For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.

Summer Trip Home

The summer before COVID my church took a trip to a family camp.

At the camp I was flirting with my friends sister who had hit puberty and was looking really hot. She had a history of being around older people and not of kids her age. She was wearing running shorts that hugged her ass and a huge oversized shirt that covered her pretty big breasts for her age. We didn’t do anything because we were always around other people but on the ride back I was instructed to sit in the back of our church van with her.

Well the ride home was hours long so everyone was dead asleep but me and her kept texting each other and playing around without trying to make it look suspicious.

After a while we both got a little sleepy and she ended up resting her head on my shoulder. No one really noticed because everyone was asleep and there was music playing. A couple of minutes in, I fell asleep but I guess because I was sleeping started getting hard and I woke up to her pulling my foreskin back slowly through my shorts.

I was so confused and scared but turned on. I didn’t want anyone to notice anything so I kept pretending to fall asleep. She slowly readjusted herself and was now laying on her side with her head on my lap. I could see her curvy body to my right which really turned me on more so I decided to run my hand down her back and massage her pussy.

At this point we were awake so I crouched down slowly and whispered in her ear “slow and quiet”. I pulled my hard cock out a had her quietly play with her tongue. Every now and then I would look up to see if anyone was awake but thankfully people were knocked out and the music muffled a lot of the noises we were probably making.

My cock was in her mouth for a good 15 minutes I think. Sometimes I would try to force it down her throat slowly but it was getting a little loud so I would pull her neck back. My lap started getting a little wet from the spit she was making so we ended up stopping.

I crouched down and kissed her head and said “good girl”.
I wish I would’ve known she was like this.

  • Another Woman's Panties

    I'm 38 year old attorney. We never really were able to 'work from home'. We implemented safeguards, closed door offices, masks when meeting, Zoom at work, no one got Covid. My husband, who is 42 did work from home. We repurposed the guest room, got a tutor for the kids, ages 12 and 15. Everything was under control.

    We have a cleaning service, once a week since my husband works from home. Two weeks ago I come home, my husband is in his office upstairs, daughter One at her friend's, daughter Two next door with their new puppy dog. I walk in, the cleaning service had been there, I take off my purse, drop it on the kitchen table, go into my bedroom. There on the bed, a the foot of the bed, is a folded pair of panties. Light purple. Not mine. Not my daughters', I know their panties. Whose panties? Where were they found? Who found them? I picked them up, they weren't laundered.

    I put them in my drawer, my first instinct was to throw them away. I called the cleaning service and left a message for the lady who cleaned my house to call me. I do well enough in Spanish. I'm a lawyer, I was nice but firm, she told me the panties were under the bed. No, they cleaned every week, the panties were not there the week before. And no they weren't hers.

    My anger dissipated, I sat on the bed asking myself what could be the answer. Not the maid, surely not the girls' tutor, she's a retired teacher. Then who? Who would go off and leave her panties behind? I took the panties into the bathroom and changed into them. Too small, wrong look, wrong cut. And dirty. I went up to see my husband, I locked the door, I closed his computer, I pulled up my dress showing him the panties. He looked at me, OK he pulled my the panties down my thighs, turned me around and bent me over his table, and rammed his cock right up my vagina, wet and ready. Never said a word about the panties.

    They are dirty panties, stained with his cum, and my juices, and some other woman's juice. And they are folded in my panty drawer, wrong size, wrong cut, my husband never paid attention to them. But I got a secretary's fuck on his office table.

    I Raw Dogged Two Chicks In One Night My Freshman Year Of College

    I could go on with this story for a while, but I'll just give the cliffnotes version.

    I was 19 and it was February. I was dating this girl Kat, who was a few years older than me. We had a big fight over I forget what and she kicked me out of her apartment. I didn't want to go for however long it took us to make up without getting laid , so I decided to seduce this girl Megan, in my year, from my crim justice class. She was a brunette with freckles, short, shy-ish personality, but really smart (academically that is, not sure about otherwise) and had a twisted sense of humor if you got her to open up to you. I'd been constantly flirting with her since the start of the semester. She thought I was gross at first but had come around to me by now. I asked her out after class. She was hesitant but I can be persistent AF. So we went out for pizza that weekend and got to know each other. After I took her to a cocktail party at my friend's place. Really it had just become teen drinking when we arrived. I brought a bottle of tanqueray I still owe Kat for, even though I did rail her twice the night she got it so whatever.

