Men, don't let the ladies out-do you! They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it. Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest here.

My Wife

Back before COVID, before MeToo, before Women's Studies, microaggressions and gay marriage boys from the Polytechnic drove across town to pick up girls from public school. A ride in car, treated to a hamburger at the local diner, give them a beer in the car on the way to one of the boys' lake house, the girls put out, if one of them, just one bagged a boy from the Polytechnic whether by an arrow in the heart or a baby in her belly, then more girls came out to be picked up.

That Friday afternoon we went to the Mexican part of town and picked up three girls. Her name was Ana, 16 the younger sister of Mariana who we had fucked before. We went to the A&W and then headed to my family's lake house. Ana was for me. Her tits were small, all of her was small, her bush thick black hair, her tone light brown like a nice tan, she trembled her eyes staring back at me. She said nothing.

I took my clothes off and told her to open her legs. Once on her our eyes came together and I changed my mind. I told her sister she was tight, good Mexican pussy. She was mine and she wasn't allowed to be given to another guy. Her father worked in my father's factory, she understood that mine meant mine, exclusively mine. When we picked them up, we talked in my room at the lake house. I was going to college in the fall, the only way to marry her was to get her pregnant.

I got married the week before I left for Notre Dame. She was moved to live with my parents and have the baby, and take correspondence school. My parents told friends and family she was Italian from the Catholic girls' school in town. I took her and our son to live with me when I went to law school. Only then did we have unrepentant sex. Her beautiful eyes, her small breasts, her small hips with her dark heavy bush transfixed me.

I was felled by an arrow. She gave me four children and her lifetime, I hope I have been worthy of her.

  • Lost My Load Last Night

    Getting old sucks. I gained 25 pounds in the last 5 years. I am on BP meds, reflux meds, and ED meds. My dick is less sensitive, but my nipples more sensitive. I have also developed an interest in other men.

    Started with porn. Got more out of the guy's cock than the woman's snatch. Started watching gay porn and quickly got hooked on men my age, heavy, chest and back hair, cut large cock. Like I said, like me, I have a good sized cock.

    Two years ago I was at a bar drowning my sorrows, a traveler struck up a conversation and I ended up in his hotel room with his cock in my mouth. It took a lot of work, but he did come and I tasted it. I left after the BJ.

    I found a couple of places on the internet where I could chat with older gay men. Chats from folks everywhere but close by. One guy put me onto a site where you could sort by zip code. That's how I gave my second BJ. I also met a man who wanted to party. Older gay men parties. At one of these parties I submitted to getting my ass hammered. Big cock man. Lots of lube and it took time until I got the whole enchilada. I liked it. He has taken me on as a fuck buddy, he does the fucking.

    This pandemic put the parties on hold. Last night I met a young man, maybe twenty or younger. I stood with only my undershirt on tweaking my nipples while he was on his knees working my cock. Big load.

    I have to confess that I had taken a pill earlier in the afternoon because I planned to stream some big boy sex and masturbate, and the young man was an opportunity not to pass up.

    You Never Know

    So I work construction in the northeast. I'm mwm, 43, about 6 feet, 210, buzzcut salt and pepper hair, decent shape, average, cut, about 6 plus inches and thick.
    Two summers ago I was hanging on the back porch in just some old cutoff shorts having a Heineken and looking at the stars.
    Saw the neighbor's 20 something kid come over and stand in my yard just below the deck and he made some small talk. Rumor was that he's gay on the DL and never seen him with a girl. Ever. So he's chatting away and from where he's standing leaning against the fence post I think he can kind of see up my shorts. I casually adjusted my junk since I was commando I got my cock and big balls over to one side and was starting to get hard from the whole thing so my wood was kind of going down the leg of my shorts.
    Greg, the neighbor, sort of moved a little and he still was more or less at eye level with my legs and I'm positive he's looking at my meat.
    So I invited him up to the porch for a brew and as he came up the stairs he kept his eyes on my crotch. Pointed to the chair next to mine and ran in to grab him a beer.
    We sat and talked a little but mostly just hung out and I still saw him looking over my shorts and not in my face as we talked.
    After a little bit I put down my empty bottle and Greg says he's got a joint if I wanna join him. We had to be cool and not be seen by anyone so he suggested going behind his dad's garden shed where there was a small space between the shed and the next neighbor's fence. Kind of a breezeway.
    So we walk back there and the only light is from the halfmoon and my lighter as I fire that thing up. We had a few hits and I said I was good. He pinched it off and asked if I wanted to take it for later so I put it in my cigarette pack and in my pocket.
    As I'm getting ready to go back out to the porch Greg put his hand on my package and said something about how he could make me feel good.
    I told him I'm not into guys and he says that's ok he doesn't wanna do anything except suck me off, that's all, I don't gotta do anything but lean back and enjoy it.
    Well, between everything else and the fact ..(continue confession)

  • First Time Threesome

    ,After six months shut in my wife and I decided to take a short holiday to the beach. We splurged and stayed in a nice hotel, occupied mostly by wealthier middle age and up patrons. We did our thing in the morning and in the afternoon we decided to go to the pool.

