Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Wife Got Stuffed On Thanksgiving Cont

After I watched my wife give my buddy head and he came down her throat I went back upstairs to bed. I waited like 15 mins and was surprised she didn’t come up. So I went back downstairs and my wife was working on my buddy’s cock again. Now she was laying naked next to him with her head in his lap slowly sucking him hard. I was thinking wow that he could go again so fast
However my wife is very sexy and I guess because it had been so long Since he got any he was already getting hard.

After she got him hard , I knew this time she was going to want to try him. She straddled him and slowly lowered her pussy down on his hard rod. Once she got him balls deep inside of her she really started to bounce on his cock. I knew why she sucked him first so she could get a long ride without him cumming too soon and that she did.

She rode him hard and fast for a good 10 minutes. She looked incredible honestly. She has an amazing ass and I took my cock out to stroke this time watching her fuck him. I never said anything to her about it but I have been stroking pretty much every day with the imagine of her riding him

Wife Got Stuffed On Thanksgiving

My buddy recently got divorced so my wife and I invited him over for a small thanksgiving dinner with just us and to watch some football.

It was nice to see him and we had fun talking and watching the game. I could catch him checking out my wife every now and then and after a few drinks he told me how lucky I was and that he had not gotten laid in like a year.

My wife hung out with us and we watched a movie. We all had a decent amount to drink and he started to talk about his ex and how shitty everything had gotten. I was surprised when he broke down crying and my wife went over to hug him. After we talked some more I told him to stay on the sleep sofa in the basement and my wife and I went to bed.

We talked a bit about him and she said she didn’t realize how bad off he was and I casually mentioned yeah that the poor guy hadn’t gotten laid in over a year. She didn’t say anything more and we both went to bed.

I woke up at like 230 am with a raging headache and went to take some Advil. I noticed my wife wasn’t in bed and figured she was probably not feeling well either. I went downstairs in the kitchen and didn’t see anyone so I decided to go to the basement to see if maybe she was down there. I didn’t see her in the main area and that’s when I got a suspicious feeling to look in the guest area where my buddy was. I peeked around the corner and there was a little light from outside so I could see ok

My buddy was sitting on the couch naked and my wife was topless just wearing her panties and sucking on his very long hard cock. I was stunned but I didn’t do anything. I just stood there and watched for 5 minutes while she gave him a very sexy blowjob. I heard him ask him where he wanted to cum and he said wherever she wanted.
He said it had been so long he was just happy to cum. So she kept sucking and swallowed his entire load. A rare thing that I usually get on my birthday.

An Unusal Separation, Part Two

This is the follow up to #48267, wherein my wife of ten years Maggie decided that it was time for us to separate (after a multi-month dry spell of our sex life) and encouraged me to have sex with her friend Ashley that was staying with us at the time. There was wine. And Warhammer minis.

As I mentioned, that first night when Maggie essentially kicked me out of our bedroom I did not go fuck Ashley as she suggested. I spent the night on our couch, a sobbing mess. The next day, I tried to get it together. Ashley found me on the couch mid morning, asked me to help her in the garage looking for something in the boxes she was storing over there.

Day One
So in our garage it's just the two of us. Remember, Ashley is slightly chubby, pale skin, gorgeous blue eyes, and long dark hair. I initially didn't like her at all but over the months she stayed with us she won me over, and of course now my wife (soon to be ex wife) was telling me to fuck her and that she'd go along with it. Ashley was wearing shorts and a black tank, hair in a very loose ponytail. I noticed for the first time a tattoo on her thigh, an interesting rose and wrought iron band that went around the top of her thigh (like an open cuff style bracelet). I asked her about it.

"My only one," she said, and told me she got it when her grandmother, Rose, passed away. They were very close. She pulled up her shorts just a bit so I could see it better, nothing too sexy here until she turned around to show me the side and I saw just a peek of her butt where she was pulling her shorts up.

