You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)

Doing Them Both

Over the last ten months I've been fucking my boss at work.
She's fifty one, good looking and has kept herself in shape.
She first came onto me when she found out off another female colleague of mine, that I've got a large cock (Women chat a lot about these things apparently).
One comment lead to another and before long, I was banging my married boss over her desk.
Every work day from then on, and up until now, she's either given me a blow job, I've tongued out her pussy and arsehole, or I've fucked both of her love holes as she calls them.
Unknown to me at first who she was, a very pretty nineteen year old started working with us three months back.
Instantly we were attracted to each other, and after only a couple of weeks, we ended up back at my place having the most amazing sex.
We've done just about everything since we began fucking, and believe me, she's one dirty little bitch.
We both know it's just sex, just as it still is with my boss. However only a month ago, and I'm not sure why they kept it secret, is I found out my little sex slut is the bosses daughter.
Now some days I can have fucked my boss in the morning or during the lunch break, or just before leaving for home. Then a couple of hours later have such great fun fucking her daughter at my place.
Neither know I'm fucking the other, I think.
But I do suspect the daughter knows someone at work is screwing her mum.
I know this because as I was fucking her arsehole from behind the other day, she said "Something like this, is probably why mum is so happy these days".
I didn't say anything back, but now I'm thinking they might just know about each other.
But if they do, why haven't they said anything to me.

  • My Office Window

    Today is my first day on my new job. My new office has one way windows that look over the whole office. I could see out but no one can see in. We have this sexy Puerto Rican office manager. She is on the chunky side but sizzling hot!!! I sit here right now staring at her ass as she bends over. I have such a hard on! I'm rubbing my stiffness through my pants. I just unzipped my self and I'm going to jerkoff right here in my office. I'm fantasizing that this hot Puerto Rican slut is comes up here to service me. I came and came hard and huge!

    The New Girl

    I work in a small office (3 boss’s and me)
    The work load was getting crazy so i asked for help which they did by hiring a young blonde 18 year old called Beck,
    She has the most amazing body I’ve ever seen big boobs round ass and tiny waste.
    I can see why she was hired lol.
    We get along great and even flirt a little with each other.
    Our conversations always turn to sex and i have already mentioned im bisexual and have had lots of girlfriends in the past.
    This is were my confession begins .
    Yesterday without any warning she asked if I wanted to lick her pussy at lunchtime.
    Of course I agreed who wouldn’t ,she is amazingly pretty.
    All morning we talked about how we were going to do it with the 3 men in the office.
    We decided to leave at lunch in my car and drive to a park I knew rear by.
    At lunch we both left together as soon as we got in the car she was trying to lift my skirt up,
    I told her to wait.
    We arrived at the park and it was empty thank goodness because I was gaging for it.
    I said lets get out and go behind the bushes.
    Once in the bushes she lifted her dress up and pulled her soaked underwear down to the floor and said lick me which I did without hesitation.
    She was so wet and tasted amazing i had two fingers inside her while sucking on her huge engorged clit.
    She orgasmed in minutes.
    She pulled my head up and said she wanted to return the favour and dropped to her knees.
    She was licking me way to softly so i held her head firmly and ground my pussy hard into her mouth.
    I orgasmed too very fast.
    We tidied ourselves up and returned to work both with soaking underwear.
    She has said she wants me as her regular girlfriend but all I want is regular sex.

  • Gym Workout

    I don't know what to think of this. At work we have a fitness room setup with weights, exercise bikes, treadmills, etc. I was after work hours and I was the only one working out out. The bosses wife comes in and asks me if I had seen her husband. I told her I saw him about an hour ago and that was all I knew. I was in a t-shirt and shorts and didn't expect what she did next. She put her fingers in the waistband of my shorts and pull out and slightly down . She was looking down at my cock which she just exposed. She then let the waist band go which covered me up again and told me to turn around. I did as she asked and once again her fingers ended up in my waistband but this time she pulled my shorts right down to my ankles. She told me I had a nice ass. I didn't know to reply so all I said was "Thanks". She moved to the front of me and grabbed my cock. I began to stiffen up and she told me her husband would not like me getting aroused by her. She told me to keep this between just us or I would be out of a job. She left and I finished my workout.

