You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.

Mature Titties

being a bit cheeky when i was younger ended up with a mouthful of dd fully grown mommy size tits,
ever since ive always had a thing for ,lets say mature larger breasted ladys.
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  • Neighborhood Boy At My Grandmas House

    Growing up I stayed at my grandmas house often. Every day I went there till my mom picked me up when she got off work.

    Well in the summer time I was at my grandmas from 6 am till 4 pm. I used to play with a few neighborhood kids who were around my age. The one who loves two doors down from my grandmas house became the one I hung out with the most. He was a year older then me.

    During the summer when I was 12 and he was 13 we used to play by the creek often. One day he ended up showing me his penis. He was in puberty and it was getting hairy. Then I pulled my shorts and briefs down to show him mine. I was still hairless and small. Him on the other hand was fairly big to me down there!

    His white briefs were kinda snug to his package. A few days later he asked if I masturbated yet and I had no clue what that was. So he showed me. He pulled his shorts down then his wife briefs and he stroked his penis. Eventually a white liquid came out as he moaned! I was impressed! He looked big hard to me

    A month after I turned 13 puberty was in full effect for me. I had a few hairs coming in and my balls had gotten bigger but my penis was still small. I was hanging out with that neighbor boy one day and he asked if I wanted to lose my virginity. I asked how? He said guys have sex. I’d use your butthole to cum in.

    His parents were at work so we both got naked and I bent over his bed. He put a glob of Vaseline on my butthole and slowly slide in. It definitely hurt at first but he told me it’s going too since it’s such a tight hole that’s never been penetrated before. Once all the way in he started to fuck me. It felt so weird at first. Kinda like I had to poop. It only took a few minutes before he came in my butt. He moaned like crazy say it felt so much better then masturbating.

    Once he finished we had to shower to get the Vaseline off of us. My butt was sore and I felt so funny. Later that night I farted and his cum came out! I remember trying to hide my briefs in the laundry hamper to hide the evidence of the cum in them!

    I Suckled My Aunt's Big Breasts.

    One of the wildest things to happen to me as a young teen boy of 14 was when I spent time visiting my cousin's house in the country during the summer. My aunt Helen , age 34 had a new baby, 2 months old when I arrived there for 2 weeks.

    About the second morning, I went into the kitchen after she called me for breakfast. She was sitting across from me at the table, she pulled her gown down almost to her waist with her chest covered with a towel and started nursing the new baby.

    As I ate my breakfast, I couldn't help but notice the fullness of her breasts protruding from the sides of the towel. As she just sat there chatting with me, she noticed me trying not to stare. She casually asked me if I had ever seen a child being breastfed. I admitted sheepishly that I had not and then she informed me that most women in my family had breastfed their children. She laughed when she said even I had been breastfed until I was two years old !

    I was dumbfounded when she dropped the towel into her lap and exposed her heavy milk laden breasts and huge dark nipples. I could feel my young cock growing in my jeans as she stood up and walked over to me. She took my hand and put it on her nipple as the baby sucked away on the other. She told me to press on it gently and when I did, breast milk trickled out.

    She squeezed he breast, and more milk trickled out and she told me to taste it. It wasn't very good compared to cow's milk, but I wasn't going to complain at the time. Then she pressed my face to her breast, and I sucked gently on her nipple which was as thick as my thumb. I gulped down several swallows of my aunt's warm thick milk.

    "Pretty cool ,huh" she whispered and I was so shocked I could hardly answer " yes mam". She told me to go get dressed because my uncle and cousin Jay would be back soon and we were going fishing.

    My first stop was the bathroom , where I stroked my young cock and within a minute, I was shooting cum into the toilet. This was definitely the wildest thing to happen in my early years of puberty. For the next two weeks, I was obsessed with Aunt Helen's huge swaying breasts and nipples poking thru her gown.

  • Seducing The Babysitter

    I'm the oldest girl in our family, have 2 brothers under me.
    When we were younger, mom and dad would call a sitter once in a while, so they could have a night out.
    It was mostly the same guy, which i thought was a rather cute guy.
    I was 11 at the time, he was 16, maybe 17.
    He would take my brothers to bed, let me hang out a bit and then make me brush my teeth and to bed. And it didnt take long before i knew that, once we were all in bed, his gf would be in our house to.