So we got to work moving boxes around and eventually (nearly an hour and half later) found what she was looking for, a special hairbrush. We also rearranged the space where her boxes were stored so that she could get to her stuff a bit easier. One thing I really remember from this experience was the garage smelling intensely like Jasmine, what I would later know to be her perfume.

That night, when we all bedded down, I went back to my couch and Ashley was sitting there. She told me she knew something was wrong and asked if it was her fault. I held it in for a good long while, then with a big sigh the tears started again. No sobbing, thankfully. I told her Maggie was seeing a lawyer and that we were done. I didn't mention the other part. For my trouble Ashley hugged me and held me. It was nice, soft, jasmine. I slept that night.

Day Two
Maggie is gone all day, so Ashley and I do yard work and run an errand or two. That night I went to knock on Ashley's door. I could very faintly hear the music she was listening to, and she was quietly singing along. I stood there for maybe a full minute just listening, then went back to the couch and thought long and hard about that tattoo and the little extra show I got to see the day prior.

Day Three
That morning was the day Maggie was going to see the lawyer, I believe, so again I'm alone with Ashley. She brings me breakfast on the couch - toast, scrambled eggs, OJ with bourbon in it (good girl). We sit side by side and eat.

She asks me, " are you okay, what's going to happen with all this?" I told her I had no idea, but today was the day that it would start to be official. There was paperwork involved now. I hadn't mentioned Maggie's proposition, but here I shared "she's trying to set me up with someone, if you can believe that."

"Who?" Ashley looks concerned. I looked at her for a long time saying nothing. She fully blushes after a few minutes. "Really," she says it like she's trying to cover up something.


"Like take her place?" she asks. "Just like that?"


"I couldn't wear her clothes." We both laugh hard at that one, maybe a bit too hard. Maggie is slimmer, more athletic.

She's still blushing, she reaches for my OJ and bourbon and takes a hard swallow. I don't know why but that's when I notice she's wearing MY t-shirt, an old Ozzy Osbourne shirt I forgot I had hung up in the guest room. I went through a phase in high school.

And I just lean over, take the glass from her hands, and kiss her. Soft, orange juice on her lips, that jasmine smell. And we're kissing each other at that point, softly, continuously, no rush and no one else on earth but the two of us. I slide my hand under the blanket she has in her lap and stroke her thigh, right on that tattoo and just under her shorts on the outside of her thigh.

Her hands are on the side of my face and back of my neck, nothing like Maggie's kisses at all. Ashley is trying to bring me into her and give affection to what feels like my entire head and neck. We're holding each other tightly at this point, I'd let her suffocate me if she wanted to at that point. She pulls me down on top of her, and her legs start to wrap around me. We’re still in no hurry, and some of our kisses are silly, playful, some intense and passionate, some take my breath away, some make me want to weep. She is pulling something out of me.

I stand and she pulls off the t-shirt, exposing her large, soft, chubby breasts and cute tummy, little muffin top. I kneel and start kissing up her right knee, up to her hip, across her stomach, and finally toward her breasts, which she has pushed together and pressed into my face. Again, this suffocation feeling mingled with passion is overwhelming.

Sitting there in her short grey shorts, no top, breasts pressed together, smiling, blushing, inviting me to come on over. This image will stay with me forever.

I think I’ll stop here, but she did give me an incredibly sensual handjob-tit wank, and I shot all over her beautiful breasts. We showered after that, and we team fingered her in the shower to an orgasm, where I held her while she shuddered and turned to jello in my arms. At dinner that night, Maggie joined us and she smiled watching us together - she knew it had happened at that point. First time I saw Maggie smile genuinely in months.

That night I went to bed with her, and haven’t left since. Maggie and I did separate and did so incredibly amicably - I’m pretty sure Maggie had met a woman and has been trying to figure out her sexuality. She hasn’t dated anyone that I’m aware of, but she’s mentioned a friend a couple of times that I didn’t know when we were together, Sheila. I can’t be upset if someone had that kind of revelation and was stuck being married to me.

Maggie took all the furniture (barring what was in Ashley’s room) and the car, I got the house. I willingly gave Maggie money to help her get started. The master bedroom is empty currently, Ashley and I will be taking it over after all our new furniture gets here in January. We have a fenced in backyard, Ashley wants to get a dog as soon as possible.

