You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.

Summer Games

When I was 14 I spent a few weeks of my summer with my aunt, uncle, and 9-year-old cousin. The adults had gone to the grocery store, leaving me to watch my cousin. She was in the living room watching a tv show, so I went back to my room to watch some porn and jerk off. I’m mid-stroke when she suddenly walks into my room.

I yelled at her to get out. Instead of that, she asked what I was watching. I told her she couldn’t see and tried to shut my laptop, but she must have caught a glimpse of the screen, because she said that I was watching people “play that game”. She said she had never seen a penis in person and asked if I would show her mine.

Normally I would have said no, but my pubescent mind started racing ahead to what could happen if I said yes . I told her I would let her if she promised not to tell anybody. She agreed. I then pulled my shorts down and there was my dick, rock-hard. She had a look of amazement on her face as she peered at it. She asked if she could touch it, and I let her. She slowly moved her hand around, exploring everything she could. I began to guide her hand in a stroking motion, and she gave me my first handjob. I shot my load very quickly and told her that if she wanted to see more, she would have to keep our game a secret.

A few days later, I was getting into bed for the night. My door opened and there she was, in her cute little nightgown. She said that she wanted to play our game again. I told her she was ready for the next level of the game. I then pushed her onto my bed, spread her legs, and slowly slipped my dick in. It felt like heaven. I started slow at first, to keep her quiet, but picked up the pace after a minute. Her moaning was making me even more turned on It took only a few extra minutes before I shot my biggest load ever, all the way up in her. I told her that she had won the game and sent her back to her room, while warning her to keep it a secret.

We fucked another couple of times that summer. We probably would have fucked more, but she hit puberty a few months later and we had to stop.

My Best Friend

I met my best friend when we were both 7th graders at boarding school. I was introduced by a friend who intended to hook us up, but I wasn’t interested in her like that. I just barely met her. Anyway, we hit it off instantly and became close friends quick. She wasn’t the best looking girl but in 7th grade she already had nice ass and tits. The high school boys use to flirt with her. Then from what she told me later, they got to do more than flirt with her.

In 7th grade we kissed a little. In 8th grade she start letting me feel on her more. It didn’t matter if she had a boyfriend, she would always want to mess around with me a little. In 9th grade when we would go on walks we’d find a spot where no one could see us. She would sit on my lap and grind on me. Then she would jerk me off telling me what the high school boys did to her in 7th grade. That always made me cum.

In 10th grade her little cousin came with her to boarding school. She was in the 8th grade. She quickly became just like her cousin. I got to fuck her first thanks to her cousin. We all went for a walk together. She had told her cousin I liked her and wanted to talk to her alone with her cousin. So, we’re sitting there and my best friend teases her little cousin about being shy. She tells her cousin to kiss me and she does. Then we just start making out. Then she tells her to sit on my lap. Which she does. My dick is hard and I know she feels it through those little shorts she’s wearing. My hands are all over her little body pulling her on my hard dick. I hear her cousin say my name and say fuck her. Without hesitation I pull my dick out with one hand and pull her little shorts aside with the other. I have to hold her mouth while I’m fucking her. It didn’t take me long to cum in her. Afterwards we all walk back to our dorms for the night. That’s the only time I fucked her little cousin. The other boys had their fun with her the rest of the school year. But we did have one more little thing happen.

Right before Christmas time was great. The staff stopped caring and we were left alone until we went home. That year since there were so few students we were all put in one huge dorm. With one person to watch us all. I was anxious to go home to see my family so I went to sleep early. About 2am my best friend wakes me up and tells me to come with her. I go with her to a room and there’ are a few of our friends and some other kids drinking in the room. After it runs out kids start going to their rooms. My best friend is kissing on some kid. Her little cousin is on the other side of the room giving head to my friend. I go over there and I let her suck on it until I cum in her mouth. I go back to see her cousin and she’s getting fucked by some kids I barely know. He cums quick in her and leaves. She gets up and gets dressed and goes to her room. The next morning the staff wake us up to go to the airport. It’s still dark outside. We sit together on the bus and she wants to lay on me with her head on my lap. I let her. Most the kids go right back to sleep. Not her, I feel her unzip my pants and pull my dick out. She has a jacket covering her as she starts sucking it on the bus. I cum in her mouth and she sucks it dry. Then puts her head down and goes to sleep. We get to the airport and everyone flies home. The rest of that year we just kissed and rubbed on each other.

