Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Getting Fucked

When I was 13 and friend and me went walking on the trails behind town. Two men were there and they talked to us and told us how good we looked and asked us if we wanted dick and they opened their zippers and hung out. We said no and told them to let us by. They did, as we passed one of them pinched me on the ass.

Moving forward to when I was 23. I am at a party in grad school and I see this girl being stripped by a couple of guys. One gets behind her and starts to hump her bending her over until she has to put her hands down on the couch cushion and he goes ahead and fucks her. I watched every second of it and the only thing I did was get wet and rub my clit while he was fucking her. That night I masturbated thinking of that girl and of that guy that had pinched my ass and I got off in a very intense orgasm.

I called my girlfriend of back then and told her about the girl at the party and she said that was hot. I told her about flipping off to it and she said I was making her hot. She confessed to me that on that afternoon on the trail she was sure we were going to both lose our virginities and she was ready. We talked for a couple of hours and caught up and agreed to meet when we were both back at home for the holidays.

The holidays came and we did meet up, now as women not as girls. She showed me her tits and ass and spread out to show me her pussy. She asked to see my tits and ass and my pussy. She told me she wanted to eat me, make me climax that way. We were naked and she to on top of me and started kissing and feeling me up and slapping me in the face and slapping my thighs to open my legs. She went down on me, fingering me and licking me until she got me to climax. She crawled up on me and asked how I liked it. Good wasn't it? Could I imagine if some random guy did that, talk about getting off.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we went down to this bar. We wore tight pants and lose open tops with no bra. We went to the bar to get fucked. We talked to several guys and complimented them on their looks and how big and strong they were. We weren't doing to well, so we left the bar. When we got to the parking lot for our car a man approached us and asked for money. She told him that she would give him money but he had to fuck her first. She got her pants down and bent over the hood of the car and the man fucked her. Then we went home.

In all this time, with all the stuff, I was 23 and never fucked. I had witnessed two women being fucked bent over like that. On Saturday night we went out again, cruising for a guy to fuck me. We met him at the same bar we had gone before. She offered him money to fuck me, but it had to be in the parking lot or behind the bar, out in the open. We went out to the back of the bar which had a street light illuminating it. I sucked his cock, took my pants down and leaned over holding onto the dumpster and he fucked me. My friend gave him the 100 and we went home. It was done, it took ten years but it was done. We washed our pussies and ate pussy that night. Ate pussy, like we have since we were growing up.

  • Sick Bastard

    Filthy warning up front. Confess to being a dirty minded pervert craving humiliation and being degraded. If that's in your purview then read. Negative comments are quite fine as you will see.
    So, firstly I am and always have been what some have described as a shrimp. Stand at 5 feet, 3 inches and under 8 stone, very pale white complexion showing blue veins, puffy little tiddies with small but very hard nipples, under 3 inches cut little clit and smooth little stones like a child. Hardly any body hair to speak of and fully shaved when I'm not waxed. Long natural blonde hair and pale grey eyes, pierced ears with several little hoops.
    My favorite form of sexual outlet is meeting my cruel and inventive Mistress once a week unless she demands another meetup when I must cancel anything else and obey immediately.
    Mistress has made me a totally subservient body slave and she delights in making me tongue bathe her from the tips of her gorgeous toes all the way up her curvaceous thick body. Mistress has a lush, full pubic bush that runs in a line down from her navel and continues past her lovely pink and red vagina back to her well used anus. She is very physically imposing at about five feet ten and perhaps 14 stone. Always wears the wildest black latex outfits and always keeps her crotch bare.
    She will get her daily workout done and be worked up to a musky sweat before our sessions.
    In the interest of brevity I will leave much of my worshipping of her body to your imagination and you perverts like me will understand how exciting it is to have my face between her legs and my lips and tongue worshipping her entire pubic area front and back.
    The real business of this confession is my recent fantasy which might be able to come true if I share any details with Mistress.
    The fantasy that's getting me so excited is that I would introduce Mistress to my bully from lower sixth form. That chap is a bruiser called Tony who is well over 6 feet and just short of 20 stone with mainly muscle, huge arms and footballer's legs. Also has a mean disposition and delights in cruelty to anyone he considers fey or queer. Called me creampuff as a lad. Never shrank from giving me a bad time mostly verbally but the occasional slap to reinforce his will and dominance.
    So in my fantasy, I have introduced Mistress to Tony and she's enjoying his dominating her in bed with his superior attitude and size. Oh, and he's got a solid and true 10 thick ugly inches of uncut cock and big hairy low hangers. I can't say I've seen his anatomy as a grown man but that's what I recall from school day showers so I know he's an imposing manly fellow.
    Anyway, in my fantasy I have been called upon to lick and worship Mistress while Tony watches and his huge cock is slowly hardening. He's taken to giving the orders and has me give Mistress a good rimming to get her ready to take a brutal anal session, which Mistress loves. She will often make me watch her using her huge dildos in her arse, make me suck her pussy and climaxes in my mouth, then makes me suck her dirty dildo til it's spotless.
    So Tony is going to mount Mistress doggy style and fuck her arse mercilessly.
    When he's sunk in deep as his balls, he tells me he saw how much I loved licking Mistresses arse and demands I get between his cheeks and rim him while he fucks my Mistress in her arse.
    I put my hands on his cheeks and shove my face into his sweaty, musky unwashed crack and lay my tongue out flat to lick up that damp, stinky crack with my tiny clit engorged to its full size and leaking into my panties.
    Tony says some mean things like Come on then, push your pathetic sissy tongue into my fucking arsehole you bitch.
    He moans and tells Mistress This bitch can really eat out a nasty shithole. His tongue in my arse is gonna make me cum hard in yours baby.
    I'm excited to think that soon he'll blast his hot seed into her dark cavern and I'll be required to do the ultimate degrading act of cleaning my Mistresses dirt streaks off his massive dick.
    I imagine him telling me to lick it and taste it and use my tongue to clean her shit off his foreskin.
    I'm hard as I get and my panties are soaked and I'm going to have a good wank right now.
    Thanks for letting me get that filthy tale down. Love to hear from Mistresses and Masters and just plain folks comments please.

