Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Is there a burning sex question you'd like to ask that only a woman would understand? This is the place. The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. After all, this section is ..for Women Only.

Myths Or Truths

I thought I would come here and tell some truths and lies.

Women like it. A man fucking them. And they like being eye candy too.

Women love a man that looks after them. Daddy or Hubby. Or a boyfriend.

Women love holding babies. Being pregnant. They can't resist touching another girl's baby belly.

Women want to get married. Wear a diamond ring.

Women like being in the kitchen. Not knowing how to cook is an embarrassment. First they apologize, then tell a man she can't cook.

A man holding a woman when he tells her that he loves her. Women like that.

Women don't want to end up alone. Aka, women need a man.

Women want children, women want grandchildren.

Are these truths or are these lies?

  • A Feminist Lament, You Lose It All When A Man Takes You

    My advice to women is don't kid yourself. An aggressive older male can cut through your defenses in no time. By the time you start to ask what happened, he's fucked you and you are hooked. The saying that you can't get over the man who gets on top of you is pretty much true.

    When it comes to sexual matters, toxic is in, nice is out. A finger in your face telling you to shut up is more effective than a midnight discussion with your bestie. You know your hooked when you walk behind him. A hard kiss weakens the knees, a hard cock hunting for your pussy sets you off.

    I am married, like mated, impregnated, married. Maybe I don't cry out Daddy Fuck Me, but I sure push my ass up against him. The day he told me time was up, you're getting pregnant, I resigned myself, any thought of being an independent woman left me. I embraced dependent, being pregnant does that to you. Those little hands, those bright little eyes, that little face with your great big nipple in his mouth. Eat baby, grow up and be strong like Daddy.

    Naive At Eleven

    At eleven years old, I was naive about sex. My mom was a devout Christian and avoided any talk with me about my body or sex. So I didn't really understand why my nipples were changing or
    why I was getting dark hair down below. Being home-schooled I didn't even have exposure to other girls for information.

    Anyway, one Saturday morning my brother, tom, and me were home alone. Tom was 12, and would often run about the house in his underwear. on that day I noticed that his briefs were sticking out in front. When I asked Tom if he was hurt, he just laughed and asked me if I would like to see the problem?

    When I said yes, he puled down His briefs. I hadn't seen Tom's penis since we bathed together 5 years ago. Now it was standing straight up about 5" and was surrounded by a band of black hair. I didn't know what to say and just kept staring until Tom took my hand and put it on his penis. He made my hand stroke him, an at the same time he puled down my shorts and panties. He started to play with my pubic hair and al of a sudden he groaned and a squirt of white liquid came shooting out of his penis.

    At that point we both put our clothes on. Tom begged me not to tell and I agreed. After that we continued to explore each other for a couple of years. Tom finally got a girlfriend and I got a boyfriend who knocked me up when I was 17.

  • I Can't Be Someone I'm Not

    I stood there and let him feel up my boobs. He then had me lower my pants, he touched me, explored and told me he liked a closely kept garden not a wild jungle. After being dismissed, I crossed paths with the next dancing girl.

    Why he picked me is a mystery but he did. First he asked me to look over the business books for him, not that I knew anything about books. He made me a signatory on the bank account at his office, everything had to go past me. If someone was stealing he would blame me. He liked me, and liked hugging me from behind. He didn't want me at that place, or with those girls. Undressing for him was personal, not anonymous like on the floor.

    I lowered my pants for him one day, I was wearing a well kept garden, he put his palm on me and rubbed hard against my clit. I lost control and gave him an orgasm, which always pleased him. He kissed my there and held me at arms length. I knew that day I wasn't just one of his favorite girls, he was enchanted with me and I stepped forward into his arms and ran my hands through his hair.

    When he wanted yo distance me from his business and I went to work for a friend of his in a real estate office I knew he was in love with me. He couldn't marry a stripper, I had to become mainstream first. I got a ring, and we set a date. When people asked where we met I told them we met at the bank, not dancing for him in a private session.

