You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.

A Couple Of Things When I Was Growing Up

I had to walk home after my guitar lesson. The shortcut was across the park. I came upon a homeless man who was masturbating his dog. I watched, he smiled while the dog humped his hand. A short time and the dog ejaculated into the grass. The man looked at me, his eyes were light blue, maybe grey. He reached for his pants, letting them fall to the ground. He took his penis in his hand and started to masturbate. I continued to watch, his erection blood red, slowly he ejaculated a few drops. I gave him the few dollars I had on me, walked by him and went home.

For weeks I dreamed of his dog ejaculating, and how hard he pulled on his penis to get a few drops. I never got aroused, it was more like obsessing over a story. A few weeks later my guitar teacher was injured on his motorcycle and lost his leg. When I went to see him for a lesson he was laid up on his couch, he was miserable. I practiced my lesson. When I was done I asked him how he was going to have sex, his leg was cut off at the hip. He told me his j*wels were fine. I took the blanket off his leg, he had on a pair of Bermuda shorts. I asked him if he wanted a blow job and a hand job.

I guess having this teen girl offer him a blow job was too much for him. I took his penis out and sucked it like my boyfriend taught me. Once he was hard I jerked him off while I sucked him and he ejaculated this thick white yellow stuff. He told me his penis burned. I wiped him clean with a tissue and told him I would get in trouble if he talked. That night I got very aroused, I masturbated until I came myself. I wasn't very good at masturbating.

I have kept this to myself, things growing up. I never saw the homeless man again. I took guitar lessons all the way through school, I never blew him again. I am not shocked by stuff, to me sex is like going to the bathroom. I outgrew my high school boyfriend, after nursing school I got together with another nurse, it took a year of living with her before I was able to give in and truly make love with her. I don't really know if I am a lesbian in the classic definition, I have only ever made love with her.

Learning The Ropes

He was the neighbor who worked nights. Everyone thought he was weird and stayed away from him. One afternoon after school he asked me if I wanted to earn some money by mowing his lawn. We agreed on the rate and I went and got our lawnmower and went back to mow the lawn. When I was done I knocked on his door and he asked me to come in. The room was dark, he apologized but he had to keep the curtains closed because he worked nights and slept during the day.

We went into his den which had an 8X10 of himself on the mantle. He asked me if I liked looking at pictures and he took out an album and told me to look through it while he went to get the money. Naked men, hard cocks, cocksucking, anal sex, some pictures were large 8X10s and others were small, some 2X2, all black and white pictures. He stood over my shoulder asking me if I liked them, he said he had more but those were the best. Reaching over my shoulder he flipped to an 8X10 picture of a hard cock. With a cock like that I could name my price.

He had come around and sat beside me, he put the money on the coffee table, his hand on my thigh, showing me his favorite pictures, his hand was now on my crotch grabbing my hard cock, he told me I was a good looking young man and he would be proud to take a look at my cock and let me know if it was his favorite. His mouth went onto my cock and he swallowed it completely, his hand holding my balls. His kiss on my mouth was followed by taking my hand and putting it on his naked cock.

He showed it to me, it looked big, hard and bigger than my hand, he worked my pants pulling them down, he told me to kick off my shoes and he had me naked without pants. He reached to the end table and told me I was going to like this and he rubbed up my ass and told me to hold my breath because I was going to get it all, every last little inch, I was going to be his boyfriend and he was going to love me.

His cock got in, pushing and shoving, telling me to open my legs more, to look at him he wanted me to tell him what I liked and didn't like, he stared into my eyes as he shoved his cock in deeper and deeper until ..(continue confession)

Cousin And My Feet

So me and my two male cousins used to go to my grandmas on weekends together to help out on her farm and have fun. The room the three of us shared had a bunk bed. Me (11) and the oldest (13) cousin (let’s call him J) shared the bottom bunk and the youngest (10) had the top bunk. One time, while we were all in the room watching each other on the PlayStation, J randomly grabbed my foot. I’m extremely ticklish, so I was worried he was gonna start tickling me. That’s when he started licking the sole of my foot. It tickled like hell but I didn’t stop him. I did squirm a lot, but he seemed way too interested in licking and then sucking my toes... eventually, it stopped tickling as much, and he continued for a while between telling me how good it tasted?? My grandma walked in at one point and she was very very confused. This is probably part of the reason why she told me I should have my own room away from the boys. I never brought it up, but a little while ago it popped back into my head and made a lot more sense now that I’m older. I didn’t learn sxEd until I was 16, so this went right uber my head for a very long time.

  • Swim Meets

    As a kid I was in swim team from six to seventeen. At most swim team meets we showed up in our swimsuits but at times we changed in the changing room. Every time I changed I got an erection. Other boys who were changing would stare at me, my erection got harder. I pushed it down into my speedo. I loved getting hard, getting naked in the room with other boys. I loved seeing the other boys' penises. I sucked this one boy in the stall, I was in the sixth grade and he was in the seventh grade.

