What are your mostly closely held dreams, desires, and fantasies? What are your wishes and dreams for the future?

I Want This Random Girl To Destroy My Hole

Honestly, it's a little off putting. I thought I was a heterosexual cis gendered male before this girl. Then I met her through a mutual friend and I've literally only been able to think of her putting me in a tiny chastity cage and fucking me senseless with a strap on.

It's more than that too, I want her to do literally anything to me. I want her to force me to eat my own cum, to spank me, to make me wear hear panties and bra, I want her to make me roleplay as so many different things, like a submissive sissy housewife, as her horny, begging, bitch in heat, pet that can't go another moment without her cock. The list goes on. I even started training my hole in case someday she actually does all those things.

  • What To Do?

    In my growing up neighborhood lots of illegal stuff goes on. A girl I know (15) is now prostituting. I just never fell for any of that, kept my ass clean, finished high school and went to college (thanks to my sugar daddy). I don't live in the hood anymore, I'm uptown in a riverside condo (thanks to my sugar daddy). I was young when my sugar daddy came into my life (15), but he kept my ass clean and better a sugar daddy and a clean ass than a prostitute.

    I talked to my sugar daddy for a set up to help girls like her. He will help but he thinks it's going to be nothing but disappointment. I have to try. I don't have permission to bring home a stray. He doesn't want a head trip bitch in his condo, and he is a zero tolerance man. When I say I had to keep my ass clean, I mean a clean ass. Nothing, nada, no how. Daddy won't allow it.

    I met with a ladies group, but they believe its about God. God matters, but God isn't in the hood. Forget social services, they are useless. What's needed is the Terminator to clean out the hood of hoods. I talked to a woman my Daddy sent me to, she's a lesbian woman. She wants to start an activist female movement, shame the kids, get in the face of the hoods, offer an alternative. One in Ten, that's her guess. Right now its None in Ten. I'm a follower, a Daddy's girl, not an in your face girl.

    I'm still not sure what to do. My Daddy doesn't want me hurt. I don't have a plan. I just can't see another girl drop out and dance in a club and sell herself so some hood can buy a BMW.

    Former Manager

    I have a friend, Suzan, who I have known for a couple of years. We got pretty close when she was my manager. We even hung out outside of work and sent text messages to each other almost everyday. We just joked and talked about work. I'd be lying if I said I didn't find her attractive from the beginning. I always took every opportunity to check her out.

    If anyone is curious as to how she looks, just check out Queentofu on YouTube. She looks, acts, and sounds exactly like Suzan; however, Suzan has thicker thighs and a nice ass. I've even shown her a video of Queentofu, telling her it's her twin, and she replied, "Wow. She is!" So, she confessed once that she didn't care for sex and preferred not to have it. And she said she didn't like guys staring at her like an object. To me, when I would work with her, she looked like the kind of woman who took her job too seriously and wouldn't hesitate to fire you. Of course, once we started texting each other that changed. She let me get away with a lot - I could leave work at any time, get to work late, and just be lazy if I wanted. We even talked about being roommates at one time, but I declined because I was in a relationship at the time and I knew I wouldn't control myself around Suzan and would probably ruin our friendship if I tried anything.

    Anyway, back to my confession. In July, we were texting. It has been over a year since we've seen each other and we talked about it. Of course, her being a manager, she works all the time and gets one day off, if she's lucky since they'll often call her in because she knows what she's doing. Now, she has a boyfriend and lives with him, but he doesn't really appreciate her. He's one of those "I got you so why should I even try anymore" types. Of course, she was feeling down about it. When Covid hit and restaurants shut down, she picked up writing and would send me her stories. Apparently, her boyfriend just laughed at them and her for writing them.

