Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you? Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!

The Woman Next Door

I do not hate my neighbor - just the opposite, in fact. I can't get enough of her.

This has been going on for months now. She calls me and asks me to come over for a few minutes. I know what that means.

I enter thru the patio door. She is sitting on a bar stool at the kitchen counter, wearing a bathrobe. She is very fit and attractive for a 50 year old woman. She spins the bar stool around to face me, her feet on the foot rung of the bar stool. She smiles and lets her legs open,revealing her thick, black crop of pubic hair. Her pussy lips are standing open because her husband has just fucked her before he left for work.

I kneel in front of her and put my mouth between her legs. I suck her swollen pussy lips into my mouth, tasting their combined come. As I begin to lick her clean, she lights a cigarette.

As I lick and suck her clean, she smokes her cigarette. "Be sure to get it all, please" she says. I suck her pussy insistently, getting all the sweet syrup she has for me. As she finishes her cigarette, I am just finishing her cream pie. She tastes like sweet almond milk.

Now that she's squeaky clean, it's time for her reward. I begin sucking and licking her clitoris. It doesn't take long before she is trembling, teetering on the brink of orgasm. She stiffens and shouts out in ecstasy, her pussy gushing her juices into my mouth. I swallow as much as I can and the front of my shirt soaks up the overflow. Her pussy is pulsing in my mouth. I continue to suck her until her orgasm subsides.

When she is finished with my mouth, I stand up and thank her for yet another tasty late morning breakfast. "Not at all, thank you - I seriously needed that," she says with a sexy smile. "Any time - I'm just a phone call away," I say.

I unzip my pants and release the raging hard on she has given me. She smiles and guides me between her legs. My cock finds her pussy lips and I enter her. She know i won't last long, but she doesn't mind as I made certain she was well serviced. I slowly stroke in and out of her slick, hot pussy, pushing in till my balls touch her ass cheeks. I slowly stroke in her, wanting to make it last but knowing that it won't. After a few minutes of gently slow fucking her pussy, I feel my orgasm begin deep in my balls. I struggle to hold it back, but can't. I unleash a huge load of hot sperm into her pussy.

I continue to gently fuck her until I start to go soft. When I withdraw my cock, i replace it with my mouth, once again sucking her clean. When I am finished, she quickly kneels in front of me and sucks my cock clean of our combined come. Once we are both cleaned up, I bid her a good day and let myself out of her patio door.

Getting along with the neighbors is a good thing...

  • Beautiful Wife

    His wife is twenty nine years old, and is stunning. She's everything I would want in a woman, and he never goes down on her.
    She tells me he hates cunnilingus and sees it as something only skanky women like.
    Well today I spent just under an hour, licking tonguing and generally eating out my neighbours wifes pussy and arse.
    She must have orgasmed over a dozen times, having me lay on my back at one point, as she literally rode my face.
    When I fucked her, she practically begged me to cum in her, knowing she can't have kids.
    And that's where I think his hang up comes from. I don't think it has anything to do with him liking or disliking oral sex. To me it's because she can't have children.
    Today was going into our third month of having sex, and each time it gets better and better.
    I really hate that such a beautiful sexy and full of life woman like my neighbour, is married to such a boring self centered tosser.
    I've asked her to move away with me. Today after sex, she said yes.

    Neighbor Is My Sex Master

    I love my husband very much. But I’ve been fucking my neighbor every chance I get. He just has a hold on me, is very handsome, and is super bossy, which goes very well with my submissive sexual tendencies.

    My neighbor loves ordering me around and knows how to get me wet. One day, for whatever reason, we began talking about an ex boyfriend that I dated right before marrying my husband, and how I broke his heart the day I told him I was getting married. This gave my neighbor an idea. He ordered me to get naked and began a photo shoot featuring me.

    At the end, my neighbor told me to message my ex. I messaged him through FB and began small talk. Then my neighbor ordered me to send my ex the sexually clad pictures and ask what he thought. My ex was surprised at first, asking me why I was sending the pics, but quickly began telling me what he thought. Then my ex began the degrading comments. It was humiliating but made me very horny. I had wild sex with my neighbor that night.

    Now, sending pictures to my ex boyfriend, that my neighbor took, behind my husband’s back, has turned into a regular thing. It makes me hot, wet, and horny knowing my neighbor can make me do anything, and that my ex now has the power to humiliate me as revenge for our breakup, and that my husband doesn’t have a clue about what I do when he’s at work, out with the guys, or on a business trip.

