The name says it all. This is the category to post your sex confessions! Did you get a little too wasted at Mardi Gras and sleep with a total stranger? Did you lose your virginity in a strange place? Do you have some wild sex on vacation in a tropical paradise? Come on, you know you wanna tell your sexual secrets, so tell! Write your sex confession down for us, we won't tell anyone you told!

Been So Long, But Remembered Well

From age 14 to 17 I was the "go to" fuck for what started as one older boy, then soon it became 6 of them. They all fucked me every week at least once, many would come by two or three times a week to get off. Sometimes it was just BJs but mostly it would be a suck and fuck. My mom worked second shift so she was gone before I got home from school until about midnight. At first, I didn't necessarily want them knowing they weren't the only ones I was having sex with, but eventually 4 of them were talking about things, and for some reason confided in each other that they had sex with me when they couldn't get a girl to go with. Frankly; I don't think anyone of them had fucked a girl yet. Anyway, I started letting more than one of them come over at a time and it went to full on fucking from 4 guys taking turns.

I really liked getting fucked, I didn't mind sucking, I swallowed only because thats what they wanted and it kept it from getting all over when they'd shoot off. So I didn't mind when usually on a Saturday or Friday anywhere from 2 to now 6 drunk guys would show up and want to get off. I was a bit of a cum dump for them.

Almost 18, there were still 3 of the older guys using me and I got a girlfriend and started having sex with her. It was incredible, I'd only jacked off, and got sucked a few times, otherwise it was me with sort of a dry orgasm from getting cocks up my ass. I loved fucking, I very gently introduced her to anal sex, remember my intro was anything but gentle. After a few more girls in college I did find the girl I married, one who admitted she had lesbian relations in her past. I did not admit my gay encounters. In our sex life she would bring out her strapons that she used on her lesbians, and she would fuck me with them sometimes for an hour or more, and I had those dry orgasms again.

After a while, she suggested threesomes with gay and lesbian partners. Neither she nor I would go with the opposite sex, just watch, lick, suck, and be there. So about 10 years ago I started getting real cocks again and it's been great ever since. She is under the impression though that she watched when I got my first cock fuck, and I sucked the first time.

some things are best left alone.

  • How I Discovered The World Of Swingers

    True story:
    Sat on the tube on my way home from work, I realised I was sitting on someone's phone. Oops, I guess I'll hang on to it and when the owner calls it I can get it back to them. I put it in my pocket and went home.

    A day passed and no one rang. Unusually it was a basic flip phone, (2017). I'll look in the call list and let the last person dialled know that I have the phone. I tried to call the last number but it was a pay as you go with no credit.

    I opened the last text: EmmaPoF. I was about to try a text but of course I read the message... the very racy message. Wow, myguy is having some fun chat with

    'I love tasting you. Your pussy tastes like...'

    I read others:
    VickyFAB*: 'when are you free again, I want to play'

    Aisha*: I'm wet at work thinking about you

    And so on... this was myguys burner phone. And he is getting a LOT of pussy! Man he must be shitting himself about losing this, his hit list of PlentyOfFish chicks.

    The prize was AbiFAB*: who wanted him to gape her asshole. And some other really wild shit.

    I googled Fab and discovered it was a dating site... And that's how I joined a swinger site...

    Crossing Over Into The Big Girl World

    I lost a bet in high school and had to date Rob. Rob was a new boy, tall, skinny, I didn't like him. We went as a group to the movies to see Jaws. The movie scared me but Rob was unmoved, his arm strong and he held me in a tight grip. After the movie we went for pizza and Rob offered to drive me home. He parked out of the lights of the driveway and out from under the street light. I had worn a blouse and skirt that evening and his hand was up between my legs, his fingers digging up my vagina. It wasn't Ling before my blouse was open and my bra unhitched, his mouth savoring my boobs. Bent backwards on the seat I felt his penis strike home, he had won his goal.

    And that's how I crossed over into the big bad world of grown up girls.

  • Addicted

    I’m a sex addict and I love it. Anytime anywhere I’m down to fuck. My husband isn’t aware of the fun I have. Just last night I tipped my delivery driver with a blowjob. I flash guys in public all the time. Have even visited truck stops to service the drivers. I love pleasing married men as well. Doing things there wives won’t. Pleasing them. Letting them use me as nothing more than a toy. I’m so horny at all times. I always have my vibrating butt plugg in. I can’t be the only girl like this?? There’s gotta be others that were put on this earth for no other reason then to be a whore for men. Trust me laddies, you want a good fuck, then find a married man who isn’t getting it at home.


