You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

Sharing Lost My Wife

When I got out of tech school I got a job in a refrigeration company. I was an installer with an older worker Chase. He was 8 years older than I and we became the best of friends. As I got more experience I ranked up being I could develope layouts and schematics. Chase remained installer so I could lead him to better work.
A friend at work got me a blind date. She was great and fun. I asked her out again and she accepted. She shared we seemed to like each other so she wanted to share something with me. She couldn’t have children due to cist removal during her teen years. Most guys dropped her after she would tell them this. I said ok and asked to plan another date. She was 4 years older than me and I enjoyed her maturity. After our third date she asked me to get a room and get to know each other. It was my first and obviously she wasn’t experienced either.
After most of a year I bought a small fixer upper house and we got married. Chase came over often, bring beer and hang out. Chase helped me with remodeling the house. My wife loved his humor and openness. We always played load music and take turns dancing with my wife. One weekend we went to a club and instead of Chase dancing with other women he only danced with my wife. He was really groping my wife in ways inappropriate in public. We went home after entering our house my wife got on top of me on the sofa. Chase came over and started frigging her. While kissing me I could tell he removed my wife’s shorts. He dropped his pants and started screwing her. They orgasmed at the same time. She then unzipped me and lap danced me until we both orgasmed. We laughed all of this a while. I got up to go clean up and upon returning Chase was screwing her again. This became a regular event for us. After a few years my wife started going to Chase’s apartment some nights and return home late. Then she started sleeping over sometimes. The threesomes had ended. She was being both of ours sex partner. I paid all living expenses at our house but Chase would ask my wife to stop and get groceries for him before she came over. She had always helped her family with her money now she started spending on him. After 10 years I could tell our relationship going cold. My wife revealed Chase wanted her to move in with him full time. I refused to accept this. I stopped her going over two nights and Chase and I had a big confrontation almost fighting at work. Chase had become very possessive of my wife. Two nights during us having sex my wife cried. I was ready to set a boundary. I bought two plane tickets to Key West and reserved motel for a week. I invited Chase over that evening. When he arrived I told them about the trip. I told my wife this was her time to chose. Whoever she wanted to go on the trip with was the answer. If she picked Chase I would get a divorce. If she picked me we would be monogamous going forward. After silence for a moment Chase asked is this all paid for? I said yes. He stood up and picked up the tickets. Chase said this is a nobrainer. He got my wife by the hand and pulled her to the door. My wife looked over her shoulder while leaving and I could see her crying uncontrollably in Chases truck while leaving. That week I took all of my future ex wife’s things and put them in Chase’s house. I texted him to that this was done. I answered no calls and erased any text from either of them. I stayed with my parents a few weeks to recover from my breakup. Chase and I still had a work relationship but we avoided most hanging out. My ex in laws contacted me from time to time and shared my ex is very unhappy and wanted me to get her back.
My parents neighbor had a daughter that just divorced and had two young kids. I asked her out and we started dating. We even took her kids out with us on dates. I asked her to move in with me but refused unless we got married. So we married. I enjoyed being needed by a wife and kids. My wife even just revealed she is pregnant with our first child.
One afternoon after work a different car was at my house. I went in and my ex was visiting with my wife. My wife greeted me with a big hug and kiss and said she has enjoyed visiting with my ex. My ex said she needed to get home but asked me to walk her to her car. My ex apologized for the decision she made. She admits Chase had her under his possessive control. She shared they never had married after our divorce. She has plans to move away somewhere away from Chase. She also said it is also to get away from seeing me happily with my new family. She thanked me for accepting her years ago and will always miss the love we had. We quick hugged and I walked away.
My wife is now expecting our second child and we are going to buy a bigger house. It is nothing better in my life than going home after work and being needed.

