Does your spouse have hidden a hidden past? Does your spouse have secrets, or skeletons in their closets that you've just uncovered? Did you see or witness something you shouldn't have? Are there thing about your spouse that you would never admit to knowing? This is the place to confess all those things about your spouse that you need to get off your chest.

Wife Lives Out Her Fantasy!

My wife, Liz, just turned 65 three weeks ago. We’ve been together for 38 years and neither of us have ever cheated…to my knowledge. We’ve shared our past sex lives and even fantasies over the years, we’ve role played from time to time. But a while back, at the end of a night drinking together, she confessed she has had a fantasy for a long time that she’s never fulfilled…to have sex with a black man. I asked if she had anyone in mind, she did not. She said she’s just always wondered how it would be and likes the contrast of black and white skin.

We discussed this for a bit, I suggested a few guys I knew but none were right. She wanted a dark skinned man and he had to be a horny SOB. She didn’t want anyone who wasn’t really into it. She’s a bit overweight but has great tits and nice smile. Still, finding someone wasn’t easy due to her age. Many men our age can’t perform and trying to discuss this with them is awkward at best.

I took my F150 to the dealership a few weeks after our initial conversation and dropped it off for repair. We’ve done business with this dealership for years because they always give me a loaner. But this day they didn’t have one so their Porter, Derrick, drove me home. Jimmy is a young black guy around 5’6” tall and very skinny. He probably weighs 150 at most and is VERY dark skinned. This got me thinking about how to see if he was interested. We talked on the drive about his personal life, he’s single, lives at home still and wasn’t dating anyone. He did indicate that he was frustrated at not having a girlfriend and commented that because he didn’t have a good job and lives with his mother that women just weren’t interested.

I returned to the shop a few days later and asked him to pick Liz up when the truck was ready. I then told Liz to wear a low cut blouse and no bra when he showed up. She agreed but thought it was a waste of time. But that night she laughed as she told me Derrick kept staring at her tits and followed her all the way to the cashier’s desk talking to her. I knew then I had he was interested, now I had to see if she was and figure out how to make it happen.

I asked Liz what she thought of Derrick. She said he was a bit young but definitely thought he was horny enough. She wasn’t attracted to him but admitted the thought of someone without much experience for her first black fuck was exciting. So, for the next 2 months I found reasons for one of our vehicles to go to the shop. Each time I had Liz drop off and had Derrick pick her up and she always wore revealing clothes. Then, I had Liz call Derrick one afternoon and told him her battery was dead and asked him to come and jump Star her vehicle. He readily agreed and when he arrived and got her started she hugged him and invited him to dinner to thank him.

The next night he arrived at 8:00 and was wearing a tie! He looked like a kid on his first date and seemed nervous. I ushered him in and pored us all a drink. Liz had made enchiladas and managed to get sauce on her shirt so she went to change. I poured Derrick another drink and told him I’d be back in a minute, I was going to buy a pack of cigarettes. When I left, Liz came out wearing a sheer short set with no underwear. She told me he was nervous so she had to make the move but he quickly got into it. I left them alone for an hour and a half and when I returned he was gone. Liz said he came the first time on her leg as soon as he saw her naked. But he got hard again quickly and she finally had her black cock. While she enjoyed it, she wants a more experienced man to try. Derrick just didn’t know how to please a woman.

  • She’s A Lady

    My woman is average in looks, could lose 25-30 pounds but knows she’s married to a highly sexed man who is very attractive. We share a sense of humour and are both very much into football and MMA and each other.
    WE’ve been married for 20 years and happily. Very happy.
    Many a woman has told me that her and I are an odd couple, often making mention how I could have done much better.
    I beg to differ.
    Looks wise I can see what they’re saying but my wife is so much more than her outer shell.
    For one we never leave the house without a kiss. My wife kisses my penis goodbye every morning before I leave for work. I soak my facial hair in her pussy juice every day even if it be for a minute or three. Her and I have sex life that others can only dream of. We have made love in every way and everywhere. She is very free with her body and nudity. We have had threesomes, foursomes a few times but just the two of us is all we need having experimented but found no reason for more of that. I’m a lucky man to have her.

    Oh, How He Loves Her, Let Me Count The Ways

    During college my husband had a girlfriend, but I'm the one that got pregnant. She and I are 36 now, she is still his girlfriend. I've watched him kiss her, have sex with her. That's why she can never leave him. I'm attached because of the children, he never makes love to me the way he does with her. I'm the wife, bought and paid for. She's the girlfriend and he can't afford to lose her. And when he's intent on keeping her, he's a tiger and she's his prey.

