Men, don't let the ladies out-do you! They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it. Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest here.

I Have No Explanation For What I Did, Or Excuse.

In the 7th grade I sucked another boy's cock and he sucked mine. We grew up, I went to law, he became a gay activist. He returned to our home town and at a get together where both of us were there he was challenged for his views. He said a lot, including telling those that were there that we had sucked together. Effectively outing me for a one time thing.

I had to face the humiliation, the vulgar words, my wife and mother. What was just two boys, became two men in the minds of those from my hometown. I never returned, kept myself away, my wife and I divorced. That one comment, defending himself, pilloried me and ruined my life.

Over the following twenty five years I never married, became involved with various women. Until one evening, out for dinner alone I got into a conversation with a man at the next table. From dinner to talking for an hour beside my car. We agreed to a drink at a bar. I had several Manhattans, and woke up in bed with him.

I won't claim I don't remember, I was as active as he was. It was raw sex between two men. I was angry, in my mind I was getting revenge from those who had sidelined me. Revenge was sweet. The man was active. He had picked me up, and that night I participated accepting my role.

Not once since that day has that happened again. I have a form of peace now. That's all.

  • The Young Woman In My Life

    Some time ago I hired a young woman to help with the back office in our company. She was quiet to a fault, but did her job without complaining. Never pretty, dressed down if anything. She kept to herself. But that one day I found her still at work after the office had closed and I sat down with her in the break room for a chat.

    She was hesitant but once she saw I wasn't going to eat her she settled in and told me a bit about herself. Her schooling was modest, from the not so good part of town. She had managed an associates degree and wanted to get a four year degree. She got more comfortable and maybe it was just the way she sat. She was siding sideways in the chair, with her left arm across the back and her left breast hung there, caught in her bra under that white top she was wearing that day.

    Somewhere in the conversation she asked me about my days growing up and that led to me telling her about the day we got caught in a fight. I killed two men that day, one with the assailant's gun and the other with a knife. I have a scar on my thigh where I was first stabbed when they mugged me. No secret, but not something I talk about.

    She listened intently and then she began to whisper, Her father was a bad man, and had been sent to prison. He got out on parole when she was eleven. He came to her mother but her mother refused him, so he went after the daughter and used her instead. She had never told anyone, not a sole. Not until that day. And she ended up in my arms. I couldn't hug her enough, I kissed her several times, settled her down. She didn't want to be let go, so I hugged her and let her cry. At some point she lifted her face up, her lips begging so I kissed her lips, and she drank it in. She didn't break away, she just kissed and held on tight.

    My dick was very hard by then and I had trouble getting it aligned so it wouldn't press against her. He took my dick in her hand and she asked me if I wanted her. She told me I could have her, that she wanted to be fucked. She had undone my belt by then and was unzipping my pants. She stood back and pushed her pants down to her ankles, she asked me if I liked her pussy. I asker her about her tits so she took her top off. The next question was where was I going to fuck her. If I wanted to fuck her on the carpet she was ok.

    In the end we did it the executive way, she sat on the desk and I ate her pussy and then stood up and fucked her as she held herself up with her hands behind her. During the penetration she asked me if I liked her pussy, she asked me if I liked her tits. When I came in her she smiled. After it was over she sat on my lap and let me play with her tits and we kissed.

    It didn't end there, she was from that day on totally available, she liked getting naked and letting me watch, she liked to kiss and have her tits played with, she liked to sit on my dick. She was hot all the time, her pussy dripped whenever I touched her or ate her. The more I fucked her the closer she got. When several months into this illicit office affair she told me that she had not been fucked since that night her father fucked her and she was glad it was me.

    A young woman with a pent up need to be loved, to be kissed and fucked. But for me it was messing with fire, I was and am married and fucking a young woman work was playing with fire. She solved the problem in her mind, she changed jobs so I wouldn't be fucking an employee. When after a year I told her that I had to stop, my marriage was on the line, she asked me if it was because I didn't love her. But I do, I did that afternoon when she asked and I do today. I saw her last Tuesday, we went out to lunch. My wife knows, not that we talk about me fucking her, but she knows and for her own reasons I guess has never interfered.

