You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.

Friend's House

I remember when I was first involved in something publicly that was sexual.

I went over to my friend's house and his sister was there along with 2 of her girlfriends. I was 14 at the time, my friend was a year younger than me and his sister was 16 and I assume her friends were the same age too. The parents were out so the 5 of us were just hanging out listening to music. The girls began to dance to the music. It was one of the girls that suggested they do a strip dance for us boys. My friend's sister said there was no way she was getting naked for anyone. The girl said they would just strip to their bra and panties not naked. The sister said she wasn't taking any clothes off at all but the other girl agreed to do it.

The first girl gets up and dances alone while the music was playing and takes off her shirt. Next she takes off her pants along with her socks. She is just in her bra and panties now. She danced a little more before she sat down and the next girl started her dance. She removed her clothes like the first girl and now there were 2 girls in just bra and panties and I was enjoying this. The 2 girls tried to get the sister to do it but she was refusing every time they asked her too.

The girls suggested us boys should do a dance for them. My friend said he didn't know if he should and his sister said he wasn't going to. I thought about it and decided I wear a bathing suit that is the same size as my underwear and agreed to as I didn't see I would be exposing much more than I did while swimming. The sister said she couldn't believe I was going too and neither did my friend.

I began to dance and took off my shirt followed by my pants and socks. I was dancing in only my underwear now and the sister was the most vocal about. She couldn't believe I actually did it. The girls tried to get my friend to do it and his sister said he wasn't going too. I think my friend didn't like his sister telling him what to do so he decided he was going to do it. He got up, danced and ended up in only his underwear like me. The sister couldn't believed he actually did it. The girls tried to get her to get up and dance but once again she made it quite clear she was not going to.

The first girl got up and danced again. This time she surprised us by taking her bra off. I was seeing her tits and I liked it. I had only seen pictures before this and now I was seeing them right in front of me. The sister shouted, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE SHOWING US YOUR TITS!!!". The next girl gets up and she danced for a bit before she took off her bra too. The sister was shouting things in disbelief and her friends tried to get her to at least take her shirt off but once again she refused. I was really liking seeing what I was seeing and was told it was my turn to dance again.

I got up and danced and decided to flash my ass to the girls. My friend couldn't believe I did that and his sister shouted, " YOUR ASS, I JUST SAW YOUR ASS!!!" . It was my friends turn to dance and he got up and danced. The girls shouted at him to show ass but he said there was no way. When he was done he said it was his last dance and just sat down and began to get dressed.

It was the girls turn to dance again. The first one got up and played with her tits and flashed her ass to us. My friend and his sister were just watching and didn't say anything. The next girl got up again and pretty well did the same as the first and flashed her ass too.

It was my turn again. I got up and flashed my ass a few a times. Then I made my next move. My friend shouts, " YOU ARE NAKED!!!". His sister shouts, " YOUR PENIS, I CAN SEE YOUR PENIS!!! I had taken off my underwear and was naked. The girls were loving it and cheering me on. I was stroking my penis as I danced and was getting hard which is what I intended to do. The sister is now shouting, " YOUR PENIS , IT'S GETTING HARD, I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM SEEING YOUR PENIS AND IT'S HARD". She seemed to be over reacting compared to the girls who were just say "NICE" and "WAY TO GO" .

The first girl got up again and began to dance. She played with her tits and flashed her ass again and I was hoping her panties would come off but they didn't. The next girl got up doing the same thing and her panties stayed on too. It was my turn again. I stroked my penis and it started to get a little hard again and we heard a sound. It was the parents pulling into the driveway. We all quickly get dressed before they came into the house.

They came in and asked what we were doing and the sister said we were just listening to music. It was close to dinner time now and the parents said they were taking my friend and his sister out for dinner. Me and the 2 girls left. One girl said we could go to her house if we wanted and the 3 of us did.

