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I Live In A Three Way With My Husband And Another Woman

As I got close to graduating from college my mother insisted on me getting married. I was not interested but her pressure brought me to the point of getting married to a guy I had known for a couple of years. We got married, on our marriage night I locked myself in the bathroom. I did not let him see me naked, I didn't not have sex with him. I did the rest, I cooked and cleaned but I did not sleep with him. Three months after I got married he mounted me against my will, I had never used birth control and I got pregnant. Everyone was happy but me.

By the time the baby was born he was having an affair with a woman from his work. He brought her to the house while I was still recovering from the baby's birth and he made love to her in front of me, kissed her, fondled her, undressed her and mounted her. When he took her in his arms I got aroused, very aroused while I watched. I watched while he mounted her, I was drawn to her naked, seeing her with her legs apart when he went down on her, when he mounted her and had intercourse with her. I didn't love my husband, I was in love with her.

He continued to have his affair with his girlfriend from work. After one sex session with her while I watched he asked me if I wanted her, to get on her and do what I wanted. I wanted to get on, but I was too embarrassed to go ahead. He sat beside her and held her legs apart, running his finger up and down her slit and in and out of her vagina. I didn't do anything so he pushed me on the bed and fucked me.

I lay beside her, she stayed on the bed. We were both mostly naked, without pants or panties. After a few minutes she reached over and put her hand in between my legs, playing with me. She twisted my clit with her forefinger and thumb and I had an orgasm, the first time I ever had an orgasm. She then gave me a kiss on my still sensitive pussy.

I know now that my early issues are due to my lesbian feelings. Unfortunately she isn't as drawn to me as I am to her. She is willing to play, to use her hand and fingers and sometimes her mouth to bring me to orgasm, but she is more love with him than me. She knows how I feel, I have told her how ..(continue confession)

Sometimes It's Okay

When I was thirty six, and had been divorced for two years, with a son, I started having a lesbian love affair with a friend. She was my age and also divorced, but with no children
Of course we were both quite aware of how this would look so we were careful to be discreet and keep this a secret. Then my son found out. I was so sure that he would shocked and appalled and think the worst of me.

To my complete surprise, he was none of those things. He was entirely understanding and basically thought that it was nice and had no problem with it.

So our affair went on, and without the constraints. Then, two years later, after my son was living on his own, the two of worked up the courage and we moved in together. When I was younger, I had never dreamed of becoming a lesbian and neither did she. This was not our life’s ambition I can tell you. For both of us lesbians were always these stereotypical tough, man-hating women, and not just two otherwise perfectly ordinary women. And no, we don’t have this husband and wife role, we are both just women in our relationship and glad of it, thank you very much. My son visits regularly and he thinks that this is wonderful that we are both having a good time together and are happy. Oh, joy! Somtimes it is okay.

Girl Who Likes Girls

So what happened was that my teacher, who was a Nun, seduced me. I was impressionable and I had deep feelings for her. Her seduction took place in my bedroom when my parents hired her to tutor me. I don't know if it was a Nun licking me, or seeing a Nun's naked breasts in my face, but whatever, I liked it and we had a sexual thing the rest of my high school education.

I know that I know for sure that one Nun was a lesbian. I guess it is not a surprise to anyone that priests liked boys. In my adult life I have had a few intense relationships, which I always compare to my high school lover. I suppose it is possible that I am still in love with her.

Making Love With My Landlord

I live in this house with my landlord here, and something is just fascinating about her... She is uncommonly kind in today's somewhat cruel world, and she has quite a bit of friends that she sticks her neck out for, and she is so pretty in my opinion despite being twenty years older then me.

I've sort of grown to like her over the two years I've been here so far, and she been quite generous to me, in addition to my friends that had to crash here for awhile for no charge. She allowed me to miss payment many times when I accidentally made mistakes that set my money back, and even has given me much life-saving advice in the two years I've lived in here. I sort of caught some of her charm, and became more outgoing, and became less of an introvert thanks to her.

