Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out? The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting. After all, this section is .. For Women Only.

Happy Wife Happy Life

I got pregnant in my early twenties with twins. Daycare for two was more than we could afford and my husbands pay wasn't enough for us to live where we were. We moved out to the suburbs into a small renthouse and my husband had to commute. Our friends dropped us and we had to make new friends in our new neighborhood, married with children friends. After two years I did it again, this time fraternal twins a boy and a girl. We weren't poor poor, but pretty poor pinching pennies every day.

We survived, my husband was promoted and we made ends meet. What I want to say is my friends, the mothers with kids, saved my sanity and my self esteem. I was one of a few college graduates, my husband one of a few white collar workers, but no one cared. We were at the median household income with four kids and every one is all right. I mow the lawn, my husband does the dishes. I didn't do it for the tan, I just like to mow the lawn.

OK so this isn't about sex or cheating, or gays, or anything like that. It's about a young couple that had to adapt to a new reality. A black couple. Our neighbors never noticed because it just doesn't matter.

  • I Don't Get Anything Out Of Sex

    The older I got the less interest I had in the opposite sex. I never dated in high school and in college I concentrated on my studies. My mother asked me if there was something I wasn't telling her, was I abused or r**ed, was it girls, did I like girls. No, nope and nope. I was ok being alone. I had friends, female friends, males were at best acquaintances or relatives.

    a sex therapist told my mother I was probably asexual but she couldn't say for sure until she talked to me. I wasn't interested. I went to work after college at a well known company and did fairly well, got promoted and got raises. The head of legal asked for me and I moved to his department with a raise and was sent to school to learn enough to become a paralegal. I was 27.

    I started going to this bar a block from my place where this man offered to pay me. That's how I met this man who insisted on putting his hands on me. By that I mean sexually, groping me and feeling me up. To my surprise I liked it even if I didn't like him. The sex act was a big zero. But the anticipation was a different matter. I started letting him buy me drinks but I didn't go with him unless he offered to pay. Again the waiting and the anticipation was better than the sex. If he got physical, groped me, felt me up before the act I liked that, not so much the sex act.

    I haven't tried it with another girl. I'm sort of the girlfriend of this man. He doesn't know my parents and they don't know about him. I am very aware that something in me doesn't work, I don't have an emotional attachment to him.

    Waking Up To Being Female

    I'm an RN that works with a baby doctor. We get everything from new 30 something professional moms who can't deal with pregnancy to 14 year old dropouts that post their bellies on social media. All, everyone, of them are females that are pregnant, are going to give birth and move on, the experienced female here for her sixth birth and the newby scared firstimer who hasn't told the father.

    Back in my early school days sex was a naughty thing to do, to piss off my mom I had sex in her bed. Then one day sex was for the sole purpose of procreation, to suck all the sperm out of him to impregnate me. I became enthralled with my female essence, my body changing, growing a new organ to house the baby, growing my breasts to feed the baby, my hips widening to birth the baby. A pure, no nonsense biological event. And I realized males can't do this, not even close.

    I have five kids and I'll do another one. I talk women into having babies, the more the merrier. It's why we are females, the one and only purpose. Suck the sperm out of the man with your vagina and use it for the purpose you were made to begin with.

    Cooking is easy, cleaning is easy, breast feeding is mind bending, birthing a miracle. Be female, that's my advise to young women, be female, you won the prize the day you were conceived.

  • Clean Version Ah

    Her urethra is so tight.

    Mistressing Is A Calling Not A Profession

    It's this way. I've been the mistress for three years. I wasn't looking but he wanted a mistress and things just fell into place. Being his mistress had its advantages, but also its downside. I do my best to stay in the shadows, he has me in a very nice apartment and I have a nice car, spending money, pretty much free to socialize with other women, a decent job, paid over market which keeps me tied down. It's part of the plan. Downside, he won't tolerate any indiscretion, mistressing is a single purpose relationships.

    I work with his ex, ex mistress. She is still his personal secretary, just a little older and a little wiser. She introduced me to him. The real downside is you get attached. These last two years have been difficult, working from home. I work in accounting. Right now my only real friend is his ex mistress. And when we get together we compare notes and she gives me advise on how to best play the next hand.

    To top it off he supports us being friends. Keeps us all close, he knows he can rely on her to teach me.

  • After Being Married To A Queer I'm Now In A FWB Relationship

    At 28 I got divorced for all of the reasons. I kept the condo, leased, and one morning when I am getting ready for work I back out of the garage and the garage door falls on my car, piece of shit that it was. My neighbor in the same building hears the noise and comes out to check. He looks at the car and the garage door and says I'm fucked.

