Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you? Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!

How I Killed My Neighbor And Got Away With It, Sort Of.

My neighbor was one of those loud people who cranked up his music so loud it made al the windows on the street rattle. I ended up getting sick from lack of sleep. Yes he did this all hours of the day and night and our somewhat urban town didn't have anti noise laws at least not in our neighborhood which was mixed industrial, residential, retail.

I had to do something. I couldn't move without losing my job. I couldn't reason with him. He claimed it was his right to free speech to play that obnoxious rap music the the jackhammer beat on 7 different stereo systems all at once with all the speakers in his open windows facing out and the smallest one was a 500 watt system. He worked from home and claimed the music made it easier to sleep. I literally got tinnitus despite living three hundred feet from his house and wearing 30db rated ear plugs 24-7.

I wanted my neighbor dead in the worst way. I had toyed with several ways to m****r him. But then one day I got a letter in the mail from the gas company. They were going to be working on pipes in the area and asked everyone to hire a plumber to turn off their gas pipes for a few days. Normally the gas company would send someone out to take care of it but for some reason they asked us to take care of it. This was what inspired me.

As soon as I read the letter I ran down the street and checked to see if my neighbor also got such a letter and sure enough there it was. I took the letter home and tore it up and flushed it down the toilet. A few days later they started digging up the road and thought everyone's gas was turned off. There was something about fluctuating gas pressure or some such thing and just as I hoped, my neighbor's house exploded, with him inside it.

There was an investigation. The gas company was blamed for not ensuring everyone's gas was turned off. The city was blamed for not checking up on the gas company. The fire department was blamed for not having a presence on the street when they were working on the gas pipes. And I was arrested when one of my neighbor's reported seeing me stealing my neighbor's mail. In a fit of insanity I confessed to stealing and destroying the letter for the sole purpose of seeing my neighbor die. But I had a really good lawyer and I ended up only being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and mail theft. I was sentenced to 5 years and then was released after only three months on a technicality. I was acquitted of first and second degree m****r charges and was retried for the manslaughter charge. I ended up with a hung jury the second time around and then they tried to have me tried yet a third time for manslaughter and I had a hung jury the third time as well. At that point when the prosecutor said he would try me again the judge issued a summary judgement acquitting me of that charge so the only thing that is actually on my record is mail theft. The feds decided not to pursue that since the state already prosecuted me for that.

So I did a few months in prison and a few weeks in jail all together and I have lived in that same house ever since. I have also enjoyed blissful peace and quiet ever since. My new neighbors are an elderly gay couple who only like violin music and bought the property a year after my old neighbor died and they built a nice little bungalow in the same spot. I don't think I could hear them if I had my ear to their parlor window.

This is the only time I have ever committed a crime. Do I feel regret? I feel absolutely nothing. As far as I am concerned the matter was resolved and I paid a very reasonable price to acquire peace and quiet.

Neighbors Selling House And Moving Away

My neighbors had sold their house and the few days before they were leaving they invited me over for a few drinks. We had more than a few and it was going to be sad to see them go. They had lived there ever since I moved in 10 years ago. During our last days together a comment was made that caught me by surprise. The husband said I was greatly responsible for keeping his wife's pussy wet and horny and he thanked me for it. I didn't know what he meant other than thinking his wife was attracted to me. He shared a few details about what he meant and then showed me. Pretty well every weekend my neighbors went away so I tanned in my yard. Since they were not around I tanned naked. Also, given that they were not around I regularly masturbated out there. I had been doing this almost every weekend since I had moved in years ago. Little did I know that they had security cameras on their house which caught me doing everything I had out their. They showed me some of the footage which dated back years and up to present. I didn't know what to say other than I told them it was an invasion of privacy. They told me I was out in public view and I shouldn't have been doing what I was doing. I got pissed off at them and all they said was that I was over reacting and that I could do nothing about. The husband asked if I was going to call the police on them and added if the video of me masturbating outside would cause them to be arrested or me? He then went on to say what has been seen and recorded over the years has been done and nothing can be done about that now. He did admit that a few of their friends had been shown and seen the video and said may be a few more than that. He said I seemed upset and won't mention any more about it.

