Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out? The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting. After all, this section is .. For Women Only.

I Missed Out And Got An Extra X Chromosom

I'm 19, I hate having a pussy and a vagina. Knowing that the asshole who is going to fuck me and knock me up is already out there makes it hard to sleep. Where, when, is he going to fuck me? One bad second, one lame sperm, that loaded me up with x chromosomes and denied me y chromosomes. Now I'm fucked with a pussy and a vagina, and some asshole is going to fuck me.

  • Ladies Do You Enjoy Doggy Style?

    So a question for the ladies...

    You see these video compilations on sites like xHamster of amateur women getting fucked doggy style and most of the time they all look like they are in pain or not enjoying it. I've video'd my wife's face while we do it and she has the same reaction. Shes told me she likes it but it makes her feel like she is about to pee, but I've read where that is the feeling you will get prior to having a G spot orgasm.

    So ladies, what's the story? Do you like it? Ever had the G spot orgasm from it?

    I Am Ready To Take My Place As The Woman Of The House

    Today I told my exboss I loved him. He is much older, but he is the only man I have. fallen in love with. He loves me, I know that, but he loves me both like a daughter and loves me as a woman. I'm ready to be a woman with him, I told him. I'm 26, I want him to take me and impose himself on me until my brain is forever linked to him. Don't get on my case, what I want to do is show him I can be the woman of the house.

  • I Can't Be A Lesbian, I Just Can't. But I Know I Am.

    I'm a 29 year old woman, middle class, working parents. I worked from the time I started babysitting at 14. I saved the money to buy my car, a piece of shit eight year old car. I went to college in town on student loans and I have a degree in Communications, making 54 thousand a year as an HR Generalist.

    At my work is a girl, same age. Went to a top ten university. She has a masters degree, zero student debt. She drives a one year old BMW, lives in a high rise apartment. She works in HR with me, she is also a Generalist. She is a Trust Fund baby.

    I can't help my jealousy. She buys me clothes. She buys me intimate clothes. She pays when we go out, she paid for my vacation with her to Mikonos in Greece. She likes to make me up, she likes to help me get dressed. She likes me to sleep with her. She likes me as a lesbian likes another girl. She wants me to move in with her and be a couple.

    I am not a lesbian, I know that. I can't help myself, when we were in Greece I told her I loved her, it came out but it was not the truth. I don't know who makes love to who, but it involves intimate oral sex and she likes laying on top of me and rubbing against me. It's not easy to do but we do it, it usually causes us both to climax.

    I don't want to hurt her feelings, she is obviously deeply in love. I haven't move in because of that, she is beyond hope in love and I don't love her like that. I love her, but not like she loves me. If I agreed to get married to her she would have the biggest wedding party you can think of. I agreed and we have matching tattoos on the inside of our wrist. Three little hearts.

    I don't want to be a fraud, her money scares me, I haven't been with a guy in over four years, since I started going out with her. I know that the moment I move in, I will never move out and I will end up getting married to her. I wake up and I watch her sleep before going back to bed and spooning with her.

    Not seeing her is not an answer, getting married is not an answer, being lesbians is not an answer. Being in love with her is not an answer. I don't know what to do anymore. Do I just give up? Surrender? Get married to her? Become one more lesbian couple pretending to be normal. That's what scares me the most. I don't think that we could ever be normal. And we have the whole question of having kids. Not having kids is not the answer.

    My Off The Wall College Era Experience

    Unlikely, but true. I left college for the two hour drive home. I took the old highway and drove into a thunderstorm, lost control and drove off the highway into a ditch. I was trapped in the car but not injured. It was nine hours later that a farmer found me. He broke out the rear window and pulled me out.

    The first words he used with me was 'missy'. He put me in his pickup and took me to his farm house. He showed me the bathroom, loaned me a pullover dress that belonged to his wife and I showered. I got some breakfast. When we were eating he started calling me Missy. Missy, his wife's name. He put his hands on my shoulders.

    He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom, pushed his face under the dress grabbing me by my thighs. Half a minute later pulled himself over me and it was over, I describe it like a huge wolf on a puppy. I was able to accommodated him, even though he was at least twice my size. After he got off he told Missy to get some coffee on.

    When I went back to the room to tell him the coffee was ready he was asleep. The farm house had electricity, propane gas, no phone. I changed back into my damp clothes and went and sat on a large rock in the yard. He called out to me wanting to know what I wanted. He didn't recognize me. I told him I was lost and needed a drive into town.

    He kept asking how I had gotten lost out there and I told him I didn't know. He dropped me off at this gas station with a diner. When he left me he told me I was a hippy and he didn't like hippies.


  • I Am A Disobedient Woman, I'm Sorry

    I know I am not the first woman to be spanked, nor will I be the last. Sometimes men have to take a paddle in hand and if you deserve it, take it. I disobeyed. I am not talking about a small disobedience. I disobeyed my boyfriend and went out with a few people from my work. I stayed overnight with another female employee. We slept in the same bed because she lives in a one bedroom. We were both a little high from smoking some good stuff and the wine. Yes, I admit she performed oral sex on me but I didn't perform oral sex on her, maybe because I fell asleep.

