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Married At 18 I'm His Wife, Not Hers

In my freshman year at college I got into a tight situation, the guy was relentless, he had sex with me twice, wham, wham. The next day he came to my dorm and got me up to talk to him. He told me he thought I was cute, and wanted a relationship. I said no thanks, I wasn't interested. But I got pregnant, he took me to the courthouse, the judge waived the waiting period, we walked out married. I had a miscarriage in my 11th week. He was devastated, I was relieved, we never told anyone we were married. He finished college, got a job and moved. I stayed in college, in my senior year I met a girl and things got out of hand. After a night of sex with her I called him.

That's my life. I don't, can't. make life decisions he doesn't approve of. Where I live, the car I drive, the place I work, my relationship with Amy. He asked for a baby when I turned 30, my partner has had to accept that we can't get married, I'm his wife.

  • Discover The Innermost Self

    Certain things consist of layers surrounding an inner core. Onions, our planet, my children's clothes in winter. I thought for a long time that I knew my inner core. I was taught otherwise. SHE has taught me otherwise.

    At first it was just the chit-chat of two married women. Classic coffee meetings, sometimes at her place, sometimes at mine. But slowly it became more. She is very smart, friendly and humorous. For the first time, a woman aroused more than just sympathy in me. She also writes great stories. Texts about fantasies that physically triggered something in me. My curiosity grew...

    And so I was only too happy to let her start stripping me layer by layer. She removed my correctness and brought to light my shamelessness. Made me so horny that my thoughts melted away. She freed me from my beliefs of "what to do" and "what not to do". And finally, she took control out of my hands, The control over my lust, my body and my orgasms.

    Step by step she exposed my innermost self, which wants to be guided and controlled. That wants to kneel on the floor and obey her.

    And one day, during "having coffee", as I knelt on the floor in a puddle of my horniness, she squatted in front of me, looked deep into my eyes while playing with my nipples and asked, "I think it's time for a decision - possibly your last."

    I saw what she was holding and a shiver of excitement coursed through my entire body. I lowered my head, grabbed my hair and bared my neck. And when she put the collar with the leash around my neck, the “me” inside started purring. "Now you’re owned" she whispered.

    It felt like coming home.

    We Are Two F And One M, Mostly Lesbian But He Has Access To Both

    Yes, I'm one of those women who finds out she is really a lesbian when she gets older. For the record I never liked sex with my husband, thank God I only ever had sex with one man and never went through the hell of having multiple partners. He was always the initiator, the aggressor, when I didn't feel like it I got turned over and I got it in my butthole. It was common enough that I figured out how to lay so it went in the easiest. Truth be told I liked it better that way, so we had a lot of anal sex.

    Going on around when I was 29 and 3O I started to get dreams of other women, I would spot some woman in the mall or during one of the school orientations and I dreamt of her, very vivid dreams of opening her legs and licking her. Particularly during sessions when my husband was performing anal on me, my face in the pillow, I imagined a pussy instead. One day I met this woman, she was 32 and divorced from an early marriage in college and she very much liked having a woman between her legs and being friends with a woman. She of course was a lesbian and she knew it and she showed me that I was probably a lesbian too, just repressed because I got married so early.

    I got my husband to insert himself in me, I lay my face between this woman's legs and I had the most intense orgasms of my life. Of course my husband couldn't keep things under control and he fucked her that evening, not to her liking and it was a pretty much totally forced thing. But the three of us naked it came off as part of the sexual evening. She complained to me later, told me how much she was disgusted by his dick, and sorts of other negative comments, enough that I almost told her that if she didn't like it she could leave. But she didn't go that far, she whispered that she thought she might be pregnant.

    Pregnancy takes all your options away. I was thrilled that she was pregnant, and not me. That he had gotten her with one shot, he bagged her for good and she didn't have any place to go but right into my bed with me. I loved having sex with her while she was pregnant, I gave my husband enough sex to keep him docile and quiet, but that doesn't mean that he didn't have his turn with her now and then. The baby came out all nice and cuddly and we spent all our time with the baby, only I couldn't nurse and that sent shocks through me. I got rid of my birth control and laid out for my husband and told him to do it.

    He did it, with lust in his eyes and he had her watch me get knocked up. After each session he had her be the clean up girl and wash us both and then bring the baby so we could snuggle with her. He took his time with her too, by now she let it go and opened her legs and shrugged it off as one more time, it's what men do. We reached the point where we could have sex together and all holes were open and he could poke around where ever he wanted to. For us, we got our time together after he fell off to the side, we made love our way. By the time I was well along with my pregnancy she let us know she was pregnant again.

    Back and forth and we had four kids between us. He has his place and we have ours. I won't say we are true lesbians because we live with a man and give him all the sex he wants with us. But deep down inside I feel that we must have pretty strong lesbian tendencies because of how we feel about each other and how much we enjoy having sex together. I am much more prone to telling her I love her during sex than telling him I love him during sex. She is definitely a lesbian who allows the man she lives with to have sex with her. She never initiates.

