You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

Took Revenge On Boyfriend With Cousin

I’m in a happy relationship with my girlfriend for almost 5 years. We have a great love life and sex life. There’s a part of us where always wanna be dirtier. We started off by talking dirty about other guys. She wasn’t really into it first but as times goes her interest was kept increasing. We usually talk about threesomes and about other guys usually. She’s a tall petite chick with a great fucking ass.

Few years back I cheated on my girlfriend and we kept having arguments about it. Around this time she went for a long holiday to her cousin’s house. What I’m gonna tell is what she confessed to me starting of this year. She was mad at me for cheating on her. There’s one of her cousin who kept making moves on her. She somehow refused but on a night when she was walking back from washroom her cousin was drunk and pulled her to a side. He asked her “why you don’t want to give me this ?” while grabbing her pussy. Surprisingly she didn’t went away or took his hands from her pussy as she was dripping inside her panties. He carried her and made her to sit on a table. He was kissing her neck while rubbing her pussy through her shorts. She moaned softly in his ears which made him to take out his dick from his shorts. As his rubbings got harder my girlfriend’s hand automatically started to give a handjob for him. As soon as he cum out she ran back to sleep.

She just wasn’t enough with what had happened the last night. The next day she went to his room to check on him and caught him watching porn. She was nervous but started a conversation with him. Her cousin just didn’t wanted to waste any time so he closed the door and started to kiss her. This is the first time she’s kissing someone when we’re in a relationship. As the kiss went harder she didn’t even realised that her dress straps are fell down. He managed to take her nipples in his mouth and satisfied her. My girlfriend this time she took out her cousin’s dick by herself and was stroking it. Also after a while she gave him the permission to get inside her shorts. They managed to masturbate for each other till my girl gets her orgasms. All of sudden he made her to kneel and slapped his dick on her. He wanted her to blow but she refused. Instead of blowing she managed to stroke him till cum out.

This was happening for almost a week till she comes back and she confessed it to me because she don’t want to live in the guilty feeling. The reason she told me was she wanted to take revenge on me for cheating on her. This is the first time I’m confessing here. I’m really interested on you people’s opinion about this.

