Neighbors - we all have them, whether they live a mile away or just on the other side of a paper-thin wall. So, they're your neighbors, and you have to try to be civil. Or do you? Do you hate your neighbors? Tell the world about it. Ever "accidentally" cut down a neighbor's bush, or "accidentally" blow fallen leaves into their yard? Ever get a neighbor's mail by accident and opened it? Ever spied on a neighbor? We want to know!

New Roommate Sucks

Hate my new roommate. Had to return to campus cuz we have in-person classes now and my new roommate thinks she owns the entire apartment. Uses my kitchen stuff, doesn't clean up her own mess, buys random apartment things "for us" and charges me for it.

So I started using her boyfriend. She's complained about how loud I am, but idgaf, I'm having a good time with his cock. We've done it in like every position, he says I'm so much more fun in bed than her. We do it when she has class. Our best sex is when I pretend to be her so he can let out his frustrations and dominate the fuck out of me. I even wear her clothes to do this.

  • The Crazy Next Door

    Next door is a woman who has flashed her tits at me and walks around naked with her blinds up. I know her name, she's divorced around 45, white, on welfare. I ignore her, I don't know if she's mental, lonely or crazy.

    Signed, the black woman next door

    He Fucks All The Time

    I just genuinely hate how much sex he's getting. I hear it at least once day, usually in the morning. I often wake up to the sound of his headboard knocking against my wall as he fucks his hot as fuck girlfriend. Who also screams when she cums. It doesn't bother too much, I just wish I was getting laid as much as he was. He's a lucky bastard.

  • Blindfolded Neighbour

    So I used to live with my parents (duh). My parents were good friends with their neighbours. So good even that they got a spare key of their house for when they accidentally forgot theirs which happened a lot. So one day the wife of the neighbours came to our house just for a chat. I was upstairs but I could hear everything. So she admitted to my mom that she and her husband sleep in separate rooms because she can't stand the snoring of her husband. She also said that she sleeps with a sleeping mask because she is so sensitive to light. If the sun shines a bit through the curtains she can wake up. I didn't think much of it in the moment. However when I was 16 I was so horny and I didn't want to just beat my meat. So I got up at 2 am, used the spare key to their house and went to the wifes room. I removed her sheets and she was sleeping naked. I jerked off to her and came on her tits. After that I went back home.
    This was so thrilling that I did it some more times. However one night she woke up while I was there. Though she still had her sleeping mask on. She thought that I was her husband so she said “oh honey you can put it in my mouth if you like too”. So I did. She sucked me and then said that I can put it inside her and fuck her. So I did and fucked her and came inside her rather quickly. After that she said “thanks” and she went back to sleep and I went back to my home.
    The next morning I was home alone and she came knocking on my door. She said that she knew it was me that she was fucking. “You really think I didn't notice that it wasn't my husband? Your dick felt very different. Though in a good way”. So we ended up fucking a lot when either of us were home alone.

    Neighbor Spying On Us Through Our Baby Monitor

    We live in the center section of a town home, with another home connected on either side. A few days ago our neighbor came over and told me that her husband was able to see our "nanny cam" and thought it best I turn it off.

    At first was a bit pissed, but then I realized it's just the baby room so what really could he be seeing. I figured maybe he'd been at for a day or two at best and probably saw my wife nursing the baby. So maybe he saw her breast or something. Boy was I wrong...

    Now, I know this guy. We have drinks and hang out in the backyard a good bit. So a few days later after he'd had a few drinks I ask him about it. He basically opened up to everything. I played it cool and asked if he'd seen my wife do anything I should know about.

    He said he found the signal a couple months back and watched all the time. I'll just list the things below he said he saw to avoid typing a drunk conversation.

    My wife topless - all the time especially in the morning.
    He said she "rubs one out" almost daily, but doesn't usually see much. She's usually got the baby sleeping on her chest, with the recliner kicked back.

    One time however, she ran in from the shower. Nursed the baby with the towel underneath her completely naked. After baby went to sleep he said she curled up in the recliner and masturbated for like 20 minutes butt naked. Humping her hand and moaning.

    This didn't really take me by surprise. My wife has always had a high sex drive. She tells me that she masturbates atleast once if not twice or more a day. I just didn't expect my neighbor was enjoying the show.

    He said he's always hoped to catch us fucking on the camera. Several times were close. One time in particular I came in the room while she was bent over the crib and started rubbing her ass pulling down her shorts, but we left the room as things heated up.

    Finally he said he could basically hear anything we said throughout the house and that he listened to us talk and such all the time.

    I haven't told my wife and don't plan to. I've turned off the cam and just use the voice part of it now.

  • Getting To Fuck My Neighbors Mom.

    My neighbor has a son that is just a few years younger than me. He is a lazy peice of shit that can't hold a job, blasts music as he drives home at 2 am, and his car is crazy loud.

