Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

What She Wants

Sometimes a few months but now more than a year, my wife gets this desire for a specially rough and dirty fuck session. This aint lovemaking its straight up sucking and fucking.
Her thing since she was a slutty teenager is to be used and degraded verbally and physically. She is 35, looks 22, short blonde hair, short but curvy body, 5 foot nothing with 34C jugs and a ass made for fucking. She don't like cute young guys at all. Her thing is her daddy and his good buddies, big, fat, hairy like her unclles. Makes her panties wet when she has to talk to menlike that during the day.
So would like to get maybe 3 or 4 men together and let them tear that shit up. Fuck her mouth her pussy and her tight ass multiple times and cumming in her or on her. They calling her the filthiest names and making her admit she's such a whore. They all try her holes and all end in her mouth. When its all over and we're alone I tell her what a c**t she is and we get all full body slippery cummy even pissy wet. I make her do all that shit she did with the old fuckers. Suck my balls and lick my ass. Beg for a hard assfucking. Take a light belt strapping on her ass and her tits. Swallow my second load and cumkiss her daddy man.
Then she goes back to being a very submissive and sweet little church going wife you would never think shes such a whore.

Gotta Get Rid Of This

My 52 year old aunt died recently. Not Covid, cancer. I went to her house with my cousin to help him clean out the place. While emptying out her bathroom I found this shoe box in the back of a cabinet covered by a small rug. The box was full of pictures, everything from black and white 4 X 4, Polaroids, packets of pictures from a mail order developer. They all had one thing in common, naked girls, from 7 to 17, naked. Most obviously posed.

I wrapped the bathroom rug around the box and took it with me. Today it's lots of CP. The obvious focus of the pictures is the frontal vulva, peeking at the girl's slit. No spread eagle shit, nothing obscene. A 30 year expose of naked girls, bare pussy to furry pussy.

My aunt had a reputation as being difficult, she divorced early. For a ling time she had a secretary named Bianca, today it's obvious she is a lesbian, but at the time we just thought she was frigid. Anyway, we're pretty sure my aunt was gay. And now I know she had a thing for young girls. And based on the pictures it lasted all her life.

It feels really bad to destroy the pictures but I don't want to ever be accused of CP. So I'm going to burn the box until only ashes are left.

Dual Kinks

This months long isolating has really got my dirty mind working over time. Two different kinks are making me stroke it. First is I want to have a hot mature milf let me eat her c**t and give her a rim job after she does her workout and is real damp and sweaty in her yoga pants. Want that heavy female musk and that salty and bitter anal taste would swallow if shes a squirter too.
Other kink buzzing me is petite little cocoa ladyboys. Love to have one with tiny brown balls and a little bitty gooey juicy dicklet. I take the whole pakage in my mouth and gentle suck until that bitch creams for white papasan.


Hot dirty slut gf is excited to take some loads in her pussy and ass, then let me lick her clean.
Get hard thinking of lying under her in a 69 watching her taking cock big enough to wreck her holes and fill her up with semen. When those big balls empty into her she will drop down on my face and pump that hot cum flavored with her pussy juice and her butt fudge.
Want to eat that slut out like she never got ate out. Make her cum like a whore and scream for more.

I Manipualted My Sister For Sex When She Needed A Place To Stay

My sister, during a recent ice storm, desperately needed a place to stay, as she was without power or water for almost three weeks. I provided it to her, but for a price. For the first 5 days, she stayed with me for free, I didn't ask anything of her, but after that, I dropped some hints to help her figure out what I wanted, I wanted to fuck her if she was going to stay with me. Given the circumstances with what the storm had caused with dangerous roads, no power in most places, and freezing temperatures, she agreed, albeit reluctantly. She has been having some problems lately. Even before the ice storm, she got laid off from her physician assistant job, had a breakup, and other issues, she was down in the world and if she was going to have somewhere safe to stay, she was going to have give something back. The very first time I had her undress, she looked disgusted. It was the first time she exposed herself to me. The first time we had sex, she didn't want to oral on me, so I ate her out and fucked her instead. Eventually though, she did blow me, which she seemed more uncomfortable doing than she was getting fucked. After awhile, I began doing more hot things to her as time passed too, such as facials and having her swallow. I have thought she is hot for years, and as she hits her late 20s, she is getting curvier now, getting a bigger ass and thicker thighs. She is 5'6, has light brown hair, green eyes, 32B tits, and size 7 panties, typically dressing quite conservative, but occasionally wearing yoga pants and revealing tops. During her time with me, I let her do as she pleased and dressed for the cold. It was just during the sex I told her what to do. Our relationship has been fractured since then, but it was selfishly worth it.

Husband Masturbating

My husband started his sex very young with his cousin brother who showed him

how a cock works and that developed into gay sex and he is addicted to gay sex.

He regularly watch porn of every nature and masturbates but not interested in

sex. In the initial years of our marriage he was very eager to see me nude and

have sexual intercourse. But just penetrating his cock in my pussy he

ejaculates and the sexual excitement come to an end. He tried all kinds of

position and all solutions to solve his premature ejaculation, but to no avail.

Lost total interest in sex, but I know he is masturbating daily in the bathroom

and he takes more than 45 minutes to have his bath and come out of the

bathroom. He is always with his laptop and whenever I come nearby can see him

hiding the open windows and acting as working on some word - excel files. He

does every thing a woman wants except sex.