We go to her house and no one was home. The 3 of us went up to her room and she asked if she could see me hard again. I got undressed and she told me to lay on her bed. I was on my back and one girl on each side of me on their sides as they watched me as I stroked myself. I remember feeling a little weird now compared to earlier as I was naked and they were fully clothed. They asked how hard I get and I told them they would see. I stroked and got pretty hard and took my hand away so they could see and told them I can get harder. I began stroking more but probably stroked one too many times because I felt myself about to do something that I could not hold back on. I tried to stop but I began cumming. There I was being watched by 2 girls cumming all over myself. The girls were completely surprised and loving what they were seeing. I never intended to have this happen but it did. This was a day of firsts for me. I saw girls tits, girls bare asses, took all my clothes off in front of a group and even stroked my penis and now had unexpectedly cum in front of a couple of girls.

  • My Sister's Friend

    My sister had some friends over one night, they were all 18-19, and I had a big crush on one guy. I had D cup tits already even though I was 14 and this guy kept looking at them which made me feel good. We built a bonfire in the front yard and played truth or dare, his best friend dared him to feel my boobs so he did. Squeezed them over my shirt some. I was really turned on and kept hoping people would dare us to do more but they didn't. Eventually we went inside to my sister's room and the game continued, the guy I was crushing on dared his friend to stick his hands in my sister's bra and feel her boobs so he did and they kept fooling around so we went to my room. We flirted some, I showed him my boobs and he loved them, he showed me his dick and it was so big. I put it in my mouth for a minute but we were nervous someone would come looking for us.

    When he and his friend left I went out to his car with him first and we stuck our hands in each other's clothes. He turned me around and pulled my pants down and stuck his dick straight into me. He fucked me for a minute and came on the ground right before his friend came outside.

    It wasn't the best sex but the whole night was so hot and I still masturbate sometimes thinking about this hot older guy enjoying my body and using me to cum.

    How I Got Laid

    In high school I would give my gf a ride home as I had a car and that way she didn't need to ride the bus. One day we got on the subject of sex. I don't remember how we got on the subject but I do remember the results of it. I asked her what she thought of blowjobs, to which she recoiled and asked me "What would you do if I said I want you to lick my pussy?" I responded quickly with "I'd remove your pants and panties spread your leg and bury my tongue inside you." She was taken aback to my response. She could not believe that I would agree to licking her pussy. I joked around the situation for a bit but eventually dropped it. The next day I drove her home she asked me to follow her inside. once inside she just looked at me and said "I want you to lick my pussy." I asked if anyone was around her parents and brother were at work for a few hours we had the house to ourselves. I rushed over to her and removed her pants and panties, revealing a cleanly shaved pussy. I looked at her and joked that it looked like she planned for this. before she said anything I pushed her legs apart and started eating her out. I had no idea what I was doing. I was just trying to mimic what I was in pornos. I did something right as she moaned like crazy and said she enjoyed it. She still refused to give me a blowjob. A few days later this scenario played out again. I gave her a ride home parents and brother were at work. She says she wants me to eat her out. I agreed under one condition, I get a blowjob. She agreed. So I went down on her again and made her cum. I removed my pants revealing my erect cock. She got down to her knees grabbed my cock and went to put it in her mouth but stopped just short. I reminded her a deal is a deal. She just looked up at me and asked "what if you fuck me instead?" I don't remember answering, I remember putting her back on the bed and putting my cock in her, popping her cherry, before she changed her mind. When I got told her I was going to cum I pulled out just in time and shot a massive load on her stomach. She left to get a towel to clean herself up. When she returned she wanted to fuck again, to get me hard again I finally got my blowjob. After this I bought a box of condoms I kept in my glovebox This became our normal routine bring her home from school fuck and leave before anyone else got home. That was until we broke up.

  • My Widower Neighbor

    In the early 80s I had gotten an under the table job as a busser at a family friend’s diner a few nights a week. I was too young to legally work, but I looked much older, already having D cups, no one ever questioned it. I walked home, usually a little late, sometimes as late as midnight, past a big fancy (yet fixer upper) house that had been empty for a long time, and was finally purchased. The rumor was that it was a widower, a retired contractor who’d bought the house to fix up as a distraction to get over his grief after his wife had died suddenly in a car accident. You could hear construction during the day, but no one ever saw him, so he was kind of a mystery.