  • Wife And I Ended Up Swinging On Vacation In Cancun

    My wife and I both very fit and in my biased opinion, attractive people. We were on a trip in Cancun and I got some new swimsuits, one had Pineapples on but I didn't realize that was a code for 'swinging' when I got them. When we got there I was sizing up the other guys, its true that when you start lifing you get more non sexual attention from men, than you attract women. Guys want to know your routines and diet, etc... and I have noticed myself that I look at other guys just to gauge if I'm stronger or not. I saw one dude on the first day who popped out because he was so built and so I had the quick shame of not being the strongest guy at the resort. My attention quickly turned from him to his wife though, She was a perfect 10, she was a tan blonde, skinny body with a round ass and some big but not overwhelming fake boobs.

    Next morning I saw him in the resort gym and we chatted briefly. That day I put my pineapple swimsuit on and we ran into them again at the main pool bar. Him and his wife came up to me to chat at the poolside bar and we hit it off. My wife and I were doing shots with them, drank tons of margaritas and we were all pretty hammered. They started telling us about how their room had a personal pool and ocean view and invited us back to it. We were still ignorant of their intentions, but I could tell my wife liked his looks, and I had probably been drunkenly staring at his wife's rack a dozen times. We went to go check out this private ocean view pool and on the way stopped at one of the many included resort bars and got 2 bottles of champagne.

    Their room was super nice, and as soon as we got out to their secluded little ocean view pool and deck area they both got naked saying "We don't need to wear these up here" and then got into the pool. My wife and I were a bit more hesitant but the booze inspired me to be a goof and I pulled one of the strings on her top, dropped my trunks, and jumped in. They were getting pretty handsy with each other and my wife and I were just playing like drunk, naked kids in a pool. They asked us "So have you guys done this before?" I figured they meant skinny dipping, but they clarified that they thought we wanted to have group sex because of my swimsuit and then our connection throughout the day. My wife and I had a quick sidebar and decided to live it up in Cancun.

    We weren't quite sure where to start things, but they helped ease us in. They told us to watch them and then feel free to jump in wherever and whenever we wanted. We migrated into their room and they got on the bed and she was riding him cowgirl. My wife and I sat on the edge of the bed and I gently rubbed her clit while she gave me a slow stroke. I told my wife to feel his abs and that I was going to feel up her boobs.

    I got a big handful of her tits and my wife was feeling up his pecs and abs. He reached out and gently grabbed my wife's boob and his wife put her hand around my cock. His wife then took over and asked if we all wanted to try a setup. She went reverse cowgirl on her husband, she told me to stand infront of her, and my wife to sit on her husbands face. I could tell my wife was starting to get into it now, and the night went on with us rotating through these positions. Another position we did was the girls essentially got into a 69 position, and then the other guy and I would kneel between their legs on opposite ends. This was the position that got me off because I was in my wife, but the other woman's head was right below my balls and she started to suck them. I came in my wife, and then I was done and exhausted. The other guys still needed to cum though and his wife suggested that her and my wife blow him together. They did and he ended up finishing on both of their faces. They invited us back the next night but we told them it was a one time thing for us but that it was alot of fun.

    Big Cock For Her Birthday

    It was my wife's birthday, I took her out to dinner and we had a few drinks. While we were talking a friend of mine from the gym came over and said hello to us. I introduced Jim my buddy to my wife Mary and asked him to join us for a drink. Jim caught my wife's attention right away as he was a big man, 6'-4", muscular, handsome, and black with a noticeable bulge in his trousers. Soft spoken and intelligent with a good sense of humor. Mary was a beautiful, sexy woman, 5'-6", 120 lbs, long red hair down past her shoulders slim waist and tight ass and fun to be with. Jim was just as impressed by my wife as she was with him.

    They talked up a storm and it was getting late so I invited Jim to come home with us for more drinks and socializing to which he happily agreed. After we arrived at our home I made us all drinks while Mary and Jim continued to hit it off. Soon the conversation got around to sex and Mary asked Jim if it was true that black men had the biggest cocks? Jim took Mary's hand and put it on his cock and said judge for yourself. Mary's mouth gaped open saying I can't believe how big it is!!! its huge !! Jim said you should see it when its hard! Mary continued to hold Jim's cock as it got hard showing his full size of 12" long and thick as a beer can, then looked over to me and asked can i ? I said certainly, happy birthday dear, enjoy your present at which point Mary's face showed pure joy and the biggest smile I'd ever seen.

