Men, don't let the ladies out-do you! They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it. Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest here.

Porn Is A Poor Substitution For A Being With A Man In The Flesh

My wife works out of Savanna, one week there, one week at home. I took early retirement when Covid broke, enjoying my free time. During the week my wife went out of town I had the house to myself. I have always been a porn enthusiast, we the alone time I was free to explore and explore. I came across this sight, a dating sight for older gay men. I started spending a good amount of time on gay porn sights, mostly of men my age. The dating site became a target site, searching for men close to me. After several attempts I got a nibble, a man in his late sixties, he offered to be my first date. We met at a park, close to a Starbucks.

We talked, he wanted to know if I was serious. We went to the Starbucks and as agreed we both got in the men's room. He opened his pants and offered me his cock. Pass the test and there was more to come. I had made up my mind, and I got on my knees and took his cock in my hand and gave my first amateur blowjob. He guided, and I obeyed, a hunger grew inside of me and I didn't stop until he had ejaculated. My smile up to him was met by his smile and a complement for a job well done.

We became friends, he helped me want to get naked with him, to practice 69, to let him stimulate my prostate. I lost my inhibition and it wasn't long before I let him fuck me and come inside. We met at the Starbucks and went to his place or mine. As long as my wife was out of town. And then one afternoon while he and I were naked in bed enjoying some gay porn she walked in the house, she came home because she was feeling sick. Her message on my phone went unnoticed, we had been having too much fun.

It's been three weeks now, she asked for a work from home status. The internet for me she cut off, the pw access under her control. Hunger for some time with my friend drove me to go to his place, while she is at her office overnight. We had our afternoon, ordered dinner delivered, while he is talking to his daughter I am on his computer writing this note to what has become one of my favorite gay confessions site. It's not enough to watch porn, I need the real thing.

  • Margaret

    During my last year of graduate school I lived in a duplex. The tenant next door was a 34 year old Bible thumping woman who worked at a Christian book store. She was not hot, red hair, pale skin, freckles, thin, and dressed like a spinster Bible thumper. She cooked and brought me a plate. She came over and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. She did my laundry. Being 27 this was great, hot food and laundry and cleaning.

    It happened one night, she was cleaning, she had shorts on, she bent over and her pubes were visible out of her shorts. I got the hots, while she was bent over cleaning the oven I grabbed her pussy from behind. She jerked back hitting her head on the inside of the stove, cussing me out in Bible talk, trying to slap me. I took her wrist, bent her over and walked her over to couch and pushed her down. She turned and told me she always knew what I wanted and to take it, do what I wanted, God would punish me.

    She didn't fight when I pulled off her top or her bra. She had small breasts, with dark pink nipples which were hard beads pointing straight out. Her shorts came off, she had old cotton panties on, which I worked off her, exposing her skinny butt, and blonde red bush. I took her ankles and spread her legs, her pussy crack opened up, glistening in the light of the lamp. She was resigned, and when I got in between her legs my dick went in without any problem. She was sopping wet, her hips shoved back and I fucked her until I came in her.

    After that night she was a slave girl, her pussy was available when I wanted to fuck. She liked having her tits squeezed hard, pinching her nipples. She called on God to forgive me when I ran my dick in her ass. She cooked every day, kept house on her hands and knees. Cleaned the toilet every day, hugging it, moving her head aside when I peed. She wore simple pull over dresses, no bra, no panties. God had decided her use and who was she to disagree.

    When I graduated I packed my car and told her goodbye and drove off. She stood there on the driveway, that's the last I saw of her.

    Wife On Display

    My friend Steve would often join me to watch Sunday Night Baseball in my man cave. Every once in a while my wife, Doris, would join us. On one such occasion the game went 14 innings and the three of us consumed way more alcohol than usual. Doris had a very low tolerance for alcohol and passed out on the sofa after the game went into extra innings.

    I was surprised when Steve asked me if he could take a peek at Doris' tits. It often bothered me that Doris was so shy about being nude, so I agreed. I carefully opened her blouse exposing her pink bra. I then undid the clasp on the front of her bra and her perky tits puffy nipples were exposed. Steve reached down and fondled her puffy nipples.

    Steve didn't ask, but I then unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. Next came her pink panties. Steve let out a small gasp when he saw her light brown hairy bush. By this time Steve had dropped his pants and shorts. His stiff penis was no longer than mine, but it had a very large pinkish-purple head. I knew he was about to fuck Doris, and the only thing I could do was grab his hard penis and put it in my mouth. I had never had a cock in my mouth before so I just bobbed my head up and down the shaft several times. He then shot his load into my mouth, and I swallowed.

    After Steve left, I replaced Doris' clothes and carried her to bed. I then gave her the fucking she had just avoided.

  • Sway & Slap

    My wife has large tits with huge, pink areolas with tiny nipples. I love for her to ride my penis and have her make her big tits sway and slap together. Can't get enough.

    Need Honest Answers On Young Bald Pussy

    We are all anonymous here,none will know can I get some honest comments or answers on what you guys think of young bald pussy? I'd never act on it but I love to see it,I think its so nice

  • Two Lives

    Between my Junior and Senior year in college I got a job as a night clerk at a major hotel. During the late hours it was me, the night manager and an older woman night auditor. The night manager was a nice, fatherly 50 something gay man. He took me under his wing, both at work and school focus and friends. He didn't hide his homosexuality, being open about it. This was 1973.