    She is a handsome woman now, not that shy girl I first fucked. She is a woman and wears it proudly, she likes her tits and the way she looks and she likes giving herself to me. She uses birth control but threatens that one day she won't.

    She's Just A Fuck

    I got divorced during the Pandemic, and moved into a cabin my parent's own in the woods. Down the road is a small town. I got friendly with the divorced woman who works in the convenience store. She came out to the cabin, we had some wine, I fucked her. In the morning I knew it was all wrong. She's lonely, so was I, but there is no common ground. She's a reality tv type, I'm more of an opera and live theatre type. Nothing to talk about.

    But, I keep fucking her, she wants to play house. I have no interest beyond sex. And I feel bad about that. Hate to put it this way, she's just a fuck. Like in college dating the homely girl. Just a fuck. Ain't going to marry her.

  • Takes Two To Tango, Three To Have A Great Time

    My girlfriend and I decided to take a gap year after our junior year in college and travel. We started in Italy, and then we went to Spain. While we were in Barcelona her best friend called her with a story of needing to get away from everything. My girlfriend asked her to join us without clearing it with me.

    We waited for her in Barcelona. When she arrived she threw herself into my girlfriends arms and hung on for several minutes. We went to our hotel room, small one bed hotel room. They decided that I could sleep on the floor and they would take the bed. I went along, but not happy or ok with it.

    After we settled down, me on the floor on the bedspread and them in bed, they started whispering, until they started kissing and going for it. I complained, and I got the leave them alone line, they hadn't seen each other for weeks. Don't look, take a walk, and they went at each other. My dick hurt it was so hard, tits and ass, pussy flying around, when I got my girlfriend and pinned her down she yelled at me, don't you dare. But I did, I skewered her. And her best friend watched waiting for her turn.

    They both got fucked, fucked, nothing nice about it. I slept on the bed and they had to cuddle up. The long faces lasted for several days, Madrid, and beyond. Not till we got to Portugal did they honey up. And from then we took it easy, yes ma'am, yes ma'am, who wants to fuck?

    She Wasn't A Whore, Not Really

    In 2004 I went to St. Petersburg, on business. My first time doing business with Russians. Things were anything but pleasant and the place we stayed at was mid level, the food was terrible. We were having a hard time in the negotiations and we decided to bring in our own translator. A woman was sent over, she was a PhD in metals which was of no use to us, and spoke very good English. She was 42.

    With her help things got a bit better, she cut the translation cards on the official translator and she gave lots of advise on dealing wit the Russians, which worked. We were there for three weeks, and on the Saturday before we left she asked me if I had been to the Hermitage Museum. We went and spent a couple of hours there and then went for a walk. We stood by the canal talking and she got close and grabbed my cock in my pants. She held my cock in a grip and asked if I had ever fucked a Russian woman, actually a Ukrainian woman. She told me she wanted to fuck.

    We went back to hotel and she undressed in a hurry, she had a long body, long legs, a sparsely covered bush, and small tits. She grabbed my cock and started to suck me working my cock with her hands. When she got me hard she laid back on the bed and told me it would be 100 dollars, fifty if all I wanted was a blowjob. I was hard, and she was on her back. I thought about it for a minute and got on top of her and fucked her until I came. I got off, and both of us still naked I gave her a hundred dollar bill. I asked her how much for the night. She told me she had to go home, her husband and daughter were waiting for her.

    Sometime later, I was in Hanover and I told this story to my German counterpart. He told me that I had paid her a month's wages as a translator. Russian women were doing anything for money, getting married to anyone for money. I had done her a favor, think of it like that. A hundred dollars was a lot of money for her. It didn't make me feel better, if anything all it did was make me feel worse. Had I known I would have given her the money, no need to fuck.

  • First Taste

    Like many guys who just enjoyed hanging out and talking about the sweet girls around, trying to think of a way to get them to have any kind of sex - just feeling them up would be an accomplishment!! We were always thinking of ways to break the ice and make it to first base, which were never got to. During one summer, I don't know how it all started, but we started jerking off together whenever we can.

