Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you? Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!

Taking It Out On Her

My neighbor is a real ass older guy in his early 50s makes good money. I was a senior in high school and live with my parents. Home for the summer before starting at the local JC. Playing baseball for them so I’m in shape. Greg the neighbor has always been an ass to me and my friends. We play loud music are loud and have people over a lot. Nothing crazy just hectic during the day an early evening. He hates that and he caught me and some buddies checking out his wife. She is 48 blond slim with fake tits and a nice curvy ass. They never had kids so are joke was she is probably still tight. He must of over heard us once after checking her out and since then he really doesn’t like us. I’m working out one after noon in the garage and went for a jog. When I got back Jen the neighbors wife was outside saying good bye to one of her friends who was also smoking hot. She got in her car and drove off. Me being the horny fucker that I am made the comment to Jen man she is smoking hot who was that. Jen looks at me and says that was a close friend of mine from college. What am I trash. Jen was in leggings and a fitted shirt. I said hell no both of you must get hit on all the time. She laughed and I kept on it. It had been a while since I had gotten any so I was pushy and flat out told her she was freaking gorgeous and I’d do anything to get some of her. She was taken back and gave me a smile. As she stood there kind of in shock I noticed that her white leggings where nice and tight and she was sporting a nice fatty camel toe. I pointed that out and she was a little embarrassed. She posted my hand away when I rubbed it. I put my hand right back on her smooth crotch. Really rubbing the camel toe through her pants. She was really hot and after a bit was just letting me rub it not really saying anything. I asked her if we could go into her house. Thinking a little about it she agreed and I followed behind her. When she turned I gave her ass a smack and it felt nice. We went inside she stopped and looked and said she wasn’t sure she let me in and we should not do this. Mean while I’m pawing at her pussy through her pants. We kissed and I went for it sat her on the couch and for the next hour or so took my time licking her tight little ass and sweet pussy. She had a little hair and it looked well trimmed. She tasted as good as she looked. She wanted to return the favor and sucked me off for a bit. Didn’t really do a good job at that something we will need to work on. I had her mount me and rode me cowboy style. I fingered her ass for a bit and said her husband didn’t like that but she enjoyed it when she was younger. After dropping my second load no we talked a bit had another make out session and slid my cock into her butt. First time I had my dick in an ass. It felt great so tight like my dick was incased like a sausage. I pounded that little to hard because she asked me to slow it down a bit before I broke her. I did and she took it and rode it herself after a while. This has been going on for almost a year. I have gone out on a Friday fucked a random girl and come home to Jen cleaning my cock. We have even gone out a few times and fucked in public places. I did her at the Giants Stadium during a baseball game and got caught by security. They kicked us out and we finished up in her car. Thanks Greg

  • Lucky Bastard

    This never happens in real life. That's what I keep on telling myself.
    What I'm going on about, is my neighbours wife who's extremely good looking, young (I've not asked, but mid twenties I'd say) and a complete nymphomaniac, visits my house almost daily during the week, and has me fucking her until either I can't cum anymore, or she's all orgasmed out.
    I haven't got a clue as to why she's not happy with her husband. He's young like her, tall, muscular and earns really good money.
    He's not always around as he works away a lot, but even so I'm not the best looking guy out there. And I'm forty eight.
    I do have a really thick cock which loves being sucked. And believe me, she can suck dick. Which I guess is how it got started.
    I had a lady friend who occasionally called by. We had a on off sexual relatives as she's married.
    I was horny as hell one afternoon and said yes to my lady friend sucking me off in my back garden. My young neighbour apparently saw us and a few days later, SHE propositioned ME.
    Right from day one I fucked her and it's now been three months.
    It probably won't last, but trust me I'll going to enjoy it while it does.

    He’s Insane

    I bumped into this handsome guy when I was walking my dog one morning. Smooth talker, tall skinny muscular build named Gabe. I started seeing him around the same time every so often. He showered me with compliments one day on the way back home. I was eating up all the attention. We get to my doorstep, and out of nowhere he just slaps and grabs my ass. I was already turned on from his charms but when I turned around I got a good look, he was hard and huge! I say my goodbyes and excuse myself quickly inside.