  • I Got Revenge

    We got married mid college (shotgun). We had two daughters early and both out and married now. We have no problem with the empty nest. We hang with friends often similar to our situation. We hang out mostly at our house and definitely adult version. No sex because all are satisfied with their marriages. Wives usually dress revealing and sometimes do some flashing us husbands. My wife and another husband are always dancing and hanging together. I have been warned to keep my wife away from him. He would cross the line often while they danced together. She often would turn her back toward him and rub his midsection with her butt checks. This behavior went on for months. A recent hangout I caught her on a bar stool and he was frigging her, when she saw me she pushed his hand away. A more recent they were in the backyard almost in the dark he pulled her strapless top down and started mouthing her breast. She quickly push him away and came inside. I decided they were cheating. I had spy cams installed at our house. That Saturday I went golfing. He came over to my house. The video showed my wife didn’t want him to come inside but he did anyway. She keep him at the door. He started coming on to her and she resisted. He would grope her breast and butt but she kept pushing him off. He finally gave up and left. I had enough so I had to decide a way to revenge what they were doing. I ate often at a nearby family restaurant. A waiter there I thought a lot of was single, married, and was moving away the next week. I asked to meet her after work and she agreed. I explained what my wife was doing with our friend and I asked her to help me revenge. I told her I would give her 50 dollars and not asking for sex. She first was disappointed in my wife’s behavior then said she would do it for free. I gave her the 50 anyway because she needed it. The next Saturday evening I got my wife to go to the city park to hang out. We brought feed for the ducks as usual. My accomplish was hanging nearby. When my wife walked away to feed the ducks I flagged the waitress over. She removes a. long over shirt and was wearing a one piece swimsuit. She is tall and slim with long blond hair. Probably in her mid 20’s. I planned for her to sit close and hug but she strattled my lap. She was lap dancing me and had her breast in my face. She even reached in my shorts and pull my erection out. It didn’t take long for my wife to hurry back and yelled what is going on here. My accomplish said she was trying to take this man home but he said he is married. My wife said he is my husband and started crying uncontrollably. My accomplish left so I dealt with my wife. After she settled down she came and sat down. I told her I knew she had been ffing our friend and this is a sample of what my life would be. She cried hard again. She finally could talk again and said she had never ffed our friend. She said they only flirted and I knew I got my balls drained after every hangout. Without asking she admitted our friend came over the previous day and she told him no and keep his distant from her. She admitted her hormones and not like younger days and only made out with our friend to get aroused. She promised to stop and asked was I separating from her. I answered probably not. I never told my wife I set that scene with the waitress up. When we got home she gave me a big long hug. She kissed me and said she noticed I needed draining after the slut got off of me. We went and had a long sex session. I went to the restaurant the next day and tipped the waitress 100 dollars and told her it was successful. The only issue now my wife hangs all over me at our hangouts now when I want to hang with the guys and chat.

