What are your mostly closely held dreams, desires, and fantasies? What are your wishes and dreams for the future?

Hate Fuck

I have a fantasy where I hate fuck Cardi B.

She's so annoying and overconfident and loud but holy fuck I want to absolutely fuck the fucking shit out of her.
I want to give her the roughest sex she's ever had, just pounding the fuck out of her from behind till her eyes roll back, till she can't think or open that stupid loud mouth of hers.
I want to pull her hair and choke her a bit and stuff.
I'm not I violent person at all, it's just this fantasy.

Who's your ultimate celebrity hate fuck?

Oral Fetish

I have always loved oral sex. Giving and getting. My dream would be to be in a 69 with a hot woman, licking and sucking on her sweet juicy pussy, while another guy is fucking her doggie style. I don't mind my face and tongue coming in contact with his cock and balls. I want to be sucking on her clit when he blows his load inside her. Then I want to clean them both. Once he recovers, (I might need to do a little fluffing for him) I want to get behind our girl, and lick and tongue fuck her ass while she rides him Cowgirl style. The taste, the scent...mmmmmm!

Dreams Of

I keep having these deep fantasyland sexual daydreams .
Its of my wife being seduced by another man and fucked senselessly into a dazed pleasure coma then when she cant take any more and she thinks she is done then i want to fuck her

  • Grad Dads Love Cock Too

    I’m married most of my adult life, I’ve had all kinds of amazing sex, I’m str8 to the world around me, masculine,manly,in charge, I’ve fucked men, been sucked off,
    In my past I have been fucked and as of late I have been on a mission to learn to be a great cock sucker and I have a bud letting me do so!!!!!

    It’s been years since I have had a cock in my hole...
    I’m craving it bad, I am truly enjoying taking my buddies cum in my mouth and swallowing his big load.

    I confess I want to be a secret submissive slut to one hung top dom,,,

    Tell me how I can find one

    My Dream

    So last night, I had a dream it was my birthday and my girlfriend told me she had something special planned for me. Next thing I knew I was tied to the bed naked and she stood in front of me with a HUGE strapon! In this dream she fucked me all night long and I was covered in my own cum. She pulled out of my ass, rubbed it on my cum covered body, and had me suck it clean while she stuck a vibrator up my ass and continued to jerk me off. I came and shot it on my face and then woke up! I felt my underwear was wet and it turns out I had came in them as well! Hopefully this dream comes true because my birthday is in a few days! Fingers crossed!

  • I Really Want To Be Gangbanged

    I know this is probably a crazy wish, but... I just want to somehow find an easy way to find groups of wild boys, and encourage them to let loose upon my body with their desires for no charge, and let them thrust into me as much as they want for a day or so... I would definitely consent to a nice rough fucking, while letting them get as much as they can out of my body.

    Of course, I'd let them take pictures, and make videos if they wanted to, perhaps let them booze me up, force me to gag by making me smoke, would also be open to being covered in their seed and piss, in addition to being made nice and muddy outside if that is there desire. Oh, and I'd also leave my clothing with them just so I had to brave the great outdoors nude, and make my way back home like that, while trying to hide the entire time.

    I just wish I knew an easy way to set myself up for one of these sorts of things, as I want to have fun! Any suggestions from anyone...?

    My Best Friend

    So I’ve been friends with this girl since high school. I’ve know her going on 6 years now. We’ve always been there for each other. For each other’s break up, mental downs, and everything in between. Recently my girlfriend and I have stopped having sex ever since our kid was born and I’ve been so sexually frustrated. I wish I could use my friend as a fuck doll. She’s so fucking thick and has double D breast that are just suckable! Her ass is so fucking fat. I’ve smacked her ass before in front of my girlfriend and she didn’t mind only because my friend smacked mine first. God I just wanna see her titties bounce up and down as I thrust my cock deep inside of her. We had moments of ‘almost’ but nothing happened. I just wanna fuck.

    Wife Taunts Me About Me Flirting With A Young Black Man

    Last night in bed the wife and I where fooling around after I rubbed her feet,
    I have a little trouble getting hard as I used too, as I rubbed her feet she played softly with my cock, I ask her where we got the bed we where in and she told me the store, she said it is where you flirted with the young black salesman, I was a little taken back, but as she kept up this talk I remembered he was hot and I remember thinking how hot it would be to watch her had sex with him ,and as I am bi and she knows I’ve had gay sex in my past I beg sin to get turned on....
    I found myself getting hard, I waned do bad for her to discover my cock getting hard and her to continue to taunt me, making me confess, I do remember thinking I wish he would approach us and I remember thinking of sucking his cock in front of her, it’s my biggest fantasy to explore with another man and my wife . I wish I could submit TOTALY to her and a more dominant man, I get so turned on thinking of sucking cock and giving my ass up in front of her!

    Secretly Bi Married White Male

    As the title says, secretly bi white married male. I have been with only 3 guys in a 25 year span.

    I have been with a guy in maybe 15 years and miss the silky soft touch of cock, take it in my mouth and suck it off. I tried with a stranger but it was a failure. The other two guys were friends. Neither is available anymore.

    I am not in perfect shape, a few pounds overweight. Normal size cock.

    Sometimes I think about a guy I work with but I would be to afraid to approach him. He’s tall and I think he probably has a good size cock, bigger than me for sure.

    I sometimes jerk off thinking what it would be like to suck Dave’s cock. He wouldn’t even need to reciprocate, I would jerk if after swallowing his load. I swallowed the first time I dick cock, and only refused it from the stranger I was with that one time.

    Outside of Providence RI

  • Liz, I Want You

    I want you, I have been thinking of you all the time. I want to kiss your lips, caress your big tits, see your pussy, and finger you.

    You’re 29, a bbw, single mom, and I am way to old for you. I have masturbated so many times while fantasizing about you.

    You don’t know I feel this way. I think if we kissed just once, I would not be able to stop while touching you. You sent your cell phone number to my work email . If I could I would masturbate and film it for you to send anonymously someway.

    Just writing this and thinking of you made me hard and horny.

    AOL days lol