There is definitely a new lady of the house.

  • Finally Having Sex Again

    Between my wife’s cancer diagnoses and other issues taking place our sex life suffered for three years. We hadn’t had sex in 3 years! Most I had gotten was the occasional handjob every few months from my wife in the shower.

    Then 5 months ago I had a frenuloplasty to remove some tension I had for years. I was just going to get circumcised but my wife said no I like your foreskin.

    Then yesterday afternoon when I was still sleeping something changed. I woke up to my wife having her hand in my tighty whities. I asked what she was doing and she said this. She got under the covers, pulled my briefs down and started sucking my dick! Damn that felt amazing

    I could feel her wet pussy on my leg, she definitely was naked. She definitely was hairy down there but I could care less. She sucked my dick for a while till she came back up, kissed me, then said how about you fuck me.

    I wasted no time rolling her over and eating her pussy. Man that was something I missed. Minutes later I sunk my dick in her pussy. I missed that feeling. I didn’t even last 2 minutes before I filled her pussy with cum. Pulling out my dick my uncut dick was dripping pussy juice and cum.

    So glad her sex drive is back finally!

    An Unusual Settlement

    Last February, my marriage ended, though at the time I didn't know it. My wife of nearly 10 years, Maggie, started withholding sex from me, claiming she wasn't feeling well every time. To my credit, I tried to support her at first. But we started fighting about it, and by early April we were in a dead bedroom situation, and I resigned to a sexless fate. We both came from some pretty broken homes with infidelity, so agreed to keep trying therapy and even medical consultation. She was absolutely miserable, but at that time I didn't realize it.

    Late April, Maggie's best friend Ashley comes to see us one night for a dinner. I do catering as a career so I'm always good to entertain friends, even when someone doesn't tell me they are coming so I can prepare a bit better and have decent wine in the house. Nonetheless, I make do (as usual). A good meal and some cheap table wine, and Ashley is telling us she has lost her job thanks to Coronavirus and isn't going to be able to make rent. Maggie tells her without missing a beat to move in with us and take our guest bedroom. Well I had been using that space to paint my minis for Warhammer, but okay - we'll help out her friend, of course. Also, yes I'm a huge dork - sit down.

    Not a great start to all this, I hated Ashley for about a good month. And she knew it so she was trying extra hard to win me over. Ashley isn't bad looking - really dark hair worn loose and long, super pale skin, light blue eyes. She's chubby but not unattractive. Ashley started touching my arm when she spoke to me, helped me in the kitchen, my designated sous chef since Maggie never had an interest (Maggie hated taking orders from me), and lots of long talks over experimental wines.

    At this point we are sitting in mid-July, and things are pretty good. Still no sex for me and Maggie, but with a new person in the house, at least there is someone to talk to - and a few of those conversations drifted into our marriage. I tried, really hard, to keep all that out of our talks but it was nice to have someone to talk to. I relocated for Maggie due to her job so I had to adjust while she had a social circle to support her, so having Ashley suddenly a torrent of blocked up social energy just came out of me. I know, not much of a confession yet and I'm getting emotional. We'll get there.

    August, and one night Maggie and I are getting ready for bed. I turn off the lamp, and she says, just as we settle in, almost so quiet I don't hear it "I don't love you anymore. I'm sorry."

    I'm in shock, and ask and ask if I did something wrong. She says no, and I ask if there is someone else. She says no to that as well. So what do we do, I finally say, still in the dark.

    "I want a divorce," she says. "I'm going to see a lawyer this week."

    I'm still not mad, but I'm starting to hurt more than a little bit. I start to get out of bed, I'm not planning to stay here tonight. "I want you to go fuck her," she says. I ask who.

    "Ashley. She'll fuck you, she wants to. Go fuck her, stay with her tonight."

    I ask if this is a joke. Maggie turns on the bedroom lamp and I see those calculating eyes. No joke, she says. She's good for you, and I want you to go fuck her.

