Have your evil transgressions of the past caught up with you in ways never imagined? Do you revel in your past evils, where others would surely repent? This is the place to chronicle and confess your evil deeds of the past, be they soothing, or sorrowful.

Playing With My Naked Mom...

I recently read a post about a guy playing with his topless aunt's big titties while she was passed out. That post caught my attention as I thought back to when I was a kid. My Mom and Dad had split up when I was 16 and my mom started to drink a lot more than normal.

Sometimes when she would be drinking, we'd play around ,maybe wrestling on the sofa while watching a movie. She always wore these big oversized tank tops and her boobs would pop out. I'd squeeze them or pinch her nipple and she'd squeal and smack me while laughing. But mom had fantastic titties with huge nipples as thick as my little finger.

When mom would go out drinking with her GFs from work, she would often come home pretty blitzed and I'd chat with her while she was trying to undress and even help her to bed. I always got an eye full. more often than not, she'd just slip into bed naked.

I got to the point where I would sit on the edge of her bed and pull the sheet back and admire her naked body as she drifted off passed out. After I got my nerve up, I'd slowly explore her body with my hands and massage her big heavy boobs and watch the jiggle slightly. I'd jerk off and rub my wet cum covered fingers on those big titties.

Mom never knew. LOL.

  • We're Tricking Each Other

    Met and married my wife in college and we had 24 good years together before she passed in 2021. Two grown daughters. It was rough for a while, but I felt ready to start dating again late last year.

    I met this petite young blonde, bubbly personality, hourglass figure. I'm much older, and of course I knew my affluence was a big factor in her attraction to me. I didn't think she was quite so mercenary about it, though. A month or so after we started seeing each other, I heard her talking on the phone to a female friend when she thought I had already left the house. She was saying various things like,

    "He's a sweet guy. Old, yeah, but he's good to me. You saw the car I'm driving, didn't you...............No, I don't love him, but .......... I never had shit before, and if I can get pregnant............ hey, it worked for you!"

    Not a shocking thing, considering our age and other differences, but I didn't think she'd just casually mention her whole plan like that, even to a friend.

    The thing that has never come up between us is that I had a vasectomy after my wife had our second child. She can try all she wants, but she won't get pregnant. If she does, I'll insist on a paternity test.

    I'm getting great sex, she's getting a better life, for a while, anyway. Transactional, but I'm still in the driver's seat, and I intend to keep it that way.

    Part Time Helper

    I know a family who basically didn’t know how to manage there finances. Troy Nicole with a 12 year old Drew. Troy had a good job just had a lot going on and his wife was a short thick dirty blonde with 80s hair band hair nice tits and a fat ass. I mean her ass stick way the fuck out. Over a few beers he told me that Nicole was looking for part time work but it needed to be flexible. I own a metal fab shop do custom work and work with some of the big boys doing maintenance and repairs for them. Most people hated these guys coming into town but I benefited for them big time. I told Troy that I needed help around the house and shop. Filing cleaning up the house maybe meal preps shit like that. Told them I would pay 25 per hour cash if they wanted. Her schedule could be flexible so early mid day late whatever time she needed to work as much as she wanted to. Good opportunity for them helps them out and helps me out plus she dresses a little slutty so I’d get some good views and maybe cop a feel now and then. I lived a little out of the city large home pool and large shop. Probably 4 times the size of there’s. House was clean but being single and working a lot sometimes chores are the last thing I want to do. She was in a lot of cut of denim shorts with her ass hanging out and a thin sheer tank top with i assume was the matching bra that was baby blue as it could be easily seen. I’m hanging out watching tv she was in the kitchen picking up brought me a beer and a snack. Thanked her and she went back to cleaning. It was Saturday and around 1:30 she said she would be back she had to pick up and drop off Drew there son. Troy was working today and it was on her. Told her no big deal she could come back or not it was up to her. She said she wanted to finish up the kitchen so she would be back in about an hour or less. Before leaving I asked if she could grab us something to eat she said she would she would. About 30 minutes later she text me asking if a sub was good I told her yeah grab something for her and her son and I’d pay. She got back and said she had dropped off her son and got herself a salad and me a sub. We sat I got up grabbed 2 beers and gave one to her. We chatted she said she was trying to eat healthier she had seen that Troy was looking at porn and the girls where skinny. I told her that she looked great I got up and gave her a hot of Jameson and a beer. She took it and said I have to be careful because otherwise il be on a pool with no clothes on trying to make money. I told her that I’d pay her a days wage if she did just that. In my game room I happen to have a stripper pole for when we have parties with my rowdy friends and there women. Mostly biker chicks that think they are hot suck a good dick but that’s about it. I made it my shelf at my shop so I know it’s sturdy and built. The booze must have been working because within minutes she was ropes and in her g string. She danced around grabbing the pole didn’t really know what’s he was doing but he’ll she was almost naked. I offered her and extra $50 for her soaked panties she slid them off and placed them on my mouth. At one point she spun her back to me slid her hands down the pole and stuck her ass out in my face. That was when I buried my tongue into her snatch and it was on. She bucked and grinded into my mouth and tongue. I slipped a finger while tonguing her ass and found her pussy squishy Gspot. She bucked and screamed and came on my face while I liked her rear up and down. I put her on all 4s on my couch and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her. Literally when I slipped my cock on her ass and made a mess. Had to buy a new couch but well worth it. So that’s are deal she comes over she calls me her second husband picks up we fuck she dances we fuck and she goes home well used. She surprised me and enrolled in a pole dancing class in town. She has gotten way better. My absolute favorite thing to do is to eat her out when she’s on all 4s. I lick her asshole down to her pussy and use my tongue to spread her pussy lips. We have a schedule we keep so Troy doesn’t catch on. I still work like crazy she comes tot he office and sucks me off to relieve stress and helps me relax. We had a few pregnancy scares but was a no. I would not mind putting a kid on her tummy. She sure swallows a lot of my kids. I thank Troy every time I see him telling him how great of a worker she is. He likes the extra money. I have it and don’t mind paying for a great fuck. The rough anal is great. Il keep posting about our adventures

