For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.

New Swimsuit

So my husband bought me a very cute WickedWeasel bare vision cyan one piece swimsuit, I have never seen these before, but it's sooo cute.

It's thin, cyan, and very much a thong. My husband and I wanted to goto the beach and he wanted me to wear the new swimsuit. You know, in-doors I'm not shy, but out-doors well I get a little shy, i'm a little thicker, large breasts and I have some self confidence issues when it comes to wearing tiny swimsuits. But I agree I throw on the swimsuit and a pair of white denim short shorts, we pack up and go.

We get to the beach and setup our little spot, and I take the shorts off and it felt like every guy out there was looking at my ass. well that's what I thought being bare assed on the beach.

So my husband and I get playful, and go walking along the beach and splashing each other and laughing it up. We swim for a bit and start to walk back to our spot to get a drink.

As we are walking back, guys are staring me down like crazy, like not even hiding they are looking at me. I asked my husband, why are they staring so hardcore at me - us?

He said, Clara, check out your swimsuit, I look down at it, and this motherfucker is sheer as fuck! You could make out my pussy, my tits with no issue at all. This thing is absolutely sheer when wet, but not when dry.

I blushed big time, and start to jog back to our spot to get my shorts at least and he slaps my ass and says, that's right, those guys were staring at your beautiful body.

It was embarrassing, sexy and hot all at the same time. Luckily it dries pretty quick and after about 20-30 mins everything was ok, and I just didn't get it wet again. We had a pretty good day at the beach and a few guys got a heck of a show.

  • Gang Bang

    A friend of a friend has a girlfriend that apparently loves sex and cannot get enough. He organized a gang bang for her and I got invited to join.

    The day of the gang bang came. I planned to work until 2:30 and go over to the hotel for 3:30. I got there around 4:00 to hear an unmistakable voice. The woman getting gang banged was my ex wife. When I walked in, she was on all fours, a dick in her mouth and one in her pussy. There were eight other guys in the room!!! She was obviously busy, so she didn’t notice me. I just watched as the woman I took vows with was getting this.

    At some point she noticed me and I took my position behind her. I fucked her like the slut she was and came all over her back. The look of humiliation on her face and her body covered in cum made for a very fun day!

    A One Night Stand When I Was Young And Desirable

    One night. I was a table waitress in a downtown bar, mostly beer. It got late and this one customer hung around while I cleaned off the tables and swept the floor. I asked him to move to the bar, he told me he liked watching me sweep, made him feel like I was a woman the way my hips and tits moved. You are supposed to be insulted but I liked how my tits moved, my favourite body parts.

    I told him we closed at midnight. I saw his hand move and jumped. 'Don't swat my ass!'. Grabbed and pulled to him, I felt his hand move down the small of my back and grab my ass. I caught myself before telling him to let loose, and let him kiss me. I lived a few blocks from the bar, and woke up after a night of sex. I wanted him to leave so I could get a bath and get dressed.

    When I felt lonely I stood in the mirror, and held my boobs in my hands wishing he was there with me.

  • I Never Thought I Would Be One Of Those Girls,

    I was at a lunch with my boss set up by our bankers. During the introductions the question went around the table, 'what school did you go to?' Realizing they had overlooked me the head of the table asked me 'did you go to school, honey?'

    Suck it up. Answer truthfully, I went to a private Tennessee college. Be a bitch about it. How about snarky, I don't need school, I get what I need between my legs. But my boss beat me to the punch, 'Linda's our strategy Director'. No reference to school.

    It was a very different week. Things had been terrible, we had lost a huge client and I was responsible. I had to 'hitch up my big girl panties' and go to my boss about it. My boss listened. I told him I would do anything for him not to fire me. I saw in his eyes a look that had never been there before.

    Later that day he told me, never apologize that way, 'it's the pleading of women, girls really, not executive material. It's not the school that makes you, it's the character'. I half expected him to tell me, 'get on your knees and show me'. Unfortunately I would have, anything for him not to be disappointed with me. I walked out of the meeting wet in the panties.

