You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)

Broke A Rule That Could Get Me Fired.

I work as a massage therapist for a popular chain. I've only been working here for about 3 months since they have re-opened. I was never tempted in any way to do anything, despite having some beautiful women come through.

There is one woman a few years younger than me who has a monthly appointment and had personally requested me the past 2 times. Our first appointment she was randomly assigned to me. She Is a gorgeous brunette that definately tans and runs alot. I could tell she was a runner during her first massage due to the tightness of her bfm. Our first 2 appointments were deep tissue and working out tightness and soreness from her workouts.

She requested that this past session be a Swedish massage, a much more relaxing massage with less focus on working out muscles. She undressed fully, we cover our clients with towels but naturally I've gotten brief glimpses of her when working on areas near her labia. When working her inner thigh she asked me to work out some soreness a little higher. I was starting to get closer to her labia than I had been with any other client and she asked "can you massage higher?" At this point I knew she was asking for a Yoni massage. These are very strictly forbidden and I was worried that it was some type of entrapment. If it was not someone I had massaged a few times prior there is no chance I would have done it. But... she is so hott, and I started to rub my oiled hand up and down slowly spreading her labia and rubbing her clitorius. She gave muffled and gentle moans and I could feel her producing vaginally translate.

My fingers started to slip in deeper and I was full blown fingering her. The rest on the session from this point, 38 minutes, was just her getting fingered. She wanted to turn over at one point and then I continued to figure her once she got face up. When the session was over she said "I think you got me atleast 5 times. I owe you now."

I am equal parts excited and nervous for her session next month.

  • Work And Play

    I am a young Italian European male. A few years ago when I was 19, I was working at a company that's main production was the "roller shutters" and "blind fittings" for hospitals. I myself being one of three machine operators, with me being situated at the back of the factory in the far left corner, away from prying eyes.

    Anyway, my supervisor is Vietnamese she is a hard worker and i cannot fault her for attempting to do her best, alongside her is her husband who cuts the fabric along with her brother. Fitting the winder's with the blinds is her niece.

    For a while i spoke to no one, as i never really found anyone interesting. However later into my first year i had been communicating with my supervisors niece. At first glance I had thought her to be the innocent type, very shy timid, sensitive with an extremely cute angelic voice. We got speaking and she even added me on social media. I found she had been having trouble with her boyfriend who had been verbally abusing her, which left her feeling too down to get out and have fun as a girl our age should.

    I decided to cheer her up, i figured i could try bringing the fun to work. So little ways down the track we start talking more spending our breaks together, making dares etc. One of these dares however went a bit further then i thought.. she dared me to bring vixgrx to work and to take it and endure its effects throughout the day. I thought to myself "challenge accepted" and went on to do so the next day, when i got to work i had ingested it before her eyes, but asked that she do the same "it would be fun!." She oblidged, right away with her cute angelic voice. As im working i begun to notice how hard it was becoming for me to focus i was becoming increasingly horny and extremely hard, (this was the first time having this mind you).

    What made it worse though was her messaging me during work telling me how wet she had become, writing things like "my pussy is dripping wet, i went to feel it now my fingers are soaked"..

    Reading this got my blood pumping before long my cock was throbbing and i couldnt escape the thought of how horny she too must be getting right now...?

    Either way i pressed on, managing to still beat my quota. In time for our lunch break.

    She came to the back to see me. Getting shy when seeing the buldge in my pants, we laughed and sat down together chatting away about how strange the vixgrx was, when i attempted to see if she was bluffing about her being "wet" ..?

    I mean my arguement was she could clear as day see my cock being hard, but i could hardly see a thing in her case, she defended herself even going as far as to grab my wrist to slide my hand down her leggings into her panties which upon touch were definetly wet, with adreniline taking over at the moment in time i pressed my middle finger between her soft wet pussy lips as she raised my hand back up. She said "see!!" With that cute voice again and i couldnt help myself i looked at her as i raised my finger to my lips and licked the fluid i had felt.

    Before long she was on top of me, making out and un buttoning my pants freeing my penis and grinding against it. Not a minute later however, and that was cut short. We were back to work for 3 more hours then back to each of our homes it was for us.

    We didnt speak after work, i guess we both must have been thinking what transpired was due to the vixgrx's effects.