    But on my late night walks home I would see him on his porch! He usually kept his porch light off, but sometimes I would see his cigarette and know he was there. I started waving, he’d wave back. He looked kind of handsome, even though I could tell he was my grandpa’s age. I decided I was going to meet him.

    One night as I was leaving work I stole a bottle of wine from the kitchen and headed to the new neighbor’s house. I walked up his big staircase to his porch and asked if I could join him. He smiled and said he never turned down wine with a pretty girl and got up to get us glasses. I couldn’t help but notice that construction had left him with a great muscular body, he was wearing sweats and it looked like he had something big down the front of his pants, like he was getting hard. I was sure it was just shadow or something, but when he came back out with the glasses it was impossible to not notice he had a big cock. I remember smiling and looking up at him and he was looking at me, smiling right back, like he had seen me look at his cock and hope it was real.

    We talked and drank and smoked a few cigarettes. His name was Oliver, the rumors were true, he was a widower, he was planning on flipping the house when he was done, so he’d only be there for a couple years. I told him about the diner, I tried to not say anything that would give away my age, completely forgetting I’d pulled the wine out of a school backpack and was still wearing my uniform. He talked about being in WW2, so I knew he was in his 60s, but he looked younger, and I’d never been with a guy fifty years older than me so I was super curious. The drunker we got the dirtier our conversation got. I told him about the sex I was having with multiple guys at once, he told me he comes out to the porch late at night to stroke his cock. I made a big point to tell him how much I’d love to see, and SWALLOW that!

    I got up to use the bathroom, where I took off my bra and panties, unbuttoned my top enough so my boobs almost just flopped out, and touched my pussy to be sure it was dripping wet. When I came back out, sure enough, he was leaning back in his chair, cock out, slowly stroking and rocking. I couldn’t believe how beautiful his cock was, it was maybe 6 inches, and just so thick. My plan had been to sit on his lap, but after seeing his cock I went straight to my knees, brushed his hands away and started trying to get it all in my mouth. He could barely keep it together, he was grunting and saying oh fuck and I could feel his balls tightening. After only about two or three minutes I felt him shudder and press his cock a little deeper in my throat and just EXPLODE. I knelt there for about a minute while I made sure I had gulped it all. He was winded, but I knew he could go again.

    I sat on his lap to let him cool down for a minute, making sure to sit my super wet pussy right on his still somewhat hard cock, and started to kiss him. He grabbed my tits as we kissed and touched tongues, his mouth working its way to my tits. He was loving my tits, telling me how big and beautiful and soft they are, I love getting my tits sucked so it was heaven to feel him latch on to my nipple as I rubbed my pussy down on to him. I guided his hand between my legs and upon feeling how wet I was with his hand he grabbed his cock and pushed it up in to me. He kept saying oh fuck and we shouldn’t be doing this but also moaning and grunting and he never stopped sucking my tits or rubbing my clit. I felt my back start to arch and that wonderful tingle start moving up from my clenching toes. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”, I pleaded in to his ear. As I felt the orgasm take over and my body shudder, I heard him moan so satisfyingly, and as he twitched inside me I knew he’d cum too. We sat for a few minutes, his cock still inside, kissing, rubbing my clit and making me twitch and clench lol, lightly sucking on my now red almost sore nipples.

    When I stood up I felt his cum rush out of me and down my legs. “Oh that’s so fucking hot” he said and just looked at my cum drenched pussy and legs for a minute. I buttoned up my blouse and grabbed my backpack, I was going to get my panties and bra from the bathroom, but he told me to leave them so I’d have to come back. He kissed me goodbye and whispered to think of him as my legs rubbed together on my walk home.

    It became a regular part of my walk home. Sometimes we’d go inside his house, sometimes he’d eat my pussy, sometimes he’d bend me over the railing of the porch and we’d look out over the street at night while he fucked me from behind. We had a wonderful time while he lived there, and I miss him so much.

