You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.

A Rain Storm Brought Her To Me And Now The Sun Shines On Us Again

I lived off campus and walked to and from campus, six blocks. I got caught in the rain and got to my duplex sopping wet. The girl that lived next door came out with a towel repeating 'poor baby, poor baby'. She followed me in to my side, helping me peel off my clothes while wrapping the towel around me. Still in the towel we fixed a pot of tea, and talked for the first time.

When I stood in front of her and she asked to see what there was there to see, she opened the towel letting me know she liked what she saw. I was still cold, my nipples on alert, she leaned down and sucked one for a second or two. Her smile led to a kiss and we went back to my room where she helped me dress.

We became friends, we dated, moved in together, became college lovers. When I look back on my college years, those years I was there with her fill me and I feel good. Graduation took us in different directions, one day I married, named my firstborn after her. We found each other again several years ago, we are the closest of friends you could hope to be. Our husbands could never imagine what we mean when we talk about our college days.

  • I Realized Something 4 Years Ago

    Four years ago i was 23. I was in therapy with a psychoanalyst and one day he asked me the question if i ever got touched sexually as a child.

    I don't really remember what we were talking about but he knew i had and still have a huge sense of shame and guilt around sex and men.

    When he asked me that question suddenly a memory popped in my mind.

    I was 7-8 years old and i remember my father and i were in the bathroom. I was probably peeing.

    I was completely naked (as a child i used to take off all my clothes when i was peeing) and he was touching my vagina. We were both laughing and i remember i really liked the sensation.

    If i remember correctly i was asking him to do it again but i'm not sure. I didn't feel embarrassed by this, i felt embarrassed when my mother yelled at my father for being with me in the bathroom. I didn't understand why because inside my innocent mind we didn't do anything wrong.

    I don't remember how many times that happened.

    Another memory popped in my mind it was when i was 5 i think, maybe not 5 but i was little.
    I had enter in the bathroom without a warning and i saw my father naked.
    I saw his penis and i touched it, i think he might let me touch it for a while.

    When i was 11 i used to take my father's phone to play some games and in the pictures he had sexual pictures of women and sexual acts between men and women. I used to watch these pictures a lot. It was pictures from magazines or television i think.

    At my 7-8 i saw he had a porn movie in his drawer but i didn't watch it because i got embarrassed.

    When i was 13 we were talking with my female friend about penises. She already knew how a penis looks and feels like because she had sex for the first time.
    I didn't even kiss a boy back then but i knew how a penis looks and feels like when you touch it.

    I knew from that memory when i was 5 but i lied to her when she asked how i knew. I said i watched porn and learnt it from there.

    I don't know if these experiences are completely valid and i don't know if there is a point in talking about these experiences.

    Last year i discussed my memory when i was 8 but that psychologist said better to not think about it and maybe i misunderstood my father and he probably wanted to clean me when i was peeing.
    But i remember he had bare hands when he was touching me.

    I was masturbating since 5 year old and remember i put my dolls having sex each other and i was masturbating near them.

    I was playing with my dolls that a stranger man m****red the mother of a girl in front of her and r**ed the girl in front of her mother's corpse.
    The girl was enjoying the r**e and felt freedom.

    I was 7 or 8 when i played with my dolls.

    I feel embarrassed to talk again about this topic to a therapist. I feel like i expose my father. That maybe his intention wasn't bad and maybe these experiences don't have an impact on me.

    And if they do i think it's not that bad.

    I have some thoughts about little boys and enjoying watching realistic hentai children with children and adults like i said in previous confessions and i like sexual relationship between a father and his underage daughter.
    I am not sure if these experiences are responsible for these thoughts.

    I think something that completely impact me was when my parents yelled at me and hit me when they saw me masturbating,

    Four years ago when i realized this thing i found the courage (and i really don't know how i did it) to tell my parents but they didn't remember anything. They didn't remember that they hit me when they saw me masturbating either.

    I start to think that maybe these memories weren't real or if they were real they are not bad.

    I'm embarrassed thinking about these because i still live with my parents. It's weird to think that your father did something like this to you and i'm anxious to be feminine in front of him.

    I don't know.

    Dad's Porn Stash.

