The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions! Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sexual secrets, so tell! Write your sex confession down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!

I Stole My Friends Panties

When I was 15, I was so horny all the time, I had this friend (let's just call her E) E. She had a gym bag in the classroom on the shelf. After school finished, I used to look through her clothes hoping to find some hot clothing. First I found a sock, I came in it so hard because it smelled like her (not the dirty feet, her nice smell).

After a week or two, I looked through it again, I found this beautiful black Calvin klein underwear, it hasn't been used. After I got home I was smelling it for a good 10 minutes, I whipped out my bulging cock and started rubbing it on my dick. It smelled so good. She is blonde with bangs, nice tits and ass. It was rare when I could see it because she usually wore baggy clothes. On my phone I got a picture of her face and as I was looking at it a came so hard it went all over the place. The sweet smell of her panties was so nice.

I still have it under my bed and I sometimes use it to masturbate. Should I feel guilt for steali g her oanties

  • Gym Babe

    My final year of college I started going to this gym off campus.

    One day I caught this cute young girl checking me out, I’ll call her S. I started noticing when every couple of days we would be doing similar workouts.

    Well it wasn’t long before I got bold and decided to approach her and ask for her number. She was really fucking gorgeous and I found out she was actually still in HS. Looked like a young Kim, also short, with an amazing body and nice set of tits. Her skin was also soft and silky. We would horseplay a lot in the gym and I noticed we became really touchy with each other.

    One night I decided to ask her out but she mentioned she lived at home and her parents wouldn’t let her unless she snuck out. I told her that wouldn’t be a problem we would just have to watch the time and drop her off before they woke up. Well she also mentioned a friend of hers was over so we would need to bring her along. I thought it was an excuse but it turned out to be true so I agreed and I went to pick them up.

    Now this girl and her friend were very clumsy and cute and decided to bring some alcohol, they were already tipsy. I personally didn’t know where I would take them but eventually we all agreed we wanted to go to the beach an hour away.

    When we got to the beach it was pitch dark and secluded . I guess because it was a weekday. Well we ended up horse playing around and eventually this girls friend comes up to my ear and whispers “you know she wants you to fuck her so bad”. I was caught off guard and I guess it made her a little jealous because she saw her and replied “hey what are you telling him”.

    Now I was horny and noticed they were getting a little loud so I asked them both “how about we go back to my car?”. We all agreed and on the way I carried S on my back. I opened the door for her and watched her crawl in bent over and I couldn’t resist so I slapped her ass. She turned around with a smirk and said “hey…do it again”. Her friend noticed and mentioned we should just fuck already. To which I replied okay but you keep a look out. I got in we locked the doors and immediately I started making out with S in missionary. It was fucking sexy I was so turned on and I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world with two hot girls in my car.

    After a good make out session and undressing I got S on all fours in the backseats which was really uncomfortable for me and started giving her raw back shots. Thankfully she was short so it was really just me who had to figure out how to thrust my cock in her while not hitting the roof of the car. Her friend kept watch the whole time and even watched us as I started to make S pussy super wet and creamy. I remember I even looked at her and gave her a smirk as I bounced Ss ass on my cock for a good minute. Ss moans were so hot and both of us were steaming up the car so bad we had to lower the windows. But that didn’t stop me from continuing to talk dirty to her and fuck her rough. At one point the car was swaying too much so Ss friend told us to slow down. I’m pretty sure she was touching herself the whole time. I remember our last orgasm I was pulling Ss hair and I leaned over and grabbed her friends hair with my left hand and made out with her as I slowly filled Ss wet pussy stroking the deepest I could. We pretty much wrapped up after that as it was getting close to early morning times and I didn’t want their parents waking up to them not home.

    It was a crazy night, definitely my best college hookup.

