You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

Ex's Site

So I found a fake profile of my ex on Instagram. It was an account linking to a pocketstars account for her. I asked her about it but she said it was justa fake but it had about 50 posts on it. What should I do?

  • Revenge On My Deceased Ex Husband

    This isn't a sex related confession. It's desecration, no other word for it, but it's done and I'd probably do it again.

    I was raised by strict religious parents and was encouraged to marry right out of high school to a man twelve years older. I thought he was wonderful, but he started changing as soon as we married. On our wedding night, I was a virgin and my hymen was intact and thick, but he didn't any think foreplay was necessary. He told me it was like pulling off a band aid and basically r**ed me. Within a few weeks he was verbally abusing and beating me. I put up with it. I was always taught it was God's plan that wives submit to their husbands.

    He began having affairs and I put up with that too. I don't know, maybe I was hoping that when I got pregnant he'd stop all this. It never happened. We were married three years when he left me for another woman.

    I filed for divorce and was shunned by our church and my parents as if it was my fault our marriage failed. With the help of friends and social workers I found the courage to start a whole new life. While I was in community college, I met a man who taught me what real love is. I got pregnant in no time, probably on our honeymoon, and we had a son who is now getting ready for college in the fall.

    My ex husband died recently of a massive heart attack. He was 54 and all alone. All his women, his friends, and his family had abandoned him. He never had the child he wanted.

    I took the day off work and drove to his funeral visitation, which in his case was right before the funeral itself at the cemetery. Nobody else attended, unless they came and went before I got there. Nobody. I knew the owner of the mortuary and she said it was very kind of me to come. It was an open casket affair, and I told her I'd like some time alone with him. She said to take as long as I wanted.

    As I pretended to talk to him and say goodbye, I slipped three photographs under his suit and lay them next to his heart. One of the pictures was of me nude in front of a fireplace making romantic, passionate love to my second husband when we were newlyweds. The second was of my husband standing behind me caressing my baby bump. The third was a recent picture of my husband and me just walking along a beach, hugging and smiling at each other.

    I told the mortician I'd said my goodbyes and not long afterward they closed the casket and carried it to the hearse. I followed it to the cemetery. I stayed on the cemetery grounds until they covered him up.

    I know it's beyond petty and vindictive, but I wanted him to moulder in his grave for eternity with proof of my happiness next to his heart.

    How Can I Get Back At My Friend?

    My friend has always been jealous of me for some reason and last night while we were having a sleepover with some friends she pantsed me in front of everyone and even tried to pull my panties down. When I pulled them back up, she lifted my shirt and everyone saw my breasts.

    We're having a movie night at my place next week and I think it's the perfect opportunity for me to take my revenge. I really want to get back at her for what she did, and strip her completely. Can you give me some ideas for the setup?

    Please don't tell me to be the bigger person in this story, she's really immature and needs to pay in her "way". One thing for sure is that she won't be hearing a word from me after this.

  • Cuckold Newbie

    41 year old great shape
    Sneaking her plastic bag out the door and off to work.
    I noticed everything about her as she become a stronger women. When she got home
    That night she said I got fucked in a motel today by two
    Guys who took turns on me ,all of my hour lunch break.
    Mrs G is her name as she hands me her lunch in eaten
    Where I noticed next day the burger tasted of semen as I finished it.I complained that she needs to take on a second paying job to contribute to house hold bills.Her Boss listed after her and Friday night party her arms went up in the air as she was stripped
    In front of me.Dancing in her bra which was laced see thru.
    Mrs G would disappear while I danced with her mates.
    She would come back after about an hour...looking flushed and leave the party .
    Upon returning home straight to the shower.
    I become suspicious as her phone was used texting under the table at meal times. Upon
    Putting my youngest two girls I would read goodnight stories to put them to sleep ..and I would hear my wife quitely talking on her phone giggling away in a low murmur in the next room in our water bed.
    Friday night was party night and same people different places. It all become more erotic with a garage show where a blonde 6 ' foot women wearing garters and bra ,skimpy lace nickers would perform a slow erotic strip show. I felt my wife push me forward in the audience of about 30 to 40 people.
    I felt a gust of wind as my wife fell pray to a male whom stood so close to me .When I moved.Long story short looks like the stripper and my wife had a dare on .If she could blow her boyfriend before her friend finished stripping .As I moved through the crowd I noticed most where looking backwards into the yard where
    Upon looking I saw a women bent over giving some guy the best head I had ever seen .
    As I watched her wanking the 10 inch hard cock while her mouth had engulfed the rest and he had both his hands grabbing my wife's boobs twisting and pulling her nipples. Then 1 hand went to her head as he pushed her head down to the base as she gasped e looked at the crowd
    Giving them the two fingure victory signal as his hips bucked back n forth. I was mesmerized by the girl with her jeans still on and top pulled around her neck.
    As his eyes closed for a couple minutes she glanced up as she swallowed a huge load at me in the crowd could see her to carried away with the moment to care as she went back to sucking h slurping and cleaning him.up as he does his buckle up and slips into the crowd.
    Nothing is said I still need to process this...she showers off to bed. (True story) Page 2