  • Talks A Lot About Blackouts

    I have a buddy that I have known for a while named Ike. He and his wife Natalie have been married for a year now or so. Natalie is very attractive short 5 foot 2 about 160 lbs. very thick ass and nice tits with a slim waste. She looks like she could very easily do porn to be honest. Likes to party a bit too much. Ike would tell me that she sometimes would get so blitzed that she would pass out drunk. He showed me a few pictures and she was completely naked a few times but out cold. I always thought what a lucky fucker. I am in way better shape and should have gone after her first. I’m tall 6 foot 2 220 lbs hit the weights never have a problem getting a date. My roommate was moving out and I was going to look for a place of my own in a better area. Ike head me talking about it one day and apparently he would like to rent out a room. I agreed to check it out and it’s actually a room attached to there garage large with a bathroom
    When looking at the room He and Natalie where showing me the room and Natalie was in these running shorts that let her ass hang out. I was convinced on saying yes when I saw her in those shorts. My goal was to fuck her I don’t care what anyone thinks. I need my cock up her ass. I needed to feel what her insides felt like and what noises she would make. From the first night I was there she was always dressed in something skimpy. Weather it was shorts skirts or long t shirts. A few days after moving in it was a hot day we where by the pool and the drinks where flowing. I played bartender since I had bartender before I could make up some sweet drinks that would put both over the edge. I made theirs extra strong and by 3 they were blitzed. I left Ike passed out ton a lounge and helped Natalie into the house and into the couch. She was in this tiny 2 pice bikini. I rested the waters when walking in her by slowly sliding my hand on her tit. Nothing was said so I left it on but pulled her tits out. She was slurring her words when I gave her another drink. Half way through she passed out. I Yanked her to the longer sectional pulled her bottoms to the side and proceeded to take pictures and slide a finger in and out. She was nice and wet sticky. I tasted her and heard some moans. I rubbed my cock on her lips and she opened a bit and I mouth fucked her for a bit. I wanted all her holes and one by one I took them. My cock found its way to her pussy I fucked her in the mission position her tits bounced around as i pounded away. I shit my load deep inside her sucking and kissing her. A few locks from her tongue all I heard was noises she was making. I gently rolled her over and pushed her knees to her tummy this caused her ass to be straight in the air. I used spit and cums and push my cock passenger tight little asshole. It was so tight I wondered if she actually did anal. If not she was today. I pulled my phone out and recorded the penetration point. My large head pops through her little what I found out later was her virgin asshole. I fucked her ass like a was stealing a car. Fast and roughly as if it would be my only time. I shot cum in her butt and let my dick soften. When I pulled out thee was shit and fluid everywhere. I cleaned her up. Got some
    Dude wipes from my room and wiped away. A bit later I moved her onto a recliner that’s where she woke up a few hours later. I went outside and took a nap on a lounge. I woke up to Ike ant Natalie talking. Both were still buzzed. I walked up on them arguing about something. Ike walked away and Natalie said he can be a real ass sometimes. I heard the car drive off and I said what’s that all about. Natalie still boozed up didn’t hold back and said that I told him I was horny and could use some help. He was more concerned about going to get more booze. He got back and we continued to party. I ended up putting Ike to bed and using Natalie a few more times that night. I flirt with her now and she has let me feel on her while sober. I almost had her convinced to screw me one day when we were alone. We got to eat each other out and I tongue fucked her before she got scared. She is afraid to at she will fuck and will like it. What she doesn’t know is that I already have been inside her a few dozen times. Il let her see the videos after I have her to my self. See she is meant to be fucked and I’m going to keep her. I’m going to loose a friend over this but that ass is sweet and very tight. Il post more in a few days