  • Good Christian Girl

    My parents still think I need a babysitter even though I can drive and did sex ed at school. Like seriously? All in the name of being a good Christian girl. They're afraid of me doing sinful things when unsupervised. Well guess what?

    They hired a good Christian boy from church, but little did they know, he was the worst out of the whole youth group. The moment they left, we run upstairs and start making out, the clothes come flying off. I go down on him and he goes down on me. He bends me over my parent's bed and fucks me like the world's ending until I have such a delicious orgasm. He flops onto the bed after I calm down so that I can finish him off with my mouth.

    He wakes me from my nap saying that there's 1 hour before my parents get back. I look down and his cock is already standing at attention ready for me. I spread my legs and in he goes. He stops pounding me to ask if he could cum inside. I said no but he says there's not as much cum the second time so it's not as risky. I nod and he goes back to fucking my brains out. With one final push, he dumps his cum inside me, I loved seeing his face as released inside my pussy.

    He climbs down to finish me off. We get dressed and pretend to do homework when my parents get back. They pay him, I give an innocent thank you and goodbye. When I go to shower later that night, I find a decent puddle of cum in my panties from how much I leaked. The best part though is I was finally added to the secret youth group chat.

    Fucking Asshole

    Im your average gut I was on swim team in high school played baseball I'm five foot ten one eighty five redhead in good shape I go on hikes enjoy nature rock hounding kinda of a nervous shy personality I will go out on my girlfriend Natalie request she enjoys being social
    We got a new neighbor Chad
    A few inches taller then me same athletic build white guy with a permanent tan dreadlocks going down mid back or so
    We ran into him moving in he is definitely a social butter fly Natalie invited him over the guys moving him in was a professional moving crew he popped over two hours later we had a beer and talked I thought he was a sketchy burn out
    He came back smoking a joint with Natalie as we all had a beer
    I guess I get a smarmy stuck up attitude where I act slightly better then others
    After Chad left Natalie said I did my Mr goodie two shoes thing on him
    After a while I tried to catch up with him kinda apologize
    He would have a few loud parties with people over it got old one day I ran into him after a shit day at work and asked if he could keep it down
    He got all look bro I had friends over from back home on the u.p so we got down my bad but you don't have to act like Mr Rodgers either douche
    That was his words my words look big Lebowski keep your shit up and being loud all the time and imma give you shit to be loud over bitch keep playing with bro I said back
    A few girls on the porch started trying to tease me and I basically made them feel like coke whores
    I'm not paying attention and a few hours later I see Natalie heading into Chad's apartment about thirty minutes she comes up to our apartment
    Smelling like weed booze on her breath
    Hey you owe Chad an apology you went way off on them
    I tell her what I said about his loud parties and his response
    And that's why I went off on him
    She said my response was still over the top but she gets it just try and be nice Chad invited us to a get together at his apartment so we went
    It started off cool but after a while Chad would slip in a fucked up comment or would call neighborhood watch
    Yo neighborhood watch you need a drink
    Or whoa guys don't smoke that joint around Mr Rodgers we don't need a dare class
    It kept up after a few hours I went home Natalie was going to smoke a joint or two and head home.
    After a while an hour or so later she came home stoned and tipsy
    She told Chad he was fucked up and his attitude was fucked up
    We went over the next day I used Natalie advice
    All hey thanks for the invite Chad it was a great time bro your a unique guy man can't wait to hang out again
    He made us a drink do you want to smoke man his truce moment I can't man I'm allergic to marijuana man but I will have a drink with you
    I do like the smell of bud though
    Nah it's cool man Chad said
    How about you Nat you want to smoke Chad asked
    Yes you know me I would love to
    I have a drink with them as they smoke they get wrapped up in a conversation about the top growers and Bud cup
    How Chad is going his friend is in the Bud cup as a grower
    We all get a little tipsy there baked we listen to some music
    Then Chad gets Natalie to do a little blow with him
    I'm a little uncomfortable but I try and play cool
    We head up after a hour or two and Natalie gives me the nastiest blow job I've ever had especially from her we have dirty sex all over the living room and kitchen
    I let the whole doing a line thing go
    We get invited to chill with two Bud cup growers it's waisted on me but we go rum and yes we even me ate some mushrooms and hung out on some molly they smoked we drank I chilled Chad saw me in a new light and
    Next party Chad still have me a little shit
    But it was chill
    We chill drank then I noticed every so often Natalie would get flirty or make eyes at the growers or Chad they would get a little fresh with each other
    Still thinking Chad is a loser but trying to play nice he is interesting in that helpless loser who needs everyone help
    We still snickered and made fuck you spiteful comments at each other's experience when no one was around
    Natalie is my highschool sweetheart she was a cheerleader she is five foot six one twenty something sexy body long burnette hair petite skinny up turn tits with big pink nipples pale skin green eyes she is stunning.
    Again she did a little extra we fucked like animals for half the night day of the Bud cup came I had to work Natalie Chris Chad and Jason all went I got sporadic and random texts photos and little miss you wish you were here texts
    In the pic I get Natalie is wearing mid thigh marijuana stockings a black and green plaid skirt and a green and black marijuana leaf halter top with her hair in french braids
    I get off work at three that afternoon and head home I find Chads bud try a a little mirror with white on it and two molly on the coffee table
    I head down the hall our bedroom door open her weed leaf stockings still on but her bald pussy up turn tits beautiful hips and sexy body nude Jason looking like a hipster douche getting a blow job her tits and stomach covered in cum Chris jacking off shooting his sperm on her back Chad pulling out and shooting his jizz on her belly Jason got behind her just as he was going to slid in I walked in
    Yeah the fuck man I grabbed a bat went the fuck off didn't hit anything but I yelled alot the one thing that made even feel a little good at least I was bigger then any of them
    I threw them all out naked made myself a drink called my friend from back home venting
    Fast forward to today
    I go to a house party with a friend from work
    We end up in the basement to grab some mushroom there on a couch is Natalie with sex men piled on top of her taking turns jizzing in or on her a bag of white on the table Natalie fucked up getting gangbanged for bumps wtf

