Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.

Nude Modeling To Get Through

I have was furloughed since last year because of this pandemic. I work at a college. I have a colleague Dave that has always been a little flirty with me. Dave is a coordinator at the school and has contacts all over. I had avoided calling him because he’s asked me out a couple of times, even though he knows my husband, and I didn’t want to give the wrong impression. But I really needed the work right now.

Dave said he could get me work immediately and get me in at a higher pay scale. It would require me to pose for still life classes at an art college an hour away. I asked if this was nude? He said that nude pays more but they have “dr**ed” sessions as well. Clothed pays $12.42 an hour, but nude pays $18.58.

To describe me, I am 42, 5’1” and very curvy redhead with freckles. I have never been comfortable running around nude, especially since becoming a mom. I always attract men that are in to big boobs and butts. Which is obviously what Dave is by the way he was always trying to catch a casual glimpse down my shirt. I told him that I would take the clothed sessions.

I took the work and it was very part time. Sessions were two hours of posing in a seated position and you get paid for three hours. Some days there were two sessions one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Sometimes posing in your own clothes was fine other times, you went back stage and put on their costume. I was working one to three days a week. It wasn’t much but it was something. Dave showed up a couple of times and we talked for just a few minutes each time either before or after the session.

In order to keep everyone social distanced, the school was using an auditorium that has two big screens on walls to the left and right with live footage zoomed in on the model for students sitting a little farther away. They set up a back drop and sometimes put props up there with you and give you something to sit on.

I didn’t know that in the beginning of the semester, more nude models are used to give the students a foundation for later on when they draw more clothed models in similar poses. Each time you pose, they give you a general direction on how they want you to sit, or lay as sometimes they have couches. I had started half-way through a semester so there was more “dr**ed” work. When the new semester started, there was less work and it was all strictly in costume.

In the first week of January, I came in for an afternoon session. There was another model doing a nude session in the evening, that I assume called out. The instructor came to me and asked if I would be willing to pose in her place. I asked if I was required to be nude? I was told yes, but he said that I would be paid the higher rate for the entire day. I said that I didn’t think I could. After the session was over the instructor came to me and asked again. He said that he wasn’t able to find anyone else and he would have to cancel the evening session. Against my own inhibitions I agreed and immediately had anxiety after. He instructed me to go in to the dressing room back stage and provided me a robe. He said I needed to take off all tight garments at least an hour before the session so that my body wouldn’t have any marks.

I had been sitting in the dressing room wearing nothing but a robe with butterflies in my stomach. The classes were mixed, with people ranging in age from their late teens to probably sixties. The instructor guided me to the stage and introduced me as usual. He then said, The model will now disrobe and stood there with his hand out to take my robe. I had my back to the students and removed my robe. I could feel the cold air immediately hit my skin. The instructor lead me to the seat where he had me sit on one hip and lean across on to a table and prop my head up on my hand. I became acutely aware, out of the corner of my eye, of my naked self projected on the screen. It was really weird at first. That night went by really quickly and it wasn’t until later, that I got turned on by the whole experience.

After a few days I contacted the instructor and agreed to do more nudes. I was working pretty much five days a week at after that point and I knew Dave would know. Although the auditorium was locked from the outside, there is a hallway that connects to the office. Around the end of January, beginning of February, just as I had expected, I finished with an afternoon session and Dave was standing on the side of the stage conversing with the instructor.

Now honestly, I lost the sense of feeling nude by now. The students weren’t ogling me, they were there to just draw or paint. When Dave looked at me though, I felt naked like it was the first time all over again. He got a big smile on his face as his eyes just drifted across my boobs and down on to my crotch. He wasn’t even trying to hide that he was checking me out. He always called me “Red” which I usually didn’t mind. This time he was still looking right at my crotch when he said. Good to see you Red. I felt like his reference was to something else. I turned around and grabbed my robe. I’m sure he loved the fact that he got to see that side of me too.