    Small Dick False Revenge And True Hope

    First time on here, so bare with me. This confession takes place during high school and present day. During high school I began to fool around with this tomboy she was really pretty and also really into sports. Given her dedication to sports, in came her gorgeous figure and plump ass. I always liked how she was and enjoyed her company but never had a sexual desire towards her. That is until she began to play with her hair color, she went from a really short cheek high blonde haircut to dark long curly extensions that would reach her ass. That..... for some reason hit a cord with me and I began my move. We began texting and began to hang around each other more in social environments. One night we ended up in a park just making out and just getting a hand full of that ass while I dry humped her to hell. We then would spend our weekends together at night from 11 pm to 4 am playing the same movie over and over while we made out. As time goes, we both knew where this was leading too. She invited me to her room which was across her parents room upstairs, we went. We then put on the same movie that we played for weeks now, it was finally happening. It wasn't my first time having sex and it was not her first time either, we got undressed and began kissing sensually and getting comfortable on the bed. So hot, so passionate, hands full of that juicy ass. She reaches down.....we both look down....... I'm not hard. I need to add the fact that I am for sure by far a GROWER and not a show'er by any means. Looking back I can point out many things that could have caused this situation. 1. The room was really hot. 2. I could've interpreted the parents being so close as intimidation vs amping up the sexiness. 3. She did not have extensions that night. So vividly I remember the words coming out of her mouth, " aww, now I'm dry as a grandma" My ego was obviously hurt and I could not perform. Sucked ass. So many things going through my head such as," this is why I never liked messing with girls form my school. Now she's going to tell everyone" and she did...... But not before we stopped and got dressed then sat and stared at her computer screen as she showed me dick pics that guys had sent hurt in the past. One stands out till this day because I had seen the guy at the local gym plenty of times. About 5'4 athletic build, long hair, and a dick that reached his knee. It was fucking crazy, it was at least 9 inch soft, but the thickness is what left the impression in my head, always curious how it would've looked in real life. So the weekend passes, I'm dreading monday, nothing happens, nothing is said between her and I about the situation. The weekend comes, I don't go out. My friends give me a call later that night asking me why this girl is talking shit and saying that my dick is small. I try to play it off playfully and say that she couldn't get me hard so I couldn't show her my size. This marked me during high school, I'm glad it happened during senior year but 5 more months is a lot fore a teenager. I then began to date outside of my school and would just have sex with multiple women just so I could feel some sort of reassurance that I can perform. I also had sex with one of her close friends after high school but it was not intentional, but I made sure I laid down the pipe. This story is called false revenge but now I am married and recently had my wife suck my dick and she had measuring tape within her reach. I told her to pull it out and measure my dick. My wife has asked me before how big my dick is and I always said 6 inches, knowing it was 5.5 inch. The look on my wifes face when she saw 7 inches, got my dick so fucking hard. She went to town on her newly discovered 7 incher that night and every night forward from then on. I secretly think at times of this high school girl and wish I could include her with my wife and fuck her good while my wife and I make her head turn and we both devour that ...ass. My wife and I are super stoked on this discovery, it does wonders for my confidence. I measure my dick now for fun, make sure you keep track on growth! Mine must have changed around aged 23. Thank you for reading.

  • Price For Everything

    I live in a resort beach town in south Fla. Own a consulting firm, do ok for myself. I have a nice little 3br place a couple of blocks from the beach with a plunge pool.

    My wife is nice looking but a cold fish in bed, at least to me. She spends half her day at the gym or more likely in one of her boy toys bedrooms. I have my own FWBs, we dont talk about it to keep the peace.

    Her mom, sister, and her daughter like to invite themselves down to my place several times a year, free beach vacation I guess. The world revolves around them while they are here, they eat all my food and generally make pests of themselves.

    I remodeled the guest area a couple of years ago including installing security cameras. I made it clear what I had done, but apparently they were hidden so well everyone but me has forgotten. I thought about reminding the in-laws but decided lets just see what happens.

    What happened was seeing three generations of big floppy tits. All the women in her family have large breasts. They arent BBWs just carry extra weight typically in their chests. They are hot enough I'd do any of them in a pinch.

    So payment for their frequent annoying stays has been seeing their huge jiggly floppy tits in all sorts of poses, bras, swimwear, nightwear, etc. I've even seen a couple of them playing with themselves.

    They can visit any time. Lol.

