Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Had To Have Her

For my attorney, this is per fantasy. You’re welcome.

My best and lifelong friend started dating the most beautiful woman, named Nicolette, either of us have ever met about 3 months ago. We have both done pretty well over the years but she is an over the top bikini model caliber lady. She is also very sweet and kind and we all had gotten pretty close. As we spent more time together though I started to get some very strong feelings towards her myself. Though, of course, I said nothing and played it cool. The feelings became more intense when he would talk about there sex life. How few men she had been with, how tight her pussy was, how wet it got.How terrified she was of getting pregnant while she was trying to find modeling gigs. How she wouldn’t let him near her without a condom and how easily she came and the throaty begging she released while he was fucking her. I tried my best to be a good friend but one day she playfully sat on my lap at a crowded bar wearing a pair of skin tight yoga pants my mindset changed. Though I’m sure not purposefully, she sat in such an ideal way that I could feel her tiny pussy lips on my cock. My cock instantly started to engorge, and as I am no small guy, she immediately stood, turned and looked at me quizzically and blushed while she hugged my pal. I had to fuck her after that. About a week later the three of us went to our alma mater, Michigan’s, tailgate and football game. We were partying pretty hard but when I noticed my buddy and Nicky were getting pretty fucked up I stopped drinking and switched to water. After a while my buddy confided that he and Nicolette had taken have a Xanax and asked if I wanted one. I said yes but then pocketed it. After the game we hit several bars in between which we took hits off a weed pipe that was supposedly wicked strong. I couldn’t tell you because I faked my hits. About 8 hours into our drinking tour we were at a big sports bar and Nicky and my pal were super fucked up. So fucked up that when she said she had to pee I walked her to bathroom as she could hardly stand. Just before I walked her to the bathroom I handed my buddy the Xanax back and he popped it in his mouth and took a swig of beer. It took me about a half an hour to get her to and back from the bathroom. When I got back a big bouncer was standing next to my buddy who had his head on his arms on the table. He took a look at me holding Nicky up and said they had to go. I told him no problem and ordered us an Uber. They were so fucked up the Uber driver didn’t want to give us a ride. I gave him a 20, promised him they wouldn’t puke and said we were close by. He got us back to my pals apartment and a got them both out of the car. During ..(continue confession)

Early High School Days

To pass the time I thought I would share some experiences from growing up. We grew up in a small Baptist town in East Texas. The highway came into town an disappeared a mile later over the hill. The main business, the rumor said, was ticketing passers through. My father was the police chief.

The first time started at school, I was in the eighth grade. A tenth grader was putting the move on me. He wanted me to skip the bus and ride home with him. Not only was it strictly forbidden to get in a car with a boy but the car he drove was a hearse, his family owned the funeral home in town. My girlfriend made him promise to take us straight home, she volunteered to come with me.

The three of us sat in the front seat, me in the middle where his hand went up and down my leg. At a stoplight he wanted a kiss, a real girlfriend kiss. I'm not sure I kissed him, but he kissed me feeling up my boob while he kissed me. He said that there wasn't any bodies in the embalming room and he was going to show it to us.

Curiosity got the better of us so we agreed he could take us there. It was a huge room that smelled of chemicals. He gave us the tour, then the tour of the casket room. All the while hugging me to him, feeling up my ass, kissing me, asking me if I wanted to meet his dick. My friend asked me to follow her into the bathroom, she told me I wasn't going home till he fucked me. We just had to make sure he pulled out.

I had my panties pulled off of me on the couch in the bereavement room. My legs were held open by him, my girlfriend wanted to look too. She actually stuck her finger in my vagina first. I got laid back from my sitting position and he got between my legs and I had to grab his dick to line it up. The fucking itself didn't last that long and he did pull out and come on blouse.

Then my friend sucked his dick clean and helped me wipe his come off my blouse. At home she had me sit with my legs open and she washed out my vagina with Coca Cola. When she finished she licked my vagina and the rest of my pussy clean.

We never told anyone I had my cherry popped in a funeral home, or that she learned to lick my pussy that afternoon. We weren't good girls, we got fucked off and on, but when we weren't messing around with some boy we had become experts in eating pussy, making out and slipping and sliding around naked between the sheets.

We graduated too popular for my folks, but what they never guessed is that my girlfriend and I were so much more than just friends.

Over Exposure

Love my slim petite obedient wife. Find I'm jerking my dick thinking of gently spreading her legs while she lays back maybe with a little vibrating dong on her clit. I want to open her legs and have a man or men watching and jerking off. When I'm close to coming I turn her over doggie style and spread her bubble cheeks and the men loose there loads in her crack.
I come seeing there spunk dripping from her tight anus down to her soaked hairy red pussy.
Open to comment from both men or women please.

