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Facing Biology Head On

I had a close friend in college. In college she figured out that she was gay, and her love interest was me. We both finished college and set some expectations and live together. She has a kinesiology degree and worked as a personal trainer at a Golds Gym until they shut down. Her clients are all gay women, from bubbly fems to hard core butch. Love wise there is only me.

With our situation right now, she is unemployed and I work from home, we have gotten really close, to the point of seriously talking kids. The idea of her getting pregnant via intercourse is not an option, and some anonymous donor is also not an option, not to mention we can't afford it. I called a 'friend' from high school and asked if he would get me pregnant.

I had not had intercourse since high school, not memorable. The sessions until I was pregnant were not memorable either, they were actually very difficult. Having permission didn't help, I feel awful that I did it, but I am pregnant. Our horrid thought is getting her pregnant too. I know what I went through and I have not given permission. I know I can't deny her a baby, I just wish it didn't have to be this way.

I wasn't a virgin when I met her but she is. What I love about her is how pure she is, I know
I have to bite my lip and hopefully she will be pregnant in a jiffy. It took me three months and too many sessions. I love her more than words can express, knowing she will be in my friends arms and not mine makes me sick at the stomach.

  • How I Met My SO

    After I finished my college I moved to the Dallas area for a job. I found a place on line with a room to rent by a girl a bit older than me. The place was in a somewhat rundown complex, but decent enough and the rent was cheap and I was looking for a job.

    I had lots of rejections, mainly because I did not have a car and I depended on public transportation. I interviewed with a company that was close to transportation and thought I had the job but in the end was rejected. She then hugged me to her and told me to let myself be hugged, nothing worse than being miserable by yourself. Her hug was pulling me to her so she could caress my face and she started to kiss my cheeks and not let me go telling me to just let myself be loved.

    Somehow she got my shirt up and got my tit out and started to suck on my tit, very long sucks, latched on, her hand going everywhere, if I pushed her face off she would tell me to just let her show me that I was loved. She pushed me back onto the couch and started to put her hand between my legs, slapping my hand if I tried to interfere. When she got my pants off she scolded me for not being presentable but she ate me anyway. After she got off of me, she told me that I needed to let myself be loved.

    I eventually got a job and with income we moved to a better apartment where she continued to show me that I was loved. She is the love maker and I am the receiver, although we both look very normal and tend to be passive people. I can get very jealous is she is paying attention to someone else, impatient maybe. I understand that she has uncovered my true liking, I don't like to call myself by names but I am definitely the girlfriend and she is the head of household in the relationship.

    I have never had sex with a man which is high on her list of things, no male sex. But I also wonder what that would be like, I wonder about it all the time. She claims to be virgin of male sex, which I believe but why not try, maybe I like it? I dream of it.

    He Is The Love Of My Life

    My son is now six months old. I have been home with my son because of COVID. I never thought I would fall in love with a man, a little man but still a man.

    Born To Love

    Pre puberty I don't recall any issues with my body, I wasn't around boys, everyone was a girl. Then puberty hit and I blossomed, and blossomed. I started to get attention from boys and girls, a woman too. Hugs, kisses, more hugs. It seemed I spent a lot of times with my face between bosoms. My tits were admired, touched, rubbed. A hand reaching in my skirt, touching my 'privates'. Those kisses on my mouth made me lose my balance.

    When the woman asked my mom if I could go with her and her husband on vacation to Colorado I was so excited, I got permission and I slept in her bed every night her husband was away. That summer she made love to me, until I was relieved of my female tension. The day I was dropped off at home was total disappointment.

    I have a woman in my life now, weird woman maybe but she doesn't hold back and I am relieved of my female tension almost every time she makes love to me. We took a two year trip across Europe and the Southeast Asia before settling down in the L.A. area.

    From Darkness Into Light

    In my house my father referred to my mother as 'his woman'. As kids we never paid much attention to it, sure they were married but she was still 'his woman'. My mother never complained.

    In college I learned how bad that was, how bad my father was, and my grandfather, that I and my sisters, and mother were all oppressed by men like him. The only time my mother slapped me was the day I told my mother that we were oppressed by him. I was never angrier, more sure of my disgust with my father, I went back to college to the embrace of my fellow women, taking a degree in Sociology, and in a relationship with a fellow graduate, a smart, driven, activist of women's rights, gay and lesbians, and all the oppressed peoples of the white supremacist.

    My father died unexpectedly, I went to the funeral, my sisters and my mother did not want me there. My younger sister called me a freak, a lesbo bitch. Do them a favor and go back to Oakland.

    I went back to Oakland, I was not the same. I didn't feel right, the words of the 'community' did not feel right. My father was not an oppressor, my mother and sisters were in pain and so was I. I broke up with my partner, went home to live with my mother, to make peace with her and my sisters. I fell into a relationship with a man, the first person I ever confessed all my feelings to. The first man who took me into his arms as a 'woman'.

    I am gay, after three years I met this woman who stole my heart, a school teacher and with his 'permission' and my mother's permission we now live together. He is not my father, he is everything, he holds my hand, listens, he is the light I follow. My partner and I live under his eye, his hand, his love. He loves me even as I am, I am gay, I will always be 'his woman'.

  • Making Love With A Girl Is Much Better Than Having Sex With A Man

    In college I got hot and heavy with my roommate. We experimented and got hot and heavy. Off and on we have sex, or I prefer to say we make love. I have a husband, and we have sex, it is not the same, making love with your girlfriend is an experience that makes you enjoy life.

