Ah, the things we do for money. They say that "money is the root of all evil." Maybe that's so. What kinds dastardly deeds have you engaged in for a buck or two? Confess your dollar driven sins with us here and now.

Dilemma Resolved

In October last year, my boss pretty much gave me an ultimatum. His comment to me was "If you're prepared to do anything I want, then I can overlook your record when redundancies begin".
I knew exactly what he wanted, he wanted to fuck me, or so I thought. He'd made it absolutely clear he loved the look of my arse, and often mentioned it was good enough to eat.
When redundancies were announced, I knew with my two mistakes, I'd be on line for redundancy.
The thing is, I'd not long gotten married, and I really didn't want my husband to know I'd fucked up twice at work.
Just before I went home the same day my boss gave me the ultimatum, I went to his office to tell him I'd like to stay.
His smile said everything as he stood up to close his office door.
Telling me to remove my skirt and knickers, I fully expected him to bend me over his desk and fuck me.
That's not what happened at all. He did remove his shoes, trousers and boxers, but instead of plunging what looked like a really thick cock up my pussy from behind, he lay on his office carpet and told me to squat over his face.
I'm not overstating one bit how he made me feel over the next half an hour or so.
My boss literally ate out my pussy, clit and arsehole, tonguing each hole as if fucking it with his very agile tongue.
No one, absolutely no one has ever been that devoted to eating out my vagina and arse. He was so into it, so consumed by pleasuring me orally, I found myself having multiple orgasms.
I'd told myself I wasn't going to enjoy the sex. I wasn't going to think of him fucking me, but everything changed when he was actually pulling my down onto his face.
I was enjoying every moment and couldn't believe how he made me feel.
Time just didn't matter, so when I'd climaxed for how many times it was, and he'd tossed himself off, spunking his jizz all over his lower stomach, I finally looked up to see he'd been giving my love holes and clit, over half an hour of worship.
Standing up, he told me he'd expect me to face sit him a few times a week. He added he knew I was married and wouldn't be fucking my pussy, but if I wanted it, he would fuck what he said, was my beautiful peach.
It was several weeks later and lots and lots of oral sex, usually with me riding his amazing tongue, that my boss and I fucked.
I'd become incredibly horny that afternoon. I knew we were going to visit a hotel to have me face sit him, but i'd also been sucking his cock for a couple of weeks, after he'd had me climbing the walls with powerful orgasms.
His erect penis isn't as long as my husband's, but it is a lot thicker and by then I'd grown to love being his naughty secret.
At the hotel, I'd already decided I wanted to feel his cock fucking me. We'd spent quite some time in various positions having two way oral sex, so when he lay on his back expecting me to slide my pussy and arse over his tongue, instead I impaled myself vaginally on his throbbing dick.
He was utterly surprised, yet he didn't complain he wasn't getting his face sex. His thicker cock filled me and I ground down onto his cock sending shivers of pleasure right through me.
Reaching under my arse cheeks he did something I wasn't expecting after I'd just climaxed, he slid two fingers up my bum. It was so dirty I orgasmed almost straight away after my first.
After a couple more minutes, still with him fingering my rear hole, he made a load of powerful thrusts upwards and came inside my pussy.
Using both hands when he'd calmed down, my boss lifted me off his cock and continued to move me until my sex was above his face. He then had me smother his mouth with my cum dripping pussy and wow did he eat my love holes.
So many wonderful orgasms later, he finally moved from beneath me, had me kneel up, then very slowly entered my arse.
It's still the longest I've ever been fucked. My arse stretched to take his cock, but I was so into the sex by then, it took it with only a little pain.
We fucked doggy, missionary, spoons and back to missionary with him pounding my arsehole in long rhythmic thrusts. I'd reached ecstacy quite a few times before his cock erupted up my arse and by then with us kissing passionately, I knew I'd do anything for this man.
Even then the sex wasn't over. Once again he went down on me, lifting my legs up and over my head. It was so beautiful how he tongued out my arsehole. He worshipped it all over again and I just sank into the moment as my boss satisfied his oral fixation.
The last few months he's exclusively fucked my arsehole, as my husband and I are going to start a family. My husband obviously hasn't got a clue what I've done to keep our financial situation at home, safe.
At first it wasn't easy with my boss, but now I crave his thick cock pounding my arsehole, however its his devotion to giving me oral pleasure that I get off on the most. I've even begun to train my husband in the delights of vaginal and anal submissiveness.
Only the other day I had him tonguing my pussy after he'd filled it with his cum.

  • My First Group Blowjob

    June 17th 2022, I am mentioning the date as this was my first.

