You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.

Not Safe For Work Pool Party

My one and only nude party. I was 14, still developing. We were at a friend's birthday party, five girls had a sleepover. Around midnight we went out to the pool, tops first, followed by our bikini bottoms. All of a sudden we were naked, making fun of each other's tits, ass and pubes. One after the other had to lay back and expose our inner lips, our vaginas. One, two or three girls used their fingers to poke as deep as they could, a ping pong paddle handle came next.

Kissing and fondling followed, mutual humping. Back upstairs on the floor of the den, scissoring, mouthing, tit sucking, and poking holes in front and back. We finally fell asleep, naked or near naked and were gotten up by our hostess' mother.

College was tame. That's all I have to say.

My Relationship With My Cousin

Sorry this is long. I've never written this all out and even never told my therapist most of it.

Growing up, my family was pretty close. My aunt and uncle visited pretty regularly, a couple of times a month, but because they lived a couple of hours away they'd almost always stay the night on a Friday or Saturday, sometimes a whole weekend. We had one guest bedroom and they'd sleep in there, but there wasn't a room for my cousin so they always had her sleep in my room. She and I were the same age, so when we were really young it was fun and exciting because we liked to play together, she'd bring over whatever toys or a movie she got since I last saw her and we'd play and build forts with the blankets. Kid shit. I loved having her there and always looked forward to these visits.

Well when we were about 11, they came over like usual but when she got to my house she was kind of quiet and acted funny. When it was time to go to bed she told me she had a movie she wanted to watch with me and it had something in it she wanted to show me. I really don't remember what the movie was but there was a scene with some teenagers making out. We got to that part and her eyes were glued to the screen and her mouth kind of hanging open, I looked over and could see her lips moving a little bit. After it was over she paused it and said "can we watch that again?" I just nodded. She rewound it and we probably watched it fifteen times. My heart was racing and I was a little nervous, I didn't really know at the time but I was horny and realized later she was too. It's funny how little it takes to get excited when you've never seen anything like that.

She paused it and looked at me after the last time and asked if I'd ever kissed anyone like that. I said no and asked her if she had, she said "no.. I wonder what it's like." I don't know what came over me but I just leaned in and kissed her. I don't know what I expected to happen but she let me and after a second we just stared at each other. We didn't do anything else that night, we went to bed and barely talked. They left the next day.

Well, the next time they came over she was acting weird again. She would barely talk to me but after dinner we both went to my room and she sat down and said "will you kiss me again?" I had been thinking about the last time since it happened so I agreed and sat next to her on the bed. I put my lips on hers and remember how hot and flushed my face felt and how nervous I was. We didn't know what we were doing so we just pushed our lips together a bunch. She said her lips felt tingly and so did between her legs but I didn't really know what that meant. She said she wanted to try it like they did in the movie and to open my mouth so we did that, stuck tongues in each other's mouths and just went at it for who kows how long.

Every time she came over after that was more normal, she was less weird, but we didn't play with toys in my room anymore. All we did was make out. We still didn't really know what we were doing, but sometimes she'd sit in my lap, sometimes we would do it laying down because we were in bed to sleep. Just lots of making out. Eventually our lips would get tired and raw from the spit so we'd stop and do something else but we'd always go back to kissing.

A couple of years later, she came over with a new video that was one her parents watched, and it had a sex scene in it. Again don't remember the movie but we watched if after everyone went to bed and played that sex scene on repeat for a long time. Eventually she asked if I wanted to try it but we didn't really know what they were doing, just bodies mashing together. She took off her shirt and told me to kiss her. I felt her boobs while I was and got really lightheaded, it was my first time seeing or touching any. I'd discovered internet porn but back then it was all just pictures, videos were not easy to find, especially without getting caught. So we got naked, I laid down on the bed and she sat on my lap and wiggled back and forth a bunch but again, we had no idea what we were doing. Just that it all felt very good. We kept kissing a bunch and with her sitting on my hard on, grinding on me, I had my first orgasm. It made a mess and I got freaked out so she got off, I cleaned up, and we got dressed. We talked about what to do and decided that since nothing hurt it was probably okay.

Needless to say, things progressed from there. I saw things in porn that made me want to try new things with her. Not long after that I told her about blowjobs and we tried that. She did not like my cum in her mouth at first but I told her all the girls in porn either take it in their mouth or on their face so we tried both.

