The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions! Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!

Friday Night Slut

Following several meeting with single guys we met through various sites, we decided it would be fun to actually pull one on a night out.
One Friday after several drinks we ended up in a night club, it was quite busy, and as we checked out who was around, a particular guy stood out.
Well dressed. crisp white shirt but seemed full of himself, certainly not the type of guy Jane would go for.
I went to the bar for more drinks, Jane headed to the small dancefloor for a boogie, on my return with the drinks she came back for refreshments and told me the guy in question had come up to her, grinding his body into her, he then told her she looked good and he would love to take her somewhere and have some fun with her, she told him she was married and then came back to me.
I asked her why she hadn't gone with him and she said that I was her husband, although she said the idea made her wet.
I said for her to go back and tell him you wanted to fuck him.
Off she went and next thing I see is her and this guy walking toward me, she winked as she went past, him having no idea I was her husband, I downed my drink and followed.
Out of the front doors of the club turning right into a side street, then they disappeared up some stairs, my heart sank as I thought he had taken her into his apartment, as I got to the entrance I realised it was a public toilet block and they had gone into the ladies.
No one around, I peered into the door, there were around 8 cubicle doors and only one at the far end was closed, I wandered in and quickly went in the cubicle next to the closed one.
I could hear soft moans coming from the other side of the wall, I listened carefully, then I saw a step next to the loo, putting my foot on it and pushing myself up I peered over the top, the sight i was met with made my cock instantly hard.
Jane had her knickers around her ankles, he had his hand between her legs and kissing her on the mouth.
She dropped down to her knees and took his hard cock in her mouth, all the time he had his back to me so I had a clear view without being seen.
Next thing he stood jane up put her face against the door and got down and proceeded to ..(continue confession)

Dirty Buzzer

Me and my missus was having some fun on the lazy morning snogging it up. I was grabbing her tits and giving her a couple of fingers gentle like the way she likes it. Her puss was slick and shiny with her dew and she was leaning into my hand and moaning. I took a little toy that was handy, a girlie vibrating little tapered plug. The toy is like anal beads but all one piece of soft rubber with the smallest part of the tip just about the size of your little finger tip. Then the ball shapes increase in size up to about five of them. There's a little vibrator device imbedded in the tail end of the toy along with a ring handle to use for pulling it out of her arse.
So I had the toy handy and a bit of lube to ease the entry.
My wife's a frisky sort and likes her sex a little wild and dirty when she's warmed up proper.
I stuck the tip of the toy in the lube and rubbed it in her crack while she was lying on her back, leaning against the headboard of the bed.
She reached down to take hold of the toy and guided it into her sweet little hole. She slowly slipped the thing into her bottom and I pushed the button to start it humming.
I went back to fingering her after giving the anal toy a little bit of a twirl. Her pussy was really hot and she was turned on real good.
After awhile I was debating whether to just give her the dick and relieve my own pressure or to keep teasing her with tongue, fingers and the toy.
I brought her to the edge of a climax a couple of times and backed off.
Finally I gently started to retrieve the toy from inside her, very slow and easy.
There's times when I'll just haul it out quick if she's actually in the middle of cumming and she's ok with that, but to pull it out too fast today would've made her sting and she'd not be happy.
So anyways I got the toy out and laid it on the floor beside me and got back to playing with my honey.
We realized we had some stuff to do and needed to take a break and come back to the action later.
Once she went to bathe I knew I had to check the sex toy. I could see it was slick with a little lube but also streaked with her assjuice. The first two ball ..(continue confession)

Teen Memories

I'm 55 and married 28 years. Ho hum sex life for sure. Sometimes I think back to sex of long ago. The Summer of 1980 I was a 15 years old ball of hormones staying at my Aunt's in Maine. Made some friends, one of whom was a bad influence as they say. She smoked, snuck alcohol from her grandmother and was popular with the guys. Soon I was popular too.

Hanging with her and two older guys in a shed at her grandmother's that was more like a kid's clubhouse now a teen hangout, we had some vodka and played cards and the guys were very suggestive. The guys showed us their dicks, we showed out tits, I was dared to "touch" their cocks. What an exciting experience. The big moment was both of us exposing our pussies to the guys, spreading our lips so they could get a close up view of our open pussies.

