Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Husband Wishes

My husband erotic nature insists I dress revealing. We work hard to stay fit and not get overweight. On some weekends we leave kids with grandparents. I then take my outer clothes off to my revealing top and bottom. He walks behind me in the mall to watch men turning and staring at me. We go to Home Depot and I walk the aisles and he watches the guys shopping near me. Some men have approached me for sex which I don’t do. When we leave the children for overnight we go to night clubs. My husband wants me to dance with other men while he sits in a corner and watches. Men have often feel my breast and rubbed between my legs. My husband loves this and we have had hot sex in our car many times in the parking lot. I’m getting older now and I don’t favor provocative dressing as much I have over the years. It has almost become a problem with me and my husband. Men favor looking at younger bodies not older.

Throwback Sex Party Fun

Quick confession for you guys. My hub and I are experienced swingers. Lots of notches on our bedpost as they say. So we're not the couple for you if you are newbies. My hub loves when I show off. He likes when I dress to show off my nipples and my butt or pussy. There's pants I only wear when I'm in the mood to show of and I'll make sure a lot of guys get an eyeful. My hub loves to sit back and watch the guys watch me. That how he is when he hit a party or a strip club or what ever. A quick note about my husband. We went to a strip club with his friend from work and I flirted outrageously with him. At one point late in the night I wrapped my arms around the guys shoulders from behind and he just couldn't resist. He reached behind and rubbed my pussy, his fingers pressing my clit and mound until I pressed back and came right there in the club. My husband knew but pretended not to see and even wandered off to give the guy a free hand-literally. I gave the guy's dick some nice squeezes but that was it. It was basically just a bit of fun.

So my confession is from almost ten years ago. We went to a sex party where they wanted to women to dress like it was the 80's. I wore platform heels, white thigh high stockings, a tiny black Madonna type skirt, no panties, and a loose cut crop top and no bra. And at my husband's request, I let me bush grow out. I went full 80's just keeping the pussy area bare but the mound trimmed. I teased up my hair, went overboard on the blue eyeshadow and shook my little ass right into that party. I was a hit showing up with an old school bush. Just about every guy ran their fingers through it and more than a few girls too.

I enjoyed being watched that night as I put on a show with a couple of big dicked dudes and enjoyed a couple ladies.

I'm a show off.

My Wife Took Control

My wife and I had a weekend to ourselves so we decided to get a hotel room and go to a strip club that we like. She started drinking wine early and had a good buzz going when we went to the club. We sat by the stage and the waitress came over she was a cute young redhead, my wife loves redheads and started flirting with her. After a couple dancers came out a beautiful redhead hit the stage my wife told me get the ones out i like her. So we fed her bills and she showed her stuff. Every time she came up on another stage my wife followed her like a love sick pup. We stayed until about midnight and walked back to the hotel. I opened the door we stepped in and my wife bent over stuck her ass out and said eat it. I spent the next couple hours eating her ass and pussy finally she told me to jerk off while she watched. Then she went to sleep. I'm usually the dominant one but this was one of my favorite nights I wish she would take control more often.

  • Wife And Two Bikers

    This past weekend my wife and I went away to the mountains to spend a weekend away from the kids while her parents watched them. We stayed at a small lodge and noticed when we got there that there were a lot of motorcycles. There was a big event going on that weekend but we didn’t care as we started to drink and just were happy not to deal with child care for a few days

    I bought her a new vibrator and watched her cum 3 times before pounding her and cumming in her pussy. We then got ready for dinner and she wore her tightest jeans to show off her juicy ass. We ended up drinking even more at dinner and when we got back to the lodge decided to sit outside at the fire pit and drink some more.
    We were joint by two older biker guys, probably in their mid 50s. They were enjoying flirting my wife and she was feeling really good shaking her sexy ass to the music they were playing. By this point I wasn’t feeling too good and told her I needed to go back to the room to lay down.
    She said she was going to be right up so I went up to the room to throw up and then I passed out on the bed.
    I ended waking up like an hour n half later and noticed my wife still wasn’t in the room and when I looked outside saw she wasn’t out there either.

