Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Is there a burning sex question you'd like to ask that only a woman would understand? This is the place. The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. After all, this section is ..for Women Only.

A Woman Must Go To A Real Man. Nothing Else Will Do.

Maybe it's a woman thing. Being bi, or even lesbian, seems somewhat natural to me. Women NEED to be close with another woman. And that closeness can go physical. It doesn't interfere with the male female relationship. To me totally acceptable.

A bi male, or a gay male, makes me sick at the stomach. It's totally unacceptable. Two males engaged in sex, oral or anal, is just outside of any boundary I can envision. Bros are one thing, them engaging in sexual behavior is not.

I will add that I spent four years in ROTC at VMI, and six years in the military. Around men, some real men, others boys wanting to be men. My bi woman thing is as necessary to me as breathing. I did not, and could not, have anything to do with gay or so called bi men. To me, bi men are gay, no woman can think seriously of a bi man as a life partner. For that, a real man is the answer.

You, meaning women, can only really give themselves to a real man. It's nature's law, and everyone knows, don't try to fool mother nature.

  • My Problem

    I have seen posts on here from men with large equipment. Well I have the female version. Or in this case more of a problem.
    I have a very large vagina. Large to the point that a couple of men have came right out and asked me how my pussy got so "loose". I am not a slut and have never been promiscuous. I have not had that many partners and they were not large in the cock area.
    During sex I can barely feel an average cock inside me. And like I said a couple of guys have made comment about my size.
    To give you an idea. One night I was watching TV and downing a bottle of wine. I was extremely horny and began touching myself. The bottle was empty so I began using it as a dildo. I just wasn't getting anything so I flipped the bottle around and tried pushing the large end of the bottle in me. Once I got wet enough, YES, I took it. The large end of the bottle was completely inside me with just the thin neck sticking out. I used it like a handle and banged myself with the bottle as I rubbed my clit to get off.
    What can I do? Meeting a guy and the thought of sex is embarrassing.

    Is Your Goal Orgasm?

    I often rub myself just because it feels good, but have no intentions of getting myself off. I asked my wife if she ever does the same. I had never known her to. She said something to the effect that for her when she started the play with herself the goal was alway to cum.
    So my question is . Is this a common difference between the sex’s or just a difference between my wife and I?

  • Selling My Unused Hole To The Highest Bidder

    First, I'm a girl too. I spent a lot of time coming to terms with my hole. Really coming to terms with my hole. Most of the time you don't think about. But when you are in male company you have no way of ignoring you have a hole, and the males around you gave a probe. And all they want to do is stick in your hole. It has nothing to do with you, you are just the convenient hole.

    So we go back to those discussions you had growing up, don't give it away, sell it to the highest bidder. Your hole is for sale, always was, always is. You only have one hole to sell. Don't give it away. Don't loan it or rent it. The highest bidder wants unused.

    So going back to males around you, they want free. Males do not want to pay. No down payment, no terms and conditions. Do not fall for them. Remember always, you can only sell your hole unused once. Once it's used it's a dime a dozen, every girl has one.

    This then is why I'm here, to confess that in spite of males wanting my hole, none want to pay. My hole is unused, available to the highest bidder.

    Not A Plan, Not Intentional, But In Any Event We Are A Poly Family

    Me and this other girl shared a boyfriend. She met him in school, I met him at work. He refused to choose. One year went by, then two. A pattern existed, Fridays were hers, Saturdays mine. The week was more informal, we worked it out on the phone, but sometimes we met in person.
    When 2020 came around I worked from home, she lost her job, he was essential so he worked at his job. To save rent for her I said move in until you get a job and you are back on your feet.

    What happened next was his desire to have sex with both of us at the same time. For a week or so we refused, but why not? It was fun. Best sex. We went along to get along. By the time 2020 was gone we were 'best friends'. By the time 2021 was over we were working as a team. She was working on line, I was back at the office.

    We never talked of a plan, it was one day at a time until it was situation normal. We are planning a family now, it seems that is the right thing to do. I would never offer up to start a family if I was alone, and she wasn't here beside me.

  • Fed Up With The Female Monster They Created

    Fed up with the Great White Male Monster narrative I moved to Queretaro in Mexico. My company has a plant there. My goal was to meet a woman without the feminist agenda, a woman who saw herself being a wife and mother. I met Ofelia, a very nice, college educated, woman looking for a husband. We got married with all the pomp and ceremony and she presented me with a son, Carlos.

    At home, sisters, friends, coworkers want to know why I went to Mexico to look for a wife when so many eligible girls are waiting for a man to whisk them away into matrimony.

    All I can say, take a good hard look in the mirror, you don't stand a chance against a girl like Ofelia.

    The Biggest Lesson Of All Us To Do What You Are Good At

    I decided after high school to be a firefighter. I was pretty fit, but not fit enough. The training was brutal, the physical demands unbending. My truth here is that I was 'carried' by my male colleagues. I passed and was assigned to a station. In a very short time I was told maybe I needed to be an EMT, or maybe go into the office. I was cut, I didn't have what it takes.

    I left, went to school, got a degree in Criminal Justice. I tried being a cop. I washed out.

    I'm a 'chef', a cook in a fancy restaurant. I found that I do that best. My grandmother was a great cook. I always do my best for cops, firefighters, servicemen. It's what I can do for the men.

