For some reason unknown to the Webmaster or many other people in this wide, wonderful world, confessions, or stories, about pee - poo, urine, golden showers, squirting, water sports, and other wet fetishes - have become popular. This is the place to "shower us" with such confessions and wet stories.

Sneakily (but Also Unknowingly To Her) Got My Wife Spun - Then Sexed!

So, a few days ago I kinda secretly got my now 7 years married (with a 5 year old daughter) wife really high the other day, (slipped just a teeny tiny little bit of crystl into her coffee.. ;O.. anyhow) - so, we were then just chilling on the couch as we do most evenings, and i almost immediately knew it was gonna work, or was already working.. our sex life has been between non-existent to very infrequent of late, and pretty damned boring too when the very rare event has occurred where we become intimate (99% by my initiation slash attempts, anyway...).
So.. Reading into it, it was clear she was horny AF - so I moved in... After playing with her really hot and sexy tits for a while, then on to fingering her pussy till it was near-dripping, and eating her out till she couldnt hold back any more, we moved to a position we rarely do - cowgirl. This is where it was next-level, she was screaming and shaking in trembling orgasm after orgasm, paired with a first for both of us (which, at the time she didn't even realise was happening!) - but she squirted (read: GUSHED) 3 times, rivers of hot liquid flowing down and over the base of my cock, balls, and between my legs and inner thighs... (all as I was balls deep inside her). Needless to say, i creampied her shortly after and we both collapsed to catch our breaths.
Man, that was great.. the couch was SOAKED - and we slept really well both feeling (sexually) really satisfied for the first time in a goood long while.

  • Mommas Likes Their Boy

    Let me share. My roommate, my age, and me got a new neighbor across the landing. This guy was secretive so we were too. One day he showed up at our door because he wanted a reset. He opened up, he is a US Marshall assigned to airline security, we opened up and confirmed we were roommates with benefits but we had stepped across the isle a couple of times.

    He invited us to go with him to his time share in Cabo, no strings attached. we agreed to go. To be clear, neither me or my roommate are beach bunny hot, more like healthy mommas. We took the room with the view, he took the other room, we shared meals, walks, shopping. At night we each went to our rooms. My roommate suggested we invite him but I was against it, when we got back he was our neighbor.

    But stress got to us, we agreed to invite him, but on our terms. He agreed and when he got his 'gun' out we saw why he was a Marshall. He was adept with his gun and after shooting us fair and square we agreed that having him as a neighbor was a good thing. Well, over the last two years, first the isolation, then the creepy masks and distancing, he came thru and kept us happy.
    Yes, happy. It is a FWB thing, he says he benefits, we benefit. We keep his gun clean, he cleans out our closets.

    My First Orgasm

    My roommate and I left the party and returned to our dorm. We weren't drunk but we had been drinking. She asked me if I wanted to kiss so we sat on my bed and kissed. Up to then I had never kissed a person on the lips, her lips were hot and smooth and sweet. We fell back on the bed and her hand went under my top and pushed my bra over my breast. I laid back and let her kiss me and get my top over my head and then my bra. As she kissed and sucked on my breast I went into a zombie like state, she pulled my pants off and her tongue shot into my vagina taking my virginity. Naked now on the bed I felt her and heard her but my eyes were closed so I didn't see that she had taken her clothes off too. Then I lost my breath as I went into an orgasm. I woke slowly to her kissing my face asking me if I liked it.

  • I Fell For My Boss

    One day, j6st like any other day, I went to my boss' office for some signatures. Like every other day he had me stand beside him so I could explain what he was signing, show him supporting workpapers, where to sign and initial. But that day I was wearing a dress, and he leaned back in his chair, put his hand on the back of my thigh and ran his hand all the way up to my butt and under my panties. I stood there and just looked at him until he gave me a little butt squeeze and ran his hand back down my thigh.

    That day was the turning point, he was free to pat my butt, kiss me, hold me. I should have stopped it but I didn't, it felt good to be touched, held, squeezed and groped. It's hard to explain how it feels to have a man's arms around you. It's just feels so good. When you're in his arms, when he 's kissing your neck and cheek, when he cups your breasts, you melt, you say things like don't stop, hold me tighter, I love you. When it's your boss it's 100 times better.

    When he undressed me, in a hotel room when we were there for an out of town case, he took my top off, my bra, and suckled on my breasts, both of them, held me to him, with his hands cupping my butt. All I could think about was how I was going to be his. He sat on the bed and pulled my pants down, then my panties, kissed my butt cheeks, before I stepped out of my pants and panties for him to turn me around and lean back on the bed with me in his arms.

    Laying me on my back he undressed, kissed my nipples, my clit, tested my vagina to make sure I was wet, mounted on top of me pinning me down and Oh Glory, he went in as deep as he could and told me I was now his so no messing around. I did what I had to do, held him to me with my arms around his neck and recited back to him that I was his, that I loved him, that I wanted to be his.

