For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.

Pissed On My Buddy's Wife

One off my best friends i've known since our teens. He lived nearby, we went to the same school and still live not to far from each other. We saw each other struggle with girls, talked about the first relations and the first sex. We went on several holidays together and still do. He got some kids, a year later so did I, so our lives pretty much had the same things going on.
Only difference, i got divorced, he is still married.

In our 20's he, his gf, me and my gf went camping outside a few times.
tents next to each other, at night drinking, laughing, campfire etc, hope you can imagine.
My gf and i were pretty messed up for sex, having threesomes, her sucking my dick in most weird places and all. And piss sex. She loved to drink from my dick, pissed on in the woods.
But, with them around, that was harder to do.
One last night with a lot of booze, warm outside, i felt some urge to go pee. my gf already hinting she was willing to walk along and i was getting horny by the thought of it.
My buddy stood up, said he had to piss and walked to a tree. She looked at him, smiled
and said she wouldnt stay up to long as she wanted to fuck him in the tent.
We laughed, and said she'd better get in the tent to get ready.
gf and i started kissing, feeling each other up, knowing that we soon had the place to our selves.
Buddy came back, asked where his gf was and we pointed to his tent. He smiled and went in.
Within moments there were soft moans and i really got horny, feeling my gf up and down.
She moved between my legs, pulled my shorts and started to slowly suck my dick.
The feeling of needing to go, hearing them fuck and getting sucked was awesome,
it didnttake long before i filled her mouth as i heard a loud moan from the tent.
gf cleaned me up and asked to give her the golden.. i smiled, just here?
i stood up, she moved in, and just as i started to release, i saw his gf silently coming from their tent. She stood there, watched.. i tried to stop, but couldnt anymore.
She just stood there as i pissed on my gf, who licked, drank and let it get all over her.
i was both hot and embarrassed.
Dont know how long she might have watched, but then she left to the woods (prob to pee herself). When i was done, i told my gf what happend, she could only laugh.
We cleaned up, went in to the tent. Next morning his gf didnt mention it (thank god), we cleaned up and left.

So, i got divorced and some months after that they invited me over to talk. They wanted to be a few days without their kids and wondering if i would go along camping. 2 tents, he laughed.
I was in for that, so we arranged al stuff.

We had quite some fun, again lots of drinking and talking at night.
The last evening he walked up to the trees, she smiled and said she never forgot what she saw. I asked her what she meant (i really forgot about all of it) and she told me about catching
me pissing al over my ex.
i blushed, sorry, it wasnt meant for you to see.
She said it was ok, that it was actually hot to see it in real.
I looked at her...
Apparently she had some nasty ideas, but some he said no.
She said she would like to be pissed on, drink it, see what it would be like, and if i could help her, cause he thought that was way to nasty.
I was shocked to hear her say that. How.. when.. where?
She clearly had thought it over... she would fuck him in the tent and he would be asleep in seconds. Then she would get out, pretending to go pee herself.
The thought of doing that, to her, i was instant hard and she smiled, dont go to far, as she stood up and went inside their tent.
He came back, i smiled and pointed to the tent. He smiled, gave a thumbs up and quickly i heard soft moans again. I rubbed my hard dick and drank one more, got some towerls and thinking wtf would this run in to. Can i really do this..... I was about to stop, get into my tent, when i heard a hard moan. They were done.
Not a minute later she came out of the tent, her tits free and only panty and shoes on.
I looked at her, horny and she took my hand.
We walked a few trees away from the tents and i asked if it was ok.. she smiled and got on her knees.. take it out. i took it out, but being hard i knew i wasnt able to pee and told her.
She smiled, need some help? and slowly took it i her mouth, as her hands starting jerking me.
i pinched myself, was this really happening? my best friends gf sucking me, about to let me piss on her?
i said im cumming, she pulled me out and let me come on her titties.
as soon as i was done cumming, i felt some other urge. I looked at her, sure?
she nodded, pushed up her tits, and i let go... A hard stream ran over her tits, with her hands running thru my flow. then she took my dick in her hand, moved it to her face.
pissing on her cheeks.. then in her mouth... She was so hot doing that....
slowly i ran out... her with a big smile... man that was hot, you are dirty, she said.
I quickly realized.. he can never know. She said the same.
She cleaned up (with my shirt and towel) and we went to sleep.
We went home like nothing happened. But the next week i was invited to stay a night of drinking and talking, since we had so much fun.
I went over and, when he was in the kitchen, she said they had the best sex since years, while she was thinking of what happened in the woods. I was hard and she said she wanted to do it more often it there was any opportunity.
Since then, we created an opportunity every 1 or 2 months... she blows and as a reward i let her drink. its hot.