    I've spied on them from the hall, seeing them kiss, touch. his hands under her skirt, or her hands taking his dick out and jerking off. him sliding of the couch and his head moving under her skirt, making her moan. Her going down, taking his dick in her mouth.
    That was mostly what they would do, fucking almost never happened.

    I could hear them talk. Heard her moan, telling him what to do with his tongue and when she would come. to lick her asshole when she was all worked up.
    him to tell her to go deeper, pushing her head down. to take it all, to swallow his load.
    He wanted to fuck more often, she said she didnt. it was a discussion most times.
    I learned some new things when i watched them, heard them.
    And it got me horny as hell. masturbated lots of times on the stairs, or back in bed.

    and i wanted it to. His head between my legs. His hands on my small boobies.
    Feeling his dick in my hand, tasting what would come out of it.
    and i made a plan for how it could happen.

    i started talking about him and his gf, that i saw them. If my parents knew about her.
    They didnt and i shouldnt tell. i wont, i said, but .... But what, he asked?
    will you.. teach me? that night, after my brothers were in bed, he pulled me in his lap.
    we kissed, softly. he told me what to do with my tongue.
    i felt his hands on my back, my skirt, i loved it even better then expected.
    but then he put me back to bed, and soon after i heard his gf coming in.
    he pulled her on his lap, exactly as i had been. his hands between her legs,
    his dick out. he wanted to fuck, but she didnt. she got down on him,
    he pushed her head hard, then he watched to the stairway and caught me.
    we just looked at each other and he grunted, probably shooting his stuff.
    i moved higher on the stairs, heard her say that he was quickly done, was he that horny?

    the next time he was with us, and he was taking my brothers upstairs,
    i just sat on the couch, removed my panties, pulled up my skirt and started to play.
    i was really worked up when he entered the room, he just got down and licked my wet slit.
    i came quickly and asked if i could suck him. he stroked my hair softly,
    saying all kinds of cute lovely things and telling me how to move my head, my teeth,
    my tongue. licking his dick, his balls, feeling him pulse when he filled my mouth,
    tasting and swallowing, got me all horny and wet again.
    i got on the couch and he started licking me again. There was knocking on the door.
    we both looked at the clock, it was already past my bed time, so it would be her.
    i looked at him, he smiled, and got down again, making me orgasm fast.
    i walked up the stairs and he opened the door, a short discussion what took him so long.
    i didnt stay and watch, fell asleep happy

    The next time started kind of the same, i was playing with my pussy when he walked in.
    He asked me to stop, say i shouldnt as he had a gf and it was bad to do.
    He couldnt get it really up last time and there was some argument.
    i pouted, said i would tell my parents about them. He got scared, not to tell.
    What could he do not to tell? i smiled, just lick me like last time.
    I wont suck you, just.. im horny and wet already, please help me.
    He sighed, got down and let me again feel very, very good.
    I walked to my room, he followed me, are we done now, he asked.
    I smiled, yes, we are. Unless... Unless what?
    Unless you want to fuck i said, and closed my bedroom door.
    he left, i heard her come in and i spied again.
    There was cudling, kissing, touching, him licking and slowly placing his dick when she stopped
    Again an argument about her not wanting to fuck, and he got kinda mad.
    She left that night

    The next time he was with us, i did nothing.
    He came back from taking my brothers to bed and watched me.
    Are you serious, he asked. About what? well, you know.
    Yes.. i want you to be my first. And if i like it, you can do it more times.
    he called off his gf and that night i got into his lap again, this time naked and slowly feeling him entering me. He was sweet, romantic almost.
    We kept having sex for almost a year, then my parents decided we didnt need a sitter anymore and a few weeks later he moved.