  • New Life

    I’ve been married about five years the last two of which have been pretty miserable. My wife, though very beautiful, Is a difficult person to live with us she has a Hi expectation for her lifestyle without the work ethic to make it happen. So we’ve been fighting for a long time I’m hadnt had sex in over a year. I suspected that she was seeing someone else but she was very careful and there was no obvious proof and really I just wasn’t happy in the relationship so it didn’t matter a lot. One day though after she had been gone for a couple days on business and then came back and went out with some girlfriends I I was going through the dirty laundry and I saw a pair of my socks in her bin. When I grab them I noticed a pair of her thong panties wadded up strangely. I pulled them out and as I straighten them out I noticed that the crotch was damp and gooey and I smelled them and it was clear to me that the goo was Another mans cum. I mean I only have smelled my own but it has a distinctive odor And this clearly could not be mine. When she came home I confronted her about it and she accuse me of snooping and denied she’s been seeing anybody else and wouldn’t even give a reason for her panties. But I finally just said look it doesn’t matter either way we’re unhappy and I think we need to move on. She readily agreed which wasn’t too surprising but what was startling was when we spoke to the attorneys she basically said she just wanted out and didn’t want any of my money. Her attorney tried to talk her out of it because she had no real income and I make very good money but she was insistent she wanted it done and quick. So we did get it done rather quickly and I move my stuff out of our place put it in storage and took a leave of absence from work. I flew to Cabo San Lucas with an open ended an idea to stay there and relax and just regroup. After a few weeks in a small town called Todos Santos I found a little villa to rent near the Pacific Ocean and met and incredibly Beautiful Mexican woman named Josefina. At this point I was really feeling like I could live this lifestyle the rest of my life and Josefina and I became closer and I began to feel like I was falling in love even though we hadn’t yet been intimate. She was very sweet smart, and just stunningly beautiful with a hard Perfectly shaped surfers type body. I was also enamored with the fact that she was pretty religious and open that she had only had sex with two men and the 35 years old she was holding off until she found The person she believes she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Thanks for sailing along and then one day I realized that my cell phone, which I would often leave in the Villa for hours on end, had a bunch of text messages and phone calls from my ex-wife. All of the messages were basically that she needed to talk to me and to please call her back. So I called her Even though I had no interest in talking to her but I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a legitimate emergency. She said she had bought a plane ticket I was flying to Cabo and beg me to meet and talk with her. I asked her what she needed but she wouldn’t be specific and said that she would appreciate it if I would just give her the benefit of the doubt and meet her. She had no idea that I was up the coast an hour or so from Cabo and I didn’t tell her but I did agree to meet her in Cabo A few days later. I was honest with Josefina and told her I got a call from my ex-wife who claimed that she needed to talk to me and I agreed to meet her in Cabo. Josefina said it sounds like she is going to try and talk you into getting back with her. I told her it doesn’t matter what she asked because I didn’t want to be with her again and I was actually in love with someone else. Josefina teasingly looked at me and said who are you in love with you spend all of your time with me. I laughed and grabbed her and looked in her eyes and said I am in love with you. She kissed me and said that she loved me too and if I came back from Cabo and still felt the same we’re going to spend a week in bed making up for lost passion of time. I felt my Cock stir. We went for a long walk on the beach, made dinner and fell asleep on my couch holding each other. I woke her up late into the night and said Josefina let’s go lay in my bed. But she said that she had to get home and kissed me sweetly and told me to find her when I got back from Cabo. I drove down to Cabo And checked into a resort and then texted my ex and said I was there and let me know where to meet her. I did not hear anything back for several hours and I thought well this may be ideal if she just doesn’t show. I finally heard my phone beep and it was a message from my ex saying that she was sorry she had fallen asleep when she got in and asked me to meet her at her resort bar. I took a taxi over there and found her sitting at the bar. She got up and hugged me and tried to kiss me on the lips but I turn my cheek and let her kiss me there. She asked if we could go to her room to speak and I said fine. She’s been drinking a little bit was clear and she asked for a bottle of champagne to be sent to room. We got to her room and she open the champagne and offered me some but I refused and just asked her to tell me what she needed to. She took a big couple of the big drinks Of champagne and said I have something I need to confess to you. I rushed out of our marriage too quickly because you were right I was seeing someone else. He promised me all kinds of things and claimed to be rich I bought me nice g*fts and I just got swept up into believing it was a lifestyle I wanted but all the while knowing I was still in love with you. I said, so let me guess he was full of shit, had no money and because you didn’t ask from any from me you have none now. Does that about wraps it up? She put her head down and shook it affirmatively and said that she was sorry and that she really did love me and it wasn’t about the money. I told her that I was not in love with her anymore and she had probably wasted a trip. She teared up but continue drinking the champagne. She was still as beautiful and sexy as she had ever been but I just have no affection left for. Left for her. She was beginning to get a little drunk and stood up and walked over to me she put her arms around me and reach down and squeeze the outside of my pants finding my cock in her hand. She said, well I am out of options and let’s be honest you got out of the marriage very cheap. Can you help me out with anything? I stood for several minutes and looked at her with disgust and distain really unbelieving that I had spent so much time with her. I don’t know why as it’s not in my nature but I step back from her and dropped my pants and underwear and let my large semi hard cock flop in front of her. She smiled and said can I take care of that with for you baby. I told her to takeoff the clothes and get in bed. She did and she looks like a model lying on the bed. I rolled her onto her stomach and I said I want what she would never give it to me and I spread her ass cheeks and placed mine are ..(continue confession)

    She Sent Him Pics

    My wife sent some naked pics to a local guy she met online, and she was just getting off on the sexting, but admitted easily that she was tempted to meet up. Now, if I had done this with another woman, she'd have me sleeping on the couch for a year.
    I only found out because she was acting odd, so I checked her phone and email to figure out what was going on.

