You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)

Doing The Hokey Pokey

OK, so I work with Beth. We are accountants at a national grocery chain. She tells me in confidence that she saw two coworkers kiss at a concert. They don't know she saw them. The thing is they are both women. This conversation has happened with her several times. Once at my apartment. I suggested, that she shouldn't judge, maybe kissing a girl was OK. I said maybe. So she says prove it. That's why we kissed. Kissing with her is acceptable, better than acceptable.

Norma is here with me, we just kissed.

Emptying The McTill

I had my very first job at a very famous fast food restaurant over 40 years ago. I'm comfortable talking about this since the statute of limitations has run out for this decades ago.

I was not a very good employee. In fact I was a thief. I think they paid me around $2.80 an hour or something like that which even in those days wasn't much. So I felt justified in stealing from them.

They had just installed a new drive-thru and I was trained to work the register. I was always very good with money and doing math in my head and they didn't have the technology to track how much money should be in the drive-thru drawer nor could anyone afford cameras in those days. I think the cheapest video camera was probably about $5000 back then and that would be around 45 weeks of wages for a full time McWorker.

So I started skimming a little off the top of almost every transaction and I was so good and so fast making change that nobody figured it out. I ended up stealing about $6000 before graduating high school which was more than I earned the honest way. That was enough to pay for my associate's degree and buy a used car.

I worked at another location of the same chain while putting myself through college and stole another $11,000 by the time I got my associate's degree. I transferred to a four year college and continued and by this time I was a manager and had complete control over cash flow and figured out how to cook the books while I was at it. The day I got my accounting degree I had college all paid for and had saved up $27,000 which in those days was more than enough to buy a three bedroom house and pay cash and furnish it and have some cash left over.

I continued working for that chain but as an accountant for a large franchisee who owned 17 locations. I worked for him for twenty years and embezzled over a million dollars. I even figured out how to legally report that income so I wouldn't owe the IRS anything. seems that the IRS doesn't care that much about what you do to get your income as long as you pay your taxes. I retired at 43 with nearly three quarters of a million dollars saved up that I acquired from embezzling and another half million I earned the legal way all of it nicely invested.

Do I feel guilty? Not particularly. The business model of such a business relies on the extreme exploitation of their own employees.

Covid Layoffs

I work in the IT department of a company. The company has had to let some people go to save money and I had the task of collecting their computers and backing up their data incase it was ever required. There was this one woman who was in her mid 30's with a huge set of breasts that were probably DD's. She always dressed a little provocatively and came across as being a little flirtatious. Guys were always hitting on her and she used that to get them to do things for her. On her computer I found some pictures of her in a bikini that did not leave much to the imagination. I started going through more of her pictures and found a few of her topless. I then began finding a lot of her nude. It appeared it was her on a nude beach as you could see other people in the background nude too. I didn't expect to find these and was pleasantly surprised. Then came the ultimate find, video of her. She was nude and showing off and masturbating in a few but in others it was a lot more. It was her sucking off guys, fucking them them and in a few she was with more than one guy. One video had her with 5 guys and they each took a turn doing her. One of the guys I recognized, it was our boss. He is in his late 50's and married so I was surprised by what I saw. There was also a video of a threesome between her and 2 other women who still work at the company. They looked a little drunk but had no problem doing what they were doing.

I kept what I found to myself but took a copy just incase I needed some bargaining power with my boss or the 2 women anytime in the future.

  • Seeing The Manager

    I work at a pet store and the store manager and I have been kind of friends with benefits for a whole. His boss, the general manager, is also his father. So needless to say if he found out that his son and I been fucking in the storage room for the past few months, we'd both be dead. He would make a few passes at me in the past and I just kind of laughed it off.

    A few months ago, I had left my boyfriend so I was just in the mood to get with someone just to say fuck it. So I'm in the stock room and he starts hitting on me like he usually does, I mention that I had recently turned single and I'd meet with him later tonight. I did just that. I got on my nice open cleavage dress and he was very accepting to that cause when we got into bed he went nuts on me.

    After the first time, in our after hours we'd sometimes fuck in the storage room. I wouldn't say we're dating but it's just nice to have a bit of relief.

