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Falling In Love In The City

28 in the city. Coming from a small midwestern town of 30 thousand I was lost in the city. I found a place, rented a room with what turned out were lesbian women trying to buy the place. At first we kept our distance but we shared the kitchen, living and bathroom and we had to talk and get to know each other.

One night they were loud, vocal, nasty words. The next morning they apologized, told me they were play acting, actually they were self conscious about making love because they knew the rooms were back to back. I told them if they clued me in I would go for a walk. The first clue was to join them, no secrets, open sex, one, two, three.

No kissing, if you kiss you fall in love. Open pussy was not falling in love. Nipple pinching is not falling in love. Clit teasing is not falling in love. But kissing is falling in love. The bed was really too small, we are small but not enough room for three. Two at a time then, then two more at a time, then two more until everyone got off. Just no kissing. Except for me it is all about kissing.

Waking up between them, smelling of sex, memories of pretty nasty things, words you never use, lips kissing lips, except eyes not there, kissing puckered bottoms, kissing hard nipples, but no eye to eye kissing. Until they let me kiss with them and we fell in love. And you wake up between them, and you turn over into her arms kissing her nipples gently to wake her up.

28 in the city, between two girls, smelling of sex, kissing her sweet lips, her hand in your hair, fighting to not fall in love in the city.

We Started Early

When I was in grade school I was part of the local Brownie Troop. This girl joined, a Mexican girl who's mother worked at the school cafeteria. My mother told me we HAD to be friends. She was brown, or light brown really, long dark hair, brown eyes, and since I HAD to be her friend she spent all her time with me. Her nickname the other girls used was Puppy.

Brownies became Girl Scouts and same thing, she spent a lot of time at my house, my mother even bought her clothes so she wouldn't feel left out. I HAD to invite her for sleepovers, for parties, on weekends to swim in the pool. By then I had seen her naked dozens of times, we were popping out all over, she had very dark nipples and she developed a very dark and thick hair on her pussy. She was always touching my nipples which were small and pink like pencil erasers and my pussy was light brown almost blonde.

When she spent the night she slept with me in my bed and she liked to cuddle, and she liked opening my shirt and sucking on my nipples. She convinced me one night before bed to get on the bed and bend over to see our sex in the mirror. We couldn't see it very well because of the distance and because we were bent over so she suggested using the hand mirror that my Grandmother had given me. She used her fingers to pen my pussy so I could see my vagina, she bent over and spread real wide so I could look into her pussy. We were 13 then.

She ate my pussy when we were 15, by eating I mean eating. I had to eat her pussy too, I just didn't like all her thick hair. By then I had a razor for shaving my legs and I shaved her pussy and then she shaved mine. We ate pussy almost every time we got together, except when we were bleeding. We spent almost all our free time together. Everyone thought it was so nice that I had made her my friend. We took her on vacation too.

She came to my house one weekend and brought this thing to fuck me with. We had been talking about it and she found it at her house, a thick enough pole very smooth with a round end on it. Bigger than any dick you could think of, and we stuck it in all the way, every last little bit of it, spread out on the bed. We also worked it up into our ass, but that was later when we got bored with using it in our vaginas. By then we were sticking our tongues down our throats, eating pussy in every position imaginable, we had licked ass, we grabbed, not caressed tits. We didn't know it, but what we needed was to get fucked.

She had an older cousin, he worked for the city maintenance department and was in his late twenties. He had a reputation for getting with white girls and she offered to introduce me to him. He fucked me at her house. I didn't suck him, his was really ugly. The first uncut dick I ever saw and the last uncut dick that ever fucked me. He fucked his cousin too because she wanted to see what it was like.

By the time we finished high school we were not innocent about sex, but we were primarily active only with each other. Guy fucking was okay, but we didn't do it very often. Now let's get to today. We are in our thirties, unmarried, both work remote right now. We are just as active with each other, but every so often we need to get ourselves fucked. The guy we chose to fuck us work for FedEx, he delivers to our complex, his name is Raul and told us he is Nicaraguan. She asked him if he had a cut dick, because I won't do uncut and he is. He showed her his dick o we let him in and let him fuck us. It's a one time thing, we don't a let a guy fuck us twice.

I Am Pretty Sure That I Am Being Discriminated At Work

I went to Journalism school and now work part time for a major newspaper, but not in reporting, I am a proof checker. It is embarrassing because people want to know what my career aspirations are and I work in a menial job considering I have a masters degree.