I didn't know what I could do but I guess what had happened will no longer occur. A few weeks later I get an email from my neighbors telling me that they felt I was rude and selfish the last day with them. They are telling me in the email that if I didn't want anyone seeing me naked and doing the things I was to not do them in the first place. They then tell me they didn't want to get me more upset that day so I didn't get the chance to see all the wonderful comments people made about me but gave me a link to go to. It was a link to a website that contained all my weekend activities for the last 10 years. I noticed the postings to the site began about 10 years ago so I had been fully exposed and masturbating for the whole time where anyone could see with a simple click. There were thousands of views and comments with most being sexual in nature. Some of what I saw I don't recall doing and they were of a more explicit nature and received a higher rating.

I guess I could have pursued it and did something about it but I thought I would just forget about it since they had moved to another country and it would be difficult. It did make me wonder if anyone I knew other then them or their friends saw what they had posted. They did mention the town where we lived and even the specific area but not the street.

Bitch Got My Friend Arrested

I'll be the first to admit that we can be bit destructive when it comes to just breaking random stuff out in the woods but we all agreed to not touch anything personal or expensive like cars or windows. Now this couple lives right along the woods and often the wife would often see us running around and yell at us.

About a month ago, it was late at night maybe 2 or 3 AM, we didn't want to take the long way around to go into the woods so we hopped her fence and she must have seen coming up because when we got over the first fence she was ready to yell at us for being in her backyard. The next morning a friend texted me saying that another friend got arrested and that bitch was pressing charges for destroying her back fence. Someone had spray painted a dick on her fence and she just called out a random guy because he usually does have cans on him. Bitch had no proof and just started pointing fingers.

The husband just sits and minds his own business so I'm like fuck this bitch. Call me a home wrecker but I felt like I needed to "compensate" the husband for having such a bitchy wife. Now I'm no model or anything but I do consider pretty attractive. All it took was to watch the bitch leave, a somewhat revealing top and a knock on the door and some seductive talk and it was real easy. 15 minutes I was in and out. Of course, I could get into detail but the sex was pretty basic. No surprise but far from the worst.

As for my friend he was released the next day with no charges cause again, no proof

Our Neighbor Is A Cranky Old Bitch. I Let Her Husband Fuck Me.

I am in my senior year of college. It has already sucked because we have had to keep our parties smaller due to COVID, and it just hasn't felt as much like college. To make matters worse our neighbor had started calling the cops on us ever time we have had people over. At the beginning of the year we asked all the neighbors to please call us if we are being too loud and we will turn things down.

Lately we have been damn near quiet, not even playing music, but she is almost counting the people that come into our house, and as soon as we get 11 or 12 the cops are showing up. We have sanitizer everywhere, we are trying to combine being smart and still having some fun in our last semester. Its not like we are having massive parties, we are trying to hang out with like 15-20 friends.

This couple is probably high 60's low 70's. The guy seems nice and is in really good shape for his age. He is always saying hi, while his wife just gives us death stares. The morning following one of our busted 'parties' I was livid. We had 11 people in the house, no music, and we stressed keeping our voices down. I was so fumed with rage I was thinking of a way to get back. I saw her drive off and got an idea. I put on a white low cut shirt without a bra, and yoga pants. It is cold here so I had to also throw hoodie on.

I went over and asked if he had a moment to talk about our parties, and how we could be less invasive of their space, while still having our gatherings. He said he didn't mind, but that his wife was always worried about us all getting sick. I asked if I could come in and talk about that, and he confirmed that she wouldn't be back for awhile. So I asked to talk to him instead.

I sat down and pulled my hoodie off, making sure to pull my shirt up a bit and expose as much of my stomach as I could. My nipples were a bit visible through the shirt also. I could tell his eyes were locked right onto my tits and new I was luring him in. I called him out saying he seemed distracted and he was very embarrassed. I offered him a better look and pulled my low cut shirt off to the sides, now fully exposing both breasts.

