You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.


I didn’t start masturbating till I was 18 and in college. Is that weird? I had a strict religious up bringing. The amount of times I walked around in my tighty whities with a boner and didn’t know what to do with it wasn’t funny.

  • My Sister

    I was younger and found my dad's porn collection. I would always see girls giving head. I got curious what it would feel like. I convinced my sister to suck it. It felt amazing. I liked it so much I would always bribe her to get her to suck it again.

    My Time In Juvie

    Did some bad stuff as a kid and had to spend a year in juvie. Horrible time, time as a kid is hard. For nearly all of my sentence I was getting fucked in the ass by some older boys in there. It was a surprise for sure. I didn’t know what to do so I just let it happen. I figured it would happen once or twice. But it continued for my whole sentence.

    Never told anyone about it till I told my wife a few weeks ago when our youngest son just got sentenced to juvie

  • The Janitor Used Me

    So it happend when I was 13. Back in the days I was doing a lot of sport and stuff. I was pretty good at sprinting so my sports teacher allowed me to use the gym on my own after the afternoon sports class was over. I did that for a few weeks and usually the janitor would come around 5pm and tell me to wrap up for today. The Janitor always looked a bit creepy to me, he was like around 1.90m and had a lot of muscles. So one day I was practicing at the gym and it was around 4:30pm. I was feeling tired that day so I taught ill leave earlier, but first I needed to go to the bathroom. There were 5 urinals and I picked on towards the midle. So while I was lowering my pants I noticed to bathroom door opening. It was the janitor, he looked at me with a neutral face, said hi and took the urinal to my right. Since I was a kid I can't really take a piss if someone stands besides me, so thats the reason I only use urinals when I'm alone. So I was standing at the urinal with my dick in my hand and trying my hardest to pee. On my right side the janior was peeing and talking to me. It was really uncomfortable talking with someone while trying to pee. I really didnt listen to what he was saying but after a while I realized that his face has gotten angrier and that he was done peeing a long time. So I said that I did not listen and asked what he said. He looked into my face and said something like "you are the reason why I'm getting off late of work blablabla". I was kinda scared and apologized, still unable to pee. He said that he does not give a fuck about my apology and that I needed some punishment. I said that I was sorry once again and that I wanted to leave. He pulled up his pants went to the door, pulled out his huge keyring and locked the bathroom door. I was shocked and turned my body to the door, still with my pants down. He was moving towards me in an aggressive manner which scared me very much. I said that I dont want to get hurt, he laughed. He came up to me and told me to take off my shoes, pants and undies and then he grabbed me by my armpits with his huge hands. Just like that he was lifting me into the air, I was squirming but there was no chance to escape. While ..(continue confession)

    Neighbor Boy

    When I was around 5 I would visit my cousins house a lot. They had a neighbor boy who made special friends with me. I liked how he paid attention to me even though he was much older, probably 13 or 14. He would always try to play with me, because for one thing my cousins didn’t like him that much. One day I guess we were playing a game where if he caught me he got to kiss me. He caught me and announced he was going to kiss me. So he took me to the back yard to sit on the bench and kiss me. My cousins followed us, telling me not to let him kiss me. But I wanted to, so I just sat still while he started to kiss me. First on my forehead, then my lips. Then he started kissing my neck and my cousins made him stop and dragged me away. They warned me not to let him do that again.

    One day after that I was visiting my cousins again, and I was outside by myself. He came over and wanted to play a game. I knew I should go inside, but I asked what game? He pulled out a dollar bill and said he would give it to me if I sucked his penis, which he proceeded to show me. I was shocked, because I knew boys peed out of that. But I didn’t go inside because a dollar was a lot of money to me. I tried to snatch it from him, but he was too fast. He kept shaking his dick at me saying I had to suck it. He asked me please do it, his mama said it was ok. I was thinking that maybe I would just suck it a little bit, but one of my cousins came out and threatened to tell on us.
    After that I wasn’t allowed to play with the neighbor boy any more, and he wasn’t allowed back over. I ran into him again when I was 18, but I don’t think the remembered me.

    My First Time.