    I jumped into the shower and she happened to show up again. I froze and she told me to continue showering. I showered as she watched which was a little intimidating but a little arousing at the same time. I finished and toweled off. Before she left she said her husband wouldn't like her seeing me this way so we would just keep this between us.

    Interesting Day At Work

    I work alone in a single office next to my house. Since I'm working in something I got no knowledge or experience of, my boss calls me and tells me what to do. He called today and told me to see if a computer he has in the office works, move some files in there and install a software.

    As I'm doong so, I'm figuring things out I hit the recent tab in the files and found a video. It looked weird so I zoomed in and found out it was of a pussy close up masturbating video...

    How brave of him to let a video out in the open where everyone can see it. Pretty sure he doesn't remember or it wasn't him that has such video saved in there.

    At least I got something to entertain myself with when I use the computer.

  • A Fun Factory

    When I got out of the military I was 22. I moved in with a gal and got a job at a factory.

    It was my job to clean metal parts and get them ready for the painter. I ran the parts through baths of chemicals and then water before hanging them ready to be painted. The painter was am older guy named Earl.

    Earl was quite a guy. He had dark salt-and-pepper hair that was slicked down with Brylcreem and smoked like a chimney. On his breaks, Earl would wander over and light up, and then start giving us his opinions on which of the various women who worked there would be good in bed, and he would tell us just what he wanted to do with each one. People would quickly walk away when Earl approached, but since I worked with him, I was sort of trapped. Not that I minded. He was a pretty entertaining pervert.

    "Now that one," he said one day pointing down the wide aisle at one of the assembly lines. "That one is called Sarah. But I call her 'Doggy Fashion'. Because I'd do her doggy fashion."

    I regarded Sarah a moment and agreed with Earl. Sarah was in her late thirties and had wide hips and a big ass.

    Earl had something to say about all the women who worked there, not least the women who occasionally walked through the plant from the front office. Earl was not the least intimidated by the chance the women might overhear him, and I think he preferred that they did.

    Sometimes we would stand together behind the tall wash vats where we could only be seen from the shoulders up. Earl would reach beneath his painter's apron and play with himself while he made his observations about this woman or that as they stood in line at the stockroom window some twenty or thirty feet away. I felt flushed and slightly aroused, but he never jerked off to a finish. Just a little rub and squeeze, I guess.

    One day, Earl offered to give me a ride home. I usually rode with another guy, but I said yes to Earl. I got into his car and he asked if I wanted to come to his place for a beer. I nodded, curious just how much more perverted Earl might be outside the confines of work.

    At his place he got a couple of beers and then disappeared into his room to change. He came back wearing what I thought might be pajama bottoms and a tee shirt. He carried a shoe box and handed it to me as he sat down on the couch next to me.

    "Go on, take a look," he said.

    I opened the box and it was filled with pictures. I was amazed, and my hands started to tremble as he leaned over and narrated for me.

    "That's my ex-wife," he said, as I looked at a woman, probably in her thirties, who posed completely naked for the camera. She was seductive in some, but most just seemed to be candid shots around the house of her naked.

    "What the..." I asked as the pictures changed to that of a young girl.

    "That's my niece," he said, grinning.

    I was stunned as I leafed quickly through the pictures of the naked girl.

    Then I came to a person I recognized. She was a woman from the front office. She, too, was naked, and her expression was the same irritated look in all of them as she undressed for the photographer.

    "She didn't want to fuck me, though," Earl said, giggling.

    I looked at him, still trembling as I realized how close he had moved to me.

    Then his hand was on my thigh and he moved it up to my crotch.

    "Those make you hard?" he asked. "Want to see any of them again?"

    "No," I whispered, as he took my hand and put it in his lap.

    Earl was hung. The bulge there surprised me, and I rubbed it, feeling its massive girth through the thin cotton material.

