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Missing Experience

So, this might sound crazy but honestly, the opportunity never presented itself. I'm a mwm but I would like the opportunity to make love to a good looking black woman. I recently saw this one lady on several occasions and she is hot. When I was younger, i thought about it, but it just never happened. I hear so many stories on how the opposite happens a lot where a mwf wants a BBC, but never a mwm wanting a female.
Is this weird? I hope I don't offend anyone. It's not meant to.

  • Curious

    I'm a happily mwm with a grand wife who's a few years younger but is going through her female changes and her once strong libido has waned quite a bit. She will always take on whatever wifely duties I desire but it's just not as fun when she's not really wild for it.
    Lately I have become very curious about having just recreational sex with a fellow.
    Feels less like cheating when it's not an emotional thing with another woman, which I have no interest in. Just want some good naughty fun like mutual wanking and possibly oral with another guy who's just into it for the sex too.
    I find myself wanking to fantasies of being orally sub to an agressive swarthy man who will demand worship of his nutsack and arse before giving me his sick to suckle and his load to swallow.
    I know from reading these confessions that there are men like me out there but would love to hear any fellow's experiences, positive and negative, with m2m sucking just for fun.

    David And Mike

    As a child, I lived rurally, and our two closest neighbours had sons; so growing up, my out of school friends were David and Mike from the neighbouring farms. I was a bit of a Tom Boy, and as such, having two boys to play with was perfect. Exploring forests and fields, climbing trees, fishing, building dens and hunting were enjoyed by all.

    Mike was the same age as me, David a year older. When we got to around ten, kids' natural curiosity sometimes played out. The first time this happened was in our secret den out in the woods. I can’t remember exactly how it all kicked off; however, we three would expose our genitals to each other. The two boys would have erections, which I found fascinating. They stood in front of me with their shorts at their knees and their dicks standing proud. I wouldn’t touch them, but I’d sometimes flicked them with my fingers; the boys seemed to enjoy me flicking their erect willies. I would lift my dress and pull my knickers down, and they would look at my pussy. I recall Mike asking if my split hurt, lol!!

    As time went on, we became bolder, sometimes even stripping off completely and wrestling around in the nude. We would also go skinny dipping at the local stream; the nude sessions now involved me laying down and the two boys ‘feeling’ my naked body. They were always fascinated by my budding breasts and, of course, my pussy. David was the first to touch it, and I jumped up in shock and told him he was terrible. The next time I let him touch it as I quite liked the feeling.

    Over the following years into my teenaged years, these ‘sessions’ became less frequent but more sexual. At fourteen, we would steal some alcohol, and during its effects, I would be lying in a corn friend with the boys between my legs, touching my pussy. Mike was the first to touch my clit and David to push a finger into my vagina. I started to have orgasms. I also felt their cocks and would wank them off until they orgasmed. I was fascinated by watching spunk fly out of their dicks.

    By our mid-teens, the sessions were very few and far between, usually, after we had been ‘smoking’ These were full-on orgies with oral sex, blow jobs, and the boys trying to get their cock up my pussy. Eventually, and to all our surprise, David managed it first. I was shocked at the feelings. Initially, there was pain; however, it then just felt terrific having a cock in me. Thankfully, he came over my tummy and not in me. Having watched how to do it, Mike then went next; he also came over my belly. I swore them both to secrecy, which bless them they kept.

    The sex was usually during the summer holidays, our ‘orgies’ then took place a couple of times a week. I always used to be exceptionally randy in the summer when the sun was shining; I still am. Mike started stealing condoms from his uncle's shop, and the boys would both fuck me and come inside me. I would often have one cock in my pussy and another in my mouth. We looked at porn films and replicated some of the scenarios, including spit roasting.

    In our later teens, we all left for college and got partners of our own. It was odd at the weddings. Mike and David were ushers at mine, and I’m sure as I walked down the aisle, both of them were remembering our elicit orgies in the cornfields.

  • While Pet Sitting Neighbors

    I was asked several times to house and pet sit for a neighbor when they were out of town. Didn't require much time and effort, so I used my time to explore their house. Then I discovered the master bedroom. The wife was an attractive, fairly fit older woman (older than me) but not elderly. Usually I would jerk off into a pair of her panties and rub my dick on all of them and her bras. Once I put on one of her dresses and jerked-off into some panties while lying on her side of the bed. This went on for a few years until I moved to a new neighborhood.

