You've carried a big burden on your shoulders for years - ever since you lost your mom's favorite bracelet you've denied you had anything to do with it. Tell us about it. Ashamed that you sucked your thumb until you were 12? Or are you ready to confess that it was you who threw your brother's comic book collection into the toilet? Kids do all kinds of things, some well-intentioned, some quite purposefully mean-spirited. If you're ready to tell about your embarrassing childhood acts, then post your confession now. Important note: This section is not for confessions that involve sex with children or sexual situations where children were involved. Any such postings will be deleted immediately you sick twisted fuck.

Jealous Sisters

Years ago I had a gf and once I went to her place but she wasn't home. Her younger sister who was almost 18 said to come in and hang out. She said her sis would be home in an hour or so and we could just listen to music and whatever.
She said she would make us a hot cocoa while I picked out some music.
Now the younger sister had a great body and a pretty face but lots of kids teased her and called her names because they thought her nose was funny. It wasn't big or hooked or anything, I don't know what the deal was. Young kids are cruel and this girl had her feelings hurt for awhile.
I thought she was cute and had a better personality than her sister, my girlfriend.
After a little while we were listening to music and dancing a little and then I pulled her down on my lap and she put her arm around my neck and we were maikng out and kissing passionately.
She was sucking my tongue like mad and I was thinking how I'd love to have her lips on my dick.
We stopped for a minute just as I was unhooking her bra and we caught our breath and I could see she was feeling guilty.
I stopped touching her under her shirt and tried to make her stop feeling guilty.
We got ourselves together and said it was OK, we would keep it between us and try to forget it.
Her sister came home and was in a bitchy mood so I didn't stay long.
The two sisters were always messing with each others stuff and were pretty jealous of each other.
My girlfriend used to tease her sis and say she couldn't get a boyfriend and the younger one would imply that she could have any of her sisters boys if she wanted.
So it was a toxic situation, but they were both hot and I'd be glad to fuck either of them anytime.
When I got home I went to my room and laid down and stroked myself off thinking about how sweet it would be to suck the little sister's sweet black haired pussy.
Broke off with the older sister and didn't see either of them for years.
Maybe 15 years or more later and one day my sister in law was talking about having coffee with her girlfriend and the girlfriend turned out to be Laura, the younger sister who I played with that one steamy afternoon when I was all of 19. I still haven't seen her or met her since back then but did see a pic on my sister in laws phone.
She grew up to be a hot mid-40s trophy wife. She has the dyed black hair, fancy makeup and clothes so she looks like a mob guys mistress.
I would still fuck her.

Reliving The Memories Of Our First Time

Growing up in ranch country. Our ranch was big, we had a helicopter to get around and help heard cattle. Winters were brutal and summers were hot. To cool off we hung out at the river. During my 10 to 14 years my same grade girl cousin spent the summers with me. Horseback riding, counting stars laying on the roof, swimming in the river, baking pies and cookies, braiding our hair. All of it fun.

We were down by the river on a horseback ride and we came upon two guys in a canoe. They talked us into getting off our horses, and once we were on the ground they asked if we wanted to swim. They got naked and we got down to bras and panties. The water was cold and we laughed at how their dick's got small. They wanted to show us how big their dicks got and after we masturbated them their dicks got hard and big.

We gave them our version with our first blowjob, they got our bras and panties off and fucked us until they left their cum in us. We got back to the ranch house at sunset. The guys camped overnight by the river. The next day we went back to the river, they were gone. For all these years my cousin and I will go horseback riding down to the river where we gave up being little girls and swim naked and remember that day. Back at the ranch house we bake cookies for our kids, braid our daughters' hair, put the kids outside to count the stars.

Ranch summers growing up gave us this very special memory in our lives.

Family Secret

I just remembered this and wanted to share it here since I can definitely never share this with anyone else lol. Basically I got intimate with my cousin while my sister watched.

We're all pretty close to age. At the time when this happened I was 13, my cousin was 12, and my sister was 11. Being similar ages helped us become close and we'd always play together whenever they'd come visit. Our cousin lived pretty far away from us so we didn't see her often. But every time we did, we would play a lot of games including house.

Playing house became a game that my cousin and I would mostly play. She would pretend to be the wife and I would pretend to be the husband. We would just act out what we think husband and wives do based off the movies we would watch together lol. We would do house chores and then we'd get into fake arguments and stuff. Then we'd act out the love making scenes we'd see in the movies. I was going through puberty at the time so I was always all about that part lol.

