For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.

Accident Walking Home

By Martina 18

I was walking home from town today and after holding it all week I was desperate for a poo. I'd already had a wee in McDonalds but I didn't have a poo as I was thinking about having an 'accident' in my knickers. There were a lot of people around so I couldn't do it just yet as I didn't want anyone to know what I was doing so I decided to wait it until I found somewhere a little bit more private. I walked for a few minutes until I found some bushes but they weren't big enough to hide me properly but no one was around so I decided to go behind them. I stood with my feet apart and relaxed just as a couple of teenage girls walked towards me. I was too desperate to stop now and I just stood there filling my knickers as they looked straight at me as they walked past. I don't know if they realised what I was doing and I found that so excited. I quickly finished pooing in my knickers and nonchalantly walked away from the the bushes trying to act like normal but it was obvious from the smell that I'd totally pood myself. It took me about twenty minutes to get home and walking with a huge smelly load in my knickers felt so naughty and horny I couldn't wait to get into the bathroom to masturbate and clean up. I just closed my front door and unbuttoned my jeans and plunged my hand in my knickers and masturbated to a shuddering orgasm getting my fingers covered in poo. In the bathroom I stripped off in the shower and cleaned myself up before masturbating to another big orgasm and got dressed.

  • Naughty Niece

    When I was recently married my older cousin asked if her 11 year old daughter could stay with us for several weeks until her divorce was final, not the girl's father. For 11 she was budding out all over, shaping hips and tits. And sensual in a way that drives men crazy. My husband was no exception.

    At first I thought she was naive, she seemed to have no modesty, but she also hugged onto my husband wrapping her legs around his waist, sitting in his lap. She played kisses, straddling his lap and kissing on the mouth, pushing him into an erection which she accommodated under her bottom.

    My husband works construction and he is a strong meaty guy. She came to our room early in the morning right after my husband had given me morning sex. He was totally naked and I was in my nightgown but no panties, and she crawled in bed with us. It took her one minute to figure out he was naked and she tossed the sheet off her to look at his penis. My reaction was to pull her to me, but her reaction was to get into his arms.

    I will go short here, there was no penetration. However her desire to handle his penis, which went erect in a nanosecond, to examine his monster, to ask me if he had 'stuck' it in me, watching her hold his huge penis in her hand had the effect of driving me into arousal and tweaking my clit into orgasm. After my orgasm I pulled her away from him and we watched him stand with a full erection and head for the shower.

    Her mother took her back six weeks later, I talked to her mother, to this day she has zero modesty with my husband and she is fully developed. She has his number and she knows it, morning tshirt no bra and tiny panties is her breakfast wear when she spends the weekend with us.

    I Got Wet Seeing My Young Daughter Absently Humping The Floor

    I know that some will find my arousal and obsession wrong, but I can't help it. I am a 43 year old mother with an 11 year old daughter. Dana, as I will call her for the purpose of this confession is a very pretty girl and is in the very beginning stages of puberty. Her breasts are to small yet for any type of a bra but her nipples have started to get the puffiness to them. I am a single mother and never married her father and have no idea where he is. He abandoned us as soon as I got pregnant. I never tried for child support as I make a very good living working from home with my own business and figured that we were probably better off without him in our lives.

    Dana and I have always been very close. We go everywhere and do everything together. Quite often after a long day, we enjoy having a quiet movie night just laying around in a shirt and panties or maybe a nice warm bubble bath together. Up until I observed her gently humping against the floor the first time, i never had any sexual thoughts evolving around her at all. But after that first time seeing her humping, I became so aroused that I am now obsessed with watching her and become so aroused and wet each time I see her doing it.

