You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)


why don't you like or print a lot of my confessions? is it that bad is it? I feel rejected when they don't get printed out online. why?

  • My Bosses Daughter

    Early last month my boss told me I have an admirer.
    When I asked who as she began to suck on my cock, she stopped and said "It's my daughter Kasie.
    We carried on having sex in my bosses car, but before I came, fucking her asshole from behind, my boss TOLD me "She's off limits,OK".
    Kasie is twenty years old, her mother being forty three.
    I've been fucking my boss, ever since an ex female colleague let her know I have a large cock in January last year. A married colleague, who I was fucking for a while.
    The thing is, Kasie knows perfectly well how big my dick is, that's because not only has she secretly watched me fucking her mom at their home, but also because over the last three months I've been fucking Kasie too.
    Kasie makes her mom look tame in comparison. As there is literally nothing she doesn't want to try sexually.
    At first I thought she was a stuck up bitch, as she always ignored me when she popped in work with her dad to see her mom.
    Only after I caught her watching her mom and I fuck, did things change.
    It wasn't blackmail as such, but I knew if I didn't fuck her, I wouldn't have a job.
    So three times a week she calls by my apartment, where we have the most dirty sex I've ever had.
    How her mom knows she likes me, is Kasie was at our workplace, and she told her mom I was cute for an older guy.
    I'm extra careful now fucking both mother and daughter, as I like my job. I just wish my boss hadn't tried to warn me off her daughter, because I'd love to fuck them both together.
    Oh well, time to drive my boss over to the motel. Its our long afternoon of licking, sucking and fucking.

    For My Husband’s

    I love my husband and I’d do whatever to help him out. So when the time presented itself for me to help him get a promotion, I did what I had to do. Here’s the story.

    My husband’s boss is a womanizer. At the last company picnic, he spent most of the time chatting with all the wives of his employees. I was one of those wives.

    He commented to me how great of a figure I had, told me I was hot, and let me know how he would treat me if I was his girlfriend. It was pretty disturbing but I didn’t want to say anything because my husband has been working for him for a while.

    Later that month, my husband told me that a position had opened up that he was in the running for, but was worried he wouldn’t get it because his boss didn’t really care for him too much. All I could do at the time was reassure him and hope he’d get the job.

    That same weekend, I went out with some friends of mine while my husband worked late, probably trying to impress his boss. Needless to say, I actually ran into the womanizer at the bar I was at. He recognized me and began flirting with me. As much as I could, I resisted but I think he loved the challenge.

    The subject of the position he was tasked to hire someone for came up. I told him that my husband was a hard working man and had been loyal to the company for years. I let him know that my husband deserved it. He then asked that if I was able to guarantee my husband the position, would I do it. Of course I said I’d do anything for my husband.

    He then made a proposition to me. He said that he loved my figure and wanted to see my tits. I thought it was disgusting for him to ask, and I said no. He then reminded me that he holds the fate of what happens to my husband. So I reluctantly agreed to show him my tits. However, he upped the ante on me. Since I originally said no, he said that I must go with him to his home so that he could take nude pictures of me. I just walked away.

    As the night went on, I could see him on the other side of the bar chatting with other women. He kept looking my way and would snap an imaginary camera towards me, indicating the deal was still on the table. I thought long and hard about the man I love and finally gave in. I want my husband to get that promotion. I let him know that I would let him take pictures of me.

    We promptly left and went to his house. He then ordered me to get naked and sit in his bed. He told me to keep my wedding ring on because he said he loved making another man’s wife do what he said. He then took many pictures. I felt humiliated, embarrassed, and degraded by this man who sees women as objects. When he was done, he told me to get dressed and leave and that he would consider my husband for the promotion.

    What sucks, my husband didn’t get the promotion but got a small raise. I felt used. I didn’t think the small raise was worth what I did. But what could I say. I didn’t want my husband to find out what I had done. Now, his womanizing boss always makes camera gestures my way every time I see him. I’m not sure if what I did was right, and I’ll always feel humiliated by this.

  • Zoom Time.

    Work meetings on Zoom, stopped my video muted my audio and knocked out a huge load looking at one of the women I work with on a daily basis who was getting angry during the meeting, and looked SO SO hot !!

    She's got 10 years on me and an unhappy marriage. Maybe I should talk to her at the cooler next time we're all called if for stock pickups ?

    Work Sex

    Back before the metoo stuff I had a girl working for me. Not gorgeous but not ugly, just kind of normal like me. She was 5'10 slender, 34C fake tits because she was so lean. They looked good on her. Did yoga and worked out, decent body.

    She was a clean freak almost to the obsession point and also accused a guy or two of sexually harassing her just from striking up innocent conversations. So basically she was high maintenance for me. She was a decent worker, but she required a lot of my time, so it was just part of the gig. I'd rather deal with her than have to retrain someone else.

    I wasn't sexually attracted to her, honestly the thought never crossed my mind. She was married to a Big Bang Sheldon clone and their sex life was about that way too, non existent. Mine at home wasn't anything to brag about either.

