Ladies, this is the place for your own special brand of confession. Did you sleep with your best friend's boyfriend? Did your Aunt Flo visit unexpectedly while you were wearing white pants? Did your boyfriend lose a condom inside you? Did the padding in your bra fall out? The things you can confess here might fall into other sections, too - but here you have your own place to post. Men, feel free to read and reply, but please, let the ladies do all the posting. After all, this section is .. For Women Only.

We Thought We Would Embarrass Her But She Showed Us

Across the street from me lives a woman in her thirties, she is a social worker who lives with her dad. She is not stunning, not pretty, not much of anything. It's no wonder that she chose her profession.

On the rest of the block live couples with children. Me included. We like children. We also get together for a glass of wine, a Tupperware party, or maybe a party of things that have to go unsaid. We invited her to one of those parties. To see what she would do. We told her it was a party for home entertainment.

She held the dildos with the hands of experience. She picked them up with a firm fist. You could almost see her insert the dildo in herself. She was interested in butt plugs. Not my thing, I'll take the real thing thank you, but a lot of the 'girls' do butt plugs. She was familiar with the various lubricants, both vaginal and anal. She went through the catalogue of crotchless panties and half bras and nipple rings and clit rings. She was pretty vocal, she talked from experience.

She went on to tell us that if we wanted a happy time, then get a woman. We should have a woman only get naked party. No thanks, my husband won't give me permission. In the end we thought we were the ones comfortable with a dildo party, and lo and behold she was the expert. The difference is that we used the toys for personal entertainment and she used the toys with a girlfriend. No dicks, so I guess they have to do something.

A woman? Hmmm. That might be interesting. Going back to college days in the dorm. I wonder if my husband will give me permission?

  • I'm At The Point Where I Might As Well Get Pregnant

    I get drawn into the conversation of how bad we had it growing up. Single mother, two kids, shitty job. My brother is worthless and can't keep a job. I worked from the time I was 13, earlier really, babysitting, odd jobs, I cleaned houses, worked as a file clerk, hostess stand, waitress, anything to make money. I never considered myself pretty. I attracted older men, always older men, never anyone my age. My first sexual experience was with an older man. I was 15 and he was a creep and when he stuck his dick in my mouth I vomited. I had sexual experiences with other women, I could lay back and take it but sticking my tongue in another woman's pussy I didn't like. I turned 18 having had sex with a couple of older men and several older than me women, girls really, not older like the men.

    As a fully mature 22 years old I decided to get over my hang up with eating pussy and I came onto a girl at work (I was working reception and she worked in accounts payable). I was forward with her and told her I wanted to kiss with her, I was hot for her and I wanted to touch her titties. To eat her we took a shower together and I let her wash me completely and I washed her completely and then we shaved until we were totally shaved. Her pussy was really clean from the shower and her shaved pussy turned me on and I ate her with pleasure, I got very hot doing so and when she triggered and climaxed it felt really good. I told her I loved her and we stayed together.

    An older man at my work wanted a piece of my ass. He didn't leave me alone and asked me for my panties and asked whether I kept a shaved pussy. He told me that he liked kissing a girl's behind, her hole, and he wanted to do that to me. He did it one afternoon after work in his office, I laid over his desk and he ate my butthole. It felt really good and when he stuck his dick in me I let him, I just grabbed the front of the desk and let him pound away until he finished. That was the first time I liked having a man fuck me.

    I have my girlfriend, we live together. She is from a hispanic background and lesbians aren't liked very much and she is not married and not pregnant so she gets lots of shit from her family. When I'm with her, and her family, I'm so blonde and tall and blue eyed and don't speak Spanish. Some of the old men look at me like they want to fuck me. I don't feel accepted so we don't go there very often (she isn't accepted either because she is a lesbian).

    My brother told me a while ago that he had a vasectomy when he was 18. That puts all the pressure on me to have a grandbaby for my mother. My girlfriend and me went to a lecture on conception and pregnancy (for women who want to get pregnant). We are good candidates, we're just the wrong kind of couple. Some old man will do it, I just won't tell him why I'm letting him. My girlfriend isn't sure she could go through it (the sex part, not the pregnancy).

    There Is No Feeling Like Being Your Sugar Daddy's Baby

    I never set out to be a sugar baby. I met him at work, a man who every girl would want for a father. Caring, parental, strong, protective. He calls me Baby. We went to see a client, in two cars. When he walked me to my car he just kissed me on the lips, and then "I love you Baby".

