The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions! Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!

Gear Knob Surprise

Like most men I suppose my partner, Paul, keeps going on and on about trying anal. I'm up for most things but I can't see where the pleasure is in it for me so I keep giving him a big fat NO! Then a rather weird thing happened.

We love doing it outdoors. It's not just the sex but the whole build up that turns us on. The anticipation knowing what we're going to do. The drive out, I usually wear something sexy. a flash of stocking tops drives Paul crazy. Then the finding a place to do i, and of course there's always the added excitement of being caught. Up to now we haven't even come close. If the weathers a bit dreary we do it in the car.

Paul has a clapped out BMW that should have been retired to the scrapyard years ago but it's his pride and joy. For me it's only saving grace is that it has a sun roof. Let me explain; Paul sits between the two front seats and I straddle him a knee on each seat. I get my head out of the sun roof and he does the business with his tongue. I then slide down onto his lap. This way, most times, I can come twice.

Well! this is my confession. We were parked up, me with my head out the sun roof, watching the most beautiful sunset We were both really up for it and Paul was really going to town not just with his tongue but with two fingers inside me. I got two hands around his head and pulled him into me arching my back as I pushed my crotch into his face. It was a wonderful orgasm. I knew Paul was desperate so after I'd finished shuddering I slid down on his cock. Now, here's the weird thing I could feel the gear knob touching my bum hole. It had never happened before so maybe he'd just left it in a different gear. Now I didn't want to spoil the whole thing for Paul who was deep inside me and really turned on, so I just stayed that way. It was all a bit uncomfortable but as I'd already come I thought I'd ride it out, literally, and let Paul get there. Then a strange thing happened. The knob was brushing past my hole as I moved up and down. And OMG! it was starting to turn me on. I opened my legs a little and pushed out my butt maneuvering my bum right on the knob. Paul was almost there and so was I. He had his hands around my waist pulling me down into him while pushing himself up, into me. The knob was almost inside me and I was loving it. We were both moaning now and with one final thrust he came. I was desperate to get there and pressed my self down into his crotch. And it happened, the gear knob slipped right up my bum. I cried out, more in surprise than any pain, and I came and came and came. More of an explosion than an orgasm. The best ever.

Now, here's my dilemma. I can't tell Paul what happened because if he knows what I did and knows I liked it then he'll want to do anal and this time I can't really say no. But the thing is Paul is hung like a horse, a gear knob is one thing but I don't think I could take that monster up my rear end? So I've kept quiet. The really frustrating part is that we've done it many times in the car since but not once has the bloody gear stick been anywhere near my arse. And I can't really ask Paul to try another gear without giving the game away.

Any suggestions ????

  • New Awakenings

    I am 68, my husband died about 12 years ago now. I haven't had any sex since about 2 years before as he was sick. So it's been almost 15 years since I've been touched by a man, I haven't even touched myself in over 5 years. I have always kept in nice firm shape, I am 5ft. 7 in tall and weigh 120 lbs, with a tiny bit of belly but not much. In my younger years I had a breast reduction from EE to C's due to back problems. At the same time the doctor tightened me up and even at my current age they don't sag too much. I grew up in a time when it was pretty much what you did, you fucked your boyfriend. I did it at 16 my first time, sucked at 15 and got anal from a boyfriend of a year when I was 18. So I'm not prude, not a slut either, but I've had 8 men in my life.

    My friend who is 59 always finds young men to have sex with. She is very giving and even lets her friends "borrow" her lovers. I was never really interested, and one time when a few of us were over at her place we were talking and I mentioned how long it's been for me. Everyone was appalled. One of the women told my friend she ought to send Nicky across the hall when he got here. I knew Nick was a young man she was having sex with, and supposedly it was really great sex. I begged off and after another hour or so, very tipsy we all went to our homes.

    That evening, my friend came over and pushed Nick in the door and told me that I should enjoy him and enjoy myself and she wasn't taking no for an answer. She left and as Nick was stripping I told him to stop that I wasn't interested. He said that he was told to and with that off came his underwear and I saw the biggest cock I'd ever seen. It was about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick and it was SOFT. I stopped talking and just stared. He told me he always thought that I was very beautiful and had a sexy body. He'd once got a peek of me changing in my friends apartment after coming from the pool. I was still staring, he approached me, put my hand to his mouth and kissed it, and put it on his cock. I couldn't help it.

