Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Anal Isn't Cheating

My wife and I had a huge argument over this, something so obvious it blows my mind.

We do anal, usually once or twice a week, almost ever since we first dated. Great! I love the variety. Weve been married three years. All should be well.

Then she comes to me and says we need to talk...she admits that at lunch she is doing anal with a guy at work. It's someone I know and he's been to the condo a few times. They are doing it once or twice a week for a few months now!

I go ballistic and she gets angry. Finally she says "I'm not really even cheating." I think and say WTF to that. She argued "he's not fucking my pussy. That's only for you." By the end of the argument I find out that he fingers her, she sucks on him, they use lube, but that he only finishes in her ass, but he does finish in her each time. He has never fucked her pussy. She even says "well if you're going to call me a cheater, I might as well let him fuck my pussy."

We've fucked since then and even did anal once since, and she has also done anal with the other guy, but she's still angry and hurt that I think she cheated. I dont know how she gets this F ing idea anal isn't cheating, but that's what I'm living with.

Fuck My Wife

Last weekend my wife and i took my son and his friend fishing.
Half way through the trip Lora took malcome our son friend into town to get lunch.
When they got back they where acting kinda of clingy.
When we got back home we cleaned the fish and put um in the freezer.
Lora, lora is sexy as hell.
Red hair 5ft5 gorgeous face seductively sexy body. Amazing tits legs and ass.
I know both boys smoke weed they about 18 senior football team and all.
Lora brings out three beers and her drink and we sit by the fire bullshit have a hood time.
Before long lora takes a little walk off in the woods and malcome follows to make sure nothing happens.
I give it 5 minutes and follow behind them.
Malcome is 6ft1 built like a brick shit house best tackle our yem has seen.
I find them off by the creek well lit with the full moon and the docks lights.
She has her top off her huge dd tits out with his malcome dick in her mouth.
It dose not take long and malcome has her bent over the docks rails and he fucks her standing up.
I dont know why but it turned me on to watch.
That night i go down to the couch and get malcome bring him up to our room.
Ten minutes later and for the next hour my wife lora had loud hard orgasms.
The next morning at breakfast our son apologies to malcome all im sorry for my parents we all heard you my wife blushed i chuckled and malcome cool as can be if i had a girl that fine i would fuck that pussy till her voice went horse he said.

Wife And A Bbc

I caught my wife getting pounded by a young black guy when we were on a cruise earlier this year. We had met him on a cruise down to the Caribbean and I could tell he def liked my wife.
My wife is 34 and has a great body, especially ass and she enjoys showing it off. The guy was mid 20s and there with his family but single. He would find excuses to talk to my wife and they danced together one night at the club on the ship rather provocatively.
I never suspected my wife would be one to cheat. I thought she was just enjoying some extra attention and it did ramp up her sex drive for me which I enjoyed.
One of the days I was going on a fishing excursion and she was staying behind to relax on the ship.

My excursion got canceled early due to bad weather and I didn’t bother to text her to let her know I was coming back early. I got back to the ship and went to look for her by the pool cause I figured she’d be sunbathing. When I couldn’t find her I went back to our room and as I opened the door I could hear her moaning and saw my wife butt ass naked on her hands and knees getting pounded by the black guy and his ample bbc. Dude was hung like a horse. When they saw me he tried to bolt but I told him to stay and if my wife needed to be a slut that’s how it was going to be.

So I let him continue to pound her pussy from behind while she sucked my dick. We had him over again later that night and every vacation since I have watched her take some strange, mostly bbc.

  • What Do You Like To Watch?

    My husband kept asking me what kind of porn I like, while we were getting crazy last night, but anything I picked, he stopped after 5 second and went back to his favorite thing...this happened 4 times in a row! Dude! Now, I guess I'll have to be sure that he sees my search history. Sometimes he needs a bigger hint, I guess.

    Wife Shore Out Of Control

    not very often , but a few times i have talked my wife into having sex with other men and telling me about it. the first one was an old boyfriend on the floor in out living room. she has submissive needs and she said said he just wouldn't let me say no. one very hot one was she was training to inspect 18 wheelers and let this big trucker do her in the cab. it took her awhile to tell me about that one, but i could tell something had happened.
    Before the lock down there was this road crew at a small redneck bar we go to for her to flirt with other men. I'm 54 my wife is 41 and there was one guy younger about 26 was hot for sandy. We ran into him alone at the bar. he said that his coworkers had gone to s strip joint and left him to put up the equipment. i talked my wife into taking him back to the place they were staying. she dropped me off first. he got her to try pot and they had sex 2x before she feel asleep in only his button up white shirt.
    she doesn't know how long it was before the other men came in and busted into his room. they saw our car outside. they were drunk and turned on by the strip joint. talked really nasty to her and him. asking him how she good she was and she tried to joke about it. asking her where her fag husband was. and they they would tell me and out friends what a whore she was. it started getting nasty but she was very turned on too . she got up to get dressed they tried to make her shotgun from a liquor bottle. it spilled down the front of the white shirt and made it see through.. sandy ha 40d boobs with big red nipples and they could see them. she was very turned on.

    they took her shirt off and told her to let them watch her suck the first man. and she did it saying if i do u will not tell anyone. I wonder if they could tell how hot she was getting. i think they could. one of the men was black nd they asked her if she had ever done black. she had not and before she knew it his cock was in her mouth. he came in my wife's pretty mouth very quickly and they lined up to do her. over and over. her mouth her pussy and even her ass 2x. she lost count of how many times and she came and came.
    she says she will never do that again but they want to "party' with her more and i can tell she is going to do it.


