Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Musky Muncher

I don't know if this should really be in the Obsessions or the Dreams and Wishes sections but I guess society as a whole would consider it pretty evil.
The thing is I have confessed before that I have a mad love of rimming my lovely little wife's bottom. Not so weird today I gather, though I have been into oral front & back since I was a teenager. Anyway, the thing is that my sweetheart is an immaculately clean and fastidious person and I certainly wouldn't change that.
But my dirty mind and throbbing dick want to somehow, some way catch her when she's really musky and has a fullsome female scent.
My dream would be to ..(continue confession)

Irish Cream

My cheeky girlfriend and flatmate for several years is a usually soft spoken and quiet girl but when she has a snootful of good whisky the devil comes out in her. She knows I like it when she gets in the mood and talks dirty to me.
The other night we got back from the local and she was teasing all the way home about her having an itchy arsehole and wanting me to fix it for her. Every time she made a crack about what she wanted it made my prick throb. When we got there she started taking off her clothes as soon as the door was closed and by the time I got to the bedroom ..(continue confession)

Bathing My Nephew

When I was 16 I used to babysit my nephew (8) for my sister. One Saturday night, before leaving, my sister asked me to make sure my nephew (Ryan) took a bath before bedtime.

When it came time for bed I told Ryan to take his bath. Of course he whined but went to the bathroom. I heard water running but wasn't sure Ryan was actually in the tub. So I opened the door to make sure. I was glad to see that Ryan was in the tub bathing. I turned around to leave but, before I could leave, Ryan asked me to wash his back.

I hesitated to do it, but Ryan asked again. I knelt down ..(continue confession)

Part At Uni

Last year I was at a college party. One very attractive black haired girl was super drunk. Some other girls took her in one of the bedrooms and she was passed out. It took them a while to come out and one of the girls who took her in went to her boyfriend and whispered something to him. He and 3 other guys went in and came out about 45 minutes later. Then they sent in two more. After a couple more hours the party was going down and I was one of the last there. The first guy who was whispered to, came to me and told me to go into the bedroom and get some. The attractive girl was lying ..(continue confession)

Caught At A Weak Moment, New Cocksucker

The customer was in Monterrey Mexico and I was sent with a technician to oversee the install. When we arrived there was a convention and I lost my room reservation. It was late and finding another hotel fir the night was going to be a pain so I agreed to sleep on a roll away in the technicians room.

I slept hard and the next morning while I was putting on my socks sitting on the roll away he walked up to me on the way to the shower. A big man, mid fifties, morning whiskers, in an undershirt and nothing else, his cock visible under his undershirt. He started to rub his nipples and offered me his ..(continue confession)

Rent $ Or Weed $?

I have a tenant who lives in my house with me who I happen to also sell weed to. Everything was fine, she paid her rent every month and would an eighth here and there from me. Then she discovered gambling and we started to fuck for the back rent and free weed.

Don't know why but I was randomly thinking if it's worse for her to fuck me for rent money or for weed? I don't mind tho since that pussy is bomb.

It's Wrong I Know

During a civil war in Europe, I was 22 at the time, and in a squad with a lot of older, rougher guys. Taking a town, the whole unit split up into squads and went into houses to take whatever we wanted. In this one house was a family. The father had been killed a year before, the mother who was nice looking, thin, big floppy tits and brunette hair was about 33. A daughter was 16 and another 14 with a son 13.

The guys spent a couple of hours, all the family in one room all forced to strip naked, then the mom and girls were getting r**ed. The boy was made to not only watch his mother and sisters ..(continue confession)

I Took A Naked Picture Of A Boy In The Shower

I stormed into the boys bathroom in high school an took a naked picture of boy in the shower. Told him I would show the picture to every girl in school if he didn't masturbate in front of my girl friends. We almost made him cum but I still have the picture. I did it because he called my sister a whore.