Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Into The Dark

I’m in my 20’s , from quite a religious background and well, I’m going to hell.

Both of my parents were involved in “peer support” for folks struggling with problems. In order to afford a good measure of anonymity, a small office was set up in a local mall. The office was down a corridor that was used to access the washrooms, delivery and custodial areas. My father was the facility manager so I had a job as a cleaner in the mall after school and weekends.

Close to the holidays, I was asked to go into a little storage area and bring out the boxes of decorations. It was then I realized that room was so close to the office used by the peer support. I could not only listen to various people but see them through a hole left some removed wiring. As they were speaking to my mother and other people who basically would listen and then offer advice, prayer, etc.

Most of it was what I came to realize was common issues money, addictions, work, school but some of it was sexual in nature. Keeping the rules of this forum in mind I will just say I was younger then I am now. My first flirtation with the dark was a lady that came in. She was just your everyday sort of woman. I recognized her from church. She described her anxiety around her husband, a truck driver and her admittedly unfounded worry he was cheating on her.

She described how she would imagine his out having sex with another woman. She described how sometimes even during sex with her husband the idea would drift through her mind and she had to fake it. She admitted “I think the worst fear for me is the idea another woman could make a fool of me and my family as ace gets her kicks screwing my husband on his trips and sending him home to us”

A feeling came over me as I sat listening and watching. My little pussy got immediately warm and wet with the thought….I would love if it was my little c**t that was doing it mmmm and not only could I send him home after…I could look her right in the eye in church.

Ive spend a substantial amount of time watching and listening, knowing who has the darkest temptations, fears, etc and then toying with them. I’ve had sex with probably 19 or 20 different married men. I’ve lured younger women into behaviour that got them reputations. I’ve had a hand in causing 3 marriages to be destroyed due to infidelity (influencing 1 man and 2 women to cheat) then delighted when they were caught.

What I seem to prize most is turning “good girls” from church - bad.

  • My Beach Evil Deeds

    I have to admit when I go to the beach I enjoy showing off my body to other men. I’m a single mom of 2 and I got some nice 32dd breasts from the pregnancy and now I love to show them off. I buy good fitting bikinis that show of a good amount of side boob and I love to pull up the bottom part so my Ass looks very nice and when I lay down I like to push my breasts out so when thr guys walk past they can have a nice view!!

    Bday Sex

    My boyfriend requested that I blindfold myself for his birthday sex last year. Didn't know why he wanted this, but did as he requested. We start making out when he suddenly leaves me sitting naked on the bed. I hear some shuffling, and I could tell another guy walked into the room.

    The new guy gropes my chest before lying me down and eating me out. Any doubts vanished as his tongue brings me to an orgasm. He sets me up on all fours and slides his cock into me. It's been awhile since I felt a new stretch, his cock was bigger than my boyfriend's.

    I feel another cock press up against my lips, I open to let it in. The blindfold comes off. I look up and there's my boyfriend. I happily slurp his cock while he talks dirty to me. "You always wanted another cock, right?" I nod in excitement, then look back to see who was fucking me. It was my brother...

  • My Gf

    My girlfriend masturbates a ton. Like I always find her around the house as I walk into a room she’s there with her pegs spread open with a toy on her clit and it’s fucking gorgeous

    I'm Backstabbing My Boyfriend

    I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years. He's a bit of a sub, I'm a forceful personality it works well. He does what I want for my pleasure, end of.

    However I recently encountered his ex girlfriend. She's a really nice person, bit it turns out, my innocent, sunny boyfriend isn't so innocent. He hurt her really badly, cost her all her friends and family and ruined her life in a lot of ways. She has proof and evidence which I've checked myself. It's legit.

    Thing is he didn't do anything illegal so she can't really get revenge via the law. So we worked something out.

    She's paying me handsomely to dominate and degrade him in ways that, if exposed to the public, would destroy him. I'm filming and photographing all of it and sending it to her.

    Once we have enough, we will drop the bombshell and I'm going to 'sell' him back to her. She will control all the footage I took, and thus control him, so that she can get her revenge.

    Poor guy will probably end up begging to be her toilet.

  • Mixed Doubles

    Wife and I are quite fit and have rather high libidos. Enjoy a variety of sex options including toys and pre pandemic play with others. She's very, very much an anal slut. Comes like a train when her arse is stimulated by anything from a light licking to finger stretching to full blown deep as can be anal sex.
    Lately she's been fascinated by more and deeper fingering and can nearly take a fisting. She sometimes even has wet squirting orgasms from being nearly fisted.
    She has opened up that she imagines being DPd up her arse by me and another cock at once.
    I have no problem with that and can only imagine how amazing it might feel to have another hard throbber squeezed tightly against mine as she spouts the filthiest language begging for us to ream her out and wreck her clutching rectum. Hope we can make it happen soon.
    Anyone ever have anal DP experience? Love to hear from men and ladies and any combination of gay, straight or bisexual orientations. Would be interested in a variety of perspectives.

    Guy Lost His Wife At Tailgate Party & I Found Her Naked Fucking

    My buds were making the rounds at the Georgia game tailgate. Made friends with an older couple. Probably in their 40s. After the game we went to meet up with them again. The husband was frantic and asked us to help him find his drunk wife.

    It took about 5 minutes before I saw a dude fucking someone with the door open on his SUV. I walk over and sure enough it's her. On her back, naked from the waste down, legs spread hanging out the side of the car.

    I pulled the guy off her, and he got pretty pissed, but I'm a big dude and he backed off. The wife was drunk but didn't want him to stop. I called the husband all while checking out his wifes worn out pussy. There's a good bit of cum gathering in her ass crack.

