The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions! Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sexual secrets, so tell! Write your sex confession down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!

Black Pussy

I met her at a backgammon club, I played there on saturday afternoons. She was fun, and I thought she flirted and talked dirty to me to put me off my game. She was African, from up around Sudan somewhere, her and her husband being refugees. They had no kids and he worked weekends at a supermarket and she didn't have many friends at that time so I guessed she came down to our club to get out of the house.

I guess she was twenty something. I did ask her how old she was and she said older than you think, but her skin was smooth. I reckon her husband was in his thirties.

One time she put her her hand on mine and said look at how black my skin is and how white yours is. She said her husband's dong was big and black but I think yours would be very white. I said yes it was, kinda. She talked like that, in whispers like so the others couldn't overhear.

One day I said I'll have to have one quick game and go because there's a movie I wanted to see, First Man, starting at so and so time and she said can I come with you. I thought why not, she just wanted a trip to the cinema, something different. I said ok.

She had no transport so I drove her down there. She insisted she pay for her own ticket. Inside she wanted up near the back. When the movie started she lifted up the armrest between us and moved closer. She knew I was married.

We were so close I finally put my arm around her. She snuggled closer. Then after a while I felt her hand on my leg, on my thigh, a bit high up. Finally, trying to make it look casual I took my coat off and put it on my lap. Slowly I could feel her fingers moving around until they were touching my hard on. I unzipped my jeans and her hand went inside and gripped my cock.

I whispered my dong ain't so big and she whispered back it felt good to her.

My arm went around her so I could feel her firm tits.

I had to get my handkerchief to wrap around my cock to catch the jizz ready to come shooting out. She stroked it beautifully. She must have felt the jizz pumping out.

After the show we had a coffee and decided next saturday we would get a motel room for the afternoon.

So a week later I picked her up near the club, where she was waiting, and drove for a while to get to a motel which wasn't so local.

Inside the room I said what do you prefer to do and she I want sixty nine, since her husband was only interested in fucking. She said he was too macho to eat her black cat. I said it's called pussy and she said no, this is my little black cat. I thought I don't care what you call it. So we did a really good sixty nine. The lips of her pussy were black and inside it was a lovely pink and so juicy to suck on.

I said I'm cumming but she kept sucking, so I shot a big load into her mouth and she took it and swallowed. I kept going on her pussy and made her cum too.

She said can we fuck and then do another sixty nine. I said we sure can. She was nice to fuck, her black cat a snug fit, not stretched out by a 9 or 10 incher as I thought it might. I said again I wasn't as big as her husband and she snorted and said so what, I was very good in bed. I pumped some jizz into her so I guessed she had some birth control.

After a rest I sucked on a very wet pussy while she did another great blowjob and I managed to blow again into her mouth, but I suspect there wasn't that much shooting out. A weak third cum.

We had an affair, fucking about once a month until fucking covid came along and he lost his job, or quit I don't know, and moved elsewhere.

  • Don't Believe I Did It

    I have no idea why I did it. I never had anything to do with a guy sexually before. I've been getting laid and sucked and buttfucking girls and even a few older women since I was 15. I love them, love fucking them in any hole, love eating pussy. I let a gay guy who was 18 seduce me last night and this morning. I could say that when I went home with him I was drunk and stoned, but that's no reason for me not to leave after I was done. I woke up and had more sex this morning. I've been thinking and brewing about it all day.

    He was thin, and had a girls shape to his body with his shorts on, he had super girlish, and great looking legs, and a really nice shaped ass. I could see little puffy dark nipples under his white shirt. Yes I was horny, yes it's been 2 weeks since I've been able to fuck a girl, I've just been too busy at work. I let down last night. I suppose at first I thought we could just go to his place and have some free drinks and some smoke. We did, but when he came out of the bathroom after a while he had on a pretty pink, lace, very short robe. I could see his puffies under it and he had on a thong so I didn't have to see his cock at all. I noticed he had on make up, his hair was blown out. He looked really good, hot, womanly. He moved around to the music, swaying his cute ass in front of me. I stood up and held him with his butt up against my crotch and I got hard. He kept swaying to the music and moved my hands to his nipples. Soon it was my mouth on them, and he undid my belt and undressed me. I went to the bedroom with him naked, and took off his robe. He sucked me and I got even harder. By the way, only one girl ever gave me a BJ that good. Then he laid down and lifted his legs, and spread for me. I moved the string aside and pushed in. He was moaning, and kept begging for me to fuck him, so I gave it to him. I fucked him, and I wasn't about to pull out, I shot my sperm while pushing 8 full inches into his ass. As I was about to cum he begged me to kiss him and I did. I kissed him the whole time I was shooting cum deep into him.

