Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.

Last 10 Years

10 years of culinary school and working for assholes who can't hold a candle to what I can do. 10 years of frustrating BS holding hand coddling and baby talking assholes who turn around and quiet.
Today I landed my dream job with small three person teams who know what there doing.
18 hourly with tips 22 to 25 hourly
Health 401k stock investment local and state benefits I mean the list goes on and on first full day I fit like a glove it's respect beautiful and on such a select level only the VIP of the high roller from members of exclusive clubs I love it
Just handled my first half a million dollar wedding it felt nice

  • I Can't Bring Myself To Call Him Daddy

    Three years his mistress.

    The Deal

    In college, I was your typical shaggy haired indie rock kid, too skinny and WAY too interested in "my music." While most guys were chasing skirts, I was learning guitar riffs and solos, dreaming of being in a band one day which I eventually got and realized wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

    So out of college, I went to work at a crappy job like everyone else, and roomed with a couple of friends to keep bills down. It was me, Alex Riley, Taylor (female), and Becks (female). We weren't dating, though Alex and Becks had a regular on again, off again thing that had to be mediated on more than one occasion.

    Anyway, one day I get a group text asking if someone can meet Taylor's friend Libby out on Hwy 8 - she had a car breakdown and needed a ride into town to get help and figure out a tow for her car. I was home in between shifts, so I agreed and headed on out in my crappy beat up Ford pickup. I put on The Eagles in the tape deck (even though this was back in 2017), and headed over.

    Libby was there waiting. I didn't know Libby super well, but she recognized me and we took a look at her car. Flat tire, wasn't fixable. So she got in my Ford and we headed to a mechanic near our apartment. Libby was wearing a short black dress and a jean jacket, her long blonde hair held back by sunglasses on her head. Libby's a little overweight, so I kept seeing her cleavage as she shifted in my passenger seat. She was a fan of The Eagles, so I immediately liked this girl a bit better than before I picked her up.

    On the way, she flat out told me she couldn't afford a tow ($50) or a new tire. She shifted in her seat so that she was turned toward me and I caught sight of some bright red panties and an ample shot down the front of her dress to see those nice soft melons. She said here's the deal - you can have my pussy for the next 30 days if you pay for the two and the tire. Free use, she said - the first time I'd heard that before.

    I asked her if she was okay with that, and she said yeah. You're cute as all get out, she added, so it's an added bonus. I'm clean so it's no big deal, And I'm on the pill. So...what do you think? Help a girl out and she'll help you out?

    In short, that's how I met my fiance - the most direct pickup line that's ever been thrown at me for sure, and the best 30 days of getting to basically text for pussy, mouth, handjobs, or titjobs any guy could ever ask for. I had the first one that very day, and I came ALL OVER that black dress in the parking area of our apartment, her on her knees on while I leaned against the seat of the truck, door open to hide what she was doing in case anyone walked by.

    Well played, Libby.

  • Not Embarrass Of My Past

    This happened years back when I was still a teen. I was going into my last year of high school and got into a fight with my parents. My step dad kicks me out. So here I was homeless, no job, very little options to turn to. I had a boyfriend, but he was starting his first year of college, still living at home. His parents tried to help me best they could, but I didn’t want to burden them with my problem. I managed to get onto social assistance and got a place in a rooming house. A small little room, shared bathrooms with the other 12-14 rooms in the place. At least I had my own fridge and stove to make food with. But I was scared out of my mind. I was the only female living there at the time. There was a guy that lived there that was kind of like the maintenance person. He was across the hall from me. He was almost three times my age (47 yr old), but he was nice to me and did everything he could to make me feel welcome. And the rooming house owner lived across the street in a B&B he owned. Not like I ever saw anyone stay there. This was a pretty shitty area of town. The bar district was nearby, lots of places with junkies and prostitutes in the area. So for a short 5’1” tall, chubby girl like me, I was scared to death to live there. I was constantly getting propositioned for sex. It always pissed me off.