    I called my boyfriend and asked him to come pick me up. He was angry, rightly so because he didn't know where I was. When he discovered that I had slept with my coworker he took me back to my apartment and spanked me several times with a wooden spoon from the kitchen. I have penitence to do. I am sorry, I did disobey, I went with a woman which I understand is really bad and I should have not done that. I did smoke marihuana and I did drink too much. I will not go out with this woman again. I will keep my nose clean, I should never have gone back to her apartment with her. I'm sorry.

    I write this as part of my penitence, admission to my disobedience and an apology for being disobedient.

    Chosen When I Was 13

    I was 13, my friend 14 had gone to the community pool and were walking back to her house. A car approached us and she pulled my suit down exposing my butt cheeks and my bush. She laughed, the car stopped and stared, I froze trying to cover myself. As the car got closer the window lowered and a friend of my older sister asked me why I was flashing cars. He came to our house later and told my mom.

    I was 13, but he saw me as his. He escorted me, took me to school, to the mall, everywhere. At one point I pulled my pants down and told him I wanted him to get it over with. He made me wait until I was 17. I got married right after I finished high school. I just wanted it to be over. He took me and I went to live with him.

    Being his wife is easy, I've practically been married for ten years. I feel that I have never been free. I don't remember being free, I don't know what that's like. Now that I've finished college I know what's next. It feels like I'm in a never ending story where everything is already written.

    Nipple Sensitivity

    My issue is with my nipples. During puberty and ever since my nipples are sensitive. Touching them is involuntary. They come on and won't go down. I rub then constantly. If a man touches them it is very painful, kissing them forget it. A man pinching them hard is very painful and it triggers orgasms. I can't trigger an orgasm, and women pinching my nipples makes me want to pee but I can't, but no orgasm.

    That's it.

    Too Big And Ugly For Romance

    My friends call me Maggie, my name is Magdalena Ramos. I was born on the US side, my mother went into an overdose induced heart attack and I was delivered by C section at a local hospital. My mother didn't survive, she was 17. The doctor who delivered me took me home and later adopted me when no father could be found. So much about how I got here, have all my papers, got sent to a good school, went to college and I work for a top tier company. Nice story, except I'm ugly. I can't control my weight, My face is round and my head is large, I'm ugly. Always have been.

    I never got asked out. To anything. In college I was a losers bet, the winner got a night with Rosie, the loser git two nights with me. He didn't make it all night, it was bad enough having to screw me, spending the night never happened. Other than that I only have sex with myself. I have a big selection of vaginal and anal toys. I like anal toys. I fantasize having a large man on me.

    I paid for an escort in Las Vegas, he showed up and left. A big brown Mexican woman with whiskers on her chin was not worth the 250 escort fee. I'm used it. Beauty, or ugly, may be skin deep, but ugly doesn't even attract flies. I turn 30 this summer, at least I got screwed in college. I know several big brown ladies who can only imagine what getting screwed is like.

    Maybe out there is a man who fantasizes about a big brown woman, I'm sure I can accommodate the largest cock. My toys are bigger than any man. I'm hot, I guarantee it.

  • Honeymooned

    During the summer of 2017, I had just graduated with my degree in communications. I got a job as an intern working for the ex-husband of my mother's best friend. At the time I was hanging out with a group of recent grads, baseball games, beach weekends, Friday night bar hopping. I was not sexually active, never had been. A guy at a bar grabbed my ass, one of my friends decked him, we were thrown out of the bar and the jerk sued my friend.

    When I told my mom, who told her friend, who told my boss, my boss called me into talk. First he told me he would recommend a good lawyer for my friend, second he asked me why I was going to those bars. A nice girl like me in a place like that. In a nut shell he imposed his parenting voice on me and told me to quit going to those bars. His voice grated on me, his body language, I felt like I was ten.

    Over the summer he got more and more involved in my life, both at work and out of work. He asked me to go down to the beach with him to talk with a contractor about upgrading the kitchen and family room. He wanted a woman's point of view. What happened was that after meeting with the contractor he had sex with me. My first time. My mother told me he honeymooned me.

    It's been four years, I work for him full time. I moved out of my mother's house so he could visit me at his leisure. It's normal now, him, sex, my job. I have girlfriends but no unattached male friends. No one touches my ass, except him. His voice sometimes grates on me as does his body language which is what it is. It comes with the territory. My picture is on his credenza. The remodeling of the beach house came off to my liking, seeing as it became my project. Being with him around his ex is no longer uncomfortable, she is more than pleased she's passed the baton off to me. My mother keeps insisting on formalizing my relationship.

    As it is I'm his young girlfriend and I'm dating an older man.