    "I'm scheduled to see a lawyer in two days. I do care about you, so take a head start with Ashley. I trust her, she's been a friend for a few years, and I know she will treat you right."

    I didn't go fuck Ashley that night, instead I slept on the couch and cried all night. No shame, I was with Maggie for ten years and there were feelings there.

    It took me a couple of days, but I did eventually go visit Ashley in her room. If folks want to hear about that, I'll share it (going on a bit long as is). Ashley is definitely a giver.

    The main point of this story is how my now ex-wife gave me a pretty solid assist in finding someone else after we split. Weird, but thanks I guess. Thanks to all of you who might read this, it's good to get some of it out.

  • My Life

    Yes, actually it fucked up my life. I drank too much, and I ended up under a guy and pregnant. He married me, which was both good and bad. I never had a a life, I had babies instead. Might as well, after all I had one why not a few more? I never worked out of college, I have been a housewife and stay at home mom. If I had to get a job I don' have any skills. I know all about putting up with a man who wants sex, wants the house picked up, wants his shirt ironed.

    I have four kids, I am 28 years old, I have a 39 year old husband who is both husband and father to me, I am totally supported, I have never earned a penny for my support. My skills are all about being a wife and being a mother. He makes a good living, I have a nice four bedroom home and a pool in the back yard and drive a nice car. I have credit cards and a debit card and he never gives me any grief over spending for the kids or if I buy myself a bra. He likes us to dress well, to have vacations, to spend time at the club. He wants his family to not worry, everything to make us happy.

    I lost interest in sex, breastfeeding is not a sexual thing. He probably has a some honey on the side at work, if he does I don't blame him. I can't be all that attractive to him now, I gained 30 pounds since college and my breasts are suckled to death. I don't know why he wants me to get sexy for him, I let him have sex because it is my wife duty. I want him to be happy, have a nice slim woman, nice tits and ass, not a mother woman with big tits and a fat ass. The girl I was when I met him.

    The Rules For Fucking My Wife.

    I wasn't the most faithful husband during the first few years of our marriage, and while she's never said anything, I'm pretty sure she knows. Three decades later, I'm a better man who loves his wife, and she's always been faithful. We've had a couple of threesomes with men and women, and I actually enjoyed them! No jealousy, it was all for fun, and we all had a great time.

    So 30 something years later as I'm over my peak, and she's reaching her's, I'm not about to begrudge her getting some strange if she wants it. She hasn't (that I know of), but she knows that I won't hold it against her as long as I know about it first.

    So, the rules for fucking my wife are:
    1) She has to ask me first so I know she's safe.
    2) Use protection, and no accidents.
    3) RESPECT HER or I'll hunt you down.
    4) If I'm sitting at home, at least take some pics for me to enjoy.
    5) It is a one-time thing... No relationships, period.

    Now, what would your rules be to let your wife fuck someone else?

    Commuter Train Suprise

    This is a random fingering story that just happened to my wife while I stood right next to her on the train. We're not swingers and things like this don't usually happen. My wife gets a lot of admiring looks, but this was for sure a first.

    You'd think trains would be empty during COVID, but between delays and schedule cutbacks they get really full at peak times. My wife and I commute in together and we were trying to crowd our way into one of those trains. We were on the platform trying to angle our way in but we ended up both standing together anyhow.

    My wife wore a short flowy dress for work with knee high boots. Not slutty, but very attractive. As the train began we all lurched forward and she bumped into the guy in front of her. I heard her say "No problem." As we settled back into place I brushed a hand over her ass. I loved feeling the soft fabric run over her panty-covered ass cheeks. The crowd was thick and soon got a little thicker with more people getting on the train.

    We lurched again when the train started, we now had a few minutes until the next stop. I rubbed over her ass again then ran my hand between her ass cheeks through her dress and held it between her cheeks. I thought I would just be feeling her warm ass crack through the material. At first I did, but then I felt her ass "vibrating" slowly. I can't think of another way to describe it. As I stood there, I began to feel her body and ass in particular pulsing in a rhythm. It took a few beats, but I figured out then that she was being fingered by the guy in front of her. As best I could I tried to see around her, but they were tight against each other and he had on an overcoat that he had open and was hanging covering part of the gap between them. People around us weren't looking down, so no one seemed to notice.

