Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Took Sexual Advantage Of A Young Woman

I'm a 42 year old dyke, old enough to know better. I have a position of responsibility, with several underlings. One underling is a 23 year old maiden type who got her ass handed to her on a date. Her first full on sexual experience and he left her spinning from it. I comforted her, talked, and when we finished talking I hugged her full on. Including giving her a big wet kiss on her cheek, filled with hunger for her.

And that led to me inviting her over a few weekends later, for popcorn and a movie. And putting her under me on the couch, and then in the bedroom. Lust, hunger, the fact that guy had destroyed her virginhood, I was incontrollable and was just as aggressive on her as he was.

Except she is my direct report, and I hugged her and kissed her in my office. I am open for a complaint on harassment and possibly sexual assault. She was non participatory, her behavior was resignation to her situation. The dyke in me took me by surprise, and I forced myself on this young woman.

  • It's Weird To Admit It....

    I thought I was a happily married, straight guy. But a drunken night with a co-worker changed it all for me.
    I don't go out much on my own. I've been married a lot of years, have got grown up kids.
    My wife is not a supermodel, but she is 10 years younger than me, is very pretty and has a great body. I always considered myself very lucky to have her. She's not super adventurous when it comes to sex, but she has tried most of what I have ever asked her to over the years.
    What I'm trying to say is that sexually I was very well satisfied with her and by her.
    So, a couple of years ago...pre the covid outbreak, a few of my co-workers were going to have a few drinks after work and asked me along. I usually say no...or if I do go I'll have one or two drinks and then go home. BUT this instance the week had been particularly stressful so I had a few more than I usually do.
    One of my co-workers a divorced guy who I had known for many years said that rather than risk driving home I should stay at his place. I phoned my wife and she was happy that I wasn't going to risk driving intoxicated. No problem staying overnight.
    When we got back to his place, he broke out the single malt and we had a few more drinks. Initially I was sitting in a chair and he was opposite on the couch. Everything became a little blurred and clouded but at some point he asked me to sit on the couch with him and we continued to drink.
    At one point I must have dozed off but awoke to find that he had unzipped my pants and was wanking my cock. I went to stop him but he asked me if it felt good and I had to admit it did.
    Hearing that, he lowered his mouth to my cock and started to suck me. It was weird and kind of like it was happening to someone else and I was watching it....I was very much under the influence of alcohol and my mind wandered in and out of focus. Next thing I realize is I am naked and so is he.....and he's kissing me. His hand is gripping my cock and I am very hard. Then I realize my hand is on his cock and he is hard and VERY big. Much bigger than me.
    I knew I shouldn't be doing what I was but right then it just felt right.
    We made out like teenagers and kissed very passionately....we sucked one another and I couldn't believe how turned on I was by the whole thing. Having his cock in my mouth was the most addictive thing I've ever experienced. I could have spent the whole night sucking him off.
    I must have passed out because the next thing I know is it's morning and I'm laying in his bed and my arse feels very sore.
    He is not there. I hear noises from the kitchen.
    I lay there remembering bits and pieces from the night before and feeling extremely guilty for betraying my wife with this guy.
    I have a head ache, my mouth tastes like a camel slept in it.....and a few more scenes from the night before drift back into my consciousness.
    I remember him rimming me and how good it felt (that's something my wife had never done). I also remembered him asking me to return the favour and how excited I had been to run my tongue around the rim of his anus before plunging it into him. Just thinking about it even hung over and feeling like crap was getting my cock hard again.