    Conference Hot Tub

    Ashley and I were managers at different locations. I had to work closely with her and her group, talking to her almost every week. We would be required to attend business meetings together and a lot of times go off on our own for dinner or to go places. Nothing sexual or romantic happened and I assumed she was happily married.

    Ash was a gorgeous 5'7" 125 curvy brunette with short hair, a Jessica Alba lookalike with a Lynda Carter 34D body. She spoke with a sexy southern drawl and an always pleasant personality. She was a joy to be around and I loved to hang out with her. She was confident enough in her body that she frequently wore low cut work outfits and bikini's to the hotel pools we stayed at showing plenty of cleavage. She was the ultimate soccar mom MILF.

    We would always be required to go out to eat with the group after meetings. The restaurant was packed and we had a large group, so as normal we waited in the bar for our table to open up. Seats were limited, Ashley was sitting down drinking wine and I stood nearby talking to her and others. The bar was dimly lit. During the conversations I felt a foot rubbing on my leg. Ashley was the only one within distance. I looked down as discretely as I could and she smiled at me.

    After we were seated and throughout dinner I would feel her foot rubbing my leg. To be honest I was shocked because there had never been a time I was forward with her nor she me. I had previous work flings and I wondered if she knew about them. We left the restaurant and went back to our hotel's bar, a normal thing for our staff, where the managers would basically sit and drink all evening. Ashley and I got up and played pool for awhile. When it was time to leave I wondered what would happen from here, unfortunatley it was nothing that night. The meetings ended uneventfully and I wondered what she was after.

    Several meetings came and went, she would occasionally do the same thing, but nothing more. We were never in a situation to be alone without drawing attention. I never came on strong to my co-workers for fear of losing my great job, they were cracking down on such behavior. We rarely if ever traveled just the two of us, there were always bosses around who could fire us, so we were cautious.

    Finally a technical conference came up at a 5 star hotel in Florida, Ashley, John, and I were going. The conference started Monday morning, so we arrived Sunday and were checked in by Noon and headed to the pool. Ash looked hot in her little bikini, never one to hide her body. We took turns getting drinks for each other at the pool bar, as I was bringing back the round for my turn two girls at the pool said "Where's ours? Can you bring them to our room 803? Here's the key." and started flirting hard. I'm not Brad Pitt but I work out a lot and have a decent build, but I was kind of shocked that these ladies would be so forward in public. I said back "I don't think my wife (nodding to Ashley) would appreciate that."

    I brought her the drink and she was glaring at the girls and said "Wow quick thinking." I laughed and said "I wonder how many they have had, lol. Hope if was ok that I borrow you as my wife." She laughed and said "Sure, anytime". You could tell she didn't appreciate them flirting with me. The rest of the week was fairly calm except for the occasional leg rubbing under the table.

    The last night the three of us went to a great restaurant overlooking the ocean. John went to the restroom and while he was gone Ashley said "You wanna go to the hot tub when we get back?" I was in of course. After I dropped them off I went and bought a couple of bottles of wine, got dressed and went down to the pool. Ashley was in the tiniest bikini I had ever seen on her. The top barely covered her ample chest. I said "Where's John?" "I didn't invite him." with a sly grin on her face.

    It was a warm, sultry cloudy Florida night, the kind you never know if it's going to pour down rain any second. Almost sexy if weather can be sexy. We alternated between the hot tub and the pool while we were drinking the wine, no one else around. We would have the occasional leg bumbing but nothing that was obvious enough to me that I knew I wouldn't be rejected if I made a move.

    Finally as we were talking she looked me in the eye and said "I want to experiment sexually". Wow. I touched her cheek and kissed her deeply, then pulled her over on my lap. I moved my way up to her soft breasts and massaged them through her top. After a lot of kissing I remembered that really nice hotels have cameras everywhere and I did not want us to end up in trouble. I said "let's go up to my room" and she agreed.

    As soon as we hit the room all of the lust we had built up for one another poured out. I kissed her and we quickly got out of our wet suits, it was chilly so we jumped under the covers. I started working my way down, spending lots of time with her beautiful soft boobs, the kind that gracefully flow to the side when she was on her back, a real woman's body. She was softly moaning and pressing my face into them telling me to suck on her nipples.

