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I'm Not Sure I Am A Lesbian, But Nonetheless I Will Get Married

I went out with a guy I met through a friend. We went dancing at a club. He got drunk and fresh, putting his hand between my legs. I slapped him and told him to back off. He hit me with his fist, broke my nose, cut open my lip. I fell backwards and broke my wrist. After being helped and my bloody nose had stopped I called my best friend from work. She showed up with her friend, a guy who worked upstairs. He brought a bat.

We went to an ER, I got a splint on my wrist and my nose was straightened and taped and my lip got a stitch. I got pain medications with all the warnings. I went home with her, to her apartment. She loaned me a nightgown, put my clothes in the wash, and she put me in her bed. Her friend said he would take the couch along with his bat, he was going to protect us. After getting ready for bed she got in bed with me. She put her arm around me and I fell asleep.

After that incident she and I got much closer than work friends and we moved in together, a two bedroom apartment. One night after cleaning the kitchen she hugged me and told me she loved me. I said I loved her too. In a friend way. In return I got a kiss on the lips, not a baby kiss, a lover's kiss.

Getting to the point, she wanted a full blown lover relationship. And pushed me into having sex, she had read this article on lesbians making love to her lover, she followed the article right down the line. This was her first ever sexual experience, her first initiative, her first declaration of love. I went along, I did my part except for giving her oral sex. I smiled at her and told her I loved her. A not true statement, not in love with her. She on the other hand was in love with me.

We are now thirtysomethings, we have lived together for eight years, since we moved in together after I got beat up. We moved into the same bedroom, we refer to each other by a pet name. If asked if we are partners we answer that we are. She wants to get married, I'd rather not but I can't hurt her feelings, not about this. She is more in love than ever, I am much more comfortable and totally OK, but honestly I don't have butterflies and more than that I have urges to get together with a man. It has been a very long time, do I miss it? or do I fantasize it? I can't decide.

Either way I will get married, and I will be a good wife. I won't cheat. I just wish this voice on my shoulder would quiet down.

  • Something I Want To Say, Lesbians Are People Too

    My husband left me after three months. Just never came home. Without his paycheck I couldn't pay the rent, I moved in with my aunt. It was only then that I learned that she was a lesbian, she told me. It wasn't that she could not find a husband.

    I changed jobs, a closer job. At work I met this girl, a secretary. She was a lesbian. And then I met her girlfriend, another lesbian, a nurse. And those lesbians I met through my aunt, lesbians. A lawyer, a bartender, a hairstylist, another nurse, and an adjunct professor. All lesbians.

    No signs, no marches, no weird get ups. Just lesbians. That's all.

    I am not a lesbian, pretty straight really. I met my husband, got married and did my stuff. I am here to say just that one thing. Lesbians are people too, I learned that living with my aunt.

    My Girlfriend, My Partner

    I never dated, it wasn't my thing. Friends yes, dates no. I got through college in four years with decent grades and got a job before graduation. I started in Internal Audit, I shared an office with another first year girl. We became friends and paled around. She was the first person I told about my upbringing.

    We had ordered many boxes of files which were lined up against the wall in front of our desks. She was on the floor in front of my desk looking for files, she had a dress on that day, bent over the boxes I could see her underwear from where I was sitting, wrapped around her labia, with a small wet spot visible when she opened her legs to lean forward. My heart raced, every time she leaned forward her pussy in her panties moved, her pubic hair pressed against her panties, her wet spot got bigger. My wetness got heavier, I was rubbing myself and I triggered an orgasm. She turned asking me what was going on.

    She wasn't amused when I told her what happened, how her ass in the air, her pussy in her panties had set me off. She wasn't amused, but she was curious, how could something basically gross turn me on? How could her pussy turn me on? I didn't know, but it did. She turned me on. That weekend we had been invited to the beach, for a summer weekend at our boss's house. He put us up in a room, we either picked the room with bunkbeds or the room with a double bed. She asked me if she could trust me and we said we would take the room with the double bed.

    That night, we talked, that night I told her how my stepfather had sex with me when I was twelve, I got pregnant but miscarried. I swore her to secrecy. We hugged face to face, my boobs plastered against hers. She kissed me first, I put my hand in her crotch, she sucked my boob, I fingered her. We got down to business, this time her pussy was in my face, her lips open when I put my lips to hers and my tongue in her vagina.

    We had our fling, hot, heavy, constant. We decided that one of us should quit so we could live together. We were not just friends, we were first for each other and we learned and discovered with each other. It wasn't the time then to come out, we never did, let people figure it out. We have spent all these years together. I've never been a fan of behind on her knees. I want her on her back caressing me. That day in our office was a fluke, her pussy and pubes all tied up in her panties. Really? Not a pretty sight.

