Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Grandson's Friend Wow !

I went camping with my family members. My grandson invited his buddy. His buddy was into physical fitness and he kept his body toned. We camped near the beach where I got to see his toned body in his swim trunks. I got to wishing that only I was younger and have sex with each other. Now and then I spotted his bulge in his swim trunks when he got it wet and it poked out a bit. I must say he was sort of toned there too !
Then one evening after he had several drinks he asked me if I would stroll along with him near the ocean edge. As we walked I kept refitting my saggy aged breasts under my top. Then he said to me that I have whopper breasts on my wrinkled aged body and asked if I would flash them to him him since no on the beach. " You'll be disappointed ! " I said to him as I exposed them to him. " i'm not young young with big firm tits but wished I was ! "as I held them in my hands.
He quickly groped them , lifting and dropping them and pulling out his dick that was good size telling me to get on my knees as he rubbed that cock on my tits and shoved it into the wrinkled cleavage. " Fuck me ! " I told him as I squeezed my breasts on his dick. I decided to give him head taking that penis in my mouth and blowing him wildly , tasting the cum that was coming oozing out.
That night when my family slept, My grandson's friend friend slipped into my bunk groping squeezing my tits as he pushed his youthful dick in me. It's been years that my vagina been fucked by a real cock. I held him tight against me I felt his sperm load in me and what a load !
The following morning I shoved my breasts into his face grabbing his cock and said, " Thank-you ! "

  • Son’s Bad Behaviour

    Oh my God …
    I found pairs of my used panties in my son’s bedroom! For the better part of a year I had been thinking I was losing my mind because I couldn’t remember where I put them or whether I threw the out. I mean, how do I misplace a half dozen pairs of panties? I haven’t said anything to him because I wasn’t sure what he was doing with them. Was he wearing them? Worse yet, was he smelling them?! Maybe masturbating to them!
    I was horrified at the thought. I realize at 19 years of age, he has his hormones raging but I’m his mother! His older brother (24) as far as I know, never did stuff like this.
    Well a few days later while he was out with friends, I rummaged through his room to see what else may be hidden. His laptop was sitting on his bed so I opened it and checked what might be on it and to my absolute horror, I came upon many videos of me in my bedroom and bathroom in various stages of dress and undress. I’m a divorced woman who hasn’t a lot of time or need to date but I do have needs and he had a special folder title “toying around” with videos of me coming to orgasm while using my vibrators. All I could do was cry. So violated is how I feel. There were so many videos, it would take me hours to view them all. I asked myself, why would he do this? Then I thought, my God … is he sharing these? I quickly looked through his emails and just as I feared, there had to be a hundred of them, sent to his friends and others of me going to the bathroom, showering, changing my clothing and yes masturbating! I read many of the responses, his friends commenting on how turned on they were with several sending videos of themselves getting off while supposedly watching me! As if that wasn’t bad enough, these young men are trading videos with each other, of their sisters and mothers many of whom I recognize and know! I’ve found the hidden cameras but at this point I don’t know what to do! If I tell his father, I’m sure he would want to strangle him. His brother is out of the question. And these other women deserve to know what’s going on! The big question is, what to do about it? I don’t want my son or his friends charged with sex crimes. It would ruin their lives. Any ideas?

    Conditioning My Wife

    Only a few months ago I started to experiment with slowly psychologly conditioning my wife to be more sexually submissive and over all more sexual. My first goal was to have free use of her tits so she'd get used to being sexually objectified. And over a little time I was able to condition her to allow me to grab and fondle her breasts anytime without opposition (even in public).

    It worked so well she now gets moody if I don't touch her tits at least once a day. Now she'll even tease me or even just out right ask me to touch them.

    Since touching her worked so well I've started something new. I've been getting her to fondle my cock on command. It's working and quickly. The whole experience has been amazing for us even though it started with purely evil and greedy intentions.

  • Thanksgiving Excitement

    I'm all tingling with excitement, My Uncle Karl will be driving over tonight from across the state. When we were at his house, the family went to the beach to watch 4th of July fireworks. I was sitting on a beach towel and the adults were sitting in beach chairs.

    After the sun went down the wind picked up and I was a little chilled. Uncle Karl was sitting back in a lounge chair and he told me to sit between his legs at the foot of the chair. I was wrapped in the towel and he pulled me back and I lay against the chest watching the fireworks.

    Before long he had his arms around me asking me if I was still feeling a chill. His hands were under the towel and he slid his hands up and before long he was touching my boobs. He slipped his fingers inside my bathing suit top and whispered " You really beginning to fil out " I nodded as he kissed my ear.

    As I began to snuggle a little more, I could feel a bulge getting big in his shorts. As everyone was oohing and aahing at the fireworks, I slid my hand down and actually felt his hard cock
    through his shorts.