  • Friend To Toy

    I have a very sweet friend, a few years younger than me but in similar circumstances. She's absolutely charming, popular, funny, fun and intelligent. A pleasure to spend time with.

    We often meet for coffee and we talked about sexual things often and ....long story short, she wanted to try denial and edging and a few other things.

    She is still my friend but since those first few days then weeks of her giving me control of her climaxes, she has given me control of her body and sometimes it is weeks of edging before I let her beg for release. She's my friend but also my pet and toy and property and slut.

    I adore owning her!
    Important to note that everything is always consensual with safewords in place and respect for our circumstances.

    Shock And Awe Overcame Me And I'm Her POW

    I was stationed in Hawaii and I had a bad break up from a long term relationship with my girlfriend. My parents gave me a week at a resort hotel in Maui to get away and chill. I had some R&R time so I took it and went. I'm sitting by the pool and this man in his forties sits beside me, plenty of other places to sit, and starts talking to me. I tried ignoring him but he wouldn't shut up so I told him in as matter of fact a voice as I could muster, I'm a lesbian.

    It didn't phase him and he didn't shut up. I put my book down and engaged him, the military way, head on. Push come to shove he shoved me, backing me down. It hurt. Then this woman comes and she says hi and sits down, it's his wife, she's back from the Spa. I have never been in a situation where eyes lock and you just know she's the one. It went both ways. I lost my composure. Babbling Mary. She sat on my chaise and put her hand on mine when she did, electricity went through me. I moved to give her room.

    Talk, talk, talk, we went to lunch in the dining room. Talk, talk, talk. He leaves us alone to go out for a round of golf. Talk and more talk and I go up with her to her room and she offers to give me a massage, not top, no bottoms, her hands flow across my shoulders, my breasts, all over my breasts, my tummy, and down to my hoo-ha and I loose focus and I slip off into an orgasm. I came too and she is massaging my temples, so gently, with kisses on my forehead, cheeks, and nose, and tiny pecs on my lips asking me if I'm alright. Do you want to make love?

    She had seen me the day before and her husband went hunting for me. It was their holiday fun, finding a girl for the girl, and then sharing her with him (that part I didn't know when we made love). Something about making a home in my vagina for his penis, or something like that. It was awful as you can imagine, after making love with her, to have a penis thrust in you.

    The week went by fast, I tolerated his penis, in return I spent all my time with her. I fell hard and she told me to be careful with rebound love. I went back to my loneliness, I found out I was pregnant (no birth control), I resigned my commission and moved to be close to her (and him). The baby came without any problems, he stuffed me every chance he got, she gave me all the loving and I settled in to be her girlfriend and enjoy my new baby.

    Ten years went by, another baby, living with her in one house, he's next door in the other. He comes by for dinner and some action, but otherwise we live our lives as a married couple. After ten years it's my vagina he is after and hers gets to rest. But I have two babies for it and the woman I fell in love with at first sight. So, no complaining. Take the good and put up with the bad. Now if only we can find him a girlfriend which he doesn't want.

  • I Want To Sleep With A Girl So Bad

    For as long as I can remember I’ve been bi ,it’s only recently that I started telling people . I’ve done things with girls in the past but always when drunk . I want to have sex with another girl so much though ! I just don’t know how to go about it . I’ve tried dating apps but don’t really get anywhere and my town doesn’t have any gay bars . Any suggestions ?

    Mrs. Rendon

    I had a teacher in the eighth grade, a Mrs. Rendon who said she came from Weslaco in the valley. She was a tall woman, not attractive as a woman but not butt ugly either. She taught us social science. Mrs. Rendon wasn't a Mrs. at all, it was just the name she used. Mrs. Rendon liked girls and she hung out at the Olive Tree bar on 6th street.

    Mrs. Rendon walked in on me one afternoon in the girl's bathroom, she was doing rounds looking for smoking. I had changed my pad and was pulling up my pants and the door to the stall was open. She blocked the door and stared at me, my panties halfway up my thighs, my bush in plain sight. She asked what I had hidden up my vagina. I said nothing, I was changing my pad. She turned me around and had me bend over with my hands on the toilet tank and she did a cavity search of my menstruating vagina, sticking two fingers in deep and her thumb pressed against my anus.

    She turned me around and told me not to try and fool her, she knew every trick in the book, She stood and watched me pull up my panties and my pants before turning to wash her hands in the sink. I washed my hands and she told me she had her eye on me and she wasn't sure I was worth her time. She forced me to admit that I was still a virgin and that the most I had done was jerk my cousin one time. Stay away from dicks, they are nothing but trouble. NO DICKS she repeated, pointing her finger at my face.

    She walked me down the hall with her hand on my shoulder and when she sent me into class she asked me to repeat what she had told me. NO DICKS I said? And she responded, not today not ever, is that understood.

    While the other girls lost their virginities, one by one, as the year went by I remained a virgin. Mrs. Rendon had asked the Principle for me to be student helper, I had to stay after school for an hour and help her get her lessons planned for the next day. I had other duties, in class I had to distribute the papers and pick up the homework. I was a brownnoser as far as my classmates were concerned.

