For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.

Bad Writer

I want to try to write erotic stories but every time I get in the mood to write I eventualIy get horny and begin to masturbate, and when I finish I dont feel like writing anymore.

Horny For A Co-worker

I work nightshift at a warehouse and I work with a specific co-worker most nights. This man is nearly 50 and he's already greying and always complaining about wanting to retire. This man is married and has three grown children. All at least between the ages of 19-25. He is always wearing sweatpants and there have been times when he'll move a certain way or sit down and I can see a thick, solid bulge emerge. I have a huge crush on him, as he is a very attractive man. He's tall, has almond-tint skin and is well-built.

Considering the amount of hours and overtime we've been covering due to COVID, our nights are painfully long. So I like to daydream to pass the time. Most nights I dream about him engaging in more than just the jokes we throw at each other. He teases me, he corners me and caresses me, slowly tracing his fingers along my curves...

Just last night we worked on Thanksgiving and spent nearly 13 hours shipping product out. I'm thankful it's a requirement to wear a mask because no one can tell that I'm having a wet dream with my staggered breathing and bright red face as I think about the nasty things I want him to do to me.
When I was picking last night, I was imagining him cornering me in a part of a room that doesn't have security cameras and he presses me up against the wall and whispers into my ear how much he's been desiring me. I begin to breathe heavily as he engages in kissing my sensitive neck. I feel my pussy tighten as I continue to pick products. My jeans are tight and making any movement rubs the seam line against my fat clit making me shudder at the thought of penetration. I picture him lifting my shirt and fondling my small breasts, his hands warm to the touch and circling my hard nipples as he moves in, lifting his knee trapping me between him and the wall. One hand slides down to unbutton my pants and feeling my wet pussy, slowly inserting his fingers to prepare me for his thick cock and the other hand wrapping around my neck and roughly kissing me, making me moan and whimper. My pussy is completely wet now and I can feel my panties being soiled, my juices trickling down my legs. I picture him pulling down my pants and I unbutton his and pull out his thick, veiny, pulsing penis. And guide it to my precious tight coochie. Penetration makes me orgasm and for the next three hours before going home, I sit in my own pussy juice.
I spent all day today orgasming and masturbating.

I desire him so badly knowing I can't have him. I want him to force his way inside me, spank me and call me his little fat slut. I want to ride him backwards while fondling his balls and in return be balls deep creampied and bred to be forcibly impregnated. I want him to punish me for being his naughty bitch.

Frankfurt Michigan Party Boat

The summer after my dad passed away, I inherited his mastercraft nxt when I was 22. I decided to try and spend a summer renting out the boat and teaching people how to wakeboard. I didnt want to let people take it without me there, but I would take groups of people on it with me for the day. I went up to Frankfurt Michigan for the year and knew a girl in the area and she would always come out with me as the "First mate." She was also a very good wakeboarder and wake surfer, and would help me give people pointers that were trying to learn. We would drink, swim, park at beaches, drive over little shipwrecks, wakeboard and wakesurf out on lake michigan. The first couple weeks of the summer went exactly how I was expecting, we would have an interested group of family come out with us almost every weekend day and usually atleast 3 weekdays. On days we didnt have any customers, the 2 of us would just spend the day out on the lake, eventually we started hooking up on the boat those days.

One day we took out a bachelor party group and these guys were a good time, but a rowdy bunch. It was a day packed full of drinking out on the lake. my first mate and I had a nice buzz going ourselves and there had been a joke going around about her giving the groom to be a lap dance, but that joke eventually became a reality. She was grinding her ass on his swimtrunks wearing just her bikini, but eventually popped her top off. The way she was grinding him pulled his swimtrunks down a touch causing the tip of his cock to emerge from his trunks, a chant broke out "Suck his dick!" She asked the groom if he wanted that and he did. She knelt between his legs and pulled his swimsuit down. She slid her tongue from his balls up to the tip of his cock and then wrapped her whole mouth around it on the way back down. She sucked his dick for a few minutes and then he asked if he could return the favor. She laid out on the sun deck and pulled her bottoms down, he knelt on the seat and buried his head between her legs. All us other dudes were at full mast and cheering on this future groom making a hott chick writhe with pleasure. She eventually was overtaken by the lust and told him "get a condom on." I had some hidden in a bag I kept under the captain console and tossed one over to him, he rolled it on, she got on her knees on the sundeck and he knelt behind her and plunged his cock in. They were putting on a show for us, and some of the other guys had started to rub their dicks through their trunks. One of the guys who was just watching and stroking his own cock had said "This is so hott im gonna fucking cum." She responded with "Come over here and I'll help." They adjusted postions so that she was laying on her back and the groom got back to work pounding her pussy. The other guy stood at the edge of the sun deck and pulled out his cock, she reached out and started to massage his balls while he stroked himself. After a few minutes of standing next to her while she got fucked, and her helping him stroke his own dick, He tensed up and started to say "O shit, where should I cum?" She pointed to her chest and he let his seed fly, sticky white ropes landed across her should and chest. The 3 remaining guys got around her on the sun deck and pulled their cocks out also, She was moving her hands between them, and even sucked on 2 of em, and 1 came in her mouth. The groom eventually pulled out, popped the condom off, and blew his load on her stomach and chest.

