For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.

My Fiancé Loves Giving Oral

My fiancé always makes jokes about me sitting on his face and such but I’m a chubbier girl and I’m worried I’ll squish him. He sends me TikToks about guys wanting to be crushed and how they would be fine or welcome being crushed. I’m too insecure about it so he asked if I’d be willing to 69. We got hight the other night and tried it.

He was amazing!! He ate me out for about 15 minutes and I lost count at 6 orgasms! We switched positions so mu head was hanging over the bed and he was standing so he could fuck my face properly while he was fucking my mouth he started licking my clit again! He made me cum so many times I had to tap out before I even made him cum! I don’t remember how many times I came but I’m so happy I can have multiple orgasms!

He was actually happy I was cumming so much I had to tap out he now wants to eat me out all the time! He told me that my pussy was getting so wet it was dripping all over his face! I’m kind of embarrassed by that but he seemed to like it.

I always feel like I have to hop in the tub first but I’ve read confessions and Reddit posts and such taking about how guys don’t want their girlfriends to wash up first that they want to eat “marinated” pussy I’d love to hear what some guys think about it thanks

  • I Got Taught By My Uncle And I'm Addicted To Older Men With Whiskers

    My mother has a friend who has always been around. We call him Uncle, but he is a friend and not a relative. When I was a kid I slept between him and my mother and so many times his erection rubbed against me. When he realized he was humping me he put me aside and grabbed my mother. I liked the feel of his erection and how he grabbed me and held me.

    A little older, sporting my new tits and pubes, I went to their bed because I felt lonely. My mother made room and I slipped between her and my Uncle. He immediately grabbed me and felt up my tits, his erection pushing hard in my butt crack. I pushed my panties down and his erection slipped right in, until he had me nailed under him. My mother woke up and slapped him off and he squirted himself all over me and the bed. If it wasn't for my smile my mother may have given my Uncle a harder time.

    She prohibited me from sleeping with them, gave me the talk about responsible sex, told me to save myself for some worthy boy not an old man, put me on birth control and didn't let me sit in my Uncle's lap. I sucked my Uncle's erection, really sucked on it holding it with both hands, he came all over me and I got a good long kiss from him. Since it wasn't penetration I hadn't disobeyed. My uncle wasn't happy with the new arrangement so he came to my bed to release his tensions, I liked it most when he pinned me face down and nailed me from behind. That's how I learned to like it.

    I grew up and went out on my own, first to college and now with a job and a place of my own. I don't like men my age, I don't get turned on at all. I get turned on by the Turkish manager of the Deli, I suck his erection and bend over for his pleasure. Maybe I'm special or something but I like two day old whiskers on my neck and shoulders, or scr****g up my thighs to eat me before penetration.

    Our Experience In France A Month Before College Began

    The South of France 1992. I was 18 and was doing the summer abroad thing, with another friend, also female. We met this woman at this resort and she was all about what we were doing and invited us to dinner at their rental cottage. We thought nothing of it, a real meal and no expense. When we got there we were greeted by a boy of about 13, naked from head to toe.

    Europe sure is different, we went in and the woman was topless except for an apron, the young girl too, well totally naked nine or ten. Her husband came in, he had been to the grocery store and brought in a couple of bags for dinner, he said hi, spoke decent English. He excused himself after serving us a glass of wine and came out swinging, his dick hanging there, I'd say a good sized dick, circumcised, hairy legs and hairy crack. We were sitting at the table, dressed and he brought over a platter of olives, pate, crackers his dick in my face.

    After the woman had cleaned up the prep in the kitchen, her husband was going to be the cook, serving a chicken dish, she asked us if we didn't want to get more comfortable. She showed us the room of the little girl and held up both of my breasts and said it was a shame, such beautiful breasts and no one to see them. I won't say we were forced to undress, but she didn't leave the room with us until we were. Being nude in front of the woman and little girl was one thing, but the boy stared at us, particularly at our intimate V.

