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Seniors Wanting To Have Sex With One Another Just To Get Off

I had to relocate. I started hanging out at a fast food place for coffee and something to nibble on. I notice that there was other seniors about and around my age or older there. I was getting aroused of doing an older an old gal to have sex with. There was this big gal with big hangers and big belly that would smile at me. I would smile back and say " hello ". I started to dream about her wanting to fondle those breasts and rub my cock all her fat hanging belly and cum hard on her.
She noticed me starring and looking at her when she came into the place. Then one day she sat next to me. " You don't mind if I sit here ? " she said as her cleavage showed that she had mega size tits as she slid her arm under them. I felt her hand on my cock. " I think a little sex play would be nice ! she said to me as she leaned into me and whispered " oral is fantastic ! "as she squeezed my cock.
We walked to my car where she pulled out my dick and began to put it in her mouth giving me a blow job in the car as I placed and squeezed with my hand on those mega tits. She slapped my face with her tits. I drove her to my place where she undressed and told me to eat her out as she face sat me. Her c**t juices was fantastic tasting as she told me to shoot my load all over her belly and face.
I gotten to enjoy our sex and desired anal at times.

  • Becky's Butt

    I met Becky 18 years ago in a social group. She had brown hair, a few extra pounds, and a long face--not especially attractive, in short, but she was spunky and lively, and a little flirtatious. We exchanged numbers, and I soon invited her over to my house for a movie. I rubbed her shoulders a bit and after the movie she asked for more, so we went upstairs to my bedroom where I could rub her back. She quickly removed her and bra so I could rub her skin directly, and her expressed encouragement to my touch soon led to my kissing her back, rubbing her hips, then pulling down her loose pants and underwear to find that she *really* liked her butt being rubbed and kissed. She told me she felt very comfortable with what I was doing so I went further, and started licking her asshole, which drove her wild.

    I had some mineral oil within reach--left by another lady I used to date & give backrubs to--so I started greasing up her butt with my fingers, and told her I was negative on all STIs; she said "oh yes, me too" and in a few more seconds I was pressing my cockhead into her bottom. She moans and cried with pleasure, "oh yes oh yes please" as I slowly sank into her inch by inch. I never kissed her lips, but grabbed her under her arms and pulled my lips to her neck, breathing and talking dirty into her ear, telling her what a dirty girl she was for liking this, which again drove her crazy, she started screaming at me to fuck her deep over and over, and within a few minutes she was clearly having analgasms. Feeling how tight she got pushed me over too, and I started ejaculating into her asshole. I lay in her a couple more minutes until I started to get slightly soft and slid right out, then I collapsed onto her and we talked a little more about sex--both our experiences and desires--while I spooned her.

    She asked to use the shower to clean off, and when she was done I took my turn, matter-of-factly switching out our naked bodies in my tiny bathroom. After I was done, I came out to find her clothed again on the bed; I wanted to air dry a bit so I sat down next to her, and in a few minutes she leaned over to give me a wonderful blowjob for about 20 minutes. Finally I told her "if you don't stop soon I'm going to cum in your mouth," and she let up just a second to say "I want you to," and plunged her lips around me again--I soon did, and she kept her eyes shut as she almost meditatively and calmly continued to lap me up. She then confessed that she didn't think that was her best blowjob--and a couple weeks later she interrupted another backrub to prove it, sucking me off even more strongly than the first time.

    She then got too busy to come over again, and though she was single for a few years after that we never met again. She got married to a man she clearly loved strongly, and now the sad part--I just learned that she died of cancer last year, Fuck, fuck, fuck cancer. Becky, you were so nice to me. I'm glad I had a brief chance to be nice to you.

    The More The Merrier

    I am an average looking white girl who has been dating black men since I started dating in high school. I live in an area where nobody really cares and it is accepted.

    The guy I was dating asked me if I would be interested in fucking a friend of his that just got home from being in way (military guy). After some thought, I agreed to do it. We set it up. I went to his house and I gave him a welcome home fuck.

    About a week later, my guy asked me to fuck another guy. After some thought, I agreed to do it. We set it up. I went to his house to give him a welcome home fuck and his three other friends were there. It is not what I agreed to so I called my boyfriend from my car. He laughed, teased me that I would enjoy it and told me to come home if I did not want to do this. I sat in my car for a few minutes and role played this scenario in my head. Four cocks is a lot, but I decided to go back in and allow this to happen.

