You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.

Just Our Secret

I read on here about a boy who had a gay affair with a friend, so I thought that I would add my own story.
I also had a gay affair with a friend when I was fourteen. In all truth we really didn’t know what gay was, we were just friends who liked each other and we discovered that it was great having sex together. Pretty innocent, really.
There was a stream where we would go in the summer. It was wooded and secluded. The water was not nearly deep enough to go swimming, but we would enjoy the fun of taking our clothes off and splashing in the water, as well as the fun of being naked together. And of course, like any healthy boys, we always got an erection, which felt so good having together as boys. It was very special not having to be embarrassed about that with each other, and that was what inspired us to become much friendlier. We started enjoying some really nice mutual masturbation and making each other ejaculate. After a few times we tried sucking on each other and that was great. It was so exciting to ejaculate in each other’s mouth and we both loved it.
It was a while before we tried having anal sex. When we managed to do that with each other, taking turns, it was so fantastic. I can tell you that we fucked a lot that summer. The two of us remained best friends and more or less lovers all throughout school. Neither us ended up gay, since neither of us really were. We were just good friends. Although unlike the boy whose mother knew and approved, our parents and nobody else ever knew. That was just our secret.

  • Dangerously Curious

    A week before my 11th birthday I spent the weekend with my BFF, she had a hot stepdad, I could tell he was interested in me but didn’t understand why, the first night after I took a shower I simply wore my panties and a large T-shirt, I could see him staring at my crotch so I decided to show him a little more by pulling my shirt up and spreading my legs al little, after a few minutes he got up and headed to his room, I got up and said I was going to the bathroom, I peeked in his room and he was jacking off, I watched for a few seconds and giggled and flashed my hairless pussy at him and even rubbed it for about 10 seconds and then he moaned and started squirting stuff in the air, I laughed and went to the bathroom. After we returned to the living room, my friend said she was tired and was going to bed, I lied and said I wanted to finish the movie we were watching and would be to bed after it was over, about 30 minutes after she went to bed her stepdad asked why didn’t I go to bed, I told him that I wanted to play with him, he said that was a bad idea so I took off my shirt and panties and sat on his lap looking him in the eyes and said I wanted to become a woman and he should help me do that, we went in his office and he put on some porn and told me to do whatever I wanted, it didn’t take long to get his dick in my mouth (I had sucked a few boys cock before) I thought he had a big dick then be really he was on the smaller side, about 5 inches, I really loved sucking dick as I found it put me in control, I had never had anyone touch me or get me off, that changed that night, he rubbed my little clit to the point I couldn’t focus on sucking his cock, he then asked me to put my pussy in his face and that was it for me, I was holding his dick with my right hand and trying to hold myself up with my left hand and all the while I was cumming so hard, I had 3 orgasms before he stopped, I was so horny that I got off 2 more times while sucking his cock he blew a huge load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed most of it but a lot of it ran down my chin and on my flat chest. I have swallowed cum before but not that much. I knew his wife would be home soon so I got dressed and kissed him and said I wanted more.

    The next night went differently, after my friend went to bed, I got naked and let him eat my little pussy for what seemed like hours but really about 30 minutes, I came so much I felt exhausted, as I was laying there legs spread wide I felt him between my legs and when I looked he was putting his cock in my pussy I told him no because I didn’t want to get pregnant, well I haven’t had a period or even started puberty, he assured me that I could not get pregnant, so I said ok, I felt a painful stretching in my pussy and that was it, he was completely inside me, he started pumping in and out of me then I felt him explode inside me and that was it, I was done for the night. We went on to have a little fling from time to time, I’ve never told anybody this story,

    Unknown Sub Side

    So not really a kid but when I was around 18 or 19 I was bonkers horny all the time. Had a few girls to play with but only to various degrees and never a fuck, mostly handys. Got feels and fingers and even an inept BJ from one of the girls.

    But I was restless and curious and went to the adult movies arcade some evenings before going out with friends or whatever. So one time I'm at the arcade and stopped for a pint of whiskey before going in. Maybe it was what they call Dutch courage. LOL

    Anyway, I watched some straight gangbang movie for a bit and saw it was not crowded but there was about a dozen or so men spread out and watching and some were definitely stroking off too.

    Went through a curtain to the part where there was units you could go in and big enough for three easy but they were supposed to be singles. Anyway, I go in one and leave the door ajar and a older dude maybe 50 gives me a wolfish grin and steps in and asks if I'm OK with some company. I told him sure that the girl on the screens getting it good in all her holes.

    We're both stroking our dicks through our flies and the man tells me to pull my pants and shorts down to my ankles. He had some foreign sound to him maybe euro or maybe like slavic. Like I say I was nervous but it sounded really hot too.

    I figured he wanted to blow me cause there's a lot of man to man sex going on there and I'm nervous but good with getting sucked off.

