Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.

Getting Naked In Front Of Older Man For Money

Here is another confession and this time from my teen diary again. I did not think about this in a long time and it is not a proud one. This was the one and only time that I took money for something nude or sex related. I could have posted this in the when I was a kid section, but again, it's not a proud or happy experience. I still want to share it.

It was the summer vacation in between elementary school and mid school (middelbare school as we say in Dutch) , the summer of 1989. So I must have been 12. With my best friend we were always looking for stuff not to do, making out with boys, but we didn't dare to do much more. My mom would call us little hellraisers as we were always up to no good.

It was summertime, it was hot, and we were walking through the woods nearby where we live. On one of the many trails we encountered a man, we greeted as we passed and a second or two later he hollored at us (of course in Dutch, but I will translate it for you) "hey, you girls want to make 25 gulden? (Gulden was the money before we had Euro's and 25 would be a nomination as we don't have "twenties" like y'all in the USA)

That sounded like a lot of money! So I yelled back "yes!" and my friend said "well, it depends what for". We walked back to him and he walked back to us. I honestly have no recollection how old that man was, but he was an adult. So it could be 30, 40 or 50 but I have no idea really.

Anyhow, he said "you girls are really pretty! I will give you 25 gulden each if I can look at your naked bodies for a few minutes".

I bursted into laughter and my friend was looking nervous and serious. She was way more cautious than I was and said "hmm, I don't know Ingrid. Do you want that?" and I said I wanted... but she definitely didn't want to be fully naked, she only wanted to take her shirt off. The guy looked a bit disappointed and said "for that I'll only give you 10".

That seemed to be a bit of a dealbreaker for her and she reluctantly gave in, and we all walked a bit deeper into the woods, moreless on a secluded game trail. We both kinda nervously took our shirts off and it felt strange to feel the warm summerwind on my nipples. I remember that very well. I also remember very well how nervous we both were when we took our shorts off and were in front of that man in only our panties. I was having second thoughts but the money sounded really good so I was the first one who took her panties down and I felt so naked, slightly embarrassed. A few seconds later my friend took hers off.

The man was at approximately 2 meters (7 feet) from us and he said "You girls are pretty! And don't worry, I won't touch you". When he said that, it kinda scared me and I realized that we are in a possible dangerous situation with a strange man. He also took his penis out of his pants and started to jerk off. I mean, we never seen that before but that's what we thought it was. I don't remember seeing sperm so I don't think he came. After a few minutes he said "Thank you girls, you can get dressed again" or words of that nature. Once we were dressed he gave us the 25 gulden each and he casually said "bye" and walked away back to the main trail.

When we were by ourselves we kinda giggled and laughed but both promised we should not do that again. Yes, that was the one and only time I took money. It could have gotten really bad as in hindsight we could have gotten badly m****ted or r**ed but it was in that sense rather innocent. Me and my friend only showed our little breasts and vagina's so who cares.

  • I Pay My Son's Tuitions By Being An Expensive SLUT On The Street

    Seriously, I just pick a street and head on. I'm working at a strip club but my job is to advertise our club. so my job is picking many clients in one day, I've had as many as 40 people once just a few days before christmas, my salary is REALLY good though, I charge 100$ for just a fucking session and 30$ for a blowjob.

    I make around 30-40k$ a day, sometimes maybe even more. I wear my sluttiest outfit. Some bra and pants, and my favorite red lipstick, and my job ends at 11:59 PM. where I walk into the club, my mascara all ruined from my eyes to my chin, my forehead says "SLUT" with a red marker. I pick up my money and leave. I get new clothes since my clothes tend to get stolen by some clients. Leaving me butt naked and my heavy juggs out.

    I pay my son's tuition with that, and get myself some treats as well too, For example I just bought a new TV yesterday.

    Position For A Position

    Our new manage Darell has only been with the company two years but he is my district manager.
    Tall bald black like a 60 year old fat Steve Harvey. 280 6 foot four 1970 porn mustache.
    Not a horrible boss but he call people by pet names sweet thing hun. He is harmless but his words and how he walks earned him the nick name disco Dan.
    I'm tempted to fuck him in a you give me general manager position I will stay in a hotel room with him for a night letting him put me in position.
    I'm 28 never made manager do the job of a manager don't get the pay I am qualified but if is sure 100 present shoe in I would give some pussy to disco Dan