    Once I reached her pussy I teased her for awhile until she pushed my face on to her clit and started grinding me. She was obviously getting close, so when I added my finger and rubbed her G spot she exploded and came hard. She rolled me over and went down on my cock, quickly taking it all in her mouth. After a few minutes she mounted me, first slowly sliding me in, then grinding all the way down on it and riding hard while she kissed me.

    It only took a few minutes for her to build up another orgasm. She said the few times she ever came with her husband would be just one time, she had never come more than once a session. Now she was getting off every few minutes and it didn't seem she would stop. We did every position you could think of. She even lubed herself up with some baby oil she had brought and asked me to fuck her ass, of course I was happy to, and she had her first anal orgasm.

    We would take breaks and get some wine then start kissing and get aroused once again. While she was riding me a second time, watching her sweet tits jiggle pushed me over the edge and I unloaded in her tight pussy. She played with the cum and licked it off of me. We must have gone on for a couple of hours off and on. I would have never imagined this sweet girl would be so lusty and incredible in bed.

    She asked me to fuck her doggy style and watching her tits hang down and sway back and forth and her cuming again sent me over the edge a second time. I wondered if I was going to be able to keep up with this sex kitten, lol.

    We finished exhausted and laid in each others arms and snuggled and fell asleep for a couple of hours. We knew we had to wrap things up as we both had early flights and it was already about 4am. I walked her back to her room and kissed her goodnight, she said it was wonderful and I completly agreed, likely the best lover I ever had.

    We drove back to the airport the next morning with John and acted as though nothing had happened, but we would occasionally glance at each other with a smirk.

    That would be the last time I would see her. She ended up getting fired over having an affair with her boss. Several years later we talked on the phone while she was looking for a job after we were both with new companies. I thought she would have been great for an open position we had and hoped we could get back together some day, but we didn't hire her.

    I ..(continue confession)

  • Work Wife #2 - Pt 1

    I'm bored, horny, and snowed in, so I thought I would post all 3 parts on the history of Work Wife #2 while I had the time so they could be read in order. I'm going to be tied up with work and I've posted enough for a while, don't want people to get bored. I've got one more "friend" that I might post about in the future if anyone is interested. Thanks for reading, hope you like.

    Our department needed an assistant for clerical and purchasing duties, so after posting the job internally we had 3 applicants. Since I was the senior person in our department myself and 2 other people held the interviews. The first two candidates were pretty uneventful, not quite what we were looking for. The last person, I will call her L, came in the final day wearing what I could only describe as gaudy, not something you would typically see in a job interview, clearly out of place. But our dress code was very relaxed, so it was not a deal breaker. I noticed how short her skirt was, around upper to mid-thigh, which made me wonder if she was going to be a distraction, and boy did that turn out to be true. She was pleasant and easy to talk to, since she was going to be working with a lot of departments that was very important and she had the clerical skills we were looking for, so we decided to hire her.

    I told her the dress code was very relaxed, she could wear pretty much anything including jeans, just no shorts or sportswear. She would normally wear skin tight jeans showing off her 5'6 110 lean body or short dresses depending on the mood she was in. She worked out a lot and had firm, toned legs and the nicest tight ass I had ever seen, but at that point since I had just ended things with #1 only a few months earlier, it was strictly business between us and I had no thoughts of anything more than that.

    Since I was the senior person I had to work closely with her for extended periods, initially training her, then working on day to day tasks. We would always work in my office, sometimes with the door open, sometimes shut as to not disturb others in the area. After our work discussions were done for the day we would eventually move to other topics like our kids, spouses who didn't show enough attention, etc. getting more and more personal as we got more comfortable with each other. I considered her a friend, nothing more, although I did start to notice her sexy body.

    Other men in the company noticed as well. Work would basically grind to a halt if she had to take requisitions to another department and walk through the warehouse or made a trip to the cafeteria. It got so bad she would purposely make her trips when she knew the men were working or she would walk on the sidewalk outside. Guys in my department started in also, chatting her up and hanging out at her desk. 2 or 3 times a week I would go in to tell her something and have to give the "why are you here get back to work" look.

