You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)

Discovering My Gay Side

As part of my job I routinely spent a few days at the home office in Dallas. I stayed at a fine hotel downtown as a regular. My habit was to get a nightcap in the bar. On that night a high dollar hooker was there. a friend of the bar tender, and in time she maneuvered to get me into a conversation.

A man sat beside me and when the lady got up to freshen up he leaned over and whispered that anything she could do he could do better. My first reaction was to dismiss him, the lady came back and the bartender put a new drink in front of me, on the coaster was one word "VICE", with an arrow pointing to my left. It was my warning, I got up and left. At the elevator the man got on, flashed his badge, apologized, and said the offer stood.

We talked, he assured me he was experienced, he found me attractive, enough so that he handed me his badge. In the room we talked, like me divorced, he worked undercover for a long time and tripped on his gay side by accident. He transferred to Vice hoping to get hookers off their circuit, move them along to another town. And from time to time, hook up with a man to his liking.

He was methodical, set up the bed with towels, had me lay back and he gave me a massage, paying attention to my cock, with his hands and mouth. He had some lube with him, it took some convincing to let him massage my anus, and my prostate. During my prostate massage he took my cock in his mouth and took me to a happy ending.

No money. that's illegal. He left me a card with a name on it and a number, leave a message and the name and he would know it was me. He would come to the room. It's been five years, we have become friends, he has his gay side, he found mine. During these five years he has gotten me to let him use his cock on me, it a lot better than a bony finger. I look forwards to it. It is the ultimate night cap.

A Little Show

I'm interning right now and I got assigned to a file room to reorganize records. It's not glamorous but it pays well.

The first day, I'm in the file room with one other guy, a little older and a full time employee. I was just in a dress shirt and skirt to my knees. I caught the guy, Matt, staring at my ass a few times. I purposely bent over and moved around to see how much he was checking me out, and it was constant. Matt, by the way, is married with a ring on.

The next day I wore a skirt well above my knees but still appropriate for work. I flashed him a few times then sat knees on the floor and pulled my skirt up so he could see my underwear while I moved files in the drawers. I got a great view that day. My panties were a little see-through and I have brown hair. I shave, but you can still see a strip of hair.

The third of moving files would be the last. I wore a skirt that I probably shouldn't wear to work but I am young enough no one really said anything. I didn't wear underwear. I gave Matt a lot of peeks that morning and let my skirt ride up when I was kneeling. I knew he could see everything. He invited me to lunch. We got fast food then he parked away form other cars and fingered me in his passenger seat and we made out. I came on his hand a couple o f times. I asked if he wanted to go on a date and he said he couldn't get away form his wife.

I Enjoy Exhibiting And Masturbating

During my early years in public accounting I spent six weeks in Boston. During my stay I was housed in a midpriced high rise apartment close to public transportation to get to and from the clients office. My apartment bedroom window looked across the alley to the bedroom window in the sister building. The windows were curtained or had blinds. My apartment had blinds.

One night after going to bed I noticed an apartment where the lights were on and the blinds were open and I could see the lady getting ready for bed. I watched until they turned off the lights.

Being alone and horny I masturbated a lot and that night while I was stroking away I decided to turn on the bed lamp and open the blinds. And I masturbated to someone watching. That night and the rest of the nights until my assignment was over.

My career has required much travel, motels, hotels, in NY, Amsterdam, Mexico City, I continued to keep the lights on, keep the curtains open, masturbate, watch porn, or just stand naked by the window. Someone's watching.

Even More Obsessed With My Boss' Cock

So... after the confession I posted yesterday (Obsessed with my boss' cock) I realized at this point I have nothing to lose by letting my boss know how attracted I am to him. It's so distracting, and I haven't felt this way (so horny) for as long as I can remember. This morning I came into the office (we mostly work from home now unless we have a reason to be at the office but he goes in everyday).

I went into his office and closed the door and asked to talk to him. I made a point of dressing well to show off some of my "assets." I said I needed to get straight to the point and said I was very attracted to him and could not stop thinking about it. He was quiet for a second, but then said he was attracted to me as well but for obvious reasons never said anything.