In 11th grade she got a thing for the young boys at school. She was caught with a 8th grader in her room. She would go on walks with middle schoolers. She’d tell me which boys she sucked and the ones that fingered her. Her lowest point was when she let two of them take turns on her in an empty dorm. That year I had a girlfriend so we didn’t mess around much. But she still gave me head when my girlfriend was gone sometimes. My best friend was suspended from school when she was caught in the middle school dorm pulling her panties back on. I didn’t see her until the next year.

In our final year of school she turned lesbian or bi or something. I was actually surprised they let her come back since some of the boys were still there she got caught with. But She had a freshman girlfriend that year. She was a cute freshman. The first semester we didn’t do anything. It just felt different between us. I didn’t feel the need to mess with her. I had other girls.

The second semester I had enough credits to graduate so I was just there. No classes, just helped out. So I could go on all the trips if I wanted. She was that way too. Just counting down the graduation. We volunteered to go run an errand for the baseball coach. He was washing jerseys for the game the next day. The laundry room was in the fitness center and no one was there when we got there. It took us a few minutes to finish the laundry. After that we were talking and taking our time. We didn’t want to go back yet. She start joking about messing around since we were alone. Jokingly I said we could if you were still into guys. She just said come here and lets see. I go and stand in front of her and she pulls my dick out and sucks it. While she’s sucking it she tells me this is where the high school boys would bring her when she was in 7th grade. They wouldn’t let her leave until she sucked and fucked them all she said. I told her I wanted to fuck her where they did. She took me to a room in the back. She bent over on the table and said this is how they did it. I fucked her and took my time until I came in her. But that was the last time I fucked her.

We graduated a month later and I lost contact with her for a long time. The things she said she’s done since shows she hasn’t changed. But she married to a friend of ours from school. She claims he knows nothing of her sex life. But that’s hard to believe. She sometimes sends me nude pics and wants to come see me and go for a walk like old times. But I have yet to say yes.

Forbidden Love

I followed her home. She lived four blocks from school. I walked the four miles to our apartment. I was in the 9th grade, she was in the 8th grade. I knew her name, she knew mine. My mother was a custodian at the school, her mother the wife of the doctor in town, she taught piano to the rich kids.

On Tuesdays her mother taught piano at the church, Tuesdays she was alone until her mother came home. She got pregnant and she went to live with her grandparents, the baby put up for adoption. I went to reform school until I was 18. I learned how to be a motorcycle mechanic in reform school. Went into the Coast Guard, learned electricity. She went to college in the East, married a rich boy and moved to Boston with him. She has two more kids.

My son found me when he was 16, I was married then with four other kids. I helped him find her, his mother. She was scared, but now she accepts him. He is a good kid, he's going to go to college. Her husband told me not to speak to her, I can't do that, not anymore. The feelings are there, I see it her eyes. She suffered being sent away, in my family she would have been embraced, one more kid. No one cares, all kids are welcome, no one would tell you to give your kid away.

Kids are dumb, they do stupid things, she let me in, let me get close with her, show her how much I loved her. For us it's just kid stuff, the feelings are real, but life is not fair. I have my wife, she has her husband, I live in LA she lives in Boston. We have our son, that's what matters. He is a good kid, no one can take that away from us.

Family Get Together

This happened back when I was 15 years old.