    The husband was nonplused, nudism has many followers and he had seen his fill of naked women. He cooked, the food was very good, the first real meal we had had up to that time on our trip. The conversation about our college goals and a story of their upbringing and how they met. After dinner we helped clean up, a little bit more comfortable being nude. Casually, as if it was something normal, the woman asked if we would go with her husband, he had never had sex with an American woman. The kids were sent outside, with the door to the bedroom wide open, he was waiting for three women.

    She got him started, giving him fellatio and then offering his penis to us. Start there she said, it makes the man desire you more. She was just as active orally with us, both of us, very active and he was active putting his penis to use. Whether the children saw all this I don't know, I was too busy with what was going on before my eyes. He was a French lover, persistent, masculine, Alpha really, but knowledgeable about women and how to make a woman plead for more. Between him and her, we had a series of orgasms, they call them the petit mort, or little death. Just to be awakened to a penis poking your face and mouth.

    The party was over by sundown, which is late in the summer months, and the children were in bed in full pajamas, all covered up. The man and wife team were gracious and we dressed and he drove us back into town to our small hostel for the night. That was 30 years ago and my friend and I still talk about it. American men are way to rough, our boys should be sent to France to be interns to an experienced male, learn their way around a woman, trigger her, make her die, revive her and make her die one more time. The French do it, why can't our boys learn it too.

  • First Time With A Un-cut Man

    I'm single and almost 30 I enjoy sex and am not in a serious relationship. I met a guy one evening at a bar and we hit it off we talked and danced and the we went to his apartment. One thing led to another and we started taking our clothes off, when we were naked and he wasn't hard yet I could see he was uncircumcised I've seen pics but never one in real life. We started kissing and touching and when he got hard the head popped out I thought that was so cute! I started jerking him off and was amazed how I could roll the skin back over the head I really enjoyed sucking him and pulling the skin with my mouth. We fucked was good but felt the same as a circumcised one it was quite an experience

    Showering With The Boys.

    My husband and I have been nudists for about 40 years, traveling the east coast enjoying the laidback clothes-free lifestyle. Our home club in Florida is family friendly and attracts all ages both young and old. Every summer, our club has a 7- day youth camp for kids 6-16. My hubby and I had volunteered several summers to work at the youth camp, cooking, serving food and just helping out wherever we're needed, along with other parents and grandparents.

    We had been unable to volunteer for a couple of years due to the fact we had been going to a festival up north. This year, we were back in town and were eager to volunteer and meet some old friends and see all the kids we knew.

    In the morning before breakfast, I went down to grab a shower and there was a line of 6 or 8 people. The shower is a large room with 2 showers and no dividers, kind of a group thing. While I'm in line there were two boys about 13-14 ahead of me . They remembered me from before and I chatted with them . I was so surprised at how the two of them had grown, the oldest had grown as tall as me.

    When one of the Mom's came out of the shower, they told me to go ahead of them, how sweet. So I'm in the shower just getting soaped up and washing my hair, the two boys came in and shared the shower beside me, about 6 feet away.

    As we chatted , they started to whisper and giggle under their breath. Then to my shock and pleasant surprise, as they were washing themselves, they would reach down and fondle each others penis which started to grow.

    The oldest kid ,Tommy or "Tom" as he now wanted to be called had a penis that had to be 5 inches standing half erect. They kept chatting with me and I was now giving them the full frontal while massaging my soapy boobs and nipples. The younger boy had a smaller penis, it was slim and had a little banana curve almost pointing up . Oh what a sight, these two little kids were now fine young men and I couldn't keep my eyes off their fine young penises.

    As we got out from under the shower and began to dry off, their young swollen penises where just swinging back and forth and they were putting on a great show for this old granny. I was not shy about watching , I even complemented Tom on how much he had "grown" and he just stood their grinning at me. .

    It was a great week at camp and I just accidently managed to jump in the shower line next to them on another morning. LOL.

