Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Showing Off

I'm blessed to have a remarkable younger wife with a mild exhibitionist streak. I love to show her off and she gets excited being seen. We've had a nice handful of fun times when lucky fellows have gotten an eyeful.
We'd been waiting and hoping for some outdoor playtime this summer but who could have foreseen this covid pandemic?
The thought occurred to me that maybe I'll take her out for a ride on the highway and make her open or even take off her blouse and show her pretty little titties to some lucky truckers.
I can easily imagine her idly pinching one nipple while her other hand is under her skirt diddling her pussy while we stay in the line of sight of a tradesman or trucker.
She's had a fantasy for a long time of having sex in a sleeper compartment. You never know.

  • What A Show

    Took my wife Mara lea too a wookiefoot concert in Lawrence ks while on a road trip we checked into a hotel on Iowa street around noon we wanted to take two days to play rest and eat.
    We ended up on the down town strip a little local bar the bottleneck. Wookiefoot is a kinda known hippie band. Either way we are sitting at a booth three young men locals Chris Rocco and Adam. They are around 21 we hang out Mara dances a few songs with the boys we have a few rounds. We invite them to our room to smoke some skunk nug with us they join us .
    We smoked a few blunts then Mara starts blowing Chris and Adam and Rocco.
    It ended with me and three 21 year olds fucking and three hole fucking my wife we got kicked out of our room on a noise complaint. Lmao good trio

    Owe Wow

    So my wife confessing to me she reads erotic stories and watches porn off of my phone. Is kinda hot to find out.
    Even more hot is her telling me she has developed a cuckold fantasy and being bi curious she wants to either find a third female live in partner or start having threesomes with other ladies.
    Either way it goes we go to see a friend of ours doug its our day off so staying out slightly late is cool.
    Now doug is a nerdy dork works a NOAA in boulder Colorado.
    We hand out smoke a few bowls of bud. Then we take a few dabs we play a few hands of domino. Im up to hands of 500. So Doug i say. Yeah bro he says roll a blunt and i will tell you a secret.
    Doug rolls a blunt. Okay secret up pony boy Doug says.
    Mara lea has been reading the erotic stories and watching porn off my phone and has a cuckold fantasy i say.
    I see i see he says with a grin.
    My wife blushes looks at me with a glare.
    My wife is half Hawaiian half Swedish. Shoulder blade length curly red hair. Sweet seductive face country girl high cheeks almond doe eyes. Full soft pink lips. She looks like the college girl i met in a lot of places and ways.
    Wide hips adding sexy curves shapely legs and butt. Small size 5 feet. She is 5 foot 3 inches tall has a 38DD. Mara lea is 140 with a slightly chubby Athletic seductive milf build.
    Either way we smoke the blunt and play dominos again i take hand and round.
    Now Doug looks like a combo of Neil Degrassi Tyson Bernie Mac. Doug always wears his lab coat at home is just his house wear bag i guess. But Doug is 5ft11 225.
    A pot belly but Doug hikes and camps with us. He is in that. Healthy goes to the gym eats smart but is built like a bear. Just a big guy. Small puffy afro bell pepper nose thick lips. Strong round arms pot belly.
    But he and Mara get along really well and have a like minded personality.
    So as Doug gets flirty and really dose not hold back he rolls another blunt and Mara Lea. Gets us each a soda from the fridge.
    Mara is wearing a summer dress that stops above her knee a few inches. A pair of cork wedges. Her blue and purple dress is low cut and showed a bit of cleavage.
    I watch Mara sit in her chair. <..(continue confession)

  • Crazy Happy

    I gotta tell you I'm so crazy, mad happy with my wonderful wife.
    She's cute as a kitten, wild as a leopard and when she's stroked and petted she's fast as a cheetah.
    She's my little princess and that makes me the King. She makes no bones about it; whatever it takes, she's daddy's girl and she's daddy's pleaser.
    Just today, like many days, she climbed up onto my lap while I sat on my "throne" and gave me every inch of herself to squeeze and grope and manhandle. She loves when daddy touches her and daddy just never gets enough of her.
    I have SO got it made and my wife is the finest girl in the known universe.

    How Did She Know...?

    My wife, who is super fit, trim, and athletic (she used to be a runner and instructor at a gym) gave me a real treat for my birthday earlier this week. I came home from work to find her and her chubby friend Ashley having magaritas in our living room and our dining room table set up for a taco dinner. I understood the tacos, but not the Ashley - why was she here, I thought.