    My 15 yr old daughter plays softball- has for years.
    The problem is with my wife. She CONSTANTLY critiques every play, player, umpire, makes me not want to go to the games. Two seasons ago she made her points to everyone and would not stop. I begged her to walk away.
    We got called to a meeting with the coaches two days later.
    I just want her to stop and watch the game


    Sorry I just need to rant..........My wife, and I have not had sex in over a year. I have no idea what happened it just stopped, I’m pretty sure if it never happened again she’d be happy with it.
    She will use the promise of sex to get me to do things that I don’t want to do. She’ll promise me a bj if I go to one of her friends house that she knows I can’t stand, them it never happens I keep falling for the fake promises in hopes that it comes true. I have tried on multiple occasions to get her to have sex but I’m shot down every-time. I don’t know what to do, any advise?

    No Sex With Me

    My wife and I grew up together. Went to school together. Dated for years, got married and have 3 grown children. I say we had a normal sex life. Younger years plenty of sex . As children got older sex got less frequent. Just me and my wife for years now daily life. I actually got my interest for sex and really put the charming on my wife but menopause and meds to help wouldn’t fire her up. Approximately 3 years ago after I was doing the sex charm she told me as far as she cared sex was over. She thinks we did it enough through he years. All else seems normal in our marriage as long as I don’t handle her. My wife even started sleeping in a separate bedroom. We live like a brother and sister. Not uncommon through the years we both would hang out with friends on occasions. Me hunting, fishing, build projects, ballgames with friends. We always tell who we hang out with. This seems normal. I noticed she started going out once or twice a month and get in late and she would would dodge answering her hangout the night before. Nothing better to do in our relationship I started investigating. No revealing credit card charges or other hidden evidence could I find. My wife was out one night and a friend called and during our discussion he said he saw us walking in a certain restaurant. I went to restaurant and got in without being seen and watch her have a meal with another man. These sneaking meals would happen once or twice a month. After eating they walk to her car, have a hug then she goes home. I shamefully don’t get jealous or mad. I do enjoy spying them. I deep down want them to start sex. I finally told her she was seen eating with a man and asked her who it was. She told me and said it was just a friendly meal and her friend always pays for it. I asked if it was a sex affair. She said I know sex is over for her. Many on this site are old like me, have growing old together been similar to my experience?

    Left Alone At The Party

    My wife and I attended our first swinger's club on a Friday night when single guys were there. The rules are single guys are allowed, but not i the playrooms unless they are coupled. We were newbies and there to check it out, maybe play if someone asked us but our plans were to just stop in.

    My wife is my age but looks younger than me. For the party, we got her a black mini dress with a front V that started well below her chest. There were strips of lace over her tits but you could still see her nipples. I had on a button-down and nice jeans.

    We hung out in the nightclub area and danced a while. Guys came up and asked to dance with her and we left them. She got her ass grabbed, pussy rubbed and tits fondled the entire time. She had to use the restroom and I sat at a high top table to wait. I saw her at the far side of the bar walking back when I guy approached her. They spoke for a minute then he took her hand and led her the opposite direction to the play rooms. WTF I thought, why didn't she come back to me.

    I went up to the playroom entry but wasn't allowed in. I waited a while and she eventually came out with the guy. They kissed deeply and he walked off. "He fucked me." she said a little tipsy. I asked if she wanted to go back in and she said "Not yet." I was surprised and a little frustrated.

    We went to the bar and another guy came up behind her and said "Hi Beautiful." She turned around and they kissed immediately. Something was up, probably she was slipped something was my guess. This guy started to lead her away to the play area. I pulled her other hand to stop her and she yelled "Hey!" at me. I didn't want to make a scene so I left her go. I found a seat on a couch where I could see the playroom entrance. She was in the playroom for a while with this guy until finally they emerged.

    I didn't get up and waited for her to look for me. Instead, another guy came up to her, talked to her for a few seconds, and they went back to the rooms. This happened two more times. Next time I saw her I went up fast and said "Hey Baby, want to party?" She smiled and kissed me absently like she didn't recognize me. I led her into the back rooms and we found a place between two couples already fucking. My wife sat down and spread her legs. Someone had cum in her without a condom, even though there were condoms everywhere. I was confused, but mounted her and fucked her. I added my cum to her pussy.

    We walked back out and another guy comes up. "Hi Sexy" this time. They kiss while I stand right next to her. He starts to lead her away and I say "I think she had enough." "Nah", she said, and followed him back to the rooms. I sat back ..(continue confession)

  • Use My Wife

    I have a sweet hot wife. I'm 54 she's 41 with 40D boobs and big nipples. her ass is small and she gets a lot of attention. She's very sub and loves to pose nude for me. i try not too. but sometimes i cant help myself and i go online and show men pics of her dressed then dressed slutty. when they ask for more resist but end up showing them everything they want. sometimes they make me get on cam with them and jerk as they jerk to her pictures. I'm ashamed, but i want them to bang her in front of me. one man made me beg him to fuck her and i came so hard. I know i could get her to do it if i pushed her, but I'm afraid.