    Needed That Fuck

    I'm 35, 7 months pregnant and my husband won't touch me! My step sister is my best friend and my landlord. She and her husband are amazing people. I admit, I've always had a little thing for him. So she and I were chatting a couple weeks ago about everything and I filled her in about my husband's "issues" with what I can only say seem to be he doesn't find pregnant women attractive. She was being really nice about it but let go that her husband, my step brother in law, couldn't get enough when she was pregnant. (So jealous)
    I don't know what kind of conversations they had but this last weekend, my husband is away on business, I get a knock on the door. My step brother in law. Says he's coming to check on me. That was nice! I invite him in and we sit on the couch for a few just chatting and he was offering to get me pillows, make me dinner, do dishes etc. I admit, I was a little weirded out by the niceness but he was so cute and awesome, I got over it.
    He left his phone on the coffee table and got a text. It was my sister. I glanced down at it and read, "make sure you show her a good time"
    Ummm, what?
    I didn't say anything but when he came back in I told him he had a text. Picked up his phone, read it and looked at me and smiled. Fuck he's cute when he smiles!!
    Do I'm sitting on the couch, big old pronounced belly wearing a maternity sun dress. Ya know. Feeling all kinds of sexy, lol. He gets on his knees on the floor in front of me and asks if he can touch my belly. He puts his hands on me and starts gently rubbing and massaging my belly. It felt nice.. so nice I caught myself getting wet with his touch. Told me to close my eyes, I did. His hands so gentle I couldn't help the slight moan I let out. He caught that and just looked up at me and said it's all OK as long as you're OK.
    Seeing that text she sent I immediately knew what he was saying. I was already so wet I couldn't resist. His hands were expert, he leaned in and kissed my belly and I was powerless. Not gonna get into a ton of deep details but I let him pull my panties down. His tongue was amazing. 2 orgasms and he stood, put on a condom and slowly and masterfully entered me. It was heaven... no dick in 4 months and here I was taking a slow gentle fucking from a man I commonly fantasized about with full permission from his wife, my step sister!!
    I looked him right in the eyes the whole time and he mine. I came again. It was amazing. Still very slow. Very gentle movements he told me he was going to cum. One last gentle push inside me I felt him spasm deep inside as he had his orgasm. It felt like he was pulsating and spasming for an eternity. It felt so so good...
    He slowly pulled out and no words spoken, went to get a warm towel and cleaned me, put my panties back on and kissed me on the forehead. Pulled up his pants and got me a blanket to wrap up in and left. I was in heaven, I needed that amazing fuck. A few hours later, my sister knocked on the door. I was really nervous that she was gonna come and yell and scream but she walked in, and offered to help me to bed. We didn't say much to each other but she helped me to bed and said I love you sis. And left.

  • Head Tent At The Biker Rally

    Every Spring when the weather warmed up, there was a Biker Rally out in the country about 50 miles from our place. My daughter Lisa ( age 34 ) and I had heard about it and from what we saw on the internet it looked like a wild fucking weekend. We decided that we had to go to to say that we " We had been there and done that" LOL..

    We went online and ordered some hot biker chick outfits and loaded up the truck and hit the road. When we got there the place was huge, there must have been five hundred people, Bikes, vans, motorhomes, tents etc. everywhere.. They had a stage on the back of a big flatbed and music all day and night and about 6 beer trucks.

    Lisa and I had our matching " Mom and Daughter" outfits consisting of Black leather knee hi boots, black leather Chaps with matching leather thongs with our asses hanging out. We topped it all off with a fishnet top with our boobs on display , oh yeah, and black leather Cowgirl hats.

    We walked around , drinking beers, dancing to the music along with everyone else. Lots of guys asked us to pose for pics on their bikes, which was really cool. They just loved Granny's 36DDs and Lisa was a real hardbody. We checked out all the games. I really got kick out of playing " Chicken shit squares". That's where the ground is marked off with numbered squares and you bet money on which square the chicken will shit on when they turn him loose .

    That evening just as the sun was about to set and we were really buzzing, we noticed a big army tent set up with a bunch of guys and a few women standing around. We went over and asked this big tattooed gal what was going on. She told us that it was the "Head Tent".

    Now I had been around the track a few laps in my time but this really crossed old granny up. As she explained, guys paid $20.00 to get a blowjob in the tent. She told us we were more than welcome to volunteer for a turn in the tent with the guys, if we were up to it.

    Lisa and I were laughing like crazy and said " Why the fuck not". When we went in, there was a temporary wooden wall made into a " Gloryhole " with two holes. The two girls finished with their customers and said they would gladly take a break. One told us there was beer in the cooler if we needed a drink. She also showed us a big box of condoms if we wanted them.

    Lisa and I were giggling with excitement as the first two big hard cocks came thru the hole. We slipped the condoms on and went to work. Some guys came quickly, some other guys like it long and slow. We gave them everything they needed.

    Lisa had an issue with this one dude, He told her he'd give her $50.00 if she would go skin on skin and the guy must have been 8 inches or more. She gagged a little and I told her maybe we should switch guys. My old man broke me in with his 7 inch cock when I was 17, so I knew this guy wouldn't be problem.