    Sinful Fantasy

    I met my wife when I was 17, she was 25. She didn’t pursue me till I was 18. But I know she liked me before it was legal. I like to tease her that she was robbing the cradle. It’s always made me wonder if she looks at younger guys still, and how young. The thought of her having a lusty spot for young boys turns me on. I can’t explain why. I like to fantasize about her picking up young boys and turning them into men. Showing them and teaching them what Mommy wants her boys to do to her. We have a very active sex life and I love fucking her. I just like the idea of watching her get more sex from such a taboo place.

  • Lonely Mrs R

    I have known Mrs R since I was 7. I was good friends with her son growing up. She was always nice to me and always made sure that when I was there I felt welcomed I didn’t have much of a home as my parents both worked and had substance abuse problems. Her son and I grew apart but kept in touch. Mrs R was a very good looking woman. Skinny small petite women always dressed well and smelled wonderful. She was way as hell and I jerked off to her many times. She had smaller boobs but a curvy fat bottom. I coped a feel a few times growing up letting my hands graze her cheeks. A few times I got a look but most of the time she ignored it. After high school I went straight to work for the local power company. Her son went off to school and stayed in the town it was in. Her and her husband ended up splitting up shortly after. Found out he was cheating and had run off with a younger women. All the while Mrs R was living in the same house and did not go out much. I had my own bedroom pace nothing grand but it was mine and only mine. After splitting up with the girl I was dating I found my self driving by Mrs Rs house often. One day as I drove by she was in the front talking to her neighbor. She looked the same dirty blond hair shoulder length in a tank top and leggings. Tank top showed off her nice tits and baby blue legging showed off her fat curvy ass. I came to a stop turned around and pulled in the driveway. She instantly saw who it was and had a huge smile on her face. I got out we embraced and got a huge hug from her. At 6 foot 2 230 lbs I towered over her now and I picked her up and boy did she feel good. The neighbor was lost that he was being ignored by her and walked off. We talked and she invited me in. I instantly text my boss that I was sick and not going to be in today. We chatted over coffee she made us breakfast she was happy to have company. We talked into lunch offers me a beer she had wine some more chatter. She admitted that her husband leaving her had left her broken hearted and has had issues dealing with it. I told her that I would stop in more often and left it at that. I did just that I stopped in before work then after work got in to a routine so ver a a few weeks. Then after work I would take her out for an early dinner. It was like clock work she would text me at work asking me if we should go out for dinner or stay in. Today I text let’s stay in. I picked up dinner went to her house a we ate then we went for a brief walk where I gave her a kiss. She kissed me back and we talked about what just happened and weather i was ok with the age difference between us. She was in a tank top and her baby blue leggings when I came up behind her in the kitchen started to kiss her on her back of the neck. Before she knew it her leggings where down around her knees she was bent over the counter I took my time enjoying the view of her thong pulled to the side with her pussy and tiny asshole exposed to me. I licked her asshole and pussy took my time and putting it in. Years of wanting her for this was happening. We started to get into a rhythm her pushing back and me slamming into her when I noticed the idiot neighbor from next door starting at us through his window. I pulled her up and diwn onto her knees and began to use her tiny little mouth. She got me really going when she took time spit all on her face and told me to fuck her mouth like it was her asshole. I did for a while and then back on the counter she went and straight up her ass I went. In the same kitchen that I had groped her growing up. I was ass fucking her. I was tough with her and had a handful of hair. The neighbor was rubbing one out when I shot all up in her ass. We spent the day playing and sucking showering and fucking. Her old neighbor has made passes at her and she laughs it off. He has told her she is beautiful and they should go out. She told him sorry but she is completely committed to the guys she is currently dating and he is moving in. I over heard her tell him that he should have made a move sooner. I have a fine aged milf who’s pussy is sweet and asshole is tight. Her son knows we are dating and is a little annoyed but he understands that at least it wasn’t because she was doing me when she was married. I am planning on slipping a ring on her this summer. Can’t let my perfect little pussy gem get away.