    A week later, my husband and I are working round the house early when I notice him talking to Gabe outside! He had paused trimming the lawn. They come inside and he introduces me. Gabe acts like he is meeting me for the first time, I’m completely speechless at his presence. My husband excuses himself and orders me to pour him some coffee. We chat, I’m secretly turned on when Gabe starts getting flirty. He asks about my kids, I tell him they aren’t home for the weekend. I grab his cup to wash, I can see my husband tinkering with the lawnmower, I feel Gabe’s hands around my waist. He starts nibbling on my neck seductively. His hands are running up and down my tits. I want to tell him to stop but his hold on me was everything. A condom comes out and he comforts me. I feel my house dress lift up, my panties slide down. I make a flimsy last ditch attempt to push him away. Gave pins both my arms behind my back. His cock rams its way inside, I loose my breath, wow! He was so hard splitting me open in our kitchen like an animal. We hear the lawnmower run, I’m bent over getting railed like a whore and all I can do is watch. My husband has no idea my pussy is being taken inside our safe space. I can’t run, I give in, the orgasm was intense. It was like if every stroke was a reminder that I was Gabe’s.

    About 30 minutes go by, my bottom is completely bruised. Gabe kneels me down and cums on my face. Without any hesitation he grabs my phone and sends himself a text while I’m cleaning myself up. Gabe orders me to shower and runs out. When I get out of the shower, I receive a text with a picture. It’s his erect cock and he’s wearing my wedding ring! I’m completely shocked, I have no clue when he took it off! The next message read “You’ll get it back when I’m done with you”….

    It’s been weeks and my husband hasn’t even noticed. It’s a game of my to see how long it will take, but at this rate I might as well never wear it again.

  • Kat And Her Dog

    My neighbor is in her late 30s very nice slender running type brown longhair nice tits and round little ass. Her husband is nice can be a a dick sometimes but over all is ok. He seems to be gone early mornings and get back late afternoons sometimes works late. I work as an IT for the county so my job is pretty easy and have time to burn.

    Kat has a dog that she walks every morning and mid afternoon. I look forward to watching her walk the dog as she wears these running shorts or some nice tight leggings. But no matter what she wears she always is flashing her massive camel toe. They have no kids like to party as they seem to always have people over. I have been over to there place a few times and she has been friendly and agate a few drinks flirty. I went with it and copped a feel when I got a chance like the perv that I am.

    A month or so ago her for names Sam was out in the front yard by himself. I went and checked and there side gate was locked up and didn’t know how he got out. The cars were gone so I took him home and put him in the back yard. Kat came home a little after 1 and I heard her door close. I finished what I was doing and went over to let her know that I had Sam. As I walked up she was fumbling trying to get he keys out of her purse. I yelled hey Kat and she looked over at me. She was very blushed and said hey what’s up. She walked over and as she did I could smell a mixture of weed and booze. I told her wow that’s what I call a lunch and waved my hands in my face. She said shit can you tell. Yeah and I proceeded to tell her about Sam. She walked over and I had mentioned that I had looked to put him in there yard but the gate was locked. She mentioned that he might’ve dug his way out as he was a digger. As she walked in front of me I trailed the weed booze mixture I couldn’t help but notice that her shorts where riding up and her cheeks where showing. I took my phone out and figured that I would take some pictures. It was a good ideas as when she got to Sam she bent over to say hi and the material from her shorts rode high and her ass was on display. Not sure why but I gave it a slap. It was hard and she gave out a little laugh. She didn’t say anything so I continued to talk about the dog. As she was bent over my hand found her cheek and I proceeded to squeeze and massage her ass cheek while she petted the dog. As I moved my hand around her cheek I felt the heat form her holes on the tip of my finger. I reached a little further and the tip of my middle finger has found itself inside her very warm moist moist pussy hole. I pounced and slid 2 fingered in her and proceeded to pump away. The poor dog had no idea what was happening as she made these noises. At one point she was on all fours letting me ram hear from behind while Sam the dog licked her face. The first time it happened i shot my load and she had cum right before I did. She was relaxed when I spun her around and she was licking my cock clean. We have done more since then but that was the first time she was licked cleaned as well and not by me. It was hit to see her on me and him on her. I blew another loads as she came hard. We laughed after the first time it happened. We know have a new hobby that we try a few times a week. She claims to never have done it before which is hard to believe because it went so easy and smooth. I told her that i dug it and didn't care.

