Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Misuse Of My Power For Some Fat Assed Bitches

So I been a director for this convention, anime convention and such and making sure everything goes okay. Had a run in with two very fucking fine cosplayers and ended up going out with them, paid for drinks and food when I was with them and they were definitely fucking pressing onto me. So one thing lead to another and they were fully down to give me a good time if I promoted them and their only fans on twitter

after which we got a hotel and I rearranged some guts and it was fucking fine tearing them apart.

in this industry it’s who you know
and how you service them under the table.

  • She Has This Crave

    So my wife and me have hot talk sometimes when we're both really hot and excited. Sometimes it goes on after we have cum and it's curly but spicy pillow talk.
    Anyway, ever since she was a teenager and a shy kid who was a late bloomer, she has had this fantasy about truckers.
    She grew up off the Interstate and was used to going to truck stops with her folks and her friends' folks on their way to the lake or upstate for camping trips.
    The rows and rows of big rigs idling like sleeping dinosaurs used to make her panties damp.
    She imagined being in the sleeper with a rugged, hairy, manly guy and unzipping his jeans and taking out his big fat musky cock and huge hairy balls and sucking him off.
    She says the man stink always gets her. She used to sniff her brother's and her father's shorts as a dirty sex crazed teen and it gets her real wet. She don't go for the smooth clean cut handsome types, she likes her men with calluses and whiskers and muscles from work and not the gym.
    So anyway, she's been hinting around and I think I might try to set something up to get her to give a trucker a blowjob in the sleeper.
    Gotta admit it would be real hot to watch her sucking cock like a lot lizard and then sucking me too so she got two loads in her belly. She says she wants me to reclaim her and if he gets hard again watching then she'll finish him off.
    This shit is risky business but then again so is the rest of life and maybe we'll give it a go.

    Two Gym Sluts I Jerk Off To

    I saw them come out of the locker room today. Tiny shorts with big thick asses, sports bras with tits almost popping out, etc these girls looked ready for a fuck fest. They don’t go to the gym to work out, they go there because they know we watch them pretending to work out half naked with tiny shorts that basically get swallowed by their ass cheeks. They love attention from us pervs they just won’t admit it. Why else would they be wearing such tiny tight clothing with makeup and hair down? These sluts just want attention and they’ll keep getting my cock hard at the gym. Keep wearing those tight leggings that keep riding up your ass it gives me more fuel to jerk my cock

  • Ruined Asshole

    Watching this sick lez porno where one girl is fucking the other girls ass with a tremendous dildo and the first ones ass is shoved out all reddish pink big wet juicy prolapse. The second girl takes her panties off and has the same huge pink prolapse which she then rubs with the first girls.
    The two of them are all wet and juicy and look like they are actually turned on and not just making a porno.
    Anyway, I would like to rim a hot pussy and have her relax her ass and let that pink part push its way in my mouth for me to suck on while she's moaning like a bitch in heat. Want to make her scream and squirt by sucking her dirty insides out.

    Getting My Girls

    For a while I’ve been in this friend group of 3 girls, me being the only guy. We all have a really healthy relationship and I’m even dating one of them, but I sometimes just get this lustful urge to want more. Flirt my way to the other two’s hearts and have my own little harem of fine toned bitches who’ll worship me, smack them around and make them scream. But I don’t think I’ll have that, however just knowing that they all find me attractive is just strengthening that urge

  • Becoming A Bother

    So I have always been into girls and women sexually and relationship wise. Have been spending lots of time with online porn and especially featuring shemales and Dom gay tops.
    Lately when I get in the mood for a wank I'm thinking about visiting a very chubby and mature fellow at his home or at a hotel somewhere we'd be anonymous.
    Anyway, I imagine this chap stripped naked and having a very big hairy belly over a natural pubic bush, a nice stout 8 inches of dick and a bit of a bubble butt.
    I imagine myself walking over to him, dropping to my knees and holding his big ass, pulling him closer so I can fondle, kiss and suck on his big bollocks, then he'd pick up one foot and place it on the couch so I have better access to his steamy crack. He growls filthy stuff at me like "Lick my dirty hole you faggot. Get yer tongue in there and clean my shitpipe ya bitch."
    I'm getting a stiff dick thinking how the rim job will make his dick hard and swollen and ready to blow its load on my tongue and down my throat. Wish it could happen, even if only at an ABS for simple glory hole sex.