    So after a little bit, money was getting tight. I was stressed out because social assistance and the hours at the job I got at a store weren’t helping me make ends meet. One evening I’m coming home and I had one guy offer to pay me for a blowjob. And another guy ask me how much to fuck me up the ass. When I got home, I ran into my buddy from across the hall. And we started talking and I was complaining about these two guys. But I said that the money sure did sound good at times that it can make it tempting. What he said shocked me. “If you’re ever looking to spread your legs to make a few bucks, I want to be the first. I wanna know what those tits are like.” I laughed at it, not to sure if he was serious. And let it go at that.

    Another few more weeks went by, bills needed to be paid, I was super stressed. I was coming home on evening, I remember it was raining pretty heavily that night. I got in and it was pretty late. I decided to have a shower. As I was going to the bathroom, I noticed the light and tv were on in his room. By the time I took my bathrobe and slippers off and jumped into the shower I was kind of wrestling with the idea of taking him up on his offer. I was in the shower way longer than normal. So I said to myself if he’s still awake, do it. I got back and noticed he was still up. I was kind of frozen. I stood there forever trying to get up the courage to knock. I kept thinking, this is cheating on your bf, you’re not a slut, this guy is way older than you. But the whole idea of picking up some cash was to great. I lightly knocked on his door and it opens. He was like hi, what’s up? I asked if I could come in for a minute. And he lets me in and closes the door behind me. He said to me “what can I do for you?” I then asked if he was serious about the offer. Which of course he said what offer. For a sec I was like “fuck”. Then he said the only offer I remember making was if you were looking to make a few bucks. I said yeah, that one. He pulls out some cash out of his wallet, I can’t remember how much but it was well over $100, puts it on the table. I take one look at the cash and open up my bathroom. I was super shy about my body. I was a smaller bbw at the time, and he was only the second guy to see me naked. But the shyness was gone fast, when he went, “oh fuck baby, those tits are nice, and a hairy pussy, this is well worth it.” He walked over, grabbed a hold of my boobs, was kissing my body and rubbing my clit. He only had on boxers and somewhere in there they dropped to the floor. He threw me down on his bed. We opened my legs and started eating me out. I’m looking at him thinking to myself, “this is so wrong. I’m weeks away from turning 17 and he’s 47.” But damn I was enjoying it way to much. He went and got a condom. Came back and flipped me onto my stomach. He put the condom on, raised my ass up in the air. I feel him rubbing my pussy a little, then shoved his cock right into it. I swear I screamed. Lol. He was flipping me around in different positions, pounding me soft, than hard. Eventually he cummed, I thought it was going to come out of my mouth, it was that intense. I grabbed the money, kissed him on the cheek and thanked him and ran across the hall totally nude. I fell on my bed thinking what did I just do. But also thinking that was fun. A funny part of it was the next day, another guy that lived next to him asked me if I had heard the noise across the hall. I said no. The guy said he was getting it on with some girl pretty hard. lol

    A few nights later there was a knock at my door, this time it was him asking if I’d give him a bj. So I invited him in and did the job. The next day I ran into the owner of the rooming house outside his B&B. He stopped me and said, “do me a favor. I don’t care if you whore yourself out in my building. Just keep it under the radar so we don’t have any problems.” I was like, what do you mean? I’m not doing anything. He then said, trust me, you wouldn’t be the first girl here to do that. And I understand it’s sometimes the only way to make money. So I said, okay, I’ll do my best. But I hadn’t planned to make this a regular thing. But when I started to walk away, he said “come and see me one evening if you want to work off any of your rent.” So I was like that sounds like a good idea. So I went that evening to talk. He was even older, mid 50s I would guess. So we worked something out. He wasn’t as good in bed. But I figured if all it took was me fucking him a few times a month to live rent free, it was worth it.

    After a few weeks I couldn’t look my bf in the eyes. I felt guilty. So I broke it off with him. I actually do regret that now. But the money was good. I didn’t plan to add anymore people to the mix. But I started doing other guys in the rooming house if I felt comfortable with them. When I started branching out of the house, I started to question my choice. Especially when I started meeting people on craigslist. I had enough money saved. I moved out and went back to school. And stopped doing this for good. I don’t regret what I did too much. I got confident in my body and great in the sack. I estimate I was with over 25 guys in that time and tons of stories to share from my slut days. :)

    My One And Only Job

    I got an MBA from Wharton and my advisor suggested I interview with a company I could not find any information on, other than where it was registered. No Financials, but he assured me it was the real deal and very big investors. I was interviewed at a small office by a lady, she told me it was a Trust and they needed an analyst, with very high ethics and respect for confidentiality. And the pay was higher than I had heard anyone in my class getting.