    He got up, went to the bath and came out with a warm washcloth and cleaned my cock. I pulled him close and sucked on those puffies some more. He was hard I could see the head peeking out of the thong top. He excused himself and closed the door to the bath. He jacked himself in there and came back. Instead of getting out of there I wanted more. I fucked him one more time that night then slept with him. In the morning his mouth was working its magic. I let him choose if he wanted to get fucked again or take it in his mouth. I blasted in his mouth, then after a while I fucked him again. About 11am I fucked him again, and left. So I've had the past 6 hours to think about it. I don't feel gay though I must be since I fucked a guy and let him suck my cock. He was so pretty, cute, feminine, and an incredible fuck!

    I know I put straight above, but not sure what I should put. I don't know what to think about me. Do I tell anyone? Do I let the girl I'm fucking know?

    Nursing It

    Back a decade or so ago there was a guy who put up ads on craigslist when that was the place to hook up with folks for nsa sex.
    So this fellow was bi and liked to have his dick sucked on for a long time. He would put on porn of all kinds and loved being edged. The unique thing was his production of massive amounts of precum. He loved being edged and having a hot mouth to nurse out that salty and sweet precum and would go for it for an hour or more before finally cumming.
    Have missed that and usually just go for my own when I'm having a stroke session. Would love to find a horny young guy who would get real excited maybe sucking my wife's big tits while I lick and suck his dripping dick. Like to make him fuck her when he's hard as he's gonna get then eat her out and suck his spent cock and taste her sweet pussy on it. There's nothing like sucking her creampie too and cum kissing after.

  • Like Wine, Sex Gets Better With Age

    When I was 23 my then boss screwed me. He had this thing for me and corralled me and kept me for himself. Over time I got more and more attached t him until I saw myself as only ever being with him. I went on to have two kids with him and never went with another man. He turned 70 this year, I'm 42. He's been responsible, paid for everything, in return we've been his family.

    I read these confessions, I'm addicted to them, but I never see a confession about having sex with a old man. I have sex with an old man. It's more fulfilling than when I was young, being held by him, penetration is deliberate with the intent of getting me off. All the other things are important, the way he takes care of us. I only know him, I hope my daughters have a man like him.

    I feel I'm ten times the woman I was when I met him. It's taken me twenty years to feel I'm finally on his level, having sex with him, man to woman, woman to man.

    Happy Family?

    I've  been sleeping with my boyfriends sons and daughter. He's 50 and I'm 30 and he has 2 sons aged 21 22 and his daughter is 24. I feel bad but I also don't, he's horrible to his kids and can be quite mean. It started when I accidentally walked in on his son masturbating and he just smiled and carried on so I watched then he asked if I wanted to give him a hand, I was hesitant at first but I did because it was just us and ended up sucking him dry and as a thank you he went down on me until I came. He didn't tell anyone the next time was about a week later when I thought I was home alone it was really hot so I decided to sunbathe naked for a bit then his other son appeared asked if he could join me and just led back beside me naked and I couldn't take my eyes off his cock it was the biggest I'd seen in person and he noticed. He asked if I wanted to touch it and I actually jumped at the opportunity and as I was holding it it actually got bigger because  he'd turned himself he had a full view of my pussy and said he could see I liked it and he was right we went upstairs incase anyone came home and we fucked it was slow at first because of how big he was but we got faster and he ended up coming all over my ass. I was feeling really guilty at this point but they aren't my kids so it's not that bad I kept telling myself. There wasn't any mention of it until that weekend when their dad went on a business trip. Then we were having lunch and his sons started whispering to each other they then walked over placed their cocks on my plate and asked if I wanted something more filling. I didn't think I just dropped my dress and kept switching between sucking one then the other. I had in my mind that this would be the last time so I'd go all in and we had an amazing threesome right there in the kitchen. But that night the guilt got to me and I ended up crying into a bottle of wine in the bedroom which I think his daughter heard. She came in and sat beside me and asked what was up, I confided in her and she said it wasn't my fault it was her dad's and we're all just trying to be happy. She kissed me on the cheek smiled then kissed me again and I just went with it, kissing touching fingering she started licking my pussy then my ass which I didn't realise feels really good. We ended up having sex a couple of times that night and the next day over breakfast we all ended up talking about the sex and their dad we all agreed we'd carry on but not get attached it was strictly just sex. He doesn't have a clue about any of it although he nearly caught me and his daughter once but a we just shouted not to come in because we were trying clothes on and she doesn't want him to see her naked.