    Our car was still in the parking lot so I walked around the back of the lodge to see if I could locate her. From The lodge on the far side near the woods I could hear a woman moaning pretty loud as the walls were pretty thin. My curiosity got the best of me and when I looked in the window I saw my wife butt ass naked in between the two old biker dudes. They were both a little overweight but had very large and thick cocks. It looked like they had been going at it for awhile as everyone looked quite sweaty. My wife was taking it doggystyle from the one guy while sucking off the other and they alternated as I was watching. I watched for about 10 mins and they both finished and came in her pussy

    First Night With My Girl

    I met my girlfriend back in college 2 years ago through a neutral friend I met in college marching band. Yes. I’m a band geek. We met at a restaurant and hit it off instantly! We went to Walmart and started talking about our personal life and I told her I had a girlfriend and she said she had a boyfriend. We left and went to my dorm and started to watch a movie and one thing led to another and I had my pants off and she was sucking the soul out of my dick! I came in her mouth and she swallowed it all and smiled at me. I pushed her on her back and spread her legs and ate her out. Now, she told me she had a medical condition or something that wouldn’t let me cum. I made her cum twice! She tasted so good. I kissed up her body and got to her ear and whispered, “Your boyfriend just doesn’t know how to treat you.” I teased her with my cock by sticking it in and instantly pulling out. She then started begging for me to fuck her. I obliged and 10 minutes later she cane again this time all over my dick! Few minutes later I was about to cum and told her and she then said, “I’m on the pill. Fucking cum inside me!” I plunged my dick deep inside her and cum so much that it started dripping out of her as soon as I pulled out. The next day, we broke up with our significant others and got together.

    Not The Story We Tell Our Families.

    I had my dick in the woman who is now my wife, before I knew her name. I was at a house party in college and one of my friends told me to come up to the upstairs bathroom. He had a chick bent over the sink, her skirt lifted up and her panties around her knees. She had a sexy low cut tank top with her tits hanging out the top. My buddy was pounding her from behind and looked to me when I got in and said "She said I could call a friend to join in! Lets spitroast her!"

    I pulled out my dick and she started to suck it as best she could while being bounced around from the pounding she was still taking. She was a bridge between our dicks, taking her head back to moan for breif moments and then going back to town getting me rock hard. The first words my lovely wife ever said to me were "Do you have a condom? You can fuck me if you have a condom." I did have one, so I wrapped up and my buddy and I switched spots. She has pretty small tits but is super fit and played soccer in college. She had a nose ring at the time. I was going at her for a little bit and it suddenly started to feel so good and wet and warm. I gave into the sensation and started spraying out my warm jizz. When I knew I had been drained, I pulled my dick out and my heart sank as I looked down and saw a broken condom wrapped around the base of my shaft, and my dick was coated in creamy sex juices. I thought about not saying anything and just leaving, but after a breif internal debate, I asked if she was on the pill. She was and didnt seem to worried at the time so I left and went home.

    About a month and a half later I got a text from an unknown number saying "Is this (my name)? If so we need to talk about what happened at (friend's name)'s party." I confirmed that it was me and she said that she was late on her period, and that I was the only person who had cum inside her recently. We met up to talk about what would happen, and she stated that she was against having an abortion. We got to know eachother the next 2 weeks but then she got her period! Turned out that she was not pregnant. We ended up hanging out more anyways and started dating, and now we are ..(continue confession)

    Got Her Pregnant

    My wife is thirty six and has an amazing personality. She is smart funny witty. Easy to talk to and fun to be around. She is five foot five around one thirty size seven.
    We got new neighbors Tay and wes . i helped um move in things where cool then we bbq together would hang out from time to time.
    They came over on me and Mandy day off. Mandy was seven months pregnant when they moved in.
    Even while pregnant Mandy dressed a little more provocatively around wes and Tay she was slightly flirty giggly and bubbly around wes and tay i just thought it was her being friendly towards new friends.
    From time to time when i came home from work the house smelt slightly musky like sex. So i asked her she showed me a ten inch live skin black dildo. It was the only color they had she explained. I got turned on by watching her toy fuck her her self masturbation with her toy was hot as fuck.
    This kept going her masturbating and me fucking her.
    It was. Hot. Then she gave birth yay my long time fiance who i just consider my wife gave birth happy day. A few day later me mandy and baby Lily ann came home. Two weeks later im having a BBQ. Wes and tay keep hanging on mandy she is blushing and giggling.
    Now president day. I got curious and put in some hidden cameras.
    Its been four months since Lilly birth.
    Her tits are huge swollen with milk her butt is juicy big and her hios are wide she is sexy as hell her body is curvy i cant keep my hands off but she wont have it.
    So one day i pull up my hidden camera on my phone i flip through the rooms living room kitchen Lilly room clear.
    Our room.
    Mandy is putting on thigh highs high heels and her lingerie.
    Wes is sitting on our bed.
    Bring my my pussy snow bunny. Hold on daddy. Make up dune up looking sexy as fuck.
    Wes stand up puts my girl on her knees pulls his dick out and tells her to suck his dick right. Mandy slobbering and jacking his dick off into her mouth working her lips over and his dick into her mouth.
    She sucked his dick and swallows his cum.
    Im not on birth control use a condom mandy says as wes bends her over eating her ass and pussy . without hesitation he puts his massive dick in my wife no condom.
    Nah ..(continue confession)

    New Coworker

    Kind of a odd story . one i was adopted at age six by a black man when my mom got remarried. Two i keep a small circle.