    So many people have my nudes & I love it. I'm a cougar & used to be such a slut. I miss fucking around. I don't care if my nudes get shared. The more people wanking off over me the better. I wish I'd kept a secret stash of all the nudes & dick pics I'd been sent, especially masturbating & cum shot videos. I regret deleting them

  • Does She Still Think About Them

    I get turned on thinking about my wife’s sexual past.
She had three guys fuck her by the time she was 15.
Pregnant at 16, separated after 6 years of marriage.
Then 12 more guys before I met her.
Including a threesome with two teenagers one aged 16 and the other 17 when she was 24.
I wanted to know everything and she told me most of it.
Then I started try to get her to pretend that I was one of her many previous lovers as I fucked her.
She wouldn’t do it to start with, but the harder I fucked her she finally gave in.
Problem is that she picked the 16 year old as the one I had to be!
But I was suprised how much she got into it.
It was like he was really fucking her not me 
She said fuck me harder… calling his name out, not in roll play but really meaning it!
How can a now mature woman still think about having sex with a boy?
Do you think that he must have been good in bed?
And was she too old for him all those years ago?

    Exposed At The Bar

    I became fascinated when I learned of adult fetish clubs. It wasn't the fetish itself I was into, rather a place where uninhibited adults could play.

    I attended one in London about ten years ago, and wandered the room watching a man in a leather mask enthusiastically licking the boots of a stranger as she stood with her husband; a BBW woman tied to a post as her boyfriend handed out condoms to anyone who wanted to fuck her; my first time seeing a man fellate another man; a young black girl bent over a pew being spanked with a paddle.

    Later in the evening I met the same girl and told her it was a wild sight seeing her beautiful big bottom being exposed and spanked. She lit up and after a minute of small talk told me she'd love to suck my dick. Without hesitation, she crouched down and gave me quite wonderful head at the bar as others watched and wandered past.

    It turns out I really didn't mind having my penis exposed to the room.

    Satisfying Night Out

    This is a true story of a night I remember quite well from around 30 plus years ago.
    I was out on my own on a Friday or Saturday night and had a couple of drinks. Took a short bus ride to the only adult cinema around at the time near me.
    I might've had some weed too.  Anyway, my wife was out of town visiting her sister for the weekend and I was horny and on my own so figured maybe I'd check out some porn and see what might happen. At worst I'd get a good stroking and cum at the place.  ;)

    So I got in the theater and they had a large screening room with straight movies - girls getting gang banged by big black cocks and wives getting used while hubbies watched or p****d them out. The men at the place would sometimes whip out their hard ons and stroke while watching. Sometimes other guys would be jacking each other and sometimes in the back of the room there'd be guys giving and getting blowjobs.

    There was also a smaller screening room where they played gay films and oddly there was a lot less hooking up going on in there.

    The main part of the building was through some doors to where they had a couple of dozen booths that had latching doors and could fit up to maybe 3 or 4 people. They were supposed to be for just single patrons to use, but lots of guys hooked up in them.  You could watch different films on small screen TV monitors and again there was a straight side to the place and a gay side.  

    I'd stroll through and see what was happening.
    Some guys would leave the door ajar as an invitation to have some company.
    I saw guys sometimes leave the door partway open and have their pants pulled down and bare asses exposed I guess as an invitation to go in and fuck them.
    Other times guys would sit on the bench and leave the door open so a horny man could go in and unzip for a blowjob.

    I was really feeling randy this night and was thinking about sitting there with my dick in my hand and hoping a guy would come in and feed me some cock whilst I jacked myself off.  I couldn't quite get the nerve to do it but figured I had plenty of time to get more in the mood.
    Meanwhile I went down to the basement where they had some couches that sometimes people used for making out and they had the Mens and Ladies rooms.
    I walked into the hall where the Ladies room was and saw a Crossdresser in a stall with the door open and sitting on the bowl waiting for somebody to walk in and get a blowjob.  I was tempted but decided to go to the Mens and take a piss first.

    So I went into the Mens and was standing at the urinal. The room was small and had a couple of sinks right inside the doorway, then a quick turn and you had two urinals with two stalls behind them. I was at the far urinal and took a piss, then was just sort of holding my dick and getting hard when a guy pretty much like myself in looks and age came to the urinal next to me. There was a very small partition between them and it was simple to look over if you wanted to peek at your neighbor.  You could do it very cool and not be noticed or you could do like I did and obviously looked at his dick in his hand.

    He was again pretty much like myself with about 6 inches of cut cock and he was getting hard and slowly stroking himself too.
    I was still kind of high and had the nerve to ask if he'd like to get sucked.  He said Sure and said he would suck me too if I wanted.
    I turned around and went into the stall against the wall and sat on the toilet cover, he followed and latched the door.
    He was wearing a tee shirt and a pair of black sweats. When he undid the drawstring and slid them down, he had no shorts on.  There was that nice cock in a dense black bush of pubes and his balls hung a little lower, also hairy. He had a clean scent like he'd showered before coming to the movies, which I also used to do. 
    So I'm sitting there with his hardening dick a few inches from my face and I took my one hand and put it on his butt and the other I used to fondle his balls.

