Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out? The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting. After all, this section is .. For Women Only.

Todays Kids' Behavior

In the tenth grade after a football game I lost my virginity in a car with an older boy. He dropped me off but I had put my sweater on inside out and my mother got me to confess. We had a vigil, I wasn't pregnant and my father never had to know what I did.

I have a 17 year old daughter. I found her in bed with another girl from school, last November. Her excuse was that it was safe sex, two girls can't get pregnant. True, but. Her father doesn't know, the girls are friends and overnight at eachother's homes. They say it was just playing around but they always sleep together in the same bed. They have an intimacy, too intimate.

If and when the topic can be brought up they claim that lesbianism is the natural state, that's why in the olden days men had more than one wife. According to them all the girls do it, no big deal. They are both level headed, A students, college bound. Of course I don't want her pregnant but that would be easier than this.

Once Upon A Time I Was A Young Fuck, A Famous Girl For Older Men

Once upon a time I was famous. Before age caught up with me. Now I'm just someone's girlfriend. He has this thing about me. Like I'm a puppy he took home and he can't get rid of. He has another girlfriend, the one who sleeps with him now.

He told me to be nice to her. Oh, well. Being nice to a pretty young girl. I won't deny she is pretty, just not naturally pretty like I was at her age. She is just a little to unreal, picture pretty but not real life pretty. I'm nice to her, it's part of the rent.

Let's see. its been three years and nine months since he had sex with me. I know fifty is a lot to ask for a man to want you. But that girl? it's hard to be nice to her. I get her dressed after that 62 year old man has sex with her. She smells of old man. I'm sure she thinks I smell of old woman.

All I want is for that old man to fuck me like he fucks her. To smell the sex on him, his breath on my neck, his cock in me. Is it to much to ask? To get fucked. I get wet watching her get fucked. Watching him fuck her. He says I can fuck her too, as if some plastic girl attracts me. It's not that I never had pussy, I have. It's just that I want cock, an old man's cock in my c**t. My c**t, not hers. Stupid little c**t that she is. Even her tits are fake.

Sorry, I want her to leave. I may not be a hot thing, but my tits are real, my pussy is real, my feelings for him are real. Even when I was famous my feelings for him were real. Now I'm a nursemaid to a young fuck. I have my place, he has breakfast with me. And he doesn't ride that motorcycle any more. And I have the checkbook to give her the money for her spending. I had her tubes tied, no accidents that way.

That's what happens when your famous, and then your old. Your man gets a young fuck.

It Comes With The Territory

It happened like this. I wore a simple dress that day. We were in the hall between the main door and the conference room. He told me he liked my dress, he liked how it hugged my legs when I walked. I raised my hand and told him not to go there. He grabbed me by my pussy, he asked if I was ashamed of it. I said no, both hands on his wrist. He kissed me. He grabbed again, this time he got his hand between my legs. With his other arm he took me by the neck and kissed me again. That's when I gave up. Until he was done kissing me and let me go to my workstation.

Unapologetically A Daddy's Girl

I was a late child in my father's life, my mom his second wife. Although I have three sisters, half sisters, I grew up as an only child as they are much older than me. I was always a Daddy's girl, his little princess. He hugged me, held me, loved me. That's the feeling I crave.

As an adult I am hugely attracted to older men, I love being hugged tight, held in their arms, and if a hand wanders that's okay. Being felt up feels good, feeling him rise to the occasion is a big turn on. I have daddy issues, I have never been attracted to younger men. My love is in his early fifties, an outdoorsman like my father, he lets me know I'm his favorite.

I love the feeling of him enjoying himself with me.

Not So Bored Any More

I am forty-two years old, divorced, with no children. Really because of this whole Covid thing, and not being able to go out all that much and being stuck at home that at the beginning of last spring I start having a bisexual fling. I surprised myself, because I had never done anything like this before and had never thought about it, and probably would have never considered it otherwise. Also, because my friend is only twenty-two and about half my age.
She has been my neighbor and we sort of knew each other that way, and she started coming over in the mornings and we would have coffee and sit and talk. Well I have this rather nice sunroom with lots of green plants and it’s very tropical. I suppose just feeling bored and uninhibited, we thought that it would be fun to sit out there and have our coffee in the nude. So we tried that and it was fun and quite nice. Well she was quite open to the idea of our doing something together, as younger people tend to be more these days, and we ended up having some quite enjoyable sex.
To my surprise I found this all-female thing remarkably easy to enjoy. The two of us have now become quite good and, yes, intimate friends, and we both love it. So I can’t say that this pandemic has been all bad. What will the future bring having this younger friend I can’t say, but it is a luxury that I am certainly delighted with. If only my former husband could see me now!

