Men, don't let the ladies out-do you! They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it. Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest here.

Got My Second Wind, Spending My Kids' Inheritance

I have gone thru two stages of sexual activity, from teen until mid forties, active and horny. Then came twenty years of sexual impotence, paired by my highest earning years. Now in my late sixties I have my second wind. Not with my wife, I discovered young women for money. Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta, for not that much money, women willing to make a an old man happy.

  • Testicle Injury During Sex

    During my wife’s first pregnancy when I was 36 and she was 33 we had a lot of sex. Her sex drives was through the roof and I honestly had a hard time keeping up. My sex drive is very high as it is too

    It was a daily routine. I’d fuck my wife or let her suck my dick in the morning bed work. Then come evening I was fucking her hairy pussy either on the clinch before eating dinner or in bed before I showered before bed.

    My low hangers have took a few injuries over the years. Nothing too major thankfully as I kept them supported throughout the day.

    When my wife was 7 months pregnant she rode me a lot during sex. I’d sit on the couch as she rode me to get herself off. But one evening as she was jerking my underwear off I got a sharp testicle pain. I told her it’s fine and she proceeded to get on top.

    As she’s riding me the bouncing made my testicle hurt more. I told her I couldn’t finish and that my testicle hurt. She grabbed me a jockstrap and we went to the hospital

    Somehow when she pulled my briefs off my right testicle twisted. It must had been crocked in my sack before she pulled my underwear off. And then her riding me and coming down on my dick hard twisted my testicle more as my balls bounced. Causing pain

    After getting an exam by a doctor and an ultrasound it was determined that I had bell clapper and I was never told I did. And that i needed surgery to untwist my testicle or possibly remove it

    I woke up from surgery finding out i lost my testicle. It had been twisted for too long. My wife felt bad about it but I told her it’s fine.


    The experience is sexually charged by the aspect of anonymity and the explicit intent of penis worshiping satisfaction by the man on the other side of the wall.

    “It's a huge turn-on,” “The anticipation while you’re waiting there vulnerable for something to happen, not knowing if they’re even on the other side yet, or if they’re there just looking and examining before deciding to make a move and whatnot. It never left my mind wondering if he was a master of fellatio.”

    “The moment contact is made — instant arousal. No hesitation,” Glory holes embody the sexual fantasy of anonymity as a nameless, shameless desire. The participation revels in mystery but the action itself remains the same.

    “Basically, unzip, shut up and enjoy,”

  • When Is It Sexual, When Is It Not

    During all of my growing up years, including college, I lived in a tropical paradise where my family owned several businesses. There, where life is closer to the edge. sexuality was also nearer, than held at a distance as in the US. Breast feeding for example, breasts were not sexual. In a bikini, most certainly sexual.

    During my senior year, during our senior trip, exploring the ruins in the jungle my girlfriend slipped and slid down an embankments, impaling herself in the groin on a broken branch. We followed to help her, having to expose her, not only to myself, but to our other classmates. The branch, an inch in diameter, penetrated deeply, just off of her vagina. We worked feverishly, to remove her from the branch, to use a folded handkerchief and hand pressure to stop the bleeding. Boys and girls surrendered their shirts to make a bed between two large branches, to move her out of the ravine, and then carry her to the 'camp' setting.

    There was no sex thought, by anyone, not my girlfriend, not the girls giving up their shirts. In spite of everyone being seventeen and eighteen. Later, after my girlfriend was home after the hospital. She asked me if she had been impaled in her vagina would she still be a virgin. She used a word which depending on tone means 'fucked' in a very negative sense, or made love to in a very appropriate sense. I said I was glad she was a virgin.

    The time came when she was to open her legs sexually, on her wedding night, she asked if I wanted to see where she had been operated on. I couldn't resist the old joke, I didn't like hospitals. The injury is not without long term consequences, her mobility is infringed on. But not sexually, and to her having her children normally.

    Still Feel Pangs Of Guilt For Leading Her On

    I am much older now and live in a different state. When I was discharged from the service I took the GI Bill and enrolled in a small college near where I grew up. I was older than the average student there, and by all measures a lot more mature and experienced. The college girls there gravitated to me, and I fucked a few of them. But it was this one girl that got under my skin, her name was P and she worked as a waitress at the local chuck and puke.

    She was my age, with a son. I fucked her coming and going. The secret was that I was nice to her kid. In return I had all the pussy I wanted, and if I wanted she would cook for me. I never loved her, not in that sense. But I really liked her, and I liked fucking her much more than those college girls.

    I knew then that I was using her, I would never marry her. I was nice to her kid and the rest came from her end.

  • A One Night Stand, I Sometimes Feel I Need To Forget, But I Can't

    I had to make it to the airport or miss my flight. I was in a hurry and didn't pay attention and I was pulled over and the cop was so slow that it hurt just sitting there. He gave me a ticket for going 20 over the limit in a fifty five. I missed my flight.

    I was angry, pissed off really. I went out that night to get a drink. I'm not usually a drinker, much less at a bar. I sat at the counter, the bartender did his thing. After a while the bar got noisy and I intended to leave. The bartender poured me another drink, so I stayed. I got into a heated conversation with a man next to me about football. He got real friendly, got in my face and put his hand on my knee and stood up and put his arm around my shoulders. Whatever triggered the next thing I knew I was with him in a trailer. He was down on his knees, my legs were apart and he was jerking on me and sucking me.