    I signed a contract, CA, my background was examined down to the color of my toenail polish. I was offered an apartment in an ultra high tower, the office where I was assigned was a couple of blocks walk. There were a couple of very secretive lawyers, a CPA who didn't even say hello. My office had all the latest technology, plus anti eavesdropping protection. My boss was the lady who interviewed me. A Trust, secretive, very complicated structure, investments in all sorts of industry, the lady was on the board of many of the companies.

    My first three months I spent reading, analyzing, projecting, writing. I was there late with the lawyers, the lady came and told me she wanted me to clean up for her husband. We went to a restaurant, he had a table. He was around fifty, well dressed, he was very articulate, he dragged me through hell testing me, called me a neophyte. He didn't let up until the lady told him I had been hired to look after him.

    It was personal, sex. I looked after him, she was happy. He was Mr. Plain Vanilla. On top, in and out. And then forcing me to defend my analysis, my recommendations. He was no passive investor, he wanted anything and everything on management. He wanted sex every day, he only wanted me to make the bed. He expected a wet kiss on his cheek. He held my hand in the car. The lady told me he liked me. I woke up with him day after day. She told me I was doing a good job, keep him happy, look after him.

    I worked for them until I had my own portfolio. I piggy backed, I could never beat him at his game. I sit on several boards in the lady's name, and a couple in his name. I wake up beside him. My job is, looking after him. Not that he needs looking after. Neither does the lady. She enjoys watching, she knows just where she needs to be to eavesdrop, and watch.

  • I Did It For The Money

    So I'm working in healthcare and the work is pretty draining. I like my job but its just really hard to work up to 6 days every week. I talked to my boss and I'm now working 4 days instead of the usual 4-5. I can enjoy my work much more now but I do realize that quite a bit of money is missing at the end of every month. I'm not broke or anything but having about 1000.- Chf (im from Switzerland) less every month is noticeable. I was thinking about how I could earn some extra money with the least amount of work possible. Since I do have a fetish for older women I decided to post an add on a craigslist like site. On the add I wrote down that I'm looking for an older Women who would give me some money in exchange for sexual favors. The add was up a few weeks and some women sent me a message. None of them was looking for exactly the same that I was. I had no luck for about three weeks and somehow I forgot about that add. So three weeks ago I've got an email relating to the add. It was a man in his 50s and he said I wouldn't have to do anything I don't want and he offered a lot of money. I'm straight so at first I didn't reply. One night I was pretty high (weed -don't worry nothing bad) and somehow I replied to his email and chatted with him for an hour or so.

    The next day I couldn't really remember what the chat was exactly about. I opened my inbox and saw that we wrote about meeting up and that I told him that I would visit him this day. At first my stomach turned a bit but I kept telling myself that 250 was a lot of money for a visit and I figured that I could leave anytime. I was quite torn but at the end I went to his house. Everything in his house looked expensive and he was really nice. We talked for a bit and eventually I agreed to me getting naked and he playing with my body. I took of my cloths and layed down on his bed. He was exploring every inch of my body. Touched me all over and licked my armpits. For me it was kinda gross but at least it didn't hurt. I was very nervous aswell because all of this was happening with a stranger. He stroked my dick and touched my ass and asshole. I didn't get hard because the whole situation was so weird. He enjoyed it quite a bit and his dick was obviously pressing against his shorts. After about 30 minutes like this he asked if it was okay to lick my asshole. Eventually I agreed and turned on my stomach.