    Since she only sent them to him, there was only one suspect when they turned up on a porn site, and an anonymous email of "Whoa, hot fucking pics!" with a couple of samples and what "Rando-guy" would love to do with her.

    She broke it off with him, and she's been quietly sweating it for the past couple of weeks.

  • Lied To My Husband

    Back before I met my husband I was living with my boyfriend. I came home one day to find him screwing a girl on our bed. This my husband knows.
    I was so angry, I left and drove around for an hour and then I had a idea. A guy that hung out in our group was always flirting with me and trying to get me to sneak out with him. Most in the group liked him but my cheating boyfriend did not like him. I ended up driving to the guys house, I go in and later I slept with him. My husband knows this. What he doesn’t know is that I ended up staying with the guy more than a month. He was really good in bed, and it didn’t hurt that his dick was way bigger that the few I had at that point in my life. My husband thinks I went home to my parents the following day.
    My husband also doesn’t know that the guy and I continued being fuck buddies.
    I went back to college and he lived near the campus so I was fucking him several times a week, all the up to when I met my husband about a year later. My husband and I were dating and he was trying hard to get into my pants and I was playing the good girl. I finally quit going to the guys house and soon after gave in and had sex with my future husband. It was freakin awful, I’d become so use to a thick penis sometimes I wasn’t sure if he was in me. When I got on top he kept coming out because I was raising up too far. He came fairly quick and when he came back from the bathroom his soft penis was so small, I mean maybe an inch or two.
    I wanted to bail out right then and there, I didn’t return his calls for a few days and yes I went and got pounded by my FWB. We did some 420 and I started telling him about my future husband and how small is penis is, maybe 4.5 inches and very thin. Then I felt bad about telling the guy about him, the guy snickered and made fun of him a bit and I just went along and then he pissed me off and we started arguing and I started defending my future husband and the the guy just starts stripping my clothes off and starts fucking me again. Still mocking my future husbands dick.

    I told my husband before we married that I had been with 3 guys and told him I only slept with my FWB once and no mention of course of his big dick. Now years later I run into the guy at a party with my husband, it had been 15 years. When I saw him we were a distance away from the others. He just suddenly hugged me and saying hello. I had a chill run down my spine and straight to my pussy. I was instantly wet. We played it off of course, he had a wife with him. To see him talking to my husband and carrying on made me terribly anxious. As we leave the party we walk by my FWB and my husband gives him a hearty handshake and then invites him to golf. I almost collapsed right there. What if they become friends ? I just know he’s going to find out. It is definitely a problem, I have rubbed out several orgasms thinking about fucking him again. I hadn’t done that in years.

    Wife Caught Me Sharing Her Nudes So She Posted My Nudes Online

    Okay , I actually didn't get caught, but my brother-in-law did. For a few years now I've swapped naked pictures of my wife with my brother-in-law for naked pictures of my wife's sister.

    Well, go figure he gets caught with a stash of naked pictures of my wife and confesses the whole thing. Instead of texting me to warn me he lets it slide thinking his wife won't tell my wife. That was a mistake.

    Meanwhile my wife wants to tie me up, blind fold me and have some fun. Of course I'm totally down. While I'm tied to the bed she gets some ice cubes starts rubbing them all over. Next thing I know I feel my nuts being dunked into some freezing cold water.

    Now, I'm pretty average down there, but I'm a grower for sure. Something she has always teased me about. Not really into SPH or anything but I do enjoy the occasional teasing. Her ex (and the only other man she's been with) was not a grower so I had to explain it to her once we started dating.

    She has admitted to after seeing my dick for the first time being scared it wouldn't get big enough for her to enjoy and was surprised it grew so much. Seriously, I'm a grower for sure.