    I had a couple month streak where I was getting packages stolen off my porch so I got a ring doorbell and it turned out to be him. I went over and confronted them but just his mom was home at the time. I said that I was going to call the cops if they didn't give me the packages back. She said that they were probably in his room, but that he has his own lock and key to his room. I said I was going to call the cops right when I got back to my house and she begged me not to because apparently he had a warrant out. I said that if all my stuff wasn't back on my porch by the next morning I was calling. She said "shit... well he probably sold it all. Ill tell you what, I'll make it up to you if you don't call. I'll suck your dick."

    She was good looking for her age, probably in her 50's. She looked like the type of woman who was a perfect 10 in her 20s but smoking and partying took their toll. She was lucky that I was in a super horny mood and I decided to take her up on it.

    We went into her shit hole house, it smelled like cigarettes and some of the rooms just had bedsheets hanging as blinds. I sat on a couch and pulled down my pants. She got on her knees between my legs and just started going right at it. She knew what she was going and was sucking my balls, running her tongue up and down my shaft, and deep throat in me. After 5 minutes or so of that she stopped and said "I'm actually kinda turned on right now" followed by the absolute worst smokers laugh I've ever heard. "Want me to go for a ride on you?"

    She knew what she was doing with her mouth and I wanted to see what else she could do. I laid down on the couch while she took her jeans off and hopped on. She had some sagging tattoos and a tramp stamp that looked like some kinda tribal flower mix. She knew how to ride a dick though and was slapping her ass cheeks down on my thighs and moaning a storm. I could smell her smoker breath each time she did. She reached around and started massaging my balls while riding me and that felt amazing. I told her I was gonna cum and tried to pull my hips down to get my dick out. She pressed down on it and I started spraying up into her guts.

    When I was done she got up off me and globs of cum fell put of her onto my groin and then the couch. I asked if we needed to get plan b, but she said she couldn't get pregnant anymore.

    Now when I see her out smoking she is much more friendly and I like knowing that I fucked my shit stain neighbors mom.

    Watching Him Masturbate

    During the whole of lockdown, I watched one of my neighbours masturbating every single day.
    Most days he'd wank twice. And after a couple of weeks watching him and touching myself, I began playing with my pussy and arsehole for real, letting him see me naked and so aroused.
    His name is Dan, he's forty three and has a huge cock. Far bigger than my boyfriends.
    It got so we'd time it when we were alone, and able to have voyeuristic sex together.
    He'd watch me intently as I fingered my pussy and arse, used items to fuck myself with and massage my clit until I came multiple times.
    Dan would stroke that gorgeous cock of his and gesture that he wanted to fuck me.
    Well after lockdown, the married neighbour I now adore, fucks me every day.
    His wife works at a health clinic, he works from home. So I visit every day and have him fuck me with that beautiful large cock that I used to witness from fifty feet away, from my bedroom window.
    I'm not a girl who turns heads, but I do keep in shape. And with a teenage pussy and arsehole that now loves older mens cock, Dan's taught me how to become a dirty bitch for him. And I love it

    White Trash Theater

    This one is still unfolding, but I just got back from going to the hospital for my neighbor Mike because his fiance, Katya, hit him with his own car in the street in our neighborhood and drove off after a pretty nasty fight in his front yard.

    Mike got a concussion and a broken arm, and his fiance essentially came back to the house later and ransacked it and ran off. Totally stole his car, too.

    These two have been many a night's entertainment, but this was not so much fun to watch. More scary than anything else, honestly. She's here on one of those marriage visas - guess they won't be getting married after all. She should be getting arrested and deported back to Poland,

    My Neighbor’s Daughter (and Wife)

    My neighbor is a piece of shit, he asks us for money but never returns it. Little does he know that I’m railing his daughter and wife ( the wife is the daughter’s step mom) often at the same time.
    They’re good at sucking dick, we mostly do it in the neighbors bed, it’s nice knowing his family is paying for his deeds.

    Last week the wife got pregnant, he thinks it’s his, wait for 10 years when his kid looks like me. The daughter is now my girlfriend

  • Older Pussy Always There

    On a lark I used a dating app to look for older women one day, and found a woman in her 50's who lived just a couple blocks away. Marsha is heavy set and short, with a cute face, and some kind of retardation so she doesn't think very clearly and doesn't seem more sophisticated than a 20 year old. She lives with one of her two daughters, who also has a young son. She can't drive and doesn't get out of her apartment much so she was a bit lonely, and invited me over during the middle of the day. She was wearing only a thin nightgown which let me see her tits pretty easily, and soon she let me suck and nuzzle my face into them. She offered a blowjob, but I soon found she wasn't very good at it, and could never bring me even close to coming, and for that matter she said she never swallowed anyway. I came on her face once but she found it disgusting. But eventually we tried fucking and I found that her vagina was always well lubricated so it was easy to fuck her on the edge of the couch. I never last long this way unless I try very hard to hold still and think about something else; usually I am ejaculating inside of her in less than five minutes. Once I did that and then ate her out for about an hour, then got back inside and lasted quite a bit longer, which was more enjoyable.

    I know I should look for a woman my age who I could date seriously, but it is a constant temptation to go for this always-available pussy. I wonder sometimes if her daughter or grandson might come home in the middle of the day and catch us mid-fuck, but so far that hasn't happened.