    He grinned and raised his hips, slipping the pajama bottoms off. I stared at his cock and dark, hairy pubic area. He told me to undress and I did, shaking with anticipation. My own painfully hard erection paled in comparison to his semi-rigid dick. He sat back and I sat next to him, feeling his hands on me as I leaned down.

    "I knew you were a cock-sucker the moment I saw you," he said as I kissed his dick.

    I kissed it and licked it and murmured to him about how big and beautiful his dick was. Then I tried to take as much of it in my mouth as I could. I sucked the head and maybe a third of its length. I ran my tongue around its head, loving the taste. He squeezed my ass and hips as I eagerly sucked him. It didn't last long. I think about five minutes later he moaned and stiffened, and my mouth flooded with his hot, thick, salty load. I swallowed all of it, moaning with my own satisfaction.

    When Earl was finished, he told me to dress. He was not into reciprocity. He told me to take my hard-on home to my girlfriend, and that was what I did. From then on, we had a thing. Earl teased me during breaks. We ate our lunch in his car while I played with his cock. Then, after work, I sucked his wonderful big dick and he took me home, horny as hell, where I jumped my girlfriend's bones every night.

    Sometimes It's Not About Negotiating

    I don't want to make too much out of it, but it is an experience that changed my career. I was 33 and husband and father and on my way with the Department Head to visit a client in Asia who had problems with an installation we had done for them. I was the Engineer on location for that particular job. We flue via Frankfurt, Dubai and on to Singapore and from there Brunei and offshore. By the time we got to the platform we had been traveling for some 40 hours and I was dead tired. I was given a bunk in a room with an Englishman, top bunk because he was there before me. I stripped down, took a shower and went to sleep.

    I woke up to the noise of him getting his boots and coveralls off. He was hard looking man, an Electrical Superintendent with many years experience. He got down to nothing and got on his bed and opened his computer and started to jack off. The bunk got his rhythm. I looked over the edge and he had his hand on his cock and the laptop had two guys fucking away. He looked at me and asked me to leave him alone. But the more he masturbated the harder I got, the half minute view of the two guys fucking stuck in my mind.

    I got off the bunk onto the floor and introduced myself. His cock seemed to be pretty nice sized in his hand, the video men were now kissing and fondling. I offered to take care of him, I got on my knees beside the bunk, took his cock in my hand and told him to put the laptop in a position so I could enjoy the show. I sucked his cock, got him almost there and stopped and told him that if he needed an ending we needed to talk. Name, rank and serial number. Did he want to fuck me or did he just want a blowjob? He said he could use a good fuck and I said I could use a good fuck and he let me get on the bunk, I took ahold of the headrest and he climbed on top and I got a good fuck.

    I had to meet up with my boss and the client before dinner in the conference room so I left him with a long suck of his cock. The meeting went as expected, lots of blame and no responsibility taken. We had dinner in the mess hall and said good night. I went back to the room and found my roommate asleep so I got naked and got in bed and laid back and jerked on my cock. The Englishman woke up to the moving of the bunk and saw my cock in my hand and I offered it to him, let him suck too. He was an old pro, he sucked the cum right out of me and told me he could use another fuck. I got off the bunk and grabbed the desk and he went at me. I could watch him in the mirror on the door, going and going, trying to get off. But the earlier fuck had drained him and he went limp so I sat on his bunk and sucked his limp dick and balls.

    I spent that one night on board and the next day we were on our way back to Singapore. The taste of his cock still in my mouth and a tender ass to nurse on the way home. He interceded with his bosses and our case got a fair hearing, a split the difference settlement. My boss never did find out how the customer came around. I got a promotion.

    Miss Rich Bitch

    Was almost 35 years ago I was working at a new job as a tech at a luxury car agency in a major metro city.

    After getting my tools and equipment set up I was brought around the shop by the manager and introduced to the other employees. At some point I met this kind of hard looking woman and was told she was a principal at the company. Turned out that her daddy was the founder and he'd long since gone to his reward. The nasty and sarcastic woman I met was Mr. B's only daughter and the owner of the company. Her pet husband also had a share.

