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Anyone Looking For A Pen Pal?

AnnabelleAbbess Hot mail

Good morning. I'm a 30 year old married woman who is only seeking a new pen pal. I'm a slender, white woman living in Las Vegas. Visually, I have a preference for women who look similar to me and would prefer to have contact with someone meeting that description. Please, don't think I'm excluding anyone. We don't get to choose who or what we find attractive.

I do have pictures to share, but if that's all you want, I expect you to have pictures to share in return. I do have a public career, so none of my pictures will show my face. In my daily life, I'm quite reserved and some mistake it for shy. Sharing myself with this anonymity is what I find most appealing. I do hope to hear from you soon.

Please, contact me through my email address:
AnnabelleAbbess Hot mail

  • Loving Her

    My friend from grade school's husband fell off his roof and broke his neck becoming a quad. She leaned on me, overwhelming me, how could I help her? Money problems, physical care issues, emotional issues. It was more than I could handle and I felt guilty for abandoning her. I turned to my boss, fell apart in his arms.

    He decided it was a good time to turn me into his submissive girl. I am not naturally submissive, but he is big, strong, psychologically dominant and it wasn't long until he had me as his sub, emotionally, sexually, financially. My friend started to worry about me, to hold me up. Get strong, push back, get another job, stop being his doll, stand up to him.

    Slowly I got stronger, not enough to break away, but strong enough to talk for myself, to find myself again. The sex became a lot more intense, more dominant, but he gave me independence in other areas. He told me to bring my friend to him. I was scared but she agreed. He told her that she had to get a spine. She couldn't take care of her husband, if she didn't let go she would drown too. He made love to her, over the top sex. Then told me to hold her.

    Until she agreed to put her husband under the care of the state. Then he made love to me and told me I had to hold her hand and bring her to him when she needed to be strong. He made love to her, he gave her to me to hold. He made love to me, gave me to her to hold. Until we held each other. Then he slowly let us go, stand on our feet. Until we need to go to him to make love.

    I'm Still His After Twenty Years

    I got a job working for a small company as a clerk in the HR department. The boss man, owner, looked at me and told me that for him there was only one thing, pussy. Give him pussy and things would go well for me. It took me working there for several months to understand that some of the other women there had given him pussy and that he looked after them and that it was up to me go give him pussy. He wasn't going to ask again and I had to present it to him.

    I went to his office on that day, I wore a dress and new panties and I bent over his desk and lowered my panties and told him to take it. He stood behind me and stuck his cock in me and got me pretty wet. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out and put his cock against my ass and shoved in. I had never had my ass fucked and I wasn't prepared for it.

    I became his first choice as long as I worked there, but not his only choice, he still fucked some of the other women. I got my degree while I worked there and he was always helpful and generous, not only to me but to the other women too. While I was there I use to tell myself it was just a pussy, that's all, just a pussy. But it was more than that, he is now an old man and he sold the business but I still stay in touch with him and when I see him I let him hug me and kiss my mouth and let his hand wander over my ass and I get wet for him.

  • Reluctant To Admit It

    After college I moved in with a girl I knew from college. First came the social activities together, then the closeness, the kisses on the cheek, the cuddling under a blanket on the couch, the kisses on the lips. I was told by a mutual friend she was showing me she was into me. I ignored it all, made excuses, even after going to Playa del Carmen with her and sharing a bed. When you don't want to believe you can be pretty blind.

    I know she is in love with me, I can't push her away, refuse to hug her, or let her kiss me. COVID put us indoors together. We have been sleeping in my room, and using the other room as an office to work. I am not gay but she is and I am her love interest. I know that after COVID we will still be in one bed, we will be girlfriends, we will live together. I do tell her I love her, intimacy or sex is under covers and is primarily kissing and hugging, once in a while hands and fingers move around exploring where maybe a man's hands should be.

    Becoming A Woman

    My school boyfriend was always much more mature than his age. He had a need, deep in him for a girl. I was 14, he came to my house to have a man talk with my mother. My mother was a single mother who worked at Sears and I was a latchkey kid. She did not appreciate him telling my mother he was there for me, taking me with him to his house. She stood between him and the door. He had my wrist, he was serious. To settle the standoff she told him he could have me, but I had to stay with her.

    He agreed, we went back to my bedroom and he had me. No romance, as the girl I knew what was coming so I laid back. He was serious. I knew he was serious. When a man is intent on you, it's over. I walked out of the room and my mother asked me if I was a woman. I was. She told me to get my apron on and fix dinner for my man.

    That is how it was where I grew up. That is how you became a woman. If you failed to take care of your man there were other girls, some were already women. The women met at the laundromat, the size of your belly told them you were a woman and not a girl. You told them who your man was. You now talked with the women, the girls hung out together folding clothes hot out of the dryer.

  • Poor Girl Living Uptown

    To get it out of the way, I am the poor girl who grew up on the East side of town, he is the rich boy who grew up on the West side of town. We met in high school, a private school which I attended on scholarship. My mother's job was a custodian at a bank. His family owned the bank.

    He fucked who ever he wanted, it wasn't just a reputation. Girls threw themselves at him, hunting for a husband. I was a freshman when he was a senior and he decided to fuck me. He fucked me at an apartment he kept for that purpose, a round bed, mirrors on the wall and ceiling, a fuck chair hanging from the ceiling, a jet tub in the bathroom and beer and pot in the fridge. I got fucked seeing myself in the mirror.

