You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

I Beat Up The Movie Theater Attacker Last Night

Remember the Movie Theater Rampage guy who bragged about randomly attacking people at Movie Theaters?

Well I met him yesterday and here's the story of what happened.

I was watching Shang Chi in a Movie Theater and I won't spoil the ending but I wasn't able to enjoy it become some idiot in front of me for some reason started punching the guy sitting next to him for no reason as soon as the audience began clapping.

The idiot then started punching the person in the next seat down and punched the guy in front of him and I went over and asked this loser what his fucking problem is and started punching me too.

I was taken back by the punches as he then started throwing popcorn and threw a soda and it hit somebody with it and that person was steaming mad.

The idiot then went over to another row and started attacking a random person before the guy who got hit with the drink tackled the Movie Theater Hitter and started punching this idiot.

I then also took the opportunity to get payback as I punched this idiot multiple times in the face and kicked him in the head and kicked him down the aisle of the theater.

Theater Security came in and broke up the chaos and thankfully dragged the Movie Theater Attacker from attacking anyone else during his punching rampage.

My Movie Theater experience was ruined by this fucking idiot and I hope he gets the fucking shit kicked out of him in Jail since he wants to fight so damn bad.

  • Wife's Lunch

    A couple of years ago I was having a drink in a pub and bumped into a guy who used to go out with my wife before we married.
    We had had a pint together before but usually with other people there. This time he was on his own at the bar and when I walked in he called me over, slurring his words obviously the worse for wear.
    He bought me a drink and started asking about my wife. After some initial chatter, he started to get personal and started to tell me what a slut she was when she was younger. How she could never say no to hiom when he wanted a blowjob. This came as a shock to me as my wife hates to give (me) blowjobs.
    According to this guy, she not only sucked his cock a lot, but also swallowed and he then went on that she also sucked and swallowed several of his mates.....including my own brother.
    As you can imagine I was pretty pissed off.
    I went home and was tempted to ask my wife about what he'd told me, but didn't. Instead that evening in bed I tried to put my cock in my wife's mouth and she rebuffed me.
    I hid my anger.
    Next morning I got up first and made my wife an egg mayo sandwich for her lunch. Actually made her 2 sandwiches, but before spreading the egg mayo on the bread I wanked off and came into it. It was a huge load, I'm happy to say.
    Off she went to work and that evening I asked her how her lunch was. "oh very nice thanks" she says "Beryl said so too. She'd forgotten her lunch so she shared mine, said it was the best egg mayo she'd ever tasted!".
    Revenge is sweetest served on white bread.

    Payback For Cheating

    My ex gf had a friend, K, who I got on really well with. My ex was always paranoid that I was cheating on her with K. In reality we were flirting but we both knew that it was nothing serious. But my ex was so afraid of her that she ghosted and blocked her and refused to speak to her. She also made me stop talking to K cos she wasn’t my friend first.

    Anyway, a week later I found out my psycho ex decided to cheat on me because she was convinced I had cheated first and she wanted to get even, and she even had a video that she was going to send to me. So I broke up with her and immediately texted K.

    After explaining what happened, K told me to come over and she would make me feel better. I met up with K and we had sex in her college room. She suggested we video it for my ex, and when she got my phone she video called her. She answered and I remember my ex screaming down the phone as I came all over K’s face, then K blew a kiss to the phone and hung up.

  • Boss Made Me Fuck Women

    YEs that date lead me to
    Friday nite party where I arrived and men where waiting always new guys as I would put my arms around my bosses shoulders naked topless sandwiched between 2 men with more creeping up behind me as Paul's lips started sucking on my perky double DDs I would look straight at my husband and he would nod his head and wink at me as they surrounded me
    And that night they introduced me to a stripper women whom ate me out while I blew the guys .They love that I swallow and don't spit. No long after that I was asked if I would start 2:hours earlier 4 am and I would be paid extra. So hubby agreed and I fucked customer s and the boss 5 days a week
    Then the boss advertised me as a high end escort services.
    About then hubby got a bit fed up. He would ring at the most inappropriate times out of breath while talking to him
    On the cellphone while two guys did not stop fucking me
    I knew this turned hubby on
    More to cum...thanks for listening to my life..

