Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Dirt Road

My confession is too off the charts for most I venture to say. I have become obsessed with dirty atm porn films and fantasies.
I love rimming and getting rimmed.
Have done it with women and men both but never at the same time. Would be very exciting to do a dirty threesome mfm though.
Had been chatting with a chap who got really nasty and still gives me wanking fodder with his comments.
Long story short he wants to fuck my wife's arse and switch back and forth from her bum to my mouth and finally giving her a deep cummy creampie that he says will have brownie sauce on top. I know it's sick but cuckold's brownie gets me so hard.


Me and my gf have great fun having sex in all sorts of ways and with each other and apart. We always tell about our side hookups and it's hot to hear what we've each been up to.
One thing we been both wanting is to give her a double penetration of her tight ass and her dirty mouth.
Would be fun to be assfucking her and hearing a guy getting blown and telling her to suck his dick and that she better not spill a drop of his cum.
Better yet would be to ride her together and then switch places so she gets ass to mouth too.
She's a filthy little slut and loves to be dirty and whorish especially when she's had a few rum & cokes.

Just Saying

This enforced shutdown and isolating stuff is getting kind of boring I know for a lot of folks.
I'm lucky my wife is such a good woman or it would be unbearable. No going out for laughs, no hanging out with the guys, no sports bars. No games, no eating out comfortably, this really stinks. Could ignore everything and hang with guys on my own property, no nearby neighbors to break our balls. Sure don't want the freaking virus though.
So spending plenty of quality time with the wife and having more sex than usual because we're always together and it's been fun getting some head after breakfast or in the afternoons.
One thing I always kind of knew but it's very clear now is the way my wife is so kinky when it comes to being used. She's old fashioned that way. That she believes a wife's job number one is to keep her man satisfied. If more were like her there'd be a lot more marriages working and a lot less strife.
So it came out when we were talking about stuff that gets us turned on and she likes being talked to real meanly and degraded. Likes being called names and admitting what a slut she is.
I don't think she's really slutty these days but before we met she was sucking a handful of men and loved being groped and taking it in all three holes.
Thing that gets her hot is being treated like a worthless whore, a total skank.
Loves a man holding her head and fucking her face and calling her a c**t and a bitch. Slapping her face and telling her the only thing she's good for is taking care of cocks.
Make her confess that she's a nympho c**t and loves to drain mens balls. Tell her she's gonna love sucking wet cummy pussies and sweaty hairy assholes.
The dirtier the talk the hotter she gets and me too.
She goes nuts when I'm fucking her pussy and telling her I should of wore a rubber cause she's such a slut she probably has the sift from fucking drunk sailors with her whore girlfriends when they go out for a girls night. Make her admit that girls night is really cock lovers night and they go out for some strange.
I'm friends with two of her gf's men and they love their women being sluts too. When we were able to go out and hang with each other we used to go to the basement, shoot some pool and tell about our c**ty wives and girlfriends.
..(continue confession)

  • Stretching Her

    Have a confession about hardcore anal with my young and naughty wife. She's trim and slim and curvy where it counts. Has one tight little round tail too. She likes when I squeeze and enjoy her butt and likes me to get her relaxed and ready with some gentle fingering and plenty of good lube. I take my time and enjoy getting first one finger in and let her get into it. I dirty talk her and kiss her and keep getting that finger deeper and gently moving it in her. After a little time I will slip a second finger in her ass and slowly go deeper and stretch her little hole more. Once she's taking three fingers and moaning, it's time to start playing with toys.
    She has a little pink dildo that's smaller than my average sized dick and that goes into her ass pretty easy. While kissing her and continuing to talk dirty and make her say dirty things like "I'm a filthy cocksucker" and "Please fuck my ass daddy"
    I'll be assfucking her gently with the little dildo and then she often has her first climax. She can cum real easy with her fingers between her legs and especially likes it when her butt is full.

    So I sometimes slowly slide the dildo out her ass and start teasing her now stretched hole with the next size larger dildo in her toy collection. This one is purple and is more of a large and girthy dick, maybe 8" long and fat and veiny. It's probably a tough one for lots of girls but with the stimulation of the little one, she's ready for this real fat one. It slides in and she kind of groans with pleasure and her hand is a blur between her legs.
    I fuck her good and strong with the bigger dildo and tell her I know about her once a month nights out with the girls and how they like to watch male strippers at a roadhouse not too far away. She says she's never seen so much prime cock.