    I pushed against her and moved her towards her new friend. I could feel it more plainly now, her body clearly moving to a rhythm as he fingered her. It didn't stop once, just steady at first, then a little faster and I felt her moving a little more against my hand as she took in his fingers. Then she clenched her ass and sort of stood on her tip toes for a few seconds...she was having an orgasm on the train! It subsided and for a few seconds my wife was calm and there was no motion. I still had my hand in her cheeks and I felt it all begin again. Her shook and again "vibrated" to the rhythm of the fingers in her pussy.

    The announcement came over the speaker for the next station. I felt the shaking pick up pace again and soon she was clenching her ass again with another orgasm. At the stop the guy auidibly said "Thank you" to my wife and got off the train. I asked if she was okay and she said "I think so."

    Once off the train I got the details. The first time the train lurched and she bumped into him with her skirt billowing slightly and his hand accidentally, or at least an accident so far as she knew, slipped against her pussy under her dress. She said he quickly withdrew his hand and said "Sorry" immediately. That's when she said "no problem" to him. I can just imagine his hand bumping her panties with their lacey front panel, feeling the lace against his hand. The next train lurch, his hand went under her dress again but this time the fingers were upturned and slid right against her panty-covered mound. From then it was a matter of him wrestling her panties to the side so he could finger her with a finger while massaging her clit with another.

    We got home and had hot sex as she rode on top of me and I fingered her clit. It was excellent. May never happen again, but at least it happened once!

    My Wife's Wild Weekend

    I've read a bunch of wife posts on here and the last one in this category sounded just like a experinec emy wife had. In fact the wife lauren not only sounded like my wife sexually but physically to. The story was about a blond wife with big tits (just like my wife) who fucked two black guys at the same time.

    My wife-been there done that. My wife tho let me watch at fist at least. Her freind was not from work justa guy she knew. He basically just lay there while she stroked and sucked his dick and he played with her tits in a hotel room. His freind showed up and he really sucked her tits and spanked her fat ass. He fucked her from behind then when she was on top of the first guy inside her pussy, the second guy fucked her ass. She had never ever done anal but was really horney and she squitred lube in her ass and let him . He struggled to get in her asshole, the friend on the bottom held her in place so she coyldn't struggle and but he did get it in and then he fucked her ass until he came. He slammed her ass when he was cumming.

    Then he rested while she sucked her freinds dick and rode him until she cummed. I was just watching and jerking myself then the guy who already came was jerking watching his friends cock sliding in and out of my wife's puss. The guy grabbed my wifes head and held her and then shot cum on her face and in her mouth. She sucked his dick dry then rolled over and made her freind get on top and fuck her pussy good so she came again. Her freind came in her with her legs wrapped around him not letting him go at all.

    I came from jerking ogff i wanted to fuck her but she was full of the guys cum and I came on her nipple.

    I tried to fuckj her ass since but she said no it was just once. I liked the posts about wife fucking and wanted to add mine too. My wife has fucked a lot maybe Ill post some more because it's kinda the site thing.

    Wife Threesome W Co-worker

    My wife Lauren is 36, white, blond, a little thick in the body, D-Cups, big hips, and a nice round ass. She and I have dabbled in swinging. She works with a younger black guy (JC) who started hitting on her after she let it slip that we've swung before. She didn't mean to but he asked her a question she was unprepared for and kind of froze and he deduced that we've been involved in recreational sex. Over time, he wore her down and got her to admit that we have swung and told him a little bit about what we've done. She wore him to secrecy. Months later, he approached me at her work Christmas party last year and told me he was aware we like to swing occasionally, and said that he really wanted to play with my wife. I wasn't aware that she had told him anything so I tried to play it cool but a few drinks later and the three of us were talking about sex and things.