Seen At Waterfall

In my early 30s I was dating a woman a few years older than me. Several times we went to a county park, an hour away from the city we lived in, with a large beautiful series of waterfalls around a rocky-sandy island one could swim to from either side above the falls. There were also lots of nooks and crannies around the rocks both on the island and on either side, where people could hang out. Once I laid down in such a nook with a small pool of water, sitting back to enjoy the view and feeling, and she lay on her front between my legs and pulled out my penis for a blowjob. I was worried someone would see us as there were dozens of people in the park, but she said "no one here cares," and this was indeed plausible as, while popular, it was a large rural park with an honor system for parking fees and no regular attendants or life guards (not needed, either, as the water was seldom more than 4 feet deep, and the falls just a few feet high, wide and pretty but not dangerously powerful).

Her blowjobs were actually never the best, and she could only occasionally make me cum (most often this happened when she 69ed on top of me, as her generous breasts would then lay excitingly on my torso and she could keep up a steady motion until my orgasm). But the situation was already exciting in its riskiness which helped. Then it escalated when I looked across the river to the island, no more than 50 feet away, and saw four very young ladies (perhaps 16-18) walking along one side of it toward the edge closest to us. They were all thin and wearing the skimpiest of bikinis; in short, they were ideally sexy, and looking in our direction. Honestly, I could not tell if they saw us, but I don't know how they could miss us looking anywhere in our direction, as absolutely nothing blocked their view. It only took a few seconds more for me to cum powerfully in my girlfriend's mouth. She swallowed it all, then after another minute lifted up so I could reinsert my massive erection into my swimming trunks. Whether or not those teenyboppers saw me, they gave me one the best orgasms of the summer.

Why She Pees? More Details On How It Started.

More detail from Why She Pees? Posting…49769
I’m “Nick” and I’m a cuckold. I enjoy it and it excites me, but at the same time I feel inferior because my wife needs her Lover to be fully satisfied. My wife, by the way, is brunette, 5’5”, around 150 pounds, C cups and a little bubble butt. She exercises regularly, but has a few curves especially now that she’s over 40 (just…and two kids later, too…). An 8 in my book. I’ll call her “Mandi”.

We went to Mexico for vacation and met her Lover, a tall black, toned man I’ll call “John”. We were on a day trip and he was alone. We started talking and invited him to sit with us for lunch, and then went to dinner together. It ended up he lived about 100 miles from us back at home. My wife asked him why he was there alone and he replied instantly “I’m looking for a hot wife to fuck!” We awkwardly laughed at first, but my wife started exploring his story. I did too. He started commenting how hot Mandi was, how great her body looked, how much he loved the shorts she had worn earlier in the day. He told us he looked for couples on vacation and ask them to join in a threesome. He told us he was well hung at one point and my wife blushed. I realized at that point the conversation was starting to turn her on. She never said anything about a threesome before. But he was complimenting and seducing her so well and I went along with it. After dinner we walked to the lobby of the hotel and he said to Mandi (not really to me), “Would you like to come to my room?” I laughed and Mandi replied, “No, we’ll have to pass.” He looked at me and winked even though we hadn’t discussed it. He put an arm around her waist and pulled her closer “You’re on vacation, no one will know.” Mandi looked at me and I smiled. I was thinking she’d say no again, but smiled as if to signal it sounded interesting. That’s when she surprised me and said sort of shyly “Ok, let’s go.” She even stood next to me a few feet from John in the elevator.