    I wasn't 16 or 21, I was 33 , a board certified attorney, I defended corporations, but right then and there I was his, his for the taking, his, all his. And I never felt so good about it. Too bad it was a hotel room, because all I wanted to do the next morning was fix him an omelet and a cup of coffee. A man's hands are magic when it comes to handling a woman, and his hands can be all over me, touching, feeling, squeezing and groping. Maybe not in the office, but there's plenty of time when we are alone.

    Pussy Worship

    I’m obsessed with my girl’s clit, all I want to do is suck it, lick it, finger it, rub my cock on it. It gets so wet and swollen, and she moans so loud and shakes and humps when she cums. I love tying her arms and legs wide apart and making her squirm - edging her for hours, circling her clit with my tongue, sucking on it until she’s panting and begging me to make her cum. I can almost cum just from the taste of her juices, it’s such a turn on. Sometimes for the big finish, I get a vibrator on her clit as I fuck her, feeling the vibrations on my cock as her walls squeeze so tight. She gets so fucking wet after I’ve been edging her it feels like heaven.

  • Fun Up The River.

    Just before I went in the Army at the tender age of 19 back in 1975, I was an outdoorsy guy who loved camping and canoeing etc. On warm summer days my GF Sandy and I would go canoeing on the river up in the country. We had a couple of places where you could beach the canoe and hang out on a sandy spot. We'd go skinnydipping or just lay in the sun. Sandy loved going topless in the woods and I had no problem with that.

    One warm spring day we were just drifting along, Sandy had her top off soaking up the sun. We had planned on stopping at one of our "secret spots", but when we rounded a bend there was a canoe already there. There was a woman maybe 30, standing topless waist deep in the water. She waved to us and we laughed, waving back telling her she had taken our favorite spot. She saw that Sandy was also topless and she invited us to stop if we wanted. I looked at Sandy and she shrugged her shoulders and said " Why not".

    We pulled up to shore, her husband was sitting in their canoe smoking a joint and when he stood up to introduce himself as Rick, he was butt naked and had a big thick cock. We spread out our towels and the woman came out of the water also nude. I noticed they had a hand pump and I blew up a small raft we had brought. We had a joint in our bag and we shared it with them, then Sandy and I stripped down and went in the water, I held onto the raft while she lay there sunbathing.

    The sun was hot ,but the water was a little cool so after maybe 15 minutes we got out and stretched out on our towels. Sandy was lying on her stomach and I started to rub sunscreen on her back. The woman, Barbara told Rick that he could use some sunscreen too as his backside was awfully pale. We lay there and chatted while she rubbed his back from neck to thigh. When he rolled over to get a beer from their cooler his thick cock was standing up half erect. " Show off" Barbara said laughing and she wiggled his cock around as it grew harder.

    By now Sandy was sitting up staring at his big cock as it grew. Barbara saw her checking out his stuff and said " Watch this". She started to suck his cock and after a minute or two she raised up off it and it was even bigger. We both were sitting up now watching what had to be 7-8 inches of throbbing cock. I grabbed Sandy's hand and put it on my growing cock and she stroked it as Barbara went back to sucking Rick's cock.

    I rolled Sandy over and got her on all fours and started to fuck her from behind. It was crazy, they were watching me and Sandy fucking as we watched Barabara playing with his cock. I couldn't hold back and I shot my cum into Sandy as the two others watched us cum together. Sandy then reached over and took Rick's cock in her hand, she told Barabara she'd never seen one that big. Barbara told her she was willing to share it, I laid back having a beer and the two women took turns sucking Rick's big cock before he fucked Barbara as we watched.

    Altogether we must have spent 2-3 hours laying on that little beach and having hot nasty sex with each other swapping partners. They invited us to sleep over in their tent, but we knew if we didn't come home from canoeing that night the folks at home would panic.

    We got their phone number and we agreed to get together for a weekend camping trip on the river. Sadly I went in the Army a few months after that and then I found out that Sandy had moved in with them.

    My Japanese Friend

    I masturbate when I think of a female Japanese friend of mine. She is petite and has medium sized tits. Shapely ass and milky skin. Five inch dick gets hard whenever I fantasize about her taking a shower and rubbing her snatch which is prob slightly hairy. Saw her in town once and accidentally saw some cleavage. Jerked off hard that day. Lol. She probably cums hard when she jills off. What a thought lol.

    Am in a relationship and will never do anything crazy but damn, that girl is banging hot.

    Sometimes I Get The Urge

    My husband is great about this, a few old boyfriends were ok with it too, but most wouldn't do it. Sometimes, about three or four times a month, I get the urge to suck my husband hard while he is lying on the towel on the floor of the bathroom. I then hover over his cock and piss all over it. Then I ride his cock till we both cum. I can't explain it but going to the toilet has always been a sexual surge for me. I haven't had the nerve to ask anyone to let me poo, but my husband knows and does come in to watch me before we have sex, especially anal after. I remember as a young teen it always felt very sexual to me, and still does.