    She had long blond brownish hair, tiny wire glasses, B cup tits, she looked like she was poured into her jeans, and a beautiful face with bright green eyes. She got attention everywhere she went and from what I could tell she loved the effect she had on men. Probably the most similar celebrity body types were Malena Morgan or LeAnn Rimes. Initially I didn't look at her in a physical way but that would soon change.

    We eventually got close enough to talk about our sex lives, she said her husband was only concerned with his own "2 minute needs" and couldn't care less about hers. She occasionally gave him "maintenance sex just to shut him up about it". I completely understood, sounded very familiar.

    We were occasionally allowed to work from home, so that Summer we got her set up with a computer. I went to her house to get things working and her two kids were there. They were about my kids age, so it was easy for me to know their interests and talk to them. They lit up when I talked about the stuff kids that age enjoyed and I spent a long time interacting with them. She told me later how much that meant to her that I spent time with her kids when I didn't have to, that most adults just ignored them. She said that was a game changer for her.
    A few weeks later we were in our usual routine. She had come in my office and we had closed the door for a conference call on my speaker phone. She was wearing a very short black skirt and hose. We talked for a while after the call and when she got up to leave she stopped about 5 feet from me and lifted the front of her skirt. She had on black stay up thigh high's and a black sheer thong. I could see her shaved pussy through her thong.

    You know those cartoons where the character’s jaw drops to the floor and the eyes bug out? That was me. I had never seen a real woman in thigh high's before much less a sheer thong. She walked over to me and leaned down and kissed me. I pulled her on to my lap and started returning the kisses, rubbing those firm legs and that tight hard ass. I worked my way up to her pussy, I could feel how hot it was and the wetness through her panties. She moaned really soft and reached down and started rubbing my erect cock through my jeans. We continued for about 15 minutes then stopped because we were in the office. I knew then we had crossed a line and the road we were headed down, but I didn't want it to end.

    The next few weeks our calls and training discussions usually ended up in make out and groping sessions, each time getting more and more intense. She would regularly wear skirts and thigh high's to give me easy access to her pussy, eventually fingering her to orgasms. She returned the favors by sucking me off and swallowing every drop of my cum. She said there was nothing more intimate than taking a man in her mouth and swallowing his cum.

    July 4th weekend was coming up and we had to take some documents over to our remote storage facility, a legitimate part of our department. I had taken Work Wife #1 over there for our first sexual encounter, L was on board with helping me move the documents over, so we made the trip. After our work was done we started kissing and touching each other in an empty carpeted office. We slowly worked our way to removing each other’s clothing and were finally nude in front of each other. She had small perky tits with pointy sexy eraser nipples that loved to stand up and be played with. She was anxious about the size of her tits, but they were beautiful and fit her lean body perfectly. She loved to tweak her nipples and would grind my face into them, telling me to suck on them harder, she could nearly cum to orgasm just from that.

    I worked my way down to her wet pussy and started licking her the way I learned to lick #1, slowly and methodically. L was moaning and moving her hips up to my face, controlling where and how hard I sucked on her engorged clit. It only took a few minutes and she started grinding my face hard into her pussy, her breathing got faster and I heard "oooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhh ughhhhh ooooooooooh" and she came hard on my face. We fell back on the carpet catching our breath and I noticed something out of her pussy, I thought she had squirted. I was still pretty naive sexually at the time believe or not.

    I didn't realize it at the moment, but when I thought about it later I figured out she must have fucked her husband before she went with me and her orgasm had unleashed his remaining cum inside her. That was sort of gross and hot at the same time. I've got a girl on my hands that is so horny and insatiable that she is fucking her husband and me back to back, taking both loads of our cum, in probably less than 2 hours.

    I got on top and my cock easily slid in, wet with her husband’s cum and I used his cum to fuck his ..(continue confession)

    Work Wife #2 - Pt 2

    Work Wife #2 - pt 2

    After that first full sexual encounter with L, just like #1, it unleashed the sexual being in her. Something about a woman in her 30s that finally finds satisfying sex that flips a switch in her to crave as many orgasms as she can have. I have to agree that a woman's sexual peak is in their 30s, she became a tigress wanting it all the time, anytime, anyplace. We started exploring what each other liked, what made us cum. I got to where I could make her cum from sucking her clit or fingering or fucking her pussy. We were both in good physical shape and craved each other constantly.