In the room, John said nothing but stripped her quickly from her dress so she stood in underwear and heels, gently kissing her neck and shoulders as he went. He loved her ass in the cheeky lace panties she had on, pulled high up her ass. He knelt on the floor and began kissing and eating her ass through her panties as she looked at me. I had a lump in my pants already and she just said “Oh, Nick…” before John turned her and began kissing her pussy through her panties. He did this for a couple of minutes, then stood up and unclasped her bra. He sucked each nipple hard then pulled off his shirt. I watched as Mandi helped him undo his pants and pull everything off. He wasn’t fully hard and was already as big as me fully erect. Full erection he’s a little over 8 inches and thicker than me…I’m good and maybe a little better than average, but nothing like John.

John helped Mandi out of her panties and she crawled on the bed to lay on her back. They didn’t talk but John crawled up to her face and she took his shaft into her mouth. She moaned and sucked on him for a minute or two and he said “That’s excellent, but I want to fuck you now.” He crawled over top of her and slowly began to penetrate her. He went slow and she accommodated him as he slowly spread her. She grunted a few times then when he go deeper she moaned “yessss” with each push further in. He went all the way in and began slowly fucking her. I just sat on the desk and watched, fully hard in my pants. John asked “Are you ready?” Mandi replied “Yes, please, yes.” John adjusted and started making full thrusts into Mandi for a few thrusts before Mandi screamed “Oh my God, I’m sooo sorry.” I reacted by asking “What’s wrong?” John replied back, “You’re little hottie just peed on me.” Mandi apologized again while he was still buried in her. John said “It’s all right, you can piss all over me, I love it!” With that he began pistoning in and out of her hard, Mandi screamed and must have continued pissing because there was a wet slapping sound as John hammered her. Mandi then screamed out “I’m cumming” and her legs began kicking hysterically in the air as she came. She cums from time to time with me, and she’s squirts sometimes. I couldn’t tell what sort of orgasm she had but it was more forceful than anything I could remember recently. Mandi screamed loudly “Fuck me, oh God, just keep fucking me!” John was mostly quiet with occasional grunts but he began talking to her “Such a good slut. MILFy little whore, you’re so hot. Babe, you’re a great fuck.” I noticed when he slowed just a little and started thrusting as deep as he could, and Mandi pleaded, “Oh, yes, please cum in me Baby, please fuck me hard.” John arched his back and Mandi lifted her hips and they slammed into one another a few more times as hard as they could and then he groaned loudly. At the top of her lungs Mandi screamed “YESSSS!”

I wasn’t paying attention, but as she screamed I realized I was cumming in my pants. A bead of cum formed over the bulge in my pants as I felt it drip in my underwear. John and Mandi kept grinding on the bed as he pumped jizz into her. He finally leaned over her and they started passionately kissing, sucking on each other. I never moved even as they finally recovered enough that John laid aside Mandi and Mandi laid her head on his chest. “Well Nick,” John said “I think we can safely say you wife is my hot little slut now.” Mandi actually giggled and snuggled him, saying “that was awesome John, oh my God!” I said it looked amazing. John replied “There’s lots more to come my friend.” Then he surprised me and said “Nick, you may as well go to your room and I’ll send Mandi back in the morning.” Mandi laughed and said “I can’t do that, I have to go. I need to go thank Nick now, too.” John grabbed Mandi by her ass and pulled her tight “No, you’re staying here and Nick will see you in the morning.” Mandi kissed his chest and said “But what about Nick?” “Nick can have you in the morning. Now Nick, just go to your room and Mandi will be back in the morning.” John faced Mandi and with his free hand lifted her chin so they could start kissing again. Still holding her close with his other hand on her ass, he pulled her arm over his body and guided her hand onto his dick to begin stroking him. She did! They both ignored me while she stroked his cock and he dug his hand in her ass, kissing all the while. I waited a minute, the quietly left.

I think it was being on vacation, having drank a lot of alcohol that evening, being dressed for a night out, and hearing about John erotic cock that just all happened together to push Mandi over the edge to sleep with him. I think it was that same combination that put me in a trance to be a spectator as my own wife got fucked. By the end of that first fuck though something changed. John was in charged and Mandi was almost mesmerized. Cumming in my pants as I watched them was embarrassing but I also secretly admitted to myself that I loved the feeling of exploding in my pants as my wife got pounded by John. Mandi came back to our hotel room that first time around mid-morning. She was exhausted. We had sex as soon as she got in and she kept thanking me and telling me how wonderful it all felt. She Kept telling me she loved me, me and the kids, our life. When we had sex I slipped right in. It felt good and I came as hard as I did watching them, but I could tell Mandi was tired form the full night with John. I can only imagined what they did, or how often. The remaining three nights of vacation I slept ..(continue confession)

Why She Pees?