    Deep Desires

    i am 19 And a virgin but I want to have sex I am into piss play and into cos play I love to pretend to be someone else also into hentai because of the way it is animated it makes me hard

  • I Told My Sister How Hot She Looked: Update

    So I posted here a couple days ago because my sister wore lingerie in front of me and asked that if I wasn’t her brother, would it turn me on. TL;DR I had a huge crush on her and her behavior made me think she might feel the same so I vented on here. There were some comments made on that post that people thought she really was into me and I needed to tell her how good the lingerie looked.

    So I was with my sister earlier today at her place and it was just the two of us, and I tried to jus casually mention it. We were watching tv and I said “by the way, that lingerie you wore the other day actually did look very hot on you”. I tried to just sound as normal as I could because if she’s not into me I don’t wanna seem creepy.

    And I got away with it because she seemed to really like that I said that. She explained that sometimes she just wants to feel sexy even when she’s home alone. And that day she wanted someone to show off to and trusts me because we’re like best friends.

    She kinda opened up to me so I saw it as a chance to really let out what I think about her without exactly saying that I’m crushing on her. I told her that she always looks good, has great fashion sense and if she didn’t have a boyfriend it wouldn’t be too hard to find one.

    And then I swear, she asked me another leading question. “If we weren’t related and I was single, would you make a move on me?” I’m not crazy that seems like she’s interested in me right!

    And I didn’t want to beat around it today so I said (with a little bit of a joking voice) “I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off you. Especially if you were wearing that lingerie.”

    And she smiled, and laughed in that flattered sort of way. Then I just couldn’t believe what she did next. Also in a joking-ish voice she said “well what about in this shirt and leggings, can you still keep your hands off me?”

    And I teasingly said that if a girl wants me she needs to make it clear. And I think my sister made it clear! She put her hand on my thigh and asked me if she should go change into the lingerie then.

    At this point there is still a chance that she’s just pushing the joke but I wanted to keep pushing it and said yes… and she didn’t. I know, fucking sucks.

    But she put her head on my shoulder and I will write what she said as well as I can remember it, “I’ll guess you just about have to hold yourself back today. Besides, what if my boyfriend comes home? It would be a little hard to explain why I’m sitting here in a bra and panties with you. But if we wanted to be really daring, we could sneak a kiss, it doesn’t take long to pull away from one.”

    So I kissed her on the forehead. And she lifted her head to look into my eyes, before giving me a quick kiss on the lips. I lifted her chin up and gave her a deeper kiss that lasted maybe a few seconds. And then we just cuddled. Didn’t talk about it but it didn’t feel like something she regrets.

    So I kissed my sister. And I understand how some of the stories on here are just stories, but this was very real and something that has butterflies flapping in my stomach. I probably wouldn’t have made a move if people on here didn’t convince me she was into me either so, thanks I guess. Hopefully I can see her wear that lingerie again soon

    Like It Rough

    I love rough sex , sex that will make me crawl bawl .. i wven have scars from having sex
    .. is this a bad thing ?

    Everything Forbidden I WANT !

    Lately I’ve been noticing, I have a thing for women that’s “off limits” .

    Like my friends wives! Lol
    I don’t really care to fuck them,
    But I do enjoy the fantasy of seeing them in vulnerable positions. Playing with they pussy, caught naked out shower, secretly looking at my dick etc lol

    I Recorded Myself Jacking Off On SNap

    Recorded myself jacking off on snap chat and customized my viewers so only my friends wife could see it! Lol

    On multiple occasions! She watched em all! And I got more aroused picturing her watching lol. Sometimes I’m a ho ! I’m not ashamed, I’m extremely sexual ! And I believe everybody has their own forbidden desires...

    I got tons of stories! TRUE stories! Shit I really DID. Things I Really EXPERIENCED!

    I wonder if she got turned on ?

  • Sex Addition

    I have used sex to cope with ptsd for years now. I stopped having anal sex a few yrs ago. It wasn’t too safe and I love bareback sex and cum!

    A few years ago I met this younger guy that had this giant cock like 10 inches! I started sucking him regularly a few days a week. But it got more intense over the years with deep throating and getting face fucked until one time he was fucking my throat and came so deep then he left it in my throat and used his cum at lube and came again down my throat. It was the most amazing thing in the world. But I can’t stop I want more and more i now have 10 hot regular that all cum down my throat and I want more. 2 or 3 guys a day isn’t enough.