    Going mainstream, respectable, was hard. I didn't know how to behave. These ladies had never been in a club. I wondered which one of them had ever shown off their 'tits' in a crowd. I went to a 'coach', a rehabilitation coach, for hookers and whores and strippers like me. Walk like this, don't prance. Dress like this, don't show. Talk like this, imitate the other ladies. Don't look at men like that, guard your eyes.

    I walked down the isle, no strippers in the pews. I stood alone up there, my people weren't there. I went mainstream, I didn't belong. I 'missed' my friends, the club, the money. I didn't want a household allowance, I wanted my money in my G-string. I wanted the freedom of my tits.

    We are 'friends' with benefits, I maintain a well kept garden, I dance but nothing else. I like him, but don't love him. Friends, with benefits, HIS warm palm on my ****, that's what makes me happy. We ARE still married.

    Cajun Woman

    I was a freshman college student driving home for the weekend. It was raining when I left. I took a shortcut on a farm to market road yo get to the interstate and it was raining harder. It kept raining, so hard I could barely see the road when I slipped off the pavement, lost control and slid down the embankment and roled, landing upside down at the bottom of the ditch. I was caught upside down by the seatbelt. And the ditch was filling with rainwater. I went mad with fright, until I lost consciousness.

    I came to with a man lifting me up into the seat so he could release the seatbelt, he released me into the water and pulled me out through the broken window. He grabbed under my arms, pulling me up the embankment, he fell and we lay there with the rain in my face. He recovered and got me up and into a pickup, and took me to his house, a trailer in the woods.

    He stripped me, a woman telling me to lay still. With only my underwear on he felt me all over, the woman telling me I was fighting the wrong enemy. After he was sure I had no broken bones, he started on the cuts and bruises of pulling me through the broken window and up the embankment. I kept my eyes on his eyes, quiet, let him touch me and wash my cuts.

    He left me with the woman, who helped me out of my wet underwear. "You're a lucky girl" she told me, "Papaw saved your life". I won't say I calmed down, I was scared.

    Papaw became my foster father, and full time 'man' friend. He 'possessed' me. My body in his hands was a toy for him to play with. I never felt scared, I felt resigned. "Papaw loves you, you be a good woman to him". I tried hard to be a good woman, I was still a child really, in the hands of a man.

    I switched between going home and going to Papaw's. "You're a woman now, Papaw needs a woman not a kid". I had to be a woman. When I graduated he bought me a pickup, a red neck Cajun pickup. I moved in once and for all. I settled there. I managed a job at the Bank in town, became part of the community. Papaw had it in him, I have three kids. Papaw built a house and cleared some of the property so the kids have a yard.

    Red neck Cajun living, four wheelers, pickups, crawdads, boudin. The kids don't much like grandma's house in Houston. They aren't inside kids like I was. I'm home schooling, Papaw gave in. City girl, in a red neck world. Papaw loves me way to much, when I'm his arms I'm his woman. Kathy, his sister makes sure of that. "Don't forget, you breathe 'cause Papaw went back for you". I know, I know. Papaw loves me and I love him.

  • No Panties And Sex

    In 2021 I stopped wearing panties. After being unlucky and getting a few UTIs and few yeast infections during that year my gynecologist suggested to let things air out some for a bit. Meaning stop wearing thongs all day and night.

    And my gynecologist also suggested to grow my pubic hair out as it can aid in protection from UTIs and yeast infections. I had been shaving since I was 13 so having pubes was something I wasn’t used to. But about a week later I said fuck it and stopped wearing panties and stopped shaving my pussy. Just shaved my thighs were my pubes grow onto. Hate thigh pubes

    It took some adjusting to get used to not wearing panties. But as I got used to it wearing a sundress with no panties felt amazing. And wearing jeans with no panties. Going to work with no panties was my dirty secret

    After a few months my bush was really coming in. I was hairy for the first time in my life. Quite the bush too and I actually found it really sexy. After a few months I had a visit to my gynecologist and she asked how things were. Then a look and she seemed surprised how hairy I got so quickly.

