You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

Cheating Wife Unexpected Revenge

My wife cheated at a work function.
Things have been kind of rocky between me and her. She is racked with guilt but really enjoyed the sex.
In our apartment complex there a hot stunningly beautiful single mom.
She is got a beautiful sexy body. She is an 8 out of 10.
I was walking my two akita dogs. And jen the hot neighbor milf was walking her little dog. My wife was feeling argumentative and so i went for a little walk. I ran into Jen who invited me to walk with her. We ended up at her apartment we talked i could not keep my eyes off of her legs in her skirt.
Before to long we had long lasting earth shattering sex.
I got her off to many times to count and i came in her 3 times

  • Bi But Not

    It's been 2 years now since my friend next door first fucked me. He is 2 years older than me and I was 15 at the time. His mom is gone a lot, she drinks so comes home very late, sometimes with guys sometimes without. He's said even a woman or two now and then. We got into the same shower after a game, I didn't really want to but he made out like it was no deal. After that he showed me his moms naked pictures she kept in her drawer, and all her dildos, vibrators etc. He pulled pairs of her used, dirty panties out of the hamper, I really liked the way her pussy smelled, I got hard, he did too. With that he pushed me to the bed, not realizing he had some lube he got between my legs on top of me weighing down on me, I couldn't move. He told me to be quite and relax, and he stuck his 8" cock in me. I was begging him to stop but he only did after about 10 minutes, he was pumping like a madman and shaking he rammed all the way in and held it as I could feel the hot liquid shooting into my belly.

    I started getting dressed, not saying anything but had to go to the toilet to get rid of that feeling, and his sperm. When I came out he pushed me again to her bed, I said no and he smacked me in the face, I was crying a bit and he put on a pair of her used panties on me and other right under my nose. He reached under the panties I was wearing and jacked me off. For some reason I stayed, he was hard again and just moving the panties aside he fucked me again.

    I stayed away for a while, but living next door without saying anything to my mom or his mom, I eventually went back over and got fucked again. He took me out in his car and I gave him a BJ. He would keep dirty panties of his moms for me to wear when we went out. Eventually in his room making me put on some of her makeup and lipstick and even lingerie and get fucked. He was shaking and shoot his cum in me, as I walked out all decked out and made up, with him behind me his large cock finally satisfied, his mom was in the hallway. She'd hear us and not saw us. She didn't react, in fact was really nice about it. With that she gave her permission and told me on weekends I could ..(continue confession)

    Bitches Husband

    For nearly a year one of my female bosses made my life hell in work. She bullied me, threatened me with the sack, and told blatant lies about my work ethic and my life in general.

    And all because she dislikes bisexual men. She doesn't, apparently, mind gay men. But bisexual men, men who to her mind don't know what they want, are weak, a waste of space and should 'Stick to one or the other' (Her words exactly).

    Well its really funny, because her husband Mike, who's forty one doesn't feel or see it that way.

    I know this because it was Mike who picked me up, out cruising for gay sex.
    We went back to his car from the park we met in and he drove us to a quiet place he knew.

    In his car I sucked him off, then once he'd put on a condom, maneuvered around so he could fuck me from behind.
    Once he'd cum filling the condom deep inside of me, he had me spin over and he then sucked me to completion.

    Telling me he'd love to meet up again, we arranged to meet at a friend's of his. His friend was away in South America on business, so during a wonderful long afternoon of amazing sex, we FULLY explored what each other likes sexually.

    Only after Mike had fucked me for a second time and we were showering together, did I notice the untanned mark on his wedding finger.
    His wedding band wasn't on and I asked him about it. To cut this bit short, he later showed me a picture of him and his wife.

    At the time he was massaging my arse cheeks as I lay over his legs on the sofa naked.
    Looking at my boss, I wanted to leave and began to get up. When I moved he asked me what was wrong. I told him everything about what his wife was like with me. I told Mike sitting up next to him, how she made me feel and how much I hated her.

    I thought I might have over done it by some of the things I'd said about her, but Mike let me talk, then said "Imagine if she knew how much I've loved fucking you. Imagine if she could see us together right now".

    He kissed me then and in a slower more passionate way, we had sex on the rug in front of the fire.

    It was the first time that Mike fucked me bareback.

