Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Would You Like To See Pictures Of My Wife

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  • She Cheated

    My first wife cheated with her high school boyfriend. We became a couple during college, graduated, and got married. We lived in her hometown. We had two children and seemed to me a good family lifestyle. The sex life was good. In our mid thirties I know now many of the obvious cheating signs occurred. She lost weight down to her college figure, unexplained time away, sexy clothes and under garments. Tubes were tide so no risk for pregnancy. Washing her clothes and taking a showers quick on some days. Washing our bed sheets sometimes the next day. Our sex life was good so I never suspected anything. My first flag was at a family gathering my wife explained in detail many things about what has been happening in her old boyfriends life. She was very learned about recent events. I questioned her about this on the trip home and she picked at me being jealous. I started paying more attention to her habits. Wednesday and Thursday she washed the sheets the next week. The next Wednesday I took a day off work, hide and waited. Sure enough on lunch break they arrived. I listened from another room and at the right time went to our bedroom. She was on top pumping while kissing him. They stopped, he left, and she asked to discuss this when she got home after work. She confessed everything. She said they would stop and I was better at sex anyway. I decided to give it some time . We were trying to get back to normal. Then I noticed the after work flings cranked back up. Discussion this time she said she still loved him and would move out to her parents house. She said he would divorce his wife and they would get married. He broke off the affair. She wanted to come back but I wanted to divorce. I raised the kids and remarried a lady whose husband had left her for a younger girl. I had a big family now and life has been good. My ex finally remarried but it has been a fake marriage with a poor quality husband. When we are both at grandkid events she wants to talk and is so nice to me and my wife. I only laugh on the inside seeing what she has done with her life.

    My Husband's One Bad Habit

    I married a man who earns a very good salary, doesn't smoke, drink or gamble. But he likes girls. He took a wedding guest of mine to bed on my wedding day. He got a college era girlfriend pregnant before I had a chance to get pregnant. He made one of his employees his office wife, including sex. He met a girl on a plane and he convinced her to stay with him in his room. I know because he told me of every affair, every girl. His employee office wife is his long term girlfriend.

    After his love baby was born we adopted her, I had my daughter a year later. I'm waiting to hear that his office wife is pregnant. She babysits for me and we talk a lot about babies.

  • Sex Life

    My wife and I got married young. We had two daughters early. By mid 40 we had empty nest. The problem is our sex life. My wife showed eagernesses for sex until we had our two daughters. The only sex she really enjoyed was pregnancy sex. After many years of very little sex I had enough and demand an explanation. My wife gave shallow answers. We would enjoy each other’s company, sleep together, and be normal husband and wife hanging out but seldom had sex. My wife would use a vibrator often not knowing I could hear it running. I insisted she get checked out medically and all was normal. The doctor suggested counciling. One and only session my wife told a lot. My wife being very religious she feels wrong having sex knowing many life problems come from sex. She admitted to enjoying mastuerbating because she only is concerned for herself. She stated she didn’t feel any reason for us to have sex any more. Being in my young 30,s I still had needs. Tinder care and touching trying to excite her was getting nowhere. I tried having sex with her during the night before she woke u good and she started wearing hard-to remove clothes. She didn’t recommend it but she said I could have sex with single other women but had to come home to her. This hurt me and I never have cheated. I’m one that has missed out on a sexual relationship. I love my wife. She is great to live with. I learned to accept single sex like my wife does.

    Two Couples

    Back in 1975 I was in the Army stationed in Germany. My wife of 2 years, Dottie, and me lived in a small German town near my base. We became friends with another military couple, Jack and Barb. We were all in our 20's.

    Dottie and Barb became very good friends and spent a lot of time in gossip mode. Unknown to me, Barb told Dottie that Jack was hung like a horse, 7 inches when soft. Dottie must have expressed some doubt to Barb because she told Dottie that she would prove it.

