You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)

The Boss's Wife And Overtime.

My Ex boss is an alcoholic and doesn't spend much time tending to his wife, while I was still working for them she would come into work and throw all sorts of subtle hints as to what he does and does not do.
We were working late one night and I noticed that Anita( boss's wife) had discreetly taken her bra off, she leaned over me at my workstation and I caught a glimpse of a hard nipple on her huge titty.
At 21 of course my cock went hard and she saw me try re-arrange it while sitting she jokingly said to me "it's easier to fix if you are standing.
I stood up and tried to turn away from her to correct it but she quickly stuck her hand in my pocket to help out. It wasn't even 20 seconds and we were both buck naked and she was laying over her desk with me trying to control myself and take it easy but that never worked, I slid my hand between her thighs while licking on a perfect titty. She was soaking wet and raring to go. we fucked like rabbits that night and took every opportunity to work late from then on that we could. Its a few years down the line and I no longer work for them but do supply them with stock and each time I deliver to them, she gets a "special" delivery. I have even fucked her on her desk while he has been passed out in his office.

  • Work Commitments

    They're both married and they both know about each other, although the older of the two likes to think I've stopped fucking her lower managers pussy.
    In fact I've been fucking them both for over a year.
    It began with the lower manager finding out I have a big cock and enjoy fucking older women. She said she'd spoken to a girl who I used to fuck on a regular basis. And it was her who suggested she use her managerial position to offer me an incentive to fuck her.

    That incentive was time away from work to indulge in my other passion, fishing.
    I took the incentive and also took her pussy in her office, after she'd gagged on my dick as I fucked her throat. She literally had to chew on her own blouse to keep herself quiet as I screwed her tight mixed race married c**t.

    How one of the senior directors found out and wanted some man meat to supplement her supposed lesbian lifestyle (She's married to another woman) was myself and the manager having a quickie in the ladies toilets.
    I'd gone up to the main offices to collect a bollocking for lateness and ended up fucking the manager who was supposed to be reprimanding me.
    Only her boss, one of our directors walked in. She wanted to know what was going on and we both ended up in trouble.

    Thinking I was going to get sacked anyway, as the director asked me questions in her very plush office about why a manager would risk her career for a young man like me, I told her it's because I've got a really big cock and she loves it up the arse.
    Instead of firing me on the spot, she had her manager come in and told me to wait outside.
    From what I now know, the director and manager were once occasional lovers.
    I was asked back in twenty minutes later and the tone had changed completely. My manager was excused and I could tell they'd left on good terms.

    As openly as you like the director told me I'd be accompanying her that afternoon to a meeting.
    The meeting took place at a very expensive country hotel. It only lasted half an hour and I didn't really know what was going on or being discussed.
    What I do know, is ten minutes after the meeting finished with the company client, I was in a hotel room having my cock sucked by a fifty four year old senior director.
    We didn't leave the room for two hours and in that time the director became my slut.
    I fucked her mouth, her pussy and her arsehole, especially her arsehole.
    She became totally sub with me and even licked and tongued my balls and arsehole as I squatted above her face.
    My balls were empty after cumming twice in her and she'd orgasmed I don't know how many times, but it was a lot.
    After the sex as we lay naked on the bed, she told me to stop fucking her manager and to concentrate only on her. She was asserting her dominance again, but id just screwed the fuck out of her and her doing all sorts of dirty things. So I just kept saying ok, but thinking to myself "I'm going to keep on fucking your manager".
    As a final power statement, she had me go down on her making her orgasm one last time. I tasted my own cum for the first time in my life.

    On the following Monday morning I was called into her office and told from then on I was to assist in her daily meetings, basic business matters and if she wanted it, to fuck her.
    I was promoted and expected to attend to her wishes.
    And over the last twelve months that's exactly what I've done.

    We fuck once, maybe twice a week, but never at work.
    She lives in a very beautiful cottage with her older spouse about ten miles from where I live, but I never have to drive there.
    She takes me home after work when she wants cock and I fuck her. Once she's happy, and I always leave her well and truly fucked, she or her spouse orders me a taxi. Her spouse genuinely couldn't care less her partner is fucking a younger man. In fact we've spoken a lot together recently. She's nearly fifteen years older than my boss, who from what she's told me, has had lots of young lovers. It's their marriage, so I make sure it's just sex and nothing more. Not that she would want me for anything else.

    As for my ex manager, we secretly meet up most weekends when her husband gets drunk. He's a registered alcoholic and isn't a well man. He can no longer get an erection due to his habbits, so the very pretty thirty something likes to meet up for sex.
    We mostly fuck in one anothers cars, but occasionally book a hotel room.
    If she wanted to, I'd definitely have a serious relationship with her, but I'm not sure she wants that.