    As the summer went on, he forced me to quit smoking. Forced with pure shaming, his repeated observation was who wanted to kiss an ashtray. He also took me down to this store where a friend of his worked. This guy was a total faggot, stereotypical queer. He forced me to buy these magazine clothes. Never to be seen in public clothes. I had breakfast with him every morning.

    It had to happen, he invited me to his apartment. Very nice, neat, decorated magazine style. The picture on his side table an 8X10 picture of himself. He cooked salmon with fettuccini. And he served wine in goblets. Not a college burger and fries. He served home made apple pie a la mode. He told me I was a good boy, All I needed was someone to hold my hand. And with that he leaned down and kissed my head.

    I did not escape, he unbuttoned my shirt, kissed me, undid my belt. I don't remember stopping him, I was soon naked on his bed while he kissed my mouth, nipples, and penis. A meticulous thought out approach. After he undressed he had me touch his penis, kiss his penis. In a short time he was sucking me and I was sucking him. I confess I did nothing to stop him, not even when he prepared me for mounting and penetration. If I had to think about gay sex, that night was it.

    He was my sugar daddy, he paid for graduate school. He had inherited money and we both lived well. After twenty two years he passed and I went on to marry a woman I met along the way. I never had gay sex again, nor have I wanted to. I never had children and neither has my wife. We are approaching seventy and more and more I think about John.

    Follow-Up: My Latest Sissy Adventure

    Hey boys, thanks for the great comments. So last night when I was alone, my first step was to strip completely naked and strut around the house. I then went to the bathroom and trimmed back all my pubic hair. Not completely shaved, but now my clitty and nuts are smooth, and my tight pucker is nicely framed by my blonde curls.
    I took a quick shower, and then headed for my mother's dresser. I found her black stockings, and slipped them on along with some black lace bikini-style panties. I also put on her black 38dd bra, and covered it all up with a cute blue satin nightie. With my soft little penis making a wet spot on my crotch, I could have passed for a horny little girl! I had some assignments to do, so I kept my outfit on for about an hour. By then I was so horny, so I looked up some sissy humiliation videos and made my little clitty cum. I then put my outfit away carefully, and nobody here knows how slutty I am. What would you do to a trimmed, submissive sissy like me?


    Hello I'm 59 and male and must admit something.

    I enjoy hooking up with married men my age or older and suck their cocks.

    I explore a couple of different apps available and contact men who are married and just wanting a blowjob, the perfect situation is men who get off on "feeling superior " by having another man suck his cock but won't suck in return.

    I prefer those type because I enjoy the feeling of being, conquered and my punishment or "my reward" is to drop to my knees while a man stands over me with his hands on his hips and watches as I take him into my mouth and wrap my lips around his superior cock until he cums in my mouth.

    I feel so nasty, I've even had 2 men use my mouth as their personal urinal, washing myself in their golden shower and drinking it for them to see and enjoy.

    Seems like I'd rather be used by a man than be with a woman anymore..I'm a cocksucker.

    Sissy Ideas?

    Alright boys, my family will be out tomorrow, which means I get to be a sissy again! My prior experiences are covered in my other posts, like wearing my mother's lingerie and finger-fucking my ass, but I'm running a little low on ideas. So I'd like to ask, what sissy things do you want me to do tomorrow, or in the future? I promise I'll tell you how it goes. Thank you boys!

  • Super Bowl

    My buddy Hal comes over to my house every year to watch the Super Bowl with me. He usually shows up around 3:00 pm and we spent the next few hours drinking and bullshitting until game time.

    My wife, Donna, always goes to her mother's until after the game, but this year the weather was very bad so she stayed home. At halftime the game was pretty well decided so we just changed the channel. Donna joined us at 9:00 pm to watch some tv. Hal insisted that Donna have a drink with us and made her a drink. Now Donna has absolutely no tolerance for liquor, and gets extremely amorous on just a little alcohol. I realized what was likely to happen, so I pretended to pass out in my chair.

    About 15 minutes later, and after another drink, Donna moved on to the sofa with Hal. I don't know if she thought it was really me, but she started to pull Hal's zipper down. Hal looked at me but I didn't move. By then Donna had his fly open and was trying to pull Hank's cock out of his shorts. Hal then stood up and pulled down his pants and shorts.

    If Donna didn't know it wasn't me, she knew once Hal's erect cock sprang out. Hal's cock was at least 3 inches longer than mine and much thicker. Hal then pulled up Donna's tee shirt and undid her bra. Donna's small tits, and her large pink nipples , stood at attention. Next came Donna's shorts and panties. Donna doesn't shave, and her massive growth of dark pubic hair just seemed to stand up.

    Hal wasted no time spreading Donna's legs and pushed his cock deep into Donna's c**t. Donna let out a howl and seemed to get sober at that point. She looked at me as Hal was pounding her very hard, but there was nothing she could do. Hal kept riding her and in another couple of minutes I could tell that she was about to cum. All of a sudden she lets out a loud moan and seems to go listless. Hal also lets out a loud grunt and dismounts from Donna, his long cock dripping with cum.

    I stayed motionless until Hall got dressed and left. Donna laid on the sofa, spread-eagled, so I took advantage of the situation for sloppy seconds.