    The next time we visited their apartment we all started to drink some very good French wine, and before long me and Jack were feeling pretty good. It was then that Barb suggested we play strip poker. Long story short, it wasn't long until me and Jack were down to our boxers, and the wives were down to bras and panties.

    Barb called time-out and opened another bottle of wine. when the game resumed, Dottie lost the next hand and chose to remove her panties, rather than her bra, exposing her dark bush. Barb lost next, and also removed her panties. She had a very full bush of light brown pubes.

    Jack lost next, and when he dropped his boxers, I was taken aback by the length of his penis, which appeared to hang down over 6 inches. Dottie just stared and Barb just smiled. After I lost the next hand, I had to drop my boxers and exhibit my much smaller penis.

    Barb then suggested that we end the game, and Dottie seconded the motion. After we got home, I asked Dottie if she was impressed by Jack's penis? She just smiled and said, yes!

  • Brother In Law Dated & Fucked My Wife In High School

    The holidays are always exciting for me. The man that married my wifes older sister just so happens to be her high school sweetheart. He was the second guy she ever fucked, but the first to really fuck her.

    Anyways, recently we were playing monopoly and drinking when he opened up about her. At the table he started joking about how he'd fucked all the women sitting at the table. We all laughed and my wife turned bright red.

    He then started giving some details about how they both say "get it baby" when they are about to cum. How they both taste the same and moan the same. Then he joked about how my wife would cum really easy, but the sister (his wife) took awhile.

    Then out of the blue my wife brought up the time her sister walked in on them fucking once. The sister joked about how she could hear them fucking and moaning through the walls all the time and that they were going to get some payback that night.

    The best part is when they started talking about prom night. They fucked that morning before prom. At the prom after getting their picture taken they fucked in the hallway of the building while a buddy kept watch for them.

    THEN finally they shared about the hotel afterwards and he said that he still had the picture from that night whipping out his phone. His wife was smiling the entire time saying she catches him looking at it all the time.

    In the pic my wife is topless with flesh color panties on standing in front of a hotel mirror. The brother in law has his arm around her and his dick poking through his boxers. Happy to report that we are about the same size. I might be bigger but not by much. Both very average.

    My wife starred at the pic taking the phone from him sharing that it was one of the best nights of her life.

    Happy Anniversary!

    It was our anniversary a couple weeks ago. We have been married for 30 years. We decided to go away so I booked us a room in Vegas. I have always had a secret fantasy of watching my wife get fucked by another man. I never thought see would ever go for it but i was proven wrong that weekend. We started out the evening by going to a nice dinner and then one of the clubs where we were staying. My wife was fairly drunk when we headed back up to the room for some fun. She was very playful in the elevator going up to the room so i fingered her pussy on the ride up. I have never seen her get so wet.
    When we arrive at the room we were messing around and she stared to strip for me. It wasn't long and she was completely naked and dancing around the room. I told her i was going to go get some ice for our drinks and she could start without me that i would be right back. Here is where it stated to get very interesting. When I opened the door to leave there were 3 guys walking in the hallway so i thought what the hell and opened the door all the way so they could she her standing there naked. I thought she would hide but to my surprise she just stood there in her full glory as all 3 guys walked by and saw her standing there. They quickly stopped to look and she stared to rub on her tits and pussy while they watched. I could not believe what I was seeing. I let then watch for a few seconds and then closed the door behind me as they walked off laughing. When i returned to the room she was laying on the bed playing with herself. I asked her what that all was with the 3 guys and she said "I thought that's what you wanted since you were holding the door open" she just smiled and asked if I liked it. Of course I said Yes.
    So some time whet by as i watched her play with her pussy and stroked my cock. I thought to myself what the hell lets see how far see will go. I picked up the phone and ordered some room service and told her i dared her to lay naked on the bed and pretend to be asleep when it arrived. After a little while there was a knock on the door and she quickly rolled over on her stomach as I opened the door. So now you could see her full ass and a little peek of her pussy through her legs. As the young man came through the door he immediately looked over at her and just smiled. As he did she slowly rolled over on her back like she was still sleeping and spread her legs so he could see everything. My wife is a short blonde with big tits and a very tight trimmed pussy. So he could not help but look. I asked him if he wanted to touch her? He hesitated at first and then asked if i was sure and I said yes. He walked over to her and started rubbing her tits, as he did she opened her eyes and smiled at him at which time he removed his hands, my wife reached up and grabbed his hand and put it on her pussy. At this point i was hard as a rock and i think he was too. He rubbed her pussy for a couple of minutes and then slowly slid a finger in. I could not believe I was standing there watching some guy finger my wife.
    After a little while my wife took his finger out and sat up an opened his pants. when she pulled his pants down he was already hard and when she grabbed his ballls, i thought he was going to cum right then. My wife stroked his cock and then laid back spread her legs and rub the tip of his cock between her pussy lips. I thought to myself I was going to see my fantasy come true but every time he tried to push his cock in she would stop him. She was driving him and me crazy. She just kept rubbing the tip between her lips. It did not take long and he blow a huge load all over her stomach and pussy. When he was done cumming she got up and went into the bathroom. I thanked him as he pulled up his pants. I gave him a big tip and he left. My wife came out of the bathroom and asked if i liked what i saw? I did not says anything and threw heron the bed and fucked her harder then i ever have. I cant wait until my next annaversary.