    Neighbours Gardener

    My next door neighbours mother calls round to their house twice a week to do their gardening, and to take my cock in her mouth, pussy and arsehole.
    Sarah is fifty four and a semi retired horticulturalist. Her daughter and son in law are basically non gardening lazy sods. So Sarah maintains their garden for them when they're at work.
    As to how we began fucking (I work from home) we got chatting about plants, her son in laws lazy ways and how her daughter could do with a real man. Then she added, so could she.
    When I asked what she meant, Sarah blushed and told me she'd not had sex since her husband passed away.
    I put on the charm letting her know she was still a very attractive woman (And she definitely is) and that many men would love to pleasure her.
    It was my turn to blush when she replied "I don't want making love to, I want Fucking".
    It wasn't what I was expecting off Sarah, yet even so when she asked me if I was alone, I couldn't resist inviting her in.
    It was the most passionate sex I think I've ever had. Sarah was prepared to try anything and in the two hours we spent having sex, I came twice having fucked my neighbours mother's mouth, pussy and at her insistence, her tight arsehole.
    For her part, Sarah didn't stop orgasming and I swear at one point as I was sucking on her clit and finger fucking her pussy and arse, Sarah had a series of massive orgasms, flooding my mouth with her juices.
    We fucked in every position as Sarah was like a sex starved teenager wanting to try every way for me to fuck her.
    I was literally knackered by the time I made us a drink as we sat on my patio.
    Even then she wanted me to tongue her pussy. So with the neighbours capable of seeing us, I licked her soaking wet pussy as she lay back on my patio seating, making Sarah climax twice more.
    Afterwards I let her know anytime she wanted to enjoy some sex, to knock on my door.
    It's been a year this week since we first fucked. It never gets boring and Sarah is just as horny and dirty minded as she was that first time.
    She messages me now when she's on her way round to do some gardening. It probably would only take a half hour a week to look after her daughter's garden. Yet Sarah takes at least two hours each time she visits. That's because we're fucking like rabbits.
    It suits us both as I don't want commitments just yet, and Sarah can't get pregnant anymore. And for Sarah she's got a younger guy who absolutely loves screwing all of her holes.

  • Quality Time Alone

    I put this under i hate my neighbor but i really don’t. I did not know where else to place this. My neighbors are actually nice.
    They are in there mid to late 20s Robert and Lynette. Rob what he goes by is in heavy road construction and is gone weeks at a time depending on where they are working. He is usually one of the guys that you see on the freeways at night or during the day doing road removal and road repairs. So they could be local or across the country. Lynette was a brunette small petit woman. Apparently they where never unable to have kids or so that’s what the thought until there recent scare.
    See when I was 16 i would always keep an eye on Lynette. She had a banging body nice sized tits and a bubbly ass. She was my main focus when jerking off. Often she would lay out in there back yard with music playing and I would when alone would take the chance to jerk off. During the summers I was home from school I would invite her over telling her she could lay out by our pool. When this started my jerking off got more intense. We both flirted with each other and when she came over she would wear the smallest bikini imaginable. Her tits where not massive but they sure looked like they where in her tiny micro bikini. She had a bit of pussy hair that was visible when she wore a certain style. The pussy hair strip came up higher then the material that was trying to cover the pubic region. We started to get touchy with each other and one day after heavy heavy flirting we kissed.
    With me sitting on the edge of the pool and Lynnette in her micro Half her body was in the pool she slid my shirts down and gave me what is the most memorable blow job ever.
    At first it was just oral she figured that it wasn’t so bad. Probably her way of not feeling bad for cheating. But after a few times she would complement me on the size and thickness of my dick. Her being small it stretched her tiny mouth. Finally by the pool she told me she wanted to feel the inside her. Looking me directly in the eyes she asked me to slide it in. The looks in her eyes every time I would slide it in was hot. I didn’t last and blew a massive load inside her. All while I fucked her she locked eyes with me. Her tiny hazel eyes gave me this look of pure pleasure.
    This was a regular thing for us. It turned out to be a full blown relationship. It wasn’t me using her or her using me. We would text when we were not together which was very rare. When her husband was home she often sneaked to meet up with me and we would get in a quick fuck. She insisted that I always cum inside her. I liked the blow jobs she gave me and how she swallowed. That is always a special treat but even then she somehow always ended up mounting me. She has the ability to climax very easy. We both have orgasms as the same time which is pretty hot. We would go out for dinner lunch the beach you name it we are flat out dating. We showed affection when together never really worried about being seen. It was a few months after that she told me that she had missed her monthly visitor.
    It was a it scary but she was as well and supported her. When I told her this it turned into the best sex I have ever had. She fucked me in my car fully visible to anyone that happens to walk by.
    She miscarried a few weeks later and we tried again. Finally after a few months we again got pregnant and are now expecting our baby boy. Her husband bailed on her my parents are furious but are getting over it. At 3 months she miscarried again. This time I was able to comfort her.
    I moved in and since then we have been trying again to have kids. It’s what she wants and what I will give her. I found my own personal sex unicorn