    Husband Is Missing Out

    I work for a small construction company and my boss Tony is a heavy set guy. Drives a big truck and spends money like it grows on trees. Has a good looking daughter who I have been flirting with. A week after I started, I met the controller. She is Tony's wife, short small framed women in her 40s. She is 4 foot 11, very petite, dirty blond hair, hazel eyes, and for having a small frame she has a big rack. Her tiny little waste quickly shows of her bubble butt and tits.

    She comes in a few times a week and it was my first time meeting her and I couldn’t help notice that she and I had a connection. Didn’t think anything of it until that afternoon she came by my office and asked how everything was going. I had a chair at the corner of my desk and she sat down. Her husband Tony came in and was asking both of us questions. He got his answers and shortly later I heard his truck pull away. The shop guys had left and it was our foreman closing up with N and I in the office left alone.

    I got my stuff and we walked out together. We continued to talk in the parking lot. Her hair is big and it hit me that she has that early to mid 80s porn star look. She was not scheduled to come back into work until Friday but ended up coming back the next afternoon. The same thing happened, she stayed late talking to me, this time a lot more flirting. She was dressed and a denim skirt that came up high showing off her nice thighs and a blouse that hugged her tits. Again it was after work and we where left alone. We talked and she sat facing me to my left at a chair I had in the corner. As she sat I couldn’t tell if she was wearing dark panties or if it was her bush. Finally she fidgeted and saw that she had a landing strip and no panties. I was rock hard I asked her if she would want to grab some drinks. She said she would love to but she had an idea. She left my office and came back in with a bottle of Jameson and 2 glasses. She said her husband always had booze in his office.

    At this point I was all in and after a few sips we were kissing each other. I’m 6 foot 2, 208 lbs I don’t have a massive cock but it’s around 7 inches, thick and veiny. To see N in front of my desk with her tiny mouth stretched around my cock. Her mouth felt like a tight pussy with her tongue flicking all over my head. I blew my first load partially down her throat. She spilled a bit onto my thighs and she got lower on her knees and licked the area clean. She gave my balls some attention and I quickly got hard again. She asked if I liked to fuck me partial clothed or completely naked. I loved that she asked because I love something about a women with her panties to the side and her skirt hiked up and blouse pulled down exposing her tits. That late afternoon I fucked her mouth pussy and ass in my office. It was close to 6 when we cleaned up. Since then we have been all over each other. The thing is that I came help but wanting to shove my cock down her throat. I get pics and nudes constantly sent over. At this point it is what it is. I will continue to enjoy using her holes. She calls her self my big cock whore. Think i am falling for this one.

  • Lunch Meeting

    My boss had gone to a lunch meeting. It was after quitting time when she came back and it was only me in the office. I asked her how it went. She said she had to sit down and invited me to her office. Once she began to talk it appeared she had one too many drinks. She was sitting in her chair at her desk and I was sitting in a chair on the other side of it. She even mentioned she had one too many. At one point she kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on her desk. The way she had her feet and legs placed, and the way her skirt had fallen, I could see right between her legs. She wasn't wearing panties and her pussy was fully shaved. She didn't seem to be aware of what I was seeing. It seemed the more we talked the drunker she seemed. At one point she mentions her bra is bothering her and without warning takes off her blouse followed by her bra. She continues talking like it is no big issue. This wasn't like her and I truly don't think she knew what she was doing. Her eyes would close and then open like she was falling asleep and waking up. I began taking some pictures of her when I had the chance but she caught me. I thought she was going to get extremely pissed off at me but instead she stood up and took off her skirt. She said if I wanted to take pictures of her I should be able to get some really good ones now. She posed and was even encouraging me to take them. She showed everything and began to masturbate. I took pictures and video and once she orgasmed she passed out. I tried to wake her but she just mumbled something and seemed really tired so I just left.

    The next time I saw her she brought up she had too much to drink at the meeting . She said she didn't even remember coming back to the office and found herself waking up in her office naked. I said it would have been interesting to see. She said it would have been embarrassing if anyone saw her but it was after hours and no one would have been around so she was safe. I kept the fact that I had seen her naked and had pictures and video of her posing and masturbating to myself.