My family which only included my mom, dad and myself would occasionally get together with my aunts, uncles and cousins. We would go to this private camp ground for the day which also had a swimming area. We would barbeque and go swimming. My 11 year old female cousin, along with a girlfriend she brought along, tried numerous times to pull my swim trunks down that day. They failed most times but one time they got me. The managed to pull them down to my knees which exposed my ass and my penis. There weren't many people around but enough for me to be embarrassed. Right after I pulled my swim trunks up I went after my cousin and managed to pull up her bikini top exposing what little breasts she had. This was not good timing as right when I did it my mother came around the corner and saw what I did. When my cousin pulled my swim trunks down no one from my family was around except my cousin and her friend but there were a few other families around who saw me. When my mother saw me pull my cousins top up she asked what I was doing and started yelling at me. I tried to explain I was just getting my cousin back for pulling my swim trunks down but she didn't seem to care. My cousin was crying and my mother told me I was older and should know better than to do that to a little girl. I still tried to plead my case to my mother but she just continued to yell at me and gave me a punishment. She said since I exposed my cousin I had to expose myself. I continued to plead my case and told her my cousin started it. She said it didn't matter who started it but to pull them down. I continued to plead my case when my mother became extremely angry with me. She began to swear and yell for me to pull them down immediately. I gave in and did. She then tells me to hand them to her which I also did. She then tells me since I wanted to expose a little girl I can just stay the way I am and expose myself to everyone.

My aunts and uncles made fun of me and told me that's what I get for exposing a little girl. I mentioned she started it and exposed me first. They all seemed to take her side so whatever I said made no difference. Other families with kids saw me and sort of laughed but never made any comment on me being naked. I literally was naked that day from around 1:00pm until the time we left which was about 6 hours later. I am guessing that almost everyone who was at this camp ground saw me naked. I was worried at first about being naked but I soon I didn't even think twice about it. I didn't even realize I was dressed differently compared to everyone else and just went about my day like I usually would.

I was angry with my cousin for quite a while after this day but there was one thing that was really painful. Being naked on a very hot sunny day, using no sun screen and having certain body areas being exposed to the sun first time ever made the next few days very painful. I couldn't wear underwear and pants for the next few days as it was painful so I ended up being naked, or at least bottomless, for a few more days . I did anger my mother again when I walked out into our backyard bottomless. She asked what I was doing and complained the neighbors might see me. I reminded her that she forced me to be naked in front of everyone at the campground and asked why would the neighbors be any different. She just shook her head and told me to do whatever I wanted. It's not like I wanted to be naked outside but knowing it made my mother angry made me want to do it more so I did and they did see me and she knew it but just shook her head. I wanted her to order me to not do it to prove to her she was wrong in making me go naked at the campground so I pushed the envelope. She didn't say anything with me going into the backyard naked so I decided I was going to go out the front door and see what she does. I was nervous going out the front door naked but I wanted to prove a point and did it when my mother would know I was doing it. I went out front door and was seen naked by a few neighbors and a couple walking by. The couple begins talking to me and I shortly hear my mother calling me to the door. I am standing at the door and she asked why I went out front naked. I asked if it was a problem. I am told I shouldn't be outside naked. I told her at the campground I was. She tells me the campground was a different situation and she apologized saying she shouldn't have made me do that. That's what I wanted to hear. The couple I was talking to was standing on the sidewalk like they were waiting for me. My mother mentioned it and asked me if they were waiting for me so I went back to talk with them. We talked, people including neighbors walked by us and always gave us a look which was a bit disturbing to me. I didn't know why the looks but once I finished talking to the couple and made my way back inside it became apparent. I was naked and completely oblivious to that fact. I must have been talking to them for at least a half hour with no realization that I was naked so I had no concerns that everyone passing by, including my neighbors. were seeing everything there was to see of me. It appears my campground incident had instilled a level of extreme comfort about being naked regardless of wherever I was and if anyone was seeing me.

Weekend Sleepover

When I was about maybe 12, 13, not sure. I would like to stay at my cousin's house. Bill and Ted (not their real names)
Slept in the same room on twin beds across the room from each other.

They would argue with each other, over who gets to sleep with me, and I would have to pick one. I would often pick Bill's bed because we had something going on.

We would rub each others d*ck and feel each other out like it's a girl we were touching, he was trying to get me to suck him off the last week and this weekend I was gonna do it if he'd do me.

When we assumed Ted was sleeping we started playing with each others d*ck, he wanted to try the 69 position he was on top. Needless to say he fcuken pounded the fcuk out of me.

Slamming it down my throat, his d*ck wasn't that long so I handled pretty well.
It was tasty I actually liked it quite a bit, and was enjoying the way it felt on the back of my throat.

