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I Love My 'sister' And Let Her Know Every Day

I went to a coworker's birthday lunch and sat beside a rather flaky artist girl. I was surprised to learn that she was gay and had a three year old and kept calling me 'sister'. Being an auditor I asked lots of questions, like did she call every woman she met 'sister'. Well, no, she called me 'sister' because I was my coworker's love interest. And how did she know that? Because he told her, the one night he has sex with me. He went straight to her to tell her. And who was she that he went to see her right after he left my apartment? Well she was his girlfriend, she had his son. Well wasn't she a ..(continue confession)

Living It, Not Reading About It

Looking for a cheap place to live I took a sublet room from a 32 yo school teacher. We shared a bathroom and the living area but we did each have a separate bedroom. At the time I was unaware she was going thru a breakup with her 'partner' of four years. I got the blow by blow, the pain, the rejection. Knowing that a woman can feel something with another woman is one thing, witnessing it was another.

I had been there a little over three weeks when she asked me to sleep with her because she did not want to be alone. I begged off but she begged harder and I found myself with her in bed, ..(continue confession)

How We Became More Than Just Roommates And School Friends

College seems like forever ago, but we just graduated. Way back when we were in college I agreed to move off campus with a girl I knew from my Biology class. We rented a two bedroom about three blocks from campus. Pretty soon we realized that we couldn't afford it, the utilities were too high and we had to pay extra for parking and we had made a big mistake. We decided to rent one of the rooms and we moved in together.

The room was big enough for a full size bed, but too small for two beds. We squeezed this single bed in, but there was no room for anything else, we couldn't get into the ..(continue confession)