I went in to the dressing room and put my clothes on. I was feeling really turned on by the whole interaction with Dave. I know other women would be put off by it all, but no man besides my husband has even seen me naked in years and years. I hadn’t felt desirable in a long time. I had never even had the desire to cheat, but that day the thought briefly ran through my mind. When I came out of the dressing room, Dave was there and asked if I wanted to go have a drink with him across the street from campus at a little restaurant that had outside seating. I knew I shouldn’t, but I said yes.

Dave and I had two drinks each and I was feeling tipsy. I knew I couldn’t drive, so I had to drink water for a while. Dave kept drinking though and I could tell he was really buzzed. When it was finally time to leave he walked me back across the street to my car. He had his arm around my waist and his hand kept sliding down on to my butt and he would begin rubbing. I would step aside so he couldn’t reach me and he would come over put his arm around my waist and do the same thing over again. When we got to my car, I gave him peck on the lips and said I’ll see you later. He asked me if I really needed to go home? I said yes. He told me that he will have to go home and just dream about me then. I didn’t stick around to asked why he meant, I knew I had to leave before this all turned in to a regret.

Dave showed up several more times to ogle me, but I rejected his offers for a drink afterwards. There is now this heightened sexual tension between us, so I try to minimalist my contact with him. As of March 1st, I got recalled to my job, so I’m. I longer modeling, but I think about Dave checking me out all the time still.

His Girl Friday

I was recruited into Mega Corp straight out of Business School. I was given a rotational assignment, six months in various departments. On my third rotation I was assigned to Exec support. The Exec floor was accessed by an Exec elevator and for my assignment I was given a key. On a Sunday morning I found myself on the elevator with Mr. Big. When we got off he said "nice ass".

I pretended not to hear. At noon he stopped by my office for the assignment and asked me to lunch. You don't really tell Mr. Big no. We went to his club, he said hello to heavyweight after heavyweight, introduced me to a couple of friends as "his girl Friday". Answered by "nice catch". During lunch I thought of a way to push him off. I gently told him about my girlfriend, and how I was falling harder and harder for her. His comment was immediate "so you've never been fucked?".

I can go on and on. He took me to his "boat", showed me around, down into the main cabin. Told me, did not ask, to get my pants off, he wanted some virgin pussy. The fucking was predictable, he felt me up checking if I was ready by fingering me, then mounting me. We went back to the office and he had me sit in his office while he reviewed a contract, talking to me about it, made notes about it and told me to get with Counsel and get the contract finalized, I knew what he wanted and if necessary shove back.

I am a 'trusted advisor' to Mr. Big, I work on the Exec floor in a nice office, with a private door to Mr. Big. I have permission to use his private bathroom, I eat lunch with him at his conference table. I keep my girlfriend in a nice corporate apartment I could never afford. When its time to pull my pants down we go for a two or three hour 'lunch' with a client. He gets what he never had, a pussy where no other man has gone, and I get what you can't study for. Mr. Big's undivided attention.

Sucking A Sugar Daddy

I suck off a sugar daddy twice a week for money. Been doing this for 6 months now.

He’s 58, 7 inches uncut, thick bush.

As of last week he’s offered more money if I let him fuck my ass twice a week. Then come summer he’s offering me more money to go on a two week trip with him out to California. It would be daily sex on that trip.

He recently got std tested to show me he’s clean.

I’ve never done anal and he knows that but I’m definitely considering it. He’s quite weathly, pays good and a really caring guy .

He’s even told me that he can get a date set up for me to get my butt waxed since he prefers a hairless butt and told me I can get my pubic hair waxed too. I do shave and a wax wound nice.

I’ll have to talk with him more tonight. I think I want a bonus after the first time since he’s taking my virginity.

Three Blind Mice

I grew up in a smaller town on the gulf coast. My father is a career police officer, my mother a part time secretary at our church. I have two sisters, we are one year apart sisters. Our house is in a part of town which has gone from bad to worse. A year before Covid a strip joint opened on the corner next to our house. They paid my father to mind his own business.