Soon we were dared to suck. I remember being so nervous, wanting to so bad, but so nervous it would be gross or I'd get in trouble. The guys ended up laying side by side with their cocks out (and hard!) and right next to each other. My friend got us started, sucking one guy's cock and pushing me to try. A few licks and kisses and finally I took it into my mouth then sucked. Awkward at first because I was trying to watch my friend to copy her moves. I finally got comfortable and the two of us sucked away. Our faces inches from each other as we sucked the guys. Then we switched cocks.

Both guys reached into my shorts to finger me while I sucked their dicks. First time for that. I remember thinking to myself "Oh shit I'm gonna get in so much trouble" when the first guy fingered me. I liked it though. I liked being wet and sexual.

My friend, who had experience, was able to make a guy cum. They she encouraged me to make the other guy cum. Took awhile and lots of coaching (and nerves-you try sucking cock for the first time in front of an audience!) but eventually the guy did cum. My friend was excited and said "swallow-swallow-she later told me you "had" to swallow-like it was a rule) and I'll tell you that Summer I swallowed. A lot. Swallowing became such a habit It was many years later before it dawned on me that I didn't "have" to swallow.

Like I said she was popular and then once the word of the blow jobs got out, so was I. I went home in late ..(continue confession)

Official And Sex With Foreign Representative Of The Company

I am working as Secretarial Assistant in an MNC. I am married for last12 years and no sex with my husband as he is diabetic and suffering from erectile dysfunction. In November 2019 I had an Official Tour 3000 KMs away from my workplace. A lady employee of the HQ office received us at the Airport and escorted us to the five star hotel. The first day after our presentation and meeting with the foreign Representative i.e. a handsome man of 6.5 feet height and well behaved named Harry, we had a brief tour around the city. Back at hotel in the evening, my Boss told me that you are in charge of the foreign representative and as per protocol must attend to his proper stay and secretarial assistance. Well, after dinner I was told by my Boss that some work is to be completed, as such report to Harry for secretarial assistance. Without suspecting anything I knocked and entered his Room and after some formal talks Harry simply told me are you ready for Sex. I was in sheer shock at that blunt statement and could not say a word. He just took it as silent consent and locking the room hugged me. I was too speechless and submissive that I could not resist. He was too loving and caring that after removing my dresses he removed his dress and saw his member a well 8.5 inch thick white penis slightly curved upward in 90 degree. As I was deprived off sex for too long without thinking anything the next moment it was in my mouth which felt too big for my mouth.

To be frank when I saw such an erection of a foreign man which was throbbing, he just stroked his penis one or two times and the head of his penis just mushroomed and seemed to be saying take me in your mouth. I could feel the blood in my veins too rushy and my head was filled with excitement, felt it may burst. Slightly blind with such rush of blood I simply caught his cock with both of my hands and had to pull to down to position it parallel to my mouth. As I caught the cock in hands I could feel the hotness and the electric vibrating effect which made me open my mouth and had to forcibly push the cock head inside as it was bigger than my mouth. His pre-cum was salty in taste and could feel the cock head edge becoming harder and pulsating. While he slightly pushed it ahead down my throat I could feel the suffocation. He was careful not to make it rough. After some sucking I slid ..(continue confession)


I pretend to be 18 when I'm only 16. I've had sex with two men who were around twice my age who thought I was 18 when I'm only 16. I'm still talking with one and they still think I'm 16.