    When my sister and I were young we were left home alone a lot as our parents both worked 12hr shifts. She is 4 years older than me and would keep an eye on my while our parents were gone. She was probably 13 when we looking for Christmas presents. Instead of presents we found our Dad's Playboy magazines and a few porn movies. We looked at a few of the magazines leading me to get curious. I asked if I could see her naked like the girls in the magazines. At first she said no but I threatened to tell our parents what we found and she eventually took her clothes off and laid on my parents bed. Now she didn't look like the playboy models ( she was quite a bit over weight , big floppy tits and a unshaved bush). At first she let me take a good look even spreading her pussy lips to show me her clit. She wasn't gorgeous but it was the first pussy and tits ever and I was hooked and she knew it. The very next day when my parents left we went back to their room and she put in one of Dad's porn movies. She took off her pants and panties and again laid on the bed. This time I got to touch her wet pussy. She would tell me where to touch to make her feel good and I would happily comply. Eventually we started acting out the movies we watched. If they where eating pussy I'd eat her. If the girl was giving a BJ, she would suck my 9yo little dick . My sister's lips wrapped around my hairless cock felt amazing. I'd eat her hairy pussy almost everyday. By the time I was 10 I had lost my virginity to my sister who was 14. We continued this sort of play for many years until one day when I was about 14 I stopped having dry orgasms and pumped my first real load right into my sister. But that's a story for another day.

  • Remembering Him

    Just found out the guy who took my virginity passed away from covid. Mixed feelings about it, but it got me thinking about the 70s. Times were simpler back then. We learned about sex with each other, not from some books or videos.

    I had strict parents growing up. We were one of the only Asian families in the neighborhood. I remember over the summer, the only times I got to spend time with friends is if I went with a childhood friend, Debb, and that was only to get pop from the convenience store. One time we felt adventurous and "snuck" into the back alley to explore a little. We ran into some older guy, probably in his 20s, with his pants undone and some girl on her knees in front of him. Her head was bobbing up and down around his crotch, one hand in front of her face, another holding onto his leg.

    We completely froze. She was making some weird noises. He looks up and smiles at us before tapping the girl's head to get her attention. She looks back at us and goes, "Well what do we have here. Let's give them a show." She gets up, turns around, and bends over. He leans forward and something happens. Her face contorted and she started making those weird noises again as he starts moving his hips back and forth.

    We didn't know any better and started to walk away. "Come back again tomorrow, same time!" He shouts at us. We talk it over, figuring they didn't hurt us so why not go back.

    Next day, they were there, but not doing anything. The 4 of us chat, introduce ourselves, when I ask what was happening the other day. Britney just laughed and said it would be better if they showed us instead. Debb was too nervous to try, but I bucked up the courage to go for it. Britney told me to stand against the wall and spread my legs. She easily slipped underneath my skirt, pulled my panties aside, then I felt her softly kissing my privates. Britney had a way with it and soon I was instinctually letting off those weird sounds too, just softly. Her tongue makes its way around, soon making me twitch in pleasure. My knees got weak for some reason, but my body was so tense when it suddenly released it all. I unintentionally cry out before collapsing, luckily Britney caught me.

    Wow sorry, I'm tired. I'll finish this later... after I finish myself.

    My Youth

    Let’s take a second away from my sluttiness since I have nothing to recap on from the last week.

    1.) I was friends with a couple of black kids they both were brothers (yes I am black. I know right a submissive black bottom sissy, but taking it is so much better then giving D) well we were introduced because our parents were friends, you know how it is when you are kids your friends with your parents friends kid(s). So my mom went out with theirs and we hung out. This one particular time we were talking and they mentioned that they watch their parents porn tape (no it wasn’t amateur) it was nothing but black women taking bbc I’ve never done this before watched porn with friends before so we sat there is on the couch three preteen adolescent kids them on both sides of me and me plopped right in the middle. Maybe 10 min into it the oldest one whipped out his cock and started to jerk it and of course I’m like ummm bro and I looked over at the younger one and he was about to as well. So I’m like ok sure why not when in time right so I started doing it too, but here is where it’s not what you think. No I didn’t grab them no I didn’t have my first time no blowjobs nothing of that sort, but I found myself looking at them jerk off I watched them more then the porn I would shift my eyes at them and jerk deeper I was immersed with them listening to their moans their eyes opening and closing trying to watch some chick get Dicked down. Of course we came at different times, and when they weren’t looking I tasted my own cum on my hand. That was my last night ever seeing them I wish I could have saw them again.

