What are your mostly closely held dreams, desires, and fantasies? What are your wishes and dreams for the future?

Wish I Had A Virgin

I wish I was able to fuck a virgin and feel that first tight pussy and see that Cherry

I Wish I Found A Man Like This...

I don't want what is happening with men these days when they become all pussies ,not only that that they act like one but they dress like one, they wax their bodies , pluck their eyebrows and some even wear make up, STRAIGHT guys that they almost turn into women, it's just despicable. I think that it has to do with the way they were raised, or maybe I am wrong but I am very dissapointed of men nowadays.
Why can't a man be like they were 20-30 or even 100 years ago, yes they were a different generation but at least they were manly enough and  determined to make a woman happy, they would know how to flirt with her, make love with her and BEHAVE like a man around her, he knew his duties and didn't make a fun of himself when he saw a naked girl for the first time in his life, I just think some men nowadays are just broken the internet and media mess up with their mind and don't know how to behave like an alpha dominant male anymore.
It's just sad....
I want to find that kind of man to make love with me madly at any hour and never be too tired to eat my pussy and hold me and kiss me forever.
But that's just fairytale...


This might sound boring to most, but one thing I really wish for is to meet a beautiful woman 40-60 who will enjoy some slow 69 action. Just to slowly enjoy licking pussy and giving her a powerful orgasm as she makes love to my cock with her mouth. Pure ecstasy.

A Risk Taker?

I would love to be abducted, and imprisoned by a group (or single) horny male(s) who would enjoy keeping me trussed up in a rubberized-canvas bag, with a zipper at the mouth, and crotch, and face-fucking me, non-stop, turn about, for some indefinite period of time. Icing on the cake would be some fiendish orgasm denial, to the point of near insanity...they could withdraw $200 a day via my bank card, which luckily I could afford...my first wife's "boyfriend" helped her keep me like that for a solid week, feeding me the odd energy bar, banana, and lots of nourishing cum, and hydrating me with piss... Tied tight at the waist, the bag could be hiked up allowing seating on the toilet, as necessary...in theory such captivity could develop into something excitingly long-term...

Yes, I'm Fucking Her.

I know she's yours, and this is probably going to hurt, but we both know you'll be stroking too, because the thought of her doing it is as arousing as it is painful.

The second she walked through the door, I pinned her to the wall. I kissed her deeply and loved the way her breath quivered against my cheek. She was nervous, but she was also feeling that adventurous need that women get. Her tongue danced against mine just to feel that little "tickle" that teases of talents yet to be seen, and we both knew where we wanted the other's mouth.

She allowed me to undress her right there in the hall, and as I dropped her clothes to the floor, piece by piece, she smiled hungrily with each piece of her clothing that I removed. She looked away when I removed her bra and gazed at her breasts, but the moment my deep breath showed true appreciation, she warmed with acceptance as my mouth lowered to kiss and lick at her hard nipples.

Slipping her panties over her hips and down her legs, I lovingly kissed that crease just inside her legs and I could smell the musky wetness and feel the heat of her arousal. My fingers to her ass, they traced the contours and squeezed gently, and when my fingers trailed along the crack of her ass and slipped between her legs, she wrapped her arms around my head and gently dug her nails into my scalp as she embraced the attention.

I had every intention of eating her, but she quickly pulled me up and kissed me quickly as her quivering breath quietly laughed at her own excitement that she was doing something she knew to be against all of her rules.

She allowed her hands to roam my body as she quietly slipped down, and the feeling of her soft hands rubbing my hard cock was amazing. There was a hunger to it, and she was making herself savor the slow reveal, but it took only seconds for her to begin that slow unzip, and her hand to slip inside to wrap around that hardness she was craving.

She didn't even look at me as she held a new cock in her hand. She just enjoyed the difference as she stroked and admired, and kissing the head, she finally took it between her lips and began to suck.