    Next thing I know his shortish but very fat dick is still sticking through his pants and he's lifting my leg so I have one foot on the floor and the other on the bench. I figure now he's got plans to fuck me which is definitely not in my plans. Just as I start to say something, he comes real close to my face and raspy whispers that he wants me to lick his balls and suck his dick and that I should do it good and not disappoint him.

    He says he likes my skinny little ass and he wants to kiss it. Now I'm figuring I just might get my BJ after all.

    So the man gets down on one knee and spreads my cheeks and digs his tongue right up in my fucking asshole! I had a whore do it once and a slutty local girl did it to me once when she was drunk off her ass. I loved getting rim jobs but didn't expect it from this alpha dog who wanted to face fuck me.

    Anyways it felt so good I was sorry when he stopped. My dick was hard and pointing up and I sat my wet ass on the bench and slobbered all over his big blonde hairy balls while he rubbed his fat drooling dick across my face. He told me to suck his balls like a good boy and he'd give me a treat. He had his fat fist wrapped around his fat dick and brought the tip to my lips which I opened to receive it. I was so hard and my dick was throbbing as I went full bore fag on his fat pole. He was moaning and grunting and fucking my face. Holding the back of my head and pumping that dick across my tongue. I was doing my own moaning and my dick was throbbing.

    I remember thinking how amazing it would be if he could reach and stick a fat finger up my shithole. I was totally high and hot and wanted it dirty.
    The man was murmuring shit I don't understand and I could tell he was close. I was scared to choke if he had a heavy load I wasn't used to swallowing a lot of come.

    When he did yell out and his dick pulsed two or three times and it wasn't too much but felt like a thick heavy load and was easy to swallow.
    When he finished and let me go I sat for a moment and caught my breath and with just a few strokes I was blowing my load on the wall. The older man fixed his shirt and shorts and zipped up with a sly smile and unlatched the door and was gone.

    It was long ago and I'm older than that guy was back then. I basically remained straight and married two longtime wives am definitely dominant with women and had very little m2m in swinging circles but still remember that foreign dom man and how hot it was to have him be the boss.

  • One Special Summer

    The summer that I was fifteen I had a gay affair with my best friend, Josh. It was not that either of us was gay, it was just something that worked out between the two of us.

    It was just great having this male side to our friendship and we both thoroughly enjoyed that.

    My mom kind of suspected and she just asked me if the two of us were doing something together, and I admitted that we were. She had absolutely no problem with that. Josh, though, said that his parents would never approve, especially his father, so he had to keep it a secret from them. Still, we were discrete about it, but when we were together we didn’t necessarily bother to hide it, either. When we went out we even did things like hold hands and we kissed in the park and people saw us and we thought that was kind of bold and neat just being boys like that together.

    But because my mom knew and was accepting of Josh and I having this boy-affair, we were free to go over to my house while she was at work and we would have sex. It was just so cool and felt so good doing that together as boys and we both loved it.

    Our affair lasted about a year. Then we both started dating and we tapered off and eventually it just ended. Now, though, looking back some twenty years later, that was a very special and wonderful summer in my life and I have great memories of it. Neither of became gay because of our experience, and I find myself surprised that I had been so openly gay with another boy. But it was wonderful.

    Years Apart

    As a seventeen year old, myself and two other trainees were invited into a house by the home owners wife, when we were landscaping their back garden.
    All three of us had her sucking on our cocks before we took turns fucking her pussy and arsehole.
    Over the three days we attended the house, we all continued to fuck her, but I fucked her the most having the biggest cock.
    Eleven years later, I'm now fucking her daughter, yet didn't know she was her daughter until recently.
    When we met, we both recognised each other, but obviously said nothing.
    Her husband has long been kicked into touch, as he couldn't cope with her constant sex drive.
    On our second meeting my girlfriend popped out, leaving us alone supposedly for only a few minutes, but was gone an hour.
    In that time I had my dick sucked, licked out my girlfriends mums pussy and arsehole making her orgasm multipletimes, and fucked both holes too, cumming twice inside of her.
    When my girlfriend got back, she acted like nothing had gone on, but you could smell sex all over the house.
    Later on back at mine with no chance to shower, my girlfriend sucked my dick and went crazy for my cock up her arsehole like never before.
    She'd never been that turned on and I swear it was because of her mums essence on my dick.
    Now when we visit, my girlfriend always makes an excuse to leave us alone for a while, and her mother and I fuck like animals.
    When we get back to my place, it's always the same, really rough ferocious sex and she never fails to cum so intensely.
    I'm beginning to think, they're both using me for sex, and probably tell each other everything.
    I'm not complaining, I'd just wish they'd let me know so I can fuck them together.

  • Faggot

    I got a summer job working as a busboy at a diner near the train station. A man came around, usually on Thursday or Friday night. He sat in his car and young guys from the high school on that side of town would walk over and talk to him. Once in a while a kid got in his car and they drove off. The evening cook told me to be careful with him unless I was looking to get fucked.