Blew A Load On My Bfs Gf's Drunk Beet (and A Smidge In Her Pussy)

They where both asleep, we where all dunk but I was still up. She was laying there on her belly, her shorts exposing her ass, those curvy thighs leading down to those petite feet of hers. My drunk ass couldn't help but let out all my repressed sexual tension. I shook them both to make sure they where good and passed out, once I was sure, I whipped out my dick and started beating my meat.

After a few minutes of getting comfortable, I started to rub my dick all over her foot, leaking pre. After a bit of that I couldn't help my mind turning to her juicy exposed ass. After more time I got the balls to carefully climb up the bed, my cock hovering above her ass. I felt like my fucking heart was gonna explode, but slowly and carefully I slid my cock between her cheeks, lubed with pre cum. Very very carefully, I felt myself enter her pussy, and immediately had to pull out as I felt my dick throb hard and shoot a couple wads of cum inside before I could pinch it off.

I pulled back, cum trailing from her pussy to her pants as I hastily retreated. After being sure she was asleep, I couldn't help but finish on her feet. To avoid her realizing, massaged it onto her foot until it was nearly dry. But this stirred her, so I made haste and left the room.

But she's a total slut, so I'm not worried too much.

Girlfriend's Little Show

I've posted a lot of comments here before, but here's a story of my own for a change. Not the wildest by any means, but gave me a hard-on.

My son and his girlfriend were waiting at our house before going to meet up with a couple of friends to hang out at one of their houses. My son is first-year college and his girlfriend is a senior in high school (18).

They sat on the sectional opposite me and my wife sat beside me. From the way his girlfriend sat, I had a great view up her skirt. First glance I caught that she had on pink underwear. At some point she shifted to sit on one leg thinking she was still holding down her skirt enough, but I could see it was pink lace, from the shape of it between her legs I'm calling it a thong. I tried not to be transfixed by it, but her pubes were trimmed up to a point, but then behind the lace panel it was a thick dark patch of hair. A few stray hairs escaped the sides.

After a hour or so it was time for them to leave. When they were gone, my wife said to me "that was quite the little show of bush we got." I laughed out loud and agreed with her. We talked a few minutes about our son probably getting lucky tonight and my wife starts rubbing my rod through my pants. She got on top of me sitting on the sofa. I thought it was mostly the talk of them having sex that somehow turned us on, but I said "That was some bush, but I still love my honey's pussy." My wife had an instant orgasm and ground against me.

The next day we were in the bathroom getting ready and my wife and I were naked in the bathroom getting ready and she asked how her bush looked. I told her she had an excellent pussy with a great trim and very clean looking. She seemed satisfied, but when she put on her underwear she made a small triangle out of the front to mimic what Meghan (the girlfriend) had. She kept checking herself out like that for a couple of minutes.

In the evening we were having sex again. I told her she had me thinking about her puss all day. She laughed, then eventually she said "I could try to make it look like Meghan's..." and with that I felt her starting to quiver a little and get a little wetter. I lost it in my head and replied "Did you like Meghan's little black bush, Did her crotch make you hot, Did you like her pink thong, Do you think her little pussy was wet in her thong?" Each line my wife squirmed a little more. Whatever it was, it worked at by the last question she had another orgasm and let out a little scream.

I haven't yet, but I'm going to ask my wife if Meghan's pussy turns her on. I'm absolutely sure it does.

My Strange Fantasy

I have been married for almost 5 years now and my ultimate fantasy is to have a four-way with my husband and two other women. The crazy thing is, I want the other two women to be my mom and younger sister.

I think it started two years ago when my mom came to our house for dinner straight from work. I know she is my mom but she is the hottest 47 year old you have probably ever seen and works as a car salesperson. She has always worn very short skirts and pantyhose with heels for as long as I can remember her working there I'm sure to help sales. My husband has always been a leg man and I wear sexy heels and stockings when we make love but not to work since I work in a warehouse. She was sitting on the couch talking to us and her skirt was hiked up very high, and my poor hubby was trying so hard not to look at her legs. I always got off imagining him fucking other women but had never thought of him with my mom before. I was actually getting turned on knowing he was getting excited over my mom and kept making excuses to check the tag size and asking my mom what kind of pantyhose she was wearing, things like that, but was really just trying to get my moms skirt higher to show off to my husband.

Nothing happened that night with her, but after she left I knew my husband was all worked up, so we fucked like crazy before bed. I couldn't get the thought out of my head of him fucking her, and once we were both close I told him I wanted him to call out her name when he came. I know that it kind of shocked him at first, but we both ended up having the most amazing orgasms I think ever.