    One day I was talking to her about some confidential work related issue with the door closed to her office. Somehow the discussion ended with us in a hot make out session. I don't even remember how it started, but there I was with her pushed up against the door with our tongues down each others throats and me with her skirt hiked up and my hands rubbing her panty hose covered firm ass.

    4th of July was coming up and we had an offsight storage facility where we kept important copies of work documents. I asked her if she wanted to help me take some boxes over on the holiday weekend, but she knew what was really going on and agreed.

    We met at the storage site, which was a building with empty offices and unpacked the boxes then picked up where we left off in her office. We both had on shorts and t shirts, we quickly undressed in one of the carpeted offices and went at it.

    I kissed her all over, sucked on her firm fake tits, when I fingered her she was already soaking wet. I got hard immediately and she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking like she'd never had sex before. She told me it had been months since she had gotten any, which was about the same for me.

    I went down on her, she said she had never been licked before. I spent probably 30 minutes slowly building her up, teasing, then slowing down. Finally she couldn't take it any more and I held her clit in my lips and started shaking my head quickly back and forth.

    She started moaning telling me dont stop while holding my head with both hands and grinding my face into her pussy. She finally gave a couple of loud grunts and I felt her knees surround my head and clinch hard and hold me against her throbbing pussy. I thought she was going to snap my head off.

    She finally collapsed and said that was the first time she had had an orgasm. Ever. The way she reacted I believed her. Now it was my turn, my cock easily slid into her and I started pumping her slow, then faster. I knew I wasn't going to last long, so I flipped her over up on all fours and started pumping her hard.

    She started moaning again telling me to fuck her, that and seeing her big fake tits shaking sent me over the edge. I took one final long hard stroke and pushed my cock into her as far as I could and started filling her up with cum. I felt like I came for a couple of minutes, it was one of those times when you cum so much your balls ache when you are done.

    We collapsed and laid there for a little bit holding each other. Neither of us had any regrets, right or wrong, knowing our partners weren't giving us what we needed at home.

    She got dressed and went shopping. She said she ran into one of our co workers at a store parking lot. While they were talking she said she felt my cum start running down her leg. She wondered if the co worker ever noticed, lol.

    We did a lot more for about a year after that. I expanded her sexual horizons...she was fun.

  • My Work FWB

    My Dream Jobs story below inspired me to tell my work story from the boss point of view...

    I had a work wife sex toy, although it didnt start out that way. She was looking to transfer into our dept for a better job. I was the senior person so I interviewed her with a couple of other guys. What stood out to me most initially was her gaudy dress, fake fur collar.

    I had no sexual interest in her. As time passed we worked closely and our dress code is relaxed so she would wear skin tight jeans or short skirts showing off her hot toned legs and ass. She couldnt go in the plant without stopping production. After we became closer and she would shut my door and share her troubles at home with her hubby. One day she came in with her short skirt, shut my office door and flashed me. She had on black thigh his and a sheer black thong.

    I had never seen a woman in person in those. Im sure my jaw dropped and I was putty in her hands from that moment on. That started a many year work fuck fest between us. When she would come to work in a skirt I knew she would be coming in for a private meeting between my hard cock and her wet tight pussy. We did it on my desk missionary, her bent over my desk, her riding me in my chair, and even her doggy on the floor. She would never leave without a pussy or mouth full of cum, and thought it was funny to blow me while we were on conference calls to see if I could maintain my composure.

    She ended up climbing the ladder to her next higher level boss conquest, who was never as careful and discrete as me and got them both fired. What a waste of hot talent. She definitely had some skills, lol. Best fuck I ever had.

    Bosses Daughter

    My bosses daughter is a 33 year old slut who gets lots of dick when she goes to bars every weekend. He has no clue at the amount of guys who have fucked her

    Just this past weekend I was working late night in the office and she showed up. Pretty quickly it escalated. My jeans I let fall too the floor and she pulled my briefs down dick. She was looking at my big fat limp hairy dick.

    She instantly tossed it in her mouth. Tonguing under the foreskin till I was fully hard. She had my foreskin retracted working the head and I pulled out then shot my load all over her pretty face.

    Yes I came quick but I didn’t care. She is excellent at giving head. Plus I hadn’t had a bj in a few years.

    After pulling my briefs up and pulling my jeans up. She stood up. Reached up in her dress and took off her panties. She tossed a lace thong at me. A pink lace thong. She wiped her face off with some tissues

    I looked at the panties then looked at her. Told her to give me a few minutes. Wrapped up what I was doing and took her back to my house.

    Fucked her brains out for an hour. My uncut hairy dick was balls deep in her tight shaved pussy. I just prayed to go she was on birth control when I flooded that pussy with a big load of cum. Pulled out and made her clean my cock off

    Then she wanted to shower. So I laid in bed naked thinking she was gonna leave but she got back in bed and cuddled up next to me. We fell asleep.

    Come morning I fucked her brains out again. She couldn’t get enough of my dick.

    Once finished I made coffee and she put her dress on. Later I found out her panties were still in my jeans pocket!