  • Neckbeard

    I haven't had an easy life, abusive stepfather coupled with drink and other nasty things kind of screwed up my teens and early twenties I didn't finish high school and started as a working girl from an early age. Skip forward to three years ago i had this one guy used to come round all the time He was late thirties, ugly and really fat and tiny dick and OMG he smelled so bad. But he was a good tipper, i mean really good tipper. He bought me things as well, expensive things. I was never lucky with guys, i kind of fell for abusive assholes and this neckbeard kept saying he'd treat me right so i thought what the hell. But oh man three years later and i can't escape from this freak. he stopped me working straight away, saying he would provide. And he does, but at the cost of me hardly ever leaving his apratment. I'm now redused to being a sex slave and also mommy because this freak lives like a pig. I have to do all the housework and cooking, he can't even wipe his ass properly but he thinks it's funny. When he's not at work doing something with computers he sat in front of a computer at home playing games. But when he wants sex i have to drop everything. I tried living like that, because he has lots of money but i just can't do it anymore. But he says if i leave i get nothing and i'll go straight back to living in the gutter. And he's probably right, but i honestly think it would be worth it to get away from him. I did it for the money, now i want to get away for my sanity.

    Was It For The Money?

    I work for a man who is not just the owner of the shop I work for , he is a friend. He is a single man has all the money he will ever need in life with lots left over for his family when he is gone.
    He and I work out when he is in town and we talk a lot. He was in town this past week end and asked if he could join my wife and I for an evening of fun.my wife was excited when I told her, they get along very well, and he has a crush on her and he makes it obvious.
    We went out his treat and we had a blast he and my wife flirted , her loving all his attention. We all had our fill of drinks and headed to the Hotel.
    He had got us a room for the night as well as one for him.
    We ended up in our room laughing and saying good night. When he sat down on the big chair in our room and put a 50$ bill on the table and said to my wife it’s yours if you take your top off.
    She walked over to the table picked up the $ and slowly unbuttoned her top and let fall to the floor. He sat staring straight at her big 38D tits , her huge nipples staring back at him hard as could be. He said , those look even better than I thought.
    He looked at me and said should I keep going? I said absolutely take it as far as you like. He put another 50 down and said strip the rest off for me. And she quickly picked up the $ and tucked it into her purse and started to slowly peel off the rest of her clothes as he sat and enjoyed the view.
    She now stood there totally nude small muscular ass thin waist , that she works hard to keep them both tight. She stood legs spread a bit leaning against the wall she brought her one tit to her mouth sucked on her nipple then the other , then let them hang, shaking them a bit to show off to her Very turned on observer.
    He said more? She said certainly , but that’s up to you.
    He said ok , let’s do this. He reached in his pocket and laid 2 100$ bills on the table beside him , saying that’s for your dazzling beauty and for your performance the rest of the evening.
    Just then a knock on the door, he said to my wife get our drinks please. She then walked over opened the door took the drinks and handed one to me the owner of my company I work for, and one for her. He said smile for our attendant, she turned back to the bellboy smiled and said thank you very much, he left very frazzled , I laughed out loud.
    He said after we drank , now let’s finish this up. He looked at me and said you with us? I said you bet I’m enjoying this so far.
    He said bring your wife over here in front of me, I did as told. He said put her on her knees so she can looking up at me. She gladly helped me do as told. He said to me get behind her and fuck her while I look into her eyes.
    I knelt down behind her stroked my cock a couple times and with a few pushes on her wet hole I was balls deep fucking her with my full length slapping into her with each pump. She began moaning with her head only inches from his crotch , her bouncing along with her big tits as he watched us fucking.
    He said you are one hot fucking woman. He then reached down unzipped and worked his cock out of his paints, his Cock was very long and rock hard. I slowed down my fucking her not wanting to cum to soon.
    They were both still staring at each other. As she took his cock in her hand stroked him for a bit, then she went down on him taking as muck of his cock in her mouth as she could and began bobbing up and down on him as I kept ramming her from behind.
    He looked at me saying quite the nympho you have here. I said as I kept fucking her , that’s my girl. He relaxed back in the chair and watched her suck him off. She was giving him her best sucking the head of his dick then diving back down on him. I started pumping her faster and couldn’t hold back I pushed my cock as deep in her as I could and let go with my load into her.
    It sent him going as she worked on his Cock nonstop licking then down again untill he stiffened a bit as she stayed down on him getting as much of his long dick in her mouth as she could as he filled her mouth with his cum , her swallowing every drop with pleasure. He kind of drooped in the chair , spent from a night of drinking and a fantastic blow job from as expert. It was her Time to lift her mouth from his cock and look him in the eye and say ANYTIME you have the time and money I’m willing to do as told…

  • Rich Is Better, Just More Boring

    My mother had a fixation on a real man. You know, Paul Bunion, beard, broad shoulders, Mr. Fix It, no nonsense, man if action, few words, war hero, etc. etc. My Dad was none of that. Intensely brainy, a lawyer, made real money. But my Mom talked about Paul Bunion.