    He is a consultant and works from home so he offered to take me to work and deal with the garage door. He picks me up after work and takes me to dinner and tells me that the garage door is fixed but the car is fucked. No, I don't have comprehensive only liability. So he says then I'm royally fucked and the car will cost more to fix than to buy a new one. As is, I won't get shit for the car so I am royally fucked.

    On the way home he asks if I fuck for a living. I say no, and he says I thought maybe I was a hooker, a high class hooker, you know seeing as how attractive I was. Anyway that's what my husband told him and that's why he divorced me. I deny it because it is not true, but he continues. Fuck him and he will get me a car, not once, fuck him like whenever he wants. Be his private squeeze. Make up my mind before we get back home.

    I'm no prude and I've been fucked by men other than my husband, but zero fucked since I got married, the main reason why I got divorced. My husband likes walking on the other side of the street. He married me for the money as I had a job and he is a freelance writer. A queer freelance writer and he doesn't like women but won't live with a guy. Anyway here I am, screwed to the wall, no car and this man offers to put me back in a car if I spread my legs for him. Why not? I'm sure I'm not the first and won't be the last.

    He's rough and tough and takes me with pleasure. Not my way but what can I do, spread them and take it like a woman. At least I finally get fucked after two years living with a queer. I get a car just like he said, not new but one of those loaners that the dealers sell when they have too many miles on them. It's a Honda, but who cares much better than the piece of shit I was driving. I get fucked across the hood in the garage with the garage door that works, sort of to remind me.

    This man likes attention, sucking him while he watches TV. He likes it in the kitchen, hitting me up over the sink. He wants to have his clams served hot and wet, sitting on the table with my legs open and he digs in. He wants to try it up the ass to see if it's true it's tighter than pussy. He doesn't leave me alone, it's worse than being married. The sex I mean, I refuse to do housework for him so he is over at my place with his laundry bag and I have to do it and get fucked while the washer is going.

    I stopped counting how many times he fucked me. It has the be the cheapest car he ever bought, if you figure in what hookers (high class hookers because he never went low class) costs. I know you can't wear out a pussy, but it feels like it. Kidding, but really, does he have to fuck so often? I like it, hell who wouldn't? A man with a wallet and a hard dick and right next door and all I have to do is bend over? I like my car, it's really nice, much nicer than my piece of shit and he buys me other things, girls like. Like makeup and spa treatments, and he buys me clothes and doesn't mind watching me try clothes on (I won't let him watch me get dressed at home, he can see me either dressed, bent over or naked, but no dress and undress I'm not a stripper).

    I thought about it, at a tablespoon full for each time he shoots his load, I must have a quart or two of cum in me. I know it's absorbed, but just for comparison. He has fucked me more than all the times I got fucked before he took over. It's like being married, I get the loads and I don't mean laundry, he gets his pussy fix, we go out to eat so I don't have to cook except sometimes and he gets his dick sucked watching the game on TV (he's not a beer drinker so I don't have to be going back and forth to the fridge).

    A girl I know, I won't say who, told me that I'm making my living with my body, selling it for cheap. I should get a ring but if I do I will be married and I will end up cooking and cleaning. And what if he wants to pump me up? You know that happens when men think about it, what else is wife for? That's the one they pump babies into and I'm not ready for that.

    To Thyself Be True

    As a freshman in college I was very lonely, I didn't fit in and hadn't made a friend. This older guy sat beside me in Biology, he was a senior taking Bio 101 in order to graduate. He walked with me on this October afternoon and told me he noticed my tits were bouncing when I walked. No one ever had spoken to me like that and I couldn't find words to reply. I did become very self conscious of my tits.

    Back in my dorm room I jumped in front of the mirror to see if my tits bounced. They didn't, not till I took my top off and my bra. Bouncing my tits in front of the mirror, alone in my dorm room, made me horny, I felt myself up and rubbed my clit and fingered myself for the first time, achieving my very first orgasm. I had sex for the first time even if I was by myself.

    The following Tuesday I went to Biology 101 without a bra. This time my tits really did bounce and this time my classmate really did notice and this time he took me to his apartment, sucked my tits, fingered me and fucked me. Now I was really in college.

    Many times when I felt lonely or when I needed a boost I went braless. I got attention. And my big man on campus continued fucking me. At a party he exposed my tits to the crowd and promptly took me upstairs to fuck me. I came downstairs with a freshly fucked look on my face. I was now part of the crowd.

