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At My Age Getting A Date Requires Being Inventive And Observant

My job is quiet in the office, statistics work for an oil company. In the building next door I see a woman walk in, trailing a bag, in uniform. An airline hostess. Her schedule is erratic, but after a while it starts to make sense. She works her alloyed hours over two or three weeks, then she's off till the next month.

I parked close to her car, and went down to the car park to 'meet' up with her. Her name us Ingrid, she's been flying for a whole, she looks forty, no ring. Small talk, two minutes top. I wait my turn, follow her up, Shel's on the third floor, number 19. A smaller unit. No roommate.

Now that I have her schedule down, her apartment number, I happen to run into her at the market. Three minutes, exchange names. By happenstance I see her again in the car park. She's shy, but agrees to getting a coffee. A date night, a night in her bed. Lovers, waiting for her next flight to get home.

At my age I have to press my advantage. Ingrid, shy but likes her **** tickled.

  • Lesbian Life In The Thin Air Of My Social Circle

    I am a dual national mixed race Mexican-American wealthy lesbian.

    So, what's the big deal. My mother's family from Connecticut are in the shipping business, with ships. My father is from Mexico City, industrialist family. We grew up in both Mexico and the US.

    Prepuberty I was ordinary, very typical girl. Following puberty I was awakened in the form of one maid who introduced me to sex and lesbian feelings. In college, a small liberal school where I majored in Art History I played around, with other girls. Lots of fun, but nothing serious. I spent two years in France, some pretty heavy dykes there. After returning to Mexico I became involved with a much older woman who hosted lesbian only parties.

    One day I mentioned to her that I couldn't see myself 'married' to another girl. She introduced me to a plastic surgeon who had just returned from Switzerland where he did his training. At 33 he was looking for a socially acceptable educated woman to marry, and she had to be Mexican.

    I fit perfectly, right age, right background and social standing, educated abroad, didn't mind if he had girlfriends as long as he didn't mind if I had girlfriends. The marriage was arranged, we got married, honeymooned in Europe, where he bought a boat and made arrangements for it. We came back pregnant. He has his boat, his girlfriends, I have my home, my kids, my girlfriend. Ana. She is a younger me, same school I grew up in.

    Being lesbian is allowed, but not in the open. Ana is a rising artist. I'm here biggest cheerleader. My husband has his boat, when he's not making older women beautiful. And younger women looking for cleavage. One day maybe he will make me beautiful, I never lacked cleavage.

    Wife, Mother, Pregnant, All Woman Words. Go For It, Don't Hold Back

    I got started in junior high and have been part of the lesbian out community both in high school and college, and became quite the little activist after I graduated. I got a job working for a law firm. The partner that hired me is bi. She has a husband, a professor, and she got married when she was nineteen because she was pregnant. She has three sons. I know she is bi, because she is lesbian with me.

    She told me that going my way was going the wrong way. To separate sex from living a good life. Get married, she could present me to a man who could keep me real well and he wasn't opposed to a young wife having children. Marry him, have two or three kids, be nice and pleasant and let him do what he wants, and on the side I could be as naughty as I wanted to be, with her. Not to let sex get in the way, she wanted to see me safely married and taken care of. As an aside she promised that older men don't really mind if their wife had a close girlfriend, or if they are more than just 'friends'.

    The man I married was 42 to my 23. He got me pregnant straight on, I had the baby nine and half months after getting married. I followed my mentor's suggestion to get my kids out of the way early, fast as fast can. I have three boys myself, all born before I turned 27. As she said my husband did not mind at all that I was so close to her nor did he ever ask if we were intimate. But one day we were caught out, I had my three kids with me, so this was a mother's day out, and she had her three (all older so they were running about). We were caught in a kiss by a coworker of mine. It spread through the firm before we got back to work that following Monday.