    I decided to take a break from sex to avoid any more UTIs and that break lasted until this year.

    I began having sex with a hot coworker of mine. Great body and excellent dick he’s got. And he got the nice surprise of finding out I don’t wear panties. At first I was worried he wouldn’t like my bush but he mentioned he loved a hairy pussy!

    Come to find out a sundress and no panties makes for easy access so he can bend me over his desk whenever he needs to cum! I swallow his load when he fucks my pussy.

    Two weeks ago my coworker told me he loved to fuck women in the butt. And me being okay with anal I told him get some lube and you can. But you’re cumming in my butt if you’re gonna fuck it!

    So he started fucking me in my butt. And cumming in it! We turns out cum leaks out and now I’m really questioning not wearing panties lol.

    When A Man Swings His Dick, A Woman Has Her Pussy Waiting

    Through no fault of my own I had to grow up fast. I come across as too serious, not fun. I degreed with an MBA and got hired by a Fortune 500. My first meeting with my new boss went bad. It was short, "what do you have between your legs?" Dicks do dick work, pussy does pussy work. Dismissed.

    I went to HR, "don't fuck with him, literally".

    I did my job, my assignments. I focused on being better than anyone. My three month review, "you do pussy work". I hired you your brain, use it. A year went by, I travelled with a team to support a negotiation. The lead was a dick, a trusted dick. I was the only pussy on the team. Keep records.

    The last night we were there I was called to his room. He was direct, he brought me because I was a pussy, now prove it. HR didn't tell me he would put me in a no win situation. It was a classic confrontation between a dick and a pussy, and the dick won. I didn't learn everything in school. Some things you learn growing up.

    It got deeper and deeper and deeper. Pillow talk. Look after him, another pussy job. My mother was a wife, I didn't want to be a wife. He wanted a wife like pussy with him. HR was right. Hold your tongue girl, my mother told me. I held my tongue, biding for time. Sooner or later he would be so deep in the honey trap, the pussy would have the upper hand.

    When he brought the ring around, I let him put it on my finger. He told me to change jobs, go work for another outfit if I wanted, but keep his bed warm. The day I married him I was above every dick in his department. I was now Ma'am, not Valery to them. Over the months that followed I became their Den Mother, the one they came to for advice.

    I read once that when the man nods his head, the woman's hands are there to nod it for him.

    Discovering My Sexuality, My Love For A Penis, And Woman's Hot Lips

    I lived alone, I had managed to buy a small condo on my own. I had friends, both male and female, but no attachments. I turned 33 and I was still a virgin. One night, it was early summer, I woke up to a man standing at the foot of my bed with a black mask on. He was naked with an erection. I thought, this is it.

    But he disappeared, climbing over the railing of my balcony. The next day we were notified by the HOA that a woman was r**ed in her room. I kept this man's visit to myself, except for telling my best friend and coworker. She told me to come stay with them for a few nights. I packed a small suitcase and followed her home. She lived in a small two bedroom house with her husband and a cat.

    It was early morning, like two a.m., when I felt someone pulling on my toe. It was my friend, totally naked standing at the foot of the bed. She said her husband wanted me to join them. She took my covers off and worked on getting my pj bottoms and panties off. She ran her hand through my bush before working on taking off my top. She leaned over and told me that after her husband fucked he would fall asleep and we could make all the love with wanted. Kissing me on the lips telling me she loved me.

    She took me to her husband who was laying naked on his back. She told me to give him a blowjob and get him hard so he could fuck me. First time naked with a man, first time naked in a sexual situation, fist time ever touching a penis, first time ever sucking a man. He got hard and fucked me, it was fast and without any foreplay on his part. Once he was done, he fell asleep like my friend told me. And she set down to make love with me.

