You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell us about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not a place for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings on this website will be deleted immediately.

Summer At The Cottage

My best friend Dave and I spent quite a bit of time together specially in the summer months, up at his parent's cottage fishing, swimming, etc. I"m a month older than he is and on his thirteenth birthday, he, his Mom and myself headed up for the weekend. One morning as his Mom was headed into town he and I loaded up his canoe and headed out to do some bass fishing. We stopped at all our favorite spots but nothing was biting so we pulled up on one of the islands in order to get out of the sun for a bit. Grabbed the blanket that he always kept in the front and headed into the shade of a few trees. Since it was quite hot, we took a swim around the island first then headed back to the shade, slipped off our shorts and laid laid naked beside each other.
We were just laying there yakking when I noticed that he was touching his dick. He saw me looking and asked me if I touch myself a lot to which I mumbled yes, most everyday. He reached over, took my dick and started to stroke me. Felt much nicer than my own hand so I took hold of his and did the same to him. A few minutes later be both squirt all over the place. Felt so awesome and natural. Jumped back in lake for a few then canoed back to their cottage. His Mom was suntanning on the beach and asked if we had any luck to which we both said no but told her we did have a lot of fun though.
After dinner his Mom brought out a small cake which we dug into while playing cards with her. He and I were sitting side by side with our hands exploring each other under the table. She didn't have a clue. Around midnight, she headed to her room and we headed to ours. When we were brushing our teeth, he said to wait ten minutes or so then quietly sneak into his room and close his door.
When I did so, he was already laying there with a beautiful hard on. I quickly joined him and when we began to touch each other again, he said there are some nicer things we could do together. I was a little hesitant at first but when he slid down and started to suck my cock, I knew I needed to reciprocate, We ended up in a sixtynine which of course didn't last very long before we both filled each others mouths. My very first taste of cum and his second. That was so fucking amazing. Sucked each other off twice more that night. It just got better and better. This happened many times over the years. Never fucked. Just sucked.

  • The Amount Of **** I Saw

    When I was in elementary school there were too many opportunities to see and taste cock… first I remember was from an uncle probably in her 20s, he was living temporarily with us and my room was his space, I refused to leave for him to change clothes and he went fully naked (no real reason) and I got enchanted bu the beauty I saw between his legs, it was just amazing to me, first time seeing a cock as thick and just tasty, I don’t remember much details but I must have spent an hour or so touching and learning how to stroke it, I probably used my tongue too, but really blurred the details… second time I saw another one as impressive was when a group of friends were talking about one friend’s mom, he was feminine and sort of provocative so eventually we got him to a lone place and took our cocks out so he would touch us a little (we were really inexperienced) but one of the group was a few years older and had a much bigger cock and could actually have an erection, he ended up gettin sucked and I was left in awe with his package,,, then a third time happened to a friend and me to see some porn magazines with a guy that invited us, he was probably 18 or so, we were around 10-12, and he was a brown bigger body, went naked as soon as we closed door and taught us how to suck, I remember seeing my friend choke on his massive tool, and then we got fucked, by then anal stimulation was my favorite pastime so getting the real deal was so exciting, he knew his game and treated us soft and caring, we went back for more a couple of times… then last experience was a romance I had with a younger an so feminine blonde friend, we had a sort of innocent relationship that started with a lot of kissing and touching until we had oral and the anal we could with our dicks still unable to fully go hard or even ejaculate, we had some dry cums, and in general spent our free time exploring and trying everything we could imagine to please ourselves… there were good times back then, so much sex since very youngs