    Mary smiled at Jim and said I've never had a big cock or sex with a black man before. Jim laughed and replied that he was going to change that tonight. He undressed my wife while kissing her breast and worked his way down to her pussy. Mary took him by the cock and led him to our bedroom. She lay on the bed, spreading her legs wide exposing her hot wet pussy. She looked over to me and said thank you I love my present. Jim went to work on her pussy with his tongue and fingers, stretching her open in preparation for his huge cock. Mary came almost immediately, soon Jim moved into position between her legs and inserted his huge cock deep into her pussy. Mary cried out in extasey saying "it's so big" oh shit, oh shit, yes fuck me with that big cock, fuck me hard!!! Mary started pumping her pelvis to meet Jim's thrusts and had a huge climax, exclaiming she loved the way Jim' s big cock felt inside her!

    As they continued to fuck Mary became more excited and was moaning loudly, thrashing about, and started swearing , then said she was cuming again. Mary continued to experience multiple climaxes and was making all kinds of sounds I never heard her make before!! She was in sexual heaven and worked up hotter than I'd ever seen her. Jim was making sure he was fucking Mary for all he was worth. It was amazing to watch, so hot that I came from watching them. They fucked for a good 30 minutes when Jim started to pump faster and made his own noises as he exploded into Mary's pussy filling it with his cum. She came with him and collapsed from exhaustion, Jim laid there for several seconds and rolled off her revealing a destroyed pussy with the biggest gaping hole I'd ever seen, within a minute his cum started to leak out of her pussy, it was a site to see.

    Mary smiled at me and said " best damm present ever!!!!" I had both my first BBC and another man in my pussy tonight, it was phenomenal and I loved it, i want to fuck Jim again! Jim laughed and said anytime. Jim got dressed while Mary remained naked then we returned to the kitchen and had a drink to celebrate Mary's birthday and her first big cock from another man. Minutes later Mary walked Jim out to the porch still naked and kissed him goodbye, I think Mary wanted the neighbors to know what she had just done.. As Mary walked back into the house she was still smiling with Jim's cum running down both her legs. She laughed saying he really filled my pussy up, I look forward to him doing it again.

    We talked quite awhile about the nights event and Mary expressed how much she enjoyed fucking Jim, the way he completely filled her pussy and stretched her out was exceptionally satisfying and more gratifying than any sex she'd had before. It was super stimulating and the most intense sensations she's ever felt in her pussy. It went way beyond what she had imagined it would be like. She's so glad I made it happen for her. I told Mary that watching her fuck Jim was super hot and really turned me on, I wanted to watch her fuck more big cocks! She smiled brightly and said she's looking forward to it. I told her I wanted her to be a complete slut when it came to fucking other mens big cocks and she said she'd make it her mission to p!ease me as well as herself. So we began a new lifestyle of sexual exploration and gratification and Mary getting her pussy stuffed and stretched out.

  • Casual Masturbation

    A couple of nights ago I couldn’t sleep and was reading. After a while my wife was awake as well. She says to me “ I need to use my vibrator to go back to sleep, do you mind? “ I say “ of course not, do you want any help?” “ No I don’t think so” she replied. With that she gets out her wand and her lube and starts her routine. Of course I am now distracted from my reading as I watch and listen to my wife pleasuring herself. She reaches for and rubs my dick for a while to help her mood. But is soon back to concentrating on her own self. Well when in Rome. So I start to do the same. After about 10 minutes I hear her getting close. When I hear her say “ Oh yeah that’s it!” I cum as well.
    Shortly she is snuggled up, content and back asleep. As I lie there and start to drift off myself I can’t help to think after 30 plus years together how lucky we are to be our selves without judging, be open about our needs in the moment and help each other. Some times we have very intense long lasting sex sessions then other times very casual easygoing meeting the needs of one or the other.

    Thank You Misses Jarvis

    My wife and I just celebrated our Anniversary. We went to the coast for the weekend leaving our boys with my parents. We come from a small town mostly farming community. I took over my dad large family farm. In our town if you stay your working in some form of farming. My senior year in high school is when I met my now wife. She was a slender dirty blond women who had just graduated from college and was working at our high school as our computer teacher and Girls Volleyball coach. First day I saw her she was in a snug fitted shirt she had small boobs maybe a b cup long skinny torso that went down to a curvy hips and some thick thighs. Her Ass stuck out naturally she looked hot as fuck to be honest. Every guy flirted with her as did I. I had her had her class at the end of the day and I made it a point to let her know that I wanted her. I actually asked her out once and all she did was sample and say can’t thanks but can’t. After being in her class for a while she opened up to me telling me her age where she grew up. We would have conversations during class while everyone else fucked around on the computer. PCs where new to us so keeping everyone occupied was easy. During Christmas break I ran into her at the local shopping center and spent a few hours talking and finally got her to let me buy her lunch. I told her it was our first date she said not to call it that. By the end of our first date we where having a nice conversation in her car and I was running my hand on he thighs and kissing her. I never pushed anything at school but we would hook up after school and a few times after school in her classroom. I graduated and 7 months later she popped our first kid. The school asked her to resign which she did. She was the 3 rd girl I ever had sex with bit the first that let me into he rear. So almost 20 years together 2 kids and lots of sex thank you Miss Jarvis. Her ass is still tight. Her ability to ride me makes me cum hard and fast. Her little high pitch voice long legs and seeing her asshole pucker always gets me. I wanted to thank my wife for being such a hot piece of ass.