    At some point I recall being on all 4's as he fucked me from behind....and how good it felt.
    Oh my god I was so embarrassed by the whole thing but at the same time so aroused.
    I made my apologies, skipped his offer of breakfast.....and of a replay of the events of the night before. I was almost tempted by the sight of his erection when he brought me coffee in bed. So I left and went home to the wife.
    I felt so guilty I could barely make eye contact with her. I explained I was badly hung over and went for a shower and then bed to sleep it off.
    I drifted off to sleep quite quickly and had a dream about being gangbanged by a group of big cocked men. I awoke feeling much better, and sporting a huge erection.
    I checked my phone, which I had left on silent, and there was a missed call from my friend. I phoned him back and we spoke for a while in hushed tones. He asked how I was feeling and what I thought about the night before. Before I could answer he said that he had had a great time and wanted to see me again. To my own surprise, I found myself agreeing.
    The next day was Sunday. My wife always goes to visit her mother for 2 or 3 hours on Sunday afternoon. As soon as she left, I phoned my friend and he said he'd come to me this time.
    We had a coffee together and talked about the events of Friday evening.
    I told him I was confused about my sexuality and couldn't understand why I had enjoyed what we did so much. He explained that after he and his wife separated he tried dating other women and it was a disaster. BUT after a few drinks he had met a guy on line...met him later in person and had been introduced to man to man sex and had never looked back.
    He said that this guy he met liked to dress up in women's lingerie, wore a wig, makeup and lipstick so looked enough like a woman to make the transition for him so much easier.
    That's when he suggested that we should go upstairs and check out my wife's lingerie drawer.
    He took out a pair of white mesh stockings and a white lacy g-string and threw them to me, telling me to put them on.
    I did as I was told. As he looked at me, naked except for the stockings and panties I could see the bulge of his cock in his pants growing. He stood by the bed and I got to my knees and unzipped him without being asked and greedily sucked his cock. Except for tugging down his pants and undies, he remained clothed. He lay back on the bed and I climbed on top and we 69ed until I came in his mouth. He told me to climb off so I did and then he bent me over, pulled the g-string to one side and dribbled the cum from his mouth into my ass crack before rubbing the head of his cock in it and using it to lube up my asshole.
    He slowly pushed his cock into me and after a few shallow and gentle probes, began to fuck me rough, hard and deep. It was painful but also pleasurable. From where we were by the bed, we could see ourselves in the dresser mirror. He gripped my shoulders and thrust deep into me. My mouth was open as I gasped with each deep thrust. His grip then changed as he put his hands around my throat and carried on pounding me.....telling me that I was his whore and that he expected me to visit him every week. His grip of my throat increased as he neared orgasm, so much so that I was on the verge of passing out as I felt him ejaculate into me. He pushed me to the bed and slumped against me exhausted. His cock still deep in my ass. We lay like that until he softened and pulled out. He kissed me tenderly and told me he loved me.
    We showered together and he left before my wife came home.
    For some reason, my wife was horny when she came home and wanted sex.
    Initially I couldn't get hard....was not aroused at all by her kisses and urging. Even when she asked me to go down on her....usually the taste of her pussy gets me rock hard and ready. Not this time. It was only when her mouth closed over my cock and I thought of HIM sucking me that I got hard enough to fuck her.
    I was confused sexually about what I wanted. I didn't go to my co-workers house that week, or the next. ..(continue confession)

