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Total Shock

My name is Jackie, I'm 28, married and I recently attended my 10 year high school reunion. There wasn't a lot of people there due to the new Covid variant. My husband and I sat at a table by ourselves for most of the night. I saw some friends but the ones I was really close with couldn't make it.

My husband said he wasn't feeling great and wanted to leave. I was more than happy to go when my old friend Denise walked in and made a bee line for me. I haven't seen her since the summer after graduation. We started chatting right where we left off 10 years ago. My husband tried to stick it out but couldn't hang anymore. I told him I would get a ride or call an Uber. He left and Denise and I continued to drink and bullshit. I asked Denise about her love life and she revealed to me that she came out, she's a lesbian. I wasn't shocked. She dated guys but she always had a little bit of masculinity. After a little longer Denise said she was sorry to hear about my mom. I thanked her and said the cancer was aggressive and she didn't suffer much. I saw a sadness in Denise's eyes. I told her it was ok and that my mom was in a better place now. Denise then said in a hushed voice, "I Loved her..." I said "What?" Denise composed herself, sat up a little straighter and said "I Loved her... I Loved Jenny."
"Jenny?" I said. "No one called her Jenny. Everyone called her Mrs. G!"
It was a weird exchange between the 2 of us. Denise said she had something to tell me. I took a sip of my drink, put my glass down, when Denise said that she loved my mom because they had an affair! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Denise went on to say that it started right after I went away to college and continued for several years. She told me that my mom and her bumped into each other at the store, my mom invited her over the house, and it was there that my mother seduced her. She said they were sitting on the couch, talking and she said my mom leaned in and kissed her. The next thing she knew they were devouring and clawing at each other until they were naked and tangled on the couch. She told me that she never felt so sexy, so uninhibited and so wanted and loved. She said my mother's kisses and her touch were so beautiful and needed. She told me that she won't say anymore. I told her to go on. She said that when my mom pleasured her with her mouth it was heaven. Now listening to all this I was conflicted. It was a hot story but it was my mother in the story. She was the aggressor. Denise went on to say that my mom loved my dad but she was not happy. Their sex life was non existent and it was around that time my mom had an affair with her female yoga instructor, which opened up her eyes to a whole new world. This all lead up to my mom's seduction of Denise. I was questioning all this in my head but Denise knew stuff only me and my mom would know.

After she told me, I was numb. I was speechless and numb. The hotel bar was closing and the conversation had run its course. Denise offered to drive me home. She drove me but we didn't speak much. When she pulled up and stopped in front of my house, Denise said to keep in touch. I looked at her, nodded my head, smiled and got out.

I went into the house and woke up my husband to tell him. He was dumbfounded. A couple days later I was with my dad. I asked him questions, hinting around about my mom having an affair(s) but my dad didn't take the bait and I don't have the heart to tell him.

I'm still in total shock.

  • A Girl Sometimes Needs To Get Dicked

    I'm a 50 year old never married woman, more experienced with women than men. Hence never married. I had a girlfriend for a while, she moved out of state and I was in the mood and I got it on with one of my ex supervisors. He was surprised at how good I was, considering our ages, and he knew that I tended to dance with the girls and not the boys.

    I suppose in the great big picture of things I am a lesbian, but just because I am doesn't mean I don't enjoy a man on top once in a while. Especially if the man is a toxic, no good, red neck, asshole. Kidding, I mean to say that getting laid once in a while is good for you. Sort of reminds you why you gravitate to a nice young girl who needs to be supported.


    Living The Part Is A Little Hard Right Now

    The day I married my husband I was under no delusions of what I was getting into. You see, I'm a lesbian. I knew it, he didn't. Somehow I had to make it work. I got married to have children, not a child, a household of children. For that I needed a father, a man who could pay for my family to be, a man who would not only father my children, he would also raise them. And for that I had to switch gears, go straight and be a 'woman'.

    I knew how to look the part, play the part, sex with a man couldn't really be that difficult, I was sure I could pull it off. Ha, I admit it's a lot harder than I thought.

    This man I married is now aware of what he married, after four kids I confessed. But I'm in it up to my neck, four kids, the oldest is now ten and the youngest is a toddler about to walk. Let me clear something up, I have never cheated on him, and I have always been available to him. But going on 12 years I am wits end, I need a girlfriend, one who doesn't mind being a kissing buddy.

    I hope this feeling fades away and I can get back to being a wife, in the carnal sense, I'm a wife in every other sense. My husband's patience is getting thin, he wants his wife back.

  • When Two Become Three Become One

    Back in the day when we were in nursing school, my girlfriend and me, we got a new neighbor, an ortho surgeon medical resident. We are and were then girls who walked together, hand in hand. It took him twenty seconds to figure it out. But his pheromone receptors were all messed up and he fell for me, hook, line and sinker. And nothing would do, he claimed he was a lesbian too, he would wear panties if that would do.

