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First Dick In A Long Time

I was staying in a hotel in Cleveland for two nights on Thursday to Saturday. I decided since I’m out of town why not get my ass fucked for a change. I’m from a small town where I get no sex.

So I downloaded Grindr. First thing I see is an older guy 1200 feet from me. Perfect I thought. He’s 54. I’m laying in bed in a tshirt and briefs. I messaged him. He messaged back. I soon realized it was coming to the point of one of asking to come to his or my hotel room.

So I put on my pants and shoes and walked down to the front desk asking where the nearest walgreens or little convenience store was. The woman working told me Walgreens is two miles down the road. She said we might have what your looking for here but I declined to ask for condoms, didn’t want to embarrass myself.

So I walked down to Walgreens. Got lube and condoms. Once I got bs k in my hotel room I massaged him asking if he wanted to come to my room. He did. I answered the doors wearing just my briefs from the waist down.

We got right to it. Oral then he put the condom on. His dick was bigger then any I have taken before but not excessively big. He shoved his lubed up finger in my butthole before even trying to fuck me. When his dick went in it hurt, I am tight! He went slow until it was all in. The bed squeaked so loud as he fucked me!

It lasted about 10 minutes. He blew his load in the condom while fucking me. He took off the condom and put it in the trash bin in the bathroom. He came back over to the bed where he had me lick off his semi hard dick. I cleaned his cum off of his dick and he got dressed.

Next morning I had such a sore asshole

  • Married Men

    You would be surprised by just how many married men I've sucked off, or who have fucked me since i moved into my own place.

    I love cock and being fucked. I also love being naked.
    So after only a couple of weeks of moving into my new cottage home, I answered the door naked to a delivery guy. He asked me why I was hiding behind the door. Telling him, he asked me if I sucked dick. Within ten seconds he was in my hallway with his cock in my mouth.

    His wedding band was on his finger as he fucked my mouth, and after about five minutes, he busted his nut all over my face.

    Two days later, the same married delivery man brought me a couple of parcels. He left minus a ball sac full of cum.

    I'm no tradesman, so being caught naked by tradesmen who have worked in my home or garden, has lead to me sucking off, or being fucked by five men, four of those I knew to be married.

    The first to fuck me was a gardener, who only weeks after the delivery man, saw me sat on my sofa naked as he looked in from my back garden.

    He stood up to my window and I saw him touching himself.

    His muddy boots were on my back doorstep, as his cock was fucking my backside. I'd sucked on his cock in the kitchen, then he bent me over my half completed kitchen worktop.

    Fucking me and telling me he was married, so I couldn't say anything to anyone, I came all over the floor after agreeing I wouldn't.

    When he came deep inside my arse filling the condom I'd given him, he told me the job might take an extra day or two.

    I was paying him an hourly rate, but didn't mind the extra cost, as the forty six year old fucked me several more times over the next three days.
    The reason the kitchen was half finished, was the tradesman who was working on it, had a touch of guilt. I'd given him a blow job on Friday afternoon knowing he was married.

    He didn't return the following Monday morning, and I had to hire a new kitchen fitter.
    Another tradesman who fucked me the roughest I've ever been fucked by, was a guy who was working on my heating system.

    He's also the oldest at nearly sixty.
    Basically I walked out of the bathroom naked after taking a pee. He was sorting something out with a radiator in my bedroom.
    He didn't mess about with me when I walked in either. Stripping off in front of me, he practically ordered me to suck his fat cock, then fucked me so hard on my bed without using a condom.
    No sooner had he cum up my arse in the missionary position, he spun me over and began tonguing my arsehole. He was extremely rough throughout and slid his cock back into me from behind, fucking me like I was a rag doll.
    It took the married grandfather, another ..(continue confession)

    Wife's Drunken Slumber Party.

    My wife had a few friends over last night for the first time since quarentine all started. They all got completely smashed on margaritas and wine. They were singing karaoke on their cell phones, speaking incoherently, and 2 of them (my wife was one) were throwing up.

    They were all stone cold passed out and I carried my wife to bed, and then was working on setting up more comfortable sleeping situations for the others. One of them ive always thought was smoking hott. She is a short, pale, freckley brunette with nice medium to large breasts. She is super skinny also, almost a bit too skinny. The first time my wife introduced me to her years ago, I jerked off that night thinking about this friend. When I was bringing some pillows and blankets into the family room where they were all just passed out, i got the dumb idea to see how passed out she was, and maybe take a peek at her. I tried to wake her up a little to let her know I had set up a blanket and pillows but she wasn't waking up. They were all definately alive, just very hammered and passed out.

    I took my shot and pulled her shirt up. She had changed into her sleeping clothes at some point and wasn't wearing a bra. Her tits were as perfect as I had imagined, she had perky breats with quarter sized nipples. I wrapped my hand around each of them and took a few pictures. The other 2 girls were not nearly as attractive, but i was curious and took a peak up their shirts also.