    I was hanging out with my friends that are all boys (6 of them) they are 20 I am 18. Just a normal night of watching some stuff and drinking. Now I'm not a slut but I do like sex and what not. This night one of the guys puts porn on the TV while everyone starts smoking joints and shit. All the guys and I are here getting stoned and they all started talking about how awesome it would be to do what they are watching which was a blowbang 1 girl sucking 8 dicks ending with multiple facials. I blurt out thats hot and I was instantly embarrassed. One of the guys turns and asks me would I do that? I and say yeah probably depends, another one asks me ok how much would it take for you to do that? Like this girl on the TV, I respond with no idea maybe like $1000. Anyways things move forward with the night with more joints and some shots, I bring up the porn again and ask the guys is that something that you all think is hot or you just wanna do cuz you watch it? and all of them said definitely because its fucking hot would love to cum on a chick's face, one guy said $1000 huh would you right now and I said yes, all the guys counted out whatever money they had on them and said here will you do it? Now it was nowhere close ton$1000 it might had been $300, but I said fuck it lets do it. So I got undressed got on my knees and all the guys whipped out there dicks and sucked evey dick 2 at once and milked the shit out of them till they were ready to blow. It didn't actually take that long but one of the guys was more aggressive than the other actually fucking my face and he was the first one to cum on face and as soon as the other guys saw that each one of them one by one startes shooting ropes of cum on my face, couldn't open my eyes it was in my nose and dripping of my chin. I was rubbing my clit so hard I came 3 times it was gross but fucking amazingly hot at the same time.

    He Did It For Money

    I'd not had any sex for over 4 months. This homeless guy, a young man, probably 18 or 19 started talking to me as I would go in and out of this store nearby my hotel. I bought him food a couple times, and last night he said he wanted to repay me, he was licking his lips while looking at my crotch. I told him that oral takes me too long to cum. He said to follow him, we went around the back of a building, no one around and pulled down his pants. He brought out something from his backpack to lube himself, my condom was prelubed. I fucked him. I gave him $20 in cash in addition to the food.

    I saw him today and we looked past each other, not quite sure what to do if I see him again tonight. Given the chance I think I'll fuck him more if he wants.

  • For Free Driving Lessons

    Some friends of my mum have asked me to babysit there 3 yr old. I have done it for the last six months, nothings happened, he hasn't looked at me and I have not thought of him or his wife much, although he is quite dishy and she sexy in a mumsy sort of way

    Recently he has changed jobs and he a Driving Instructor and if its a Friday evening that they are out, he won't drink as he will be giving driving lessons on the Saturday and does not want any alcohol in his system at all.

    I need driving lessons but more than I babysit so it will cost more than they give me..... To save them money on taxi fares he drops me home.

    During the platinum Jubilee I babysat for them and was in my usual attire, of jeans and a hoody , which I normally take off when they have gone and sit around in my tight tight tops marvelling at myample tits, I'm 34e but quite embarrassed at how men cant take there eyes off my tits, and I don't want to put his wife to shame as hers are quite small compared to my whoppers.

    Anyway after the street party event , he put his wife to bed and said he'd drop me home, only 10 mins away.

    I was in the car about a minute and I said I was going to take my fleece off, my bra was already in my bag, I took it off and he was looking at my tits, there was air conditioning on and my nipples were like bullets..
    I didn't think it was going to be so easy, he said "Sami you are a cracking girl, I bet you are fighting the boys off", I said not really, they are all so childish. I see , he said" So you like the more mature man," . I Laughed and said I did but they are always married, listen Sami if you want I could give you one or two extra driving lessons if you like, his hand went on my knee.

    Fuck it I thought, I want to pass my test this year not next, I said Dan , my jeans are a bit tight, do you mind if I undo the button? As soon as I said this he almost choked, and we shot past my turning down a lane towards the countryside. As soon as I undone my button the zip just peeled away, showing a lot of flesh and the top of my pretty pink sexy wet panties,. Good old Dan his one hand went straight into my panties and I spread my legs for him.

    Mmmm you are fucking soaking, then I put my hand on his cock it was tenting out of his shorts, next thing we stopped he's kissing je and his hands ste on my tits and I'm trying to mount him, he opened the door, and came round my side and was putting his cock in my face, it was a nice size, with a foreskin just like my brothers, I sucked him and tongued him, fondled his balls, let my finger wander around his crack, and whoosh he was cumming in my mouth, " Uggh ugh you dirty little slut, well, I'm sorry samiti, that wasn't meant to happen and I want your pussy too, you going to be a good girl and give up your honeypot, I was out leaning over the bonnet and ge was fucking me doggy style. In seconds
    He was hard and passionate but was taking a while to cum again, so I accidently called him Dad instead of Dan, that excited him, so then Dad, turned into Daddy, and he put his fertile cum up my fortunately protected pussy, in super quick time really slamming into me, calling me all the filthy names he could think of
    Well I am wearing a dress tonight with leggings underneath, boring fleece to cover my boobs, well until we are alone that is.