    I Fantasize About Sharing My Wife

    My wife is 10 years younger than me, but looks much younger than that as she eats healthily and does yoga.
    Many of my friends have asked me how on earth I managed to end up with her.
    She is slim build, but busty, with long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders.
    For a long time I had asked her, now and again (but not obsessively) if she would pose for some pictures in her underwear. She had usually refused, saying that she's not pretty enough, although she did pose for a few pics in lingerie early in our marriage.
    So, I was quite surprised when, on holiday recently, she offered to pose nude for me. We were on a tour and she said that she would pose naked in each place we visited.....if I wanted.
    Boy did I want.
    We visited about 10 different places and I must have taken a few hundred photos of her in all. Some in lingerie, but mostly naked. Not XXX rated porn, more a classical nude type of shoot....although there are a small number of between the legs pics that I clicked as she was changing position. The sex that followed the photo sessions was pretty damn good, as the photo shoot had aroused us both. And on one occasion I put the camera down on the dresser by the bed, on video mode and filmed us having sex. The wife still doesn't know about that.
    Once back home and after a few beers, I confessed to a friend of mind that my wife had posed nude for me and naturally he asked to see the photos.
    I put a flash drive into my laptop and started them rolling, picture by picture they popped up on screen and then faded to the next. After about the first 20 pics, my friend says to me that he's sorry but he's got to get his cock out and wank off, as my wife is so beautiful and sexy.
    I said ok. And he pulled out an already semi-hard cock and started to rub himself off. This aroused me. Another guy looking at nude pics of my wife and being so aroused he had to pull his cock out and masturbate in front of me was something obviously new to me.
    I was so aroused that I sat next to him and took out my own hardening cock.
    As the pictures scrolled by he told me how much he wanted to get his cock into my wife's pussy and mouth and this frankly made me even hornier. I have for a long time fantasized about sharing her physically with other men....not something she's into unfortunately.
    I was however very taken aback when he reached over and started to fondle my balls while we were both masturbating.
    It felt good so I didn't stop him. It progressed to him wanking my cock while I rubbed him off.
    Long story short....I somehow found myself on my knees under the table sucking my friends cock while he looked at my wife's pics. I have never done anything of a homosexual nature before or since, but at the time it just felt right.
    As he is looking at the pics he starts saying my wife's name and how good she is sucking his cock.....imagining that it's her under the table and not me.
    Without warning he ejaculated. The first spurt going into my mouth, the rest on my face and chest as I stopped sucking him and suddenly became quite shocked and embarrassed about what had occurred.
    Mate, he said to me, her pics are too good to keep to yourself. You got to put them on line.
    So, I went through them and edited those which showed her face, to make them anonymous and then posted some of the best ones on a couple of photo share platforms.
    The result was a flood of positive comments from horny guys and a few girls wanting to have sex with my wife. Other requests were asking for more pics, so I posted more.
    It made me feel very horny, sharing her photos with other sexy people. I couldn't share her physically, so sharing her pics was the next best thing.
    I have become addicted to the high I get from reading their comments, including some very explicit comments from guys about what they would do to her sexually, given a chance.
    I've even started snapping candid shots of her while she dresses in a morning or when she takes a shower, without her knowledge, and have posed these too.
    Some comments are asking for face pics, but I have steadfastly refused.
    However, I just found out that my friend....the one who I sucked, had, while I was under the table, copied some of the pics and emailed them to himself. Mostly full frontal and showing her face. AND he has shown other friends.
    The reason I know this is that two of our mutual friends have asked me if they can see the full set.
    Both my friend and these other two guys have said they want to fuck my wife. I've told them that as long as they don't mention the photos, or that they have spoken to me about wanting to fuck her, they can try to chat her up and see where it leads.
    I'm annoyed at my friend for stealing the pics without asking, BUT I'm also so aroused that he's shown other people, that both me and my wife know, pics of her posing naked showing her face.
    I'm both excited about it and worried that someone will talk to her and tell her they have seen the pics.
    And I'm also excited and a little worried about someone being successful in chatting her up and out of her panties. Have I opened Pandora's box?