    Losing My Virginity

    I was “cool” because I had an older boyfriend. We made out, he fingered me, we even started making out with a friend of his. I liked it, it was fun. They’d kiss me, kiss and suck on my tits… one night we were really in to it. My boyfriend was kissing me and fingering me, his friend was sucking on my nipple. My bf pushed my head to his cock, and I happily obliged. I’d sucked them off before and was expecting another night of cocks in my mouth. I was bobbing up and down and I felt his friend pull my panties down, and he started talking about how wet my pussy was. I couldn’t really hear, but I heard my bf say “go for it” and I swear I heard him say “pop that cherry”. Well I felt him slide in, and it didn’t hurt, so I thought oh I must’ve already had it broken by the fingers or something. Then I felt a huge push and a bit of pain and heard them laughing about how oh no that was it. It hurt for a second but then it felt ok. My bf seemed so turned on seeking me take his friends cock, he held my head against him, balls to my chin as he came in my mouth. He never seemed mad, but it was a little weird that his friend was the one to actually pop my cherry. My bf eventually popped my anal cherry so I feel like it was ok.

  • A Beach Hookup

    A few years ago I went on vacation with my family. We rented a big beach house for my family, my mom's brother and his family, and my grandparents. Me, being a horny 15 year old, couldn't keep my eyes off the girls at the beach. I spent so much of my time on the beach and in the ocean just to check out the girls.

    There was a family a few houses down that had a few kids around my age, a boy and two girls. I ended up playing Frisbee with the boy, he was a year older than me. We talked about his family some and it turned out his sister was my same age, and the other girl was her best friend that was the same age too. They were both in great shape. His sister, I'll call her Samantha, had small tits but a huge ass and legs that looked like she worked out or played some sports. Her friend Amanda was a little thicker, which meant her tits were much bigger. I couldn't stop taking looks at them every chance I got. I beat off several times already thinking about all the things I wanted to do to them. I was a virgin but I also wasn't very experienced, I had one girlfriend and we had sex 14 times in total before she broke up with me, yes I kept count lol I know that is weird to some people

    The third night I saw the girls out on the beach from our balcony and decided to go for a night swim. I didn't really care about swimming but I wanted a chance to be around them. I packed up a bag with a couple of drinks and the Frisbee and my phone, grabbed a folding chair and headed down there. They were sitting in chairs in front of their house and I set mine up really unsure of how to make contact without being weird. Fortunately I didn't have to think about it long because I heard them shout "hey!" before Samantha walked over and asked me to come sit with them so duh I picked my stuff up and went over. My heart was pounding because I knew I had to play the right cards if I wanted something to happen, and I definitely wanted lots of things to happen lol. They were both wearing those spaghetti strap tank tops and real short shorts and Amanda's cleavage was looking real good in the moonlight.

    So I sat down and Samantha showed me a bottle of tequila she stole from her parents and asked if I wanted some. I had drank with some friends before from one guy's parent's alcohol collection so this wasn't my first run in with alcohol. I took a big sip straight from the bottle and coughed like crazy which made them laugh, but then they each took a sip too and coughed a bunch so we were all laughing. They asked me a lot of questions like where I was from and what I liked to do, if I had a girlfriend, if I played sports. I asked them a few questions and we each kept taking sips. Eventually Samantha said we should play truth or dare. I was nervous but I knew these games usually turned dirty pretty quick so I was excited too.

    Well it started off tame, Samantha asked me if I'd been kissed before, I asked Amanda what her bra size was which was 36C, I had never seen or touched any that big! Amanda dared Samantha to moon us, and wow her ass was nice. Samantha dared Amanda to moon us too, and oh how I wished she had dared to flash instead of moon. Samantha definitely had a better ass than Amanda. But then it got really juicy. I think Amanda wanted to get back at Samantha for that, so she dared me to slap Samantha's ass as hard as I could. I joked that I couldn't do that buy Samantha just got up and walked over to me, turned her back to me and dropped her shorts. I got rock hard seeing that huge ass right in front of me but fortunately I was sitting and they couldn't see.

