What are your mostly closely held dreams, desires, and fantasies? What are your wishes and dreams for the future?

Dream Come True

I was a sweaty mess after my shift waiting tables at an out door cafe for eight hours in 90 degree sunshine. Might tight t-shirt was pitted out and my cut off jean shorts were about half ass tight as when the shift started. Guys seem to dig the only Latina girl in this nearly all white neighborhood and I play to it I will admit for tips. I know that I seem exotic and sexy too them with my long kinky black hair, dark Puerto Rican sun kissed skin and lean little muscular frame. I play it but I don’t fuck where my money is so they all leave disappointed. All of the sweat and grime is usually a badge of honor for me. But, of course, today Mike came in near the end of my shift. I was excited to see him as I had not seen him in several years. We always just seem to miss each other as the last time I had seen him I was in a relationship that had since ended and he had been in a relationship for several years before that with the same girl. So I said hi to him and got him a beer and when I brought it back to him we stood and talked and he was clearly glad to see me and even told me that he heard I was working here and he purposely come to try and catch me. I told him that was very thoughtful and I was happy to see him but I was secretly Very self-conscious about the way he looked and smelled. He asked me what time I get off work and I told him I was just about done I just need to cash out and he asked if I wanted to meet him at another bar down the street from beer to catch up. I said well if you can put up with my gross, sweaty outfit I would. He said I could never be gross to him and paid for his gear and said he will see me there. I closed out then walked out about 20 minutes later and when I walked into the other bar it was nice and cool and he already had a Belgian beer sitting out for me. I hadn’t eaten all day but I was super thirsty so I took a big swig. We began talking and it was very clear right away that the first time in sometime neither one of us were dating anyone. He said he was two beers ahead of me and Was probably being too open but told me that he had always had a crush on me. I told him I felt the same I was excited to see him again. I have actually been friends with one of his ex girlfriends and she had told me that he was a very good lover and I guess I had always wondered what he would be like. Midway through my third beer I realized I was getting tipsy as I was on an empty stomach and been sweating all day and had no nutrients in me. When I mentioned that I was probably gonna fade fast he asked if I wanted to go get some food. I said I would love to do that but I need to shower and change clothes. I lived several miles away but I said I could run home and shower and change and meet him somewhere. He was cute and said I’m afraid if I let you go I will see you again for several years. He said he lived right around the corner And I was welcome to shower at his place although he laughed and said he didn’t have any clothes that will work for me. I said I had another T-shirt in my bag, and I actually had A fresh set of panties as well but I did not see that. So I said yeah if you don’t mind me being in a T-shirt and cut off I’m going to clean up at your place. He said that was great that he was really good casual place not far away that we could go. So we walked to his Place which was only about three blocks away and we were kind of flirty and he kept putting his arm over me. I was very turned on to be near him and excited to go have dinner. When we got to his place we went upstairs and he got me a towel and showed me your shower. He had a very nice apartment . He asked me if I wanted another beer for the shower And I said yes that would be great I was still parched. He Got the beer and out of the fridge And as he closed the door he grabbed me and begin kissing me it was very sweet and I kissed him back deeply. It was a long overdue moment end it became pretty heavy as he started rubbing my lower back and holding the back of my head as we kissed. I suddenly realize that not only did I smell badly I was all salty and sweaty but also because I had not been with a man in months I was also pretty bushy as I have not trimmed my vagina sometime. I said babe I have to take a shower. I broke off the kiss and he said please don’t shower I love your scent I want to taste and smell you as you are. Despite myself I knew that I was very wet and I did want him but I just wanted to be more prepared and cleaned up for him. But he kissed me again and whispered in my ear he wanted me as I was in one of my scent all over him. I was so turned on and I could feel his hardness against me as we kissed. I kissed him back deeply And he deftly ran a finger under my shorts under my panties and into my soaking slit. He said oh my God baby you’re so wet. I was embarrassed A bit But almost came from his touch. He started walking us towards the bedroom and I just decided to go with it because I did want him as bad as he wanted me. We got in the bedroom and I let him pull my T-shirt over my head and I unsnapped my bra. Like most men who saw me naked for the first time he said my boobs were huge and didn’t look as big Clothed. He started kissing my neck and then went down on my nipples and was fingering my soaking vagina while I’m moaned into his ear. He lifted me up and placed me on the bed and I watched him take his clothes off. He was lean And his very hard fully engorged dick stood straight out from his flat hard stomach. He crawled up over me on the bed and said I love your hairy beautiful pussy baby. I moaned and almost came from him just saying the words. He started kissing me down my belly but I knew that Did not smell good so I pulled him up before he got to my vagina and said you don’t need to do that right now as I rub my hand around his powerfully hard dick. I spread my legs wide and guided him in to me. I was tight as it has been nearly a year since I have been with any other man. He moans as he worked his way inside of me when I came as soon as he got himself fully inside of me I shook shook and Came immediately. The I shuttered And moaned a little I don’t know that he realized I had came and he began to fuck me. I had wanted him for so long and I could tell he felt the same as he was digging deeply and slowly inside of me. I said my God baby your cock is so good. He whispered back in my ear oh baby I wanted this beautiful pussy for so long. He began to quicken his strokes and when he stuck his nose into my armpit and took a deep breath of my body odor more loudly and started rotating my hips into his strokes. After just a few seconds we got in rhythm. We began to fuck very hard and the sound of his balls slapping against my ass and our Moans fill the room. I I felt felt another orgasm building deep inside of me and I started to grind my hips hard into his slamming cock. He was moaning and begging and I could feel his dick swell and he said God baby I need to come is it OK is it ..(continue confession)