    Then my Dad died in his sleep, 51, no warning of any kind. I was 17 and a senior in high school. My world stopped, he was my Dad. My dreams also died, without his income dreams of studying dance were replaced with junior college and an associates business degree and a job in accounts payable for the city. A clerk. My Dad would have been horrified, a bureaucrat, a clerk, a pimple on the ass of the taxpayers.

    My mother met and got together with Joe the Plumber, not married, just sex and cigarettes and beer. Joe had a younger brother, Bob. Bob was everything every girl should run away from. But he was fast and furious and he nailed me to the wall. Sex and cigarettes and beer. Did I say sex? Sex. That boy saw one thing, the hole between my legs.

    Eventually I met a lawyer, he went to work in my Dad's old firm. Milktoast Bruce I called him. Scared of sex, I had to show him where to stick his dick in. But Bruce made money, real money and I needed to get back to the lifestyle I grew up in. So Bruce it was, and Bob was replaced.

    My mother got tired of Joe, I got married to Bob, he wanted kids so you do what you do and we have two. I really would have liked a four year degree, not having it would be a disappointment to my Dad. I think of Bob, I miss Bob, getting nailed to the wall. My mother's fixation with Paul Bunion makes sense now. But the money makes a difference, and playing wife is the way to go. And Bob's time came and went. But I do miss getting nailed to the wall.

    I Don't Know My Body Count

    I am 24 and I honestly don't know my body count. I lost track and I don't even know the zip code it would land in.

    I escorted my way through school because it was the only way I could afford it. My family are immergrants and we barely get by as it is.
    I told my parents I had scholarships because I was ashamed to tell them how I afforded it.

    I started out on a sugarbaby kind of site because they are a little more like dating with pay but it was a lot of married guys who eventually low ball you. I eventually moved to an actual escort agency and then independent escorting once I had the business model down.

    Some place along the line I literally lost count. I mean a guy or more a night, multiple guys over the weekend, doing it near full time in the summer. It just creeps up and sex is not thought as people but dollars and bills paid. Plus you get repeats and even see guy who remember fucking you before but they are just a blank face to you. I remember in the second summer in the escort agency I stopped thinking of it as how many guys did me and saw it as what was tonight's take home cut?

    Hey, I am not whinning. I could give perfect head in my sleep some guy will get lucky and marry me.

    The Truth About Massage Parlors.

    For reasons I don't want to get into I found myself needing to work in a massage parlor for the money off and on over a 6 year stretch.

    Yes, it was that kind or parlor. I am pretty sure most of them are really that kind I place. Yes, I gave happy endings. Despite what you hear not every guy gets a happy ending. My place was careful not to get caught. Discretion and trust was needed and we where trained to look for signs of LE.

    All that said, in 6 years I whacked off more men than I can count let alone remember. And at times it got a little demoralizing because the numbers expected made me feel like a machine. I am not going to lie, some days I felt numb but not all days were bad as you'd think either. Most men were just a dick I needed to finish to get him done. Occasionally, I enjoyed a nice man or a rare hot guy. Repeats and good tippers really got my best efforts. Very rarely, i did more than a hand release, but it could happen for the right tip with a trusted regular. And a few times I went all the way (but the house stronger discouraged it because of risk).

    Anyways, it was a number of years ago and I am in a better space now.
    I will answer questions in the comments if people want to know.

    Alive Again

    On my 40th birthday my husband told me he was leaving and moving in with his dental assistant, and no divorce. I would have to fight him, and he would fight back and get custody of my daughters, thanks to some early 20s behavior. He left, the credit cards cancelled, the bank accounts emptied, the mortgage on the house three months overdue and the banks were beginning foreclosure.

    Across the street from me lived a 55 year old man, divorced, who told me to pack up my things and move in with him and this time get the wife thing right. On the first day we were there, me and my three girls 18, 15 and 12, he took me into the bedroom and told my daughters he did the fucking. For the following weeks panties were overrated, I didn't know when or where he was going to work me over. After a while it began to feel good, anticipation of the surprise kept me on my toes.

