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Incest Love

I guess I'm just a freak but while I absolutely adore mother son and aunt nephew confessions on here.... like they drive me way past wild, I have never once thought about or been attracted to my mom. Mother son i****t has it's own beauty and it's fucking hot and I'd love to experience it... just not with my mom.

  • Black Pussy

    I met her at a backgammon club, I played there on saturday afternoons. She was fun, and I thought she flirted and talked dirty to me to put me off my game. She was African, from up around Sudan somewhere, her and her husband being refugees. They had no kids and he worked weekends at a supermarket and she didn't have many friends at that time so I guessed she came down to our club to get out of the house.

    I guess she was twenty something. I did ask her how old she was and she said older than you think, but her skin was smooth. I reckon her husband was in his thirties.

    One time she put her her hand on mine and said look at how black my skin is and how white yours is. She said her husband's dong was big and black but I think yours would be very white. I said yes it was, kinda. She talked like that, in whispers like so the others couldn't overhear.

    One day I said I'll have to have one quick game and go because there's a movie I wanted to see, First Man, starting at so and so time and she said can I come with you. I thought why not, she just wanted a trip to the cinema, something different. I said ok.

    She had no transport so I drove her down there. She insisted she pay for her own ticket. Inside she wanted up near the back. When the movie started she lifted up the armrest between us and moved closer. She knew I was married.

    We were so close I finally put my arm around her. She snuggled closer. Then after a while I felt her hand on my leg, on my thigh, a bit high up. Finally, trying to make it look casual I took my coat off and put it on my lap. Slowly I could feel her fingers moving around until they were touching my hard on. I unzipped my jeans and her hand went inside and gripped my cock.

    I whispered my dong ain't so big and she whispered back it felt good to her.

    My arm went around her so I could feel her firm tits.

    I had to get my handkerchief to wrap around my cock to catch the jizz ready to come shooting out. She stroked it beautifully. She must have felt the jizz pumping out.

    After the show we had a coffee and decided next saturday we would get a motel room for the afternoon.

    So a week later I picked her up near the club, where she was waiting, and drove for a while to get to a motel which wasn't so local.

    Inside the room I said what do you prefer to do and she I want sixty nine, since her husband was only interested in fucking. She said he was too macho to eat her black cat. I said it's called pussy and she said no, this is my little black cat. I thought I don't care what you call it. So we did a really good sixty nine. The lips of her pussy were black and inside it was a lovely pink and so juicy to suck on.

    I said I'm cumming but she kept sucking, so I shot a big load into her mouth and she took it and swallowed. I kept going on her pussy and made her cum too.

    She said can we fuck and then do another sixty nine. I said we sure can. She was nice to fuck, her black cat a snug fit, not stretched out by a 9 or 10 incher as I thought it might. I said again I wasn't as big as her husband and she snorted and said so what, I was very good in bed. I pumped some jizz into her so I guessed she had some birth control.

    After a rest I sucked on a very wet pussy while she did another great blowjob and I managed to blow again into her mouth, but I suspect there wasn't that much shooting out. A weak third cum.

    We had an affair, fucking about once a month until fucking covid came along and he lost his job, or quit I don't know, and moved elsewhere.

    Don't Believe I Did It

    I have no idea why I did it. I never had anything to do with a guy sexually before. I've been getting laid and sucked and buttfucking girls and even a few older women since I was 15. I love them, love fucking them in any hole, love eating pussy. I let a gay guy who was 18 seduce me last night and this morning. I could say that when I went home with him I was drunk and stoned, but that's no reason for me not to leave after I was done. I woke up and had more sex this morning. I've been thinking and brewing about it all day.

