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It Must Be Our Latino DNA

Multigenerational lesbian women in my family. My paternal grandmother is a repressed lesbian. In her day she was married at 17, my grandfather is a doctor and works long hours. I'm convinced his office nurse is his girlfriend, a more or less open secret. My grandmother has a lifelong friend, a woman that owns a bridal gown business. As a lesbian myself, I have no doubts my grandmother is a butch lesbian.

My father's older sister is a lesbian. She is also butch, I'm sure if you looked close you would find a ball sack between her legs. She trolls for younger women. She was married for a long time to a hard ass. He kept her knocked up for the first five years, like dominoes falling she had five kids before she was 25. He is the person who holds the reins. Like I said he is a no nonsense hard ass and she knows better than to answer back. Her lover is a girl my age who works at the art school as an admissions clerk. She is a soft princess, my aunt's preferred type.

I'm a lesbian, discovered my 'proclivity' in high school. My aunt called me out on it. When I went to college I tried anything and everything, mostly butch. My preferred type is intellectual fem. More or less like my aunt. Now here comes reality. I get involved with Mr. X. A hard driving businessman I met on an internship. He fucks me the first night out. He whispers and I turn my head. He is the hard ass in my life. I get knocked up, at his request. It's a way to prove my submission. It's that type of a relationship. Makes me a breeder, just like my aunt.

Three butch lesbians, three generations, three submissive butch lesbians to hard ass men. Three breeders for A type men. We all have our side action, but we all answer to men.

An Exchange Student In Barcelona

I went to Barcelona as an exchange student in the tenth grade. I lived with a family with two daughters, younger than me. They two girls were placed in one room and I got the other room. The mother was a nurse of some kind and she worked off and on at this asylum for mentally retarded kids.

One of the nights she came home and she was pretty up tight. She got us dinner and she told us to go to bed. After she put her two girls to bed she came to my room to see if I was ready for bed. It was early, nine o'clock. I had on pajamas, but I wasn't ready for bed. She insisted I get in bed, she tucked me in, and then ran her hand all over the top of the blankets, across my waist, and across my breasts. She told me I was a nice young girl. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips, while she kept a hand on my breast.

I got felt up a lot after that, kissed and felt up. She would pack up my breasts in my bra, pulling me towards her. She would pat down my pants across my behind. She would run her hand in between my legs so my pants were just right. And she kissed me, kissed me with real kisses, with tongue. She had all sorts of Catalonian names for me. She liked to hold my cheeks in her hands and kiss my mouth, over and over.

The bathroom for the kids was small, with a real small shower. If I was in there she would come in to make sure I had a towel, pull back the curtain to make sure I was washing all over. She stood there while I ran the soap over my breasts and in between my legs. When I got out she would dry me off. When she dried me off she kissed me holding me hard against her, her boobs pressing against me, grabbing and touching my naked butt. my breasts, running her hand in between my naked legs.

She ate me one night, after everyone was in bed. She came up to my room and pulled down my pajamas and panties and ate me. She ate me for a long time, gently, hard, gently, fingered me, licked me, stopped and kissed my mouth with the taste of my pussy on her lips and breath. She took my clit in her mouth and fingered me into my first real orgasm. She told me she loved me and showed me her breasts. She put my hands on her breasts and took off my top, and then she hugged me, naked breast to naked breast. And of course she kissed me.

My stay as an exchange student lasted from August to December. I went home with the taste of pussy in my mouth, one last time while she helped me pack. The kiss at the airport was long, very long, in front of her husband and daughters. I was told that women from Spain are affectionate, she was. When I returned home I was an accomplished kisser and I knew my way around a pussy in heat. I knew how to give my pussy up for eating, how to let myself get fingered. I came home ready for sex, to fall in love, to get naked and together.

I had to wait until I was away at college before I was able to eat and be eaten to my heart's content.

Cunt Facial

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Surrender Is Not Defeat

He asked again and that time I gave in. I wore a dress, new panties and bra, a sweater and slipon shoes. Nothing hard to take off. I wore my loose, little make up, showered, shaved my legs, pits and down under, brushed my teeth. He picked me up on time, we went to dinner, I had a glass of wine. When we got back he wanted a kiss, I let him cop a feel, I opened the door and backed in with him grabbing. At the couch I stood while he pulled my panties down, he ate pussy, unzipped my dress and I let it fall to the floor, let him unsnap my bra. He fucked me on my bed.