  • Bad Neighbor

    I’m a 32 year old woman, single at the moment and, I think pretty friendly and fun to be around. I also do fitness contests and have done some modeling. I live in an apartment in a neighborhood that is mostly really expensive homes. My neighbors are pretty cool for rich people and we often have neighborhood parties. I should say everyone is cool with the exception of the lady that lives two doors down from me in a big 2 million dollar home. She is a witch of the first order named Hannah. Just a lying, trolling, gossiping evil woman who seems to get all of her pleasure from making other people look silly. Her husband is a sweetheart who everyone loves but is stuck in a real life Real Housewives episode with his crazy wife. She has Caused almost everyone in our group grief at one point or another. She is always nice to my face but I know that she says mean things about me to the other women in the neighborhood and tries to paint me as promiscuous and unable to hold on to men. That never bothered me until I heard that she had told my ex boyfriend that I had cheated on him. It was absolutely untrue and, although we were already apart, I could tell when I talk to him it had really hurt his feelings. He believed When I told him the truth and I think it made him feel a lot better but unfortunately it was months before we had the discussion and after she had lied to him so he had several months of having to believe that I had been unfaithful to him. It was cruel and I was waiting for a chance to confront her but had not got the opportunity. New Year’s eve we all went to their house for a party after getting a group text Invitation. Several of us in the neighborhood discussed whether it was worth putting up with her but there wasn’t a lot going on because of Covid so we finally just decided to go. It was a fun party and everyone drank a lot. No one more than Hannah as she had started early. She was in a particular mood and the more she drank the uglier she got and was giving women a hard time about there outfits and being loud about how much everything in her house costs. She even told a husband and wife that he must have a tiny dick because his wife never smiled. Hannah’s husband Tim was horrified but as usual just tried to keep her semi cordial. Hannah drank so much that by 11:30 she disappeared and Tim told us that she had passed out. We laughed and then all rang in the new year and everyone began to filter out. I felt bad for Tim and asked him if i could help clean up. He thanked me for the help and it took us about an hour but there place looked nice again. He asked me if I wanted another drink and I said sure I’d have a half glass of wine. He went to check on Hannah and came back shaking his head saying she was doing the ugly snore and was dead to the world. We laughed and I joked that maybe he’d get some when he went to bed. He shook his head and said it was unlikely as they had done it in 6 months. I said I was sorry but I understood his pain because I hadn’t gotten laid since my boyfriend and I split. He asked how that could be as I was so beautiful.. I thanked him but said guys are weird and it’s easier to masterbate. We laughed but I noticed a bulge in his slacks. I said, Tim my goodness are you that neglected? He looked down and embarrassingly said sorry. I walked up to him and kissed him. He grabbed my waist and kissed me deeply. I could fell his hardness against me. I unbuckled his pants a reached in a felt his very nice, rock hard dick. He moaned and dropped his pants to the ground. I pushed him back onto the couch and then stood in front of him and pulled off my dress and stood naked in front of him. He said my god you are perfect. I stepped up on the couch and put my pussy in his face. He slid his hands through my legs, grabbed my ass and greedily began licking my clit. It felt so good and been so long that I nearly came quickly but I backed away and sat down on his very hard cock. When he entered me he moaned loudly and said oh my god it’s too good. It only took me about four pumps on his manhood before orgasm flooded over me and I said in his ear. I’m cumming all over that dick baby. He groaned wildly and I could feel him swelling toward cumming himself. I knew though by how wet I was, how easy I came and even my own scent that I was ovulating so I told him not to cum inside of me. He said baby I need to cum so badly, please. I wanted hi to cum so I considered