    Before Monday my husband was told. He asked me if was true and said yes. How long had it being goin on? Before we got married, when she introduced us. If I wanted to be married I had to behave. But as punishment for that indiscretion he wanted me pregnant again. (By then I already knew that to him pregnant was a big turn on, especially having me pregnant). I asked him if I had to get pregnant every time I kissed her, because I would never stop being pregnant. Fine by him. Seriously, he didn't mind. Just like my mentor said. Older men don't mind at all if their wife has a girlfriend, one they approve of. Just don't get caught kissing in public.

    But I was young and I went ahead with another pregnancy. I have four kids and the first one starts the first grade next fall. I have to confess that this whole getting pregnant and having kids has been fine by me. I love being pregnant, I love how I look, my favorite months are five to seven months. Eight and nine are a bit too big in the belly, especially after the first one. Don't ask me about breast feeding because that is the best zone to be in, I love breast feeding too. This whole mother thing has been the biggest surprise.

    I'm glad my husband can keep me and my kids and not complain because I bought two gallons of milk, or that little 'thing' at the department store. I have a nice car, well a Suburban, and I live in a nice house on a corner lot with a big back yard. He is now old by young girl standards, but better a man who is a father figure than a kid with an attitude. My girlfriend, and by that I mean my bi girlfriend and mentor, and I have a very intimate relationship. She went ahead and had a fourth one, she is only 37 so it's not that she is that old. But definitely a late baby, her third was born when she was 28. She really did grow the mom boobs.

    If anything about this experience, yes an older man doesn't mind if you have a girlfriend. An older man can provide. You can put him in the father figure if you like, and be the willing little nymph at night. Being pregnant is nice, much nicer than you think. Childbirth is a chore, but today's epidural takes care of any pain, you just push them out. Breast feeding brings you so close to your new baby, you can't imagine falling in love one more time. And if you have a girlfriend who has a father figure husband too, then you can be as close as you want to be with her. It's nice if he can keep her in the same standard that your husband keeps you. And don't get naughty in public. That's my advise.

  • The Youngest One, Mommy's Little Girl

    My mother has three daughters. The oldest got pregnant in high school, ran away with an older man when was twenty one. Number two daughter became a nun. I am a lesbian daughter. I married a man out of societal pressure. I have two kids and live in the suburbs. My husband is a physician I'm a school teacher and mother. Everyone says I'm the one that did well. I'm the only one that lives a lie and cheats on her husband.

    Making It Work One Day At A Time

    I woke up to my lesbian side during college, my first big crush, my first walk on the wild side. During my second semester Junior year I met May, from the Bay area, and we hit it off together. After college I moved with her back to the Bay area, a shitty apartment in Oakland, the hall smelled of urine. The users were out in force, on the doorsteps. The non stop screaming from the rooftops over equality and LGBT rights made me sick at the stomach. I left, went home.

    At home I met a forty year old architect who took me in intercourse. Without any protection and without the presence of mind I got pregnant. He married me on condition that I accept my new me, he was forty and a couple of kids was something he looked forward to. I walked into a real house, no money worries, a new lifestyle and responsibilities. The one two punch of marriage and children overwhelmed me. Then May called.

    She offered to come out to me, move here. She wanted to support me, help me with a toddler and a new born. My husband was dead set against it. But the lesbian side of my heart was again open. I begged, pleaded, with my husband. He couldn't really expect me to shut that door forever. He had two kids like he wanted, hadn't I met that condition? Wasn't I a good housewife?

    After May came and he met her he relented. Platonic. Platonic doesn't work. After a year he accepted the inevitable. The inner me was out in the open. He won't divorce me, he won't let me live elsewhere. He says that he doesn't want to hear about it.

    That's the corner I'm in, living the wife life and seeing May as a lover.

  • I Hate The Word 'dyke'

    I have never been comfortable with the word 'dyke'. I have been labeled as dyke, and accused as dyke. I am not a predator, asking, inquiring, leading, first to kiss, a little handy on the boob front? Do those make me a 'dyke'?