    My Partner Is Asleep

    It’s 1:20 in the morning and I’m horny as fuck.

    My partner has been sleeping next to me for hours but I don’t know how much longer I can just sit here for.

    I just want to touch myself, I want to rub myself on him.

    It would be so hot if I woke him up while having him inside me.

    Grinding And Groping

    Me a my friends took advantage of another friend's girl at a house party recently. It was a terrible thing to do. The house party was going ok but there was a lack of females. So one of our friends came late with his girlfriend and we all ended up upstairs on a landing to smoke some weed. We sent our friend to get some drinks and locked the door to the landing. So it's just three of us and his girlfriend. She's leaning over the railing smoking and I come up behind her and say if she's at this party she has to dance. And start humping her ass while holding her in place. My dick is right between her asscheeks and I tell her I'm cumming as I ejaculate and she blushes my other two friends hold her and do the same. We unlock the door and her bf comes in asking why the door was locked but we just laugh and walk out. He hasn't spoken to us since. Really don't know why we did that but happened.

    Frequent Fantasy

    Older mwm with a sexy younger wife who's changes have left her as hot looking as ever but her sex drive has fallen off to almost zip. Meanwhile I have lots of time and little stress and am often feeling frisky. Have been using my fist for awhile and naturally think of hot stuff that's got me off since I was a kid.
    One thing that I never thought about but have begun to think about is gay or bi stuff. In particular I find myself imagining doing nasty oral on a big fat belly guy with a set of big balls and a fat pickle of a cut dick.
    Since it's just fantasy anyway, in my head I wanna suck those balls one at a time and lick all over and under them. Even slide my horny tongue across his crack, get him to roll back and tongue his hairy salty hole.
    I really get hot imagining suckling the wet juicy head of his dick with loads and loads of salty and sweet precum just drooling heavy on my tongue. I mean I want to slather it all over that cock head and swallow lots of it. Want to hear him moaning and saying stuff like "That's it, suck it good. Oh fuck I'm gonna cum. and then his dick begins to throb in my mouth and he starts to spurt his creamy load in my mouth and says to swallow it.
    I gotta go and stroke one off now. LOL

  • Homeless

    In NOLA on business for the last two weeks, have two more to go. About 5 days ago I got to talking to a homeless woman, I bought her some food, then after talking a bit she offered to go behind this building with me. Not totally sure what she meant, nor wondering if there were people there waiting to rob me or something, I was hesitant. She said she wanted to repay me for the food. With that she opened up her pants and showed me her hairy pussy and pulled out a condom from her pocket. I haven't been laid in months, and I'm ashamed to say I took her up on her offer. She pulled her pants and panties all the way down to her knees, and bent over, putting her hands on the building in front of her. I rubbed her pussy it was already wet, but got much wetter. I actually kissed her ass cheeks asked her to stand up and face me. I opened up her shirt, she reached around and unhooked her bra. I sucked on her pretty big, but sagging titties. I turned her around again, she leaned over and once I had my covered cock inside her very hot, incredibly wet pussy I reached around to play with her tits. She got so wet on her own, her pussy juice was going down her thighs. I fucked her and ashamed to say I came in about 5 minutes. I pulled out, started pulling off the condom, and she stood up facing me, pulled up her panties and jeans, hooked her bra, and finished getting presentable. As we went around the corner I put $50 in her hand then left. I felt really bad but I wanted to fuck her again.