Men, don't let the ladies out-do you! They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it. Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest here.

Let Her Be Joined To You For Her To Reach Her Realization

Some are raised to believe that joining with your sibling or your first cousins is taboo. it may be so to some, but for her to be yours she must be joined for life. Your younger sibling is delicious. She needs to learn and you can be the teacher. Once your love for her is completed with penetration you will always have the best sibling relationship with her.

As for your cousin. That's another thing. She doesn't live with you and doesn't have the feelings that a younger sibling has, so take is slow and bring her into your heart slowly until she is given. Enter her slowly, let her realize her purpose. Let her feel that you are possessing her out of pure love, she is not a stock animal, when you are joined together she should feel the deepest form of realization. So be gentle but firm.

As a young woman she becomes one with herself when she receives your seed. Let it be your seed and not the seed of a stranger. She is to be yours, she will cling to you for life and provide you with the love that can only come from your sibling. If it is to be your cousin, treat her like you would your sibling, as if she is your sibling, let her feel that to you she is your sibling, join her to you so that she too can reach full realization.

  • When Hormones Are In Charge

    I recall very vividly the morning when I woke up with a painful erection, dreaming of my 13 yo cousin, pinning her under me and penetrating her until I came. I was 14. We lived in a small city, my family was affluent. My cousin was around me a lot. The day before we had been watching a movie and we had a dry hump experience. My wet dream went one step further and penetration was on my mind.

    A couple of days later I was at her house and her maid brought in her underwear. I grabbed a pair and made fun of her, putting her panties across my face. What caused me to stick my tongue out pushing against her panties I don't know. A minute later I had pulled her gym shorts off from beneath her uniform skirt, and pushed my face between her legs, pushing against her panties with my tongue.

    I grew an erection, painful like the one I had during my wet dream. Once I had taken her panties off she lay quietly and nature took its course. Penetration was deep, as deep as I could go. She breathed beneath me, her chest lifting, her buttons straining. I came in a series of deep releases, my penis burned. I relaxed by laying on her. She worked herself out from under me, she went and washed, put her panties and shorts back on. And sat down beside me, "y ahora?", "and now?" she said.

    Personal Ad

    It has been said, you can be a Home Run Hitter and people may remember but, you suck one dick and you become a cock sucker for life. So, it made me today.
    Back in the early 1970's with the Sexual Revolution in playI got into the Swinging thing and went to many clubs, I met with many older, married men who just wanted to break in a younger guy and a few I service to this day. Yes, im a submissive cock sucker, hungry for a belly-full of cum. Most of these Men were straight, only swinging with their wives, trying new things. But, i only met one black Man who was straight who was a dominate Top, straight, married, kids, the who.e thing but really liked bj's because their wives no longer did it. They would go to Book Stores for a young white hungry mouth and maybe a hot ass. So, enter me.....
    Personal Ad
    White, slender male in early 60's, younger lking, submissive bi, lking for hot, well-built, taller than 5-7, Black, straight (bi), Men, heavy hung, long preferably cut, stamina, down low but able to slap, spank, abuse Their wannab fag bitch. Seen together we look like two best friends, in reality i am Their fag slave, hungry full-dentured hot mouth, deep throat, serval hot tongue for smooth assholes. Will serve one Man's (Master) friends, i make house calls. No kids, marks, hassles with wives, filth, scat (farts OK), don't like feet, foot smell, puke, lungers, snot, Available for pre-arranged times, can wear the Ace of Spades tat on my shoulder for right Black Master. I am based in Murrysville, PA.

  • I've Gotten To That Age Where Sucking A Cock Give's Me Pleasure

    back in the days when kids were streaking I was in a beer bar in San Diego burning off time when this girl walked out of the bathroom naked and got up on the bar and showed off to the few people in sitting around. She was a small skinny girl, the first girl I really got to see naked.

    Turned out it was a dare, she got down and got dressed and left out the backdoor of the bar. My waitress and somewhat pretty girl kidded me about it and I told her I felt sorry for the girl. This struck up a conversation and I told her seriously that I didn't find that behavior right but it was nice to see a naked girl, I had never seen one quite like that.

    The conversation ended with the bar maid taking me home with her and she gave me my first sexual experience, including a oral and anal sex. It was the 'all around the world' experience. The next morning she was wholesome but not pretty and tits were heavy on her chest and she had big tits. Shortly thereafter I went to Viet Nam, not a virgin. I felt big I had had a piece of ass.

