Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Should I Tell Her? Nah!

My wife spends an extraordinary amount of time at the gym. She's an early 40s classic MILF. Blond short hair, petite with athletic build, and huge natural tits. Huge does not do them justice. And for being so big and heavy, they are amazingly perky.

Of course being slender with massive firm teats already gets her plenty of attention. She claims to ignore it and not notice, but random guys from the gym will come up out of no where while we are out and give her longer-than-polite hugs and chat her up. And, coveniently leave me out of the conversation, nor introduce me. Yeah I wonder the same thing, if she's doing any of them. Especially since she never wears her ring to the gym. But if so, I can't complain as I have my own side stash. But those things are another story.

So as she has hit her 40s she's started going through the "am I still sexy" stage. I assure her she is crazy to even wonder about it, but I've noticed she's taken to start wearing more and more revealing workout gear. A mix of black and now colorful skin tight yoga pants and always a deep cleavage showing sports bra, getting smaller and more cleavaged every week. I don't mind and I know it gets her the attention she seems to be craving.

The surprising thing I noticed... I was sitting in our master bath talking to her after she returned from the gym as she was getting ready to shower. She had on some of her every day black yoga pants, she always buys the same brand since she loves them and they look hot on her.

When she bent over to get her makeup remover and shower products I could clearly see every bit of her ass and pussy clear as day. When the yoga pants stretch they become see through. I chuckled to myself and thought "huh no wonder she gets so much attention. I thought it was just the big tits." And maybe it is. But you also get a side dish of her perfectly shaped ass and her shaved gorgeous pussy.

Does she know? I doublt it. You have to bend over to get them to do it and you don't normally look back into a mirror when you are bent over to see how you look. Am I going to tell her? Nah, She has gone from conservative dressing to where she is today, more open and sexy, if I say something it will just wreck it and I enjoy the show too, just like the 20somethings at the gym.

If she's not doing anyone at the gym, she's certainly sending the "come fuck me" message to everyone, lol. And damn it looks good. You'd love to stick your face in there and go to work... Maybe someone is, who knows. Good for her...

  • I Somehow Got Myself In The Middle Of Platonic Girls

    I was offered to attend an executive MBA program. I lived in a rented condo near the University. I met this grad student Veronica who was working with pure math. A brain case, but her feet weren't on the ground. She lived with an equally brain case roommate Alexandra. I liked her.

    Veronica was not sexual, at least not with me. If you ask me she and Alexandra had a head thing going. But one night I did what I did and broke Veronica's hymen. Alexandra went ballistic. And that's when my problems began.

    I no longer had any doubts about them. Two head case girls deeply in platonic love, except now one of them had been screwed and she stuck to me like glue. I put it like this, she was smart, pretty enough, but immature. And Alexandra wasn't going to let her go.

    The whole situation began to interfere with my studies. When Veronica told me that Alexandra was a foreign student from Canada and she wanted her to stay after her graduation I smelled she was setting me up. She showed me the doctors report, she was pregnant. Don't marry her, marry Alexandra instead.

    As it stands I did marry Alexandra and her papers are moving along. Veronica's baby is doing fine, living with the two women. Both women have finished their degrees. I'm finished with my MBA and returned to work. In order to sustain the front of the marriage they have moved to live with me. It's a strictly a hands off arrangement. I keep the sword over their heads, I may just decide to consummate the marriage. Or maybe insist on a new baby. After all they ate just down the hall.

