You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

My Soon To Be Ex Wife Sold My PS5 Because I Didn't Buy An Air Purifier

I am fed up with my soon to be ex wife, the fucking bitch sold my PS5 that I bought with my money all because I didn't buy an air purifier.

Buy your own damn air purifier because the fact that this bitch is now selling my PS5 that I bought with the money I bring home while her dumbass sits at home all day.

That Playstation 5 was supposed to be for the kids but yet her dumbass can't stand it when me and the kids play video games and I am so fed up with her and her goddamn controlling behavior so you know what I am officially filing for a Divorce.

I am fed up with her and her controlling behavior, selfishness, all about her bullshit because all she cares about is herself. She never gets the kids anything, she spends more on herself than she does with the kids, she won't let the kids play video games, she never wants me to have my friends come over but she'll allow her dumbass friends over; but selling my Playstation 5 that I bought for the kids a system that is being stolen by scalpers everywhere all because I didn't get her an air purifier was the last straw, and you know what i'm taking custody of the kids, her dumbass is on her own.

Let this be a lesson to you stupid bitches out there that hate it when there men are playing video games. You wonder why you're single and why you can't get a boyfriend it's because you dumb selfish bitches act like the whole fucking world revolves around you. If you destroy or sell a man's video game systems than you just signed your divorce papers and became the reason why we broke up and you have no one but yourself to blame you selfish dumbass bitches.


My boyfriend of 2 years dumped me out of nowhere, even admitted that he was sleeping with another girl. she's heavier than I am, not as attractive, and I've let him use me in all three places. I am not really into sex, I only let one older boyfriend have sex with me when I was 17. I think he just wanted to check off all the boxes. Once he got me for oral, vaginal sex, then anal sex he was done. We'd only had sex a total of about 15 times before he left me. I held off until two years ago in college. Then I got dumped with no reason, just that the sex wasn't good enough. It wasn't great for me either. I let him do it in all three places though I get nothing from sex really. I mean it feels good but I only cum when I do it myself and I really don't like doing that.

So last weekend, before the holiday break I was at a campus party (unofficial as they all have to be these days) and I got pretty tipsy. Not pass out crazy drunk or stoned but I was feeling really good. Another girl I had a passing acquaintance with, took me. There were about 30 people there including about 12 girls. she and I wound up getting naked when dared, and slow dancing with each other while naked. That progressed to dares for us to kiss, feel each other suck each others boobs. Then on the floor she's over the top of me, takes her boob out of my mouth and kissing my neck whispers to close my eyes and enjoy, just ignore the other people. She kissed down my body and gave me oral sex. I actually came.

After that, she moved herself up over my mouth and I licked her a bit and she got up and sat on her boyfriends lap. Not having a boyfriend one of the guys pulled me onto his lap. The other two started having sex infront of everyone, and soon I was on the floor with this guy I didn't know, plowing me like crazy. I did it, I let it happen, no excuses. What followed was worse. He was replaced by another, then another, then another. I just kept letting them take turns. I eventually went into the toilet to wipe myself off, and was taken to a bedroom lain down and fucked some more. It went the whole night that way. My count was 10 guys, 15 times and 6 in my mouth with 1 in my butt. Then of course the girl. She was letting guys do her too.

So I went in one night from a girl with no boyfriend to a gangbanged slut. I never thought this would happen. I just wanted someone to like me and want me. The girl has called me 3 times and we talk. I think she wants us to get together but it's probably with her boyfriend.

Karma And My Bad Boss

Years ago I worked at a rib joint where the owner also dealt illegal pharmaceuticals out of the back room. He had a friend in Mexico who would drive to the border and toss bags over the fence and my boss would pick them up. He had several customers in our city who would come buy and buy an ounce of weed at a time and then sell that to their friends. My boss probably made five grand a week doing this. Well I'm a live-and-let-live kind of guy and I figure if that's how my boss can keep his restaurant going who am I to judge. But then one week I worked 60 hours and was owed all that and the overtime pay and he told me that he had never authorized for me to work that much when in fact he had. He refused to pay anything more than the 40 he claimed I was scheduled to work. He owed me over $100 and in those days that's a lot. So when I got upset and insisted he paid me he took the check he was in the middle of writing and tore it up and told me I was fired.