    Anyways, the ice bath on my dick made things much worse. She takes a bunch of pics and then just leaves me there fucking tied to the bed to go post them online. After a couple minutes I get myself free only to find what she's been doing.

    Reddit, a couple other rate my cock sites and her sister have seen the pics by the time I get to her. I literally have to go unplug the damn modem to stop her. Obviously she's furious and honestly I don't blame her. It would have been nice if she'd left my face out of it though. I did the same for her...

    Because of the ice bath my dick was probably only about an inch total. She had one close up shot in particular with her thumb next to it showing it was bout the size of her thumb.

    On a side note sister sent dick pics of the brother-in-law, without the torture and I was surprised to see he was packing.

  • Step-grandma

    My grandma died when I was nine, and my grandpa got remarried 3 years later to a righteous snooty bitch of a woman. Our family has never fully accepted us because she's a c**t and looks down on us always has. My grandpa hasn't been truly happy since marrying her but he didn't want to be alone so we're stuck with her. Well back in my junior year I got out of school around 1 for work, my grandpa had to go out of town for 2 weeks and asked me to take care of his pool while he was gone since his wife couldn't well one day I got out of school but didn't have work so went home and decided to go take care of the pool when I got up to my grandpa's house I saw my step grandma's son-in-law truck in the drive and didn't think much of it and went to taking care of the pool. After I treated the water and cleaned the catches I went to vacuum the pool. I caught a glimpse of something through the curtains into my grandparents bedroom so I went to go look more and saw my step-grandma getting fucked by her son-in-law. I was pissed and wanted to barge in but instead pulled out my phone and recorded it for awhile. Then I finished the pool and snuck off home, about and hour later her son-in-law left. That weekend when I went to go take care of the pool after I finished I decided to confront her so I went in the backdoor and she was in the kitchen making her lunch, she said hi and asked what I needed and I told her I had a curious question, if she saw me the other day when her son-in-law was over. She stood staring at me and said no, why? I pulled out my phone and pulled up the video and asked how long that had been going on. The ghost white face and big eyes she got were priceless! I grabbed my phone back and started ranting about how my grandpa would react if he found out and what would happen when everyone found out. She stayed quiet staring at me for a bit before telling me that I can't tell him, that no one needs to know she'd pay me to delete the video and forget it. I laughed saying I didn't want my grandpa's money. But the best way to keep me quiet is to give me a reason to not want anyone to know either. She seemed stumped so I said follow me and I'll show her what I needed to stay quiet, she followed me to their bedroom and I leaned against the bed and told her if she plays along and does what I tell her then after I leave her house it'll never be brought up again.

    She crossed her arms and defiantly agreed. I told her to cloth her eyes until I tell her to open them so she did, and I quietly and quickly got undressed and sat on the edge of the bed and told her to open her eyes. Again she got big eyes and white faced and shook her head back and forth. I told her if she had no problem fucking her son-in-law then she shouldn't be worried about doing what I want to keep me quiet, and taunted her calling her grandma and telling her I'm just as unexcited about finding out how lame she is in bed. Finally she dropped her arms and walked towards me and stood in between my legs giving me angry eyes and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I asked if it was big and she said yes and thick, but just kept stroking, so I told her to hurry and show me if her mouth is as good as sucking dick as it is at talking shit about my family. So she bent down and started sucking me but not to the base so I pushed her head down till she gagged when I let her head up and spit came out everywhere I must of triggered something because she went right back to sucking me so I did it again over and over for a while getting some good pics and a video. Finally I pulled her head up and scooted up the bed and told her to get naked and ride me like a whore. She was so grumpy but stripped and tried covering herself as she climbed on the bed and straddled me. For her age she was pretty tight and wet she started riding me covering her breast and I pulled her arms down to see her saggy tits, she was horrible at riding me so I told her to turn around and ride me so we didn't have to look at each other. But it was honestly so I could grab my phone again. She managed to cum twice riding me, I pushed her off me onto the bed and rolled her on her back and lifted her legs up to her shoulders and had her hold them. I actually went down on her which she seemed to love. When I finally sat up I grabbed my cock and fucked her like a whore on her back for awhile. Before telling her to get doggy style so I can fuck her like the bitch she is. She glared at me hard but did it, and I got up behind her and shoved myself in and started pounding her hard and pulling her hair. Got more pics and a video of her admitting she loved getting fucked by her grandson and that she was a old whore she came enough to have it dripping off my balls when I got close to cumming I pulled out and laid on my back and told her to suck me off so I can watch her swallow it, and that she needed to clean her juices of my cock and balls and wherever else it got. She sucked me for a bit before I blew a big load in her mouth and swallowed it. She tried to not have to clean her juices but I pulled her head back down and told her to clean up so she slowly started licking my crotch and balls where her juices were she started licking down my taint to my ass and pushed my legs up and out of the way and lick my asshole till it was clean. When she finished up I told her for being an old bitch she wasn't to shabby a lay. She just glared and asked if we were done already and if I am going to keep my word about silence. I said of course I didn't want to risk her daughter finding out and me not getting to fuck her like a whore. Granted most I ever got was stolen nudes from her phone.

