The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions! Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sexual secrets, so tell! Write your sex confession down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!

Deep Dark Secret Of My Study Abroad

During my college years I studied abroad in Florence. I was roomed with a girl from Austria. During the three months we were there we experimented with every sexual experience we could imagine. Nothing was off limits, things that were gross became normal. Insatiable is the word that comes to mind.

Now, a 34 year old Mom of two boys and a housewife in the suburbs, I think back on what I did and have a hard time believing what I kissed and where I was kissed. It's a secret, my memories are the only evidence, we intentionally didn't take pictures.

  • My Drunk Mother

    first let me say I was young and didn't realize it was wrong but I want to experience the opposite sex. here we go

    when I was 13 my parents divorced and mom was drinking a lot. I hated her when she was drunk but late one night I was going to the bathroom and I saw mom sleeping on the couch. I could smell the alcohol and she was snoring. I turned on a light because I was going to tell her to go to bed. when I turned on the light i couldn't believe my eyes. moms robe had opened up and I could see moms boobs and pubic hair. this was the first time I saw a grown up woman nude. moms body was so much different then my little sisters. I just looked at moms body for like ten minutes then went back to bed. in bed all I could think about was moms body. this was the first time I ever got sexually excited.
    i went back to the living room and mom hadn't moved at all. I got my camera and took pictures of her to look at when i wanted. looking at moms body i got up the courage to feel her boob. when i touched her nipple i was amazed moms nipple got long and hard in my hand. i watched her face the whole time to she if she wss waking up. then i felt moms pubic hair which was so cool because i didn't have any yet. it was soft and fuzzy then i felt something between her legs which i hated found out was her labia lips. exploring her i discovered moms vagina and it was warm and slippery and my fingers slipped inside of her. this was amazing that i was exploring and learning about the opposite sex. i sucked her nipples while fingering her and used her hand to masturbate. i licked my fingers and liked the taste and when i came i put my sperm on her lips and used some on my fingers pushing back inside of her.
    now i couldn't wait for her to get drunk. every time she was drunk i would feel her up and exploring her body.
    about a year later she was sleeping on her side nude so i got behind her in the spooning position and slipped my penis into moms vagina, within seconds i was Cumming inside of her. the feeling of her warmth how slippery she was and sex for the first time was incredible.
    all of my first sexual experience's were with my drunk mother. it was the greatest experience of my life

    Passed Out Sister

    I've been spying on my non virgin 17 yr old sister for a while now, always looking when I shouldn't be. So when it came to her 18th party I was excited, she was getting really drunk and loose, by the end of the night she was so drunk she didn't know who was who.

    Being the nice brother I was I told her to go have a nice warm shower and hop into bed, which she did. I went to check on her to make sure she was okay and turns out she had a shower but didn't bother putting clothes back on before passing out on her bed.

    I was hard instantly, this was the closest I'd been to here supple naked body, and my hornyness got the better of me, I moved in closer to her completely smooth pussy and started to kiss and take in the beautiful smell of my sister, kissing soon changed to licking and the taste was unbelievable.

    I got naked so I could stroke my tiny 4 inch hard dick. Once I was done eating her I got on top and slowly entered that sweet pussy. As I was slowly thrusting I was also making out with her, which was weird being she was passed out and not kissing back lol but I was just putting my tongue inside her mouth, licking her tongue etc.

    That was it for me I was about to cum so I pulled out and came on her smooth snatch, as soon as I finished cumming I put my dick straight in her mouth to get the last bit of cum from me, I cleaned up her pussy by eating her out one last time, ensuring I got every last drop of cum I kissed her on the forehead put her blankets on and said goodnight, walked out and went to bed myself.

    Single hottest experience in my life to date and still masturbate to the memories.

  • Glastonbury Gangbang

    I've been watching the Glastonbury footage on TV recently and remembering when me and my friend Lesley went when were 20. Back in the 80s the festival wasn't as big or professional as it is now and it was really easy to get in. We had no money so had hitchhiked down from Yorkshire. We were considering hopping the fence to get in, but one of the staff (which back then were just hippy guys rather than actual security guards) said we could get in if we paid him ten quid each. That was still a bit much for us at the time, but Lesley asked if we could get in if she gave him a blowjob (she'd already sucked one cock on the way down lol).

    The hippy guy said OK and asked us to follow him. We went to a staff area where five other guys were hanging out drinking and smoking weed. The hippy said if we fucked all of them not only would we get in for free, we'd get back stage passes. None of these guys would be described as ugly so me and Lesley looked at each other and said "OK". We were led to a van with a mattress in the back where one of the guys was living for the weekend.

