Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Double Play

Making out with my sexy wife today and talking about stuff we've done and stuff we might like to do.
I told her about something I saw in a porn vid where a hot wife was sucking off her hubby and a friend. Not so extraordinary, lots of girls suck off two guys and eventually move on to double penetration or spit roasting.
What was unique was this wife was sucking the two (average sized) dicks together. At once. Fit both cock heads into her mouth and jerked them.
So that's a possible adventure for me and my wife and a friend. See if we can fit both cocks into her lips at once.
She's up ..(continue confession)

His Values

We were happy, or so I thought. Our sex life was good, yet still he asked the same question.

Time after time I said no, and time after time he'd try again.
Eventually my resolve wore thin and I acceded to his wish.
He chose a young man, Calum, to share our bed. I know I am attractive and I know men and women look my way and think of deflowering me. Until Calum I was true to my husband, our marriage and my beliefs.

That night two men, one my husband fucked me. There was no love making. I was fucked in my mouth, my pussy and my arsehole. I tried not to ..(continue confession)

My Wife Fucked A Family Friend

When every my dad visits i let my wife sleep in his room.
Im 35
My wife April lynn is 28
Jimmy is 56 my dad
It started two years ago we where all drunk and mom had just past i asked April to comfort him and it ended with sex over night dad was happy no longer depressed
Now at 28 April lynn visits dad daily she comes home used and well fucked i like it i have a low sex drive and not as big
Dad is a machine hung like a moose April and him have two kids i raise
I buy her lingerie and shoes for her adventures tonight she has been gone ..(continue confession)

My Wife Fucked A Family Friend

Glenna is 33 5ft 6in shoulder length blond hair it naturally curls at the ends. She weighs 140 pounds. Voluptuous with curves in the right places. She has a beautiful school girl doll face.
That said she has a killer body 32D up turn breasts with little gum drop nipples. Wide hips beautiful mid drift and stomach. Thick ass beautiful legs.
I went to the meat market and store to pick up ribs and stakes then to the store for photo salad stuff mac and cheese and okra bbq with a friend from out of town
Terence or Terry and me went to college together rented a house together lived together during college.
Terry was us army artillery ..(continue confession)

First Assfuck

My wife finally let me anally penetrate her.
Well... kinda.
She was damn near passed out drunk while we were fucking. I decided to try my luck and finger her asshole which is normally something she hates but this time she didnt even flinch.
I worked my well lubed index finger through her resistant sphincter and then inched it to it's full length into her. Her leg twitched and her ring tightened on my finger.
I knew then and there that I had to have her ass.
My penis was rock hard as I lubed it and her.
When I mounted her she resisted but couldnt break through her drunken haze.
After several ..(continue confession)


I had not seen my best friend from college for several Months because of social distancing. My wife Heather and I invited Scott to spend the weekend to hang out at our house and pool. Scott and I were sitting out talking and drinking while Heather decided to lay out and catch some rays. Heather was wearing a cute bikini and was laying on her stomach. As usual, she undid her straps to avoid tan lines on her back. I teasingly walked over and grabbed her top away from her not worried about exposing her because she was laying on a towel.

After about ten minutes she switches from her stomach to her back giving us guys a ..(continue confession)

My Stepdad And Drunk Wife

My dad adopted at age 6 he is black and military.
He came to stay with us during something we was doing for work. At 64 Evan my dad looks 40 strong 6ft even. I know he is well hung caught him and my mom a few times.
One night while drunk i lisa 27 my girlfriend works as a receptionist secretary at a real estate office was turned on heavily and got flirty with me and Evan.
Evan and my mom are divorced now days but he's still my dad.
Black skirt light purple button up shirt black suit jacket long brown hair pulled back sitting on the couch i look at Evan you can fuck Melissa if you ..(continue confession)

Just Curious

Is anyone else married, but you just feel so...... alone?
It seems like he never pays attention to me, never wants to have sex, never wants to touch me even non sexually, never talks to me, he's in his phone 24-7 reading fanfics.... i don't know. I love him. And I cant leave, for financial and other reasons. But I just wish I had someone to talk to. Someone to make me feel.... wanted sometimes. I don't exactly mean sexually, but at 25, that would be nice. Does that make me a bad person?

Best Wife

My wife and i are crazy in love with each other...
She is 35 , fit tight curvy body, perfect curves and figure.
I am 25 with an average sized penis (6")
She was virgin when we got married 2 years ago
For the last 2 years we have sex every night (except her periods, even then she gives me a nice bj or hj)
She likes to sleep holding my penis in her grip
She takes care of my penis like its her baby... Always holding me in a firm grip and squeeze it time to time no matter i am hard or not
The best thing is that during sleep, when i get hard n erect and ..(continue confession)

Wife Shows Off

My wife Jessica and I love to take mini vacations. We will choose a town within 300 miles and just drive. We never have reservations or a clue what we are going to do. We both find it very relaxing.

Jessica is usually very conservative but when we get out of town the bra comes off and the attitude changes. We arrived to a small town out of Kansas City and ended up staying at a holiday inn.

I snuck in my suit case a completely see through teddy. My hope was to get her to wear it before bed. I jumped into the shower to clean up to take her out to dinner and drinks. When ..(continue confession)