    Now, I've always had a thing for Ashley - she and my wife got to be friends when Ashley joined the gym to lose some weight and took one of my wife's classes. She didn't lose much, but she liked the way she felt doing the exercise. Matter of fact, first time I saw Ashley was when I was visiting my wife for lunch and caught her trying to work out.

    She was getting a lot of weird looks, but good on her for keeping at it! That's the first time I saw that perfect round face (red of course from exertion), that fat ass in workout pants, and that gorgeous brunette pony tail. I've always liked bigger girls, kind of in secret. I've never told my wife I was into Ashley, but I watch a lot of chubby girl porn. Nothing hotter to me than a chubby brunette with a hairy pussy in lingerie. Of course, my wife is none of those things, but that's not her fault.

    Anyway, so Ashley and my wife are tipsy, I can already tell. We do dinner, fantastic tacos, and head to the back porch to keep drinking - wife offers to clean up and so it's just Ashley and me and she's drunk. No two ways about it. And she's the touchy-feely type of drunk, flushed in the face, and acting kind of silly. Wife joins us and it essentially becomes a contest of who can get the closet to me, act like a complete silly bimbo, and possibly one of those contests where people touch an object for hours and if you remove your hand you lose. Happy Birthday to me.

    Wife brings us all back in as it's after dark and pretty late. Ashley is in no state to drive, so wifey asks her to stay in our guest bedroom. Or you could just sleep with us, she throws out there. It gets awkward, a few moments go by, Ashley says she wants to sleep with us. Oh my.

    So we get ready for bed, it's nervous but still silly. My wife loans her a tee shirt to sleep in, it's too small and ..(continue confession)

  • Wife Bred

    My wife and I have been trying to have a baby for a while. Everything was fine with both of us it just wasn't happening. One day when my wife was ovulation she got pissed I was having my buddies over instead of fucking her. Well she got mad and started drinking since we weren't fucking. She ended up drinking way to much, she stripped naked in front of my friends and me and said "I dont care how but there better be baby batter inside my pussy tonight" and walked into the bedroom. Well I invited my buddies into watch at first but she was sloppy drunk at this point in and out of blacking out. I let my friends start to touch her and one thing led to another and I told them both to fill her pussy full of their baby batter. After they got done I didn't even fuck her. The next morning she was hung over bad but still remembered be fucked really good and hard never like I've done before. Well she got pregnant that night and now knows she is carrying one of their babies.

    The Not So Virgin Islands

    I don't feel regret or guilt, nor do I understand why I did what I did.

    It happened the day before my older cousin got married. It was a destination wedding in the Virgin Islands. My mother took me, I had to take three days from school, it was my senior year but a trip to the Virgin Islands was just something my parents felt I should do.

    The wedding and dinner and party was on Saturday. On Friday I was out by the pool and this older man spoke to me. He told me he owned a sail boat and he was provisioning for a week at sea. He offered to show me the sail boat and I just asked to let me change and we met in the lobby.

    We took a car from the hotel to the sail boat. It was big, I had never seen a sail boat up close. It had three rooms, one was a master with its own bathroom. There was a salon with a dining area and a sitting area. He told me that on Saturday he was being joined by three friends. But that Friday he was free.

    Why my mother didn't object to me having dinner I don't know, but she said he looked like a nice man and hey we were in the Virgin Islands. After dinner we went for a walk on the beach, he invited me to his room, he kissed me and asked if I was a woman yet. What better place to lose your virginity than the Virgin Islands? He held me by my hips rubbing his nose in my crotch, telling me I was smelling like a woman.

    My pants and panties were pulled down to my knees, his face pushed into my crotch, kissing me, pulling me to him grabbing my butt. His tongue shooting into me, I was no longer sure what was going on, he pushed my pants down until I stepped out of them. Now he put what seemed to be whole hand in me. I was turned around and on the bed, his hand still inside of me he said it was time, I was going to be a woman. He undressed, finished undressing me, kissing my breasts, smiling asking me if I was going to be his woman.

    After straight sex, over and over again, some oral sex, and a round of anal sex. Now I was his woman, he had all my virginities. I woke up with him, he offered to go to my mother's room to get some clothes, then we decided to call ..(continue confession)

    Two Men And A Truck

    This is a confession i got out of a drunk friend while playing pool and spending our night at a dive bar.