    As A College Kid Traveling South America I Was Stuck Without Money

    For reasons that had nothing to do with anything I found myself stuck in Machu Pichu for lack of funds. I had lost my room at the hostel I was staying at, I was down to selling my camera to get a bus ride back to Lima. The man talking to me outside the nice hotel where the moneyed tourist stayed told me really didn't want my camera and how much money did I need to get back to Lima. To come with him to his room and shower and wash my hair, he ordered some food from room service. Then he asked me if I minded if I let him suck my dick.

    He seemed to have enjoyed my dick. He wanted more, "do you mind if I fuck you?" and with that I couldn't sell my camera, I sold my body.

    He gave me the money for the bus to Lima, kept me over night and I played the girl, he was very happy to have me there, to sleep with him, to have sex with me.

  • The Doctor With The Big Dick.

    I didn't have many friends, so when Christy started hanging around with me I kind of wondered why. She was pretty and had nice clothes and lived in the rich neighborhood. I guess they weren't really rich, but I was from the trailer park, so anybody in a real house seemed rich to me.

    One day she just came out and said, "I know you fuck boys, James told me he fucked you twice." I said, "So what?" "Well, I know a doctor who will pay to fuck you. " "Are you serious? How much does he pay?" She told me it depends on what I was willing to do. I was pretty willing when it came to fucking and I always needed money. She said she'd fix me up but I had to promise not to tell anybody because we'd all get into trouble, especially the doctor.

    The next week I had my doctor's appointment after classes. The door was locked, but he came to the door when I rang the bell. I was disappointed that he was an old man with a fat belly. I had only ever fucked boys my age. I was a little nervous about what not knowing exactly he wanted me to do. I didn't have to think about it long, though, he seemed to have a plan. He led me into an exam room where the table was set up with stirrups like when a girl gets her privates examined. He told me I could leave my socks on, but take everything else off and put on a paper gown that barely reached the top of my legs and get on the table.

    He watched me undress. It was going to be weird doing it under bright lights, I'd had mostly only done it in cars in the dark. I got on the table and he had me scoot down to the edge and he put my feet in the holders and pulled me down more until my pussy was wide open right there in front of him. He put a sheet over my knees so I couldn't see what he was doing on the other side. He sat down on a stool and turned on a bright light aimed right at my spread-open hole. It was so business-like and weird I didn't want to do it any longer, but he was touching my pussy lips and I felt like it was too late to change my mind. I just laid there looking at the sheet over my knees wondering what he was going to do to me. He was fingering me, but it felt like he was trying to get his whole hand up there. I wiggled a little and said, “Ouch, that hurts!” He told me to just relax, it would be easier if I didn't move. He said he was trying to get my vaginal opening to stretch a bit for the "procedure". I didn't say anything for the rest of the time. He stuck something in me that was hard and cold and moved it in and out a few times. Then he pulled it out and rubbed something cold and slimy on the opening and poked some of it up in me.

    I was relieved when I heard his zipper. At least I knew what was coming next. I didn't mind getting a dick in me, I know what happens then. I figured he would would hump on me for a minute or two, then pull out and squirt on my belly. That's what the boys do.. Or supposed to anyway, but sometimes they forget to pull out. He stood up and I felt him fingering around down there, then what felt like a baseball bat pushed against my hole. But the bat was warm and wet. He was trying to push his big cock into me but it wouldn't go in. He was looking right at me in the eyes the whole time. He had to grab my hips with both hands and pull me to him at the same time he pushed into me hard. I thought for sure I'd been split open. My whole pussy stung and burned like crazy. I said. "Wait! You’re too big It hurts!" He said, "Of course it’s uncomfortable, that's why I pay you. Lay back and try to relax, this won't take long. Please try not to make a lot of noise and don't move if you can help it. " I couldn't move much anyway, and I just whimpered a little when he started pumping my hole. He said, "Shhh!" He was staring at me, right in the eyes. I tired closing my eyes, but he said, " No, look at me." I counted the strokes to keep my mind off what was happening. It took 17 times before he pulled out real slow then jacked his load into my pubes. I saw him reach for some kleenex and wipe off his dick. then got more and wiped some of his cum off me. I wasn't there for more than 15 or 20 minutes. He paid me $50 and said he'd give me 50 more if I brought him a new girl. I never did.

