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First Time To Experience As Lesbian

Met a girl online and agree to met at a bar. We agreed to dress up, I wore a sexy short black tube dress barely cover my ass and my breast, a pair of nude pantyhose and a pair of 5” sandal heels, braless and no underwear.

When I met her at a bar, she was wearing white crop top without bra showing her nipples, black mini skirt with a pair of black pantyhose, and a pair of 5” sandal heels (exact the same one I wear). We were laughing at each when we saw each other wearing the same shoes.

We sat down at a corner table, have a few drinks and appetizers. In the middle of conversation, she accidentally rub my leg with her shoe. She apologized and I said you can seduce me. She opened her eyes and asked: are you sure? I was like yeah and you can do whatever you want to seduce me.

She start to seduce me with her leg touching and rubbing my leg. I also did the same thing back to her. Then she starts to touch me with her hands and likewise for me.

She invited me to her apartment and I agree. We sat down and continue to have chat. Then she wanted to say something but stop. I ask if you wanna me to have sex with you? She knocked her head. I said I am ok but I am virgin with a woman. She said that is ok, she will treat me with respect if I say no during the sex.

We go to her bed, start kissing each other and then I took off her t-shirt, see her breast and can’t believe I am kissing and licking a woman breast. She moaned and then pull down my tube dress to show my breast, she also kissed and licking my breast. Then we took each other dress off , noticing both of as have pantyhose crotches in wet and laugh. I ask her what should we do since we don’t have men in front of us… she asked me wanna to try scissor position, I asked her how. She said basically each of us will have pussy against each other and rubbing against each other. I was like interesting and said let do it. We were still with pantyhose and high heels on, we lay on the mattress and start the scissor position and rub against each other pussy, it felt so good.. then we remove our pantyhose and decided to have heels on… we continue to scissor position till we cum. Then I wanna to try to each her pussy, I ask her if she mind. She said sure and we have 69 position and we eat each other push till we cum again.

Both of us were exhausted and we sleep in naked body till the next morning.

Since then we see each other very often and this is how I started my lesbian life. No more dick for me.

  • My Girlfriend Came Back To Me

    I had been in a same sex relationship for three years when a man took my virginity and impregnated me. I was 20 and no one knew about my girlfriend, or that I had a same sex relationship. For all the standard reasons I became a pregnant bride. I moved in with my husband and played house, a new baby and settled down.

    Soon we had a second baby, bought a house, drew straws on which grandparents got Thanksgiving and which Grandparents got Christmas. I was happy, I was in live with my babies, my husband's man of the house behavior didn't bother me. He was the man of the house. For my 25th birthday, five years after changing gears, my girlfriend called, she came over, she went crazy over my kids, we laughed and cried, but we couldn't keep from kissing.

    All those feelings came back, a thousand times over. Happiness turned to sadness, I spiraled down, cried uncontrollably, pushed my husband away. Until I had to tell him, everything. Of course I got a lecture, warnings about seeing her, but I also got held and told he loved me and reminders about being married, having a home, and having two children. The adult thing, the mature, logical thing was obvious. But my heart didn't hear any of that.

    My husband relented, let my girlfriend into our life. It took a while for my husband to understand this part of me. My girlfriend came back to me, we don't advertise it to the world, we are best friends. My husband adopted her, that's what I call it. To my kids she is Aunt L. Things are as normal as can be, but a kiss is a kiss.

    Sleepover Confession

    I love my best friend. She is funny, kind, generous, loyal, and a joy to have in my life. We have been on double dates, holidays and many social events together. We are both rampant heterosexuals.

    One weekend after a night out in local bars, we ended up back at my parents’ house and shared my bed. We had done this many times over the years, especially when we were at school together. We usually laugh, chat and put the world to rights whilst we cuddle in bed. However, this one night, things changed; lines were crossed for the first time, and as a result, I’m shocked and confused.

    It started as normal chatting about our friends and future partners. We were both in our PJ’s lay in my double bed in the early hours of the morning. Maybe due to the alcohol or love for my friend, my hand somehow found its way into her PJ bottoms. My best friend didn’t seem to notice at first and just carried on giggling about some story she was telling me. She stopped talking when my finger entered her vagina. The silence crashed about us, and the atmosphere just changed. I started to kiss her like a boyfriend, and for the first time, I had my hands on all her intimate feminine places.