The girls came and went, men came and went. One day they stopped my middle sister and told her how much money she could make dancing. More than our parents made. They didn't tell her about prostitution. She made lots of money, she bought a BMW, she bought my mother a new stove. We thought she danced, topless but just danced.

She convinced my youngest sister, who was 17. She convinced me. In one year between the three of us we bought another house for our parents. Three daughters, three whores. That's what my parents have. Covid closed the strip joint. We work, for one of the bosses of the club. Men still pay.

Pimped Out To Rover

After Christmas I lost my job and I couldn't pay my bills or my rent. I went to a COVID party with some friends and I met a guy. We really hit it off. I was telling him my tales of woe. He told me that he knew a way I could make lots of money. I was like How? He said come to my house tomorrow and I'll explain. When I get to his house he has a big scary dog in the front yard. I call him to get the dog. He comes out and introduces me to his dog Ace. Once the dog warmed up to me he was a sweetheart.

We went in the house and had a couple drinks and some skunk weed. I then asked about how I could make some money. He asked me if I ever thought about doing porn. I said I have thought about it. He said he has a beat on a gold mine. He said he makes thousands a week selling videos to a group of guys, women and some couples. Do you want to? He asked. I was feeling good and I said ok I'm down. He said great, go into the bedroom, get naked and he'd be right in. I thought he was hot and I was very wet. I was on the bed slowly pleasuring myself waiting when he came in with Ace. I looked at him like WTF? Why is the dog in here? He said you have to have sex with Ace. These people pay big money for these videos. If you do it you may walk out of here with 2 Gs or more. I couldn't pass up this opportunity.
He assured me he would direct me and I would be fine. He tossed me a jar of Skippy. He told me to slather a bunch onto my tits and my pussy. I did as directed. Ace jumped up onto the bed sniffing. Ace then started licking the PB off my nipples and it felt fucking incredible. I was getting more wet that I felt the liquidy PB dripping down into my ass. Ace then found the gooey concoction between my legs. I lost my voice and my breath from the smooth relentless lapping of my pussy. He continued to lick deep into my slit and then when he hit my clit, it didn't take long for me to cum! I almost passed out but his unrelenting licking would not let me. Ace finally finished and jumped off the bed. I got up to clean up to clean off and get dressed. My director asked where I was going? I said I'm done, I came. He said that I needed to get Ace off and he needed another 40 minutes of footage for an hour. I went to the bathroom to clean up. I stared at myself in the mirror wondered WTF was I doing but I needed the money. I walked back into the room naked and Ace was lying on the bed. I was directed to lay down with my head by his cock and balls. I was told to massage his junk and get him aroused. I did as I was told and I even licked his hairy balls. Soon his red rocket began to grow. It was huge. It was red, bumpy and a weird shape. Suck it now I was commanded. I gave it kisses and it wasn't too bad. I then stuck my tongue out and licked it. Suck it! I took it and guided him into my mouth as Ace laid there panting. It felt really strange in my mouth and had a funky taste. Keep sucking! I continued to lick, suck and kiss it. This went on for about 20 minutes. Cut! Ok you're doing great! Now I need you on all fours. I'm going to guide his knot into your pussy. I was petrified! I heard about getting stuck dog's knot and I did not that to happen. First he had him jump up on me and try to fuck my doggy style. It took several attempts then I felt it slide in and Ace started humping me. I have to say, I've never felt anything like it in my life. While he continued to pound me I slid my fingers over my clit. I felt like I was about to cum then his rocket slid out of me and I lost my orgasm. Fuck I want to cum! He then stood Ave behind me ass to ass. He took Aces cock and pointed it between his legs. He spit on my ass and on Aces cock and then he slowly and gently poked it into my ass. As he held it he commanded Rock Back On It! Push Back On it! I did as I was told! The texture of the rocket felt like magic! If I could keep up the pace I was going to explode. I did it for about 10-15 minutes. My legs started to shake violently. My pussy was dripping like a busted faucet. I started to scream that I was cumming! Ace started to bark and howl. I guess I scared him. I fell to the bed as his cock slid out and Ave ran into the living room. I did not know all this was being live streamed and recorded. The director was like Oh Fuck! This is blowing up. People payed the premium to see it and were tipping all throughout. Then the orders started to come in. He said right now we are at the threshold! I got up and took a shower. When I got out I got dressed and he handed me an envelope. There was 3 Gs in it!!! Holy shit!!! This will pay my bills and rent and have some left over!!!! He grabbed my wrist and said you want to do it again? Not today I said. No! Next week maybe? We'll see I told him. But I think I will do it again! If I can command 3 thousand for an hour of work then I'll quit my fuckin day job!