    Megan was feeling me and I'd led her in with my hand on her back. She seemed to be looking for a rebound even though she didn't want to say it. So I was in luck. I did some shots and got buzzed enough to start hitting on this rando in plain sight of Megan. The idea was to get Megan jealous and confused and want me more. Sometimes it backfires, this time it worked lol. I did a thing where I scooped up this rando's necklace in my hand and complimented her on it, and asked her about it, all while not letting go and making eye contact. I love doing that. And had done the same with Megan earlier. Otherwise I remember nothing about that girl. I went back to Megan, who was by herself and bummed out, and told her that was just a friend and asked her what the matter was. We went to the fire escape and smoked a bowl and she dumped out her current life anxieties on me - parents, grades, ex bf, etc. Put her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her and said reassuring things.

    We went back inside, both horny now, and danced. Grinded actually. She kissed me first. We went in to the hallway and made out against the wall for a little bit. We decided to go back to her dorm because I had a roommate and she didn't. We got into her dorm and were all over each other. We made out more standing up and undressing each other. I massaged her between her thighs and she stroked my cock through my boxers. I looked at the minnie mouse bedsheets on her bed and thought damn, am I really going to get busy on that shit? And I did. I ate her out while she sat on my face on those sheets. I felt her body up while licking (I don't finger while eating pussy, I think it's cheating yo). I smacked her ass and straddled her waist against me. She was shaved bare, it was like annihilation mode down there. At some point I switched it up from sides to side to ups and downs and moved my mouth up to her clit. She pushed me further between her thighs and made some noise and bucked her thighs around my head. I could not hear shit. Ever have an 18 year-old girl's thighs fucking suffocating your head? Well it's both hot and m****rous. I felt some prickles coming in and kept licking. During the actual "height" of things he sort of twisted upward enough for me to mostly tongue her skin. Also I could not hear shit. Her thighs were blocking out everything. The neighbors were probably getting an audio porn show though.

    Afterwards, I banged her raw. Because I hated, still hate condoms. HAd even made a resolution to not use one in my last year as a teenager. I had to convince her a little though. Told her how special she was, how she made me feel around her, etc...then that I had no condom. She was okay with it because she was on the pill. So while steadily sexing her we hear this buzzing noise on the sheets. It's my phone and I knew who it was. If you guessed Kat, you are correct. But I was kind of busy. So I kept at it and had to really speed things up because Megan was obviously distracted. It turned in to me fucking her pretty rough. I just went with it though. I told her to look at me and she did. I concentrated on her face until my phone stopped buzzing. Her eyes shut and she moaned again and again. I don't think she'd ever taken a dick like this (she also winced occasionally). At some point she was saying yes a lot. So I asked if I could cum inside her and she said yes again. In hindsight, who knows if she was answering my question! I did nut inside her though. After we were done she seemed a little nervous and ran to the bathroom. I lay there with my dick drying, feeling awkward, and decided to call Kat back. Talked to her in the hallway. She was completely wasted, at her friend Renata's party. She had been hit on by this neckbeard-y dude we both knew and was feeling lonely and wanted me. I tried coming up with an excuse but she pulled out some emotional blackmail. And I also started to think, welp, guess I'm getting laid twice tonight! So I went back to Megan's room and got dressed. She was standing there in just her underwear looking pissed off. Still flushed like she'd looked after I went down on her, but in a different way obvi. She tried confronting me about what was going on and was I seeing somebody. I sort of brushed it aside and told her sorry, we'd hang out again, just text me. I left.

    I texted my buddy Dirk whose party we were at while walking over. Told him I was getting laid twice that night. Arrived at Nata's apartment at like 2 AM. Most people had cleared out, including creepy neckbeard. Kat was in a good mood, thank fuck. She was moody and bi-polar and this was part of the shitshow nature of our relationship. We kissed (I'd rinsed out my mouth) and cuddled while watching one of the transformers movies with Nata and her BF. Then everybody was gone and Nata and BF went to bed. Kat and I pulled out the couch bed and got busy. First rolled around and kissed. Then I went down on her. Eating pussy twice in like two hours isn't as grueling as I thought it would be - I'd done it twice in a day before I think. I was more romantic with Kat. She was hairier than Megan. I got her to a certain point and she stopped me and surprised me by going down on ME. I don't even like BJs and she knew this. And this was where it went to shit.