    I Hate Myself For This. Family Fantasy.

    Right now, I’m on vacation with my family in a house in Maine. Me and my cousin, who is around my age, are sleeping in the same room. I, of course, being a horny teenager, am finding it difficult to not have certain thoughts. I have this stup!d idea that if she walks in on me naked, something will just happen, so I’ve been leaving the bathroom unlocked. Her bathing suit was hung up to dry in the shower and I’m ashamed to say that I held it and put it up to my face- the top and bottom- while masturbating.

  • Cocoa Cream

    Just watched a very sexy, nasty vid that got me real boned.
    So it was an older grey haired chap looked extremely Dom like a boss type and he was giving this slut a deep and brutal buggering.
    When he's ready to blow he sinks it deep in her bowels and cums up her arse.
    He quickly hands her a short stem tumbler and she pushes the load back out and you can see his massive hard had loosed some of her fudge that came out with the semen right into her glass. She takes her fingers and mixes the creampie cocktail and pours it down the hatch, swallows and looks so satisfied like a kitty drinking her milk.
    I'm about to have a wank and imagine watching my naughty gf taking a hard dick in her arse and eating out that dirty creampie. I'd lick her clean too.

    Ultimate Humiliation

    I have very cute wife, only a fraction above 155cm and less than 40 kilos. Rounded breasts and big dark red nipples, soft round arse cheeks and just slightly trimmed dark curly bush.

    I have shared her sometimes and get such a thrill from making her do everything the stud wishes even extending to anal sex which she loves and craves and even making rim jobs.

    She is so deliciously uninhibited when she is being used by a masterful stud and enjoys telling me filthy things like how good that dick is feeling in her arse.

    So my confession will be shocking to many but I crave being made to clean his big dick from her arsejuice.

  • Desires Bound By Karma

    I’m not particularly proud of what I’ve done in the shadows...I don’t regret my actions either. However, Karma is real and I’m currently doing time for my past mischievous adventures. I’d be lying if I said I remembered the names of every partner I rode but I’ll never forget their faces, especially when I was making them cum.

    Prince Charming had to be my absolute best sex I’ve ever had in my life. 6’2, blue eyes and the jawline of a god. He was pretty fit. He didn’t have the “cum gutters” of Ryan Reynolds but this mans aura of sexy made up for it. He was the first man to just make love to me. We weren’t in love at all. In fact I was so young and airheaded I never had a chance to be with him in a serious relationship. Not to mention I could have ruined the mans military career as well as my own and my marriage at the time.

    Our first date together was amazing. He was a bit of an Alpha male but i like a man who a bit more dominant and takes charge. After a wonderful sushi dinner. He took me back to his place for some wine. I don’t remember how but next thing I know I’m looking at his ceiling. My legs rested on his shoulders as he noticed how flexible I am. There was no need to make sure I was wet enough to enter. The moment I met him for dinner I was pretty much soaking panties. I didn’t get feel him up much before we got to this point but I didn’t he’d be such a perfect fit for my pussy. He held my head in one hand and my ass with the other. As he reached down to kiss me he shoved his throbbing cock in me and I knew then that this was the most raw form of passion, excitement and ecstasy.

    Our breaths were in sync while we moved back and fourth. I can still feel his hands on my back. Gripping gently, never letting go as we would move faster and slower. It was almost if he knew what I was thinking. we moved together so fluid. We even came together...it was just so moving that I forgot for a second all the risk we were taking.

    Once we were done I left for home but for a bit then ended up coming back that night for more. I was addicted and so was he. I think we had a few more date until he got relocated.