  • Pam My One True Love

    During the summer we spent our time 'at the cottage', a 6 bedroom seaside home with a pool and tennis court, and nine holes of golf with a private landing strip, and a 43 footer to spend a couple of days sailing. Between high school and college a 'girl' was hired to help in the kitchen and light housekeeping. Pam was 23, and I was 18, and I fell in love with her.

    She kept her distance, always polite, but I could not get her to talk with me. It was always 'yes ma'am', 'no ma'am'. She was assigned to look after me. I sat in my room while she made the bed, picked up the bathroom, dusted, swept, picked up my clothes for laundry. She kept her eyes away from me, 'yes ma'am', 'no ma'am'.

    I changed into my swim suit, she did not pay attention. I asked her to comb my hair, she stood behind me combed and French braided my hair. 'Anything else ma'am'. My brothers came and I asked them to take me sailing, and I asked that Pam come along so I wouldn't be the only girl. She asked to be excused because she didn't know anything about being on a boat. I pushed and I prevailed, Pam would come with me and bunk with me. Her responsibilities were limited to catering to me, the boys were not to ask her for anything.

    We bunked together, she prepared for bed with her back to me, her thin waist and small back against her hips and long legs. She turned my bed down and I asked her to tuck me in. I asked for a kiss before going to sleep. She stood her ground but I puckered up my lips until she bent down to give me a good night kiss. After she kissed me I told her I loved her. 'Yes ma'am'. So I asked her 'do you love me?' "Yes ma'am'.

    We spent two days at sea, she catered to me, she kissed me good night, and I kissed her good night. "I love you'. 'Yes ma'am'. Back on shore my mother had gone back into town for a few days. She left instructions that no boys were to be there, except my brothers. Pam was to look after me, and the housekeeper was in charge.

    That night I asked to be tucked in, I asked for my kiss. I told Pam loved her, she said she did too, but it was useless for me to love her and for her to love me. She sat on my bed, beside me. She kissed my forehead, 'good night ma'am'.

    I asked that Pam accompany when I went to University in Paris. She kissed me goodnight every night, tucked me in, took care of the apartment, shopping, she taught me how to cook, when I asked if she loved me she always replied 'yes ma'am'. When I asked her if she wanted to look after anyone else she replied 'no ma'am'.

    In time I was introduced to a suitor, and things were put in motion. On my wedding night she helped bathe me, comb my hair, she kissed me, a long soft kiss, 'don't do it ma'am'. I didn't.

    The Day I First Felt An Attraction To Another Woman

    My name is Teresa.

    When I went to art college you lived in apartments in the area, there was no student housing. I got a lead on an apartment close to school with one female student living there. The price was right, I would my own a room but we would share a bathroom. We met and things seemed ok and I agreed to move in.

    The first night I'm there she walks around naked, naked like not even her earrings on. She stood there, not a stitch on, breasts, well honestly they were nice, really nice. Hips, very much a woman's hips. And between her hips a rather fluffy, light brown pubic patch above her cleft with her labia clearly visible from where I was standing. She stood resting on one foot, with a glass of water talking to me like nothing strange was going on.

    I could not take my eyes off her rather attractive woman parts. Honestly at 18 I had never seen a woman like that, pictures yes, quick nudity yes, but a naked woman talking to me and her 'lips' calling me. At least I felt like they were calling me. And I felt it deep in, well, my lips. Wet and acting up. Never had I been turned on.

    Oh, she shared her beautiful pussy with me, and her really nice breasts, and she definitely shared those woman hips too. Oh, and her ever so soft lips. 18 is young really, young to be taken down this path. Sure, it was exiting, really exciting, but it was also taking a girl from Ohio and perverting her into loving on a woman's womanhood. Eating pussy. Boy, in high school we talked about that, some guy eating you, but none of had ever done it. And she had me do it, and did it to me.

    I really never thought I was going to be a lesbian. Never, ever, it never crossed my mind. Until the first day I was with her, and she was so completely naked and her breasts were just there, and her pussy was calling me. And I answered the call. The first time I was aroused, turned on, was the first day I spent with her. And she knew exactly what she was doing, that's why she wanted an 18 year old freshman moving in with her.

  • Setting Up For 'our' Life Together

    I'm the Nanny, 26, degree in Art History, good school, good family, well to do, lesbian. I 'work' for my love interest and her husband. She comes from money, real money, and so does he. They got married to produce children, two, ages 2 and 4. She wanted them out of the way early while her body was young. He is very much aware that it's she and I, where he goes we don't care. I guess as long as he isn't boning some chick whose going to send him home with an STD, or worse get knocked up. He's careful, I guess, he doesn't bone us.