I did not touch his dick, suck his dick. I'm not into guys, after he got what he wanted I sent him home. Showered for 30 minutes, washed it out, put on my pjs, went to bed. It won't happen again, not with a guy.

Best Friends Forever

BFF, best friends forever. After college we moved to Atlanta. I had a little job working for an advertising agency, she got a job working for a car dealership. Not much considering we both had degrees. I met Joe, a nice guy and he fell for me. Too hard. Then he was in a car accident and broke his ankle and femur.

A woman's thing, we decided to take him in until he was able to take care of himself. We set him up in my room, and I moved into my BFF's room. That first night she claims that I talked in my sleep and declared my love for her. And I was grabbing her. I don't remember.

Three weeks taking care of him in shifts, he is going full Florence Nightingale on me. He mentions that his balls backing up and needs relief. So, we agree that we will give him a hand job. We get some hand cream, I go first, she takes her turn, I lean over to take him in my mouth, she takes her turn, I'm jerking him and he unloads. My feelings overwhelm me and I take her face and kiss her. It's about me and her now, he isn't in the picture any more.

Hub Turned Me Into A Bi Lesbian

I used to go to strip clubs with my ex. He found it arousing to buy me lap dances and would rub himself while the girl and I were engaged. The thing is that I started liking it, and I took it further, in VIP rooms I would grope the girls and let them at me under my clothes. I started wearing no panties and no bra so they could feel me better. One girl a young one probably listed at 19 but ??? she went down on me,much to my husbands delight. As it turned out I loved it, and I loved the grinding we'd do. What my husband didn't know what I started seeing her on the side and had a lesbian affair with her.

Eventually; I had sex with two other girls from the club and I can really say that I preferred it to getting fucked by men.

My ex husband turned me into a lesbian (bi, but lesbian for now)

Tossing Her Salad

I can't wait until Covid is over so I can go back to the dorms. I'm tired of this on line crap. Plus I miss my roommate Carla.

Right before we got sent home because of the pandemic we hooked up for the first time. Carla had asked to borrow my computer and she clicked on the wrong tab. She clicked on my porn tab. The video was Girl Likes the Taste of Her Ass- Lezdom Brazil. It's one of my go to videos to get off. I haven't eaten ass yet but I want to in the worst way. She sat on her bed watching it. When I came in the room she was pantiless playing with her pussy. She pulled the wire on her headphones so I could hear what she was watching.
I was surprised. She then called me over with her come here index finger. We laid next to each other watching the video. We both played with ourselves. Carla leaned in and started kissing me. Then she whispered that she wanted me to eat her asshole. She got into position with her head on her pillow and ass in the air. This was my chance. I dove in and started French kissing her perfectly delicious asshole! I have a long tongue that was digging deep into her ass. As I did that I played with her clit! I felt her pussy dripping on my hand and wrist. She was whimpering like a little puppy. I couldn't stop myself! I didn't stop. In between licks I kept telling her how good her ass tasted, how beautiful her ass was. I was really rubbing her pussy faster and faster. Carla started to moan and yell as loud as she could. It scared me at first. Then she yelled "I'm CUMMING!" I continued to lick and suck her ass until she collapsed to the bed! I miss your ass Carla! I can't wait to eat your fuckin' ass when we get back to school! I've played with myself everyday since I ate that ass!

Kissing Joey Potter

When I was 15 I was obsessed with Dawson's Creek. That was also the time when I came to the realization that I was a lesbian. From the age of five I knew I was different from most girls. When I used to play with other girls I would get butterflies in my stomach. I would love the feeling. I'd even have a faint tingling in my vagina. By the time I was 15 I still hadn't kissed a girl but I wanted to so badly.

Sally was a new girl in school. She sat next to me in study hall and in art class. She was so beautiful. She was a dead ringer for Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek, played by Katie Holmes. I asked her...
"Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Joey from Dawson's Creek?"