    He was thin, and had a girls shape to his body with his shorts on, he had super girlish, and great looking legs, and a really nice shaped ass. I could see little puffy dark nipples under his white shirt. Yes I was horny, yes it's been 2 weeks since I've been able to fuck a girl, I've just been too busy at work. I let down last night. I suppose at first I thought we could just go to his place and have some free drinks and some smoke. We did, but when he came out of the bathroom after a while he had on a pretty pink, lace, very short robe. I could see his puffies under it and he had on a thong so I didn't have to see his cock at all. I noticed he had on make up, his hair was blown out. He looked really good, hot, womanly. He moved around to the music, swaying his cute ass in front of me. I stood up and held him with his butt up against my crotch and I got hard. He kept swaying to the music and moved my hands to his nipples. Soon it was my mouth on them, and he undid my belt and undressed me. I went to the bedroom with him naked, and took off his robe. He sucked me and I got even harder. By the way, only one girl ever gave me a BJ that good. Then he laid down and lifted his legs, and spread for me. I moved the string aside and pushed in. He was moaning, and kept begging for me to fuck him, so I gave it to him. I fucked him, and I wasn't about to pull out, I shot my sperm while pushing 8 full inches into his ass. As I was about to cum he begged me to kiss him and I did. I kissed him the whole time I was shooting cum deep into him.

    He got up, went to the bath and came out with a warm washcloth and cleaned my cock. I pulled him close and sucked on those puffies some more. He was hard I could see the head peeking out of the thong top. He excused himself and closed the door to the bath. He jacked himself in there and came back. Instead of getting out of there I wanted more. I fucked him one more time that night then slept with him. In the morning his mouth was working its magic. I let him choose if he wanted to get fucked again or take it in his mouth. I blasted in his mouth, then after a while I fucked him again. About 11am I fucked him again, and left. So I've had the past 6 hours to think about it. I don't feel gay though I must be since I fucked a guy and let him suck my cock. He was so pretty, cute, feminine, and an incredible fuck!

    I know I put straight above, but not sure what I should put. I don't know what to think about me. Do I tell anyone? Do I let the girl I'm fucking know?

  • I Have No Explanation For What I Did, Or Excuse.

    In the 7th grade I sucked another boy's cock and he sucked mine. We grew up, I went to law, he became a gay activist. He returned to our home town and at a get together where both of us were there he was challenged for his views. He said a lot, including telling those that were there that we had sucked together. Effectively outing me for a one time thing.

    I had to face the humiliation, the vulgar words, my wife and mother. What was just two boys, became two men in the minds of those from my hometown. I never returned, kept myself away, my wife and I divorced. That one comment, defending himself, pilloried me and ruined my life.

    Over the following twenty five years I never married, became involved with various women. Until one evening, out for dinner alone I got into a conversation with a man at the next table. From dinner to talking for an hour beside my car. We agreed to a drink at a bar. I had several Manhattans, and woke up in bed with him.

    I won't claim I don't remember, I was as active as he was. It was raw sex between two men. I was angry, in my mind I was getting revenge from those who had sidelined me. Revenge was sweet. The man was active. He had picked me up, and that night I participated accepting my role.

    Not once since that day has that happened again. I have a form of peace now. That's all.

    Lost My Cherry On My First Car Date

    My mother called the jugs. "Hitch up those jugs, don't let them flop around like that". That kind of thing. We all had jugs, a family thing. I was trying out for kick team, and my jugs were bouncing all over. My coach told me to tape them down, or get a tighter bra. I had to use my savings to buy a sports bra. I hated it, but my jugs behaved better.

    I got a date, my first car date. My mother made me wear a pad, in case the young man stuck his hand down my pants, he'd pull it out right quick. My date was an 11th grader, his father owned the funeral parlor and the two movie theatres in town. He drove up to get me in the big Cadillac they used for the family to ride in for the burial procession. We went to the movies, then pizza pie, then to the funeral home.

    He wanted my jugs. When he slipped his hand down my pants he said he'd have to fuck me in the ass, he didn't want any blood on his dick. I came clean, told him it was my mother's idea, I didn't want to get fucked in the ass. I got fucked on the couch of the funeral director's office that night. He really liked my jugs, he said he was a titty man.

    That's my confession, how I got my cherry popped back when I was in the tenth grade.