    At one point, well along in our neighbor relationship to put him off one more time, we told if we could, we would get married. He wasn't dissuaded, he came back to us with a mail order certificate, he was a bona fide minister of the mail order kind. And he would marry us. We had a party out by the pool, our friends and relatives, we wore virgin white gowns, P.S. we were virgins in that sense, he performed the ceremony and we exchanged matching wedding bands. We expressed our love for each other and we kissed out in the open. Not legal, but real enough and that would do.

    After the party in the rec room and out by the pool, lesbians kissing, and straight people too, and back in our apartment he looked us hard in the eye. He was there too consummate the marriage. It wasn't ever in our plans, but nothing else would do. He consummated the marriage, first one and then two. We woke up with a husband, his wives.

    Time moved along, we finished our degrees and became RNs, he finished his residency and went into practice, we moved into a new built home and filled it with children. We are today officially married, we married at 50. He walked us both down the isle, our eldest daughters stood in as Maids of Honor, the rings our wedding bands of so many years ago.

    A man who won't quit, never did, never took a no for an answer. We have a husband, he comes in handy when needed, ask our children. But let's be straight about one thing. When he met us we were girls who held each other's hands, now we are grandmothers who hold each others hands. That has never changed. Husband or not, his wives are lesbians, that was our compromise that day when he consummated our marriage to him.

    Me And My Only One

    Some things from my past. At 11 at a sleepover with my best friend we licked each others pussy. At 13 at a boy girl party I sucked a boy's dick on a dare. At 16 I went on my first car date and showed my pussy to a boy. At 16 I licked my best friend's pussy, all wet and found her vagina and her clit. No more boys for me

    At 18 on my high school graduation trip to Europe with my best friend's family her mother told us to enjoy our bodies, we had a separate room so we really enjoyed our bodies every night. College took us away from home and we roomed together in an off campus dorm. We slept together in the single bed, and couldn't wait for bed time when we hugged and rubbed our tits together.

    Post college we moved to the city, rented a room in uptown and discovered short shorts and short skirts and dancing at an all girl's club. Pussies were shaved and two size too small thongs were worn all day. Girls girls girls were the order of the day. Hot, big tits and small, long legs and tight asses, thick brown Hispanic girls from the CrossFit club, hot tits and no bras. Girls girls girls.

    Went home for Christmas, slept apart at our parent's homes, for the first time in a long long time, big brother got handy, touched my girl, she got hot and big brother took her down. We are back in the city, in our room, hot in bed, had pussy for dinner, sucked her hot tittie for breakfast, wondering whether big brother knocked her up.

    Girls all around but only one girl gets me hot, she sleeps with me, my one and only, my very best friend, my one and only lover, the one that's in my heart. I love her, and if my big brother knocked her up, she'll have my baby, I told him that's how it's going to be.

  • Meeting My Lover

    As a new teacher in the middle school I was befriended by the school counselor. As the weeks went by she guided me and held my hand through the roughest period in teaching. A weekend in October she let me know she was having a few people over and she thought it would be a good time to meet some people other than at school. A professional ballerina, a newspaper editor, a lawyer.

    I went, she let me in and my heart skipped a beat. Over her sofa was a large black and white photograph of a woman's open crotch. In great detail. 'oh that's something from my younger days'. A walk back to the kitchen three women, thirty something. She introduced me around, I was the youngest there. The talk picked up, and soon it was all about the lesbian community in town.

    The ballerina was there to meet me. She came from a good upbringing certainly not a middle class girl. She took me into the front room, with that picture on the wall. It made me uncomfortable, and she was asking me if I liked it. How brave our hostess was, to just put it out there. But then again she had a perfect pussy, every girl's dream pussy. Didn't I agree?

    She reached under the coffee table and put a picture album on the table, nudes, nudes, nudes. Some very soft, others in your face. Some were pictures of her when she first came to the city and was our hostess' lover. 'Would I pose for her, she was exploring her photography skills'. Let her, she would really like that.

    Dinner was our hostess' and the lawyer's talked about the girls they had seduced, in college and now in the city. My new friend held my hand whispering that I was there to meet her, not these older women. Over coffee she invited me to go upstairs with her. Seduction? Pressure? Animal instinct? She was experienced, far more than me. She brought me climax more than once, she showed me what was the most perfect pussy I had ever seen. Her breasts, her physique, a dancer, superbly fit. And that beautiful pussy. It took it breath away.

    Beside my bed, on my nightstand I have a photograph of her, nude in a ballerina's pose, her beautiful pussy exposed for me. On her nightstand she chose a picture of me, of my pussy, gully aroused and exposed. I do not agree on blowing it up and putting it on the wall.

