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This Is A True Story And I Don't Know What To Do

My wife and I have been married for 10 years now she's hot as hell cute face small tits thick thighs beautiful calves and a sexy round ass you could eat food from lol. While growing up I thought she was outta my league with a hot body like hers! But here's where things get spicy. My cousin schooled with us as well and let me explain the experience we had together. One day we both felt like we didn't wanna go to school so we stayed at home while alone in the house I went out to smoke some good weed got back and my cousin askes me if I've got any porn? I get out some movies I had hidden from everyone else at home and put it on! While watching the movie he asked me if I would like to wank and he would do the same! Just like every young kid out there am young dum and full of come lmao so I waped out my quit boldly as I believed I had a big cock. 7.5" to be exact but I was a thin guy so my cock was not so thick,where as now its a big 9"after banging my wife for 10 years his gotten some muscles. Back the the story While being hard and so horny I look over to my cousin and there, the most thickest straight(my cock is uncircumcised and a little bent to the left) circumcised cock I've seen boy was it thick his head was so much bigger then mine. We both start beating our meat watching that women get banged in the porno I start to feel my cock build up steam and boom I expoded, shotly after he did too. I got up went to smoke again got back to find the place all cleaned up! He cleaned up my used sperm filled cloth and from then we wanked a few times after. The reason for explaining that is while my wife and I were banging we have dirty talks to build up our sex lust I brought that topic up and what I did with my cousin while we were younger and this blew her top off she got so horny and excited she was coming for no more I started to explain to her how much bigger his cock his that his circumcised and how much bigger his head is and this was making her come super hard. I started to give her details about his big thick cock his not as long as me maybe 6" but the thickness and head size would definitely stretch her well fucked hole! Even to date it will get stretched. I still believe his thicker then me. So I was so horny that we ended up talking more and more every time we had sex and I would fish her out as to why she's getting so horny and she confessed that while we all were in school he flirted with her big time and wanted to get into her pants from the time I was busy wanking and watching porn. He was throwing his bones, she said she didn't know we had big cocks in our pants and she had to move to another town she said while she stayed there she had sex with the boys there and they WERE nothing like mine or what I've explained to her about my cousin cock! She said if she only knew she would have had a gang bang with us along time ago! My heart and feelings are all over the place what did she mean by that statement "if she only knew what we had in our pants she would have fucked us, if we ever asked her she would have skipped school and banged the both of us along time ago) omg what does this mean has anyone been thru something like that I don't know what to do and how to take it from here.

  • My Older Neighbor Wants You To All Decide!

    She wants you to all comment on what role play ideas you want us to do. Anything goes, the dirtier the better she says! Just keep in mind she is the dominate one, I'm the submissive one! Let us know please and thanks! We will let you all know what she picks and how everything went!


    Sharing My Love

    Just an hour ago I gave my father in law Michael a long slow blow job.

    He wanted to fuck me, but I'm on my monthly, so I sucked on his fat cock for nearly half an hour before he blew his load in my mouth.

    However my husband wouldn't take no for an answer earlier, fucking my asshole as I leaned over the centre island in the kitchen.
    It was Michael watching me being fucked by his son, that had his cock so hard.
    Only he won't fuck my asshole, as he thinks he'll hurt me with his extra thick cock.

    I keep telling him I'll be fine. Later today if my period has stopped, or tomorrow morning, I'm going to ride his dick and slip it quickly up my ass. Then I can enjoy both father and son just the way I like it.

  • Census Taking And Giving

    Many years ago while in graduate school I took a side job canvassing for the 2020 census. I was basically supposed to contact anyone in a single large apartment building who hadn't sent in their forms. It was relatively easy, since the building just a few blocks from where I lived, but a bit tedious, since it was hard to find people in, some had moved out, and at least one was a bit impatient when I told them they were assigned the "long form" with a lot of detailed questions most people didn't have to answer.

    But the most unusual experience I had was definitely when I knocked on one door and heard a woman's voice asking who was there; I explained my task, and she said "I'm naked." I said I could come back later, but she told me to wait a minute and eventually opened the door. She was a gorgeous dark black woman very close to my age with a small bathrobe on. She apologized and explained that she often was naked in her apartment when she was home alone. I said it was no problem and would be happy to fill out her form if this was convenient for her. Candy had very nice furnishings, and lounged upon a plush couch while I sat in a comfortable chair across from her as I went through the form. All I distinctly remember now was that she worked at a bank, and apparently was doing well for herself as a result. She smiled a lot, and often said a little more than she needed to for the form, however, so I got the sense that she was either open generally about her life, or didn't mind sharing it with me in particular. All too soon, I was done and thanked her for her time; she thanked me in turn and wished me a good day.