    To Much Fun At The Block Party

    My neighbors pretty much think I’m the biggest dick. I dated there daughter or more like I fucked there daughter for the last 3 years they have lived here. Britney was her name she is cute brunette tight body. We were caught one night and since then she has been on lock down. Her dad is a total prick he is about my height but a bit porky. I’m not at all i am in shape and way more muscular. This happened about 2 weeks ago and my boy contact we have had is school and we hook up on our breaks.

    Her dad takes her to work with her on the weekends. So the last 2 weeks I was alone for the weekend as my parents where down south visiting family. I ended up staying home alone. Did not feel like partying so early morning I was cleaning my car when Britney and her dad came out and said goodbye. She came over and told me she would try and come over tonight. They left and a short while later her mom Daniel came out. She is in her late 40s nice size tits but these crazy big hips. Her daughter is built like a runner. Slim body her mom is built like a porn star. Just curvy and always in makeup. We where alone so we started talking she and I where talking and as she stood in her driveway i complemented her on how even as early as it was how gorgeous she looked. I was trying to kiss ass and ended up flirting. She excused herself and said she was going to finish getting ready I asked her if she was going out. She said no just hanging out. I let out a laugh and said that all I have to do as well. I’m just going to hang out with you today. Before she could say anything I took her hand and walked her into the house and as I led her I told her that I would help her pick out her outfit. She giggled and said well it wouldn’t hurt to get help. Once inside she was uncertain of this specially when we talked panties. I asked what she was currently wearing and she was silent so I took it upon myself to Conner to her and pull her the cut off sweatshirts she was wearing out so I could see down. She had a beautiful muff no panties. I pointed that out and she said she showered and done her makeup and had not had a chance as they where leaving. I told her no worries and solid them down her legs to her feet the went. She stood there in a t shirt that showed her flat tummy. Her hips where visible and ass and pussy on full display. She smiled at me and I with phone in hand had her pose for me and she did so. She bent over I took a picture and made sure she looked back at me while bent over spreading her cheeks. She had to really pull her cheeks apart to show off for me. While she was on all 4s I slid my finger across her pussy lips. When I did this her body shook like crazy. I kept taking pictures and set my phone up to video this. It was close enough that I grabbed it back and had it close when I decided to stock my dick in her. She thought I was just rubbing her and maybe a few fingers inside. When she felt my head splitting her lips she asked me to please stop. She said she was having second thoughts. I left the head inside her. So it was inside her but had not had a chance to pump. I talked to her and she said she wanted to stop I told her that we where already fucking though she panicked a bit and was not moving. Again she said she should not be allowing this to happen. Now my cock had slipped in a little more. Now the head was fully penetrated. All this doubt but she still had me a quarter of the way in. Wasn’t sure what she was going to say because I buried the rest in and she let out a squeal and these sounds like she was a little on the slow side. She was tight and made the comment that she seemed tight for a woman who had been married for so long. Phone still recording she between moans finally answered that her husband had a small dick.

    She is quite the vocal women. I fucked her a few times that day most went inside her and some went down her throat.