Her mouth is amazing... wrapping around my cock in just that perfect way, and the tenderness she shows as she takes it in and savors the hardness against her tongue. She didn't suck me that way to be impressive, but because it was new and needed to be savored. She warmed when I slipped my hand beneath her chin, and slowly looked up to watch my eyes as she sucked the hardness I offered. There was something... not submissive... but giving in the way she performed, and I could tell from the look in her eyes that she felt appreciated.

Finally pulling her up, I didn't hesitate to kiss her, and taking her hand, I led her her straight to the bedroom, and a bed that she had never seen. I slid her back and put her feet on the edge, and spreading her legs, I have to say that she does absolutely have a beautiful pussy.

Her nails slipped into my hair and scratched at my scalp as I began to lap at her arousal, and muscles would cringe here and there as I hit certain nerves that sent electricity through her body. She writhed with pleasure as my tongue explored her pussy, but it was that tongue flicking against her clit that absolutely sent her to another place.

She pants hard and deep when you flick your tongue against her clit, and she has the most feminine moan and whimper when the orgasm is building. A true woman with nothing to hide from me, she let go and allowed her feelings to take over. Nearly crying as the power continued to build, the escaping moan was something she did not hold back, and did not censor as she cried and begged for more. She didn't care if I had neighbors who might hear her cum... she wanted the world to know that she loved being eaten, and she was unashamed in what she was doing.

She came hard and loud, and when the sensitivity hit, her entire body squeezed and pushed, and forced me from between her legs. Panting heavily, she looked as if she were in pain, but I knew that I had given her a good pain... one that she wouldn't trade for anything. She loved every second, and if it never happened again, it was worth it for this single moment of seeing her naked in my bed, panting like an exhausted animal as the sweat glistened on her skin.

She does look beautiful naked.

Climbing on the bed, between her legs, she wrapped her fingers around my thickness and rubbed the head between those lips. I savored the sensation of feeling her pussy spread to take my cock, and as each inch slowly slipped inside her, it was as if I were sliding into warm velvet.

The entirety of my hardness inside her body, I began to slowly fuck her, enjoying ever stroke... every inch of the plunge and pull... every second of the way her warm pussy felt as it engulfed my cock. A little faster and a little harder, I started to hear that spank between her legs, and I could see the wildness of her begin to emerge.

I rose so that I could watch such beauty react to the hard fucking I gave her, and to see her skin move against the mattress with every hard thrust of my cock into her body... her breasts heaving up and down with the motion... the pinkness of her chest as her pulse raced with excitement... and that beautiful expression as she became lost in the wave... she was a woman lost to bliss.

I made her cum time and again, and I could have watched her for hours, but I had not seen all of her yet.

Rolling her over and pulling her to her knees, I savored the sight of her tender ass. Slipping back in, my cock pushed a little deeper, and I slid my hand along her spine as I began to fuck her. The sound of her breath changed when my fingers slipped into her hair and pulled lightly, and as I squeezed my fingers into her hair a little harder, she seemed to take it as a challenge to fight.

It wasn't much of a fight as she pulled against my grip, but pulling harder and forcing her to lift her head, she caught sight of herself in the mirror with me behind her, and that defiant streak of playful submission began to emerge. I pulled, and she would fuck back against me as I forced her to watch her fucking, and that pained look as I squeezed her hair also carried a wicked grin that I will never forget. The sound of the hard spank of my hand against her ass filled the room and elicited a low, guttural moan as she took in the bite of her pain, and she raged against the hardness that much more.

Looking down at her ass, and the ripples that rolled across her hips as my cock fucked her hard and fast, I could see that pretty “exit only”, and I felt compelled to rub it with my thumb. No, I didn't fuck her in the ass... but I did press my thumb just a bit... just enough to make her feel threatened, and I waited for that desperate need to feel the violation.