He was stammering in disbelief saying things like "Oh my, those are very nice." I walked over to where he was sitting and said he could feel them if he wanted. Once he reached out to touch me, I rubbed my hand on his crotch. I unfastened his belt and slid my hand under his pants, and got a handful of wrinkly dick. Once it was good and hard I pulled my pants down, sat on his lap, and rode his old dick until he drained his warm cum into me.

The reason I posted this is because I rage fucked a guy who was maybe 45-50 years older than I am. I was wondering what the biggest age gap other people have had?

Looney Neighbors

My neighbors are nuttier than coconuts; every time I go outside one of them who is fat, has very few teeth in his mouth and is dumb ass fuck comes outside to talk to himself, bitching and cussing to himself, and it's really annoying and it's disturbing the peace. We come outside to enjoy the water not listen to a grown man talking to himself and bitching about everything thinking anybody within radius wants to hear him. Him and his wife argue about 90% of the time they are at home and at times I worry they may try to kill eachother with the way they argue especially out on their front porch.

Their front porch is a complete disaster, the idiot turned his front porch into a living room complete with a tv, a couch, rocking chair, a refrigerator, and a microwave yes out on HIS FRONT PORCH. Yeah it's really embarrassing when people come walking through the neighborhood to see a grown man sleeping on his couch with the tv on, on their front porch; i'm sure the rest of the neighborhood sees this and are all laughing their asses off at how stupid these people are.

One time in the summer he actually took a kiddy pool and sat in it in their front yard while his wife wore a bathing suit and believe me she looks ugly and should not be allowed to wear one just to protect the children in the neighborhood from being scarred for life. The Bitch fucking lays on a towel on the fucking sidewalk which is a real inconvenience for pedestrians trying to get around to see some nasty bitch sunbathing on the damn sidewalk. A Mother with her baby in a stroller had to make sure no cars were coming down the road because she had to go around the stupid bitch laying in the damn sidewalk.

These idiots have also been known to steal stray pets without knowing they may have owners. He one time stole a Pitbull and it attacked a pedestrian and their dog and they ended up getting sued and have been confronted multiple times by the actual owners and has lead to fights and him telling them to get off of his property. Hey dumbass the sidewalk is not your property stop stealing other's pets you fucking idiot.

Then the two of them took a Barbie Power Wheels Jeep as she got into the jeep while he would pull her around the neighborhood in it. Yes two grown ass adults riding around the neighborhood in a Child's Power Wheels Car that is meant for toddlers. Yeah I bet everyone who saw these idiots were all laughing their fucking asses off at how fucking stupid these people really are.

Every week when we take our trash to the street they go rooting through our trash. They've taken things out of our trash which I don't understand why because it's unsanitary. I've seen the idiot going outside wearing my son's old underwear he threw away and his underwear had holes in them exposing his cottage cheese looking ass which is enough to blind anyone who sees him ugly ass. I've even seen the both of them going outside in their underwear and pole dance on the Street Lamps I mean dear God what did I do to deserve having complete idiots for neighbors?

These people have really bad hygiene and I refuse to allow them into my house as neither of them smell like they have ever had a shower in their lives. They always ask to borrow the phone and I tell them no and no means no.

The woman is loonier than a looney toon, she goes outside and stares at my car and I tell her to get the hell away from my car. She one time actually drove a car and tried to push another car out of a parking place, fucking looney ass bitch. She's been sent to the mental institution multiple times and after she went psycho and threw a glass jar at the orderlies they got the Police to taser her and have her sent back to the nuthouse and good riddance that looney bitch has no place in society.

The Idiot man has been hoarding so much shit and caused an electrical fire in his house and his house is right next to mine and it caused fire damage to my house. After that I sued his ass but I used the money to get myself a new place hopefully to get away from these fucking looney ass people once and for all.