    I fucked some girls in Viet Nam, the ones that you pay for and got home to a real strange world, went to college and met a girl who was wholesome and born and raised to be a wife and mother. Very religious and attendant to all things that make a home right. Sex? That was in the obligation world. I found entertainment sex outside the home. As time passed my wife moved out of the bedroom and she complained about this girl or that one, women really not girls, that I got involved with. But better them than her. She just couldn't understand why any woman wanted to do 'that'.

    But we stayed married, an obligation thing on my part. She raised my three children to be good church going Christians, the girls to get married and run a house the boy to become a preacher. Over those long years, and they were long, I went off to meet some woman somewhere, some of them paid for, and sucked a couple of men off to see what it was like.

    In my old age I'm strictly into men now, I'm the cocksucker and I enjoy it. The men I get along with are all married or divorced, sucking cock, getting naked and watching gay porn, a little bit of anal. But for me I'm a cocksucker. I'd rather suck a cock than have my cock sucked. What else do men in their 70s do? My current friend was a mailman, his wife a dumpy old wife with issues, I don't think I could go home to that. It's hard enough going home to my wife.

    Picked Up A Young Woman And She's Been My Mistress Now For 12 Years

    On a trip to New York, I fly first class, I sat beside a TV anchor. On TV, all made up and cameras doing their tricks she didn't look that small. She was erudite, went to a top flight school to study journalism, started out in smaller markets, until she got into the mega market chair.

    I fucked her senseless, she became a bit of a bother, more than a bother really. It got to be a headache, but she got to me, I gave her the option, get off TV, move into my house in Colorado, be the country wife. She took the deal, if it was a deal, she's the mistress in this context, she asked for a child, just one, but now she has two.

    Without the makeup, the hair, the TV she's a pretty woman, a younger trophy 'wife'. My other wife, the one who's been married for forty years doesn't go to our Colorado house any more, but my older children do. It's a truce, too much money on the line, and my wife knows that a divorce out of anger gets nothing in return. Accept it, make her peace with it. My country wife has her acceptance to deal with to.

  • It Really Doesn't Matter, Or Does It?

    Do enjoy reading these stories, but intrigued by the fascination of mentioning penis size and whether you're circumcised.

    So many stories of "my 7inch cut cock got hard"; or "I put my uncut 12incher in her mouth."

    I assume it's an American thing. No one in real life talks about whether they're circumcised. Why does it hold relevance to Americans? Actually asking.

    Wife Nude Beach

    My wife, Cindy is a gorgeous woman. Her blue eyes are captivatinf against her tanned skin and long brunette hair. Her hour-glass figure is accentuated by her 34DD breasts, turning head after head everywhere we go. She's 45, but could pass for 30. But she's also very smart, with three college degrees on her resume and is very successful in her field - so successful she's among the top 50 in her field. She's a mom of 3 (all grown), and she attends church weekly.

    We recently celebrated our Anniversary in Jamaica and chose a resort in Ocho Rios to stay. The resort included an au natural island, but she was firm about it not being something we would even consider. However, I kept teasing her about going topless (sort of a fantasy for me) and she wouldn't out right rule it out but would always ask questions like "You don't care if other men see my tits?" I knew the fantasy of that happening might be a turn on for both of us since she would get super wet during sex when I mention someone seeing her amazing tits.

    Weeks prior I started sending her photos sheer and semi-sheer bikini tops to consider and she would comments things like "that's cute" or "I might wear that but only in Jamaica." But she would never really seem committed and had reservations. I ordered two tops without her knowing and packed them for the trip.on our 3rd day, I pulled out a semi-sheer leopard print top. She tried it on in the room and looked in the mirror. "You can see right through this! " but I told her how awesome she looked. She left it on, but on her coverup, and we headed to the beach. I was sure she'd leave the coverup on or hide behind me going into and out of the water. I also figured she'd want to sit down near the end of the resort's beach (where we had sat the day before) and fewer people were around. I went by the bar to get us drinks and she headed on down to find a spot. While I waited she sent me a photo with her in her top. No coverup! When I walked out to the beach area, I scanned the area we sat before. Not a soul there. My phone rang and she said "look straight ahead". She had selected chairs in the most crowded part of the beach with couples sitting all around. Wow! I was so excited! Eventually she wanted to go in the water. I wasn't sure how many men had noticed her top since we were all facing the water, but as we made our way into the ocean, a young couple was lounging on a float and I saw his head turn and stare. He must have mentioned for his wife to look and I saw her head turn. Both were staring at her. The wife soon stopped watching but her husband was glued to the view. I whispered in her ear, "I think that guy on that float has noticed your top. He's been staring at you. " I figured she'd turn away or dip into the water. She did dip, but then stood up and faced him (he had been at our 10 oclock) giving him a full on view of her amazing tits. When we walked back to the beach, I saw a dozen men checking her out! I couldn't BELIEVE my wife was doing this but she was owning it! This went on all day until around 3 pm, when we decided to head to the pool. She went to the bathroom and I went ahead to find us chairs. I saw her coming with her white coverup unbuttoned all the way down and hanging off her shoulders. She was making sure her tits were on full display and I couldn't believe just how see through her top was. From a distance, it was hard to tell she had anything covering her tits. I watched about a dozen men in the pool turn their heads and watch her walk over to me. We had amazing sex that night!