My wife has a black boyfriend who we met on vacation a couple of years ago. Beginning with our first encounter and since then, he pounds her so hard that she loses control and pisses during sex. She cums vaginally too with him, more than she does with me, but the pissing is something that never happened until they started fucking.

Recently he has begun telling her to wet herself before sex, then most of the time she still continues to pee during sex. He literally told her the other day to pee in her tight jeans before stripping when she was ready to go. Without questioning him, she did, which tells me they have done this before (I'm not there for every session).

Her peeing herself wasn't really a thing for me, but the fact that she can't control herself during sex with him, plus the new thing of him getting her to wet herself while still dressed, gets me seriously horny.

Wetness Is Bestness

I love cum, any cum, man or woman. I just love eating cum.

I was at my friend's house and he and another guy just pounded this sexy little petite dark skinned sweetie, and said if I wanted I could fuck her if I wanted.

She's laying on the bed sideways, sexy dark legs spread wide.
A nice jucy little pussy with cum all over it. Mmmmmm
YUMMY! I'm gonna eat that sweet thing first.

OH NO! We both have already fucked her...
I don't care, that succulent pussy is gonna get ate out before I stick a dick in it.

I got down there and started licking all their cum off the outside of that yummy pot of delicious cum.
After I ate all their cum up off her pussy and thighs, I buried my mouth deep in her sloppy wetness, digging with my tongue for cum.

Scooping with my tongue like a spoon, licking at the bottom of one side all the way to the little mouse at the top.
Licking the other side to the top. MmmmmYummy that pussy was cumming all over my face as I licked and ate, she moaned, and grinded into my face.

I was about to bust a nut in my pants so I pulled out my dick to pound that sweet little bitch
she sat up and said "NO YOU DON'T" she took my dick and swallowed the whole thing at once deep into her throat.

Swallowing my dick like a cock hungry slut. Not long I know she's getting pre cum by the way she's saying Mmm and I'm about to bust. Hold that nut little girl, I want to make out, and swap that cum with you.

I busted a nut like never before she couldn't keep it all in her mouth and it dribbled on her little titties. I pushed her back on the bed and got down along side her and pulled her on top of me.

Kissing her deeply, swapping that nut with her she worked her tight clit on my cock and started rocking on that fat boy.
I sucked her mouth, and tongue, and then rolled her on he back and licked her tight little titties.
Pounded her until I busted again. We both were exhausted and laid there for quite some time.

I'll never forget her, ever.

Panty Obsessed Kid, Caught Several Times PART 1

As a kid, I was obsessed with women's underwear. Girls underwear. It all started when I was living in group home. I grew up in foster care. I lived in a group home with several girls. The boys were separated from the girls by living downstairs. I was the only boy at the time. Kids would often come and go. At first, I wasn't obsessed with panties. I was 12. I didn't know anything about sex or even jerking off at that point. My room was right across from the laundry room which had no door.

Inside the laundry room, was heaps of clothes from everyone in the house. One night in my room, I couldn't sleep so I got up. I looked across the hallway and into the laundry room. On the floor, I saw a pair of someones underwear. I got kind of curious. I sneaked across the hallway and into the laundry room. I picked them up and took a wiff. It was like some force woke me up. The smell of girl juice filled my nose and immediately something started happening. I kept smelling them and then I looked around. I snuck one hand into my pants as I held the panties up to my face. I started to go faster. Faster. Faster.

I started to cum in my pajamas. I didn't even understand what was happening, I just knew it felt good. After I came, I snapped out of it. What am I doing?? I looked around and ran back to my room. I couldn't believe what I just did. The next day, I looked around at all the girls and thought, they have no clue.

The next night, I did it again but this time, I wanted to find another pair of panties. I dug around in the hampers and found a few. This time, I wanted more. I found at least five pairs. I put them all over my face. Again, immediately hard. I came again. As days went by, I got bolder.