  • Neighbours Wife

    There I am minding my own business having a pleasurable wank, in my own conservatory, when my neighbour Jane puts her head around the patio doorway.
    My wife's out playing golf and I'm horny as fuck.
    She tells me, she's been able to see me 'entertaining' myself for weeks after we had some of the old blinds removed.
    Thinking she's going to begin having a go at me, I tell her I'm in my own home, and if she doesn't like watching me masturbate, to not look.
    However as I begin to talk again to ask her to leave, Jane steps inside, let's me know my cock's huge compared to her husband's, and kneels down taking hold of my cock shaft.
    To say I was stunned is a massive understatement.
    I'm forty eight, in reasonable shape, but I'm no male model. Jane is twenty nine, pretty but not stunning I'd say, but has a beautiful youthful slim body.
    As she sucked in my cock, I began to think, when is my wife going to appear. Or is somebody going to jump out and scream surprise.
    Nobody shouted out and my wife was probably on the first tee by then.
    Look I'm no Adonis or sexual god. But having a beautiful young neighbour of mine sucking me off, I wasn't going to let it pass me by.
    Taking hold of her head, I began to thrust upwards fucking her face, and if anything Jane just got more and more greedy for my dick.
    Ever heard the saying 'In for a penny, in for a pound'. Basically all or nothing. I figured if she was prepared to suck on my dick without hardly knowing me, then I was going to at least try and fuck her. And seeing as I'm an arse kinda guy, I wanted her tight looking backside on my cock.
    As she continued to devour my cock, I reached over her to find she had no knickers on under her short flaring skirt and her pussy and arse were very wet. It appeared I hadn't been the only one masturbating.
    Telling her I was close to cumming, and that I wanted to fuck her, she quickly stood up turned around and leaned over the large coffee table we have in the conservatory.
    I swear, my dick had never been so hard. So standing behind her, I guess she thought I was going to slip my cock into her pussy, but as I've said, I'm an arse man and I might not have gotten a second chance.
    There was no finesse to my thrust, I put my cock to her rear hole and pushed hard. My cock popped into her arsehole and I heard Jane say "Oh fuch yeh".
    You've heard the saying from Casablanca 'In all the bars, in all the world, etc'. Well that was me with Jane. Little did I know she loved having her arse fucked, but her husband thought it was dirty, so hardly, if ever fucked her cute tight arsehole.
    She practically forced herself onto my dick and from then on I was like a kid in a sweet shop.
    Jane and I fucked for a long time. I came once up her arse fairly soon, but in a first for me as Jane encouraged me to do so, I stayed in her and carried on fucking her gorgeous backside.
    Getting me to sit back down after a few minutes of thrusting up her arse, squishing the cum I'd ejaculated up he back fuck hole, she mounted my cock facing me, but first removed her top and short skirt.
    Looking at her naked, and able to see her firm breasts, I instantly became incredibly turned on.
    You have to understand, my wife doesn't enjoy sex anymore, that's why I was wanking so much. To have a good looking younger woman actually wanting to fuck a guy like me, well let's just say its better than winning the lottery.
    Her perfect tits bounced as she went crazy on my cock. Her arsehole was leaking my cum onto my thighs a little by then, but I didn't care.
    And able to see her lovely face as she orgasmed only made me want to fuck her even more.
    When I did cum for the second time up her arse, only moments after Jane had climaxed, she lifted off my cock, lay on the coffee table opening her legs and said "Lick me".
    I didn't need to be asked twice I can tell you.
    It must have been a good quarter of an hour later when I rose up with my face and fingers covered in my own cum and her pussy and anal cream.
    Jane had orgasmed twice more and I genuinely couldn't remember having as good a time, in years.
    She stood up, held my face and kissed me hard. Breaking off, Jane said "Hopefully tomorrow neighbour".
    The excitement I felt when my wife left for work the following afternoon, was simply overwhelming. Jane later told me she'd watched my wife drive away in her uniform and knew we had nearly three hours before her husband got home.
    We used practically every minute of those hours to lick, suck and fuck. And for the second time I went crazy for her perfect arse.
    The difference was, other than eating out her back passage, I also fucked her pussy for the first time.
    Jane and I are still having sex. It's not as frequent as maybe I would like now, as her husband changed jobs. But his new job almost tiesbin with my wife's. This means we don't fuck as often, but we do get more time together when we do.
    Both Jane and I know it's only sex. And we both understand we owe each other nothing. If she stopped wanting sex tomorrow, I'd still consider myself an extremely lucky man to have met her.
    However yesterday she did mention, and the real reason I'm here, she wished we'd have met before she got married. When I asked her why sliding my cock into her in the missionary position, she replied "Because I'd have been able to be with you every day".
    Yesterday was the first time in the nine months we've been having sex, that it was more sensual and not just a great fuck. Dont get me wrong, it was still great sex, amazing sex, but we kissed, caressed and gave each other far more oral sex, than before.
    It was also a first for me when she left, I heard the word love from her lips.

