The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions! Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!

Once In A Lifetime Experience

A cruise ship loss of good judgement. A close friend of mine was turning 35 and she wanted to g*ft herself a cruise in the Mediterranean. She had enough miles to cover both her flight and mine and I needed a vacation so we signed up for a seven day cruise.

Once there we spent the first day getting familiar with the boat, bars, restaurants, shows, shops, and our double room on a budget deck. The weather was nice but not for sunbathing, too early in the season, our room had a small window but not a view, so life for us was out there in the social areas, the bars.

It was there where we ..(continue confession)

Let My Boss Cum In Me

Im 25 married people in my office are being laid off. I got asked to go on a training conference with my district boss Dale.
Dale is 48 bald over weight but not fat. Dale is tall looks like he belongs in a western movie.
We do the twelve hour training session and go for dinner. Dale brags on me talks me up wants to give me a promotion into training manager. Im excited we keep talking i have a few drinks after talking im highly impressed he is a sweet honest funny intelligent man and twice my age.
I noticed a huge bulge in his pants he invites me up to his room for a night cap.
..(continue confession)

I Had To Have It

What it was is my sweet wife's tight little rosebud. With this lockdown business going on we've been spending a lot of time hanging out together and naturally doing some petting and pawing.
Most mornings we'll get it together between about ten a.m. until at least noon with my big hands all over her.
Well I got a thing for her cute round bubble butt and for the last couple of days all I could think of was getting me some of that.
I told her this morning that I was in serious need of some nasty loving and we ended up with her on the floor and my wood in her mouth. She loves to ..(continue confession)

The Truth About Your Pussy

I saw the picture of Miley Cirus "My pussy, my choice". Well that's not true, you just think that it is your choice. It may be, but one day somewhere, a man wants your pussy and he is going to take it.

He may seduce you, or feel you up and get you hot, or he may just shove your fight aside. When he does you will suck his cock afterwards to let him know you now belong to him.


I have two male friends and one night after a good bit of goofing around and me playfully lfashing them, it got more intense and there was a fast and then awkward experience where I was with both of them.

I guess this is a thing that happens. The real confession part is that after a time period of feeling odd, we were all at a party downtown, and i basically invited them bth over, all of us pretty much knowing what would happen. And because it was more planned out, it was slower and better. We were all like "OMG, this is going to stop," and I agree, but it's a thing I think about a lot ..(continue confession)

She Has No Idea

Simple and quick. My wife has no idea that I've been having sex with her uncle and his husband for over 20 years. She is aware I like men as well as women and we have had another man in bed with us a small handful of times over the years but has no idea I'm taking it on both ends from those boys every chance I get.

Not since January before stay at home and current state but fuck I miss it.


My wife sucks dick so good I mean she knows wtf she is doing with a blowjob sometimes wen we go out to role play i pay her to just pull up on random men and suck on their dick in front of me. I sometimes make money off her sucking dick.

True Story

My long time gf has three sisters which I fucked evry single one they all sucked and swallowed me her mom has sucked my dick and swallowed me her brother baby mom let me butt fuck her I fucked her cousin and the baby mother of her male cousin .

Fuck My Mom No Seriously

Oh well, as the title suggests. Now of course I'm not attracted to her so that's out of the question (No i****t relationship there)

Now though I do get worried at times like if I meet a new friend, what if he doesn't find her hot you know, what if he's like "That's just another mom" I feel like I'm going to be sad for days. for reference she's 5'8 and 170lbs (44) years old, She goes to the gym and everything so she built quite a plumpy ass, and her bust isn't that bad.

So yeah just to make my poor heart feel better, I would appreciate if you all in the comments just tell ..(continue confession)

Both Ends Filled

So right from the start I want to say this is a confession but just a confession of a filthy fantasy and not something my wife and I have done. At least not yet. I guess it's not a constant thing, not an obsession I guess. Just a dirty fantasy that does get my juices going.
It's something that we sometimes bring up when we're having one of our marathon, all around the house, hours of play days.

So basically because it's fantasy anything goes and it doesn't have to make real sense. In reality this would be kind of hard but not impossible to pull off with the right partner(s).
This could take place ..(continue confession)