    My First Lovers Revenge

    She was in her 60s, I was 16 when we started having sex. She taught me a lot about sex and pleasing women. She would have me have sex with her older friends, women whose husbands were not giving them sex anymore, some were widowed, all pretty old, some weren't that old, only in their late 30s up to mid 40s, but those were usually pretty fat or, quite frankly, not good looking. I didn't care, In about the first 6 months, I'd had my cock in 14 different pussies.

    One day she, I and one of her friends, were drinking and partying. I was 17 at the time. I pulled off drinking, they kept going. The friend was about 40 and was married, so didn't want me to fuck her, though I did suck on her little, floppy titties, and watched me eat my older friend out. I wanted to jack off on the younger ones tits but my older friend didn't let me. That evening, the younger woman, passed out in the bedroom, my friend took me into her. She stripped the woman, and told me to fuck her. I didn't want to, but was told that all the pussy, ass, and mouth sex would be over, just do it. I gave in, not really realizing that I was actually abusing the woman. She had me do it to her again twice that night. Each time she would put a mound of pillows under her ass and basically hold her pussy straight up for half an hour.

    Turns out that the younger woman, took a rich boyfriend from my older woman friend. The rich guy was snipped, and couldn't have kids, and she knew enough about her "friend" that she knew she would be fertile. Turns out she got pregnant. She had to tell her husband. I asked how she explained it when the woman woke up. My friend slept in the bed with her naked that night, and when they woke up, told the woman how much of a good time we had both us them getting fucked. The woman panicked but the revenge was already happening inside her womb.

    It sucks, I did it and know now I shouldn't have. I didn't know the whole story for a month. So I'm going to have a kid out there with this 40 year old woman. The woman married to a rich man who couldn't inseminate her.

  • Sweet Revenge

    I work as a stripper and this Puerto Rican girl I am friends with and works with me got out of the business in the best way. She is beautiful and super sexy and far and away the most popular dancer or was. One day she and I were on the shift, night actually, she danced and then I am up after her. While I was dancing I noticed that she took a older looking well-dressed businessman back into the private dance area. Some places do I. But we don’t have sex with any of the patrons. So I came off the Dancefloor and walking back to our dressing area Maria reached out to one of the private changing rooms and grab my arm. She was crying and told me she needed help. I asked wRong and she said She was doing a private lap dance for this business guy and she pulled her over her lap and before she could get away from him he had pushed something long and hard into her butt. She asked me to help her and I said OK well let me see so she stripped off the thong Bent over the counter in the room. I spread her cheeks and couldn’t see anything but I could tell that for a little butt hole was protruding. She asked me to pull it out as it was hurting her. So I got some baby oil and rub it on my hands and try to get my fingers into her she was very tight and yelling in pain and I felt terrible but I finally got a finger in and felt it And I’ve bent her further over got two more fingers and wool and extra finger and thumb. I was able to get a hold of it and pull it out. It was like a long Cigar to hold her and she cried in relief and was thanking me and she was so angry at the guy. I didn’t blame her it was probably 7 inches long and 2 inches thick and I just can’t imagine how much of her being shoved into her. And her little butt was bleeding so I know it was painful.

    I want with her her her to see the manager and when she told the story he said if you want to go to the doctor he would pay for it but he was not going to do anything to the guy or call the police because he was a big morning person person person Who had a lot of political connections and could get the club shut down if you wanted. He told MARIA she should just not go with him anymore. Maria was very upset to my surprise didn’t really push the issue very much. Several weeks later a group of men in their late 20s came in. Several of the girls went out and had drinks with them and did their lap dances A black girl Who is friends with Maria and I came back to the dressing room and said that one of the young guys was the son of the man who had hurt Maria. Maria asked how she knew and she said that our manager had told them to treat the group will because He recognized the one guy as the guys sun. Maria didn’t say anything but the rest of the night whenever she was funny she went over and talked to the guy. I noticed when we left that the same guy was waiting outside for her and they left together.

    Maria told me later that she took him back to her place and they had sex several times. I was confused by it all but she didn’t offer any reason and I didn’t ask. She told me that he asked to see her again and she didn’t meet with him he was going to medical school after about the fourth time we had sex he told her that he was in love and she told him that he had to go. I didn’t think about it for several weeks until one day MARIA and I met for lunch and she told me she had something to tell me. I was shocked when she told me that she was pregnant. She said she had been lying to the guy at the medical student that she was on the pill and she let him come inside of her about a half a dozen times. I will still be confused and I asked her if she was going to keep the baby and she said of course she wanted a baby I wanted to get out of the life of stripping. So I thought she was going to manipulate the guy into marrying her or something but she had a much different plan.