    Caught Tuggin

    I don't hate my neighbor, but this involved my neighbor, so it seems like the best genre. I am a single 30 year old that lives by myself.

    My computer is set up in a room with a window that opens right up to the neighbors house. They have a window that looks directly into this one, but their blinds are always closed. I open the window to get a nice cool breeze in the house. If I am going to be pleasuring myself, I close the blinds, but sometimes I forget. I was just out cutting the grass and the woman of the house next door flagged me down and said "Hey I wanted to ask if you could be a bit more careful when you are having you alone time. I have gotten a bit of a show a couple times recently and I just want to make sure that my sons dont see anything they shouldn't." I was very apologetic and embaressed, but then she added an "Personally I don't mind but I cant have my sons seeing that."

    She is a MILF for sure, and now I keep tugging thinking about her coming over to help. Kinda a lame story, but there is something weirdly hott knowing that my neighbor has seen my dick a few times.

    White Trash Neighbors

    It pisses me off when a bunch of trash, good for nothing losers move next door to you and make life miserable for you. One of them recently got kicked out after the landlord caught them with pot and him and his dumb bitch ex broke up, plus I suspect that he's a thief that would've tried to rob my apartment whenever I leave and all this deadbeat did was sit on his ass smoking his pot and blasting his fucking crap music all goddamn day; until the landlord told him to turn it off.

    Then after the sleazy good for nothing lowlife piece of shit got kicked out, the c**t got with another sleazy slimeball. They play their music loud at night, up until 2 A.M. running all over there apartment making so much goddamn noise, always smoking their cigarettes and turning the damn parking lot into their ashtray.

    If that isn't bad enough these idiots are doing their laundry late at night especially after the landlord made the rule that the laundry room is shutoff after 10:00 P.M. and worst off all these bums are in there every night, and when we go to do their laundry these fucking retards forgot to take their shit out of the dryer, then I ask the landlord permission to move them and he says yes. Also one day these idiots left 5 bags of trash in the hallway of the apartment filled with dirty diapers, and they just left them there, and since these deadbeat bums weren't taking their lazy asses to the dumpster to throw them out, I took them myself, and if I didn't any sooner insects and mice would've infested the apartment.

    This stupid bitch is constantly bringing people over here all hours of the day and they all have no business over here, one they stay at night, and they DO NOT live here nor asked the landlord for permission to stay, so obviously that means this dumb bitch is squatting people in here and letting them stay without paying the rent or even under the landlord's knowledge. Worst of all one of these white trash deadbeats threw rocks at the balcony door; now first of all if you want something and if you can get in the the apartment than have enough goddamn sense to knock on our door or ring our doorbell, not throw rocks at the landlord's property, do you know that if you cause any property damage the landlord could sue you, Plus that could very well kick that stupid bitch next door out of here.

    We've told the landlord about all of these problems and he's getting tired of the complaints and he's this close to throwing her and the rest of these trailer trash lowlifes out of this apartment; and I can't wit for that to happen so we won't half to put up with these dirty ass good for nothing losers anymore. Also I feel sorry for their kids that they have such sorry excuses for human beings as parents. I have a feeling when these kids grow up they'll end up getting F's in school, end up hanging with bad crowds, smoke pot, get into fights, steal from people, and end up in jail when they grow up; all I can say is I hope it's not too late to take these kids away from their retarded parents, and the rest of these white trash lowlifes.

    Caught In The Act

    My neighbor and former best friend Andrea would have a threesome with my hubby from time to time. My husband really found her attractive and I knew it. But then I was horrified when Andrea said your husband has been watching me. She said let’s teach him a lesson. I said sure. Everyone went home. Andrea stayed behind to clean up.

