know about me and Kenzie? When I saw Kenzie by her locker there was nothing written on her locker door. She was standing there with all her cheerleader friends. I went over to her and her friends started saying here comes the dyke! I didn't understand what was going on. I asked Kenzie what was happening, when her bestie Angie said Hey dyke, Kenzie told us all how you tried to take advantage of her at your sleepover. Vicki then said Get it into your thick head, Kenzie likes boys, how dare you try and kiss her and try to get between her legs! I looked at Kenzie and said I told you that in confidence. You told me about being abused by your uncle. Kenzie laughed and said I don't have an uncle. What are you talking about? Get out of my face or else me and my girls are going to fuck you up!
    Why are you doing this? I asked as I started to cry. Kenzie just laughed and pushed me onto the floor as her and her girls stepped over me, some kicking me. As everyone in the school watched or recorded our argument

    I was angry, sad, terrified all at the same time. I tried to go home but my guidance counselor caught me trying to leave. She brought me into her office. I sobbed and cried for almost an hour until my counselor calmed me down and tried to console me. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to finish the school year or my senior year either. I don't want to leave my school but I may have to transfer. Why would Kenzie do this to me? She got naked for me! She kissed me! She asked me to lick her pussy! Why? Why did she do this to me? I want to throw up! I feel so sick to my stomach! What am I going to do????

    Sharing Pics

    I have been sharing pics (non nude) of hot friends and my sister in law on Reddit asking for cock tributes and cum tributes. I get so hard and horny, especially to the ones of my sister in law as I have always had a thing for her. I used to find her sex toys and lick and suck them along with her panties. I wish I could show her how hard she makes men

    One Afternoon After School

    I got held after school and had to walk home. I took the back way, behind the water tower, across the empty lot, over the fence and home through the backyard. In the empty lot was a man, he saw me and stepped up, pulling on his erection he masturbated into the dirt. I got hard and went home to masturbate in my room. I went back out, over the fence to the empty lot, he was there sitting in a small camp, by the bushes, out of site from the road.

    I pulled my cock out, he sucked hard on me, got me hard. I was hot and bent over and he got behind me and fucked me hard, ramming, shoving, I had to brace myself with a branch until he came inside. After getting my pants up I went back over the fence, across the back yard and into the house through the back door to my room to lay in the bed and squeeze my butt hole over and over and masturbate again.

    By the time my mother got home I was doing my homework, talked about school, she fixed dinner and talked about this customer at the store. When my father got home we ate dinner.

  • CNC Fantasy Explored

    My wife and I have wanted to play out a non-consensual consensual fantasy for a bit. We finally were able to do it, and had so much fun.

    It's something we've talked about wanting but never planned, but it just kinda happened and we both went with it. I was in bed with my wife and I just slid my hand down her panties, she let me get her pussy nice and wet then pushed my hand away and said "no you can't do that" and she started to kiss me, while telling me I couldn't have her. I opened her legs back up, and pushed two fingers inside her, and said "I can do whatever I want." She moaned and and replied "my husband will be so upset, you can't do this." This really turned me on. I told her I didn't care what her husband thought, and I flipped her on her belly, I held her arms down, and mounted her. I plunged my cock into her wet pussy and I started fucking her roughly she kept telling me no, and to stop she did this while pushing her pussy into me, giving me super mixed signals. Then she said loudly "no, no stop, dont cum inside me please!! My husband will be so upset!" I came so hard and filled her pussy up. I pulled my penis out of her, and she flipped over. She smiled at me and said, "Im so ashamed I couldn't stop him, and he came inside me, you'll never want me again." She was pretending to look sad. I told her everything was alright, and that I loved her. "Let me show you." I said. I opened up her legs, and I started to kiss her fucked pussy. Most of my cum had dripped out, but I could smell it in her pussy, I was so turned on. I pretended it was another man's cum in her, and I started licking and kissing softly. She was cooing and moaning. I told her she was still mine and always would be. I licked her soft pink pussy till she came. She kept telling me that it was still my pussy, and that she belonged to me.