    80s Baby Sitter

    So I got selected to babysit a brother sister who I probably was just 4 to 5yrs older. It was good ez money since they would just watch tv watch themselves basically we were preteens. I got paid cash soon as I saw her dad. So the girl had a slight crush on me it was known by all of us and she was cute but I guess I got bored (no girlfriend yet) and I made a move on her and no problem it worked and baby sitting got fun and her brother was a dope and just watched tv and peed and ate nothing else mattered to him so wed have hrs of fun. I would fondle her like crazy every chance and she was down whenever I wanted to. We did it even when our parents were around to get more thrills I guess. One time she got so worked up she sat behind me on the soffa and put her hand in my pants giving me a jackoff reach around she wanted to touch it I guess and we did it with only thr tv light shining as her brother layed on the floor facing it never looking back. We'd even go upstairs kiss f o n d l e her kiss come back down and not one clue did he ever have or ask anything. Twice she made me cum as she dry humped me in our morning clothes my pajama pants her tight shorts with her tight
    p ssy and she must hv felt something and got hers because looking back she looked like a woman who's ben around the way she was moving her snatch grinding on my tool and moving her body and hair like she was possesed and I was still a virgin myself till about 4 yrs later. It was our secret and I always wonder what ever happened to her as familes parted ways and we never saw each other again. Im sure shes marrried if shes still alive and it be cool to see her and hv some adult rounds together and I wonder how she came out and does she think about it? Does she let her kids get babysitted? I was barley a teen and they were afew yrs behind.
    She looked like what Paula Abdul should look like as a little girl if I had to decribe her, not exact but favored the hair skin color face knose and Paula wasnt a celeb until maybe 5 or more years later.

  • My First Sexual Behavior

    My cousin had a live in who helped take care of her mom. She was a nurse in her thirties, smoked and wore weird clothes. My cousin told me that she had a girlfriend. For a 12 year old, that was news. She told me that when her girlfriend came to visit they could be seen through the window having sex. To do so you had to get on the roof of the garage and sneak over to the edge and look down into her bedroom.

    I was visiting for the night when the girlfriend came over. A big woman, big in the chest, she had a tattoo on her wrist and another on the back of her neck. My cousin told me that her mother said that was the 'husband'. After lights out we snuck out, got the ladder and got on the roof of the garage and snuck over to the edge to look in the window. The 'husband' stood in panties, her big chest totally visible. She took her panties off and stood naked, she didn't have any pubic hair, just a naked vagina. The nurse sat on the side of the bed kissing up her vagina.

    After a few minutes, the 'husband' pushed her on her back and took off her panties and got in between her legs and ate her out. My cousin kept touching my arm every time they did something, they were playing with their breasts and kissing and touching. My cousin put her arm around me and hugged me real tight and asked me if I was wet yet. I was wet. My cousin gave me a real big kiss on the cheek and said we should go in.

    Back in her room she got undressed so she only had her panties on and told me to get the same way. We kissed for a while and played with our breasts, lots of kissing and touching, and frankly grabbing like we were going to tear them off. Then we got our panties off and took turns going down. I had my first orgasm that night and we slept naked in a spoon, her holding me.

    We were kids so it wasn't like we grew up to be total lesbians. But it was our first naked sex and it felt good and my cousin and me are best friends and show off our wares to each other and play with our tits. I spent 8 years in the Navy and I met a lot of 'husband' type women, but I am attracted to the young girl who need to be held and made love to. On the hetero side I'm the submissive, so I go both ways really.

    Sweetest Moment Of My Life

    As an exchange student in Colombia my older house brother took me to a whore house and paid for a girl to make me a man. It was glorious, the feeling when your dick goes in her vagina. She pulled her shirt up to give me tits and gave me a discount because it was my first time.

    A lifetime since then, several willing women, several paid for women, and maybe a woman or two who might claim they weren't in favor of it. But none of them ever came close to that young whore in Medellin all those years ago.

    My Shorts Zipper

    When I was 12 I used to go commando all the time in the summer. No idea why I started going commando. I wore just the basic white briefs but I thought it was cool to let it all hang in the summer.

    My mom always got on me about wearing underwear saying I should have underwear on because I got things hanging down there.

    Well one hot day in June I was outside mowing the lawn. I had on Jean shorts. I got off the mower to pee and for the first time ever in my life I zipped my dick up in the zipper! At the time I was uncircumcised so I zipped my foreskin up! It hurt.