    We hired a new guy at work luther we call him lou. But either way we made good friends quickly same age same shit . grew up in the same area of kansas. But either way we got to hanging out fishing poker bars and pool we both hunt so we go to the range. No static no bullshit or drama.
    Then one day dude at work got off the deep end said some shit that got him fired racist shit. Over a black young man killed by Aurora Colorado police.
    Either way we got off work unlike normal i stopped at my house woth an investigation to smoke a blunt after this bullshit day.
    My wife Maya has met Luther a hand full of times but we have all hung out for extended periods of time.
    Maya was raised in a small-town Kansas. She is pretty cool with everyone. Not racist but wont so much out of fear of being disowned even form a opinion of attraction towards another race.
    My wife is bisexual and i will get damn she is hot only on a white girl so i asked one day. Its cool to be friends but anything is forbidden Maya explained.
    As the night went on we got a call from Ashley the guy we fired long term engaged girlfriend. Both me and my wife think she is attractive. Matt Mr. Im white trash and proud of it. Got arrested for domestic violence. He came home broke the tv threw a bong at her bookshelves coffee table you know big fit and smashed the house.
    Ashley came over we are two blunts in we have ordered stuffed crust pizza its on the way.
    Ashley ate dinner with us we watched a movie smoked a shatter filled blunt.
    After a while we where talking about what happened at work. For a second she tried to take Matt's point of view after we set her straight she heard it from both of us. But both Maya and Ashley where talking out back about white guilt. They both have there point and feeling then maya explained how she was raised and how she could never even look at a black man or she would be disowned.
    It was a minute later Ashley was all Matt called me whore for a year when he found out she gave head to a black man in college.
    We invited the girls in for a ..(continue confession)

    My Wifes New Vibrator

    Me and my wife have been using vibrators for years in the bedroom. I love seeing my wife please herself and i love using it on her as well. We have always used vibrators that are a rabbit style and similar to my average size penis. I am around 6.5 inches and relatively skinny in girth. The past year or so i have been trying to get her to get a bigger toy but she always insists she is fine with what we use. 3 weeks ago she finally allowed me to go to the sex store and pick a new one of my choice. I grabbed a 10.5 inch vibrator that looks like a real cock with the head and veins and all. The first two times we uses it my wife enjoyed having me thrust it in and out of her while laying by her side kissing her neck and breasts. Watching her squirm in pleasure and the occasional pain for 15 minutes i was ready to cum as soon as she touched me afterwards. After the first two experiences went well she let me put the toy in a strap on and wear it. My average penis sticks out the side of it while the 10.5 toy is what i use to have sex with her. We have done it a few times now and sometimes it hurts her but most of the time is just heavy panting and big sighs. The thrusts feel like double of my cock and the girth is almost 3 times that of my cock. The friction using the toy watching her pussy lips be stretched is incredibly hot. What makes it even hotter is that she grips my cock with her hand while i use this monster vibrator to abuse her vagina. I can't get enough of my wife with big toys.

  • Loving My New Husband, My Lord On This Earth

    In my Junior year of college I spent two weeks in village in Ecuador with my church. The lady we talked to, I'll call her Juana her real name, referred to her husband as 'mi Señor', my Lord in English. I reminded her there was only one Lord and that id Jesus Christ. She answered by saying her husband was her Lord on earth. And everyday I was there she treated him like a Lord and Master. I can only say I came home with a sense of her oppression.

    Moving forward to now, I am a college graduate and a junior member of the Finance Department. My boss, 19 years my senior was with me when I made some remarks. He quieted me by putting his fingers on my lips while telling me he was going to parent me, and went on to bawl me out and correct my views. That was the first time I had 'that' feeling. When he got up to leave the room he followed up by telling me he was interfering because he cared about me.

    As the days went on, when he spoke to another young female employee jealousy ran through my heart. He saw it one afternoon and he touched my nose and said 'you are loved'. I lept at the opportunity to fix his coffee, to talk with him, to sit beside him, to walk beside him. My coworkers called me his puppy. I tried to control my impulses but it was no use.

    On a lunch occasion, we were in a booth, I was smarting from being left out of a meeting. He pointed to the cashier, not her he said, pointing to woman in another booth, not her he said again, pointed to a woman who had just sat down, not her either he said. It's you, but as long as you are a child you are going to get your feelings hurt.

    He is my Lord in earth, where he goes I shall go, I put my hand in his hand. I understand Juana now and it makes me happy that she too has her Lord on earth. I will grow up and be molded in his hands to be the woman he wants me to be.