Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

I Watched And Let It Happen

About 15 years ago, I was working in New Orleans for a couple of weeks. As I strolled after night back to my hotel I was along the river but on the other side of the flood wall, past the convention center and the hotel. I saw across the street a couple about 18 years old or so fallen out drunk. She was really cute, nice body, looked like C cup titties and wearing a mini skirt. A homeless guy was close to them and he didn't see me. I moved into the shadows. He kept sliding toward her. When close, he touched her arm and jostled it a bit. Neither of the couple moved. Next he shook her at the shoulder, nothing. I kept watching.

Eventually he moved to her tits, she had on a tight top but obviously no bra. He was shaking them, squeezing them. Then he reached under her top and was feeling her bare tits under it. She moved a little giving him the chance to raise her top over her tits. They were perfect, beautiful with half dollar areolae and pencil eraser nipples that were dark pink. He started sucking on them and checking for any movement from her or her boyfriend who by no was rolled over about 3 feet away. Then he pulled up her mini up over her hips. Pulled down her panties and I got to see her gorgeous black haired bush. He was finger fucking her while sucking on those pretty tits. Soon he had his cock out and got on top of her and I watched as he pushed gently in and out of her. Soon he stopped, was pushing in and I knew he was cumming inside her pussy. It wasn't until he pulled out and walked away that I got the full realization that I'd watched a r**e. Not only watched, but got hard and was wanking off to it, and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

I put my cock away, walked across the street and with the street flood light so close I got a better look at her body and her face, she was incredible. Then I saw dripping out of her black pussy hair, the white cum the homeless guy put into her beautiful pussy. And I did nothing but watch and let it happen. I think back and wonder if that girl knew she'd been r**ed, or did she and her boyfriend think they did it before they passed out? Did she get pregnant, not realizing the baby was from a homeless guy r****g her?

I feel terrible some times, but I keep seeing her lying there so perfect, so beautiful with cum oozing out of her black haired, just fucked pussy.

Reliving Old Memories

I travel a lot, or at least I did until recently. This got me thinking that I needed to watch more for situations with hot girls. It then occurred to me to watch for anyone dropping off in short outfits and go from there... The best one was this really young girl, still with a wedding ring...or at least the engagement ring...dropping off her guy at the airport at the gates. They hugged as if he was going off to war (he wasn't...I don't think...). Her dress was SHORT. The dress was no longer than just below the bottom of her wrist, close to where her thumb met her hand...way above fingertip length. She had on black wedge heels and nothing else beside her long brown hair. From behind, her dress just covered her ass but allowed you to see where her thighs met her ass, but again just barely...but it was that short.

They kissed and hugged passionately, his hands on her ass the whole time, until he finally went through security to get to his gate. She waited and waved a few times, then started walking back to the parking lot. I waited a second, then followed behind her. She couldn't walk very fast because of her tall wedges, so it was perfect. Short term parking was in the big garage across from the airport, and you had to walk a long tunnel, then take escalators then stairs up, or suffer some very slow elevators. First thing I did was when we were about to the tunnel I pretended to bump her ass with my hand while I talked on my cell with the other. Her ass was firm but soft, if you know what I mean. She clearly worked out to keep that body just so.

I apologized and put my phone away. She said nothing at first, probably more taken aback than anything else. I'm good looking for my age, so she didn't seem too afraid and said "that's okay." I smiled at her and I said, "If you don't mind my asking, where are you flying in from, you look like you were at an island or something." She laughed and replied "No, just dropped my husband off for a flight." "Husband?" I said, "You're too young and cute to be married already." She laughed back and said "Thanks, but I'm 23 and we've been married almost a year already." We walked together to the escalator and she got on with me just behind her. Awesome ass, great body, legs hot...but she couldn't walk fast so we just walked slowly as we talked.

