Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Is there a burning sex question you'd like to ask that only a woman would understand? This is the place. The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. After all, this section is ..for Women Only.

I Miss Him He Was Every Woman's Nemesis, He And That Little Blue Devil

As a thirty something wife of a fifty something husband, who discovered the little blue Devil I was the renewed object of his attention. He chased me down in the kitchen, pushing the vacuum cleaner, getting ready for a girl's night out with my sorority sisters. There was no, and no, and not now. But his hearing was Impaired. He was so hard I had to admit to myself that fucking a knot out of a fence post was possible. I bent over, took it on my back in the living room, held myself up in the shower.

All I have is my memories, I do the dishes, vacuum, go out with my sorority sisters. No one to chase me, no one to hear my yes, yes, yes, one more time please. My dear is at rest now, that little blue Devils can't get him up now.

  • Being The One She Opened Up To,

    My job was a tax compliance specialist. Her job was assistant general counsel. To describe her, petite, black hair, dark eyes, pretty face, assertive. And flat chested, which seemed to be her trauma. I have a voluptuous figure.

    She invited me to a dinner at her house, she said a couple was joining us. She hadn't mentioned that they were a couple of lesbians. After her friends left she invited me to her bedroom. She showed me some pictures in an envelope, a young girl in the nude. It was her, she said they were taken by her neighbor, a woman. She sent them to her when her life was ending. She passed a few days later.

    She asked if I liked them. Your supposed to say no, being of a young girl. But I liked them, natural, not erotic. She said she liked them too. And asked if I would take some pictures of her nude, to have a comparison. That night with a camera she gave me, she posed nude for several pictures, same poses of those young girl poses.

    The truth was, the whole bit was overly erotic to me. And we ended up playing lesbians. Woke up, with the pictures in the envelope spread around on the floor, the new pictures on the camera, and on her iPad. I wasn't embarrassed at being naked, nor embarrassed of kissing her privates. I wasn't embarrassed at all. I didn't expect that. After dressing, we went out for breakfast. She asked me for my opinion, she wanted to frame and display the pictures, both the ones sent to her, and the ones we had taken the night before.

    These pictures are hanging in her room, collage of young girl and adult woman. It's something to get used to when waking up in the morning. But, being in that age group when your blood runs hot, I really enjoy seeing her naked, resting on her back, her legs not quite open, waiting for me to kiss her.

    It's Time To Open Your Eyes, Women Stand Up, The World Needs Us

    Women are such a pain in the ass. From clerks to managers, and worst of all that bitch CFO. For over five years I have had to put up with their bullshit, worthless women have no place in business.

    I was once a supporter, encouraged to study, to take jobs. When the time came I agreed that better a career, make money. What a waste of female energy, female thought and intuition. I know today, women's place is not beside men in the working world. If the world wants to survive, we women have to make that happen. It isn't because we want to, it's because human kind demands it.

    Women of the world unite, it's time to have children, a home, or we are going all end up like that bitch CFO.

  • When The Playboy Model Spent A Week With Us

    My Uncle came to spend a few weeks with us while he worked on his thesis. My mother was 18 years older, and she was much like a mother than an older sister. He brought a Playboy with him. During the night time conversation he talked about his college girlfriend. My mother called her Big Tits in honor of her endowment.

    The Playboy in the bathroom sat on the top of the toilet tank. It took a long time before the flush when my brother used the bathroom. I never did see what fake naked girls did for you. In all my life I had never seen anyone like them.

    One weekend my mother told me Big Tits was coming to spend a few days with us. What a beautiful California girl! Sure, she did have big tits, but not like my mother described her. Being the only girl in the house Big Tits camped out in my room. Getting ready for bed she asked if I had leafed through the magazine in the bathroom. My God, it was her, Big Tits was in the magazine! Big Tits was famous, and I got to see why she was Big Tits to my mother.

    How my Uncle landed Big Tits was a secret, something about when he was in California. He took his Playboy with him when he left. Big Tits tried modeling, and ran off and married a rich man. My uncle worked as a professor, married aunt Matilda, and Big Tits faded into memory.