    The first few years after that me and her glared constantly. Then one day the tension seemed to subside and the only other person that knows if my oldest cousin because I had told her because we all hated the woman.

    Wife's Taught Me A Lesson...

    2 days ago I arrived home from work. Wife greeted me completely nude and wanted to go to the bedroom. I was all up for it. After I stripped down she informed me she intended to perform my favorite sex act. I love to get me ass rimmed while being jacked off. She told me this was going to be special and ordered me to lay face down on the bed. She dug in our toy box and pulled out a set of restraints. She tied my hands and feet to the 4 corners of the bed. She began to lightly spank my ass and rubbed my asshole with her finger. She reached over to the nightstand and picked up he phone. She made me look at the screen and I immediately panicked. She had copied texts from my phone between me and a girl at work I have been fucking. I was busted! She opened the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out the KY. She shot a glob between my ass cheeks and reached back into the drawer and pulled out her favorite dildo. A black, realistic with balls and a beer can thick 8 inch shaft. I started squirming and trying to get loose when I felt it touch my ass. Wife was screaming "now you'll see what it feels like"! She got on top of me and kept pushing with the dildo. I guess I was lucky she used the lube. She didn't gently work it inside me. She just kept pushing until she had shoved the entire 8 inches in me. I know the neighbors heard me screaming in pain. As I laid there she got dressed and packed a bag. Before she left she took he phone and snapped a pic of me, naked with the dildo sticking out of my ass. I finally broke one of the restraints and got loose. It has been 2 days and I have not heard from her.

    Mad At Him And Showed Him

    This older man I've been seeing started being so shitty to me. I had little experience when I met him, I'd giving one jock in HS a blowjob and he called me queer and ran off after leaving me with a mouthful of his cum. Then this man who I thought of as a boyfriend. After being together a few months I knew we'd have to have sex, that BJ's weren't enough and I did it. I let him fuck me. I dress as a woman, started hormones when I was old enough, and did anything he wanted. I dress the way he wants, wear sexy lingerie for him, even once on a nude and gay cruise let him fuck me in front of every one. He got terrible, accusing me of getting fucked by someone else , that I did.

