Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Naughty Neighbor

My girl lives in a nice mobile home community, she's really good friends with her neighbor, he's an older guy early 60s. They've hing out drinking and talking numerous times, I've only hung out with him and her a few times. You wouldn't know it until he tells you but he's gay. Cool dude fun to hangout with. Well one night I wasn't there he told my girl how he would love to fuck my lovely ass. Well the next time we all hung out drinking we played some backgammon and my girl wanted to bet me so I agreed. She beat me and I asked what she wanted for winning. Me and her have the same kinks of bets are bets if payment isn't decided before, that we have to pay up no matter what. So that being said she told me that she wanted to watch me let her neighbor use me. So we all went inside. I stripped and so did he, he is hung about 11" and 2.5" thick. I blew him for awhile before letting him fuck me... He pounded me in every position he put me in but finally came in me while in doggy style. We got dressed and went back outside and kept hanging out for awhile.

  • Where Did My Sex Life Go

    So my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years. In the beginning of our relationship we use to have sex every other hour and once we have sex for 7 hours straight. I never had sex with someone so much before him but he would constantly brag that ( before we got together) that him and his ex would have sex everyday. As the years passed he was messaging several other girls and I started to feel lonely. An old friend had an interest in me and my boyfriend got mad of the thought of someone talking to me like that and that I would allow it when in reality we were talking about how bad my bf treats me. Now we have sex 1-2 times a month if I’m lucky. I want to have sex all the time and in risky places but he doesn’t want it. He says he doesn’t think about it that much and he’s self conscious ( we both gained weight after we got together.) he already knows how I feel and how my vibrator has become my only way to pleasure myself since he doesn’t. He rarely fingers me NEVER eats me out but if I want to suck his dick he’s all for it. But if I have him hard and throbbing, and ask him to get on top to fuck me he will say no he’s not in the mood. I’m tired and I feel like I’m going to end up cheating on him but I love him. what do I do?

    My Girlfriend And Her Sister And Cousin

    For 7 months now I've been fantasizing about my gf her sister and her cousin taking turns on cucking me and keeping my cock locked now to be completely honest I'm not the biggest and she doesn't care she says but a couple of times now I showed her some porn with guys with big cocks and I can see her starring at them and biting her lip so I bought her a g*ft for me it's a chastity cage which I told her turned me on if she put it on me she did and boy I should've done that sooner because she's not only a good key holder she also gives away the keys to her sister and cousin who also know about my little dick now as she told them and they are taking it quite well. Now yesterday when I came home from work the 3 of them were sitting at the table laughing and giggling I said hello to all and realized that there was a strange man in the house who I didn't know my gf asked me to come and sit at the table as she wanted to talk about something and I sat down she proceeded to tell me that the man was going to fuck the 3 of them and I get to watch and clean up after the man grinned at me and I could see a clear big bulge in his pants my gf got up first and started to strip him from his pants and this massive cock I would say 8 or 9 inches just flop out and she started to jerk him and told me to stand next to her and pulled out my cock and compared the 2 even the guy laughed when he saw my locked cock they proceeded to fuck and the sister and cousin to I don't know how but this man filled the 3 of them up when her cousin told me to lay on the floor so they could facesit me to clean them up yeah yesterday was good and from now on I'm 3 latina girls their cuck and I love it and the man is their bull they even told me if they get pregnant I'm gonna raise the babies while they keep fucking

  • Husband's Friend

    I got married at 22 without a thought. My husband did law degree and I thought he is well qualified, but I realise after marriage that he has no interest doing anything serious and like to enjoy his life on his daddy's money.

    We started fighting a lot and his friends came to know about it as they drink together all time. I thought I have to share the issue with him, thinking he will be able to help my husband.

    Once I asked him to discuss the matter and he asked me to come to his home. His wife was good friend of mine , but I know that he got married to him for money as she was not looking great. When I reached to his home, his wife was not at home, but we talked about my issue. But he started praising my beauty and I started feeling uncomfortable. But we were alone and he pulled me on him and started kissing me . I was trying to avoid him , but his touch turn me on . I said , please let me go as it's not right. He said his wife is not making him happy and also she is not as beautiful as I am. And he really miss to see me and said he has all my pic fron facebook.. and want to see me more and said he has a cloth for me to try on me and see me in that dress. I was sensing where things are going but I just let things happen and we went to his bedroom and he pulled a nice lingerie and asked me to wear it . I was going inside bathroom to change , but he insisted to change it in room, so I asked him to close hia eyes , but he cheated and saw me changing clothes. And I see his boxer making tent. He took my pic in sexy lingerie and then come to me and asked me to let him touch me first and then kiss me and then he hug me and carry me to his bed. I was fully turned on and did not resist and he slowly made me naked afer lots of kisses and carrased my body and we had sex , it was so amazing as it has lots of feeling on that bond of sharing my pain for my husband. He said he loves to spend time and would love to have this relationship like that behind our spouse .