Funny thing about my landlord is that she really got me really attracted to her... I dunno how it happened one day, but I just let it slip out of my mouth how I loved everything about her... I love her cuteness, her humor, general friendliness, generosity, and her unique style, and how she's very good at giving advice to people like myself. I really just said how she's made my life better, and I praised her every aspect, and all this was after she helped me pass a tough collage course if that paints a clearer picture here... Rather embarrassingly, I was in a bathrobe at the time after a shower, and that came undone and slipped down enough to show her my bare breast right down to my nipple, and I swear that was probably the first time in my life that I felt like my embarrassment caused me to blush enough to kinda give the illusion of glowing.
Well... I couldn't help but smile back up at her, despite that, and apologized. She really didn't seem to mind much, besides looking away from me, while in fact sort of smiling while telling me it was alright. I sort of bumbled into talking more with her about what I planned to do next, despite embarrassment, and I sort of couldn't really hide that attraction to her, and I got off topic talking about silly things, like cake and sports blah blah blah... I couldn't help but test the waters by faking another nip slip, and she politely looked away from me, tho she smiled while teasing me about being a clutz.

... Well, I really couldn't help but jokingly remove my robe entirely, and telling her that I actually was considering nudism, which was ..(continue confession)


It was the summer between my undergrad and graduate school. I had landed an internship at the Times in New York, and they were helpful in giving me the names of some possible rooms to rent. I worked out a deal for my six weeks with Laura from the fact checking desk. Laura had a Masters from Columbia, taller, long auburn hair, nice smile and curves. I like hips, small waist and hips and a beautiful face.

Laura showed me the apartment, one room, one bed, one bathroom. She showed me the pullout couch. From the day I arrived in New York Laura took charge of me, at work and after work. The first night we worked out the living arrangement and I offered to shower at night, so the morning would be easier. I showered, put on a short nighty, my wet nipples and wet bush clearly visible. I wasn't suggesting, but if Laura was interested I was interested.

Laura ate my pussy straight through my nighty, we slept in her bed, I ate her pussy, I wanted her to know I really was into her. She went for it, we went for it. My first read was right, Laura was all girl, all into girls and my internship was everything I wanted.

P.S. after finishing my Masters Laura and I moved to D.C. where we chase down breaking news.

I Finally Met Her

I met her at an antique store. Some piercings, a few too many tattoos, blue grey eyes, a smile that kicked my ass. Checking out with my twelve dollar purchase took an hour, I have never experienced being lost in her eyes, and I was lost in her eyes, in her smile. I was falling in love right then and there. When I mentioned to her that I would love to share a cup of coffee, breakfast, dinner, anything, just give me a chance to show her who I am. She said yes, I was in seventh heaven.

She is everything, she is a tigress, beautiful, long, lean, boobiliciuos, hot, and she has something else. She agrees to wear a collar, a beautiful gorgeous collar with a little lock to wear, to attach to my wrist with a beautiful link chain, to be my very own. My puppy, my baby, my girl.

I Like Fucking Other Girls, It Drives Me Crazy

I am lean, with smallish tits. Growing up I was teased, I never developed wide hips (wide yes but not really wide). Also, I was always athletic and into sports, I didn't care about the kitchen or other things, something my family is very big into. My mother said I was the boy she never had. When I hit puberty and was cheated out of tits, I got more and more into sports, mostly track and soccer. I got infatuated with my pussy, I couldn't really believe how it just split open, I was fourteen when I started finding objects around the house to fuck myself with and it was around then that I found my clit which gave me orgasms. I masturbated a whole lot.

In the tenth grade I had a soccer partner, a girl who was tall and lean and she had the most amazing long legs and her pussy just stood out when she stood up tall. She had a lot of bush and one day I talked her into shaving her if she would shave me. After shaving her, we shaved in the bathtub, I sat on the toilet seat and grabbed her butt and licked and kissed her naked pussy lips. The more I kissed and licked the hotter I got and we went to the bed and I opened her legs and saw her pussy wide open, her hole, and everything, and her butt hole. I just went for it, dug into her and ate her, fingered her, licked her butt hole until she went into a great big orgasm. I had fucked my first girl (to me eating her is like a guy fucking, I am convinced that is how lesbians fuck, eating her until she explodes).

We discovered together that we were both lesbians, and we got a lot out of eating and fingering and kissing and grabbing tits, french kissing, smelling hair and pussy, and I don't know why but I liked smelling her butt hole, like grabbing her hips and sticking my nose up her butt hole. When you are learning you do stupid things.