We'd always go into the basement because that's where we'd have most of our privacy. My sister would always follow us down whenever she saw us walk down that way because she'd understand what's about to go down. At first it was really innocent. My cousin and I would just kiss each other on the cheeks and pretend like we're making out. Then time after time, it slowly evolved into neck kisses, real kisses on the mouth, and some grinding. It was really hot, not gonna lie. My sister would never say anything. She would just watch. Now that I look back, I think that part is weirder than all of the things we did lol.

One day I decided to take things a little further. We were playing house again and we went down to the basement. My sister sat on a chair while she watched me grind my hard dick onto my cousin's pelvis and making out with her on the bed. I was grabbing her all over and just really going in. I was kissing her neck all over. I was so horny and excited and I stood up to pull my pants down and showed her my hard dick. Neither of them had seen it before. I asked her if she could suck it. She kept saying no and thought that it was really wrong. While she was talking, I grabbed her by the head and just stuck my dick in her mouth. She spat it out at first because she didn't expect it to taste the way it did but I stuck it back in her mouth. She just kept sucking very slowly. It felt so freaking good especially back then at an age where I had no sexual experience so this was very new and exhilarating for me. We only did it for like 10-15 minutes. I couldn't cum out of nervousness and we were also worried about getting caught. Our parents were still home haha.

After that, we had a few more games of house where all we'd do is kiss and grope. Eventually it all stopped when my cousin moved even further away. We saw her once every few years or so. None of us talk about that stuff and nobody ever brings it up. Our parents are extremely strict and religious so if they would've found out what we did, we'd all die lol. So we stayed quiet.

The last time the topic got brought up was when I was around 18-19. She had come to visit us with her family. At this time, I hadn't seen them in 4-5 years. My cousin and I were hanging out alone and just talking. She said she was bored and I said we could play house like the old times. She quickly dismissed it. She didn't seem like she was too upset but I could tell she didn't wanna talk about it. I think she feels guilty especially since she grew up with a family who was way more religious than mine. After that we never talked about it again.

We're all still really close and on good terms with each other. My cousin grew up to be a very attractive woman so if she ever wants to play house again I am down.

  • Don't Disappoint Me

    I'm a happily mwm but this was over 25 years ago when I was living alone in the eastern USA.
    Was feeling bored and horny and nothing was going on so I took off for one of the adult movie places around back then. I probably stopped on the way for a little dutch courage in the form of a couple of Stingers. I used to get hash back then too and either break it up in a blunt or even mix it into a cigarette for a lift.
    Anyway, horny and at least a little buzzed, I went to see what was up at the video booths.
    The place didn't have gloryholes but did have plenty of booths and semi public areas where there was lots of sucking and some fucking going on.

    So whatever I was watching must've been pretty hot and I was moving to a booth to stroke off when this older guy in his 50s or 60s fell in next to me. He was dressed in a suit and looked like a businessman taking a little detour on the way home. He said something in a heavy foreign accent about what a nice looking young man I was. Then he casually took my arm and sort of swung us both into a booth.
    I had no idea what he was looking for and I wasn't even sure I knew what I was looking for, just something to get my rocks off.

    As we got into the booth, the man latched the door and started to unbuckle my belt. At least he was going for my dick, which was OK with me. Then when I took over dropping my jeans he took my rapidly hardening dick in his hand and took mine and placed it on his crotch.
    He spoke in a heavy eastern European accent and said "You are going to lick my ballz and suck my deek, and you are not going to disappoint me..."
    I wasn't into sucking cock but the whole thing was pretty hot and I was hard and I guess I was just gonna see what was gonna happen.

    When I felt him through his suit pants, it felt pretty thick and heavy.
    He surprised me when instead of dropping his pants he squatted down himself and started to lick and suck on MY nutsack. He kept saying what a nice looking boy I was and suddenly he's rooting around under my nuts and shoving his tongue in my ass!
    I had a gf who experimented with ass licking and it was something I loved.
    This guy may have been trying to get himself extra hard but I don't know. All I know is he was licking my asshole and tonguing into my shithole like he was starving.
    He made me so hot and then he had me lift one foot up onto the little bench and he really went to town on my asshole. He was kissing and licking and fucking my ass with his tongue.
    Still telling me how I'm gonna love his big hairy balls and his sweet cock cream and shit like that.

