Men, don't let the ladies out-do you! They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it. Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest here.

Ass Play

Completely straight guy here but man do I love when a women plus with my ass. I’ve never came harder than when she had. Finger pumping in and out of my ass while she sucked me. Seriously the best orgasm ever. And my ex who introduced me to rimming ruined me. I crave a tongue in my ass a often as I wish my tongue was buried deep inside a girls ass. I now enjoy small butt plugs and amp vibrators while I fuck. Who would’ve thought

  • The Plain Truth

    I really don't give a damn about gay stories and I never read any.

    Used And Abused

    Across the hall from me live a couple of lesbians. They are in their mid thirties and not as cute as they may have been. They don't show off or walk around making sure everyone knows they are lesbians, but they are and I know because they told me. In other words, they weren't on the menu.

    During a storm back in the summer of 2020, wind and rain, one of them came over and asked if I could come over and help them with a window because the rain was blowing in. I went, the window was stuck open because they left it open and now it wouldn't shut. I had to go get my tools and come back over and unhinge it and rehang it. Man stuff to them. When I turned around one of them was in her lingerie, she said she wanted to thank me and if I was of the mind for it I could get my pay from her. She stood there and let her bra off, nice big tits mind you, and she pulled her pantie off, perfectly shaved down there. She later commented that lesbians like being totally smooth seeing as they are lesbians.

    She turned down the bed and got on it and told me to get on and do my thing. I could not get hard. I couldn't, no matter what I did. I failed completely. Her partner came in and laughed at me and told me I was a wuss and she started to suck my dick and finger my ass and I got hard enough and she said I was good to go and to get on and not make a fool of myself anymore. While I was going at it, my bare ass in the air, the partner got her face between my cheeks and poked her tongue in my ass and I came right then and there. I didn't have a problem after that and by morning and the storm had passed both of them had gotten their fill and were happy campers. And I was ready to go back to my apartment.

    After that night, and my embarrassment and having my ass licked, we became COVID friends and more than once I went over to make them happy. They liked it in a rehearsed sort of way, telling me what to do while they did their thing. They were very oral girls, oral this and oral that, they gave and wanted it back. The one that licked my ass licked my ass, it was her favorite move at just the right time. She knew how to make me shoot and it worked. From a calendar point of view it was now and then, but often enough considering we were shut in. I never got around to just giving it to them my way, I was there for them to play and have some variety. It's the lesbian way they tell me. Instead of getting their toys out to play, they invited me over.

    Our last time together was a month ago, and they are having some people over next weekend and I'm invited to spend the night with them. It's a timing thing, you don't think about that, but they make sure the time is right for them. It's a calendar thing.

  • Help Needed

    My husband died seven years ago, and I am raising my son by myself. He turned twelve a few months ago, and I accidently saw him naked a few days ago. His penis does not appear to be much larger than it was when he was seven and he does not have any pubic hair. Is this normal? What did you look like at that age? Your help is appreciated.

    Once Upon A Time I Got Lucky

    I went on my first trip to the branch office in Singapore. Beside me sat a girl whos family lived in Singapore and over the many hours we became friends. After a while the conversation died down, the lights were off and we did our best to get some sleep. She put her hands around my arm and rested her head on my shoulder. It was very quiet on board and she woke me up, wanted to get comfortable and she lifted the armrest between us. We pretended to be comfortable, but you just aren't. We talked and the conversation turned to the mile high club.

    The bathroom was small and we had more trouble than you might think getting in position. The whole thing took about ten minutes, and we went back to our seats. We promised to get together and have dinner but the timing didn't work out and I left back for LA without connecting with her again.

    I spent a career traveling around the world, amassed a million miles and a lifetime award of upgrades. But for the next 40+ years nothing like that first trip to Singapore ever happened again.

  • I Miss Craigslist Personals

    When Craigslist had a personal section, I used to go to the "platonic friend" section under w4m and I probably had sex with over 35 women over the years. I am a real gentleman and I would prefer going on "platonic" dates as there is less pressure - I am not being evaluated for mating but for friendship.

    As is always the case - after three to four dates the friendship evolves - mix in some great conversation - you make each other laugh - you have great meals - a bottle of red wine - and the word "platonic" goes out the window.

    I was never suprised when I would wake-up in a "friend's" bed hungover and naked. The sex was always great and more intense and fun as the expectations were more of a "fuck friend" then a "boyfriend". You are temporary while the "right" person might come along.

    I did noticed that you often got "dropped" faster - after a dozen romps - guilt would set in and it was easy to cut the ties. That is another guy advantage to the plantonic friend that became a lover...then back to a friend..then back to a lover...then back to a friend...then one last time I promise...then back to a friend.....its complicated...bye !

    If you like variety in your sexual partners, then don't look for the "perfect woman" that wants to marry you. Just look for the sexy single friend that has needs just like you.

    I hope my confession helps you !

    Woman I’m Seeing Doesn’t Like My Underwear?

    Finally put myself back out on the dating scene in the summer of 2021. Been single for quite a few years, just concentrated on raising my daughter who is now in college.

    Met a woman who is 44. Beautiful woman, very sexy body. Been seeing her for 4 months now. Things finally turn sexual back in December.

    But one problem, just the other day she admitted my underwear is a turn off to her. Like really? My underwear is? I wear white briefs, always have. I like the support and how briefs fit. I’ve always worn white briefs, actually pretty much all of my friends are still briefs guys too. So I was a bit surprised when she told me my underwear was an issue. I obviously can’t be wearing sexy thongs daily like she is! I explained to her why I like and prefer briefs.

    She obviously seen my big balls so she should understand why I need support! And she’s seen my dick up front. Just kinda surprised my underwear can be such an issue. Every past woman I’ve had sex with never said a word about me wearing briefs.

    Do I just stand my ground and keep wearing my white briefs or should I get colored briefs instead? I’m definitely not getting boxers or boxer briefs, too much fabric for me and I need plenty of support. I’m a linesman, can’t have my junk flopping around!

    Sucking & Fingering

    I've never admitter this to anyone, me and wife really enjoy sucking each others nipples with our fingers up each others bottoms, could this mean i have gay tendencies because i enjoy it so much.


    All of us neighborhood boys 6 to 14 15. We're going to the creek in the woods sucking and fucking each other all day everyday during the summer.

  • My Friends Dick

    My friend and I sometimes share girls or he shares them with me. When we first started doing this I realized that his penis was attractive and I was enjoying looking at it, watching her suck him. Once while waiting on a girl to arrive he put on some porn and pulled it out. I got hard immediately watching him as he teased his big dick. I really wanted to touch it and stroke it.
    I’ve jerked off a couple of times now to that scene and I start imagining him telling me to suck him.