You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

Mr Hotel

Our sex life was off to a good start. Fucking wherever we could find a place. Me sucking his cock and he playing my pussy and clit with his fingers playing my body like a fine tuned instrument.

A couple months into our relationship he moved into a new place and boom I could barely get 15 minutes out of him. Forget eating me out or fucking me from behind while pulling my hair. It was simple missionary position to start and then flip me over so he could cum in me from behind. With the drastic change I was sure he was seeing someone else. A simple search on his phone showed me I was right. He had been frequenting the massage parlor. When he got out of the shower one day I confronted him. He denied everything and that night licked my clit and ate my pussy like it was his last supper wanting nothing in return.

Over the last month I’ve been scrolling through tinder talking dirty, sending pics and preparing to be fucked by someone else. I finally found my nsa 8 inch cock with a six pack. Tomorrow I’m going to meet him in a hotel and be licked, teased and fucked the way I want. My pussy gets warm just thinking about it.

  • Women Are Nothing But Attention Whores

    I am so fucking angry at fucking women who play games with men online pretending to be interested in you and then blocking you. I don't fucking play those games if anything you're the one who started talking to me and showed interest in me you dumb fucking bitch.

    Women you know why you stay single it's because your fucking stupid and anytime you show interest in somebody you change your mind and then block them like why even waste your time and my time as well if anything you all are just a bunch of pathetic attention whores.

    You wonder why I hate women so much is because everything is always about them. They fucking catfish guys all the time for attention, want men with money, accuse men of being rapists for no reason, and dress like sluts if anything I hate all fucking women you all are nothing but a bunch of attention whores.

    Here's a message to all of you stupid attention whores on facebook and any social media who are nothing but attention seekers I say stop wasting your time and my time and I hope you al ldie of fucking aids.

    Sweetest Revenge

    I wasn't bi until this weekend, now I guess I have to say I am, though it was a 1 time thing. When I was 15 a guy named Will caught me naked with his 14 year old sister. We were fucking, he pulled me off her, was yelling and beat me up. His sister and I still snuck around and fucked each other for a year or so. Then quite frankly she started fucking everyone she could and I didn't want a slut. I still remembered her brother though, and last weekend, 4 years later he was at a party. He didn't recognize nor remember me, but I did remember him.

    He got too drunk, he'd broken up with a girlfriend, and they put him in an upstairs room to sleep it off. In going to the bathroom I peeked in and saw him. His jockeys and a tee shirt were all he had on and he was passed out. I went in, talked to him with no response, and jossled him, no response. I pulled his jockeys down to a very smooth very cute ass. It reminded me of his sisters cute ass when I popped her cherry. I rolled him over to see a very small cock. This jock wasn't much in the cock department.

    I fucked him, I got some hand lotion off the nightstand, used it to get my cock hard, and I got on top of him and stuck my cock into his asshole and fucked him. I came in him, the same cock that used to cum in his sister in all three holes. Later I went up again, and jacked one off onto his face. I took his jockeys off totally and hid them, so he'd have no doubt someone had used him.

    I got my revenge, his ass felt as good as his sisters when I popped her butt cherry. I don't care that it wasn't consensual, I dont' care that he was out of it. I got my revenge.

    How I Made My Son A Cuckold

    My daughter-in-law, Courtney, looks like a younger Jodie Sweetin, I’m told. The only reason I know this is the family tells me that’s who she looks like. She’s blonde, blue eyes and very fit and about half my age and has a rockin’ body any guy would like to fuck. I guess I’m that guy. Well, one of them. She also has the innocent little girl voice that can be a little annoying but also very kinky, if you ask me. My son Justin isn’t a lucky guy aside from his wife. He’s always in debt, barely making it at his jobs, and barely graduated college to begin with. Other than him meeting Courtney in college that tuition money was wasted cash.

    Courtney and Justin couldn’t afford a pool, so whenever she could, Courtney would come by with little Jake and they’d go for a swim. I enjoy my grandson, but I enjoy Courtney strutting around in a bikini even more. She wasn’t trying to tease me or anything of the sort, but I couldn’t get enough of her ass, legs, breasts, flat stomach…the whole package. It got so bad that I had to remind myself when Justin was around not to blatantly ogle his wife.