The next night, I got completely naked. Took off my pajamas. Underwear. I was already hard and precumming thinking about the panties I would find. I looked down the hallway. No one. Silent. 10 pm. I snuck across the hallway. Started digging in the laundry. I found all the panties I could. I even found some that had some fresh wet stains on them. I put them on my face. I acted like my dick was a hook and hung some on it. I had a pair on my face like it was a mask with the leg holes for eye holes. My nose was right in the pussy part. I started to stick my tongue out and lick the middle part. I had one hand down as I was touching it. I could feel a stream of pre cum hanging down from the tip. It was touching the floor.

Usually I would cum in my underwear or pajamas but this time I was naked. I started to cum but I forgot I was naked. I tried to grab it before it started shooting but I grabbed it around the shaft instead of the head and cum went flying on the floor, on the shelves. I couldn't stop it. It felt so good so I let it go and do its thing. It kept coming out in twitches. I got weak at the knees and I almost had to bend down. Cum was everywhere. On the panties. I still had a pair of used panties on my face like I was a masked crusader. I grabbed all the panties and shoved them back in the hamper.

I ran back to my room and fell right to sleep. The next day I would wake up to the foster mom asking if she could speak to me privately. A few of the girls were giggling. She took me into her room. Closed the door. She said, "so. I know you've been going into the laundry room. We have a camera inside the laundry room. I didn't know you were doing that until last night. I had to go to the bathroom and saw you on the monitor run in there. I saw everything. " She told me that I needed to go down there and clean up my mess. After that, they installed a locked door and put a camera in the hallway. I was so embarrassed but my love for panties never stopped.

New Boss Peed In My Mouth

Last Monday I started a new job. I have to bosses both women. One is sexy and put together not the prettiest but sexy AF. The other is not cute and maybe she's gay. Anyway the Sexy one seemed to be hitting on me during training. Everyday she was flirting with me hard. Come Friday we were alone and I thought I'd make a move. She seemed receptive, she then laid the hottest motherfuckin' kiss on me. She then pulled away and slapped me as hard as she could across the face. She then told me that she was a lesbian and that she was married to the other boss. They were together. I apologized and told her it would never happen again. This morning I went to work thinking I'd be fired. The bosses acted like nothing had happened. The Sexy bitch then asked me if I could fix the toilet in the women's room. I said no problem. While I was in there fixing it She came in and locked the door. She bent down pulled my hair back and kissed me again! Then she lifted her skirt and asked me to eat her pussy. I ate that shit like it was my job. She started to moan and threw her head back. She had a hold of my hair as she grinded on my face. She then pulled her pussy away and grabbed my hair with both hands and forced the back of my head into the toilet. She straddled my face. I thought she wanted me to eat her again. I went to eat her pussy and she started to piss on my face and my mouth. She commanded me to drink all her piss! I've never been pissed on before and I wasn't hating it. She continue to drench me in her golden hot urine! Once she was done pissing, she slapped me and then made me eat her pussy until she came! Once she was done I was in a heap on the bathroom floor full of piss. I asked if I could go home and change. She said no! I want to see you and smell you with my piss all over you all day. As I was at my desk her wife came up to me and said you know, my wife really likes you.

We Learned Something Extra In Nursing School

During nursing school I roomed with three other girls in a two bedroom one bath. Very tight quarters, round robin sleeping arrangements, bathroom sharing, clothes sharing, fourway sex. None of us was particularly lesbian, or bi for that matter. We were on top of each other, stressed and the pussy was sweet, wet and available. By the time we finished nursing school we were more comfortable having sex with each other than some random guy.

In December I completed ten years of nursing, I am married to an Anesthesiologist. I have a fellow nurse, she and I eat pussy, sixty nine, upside down, inside out, across the kitchen table, doggie, you think of a position we've done it. Nothing is more relaxing than getting together, getting out the whipped cream and chocolate sauce and eating pussy. Tonsil hockey is a close second, with a hand full of tittie. That and a bit of tribbing.

Her Friend Caught Us

I've always been into pee sex. Fortunately, my wife likes it to.
She doesnt drink, but likes to let me drink. And we both pee on each other, clothed or nude.