Her eyes studied our reflection, darting back and forth between her controlled woman, and me behind her pulling all her strings. Her fucking slowed, and she waited patiently for me to proceed. My thumb sunk slowly into her bottom, and she cringed at the shock and pain, but once in... I held it still and allowed her to adjust. She allowed that violation for a few seconds before the fear of it became too much, and I respected her enough to pull it out and return to the comforts she knew.

I fucked her for a good half hour after that, and when she was too exhausted to continue, she asked me to cum. I asked her where she wanted it, and she did not hesitate to roll to her back and pull me between her legs once more. She whispered in my ear as I began to ..(continue confession)


I wish I could be taken care of, by a sugar daddy. I just want to be there for someone, and they be there for me. If I could choose, I would like him to be sexually attractive to me and like sex. I hope I can find one soon. With covid going on I doubt it will happen. If I could go out safely, I would love to do lots of things and explore my sexuality. Pray for me....I want cock (sad face).

I Dreamed Of A Stalker

Last Night I had a dream that I was shopping in Dollar General and as I was leaving the store some bitch yells at me to come her direction and I ignore her and meet with my family and that bitch is just staring at me and then starts following me to the point I had to get a gun and shoot that creepy stalking bitch and then I woke up.

It was so weird but I really hope I don't half to kill some annoying bitch who doesn't know how to accept boundaries.

I Like Old Perverts

I dream and wish for 6 or more 60 yr old plus men having me get down on my knees and give me a piss bukake.

I would let them drench me and use my mouth.

This What You Always Wanted

A really good friend from many years ago got back in touch with me. Dylan is a few years older than me. When we met, I knew he was into me from the start. His eyes were all over me.
Only problem is he's always been married. He contacted me & I knew he wanted more than just a get together for lunch and catching up on the 4 years we haven't seen or talked to each other. He expressed how lonely he was, that him & the wife have sex maybe 3 times a year. He told me how he jerks off everyday thinking of me, hoping I think of him too as I finger my clit. And yes, I do fantasize & masterbate thinking about him, ALOT!!! We decided to meet at a restaurant that was near a forest preserve. After we had lunch & a couple of drinks, we were feeling buzzed & aroused. We went to the woods saying we needed to walk off our lunch, but both of us fully knowing we were going there to fuck! My pussy was so moist for Dylan. I did wear a skirt on purpose, knowing we had to have easy access. Once we got far enough in with lots of privacy, Dylan pointed out a good spot for our sexcapade. We started kissing passionately and his middle finger found its way to my gushing gash. He pushed my soaking wet panties to the side & got to fingering my pussy. I moaned for him, "Oh Dylan" as he inserted 2 more fingers deep inside. I did cum as he fucked me with his fingers. He then had to unzip his pants because of his big bulge that was getting so swollen! I needed to get my mouth on that swollen cock, asap! I got to my knees & began to suck Dylan off with such a gentle, methodical vengeance, maybe for all the years his wife refused all blowjob's. I actually got off thinking I was his cock queen. Before he reached the point of cuming, I took my panties off and told Dylan to fuck me now! He was throbbing as he slowly inched in my soaking wet c**t. We both were grunting loudly in synch. He was fucking me on the forest floor! My pussy had his cock locked in like a vice grip! He whispered in my ear how tight & wet I felt. Then just before he came so hard in my pussy, he jammed his tongue my ear, so warm & wet. Then just before we both orgasmed, he picked up the beyond wet panties & stuffed them in my face, in my nose. The were so stinky & mushy! Then, he started tensing up inside of me, forcefully cuming & saying "Skylar, I'm yours!"

  • I Want An Affair

    I'm 38, and live in Liberty, MO, a suburb outside of Kansas City. I"m married but we aren't happy. I workout all the time, and work for a large corporation all that being said...I want an affair so bad. There are soo many attractive women at work and where I live, I've had opportunities before to cheat, but I have never acted on any of them. I have a large cock, right around 8". I have black hair and dark brown eyes, I'm 5'8"... I stroke my cock often thinking of all the ladies I've passed on...maybe one day. If any women are close by, I'd love to hear from you all.