What are your mostly closely held dreams, desires, and fantasies? What are your wishes and dreams for the future?

Need Help

I am in desperate need of a perfect porn video. It needs to be a compilation video of bisexuals. I want it to feature husbands eating cum from their wives pussies as they are being filled by another man. Like the couple is in a 69 position with the women on top. As the "other" guy is cumming in her pushy, it drips down into his mouth. OMG that would be amazing. I can't find it anywhere.

  • Hmmm....

    I've always wanted to be fucked by a cute shemale with a big cock. Dunno why, I just think it'd be hot to have a cock inside me while I'm kissing some titties


    I know so many guys that are my age that are either fucking younger women. Lately, I dream about getting sucked and fucked by a sexy mature 5-10 yrs. older than me. It almost makes me cum in my pants to think about her mature lips sucking my cock up and down wanting to swallow my load.

    Wanting A Woman To Watch

    I've always wanted to be able to suck a man's cock in front of his wife or girlfriend. The thought of a woman watching and being turned on by it is exhilarating. I've tried for years to make this happen without any luck. Even when Craig's List was around and I was having success hooking up with people, I was never able to pull this off. I've since tried Locanto and Double list and had zero results. In fact, I've not had any luck with even finding a one-time partner on either service.

    The thought of completing this is such a turn on, I wake up in the middle of the night aroused and have to masturbate to be able to go back to sleep. If anyone knows of a better way now to find such a meeting please let me know.

    Need Daddy

    Now that I just can’t get myself off from this website. I just want a sugar daddy for me. Someone who is fine with being discreet. I won’t ask to meet up but I’ll provide you with any photos and videos that I would like to give you. Our faces don’t have to be shown. Prefer it that way. Just be my secret sugar daddy and I’ll be your sugar baby all the way. It doesn’t matter how much you give me eveything makes me happy. I just want one so bad who will make me wet and ache for them as well.

    Reach out to me. Just click on my profile and got to my other confessions! You will find how to reach me. I’m waiting in anticipation

    The Closet

    We arrive at your door around midnight, you smile at me and slowly move your hair that was in front of your face. I smile back and come closer to you. Your smile gets bigger by the seconds. you put your arms around me and look at my brown eyes - smile - I then kiss you on the cheek - you laugh! You better do something better I hope - you said. I then come closer again and miss your lips at the last second to kiss your neck and get you closer to my body. As I was kissing your neck - I could feel you holding your breath and squeezing me even closer. you lay your head back and enjoy me kissing your neck. I could feel your breasts pushed hard against me as you were squeezing more your arms around me. I get my left leg in between yours and slide my left arm to your lower side to get you closer onto my leg. You moan silently into my ear 'more'. I am moving my mouth to your ear and pushing your thigh so that you can feel my leg pushing on your clitoris. I can feel the warmth on my leg - you are putting your leg behind me to push me in and out. I kiss you deeply.
    We stopped and decided to go through the door.

    you walk in first and turn around pulling me in. you are all smiling and happy. you open the closet door to put your coat - in no time I come behind you and kiss your neck - you put your head back and close your eyes. you can feel my worm penis between your butt cheeks. I put my hands on your thigh and slowly go up to your breasts. so much pleasure rushing to your head - you slide your hands behind your back to feel my penis and start to stroke it slowly though my pants. I then start to put off your one piece dress off you turn around and kiss me while it goes up and over your head. you remove my shirt as well. you kiss my chest and do up to my mouth where you kiss me and grab my lip with you teeth. It aroused me even more. we both enter the closet and I push you onto the wall padded by the coats. while you are still in your bra and underwear I kiss your neck going down to you breasts. I unstrap your bra and remove it. I take a second to look at your perfect shape, I put my tongue and lick your nipple and I put the all nipple in my mouth sucking back and forth. it drives you nuts. while I suck on your nipple I put my hand and caress your clitoris. I put my hand in between your underwear and your skin and gently rub with one finger you clitoris. you start to moan louder. it excites me and I switch to your other breast and I push my finger slowly inside you. it is so wet that I can enter back and forth which makes you moan even more.