    Since I got back home, we've been texting a little and I sent him a few selfies of me in my high school swim team tank suit. He complimented me and told me I looked even more busty. Later I got brave and slipped the straps down to my waist and showed him my 34Bs. He texted me with a full body pic without his face showing. He's even bigger than I imagined. He told me he couldn't wait for Thanksgiving..... Celeste.

    Her Name Is Ramona

    I may have told this story before, but my memory isn't that good, I think about that day all the time.

    Her brother and me were friends from grade school. She is his little sister, two and half years younger. We had just gotten our driver's license and I was given an old car that had belonged to my grandmother. Wheels. He was driving his mother's car. But I had a car, so I picked him up and we went to school together. And hung out together after school. No one ever thought about us being alone, or that we were alone with his little sister.

    One afternoon when we got to his house, his sister's panties were all nice and folded on the dining room table. Pink and lavender, with little roses, and she immediately went from friendly to embarrassed. We picked her up and forced her skirt over her head, at her school girls all wore uniforms, in skirts and tops, so we could see what panties she was wearing. Her legs spread open, she had a wet spot, her pussy clearly visible under her panties. We pulled her panties off and now her pussy was completely exposed. It was our first pussy. And we explored. Found her vagina, we didn't know about clits then. Since I wasn't her brother, I stuck my dick in her. All the way and reached orgasm.

    Believe me the minute after I pulled my dick out, I knew what I had done was really bad. And her brother knew it too. We had to swear her to secrecy and she put her panties back on and went to her room pouting. I went to her room and asked her fix me a piece of cake and a coffee. She told me to leave but I insisted and told her that now she was my girlfriend and it was her duty to attend to me. We went to the kitchen, she cut a piece of cake and gave it to me. I told her no, on a plate, on the table, with coffee and a piece of cake and coffee for her brother. She had to sit at the table with us while we had our afternoon snack.

    When I left I insisted on a kiss.

    Nothing happened, after a couple of months we knew she wasn't pregnant and after a couple of months of her being my girlfriend when I went to her house, she was my girlfriend in front of her mother. When I stayed for dinner, she sat beside me. I guess it was just about that time, a couple of months later that I told her that when she was old enough we were going to get married. By then also, I kissed her when I first saw her and kissed her when I left. Her brother and me became even closer.

    When we got old enough, and registered for the draft, we learned about the lottery. He got drafted and I didn't. I registered at the plant and I asked to learn to be a welder, my father's trade. It was easy for me, because he was a welder at the plant and I got first dibs on the next opening. Now I had a job and she was a bit older. We got married, she was seventeen, and she reminded me on our wedding night of that afternoon and what we had done. I got a lecture from her, now she was older and she really let me have it. We didn't have sex that night, or the next night either.

    Her brother came home, he wasn't who he was when he left. We were friends and he got a job at the plant, and I helped get him into one of the trades, to become an electrician. He never married, and his sister decided all on her own that she was going to be his 'sister'. It was like a woman with two husbands, but of course she never had sex with her brother. By the time she was nineteen she was pregnant, on purpose. All the girls got pregnant pretty fast after they got married. She was raised in a traditional home and she was a competent homemaker. There was never any doubt in my mind, not that day, and not now, that once we had done what we did, we were tied for life together. We worked at the plant and retired once we were able to collect our pensions.

  • I Can Feel It Getting Worse

    As much as the title makes it seem like I’m turning into a zombie I’m not. Or maybe I am.

    I’ve always been a bigger girl not super heavy but above average, your classic chubby girl. I never really had issues with food. My mom was always skinny and had me on diet tabs through Highschool but it never really helped. I got a boyfriend and we moved in together after high school. We had 2 kids. It was shortly after I had my daughter and was at my heaviest ever (250 pounds) that I started working full time and with working full time came me being on my feet for 8+ hours a day so I was getting in steps and burning calories. Then I got promoted and got to be the only person there when people called off. So I ended up being at work for sometimes over 16 hours at a time and I wouldn’t bring any food. Slowly this began to be a daily occurrence. I just wouldn’t eat, then I’d pull a double and sleep when I got home so I’d end up going days without food and I started dropping the weight. Then regulars at work began to notice and make comments. It felt good knowing I looked “better” but I also knew it wasn’t a healthy way to be losing weight.

    I started to think. How bad does something you’re struggling with have to get out of hand before you don’t have control of it anymore? I’m conscious enough to know I shouldn’t be doing it. But the rewards are too good to ignore.

    I had lost 60 pounds and was loving how I looked. Then life happened and I was out of work for a little. I kept the same eating scheming I had before and I was still losing. I slowly started eating regularly again and…I gained 10 pounds.

