Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out? The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting. After all, this section is .. For Women Only.

My Older Neighbor Wants You To All Decide!

She wants you to all comment on what role play ideas you want us to do. Anything goes, the dirtier the better she says! Just keep in mind she is the dominate one, I'm the submissive one! Let us know please and thanks! We will let you all know what she picks and how everything went!


  • Is There Such A Creature?

    I seek the woman all sane men run screaming from...any age, appearance, weight, ethnicity, - just be the ultimate "controlling bitch" power-hungry, greedy, selfish, demanding, sexually insatiable, and totally lacking in mercy, affection, normal manners - be as rude and mean-spirited, as it's possible to be...neurotic, OCD, obsessively and unreasonably jealous, impossible to please, and with a cruel streak a yard wide, culminating in a psychotic desire to have every last second of her life, micro-managed for maximum self-involvement, through ANY means available, whether it be physical violence, mental anguish, serious over-use of strait-jacket and other total-enclosure bondage activities, sensory deprivation, breath-play, air rationing, semi starvation, or slow suffocation...near-insane face-sitting tactics, to near-lethal name it, - I'm probably okay with it...

    I'm Attracted To Much Older Men

    Mom raised me, my father was never in the picture. When I got to be 8 or 9 I started feeling good around men, sitting in their arms, being picked up. I also had a sensitive baby clit. In my teens I was man crazy, not boy crazy, man crazy. For several years I was hung up on my best friend's father. To me boys my age were immature, not hot and I had nothing to do with them. College was crush after crush on professors. I finished college a virgin.

    I went to work with my finance degree for a multinational corporation. I crushed on one of the executives. At a team building outing I tiptoed and kissed his cheek. He ignored it, there. But later he called me into his office for an explanation. I begged forgiveness. But he interrogated me, I got more and more uncomfortable and wet. He told me I was a 'bad girl'. When he pushed me out of his office he did it by pushing me on the bottom.

    It wasn't long before I showed him how I felt by blowing him in his office, by pulling my dress up and giving him my pussy to kiss, opening my shirt and feeding him tits while he sat in his chair. But he didn't fuck me, that was going too far. I turned 25 still unfucked. For my 25th birthday I asked my older cousin to fuck me. He's the only same age group man to be on my radar.

    I have a friend, a 55 year old man who owns a flooring franchise. He lives in my complex. And I have my cousin to give me relief, my friend isn't able to get it up a lot of the times.

  • It Can Work Out

    A few years ago I decided to move to a very small town on the Washington coast. I was divorced and self employed and worked at home online, so I was free to do this.

    I really enjoyed this change in my life. Then after being there for about six months I met Darla and we started to become friends. We were the same age and she was divorced, too. Well, I don’t know quite how we managed, except by mutual interest, we started to have a bisexual friendship. This was something new for both of us, but we were surprised that it was quite enjoyable and nice being women like that together.

    After about a year we sort of came to the conclusion that we were being more lesbian than just bisexual, as we were actually having quite a loving and romantic relationship. We enjoyed each other’s company, and we would go out for long walks in the green countryside together, and it was quite wonderful. We weren’t exactly secret about any of this, and people around began to know, and they were all very accepting of it. Darla and I were this lesbian couple. Discretely and unknown, that we were also this nudist couple at home, which Darla and I thoroughly enjoy.

    Pretty much reaching that point, Darla had an apartment in town, and since she was spending most of her time out at my place, and I had a house, it made sense and was far more convenient if she just moved in and we lived openly together. The only problem was my daughter, who was twenty-six and single and living on her own. I felt that I should tell her, so I did.

    My daughter was surprised and really didn’t know quite what to think. I explained to her that Darla and I were just happy being together and that it was nice, and that there were no problems with this where I lived. My daughter came out to spend a few days, she met Darla, liked her, and saw that it was not this maybe imagined horrible thing.

    So I just wanted to post this to say that sometimes things really do work out, even in unexpected ways.

    I Need Your Opinion Woman! Please Comment!

    I have this obbsession with Ashnikko the canadian music artist. I need to know would any of you woman want to be in completely control of your man sexually?

    Would any of you woman want to be in charge of your relationship?

    Basically I've always wanted to be in a relationship where the woman works has a career and can support us both financially! (not so I can stay home and not do anything).

    But so I can clean the house, do the laundry, do the dishes, clean the bathrooms, sweep ,mop, vacuum, clean the bedroom, living room, kitchen, do the cooking, run the errands. That way she or you can go to work and come home to a clean house.

    Come home be greeted at the door with a kiss. A glass of wine, have you sit down and relax while I take off your heels or boots. Give you a foot massage while I listen to how your day was. When you are relaxed go run you a bubble bath. Light some candles and get another glass of wine for you. Give you time to soak the day away. When your ready to get out, bring you warm towels from the dryer.

