You know how the saying goes, "revenge is a dish best served cold." To seek revenge, you must be patient, calculating, and wait for the just the right time to strike. How did you serve up YOUR cold dish of revenge? The Vengeance Demons of want to know!

When I Was In High School

I was a chubby poor white boy in a predominantly black school. There was this mixed girl, Jennifer, in algebra class and she was so damn fine. Long straight black jet black hair, fit body, ass to die for, nice size tits with pokies that'd show through her bra. She would flirt with me and get me to "help" her with the homework. Which meant give her the answers. Shortly into summer break after an entire semester of helping her and getting her a B instead of failing, I ran into her and a group of kids from school. All I said was hey Jenn... And she started ragging on me, telling everyone how she used the poor fat white boy to do her work for her.
Early senior year I got expelled for fighting, got a GED, and shortly thereafter got into pipeline work and eventually the military. I lost the flub, got fucking jacked, and after my 3 years in I got into a tech job and really started to do OK for myself.
I moved back to town at the age of 25 and ran into Jennifer at the gas station. I said hi and at first she didn't recognize me. She still looked damn good, but had a kid and was already divorced. Our roles were reversed. She was trying really hard to impress me, sticking her chest out and standing really close as we chatted. When asked if I could take her out to eat she looked as though she'd won a prize.
I wined her, dined her and fucked her like a cheap whore. I'd fuck her and then ignore her for few day. After a short time of that, we were together and bumped into a couple of her friends. She introduced me as her boyfriend and I quickly said, "since when." After a little awkward laughter I spoke up and did my best to paraphrase what she told me years prior. Basically she was a fool for thinking she was good enough for me and I easily used her to get what I wanted. Asshole move, yes. Petty, extremely. But I somehow simultaneously felt like an asshole and good about it at the same time.
I really had no interest in her other than sex, I had zero desire to raise her shit head kid or pay her way through life since her only skill was having a gash. I also wasn't planning on tearing her down like that, but when the opportunity presented itself I couldn't help it.

  • Waiting For Him To Make A Move On My Girl

    My girl has a coworker she had an affair with. She told me about him before we went on a steady relationship. No biggie I thought. But this guy has tried to continue going after my girl. She tells me every time he does so I know she’s not doing anything but it’s getting annoying. Then I had a chance to meet his wife. She’s quite a stunner.

    Is it wrong of me to want my girl to cheat on me so that my vengeful self can go after his wife. I would take pictures and everything. Show him me fucking his wife in a public place and let’s see if he fights or leaves.

    Just a weird fantasy. I love my girl, but just weird things that cross my mind.

    I Sucked Off My Co-workers Husbands

    I sucked off two of my co-workers husbands at a work Halloween party. They are part of a clique that fucks everyone over. They stabbed me in the back and cost me a job i really wanted. Neither of them wanted it, they just didn't want me getting it.

    A few years later, I was at a Halloween party with mostly work people. They were there with their husbands. I was dressed like a sexy vampire. I'm not the hottest but I am pretty and I have big tits. I saw the bitches there with their husbands and the idea of fucking them popped in my head. The guys were not good looking but they weren't gross so I settled on maybe blowing them. It worked. Didn't take shit for effort either. The first guy jumped at the chance when I got alone with him. I went to my car and waited thinking he would chicken out. He showed up, got in, pulled it out and came in like a minute. Lots of cum to.

    The second guy was hard to get alone with, plus his shit wife was always hanging around him. I flirted a lot though and he surprised me, purposely running into me when I was coming out of the second floor bathroom away from everyone. He tried being flirty but I just went for it telling him he was turning me on. I went into a bedroom, he followed. I dropped and fished out his dick which was decent and took care of him too. He was a hard nut to crack but a slow firm pace did the trick.

    The girl that got my job wasn't there or I would have tried to suck her husband off too. Whenever these two are annoying me I think of their husbands cheating on them with me. Fuck them.

  • Finding Nemo, And Making My Wife Happy

    I was married, 32, with a three month old daughter. My wife had gone stone cold. Being stuck with an kid she didn't want, facing months of breast feeding, giving up her job. All conversation consisted of one syllable answers. I fell in lust with Graciela, the VP's secretary.

    Graciela liked being liked, liked being the object of pursuit, she liked a bit of arm twisting, maybe a bit too much. The sex was novel, didn't know I had it in me. Everything as going well until a Graciela told a friend.

    That friend had no discretion, and I got fired for a breach of trust, and compromised securities. Graciela found herself without a job, wondering if returning to Argentina was in her stars. So much work to get out, and now it seemed like her only real option. That's when I talked to my wife, if anyone could help her it was my wife. My wife, in her stone cold delivery,
    why should I, what's in it for me?

