What are your most deeply held desires and dreams? What do you wish for in the future? Do you have any fantasies that you've always wanted to fulfill? Do you have any fantasies that you've always wanted to fulfill?

How Did You Fall In Love?

I went running with a friend and twisted my ankle. While I was trying to stand, leaning on her, she kissed my cheek. I asked her what that meant. She was embarrassed and tried to play it down. But it was an intentional kiss.

After I was back to where I could run again, six long weeks. I took her hand and pulled her around, 'why did you kiss me?'. She wanted to pull away but I didn't let her. I kissed her lips, just as intentional of her kissing my cheek. 'Now we are even'. We ran in silence, when we got back I told her next time I wanted her to kiss back and to make it count.

See, I never thought about her like that, not until she kissed me. I had six long weeks to think about her. When you kiss trembling lips it does something to you. That's why I pushed, shoved actually. It's friends 'with benefits' now. I want more, a lot more. You don't just meet someone like her on the street corner. Shit, or fall in love over a kiss on the cheek.

  • Changing Partners, Lifestyle, Has Helped My Anxiety And Self Esteem

    Following a nervous breakdown I took some time off in Santa Fe. I read, music, but no strained people issues. I reexamined my life and concluded that my various relationships led to my nervous breakdown. My life was in the toilet.

    I contacted an old classmate from years earlier. He flew to Santa Fe, we had several long and deep talks. Always it circled back to my choice in relationships. I picked badly, and failed to recognize it. He offered me a room and time. I moved to Austin, actually a town called Bastrop.

    Semi rural, small town, I had the run of the house, he is a pilot and has overnight travel. One night he asked if I wanted company. I was very ambivalent, but I recognized he wanted my company. I surrendered to him, little did I expect him to push it to the next level.

    I found myself agreeing and becoming formally committed to him. A small ceremony a couple of months later and I was married. 37 and in over my head. I've been married now 18 months. He supports me and the household. I haven't returned to any gainful employment. I've been supervising some remodeling and updating. Not something I'm all that comfortable with.

    One thing, I haven't had any anxiety issues. No breakdowns. I feel I have my life back.

    Oh I Think It'll Fit Just Fine

    My wife and I have been married for around ten years when we got to taking about what we could do to liven up our sex life. We tried various vibrating toys and clit suckers which she enjoyed immensely. We talked about her trying another man as that was always my dream but she was unsure so we decided on her trying a huge realistic dildo, she had picked out a really big thick one and said she's always wanted to try fucking a massive cock. When the dildo arrived she took it out of the box and started laughing, saying it was way bigger than she thought it would be. I asked her if we should send it back but she said no, now that it was here she was definitely going to try it. It was a challenge she wanted to take to see if she could do it.

    That night we played around until she became extremely aroused and said she was ready to try that big cock. I lubed up her pussy as well as the dildo, then went down on her, as I was licking and sucking her clit I pressed the head of the giant dildo against her pussy. She stated to moan loudly saying Oh yes i want it and opened her legs as wide as she could pressing back on the dildo. It slowly started sliding into her hot waiting pussy and she climaxed immediately, crying "Oh Shit that's big!!!!" Don't stop keep going, as it slowly slid deeper into her, stretching her pussy wider, she became super aroused pumping her pelvis to take it deeper still, she had another huge climax saying oh yes, yes!! It feels good. She could only fit about nine inches inside her pussy but it was stretching her out big time. She was on fire, saying fuck me, fuck me hard! She was in sexual bliss experiencing multiple climaxes, her facial expressions were priceless as she was experiencing the biggest cock she'd ever had in her life.

    She rode that huge fake cock fast and hard for a good half hour before she experienced one last humongous orgasm and collapsed saying she was done, she was all fucked out. When I pulled that big dildo out of her, it left behind one destroyed pussy, gaping her pussy bigger than I had ever seen her pussy before, it was so hot!!! She was smiling saying wow! She absolutely loved it, she stated that once she was over being sore she wanted me to use it on her again. I climbed on and inserted my small cock into her huge gaping cavern and she laughed saying she couldn't feel me at all. I said I can feel you and it was fantastic, I came immediately! Her pussy was so hot, wet and loose, I loved it.

