For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.

Finally Got Licked And Ate Out

I am here to confess that I finally got my pussy licked after not getting it for almost 3 months. That’s a long time for me! Too long! My ex bf used to lick me daily but after we broke up I wasn’t getting it anymore. It drove me crazy! My most favorite thing ever was getting my pussy ate out and licked all over. I love getting fucked but I have to have my pussy licked first. If we don’t have time for both then just a good pussy licking will do. My pussy was begging for attention for those long 2 and a half months. I would masturbate all the time but I needed a tongue on it. I couldn’t take it anymore and finally got back in touch with an old fuck buddy that I had before my ex. He actually was glad to hear from me and said he hadn’t been sexually active in almost a year. I said my pussy really needed to be licked and he said he would be glad to do that! Ahhhhh!! I was finally gonna get my pussy licked again! I just had to wait until the next night and I wasn’t sure if I could but I managed. He came over to my place and I immediately stated making out and groping him. He instantly became hard. I led him to my bedroom and ripped off my clothes and laid on the bed and aimed my pussy towards him. I said that it’s horny and needing attention badly. He ripped his clothes off. He still looked good. He started caressing my nipples first and rubbed my clit! Ohhhh! That felt good! He teased me with his tongue a little and I couldn’t wait until he really got started. He finally dove in and started going to town on my pussy. He devoured it and made circular motions all over my clit and around my hole. OMG!!! It felt so damn incredible! I had been needing this for such a long time! I was FINALLY feeling some pleasure from a mans tongue again. He went at for a long time. The longer the better for me. I never get tired of it and could just lay there for hours and hours getting ate out if I could. I moaned out in pleasure several times. Loud moans! God I loved it! I was in absolute heaven! I did not want it to end. I just wanted him to keep going and going. I could have laid there all night long with him just devouring and eating me out. He went up and down and flicked my clit and went around and stuck fingers and his tongue inside me and then more licking and eating out. I moaned so loud.! I can absolutely scream from pleasure from getting licked out. I could wake up a whole neighborhood with my moaning. I don’t care though! It felt so ducking good. Absolutely pure bliss! My pussy was happy again. It had been aching for a man. God!! I knew I was getting close to orgasm but I still didn’t want it to be over quite yet. I was enjoying it soooo much and it felt too damn amazing to be done yet. I wanted to feel that all night. I also knew I needed to cum very badly. My pussy started pulsating as I got close to an orgasm and then in happened. A few more loud moans. OMG!! One of the best orgasms of my life and I came so hard! God I needed that! And I never knew how much I had been needing it until after I was done. I felt relieved and satisfied it had been awhile since I had came so it was a huge relief! I had to regain my composure and then said it was his turn and he said that tonight was just for me and he wanted me to feel as much pleasure as possible. I was took by surprise because I knew it had been awhile since he had gotten any . He said he would be back for more the next night! Wow!! I’ve never had anyone just lick my pussy with nothing in return and it had never happened with him. I was pretty satisfied with how much pleasure he gave me and my pussy sure felt good! Stay tuned to hear how the next night goes! I’m just so happy that I finally got it licked again and got to cum! Don’t think I can go that long again because it was torture and I thought I was going to die haha. I love a good pussy licking and I sure as hell got one and I hope he does it more the next night and that we do even more then that! I’m excited!

  • Flashing The Manual Laborers In Delhi

    I've always liked attracting the boys in my college and would often turn them down at my whim. I don't remember when this habit started but throughout the years, I became quite good at seducing men. Also, this is me bragging but, my looks and figure help a lot. I dress skimpily most of the time to get as many stares as possible and I love it. But, over time, I was beginning to get bored of it.
    One day, I was walking from college to a bus stand and I was wearing a mini skirt which showed my long and slender thighs. Because the lockdown had just ended recently, the whole street was empty, except for a few manual laborers who were busy fixing the sidewalk.
    In India, the construction work is most often assigned to unemployed men who traveled from slums or villages to get jobs. Sometimes, even the women in their families would join in on the work. I do feel bad that they have to work in such scorching heat but their catcalls and whistles toward women were very annoying.
    As I was walking along the sidewalk, they started to notice me and my naked legs. This wasn't the kind of attention I was looking for. The bus stand was on the other side of the road and increased my pace.
    To my dismay, all of a sudden, a strong gust of wind blew my skirt up and revealed my panties to them. They saw this as a chance to start hooting and whistling at me while making comments about my panties and telling me to "come over here".
    Embarrassed, I held my skirt down and quickly crossed the road, and sat down in the bus stand. They had stopped working and were still looking at me. I kept my legs tightly together because I was facing them directly.
    Suddenly, a naughty idea occurred to me. I noticed that my bus was waiting at the red light a few blocks away and would be here in a few moments. I grabbed my panties from under the skirt and slowly slid them down my thighs all the while staring at them. They slowly stood up, eyes fixed on me. I place the panties on the seat beside me.
    As soon as the bus started to move, I opened my legs, showing my shaved pussy to those men. They dropped their tools and started crossing the road but the bus arrived before them. I closed my legs and climbed the bus. It seems the conductor saw what I was doing as evident from his wide-eyed stare. I quickly sat on a seat with the window facing the bus stand and looked outside. They were standing there, one of them holding my panties and bringing them to his nose as the bus started. My hand slowly moved to my bare pussy as they disappear in the distance.

