Men, don't let the ladies out-do you! They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it. Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest here.

I Was Bad Today

I drove over to the local adult shop this morning, glad to have them open again. First stop in the arcade the neighboring occupant gave me a gentle handling, but it was going to take some mouth action for me to rise to the occasion.
I decided to try another booth and picked one of two side by side empty booths. I just got myself out when someone jumped into the other booth, great timing. I was immediately taken into the most luxuriant mouth that I've felt in a long time if not the best ever. What a talent, what an honor. I felt like slowing things down for a little bit so that it wouldn't be over too ..(continue confession)

Testicle Cancer

I’ve been through two treatments for testicular cancer. First one was when I was 18 as a senior in high school. I had to get my left testicle removed due to cancer. Pretty much everyone in my class knew that. Then just 4 months ago I got my other testicle removed for cancer too. Now I have no balls. I recently had the option to get implants down there to give me the feeling of having balls but instead I opted to have most of my testicle sack removed. Found a surgeon who could remove the excess saggy skin and make it look good. I actually love the look of it, just my penis is all I need. I dont want ..(continue confession)

I've always fantasized about being kept in a strait-jacket, otherwise naked, and endlessly fucked at both ends, by a pair of older, tough-guys, for weeks, months, even...

Recently a pair of escapees from the local prison found my unlocked patio door, and carried out a very private 'home invasion' during which they found me asleep, half-way into my strait-jacket, a horrendously expensive custom-made affair, of expensive leather, lined with latex, and with an attached hood, whose drawcords could hold it tight to my face, so that the zippered opening lay right over my mouth. Well obviously they quickly completed the process, until I was utterly helpless, and after making themselves at home, for a day or so, decided ..(continue confession)

After finishing my MBA I took a job for an oil company. I met a girl who worked for an accounting firm. Truthfully it never crossed my mind that she could have been a virgin, totally inexperienced when it came to sex. I was 27 and she was 23. Sex was a bit wild, a bit hard, and a bit restraining, I had to hold her down.

Well she announced to her close friends that we were a couple, I told the same people in her dreams. Some weeks later she had an out of town conference and I decided to surprise her. I went up on my own and met her when she came out of the conference room. ..(continue confession)

Sometimes it is nice to reminisce, especially about something that really made your engine run hot. I had to go to Gabon. At the time I was working for a shipping company as a Maintenance Engineer, to go observe an inspection of the main power generators and give it the pass or fail. I arrived out of Paris and checked into the hotel. Along with me a man that had sat in the isle seat across from me also checked in, a French man.

We said hello and took our bags upstairs, we had rooms next door. He asked if I was going down for a drink so I agreed and we met in the bar by the ..(continue confession)

I actually had a dirty dream, and I was with a woman who was older than me and she was really beautiful but she was actually showing me her fair private parts and she was demanding me to get physical but I told her that I feel like a old man now a days I can do it with her so she said that her husband isn't going to make her happy physically...I know it was a only dream but now a days I really feel like I am older and I am not young like other g us from my age I am actually 24 and i have to many experiences about life. Please guide me why I am ..(continue confession)

Just a question to others about bachelorette parties. Whether you are a woman who has attended or a guy who has heard about what goes on?

Bachelorette parties that have male strippers.... have you ever heard of cheating going on at these parties? I realize there are a lot of fantasy porn sites about this. But does it really happen in real life?

Actually I am addict to masturbation and I am doing it for nearly 11 yrs when I was 14 I discovered how to jerk off without a porn movie. I actually started to masturbate daily because of depression and tension. I used had bed wetting problems till 14 and they stopped after masturbation. So I thought it's good for me and started to do it twice sometimes trice a day but I keep doing it till today I just done it and I really felt bad that I have nothing but masturbation to do. I lost my hobbies because of my families money problems I turned to masturbation and now no one can help me. I tried my best to stop it but ..(continue confession)

Back in the day my cousin had decided to become a nun, and the whole family was against it. Seems she had fallen under the spell of a nun at her school. My uncle asked me to work on her and change her mind. She and I were very close, we are a year apart. To sort of shove this forward I bet a guy I knew from college that he couldn't kiss her. I lost, he kissed her and I helped Lure her into my room and lock her in, my college friend was in there. On the line was a case of beer, if he fucked her. The idea being that once her virginity was gone so was ..(continue confession)

In my teens I was afflicted by acne, nothing seemed to help. I never had a date, I was shunned by the pretty people. In my senior year an old Arab man who had a radio and TV repair shop gave me a job. I learned to suck his cock. He kept me around thru the summer until I went off to college.

In college I met this girl, she had a long scar on her face, and she limped when she walked, the result of an accident when she was a kid. She learned to suck cock and give up her ass. She wanted to be a housewife, have kids, but I wanted to fuck her, I ..(continue confession)