    I Discovered My True Self

    Let's go back three years. I was 28, I was the Benefits Manager, I had worked at the company for 5 years. The company hired Isabel out of college for the finance department. Quiet, reserved, introverted. When I went over the benefits with her it was the first time she had health insurance, life insurance, she did not know anything about 401K, her only jobs had been in house cleaning service for small family restaurants where the Social used and the name on the payroll was provided for you.

    She was pretty in a Latina way, but she needed braces and she never had help with acne. Her hands were strong from working labor, her shoulders broader than her small hips, her breasts were full size but high on her chest. She wore a tight woolen dress. I looked at her thighs, thick thighs, like a runner. She told me she worked out, I told her we had a gym membership and I would go with her to show her how to get in.

    Not once during my HR job had one girl get to me, touch the hot nerve. When I met her early the next morning she was in gym clothes, guns, thighs, tight shorts, hard boobs, a strong jaw, and strong. She out did me, strength, resistance, her squats all I could do was stare, with her eyes square on my eyes. She stood up and walked over to me and asked me in a soft voice, "do you like women?". "Yes", my voice cracked. "Touch me", her eyes didn't blink.

    Barefoot she is my height, but much stronger, solid, she held my hand hard as I touched her crotch, "grab my pussy, show me that you mean it". She wasn't quiet, or reserved or introverted, she was in her element in the gym and I was breathing hard, eating out of her hand, the tables were turned.

    She told me that we would go out, but not till Thursday because she had to take care of her mother. On Thursday we went to a club, loud music, women, body builders, CrossFit, hot yoga, runners, all gay, dancing, hugging, making out in booths, she introduced me as a chick from work, not to worry I was her sub. I am not femme, well somewhat but I have never been a sub. Except at the gym with her. Later that night I met my Dom. One night, one mouthful of her, one command and I was her sub, still am, to a 25 year old.

    I Love Her But She Will Never Love Someone Like Me

    I am a physical trainer at a private club in a downtown building. I have a client, 28, to me beautiful, abs of steel, strong thighs, buns that make my heart miss a beat, and those perky breasts, not big, not small, just right. I am so in love with her. She is of course out of my league so I am in love from afar.

    I see her twice a week, 5:30 to 6:15. We do strength training, spin, abs and glutes. She talks to me before and after. She has given me a pat on the shoulder and once patted me on the butt voicing approval. I can't control my excitement when I see her. Then she asked if I ever went to this restaurant, she lunched there often. This restaurant is known to be a favorite lunch place for the rich and beautiful, and I have heard that it is becoming a lesbian meeting place for the high and mighty.

    I can't afford that restaurant, especially now. I want to declare myself to her but I am scared she will misunderstand. She is client, she lives in an expensive high rise, I checked her address, I'm sure that she has never spent a social hour in my neighborhood.

    Lesbian From The Beggining

    In junior high I had a friend who was sex obsessed. After being caught giving a blowjob to neighbor she was locked in, couldn't go anywhere where boys would be there. In her bedroom she showed me a dildo she had stolen from a friends house, she had already taken her panties off, she lifted her uniform and sat on her bed and inserted the dildo in as far as it would go.

    My first ever view of a girl's pussy being opened like that, and watching a dildo disappear in her. After fucking herself she offered me the dildo, it was big in my hand. She helped me get out of my panties and she pretty mush shoved in me, helping me fuck myself with the dildo. We did this many times, we felt eachother up, we ate eachother. Ninth grade started and we both went without our panties on.

    During our entire high school we only had sex with eachother, acquiring several more dildos, we could easily take a Monster Cock dildo. I loved getting naked under the covers and eating her out. She liked using the dildos on me. In college she got a hold of a strapon and fucked me with it, I preferred it in the dog position. She met a guy in Chemistry class and offered me to him. Dog style, on the bed and he stood behind me. I told her I was not impressed, I wanted her not some random guy.

    I am on my own now, alone. I have several dildos, A couple with suction cups, all big for my hand. Human to human it is always a woman, an Alpha woman like my school and college girlfriend.

    All I Want To Is That Perfect Girl

    I made money as a topless dancer from 19 to 21. I enjoyed walking around topless, guys staring, but not touching. Other girls told me they liked it too. Sure, we did it for the money but it would be a lie to deny I like breasts, I love brown nipples, I like breasts that are bigger than my hands, breasts and a pretty face are a killer combination. I never liked men, not a memory of ever wanting to touch or be touched by a man. But many memories of girl classmates, jealousies, obsessions, tight pants, cleavage, poky nipples in a sweater. I danced topless because I wanted to be around other girls.

    I first touched a breast when I was 13 and she was 13. I sucked her nipple. My tingle tingled. I fist put my fingers on a girl's sweet pussy at 15, I kissed her there, ran my tongue up and down her slit. She was 17, a girl from church. She sat on the couch with her legs open for a long time, letting me touch, kiss, smell, finger her, while I kissed she held her hand on my head. My first pussy.

    I got into dancing because I was obsessed with tits, and showing off my tits. I got a lot out of men seeing my tits, but I got more out of seeing other girl's tits.

    I had to do something, I was eating this girl pretty regularly and she said we should go to Florida and we got jobs in Orlando as cocktail waitresses, cleavage means tips. She and I were really friends with benefits. I need a pretty face, nice tits, easy character, clean, no smoking, no hangups about being gay. In other words a nice girl to take home to mama.

    I am not asking too much.