    I finished the round of other apartments I planned to cover that day, with just a few short forms to fill with other residents, then worked up the nerve to return to Candy's apartment. She again said "I'm naked" and took a minute to throw on her bathrobe, then opened the door to ask if there were more questions she needed to answer. No, I explained--but I was returning on my own time, and wanted to say that I found her very attractive and wondered if I could call her sometime. She smiled and said she was flattered, and that I certainly could. Then she asked if I need her number again, and I said no, as with her permission I could take it from the information I already put on the form.

    I assumed what I was doing wasn't strictly legitimate, even if I took care to return to her apartment after hours, but I didn't care much since I was getting tired of the job and would rather have a charming lady to date than a few more bucks for door knocking.

    She was about to send me away, but then paused like she had a thought, and asked if I could wait for just a few minutes. She went to her room to wrap up whatever she was doing, and then came back to the living room to talk, asking me what I found attractive about her. I then gushed a bit on her physical appearance, but added that I also liked her boldness, her direct way of talking and acting, not the least of which was her confidence in wearing so little when she wanted to be comfortable, and letting a complete stranger know it. She confirmed that she was that way, like it or not, and expected people to accept her as she presented herself. She asked about relationships; I was single then, she said she had an on-off boyfriend, but was open just at that moment to something new. She then looked right at me and said that there are certain things that she needs to know about a man. First she asked if I abused alcohol, or and had any gambling or other addictions or STDs (no for all), and a little more about me (graduate student, lived nearby, not rich but not poor, etc.) Then she bluntly that she needed to know if I was "comfortable performing oral sex on a woman." I said I certainly was, and indeed found it easier than having intercourse as it had fewer risks. She said she thought so too, and was puzzled by men who expected women to please them but couldn't do it themselves. She then asked if I was comfortable being with a black woman; I said I never had a long-term black girlfriend, but had dated black women in another state before moving here and wished I could do it more.

    She then said "well, you found me on an interesting day, because my needs have not been being met lately," and let her robe fall open a little more. "I would be happy to try to do better for you." With only the slightest smile, she said "here's your trial then." I didn't hesitate and fell on my knees in front of her, assuring her that I wanted whatever feedback or advice she could give me. In short, she wanted me to go soft at first, but after a very short time she opened up further and asked me to lick harder, and harder, and harder, gripping my head fiercely as I lapped full-force at her clitoris. "Up and down!" she shouted, almost squeezing my head. Fortunately I found her easy to do, since she trimmed her public hairs short and her clitoris was prominent. "That's it, just do that" she commanded and I kept up a steady pace for several minutes while she moaned and sighed every few seconds. Suddenly she grabbed my hair even tighter and let out a intense, yet somehow softer shriek and shook. "Keep going" she whimpered so I continued without letup for a couple more minutes until she suddenly pushed me back--just in time as I was starting to wear out a bit. Her robe was now completely off and her plump breasts pointing sharply from her trim figure. She looked down at me and said I was pretty good and gave her just what she needed. She then got up to get some water, offering me some, and we sat down on the couch again a few feet away.

    Then, to my surprise, she moved her hand down to her pelvis again to rub it, and asked if I could do a little more, but differently. I said I was open, so she asked me to follow her to the bedroom and lie back on the mattress, after which she sat on top of my face, hands against the wall, lowering her pussy to my lips. I quickly resumed my lapping as she ground her wetness into my face, and after several more minutes she was again letting out intense but soft orgasmic shouts.

    Well, we had at least another half hour of this, and third orgasm for her, when she finally seemed satiated and thanked me for being there for her. She said she'd like to call on me another time if I was willing; I said I was, but also noted that eating her out had left me excited. She then said she wasn't ready yet for returning the favor, but she would love to watch me masturbate. I asked if I could suck her nipples while doing that, and she said I certainly could. So I got a big mouthful of her beautiful tits while she watched me pull my white pud until I came into a towel.

    I thanked her and left. I called a few days later, but she said she was back with a boyfriend her her situation was one that I "didn't want to get involved with," and never heard from her again. So it led nowhere, but it was the best ending that that job I could have expected.