    Somewhere along the way we started finding our way up to my house, as my parents were out to work for the day. We would jerk off, rub our cocks together, and As it would have it we took the next step. My friend ask me to suck his dick, and I did..., and started giving each other blow jobs - never thinking that it was wrong, or we were gay. My friend and I both had cut cocks, just his was much bigger than my 6 incher, long and thick with a beautiful head. That summer we enjoyed each other once or twice a day, we just couldn't get enough of a good thing!.

    Most of the time I would be giving more than receiving, which I didn't mind. I enjoyed feeling his big cock grow in my mouth, going from soft to hard was an amazing sensation. Once hard the feeling of something being hard, yet soft and spongy was why I kept coming back for more. Once we were at his house, he was still in his pj's, his mom was in the next room with the door open 10 feet away and I was blowing him... that was the most exciting bj I gave.

    I'm sure many of you reading this have the same fond memories, I always think of how good it felt having a cock in my mouth, and wish it was as simple to has a buddy that I can give a blow job to. We have been in contact with each other and hopefully I can taste his cock once again.

    Now after many years I of life - marriage etc... I gave into my desires and hooked up with another guy - I was sucking a cock again, it was as good if not better than I remembered. Now I'm turning into a cocksucker, looking for more...

    Enjoying Sex With Another Man

    I like to read confessions of married men like me who find sex with men something that they enjoy doing. I don't believe anyone is gay, per se. It's like men who like to fuck whores. Or men who fuck married women. We just like to hold a cock in our hand, suck on a cock and depending on the way we swing, to either fuck a man or have a man fuck us. It's sex, nothing else.

    I thought I would add to the list with my first time confession. I was a midlevel insurance specialist for a medium sized manufacturer. We had a piece of machinery that failed and cause damage to the plant and shut it down for four days. I was sent to the vendor to work on settlement, along with my boss, a seasoned insurance man. When we got to the hotel they told us that there was only one room, the room under his name. They would help me find a room, but they were overbooked. My room, was at a Holiday Inn Motel about five miles away. My boss asked that I join him for breakfast the next day and I got in the cab and went to my much lower class hotel.

    I got to the hotel, checked in and asked the clerk if there was somewhere close, walking distance, to go get a drink. I remember specifically asking for a place where a man could go and not be bothered by hookers. He told me about a bar, needed a cab, but he assured me it was quiet and hookers weren't allowed. After leaving my things in my room, brushing my teeth I headed to the front office and asked for a cab. The man knew where I was going and he dropped me off at the door. It was a quiet place, dark quiet place and I sat at the bar.

    I looked around and there were maybe ten people there, a couple more at the bar and a couple of booths. I drank my drink slowly, I wasn't in a hurry. Someone put the music on, a slow moving record, and I saw some people in the shadows dancing. A man put his hand on my shoulder and asked me to dance. He was a guy in suit, looked like an accountant. He didn't take his hand off and I told him no thanks so he sat down beside me. He kept touching my hand when he talked and putting his hand on my thigh. Then he leaned over to me and asked me to dance again, this time he kissed my cheek. My instincts were to run, but I didn't. I let him take me onto the dance floor.

    We danced and talked, He led. He wanted to kiss me, and he got a kiss in right on my mouth, His lips tasted sweet, and were moist and he kissed me again. When the music was over he put his arm around my shoulder and walked me back to the bar, suggesting we take our drinks to a booth. In the booth where it was dark, he held my hand. After a while he got up and moved over to my side and put his arm around me, leaning in to kiss me and while he did he ran his other hand up my thigh and grabbed my by the crotch. I was sold by then and I let him feel me up and kiss me. When he asked if where I was staying he told me his car was a block away and we could go to my hotel.

    When he let his cock out of his pants, I was hungry for it. I grabbed his naked cock and put my lips on it and felt his hand behind my head and he began to thrust his cock in my mouth. All I could do was close my eyes. His cock was hard by then, in my hand it felt like I was holding a hard fleshy bone, he was thrusting pretty hard and he stepped back and took his clothes off and asked me to do the same. On the bed we sixty-nined, he sucked hard on my cock and rubbed his hand on my thighs and my rear end. I opened my legs instinctively and he touched my anus and I lost control and released my cum.