    Over the next hour or so, without a word being said, we made love to each other. We were both naked, and we touched, kissed and sucked every part of each other’s bodies. I touched and tasted another girl's pussy for the first time and loved it. I came several times, as did my friend. I have never felt so sexually satisfied in my life. I now don’t know what I am? Am I gay, straight, bi or none of the above? I still dream of boys and cock, but I also dream of having another night with my best friend.

  • I'm Sure I'm Not A Lesbian But I'm Not Sure That I Can Resist Her

    I'm straight, or at least I was. I have a friend, a girl I know from Girl Scouts when we were kids. She moved to the city I live in now and we hooked up on Facebook and got together. What a difference 15 years make. She is stunning, what a rack. She dresses casually but very tasteful and she smiles a lot. I was taken, I mean we talked and talked.

    I gave her some pointers on where to live and where not to live. She wanted to see my place so I had her over on Sunday and she liked my apartment, and the pool. She decided that she should try and find a place there, until she got to know the city and she could pick another place later. Living in the same complex I found myself being her only friend and worked her into my friends group.

    My apartment has a balcony, not big but nice sized, I am on the third floor so no one above me. The weather was nice and we decided to lay some towels out and take in some sun. Since she was over without any swim wear we laid out in our panties and bras. We were side by side, with maybe a couple of inches between us. When she laid her head over to speak to me I could see her eyes, her lips, her cheeks, her nose and I couldn't help staring at her. She touched my cheek and said we should get some sun on our boobs. And just like that she sat up and took off her bra. What a rack, magnificent, perfectly formed, Ds, with dark brown nipples.

    She leaned over and helped me get out off my bra, she brushed her boobs on my face. She accommodated my boobs to get the right sun. And without notice of any kind she leaned over me and told me she was going to kiss me, and she did. And just like that she laid her boobs on my chest and held my face to kiss me again. I breathed hard, she kept herself over me, her boobs floating over mine, kissing my face and my mouth, and then touching me right there between my legs she asked if she could kiss me there.

    To make it short she ate me through my panties, ate me. Made me climax. After I had climaxed she told me that I should figure out that she was all girls, no boy ever touched her boobs and no boy ever would. We got up and went inside and she slipped out of her panties and asked me if I liked her like that and to take off my panties. She took me by the hand into my room and said something to the effect that now we were going to find out just how serious I was about being straight because she intended to bring me over to the dark side.

    Her pussy was wet, my face was wet. My pussy was wet, and her face was wet. We played mamasan with our boobs, and kissed and touched. She did most of the kissing and most of the touching but she had me kiss her and touch her. She declared me a princess because I wasn't getting on her. She told me that for now I was a new lesie but soon I would blossom into a total lesbian and we would be a couple.

    She is a lesbian and I'm her princess lesbian, but I'm not really a lesbian. She is training me, showing me how to be a lesbian but I don't feel it. I do eat her, because she wants me to. But mostly it is her eating me, her kissing me, her hands all over me. But I do get to see her rack. I guess anyone will turn lesbian to be able to kiss and caress those magnificent boobs.

    I Fell In Love With Her And That's That

    A Covid Romance. I am a physical therapist. My boss had an accident last June which put him in a wheelchair. While he was still bedridden his wife of four years lost it. I understand, caring for a disabled man has to be hard. I went over to help, to teach her how to help himself. I am not one who believes that the disabled can't care for themselves, but that is another story. She is beside herself, really she is the one that needed the help and out of a sense of guilt or caring I moved in with them to help her.

    Obviously my job required me to be in the hospital to take care of my shifts, but I went back to help her. She did the cooking but moving him, bathing him, changing him was another story. During those months when he was still dealing with his injury I was the one bathing him. Showing her how to bathe him in bed, in all the gory details. It is just a penis. No longer a dick or cock. A penis. His cock was dead, never to come to life again. No more cock. But she didn't get it. He is permanently the way he is, for the rest of natural life. Sorry but it is the way it is. I see it everyday and it is hard but it won't change, they have to learn to deal with it.