    Yes later that evening after lots of fluids and a nap I fucked Britney as well. The next Sunday I went over and found mommy in her room completely naked and said what am I wearing today. I told her today is naked Sunday and she would be nice all day as long as I was there. She struggled with anal but let me in. So for the last couple of weeks I have been bouncing mom and daughter. Not at the same time I may consider marriage of this is what my life could be like after marriage.

    Was A Little Annoying At First

    My neighbors next door were a little annoying at first. Well Mike the husband still is but his wife Allysa has definitely grown on me. It’s a small gated community houses are decent sized with some yards bigger than others. I had split from my long time gf. This was the reason I bought this house. Mike from the beginning was on me about the yard. I had just literally taken ownership of the home and yes the yard needed to be taken care of. Got a gardener set the timers front yard was looking better. Allysa was easy on the eyes In her mid 40s smaller tits and a nice ass. Her ass was actually the first thing I noticed on her. She had some wide hips and a juicy ass. I was a runner so instantly I found all the trails I was told about in the area and enjoyed them. A few times Allysa was walking or jogging as well. Got to talking made friends with her. One thing i noticed is she was very different when Mike was around. She would almost never acknowledge I was there if Mike was around. Turned out Mike was very controlling and after a while during our runs she let me in on a few things. Like he was very jealous and would always snark or make comments when I was outside working in my yard or washing my car. I’d often go shirtless and she had made a comment about me and he was upset. She was a little embarrassed but would not tell me what she had said. We looked forward to our running every morning. She would job back a block from our houses alone. I would follow a few minutes later. I noticed the outfits she wore in the morning where becoming a little more revealing. From a t shirt to a tank top from dark leggings to thin white ones or loose very short running shorts. Mike was in construction so when he left for the day he was gone until later evening and often half days on Saturdays. Most of the time it was Alyssa and her 12 year old son. I report to my office twice a week so 3 days out of the week I have a very flexible schedule. One morning after our run and Mike was gone the kid was at school I heard a knock on my kitchen window. It was Alyssa who had come through my side gate. She was a little upset apparently Mike had got on her about drawing so slutty she was still in her running shorts. I told her that i enjoyed her outfits and they where not slutty. She mentioned that Mike had told her that her ass looked fat in those shorts. I was sitting in the kitchen she was standing close to me leaning on the counter. She turned to show me her ass which Mike had told her was fat. As she did I put my hand right in her cheek and gave it a little squeeze and continued to run her ass. Sliding my hands up under her shorts. Being on your 30s with no sex life makes you very bold. My hand explored her as until I found her g string then ran my my finger under the string and found the hottest pussy I had ever felt. She never said to stop and I finger fucked her. Before I knew it she was on her knees chocking on my dick. That was a little over a year ago and we have been going at it since then. Surprisingly her husband isn’t into anal so she had never really done it. She was willing to try and after some stretching toys and a few ducks she has learned to not dislike it. With a wand and my cock in her ass she had her first anal O. We still go for runs in the mornings. She has me cum in her and I can see that she doesn’t try hard to clean up. Often she goes home leaking. She wore up a bit but it’s clearly visible. The arguments have been getting louder over the last few months but our sex is getting more intense. I’m not sure what she is up to but she wouldn’t have to move far. She had mentioned that Mike had previously wanted to sell there house. She told him that she would not leave the area. I have a feeling that he get it has an idea of that his wife has been letting me use her holes. He is an asshole and I don’t feel bad. Specially when I’m laying on his side of the bed and she is cleaning me up from what ever hole I was in. Showering together is fun. I have seen her go from cleaning my cock minutes before which was in her ass to walking up and giving Mike a kiss in the driveway. He is such a prick I have a few videos il send him when they do split.