    He had a Corvette and wrecked it, he replaced it with a BMW M3. So much fucking, I flunked the ninth grade and lost my scholarship and I went back to my neighborhood high school. He went to Yale, when he was in town he picked me up and fucked me. Sometimes three times a day. He was always smart and did well in his classes, and he tried to convince me he didn't fuck other girls. When I finished high school he took me with him and we eloped, no prenup, no maintenance agreement, married a poor girl from the wrong side of town.

    He went to work in Boston for the family's shipping company while I went to college. It was hard stopping him, he fucked me at night and in the morning. Good thing I was young or he would have ruined my pussy. After college he took me on a year tour of the world and brought me home pregnant. His parents had to accept reality, their grandson had a mother from the wrong side of town.

    Two more kids, we lived in London and Geneva, we bought a house in New Mexico, we had an apartment in New York. We live in our home town, he works at the bank, the kids go to the same high school where we met, I still get the cold shoulder from some of those girls he fucked in high school. It took me forever to realize he really didn't fuck other girls. It is a bother, he wants pussy morning, noon and night. I shouldn't complain, I know women who never get fucked.

    Black Paperboy Delivers

    and found out hiss first class was at 10. To make a long story short, He was only 15!!. The dictionary definition of a MANCHILD. He has been fucking me 5 days a week for the last 4years. I worship him and his magnificent 10i nch cock. Everyday over a two hour span he averages 4 orgasms. I have a lot to do with that. His name is Ben but because of his humongus cumloads (we are talking half a cup here) I call him BENJISM.This stud is full of energy and I love him dearly. I am obsessed with his cock and wail like a banshee when he impales and inseminates me. My husband felt bad at first but now he encourages me. He wants me to be happy and not leave him. Now I have turned him into a footboy and let him cum on my feet. His acknowledgement and psychological surrender to the sexual superiority of black cock. Any other girls out there who do this to their man? Sometimes for variety , sitting in a yoga position I will have him lie naked across my lap and humiliate him and spank him hard to orgasm! At the same time I will squeeze his balls between my soles and fuck his asshole with my big toe. I am in total control. BENJISM is the love of my life and I will worship him forever. I am so gratefull and soon plan on receiving from his black cock the sacred sacrament of impregnation. All married white girls need ayoung black stud on the side in order to be properly sexually satisfied. White cock don't cut it Any comments from girls blessed to be in similar situations?

    She Was My Mistake

    My husband and I have and run a SF insurance agency for 15+ years. One of our clients let me know in small talk that her older sister and 16 year old daughter were moving in with her. Seems that the husband had killed himself in front of them at the breakfast table, they assume because he had been fired for being drunk on the job.

    I genuinely felt sorry for them, and offered my church's help. My client asked if I knew anyone who could use a 16 year old for after school work since the mother was not able to work yet. I agreed to let her help in my house after school. The long and short of it is that my husband saw her vulnerable and attractive and his stinger went into overdrive and she is our pregnant dependent.

    So many stories of nanny's with the husband, I just never thought it would happen to me.

    I Just Be Hard Wired This Way

    I don't want to be male, I just wish that being female isn't so subservient. I have everything I need, my parents did well and I grew up in a real nice town and pretty much never missed out on anything. Now I am an adult with a decent paying job. I get respect, I have good coworkers.

    But when it comes to boyfriends or my boss I flip a switch and become subservient.

  • Teaching My Understudy How To Love Him Like I Do

    I was 50 and divorced for ten years making it day by day. Then out of the blue I was contacted by a friend who let me know there was a job opening at a vendor company, Executive Secretary and they wanted an experienced woman with paralegal skills. I got a job paying double what I earned in a nice office working with professional men. A dream job for me, with that job I could get a nicer apartment. After I started they loaned me a car too.

    Over time I worked closely with a man, so intelligent, handsome, nice, and I felt he liked me as a person. I quietly fell in love with him. I did things out of womanly habit, I served his coffee in the morning, I cleaned his desk myself, I baked pies, the more I did the more I felt I could truly be his work wife.

    A luncheon was held to introduce the executives to a new customer. He asked if I could serve. All I heard was serve him. I put on the best luncheon I could, focusing on him. I truly believed I was discreet, loving him from afar. And then the manager of HR, a 30 year old girl talked to me. She told me hands off, she was his squeeze and she didn't want a scene. Back off.

    But he was talking to me, and he touched me a lot. Nothing sexual but definitely familiar. His wife was going out of town and he mentioned how eating alone was something he didn't like. So I invited him to dinner. He came with flowers and wine, and a little g*ft. A very beautiful scarf. Dinner was wonderful, all my wife, woman, mother instincts on alert. When he kissed me after dinner I melted, he took me by my hand to my bedroom and undressed me and made love to me. I was overwhelmed, I confessed my love for him. I offered to let me make love to his penis. We had a glass of the wonderful wine still naked on the bed, he tied the Hermes scarf around my neck, with nothing else on. I slept with a man again.

    The next morning he talked about his young lover, and how keeping her happy was a lot of work. He asked me to look after her, to help her grow up. What he wanted was for her to give him a night like had with me. Falling off my chair I asked him if he was serious. Pay attention to his baby, teach her how to please him, teach her how to make love, fucking with her was getting old, he wanted love from her like the love I had for him. He wanted her to learn how to make love with him.

    He makes love with me, she gets upset and annoyed, she can't just love him with her body, she thinks fucking is making love. She resents being lectured, learning how to cook for him, learning that her only purpose is to live for him. If I can do it so can she.