Men, don't let the ladies out-do you! They may have leaky boobs, fat ankles, and their monthly visitor, but they've got nothing on you, and we want to hear all about it. Did you get a boner while giving a presentation at work? Did you let out a fart while introducing yourself to your girlfriend's mother? Were you the scrawny kid in high school with the pock-marked face? Let if off your chest here.

Best Thanksgiving Ever

Happy Turkey Day,

Way back when I was a freshman in college and we had a neighbor's Thanksgiving. The next door girl, 15 going on 20, looked good that afternoon with some rouge and lip gloss, a dress, and her hair made up. We got to talking, she talked like a real girl now, we were outside against the garage wall, I touched her tit and told her she looked good, she touched my zipper and I grabbed at her crotch. She didn't back off and I kissed her with a hand full of tit.

We went into the garage through the side door, got my hands under her dress and pulled her panties down, she kicked them off and laid back on the cushions of the pool furniture, my pants were down, my dick was hard and her pussy was hot. Best Thanksgiving ever.


    My wife passed away and my daughter in her infinite wisdom wants me to move in with her. I sure don't need to try and make conversation with her two bit husband, a Sociology professor at the tiny college where they live. I really have a problem with the boy who can't be a man.

    Leave that there. My wife spent the last seven years on her downhill journey through cancer. No wife to me from that perspective. A friend of mine I ride with suggested a marlin fishing trip to Panama. A week away for me, my daughter came to stay with her mother. In Panama we really got away, good fishing, better whoring, better girls than I had in the Philippines, cute, young, affectionate. Who needs to fish? But we fished anyway, we slept with a couple of girls each.

    That week revived me. My friend and I have spent a week these last few year in the arms of the beautiful honeys. In the city where I live it is not unknown to have sweetie available with a phone call. If I go live with my daughter in Iowa not only do I have to deal with my son-in-law, I can't get out and get my relief. I have a little sweetie who really gets my spirit up, and my fifty-three year old dick. I can't give that up to live in tiny town Iowa where fun is mowing the lawn.

    I Really Wish That Adoption Records Remain Sealed

    So to give a time reference, just let it stand as sometime years ago. It was a boy girl party and someone suggested spin the bottle. I didn't know her, someone's cousin. Beautiful, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and the spin put her on the receiving end of my kiss. She closed her eyes and when I put my hands on her shoulders she was trembling, so I lightly kissed her cheek and got booed.

    Later when we were in line to get something to eat she offered to bring me a plate. She kissed my cheek. Boy, was I in love. She wasn't old enough to date, but she would go to her cousin's house and I could meet her there. It was there that we had sex, it was there that she got pregnant. It was there that my life was destroyed.

    The baby was given up for adoption, I had no say on this and neither did she. We never knew the sex. Of course I was in reform school so what rights did I have. So many years later, after making a living as a machinist, after a long marriage and a divorce, after all these years a woman came to me and told me she is my daughter. DNA is a nasty thing, it tells the truth.

    I don't feel anything for this woman. Nothing. All this has done is open my wound. Silence was her real choice, nothing has been done except to break my heart again. Sorry for the downer.

    A Warning, Keep Your Hands Off

    I screwed up and fucked the maid's daughter. She was not legal, age or immigration. She got pregnant and claimed it was me, my lawyer told me to recognize the kid and pay generous child support, do not have a paternity test. I've never seen the kid, don't want to. I have been told the kid is full Mexican. I fired the maid, gave her a settlement, I just wanted nothing to do with them. She wasn't some innocent girl, she got down and gave me a BJ first.

    I don't really know how old she really is, or if she is really the daughter of the maid, there are no papers but the mother claims she is underage and that put me deep in the penalty box.

    My Angel

    I heard it, I didn't see it. A semi hit me behind the drivers seat, everything went into slow motion. Around and around, in my mind I thought I still controlled the car. Then it stopped, piled against a pillar of the overpass. Quiet, I could not hear anything, I started to smell everything, my sweat, the shit in my pants, the gasoline, the burnt tires, the weather. My door opened and I got out and started to walk away from the car. My legs didn't work, I fell on the pavement. In the ringing of my ears, the now loud sound of cars honking, screeching, crashes, I was lifted by my arms and I was dragged along the pavement.