    I slapped it so hard, and she let out a mix of a yelp and a moan which was just hot to hear. Amanda said something like "you slut" and Samantha said "shut up!" And in retaliation, Samantha dared Amanda to sit in my lap and kiss me. I was shocked and my heart was racing even more, as if that was possible!!! Amanda said "but I have a boyfriend!" And Samantha said "well so do I but we're on vacation and they didn't want to come so we're going to have fun without them."

    So Amanda got up and said "whatever" and climbed into my lap with her legs on either side of me. She definitely felt my cock between her legs because she wiggled a little and said "oh" before leaning in to kiss me. I instinctively grabbed her waist with both hands and she just started grinding on my dick!!! I had to break away to tell her to stop or I was gonna cum and I did NOT want that to be the end of the fun lol. She giggled and Samantha did too, but when she got off she said "his dick is so hard." Samantha said "I wanna see" so she got up and straight up sat that fat ass down in my lap with her back to me. She was grinding all over it and I just gave her ass a couple of slaps before saying "don't make me cum!" and she got off. Well even though she did that it was still Amanda's turn so Amanda dared me to show them my dick. Now it wasn't huge but it was maybe 7in at this point, I measured it regularly to see how big it was and I was proud of it. I stood in front of her and pulled my swim trunks down and it bounced up, pointing up at her face, and Samantha came over to get a good look too. She let out a "holy shit thats big" which made me feel so good and I was really turned on. I said "truth or dare" and she looked up at me and said dare, I knew I was in. I said "suck it" and she didn't even hesitate, it was in her mouth. Samantha was like 2 feet from her, just watching. Amanda stopped after like 15 sec and said "Samantha truth or dare" before daring her to suck it too!!! So they just took turns sucking it for like 15 sec each.

    I sat back down and Samantha told me to pick truth and asked which one I thought was hotter. I hated that question lol but I told her honestly that I love big tits so Amanda had my attention. They went back and forth with each other for a minute giving each other shit about who had what going on with their body before I said "truth or dare to both of you." See, I wanted to see their bodies so bad but didn't want to only get one of them to show me things. They looked at each other and laughed and both said dare!! I said "get naked!" Samantha immediately got undressed but Amanda said "only if you do too." Samantha said "it isn't your turn" and Amanda said "well if he can dare both of us at the same time which is against the rules, I can ask him to do it too" but I was already undressed by the time she said that. Which meant she got undressed too.

    So here we were, all naked and laughing and horny and Amanda said "okay okay so here's what we should do. You should fuck Samantha first for a minute, but she's not on birth control and I am so you're going to fuck me last because I can't get pregnant and she can." Hey, no arguments from me. I said "I have one last dare, I want to see you two kiss" and they both laughed and said "we do that all the time". Samantha sat in Amanda's lap on her chair and they made out for a minute and it was so fucking hot to watch. Amanda grabbed Samantha's ass and slapped it a couple of times and they both giggled, honestly the laughing and giggling never stopped. Maybe that was the tequila? But I walked over to them with my cock out and put it to their faces while they were kissing and they both just started sucking it. This was the part later where I couldn't believe it had actually happened to ..(continue confession)

    Losing A Testicle

    One morning when I was 17 I woke up in excruciating pain. My left testicle was in so much pain. I stood up and lowered my shorts to find out the draw sting on my shorts somehow wrapped itself around my testicle in my sleep.

    I wore briefs during the day but slept commando. So I painfully walked down stairs, pulled my shorts off and showed my mom my balls. She immediately told me to get in the vehicle, I needed to go to the er.

    Upon arrival I checked in and the woman working the check in counter had me take a seat. Yes I said she had me take a seat even though I told her my testicle is in pain from having the blood cut off. About 20 minutes later a nurse comes to get me. I stand up and walk painfully over to her. She reads the charts and immediately grabs a wheel chair, puts me in it then rushes me back.