    Around the same time this started, Justin began struggling at work and eventually lost his job. He’s not a slacker, but he just doesn’t “have it”. He ended up working a retail job as an assistant manager making half of what he previously did. Courtney still had her office job, but while she has some potential, she’s not yet making any kind of real money. I was and am their biggest lender, having paid for most of the wedding, providing the 20 percent down-payment for the house.

    One day they were over visiting and playing in the pool. Justin laid out his sob story of a life and complained about how broke they were. I heard the story so many times before, and each time I ended up spending more or lending money I’d never get back. Courtney was in the pool but then took Jake in for a nap, then came back into the pool while I continued to hear about what they needed. It went on for half an hour of him whining about how hard things were. Finally the other shoe dropped. “Dad,” Justin says, “can you spot me $2,000 for a little while? I know I owe you, but we really need this to pay the bills.” I got furious and blurted out, “I’m not a fucking bank, I earned this money for me and I expect payback.” Then I said it, “If you need real money, why don’t you send Courtney out to the street corner to earn it!” Justin look startled while Courtney went from lounging in the pool to standing up looking over at me wide eyed, she was breathing a little heavy in shock and I watched her chest lift and fall.

    I called Courtney out of the pool, “Get over here and sit with your husband.” Meanwhile, Justin said, “Dad, that’s really harsh.” Without pre-planning, my mind just snapped. “You know what, you decide if you want the two grand or not!” I said and with that I stood up and pulled my shorts down to let my dick hang out. “You need to pay me like adults, not beg like children.” I stared at Courtney, which while I was mad made my loins stir and my dick started to firm up. I’ll brag again and say I’m pretty big, maybe not the biggest, but well above average. I sat back down on the lounger facing them, my dick half dangling, half standing between my legs.

    It was dead silent for a few minutes. I broke the silence finally and said “I’m fucking waiting. You just gonna let my dick out here to swing in the breeze, or do you want a roof over your head, a car to drive and food to eat?” Again I looked directly at Courtney and she looked directly at me biting her bottom lip like she does when she’s thinking.

    This is when dreams come true. Justin simply stayed frozen and stared at my dick. COurtney tensed and I could tell she was trembling. They both were still for another moment but then without a word Courtney crawled off the lounger on her knees over to me, staring me in the eyes with her eyes twitching and trembling from fear or confusion, I couldn’t tell. Justin continued to stare as Courtney reached for my shaft and held it as I quickly got erect. She slowly stroked it with her palm under my shaft, still looking at me. “Good girl.” was all I thought to say, but it sounded pretty damn confident when I said it. Courtney leaned over on her knees until her mouth was in front of my dick and she first gently kissed the head of my shaft then took it in her lips, finally to pump just my head with her lips as she stroked me from underneath. Just from the feeling, I knew she knew how to give good head.

    Justin still stared at my crotch where his wife’s head was starting to work back and forth slowly taking more of me in, her blonde ponytail bobbing with the movement. With her free hand she supported herself on my thigh. She shifted her grip to take me firmly in her hand, but still with a gentle touch. She was a good cocksucker. “So you want the money?” I asked my son, and I held his wife’s head in my hands as I helped guide her mouth up and down my dick. Justin just nodded yes, but Courtney was more serious about it and actually said “Yes” in a muffled voice with my dick still partway in her mouth. I looked at her ass as she bent down on her knees to blow me. Her bikini bottoms were low rise and tight on her ass and I kept looking at the little speedo label on the back. I debated just a blow job or go all the way, then I thought F it. I said “Okay, honey, lube me up good.” She stopped sucking for a second as she processed what I said and thought it over. Without looking up she began slowly working spit over my shaft to lube me.

