You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

Getting My Cousin Back

For years my cousin has fucked some of the guys I dated and would act like it was ok so I been texting this guy she been messing around with we got a room n fucked a week ago he has a really big fat dick I’m meeting him again this weekend

My F****g Neighbor!

I lost my job, furloughed and then laid off. For a variety of reasons we have no savings, and my two week severance was spent before I cashed it. I applied for unemployment and the $600 a week, but it is not enough to cover my mortgage, car payments, credit cards, insurance, and so on. Insurance alone is $1700 a month.

My neighbor offered me a job in his welding shop (I have to take welding classes and get certified) starting at $5500 a month, plus insurance, that's equivalent to $7200 a month. I have no choice. He also asked for my wife. To prove my commitment.

He put my wife to work in the shop, cleaning up the shop ..(continue confession)

My Wife Gas A Gambling Problem.

When they came by to collect and she didn't have the money they would beat me up, but one n*ght I wasn't there, so they beat my wife up.

She called the cops and said that I did it. She told them where I'd be and they arrested me.

Every time I was arrested I was totally feminized and the cops would tell the men in jail why I was arrested and they would punish me for abusing my wife.

Once the loan shark found that out they came by more often and didn't cut my wife any slack knowing that I would be arrested for beating her up. I was well known ..(continue confession)

Some dumb Karen Bitch tried to call the Cops on me I told her if you do i'll beat the fuck out of her and before she had a chance to even out her phone to her ear I grabbed her by the shirt and punched her in the face and knocked her the fuck out and I took her phone and I smashed her in the head with it. Then I grabbed her by the hair and kicked her multiple times in the head. then I threw her ass in my fucking trash can which is exactly where her dumb spoiled bitch ass belongs just like the rest of you stupid spoiled Karen bitches belong in the trash.

I found out that my girlfriend had cheated on me not once but 5 different times during our 2 year relationship. Each time she cheated it was with someone different , not the same guy each time. Instead of flipping out and kicking her out of the house I devised a plan to completely get revenge on the cheated slut. It took less of an effort than I suspected but I was finally able to convince her to put on a hood, strip down and bang herself in the pussy and ass. I had her using dildos at the same time. While she was going at herself I opened the door and let all her co-workers in to watch. They were amazed to ..(continue confession)

My husband chose a younger woman, a nurse receptionist in his practice. My lawyer told me to be careful about any romantic involvement until the divorce is final. Last weekend I fell short of that goal, I spent the night with a friend. Incredibly the private detective climbed onto the neighbor's carport and took a picture of me topless in my friend's bedroom, my seven year old was in the room with me. I am now being accused of adultery and perversion of a minor. The photo does not show my friend, but the photographer provided an affidavit that he saw my friend in the room.

My husband screwed this nurse in one of his exam rooms, she ..(continue confession)

I want my father to walk in on me and my boyfriend (who is his age) fucking. I know he would not stop.

I just want to see the look on that assholes face, knowing there is nothing he can do to stop us

I hate grammar nazis these people are so triggered over punctuation and shit that if you make one mistake they act psychotic. Yeah you all aren't so smart if you want to use childish insults and attacks because the stupid ones I see are you all going around attacking people over their grammar. I bet you Polar Express Nerds wouldn't say that to someone who was 6 feet tall and goes to the gym because you would get the fuck beaten out of you. These losers need to have their fingers broken and their heads rammed into their computer screens because these morons have no lives and it's pathetic that they can't have intelligent conversations without pointing out "Oh your Grammar ..(continue confession)

My whore ex cheated

Sharing her nudes

Wanna see some giant titties or this sluts pierced pussy?

Ill send pics

I never told this to anybody but the day I found out my husband had cheated on me with a woman at his office I was so angry that I went straight to his brother's apartment with every intention of having sex with him.

I knew his brother liked me because I had caught him many times looking at my ass. I knew he wouldn't pass on the opportunity to fuck me and I wasn't wrong. I just went in there and I told him that his brother had cheated on me, I just said I was so furious that I was capable of doing anything to get back at him

He got the hint immediately, ..(continue confession)