    Later, another day later, he told me he thought I would be a good Mom. Not all girls give him that feeling. The following weekend I went to a baseball game, with several members of the staff. He was there, "Look at that girl, and that one over there, and the one walking up the stairs. You know what they have in common? They are not my Baby, you are my Baby, that's what makes you different".

    I sat beside him and put my arm in his. "If I'm your Baby, are you my Daddy?"

    I think that's the day I 'officially' became his Sugar Baby and he became my Sugar Daddy. When he held me in his arms, under him, and he penetrated me and held me tight I knew he was my Daddy and I loved him. I love being his 'Baby'. It's the best feeling in the world.

  • I Got Pregnant On The 4th Of July At 17

    Just some words about my experience. I'm one of five sisters, my biological father died when I was nine. My mother needed a man to support her, and us and she got involved with an older man at her office. She was 32 and he was divorced and 48. Things changed a lot for us, we moved into another house, school, friends. It seemed like I was nine then I was 17.

    Why what happened happened no one really knows. It just happened. We went to a 4th of July pool party, we was my friend from school. We wore these very skimpy, tiny string 4th of July bikinis. We were still thinking we were kids, the fact that we had real breasts barely held in place by our tops, a woman ass in a thong, cheeks out in the open. The men didn't see us as high school kids, they saw us as potential prey.

    One man asked if we wanted to go sailing. Why not? So we agreed. Out on the bay our tops were taken off, our thongs pulled up into a wedgie between our legs, laid back across the cushions in the cabin the men did what men do with young women. We returned to the party, embarrassed that our tits hung out and our ass was out in the open. We went home to think about what happened.

    We were young and we went to my mother. What was done was done, now the pregnancy watch began. We waited every day for signs of our periods, but that didn't come. The men agreed to pay for the pregnancy care, to provide child support, to be 'active' Dads. We were teenage mothers. At home, we had mothers, sisters to help with the babies. We took alternative home schooling our senior year.

    The men 'suffered' the embarrassment of getting us pregnant, I wasn't aware a high five was a sign their friends disapproved of them taking us sailing. In the bottom of my drawer is my 4th of July micro bikini, this year I'm going to a barbeque with my daughter, in her 4th of July dress and I'm wearing white pants and a US flag top. We are going to her Dad' s house.

    Date In A Few Days

    Okay I’m kinda not sure about this but I got a date in a few days. He’s an old childhood friend. And I do plan on sleeping with him.

    My pussy is hairy. I’ve always had a bush but I’m not sure if I should shave it off for my date. Or maybe trim it short. What do guys usually prefer? I do t want to get naked with a full bush and him not like it

  • Always The Side Dish

    I'm 45 and I'm still in an extramarital relationship with the man who was my boss. I fell for him when I was 22, became his office girl, later he set me up in a house and car, and now at 45 I have a love child with him and am still in this informal relationship. He turned 70, I spent the weekend helping put his party together, cohosting, our daughter is 19 and she took the party by storm.

    I know he set up a trust fund for my daughter, and he has a large life insurance policy payable to me, I own my house outright, and I have significant savings, so financially I'm ok. But always the girlfriend never the wife.

    Being On The Straight And Narrow Is The Way I Am Meant To Live

    There is a lot out in the public domain right now about women who find out they are lesbians later in life. I won't say I didn't know I was a lesbian, I suppose I knew that early in life. But I grew up where that wasn't something you could be proud of and I was raised to be a mother and wife, a homemaker and a good citizen, a school teacher or nurse. I became a nurse.

    I met a young doctor who had just finished his residency and he was new in town and he stuck to me and I fo und I was 'dating' him except I wasn't. One day he challenged me about intimacy, about showing him affection. Yuk, right? I was not going to suck his dick and I wasn't going to let his dick slip in between my legs either. I said no way, not only no way, but Hell no way. Don't touch me.

    But he did, and he overpowered me, and he slipped his dick between my legs and nature has it's way and I was pregnant at 29 and everyone was happy for me. The nurses in the hospital, my grandparents, my sisters. I had people I didn't know touching my belly, my sister asking me what kind of man he was that he broke down my defenses, did I like it? Tell me, isn't the best feeling in the world? What kind of man is he, is he controlling or is he one of those aloof men who holds onto the purse strings and let's you pretend? He's a rapist wasn't a good answer.