I don't know if they still do it but at that time the local sheriff's office offered big rewards for anyone who gave them a tip involving the sort of crimes my boss was into that led to a conviction. The size of the reward depended on the size of the deal they intercepted. Since I had overheard my boss discuss details I knew when and where he was going to make his buy and I knew many of his customers. I decided that depriving his customers of their merchandise was more than enough punishment but as for the controlled substance dealing restaurant owning rip off artist formerly known to me as "Boss." he was going down. I provided details of the buy, the date and time and where at the border it was supposed to be. The feds got involved since it involved other states and the border.

What I did not know was that my former boss was about to make the deal of a lifetime. He had been buying about 100 lbs of weed at a time but this time he'd made deals with a couple of local dealers who wanted to expand their operations and to do that meant getting a bigger shipment from his friend in Mexico. He had also decided to expand into cocaine at the same time. So the feds and local sheriffs and our sheriff and that state's state police all were lying in wait. They even had the Mexican authorities in on it. There were helicopters waiting to go nearby.

My former boss's friend in Mexico had hired a bucket truck which they loaded up and then hung over the fence to drop bags over the U.S. side. The operation was halted when they got about half way through the smuggle. At that point three tons of the stuff had been dropped across our border out in the desert. Then the Mexican federal police and our federal agents and everyone else all converged on the half dozen or so smugglers including my former boss.

The sheriff's office later told me that the street value of all that pot was over $5 million dollars and they had recovered over a million in cash at the scene. I had no idea my boss's operation had grown to the point where he could get his hands on that much cash. The sheriff's reward for me was not as high as it would have been had the entire operation been confined to our county but I did get more than enough to cover my loss of pay. After taxes I ended up with $13,000. That at a time when my pay was $5 an hour and minimum wag was around $3.50. So basically the reward was more than a year's pay for me. I was told I could file a claim for my paycheck but I didn't bother. I was happy with the result.

Some years later my old boss got out of prison, I think he did 12 years total, he was in the paper again. He was killed in a deal gone bad in Mexico. Some people just don't learn.

I Beat The Ass Of My Arch Enemy From High School

I was shopping at CVS until I saw a face that I haven't seen in over a decade the face of my former best friend turned worst enemy who stabbed me in the back so many years ago just before College. I yelled "Remember you backstabbing son of a bitch?" As I ran over and tackled him to the floor and started throwing punches at him. He then tries to fight back kicking me in the gut and punching me in the face but I hit him back and were now having an all out brawl in the middle of CVS, knocking over store products which I also used as weapons on him.

The store Manager tried to break us up yelling "STOP IT, STOP IT DAMNIT!" However I wasn't going to stop until I took 12 Years of Rage and Anger out on his sorry ass, as our fight knocked the manager and a store employee to fall into store products as I tossed his ass into a shopping cart and pushed his sorry ass into the frozen foods as I opened the freezer door and slammed it against his head.

I opened a carton of eggs and smashed eggs all over his head making an omelet on his disgusting blonde hair. Then I took a Gallon of milk and poured the milk over his head as I then took a bottle of wine and then smashed him in the face with it as I shoved his ass back in the shopping cart and laid a few more punches on him before I pushed him into a ball pit and hit him in the face with a plastic ball saying. "This is for your douchebag daddy on the news and his bullshit sports broadcasts."

Then I hoisted his ass on the counter and heard the sirens as I laid a few more hits shouting. "Price Check on Douchebag as I left CVS and escaped getting arrested and I felt so good finally getting my revenge on that asshole for all of the times he made fun of me, excluded me, and unfriending me on facebook for no reason. Karma truly is a BITCH.