    After a pretty short while of him rimming me like mad, I was getting ready to cum. I told him and he stopped sucking at my asshole and took the head of my thick uncut dick between his lips and took my load. He kind of sat back on the bench and I pulled up my shorts and jeans and told him thanks. I don't know if he still wanted a suck and blow but after he made me cum so good I wasn't interested in going down on him.
    Chances are extremely good that he found someone in less time than it takes to tell it.
    I know I went home drained and satisfied.
    Since then I have had many women and have had ate lots of pussy and put loads in plenty of pussy and a few in assholes too.

    When I Got The Talk

    When I turned 14 my Mom told me my aunt wanted to have a word with me. She is my Mom's older half sister. She said we should talk in my room. She patted my knee, complementing my new dress, asked about any boyfriends. She reached into her bag and pulled out a penis, erect and extremely lifelike. She told me to hold it.

    It was time for the sex talk. She pulled out some condoms, lubricant, a vibrator. She asked if I had sex, kissed, boy or girl cop a feel? How about my clit, had I been flicking the bean? How about anything up my vagina, tampon, a banana, hair brush? Boy or girl? Time to grow up and get educated, better at home than a car.

    Biology 101, boy sticks his penis in you, delivers the sperm, the sperm swims up your cervix, search and finds an egg and overwhelms it and you get pregnant. Boys have no control. Only the girls has control. And a long conversation on birth control, spermicides to kill the little fuckers, condoms to block the little fuckers, hormones to prevent or make the fertilization fail. Put a condom on the penis, until you can do it with your eyes closed, even when you are on a contraceptive, no condom, no pussy.

    Your ass is not a birth control method, it is disrespect. The ultimate put down. Anal lube is not an excuse, no penis in the back door, ever. You will not respect yourself. With your toy penis use the lubricant, wash the penis after use. No pictures for your boyfriend, or any other friends.

    If you and a girlfriend hang out don't share your penis. Play around but remember you are made for a boy, no offense. When the time comes you will want babies. Call when you want to talk, call if you are trapped and need to be rescued. Your Dad will not talk to a boy that hurts you, he will hurt him really bad. Really, really bad.

    Welcome to the sisterhood.

    Now when you need to work off some energy, you use a penis toy, nothing else. The vibrator to stimulate the rush. Enjoy. Carry condoms and tampons. Any questions?

    Groupie Slut

    When I was 19yrs old I was working at the Spectrum arena in 1975. I worked in the promotions department and distributed flyers and programs and stuff around the facility. Also brought interoffice and USPS mail around to the different departments.
    There was a cute but kind of ditzy blond girl who worked as a receptionist and typist in the Boxing Office and sometimes at lunch or in the mid-afternoon we would get together in a deserted area of the complex and smoke a joint together.
    This one time it was the day before a big show, the Rolling Stones band was gonna play two nights. They had the Muscle Shoals rhythm section and backup singers, a whole menagerie of musicians, roadies, sound & light guys, a very big crew.
    Anyway, I think it was the first day, hours before the first show and maybe 2pm I met with this girl in a quiet area way backstage. There were still too many folks around to just light up a joint so she took me into the ladies room. Back in those days, except for the singers, there weren't many women in the behind the scenes parts of the music tour business, so the chances of a woman coming in while we were there was pretty slim.
    So we were in the ladies and passing the joint back & forth and she's telling me how she's already high because at lunchtime she blew a joint with "The horn player, B***y K*s who's with the Band."
    She said he was there for an early sound check or something and she got high with him. Said he had a joint of some great weed.
    Now this girl, I really don't remember her name after all these years, she was maybe 22ish and had lots of wavy blonde hair that was borderline frizzy, but still really soft and a nice yellow blonde color. She was slim, maybe 110 lbs on a tall 5'8" at least and had some pretty healthy lungs on her. No ass to speak of and I couldn't see her legs cause she wore jeans. Those would be dark blue denim and what they called elephant bells. So she was decent but no showgirl.
    Anyway, she went on and told me that after they blew that joint, she blew the guy.
    She said he was cool and he told her he could sure use some "sisterly love in the city of brotherly love" and he took her hand and placed it on his dick. She could feel he was hard and she was jazzed to be sucking cock for a guy in the Rolling Stones band.
    She didn't say at the time, but I bet he was telling her how he could get her in to meet the band and maybe she would get to suck some rock royalty.
    Like I said, she was cool enough but also no rocket scientist.
    So she's telling me all this and I'm thinking I might get lucky myself the way she's talking.
    I was teasing her and asked if she was good at it. At giving blowjobs. She laughed this stoned and loud laugh and said like "Fuck yeah, I'm good at it!"
    I told her I like a girl who knows what she's doing and moved in to kiss her.
    Her mouth tasted like the joint we just smoked and a little like the gum she was chewing before.
    It didn't come to me for a few seconds that an hour or two ago she was sucking the horn player's dick. When I did think of it, it made me hotter for her. I love me a kinky bitch who sucks dick good. So we're kissing and I'm groping her tits and she's pulling my belt to unbuckle it when son of a bitch if the door doesn't open with a whoosh and an older woman in her 50s I guess and in an usher's uniform comes in!
    I kind of laughed and saluted the blonde and the lady usher and breezed out of there.
    So I got skunked but that night I took my gf to the concert and we had a ball. Honestly don't remember what we did after but I'm sure we got home and fucked our brains out.
    The kicker to the story is that the blonde told me she got high and sucked off this particular famous sax player and that he was a cool older Black guy. So the guy she partied with might possibly have been in the backup band, but he might also have been a roadie or some random laborer. He certainly was not the man she believed him to be. LOL