  • Making Things Work With My Landlord

    I suppose my situation is about making do. Along the way I lost my job and got involved with a lawyer promoting investments in speculative companies. Maybe because we lived in Scottsdale we found a lot of our customers with retirees, a lot from Canada. Long story short, some of the companies never existed and he had priors from other states and I was convicted along with him. I got five years, he got 20 because of his priors, and he wasn't a real lawyer.

    I got out after two, with probation and permanent barring from working with securities and forfeiting my license. I needed a place to stay and one of my cousins talked to her neighbor who lived alone, a widower in his sixties. He agreed, on condition I got a job and paid rent.

    I noticed him looking at me, especially in the morning when I ran around without a bra. I started wearing shorts that accentuated my female form, not quite camel toe but definitely emphasizing my woman's bulge. Tops with cleavage, small bras, or no bra. Why crouch when you can bend over. Why close your door when he was downstairs, what is wrong with drying your hair topless in the den. Why worry if a man looks at you like he hasn't eaten in a week.

    He looked, I gave him what to look at. Prison is a dry state, some girls got relationships going with other girls, I wasn't in there long enough. He was a widower, but not dead yet. A woman in his house gave him something to think about. All it took was going to his room and offering to keep him warm. Maybe being without during my arrest, trial and prison, and him being without since his wife's illness and passing, but whatever the first time he had me to himself he drilled me a new one. Not complaining.

    I don't pay rent, I am working part time, and he is out and about golfing with his buddies coming home to relax with a woman in his bed.

    Husband Don't Know I'm Escorting

    I recently lived out one of my fantasies. I hope my husband never finds out i did this but I tried escorting for the first time.

    Its been a fantasy of mine for some time now to take money for sex with some random guy. After thinking about it for a long time and wondering if I could actually do it I finally got to the point where i was ready to push myself to go through with it.

    My husband works nights so I already knew it would be easy for me to do it and get away with it . The night it happened I was already excited about the thought of it before he went to work. But as soon as he left I posted on a app that im available for hook ups msg me for rates . While I waited for a msg I got myself ready. I kept telling myself I'm ready to do this.. I took a shower and trimmed up the kitty so it would be ready to show off. I did my hair and put on makeup . I dressed up with a black dress garter belt and stocking no bra or panties and black heels. I looked good. By the time I was ready I got a few msgs from guys and I went through them and after chatting with them for a few I picked one and he agreed on my rates so I got his address.

    I drove over to his house . When I got there I got really nervous and started thinking about all that could go wrong . I almost changed my mind and backed out and drove home but I'm so happy that I didn't. I went and knocked on his door really nervous and excited at the same time. He let me in and we talked for a few. I found he was married and his wife was out of town . I left my wedding ring in my car so he had no idea I was married also. After talking I was able to calm down and when he gave me the money I just went for it. We went to his bedroom and I stripped for him. It started with me getting on my knees me giving him a blowjob. He was bigger then my husband and that definitely helped me get more excited to be with him. It was the first time i cheated on my husband but it felt good tasting and having and tasting a new cock in my mouth and throat. But once I was on his bed he took over and started fucking me i was in heaven. We both had a great time. He fucked me really good in multiple positions on my back, on my hands and knees doggie style me on top riding him and we both finished very happy. Afterwards I got my clothes back together and just went home . The sex was good much better than what I've been getting from my husband lately but the money was even better .I still can't believe I went through with it but I'm very happy I did . None of the bad things that I imagined might happen didn't happen and I went back home well fucked and feeling good with money in my purse that my husband had no idea about.

