You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

Blackmailed My Boss Into Fucking The Woman He's Having An Affair With

I'm a radiology tech for a big chiropractic office. I noticed something really weird happening. One of the younger docs kept having this woman come into one of the rooms without an appointment and he'd see her for 30 minutes or so once or twice a week.

It was weird because he'd see her at lunch or end of the day when everyone was leaving. When I asked him about it he said he was doing a favor for an old high school friend. I hung around one evening when I saw her sitting in the car in the parking lot as everyone left.

Long story short he takes back to one of the rooms and I listen with my ear pressed against the door. It's obvious they are trying to be quite but there's no mistaking the sound of two people fucking.

I go to his office and unlock his phone. I'd been smart enough to watch him unlock it and memorize is 4 digit code. I find the signal app was most recently used but it's locked. Thankfully for me he uses the same code.

BAM! There are all the messages with her. Using my phone I take photos of everything. There's tons of nudes and even some she took while in our office. Several dick pics of him, one with his dick on a stack of bills with the company address on it.

Skip ahead and I have a little chat with him after his lover leaves. He confesses pretty quickly but starts saying they are going to call it off and begging me not to say anything. They are both married with kids.

I agree to keep his secret but I let him know that I get to fuck her and his wife. Again skipping the details but the very next day he has her come back in.

I've never been into milfs but damn am I now. This woman was a knock out. She was rocking the tight yoga pants look for sure. I talk into the room and close the door. She looks up from her phone and says "lets get this over with" . Then she pulls down her pants and thong bending over the exam table.

Naturally I put on a condom and start fucking her from behind. Taking my time. She grunted some, and at one point started to shutter. I asked if she'd cam and all she did was nod. I cam shortly after.

When I pulled out she started to pull her pants up but I stopped her. Made her turn around and lift up her shirt to see her titties. Not perky anymore but still sexy as hell.

Afterwards I leave without saying anything to the doc. The next couple days though I start texting him on signal. Obviously he's wife doesn't know about the affair so I can't just walk in and fuck her.

He sends me some very sexy nudes of her and asks if that was good enough. I tell him no, so he says he can arrange for me to fuck the other woman again. We go back and fourth and eventually he suggest getting her drunk and doing a dark room switch with me.

I'm torn on fucking her unknowing, but very sexy ass pushy or getting the same woman again.

  • Revenge

    My wife would get falling down drunk when she would come home from work. She'd take her clothes off and her bedroom would smell like her ass which was filthy and dank. The smell gave me an errction. She'd sit in the living room in nothing but a zipped up house coat. As she sat there, her hairy pussy was right there cause shed sit with her legs in a open posture. I'd take her camera and take pictures of her pussy without her knowing it. Her legs were partially covered up. I'd stick her camera up into her open portion and snap away. The flash would be hidden. I'd post her pics. . Then she'd be toasted. Crawling to her bed, I'd talk her robe off from her and take pics of her beautiful chubby ass and ass hole. She would always try to swat my hand. But I hot great pics if her ass and ass hole. I'd wet my ginger and help her along with my finger lodged up in her stinky delicious ass hole. I'd help her crawl along and up into her bed with my ginger buried deep in her ass. She'd call me nasty names which only turned me on more. We'd call each other horrible nasty names. I'd call her a bastard child cause thats what she was...a bastard child. She would call me a dirty mother fucker son of a bitch that fucked your young cousin when we were young and horny. She'd calm down and pass out asleep. I'd turn on the light. Taking all covers off of her. I'd start. I'd open her legs up and finger and lick and suck on her nasty filhy dank ass he. I'd rub my face all over it. Then I finger her roughly. Had to have something good to suck on as I was fucking her in her ass. I'd fuck her super hard sending her head into the headboard. Crack...crack...crack her head would go. I FUCKED her hard for hours. She came to once. I pulled my cock out of her ass. I told her to suck my cock bitch. She said it was in her ass. I pretended to wipe if off. I stuffed my cock into her opened mouth. She started to suck on me. She sucked my cock while on her tummy. That gave me great face fucking angle. J stuffed my cock into her throat. I left it in her throat as I played in her filthy ass crack. She passed out. I got back into her dirty shit hole and fucked it. I then took it out and fucked her pussy. Then went back fucking her ass hole until I cummed. I got sucking on her after I shoot my warm cum load.into her butt hole. I sucked it almost clean. Cleaned her up with a warm wash rag. The next day she asked of we had sex. I thought and said yes we did. She smiled and said good, I thought so!