    It Was Great

    I like to read these comments and confessions and have never had the guts to post. I saw a post about a guy who was banging his ex teacher and bender up knocking her up and supposedly are still together.
    Back in the early 90s I was a sophomore in High School and went to a decent sized school. I had a home room class for the first hour of the day and then had a block schedule. Meaning 2 hr classes so we only had 4 classes per day and would rotate table days. Only had certain subjects on certain days. Towards the end of the school year classes where switched around and I ended up with a mid 40 teacher named Hicks. She had strawberry Blond long hair mid back a then waste some curvy hips and decent sized boobs. She dressed in tight clothing. She was into health and would always talk about he running and exercising. I also am into health and fitness even now. I was a big guy tall muscular attractive.
    I knew Mrs Hicks was married with a daughter who had recently graduated. She was attractive and I and some of my friends always thought she was a younger version of Mrs Hicks. We had a project and she ended up working with me a few times after school. I noticed that in class and when people were around she always talked and acted different. When we where one on one she was much more relaxed often really close to me and had a habit of talking to me with her hand on me. Usually on my shoulders a few times she would put her hands on my chest. Some times I would return the favor and place my hand as well on her arm or her hip. A few times I would rest my hand on her hip grazing her ass. I was always rock hard when we were together. She would often asked me to stay late and help her if I had the time. I would almost always make time to spent any time with her. I always had good grades and that year i enrolled in summer school because she was teaching and asked if I would be interested in being her TA. I jumped at the chance
    My parents thought I was being smart for getting some additional credit for school. I was interested in seeing Mrs Hicks who had started to wear summer clothes. Shorts tight jeans loose shirts.
    It was the first day of summer school very easy and it was a half day. The 4 hours went by fast and I was sitting next to her desk when she stood up next to me stretching. We were joking back and forth and earlier I had mentioned how tiny she was compared to me. Her ass right by my face and she did a little wiggle. I stood up jokingly I grabbed by the hips and lifted her up in the air. She squirmed and laughed. I was able to put her over my shoulder her bubble butt sticking up in the air. Laughing the entire time I smacked her as a few times. She was silent for a bit. Her shorts had rode up a bit and a little bit of her ass cheeks were exposed. I slid my hands under her shorts and had my hand on her bare ass cheeks. Not saying anything I continued to run my hands and now my finger tips had found her g string deep between her ass cheeks. I slid under and found the hottest hole I had ever felt. After some intense fingering and some slushing sounds I lit her on her desk and proceeded to eat her out for a while. After that she sucked me off and we spent the rest of the day in our class with the door locked and her letting me fuck every hole. We did this all during summer school. She made the class easy so we would not have to grade papers after class. When summer class was over she had me visit her at her place. Her husband worked days and I easily came by in the morning and would fuck during the day. This went on that summer and when school started she did everything possible to have me in her classes. This made school super easy for me. I know that a few times she was knocked up but could not carry the pregnancy. I never told anyone not even my best friends. I kept it to myself and kept her to myself. On weekends I went out with friends and fucked other girls but when Mondays came before and after football practice I would get to cum in any hole I wanted. Shortly after graduation her husband started asking and suspected her cheating. She and I where caught and tried to lay low but there was some chemistry between us and she ended up splitting with her husband. I’m still single and date other women but I still see Mrs Hicks a few times a week. She ended up having to leave the school and change to another town close by. We think her ex spill the beans but by then it was to late and on some occasions he has shown up at her place wanting to talk while I’m dicking her down. He gets upset and throws a fit.

  • On The Job Dick

    A few years ago I really wanted sex with other men. I craved it daily. I had this fantasy of have sec with a hung man on my construction site.

    I stayed on the gay and bonding sites and finally found a nice muscular masculine guy like myself that was interested in helping me with me fantasy. He and I talked via email swapped pics and I expressed to him how I really wanted my ass fucked on the job site.

    I was the boss on a big renovation job at the edge of town where I lived.

    On the day he was to come to my job site I got him to pull his pickup into the building and I pulled down the overhead door and locked us inside. It didn’t take us long before his big dick was out and I was sucking it we made our way to the only shower in the building. We got naked and he ducked my dick and I sucked his. He had his hands all over my ass and told me I had a nice ass. He said he wanted to fuck me and I put some lube up.

    My ass then handed it to him he lived his big dick and I took him over to stack of plywood. I laid on my back with my ass on the edge of the stack and raised my legs he put them on his shoulders then grabbed his dick which was dripping a lot of pre cum he touched it to my asshole and n one hard fast push he buried his big hard dick up my asshole and he fucked me hard and got very deep inside of me ever time he rammed his dick up.