Rev On Hub

I got an email from a guy I used to date, and fuck I'll admit. He and i were together for 3 years in my early 20s and he mentioned that he'd seen my naked pictures on a wife porn website where guys post pics of their wives, or wives post their own pics. I never let anyone take pictures of me naked until I got married. I felt that it was one thing I could do with my husband of all people. Well, apparently not. I denied that he would do that and my friend sent me some downloaded pics from the site and since he certainly knew my body, he was right. It was me AND it even showed my face. I have no idea of how many men, women, neighbors, church friends, relatives etc. have now seen me naked. I was no shy girl to sex, but I'm not a slut either. I've only let 5 guys have sex with me, plus one guy to whom I gave a one time BJ. Now; who knows how many. He even posted pictues of me sucking him, of my cooch after he'd cum in me two times, very ugly semen leaking out and all over me down there.

I thought about confronting my husband then I though no. The next time he wanted to take pictures I told him I had to take them. He's not the biggest cock ever, but he's OK but as he says it "a grower not a show-er". He keeps his hair in full growth, doesn't even trim, yet I'm expected to trim, shape, or go totally bald for him. Basically when he's soft he looks really small. So I took the pictures and when he posted new ones of me, I went in and added my pics of him (with face) showing a tiny little cock.

He got some emails, and lots of site comments, and he won't say anything to me, though he did send messages to my site ID about how I got the pics. I sent back and asked him how he got his wifes pictures.

more to come

  • The Hate Boils

    Six years I was her friend. Helped her through a cancer scare, dropped off sweets when she was feeling low, and because of my dumb ads action she stopped being my friend. Claims that I held her to promises she didn't make, and having her friends gaslight me like no tomorrow.
    God, I want to drag her off into the deep woods and rip every stitch of her clothing off and the her to a tree. Oh, I would start her small breast and leave teeth marks to the point were I could yeast her blood. The slashes on her legs my knife would make would give a good reminder of what fear really is. Then I would take with my darkest desires.
    But that's a dream for another day.


    When we were in high school my sister told on me. My boyfriend came to our house and I told him to fuck her so she couldn't tell on me. It felt good watching. We are older now and I regret that day. What is done is done but I was wrong. She has never accepted my apology.

    Cheating Wife Unexpected Revenge

    My wife cheated at a work function.
    Things have been kind of rocky between me and her. She is racked with guilt but really enjoyed the sex.
    In our apartment complex there a hot stunningly beautiful single mom.
    She is got a beautiful sexy body. She is an 8 out of 10.
    I was walking my two akita dogs. And jen the hot neighbor milf was walking her little dog. My wife was feeling argumentative and so i went for a little walk. I ran into Jen who invited me to walk with her. We ended up at her apartment we talked i could not keep my eyes off of her legs in her skirt.
    Before to long we had long lasting earth shattering sex.
    I got her off to many times to count and i came in her 3 times

    Bi But Not

    It's been 2 years now since my friend next door first fucked me. He is 2 years older than me and I was 15 at the time. His mom is gone a lot, she drinks so comes home very late, sometimes with guys sometimes without. He's said even a woman or two now and then. We got into the same shower after a game, I didn't really want to but he made out like it was no deal. After that he showed me his moms naked pictures she kept in her drawer, and all her dildos, vibrators etc. He pulled pairs of her used, dirty panties out of the hamper, I really liked the way her pussy smelled, I got hard, he did too. With that he pushed me to the bed, not realizing he had some lube he got between my legs on top of me weighing down on me, I couldn't move. He told me to be quite and relax, and he stuck his 8" cock in me. I was begging him to stop but he only did after about 10 minutes, he was pumping like a madman and shaking he rammed all the way in and held it as I could feel the hot liquid shooting into my belly.