    I took him to the bedroom and we had sex, we used lube and I was a bit sore, but the feeling of having a cock inside me and one that filled me up more full than I'd ever felt. Sore, but loving it. He was slow and gentle and after I got used to the intrusion, I asked him to go faster. He sped up and I actually came from him being in me. He slowed down and after a while I was begging, not asking for it faster and he gave it to me as I rode to another orgasm. I was begging him to cum in me as I was cumming the last time. He did and it was a LOT, she said he was a big cummer, but honestly he shot more sperm than I think 3 guys would do in a normal setting. It was all over, in me, on me, mixed into my hair, on the bed. I loved it.

    We had some wine, he said my friend told him to spend the night. After some time he started licking me in the living room and after two more orgasms he picked me up and moved me to the bedroom again for round two. This time I was on my hands and knees and he was doing it from behind. I came and then pulled away from him, I turned around and faced him and made him swear not to tell my friend or anyone else. Not knowing what I was talking about he agreed, then I asked him to do it in my butt. NO that is wrong. I asked him to fuck my ass. Lube and lots of patience and I was on my stomach, he was on top of me and that 10 inch hard monster was up my ass. He moved slow and methodically, when I got used to it I was answering him thrust for thrust. Then I couldn't help it, I started talking like some whore I wanted him to ram me, I wanted him to fuck my ass hard and fast I asked for it in the most indecent terms. I kept begging him to hurt me, to ram me, to hurt my shithole. he was pummeling me, and it has never happened before, but I came from him in my ass. I came twice from getting anally wrecked. He came, flooding me again with an overabundance of sperm. It was leaking out of me, and I was gaping open in back I could feel the cool air.

    He pulled out of me, kissed me and told me I was the hottest fuck he'd ever had. The second time was rapid fire, hard ass fucking from the start and to be honest with all the cum, his length and how far it must have been shot into me. I had loose movements for 3 days. 3 Days of having a sore butt, and sore vagina, and great memories everytime I sat down to let more out of me. He's come by 3 times since. I have turned into a 69 year old slut, an anal whore who can't get enough. I still want regular sex, but I really want my ass wrecked and Nick can do the job. I even tried oral to completion but choked and a lot of it came out and spilled on my chest. He scooped it up and put some in my mouth and used the rest to lube me for sex and anal sex. I'm newly awakened to my slut self. I'm just an old whore.

    Watching My Wife

    I’m a wife watcher. I like watching my wife enjoy herself with others. She’s very outgoing, very sexual, knows how to make people feel good. I’m the opposite. She loves recreational sex, I do too but my best thrill is seeing her in action. Some of my best memories:

    We were at a swinger party, she ended up nude on a bed with three other women and a hung black guy. The four women were squirming and burrowing around trying to get at the guy’s dick and my poor wife wasn’t getting any, just getting knocked around. This big tall woman who was still clothed walked over to the bed and grabbed my wife by the legs and pulled her away from the pile. My wife looked at her like wtf and moved back towards the pile. The woman yanked her away, spun her around, pulled her so her pussy was at the edge of the bed, as my wife was saying “hey” the woman engulfed her pussy her her mouth. My wife isn’t into girls other than show touching but this women physically spread her legs wide, pinned them open exposing her pussy, then force fed on her. My wife stopped struggling about ten seconds after the woman’s tongue hit her clit. She came in under a minute and then kept cumming until she couldn’t take it anymore, she was trying to get away but the woman held her by the hips with an iron grip and finished her assault on my wife’s clit, my wife struggling, the woman attached to her clit, everyone watching, then the scream and cry as my wife came loud and strong enough to make everyone else stop to see what was happening. The woman finished, got up and walked off never having said so much as a word to my wife.

    Different setting, small house party, I’m laying back, wife is between my legs slowly sucking, people are enjoying watching. A black man who we’ve never met wanders over, says nothing, he’s hard and hung, he steps up, quickly wets my wife’s pussy and then forced himself into her and starts a slow fuck. She looks back, turns to me makes a face like “hmmm why not” and goes back to sucking. Then her demeanor changed-he started fucking her hard, then real hard. No more cock sucking for me, she was now holding my cock, pressed against her face, she was in tears, a mixture of pain and incredible pleasure, I watched her face as this stranger gave her the monster fuck of her life, she struggled, came, then came again, more tears, even harder fucking, a death grip now on my cock as she struggled through more orgasms, then hard slams a hard grunt from him and then we’re finished, he came, leaned down to gently massage her breasts and kiss her neck as his cum filled her, she relaxed breathing outward, my cock still pressed to her face. He kissed her again and ran his hand gently down her back, gave her ass a sharp slap and he was gone. She recovered and went back to sucking my dick without so much as a word.