    I tried to unzip it but I couldn’t. My foreskin was stuck. Not knowing what to do I walked into the house to show my mom. She looked at the situation and didn’t try to unzip it. She just said put on a longer shirt to cover it up and let’s go to the hospital

    So at the hospital a nurse looked at it then a doctor came in. He cut my shorts to try to get the zipper off but warned my mom that my foreskin is probably damaged. So he told my mom we could either remove the zipper and see if the foreskin is repairable or we could circumcise your son.

    So my mom said just circumcise him. The zipper obviously messed up my foreskin. So I was taken into a room. My penis was numbed and the doctor explained to me what he was gonna do. The whole procedure took about 45 minutes because of the zipper and the zipper did ruin my foreskin. If he would had removed the zipper he said I would had to get partial circumcision at minimum.

    After the procedure my mom pulled underwear and shorts out of her purse. She told me right there that I’m going to always be wearing briefs for now on. And she was right. She always bought me tighty whities and i still wear only briefs

    That’s how I became the first circumcised guy on my dads side of the family.

    The Cousin

    When I was younger I used to play with my neighbors children and their friends at their house. We were all probably 14 around that time.

    The siblings had a cousin who would visit them ever so often from outside the states who was much older. He was a terrible kid and a lose cannon and was probably around late teens. I remember clearly he was always tattooed and disrespectful with his aunt and her children. Possibly also getting into trouble with gang related activity.

    What most people didn’t know (or maybe did, I was too young for adult conversation) was that he was very misogynistic and when he was the only male around in the house he was getting his way with the girls. All the boys feared him because he was much older and would beat us up if we ever made him mad. He would even pull out his cock and belittle us and because he was much bigger and stronger and developing muscle. He would also easily push the adults around sometimes at family outings.

    At some point his female cousins (our neighbors daughter) and her friends gave in to him as an alpha and he was going around having sexual relationships with them in his aunts house. I would catch him multiple times with his pants down in her room and her creaming him cowgirl with no condom. They would even grope and make out in front of us or when the older daughter wasn’t there he would secretly be seducing her friends and taking them to his aunts room and disappear for a while. Im pretty sure their parents knew but no one ever did anything about it.

    One day during a sleepover with one of the little brothers, whom spent way too much time in his room, I had enough and mustered up the courage to speak with their mother about it when she arrived home late but was defeated when I caught them cuddling together watching a movie on the couch. It was very clear she was stroking his cock underneath his blanket while she kissed his shirtless chest. He had the couch reclined and was flexing his arms behind his back and I could see a new tattoo on one of his biceps. They never noticed me because the tv was facing the opposite direction of their hall which would illuminate the couch but obstruct their visibility when the lights were off. They were also making heavy eye contact and possibly unaware of their surroundings. I remember vividly sneaking back out peeking in hopes of seeing them no longer together but each time it would get worse. His aunt was not the most fit lady but she had huge tits that ran in the family. And a very you face, probably around her early thirties. I stopped peeking when i saw her on her knees motorboat him which was pulling his foreskin back making his cock pop out from the top of her tits . Her tits and his cock glistened from all the spit in the tv light and it looked like it was gonna continue forever because she was going really slow and would stop every couple of minutes to rub his cock and passionately make out with her big lips. I could hear their lips smack together loudly through the tv noise and remember being surprised how small her hands looked when she was rubbing the length of his cock.

    I eventually headed of to sleep and decided the next day to ignore everything and spend less time when he was around. Not sure what happened after a few months but he stopped showing up to family gatherings and no one talks about him anymore.

  • Found My Mom's Toy Stash

    Haha so awhile ago, I found her toy stash. She told me to clean the house while the two of them left for the weekend. The vacuum caught on some lacey red thing under the long lounge chair that sits in front of her bed. I pull it out to find it's a thong. I look under and find there's a hidden box almost under the bed.

    There was lingerie and all these dildos, some even vibrated. It was a fun night. Porn on the tv downstairs with me on the couch trying everything I can. The small ones fit in me easily, but the bigger ones took longer. I had to Google how to take a big cock haha

    But there was one with a huge bulb towards the base. It's also shaped kinda weird, like with a tip on it instead of a normal dildo. Can anyone tell me what it's supposed to be? I tried it and it was great.