    I Got Off To Two Guys Making Out

    I picked up an assignment for a legal office to catch up on filing. They put me in an office which faced the back of the building next door. I was filing and I saw these two guys come out of a door onto the roof and start kissing. I watched, first they kissed and then one of them got down to give the other one a blowjob. Then they kissed some more and went back inside.

    I had jerked myself in my pants and had a large wet spot.

  • The Pheromones

    Went hiking today with a few friends, two couples I myself am still single but super attracted to the one woman. She's much older than me but she's fucking gorgeous and I've done a few dirty things to her knickers, pillow cases etc in the past. I'm normally quite level headed but when I'm around her and horny my mind goes wild. Today she snuck off behind some bushes to go pee and I took note of the general direction. A good few minutes later I excused myself to use the facilities and tried to find the exact spot where she urinated... I did.. A sweet little wet patch on the ground that was still steaming without thinking I knealt down on all fours and gave it a huge whiff inhaling all her salty goodness.. Fuck I was so turned on. I then proceeded to lap up the small trickle of piss that was present on some leaf matter and the taste filled my mouth. At this point my cock was so swollen. I was tasting the inside of her this sexy warm fluid that moments before came streaming from her beautiful vagina. It was so primal and raw. I kept that taste in my mouth all day and I wish I could taste it again soon. When I was done with my tasting session I did the Alpha thing and urinated on top of her piss to send home the message that she is mine..

    Guy Friend Licked Me While My Girl Bestie Was Sleeping Next To Me

    After a party my guy friend came to drop me and my girl bestfriend in our room . My girl bestie (let's call her , Cam) . Cam was drunk and she fell asleep on the bed. I was laying next to her as I was feeling super tired as well. My guy friend said he would stay for a bit before he left as he was tired too. So he laid down next to me , on my right. Cam was fast asleep. Next thing I know , my guy friend and I started kissing , he slid his hand under my top, fondled my boobs , sucked them. Then slid his hands under my pants and started to rub my clit and inserted his finger inside me.. at the same time kidding my neck. I was trying not to moan loudly and my girl bestfriend was asleep right next to me. Then he went down on me.. sucked my clit and stroked my clit with his tongue.. he was so consistent and went on for so long . I spread my legs wide open now and pressed his head against my pussyy.. and tried f**king his tongue.. srsly this is the best thing ever!! Then I moved my hips to adjust so he hits the right spots.. this went on for so long and finally I came with an explosion of an orgasm in silence my body Shaking !!All the while MY FRIEND WAS SLEEPING NEXT TO ME HAD NO IDEA!! He didn't stop after I orgamsd.. he was so controlling I had to literally beg him in silence to stop.. he kissed my inner thighs and finally stopped.. I went to sleep.. and he left home.. ! I haven't told anyone about this . Especially my friend haha. And I had a similar encounter with this guy friend, but this time around we were alone in a room with no one else! We went FULL ONNNNN! And loud moans and face sitting!!! I just love it when a guy goes down on me!!! I'll let anyone if they're good at it!!!

  • A Hoodie And Socks

    So I'm friends with this incredibly beautiful older woman, about 37, her and I are quite close and talk about most things openly. She has been married for just over 3 years now relatively happily. Anyway her husband is out on a job for this week and I am too but much much further away. We were texting last night as we always do and I asked her if it was cold where she was. Her response was that she is wearing a hoodie and socks so it is a bit chilly.
    I should now mention that we've always been a little flirty with each other but it's stayed as just that I think more out of fear for her marriage and respect for her husband, a good friend of mine too. I closed my phone to go make some food and when I got back I saw she had sent me a picture. I opened it.
    It was her, wearing a hoodie and socks like she said, only she was lying on her bed with her legs in the air and her beautifully wet, pink pussy staring back at me via a mirror that they have in their bedroom. I thought she had sent it to the wrong person and asked as much. She assured me that she didn't and I needed to "come home and see for myself"

    So I'm on a bus right now horny as fuck thinking about fucking my super sexy "big sister"

    I Always Want To Be Touched Or Touch Myself

    I take testosterone and it makes me soooo horny, I want to get a fuck machine soon so I can use it till I can’t take it anymore.

    J have this app Grindr and whisper that I go on to help fill my holes and sometimes I get invited to parties and get gangbanged.

    As I’m writing this I’m watching porn and slowly moving my hips up and Down on my 8 inch dildo.

    Whenever I’m with my guy friends it always ends in us fucking or a blowjob and I’m actually happy about it because their girlfriends don’t know I’m a transman so they can’t tell that their boys are fucking me roughly when we hangout.