    A short time later his tongue was licking all around my asshole. It felt very weird but it was fine. He did that for some time and eventually he would stick his tongue into my asshole. I had never felt something like that and it weirded me out. After some time I was able to relax my muscles and eventually him tonguing my asshole felt kinda nice. He did that for what felt like a long time and eventually my dick got hard. Eventually he stopped and asked if it was okay if he would suck my dick. I said that I didn't know if I would enjoy it. Eventually he would persuade me to run around and close my eyes. While turning on my back I noticed that my dick had leaked quite a bit of precum on the sheets. So I was laying on my back with my eyes closed. Eventually I felt his warm mouth engulfing my dick. I had my eyes closed but even while doing it and thinking about my crush my dick was not completely hard the whole time. His blowjob skills were quite good and eventually I got close to cumming. I told him "I'm going to cum" expecting my cock to be freed from his mouth. Instead of that his sucking got deeper and forceful. He didn't slow down at all and when I came he slammed his mouth down on me making me shoot many ropes of cum down his throat. My orgasm was quite intense and I never had a girl before that was willing to do the same. A short time late he got off me and handed me the 250 we agreed on. I got dressed and we talked for some time after it. He told me that I could come by anytime and I would be receiving the same amount of money each time.

    I went back home and was thinking a lot about what happened. I felt very dirty and was feeling guilty in a bad way for some reason. I rationalized it down to receiving a great blowjob and making good money in the meantime. So the following days I visited him almost every day after work always receiving a great blowjob and the money. After about a week he asked me If I would be willing to jerk him off. Eventually I agreed and jerked him off. He didn't last long and he squirted a lot of cum. That was everything he wanted that day so I collected the money and left.

    The next time I visited him he asked again to be jerked off. While jerking him off he asked if I could call him daddy while doing it and that he would be willing to give me some extra money. Some time later his cock twitched and squirted while I kept calling him daddy over and over again. He gave me 300 hundred and before leaving we talked some more. He asked if I was willing to suck him off with a negative STD test and 350. I was very opposed to this idea at first but after some time I agreed. The next time I showed up at his place he had a negative STD test at his hand. He was very excited and when I asked him if "daddy wants to get sucked off" he took his cloths off in no time. I sat down on his bed and he stood in front of me. So I took a dick into my mouth for the first time and I'm afraid to say my dick got hard in an instant. I didn't mind the taste and to be honest the feeling of his hard warm dick in my mouth was kinda exciting. I did my best to suck him off and I was in extasy. My body was full of adrenaline and my groin area felt very wet and extremely hot. I was sucking him as best as I could and suddenly he said stop. I took my mouth off of him and said "what's wrong daddy?". He put his hand gently on my cheek and said "nothing's wrong kiddo you are doing great I'm going to cum soon". I said "okay daddy tell me before you do" and took his cock back into my mouth. I kept sucking and his grunting and moaning got more frequent. He moaned "I'm close I give you more if you swallow". At this moment my head was empty I was not thinking about anything I was in pure extasy. I took my mouth off him grabbed hid cock and jerked him really fast. I don't know why but I said "cum for me daddy" opened my mouth and a short time later long strings of cum hit the back of my throat and my tongue. He had a massive orgasm and he came very hard almost filling my mouth up half way. I closed my mouth and tried to swallow. The taste was not the problem but for some reason I had trouble swallowing it. I choked a few times and after a few tries I was successful at forcing this warm goo down my throat. I got up and told him that I needed to go to the toilet which I did. I was in desperate need to drink some water from the fountain. I drank a lot of water and after that I didn't feel like I wanted to throw up anymore. I looked at myself in the mirror and was in some kind of shock. I felt gross and wrong.

    While looking at myself in the mirror I noticed how my underpants felt really wet. I opened my pants and pulled them down. I grabbed the top of my undies and lifted it up. My cock was still semi hard and my undies were stained all over with white stains. To my embarrassment they were wet as well and I was sure that it was impossible that all these stains were ..(continue confession)

    The Night I Sold Myself

    I'm a Croatian woman, when I was in my early twenties I was waiting tables in Valletta, a summer job. That day I was working the night shift. Three businessman came in, a couple of Englishmen and an American. The American was obviously the boss. They ordered expensive wine, something to bite on, told me to leave them alone for a while and not sit anyone else in that room. The American called me back to the table, he told me I had nice tits, then let me go.