    History is full of marriages of convenience, not the least of which is getting kids to fill the void. Leaving all your worldly belongings to your cat is really dumb. That's why we decided to get the kids out of the way early, and we needed the right sperm for it. For him it's a good deal, no rub from a wife demanding attention, or worse money. My honey can hold her own. So can I for that matter, working is not for me. Except being the Nanny, you know, these are our kids and the Nanny role works for us until we can get married after a suitable time after they separate and 'divorce'. Believe me, prenups and all, and an agreed time together and then "Oh, Lord did you hear M and J got divorced and she ran off with the Nanny".

    I've also researched lesbian women of means. We are not alone. Some stayed married, others were Nanny's or personal secretaries, but the one thing that's true is that getting boned was the furthest thing from their mind. We are holding up that tradition, the Mistress and the Nanny.

    Sexual Harassment Training, Woman To Woman

    My situation is a bit different because my work sexual advances were made by a woman, not a man. I was a new hire and part of coming to work for the company was to sit through a couple of days of HR training. Sexual harassment was front and center. Everyone had to sign that they had successfully completed the training.

    The HR lady, actually mid twenties but to me she seemed older, paid attention to me. I remember when she talked to me she touched me, my hands, my arms, my shoulders, she moved the hair out of my face. Touchy, but I ignored it. After I was in my first assignment she looked in in me, took me to lunch, laughed with me, and touched me when she talked or was close to me. It became a thing, we were lunch buddies.

    The day things got uncomfortable we had gone to the mall for lunch, about ten minutes away. Walking back from the food court we passed VS and there was a big sign, 50% off. She whispered to me if 50% was the price or showing skin. And just like that she took my hand and we went into the store. At one of the panty counters she picked up a couple and put them up to my waist making comments about them, this one yes, this one no, this one was for some sweet time between the sheets. Then, pushing me we went to the pay counter and she bought me three pair.

    At work she asked, why didn't I change into that pair, the one she bought me for a sweet time between the sheets, and show her how they fit. In the ladies room she snuck into the stall with me, after 'reviewing' my pubic hair she asked if she could give me a trim, the panties were nice but for a girl waxed bald, no hair. She put her fingers against the panties, and felt me from top to bottom before looking in my eyes making a small apology.

    If my heart hadn't been racing, I would have said something but all I did was change back into my other panties and we left the ladies' room back to our respective offices. To this day when I think if that day, her hand rubbing and feeling me up, her eyes when she looked at me I get goose bumps and like now I get moist down there.

    I work for HR now, she arranged for me to work with her. I give harassment training and I look around the room. What would Miss Principles do when the hottest girl you ever met touches your pussy at work?

    My First Time Girl Exp.

    I'm going ro make this short and sweet I'm new to this. I'm strait but am considering other things. I recently fooled around with my best friend, we got drunk and stripped each other down, took turns going down on each other and basicly fucked. The following day I remember everything and I'm not sure if she does, I have pics of that night that I mastebate too...but I'd like to find out if she remembers anything or if she enjoyed herself, just don't know how to ask. Because I think I like her and what we did felt great. If anyone had any advice let me know in the comments below. Thx guys

    Lesbian Soccer, And Softball Players Are Not A Myth

    I started playing soccer in the 7th grade. By the time I got to high school I was on the varsity team. On my team there were several lesbians, our coach was a lesbian, I was propositioned many times.

    I knew girls on the volleyball, tennis, softball teams. They also spoke to me about lesbians on their teams, and coaches and assistant coaches. I've wondered for a long time that lesbian coaches recruited lesbian players.

    I'm not a lesbian, I was cautioned about guys, suggested to socialize with my teammates, not with guys. Cheerleaders, to my knowledge were straight. At least they fucked guys. I lost my cherry between my junior and senior year. Once I got dick, my coach lost interest in me and I never got a soccer scholarship, although I played in college as a walkon.

    I experimented with a lesbian player in college, to see what it was all about. I just could never get interested enough, although I was sexually aroused.

  • More Than Friends

    What do you do after you've been made. I was in Bolivia with a friend, another woman. We were going down the spine of South America, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile. We had money, and we had a plan. In Bolivia we took one room to save money. It had one bed, no big deal we had slept together before. The altitude put us to sleep, cuddled together from the cold. The maid walked in in the morning and found us in bed together and told the manager, we were thrown out of the hotel for being gay but our bags followed on the street.

    We went to Chile.

    Long story short, we returned without any money, accused of being lesbians which we never lived down. Seems that they were right, we would have had to plead guilty. We left friends and returned more than friends. Who would have known, two decent lady friends accused of such a thing.