    I was 17 and it was during the summer. I went out fishing with a guy that lived a few doors down from my moms house. He was 50 at the time. He had a nice boat for fishing.

    One morning we hit the water early, like 6 am. I had always wore a pair of swim trunks when out fishing and a thin shirt to keep cool. By noon it was hot, like 96 degrees so I had taken my shirt off to get some sun. Definitely was a sweaty day. I was sitting in just my shorts and my underwear was poking out about my shorts. He asks if my shorts have the mesh liner in them and I said yes. He said then why do you wear underwear with them? I honestly had no answer to that, I wasn’t swimming so I wore underwear.

    He said why don’t you take your underwear off so that you can keep cool. So I nervously took off my shorts as he was getting some stuff out of the cooler. I heard him say well at least you wear briefs and don’t wear boxer briefs with shorts. Anything but briefs is pointless with shorts. I took my briefs off and put my shorts back on as quick as I could. He said give me your underwear I’ll put them in my bag for now. He then told me not to be embarrassed, he too wears white fruit of the loom briefs.

    About 30 minutes later he asked if I was cooler down there. I said yes very much. Now I had liked him since I first met him years ago and wanted to see him naked. He asked if I had a girlfriend and I said no. I took a change and told him that I’m a virgin and bisexual. Was nervous to say that! He looked at me and said he’s bi too.

    Before I knew it our poles were reeled in and he had his hand in my shorts. I was erect! He took his shorts off and his thick hairy dick was very hard! Couldn’t believe how thick he was! He had me lay on the bench seat as he licked and fingered my ass. His fingers were even a tight fit!

    He then said your definitely a virgin. He got up and went to his bag. He pulled out a small, thing of Vaseline saying he wish he had actually lube but this will work. Right then I knew I was going to get fucked. He put some on his finger and started to grease ..(continue confession)

    Guess He Was Bi

    This happened back in the late 70s if I remember rightly. I was laid off from my real job and was working part time for a buddy of my dad's. This guy had a TV repair shop and me and a coworker, a guy named Dan, were out in the shop truck making some deliveries.
    We were just talking the way guys do to pass the time.

    We happened to pass a local park where there was a parking lot that was a make-out spot in the evenings. Sometimes there'd be just a couple of cars there; sometimes it was packed with maybe 30 cars, all with couples there for some action.
    A lot of the time the car windows would get steamed up but even if they didn't and you were parked right next to another car, the common courtesy was to not make a big deal and to keep your eyes on your own date.

    So I can tell something's eating at Dan and he's kind of on edge, but I kept my mouth shyt and figured he'd say what the trouble was if he wanted to talk about it.
    After a little while he told me that he'd gone home early and unexpected a couple of weeks ago and had found his wife in bed with a young neighbor from down the block. He was shocked of course, especially since his wife had just given birth to their first kid, a little boy.
    Dan said his wife had been kind of weird ever since her and the baby got home. The doc told him that lots of women get something called post partum depression and they're weird for a month or more, but usually it passes and everything's OK.
    Dan's wife was always very nervous and he was afraid to confront them right there and then, so he quietly left his apartment and went to a local gin mill to hang out, have a couple of stiff ones and think it over.

    When he got home he said he had a talk with his wife without mentioning that he caught her having sex with this other guy. Just talking and seeing what was on her mind. Seems like she was feeling like she wasn't attractive since she had the baby. Dan figured from the way she spoke that maybe she was flirting with the neighbor and was susceptible to his advances because it gave her the ego boost she needed. He said he was gonna talk with her some more and see if she was through with this guy or if she was serious about cheating on ..(continue confession)

    First Kiss

    We were raised in a home where the female members did not mix with the male members, like two worlds side by side. Schooling was at home. At 18 you were supposed to get married and start your family. Girls did not go to college, go to the Army, work outside the home. Everyone lived the same so no one was different.

    I was sent to town with my older sister to buy supplies. At the store a boy talked to me and told me he was in a band and going on tour. We talked and I told him I had never been as far as Dallas, I had never seen the ocean. He said they had one more seat and I should go with them, I could play tambourine. I told my sister, she told my mother, my mother told my father and I was taken to stay with some family members. The punishment for talking to a boy.