    So I'm fucking her asshole and telling her it's a stripper banging her and that she's a married whore who loves getting assgaped by thick cocks. She agrees and says she deserves to be punished.
    I have one more monster dildo that's supposed to be some kind of animal cock or something. I think I've seen it called a dragon cock and maybe the same as a bull's dick or a horse cock.
    Anyway, it's fucking huge.
    My slut gets really nasty and hot when she knows it's time for her ..(continue confession)

    Girls Pussy Abused

    While roaming around a crowded Fair with a lot of people, a big girl just

    moving in front of me alongwith her friends bending down and trying to

    cross the barricade through. She was just half way through and I cupped

    her pussy from behind and felt an electric shock push and blasting down

    her vagina on my palm. From that reaction I felt she was eager for such

    an act and I knew she was thrilled by that violation. Reaching home I

    masturbated thinking she too must be doing the same.

    I Went To A Very Dark Place

    In late high school and college I became very active sexually with other women. I considered myself gay and had come out to my family and friends. I left college with my partner, we went around the world on a dime and a prayer. When we got back we settled in Nashville where she dreamed of being a musician and I worked on my art.

    I had slowly developed a like for rough sex, and I wanted to experience r**e by a man. While my partner played in bars at night, I went around signalling to men until a man grabbed me, dragged me by the hair behind a dumpster, he slapped me into submission and r**ed me both vaginally and anally. I woke up having shit myself, blood on my lips, several scr**es and bruises from being dragged across the crushed rock. Life and imagination were very, very different. When my partner found out I went out looking for it she left me and I wound up at home.

    Reliving My One Time I Had Threeway Sex

    Once only while I was in college I participated in a FMF threeway. It is also the only time I went down on a woman. That is a long time ago but I remember it and truth be told I can see myself doing it again. My husband is unaware of this and for sure he would be shocked and turned off by it.

    Ginger Spice

    Will keep this short and not sweet. I have had a thing for redheads for many years. Since maybe 12 years old when my older cousin's girlfriend came to spend summer holiday with us.
    She was strawberry blonde, that perfect combination of dark blonde with just a bit of red. Sometimes folks call them ginger today.
    I like spices so thinking of a redhead slut as ginger presses my buttons.
    I love to eat pussy and pretty girls arseholes. I mean love it. Like maybe better than fucking them.
    So the confession is I been fantasising lately about eating a natural slightly hairy ginger arsehole and my tongue touches something firm which begins to s l o w l y push against my tongue. I hold my lips tightly against the pucker and feel it slowly crowning and ever so slowly pushing past my lips into my mouth. It's a small nugget of her ginger poo and the nasty disgusting part is that my prick is blowing loads of spunk as I'm tasting her hot fresh funk right on my dirty tongue. I don't think I bite it, just swallow it and know that her poo is in my belly makes me splash a big load.


    Your friend or coworker or neighbor has a hot wife or girlfriend that you want to see naked.
    You can't pick her up or talk to him and you can't look in windows.

    How do you get to see her naked?

    I Want To Fuck Him

    I'm half Irish and half Latina (holidays will never not be weird). I also work at a call center, I'm a single mom with an 8 yr old daughter, and I clean a few houses on the side to make extra money. I'm a little on the curvy side, but it looks good on me. We get by okay, all things considered. I'm catholic (not as devout as I should be), but I think I'm a pretty good person overall. My wild years are beyond me, and I pretty much live for my daughter's happiness now.

    I say all this to say that while I keep it professional, I would 100% fuck the brains out of one of my house cleaning clients. All he has to do is ask and I would rock his world. Cute little science professor at a local college, absent minded but ruggedly handsome (he has no idea), incredibly kind.

    He is also a single Dad as of January (apparently, Mommy had a bit of a coke habit and like to go after local athletes on the side and make men out of them before they went off to college). I saw a lot of the signs as I've been working for them for around 2 full years now but that wasn't my place. She hired me, I secretly wonder if she wanted to get caught. As everything started to fall apart, he was spending more and more time around so we have gotten to know each other pretty well, having lunch together on the days I came to straighten up in their nice kitchen and just talking about life.

    His daughter is a year younger than mine and I've seen a lot of them together lately and our kids have even played together as I've had to bring my girl with me - I've always asked first, again I'm professional. The number of times I've come in to find him teaching my daughter or both our daughters amateur science - I found them in goggles one day doing baking soda and vinegar volcanoes - too many to count.

    And that scene along makes my ovaries hurt for this man. He's good to my daughter and she's not even his or even connected to her in any way. That's a big deal to me, I'm sure many other women can agree.

    Right now, I'm terrified to even flirt with this man. The money is helpful and I don't want to lose it AND what we have here. But if he showed the slightest interest, I'd be out of my crappy apartment and decorating our girls' rooms in a heartbeat. <..(continue confession)