    In that moment I said nothing really, but she might help Graciela, never know where it may lead.

    Graciela is a natural sexual creature. In no time at all she gad my wife doing what is forbidden, cheating on her husband with another girl. Her cold shoulders, her cold stare, erased, replaced by her smile, for Graciela. In relatively short order I suggested to my wife, if it makes you happy, we'll get divorced without prejudice, she marries Graciela.

    Now Graciela us married, her papers secure, my wife says she's happy. And I'm on the sideline, for the time being.

    Crossing The Rubicon Of Our Innocence

    I think everyone has a secret. My secret is from when I was fourteen. That summer we went to a lake for six weeks. It was two families. My sister and I were on babysitting duty all day long. At night, after the little ones were safe in bed, we were off duty.

    It was warm that summer, the sun set after ten. We went down to the lake to talk. A couple of boys rowed up in a canoe to talk. We had a curfew and weren't allowed to talk to stranger boys without supervision. But that night we were disobedient.

    It wasn't that it was scary, or that we knew we were violating every rule we had, it was being naked on the lawn while these boys were trying us out for size. They were naked too, and their penises were in our face, and between our legs doing the nasty to us. The only good thing is that we were together, being deflowered in the setting sun.

    When the boys left they stole our bikinis, leaving us naked on the lawn. There was no way into the house without walking by our mother and her sister. My mother started calling, it was time for us to come in. She came out looking for us and found us naked doing our best to cover ourselves with our arms and hands.

    Once the interrogation started we caved right away. We went to bed that night our hearts in our throat, my mother and her sister having made it clear we were likely to be pregnant. Time passed, our bellies got hard as rocks, our pants didn't fit anymore. The 'smocks' my mother made were atrocious, made from the curtains in the garage apartment. We sat out of school the following year, our home schooling lesson plan included infant care and family cooking.

    The bikinis were never found, or the canoe or the boys. My sister got a boyfriend and she told him that she wouldn't have sex if I wasn't with her. The boy got a second, and four years after our sons were born we again had sex together.

  • As A Chef I Serve It Cold

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. I'm sure you've heard that.

    22 years ago at 14 I had my very first job and it was washing dishes at 14 in a restaurant. The manager was a perverted woman in her thirties who was a fat fucker and ugly as sin. I usually don't say things like that about women but this one deserved it. She paid under the table and made her workers work for two whole weeks before getting their first pay and the pay was in cash. She would hold it over you to manipulate you and that is certainly what she did with me. About two days past my first pay day without having gotten paid yet I had to beg for my pay and finally she sat me down and told me in no uncertain terms that she didn't think that as a young boy I had fully earned my pay which was supposed to be $4 an hour ($5.15 was the minimum wage at the time) and that she also had to dock my pay for two hours for each food item I ate and that ended up being half my pay. She never told me those things when she hired me. I was expecting $320 in pay and she was basically telling me I would get around $100. I was pissed and felt taken advantage of but then she said she could see her way to upping that to $200 if only I would be really nice to her and by nice she meant make out with her and go down on her which I had never done before. I was sickened at the thought but I needed or rather desperately wanted the money. So I complied and for the next three months while looking for other work I complied with her disgusting request just to get paid. My work schedule was reduced at the end of the summer and as of the beginning of October I had found work for an honest employer and ended up losing my last three weeks of pay.

    Fast forward 18 years. Two years ago I'm an executive chef in another restaurant and guess who applies for a job as a dishwasher? Yep, miss Fat Ugly Smelly herself! Turns out she just got out of prison and had been their for grand theft. NO shock there. Of all my former employers she was definitely the one most likely to end up in prison one day. She had on her application that she had worked in the prison kitchen and had about ten jobs in the three years preceding prison. She put down not to contact any of them so she either got fired or was forced to quit all those jobs. I contacted them anyways knowing some of them and being able to obtain contact info for the rest. I just had to know about her history since I last saw her. Turns out that at her last job she was fired for embezzlement and that is why she was in prison. Prior to that she was on probation for stealing from another previous employer. No wonder she didn't want me to contact her last employers.

    So I hired her knowing that if I fired her for any reason she would have her parole revoked and she would have to go back to prison.

