Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out? The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting. After all, this section is .. For Women Only.

Remembering The Pretty Girl I Used To Be

There was a time when I was a pretty girl. But that was long ago, now I am middle aged woman with stretch marks, saggy boobs and thirty pounds too much. In my pretty girl days I got lots of attention. Now if I don't initiate a conversation I can go days without speaking with anyone. I am a struggling artist, I have sold some paintings, but enough to pay the bills. I had a job as a housekeeping maid at a Holiday Inn Express but they are closed now.

The last time I had sex, real sex with a man with a penis was when I was 37. I bought a sex toy online, but I get nothing ..(continue confession)

Happily Married Woman

After living alone for several years, burning out on activism, I found myself in a casual relationship with a man twenty years my senior. In one of the many conversations he asked me why I was scared of just being a woman. I reacted with my training and felt horrible the minute I spoke, his question was simple.

I apologized and he said that I had just proved his point. That New Years Eve I went to a hotel party with a group of friends. One of the men there was new to me, we were the two single people there. That night I decided to just go along. The short of it is that I went home ..(continue confession)

If You Got The Flaunt Them

I was waiting tables for the summer. On a slow Tuesday night I had two middle aged businessmen, obviously rich who were ordering high dollar drinks and were there for a while. I was serving another round and the man closest to me was staring at my tits. I told him my eyes were 'up here' and he said 'I like your tits better'.

I was supposed to be offended but I wasn't. I got a nice tip, and when he left he told me 'wear them proudly'. I have ever since.

Like Mother Like Daughter

My mother was a flight attendant for Avianca when she met my father who worked for a short while as a pilot for Avianca. My mother is Colombian, my father American. Her pregnancy got her fired and as an unwed mother she had to go live with her aunt in Medellin (1986) where I was born. Not the best time to be there.

My father recognized me and had me registered with the Embassy. He kept my citizen option open and when I turned 18 he pushed me to become a US citizen, my mother was totally against it.

Their relationship while I was growing up was strange, he came to see her when his scheduled allowed and ..(continue confession)

The Origin Of The World

For my high school graduation g*ft my grandparents took me to Europe. In Paris one of the places we visited was the Musee d'Orsay . My grandma sat down while grandpa walked me around until we came upon the Origin of the World. If you aren't familiar with it look it up.

Grandpa told me to take a moment to take it in. I won't say I had not looked at porn, but this made porn look like Toy Story. I had to stand for five very long minutes beside my grandpa averting me eyes, until I had to look at it. He asked me to give him my art appreciation views, to critique the painting.

..(continue confession)

Getting Ahead At Work

In my late teens I modeled clothes for retail stores, in college I was part of the popular crowd. Then after college my social life came to an end. I blamed it on being too tall, too aggressive I was told by HR, tone it down people don't like aggressive females. I went to my department head to complain, he listened and said he agreed with HR, people don't like over aggressive women, or men, but with women it was worse.

I left that job and was transferred to logistics management, which is mostly dealing with outside vendors. I kept my mouth shut. I started wearing dresses and more j*welry, something I thought wasn't business attire. I ..(continue confession)

Is This Common With Cops?

SO long story short, I was pulled over last weekend after having a bit too much to drink and one thing led to another, I gave the officer a blowjob in his car to get out of it. After I told a few of my girlfriends about it, I found out that most of them have done something like this before?!

Is this common in your experience or those you know?

Mrs. Cuminner

I'm an older guy who'd like to marry a deserving younger woman.
My intent is for her to get my social security after I die and so have an income permanently.
I am very easy to get along with and would treat her well
I only have two condition:
1. be naked at home
2. fuck other guys and come home with their cum in you so I can fuck you.

The Mirror Doesn't Lie!

When I got married at 19 I was a 34B cup with puffy nipples and a thin dark bush.

Twelve years, and two hungry sons, later, I stand in front of the mirror and want to cry. I am now a 38 C cup with big nipples and a much thicker dark bush. My husband doesn't seem to mind, but it bothers me.

Can't turn the clock back!

Shave Pubes At 12?

My daughter is 12, and on the cheerleading team at her middle school. Yesterday she asked me if she could shave her pubic hair. She claims that she, and one other girl, are the only one's on the team that don't shave.

I told her, no. I advised her to wait until high school. Then decide.

Maybe I'm old fashioned? Hell, when I was 12, I don't think I had any pubic hair.