    Lonely Wishing I Had Made Better Choices, I Need A Man In My Life

    I sat around talking to some girl friends of mine, mostly MBA types and Lawyers. We had one thing in common, we are single, in our mid and late thirties. And we are lonely bitches.

    My sister, a nice first grade teacher is married with two kids and a dog in suburbs. Her husband is so nice and gracious and she is the light of his life. To him I'm a bitch and he barely tolerates me.

    I can't undo the past, but if I had to give advise, don't be a bitch, do his laundry and pick up his clothes. Being the only one in the apartment sucks, I'm tired of sharing my place with my shadow. I would give just about anything for a man in my life, I am ready to do laundry and pick up his clothes. I think I'm attractive and well educated, I have all the equipment necessary to bear children. Including a wide enough ass, and big enough tits. My clock is ticking, I hope it's not just the crocodile in Peter Pan.

    When You're The Fish, And He Invites You To Go Fishing

    This isn't funny. A friend at work invited me to go fishing. He said he had use of his uncle's fishing camp. How was I supposed to know what a 'fishing camp' was. No indoor bathroom. No electricity. No rooms.

    He said he would look out the window. Thanks, I don't have anything decent, I sleep naked.

    He loaned me a shirt, long enough to cover my ass. We sat out on the deck, cooler than inside. He walked me to the 'shit hole', and waited. He gave me a bottle of water to wash my face and hands and brush my teeth.

    He had an air mattress, I had the floor or bundle up with him. I figured it out by morning, we weren't there to go fishing. He 'likes' a white shirt, no bra, no panties. He likes bundling up. At least there's an indoor bathroom.

  • The Lunch Ladies

    After high school I was hired as a junior clerk in the purchasing department of a large company. I was one of six women, there were three men clerks and there was the manager, a man in his fifties. The women all had lunch together in the kitchen and them men went out to lunch with vendors. Fridays the men went to the Black Stallion, a strip joint, and the women went to the Grotto's, an Italian place. Week in and week out, that was the way it was.

    Among the women none of us ever voiced a desire to go out with vendors, to talk sports and politics. We liked our lunch, we talked kids and first grade teachers. Sometimes we talked about more intimate things, like fertility and periods. But mostly we talked family, and recipes and cub scouts and taking care of grandma. We never talked sex.

    Who started it we don't know. It could have been one of the men. But the idea came that one Friday the girls would go to the Black Stallion and the men would go to Grotto's. Going to the Black Stallion sent shivers through us, no one had ever been to a place like that before. But the manager assured us that he had arranged it so the management was expecting us and we would be respected. They sat us around the runway, and the girls on stage leaned forward so that we could get a good look at them, and they squatted with their legs wide apart. And we had to slip money into their g-strings. And they let us touch, something that was not allowed for the men. We could touch their boobs, fake or not, and touch them between their legs.

    This one girl slipped off her g-string before crouching, opened her legs wide and let us get a real good look. She took my finger and inserted into her vagina, 'see honey, I'm just like you'. After the floor show we were moved to a table setting where we were served the Friday lunch, a sirloin stake with mashed potatoes, and the girls served us topless, rubbing their boobs across our backs, holding our heads into their cleavage. Turning our heads and holding our faces between their boobs. We were allowed to touch, and kiss a nipple and touch them between their legs. There were kisses too, a girl leaning over and kissing us on the lips. 'See honey, we are just like you'.

    One girl put a card down my bra, with her name and phone number and a note that the first one was free, if I wanted to make love. She came back around and whispered in my ear 'I eat pussy, I'll send you around the moon, I'll make you cum so hard'. She picked me out, to put her arm around me, to pull me into her boobs. She took my hands so I could feel her up, and see that there wasn't anything fake there, all natural. And she whispered in my ear that she wanted to make love. That she was serious, she wanted to make love with me.

    Before we left she put a piece of paper on the table with a pen and told me to write down my name and number and she would call me, and she kissed me on the lips. And gave me a hug.

    When she called she told me she only did girls. No man had ever had sex with her, she promised. She was strictly into girls and when she saw me walk in she fell in love. She would be nice but to go out with her and she would show me that she really was in love. She did eat pussy, like she said, and she did send me into orbit like she promised me at lunch. She kissed me and held my face between her boobs, and let me kiss on her nipples and feel her up inside. She let me eat pussy, but mostly we just kissed and used our hands, unless we got to the point that we just had to eat pussy and force another orgasm. I won't say I fell in love that first time, but I was soon in love and that's all I could think of, and that she was dancing naked in front of the men that I worked for on Friday at lunch.

    The ladies I worked with were all quiet about it. No one asked the obvious. No one talked about it. Not until Maggie said that was one way to make sure you never got pregnant. They talked about husbands and boyfriends, and more than once they mentioned that having a man between their legs was what it was all about. And getting their ass pregnant. 'Honey, are you sure of what you're doing? She's a whore, a whore. And she can't get you pregnant'.

    I was given to a man in operations. His goal was to get me pregnant. It was a supervised thing. Before he came in the room, and after he left, and I was examined to make sure he had left his droppings in me. To make sure it was repeated three times that week. The goal was for me to be pregnant before Thanksgiving. And after I was pregnant, proved to him that I could and would have children, then and only then did he agree to marry me. It was his second marriage, he had an ex who lived in Mississippi. On the day I got married I was twenty and he was forty two, and already had three children. 'There really isn't any choice, is there? we can't standby and let you ruin your life'.