Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out? The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting. After all, this section is .. For Women Only.

My Delusions Came Home To Roost

The day came when I was carried off and sexually assaulted. I think of that day every day, I don't obsess about it but I think about it. That day I 'grew up', the world is not fair. I am physically unable to protect myself. I need a man's protection and I need to stop being naive and stupid.

  • May December Relationship, Or Daddy Issue

    Growing up I am the oldest, followed by four younger siblings. As the oldest I was pressed into service early, making me the second mom. I never resented my role, but I had to grow up fast and I was always a lot more mature than my classmates. It wasn't until after college that I moved out of my parent's home.

    I moved to Sacramento and a childhood friend of my mom's got me a job at the utility company. She took me in and gave me cover. Naive as I was it took a while for me to zero in that she preferred the company of women to men. No wonder I never met any men in her social circle. She was nice, very mature like me and we got along fine.

    At work I met a man who is 19 years older than me. I became infatuated with him and it wasn't long before he had popped my cherry and I was totally under his influence. Although we are almost twenty years apart I feel I am woman enough for him. But there is one more thing, my relationship with him has evolved, I hate to say it, into a daddy sort of thing, He complains that I kiss like a little girl, and that I beg for his approval. I can't tell, I do know that sex for me is like an incredible cuddle, being released is always disappointing and I want to crawl back into his arms.

    Playing Russia Roulette

    For money I danced at a club close to a large truck stop. I was 19. At that time girls were really pressured into breast augmentation. Of course there was a handy doctor who did the girls. I went and did not like her and decided not to. Another dancer told me to keep my tits and not to mess with them.

    The whole experience, dancing topless, the boob job issue, my friend who really liked my natural boobs, she helped me really develop an appreciation for my tits, maybe because she liked them so much.

    I stopped dancing, went into the Army, served in Korea, after my discharge I went to college and I am elementary school teacher. All along I have had a boob fetish, in the Army I had a couple of inappropriate relationships, I cannot get serious with a girl with fake tits. My current girlfriend has amazing all natural tits, and she appreciates that I give her real tits too.

    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The tests show that she carries the BRCA gene. I got tested and I have it too. I cannot face having my beautiful breasts cut off. My girlfriend says she doesn't mind but I know that loosing my tits will ruin my life.

    Sorry for the downer but people don't really understand what your tits mean to you.

    My Life Isn't Working Out For Me

    I graduated two years ago but can't find a job, I am living with my mother's sister and her husband. I never connected in college and never had sex, everyone in my family knows about that because I told my cousin and she blurted it out. My uncle by marriage took it upon himself to fix the problem. I am now pregnant with his child. No he has not apologized, I guess I deserve it. My aunt accuses me of enticing him to get me pregnant so he has to support me. My mother pretty much said the same thing. I don't want an abortion, I am pregnant and it's my baby too.

    Sorry for the story, all I wanted was a job after college and now I am pregnant with my aunt's husband.

    I Am My Boss' Lover

    I have worked with my boss for seven years. He hired me out of college. Two years ago I had to change position in the conference room and flashed him, commando. I was well groomed, nothing gross, but bare. Later I apologized and he asked if it was an 'accident', because going commando at work was if nothing else was a bit risky. I agreed, told him I liked the freedom and only did it from time to time and always only during safe days.

    After work he asked me into his office, and asked for a full monty. I lifted my dress and let him look until he told me to let my dress down. He said he wanted more, so I sat back on his desk and offered it up to him. He took his time, he went down on me before dropping his pants and taking me on his desk. After we were standing again he took his kiss.

    Starting a sexual relationship with him was and is inappropriate from an HR but not from a woman wanting to give herself to a man. He is much more experienced, and I suppose that I want him to be my boss I want him to be the man who has me as his lover. I guess I love him, probably always have.

    Puerto Rico Born And Raised

    Until my sister was born I slept with my parents, my sister is eleven years younger. I slept beside my mother while she had sex, I felt my father's erection when he confused me for my mother, I bathed with my mother, I bathed with my father. I saw my mom give my father oral sex, saw my father give my mother oral sex. I was in my mothers bed while she got pregnant.

    Sex, nudity, erections, moaning, slaps on the ass, sex grip, tonsil hokey, love marks, I saw it all. When we moved to a house from the trailer I had already had an orgasm, gripped by my dad. My sister was born at home and I was with my mom and the midwives and held my sister right after the umbilical cord was cut. I was dropped off by the school bus and I did laundry, started dinner, vacuumed, by the time I was 14 I did the grocery shopping.