    I am not here to say that tits make your day, but my tits did make my day for my first orgasm and my tits did get me laid and my tits did make me part of the crowd. True enough, I have nice tits. I know girls who don’t, sorry. If you don’t, you are a candidate for tit enhancement.

    Young, Dumb And Full Of Cum.

    Here's a little story to prove how we girls could lose our minds when puberty took control and our hormones began to rage.

    When I was turning 12, I got my first monthly and my Mom bought me my first real bra for my perky 32A boobs. Back then I was more nipple than boob, but I was thrilled to see them poke out.

    One night when my parents were out late, my 14 year old Brother Cale had his friend Rick (15) doing a sleepover. I heard them giggling and cutting up in his bedroom and I went in to see what they were doing. They were looking thru some nudie mags that Rick had brought over. Rick had his hand under the cover and had what I quickly learned was a "Boner". " Check this out" my brother said laughing. He showed me a picture of a woman sucking a cock with cum running down her fingers. " Oh my God, what is she doing" I blurted out " That looks disgusting".

    They both laughed and called me twerp. Rick they told me that the reason she had such big boobs was because swallowing cum made her boobs grow. Cale agreed and told me I had a lot to learn. They kept turning pages and all the women had big round boobs and were fucking and sucking the men. Rick then pulled down the sheet and showed me his hard cock. It looked huge to me, but what did I know at 12. I got scared and ran out as they laughed.

    The next night, I went back to Cale's room and sat on his bed and asked him if it was true that swallowing cum would make my boobs grow. " Oh absolutely" he told me . He reached up and felt my perky boobs and said I was lucky to have an older brother to help me learn stuff like this. He started to rub his cock and when he pulled it out of his shorts it was sticking straight out. I held it in my hand , just staring at it and then he said "Well go ahead and try it".

    It was warm and tasted salty as I slowly went down on it. It felt a lot bigger when it was in my mouth and I gagged and coughed. He told me to go slow and I started to boob my head up and down slowly as he tensed up. " Don't stop. Don't stop now" he whispered. Before long I felt his cock throb and he shot cum in my mouth. I coughed and gagged and cum ran down my chin and fingers. "You've got to swallow it " he laughed. I put it back in my mouth and swallowed some but it was nasty tasting. I coughed and my eyes were watering, but I had swallowed my first cum.

    Later that night I was lying in bed rubbing my hard nipples and I called my friend Stacy. I asked her if she knew that swallowing a guy's cum would make your boobs grow. She said " Oh my God, you're kidding, right"? I told her I was serious and that I had sucked my brother Cale's cock that night. She asked me if she could try it and I told her I'd have to ask Cale first.

    Cale was more than happy to have both of us suck his cock and we both learned to swallow right away. Rick started to come over on weekends if my parents were out and we'd suck them both. By the time I was 13, I had sucked several other guys as well. I was thrilled when I blossomed into a B cup.

    Of course I'm so much older and wiser now but I'm very proud of my 36DDs. I just wonder how many other teen girls fell for this kind of line. ( But I became very popular in High School)...LOL.

    And One Day She Found Herself

    Several years ago my husband's company hired a recent graduate for their marketing department. She was quiet and withdrawn. He was concerned, on a human level, she was hurting inside. He asked me to talk with her, not as the owner's wife but as a woman. We met for lunch, I got some of her background, but a lot was missing. After several meetings with her, over six months she began to open up. Until she told me what her father had done to her. My heart cried for her. I told my husband he was now responsible for her, it was his wish that led to her revealing that awful truth.

    Over the next five years she found a new world, and she became completely given to him. Many times I witnessed her in his arms, safe, loved, she belonged. She became one of ours. She was then 25, a new person, gregarious, hard working, open, spiritual. At one of our Independence Day parties at our beach house I saw something in her eyes. That night she came to me and asked if she could sleep with me. My husband was asleep, I made room for her and we were soon asleep.

    I woke up in the early hours and found her sound asleep in his arms. That night I knew she had found peace, her father's actions no longer poisoned her. He held her and she slept like a lamb in his arms.

  • Dildofied Inbox

    Lot of woman can relate to this. Since I opened Facebook. Not a single month has passed when I did not have a cock pic in my other inbox. I opened it at 18 years of age. I got from 14 year old to 50 year old guys sending me their mouse pic numerous times. Not that I hate all. There were some that looked very healthy and I talked to them. I tricked them into sending me videos as well. In return I only talked to them over messenger for sometime and them blocked them.