    I helped Courtney to her feet and turned her around. With her facing my son as he stared at her toes, I pulled her bikini bottoms down to the concrete. She stood with arms at her side. “Lean over” I said, and guided her to plant her hands on the lounger my son sat on, just inches away from him. I stood behind her and reached down to cup her tits through her bikini top, my erect dick resting on her bare ass crack. I flipped up the bikini top and started groping her naked breasts, pinching at her nipples as I worked over each firm mound of flesh. The whole time, my son looked at his wife’s hip a foot from his nose, never looked away but never looked at me. I leered at him a little and said “Ready to earn $300 of your money?” I made up a small number on purpose. He looked up almost sheepishly and said “Yes” as Courtney just stood waiting. I parted her ass crack with one hand and rubbed my dick down her crack with the other until I lined up with her waiting snatch. I could feel her vagina with the head of my penis. I pushed forward slightly and felt her lips part for my head to enter slowly. I worked in a couple of inches at most, then would stop and pump a few times, holding her hips. Justin finally craned his neck and looked down and Courtney eventually looked to the side and the made eye contact. It made me so horny. But I kept slowly working my way in, then pumping, then a little further. I bet I took three minutes or more just to bottom out in her the first time. They were staring at each other as I bottomed out with my balls planted against her.

    When I was in I stopped moving, “How does that feel?” I asked. To my satisfaction all she said as she looked at her husband was “Big.” I rocked my hips a few times to really push in deep and she whimpered a little. “Ok, let’s do this” I finally said, and started slowly moving in and out, drawing back toward the end of my dick, then slowly plunging in. She ..(continue confession)

    Boyfriend Cheated On Me

    There isn't much to say here, title says it all.

    I caught my boyfriend fucking one of my friends (not anymore) so I went and fucked his older brother.

    Good thing too. He was bigger anyways and was willing to eat me out without me asking.


  • Tricking My Ex

    My ex is a jackass but he was drunk texting me this weekend because he was horny and he will never find another like me. I decided to let him come over but before he got here I went to an older guy who lives on my floor and asked him to cum in me. He had a nice big nut up in me. When my ex got over I made him go down on me and he freaked out when he got old man cum on his tongue. It was worth it.

    Fuck You Dad!

    From the ages of 6 to 18 my father would beat me. I mean physically abuse me and whip me with his belt.

    If I got in trouble in school, said the wrong thing, or just looked at him funny he would go ape shit and beat the shit out of me.

    He broke my arm once because I didn't take the yard as well as he wanted me to. He punched me and threw me down to the ground and broke my arm.

    Another time I told him that I was bored one summer day because all my friends were on vacation and I had nobody to play with. He went into such a blind rage he took his belt and whipped my back so bad that I started bleeding through my shirt.

    These are only a couple. There are way too many beatings to mention.

    I hated the motherfucker! To get back at him I would do shit to his toiletries and fuck with his food.

    He kept his toothbrush in the shower. I would pee on it everyday. I would piss in his special Rogaine Shampoo. I would wipe my ass with toilet paper but the second or third wipe would be with his towel.
    He would order me to make him sandwiches. I would begrudgingly make the sandwich but then I would add my special ingredients... Loogies, boogers, pubic hair, dog food. He never once caught on. I would sit there and watch him take every bite. He ate like a fucking slob. He would have mayo all over his face, mustache, eyebrows. Is was a disgusting display. One time he screamed from the other side of the house to make him a sandwich. I was in the middle of jerking off to a porn mag. I unloaded in my hand. I then zipped up and proceeded to make his sandwich with mayo but of course the mayo had a little something extra. I mixed my jizz in the mayo real good and added a little hot sauce to mask it even more. He told me it was the best sandwich he ever had! Glad you enjoyed it, Dad!

    By the time I was in my 20s getting ready to get married and move out, I was bigger and stronger than him. He had a bug up his ass about something. He tried to pick a fight with me and pulled his belt out on me. I threw him across the kitchen. I continue to punch his face in. Then I took the belt and whipped him like he whipped me!

    After I got married he changed. He was an awesome grandfather. We seemed to now have a mutual respect for each other. But I can't get over the the psychological toll he inflicted on me. He scarred me for life.

    He never once acknowledged all the beatings nor did he apologize. He has since passed and I had no feeling when he died. It didn't upset me. I think about him and always remind myself to never be like him with my own kids.