    I knew she could not resist temptation. So I had my 16 year old dishwasher show her how to use the dishwasher. I told him to report to me any inappropriate behavior. He was a linebacker on the JV football team in his high school and a bit of a pervert so I knew if she grabbed his ass or some such he would not be particularly traumatized. Sure enough at the end of the night he told me to look at the security tape for the dish washing area at 7:22pm. I did and sure enough she had her filthy hands all over him. He looked into the camera and gave me a slight smile as he did. He said to me he thought it was fun setting up the old hag like that. Next I set out over $5000 in cash on my desk in the office next to an empty deposit bag and the corresponding deposit slip and called her into the office to discuss what was on the security tape. She denied it of course and so I got up and left her alone in the office saying I would be right back. After that I called her parole officer from the dining room and she told me to call 911 to have her arrested for sexual assault and so I did then went back into the office and waited for the police. She was not expecting to be arrested and so when they patted her down they found almost $3000 in hundreds and fifties in her bra. I then sat in front of an officer to count the deposit and found exactly that amount missing. She was arrested and charged with one count of sexual battery of a minor and one count of grand theft. She is now in her second year of a 15 year sentence for sexual battery and after that she has a consecutive sentence of 7.5 years for grand theft. Her previous grand theft sentence got her five years. They increase the time with each successive conviction. So she won't be getting out of prison for another twenty years when I'm 58 and she's in her sixties. They don't give time off for good behavior for sexually assaulting a minor.

    Like I said, it's best served cold.

    How I Got Even With The Women That Stole My Husband

    We got divorced about a year ago and he married the women he was cheating on me with. I kept in contact with him and told him I missed him. We started having sex after he got married and I made sure his new wife would catch us. I left her an anonymous text saying he was fooling around and that we would be at a certain motel that night well everything went good and she was waiting in the parking lot when we came out of the room and she was shocked. I purposely didn't put my panties on and when I was next to her I lifted my dress and showed her his cum leaking from my pussy. I said how does it feel to be cheated on she only said fuck you both and left. He was pissed off and I laughed and walked away. She dumped him hahaha he's been calling me to hook up and I told him to get lost. I'm so happy

    I Didn't Marry Her Because She Was Smart...

    My ex wife may have be an "educator" and may have a masters degree in psychology, but no one who ever met her would accuse her being too intelligent.

    After we separated she concocted a genius plan make me out as the bad guy during the divorce proceeding. She faked revenge porn and posted some damn good material online with her full name and details that made it look like I posted it. Only one problem, my ex is a fucking idiot. She didn't use pics from when we were together, she used new pics... taken by her current boyfriend... in their new house... with her new tattoo as the most damning evidence.

    As quickly as my lawyer destroyed her accusations, I (and many others) spread what she posted across so many amatuer sites there is no chance of her ever hiding it. Nothing has come of it yet, but it surely won't be long before someone on the school board does a full name search of her. She is a damn good looking woman, long black hair, big dd tits, jiggly ass, well trimmed little furry pussy. She is a horrendous bitch, but plenty hot enough to warrant a horny male co-worker looking her up trying to find some jerk off material.

    Just Waiting For Revenge

    She told me she had an affair with her boss before we got together. It’s weird to have them work together while we’re in a relationship but I have my own past too and it’s not all pretty either. Anyways, met the guy and his wife one time, and I got to say his wife ain’t bad looking at all. If that guy ever tries anything with my girl I’m going after his wife. I really like my girl, I don’t want it to happen, but I’m prepared for revenge should it come to pass.

  • How My Vacation Started

    Slurp slurp slurp my head was bobbing up and down on a rather large cock. I felt hands exploring my rear and finally fingers in me. Once the fingers penetrated me it was on. Shortly afterwards you could hear a sloshy sound immediately I feel my wetness turn to juices as i feel some run down my legs. I sucking harder and jerking as he sits on the couch and i am on all 4s with my ass in the air. What a sight if someone was to walk in to the living room. Shortly afterwards he lifts my head and has me mount him. I am face to face with him my face a sticky mess of pre cum and saliva he and I kiss. I guide my hips to the tip of his cock and start to slowly sit down on it. It’s a tight fit but it’s going in. I hear my self tell him to take it take what you own he does and gives me the pounding I had been needing. This is day 1 of my vacation. You see my real husband left to go to Colorado for a little over a week to go hunting. I also took a week off and will be letting my ex brother in law use me for the next week or so. I brought over 2 pairs of shorts 2 shirts no panties or bras. If we go out which I doubt it since I was promised we could do take out and would have dick in me as much as possible. This confession is meant for my soon to be ex husband who thinks leaving to go hunting and always leaving your wife at home is what guys do. Oh and I have learned to take anal which hurt like hell but I stuck to it and now take a good rest pounding. My future husband has a nice thick large cock. It didn’t take much convincing for him to start mounting me. Apparently he thought it was would be nice to spend a week inside me as well. Oh and I’m ovulating and not using protection so I am purposely trying to get knocked up. You being a red head and me a brunette and my new man being half black will be a shocker. But i plan to be gone by the time im showing. If I am fucked the way I’m thinking I’m going to be fucked this week. I may never go home. Good luck fucker on your broke back mountain trip.