  • When I Was Around 13

    When I was around the age of 13 one of my friends game over and it was late at night. We were looking at porn together when he decides he wanted to masturbate. I won't lie I felt pretty awkward with him jacking off right next to me. I remember we were watching some Ultimate surrender porn and he asked me if I wanted to play a little game. I was still really awkward about him just jacking it right next to me but I said a timid "sure."

    He said we should jack each other off and who ever cums first has to finish the other off with their mouth. I was really hesitant but eventually caved and grabbed his dick and then he grabbed mine.

    I thought I had the advantage because he had been stroking for a little bit but a mixture of how humiliated I felt, the sensation of someone else touching my dick for the first time, and the fact that I had to use my left hand on him while he had his dominant hand on me proved to be my down fall.

    Now he doesn't have the biggest dick and we were young so it was probably just a good 5 inches at that time but when I lost and he stood over me ready for me suck him off... it just felt so intimidating.

    As I took him in my mouth I could taste the pre cum and him going in and out with his hands on the back of my head, I felt so used and for some reason it felt right. We hadn't discussed where he was going to cum but I thought he was at least going to warn me, but I guess that wouldn't have been humiliating enough and he pulled me in I gagged a bit and he came..... not really a big load but a good amount for me to really get a taste as he twitched a bit.... from that moment I knew are friendship was over... that wasn't the last time he had me suck him off that night. I Basically became a cock slut to him. At first he would ask but it became a habit it for him to just stand up and take off his pants and I would obey. Most of the time in private sometimes in a more exposed area.

    About five months in he took me from behind. That was a little much for me at that time and I finally called it off, and we sort of drifted apart and I felt really used after that.... like If I wasn't his toy I wasn't anything. Probably messed me up a little bit because I'm still that way with guys.

    My Best Friend

    My Best Friend

    When I was in my early adolescence. I had a bestie named Ally. We used to be hang out together all the time. Part of our bond was that we both lived in single parent households. My mother was divorced and her father was a widower. In truth, I always was kind of jealous of her for having a Daddy while I didn't. Mommy always had boyfriends, but they seemed to change too often to ever have a chance of becoming my Stepdaddy.

    Ally and I were always open and honest with each other, and used to talk about everything together, at least I thought we did, 'til one day I started to pay more attention to how she interacted with her father, who I called Mr. D. When we were at her house, whenever he came home, she'd rush to him and greet him. He'd pick her up in his arms, hug her tight, and they'd exchange a kiss. Normal, right? Well, not exactly. Let me explain.

    When they kissed, their kisses seemed to last a lot longer than other Daddy-daughter kisses I'd seen before, and as they kissed, he'd have his arms around her with his hands on her butt, and sometimes even under her dress in the back. After a while, I also started to notice that during their kisses, they both seemed to open their mouths some. I'd never kissed a boy before, so I wasn't sure, but I'd read some about that kinda thing on the internet, and it looked to me like they were maybe rubbing tongues. Finally I asked her about it, and she gave me some kind of vague answer about her and her Daddy having a "special relationship" she wasn't supposed to talk about.

    One night, the two of us were having a sleepover at her house. we were sitting on her bed in our nightgowns (hers was blue with little yellow duckys, and mine was pink with tiny white bunnys) talking about boys and which ones we'd like to date when we were old enough, Mr. D knocked on her door & told us it was late and time to go to sleep. I wanted to talk more, but she said she was tired and wanted to go to sleep, so she did. She went to sleep right away, but I was still awake when about half an hour later her bedroom door opened. I opened my eyes just a slit, and in the dim light coming thru the curtains, I could see it was Mr. D. He was only wearing boxers and a tee shirt.

    He walked over to Ally's side of the bed, which was closer to the door, leaned down, shook her gently, & whispered her name a couple of times. Then she woke up, lifted her head, rubbed her eyes sleepily and said, "Hi, Daddy."

