Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Tricked The Wife Into Sniffing Her Own Moms Panties.

So I do all kinds of work on houses. Anytime I'm working on a house and get the chance to raid a girls dirty laundry I will steal her dirty panties and socks to sniff and wear while the wife isn't around. My wife will sniff them with me while we have sex and talk about how good they smell or taste. Well not to long ago I stole a pair of her mom's dirty panties. I came home from work one day and told her I stole them from some woman's hamper. We had sex and while we was fucking I put them over her face. She was sniffing and licking them and I kept asking how good they smelled. The whole time I was picturing fucking my mother in law. My wife kept saying how good they smelled and tasted and I was sniffing and tasting them to. Came so hard. Used them once after that before the wife through them away. If she only knew that we both love the taste and smell of her mom's pussy.

  • Bagging

    Was just daydreaming some filthy fantasies and shared kinks with the wife. Like to watch her play and make out with a hot shemale. Picturing my wife on the floor sucking on a little but very low hanging set of tranny nuts. She does a wet sloppy suck and the two of them are really hot. I would kiss my wifes wet face and have her suck that girldick and my wife can suck a mean dick.
    I would be kissing the other girl and fingering her ass with two of my big long digits real deep.
    I suck the taste of her ass off my fingers as I line my dick up with her slack hole and fuck that bitches asspussy while my wife's still sucking that dick like a woman possesed. I think I'd have my wife stuffed with her bunny vibrater buttplug that tickles her pussy with a little finger thing. That way every bodys gonna get to a climax. In a porno it would be like everyone cums at once but the truth is I bet my wife would get a mouthful of tranny cum real quick cause she gives great head. Then I'd pop off in the trannys ass and my wife would be leaning back and using her hands along with the vibratoe plug. Me and the shemale would be teasing my wife calling her a whore and a slut and she loves that shit so it brings her to her climax.

    Just Some Random Sex Thinks

    I am so sick of this. Nearly every time I masturbate using just my fingers or sex toy that is clean I will get a UTI. I have had it up to my neck and ears over this. I need to have a orgasm every so often to unwind and relax and ease headaches and jaw pain and back pain. I mean what is wrong with it. NOTHING! I am sick of it cuz my fingers only use the lub from my hole to my clit no where going at my pee pee hole. I am wondering if I am allergic to my own vag juices or any stimulation that might cause swelling or stress on muscles or swellings or blood flow.

    I am dam sick of it. I have nothing else to enjoy in life and I nearly 40. I have never had a loving boyfriend or husband or good sex other then great self sex. I wish I could find someone who just loved me for as I am and I could lose weight doing sex as my exercise.

    I really like my instructional code agent and he is so hot and 35. Lucky for me I like younger men. He looks so sexy. Sandy hard blonde hair and I'm at the point of "keep it crazy love honey". I wish he would ask me out for lunch or a date night and I have wondered if I should ask him. I wish I could just ask him for sex nothing fancy just good sex. If I could only. I am afraid I would crush him with my fat stomach and big fat tits and ass. I think of him when I am alone and sex out for a while.

    Of course I have tried every diet under the sun or on this satanic earth. starving is a great option in the short term. I sometimes wish I was alone or my family was dead or if I moved to a house of my own I could choose when to eat and I would get men wanting me anyway if I had money and I just wouldn't eat as much as my mother stuffs down my mouth. That woman gives me the complete shits the way she has shoved food down my throat and I want some dick down my throat thanks.

    as you can tell I am from a very religious family so I am flat out having a mind of my own ! let alone a good sex date.

  • Jizzed On My Neighbour's Laundry.

    I live in the tropics, so it's always a balmy and humid 30-32 degrees celcius. I jog 2-3 times a week, wearing nothing more than my socks, shoes and short running shorts with the slits up the sides.

    On my usual route I usually bump into a couple of regular female runners, running in their yoga pants or shorts and sports Bras. Just keeping pace behind them give me good motivation to keep running, and most times a good hard erection.

    Sometimes my erection subsides by the end of the run, otherwise it'll be Rick hard till I get back home. I live in public housing apartments, and my neighbour has a clothes line setup outside her apartment along the common corridor. I've lived there long enough to see her entire collection of Bras and thongs, always neatly hung up on her clothes line.

    On days where I come home with my said erection, I'd pull out my cock along the corridor and jerk off and shoot a load into the crotch area of her thongs or into her bra cups. I'd carefully massage it into the material so it looks like her laundry isn't dry yet.

    Makes me get hard again knowing that she unknowingly wears my jizz on her boobs and c**t a few times a week.

    She Freaky

    Me and my wife used to be sometimes swingers and liked to have group sex or just threesomes maybe 3 or 4 times a year. This worldwide pandemic has stopped practically all that and it sucks. That's the main extent of my sluts skill set because she is a unreal cock sucking slut.

    There was a particular man friend we know and she blew about 5 years ago and we often times have reminisced about her taking his dick and facial before she swallowed his load.