    I woke up three days later in a hospital, in traction, in a cast from my toes and over my hip and the small of my back. I saw a boy in the bed beside me, pretty fucked up. The nurse walked by and came over to me and looked into my eye. She left and several other nurses and doctors came. The days passed before I was sent home, into a duplex apartment with stairs, a roommate who told me to suck it up. I got up, out of bed and crawled to the kitchen. Pulled myself up and fell out the door onto the back porch and down the four steps and passed out.

    I woke up on the floor of the living room, a woman stood over me, a man was on the phone. They helped me to my bed. I woke up and a girl was sitting on a kitchen chair. She wiped my face, fed me with a spoon, her mother changed and cleaned me, the girl gave me a sponge bath, she fed me by hand, slept on the floor in the room, held my penis to pee in the bed pan. Days went by, my angel didn't leave, she helped her mother turn me to wipe my ass, spoon feeding me.

    I spent a year before I started to walk again, before I could return to college, my neighbor cooked for me, my angel did the laundry and cleaned the apartment. She walked behind me when I started to walk, she read the newspaper, combed my hair.

    My neighbor was an LVN and her daughter was 14 when I was hurt. I owe them more than words can say, they may not have been the doctors that saved my life, they saved my soul.

  • Good Memories


    Way back when, 1969 the man on the moon and Viet Nam. I was 17 and senior in high school in Costa Rica, my father was with AID. Sergio was a fellow senior and he took me under his wing. His family had a beach house and he invited me for the weekend, he had a GTO and we went down Saturday morning. His family, with younger sisters arrived early afternoon. Being the beach, and the pool, everyone had stripped down to swimming suits, the maids serving lunch and beer was available for all, even the little sisters who were 14 and 15.

    That night after dinner we all, he and I and his two sisters went for a walk in the moonlight on the beach. He kept a real tight rein on the girls. At one point we stopped so the girls could get in the moonlit surf. They ran in and out, squealing, running up to us pulling us into the surf, the tops came off, both girls with tight little tities, laughing at us pulling at our trunks.

    A minute or two later we were all naked, Marisabel the older girl pulling on my dick, asking me in Spanish if I liked it, then on her back on the sand, her sister put my swim trunks under her and her legs open wide, her hands under her knees I fell between her legs and lost, or gave up my virginity. Sergio laughed telling me I was fucked, his sister was now my girlfriend and Latinas were jealous.

    My senior year was better than anyone can really imagine, I became part of Sergio's family, his sister was a girlfriend like American girls can't, sex was discreet but not interfered with, she was my girlfriend, my Novia, which pretty much meant we were destined for marriage. College and distance was difficult, but the die was cast and we married at 25 and 23 after college.

    We are now retired in Costa Rica and skinny dip in the moonlit surf at the same beach house which she inherited.

    It Gets In Your Blood And If You Watch You Want It Too

    Going back to when I was growing up, I worked in the afternoons after school at the town movie theatre. It was an old building built in the 40s during the war and had two floors. The movies showed during the week were old black and white movies which everyone had already seen. The clientele were older business men and once in a while an out of town man bought a ticket. They all went upstairs.

    Being that I was responsible for cleaning up the theatre between showings I knew the theater pretty well and I would sneak up to the second floor and watch the men make out. They sat apart from each other, in the corners, kissing and jerking each other. I watched and jerked off myself. Of course there were times when a man would slip down onto the floor and I suppose although I would never admit it publicly that more than once a man's pants came down and the other man slowly fucked him. But what got me hard was watching the men make out.

    For a dollar, sometimes for five dollars, I would suck a man and sometimes although I would never admit it publicly a man took my pants down and I bent over the chair and he fucked me. I mean if anyone ever found out that at the movie theatre men were making out and worse sucking each other and having a fuck they would have shut the theatre down.

    My job was to clean up afterwards, which included wiping down the back of the seats where the men had unloaded their cum. I learned that wiping things down after every show was better, no body sat in a seat where there was cum on it, and like I said the best seats were in the corner so I diligently wiped the seat backs down, or the seats themselves if they needed it.

    But the reason I am telling you this is that to this day, all these years later, I still get hard watching two grown men make out. I live in an apartment downtown, where I can afford it, and there is an alley where the men go to make out, and get on their knees or lean up against the wall and I go watch. I can't get it up anymore, so mostly it is just to feel good watching a man in a suit or nice clothes making out with some homeless guy, get on his knees and blow him, or better yet lower his pants so the homeless guy can get behind him and fuck him. I think it is about 20 bucks.