    Transitioning Out Of The Sex Business Is Difficult Without A Mentor

    I walked home from a fight with a friend. A man pulled up and offered me a ride. I didn't care, he could do what he wanted. He asked what was the price, I said 100 for sex, 300 for the night. We went to a motel, I asked to see the money, he put five twenties on the side table. I took off my dress, he wanted tits so I took off my bra, my panties were off, I laid back and opened my legs. He took care of business, we got dressed and I told him I needed a ride to close to where I lived.

    That was twenty years ago, I was 19, prostitution was everywhere, it was my first time. I didn't have a pimp. I started dancing at a club, made decent money. They had a pimp and I said no. He asked if I would do women, I agreed to that. Over two years I banked 100 thousand, women pay tips and they ask for you by name.

    A guy I knew offered me an out, move with him to Georgia where he had a new job, go straight, quit dancing and prostitution. I went, went straight, no women. Got a job selling closets in a new subdivision area, made pretty good money for someone with out a degree. A man looked me up and offered me a job managing a strip club, salary, bonus and override. My friendly partner said no, did I want it capitalized?

    Going straight was a one hundred times harder than quitting the sex trade. I don't think I could do it, I needed a woman, for me. It's been twenty years, I live with my SO, we have an interior design business, I'm back office, she's the talent. My friend, he's the bank.

    Selling Stuff

    Has anyone ever sold their used items? If so what sites do you sell it on? Just trying to make some extra cash!

    Every Job Has It's Dirty Side

    My name is plain vanilla, Kathy Smith. Plain vanilla life too. HR Generalist making 48 thousand a year. I can't afford the rent, I have a roommate. I drive a 13 year old Explorer that needs a strut fixed, 1200 bucks. I have no savings, 13000 credit card debt, and 32000 student debt.

    I agreed to go on the business trip, on the company plane, with the CEO and a customer. My job was to be 'nice' to the customer. Treat him nice, make him happy, Japanese men like blondes with tits.

    I couldn't do it, I got fired.

    No job, no money. I got a job as an executive secretary for a small company. The owner said he liked having his employees feel like family. Hugs, arm around the shoulder, kiss on the cheek, family. The wife told me she didn't like having a young woman there, not a blonde with tits anyway. keep my hands off her husband, understood?

    He said it was just business, he paid me money, I was supposed to give him, what? Pussy? Is that it? Pussy, why didn't he tell me when he hired me? Not on the job description.

    Two little diamond earrings, versus a little bit of pussy. Fair trade, small diamonds, tiny peek of pussy. Bigger diamonds, more pussy, real nice diamonds, real pussy. It's business.

  • Massage Parlor Whore

    From 18 to 23 I worked as a prostitute in one of the lower class massage parlors on 9th avenue in New York. That is where I met my now husband. I massaged him, he asked for more, I sent in the old woman who did the pricing and got the money. I came back and he bent me over the table and ram fucked my asshole. Nothing I hadn't done before, definitely not a virgin, but he really was ramming it home. At the end, he asked my name and I told him "Angel". He said no, that he wanted my real name because I was beautiful and he wanted to date me. I'd really stopped dating guys when I was hooking, I figured no one would want to date a hooker and would eventually find out that I was in a low end massage parlor letting guys pump me, in the mouth $ 25, pussy $50, and ass for some reason was also $50. I was getting fucked by 8 to 25 guys a night.

    But he meant it. I don't know why but I gave him my number and name, and I told him that just because he paid to fuck me in my ass once, doesn't mean he'll get any kind of sex dating me, until I feel right about it. He agreed. I continued working at the massage parlor, he kind of got off with me telling him about some of the guys. Some stories of weird shit they wanted, huge cocks, very tiny cocks, even some guys who brought their wives. One wife just watched to make sure he only fucked my ass and not my mouth or pussy, other wives would suck on my boobs or me on theirs, and kiss while their husbands fucked me, and a few came in so the two of us would have lesbian sex. I figured over those 5 years I've had at least 200 women, and 2000 or more cocks.

    So, 23 years later, married, 2 children and the first time my husband fucked me, it was bent over a massage table pumping in and out of my ass, paying $ 50 for the fuck. He doesn't care how many cocks have been inside me, or how many tits and pussies I've had my mouth on.

    Needless to say we got together and immediately made up a story about how we met to tell anyone who asked.