    Gaping Wife

    My wifes pussy easily takes a one liter water bottle sunk deep (big end first). She gets that or this super thick dildo everyday and I fist fuck her as often as I want. I guess it was the curse of marrying a younger woman who is hot as hell. She cheated, I found out, she didn't want to leave, though I did kick her out for a few weeks. I have money, but I really believe she didn't want to leave our life together. Anyway, I did make her do some revenge shit in order to fully come back. First, I didn't fuck her for a few months. It was probably 2 months before I would even look at her naked or touch her body. Then she was begging me to touch her, to kiss her. No kissing but my finger fucking let to fisting. When I did fuck her, I fucked her ass for 3 months only since she said she blew the other guy and let him fuck her pussy but not her ass. She went along. Then I told her I would fuck her, but we had some things to get even first.

    During a week in Las Vegas, I hired two male escorts to come over and fuck her. I watched the first one for the full two hours, the second I jacked off, left and came back, telling her to be on the bed naked after getting fucked. She was. The next three days I made her guide my cock into some sweet escort pussy. 3 different girls. That made us even I told her. And I fucked her by now, pretty loose pussy. I kept fucking her, ever so often I piss on her pussy, I made her go out to the beach in a small bikini with her pussy hair spilling out (she likes to be totally shaved during the summers). Also I have written things on her body, that show in her bikini. But everyday it's my hand or a thick bottle for at least 30 minutes.

    I now have a younger, still very hot wife, who has a gaping pussy at all times. Gaping loose, used pussy- that's what she has and what she is. No other guy will see it because she so embarrassed about it. She's a gaping wife, but she's all mine again.

  • Putt Putt Catfight

    I hate my friends and I am so fucking done with their lies and bullshit.

    My so called Best Friend Nicole had arranged for us all to hang out this past weekend but like always she flakes out and this time I caught her and the rest of the bitches with their lies.

    So I took a boy named Todd out on a Putt Putt Date, and on the Third Hole I saw Nicole and the rest of the Bitch Brigade playing and they told me they had other plans involving "family" and their "boyfriends" and they were taking selfies at every hole so I went over there and threw my Golf Club at Nicole's direction and called her a lying bitch.

    She acts all happy to see me and surprised to know I was here. But surprise when I bitchslapped the taste out of her mouth and she yells at me asking "WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?"

    I Say you lied about hanging out you fucking bitch and then before you know it she slapped me back in my face and we started pulling our hair and we both were engaged in a Catfight on the Putt Putt Course.

    We were pulling eachother's hair out and slapping the shit out of eachother and believe me that bitch Nicole deserved every bit of this ass whooping for all the times the bitch lied to me.

    Then both me and Nicole crashed into the Windmill and broke it but I was more concentrated on breaking Nicole's face as the Bitch Brigade and Todd tried to pull us apart and instead we all fell into the water area.

    We were al lsoaking wet as me and Nicole all stripped down to our bra and panties while Todd was wearing his boxers and wet socks as Me and Nicole went at it again with the slapping and hair pulling until Staff had to get in between me and Nicole and told us to get the hell out of here before he calls the Cops on all of us.

    I went to my Car and Todd went to his wearing his underwear and socks and sadly he didn't want to talk to me because he thinks I ruined our date.

    I went home in my bra and panties and I was so upset that Bitch Nicole ruined everything first by blowing off our original plans to play Putt Putt together and then lying about it and showing up ruining my date with Todd and now Todd won't talk to me but I ain't talking to that bitch Nicole ever again., not to mention I am banned from the Putt Putt Course.

    I blocked Nicole on Facebook she and the rest of the Bitch Brigade are all dead to me.

    Fuck You Nicole you Fucking Bitch.

    One Payback For My Cheating Wife!