    I’m working again and I recently haven fallen back into the same habits. Not eating all day but I feel like it’s getting worse.

    Could Not Help Myself

    My buddy’s current gf and I have some history. They met out at a bar one night and went out and did the whole dating shit. That was about 3 months ago I moved back home after finishing school. My buddy we shall call Jewls had a party knew I was home and sent me a text. He had been telling me that he was dating this hot chic named Mellisa. I was happy for him until i got there and was grabbing a beer and there was my buddy with his new gf Mellisa.
    Problem was that 2 years ago when I was home for summer break I had gone out to a bar same bar and met a Melissa who was mixed half African American and half white. She had curly brown hair really good looking and an amazing ass. I have never been much into relationships but that summer I did not really date her as much as I just fucked her. I mean did some really nasty shit with her. She did anal for the first time with me and she took it like a champ. I remember I tried to get her to fuck the next day and when she showed up at my house she was walking really funny. She ended up having to take a few shots of tequila so she could relax and I could fuck her butt again. She let me and again she was sore but eventually she got used to me. I’m about 7” long and thick. This went on that summer and occasionally she would make the 8 hour drive down south so I could get some. Which I liked. I was still fucking other women while at school so I didn’t think we where exclusive. The last time we fucked was about 2 months before my buddy and her started to date. She was happy to see me my buddy asked if we knew each other and I told him that we had met a few years ago. She was in a shirt and she l had tiny boobs so you could see her nipples where hard and she was not wearing a bra. But she had on a pair of these shorts that where tight and because she has a large ass they tend to ride up her butt and has to constantly pull them out of her ass. We partied hard I was ok and my buddy was shit faced. He fell asleep and as the night wound down it was my buddy who was past out and Melissa and her friend. I was talking to her friend and was certain that I would be fucking her as I had my hands down her pants and had been fingering her. I was out side with Ally Melissa’s friend when Mellisa came out and told Alley to come inside for a minute. I was rock hard and was waiting for Ally to come back so we could fuck. All of a sudden Mellisa who is staggering a bit tells me that Ally had to leave because her boyfriend had called her. I was pist because now I have a raging hardon and I really wanted to fuck Ally. Mellisa proceeded to tell me that I made a mistake by not keeping her around and now she had a BF. I was done talking to her and was going to leave when she said that she knew I had blue balls and thought it was funny. As I walked by I bumped her as she was staggering and she ended up bent over the outside couch. As she was bent over I walked up as she was bent over and pulled her shorts down. I told her I knew you weren’t wearing panties. Before she could say anything I was licking her ass and sticking my tongue deep into her ass and told her I knew you missed this. All she could say was fuck fuck as I was licking her rear and and kitty. She was soaked and I put the tip of my pecker right to her and let her stand up a it and told her to ouch my dick into her. She adjusted herself and slipped my dick into her pussy. She came and I was getting close as well. The alcohol had kept me from quickly blowing my load. I pulled out and out the tip of my dick right against her right little butthole. She turned around sucked my dick and put a lot of spit on it and turned back around and put my dick in her butt. It felt good nice and tight and she took it with ease. I did not last long and I dumped my thick load into her butt. Before she could pull her shorts back up I spun her around and shoved my cock in her mouth. She had this look in her eyes I never noticed she had these bright green eyes as I face fucked her. I went home fucked Ally the next day and the day after that I fucked Mellisa again. She broke it off with Jewls and has transferred schools to be in the same town where I live now. This is the closes to a relationship I have ever had. I don’t fuck as many girls Mellisa pretty much drains my balls any chance she gets. I know it sounds fucked up but a good piece of ass is hard to pass up. This girl does check all the right boxes. Jewls knew I had fucked her the first day he introduced us. He did not want to cross swords. He cares about shit like that. I don’t I even fucked his sister a few years ago. She was older then us and I was horny and we where at a party and was our ride home. He walked up as we where in the back seat and her legs where in the air. That was awkward he said he heard his sister making loud noises and saying some weird shit. I didn’t pay attention as I shot my load in her with no condom. We where both a little nervous after that one.

    Resisting Temptation

    During the mid-90s, I used to drive a taxi in a large northeastern city. One night shortly after the bars closed, I picked up a lady who had flagged me down for a ride. She was probably in her late 20s or early 30s, reasonably attractive, and dressed for a night out. Her destination was about a 45 minute drive to one of the far suburbs to an address I was familiar with because I had grown up in the area before moving to the city.

    She was buzzed but not overly drunk, so the ride started out with some pleasant small talk and conversation. Eventually though, she settled in and soon became quiet. A quick glance in my rear view mirror confirmed my suspicion that she had dozed off, which was not an uncommon occurrence at that time of night.