    He said "Hi. Babyirl. Do you want to play tonight?" When Ally heard that, she seemed to perk up. She rolled onto her back, smiled & said "Oh, yes, Daddy!"

    Then he leaned down and gave her one of those "special" kisses. It lasted even longer than any ones I ever saw them do. As they kissed, he slid the covers down to her waist & started to rub her budding boobs with his hand thru her nightgown. After a while, she started sqirming around slowly. Then his hand went down, slipped under the covers, onto her belly, and kept going lower 'til it seemed like he was rubbing her between her legs. While he did that, she started squirming around more, and even made a few little sounds. When I looked at him, I thought it looked like he had a big lump in his boxers that wasn't there before. I was really surprised at seeing all this, but not as surprised as when, while they were still kissing, Ally reached up, put her hand on that lump & held onto it. That made him give out a little sound too.

    After a while, Mr. D took his hand away from her, stood up straight, and said, "I think we'd better go to Daddy's bedroom, so we don't disturb your little friend." Right away Ally said, "OK, Daddy!" and got out of bed.

    Soon as she was standing, she started to take off her nightgown. He asked her why she was doing that, and she said, "Cause this is my fav nightgown, and I don't want you to get stuff all over it like you did the last time." Her Daddy chuckled & watched her finish taking it off. She only had pale blue cotton panties on under it, same as me, except mine were pale pink. She folded up her nightgown real neat, put it on the bed, and then she took those off too. He was smiling bigger as he picked her up with one arm under her knees and the other behind her back, and carried her out into the hallway, closing the door behind them.

    I laid there for a while, thinking about what I'd seen and what might happen when they got to his bedroom.

    After a while, but I couldn't contain my curiosity any more, so I slipped out of bed, and crept down the long hallway towards her Daddy's room, trying to be real quiet. When I got outside it, the door was open a little crack, so I kneeled down and peeked in. In the dim light from his TV, I could see Ally laying on her back with her knees bent up and open wide, and Mr. D was all naked, kneeling between her feet, with his head bent down and his face between her legs, moving around a little. She was holding on to his hair and making little sounds like a hurt puppy dog, while her body was like writhing on the bed. Her face looked like maybe what he was doing hurt, but I didn't think it did.

    I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I watched them for a while, and while I did, I felt my nips start to get hard, & my hairless pussy start to tingle. Then I got worried they might see me, cause I knew I'd be in big trouble if they did, so I moved to the side and leaned my back against the wall next to the doorway. I felt real turned on from what I saw, like when I'd lay in my bed at night and touch myself and think about things I could do with boys when I got old enough. So I moved my hand down between my thighs and found out the crotch of my panties was wet. Then I started to rub myself thru them real slow, while I imagined having a real Daddy or Stepdaddy, so he could do that kinda stuff to me.

    After a while, I wanted to see again, so I carefully moved back in front of the part open door and peeked in again. After another couple of minutes, I got my courage up and took another peek. I saw Mr. D was now laying on his back, but Ally was kneeling up on top of him, with one leg on either side of his hips. She was like slowly moving up and down a little now, over & over, like she was riding on one of them carousel horses, and each time she moved down she moaned. I wondered what was going on. Were they playing a game that I didn't know?

    I slipped my hand into my panties & touched my pussy, and she was pretty wet, so I started to rub her real slow. That felt so nice, and made her get even wetter and more tingly.

    Then Mr. D said, "That's it, Babygirl... get it in a little deeper each time... You're so tight!... So very tight! Am I hurting you?"

    "No, Daddy," Ally said, sounding like she was outta breath. "It feels like you're stretching me, but it don't hurt. It feels really really nice!"

    Then Mr. D said, "You're making Daddy feel really good too, Babygirl! Try to take it deeper." He sounded like he was kinda in pain too, but not exactly.

    She said, OK, Daddy," and started to move a little more faster. My hand in my psnties wa miving faster too.

    "That's it, Babygirl!..." Mr D said. "Just a little deeper... It's almost in all the way now."

