Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Possible Anal With Wife

Hey more of a question or maybe some advice,

The wife and I are going away on a little no kids vacation for a couple days. She is hinting at the the possibility of letting me stick it in her ass. Right now sometimes when we have sex she will ride me and tell me to put my thumb in her ass or sometimes i surprise her with a thumb in the ass when doing doggy style. I guess what I'm asking is what and or how to do it so she will keep wanting to do it. I don't want to hurt her and want to keep her interested to do it again if it happens. I have a good size dick length and thickness but like how much pain will she be in and will it last a while? I would imagine i will have shit on my dick also which is no big deal to me. Oh and she wants to try Molly on the vacation and i don't know what that is or what it does to you.

  • OMG I Stuffed Up.

    Silly me ended a relationship because my then girlfriend was completely obsessed with sex. She had a rather sheltered life but really got it on. It was so manic that it really interfered with my job. I was starting to take days off. It wasn't what I wanted. She even drove me to my divorce, Took me out for lunch and homr and fucked me silly all afternoon. This was months after the break up.
    Anyhow my now 20plus year relationship is in trouble because my current partner shut up shop, Easter 2016. Menopause. Nothing since. I really love this girl but the no sex thing is killing me.

    Wife Has Been Chating With Guys Online She Doesn't Know Im One Of Them

    A few months back I installed a keylogger on my wifes computer. She'd be acting weird around it so I knew something was up. Didn't take long to find her secret. For months she'd been chatting with guys online.

    Nothing too serious, no pictures or anything (at least none that I know of) and no interest in physical hook ups. I track her chats for months, and she keeps chatting with the same 3 guys. They make up erotic stories and they just make up erotic stories and share them with each other.

    I was pretty taken back by this at first. Obviously she's lying, and obviously this can lead to bad things. However, apart from violating her privacy I (which I still feel guilty about) I'm not upset. It doesn't seem to be an emotional thing at all. In fact she never talks about herself, me or the kids.

    It's all about these wild,fictional stories she makes up. This one story she's been writing for months is a space, sci-fi porno and it's pretty damn good. The main character sells her body to earn money so she can travel to a better planet.

    In one scene she has the girl bent over a trash can in a dark alley while a dozen men line up to fuck her. She goes into detail about cum running down the girls leg and dripping out of her pussy onto her panties still hanging around her knees.

    Anyways, the stories are amazing and recently I created an account and started to chat with her. I found a guy on reddit that writes good erotic stories and share those as if they were mine. We chat 2 or 3 times a week and I have no plans of confessing to her that I'm one of her erotic story buddies.

  • My Wife Was Passed Around In Highschool And College

    Junior year of highschool I started dating my wife. I was the first to fuck her. The first to see her naked, the first dick she ever sucked. After the hottest sex for about 6 months I broke up with her.

    The day I dumped her she fucked one of my best friends. He fucked her and told me all about it for several months. Eventually they broke up and she moved on to another guy. The another. By the time we graduated highschool I knew she'd fucked four other guys.

    Then a few years later we meet up in college and start dating again. Her dick count was up to 11 at this point. My pussy count was only 4... counting her.

    Anyways, me and some friends got together recently and I realized 4 out of 5 guys at the table had fucked my wife at some point. I love knowing she was the fuck toy for so many men.

    She tells me stories about the first guy to put it in her ass. The first to cum inside her (it wasn't me). Fucking a stranger at the beach while his friend watched. I can't get enough of her stories or enough of her pussy. I'm glad I dumped her so she could go out and get fucked by all these men.

    Daddy’s Asshole

    My husband lets me eat and finger his asshole. I’ve never done this with anyone else and I love it,sometimes he’s a little sweaty & I love the smell I love how he shoves my face harder into his little pink hole when I don’t go deep enough,How he moans and begs me to not stop.
    His cock throbs and the veins in it pop up.
    I even let him sit on my face and ride my tongue with his asshole.

    He plunges his cock deep into my always sloppy wet c**t and drills me hard while I always finger his asshole,I call him daddy while I do it and he pleads with me to make him cum & to show his little asshole who’s boss.

    He isn’t submissive in any other way which makes it that much hotter. I love the dominant & degradation aspect of eating his ass.

    He will make me eat it and eat it while my pussy throbs for his cock,I want to use a double dildo on him so badly.

    I’d love to watch his little asshole grind & rub my soaked c**t while we cum on a rubber cock together.
    I want to talk him into letting me fuck his perfect asshole,I love it so much…it doesn’t matter if it’s washed or shaved,I’ll eat your nasty asshole & beg for more daddy I want to lick,suck and worship his cock,balls,asshole and everything.