    My 18 year old asked me why her father never treated me like that. Whether I liked it. Did I like him. I had to say yes, and let her know her father was no where near this man. What worried me was the rest, the housewife part. The days went on, the sex was a clear and present danger, he housewife job was full time, the getting in bed with him got easier, but the talks with the girls got harder.

    Is this what a real husband is like? I didn't want to disappoint them. A man with hunger for you in his eyes was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I had to tell them, no, husbands are like their father, you don't want the sex and you don't want to be the housewife.

    He paid for my divorce, and I kept my girls. I never asked them to call him Dad, but they took it upon themselves to do so. I don't get looks from them any more when he hauls me down the hall. It's just Mom getting her brains fucked out again.

  • He's Always There When I Need Money And Comfort

    I got married when I was 20. I was pregnant and in love with the father, but he was an alcoholic prick and still is. He's never physically abused me or our son in any way, he's just lazy and stuck in his own little world.

    We'd only been married a few months when he was fired from his job. He wasn't in a hurry to look for another one, and we were very close to having our electricity cut off. I was eight months pregnant. My ultra religious parents disowned me when I got pregnant, so no help from them.

    I went to a little diner to unwind and drown my sorrows in tea and pastries. There was an older man there, about 50. He sat down beside me and asked why I was looking so sad. I poured my heart out and told him everything. He listened and sympathized with me. He invited me to his house, and I went. He was so kind and understanding, and I was so lonely. I knew how vulnerable I was being pregnant and everything, but I was in too much despair to care at that point.

    His house was beautiful and he said he was able to retire early because of successful business ventures and investments. After talking for a while, we started to make love but he couldn't get hard. I thought it was because of my huge baby bump, but he apologized and said over and over that it wasn't me. He said his wife and only child died a few years before in a car accident and he still wasn't over it. He said the antidepressants he took caused ED, but if he didn't take them he couldn't get out of bed.

    He said he still wanted me. He started kissing and carressing my whole body. He put his head between my legs and started kissing my thighs. When his lips touched my pussy, I yelled. I couldn't control it. Nobody, including my husband had ever offered to do that. He teased me for a long time, licking and sucking my labia, then went to my clit. I felt myself thrusting upward, but it was like I was someone else, like I was out of my body. I grabbed his head and pushed him into me. He was really eager and started sucking on my clit, not letting go until I came. That was the first time in my life I orgasmed. I thought I had before, but no, that was a real one.

    When I was ready to leave he asked me to please not get offended, but he wanted to help with my bills. He gave me three hundred dollars. I took it. I was desperate. I paid the power bill and had some left over. My husband didn't even ask where I got the money.
    I was determined not to see him again but I did only two weeks later. The same scenario. I liked the physical attention, but I needed the money too.

    After the baby was born, things got better between my husband and me. I told my friend I wouldn't be seeing him anymore. He said he understood, but don't hesitate to call if I ever wanted to see him again.

    My husband got a job, quit drinking, and things were good for a couple years. Then, he took that one drink, and was back on the booze again. He lost his job. I went to work, and he stayed home and took care of the baby. He was attentive to our son, but he didn't do much housecleaning or anything like that. That was all on me after I got home from work.
    My salary wasn't enough to cover everything, and we started getting behind in bills again. It had been years since I saw my friend, but I decided to call. I didn't have anything to lose. He answered, and was glad to hear from me.

    He gave me a big hug when he opened the door, and he said I looked hotter than ever. He said upfront he was still on antidepressants, and he couldn't get hard, but he still really wanted to go down on me. He did and it was great, even better than before. Afterward, he kissed my entire body and then tongued my ass, which was absolutely incredible. Never had that before either.

    Things would get better between my husband and me, then worse again, then better, then worse. I've been seeing my friend off and on for 6 years. For this last year, once or twice a week. All he asks is to go down on me. He gives me money and credit cards, lets me use one of his cars, and even lets me do my laundry at his house when our washer breaks down. He runs my errands, and buys my groceries. All I have to do is pick them up when I get off work. Saves a lot of time. He buys me j*welry and clothes, and I have a whole wardrobe I keep at his house. I have to watch how much I bring home or my husband might get suspicious (he might not even notice or care, but I'm not taking the chance). I buy extra toys and clothes for my son, and I tell my husband I can do that because I'm working extra hours. Instead of working, I go to my friend's house, relax, and enjoy being pampered.

    I don't feel guilty. I'm working and carrying the load at home. I'd divorce my husband but my friend made it clear he's used to living alone now and doesn't want to marry again. For however long it lasts, I'm getting emotional comfort and financial help from a man who asks little of me.