    After several hours of playing pool and multiple rounds of drinks. A friend of mine Dale also a neighbor of ours.
    Me and dale go out to smoke a joint and talk he is looking stressed.
    So drunk he dose not really smoke pot but he takes a few puff.
    Bro what's been bothering you? I ask Dale okay do you remember the BBQ i had three weeks ago.
    Yeah why i ask him?
    Do you remember Tony and Larry yeah the two huge black guys at your BBQ.
    It's Tony and Donna.
    Tony as i remember was 6 foot 6 portly big guy pot belly flat top hair cut. Huge doc Martin tan boots easy size 14 easy. Tony was Dale's college roommate. They are still good friends.
    Dale is 45 Donna is 37.
    Donna 5 foot 6 stunning looks and build. Cherry face slightly up turn small nose almond shape eyes full lips.
    High cheekbones sensual soft facial features.
    Curvy build wide hips large breast you could never tell she has two kids long shapely legs and a very nice butt.
    Natural light brown hair green and blue eyes.
    So they both pop in my head as a mental image.
    I take a few more puffs off my joint dale lights a cigarette.
    Well the week after all that the bbq and social chatting at my house.
    Donna's aunt died and Tony owns a moving company.
    He picks up antique furniture from her aunts estate and brings it to our home.
    He takes now excess furniture from our home loads it up takes it to storage.
    Donna is sexually curious Dale says.
    Well after moving all day i guess Donna took Tony out for pizza and beer. Both nicely buzzed they took a cab to our house Tony came in for a night and him and donna had a few rounds of sex.
    Now this being funny enough in a very erotic way.
    Dale and i walk home he is drunk as hell get to his house he fires up his computer shows a 197minute porn Donna and Tony made he walks off takes a piss i email my self the porn make sure i got it down load it to my pdf and leave.
    Me and my wife get off on swinging some cuckold play so i told her what dale told me we watch the whole porn its hot as fuck.
    Dude is ..(continue confession)

    Wife's Games Turned In To More

    I read a lot about guys asking how they can get their wives to sleep with another man or something to that effect. I have to admit I didn't start out with that fantasy, actually the opposite. After about 5 years of marriage or so, my wife Andi started getting restless and unhappy in our marriage. The thrill was gone and she started going out with friends a lot. She would try and get me to do things with her, but I was too busy with work. It finally got so bad she confronted me one day and asked me to see a counselor with her. I agreed because I thought it would put an end to her nagging.

    We went to the counselor and within the first couple of sessions we were talking about our lagging romantic and sex life. The counselor told us that relationships and sex are two different things. Even though they effect each other, one can be happy with a person but want more sexually. She asked if either of us wanted more. I said I was fine. That's when it all came out. Andi brought up this guy Mark. I knew who he was but never paid him any mind. He was just someone that had mutual friends and we would see around once in a while. Andi said he had asked her out and at first she said no. But then they started going out together. The couselor asked her to clarify and Andi said, "I am dating Mark." The first night he took her to a nice dinner, but the date just ended with a peck on the lips and a hug. The next time they went out was more romantic and they were holding hands and things. They made out after dinner and she let him feel her up. This happened several more times. Then the last time they went out before that session, they went to a bar and then back to his house for a "swim". Naked. He talked Andi in to getting naked with him and swimming in his pool. Andi let Mark eat her pussy, but she stopped before they had sex, because she felt bad and regretted doing it. She still gave him a handjob though. The counselor told me that I needed to work through my emotions and the next time we could talk about what I thought about it all.

    When we got home that night, I watched Andi undress, she usually sleeps naked. I was looking at her perfect round ass and imagining that Mark had seen it. I asked Andi, if he made her cum. She didn't want to ..(continue confession)

    He Never Gets Tired Of Fucking

    My husband is 30 years older than me. But he is such, such a good lover. His cock gets so big, throbby and veiny it makes me scream. Like literally sometimes he goes so deep it hurts. But when he starts thrusting in and out, I get drenched in my own wetness. He brings me to orgasm multiple times multiple ways before he even lets himself cum.

    Sometimes I like to see if I can control him cumming. Like last time, after we fucked for a long while and were just moaning our heads off, I told him “pump your load into me daddy!” And it worked. He came instantly, in hard, pulsing spurts. He told me “turn around and open your mouth, baby” and I did. He had already put several spurts in my pussy but he put more in my mouth, before turning me around and finishing in my pussy. I was amazed.

    He wanted to fuck again right after lol!