    I was not able to get the customer back, I didn't get fired. I slept with my boss instead, I did the girl thing to ingratiate myself. He has me where he wants me, and I get wet when he holds me.

    If Asked In A Deposition I Would Have To Confess That I Kiss Girls

    When we were 14 and 15 our Mom had a nurse waiting when we got home from school. She was all technical, condoms, lubricants, dildos, BC p!lls. We got a biology lesson, fertilization, zygotes, male arousal, erections, single mindedness of purpose. Vaginas, wetness, self lubricating arousal, submittal to mating and being impregnated.

    When her prepared remarks were over she asked if we had any questions. My sister, the older of the two, asked her what about being with another girl? My mother answered, what are you talking about? My sister said at school everyone knew that you can't get pregnant if you make love with another girl.

    My mother to thus day pinches her verbally, so you kiss her on the lips, do you? Yes ma'am, which lips? she would answer. My sister could not tell my mother that the girl thing was one time playing spin the bottle. But the reputation never left her. As for me I kissed a girl, at our senior Prom night. Dared to do it, I held her cheeks and kissed her. My kiss was more intentional, but my sister still claimed her was better.

    All grown up and older we decided to kiss a girl. Finding a girl that wanted to kiss wasn't easy. But successful hunting led to a nighttime of kissing. Not all kissing was smooching, some kissing was in a place prohibited. We never told my mother that we kiss girls. It's a lot more fun than she can imagine. men of course have their place, but not as much fun, really.

  • The Search For A Leak Resulted In A Gusher

    For the past two months our water bill was 2-3 times the norm. After the first bill we assumed we just used a lot more water doing dishes and laundry. After the second month in a row we contacted the water company. They asked us several questions and sent someone to check the meter for leaks and defects. They didn't find anything. My husband called a leak detection company who was able to come the next day. I was able to work from home so I waited for Kris.

    He showed up on time and I was so happy I was able to wait for him. He must have been 6'0" to my 5'4" and simply gorgeous, very fit and tanned from working outdoors in the South Florida sun. After spending almost 2 hours checking everything inside and out he found the leak. It was small, but enough to cause the problem.

    He was sweating and I offered him a cold drink. I told him to sit at the kitchen table while I got him some lemonade. While he was drinking it I made out the check and just kept looking him over up & down. He must have noticed me looking him over and gave me a big smile. I handed him the check and held his hand several seconds. Once he packed up his equipment I thanked him and again shook his hand but this time I took his hand in mine and held it with both my hands. I asked him if he has to leave right away and began running one hand up his arm. He smiled again, said no and asked me what I had in mind.

    I honestly don't know how I did this since I never have done anything like it before, but I took off my top showing my braless tits with my nipples already rock hard. He just took control of the situation. Kissed me, sucked my tits and lifted my onto the table. He took his shirt off which revealed a body more impressive that I thought, but when he took his pants off showing me his huge cock and gasped and reached for it. I told him I wanted it and got to my knees and just swallowed him. He grabbed the back of my head and face fucked me while I fingered myself. I told him I wanted to feel him inside me. He lifted me up, bent me over the kitchen table and began to destroy my c**t. He fucked me harder than I ever been while he manhandled my tits, squeezing them and pinching my nipples. Within a matter of minutes I came so hard and gushed all over the kitchen floor, then he pulled out and shot several hot streams of cum all over my tits and some hit my mouth. He tasted delicious.

    We headed to the shower and he again made me cum with his tongue. We washed up, got dressed and he thanked me and left me his company business card with his phone number on it. He told me he's usually in my area on Tuesday & Thursday.

    I'm already planning on more work from home days.

    My Hardest Moment, My Biggest Dissapointment

    The short of it, he worked me out of my clothes leaving me in panties. My 'jugs' made him happy, and throughout he was hard and groping me. I fell off the couch, he ate me through my panties, before pulling them off and forcing his way between my legs and fucked me.

