Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.

It Was Supposed To Be A Simple Job

I was browsing around looking for simple jobs...... and I came across one.

Sort of.

It was a babysitting job. The only requirements was that you had to be 18 and over and female. Okay... weird. I continued reading, but basically the son prefers female babysitters and that's why it was a strict requirement.

The pay was decent for a simple babysitting job and other then the weird requirement everything else seemed good. It wasn't located too far from me, but it was also in a good neighborhood. So I decided to take the job. I called up the job ad and was told specific details and of course I was asked my age which seemed fair.The babysitting job was supposed to be a regular thing, once a week unless there was something on.

So on my first time there the family seemed very nice, but apparently the parents had divorced and the father (the person who hired me) would spend one day off each week to spend with his friends hence the need for a baby sitter. Anyway, the job seemed really simple, I just had to watch over a 15 year-old and his friends who would sometimes come over and they did on my first day there.

Things were pretty chill, except I would get the occasional looks from him and his friends, and I could hear them talking about me. They were trying to be sneaky about it but it was pretty obvious to me which I thought was kind of cute. I spent the day just doing things on my laptop, while keeping an eye out to make sure things were okay. Anyway, the first day ended pretty uneventful. The father came home around 11pm and paid me and then I left. I hate walking around at night alone but I thought I would just deal with it.

The next couple of weeks the son (and occasionally his friends) would try and chat me up and spending time with me. It was fun but it got weird sometimes. Every time I visited he would ask me if I had a boyfriend, and every time I would tell him no. Weird, but I just ignored it.

About a month later, the father came home an hour later than usual, and had obviously been drinking. It didn't really bother me as he paid me a little extra after having the usual quick chat. Just as I was about to put on my shoes to leave, he presented me with another offer.


He said that he would pay me $2000 if I let ..(continue confession)

  • Desperate College Days

    Hey yall it's Derby here again. Here's something from my days back in college.

    It was sophomore year of college and I was really getting into the whole party scene new to me. Didn't help that hot chicks on campus were dime a dozen. Soon, I had to get part time work to stay afloat.

    Talked to landlord one day about being late with rent and he told me not to worry about it if I could do him a favor. He had married this girl from the Philippines but wanted me to "put an American baby in her". He was too old to get it up and she was about my age.

    He brought her over later and she didn't speak a word of English but knew what she was there to do. He wanted to watch so he just stood by the door the whole time.

    It was pretty straight forward. She laid there, and I removed my pants. She was tight, obviously hand't been fucked in a while. I didn't have lube so I had to wet my dick with spit. He told me to choke her when I was about to shoot my load and I did.

    I moved out to a new apartment later so I'm not sure if I ever succeeded.

    Extra Service - Bi-Urge

    So I'm from Switzerland and work as a nurse. I work as a "home treatment" nurse, so that means that I visit my patients at home to get them the treatment they need. I work with a high class treatment agency, so most of my patients have more than enough money. Sometimes you spend a few years treating the same patients, as you can imagine the work gets more personal that way. So I got this patient, I was 22 when I started working for him. He was 41 at that time, lets call him Andrew. Andrew is partially paralized and his wife does not want to take care of him herself so she hired me to help with that. Andrew has made a lot of money in the past, so I assume thats the reason why his wife stays with him. By the way, Andrew is not in any way mentally disabled, its strictly physical. So my work with Andrew contains of helping him shower and shaving him. So me and Andrew got a long pretty well. After a few months of visiting him nearly every day, I was once again shaving his beard (he always wants to shave before he showers, don't ask me why) and he started talking foolish about his wife. He said that she does not want to get physical with him anymore and stuff and we kept talking. So he says that he has a lot of pubic hair and maybe thats the reason why his wife isn't interested in him anymore. He said this in a joking way but I said that I can shave the pubic area for him. I said that this is a part of my job and if this helps him feel more comfortable in his own skin I would be glad to help. First he was kinda hesitant but after a short while he agreed. He asked if I can shave him with his gilette razor after showering, which I did. So while shaving I once grabbed his cock to better be able to shave the top of the shaft. He told be to do it that way, so I did. While I had his cock in my hand I could feel him hardening up very slightly and that moment was kinda complex for me. I work as a nurse for almost 8 years now and I'm used to naked people, genitalia, sexuality and stuff. Never before have I got "forbidden" arousal while doing my work. So in that moment something like a strike of lighting shot through me. As I felt that little response to my grab I felt a lot of pleasure inside of me, my breathing got quicker ..(continue confession)

