What are your mostly closely held dreams, desires, and fantasies? What are your wishes and dreams for the future?

In Lust With My Employee

One of my employees is insanely sexy. I’m happily married with a child too, but the way her ass sways with every step is almost intoxicating. Long blonde hair, and a decent sized chest complete the look. She’s younger, early twenties, and as such is fun to talk to interact with.
It wasn’t much of a stretch to become attracted to her, but, damn, the thought of bending her over my desk and absolutely destroying her ass and pussy plagues my thoughts every day. It’ll never happen, I know that. I love my wife and would never do anything to put that relationship in danger. However, every time I even think of this employee all I can think of is how much I want to grab her hips and pull her to me.
Not really spicy, but I needed to get that off of my chest somewhere.

  • I Live My Sexual Life Inside My Mind

    These days i have high sexual desire. When i go to sleep i masturbate, if i wake up in the middle of the night i masturbate and when i wake up in the morning i masturbate. My vagina is usually wet and some stories here makes me really wet and horny and i masturbate after reading them thinking i'm in their positions.

    These days i also post my confessions here because i like to share my fantasies with anonymous people. I enjoy when anonymous people call me disgusting and pervert when i tell them that little boys makes me wet. I enjoy when anonymous people call me dirty and slut when i tell them my fantasies.

    Even though i'm not a slut or a pervert. I'm modest and still a virgin.

    In my real life i don't get close to boys or men. When someone meet me for the first time they might think i am too shy and innocent and the thought that they have no idea of how pervert and slut i am on the inside makes me flattered.

    My friends know because they know me for 16 years but i don't think they know details exactly.

    I said i write a story about a woman my age that have sexual derise for a little boy and touch him in his sleep and i enjoy thinking that woman it's me.

    I love to fantasize myself as a pure innocent teenager who got r**ed and fucked by some dominant bullies who taken away her innocence and make her the biggest slut who wants to get fucked everyday, all day, and she doesn't care whose cock it's going to fuck her.

    I love to fantasize myself as a little girl who get fucked and enjoy sex with p**ophiles. And desired sexually by many p**ophiles.

    These days i turn on with the idea that i will get pregnant (even though i don't really want to get pregnant neither to have kids). I fantasize some old perverts r**e me and fuck me and cum all of them deep inside me without knowing who the father is.

    I also fantasize sometimes myself as a baby sitter of a young boy (11-12 year old) and have sex with him and cum inside me and make me pregnant and his parents wouldn't have no idea what we are doing,

    I love to fantasize that a stranger man without even see his face fuck me on a bus full of people or caress his penis on my butt. In fact i want the second thing to happen in real.

    Two or three years ago i was in a bus full of people and was so horny. A guy was behind me and we were close, so i push my butt on his penis. I don't know if he understood it but i enjoyed it but i felt embarrassed about it later not because i done it but because i liked it. I also love to watch stranger men to masturbate whatever their age.

    When i was 19 i saw an old man masturbating in public in front of me and a friend of mine (it was the first time i saw someone masturbate in person).
    I was staring at him and i enjoyed what he was doing, i remember i felt a little shuddering in my vagina by watching him.

    I wonder how some girls, women disgust by something like this.
    Since i was a teenager i wanted to catch a man masturbating and stare at him until he finished.
    I wish i could catch people having sex and stare at them back then as well.
    If i catch a man masturbating in a bus now i would sit in front him to let him know i accept and enjoy what he is doing.

    Today when i woke up i fantasize myself in a glory hole (i saw a nice confession about it here) and i could feel the cocks one after another inside me and cum inside me back and forth without knowing who these men are.

    All these stuff i said are true. I truly fantasize these things when i am really horny. And i really want to catch a guy masturbating by accident, it's better that way, as long as we don't have sex, only me staring at him i would liked it.

    I said these things not because i want someone to send me messages or do something with me.
    I said these things because i like to share with anonymous people my fantasies and seem to them how slut, pervert and horny i am in my mind while in my real life i am modest, quiet and shy.

    The idea that the more i don't have sex the more pervert i become also mekes me feel flattered.
    And the idea that even though i am modest and virgin, i am bigger slut that some girls, women who are openly sluts in appearance or in their sexual life makes me feel more flattered. I know that might isn't true but i like to think about it,

    But i know that they satisfy their desires, i am not. So maybe i become more pervert in mind than them.