    Afterwards we talked about how much she enjoyed the huge dildo and what a turn on it was for both of us, i loved fucking her with it. She said she's going to want it all the time now that she's experienced such a big cock, she's definitely a size queen. She asked me if I still thought I'd like to see her try a real cock, one that's huge and super thick. I replied I most certainly would, the sooner the better! She replied "all rightly then, I gonna do it!" And we started planning on how to make it happen.

  • Daaaamn I Need Some Cock

    It's been a long time since I've been able to suck a cock it's been a long time since I've had a hard-on in my ass I'm in need of a good f*** I wish I could make some friends around here that could be a suck buddy I live in the country and it's kind of hard meet anyone. I do drive the truck stops now and then so I'm not very brave at talking to anyone I know I'd love to suck a cock I'd love to get f***** I've had it before and I know what I'm missing I need it bad.

    Baby Fever Is Real

    After college I got a job with industry. The department was all female, of course the bosses all male father figures. The water was contaminated and five women became pregnant. As the baby of the group I was the recipient of oodles of advise from the expectant mothers.

    By the time I realized I was contaminated all I could think of was a man , a house and a baby. If he was single, or going to be single, I was all over him. If he had the means to buy me a house it was 'sold'. I didn't ask him about babies, I couldn't imagine him not thinking babies with a new young wife.

    I never was one to wait, my middle name was impulsive, I was pregnant before the coffee pot stopped percolating the next morning. Only after the repeated assurances of the nurse at the doctor's office did I settle down enough to tell him. "You got knocked up already?"

  • Opening Wife Up To New Experiences

    My wife Jen and I had been married for about five years when we felt our sex life was becoming routine . We discussed then tried several different things to spice things up and discovered that Jen had a real preference for huge realistic dildos. She loved getting stretched and the stuffed sensation a big dildo gave her was phenomenal in her words. We incorporated the dildos into our everyday sex.

    Things were fun and exciting and she became very enthusiastic about sex again. I began fantasizing about wanting to watch her fuck an actual big cock. Time went by and I became more and more obsessed with my fantasy. One night after some hot sex I brought my fantasy up to her, she was initially shocked and unsettled buy my request but didn't get mad or dismiss the idea. We discussed it thoroughly and I answered all of her questions the best i could and reassured her that I wouldn't think anything bad or derogatory about her fucking another man. Just the opposite, I would find it thrilling and sexually satisfying, never condemning her for fulfilling my wishes.

    She considered it for several weeks before agreeing to do it telling me she would give it a trial fuck to see how we both would handle it before, during, and afterwards. As we discussed the boundaries, safe word, and who she would eventually fuck she began to become more excited and enthusiastic about having sex with another man. Her inhibitions and reservations soon began to fade and were replaced with anticipation and acceptance of what she was about to do. She was in fact looking forward to it! My wife had her inner slut coming out with surprisingly strong desires. I think she truly was enjoying becoming a naughty girl.

    We settled on a mutual friend that was rumored to be very well hung and was considered a real hunk. This really got Jen excited and wanting to experience extra marital sex. So I met with our friend Bill over drinks to feel him out, After several drinks and enjoyable conversation I bought up sex with my wife Jen. Bill was surprised but intrigued, he admitted he has fantasized about fucking Jen and was all for it. We set a date and time for him to come over to the house to fulfill my fantasy.

    Upon my return home Jen was waiting anxiously asking about how things went as soon as I got in the door. I could see she was excited and could hardly contain herself. I told her everything went very well and when Bill was soon coming over to fuck her. She giggled and with a big smile and a kiss thanked me for giving her such an opportunity to really explore her sensually and experience something she's never done before. She was amazed at herself on how easily and willingly she was accepting this huge lifestyle change.

    The night arrived and Bill came ready for action, as soon as he entered our living room he scooped up my wife and kissed her passionately. Jen didn't resist but started to undress Bill, as she dropped his pants and underwear she starred at one enormous cock and stated that she definitely was going to enjoy this. She preceded to give him as good a blow job as she could manage seeing she couldn't fully fit his cock into her mouth, she told Bill not to worry as she was sure he'd fit in her pussy. She took Bill by the hand and led him to our bedroom where she stripped and sat on the bed smiling.