    Dearest Cousin

    I feel terrible but do masterbate to r my cousin back in 2003. I lost my apt lived in a motel a good year and couldnt keep up with my bills eventually. My cousin told me to come live with her to get back up. She is hot silky brown hair mean body up and down very curvy. I would just take quick looks uf she wasnt looking bending over to clean or passing by living together. One day she didnt know I was home and she was totally nude in a thong came out of the bathroom hallway and boom I turned the corner and ther she was she screamed and ran to her room omg idk you were here dint look at me.
    I was shocked and felt fucking awesome at the same time! I always wondered if something like this mite happen and it did! Her thong was micro looked like it was going to pop any second and her ass and tits were just firm and bouncing all the way to her room it was fast but also in slow motion. We never spoke about it as if it didnt happen but fr that point I always wanted it to happen again or hv sex with her somehow?? I started jacking off to her m ok moments when I wasnt around my girlfriends I had
    I stared to look in the hamper and sniff her panties and found really hot kinky looking thongs. I think she started to know because she started to put her stuff at the very bottom vs just any kind of way so I took my time to get them and then try to put them back as exact as they were. A good time passes but she was down on her luck with guys somehow as hot as she was and had a good moment of low self esteem and I kinda became her counselor trying to get her out of it and we hung out more vs me away with my girlfriends as I had 3 at the time. She seemed to start acting like my girlfriend always calling when am I coming home etc. She knew and talked to them as they came over. One night were watching movie and shes down and eventually lays her head on my lap. I was like wtf. My dick started to get hard as she was wearing very tight shorts and sports bra like thing and her pussy looked like it was about to burst out her shorts it was so tight pressed against it!!
    Shes says omg are you getting hard and moved back up to sit. It was silent as we watched the movie. I felt like she was trying to flirt with me or tease and wanted sex and I made a move to just grab her hard and kiss her.
    She resisted and I was like come on and in my head thinking shes just making sure to put up some fight but wants it. She sarted squirming and hitting me hard and I was like hey wtf she was like wtf are you doing I dont want that?!! She actually got the remote and slapped me with it hard. I became enraged and I jumped in top of here started groping her tits and squeezing her round thighs and ass and pressing my wood into her pussy shorts still on. She cried screamed but I didnt stop and r everything off. She pleaded even held my dick to keep it fr foing in her but I just kept pushing and fighting I gave it to her hard and was so turned on by the control even tho I knew she ment stop that I just couldnt. I made sure to suk her tits and turn her mean ass over and drill it like i was going to jail so make this sex for the last time good. I nutted a little in her pulled out and all over her back it was so good and i never came that much in my dam life fr the thrill of power I guess on a bodacious body!
    She sd nothing kept crying sd how could you do this to me went to her room slowly and to this day never sd nothing about it. I was waiting for the police nervous not sure if I should run etc thinking ok late tonight there coming ok tmrrw and they never came?? I was always on edge. To end this story Shes married and 3 kids now
    We see each other off and on on family gatherings and I am confident now she never will say anything but I do wonder why? She really did not like what happened at all was crying real tears fought me scratched me deep wounds and I feel bad now but at the same time cant stop getting erect when I think about it even as I confess, it was the best sex I ever had or better than sex.
    Has anybody done something like this?
    Those of you that dont like it it's only becuase you never lived it
    I am thankful tho she hasn't had me turned in or told the family. Things aren't hunky dory she just says hi and goes about her way and I go mine. I think the family notices something isn't rite so I play it off like I have to leave for work to shake things off and it seems to work.
    State safe fr covid everyone, peace.

  • A Thought On Heaven

    If I end up in heaven, and my mum's there, looking like she did when she was 21... I'm gonna get sent to hell ;)

    I Peep On My Sister

    I live with my mom and my sister. I'm a Jr. In HS and she's still in middle school. We live in a small 2 bedroom house but my sister and I have our beds in the basement which is partitioned into 4 separate rooms. A long time ago we made a small hole in the wall between our rooms so we could talk and play games and stuff. We have always got along great and I love my little sister. When we were little we had bunk beds and she would always beg to come up to sleep so with me when it stormed. We never did any kind of sex stuff because we just didn't know about sex. When I hit puberty mom had already had the basement remodeled and we each had our own bedrooms down there.

    I think my sister is pretty hot even though she just started developing a year or so ago. She's not even 5 feet tall but has a cute round butt and nice little titties are forming. She's got curly long red hair and blue eyes and some freckles that make her really cute.