    Anyway, while we were texting, and I don't know why, I just told her how I wanted her, how I would've grabbed her and kissed her all the times we were alone at work or hanging out. I expected her to get upset, especially since, as I mentioned above, she said she didn't care for sex, but, instead, she was surprised and asked me if that was all I would do to her. I then brought up to her how I would eat her pussy and fuck her. She would text me back saying things like, "Damn. You're naughty", "Its making me hot", and "You have my mind thinking and seeing all of that". For the next three nights, I would tell her how much I wanted her and how I would treat her how she should be treated. She would respond how she wanted it to happen and thought of it all the time, even at work. It was easy to text her without worrying about her boyfriend seeing them or knowing because he didn't care what she did and he would be sleeping all day and be at work all night.

    She then said a few days later how she's self-conscious and that's why she doesn't care for sex, but how she wants to do it with me so long as I don't judge her. And she said how her work schedule is all over the place so she can't say when we'd be able to meet. And then she said how she was hesitant because she knows she would enjoy it and want more, and she's not sure she wants to while she's with her boyfriend. So, for the time being, I will wait till her and him get into an argument and he leaves, ignoring her for days, and she comes crying to me. I only say that because it's happened before, but I didn't take advantage of the situation like I should've. Apparently, she later told me, she was hoping I had done something, but I didn't. Again, till then, I wait.

  • Deprived Appetite

    Making friends with a discrete man my age, who wants to play nasty.
    After admiring my nice hunk of meat, kissing it, licking it, and showing his love of a fine phallus.

    Situated with my head facing upward from the edge of the mattress. I kiss and lick slobber on and around his balls, catching head of his prick with my slobbering greedy tongue. Excitedly he's rubbing his ball's and flaccid cock all over my face.

    I moaned deeply inhaling the scent of his crotch, he knew I was ready to service his need.
    He let his dick rest on my lips, I kissed and licked along the shaft. Taking into my hungry mouth, tasting the muskiness of that cock as it hardens in my mouth enjoying the softness as it lasted.

    Uh oh! Now there's a raging hard dick on the loose looking to deep fuck something, and my throat is right there in the way, and my mouth is wide open, look's like I'm gonna get face fucked.

    Slowly he fills my mouth with everharding cock, letting me get a taste but consistancy banging my tonsils.
    Pushing past the back of my mouth into my throat and back out again, only to come right back and penetrate my throat again, and again.
    Tugging and stroking lightly on his ball's I feel them as they tighten with anticipation of eventual ejactulation.

    Bang! Again past the back of my mouth into my throat deeper, and deeper he fills me up.
    Entering his cock balls deep stopping momentarily and a few short bangs as he fucks my face however he pleases, repeatedly pounding the back of my mouth to the entrance of my throat letting me feel it as he breaks into and violate throat.

    Stroking and tugging at his sexy balls, running my fingers up to his ass I rest one finger on his ass hole, pushing the cheek aside to make space for a second finger to rest on that ass. Massaging lightly while penetrating with one, and stretching with the other trying to in.

    He's fucking deeply and leaving his cock in me longer, holding deep pounding me with short strokes, with the sight, and scent of his ball's that continually slap the nose on my face encourages me to wiggle that second finger and diddle that prostate, as he pounds away at me.

    Abruptly he stiffens, balls plastered to my face, two fingers in his ass, the feel of nice smooth cock spraying warm yummy cum deep into my just throughly fucked throat.
    He laughs as he backs off of me.

    Before I Die

    I just want to confess that before I die I would like to at least just once have sex with a Japanese woman. I think some of them at the most beautiful and sexy women on the earth. I live near Augusta Ga. and there are not many around here so I probably will never get to experience one. A friend said just get a Japanese prostitute. But I won't go there. Never had sex with a prostitute and never will.

    And for those of you who think I'm some lame fat ass who can't get laid, that's far from the truth. Not that it matters. I'm just confessing my frustration.

    To those of you who have had the pleasure, I envy you. I bet they are simply awesome in bed.

  • Revelations With My Girl Best Friend

    This was 2 years ago. Its something which I could only dream of happening.

