For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.

I Masturbate On Mexican Restaurant Tables

One night after a Mexican Restaurant closed I got on one of their outside dining tables, and played Mariachi Music from my car's radio, got naked and wore a sombrero and then laid down on the table and started masturbating.

No one saw me because it was around 2 in the morning and I was horny and felt like masturbating on an outdoor Mexican Restaurant Table.

I ended up cumming all over the table and left the restaurant to head home and sleep.

I wonder if anyone had a side of cum sauce with their nachos?

  • There She Blows.

    Quite sometime ago things were getting boring in the bedroom and I wanted to spice it up. We had talked about inviting a guy or girl to have a night of passion. But my wife would back out at the last moment. I got sick of waiting so I invited the neighbors daughter to stay over one night. Her parents were out of town and my wife had a night out with her girlfriends. As the night went on the girl and I were getting drunk. We both were also getting very horney. It was obvious that my dick was as hard as a rock and her tunnel was a wet and slippery as a ice skating rink. We both needed relief. So she grabbed hold of my sword and mounted me. Well it it just slipped straight in. The pressure was mounting and I finally blew my load inside her and as I pulled out she unloaded on the bed. We were both covered in juice as she squirted. We fell a sleep in all the mess. By lunchtime we had both regained our strength for another round. This time I didn't last as long. My rod was swelling up so I slabbed it inside her. I was ready to blow. this time I pulled out and tried to hold my dick down on her body. But I unloaded blowing it all the way up her body and onto her face and mouth. Just as we finished her sister appeared. She was looking a bit hot . She confessed she had been watching us and was looking forward in joining us tonight.

    Pissing Leeads To Sex .

    I was out with my female cousin . I was 16 , she was 15 . We were on a walk . She told me she needed to pee . We were walking through a wood . I told her to pee if she needed to . She turned her back to me . Lifted her dress and dropped her panties . Crouching down to pee . I wanted to see her peeing . I walked in front of her , to watch . She never stopped , or told me not to look . When she had finished she stood . Holding her dress up with her teeth . Pulling her panties up . Showing her pussy . I told her i needed to pee . I dropped my shorts and stood peeing . Letting her see me peeing . Turned me on . I pulled up my shorts , and continued walking . She asked me if i had enjoyed watching her pee . I told her it was sexy . She told me , she had liked to see me pee . Seeing my penis . We stopped in a small clearing , sitting down to rest . She wanted me to show her my penis . I said ok , if you show me yours . She took off her panties , i took off my shorts . We touched each other . I got her to lay on her back . I wanted to taste her pussy , after she had peed . I got down to lick her . It tasted great . I gave her an orgasm . She told me to lay back . She lowered her pussy on to my penis . Riding me . Her dress was covering my penis and her pussy . It was sexy , not being able to see anything . Feeling her dress rubbing against me . She told me to let her know when i wanted to cum . She slid off me and turned round . With her butt to my face . Lowering her pussy , letting me lick it . Having her dress covering my head and face . Was nice . I licked her pussy . She wanked me , making me cum . That was just the first of many times that we had sex . I wanted to feel her pussy on my penis , when i was cumming . So i bought some condoms . We had sex in the woods . In her house , and in my house . I got her to ride me , on the grass . So she could piss on me . I even got her to kneel over me , pissing in my mouth .