    We both got undressed and before I knew it were on our knees with a cock in our mouths. I was wanking off another guy with my left hand while my right (and my mouth) worked another. Someone was fingering me from behind and I started to get wet. Lesley was picked up and thrown on the mattress and one of the men started fucking her missionary. I got on all fours on the grass and opened my legs wide and felt a nice big cock enter me from behind. I still had a dick in my mouth and was sucking and fucking at the same time. The first guy finished and the guy in my mouth told me to get on my back so he could do me missionary. I could hear Lesley moaning as she came and felt myself starting to orgasm. The guy on top of me finished and another took his place. This one had a massive cock (still one of the biggest I've had lol) and I came as he rode me.

    We got cleaned up and dressed and went on to enjoy the festival. I fucked a few more guys over the weekend (including one of the hippy guys again lol). Backstage was a lot of fun and Lesley got gangbanged again by one of the headliner's band and roadies (no names obviously!)

    What can I say, were just slags at that age lol.

    Drunk Bbw Sister In-law Passed Out Nude Part 4

    I then grabbed her ankles and pushed her knees higher toward her chest giving full deep thrusts into her hairy wet love hole then started licking her thick muscular calve as I thrusted deeper and harder putting her sweaty feet in my face and smelling her sweet sweaty Odor coming from her feet and blue ankle socks that were damp with her warm sweat, about 35 min into fucking her she stopped snoring moved slightly and let out a moan and her pussy soaked my cock,balls and pubesI got scared and pulled out and jumped off the couch.

    I looked at her and she was still out cold and snoring, I waited a minute and then I dropped my boxers leaving me completely naked and not caring of she woke up and climbed back on the couch and wasted no time and put her legs back up in the Deckchair position and slid my cock back in her and stated pumping her again, I went another 15 minutes pumping her watching her tits bounce all around and shot the biggest load of hot cum deep inside her and kept pumping her sloppy pussy until I went limp, I pulled my cock out and watched my load ooze out of her warm pussy and in between her ass crack,I put one of her legs down and held the other leg up in the half decckchair position, her pussy hole was still wide open and leaking cum from my cock reaming her love hole, I then buried my face in her c**t and started from her asshole and licked all the way up her pussy licking up all all my spunk from her cream filled hole sticking my tongue up her c**t trying not to miss a drop.

    Want part 5? Check my profile for parts 1 2 and 3 and pic links

  • Drunk Bbw Sister In-law Passed Out Nude

    Who wants to hear the rest of my story? Check my profile for the first parts and check the pic links of her passed out spread nude! She's so yummy!


    Have a recurring fantasy of servicing a very nasty chap my gf, now wife, met in Hong Kong a few years ago. He was a chubby fellow and shaved smooth and loved using slaves tongues.
    It got me so excited to watch my lovely fiancee being throat fucked like a whore whilst I licked his musky sweaty scrotum from behind. So exciting to hear him grunting and telling me he's fucking my girl's face.
    Then he makes me get her up on her knees at the edge of the bed and tells me to lick her real good cause she's gonna get it up the pooper!
    Because she's so petite, just barely 5 feet tall and only 87 lbs. his big and thick cock will go deep in her butt, past her sphincter and into her colon. It always makes me cum when I imagine him telling me he's fucking her deep in the ass.
    Makes me wanna suck her dirt off his spent dick.

    The One

    Just a little over ten years ago, I walked into a bank on some business and ended up meeting a girl that took my breath away. As I made my way to the teller station, from around the corner walked this brunette in a snug fitting dark dress and heels that made me forget the reason I was there. She was in her mid-twenties about 5’6”, 120 lbs, long dark hair that shimmered in the light. Her walk was a confident, sexy but timid gait and her brown eyes looked like dark pools reflective of the universe. Her smile and the flash in her eyes made me stumble over my words to which she gently laughed. I left my business card and stumbled out of there a but perplexed because that had never happened to me. To my complete surprise she sent me a text several days later and struck up a conversation. We chatted over the next several weeks until one evening I was at a local pub and invited her to join me. Within a few minutes she walked in the door, sat down next to me, ordered a drink and for next couple of hours we chatted, flirted, and laughed. Two days later, we did it again. And then a third time a few days later. Each evening I walked her to her car, but that third night as we went to say goodbye she stepped close and kissed me. I was stunned. That quick kiss was followed by a long, deep, passionate kiss that literally made my head spin. I remember not being able to focus on the road while driving home. Fast-forward a couple weeks and we had decided to meet at secluded local park on a cool evening and hang out by the lake. It was a romantic scene under the stars with a gentle breeze…heavenly. The night turned cool and she suggested we go back to my car. Within a few minutes we are passionately involved in the back seat. That’s when she sat up, unbuckled by belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and deepthroated me. What followed was a hungry, wet, sensual blowjob that rocked my world. I literally saw stars when I exploded and she swallowed every drop. Then it was my turn. I eased her over slipping her dress up and went down on the sweetest most responsive pussy I have ever seen. She tasted like honey. Gently nibbling and tonging I brought to an orgasm and then just as she was at the apex I slid between her legs and buried by cock in her. She let out a gasp and we proceeded to make love deeply, changing rhythms as we went until we were both satisfied. For the next seven or eight months we had the best sex of my life, including a weekend at a top tier high-rise hotel that left us both fulfilled and sore…a story for another time.