At the top of the escalator were the steps. I thought she'd go for the elevator but she went for the steps instead. "What floor are you on?" "Four" she replied. "I'm on six" I lied...I actually had to pick up a rental on two! I left her walk a few steps ahead of me at first and sure enough as she walked the steps I could see between her legs. She had enough of a thigh gap that I could see her pussy lips as she walked up the steps. I couldn't believe my luck at first, but then I went for it... "I'm sorry, but you are so fucking hot!" I said "and I can see you aren't wearing any panties, was that for your husband?" "Oh my God," she said at first and put a hand over her butt between her legs from behind, "you can see that? I told him this was too short but he wanted to see me in it." She stood still for a second and I got to the step behind her. I reached up to her and patted her hand over her ass and said "Hey, no panty lines in a dress like that, plus it makes you 10 times hotter!" I held my hand over hers and she withdrew her hand as if we shouldn't be touching, but that just left my hand to palm her ass for a second and I got a fingertip on her ass cheek for a split second but then made sure to remove my hand instantly after that. Couldn't go TOO fast.

"Where are you going after this?" I asked. "Home" she said, "nowhere else." I said "That's a shame, because you're all dressed up, I thought maybe there'd be a boyfriend." That broke the tension and she laughed again. "No boyfriend." she replied "Just my husband." I said "do you want to get a drink or something?” Still standing there, she laughed again, and turned around. She wasn’t adjusting her dress, so her hemline was up to her crotch at this point, a little shadow at the top of her thighs. I stepped up next to her, and said “Or, we could just hang out in your car and talk.” With that I took my free hand next to her and put it between her legs, just brushing her pussy with my middle finger. “Whoa! What are you doing!?!?!” she replied and backed up a step…but she stayed on that step. “Sorry,” I said, “I wasn’t thinking, it’s just you are so hot in that dress.” She replied “Thanks, but I’m MARRIED!” She emphasized the married part more than shouting it. I replied “Yeah, and you’re all dressed up and he’s on a plane leaving you alone. I’m sorry, I just think you’re so hot.” “Well, thanks,” she said, “but I knew this skirt was too short!” she said and yanked it down in front just enough to recover herself. I quickly said “Oh, please, don’t’ cover up, you’re so beautiful.” I knew it was working when she unclenched her legs and stood relaxed again. I stepped up a step again, standing aside her again. She didn’t move, so I lightly put my hand under her skirt again and caressed her bare pussy with my finger. She didn’t say anything, just looked down at my hand partway covered by her dress as I massaged her pussy gently.

What really happened: After about a minute or so of me working my fingers over her pussy that I was just able to push the first part of my finger between her lips and feel the warmth inside her pussy. As I was about to push in further she pushed on my wrist with my hand “I’m sorry, I can’t do this. I have to go.” With that she quickly ran up the steps…well, clomped as fast as she could in her heels. I got a few glimpses of ass and a little bit of pussy until she rounded the corner and was gone.

What I wanted to happen: Fortunately no one was using the stairs at this moment, because we stood for a couple of minutes counting the talking and now the soft groping. I bent my head down to sort of make eye contact as she looked up from her crotch and I asked, “Can we go to your car?” “Yeah, ok.” She replied. We walked the rest of the stairs with her ahead of me and I just stared at the bottom of her butt cheeks and pussy lips peeking out of her dress.

We got to her car, an older C-class Mercedes and I parked my bags up against the passenger side of her car. “Do you want me to use a condom?” I asked, “I don’t have anything if you don’t.” She replied “I think we better use one.” So I got one out of my bag. “Why don’t you sit in and recline the seat. She did as I guided her. Once she was in, I said, “Now get back out and I’ll sit in.” She spread her legs to get out and gave me a great look at her shaved pussy and gaping pussy lips, the supple wet pink between her lips let me know she was already ready. I sat down and pulled down my pants and underwear to reveal my erection. She didn’t need prompting at this point and got on top of me in the car. I rubbed spit on my dick just before she sat down on it, taking my length part way in before hovering for a second, then slowly working her way up and down my shaft until I was all the way in to my balls. I could kind of get my hands inside her dress form the top to cup her breasts, but it was awkward. I settled for massaging her tits through her dress while she bobbed up and down on me. We did this for a few minutes then I looked around and said we should get out of the car. ..(continue confession)

Long Lost Blog

A few years ago, I had an account on a blog that I didn’t post on. I just created it to look through the content others were posting. It didn’t take long for me to come across various users who posted their sexual conquests and such. Many kept anonymity, or put their faces out there for all to see because they loved the attention. Saw a woman who loved showing off in public with her husband, and asked for anyone in the area (who was big) to meet up and fuck her while he filmed and took pictures. Another woman who enjoyed cucking her husband, a college student who did sexy cosplay, a single mother who enjoyed pleasuring herself or having her friend fuck her, a woman who wanted to be bred, and so many other kinds of woman and couples.