    About three weeks later she called me again and asked to go to lunch. When we got there she took a booth kind of hidden in the back she handed me an envelope And said that is for you please go live your life and have lots of fun. I said what are you gonna do. And she said she was going to move back to Dallas and raise her child. I ask what had happened with the father of the baby. She said that she had planned the whole thing after she saw the son of the guy who has her coming to the bar. She said after she found out she was pregnant by him she found out who his father was at work and got kind of dressed up nice and went to his office. She said that she asked his secretary to see him of the woman was hesitant because she didn’t have an appointment. Maria said that she called in and the older guy came out and looked at where she did not believe he recognized her. Maria said she had purposely dressed nicely but very sexy and she just the man told the secretary it was ok. Maria Followed him into his office And he asked what he could do for her. She asked if you recognized him he said no he would remember if somebody is beautiful as her. She said she told him she worked at the strip club and he said oh yes I do remember you you’re the girl with the perfect ass. She said she cringed but said yes that’s me and my manager asked me to come over and pay you a visit. He said really? MARIA said she went over and started rubbing his crotch and he smiled. She said she pulled his pants down and suck his cock she said it was super nasty and she was grossing out Because he was talking dirty to you calling her names. She said she made them come quickly And he came a lot. She said she stood up and spit his cum into his coffee cup and ask him if he felt better. He said he felt great and she said you’re welcome and walked out. She said she puked when she got near her car and washed her mouth out with Listerine for about 15 minutes. She said she went down to the house we’re both the older guy in the medical student and wife’s mother lived. She said that she knew the address because he the medical student had taken her by trying to impress her when he was in love. Waited till the wife and the husband and then the medical student all came home. She said she saw change clothes into her super gaudy Stripping outfit. She didn’t walk up and knock on the door. She said that I made answered and she asked to talk to the lady of the house but the older guy came to the door. She said his was shocked and ask what she wanted. She said she needed to talk to his son and the guy told her she needed to leave. Maria said this was a one time shot and the next time she would be back with the police.

    By this time the wife and come to the door and asked what was going on and Maria told her she needed to talk to your son. They let her in and The son came into the kitchen where they were standing. She said she pointed at the michael student and said I am pregnant with your baby. He just stared at her Blankey she said but the mother asked him if it was true. He finally said it could be. Maria told him it definitely was his because everyone else who she look fuck her she may wear a condom. And she said they look shocked but she looked at the old man ..(continue confession)

    Brothers New Wife

    Eleven years ago walked into my house to find my older brother fucking my wife.
    They tried to make excuses, but the bare fact was, Paul had always fancied my wife. That she indulged him, told me she was the slut my friends warned me about.
    My brother and I ended up swapping fists, unfortunately with me coming off far worse.
    A few months later I was getting a divorce and I'd moved away.

    October last year, I moved back to the area I grew up in. And within a couple of weeks I was having amazing sex with a woman who now works as a consultant to my new company.
    She wore no wedding band and never once mentioned if she was married.
    The sex we were having was the most sordid sex I've ever had, and almost nothing was off the sexual table.

    After a particularly rough and dirty sex session at the start of February, I asked her if she'd stay over. Her reply was to tell me she couldn't as her husband expected her home.
    I was surprised at her comment, but knowing her free spirited and fun attitude, I just put it down to experience.

    The next day she contacted me and asked if I'd meet her. I did at a cafe during my lunch. She explained everything to me, saying her and her husband hadn't been married long, but he was smothering her. She added she'd never had a relationship with anyone as besotted as her husband. But it was killing their marriage.
    We ended up having sex in her car, and after she'd had me fuck her gorgeous arse, cumming deep inside her, she mentioned her husband's name.

    It took a couple of questions, but it soon became apparent I'd just fucked my brothers new wife. Genuinely I wasn't going to say anything, but just as I began to massage her clit again, her phone rang.
    I listened as my brother told his wife how much he loved her, and that he was looking forward to getting her in bed later on.
    That's when I realised I had to say something. Once she'd finished the call, I let my sister in law know who her husband was to me.

    It took my brothers wife some time to get her head around what I'd just told her. But then she explained how my brother had admitted to breaking up my marriage by fucking my wife. Not saying anything, she moved me around and then sucked in my cock.
    We had sex again, only throughout she kept on telling me I was a far better lover than my brother.

    I now know that night as my brother went down on his wife, he would have been licking the remains of my cum from the woman I've continued to see three to four times a week.
    The new development and the main reason I'm confessing, is R, my brothers wife, has recently asked me if she can move in with me. She knows and fully understands I've given notice on the rented property I run my business from. And she knows at the end of May, I'm moving with my business back to the town I moved to, after my ex wife and brother were caught fucking.