    The next morning we acted as though nothing had occurred, but that fiscard lasted only until she had made her way to my corner in the factory in need of an order fulfilled.. we started off chatting and i tried to bring up the incident the day before, without saying anything though she walked over and kissed me, placed my hand on her breast and her own on my pelvis. In just a few moments this small petite Asian girl had me erect again and seeing this she un-buttoned my jeans and grabbed my now hard cock, she went as far as to comment on how "warm and hard it was in her hand." and began to slowly stroke it back and forth.

    No one can see, between me and the other cutter there is a barrier which is supposed to keep us from distracting one-another and thankfully this barrier blocks everyones view of me. Knowing this i take the situation further by sliding my hand down between her legs putting one finger inside her pussy and than seconds later using two fingers until her pussy became wetter and looser enabling me to move my fingers smoothly in and out of her. I then order her to put my cock inside of her mouth while continuing to finger her pussy.

    This acted as a test, i wanted to see if it was just adreniline that had her doing this or if this was a side to her i was unaware of and commanding her in such a tone to do something like this would demonstrate that for me. And to both my joy and horror i found that she liked the idea of being submissive and immediately obeying my command as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and proceeding to deepthroat me.

    I could feel her body shaking the more wet she became the closer i knew she was to cumming but suddenly we stopped dead, her Aunty was calling out to me with an order and was approaching...

    Caught The Bosses Wife Cheating

    The guy who owns the company I work for has his wife do all the book keeping. So she's around the office a bit, but not much. I was heading to the gym one Saturday morning and had to stop by the office to grab my airpods that I'd left.

    I notice the wifes car out front along with another truck I didn't recognize. Immediately entering the office I can hear people in the upstairs offices having sex. It's not so much moaning, but grunting and body on body cheek slapping.

    I assumed it was the boss with his wife, and she's fucking hot so I wanted to take a peak. I sneak up the stairs and through her office window I see her bent over the desk holding on for dear life. Her dress is pushed up over waste and a pink thong is around her knees.

    The guy fucking her was so big ass dude I didn't recognize. From the looks of things and the stickers on his truck I'm assuming it was her personal trainer.

    I only watched for a few seconds and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture or video. I haven't mentioned it to anyone else and I don't plan to. However, I do plan to drive by the office on Saturday to try and catch them again.

  • She's An Absolute Slut

    My bosses wife lost her driving licence due to speeding. So in April he asked me if I'd ferry her around when he's away on business.
    A healthy bonus in my wage each month and the use of his amazing car to drive whenever she's not needing me.
    What he didn't tell me, is his younger wife by eleven years is an absolute cock hungry slut.
    I wouldn't say she's the best looking woman, however she got an amazing body. And boy can she suck cock and take cock in her pussy and up her gorgeous arsehole.
    Since April I've probably fucked her on average at least once a day.
    The first time, she had me pick her up at seven in the morning. When I arrived to get the car and drive her to a meeting, she only had a pair of knickers on.
    Without looking back at me once she'd opened the door, she told me to come in, then said "You'll be fucking me before we set off".
    My cock was fully hard and in her mouth within a couple of minutes. And half an hour later with my balls drained up her arsehole, she had me drive her fifty miles to her morning meeting.
    Lunch, a drive over to a beautiful spot she obviously knew and again I fucked her as she leaned over the bonnet of the car.
    The next day was pretty much the same, only I picked her up at lunch time, fucked her mouth only and was amazed at how she deep throated my dick.
    That night I stayed over fucking her throughout the night, and I swear I was absolutely exhausted by the time she had me go down on her as the sun rose.
    And that's been the way of it since April. Only I no longer work in my previous role.
    This should be in 'What the boss does know'.
    He knew full well his wife enjoys younger men. And he knows absolutely I'm fucking her.
    He should do, he's now watched me fucking his wife a number of times.
    Sometimes I stay over and he sleeps in a guest bedroom, but mostly I drive home, leaving him to do the one thing he loves doing with his wife, licking and sucking my cum out of her fuck holes.
    They're both extremely happy with the arrangement, and I definitely am.

    Work Head

    I was on a job. I was inside the house. My boss was outside talking with the homeowner. The housewife was drinking coffee standing about six feet from me. She was white prob mid 40s a little thick with pretty eyes looking sexy in a buisiness skirt suit thing. She says “my husband is speaking with your boss outside, he likes to talk. Any chance you need to get off?”

    I was like umm what? Now? Yup. She put down her coffee, moved me and turned me around dropped to her knees and unzipped me. She said don’t worry the front door squeaks we’ll hear them coming.