I had come across this one particular young woman who was 18 years old when I started keeping up with her blog. She looked like your typical shy, quiet type, but a total tease when she was alone. She lived at home with her parents, but she loved showing off her body in her room. She would post pictures of her wearing a sexy outfit or nothing at all, and she would tell of how sexually frustrated she was in that moment. Initially, she didn’t post her face since she was 17 when she started her blog, but then she decided to show her face after she turned 18.

It wasn’t long till she posted that she had started dating a guy in his 30’s. She said that she had fallen in love with him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. He didn’t mind sharing her so she wanted other guys to fuck her, too. Others would ask her about her relationship, like how they met, how the sex was, and if she wanted him to get her pregnant. She had responded that he had given her the tattoo she had above her pussy and they got together after that, she also said that the sex was great and posted a video of her getting fucked, and she said that she wanted him to get her pregnant, but he had a vasectomy done so she was upset about that. I kept up with her for a year; countless pictures. During the early year that I had started keeping up with her, she complained about high school and homework and how she just wanted to see her boyfriend so she could get fucked. Eventually, she graduated and was happy about it.

One day, a guy posted on her blog that he knew who she was. They had gone to high school together, and he mentioned the name of the class and teacher. Initially, she laughed about it since she didn’t know someone from her high school was keeping up with her. She still posted pictures, but slowly removed her face from them, as well as her videos. And it didn’t take long before she deleted her blog entirely. However, I managed to save a couple of her pictures and the video of her getting fucked.

Nowadays, I still look at those pictures and the video; they always get me going. A few months ago, at a job I used to have, I worked with a girl who was 18 that looked like the girl from the blog, with slight differences. If she and I were in the breakroom together, I’d be slowly stroking my cock through my pants while she was sitting a few tables away on her phone. I would imagine violating her in the breakroom, on the tables, her enjoying it. I imagined it and, since she looked like the girl from the blog, I’d hear the girl’s voice saying what the other says in the video: “Fuck that little teenage pussy with that grown man cock.”

Since it’s the giving season, if anyone would like to see that video, comment your kik and I’ll happily share it. It’s a shame she no longer has her blog up. Or that I didn’t save her other pictures; she was one of my favorites.

  • My Wife Family

    I have the weird fetish of hypnosis, yeah I am kinda weird I guess, but that had me have fantasies about hypnotizing my beautiful wife (33), her sister (34), and her nieces (17 ), (16), Just imagining them all in my house wearing sexy maid lingerie, Babydolls, Bodystocking or just plain naked doing anything I say as my obedient sexdolls, imagining them mindless and obedient to my commands and answering me with a sexy yes master, fuck them or making them fuck each other happily, this jus get so turned on, I know I am a weird guy but I guess I can have some fantasies about that and wanted to share a bit.

    Fantasy At Work And Porn

    I masturbated to porn. I love the prone position and women on top with huge tits. I am so loving porn to wank off to. I just imagine I am getting it from the love of my life and its the perfect place and perfect time. I see them enjoying it. loving the porn as much as me and enjoying the exploring of sexual delights and sensual stimulations that ease the pains of the day. I want to grind and give tit job. I want to suck cock and be pounded by him. Lets do this together. There is nothing wrong with finding better sex ideas because you got to live and express yourself . I can see his hard on every time I look over at him. He is unaware that I am focused on him in the office. If looks could tell and if he could read my mind , well we would be the toilet cubical fucking our brains out. don't you want it as much as me? You must. I can see you leaning into the idea. come hither , come closer, cum as you are.

  • Hole Number Three

    This confession began long ago when my teenage self and a casual gf were having a 69 at my mum's flat. She was perched on top and using her fist and her lips to coax my load past her lips.