    It was summer. Kenzie had invited me over to chill. Her house was a 10-minute walk from my place. She was my best friend since freshman year. I left my house at 11 and started walking. I began thinking about Kenzie. She had a dusky complexion and a small but thick frame. A height of 5'3" (160 cms) and curves at the perfect places made her breedable.

    I had watched her grow over the years from a girl into a woman. Her bra size must be 38D. Her but was bubbly. In all, her assets bounced all the time. Sometimes she would sport a deep cleavage. She had black hair below the shoulder length and big eyes. And an hourglass figure.

    She maintained it all through athletics. Once I had seen her performing, bent down completely such that her boobs touched above her knees. I had fantasized about fucking her in that position. It would turn me on when she would sit across me at school, putting one leg over the other as girls do. Seeing her thick butt and thighs from behind was one of the best things in my life. It got me through many tough nights.

    I reached her house and rang the bell. Her mom answered and we exchanged greetings.

    "Welcome, Stephan. She must be in her room. Make yourself at home."

    "Thank you, Mrs. Dawson." And I proceeded towards her room. It was the last from in the passageway, from down the hall to the right.

    I knocked. No answer. I let myself in. It was okay to do so. I entered and closed the door behind me. I sat on the bed. Across the other side of the bed to my right was the bathroom door. The shower was running. She was showering. All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind.

    "She's naked in there. Is she masturbating? Does she use the showerhead or her hands? Is she pinching her nipples? Does she squirt?"

    I touched the bedsheets around me. Does she masturbate in the bed? At what time? Has she moaned into these pillows here? Lust filled me.

    I looked around and saw the cupboards and the wardrobe. What was inside the closet? Sexy dresses? Maybe. Underwear? Bras and panties? Personal products? Slutty thongs? Bikinis? The answers lied just a few feet away.

    I snapped back to reality when the shower stopped.

    "There she comes." I thought.

    The door opened, she stood there, rinsing her hair, her eyes covered by them. I had a look at her. She was only wearing black panties. The panties smoothly disappeared between her thick thighs.

    "How must she feel the fabric against her pussy lips?" I wondered.

    The towel covered her robust chest. In a moment, she saw me sitting right across.

    "Stephan!" She turned around.
    I got a clear view of her backside now. The hourglass figure. The thick butt and thighs. The cheeks ate away her panties.

    "Let me wear something at least." She walked to the closet in front of me and dropped the towel. I could make out the outline of her heavy bosom. She opened the closet and took out the black bra.

    While wearing it and hooking the bra at back she said, "I usually stay topless or naked in my room but I have to maintain decency today. Hahaha." and finally turned around.

    She smiled and started coming towards the bed. She sat right next to me. I could feel the after-shower heat emanating from her.

    "My mom let you in, didn't she?" She asked.

    "Yes." I answered, looking everywhere else but towards her.

    "Woah are you uncomfortable? Like you've never seen my boobs." She joked.

    "You do sport a cleavage sometimes but nothing more than that." I said.

    "Look at me!" she said. I didn't

    "Look at me!" Again

    I did.

    She shrugged her shoulders and jiggled her boobs. It was a sight to behold. She started laughing then.

    "Enough," I said. "You've already put up a lot of show."

    "Oh of course. When I turned around right? I'm underdressed anyway. But I don't feel conscious about it with you. In fact, you're gonna lose the t-shirt as well.

    She proceeded to sit on me, grabbing my t-shirt and removing it from over my head. I looked at her. Our eyes met. What was she thinking? Is she seducing me?

    I kept staring in her big black eyes. I leaned in. We kissed. Oh my God! What a kiss!
    We stopped and looked at each other.

    "Oh My God Stephan! I'm so horny for you. I need you." She put all her weight on me. The weight of her heavy bosom on my chest, and the fabric of the bra felt smooth. Her heavy butt on my hips, my boner was forming.