    She pulled out my dick and went right too it. Firmly sucking the head until I was hard then bobbed on it, and kept going using her mouth and hand. Took her only about three minutes to make me cum. She swallowed it all, sucking and squeezing out every drop then put my cock away and zipped me up.

    She walked me back to where I was before, went back to sipping her coffee smiled and raised her eyebrows at me.

    A couple minutes later she said,” if I’d known they’d be so long I would have taken my time. I love black dicks”

    She finished her coffee, said “I hope you enjoy your day, I’m headed to work.” And off she went.

  • My Boss Doesn't Know She Gave Me A Blowjob

    Me and my female friend sometimes go a swingers club (or did pre-pandemic), especially when there's a dom sub night. One night when we went there, some guy was saying his wife would blow anyone who wanted it. I was intruiged so go into the room, and there's this guy's wife, kneeling naked, blindfolded and tied to the door handle with her hands behind her back.

    Thing is, I recognise this woman. She was my manager at the time. I've always thought she was kind of fit, but was a bit stuck up. I never imagined she'd be into kinky stuff, especially as a sub. The guy asks if I'm interested and I just nod, go other and play with her (huge) tits then stick my cock in her mouth while her husband and two other guys watch. It's a great bj and she sucks it to completion and I finish in her mouth.

    I don't say anything and go and enjoy the rest of my evening. She didn't see me and to this day doesn't know I'm one of the guys she blew that night. Seeing at work on the Monday was weird!

    Biggest Secret Of My Life

    This one is a real-life changer, should it ever get out. My one year old daughter does not belong to my husband, but instead a wonderful man I have supervised for the past three years. I have two other children by my husband, who I love dearly, and they look very similar. My youngest got the "recessive" traits in my family (thank God for my brother, who I claim she favors).

    This was never planned, of course. He and I started a short fling during a conference and met up a few times over the span of about six months. I have VERY fond memories of our encounters, but do not wish to resume them. I know his wife very well - she and I are about the same size and have done clothing swaps for dresses and shoes several times. When she was in the hospital I visited her; I took them food when he had to have emergency surgery. I don't have any bad feelings toward her, but I do love the child her husband gave me dearly.

    The whole thing started over a couple of drinks and a conversation about how after his emergency surgery he was thinking he might want children after all (they have been together for over ten years and she does not want them - he agreed for a long time). We bar hopped a little bit but didn't get that drunk. Late we ended up back in his hotel room, off came my panties and before I knew it we were making love in his bed. I've never been a cheater, but it came so naturally with him so I just did it.

    It has never been a "fucking" situation. We have probably had sex over twenty times; I've sucked his beautiful member alone at least a dozen times; he's gone down on me, fingered me, or otherwise pleased me alone a handful of times (took some of those skills back to my husband for him to enjoy AND learn a bit on how to please me more).

    I still work with him (he's a hard worker and produces good data for our company) and it's not weird at all, save that occasionally I will catch him checking me out and it feels different than when other guys in our office look at me. He knows what's under my clothes, he's had it and enjoyed it. That possibly gives me a little thrill.

    Honestly Didn't Know

    For eight months I've been fucking a female colleague from work.
    She's in her mid thirties and believe me, she's a real dirty bitch.

    There is nothing we don't do, either at work or at my flat.
    Before we began having sex I knew she was married, but told me her older husband wasn't horny enough for her.
    And I can believe that.

    She sucks my cock, rims my arsehole, has me tonguing her pussy and arsehole, then fucking her pussy and arsehole too.

    We use sex toys as well. With me fucking one of her fuck holes, as she uses one of the dildos to fuck the other.
    Pussy and arse to mouth, she just doesn't care and these past few weeks she's had me fist her arsehole.
    She's by far the dirtiest bitch I've ever had sex with, and we fuck a lot.

    Sometimes we can sex three or four times in a day. Often having quick but intense fucks at work.
    After one of those fucks a few weeks ago, another female colleague who I get on with, told me when she saw us all flushed coming out of a store office after sex "You do know she's the bosses wife".

    Not once in all the time we've been having sex has she hinted the boss is her husband. I honestly didn't know.

    The thing is, now that I do know, fucking her in as many horny ways and places is all the more amazing.