    Meanwhile I was feasting on that ginger gash getting my face all hot and wet with her girl sauce.

    My nose was up her bum and it gave me a thrill to see her tight bootyhole puckering as she clenched her thighs and her cunny. Her womanly smell was making me flush and I pulled her hips down so I could tongue her dirtyhole. She reacted like a hot poker struck her at first. Jumped away and then laughed and said Did I know that was her bum?

    Was going to lie and act like it was a error then blurted Your hole is so hot. She was embarrassed and afraid it would put me off but I convinced her I like it. She could see for herself from the massive wood I was popping and started to beam with some kind of pride.

    Took a fortnight of slow and easy before she was ready to try anal penetration. My tongue and different fingers had been stretching her and I was also introducing her to strapping her arse for punishment. She surprised me by liking it harder than I would have done on my own.

    One day after mum left for work the gf turned up and said she had a surprise.

    The little slag had stuck a butt plug in her bum and had it stimulating her for over an hour.

    She sucked my big curved uncut into steel and got up on the edge of the bed with her bare arse exposed right in my face.

    I kissed and felt her cheeks and gently wobbled the plug to hear her moaning and begging for a buggering. Made her push the plug out whilst I tugged it and teased her by pushing it back in deeper. Her hand was a blur in her pussy and I was finally ready to get it.

    Helped pull out the plug and her hole was very pink and slightly gaped, all shiny and slick from the lube we used. Rubbed the head of my prick against the trembling hole and pushed.

    My dick slipped and didn't go in straight away but she moaned and begged for it and the second or third time the head started to go in.
    She cramped up and said it hurt and to please stop a minute and then she relaxed and said Give me more.

    Seemed like a long time but was probbably just a couple of minutes and I had maybe two or three inches at most in her. Then I felt like something give way and my prick slipped in a lot all at once. She didn't scream but it was close to it when my prick hit bottom and my hair was against her arse.
    She said Go slow and it took everything I had to obey and not slam the piss out of her.

    Soon she was slowly and very gently humping back against my pelvis and taking my prick into her inner arse. I knew I wouldn't last long and asked her if she wanted my cum. She went nuts and really fucked back at me, clawing the bedsheets and gibbering what a dirty whore she is and a tramp and just random cuss words. She had a really big orgasm from her hand and I was blowing spurt after spurt of semen in her guts.

    She yelped when I pulled out too fast and said it really hurt like a knife. She learned to love her anal orgasms and sometimes even squirted a little which I first thoght was piss but found it was something else and not yellow or strong.

    I have had anal with other women since then but your first is always memorable.

    I wonder if that girl is getting it up the old dirt road til this day?

    Raw And Slutty

    Have seen others on this site confess similar fetishes and open to comments or opinions so tell me what you think.
    Married young, divorced and happily married a few years. Wife is somewhat younger and openminded. We have experimented with some kinks and mostly enjoyed new things.
    It's hard to say when I first became aware of this but it was at least 10 years ago. I found it very exciting to think of my wife (both have been in fantasies) as being a really dirty, nasty, filthy slut.
    Thinking of kissing her and smelling cock and cum on her breath. Talking to her and making her admit truthfully that she was a filthy cocksucker and swallowed many loads. That her lips and tongue have licked and sucked and tasted lots of sweaty balls and rimmed out musky arse holes.
    There's a porno that I have watched a few times where the wife is sucking and rimming a tall slim Black man with a good foot long dick and tight heavy balls. She's feasting between his legs and not missing a thing.
    Her husband is fingering her and encouraging her to eat that ass and suck that cock.
    Every so often during her oral assault she pauses and the couple kiss with a lot of tongue.
    She digs her tongue back into that juicy Black arse and eventually he cums on her face and tits. Her husband kisses and licks her face and titties clean and they share creamy cum kisses.
    That makes me crazy.
    Now I don't know if it's some latent homo thing or bi curious or what you want to call it.
    The thing is, the idea of kissing my wife's dirty lips and tongue is what gets me so excited.
    Shoving my tongue in her mouth where a cock has just been leaking on her tongue makes me throb. It's so nasty and wicked but I think it would be hot to kiss her and swap some guy's cum in a kiss with her.
    It's not the cock or the cum that gets me hot, it's her slutty filthy mouth that does it.
    And I have zero interest in any cuckold or humiliation or denied orgasm shit.
    Not on your life.
    I want sex with my wife and whatever partners seem a good fit.
    But my main turn on is my wife's mouth being used hard and me kissing her and sharing what a filthy mouth she's got.
    Anybody else?