    The weather was nice, everyone distanced as required. When I went into the water to cool off I got 'bumped' by a woman who apologized. After a moment we exchanged pleasantries and learned she was there with some friends, but unattached. I pointed out my wife so that she didn't get any ideas, not that I had ideas, but just in case my wife got pissed. We continued to talk, she was divorced, looked in good shape for a fiftysomething, nice smile and nice boobs under her top. She caught me looking, how could I not and she asked if I was a 'tity man or a bush whacker'. Either way she liked them both.

    My wife joined us after a while, and we continued our talk and my wife had to join in or be left out. My wife was obviously annoyed with her tits in my face, she kept rearranging her top and pushing her tits up. When wife wasn't looking she grabbed my cock under water and whispered that she was all wet, and not from being in the pool either. She let go when my wife turned around but not before I had the beginning of an erection. She casually asked my wife if she liked to share, if my wife was up to it maybe we could all go upstairs and get it on together.

    My wife is as conservative as it comes, but to my surprise she said she didn't think I could handle it, once and it was dead to the world, she was sure I couldn't go the distance. Suffice it to say that my wife said let it on and we got out of the pool, went up to our rooms, the pool lady changed into a nice outfit and came to our room. She brought a bag with her, and in it she had various oils for massage and lubes for going where man wasn't supposed to go unless he felt he was man enough.

    She was in far better shape than I had expected, her boobs obviously store bought, but her ass and thighs and her full bush were extraordinary for a lady her age. She helped my wife get undressed, told me to watch and she set about to massage my wife, paying careful attention to her ..(continue confession)

    In The Hands Of A Tigress

    Back then I had just turned 29 and a fairly new internal auditor for the company. Not being of the jock world I had limited experience with women, I had only been laid twice, once with a nighttime waitress of Denny's and once with freshman girl whose name I don't recall. On the plane to Bogota I met this woman sitting beside me on the plane. A California woman, best guess forty, divorced, one kid starting college. We talked and agreed that if time allowed maybe we could meet for dinner.

    I didn't expect to see her again. On the second day I was there I had a message for me at the front desk when I got back from the office with an invitation for dinner. I felt obligated and agreed and we met in the lobby of my hotel. She hired a taxi and took me to a great seafood restaurant she knew well from her many visits there. She suggested lobster in Cognac, my first ever lobster dinner.

    When we got back to my hotel she insisted on a nightcap in the bar. The darkness hid us, her hand grabbing my very hard erection in my pants. Her explicit description of how she wanted my cock to slide into her pussy. Her lips on mine, her breath hot on my collar. She had me sign the bill and we went up the elevator. In my room she pulled up her skirt to expose her bush, she was commando and her intentions were obvious, she laid back on the bed slowly opening her legs asking me to eat her pussy.

    My inexperience was obvious, I had never seen a pussy straight up, much less a pussy thick and juicy and open, hips thrusting up. I put my mouth on her and she drove her pussy into my face warning me not to cum. She did, shaking and moaning, pulling me up to her kissing my mouth telling me she loved the taste of pussy on me.

    She undressed me, flipping my hard cock from side to side, leaning over me to pass her tits over my face. She rode me, sitting down on my cock until it was crashing against her cervix, telling me over and over not to cum. She withdrew herself and asked if I wanted a piece of ass. On her hands and knees she told me how to mount her, her ass tighter than her pussy it took a moment or two to slip into her and fuck until I came.

    We showered and she told me she had to leave, taking her panties out ..(continue confession)

  • Friends Party

    Im 28 and my fiance Gina is 24. Gina is friendly goody funny smart witty and beautiful..
    Gina is 5 foot 7 inches tall. And Wright's about 130-125. She has a curvy build thick legs and butt. She is curvy and toned she has large breast and wide hips. She has small shoulder a beautiful face and dark black hair.
    She looks like a combination of bettie page and Jackie Onassis Kennedy and her body a mix of Anna Nichol Smith and Maryland Monroe.
    That just what i see anyways and ahe gets a lot of complements from random men and other ladies.
    Anyways we go to this party after a BLM march in. Oklahoma city we are from north Texas.
    A friend of mine Jay and lex invited us so we agreed to go showing support. Anyway there was an after party type event and we decided to go.
    There was BBQ public speakers jazz and Blues.
    As the night wore on we were invited to a house for the after party. Gina was dancing and playing card and domino games being social and a little flirty. But nothing over the line. Gina is goth with milk white skin. So a lot of men where into her and made it clear.
    Fast forward or its going to be drawn out.
    We are at a large old house in some hood in the ghetto people in the yard people in the basement Upstairs Downstairs. Its hot its muggy i find a little room that's empty just has a couch two chairs a small end table and a pot tray and small mirror. We are several beers in and tipsy. Two large men come in im rolling up a blunt and gina is sitting on the stained mattress.
    Now gina is wearing a short black and gray plaid skit with fishnet thigh highs black knee high Converse boots with neon green laces a black corset type shirt with a see through black over shirt her hair braided like Wednesday Addams. The two guys match us a blunt and chop up a few lines of coke. Gina dose a few lines we smoke some weed and the two guys sit nest to Gina on the bed.
    Gina asked me to get her a glass of water so i went down to the kitchen. Getting thorough the crowd. Took some time and twenty minutes later i was back up to the room where Gina was. There was a small group of people. Out side of the door with there phones out. I walked in and gina was on her hands and knees. The first guy was ..(continue confession)