  • Caught My Nosy Mother In-Law

    This happened about two weeks ago. A friend and I had an early morning fishing outing planned for a Tuesday. He was going to pick me up at 6am and we'd would be returning around 4pm.

    The In-Laws have been living with my wife and I since October of last year. On one side of our home is a studio apartment and the In-Laws had planned to only be there for a few months until they found a home to buy near us, but as of yet nothing has come available. I get along great with them but my Mother In-Law can be quite nosy and that has played hell on my wife and I's sex life.

    Well Tuesday morning comes around and I'm up by 4am. At 5am I get a message from my friend informing me he could not make it. At 6am my wife wakes up and prepares to go to work. She finds me sitting in the living room, in my underwear watching the morning news. I tell her the fishing outing was off and see promptly sits down next to me and starts playing with my cock.

    It's early morning and we both know her parents will not be awake until at least 9 or 10am and we end up back in our bedroom. The wife has a vibrating realistic cock we use to add a third person to our bed and out it comes. She makes it to work but is a bit late and I tell her I'll take care of making the bed and putting the toys away.

    It's now a little after 8am and before fixing up the bedroom I decide to go out onto our bedroom patio and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful spring morning. I had no idea my Mother In-Law was awake and I sure didn't realize how much noise we'd caused while having morning sex. The morning sun was shining through the patio door and I guess my Mother In-law could not see out it but as I sat outside I noticed her walking into our bedroom and up to the foot of the bed. She's staring at the realistic cock laying on the bed and what she did next almost made me shoot coffee through my nose.

    She dropped her robe and slowly crawled onto the bed as she took the fake cock in her hand. She first smelled it and then put the tip into her mouth. She fiddled around with it until she figured out how to turn it on and proceed to slide it up and down between her spread legs. I was both shocked and turned on and it took a few minutes for me to start thinking properly. Sitting my coffee cup down I grab my phone and hit record while getting closer to the patio door. I manage to get about 5 minutes of video before I quietly open the screen door and step in and stop at the foot of the bed. I'm watching my Mother In-Law fuck herself with my wife's fake cock for a few seconds and then I speak. I thought she'd have a heart attack but I didn't give her a chance to come to her senses and I told her I had it all on my phone and she needed to do as I say. With that I got on the bed and placed my head between her legs. It was some of the best sex I've ever had.

    The dear Mother In-Law is walking around like it's Thanksgiving and she's the only turkey in town. Me, I'm waiting for a day when it's only the two of us around the house.

    I Feel Ashamed

    So I live with my cousin and she has health problems so during lockdown we couldn't really leave our flat. We started drinking one night and we were lonely and ended up having sex for hours with toys and everything. We swore we would never tell anyone but I feel really ashamed of myself for doing this. She's said she's not bi or anything she just needed the release and I don't even know why I did it probably drink and loneliness but she's my cousin and older than me this shouldn't have happened.

    I really just needed to get this out in the open, it may sound silly but this feels like a weight has lifted.

    Just My Mom

    I was quite young when I started having sex with my mom. She was divorced and we were close, and this was just something that we did together. It didn’t seem like anything immoral. It was just nice, and we didn’t do it all the time, probably no more than once a month, and it didn’t warp me or keep me from having a perfectly normal life.

    I went off to college and got married. Now, twenty years later, my mom and still manage to have sex once or twice a year. My wife doesn’t know of course. I don’t consider it cheating on my wife. I’m not doing it for lustful purposes. This is just something private and personal and that my mom and I have long enjoyed sharing.

    Work From Home

    I have been home since the 2 week of May because of covid and I love watching sex videos and surfing for sex on sites like motherless. I am not doing any work.

