Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Married On My First Date

I was never asked out in high school or college. I had friends but never a date. By the time I turned 30 I was resigned to being single. A childhood friend invited me to dinner at her house. She had a habit of setting me up with men, this night was no different. This time the man was a widower, 20 years older than me. The night was nice, it went by fast, the man was one of those who knew anything and everything. Not a fake, a man who had a life of experience. When he asked me out, I accepted.

I went out never expecting that I would have sex for the first time, that I would wake up in a hotel in Las Vegas, that I was going to get married. I do remember everything, I just had no control over myself. What he suggested I did. Knowing I was inexperienced he took me down this Hindu ritual, by the time I had sex I was wanting to, by the time we went to a marriage chapel I was admiring my engagement ring. By the time I woke up I was asking myself what I had done. How did I get married?, the sex I didn't care about.

I swallowed hard, I was married. That was three years ago, this man is no ordinary man. I have lived with him, he is a genius, a real genius. And I fell under his spell that night. He is gentle, a good man. Lonely still for his passed wife. I know I can't replace her, I don't want to. At least a man married me.

  • Can Someone Please Advise

    So my story is a true one my wife is hot she's juicy and wanted by most of my male cousins! We schooled together but in school I thought she was a bitch and I couldn't handle her lol. Few years later I hook up with her asked her to go out for a drive but that was just to get her to come with me when she did, I booked a room in a motel I banged her for the first time ever she was fucking tight and those boys didn't do a good job lmao cause she probably had small dick all her life, my cock is a whooping 9" rock and this my wife gets shocked everytime I take him out which is almost everyday we fuck like crazy.. But while our marriage grew stronger we started to get bolder and more chatty while having sex.. She loves when I tell her my cock is the size of a BBC. My cock size is not meant for my body. Makes her come like crazy she loves hearing my cock is the size and feeling of a big black cock and it makes her go mad what do your'll think about that??

    Now while talking and chatting along I start asking her about my cousin that schooled with us and while being in school he was a straight male and wanted pussy after school. And in out schooling career he flirted with her and wanted her! He turned into a gay boy but while we were still in our schooling career my cousin and I should skip school and would relax all day at my home while doing so one day,I pulled out my porno stach and we watched a porno together so while doing that I didn't know he was a gay boy and convinced me to whip out my cock for us to see who has the biggest with the confidence I had, I pulled out mine and got it hard by wanking it same with him.

    Yeah I was the much longer one in length like I said 9" now! By then maybe a good 8" so he was shocked and amazed at the size of my cock but I was surprised as well his was straight up, circumcised with a huge mushroom head double the size of mine, way wider shaft then mine his cock was thick anyway we didn't touch cocks or anything just had a great comeshot on some toilet paper while watching the porno..

    So when I asked my wife about him while having sex with her I ended up telling her what we had done when we were younger that I know exactly how his cock looks like and while telling her this my cock up her k**t she goes crazy and comes none stop she askes me questions about his cock and I tell her the truth about his size thickness I've even downloaded some pics that looks as close as his and she fucking loves it she comes harder then normal when we discuss this and it blows her mind and pussy everytime so much so that we ended up talking about her fucking my cousin and I together and she fucking goes crazy I've even gotten her a didlo as close as his cock and tie it to a teddy bear when she's very horny she fucks it as if its the person she's fanasting about and this gets the both of us to come like it's no man's business I love my wife and she loves me too much but this topic makes her into a slut what do your'll guys think? My wife like I said is fucking hot, she's thick n curves in all the right places not big tits but a fucking big round ass and lost its virginity to me.

    Wife Decided To Swing On Her Own

    My wife really upset me just late last week. She commutes into the city for work and came home yesterday and announced she had sex with a guy she met from the train. We have been role-playing and talking about trying a swingers club or something like that, but then she randomly hooked up with this guy and thinks that it’s okay because we were planning to swing eventually. She gave me the details of how they hooked up, and to me it sounds like a quickie fuck like from an app rather than a planned out swing.

    My wife is a good looking brunette and dresses a little young for her age (31). She pushes the boundaries on the work dress code and I like that. Yesterday she wore a high waist mini skirt that stopped a couple of inches below her ass when she was standing. I even commented it was a short skirt when I saw her in the morning. She said it’d be okay. She had on black tights (well…I thought they were tights, more on that in a minute…).

