Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out? The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting. After all, this section is .. For Women Only.

Son Playing

I came home from work early, went upstairs to change and my son didnt hear me come home, he was lying on his bed watching porn and masturbating and I could see him through the crack in the door. I thought I should not watch, but I was mesmerized by the size of his hard cock. I have to confess, I watched until he finished.

He's a D1 field events throwing athlete, well built and gorgeous, has had plenty of beautiful girlfriends. I was amazed when he orgasmed, the amount of cum and how far he shot it. I can't get the picture out of my head.

I snuck back downstairs and made sure to make some noise and give him time to clean up. When he came downstairs he had that intoxicating musky smell of sex and cum. I had to go upstairs and take a shower and take some time myself.

I will never do anything with him, but I wondered if any other moms had caught or watched their sons do it? How did you handle it? Thanks.

  • What Should I Do?

    I am thirty-six and divorced, and a few months ago I had the opportunity to have a bisexual fling with a young woman in my building. I will admit that I have long been curious about being with another female.
    Well, with Beth I was not disappointed. I found female sex to be very exciting as well as satisfying and see hy this has been becoming such a trendy thing.
    The only problem is that Beth is quite petite. She’s only five foot tall and thin and is twenty-four years old, she looks like she is about fourteen. She is a nurse and yes, I have seen her identification. So she really is twenty-four. But she just looks so youthful and the fact that she flat chested and shaves down there and is smooth really does make her look prepubescent.
    I really do enjoy her company and we go naked all the time at each other’s apartment and feel so free and uninhibited with each other. Still, the fact that she looks so youthful does continue to make me feel nervous. Like I am this mature woman taking advantage of this very young girl, especially when we are having sex.
    The sex with her is great and obviously she knows what she is doing. She has told me that she enjoys being bi, although this is something that she has to keep a secret because of both work and her mother, who is very anti-homosexual. So because of this I do not feel at all pressured to be more open about my situation, and that has worked out nicely for me.
    Still, the matter of my feeling like I’m with this very young girl does make me nervous. Should I just be relaxed about this and enjoy it, since it’s safe that I can obviously. Or should I perhaps choose someone closer to my own age? I am in a bit of a quandary.

    Looking For Girls

    I'm so horny in lockdown, does anyone know of any websites where I can link up with lesbians on webcam and rub my pussy for them while watching them masturbate? Not interested in men, only women. Any lesbians on this website who wants to do this?

  • So Horny!

    For the last month or so my libido has been really high. I have cum at least once a day at work. I listen to erotica or watch porn everyday. I want something in my pussy constantly. I don’t think I have ever been this horny.

    Wanting Your Opinion

    I'm a 69 mwm. I love my wife and love eating her pussy. But beyond that I fantasize about eating it "dirty", like when you diddle in it, it's all squishy sounding from all her juices. The problem is she won't let me stating "that's nasty". Well, it turns me on just thinking about it and how it tastes and the aroma of it. I therefore revert to using her "dirty" panties to sniff and taste while masturbating. I have often wondered and would love to hear back from all the women that will reply, is it typical of all women to feel the way she does about a man (or woman) who wants to eat a dirty pussy?

    Please respond if you feel led to. Thanks for your input.

    Very Curious

    I know this is a women only page and I am sorry for the intrusion but I have a question that really only a woman can answer.
    I am very curious if there are women out there who would enjoy having a man perform oral sex only. I mean have a woman lie naked and have a man start with her nipples then go down on her (front and rear) for as long as she could stand it but no intercourse.
    this is something that I have wondered about lately I guess since going down on a woman is something I truly enjoy, enjoy to the point that there have been time when I've gone down on a woman and made myself cum without her touching me in any way or being inside her.
    I'd be curious to her some thoughts on this.

    First Penis


    How old were you when you touched your first erect penis (not brothers)?? How old was he?

    After Ten Years Of Marriage I'm Going More And More All Girl

    I met my husband in college. He is very intelligent and charismatic. He get a girl in bed without hardly trying, me included. He likes smaller girls, petite, small breasts, small butt. Every girl I have met that he has fucked is petite. He was a senior and I was a freshman. We kept up a long distance relationship. Somehow he married me and not one of his other girlfriends.