    Hitchiker Handjob

    A few years ago I had moved to a new city and had to drive back to pick up more stuff. Just outside of town I saw a single woman, probably around 40, hitchhiking. I was looking forward to a long, boring drive, so I picked her up. Cheryl just needed to get a couple hours down the road to the next state and said she was glad to see me. She shared with me her philosophy of living: that you can learn from and care about everyone you meet. I didn't feel that way, and found her vaguely religious-spiritual attitude just a little weird, but eventually shared that I was a little lonely as I hadn't met anyone in town yet. She assured me I would, and I agreed, but said in the meantime I hadn't had much sexual relief and I need that as much as a friend. She took that stoically, saying that men need what they need, she'd been around and knew how that went, etc. A little closer to her destination she asked if could give her a little money for lunch, just $5. I said I was trying to conserve my gas money but then mentioned that I could really use a handjob. She said she usually didn't do this regularly but we could work it out, so I pulled off into a rural road and soon she was stroking me in my seat. She kept talking about almost everything except what we were doing, which I found strangely exciting, and actually was glad she didn't annoy me with fake platitudes intended to praise me or my penis. We were strangers exchanging needs and she took it for what it was. Finally I said "God, I'm coming, please go fast" and she doubled her speed, saying nothing while I started to spew hot cum all over her hand and my shorts and shirt. She wiped up soon and I dropped her off with a fiver.

  • No Touching

    Last summer a woman who just graduated from college asked me on a date at her studio apartment. I stopped there on the way back from work, and she seemed oddly inexperienced and unsure what to talk about, often just giving short answers to my questions and revealing as little as possible. She was good-looking, with a slightly roundish face and brown hair, and a fairly spartan place with just a CD player, a bed in the middle of the room and a chair (I had to sit on the bed while we talked), and a kitchenette off to one side. She played a single CD album on repeat, she evidently wanted me to hang around but by the third playthrough the music got repetitive. I kept trying to find out what experience she had, and it became clear she had none. I didn't feel we were connecting, but she said I could stay, so I wasn't really sure what she was aiming at or how this could go. Finally I asked if she had much of a sex drive, and she said she didn't think about it; I said men often do, and asked how she felt about that. She said something like "they can do what they like if I can keep my clothes on." So I asked what if she had ever seen a man's penis, and minded if I showed her mine. Yes, and no, so I said I would do that. "Ok."

    I asked if I could touch her; again, she said I could but not take any of her clothes off. So I stood up and slipped my penis out of my work slacks while touching her face with my hand. She looked at it without fear but also without interest, really. I then asked if she could lie on her bed while I did that, so she did. I sat down next to her head and started stroking more earnestly, finally touching her fact with my hard penis. She had no reaction at all to this, and I asked her if she thought anything and she said no. "Have you ever seen semen, or been with a man when he had an orgasm." "No." "Do you mind if I do that?" "No." I didn't specify where this would happen, but I kept aiming my erection at her face and asked her to lay on her side so I could stroke it across her cheek, chin, and then her lips. If she had any experience or even heard about sex from friends there could be no doubt about where this was going, but she didn't protest or ask. At one point I asked her a question while pumping my cock gently against her lips, hoping she might open them to answer; she didn't, but never pushed me away or tried to block me at all. I got increasingly excited in contrast to her absolute indifference, and finally started spurting gobs of white cream across her face. Again, she had absolutely no reaction and stayed absolutely still as I wiped my cockhead across her forehead to get a few more drops out. There were two long lines of cum across her cheeks. I thanked her profusely and kept touching her through her clothes, she she just lay there quietly. I told her how beautiful she looked and how good she made me feel, how sexy she was with my cum on her face, and again she had no reaction. Finally I put my dick away and lay down next to her, but at that point she sat up and said "I should probably make some dinner. Thanks for coming over." "I was happy too, so glad I did." I paused. "Could I kiss you?" "No, not yet" she said shyly. Amazing words from a girl who still had semen starting to drip down her chin. I didn't press the matter and walked to the door; she walked with me there and just stood slightly back so no one outside, had there been anyone, could see her as I left.

    I thought that would be it but to my surprised she emailed me a few days later and asked if I wanted to come by again. I didn't and frankly it wasn't much different; we talked, including about her plans to move out of state with her new degree, then I asked to cum again the same way and I did, this time making sure to ejaculate while pumping my cockhead into her lips and leaving a large gob of sperm there. I told her now she could find out if she liked the taste, but she kept her lips very tight and said nothing while wiping her face clean. We talked awhile longer as if nothing had happened and finally again she hinted that it was time to go. I did, and never heard from her again.

    Unexpected Good Night Massage

    On my first trip to Brazil I went to see a client in Caxias do Sul, a smallish town in southern Brazil. I got there late due to fog and I had not been able to get anything to eat. The front desk clerk called her daughter who brought some rotisserie chicken to the hotel. The girl was already developed, and her youth made her very attractive.