    She continued to wear short dresses and after our calls and work she would sit on my desk and spread her legs and tell me to eat her. I would lick her to orgasm, then she would tell me to fuck her, which I was happy to do. She would leave with a pussy full of cum and a smile on her face. I think she took pleasure in going home to her husband filled with my cum. Kind of a "if you don't find me attractive and want to satisfy me someone else will" attitude.

    If we weren't fucking she would suck me off, which we did one or the other almost every day. She eventually wanted to do it doggy style on the floor of my office, which concerned me we might be making too much noise and become obvious. But omg she looked hot on the floor with her skirt pulled up in those thigh high's with a waiting pussy and that hot ass for me to take, I couldn't resist.

    There might have been co-workers who were suspicious, but the HR head had her own fuck buddy going on at the time that we all knew about, she couldn't have done anything about it if she didn't want to get taken down too.

    Around Thanksgiving I had to stay in town and work so my house was empty. L snuck over and we had our first session at my place. Our chances to relax and spend extended time nude with each other were typically limited, so we spent the better part of the day naked, touching, kissing, teasing since we both loved extended foreplay. Neither one of us had cum yet and we were both worked up, so as we were laying in front of the fireplace, I pulled her over on top of me. She thought she was going to ride me, but I moved her on up to sit my face with her wet pussy.

    We had never done it that way before and she immediately started grinding herself on my face, chin, tongue, all over. She reached down and spread her pussy lips so her swollen clit was in my mouth and she told me to start sucking. My face was drenched with her juices and she was moving faster and grinding down harder telling me to suck her harder. I could tell she was building up, so I reached up and started pinching her erect nipples. Finally I moved her hands up and she started pinching and playing with them herself. I reached around and grabbed her ass and forced her down even harder to get her clit deeper in my mouth. I could swear I felt it growing and her pussy start throbbing on my chin.

    All of a sudden she clinched up, she started shaking all over, and screamed out "OOOOOHHHHHH GOOOODDDDD I'M GOING TO CUUUMMMMMMMMM OHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK" and squirted all over my face and in my mouth soaking us. She literally collapsed on the floor and her legs were spamming and shaking. For a moment I thought there was something wrong that I had broken her, lol, but she said it was the best orgasm she ever had. I got a warm washcloth and cleaned us up and we snuggled up and she drifted off to sleep for a little bit. Yes, she finished me off later but it was all about her that day and I was happy to help her feel so good. I had never seen a woman squirt before and she said she never had. It was crazy but hot and sexy taking her cum in my mouth.

    One time I was sick with the flu, fever, cough, the whole deal. Something was going on at work that was effecting production in several of our plants impacting hundreds of workers, so even though I was sick, I had to come in and try to fix it. I rolled out of bed and had on an old flannel shirt and some ratty jeans, I looked awful and felt worse. I had all the lights off in my office, the fever made them hurt my eyes. L came in and sat near me watching me work. After I got done, she lifted up her shirt and took off her bra and started playing with her nipples and rubbing her pussy in front of me. So I'm a normal horny cum filled guy, sick but not dead.

    I mustered up what energy I had and moved her up to my desk, unzipped my jeans, rammed my cock in her and fucked her rough, no foreplay, no kissing, no love making, just fucking, two horny animals. "Is this what you want?" "YES". Slow at first, then faster and faster building us both up on the verge. She came multiple times while I was doing it and I could feel my load getting close. I finally drove my cock as deep as I could in her pussy and started throbbing and squirting long shots of cum filling her up. She said later she could feel me hitting her cervix and even going deeper past it. That it felt like I was coming in her belly.

    I staggered my way home and stayed in bed the rest of the day, feeling better that she drained me. She wanted every drop of my cum and would get jealous if there was ever a hint that my wife wanted to do it or I masturbated. She let me know my cum belonged to her and she wanted it all. She liked it rough and hard occasionally, just raw hot hard sex. She told me she was my woman, her pussy belonged to me, and I could use her however I liked for my pleasure anytime, anyplace. She knew I felt the same way, I wanted to make her feel satisfied and desired and craved, and I did.