    Did It For The Grades

    Now that I'm out of school, I can openly admit that between 14-19 I sucked off and, or fucked three different teachers in order to get better grades or avoid failing a class. I think a few of my friends suspected it, but they never asked and I never told. My parents had no idea and still don't.

    A Hooker's Night

    I met the man in the hotel bar. After a few drinks we went up to his room. He was bigger than I thought, bigger in the cock department. I did my best to please him, he was too big for me to give him head to completion. He wanted outright sex, for the right price I agreed. He took me getting on my back, he asked how much and he went up my ass. He was big, it hurt before it felt good. We showered together to clean up. He pissed in the shower, getting me down on my knees and pissing in my mouth.

    He had the cash, I took it, left the bartenders tip in the jar and went to the ladies' room to vomit the piss in my stomach.

  • My Parents Extreme Debt

    Around September of 2019 my family and I hit a wall of debt due to some unforeseen circumstances that I'm not going to get into. Sold what we could including 1 of the 2 cars we used to have to scratch up whatever money we could and it still wasn't enough. The idea of having sex for money didn't hit me until I saw the girl in my college that is a well known whore showing off her bag and my friend said something like "Bet she sucked a few dicks for that one." I laughed it off but it was fair way to make a bit of cash.

    I tossed and turned for days thinking if I should and one I got curious enough to talk the whore girl, Megan. We had never talked before so we had a bit of back and forth for a while until I mentioned how she made money. She replied, "I do a bit of body work for a few guys." That's not all that she said but I knew what she meant so I asked, "If I wanted to do something like that, where do I go?". We joked about it for a second and she gave me two numbers if I wanted to make a quick buck. She said to call them the next to make a date. We went our separate ways and waited until the next day.

    I called the one number and as soon as he picked up he said, "You must be Megan's friend." I said yeah and than he asked how much do I cost for the whole package? I had no idea what the normal prices are so I just said $200. He laughed and said, "Damn you cheap. Megan takes me for double that." I told him honestly that I've never done it for money before and I was pretty nervous. He was cool with it and he made a date with me for the upcoming weekend. We talked back and forth for a bit until the day.

    The day came I was wearing a pretty revealing dress. My mom even asked why I would even dress like this all I said I had met a guy and I'm going on a date... Which wasn't a total lie. The uber came and as I'm getting in, I get a Venmo pay for $400 dollars just with caption "2 hours". So I set another uber 2 hours from then. I get to his place and it's freaking huge. Guy had tons of money. He is in his late 40s, fairly tall, kind of built. He let me in and mention how great I looked and everything. He knew I was nervous and offered me a drink, I turned it away and said, I'd rather get it over with. Mentioned that he had paid for 2 hours, I said I saw it and he guided me in into his bedroom. I've had sex plenty of times before but I've actually liked the guys.

    He sat on his bed and as I'm undoing my top he asked me to strip dance slowly for him. I said okay and started to sway my body as I stripped my clothes off. A bit into that he stripped off his own clothes while he jerked off to my dancing. It wasn't anything crazy but it was nice 6 inch cock with a nice tone body. I danced a bit more and than he waved me over and asked to suck his cock. From there we took it step by step and next hour, took a short and started for round 2. I'll be totally honest... I enjoyed it... More than I thought I would. He gave me a few more numbers I could call If I needed some more cash and I was happy to accept them.

    As of now, I'm still seeing guys for money once or twice a week. Although, covid definitely got in the way for a while. I made a lie and told my parents that I got a part time job and I've been helping them slowly pay off there debt. I'm a bit sad that I'm getting treated like a whore but again... It does feel really good not only sexually but that fact that I'm helping my parents too.

    Sorry this was so long winded.