    I worked his cock long and slow just like he wanted and I then I realized too late he needed a condom. He unloaded a massive amount of cum that even had old granny fighting to swallow it all. Lisa looked at me and laughed as she said ": Better you than me ,Mom".

    We worked the " Head Tent" for about an hour and must have done 10-12 guys between us, when we came out , they all applauded our volunteer effort.

    We had even more fun that night, and went back the next Spring too .

    Got Dicked Next To My Sleeping Girlfriend

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for a year now and have become pretty serious. She identifies strictly as a lesbian but I like to think of myself as more bisexual, but definitely have always leaned more towards women. Recently, I've found myself more interested in men for some reason. I've been watching a lot of straight porn and have even found it hard to have sex with my girlfriend. Don't get me wrong, she is amazing in bed. But I just feel as if my sexual attraction has switched focus, and I am terrified to tell her what has been going on lately...

    So about about three months ago I started talking to this guy I met online. We met in a local tattoo group on FB and have been talking everyday since. Not long after we met online, I told him what I had been feeling and going through in reference to my sexuality, and he was surprisingly really understanding and never once tried to force himself on me or try to insinuate that we should sleep together (which actually turned me on even more?). We ended up meeting in person a few weeks after that conversation and we just hit it off instantly, both in a friendly and sexual way. I could feel the chemistry between us, which made it hard because I already found him super physically attractive. A few nights later we ended up going out to the bar after we had both gotten off work and had a few too many. When he offered to drive me home we ended up making out in his car for a solid 45 minutes. I ended up giving him a hand job in the parking lot, but when he tried to touch me in return, I freaked out and just couldn't do it. When I got home I felt sick to my stomach, knowing I had betrayed my girlfriend. Even worse, she knew I was friends with this guy, and would be devastated to find out I cheated on her with him.

    So fast-forward about a month and I've been pretty much avoiding hanging out with this guy in person because I knew we would probably end up having sex. My girlfriend and I end up throwing a birthday party for each other (our birthday's are literally one week apart). Because she didn't know what had happened at the bar, she invited my friend over to our party. He didn't show up until late in the evening, when I had already tossed a few back and was definitely letting loose. At this point, I was just trying to play it cool so my girlfriend wouldn't notice the tension in the room. A few hours later, once everyone had mostly left, my girlfriend told my friend and I that she was headed to bed since she had drank a little bit too much.

    After that, everything seemed fine at first. We just had normal conversation, and even smoked together, but then he turned and kissed me. Everything in my body went numb as I just let him kiss me and slide his hands under my clothes. He whispered in my ear that it was his turn to touch me, and I swear I have never been so wet in my life. We were sitting on my back deck, and this man just slid his hands down my pants and started playing with me. I feel like in that moment, half of my brain felt nervous that my girlfriend was going to walk outside, but the other was just taken over by pleasure.

    The few times I tried to object and tell him I was unsure about what we were doing, he just kissed me and kept his fingers rubbing and touching me in a way that just made my body succumb to him. Next thing I know, I'm showing him down the hall, to the guest bedroom that's literally right next to where my girlfriend was asleep in our bedroom. The second the door shut behind us, our clothes were off and he had me pinned to the bed. I don't say this lightly, but it was the best dick, and sex in general, that I've ever had. He manhandled me so easily, and covered my mouth every time I would moan too loud. His dick felt so warm inside, and was hitting all the right spots, and I literally couldn't control what was happening to my body. The worst part is, I was enjoying myself so much that I literally forgot my girlfriend was in the other room. He made me cum at least three times with his dick, and then ate me out before I had to tap out.

    After he left, and once my euphoria faded off, I went and slept on the couch, feeling to disgusted to sleep next to her after what we had just done...

    We've slept together almost on a weekly basis since this night, and I have yet to tell my girlfriend. I feel horrible about that night and what has occurred since, but at the same time, I'm experiencing a new part of myself that feels amazing and am getting more pleasure than I ever have before.

  • Wild High School Reunion Threesome.

    I went to my 20th anniversary High School reunion a few years ago , I was really stoked with the idea of seeing a lot of my old friends and find out where life had taken them since graduation.

    I was really hoping to meet a couple of girls I had dated and maybe get lucky again after all these years. Only problem was they didn't make the trip and that ruined my fantasy. I did run into some friends from our baseball team and had a great time reliving the glory days. One of my old buddies rushed up behind me and grabbed me in a bearhug. It was Chris, a guy I used to hang around with all the time. Chris and I used to do sleepovers, double date and all the crazy shit that teenagers do.