    Brother Sister

    No matter how it started. My brother and I have sex together and let others, usually older men, sometimes women watch us. I have had 3 of the men alone have sex with me, and with 2 women as well. We make a lot of money being a brother and sister. People want to see it. Last year he did my virgin butt for sex in front of a guy who paid a lot more to watch it. It hurt, but we practiced and can do it all now.

    Gay Sex For Money

    I had gay sex in film for money two years ago. A guy that makes porn on xtube contacted me. I emailed back and forth for a while then decided to do it.

    Met up and took some photos first, he really liked that I wore white briefs. Said it’s a major turn on for gay guys. Especially since I’m straight. Took some photos of my dick. I’m 6 inches long, naturally hairy.

    Then came time for the video, i sucked my first dick. He was a tad longer then me. Then cane the part I was nervous for. The guy put his dick in my butt. It hurt at first but wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. He fucked me for 10 minutes in a few different positions. He eventually came in my butt. That surprised me. Wasn’t ready for that definitely made me feel weird. Then he got some pictures of the cum leaking out of my hole and of my freshly fucked ass.

    I got up and got dressed. Putting on my underwear definitely made me feel like a woman that just got used lol. I headed home with some easy money. It was quite a bit too. When I got home I showered and was thinking about that cum in my butt all night long. Next morning when pooping I figured it came out then.

    Boy was my hole sore the next day! Was sore got two days. Guy emailed me when my video was up and told me thanks. Haven’t done anything with a guy since but if I was contacted again to make another video I would. Taking it in the ass is the as bad as I thought it would be.

    My New Job

    I was in a bad place, divorced and unable to keep up the mortgage, sitting alone at night and drinking too much, thinking what to do now. I had a bf years ago who used to say I was sitting on a fortune, meaning a woman could always sell her pussy. The thought made me real sick.

    I brooded over it for a long time then gradually realized maybe I could do a home service massage . Get some towels, oils, candles, etc, advertise for a mature type of customer, since I was in my forties, then go over and give them a great rub down in the comfort of their own home.

    I had a few genuine clients, joggers and runners who wanted relief for their aching muscles but there were also the others who wanted extras. I got to visit them at their homes, size them up to see if I could fuck them or not and then give them a price.

    I was a bit unsure about what to do to please them. It seemed a little passive to lay there and just take it , so I watched a bit of porn to get some idea about sucking their cocks and trying different positions. I wanted to get a good price for giving them a real happy experience.

    Soon I forgot about the massage only crowd, even the massage with a happy ending lot, it was now get naked and fuck. Most men were in their forties and fifties, some were older, and the majority were decent guys. I didn't rush them, the service was an hour but very often it was much longer.

    One client had a wife who was in a wheelchair and he had her permission to invite me over for sex. Because of her disability, I don't remember exactly what it was but they longer had sex together. On the third occasion he asked me if his wife could be there in the bedroom to watch and I said sure. By now I didn't care much either way about being naked in front of different men and having sex. So now it became the norm for her to be in the room, doing crochet or something, maybe a magazine and I would suck him and fuck. She liked to watch him cum on my face. They would chat a bit as he fucked me. It seemed perfectly normal after a while.

    I don't have to do it now, the money set me up good, but I still have a small group of loyal clients and I get a kick out packing my ..(continue confession)

    From Riches To Rags

    When I was born, the middle girl of three my father was doing very well professionally. We lived in a nice house with a pool, he drove a Corvette and my mother had a live in au pair. His career did better and by the time we were in our teens we were in the most exclusive private school, lived in a huge house with a tennis court and swimming pool. My mom had 'staff', a full time chef and a housekeeper.