    She pulled away and was like, "Dennis , what is that taste?" I told her I had no idea what she was talking about and was going to ask why she was blowing me anyway when I realized Oooooooohhhhh shit. She sucked me for a few more seconds and pulled away again, covered her mouth and looked ill. She said oh my god and ran to the bathroom. I listened to the sounds of her overdramatically hacking up dried vaginal juice in the sink. She ran back to the room and wanted to beat the shit out of me. She pushed me over and slapped me and whisper-screamed at me all the abuse: I was pathetic, I was sick, I needed help, this was the last time I would cheat on her, she hoped I died. Sat on the edge of the bed and cried. I tried touching her shoulder and she pushed me away. I was thinking it was over for the night.

    But she surprised me again. She sat up straight like she was making the biggest decision of her life. The climbed on top of me and massaged me back to full mast. And guided me in to her and hate fucked me cowgirl style. It was dark and I didn't want to look at her face in case she was still crying ..(continue confession)

  • Getting Your Pussy Massaged

    I like having my pussy massaged. The first time I got a pussy massage was when I lived with my parents in Thailand and our maid massaged me. I got hooked, and I was 12. When we moved back home I had to auto massage. But now I'm 21, I have a neighbor lady, a nice older hairdresser woman I taught how to massage my pussy. Hint, it is a no penetration experience. She likes it, touching my pussy, and I like getting a massage, we both win. Hint number 2, no men need apply, it's a woman only thing.

    Kinky Kayakers.

    My old man and me live on a farm in the in the country. We bought the place after we retired from teaching about 15 years ago when we were in our early 50s. We enjoyed a laid back lifestyle in the country and we especially enjoyed skinny-dipping in the river bordering our property. We had cleared off the brush and built a small deck on the bank of the river.

    From time to time we'd be surprised by a canoe or a kayak coming down the river as we were swimming or tanning nude on the deck, but not that often. Actually I think the other people were more surprised to run across naked people on the riverbank...LOL.

    We would often wave and say "hello" and most people just waved and kept right on going, sometime they would stop and chat for a few minutes. We really did not mind as long as they were cool. Sometimes a couple would stop and chat and ask us about how far it was down to the bridge, or tell us what a great spot we had. We never tried to hide or cover up, in fact often we made sure they got a good look. I'm sure it made several people's river trip something to remember.

    We had one couple in kayaks about 40 years old stop and chat . They were tanned and athletic and after talking for a while they asked if they could have their lunch on the deck. We told them it wasn't a problem. They hauled their kayaks out on the beach and we all introduced ourselves. We found out that Bob and Trisha were teachers also and they loved kayaking, camping and such.

    We all sat around on the dock as they started having lunch, Trisha surprisingly pulled her tank top over her head exposing her beautiful perky breasts and said she was dying to find a spot to work on her tan. We assured her this was the best place on the river and she agreed. Trisha was a slim ginger haired lady with a great figure. They told us that they had passed our spot several times that spring and wondered who owned it. They hung around a while and had a couple of beers with us and then finally stripped down and we all went into the water together. Later they said they really should he going because it was still a long way to their SUV.

    Mike, my old man said that if we hauled the kayaks up to the house and put them in our truck it was only about a 15 minute drive to their take out at the bridge. They agreed as we went up the trail that asked how we felt about letting them camp by our deck on the creek sometime. Mike told them we'd had problems with folks stopping and trashing the creekbank. Aa we loaded their gear in our truck, Mike mentioned that we had a big outdoor shower and they were welcome to catch a quick shower before heading out. Trisha said she was dying to take a shower after lugging all the gear up the trail.