I want to believe that this is just bad luck, but I have a profile which always keeps me thinking. I am Hispanic, gay, submissive, I was an activist in college, I unapologetically support the Progressive Agenda. The place where I work is left leaning but there are very few Hispanics, lots of blacks, lots of gays, lots of true Progressives, but very few Hispanics. The Super Hierarchy is white. My supervisor is a black, gay woman also from a top ten university. Sorry but I just can't get involved with a black woman, I just can't. I have always only been attracted to white women, long before college. Black women make me gag, sorry but it's true.

My mistress is also a top ten graduate, in Social Policy and works for one of the Government Agencies. She is outspoken and aggressive when she needs to be which makes me tremble and pee in her presence. I am her Poodle. She dresses me as her Poodle and wear my hair like a Poodle. My black supervisor finds it offensive. It is none of her business if I wear a Poodle collar, or if my water and food bowls are beside the island in the kitchen. I would rather be a Poodle than be black.

  • My Wife, I Had To Tear Her Away From Her Brother

    I woke up beside a woman, I remembered a man. She was sleeping hard and had nothing on. Neither did I. And I was obviously wet in my butt. I got out of bed, her clothes were also on the floor. I found my clothes and got dressed, found a bathroom. There were women's stuff in the bathroom. I used my finger and the toothpaste in the bathroom, borrowed her hairbrush, washed my face and finished getting dressed. My only focus was to get back to my dorm.

    I went downstairs and ran into a guy coming in from a run. He surprised me, he met me with a 'what's your name again?'. He introduced himself, there wasn't any question he had sex with me, anal sex. He told me to settle down, get some coffee.

    The sum of it is that his woman was his sister, the girl I woke up with. She was there because he had sex with her, she wasn't in bed with me because of me. She gave into his desire to be with me, but there was always a jealous streak with her. She came to bed but sex with her was never all in, she only had sex with me when her brother pushed her there.

    It's been ten years, I live with her. Her brother met and married another woman. Warming up to me as her woman took time, for me I went for her immediately, letting her brother continue to have sex with me was so I could be with her. She is my woman, the rings on our fingers tell it all.

    Born For Childbearing, My Lover Chose Me For Her Old Man

    In high school my tennis coach approached one afternoon after class and told me I was a handsome young woman, patting my hip she told me I was going to birth babies with ease. More time went by, more comments about my hips, about babies, about my very generous breasts, true to form milk producers, I could certainly feed more than one baby at a time.

    Creepy? Yes but I ate it up, looking at myself in the mirror, proud of my baby making hips and very proud of my generous breasts. The fact that to get to baby making I was going to be impregnated by a hairy old man never crossed my mind.

    As a senior I was offered a tennis scholarship for college. I majored in kinesiology, did well in tennis for my school and graduated with an assistant coaching job at a private girl's school in my hometown Nashville. Girls everywhere, I coached grades seven to ten, young women coming into their most attractive form. All those beautiful legs, asses, breasts, and all of them off limits. I realized then that my tennis coach in high school had much the same feelings, surrounded by childbearing bodies just screaming to be impregnated. How many young women admired their baby making hips, their milk maid breasts, dreaming of the day an old hairy man impregnated them.

    Or like me, and my high school coach, would admire them for being beautiful handsome young women, out of touch but not out of mind. As for me my coach she did help me cross the line, did help me enjoy the forbidden fruit, she did enjoy my baby making hips and generous breasts, and my weeping wet slit. It was also this hairy old man she lived with that left his sperm in me, these hips and breasts she had kept an eye out for him.

    Its Perverted

    I am in a lesbian relationship for about four months, there is nothing I can think of that we haven't done sexually, My partner asked me to do something for her you could call kinky perverted, I am up for anything I was surprised when she asked me if one summers day we could go into the forest, this was the surprise she wanted to watch me squat and have a shit in the woods while she watched everything happen, we have used the toilet in each others presence many times, I didn't question it because because if you partner asked you to do something unusual you oblige, I am looking forward to it, having a shit is a very personal thing ,
    I am feeling sexually excited about it, I know its unusual but would anybody like to comment, I don't mind what is said.

    Good Catholic Girls Like Girls Too

    Coming from a conservative Catholic background I was totally inexperienced in the love arena. I graduated from a small Catholic University and my first job was for a large donor in the accounting department. One of four women.

    Over time I made friends with a same age coworker and the subject of love and sex came up. She is Catholic too, and warned about being careful. The wide world had many unwanted advances. Keep my legs crossed, Catholic birth control. We became friends.