    Technically Boss Knew All

    Back when I was 22 and first discharged from the Marines and came home I was struggling to find a job but managed to land one helping build outdoor kitchens it was a small company just the owner and his friend and needed help. It was an awesome job welding and building the kitchens the guys were great to work with. 4 months in I left my phone at the shop and couldn't get it till the next day. So the next morning when I get there I go to get it from where I left it but it was gone, the boss came into the shop bringing it saying he saw I left it I thanked him and started going through my messages and other notifications. The boss says he didn't answer any calls or texts, I thanked him, but he straight up said he saw my gallery and was surprised to see me shoving dildos up my ass that I didn't strike him as someone like that. I was slightly embarrassed and he asked if I was gay, I said no I just enjoy things in my ass but I wouldn't date a guy. He asked what I meant so I clarified that I don't think it's gay to take it up the ass, that being gay is emotional attraction to the same sex and that I don't have that at all. He eventually asked if that meant I'd take a cock but don't want to date a man. Answer was yes but that I'd never taken a real cock so I'm not sure if I'd be into it. He just nodded for a bit and walked off to come back awhile later to talk again. Being straight to the point he said that during my interview I said I would do anything to help, so he had something he needed help with. I shrugged asking what.... And with a smirk he said he needed to get off and was tired of beating his cock and is wife wouldn't put out so he would like to find out what I was like. I stood quietly till he finally said he wanted me to bend over the workbench with my pants at my ankles till he got off and that he has a condom and held it up. I shrugged and undid my pants and pushed them down and leaned on the bench. And he got close to me and i heard his pants and belt cover undone and fall to the floor few moments later I felt his tip pushing against my hole and start slipping in the head was miss leading because he was pretty thick making my mouth open. He was sliding in pretty easy with the condom, I didn't expect him to go so deep but I also didn't know he was hung. When he was fully in he made sure I was ok I nodded and he slowly started fucking me. He smacked my ass a couple times saying I was tight. After a few minutes he pulled out and I heard the condom snap as he pulled it off and pushed back into my he fucked me like that for about another 10 minutes or so before I felt him pulsating and cumming In me. And slowly pulled out he pulled up his pants and thanked me and asked if I enjoyed it? I pulled up my pants and said definitely was interesting. And asked if he was planning on needing that help more often. He wasn't sure and went back to his office.

    It was barely a month later before he asked again but this time had me on my back making me hold my knees to my chest and he recorded it. Him fucking me became an every two week thing I started bringing a could dildos because he wanted to double stuff my ass one night and I was riding him while a dildo was in me with his cock, the other guy from work had left early so we had fun playing music and letting him in me, well I decided to switch the toy to a bigger one that was about 7in instead of the little one. As I got into a good rhythm our coworker had come back to work and caught us but when he walked up to say something he already had his cock out and said he didn't care how or why just wanted to join, the boss said sure I could take it my coworker pulled out the dildo and replaced it with himself. It took so long for both then to cum. From that day on until I got laid off from time to time they'd fuck me. I didn't mind because after I got laid off I fucked the owners wife a few times because she was a bartender was amazing in bed.

  • Mask And Lotion

    I'm evil as hell for this I know, fuck it I feel good about it. I had a terrible boss before I got the chance to quit about this time last summer, would blame all the people she had power over for her own mistakes and shortcomings, made others do her job etc. We all know that person.

    She would spend some nights just straight up talking to friends on the phone. She would typically spend about 45 minutes just smoking at a time and just talking to these bitches.

    So one night when it's just dead she is going out back on the phone so I go back there and I see her mask just sitting there on the desk and I know she's gunna be out there for a while so I say fuck it.

    That day was kinda a great day to do this, it was a hot sweaty day earlier and I had already been procrastinating in my room so there was a lot of dried precum, cum residue just left on my dick cause I didnt really leave myself enough time to do a good job cleaning up, and a lot of ball sweat.. anyway so I use the inside of her mask as I jack off, whipe the inside of by balls with it, jerk it with it some more, then I cum in her open lotion bottle and shake it up.

    She comes in 20ish minutes after I finish up. After a little while I hear her make a comment to herself about how her mask smells musty. She gets up to go back outside and the first thing I do is go back in there to do it again, but this time I focus exclusively on the lotion bottle cause I didn't want her to draw obvious connections. I turned the lotion cum into a bit of a short time habit

    The first time I saw her use the lotion was after I had already put in my 2 week note. She was still mad at me for "quitting on the spot" dont think she knows what that means but whatever.. but watching her rub that shit into her face and arms was so beautiful to me. Especially knowing she was doing it well after I left.