    Even now i am writing i feel aroused.

    I'm A 21 Y Bisex Guy, My Dream Is...

    suck the dick of teenagers between 14 and 16 years old yes this is my dream i would love to take all my clothes off and be completely naked in front of a group of 5 or more boys while the cruel youngsters laugh at my humiliating nudity and then i would kneel down and the boys still standing would take off their underwear getting naked from the waist down and tell me to open my mouth so they would put their hard, big, thick, delicious teenager dicks down to the back of my throat and From then on I should continue the blowjob sucking the boys' cocks until they come in my mouth and make me swallow their cum. i live in brazil and here the legal age for sexual consent is from 14 years old regardless of age difference or any other things. so i would like to know how i can convince a 14~16y teen boy to let me suck his dick and if he wants i still give him my ass to fuck, how can i become a passive submissive of a 14~16 boy

  • Butt Slut

    I tightened the restraints around her wrists, and ankles. She's was lying on our bed on her belly. Completely vulnerable to me. I got on top of her and rubbed massage oil all over her back, and rubbed her skin and muscles. She relaxed. I gave her big round ass a light slap. She Jerked and let out a pleasurable sound. My fingers wet with oil began rubbing her bum. I wedged my hand between her cheeks and slid up and down rubbing her pussy and asshole, her moans told me to keep going. I started pressing my finger against the opening of her ass. Pushing in a little more each time, before long I was figuring her asshole, it was tight and warm. I told her to squeeze my finger, her anus tightened around my finger and she let out a soft moan. I increased speed, she made sounds I've never heard before, deep guttural moans. "Do you like it baby, do you like my fingers inside your asshole?" I asked. "Yes!" She managed to say practically crying, "yes I do!"
    "Are you my little butt slut?" I asked.
    "Yes! I'm your little butt slut!" She cooed. I pulled my fingers out of her, put my face to her anus and started to kiss and dance my tongue around around her asshole, then I pushed it in her butt. She let out another howl I've never heard. In and out, my tongue was fucking her asshole, her moans were so intense, it sounded like she was crying. I stopped and just rubbed her round ass, she caught her breath. I said "Now I need you to be a good girl, ok?"
    "Yes, I'll be a good girl." she whispered
    I picked up the butt plug I had been waiting to use on her. I put lube on it, and I slid it into her ass, she let out a long moan as i slowly stretched her ass open. I told her to she had to hold this in while I fuck her. She replied with an obedient "yes sir!" I slid my hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. "Do you like being filled up, baby?"
    "Yes, fill me up, fill me up! She kept saying it over and over, her body was limp. I thrusted harder and harder until I was filling her pussy up with my cum.

    I Wish I Was Desirable

    When i read people writing that they had sex with other children or with other adults as children, i fill with feelings of jealously and sadness.

    I'm a virgin and i lost hope and there is no way to lost my virginity now.
    I'm too shy and social awkward and anxious to do anything sexual with anyone.

    When i was a kid i used to kiss and lick each other bellies and breasts with my female cousin and it was very nice. I liked it back then.

    Now i realize that this experience it was the only ''sexual'' experience i will ever have until i die.

    I've been to sexual experiences before like blowjobs while i was drunk but it's just not the same. I felt nothing and the next day i was feeling like a slut with full sense of guilt.

    I wish i had male friends my age when i was a little girl who did sex with me or a kind adult male who would touch me soft and gently and teach me the pleasure of sex and make me feel really good.

    The reason i said i want this, is because as a little girl i was less shy and awkward. I was innocent without feelings of shame and guilt.

    If i had sexual experiences with boys as a little girl i would loved it because i believe my body would feel way more intense pleasure.

    If i liked when my female cousin was licking my breasts so much then if a boy was fucking me i would loved it and asking it all the time.

    I know it might sound like a huge problem with my self-esteem but i am uncomfortable to tell to a therapist.

    It's weird to tell to a therapist that i wish i had sex as a child with boys or adults.

  • A Strange Desire...

    All my confessions are related to masturbation, but it is something that I do a lot since I was 12. So this one won't be different. I remembered it today, so I want to confess. Actually, it will be two confessions.