    I know I’m going to get shit for this because I’m breaking bro code but it’s well worth it. 3 of us have been friends since middle school. Our buddy had invited my other buddy and our Gfs to go camping a few weeks ago with his girl. His girl is a small bleach blond with nice tits and a small bubble butt. She is very petite and cute. We have known her for a while and they had dated off and on. While off I had gotten her to blow me a few times but never got to fuck her. My buddy and his girl bailed and I never invited anyone. I don’t really have a gf just fuck buddies. I figured I’d me the 3rd wheel and hey mayb I get lucky. If you have a situation and you really want something in life you have to take the initiative and make something happen. That was exactly I did on the first night. I brought tons of booze got both drink all night as I baby sat mine and before we knew it he was pat out and she was alone with me and reliving the blow job she had given me. I kissed and fondled her she laid back while I retired the oral favor. At one point she was on all 4s in my tent and I was licking her ass forcing her little rosebud to open and take my tongue. Licking away I pulled my cock out and before she could object I pushed my cock deep into her tight little c**t. It felt so good I didn’t last and dropped my seed in her. I left it inside her and I quickly got hard again and gave her little asshole a lick and used her juices that where leaking form her Vag and uses it and guided my cock right into her ass. She whimpered a bit but I soon bottomed out. She laid flat on her tummy while I ass fucked her and held her head up making sore she looked directly into my camera that I had set up. I kept asking her if she loved it and liked it. She was so into it that at one pint she looked into the camera and told me that this is how she needed to be fucked. I asked her if she wanted it rough or slow. She responded fuck it like your stole it. I fell asleep inside her. Woke up the next morning to her looking for her clothes in my tent. I pulled her on me and gave her a kiss. Surprisingly she was not mad she said she fucked il and we could not let this happen again. A few hours later I was balls deep again while he went for a hike. This time sober and horny we fucked like animals. She herself that night for her BF drunk and he passed out. We spent the week sucking fucking and licking. She broke up with him a few days after we returned and we are secretly seeing each other. We will let it come out in a few months. He does well and won’t have any problems finding a girl. I just knew this one was a freak and I needed that ass. Don’t let anything ever hold you back.

    Showed Other Men Pictures Of My Wife

    My wife is very conservative. I have told her a few times that my ultimate fantasy was to see her have sex with another man, but she always rejects the idea and get angry. I couldn’t help myself one night and posted onto a website that I want to secretly coordinate with someone to come to the public pool the same time my wife and I are there, and to secretly take photos of my wife in her bathing suit.

    I connected with a guy on the website and I started showing him some risqué photos of my wife with her face hidden. This was a big turn on for both of us. I would sent him things like her in her bathing suit, or I once sent a picture of her ass as she bent over to grab some laundry. We would fantasise about him doing her. My wife and I are in our late 20s and he is in his 40s so that was an aspect that I enjoyed as well.

    The weekend comes and we head to the pool. I could tell that he was eyeing my wife and discretely taking pictures. But then something happened that I didn’t expect. As we were swimming in the deep end (it was really crowded) the man that I had been sending pictures to swims underwater by my wife and grabs a handful of her butt and vagina. My wife thrashed to get him off and said later that he had been grabbing for a few seconds. I acted angry but disoriented. I acted like I’d go after the guy knowing full well that she would want to avoid confrontation even though she was violated and tell me to back off. After the pool I got a bunch of pictures from the guy who said he really enjoyed taking pictures of my wife and grabbing her. It was an amazing experience.

    Neighborhood Bulge Watcher

    I have been blessed with a large set of balls and a pretty good sized cock, which makes for a bulge that gets attention, and I like the attention.

    One day I was at my neighbors house while he was working in his yard. I had on a loose pair of shorts that show off my bulge pretty well when I looked up and saw his pretty young wife looking out the front door at us. I conveniently propped up my right leg on a tree stump and caught my pretty little neighbor staring right at my package, while her husband was busy pulling weeds.

    I kept up the show and she kept staring. This was getting me hot and started making me hard, which of course made my bulge even larger.
    Next thing I knew, I caught him staring too.

    I can't wait until their preteen daughter gets home and give her a show too.

  • My Dad Has Me Excited.

    I was home from school for 2 weeks before leaving for a summer symposium. While I was home, I saw my dad naked, not once but several times. At first he tried to cover up and act as it was an "Oops" thing. He would apologize and tell me he was used to living alone, but it kept happening.

    I can remember when I was something like maybe 13-14, I saw his hard cock when he was showering and I had to go pee. it looked huge to me. We used to wrestle around and I could feel it get hard or I'd sit on his lap and grind on it as he tickled me. I can still remember touching it when it poked out of the slit in his boxers.

    My Mom being around was probably the only thing that stopped this behavior. But they are divorced now. Now that I'm of age and have seen his big cock again, I'm very apprehensive about going back home for a few weeks before school resumes. BTW I'm still a virgin.