    My ass. I shot cum all I’ve myself as he fucked my asshole and talked very dirty to me. I begged him to fuck me harder then begged him to cum in my ass. He had my wrists pinned down and was fucking me so hard my guts were shaking. Finally he shot his load up my ass and it was so much some of it ran out of me he fucked me good but wasn’t finished as he turned me over and rammed his dick up.

    My ass again and he fucked me and came up my add again. We showered again as his cum ran out of my ass. Next he and I went upstairs to another room and he bent me over a stack of lumber held my hands behind my back and began to slap my naked ass really hard and talk dirty to me he told me he liked it rough and that he was going to r**e me hard and force me to take his big dick. He turned me around shoved me to my knees grabbed my head and forced his dick in to my throat. I had never had a fucking throat and I was choking and gagging and he was pulling on my head telling me to take his big dick. This guy was part fucking animal the way he was using me seemed to really excite him and turn him on. I let him do whatever he wanted to me and I was really getting into it.

    He fucked me, r**ed me, used me, cum in my throat, fucked me. He fucked me so hard that my stomach hurt for two days. His cum dripped out of my ass for a couple of days and at one time he almost got his hand up my ass. He tried to fist me but I couldn’t take it.

    He use his beer bottle on my ass fucked me in different positions and talked so nasty to me it made me cum. He was in control for the entire 4 hours he was there and forced his big dick on me every way he could and before he left he fucked my ass on my back in his tailgate of his truck and took pictures of him fucking my asshole with cum running out of me. He also took a couple of pics of me holding my ass cheeks apart with my asshole open dripping his cum
    He wanted a couple more pics and put me on my knees and with his balks on my chin and his dick in my throat he took three pics than with his nuts in my mouth he took a pic with cum dripping out of his dick then one last pic of him rubbing his cum on my face with his dick. Then he told me to stay naked and open the dour for him so he could leave.

    After he left I just sat there naked with cum running out of my asshole thinking about hose I had just been used and r**ed and how much I liked it. In the shower as I thought back on all that he did to me I jacked ofc and ate my cum then dried off and went home. The next day my asshole hurt and my throat was so sore I could hardly talk and cum leaked out of my asshole all day long. That was the only time I my life that I can say that I was fucked and used and r**ed and it was the bearded I had ever had so far in my life. He never answered his phone again and I never saw him again but I sure wanted him to visit me again because I liked what he did to me that day.

    Got The Boss Fired

    I'm a sous chef in a restaurant in Florida. My boss, the executive chef is a real piece of work. She is a decade younger than me and I'm pretty sure she did some serious cock sucking to get her job because she is horribly unqualified to run a restaurant or any kind of business. She doesn't even have a degree and as far as I know this is her first job ever.

    So because of her lack of experience and knowledge about restaurants and food in general she does a lot of things that would make the eating public quite upset. I'll give you a few examples. We had a case of individually wrapped plastic half pint milk jugs that we serve to our customers, mostly children. They expired because she didn't understand the importance of proper product rotation. Always use the oldest product first so it's not still around after expiring. She got confused and while I had a day off from work she told everyone to only use the freshest milk. Sure, when you are grocery shopping you reach behind the old milk to get the new milk out of the back. Everyone does. I even do. But you can't do that in the restaurant business or you will throw away half your food and double your costs and that would put you out of business. So on my second day off that week she discovered the whole case had expired so not wanting to waste it and not knowing the difference, she told an employee to open all of them up and poor them into the ice cream machine reservoir instead of using the ice cream mix. Well besides the fact that ice cream mix is thicker and richer, it's EXPIRED! and that makes it illegal by the health code to serve it even in that manner. But to make matters worse, she had told an employee on my first day off to take it out of the fridge and put it in the break room and there it sat in the un airconditioned break room at around 78 degrees for a day and a half before having it dumped into the ice cream machine and by that point it was already sour. She figured the syrup that flavored the ice cream would mask the sour taste.

    My boss should never have given me access to the security cameras.

    On another occasion she had an employee, when I wasn't there, pull out 200 lbs of expired ground beef and put it all in plastic totes (not food grade) and put a new expiration date on it and told the employee to use them. I found this out from an employee who told me.

    Also, contrary to OSHA regulations she keeps the SDS book locked up on the office refusing access to employees, She keeps illegal cleaning chemicals out in the open and without proper labeling and padlocks two of the three fire exits. A cousin of mine perished in a famous fire in Rhode Island in 2003 so I am highly conscious of fire safety.