    Being in the best shape of my life, and being hit on by every single woman I ran into literally was difficult for me as I was married. I wanted a clean honest true marriage with no cheating. Well my dirty wife didn’t care a bit about that cheating on me even before we got married. I was pretty damn sure of it and grilled her before we tied the knot. She denied it completely. I was even pretty sure who she fucked and sucked while I was in boot camp. So, when the first real opportunity came up I jumped. I did a Marine Lance Corporal with a buddy Marine of mine. We fucked her brains out for 2 hours. She sucked both of our cocks and fucked both of us and really went crazy. Fast forward a few years my wife tells me she was going out to dinner with a girlfriend one night and asked me to watch the kids. She was gone way to long for dinner. When she got home she looked like shit. I wanted a kiss and after pushing her to kiss me she said ok. As soon as her tongue went in my mouth I knew she had just sucked some guys sweaty cock. I grabbed her by the throat and said this is bullshit. I then made her suck my cock and said wow 2 cocks in your mouth in an hour! A true slut. She quit her job that week and I knew it was the Mexican looking shit bird she worked with. I let it go for the kids and less than a year later I deployed. I got to a phone the first night out and no answer. I called all night long and she never answered. I finally got in touch with her the next day knowing damn well she was fucking someone. What I didn’t know was who or the details. She told me about a month later she thought she was pregnant. I knew it wasn’t me. You have to dump cum in a pussy to make a baby and I never did the one time we had sex that month. Which was the day I returned from being deployed. She got a hotel room for us to have our traditional sex romp after being deployed. But she was acting weird during the romp. First she grabbed my cock and guided my 7 and a half inch cock right in her tight asshole which was something she never wanted to do. While she was asleep she said RON as she was asleep. I asked her who the fuck RON was and she looked like she was going to shit herself. Of course lying again. Then she told me she thought she was pregnant. I told her to get ready for the DNA test on the kid as soon as it was born which would include her ass on the street withOUT our 2 kids. Turned out she was not with a bastard. A year later after me dragging her to church in a endless moment of guilt she said she needed to talk to me. She said and I will never forget this she has not been faithful. She told her sister and a local friend about her slutty behavior. The friend, a good Christian advised her to confess to me. So she did but it wasn’t easy for her. She knew damn well I was going to grill her and I did. She told me things that confirmed my suspicions of each of her behaviors that indicated she was spreading her legs for other men. The dinner blowjob, the cum dumpster because he said he was clipped, the old boyfriend while I was in boot camp. Kissing me after sucking her bosses dirty cock. The cum dump she allowed was from a guy older than her father. She has no self esteem and I worked hard to demean her much after this bullshit. Her sister had told her that she screwed a golf pro while she was married so this behavior appears to run in the family. So after dealing with what was the most horrific pain I have ever in my life had to deal with I got pissed. It was then I decided that she should have to deal with the very same things she made me deal with. Which included kissing her after going down on another woman. Having her suck my cock right after having an hour long sex romp with a girl. Introducing her to a girl I was having an amazing affair with. Oh this girl nearly 20 years my junior had an appetite for swallowing my cum. On this front she was amazing. She sucked my cock every single time we had sex and swallowed my load each and every time. It wasn’t as great as my first blowjob, see my story on that, but I will not forget this young vixen looking me in the eyes as she went down on me and while I pumped her mouth full of my cum. She would make huge animated swallowing motions staring me in the eyes as she swallowed my loads. For that alone she was hard to break up with. I ended up having 8 different affairs over the next 10 years. One gal and all of them were much younger than me, I screwed and licked and had amazing blowjobs from for 8 years. She was a postal worker who did a part time gig as a topless dancer. While her tits were the smallest I ever experienced on a girl I locked onto her hot nipples each time we had sex and really didn’t want to stop sucking those hot little tits. She was an amazing sexual dynamo. She was into all kinds of kinky stuff including anal and roll playing. One night I spent the night with her at her house her ex and father of her son called while we were just about to have sex. She insisted on answering as she didn’t want him to come over to check on her. Oh she was bi sexual too but I missed out on having her and a girlfriend of hers at once. Anyway she was talking to him a bit to long so I went under the covers and started licking her little clit. She was a very tiny petite girl. I loved picking her up by hooking my arms under her thighs and sitting her down on my cock that she said looked humongous! She said she was terrified of how bad it was going to hurt which kind of surprised me. I guess she is not accustomed to cocks my size. Anyway, I was licking her until she started lightly moaning. I stopped and rolled on top of her and slowly pushed my cock into her completely soaked and cleanly shaved pussy. She made one loud moan when I pushed into her with force. Her boyfriend immediately asked her why she moaned. I could hear every word he said. She kind of freaked out and he said are you playing with yourself and she smiled at me and said yes to him. I then started pumping harder and faster for that little lie. She rolled her head back and moaned very loud. He said damn girl slow down. She said I can’t I have to hang up so I can finish. I went crazy on her wet pussy then and pounded her hard and loud. I can’t believe he didn’t suspect she was being seriously fucked while talking to him. He then wanted to know what she was using. She said the tickler red one. I mouthed where is it? She pointed to the end table. So pulled out of her soaking wet pussy and opened the drawer. Grabbed the dildo and rolled back on her. I pushed that dildo which was smaller than my cock right in her pussy. She mouthed she wanted me back in her. Her boyfriend then started talking nasty to her thinking his voice was getting her hot. I pulled out the dildo which was ribbed and had all kinds of extrusions which caused her juices to fly out of her pussy. I then pushed it into her tight little asshole. I should have pushed my cock in her asshole instead but once in I returned my cock in her soaking wet pussy and then started pumping the shit out of her hole. She finally said I have to go now to the old boyfriend baby daddy. She abruptly hung up and said to me he may come over here now. I said so what? He can fuck your mouth while I fuck both of your holes if he does. I was hoping he would come over. He didn’t. I finished pumping her and came a monster load but was wearing a condom. ..(continue confession)