    Fast forward 5 years ago to today. I’m trying to not recreate that date but 6 months without actual sex has been a really Debbie downer. I find myself looking and wanting but I’m trying to be faithful. I’m letting Karma punish me for my dirty deeds because I still long for them. I’ll probably marry this sexless old man and be miserable for the rest of my days because he doesn’t believe in romance. Apparently it’s enough that he doesn’t treat me like dirt.

    I definitely deserve this punishment but again I don’t regret getting fucked by a stranger who made me feel more loved (sexually) then any other partner I shared a life with.

    Dick Pics

    So there’s this Arab girl whom I have mixed feelings, what I’ve done that was kind of messed up is that I shared her social to guys who wanna fuck her and some even showed me screenshots of them sending their dick to her, which was pretty hot but she then ended up blocking them except for one black guy whom’s dick was as big as 2liter soda and very thick. She didn’t block him which was hotter but she didn’t talk to him

    My Buddys Wife

    My buddy fell asleep on the couch one night when i was over. His fat big titted wife has always had a thing for me and she told me that she would suck me off. She whipped out her big jugs and i face fucked her next to her sleeping husband for the next 30 mins. I came all over her face and tits then left. Id be lying if i said i wouldnt fuck her face again. She absolutly loved it.

    The Night She Pushed It To Far

    On night after work on the way home I ran into an old friend and he told me he just became single after 10 years with the same girl. So I said why not come by for a few drinks and catch up as his ex never use to let him go anywhere. I call the wife to let her know in a hurry and he says what you need her approval. I say no just thought would let her know so she's not naked in the hot tub when we get there. He jokingly says she don'zt need to wear close because of me. I laugh and tell him to follow me.
    When we get there she has supper on the table so we have a drink and eat a bullshit for a bit then the wife says well I'm going in the hot tub, you guys can clean up. After we're done I throw him some shorts and we go out to the hot tub with a few drinks each and one for her. When the hot tub quits she stands up to turn it on and buddy goes holy crap you have a nice butt as she's wearing a white thong bikini. She turns to say thank you and again says holy crap. She says what now and he say you may as well be nude that suit is so see through.
    After a few drinks the wife starts leaning over onto the deck an buddy slowly moves over so he's getting a good view of her crotch. When she goes to the can I tell her not to forget drinks on her way back. She gets out staggering and I tell buddy well she's almost toast. He says yah right and I say I can prove it. He asks how and the door opens before I could tell him how. Of course she grabs hers and forgets ours. I ask where our drinks are and buddy says don't worry I'll grab them as I need a pee any how.
    When she gets in I start getting greasy with her and undo her bikini without her even knowing it. As he comes back out I put my finger to my lip letting him know to be quite. He gets in and sits down and a short time later she leans over on the deck and his eyes pop out. He looks at me and I mouth told you she's waisted. I go lean over by her and ask if she's ok and start fingering her and she just moans. She says she's ready for bed and I tell her then finish your drink and go to bed. I sit back down and buddy mouths holy shit.she goes to leave and I say don't forget this and hand her her bikini. Without a word she grabs it says good night to me and buddy then tells him it was nice seeing him again and he says it was nice seeing you as well.
    After a bit buddy says man is she hot. I can't believe she was that waisted so fast. I tell him she won't even remember it tomorrow. He says yah right and I tell him you give it a bit and once she's passed out a bomb could go off and she won't even stir.
    We have a few more drinks and each time I went in I would check on the wife. I come out with drinks laughing and he asks what's so funny. I tell him to come see.
    We go in and the wife is spread eagle with a dildo in her past out. I say she's dead to the world. He says yah right so I start using her dildo on her. Then bounce her on the bed saying told you. I then pull the dildo out and stick it under his nose. He opens his mouth and starts licking it. I then say well I need a pee and go to the can. When I come out he's got her flipped over fucking her ass. He looks and says sorry man I couldn't resist.
    I never did tell him I love getting her drunk so guys can fuck her as I love fucking her after she's been used.

  • Crazy Thoughts

    My wife's an angel but she knows how to be a naughty girl when I want her to. We have done some swing stuff and been to private clubs where I have got strange pussy watching as my wife got spit roasted. Very exciting to get together after a couple of hours and kiss and kick each other while telling about what we did. Anyway the confession is we been talking about her getting railed by a trucker in the sleeper cab at a truck stop off the highway and coming straight home to let me lie her down and slowly peel her panties down. The thing that really gets me hard is there's spent sperm leaked into her panties and especially the cummy skidmarks from getting butt fucked which she loves.
    Stroking off and picturing her creamy legs and her dirty panties slipping off her ankles, looking in them, sniffing and licking them, then licking her from her belly button all down her used pussy and clean her butthole too. She can make herself cum with her fingers while I'm eating her ass out and then she either blows me or I take sloppy seconds in any holes I like.