    On the commute home, she has to make a quick change of trains to get out to where we live. She saw a guy Todd who gets on at the same stop in the morning, so she went over and talked to him…apparently they talk in the mornings and if they see each other on the way home, too. The first train got to the station where they transfer. They were on the escalator going up to the next level when my wife said she adjusted her shoe. She stood back up and Todd asked her, “Aren’t you cold?” She said she replied, “I’m okay” but they she asked why he asked. He replied, “Sorry, but I saw your butt when you bent over.” She said she replied back, “No, I like a little breeze on my ass.”

    So what I didn’t know in the morning is she actually had on a pair of thigh high stockings, not tights. The skirt she had on was just long enough that when she stood they looked like tights, but when she bent over in front of him he could see she didn’t have on tights and just had a thong underneath the skirt. She wears a North Face coat, so it doesn’t cover her butt, just reaches her hips. I still can’t exactly picture how he could see her ass if he was standing directly behind her, so I assume he had purposefully bent down to look.

    So now Todd knew my wife had a bare ass under her skirt…with a thong, but bare otherwise. They have to stand when they first transfer trains, then a few more people pack in, then they ride for about 10 minutes until stops happen where people get off a few at a time. My wife tells me they got on the train, at the next stop a few people got on and as they talked Todd put his hand over the bottom of her ass along the bottom of her skirt. She said she asked, “What are you doing?” and he replied with a grin, “Protecting you from the wind from the doors!” She said she replied back, “Oh, really?” but left him keep his hand there. From there over the next two stops before the 10 minute ride, Todd proceeded to run his fingers under her skirt then gently pet her bare ass with his four fingers under the hem. She said they talked normal topics the entire time, but all the while he was caressing her ass.

    As the train cleared he moved his hand away, then eventually they reached their stop. My wife said Todd offered to let her go first up the stairs to the parking area as he again checked out her ass. She even admitted to bending over in front of him again on the steps and that she doesn’t think anyone else saw anything. Apparently then Todd asked, “Where are you parked?” They figured out Todd’s car was further out in the parking lot, so he said, “Come with me to my car.” She said she knew what he meant by that and she said okay and walked with him.

    She didn’t give me many details, only saying, “We had sex in the passenger seat. I got on top and he pushed up my sweater and bra to play with my breasts. We didn’t last too long before he came in me.” From that I imagine them in a parking lot, just parked in a row of cars. Todd is laying back slightly in his seat while my wife folded her legs up on either side of him and fucked him in his lap. She rode him up and down with her bare ass exposed through the front window. I bet they just pulled her thong aside as she mounted him. She probably never took off her stockings or shoes, so I bet fucked him dressed while he just pulled his pants down. He probably groped and tugged on her bare breasts with her sweater shoved up to her neck.

    I said to my wife, “So you just went ahead and fucked him.” She replied, “We’ve been talking about it for so long. I just got carried away. But it’s just like we said, I just happened to hook up first. You wanted to try this, right?” I made a lame reply that I wanted to swing and she came over and started kissing me and rubbed my hand over her pussy against her skirt. “You’ve always wanted to fuck me after another guy did. Here’s your first chance!” It felt wet inside and I slid in as if she was extremely turned on, only this time I knew I was sliding in because I was second in line.

    We still plan on swinging but now I know to her swinging means she’ll hook up with guys even if I’m not there. I told her it’d bother me, but she said that was strange to be worried since we were swinging and she’d tell me when it happens. She said she would definitely fuck Todd again, so I plan to try to ride to work with her one morning to meet him.

    Wife Likes Big Ones

    I have caught my wife cheating on me twice now since we have been together which has been 16 years. I have never told her but am weirdly turned on by both experiences. We have a good sex life and enjoy being with each other so I have sort of accepted the fact that she likes big dicks every now and then apparently.

    The first time I caught her was way back when we were dating in college. It was our senior year and I got out of class early and decided to drop by her dorm to see her unannounced. She was pretty regimented about going to the gym and mentioned to me there was a black guy who would hit on her every day she went down. She said he would get behind her on the elliptical while she ran and stare at her ass. She could hear him mumble about how he wanted to hit that and smack that etc etc. she told me she would just ignore him but I was slightly suspicious.