    I did not like that and did not see him , but after 3 months we started again seeing each other, but the fire increased so much this time that we have been making love with lots of lust .


    My wife has a perfect c**t. Her labia are perfect, minora and majora, pale pink. Her pubic area is always shaved smooth, the way I like it. Her clit gets so hard when I eat her out. And the taste is amazing, not just neutral, but feminine and clean. And she is so tight! It grips my cock so fiercely. I love to fill it with hot cum, and to cum all over her c**t too, coating it as a tribute.

  • My Trophy

    After 10 yrs in my profession a buddy of mine and I started a firm and sold it 3 yrs later. Then I started a consulting firm and sold it 4 yrs later. Now I'm a work from home consultant making 6 figures, debt free, with a sizable chunk in the bank. I can retire anytime but no reason to, working from home and unfortunately family ties keeping me from traveling and taking advantage of retiring, so why do it?

    My reward for my hard work is a Kelly Pickler, 5'5" short blond haired, 34DD MILFy trophy. She is the classic soccer Mom, I can't take her anywhere without all the horn dogs chatting her up, hoping to get some.

    I think some of them have been successful, for example today she was "at the gym" for 3 hours and took a shower as soon as she got home, then immediately did laundry. I might be a lot of things, but dumb isn't one of them. I know the guys at the gym drool over her and she enjoys the attention. Captain Obvious might suggest she is doing some of them.

    Which is fine because I'm doing the wives of a couple of friends at their hubby's requests. I wouldn't fuck a man's wife without his permission.

    I don't care if she fucks around as long as she is discrete, safe, doesn't bring any health issues home, and keeps up the zeal for our sex. No, I don't really care to watch her or hear her stories.

    I will say one thing she does catches my attention. She has a close long term girlfriend. Every year they meet and have a "girls weekend". They shop, eat, drink, and share a hotel bed. I know her friend loves the Mrs big natural tits, so much in fact that she bought a pair of her own. The Mrs always comes home from these trips with a smile on her face and no desire for sex for a couple of weeks. I would imagine some licking, groping, and scissoring is going on.

    Funny how the pandemic seems to have unleashed a lot of people's sexual appetites and dropped a lot of the once thought of taboo things....

    Introduction & Confession #1

    I am new here and have really enjoyed the site so far. I am a 66-year old man that's been married 34-years to an incredibly sexy 64-year old woman. When we first got together our sex life was amazing, everyday sometimes twice a day. Then we had our daughter and like most marriages life took control and everything else took over. Sex became less frequent, but my sex drive was still very strong. My wife knew that I enjoyed phonesex and day she told me she wanted to try it so she searched the different sites and began doing it. At first it was a power trip for her. The face that just by talking to a guy she could make him cum turned her on. Eventually it became more sexual and she invited me to join her. She would suck my cock, have me eat & fuck her while she was on the phone. That's when I desire to see her fuck other men began. I began to fantasize about her dressing up and going out with guys she met online and being a slutty whore for them to use. She would suck them until they were rock hard and then let them fuck every hole. I told her my fantasies and she confessed that she had met a guy through work that she had fucked and several times when she told me she was going to visit her mother or girlfriends she actually spent the time with him. When she told him that I knew about them and was okay with it he asked if I wanted to meet him. The next time he was in town the three of us went to dinner and while driving home they were in the backseat making out which began to excite me and made me driver faster so we could get home. When we got home they went to the living room while I made drinks. When I brought them in she was already sucking his cock and when she saw me she smiled and winked. I just sat ant watched until he suggested they move to the bedroom. On the way there we all undressed and left a trail of clothes along the way. They got on the bed and began kissing and feeling each other like they just met. They fucked for the longest time until she invited me to join. While he was behind her she started sucking me down her throat and he was pounding her hard & fast. It took no time for me to cum in her mouth and to my surprise she begged him to fuck her until he was ready to cum and that she wanted him to cum inside her. I later found out that he never did. It was always on her belly, tits or face. Watching his face as he climaxed and shot his load in my wife was fucking amazing.

    Whenever he was in town the three of us played and when she went to visit him she would let me listen or watch on the phone. This went on for 5 years and one day she said it was over. After that she played occasionally, but my hotwife fantasy never died down. I still play it out doing phonesex or with escorts.

    Thanks for listening. More confessions to follow.