    I started to get thoughts of trying to do a little more to the passed out hottie, and got as far as pulling my dick out and had it a few inches away from her face. I also started to slide my hand down her pants but right as my finger got to her pussy lips, I panicked and pulled out. I didn't want to risk anything further and jerked off to the pics I took.

    My wife has been awake for about a total of 2 hours today and spent the rest of the day trying to sleep off the hangover. I've had mixed emotions of guilt, but then also sometimes regret that I didn't take advantage, and pretty much a non stop boner. I wanted to share this somewhere

  • Wish I Never Had

    I’m a divorced mom with a twenty-two year old son. About a year ago I had gone out several times with what seemed to be a nice man. Then one evening we went to his house and his son, who is in his twenties, was there. Well, they started teasing me about whether or not I could handle the two of them together.
    Don’t ask me why, and even though I really didn’t want to, I ended up naked and I let them both fuck me. Afterwards I was pretty much disgusted with the whole experience and surprised with myself for having done that.
    Shortly after that I was offered a job in another city, which I took, and thankfully I will never have to see him and his son again. I can only imagine, though, what my son would think if he ever found out that his mom let two guys, a father and a son, fuck her the same time.

    Becoming A Sissy For My Cousin

    At a young age, me and my cousin would have an attraction to each other and start experimenting with each other. It stop for a while, but around 16 or 17 it started to happen again. We would watch porn together, and jack off together. He was bigger then me and asked me if I wanted grab and hold a big dick to feel how it is and feels to have and hold one. So I did and I started to play with it and jerk him off since he enjoyed the strokes I gave it and how I grab it real amazing. As time went on, we started to experiment more and him being a sweet talker and a charming person, he convinced me to give him head. At first, I didn’t like it and didn’t know how to. But when we were alone and watching porn we would watch blowjob videos and I’ll be studying how they suck cock, while we watched it. As my head game got better over time, he would want Head more and I would give him some. I was enjoying deepthroating his cock and being sloppy as well with it. He told me once during a bj “how do I suck dick so amazing?” I replied to him “I know how to work a cock since I have one, I love sucking your cock, and you basically train me to love it and train me to take it”. He called me the “Deepthroat Queen” since no one has ever suck his dick that amazing. That got me more into it, that I started to play the part, dress the part and be his little slut. He would come over once in while and give me all his cock down my throat while I’m gagging, choking, or just straight getting facefuck. I was loving it and so was he. He got to see the queen get dress up for some dick and just see me make his cock disappear, and I would go evenever he wanted it. From road head, to calling out from work because I was busy taking care of daddy and his needs, to outside his hallway while his lady is asleep in there room, the pool, my room and his living in the middle at the night while everyone was asleep. We didn’t care, the rush was amazing and the performance we have was unbelievable. Next thing I knew I was wearing heels make up bra panties lingerie and women’s clothes when we meet up for a sesh or just for a quick blow Job. Now I take sexy selfies and show him how much of Sissy I become
    For it and be his personal baddie or slut.

    Bachelor Party Secrets

    My fiancé tried hard to get me to perform at his bachelor party. I knew all his friends going to be there and had dated some of them before I got together with my fiancé so the idea turned me on a lot. I refused because I didn't want the drama and bad reputation that would come with it. He told me one of his ex's volunteered to be one. I'm positive he told me that to try to get me to change my mind. I called him on it and said he could invite all his ex's and I still wouldn't change my mind.

    After we had been married a while and moved to another town he told me one of his coworkers was the best man for a wedding coming up and he told him he knew two women that would do it. Two? Yeah, he was volunteering both me and my local bff or any women I could get to perform with. I said no right away but the idea was growing on me. We didn't know very many people here and on top of that we were planning to move states eventually.

    So I did end up doing the Bachelor party but that isn't my confession. During the year before the party, I spent a lot of time at my BFF's place researching, figuring out our choreography and practicing. We used her bf from the start as our practice Groom to try different ideas. The thing is, we ended up messing around some. That some became a LOT of threesomes. Like every time I went there without my husband.

    Our practice sessions were a LOT more wild then the actual bachelor party turned out to be. At the Bachelor party her bf played the security escort and she and I put on a sex show. She wore black and I wore white. The guys were more inhibited than we were expecting. So the 'worst' thing we did is we both gave him a BJ at the same time as everyone watched.

    The party is long past but even now, if I go over there without my husband, I end up having sex there. We are past just threesomes now. We do that and lots of other things. Their place is like my personal secret sex playground.

    I know I'm awful and stuff and should feel really guilty. The thing is, my husband had pushed my boundaries since we first got together. He gets off on this kind of stuff. It was his desire that I get gangbanged at the Bachelor Parties. I can't explain why but I can't bring myself to tell him that the fantasies of me being slutty and all are already happening, right under his nose.