    She kissed me on the lips again and I meanwhile I unhooked her bra and put it away. I held and cupped her juicy breasts and slipped my hands down to her waist and held her tightly. She let out a tine moan.

    She backed up and started undoing my jeans. After pulling my jeans away she sat on me again and my boner could feel the heat of her lady parts. She was so in heat. She got down from the bed, to my left, and while facing the other way, undid her panties.

    She bent completely while rolling them down. A string of her juices held on between her pussy lips and the panties. I could see all her cracks and hole, the exact position in how I wanted to fuck her. She turned and smiled. I t was a devilish grin.

    She climbed back up and held my boxers. She undid them and my erection stood up.

    "Ughhh it looks delicious." She threw the boxers away, separated my legs as much as she could and sat in between, in the basic yoga pose and bent down on my dick.

    I made her hair into a bun and saw her hands at her back. She was working only with the mouth and head. Thanks to her incredible flexibility due to athletics.

    I felt her warm tongue on the tip first. She licked around it, then proceeding to take the head inside her mouth and holding it. And slowly going up and down, using her tongue wisely. Only after a few minutes, I knew I'd be cumming soon. She was working her way in a very devoted manner. Like there was nothing else rather than my dick in the world.

    I felt the sensations now. "I'm gonna cum!" I exclaimed.

    That's when she tightened her lips on my member. My hips spasmed. Rope after rope of hot cum, I shot inside her warm welcoming mouth. After I was done , she rose up. Gargled my sperm and showed me, looking in my eyes, she swallowed all of it, licking around her lips after.

    "Its super tasty." She winked at me. I got up as she backed. As I looked at the bed again, I saw the wet spot she had created whilst blowing me. Her pussy was drooling all along. It was a damp, oval spot, made from pure lust.

    I looked at her. I was looking at the naughtiest expression she'd ever posen. I grabbed her but cheeks as I kissed her neck and let her down on the bed. She sat back leaning on the bedpost.

    "Do you know what I was doing in the bathroom, Stephan?"

    "Well, I have an idea now."

    "You're probably right. But it was tough for me. Putting soap all over my body, under my boobs, I felt I wasn't enough. I needed your help. While shaving my pussy I felt your absence, Stephan. It was difficult for me to touch my boobs, brush my nipples without getting turned on, not playing with my clit or sticking a finger or two inside my modesty whilst I needed to cum over and over, wanted to orgasm, one after another."

    She sounded so hot and desparate to cum. I wanted to make her cum right then and there.

    "But I wanted to do it in front of you. But I'm gonna think I'm alone so I'll be closing my eyes. You can enjoy the show now."

    She leaned back on the ..(continue confession)

    I Wanna Have A Vagina

    I'm not trans but, if I had the money, I'd undergo sex change surgery just so I can have a vagina. The idea of having a fuckhole I don't have to worry about that much when it comes to cleaning or douching is everything I could ever ask for. Who knows, maybe I can get some straight men to fuck my new pussy as well hahaha.

    Step Dad Fantasy

    Hey everyone!
    I have dreams and I have also (this is a little personal and making me blush) fantasies and I have and will get to that later in my confession.
    I'm sparrow it's a nickname and I want to get something off my chest that I have been wanting to do for quite some time now!!
    First of all, has anyone or anybody have ever had a person Walk into there life and fall head over heels in Love with that certain individual?
    Well I did and still am in love with this person!!
    It happened to me in 2011 my mom was a single mother and she met this guy at her work and they started to converse and finally exchange numbers and they continued to talk and go out on dates for a while.well after a while months, I finally got to meet this person" Edward" he came to our house one day to take out my mom and he also invited me to go with them. He was tall and really cute and he had a beautiful smile and really cute deep dimples and I was like


    Earlier this year, I had connected with a girl who posted somewhere that she wanted to roleplay; just strictly roleplay because she had a boyfriend. I contacted her and we started exchanging messages back and forth. Once we got the scenario, limits, and length out of the way, we started roleplaying. Before we started, she said she didn't want to exchange pictures. I had no issue with that since I just wanted a genuine roleplay and I didn't expect it to go beyond just texting for that one day.