    So a while back i woke up one night cuz I had to pee. I heard some moaning and stuff coming from her room. So I lifted the flap and looked into her room but couldn't see anything because it was darkband her nightlight was off. But I could hear her moaning and rustling. So I went and peed and went back to sleep after jerking off because I was sleeping horned up from what I heard.
    In the morning I told her I heard her last night. She was all embarrassed and denied it until I told her that it was so hot I had to jerk off. She said really? You thought that was hot? I was like yeah but I couldn't be see anything cuz you had your nightlight off. She said why would you want to see me do that? I'm like duh, cuz your hot, even if you are my little sister. You really think so? I thought you liked Suzie and she has big boobs. I'm like I like her cuz she's my girlfriend not cuz she has big boobs. If you weren't my sister I would want you to be my girlfriend because you are the prettiest girl I know.
    She jumped on me and gave me a big hug and kissed my cheek and said your the best brother ever. I want a boyfriend just like you!

    She said I will leave my night light on from now on. That night she gave me my first peep show. I jerked off twice watching her play with her pussy. She has tiny tits but her nipples are like little tits on top of her tits. Puffy like big lumps. You know what I mean. This went on just about every night for a week. Then she started asking more questions like what does it feel like when I do it? Do I like her tits? And so on.
    I told her if she was my girlfriend I would kiss her cute titties and lick her shoo shoo ( that's what mom always called it.) She said really? Boys do that kind of thing? Yep, and girls love it.

    So that night she gets in bed and whispers, please come and show me. So I go into her room and she's laying under the covers and I get under there. I'll be honest. I was shaking like a leaf. Don't know if it was nerves or just too excited. I kissed her nipples and sucjed on them for like 30 seconds and she says I though you were going to lick my shoo shoo. Ok ok... I go down and it was already dripping wet. It smelled kinda musky but I didn't care. I started licking and she loved it. She was bucking so much she smashed my nose. I had to stop to see if it was bleeding. She says no, don't stop! Please Billy that feels so good! So I went back down and wrapped my arms around her legs and held on for dear life as I licked her for a long time. She came a lot. It was awesome.

    After that I showed her my throbbing dick that as leaking precum and she asked to touch it. I let her, showed her how to jerk me off. I got her to try to suck it but she thought it was gross. But she said she would lick it while she jerked it off. That was hot! I only lasted a little bit and shot all over her tongue and the side of her head when she turned away.

    We still haven't fucked yet after all this time but she said when she's ready she wants me to do her. So I keep showing her porn of young people fucking and stuff. I'm thinking she'll give it up on her birthday next month because she said she might have a surprise for me on her b-day.

    Now I know this all sounds twisted. A 17 yo boy and a soon to be 14 yo girl who are brother and sister doing this stuff. But I love her. I broke up with Suzie because I just can't stop thinking about my sis. She makes me happy and fills my heart up. And I do not care that she doesn't like to suck dick.

    If she wasn't my sister I would marry her one day. I told her so. She says she loves me too, but I know she's just a kid. And that will probably change when she gets older.

