Men, don't let the ladies out-do you! They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it. Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest here.

First Cock

I was 23. Standing at a bar drinking beer. Standing room only. A black guy wass next to me & he chatted me up
where was I from, was I married, where did I go to school etc. He leaned against me several times' I could feel his cock rub my leg and against my ass. I needed to got to thje mens room and he followed me. He pushed me into a stall, pushed me down on the seast, piulled out jhis cock and stuck it in my mouth

It felt so good.
He gently said good boy, suck it good for me! I did and when he shot his load I wass not expecting it and had to swallow it. He patted me on my head, said thanks that was good, come on let me buy yuou a drink.

From that time on I have been an enthusiasticv cock sucker

expecting it and had to swallow it.

  • Tired Of My Foreskin But…

    I’m an uncut guy, my foreskin is long and I’m just kinda tired of it. I don’t mind the coverage when flaccid but the erect coverage is just bothering me more as time goes on.

    My current girlfriend has never said anything about me being uncut but when I told her the foreskin is just killing my pleasure during sex she finally said she does prefer it when I hold my foreskin back during sex. I’m her first uncut guy too she said.

    So now I’m wondering of I can get a partial circumcision where I’ll have coverage when soft but look more cut wgen erect. If not possible I’m just thinking about getting a high and loose cut circumcision. After doing some looking up I like the look of a loose cut, leaves enough skin to masturbate with.

    I’ve lived my whole life with long foreskin. It covers and even hangs over my head wgen erect. Getting cut in my 50s definitely would feel funny but I think it could be cool to live as a circumcised guy now.

    How I Met My Soon To Be Wife

    I walked past a girl at a wedding. She was alone sitting on a small sofa in the lobby. I stopped, said hello, she didn't want to talk but she did. Seems she was dumped by her boyfriend the day before and she was not in the party mood. I suggested we go to roof, where the pool was and there was a bar and a nice view of the ocean. Once there she accepted a glass of wine, opened up, we had a real good heart to heart talk. And she cried on my shoulder.

    Being one of those guys taught to never let an opportunity go to waste. She went down to my room and let me undress her. In the light of the small lamp on the nightstand she looked pretty sexy to me right then. Getting her panties off, her oh so full bare butt, her smallish breasts, her trimmed bush, all of her available to me, I fucked her that night. Maybe revenge on her part, but she was slippery wet, hot, willing, a great fuck.

    She spent the night with me, I used the freight elevator the next morning to get her down to her room, and she let me watch her change into street clothes, letting me kiss her pussy before she pulled up her orange panties. We went up to the poolside for breakfast, where we ran into her mom. Who, by the way, was not pleased that her daughter left the party for a fuck and an overnight with a guy she just met.

    I understood, letting the lady know that I would be just as pissed off if it had been my sister. The young lady reminded me she was not my sister. Touché. So where are we now, these two years later. She finished college last June, planned an outside wedding, called her ex-boyfriend and told him to fuck off, and we are getting married on the 25th at the very same hotel.

    And she is right, she is not my sister. She's the girl, excuse me, woman I fuck. And she is going to be my wife.

  • I Can't Get Up The Nerve To Meet Up And Suck Another Man's Dick

    During my college days when I lived in Laredo I rode the Greyhound bus to Dallas and then on up to Denton. The long haul was from Laredo to San Antonio. On this one ride after Christmas break I sat near the back and this man sat beside me and talked a lot. I talked mostly because I was bored and also because I was taught to be polite. When the sun set and the bus was dark he put his hand on my leg and asked me how I was doing.

    He got more aggressive and wouldn't remove his hand and grabbed my dick in my pants. I can safely say that I was both petrified and at the same time interested. It felt good and he could tell it felt good and he kept at it and I got an erection and he told me that there was nothing better than having my dick sucked. He got me to unzip my pants and he pulled out my dick and bent over to suck me. I was still scared, I kept watching everyone in front of us, but no one moved and he kept sucking on my dick until I got to that point where all I could do was let it rip. With his mouth still full of semen he kissed me.

    We sat quietly for a long time, him holding my hand and pulling my hand into his lap to lay on top of his dick. He took his dick out of his pants and I held it for the longest time, it got harder and then got soft and then got harder again. He kept pushing my head down with his free hand but I fought it off. When we got to San Antonio we got off for the transfer and he went into the bathroom with me and got me into a stall. It was late, night time, and it was only us in the bathroom. He sat me on the toilet and got his dick out and I had to suck him there. After a couple of minutes I had his hard dick in my hand sucking him and he kept his hand on my head.

    For the ride between San Antonio and Austin I slept, and then we rode onto Dallas. At the bus station in Dallas where he lived he wanted me to go with him to his apartment but I refused. I went onto Denton around noon and back to my dorm room. For the rest of time from then to now I think about that night, and I want more and more to get up the nerve to do it again. Obviously not some stranger but someone in an arrangement to meet. I've used several gay meeting sights but I have always chickened out. I just wish I had the nerve to do it. Because I really want to do it.