    He kissed me solidly and got his tongue in my mouth. I sucked his cock but wasn't able to get him to cum. We were then on his bed, totally naked, sucking cock and kissing. He managed to get me on my stomach and he got on my back and forced his dick in me. It took a lot of work on his part at fucking me to finally have an ejaculation. He fell off, he was totally flushed and breathing hard.

    I told him I had to leave, but I was in his car and mine was back at the bar. He wouldn't budge, he just laid there naked, patting the bed for me to get back in with him. He sucked me again, and this time between sucking me and jerking me off he got me to cum, and with cum on his chin he kissed me.

    He did take me back to get my car, it was the only car in the parking lot by the time we got to it. I drove home and took a long hot shower. I didn't sleep any, I got up and got dressed and went back to the airport, watching the speed limit carefully. I was a day late to the meetings.

    I Feel Stuck

    I feel broke as fuck making 75 thousand dollars a year. I feel like a total looser who has nothing going on for him. This is supposed to be the averages household income in the USA but here where I like in the western United States, in Salt Lake City 75 is has become nothing. That is barely above dirt poor level. I am grateful I have a place to live and take care of myself but damn. I don’t want to vent to any one so I came here. I feel for men who have families and kids. They have a huge responsibility and life is expensive right now. I don’t have any kids and I feel pressure. Damn when did life become so expensive. I have no other choice but to think of ways to make more money because I am a go getter but this is crazy. Housing is exacerbated expensive, federal and state taxes up in the sky. Everything double the price in the last few years. Jesus Christ all mighty. How do people make it happen.

    Cock Is Addicting You Can't Quit, You Don't Want To

    I was an amateur freelance reporter at the time, never sold a story. A man told me he could put me as the only reporter on site. It was overseas, a country with c*******r. I went along, a scoop.

    The scene hadn't been cleaned, or m****ted. The victims lay where they died. It was a set up, for photographs and a story. Sympathetic to their side. I have seen lots of pictures, this was straight out of a case I had read about that took place years ago, no imagination, duplicated down to the girl.

    I spent a couple of years in a local jail. I learned how to take care of myself, run errands, suck cock. That's how you showed respect. There were a couple of other white guys there. But I never had anything to do with them. I ran errands. Leave it at that.

    I got back to Miami. I sucked cock, to show respect. That's what you do. You suck cock. That's what I do.

    Courous, Thinking About It - What Its Like To Make The Move. M2M Sex

    I think that there are many straight men who fantasize about being with another man – not just me LOL and wonders should I try it. I thought about it for a long time and started to watch more n more m2m porn. My curiosity and desires kept building and eventually I chatted with a guy online and we met.

    I was nervous at first, we had a drink and he said let’s take our clothes off. We sat on his bed, he started touching me and I did the same, next he went down on me, and the rush was on. Once he started with me, I wanted to take him in my mouth - after all that’s what I was there for - he moved on top of me, and his cock was in my face. This is what I've been fantasizing about - taking a cock in my mouth and there it was!

    I opened my mouth a took his cock - it was semi hard, the feeling of his warm cock filling my mouth was soft and pliable - I started to move it in n out, as I did he started to get hard. The softness was still there but now on a firm base, the more I sucked him, the more I wanted it! After watching endless bj’s on porn I knew what to do, I started creasing his balls, taking his cock out of my mouth and licked his shaft and balls, then back in my mouth. I found that when I took his cock out of my mouth and look at it wet and glistening with my saliva added to the excitement. After a while I was also getting very aroused – I was totally lost in the moment, thinking as I blowing him – that I’m really sucking a cock and how sensual, exciting and stimulating it is – it’s hard to express the feeling it was so consuming. I knew that soon he would be ready to cum and what I’m going to do when he’s ready to cum – my thoughts were to keep enjoying myself and worry about it when it happens. Once he was ready, so was I – I kept sucking and had one hand on his balls, I felt his first pulse coming from his balls and a moment later in my mouth. He shot in my mouth, and I swallowed, the sensation of his cum shooting was a great finish. I kept going after he came, I didn’t stop. I stayed down between his legs for the next few minutes gazing at cock and giving it a few more licks.

    On my way home I was on a high for the rest of the day, relived that I did it and saying to myself that I’m a cocksucker.

  • I Promise I Was A Gentleman

    I suffered a bad industrial accident, several days in the hospital. After going home I was going crazy, boredom. I got up and the trash needed taking out. I hobbled holding on to the wall, the garbage in the other hand. Outside the kitchen door was a landing, three steps down, no handrail. I feinted, fell headfirst onto the pavement.

    I was there for quite a while until the high school girl next door saw me. She came over, did her high school CPR, and checked me over. She ran home and called the police, who called for an ambulance. Back in the hospital she came to keep me company, read the sports page to me.

    I know gull well I got Florence Nightingale effect something serious. After I got well I became over protective. Fortunately her mother was understanding, 'if you touch her I'll kill you'. She had duties when they had me over for dinner, because I needed home cooking to get better.

    I had to accept the inevitable when she went to prom with one of her classmates. When time came for college I gave her my opinion, stay home with me. But she was hard headed and went away to college. I waited for her to come home with her laundry. Her mother sent her back with me, do she didn't have to ride the bus. Eighteen was 'of age' and 'legal'.

    She was talkative and kissed my cheek when I left her there. For Thanksgiving she baked me an apple and blueberry cobbler. When it came time to coffee and the football game her mother sent her to serve me. She sat on the floor beside my chair. And her mother said nothing.

    I waited until she graduated before putting a ring on her. And then we had a honeymoon!