    Wetting Her Little Panties

    No, not that my wife wets her panties, though she does get very wet when she's turned on enough.
    Actually what I'm talking about is an idea for some naughty fun.
    I have been chatting with a guy from a town nearby and if things ever go back to normal he may get invited over so he can see what a wonderful oral artist my wife is.
    She's pretty excited to have the two of our cocks to suck on and all of our hands and fingers touching her and getting her to the boiling point.

    Meanwhile thanks to covid the whole thing has fallen through.
    I have just kept it on the back burner and figure maybe one day we'll be able to do it.
    In the meantime, it occurred to me through conversations between us men that he'd like to have a pair of her panties to play with.
    Thinking how hot it might be to bring him a pair of her panties and let him stroke off and cum in the panties. I'd bring a sandwich bag to put the creamed panties into and take them home.
    Maybe have her put them on and tell her that she's got a stranger's cum rubbing into her pussy and her crack. I know she'd like that because I used to send her to work sometimes with my cum in her panties. She likes the squishy feeling and the fact that it's so naughty.
    Another thought even nastier just came to me. Maybe after he cums in her panties, before I take them home I might wanna take a lick...

    Want To Be Pegged

    I’m a married father of 2. I live in the rural south and I’m a very humble country guy. I work hard. I try to be the best man I can be. And on the outside I’m just a normal everyday guy. But on the inside. There’s much more to the story. I’ve been having sex with guys for about 10 years off and on. Usually only a couple times a year. I have a terrible guilty conscience when it comes to that.

    I get so fucking horny for cock or ass. I seek it out. I meet with a guy and everything is great. But then when I cum. It’s like I snap back to reality and bam. I feel like shit. Even before I got married I felt this way so it’s nothing new. But my confession today is that. I really really want to be pegged by my wife. I crave a good fucking. Just don’t like taking the risk anymore of catching something. (I like being fucked bare)

    But my wife won’t even let me fuck her ass. So how do I get her to fuck mine?? She used to rim me. But now she says that’s wrong and we shouldn’t do that anymore. I really really want her to strap on a 10” black rubber cock and pile drive my ass into next Wednesday. I love being fucked. Any help is appropriated.

    My New Kink

    If you would have approached me before this happened, and suggested I would allow and encourage my husband, I would have laughed in your face.

    The facts are, I do encourage him and love being a voyeur when he's having gay sex.
    What I'm talking about, is getting home a day early from a work related trip, and finding my husband taking our neighbors cock up his ass.

    My reaction to this event wasn't what I would have expected of myself. Instead of being angry and hurt, I was so turned on by watching him take the older mans cock, I began to play with myself.
    It took a loud cry from my lips when I orgasmed, to notify them I was there watching them, but by then our neighbor was cumming deep up my husband's ass.

    They both looked shocked and my husband was about to make up some excuses. But instead I told him to lick and suck our neighbors cock clean of his cum and anal juices.
    Eventing doing as I suggested, noting I was still massaging my pussy under my skirt, my husband finished slurping away, then apologized.

    Over the next half an hour I extracted all the information I wanted from my husband and our neighbor, then sat down near them and watched them get into a gay sixty nine, after I practically ordered them to do it.

    It was the start of my new kink. A kink where I've now watched my husband being fucked by eight different men.
    Some days now, I even fuck him myself with the strap on I bought for exactly that reason, to enjoy screwing his ass.
    Its opened up many sexual doors for me too, as I've begun to sleep with the wife of one of my husbands fuck partners.

    They're older than us, and far more down the road, in terms of bisexual sharing, but believe me we're catching up fast.

    Some nights now, we'll literally swap bedrooms with me spending the night with his wife in our guest bed, as he fucks my husband.

    Eighteen months ago I was straight in every way. Now I watch my husband taking cock, and I just love licking pussy.

    Wife Poses

    Let me know what u think please. I am happily married to a wonderful lady. I am 13 years older than her. she was living at home when we married. she had no idea of the effect she had on men. she's 40D with big nipples. and a tiny small ass. she worked for awhile after we married, but I started making enough for her to stay at home which was great. got her into sex and found out she is very sub, she fights it but … did all the things. flashing, calming, chatting all that. I loved to take erotic photos of her and would share them online. when the 19 hit i was laid off. I m sure its going to be permeant. money got tight really fast. i wont get into all l the details but this guys says i love her photos id have paid for them. that lead to her posing nude for him then some of his rich friends to help make ends meet. at first it was super hot and put us over the hump. there are about 8 men who see her. but now they are starting to make her have sex with them and even their friends. they really step up the pay when this happens and they seem to like that she doesn't want to do it. its getting more demanding. recently one guy demanded he get to take photos of her with a black man. now he has posted them online, but did not use her name. the commits other men posted online made me so hot but are so very nasty. call her a black cock whore. wanting to meet with her and more. the last man wanted me to be there and made her and me too beg him to take her. telling me what a slut I was married too and making me say it. she was about to cry and that made him even hotter. yes all this turns me on, but can we keep living like this?