    My friend installed a portable fuck machine that can hide away nicely that I got to try last week on our “boys weekend retreat” I squirted on the window and fucked my ass while I jerked him off and sucked his cock until he couldn’t take it anymore and pulled over and fucked me and came inside my ass. I fell asleep in the car with no pants on and woke up to his dad eating my pussy and fingering me, I loved feeling his tongue on my clit and his long thick fingers deep inside me making me get closer and closer to cumming, I got on the edge of the car seat and spread my legs wide open and rubbed my clot while he unbuckled his pants and pulled out his 7inch cock. Me and his dad fucked for 20 mins till he came deep inside my pussy.

    Me and the boys went to a bar then later the air bnb and I was eating a fine hot lady with a juicy pussy when 4 of my friends came up and 2 put their cocks in my ass and pussy and the other 2 started fucking the girl from the bar, she got fucked so good that they sent her in a cab home with her legs shaking.

    I sometimes go on my balcony at night and ride my dildo or use my vibrator on myself while I watch porn and take some vids and pics for my Snapchat. If you want add me it’s me.again720

    In high school we had a trans bathroom that had a lock and key that I would use to either fuck other transmen or girls or get fucked by guys at the school. My friend made me wear silent vibrating panties on a school field trip to the movie and while we sat at the way back he turned it on medium and I came so much, I asked to use the bathroom and so did my friend and we had a quickie in the movie theatre bathroom.

    Love Getting Licked Out

    Me and my boyfriend recently broke up. He was too busy with work and always out of town so we couldn’t make it work. I miss having a companion. Most importantly, I miss getting my pussy licked. I love getting my pussy licked and ate out so much that I can’t stand it. That is one thing he was good at. I loved when he would eat me out and devour my pussy with his mouth and tongue. I was in heaven and it felt soooooooooo good!!! God it felt incredible and blissful. I would moan out in pleasure so much. I would moan out soooo loud. Waves of pleasure would just come over me and I would moan louder as he devoured my pussy and licked and flicked my clit with his tongue. That is probably one of the main reasons I did stay with him because I knew when he got home he would always eat my pussy out. He actually liked and wanted to do it. So I guess you can say that I was pretty much just using him to get my pussy licked and wanted him to pleasure me. He would make circular motions all over my clit and I loved it!! I always had the best orgasms. They were so good!!! The sex wasn’t bad but I enjoyed the pussy licking he gave me more then anything. I’ve always loved getting ate out ever since the first time it happened to me. I never knew there could be something that felt so good when I first felt it and I was in total bliss. I would give anything in the world to feel a tongue and mouth all over my pussy right now. I would even pay someone to do it if I had to. That’s how bad I want and need it licked out. I’m extremely horny right now and could really use that. I would honestly let anybody do it. If someone offered to lick me and eat me out I would jump at the chance. It’s been almost two months now. My poor pussy!! It needs to be licked soooooo very badly. I’m just sitting here dreaming of the feeling of getting ate out and my pussy pulsating before I cum. God I want that soooo bad right now. Any pussy licking would be so amazing right now.. Mmmmmmm! God! I want it now!!! I really wish someone could help me with this. I’m soooooo horny and need my pussy ate out so so very badly!!! I’m going crazy. I can’t keep my hands off it. If only it were a mouth and tongue then I would be in heaven.

    Oh My God

    I’ve had to isolate for the last two weeks and I haven’t had cock in so long it’s all come down to this.. legs spread, laptop in front of me, watching porn, with a courgette in my pussy.. I fucked myself with a carrot but it wasn’t thick enough.. the courgette is stretching me so wide it hurts but it’s so erotic I’m struggling not to cum.. I won’t cum until the whole length is inside me and then I’ll rub my clit so fast.. it won’t take long just one rub.. my pussy is clenching around the courgette at just the thought, it’s squeezing so tightly I don’t know how long I can last I’m so fucking horny

  • Pussy Is A Delicacy, Better Than Oysters Or Caviar

    Growing up was a girl next door in my same grade. We rode the bus to school together, and most afternoons we did our homework together at our kitchen table before we could have snack. We watched tv, or played outside. One day it was raining and we were in my room and she asked me if I had seen the inside of my pipi. No I hadn't, so she lowered her panties, got on her knees, bent down and used her fingers to open her pussy up. And of course I could see her pink butt hole.

    She showed me how to use a mirror to look at the inside of my pussy. We did that a lot after that day, took our panties off and showed our pussies to each other. When we went to Junior High we were remembering and we took our panties off and opened our now pubes covered pussies. Only now our pussies were glistening wet and we put fingers in our vaginas, getting in the doggie positioned and finger fucking. The thought of kissing her pussy crossed my mind.

    Tenth grade, at her house when her mother wasn't home, wide open legs, pinching nipples and clits, her pussy had to be eaten. I only quit when she had an orgasm and she pushed my head away. I wanted her pussy more than anything and I forced her legs apart so I could keep eating. I plaid with my clit while eating her and we know had a new game.

    Pussy, especially wet glistening pussy fresh on the vine, is what I like. The only 'grown' woman I eat is her, otherwise I like high school girls. And high school girls like having their tennis coach eat their pussies.