    I got married, shoved down the isle and my women friends hugged me and patted my belly. Lucky you, a doctor no less. That's why you went into nursing. You got a fucking doctor, you will never have to worry. I got a fucking doctor all right, that's all he does, he fucks me. Made me get on my hands and knees and he fucked me like a 'bitch'. He couldn't keep his dick in his pants, with me or any other nurse either. Fuck 'em all seemed to be his motto. Fuck them, they are all bitches, fuck them and he fucked me day in and day out. He wasn't happy, not with one son, not with two sons, not with three sons. How about trying for a little girl, do want a little girl? Yes, I said, I want a little girl. That's what it's like. Your husband offers you a prize, to get pregnant. In the meantime you are a housewife like you were raised to be.

    I met this woman, it was a school thing for my sons, my little girl was still little. She was a lawyer for a firm downtown and she was in town to see her sister. We talked and she whispered and asked me if I wanted to be naughty, she found me attractive. She wanted to suck on my milking titties. Try baby milk. God four babies, how did you do it? Your vagina must be so wide you can drive an aircraft into it. And this was a woman, who had her issues, but I wanted to be naughty and I let her suck milk out of my titties and stick her tongue down between my legs. I enjoyed it, it was the one time in my life I was naughty and I had never had sex like that. I actually had an orgasm, my first real brought on orgasm from sex. When she laid her breasts in my face and told me I liked that, she was right, I liked that.

    But once is enough, I have to be a housewife and mother and I have a family and I have my reputation and I have a daughter and I have to just remember sometimes, when I can spend a few minutes alone in bed and play with myself. It was nice having a woman suck on my titties and suck milk out of them and stick her tongue in my vagina and clip my clit and make me come. It was nice, but I'm a housewife, that is what I was born to be and that is how I was raised and I suppose that is how I am going to raise my daughter and teach my sons to be men like their father. I would die if any of my sons were gay or weak or were scared of using their dicks. I want them to fuck girls, I want a man like my husband for my daughter. And I guess that is my confession.

    Two In The Bush He Came Home To Roost

    I brought a guy I met home with me, actually he gave me a ride and I invited him in. He got his hands on me and wouldn't let up and I didn't want to end up against the kitchen counter or on the old couch in the living area, I took him into the bedroom telling him he had to be quiet because my roommate was sleeping.

    He bit my nipple and I screamed, and immediately laid me back and shot his dick right in me. My roommate woke up and watched him fuck me until he came. He said hello to her, should her his dick and offered to take her virginity too. She shook her head no but he ignored her, got her pinned down and told me to get her panties off and he screwed her. In 15 minutes he screwed us both.

    For the rest of our freshman year he kept us together, he pushed the two beds together, sex was a regular affair. We got into it, I think it helped not being alone. As the semester went on we got closer and closer to the point of performing for him. He liked that a lot, he got revved until one of us went under him. When he passed out we were able to really pay attention to us and not him. I[m not saying we were turning lesbian, we're not, but it felt good to come down together.

    His mind wandered a lot, he was always checking out other women, we got our feelings hurt, we were both jealous. Midway thru our Sophomore year we told him, make a commitment, eyes straight don't look at other women, or he was going to lose the best deal he would ever have.

    By the time we graduated we were a long term triple and there was no interest on our part to break it up. He wanted his wings, sample some other goodies. We gave him six months, come home when you're done. He came home early, real early. Sounded like fun, but his bed was warm and waiting and we got him back and he's home for good.

    Chinese Ladies Have Tricks Up Their Sleeves

    Pretty silly but it works.

    When he is pumping his heart out I put my hand between us and give my peanut a good work out. The trick is to time it so that when he goes off so do I. If I go off first it ruins it for him. Practice makes perfect so here's to me practicing.

  • I Don't Feel Like I'm A Real Woman

    Walking home one night after work I saw a small car run a red light and get Tboned by a truck. I ran over to see if I could help. The driver was dead on impact, the girl in the passenger seat died in my arms. I changed my major, studied nursing, then went to medical school to become a n Emergency Physician. I turned 30 still a virgin.

    One night a patient was brought in, a meth head out in left field. What a waste I thought to myself, until his girlfriend came for him, she looked 15, obviously pregnant. She was also a meth head, you learn to recognize them. I went home the next morning thinking about the baby.

    If she could do it. so could I, bring a baby into the world. I asked a fellow doctor at the hospital to get me pregnant, I didn't tell him he was also taking my virginity. The baby making was successful, I have a little girl. I named after that young girl that died in my arms. If names live, so do the people with that name.

    The doctor friend came over, he wants to spend the night. I let him, out of a sense of duty. I would prefer he didn't. I just don't care for sex. It's an invasion of privacy.

    That's my story, not interesting but real.