So, one time, we were on holiday and her, then single, girlfriend came along.
I thought she was okay, not attracted but just liked her company.
We did a roadtrip. staying 2 nights and then move along to the next location.
The friend sometimes mentioned 'i will go out now, so you 2 can fuck'.
We laughed, but we used that time to fuck :).

One night the three of us were drinking in a bar, she met a guy she liked and we laughed, wishing her fun to go get fucked. We drank some more and went to our hotel.
We had a hotel room with a terrace and wife and i both smiled.
Feeling a bit drunk, horny and the need to pee, we went on the terrace and there was pissing, fucking, licking, sucking, pissing. My wife went to the shower as i tried to clean things a bit.
Suddenly the friend is on the terrace, whispering she was home early and saw what we did.
I was shocked. not expecting her, but she pulled up her skirt and said to drink now. if i wanted, as she started to pee. I watched.. got on my knees and let her pee on me.
she tasted different, but still horny, i got hard again.
As she finished, she smiled, winked and said to clean myself. as i did, she left.
I went into the shower, my wife loving me having a hard dick again and we fucked again.

Next morning her friend said nothing, but last year she told me her bf and her are into pee sex too ;)

I Was Attracted To My Son's Friend

I am a divorced arab mother of 3 boys. One day, my eldest son invited over a bunch of his friends -- just the usual. This time walks in a ridiculously handsome young boy: 5tf7 (probably) white boy with blue eyes and got dirty blonde hair with a fade and a combover. He was a future supermodel for sure with those looks. His body was kind of slim -- you know he is still not a fully grown man. Later I discovered out he was quite fit and chiseled yet slim.
He was polite, sweet and had a cute smile and a raspy voice and he called me maam most of the time. I don't know what hit me at that moment but I felt like I crushed on him instantly like a silly young girl. Usually, I am quite conservative about greeting my son's friends -- I just say hi and occasionaly shake their hands and that's it. This boy went for a hug (a friendly greeting sort of hug). So I did hug him, I really did want to and I went for a proper snug hug with hand patting on tge back not a far away hug. Nothing happened afterwards through the entirety of his stay at home.
A few days later, and on my son’s Instagram account, I found him tagged on a picture they both were in. I then did what seemed quite weird which was I followed him on Instagram and not a few minutes later he followed me back – I was like wow okay not sure what this would like for him and others but I didn’t think it through much. Anyways, a few days later he posted a shirtless story flexing his body after a wrestling workout – I was shocked to see that he was quite chiseled and got nice abs and tone which wasn’t apparent first time due to him wearing clothes. I replied to that story by saying “you are quite fit and healthy”. Later that night he replied saying “thank you, I’m a wrestler that’s why I got this body” and he sent another message saying “you look quite fit yourself, you must be doing some sort of sports”. I took that as a compliment, bear in mind my body is curvy just about the right amount, I do casually run – which I told him. He proceeded to ask me about my day and what I am doing right now to which I told him I am just sitting in front of the TV what about you. He told me he was chilling in bed -- I found myself replying by “Oh really?” which is kinda awkward for a response to what he said. Next thing you know he is sending me a picture of him with his boxers only in bed captioned “bored”. He had the audacity to send me such a pic, usually, I would have blocked him but really he was such a good looking boy. I then told him “you look quite fit for your age. I am impressed”. He replied “I still got another thing impressive to show you” – my heart beat so fast and I had a hunch of what he was talking about. I had a chance to end this madness once and for all but I was way more curious to keep chatting on and in actuality I was aroused. Next thing you know, he sends me a nude!
The boy was at least 7 inches hung, thick and erect and he was staring down the camera in the picture. He was shaved too -- why would a boy his age be smooth down there unless he has sex or shows of his cock frequently. I left him on seen until he told me so what do you think about me now? I still didn’t reply. He sent me a video of him stroking his thick hung white cock seductively as he is looking in the camera – I didn’t reply but I was turned on at this point and started touching myself. He kept sending and I kept watching and rubbing my pussy. After a while he made me cum – without saying a word just by watching him masturbate for me. I felt so naughty and kinky and guilty thinking of what has happened. But I forgive myself, he was sexy!