    The weeks went by, just about every Thursday and Friday night some kid got in the car with him. One Thursday night when I got off work his car was around the corner. He called me over, holding a ten dollar bill in his hand. He asked if I wanted to have some fun, earn ten bucks. He told me to get in the car. He grabbed his pants, showed me the outline of his cock. Told me there wasn't anything better than hot cock for a young man like me.

    I wasn't scared. when he reached over and grabbed my cock in my pants I just let our a moan. He took my hand and put it on his half erect cock. Then he put his hand behind my head and pulled me to him and kissed me on the mouth. We drove to this small house, went in and he gave me a magazine with naked men, oral sex, anal sex. He helped undress me, sucked my cock and put me on the bed while he got undressed.

    His cock was fully erect, he had me hold it and put it in my mouth. He rubbed me, rubbed my behind, fingered my butthole and then put me under him and fucked me. I met him round the corner to the diner when I got off, sometimes we went to the little house, sometimes we parked on a deserted road and made out and fucked in his car. The cook figured it out and called me a faggot. He was a faggot too and I sucked him more than once and he fucked me a couple of times.

    His Mom At The Party

    One of my classmates in highschool had a party at his home for the class. He lived with his mom and his kid-sister. All boys and girls in the class were invited and since his mom would buy the liquor, most showed up.
    It was a great party, guys drinking, girls dancing, boys trying to seduce the girls.
    But my eye caught one girl.. or.. woman. His mom.
    Very sexy, very much cleavage and short skirt. With al the beers, she was real hot to me.
    But, not only to me. She was flirting with a lot of my classmates and as i watched, every now and then she went up with one of them. They'd return in 10 to 15 minutes.
    I made my move towards her, danced, i still remember her luscious breasts. She whispered in my ear if i wanted to go up.... off course i did. I followed her, she pushed me in a room.
    It was her bed room, i wanted to start kissing but she just got on her knees, pulled my pants down, my dick out and pushed me on the bed. She started sucking, i loved it.
    her mouth on my dick, hand on my balls.. mmm.. very hot.
    she only looked up to say i shouldnt hold back, just fill her mouth, which i did in a few minutes.
    she sucked me dry, showed my load in her mouth and swallowed.
    Then she got up, told me to make myself decent and we left the room.
    Downstairs she started flirting with another classmate. The next few days in school i learned she had sucked almost all the boys, her son just told us his mom was a slut and loved sucking dicks.
    (no, not his, he assured us).
    Wished we had more parties at his house...

    Anyone Else??

    When I was in high school mom worked 3 16’s so I had to help more around the house the 4 days she was working or asleep. On chore was dropping my little sister off to her 4th grade class. Long story short my 9 year old sister would drink my cum 3 times a week before handing her backpack and watching her cute little ass run to the school front door. When mom worked weekends it was waaaay more fun though. Crayola markers in your sisters asshole while she sucks you like a milkshake! I miss the fear, confusion and curiosity from teaching her how to get her holes stuffed with big brothers cock!

    Didn't Quite See It

    I read on here about a boy who saw his older brother and his other together having sex. This apparently happens. When I was about nine I saw my older brother who was fifteen and mom naked together in the bathroom one morning. My brother had just gotten out of the shower and was toweling off and he had a quite large erection.

    Of course I was surprised and didn’t quite know what to think. I just grinned and left. Later mom said how my brother was just finishing with his shower and she was going in to take one was all, and she was very nonchalant about it. I really didn’t know anything about sex as such, and I just figured that it was because my brother was older was why he and mom were naked together.

    It wasn’t until about a year later when I did learn something about sex that I wondered if my brother and mom were doing that. I kind of suspected that they were, and again I thought it was because he was older that he did stuff like that with mom. Now, looking back all these years later it seems obvious that my older brother was having sex with mom. She was divorced and this was probably a convenient arrangement. I never got to do anything with my mom, of course, although I think that it would have been neat if I could have. But such is the privilege of being an older brother, and the pity of being the younger brother.

  • Brothers Friends

    My brother is 4 years older than me, and we were latchkey kids so had no supervision till late at night. my brother would have friends over and they would hog the tv and n64 so id be in my room they always picked on me. one day i was in my room using a my moms toy in me when they got to the house i didnt hear them come in well one of his asshole friends barged into my room and caught me with my ass in the air using the toy. he went wild with laughing and called my brother and the other friend to hurry to my room as i tried hiding under the covers but he yanked them off. and he sat there telling them what i was doing and they started making fun of me telling me to keep going or theyd kick my ass so i did. the friend that barged in announced he was going to replace the toy if i didnt want anyone finding out. my brother said go for it and left, while his friend got on my bed and told me to put my ass in the air again. and undid his pants and shoved his cock in me. he fucked hard but not long before he came, the other friend took a turn to. it turned into a reuglar thing when they would come over always threatening telling everyone. i only tried to fight one time and they hogtied me and cut off my clothes they used a whole disposable camera taking pics of me laying there and getting fucked by them.