She had a pool of cum covering her stomach and chest, and the sundeck had drips and missed ropes of cum and some of her lady juice was there as well. She jumped into the lake to wash off while I wiped down the after math of 5 dudes blowing their loads on a chick who had just been pounded for a solid half hour.

I have a handful of other stories from the boat that I will eventually post also. Like an old guy that just wanted to watch me fuck her, a group of couples that wanted to be naked on the boat all day, another bachelor party that hired a legit stripper, and a bachlorette party. There was a ton of sex on that boat that summer.

  • Needs

    I'm a straight guy and yet I have some thoughts and dreams that says otherwise. I had a dream about me and some other guy really going at it. Both naked, sweating, screaming with ecstasy and hearing our bodies slap against each other. I was facing the wall with him lifting my leg up and thrusting himself inside me. His balls slapped against me with each thrust. I turned my head to look him in the eye as he finally came. I smiled and dropped down to my knees blowing him until he came again. We got dressed and he spanked me on my way out. I had this same dream 3 more times but in totally different scenarios. Is this a sign of something?

    Yoga Dress Pants Soaking

    At the end of the day I was called into a meeting at the client I'm visiting. I was wearing a comfy pair of yoga dress pants with a sweater. The meeting was in one of the large conference rooms and we were leaving the office from there. Fortunately I had my jacket with me, but unfortunately I didn't make it to the Ladies Room beforehand.

    We sat in conference room chairs that look like a regular office chair on wheels but have a plastic shell around the outside and they have cloth upholstery. I was sitting towards one end of the table to listen and take notes.

    A few minutes into the meeting it hits me that I have to go pee immediately. I sat in a delicate balance of clenched stiff but still trying to look professional taking notes and not squirm. I was okay and then I wasn't. I sneezed and I felt a gush of pee stream under me and between my clenched legs. I looked down and for a second there was a little stream of pee in my lap! I opened my legs slightly and the pee dropped into the chair, but the move of relaxing my legs caused me to pee even more as I sat. I got control of myself, but now I sat in a warm pool in my chair as the meeting continued.

    I couldn't stop the urge to pee after that. Every minute or so more pressure would build between my legs and I slowly squirt out small streams of pee into my seat. Watching the clock I did this for about 20 minutes until finally the urge to pee stopped...I had used the chair for my entire pee! I was mortified someone would hear or smell something, but no one seemed to notice!

    At the end of the meeting I sprang up and put on my jacket. My upper legs and butt were soaked and my wet underwear was sticking to me. The seat was a mess, dark stain the shape of my ass in the middle of the light green cloth. The plastic shell of the chair was holding my pee! I tucked the chair under the table and waited in horror while the higher-ups chatted after the meeting. Finally we all left the room and straight for our cars.

    Wet Wonderland

    I love to wet myself occasionally. I have lots to drink and when it gets really desperate, I find a place in my private and enclosed garden. I rub my tits and let go. The small, dark, wet spot at the top of my legs gets much bigger and wetter and seeps down the inside of both legs, finally running out and splashing on the ground.
    I then slip my hand into my jeans and find the soft, engorged cushion of my clit and frig myself off. The orgasms are huge and long lasting.
    Some times I like to imagine I am a small child about 5 or 6. I have gone to a party and suddenly I have to pee. I rub between my legs with my hand but it's too late! I am pissing copiously and everyone is watching.
    I fell really good having shared this and hope others out there enjoy.

    Commando In Leggings

    Maybe this is a confession, maybe more of a question...

    In her late thirties and early 40's my wife resisted wearing leggings on a regular basis, and the few times she did she wore thongs. Over time, she went with the trends and wore more and more leggings. She now wears them constantly. To avoid VPL, she never wears underwear in leggings any longer, regardless of the situation. In passing she's complained that she doesn't know how women do it... My wife has a very wet pussy, she's easily stimulated and doesn't take long to become warm and moist. This has always been awesome for sex as she's also tight even now.