    I Decide To Share My Wife

    I’m two years older than my wife. I have a good job, nice place, and two sons. We had children quick and my wife wasn’t working for seven years after marriage. We made friends with another young couple so my wife keep their two daughters for three years to get some extra money. We always were wild in our sex life. The husband is mostly the one to pick up their children when he got off work. I discovered they were having sex sometimes by luck one day. I was off work that day when he came to pick up his daughters. We all visited but told him I had to finish my project in our back yard. I got up went out back into my shop. I quickly remembered I forgot something so I went back toward the house. As I passed a small side window to our garage I saw them. They were heavy kissing, he was squeezing a breast and then put his hand and started rubbing between her legs while she partially raised her leg. She saw me looking at them and pushed him away. I went back to the shop. After about 30 minutes she brought our boys outside to play and came to talk with me. My wife was crying so hard she couldn’t even talk. I asked her to calm down and we would talk later. She slept with the boys that night. The next day when I got home from work, the husband was waiting while kids where playing to talk with me. He was very apologetic. He explained hardly any sex from his wife. She is very overweight and has little self respect. I asked how it started. About 15 years ago his wife came by after getting off work at lunch got their kids and our kids and left to give my an afternoon break to my wife. When he arrived to pick up kids like usual he slightly knocked and entered as usual. He said he thought kids must be in back yard and was walking to back door and heard my wife in the bedroom. She was on the bed masturbating. He approached her and said hello. He said she tried to get up and get clothes on but he wouldn’t let her. She tried to resist but finally gave in to them having sex. I asked how often do they have sex. Sometimes once a month sometimes three times a week when a safe opportunity presented itself. My wife and I hadn’t talked yet because of the boys so when they went to asleep we went to the bed room and she started crying. I started giving her a hug and she held me tight. After a while I pulled her gown off then her panties and screwed her as hard as I could. After very good satisfied sex for both of us she shared honestly the same things her lover told me. Her weak moment she was embarrassed being caught frigging so she gave in to cover being caught. We talked about him not getting much sex from his wife. We talked how both families were best of friends and depended on each other. I asked honestly and asked did she enjoy sex with him. After thinking a time she said she enjoys sex with me best in all honesty because she loves me with all her heart. My wife admits she enjoys the physical sex with her lover but will easily stop. After more talking I said she could continue sex with our friend. I know how important sex was to myself ,so our friend must hold sex important. I told her to tell him this tomorrow. Only rule I had was I was to be told when they got together I was to be told before or afterward, so I could get a feeling from it. For two weeks or more I kept my wife screwed raw. After a month I was home one day and out back with the 4 kids when he came by. I told him to lock back doors and I would entertain the 4 kids in the go for it. After about 45 minutes he unlocked back door got his girls and went home. I went to bedroom saw my wife still trying to recover. She looked at me and said WOW. I wanted sex that night but she told me she was really sore. For ten years she served mainly me but had sex with him often. He started complaining about sex things to her (age). So she stopped sex with him. I hope to get them back going on some occasions but she says she only has sex with me now.

  • Wife Caught Cheating - Sent Selfie With Used Condom On The Floor

    To start with our marriage hasn't been great. We were married very early, right out of high school. After 3 years of marriage we divorced. She remarried shortly after but I never did. Now we're married for the second time and she's already cheating on me...

    She's a traveling nurse and sent a sexy selfie to me from her hotel room. In the pic she's wearing nothing but a bathroom with it open. I can see some seriously sexy side boob, a hint of nipple and the top of her pussy.

    However, in the background the bed is a mess, and on the floor underneath the blankets is a used condom. The condom is massive and there's a huge load of cum still in the condom. Like, she clearly just fucked the guy and had the nerve to send me a selfie. Hell, he might have still been in the room.

    The next part is what hurt my pride the most. I've always considered myself to be on the larger side. I've always worn large condoms and usually buy magnums just to boost my ego. Even though they do fit a bit loose on me.

    Anyways, I noticed a blue and yellow condom wrappers in the sheets. I can see a "Du" for durex and an "Xx" for XxL. I did TONS of googling and came to the conclusion that the dude fucking her is wearing one of the largest condoms they make.

    Meaning IF his dick is 8 inches long with a girth of 5.5 inches that condom would fit loosely on him.