    The first time that I saw her humping, was about 3 months ago, although, I do believe now, that she has been doing it for a while. I was laying on the couch and she was laying on her tummy like always, on the floor, and we were watching a movie. I noticed that she seemed to be moving around a lot with my peripheral vision and I looked more closely at her to see what was wrong. At that moment I could see that she was in fact humping against the floor. Her T-shirt had ridden up a bit and I had a clear view of her panties and her butt and I could see her squeezing her butt cheeks together back and forth as she was grinding and moving around on the floor. I knew exactly what she was doing as I masturbate mostly on my tummy humping against my fingers as well. I also remember starting doing the same thing at a very young age myself, somewhere around 5 or 6.Instantly, my pussy seemed to get wetter than I had been in years and I was so aroused watching her doing this, never letting on that I could see her and knew what she was doing.

    She ..(continue confession)

  • My Girlfriend From High School Is My Girlfriend Today

    In the ninth grade a new girl came to school. Her family rented a house about a block from ours and we were soon hanging out after school. One of those afternoons she spread her legs open, her hairy snatch open like a wound between her legs. I looked, turned away but looked again. For weeks she begged me to show her. She got on me one afternoon and I let her pull my pants off and open my legs.

    Neither one of us was queer, we were just awash in hormones. In the end at least we were two girls because with a boy we would have been teen mothers. From the ninth till we graduated we explored, lots of stripping and being naked, and some outright experimentation. By graduation we were accomplished lovers,including some fairly high adventure stuff.

    College was where we expected to find a boyfriend, which was a totally new experience for both of us. We managed to get laid, managed to get boyfriends. We got our education and got together again after college. We agreed to live together, we were open about having a guy over, but the guys never materialized. As the months moved on we went back to each other. We are lovers, and more.

    I still contend that we are not queer, bi maybe but not queer. What happens is that unlike college where we were separated, now we were together every day, and guys are not on the radar.

    A Nightmare On Feet Street

    I had a horrible nightmare where I was being stalked by my Cousin Fred and his nasty Bare Feet. Fred came out of my restroom wearing a thong as my bathroom was covered in shit everywhere and he was washing his nasty feet in my toilet. Than he tried to approach me and made me smell his nasty feet but I ran out of my house and found myself in a Mexican restaurant.

    There was Fred dressed as a Mariachi and being completely drunks and was barefoot. Then he made his way in the restroom and walked back out in his dirty underwear and smelled his feet and then tried to snatch my Taco. I tried to take his guitar and hit him in the head with it that is until I then found myself at McDonalds.

    Fred was only wearing overalls and a straw hat and stood on top of the counter playing a banjo and singing Old MacDonald and then when he got to the chicken part he then started to cluck like a chicken. Then after Fred's performance stunk up McDonalds worse than his feet, Fred ran in and out of the restroom barefoot and was now walking around the damn McDonald's in his underwear as he began smelling his feet. He then tried to snatch my Big Mac before I tried to whack him with a Banjo and found myself now at a Christmas Party with Fred dressed as Santa.

    Fred just left the restroom wearing the Santa Hat, beard, and was Walking around in Women's Underwear as he sat in his chair to smell his feet as I grabbed a bag of coal to hit Santa with as I then found myself in a Foot Pageant as Fred was now dressed as Elvis.

    Fred began to horribly butcher All shook up and then stripped off the Elvis jumpsuit until he was wearing a gem studded thong and began to smell his feet as I tried to hit Fred with a guitar only to get his big nasty foot shoved in my face and the last thing I saw was nothing but Feet as I screamed in my sleep. "FEET....FEET.....NO MORE FEET!"

    I finally woke up from my nightmare with a migraine, I really hope I never have anymore nightmares worse than dreaming about Fred's Bare feet and his antics in public.

  • Girlfriends Accident

    I was walking home from the local pub with my girlfriend and she was really drunk. She suddenly stopped walking and I asked her what was wrong. She said she was desperate for a poo and she was going to do it in her pants. I got an erection in seconds as the smell of her poo filled the air and I saw a lump in the back of her jeans and it was growing fast. Over the next two minutes the lump had grown from the size of a golf ball to the size of a gr**efruit and she was wetting herself. By the time she finished the lump had flattened out across her entire bum and her jeans were stained light brown from the mixture of poo and pee that had filled her jeans. I had a throbbing erection after watching her epic accident and when we got home I helped her clean up in the bathroom and afterwards we had the most amazing sex in the shower.