  • A Hot Sunny Day, The Teenager And Gary The Plumber.

    This hot weather has reminded me of a monumental couple of days in my teens. I was at home studying for my A levels; the weather was scorching outside. The sunny weather always made me horny; it still does.

    I was in my bedroom studying when my Mum asked me to let the plumber in as she was going out to work. The shower in the bathroom had packed up that morning, great when its 80F outside and humid.

    The plumber arrived about an hour later, and OMG, what a surprise!! I was expecting a middle-aged bloke with a potbelly; however, this guy was something very different. He was in his early 20s, fit, muscled and very, very hot. I showed him up to the bathroom and asked him if he wanted a drink; he said yes and asked for a cold drink. When I took his coke to the toilet, he had taken his T-Shirt off as it was scorching in the bathroom. OMG he was just gorgeous. I gave him the drink and went back to the bathroom. I did keep looking over the hallway to the bathroom to catch a glimpse of him.

    It’s fair to say I was creaming myself; I was so horny. I was usually quite shy back then, but my arousal had got to a dangerous level. I had bought a Bikini that I didn’t dare wear as it was too revealing. I kept on meaning to lose some weight and tone up, so I had the bottle to wear it to the beach; however, I put it on.

    Wearing the bikini, I went to ask him if he wanted another coke. He said no; however, he was just staring at me in the bathroom. We chatted for about ten minutes about everything under the sun, our favourite groups, football and even politics. His eyes were all over me; I could hear my heart beating. He then asked what time my parents were home; I said not long. He then left the shower cubicle and walked over and kissed me. His hand went straight to my boobs and then down my bikini bottoms to my pussy. It was bliss to be touched and caressed like this. He then lowered my bikini bottoms and started licking my pussy. He asked if I was a virgin, I think he knew I was, so I said yes. He continued eating me out and asked if I would suck him off. Although I had let boys do oral on me, I’d never done it back. We both ended up on the bathroom floor; he lowered his jeans and released his cock. It was quite a lovely specimen, smooth and circumcised. I’d only ever seen intact dicks. I instinctively took him in my mouth and sucked as I’d seen in porn films.

    It felt like I was floating, my pussy being eaten by this God of a man, and the incredible dirty sensation of having a dick in my mouth. We sucked and licked each other for an age, I’d never been so aroused. I must have been something right as he told me he was nearly coming, as was I. I knew what to expect, which should have freaked me out, but I was just in that out of world randy mood I sometimes feel. I was also so close to blowing my stack; he knew exactly how to flick my clit with his tongue and had a finger in my pussy. Just as I was cumming I felt his cock start to twitch, and he began to moan. I was right in the middle of my orgasm when his first jet of cum filled my mouth. I began to swallow, but there was just so much of the stuff it leaked from my mouth. I almost passed out with the force of my orgasm, coupled with him cumming in my mouth. It was glorious, dirty and I loved it.

    We both collapsed for a few seconds, and then I heard a car pull up the drive. My Dad was home from work; I quickly ran to my bedroom, grabbing some tissues to mop my mouth and pussy up. I had a quick drink from a bottle of water to rinse my mouth out, and I changed back into my shorts and T-Shirt.

    Dad came upstairs and checked as soon as he was in. The plumber was called Gary and gave him an update on the problem with the shower. Something called a thermostat had gone and needed replacing. Dad then popped into my bedroom and asked how my studying was going; I told him, great.

    The next day Gary came back with the parts to do the job. However, Mum was home all day. We managed to have a quick session when she took the dog out for a walk. I was at my desk in the bedroom with Gary on his knees under my desk, eating my pussy. I’d put a skirt on but no knickers. On another occasion, we could hear mum on the phone, and he fingered me as I wanked him off and then sucked him. The last opportunity was when my mum’s friend popped around. They were in the garden, and I had my bedroom window open. This time Gary lay me on the bed he tried to get his cock up me but I just couldn’t take it, so we again did oral. It only lasted a couple of minutes and I tasted cum for the second time in my life.

    He then finished the job, gave mum a quick demonstration that the shower worked. Just as he was leaving, he thanked me for the drink the day before and wished me good luck with my A levels. I never saw Gary again but have fantasised about him many times. Whenever I’m very horny and swallow cum it always reminds me of those teenage sessions when I acted like a total slag with a young plumber I’d only just met.