  • Rejected Wife

    A few minutes ago I was laying in bed,
    Know that I haven't been pleasured in 7 months..(Seperated)
    (Husband and wife crap)
    So anyway, laying in bed alone.
    Out of nowhere I put my fingers on my clit and started rubbing it back and forth..kinda fast!
    It felt good, but not great..
    Lick your fingers, my brain was saying. So I did.
    It felt better..
    I figured out by trial and error, that putting my clit between my first two fingers I could squeeze and rub vigorously at the same time..
    Ohhh the electric pulses began.
    As I moved my hips up and down i could feel the orgasm coming!
    Im still wet and my poor Clit is sore..
    I'm wishing I had a hard cock to penetrate my wet pussy...I'd for sure come again!

    I Was Introduced To Sex At A Young Age

    When I was about 6 or 7 we all would swim at a neighbors pool the lady was I guess about 40 or so and when I would swim there alone she would as me to take my suit off so she could dry me. She would pay a lot of attention to my tiny dick and it would get hard. She then started sucking me and I did have orgasms but was to young to have any sperm this felt good but I was very confused after a month or so she took her suit off and I saw this hairy slit between her legs she then spread her pussy and showed me her clitoris. She told me to touch it and rub it and she liked it very much as I rubbed it it was all wet I thought she peed but she said she didn't. Eventually she had me lick her clitty as she called it and at first I was scared but I really enjoyed the smell and taste this went on for years and I started puberty I remember the first time I actually shot a small load of sperm in her mouth and she was so excited she said I was now a man at 13 she showed me how to put my dick in her pussy and told me I must not cum in her but pull out and cum on it I didn't even get it in and I came all over her. We continued to fuck and suck until I was about 19 and left for college. I told my wife this story and she laughed and said that's why you're so good at eating pussy!

    Phone Sex Got Out Of Hand

    So I was soaking in the tub after an extremely frustrating week. My girlfriend called and one thing lead to another and the next thing we knew it turned into phone sex.
    Unfortunately, the stopper in my tub doesn't work the best so the water drains slowly even when plugged. By the time we got started it was already pretty low.
    She started off like we do a lot of times if we aren't in a rush. She teases me by telling me all things she wants to do to me. By telling me what she's doing to herself while moaning. The catch is that I can't touch myself until she says so.
    This little game gets me absolutely dripping all over myself every time. I mean way more than I feel is normal. The precum pools on my stomach, slides down my sides. My dick visibly throbs.
    I was telling her how much of a mess I was. She told me to rub it all over myself.
    I did and I loved it. It was so slick and pleasant. I was able to cover my whole stomach and chest, swirling my slick fingers across my nipples for a while. It just kept coming, I didn't know there could be so much, granted a little can go a long way. I took it up to my neck, my face, my lips. Then I moved down, my balls, the top of my legs, even between my legs down to my ass.
    I still wasn't allowed to touch myself, I actually thought I may just cum from her voice and what I was doing.
    The problem was, I was wet from the bath still, the water was all but drained and I was getting cold.
    I had to pee but I didnt want to stop what was happening so I just held it.
    But there was a breaking point.
    At first just a little shot up my body. Probably because I was so horny and so messy...but I didn't care. I just let it go, she wouldn't know anyway (although I'm curious how she would have reacted if I told her). It shot up, showering my stomach, chest and even hit me in the chin and just under my lip. In the moment, it was driving me crazy and I spread it across my body with all the precum. I even licked my chin out of curiosity, it was pretty much tasteless.
    When she finally said I could touch it, I shot my load so hard it hit me in the face.
    I immediately felt disgusted with myself after. I don't know if I'll ever do that again.
    I have, however, experimented with precum since. Like rubbing a piece of candy against the head while it's wet and then eating it. I don't think I could bring myself to do that with actual cum though, especially because I lose all interest in anything like that after I cum.

    At The Hospital

    My panties get absolutly soaked when a hung guy comes into the hospital that i work at. I try to be professional but i always have to sneak a peak at what the guy is packing. Sometimes i finger fuck myself 3 times a day on my breaks. I am such a slut and i love it.