    Me and my boyfriend paul live with a man in his thirites Damon. He answered our room for rent add in the west ward.
    Recently divorced manager at a warehouse in the blue rhino district old neighborhood in Denver.
    He was quite no creeper respectful educated funny. We rarely hung out Damon me and paul.
    My name is Tabitha. Paul is from Colorado i moved here with him after college. Its neat like Oregon less tress less or no volcanoes no ocean but its beautiful.
    My schedule and Damon's moved from third shift to first. Like i said as did Damon's. Paul my boyfriend worked second shift at a shipping facility in castle rock Colorado about fourty five minutes away in rush hour.
    For awhile me and paul where two passing ships in the night. I got home from work paul was headed into work. Paul worked 3 to 11pm i worked 6 to 3 a nine hour day and Damon worked 6 till 2.
    So naturally me and Damon would bump into each other dinner movement around the house bathroom drink. We would talk in passing. Sometimes smoke a bowl or joint together we are both medical marijuana. Im from Oregon he is from Atlanta Georgia. We talked about what we missed back home. Sometimes i would stop by and see what he was doing for dinner and end up watching a episode of Rick and Morty or something. Or if he was ordering out he would see what both me and paul wanted and end up smoking with me. If you buy i fry lol.
    Not spending much time together and Damon coming around the house more smoking with us watching a few tv show bothered paul i was spending more time with Damon then him. We had a few arguments about it and afew small flights over it. Suddenly im a cheating n bomb dick whore this that one thing another. Paul is being loud yelling at me when Damon is not home or around. When Damon is gone its those people them people n bomb this n bomb that im a n bomb whore thats why my pussy got loose. When Damon is home its what up bro how you doing man best roommate ever glad your here.
    For months im getting screamed at by tgis two faced prick. In the car while driving in private and not around Damon.
    One day we dropped of his brother at DIA. On our way home paul is going off bad its starting to scare me. A cop notices starts to fallow us. Paul yelling in my ear facing me im cowering then paul punches the windshield. A small crack happens. Boom cherries and berries red and blues light up my heart exploded beating out of control.
    I pull over the cop stops right on my bumper jumps out. Gun out pointed at paul. Telling paul get out of the car. Paul is arrested charged with domestic violence.
    I go home im fucked up emotionally crying scared nervous worried all sorts of shit.
    I get a call from arapaho county jail voice mail after voice mail goid luck affording rent stupid c**t n bomb whore stupid slut im not done with you im going to hang that n bomb and lynch your race mixing ass. They kept coming 68 messages in an hour then nothing then two hours later his mom and brother call then another thirty messages then his mom calls asking if im cheating.
    Before long im trying to explain whats going on too Damon. He listened to the voicemail he listened in on his moms third call where i better not be fucking some n bomb and i better not of had her son arrested and how down in Colorado springs there is still a klan and i better watch my self and that coloured boy i live with too and how if i know whats good for me i will come stay with her show my loyalty and bail her son out. I hung up Damon recorded the whole thirty minute call on his phone then called the police and we had to file a complaint and write my second police report the police listened to the whopoing now 98 voice mails from paul more then half having klan and death threats in them. His brother i dropped off at DIA called me next i kinda liked him. I answered are you okay. First thing he asks. My mom can be a little much and im sorry your dealing with her bat shit craziness. I didn't know paul could be that way and im sorry. If you need anything call me that means anything. His dad sent his love and support as well.
    I was exhausted called my boss let him know what happened and im sorry for the drama but i have a protection order on paul and his mom Lynn. He understands gives me two days off with pay yay.
    I then get a call from victims advocate and we set up contact. I tell her im done with paul keep him away from me.
    I get off the phone.
    Vent about paul and his crazy shift in how he acted. My hero he brought two ounces in and wanted to smoke me up. He took the hero thing a little further and ordered combination lo main hot and sour soup and two extra orders of crab wontons.
    We smoke watch tv he played therapist and ear to hear me vent. He did not think i was flirting with him or being meesed up i and We just acted like two people that live together not wanting drama.
    I feel so comfortable around Damon. Talking to him i get up and change out of my jeans and teeshirt. He just saw me in my panties and bra. Im so fucked up and scattered over my day i just did that.
    Then he pipes up well im not finna lie you got an amazing body. I blush say im sorry and how I cant believe i just did that.
    We smoked a joint talked a little more about our families and back home then about how Damon got divorced. His wife got caught having sex with a neighbor kid around 16 years old and the police found several video of his wife and juvenile teen boys and a couple of her with dogs she was charged and got six years. Grossed out by his wife not wanting to deal with it ge moved and got a divorce. He took the last two years for himself when his lease was up his cousin hated Denver moved home and He replied to our ad.
    Dinner got there starving we at the table got stuffed. Damon drive's a bad ass 4 wheel drive suv its been snowy but we went for a mountian drive. We smoked some bud drove around together. It was his day off. I felt extremely comfortable with Damon it felt natural talking with him. For a week we had dinner together watched the same shows with him sitting on my bed. We played the play station it was nice and he quickly became a friend.
    Then one day his next day off we where going for a mountian drive and sledding.
    I caught Damon getting out of the shower. Huge muscles on his chest and abs and on his upper arms sexy butt strong legs. I saw the tip of his junk a nice sized flesh helmet i must say i was embraced and walked off blushing. A short while later we are on the road stop for coco and off for sledding in boulder county. We have a blast we are cold exhausted we stop for coco again smoke on the way home. We pre order dinner we eat.
    I do it again i change into my comfortable a comfortable blue nighty its kind of revealing but i dont think anything of it.
    We are watching the mandolin. I get a phone call
    Yeah thats right you dumb bitch im out of jail you better hope you dont see me either you and that boy. Paul hangs up right after. Ten minutes later two puffs into a joint victims advocate call to inform me paul is out of jail i tell her i know he called and threatened us Damon plays the recording he got and a fresh warrant is issued for Paul. I get another call from paul telling me what kind of dumb race mixing whore i am who the thought of him touching me after some monkey grosses him out.
    Then damon to his credit she cant help it man. My body on her body my big black cock digging her out my monkey sperm swimming in her body. ..(continue confession)