    Once In A Blue Moon

    Me and my wife fun loving go with the flow kinda people.
    Every now and then I enjoy watching my wife put on a show aka getting the life fucked out of her by another man.
    That said and yes I'm drunk drinking Grand Marnier and Hennessy.
    Why the fuck are so many guys or couples completely sleezed out fuckers or weird as fuck
    What you don't care what or who you fuck so your pride common sense and dignity just fell the fuck off yall where raised in a creeper closet the fuck is wrong with people

  • Gym Exhibitionist Too

    I read Gym Confession's story, it reminds me of my wife...

    She is mid 30's, 5'2 blond 120, huge 34GG tits added to their size by a few lockdown pounds. She is going through that "do I still look sexy" period. Yes she is.

    She goes to the gym 5 days a week and the older she's gotten the more revealing her fitness wear has gotten.

    Her yoga pants, when she bends over, goes sheer, you can clearly see her ass and pussy. I don't know if she realizes it but I don't see how she couldn't.

    She already gets tons of attention everywhere she goes from her overly ample bosom, but the tight low cut cleavage revealing sports bras she wear just puts them out on a pedestal for all to see. Her tits are huge and although she downplays if anyone gawks at her, she seems to love showing them off and the attention.

    I've told her many times I bet the guys at the gym love to get an eyeful. She sort of shugs it off and says nah I'm always in the women's area, they never notice. I know that's not true because she's slipped up and said I was doing cardio and their was a guy on each side of me and one behind me. Lol, yeah I bet there was.

    One time we had a rare occasion where we were at the Mall together and I noticed a well built black guy staring at us on the other side of the walk way. He turned around so he could get ahead of us then got on our side coming towards us. When he passed us he smiled real big and said hi, laughing and chatting up the wife after she hugged him.

    I wouldn't have thought anything about it except, she never introduced me, I was invisible which I found rather odd. After he left I said who the hell is that? Oh just a guy I know from the gym, we talk sometimes. Lol, yeah I bet you do. If that had been a girl doing the same to me and ignoring her, I would have caught hell over it and she would have assumed I was fucking her.

    If she's doing him or anyone else from there it doesn't matter to me, I have my own side projects and she didn't have (supposedly) any sexual experience when we got married. But curiously she occasionally brings some new skill into the bedroom that makes me wonder...

    Anyway, so my wife is a gym exhibitionist too and possibly a gym slut.