    Chris was a tall, muscular dude that always had the girls drooling over him, and he still looked in great shape. He invited me over to his table and introduced me to his Gf, She was Greta, a tall blonde with an east European accent, slim with great tits ,kinda looked like Trump's old lady.

    So we hung out, had some drinks , circulated among the old crowd and danced to a great bad playing oldies from school days. At one point, I saw Chris whispering to Greta and looking my way . She wiggled right over in a tight cocktail dress and asked me to dance. She squeezed my hand as she lead me to the dance floor. When the lights dimmed down for a slow dance, she pressed her body up against me . She suggested I come up to their room in the hotel afterward , so she could hear all about Chris and My adventures in high school. As she pressed up against me my cock started to swell and I shifted my hips a little to make sure she felt my swelling cock.

    Later when the crowd thinned out we went on up to their room and popped a bottle of bubbly they had on ice. Greta cut on some soft music and had a seat on Chris' lap, She was wearing this long ankle length blue sequined dress with little thin straps, cut low with a slit up the side to her thigh. Chris was running his hand up and down her leg inside the slit in the dress and he asked me " What do you think of my Girl". I told him I thought she was fucking beautiful and asked if she had a sister, which caused her to smile real big.

    After the music played a little more, we drank a few more glasses. she stood up and began to dance real slow. She pulled down the straps on her dress now showing everything but her nipples. She motioned to me to stand up, I looked at Chris and he just nodded yes and grinned. She pulled me close and as we danced she whispered "Unzip my back". I unzipped her dress with trembling fingers and she dropped the dress down to her waist exposing big, round tits. She then began to unzip my pants and pull out my hard cock.

    She dropped down on her knees and started to suck my cock, I looked around at Chris and he had dropped his pants and was stroking his own growing cock, as he gave me a wink.
    Soon Chris knelt down beside me and she took turns sucking both of our cocks. God damn, this was fucking hot, but the best was yet to come.

    As she was sucking our cocks, she said she wanted to fuck both of us and she dropped her dress to the floor and we all hopped up on the king sized bed. Only one problem " Greta" turned out to be a guy and had a cock as big as mine. Chris laughed and said "Now you know what I've been doing since school". Chris got on his knees and started to push his cock into Greta's mouth , but not before she grabbed my cock and said " Ronnie, but this hard cock in my ass now" I gulped and thought, " That's an offer I can't refuse".

    I spread her ass cheeks wide and slipped my hard cock in, slowly inch by inch until it was buried in Greta's hot ass as she moaned ,now with a mouthful of Chris' cock. I kept fucking away as she moaned more and wiggled he ass until I erupted with loads of cum in her sweet ass.

    As I rolled off onto the bed, Chris was just letting go ,dumping his cum in her throat and then they blew my mind. Chris turned around and Greta licked her finger and stuck it up Chris's ass working it in and out. Her cock was now swollen and throbbing as she slipped it up Chris' ass and pounded away.

    I had a room in the same hotel, two floors down, but I didn't go back to it until the next day. Somehow I had forgotten about those girls from school who didn't show for the reunion.

    Been Trying To Find My Therapist I Had As A Child

    When I was a kid, around the age of 14, I had a therapist I would see regularly because I had a sex addiction. Like I was obsessed with sex and drawing sex, writing about sex. I had been found with several pairs of panties in my room. I had a notebook I would keep that had pages and pages of sexual fantasies. So I would see this therapist named Jody. It would only be her and me in this small room. She was really hot which idk why they would give a child who is addicted to sex a hot therapist. So our meetings would consist of her talking to me about my feelings etc. She gave me a notebook to keep and she wanted me to try and write fantasies that didn't involve sex. But it was hard. Then one time, she read my notebook and she saw that I had written about her. I did it on purpose. I wanted her to see. I wrote that I wanted to eat her pussy, wear her panties etc. I would get horny in session. I would be sitting at this table and she would be sitting across from me. I would slowly reach down and pull my thing out. Slowly jerk off. At first she didn't know. Each session I would get bolder. I mean one time, I managed to cum but that's when she figured it out because I started to cum and I started to shake a little and moan and the table moved and she looked at me and saw me kinda breathing hard. Then I brought my hands up on the table and there was cum on them. She told me to keep my hands up top from then on. But my thing was still out so I had to put it back. I quickly went down and had to pull my underwear up and button my pants. She yelled at me to keep my hands up. I came back up and there was cum on my fingers. The worst part was that she wanted me to write a fantasy that didn't involve sex in my daily journal. That's what we were working on in session all the time. So when she handed me the pen, she could clearly see cum on my hand. Then when I got up at the end of sessionn, you could see cum or a wet spot. She never once looked under the table while we were in session. So after about a year of this. I stopped seeing her. I don't really know if I improved. But I moved away to another state. Now I'm grown up and I have been trying to find her for the longest time. Just to reconnect. Even maybe just get a picture. I remember her full name and where she used to work. Idk if she still does. But I still fantasize about her.