    Just Boys

    My best friend and I used to get naked in bed late at night when we spent the night at each others house. We were in the 4th grade when we started doing this. We would rub our hard little cocks together until we had a very dry climax. It felt so good we did it all the time. We would do it on our sides facing each other then take turns getting on top of each other.
    One time we were at his house and it was real late at night. We were both naked under the covers and he got on top of me but this time I was laying on my stomach. His naked body and his hard cock felt so good on my ass I let him run his cock all over my ass and when I pushed my ass up a little his cock went in the crack of my ass and as he jumped on me his cock rubbed across my asshole. I felt so good I started to move my ass to make it even better.
    Both of us were really enjoying it and my cock was harder than ever and we both had that dry climax again. He stayed on top of me for awhile just rubbing his cock up and down in the crack of my ass. We both got very hard again and he reached in between us and held his cock in his hand and moved it around until he found my asshole. Neither of us said a word as he tried to stick his cock in my tight hole.
    I told him it felt good so he kept trying then it happened. He got the tiny head of his cock in me and from that moment on my life was changed forever. It was hard to be quiet as he pushed it all the way inside of me. He just laid still on top of me and we both liked it and I told him it felt good. He said it felt good to him too.
    He started to move it back and forth in my ass and it just got better each time he pushed it up my ass. We both had two very hard dry climaxes then he went soft and his dick came out if me.
    I told him we should do it again and he agreed so between both of us we got him hard again and he put it back in my ass.
    We were outside all day like always and we did it in our storage building once with our pants down as I bent over some boxes. We continued to find places to do it and he stuck his cock in my ass multiple times that day.
    About a year later after him fucking me all the time we were outside one night and hidden in the dark in front of my moms car we had our pants down and I was leaning over the hood of the car as he stood behind me fucking my ass. This time he actually came for the very first time and I had his cum in my ass. It wasn’t much but it was warm and slick and when he started to fuck me again my asshole was nice and slick and it felt so much better when he fucked me.
    A few weeks later I shot my first load and shortly after that we tried sucking each other and tasted each others cum. Once we got a good taste we both wanted more and more and sucking each others cock was something we did every day at least once if not multiple times. Neither of us ever got tired of sucking each others cocks and it just felt good to swallow the cum.
    He fucked me a lot and we figured out that a little Vaseline or baby oil and more than once I used cooking oil to make my hole nice and slick for him to slip his cock in me and fuck me until he came in my ass. I never got tired of getting fucked. I liked taking his dick and getting fucked and letting him cum in my ass always felt so good I could never get enough.
    Of course the older we got the bigger our cocks got and the more cum we had to swallow and the more cum he put up my ass. Once we got old enough to drive and we both had a pick up truck we found all kinds of places to go and have sex. Our favorite place was when we went fishing on the river. We would walk up and down the river bank fishing and hide in the woods to suck each other off and we found a lot of places private enough that we could get out of our clothes and I liked getting fucked up the ass outdoors. It was the best ever doing it naked outdoors.
    My Grandparents owned a lot of land and had cattle. We went out to their place often to fish in their pond. We sucked and he fucked me countless times around that pond hidden in the trees and when we knew we wouldn’t get caught we would go up in the hay loft and get naked and suck each other off and he liked to fuck me up in the hay loft
    All thru our school years up until our early 20’s he and I had regular sex either sucking each other off or him fucking my ass. We live far apart now and are both married but we still get together to go fishing three or four times a year and all we do is suck each other off and he fucks me all he can when we are together
    I guess he and I will always have sex with each other. I know I want it and he does too so we continue to do it. These days with computers we use Skype when we can. He likes to jack off watching me use on of my wife’s dildos or most anything in my ass. We both cum on Skype two or three times a month.

  • We Did 'it' On Conqueror's Peak And Were Shotgun Married Two Weeks Ltr

    Just counting, today is the anniversary of losing my virginity.

    It was at the river cabin, celebrating Independence Day with my extended family. My cousin twice removed, was she hot, and me went for a walk while the pig roasted on the spit. We climbed a small hill, named Conqueror's Peak, and we sat down with the river below us.

    Who leaned back, to count the leaves on the trees is still a point of discussion. "Have you kissed a girl?". "No, have you been kissed? You're almost sixteen? " She let me kiss her and something happened, and she was holding my dick in her hand. I reciprocated, discovering her vagina and inserting a couple of fingers in as far in as I could. The kissing had left hickeys on our necks and her chest. That feeling of your first penetration, so smooth and wet, and her hips in rhythm as I came in her for the first time.

    We uncoupled, laying back to recover, we walked back down to the rest of the family, who noticed the hickeys and she was shuffled off to hear about it from her mother and sister. I was sat down on the bags of charcoal "what did you do?". There wasn't anything I could say or do, I was caught and her mother came over to my mother "do you know what these kids just did?". She confessed. So I had to admit it.