    I am not proud of it, but he doesn't seem to mind.

    Old Toys

    I took a girls virginity when she was 25 and she was not a really attractive but she stuck around and she got into the submissive way i wanted and i would make sure she knew what we were doing was not 'normal' and even after leaving the country I get messages from her and when I go visit family she meets up for sex. She has never really had a long term relationship as guys tend to leave her, I think she puts people off with being too wild to soon.

    Because of covid i can't get a flight but she has had a baby but father has left so she is messaging again and I have an idea to make an only fan's of her being broken back into filthy sex and money go to helping her kid. Partly because the idea of the kid having better things growing up is a decent thing to do but he won't know that it was because his mom got taken like a whore and put online for money.

  • My First Blowjob.

    My first blowjob!
    I was a slow starter with girls. Had my first real girlfriend when I was young and she was a year younger. Though she was far more advanced sexually than I was. I heard of her abilities from at least 2 previous boyfriends that she was sexually active with. It was this fact that made me understand she would never be the girl I married. I wish I knew these facts with the girl I did marry as she apparently was a bigger slut than my first girlfriend but that will be another story. This small breasted, tight ass girl we will call Lilly. (real name withheld). After dating her for a week and a lot of heavy petting, many nights of blue balls sent me home to relieve myself. One day on the way to work, I stopped by her house, no one home, and she grabbed my hand and took me back to her bedroom. She pulled my pants off of me and underwear. Laid me down on her bed, took off her blouse so those tiny tits were in full view. She then started kissing me passionately. Slowly kissed down my chest to my now raging hard 7 and a half inch cock. I always thought I was small in size but found out later I was nearly the perfect sized cock for most women that have not been fucking horses! She slowly started licking and kissing my raging hard cock. Then the moment of many dreams she put my cock right in her mouth. She started sucking my cock with an expertise I have yet to find in a woman and I am very happy to say I have had 17 different women clamping down on my cock over the years. She was performing this blowjob with the expertise of a porn professional. She teased and licked and slurped and had my cock soaked with her spit. Every time I thought I was about to blow my load right in her mouth she would slow down and start teasing my cock again. After a full hour of this torture she finally decided to make me blow my load. What I didn’t know for sure was whether or not she would take my cum in her mouth as her previous boyfriends told me she would. She always sucked her new boyfriend off completely and would swallow the load, only for the first blowjob. Well she grabbed my cock with both hands and did her best to swallow the entire length of my cock down her throat. It was then I blew my load in an unbelievable series of cum pumping explosions. She looked me right in the eyes and they got wide eyed and a serious look on her face as my cum started filling her mouth. I mean filling her mouth too. She then started swallowing my cum. As she swallowed what was in her mouth I pumped even more in her mouth. She gulped and gasped but a good little cock sucker she was she kept swallowing as much as she could. I didn’t count but I am sure I was still shooting huge cum loads in her mouth after at least 12 spasms. She then found there was more than she could swallow anymore and started gasping and choking. Cum spewed out of her nose and out of her mouth that was still wrapped tightly around my cock. She just kept slurping on my cock until I stopped shooting cum and finally went soft. She let my cock pop out of her mouth. She covered her mouth with her hand and ran to the bathroom. There was cum everywhere. All over her face and mouth dripping cum from her nose. It was the most glorious blowjob I have ever received to this day and I must have had ten thousand blowjobs over the years. My first was the most fantastic ever! She came back into the room and said in her raspy voice “that was the most cum I have ever seen!” She said she was sorry for blowing cum all over me but she just couldn’t swallow it all. She had at least 6 full mouth full of cum she swallowed. She then grabbed my balls and started rubbing my cock which went instantly hard again and she went down on me for a second time. I came nearly within 6 up and down motions in her mouth. It was not nearly as big as my first load but she choked again and while no cum came out of her nose she choked again and spewed more cum out of her mouth with my cock still firmly in her mouth. She swallowed all of this load wiped her mouth on her arm and kissed me long and hard with some great tongue sharing my cum with me. She licked my cock clean and then helped me get dressed. I was weak kneed for the rest of the night at work and couldn’t get the odor of my cum and her mouth out of my mouth and nose for the rest of the night. Unfortunately true to the stories of her she never swallowed my load again. The next sex we had was that weekend where I got my first piece of ass. I never could get her to have anal sex but that was the best 2 years of sexual education I ever had. She went on to marry at least three times that I know of. But her first blowjob my first blowjob was a thing of amazing passion that I will never forget. MY FIRST BLOWJOB was the best I ever had in my life. More on her tight pussy for my first fuck later.