Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out? The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting. After all, this section is .. For Women Only.


Question for the ladies,

My man's dick is 8 inches. He really wants me to deepthroat him all the way down to his stomach or to his ball sack. How in the hell do those pornstars do that or regular woman do it. I can only get half way and it drives him crazy because it feel's like imma go all the way down but then hits the back of my throat then stops. I wanna make him happy i want it to go all the way down my throat. i need help or lessons lol.

how yall do it!?

  • Anal Orgasms Are Heaven

    I really feel alone when talking to my friends about orgasms. They always look like they have no idea what i am talking about, especially when I mention anal orgasms.

    I have them easily. They feel somewhat similar to vaginal orgasms, are just as intense, but are a little different. All it takes is good lube and my husband fucking my ass (or a dildo), and I cum. By anal orgasm, i mean there is no clitoral or vaginal stimulation, just a cock moving in and out (or around).

    So many women have told me this is not possible, so I had to look it up and found out it actually is and there are obvious physiological explanations, so I feel relieved.

    I love vaginal orgasms as well, and have gotten them since i was a teenager and get them easily. I do think, however, clitoral orgasms are the weakest ones, and when I have one, I feel i lost a good opportunity to cum in another way (vaginally or anally).

    Anyone else out there (women) also have anal orgasms and love them?

    Learned The Hard Way, But I Now Know Why The Man Is On Top

    I freely confess that I am now in a dominant male submissive female relationship. He mounts me, I suck his cock, he drives and I ride shotgun, he decides and I go along. I have the power of suggestion but that is as far as it goes. Yes, if we play, I can ride him, but when he fucks he mounts me. I like that.

    I have pushback from women in my circle. I am sorry that they don't have a man in their life. If they did, they would not push back. I can't get through to them that a good bawling out gets your pussy wet. I don't misbehave, I just don't, I know my limits. But I did once, I did not do as he told me and I got bawled out, and I got wet right there standing in front of him. My instinct was drop and suck. I didn't, but later when we were in a less public space I apologized and I did suck him until he caressed my face and brought me up for a kiss.

    There are lots of individual circumstances that everyone uses to prove me wrong. But I am not wrong, who wants a man who is dominated by his mother or some witch to fuck her? That is the question, do you want that man fucking you? Or do you want my man fucking you? 10 to 1, you will always pick my man. Assuming that you only had the binary choice of my man or some pussy whipped guy.

    In conclusion, once you have a man in your life you can be a woman in his. And men don't take kindly to some woman telling them what to do. Look between your legs, nature didn't give you the balls to rule the roost. Nature gave you a hole for him to use. And the more he uses your hole the more you like it until you realize, hey this is the way it's supposed to be. He is on top for a reason. Enjoy it,

  • Hidden Foot

    I am a very handsome guy always ben told my problem is I'm thin so if my body was better weighted I think I would get more babes as I always see about today a dude has to be taller and towering. Bitchez need to feel like more powerful in public. At One time jist a cute guy got the prize but not anymore. The guy can be ugly but towering and hv the best looking pussy beside him I'm 510 just could use some muscle and body weight even more height but I'm not toothpick sick looking either.
    So I get women but know I could get more. My secret is a hv a 12 ft viper and when I pull that sucker out I cant get the bitch to leave me alone, lmdo!!
    I imagine all the pussy I'm losing still and it saddens me. Some girls actually left because it's too big for them which is another ailment I guess When I do get a bitch I give it to her hard for acting like they couldnt fathom me having the footlong and I show them no mercy for being close minded making it harder for me to get sum pussy nailed now uh dayz
    I'm a manager at Subway and getting ready for work too lol

    My Man, Is A Man, No Mistake About It

    I am aware this pisses off a certain segment of society.

    My confession is that I am drawn to older, successful, dominant men. I am not a sissy girl looking for romp in the hay with another girl, I can't stomach politically correct freaks, I would never pull my pants down for a metrosexual. I light up when a man holds me, he looks to me for his morning coffee, he shows me off, he runs my life.

  • I Never Thought My Life Would Be Like This,

    After reading here for a while I will confess this. My husband is controlling. I have lot's of liberty, as long as I play in our back yard. Any activities that take me out of the house I text him to let him know where I am, who I am with, when I will be home. I have two children. I know he selected me to breed. He took me off the floor, with the purpose of breeding me. He wanted my looks, my gene pool, my upbringing. I was his perfect choice for a home bound mother.

    I don't exaggerate. He told me cold and impersonal. A man selects a woman who can give him children and make a home for him. And, he postulated that a woman searches for a man to support her, sire her children, protect her. I don't know, I know he selected me to breed.

    I live in a Disney World, my children have everything, I don't ever worry about money. I sleep without fear. I know this man will kill anyone who threatens me, my children, my home. He has no fear when it comes to me.

    I text when I leave my home, I text when I return. If I have something out of my normal routine I get permission. I have a clock inside of me, it goes off when I need to get dinner started. When I need to pick up. When it's time for the children to play. Tick tock, tick tock. Daddy's on his way. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Daddy's on his way.