    First Sex Was With Another Guy

    When I was about 12 I constantly fantasized about girls in anticipation for the day I would get to touch let alone get my cock inside a pussy. However, my first sexual experience was with a neighbor boy who was about a year and a half older. Sine both his parents worked he often had the house to himself. One day in his basement he basically taught me how to masturbate. We would get completely naked lying close together on the floor and bring ourselves off. We did this many times together but one day my friend grabbed me by the hand and had me stand up and he just kind of stared down at his much bigger than mine cock. Without a word said I knew what to do and instinct took over. I took him in my mouth and started going up and down. The smell of testosterone was intense. In no time he came like a firehose and I struggled not wanting to mess the carpet and as naive as I was I didn’t know if there was harm in swallowing but I did swallow most. We repeated this one more time and then suddenly we just quit.

    After many girls since and being married for decades, I suddenly felt the man-man urge again. I somehow rationalized that a rendezvous with a guy is not cheating. Since my first pre-teen experimentation, I have been with 5 additional guys. Two were in hookups at adult arcades one that had little rented rooms where you could get more comfortable. These were mutual blowjobs, one with a BBC guy with a massive tool. My wildest was a few years ago responding to a Craigslist ad. I want to his place and discovered that his living room looked like a sex shop.... dildos, butt plus, magazines, three TVs with porn playing on each, etc. I immediately got naked and things really clicked. We touched, explored, licked, nibbled and sucked each other. I noticed condoms and lube and somehow got up the courage to ask if he would like to fuck me! I lubed and he slid a butt plug in me to loosen me up. Then, whalla... my first time getting fucked and I loved it. I turned into a bit of a nasty slut and got really verbal... Fuck Me! Fuck Me! I played with his balls while he fucked me and when he came it was surreal. Even though he had on a condom I could feel his warm load.

    So, now here we are in COVID-ville and I’m longing for my next guy... guy number 7. With a vaccine promised hopefully sometime this spring. Can’t wait. I’m looking forward to sucking and being a "top." Come on vaccine!

    My Hung Up Aunt

    I remember this pretty clearly even though I was seven. We were on vacation with with our cousins and their parents. Our parents were in their late twenties, early thirties, my aunt was 27. The house we rented had one bathroom and in the urgency of the moment I barged into the bathroom and my naked aunt was drying her back and I ran head first into her crotch.

    She yelled calling me a nasty little boy, slapping my face. She screamed for my mother who came running and pulled me by the arm out of the bathroom. In all the excitement my aunt never covered up, giving me the full frontal view, her bush and her tits. Like a slow motion movie.

    Everyone else forgot but I never did. Later in life, I was 17 as was my girl cousin and we got undressed, telling her that I had seen her mother before. Her bush was full then, her tits were getting full, but my dick got hard and she had the chance to hold a hard dick. She got fucked later that summer, totally consensual. Her mother took the opportunity to call me a perverted boy. I guess her daughter wasn't.