    They talked in hush tones, the American was angry, upset. I was called back for another bottle of wine and some more things to bite on. The American pulled me beside him, he told me again that he liked my tits and ran his hand down my leg. I pulled away but he grabbed me and told me to stand still. His hand went across my bottom, and he told me he wanted me to be nice to him.

    I told the bartender I wasn't going back in. He went in to take the dinner order. The American stood and talked to him and the bartender sent me back in. I stood across from the American, he stared at me and spoke in a low voice. I leaned forward to hear and he told me he wanted my tits. He stood and put a 100 Euro note in my shirt, then sent me to get their order in.

    He tipped me 500 Euros, told me to get my things so that I could go with him to his hotel. He undressed me, ate me, bathed me, fucked me, put another 500 Euros in my hand and told me to stay the night. In the morning he ordered breakfast in the room. He called the front desk and had the j*welry send up a Cartier watch which he gave me before I left.

    I sold myself that night, made two weeks of tips that night and a 2500 watch. I hated myself for a while. I still have and wear the watch.

    Working As A Private Nurse

    I work as a private nurse for an agency. The agency is catered towards wealthy people. We do a lot of different things besides healthcare too whatever the customer needs. Recently a fellow nurse gave up her job and I now need to take care of her patients too. So for the last two months I visited this lady in her 50s with multiple sclerosis. It depends on the day but most of the time she got difficulties to get out of bed and putting on shoes and stuff. The ms mostly affects her lower body especially her legs making her to use a wheelchair somedays. I arrive at her home at around 6.30 and leave by 8.30. Despite her condition she works everyday as some kind of coach or consultant. Usually my morning with her are like this: I arrive - make sure she's awake if not I wake her up - help her to get out of bed and into the wheelchair - I push her into the bathroom and leave her alone for about 30 minutes - during that time I make breakfast and begin to clean up a bit - if shes done she comes to eat breakfast - I usually sit some time with her or drink a cub of coffee - for the rest of the time I clean whatever she asks me to and then walk with her to the trainstation. Shes a nice lady and the work is quiet easy for the pay I get. So last monday I arrived at her home in the morning and we did the usual routine. After breakfast we did a lot of talking an she was telling me about how bit of a help I was to her. I said that she didn't need to thank me so much because I do what I get asked to do. I told her that I can do her grocery shopping aswell or maw her lawn or do whatever she asks. She asked me curious questions each time I answered that I was willing to do it. She was fooling around (she got a dark sense of humor sometimes) and asked if I would even shave her down there if her condition got worse. Again I said that wouldn't bother me and that stuff like this is also a part of being a nurse. In a joking way I said that nurses do almost everything for some money and I was not exception to this. We continued with the usual and I left after giving her some company on the way to the trainstation. The next day I arrived at her home again and stepped into her bedroom. She was awake and laying in her bed. They way she talked was different I was sure that something was not alright. I told her what I felt and asked her what she had on her mind. At first she was very vague and didn't say the truth. I sat on her bed and talked to her and after some time she opened up. She told me that she wasn't feeling alright down there and if I could help her out for 50 bucks. I wasn't sure what she meant by helping her and asked her what she was thinking about. She told me that she wanted me to make her cum for a 50 dollar tip. I'm quiet into older women so I didn't mind that question at all. I told her that I would glaldy help her out and she lifted the blanked. She had neither pants or panties on that was a bit unusual. I got on the bed layed on my stomach and got between her legs with my head. She put her hand on my cheek and said "I was thinking about you doing it by hand". I told her that she could do that on her own and I thought that she asked me to eat her out. "I mean with the mouth its way better but you don't need to do that" she followed. I told her that I didn't mind it at all and that was the least I could do for her generous tip. I got my head down and began by licking her whole pussy before slightly sticking my tongue inside of her. I need to say she tasted very pleasant she doesn't smoke and is always very careful to eat as healthy as possible. I found my way to her clit and gently licked underneath there. She moaned and told me that this was the right spot. So I continued to lick there switching up directions and alternating with different amounts of pressure. I did that for what felt like about 10 minutes. She told me that she was close to cumming so I upped the pace and pressure with my tongue feeling tired. She started to shake a little bit and told me to keep going she was just about to cum. I squezed out my last remaining energy and licked her even harder. "I'm cumming I'm cumming" she moaned with her eyes rolled back into her head. I did my last few swirls and put my mouth over her pussy and started to suck. Her lower body gently rocked back and forth while cumming and I went with it. I gently licked and sucked and swallowed all the juices flowing into my mouth. When her lower body stopped to rock back and forth I waited a few seconds and then got my mouth off of her. She told me that she had an amazing orgasm and that I was very good at what I was doing. I stood up again and put her blanked over her. She then opened her bedside drawer and pulled at 50 note out of it and handed it to me. I thanked her and told her that I was willing to earn some extra tips in this manner. She couldn't believe what I was saying and I again told her that I was willing to do it again another day for the same tip. Nurses really do anything for money she jokingly said. I told her that I was glaldy willing to do almost everything for her just as I told her before. I told her that she could leave the tip on her drawer so I would know without her asking when I visit her each day. She replied that this was a great idea and that I could wake her up this way if the tip is on the drawer and she isn't awake in the morning yet. After that I helped her get into her wheelchair and we continiued with the daily routine. She got quite a bit of relieve I believe because she was very cheerfull for the rest of that day. So after that day I found a 50 dollar bill on her drawer each morning and mad her climax in my mouth every day. I earn 250 more every workweek and to be honest I really enjoy pleasuring her so I don't mind the extra work at all. I hope this continues for a very long time and if she ever asks me to fuck her for some more money you can be sure that I will be gladly willing to do that aswell.