    My Stubborn Girlfriend

    I was walking in the woods with my girlfriend Stacie this morning and I noticed she wasn't keeping up with me so well and I asked her if she was OK. Stacie she was desperate for a poo and I told her to do it in the woods but she said didn't want to do that outside and she would rather wait until we got home. We kept walking for a while and I noticed Stacie was getting more agitated and I asked her if she thought she could make it home and I was surprised when she said she couldn't. I told her to do it in the woods but Stacie stubbornly refused and I asked her if she was going to poo herself. She replied "Maybe". I told her again to do it in the woods but she was so stubborn she still wouldn't do it. By this time Stacie was holding her bum and I knew she was about to have an accident in her knickers. I ordered her to go in the woods and I was surprised when she still refused. That's one very stubborn girl I thought and I shook my head i and disbelief. I told her we should head back home now but Stacie said she was too desperate to make it and I told her to go in the f"""g woods already. I could smell poo and noticed Stacie's Jeans getting wet as she began to poo and pee herself. The look of relief on her face was a picture and Stacie was red faced as she told me she didn't need to go any more!

    My Tits

    My family had one car and my sister worked at a men's club. It was my job to go pick her up when she got off at two in the morning. I met most of the girls that worked there, and most of the time we all went to a Denny's for breakfast. My sister had her tits fixed and she offered to pay for mine but the girls liked my tits just the way they were so I refused.

    My sister brought a friend of hers over to the house, she also danced at the same club, she was a Mexican girl with a big hips and nice brown tits. She laid down on my bed and opened her legs and asked me if I wanted to eat her. Her pussy was totally shaved, she held her pussy open for me until I decided to go down.

    I had eaten a girl before, and my sister had told her that I went down on girls. I became really tight with her, girlfriend really and I quit seeing my boyfriend. She liked my tits the way they were and told me that I could make good money with my tits and I shouldn't get them fixed.

    Years later, my sister had gotten married to cop, I was working a job and the boss man took a liking to me and I ended up fucking with him. He liked my tits, he told me that he felt my tits were the best tits around. I sucked him hard that night, sucked him so he would know that I was going to be his girlfriend.

    My tits have gotten me lots of attention, opened doors and I never got them fixed.

    Ladies, When You Were 12+ Did You Ever Experiment With Moms Vibrator?

    Did it help or hurt when you became sexually active with a real partner?

    I have heard that something as powerful as some of the Vibes are can desensitize (or over sensitize) a developing Clitoris.

    Did a friend g*ft you your own Vibe?

    Was your Hairbrush Handle your First Dildo?

    Female Sexuality Fascinates me I would like to hear

    Did your first partner perform Oral on you?

  • Pooping After Nine Days

    The last time I had a poo was nine days ago and I knew there was no way my toilet would be able to handle that much poo so I went out for a walk in the woods. I had an old pair of knickers that could be sacrificed under a knee length skirt and set off to the woods feeling pretty desperate for a poo. When I got to the woods there were some people around and I didn't want to to be seen squatting with my knickers down showing off my bum and pussy so I held it until they went away. There was just one problem. I was desperate for a poo and I had to go now. I just stood on the path and moved my feet apart and pushed hoping no one would notice what I was doing. I peed through my knickers as I felt my poo coming out into the back of them and man it felt so good. It wouldn't stop and bits of poo were falling out of my knickers onto the path but I didn't care about that. By the time I finished I had a huge pile of poo by my feet and my knickers were crammed full as well. I waited until no one was looking and took them off getting streaks of poo on my legs and I left them on the path before quickly leaving.