Truth Or Dare

When I was younger I had a neighbor named Trey. Being 2 young boys we did what all young boys do. We played "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" we would touch we would sneak into our parents porn mags, watch late night hbo. Seeing eachother naked and playing with eachother became common. This continued until I loved away in 6th grade.
No longer neighbors we didn't see eachother daily, but I was still in the same city. One day my parents Took me to his house, to ask if he wanted to spend the night. I already had a plan. My dad drove a van with the back seat that folds into a bed. This was the perfect place to get to stay up and have privacy. We had snacks, Movies etc. Once everyone went to bed, I said "Let's play truth or dare and anything goes" of course the first dare was take off your underwear for both of us. Trey was cut and had more pubic hair than me he was also a little bigger, I am uncut. As much as we had seen eachother naked, be never tried jacking eachother off. So after a few dares. He dares me to jack him off for 30 secs, I took his penis in my hand and counted out loud to 30. When I was done I dared him to do the same. He returned the favor. After that it was pretty much open season. He dared me to put his dick in mouth. So I tasted his cock and took him in my mouth. Being that young we weren't aware of the mechanics of a blowjob. So it was just in my mouth without any real action. I then of course had him do the same. Eventually we laid side by side in a 69 position so we could play with eachothers cocks. we then got the idea to go outside of the van. So we were naked in the front yard at maybe 2 or 3 am. "Swordfighting" holding eachothers cocks while they pee'd. I wanted to make him cum without his help. So I had him lay down on the bed and continued to stroke his cock, he took over for the final few strokes and I didn't get to feel him cumming in my hand. I don't know how many times we came that night. But it's a memory I think about commonly and would love to repeat the experience. Only with him though.

First Taste Of Pussy

Sure, I've thought about it a handful of times in my life. What woman hasn't?

This was last night. Summer coming to a close, my husband and I refilled the hot tub a couple days ago and were thinking of hopping in. My best friend who rents the upstairs apartment from us was sitting around with nothing going on so we invited her to join us. I should mention shes divorced, grown daughter and lives here alone.
So we hang out in the tub for a while just chatting and sipping on some wine.
Time to get out cause we're all getting a little too warm. All 3 in towels and we sit around and have a couple more glasses of wine. We end up sitting on the couch talking and theres one of my husbands Netflix shows on TV and a scene comes on where 2 women start kissing and making out. I admit I was kinda enjoying the scene and my friend says, that's so hot!

Husband says something like, on that note, I'll go get another bottle of wine. I think he was probably thinking the same, lol. Hes across the house and she whispers, I want to try that. My pulse jumped a little and I said I would too at some point. She leaned over and kissed me. I was thinking at some point, not right this second but something gripped me and I kissed her back. It was nice, soft full lips, very sensual, somehow very natural.
Neither of us noticed my husband coming back in. He was standing there with an open bottle and we just stared at him deer in headlights. He didnt say a word. Poured us each another glass and went and sat in the arm chair across the room. Dont let me stop you and took a sip and smiled.
She and I looked at each other and went right back to our kiss.
Long story short, no idea what time had passed, my bathing suit was off and she was giving me head as good if not better than my husband. 3 orgasms later, I was so lost in it all, I yanked on her suit, off it came and I was licking my first pussy. It was amazing!! Her scent, taste, softness, I was drunk with lust. Now I know what my husband is talking about when he says this primal instinct takes over when hes eating me out and just doesn't wanna stop.
I didnt wanna stop either. Her reactions and her orgasms just fueled this desire in me. It was incredible!!!

She had to stop me. ..(continue confession)

My Youth Pastor

I have been doing things with my youth pastor for almost 3 months, like touching and sometimes licking eachother. Last night he texted and ask if I was going to be there tonight. Only 3 other kids showed up. We talked and played games. He called their parents and asked if we could go for icecream. Everyone could so we took the church bus. He dropped everyone else off and we got to the street before my house and he parked in the school parking lot. I figured he'd wanna touch me or jerk some or me lick and suck on him like we have been. We laid in the flat part in the back of the van where there were no seats. He asked if I'd get naked for him. He did to. We were touching and kissing. It was super hot to me cause it was so bad, he's 35 and I was only 13. It made it feel badder and but more fun knowing its bad. He laid me down and was on me rubbing like we were actually doing it, just on the outside. He asked if I had ever done it with anyone yet, I said no. I did tell him I've used things to play like my brush and hotdogs lol. He smiled and asked if I wanted to feel a real one. I was nervous and said I don't know. He kissed on me and kept rubbing on. He asked again and I said okay but just alittle. He smiled and asked if I was on the pill. I don't know why but I said yes even though my mom said I don't need it yet. He opened my legs and rubbed it right on my kitty. He like spread the lips and I wont lie, I was scared but super turned on. He started pushing and i felt him like almost pop in. My body like tickled all over and it made me kinda jump. He kept asking if I was okay and I just nod. He made little back and forth and it was going in more and more. I just stared between us feeling it opening me and going more in with each push. I got scared I guess and said stop. He was like half way and just stayed there. He kept telling me how good I felt and if I liked having a real one in me. I said yes and he said its even better if its all the way. I was breathing hard but I said okay and he started again. I dont know how long it took, but I remember feeling his balls touch my butt lol. I looked ..(continue confession)