    A cousin twice removed is legal for marriage. We were married two weeks later in the living room of her parents'. She wore a spring dress, white was out of the question. I wore a suit borrowed from a cousin who worked at the bank. For rings she got our great gramma's wedding band, and I wore a 'loaner' until I could buy one on my own.

    Ages? Well she was fifteen and I was seventeen. From that day forward we were MAN and WOMAN, we were no longer kids. That was okay with us, we were regular love bunnies after we were married.

    Finding Out I Have A Big Package

    Growing up I was just your average kid. I liked to be outside and I liked to play a few sports. I was skinny from being active and mowing lawns. Never once did I think I had anything special in my pants

    I started puberty after turning 13. I got some pubic hair and an increase in my testicle size first. It was around that time that my briefs became too snug and my mom had got me the next size up.

    As time went on my testicles kept getting bigger and saggier. Plus my dick grew a lot. I went from having a small flaccid penis to a big thick fat flaccid penis. And I got erections all the time. So my mom got me the next size briefs.

    When I was 15 and entering my freshman year my mom randomly got me boxers. Having big balls and a big penis plus loads of random erections just wasn’t ideal for boxers. I gave them a try but I was so sore after a few hours. Especially after mowing lawns

    A week into my freshman year I told my mom that I wanted briefs back. She figured I’d want boxers to fit in but I told her boxers make me so sore and there is no support. Which lead to her to ask if things were developing fine down there.

    I had never seen another guy naked so I was very unaware that I was g*fted in my pants. My big saggy low hanging balls just wanted the support of tighty whities back. My mom worried that maybe I needed to go to the doctor if I was getting sore from wearing boxers prompted her to ask if I was okay with her checking things to make sure everything was okay

    So I dropped my jeans and pulled the boxers down. My moms facial expression was definitely a shocked one. She just said oh my goodness. She looked at me and said your pretty well g*fted no wonder boxers are uncomfortable

    Confused I asked what she meant. She told me you got a big penis and big low hanging testicles. Not every guy has that. She told me most guys are between 5 to 6 inches were your obviously bigger then that.

    She said no wonder I always thought your briefs looked too snug. My mom then said she’d get me new briefs tomorrow

  • College Days

    Short and sweet.

    When I was in college I was 21 at the time I was drinking and extremely horny for some dick so much that I let a group of guys that I knew gangbang me in the living room. It was in front of others people were watching and I let 2 of the guys I knew the best put it in my ass. I let all the boys cum wherever they wanted and just like I thought they would do they all finished on my face. Completely covered in cum my ass was a little sore but I fucking loved every minute of it and still finger my pussy thinking about it to this very day.

    Craiglist To Gloryhole

    When I was 15, craigslist had dating ads, and I saw one for a guy advertising a gloryhole in his house just a couple miles from where I lived in a very large city. I am completely straight, but almost all my fantasies were about getting blowjobs, so I really wondered what that was like. I felt both attracted and repulsed by the idea; I'm not sexually attracted to guys at all, and would never want to kiss a guy or reciprocate oral sex. But I heard that guys can do it pretty good and maybe I could enjoy receiving a blowjob if I didn't see the guy's face. Finally my curiosity and desire were overwhelming, so I wrote the guy by email and expressed interest, using a yahoo account I had just created. "John" wrote back, and we chatted on and off for a couple weeks before I felt up to it. We didn't talk about anything important or say much about each other, or at least I didn't say much about myself, but he was just sort of laid back and didn't seem too worried or secretive, which eventually set me at ease. Of course I told him I was 18, and just hoped I wouldn't get caught in the lie.