    First Time, Last Time!!!

    I am a 19 yr old broke college girl. My parents don't have a lot of money so I got a small scholarship and took out student loans. I work part time at a restaurant but with this covid-19 crap that isn't going well. Last week another girl at the restaurant walked in with a new, "EXPENSIVE" purse. I asked her how in the hell she afforded that? She confided in me that she occasionally escorts (has sex for money) when she is short on cash. She suggested I should try it and gave me the name of the website I could post on. I gave it some thought for a week then decided to post an ad just to see if I get any offers. I consider myself to be attractive. I am very petite, 5-2 and only weigh 100lbs. I immediately got several hits to the post but one really caught my eye. It requested I strip at a bachelor party Friday night and have sex with the groom to be. It offered $500! I accepted the offer on 2 conditions. I get paid up front (cash) and the groom must wear a condom. All agreed. I arrived at the address 9pm Friday night. It was a nice house in a nice neighborhood. The "best man" met me at the door and handed me an envelope. I opened it and confirmed the correct money. I stepped inside. Music was playing, porn was on the TV and obviously the guys had been drinking. There were 7 guys total, 5 white and 2 black. The groom was maybe 30 and the other men ranged from 50's to a guy around my age. I later found out the oldest man was the grooms father and another older man was his uncle. The young guy was the grooms nephew. I went into the bathroom to change into a slutty outfit. When I came out the groom to be was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room and the others were sitting around in various spots. I started dancing to the music and moving around the room. I slowly stripped and spent the majority of the time giving the groom a lap dance. The groom and the other guys were pretty free with their hands but I expected that. Finally I was down to s mall pair of white thing panties. I gave the groom the honor of pulling them down. I could see the joy in his eyes when he got a view of my bald teenage pussy. I took him by the hand and asked him where the bedroom was? He replied "lets just do it here". I was shocked at the request and told him I would prefer to be somewhere where we would be alone. The best man jumped in and offered an extra $100 if I would do it. I figured what the hell, I would never see these guys again. The groom stripped down and sat back on the chair. I knelt down in front of him and sucked his cock until he got hard. I applied the condom and lowered my pussy onto him. I rode hi revers cowgirl and all the guys got a great view as I bounced up and down. It didn't take long before the groom loudly announced "he was cumming!" After the act the guys were cheering, the groom kept talking about how tight my pussy was. I started picking up my clothes and intended to clean up and leave. The groom spoke up and said he wanted to give his best man and the guys a g*ft for throwing him this party. He offered to make the money total $1000 if I would start with the best man and give all the guys a blowjob. I needed the money, I had gone this far so I said why not. Before I even walked across the room the best man had his pants off. I knelt between his legs and started sucking. It took me maybe 10 minutes to get him off. Its a good thing I don't mind swallowing. I raised up to see all the other guys had their cocks out and ready. I moved to the next guy. He was one of the black guys. I had never been with a black guy, but I had heard about their cocks. It wasn't quite true, this guy was a little above average, maybe 7 inches. It took me about the same, 10 minutes to get him off. By this time my jaws were getting tired. I started on the next guy but after a few minutes my jaws were aching. I raised up and tried to take a break. The guy grabbed his cock and said "come on you got me ready". The groom spoke up again and said, "there is another way". He threw the guy a condom. The guy ripped it open and put it on with lightning speed. He pulled me down on his lap. I wiggled around until I slid his cock inside me. He came quickly and from there things got out of hand. The next guy was the grooms father. He grabbed me and pushed me face down over the end of the couch. I told him to put on a condom. He heard him messing with the condom wrapper then he entered me. I quickly found out he faked putting on the condom when I felt the warm cum inside my pussy. I didn't get a chance to get up before another cock immediately entered me. Again when he got off I felt the cum. The next cock really surprised me. It was very large. I looked around and saw his hands on my hips and I realized it was the second black guy. All the guys were around us gathered in close to enjoy the show. The black guy unloaded in me. One after another the guys lined up and took turns fucking me. Even the groom and the guys that got blowjobs took another turn. I don't know how many times I got fucked but it was double digits. After the first guy went bareback, every guy went bareback. When I finally stood up I saw a huge puddle of cum on the floor that had dripped out of my pussy. Cum was running down my thighs. As I gathered my clothes and walked to the bathroom the guys were slapping me on the ass and telling me how great I was. When I came out of the bathroom the handed me another envelope with $500 more. I went home tired, sore and praying my birth control works. I promised myself that no matter how broke I was I would never get into something like that again...