Player Confession

I've been coaching a middle school co-ed basket league. One day I noticed one of my best players wasn't playing his best. He seemed to be in a fog. So after practice I held him back and asked him if everything was ok. He just stood there staring blankly then he just burst into tears. I put my arm around him to console him. Once he got his composure back I asked what was wrong. He made me promise not to tell anyone or call the police. He told me since his parents divorce, he and his mom having been living with his mom's parents, his grandparents. I know his grandparents. His Grandfather is a tough guy marine that is very standoffish. His grandmother is a loudmouth w*********h woman but is kind of sexy for an older woman. He went on to confess that his grandmother has been mol**ting him. She has been coming into his room naked and getting into bed with him. She has been sucking his penis and has even got on top of him and fucked him. After he told me he threw up and begged me not to call the cops. What was I going to do? How could I help him? I asked him if grandpa works. He said no but he volunteers at a dog shelter on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12 to 4. So the next Monday I went to his house to talk to grandma. I made it under the guise that I was checking on all my players to make sure their grades were good and everything was good at home. She invited me in. We had coffee and talked. She seemed lovely I couldn't believe she did this to him. She adores him. I then let it slip about my divorce and that I needed to find a woman like her. Then I noticed a transformation. She wasn't this sweet and happy homemaker grandma anymore. Now she was a hungry cougar on the prowl. She asked me what I was really doing there. I told her I was checking, and she stopped me mid sentence. She told me that was bullshit. She said I was there to get into her pants. She went on to say that she sees how I stare at her at the games. She got up from the couch and took off all her clothes. Her body was banging for a woman in her early 60s. She took my hand and put it on her nicely manicured pussy. She wasn't dried up. She had some dampness down there. She put her leg up on the couch as she stood in front of me. Eat my pussy she told me. I dove right in. She held my head with both hands while I licked and sucked her pussy. I even got a little lower to lick her ass. I then stuck 2 fingers in her ass while I devoured her clit. She then pushed me off and fell to her knees and pulled my cock out. I was harder than a lead pipe. She rubbed my cock and sack all over her face. She then gave me the blow job of a lifetime. I never felt anything quite like it. She sucked me for about 10 minutes then she got on top of me and rode my dick like she was a champion rodeo rider. I then flipped her and got on top. I pounded her pussy. I punished it for what she did to her grandson. I was relentless. She pulled me close, dug her nails in my back, teeth into my shoulder and then let out a scream. Barely gasping for air, eye makeup running... Grandma was cumming. She could barely get out the words but she was able to say "Cum in my pussy..." Just as she said that I exploded in side of her. Then I collapsed next to her on the couch. She said "Coach that was amazing! I'd really like this to become something more."
I answered "what about your husband?" She confessed he was a eunuch. The meds he takes has rendered his cock useless. I told her I will fuck her every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday if she promises to stay away from her grandson. She looked at me in shock. I said I'm serious. I'll fuck you, satisfy you, give you what you want just as long as you leave the boy alone or else I go to the authorities. We've been fucking for over a year and she has kept up her end of the bargain. Her grandson is a freshman starring on the varsity team and his grades aren't bad either.

Masturbation Taboo

I just needed to masturbate and I am sick of feeling bad about it because there is nothing wrong with letting sexual tensions out otherwise it could be dangerous. I am sick of people at church trying to throw shade or hand out guilt trips for it. I will do what the fuck I like. I am not bugging anyone doing it. what people do privately is there own business. Its not an issue when you have a relationship unless you get these people who are hung up on sex that should only be making kiddieos. like couples masturbate. together or alone. I wouldn't stop my partner from doing it . what is wrong with those people. I find it relaxes me and eases pain and headaches.

Spying On My Best Friends Sister

I set a spy cam in my friends room where it shows her bed and ive been having the craziest orgasms when she gets naked and changes or masturbates. shes a dirty slut when she uses her hairbrush to masturbate and sucks on it like its a real dick. I want to do more girls, hope they never find it

Caught Them In The Act, Reacted Horribly

Caught my daughter and her boyfriend having sex in the house.

When I caught them, the boyfriend actually jumped off my daughter and stood up in the room, fully erect. My daughter was laying there with a bald kitty.

No one was home and something in me went haywire. I told the boyfriend to finish fucking her. My daughter let out a shocked, "Dad?" The boyfriend mounted her and they screwed. When he came, he pulled out and shot a wad on her belly. I lost my mind and yelled at him to put it back in. He did and he came the rest of the way bareback in my daughter. She kept saying, "No, no", then, "No we need a condom, no, no."

I ran up to them and pulled him off my daughter. It shouldn't have happened, sounds crazy, but I immediately went down on her and began eating out my daughter. "Dad?", she screamed again. I ignored her and sucked and licked all over her bald pussy, and rubbed my hand over her belly to rub his seed into her skin. She just kept saying "Dad?" over and over, losing her breath. I buried myself deep in her and she let out a scream as she orgasmed all over my face and I sucked up her juices.

The boyfriend was hard again when I got off my daughter. Still horny and going crazy, I sat on the bed and told my daughter to suck my dick. She did. I had the boyfriend screw her from behind until we both shot our loads in her. I pulled her off of him and turned her around and had her bend over. Standing in front of me, ass sticking out, I went down on her pussy from behind and sucked out as much of his sperm as I could.

I told them to get dressed and then panicked. I let the kid shoot sperm in my unprotected daughter! Twice! I rushed them to the store and left them in the car while I bought spermicide and Plan B. I made her use both as soon as I was back in the car.

We dropped off the boyfriend. On the way back home I apologized and my daughter says, "I don't want to talk about it. Just don't talk about it." We haven't mentioned it in a week until now, but today I walked by her room while she was in underwear. Usually she was modest and would hide or close the door. This time she pulled the front of her panties down to show her bald pussy to me and gave me a smile as she slowly closed the door. Now I'm scared shitless my wife will find out.