    Before long we were all in the shower together, after we got all soaped up Trisha got a good look at mikes hard cock. "Oh My God," she laughed " You're one lucky lady" she told me. Mike was 55 years old and his 7" fat cock was as big as ever and fully on display. She reached down and started to stroke his hard cock. "Honey, feel how big this cock is" she told Bob, who did not hesitate to grab Mikes hard cock. Now both of them took turns stroking Mikes hard cock until his knees buckled and he shot a load of cum on Trisha's belly. She wiped it on her fingers and slipped them into Bob's mouth and he did not object. Found out later that they were a bi couple .

    We dried off and got dressed and as they were getting ready to go, Mike gave them our phone # and said to call if they wanted to go camping. They said they couldn't wait for the next free weekend. They wanted to know if they could bring along a Gf of theirs. We all hugged and they climbed into Mike's truck and off they went.

    Yes they came back over several times that summer and yes, they had another woman who loved to party.

  • Loves Getting Pussy Licked

    I’ve confessed on here before about how I love getting my pussy licked. Well, I still love it just as much if not more then ever before and that’s saying something! My fuck buddy is now called my pussy licker as well. God he’s so good at it! I love how he flicks my clit with his tongue right before he devours me. He sucks, licks, flicks and even enters me with his tongue. Oh my god!!! It makes me scream out in pleasure! Mmmmmmmmmm! God! I let him do it for hours! I don’t get it every day due to his schedule but I get it quite often and when I do it’s for a really long time. Mmmmmm! Just how I like it! He makes soooo many different circular motions on my clit and hole that I scream! You have no idea how fucking incredible it feels. He eats me out soooo fucking good! I have many orgasms and I moan and scream during each and every one. I also moan so fucking loud when he is devouring me and eating and licking every inch of my pussy! Up and down and back and forth and in and out. He completely licks me clean each and every time. It makes my pussy happy and it makes it feel incredible. Glad I’m not going crazy not getting it licked like I was before. Uggghhh! That was rough! My pussy was begging fora mans tongue to devour it and lick it every day and it was throbbing because it needed to feel that badly! I’m soooo glad I have someone now who will do that to me. If he can’t anymore then I will hopefully be able to find someone else to do it because I won’t be able to go without. I have GOT to have my pussy licked often or I’m not happy and my pussy throbs with the need of that feeling. I give him plenty of pleasure in return as well. He gets a good dick sucking each time as well. He had been needing that badly as well so I was glad to be able to give it to him as well as every time he licks me. He doesn’t make me do it but he needs pleasure too so I always take his dick and suck until he cums. I can take it deep too. We do a lot of fucking as well but a lot of times it’s just him licking me out and me sucking him. As long as I will always be able to get my pussy licked as often as possible then my life will be amazing. I pray I have no more dry spells like before. I can’t wait until tomorrow to get another good pussy licking and whatever else will happen. Going 3 days without has been enough for me lol, I’m definitely ready!

    I Don't Know Why So Many Women Reject The Facts Of Life

    Let's face it, strong rich older dominant men melt your pussy. I can't explain it, but it happens. My boss can melt my pussy just by talking to me.

    Sexy Birthday Gift For My Boyfriend

    I live with my bf and it was his birthday. After he left for work I texted him what he'd like as a g*ft. He jokingly said, "You, playing the piano, naked."

    I don't know where he gets these weird ideas from. But I decided to do it anyway.

    Before he returned, I undressed and left the doors unlocked. When I heard his footsteps, I started playing very loudly so that I was audible at the entrance. I thought he said something but I couldn't hear him and continued playing.

    When he entered the room, I was surprised to see he had company. I tried to cover myself but soon was playing again in front of them. He and his friends all had huge smiles on their faces after seeing me with my tits out.

    Later he gave me a very intense pounding and I let him fill me up like a cream roll.

    Wholesome memory.

    I Like It With My Coffee

    As I have said like twice on here I love to put some of my cream after I get done feeling myself into my morning coffee because it gives it a unique kinda hot feeling taste to it ;) I have a special spoon “I know its kinda morbid but I leave that one with my toys” to use to collect my juices up and I will stir a few spoon fulls of it in my coffee before I go to class sometimes. I’m starting to get into the fall mood so my pumpkin spice or hazelnut with the taste of my ejaculate tastes good

  • My Kinky Side

    I went into a Adult store yesterday and bought myself to vibrating panties to play around with and when I went into my college class I turned them on and I had 3 orgasm next to like 200 people