By the time we were 15 we'd done so much messing around and experimenting. I remember the first time she swallowed my cum, the first time I stuck a finger inside her, the time she came over and told me she figured out how to have an orgasm and that time was a lot of fun. She showed me how she did it and asked if I would do it to her so the entire weekend I spent doing that. And at fifteen we decided we needed to have sex the right way. My mom had the "sex talk" with me by now so I knew about pregnancy and I bought some condoms from a grocery store nearby. The next time she came over I told her I had them so we should try it. It was awkward, she wasn't wet enough but we didn't know that was a thing really. She laid on her back and it took some time to get it in but I did and slowly started fucking her. I remember looking down at her and realizing how beautiful she was. How good she looked, better than the porn stars I'd seen, and also feeling love. It didn't last long because after maybe a minute of fucking her I had an orgasm that made me crumple on top of her. We got cleaned up, she said she was a little sore but she was happy I liked it so much.

Kissing felt different after that. It felt like kissing a girlfriend more than just making out because it felt good. Every time she'd come over after that we'd have sex as many times as possible, usually limited by my three pack of condoms running out lol. Eventually we started cuddling when we'd sleep, some more tender kisses and gazes exchanged when we'd be laying in bed together in the post-orgasm glow. We had developed a really deep sex life and started getting romantic feelings and I didn't know what to do. Eventually I started missing her a lot in between visits. We both got cell phones, we started texting and calling a lot. I got a summer job, a car, I would drive on weekends to pick her up and take her on dates. We were teenagers and really had no idea what we were doing.

Well.. It all came to a halt when we got caught kissing. My mom saw her kiss me in our back yard and there was just no explaining our way out of it. We were making out for a couple of minutes, my hand was up her shirt, when she looked up and saw my mom staring at us from the sliding glass door. She called all the adults together and we had to explain ourselves. We didn't tell them much. Just that we'd kissed a few times. My parents put me in therapy and our families stopped visiting together as much. We weren't allowed to text or call, so we emailed from time to time but it was never the same. We were both pretty heartbroken but I can say now it ..(continue confession)

Me And The Babysitter

My parents worked a lot in the evening, and since i have a little brother we have had babysitters up till i was 16 and he was 10.

At bed time round 9 i went to bed or the sitter put me there. My parents mostly would come home round midnight. I knew my parents were ok with the sitters having a friend over, but needed to be the same sex. We had some boy-sitters, only boy-friends, and girl-sitters only girl friends were allowed.

This true story happened when i was 12.
A girl-sitter, around 16 or 17, from down the street and her friend, also 16 or 17, were often with us. I liked them, we could talk easily, But always round 9 they urged me to go to bed.
I was a good sleeper, never woke up. But one night i woke up, being thirsty so i got out of bed, and silent down the stairs to get to the kitchen. But on the stairs i heart soft moans.
I started to look around where it came from, the living room.
Very quiet i moved to the see what happened.

Our sitter and her friend were nude, their clothes on the floor.
The sitter was on the couch, her head resting and her eyes closed.
Her friend was on the ground, her head between the legs of the sitter.
I looked right at the naked ass of her friend, as her head was moving between the sitters legs.
I recognized the sound of the moaning from the sitter. And her friend moved her hand between her own legs, just like i did when i played with myself.
I got a but turned on, my hand running over the front of my pj's.
Then the sitter let out a long moan... almost a roar.. and started shaking.
i saw her orgasm and pushed my hand harder on myself.
Her friend moved up, her head on her tits, then they kissed, telling how good the orgasm was. then.. they saw me
Jenny, are you ok? how long where you here, what did you see, the sitter asked.
Her friend smiled, are you feeling tingly between your legs?
i looked down, saw my hand moving and i pulled my hand away, being embarrassed.
Both said it was normal for a girl to have her hand down there, and that they were special friends and also did more than a hand between their own hands.
I started to ask questions what they did, why they did it and all i got back that it
was for me to find out when i was older.
I got kinda mad, i was old enough to feel good between my legs, i knew about orgasms and if they wouldnt tell me, i would ask my mom what they were doing.
The sitter and her friend seemed to get scared by that idea and asked, if i was never to tell, if i wanted to have a better look. I did.
The friend sat on the couch, her legs spread and i looked at her.
Nice pussy (yea, i knew the word), nice breasts.
They started kissing, with tongue, then the sitter started kissing and sucking her boobs, her hand already between her legs. i moved in to get a better look, my hand rubbing in my pj;'s.
The friend asked if i wanted to be nude like them.. the sitter looked at me and said that would be equal, us all naked. so i undressed, them looking at me made it hotter.
as the sitter moved to the floor, her friend asked me to sit next to her.
i saw the tongue of the sitter on the pussy of her friend and watched, rubbing hard between my legs. the hand of the friend moved on my legs, soft moans.. she was almost..
then i felt her hand on my little chest.. and she came.. so soft, she said touching me.
i felt my pussy tingle, also wanted to cum.. as the sitter looked up at me, can i lick you?
i didn't know what to say, but without a word the sitter moved between my legs...
and as i felt her mouth i came.. it felt so good.