    We both said upfront that we would never leave our families or hurt them, especially the kids, in any way. I came from a broken home and I swore I would never do that to my kids. The longer we went on the more L was starting to get stronger feelings about a future together. I made it clear from the start that would never happen, but every time we would talk about it, she would get upset, which I hated because I had strong feelings for her too and never wanted to hurt her. We started saying we loved each other, I don't know if it was love, lust, or both, but I know the feelings were there, at least for a time.

    Continued in Work Wife #2 - pt Final...

    Work Wife #2 - Pt Final

    Work Wife #2 - pt Final

    Our relationship and frequent sexual encounters went on for several months. We were fulfilling each other’s needs that were not being met at home no matter how hard we tried. Several times we would try hard at home but the efforts would never pan out, leaving us frustrated and back together.

    One time I was out of town on business and she was working on moving some large heavy file cabinets and enlisted the help of one of the maintenance guys. Apparently he sweet talked her into a rendezvous and they smoked weed and had sex. I was surprised she told me, I wasn't sure if she was trying to make me jealous because I wouldn't leave home to be with her, or if she was just slutty and would spread her legs for anyone. I told her it was over and she went to pieces, apologizing and crying, swearing it was a onetime deal and would never happen again. I still cared a lot about her, so we continued.

    Our last opportunity at my house was our craziest. I had purchased some random sex toys as she had told me she got off with some of her own on the weekends when we couldn't see each other. We initially starting kissing, taking our time, leading up to nude groping, licking and sucking. We were both getting aroused so I flipped her over and mounted her from behind, that cute little ass up in the air begging to fuck her. I started slowly, she was moaning and telling me to fuck her, we were building and building I could tell she was getting close and I stuck my lubed up thumb in her ass.

    We had never done any type of anal play before and this unleashed any sexual energy that I hadn't seen. She started screaming "OOOOHHHH YEAHHHH YES YES YES, OMGGGG" then let out a big "UHHHHHHHHHH" and came hard. I found out later she loved anal but we never talked about it, which is a shame. After she recovered I started using the toys on her. She eventually grabbed one very long thin double sided dildo and started sucking it then working it slowly into her pussy while she sucked me.

    In the meantime, I was playing with her tits, pinching her nipples and jiggling them up and down. It wasn't long until she was slamming about a foot of the dildo into herself and pinching her own nipples until she exploded. It was always hot watching her cum and hearing that deep satisfying moan. She ended up riding me reverse cowgirl playing with her tits to another orgasm which sent me over the top too. I held her down hard grinding her on my cock until I exploded in her.

    About that time her boss, who regularly made fun of her to the rest of upper management, came down for a visit. They went out to eat and "talk business". His other reports were with them and the dinner lasted late into the evening. After everyone else left it was just her and him and I guess they went back to his hotel next door. She never told me if anything happened, but I imagine it did. While he was here they discussed a department wide meeting and she was expected to go. We found out later why he wanted her there so bad.

    She had never traveled on business so I took care of everything for her, making travel and hotel arrangements and getting us where we needed to be. We got adjoining rooms for obvious reasons. The first couple of days were great, we would have meetings eat dinner, then have hot sex back in the room. It was nice to be around each other nude for extended periods. Her boss's interest in her was steadily increasing, obviously more than business. He tried all week to get her alone by themselves. I was concerned but she brushed it off.

    Our last night together I licked her to another big orgasm and she told me to fuck her doggy style. We were both tired from the meetings, but it was satisfying and we snuggled in bed. I didn't know it at the time but it would be the last sex we would have together.
    She was getting more upset about the manager's increasing attention so I put her in bed and stayed until she feel asleep then went back to mine. I woke up about 3am and went in to check on her, the moonlight was shining in through a windows directly on her nude fit body she was beautiful and erotic at the same time.

    After the trip ended and we were back to work I immediately noticed a change. She told me "I've decided I'm going to try with my husband". I knew that wasn't true but I didn't know what was going on (yet). She stopped coming into my office and she would spend most of the day with her door shut. Her office was right next to mine and she didn't realize it, but I could hear every word she said on the phone. She was having phone sex with her manager. This went on for a few weeks, obviously things were strained around the office, I tried to leave her alone, but we would run into each other all day which was awkward.