    At least that is what I pay to suck off a homeless guy and lower my pants, but not before making out with him first.

    My Wife, For All Practical Purposes She Was Mine At The Age Of 5

    It was never part of the plan. We were going to my best friend's lake house for the weekend. When he told me his little sister was coming along our party plans were ditched. This girl was a spoiled kid. We called the girls we had talked into coming out to cancel their weekend plans.

    Let me go back, my friend and I were 19, college rising sophomores, the girls we invited were recent high school graduates. My friend's sister was 14. And she was a clinger, hung on to me, wrapped her arms around my waist. Since she was five. And that weekend she got out of her bed and came and got in my bed. She was 14, but she had a little woman's body, tits, hips, and cute little ass in her nightgown.

    She cuddled, wanted to be hugged tight, cuddled away in my arms, and somehow I had to keep myself from getting an erection. And the high school girls were not going to be there. Now my friend knew her sister was going to be my wife one day, whether it happened at 22 or 14 didn't much matter to him. As far as he was concerned she was old enough. And I wanted her to be old enough, but all I did was snuggle her and hold her tight.

    After we got back to town we learned that his parents had heard about the two high school girls, leaked out by one of the girls. So his mom sent his sister along because she knew that with her there nothing would happen. Nothing happened. I just got hornier and knew that 14 was just half a jump from all woman. I held off until she was 17, married her when she finished college. I don't tell people that I met my wife when she was 5, and she slept with me when she was 14, even if it is true.


    For years now one of my best friends is a black man my age. He is married with kids has a great job and a very sexy wife. He and I drink beer and fish a lot enjoy cooking out and my wife likes their friendship also. About a year or so he and I were at my house one Saturday drinking beer and my wife was gone for the weekend to visit her parents.
    He and I drank all day and it was after dark and we were just talking and some how got on the subject of sex. We shared experiences and got on the subject of our younger years and our first experiences. I told him if I tell you about this you have to keep it a secret He agreed so I began to tell him about my best friend and I and how we used to sneak around and have sex together. He asked a lot of questions and I could tell he was getting excited listening to my stories. I told him how we used to suck each other off before we were old enough to cum and later on when we could cum we both liked to swallow once we got used to it. Then I told him how we used to cut thru the woods on the way home from school and hide really good in the thick trees and he would fuck me in the ass and how I liked taking his cum in my ass.
    I told him in detail how he used to stick his dick in me and hold my hips as he fucked my ass and how he enjoyed shooting his cum up my ass. I told him how we would suck and fuck most of the day on Saturdays as my parents were at work all day. After listening to me for over an hour he asked if I ever thought about doing that again. I thought a minute and said I would if it could be very private and discrete. I asked him why he asked that and he told me he had been very curious for a couple of years and just wondered what it would be like to suck a mans cock and to let a man suck me off. We talked about that awhile then he said he wanted to be honest and told me what he really wanted was to put his cock in a nice tight ass and fuck a man up the ass. I told him back in my younger day I liked taking a dick in my ass and did it with a lot of boys back then and several times with more than one at a time.
    We drank a couple more beers and he asked if I would ever consider having sex with him. I had a good idea that he wanted to do something and I was curious myself so I told him why not no one will ever know if we do or if we don't. I said the wife is gone if you want to and have time we can at least get naked maybe jack off or try sucking each other. He said OK but do you think I could fuck you I really want to do that and it would be pretty hot to put my dick in a white ass.
    We were in the house in a few minutes and I suggested we shower together first and once he was naked I was shocked to see how huge his dick was. I had to ask and he was stroking it and had a big smile on his face and told me its 12" and as you can see very thick. The head was huge and he was very black. He looked right at me stroking that monster and asked if I thought I could take it in the ass. I was unsure but told him I wanted to at least try. e got in the shower and our hands were all over each other and we sucked each other a little and he got behind me and his huge hard cock was in the crack of my ass as he humped on me moaning and telling me how bad he wanted to fuck me I came in the shower just getting humped and listening to him tell me how he wanted to fuck me.
    We dried off and I got the Vaseline out and he followed me to the extra bedroom. It took some time and he put his dick in my asshole several times but pulled it out because it hurt me. Finally I was able to take him and let him leave it in my ass and he went slow giving me more and more until about half of it was up my ass and he told me I was tight and felt so good he was about to cum. I told him to go ahead and cum if you want to. He fucked me with half of his big dick then shot a huge load up my ass pushing deeper and deeper in to my ass as he emptied those big black nuts in my tight white ass.
    He asked me if I could take a little more and he pushed deeper in to my cum filled ass and as I wiggled around underneath him and pulled at the sheets moaning out loud wanting to scream his dick went deeper and deeper until it felt like it was in my stomach. He laid on top of me for several minutes just lightly pushing his cock up my ass and the he began to fuck me with short easy strokes at first but before he finished he was fucking me with all he had and there was a lot of cum between my legs and it took him forever to cum the second time and when he did he made sure he was balls deep in my asshole and he filled me up and made me cum too.
    I told him to leave it in my ass for awhile and we just talked with him balls deep in my ass and he humped me a little and eventually it slipped out of my ass and I could feel a huge amount of cum pour out of my wide open asshole. We got up and cleaned up and just looking at his long fat dick hanging between his legs excited me and I reached out to stroke it and he asked if I wanted some more. I said if you can get it up again I sure would like a little more. He fucked me again on my back with my legs up over his shoulders and h got even deeper and fucked me so hard I almost passed out a few times and I could look down between us and see his huge dick fuck in and out of my ass and I couldn't wait for him to get balls deep in my ass and fill me up with another big hot load. He had just came and was still in my ass when his wife called and they talked as I showered. After that we fucked a lot and often and that huge dick just felt better each time he used it on me.
    He liked to suck me off and eat out my ass and swallow my cum before he fucked me and after awhile I could suck his dick and let him cum in my mouth. We talked about fantasies and acted out a lot of them and He and I both wanted my fantasy to come true and I really wanted to be gang fucked by him and a few of his black friends. It took quite awhile maybe a year to make it happen and it was him and 3 other big black men with huge dicks and a day and night at my cabin on my farm. 4 big black cocks using me for hours and hours and once I woke up face down on the bed tied spread eagle with all of them taking turns on my ass and there was a huge pool of cum between my legs and my nuts were sitting in it and they kept fucking me and drinking their beer. I just let myself go for once and let them use me and fuck me at both ends and take all the cum I could and it got wild and a little rough before it was over. They tried to DP me a few times but it hurt really bad then I got very drunk and tried it and they got two dicks up my ass at the same time and I had over 20" of big black dick up my ass at the same time.
    We had a gang bang ..(continue confession)