    He wanted me on my hand and knees and he got behind me and fingered me until he had his index finger completely in. When he put his cock against my anus I waited until he drove it home and fucked me until he completed and withdrew his cock, asking me to get a warm towel to clean his cock. My watch showed that from the time I left the hotel to the bar it had been two hours. We kissed some more, he wanted to hug and run his hands all over me. He got hard again and I held his cock in my hand. On my back he got between my legs and he fucked me for the second time.

    He left, I didn't have any contact information for him, and he didn't have any contact information for me. His name was Ron, and I gave him my first name too. I had just experienced what I had wanted to experience for years, since I was in college and sucked a classmate's cock in my dorm.

    Hope this gives you the courage to take it one step further. There is simply nothing like fucking with a man, If you are a bottom like me then you will enjoy it even more. I really don't have what it takes to top a man, I want a man on my back or between my legs letting me feel his cock drive into me.

    Yesterday's Memories,

    As an Airman I was taught photography and was attached to a public relations detail. This was of course long ago, before any form of digital photography. I was good enough. I got posted to Korea and while I was there I developed an appetite for the pleasures of the flesh. Man flesh. Everything had to be hush hush, and you had to watch your back. As part of my thing was to take photographs of the men I enjoyed my time with, mostly as a disincentive for them to talk. Some of these include naked men , others performing oral or anal sex. All super prohibited, and all of them developed in a make shift lab with all negatives destroyed.

    After my discharge I went on to a professional photographer career, and I have boxes of photographs of men that I met. Many of the men wanted photographs of them at full mast, fondling cocks, swallowing cocks, and anal penetration. I provided this service free of charge, developed the photographs and gave them to them and destroyed the negatives. But not everyone took the photographs. Some of these men rose to positions of responsibility, rank, and more than one to hold public office.

    Digital photography just doesn't provide the same aura of a man waiting for his partner to suck his cock, of two men in arms kissing, of a cock laying on a man's ass ready to penetrate him. I staged those photographs for effect, but they are very good, hard cocks dominating a man are my favorite poses. The cock is in charge, the sub waiting anxiously to take the cock in his mouth or ass. Staged yes, but also erotic, hard. And many photographs of men posing in simulated everyday activities. An unpaid hobby, not for sale, at any price.

    I am now 70. I sit in my office and go through these boxes, many faces familiar but I can no longer recall who they are. So many hard cocks, so many willing mouths, so many willing ass photographs, but who are they? Does it matter? No, not really, they are photographs for the sake of the art. The art of man flesh, remembering when I was able to participate with so much vigor. And I know that all these photographs have to be destroyed. Shredded first, box after box, memories upon memories, into the shredder, and then the incinerator. I don't need a drink, I need a hard cock in my hand, a hard cock in my mouth, a hard cock in my ass.

    Wanna Be Slut

    I'm a virgin who dresses up like one. On the outside atleast. But i go on dirty video chat websites and video chat with men. Older men. I'm into older men idk why. Sometimes I'm just topless but other times i take piece by piece. It's not one dude, it's multiple dudes in like 2 hours. And also, i used to undress while the curtains are open to show my neighbours my breasts. I would walk around topless acting like i can't find shit while it's on the bed. Im so horny all the time. All I wanna do is fuck but I'm so shy to talk to any guys irl.

  • Gay Boy Looking For Older Men

    Not much of a confession I'd say, but basically I'm an 18 year old gay boy who's in the mood for some sexting with an older man (35-55 men are preferred, but not mandatory). The kind of chat that I want is one where you send me voice notes telling me how you'd fuck me or what you'd do to me in exchange for some pictures of my ass. I'm quite hairy and chubby, in case you needed to know lol.
    If this tickles your fancy and you wanna know more then DM me through Instagram as, or comment down below any other chatting app you'd like to carry this through. Hope to hear more from you soon ;)