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Makeout With Mom

Who do you tell this stuff to? I had to tell somebody but I would never talk to my friends about this.

This happened recently and I'm still very conflicted. On one hand I'm confused but on the other hand I'm really turned on and that fills me with shame.

My parents are divorced since I was younger and both have new partners. I always spend Christmas at one place and New Year at the other place.

Last year I was at my dad's for Christmas and visited my mom for New Year's Eve.

When I arrived at her place at noon she already had some alcohol. She wasn't yet drunk but an the way there. My mom had a fight with her partner and was very upset about it.

I tried to console her and we started drinking more and more.
I don't know how much we drank or exactly how things came to this point.

When I started coming more to myself I was getting fingered by my mom and was moaning loudly. My mom told me in a slurring way how pretty I was and how she always wanted to try this kinda stuff.

We were both mostly undressed and my mom was riding my thigh with her bare pussy. She was extremely wet and I couldn't stop myself from getting turned on by watching her.

Her fingers never stopped fucking into me and her thumb stroked my clit with such erratic movements. It all felt so good but I new this was wrong.

I new it was wrong but I still pulled her by her hair down to me and kissed her. We both moaned and made out for quite some time. My mom started to get sleepy after she made herself cum on my thigh.

I left without looking back after I came to my senses.
My mom tried calling me afterwards but I just can't answer her at the moment.

What if she doesn't really remember or she says it was a mistake? Do I want her to say it's a mistake or do I want her to want more?

  • Found My Girlfriend

    My first real awareness of girls kissing was on New Year's Eve party at a hotel I went to with my parents, brother and sister. I was 17. At a table in my line of sight two girls were touching, holding hands and kissing. At midnight they really kissed, and one girl put her hand on the other girl's boob. I watched them all night. At my house I masturbated to the kissing girls.

    From time to time I thought about them, in the summer I saw two girls holding hands at an art fair. I followed them around, they bought some earrings, and girl number one put them on girl number two. There was something about it that convinced me they were a couple. In college I looked into clubs to join and there was a table for LGBT. I walked past them, looking at the girls out of the corner of my eye. They were not what I expected, short hair, jeans, boots, piercings.

    To me there was nothing feminine about them, they stood, talked, like men. I felt put off by them. It was a cold feeling. I walked away and went back to my dorm. I told my new suitemate about them and she told me not to be judgmental. After a long quiet moment she came and sat beside me and asked me if I liked girls. She also told me that lots of girls at our college liked girls. I was sure to meet the one I liked. She was one of them, she took my hand and walked me around, took me out, introduced me, she just wasn't my type and I wasn't hers.

    In the end, being suitemates, showering together, spending time together we became lovers. We stayed together, she was patient with me, until she met that girl that captured her. It wasn't until I was 26, at a company Christmas party that I met that girl, my dream girl, dressed to the nines, my age, definitely not interested in the guys. We went home and gave ourselves away.

    We pass as straight, we are not obvious, we are not into PDAs, we may hold hands, we don't kiss in public. We do come off as a couple to people with the right vibe. Even my mother accused us of giving people the wrong impression.

    It's A Girl Thing

    I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I like seeing naked women. I've had this fetish since I was old enough to shower and change at school after P.E. I was on the volleyball and the soccer squads, those girls were all so nice to look at. Mind you I never made a move in high school.

    In college I lived in the dorm during my freshman year, we had a wash basin in the room, but showers and toilets were communal. Being there on a soccer scholarship I was in the athletic dorm. During my days in college there were few women who went Brazilian, but the ones that did got plenty of attention. I ended up studying nursing and got a Masters. I currently live with three other nurses in Ontario.

    I guess because I live in Canada we don't have many black people, lots of Indian but not black. What I did get was an appreciation for European women. My suitemates are all European, to me they are the epitome of healthy women, curvy, solid, buxom, women. We don't take nudity as a problem, I've spent many a night naked in bed with my roommate. She is 28, she 1.70 and 66 kg, she is solid, we work out together and I know every inch of her, head to toe. She knows me just as well.

    She likes me looking at her in the nude, we have that in common, we hang out naked together, and we sleep naked except during our periods. To my awareness she has never tripped the night fantastic with some guy, she pretty much knows who is her admirer.

    One day we will be over the hill so we need to use every day to the max while we are young. And yes, right after graduation we went to a clothing optional resort on the Riviera Maya. It was exhilarating. We met another alternate couple and enjoyed au natural sun bathing and hot tubbing. She is beautiful, perfect, my kind of girl.