  • Best Of Both

    I live in a two bedroom basement apartment in a small three bedroom bungalow. Fair size town roughly 40 minutes from a large city. Last year, my landlord bought another house closer to the city. He spent most of his free time last summer renovating the upstairs then finally rented it out to this nice couple in their late twenties. Being neighborly, I lent them a hand unpacking and getting their furniture situated properly. Kim works mainly from home and Dave commutes to the city. Last Friday, she text me early in the morn asking if I was any good with computers. Apparently her laptop froze. Told her to bring it down and I would have a look. Few minutes later she came down, dressed in only a very short, sheer white nightie which pretty much left little to my imagination. We were sitting next to each other talking while I was checking her out as well as her laptop. Got it up and running, told her what the problem is and just as I was shutting it down, she stood up and stretched which of course gave me a very close up look at her very pretty, shaved pussy (no panties on). Since she obviously had other things on her mind, I said to her that I absolutely love eating pussy which made her giggle and smile and we ended up on my couch in a hurry. She slipped out of her nightie, came right up to my face and I started licking, kissing, fingering then tongue fucking her. When my mouth clamped on to her swollen clit, and as my tongue was circling it, her whole body quivered, shook then she squirt her sweet love juice all over my face. Iv"e eaten my share of pussy but never one so damn hot and sweet as hers. I ate her twice more and was literally soaked in her nectar. After she settled down she gave me a very sensual blowjob, swallowed all my semen then had to get back upstairs to work. Just as she was leaving, I asked her if she and Dave have an open relationship and she told me that they are just very good friends and that he is totally gay. Then my mind went into overdrive. He is quite handsome with a very athletic body and I knew that I very much wanted and needed to get to know him much better. Yesterday, I did. I invited both of them down for coffee and fresh baked blueberry muffins. Kim had to head to her parents place but Dave said sure. Be right down.When he entered, I was sitting at my kitchen table horny as fuck thinking about how long it's been (roughly a year) since Iv"e sucked cock. Love sucking cock just as much as eating pussy. Told me he was going biking later so he was already dressed in these tight, black, form fitting biker shorts and a t shirt. He caught be ogling his bulge and right away asked if I liked what I saw. Told him to come closer and I'll show him. His crotch was only inches from my face and I slipped off his shorts and was greeted by a very beautiful specimen of maleness. Not even hard yet but oh my, is it big. Cut, clean shaven with big balls. I took him in my mouth and loved feeling him grow. Filled my mouth and then some. When he was fully erect he started to slowly face fuck me. My mind spun as he went faster and harder then I had the biggest load fill my mouth and right down my throat, ever. Not wanting to stop, I kept sucking until he was nice and hard again. Told him that this time I wanted him to squirt all over my face. Few minutes later, he pulled out and blew thick gobs of cum everywhere. Loved every second of it. Now of course, I have access to both of them. Am jerking off just thinking about fucking and sucking both of them in time. So fucking sweet.

    I Met This Girl Ten Years Ago, She Is Moved In To Live With Us

    My husband worked for a fairly large company. The corporate department alone was over four hundred. He spent a lot of time working for the Board and that included travel. I grew up and have never seen someone in a Tuxedo, and now I was attending parties with men in Tuxedos, my husband owned four. I wore expensive dresses, shoes and handbags, expensive j*welry. I had never seen money like my husband earned, bonus in the hundreds of thousands, his weekly salary more than I had earned in a year as secretary when I met him.

    I had two children and was another one of the housewives, with stints of volunteerism and fund raising. It was at one of these fundraiser that I met Alma, a small young woman who worked with a charity for the Hispanic American Women college initiatives. I don't know why I kissed her, and much less why she kissed back, but after the kiss there wasn't any way to take it back. I told my husband that night and he told me to cool it, don't talk to her again. But Alma wanted to talk to me, and I was too overwhelmed to say no to her.

    My husband told me to bring her home with me, and he would take care of her. He took her to the bedroom and after he was done with her he told me she was just about the best he had ever had, excepting me of course. Alma didn't flinch, she was just as affectionate back to him as she was to me. Alma became a real problem, she had sex with both of us, and she didn't mind being in the middle. It was something that rose from nowhere and now she was both our lover.

    We tried to break it off, well my husband told me to manage it. It went bad, it was bad, lots of crying and accusing. I had kissed her, so was I now telling her that she had to leave. And my husband had sex with her, to please me. And he had sex with her while she was having sex with me. She let him have sex with her to please me. It wasn't long before I felt threatened she would expose us. My husband's job and career, my reputation. I caved over and over, and in return Alma gave every ounce of herself to me.

    My husband wasn't so nice about it, he had dealt with troubling girls before. He offered her money, she didn't want money. He offered to make a large contribution to her charity, she didn't want money for her charity. Alma wanted one thing and one thing only, to be with me. We hired her to be my personal social secretary, the cover story for lesbian lovers. Living in our home with us, Alma was what seemed to be a hundred times over more affectionate and sexy. She got in bed beside me, that my husband was there and he might grab her didn't matter. When he did, she went on her back in a second, opening her legs for him. She gave back, grabbed onto him, how could this young girl be such a lesbian with me?

    She went to college, in town, a commuter. Five years later she had a Master's in Social Services. Five years later it was impossible to explain her, living with me and my husband, ever affectionate to me. There was no such thing as keeping her down, she clung to me, and to make me uncomfortable with my friends and family she rubbed her nose against my breast and said her love yous out loud. Her giving to my husband was often and complete, she called him Papi, and was always available to him.