    So this day I went to her dorm which was a suite with 4 separate bedrooms. All her other roommates were out in the late morning and my wife didn’t have classes until night. When I let myself in I notice her door is shut but as I approach I can her her bed springs creaking and her moaning loudly. She loved on the bottom floor of the dorm so I went outside to see if I could see what was going on. I was able to peer on briefly and saw a large black guy on top of her pounding his large dick inside her. She had her legs spread wide open and was grabbing his ass pulling him in deep. I didn’t watch long Because I didn’t want to get caught.

    Time went on, many many years since that incident. We got married and last year i caught her again getting fucked by a man who was really hung. This time I caught her with an older doctor she works with. She is a nurse and works nights. I came home early from work and heard her moaning from the upstairs bedroom. I figured maybe she was masturbating but instead I looked into our bedroom and saw the doctor pounding her hard and fast from behind. He is an older white guy in his 50s but really hung and thick. She was dirty talking him and mentioned how much she enjoyed his big cock and loved big cocks.

    My Wife Loves Anal

    My wife and I have always had a healthy sex life. Nothing is off limits. Lately my wife has had an affinity for anal sex. This morning I woke up and my wife playing with herself. She had a vibrator on her clit and 3 fingers in her ass. She looked over her shoulder at me and said "I was getting ready for you... I want you to fuck my ass! I want you to cum deep inside my asshole!" I reached into the night stand and pulled out this magic lube we got from Japan. It is amazing stuff. It is super slippery and feels amazing. As I was lubing myself up stroking myself as my wife begged, in a frustrated tone, for me to fuck her ass. I pulled her fingers out of her ass and then plunged my tongue in and licked the walls of her rectum. My wife let out a low pitched moan. "C'mon! Fuck ME!" I continued to French kiss and spit into her delicious pucker.
    I then put the head of my cock to her opening and slowly shoved my way in. Once I got my fat head in her ass pulled the rest of me in. "Deeper! Fuck me deeper! I slowly slid myself in and out of her luscious ass. With each stroke I pushed deeper and deeper. She thanked we with each thrust as she continued to press the vibrator to her clit. Her thighs started to shake and she started to whine and cry. She was going to cum. Her asshole seemed to grab my cock tighter as she began to orgasm. That was all I needed. After a few more thrusts I began to explode deep inside her ass. Once I slid myself out she said "Now you need to clean your mess!" I put my mouth to her pucker. I sucked and licked and cleaned up all my cum. While I did that she kept the vibrator between her legs and as I cleaned out her rectum of all my cum she brought herself to another orgasm.

    That was my Sunday morning in bed with my wife of 26 years!

    Threesome Fun

    Hubs and Sue are a middle aged couple. Sue is curvy with a few extra pounds that dresses very conservatively, just looking at her you would think she is pretty boring. Hubs is a large overweight nice guy, unfortunately for him he has a pretty tiny cock.

    Hubs talked Sue into adding someone into their sex life to spice things up at which she had zero interest. After badgering her for a couple of years she finally reluctantly gave in to shut him up. They had played with a couple of guys before I met up with them. On first meeting I wasn't too impressed but Sue was attractive enough and they were willing, so why not?

    I went to their place, nice upscale house in a Florida gated community, already impressive. Hubs was an executive at a local electronics firm, Sue was a consultant for a software company. He let me in, fixed me a drink, and said Sue is getting ready she would be out in a minute.

    About 5 minutes later Sue came out, OMG. She had on a black corset with a built in shelf bra holding up two gorgeous 34DD jiggly tits. Black latex thigh hi's, and thong crotchless panties. My mouth dropped open and my eyes bugged out, she said "you like?". Hubs started laughing and said "I think he does".

    Hubs was only in a bathrobe and I had stripped down to a pair of running shorts. Sue started caressing my thigh then rubbing my already hard cock. We talked for a few minutes then she leaned in and started kissing me deep while Hubs watched. Her tits on the shelf bra were in full view begging to be squeezed, I started playing with them while Sue moaned.

    Hubs got up and said "lets take this to the bedroom". They had a beautiful master suite with a huge bed. Sue laid down and Hubs moved up and shoved his tiny cock in her mouth. I was continuing to suck on her jiggly tits and work my way down to her pussy. I teased her for a bit until she moved her clit directly in my mouth grabbed the back of my head and started grinding my face into her wet pussy.