  • Finding Love

    At the time I was the CFO of a manufacturing business. We hired a mid forties female GC with experience in product liability. She was 'small', about 5' 3". For Christmas she had a get together at her house for family and friends. She invited me.

    I didn't know anyone there, except for her. I wandered around, down a hall. There were a series of black and white pictures of her, ballet pictures when she was young. One amongst them, in a classic pose, but nude, nothing explicit except she was naked. Her small breast and dark nipples, her totally nude pussy lips, so clearly visible.

    In her living room I picked up a book, a coffee table book, a ballet book. There were pictures of her, with the Washington Ballet. I spent some time with the book. She walked up to me and commented it was all another life. I asked her what turned her from ballet to law, she said only that her love was a lawyer, so she followed suit.

    She took my arm and walked me back to her bedroom, she let me gaze on a picture of two young women, arm in arm under the Eiffel tower. She held the picture and told me she had lost her to cancer, ovarian cancer at 32. She looked into my eyes, asked if I minded, that the love of her life was a woman.

    That night, she asked me to help her clean and pick up. To get the house in order, to spend the night. She stripped down to her panties, asked me to kiss her lips, the lips in her panties, while she massaged her breasts with her hands. Her eyes caught mine, we went to the bedroom to undress, to run a hot bath, to kiss and touch, to discover who she was. Lovemaking in the bed was normal, nothing kinky or weird, just lovemaking, letting our bodies find their way.

    Love happens when you least expect it. My favorite photograph of her is her ballet pose in the nude. I never knew her then, she belonged to another woman then, but now she belongs to me.

    Moving In With My First Real Crush

    Right after college I went to work at the electric utility. I met a girl who worked there, from Mexico. She was white, upper crust, married to another rich Mexican. She had a live in maid. After knowing her for a while she told me her husband liked the maid and had sex with her. She didn't mind, if he had sex with the maid he wasn't having sex with her. She had no intention of sending the maid home.

    One day, like any other day, it dawned on me she wanted another woman with her. When the maid's mother got ill she had to return to Mexico to look after her mother I found my opening and moved on her, showering her with attention, spending as much time as I could with her. And holding her close to me offered to be her company. Live with her. I didn't care what her husband did with me, as long as I could live with her. And she was so happy to have me live with her.

  • Just Telling It Like It Is

    For economic reasons I dropped out of college and gravitated to Vegas where I got a job serving drinks in a second class casino. I met another girl there and we became party friends and I ended up with my nose between her legs slurping up her juice. I liked it and I was more than happy to go down for some more and one day she talked me into get getting matching tattoos on our backside, not a joke, the tattoos say "I'm into pussy".

    I am into pussy, that's not a lie, but the tattoos are bit too high, above the panty line where she wanted them so whenever I get down to my panties or a bikini a guy can see right away that he is barking up the wrong tree. I don't even know how it is that I got into pussy, I guess I just like it. We went from pussy to more and more and more. She is great at teasing my tits, she can get me feeling things down in my clit from playing with my tits. She used a strapon and pegged me in the ass, we lubed up pretty well first but still having your girl peg your ass with a dildo is asking a lot.

    We live in the bay area now where lessies are everywhere. Sometimes when we cross paths, we lean over and lock lips. We like to lock lips in public, like at the supermarket so people know we are lessies. Or the ball game when you could go to a ball game, hoping to be on the kiss cam. It isn't much but for this year, closing out this year, we decided to just march downtown and tie the knot. To lesbian bitches getting married. She put a ring on my finger and I put a ring on her finger and when we got home I ate her pussy until she was dry. I don't really know why I like her pussy so much but I do. I guess it's good she likes it too.

    We took the plunge because we want to have kids before our clock runs out. One each. That's our plan, pandemic or no pandemic.

    A Story Of A Girl From South Texas

    Right before I graduated from high school my student counselor called me to come see her with my mother. A scholarship had been set up by a family that owned three restaurants in town, a merit scholarship, to Baylor in Waco, Texas. After reviewing the candidates the family had settled on me, all I had to do was apply, get accepted, maintain a 3.5 GPA and my college would be paid, including room, board and transportation. I became the first in my family to go to college.