  • My Favorite Video To Jack Off To

    A man is naked in his back yard on his patio. He's on his hands and knees as a stranger he has invited walks up and begins stripping his clothes off and walks up close to his face.

    He stands proudly with his hands on his hips as the cocksucker opens his mouth and wraps his lips around his semi erect cock and sucks it hard.

    The stranger pulls his hard cock out of the cocksuckers mouth and walks behind him and drops to his knees, grabs his hips and guides his long hard cock inside his willing ass and begins slowly fucking him.

    Cocksucker begins rocking back in rhythm on that hard cock as the stranger begins picking up the pace, soon you can hear the slapping as his pelvis is pounding hard into cocksuckers ass.

    Stranger stands with bent knees and drives his cock inside cocksuckers ass and impaled him. You can see strangers full shaven balls resting on cocksuckers ass as cocksuckers ass spasms and grips that hard strange cock.

    Then stranger grabs cocksuckers shoulders and begins dicking him down. Each time he stops you can see his balls rubbing against cocksuckers fucked ass.

    Strangers knees tire and he pulls out and backs up and sits on a stool with his legs wide open.

    Cocksucker still on his hands and knees speedily crawls back and impaled himself on stranger s hard cock again. He missed the void left him and had to have that hard hot cock in his ass again.

    Stranger fucks him until he can't control himself anymore and begins inpregnating cocksuckers ass with gobs of hot cum, then pulls out completely spent.

    Cocksucker turns and opens his mouth and begins cleaning their sex off strangers still hard dick then dresses and leaves as cum leaks out of cocksuckers fucked ass.

    Each time I see this I close my eyes and pretend to be cocksucker until my cum explodes out of my cock.

    I want a stranger to fuck my virgin ass so badly sometimes

    Before I Go To Bed

    Just wondering how many of you would like to suck my cock?

  • Anonymous Praise Or Dirty Talk

    I almost feel bad that I’ve made what feels like too many posts on here in a short amount of time, but oh well.
    I got a few comments on other posts, and I’ve also just stayed horny all day but anyways. Some of the other comments were men talking about how they would love to fuck me, and it was the first time I was super into the idea of a slightly older (nothing crazy like over 55) degrading or praising me and all that. I genuinely get a tingly feeling in my stomach at reading what they say or seeing a bunch of what I’m gonna call “upvotes” on a post I made and knowing other people thought it was hot.
    I want to receive more attention and sexting and degradation but at the same time I feel like a huge slut if I ask.
    But I can’t really help it, I just feed off of mens attention.

    I Pain For Ukrainians, My Second Wife's Native Soil

    Back in 2001 I went to St. Petersburg to meet some young women from a bride for sale sight. I say for sale because cheep is not a word I would ever use. The women, young between 18-25, and beautiful in the pictures. I was assured these women all volunteered.

    I went over briefs, pictures, selected three to interview. Nice young women, each had her pros and cons, but one was open to joining the LDS with me. My desire was a compatible wife, of child bearing age, a young women who would fit with the rest of the family. Her name Anastasia, 23, a degree in English, born in Kiev. The wedding the agency arranged, her visa too. I agreed to accompany her to meet her parents before bringing her home.

    She has been everything I could have ever wanted. Her commitment to our beliefs, her willingness to bear children, to join our home. This was never more than an expanded family, in accordance with our beliefs. And Anastasia, she goes by Ana, has told me many times how thankful she is. We were successful in evacuating her elderly mother, now Nana in the house.

  • Darker Fantasy (Its Only A Fantasy!)

    So I have a fantasy that i would never act on. BUT that doesn't mean I don't like thinking about it.

    I want to watch my wife fuck a young high school guy. I want to watch her devoure him. Watch while she holds him and kisses him, and acts very motherly a sweet to him. I want to see him suckle on her tits and put his hands all over her bbw body, and her take his cock into her mouth. Watch them as he mounts and puts his young cock into her deep, experienced pussy. To hear her moans as he pumps her and fills up her pussy, and cums deeply inside her.