    you are so hot and moving so slightly each time - I push my finger inside you deeper. I stop sucking on your nipple and I kiss you deeply. while our kiss you run your hands to my belt and unbuckle it and zip down my pants - they fall down - you smile and stop our kiss - it is my turn you said - you take my cock and stroke it slowly with one hand - you kiss me and move down my chest leaving a trail with your tongue. you come to my hot cock and start licking it and in one move put the head in your mouth moving slowly in and out - you hear me moan so you go faster and keep going deeper and deeper while stroking it. you have your other hand on my chest where your finger finds my mouth - I suck your finger while sucking me hard. we can hear our moans muted by the sound of our sucking noise. I had enough - I have to go inside you. It was a strong desire coming from inside. I pull you up and push you on the opposite wall and bring you up to my thigh - you wrap your legs around me and your arms around my shoulders. I am inside you at last. I can feel the warmth and how wet you became. I trust one big push inside and you moan. I kiss you. I pull you up and down - you feel my cock enter back and forth - you moan louder and louder as I go deep inside - I can feel your juice dripping on my balls. I stop and put you down. you grab my cock suck it hard to taste yourself on it. 'hmm' you said it is so warm. I turn you around and put your hands on the wall - while my hands travel your arms - I stop and your nipple pinches them - you laugh and say 'come inside me I want to feel you' . I grab my cock and move up and down your warm clitoris. you suddenly move back to let my cock go in. I grab your hips and go in and out of your wet pussy. you moan even harder. I push, and push hard inside. I grab your hair and pull until I have a good rhythm entering you. I am so close - your moans make me so aroused - I moan too. I pull even hard and bring you closer to me. I can't take it anymore. you can tell that I am close - you spread your legs more to let my cock enter even more inside you. with one deep stroke I move faster and faster - I am going to finish - I can feel it. your moans are like music's playing and playing telling me to come at once. I come screaming pulling you closer to my chest - you turn your head and kiss me while my cock is emptying inside you. I can feel you squeezing my cock making me even more aware that you finished too. I pull back and sit down in the closet. you knee down and kiss me - and you start licking my cock and sucking me. We embrace and take a break in the closet and start laughing since we never made it to bed which was so close.

    Lonely In My Search

    I am a conservative minded Jewess lesbian. Finding a Jewish girl, who has conservative values is not easy. Christian, Agnostic, yes. Jewish no. I am alone in my search, my community is large, but not large enough. I live with my parents, good girls don't live away from home until they are married, add that to my search. I have been sought out for marriage but to a man.

    The internet is a joke, full of lies, two questions and I know these girls are not Jewish.

    My Grandfather is willing to pay for a matchmaker, I just wish I would find my love on my own.

    Airplane Fantasy

    I travel a lot but have been home bound because of the pandemic. Lately I’ve been having a fantasy about when I can travel again. I want to be on a flight, bored and tend to favor the window seat. I’d start to get aroused and try to discreetly play with my nipples over my shirt. I never wear a bra so this would be easy. I wouldn’t be able help myself and start to lightly touch myself outside my panties. I would be prepared and have worn a skirt. I’d part my legs slightly and add a bit more pressure, my panties starting to moisten. Here’s where the fantasy really kicks in. I’d get so focused on what I was doing that I’m no longer as discreet as I thought. The man I do not know assigned the seat next to me sees what I’m doing. Slightly embarrassed I got to pull my hand away but he places his hand over mine to stop me. I glance around quickly and open my legs wider so he could touch my panties if he wanted. I would hope in my head he would. In my fantasy he’d become emboldened by this and start to play with me. I’d move my hand and let him have his way. He could push my panties to the side and stick his fingers in me. Feel how wet I was and play. As he did I’d have to try to keep any moans muffled. I’d go back to my boobs but the stranger would grab one with his free hand. Hopefully he’d be skilled and as his hands explored me I’d have an orgasam, maybe two. I’d let him play with me as long as he would want. When he’s done and removes his fingers I’d clean them off. Then I’d glance down at his lap to see if he was aroused. Maybe lightly run my fingers over his erection, see how he’d react. Then I’d rub him harder outside his pants unzip his zipper and return the favor.

    This thought keeps popping in my head and making me so aroused I can’t help myself but to keep wishing it was real


    I want a daddy so badly!!! Honestly, I want someone to take care of me and treasure me a lot. I also want to be pampered but I am kind of fickle. I hope that I can have a daddy.
    I shall introduce myself as Bea, a short but adorable chubby ebony who loves to make friends. I wear contacts. I really like to show off my assets but because of the weather I haven't been able to show myself off.
    On another note, I hope daddy can give me lots of love ;)

    Hard And Cumming

    I cant stop thinking about my wife being fucked in front of me by a younger guy with a huge cock. I am average size and want to watch her get fucked soooo bad. makes me hard just thinking about it. That big cock separating her wet pussy lips, her lips sliding back and forth on his throbbing shaft . I want her fucked hard!