    Gangbang Boss

    So boss arranges for me to hang out with him and his wife at the beach and he invited my boyfriend as well. I ring my husband and tell h it's too late to come home so I will stay camping.Boss and lover slip away and fuck me on bbq table while his wife gets some supplies. I Love the attention now and they decide that I must not wear nickers anymore and no bras. Walking around camping ground lots of guys perv at my nips..
    I love it. Once home tell hubby
    About picnic table .but then I am given a tiny bad a key for motel in lunch hour and it has stocking and garter and blindfold. So I get to number 6
    And spread eagle on bed with mask on and they I think it was three guys and one was making a movie as they took turns. Managed to fuck me for over an hour and many orgasmic later for me.Sore tits
    Sore pussy. told husband as I give him my lunch no time to eat had cum for lunch. Arrived home in different clothes croshea holey top cause nipples poked out and my mini denium skirt.stood at the door and said to hubby ' I feel really fucked". he could see I was.but then the guys wanted more they want me to skip outside for a quickey dogging
    At the end of the road.So I tell
    Hubby just nipping out for a bit. He knew what I was up 2.
    Didn't end there.! No.

  • Key Party Dear

    So I make a deal with the Boss
    If he takes my husband to a brothel and they get two 23 year olds I will do anything he wants. So these 2 guys go through with the dear my husband is now in on it wants to see how far I will go.
    Paul says to me in car phone it is done. I take a deep breath
    Realising I have really done it now. So first dear is the key party simple throw car keys in basket ..pickup someone else's
    Keys find guy.Women in kitchen about 20 husband's in lounge. I walk through blounge show keys and a guy follows me to the bedroom
    Where I strip off and he starts on my body suddenly I realise
    The to is full of strangers.
    As cocks are in hands and mouth someone has fucked me off the bed and he is leaving love bites on my neck
    Biting all the way to my nipples I cannot stop from cumming after 2 hours of rotational fucking a guy says
    Your husband is ready to go
    .silent car trip again .I strip and show him the marks and he wants to fuck my brains out.
    He is so turned on.

    Key Sex Party First Swinging

    So I introduce my husband.
    To my best girlfriend whom does a strip tease at swinger club in front of all the members. Tell him to move forward get a good view .next thing Kevin is right there and throws his arms around me passionate kissing me.shoving his hands down my top same time as his younger plays with my tonsils. We move to the out of circle and people are watching as Kevin lifts all my clothes off my chest and he unzips his fly .10 inch cock springs out and I am lost as he gropes my boobs I am bent over wanking him into my mouth for several minutes oblivious to my husband standing and the crowd had turned as well. Next thing
    Cum manages to mostly get in my mouth but the rest manages to stream into my hair and my husband stands their dumbfounded. The drive home was absolutely speech less. Key party next..

    Boss Dared Me 2

    I blow this stranger with 10 inch cock in mouth and it's hitting the back of my throat while I pinch his tits I feel it pulse and it spurts out warm spunk ,gulping it down swallowing as much of the load first time ever.
    Loved it he drops me off at work with cum all down my front blouse. Boss says take it off and says I can work in my bra only as my arms go up and he pulls it off me.Scared he would tell my husband I race home an tell him .I had a mouth full of cum and sum spilled out of my mouth.
    Husband says nothing dumbfounded. I ask him can
    We have an open marriage
    ..of course dear whatever you want. So my stranger turns into boyfriend he is married and suggest that I join local swingers club so we can meet and fuck every Friday nite.
    My husband says yes to swinging

    My Boss Deared Me

    What's a girl to do.When the boss Paul has the hots for me.
    Husband shows no affection
    I am the one who always initiates sex.5 foot 2 ..35 DD
    Blonde hair short ,curvy body size 10.
    Boss dares me to go out with a well groomed suit guy.
    As I walk out of the building hand in hand pretending to go with this stranger. He yells out
    I am going to tell your husband on you. Well that just pissed me off . We park up at a busy location not far from work and Mr handsome says we better make it official then
    Ask he leans over and his clothes touch across my chest
    He gives a very sexy kiss that makes my hole body tingle
    Looking into his eyes I see lust
    Then his trouser third leg
    Shows a hard lump growing
    Out springs a 10 inch cock .

  • Im Not Here To Confess But To Shame Someone

    im edward in the uk and i know a sissy who i leant money to and he owes others money to, and want to name and shame this fairy , hes bernie broedriek who lives in
    uk , newport , and his e mail is bernice at mail2woman . com i need help from others who will shame him into giving me the money he owes me , spread the word on him and please help me in this as i believe shaming him is the only way hell pay me back