    Once I pulled up to her destination, I flicked on the interior dome light and announced that we were here. Normally, passengers only doze very lightly and that's enough to wake them up. However, she must have been pretty tired because she continued to snooze even after I loudly announced our arrival again.

    I turned around to make sure she was okay, and it didn't appear she was in any kind of distress. Her face was calm and peaceful, plus her breathing was steady and regular. Her arms were also resting by her side, legs relaxed and somewhat open, and her skirt had ridden up to about mid-thigh, the hem forming a "U" between her legs.

    Now I had to really wrestle with my inner demon. If I got caught doing what I was tempted to, the consequences would be catastrophic. Yet it would have been so easy to just reach back, and flip up the hem of her skirt so I could see, and perhaps touch, the prize between her thighs.

    I decided to try waking her one more time by loudly stating, "Miss! We're here!"

    If she hadn't woken up then, I'd like to think that I would still have done the right thing, but the temptations were so strong, that I really just don't know if I would have. Fortunately though, I didn't have to find out because she finally stirred, paid the fare, tipped me, and exited the cab. I was also rewarded with a nice glimpse of her light blue panties as she stepped out.

    Taste Obsession

    MWM and very high sex drive. Becoming fixated on giving head. Love licking and hearing the moans. Get my dick harder and she gets nastier and wilder. We want to have some fun at the ABS where there's sucking at gloryhole action. Love to cum kiss her and to breed her whilst she's swallowing a load.

  • Questionable Consent Averted

    This took place back when I was in college, names are changed for anonymity.

    I broke up with my highschool girlfriend sophmore year of college and was on a dry spell. A girl in our friend group, Tina, was cute and would flirt with me. The guys in our group swore that she was a prude so I didn't pay it any mind. I maintained my focus on class and lifting. At the time I was abstaining form sex, masturbation and partying.

    I relented and decided to go to an apartment party for halloween. Our group, including Tina, got hammered in a university apartment with about 30 people. Tina and I ended up making out on a couch and she asked if I wanted to go to her place on a higher floor. We drunkenly stumbled up to her apartment.

    I was rock hard at this point and just decided to go with the flow in my drunken state. I had already broken my drinking rule. We got to her bedroom and she started giving me a pretty shitty blowjob. I had her open her mouth while I slowly thrust in and out instead. She started touching herself and seemed to like this. After awhile she drunkenly undressed. She had a pretty flat ass but nice tits. She stumbled over to her tiny twin bed and rolled onto her back, exposing her pussy.

    I got on top of her and slid into her easily. Despite the fact that she was super wet I was ready to cum in like 30 seconds. I pulled out and started eating her out. After about 5 minutes I could feel her legs getting heavier and realized she had passed out. My balls ached and she was laying in front of me so I pulled a condom out of my wallet and slid back into her. I thrust probably ten times and came deep inside her.

    I got up and took a piss in her bathroom. I came back, crawled into bed and turned the lights off. She was snoring and I quickly fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with her pressed against me. I was hard again and asked her if she was awake. She didn't say anything so I rolled her onto her back and pushed inside of her again. I propped her legs up near her shoulders and fucked her for about a minute. She was mostly quiet but would occasionally moan. I came deep inside of her and just layed on top of her for a bit catching my breath. I got hard after awhile and started thrusting again. I came inside of her a third time and then went to bed.

    We both woke up hungover. We took a shot of vodka and then chatted for a bit. She asked if we had sex last night because she didn't remember anything. My stomach dropped. I was worried she was going to accuse me of r**e. I told her we did once and used a condom. She didn't seem concerned and she asked if I wanted to again.

    She asked me to eat her out, which was actually gross because I could taste my own cum. I stopped pretty quickly and just spit on her pussy a few times. We could hear her roommate in the kitchen, so we put a blanket on her floor. I pushed in raw and pounded her until I came inside her. She wasn't on any birth control, so we got dressed and drove to get plan B. I paid for it and then she drove me home. She rode me in the back of her jeep and let me cum in her one last time.

    We never told anyone else in our friend group and she started dating one of the guys shortly after. Her family was very religious and wouldn't let her get on birth control. I was also afraid I would get her pregnant. We only ever hooked up one other time, about a month later, when we stayed overnight at a friends house. She was flirty but got way too drunk and passed out in a spare bedroom. I was borderline black out and snuck into the bedroom after everyone went to sleep. I fucked and came inside her a few times. In the morning she didn't remember but I offered to pay for plan B. We drove to the store and got it before anyone woke up. She let me fuck her in the back of her jeep and then took the pill. She never said anything and I'm pretty sure she didn't tell her boyfriend.