    He gave me the address, and I biked over one day, locked my bike about a block away on a post, and then walked to the back of the house, following his directions to take a back door leading to the basement, where as promised he had a TV in a corner playing straight porn. This was before the days of big free porn sites, though I had of course seen some pictures online and magazines before, but didn't have regular access to porn videos, and these strongly turned me on. A flat sheetrock wall in the middle of the room had a couple of holes in it, at two slightly different heights, and closed door on one side. I got hard quickly, but was still a little nervous and shy, so I started by putting one finger through the lower hole, and soon felt a pair of lips sucking on it. That made me extremely rigid, so I unzipped and put my dick in the hole, pressing against the wall and turning my head to watch a distinctive scene of a small, tiny titted woman kneeling and sucking off a guy. I was quickly rewarded with my first blowjob from the other side and felt overwhelmed , I both felt really weird and freaked out for being there, and loving loving loving the sucking action. I was worried I wouldn't come because of the disgusting thought of who was doing it, but it felt so good I could put out of my mind the fact that it was a guy and within a minute I was coming completely out of control, I felt like I was being sucked into the hole and would slip through it like an octopus if only my bones could dissolve. I imagined myself cumming in the small girl's mouth from the video, although her partner was nowhere near finishing. The mouth stayed on my dick and kept sucking for several minutes, cleaning me off, until it finally felt too sensitive and I suddenly pulled out. I zipped up and ran out, feeling embarrassed and satisfied, like I had gotten away with shoplifting and now had to get out before I was caught.

    "John" wrote back by email and thanked me for coming over; I replied with thanks of my own. And then a few days later made another appointment, went over, and came again into his mouth. This happened several times over the course of a couple of years. It felt incredible that I could get a blowjob anytime I wanted, though it felt both like I was cheating, and taking advantage of someone, though he was obviously getting something out of this too. I never saw his face, though I eventually realized he was seeing me through a camera in a back corner. I didn't care anymore; he couldn't show it to anyone since I was underage, and I'm not sure if he was even recording or just watching to see who I was. But he never questioned my age or asked more prying details about me.

    I managed to find out about him after a while, because I looked him up by his address and found out he attended a local church, which surprised me at first, and then I realized it wasn't surprising at all.

    I never felt that being gay or having gay sex was morally wrong, but I still felt funny about it for a while. And then after a year I realized it didn't feel strange anymore, it just felt fun. It also felt completely separate from my dating life, I could try to go out with girls but not to have orgasms, because I could have those easily with John, and in the long run I think it improved my dating life because I was more relaxed about what I was looking for. Eventually I went to college, and never heard back from John again, but it was good while it lasted.

    My Neighbor

    Growing up there was a boy Nextdoor about my age. We were in the 2nd grade. Where we lived there was a crack and a wooded area across the street. He and I played there every day.
    We built this fort out of old lumber and tree limbs and we hung out there every day working on it and just playing in the woods.
    One day we were in our fort and I asked him if he ever played with his self. Because sure then I asked if he wanted to do it with me. At first he didn’t want to but once my pants and underwear were down and I was playing with my dick he did the same. We were sitting next to each other leaned up against the wall of our fort watching each other and I put my hand on his dick. He moved his hand and he let me stroke his dick.
    I liked doing it and was stroking mine at the same time. Next thing I did was lean over and lick the end of his dick. He let out a gasp and flexed his hips and his dick was in my mouth. I put it in and took it out several times then left it in my mouth and was sucking on it man did he enjoy it and he kept pushing my head down moaning out loud. He said he liked it a few times then he shook all over and got real stiff. He was too young to cum but it felt good anyway.
    After about an hour of running thru the woods he asked me if I would do it again. We were in a good spot in the woods where no one could see us so I told him to take down his pants and I got to my knees and sucked his dick again. This time felt much better as I had my hands on his bare ass and he was holding my head
    Every day after that we went to our fort so I could suck his dick. He started sucking mine after a couple of weeks and we would go to our fort and 69 after school.
    He and I played around sucking each other off and he liked to play with my must and asshole. In the 5th grade I let him put his dick up my ass. He fucked me and came in my ass twice that day.
    The next day I asked him to do it to me again so after school at his house with no one there but us he and I took off all our clothes and I bent over the side of his bed and he fucked me from behind and came in my ass. We had lots of time so we went into their living room and with me on my hands and knees he fucked me again and came up my asshole.
    Everyday after school he fucked me in the ass at least once if not two or three times. In the 8th grade we had two other boys join us and we had sex with them too. Eventually all 3 of them fucked me and once that started it went on for years even after we were out of high school.
    I remember everything that we did back then and I still like to jack off thinking about it and I am
    Married now but think it would be nice to get my ass fucked again someday.

