Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.

I'm Staying, Apron, And All

Do it's been ten years, from 24 to 34. At this point I'm going to stay married, I have two kids. Such is life. One drunk party night and a trip to the chapel. My friend wasn't the only one getting married. Next thing I'm the right seat driving to Boulder, the Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Dallas, to a one room apartment with a college senior going to SMU.

The good news is that his parents are rich, not happy that he eloped with a showgirl. He's a lawyer in the family firm, the first baby brought peace and happiness, the second joy to the world. So I'm staying married, even if he's not Prince Charming. He's not Rambo. He's not Dirty Harry. He is rich.

  • All I Ever Wanted For Christmas Was A Stay At Home Housewife

    I'm a little older. In my late teens and early twenties I was an exotic dancer and cocktail server, at a private club in Atlanta. The men, equaled money. I bonded with the other girls. I loved exposing myself along with them, I have a hard preference for a given type of girl. That said, it's more than her type, I need warm and affectionate, a 'stay at home' personality. I want a 'wife' not a girlfriend. And it never escaped me I was working with prostitutes dancing topless and pleasing men in the back rooms. None of us were virgins.

    I aged out, twenty five is old, thirty ancient. These men want young, seventeen their favorite. Blonde, blue eyes, firm tits, barbie pussy. They paid good money, we aimed to please. My early girl days I was cheerleader.

    I'm now with a wife, a younger woman, twenty two, I met at the club. She should never have been there, prostitution was never her thing. But the money paved the way for her. It was love at first sight in the dressing room, embarrassed to uncover her tits in a room of nothing but tits. I took her under my care and kept her out of the backrooms. But I wasn't able of keeping men off her, my true love is not a virgin.

    I inherited some money, enough to buy a place of my own. I work for a modeling agency for the naughty girl business, she is my housewife.

    This One Was For Me, 1996

    Miss Marple was another name used by her. She took the money up front, did her thing and left. Next time I called for her, her name was going to be Clementine. All in all I liked her, no substitute. It had crossed my mind I had broken my own rule, don't get personal. She had broken hers, don't fall in love.

    I asked her to set aside a weekend, for a trip to the coast. We took the long road, not the speedway. We arrived in time for dinner. After we checked in Clementine put out her hand and I paid her. It was normal. The next day we talked. No more names. No more pay in advance. No more pay for play.

    Clementine wasn't pleased. I put the ring on the table. Still not pleased. I put the contract in front of her. Permanent agreement. She signed and we were now partners. Fifty fifty.

    For someone that had lived on the edge settling down wasn't going to be easy. The ring fit perfectly. The contract in hand we stopped by the lawyers. The Judge was there, and the witnesses. The contract formalized, witnessed, legalized we left for the airport. Her exit visa stamped, we went through emigration. Boarded the flight for Frankfurt.

    Extraction successful, next stop Madrid, then ...

  • One Last Fling, For The Memory Bank, Before I'm Too Old

    I'm sixty. In my day I was an exotic dancer, part time prostitute. I met a man who wanted to be in the arms of a woman. Why I married him don't really know. A moment if weakness. He wanted me to move to his town. Then, he fell over his breakfast and died. I inherited the house, the car, the checking account. I inherited his pension and his retirement too.

    I set up a modeling business at first. Girls who wanted to get in the 'business'. It made money. But I got bored. I went on a cruise, five days down the coast of Mexico. Then another cruise to the Bahamas. Then another cruise down the coast of Alaska. I met a man on that cruise, married him. He bought me a nice new car. But it lasted a few months and in the divorce he gave me a nice settlement. More money. Another cruise.

    I never looked for older men to marry. They came to me, I am a widow twice over. And divorced twice too. I want to have sex with an ordinary man. For fun. Before I too old for that.

    Job Seeker

    After my divorce I was low on money and needed work. I applied for this job, a managerial position in a business owned by an old friend of my ex. I didn't know him all that well but had his private number so I rang him and told him about my application , with fingers crossed hoping to get to the head of the queue. He remembered me and was quite friendly on the phone.

    Then he promised to interview me himself. He said that he could come round to my place when my daughter was in school and we could talk it over. I said yes, that would be OK.

    On the day I took a long hot bath and laid out my best clothes and sexiest underwear. I may be a bit slow sometimes but I had a very clear idea of what he wanted and I knew I would fuck him when the time came.

    I won't bore you with the details. He turned up an hour late and as we talked he wandered around my apartment looking at the family photos and checking out the view from the balcony. I made it clear I needed this job and was willing to do anything to get it.