    Wet And Tasty

    I love to splash my jizz all on my wife's face and in her mouth. Shes a filthy little blowjob queen and has sucked and swallowed loads and loads. I get her all warmed up with lots of rubbing and fingering and when she gets to the right point its like she turned a switch and she's like a wild nympho. She strips off everything and rides my lap for a bit, kissing me and giving me those hot looks and saying dirty stuff like Give me some cock baby. Put it in my mouth. Make me suck it for you baby. I love when she talks so dirty and I make her admit she was a slut when I married her and she's still a slut today. She has her hand in her c**t and its a blur as she gets herself off.

    Treating My Young Neighbor To A Show

    The world through my window. I live in a studio apartment, across the alley from me is a teenage boy who watches me. I started letting him peak, now I openly masturbate for him, I'm sure he has his manhood in his hand wishing he could replace David my dildo.

    I could use a good fuck right now but I'm not into boys.

    My Punishment

    As a confident lesbian lawyer in the entertainment field earning in the comfortable six figures I could pay for whatever I needed, Whether it was having my hair done, or having my car fixed. I also paid for attention from young women. Always young women. I didn't have time for a relationship and I used a woman to find me company, sometimes for weekend escapes and sometimes I had them over for a 24 hour day. As I got older I liked younger and younger women, settling on young dancers, their bodies and their empty heads. I knew I had a problem when I found myself with a girl who turned out to be sixteen.

    I got scared and found a therapist who gave me a hundred reasons as to why this happened but none of this helped I was totally fixated on young girls in their middle teens. I kept my hands off, but my fixation just got worse and worse. I decided to take a break and signed up for two week river cruise with nothing but old people, I was the youngest by a generation.

    On the cruise I met this couple in their mid sixties, rich and traveled and she was worried about me eating alone and had me join them at their table. I volunteered that I was a lesbian and that I had gotten away to realign my life. In one conversation I dropped the expression about having had this one business experience where I had been torn a new asshole. The husband, a rich old man with an ego told me that maybe that is what I was looking for, what I needed, have my asshole fucked, maybe find some sailor who wanted to degrade me. His wife shut him up, but he stood by what he said and told me to give it a try. When we arrived in Amsterdam he gave me a number to call, totally discreet.

    In Amsterdam I did just that, I called the number and I asked for a man in his fifties, I wanted someone older than me and told the service that I didn't want conversation, I wanted to be degraded. The man that came to my hotel room was well dressed, with glasses. I expected some truck driver. He asked me to undress and half way through he slapped me on the face and took me by the hair and pushed me down onto the bed and tied my hands one at a time to the bedframe. He never spoke, I got what must be the largest dildo ever shoved up my ass, he put this device on my face which pulled my nose back with hooks in my nostrils, he put a gag in my mouth and whipped my back and legs and buttocks until I was bleeding.

    I was crying, really crying, I couldn't talk, I gagged trying to cough, he shoved the dildo up further in my ass, he dropped something in my ear, spit or something, He stood over me and pissed on my back. He left me like that, just walked out leaving me tied and bleeding with a dildo up my ass for the maids and security to find me the next morning. They asked if I wanted to press charges, I declined. I went to a clinic to have my cuts treated, over a dozen deep gashes from the whip. I went back to the hotel and cried.

    I live in Los Angeles and Los Angeles has everything. From time to time I call this number and I have a man come to a hotel room. I never seen them, I don't want to see their face so I wear a blinders , I don't want them to talk. I don't know if it the same man or different men. I remind myself when I am cuddled up with a young waitress wanting to break into the entertainment business that my punishment will come later.