    The next day in the afternoon, we walked out to the end of the pier (the only place a woman can go topless on the resort other than the nude island). We were the only two there and I asked her to remove her top (our chairs were facing the ocean and the island. She nervously removed it but warned me that I'd better let her know if I saw or heard someone coming). Also, the boat carrying people back from and to the island docked halfway down the pier and would pass us on the way. For the fir few trips she would pull her white coverup (also sheer) over her nipples. But after a few boat passes, I convinced her to just relax and read her book. She did. At one point the boat captain anchored about 50' off the pier waiting for anyone needed a lift to or from the island. He had a perfect view of her tits and would often look over. After about 20 minutes she looked up from her book and saw him ( I think she knew he was there all along). She said "I didnt know that man was RIGHT there!" And I told her he'd been there for 20 minutes. She went back to reading her book. The rest of the day she laid there topless as probably 10 couples passed by on their way to or from the island.

    On the last day we had been to the beach all morning and had lunch. I was shocked to hear her say "It's our last day so if we are going to the island, this is our last chance!" I could NOT believe what I heard but quickly said "Let's go!" before she changed her mind. When we stood on the pier waiting for rhe captain, she said, "If I get there and freak out, we are coming right back!' And I said okay. As soon as we got there, we found a small area with about 8 chairs surrounded by foliage which separated it from the pool area and bar . There was a young couple completely nude sitting in two of the chairs. She was pretty but NOTHING compared to Cindy. I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my trunks and as she watched me get completely naked. She looked over at the couple and noticed the girl had watched me and saw the guy glancing over. She pulled off her coverup, unwrapped her top letting it fall, and then slid her bikini bottoms off. She was completely shaved! She'd had a landing strip the night before. She never seemed intimidated stripping while another man watched her. We sat there for a couple of hours as several men walked by going to the bathroom or bar. She never flinched. Eventually I went to the bar, and as I came back noticed just how visible her pu**y was. Wow! But the biggest test was when she got up to go to the bathroom, walking right in front of the pool and bar. She passed several men on the way there and back, coming within a few feet of them. I watched her tits jiggle and her little pu**y lips peaking out between her legs as she walked.

    At one point she texted her friend Amy and confessed what we were doing. She knew Amy would not be judgemental and is a vault when it comes to secrets. I didnt realize she had texted her at all, but she asked me to take a selfie with her (even though photography isn't allowed) I did. At some point she started laughing as she texted and then confessed she'd told Amy but she didnt belive my wife would do anything close to going au natural. She sent Amy the photo of us - both completely naked with a couple of men blurred in the background. I couldn't BELIEVE she sent her a photo of us and me, full frontal. I thought it was hot and Amy had some nice comments when Cindy read to me about my body (I'm very athletic and have very little body fat) so I'm assuming Cindy was proud of that fact. So I said, do I get to send it to one of my fiends? She knew it would be Mark, but she said she didn't want anyone else to know we went to a nude island. So I said I could use one of the topless photos I'd taken. She looked at them and didn't like any of them and said "No. Those aren't flattering at all". So I said, "okay, let's take one that is." She posed with her arms under her tits giving them more of a lift and making ..(continue confession)

    Young Girls These Days

    I'm a driving instructor and have been for 20 years, I mainly deal with 17-20 year olds and one thing I've noticed is how sexualised young girls have become. They turn up in tops with no bra, no bra and pierced nipples, tight dresses with visible thongs, and they're very flirtatious too.