    When I returned to the house, they all cheered and started to clap. These men were ready to fuck and I was going to be the pussy. I spent the evening there and they fucked me every imaginable way. I went home the next morning, showered and slept until 3:00 in the afternoon. I never gave any of the details to my boyfriend. These men completely turned me out and left nothing left of me.

    Me and my boyfriend broke up shortly after these situations took place. It was mutual. I am still fucking these five other guys and a bunch of their friends. I am actively having sex at least once per day, sometimes two or three. These men are young, fit, hung and all they want to do is fuck while they are home. I provide the holes for their needs.

  • Moms Boyfriend

    My mom’s boyfriend (Will) is an extremely handsome, fit and well spoken man. He is openly generous and openly flirty. Generally speaking, he is a good catch for my mom.

    My mom had been telling me that she wasn’t happy in her relationship with Will. One night my mom had been pissing me off royally and I had enough. I told Will straight up what she had told me. I then proceeded to fuck this man’s brains out. Well, he fucked mine out too, but you get the point. My mom eventually broke up with Will and now he and I fuck on a regular basis. The age different would not work in a relationship, but we can still fuck.

    Yummy Mummy

    There is a guy in my local village, early thirties, tall, athletic, handsome you would say who is a successful business owner, with a stay at home wife and two kids. The wife spends her time at the gym or beauty salon, is either dressed in exercise gear or immaculate in sexy looking outfits that show her figure off, including unbelievable breasts. He’s an arrogant prick who loves showing off how successful he is and how hot his wife is.
    I’m touching fifty, dad bod and starting to lose my hair and I guess that makes me sound jealous. Except that I’ve been banging that woman for the last six months, have fucked her in every way and she can’t get enough.
    Every time I see him now I just think of her on her knees sucking my cock clean after I cum inside her.

  • Her Needs Were Simple...

    I moved to a new city when I was 27, half a lifetime ago now. I joined an art-themed group to meet new people and soon at a social event met Tina, who was about 10 years older than me. I often was more comfortable with older people as I had always been intellectually precocious. We talked about movies and history a bit, and then volunteered for an icebreaker challenge which, it turned out, involved a certain amount of Twister-like bodily contact--through clothing, but otherwise semi-intimate, and she could definitely feel my bulge at one point. We took a trivial prize home, and then talked some more, trading numbers so we could get together and watch some movies.

    Tina worked in management, not an area I understood anything about, and definitely was a bigger spender than me--I had barely paid off my student loans in an academic job, and was trying to conserve as the paychecks came in. But Tina didn't mind taking me out to eat and covering everything, or my lack of knowledge--or frankly, interest--in her work. She admitted that it had its attractions, but was a way to earn money, not a passion. She definitely saw me as an outlet for the lighter but also more thoughtful side of her brain, while at work she clearly was proud of doing her job well but was eager to get through it to do something else. We picked some good movies over the next few months, but also some bad ones, as we enjoyed making fun of them.

    She soon talked more about her work-life relationship, and admitted that she sometimes had sought out "friends with benefits" who she could have sexual fun with but without commitment. Hearing that was actually a huge relief to me, as I found her attractive, but was intimidated by the age and class differences, and felt that would be hard to bridge for a stronger relationship. I told her I approved of this and understood the motivation. She asked if I had ever had a relationship like that--I had not, but I said I'd be open to it with the right person I could trust as a friend. That evening, her second at my house to watch a movie we got from the video store (this was long before streaming), she stretched out on the couch, head on a pillow just inches from my lap. I dared to place my hand on her side and rub her lightly through her shirt, which soon encouraged her to set the pillow aside and rest her head directly on my right leg. It wasn't long before she was touching my leg, and that made my cock jump in my shorts--she felt this, and soon had her hand on it through, then under my shorts. Feeling how awkwardly it was bunched up she had mercy and slipped it out of my underwear and shorts, sliding it along my leg and pushing my shorts leg back so she could hold and move it freely. Without talking or even looking up, she soon started sucking on me, and I stopped the movie to sit back and enjoy her attention. She then occasionally glanced up to see my reaction, but mostly was just focused on my dick, sliding her mouth up and down slowly as if savoring it. Finally I came in her mouth--only the second time I had ever done that--and spent several more minutes cleaning me off and looking relaxed as she sucked me softly again.