    Our car has mirrored visors. They came in handy the night she convinced me to let her suck off three younger guys who had bought us drinks and were flirting with her. She was in the mood to please especially after noticing a few younger women giving her sideways glances at the attention she was getting from the guys. She later said she felt the need to please and to affirm her place and after discussions on the dance floor and in our booth, she asked for the go ahead. I gave it and we went to our car, pulled up front and the first of three jumped in the back with my wife. She positioned him so I could watch in the visor. I drive while she sucked. Much of the time it was either too dark or dim to see much but I could hear the sound of hot sloppy cock sucking going on and then the faster deeper sounds my wife causes when she’s ready to drain someone’s balls, then the guy’s deepening moans, the grunts and ahhhhsss of him cumming and the oh so subtle sounds of swallowing on my wife’s part. She thinks it’s my imagination that I can actually hear her swallow cum but either way it’s always a great moment. Then she used her mouth to clean him up, we dropped him off, the second guy comes out for a repeat then a third show and we’re all back inside. The other girls whispering not sure what happened, the guys feeling great, my wife very satisfied with three loads in her and a little more dancing and company then home for my own head and a round of fucking.

    A hotel swinger party, lots of single men, a pile on a bed, my wife and I just arrived, haven’t even settled in, we’re watching the bodies in action. I’m looking at this tiny white girl engulfed by white female and black male bodies. Her legs are spread wide, knees raised, can’t see her upper body at all, but there is her poor neglected pussy, wet, lips open slightly, I see her try to reach it to rub herself she strikes out misses her clit and she gets yanked deeper into the pile her pussy hanging in the breeze getting nothing. I was tempted to go eat her out but without a direct invite I’m never comfortable with that. I think my wife is watching what I’m watching. She’s looking at the bed with me and says something like “awe should I go help” fuck yes I say. Girls diving in is different than men I’m all for her helping out the little lady. My wife has never been into girls never eaten pussy, just sucked and rubbed tits as part of the show (this was before she got force eaten out) and off she goes to the edge of the bed, she moves in on that so cute lonely pussy and slides right past it to a half hard black cock I hadn’t even noticed. She’s laying across the neglected girl’s leg hiding her pussy sucking on a stray dick. The guy was buried in the pile and his poor cock was just as neglected as that girl’s pussy. Not for long though my wife took him into her mouth and pleasured him for about ten minutes, then came back over and whispered “I made him cum” she had swallowed his load never having even seen his face. He prob never knew who had sucked him off that night.

    Met a married woman at a strip club, she and her husband were out going talking with my wife a lot, she asked my wife if we could go to their car. The two girls dragged me out, her husband stayed in the club, in the back seat, both girls with their pants off, shirts lifted I sucked tits, fingered and ate pussy, my wife’s bald, her’s trimmed with the sweetest thick lips, she wouldn’t fuck but she grinded my dick until she came on it, my wife tweaked her nipples while she rode me then back to the club. Wifey took care of me on the ride home.

    Last one-wife was invited out by a guy she occasionally fucks. He doesn’t know we are in the lifestyle, he thinks she’s cheating. She met him through work. We’ve never met. He wants to take her to a strip club with his buddy. Wife wants to go, wants me there to watch. She texts me where they’re going, I get there the three of them are at the stage, she’s obviously feeling good, looking good, one guy on either side of her, both guys have their hands all over her. One guy gets a couples lap dance, brings her to the couch area, they get the dance. During it my wife’s skirt raises up and half the guys in the place can see her white g string. Her legs were spread through most of the dance I noticed a lot of guys staring. I know there’s naked women on stage and they’re staring at my wife but that’s how guys are. I watch as they keep doing their thing, she goes the bathroom a few times, she walks past me and without looking at me shoves her g string into my hand and keeps going to her spot at the stage. The guys hands ..(continue confession)