"Ha! Yeah, I get that a lot."

"You really do."

"I didn't know who she was until I saw the show. Now I'm hooked!"

"Me too! I love it!"

"Dawson or Pacey?"

I thought to myself neither. I'm in love with Joey.
I answered, "I'd have to say Dawson."

"Me too!" Sally said.

"Hey, would you like to come over and watch it with me?"

Sally said "I'd love to!"

I was so excited to have her come over my house. I have some friends but none of them ever come over. I'm not sure why. Everytime I invite someone, they say they're coming but then they back out. Maybe they could sense I'm a lesbian and they wouldn't want to catch my cooties.

When Sally arrived we hung out in the back yard and as it was getting dark we went inside. My mom ordered us some pizza. We ate our pizza as we talked about Dawson's Creek. Robin told me about her old school. She said she misses it a little but was happy to have come to our school and meet me! My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest!

"C'mon! It's going to start soon!" I said excitedly.

We were up in my room laying on my bed on our stomachs watching Dawson and the gang.

"I love when Joey crawls into Dawson's window." I sighed.

Sally got up to look out my window. She then ran out of my room and said "I'll be right back!"

"Huh? Where you going? The bathroom is on the left!" I yelled.

A couple minutes later there was a knock on my window. I opened it and Robin came crawling through!

"I climbed up you trellis!"

"Oh my God, you're so crazy! I love it!"

"I'm going to have to climb up it more often!"

"Yes, Please!"

Sally then got serious. "Hey, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure."

"What's the deal with that Dina chick?"

"Dina Mags?"


"What about her?"

"Why is she such a bitch?"

"We used to be friends but she stopped coming around."

"Yeah she told me. She heard you ask me to come over."

"She told you? What did she say?"
As I waited for Sally to answer I started to get a sick feeling wondering what Dina said to her.

"She told me some stupid shit. She told me that you and your family are dirty and that your house was disgusting. But being here with you, in your beautiful house I confirmed she was full of shit."

"But you still came even though she said all those things about me and my house?"

"Of course! I like you! I wasn't going to take her word for it."

After she said that the sick feeling went away the butterflies started. The butterflies and the tingling.

"She did say one other thing."

Oh no, sick feeling again.

"What?" I asked as I turned around to look at the wall. I was waiting for it.

"She said that you told her you loved her and tried to kiss her. She said you're a lesbian. Actually the word she used was dyke."

I was quiet as I leaned my forehead against the wall. I didn't want her to see me cry.

"Ok thanks. Thanks for coming. See ya." I cried as my voice cracked.

I then felt her right next to me. She put her arm around me and tried to brush my hair aside to try and see my face.

"Hey Ter, it's ok."

"Yeah sure. I'm fine. You don't have to stay."

"But I want to stay."

"Really? Even after what Dina said?"

"Fuck Dina! She could drop dead!"

I looked at her and she could see my tears. Sally took my face in her hands. She gently brushed my hair out of my face and wiped my tear drops.

"Hey, she's not worth crying about."

"I don't care about what she said. I care that she said it to you. I really like you and she tried to ruin it."

"Yeah. She tried, but she didn't succeed. You see, I like you too. I wasn't going to listen to that skank. I knew what she was trying to do."

I looked into her eyes and I could see she was telling the truth. I felt like I could see into her soul. I started to feel those butterflies again. They were going crazy.

Sally hugged me. I hugged her back. As we stopped hugging, as we were pulling apart our cheeks brushed each other. We stopped as our lips were so close. Sally gently rubbed her nose on mine. She caressed my lips with her lips. I could feel her breath. My heart was beating so fast, the butterflies were in full fury. Sally then lightly licked my lips. My breath was shaky. My throat was dry. I couldn't believe this was happening. She took a hold of my face, tilted her head and slid tongue into my mouth. Her lips and tongue were so soft. I tried to get as much of her tongue and her lips. We held each other as we kissed passionately. I didn't ever want this to end. I never wanted her to leave.

We stopped kissing and realized we missed the rest of Dawson's Creek. We laughed as the credits started to roll.