    Hot RedHead

    What follows is number two of several confessions I have been meaning to post for a long time. About twelve years ago as I was leaving registration at the local college where I taught, I ran into a former student who was entering the lobby of the main building. I immediately remembered her. She was a thin yet curvy redhead in her mid-twenties. She struck up a conversation, asking me about classes, etc., and seeing that I was headed out I gave her my number if she needed more advice. Within a few days she sent me a text and we began chatting. She was just flirty enough to make me thing there was more to her contacting me, but I didn’t push it. One evening several weeks later, I headed out to kill some time at a little pool hall not far from campus. We had been texting back and forth and I casually mentioned where I was headed. She said she was headed out with some friends to go salsa dancing. Thirty minutes later I look up and in she walks all decked out in this beautiful ornate dress. She grabs a beer, hops up on the barstool next to me and said “Hey!” So, here I am in this smokey pool hall drinking beer and playing eight ball with this hot, young, decked out redhead. She joined in to play pool and we started killing beer after beer. At one point, beer influenced, I walked up to her and kissed her. She kissed back and said, “If you want more, you can have it.” A few minutes later, we are in the back of my car. She pulls off her dress to reveal this perfect set of C cup breasts with pale pink nipples and this pouty pussy with a thin, trim landing strip. I could not wait to enjoy them all. I pull off my shirt and pants and without hesitation she pulls me to her and I slip my cock all the way in. She moaned as I slowly began to pump and she engulfed me in this deep, hungry kiss and began clawing at my back. This flipped my switch and I went for it banging her hard while bucked and groaned. Once we were both spent, we went back inside killed a few more beers and shot some more eight-ball. For a couple months afterward, we met at her place, or my place, for more great sex. She was never interested in foreplay; she just wanted to screw. So, we did. She was a lot of fun.

  • Next Door Neighbor Saved Me

    The boy next door, is the guy I wanted so bad. Ever since he moved in I wanted him and I knew I would do anything to get him. Unfortunately it didn't work. I was 13 he was 15, and in a few months he started to drive, then I saw him with girlfriends. The next year I was in the same high school. I got a few rides to school from him and during one of those I told him I really wanted him to date me. He objected to my age, and I told him my parents wouldn't mind if it was him. He pulled over the car and stared me in the eyes.
    "Look, I have girls who have sex with me, all kinds of sex, I need that from any girls I date"
    With that I opened my blouse and pulled up my bra and showed him my 34 C boobs. I asked what he thought, if they were grown up enough for him. He said yes, then I pulled down my panties under my skirt, and showed him my hairy pussy. I asked if that was grown up enough for him, he said he thought so. He put two fingers between my outer lips and spread them. He looked at me, and asked if I still was a virgin. I said I was, and he wanted me to spread myself to show him. I spread and he saw my hymen. So that weekend we told our parents we were just going to the local drive through fast food joint. We did, and after he took me to a notel motel and fucked me. Over the next 4 months he came in my mouth, in my pussy and finally in my ass.

    He was still dating others, and one of them wanted him to stop seeing any other girls. So I was one he stopped seeing. I started dating other guys, and having sex with them all. At 14 I got pregnant from a gangbang at the same motel and in the same room where I got it for the first time. It was 7 guys, each going multiple times, all each of them did when I told them was laugh. I told my parents, but didn't explain about the gangbang, just refused to say who the father was. They were being so strict, my Dad even using his belt on my bare butt to punish me. I was out on the porch and the neighbor boy came out. I told him about the pregnancy and that I was in real trouble with my parents because of no knowing who the father was. It surprised me but he said to say it was him.

    There were stipulations, one; I would have to be available to do anything sexual he wanted and I was all for that. Two; we would ultimately get married but after he finished college. He was on a very fast track and had a Masters degree 3 and a half years later. So I agreed. We got married when I was 17, almost 18, I came with a 3 year old girl. I stuck to my agreement, he saved my dignity when he took responsibility, and we now also have a 1 year old son. I have and still do anything sexually he wants. He goes with other women, has had me with other men while he watches, even groups of men. He likes to go last after a gangbang, with me all sloppy and used. He's had me do other women with him and I get a lot of anal from him which is his favorite act.

    But, I try to keep him happy, he saved my ass when I needed it the most and expected nothing.