    The students were conservative, Baptist, mostly rich. I only met one other girl like me, on scholarship from the other side of town. My freshman roommate was from Fort Worth, she was all American beautiful, blonde, blue eyes, with an athletic figure. She wanted to be a cheerleader, she was studying to become a women's athletic coach. I was registered in Business, but I didn't know what I wanted to study.

    After a week we were on a first name basis, she was much more relaxed than me, I was embarrassed to undress in front of her, she stripped down to nothing teasing me. She sat back on her bed, her back against the wall, looking straight into my eyes she opened her legs, reaching into her vagina with two fingers. She then asked me to stick my fingers in her vagina. I wasn't given a choice, finger fuck her or we weren't going to be friends.

    She claimed later that she was testing me, to see if I really liked girls. She made me let her kiss me, get her hand under my blouse, her hand between my legs, her fingers in my vagina. She used her thumb to rub my clit, her index and middle fingers finger fucking me, her kisses on my mouth, face and neck. After a while she insisted we sleep together and we use the other bed as a couch.

    She confessed to me she was a dyke, and she wanted me as her one true girlfriend. For me the fear was expulsion, homosexuality was not condoned, not even for women. We lived in a homosexual relationship until we graduated. We moved to Dallas where she had a coaching position in a private school, I got a job with an oil company. We behaved out in the open, in the apartment we shared we lived in sin.

    When I was 37 I had my first sex with a man, a coworker. I told him I swung the other way. After a couple of months I realized he had exposed me so I quit. I went into real estate, which became my profession. My life partner behaved herself, we had too much to lose. Not all women's coaches did and many lost their jobs. I honestly don't know if being homosexual is my natural self, but 40 years sharing my life with my freshman roommate has converted me to her. She, I have no doubt, was born that way. I can say that being sexual with her never felt wrong for me, not even that day in our dorm when she had me finger her, and she fingered me. It's what women do.

    I'm So Horny And I Love Masturbating

    I have been masturbating a lot during this quarentine and I haven't been able to see my girlfriend. The thought of her masturbating turns me on so much if I could masturbate to her masturbating I would its so hot. I just want to ask her how often she masturbates but I know I masturbate way more often and I don't want to turn her off. I love masturbating though I edge myself for hours while I read erotic stories or watch porn, I love it so much its addicting.

    I Was Excited

    This was years age, when i was at school i had an argument with another girl who was a bit of a bully, the argument got heated, she got hold of me pinned me against a wall and caller me a cu-t
    and spit several times in my face some of her spit went in my mouth, when she let me go i ran to the toilet, they all thought i was crying, but i wasn't i had had several orgasms i was literally wet through it was down my legs, after i became a passive lesbian, i know it was gross that the spitting that turned me on.

    A Dream Come True

    Here I am... A 48 year old woman, married with 3 kids. My husband and I have been together since high school. We have a great relationship and a very healthy sex life. We know all about each other's sexual fantasies and history. But he doesn't know this story about my first sexual experience. My first crush was the woman who lived down stairs in our basement. Her name was Linda. Linda was 19, young and beautiful, voluptuous and very sexy! When she used to sunbathe in the yard she would let me hang out with her on her blanket. We would talk about boys and makeup and listen to music. I thought she was so cool and worldly. When Linda would be dressed to go out on a date, I would watch her leave and dream about what they were going to do. I was so jealous! I wanted to be her.

    One day she let me come in her apartment and she let me try on some of her things. She put makeup and perfume on me. She said I didn't look 10 anymore! She told me I looked like a girl she used to date! I was astonished. I couldn't believe she dated girls too! I asked her if she dated girls a lot. She said a few times. She said that she was bisexual. In the eighties that was taboo, especially in a predominantly Italian Catholic neighborhood. She begged me not to tell my family. I told her and swore I wouldn't.

    That night laying in my bed I couldn't get the thoughts of Linda with another woman out of my head. My peach fuzz covered pussy was extremely warm and moist. I felt flushed. I lifted my night shirt up over my little pot belly and my B cups with my puffy nipples and put my hand between my legs. I had masturbated before but it never felt like this before. I played with myself as thoughts of kissing her and holding her naked body ran through my head. I didn't want it to end but then I had the most incredible orgasm. I put my juicy fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them until I fell asleep. I dreamt about her all night.