    This went on for awhile. Hubs was turned around and couldnt see what we were doing, when that happened she surprised me by rotating her hips up just a bit making it clear what she wanted, me to tongue her ass. I found out later she never let Hubs do that, but she really wanted me to and enjoyed it and other anal play.

    She flipped me over and climbed on top and sat on my cock with a "uuuhhhhhh" and started riding me. I don't have the longest cock but its very thick and she was taking advantage of it. She started telling me over and over that she loved my cock and Hubs was watching saying "Ride x's big cock baby".

    She then pulled my face up to her tits and fed me one, grinding it into me. Then started slapping me with them, shaking back and forth. Omg it was hot, no one had ever done that before. I could feel an orgasm starting to build and she could tell. They had told me before that Sue had a r**e role play fetish and it was kicking in and she told me to take her.

    I threw her off of me, pulled her off the bed and bent her over the bed with her feet on the floor. Hubs was holding her head and torso down telling me to fuck her hard. Sue was pretend begging me "please dont fuck me, please!!!" and with that I rammed my cock in with one motion up to my balls and started fucking her hard and fast. Sue let out another "UHHHHH" when I did it.

    As I was pounding her Sue was pleading "please dont cum in me, please, im not on the pill" and fake crying. Hubs was telling me "give it to her". All that sent me over the edge. I started shooting long streams of cum deep into Sue's hot pussy. She was clamping down on my cock and starting moaning "Ohhh he's coming inside me!" I kept shooting and trying to push deeper into her while I planted my seed. I kept cuming until my balls started hurting and collapsed on top of Sue. We rolled up on the bed and we laid there, her in my arms and my cum starting to run out of her.

    There was a lot more but that was the highlight of our first meeting. We went on for many years but had to stop for family reasons. We still email and miss the hot fun.

    My Prostitute Wife

    My wife worked as a stripper and now works as a prostitute. I'm a professional for a large multi-national and she makes twice what I make and only has to work about 10 calls per week. It doesn't disrupt our sex life, in fact I rather like knowing what she is going out to do, and then she tells me about it after. She only does protected sex with her clients.
    I'm married to a very hot prostitute

    Big Cock Pics

    My wifes ex was black and made it so my wife cant feel me while we have sex. My wife thinks its funny to send me past videos of her and her ex. I feel so humiliated and i dont think its funny at all.

    Some Curiosities Need To Be Answered

    I have a friend that is into chubby women, and I happen to be married to one. He and my wife are good friends, and though she has no interest in him, I've caught him watching her much more than once or twice.

    We were all partying at the house one night, drinking and watching the game, and she got pretty drunk. We were all outside smoking, and as we were leaning against the rail of the deck, my wife decided she had to pee. She rushed inside, and the moment the bathroom light came on in the window, his eyes shot to it. He seemed a little uncomfortable as his eyes kept darting back and forth between me and the window, and it was obvious that he really wanted to look.

    No, I didn't... I did much worse.

    When it was time to go, I walked my friend out to his car. I said, "Look... I see how you watch her, and I have no problem with it. Honestly, I kind of like it because it means I'm not the only one who enjoys seeing her naked, but I can tell you now that she won't fuck you."

    He thought the friendship was over right then and there, but I had other plans.

    "Do you want to see her naked?" I asked.

    He hedged, but finally found a little boldness and admitted he did. He expected me to open my phone and show him a couple of pics, but I wanted to give him more.

    I know my wife... When she drinks as much as she had that night, she's a very heavy sleeper. She'll wake up if you touch her, but just wandering around the room doesn't wake her up.

    "Disappear for 30 minutes, and then come back." I told him, "Pull in the driveway with the lights off, and wait for me to come get you. I'll let you see her naked after she passes out."

    I could tell his heart was about to jump out of his chest, but he quickly rushed off, and I honestly didn't know if he'd come back or not.

    I went back inside and my wife was about to pass out. I got her to the bedroom and got her undressed, but when she reached for her pajamas, I quickly grabbed her and began kissing her, rubbing my hands all over her naked ass, and groping her breasts... I pushed her back on the bed and began kissing all over her body, and I dragged it out enough that she relaxed.

    10 minutes... my drunk wife was lightly snoring, and she was naked and spread in the bed.