    Sometimes I want him to tell me how disgusting I am for eating his dirty ass & how slutty it is,I want him to make me tell him how it tastes and smells and how much I love it and how I’d do anything for him.

    Anything for daddy & his perfect hole.

    I live a perfect slut life.

  • Ex Wife Mouth Fuck

    One of my enduring memories of my first wife was the time I tied her arms above her head to the headboard in a hotel, topless of course. I arranged to have a few aggressive guys I knew stop by. While she struggled and fought, they took turns sucking her tits, twisting her nipples and fucking her mouth. She didn't like cum and tried hard to avoid their cocks but both guys ended up pinning her head in place and finishing in her mouth while she gagged. This was many years ago. I fucked the living shit out of her afterward. She always thought me a pervert and maybe I was but she could drain my balls like no other.

    My Wife’s Aggressive Handjobs

    I love my wife, I think she’s excellent in bed but her handjobs are way too rough. Thing is, she loves giving me morning handjobs at least once a week. I’m circumcised and have plenty of shaft skin movement but my wife jerks it way too hard. You’d think after 11 years of marriage she’d know to loosen up her grip and take it easy on my dick! But morning handjobs were a thing till last year. She’s a nurse so she was kinda cautious to be giving me morning bjs. She was worried about germs, COVID and what not. So our sex life was premuch handjobs for 4 months last year. She slept in a separate bedroom during those times for safety reasons but she’d come into the master bedroom in the morning when I wake up or into the master bathroom and jerk me off pretty much daily.

    Having my wife jerk me off smelling of hand sanitizer and wearing a face mask was pretty awkward but I’m glad she thought of my needs during it all. But my dick was always so sore after she jerked me. She tugged to hard. Even ripped some skin on my circumcision scar. Little tears there hurt.

    Finally after two months of that I told her my dick needs a week break. I jerked off myself that week. Then the following week she came in the bathroom in the morning to give me a hand job and I put some vitamin e oil in her hand to use as lube. That made her hard slippery and felt way better. I came very quick that morning. She was surprised.

    After 4 months of that stuff, one morning I was laying naked in bed and I told her I’m not worried if I catch COVID off you. I need a blowjob and some pussy. So I pulled her mask off and shoved her head down onto my dick. Then tossed her on her back and pounded on her pussy. Definitely wasn’t quiet sex because our kids heard it. They heard their mom moaning as I flooded her pussy

    Wife Video

    Lastnight my wife tried to sneak into the shower and surprise me with a blowjob and titty fuck. It was a nice surprise. She has very nice tits and is good with a cock in her mouth. I lasted about 20 minutes and at the end she had another surprise when she said she would let me finish on her face. Back and forth to sucking and tit fucking. She then got underneath my balls sucking and jerking me off until I dumped a massive white load oh her face followed by a couple cock slaps to the face too. she then rubbed it all towards her mouth to swallow it all. Best shower I've had in months. But best part is I had a feeling she would join in so I hid my phone recorded the whole thing. She has no idea. I want to put it on the internet so bad so others can see it but I'm a little to chicken in case she finds out.

    Caught My Girlfriend Cheating

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for 3 years now and are pretty serious or so I thought.

    She is very sexy 21 brunette and has a great body especially ass. We go to a very diverse college and she gets hit on a lot especially by black guys because of her nice round ass. I know she enjoys the attention and I never really thought she would do anything with the guys hitting on her. Well I was wrong!

    Last week I got out of class an hour early and decided to go see her in her dorm unannounced. She lives in a 4 bedroom suite and has her own private room. I was hoping to get a quickie as I knew her roommates would all be in class and she didn’t have class til later that night.

    So I get to her room and open the door. I see her door is shut and as I walk through the kitchen I start to hear really loud slapping sounds like skin on skin hard fucking. I thenhear her let out a long loud moan and knew she was getting fucked. Her door was shut so I couldn’t see in the room but she was on the bottom level so I went outside to see if I could see anything through her window.

    Her blinds weren’t all the way down so I was able to look in briefly and see my girlfriend on her hands and knees getting pounded by one of the black guys on the football team. He was treating her like a fuck toy and she seemed to be really into it. He also was very well endowed. It def didn’t seem like this was their first time either so I’m not sure what to do now.

    I only watched for like 30 seconds but he was spanking her and pulling her hair and she was def cumming from his hard fucking

  • Frustrated To No End

    I love my husband to bits but over the last 5 years he and his sex drive or should I say lack of is starting to become a major issue for me