    She kept moving like that a little while longer, and making little sounds, and then all of a sudden she stopped and held still. When she did that, Mr. D said, "Daddy's in all the way now, Babygirl! I told you it would fit in all the way if ..(continue confession)

    Nursing It

    Back a decade or so ago there was a guy who put up ads on craigslist when that was the place to hook up with folks for nsa sex.
    So this fellow was bi and liked to have his dick sucked on for a long time. He would put on porn of all kinds and loved being edged. The unique thing was his production of massive amounts of precum. He loved being edged and having a hot mouth to nurse out that salty and sweet precum and would go for it for an hour or more before finally cumming.
    Have missed that and usually just go for my own when I'm having a stroke session. Would love to find a horny young guy who would get real excited maybe sucking my wife's big tits while I lick and suck his dripping dick. Like to make him fuck her when he's hard as he's gonna get then eat her out and suck his spent cock and taste her sweet pussy on it. There's nothing like sucking her creampie too and cum kissing after.

    My First Time

    My mom's best friend's husband who was basically an aunt to me, her husband was the first guy to ever fuck me I was on summer break before my senior year and I was helping them do some rearranging at their house. My aunt is hot and super sexually open and joked about if I kept bending over I might end up with something in my ass I joked don't threaten me with a good time. She said she wasn't joking, well she smacked my ass walking past me saying one more time my ass is in her way something was going in it, I said bring I ain't scared of her. Well I intentionally blocked her path and she said that was it and got in front of me and started undoing my pants with a smirk she took off my shirt then kneeled down and pulled of my shoes and socks then pulled of my pants she got close to my cock for me to feel her breath on it and slowly stands up and grabs me by the wrist leading me to the bedroom and sit me on the foot of the bed she pulled straps from the end of the bed and strapped my hands down then went to the headboard and dragged straps from there down to me and put them around my thighs and tightened them down I asked her what was she going to use she smirked say she never said she was going to do it just something was going to go in my ass.... She says I Know you're into toys but it's time for you to experience a real cock, and called her husband in the room he said don't mind if I do and proceeded to strip and my aunt gave give head to get him fully hard and lubed his cock and my ass them grabbed the camera and told her husband not to be gentle, so he shoved his cock hard into me and I yelled and moaned then he started pounding me he fucked me for about 45 minutes before he came in me then yanked out of me I laid there recovering as he walked off to go smoke I asked if she was going to untie me and she said nope he's not done he's just catching a breath before he comes back for round two. And he does come strolling back in hard as fuck he puts his cock into my ass just the tip anyways then my aunt put the camera in my face and ask if I like getting fucked in my ass by my "uncle" and that's when he rams fully in me so I just moan out yes. He slow deep pumps my ass for awhile then speed pounds me for 20 minutes before he comes again in me again. When he pulled out he just walked off and my aunt untied me and said when was I gonna learn she doesn't bluff but she showed her best friend a few pics of what she was putting me through for being a smart ass. All her friend says was too bad she couldn't see it in person to.

  • Starting My Love Of Gay Sex.