    I Accepted My Wife As A Slut And Made The Best Of It

    Before I married my wife Mary Beth she told me she was a slut, she told me she'd had lots of cock of all colors and didn't want to stop fucking other men. She said she loved fucking different men every chance she got and if we were going to be a couple then I had to accept her fucking ways cause there's no way she can be happy just fucking one guy, even if its her husband. I told her I could live with that and so we got married. True to her word she had several extremely well hung black guys fuck her thoroughly on our wedding night, just as a preview of how our life together was going to be. I didn't object but instead cheered her on! She was shocked and excited by my reaction to her behavior.

    She didn't realize that I had a fetish about watching her fuck other men and absolutely loved watching her in action. We were made for each other! So our marriage started out with her getting banged multiple times with giant cocks and I getting the stretched out sloppy cum filled pussy which I thoroughly enjoyed, I love fucking loose cum filled pussy. I told her that I had one request, that she lets me watch and video her escapades. She happily agreed and I made a spare room into a movie set for videoing her in action.

    I set up a subscription web site and used her cravings to made her a very popular internet porn star, we made lots of money, she was very busy. She was extremely happy getting paid to fuck big well hung men., it was a dream cum true for us both. She told me how she was never truly satisfied and always craving more sex and she was a size queen as well requiring huge cocks to get her off and how this endeavor really helped her needs. I told her that it was fine, I understood and it made for better video her enjoying the really big cocks. I told her that I really did love her even though she couldn't be true to me, I supported her needs and accepted her as she is, that's why I married her and I would always be there for her, not to worry but enjoy herself and continue to be the slut I loved.

    After several years we had invested the money wisely and decided to sell off the web site to a group of investors. They got new stars and continued on profitably so everyone was happy. Mary Beth continued to fuck at least three men a week as she was still much in demand and very desirable, she was known as an exceptional lover, having honed her skills fucking over a hundred different men with great gusto and enjoyment, she was a slut in every sense of the word and prided herself in her abilities to satisfy any man. Our life has slowed down but the sex is still good and I still enjoy fucking her well used cum filled pussy. I don't believe she's ever going to change but that's part of why I love her so much. As I said earlier, we're made for each other.

    My Girlfriend Now Makes Me Lick Her Used Pussy

    It started because I cheated on her, she found out and fucked the absolute shit out of me. I thought I was off the hook but I wasn't. After she straddled me, moved up to my mouth and told me the clean her up, to lick it all up. I wouldn't do it and she said it was no problem but that was the last time I was seeing her naked. I started licking. Then after the fourth time doing that she came in and told me she'd gotten even, and to lay on the bed. She straddled me and I could taste some other guys sperm in her pussy. While I was licking she told me all about him, and what they did. She then said we were both even, but I still have to clean her up anytime and everytime.

    I now have to lick her clean evertime we fuck, and she loved it, she cums from it even sometimes spanking my cock or my ass with a riding crop. Then last night she came out and when I raised her nightgown, a silicone cock popped out. "SUCK IT" she yelled. I love her, I think she's beautiful so I sucked it. She said tonight I'm getting fucked by it.

    regretting the few times with an inferior looking and inferior fucking girl.

  • Putting On A Show At A College Party

    When my wife and I just started dating in college, we were banging like bunnies. I think we probably averaged above 3 times a day. One night we were at a party and we're making out on a beanbag chair and getting very handsy. She worked her head down my body and pulled my dick out and started sucking me infront of 20 or so people. We started to get everyone's attention and at first she was so lost in the moment she forgot we were at a party but then she started to embrace the crowd and so did I. Some of the guys started telling her to sit on it and so she stood up, dropped her pants, and saddled up on my cock. This was early in the smartphone era so not everyone had one yet, but there were definately some people recording it. Her roomate showed up to take us home but the crowd was cheering "let him cum". So I came on her face and then we went back to her dorm.