    Next thing I’m lay on a bed, one nurse is pulling my shorts off while the other is cutting the string off my shorts. Another nurse is stripping me naked while another is shaving my pubic hair off real quick. I was being taken into surgery.

    Woke up a few hours later to find out I lost my left testicle. I was in the hospital for 3 days. And believe it or not, I had to get adjust to having one testicle in my underwear. It felt weird and uneven.

    Upon arriving home my mom pretty much said I needed to wear briefs 24 7 for now on. Including sleeping in briefs so that way my other testicle is protected and supported.

    Still today I wear colored briefs or tighty whities every day in fear of something strangling my right testicle. Thought I’d share my story that way people can know what draw strings can do. I’m definitely thankful the string didn’t strangle my penis.

    I Let My Brother Try It, Now I'm Addicted

    I had sex with my brother before I knew what sex was. I was 11 and my brother was 13 when he told me he found something he wanted to show me. He had been using the family computer to do homework but found porn, which we didn't understand really but he showed me a video of a guy and a girl having sex. He asked if I had the hole she had, that the guy was sticking his penis in, because I didn't have boobs like she did. I said I didn't know, I've never checked, so he asked if we could check. I was pretty curious too, so we did. Went to my room and locked the door and I took my shorts and underwear off and spread my legs. He poked around around a minute with his finger and eventually found where he could stick it inside of me. I gasped, it didn't really feel good or bad but was a weird sensation feeling something inside me down there.

    I asked if his penis looked like the guys in the video and he said no, it's not as big. I said show me, so he pulled his pants down. It was very hard and sticking out. I reached out and touched it and grabbed it, squeezed it, I didn't really know what to do with it but he said it felt good when I touched it and I thought it felt neat in my hand lol.

    So when he asked if he could stick it in my hole like the guy did to the girl, I said sure! I was curious what it was like. I didn't know brothers and sisters weren't supposed to do it. He spent a minute trying to put it in but it was very dry so it just pushed against my skin and wouldn't go in. We weren't really sure what to do but I reached down and pulled it open more, and we discovered it was kind of wet inside so it worked that time. He got it all the way in and I said "that feels weird. What now?" He said well the guy in the video moved it in and out, so I said well try that.

    So he did. He didn't know what he was doing and it didn't really feel good or bad for me still. I asked him if he liked it, and he said his penis felt really good. After a minute he put it all the way in me and his body started twitching a little. He was breathing really heavy and said he didn't know what happened but his penis got soft so he couldn't keep moving it in and out. When he took it out, what I of course now know was his cum leaked out of me a little. Thank god I was too young to get pregnant.

    Well that's how we both lost our virginity. But later that night he asked if he could do it again? And I said okay, got undressed, and he did it again. He liked it a lot and I thought it was strange but fun.. my head felt really fuzzy while he did it. Well, after about a week of it, it actually did start to feel good for me. I asked him to show me more videos to see what else people did. We tried a lot of things, blowjobs and pussy licking and even anal. We both liked all of it.

    Eventually dad had the sex talk with him thank god because he would have gotten me pregnant. So we decided that if he wanted to cum in me it would have to be my ass. Over time, his dick got bigger which I liked a lot, and I got boobs, which he liked a lot. I couldn't tell you how many times we had sex, probably way over a thousand. Sometimes we'd do it five times a day.

    We stopped when I got my first boyfriend at 15, which made him sad, but I told him to find a girlfriend he could have sex with. I had a lot of sex with my boyfriend from day one, and after we broke up a few months later guys would come up to me and say they heard I liked sex and asked if I wanted to. So I had sex with a lot of different guys, and went back to my brother a lot too even though he had a girlfriend. It's kinda bad, but I needed it to feel happy. I got to a point where if I got horny at all, I'd be in a bad mood unless I could get fucked. I was really addicted. In the first few months after I broke up with my boyfriend (he was more interested in baseball than me) I probably fucked 20 different guys from school and a few that weren't from school.