    I asked her to send me another one of her ass, but I didn't get a response until half an hour later.She said she took a shower and fell asleep which maybe true, but it's more likely big dick Joe was pounding her sweet pussy...

    I haven't said anything yet but I have her shit packed for when she gets home.

    PT Friend Stripped My Wife Naked During Exam

    First off if anyone has experience with this please let me know if this is normal. Even though I'm very sure it isn't from what I read online.

    My wife gave birth to our first child a couple years ago. Since then she's had nothing but issues with pain in her butt that radiates around down to her tail bone and beyond. Anyways, she was complaining about this to her long time college friend and she said her husband that was a Physical Therapist would take a look.

    Now, I know this guy and I've 100% seen him checking out my wife on several occasions. One time my wife was nursing the baby in the living room and he came into the kitchen and said something like "how great are those pregnancy boobs". Another time he said to her face that hes saw her doing squats at the gym and something about how "those gains were paying off". Needless to say, he's notice and hot she is.

    He agrees to see my wife "after hours" and isn't going to bill her or anything. This was a huge red flag to me, but my wife called me jealous and said she was just happy she wasn't going to have to pay the co-pay.

    Boy was I fucking right. She comes home in shock and it took an hour and some wine to get the full story from her. Evidently at first she was fully clothed and he did some what we assume was normal PT stuff. He had her sitting on laying on the table, bending her legs and feeling up her ass.

    Then he had her stand up and asked her if she didn't mind removing her tank top so he could get a good look at her spine, hips and tailbone. This wasn't that big a deal as it was a loose tank top anyways that showed her sports bra underneath.

    From there she said it was alot of awkward bending over and stretching while he checked her out and did his thing. All normal we assume. After alot of this with some touching of her ass, legs and hips he told her he didn't think it was x, y or z (said he listed off a bunch of things she'd never heard of).

    Then he started to explain that he thought it was related to the pelvic floor and that he could refer her to a specialist. Long story short I guess it's all connected down there and it's pretty common after having a baby to have a week pelvic floor that can cause all these issues.

    Anyways, he does the referral thing on his computer and then asks if he can take a look. Says he can take a quick look and maybe save her the trouble of going to the specialist. My wife was still not 100% sure what was going on but she agrees.

    He tells her to take off her bottoms and lay down on the table while he goes to get some gloves. He left the room, leaving the exam room door open. Reluctantly she takes her pants off and then he walks in with her just standing there in her panties.

    He starts to glove up and watches her take off her panties and lay down on the table. She asks him to close the exam room door, but he assures her no one is here. Then he sits on the table next to her, facing her and spreads her legs open indian style while she lays on her back.

    He starts to poke around her belly, and around her vagina and next thing she knows his fingers are inside her. He says he is "mapping out" her pelvic floor muscles and that he could tell almost immediately that she had a weak pelvic floor.

    A few times he had her "bare down" on his fingers and told her to hold it as long as she could. Then he had her turn over on her belly and performed similar things with his fingers inside her.

    When he finished he had her turn over and spread her legs for him again. He puts his fingers inside her and began to explain that she'd have to go see a pelvic floor specialist probably 2 -3 times a week and this is what they would do to strengthened her pelvic floor.

    He offers to continue to see her after hours, but admits she'd be better off going to see a specialist. Then he helps her up off the table and literally hands her - her own panties and watched her get dressed will still talking to her.

    My wife was completely mortified by all this. Me on the other hand I've never been more turned on. I love that this guy spent and hour making her bend over to see her perfect ass, and spreading her legs to see that beautiful pussy of hers.

    I'm going to legit bring it up and the next pool party to see what he has to say. Would be interested to hear how much of this wasn't necessary if anyone knows.