  • Knowledge Is Power

    They have no idea I know my wife is cheating on me.
    She's being screwed by one of our neighbours. He's in his mid forties and doesn't mind shagging fat women. Because that's what my wife has become since we married five years ago, and I'm not fat shaming.

    It's just that I'm not attracted to overweight women.
    The reason I know Andy is screwing my wife, is his daughter Natalie who's nineteen and very attractive, told me she'd secretly recorded them fucking on their couch a few months back.

    When I asked her why she'd shown me the recording on her phone, Natalie answered by putting her hand to my cock bulge and asking me if I had time.

    She's a slut. There's no denying that. Even Natalie calls herself a cock hound.
    And that afternoon with my wife at work, I fucked my neighbours daughter until I had no cum left in my balls.
    The third time we fucked, I literally had a dry orgasm, but still took my time to give Natalie a long long pussy, clit and arsehole tonguing.

    We had sex again the following morning in her bed, and again that evening when my wife supposedly went shopping.
    It's funny, when she got back in, her skirt was back to front and Andy's car pulled up only a few minutes after my wife got in. But by then I'd fucked Natalie in our lounge. And loved every second of fucking a young woman who knows she's a whore.

    My wife couldn't even say anything, as I now have a copy of her being fucked from behind by Andy. I'm even thinking of inviting Natalie round and fucking her knowing my wife will find us.
    Natalie's certainly up for doing it.

    Aunt Mary's Revenge

    So I'm a Plant Manager for a large manufacturing plant, have about 300 employees. Great people, I am fortunate to be where I am. We live in a nice paid off house with plenty of room in a subdivision next to a golf course. The downside to being in a nice place is everyone in our family likes to come and visit. I get along great with most of my trophy wife's family, so it's no big deal, they are welcome anytime.

    Except... for Aunt Mary (not her real name). My wife's aunt is a Karen ish pretend Southern Belle who thinks she pees perfume and can do no wrong. At one all family function she decided for whatever reason it was time to try to put me in my place and order me around in front of everyone. I try to be nice to everyone, so I sucked it up, remained a gentleman, and didn't make a big deal about it. But the one thing about me is that if you ever treat me or my immediate family badly I will not forget and I will get you back someday somehow.

    Aunt Mary and a few others came up for a visit last month. It was fairly uneventful, I was conveniently working a lot to stay away from Aunt Mary.

    What Aunt Mary didn't know was that the room she stayed in had a nanny cam and I guess my wife forgot about it since she does not have the log in. Sooo hello naked Aunt Mary.

    She is in her late 50s and has an older MILF type body, most notably two niced shaped 36D torp**o tits that point down at a 45 degree angle with huge eraser nipples just perfect to suckle on, and a nicely shaped full ass.

    So tonight, though she will never know, Aunt Mary and I will be having sex and I'll be filling that nice shaped ass with a full multistream load of my cum while I'm pulling pinching and tweaking her long eraser nipples. You like that big cock in your ass Aunt Mary??? Yeah I knew you would you slut. Payback feels pretty good.

    Audio Of Ex-GF

    I have an audio recording of me and my exgirlfriend. I was in college and since she was still in high school, we were having sex in the car behind her parents house.