  • My Secret

    I'm addicted to his cock and I cant help myself. I'm not like this I'm not a sub waiting for the next command but for him I do. Anything to feel him inside me fucking me to feel his cock in my throat cutting off my air until I'm ready to pass out even then I don't want him to remove it. Last month he finger fucked me until I came in the middle of my family movie night my parents and brother had no idea I had three fingers shoved in my pussy while the jungle books bare necessities played my parents were unaware that their precious baby girl was spreading her legs like a whore while Hercules was on a roll my brother didn't know his sweet baby sister had cum leaking out of her pussy during hakuna matata. They didn't know that I sucked his dick on the side of the road in full view of any cars or that he bent me over the trunk naked and fucked me until I couldn't stand. He loves making me do things where my family might catch us they think I'm sweet and innocent not some man's well trained slut. We see them a lot now they think he's great since they see me so much but they don't know that's its only so he can torture me and make me cum while we do mundane family stuff. We had them over for dinner one night and like an attentive bf he helped me check the food but really we ordered food from a restaurant and when we went to the kitchen it was so I could get fucked or suck his cock. During game night we went to replenish snacks and he came in my ass. At my parents house I've taken his dick in the pool and jacuzzi. One day it won't be enough for him and my family will see the whore I've become the well trained cock slut he's made me but I don't care as long as he keeps fucking me.

    Virgin Sex

    During our swinger days I used to fuck a lot of guys. My husband was great, he encouraged me to push boundaries and really enjoy myself. He was always turned on by other guys desiring me. We developed into a couple where he would occasionally come and watch but mostly I'd play solo and he'd hear about it later. I went through a black guy phase, met a lot of great guys, some incredible fucks were had some not so much but over all fantastic. There were a few guys I always made time for. Every guy treated me with respect and care except for one. When I was in the right mood I absolutely loved fucking him, serving him. He was older than me at the time, a big guy with a big string dick who as far as I could tell didn't really like women, especially white women. He loved to fuck us though, degrade us a little, use us, humiliate us. Like I said, when i was in the mood I couldn't wait to go to his place.

    He was the kind of guy who would talk nasty to you, call you a whore or a white slut, finger you hard, split your pussy open and spit in you, fuck you ass, never be gentle always hard, always a challenge. He'd slap my face with his dick, his hand, spank my ass, twist my nipples, make me masturbate in his car, suck him where others could see, just a sexually dynamic guy who brought out a submissive side of me.

    He's the only man who ever took me anally. The first time, I tried to squirm away and it didn't work, he forced his dick in, made me rub my clit and fucked me to the strongest orgasm in my life. Him fucking my ass became a thing. No one else, not even my husband has ever been there.

    One time, after we'd fucked a dozen or so time, I got to his place after work, and he had another guy there. A security guard from his work. The two of them worked me over, two dicks in my mouth at once, so much sucking, his dick fucking my ass, his friend my pussy, face slapping with their dicks, ass slapping, choking, his friend got his fist into me, I came like a racehorse. He never told me when but every so often that guy would be there and I'd be in for a late night of hard fucking. My pussy would be sore for days.

    There were two other things he did that really stand out. He wanted me to have sex with a woman he was also fucking who lived down the street from him. Told me we would sixty-nine and that I would eat her and make her cum and all that. Got there, she was waiting just as nervous as I was. neither had ever been with a women.

    We followed his instructions, and yes I licked her clit, tongue fucked her pussy and asshole and we rubbed pussies and all of a sudden right after I had cum she said hey are your from and said my hometown. We went to high school together. As soon as she said who she was I recognized her and was mortified. Charles thought it was hilarious and made me eat her and eat her until she was begging me to stop then made me masturbate to several orgasms while the two of them watched. I knew that she has as much to lose as me but damn it was unsettling.

    Another thing he did was I showed up at his place once and there was a young guy there. he was 19 years old and a virgin. Charles promised him some "white pussy" to lose his virginity. I was in my late forties and I had to take this kid's virginity. The kid was nervous but once we were alone, I took charge made out with him, stroked his dick, talked him through sucking my tits and fingering me, sucking my pussy and finally me sucking his cock and trying to pleasure him without making him cum. Then I did it, I made sure he was good and hard, then took his dick and pressed the head to my wet hole and pulled him and and started moving my hips and getting him to thrust. He loved it and went faster and after about five minutes he came. I grabbed him and pulled him tight and made him cum in me.

    Charles was forever saying what his plans were for my pussy. Surprise gang bangs, cum drinking parties, pussy parties, stranger blow jobs in his car, hooker scenarios and he was transferred to San Diego and was gone and none of that stuff happened.

    We stopped swinging years ago but I did love all those guys. I mostly loved the guys who treated me like a queen but I had that other side too, the side Charles brought out in me.