I noticed he was starting to get hard, his bulge was even more noticeable than usual. I asked him if I could touch his cock, and he said yes. All I could do at first was just run my hand over his bulge, and I may as well have been having sex for the first time... I felt so wet and crazy and wanted to him to fuck me in every conceivable hole. Instead I just kept stroking and felt him get harder and harder. I could feel it throbbing through his pants.

He said we were risking getting carried away and getting caught, and that we should meet somewhere else at another time if we were going to do this. Of course at this point I agree. I asked him if I could just touch it a bit more through his pants, and he said yes. I got to my knees and stroked his bulge, then licked and kissed it all over through his pants. With how long i have been holding this in, this drove me crazy. Judging from the way his cock reacted, he felt the same.

At this point he got nervous and said we should stop. He said he will call me to set up a meeting... I am so crazy excited. I don't know what he wants to do to me, but I loved feeling his hard cock respond to me and finally knowing once and for all I can have him...

Now all I can think about it the smell and feel of his package, how hard he got for me, how hard his cock throbbed. I'm going to touch myself right after I am done submitting this. This situation is so hot and sharing it makes it feel even hotter. I hope he fucks me senseless. I hope he jerks off thinking about all the nasty things he would like to do to me. I love knowing that I turn men on.

I Feel Like I'm Back Where I Belong

I met Sam at work, he joined us to head up supply chain. A quiet enough man in his mid fifties we got along from the beginning. After a short time we were lunching together, we had become work buddies. During one of our many discussions he mentioned this bar and grill that had opened in his ne8ghborhood. We decided to go there for a long lunch break do to the distance.

I drove that day, the grill was nice enough, not overly crowded. Sam explained it was an after work place. He invited me to see where he lived, a nice enough two bedroom townhouse. He gave me the two cent tour, a bachelor pad. He confessed that a designer had put his hand on the decoration. He suggested, after we got back in the car to come on Friday night, when things got hopping.

Friday brought out the real essence of the place, a biker's watering hole, blue collars, the rough and tough types. By nine the nice boys showed up. This was an out and out gay bar. Sam asked if I was uncomfortable, not really I was curious. I had figured out Sam was a regular, and probably gay himself. We nursed our beers, talking was easy. When he suggested we go back to his house I had to accept why.

Sam knew I was a 48 year old novice at this, he took me through the steps one at a time, when I had a mouth full of cock his eyes said it all. We got in his hot tub, stripped down to 8ur birthday suits, soon we were in an embrace, kissing away, two middle aged guys pushing 220 a piece. He was hungry, getting hungrier, I wanted him to go for the gold. In my many sexual encounters I had not felt the need to just be overwhelmed, I let him walk me back to his room, we dried off with big hot towels, he took the lead and I followed.

Sam and I are best of friends, I confessed him that when I was a kid in my teens I messed around with a friend, and a couple of times with History teacher from the high school. I liked it then, I like it now, now that I've met Sam.

  • Obsessed With My Boss' Cock

    Seriously, literally obsessed. I started my job as his assistant about a year ago now. The first thing I noticed was how good he smelled when he introduced himself to me, and his deep sexy voice and good looks. But later on in the day, I saw him leaning in such a way that I could see his bulge. I'm not looking to create any trouble for myself, so I looked away, but every day I can't help but look back at it again.

    I don't know what is about him, but he makes me want to things I've never thought about before. I am fairly reserved in most situations and I've been fairly vanilla in bed. But him.... not a day goes by where I don't wish I could just strut into his office, strip for him, and give him the fuck of his life. I can't go to meetings without wishing I was under the table, sucking his cock and caressing his balls.

    I want to please him in every conceivable way. I would let him do anything he wanted at this point. He's got a huge cock, and he's been working out and his arms always look amazing no matter what he wears. It takes all my will not to walk over to him and just get on my knees and take him all the way down my throat.

    It makes me feel like such a desperate whore but I almost don't care anymore. At this point I am addicted to his cock and I won't be able to hold myself back anymore. I don't want to risk my job, but I just can't take it anymore. All I can do is masturbate at night thinking about his bulge and wishing I could find out what lays inside his pants. Wishing I could feel his growing muscles and have him show himself off to me.