    I went to a trans friendly club, and in front of anyone watching took off my panties under my mini skirt and had tons of free drinks and lots of dances and guys feeling me up all night. I went into a backroom with one of the guys and I got fucked by him. He had the biggest cock I've ever seen, even in movies. It hurt a bit. He was done and left me bent over a chair with his cum in me, patted me on my ass and said "thanks baby". With that, I didn't even have time to straighten up and another set of hands was feeling around my ass, it was so dark it took a while to see anything but he found me and fucked me. I tried to shake him off, but his arm across the back of my neck told me to just take it. Then there was another, it had to have been an hour before they left me alone. I was fucked 8 times, 8 different cocks. I immediately hated what I'd done, and skulked out of the place, without even stopping in the lew. I went home, my friend was all apologetic, and reached under my dress, felt all the cum and how opened up I was and smacked me with the back of his hand. I told him I'll leave but he grabbed me by my long brown hair and threw me on the bed. He fucked me so hard and so roughly. He was calling me a slut and whore the whole time. He pulled out and made me take his load in my mouth. It was so filthy, he had so much cum from the others all over his shaft. I just cried and took it. He made me jerk my little clit, then made me eat my own cum. he kept wiping his hand on my butt and upper legs to get them coated and made me clean his fingers with my tongue.

    Grabbing my hair, it was into the shower, then bent over in the tub he gave me three full enemas. I had to take the dirty sheets off and remake the bed. The next morning expecting to be kicked out, he acted like nothing happened.

    Keeping The Revenge Porn

    First off, this is not about my revenge, but someone else's, and almost certainly one which was entirely unjustified. About 15 years ago I was working in an office with several other guys, but occasionally a very cute, pudgy, younger lady from another department would come by and shoot the breeze. A few times Brenda would talk about her dating life, and how sometimes guys would ghost her. I felt bad about that, but admitted that I had done that to another woman recently, and had to think about how I might be choosing the wrong women at the time myself. I was tempted to ask Brenda out myself, but somehow that never felt right.

    I moved on from that job, but a few years ago I was searching for amateur porn online and came across an ex-girlfriend site which sometimes posted candid picture or videos of women, nude or having sex, along with descriptions of what the poster didn't like about them. These usually were just vague, nothing actually substantiating that the women deserved this. While I felt bad for the women, I frankly found the porn really hot, because it was so real to life and showed the women completely unpretentiously.

    Then one day I was searching the site for women in my area (posts were arranged geographically) and suddenly saw Brenda: tits, pussy, finger-sucking, full nudes. The description didn't say much about what she had supposedly done to offend the poster, but did say that her one merit was that she gave great blowjobs. The sight of her naked body and the knowledge of her oral skills made me with that I had dated her when I had the chance, even if it hadn't lasted. But I knew I had to let her know about this; I set up an anonymous account and emailed her the link so she would have the chance to ask for the pictures to be removed. I didn't identify myself but simply assured her that while she would know who I was, we were unlikely to run into each other again, figuring if she needed to know who I was she would ask. She didn't ask or respond at all, but a week or so later the pictures vanished from the site so I guess she asked for them to be removed and the site owners followed suit. I've never seen the pictures reappear anywhere.

    But I confess, I kept copies, and masturbate to them once in a while. Man she looked hot, and thinking of eating her sweet pussy and coming in her warm mouth gets me going nicely. We indeed never met again, but I looked her up recently and saw she was married with a child, and looking very happy, so I'm glad things worked out for her.

  • Her Godmother

    Last week, I left work early and headed home to find my own personal nightmare waiting for me in the driveway. There was another truck in the driveway, and when I walked in the house I heard my wife moaning loudly from our bedroom and a slapping sound. I knew what was going on, but I had to take a peek through the open bedroom door - my wife was getting fucked by another guy, I didn't know him. I felt sick to my stomach, light headed, the room started spinning.

    I had to get outside - so I went back out, got in my car, and drove away. Yeah, I cried. I knew Tina was a bit bored, she'd said as much. We'd been working on it, even went to therapy. I thought we were getting better. Again, I had no idea who the guy was, just that he looked about ten years younger than me. I was driving aimlessly, so I pulled over in a parking lot.

    That's when I got the idea - I called my wife's godmother, Ava. Ava is 62 years old, brunette, originally from France. About a year ago, Ava pretty much told me at the family Christmas party that if I needed anything - ANYTHING she said as she rubbed my hand and looked intensely into my eyes - all I had to do was call her. So I did, and I blubbered into the phone. Ava told me to come over. By this time, it was getting toward evening, and I got a text from my wife asking when I was going to be home and if I could pick up a couple of things. I ignored it, and drove to Ava's apartment.