    My First DP

    I’d been dating a guy from the diner for a few months. Things were good, we’d hang out as his place, drink, fool around, the usual. A friend of his came back from being in the coast guard and moved in with him. We instantly hit it off and my boyfriend noticed.

    It wasn’t long before he told me Marc (the friend) had a huge dick, the biggest anyone he knows has ever seen and he wanted to see my reaction to it. I knew if I saw it, I’d want to suck it and fuck it, and I knew Scott (my boyfriend) would let me, and like to watch. We were watching TV and my boyfriend got up and went in his room, calling us in a minute later. We assumed he was rolling a joint or something so we went in there. He sat down in his big chair, making Marc and I sit on the bed together, and told me to give Marc a kiss. I happily obliged and Marc kissed back like he’d been wanting to for a while. Scott told Marc I knew about his big dick and that I didn’t believe it. Marc laughed and asked if I really wanted to see it. I told him very much and he undid his pants.

    I was not prepared. It was and still is the BIGGEST cock I’ve ever seen in my life. A very real 10”, super thick, giant, porn star, amazingly on a white guy cock. It was like he pulled a pringles can out of his pants. Scott told me to touch it and Marc fell back moaning “oh yeah” as I grabbed and began to stroke it. It didn’t get much bigger, but it got rock hard. I put as much of it in my mouth as I could, it was way too wide to go down my throat. Scott was sitting in his chair, stroking his cock, he said he wanted to watch Marc fuck me from behind.

    I got on all fours, Marc on his knees behind me. He had to slowly work it in and rub my clit to make me wet because he barely fit. When he finally hit my cervix he let out a satisfied grunt. He fucked me for a few minutes while Scott watched, then Scott got up and put his cock in my mouth. They spit roast me for a while, then Marc turned me around so Scott could fuck my stretched out pussy. He laid down and while Scott fucked me I did my best to suck all of Marc’s cock. After fucking me a few minutes, Scott instructed me to get on top of Marcs cock.

    With Marc laying back I slowly slid down on him, feeling my pussy expand to fit his girth. That alone was almost enough to make me cum. We started to get a little too “into it”, we were kissing passionately, he was sucking my nipples and making me howl with pleasure. The angle was perfect and my clit was getting rubbed with every thrust. Scott was behind me, i know he was getting jealous. I felt him get close, against me, and I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass. I gasped for him to “put it in put it in yes!” He thrust in and we all moaned. I couldn’t believe how filled and loved and pure physical pleasure I was feeling. It was almost like I left my body for a moment. I remember looking down at Marc and he smiled and that somehow sent me over the edge and I started cumming. Scott was like “oh fuck Honey, yes! That clench! I can feel his cock in you!” And Marc just kept saying “I felt you cum I’m gonna cum, I felt you cum here I cum!” Scott came first, Marc only a minute later.

    Scott pulled out and laid beside us. I stayed on Marc for awhile. His cock was so big that it didn’t slip out when it got soft, it was still stretching out my pussy so he stayed in me like a cum plug. I admitted it was my first DP, and the guys said it was for them too. I kissed each of them, and we all slept together in Scott’s bed, cuddling.

    What’s The Deal?

    I’ve seen a lot of guys on here label themselves as bi-sexual male, and then write stories about their girlfriends. I’m just wondering whether your girlfriends know that you also want to be fucking or getting fucked by guys and what do they think? Or have you kept it a secret from them?

  • Its' Very Small, So Am I

    I'm a small guy, with a really small cock. The guys in gym class showers tease me all the time, I know some have told their girlfriends about me and they and their friends point at me in the halls or cafeteria and giggle. I'm going to let this older boy in my neighborhood who doesn't got to my school fuck me. I think it's the only sex I'll get. I want sex, I want contact with another body. I jacked him once and he jacked me. He's not too big, I know I can take it.

    He doesn't know it but friday, he's cumming inside my virgin butt.