    Her dilemma is that she constantly makes her leggings moist, not always to the point of creating a visible stain, but occasionally to that point. She also makes her seat moist. Back when she rocked more mini skirts, she used to slip napkins or a jacket under herself for the same reason. Her biggest complaint is vinyl, wood and leather seats - dark leather car seats, vinyl or wood diner booths and chairs, leather and even some doctor's cloth waiting room chairs... If she sits more than a few minutes in leggings, she'll leave behind a small wet patch that she sometimes tries to fan away before walking away. She thought about powders, but I advocate "No" with the recent cancer issues. So for now she's stuck moistening her leggings.

    I know a little of this effect from once working at a car dealership dealing in used cars. One day we were trading in an old red Dodge Daytona (old school...) from an attractive woman (roughly my age so young at the time...). She had dressed up to take delivery of her new car and wore a very short skirt which drove the salesmen wild...most anything with tits drives car salesmen wild, at least back then. Anyhow, the detailer picked up the keys to the traded in Daytona. Later I was back in the garage and the detailer motions me over, "smell right there." he says, pointing to the middle of the seat. It was a good smell, but distinctly of a pussy. Yes, the guy was a freak. No real part to this car story other the weirdo pointing out car seats can smell like pussy.

    The actual reason this came up today is that I went for a haircut at Sports Clips. The stylist was cute, fit and mid-20s I think...hard to tell behind a COVID mask...and had on leggings that shaped to her ass and clearly defined her ass cheeks. Being middle-aged and still constantly horny, I enjoyed her ass occasionally bumping and rubbing my arms or wiggling in front of me as she grabbed things from the counter. Innocent pervy thoughts, in other words.

    The stylist asked if I had big plans today - I said not really and that my wife was already shopping, and I said "probably for more yoga pants or leggings." The girl says "Oh, I live in leggings!" Without any thought I said,"Yeah, but she's always trying to avoid panty lines." The girl laughs and looks down at me and answers immediately, "Oh, you can't wear panties with leggings, even thongs show too much." Fortunately she gave a great haircut and gave me her card for a return visit. I will be back!

    Seriously though, two things rattling in my head: What is the consensus, are we now surrounded by millions of women and girls with no panties on? If so awesome. Also, and more for women like my wife, are there a lot of women out there soaking everything they sit on and going all day with wet leggings?

    A Quickie

    Samantha and Ricky are very close friends, you can even say they’re dating but they’re not. See what they have is a friendship that has benefits. She would pull down his zipper and a whisper to him in Arabic about how she loves his big Peruvian cock. She’d even swallow his cum.

    She rides him, let’s him feel and fuck her whenever he wants. No one knows about them except me since I am her.

    Beautiful Down Under

    I am 27. For the past four years I have gotten deeper into body molding, not body building. I am tight now, low fat, sculpted. I focused a lot on tummy sculpting, I am obsessed on my mound and lips in contrast to my tummy. I'm fortunate that I am nicely tucked in, I waxed and I feel my pussy is very attractive.

    I have a friend, I have worked on her, waxed her till her pussy is as striking as mine. I never had inclinations towards a woman, but I am very inclined towards her. Her pussy gets wet, dripping wet. Her pussy taste is strong, and her aroma is heavy. I love eating her. And she is finger licking good.

    Sorry to describe her like that, I just love her pussy and I can eat her all day, not to mention her pussy is THE pussy for looking at, better than my pussy, her pussy is perfect. We can't really show our pussies off, except to each other.

    Accident Walking Home

    By Martina 18

    I was walking home from town today and after holding it all week I was desperate for a poo. I'd already had a wee in McDonalds but I didn't have a poo as I was thinking about having an 'accident' in my knickers. There were a lot of people around so I couldn't do it just yet as I didn't want anyone to know what I was doing so I decided to wait it until I found somewhere a little bit more private. I walked for a few minutes until I found some bushes but they weren't big enough to hide me properly but no one was around so I decided to go behind them. I stood with my feet apart and relaxed just as a couple of teenage girls walked towards me. I was too desperate to stop now and I just stood there filling my knickers as they looked straight at me as they walked past. I don't know if they realised what I was doing and I found that so excited. I quickly finished pooing in my knickers and nonchalantly walked away from the the bushes trying to act like normal but it was obvious from the smell that I'd totally pood myself. It took me about twenty minutes to get home and walking with a huge smelly load in my knickers felt so naughty and horny I couldn't wait to get into the bathroom to masturbate and clean up. I just closed my front door and unbuttoned my jeans and plunged my hand in my knickers and masturbated to a shuddering orgasm getting my fingers covered in poo. In the bathroom I stripped off in the shower and cleaned myself up before masturbating to another big orgasm and got dressed.