    She then said she had been wanting to do that since the icebreaker, and hoped it wouldn't change our friendship status. And it didn't--she came over for several more movies, sucking me each time, and telling me that was all she wanted to do (she would let me feel her breasts and hips, but mostly through her clothes, though she did let me feel her pussy once during a blowjob). I dated other women that year, but not so often that it ever interfere with Tina's occasional visits, which she usually initiated. We also had a couple other dates out, and saw each other at the art group, but never did anything intimate there either, in fact we never even kissed passionately, though we traded cheek pecks. Once she came over and I had recently cum, but she said she enjoyed just sucking on me anyway, it was relaxing for her to serve someone in a simple way after her demanding work day--and on that occasion she got me hard, but couldn't make me cum in her mouth, and finally I jacked off on her face. This surprised but also pleased her a bit, though we never repeated it.

    Finally she stopped coming over, and when we next met in public apologized saying she had been busy. I knew it was better this ended amicably and definitely rather than drag on with uncertainty, so I thanked her for her many visits and hoped she found future relationships just as fulfilling and relaxing.

    Colleagues Wife

    One of my colleagues asked me if I'd fuck his wife a couple of months ago.
    We were having a drink after work, so I thought it was the beer talking. However when his wife Lucy came to pick him up, he asked me again in front of her.
    Without having chance to answer, she said her husband likes to watch and that she loves young cock.
    Twenty minutes later I was having my cock sucked in their lounge as my colleague watched on and wanked.
    Lucy isn't the best looking woman, but she has a fantastic figure for a woman in her forties, and boy does she love cock.
    We ended up fucking three times, with me fucking and cumming in her pussy and arsehole.
    I was at their home for two hours and believe me, we did everything together.
    When I was getting dressed after our last fuck, I watched as my colleague lay on the couch, then Lucy literally sat on his face and ordered him to lick and suck out my cum from her pussy and arse.
    As they carried on, I told my colleague I'd see him on Monday. He didn't reply, but then he did have his wifes arsehole smothering his face at the time.
    Lucy and I have fucked several more times since. Some with my colleague present, other times in my car after she's snuck away for a quick fuck.
    The reason Lucy has to sneak, is my colleague only likes her having sex with other men, when he's present.
    What he doesn't know, is Lucy and I spent a whole afternoon together in a hotel room with another friend of mine, as my colleague played in a local golfing tournament. We both fucked Lucy separately and at the same time, something she wanted to try. It was amazing fucking her arsehole with my friends cock deep inside her pussy. A new experience for me and one I'd definitely love to do again.

    Sex With Older Guy At A Work Conference

    Never in my life did I ever go for older guys. Well guys that weren’t a lot older. A few years older has always been fine with me

    Was at my first conference for work three weeks ago. Fun stuff I thought, getting to meet new people in the same field. Thankful myself and coworkers had our own hotel rooms because I found out sex at conferences is a think.

    I was talking with this older guy. He was in his late 50 and handsome to me. Very good looking guy and good looking body. Come later that even I ran into him in the hotel bar and he insisted we sit together to eat

    Upon entering the elevator with him I could tell my pussy was very wet and I was very much in the mood. As he asked what floor I was on I said how about we just go back to your room first. He said I was hoping you’d ask

    Upon entering his room we kiss immediately and his hand was up my dress feeling my exposed cheeks because I had a thong on. And I could definitely feel he was hard

    I took my dress off as he pulled his pants off. The sight of his hard dick in his white Calvin Klein briefs had my pussy dripping. I pulled his briefs off and was so surprised. He had a big hairy dick. I got right to sucking it. Eventually he put me on the bed and ate my pussy

    He got off the bed and got in his bag. He pulled out a condom. I was thankful he did that because I was going to get in my purse and get one out but I definitely didn’t have large ones on me. As he’s putting the condom on he said I hope you dont mind that I wear a rubber

    I pushed him onto the bed and said I love a responsible and safe guy as I got on his dick to ride it

    It was honestly some of the best sex I had. Him pounding on my pussy for a good 30 minutes as I had a few orgasms

    It ended with him flooding the condom with a huge load. I was so surprised how full the condom was. He pulled it off and threw it away then laid naked in bed beside me.