    I love my body, my tits, my pussy. I love sex, cooking, baby bellies, dresses, manicures, j*welry.

    My mom never kept me from being sexual, she taught me to dance, to dress, to flirt. She taught me how to have sex. White girls are hung up, Puerto Rican girls grow up wanting to be women

    What To Do About Pubic Hair

    I’m about to start college and I’m going to live in a dorm with one of my friends from school. My main concern is grooming. I’m a virgin and I’m all natural down there. I never have done anything to my pubic hair and I honestly never worried about it. I’ve only been naked around select friends and my mom. My friends either trimmed or shaved. My mom is all natural too, never has groomed.

    I’m wondering if I should keep the bush or groom it? I definitely plan to lose my virginity in college and hopefully have regular sex. I just don’t know what guys like. I honestly love my bush, I think it’s sexy but is telling me I should at least trim it. And if I ha e hair on my thighs to shave it off, which I’m lucky and I don’t get hair too far onto my thighs. Shkso suggestioned shaving or getting a bikini wax. I’m lost at what to do, I personally think a bush is sexy. That’s the only hairy part of my body.

    Also when it comes to underwear, is my bikini panties going to be sexy enough? Or my string bikini panties? I only have two thongs which I do like but I only wear them with dresses or thin pants.

    My Boss Is My Role Model, He Is The True Example Of A Manager

    "Because you are a woman". That was my boss telling me why I would never go to the Middle East. I was 25, an internal auditor and I would 'never' go to the company's biggest profit center. Over time I was kept out of various places and assignments. I got used to it, being a woman kept me close to the home office, in the decision making room.

    29, my boss had moved me to strategic planning working directly with him. A consulting company was hired to help evaluate an acquisition. My boss asked me to go to dinner with the lead manager on our account, a real jerk. I looked at him and I reminded him I was a woman. He understood, he asked that the account manager be replaced with a woman. He apologized to me for putting me in that situation.

    My Daughter Is Now That Age

    My husband is ten years older than me, I met him when I was 12. We were together at a lake house for a party and I went for a walk with him through the woods to another section of the lake. I was tall for my age, with new boobs and already had wider hips. He hugged me and tickled me and I lay back on the grass and opened my legs and flashed him sexually. He lowered his face, pushed my dress up and ate me thru my panties. When I reached orgasm he put his arms around me until I recovered. From that day on I was in love with him. He was careful with me until I got married at 22.

    I have a 14 year old girl, she is boy crazy, I have seen her open her legs in front of her brother's friends. My son brought her behavior to my attention, he says she has been flashing since she was six or seven. I never told her how I had flashed her father. He held back but one of these boys is probably not going to hold off with her.

    I want to put her on birth control, maybe something to lower her libido. I don't doubt she is sexually alive already, I was at her age. I spent my teen years in sexual anguish thanks to her father, I don't want her to suffer like that. I won't get into the merits of teen sex, her father toyed with me for years, avoiding penetration but heating me up in every other way. She is sexually ready.

  • I Need A Strong Healthy Man In My Life

    I have been unfaithful to my husband. For me, brought up to be a good Christian, what I am admitting to is embarrassing and emotionally draining. I am 28, I have a six year old daughter. I married my childhood sweetheart. He was an avid outdoorsman, fisherman, hunter. Three years ago he fell out of a blind while deer hunting, breaking his neck and back. He was found the next day, alive but irreversibly hurt. He is a quadriplegic, and has many other health problems. And he has become verbally and emotionally abusive. He has a computer and porn is on all day everyday, I don't let my daughter near him unless I have taken his computer away.

    Let me add, there can be no sex with him. I have been to useless therapy to 'enjoy' sex with a paralyzed man. There is no man, no erection, no strength, only anger, frustration and loneliness. I am in a sexual relationship with a strong, big man with a powerful erection who makes no bones about who the man is. It is refreshing emotionally, sexually, physically. It is also infidelity.

    I cannot see a future for me or my daughter, I cannot work and take care of him, we are dependent on social assistance and family. I no longer love my husband, I don't feel sorry for him either. I cannot live up to my vow of 'in sickness', I have my daughter to think of, myself. My new man wants me in his house, I have to return my husband to his mother.

    I am ashamed, I just can't fathom God wanting his accident to destroy three lives. Thank you for listening.