    One day I just gave in, it was a girl of 18 (thankfully), very attractive, very pretty, great body, always dressed so sexy, she would sometimes have skirts so short they were inches from me seeing her knickers and she rarely wore a bra. She talked so candidly about her sex life and even though she was young in ways she seemed more experienced than I was. Fuck it, I didn't bother hiding my erection, if she wanted to talk about her sex life with her driving instructor she'd have to deal with it making me hard. She noticed my hard on and without delay took it out of my pants. I'm happily married but when you're 40+ and have been with the same woman 20+ years and some 18 year old hottie wants to suck your cock, what can you do? We were parked up, it was out and she started to suck me off. I grabbed her hair in tufts with my fist and directed her head up and down on my cock until I finally came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. I'd despise any daughter of mine acting that way, but I just let her do it, I fucked her dirty young mouth until I came in it, I shot my spunk in some teen's mouth wanting her to swallow, god knows what kind of father figure she has at home, and I know I should be stronger but a man has his limits.

    I promised myself that was it though, I'd done it, I enjoyed it and from now on I'd just resist, but maybe I should get another job in case I can't help myself.

    Trying Something New, Learning To Appreciate My Gay Side

    Following my divorce I had to move into a small apartment in order to be able to make alimony and child support. I met a man there, also divorced in pretty much the same circumstance and we became friends. Friends enough we went to a couple of ball games, he cooked out on the grill and we got the super bowl. We were past filling each other in on our past lives and the women who drove us to ruin.

    He got an invitation to go fishing offshore by a customer, they had room for two and there wasn't anyone he worked with that he wanted to take along, so I passed off as a consultant. We stayed at a hotel the night before, we had to get up at four and drive to the marina to catch the boat at 5:30 to head offshore. That night things got strange.

    He walked out of the bathroom with only his tshirt on, his dick poking out below the tshirt. I was laying on the bed by the window and he had his back to me while he worked on his bag, bending over just enough to have his naked butt show below the tshirt, with a hairy crack and the opening to his asshole. I got hard, not super hard, but hard. Too hard to fake it, he turned and caught me. He bent down over me and got my dick out of my shorts and put his mouth all over it and started to suck me while playing with my balls, alternating with running his finger down between my ass and balls.

    Two men is all I could think of, what was I doing. He was into it, and not a stranger, he had taken his tshirt off and fully naked dragging my shorts off. He got in front of me raising my legs up in the air and he leaned in forward, his dick was hard and holding my leg up he spit in his hand and rubbed my asshole. "Your going to love this, I promise, just relax".

    And just like that he got his dick where he wanted it and it was in my ass and going deep, deep, stroking in and out. "Now remember, it's your turn next so don't go off on me". After he finished and had pulled out, still recovering from his efforts, he got on all fours and leaned down and told me to give it to him and not to spare any niceties. He liked it hard and hard, tear him a new asshole. I never thought I would ever be fucking a man, but it was the first sexual ejaculation since the last time I had fucked my wife. His ass was tight and hot and he knew how to arch his back and before I knew it I ejaculated into his ass.

    Ten minutes top. That's all it took for me to have engaged in homosexual intercourse both ways. He kept his position on all fours and told me to get under him and suck his cock, no hands. He hung his cock over my face and I slurped it up and sucked him. He slept in his bed and I slept in mine and the alarm went off, we showered and went down to the dock, found the boat and we were headed offshore by six a.m. It was the worst day of my life, I didn't do well at all out there, the heat, the waves, I don't know if I was seasick or still processing what I had done the night before.

    But all that is past history. We use lubes now, no condoms, we fall into cock sucking on the couch while watching a movie or a game. We fuck both on all fours, and on our backs. I like how his dick flops when I'm fucking him missionary, he smiles up, he really likes it, he calls his asshole his pussy and fucking is twice for me and once for him. We are versatile, a nice word for going both ways. I like to suck his cock, he is well endowed and he gets hard when he is sucked, where as I lose my hard on if I can't get charged up enough to cum. But that's TMI.

  • I Want To Be Fucked Liked A Slut

    Ive always thought of myself as straight, I never really had an interest in men, but Ive always loved the idea of cock. I dont know why. I always thought it looked good, and I always wanted to try. My first time I sucked off a stranger I met online and Ive been obsessed with it now.

    I want to be dominated by it. I want to be owned. I want to be held down and made a bitch for big cocks. I want all the cum I can get. I just want to become a sissy for cock but Im scared to fully commit to the idea.