as i revived from my orgasm they were both next to me, slowly moving their hands on my body, my little titties and kissing my body, my face, till we kissed, with tongue.
the friend moved between my legs, can i to have a taste?
i really wanted her to, the sitter and i kissed, she licked my body and let me lick her tits.
brought my hand between her legs to touch her... it was great.

after that we kissed and the both brought me to bed.
they came back lots more, and to my pleasure it happened over and over, including me learning how to pleasure them. I know i was young, but i don't regret anything

The Judge Held The Shotgun

I was 14, he was 17, we lived in the same neighborhood and we had the same bus stop. It was late Spring and he suggested we go for a walk through the park before going home. The park had a wooded section and we went in there, found a good place, I got down and took my panties off. He pulled his pants down and we did it. Our first time.

That day, we were still coupled when the cop hit him on the head with his baton, busting his head opening, knocking him off of me. He stared at me for a long minute, stared at my open legs, before telling me 'little girl you and your boyfriend are in trouble'. He cuffed us and put us in the back of his police car and took us to the station where he filed public lewdness charges. We were split up in different cells and the judge was called to come to the station and sign the charges.

The judge was the owner of the furniture store, he knew our parents, listened to the cop, and pronounced his verdict. We get married, my boyfriend agrees to join and serve four years in the Army, and he would let us off. Otherwise we would have a record. The shotgun marriage took place in my parent's living room, his mother wore black and a veil. My mother was never more embarrassed, the judge lectured us and told me to stay in school for the sake of my children.

We just celebrated 50 years of wedlock, not every year was great, putting kids out was easy, raising them was not. But we stayed hitched. The park is still there, and I hear I'm not the only girl who went there to get her cherry popped.

My Time I’m Juvy

So I had dumb friends that did dumb stuff. One of those dumb things I was tagging along that time and got caught up in the middle of it. Two of my friends got 3 years in prison for it and myself and another friend got 15 months.

Booked in and giving all my stuff was definitely frightening and very awkward. Strip searches aren’t fun. Also was kinda nasty to me giving white briefs that others probably had worn before.

Everything was going okay till a month in. That’s when two other inmates started hitting on me. Needless to say a few days later with some hand lotion one fucked my ass. It hurt going in and I was sore afterwards.

A week later his friend fucked me. He just got right to the point. He said I let you rest and heal for a week now it’s my turn. So bent over my bed he fucked me.

For the rest of my sentence I was getting fucked. The one got transferred so I was just taking the other for my last 8 months. It was never oral, always anal. And he always ejaculated inside my rectum. I hated that feel especially since it would leaking into my briefs.

Only person who knows about this is my mom. I told her about 4 months after I got out because I wanted to get an std test. She definitely was heartbroken.

About to tell my wife this week because our son just got sentenced to a year in Juvy.

Am I The Only One?

I just need to know if I am the only person in the world who was sexually assaulted and r*ped repeatedly as a young child by multiple adults and loved every minute of it. Maybe I was just lucky that the people I was with knew how to make me feel like it was a wonderful experience or maybe I'm just fucked in the head because people keep telling me I must be mentally ill for enjoying it.

My earliest memory I was around 3 and my 13 year old aunt used to suck my dick.

When I was six and seven I had a baby sitter who was in her late teens and she was gorgeous and made me play with her tits and suck on them.

when I was ten another aunt took my virginity. She was 26 and also quite good looking. She and I fucked off and on for twenty years.

when I was 12 I was in a sexual relationship with my English teacher who looked like a Playboy centerfold. She tutored me in all my subjects and I got all A's and in exchange I had to fuck her. Like that was a big price to pay. I didn't walk around in school I strutted.