    He Liked It Too

    When i was in the 4 th grade my friend was spending the night at our house. Late that night i got him to take off his underwear and play around naked with me. We humped on each other and rubbed our hard little dicks together and took turns laying face down getting our young naked ass humped on.
    The more we played naked the more we lined it and by the 5th grade he and i were sucking each other off everyday. Multiple times if we could. The very first time either of us came was in each others mouth. We both took it in our mouth and then swallowed after that we always swallowed each others cum.
    In the 6 th grade he talked me in to letting him fuck me up the ass and he came in my ass.
    It was a Saturday morning and we were at his house alone and he fucked me in the floor of their living room face down on the carpet. Once he got his dick in me i wanted it as much as he did so after he fucked me the first time we spent the day naked and i made sure he could get to my ass as much as he wanted. I bent over in front of him many times. He put his dick up my ass countless times that day and he came inside if me a bunch if times.
    That afternoon i was bent over the side if his bed and he was standing behind me fucking my ass and he had just started to cum in me when we heard the kitchen door open and his mom call out for us. He was still cumming in my ass and we were both naked. We got licky as she went to tge bathroom before she came to his room to check on us. We were both dressed by then but his cum was leaking out of me and it felt kind of weird talking to her with her son’s cum dripping out of my asshole.
    We fucked all the time for many years. And i was always asking him to fuck me i liked taking his and getting fucked just felt good to me and i really liked taking his cum up my ass. I wish he was still around to fuck me today

  • Remembering My Early On Sexual Awakening, And Enjoying Myself Now

    As a high school student I went to Colombia on a Church exchange program. I stayed with a family and attended a local school. Their daughter was exchanged to Minnesota. To get to and from school I took the public bus system. More than once I was groped on the bus, and one time I was pinned between two men and the one behind me managed to get my panties down and get his penis between my legs. But he did not manage to make penetration.

    My confession is that I liked it. I wore dresses because it is a lot easier to show leg and to flash. I mostly flashed older men, workers. I got called out several times by older women. They day I almost got it I went home to relish the experience. I didn't have or even know how to go about getting some sort of dildo, I had never actually seen one either. I used household objects for self penetration, the thicker and longer the better. I didn't go for skinny things like pens or markers. I discovered my clitoris and could get myself into a frenzy. I loved having orgasms.

    The family I lived with were originally Catholic who had converted to Protestantism. The local church was Protestant, and accepted all denominations. At church or around the house I was very housebroken and wore acceptable length dresses and kept myself well groomed. I couldn't get thongs, no place I shopped at had thongs in those days. I wore bikini panties and I pulled them up between my butt cheeks, anything to feel something against my butt and my vagina.

    I did go home without my virginity. The man that had me was a relative of the family. He was drunk or close to it and he felt me up and I let his hands roam and didn't stop him peeling down my panties. It was a classic over the back of a chair thing, I looked back at him during the whole time he was fucking me. There were no kisses or soft words or I love you. My memory is clouded because I only got a short look at his penis. I never touched it. After the event, I did worry about being pregnant. I had read somewhere that you douche with Coke and that's what I did. I found out that you can stick the cock bottle in your vagina.

    I went home none the worse for wear and by the time I finished high school I was a church girl again and looked down on the fast girls who put out while dating. I kept myself clean, that is I didn't have sex again until my wedding night. A plain vanilla missionary experience. I didn't masturbate or use any form of self stimulation. I had kids instead.

    Well now that I'm in my later fifties, divorced, and I have discovered that having a hefty dildo in my vagina is pleasurable. A little bit of 'slick' on my finger makes clitoral stimulation much more enjoyable. I like orgasms, and watching women being penetrated on videos is stimulating, I like to watch hard erections penetrating. I don't do much with my anus, but I do have a butt plug I bought on line. I dream of that day when that man took my virginity. I'm sure that it has been a lifelong memory for him, being the first to penetrate an American high school virgin.