You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

My Big Dicked Husband

I told my friend how big my husband was, big mistake as I watched her throw herself at him time after time until I said to him you need to fuck her which he did. She told me he nearly split her with his big cock, she said she refused her husband for a week so he didn’t know. I told her I was going to tell him if she didn’t leave my husband alone, she said she needed more so I told her husband while we were having a few drinks and he asked if he could fuck me.
I was shocked but agreed, he’s not that big but he fucked me plenty of time as I kept telling him she’s getting ripped apart by his big cock. He couldn’t stop fucking me and I didn’t complain or tell either of our partners.
I have another friend that might like my husband’s big cock I should let her know as I really like the look of her husband.

  • Did I Do The Correct Thing Revealing

    I found out my best friend of several years, wife was cheating on him. They seemed like a perfect match. My wife and I had 2 children early and our friends loved our kids. His wife had a degree in business. She is petit with a perfect little ask. She really advanced at her job at an unreal fast rate. My best friend was so proud of her.
    One day I was hanging out after church with another friend whom worked at the cooperation my best friends wife worked. I casually asked him how best friends wife (Jennifer) advanced so fast. He raised his leg and pointed she is using open leg procedure. I asked many questions and he said no doubt with security camera proof.
    I struggled with what he told me several days. I decided to try to get more information from her coworker. I contacted him and he told me to meet at their work late that evening. He was good friends with communication worker who had video recordings. Not only false company trips together they would meet in the back storage for sex. The communication worker had installed a hidden camera years earlier and was like pervert recording many things this that happen in a room that is thought not monitored.
    He swore me to keep secret and played several recordings. He didn’t notice I was recording them from the screen. Her lover looked to be in his early fourties’ and a well built fit man, looks like he worked out. He was ranked up and had promoted Jennifer up to be his coworker. One video Jennifer, after a short bj got on top of her lover and rode him very aggressively. She milked him dry and got up and put her hand between her legs to catch the cum them wiped it on a mop. Another video she apparently try to get him to cum with a bj but finally turned around and he dogged her. She again caught his cum in her hand. The third video was the best view. She came in with her lover. He spread some boxes and she lay down on her back. He went down on her. He would bite and suck her A cup tits. The lover would squeeze and swist her tits while screwing her. They got finished and she again would empty his cum in her hand. I asked how long ago the videos were recorded, he said the last two weeks.
    I watched some more and told them I had seen enough. I asked for copies but the worker said no way because he would get fired. He didn’t know I secretly recorded and was surprised the quality was good on my recordings.
    I discussed my discovery with my wife and pastor. I decided to reveal in some manner. I sent the recordings to the cooperation web site. Before the day was over my best friend called and said his wife was laid off of work. And also sad because she is pregnant. Knowing she didn’t tell the truth I had to send him the videos.
    Things were very dramatic for my friend. They stayed together until the baby was born. DNA proved it was the lovers son. This led to both getting divorced. Jennifer and her lover moved somewhere but she moved back to her parents after a few months. Our friend group supported my best friend and he recovered sooner than I exspected. Ironically my best friend married within six months after the divorce and are expecting their first child.
    The communication worker got fired also. A pervert in the company wasn’t tolerated. I hated that he helped me but I had to help my best friend.

    L(w)ife Is A Bitch Sometimes

    No two ways about it, over the last several years my wife has become a real bitch. Always saying shit just to start drama. Years ago I shared with her that at much too young of an age I lost my virginity to my older half-cousin. Let's just say it definitely would be against the law. She made a huge mistake nearly 30 years ago, but she became a good person and I'd never hold it against her. At a gathering my cousin and her were bickering back and forth. The argument devolved into calling each other names and then the wife blirts out, at least I don't fuck little boys. Everyone heard it, but not many people knew what she was talking about. Still, I was furious. I was so fed up with her bullshit that I contacted a lawyer to draw up divorce papers. Shortly after I told her I was leaving her I moved into one of my vacant rental properties, and gave her some time to relocate. There was an issue with that. My bitch wife hasn't worked since 2012. So having nothing to fall back on, naturally, she came crawling and begging back to me. When I rejected her she resorted to sex. Sending me the dirtiest shit, shit she had never done before. Fuck man, I couldn't even get a nude selfie as a mid day pick me up, and she's sending me videos of her sticking random objects in her, pissing, fingering her ass, really anything she's ever seen in my browser history she was doing! I probably fucked up, but I couldn't help but make some request. Piss in a cup and drink it, shit her pants, and any degrading shit that popped in my head. She did it all. Then she rolls up one morning in a robe, I answer the door, she drops it and says she's going to fuck me like never before. I let her in... My dumb ass let her in... We did fuck like crazy, all day. I didn't move back home, but we started working things out. Predictably enough, the sex dwindled and the bitchiness came back. I asked for her to keep up the kinky sex shit or I'm gone and she called my bluff. So then I told her she will have to put up with me fucking another woman that will satisfy me. I could tell it hurt her, and she agreed to do almost anything but asked if some of things could be off limits. Like public exposure and the humiliating shit. I said no, if I am going to put up with her bitchiness then I want it all or we are done. She reluctantly agreed, and all was good for a while. The entire time I was trying so hard to get her to stop being so bitchy to everyone and to stop creating drama all the time. I made her delete all her social media accounts so she couldn't stir shit up, and even told her I'd back off of the kinky shit if she would just be a decent person to someone other than me. Nothing worked. Again, I was fed up. So I started avoiding the wife and fucking a woman I met online. She was a bit younger and more fit than my wife, and that infuriated her. We eventually reached a compromise though, by all accounts we are not "together", but she gets a roof over her head, food, generally taken care of, and I'll play the role of husband when needed. For me, sexually she is my object and my side of the marriage is open. If I want another woman, she has to be ok with it. She almost broke when a I brought a woman that I met online home and made her sleep in the guest bedroom, but otherwise the agreement has worked out.