    James went to clean up then Andrea grabbed me be the hand and said let’s go. She pulled me into the bedroom. James came out of the shower and walked into the bedroom stark naked. Andrea then said “nice cock”. He was shocked. He pulled down her swim suit and said “ you have been eyeing this. Do you want it? I know I wanna have you inside me!” I was soo surprised.

    She dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock. Turned to me and said may I?

    I watched them fuck then I licked her clean.

    We did this often and we enjoyed it but had the understanding that it was a threesome. We have been enjoying each other for years. Andrea is now 51 and her husband is now “un able to get it up”. So she now requests threesomes more often. Before it was just special occasions (birthdays or our wedding anniversary). Now she seems to ask me several times a month. At first it was fun. It’s so HOT to watch your Hubby balls deep in another woman knowing that you will get to lick up the mess and it’s kinda nice hearing her beg for it. Makes me feel like a very lucky and powerful woman.

    Well that all ended today. I came home from running some errands. When I left James was cutting the lawn. Andrea, her daughter Faith and Andrea’s sister Anna were swimming in the pool. When I came home Faith was in the pool but Andrea and Anna were gone. I asked Faith were everyone was. She said I don’t know but after Mr James finished the lawn he said that he was going to clean up then join us in the pool. Mom then said ok and turned to Aunt Anna and they smiled. Faith is 20 so she said and laughed. ( Faith had experienced a threesome with us for her twentieth birthday while Andrea watched. ). She said “Mrs Sharon, don’t get madd. Aunt Anna lost her husband over 2 years ago next week and she has not been with anyone since Uncle Todd got cancer”.

    I was madd. I went to the bedroom through the patio door. And there they were on my bed. My marriage bed. My husband was on the bed having sex with Andrea and Anna. Andrea with her beautiful red bush was “sitting on his face”. Anna who is much younger than Andrea was riding James HARD humming up and down. They were both moaning so loud. James heard the door open looked my way and gave me the thumbs up.

    WHAT NERVE! I can’t believe it.

    Andrea saw me and smiled then started rubbing her clit. Anna saw me and was about to dismount but then James and Andrea both put their hands on her hips and forced her down Anna then let out a huge moan and began rocking forward and back. She was feeling his entire cock inside her. She was rubbing her cervix back and forth over his cock. All I could think is that is my husband. That is my cock. I did not grant her permission.

    I don’t let Andrea go that deep. Faith could barely handle it. That’s mine. He is mine. That dick is to only feel my cervix. I don’t mine sharing but not all of it.

    Next thing I knew Faith there next to me. She rubbing her tight little pussy. Then as james, Andrea and Anna began to Cumm I dropped to my knees and started to lick Faith’s pussy.

    Next thing I know we are all licking my hubby’s cock and each others pussy.


    I knew

  • Neighbors Husband

    She's been on my case ever since she found out I enjoy gay, as well as straight sex.

    Her religious beliefs I guess. It got to the point she was making stuff up about me, to get me in trouble.

    Fortunately the police saw straight through her bullshit. About a month after the last crackpot episode, her husband came round to talk to me.

    Only he wasn't really interested in apologizing. Instead in my lounge he sucked on my dick until I filled his mouth with my cum.

    He explained afterwards, that we'd had sex once before. I couldn't for the life of me remember, so he told me.

    Apparently he used to cruise his local park for gay sex. I'd been out with friends drinking and cut through the park on my way home. We met and got it on, with him giving me a blow job.
    He remembered me.

    Two days later with his wife at work, he called by again. But this time it wasn't his mouth i fucked. I was the first to take his asshole, and believe me I didn't go easy on him.

    Still he returned the next day, and a few days after that. Each time the sex becoming much rougher.

    Now I fuck him whenever we get the time. His wife still thinks they're the model twenty seven year old couple, but I know her husband loves hard cock up his ass, and that he loves it rough too.

    Last month after his twenty seventh birthday, I got him a surprise. Myself and a friend of mine, double fucked him until we both came in or over him twice each.

    I hate his wife, but absolutely love fucking him.