  • Whored Myself For An Apartment

    When I was in college my friend and I got this beautiful apartment. It was perfect. Walking distance between school and work. It was a little expensive but well worth it. We lived there for 3 years. Then the last year of school our landlord came over and told us he was nearly doubling our rent. We really didn't want to leave. My roommate called him to sort something out. She came back with good news, bad news. Bad news, we would be renting month to month. Good news, our rent would be the same if we went out with the landlord and his friends once a month. When the first of the month came we met our landlord at a local bar. We sat down and had a few drinks. A few drinks in my roommate suggested we head out. I and our landlord agreed. He followed us back to the apartment. My roommate invited him in. Once inside my roommate went into the bathroom and came out in her bra and panties. That's when the second part of the deal hit me. I pulled my friend aside and asked her what was going on. She confirmed she agreed to going out and "having fun" with him once a month. We walked back into the living area. Our landlord was on the couch waiting for us. My roommate sat next to him. I stood in front of them and said I was uncomfortable with the situation. Now this guy was about 40 years old and had a decent build. He said that it was ok i didn't want to do it then we could pay the full rent. He then got up to leave. My roommate grabbed his arm and whispered something to him as she took him to her room. I could hear them fucking. I decided to go to bed and try to get sleep. The next morning I woke and he was still there. He waited to know what I decided to do. I grabbed his hand and led him to my room. He pulled his cock out and told me to suck it. Once he got hard he helped me up pulled my pants down bent me over my bed and shoved his cock inside me. Honestly he wasn't half bad he was rough and forceful with each thrust pushing his cock deep inside me. I kind of enjoyed it until he blew his load inside of me. This went on for a solid year. The first of the month we paid our landlord and then later that day or night he would come over. Most of the time one of us would give him a blowjob and the other would fuck him. Once or twice he brought a friend and we would both get fucked. Once I graduated I quit my job moved back home. I have not heard from my roommate since I left and I felt bad about ditching her. But I was not going to keep whoring myself for an apartment I no longer needed.