    2.) I had a pool at my school and I did have swimming ever other semester. At the time I was so far deep into the closet that it kills me now (I had some super sexy gay friends that had feelings for me and trust me if I was so much more open I would have dated them) despite how I was I actually loved swimming class just for one reason:


    Why did I love the locker room because that’s where the guys were, you see I grew up in a black and Asian (this is where my Asian cock love comes from) dominated school, yes we had others but those two dominated the school, anyway a lot of guys completely undressed to get ready for swimming and cocks were always out and I was always in heaven so many guys all different styles of dick and I wanted to touch them all but I couldn’t of course, at school. So whenever I had swimming I would sit somewhere where I could see every guys dick. Of course I would hide my secret boner.

    3.) I fantasized about being the girl in porn (I still do) whenever I was home alone I would put on a porn when a girl is showing pure love and affection for the cock she is taking and I would get on all fours my butt high in the air and I would finger my butt as I watched it I would imitate the girl the things she said and her moans. Sometimes I would stick something into my butt and imagine that it was the guy. I would do this a lot when no one was home.

    4.) I would jerk off into my face with my mouth open so I could give myself facials (I love the warm sensation this is where I get my love for them comes from). I only did this when I was able to sneak into the bathroom when no one was around and awake and I would pretend I was on the toilet just so I could wear my cum for a little bit.

    5.) when I was a little bit older not yet an adult I had bought a pack of panties and would jerk off into them and when I came in the crotch area I would then wear them under my male clothes around the house and would love the way it felt and how the cum would stick to everything.

    6.) I had a crush on this guy in high school he was a cool kid (and I still have that crush) but when I was at home i would masturbate and think of him I would moan his name and imagine sucking him off and him spreading my legs and taking me. This was a nightly thing outside of thinking of the girl I was dating (I would start off thinking of her then straight to him)

    I wish I came out sooner.

  • Lazy Summer Days

    Going swimming in the river was one of those summer activities growing up. We were kids and the river was our escape place. We swam nude, three boys having fun. Sometimes our peckers got hard, poking straight out. scoping out each others peckers added an excruciating boost. Who first suggested it is lost to history, or that no one wants to take credit for it, but it was not me. Sucking hard on erect pecker was just about the best thing up to that time. Not long after we went round robin one of us had his first wet orgasm. And one of us had a mouthful to contend with. Soon every pecker was going off, and with mouths full it wasn't unheard of some of it slipped down a throat.

    All that summer we swam, played tag, caught the sun on a rock, and as peckers got hard they were swallowed up and drained dry.

    One Fateful Night

    The week after I graduated from college a group of us were celebrating at a bar before packing up and leaving for good. The guy I was with was drinking heavily and he wanted to leave. Another guy at the bar I didn't know grabbed me by the arm and wouldn't let me go, telling me I wasn't getting in the pickup with my date. He walked and dragged me to his car and locked me in. My date left cursing him and me and telling me I was going to be laid. His last words to me, he ran the stoplight at the end of the block and was killed.

    This guy wouldn't let me go to the scene, he strapped me in and made me tell him where I lived and took me to my apartment. He didn't leave, not till the next day when I was sober, not till he made sure I had a friend with me. I never made it to my job, I never made it out of town. I got laid, and a lot more, I got set up in a house and after a short engagement I got married.

    For a very long time I was angry with him, I'm settled down about it now. I had a career planned, a life of my choice. My life took a sharp turn that night, I live in my college town, raising kids and working in the family business. My husband isn't one for words, I found that out on that fateful night.

    My Cousin Used To Get Me To Suck He's Dick!