    Business Partners Wife

    As an accountant I bought in partnership in now a three person office. The other worker is his wife. He was 45 and his wife 41 when I bought in. My wife and I married during college. We have a son and daughter. My wife works in a clinic paid 40 hours but seldom comes home before 10 pm most nights. I’m clipped so no more children for me.
    At work one day a neighbor friend of mine saw my wife walking into an procedure clinic. I left work and was waiting when she came out. I didn’t confront her and the look on her face was priceless. We arrived home and she tried not to talk. I force in conversation reveal all or definite divorce. She admitted to having a work lover and even said this was her second procedure in 3 years.
    I didn’t know how to process all of this. I went to work the next day and partners wife (Dara) knew something was wrong. I told her everything. She then shared how terrible it is to live with her husband. We both cried in each others arms. I knew how disrespectful her husband is toward her and me. She says it is worse at home. She said they they seldom have sex and she didn’t want to have sex with him anymore. He is overweight, lazy, and always smelling.
    One day we had a deadline to complete he went home and his wife and I completed the task. When finished she came to my office and shut the door. She comes and sits on me me proceeds to give me a lap dance. We shortly were undress and had sex on the carpet. I hadn’t had sex since the discovery of my wife. It had been a decade that I had had sex with someone who really wanted sex. I cum inside her during her orgasm. The next day I didn’t know how to act toward Dara but she simplified things. During her husband 2 to 3 hour lunch break she came into my office again. Wearing a skirt that day she pulled it up and asked me if I like unshaven, partual shave, or bare. I chose partual so I could go down on her better. This excited her and she came and lay back on her desk and I went down on her. She almost hurt me during orgasms. She blew me. She said she hadn’t had that since her high school girlfriends sleepovers.
    It hasn’t been hard to hide our having sex. Her husband doesn’t want to be around his wife. She may be middle age but jest that she is catching up with 20 years of seldom sex. Dara loves to kiss which I enjoy. She enjoys giving me blowjobs but favors me coming inside her. Dara is hooked on my eating her before most sex sessions.
    My wife was recently fired. Apparently her affair with coworker was revealed. No sex since discovery day. She finally seems to understand her bad decisions. My wife stayed at home some weeks before getting another job. She started trying to be a mother but the kids are much closer bonded with me. I often see her crying, from guilt, loss of lover, or what her life has become. She dieted and got her figure back after gaining much weight during discovery. One Saturday she took the kids to my parents and came home and wanted to talk. Her lover broke up with her and his wife wanted to stay with him. She said they had been having the affair 9 years and it got out of hand. She admits to not loving me or our kids. She said she will get her love back if I stay with her. She even wanted to have sex but I turned her down.
    I don’t know if my situation will blow up. I’m very satisfied with Dara keeping me satisfied. I don’t have any attraction for my wife and she knows it. I even hope she gets another lover because I like my sex life like it is. After the kids are grown I will most likely divorce. This lifestyle makes Dara and I feel we are revenging our spouses relationship toward us. Yesterday after work my wife wanted to try sex after months of no sex, but 30 minutes earlier I was zipping my pants after unloading inside Dara. Dara has a perfect sexy body and looks much younger than her age. I chose Dara any day over what my wife has to offer.