sucking him but then thought of something I’d only done twice with my last boyfriend which had gone surprisingly well. I lifted off him and he moaned in disappointment but I stayed on him and reached and grabbed his hard manhood and placed it on my tiny butthole. I then started easing down on it. He said oh my good really? The pressure on my hole hurt as he was very thick and hard but I knew from the last time it would only hurt briefly. Luckily his dick was sloppy wet from my ovulating vagina and with just a bit of pressure he popped into my tiny hole. I groaned with the relief of pressure and I felt hi entire body shudder and he whimpered. I said you can cum in me now baby and I slowly began to work my hips up and down over his shaft. We were sheathed in hormonal sweat and both making guttural animal type sounds. Like with my ex boyfriend his dick hit something inside of my ass that felt like nothing else I had experienced and I knew very soon I would have an even more intense orgasm. I did not get the chance however as Tim couldn’t take it and with a loud scream he began to release his hot seed deep into my ass. His entire body trembled for several seconds and then his spent penis slipped out of me and I could feel his beautiful juices leaking out of me. He started kissing me deep,y and had tears in his eyes. I asked if he was okay and he said he never knew it could be that good and thanked me profusely. I thanked him back and told him truthfully that it was great for me too. We got dressed and he walked me to my apartment which I thought was very sweet. We kissed again and he seemed emotional again. I asked if he was sure he was alright. He said he knew his wife was a pain in the ass but he loved her and didn’t want to ever cheat on her again but said that he loved me too for letting him feel real passion and he would never forget it and would be happy and jealous when I finally met the right man. I got a bit teary eyed too and kissed him again, thanked him and told him he was a special man. I asked him to do me one favor and he said anything. I told him to call me later in the day and let me know that things were okay with Hannah as I now felt a bit guilty and didn’t want to cause him a problem. He said he would and went home. Sure enough about 2 o’clock that afternoon he called me. He said everything was fine but he had a bad scare as when he got home he was so exhausted he just fell in bed beside Hannah. In the morning he said he awoke to her giving him a blowjob. He said he was totally shocked because it had been so long and she had never really liked going down on him. He said he was very afraid she would taste me on him but he said she still acted pretty drunk and didn’t notice. I teased him and said Tim you stud muffin did you cum again? He laughed and said Yes! Can you believe it? She even swallowed it all which she’d only done before they got ..(continue confession)

    Three's Company

    Three years back I had trouble with a neighbour who lives across the street. He accused me of fucking his wife when he was drunk one evening.
    Drunk pretty much describes his usual state of being.
    I'd not had sex with his wife at all. She'd apparently got hold of a picture an old girlfriend took of me naked and fully erect.

    I'm well endowed and my ex and I had been messing about when she took the pic.
    His wife was from what I found out, showing her eldest daughter what their neighbour looked like naked, hence the suspicion of her husband.
    It caused no end of grief for me at the time, but it didn't actually get to physical violence.

    About six months after it all began I got speaking to Mel, the eldest daughter, and she made it pretty obvious she wanted sex.
    A few days later I was fucking her in my home and boy did she prove to be a dirty little bitch.
    Oral sex, vaginal, anal, some fisting and lots and lots of double fucking using a dildo she owned.

    I'm not kidding, one Saturday afternoon she very nearly wore me out from the amount of sex we had. But if you took her out of the bedroom so to speak, she was a very bright and polite young woman.
    We stopped having sex, only because she moved away to attend university.
    Literally the day after she moved down south to go to University, her mother Tania sent me a message. She'd obviously got my number from Mel, but what I didn't know, is Mel had been telling and describing exactly what we got upto sexually.