    My sister came to see me and told me that if I didn't tell anyone she would take me to see the ocean. Her husband gave her permission and we drove to South Padre Island where her husband's sister lived with her family. We went to the beach, saw people in all kinds of dress.
    My sister let me buy a two piece suit and go to the beach. A boy in the water talked to me, we got pushed around in the waves, he touched me to stand up. Out of the water he talked to me and my sister let him stay. One day soon I was going to be married and I should know how to talk to a boy. Before we left the beach my sister gave me permission to invite him to her inlaw's house.

    I got a kiss that night. I turned 15 at the end of the summer. Unlike many of the girls in our community I had been kissed.

    That Summer

    When i was 15 me and my brother went to my uncle jean farm in state of Missouri.
    It was nice to see my uncle Jean and aunt Cynthia.
    At 15 i helped on the farm a lot easy stuff mostly.
    One day i caught my aunt Cynthia using her dildo so i watched. I got to watch her a few times. When i got caught she flipped not really just shut the door.
    About a week later i was down in the basement taking a shower when someone started laundry. I checked it out cause the water went cold.
    My 27 year old Cynthia was staring at me. I was naked and had been jerking off in warm water when i got a shock so she was speechless. She was also wearing cotton panties and a pink tee shirt. I walked up to her and kissed her on the lips. She was frozen speechless and frozen. I turned her around and bent her over the washing machine. I watched her huge tits smosh into the washing machine and i pulled her panties down they where wet and she smelled like her room dose when she uses her dildo.
    My dick goes from my middle finger up to just above the vein in my wrist about nine inches. As i slid it into Cynthia tight warm pussy it was torture trying not to cum. I started pumping in and out of her hot wet pussy and she lightly and softly moaned and eventually bounced up and down on it her self. I lasted five minutes and came hard about two big bursts exploded up into my aunt pussy she panicking said shes not on the pill.
    A few days later we had sex while going for a walk on the farm every two or three days we had sex me and aunt Cynthia. Then one day my uncle jean youngest of my uncles had to go to St Louis and pick up his new equipment.
    Aunt cynthia put on her some lingerie a see through top and some fish net stocking. She came into my room and gave me a blow job two days before i go back home to fort hayes kansas. She was passionate and sensual sucking my dick. I ate her pussy and she showed me how.
    As i penetrated her her legs rose up and her feet dangling in the air by my butt she was on her back and it arched and her head tilted back and she started moaning. I was slow to start because i was trying not to cum in my aunt.
    Aunt cynthia told ..(continue confession)

    Naughty Church Mission Trip

    During my teen church years we went on a mission trip to rural Kentucky. We stayed at a church gym, girls on the side of the girl's restroom and the boys on the side of the boy's bathroom. The gym was separated by a curtain, visual but not noise separated.

    During the day several girls agreed with several boys to go swimming in the moonlight after lights out. On the cue more than a dozen kids snuck out via the janitor's room which had a door to the outside. We walked down the path to the river where the Baptisms took place.

    No swim wear resulted in underwear swimming, the boys dicks clearly outlined in their briefs and the girls clearly outlined in their panties and bras. At that time of our lives no one really shaved our private parts, and for the most part our panties were see through once they were wet. The very obvious exposure of nakedness barely hidden by thin fabric resulted in erections, girls giving relief to the boys, and some boys wanting to see the bare skin of the girls.

    And then we were all naked swimming in the warm summer moonlight, boys crawling on girls, girls holding boys' erections, a midnight orgy. When the swim ended there were fewer virgins, new boyfriend girlfriend couples, boys taking panties home with them, girls carrying home the boys' sperm which resulted in a teen pregnancy outbreak in our church. The rest of us were just lucky that we did not conceive.

    For the last ten years eight couples get together to relive our moonlight skinny dipping, to give ourselves up to group sex on the grass, or maybe a blanket. We are not nudist, we are mid thirties moms and dads, but on our night everything comes off, we swim naked in the house pool, or the lake, or the river, where the get together is hosted. No swapping, purely sane open air sex with our spouse.