    When my husband turned sixty, we had a large party. She was the most beautiful girl there, and there was no difficulty seeing her comfort and affection to us. Tongues had wagged for a long time by then, where did you find her? Can't believe you still have your little pet girl with you. Friends that were close to me wanted to know what making love to her was like, others wanted to know if my husband had sex with her in front of me. I kept my mouth shut mostly, but I had spilled the beans more than once to several women. The common answer was that if they had a girl like that living with them, they would become lesbian for her too.

    She is thirty two now, and she has her life working for her charity. With my husband's backing she raises significant money for college bills for girls from her neighborhood. The young innocent girl I met ten years ago is a woman now in all her glory, still beautiful, still giving, she is as 'hot' for him today as she was the day he first had her. Our sex, or lovemaking is so much cuddling and kissing, so much sleeping in my arms, she loves to be held and rocked and have her pretty lips kissed. I don't make love to her, not like my husband does, I'm more of her over loving mother.

  • Jenny Gives It Up

    My neighbor Jenny and I have been sleeping together since I moved in to the neighborhood. I bought a 3 bed 2 bath house in a nice quiet neighborhood. Jenny is a stay at home home here in a small suburb in Sacramento close to down town. Her husband works in the Bay Area and has long days but is around on the weekends. Jenny is a short thick brunette mom of 1 boy. She has a very cute face nice big tits a slim waste with the large ass I have ever seen a woman her size. She was very self conscious about it until we started to screw. She would always wear baggy clothes but has recently started to slutty it up for me. They her husband and her came over to introduce themselves the Saturday I moved in. He took a call mid through the introduction and I ended up talking with Jenny for a good amount of time. I gave her a tour of my house and I was really touchy with her. At one point I had my hand on her lower back and let my hand graze her back side. I was real forward letting her know I thought she was beautiful. I flat out told her I was lucky to move in area that had great eye candy. We flirted back and forth and I honestly thought I was going to get slapped. No she took the attention and ran with it. Within a half hour of talking we had set up a coffee date for Monday morning. Monday came she was dressed a little more relaxed in a fitted long shirt that covered her ass but was nice and tight showing her curvy figure. She had on grey leggings and I could see that when her shirt rode up a hit she was sporting a nice fat camel toe. We walked to a coffee shop about 3 blocks from the house. She admitted that all these little restaurants and shops near by that they never came down here so she felt safe being seen out with me since she didn’t really know anybody in the area. I made a move on her that morning and when we got back to my house she came in and for the next few hours I had her walking around modeling and letting me take pictures of her in bra and trying to completely naked master bating on my bed with a toy I had bought for my ex and never got to use before breaking up. We where resting in my bed after we had fucked senseless. I asked her about her past sexual experiences. She was open that her husband was only the second person to have sex with her. Her first time was an older guy in school he took her out fucked her and never called her again. She met her hubby a few years back and married had a kid and said then it went stale. They hardly ever have sex and she has to beg to get fucked. At one point she thought maybe he was having a fling. She also admitted that her ass was a virgin. Her husband never wanted to go back there. He would fuck her doggy but not in the rear. When I heard that I immediately started to eat her ass. She knew what she was doing. I spent the next few hours eating her from behind and playing with her ass. We even drove out to a strip club that has a sex store and went in and bought a few ass plugs that would stretch her out. When we went I had her wear a thin shirt with no bra and some black leggings with no panties. I played with her tits on the ride there getting her nice and wet and the minute we walked in the store all eyes where on her. Big nipples where clearly visible. With the clerk there was maybe 4 guys in there. They looked like they want to take her to a back room. We picked a few plugs and the guys in the store hovered like buzzards. Bought her 2 plugs and a rope with different sized balls to help stretch her out. The whole time I was playing with her nipples and they where out on display. We talked about going into the club but saved that for another date I wanted to get back home and play her her butt. For the next 2 days she was fucked more in 2 days then and she had been in 2 years. I finally got her ass loosened and bottomed out. When I did I bottomed out I kept my dick way up her ass. I was able to pull her up leaving my dick inside her ass I planted a big kiss on her. It was so hot that I didn’t last and blasted a load deep in ass. I work from home it’s been 2 years she has a family weekend typical mom on the weekends and during the week day she turns into my pet. I made friends with the bar tender where I hang out. Il bring Jenny in for lunch and let him fondle her tits for free drinks. No fucking but il have her pull her tit out for him and he plays with her nipple maybe suck the tit if no one is around. Il share her tit but her holes are mine. Il post more adventures that Jenny and i have had a little later.