    Found My True Self

    Only three men, the third I married at 21. Had children, now grown, he had only had me and one other girl, so his excuse for his affairs was that he was "playing catchup". He never said that he was sorry. I tried to do anything he wanted sexually, keep it interesting. I'd flash in public sometimes, let him spank me, use his belt on me, write things on me, even had sex in the same room with another couple in the other bed in our motel room. I gave him oral, cumming in my mouth and swallowed (i hate it but pretended to love it for him) and let him be the first one in my backside. He loved that and I spent a long time getting it more anally than vaginally. I kept myself in good shape for him mainly, I'm 5ft. 7in tall and still weight 117 after 2 kids who are now grown. Even my boobs don't sag as much as some women in the 30's.

    All that wasn't enough for him to not leave for a 24 year old 2 years ago. So I started with a dating site and found someone who admittedly was only out for sex. I found it refreshing, and I enjoyed it. We had sex a lot, and during that same time I found others to get with. I was having sex with several different men, even two other women (didn't really like that as much as they did). Then I met this guy who was only 24, I was the older woman, a cougar but I enjoyed it and enjoyed his really big cock. It was by far the biggest I'd ever seen or been with. Through him I allowed him to get some friends together. It started with 5 guys taking turns over an evening. Then we did that several times, and I really liked it. I liked having sex with many different guys, but having them all at the same time was the best.

    I've now done up to 14 guys over an entire weekend. I was very sore after that, but I can easily take up to 8 guys without getting so sore. After that 14 guy gangbang I was actually bruised on my vulva. I've also allowed my butt to be used during gangbangs. I enjoy the attention, enjoy having so many different cocks. I especially enjoy the individual men I meet who don't realized that I love gangbangs. I sent video to my ex, and he's wanting to come around again and have sex. I told him NO, I get all I want and ever dreamed of, and he's too small for me anymore, he'd probably not even feel it at all. That egg'd him on even more and I still say NO.

    I love being a gangbang cougar whore. I've found my true sexual self.

    I Cheated On My Husband

    Im 22, got married right after high school to my boyfriend of four years. Hes really nice, wants to have kids but Im infertile.

    Now, I may be married to him but I enjoy my weekends with my best friend more. My best friend being a black man with an 8in cock. Met him two years into dating my husband, he always tried to get into my pants. After having sex with my husband, I thought 'why not, he seems nice' and I decided to have sex with him.

    Well after he fucked me, I came back to him for more and more be hind my husbands back. My best friend would give me creampies and treat me like a slut, I really enjoyed it.

    Come graduation and my husband proposed to me, I said yes but I still have sex with my best friend in our apartment, in hopes that my husband finds us. Why do I want my husband to find us, because I want him to see that theres someone else who can truly satisfy me.

    Stranger Dare

    Wife and I were drunk. I started daring her to show her tits to a stranger. It's happened before and it's fun and I like to push her when she's drunk because she's much more likely to go along. She a pretty blond with beautiful D Cups and a thick ass. I saw a young guy getting on the elevator and dared her to get on and flash him on the ride up to our floor. Told her I'd meet here there after.

    She went over, waited next to him then got on with him. Just before the door closed, another guy stopped the door and got on. Shit no way she flashes two guys right?

    Wrong. I grabbed a quick drink, finished up and made my way upstairs got to the room and opened the door to the sound of sex. She was in bed with one of the guys. Legs spread incredibly wide, he was pumping her pussy, her hands on his ass pulling him into her with each of his thrusts, she was moaning and saying "fuck me, fuck me." I stood back and watched this young guy early twenties pump my 42 year old wife, jamming his dick fast and hard inside her, no condom, he kept going until he came. He ground his cock deep into her until he was spent then realized I was watching after he withdrew. He was startled but I said hey no worries. She was laying back knees open, pussy dripping juice and cum.

    He left, she apologized to me, said she flashed the guys. The first looked and got off and as soon as the door closed the guy she fucked asked to see them again and then started squeezing and sucking her tits as soon as they were exposed and she said it felt great and then he slipped two fingers into her. That was it she was done. She dragged him to the room and I saw the result. I dared her so it's on me. Honestly it was hot as hell. I want to see her suck cock next.

    Guy One To One Hundred

    I like this site. I had read confessions on another site and found this one by accident. I like the posts about cheating or swinging wives because that who I identify with. True confessions or not there are some I recognize myself in. I wrote a very long, very post detailing how I became who I am sexually and for some reason it didn't post so I tried again and it didn't post so I'm just going to add my story to the rest without all the detail and attempts to be erotic.