    I started getting dressed, not saying anything but had to go to the toilet to get rid of that feeling, and his sperm. When I came out he pushed me again to her bed, I said no and he smacked me in the face, I was crying a bit and he put on a pair of her used panties on me and other right under my nose. He reached under the panties I was wearing and jacked me off. For some reason I stayed, he was hard again and just moving the panties aside he fucked me again.

    I stayed away for a while, but living next door without saying anything to my mom or his mom, I eventually went back over and got fucked again. He took me out in his car and I gave him a BJ. He would keep dirty panties of his moms for me to wear when we went out. Eventually in his room making me put on some of her makeup and lipstick and even lingerie and get fucked. He was shaking and shoot his cum in me, as I walked out all decked out and made up, with him behind me his large cock finally satisfied, his mom was in the hallway. She'd hear us and not saw us. She didn't react, in fact was really nice about it. With that she gave her permission and told me on weekends I could spend the night sleeping with her son if I wanted. So there it was . . . I was his girlfriend. Only 15 and getting fucked 2 or 3 times a day, giving BJs to a guy I didn't want to be with. We were friends, just guys but now I was expected to be his girlfriend. I stayed over a lot and saw her drunk a lot, passed out a lot, getting fucked by random guy or guys from the bar.

    So one night after her guy left her, my friend had fucked me for the second time that night and went to sleep. I walked past her open bedroom door and she was lying there blouse open, her big tits out, and her skirt up to her waist with her brown haired pussy on display and a couple of loads of sperm dripping from it. I went in to check, she was out of it. I sucked her tits, licked her cummy pussy, licked her butthole, kissed her and nothing, she was passed out. Since she had cum already in her, I fucked her.

    I've fucked her many times over the last months, her son wants to fuck me, and I take it, now I get my revenge by fucking his mom.

    Bitches Husband

    For nearly a year one of my female bosses made my life hell in work. She bullied me, threatened me with the sack, and told blatant lies about my work ethic and my life in general.

    And all because she dislikes bisexual men. She doesn't, apparently, mind gay men. But bisexual men, men who to her mind don't know what they want, are weak, a waste of space and should 'Stick to one or the other' (Her words exactly).

    Well its really funny, because her husband Mike, who's forty one doesn't feel or see it that way.

    I know this because it was Mike who picked me up, out cruising for gay sex.
    We went back to his car from the park we met in and he drove us to a quiet place he knew.

    In his car I sucked him off, then once he'd put on a condom, maneuvered around so he could fuck me from behind.
    Once he'd cum filling the condom deep inside of me, he had me spin over and he then sucked me to completion.

    Telling me he'd love to meet up again, we arranged to meet at a friend's of his. His friend was away in South America on business, so during a wonderful long afternoon of amazing sex, we FULLY explored what each other likes sexually.

    Only after Mike had fucked me for a second time and we were showering together, did I notice the untanned mark on his wedding finger.
    His wedding band wasn't on and I asked him about it. To cut this bit short, he later showed me a picture of him and his wife.

    At the time he was massaging my arse cheeks as I lay over his legs on the sofa naked.
    Looking at my boss, I wanted to leave and began to get up. When I moved he asked me what was wrong. I told him everything about what his wife was like with me. I told Mike sitting up next to him, how she made me feel and how much I hated her.

    I thought I might have over done it by some of the things I'd said about her, but Mike let me talk, then said "Imagine if she knew how much I've loved fucking you. Imagine if she could see us together right now".

    He kissed me then and in a slower more passionate way, we had sex on the rug in front of the fire.

    It was the first time that Mike fucked me bareback.

    Now a year on almost, and back in work with that bitch after lockdown, Mike and I are seeing each other at least three or four times a week.

    Recently he asked me if I'd consider setting up home with him. When I asked about his wife, he told me he's leaving her, whether it's with me or not.

    In October were moving into a new place we've both bought together. I've also, just, been employed in a new job doing the same thing I do now, but for a lot more money.

    I'd love to see her face when she finds out her husband is living with me, and as bisexual men were fucking to our hearts content.