Since then, My fantasy has gotten even more crazy, I have the best sex with him when I ask him to pretend I'm her and tell me how much better she feels than me and how sexy she is. I give him stocking footjobs pretty regularly but insist that he pretends I am mom and call me her name. I don't know, it just turns me on so much.

My sick fantasy has also started to include my younger sister who is in college now. I have masturbated so many times to the thought of holding there legs back for him while he fucks them, using my mouth on their pussies to lube them for his cock, then him making me sit I. The corner to masturbate alone and watch him fuck them. It is so hott!

I have really tried to make this come true, I have invited them both over and encouraged the alcohol to flow, made hints and tried to set the scenario up, but I don't think my husband is really willing to go through with it yet. I am going to keep trying though.

Ultimate Cuckold?

Saw a hardcore porn vid awhile ago that gets me hard just imagining it. Have had a good many wanks with this one in mind.
So the film has the bull being serviced by the wife's mouth, licking and sucking his fat cock and balls but mainly giving him a nasty rim job.
The cuck is kneeling right beside her and she pauses every so often to give him a romantic tongue kiss. He's obviously very aroused by her kisses. He's sucking her tongue straight from the bull's cock and arsehole.
Between this video and some similar stories, I've been cumming hard thinking of kissing my wife, tasting and smelling what a dirty slut she is, hearing the bull moaning and telling her to push her tongue deeper into his hole. Teasing me, asking if I like the taste on my wife's tongue. Kissing her with his cum in her mouth and sharing it between us.
Getting stiff just writing this down.

Overactive Oral

I'm a mwm and have loved eating pussy for over 40 years. Like everything about eating out a woman and love to rim their hot asses too.
Have never done any m2m sex except got a handful of BJs from guys in adult video gloryhole situations.
Lately I've been stroking to some porn stories and been getting more and more curious. Find myself thinking about sucking cock and really licking, sucking and rimming a guy.
Between the fact that I'm really happy with my wife and don't intend to cheat, and also the danger of everything from STDs to covid, I don't see me meeting anyone soon.
But I have been stroking and cumming hard thinking of a verbal and dom man telling me to stick my tongue deeper in his ass, to get him juicy and suck his musky balls.
For some reason I'm very attracted to it being an Asian American guy, that just turns me on too.

Sometimes You Have To Give Him A Choice He Can't Refuse

My boyfriend was over at my apartment on Sunday afternoon watching a football game. 'Get me a beer' was the extent of his attention. I could not get into the game. So I played my only assets, took my clothes off and stood in front of the TV. Me or the game. Fortunately for him he picked correctly.

  • Wing-woman Gets The Action

    My single friend asked me to go along with her to meet a new guy she met online. When we get to the bar, he had also showed up with a friend named Matt. I actually sort of liked the guy and Matt and we all made flirty small talk for a long time until my friend went out to the dance floor with her new man.

    I left the table to go to the bathroom and just as I came out of the bathroom there was Matt. He says "enough talk" and pulls me toward him by placing his hands on my butt. He pulls me in and we start kissing, his one hand on my butt and the other holding my head. I finally break the kiss and say "Whoa, I'm married!" He replies, "This is me not caring." He pulls up the back of my dress (it was fairly short) and begins cupping my bare ass cheeks (I had on a thong) and goes for another kiss.

    I eventually pull down my dress, pushing his hand away. "OK stop, people can see and I'm married!" I said. He took my hand and led me back into the bar area. My friend and her new guy were still dancing. Matt says, "follow me" and leads me outside.

    Without talking, we walk around the corner which is actually an alley between the two buildings. We pass two couples who must have been from the bar, both making out. Matt takes me just past them, still holding my hand. He spins me slightly and we kiss again. Then he suddenly spins me again so I'm facing the wall. He pulls my dress up again to just above my butt and I hear his fly unzip. "What are you doing?" I ask and he replies "What do you think?" He pressed my back down slightly with one hand, then with the other he pulls my thong out of my crack and pulls it to the side. I quick say, "No, wait, I can't, no please". While I'm talking he spits in his hand, rubs his spit on his dick, and pushes it against me. All of a sudden he penetrates me. He pushes about half way in and I say "please no" one more time. He begins rocking my hip with his hand to get me to ride back and forth a couple of times until he's all the way in. Finally I say, "Ok, just go fast!" He starts quickly pounding me.

    It lasted a few minutes. At first I just left him pound me, but as he continues it starts feeling pretty good. I start rocking my hips to match his rhythm. I feel him take one hand off my hip and for a second it's gone. Suddenly, I feel his wet thumb shoving into my ass. He puts his thumb in and starts making small circular motions in my ass. This sends me over the edge a little. I know at some point I said "Oh yes, that's so good." Finally he sort of pushes his thumb in my butt and holds it there. I feel the first jet as he begins to go. "No, no, pull out!" I pleaded. ..(continue confession)