    While you are getting dressed I would be setting the table for dinner. You come out we cook dinner together or I cook it depending on how you feel. We eat, I clean up you go sit and find a movie for us to watch. During the movie I give you a full body massage. Snuggle you. Kiss on you, just hold you!

    Then when the movie is over we go to the bedroom, I read you some poems out loud! Compliment you, tell you how much I love you! Tell you how lucky I am to be yours! Then you make me show you!

    This is where I worship every inch of you from head to toe! Adore, admire you, make sure you are nice and satisfied! Then maybe if you feel good you might let me feel good?

    Would any woman want this?

  • It Sucks Being The Woman

    My man put his foot down and won't let me go see my Mom. His excuse is no traveling during the pandemic, and my mom who is 78 doesn't need visitors. My brain tells me do what I'm told, my feelings tell to fuck him and go. Sometimes like right now I hate that I'm the woman and i have to do what I'm told.

    Owing My Life

    Me and a coworker went to lunch. I slipped on the sidewalk and my coworker grabs me and pulls me to safety a split second before a bus goes by. Obviously I'm grateful, he saved my life. What I don't understand is he now protects me, looks after me, it's like I'm his daughter or wife.

    Is it a man thing? I feel like I should let him look after me, even if it means I give up my privacy and independence. I would be dead under a bus if he didn't act selflessly and save me.

    Pillow Hump

    Hi all x
    Ever since i can remember I’ve humped my pillow whenever I get the opportunity.
    When i was prepubescent i did it every night before I could sleep wearing only my underwear.
    During my early teens i would do it naked as often as I could sometimes more than half a dozen times a day.
    By the age of 16 i was humping to a full blown orgasm morning and before bed.
    I have always had a favourite pillow (firm and folded long ways) i lay on my tummy with the pillow folded between my legs,legs slightly apart.
    I hold my weight by resting my forearms and elbows on the bed which also allows my nipples just to brush over the mattress.
    I move my whole body back and forth with a slight circular motion until I feel my orgasm build then I straighten my legs and tense my ass move only back and forth pushing down with more pressure.
    I always cum so hard.
    Being married has made it hard to do regularly but when home alone sometimes in the middle of the day I strip naked and have a little me time with my favourite pillow.
    I would love to hear about other long term methods of getting off so please don’t hesitate to comment back.

    Help Me! Im Horny All The Time!

    I'm horny from the time I wake up until I go to sleep! Most nights I can't sleep cause of this! I have a high sex drive! I'm not into quick hookups really, I need to get to know a womn first. I love to eat pussy! I will lick you as much as you want! I love snuggling naked! I love pleasing my lover more than anything! I enjoy long sex sessions, I don't want to cum too fast, but if I do take it as a compliment! I'm not done cause I cum, I will go down on you, use a toy or my fingers, I can't take this corona virus stuff. Being stuck inside single, I'm so horny it's crazy! I sit in my bed naked just horny! I just want to have an older woman lay next to me and hold my cock in her hand! She can have me do what ever she wants!

  • Seriously Tempted

    I am forty-eight years old and divorced. Recently my son, who is twenty-eight, has moved in with me due to financial reasons, of which there is a lot these days with all that has been going on. The thing is I have become accustomed to it just being me and I I feel quite comfortable going around the house without clothes. I have a very private backyard and patio, and I often sun myself in the nude. This is just something that I am quite comfortable doing this and I do feel reasonably trim and attractive.

    I thought, however, with my son being there, that I should curtail my nudist activities, although I have mentioned this to him so he was aware of this. Well, missing this, one morning about a month ago I worked up my nerve and bravely decided to just have my morning coffee out on the patio in the nude as usual, and to do so in front of my son.

    He was a little surprised but had no problem with me doing that and he just smiled, enjoying seeing his mom that way as I could tell. Feeling encouraged I began to be quite casual about being nude around the house and in front of him. The thing is, I discovered that I found there is an exhibitionist thrill to my doing this in front of him that is quite titillating and definitely rousing. If he was younger I might have some qualms about experiencing this with him. But as he is older, obviously, and certainly does not mind seeing his mom in the buff, I have actually started toying quite seriously with the idea of asking him if he wants to have sex. I suspect that he wouldn't mind. I have even quite strenuously masturbated myself to an orgasm fantasizing about what it would be like to have my own son’s penis in me and for us to fuck.

    I know that this is probably not the proper thing for a mother to thinking about. Yet, I do know that mother and son sex is on the rise these days and is even considered to be a trendy sort of thing to do, so I am quite serious to hear from any other mothers out there who have done this as I am definitely considering it. And after reading that other story on here, no, I do not have to be t all concerned about getting pregnant. Thank heavens!