    Ava greeted me with a huge hug, wearing a super silky kimono style robe and black fishnets. She's still somewhat toned, though she clearly is an older woman. Her hair is perfectly kept, though, shoulder length and perfectly gray. She had me sit on her couch, poured us some wine, and asked me what happened. I told her what I saw, cried a bit more, and she pulled me close to her and told me everything would be okay. That I'd stay the night in the apartment and in the morning figure everything out.

    And she kissed my ear, gently at first, but with more intensity as she moved to my neck. She told me tonight to just enjoy her, in that accent. Before I knew what was going on, that kimono was open and I saw the matching black panties (lace thong) and push up bra that went with those fishnets, and she was undressing me, slowly rubbing my neck and shoulders, encouraging me to drink more wine and kissing me every time I took a sip to get a taste herself. I was in my boxers - she pulled my cock through the slot and used it to lead me to her bedroom, the black wrought iron bed with white sheets and tons of pillows, perfectly made.

    She had me sit on the edge of the bed, stroking my hardening cock the entire time. Then she looked up at me and licked from the base of my cock all the way to the tip, delightfully slow, deliberate. Let me love you tonight, she said, and took my boxers off to lick my balls with soft kitten licks, smelling them at the same time she was caressing them and my cock. This turned into a very sultry and slow tongue job, just licking the head of my cock, then the precum that came from the tip, then the head again, over and over for what felt like forever. I started to cum, and she gently jerked me off all over her fishnets and panties, her flat but slightly flabby stomach. She leaned back to make sure all of me went all over her. Now rest, she said, pointing to the bed. I got under the covers and slept immediately.

    In the middle of the night, I woke up to find her lying next to me, in my arms, completely naked. I looked at her aging, but still desirable, body. Her cute little saggy tits, the cellulite on her ass, the salt and pepper hair over her pussy. Hugging her closer, she woke up and without missing a beat leaned up and kissed me gently, then slid her hand down her body and began touching herself. I already came once, I let you sleep, she said - want to watch me? I did, and I watched her, held her, kissed her, while she masturbated. Eventually she got out a vibrator from the side table and replaced it on her pussy. Her fingers went to my mouth, taste me she said. I did.

    Slowly, she worked herself up to an orgasm, and I held her as she shuddered lightly in my arms, moaning sweetly but quietly. Then her mouth was on my cock again for a few moments, then I felt her pussy as she mounted me and rode me slowly, deliberately. I came in her moaning her name loudly in her ear, one hand on her ass, the other entangled in her hair. She dismounted, then grabbed her thong off the floor and put it back on. I loved thinking about my cum sliding out of her into that thong. We slept.

    In the morning I called out sick - she made me breakfast and we looked at my phone. Many missed texts and calls and messages, getting more hostile as the hours went by. Go to her, pack up anything you need, and come back here, she said. My goddaughter, she sighed. I walked back into the bedroom to collect my clothes and hit the bathroom to wash up. On top of the hamper I saw the thong, saw the cum stain in it. I grabbed that and left.

    When I got to my house, Tina was waiting. She was angry, cursing me, accusing me of cheating, all kinds of craziness. I said nothing as I walked past her in the yard into the house. One of our neighbors had come out and asked if we were okay, Tina told them I'd run off and she was worried about me. Ha. Tina followed me in and kept at it.

    I saw the truck in the driveway yesterday, heard the guy fucking you, saw it, I said quietly. Tina shifted into full on attack mode at that point, telling me how it was all my fault and I never paid attention to her. I responded by slamming the thong on the dining room table and walking to our room to pack. It was still wet. What's this, she said.

    Ask your godmother. That's where I went, that's where I'm going back to. I want a divorce. And you aren't getting shit, you goddamn bitch. I packed up and left, and have been staying with Ava ever since.