    The next morning I was confused, I had a man have sex with me, and I had made love with a woman. She told me several times that she was in love with me and after complaining about it her husband had agreed, on the condition that he got me first. We became lovers, with many expressions of love. We slept together and only had sex with him out of a misplaced sense of obligation. I sold my condo, and with the proceeds we used it as down payment for a bigger place for the three of us. After two years he moved out and we were finally alone.

    It was only then that she said 'I'm in love with you' that it sunk in. Over time I became the one to welcome her husband when he came over. I needed him to have sex with me, and I wasn't interested in a quickie. I found his penis erotic, hard and in my hand, in my mouth, and in my vagina. Far more erotic than my friend's vagina, although I could well understand her attachment to my vagina. MY vagina to her was the same thing as his penis was to me. The object itself, the heart of the matter. She could spend an hour while she explored and made love to my vagina, and when her husband was here I spent that same amount of time making love to his penis.

    Hate Pubes

    Call me picky or whatever but I hate pubic hair.

    On myself and anyone I sleep with. I’ve made my past 4 boyfriends shave their pubes off because of my preference

    I personally get waxed but I’m not expecting a guy to do that. Shaving is just fine

    The guy I’m currently seeing.. we first had sex 5 month ago. Well I gave him a bj. And he was all natural! I was surprised! He’s 37. After the bj was finished I told him my preference and to my surprise he said that’s not an issue. Told me he shaved in his younger days

    A week later when we had sex. I pulled his underwear off to find a bald cock. It looked so much better bald to me! And ever since then he shaves every other day

  • I Am Now Pregnant, Knocked Up By My Boss

    A while back I confessed to being the love child to my father, the big city lawyer, and his secretary, knocked up at the office. He was in my life and I spent a good amount of time at his house with his formal family. My mother was for running around, came to see her at midnight, got his piece from her and drove home later. She loved him in her own way and he loved her in his own way. But she was never going to be his wife.

    I know what it feels like being the bastard child.

    Well a lot of years have past, I'm 37 now and I'm knocked up by the boss. We started having sex during the pandemic period, in his office, across his desk, the way secretaries and subordinates usually get fucked. It can't be comfortable for him, standing up behind you slamming your ass, and it isn't comfortable for the woman either. But a lot of fucking happens that way. Including me.

    I felt I was a woman when his dick rubbed against my open pussy, and swoosh his dick was inside me. All that hard hitting and his hands on my back or my neck holding me down so he could fuck. That's what fucking is, hold the bitch down and fuck her. Lovemaking is different, all cuddled up in bed, after sucking his dick, on your back and he's on top. That's different. Bitch fucking is a different story altogether. You know you're the bitch, and he owns your ass.

    I got pregnant, not on purpose but because I was changing method to a long acting BC. Well it didn't kick in on time and here I am with big belly to show for it. He's actually pleased with himself, men like it when they knock up a girl. He does. HIs wife, not so happy about it.

    I'm having a boy, and I'm going to name him David. His father is resigned to the fact that his last name will be on the birth certificate. His wife not so much. I guess if I was 27 she would be more upset, but as it is we are only five years apart, she is 42 and had her last kid when she was 35. All she says to me is that I've got myself into this and I'm responsible for it. But he is paying for it, and that's where she thinks it's cheating, her kids out of their inheritance.

    When my father died my mother got a house and the proceeds from a life policy. I got a car, used, and all my college debts paid off. Nothing like what the wife and his other kids got, but all in all not bad for the bastard child. My goal is to make sure that my David is in the inheritance for his rightful share. If he buys me a house I won't complain.

    Oh yeah, I had dinner at their house the other night. His wife slapped me on the ass, because she always wanted to do that. I asked her whether she wanted to slap me, or any woman's ass? Me, she likes seeing me big and pregnant. Must be a woman thing, being around a pregnant woman.