    He said I had to pass the oral test. I told him I was real good at oral. He took his coat off, sat on the sofa and unbuttoned his shirt. He asked me to show him how good. I unbuttoned my blouse to show him my black sexy bra. Then I knelt on the carpet and moved between his legs. He said that I knew what to do, so I opened his trousers and eased his hard-on out. It was thick but easy to suck. I went slow, licking and teasing. When he was ready to blow I deep throated it and swallowed what came shooting out and filled my mouth.

    He said the job was mine. However he asked if we could continue doing this and fuck as well. I was a little disappointed, thinking this would be the only thing I had to do. But as I had no sexual partner to worry about I decided it wouldn't be too much of a problem , so I said yes. I asked if he could go another one if we fucked in the bedroom and he that would be great, he was happy I was willing to please him.

    We got naked on the bed and fucked in several positions and I have to admit it was all very nice.

    As he dressed he asked if I did anal. I said I'd never done it. Would I be willing to try it ? I had some serious concerns and didn't know what to say at first, but finally said for him I would definitely try it.

    He said we were going to get along together really well. I thought fucking hell, just think about the money.

  • Continue Pool Watch

    When I got finish for day I always take a shower. As I was ready to get undressed one of the girl lifeguard came in she was beautiful and around 22. I pulled my shut off and her mouth dropped. She took her suit off a begin lick and sucking my 9” cock. After a while I put on the shower set and began stitching my cock in her as she started started fuming and all my 9” slippers in and I fucked her for 30 minutes. Her pussy was farting and squirting as I pounded it cum dripping down her leg as two other lifeguards watched. When I pulled my cock out they couldn’t believe the dize of it as it dripped cum. I got to go get back later.

    Pool Watch

    I work as a lifeguard at a pool and I am required to wear a light blue speedo like swim suit. I am very large down there around 9” flaccid. I get more stares. Few of the girls been talking with me and they wear their sunglasses and no they’re looking. I like it but sometimes my suit squeezes my genitals. Part 2 later

    Finding A Man Who Really Likes Me

    I let a big Kahuna have me, after he released me he said I was a naughty little girl. Well he was a dirty old man, playing around with a girl barely out of high school. After the passion subsided, the mystery resolved, his wife's continued pestering he let me off the hook, swim away little fishy. But he wasn't completely self centered, he bought me a fully equipped Accord and he continues to pay me as a consultant..

    Backing Up My Best Interest With This Baby

    I was pregnant and there is some question as to who is the father. Both were with me the same week. One is a man at work, I work under his chain of command, the other a boyfriend from college that has failed to launch. For me obviously, I need to move the needle to be the man at work, he can afford for me to be pregnant. My college friend can't afford a hot dog at the Shell station.

    My work lover asked for a DNA test to prove things once and for all. I didn't want a DNA test, I wanted him to just accept what I tell him. I stole my work lover's toothbrush to use his DNA, and that's how the DNA matched up with his. I cheated. There I admit it. I also used a test kit that is sent back and forth in the mail. I asked for a test that matched DNA, that's what they matched, the toothbrush and the DNA sample he gave them. No request for a paternity test.

    At this point the boy doesn't look all that much like his 'father', but he does have a willy so there, like father like son. My college friend is long out of the picture, all he knows is that the DNA proved he was not the father.

    Basically I need the money. I can't afford to live on what my college friend makes. I know that it will be a secret for all time. But I'm prepared, I'm the only one in on it. I'll get pregnant again, this time 100% with the baby father.

  • After Being Made Queer In Nuevo Laredo Everything Went Down Hill

    We were young college students and we couldn't buy beer until we were 21. Everyone knew you could cross the border and get anything to drink in Mexico, and they had señoritas. Two buddies of mine and me made the drive from school and crossed over in Nuevo Laredo. We went to a bar.

    We got drunk and the girls got uglier. We didn't decide to make a move on ugly whores. Things got ugly at the bar, I got thrown into a room and a big Mexican r**ed my ass. My buddies, they got beat up. It was a long time before I even said out loud that I'd been made queer back in Nuevo Laredo.

    Being queer was tough back then. What with those parties I went to where the men paid for college boys. Learning how to act sissy and suck their dicks. I was sure glad when I graduated, I wanted to get away from all that.

    I didn't act sissy and I got a job selling cars. It was a real shit job and to make ends meet I put an add in the free paper, in the personals. College boy making a man feel good. It kept me busy enough, especially on weekends. Man I tell you, it was good money and I was enjoying it then. If I liked going out Friday night I was okay with him picking up the bill.

    I got busted by a vice cop for solicitation and spent 180 days in the city jail. Everyone knows what you're in for and sucking cock made it easy on me. But I had a record, with a conviction so getting work with a record of homo prostitution made getting any kind of job impossible.

    I worked the cities, Dallas, Houston, before moving up to Chicago and then New York City. By the time I was 35 I was running a few girls and a couple of guys. Not proud of any of it, but once your made queer it's all down hill from there.