    It just starts with us making and and getting undress. Then she begs for my dick in her pussy and unrolls the condom on me. I then fuck her fast and hard until she cums. She wants me to cum and says she wants to give me everything. I said I wanted her to taste me so she pushed me off, tore off the condom and started going to town. After she gagged a few times I grabbed her hair and held her head down as I pumped my load into her mouth.

    The relationship ended a month or two after but I hung onto the audio as well as all of the compromising pictures of her.

    Taking Out An Ad

    So I dated this girl for a while who was a true psycho. We worked together and ended up hooking up which was the worst mistake I could have made.

    She was older then me (I was 22 she was 26), had 2 kids, a crazy boyfriend (they had broken up when we started dating) but God, what a hot tight body. Here is what I didn't know about her until I dated her
    -she was a compulsive liar and thief
    -she had a coke addiction
    -she was an on again off again stripper
    -she was a horrible mother
    -unbeknownst to me, she was cheating on me with her ex and not using birth control in hopes that she gets pregnant by me or him so she could trap him back into a relationship.
    Well after about 8 months (I found out most of the above about 7 months in, the cheating was the part that ended it) I finally dumped her, got transferred to another location and she was out of my life.
    Then I got a call from Loss Prevention claiming that I had stole electronics and that their spice told them it was me. Obviously I knew she was lying to get back at me so I worked with LP to clear my name and eventually they added cameras to the stock room and caught her stealing red handed. She was fired.

    Now we get to the fun part.

    I don't take kindly to people trying to frame me. I sat on this for a bit and thought of my revenge. I found out through a friend of a friend that she had her kids taken away again, her crazy ex had taken her back on a conditional basis, no coke, no cheating and no stripping.

    Once I knew this, my revenge was simple really. I took an add out in the paper in the escort section (It was 2001). It said that
    "I am a stripper looking to make extra on the side. No limits, anything goes. I work often in the evening but available for outcalls from 11 to 7 and after 3 AM. I am very well priced, 100 roses gets you a full hour of my time." I paid to run it for 2 weeks (400 dollars) and added her number and her boyfriends appartment number. Then I just sat back and laughed.

    The mutual friend saw me a few months later and I asked about her. Turns out that she had to get her phone turned off and her and the boyfriend almost immediately broke up again because she took an ad out in the paper. She got kicked out of her apartment due to failure to pay the rent and was living in a tent at some random persons house in the backyard.

    I couldn't help but smile as I said that's too bad.

    Don't fuck with me

  • Best Mate ?

    These past few months I've been fucking my mates wife every chance I get.
    In May I found out from an ex of mine, Ryan was having sex with her, pretty much the whole time we were together.
    And the reason he gave her before he stopped fucking the woman I loved and was engaged to, he was jealous of what we had.
    That relationship broke up because of his sexual interference, but I didn't know it then.

    Ryan is absolutely besotted with his wife. And I mean besotted. Yet she and I have been fucking ever since I found out.
    I basically called round to punch his lights out, but he wasn't in.
    Telling Kate why I was there, she let me know Ryan had hinted at having an affair with my ex, and he'd laughed about it. Even more enraged, I was definitely going to smash him, but with Kate taking her clothes off, said she had a better idea.

    We had the most sex I've ever had in my life. From just before midday to nearly four pm. And believe me, we did just about everything together.
    At one stage of the afternoon, I was fucking Kate's beautifully tight arsehole, fingering her pussy and had my mouth clamped onto her left breast.
    Two days later she visited me at my place and again we had the most amazing Time together, licking sucking and fucking. It was then I knew she had the hots for me.

    We're extremely well suited in terms of character, humour and definitely sex. Kate's even stayed over recently, telling Ryan she was staying at a hotel after going out with the girls.
    A couple of weeks ago, he proposed to her at a restaurant. She put him off by telling him she wanted a more romantic place to possibly accept. But I know the real reason.

    We've bought a place together, Kate and I, and will be moving away to live there in a few days from now.
    I've already read the letter she's going to be leaving him, and it's straight to the point.
    It mentions me and his cheating with my ex. And she also tells him why she's leaving him. But that's their thing.

    I wish I could be there to see his face when he opens her note. But I'll probably be in bed having sex with the woman he loves.

    Never mind eh Ryan.