    In the ninth grade, I had pubes by then, a boy from another team rubbed and poked his penis against my anus. After that experience I wanted it again. At the next meet we got into a stall, I bent over to grab the valve of the toilet and he got behind me with his erection and poked against my anus until he got it, It was dry, no lube, but it felt good. He didn't get far, maybe an inch, but it was an inch and every tiny little bit of it felt good.

    I sucked lots of boys while I was on swim team, I had a reputation and boys looked me up. Some I followed into the bathroom, into a stall and sucked them. Others we stood around for a while, me asking them until they agreed and I sucked them. As long as I got to suck a boy I was happy.

    I should also say that I was a very good swimmer in my town and consistently ranked in the top five from the seventh grade to the eleventh when I stopped going to swim team. I quit when one of the coaches from another team caught me in the bathroom with one of the boys on his team. He didn't turn me in, or his swimmer either as long as I quit.

    I got a swimming scholarship and attended college in Georgia. At college I kept my behavior away from the swim team, I needed the scholarship. I looked for young men at the high school or in the freshman class, there was always one, shy, not sure, hard cock and a good suck. When it came to getting anal sex I went to the Southside of town and let myself get picked up by closeted married men. I never went with an out gay man, always a married man in the closet. I figured he needed to keep at a secret too.

    She Pimped Out Her Little Brother

    I was 13 in the 7th grade. Awkward and just starting Puberty, totally inexperienced. Through some other Kids I knew I met a kid from a nearby Neighborhood named Garry, he was 11 or 12 and had a Redhead sister 9 years old, Her name was Linda. She was fat with too many freckles and not pretty. She had a piggy sort of face but since she was so overweight she was already in a training bra. Even through her shirt you could tell she had Puffy Nipples. I was walking Home by the Elementary School when the 2 of them pulled up to me on their Bikes and we were talking

    Linda said "ask him Garry" I said ask me what?

    Garry said "She likes you. she wants to know if you like her too" It seemed like an Opportunity to me so I said I did. (but I definitely didn't want to take the teasing that I'd get if my REAL friends saw me with her!)

    So I started to hang out in their neighborhood a bit more and go to her House after School (to see her Brother ; - ) if anyone asked

    in her Garage she would let me kiss her and Squeeze her Boobs a bit. I was just learning and it was awkward...clicking teeth and all that

    Once Garry was in the Garage with us and their Parents would be Home soon and I said something to tease her about Sex. her response surprised me

    She said "I know about sex" I was like "No you don't" and Garry said "She's already had It done to Her"

    Linda said "First You Stick it in, Then you Go Up and Down Like Mad!" I had to go then because their Parents were coming Home and I had to go home too

    The next time I saw Garry I asked about it

    Turns out there was a 13 year old girl in the neighborhood named Yvonne who was something of a predator and would get a lot of the younger girls to play Dr and stuff. Even telling them how good sex was and talking some of them into doing it with her 9 yr old brother Benny. Garry had been part of the Circle too...a bunch of the Kids there were.

    Linda had told her "I don't want to have a baby" and Yvonne told her "You can't, you're both too young" So in a shed behind Yvonnes House Linda laid down and let Benny "Stick it in and go Up and Down" like Mad.

    Shortly after that I ..(continue confession)

    It Didnt Fit

    I was little. 10 actually. I remember because that was the year I got my first sky dancer for Christmas. I'm a petite blonde female, my body type has never been really voluptuous, and even know I have almost no tits lol. I have a bit of ass, but nothing crazy. Anyway. It was Halloween and I was dressed as Tinkerbell and ready to go trick or treating. I was ready to go out with my best friend when she called and said her parents said she couldn't go trick or treating because she was in trouble. I didnt want to tell my mom and dad because they couldn't take me and I knew I would miss out on Halloween if they knew. I told them I was going to walk to her house and that her parents were going to take me. They were fine with it so I left around 5:30 and started trick or treating alone. Everything was OK for about 30 minutes but I noticed that 2 black men were following me around. These weren't teenagers. They were adults probably in their late 30s. I figured staying with crowds would be ok and forgot about them. About an hour later, I was getting ready to start heading home, I saw them again. I ignored them and thought that if I just made my way home, they'd leave me alone. They didn't and they approached me and asked if I was with my parents. I lied and said they were at the end of the block. I guess they didn't believe me because they kept talking to me and told me my costume was really cute and I looked like a small fairy. I saod I was tinkerbell and kept walking. One walked up behind me and picked me up and put me over his shoulder. He told me to be quiet or he would hurt my parents. I was terrified and crying because I didn't know what was going on. They took me to a house less than a block away and immediately began touching me as soon as we were inside. They touched my chest and rubbed my costume on top of my nipples. They rubbed my naked legs and cupped my ass. They walked me to the kitchen table and sat me on top of it. One held my wrists and pushed me down on my back. I remember crying and they were talking about how small I looked. They pulled off my little green dress and the one who wasn't holding me down started licking my body. They both pulled out their cocks and duct taped my wrists together. My little pussy was barely covered by my ..(continue confession)