    First confession: I was about 16 or 17 years, and I've had already tried to put thing in my ass, like brushes or pens, but this day was different. I've got a extreme desire to masturbate my ass, but it was, like, thursday and I hadn't a moment to do it. But then, saturday came. I never got so excited to do it before. My family went out to a party, I think, and I saw an great opportunity. I waited for a moment to make sure no one was coming and then I started it. First, I put a pen, in and out, and it was already good, I was hard as a rock and I wasn't jacking off yet. But, at that moment, something got stronger inside me and I wanted to put something bigger. Then, I saw my sister's hairbrush on the bathroom and it was bigger. You can see what's coming next.
    Then, I went there, got it and put it in my ass with everything I got. I've never felt so good while masturbating, and I did it for almost an hour. I came in everything over my bed and got totally satisfied in the end. That was when I was younger, but now, things got worse.

    Second confession: Last year, I was jacking off almost every day except for March to July and September month separately. But one night, it was different. I got turned on and started it, but I don't know what happened, but instead of squeezing and give pleasure to my dick, I didn't fap, I just masturbated my ass that night, and hear me out. After the first confession, I never felt that pleasure again, but that night, I really felt. It was delicious, wonderful. I was masturbating my ass with brushes, pens, and even my fingers. Not only that, this time, I even fondled my nipples, so I was completely out of me. I put my ass up and swung it up and down, to the sides and I enjoyed every sigle second of it. It lasted almost an hour again, those masturbation moments were getting longer and longer, not only because I try to hold my cum, but because I want them to last longer.

    And those were the confessions. I know it's gross, but it's what I like to do while masturbating. Well, se ya'll next time.

    Strapped Wife

    I sat on our bed, naked in the dark. She came to me. My wife opened her negligee, showing me her soft chubby porcelain skin. She looked like a goddess in the dark, with the outside light revealing her. She was wearing the thick black cock I like to use on myself, when no one is around. My eyes widened. She smiled, and asked me if I liked how she looked.
    "Yes", I replied. "But how did you find..."
    "Shhhhh" she replied putting her finger to my lips. "I want to see you suck my cock off" she said. I opened my mouth and did as I was told. She moaned and called me a good boy. I was sucking and kissing her cock, my mouth was watering and I was drolling.
    "Are you enjoying that, my love?" She asked.
    "Yes!" I gasped catching my breath. "So much!" She kissed me deeply, and told me to lay down on my stomach. "I want to fuck my baby now."
    She climbed on top of me and squirted some lube between my ass. She started to finger me. I was moaning, and paralyzed with pleasure, I had gone limp. She put another finger inside me. It felt amazing. After fingering me, she slid her cock in slowly. Still paralyzed I relaxed and let her slid deeply into me. She slowly began thrusting. I was powerless and completely hers. She rubbed my back with her finger nails while slowly sliding her cock inside me. "Oh yes mommy!" I blurted out.
    She moaned and replied "Mommy loves fucking her baby boy"
    She was rubbing her cock right against my Pspot I started cumming all over myself. She pulled her cock out of me, and removed the harness.
    She got into the bed and spread her legs "Mommy needs you to make her feel good now." I did as I was told and kissed and licked generously, until "Mommy" was at last satisfied.

    Fuck Me

    I want my bf to fuck my throat until it hurts and I want all his cum dripping down tge back of my throat

    Holiday Good Times

    Over the holidays I had a old friend from high school over for a visit, never seen her since grade 10, always desired her.

    She came over we talked for hours catching up, hanging out in a Small A- Frame cabin I have on my property. We had couple drinks, ect. We where exhausted so we decided we just crash on the double bed in there. I was about to fall asleep beside my friend and she started cuddling a bit so naturally one thing lead to the next, and we kissed, I unbuttoned her shirt and started sucking her tits I desires for years and years, then I put my hands down her pants and checked it out, then we both pulled her panties down, and
    Made love to my friend, then past out. In the morning I think we were both a bit confused about what we all did, but after coming to grips my cock got hard and I had her on all fours taking it from behind, it was so fantastic drilling her and seeing this woman I wanted for years moaning and me telling her I was going to shoot my cum in her.
    We spent 3 more days together. Very different experience smashing a old friend.

  • Lonely Ladies?

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