    Now a ..(continue confession)

  • She Made Me The Devil

    I dated a girl named Julie in HS years ago. I loved the girl, and was the best BF I could be, mainly because she was an absolute freak in bed. She was game for ANYTHING I wanted to do, and she would fuck on command... which is usually how the psycho ones are. She actually pushed me to be as kinky as I could be, and dared me to invite my friends into our bed. After a year, the true psycho came out and I just couldn't do it anymore. I tried to break it off in a civilized manner because I honestly didn't want to destroy her, but she needed help that I couldn't give her. Of course, she wouldn't accept it and stalked and begged and made my life hell until I had to play dirty to drive her off.
    And it was bad, but I finally got my point across.

    She retaliated by fucking every friend that I had ever introduced her to, and I really can't blame her for being that angry; or at my friends for taking advantage, because she would have happily done them all anyway just to be that dirty. She was the very definition of a "psychotic slut" beneath that innocent acting exterior, and by the time it happened, I honestly didn't care anymore.

    Fast forward several years... I find out from an old mutual friend that to this day, it takes the mere mention of my name to send her into a rage. I haven't seen or talked to her since the day we split, but I am apparently that demon-spawned ex that she never quit hating. I don't know if I should feel bad, or be proud?

    Lol, maybe I like being the devil to someone.

    She had a daughter a couple of years after we split, and I absolutely know she's not my kid. Not even a remote chance. Pretty girl... seems well-balanced... but she's Julie's daughter, and crazy runs rampant in that family; and you know what they say about "like mother, like daughter".

    Natalie got married shortly after HS, and I had already checked her out online a couple of times when I still had that cringe of a possibility that I might have spawned something evil with her mom. Nat and her husband "seemed" happy, but I did too when I was dating Julie. I could see the signs; the "broken gaze" he had when standing in the background of pictures, and little comments on her feeds that may as well have come from Julie's demented mind at that same age. And he was ..(continue confession)

    Getting Even

    I was lonely and staying in another city for business. I wanted to get stoned and gave a girl $50 to get me some pot. I waited and waited. She ditched me and took off with the money. My fault, I was a dumbass and knew better. It was near a large park that I saw her, I knew she was into that scene, didn't realize she was on meth. Fast forward a week and I'm walking by and she is offering to give BJ's to get some money. She doesn't recognize me. I agreed and we went deep into the park. I was on my guard for some guy popping out of the bushes but that didn't happen.

    So this big stand of very high bushes and there is a clearing in the middle, we can't be seen by anyone. She gets down on her knees and is clawing at my zipper. I tell her no, that I want to fuck her, she says no that she doesn't do that for money, only give a BJ. I insist and she resists. So I get her to agree to strip naked and kneel down and suck me off. While she gets naked I pull my pants and underwear down and around one leg only. She's got some sores on her face from scratching, but naked she is absolutely incredible. I find out she's 18 only, but she honestly looked like she was in her 30s. She has really nice firm C cups with big plumpy nipples, light brown hair on her pussy and it wasn't trimmed at all, it was growing wild. She even had hair under her arms.

    I let her start sucking, and I tell her to stay like that I want to kneel down and I'll pay her more if she lets me feel her tits and ass. she ask how much more and I say $10. I kneel down, take her panties and stuff them in her mouth and push her down. I spread her legs and stuck two fingers up her pussy hole till she got wet, then I fucked the methwhore. I shot off inside her, she was trying to scream then just started crying. After I shot in her I pulled out the panties and she was crying softly and told me she didn't do birth control. I told her I didn't give a shit and reminded her that she had her money because I was the guy from a week before from whom she stole the money.

    She just stopped everything, looking down and apologized. I said I didn't care, but I needed to get more for my money. ..(continue confession)

  • Fucking Dumbass

    I just replied to some fucktard in a post on here about some inbred loser bitching about someone in the My Family section that was poorly written and some dumbass comments talking about that people are wasting their time commenting. Than why the fuck are you even commenting yourself, you're probably either the same person or some other inbred fucktard who has no life and is most likely a p**ophile. You don't know a goddamn thing you fucking loser, seriously get the fuck out of here you dumbass Trump supporting inbred hick.

    I Fought My Boss And His Boytoy

    I am so goddamn angry at my fucking ex boss and his boytoy who he's been screwing me out of a job by promoting him when he's only been working there for a month and i've been busting my ass for over 10 years and he wants to put over that arrogant pompous prick over me? Well guess what I risked my job today because I found out that asshole was sleeping with my wife. I confronted my boss while he and the rest of his asskissing yes men were having a meeting and told him he has no right to give that prick a promotion that I deserve more and that he's sleeping with my wife.