    I was out in my car meeting my new girlfriend. She was supposed to have turned up at the parking spot half an hour before, when she messaged me. She can't make it, as her car won't start.
    Frustrated and horny as fuck, I decide to masturbate in my car.
    I'd been stroking my dick for no more than two or three minutes, when I notice an older guy (40's) watching me whilst playing with his cock.
    My side window is down, so when he sees me looking his way, he asks me if I want a blow job.
    I'm not sure why, as I've never had any gay thoughts before, but I'm completely turned on and say yes.
    He gets in my passenger seat, leans over to me and begins to lick, then suck on my cock.
    His mouth feels amazing on my dick, and this guy really knows how to give a blow job.
    He licks my balls, up and down my cock shaft and sucks on the head while swirling his tongue around my glands.
    Deep throating me for a minute or two, he then does something I've never had done before. Wetting his middle finger, he sucks my cock back into his mouth and slips his wet finger up my arsehole.
    Moving his finger in and out of my hole and sucking incredibly hard, my cock erupts. And I swear I have the most intense long lasting orgasm I've ever experienced.
    I cum so much, it's spilling out of the sides of his mouth, even though he's doing his best to swallow it.
    When I stop shaking, he rises up, scoops the cum from the side of his mouth and licks it up.
    Smiling at me, he tells me his name's Rob and he visits the area most early evenings.
    Getting out of my car, he tells me I have a beautiful cock and says he'd love to feel it up his arse.
    That's the last thing he says before walking off to a dog I see tied to a fence post.
    All that night and throughout the next day, all I could think about is the older man who's given me the best blow job of my life.
    And that evening I cancel on my girlfriend and drive over to the same parking spot.
    Sure enough Rob is walking up the country lane as I pull up.
    He asks me if I'm horny, so I ask him if he knows a place.
    He understands what I'm getting at and leads me along with his dog to a side trail that eventually comes to a stop before a drop down into the valley.
    Getting his dog to lie down, Rob stepped up to me drops down. My cock is ins mouth in seconds and it's just as good a feeling as the day before.
    But it's the expectation that I think makes my seven inches super rock hard.
    I've never known it, but the knowledge of being about to fuck a guy, is totally appealing to me.
    Rob stands up quickly, turns around and lowers his shorts. He's got no underwear on and I can see his arsehole is lubed up. I'm no shy boy, so moving into him I put my cock to his fuck hole and thrust in.
    It's incredible. Utterly magical for me and I just know it's exactly what I should be doing.
    So holding Robs hips, I begin to fuck my first male sex partner.
    He's moaning and groaning and telling me to fuck him hard. So in another first I reach around him, take hold of his thick cock and really begin to hammer his arsehole.
    I know I'm not the biggest cocked guy, but I also know myself and how I can last and last. And that's exactly what happens for the next twenty minutes as we fuck and fuck.
    We move from being stood up, to me spooning him on the ground. Again I toss his cock, but also turn his head and kiss the older man.
    He responds and I fuck him with a wonderful rhythm as we carry on kissing. Rob is just as enthused as myself and I feel his passion in our kiss.
    Switching positions again, the older more experienced man has me fucking him as he lays on his back. With my cock sliding into his arse all the way, he pulls me to him and I remember now just how perfect it all was as our tongues wrapped over each others.
    For a first time fucking another guy, I couldn't have had a more involved and perfect initiation into gay sex.
    When I came, and this is genuine, I found myself in total and utter rapture. It was the most special feeling I could, can ever remember having sex.
    And part of that, was Rob cumming just seconds later in between us, as our kiss intensified.
    Pulling out of him, he lifted me up his body so my cock was over his mouth. Lowering myself Rob sucked and licked on my cock, and I heard him fully enjoying the taste of my cum and his arsehole on my softening dick.
    Walking back to my car, I promised Rob to contact him. We met a few days later after his invite, in the home he shared with his wife. She was working at the time I slipped my cock into his arse as he leaned naked over their coffee table.
    It was a one position fuck and I made sure he understood I was the alpha male. Fucking Rob hard, he was moaning loudly when we both heard "What the fuck".
    It's not his wife, it's my new girlfriend and she's instantly annoyed and crying.
    There was a lot of shouting and finger pointing, but I knew my sexual status was already set.
    And what's more, so did Robs daughter.

    I'm not saying it was right, in certain aspects, however the look we gave each other said it all. We both knew I'd enjoyed fucking her father, than I had her.

    I'm not sure how, but my ex's parents have worked things out. Rob contacted me a few days afterwards and thanked me for the fun, but it was over for him. I sent flowers and a personal written letter to my ex, explaining I was totally to blame. I also let her know neither her father or myself knew she was involved as an associated third person.
    I'm now involved with a twenty seven year old shemale. She's unbelievably sexual and I'm loving the relationship, and sex.
    No matter where my life leads me, I will never forget Rob, and his wonderful introduction for me, into my real self.