The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions! Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sex secrets, so tell! Write your story down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!

Bored Lately

Since the pandemic started, life seems pretty boring. Which leads to frustration. Not going out, not meeting friends for drinks, social functions in general just don't happen. I just wish this would get better. At least going out with a friend can be an adventure!
Lately, I've been really horny. I dream about getting a nice blow job, licking pussy and making love (or downright Fucking). Sure would be nice right now.

  • Amateur Escort

    My husband and I have been married for seven years and still have a very active sex life.
    He often travels with work and on occasion I accompany him. On this occasion he was due to go for dinner with a client but assured me he would be back at the hotel around nine and we could have a drink together.
    I got ready, dressing a little more risqué as we were away from home and I know he likes me to show a little more. He texted to say he was over running but he'd meet me in the bar.
    I ordered a drink and as on my own sat at the corner of the bar. I then got another text saying he would actually be an hour so annoyed I ordered another drink. I then went to the toilet where I thought I'll finish the drink then head back to the room. Once back at the bar I saw a third drink next to my half finished second. The barman said thats from the gentlemen over there.
    Turning around I saw a guy who was at least ten years younger than me, well dressed and obviously in shape. I smiled and he came over.
    I cant say I wasn't flattered as we flirted but was stunned when he asked how much would it be to take me upstairs. I don't know why but I just replied 200. He smiled and said OK, then took my hand and walked me to the lift. As we went up he took out his wallet, pulled out the money and handed it to me.
    In a daze I followed him to his room and once in he pulled me into his arms, started kissing me and running his hands over my bum. I could feel his cock in his trousers and slowly rubbed my hand over it.
    Would you suck my he asked and I nodded. Sliding down I unbuckled his belt and pulled out his rapidly hardening cock. Looking up I then began to lick his cock before taking him into my mouth and starting to suck him. He tasted so good that I lost myself until he pulled me up, walked me to the bed and pushing my dress up started to lick my pussy through my panties. He was so good I came within minutes. We both got naked and I climbed on top of him. Should I put on a condom he asked but I had already slid onto him. I shook my head and told him I wanted to feel him and we began to fuck. His cock felt amazing and I came again before he asked me to get on all fours where he entered me from behind and began to pound me, finally exploding inside me. We lay there kissing before he said I guess you have to go now. I suddenly remembered my husband and nodded. Your times up I whispered and kissed him one more time.
    I cleaned up in the bathroom, got dressed and went downstairs to the bar. The barman smiled as I ordered a straight vodka. Two minutes later husband walked in.

    My First BBC Experience In School Bus

    Back in high school i was a cheerleader. I was wearing my cheerleader clothes. My boyfriend was having football practice. This one day my friends and me went on the school bus to go home but there wasn't enough seats for us. So my friends sit together but i have to sit on a black guy's lap behind my friends. a few mins after I sit on him; i started to feel his BBC poking my ass and i was startled by how big and thick his black cock is. He went under my skirt and groped my ass. He unzipped his pants and took out his big black cock and moved my underwear to the side to slide his huge cock in my pussy. i have gasp and moan a little from his cock being in me. i moved my skirt around to cover what he is doing from everyone. each time the bus hit a pothole his BBC thrust into me and there is alot of potholes from my school to my bus stop. so he was fucking me alot to the point where my moans becomes louder and caught my friends attention. i try to play it off but the guy lift my skirt and show them that he was fucking me. My friends flash me wink and a smile and watch us having sex. i was cumming on his cock at this point. when we were close to my bus stop; he thrust his cock harder and cum in me. I got up fix my underwear and my skirt and walk back home with my friends and his cum in me.

    Cheating With A BBC

    when i was in high school i went to a party with boyfriend's friend. we were drunk and he took out his Big Black Cock and pull me towards him and pull down my panty from my skirt and fuck me raw and in front of people. he took my shirt and bra off. we were fucking in front of everyone who was cheering us on. he fuck me for 20 mins until he cummed in me. i never told my boyfriend this.

    2 Confessions

    1. I want my wife to be fucked by my best friend.

    2. I want to fuck her sister, who's married.

    Revealing Our Sexual Promiscuity To Old Friends

    My wife and I both come from the same small community where almost everyone knows one another, or at the least know someone in common, many related, so secrets are hard to keep. Many social and religious traditions dictate the"lifestyle" one should maintain. Being sexually permissive and promiscuous in a marriage is not one of them and whispers abound when the gossip fence catches wind. My wife, Lynn, and I no longer live on Guam but maintain very close ties with family and friends. Having been away and having more elbow room to do as we please, we have had sexual adventures sprinkled into our otherwise traditional marriage. As a result of indiscretions and infidelities early on in our relationship, which evolved in reconciliation into sexual permissiveness, we had stints of doing threesomes, me having trysts with other women with wife's approval, and her having sexual experiences with other men with my excitement and approval. In some of those adventures I have taken photos and videos. Of us fucking and sucking. Of her doing other men. We've done many photo session of just us, with her posing and exposing. Videos in the bedroom of her talking about how she loves being a slutwife and showing her naughtiness.