    At this point I know I'm a whore, I want to be a whore for him, I even think about fucking his friends too if he wanted, or having a threesome with him and his wife. Now I love being told what a whore I am, before I never would have imagined, but I guess lust does strange things to the mind.

    Swim At Bosses Condominium

    I was at my boss's condominium helping him with some work. His condo has a swimming pool and he suggested we take a break and go for a swim. I didn't have a swimsuit with me and his wife told me they have some spares that I could borrow. She handed me a pair that fit relatively well but I was a little concerned they might be a little loose. It was only me and her there when she took it upon herself to check. She put her finger in the waistband of the swimsuit and pulled it out to see how loose it was. First it was the side of the swimsuit she quickly pulled out and then the front. The front she pullout longer and she was taking a good look down into it. She then went behind me and put 2 fingers, about 8 inches apart, and pulled out and somewhat down. She took a longer than usual look at my ass which she was exposing. She then went back to my front and put 2 fingers in the waistband like she had with my backside. She pulled out and down and my cock was fully exposed to her. She starred at it and and then looked me in the eyes before she pulled them right down to my ankles. She told me I looked nice and to pull them up. She told me it best that we just keep this between us as her husband wouldn't like me exposing myself to her like this. I told her it was her that pulled my swimsuit down. She asked who I thought he would believe and she smiled.

    My boss finally joined us and only me and him we went for a swim and nothing was said about what she did. We walked down to the pool in just our swimsuits as he said the pool supplies towels .

    We came back from the swim and right away his wife asked if those were wet referring to our swimsuits. He said yes and took his off. He told me to hand her mine too but told me to turn my back to her first so she doesn't see what she shouldn't. He said she would get me a towel and that he was going for a shower and then left me naked with his wife. It was like deja-vu all over again. The towel she was supposed to get me didn't arrive before she had some fun with me first. She took me to the kitchen, had me stand in front of the sink facing it, told me to start stroking and that I can make a mess into the sink. I refused. She told me it was only going to be between me and her. I refused again. She said my job depended on it. I gave in and did what she asked. She intently watched as I stroked my cock and shot my load into the sink. It was cleaned up before her husband got out of the shower and in just the nick of time.

    He found us in the kitchen together. I was using my hands to cover my junk and he asked why I didn't have a towel yet. She said I asked about having a shower and we were waiting for him to finish. He laughed. Said I must be pretty stressed out and embarrassed being this way in front of his wife. His wife made a comment that I accidentally flashed myself to her a few times. He laughed and said she must have loved that. He told me not to worry as things happen and we were all adults. He then tells me since she already saw a few flashes why bother covering up. He says "Come on" and then orders me to remove my hands. He that says "Didn't you hear me? Remove your hands." He didn't know what happened earlier but now I was naked in front of his wife again. He told me to go have my shower now which I did.

    I showered and both him and his wife came in as I did. They talked to me as I showered and soaped myself up. It was embarrassing as it was a shower stall with clear glass walls and doors. They could see everything I was doing. His wife must have been loving this as she got a cum show earlier and now she was getting a shower show.

    I finished, got dressed and left. His wife always teased me about that day and what she had me do and what she saw.


    I’ve been doing coke allll night.

    The Pandemic Has Curtailed My Travels

    The company I worked for bought a company with offices in Rio de Janeiro. I was asked to be the one to go down and work on the integration of the companies. Although I did not speak Portuguese, the senior staff spoke English so language was not a barrier. Their attitude was, they did not appreciate being bought and they gave me the cold shoulder except to answer specific questions.

    On the first weekend I was there I took Sunday off to do some sight seeing. I hired a car from the hotel and asked the driver to take me around. The driver, a nice man who spoke very good English did his best to show the high points and accompanied me up Sugar Loaf and to the Christ on the hill. On the way back to the hotel after several hours of sightseeing he asked if I wanted to relax, he knew of many places where I would be made to feel at home.