At 13 I realized I was bisexual when my hot Gym teacher turned a massage into a blow job and a year later I fell in love with his amazing cock.

At 14 my first boss where I had a summer job offered to give me a $1.50 raise if I ate her out. Minimum wage was $2 something at the time so that was a big raise in those days. I didn't see the down side. She taught me to be a good pussy eater.

At 17 I was offered a very good job if I would let my male employer fuck me in the ass. He was very good at making sure the first time didn't hurt and all the subsequent times were awesome.

The only thing I regret about any of these experiences is that they stopped.

I can't be the only one who liked all of what happened to me.

Missed Opportunity

A stupid story of when I was growing up. My grandparents had a farm in rural Pennsylvania and part of our thing was for grandkids to go spend a week with them during the summer. I was eleven that summer and I went for a hike with one of the men who had been hired as help on the farm. He was a nice man, and my grandmother gave him instructions about taking care of me.

We went to the back of the farm, not really far but for me it was. I got this urge to pee and he stood guard while I lowered my pants and squatted. While I was peeing he turned and watched me, staring at me right between the legs. He took out his penis and told me to keep my legs apart and he peed right into the puddle I had made. He let the last drops fall and he asked me if I had ever touched a penis. Still squatting with my legs open he stood right in front of me with his penis right in my face.

After a minute he told me I could stand, he touched me and told me that soon I was going to be ready, maybe by next summer. On the way back he talked to me about how all the female animals wanted a penis, a lot of animals wanted a penis when they were in heat, but female humans wanted a penis all the time.

That night after dinner I went outside because the house was hot and he was standing under the tree in the yard. I went over to him and he asked me how I was doing. He asked me how many brothers and sisters I had, which was proof that my mother really liked it, and my grandmother must have really liked it because she had eight kids. He was sure that I was going to like it. We went around back behind the shed and he held me with one arm and touched me with his other hand. He had me put my hand on his hard penis. He told me to go back inside and next year he would show me for real, for now I just had to think about it because he was going to be waiting.

The next year he wasn't working at the farm, but during that summer I thought a lot about him. I masturbated that summer, and when I was sixteen I made this boy on our street fuck me. I remember now how scared he was, he didn't want to do it, but I did. That's how he and I both lost our virginities. Sometimes when I am out and I see a man that reminds me of the man at the farm I get urges, sometimes pretty strong. I wish he had gone ahead with me, I was ready.

First Encounter

When I was 10 me and a friend would get undressed, climb into bed, rub our little hard cocks together and kiss.
On one occasion his 6 year old brother joined us and I couldn't take my eyes off his tiny little stiffy. After a while I took him in my mouth. He seemed to like it but for me it was an amazing experience.
This all stopped after a month or two and his brother never joined in again.
I still fantasise about this and now I read the stories on here and masturbate.

How It Started

I've only had five lovers in my life, and all but one are blood relations.

It could be my grandfather's fault. He used to m****t my mom when she was young and she learned to just stay still and do what she was told. When she married my father, she did the same thing, leading him to complain about her being a "dead fish" and leaving when I was a kid.

When I was a fifth grader I learned about sex from internet chat rooms, where announcing you were a kid got you all sorts of attention. I didn't mind and would whack off with someone three or four times a day. When I mentioned that I lived with my mom I got all sorts of suggestions about "doing her" or "humping her". She was only 30 and didn't look half-bad, and eventually I decided that I would.

While I had decided to do it, I was still nervous about the act. So I looked around the internet for mom-son sex while trying to find something that looked safe. I finally settled on foot worship, which would allow me contact while giving me a chance to escape if she woke up.

The night I did it, I snuck into her room. She kept her master bath light on so I could see her okay. It was easy to get the covers off her feet and to start licking and sucking. I was shocked at how overwhelming and erotic it was to suck her toes and lick her soles, and how it made my cock hurt. Finally I got up and began fucking her feet and toes, eventually cumming on her. She never even moved and I beat a quick retreat, not even stopping to clean my sperm off her feet. That was my first sex act with another person.

When she acted no different the next morning I congratulated myself on having gotten away with it. I repeated the next night. The night after that I remembered that I hadn't cleaned her off either night and figured she just hadn't noticed. And seeing her with a thin sheet over her I got all heated up and uncovered her and explored her body, eventually shooting a load on her belly. I carefully covered her back up and left. Again the next day she never said a word.