    Her boss decided all of a sudden that she would work from home full time. Obviously to get her away from me and then he could spend his day talking with her. I found out later he started telling her about all this money and real estate holdings he had, that she should leave her husband and move in with him out of state. I knew it was bullshit because my boss was in the same location and told me her manager scr**ed to get by, barely made enough to survive plus pay his child support.

    In the meantime, people started noticing his increased attention to her. About this time new HR people were put in place and it was made clear that having relations with a direct report was grounds for dismissal. He tried to hide it but wasn't very good at it and didn't stop. A VP found out about it and fired them both.

    She was naive and believed every word he said about money and taking care of her. She divorced her husband and moved herself and kids out of state to live with him. He got another job making half of what he was previously making and they were barely getting by, he had no savings and any holdings belonged to his ex, it was all a crock. They eventually had to move and live with her folks. She finally kicked him out and he died about a year later from a heart attack.

    I lost touch with her for many years. She contacted me out of the blue and told me I was right, that he lied to her about everything and she ate it all up. She said he had a tiny little cock that never satisfied her and he always smelled like piss. I felt sorry for her and helped her through a few rough stretches and she would apologize all the time and tell me I was right all along and she still loved me.

    We continued to talk occasionally then one day she ghosted me. Haven't heard from her for a couple of years now.

    Not all the stories end good, but we filled each other’s needs at the time. I wish things had turned out better for her but she chose her own path. I enjoyed our time together but I wish it would have ended differently. I have no regrets about what happened.

    I've been lucky to have a few incredible women in my life. We helped each other through some rough times. Hoped you liked........

    Work Wife #1 - Pt Last

    ...continued from Pt. 2

    It's a boring blizzard-y awful weather night in the upper Midwest so I thought I might as well tell the story now.

    After the first licking orgasm encounter it was like I opened the floodgates on her sexuality. She wanted to do it all the time when we got the chance. She would give me explicit notes about how she loved it when I licked her wet pussy and how she craved having my "big cock inside" her (it's thick, but I don't think it's that big. She did compared to her hubby).

    I love lots of slow foreplay so I would take my time and do lots of teasing and getting near but not quite touching her pussy. Doing that and gently touching her clit and focusing solely on her pleasure drove her crazy. After taking her clit gently in my mouth and slowly sucking
    building it up to a mind blowing orgasm for her, she would have done any crazy sexual thing I would have asked.

    We got into a sexual routine depending on how much time we had. We would strip down but not naked and have deep kissing sessions, finally getting naked and rubbing every spot, always going slowly. I would work my way down from her big tits, near her pussy, and her body would start sending me signals when she was ready. Her pussy would get soaking wet and subconciously her hips would start meeting my touch. I knew then it was time to start focusing on her clit. You could actually see her clit get bigger and her pussy start throbbing.

    At that point she would take charge and the face grinding would begin. She would guide me where she wanted my tongue and the pressure on my head how hard she wanted me to suck on her clit. The face grinding would drive me crazy when she would start telling me what to do, how to lick her. That would go on for 15-30 minutes until she would build up to a big orgasm, her knees would clinch my head and I knew it was time.

    Her pussy would throb and get wetter, and she would start moaning and telling me she was going to cum then a long low "uuuuhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhh fuuuuccckkkkkk" even squirting a little bit. She would collapse and I would be drenched and she would kiss me and stare into my eyes.

    Then she would make it her mission to drain every drop of cum from my body. She sucked me back hard and climbed on top and rode me for about 10 minutes then got this look in her eyes and said "I want you to squirt your cum all over me". That surprised me since she was a cleanliness freak, but I flipped her over and pumped her until I felt my own orgasm build then pulled out and started shooting stream after stream of cum on her face and tits. She
    laid there taking it into her mouth and rubbing it all over her body. This girl was my slut.

    We had a couple of more memorable encounters, one at my house where we did doggy style for her first time and she said it was her first vaginal orgasm and the last time another trip to her house. We somehow got on this idea about oiling each other up. When I got to her place she had laid out a clean tarp and had several bottles of baby oil on hand.