    Pictures From The Past

    Back in the days of Polaroid pictures I let my college FWB take several pictures with his new camera. I kept the pictures. By today's standards not that out there, but style wise a very furry girl. Today I wear a tight trim, I like my lips to be visible. That's how my girlfriend wears her pubes. If you are going to munch down a nice smooth glorious open flower should be the norm.

    I bring this up because I showed her the pictures, a little faded. She wanted to know who took the pictures. "Some guy I knew in college" just made her jealous and angry. The very idea that a man has gone there makes her shake her head. You really can't explain how you can like being under a guy getting laid. Not to a proud Gold Star lesbian.

    I tacked the pictures on the bulletin board over my desk. I like them, being 19 looks good, I always had a figure, bosoms, and a very bushy bush.

    I Had Her And Then Gave Her Back....

    I was about 24 at the time, or maybe younger...
    I fell in love with my crush's sister after she told me straight that her sister didant want me and she was just playing me for cash.

    I don't know if it was the anger or what, but that night when she rolled over beside in my bed and said, "why don't u like me?" I saw it clearly that i needed some! I licked her pussy dry and wet again! She was delicious, sweet, sexy! This was my first time eating pussy and she made it a great first. I mean, its so fresh, so tasty!!!
    She came all over my face and I finger fucked her. She was staying with me due to a break up and man! We became a couple. I wanted to fuck her alllllll the time. She was everything! Damn! I mean, we'd be at work and I'm telling her to see me in the bathroom! Id just finger and taste her pussy, get her excited for when we got home.
    Eventually everyone at work knew we were fucking and we didnt care. We were so inlove and so inseparable. She got suspended for a week after some bs with another coworker and id hurry him every evening to my baby just to kiss her and have her.

    Sometimes I miss that. Sometimes I miss having my sexy mama dance and tease me, kiss me, with her sweet smell and pretty smile, arouse me and then we'd fuck. We couldnt stay away from each other! We fucked everywhere! Anytime! She never told me NO! She was always ready for the tongue, finger or any of my fake dicks she picked out. She was careful also to not get large ones. We bought some 6'' and was alright with them... When i strapped up and had her on a backshot, she was so fucking magical.

    I miss that sometimes. A wife. A bitch! A hardcore slut for me if she has to be. Miss u RMS. I know life changed but i still wish i had my pussy to eat and finger fuck while watching ur eyes roll over...

    Discovered ANR

    Carol and I worked together for 3 years. I am an out Lesbian, and I always found her very attractive but never made any advances since she was married. She got pregnant it turns out at the same time her husband announced he was giving it all up and hiking in the Himalayas with a 19 year old girl. She was divorced, devastated, and alone in the city. He was her world, and her only family, she had no one else. We developed a great friendship and as she was doubting herself and her looks, her sexiness in her 5th month. We made love. She told me that was the first time she ever came without doing it herself. By this time I knew that she had 14 guys for sex by that time but at 22 she'd never orgasmed except by her own stimulation.

    things progressed, we went through the pregnancy, and I introduced her to anal sex in her 8th month which actually made her orgasm with the strapon punching in and out of her back hole. I was in the room when the baby was born, then after she moved into my house. We made a nursery. After the baby was through milking from her, I asked her not to bind herself and dry things up. I liked the taste of her milk and loved the time we had together when I'd nurse on her. So it's been 8 months after, and I empty her breasts of milk twice a day. We have slow nursing and rubbing each other, sometimes I think she could orgasm from the nursing alone. Another plus, I really like her hairy all natural, on top and down below.

    Even though we still make love, we still have all out, ravaging fuck sessions. I've never had an experience so loving, slow, and nurturing as nursing on my beautiful Carols breasts.

  • From Platonic To Live

    My very close to me girlfriend and roommate has been my platonic love for years, early high school till now. Before 2020 my girlfriend got involved with a certain Mr. X. Sexually. She by her own admission needs it, a man's hands and attention. Breaks my heart but it is how she is wired.

    During 2020 when we were sent home, and I lost my job. Mr. X came over to get some and to give some and he invited me to join. Not interested was my answer. But when my girlfriend said it would be, him on her, and her on me I agreed. What was platonic went live. Her first time licking between my legs was me giving her my virginity. Her first time licking me between my legs transformed her.

    Because the three of us were in the bed together she held me down so he could truly have my virginity. He triumphed but so did I, a small price to pay to move off center with my girlfriend. Since then, now more than ever, my girlfriend and I are in love and not just platonically. The physical side is alive and well. Mr. X is still in the middle, and sometimes his hands and his tool get too familiar with me. It is what it is, without him we may have never gone live so I'm not going to complain.