    Sorry I went on a rant there. Wives can't take it. He will never fuck again. Or walk, or get up by himself, or bathe. He is fucking paralyzed. Sorry again. Well all this crying and sobbing and stuff gets to me and I tell her to shape up, for her to do it. Not me, I'm the hired help. But she needs to be reassured, to be held, yes held and cuddled and caressed. She lost her cock. I don't have a cock but I can hold and caress and kiss and show her that there is life after cock. Laying with a woman is not that bad.

    This is where your medical ethics go wrong, when you hold her and let her cry and you caress her and kiss her and get your hand under her breast and twist her nipple, and lay her back and get your hand between her legs and stimulate her clit and get your tongue in her vagina and show her that a woman can make love to her too, not fuck her, but she can make love to her and show her she can have a healthy orgasm with a woman, who by the way has fallen in love with her.

    It is all about kissing. When she looks up in your arms begging for a kiss and you can kiss her and kiss her and tell her how pretty she is and you take her breast in your hand and she lets you and just goes with the kiss. That's when you can whisper that you are in love with her and sorry about her husband, he is fucked but she doesn't need to be fucked, she has you now to hold her and love and her and make love to her and sorry no cock, but you don't need cock. You can make her orgasm like he never did.

    Sorry about my boss, sorry he is fucked and will never walk and will never get hard again. He will need help. I can professionally help him and I will. But his wife is now my wife. My wife, for me to love and look after and kiss and hold and caress, That's the price and sorry if he has to suck it up. But he will never fuck again, ever. He can only sit there and watch.

  • In Love But I Can Never Let Her Know

    I put lesbian because I believe I am a lesbian. I am however in the closet and intend on staying there. I am married, married a man with a lot of promise and I have the enviable life of being a stay at home mom of three beautiful children. I live a good life, my husband provides for his family very well. Bottom line I have no intention of ruining my life over some girl, regardless of how hard I have a crush on her.

    So what do I do to get off. Man sex doesn't do it, I have to fake it and usually I fall into my fantasy lover dream when my husband is banging away at me. I watch porn, it's easy. I do not like rough stuff, I am a romantic at heart and I really get off to lesbian stories of girls struggling with their feelings and finding true love with a equally nice girl. The fantasy. On the other side of the equation is the down and out girl who is being torn apart by the butch headmistress of the local orphanage and she is crying and wailing while her pussy is being devoured. That too is a fantasy.

    It's in between. Not a romantic setting, something more usual. Like a waitress who meets another waitress and they get along and one day the other waitress grabs her hand to walk across the street and they keep holding hands. They get to the apartment, a small low rent waitress apartment and they straighten up because the bed's not made and there are dirty dishes in the sink. Then the pee scene, the house girl follows the other girl into the bathroom while she pees and keeps the conversation going and comments on what a nice job she's done on her pussy, and then gently reaches down and runs two fingers up and down her crack and leans over to kiss her. That's my kind of fantasy because that is pretty much what happened to me in college.

    Don't get me wrong I am a lesbian and I am horny as hell for this woman who works at the design center and we have had lunch many times and I am sure beyond sure she is as lesbian as I am. But I am married to a great man, I have the dream family, I live in a real nice neighborhood and my house is everything a woman could want. And I need the help of an interior decorator and that's why I went to the design center to look at fabrics and one look, just one look at her and I fell in love with her and I can't get her out of my mind. I LOVE her. Not just a crush. I LOVE her. But my husband can never know he married a girl who used to eat pussy and suck on tits and give other girls hickies.

    I need him to fuck me and get this woman out of my mind.

    Being Shared By My Lover

    A while ago I met a woman at work and we became friends. At her house one afternoon she asked me if I wanted to get in the jacuzzi with her. I thought hot tub, but she was talking about the jacuzzi in her bathroom. Naked. She admired me from head to toe, and touched everything, from my nipples to my clit. She wanted to kiss but I held her off.

    A few weeks later she invites me again to her house to jacuzzi with her. This time she has some wine and cheese in the bathroom, this time she sits down first and when I get in she holds me by the hips and nibbles at my pussy before letting me sit down. This time we do kiss. After the jacuzzi we get out and dry off and she lays a large towel on the bed for me to lay down on. She stands over me staring into my eyes, and then she shifts her eyes to my breasts and my pussy. She asks me to open my legs and she goes down on me.