It wasn't long before he started cumming and I was doing my best to free myself from being pinned into the bed with this nasty tasting goo filling my mouth and throat. I know I must had swallowed some of it but spit most of it out when he was done.

The next night I'm sleeping with Ted, and low and behold I'm awakened in the night with the feeling of a hard on pressing on my a$$, and this d*ck sliding between my thighs. It actually feels pretty good, so I pretend to be sleeping while he is getting ready to bust a nut, I reach back with my hands and spread my cheeks and position my a$$

Without him realizing it's poking in my a$$, yeah, it hurt, but also felt amazing.
I love it, and couldn't wait to spend next weekend over my cousin's any chance I could....

After that time Bill or Ted didn't need to reciprocate, I looked forward to servicing their needs, I would suck, and fcuk all the wanted. And lap up every drop of cum I could get, h3ll I'd guzzle it if I could I was hooked,. And I love getting that a$$ pounded regularly by Ted, and loved giving it to me
Bill just wanted blow job's
I was more than happy to swallow every load I could get..

  • Unexpected Incest

    Growing up, I always idolized my big brother. He was very strong, outgoing, and athletic and was always very protective of me, his little sis. By the time I hit puberty, though, and started becoming a woman, I began dressing very provocatively because I liked the attention that I got from the boys, which really irked him.

    When I was sixteen, I came downstairs one morning dressed in a very tight, low cut top that showed off my cleavage and a very short skirt. It was the summer and our mother had already left for work, leaving the two of us to fend for ourselves. I went into the kitchen to fix some breakfast. My brother was sitting there at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. He took one look at me and asked why I had to dress like that. I told him to mind his own business as I made myself some toast. Then, just to piss him off even more, I bent over the table right in front of him to grab the butter, knowing full well that he could see my white, satin panties as my skirt rode up.

    The response that I got wasn't exactly what I was expecting. He stood up, grabbed my arms, and slammed my hands down on the table. Then he flipped up the back of my skirt and I could hear him unzip his pants. Next thing I know, he grabs my hips and I could feel his rock-hard cock rubbing against my buttocks, along with the sound of his heavy breaths.

    I was a little in shock at first. I was still a virgin and had never felt a guy's cock before. The more he rubbed it against me, though, the more I could feel his unbridled lust for me and my pussy grew sopping wet.

    He reached up with one hand and cupped my breast. I just stood there with my hands braced against the table, letting him do his thing and kind of basking in my first sexual experience. He let out a moan and I could feel the back of my panties grow wet as he blew his load.

    Afterward, he backed away still breathing heavy and zipped up his pants. Then he yelled at me to go upstairs and change my clothes because I looked like a whore. I did what he said without saying a word. I think we both felt a tiny mixture of guilt and revulsion for what had just happened.

    The moment I got to my bedroom and closed the door, I slid off my panties and looked at the sticky, white cum all over the back of them and suddenly I felt aroused all over again. I laid down on my bed and started furiously stroking my clit as I thought of my brother taking his lust out on me. It didn’t take long for me to have a massive orgasm.

    Neither of us ever talked about that morning, preferring instead to pretend like it never happened. But I continued to dress all scantily around him, just to drive him nuts with desire.

    A couple months later, I lost my virginity to one of his friends. The whole time we were doing it in the backseat of his car, though, I was imagining that it was my brother giving into the forbidden lust that I knew he secretly felt for me. I felt like a dirty whore, but it was so hot.