    Plan on hitting that tight ass again this week. Hopefully she likes anal because I want that tight butthole too

    Coconut Oil Fucking Tool & Dumb Tits

    I love fucking my wife with coconut oil in her pussy and over her body. We love to shower and oil up and today we fucked like chimps in the zoo for 2 hours during an extended lunch break and it was great for me but as boring as shit for her she told me.

    this didn't please me and made my cock question its tool skills completely , I went back to work in the urinal looking at my thick long juicy cock wondering why she says it was a low climax for her completely as if something is wrong me when I am ballsing her ass and pussy hard and fast so long.

    then she later said on the text phone that was the problem and we had too much sex lately and her "friend" told her that too much sex can spoil sex. so we are going on a Easter lent sex ban some something dinosaur egg to burst and chocolate lava out the volcano she said. wow. I am curious and confused and worried what if my hungry meat wants more before her roasting?

    that was when I remembered my ex big tit dumb bum girl from 4 years ago and rang her for face time and dick face time. and she was keen and said I could come around any time. She is slow on brains being mentally challenged but can those dumb ass tits bounce and make me cum like a hound dog and she loves it. She adored me calling her " my stupi big tits" and fucking my big jugs jingled chubby sexy woman when we used to fuck hard and so well, I am happy between the two women. loving it double dipping delight will be on this week end and my balls are already aching and she made me cum on the call and take a photo of my cum shot cock and loved it to wipe over her wet pussy waiting for me.

    now should I bring the coconut oil with me or just the chocolate to her ? by Easter who knows what might happen she loves her horn dog hubby more then my wife does making love to her but I can't blame my wife completely because she said she is sick of me fingering open her pussy and looking in the gapping hole like its some gear stick and oil change car engine and I seen some pons doing it today and I now see her point of view. so I am learning and my fatty has told me she will teach me more to make my wife want it and will coach me through lent all the way fractory made. heheheheehe ....

    so I look down and talk to big boy cocky boy and say its ok boy and pet him on the head after a cum shoot. knowing!

    I Sext With My Boss And He Doesn’t Know It’s Me

    This has been going on for about 5 months now…

    I am a large black woman, single and not really out there trying to meet anyone, so this is kind of the only fun I have.

    I work as a housekeeper and given my size I don’t get many people who would give me a job. So when this guy agreed to give me the job I was really grateful.

    He is in his 30’s white, divorced and really handsome, though he is a bit shorter than me, but he is very good looking.

    So one day, when I was going about my cleaning, I came across his laptop, which was open to a sex site, I won’t say which one.

    I realized he was in the washroom, but I got a glance at the site and his username before he saw me noticing it.

    That day when I went back home, I created my own profile on the site and since then we’ve been sex chatting. He is quite a freak and has even told me he likes large women like me, but I’m too scared to tell him who I really am.

  • My Promotion

    I’m twenty-seven and have been married for two years. I work at a corporate bank in London. My life was great until after the latest lockdown; I had been working from home which I loved.

    When I returned to the office I was put into another team run by Peter a guy in his fifties. We got on really well and I started to learn new things and become better at my job. Due to the reorganizing of the company, I applied for a senior position, but still working for Peter. I knew the odds were against me but the salary was almost forty percent more than I was on; my hubby had been furloughed for most of the lockdown and we had run up some debts. Peter seemed favourable to my application, however, did tell me the competition for the new role was tough.

    A colleague decided to leave the company, and the department went out for a few drinks after work; Peter was also there. We all got quite hammered and Peter, who is usually very professional, was drunk. He told me that the promotion was mine if I would show him my pussy. I was very pissed too, and so agreed to his request as long as he wrote the offer on a napkin; which he did. I then took him into the disabled toilet at the bar, and just leant against the wall as Peter lifted my dress and rolled my pantyhose and panties down. He looked for a minute or so before I felt his tongue licking at my pussy; I didn’t stop him. He was licking me for quite a while and I came. The next thing I know is he’s sitting on the loo with me straggled on his lap with his cock inside me. After he had finished we returned to the bar.

    On Monday morning he called me into his office and apologized for his behaviour, but told me he would honour the deal if I promised to tell no one what had happened on the Friday night (no brainer!!) I said OK, and after a couple of internal interviews, I was given the job.

    My confession is I really enjoyed being fucked by my boss, I loved the feel of his fat cock in me; I became very submissive, which I don’t with my husband. Peter’s cock was average but it belonged to my manager and I adored the feeling of my pussy filled with his cock. I allowed him to fuck me bareback as I’m on the pill. When he came and I came too which is a first!!! Feeling my boss pump my vagina full of his spunk sent me over the edge! I should have regretted that night but in truth I loved it!!! When my hubby makes love to me I’m dreaming it’s Peter again. Peter is not a good looking man and my husband is an incredibly hot young man, but Peter just does it for me. Sometimes when I’m in a one to one with him I can actually feel my pussy creaming remembering his cock filling me; sometimes it’s so bad I have to put a pad on or change panties. I want to fuck him again so bad but don’t want to risk losing my job or getting a reputation; what shall I do????