    I Didn't Keep My Vow, I Gave In To Temptation

    In high school I bought into the save yourself till marriage thing. I was seventeen and I was sure that I would be married sometime soon. But time went by, I finished college, I worked and one day I got a five year pin. A lot of time had passed since I had taken this vow.

    I sat in my apartment one night just sitting and thinking about nothing. I started to look through my window, across from me the window blinds were open, the light in the room was turned off but not the one in hall. I could see a man on a woman, I knew the woman only by sight, He was doing his thing on her, and in my mind I could hear her asking for more. I found myself with my hand between my legs and I did my very best to time it so I came when he got off her.

    I sat with my legs open, my skirt up around my waist, the night sky and the moonlight. I fell asleep dreaming of that woman and that man, only I was the woman and the man was the man who kept up the landscaping. I came all of a sudden, I woke up. I was terribly wet and I had used my fingers as far inside as I could, my thumb on my clitoris.

    It was a vision, a message, all along I had been looking for love with men in the office, and all along I should have been looking for love with the maintenance man. I got up from my seat, without panties, I went outside and down to the pool. I got down in crouch and could see my reflection in the pool. I opened and closed my legs. I felt a man's hands on my shoulders, pushing me and I almost fell into the pool, but he caught me. He asked me what I was doing.

    We said a few things and he asked me if I was the girl in that apartment, pointing to my apartment, dawning on me that the lights from the kitchen illuminated the sofa. We saw you, he said, are you lonely. I froze, it was the man with the woman. He offered to escort me back to my apartment. Why I asked him is the mystery, I did. I sat on the couch and opened my legs and he got on his knees and ate me, I was beyond caring and spoke out loud, and made out loud noises, I asked him to fuck me.

    His penetration was swift and daring. He was rough and controlled. He went on and on and on. He moved me around so I was sideways to the window. I sucked him. He had me get on my knees on the easy chair and rest my arms on the back. He got behind me and he went on and on and on. Then he grabbed me in a vicelike hold, and pushed my head down into the chair cushion and from behind he fucked me, put this time he was on a mission and a little time later he came, and pulled out and asked me to suck him.

    When I got down on my knees he waved to the window. I looked and saw the woman standing there in her window, naked to the night watching. I pulled my hair back in my hand and went about sucking him. He left after a few minutes and I stayed in my living room watching the naked woman in the window. I took the rest of my clothes off and went to my window and stood there, until he walked in and waved at me. Then he took her by the hand into the bedroom, the blinds were closed and I went to my room to play with my dildo.

    Age Stopped At 30 For Me

    I been wanking off a long time and sometimes I feel bad for wanting more then self sex. Sometimes I want that glitter spunk eye to eye with a crush and feel hormone high xtc of orgasm with a real love , and its something I have never had and long for. I get sick of fucking my pillow loudly after work and college after a rough day I am so horny and ready to fuck. As if I would have known where the local glory hole was or brothel. I have sometimes thought about working in a glory hole. But I hope that protection is a must and std certificate check a must as well.

    It was a fantasy of mine for a while in youth but now I am not so sure. Occasionally I watch it. But much more timid now. I lost my virginity late so it was a disaster as often goes when your not loved right for you. Communication is key to good sex and I feel like I have been lying to everyone and faking a hate for every man I didn't have sex with that I wanted to. And its only a hand full of men. But it hurts to have to be mean to them for their protection.

    Then there are the ones who you never wanted sex with at your bits all the time. That is what turns me off sex a lot of the time. No wonder a lot of people give up on sex.

    My Wife Riding Me

    I like it when my wife rides my cock , to make m cum . She always faces me and rubs her pussy . Going slow on me . Just not making me cum . When she has an orgasm , she fucks me hard . I can feel her orgasm contractions on my cock . I want her to piss on me , when she is riding me . I am scared to ask her .

  • I Don't Know What Just Happened...

    I was feeling very horny after a long time of not touching myself. I have zero privacy at home so I waited till midnight when I laid on the floor in our unused room in the dark and started masturbating. I used a small bullet vibrator and a hairbrush as a dildo. It felt fucking good and I was close when I had the sensation of wanting to pee but I didn't have to. I've been wanting to squirt for a long time but always failed to do it and I thought I was able to do it this time so I kept going. And then I did. Or so I believe...

    A lot of liquid came out of me and the floor got all wet and it was coming out of me like a waterfall but it smell a little bit like pee so that is why I am very confused. It felt good which makes me believe I actually did it but the smell makes me think I just peed myself.

    I was proud in the moment but now I don't know how to feel about it.

    Can anyone tell me if I did or did I just found out there is something wrong with me.