    My Lustful Wife Surprised Me

    My entire adult life I gave into others sexual desires. My wife and I met at work almost 20-years ago. Our sex life at first was amazing, everyday sometimes twice a day. We would watch porn together and fuck. Over time it became somewhat routine. Before we met, I had done a lot of phonesex which she knew about and didn't mind. Eventually I started again, and she told me she was okay with it as long as it didn't interfere with our sex life. Then one night she came home and told me she wanted me to get her setup to do phonesex. I was using an IRC program and showed her how to set a simple profile. Since there were always more men than women the moment, she entered the room she was bombarded with private messages. As she weeded through them, she took the laptop into the bedroom and closed the door. She was there for almost 3-hours the first night. This went on every night and eventually she left the door ajar and after about 3-weeks the door was left open. One night I stood in the doorway listening to her to the guy how she wanted to suck his cock deep down her throat while he fingered her. She was really into it and I was rock hard. I got undressed and crawled into bed and began licking her pussy. The guy was able to sense something changed and she told him I was eating her. Then she said, "you want him to fuck me?" I brought my cock up to her mouth and she sucked me a little until I turned her over and began fucking her. She more she talked to him and harder I fucked her. It was so hot hearing her tell him how much she wanted his cock down her throat while I fucked her. I could take anymore and exploded inside her. We continued to play like this and eventually I asked her if there was one guy, she played with the excited her more than the others. She told me what I already knew. It was Tom. I had met him in another chat room, FuckMywife and we had chatted before, and he told me about her. Once she told me it was him and messaged him and asked if he would be interested in meeting her if she was up for it. He said, "fuck yeah".

    So, I asked Mary to think about it. Then one night she was having phonesex with Tom and I began playing with her. She told him I was there and after we both came, she asked him if he was really interested in meeting her. She told him and she was also and that she would leave the details to me & him. Her and I talked in detail, and she said she would meet him as long as I was there, and it was someplace public. Tom lived in Connecticut, and we were going to NY for vacation not far from him. I arranged for him to meet us at a mall parking lot. When he showed up, he parked close to us and walked over. He opened the door and for her to get out and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. As they walked back to his car, he had his hand on her ass. I was getting so turned on. they got into his car and talked awhile then they kissed. They began making out like teenagers. After a several minutes she disappeared into his lap sucking his cock. I could see his head fall back in pleasure. When she got up, they kissed some more while he unbuttoned her top to release her 38DD. While he sucked them, she was jerking him off until he couldn't hold it and shot his load on her tits and face, which she always loved. I could see her licking it into her mouth while rubbing in onto her tits. She cleaned her face; they kissed and talked some more before coming back to the car. When they got there, he held her tight, kissed her deeply and told her loud enough for me to hear that he wanted to fuck her. He left and she told me how incredible it was knowing I was watching. I told her I heard what he said and asked if she wanted to fuck him. She said yes! She didn't know it, but I had arranged with Tom to come to our hotel if the two of them hit it off, which they obviously did. I called him and he said he can be there by 9pm. She was so excited. We went to an adult toy store to buy some clothes and she took forever getting ready. Her hair and makeup were perfect. When Tom got there, he called me, and I told him the room # and left the door open. May Ann wanted me to wait in the bathroom so they could get comfortable. I waited until I heard her tell him to take her from behind. I came out naked and rock hard knowing she had been sucking him and when I came out, she was facing me with him fucking her doggy. She stuck her tongue out for me to feed her my cock. She began sucking me harder and faster than ever before while he fucked. In between sucks she told him to fuck her c**t like the slut she is. This surprised me because she was never into anything degrading. Then while she was sucking me, he told her to suck my cock like the whore she is and that he was going to explode inside her. With that she pushed backed even harder onto him. Then she told me to get under her and eat her pussy while he fucked her. the site of his cock pounding her was incredible. As she was getting ready to cum, she sucked me harder and faster until I couldn't hold it anymore and as I was coming, she pulled off and jerked me onto her face. Just then Tom came inside her and when he pulled out, she told me to clean his cock. I hesitated but was so turned on I did it then she wanted me to clean her which I did. Then she shared the cum with the two of us.

    This was the greatest experience of my life up until then. After that, the three us got together at least once a year for several years until other experiences occurred.

    That Girl - Again

    My wife is that girl that gets on her knees when a guy gives her a compliment.

    She had had many lovers and affairs in the past 8 years, but only one who has been around since the beginning.

    She is a dominant woman and tells me almost everything. However with this one guy she submits to his every demand.

    Before the pandemic, they were going to the swinger clubs on a regular basis. She doesn't remember all the details but she did do what she had to do so he could get other women.

    I cum in 2 seconds listen to her tell me the details she does remember (ie she got shared, sucked cock and ate pussy).

  • That Girl - Again

    my wife is that girl who gets on her knees for anyone who gives her a compliment.

    With the pandemic restriction lifted, my wife is traveling again. her first night out she goes to the hotel gym and then sends me pictures of her and a young jock fucking. barely 2 hrs after she got there!!!