    My Personal Mission

    Just getting this out there, my personal mission is to fuck as many virgins as possible. College freshmen are fresh meat for a reason. Seeing their faces as they get deflowered is just delicious. Seeing their faces as they cum for the first time on a cock gets me off so hard. Fuck, I wish you knew what I mean.

  • Is It Only Me?

    I am straight and have never had any interest in sexual activity with a male. My sex life is great and I usually fuck my wife maybe 4 or 5 times a week. Sometimes more, especially if we are on holiday.
    The thing is though, I love to finger fuck myself in the shower every morning. It really turns me on pushing a finger up inside me...feeling the soft walls of my anus and finger tipping my nut.
    I don't imagine being fucked while I am doing it...I get as much kick out of feeling , as I do being felt. I don't want a dildo in me, as that would take away the sensual feeling I get with my finger.
    I stay soft during the whole thing and don't get off. We fuck in the morning quite often so I have often cum just before my shower.
    Am I some kind of oddity, or do lots of guys do this?

    When Is The First Time You Sucked Dick?

    I was 1-5teen he was older 40’s. I was at a hotel for a sports thing out of town and met him in the showers after a work out. We got to talking and we walked out of the locker room right to his room on the other side of the hotel. Got naked and touched each other. I sucked him not well. Almost barfed a bunch didn’t finish. He sucked me me and I came quick. We both stroked him and I licked and sucked only his head. I was sitting on the bed he told me to lay and grab my thighs speed eagle while he jerked off in front of me. He fingered me one finger while he jerked. He pushed my legs apart and shot his load on my balls cock and legs. He swirled his cum with his finger before fingering me again and licking all the cum up he tried kissing me but I couldn’t.

    She's Been My Fuck Now Going On 20 Years

    At the time I was the Controller for a mid sized manufacturing shop. The business was owned by a family and there were lots of old timers around. One day the temp we had in accounts payable brought me a check to sign for an invoice that was urgent. Things aren't urgent in my book, so why? I asked her what the rush was and she told me she had been told to get the check signed, and I was the only signatory in the office. I reviewed the paperwork and noted that it was in order and was about to sign and I turned to her, why bring it to me? Wasn't the business manager who was responsible for signing available? Her answer floored me, yes he was but he was the one who approved the invoice and he approved the P.O. and she didn't think it was appropriate for him to also sign the check. Right on, baby, right on.

    Now I looked at the paperwork, the signatory authority limit was well within his authority, but the PO and approval of the invoice bothered me. And what was this for? A warehouse? What did we need with a warehouse? I got my keys and told the temp to come with me and we went to the address, it was a hair salon. I sent her in to get some information, was it a real salon, pick up a business card, ask for a quote and make an appointment. We went back to the office and I asked her to pull that year's paperwork on the 'warehouse'. Sure enough, PO of course was the same for the rental, the invoices approved by the business manager and the checks all signed by the business manager. I had a private investigator look into who ran the salon and who owned it and sure enough it was his wife and the company had been paying the rent on the place for over three years. At five grand a month it was a lot of money.

    I had the business manager fired and sued, and I hired the temp full time.

    In my position dealing with an accounts payable clerk was not the norm, but I knew her, and I liked her right off. She was smart, and more or less pretty enough. A little big, but a nice smile and we were friends. One afternoon she was in my office, she came to my office a lot, and she sat on the couch across from me. She was wearing a tight fitting dress and the dress was up her thighs and from where I was sitting I could see right up to her white panties. I looked and asked her if she was showing me her panties on purpose. She pulled her dress down, but I told her not to, I liked being able to see her panties. To take her hands away and let me see her in all her glory. I told her I figured those were my panties and I wanted them and I wanted her and for her to come over to me and let me get my panties.

    She wasn't shaved, she had a heavy bush. I touched her pussy with my fingers and told her it was time for a fuck and she had to give it up. She leaned on the desk and I gave her a fuck until I came in her. I cleaned her up with a Kleenex and told her that I was going to keep her panties. And twenty years later she's my fuck, she is the Accounting Manager now and we work well together. I bought the company from the family after the founder died. She doesn't lean across the desk anymore, she gets fucked on a bed in her house. I always take off her panties, I never wanted her to shave, I like a hairy bush on a woman, I like fucking her that way. Not company policy, but I own the place and I figured we're grandfathered anyways.

    A Flash On The Morning Train

    On the train from Rotterdam to Amsterdam she stood up and her dress pulled up, commando, shaved, eye level. She pulled her skirt down and walked to the restroom. That's all.

  • Curiousness

    Alright here goes my confession. I've always been a straight guy love woman and there bodies. I've been with my wife going on 8 years now and up to about a couple years ago I got into wanting to try anal toys and butt plugs never thought I would like it but ended up absolutely enjoying it and the greatest pleasure you get when you hit that Pspot is great. And now I got my self curious what it would be like to fuck and get fucked by an actual cock instead of a toy and more so curious what it's like to give and get a blowjob from a guy versus a woman. I find it to be a turn on but nervous let alone how to even fullfil that curiosity