  • My Dyke Girlfriend And I Make Room For This Man

    I grew up in a nothing town on the Texas Louisiana border. My father was a drunk and unemployed and my mother worked as a secretary at a small oilfield machinery repair shop. I grew up somewhere in the middle, unnoticed. My mother got involved, that was the word that was used when my father killed himself, she got involved with one of the men where she worked and he surprised them, he was on top of her with his dick in her vagina and when he pulled the guy off my mother, she called him a good for noting and other demeaning and derogatory names. He killed himself. I was nine and I was sitting in the closet watching while that man had his dick in my mother's vagina.

    For the rest of the years until I left home my mother was fucked by that man, She liked it and she washed her pussy when she was going to go out with him hoping he would eat her out before fucking her. I saw him eat her out a whole bunch of times, my mother really liked that. Of course she liked him fucking her too. Nine, ten, eleven, twelve. menstruation, thirteen, my tits were too big and I needed another bra, fourteen, fifteen, I sucked the dick of the boy who lived across the street, sixteen, my mother's boyfriend came close to fucking me, my mother stopped him before he could stick his dick in my vagina. Seventeen, eighteen, I left and joined the Navy.

    In the Navy my true self surfaced, so many women, young, sexual, women who wanted pussy, and the women who wanted them. I was one of the women who wanted one of those 'dykes'. I wanted her so bad I ignored the fact that she didn't have a dick. She had a clit. And she fucked me so good I was willing to wipe her butt. She was a total dyke and when she had finished her four years she took me with her. I loved how she ate my pussy and I loved her shaved pussy and tits. She didn't need a dick, she had a clit.

    She had saved some money and I had a little bit too and we decided to take a safari to Africa before getting jobs in the world. We went on this not too expensive Safari in Kenya. We were told by this woman that being gay in Kenya was a real bad thing and not behave gay, not hold hands, not kiss and whatever we did sleep in our own tent, don't sleep together. A man was on that same Safari, with his wife. He pressed me and wanted to talk to me and his wife just ignored the fact that he was hitting on me. It got pretty obvious to everyone and my girlfriend decided that she had to put an end to it. I don't think he had ever fucked a dyke, it's not like any normal woman, she is not going to be submissive and she is strong and knows how to fight. But he fucked her anyway. She had never been fucked and forced into submission. He fucked her in his tent, the one that he slept in with his wife.

    The next day the four of us went on Safari together, with a guide. She sat in the back with his wife and I sat up front with him and the driver. He talked to me the whole time, showed me how to shoot pictures, he was almost a professional, so much so that the guide told everyone in camp about his pictures. We saw all kind of animals and he talked to me about the natural order of things and that there weren't any dyke lesbians in the bush. A female is a female is a female, and she comes into heat the strongest male is going to fuck her, Period. And if she doesn't want to come into heat the male will force her into heat with his aggressiveness and by overpowering her. Hence my girlfriend got fucked. And he wanted to know if I was going to be peaceable, just be assured that by the time the sun rose the next morning he was going to fuck me. It's the law of the jungle.

    My girlfriend spent the day with his wife, still nursing her feelings. She was nice to her and told her that she should never have tried to dominate him, she got what she deserved. It was like that out there in the bush. I didn't try anything, I went down like the little sub that I am, his dick was so much better than I could have imagined, my first dick, and I told my girlfriend that she should feel lucky. Sure she felt lucky, she was a 100% sure she was never going to be fucked by a man. Bad luck then. Now she was fucked. When the sun came up I turned over and his wife had gotten in bed with us too, and she had to make room for me to fit between them. (I would later learn that her fantasy was watching him fuck other women. I knew the feeling, I watched my mother get fucked for almost all my growing up years.)

    Our week went by fast and my girlfriend and I went back to start our life after the Navy. He gave us some of his Safari pictures and gave me a carving of a woman on her back holding her legs apart, to remind me. After a couple of months he called and said his wife and him wanted me to travel with them. I wanted to go and when I met up with them I lay on my back and hold my legs apart for him and she watches and plays with my breasts and kisses me and sometimes when she is very hungry I lay on my back and hold my legs apart for her. She's not a dyke, she just loves me and my pussy.

    My girlfriend came out and met us in Marseille where we caught a sailboat for a tour in the Mediterranean. He opened her pussy for him. We are free to have as much sex as we want. Until he invokes the law of the jungle.