    The third time, after we have pretty hot sex after our jacuzzi session, she asks if I mind if her husband joins us. I tell her I am not a switch hitter, I am not into guys. She leaves me on the bed, and brings her husband in and asks if he likes me. He puts his hands on me, leans down and sucks my tit. His hand goes between my legs and she takes my feet to open my legs. He gets on and goodbye virginity. He completes himself and gets off and she invites me to take a shower. In the shower I tell her that I understand that she goes both ways, but I don't and it was unnerving to have him fuck me.

    This relationship is the longest relationship I've been in, going on four years. She wants to share with her husband and I grin and bear it. I am definitely not bi, she is but I am not. I do it because she wants me to. But in all honesty if I never saw a dick again I would be fine with that.

    Didn't mean to ramble, but how to you come out and talk about this. When he stands over me I feel like I'm his prey and I submit to whatever is on his mind that day.

    Out Of The Darkness Into The Light

    I speak from another truth. The truth about mental health in the lesbian community. Particularly depression. I'm was on medication, and so many of my community are too. I functioned, but without medication I didn't. I was diagnosed with chronic depression. I was born this way, as a lesbian and with depression.

    My relationships had all been disasters, incredible highs for a while, then destructive lows. I am attracted to over dominant lesbians. Talk about toxic. I have also engaged in many one night or weekend affairs, again with over dominant women. Why? Am I preconditioned for this?

    Three years ago my mother's friend, a retired man, took me into the mountains of New Mexico. He took away all my medications, including birth control which I used to regulate my cycle. No alcohol, no smoking, a controlled diet under which I gained 25 pounds, and outdoor activities. I went through terrible withdrawal. But after six months I got better. I am painting, walking, seeing friends and family, but not lesbians. Not on purpose that community just doesn't live in the mountains.

    What changed, no birth control. I feel so much better despite my irregularity. No smoking. I haven't had a beer or a drink in three years. But most importantly I'm not around the oppressive negative culture I was part of in Seattle. I'm ready to meet that lady, the real one. I'm sure she never lived in a toxic community. Maybe she's from Amarillo, or Tuscaloosa. But not from Seattle or San Francisco. Oh, and my depression? That's what my painting is for, to go off into my world and obsess about color.

    To quote my guru, don't associate with negative people. I don't, not any more. The sun is on my face, I like it.

    Living With My One Mistake

    Five years ago I gave birth to a baby. The father insists on being involved. He pays child support, and he picks up a lot of my other expenses so we can live in a nice neighborhood.

    It was a one time thing after work and too much to drink. One time, the only time for me with a man. But once was enough. Now I'm a mother and I have a man telling me what to do, where to go, when to be home.

  • Dreaming Myself Into Trouble

    When I was in college I worked part time as a waitress for a college area bar and grill. Working with me was a waitress named Alicia. Like me tall, voluptuous with curves and bosom. She was a fun person and we got along like lost friends. I started dreaming about her, kissing her, caressing her breasts, touching her and fingering her, ending by burying my face in the pillow dreaming it was her pussy while playing with my clit. Night after night after night.

    At work I was all over her and another waitress called me a dyke. In the restroom I kissed her and she didn't push back, all she did was ask if I was a dyke. On a night out with her I put my hand in her lap and she put her hands on my hand. That night she came home with me and we did what I had been dreaming of. The next morning as we were having breakfast she asked if I was a dyke.

    One night after work when we were getting hot she told me to lean back and she took this little clamp with teeth and she clipped it to my clit. Then we made love, with her finger on the clip which drove me into ecstasy. We discovered we liked dancing, and we started going to art festivals. It started to become obvious we were in love, and she pushed the envelope and described us on Facebook as La Femme and her Dyke.

    At one dance weekend a guy kept hitting on us, I told him I was a dyke and not on the market. As for Alicia she was my girlfriend and she was off limits. In spite of our efforts he clung to us and we ended up in a three way, my clip on my clit, my face in Alicia's pussy and his cock in me hitting my G spot. When Alicia reached her hand under me and pressed her finger on my clip, everything exploded.

    I am not bisexual, I'm a dyke. But that night we did something we shouldn't have. Toys and more toys, they don't do me justice. Not after being pumped by the real thing. Maybe we just tried the forbidden fruit, maybe we are kinkier than we want to admit, but now when my face is in Alicia's pussy I'm dreaming of a hot cock.