    Voyeur Pleasure

    I confess I'm a voyeur, or a man who likes to watch. I like watching porn of course and just watching attractive women and imagining what they are like after the lights go out.
    I love to watch my wife when she's really steamed up and I'm making her crazy. I have had her give head to men while I watch and that was really wild.
    The thing I'm confessing is a little more rougher though. What I sometimes find I'm thinking about if I'm stroking one off, like in the shower or something is my naughty, petite white wife taking it in the ass.
    Not just a gentle anal like we have done before.
    I imagine her being fucked up her ass by maybe four big black cocks. Real thick, hard, long black dicks, one after the other. Making her moan and scream and cum like a wild woman.
    Sometimes I think when they each finish by pumping their hot black loads up her ass they make her clean them with her mouth. Sometimes I think they make me clean them.
    I always get to the after part when she would sit on my face and feed me the hot dirty loads.
    It's very fucked up, but what can I say.

    My Ladies

    During my college days I had two girlfriends, it was the make love not war time and they made love together, and gave their bodies up to be made love to. Somehow I became their old man, and they became my ladies. For a long time it was all about sex, they could become entwined in a sexual embrace that lasted for an hour, like it or not when they pulled me in it was to have me work one of them over and complete myself inside her, tossed away exhausted they returned to their love making.

    After college I went to work for General Dynamics and they tagged along. Unlike my college dump of an apartment I could now afford a house. They each got jobs and we were buying furniture, original art from the local art fairs, and clothes, they loved dressing up. Our lifestyle was a combination of formal home living, dinners, laundry day, market day. They had their life, slipping deeper and deeper into their full frame lesbian life.

    Until I met and dated a lady. The jealousy was palpable, their woman hate for this lady vocal. I was their old man, and they were my ladies, a new lady was unwelcome. After several very serious arguments they united and declared themselves at my disposal. I asked them disposal for what? Disposal to be impregnated, no need for a new fancy lady, they were available, just take what I wanted.

    What I had failed to realize is that these lesbian beauties needed me to act, to come for them. College was different, but now the old man was responsible for taking the wife he wanted, and they were at a loss as to why I wasn't coming to visit them. I am just not an Alpha type, but the ladies wanted Alpha and I evolved into an Alpha male with them , and they were happy and there was no real need for another lady.

    I Had My First Time, I Am Now Looking For My Second Time

    Fifty was my first digital prostate exam. Usually I would think that a finger up your ass is cause for alarm. Whatever discomfort quickly became feeling good. The unfortunate part is the exam was only once a year. I am 58 now, my health check up was a month ago, I looked forward to getting poked, it felt so good, lasted such a short time.

    With all this time at home I decided I wanted the real thing. I joined a senior gay dating site, put my desire on the profile, sent hookup notices to several men who looked like they could tear me a new one. Bob answered, we exchanged emails and after a couple of days decided to meet. I sent him a good picture, he reciprocated, we described our attire and met at the lunch counter of a popular diner.

    He was understanding, his condition other than me hosting was to prove my intentions and to suck his cock in the diner's men's room. We paid I went in first, he followed and blocked the door and I sucked my first cock. I also took his cock in my hand, it not only confirmed my intentions to him but my desire to myself.

    We went to my house, put the cars in the garage, showed him the place, he made suggestions which I followed to the T. He asked how I wanted it, in my hands and knees of course. I have no way of comparing, but I am sure his experience as responsible for the degree of pleasure it gave me. Looking back sucking his cock in the stall was erotic, getting ass fucked was sheer pleasure.

    Buyers Remorse

    Condo shopping for my first place I was taken around by a veteran real estate agent. Spending the afternoon with him he started to up sell me, even after reminding him of my budget, down payment and ability to make the payments. He dismissed my request arguing that what he was showing me were properties with good expectations of appreciation. I settled on a two bedroom, more expensive than I could afford which committed me to a roommate.

    I posted on CL and got a call from a girl, she came over, checked out the space agreed on the price and I had my roommate. She moved in the following weekend, rearranged the kitchen since she said she was going to be doing the cooking. The first meal was meatloaf and mashed potatoes, man food. After cleaning up she suggested we watch a movie, she found my DVD of the Wrath of Khan. A man movie, her words.

    From that first day she made sure that the man part was covered, from laundry and cooking, to shopping and going out. She came up with the idea that a guest room gave us more flexibility so she moved into my room. I'll cut this short, she managed the engagement, the wedding, the 'guest' room was really a 'nursery'. Time has passed in hyper speed, man meals and man movies have morphed into ready to eat meals and Chick flicks, split duties, and babysitting duty.

    She is pretty, gorgeous actually, she knows how to manage the household budget, and manages my budget too. I got into this mess, and my refuge is working overtime. Sex? In that arena it is all about man sex, fast.