    No Pubes At 12

    My wife claims she didn't have pubes until she as 13. I find that hard to believe since I had 3 sisters and they all had a full bush by the time they were 11. Am I wrong to doubt her?

    Anything For The Husband?

    Please don't get me wrong, everything is consensual, but I've been wondering when was the last time he indulged my sexual interests. We met in our late 20s while traveling in Japan. I saw him struggling at the convenience store near our hostel so I translated a little for him. He was cute and we hit it off, I shifted my vacation plans a little to match his. I guess the first red flag was when we were drinking one night and talking about what type we're into, and he said Asian girls because they're so submissive. I decided to overlook it because we were having a great time... plus, the sex was great. Alas the vacation ended and we parted ways.

    It wasn't until a year later that he was visiting my city for a business trip. We reconnected and I spent a night with him at his hotel. There was just something about how rough he was with me that really turned me on. We kept in contact, I eventually made a leap of faith and left my job to be with him. Married several years later. That's when things really started to turn.

    He thought going to a swinger's club would be fun, he said it'd be like roleplaying but with other people too. I reluctantly agreed to go, he wanted to roleplay as my master and I was his pet. He also wanted me to wear a sexy kimono and speak broken English in my best Japanese accent.

    We get there and a bunch of old white men start eyeing me immediately. Some of them were so bold to ask, "Wow, where'd you find that pretty little thing?" My hubby would chat them up, saying stuff like, "Yeah, we met in Japan and she just fell in love with me. Oh yes, she's as tight as they come." They would come up and grope me, saying, "I hear that happens all the time in the subway." I just nodded, acted all cutesy and was like, "Haiiii, yes... yes, all time haha."

    We kept going there on Friday nights, but since nothing ever happened and my husband seemed to get even rougher because he was so horny, I began to not mind. Then he goes, "Miko honey, someone's requesting some time with you." I was shocked. My husband kept texting and they agreed to quite a bit of money for 1 hour. He begged me, "Please Miko, it won't be that bad, I'll be there in case anything goes wrong. It would turn me on so much to watch you with him." I reluctantly gave in again.

    It was a rough 1 hour... he didn't know how to please me at all and was just interested in dogging me while calling me his little Asian cocksleeve.

    I guess word got out because one guy from the swinger's club became two, then three, then four. I was "booked" regularly throughout the week, but at least the weekends were for my hubby and me. He kept saying how he appreciates what I do for him. I'm happy that he's happy, and I want to make him happy, but wow. I heard one of his buddies wants to take us on a vacation so... let's see how that goes.

    A Piece Of Advice That Served Me Well, "get Used To It"

    I was sixteen and had an afternoon job as a file clerk at a small company. The woman who hired me was the office manager. She was nice and I liked her. One of the older men that worked there stared at me. At my behind, my cleavage, between my legs. She noticed it too. She took me aside one afternoon and told me old men like young pussy, the younger the better. Get used to it.

    It is probably the most important advice I got starting to work. I've told this story to each of my daughters when they got their first jobs.

  • In My Country I'm His Mistress, Not A Girlfriend

    As a new hire for a law firm I was told to go meet this client in the main conference room. Seems the partner was held up in court. He was an older, very distinguished man and extremely upset that the partner stood him up. I got dressed down, accused of not being a lawyer, a note taker. He had flown in overnight, he said he was hungry and I was to go to lunch with him. I was instructed to go and pay.

    During the lunch he grabbed my hand to make a point, if I put my hand under the table he grabbed my face to pay attention to him. I got the story of who he was, who his company was, and how our firm had treated him like a nobody, and he was the largest client of our Chicago office. My tongue didn't work, I had to stop apologizing because he cut me off. After lunch he made me ride with him to his hotel. He sat me at the desk in his suite and had me take notes and dictation.

    He reviewed what I wrote, accused me of being a secretary and not a lawyer. He laid out, piece by piece what his case was about, stolen intellectual property, and his plan for attack. Our firm was going to be the hired guns, he was the general, and I was his secretary. He then spoke to me in Portuguese and made sure I understood how I was now on his team.

    I wasn't prepared, but I thought about it when he took me to his room. I was under his influence, control, authority, whatever. When he undressed me, when he took his liberties with me, I went along. He sent me home to change, he had called the firm and my boss, the partner, and me would join him for dinner, his General Counsel was going to be there.

    My indiscretion was overlooked, I was assigned to him exclusively, he wanted me to give him personal attention, he assigned me to work with his GC on the case, to turn me into a lawyer. The case took three years, our firm handicapped success at 30%, he won. Foreign IP success is not something that Brazil is known for. I was hired directly by him on his legal strategy team. When he touches my hand I turn and pay attention. If he touches my face it's time for undivided attention.

    He is not married so I am more of his girlfriend than his mistress. In my country I am a mistress because of the age difference. At work, I'm his lawyer.