    The next day was a beautiful and hot summer day. I knew Linda would be sunbathing today. When I looked out she was in her bikini, putting the blanket down and she looked up and saw me in the window. She smiled and waved for me to come hang with her. I was so excited I ran down the stairs and took them 2 at a time! She made lemonade for us. It was awesome. Just as I started to take off my shirt and shorts to show her my new bathing suit, my mom came out and said that we needed to leave and go to the store. I was so upset! I wanted to cry. As I started to put my shirt back on Linda told my mother that I could stay with her. My mother would never let me out of her sight. Before I could turn and beg my mother if I could stay, Linda said we were just going to get some sun, listen to music, she even said she'd make me lunch. My mother said that she was going to be gone all day. She asked Linda if she was sure. Linda said no problem at all. As my mother said ok and turned to leave, I'll never forget what Linda said "Dont worry, just 2 girlfriends hanging out enjoying this beautiful day!" I was beaming after she said that, I couldn't stop smiling! I never felt like a little girl when I was with her. She always made me feel older, like her equal. Just another reason why I loved her!

    We were having such a good time. We were listening to Prince on her boom box. She introduced me to his music. I became the biggest Prince fan! We were reading magazines like Vogue and Rolling Stone. This was such an amazing day!

    She turned over to lay on her stomach. She asked me to put oil on her back, and the backs of her legs. As I poured the oil in my hand she unsnapped her bikini top. I was so excited that I poured too much oil and spilled some. I kept saying I was sorry. She said it's cool. She put me at ease. I started to spread the oil across her shoulders and down her back. My pre-teen loins were starting to rev up again like they were last night. My bathing suit was getting soaked. As I got to her amazing plump bubble butt she pulled her bikini bottoms down just a little bit. The top of her butt crack was showing. I let out and audible gasp. She asked if I spilled more oil. I just shook my head as I continued to rub oil on her back dimples and on her butt as I touched her crack. I was starting to breath a little heavy. Linda asked if I was ok. I just nodded my head yes. I couldn't speak. Linda then told me not to forget her legs especially her thighs. I knelt down by her feet and I grabbed her ankle with my oily hands and I ran my hands up and down her calves. I then poured oil on her thighs and I massaged the oil in. Linda told me how good it felt. When my hand slid up her inner thigh my finger touched her pussy through her bathing suit. I didn't know if I was sweating from the sun or my arousal. It was probably both. Once I was done Linda said to come lay next to her.

    I asked Linda how her date went last night. She said oh Tommy as she rolled her eyes. I asked what did they do on the date. Linda looked at me and smiled and then giggled. "Do you really want to know everything?" She asked. I just nodded my head with a big grin on my face. She said "ok well, he took me to this beautiful Italian restaurant. It was very romantic and very dark. We had some wine and then we had our dinners which were nothing special. I then I took my shoe off and put it between his legs. He was hard and he was huge! I couldn't wait to try it out! I crawled under the table and I gave him a mind bending blow job! You know what a blow job is?" She asked. I said "I think so" Linda said "its when a woman sucks a man's penis until he cums." I asked her "What's cum?" Linda said "it's the semen, the thick white liquid that comes out when a man has an orgasm. It's what gets a woman pregnant when they have penis to vaginal sex." I just nodded and said "Ahhh ok". Linda then took a sip of her lemonade. Then she said "After that, the dummy forgot his wallet and couldn't pay the check. They wouldn't let him leave. So I called a cab and left him there!" She then took another sip and said "Now tell me something!" I said "Like what?" Linda sat up holding her bikini top on. She said "I don't know, any boys you like? Any secrets?" I was kinda nervous I didn't know what to say. Linda said "C'mon! I tell you things! I thought we were girlfriends." I shrugged my shoulders. Then she said something that crushed me. She said "I guess you're really just a kid!" I was devastated. I laid on my back and stared at the sky as my eyes started to water. My mind was racing. I didn't want to be a little girl! I wanted to be older! I wanted her to see me as older! I looked at her and I just let it all pour out. "Linda, I'm not a little girl. I masturbate. I masturbate a lot. I even have orgasms. I have dreams and fantasies and most of them are about men. I've fantasized and masturbated about John Travolta." Then I asked her "You want to hear my deepest secret?" Linda looked at me with a very caring attentive look and said "Dani, you could tell me anything. I would never judge you and it will be just between you and me." I then sat up and sat across from her, eye to eye. "Linda, last night I masturbated and had the most amazing fantasy and orgasm, but it wasn't about John Travolta or a boy in class. I fantasized and dreamed about making love to you." She looked at my lovingly and she smiled. "You think I'm stupid now." Linda snapped back "No! I told you that I ..(continue confession)