    Anyways, the husband shows up and helps her get dressed. He acted like it wasn't a big deal. Like he was used to it or it had happened before.

    After they left I asked the guy that was fucking her how many guys had fucked her already and he just shrugged. I get the feeling it had been a couple guys long before I got there.

    Wifes Cousin Tiffany

    For years now I have wanted to drill my wife's cousin Tiffany! She is soo hot i want to lick her clit and tongue fuck her asshole from behind! My dick gets rock hard thinking about her and me stretching her out with my thick cock! I want to impregnate her right now with every single bit of my babybatter inserted inside of her tasty snatch! I want to taste every hole she has! I want to drink her orgasm as she squirts! I loved fucking my wife and yelling Tiffany as I am about to bust!! I want someone to rat me out to Tiffany and tell her that her cousins ex husband wants to impregnate u asap! That would make me the happiest man in the world!

    Came In Gf's Lover's Mouth

    About 25 years ago I asked a woman I saw regularly as a grocery cashier out on a date. Cindy was surprised but flattered, and we had a good time out, though she confessed that she usually dated women. She was as little overweight with dark hair and a frequent smile, I was of average build with brown hair. Long story short, she found me attractive and we started having some good sex, including lots of 69ing, including once where we had an amazing mutual orgasm sucking each other off with her tits pressed into my pelvis.

    She wasn't doing well financially, while I owned a small house, so out of concern I let her move in with me and pay almost nothing in rent. In retrospect this was a bad idea, because in the next few months we increasingly found we had less in common, something I perceived more than she, and she kept urging me to try harder on the relationship when this actually ended up turning me off more. One of our many disconnections was that she almost insatiably wanted vaginal intercourse, while I was both very afraid of having children and lost erections quickly with a condom on, so I couldn't do much to satisfy her there. She was open to oral and anal sex, but was often frustrated that I wouldn't do more PIV. I, OTOH, wanted blowjobs almost all the time, but got them only occasionally, and was willing to give her oral but more often than not she wanted to finish with PIV, which was usually not successful.

    Eventually we slept separately and she began dating women again, including Charlotte, a young and very thin black girl who didn't talk very much. They mostly cuddled on the couch though I encouraged Cindy to do more with her, I told her I didn't mind and even found it exciting to imagine (or see) them playing around. Cindy was still interested in being with me so she asked if I would consider a threesome, noting though that she thought Charlotte wasn't interested in men so it would just be the two of us focusing on Cindy as the "hinge." I said it was worth a try though Charlotte would have to be comfortable being pretty close to a dick at times.

    Apparently that was ok with Charlotte and the next time she came over the two of them cuddled on the couch for a bit and I watched them before we made the next move. Charlotte didn't pay much attention to me but the two them started kissing and fondling, which apparently Charlotte had been eagerly waiting to do. This turned me on so I started stroking myself, and Cindy quickly suggested we move to the bedroom. There we all quickly disrobed and Charlotte lay flat on the bed so Cindy could sit on her face while I stood in front of her so she could suck me into even more rigid hardness. I then suggested that Cindy and Charlotte eat each other, and I fuck Cindy from behind. Cindy turns around and soon they were munching each other's muffs as I slid a condom and and slid into Cindy's hot pink pussy, just an inch over Charlotte's mouth. I couldn't see this as well of course once I started fucking Cindy, but could feel my balls rub across Charlotte's forehead. The extra stimulation kept me harder than I otherwise would be, and if I held still I could even feel Charlotte's licking now and then, and her nose rubbing against my shaft, as she lapped at Cindy's clitoris just under my cock. Maybe my balls annoyed her a bit because she moved her hand under them to hold them up out of the way, and even though she wasn't squeezing or trying to turn me on this was a very pleasant touch which I enjoyed.

    Cindy sometimes liked me to rub her clitoris with my cock head, so after a few minutes I pulled out, took the condom off, and pressed against both her clit and Charlotte's tongue. This felt incredibly good, though a little hard to aim consistently, and I ended up pulling back an inch to rub my dick across Charlotte's face. She didn't say anything but kept lapping at Cindy's pussy. Before long I heard them both moaning faster and shaking in orgasm, which made me stroke faster too and press harder against her tongue as I jerked into the conjoined wetness of her mouth and Cindy's vulva, and then started ejaculating all across all this warm pinkness and Charlotte's dark face. All three of us cried out with pleasure, and I ended by wiping my cock across Charlotte's forehead, leaving a little more semen on her previously dick-free face. Cindy quickly got off Charlotte, and seeing her face coated with my cum, started licking it off, admonishing me for this. Charlotte herself didn't complain, but then she didn't talk much to begin with so it's hard to reach much into that. Well, that was our first and only threesome, and I'm sure it didn't encourage Charlotte to get close to a dick again. If I did it over I would have left Charlotte alone more, maybe fucking Cindy in the asshole instead and depositing my sperm there where it could do no harm.

  • I Should Have Not Done It But I Did

    She was a speaker and I was in the audience. We stood in line to get lunch and talked. She had a consulting firm, trying to see if I was a potential client. I led her on, really there was no way I would use her services. She was hungry for a sale and played that card, took her out for a drink after the conference, to my room and took advantage of her. Being nice here, I fucked her, She didn't want to leave and I had no choice than to let her spend the night.

    I never called her, never even looked her up. I know that I took advantage of a young woman trying to make a go of a consulting business. For that I should be whipped. The old story of think of your daughter, I do and if some SOB took advantage of my daughter like that I would be on him like stink on shit and render his cock inoperable.