    The roleplay was that she would be taken advantage of by me as her mom left us alone. We kept up the roleplay for more than one day then we took a break from messaging. It was a really hot roleplay. A couple of days go by and I message her and ask her if she's up for roleplaying. She said she was so we started, but with a much more precise scenario. This is when I found out what she really liked.

    In the scenario, she wanted it to be her and I returning from a date. Suddenly, it would turn into a CNC setting. It was during this that she told me she wanted to be degraded, physically beaten black and blue, yelled at, crying, choked, slapped, impregnated, and bitten. We did the roleplay and she really got into it, as did I. The roleplay lasted for several hours. After, we took a break.

    To save all of you my repetition, we roleplayed numerous times. The only thing that was different was that she would always message me asking if I'm busy because she wanted to roleplay. All of them involved her being beaten, humiliated, crying, and forced. She seemed very eager to roleplay with me.

    As I stated earlier, I only expected to roleplay with her for a day. However, that day became over a month. We roleplayed and I could tell she was very comfortable and into it with me. I say that because, out of nowhere, she sent a picture of her in a baby blue checkered bra and underwear. She looked cute. She was lying down and had her hair either dyed blue or was wearing a wig. Either way, it matched her outfit. She wore pitch black contacts, and had a pink collar with metal spikes around her neck. Her bra was pulled down so you could see her pierced nipples. I didn't ask for more because I figured if I did then she would think that would be the only thing I wanted from her from now on.

    During one of our breaks, I asked her if she enjoyed our roleplaying. She stated that she did because she really wanted it, but people were too scared to go that far in the roleplay. She then said how she enjoyed roleplaying with me because I really got into the role and I wasn't put off. Then she said how she was wanting it to actually happen to her, but she knew it wouldn't. Maybe her boyfriend wasn't into that or she just felt it better to keep it a fantasy. It was also during this time that we actually got to know each other. Where we lived, likes, dislikes, etc., and even joked about various things. Finally, I asked her if she wanted to see me since I had seen her. She said yes and I sent her my picture. She responded: "What... I wasn't expecting that. You're attractive!"

    We roleplayed a few more times after that and it was fun. The last roleplay was a scenario where we were at a Halloween party and she showed up wearing a very revealing outfit. From there, I would get her drunk and have my way with her. She even sent me a picture of her wearing white, thigh high stockings, a black thong, a black corset, and her breasts out with four-leaf clovers covering her nipples. She said, "Imagine me walking in like this." Boy, did I imagine.

    After this roleplay, we talked a few more times then we stopped. According to her, she was getting too attached and going beyond the roleplay. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't obvious. There was a time that I mentioned to her I would be unable to message her because I had to, possibly, go on a work training and I didn't want distractions. She responded by crying and saying, "You're leaving me?!" Anyway, she also said her boyfriend could tell she was letting the roleplaying get beyond its intended purpose so she felt it better to stop. I didn't protest. We ended our talk with her saying, "I'll definitely want to start the roleplays again some time." It's been a couple of months and nothing. Still, if you have read my confessions, you'll see that I'm good. Whether or not I hear from her again is up to her. I did enjoy those roleplays though. And for those wondering, yes, I kept the pictures.

  • If Only

    So I work in construction, I get to go to different site and help out and A couple times at break some of the workers would go to the far end of the site or the top floor and fuck the women workers. When there are no girls I’ve seen them put porn on and jerk off..jerk each other or fuck each other… it’s so hot… I really want to let them know I’m a FTM and my holes are open for them to use freely… My co worker hunter knows I’m trans and a couple times we’ve taken breaks to fuck.. I just wish other workers seen that I have a pussy and use me… I wear a butt plug most days now..