    After a year I had a week of paid vacation and she and I went to a spa. We started with a sauna. Getting down to basics it was obvious she was bald, whereas I was all natural, very natural, bushy natural. She laughed, I was embarrassed. I had never seem a grown woman totally bald. Her lips were puffy, her slit open inviting you to look further. Her breasts large, big brown areolas, pokie nipples. I just looked, feeling funny, crossing my naked legs, covering my very heavy bush.

    Her kiss was unexpected but not unwelcome. Her kiss was followed by another very long gentle kiss with her hands on my naked hips. Things got uncomfortable, she touched me gently, kissed my nipples, touched between my legs. She asked me if I was up to it I should get a Brazilian.

    Once I was totally naked, my bush gone, my lips exposed she asked if she could kiss me there. It was a small but very meaningful kiss, who ever thought I was going to get my little pussy kissed, by a woman?

    We became lovers, Catholic shameful women, kissing lips on the mouth and kissing our pussy lips . We confessed to our Priest, did penance, but on our way to Hell we went on the road of discovery, and lost all shame, giving ourselves up to each other. We were fired when our 'relationship' came to light. We keep ourselves smooth and hairless, who wants a hairy pussy?

    Discovering My True Inclination

    Getting up the courage to 'confess'. Nothing illegal, maybe immoral.

    I have been reading here and on other sites confessions of young women who find themselves in a predicament outside of their control. My predicament happened while still 17, a freshman at a large state university. I decided to attend after all the dorm rooms were taken and with the help of the student affairs office I found a room in a house off campus with a 2nd year vet student.

    She was nice, but she was the boss of the house. OK with me, between 17 and 24 there is a lot of age difference. She not only ran the house she rearranged my course load, set up my study time, at the kitchen table where she could keep an eye on me, and she took me down to planned parenthood to get on birth control. With a two hour lecture on sex and staying virgin.

    A week of classes and Saturday was my day off. She found me in my room getting dressed in my bra and panties and her reaction of my teen mother selected underwear was priceless. That afternoon she took me to that store in the mall and guided me through a varied big girl panty selection, and fitting me for a big girl bra. I guess I was nervous while she fitted my boobs in the bras. I had never been felt up, I was felt up, by her.

    That night I learned about big girl grooming, down there, by her. And a long kiss on my freshly shaved tutu. That night, I was drawn to her room, with nothing but her panties on she invited me under the sheets. For a girl from a good family being kissed on the mouth, felt up by another woman, fingered, licked, eaten, clit stimulated by fingers and tongue, brought to my first ever bona fide orgasm.

    I say a bit immoral, being the young girlfriend to an older grad student, kept in the closet, hidden away from any worthless boys, spooned against her naked breasts, kissed, hugged, eaten for dinner and breakfast I was a big girl in college now. As to the birth control, that was insurance but I never really had any need for it, no penis got close enough to make it necessary.

    A Bit Confused, I Could Use Some Help Right Now

    From my junior year in high school until I graduated from college I only had sexual relations with other girls. But once I went to work and was surrounded by men I gave into a man's advances.

    Can you be lesbian and have sex with a man? Can you be lesbian and outgrow it?

    I feel I am lesbian but right now I am totally taken by this man.

    Getting Together

    I graduated with my degree in Finance in 2013. I got a job in a small company but soon after I got laid off for company money reasons. A coworker in the Finance department told me I could stay on the couch and look for a job. After three nights she said I could share her bed if I was not too picky. The bed was a lot more comfortable and having grown up with seven brothers and sisters I shared a bed with my sister.

    The weeks passed, I had a few interviews, but no job offers. It was a moment, just a moment. I had showered, was sitting on the side of the bed with my beauty cream and she walked out from the shower with the towel around her shoulder. She stood I front of me, her still wet pubes in front of me, her soft boobs, her smile. It overtook me, I put my hands on her hips, pushed my face up between her legs, pushed my tongue in her lips.

    She stumbled, but I got her on the bed, opened her knees with my hands and went in for the kill. My only purpose was to get to her clit and make her go into an orgasm. She fought but I fought back, digging until I latched onto her swollen clit, and like a baby latched on until she started to kick, to flail her hips, to scream "enough". Her orgasm was deep, I could tell, I wanted to comfort her but she needed to shake it off herself.

    Me, I felt proud, full of myself, I felt I had done it. We didn't talk about it, got dressed, had breakfast, went about our day. That night after getting ready into bed, she backed up into my arms and let me hold her.