    Anyway, I sort of recognized the lady but couldn't place her.

    Later or maybe during the week I mentioned how I thought I might have known her in the past and the shop steward and union rep, a crusty guy called Billy, told me that I might have known her when she was the hottest pair of panties in the county.

    According to Billy she was an insatiable cocksucker and gave blowjobs to dozens of guys at a couple of parks and playgrounds on Friday and Saturday nights. I can't swear to it but I think this miserable nasty fresh talking witch once sucked my dick!

    Thankfully I had little or nothing to do with her except to say "Good morning Mrs. N." when I seen her. I didn't stay very long there maybe 6 months or so and got a better offer much closer to home and didn't have to look at and kowtow to that cocksucking c**t!

    Girl Crushing

    I've noticed there's a fraction of girls of a certain age, maybe 18-21 or around there, who get crushes on older men but are too shy to express it in any definite way other than just hanging around them, standing close and watching them. Four prominent examples of this come to my mind, though other minor ones have come and gone along the way.

    One I acted on. Stacey often just stood near my desk closer and longer than she needed to. She'd talk to me a little bit, but stayed close quite often after she was done talking. She was blonde, pale, a little thin, and maybe 5'2. I'd talk to her about books I'm reading or have read, or a few other topics, and she seemed interested, but I think was more interested in me than in any of the particulars.

    Summer came, and she told me she was hanging around a few weeks after school was out, While a date with a student still might have been crossing the line, I figured out of session was the best time for it. There was a state park out of town I had been meaning to return to, and invited her on a day hike. She quickly agreed, and I would even say "excitedly" except that for her "excited" was just responding a little more quickly than usual; she wasn't the exuberant type at all.

    I packed water and lunch for us, then picked Stacey up outside her dorm, and we headed out. The 50-minute drive gave us just a little more conversation than at work, as she was still pretty shy about introducing new questions, but I felt the same low-energy, restrained pleasure exuding from her that I had when she stood by my desk for such long periods of time, like she was happy but didn't know what to do with it.

    The park was not spectacular, but nothing in Indiana really was. Still, it had some long trails which ran along a small river, then around some rolling hills and against or over some very modest rock formations--nothing over 20 feet, enough to make the view modestly interesting.

    She again followed me pretty closely, and bumped into me a couple times with a quick polite "oh pardon me" that sounded a little too cute to be completely serious, with a smile suggesting that she liked the bump. Along the river, we stopped at an overlook with a wooden railing, and I rested my arm right up against hers. She grinned broadly as we looked across the water. I leaned toward her and said "I like being here with you." She smiled and said "I like it too." Well, soon we were trading light kisses, which felt like a relief, and yet it was not a major make-out session; she still seemed somewhat reserved in her affections and after about 15 minutes of some light touching and kissing, we resumed our course.

    We hadn't seen anyone else the entire morning; the park seemed deserted, and we had the rare feeling of being miles from anyone else. We hiked a little further up a rocky area, then around a bend where we could see pretty far ahead and behind us, with a lot of brush right around us as well. I then apologized and told her I needed to stop and pee. "Oh, me too, actually. This looks like a safe spot." Then to my great surprise she pulled her shorts down, and squatted on top of a fallen log. I could only see a tiny bit of her bush, and her ass was pointing away from me, but the entire side of her hip, leg to pelvis, was visible, a nice modest roundness. OK, I figured, there's a limit to shyness, so I unzipped and held my penis out to start peeing off the trail just a few feet away. She watched me as I held my shaft, and I could hear her pee hitting the ground as mine began to stream as well.

    She soon finished and pulled up her shorts, but then sat back down on the log slightly closer to me, looking both at me and at my penis. I tentatively put my left hand on her shoulder, and she reached up to hold it. That quickly made me hard. I finished urinating, but kept tapping to get the last few drops off my erection. Stacey, her head just a couple feet from my pelvis, alternated looking out at the trail, looking at my penis, and looking up at me, without saying anything. I slowly began to rub her hand with my thumb, then her shoulder with my hand, and finally the back of her neck.

