What are your mostly closely held dreams, desires, and fantasies? What are your wishes and dreams for the future?

I Want To Fuck My Old Boss

Back in college, I was an RA, my first job. My boss, Lisa, was a total bitch - she was in her 30s and from some of her comments it was clear that she was a failed counselor and was doing the job of hall director as a stop-gap until better else came along. She used to go out once a week and come back to the building drunk - all the staff knew not to bother her on Wednesday nights. She was the kind of boss that you just couldn't make happy, even when you made the mark she made you feel like you didn't. I really hated working for her at that time.

Fast forward to about five years ago, and our paths crossed again. Now in her 50s, she was a counselor, had sobered up (she did have a drinking problem), and had undergone a transformation. She was happy. We became friends on social media, and you could see a HUGE difference.

And that's when it started, my curiosity about if she was satisfied in ALL aspects of her life. She's not hot by any means - she has crow's feet that hit when she smiles (which is often) and bright blue eyes, honey blonde hair that sits shoulder length. I like her cute glasses she wears, classic but sassy. Decent use of skincare products and makeup. She's skinny but thick, with a generous backside and thighs, not much in the way of tits at all. But there is something attractive about her now, her energy and genuine happiness make her appealing.

I want to fuck her - see if I could please her, see that pussy (which I'm sure is shaved), and cum all over her decently flat stomach at least if not inside her. It's been 20 years, I think I know enough now to help her get the job done.

  • Coworker Fantasy

    Jenn is a coworker of mine and she is looking really good. She has long blonde hair and a tight body. Great curves. Recently, I've been thinking about her more and more. I have this fantasy about having some hot oral sex and making love to her. I think she would be fun doggy style. That gets me hard thinking about it. The problem being we're both married with busy schedules so I doubt it would happen. But, it's nice to think about.

    Need To Suck And Fuck

    Ok so I'm married, 2 kids and wonderful wife. For the last year I have been having some very Bi fantasies and noticed that I am reading a lot of the bi confessions.

    I love my wife dearly and have no desire to have another mail included in our sexual acts, however I do want a cock, nothing massive yet!!! I find myself looking at trans porn and looking for trans escorts, but haven't had the courage to do anything.

    I wont go on grinder out of fear my wife will find out and end my marriage, but the urges are getting a bit more intense, when reading certain confession i can feel my underwear getting slightly wet at times.

    We have pegged but the wife has gone off this, she was very into it and Cumming freely with no hands drives me mad. i want a nice creamed asshole once this is done i want this new cock to go back in and fuck me using there cum as lube, i want to be used like this even to the pint that if he want me to take the load on my face and clean it with my tongue I will.

    What can I do?? I think if I do this once it will be out of my system and that's that but my sexual drive is gone into overdrive and this is all I really want at the moment.

    God I need this to happen but absolutely terrified.

  • Fooling Around With My Crush

    My crush is married to a wonderful girl that no one would ever believe he'd cheat on, the kind of girl next door perfection that I really shouldn't be able to compete with on any level. She's perfect.

    Regardless, Beth there are some things you should know.

    Your husband kissed me for the first time on a hot August night - you thought he was doing a late night property walk when instead he was driving around with me looking for somewhere to park after a full month of online flirting and some conversations you don't want to know the details about.

    I met up with him in his office one night late and he teased me so hard I had to masturbate in my car in the parking lot outside your apartment. He loves messing around with a gal's neck while massaging her thigh, doesn't he?

    I met him in a park one night and he showed me his cock and stroked it for me. That night he called my bluff, so I showed up with condoms and lube. He teased me (as usual), then left, but not without leaving pre-cum all over my leg.

    When he went for a job interview, I met him at the hotel he was staying at and spent the night with him. That night he wouldn't kiss me on the mouth, but would roll over and tease me and rub his hard cock all over my ass and legs. Then the asshole would roll over - this went on for nearly two hours until he finally fell asleep. I held him like he was mine.

    When I was at a Superbowl party with my friends, he was texting me the whole time to go masturbate in my best friend's bathroom. I happily obliged and sent him pictures. That night I tasted my pussy for the first time at his request.

    I've sucked your husband's cock, lapped up cum from his stomach the time he jerked off in front of me in my bed. That time he told you he was going to the store at 3am because he couldn't sleep. He couldn't sleep because of me. He's the first guy to date that pulled me up mid-blowjob for a kiss and my pussy has ached for that image for a LONG time. I'll bet he does that for you, too.

    I've seen videos of you sucking his cock that he sent me - for awhile I probably saw his cock as much as you did. Your technique is excellent.

    And when I came out for "game nights" if I could get him alone I sent him pictures of my pussy from where I masturbated and squirted for him. The last night I saw him most recently I was trying to get him to sneak off to the bathroom with me for a fuck. He dodged me that night.

    I have a wonderful boyfriend now, so I do feel a little bit bad that we did all this. But it felt incredible to be playing a sexy game of chicken. So thanks for the MANY (many) hot orgasms I had for or due to your man.

    My Creampie Dream

    I want to meet a pretty married woman with a thick 1970s crop of brunette pussy hair who will feed me her creampie after her husband has fucked her and filled her to overflowing with his load of cum.

    I have eaten my own creampie out of my various girlfriends over the years, but have never had the chance to do this with a married couple. It makes me so fucking horny to think of gently licking and sucking a married woman's hairy pussy clean after her husband has fucked her, making her come in my mouth over and over again.