    We've just agreed she's going to become my partner in every sense of the word. In businessand in bed. And will be leaving with me when I depart early June.
    I'm not going to say it makes up for what happened, as I truly didn't know it was my brothers wife when we first began having sex. However when she leaves him the note telling him their marriage is over, I think I might just smile to myself as I slide my cock up my brothers wifes pussy and arse, in our new home.

    Wifes Revenge

    The wife is 37 to my 29, she has always been pretty dominant in our sex life and I like it. However; like an asshole, I fucked this consultant who came into the office from Colombia. She was here for a month, we traveled together across the US, and during one of those trips we had sex, lots of sex, incredible sex, and she was very submissive, and I liked that too. We fucked for the remaining two weeks she was in, then she extended for another month. For some reason I kept a note she left for me on my desk when she left, there were nude photos of me and of her. My wife found it and I was confessing to it all, at her insistence totally naked in front of her fully dressed. She asked what she was like, and wanted all the gritty details, I couldn't leave anything out. She told me that she needed to get that dominant streak out of me and it would start now, OR I could leave and go fuck the "little colombian sub slut". I didn't want that.

    The first was to get her my belt, and a ping pong paddle, then lean over her lap. I was crying when she finally stopped a full 20 minutes. My ass was red with blue marks starting, and a few streaks where she broke the screen. My wife has an unusually large clit, about 3" hard, and on my knees, she put lipstick on my lips and lifted her dress, pulled off her panties and made me suck her clit like a cock until she came three times.

    It was pure agony when she left and came back with a strap on harness with a big 9" long almost 2" thick dong. She had something to numb my butt ring, then lubed I got fucked for an hour while she was calling me names and making me tell her how the colombians virgin ass felt when I fucked that. It wasn't over, I had to eat her, fuck her and while fucking tell her about fucking the colombian while she would look at naked pictures of her. After she was done, I found out she bought a metal cock cage while she was out getting the strapon. I think you know what happened.

    I'm not plugged up my butt everyday before I leave for work, she meets me everyday for lunch, and takes out the plug so I can go to the toilet, then puts it back in. It's in all the time, she and two of her friends peg me all the time, she's shown them the pictures. One of them has come over after her husband fucks her and I've emptied her of his sperm and my wife takes pictures and video while I swallow Jeffs sperm out of suzees pussy.

    I beg her everyday to please let us get back to our old sex life, and her answer is that this is our sex life. Mostly I get pegged and with her mostly, sometimes with the married friend I get to jack myself. I am begging her daily for her pussy, mouth and ass again. She said she would let me sometimes, but only if I am willing to watch her with another man, then lick her clean. I'm willing

    My Pound Of Flesh

    So my wife is a hottie, blond blue eyed decent shaped gym going 5'5 125 huge firm natural 34GG tits, a site to behold. As you can imagine gets her plenty of attention. We live in S. Florida so she wears very little clothing most of the time.

    As with a lot of spouses in their 40s, she has pretty much lost all interest in sex. At least with me. When asked why her excuse is, "well, if we were getting along in our relationship it would happen a lot more often". Ok, so I try my best to keep the peace. Go places, do stuff she wants to do, etc. No change in the sex life. All it did was instead of getting some things her way, she gets all things her way. Again, no change.

    Kinda like owning a Ferrari and never getting to take it out of the garage.

    Her sister is pretty much the same way apparently. She had an affair with her boss, they both ended up leaving their spouses and marrying each other. I was joking around with her new hubby one time about all the sex he must be getting, he scoffed, shrugged his shoulders, and said "heh, yeah right".

    I don't mind SIL visiting any time she wants. Neither princess works so they have time for it. Lately the SIL when visiting under my roof has taken it upon herself to start giving me nonstop s*** the entire time she's here. Idk if she thinks I mistreat her sister or any other reason, but wtf.

    So... I decided to do a little payback. Neither the Mrs or SIL are aware I have nanny cams stashed around the house, including the showers. SIL is another hottie, 5'6 long legged blond with 34DD gently saggy perfect tits and a shaved pussy. Why she shaves it since BIL claims he never gets any is something I've wondered about.

    Anyway, I have several videos of SIL and the Mrs showering, dressing, putting lotion over their sexy bodies, etc. My payback is getting the sex I am missing while watching their naked videos. I constantly blow big loads watching my SIL shower and get dressed, same with the Mrs.

    If you aren't going to give it to me the normal way, I'll just cum (pun intended) up with Plan B. Heh heh heh....

  • My Wifes Bikini

    What would you do if your brother pulled off your wifes bikini top showing her big tits?? My wife was a little upset but just laughed it off. My brother got a free titty show but his wife has pretty big boobs too but ive never seen them. How do i get revenge to get even?