    Bad Decision

    This happened two weeks ago and the effects are still lingering.

    My son is home from college. He is a good kid. He has a summer job. He is fit and attractive.

    That night me and some friends when out for a bachelorette party. Yes, Theresa had too much to drink. When I got home, I went to find Greg. I walked into his room to say hello. I did not expect to see him jerking off. I froze and stared. I just did not know what to do. He tried to cover up, dropped his phone and was scrambling. I went over to pick up his phone, I stumbled on sneakers and fell on his bed. My hand landed on his hard dick. At this point I am laughing hysterically and struggling to stand up. Joking, I said, damn you are very hard. He says mom, stop and get out of here!

    I am drunk, silly, horny, feeling lonely seeing my friend getting ready to marry. I told my son I have seen many cocks. Do not worry. Being especially bold and silly, I tried to peek. He pushed me away and I almost fell over. He reached for me and his blanket fell off. There was is hard cock.

    I asked where his girlfriend was and he said out with friends. I said that is rough to be hard and nobody to help. He agreed. Now on my feet, I go to leave. I smile at Greg and say if you want help, you know where to find me. He never came in that night.

    The next night he asks me at dinner if I was serious about helping him. I said well, last night I was drunk. But as my son, I will do my best to help you with anything you ever need. He told me he was always horny and was always jerking off. I said I could help if he didn’t feel too uncomfortable. I jerked him off that night.

    So here we are two weeks later. I have jerked him off almost every day. One two of those days I gave him head. This is not what a mom and son should be doing. I fear we have opening Pandora’s box and it will be impossible to close it now.

  • Probably Going To Hell For This

    I really wanted my girlfriend to do this but she is too pissed. Probably about the treatment she has received for the last week.
    I am a mid 40's guy. Married and divorced twice. No kids of my own because I AM SMART! I do have a step son in his 20's though. He always liked me better than his mom because I always treated him like a buddy, not a kid.
    Now to my current live in girlfriend. Shes OK, good fuck. I am not really serious about her, at least not yet. She is kinda short, I say 5-4. Now from the head down to her waist she is not too bad, kinda small tits. But from the waist down G-D played a joke on her. As in he made her ass and thighs huge! If she were naked and you slapped her ass it would jiggle for a week!!!
    Over the years me and the step son have done a few kinky things together. As in he included me in tag teaming a couple of his young girlfriends. Whether they liked it or not.
    I invited him for a stay. My little evil brain decided my volkswagon ass girlfriend would be our next adventure. His first night in I gave him the greenlight to talk some shit and hit on her.
    The next morning was a Saturday. I woke her up about 8am and made pretend I wanted some kinky sex. I brought out the restraint set we keep in the closet tied her face down on the bed, naked of course.
    Things kind of got testy when I let my son in law in the room. She yelled, cussed, you get the picture. It got worse when I told her that he wanted to fuck her in the ass. Did I mention she isn't a fan of that. Cussing and yelling got worse. We basically told her we were not gonna r**e her, but... Told her she would spend the entire weekend tied down until she "asked" him to fuck her ass. She pissed all over the bed about 10am. Didn't think about sending her to the bathroom first. My bad.
    About 1pm me and the son in law were sitting on the bed beside her rubbing and smacking her ass. You should have heard the words she came up with. Then I decided to kick it up a notch. I went looking around the house until I stumbled on a yardstick. I brought it back in and gave her a couple of light smacks on the ass. Me and the son in law were laughing our ass off. She wasn't. My strikes on her ass got harder and harder. I moved up and down giving her thighs, ass and lover back a work over. She was blood red and I could see some welts and bruises. She was crying and begging me to stop. Finally she gave in and said "yes, just stop". I untied her hands so she could get up on her knees a bit. I was so proud... My son in law ordered her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks, and she did it! I nearly pulled it off watching him fuck that giant ass.
    We did let her loose but didn't let her get dressed. We kept her naked all day and fucked her in every way possible. It was great! The next day her thighs, ass and lower back were bruised and very sore. We had to take it easy on her, some light fucking and made her suck a lot of dick. He stayed a week and she followed our orders and did anything we wanted.
    She is still pissed but still very submissive. I am loving it!