  • Herpes

    Herpes is shameful when u get it. Had I known I wouldn't hv gone to the doc to be embarrased as to what it was hurting my penis I thin had to register in the database without a choice I went home devastated. At the time I was like by who? As I researched it turned out u could hv it dormant for years before it disclosed itself. I took medication on flares and over time decided to do away as someone may find it on me knowing its for herpes
    Over time I get outbreaks on the penis and it takes 1-2 weeks to go away
    I had sex with many females but I narrowed it down to 2 girls then over time down to 1 of those two as I found she lived to do terrible things behind people's back. Make tea and spit in their tea she made great sweet tea. She sd people would ask dam that's good tea what you put in it shed say spot and they shuck it off but she revealed she ment it and when she says she means something I learned to take her word. Ok too many other facts to write but I hv my strongest hunch she gv it to me and she would I hv a secret you'll never know. So anyway dating her over time if I got an outbreak I'd make sure to full her like when the sores are open but bearable after afew days and healing. She was a mean evil bitch when upset over nothing and those times of I had a flare I made sure to stick it in her as she cant feel it nor could i as they were open but didnt burn after afew days healing up. So I'm like you have a secret bitch so do I .
    I feel like she would be the type not to disclose this and so since I know I've given it to her raw countless times then why hasn't she ever come to me saying hey I hv herpes? Most likely because she had it fr the start and prob did menthe same. Had her sores inside her vaginal which I couldn't feel. Shes long gone has several boyfriends since and has still to date not contacted me saying she has herpes so I think its logical to say she gives it to other guys not giving a fuck and one of her early victims was me. I dont know if theres light causes of it but my flares aren't as frequent like 6 months or more can pass vs months to afew months and I dont take the med they prescribe for decades. I also never had a girl come to me with the claim as I always make sure to be non flaired tho they say it doesn't matter but I believe it does as I've dont this for years.
    Also I had a girlfriend cheated on me bigtime broke my heart way before herpes degraded me humiliated me.
    One nite we crossed paths years later as I was infected. She liked my new car new I had money and wanted to hook up. Coincidentally I had sores open were like 4 days healing but still open. She sd her dad asked.. Where u going tonight she sd with so n so He sd What?! You should stay away fr him plz stay away asked her to promise and she did. She totally made me to be the bad guy on our breakup so thats why he did. She lied even to him then to cover her princess ass.
    So I gave it to her raw for the biych that she was. She couldnt feel them she even sucked in low light and I guess her juices lubricated them well lol In my head I was like this is for you and your damn cluless father. I called her a while after and she didnt want anything to do with me. All she sd was, I went to the dr the next day, period.
    Nothing further. I was like did it hit her that quick or was it coincidence she sd that? Eitherway she ruined 7yrs of my life and more trying to heal without any care and so im glad she can never get rid of me and most likely shes hush hush as she has has 5 different boyfriends online and a failed marriage with two kids and looks old as fuck and I'm older than her and I look great! Couldnt happen to a more deserving b. Revenge is best served opened sore. hahahaha

    Alternative Motives

    I bought my girlfriend some new panties as a surprise g*ft...

    But secretly, I bought them for me to wear when she's not home...

    For Christmas I will buy here more clothes, but they too will be for me to wear secretly...


    Just watched some porn where a group of maybe twenty Asian guys all nude and stroking each take a turn cumming in a slave's mouth. He's loving all that cock and shows the loads on his tongue and then swallows before the next one face fucks him. I was hard and throbbing. Not sure if it would be more exciting to be part of the group or to be the swallower.

    My Husbands Friend

    I would give anything to sleep with my husbands best friend just once . He’s everything emotionally and intellectually that I need in a man and I can just tell that he’s great in bed

  • The Unknown Celebrity

    I found a phone in the park with a bright case, and being the pervert that I am, took it home and searched through it. Just music and a few tame pics, and it was obviously something that had been passed down and was being used to surf the net and listen to music.

    I removed the sim card and wiped it and set it up for wifi only, and then loaded the browser with amateur and MILF porn, along with a gallery of completely cropped and unidentifiable porn pics of my wife that go from tame and tasteful, to graphic and dirty. She's a typical mom, a little heavy set because of her age, but she looks like 90% of the moms and wives in our neighborhood.

    There is an easement behind our house that splits the block, and it's a common thoroughfare for the teens. It is where they sneak off to to smoke, and it's where all the mischief happens. I wiped all the prints and dirtied it up, and made sure it had a full charge before sneaking back there in the early morning and dropping it several houses away behind a house with a wife that is built very different from mine.

    Just as expected, the teens are spending a lot more time back there, roaming the easement and trying to figure out who they have naked pics of. I enjoy watching them stand at my fence scrolling through the pics and trying to figure out if it's MY wife they have, and I think I've created a group of window peepers. They can't figure it out, and one of them even asked me if I lost a phone, to which I very comfortably pulled mine out and said "No?"

    Naked pics of my wife are out in the wild in my neighborhood, and I'm guessing that every teenage boy in the area has now enjoyed seeing her naked. They don't know, and neither does she, and I'm noticing that they are all being very friendly to all the neighborhood wives that might be the naked mom in the pics.