  • I Finally Changed Her

    My wife got married due to pregnancy. We are sure we conceived on prom night. Just as irresponsible we had a second daughter 18 months later. Family helped during this time until we got established. My wife became a teacher. I am a hardware store manager. Our married and family life had a up and down atmosphere, mostly down. My wife didn’t adjust to family responsibilities well. When my youngest daughter was 13 I started staying away from the drama of bickering more. I learned that because I pay our cell bills I could obtain phone history and texts. My daughters texts were normal for teens but would still make me furious when I snooped. My wife on the same note would text and call time the principal up to two hours a day. Most was school gossip but obviously they were emotionally attached. I finally discussed this with my wife. She didn’t know how I knew what I knew and she went ballistic. She screamed at me and even threw things at me. My daughters came and stopped my wife while beating me with a shoe. I left the house and stayed away for a week. I still tended to my daughters who asked me to come home to help them live with their ballistic mom. Upon my return I finally told her I would fight back from that point on. She made sure to make my life miserable. I told the girls it looks like I would divorce and they cried and begged me not to divorce. I finally could discuss with my wife her behavior and she stands firm that the girls and I was the problem. After several weeks I finally told her I would stay with her until our youngest was 18 years old. She told me great and she would be counting the days. I built on a man room so I wouldn’t be on the couch or recliner for years. I protected the girls from her during those years. I started
    side construction and was rat holding money which was getting beyond my expectation's. Again I started snooping my wife’s phone record and she shared with the principal how I had become unmanageable. She text many times how I thought they were having sex. He suggested that because I thought it that they should start having sex. She always replied she would never cheat on me. She believed in one and only no matter how hard it is. My wife and I was just roommates up until the 18th birthday. No sex and very little talking with me doing practically all of daughters responsibility. I told my daughters that I would be divorcing and had the paperwork made up. We had my daughters 18th birthday celebration at my in~laws. When we got home my wife went into her rage again. She said the girls had tried to get her to get help and quit being so hateful. She said divorcing me would be my mistake. I left the papers with her and left. She finally signed and we after time were divorced. I gave her the house which was given by her family and all I wanted was my personal items. I used my hidden money and remodeled an old house. A friend asked for me to rent a room to a single mom with no place to go. It wasn’t planned at the start but we were sexually active. At this time to have a young woman who loves sex was much appreciated. Neither my roommate nor I wanted anyone to know we were sexually active. I even got a vasectomy. Strange as it seems I continued to be paying the cell bill for my now ex wife and daughters. I could keep up with everyone’s life without them knowing. My wife continued her talks with the principal. And many times turned down sex with him. After almost three years my daughters told me their mom had been going through counseling. The results is really helping my ex wife become a much better person. They also said she told them often that she hoped to get me back so no dating others. My house partner finally got in a relationship so we stopped having sex. My oldest daughter was about to get married. On rehearsal night my ex called and asked for a ride because her car broke down. I decided this may be interesting so I agreed. My ex seemed to be entirely a different person. When we returned home we had a long discussion. She assured me she never physically cheated but knows how she was wrong making the principal her best friend during marriage. She said she would only have one man in her life. She definitely has shown a big change. Wedding went well. My ex and I where side by side through it all. I started taking her out on dates again. On the sixth date my full testes failed me. We had sex before we went to eat and all night after we dining out. Without asking she told me she has been having only sex with her many sex toys. She never asked me about if I had any relationships while separated. We really opened the door to sneaky sex. We had sex in the city park her holding on to a bench. A policeman came and told us to get a room because we were turned in. We are living together now. I’m renting my other place to my former lover. We will see where this goes now.

    AI Remover

    I just found some websites that use AI to remove clothes from pictures. I've already used it few times on my ex. I wonder who I can send those to as well as who else I should try it on.

    All Three Are Cheating S**ts

    My wife H drunkenly confessed to me after a night out, that she'd had, oral, vaginal and anal sex with a guy three days before our wedding. She tried to pass it off as a one off last time before we tied the knot.

    What I hadn't told her, is before we got married, not only had her younger sister tried to get me into bed, but also her own mother had tried to seduce me when I was decorating for her.
    I'd denied both of her families advances then, but hearing her confess made me want to get even.

    As my wife was recovering from her hangover on that Sunday morning, I drove over to her sisters flat. knocking on the door, as soon as she opened it, I kissed her, put my hand up her skirt and inside her knickers feeling her pussy.
    She returned the kiss, pulled me inside and over the next hour we had such a great time having sex.
    She told me afterwards her sister didn't deserve me, and then let me know she knew my wife had also cheated on me again, not long after we got back from our honeymoon. Supposedly with the same guy.
    Feeling angry, hurt and also horny all at the same time, I fucked my sister in law again as she leaned over her kitchen island.

    But I wasn't done. Not by a long way. Not saying a word to my wife about what I'd found out, I made us both our evening meal and listened as my wife blurted on about her projects at work the following week.
    In my head, all I was thinking was 'I wonder if **** likes it up her arse'.

    On the Tuesday morning the following week I found out that my mother in law does indeed enjoy anal and everything else sexual for that matter.
    It didn't matter to me if she accepted my advances. As if she didn't, I was going to call by my sister in laws on my way back home and fuck her again. But K was only too happy to suck my dick and have me tongue out her pussy and arsehole. And if anything, my mother in law is definitely the better fuck out of the three family members.
    She's a real dirty bitch wanting me to fist her pussy and arsehole, as well as everything else we did that morning.