    Bill positioned himself between her legs and gave her oral sex using no his tongue and fingers, working to open her up. Jen climaxed in minutes, soon Bill moved up and rubbed his huge cock against her open wet pussy. This drove Jen wild in anticipation of fucking his big cock, she was wild with desire as he slowly entered her pussy, giving her time to adjust to his size. She climaxed almost immediately and started moaning louder than I ever heard her before. She was saying Oh god yes, it feels so good! As Bill went deeper Jen had another huge orgasm followed by several smaller ones. Soon Bill had most of his cock buried deep in Jen's pussy, fucking her hard and fast. Jen was meeting his thrusts with her own fucking him as hard as she could. She experienced multiple climaxes, so many that I lost count. She was in pure ecstasy, her facial expressions showed it. She kept telling Bill to fuck her hard, she loved his big cock stretching her out!

    It took Bill about a half hour before he exploded his load into Jenny's c**t filling her pussy full of his cum. This made Jen cum again and she screamed in uninhibited lust. Bill soon rolled off Jen revealing a huge gaping c**t, bigger than I had ever seen it stretched open before. Minutes later his semen started to leak out of her pussy, it was hot ! Jen had the biggest smile I'd ever seen on her. They both got out of bed to shower together then Bill got dressed and we moved to the living room. We talked a while and Bill and Jen made plans to hook up again soon. Jen walked Bill to the door and kissed him goodbye.

    We talked about how things went so well and agreed to continue on our new lifestyle.

    Just Not Enough

    I need more. My husband is a very caring lover and makes sure I have an orgasm or two before his usual prone bone pound every couple of weeks. But it's just not enough for me. I crave cocks and find myself dreaming of being roughly taken by a group of men. Used, passed around, splattered and flooded with cum. It's become an obsession. Closest I get at home is sucking while riding a dildo.

    Last month I nearly cheated while at a work conference. I walked up to the hotel room holding two men's hands but I got cold feet right before we got to the room.

    I can't do that to my husband. I've brought up exploring our wild side a bit more and he responded so quickly with "I couldn't share you, and lord knows I couldn't please another woman worth a flip in a situation like that" that I changed the subject quickly.

    Ideally, I'd like to just find him another woman who would enjoy a hopeless romantic like him, take the time to teach him how to please her, and start going after what I really want and need. Cocks. Ugh, so frustratingly horny these days...


    My fantasy is to have sex with my 40 year old stepdaughter. A day with her would be a dream come true.

    Hey You! This Is What I Wanted You To Do.....

    Every morning, I crave him on my bed. I am about to wake up, but I start to feel him ready for me. He pulls me back to the bed and holds me tight from behind.
    I can feel all of him on my legs.
    He still has his eyes closed, but he starts to kiss me on my neck!
    He always knows my spots.
    He moves his hand on my waist and pulls me even closer to him.
    I can feel him ....
    And my alarm goes off!

  • Becoming Obsessed

    I'm a 60 year old married man and my sex life at home is not what it used to be. The old lady just isn't as interested as she used to be. Now she just lays there and gives it up, maybe once a month. Lately I've been looking at gay porn and I'm obsessing over finding a cute very young boy.

    It's been over 40 years since I was in Jr. high school when I'd get together with a group of guys to smoke weed and experiment with hot gay sex. I always thought it was just a phase that horny young guys did just for kicks. After I started getting pussy, I stopped doing it as much.

    Now I'm dying to find a slim young teen boy , a girlie type with a cute firm butt that I can stretch with my cock and then let him suck that brown cream from my cock. Of course, I'd return the favor.

    Oh god, how I miss those school days camping in the woods with the guys. Now every time I go to my grandson's swim meets and I see all those cute young guys in speedos, I get hard. Last time, when I got home, I held Mama face down on the bed and hard fucked her. She was pissed for days.

    Now I'm obsessed over getting some tight young ass.....