    Then my fantasy splits. As he collapse on top of my wife, I would lube up my cock and I would slide it in his tight smooth little asshole, while my wife holds him and kisses his face, and tells him what a good boy he is, as I fill his tight little butt with my cock. I wouldn't roughly fuck him. I'd be gental and loving. I want to hear his soft little moans, while I fuck him. My wife kissing him and watching me. I'd cum inside him, then we'd cover him in kisses.

    Other scenario would be sliding my cock into my wife's creamy cum filled pussy, and reclaim her pussy for myself, I'd make her cum all over again. Then I would cum inside her, filling her beautiful, insatiable, hungry pussy.

    I know it's immoral. But it's only a fantasy, and nothing we would ever do. But I do get off on the idea of my wife being pleased by such a young lover. Maybe its because I've gotten older. When we met I was 17 and she was 26, and I always got off on being her young stud. But if I'm being honest stories about young guys being taken advantage of by older women always excited me.

    Family Taboo

    I am married and have a good husband. He is good in bed but I have been having thoughts about family taboo sex. I do not have personal experience with it but want to email with someone that has experience or stories to share. My husband is conservative and relgious also. When I talk to him about sex he always says partying and uncomitted sex does not
    seem right to him. I find myself more and more interested in many sex things I have not tried. I am interested in role play, family sex, and some other items also. I wish I had friends to taalk too about these and or other sex things. It is hard to tell a friend you think about taboo and other items. Let me know if you would like to email about sex and how we shouid do it. I can do it from work sometime. I will not use my phone so he does not find it. I think of many types of family taboo and would like to hear from others.

    I Orgasmed On A Exercise Machine And Tried To Look Like I Didn't

    and then I was so relaxed and horny having a massage after the massager left I lifted myself up to a nice arch and neck roll and came so quick with no trouble at all . I was suddenly horny half an hour ago and as if last night wasn't enough cum for me. anyway today I arched my back up and lifted my pelvis to cum so hard. I really like my nipples being played with at the same time as some dick in me. I liked it a lot more today with no one around. I have cum only 3 times in 24 hours so its been slow for me but the fantasy is good.

    Hard And Cumming

    I want to watch my wife get fucked by a young hard cock so bad it makes my cock hurt!!! She is a small blonde with big tits and a very tight pussy. I want to see those tits bouncing as his cock thrust in and out of her wet pussy and watch him cum all over her tits.

  • Train Dream Girl

    I don't remember the first time I saw her. I caught the same train every day since I started working in the city three years ago and she was always the light in an otherwise grey undertaking. Obviously she is going to work too as she is usually dressed quite formally with a smart, white blouse, short tight blue skirt and sometimes a jacket depending on the weather.

    First time I saw her, I was sat on the sideways bench in the train carriage while she sat opposite facing forward. Her immaculate dark blonde hair almost seemed to glow like a beacon drawing me to her as I started to spot her again and then again until eventually my eyes were effectively conditioned to find her.

    Seeing her almost daily I often wonder who she is? What's her name? What does she like to eat? What makes her laugh? But more than anything I wonder what it's like to kiss her. Her lips look so delicate, her skin around them like porcelain. Normally it stays at that but today as she sits in front of me, my mind fuelled by my desire is takingover for some harmless fantasizing.

    I imagine placing my hands on her cheeks with my fingertips under her ears as I lean in and delicately plant my lips on hers. The first kiss is soft and slow but eventually we kiss faster and harder. Soon, the passion begins to take over as my left hand runs around the back of her neck while my right hand tracers the contours of her neck before finding her ample bosom. For her part, she has found the bulge in my trousers and has wrapped her hand around it, stroking me through rough fabric only heightening the sensation as the tip runs along the inside of my underwear and zipper.

    Suddenly, she yanks down the zipper in one single action and plunges her hand in my trousers, pulling out my erection which pops free. She stands up with her back to me, slithering her skirt up over her thighs and over the cheeks of her ass the curves of which never seem to end. A red, lacy thong straddles the parting between her cheeks and I slide my fingers behind it, pulling it to one side as she descends downwards onto my dick.

    It is at this point in my fantasising that I realise that my mind was picturing this happening where she was sat and so a train full of people would be watching. Would I even care? Right now, hell no!

    I imagine her sliding down my shaft, her pussy wet and firm on my manhood. It seems like my brain melts as she begins riding my shaft while I grip her hips, instructing her when to slow down and speed up.

    Suddenly, in the real world the train has stopped one station before mine and as usual she has got up and left. I don't want to continue the fantasy without her there but there's always tomorrow.