    Of all the girls I fucked my cousin has been the best. So good in fact that once she finished college we ran away to a state where we could get married. Maybe fucking your cousin makes it feel better, for me anyway. I love rubbing my face in my cousin snatch, blowing hot air up her ass, laughing all the time at that day when I ran straight into her mother's crotch when I needed to pee so bad.

    First Porn Magazine

    I was 11 years old when this happened.

    There weren't too many kids on our street so my only real friend on the street that I played with was a girl named Sue who was 2 years older than me. One time these 2 other girls came to visit their aunt and uncle and we played with them. They were sisters and one was Kathy 16 years old and the other Jill 14 years old. Kathy asked if we ever saw a porn magazine and we both said no. She said she would show us one if we agreed to tell no one. We agreed and out came a magazine. We looked and this magazine had naked people in it but all were men. I asked if there were any of naked women. Kathy said she had one but pulled out 2 more but all only had naked men.

    She asked if I wanted to see a magazine with naked women now. I said I did but she said I had to do something first which was to get naked like the men in the magazines we just looked at. I told her I didn't think I should and she asked why. I told her I just shouldn't as I didn't think it was right. She said there was nothing wrong with getting naked and pointed out that we looked at a lot of men who were naked so it proves there is nothing wrong with it. Jill tried to convince me too, Even though those men were naked I still didn't think I should be but then Sue spoke up, She told me there was nothing wrong and if there was why did I look at the all naked men and now what to see naked women. The other girls said I was a hypocrite for wanting to look but not show. Sue the said she wanted me to do it and Kathy said would help me off with my clothes. She took my shirt off first and I didn't resist as I figured maybe I was wrong and it was no big deal. It was only going to be in front of a few girls and not in any magazine for everyone to see. I told her I would take the rest of my clothes off myself and did.

    Sue seemed surprised by what she saw as did Kathy and Jill. Sue then makes the comment she has never seen my penis before. Kathy pulls out another magazine now and I expected it was going to be one with naked women but I was wrong. In this magazine it was still only men but these men were a lot more different than in the other magazines. These men all had erections. Right after we looked at this magazine it was Sue who asked to see me with an erection. Maybe I shouldn't have but I did. I gave myself an erection and had 3 girls looking at it. Another magazine comes out now and this one still had all men but these men not only had erections but also were cumming. After we looked at this one it was Kathy who said I knew what I had to do now. I figured they saw me with an erection and liked it so this wasn't much more different. I stroked myself like the guys in the magazine and then like them I was cumming in front of the girls. The 3 of them were surprised and Sue couldn't believe it.

    Kathy pulls out another magazine now and this one had naked women in it. I only got to see about ten pages before we hear Kathy and Jill's aunt calling for us. Kathy put the magazines away and her and Jill ran out. We were in her aunt and uncle's garage and they ran out leaving Sue and me behind. I got dressed and me and Sue got out of there too. We went to Sue's house and to her room. Sue told me she liked seeing me naked. I told her I never really got to see much of the magazine with the naked women. Sue said I got ripped off but I can see her naked I want. I said Ok and she locked her room and began undressing. She then began showing off for me and I saw a lot of her which I had never seen before on her or any girl. She said her mother would be home soon and got dressed.

    She told me I better go for now and maybe tomorrow we play again.

  • Playing Around

    I grew up in foster care. In one home, I was roomed up with another kid. He was a few years younger than me. Up until this point, I had never done anything like this. Im not sure how it happened. We were bunk mates. He was on top bunk. Me on bottom. One night, we sort of just found each other in bed. He would pull my underwear down, and kiss the shaft part and then slowly go up and then suck on the tip. I would be grabbing the sheets. Then we would switch. We did this every night for a few months. It was go in the room. Pretend to sleep for a bit. Move down to each other. Take off our underwear, suck each other off. We didn't even know what we were doing. We just knew it felt good. And then some wet stuff would come out the tip. It smelt strong and we didn't want to touch it after that. Then we would go back to our beds. Often times, I would ask him to suck mine because I wasn't sure if I was ready to suck a dick. But then I felt it was only fair because he was doing all the work. I went down and his small dick was erect. I closed my eyes and put my lips on it. It was so small. Like a little finger. I went back and forth. He just moaned a little. Then I asked him to do me. Mine was bigger. He would do it until I came but he would stop and let the cum drip down my dick. After a few months we stopped because I moved away. I wonder if he remembers any of that. We never saw each other ever again. I remember every detail though.