    Well then my best friend asked me what sex was like, so I told her. She wanted to try it so I offered to finger her. She liked it but said she wanted to try it with a guy. I told her my brother would do it if she wanted. He was 17 now and his dick was so big lol well, big for me at the time. She said okay so I went and got him and he was so happy to do it. I told him it was her first time so don't fuck her like he fucks me. I sat on my bed while they did it next to me and I was so horny, I made him do me too. Thats how my best friend found out I fucked my brother. But she liked it so much she kept coming over, and we had sleepovers a lot. Soon we were doing stuff to each other too. He loved it when he would cum on me and she would lick it off, or on her and I would lick it off.

    Well this went on for the rest of high-school. I started getting invited to parties and fucking college guys and honestly the sex wasn't as good. I ended up fucking one of my friend's dads and it was probably the best sex I'd ever had at that point. I think by then I knew that certain things were "wrong" but I didn't care. Couldn't tell you how many times I had sex by the time I graduated and went to college. If I wasn't having it, I was thinking about it.

    Well, I still haven't slowed down. I decided I could only be in open relationships because I can't get enough from just one guy. Most guys my age now can't fuck as often as I want to. I'm dating two guys on top of my boyfriend that I live with, but I fuck more than that. My brother and I don't fuck anymore because we live in different states. I can't tell you how many guys tell me I'm their dream girl and I know it's just because I fuck the hell out of then as often as they want but I don't care. I love sex and I can't get enough of it. My body count is definitely over 500 at this point.. I could not begin to count how many men and women I've been with lol.

    And now that I'm done writing this I'm going to get on tinder and fuck the first person that matches with me. I need it again.

    Got Caught

    My friend’s mom came home from work early one afternoon.. We never heard her come in the house. When she opened the door to his bedroom she saw us both naked. I was squatting down in front of him sucking on his cock. We were both thirteen. He had a nice one. I remember looking over and making eye contact with her with her son’s hard cock still in my mouth. My little thing was still as hard as it could and she saw it. Her son quickly took his cock out of my mouth and covered himself. I just stayed where I was squatting down more or less in shock. She looked stunned and said something like “What the hell...” I got up, ran into his bathroom and locked the door. I could hear her talking to her son through the door but I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. After about the longest five or ten minutes of my life she knocked on the door and told me to come out. I was still naked but I had wrapped a towel around myself. I wanted to cry. My friend was not in the room. I was told to sit down on his bed. She stood over me and asked questions about how long we had been doing this and if he was doing for me what she saw me doing for her son. I figured she had asked her son the same questions so I just answered truthfully though it was very embarrassing for me. I told her that I had been doing it for him since we were eleven. And I had to confess to her that he had never done it for me. She asked me a few times during our talk if her son was making me do that for him. Each time I told her that he wasn’t . She seemed concerned about that. She then said that her son told her that I liked doing it for him and that I even asked for it. She asked me if that was in fact true. I just nodded my head I think, too embarrassed to actually say it. Then she just said “Well, ok then”. I asked her if she was going to tell my mom. She looked at me and I think she sort of smiled and said “No, don’t worry, I’m not going to tell your mom.” Then she just left the room and a very short while later my friend came back in. We talked awhile. He didn’t seem bothered about what had just taken place at all. Then he asked me if I wanted to finish what I was doing before we were interrupted. He said “Heck, she never told me that I should stop letting you suck my dick. Did she tell you to stop.” I said “no, she didn’t”. But I was still much too upset to continue and told him I should go home. I got dressed and walked past his mom in the den. I couldn’t even look at her but she stopped me. She asked me if I was ok. I told her I was. She told me not to worry about it. She told me again that she was not going to tell my mom and that she would see me later on. As I was leaving she said “You’re such a sweet boy”.

  • First

    It was Freshman's year, I went to Homecoming dance with this boy at the time I was dating who was a grade above me. Lost my virginity that night, not to my bf, but to his dad on the way back home. Kind of hard to forget a night like that