    When I was about 12yo my cousin Todd (Mother's Sister Son) used to come and see me at our unit cause the block we just moved into had a pool! We always got changed in my room in our swimmers (shorts with undies) then we would go for a swim! When we got bored with that, we would hang onto the edge of the pool at the deep end and I would start to grab his cock underwater cause I wanted to see how he would react to it! All he said to me was "You keep grabing my dick and you'll be putting in ya mouth and making me happy"! I replied "Yeah right Cuzo!" " You could handle me, you'd blow within 2 minutes! "Fuck off I would" he gasped! "Well if you wanna and think you can make me blow quickly, let's go up to your bedroom and get changed!" Todd said! "Come on then Toddy... We make it up to my room and mum says to me "I'm going next door to have a cupper with Fred!" "No worries" I said! Mum left and locked the door! It was just me and my cousin! We go to my room and take our wet shorts off and he starts to wave he's hard cock around me, teasing me! "So you gonna give me a blowy Cuz?" "If you want, sit on the bed!" Todd sits down and leans back a little bit with he's uncut cock hard as a rock, I get on my knees and grab he's dick with my hand and start to wank him and slowly put my mouth onto he's rock solid cock and start to move up and down, getting faster and faster until he says stop Tommy! I got some condoms and packs of lube, can I fuck you? Or try anyway! I stop and think for a moment and reply "Ok, let's do it!" He puts a condom on and I lube up my tight man pussy and he lubes up he's hard end then slowly begins to drive it into my man pussy, he slowly starts to get quicker and quicker and then I start to moan with excitement! "Oh Cuzo, that feels good! Fuck me cuz, fuck me!" Then all of a sudden my cousin yells "oh fuck" finally he blew he load! He pulls he's cock out and the condom follows with heaps of fun at the end of it! Look at all of ya cum Cuz!? "Yeah I know, thanks Cuzo!" "This will be our secret hay Tommy" I replied "No one needs to know, we are family anyway!" I'll do it again Toddy if you wanna or get bored again! "You'll be seeing me more often Tommy I think! From that day onwards every weekend we would get together or Todd would sleep over at my place and we would play together! It was more like I was the chick and he was the bloke! I was always coping loads in my mouth and on my back or belly! But I didn't mind, I kinda like it secretly...

    My Puberty Experience

    Puberty for me was weird. By the time I 16 I grew height wise but in my pants I was still hair free and small. It was definitely weird. But my doctor at the time said it will come, give it time.

    Sure enough it was like I grew over night. I remember my underwear just getting tighter. I told my mom my underwear were kinda tight and she got me the next size up which were boys xl white briefs. I noticed my balls were a lot bigger a d they were pretty saggy too!

    Then came my penis growth and pubic hair. The hair came in fairly quick. Before I knew it I had a little bush starting to grow. And my flaccid size went from 1 inch to 4 inches. Huge change there. My erect size was then almost 8 inches.

    Once again I told my mom my underwear were tight and she saw how tight they were. I was bought an adult size small briefs which fit perfect. They were a bit snug but I knew they would stretch. It was then that my mom informed me that big penises run in the family. Her dad and two brothers were 8 inches, she found that out from her mom. Then she told me my dad was fairly hung too and very thick. Which I soon found out my penis thickened up a lot.

    So by 18 I had a monster in my tighty whities. I also masturbate for the first time when I was 17, definitely a late bloomer there.

  • I Got Fucked By My Dads Best Friend

    I literally got fucked by my dads best friend and liked it. From the time I could remember I had a crush on him and would always flirt with him. I made sure he saw me in my bikini and made sure he saw more then everyone else did.
    One night I was babysitting for him when he came in late from the bar. He had stripped naked in the laundry room so I walked in on him trying to get a glimpse of his manhood. He turned and faced me and ask if I liked it. I had instantly wet my crotch looking at it hanging there. I reached out and gripped his cock and let it get hard in my hand. My heart was racing when he pulled my shorts off and started to rub my already soaked vagina. I pulled my shirt off and we both stood naked in his laundry room. He reached over and locked the door then sat my on top of his running washing machine as his cock head went between my wet lips. His cock pushed its way inside me and I started to cum. When I felt his nuts bump against me I knew I had bit off more then I could chew. He picked me up with his cock inside me and walked me right through the house past the room his kids where sleeping in and to his bedroom as I came on him the whole time.
    For the next hour he taught me everything I needed to know about being a woman in a man’s bed. He shot his last load in me around 3 am. And rolled over and wet to sleep. I went and showered and rubbed my tender fucked pussy. He dropped me off at home the next morning and neither of us ever said a word about it again. I had to sit sideways for almost a week until my tore up vagina healed.

    That sparked my interest in daddy’s and opened my eyes to the fetish I love to this day. I have laid in bed with many older men over the years and let them have their way. Anna.