    When I returned the dish to the front desk the lady asked if I needed help relaxing. Her daughter was a training to be a masseuse and she would be happy to come to my room. I hemmed and hawed, but the lady was insistent so I accepted.

    The girl brought some towels and oils and after getting me to strip out of my underwear she covered my cock with a small hand towel. Her hands went up and down my chest, leaning over letting her tits run up and down my chest. As I got an erection and the hand towel fell away she took my cock in her hand and using some cream she massaged my cock until she massaged out an ejaculation. Wiping the cum off my belly, she put the hand towel back across my waist again.

    She wasn't in her twenties, very well developed with large enough tits that swung under her braless top. Her hands were firm, she focused on the task. She handled my cock with experienced hands. She accepted a 30 dollar tip, took her towels and bottles with her and said good night in Portuguese.

    That Is How It Is For Me

    I read on here about a guy who was asking if guys had an erection and ejaculated during anal sex. I can’t answer for all guys, and I’m not gay but just occasionally bisexual with a friend.
    But I always have the stiffest erection while I’m being butt fucked, although I have been fucked when I did not have an erection, which was mostly because I was only being accommodating and not really turned on.
    I have ejaculated spontaneously a number of times . It was like I was just so excited and turned on that I just couldn’t help it or keep that from happening. Usually I think that this was in anticipation of the moment, and almost right after my friend put his penis in me. When that happens I really squirt and it goes about four or five feet. One time it went eight feet! We measured.
    But to sum up, typically in my case, being butt fucked always gives me a super hard erection and I prefer doing it either on my hands and knees, or standing, in both cases getting it from behind. I have tried it many other ways, lap sitting and facing, but those are the best positions for me.

    Just Our Secret

    I read on here about a boy who had a gay affair with a friend, so I thought that I would add my own story.
    I also had a gay affair with a friend when I was fourteen. In all truth we really didn’t know what gay was, we were just friends who liked each other and we discovered that it was great having sex together. Pretty innocent, really.
    There was a stream where we would go in the summer. It was wooded and secluded. The water was not nearly deep enough to go swimming, but we would enjoy the fun of taking our clothes off and splashing in the water, as well as the fun of being naked together. And of course, like any healthy boys, we always got an erection, which felt so good having together as boys. It was very special not having to be embarrassed about that with each other, and that was what inspired us to become much friendlier. We started enjoying some really nice mutual masturbation and making each other ejaculate. After a few times we tried sucking on each other and that was great. It was so exciting to ejaculate in each other’s mouth and we both loved it.
    It was a while before we tried having anal sex. When we managed to do that with each other, taking turns, it was so fantastic. I can tell you that we fucked a lot that summer. The two of us remained best friends and more or less lovers all throughout school. Neither us ended up gay, since neither of us really were. We were just good friends. Although unlike the boy whose mother knew and approved, our parents and nobody else ever knew. That was just our secret.

  • My Mom Is Bisexual

    One day about a year ago my mom and I were talking, and we are kind of talking about relationships and sex. She admitted that she had always been a little bisexual, especially when she had been younger. Of course I was surprised, having no idea. I confessed that what few times anything like that had ever come up, that I had felt very uncomfortable about it.
    My mom said that was just because I had been nervous and that if I learned to relax that I would probably enjoy it. She said how she always had, and how it was just enjoyably female and nice. Well, I was twenty-eight, and after a disastrous marriage of six years, I really wasn’t seeing anyone and really did not have a sex life.
    We sort of joked about it and said how the two of us could always have a fling as mother and daughter. It did sound adventurous and fun. So my mom and I started by getting naked, we seldom ever had been that way together before, so that alone was a bit adventurous. Then we very calmly felt and played with each other’s breasts. After a little while, my mom slipped her hand down to finger my finger my vagina and stimulate my clitoris. I sat there letting her do that, and was rather enjoying it, and I began to do the same to her. It wasn’t long before we were stimulating each other to a very pleasing and satisfying orgasm.
    I couldn’t believe that I had just done that with my own mom. But it had been so titillating and fun. I could see how easy it was for my mom to be bisexual and I was amazed with myself for enjoying it like I had.
    Needless to say, my mom and I have continued to play around, having fun enjoying this mother and daughter thing together, and we have become more adventurous and have included oral. So now for this past year we have contented ourselves with having a very healthy and satisfying sexual relationship that has been quite wonderful. Of course no one knows and mom’s divorced, but if my dad ever found out he would flip. But think that it’s a great way for a mother and daughter to be together and I suspect that quite a few are.