    He made it clear he wanted to fuck her and that he's been swinging for awhile. He brought up that he and a friend are very experienced playing with the female half of white couples. When he had a moment he made it clear that he believed that Lauren wanted to try sex with him and that she fantasizes about a threesome with a couple black guys. He told me he could make it happen if I gave him the go ahead. Later that night, the party was ending, he invited us out for a couple drinks and to talk. He picked us up at our place where we dropped our car and off we went.

    Now, I wasn't expecting any sex that night, I just thought we were going to chat but the booze got to both me and my wife. Lauren admitted how much she wanted to try a threesome, said she'd rather I not be there so she wouldn't feel inhibited and we agreed to let her fuck JC and his partner. Before we were done that night, he gave Lauren a preview, showing her his cock in the car. I sat in the back seat, she was in front. He took his dick out he was hard and large. She let him play with her tits. Soon she was topless, he was squeezing and sucking her tits, then his cock was in her mouth. She finished him off, swallowed his load, then dropped us off. She stayed in the car with him for awhile to "get to know him better" while I went inside. An hour later she came into the bedroom after downing another of his loads.

    The big night came. She met him and his friend at a hotel where I dropped her off. Three hours later I picked her up. She was really happy, had a great time and had been fucked silly. She didn't tell me many details said that I would get some videos to watch which started coming to my phone a little while later.

    First vid, my wife entered the room, obviously felt awkward and shy, drank some wine.

    Next vid, JC took off her clothes while the other guy filmed. She got on her knees and took JC's dick out and sucked for awhile. His dick looked bigger than it had in the car. The vid switched and the other guy, who was naked, got his cock sucked. He was just a bit smaller than JC.

    Lots of cock sucking then titty sucking and fingering. They set the phone up and videod her on the bed playing with both their cocks, sucking both.

    The next video was a close-up of her pussy sliding down JC's hard cock. Slowly down til he was buried. Then the vid cut and came back with JC's cock still in her and the other guy climbing on top. He forced his cock into her pussy. She had two dicks in her pussy at the same time. JC is a caramel toned guy. His friend was very black and she is pale. It was a threeway contrast. The friend took over fucking my wife's double penetrated pussy from behind for a long time while JC just rocked a little from underneath. The guy lifted Lauren's leg giving me a great view of the two cocks inside her, one of them pounding away. She ended up cumming afterward he got off of her and filmed her when she slid off of JC's dick then sat next to him to play with his cock, stroking and sucking like really taking care of it. She got to where she was spitting and stroking really hard til he came, she sucked the load out of him and swallowed it all.

    The next vid she was laying on her back and the other guy was fucking her, her legs lifted, dick pumping hard and deep, she came, then came again and the guy kept at it, changing positions and pounding her pussy. She came another time before the guy tensed up and shot his load into her pussy grinding it deep.

    Next vid was after a rest and clean up. JC fucked her doggie while his buddy got lazy head from Lauren. JC had her by the hips and went to town fucking her so hard that when she came the entire length of his dick had no problem sliding all the way in. He came in her. He pulled out and videoed cum dripping from her pussy.

    One more video of the friend getting head then fucking Lauren from different angles. I got a good look at the guy he was much younger than I figured. JC is 28 the other guy turned out to be 20. He was just a kid but he could really fuck. He fucked Lauren from different angles while JC filmed then he settled on her laying sideways with one leg over his shoulder and her pussy exposed as he fucked her forever. She was moaning and occasionally sucking JC's dick while his buddy fucked her to a couple more orgasms. He finally picked up the pace and fucked her hard cumming in her again. After he pulled out JC focused on Lauren's drippy pussy with his buddy's cum leaking out. Then it ended.

    She said there was sex that didn't make it on the videos and said she really enjoyed herself. She wants to fuck these guys again. She's been blowing JC here and there and he came over for a quick fuck a few months ago. The threesome thing has been on hold because of Covid and other things but she's willing. More than willing actually.

    If you're into swinging try to get your wife a threesome with a couple of charged guys you won't regret it.