    Tldr-wife is a dependent drama obsessed bitch. In order for her to be financially supported she is now a subservient little toy for me to use as I please and temporarily replace as needed.

  • Double Creampie

    My husband fucks me in the morning before he goes to work, then the 18 year old neighbor kid comes over and licks me clean, then fucks me bareback too. Sometimes he licks me clean, other times I've let it stay in me, mixing what is left of my husbands cum. It leaks into my pants all day then when my husband gets home I have him lick me then fuck me again. He has no idea that he is licking another, younger mans cum. It's serves him right he's fucked 8 different women while we've been married. So I decided to get my revenge, and it turned out I get some great sex out of it too. I know - - - I'm a cheating, married slut and whore. At least that's how I see myself now, after the first time the neighbor was inside me. I feel guilty but my husband deserves it and I deserve to get some good sex again.

    We Got Revenge On My Wife And Her Lover

    My wife and I grew up together. We got sexual at puberty. We got married after high school. We had a son and daughter early. My wife decided she didn’t want to be a housewife. She went to community college graduated with vocational degree and got a job. Tubes tided so no more children. She got a job with a contractor. He owned a big business with many employees. He was married in his mid 40’s. One day the contractors wife came to my work and asked to talk. We met up after work and she revealed our spouses were having an affair. She had hired a PI and had plenty of evidence. She had here emotions under control and said keep quit about this and call her when I had my head on straight about this. I made excuses to be away from home that weekend and Monday I was ready to talk. I meet up with betrayed spouse. Her hired PI had a plan to offer me. They asked many questions about how my wife and I functioned daily. The PI was very skill with offers of many actions. We both had codes to our spouses phones because they could verbally talk at work. The contractor had a lake house and the PI set up spy cameras all over. On a planned Saturday we each got our spouses cell phone and sent a message to meet at the lake house at noon. I saw my wife my wife had read the message and was making an excuse to leave that day. I told her the kids and I wanted to hang out any and play. We both sent the message that we had confessed to our spouses. We both then (stole) our spouses phones. We then sneaked the phone and met PI and gave them each of their phone and he took them to the lakehouse. He left their phone on the table at the lake. Before I left with kids (to leave with in-laws) my wife was frantic looking for her phone. The betrayed spouse, PI, and myself met up at PI’s house and was watching for arrival at the lake of our cheating spouses. The contractor arrived first and walked in and saw his phone. He dialed my wife and he noticed her phone ringing on the table. He looked through his phone for a time when my wife arrived. When she walked in and wanted a hug he was already extremely angry. They both looked at their phone trying to determine what was happening. They got in a shouting match which all is recorded. He then started slapping my wife repeatedly. He finished with a full punch to her face. He left the lakehouse. My wife stayed their all afternoon trying to recover the ordeal. She finally called me aprox 6pm and told me to take the kids to her moms that we needed to talk alone. When she arrived one eye was swelled shut and had slit lips and blood under her nose. I wouldn’t let her try to explain and took her to the emergency room. I was asked who did this to my wife and I told them her affair partner. She agreed. The affair was shared with everyone. The cheating contractor disappeared, my guess was my spouses family. The betrays spouse sold everything and had plenty to live on. She went through a divorce in his absence. My wife and I divorced. I have since remarried and raising the kids. My wife is now unhealthy fat and living with her parents. The PI was expensive but knew what to do. I recommend using a Skilled PI if anyone suspect cheating.