    Of course I would have a raging hard-on after cleaning her pussy. She would then make me masturbate and shoot my load in her thick, dark pubic hair - and then clean her up again...

  • Temptation

    My stunningly beautiful wife got the hots for my boss, at the office party, and flirted with him openly, to his delight...He's big and powerful, divorced, and is rumored to have a really diverse sex-life. He and I have never got along, but I'm good at my job. Anyway, she invited him to dinner the following Friday, and threatened me within an inch of my (sex) life if I didn't behave respectfully and welcoming.
    The dinner went okay, as I served, and cleared up later..."You seem to have him well-trained! I wish I could get this kind of respect and obedience at work!"
    She laughed and said "Oh that is NO problem at all! I want him to keep this job, and maybe be eligible for a raise, a promotion, whatever...I can show you how to twist him round your little finger, just as I do, and turn him into an unselfish, helpful, respectful and utterly obedient employee...if you're interested, that is..."
    "Oh HELL I'm interested! I need the other guys in the office to see his constant respect for me - his obedience...my power over him...I'd be happy to pay you a "consultancy" fee - a generous one at that, for any help and advice you can give me..."
    "On one condition...you make love to me, as often and as long, as I want!"
    "Won't he have something to say about that?" he demanded.
    "No. Literally nothing...he WILL obey me though - and by proxy YOU! I know where all the metaphorical bodies are buried...and I could easily see him put in prison for a long time...!"
    "Fascinating! Okay, where do we go from here?"
    "He's half your size and weight...bit of a wuss, really...why don't you uh, bring him to the bedroom - forcibly if need be - follow me, please! She finished her wine, and strode off.
    "We can do this the easy way or the hard way! Your choice!" he snapped, already a little the worse for all the wine...
    I sighed, shoulders slumped in defeat, and preceded him down the hall to the bedroom, where she had already produced the large olive-drab bag, from the closet.
    "You!" she barked.. "Get your clothes off!" To him..."You! Get him in that bag, and chain it at the neck, waist, and under his feet...the stuff you need is all in that small leather bag...I'm going to the bathroom to freshen up...get TO it, gentlemen!"
    He looked at me appraisingly..."This is SO cool! I'm in! Whatever it takes! Again, easy or hard?"
    "I'm not letting you put me in there!" I said weakly, really anxious at some deep dark level, to be forcibly bagged.
    "Oh yes you are!" he chuckled, and did just that! It felt good...
    In a hectic couple of minutes, I was chained up in the rubber-lined canvas bag, and lying on the bed, utterly helpless.
    "I could REALLY get used to this!" he laughed evilly..."I have absolute power! Total control!"
    She returned, saying "So what are you going to do with it? Where are the keys?"
    "I'm keeping them...in fact I'll take them with me when I leave - wouldn't want you getting all soft, and letting him out!"
    "Okay, I agree...now show me what you got, big guy!'
    They fucked endlessly right beside me on the bed, as I lay there silent, and utterly helpless, as the woman I adored gave herself willingly to the brute I worked for.
    He was insatiable, her not so much, and I quickly found myself with my mouth crammed with hot, hard flesh, as he face-fucked me through the small zipper across my mouth, to her great amusement and encouragement.
    "He's going to have a long, hard, weekend, if you know what I mean!" she joked. "But my needs come first! With this being a holiday weekend, four days for most people - your company included - I think you will find him very compliant to your every wish, your every whim, your every command, by the time you drive him to work, and show off the photographs and video from your smart phone, to all and sundry...they'll have NO difficulty seeing who's in charge, and who owes you respect and obedience! Don't you think?"
    "Fuck'n A, babe! His pathetic life ain't going to be worth spit! All the other guys are divorcees too - I bet they'd form a line, to get their cocks sucked!"
    That was a year ago, and she now let's the entire staff make "love" to her, and make use of me, anywhere, any time, their places, or mine...I've almost forgotten what the light of day feels like, chained up as I remain, most of the time - with her stun-gun at the ready to ensure my obedient return to the bag, after toilet, hygiene, nutrition, break, none of which ever last more than fifteen minutes...This enslavement seems to have struck a chord, deep in my 'near-insane' psyche, and I offer no resistance, ever...

    Prostitute My Wife

    I want my wife to be a prostitute.
    Would like to see her behind window in the red light district.
    See a stranger enter the house, and then how she closes the curtains.
    20 minutes later the man comes out the door, and she opens the curtains again.
    I know that it has been happened.
    She takes her place behind the window.
    She is a whore.

    Getting Personal With My Fetish

    Pussy fixation. I'm female, not gay, but pussy fascinates me. It is a visual fetish but I tried it. A young woman I was introduced to at a friend's art showing. Uh, interesting. Juicy, yes. I had to wash my face afterwards. I told my friend thanks but no thanks. But as the weeks are going by I am hungry to try again, the same girl I don't want to go down on anyone else. She is understandably hesitant, hopefully my friend can change her mind.

    Just Wishes

    I just wish I had a sugar daddy to take care of me but Canada sucks, I wish more guys were into transmen too.

  • Oh The Dream To Be Taken Care Of And Used

    I wish I had a sugar daddy or momma that fucks me whenever they want or even if they wanna whore me out to their friends.

    I want to be taken care of too.

    Oh the dream…

    I wish more people liked transmenx

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