    Most people don't know, and would never guess that in my very private life I have a male aggressor, dominant, head of household husband. A left over from college innocence. But a husband in any event, with a mission for my kitty. 'Asshole', is my most oft said expression after he imposes his 'marital right'. He is most definitely not a dyke.

    I'm not a dyke. I have a bit of an edge, usually a little older, a bit of rank, not held back at making the first move. A little push, some panty wetting, some vagina licking, some booby loving, some long wet kisses. I am not a dyke, I'm an assertive type. I want her to squeal, I won't her to wiggle, I want her eyes to glaze, to loose her breath. I do not ever want her to yell 'asshole' after making love to her.

    Out And About

    I was the then assistant accounting manager. It was Christmas, and the Christmas party was the one day a year when I could dress up. High heels, pearls, my mother's Rolex. I walked in and said my hellos. I was standing at a cocktail table when Christina walked in, walked over to me, and kissed me on the lips. And put a ring on my finger and announced that we were engaged.

    Lesbian Turned Bi-sexual (long Story Cut Very Short!)

    My name is Sophie 25 and I’m a lesbian, or so I thought being involved in only sex with girls, it started at school or should I say on a school trip, while the other girls were asleep. It was a little awkward, but it was a good stepping stone to figuring out who I was.
    I’ve dated girls ever since and never been with a man, at 15 I started to come to terms with my sexuality and liking girls and had a massive crush on my best friend.

    That all changed two years ago, when I was 23, I was living at home with my parents and it’s a big place so plenty of room, with some land we use to grow food, I always wondered what sex with a man would be like but never acted on it but the thought never went away, then something extraordinary happened, Dad came home one night with two strangers in the car, they were an American couple touring the UK and their rather big camper broke down, he said he was going back to tow it back and dropped them off and when he had a look some bolt had come loose underneath and all the oil had come out seizing the engine.

    So we had a couple of guests for a month or so while their transport was being fixed which turned to be a revelation for me.
    To cut a long story short, she found out pretty quick I was gay, she herself was bi-sexual but said there was a time when she would only go with girls which I found really interesting, I asked her what happened to change her mind, well she said I met Tim on a night out in Chicago, things went a little too far and I found myself in bed with him, on the other hand he gave me orgasms so powerful it made me realise I was missing out on a lot of pleasure, I didn’t expect to see him after that but he asked me out on another date and here we are, 7 years later!

    He knows I still go to bed with girls and he’s happy with that but never with another man, sounds strange I know but it works quite well for us, I get the best of both worlds, tell me honey have you been with a man?
    No I have not I said but I’m not a virgin either, well honey don’t write them off until you do cause you don’t know what your missing, if you want I’ll ask Tim, he’s often found me in bed with another girl and joined us, I’m sure he would delighted, if you don’t try you’ll never know.
    I could feel the heat coming of my face it must have been beetroot red! Although I did admit I had been fantasising about it for a while, and this was a blatant invite into bed with her, and to cut a long story short a few days later it happened in their motor home.

    I had almost forgot about the conversation we had and it was about to hit home, I was on the edge of her bed and we started kissing, it did not take long for us to end up naked with her on top of me, spreading my legs she got to work on my pussy, it was incredible how easy she got so wet before I even touched her and she tasted so good, her juices flowed down my tongue into my mouth as she gave me the most incredible oral I’ve ever had, I had not noticed the door open or noticed anyone else in the room, her partner had come in, positioned himself at the bottom of the bed, she must have made his cock all wet cause he slid all the way inside me and I gasped, from a physical point of view it felt incredible, I could feel the heat of his cock, as he fucked me she continued working on my clit as I did with her, all of a sudden I felt myself tightening up around him, I've orgasmed with past female partners many times, even multiple orgasms, but this one felt much better somehow, more powerful and intense.