In college I had a roommate, she later went on to be a doctor, who was anything but athletic, she stayed out of the sun and was very white, she had decent tits and her nipples were pink not brown and she had never been fucked or eaten. She was virgin all over. I got on her one morning after she showered, before she got dressed and spread her legs apart and took in her hairy pussy, she was red inside and her hole opened and closed as ..(continue confession)

Once You Trly It You Like It

My supervisor is from India, mid forties, we work together in a lab in a hospital. After a couple of weeks she let me know that she was of the lesbian persuasion. I was quick to let her know I was strictly a dick girl. However that didn't stop her from doing everything she could to change me to her side.

It was at a party several months later that included a number of lesbians that she offered me the opportunity to take the plunge. She asked two of the girls to get on the kitchen table and open up really wide. In one girl she spooned strawberry jam, in the other girl she spread peanut-butter. She offered me peanut-butter and jelly.

Prove to her that I was willing to try, promising me that if I did I would never look back. She took my hair and put it in a pony tail, helping me bend over into the strawberry jelly, coaching me to use my tongue, not to stand up until every last little bit had been eaten out. After a few minutes, her legs closing tight around my head, her fingers in my hair I licked her clean.

Then the peanut-butter girl, licking and fighting her hand on my head, I pushed in as hard as I could, licking her clean too. Both girls then offered to make me squeal, this time to join them in bed. I squealed and more, resting only after I was made to cum.

I am not a lesbian, at best I am an amateur learning the ropes. It's a laboratory experiment, to see if I like it. I do, much more than I would have guessed. I am a dick girl, but with a side of q peanut-butter and jelly girl.

The Proof Was In The Pudding

In the eleventh grade at a birthday party for one of the girls on the track team I kissed another teammate. I can't really say if I kissed her or she kissed me, but what happened was real and the kiss went on longer than I would have liked, followed by an even longer kiss.

We weren't seen, no witnesses but we went home with emotions and very confused feelings. The next week at practice, sitting on the bleachers her little finger went across mine and stayed there. After practice after we changed, she fixed my hair and squared my blouse and told me she wanted to kiss me again. With my heart beating so fast I managed a one word answer "yes".

We had lots of liberty, we both had cars, out parents worked and got home after six, we had no siblings at home. We went down the golden brick road one brick at a time until in one final effort we kissed below the belt. We then secretly agreed to be girlfriends.

That weekend I went to the library and sat and read a book on lesbian behavior. There was nothing good, lesbian behavior was deviant. We decided to stop, and focus on getting a boy to have sex with us and go steady. Prom was coming up, we let the word out that we were looking to lose our virginity to a senior while out for prom. We got asked out, and on prom night we gave our dates our underwear to signal our willingness to have sex.

The experience was at one of the boys' house. It was uneventful. Frankly after having performed oral sex on a girl, sex with a boy was bland, just finish and get off. After our prom night we got together, kissed again and had pretty intense sex. We knew we were lesbians, we had just proved it.

One Night Stand With A Man

Last year I was offered a one year assignment in our Dublin office. I was unattached and recovering from a ten year relationship that had cooled down and we had broken up. I was also 37 and was looking forward to hoping over to Europe for long weekends. The work was uneventful, my apartment very small, no car, and no friends. Too old for the younger ones, and the more adult ones were nice but very private. In a month or so I knew I had made a mistake.
At one point I opened up to a male coworker, he told me I was too blunt, too American, too big.

I took a bus tour for a day filled with tourist, hello and that was it. I was lonely and felt ugly, became very self conscious of my height and weight. I went to Barcelona, Paris, Turin, Berlin, alone. In Amsterdam I was surprised at how tall and thin the people were. I met a man sitting on a bench in the Van Gogh Museum, he talked. A businessman burning an afternoon away. We talked, and he invited me to dinner, a small place close to his hotel.

The long and short of it is I went with him to his hotel, a married man away from home. I did my best to be sexual, my first and only sexual experience with a man. I sucked his penis, I let him insert his penis in me. We never kissed, the lights were off, he wanted a woman to fuck, I wanted human contact. I went to Europe to have a one night stand with a man. Loneliness made me do it. I am home now, around Americans, my neighborhood, ladies all around me, ladies not men.