    Another 10 minutes, she was in a deep sleep, and this was how I wanted her when my friend came in.

    10 more minutes, I'd already unlocked the tablet and had all her intimate pics and videos that we'd made over the years ready for my friend's viewing pleasure.

    He was shaking when I went out to the car to get him, but I had never felt more alive. The lights in the bedroom were dimmed, and she was on full display. The tablet was sitting in a chair with a pair of earbuds, and she was about to become the evening's entertainment for a guy she had no interest in.

    "Here's the rules." I began, "You can look, but don't touch my wife. She WILL wake up and catch you. There's an unlocked tablet with tons of nudes and videos, and you can watch them as long as you like, but use the earbuds, and be quiet. Do NOT jerk off on her, but you can use her panties in the floor as long as you toss them in the hamper when you're done. I'll wash them after you leave."

    "What about you?" he asks.

    "I'm giving this to you..." I told him, "You know the rules, so don't fuck them up, and if you get caught and I hear her scream, you'd better believe that I'm going to be 'passed out on the couch' when she comes running in."

    I took him inside and just waved my hand to go down the hall to glory, and I watched his eyes widen when that warm light hit his face and he saw my wife naked for the first time. I enjoyed watching the door quietly close, and I silently slipped out and ran around the house to peek through the blinds.

    He was certainly no predator, but I felt the excitement of turning a predator loose in a bedroom with my helpless naked wife. I imagined him pouncing on her and taking her right then and there, but I knew she was safe because he'd never actually do it.

    His look was hungry as he walked around the bed and memorized every naked inch of my wife's body, and he rubbed his hard cock as he imagined all the things he'd like to do to her. He finally walked over and picked up the tablet, and from my angle, I could see the screen when he turned it on and opened the gallery.

    Those things he could not physically touch, he would find a photo and zoom in on what he wanted to see. He would pull up the nudes of her standing naked and smiling for my camera, and hold the tablet next to her face as if to say, "I see you naked..."

    I knew every one of those photos and videos by heart, and when he pulled up the video of her laying in that very bed and slipping the vibrator in and out of her very wet pussy, I knew he would when he opened the drawer of the night stand and pulled out that very vibrator he was witnessing in her pussy. He sniffed it, and tasted it, and carefully put it back precisely where he found it.

    Picking her panties up from the floor, they immediately went to his nose, and I loved watching him take in her musky scent that only I had known up to that moment.

    Scrolling a few more frames, I caught a glimpse of the next video he would watch. It was me between her legs... my cock sliding in and out of my wife's pussy, and her moaning loudly as her tits surged up and down violently. This would be his point of view if he ever got to fuck her, and his cock plunging in and out of her ravenous pussy that sloshed with wetness as my body spanked against her flesh.

    This was the next best thing to fucking her...

    Moving to the end of the bed, he laid the tablet at her feet with the video playing and earbuds in, and he pulled out the hard cock he'd been rubbing since the moment he got here. He began stroking it to my naked wife as he held her dirty panties beneath his nose, and his eyes kept darting back and forth between the hardcore woman on the screen, and the real thing passed out in the bed. His finger reached down and slid the play bar back to the beginning, and I knew he was watching his cock ramming in and out of her pussy as her tits surged with force, and he was listening to the sound of her moans and loud, proud, unrestrained orgasms.

    He didn't last long before the dirty panties beneath his nose quickly shot to his exploding cock, and he surged violently as he came in my wife's underwear. He kept stroking as the fabric slowly soaked it in, and I was quite proud of how well behaved my passed out wife was as the unknown friend jerked off to her sexual escapades. He made it to the end, and she didn't know a thing.

    Walking to the bathroom, I watched him drop the cum soaked panties in the hamper, and put his cock away, and I rushed back inside so that he would find me on the couch watching TV.

    He came out, smiling ear to ear, and I just handed him a beer and invited him to sit.

    "That was fucking amazing." he laughed nervously.

    "I've seen how you look at her, and now you know everything you needed to know." I told him calmly.

    I went back and grabbed the bag from the hamper, and he was quick to beat me to the washer. He wasn't about to make me touch those panties, and was adamant that I let him do it... which I happily did.

    After ..(continue confession)

  • Wifes Pics On Phone

    I used my wifes phone last night to look something up and noticed she has pictures of big dicks saved in her phone. Is this normal???