  • Revenge On HS Hardbody

    I have always been a fat girl. I'm not that attractive, but to get dates I started having sex when I was very young. From about 4th grade all the way through high school Tami was my worst nightmare. She got all the popular girls calling me fat, and ugly, telling everyone around that I slept around with guys. I was lonely and isolated but still a couple nights a week and Friday through Sunday I was going out. Granted sometimes with multiple guys and the only reason was to fuck me. I would see in the gym showers that Tami and her friends all shaved their pussies, I didn't. I have natural red hair and that is the color between my legs. My mom wouldn't let me shave it when young and now I don't because so many guys like it, and a lot have never seen red hair on a pussy before.

    Tami married a college jock. They moved back here so he could work for her father. I work there too. Tami has gained weight, and is still a total bitch. To hear her husband talk, she demeans him all the time. She has three kids already and to hear him talk thinks her 3 child birthed pussy is made of gold. I know better, it's a pussy and it's to make cocks feel good. I showed him my red hair down below and soon he was coming to my house. I let him fuck me, I suck him to cumming (she won't do that) and I let him have anal sex (she won't do that). He keeps coming to me, sometimes it has to be really quick he goes for a morning run, and comes to my house, I'm naked and waiting, I bend over and he does a quickie then goes back to her.

    I got him to set up a camera and take pictures of her chubby naked body, her getting fucked and refusing to suck his cock. She just lays there and does nothing.

    I know I'm just a set of holes for him, but I like knowing that he will sometimes fuck her with my pussy juice still on his cock. Since she doesn't suck him she doesn't know that when he sticks it in her, she's getting my scent on her and all the men I've let fuck me through the years.

    The bitch deserves it all, and I wish she'd find out it's me he sticks his cock in.

    I Fucked The Guy That Fucked My Wife

    My wife and I went through a separation for about four months. She was insistent on it and, though I was hurt and upset, I agreed to it. It got much worse for me when a couple of weeks into it I went by her friends house where she was staying. I saw her car and a pickup truck but not her friends car. Curiosity got the best of me and a quietly walked up the window and looked in. I couldn’t see anything in the living room, so I walked to the side of the house. I saw a window cracked. I tried to look in, but couldn’t really see, but my heart clenched as I heard moaning. I listen carefully and heard her distinctly saying oh God oh God. Couple of seconds later, I heard a man moan and the familiar sound of her groaning loudly. I realized that I knew that sound well it was the sound of her being entered by a cock. He must’ve been playing with her or licking her pussy, and I was unlucky enough to be there when he put his cock inside of her. I listened to them for several moments and realized that he was fucking her very well because she was very vocal. I couldn’t take anymore, and I finally walked away. I won’t lie. I sat in my car and cried and tried not to vomit. I must’ve been there for a while because I saw a guy walk out and get into the pick up truck. He was small and lean but I had never saw him before.
    A couple of days later she came by the house to get her mail. I could tell she was trying to be sweet, but I could hardly look at her. She looked beautiful and very sexy in a pair of yoga pants and a T-shirt. I just couldn’t help thinking that she had given up her pussy to another man and likely sucked his cock. I wondered if she had let him come inside of her or if she had swallowed him. I knew for sure what I thought was mine had now was not.
    I tortured myself for a couple weeks and drove by and when I saw his pick up truck there I knew she was likely getting hammered. I was obsessed with it and though I had several women come on to me during that period, I could not muster the desire. Everything changed when one Friday I was driving downtown and I saw the guys pick up truck parked outside of a gay bathhouse. I had never been inside but in my job I have to know all of the local businesses. I thought to myself you have to be kidding me, is he inside there? I thought maybe he worked in construction or something and was doing a job there. Curiosity got the best of me and very frankly I thought if I go in there and I see him with some other guy I can tell my wife and maybe she will come home. I walked in and was surprised that it was clean and looked a little bit like a nice hotel lobby. The guy was at the desk and ask if I wanted to come in. I was pretty unsure of myself and he read that and said asked if I wanted a tour. I said no thank you and he said that it would be $25 if I wanted to go in so I paid him and he gave me a towel and a robe. He buzzed me through the door into a room with lockers. There was a guy in there getting dressed, so I just followed his lead and took off my clothes and put the robe on and put my stuff in a locker and secured it by putting a quarter in the lock.I went through another door, and there was a hallway with rooms that had no doors. Several had men in them. I tried not to stare as I walked by each room, and the men were either sucking each other or fucking. I did look long enough to know that her man was not one of them. I walk to the end of the hall, and there was a door that lead to a big hot tub. There were two men in it, but again neither were him. Behind the hot tub was a steam room that I could not see any. I saw all of the robes hanging outside, so I took mine off and walked in naked. There were four or five guys in there, and I could not see them clearly at first because of the steam. I sat on my towel, and after a few minutes, I saw him sitting across from me I glanced at him, and he was looking at me and I reactively looked away. When I looked back, he was still looking at me, and he smiled. I forced a smile back, and he nodded towards the door. I nodded my head yes and he got up. To my immense relief, His cock was not all that big. I followed him and he did not grab his robe so I did not either. He walked, and I saw there was a room similar to the ones in the hallway, just off the hot tub. I followed him in, and he turned around and got on his knees in front of me he started rubbing my abdominal muscles and he said You have a great dick. He then took it in his mouth. I have never been with another man, but he was good and pretty quickly My dick started to get hard. He moaned as I got harder and ran one hand under my balls and over my asshole. I cannot lie. It was a fantastic blow job. I could’ve easily came, but I told him I wanted his ass. He looked up at me and said he didn’t usually do that. He asked if I was clean or had a condom. I said I was clean, but did not. He said Don’t cum inside me