    I met my husband in high school, we married when I was 22 and I lost my virginity to him the day after our wedding, yes day after. We had done very little and were both inexperienced and pretty much stayed that way. Two kids, I'm 33 and he starts talking about swinging or more to the point me swinging. Me being with other men for sex. No way what I thought and we fought but it came back around again and again. He wanted to see me fuck other guys, the idea turned him on. Pushing me, asking if I thought about other guys, didn't I want to see what it would be like with other guys and the answer was yes to both questions but I couldn't stand the thought of him seeing or knowing, of being a cheater. It was like if it was 100 certain no one, including him, would ever know, then I would have been willing, even though never having been with anyone else I would have just to experience it then it would be over.

    Three more years of his fantasy, him having me watch homemade videos of married women fucking other guys, hotwife videos where wives can fuck whoever they want just for fun and some interracial videos where white wives live out their black guy fantasies. I liked the porn and enjoyed the sex during and after but resisted.

    Just turned 36 and here is the long part I am cutting out. I cheated with not one guy but three. I had opportunity with one I turned down over and over and one day I couldn't resist and I touched his dick, then sucked it. I didn't make him cum but I really enjoyed myself. Felt super guilty, started rationalizing and soon I'd convinced myself that my husband wanted me to fuck around so why not try, if it goes bad never say anything if it goes well, don't tell him but agree to fuck around for him.

    I fucked the guy. I was a nervous wreck but holy shit and then I fucked the other two guys. They all worked together. For three weeks I sucked and fucked these three guys and I thought ok its over, never again. But I couldn't shake that itch between my legs and in the back of my head. The next time a guy hinted at sex, I gave right in and sucked him and fucked him. In a month I went from having only been with one guy for 36 years to having been with five and I wanted more. I wanted to be with as many guys as I could. I started thinking it through.

    Asked my husband one night while watching some porn if he was serious about me fucking other people. he was, he offered to set it up and I said ok I would try it once "just for him." We met a nice guy, and I was in, he was in, we fucked, hubby watched and got off and ok that's it. But it wasn't. The guy wanted more and so did I and so did my husband and we met him six times to fuck. Round seven and at the last minute my husband announces he has to go out of town, tells me to have fun on my own. Encourages me to go wild. I did.

    Instead of the usual hotel fuck, the guy took me to a sex party on Fri night and another one on Saturday. I fucked twelve men. I fucked my first black guy (three in fact) and I was so hooked. No way could I stop. In between hotel fucks with my friend and husband watching I fucked around like crazy. Hubby never knew still doesn't. It got to where my pussy was sore half the time. I've gone to a bunch of sex parties with different guys when my husband is away and I just love the attention and non-stop sex.

    Hub started asking if I wanted to try other guys-yes please. He would set things up and he started letting me go on my own more and more and I was doing this and fucking guys on the side.

    One night I ran through my head how many guys I'd been with. My husband was teasing me about having fucked my tenth guy. I nearly shit the number was so much higher. I ran through the memories and did the count and as far as I could figured I'd fucked my one hundredth guy about two years after I first cheated.

    It's been just about six years and I'm well over 300 men I do not have an accurate count. If you add in guy's I've sucked along the way without fucking it's prob around 500 hundred. Six years ago I had only ever been with one guy. I have friends who talk about having fucked 20 or thirty guys and I'm officially still on number one but my number is climbing and climbing and truthfully I see no end in sight. My husband has bought into this lifestyle totally and supports me fucking whoever and whenever I want. I still hold back a lot of my encounters just because I still have that fear he will become disgusted with me and leave me over it but it's like an addiction. Once you have it this good how do you just stop?

    Thanks for listening!

    Pretty Sure My Asshole Is Pretty Much Destroyed

    So for as long as I can remember I have been sticking random things in my ass it started with a finger then quickly turned into 4. I'd use shovel handles and even empty beer bottles. Then when I was about 13 I found my mom's dildo collection. I began using them on a regular basis start with the 8 in one and eventually using the 13 in one which was about 2.5 in thick on a weekly basis. I did this until I moved out of my parents house and started buying the biggest dildos I could find. By this point I'm surprised I even hold my poo in because I've stretched my asshole out for years. Even had 2 fists in there on 3 occasions