    Friend's Gf

    My friend dated a woman who is 10 years older than him. She is pretty rich and well-settled. All three of us are very close. One day I got a message from her saying she wants to break up with my friend. I went to her place immediately; she has a big ass house. I asked her what happened?
    She gave me all the details of how he treated her. After hearing her story, anyone would like to kick my friend's ass. I hugged her. She cried on my shoulder for 5 minutes straight, and I felt bad for her. After 5 mins, I dunno what has gotten into her. She started rubbing my dick; she touched my dick many times for fun, even before my friend. She used to touch it over my pants to feel the size of my dick. But this time, she opened my zip and started sucking my dick in a split second. She is very good at it, and I can't say no to that. As she is sucking, she took her phone, took a selfie with her sucking my dick, and sent it to my friend. I didn't realize it until later.
    I cummed in her mouth she swallowed it.

    Later that night, I got the pic from my friend, and to this day, he is not talking to me. Share your thoughts...I have many questions?

    Is my friend really a bad guy?
    Is her story true?
    Why did she make him jealous?

    My Soon To Be Ex Wife Sold My PS5 Because I Didn't Buy An Air Purifier

    I am fed up with my soon to be ex wife, the fucking bitch sold my PS5 that I bought with my money all because I didn't buy an air purifier.

    Buy your own damn air purifier because the fact that this bitch is now selling my PS5 that I bought with the money I bring home while her dumbass sits at home all day.

    That Playstation 5 was supposed to be for the kids but yet her dumbass can't stand it when me and the kids play video games and I am so fed up with her and her goddamn controlling behavior so you know what I am officially filing for a Divorce.

    I am fed up with her and her controlling behavior, selfishness, all about her bullshit because all she cares about is herself. She never gets the kids anything, she spends more on herself than she does with the kids, she won't let the kids play video games, she never wants me to have my friends come over but she'll allow her dumbass friends over; but selling my Playstation 5 that I bought for the kids a system that is being stolen by scalpers everywhere all because I didn't get her an air purifier was the last straw, and you know what i'm taking custody of the kids, her dumbass is on her own.

    Let this be a lesson to you stupid bitches out there that hate it when there men are playing video games. You wonder why you're single and why you can't get a boyfriend it's because you dumb selfish bitches act like the whole fucking world revolves around you. If you destroy or sell a man's video game systems than you just signed your divorce papers and became the reason why we broke up and you have no one but yourself to blame you selfish dumbass bitches.