    She now regrets giving me access to the security cameras because those are only but a few of the incidents that I got security footage of and reported anonymously to various agencies including OSHA and the health department. But the one that will send her to prison is where she went into employee payroll records and illegally delated hundreds of hours of worked time from employee's electronic time cards cheating them out of pay. I volunteered to do her payroll for her lazy ass and she let me, big mistake, BIG MISTAKE! because finally I put my bookkeeping training to good use and audited her payroll and found all her changes and got copies and forwarded them to law enforcement.

    I was so giddy with glee watching her perp walk in handcuffs out the door and into the police cruiser I nearly came in my pants.

    And no, she was not the first boss whom I got fired, but she was the most satisfying.


    My Coworker

    I worked at a home improvement store through out college. I worked in the paint department.

    I was 18 when I started working there. Fresh high school graduate and I was still a virgin.

    My one coworker was 40. Divorced dad and actually really good looking. To me at least. He instantly became a friend

    But one day we were in the back of the store in a storage closet where he had his dick out. It looked huge to me being my first dick and he was totally surprised I was a virgin. But I got on my knees. Took ahold of his hairy dick and put my mouth on it.

    Didn’t take long before I got my first taste of cum. The taste was new to me and I obviously had lots to learn. But my shaved pussy in my thong was wet and really enjoyed it.

    This went on for about 3 months. I was giving him bjs every time I worked.

    Our boss had no clue what was going on. I’m sure he wondered why I was so liked instantly by my coworker

    But then one Sunday we snuck into our bosses office. He pulled out a condom. Laid it on the desk and told me to take my pants off. I sat on the desk in my thong. He put the condom on and moved my thong to the side

    He looked and said he loved shaved pussy. There in my bosses office I got my cherry popped.

    It hurt and felt amazing. He even broke my hymen so there was blood. Sadly he didn’t last too long before cumming in the condom but it felt amazing.

    As he wiped his dick off before pulling his underwear back up I cleaned my pussy off and put my pants back on.

    Come Monday my boss had no idea I lost my virginity in his office

    Work Fucks

    Where I work, there's are three women who I regularly fuck.
    Two are married, one being one of my managers wife, and in their forties. The other is my age and a real slut.
    The two married women know about each other and from what I understand, occasionally have lesbian sex, which finding out this, is how I seduced them both.
    I wouldn't say they're the best looking women out there, but they both look after themselves and definitely enjoy my younger cock.
    The young woman is cock crazy. Once she found out I was fucking the two older women, she dragged me into a store room and gave me a blow job.
    I swear I'd only half an hour before fucked one of the older women in a side office, and still had her pussy juices all over my cock when the younger woman sucked in my dick.
    It helps I have a really high libido and reasonable sized knob, plus I'd fuck the crack of dawn if I could get up early enough.

  • Rainy Days In NorCal

    I have worked for a quarry for a few years now. We have had severed weather here a few weeks now. Running a Skelton crew including the scale girl Angelina. She is in her early 40s and I have known her for a few years now. Some flirting back and forth but nothing serious until this winter. She is a dirty blonde short hair about 5 foot 6 with her weight fluctuating between 140 to 160 lbs. She is a well built woman nice big tits thick legs big ass. Guys around here always say to each other that she could easily do porn. Right after the new year we got an enormous amount of rain and we pretty much had to shut down except for a few people. My self and Angelina and 1 other guy in the yard. There was absolutely nothing going out so I would send the yard guy home. After a few days I could have easily just shut down but I was liking having Angelina pretty much all to myself. Even with the cold weather I started to see she was wearing leggings and tight shirts under her jacket or sweat shirts. She wore these one pair of white leggings that where really thin material and with the lighting in our trailer it was almost see through. I wasn’t sure if she was wearing some dark panties or if it was a landing strip of hair. One day during lunch she came and sat on my desk while I was at the desk. I went to stand up and we where face to face. She leaned in and gave me a quick kiss and a few minutes later we where going at it. I found out it was a landing strip. I ate her out on my desk and fucked her as well. She was everything I thought she would be. Completely naked she had a killer body. The few weeks we where down and by ourselves we fucked in our trailer like teenagers. Once we picked up we had to ease up a little bit it was till nice to walk over to her when we where alone for a bit and slide my fingers down her pants and flick her clit. The last couple of weeks we got hit by a storm and we got the trailer to ourselves again. I am single and not seeing anyone. She was dating someone but that has all but stopped. We are currently dating now but we still find it a thrill to fuck around during the day. Nothing better then having your dick sucked while on a conference call. Really hard to concentrate while some hot chick is licking your balls and sucking you dry. Il post some more sex shit we have done around the plant. We Do fuck outside of work as well. But we find it extremely exciting to bang around the plant or in equipment.