    Couldn’t Help Our Selves

    I’m 26 my neighbors are in the early 30s. He is a fireman she works part time. They are splitting up and the house is for sale. They moved in 2 years ago bought there first house thought they where happy. Beth the wife has curly dirty blond hair small boobs but has a rather large ass. They moved here from out of state and did not know anyone. Beth would work in her front yard and her choice of clothes were sketchy. Usually tank top no bra and running shorts that where skin tight or loose. I liked both since they lived directly across from me so I had a great view of her giant ass cheeks that on most days were hanging out. I’m single taller then her husband work out stay in shape about 2 years younger then them. I have always had issues with commitment so I date a lot and do not tend to keep girls around long. Beth I had no choice because she lived across the street and even though I had not fucked her the flirting was constant and I could see that I was slowly wearing her down. I always commented on how good she looks and had asked her for drinks a few times. It was always a no thank you but I kept on her. If her husband was at work I’d make sure I was in my garage with the door open. I remember watching his truck pull away one morning and I waited 20 minutes or so and opened my garage and was in there messing around when I heard her say hat what are you doing. We talked most of the morning before she said she had a yoga class she was going to. I asked her if she needed me tot take her she thought about it and said no she had some errands to run after so she would driver herself. She was in these really tight light blue leggings and a tank top. Had on a sports bra and I could see the outline of her panties. High cut boy shorts that came up high on her ass cheeks. She excused herself and said she was going to her class. She was next to me she friends and said she was headed to her class turned to leave. As she turned her back to me giving me a close view of her ass I took my hand and gave her ass a nice gentle smack and left my hand on her cheek until she walked away. She looked at me and I told her come over after your yoga class. A couple of hours later I saw her car pull up she went into the house my garage was open a few minutes later I see her coming over. She looked as she reapplied her make up and lipstick. Bright red lipstick on her puffy lips. That afternoon was the first time that she let me dominate her. I had her strip down for me to her panties. I have a fetish for women in there panties. I took video and pictures of her tits she would turn showing me her ass. She bent over and saw her g string disappear between her ass cheeks. There she was in my garage completely naked. Definitely would be the last time. She let me use her holes that afternoon around dinner time she ran home to grab a change of clothes so we could go to dinner. I spent the night at her place. She wanted me to own her in her own home. The sex is amazing tight snug ass. Pussy feels likes it has a mouth of its own that can suck. She is open to anything. She has put on shows for me with her toys. Her husband worked a lot so we took the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. After a year she called it quits with her husband after he wanted to move back. Her family visited and she told them the same that she did not want to move back. She got a full time job and the house is currently in escrow. Items she kept at are my place. Her ex left the items that she kept behind. She insisted on getting an apartment which I helped her find one that did not have a lease. Worked out as she moved in 4 months later. She does not work. I insisted she move in to which she did. I know I ruined his marriage but it benefited me. His ex has incredible skills that he didn’t use. Hopefully I can contain myself and not fuck the new Asian neighbor.

  • Neighbours Wife

    My neighbour is forty eight years old and called Jenny. Her husband Brian is sixty year old and is now incapable of getting a hard on.
    For the last few months I've been fucking Jenny pretty much every day.
    She's what you'd describe as a nymphomaniac and a dirty bitch at that.
    She loves nothing more than having me screw her pussy and arsehole, and when I've cum up either, sucking my pussy and arse cream covered cock back to life.
    We used to hide the fact we were fucking until Brian caught us one Sunday afternoon. He was supposed to playing golf, but had cried off due to the rain.
    He walked in on me fucking his wifes arsehole and just stared. I thought there was going to be violence, but instead Brian told me to carry on.
    I nervously fucked Jenny for another quarter of an hour, changing positions that Brian wanted to see me fuck his wife in.
    When I came up his wife's arse, after having Jenny orgasm multiple times, he made her lay back as he licked his wife's pussy and arse.
    His cock got semi hard and he tossed himself off as he tongued out my spunk from Jennys backside.
    Like it was perfectly normal to do so when he'd sorted himself out, he got me a beer and said I could fuck Jenny whenever I wanted to. He spoke as if Jenny didn't have a choice, but Jenny and I just smiled at each other.
    The following day as I was sorting out the recyclable items, Brian came out and said "Jenny's horny".
    I swear when I walked into their home, Jenny was lay on their couch, legs spread and playing with her large clit. She told me Brian had been licking her for some time, but she needed cock.
    I fucked her right there in front of her husband again. And again when we'd finished fucking, Brian licked out his wife's holes.
    These days I spend more time in their house than I do my flat. And quite often now I stay over fucking Jenny as Brian sleeps in the next room.
    He genuinely couldn't care less I'm fucking his wife, and as he says "It keeps her happy".