    I was absolutely shattered by the time I reached my first decorating client, but somehow got through the day thinking about my mother in law licking and sucking on my cock, after I'd just cum up her arsehole.
    I'll not lie, I have felt uncomfortable during the five months I've now been fucking my wifes mother. She and I regularly fuck, but I have stopped shagging my sister in law. Not because I felt extra guilty, her being nineteen, but because she's now dating a guy I know.
    My mother in law couldn't care less, so when we fuck I use her like she's a prostitute. And believe me she loves it.

    I know it'll get to the point where, either my wife finds out, or her mother will slip up. Or more likely, I'll leave them all to their cheating ways.
    I'm no longer bothered about my marriage, and to be brutally honest, I'm only sticking around because my mother in law is such a fantastic fuck.

    Nut On Her Face

    My lazy 20 year old sister in law has been staying with us for a week because her mother kicked her out. She has been on my nerves since day one and her ungrateful laziness recently started to irritate my wife. Last night I was in the shower and my wife came in and started to suck my cock. After sucking for a short time she stopped, opened her sister's face wash and told me to let her know when I was about to come. I was actually really turned on by this and in just a couple of minutes I said, ok I'm about to go. She quickly grabbed the bottle, emptied my load into it, put the lid back on, and sucked the last few drops of cum out of my cock. She then shook the face soap up and stuck it back on the shelf. About an hour later we getting ready for bed and her sister says she is getting in the shower. After she walked away my wife chuckled and whispered to me, asking how it feels to cum on her sister's face. I just smiled and shook my head. Now tonight sis in law just got in the shower and my cock is hard as a rock thinking about my cum all over her face.

  • My BF Slept With My Best Friend - My Juicy Revenge!

    My (ex) boyfriend Jake and I went through a rough patch last year and ended up splitting up for a while. During this time he jumped on the opportunity to hook up with a close friend of mine. I knew it was likely he'd fuck other girls during our breakup period, but going for one of my close friends in particular seemed way to far.

    When he inevitably came crawling back, he tried to use all the classic excuses- "it was a one time thing", "it didn't mean anything", "it was while we were apart", etc. I wasn't having it. He asked if there was anything he could do to make it up. So, I finally admitted that there was a friend of his who I also happened to find very attractive. I'll call him John.

    Immediately Jake obliged, saying that since he had sex with my friend, I could have sex with one of his, if that was what it took to get me back. I was like no honey, I don't just wanna do it with him, I want you AND him at the same time. Jake was surprised and hesitated for a while, but ultimately agreed, saying that he supposes that's actually better than just me a John fucking on our own. His only conditions were that he didn't want John doing things to me that I don't do with him, and also the action had to be focused on me, the two of them did not want any sexual interaction with each other. I just told him okay, we'll see (I knew immediately that I wasn't gonna play by those rules). We both contacted John to explain our whole deal and offer our proposition. As expected, he agreed.

    That weekend he came over for the threesome, and I purposely got us all a little drunk and very high in order to maximize the fun, ease any awkwardness, and most importantly, get them both comfortable with things they normally might not be. Once we moved to the bedroom, it was on.

    All of us seemed pretty into it. It was going really great, but the whole time I kept in mind that this was a revenge plot, and I needed Jake to feel hurt the way that he'd hurt me. Thus, I made it a point to get extra nasty with John- sucking his dick extra sloppily, french kissing with extra passion, moaning extra loud and screaming his name while he fucked me, all that good stuff. I even briefly let him put it in my butt at one point, something I almost never let Jake do. The best part of all this is that despite the initial conditions, I got them both to do quite a slew of really juicy gay acts on each other. I'll just say I was not the only one taking dick in my mouth or ass that night LOL. Ultimately, I let john finish inside me while I made Jake watch. Then I made him suck it out of me before putting his own load in me.

    I dumped him anyway the next day after this whole thing lolol.
    Best revenge ever and best sexual experience of my life all in one night, I'll call that a win.