    Doesn't Get Any Weirder

    Ever since intense sexual abuse at the hands of foster-brothers, and one adult 'friend of the family' I have been addicted to total enclosure bondage, and forced oral-services, by one or more sadistic males. This has been relatively easy to find, as most horny males don't care what has to be done to avail themselves of endless blow-jobs, to their exact specification and requirement. Typically I will arrange to meet one or more guys, at a quiet rural motel, preferably of the 'cabin' style arrangement, at weekends or holidays, sometimes just as long as they want, if they repay the motel cost. I have this rubber-lined bag, which I can get into, in advance, leaving only the final tying under my feet, and or waist - I have already tied the neck, making sure that the zippered opening is aligned with my mouth. I lie on the bed, and wait for him-them to arrive, and after that I am unconditionally 'bound' to obey their slightest whim, usually lengthy 'face-fucking' sometimes accompanied by wicked orgasm denial, via the other zippered aperture. Or the bag can be secured tightly at the waist, and folded back over the top half, leaving me available and vulnerable from the waist down.

    Risky as this may seem, I have never been in any REALLY threatening situation, although I have relished the additional excitement of good 'mind-games' involving threats of abduction and permanent far my "captors" have all been highly-sexed, usually older males, who have no desire to "kill the goose that lays the golden eggs" so to speak.

    I admit to fantasies of a long-term or permanent relationship with a really demanding guy, even a dom-sub 'marriage' where my confinement could become even 23-7-365, with a one hour break for hygiene, bodily functions, food-hydration, and exercise. Apparently I give excellent 'head' and can be quite arousingly-pitiful, as demanded...just need the right guy, I guess, to taker maximum advantage of MY need to satisfy HIS....