    Church Goers ?

    It's been almost a year since I found out my wife cheated on me with another church member.
    The main reason I didn't confront them both straight away, is as soon as I got the video of them fucking in her car, I went round to my wifes younger sisters home and fucked the shit out of her.
    It was my wifes sister who'd videoed them, then sent me the film.
    She'd been passing the church and recognised her sisters distinctive car parked right at the back of the car park. Wanting to speak to her, she pulled up, walked over and witnessed her sister committing adultery. The man involved was well known in our community and used to be a senior member of our church congregation.
    The message Ellie-Louise gave me with the video was "Don't get angry, get even. Call round I'll be waiting for you".
    As soon as I entered my sister in laws apartment, she kissed me with passion and my revenge went from there. It quickly became apparent Ellie-Louise had wanted me sexually for some time, so I indulged her and myself in sexual acts I'd never done before.
    The sex really was the best sex I've ever experienced and in fucking my sister in laws mouth, pussy and asshole over and over again, I got to witness a true sexual nymphomaniac, as she continually orgasmed multiple times.
    By the time Ellie-Louise and I had stopped having sex the first time, I'd cum twice, once in her mouth and once up her arsehole, somewhere she adores being fucked. And I was absolutely worn out.
    We lay on her bed naked for some time, and talked about what she'd witnessed and how I should respond from that point onwards. And what we spoke about before my sister in law practically sat on my face to suck my cock back to life, has now materialised.
    The senior member of our church community and his sanctimonious wife has moved away soon after I spoke with him. I didn't give him a choice.
    And nearly a year on I'm preparing to move away with Ellie-Louise.
    It's taken lots of work and saving every penny I could, doing overtime and working a second job, but my sister in law and I are buying a house in another town where I'm soon to transfer jobs.
    I'm ready now to leave my wife and file for divorce using the video, and have put an engagement ring on Ellie-Louise's finger. She's recently told me I'm the love of her life and I'm going to make my sister in law, my wife.
    My wife, as far as I'm concerned can go and fuck as many fifty somethings as she wants, as our life together is over.

    What Goes Around Comes Around

    I am a 5,4 light skin latina and best friend Sarah took my black boyfriend Jay when I was 15. I hated her for it because at the time we were inseparable and knew that Jay had sex with her because I was scared of pregnancy. I would get Jay off anywhere we went because he always wanted sex. It made me feel really good when I was on my knees getting blowing him because I knew Sarah was better looking. Jay treated me like a trashy slut but I was a waterfall for him. He was 19 when he got Sarah pregnant. The three of us would hang around a lot before our fallout. Jay got arrested for being with the wrong crowds and Sarah’s family didn’t like him so they moved. I got engaged and continued with my life but one night I ran into Jay at a gas station. It was late, and the only reason I was out was because my dumb fiancé wanted to have sex and didn’t have condoms. I was instantly wet when I found jay. Lucky for jay i wasn’t wearing any panties and had already bought condoms. The condoms didn’t fit on him and he ended up fucking me raw behind the gas station. I must have came 30 times because I kept calling him papi. His dick felt like it was stretching me out and digging into my spot. I lost control and he came in my mouth. I came home a mess but my fiancé was asleep so it was worth it.

  • Payback Time Randy

    My now 21 year old brother Randy loves sex and hurting me too much. I have caught him sleeping with 4 of my ex BFs, seducing my best friends, and I I found out he impregnated my ex GF 3 years ago. Everyone suspects that he has at least 10 children.

    While he was in jail, I burned his clothes. I invited him over for dinner to announce that his work rival knocked me up and that his fiancee Rachel loves me and is moving in with me.

    I am pretty sure he won't be happy when he finds out that he's getting fired. I took over his email account and email his boss some very hurtful things.

    Now, I need to make sure he becomes homeless. When hes so hurt and least expects it, I and his enemies will get him back in prison..