  • I Confessed Almost Cheating

    I have been married 16 years with two grade school sons. The lifestyle of a young busy family can get anyone to a place we don’t need to be in. I work close with another married man. He has a great family. We work constantly on work task. We turn out work probably twice as much as expected. He is a tech and I’m the IT person for his work. No doubt I had been in an emotional connection for years with him. One day I went to get house paint I came across my coworker. I started talking and he helped me with paint decisions. We went outside and walked into a display portable building. We kissed a while and he was pulling my nipples. He started rubbing between my legs and put his hand inside a leg of my shorts. I was about to have a total orgasm when a young family opened the door to view the display building. We walked out. We made plans to meet after we took home what our shopping purpose was. I gave the purchase to my husband. I went and took a quick shower and dressed different and told my husband I was going to shop some more. I noticed as I was walking out my husband playing with our sons and all were so happy. I drove about 5 minutes and stopped and cried 30 minutes. I texted my coworker and told him I wasn’t meeting him and this would never happen. I cried probably 30 minutes more and returned home. My husband noticed something was disturbing me so he followed me to the bedroom and asked why I was upset. We always have totally honest so I told him every detail and even showed him my text message to my coworker. He had replied by this time apologizing and said this will never get this close again. My husband was upset. We did as normal and went to bed. We had sex until after midnight. He put hickies on my neck like a teenager. I had hickies on my breast and inside my legs. As days past he would want me to go over details again and then he would screw me hard. He would have me put on the same clothes and we would act out the event before sex. For a time I thought it was him making me feel quilty but soon realized he was getting off on this. We had sex more times the last six months than we have had the last ten years. I tell him sometimes to let’s skip a day so and I can recovery. I do talk on the phone constantly with my coworker about work task while with my husband and if no kids he pulls my nipples and rubs between my legs. I wonder how he would have reacted if I had had full sex with my coworker. I mentioned I would get another job but my husband really wants me to stay. Me and my coworker apologized with each other and knew we didn’t want the result of most affairs. He does squeeze my butt sometimes and I haven’t told my husband about this. I can be thankful I didn’t lose my family with an affair.

    Last Night

    Last night my wife and I had sex after a vacation where no sex took place. We were so worked up for each other. I started to kiss her, and she put her fingers in my mouth (We both have an oral fixation with each other’s fingers and mouths) she made a V shape and put them to her lips, I kissed her like I was eating her pussy, she sucked on my tongue as I wiggled it inside her mouth, then she put her fingers in my mouth and I sucked them like I was sucking a cock, this made my cock pulse with excitement. She had me slide down the bed to her breasts and suckle her tit, she put her arm around me and held my head, and I held her large smooth thigh against my body, I played with her pussy while humping her leg. I was sucking her tit like a baby, I was in heaven, so was she. We used one of the sex wedge pillows and I just pounded on her pussy like a hammer. She loves to getting plowed. She told me she wants more tonight.

    Going To Mexico With My GF, Hoping For A Gangbang.

    I've been dating my girlfriend for 5 years now. We started dating in college and at first it was just booty calls. My roommate at the time and I tag teamed her more than a handful of times, so we aren't strangers to a threesome, but we havn't involved anyone else since college. Next week we leave for Cancun, and we have talked about it and if we find 1 (or maybe 2 or 3) other willing guys, we are gonna get her spit-roasted again or possibly gangbanged.

    How We Refreshed Our Relationship

    My wife and I dated for 7 years, then married for 30 years. Our sex was great, but as time went by, it slowly got monotony. Then I suggested her that I take her picture and exchange its with married couples. We enjoy it to this day.


    My wife seems to enjoy humiliating me. She let's me lap at her pussy until orgasm or until she's had enough then pushes me away. This can be numerous times a day or night and it can be frustrating to be woken to perform my duties and left as she falls asleep. She also likes me to cum on her tits or thigh and giggles as I lick my jizz up. All this I can handle but lately she's taken it to a different level. Her fetish now is to use a strapon on me as I have to watch gay porn, she says I'm a good girl as she pegs me and asks me what I think of the big dicks. I think she's preparing me for something but what I try not to think