    I was just turned seventeen, about to start my senior year in high school. He was an old graduate, he was a senior when I was in the seventh grade and he already had his eye on me. While he was in college he left my older sister in charge, keeping me out of the high school dating pool. And then he was tired of waiting, and he came to my house that evening, my parents out, and you know what happened.

    I started the twelfth grade with that evening hanging over me, I was late a week when I had light spotting. Fear of being pregnant, overwhelmed by the fear of a miscarriage. I confided in my sister, a junior in college. She came home and took me to a doctor, in the town thirty miles from where we lived.

    Nature plays games, you are probably not pregnant, never were. My heart was broken, how was I going to face him, let him know he wasn't successful. My sister held me, you can always try again. Not pregnant was better, but it was the biggest let down of my life.

    I Masturbate On Mexican Restaurant Tables

    One night after a Mexican Restaurant closed I got on one of their outside dining tables, and played Mariachi Music from my car's radio, got naked and wore a sombrero and then laid down on the table and started masturbating.

    No one saw me because it was around 2 in the morning and I was horny and felt like masturbating on an outdoor Mexican Restaurant Table.

    I ended up cumming all over the table and left the restaurant to head home and sleep.

    I wonder if anyone had a side of cum sauce with their nachos?

    There She Blows.

    Quite sometime ago things were getting boring in the bedroom and I wanted to spice it up. We had talked about inviting a guy or girl to have a night of passion. But my wife would back out at the last moment. I got sick of waiting so I invited the neighbors daughter to stay over one night. Her parents were out of town and my wife had a night out with her girlfriends. As the night went on the girl and I were getting drunk. We both were also getting very horney. It was obvious that my dick was as hard as a rock and her tunnel was a wet and slippery as a ice skating rink. We both needed relief. So she grabbed hold of my sword and mounted me. Well it it just slipped straight in. The pressure was mounting and I finally blew my load inside her and as I pulled out she unloaded on the bed. We were both covered in juice as she squirted. We fell a sleep in all the mess. By lunchtime we had both regained our strength for another round. This time I didn't last as long. My rod was swelling up so I slabbed it inside her. I was ready to blow. this time I pulled out and tried to hold my dick down on her body. But I unloaded blowing it all the way up her body and onto her face and mouth. Just as we finished her sister appeared. She was looking a bit hot . She confessed she had been watching us and was looking forward in joining us tonight.

  • Pissing Leeads To Sex .

    I was out with my female cousin . I was 16 , she was 15 . We were on a walk . She told me she needed to pee . We were walking through a wood . I told her to pee if she needed to . She turned her back to me . Lifted her dress and dropped her panties . Crouching down to pee . I wanted to see her peeing . I walked in front of her , to watch . She never stopped , or told me not to look . When she had finished she stood . Holding her dress up with her teeth . Pulling her panties up . Showing her pussy . I told her i needed to pee . I dropped my shorts and stood peeing . Letting her see me peeing . Turned me on . I pulled up my shorts , and continued walking . She asked me if i had enjoyed watching her pee . I told her it was sexy . She told me , she had liked to see me pee . Seeing my penis . We stopped in a small clearing , sitting down to rest . She wanted me to show her my penis . I said ok , if you show me yours . She took off her panties , i took off my shorts . We touched each other . I got her to lay on her back . I wanted to taste her pussy , after she had peed . I got down to lick her . It tasted great . I gave her an orgasm . She told me to lay back . She lowered her pussy on to my penis . Riding me . Her dress was covering my penis and her pussy . It was sexy , not being able to see anything . Feeling her dress rubbing against me . She told me to let her know when i wanted to cum . She slid off me and turned round . With her butt to my face . Lowering her pussy , letting me lick it . Having her dress covering my head and face . Was nice . I licked her pussy . She wanked me , making me cum . That was just the first of many times that we had sex . I wanted to feel her pussy on my penis , when i was cumming . So i bought some condoms . We had sex in the woods . In her house , and in my house . I got her to ride me , on the grass . So she could piss on me . I even got her to kneel over me , pissing in my mouth .