    He cupped my head but didn't pull me to him, just put his hand behind my head and it felt really good.  
    I was looking at his dick and the head had a drop of clear pre-cum that started to drip as he slowly stroked his dick to get harder.
    I licked my lips and used the tip of my tongue to taste his juicy dick and it was salty and sweet at the same time.  I think we both kind of moaned as I opened my lips and he dropped the head of his dick onto my hungry tongue.  I closed my mouth and pulled him closer and he really moaned as he said something like, "Yeah, that's so good. Suck my fucking dick nice and make me cum."
    He started to hold my head tighter to him and was fucking my mouth, not too aggressive but just right.  He said he wasn't gonna last long and he wanted to do me too.
    I had stopped rubbing my dick but was hard and was loving the hot tasty pre-cum that was just drooling out all in my mouth.  I was swallowing and sucking at the same time.
    Next thing I knew he was holding me tight and his dick was at the back of my mouth, not too far and I was anxious for it when he started to throb and I felt more than tasted his load going into my belly.  I tasted the last bits and to be honest, I didn't like his cum as much as the pre-cum but it was fun making him cum and now I wanted to get my own load sucked out.

    We changed places as he pulled up his sweats and I dropped my jeans and my shorts and he just swallowed up my dick.  I pulled it out of his mouth for a second and told him to kiss my balls, which are a decent size and have a bit of hair but not a forest.  He moaned and shoved his face between my legs.  He surprised me when he told me to turn around and he spread my cheeks and started to lick up and down my crack.  I had my wife lick my asshole a few times and it's heavenly.  I totally moaned and opened my ass and he dug his tongue in a bit and I felt my dick stiffen and it felt SO good.

    After a few minutes I turned back around and he took my dick back in his sucking mouth and I was stroking myself as he sucked my dick. I warned him I was gonna blow and way sooner than I wanted to I was feeding him rope after rope of my cream.  He pulled back to take the last shot on his cheek.
    I pulled back and. pulled up my shorts and jeans and thanked him and left the stall.

    I went outside and walked home enjoying the night air and a satisfied smile knowing I had a bellyful of cum and feeling all satisfied.
    Funny thing, maybe 5 years later I was down at Coney Island getting Nathan's hot dogs and I saw the exact same guy there. He saw me and I think we both knew who we were but we played it cool because we were both with our wives!

    Masturbation In The Wild

    I was 13 the first time I took off all my clothes and jacked off outside. I had sneaked out of the house in the dark and removed my clothes. I was getting an erection as I undressed, and by the time was I was naked, I had a hard erection. There was only a small chance I would be seen, but that was enough to excite me. It did not take long for me to reach climax and shot my semen. I could feel it on my leg and in my hand. I realized the risk and wiped the semen off, put my clothes on and went back inside. I was still excited. During that summer, I jacked off several times, naked and outside. I even dared to move away from the safety of my house, and the risk intensified the power of my orgasm.

    It was some years before I resumed outdoor masturbation. I was sexually active, but the excitement of being naked alone and masturbating was even stronger. I was careful. I did not want to expose myself, though I would not have minded letting someone watch. The risk was not worth taking. I did it at night and sometimes during the day. I was very careful because while the risk was exciting, it could come with penalties. I am sure I sometimes took too great a risk, but I was never caught. I went through long periods of time when I did not jack off outside, then for no particular reason resume.

    I found a few places where there was some risk but not too much. I began to spend more time before masturbating, even walking some distance naked before jacking off

    After I married, I shared my outdoor activity with my wife, sometimes having sex, other times masturbating. It was strictly for pleasure. I never wanted to embarrass myself or others.

  • Blind Date

    I was visiting family out of town over the Holidays and I was staying at a hotel. After a few days, I was a bit bored of family and turkey so I though I would go on Tinder and see if there are any interesting guys.

    I started chatting with this nice looking younger college guy, he was 28, from out of town also visiting his parents. He was also bored and looking to get away from his family. I was drinking red wine, getting flirty and he sent me a couple nudes - he had a great body and he was decently hung.

    I invited him over for drinks and 30 minutes later he was in my hotel room with a bottle of red wine. He was even cuter in person, quite funny and he smelled yummy !

    I kidnapped him and we spent the next 2 days naked in bed. He was a sweet guy with a dirty mind, great cock with great stamina. He was a total stranger and it was quite liberating !