Enjoying Sex With My Best Friend

My best friend asked me what was the best sex I've had. She told me about a night in Durban. I told her of my freshman party night with my roommate and a guy we met at a party. We talked, we were alone, she kissed me and I kissed her. Two mothers, neighbors, friends, we made love out of boredom, trying to make the other reach orgasm, until tired, exhausted we laid back on the carpet looking at the ceiling. It wasn't the best sex, but it was sex, better than masturbation, and we found a way to entertain ourselves when we felt we needed it.

Gone Fem, So Far It Feels Right

It wasn't really until I was 14 that I came to terms with my female form, after I got my periods. I grew up in the country and I guess I was a tomboy. After I went to college I stopped being a tomboy because of work. I learned how to wear dresses and high heels. Now I pretty much dress in feminine clothes, get my hair and nails done, wear j*welry. I've gone fem.

I like it. I have a friend from my tomboy days who claims she is in love with me now. I can't say I'm in love with her, friend yes, lover no. I'm past that. I am dating a man who likes me a lot, the fem me. Sexual intercourse turns out its not that bad. Still learning the role, I am taking cooking classes and I took a class on home decor. He likes to entertain so we are both into hosting.

I am enjoying my feminine side, being the weaker sex. Sometimes it bubbles up, some girl gets my attention, but I don't follow up. I may be a tomboy deep down, but being a fem is proving to be lots of fun. And you don't have to make an excuse about getting your period.

I would like to outgrow dressing up, for it to be natural. Not see the tomboy in me when I'm alone in front of the mirror.

Ralph Kept Me Company All Through College

I was 17 when my grandma broker her hip. After she was released from the hospital I was sent to stay with her, cook, pick up, help her get around. My grandma was used to living alone and stuff was out everywhere. When I straightened out the bathroom I found a dildo in one of the drawers. I had seem pictures, but never one in real life.

I picked it up with gloves, holding it sent a chill down my spine. This thing was anatomically correct, but bigger. I was mesmerized by it. I washed it and carefully put it back in the drawer. I helped grandma with dinner and getting her in bed after watching some television. I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about the dildo. Grandma was asleep, I pretended to use the bathroom, took the dildo and went back to my room.

That night, in grandma's house I used that dildo for the first time. The biggest thing I had ever inserted in my vagina was my finger or a tampon, that night I managed an eight inch, thick dildo, all the way. As I got wet I was able to get into an in and out rhythm. I managed an orgasm. After a while I took the dildo to the kitchen sink to wash it, snuck into the bathroom to put it back in the drawer.

Over the couple of weeks I went back home, but I used the dildo several more times. When I went off to college, my grandma mailed me a pair of shoes. In the box along with the shoes was the dildo and a note "you will get more fun out of Ralph than I will".


When I was twelve I climbed into my uncle's bed. He taught me how to suck his cock and swallow his cum. He gave me a mind-jarring orgasm while he ate my pussy. I was afraid he would break me in two with his great big cock. He came in me but I had not gotten my period yet so He wasn't worried about getting me pregnant. I sucked his cock a few more times and one night after he fucked me a second time when I was fourteen he was killed in an car accident. I have never told anyone this. I just wanted to let go of it.

I Am Hungry For Pussy

I'm 22. I'm 5'4" 135. I'm very fit. I was going to a north Jersey CrossFit gym until COVID happened. Now I do it in my garage and yard. I graduated from college earlier in the year. I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend when I was 15. I've been with 12 different men for the last 7-8 years. I love cock but lately I have been thinking about pussy. I never have been with a girl. I have kissed a girl but I never had pussy. I really want to eat pussy and lick her asshole until she cums. I want to 69, suck on a beautiful set if tits. I want to scissor and rub my wet pussy on another wet pussy. I want her to squirt all over my face and in my mouth. I've been watching so much lesbian porn and rubbing my clit since Covid happened. I orgasm several times a day watching girl on girl porn. This Jersey Girl is ready! I can't think about anything else. Any suggestions other than giving out contact info on here? Kind of want to keep it on the DL for now.