That set my behavior for the next week - I would worship her feet and cum on them, then explore her body and get off on another part, then leave. I left my cum on her belly and back and thighs and ass, between her tits and thighs and asscheeks, in her armpit and on her neck. I even pulled off her panties and left a sticky load in her pussy hair. gave her body offering after offering of my sex juices, which she never mentioned the next day.

Then on the tenth night as she was getting ready for bed, she mentioned (and I remember the words clearly) "Honey? I'm having my period now, so could you leave my panties on when you do your thing? Thanks."

I was in shock. As I listened to her in the shower, it slowly occurred to me that Mom had been awake the entire time I was worshipping her. Not only was she awake, she didn't mind - hell if anything she said she expected me to do it! So when she went to bed I didn't wait, I went in, stark naked, and started my work on her feet in a brightly-lit room. She just looked at me as I licked and sucked her feet and toes then humped them. She was just smiling as I came on them, and she even giggled a little when I climbed on top of her and humped her while sucking her tits. She let me do it, just humping back a little until I came on her mound, soaking her panties. We necked for a while and then I told her to suck my dick, which she did and she even swallowed.

In the morning I felt her up and flirted with her and we had a serious kiss as we left for work and school. And when she got home I didn't let her clean up. She was a real estate agent and had spent all day on her feet. So I peeled off her pantyhose and gave her feet a proper worshipping. That's when I discovered that sweaty feet were even more wonderful to suck than clean ones straight from the shower. After some intense making out I asked her how I could make her cum, and she showed me how to rub her clit through her panties and Mom's beautiful orgasm made me hump her until I messed her up even more.

A couple of days later her period ended and I took her pussy and ass several times each. That started my normal pattern for our lives. Two years later our daughter was born, and two years after that our son. Mom had no objection to anything, even when our son brought home his boyfriend who eventually married our daughter produced my first grandchild two years ago.

Mom's 52 and quite a MILF, I'm 33 and the kids are 20 and 18, and my son-in-law-brother-in-law is 18. We're quite happy, and weathering the shut-downs pretty well.

  • Sex With Dads Friend

    When I was in high school I stumbled upon nudes of my dads friend on his xhamster account. I just came across it one day somehow. There was also a video of him on there masturbating and cumming plus a video of him fucking some hairy woman.

    The pictures of his dick were magnificent. He looked so thick, nicely cut and he had a thick bush. I reached in my panties and was playing with myself as I looked at those pictures.

    At the time I was shaved and figured he preferred a woman with hair so I decided to let my hair grow out.

    8 months late and masturbating to those pictures many times including new ones he posted I decided I would hit on him one day. That day came when I saw him in the Kroger parking lot when I was leaving there around 9 pm. I worked part time there while in school.

    We talked and I mentioned his xhamster account. He said busted, yep I have one. I said I like what I saw and he laughed saying thanks. I made up an excuse to go to his house which wasn’t too far away. I followed him there.

    Once inside I made it clear I was wanting to experience what I saw in the pics in real life. He was very hesitant at first but I said we’ll keep it between us. He took his shirt off then dropped his pants. I was looking at a man in his early 50s that was in decent shape and was hairy. Plus I was looking at a very nice bulge in his tighty whities. That was the first time I saw a man in tighty whities other then my dad.

    My dads friend had me follow him to his bedroom. He gets on the bed. I start taking my clothes off. Until I’m standing in just a thong. I remember I had a blue thong on that day that covered my whole pubic area. I climbed on top of him and kissed him. I was grinding my butt against his hard dick in his tighty whities.

    Soon enough I pulled his underwear off and was sucking him. It was thicker then I expected! I told him it’s the biggest I’ve seen! I only had sex with one guy prior to that. He flipped me over onto the Ned and pulled my thong off. He said oh I was expecting shaved. I had a bush. I said is hairy okay and he said I love a hairy pussy. He went right to eating me out. I had never had that before. I came really quick as he was doing that.

    He stopped and grabbed a condom. I told him I’m on birth control so there is no need for that. He laughed and said you sure. I said for you yes I want to experience a man cum in me.

    He fucked me. It was definitely a thick dick! He fucked me in missionary the whole time. He came in me. A huge load! Some leaked out as he pulled out. I couldn’t believe that I just had sex with my friends dad.

    Once he pulled out he sat on the edge of the bed and said you’ll need to shower to get that cum out of your hair.