    The Girl

    When i was 12 , my friend and next door neighbour , who was a year younger than me and went to a different school . Told me about a girl at school , who was well developed for her age . Also that she would show her self to boys . He arranged for her to come and meet us . She came and we went to my house . My parents would be at work all day . We went up to my bedroom . I asked her to show me her vagina . She then took all her clothes off and lay on the bed . She had small breasts and some pubic hair . I took this as an invitation , and started touching her . I explored all her body with my hands . She asked me "touch me down there " . I was exploring her , and she was getting moist . I had never experienced this this before so i did not know what to do . She got me to rub her slit and suck her tiny breasts . Then she asked me to lick her slit . Which shocked me , so i was not sure . In the end i tried it . To find that i liked doing it . She made me do this until she had an orgasm . Which made me think that i had hurt her . She said no , it was nice . I was enjoying myself so much that i still kept touching and exploring her body . Then she told me to undress and lay on my back . When she spread her legs and straddled me . Rubbing my hard dick against her moist slit . After a time she took me in her mouth and started sucking and licking me . Asking my friend who had been watching . To rub her slit . It did not take long for me to have the most amazing orgasm . Coming in her mouth . She then started giving my friend a blow job . But he could not come . This was the only time that i saw her . Sadly i was too immature to try to fuck her . As she had older brothers , i think she must have learned from having them touch and lick her , ending with blow jobs .

    Back In The Day

    I loved looking at porn as much as my parents hated me looking at any nudity. It turned me on. Then I was also touched by a friends friend of the family. I was 7 and before i knew it my shorts and panties are down at my ankles and he's licking my clit. I remember whimpering cuz it felt good but also remember feeling shy. He ate me out multiple times after that. He always told me how pretty of a pussy I had. As I got older I was babysitting this 11 year old who wanted to lick pussy. She had watched porn and seen enough to know she wanted to try it. Yes...yes I let her lick it. What? Am I gonna tell her no she can't lick my pussy? I dont see why I would. Felt amazing. She still licks it to this day too. So glad when her mom goes out drinkin so I can get paid to have her daughter lick it. mmmm

    Probably Pretty Unusual...

    The "best friend" of my parents lived next door, and was a parents so badly wanted a vacation on their own, they agreed to let the friend look after me, while they went abroad, during summer recess...he was supposed to help me with my math skills...instead I experienced my first ever wank, and it had such a profound effect on me, I decided I would do ANYTHING to make this a regular part of my life. Doing it myself was okay, but it was WAY better when someone else was doing it, and even better still if I was tied up and unable to resist in any way. My "mentor" was pretty weird sexually, and really got off on tying me up in a rubber-lined bag - army surplus, I believe - tightly tied at the neck and waist, while he taught me all about what turned out to be orgasm delay and denial, and mild cock-and-ball-torture.

    I was fortunate enough to spend the entire summer like this, while they were away, and while I was getting "tutoring" at the naive parents thought their new-found freedom was just great, and I was lavish in my praise of the good effect this guy was having on me!

    When I left home at eighteen, for my first job, and a room in a big old house in a neighboring town, it was with a single guy who turned out to be a friend of my original mentor, and soon I was completely under their control, every waking minute away from work, to my complete satisfaction, and delight at their ever-increasing interest in really severe rubber-bondage, which soon became an addiction that stays with me to this day, all these years later, as I allow myself to be sexually exploited, face-fucked in various bags, and wanked to the point of near insanity, never being allowed to come.

    Childhood m****tation is wrong, but occasionally it fits someone's personality at a formative age, and personally, has given me more pleasure over the years than I ever imagined possible, originally.

  • My Cousin Introduced Me To Painal

    When i was 11 my older cousin 19 would come over once a week with his mom to hang out with my mom and we would always play video games while they chatted in the kitchen.
    One night our moms got to drinking and they had to stay the night, my cousin and I shared a bed for the night.

    after everyone had gone to bed and we were just laying in my bed and his boner touched my leg, i asked him if his dick is really that big. he pulled down the covers and showed me, its still one of the biggest iv seen (IRL) yet, I asked him if I could touch it and he told me to turn over.

    once i turned over he pushed my face into the pillows and pulled my pajamas down, he held me down and put the head of his cock in my ass, i screamed as he forced me down into the pillow it was the worst pain i had ever felt and i loved it, then he pushed into me, he went straight down on me, balls deep no warning or hesitation, one slam. i screamed so hard i have my self headache not that anyone heard me with being forced into a pillow and my parent in a drunken sleep, it felt soo good i remember I peed a little.

    he held it down in me for what felt like forever, balls deep i could feel him pulsing. then suddenly he started fucking me, power thrusting my ass, he held me balls deep as he came in me.

    this moment is the closest ill ever get to sexual extasy.