    The message read something like "T's out. Can I call over".
    I replied that she could and a few minutes later Tania was sat on my sofa wearing a very revealing dress.
    It was so revealing from where I sat opposite her, I could see her pussy, with Tania not wearing any knickers.
    Her opening comment was "If you're being accused of something you're not doing, and it's constant grief, you might as well be doing it".
    That's when she opened her legs fully and told me I can do whatever I liked.
    We licked sucked and fucked until my balls were dry and Tania had had countless orgasms. I'd fucked her mouth, pussy and arsehole until we were both shattered.
    As I lay between her legs tonguing her holes, after cumming inside of her arse, she told me "Now he's got something to moan about, the drunken fuck".

    Our affair is still to this day an ongoing thing. Some days we even fuck when her husband is home. That's because he's too pissed or flaked out to notice.

    The title says Three's company. That's because in September this year I had what many men dream of, I had a mother and daughter threesome.
    To be fair it was only brief as Mel caught us in their home having sex. But even so I got two beautiful naked women licking and sucking on my cock after I'd been fucking Mels mum all morning. T to his normal state of being, was an early attendee at a mates 'Shed bar'.
    With full knowledge of Tania, I had sex with Mel a couple of times whilst she was back home, but sadly only managed that one time with both beautiful ladies.

    Tania and I have sex at least three to four times a week. She's forty five, but you'd think from her looks and figure she'd be in her early thirties.
    I love having sex with her and wish it could be a permanent thing. She has hinted at it a few times recently, especially after T talked about them moving to the south coast. Back to where he's originally from. Tania has told him she's not moving and his response was to say "I'll go on my own".
    They've not had sex in over four years, something I've only just found out. And I'd guess it's the drink that's stunted his libido.
    I'm now hoping he sees he's better off back where he was brought up. But I'm not pressing for anything. Not yet anyway.

    Neighbor Put On A Show

    A few months ago, during the summer, I had a few days off. The bad thing about having a few days off is that my sleep schedule is the same as when I'm working. My alarm is usually set for 4am. On vacation my internal clock wakes me at 4am. I lay in bed for about an hour then get up to putz around the house. This one day I was looking out the window at the top of my stairs. Dawn was breaking and there was a faint blue haze across the yards. The window was open and I got a pungent smell of weed. I looked out and saw the neighbor's adult daughter in her early 30's in her bra and panties, lounging and smoking on the deck. She has a gorgeous face with a chubby body and a big fat ass. I think she's extremely sexy. I'm in the window watching her, getting a contact high. She then put her joint down and picks up her phone. She is watching something on her iphone. She takes a few more puffs and continues to watch. She then puts the joint down again and puts that free hand in her panties. Holy shit! She's going to masturbate. I got a perfect seat to watch this and everyone in my house is still asleep. I watch her as she continues to watch as she takes her hand out of her panties, sniffs her fingers, then sucks on them. Then she goes back to playing with her pussy. She then puts her phone down and slides her panties off. She takes one more puff and then starts using two hands. I could see her grabbing, stretching and rubbing her pussy lips. She then lifts and opens her hood, exposing her clit. She spits on her other fingers and proceeds to rub her clit. I can hear her softly say, "Ohh Yeah lick me right there, lick my pussy. Lisa lick my pussy" Oh my God! She is fantasizing about being eaten by a woman. A woman named Lisa. She then starts to strum her clit really fast. She starts squealing and writhing with pleasure. "Yes, yes, yes, right there! Lisa! I'm gonna cum!" As she squirted a little. She then put her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers. I'm so hard right now. I start to jerk off as she's laying there. It doesn't take long and I cum in my shorts. I go to the bathroom to clean up and I can't get the whole thing out of my head. It was so hot and so sexy. I can hear her say "Lisa lick my pussy!" In my head. I then chuckled and thought to myself "Hmm, my wife's name is Lisa. Wait! What?"

    New Roommate Sucks

    Hate my new roommate. Had to return to campus cuz we have in-person classes now and my new roommate thinks she owns the entire apartment. Uses my kitchen stuff, doesn't clean up her own mess, buys random apartment things "for us" and charges me for it.

    So I started using her boyfriend. She's complained about how loud I am, but idgaf, I'm having a good time with his cock. We've done it in like every position, he says I'm so much more fun in bed than her. We do it when she has class. Our best sex is when I pretend to be her so he can let out his frustrations and dominate the fuck out of me. I even wear her clothes to do this.

  • The Crazy Next Door

    Next door is a woman who has flashed her tits at me and walks around naked with her blinds up. I know her name, she's divorced around 45, white, on welfare. I ignore her, I don't know if she's mental, lonely or crazy.

    Signed, the black woman next door