    As he continued pumping my pussy I was suddenly aware he was slowing down then stopped fully inside me, for the first time in my life a man was coming inside me, feeling his cock jerk and the heat of his sperm felt incredible, even though I was not on any kind of birth control I was lost in the moment, when he took it out of me she ate me out as his cum ran out of me, making me cum more, when it was over she gave me a kiss, I could taste the sex and his cum on her lips, I began to consider she was right, I was missing out on a lot of pleasure.
    For the next fifteen minutes or so I gorged myself on his cock and balls taking as much of him as I could in my mouth fuelling my own greedy lust , I licked all of the cum off his big smooth head, I was really enjoying the feel of his thick cock in my mouth and later than night we repeated it, this time from underneath I watch him fuck his partner, and saw his cock jerk and his balls twitch as he came in her, and when he withdrew, she sat up letting his cum drain out into my mouth, their was a lot of it and swallowed 99% of it, it was thick and creamy and tasted nice.
    I’m pleased to say we became friends and they came back for a visit the following year but this year I've been asked to accompany them round the UK and that should be fun when they get here, It was breath-taking what I had experienced, realising sex, no matter who with feels good.

    Quite Frankly It's No Big Deal

    I was born to a poor family in rural West Virginia. There are lots of sayings and other things said about poor rural folk, but no, our family tree has more than one branch in our family. Eight kids, one father one mother. Poor in money, rich in life.

    No one talked about sex directly, so many innuendos, not what you think, and things that happen behind the barn. Out of eight there had to be one. I did not earn a doctor's degree, all my siblings did. I stayed behind earning a Master's degree at Northwestern. We were all helped with scholarships, and our older siblings. Also at Northwestern I discovered that women, we called ourselves girls, could be as much fun as any date with a guy.

    A girl from West Virginia with a girl from Schenectady are quite a pair. We spent a lot of time reading up on our 'aberration'. Why did we come out that way? The country folk made little of it, remembering Helen from up the way who cast her eye on Sue from over yonder. Not the same with the upper crust, 'by God girl, don't you have anything better to do with your time? Get married, have your kids and grow up'.

    Time worked on us, instead if wearing off, things got stronger. For all the reasons we settled in West Virginia, where we set up our own business. We do what we can, but frankly speaking we aren't interested in changing anyone's mind. We are. That's all.

    Now go along and mind your own business.

  • Crushed On A White Girl Who Doesn't See Me For Who I Am

    I made a friend at the gym. She works out at the same time I do, around 6:30 before work. She is hot by my standards, about five eight and one forty, very fit. I'm Latina and five four and about 140, thicker but also very fit. I have always liked white girls. Fit white girls. Like cheerleader type white girls. My first pussy was a white girl, a girl from track. I have a huge crush on this girl. An all I can think of crush.

    But I'm not sure she is into brown girls. I don't have the chest, but I have the ass and thighs. I do have a problem in that my inner self is very dark, not pink like with white girls. Otherwise I present a very nice and shapely pussy. I am mostly shaved, I don't wax and like to have enough coverage, but not a bald pussy. She's not shaved or waxed and she has a light thin coverage of blond red pussy hair. She has nice lips, and I could very easily see myself between her legs.

    But first I need to kiss her. Show her some love. I want to date her, go out with her where we can be alone and talk. I'm thinking a place in my side of town, not an out lesbian hang out, but the lesbian show girls go there. I have to warn her that some of the girls that go there dance in men's clubs. They are lesbians but get naked for men. And I also confess that I go to these men's clubs myself, one of my friends is a talent manager and she lets me in and I hang out by the bar and supervise the floor for her. So much pussy, a girl can wet her pants there.

    Going back to getting her to date me. I have hinted but she tells me she has a busy social life. I want to be insistent, to go for it, but I'm sure she will play hard with me and reject me. So all I have right now is day dreams and night dreams. I want to deflower her, to take her pussy and show her how a Mexican chick eats pussy. If she will only let me get closer to her.