    I thought for a minute and decided to ask for what had only been a fantasy, I told him if there was a place where I could see male strippers. I had only seen these on the internet but not in real life. He agreed and we set to meet up around eleven that night on the street beside the hotel and he would take me. He picked me up in a rented car, not the hotel's car, and I sat up front with him and talked a bit, I confessed to him that it was a fantasy and reassured me that I would enjoy this place.

    The place was a cabaret, with dancers on stage, tables in dim corners, all sorts of young men, most in good physical condition, with naked butts and a sock on their cocks. We sat at one of the dimly lit tables, I gave him a wad of money to hire the boys to come dance. He flagged down boy after boy, told them to dance for me, to use their cocks to slap my face, to let me touch and hold their cocks, to get on their knees and suck on my cock. He reassured me that in this club there were not limits. At other tables boys were being fucked, sucking off other men, having their cocks sucked. I sucked a boy from Paraguay. We stayed for three hours before leaving, I had to work in the morning and we went back to the hotel.

    Before dropping me off he asked how I had liked it and I told him it was an experience. He asked if their was a special experience I was looking for, maybe something more private. I told him that I had always fantasized being with a man who knew his way around the bedroom, a man who would fuck me. He promised to set it up.

    On Thursday he left a message for me at the hotel, he would come by around ten that evening and pick me up on the corner in a white car. We went to a restaurant and met a man there, in his forties, well dressed. The three of us had dinner, and wine. We left, the three of us in the car and we went to a private apartment. The man undressed me, sucking on my cock for a while, he kissed me on the mouth and got undressed himself offering me his cock to suck. The driver stood by, watching and then pulling on his cock as he watched.

    We got on the bed, kissed and touched, fingered and kissed some more. The man asked me to get on my knees and bend down and he washed my backside and using a heavy lubricant stood behind me and fucked. It felt good, no names, no strings. After he finished the driver got behind me and fucked me too. Now there were names and strings. And pictures taken by the man we met for dinner. He shared them all around, but these pictures were on two phones, not just mine. Welcome to Brazil.

    After the company took over and set a manager in place, I recommended my hotel driver for a job as the driver for the manager and his family at a very nice salary. Often enough I traveled to Rio, and late at night I met up with the driver, sucked on his Brazilian cock, bent over and took his cock up my ass. Sometimes he spent the night, most of the nights we spent kissing and just having naked body contact together. Most of the nights he fucked.

    With the Pandemic travel to Brazil has stopped, the manager's family recalled home and my friend the driver hanging on to his job, me defending why it is important for the manager not to drive himself. It's been a year now since I have been able to meet up with him, I miss his cock, I enjoy his cock, his pictures of his cock are not enough. There are many pictures of his cock in my ass, short videos which we enjoyed making and sharing. But that is not enough, I need a trip to Rio, I need to be naked together. Zoom and jerking off is just not good enough.

  • My Secret Life

    I took a job in internal audit and was assigned to the retail division. I traveled 75% of the time, staying in hotels, motels, one or two nights in a row, then onto the next stop. As an auditor you are no one's friend you eat alone, writeup your report at night and go to bed alone. I masturbated a lot, as time went on I started using lubes and dicks. I was self conscious about my habit, kept my lube and dick in a zipped case, worrying that an airport or an accident would expose me. Along the way one night after eating at the food court in the mall I bought some panties at JC Penney's and masturbated harder than ever before. I started wearing panties, shopping at VS for skimpier, sexier panties, in purple, orange, red.

    Then I had the accident I dreaded. I was wearing lace pink VS panties and was driving with a butt plug. The nurse in the ER had to remove the butt plug and cut away the panties. I was awake enough to be embarrassed, she never flinched. After that experience I lost any concern about wearing panties, using butt plugs, masturbating, bringing my dick with me. Just enjoy.

    Most motels have windows facing the courtyard and walkway, I left the curtains open enough if dome walker walked by they could see me masturbating, wearing my many colored panties, enjoying sliding my dick in and out my ass. In Danville Ky a trucker knocked on the door and offered to help. He certainly had a large dick, went deep, fucked me good. The cum dripped out of my dick. After a joint hot shower I lived my dream, I sucked his hard dick.

    Now I audit at a distance, masturbating at home in my panties, watching gay truckers sex on the laptop, dreaming of a knock on the door.