    Then, my father had a stroke which paralyzed him and took his ability to speak away. His job went away, his insurance went to his care, the income stopped as he didn't have any disability insurance. My mother then did what destroyed us financially, she sold our house and 'invested' the money with a 'businessman'. All the money disappeared.

    Three girls 17, 16 and 14 pushed into a small house and only social disability for income. I started, then convinced my sisters to come along. We had the looks and upbringing and we started to prostitute ourselves to wealthy men and women who wanted girls our age. As we got busier we recruited other pretty girls and the business expanded. My mother took the money, no questions asked.

    My little sister got busted by the police, still a juvenile she was treated as a 'victim' if she talked. The business was over, my older sister and I were in jail, my little sister put in a foster home. My father died from another stroke, my mother got cancer and died six months later. My sister and I served our sentences. Our little sister married a mechanic. With my sister we live in a small apartment, I worked in a hotel and she works as a clerk in a shipping company. We are single, prostitutes don't have much luck with husbands.

    That in a few paragraphs is the story of three little rich girls who became poor without a future.

    Ex Porn Performance Artist

    As an 18, 19 year old I looked like a 13, 14, 15 year old, small, very youthful face, small bust and butt and willing to do anything on camera. I worked out of Costa Rica, did both straight and lesbian porn, usually with other baby face porn performance artists.

    I am 34 still small, but my face and hands show my age. I still watch those videos and enjoy masturbating to them. I don't do porn, but I enjoy reliving it.

    He Would Be Very Happy If I Started To Call Him Daddy

    When life throws you out on the street you suck the man who takes you in. I am 30, embarrassed that I cannot support myself, I have been asked to leave by my sister and her husband, my female cousin, my college friend. I am living with a man now, older who treats me like a child, I try to avoid a Daddy situation but that's what it is.

    The moment came when I wanted to go out and he told me I couldn't go, because he said so. I had to swallow my pride and stay in.

  • Helping Out My Aunt's Boyfriend

    I don't know my dad, and my mom passed when I was in 6th grade, so I was sent to live with my aunt. She lived near Midway airport in Chicago. A few years later she started dating a guy that seemed super rich. He always had so much cash, would bring us nice dinners, clothes, and even bought my aunt a new car. He was a super nice guy but we knew that he made his money by pushing powder. He was nice to me, and helped my aunt out financially alot, so we overlooked that.

    I was openly drinking at this point and in highs chool, my aunt didn't care and her boyfriend would usually bring me a bottle of Burnettes or Hennesy. One day my aunt's boyfriend was picking me up from a Soccer practice and asked me if I wanted to go up north and do some shopping in the fancy parts of Chicago. He said if I helped him out with something, he would let me spend up to a grand. I was excited about that idea. He let me know that he owed a guy some money, but that the dude would take payment in a way only a 'fine young woman' could pay. I was having sex at this point and had been with a handful of guys around my age. I was hoping the guy looked good, but I was into the idea of having sex with a guy a few years older who hopefully knew what he was doing. If he looked like my Aunt's boyfriend at all, I would be good with that.

    We stop at a house and head in, and there are 3 guys smoking blunts and drinking 40's, watching the bulls and had a few small bags of coke on the table. Excited phrases like "O shit" and "nice work cuz" started to fill the room, and one of the guys said to me "Damn you are a fine peice of ass aren't you." All of the guys were very fit looking and seemed to range from late 20's to late 30's. I was relieved that they were all pretty good looking guys, so which ever one I was here for I would be fine with.

    One of the guys was already shirtless and had really nice abs. He told me to come over to him and let him know if I had ever seen a dick this big. He was pinching his shorts near his knee showing how far down his python cock was hanging. He told me to unwrap my present and I slid his shorts down, They were nearly ..(continue confession)