    So Miranda got more and more perverted and freaky when we are alone and she found her new fun is rimming me in a 69 position with her laying back and me face fucking her. She sort of accidentally licked my hole once and went back to my dick while I'm waiting for her to go for more. She really starts licking my hole and working her tongue in my butt and it feels awesome..

    Now we been talking about seeing the guy for more and my evil thought is maybe I tell him to make her lick his asshole and he would be surprised how deep she sticks her tongue in and makes him come so hard on her pretty innocent looking face and I'm fucking her pussy at same time she takes two loads at once. She gets off on being used hard and made into a toy so its exciting to both and a surprise for our fuck-buddy.

  • Facial For Tamron

    I'm unemployed due to COVID so I'm sitting on my couch every morning watching Tamron Hall. This ebony goddess gets me so hot and I'm not racist but I never really found African American women attractive. I now stroke my cock to her every morning. I usually edge myself for the whole hour then at then end I walk up to the TV and blow my load right on her gorgeous face. This morning I barely lasted 20 minutes. I just busted all over her by 10:25 am! So Fucking Sexy!!!

    Bike Trail At Night

    One summer night, I went for a bike ride down a trail near my house. I rode down the trail about 15 km up another biking trail to past where it meets the highway. I stopped to smoke a joint.
    After I finished, that's where the fun began.
    I kept my mask and sandals on, but removed everything else and put all of my clothes into my backpack. This way, I was wearing a backpack, sandals, and a mask, but otherwise completely naked, and horny.
    I started to ride back down the trail naked.
    It was dark with a few streetlights on between, so nobody in their houses saw me as I was riding by.
    I managed to stay naked almost the whole way back home, and nobody knew about it.

    I So Want To Give My Girlfriend A Completely Unprotected Creampie

    Don't worry, we're both 18 but we're still only in high school. Still, I can't deny thought of cumming inside her without a condom or pill is very satisfying to me. I know I shouldn't be having these sort of thoughts. I'm so sorry but just thinking about filling her up with my sperm and watching it drip out of her makes me hard as hell. You know, just take a risk, let nature have a chance to let sperm meet egg?

    Of course, I wouldn't do any of this without my girlfriend's consent. And besides, we're still in school so risking pregnancy probably wouldn't be a good choice. My doctor says I have a very high sperm count and sperm motility, so an unprotected creampie has a very really chance of.. you know. Just the idea of playing with fire, it turns me on??

    Oh well, maybe someday once we're married and financially stable.

    Wet Kiss

    Straight but lately having a lot of bi and gay thoughts and fantasies. Very oral and love eating pussy and rimming ass. Imagine taking a verbal tops load in my mouth and cum kissing all wet sloppy creampie.

  • Blackmailed By My Sister In Law

    When I was married I lived with my wife and her sister. They would always fight and argue about things. My sister in law got fed up with my wife her sister bragging to their friends about our sex life. He eats my pussy everyday every night! I make him do what ever I want, when I want! It was true I'm submissive, I was in love and we both have extremely high sex drives! She used to make me stay naked when in our house. Her sister did not like this too much but it was our house. My wife would always keep me hard, tease me relentlessly! She would make me give her orgasms anytime she wanted! To piss her sister off she would have me eat her pussy and would scream be as loud as she could to piss her sister off. Her sister and her used to be strippers. My wife did not have to work once she was with me but her sister still was stripping just for her own money!

    One week when my wife was on vacation with her mom, I got home from work was really tired from a 16 hour day. My sister in law gave me a drink with some sleeping p's in it. I said thanks and took it to my bed room. I had to strip naked and send my wife some pics as she was horny and demeaned me to. I fell asleep naked like I always do when I'm in my bed like my wife makes me. Except this time because of the sleeping p's I was out of it. My sister in law came in my room and took pics of me with my phone, sent them to her phone. Me with her dirty panties, her heels, boots, she made it seem like I was being a pervert! She then some how moved me to her bed! Taking more pics of me. She tied me to her bed! I woke up tied up confused. My sister in law was laying next to me in lingerie. She told me she is fed up. Her sister pisses her off talking about our sex life. She told me and showed me the pics and the texts like I was making advances on her. If I didn't do what she wanted she would tell her sister my wife.

    She forced me to be her sex slave. I was to worship her feet her ass her pussy! Give her orgasms! She sat on my face! She made me massage her feet after she would get home from stripping! Then worship them! She made me fuck her! She kept milking me! Even after my wife got back from vacation she continued to use me! Anytime we were alone I would have to drop everything and do what she wanted! It was even worse when my wife got a part time job to save money for us for vacations. She would leave right when I would get home in the morning, as well as her sister. I hated it! She would kiss me goodbye for work and as soon as she drove off my sister in law would grab my balls and tell me what she wanted! She was always so cruel! Foot massage, foot worship, lick her asshole, lick her pussy, she loved to ride me and have squirting orgasms! She took it to far when my wife called her a washed up stripper! After that she would make me lay in the bathtub and piss on my hard cock! I would have to dry off and get in my bed fast, cause if I was not naked in bed when my wife gets home she would punish me! I hated my sister in law!