    Especially during the early years of our marriage we had several girl boy girl sexual affairs. I learned to appreciate a girl. One girl in particular has stayed with us. She and I have a steady sexual thing going, not as often with him anymore. But he does have sex with her, sort of reminding himself she is also his and needs his attention.

    Since Christmas she has slept with me every night. Sleeping-sleeping and sleeping sexually. I don't have a bead on who he is seeing, but he is seeing a girl. The pattern is the same, he gets homey but not sexual. Not at home, his energy is going into some girl he met. Gives me more quality time with 'our' girl life.

    I Was Sent A Fallen Angel

    I am now 36. I have two kids, 9 and 13. In my early twenties I was off my rocker. I was living in the Bronx working without benefits as a waitress. Being a gay woman my personal life was utter poverty, some prostitution, some illegal stuff, in and out of lesbian beds. Mostly I was really poor living in a room with four other gay women.

    A guy, a bartender where I got a job, fucked me in the back room. He had a stable of girls and he wanted me in the stable, prostitution. One of the men he sent me to, at a Holiday Inn, decided he would keep me overnight. In the morning he broke down my defenses and got my story. Being prostituted pissed him off and offered to take me with him. I went.

    He is the father of my kids. I went to a school and got a certificate in Social Work and I work with a ministry for troubled girls, a lot of them gay. Being with him I accepted Christ. I am gay, I live with my kids, I am a former prostitute and have dependency problems. I have a woman in my life now, also a Christian gay woman. She grew up with wealthy parents and graduated from a snob school. As to the man, he is all around me, my kids are his kids and he is in their lives and mine every day. He is a reformed sinner himself and after rescuing me we accepted Christ together. In the man woman world he is my husband and I am his wife.

    It's complicated.


    Two years ago my daughter, who was twenty-four at the time and single, revealed to me that she had been having a casual bisexual affair with a friend. She assured me that she wasn’t a lesbian and that it was nothing like that. She just described it as being convenient and fun.
    I wasn’t exactly shocked, but I was surprised because I had no idea that my daughter would be into anything like that. She had always liked boys.
    I mentioned this to my friend, Julie, who is my age and also divorced and has a grown son and daughter. She wasn’t at all surprised and said how that was quite common these days. I asked her if she had ever done anything like that, and she said no, that she had never tried it. And of course I never had, either. But Julie remarked how the two of us could do something like that together and it really wouldn’t be a big deal.
    We sort of joked about it and discussed it, and finally decided that we were both curious, and that we could see what it was like. So being very adventurous we went into my bedroom and took off our clothes and got naked. Well, neither of us could take it very seriously and it was sort of awkward, and neither of us knew quite how to approach the situation. We ended up lying together on the bed, more or less lightly and cautiously holding one another, and we spent about two hours just talking and being friendly like we always were, and enjoying feeling comfortable being naked together as friends. That was all that we did.
    It was two days later when she came over in the morning for coffee and she asked if I was in the mood to be naked again, which obviously she was. So we took our clothes off and had our coffee in the nude, which was fun. Then we went back into the bedroom and got on the bed. This time we were both feeling much more relaxed and far less self-conscious. We tried kissing, lightly, and that went well and was quite nice. Then we happily ended up engaging in some very satisfying mutual masturbation, and enjoyed having an orgasm, which we both needed.
    The next day we did the same thing, and this time we were much more adventurous and even, I would say, passionate, and it was quite wonderful enjoying that together as women. That was how it started for us, and then Julie and I began to have quite a nice affair.
    So it was about six months later that I told my daughter about this. My daughter was a little surprised, not expecting that, but she was quite happy for the two of us. So since then Julie and I have been thoroughly enjoying having the most delightful romantic feminine affair. I can only say that I wish that I had tried this years earlier, and that Julie feels the same.
    No, not lesbians, Just bisexual friends. There really is a difference.