    Then he tells me to get back to work and that I am interrupting his meeting so I grabbed him by his shirt and he tried to grab me and we were in a scuffle as his yes men tried to break us up and when they did I spit in my boss's face and then he says that i'm fired and deciding not to take this lying down.I grabbed a chair and threw it right at him and proceeded to beat the living hell out of him.

    Then I saw my mortal enemy in the hallway the very scumbag that slept with my wife just to rub it in my face as I threw a chair in his direction and chased his ass until I finally got my hands on him. and I started to pound away on the Boss's Boytoy and knocked over the water dispenser before everyone in the office tried to pull me off of him. Then after I am pulled off of him I grab a computer monitor to throw at him as he then tries to defend himself throwing a chair at me as the fists start flying again.

    Then I heard my asshole boss trying to get on the Elevator thinking about pressing charges against me so I dashed and told him i'm not done with your sorry ass yet as I tackled his ass the moment the elevator doors opened as I began pummeling his sorry ass as two of his yes men got on the elevator before the doors closed to try to pull me off of him as the whole elevator ride was me whooping my boss's ass with his yes men trying to pull me off of him as we then got off the elevator with me having a hold of his hair before boytoy came down the stairs to jump on me trying to be a man for once in his miserable pathetic life.
    <..(continue confession)

    Camping Trip Cuckold

    Brent my boyfriend and i where planning a camping trip into the grand teton nation park. After contacting a few class. There would be seven people joining us. Making it nine in total.
    It would be a pretty close group of stoner friends so a year out of college we had not really changed. We all had pretty descent jobs and could take the time off around the end of june.
    Paul brent collin mark mac jimmy sean and Amy Wilson the stuck up class bitch who dates a friend shows up
    We hike fish smoke weed chill the first two day right on lake jackson by the way water is stupid cold.
    Amy dating mac starts a pretty nasty fight with him she storms off goes to a cafe restaurant in the park that has showers grocery store laundromat all set up in little buildings. Its around 5pm and me and brent are cuckold swingers.
    While good and pissed i rolled a blunt in my swimsuit i invite Mac for a walk to vent clear his head . i had declared my intentions to Brent before we set off.
    Mac and i headed off talking not being to quite its moose and bear country we smoked my blunt talking a few miles up there was a cabin you could stop in it open for campers to rent. We went inside. Chilled i had pretty good signal on my phone so i played wookiefoot my favorite band and we talked he vented.
    I have thought Mac is attractive since our second year.
    He his light skin black jade green eyes little cornrow braids he played college foot ball running back he is 5ft 10inchs tall well built athletic strong muscular.
    We talk he lights his blunt.
    Before too long we are laughing telling jokes.
    Im wearing a black two piece the bottom and top are solid black.
    With pink trim. Im 5 foot 5 i weight 130 i have a curvy build i played volleyball in college and still have a seductive figure.
    I took my top off and let my tits hand out took my light brown hair down from its ponytail . took my bottoms off and just stood in front of Mac. He just looked me up and down he stood up handed me the blunt put me on a solid wood table and ate me out i smoked more then a half blunt to myself. His thick full lips and tongue ate licked and sucked on my clit and pussy. I could not believe how good he was at eating pussy i was dripping wet and was having ..(continue confession)

    I Beat The Hell Out Of An Old Man Who Started Harassing Me

    I was shopping and minding my own business at Walmart and some old dinosaur wearing a Donald Trump Hat starts bitching at me about how young people like me are lazy and in the way. I said you're the real problem you racist old fart now go home you dinosaur. The old fart then tried to grab me by my shirt collar and pushed me into the shelves but I had none of it as I grabbed him by his shirt collar and then kicked him right in his shriveled up raisins before I punched him right in the face and knocked his stupid hat off and knocked his glasses off of his crinkled face and I began to pummel the fuck out of this old boomer. Than I picked up his hat and told him how Donald Trump is Trash and supporting trash like him makes him trash before I shoved his hat over his face and took a glass bottle and smashed him in the face with it.

    Dear Racist, Sexist, Ageist old men please think twice before opening your hate filled mouth. We don't live in your day anymore, get with the times go home and sit on your hemorrhoid filled asses because i'll beat your old asses if you try that shit on me.

    Getting My Cousin Back

    For years my cousin has fucked some of the guys I dated and would act like it was ok so I been texting this guy she been messing around with we got a room n fucked a week ago he has a really big fat dick I’m meeting him again this weekend