    Your First Love Is Your First Love Forever

    As a nursing student we studied biology. By the time you are a senior you are pretty much knowledgeable about the ins and outs of sex and all that jazz. But as a senior I had only played around with another woman. Call it what you may, it was impulsive and naughty, a lot of gratuitous nudity and gratuitous sexual activity. We explained it as pent up hormones and went about our days studying and preparing for graduation. The night before our graduation ceremony we had one last snatch and grab, except it lasted all night and by the time we were supposed to be up and ready we were dragging, we hadn't slept all night.

    Our parents were there and we got our robes and headed for the stadium, along with all the other graduates. My close and personal friend sat a row in front of me and on her graduation cap she had written, Sue, I Love You. How many people saw this, hundreds? Thousands of parents, but to me of course it meant one thing, to everyone else it meant something else. After graduation, after we had caught up with our parents, I kissed her straight on in front of who ever was watching and told her in a firm loud enough voice, I love you too.

    Parents being what parents are ignored it, it was time for diplomacy and not confrontation. Alone we were called to the carpet, but we were now graduates with jobs waiting for us. We didn't call ourselves lesbians or any other derogatory word. We just admitted that we loved each other. When challenged about us where we were going to live, we said we were thinking about living in a one bedroom. My mother is one that can't leave enough alone and to answer her 'why?', I answered because I need to eat pussy. My first overt expression about sex with my mother.

    Live goes on and sometime later I married a surgeon and settled down to have babies. Randi married a fertility doctor and she settle down to have babies, while her husband helped other women have babies. Soon we were having birthday parties and playdates and running around being mothers. It is an experience that you can't really explain, until it's you with the babies. From time to time a kiss went along with a hug and from time to time there were long embraces. From time to time she gently held my boobs in her hands and asked if I remembered. From time to time we whispered, naughty things, things we did in nursing school. Sometimes the heat got so much that we had to get out of the kitchen.

    Our last one had managed at last the first grade and we agreed we needed to treat ourselves to a spa day. We both elected to have a full Brazilian. We went back to my house and we showered and washed our delicious woman site and went to lay on my bed with our legs apart and ate pussy. Her gratuitous nudity, her nicely splayed pussy, reminded me of those days when time didn't matter. We ate pussy, until we just couldn't. We laid on my bed totally naked, turning to kiss for a while, to suck on a titty. Then we went back to eating pussy. The clock dinged one in the afternoon so we went to make sandwich, two naked mommas. After lunch and brushing our teeth we went back to eating pussy. We only stopped when it was time to get dressed and go get our young ones.

    With lipstick she wrote on my mirror, I Love You Sue. And I yelled at her from the driveway, I love you too.

  • Sex Is Oversold And Overrated

    Sometimes someone says something that stays with you. In high school I had a friend who would sleep with anyone. Big dater, sure lay. My stepfather, who said things without thinking, 'no man wants to know their wife was fucked by another man'. Every date I went on, every fresh boy, that's what my mind went to.

    After college, a virgin, I got a job working for woman who was the public relations director for a large oil and gas company. She was mid forties and her Monday morning conversation was about how she got lucky, and so and so went home to his wife after being with her. After a while it was obvious, she never got lucky unless he was married and she sent him home still wet and dirty.

    I, on the other hand, protected my virginity. I was proud that I had never been used by a man. My husband would never complain about his wife's pussy. I heard it a thousand times, 'you don't know what you're missing'. Yes, but, guess what, my husband is not marrying a whore.

    I met Jack at work, a divorced man of forty. He didn't date me, he took me out and expected intimacy. I told him I didn't go there, without a ring on my finger. After going out with him for a year he broke down and bought me a ring. Uh Uh, a wedding band, not an engagement ring. I got the wedding band, the big wedding, the corner house, the BMW.

    But my long term savings were a deep disappointment. Sex was duh, big deal. Sure my body functioned, but I was no longer virgin. I faced him, told him, so much talk, so little return on investment. I went ahead and got pregnant. I went ahead and played homemaker. I went to bed, he did his thing, he rolled over. Five years later he said he found someone who wanted him.

    I like being single, I'm thankful for my son and daughter. It was interesting, but not mind blowing. Sex is overrated. I'm glad he's enjoying his time with her, but frankly she's a skank, a slut. her pussy has been everywhere.

    Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk, Walk The Woman Walk, Talk The Woman Talk

    once upon a time I was a snotty, little bitch. fourteen is a terrible age really. me in the mirror was different every day. my curves, my face, my hands were all different. but most of all my head. no one could tell me anything. i really did know it all. i just didn't know what all i didn't know. don't touch me, don't talk to me, I'm a little bitch, yes I am.

    twenty four showed up on the calendar, i had a real world job. dressing for work took a long time, make up and hair and nails. what i saw in the mirror was the hottest girl i knew. me in the mirror after a shower was my idea of woman. me.

    one day in front of me stood a man, naked. his intentions were obvious, he advertised it. i had a chance really to walk away. boy it was much to much different than i thought it would be. this being a woman was a big wake up call. a man telling me to my face, no bitches allowed. one man, one woman, that's all. you do the woman, I'll do the man.

    i chose a macaroni and tuna casserole, a tomato salad. to drink iced tea. desert chocolate chip cookies. he helped set the table, helped pick it up too. my kitchen i told him, go watch tv. this woman stuff was a lot more fun that way. you be the man I said, I've got this woman thing.

    now here i am, with a fourteen year old princess, a little bitch too. her body changed, her curves now catch boys' and men's attention, her head spinning. don't let it get to you, I tell her, one day you will want to be in the kitchen, the man watching tv. it's fun really, this woman thing. lucky you, you could have been born a man.

    Willing To Share

    My utterly submissive mouse of a husband, is a fair fuck, with a well-trained tongue, and since I had a small lottery win, has taken premature retirement, and is now kept 23-7 in an expensive rubber bondage-bag, totally reliant on me for any intimate contact...if he satisfies me, I will reward him with merciless masturbation, sometimes by a paying "pervy old man" either forcing him to cum over and over, or denying him orgasm, for long agonizing hours of craving insanity.

    First Time Anal And My Hairy Pussy

    Last year I began dating a guy I met while playing tennis. He’s a tennis player too so he’s got a very nice body. Having been married and divorced in my 20s I like to take things slow with guys.

    We unexpectedly had sex one day after playing tennis. We both were sweaty and had sex in the back seat of his truck. I honestly totally forgot I hadn’t shaved my pussy in years so it was hairy. When he pulled my shorts off I instantly apologized for being hairy and he said hair is no big deal to me. He pulled his shorts and briefs down to reveal a hairy dick. We both were rocking a bush lol.

    I went right to sucking his dick. Then he put a condom on and fucked me. Afterwords while we put our shorts back on he asked to take me on a proper date.

    Normally I don’t have sex so soon in a relationship so on the date I told him no sex till at least 5 dates. He laughed and agreed

    The 5th date came and I was ready. Or at least I thought I was. We went back to my place to have sex.

    Honestly I was so curious about anal that I straight up asked him while he was eating my hairy pussy. He said of course I’m into that. Then I told him I’m an anal virgin.

    So that night his hairy dick popped my anal cherry. It was way better than I thought. I actually enjoyed it.

  • My First "Big O".

    I was almost 13 and I went to Florida to visit my aunt and uncle. One evening after a day at the beach, I would up showering with my cousin Trish. We had always been close as kids and showering together was not out of the ordinary.

    Trish at 14 had developed a lot since I had seen her over Christmas. She had really nice breasts and I was very envious as I was just starting to grow breasts that were still mostly all pointy nipples. LOL

    She also noticed that I was hairy by then and as we washed each other's soapy bodies, she asked me if had ever masturbated. She laughed when I told her I wasn't sure what she meant. With that she slipped her soapy hand between my legs and tickled my clit which made me gasp and twitch.

    She just laughed and did it some more and the sensation was like nothing I'd ever felt before. She took my hand and put it between her legs and we both were standing there shaking and twitching. I buried my face in her neck and felt a hot wave sweep over me and I had my first ever orgasm. "Keep doing me" she whispered and soon she too was shaking and gasping as she got off.

    Later that night as we lay in bed, she asked me if I wanted to do it again. She got some lotion and we played with each other, and we both orgasmed again. I lay there breathless with the thrill of what I had just discovered. After that we did mutual masturbation several times before I went back home. It was glorious.

    I'm interested how maybe other women discovered this same wonderful thing called an Orgasms. Anna.