    I had my first homosexual experience when I was quite young. I was out walking in this woodsy area close to where I lived and I came across an older man who was sitting there with pants down and he was jacking off. He didn’t look at all upset to see me. He just smiled and asked if I wanted to join him.
    I was shy and a little nervous, but it sounded like fun. So I sat and took down my pants, and by then I had an erection. So he resumed stroking himself and I started to do that same. While he was doing that he reached over to feel my dick. I was surprised, but it felt good. Curious, I reached over to feel his dick and he had no objection to me doing that. I was amazed by how exciting it was getting to hold his large thick dick. He just smiled at me and I smiled at him. Then we went back to jacking off. He groaned and ejaculated and I watched as his white liquid came spurting from his dick, and that was thrilling to see. And then I ejaculated. And then it was all over. He pulled up his pants and went on his way and I did the same.
    I remember thinking at the time how neat it had been getting to hold his penis, and my liking how male that felt. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was quite hooked. It was some time, though, before I had the chance to hold another guy’s dick.

    Playing Doctor With My Brother

    When I was a kid, I used to play doctor with my brother. The highlight was taking each other's temperature rectally, using a thermometer. We did it just like mom did: smear some Vaseline on the end of the glass tube and slide it up into our bum. My brother insisted on making this into a contest by making me walk around naked with the thermometer in my ass and see how long I could hold it in before it would slide out.

    After doing this a couple of times with the thermometer, my brother looked for bigger things to slide into my ass. He stuck a pencil up my ass, then the handle of the screwdriver and the handle of a hairbrush. I liked the game and I liked how it felt when he pushed a Vaseline greased object into me and then the sensation of it dangling out as I walked around until it fell out.

    I can't remember what the biggest object was, but I think it was the handle of one of my father's tools. It hurt when my brother pushed it in me, but I loved that stretched sensation I felt as I walked around, with it sticking out of my bum. I would clench my ass to hold it in until it finally would slide out.

    After we stopped playing the game, I kept putting things in my ass by myself. It was the beginning of my anal fetish that I still have to this day.

    Changing In The Locker Room In Middle School

    Back in Middle School, I was so nervous as I was taking my next step after leaving Elementary School and going to Middle School .I was so nervous being around people that I never went to Elementary School with and what made me even more nervous was changing in the locker room for Gym Class.

    So changing for Gym was required but we was allowed to bring our own Gym Clothes than have an outfit given to us to which I always brought a t-shirt and shorts in the summer and spring and a t-shirt, and track pants in the fall and winter. However I want to share my first time changing for gym class in the Boy's Locker Room.

    I had just turned 12 Years Old at the at the start of the School Year and compared to show I look now I was about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed about 140 Pounds in 6th grade and had short brown hair and wore glasses so yes I was a skinny nerd. I was very self conscious and the thought of changing my clothes and the possibility of being seen in my underwear around other guys made me feel uncomfortable at the time especially since it was a requirement and if we didn't bring our Gym Clothes we would lose points on our grades.

    I was still nervous but our Gym Teacher told us that we did not half to take showers which was a relief to me because I also hated the idea of being naked around others especially if someone might steal my clothes leaving me to go naked around School. If anything I would rather be naked at home, but being in my underwear around others would soon become a different story.

    The Day came where we all had to change for Gym Class and I brought my Gym clothes a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and I was about to go in and change out of the clothes I wore that day which was a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. So I enter the locker room still feeling nervous but I knew I had to do it so I tried to toughen up as I began to see my classmates strip down to their boxers and socks and I actually felt a bit hard at seeing my fellow classmates now wearing boxers and socks as I began to feel slightly hard and now I realized what I had to do.

    So I took a deep breath and untied my shoes before I grabbed a hold of my shirt and began to take my shirt off and ..(continue confession)

  • Yes - It Really Was Like That!

    Back in the 1950s, when I was a girl, things were quite different than they are today. There was a good deal of acceptance to homosexuality in friendships, just so long as you were discreet about it. This was quite common and it wasn’t a big deal or labeled, unlike today. Now everything is pushed to the extreme and I think that people have given up both a lot of freedom and personal enjoyment.
    I had a few what be called “close” girlfriends, and one in particular. My mom knew the two of us were often naked together in my bedroom, and we did each other’s hair and nails and, yes, we had sex. But that was something that was just nice between girls. We weren’t raging lesbians. And I know that it was the same for the boys, and no one was accusing or labeling. It was just seen as fun and nice and safe, and nothing more than that. It was even seen as being perfectly “normal.”
    Now days everything is pushed right over the edge and no wonder people, especially young people, are so screwed up. Who can blame them? Dare I say, with this whole Corona virus thing, perhaps it will be for the best and life will slow back down and become more simple and much more enjoyable as people re-think things and have a chance to stop being high pressured by mass commercialism and thinking that if they’re not racing down the tread mill that life isn’t worth living. One can only hope!