    We quickly got naked and oiled each other up, her firm body and big D tits looked unbelievable all oiled up. We slid and grinded and touched and licked for hours, I even fingered her ass for the first time while I was licking her and she came even harder.
    She flipped me over and grinded, kissed, and slid me to another ball aching orgsasm, man I loved filling her sweet pussy up with cum till it was pouring out of her. She was an incredible lover.

    After that last time she told me she took a girls weekend with her friends and told them "so now I get what all the fuss is about sex". I was happy that I made her feel so good, but was very surprised she would be so open to her friends that she was fucking around on her hubby. She and I told each other some very personal stories that I had never shared with anyone else.

    Another girl told me that she had told her things that I had discussed with her. I knew the girl had no way of knowing these things if it wasn't true that #1 had told her. I realized then that #1 couldn't keep secrets and be discreet after all the precautions we had taken. I didn't want to jepordize either one of our relationships, so I felt like it was best to cut it off with her. She wasn't happy about it but when I told her why she agreed and apologized for telling what I asked her to keep private.

    We stayed friends and still are today. We discussed starting back up after we both moved on to different jobs but decided it would have been too complicated and not worth it. We had some hot times and fulfilled some needs that were missing in our lives.

    About 6 months later a new girl came into our department. If #1 was a Kia Soul this new girl was a Premium Escalade. She made me feel like a naive sexual newbie.

    Let me know if you want to hear about Work Wife #2. I don't want to bore anyone with these stories but I'm willing to share if you want to hear......

  • Work Wife #1 - Pt 2

    ...continued from Pt 1

    Here we were, two early 30s people in good shape with spouses who never touched us. We were like sex starved teenagers, we couldn't get enough of each other. We couldn't do it in the office and we had to keep our closed office door encounters limited so we didn't raise suspicions. So we kept it to occasional make out and grope sessions.

    She would wear skirts for easy access. She loved it when I would rub her 5'10 long legs and firm ass and that hot wet pussy over her pantyhose. She had a tight athletic body from years of yoga. What a waste that no one had been hitting that all these years.

    Our first chance together again, her hubby was going out of town on a business trip. We met up at a nearby mall, she picked me up and we drove to her house. I ducked down in the car as she pulled into the garage in case any nosy neighbors were around and we were safe inside.

    She immediately stripped down to a tiny sexy bra that could barely hold her tits and a high cut thong, the kind they wore back in the 80s. We immediately started deep tongue kissing and she led me upstairs to a bedroom. We were all over each other, touching every spot. Her pussy was already dripping wet and she moaned as I fingered her and started bucking up against my hand.

    I started sucking her big firm tits working my way down to that sweet hairy pussy. She didn't shave because there had never been a reason to, hubby never licked her and they rarely had any sex at all. All that pent up lust and passion was coming out with someone.

    Once I started licking her she went crazy, moaning loud, telling me to lick that pussy. She grabbed my head with both hands and started grinding my face, I had her wetness all over me. We kept at it for 15 minutes getting more intense by the second, she was grinding so hard it was making my jaw hurt but there was no way I was stopping.

    She started bucking hard, her hips moving us both up and her knees locked around my head and held me there. She had my ears completely covered and all I could hear was "ooooohhhh fuuuuuuuuucccckkkkk". I thought she was literally going to snap my neck she was clinched so tight around me.

    Finally she relaxed and we laid there catching our breath. She said "that's never happened before". I said "no one's ever licked you like that?" She said "no that's the first time I've ever had an orgasm." Wow. So I'm sort of a giver type person, I enjoy making whoever I am with feel really good and I think if I do, they will do the same for me.

    I was right, she climbed on top of me and took me deep in her mouth sucking long and slow strokes. She told me she loved tasting my precum, it was pouring out of me. After she got me fully hard she mounted me and started riding hard, big tits jiggling up and down. I was so turned on by her licking orgasm that it only took a few minutes and I started shooting a big load in her drenched pussy.

    We laid there a few minutes in each others arms snuggling. We knew we had no intentions of changing each others lives, but it was sure nice to let loose and give someone who appreciated it all of our sex for once. I never would have pictured her as being a wildcat in bed like this, but I'm convinced people can bring things out of others that even their spouses can't, especially in bed in the right situation.

    I don't like to make these too long, so I'll end here for today. There's a couple of more encounters I can describe with her and the rest of the story if you want to hear....