    I've recently become aroused at the idea of having old male friends, former high school classmates know how sexually promiscuous we are and have them fuck Lynn. It started as wild role playing pillow talk during sex, fantasy, but has become a fixation. We shared our photos and videos with one old classmate whom I've known since elementary school and her since middle school, was one of our ushers in our wedding party, so knows us. In return he shared videos of himself masturbating to Lynn's photos and talking dirty to her. The general intent is to have a threesome when next we meet. This revelation and sharing with a real life friend, and not some anonymous boner handling stranger, aroused me to no end! I loved it. Guy friends knowing my wife is a bedroom slut, seeing and knowing what she looks and sound like when she's getting fucked, knowing what her sexuality looks like in photos where she spreads wide to show off her c**t. And possibly, experiencing Lynn and fucking her. My wife becoming the slut among my circle of friends.

    Just yesterday I revealed our secret to another close male friend of ours. He is excitedly astonished at seeing Lynn sexually after all these years of knowing us, having never before visualized my wife as one to do MFM threesomes, fuck other men in general, and of all things me approves and encourage it. But he loves knowing and now wants to fuck Lynn. All of this excites me that yet another old friend who knows us both now know I let Lynn be a slutwife.

    The risk of other family and friends finding out as word among our friends grows that Lynn is fucking our friends just turns me on, the arousal from that possibility is breathtaking. We don't want to be discovered by or revealed to the world of course, but the risk of being found out is so exciting. Lynn loves cock and wants to fuck some of our male friends, and is just as excited yet afraid of word getting out.

    I hosted all of our photo and video content on a blog, a private one I host myself (not those freebie services). It is meant to reveal Lynn and me to others who are willing to join the blog and see what our sexual appetites equate to. Just trying to find the key to inviting old friends to come join.

    Tattooing And Sucking

    Im a tattoo artist, and my confession is i thoroughly enjoy sucking dick. I recently moved into a building in my moms front yard. Im going through a divorce. I have sucked 5 dicks this month alone. 12 since moving into my building. I cant get enough, i crave the taste of dick and cum.

    Taboo Desires

    I think I am sexually frustrated. I think this confession is a mixture of childhood trauma that sort of developed and mutated over time with whatever the fuck else it is.

    When I was in kindergarten, I had a friend named Bella* who hid us in my bedroom closet and told me about how her father touched her inappropriately and showed me where he touched her. This happened for a year before I told my parents of this and she was removed from the home and I never saw her again. From there, I developed taboo dreams of much older men touching me and father-daughter relations.

    Fast forward to graduating high school where I lost my virginity and developed a constant sexual urge to fuck literally everything (feelings, not actually did it) and reached out to a Penpal FatBastard* after having an online sexual "relationship" for years (at this time I think he is in his early 20s and I am 17), we video chat, we sent g*fts and talked on the daily. We finally meet up in person after I move out of state and we meet at a local hotel. I find out he catfished me and is actually 30 and looks absolutely nothing like he did through the chats and he now pressured me into sex, so being backed into a corner, I regretfully follow suit. (Afterward shit goes down, police is involved as he has c********n, he blackmails me, etc. I lay low and disappear). After all this b.s. I realize that I low-key enjoy the thought of r**e (OBVIOUSLY consensual with a safe word).

    Fast forward again a few years and I'm finding myself crushing on my female best friend from high school: she's really bloomed into a beautiful woman, much prettier than I, but is way more high-maintenance and has an outrageously high-sex drive unlike myself who can't really keep up with her. I don't know if this considers me as bi because I only find her attractive. Will I ever tell her I want to fuck her? Probably never. I don't have the guts.

    I've recently been looking into being a sugar baby or just enjoying time with a much older man (hence the childhood curiosity) and wanting to feel the companionship and sexual desires with people who know what they're doing.

    So now, here I am wondering how to satisfy myself with these subjects that most people call taboo or weird. Juicy or no, I didn't have anyone to let this off my chest to, so random strangers will do.

    So, long story short, I want a sugar daddy to aggressively roleplay father-daughter and fill me up, fuck my gorgeous best friend, and pursue my sexual desires without fear of being pinned as a creep or harsh judgement.

    *names changed for privacy purposes

    88 Days Straight

    She was a supervisor at work. It started finger fucking her in my car outside the bar several nights. Then to my apartment eventually. We fucked for 88 nights straight after evening shift.. She was a screamer when orgasming. I force fed her face one night into my cock as she never tasted cum before . She drank it. True story.

    Cutting Loose

    Me and the wife are keeping to ourself and avoiding contact with others during the pandemic but have been scheming about some hot fun when the time is right.
    She wants to go to a hot adult movie place and have some semi public play.
    We never planned this through but just go with the idea while I'm buried in her hot clutching pussy.
    Would dress her real slutty and make her use lots of slut makeup. Probably no bra and a light blouse that unbuttons in front.
    I see us finding a good spot to sit in and watch the featured movie. I'd have my hand under her skirt and fingering her while unbuttoning her shirt to show off her sweet perky boobs.
    Take my dick out and make her suck it from kneeling between my legs.
    Other men come over to look at her tits and watch her swallowing my rod. Maybe I take pity on them and let them have turns in her mouth.
    A big thrill for her in the fantasy is to have a bunch of men cum on her, on her face and on her tits and belly. She loves to feel hot gooey cum on her body and to rub it into herself.
    Sure there would be no trouble finding men to donate there sperm to her slutty mouth.