    "It feels really good to have you watch." She smiled and said "it's interesting." I moved my hand to the side away from her so she had a better view of my entire shaft. "Have you ever seen one before." "Not like this" she laughed. I slowly stroked for several more minutes as she watched, fascinated. I then turned toward her, taking another step so that my cockhead was just inches from her face. She was a little high so it was just below her chin, but the sight was still fantastic. "It would feel so good if you could touch or kiss me there" I suggested. She didn't move for about a minute and kept watching me. "If you haven't done it before that's ok, I'm sorry if I'm rushing things." She very gently rubbed against my hand again, and then leaned forward to give my pecker a tiny kiss, then back up again. "So nice, thank you!" Then in another half-minute, she did it again--a little peck of a kiss on my glans.

    "Could you sit lower, on the ground?" She did, and soon was staring right at my pulsing organ. Then another kiss right at the tip. My left hand was now on the side of her head, caressing her cheek and hair. The next time she moved in I cried "please hold it there, please please oh please." She did, guided by my hand, and kept her lips on my dick as I continued to slowly stroke the shaft, now pushing it against her mouth. I was building and building, then breathed out "do you know what happens next...when I cum?" She stayed kissing me for a few seconds, then pulled back slightly. "Sort of." "Are you ok with that?" She thought and said nothing for a while, then just said "yeah" without looking up at me. I guided her head back down and began pumping my glands into her lips again, but it never entered her mouth as she kept them fairly tight and I didn't press very hard. "Please just lick me a little bit with your tongue," I said. She didn't for a very long time, then I felt a little moving wetness between her lips. Oh my god that was so good that in seconds I started grunting, then felt suddenly afraid she would get scared and wince away as I started uncontrollably ejaculating into her pretty face. White cum splashed out of my shaft against her lips, down her chin, across her cheeks, over and over again. She held still, but got a huge look of surprise on her face.

    "Oh my god!" she suddenly said through her cum-covered mouth as she backed up. Suddenly she got a pained look and sound in her voice: "I'm so sorry, I didn't do that right, I just don't know how, ok?" Stacey actually sounded defensive in the last few words, and I tried to reassure her: it was wonderful, felt fantastic, I didn't need anything more. "But it just went all over, I'm sorry I wasn't ready to do more, I've never done that to a guy." I realized she meant that if only she had sucked on me, I would have cum, a bit less messily, into her mouth, and told her over and over again that I didn't need that yet, she could do it one day, but right now everything was fine. I got her to stand up and kissed her deeply, which surprised her as I was sucking up a lot of my own cum that way. She still seemed confused and shaken so I held her there a long time, squeezing her tight. We took turned wiping up some cum as what was left slid from one face to another or onto our clothes, finally she started laughing about it and I did too.

    Well, I wish I could say this went on, but unfortunately she soon went home for the summer, and when she came back I asked what she did while away, and she talked about reading CS Lewis and other religious books. ..(continue confession)

  • Not As Alone As We Thought...

    Our company has allowed people to sign up to return to the office some days. Hardly anyone does it and o. Tuesday it has just been me and an incredibly hott male co-worker. With only the 2 of us in the office, we would bring Costco tacos and make margaritas for lunch every tues. We did that for a few months, qnd one day we had too many of the margaritas and ended up making out on a conference room table.

    That became part of Taco Tuesday lunch after that, but only 2 weeks later we started fucking in the conference room. We have been the only people in the office and done this every Tuesday for probably the last 6 months. Today, a VP walked into the conference room while I was laying on the table naked, and my co-worker had his suit pants around his ankles. We had 2 margaritas and a condom wrapper on the table. He immediately closed the door and stepped out. We panicked and started to get dressed and he stepped back in and said it would be a secret, if he could join.

    So a vp of my company, who im pretty sure is married, just fucked me in the conference room today.