"Oh well. I guess we missed it." Sally said.

"That's ok! It's recording!"

We kissed some more and then I told her…

"Sal, this is my first time I kissed anybody. I'm so happy it was with you!"

"I can't say this is my first kiss but I'm happy that I was your first and I love kissing you! For someone that has never kissed before, you really are a great kisser!"

I then grabbed her face and continued to kiss her.

"Ter, I have to go. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"Yeah, ok. So are we girlfriends?"

"I would like to think so."

"Cause if you just want to keep it hush hush, I'd understand."

"So let me understand, if we are keeping it "hush hush", I can't hold your hand or steal a kiss between classes, or tell you that I love you? If that's the case then NO! I don't want to keep it hush hush. I want everyone to know!"

I threw my arms around her neck and hugged her so tight. We kissed a little more, then Robin opened the window and climbed out Joey style.

Beautiful On The Outside,

I was never thin, or beautiful. My tits were never big, my thighs and behind thick. But my worst attribute is that I was smart in school. Basically a nerd, a freak. I went to a prestigious top ten University. I had few friends. After graduation I went to work for a multinational corporation. It was there that I met a girl and she introduced me to hot yoga and CrossFit.

She introduced me to nude hot yoga, usually behind a privacy curtain, but we did nude yoga together. CrossFit hardened me, defined me, for the first time I began to like my body. Small tits were better, I learned that having a well defined vulva, nice outer lips, well behaved inner lips and derp pink inside. We also worked out in the nude together and she was fascinated by my body, In yoga or CrossFit I had the better body, and her fascination of me made me feel good. And her nude sweaty body, her tits moving on her chest, her totally waxed clean vulva and anus made my pussy sweat.

We went to a Hedonism nude resort on vacation. The old men were not interesting, the nude women were. Being able to show off my body to them turned me on. The more they looked the more I liked it. And if I had to bend at the waist, or open my legs to stand or sit, if that caught a woman's eye I felt my damp pussy drip. My friend and I spent four wonderful days, I had found I was beautiful, not for men, but for hungry women.

  • I Love Her, She Loves Me

    I have curves, I am also physically fit, I am a third base softball player. On my team I played with Rebecca our catcher. From third base I watched her squat and spread. I thought about her pussy, did her lips open up too? I watched her imagining her open pussy open in front of me and me putting my mouth in her pussy. Rebecca was the strongest crush I had ever had. Infatuation is not a strong enough word.

    But Rebecca stared me down, she wrote a note and put it in my hand "I like dick, not pussy". She sent other girls to tell me she was strictly straight. I just fell deeper and deeper in love. Every chance I got I hung out around her, at an after game pizza get together I kissed her, just leaned over and kissed her. It was an impulse kiss, never went through my brain. She responded by pushing me off, I fell over, on the floor.

    I wrote her a handwritten note, "I love you". "Please love me back".

    Several weeks later I was at her apartment for a team meeting. I borrowed the bathroom, on the way back to the living room I saw my note on her dresser, folded. She had my note. I held back after the meeting, I asked her to talk with me. Her opening words were "I don't do pussy". I said what was on my heart. "I love you". She stopped me "Don't embarrass me".

    We started talking, I kept a space between us, I didn't kiss her, I didn't touch her. All I did was tell her I loved her, whispered really. She asked if I wanted to go see a movie with her, "not a date", "just friends". In the movie she let my leg touch her leg, she let me lay my head on her shoulder, for a split second. We had sandwich after the movie, as we walked on the sidewalk she stopped me and told me "I've never had sex". I told her "neither have I". She assured me she only thought of guys, I assured her I dreamt of her every night. And when I woke up.

    Back at her apartment, she told me if I wanted to I could kiss her, feel her up. She had bigger breasts, legs, a bigger behind. She didn't shave her crotch, I did what I had dreamed of every night, I ate her pussy. She ate mine. I had to keep it secret, she didn't do pussy, she was into guys. We never dated anyone else, among the women on the team we didn't fool anyone, when team meetings, or the team went out for burgers they made room for us to sit together.

    No one is surprised that after college we lived together, and I'm sure no one would be surprised she keeps my note in her nightstand.