Missing First Time

I was raised going to a nudist resort with my parents every since I can remember. Seeing them nude and others, as well as going nude my self has been just an accepted thing. Very rarely do we go nude at home, though we all shower without the doors closed, and walk to and from our rooms naked. I must confess my sister who is now 16 is very hot and has a super tight body, though this isn't about her. Last summer I met Charlie (a girl, not a guy) at the resort. We hung out a lot she was 16 then, I was 17. Charlie is what I've seen described as a BBW, a big beautiful woman. She is just that, big and beautiful. Not fat really, just big. She is very well shaped, with a waist, hips, nicely shaped legs, and great butt it's all just big. That does include her tits too. She said they are FFF cup, my mom has DD and my sister is already a full D and they look small next to Charlies. My sister said that she and Charlie put them on a scale and they weight 10 lbs each.

Eventually Charlie and I went the next step from just hanging out to being boyfriend and girlfriend. Each of us was at the resort for 3 weeks. She said that she liked the fact that I admitted I'd never had sex. She got a lot of offers, I'm sure due to her enormous tits and the fact that she is very pretty. She didn't want to have sex her first time with someone who had been with a lot of others, or worse; someone who merely said they'd been with a lot of girls. We were holding hands now all the time, kissing a little in front of people and really kissing passionately when alone. My cock would get hard rubbing up against her trimmed hair on her pussy, her big tits pressing against me and my hands roaming all over her body. She at first laughed at my getting hard, then liked that she could make me that way. Eventually she let me rub her while she jacked me till I shot. Then finally I licked her in my bungalow till she was moaning and practically screaming. I saw her hymen that day and I wanted it.

It was at night, warm breezes lying naked on a double air mattress with towels laid over it that we had sex. We were on a small section of beach away from everything else, including all the nights activities. I was lying between her legs, my cock lined up between her pussy lips (which ..(continue confession)

Mother Sex

I read here about someone who confessed that he had shagged his mum and his pal had too so I've decided to tell you my story I got divorced when I was 38 and moved into a bed sit while I was there I became unwell and had to go to hospital when I was discharged my mum insisted I went to hers so that's where I ended up my dad had died 7 years earlier from cancer one night we were talking about my divorce and she said do you miss your ex I said no bit I missed the sex and my mum said to me I know the feeling I said to her your a good looking woman I didn't think you would have difficulty getting a msn she said hardly I said look I'm a man and I know how men think you've got great legs not skinny but solid curvy sexy a nice pair of tits your good looking so that's why I'm puzzled she blushed when I said that to her but I just said it's true she said that I thought that if I had went with someone else after your dad died you wouldn't have been happy I said how cos you have needs like the rest of us so I have no say on if your with someone or not just like me I have needs too but you won't stop me from attending to them if I got the chance too we had a drink after that and my mum pulled her skirt up a bit and said so you really think I've got great legs I said I don't think I know and under normal circumstances I would be trying to get in between them she just said would you really and walked by as she did so she said are you sure you got enough in your pants and grabbed my crotch she was pissed I was gobsmacked and she then said from what I've just discovered I would say yeah you would and she went through the kitchen I just stood there a bit confused next she appeared and she said to me that she would be in her room if I wanted her this got me all hot and bothered and I was upstairs like a rat up drainpipw she said to me fuck convention fuck morality I need bulled long and hard she sat there with her blouse undone and her skirt up showing her sexy thighs I went over put my hand inside her blouse and bra he's she pulled me down towards her we both stripped each other naked she had some body I was ..(continue confession)