    It was late one Thursday afternoon, I was still helping her in the classroom because my mother couldn't come until five. I stood by the window day dreaming and she got behind me and cupped my breasts with her hands and pulled me into her chest, her sharp bra pointing straight into my back, She told me I had nice breasts, as she fondled them and then reached down with one hand between my legs and fondled my pussy. You are going to make some woman happy, you can make me happy she said. Holding me as she was with one hand between my legs and the other cupping my breast, she kissed me on the cheek.

    She had me call my mother and tell her that Mrs. Rendon was giving me a ride. At my house she walked around to look at the house, to make sure we were alone. On my bed she held me down while she pulled off my pants and made sure I wasn't wearing a tampon, she lowered herself and took my pussy in her mouth and started licking me, keeping my legs spread open with her hands on my knees. Somehow I had an orgasm, my fist time. She held me down while I went off and when I finished she kissed and bit my clit. She looked at me and told me NO DICKS, not today not ever.

    My mother called to see if I was home, and she told me that since I was home she was going to the supermarket and what did I want for dinner. Mrs. Rendon heard me and when I hung up she lifted her skirt and told me to pull down her panties. Her great big bush stared at me, he took my head and pressed me up against her pussy, NOW LICK ME LIKE I LICKED YOU. She ground herself against my face and worked herself into an orgasm, and then kissed me on the mouth and told me I was a good girl.

    Mrs. Rendon was my fist but not my last. She taught me how to make love with her and taught me to enjoy a mouthful of pussy. She taught me adopt the position, and she licked my pussy and anus from behind. She taught me to enjoy my body and leave dicks alone.

    Mrs. Rendon passed away today, she was 78 years old. A butch all her life, she enjoyed her time with young women she met at school or at the Olive Tree downtown. I remained her pride and joy and we kept up thru Christmas cards and letters, and then texts and emails. I never did meat another woman with such an abundant cleavage between her legs, such an abundant pubic mane. At some point she is too old and I was still young enough to pursue other interests, but that doesn't mean I don't remember. Sleep tight Mrs. Rendon.

    Woke Up With Another Girl

    I am a preachers daughter and a couple of the girls on my dorm floor are bi or lesbian. I honestly believed what I had been taught and told them that I felt it was wrong. I am still a virgin, I've had boyfriends but have not had sex, nor taken them in my mouth. One guy, one time I used my hand to relieve in my parents driveway after a date, but that's the only time I had any sexual contact. I did let two of the boys touch my breasts but only over the bra, one did push his hand under it and pinch at my nipple. I was called a prude in school and in the dorm, and I guess I am one.

    The last weekend before classes ended was a big blowout party. I had two drinks, that's all and evidently passed out. I woke up naked in another girls room in the dorm. She was naked too, and in the single bed with me, she was always one of the more blatant lesbians at school. Also she was one of the most vocal against me whenever I spoke my mind. I wasn't sure what was happening, more importantly what had happened. I sort of had flashbacks in my mind, but not sure if things were real. C (the lesbian girl) was really, really pretty, with or without make up, she had long blonde hair that was natural. She had blonde between her legs though she trimmed, beautiful body, great shape, perfect breasts. And now she's got her arm around me, her blonde pubes pushed up against my naked butt.

    I sat up, and she stirred, looking at me smiling. "Thank you, you were perfect, and so beautiful" came out of her mouth. I asked her what we did, or for that matter if we did anything. She answered that we did it all, and I was perfect at it. I asked what we did, and she couldn't believe I didn't remember. Evidently; we licked on each other between our legs, we sucked on each others breasts, kissed, and used our fingers on each other in both lower places. I asked if she put fingers in me, and she replied that she did when I asked. I didn't remember anything like that. She then said that it was so special because I let her break it. She showed me my panties and some blood on them. My hymen was intact and now it wasn't. I smelled all over my face and my breasts like vagina. I started crying. I wanted to stay a virgin till I got married someday, and now it was not only taken it was in a lesbian relationship.

    It couldn't get worse till three other girls came into the room. I immediately covered my nakedness and C didn't care, she was on show for all. They asked if we spent the night together and C answered we spent the perfect night together, it couldn't be any better. I wanted to get dressed, but they wouldn't leave. C pulled the sheet off me and told me my clothes were on the other bed. I asked for my panties and she told me to get a pair out of her drawer, she wanted the ones with the little stains on it for herself. The other girls just giggled. I felt I had nothing left, no dignity to lose, I got up, took a pair of panties and put them on, then got the rest of my clothes. When I left, C asked me to bring back a couple cups of coffee and a couple croissants so we can have breakfast together. For some reason I did it, then she walked me to the showers where we cleaned each other and she kept feeling me, and kissing me.

    I'm not sure anymore if I'm a lesbian, bi or straight. ????

    Erika, I Found Her, Loved Her, Married Her

    I had a job at a car detail shop in college. I got this one Mercedes and when I was cleaning out the interior I found this pair of panties under the passenger seat and I put them in my pocket and continued to vacuum and clean the car. I did a good job and the man gave me a nice tip. I worked a couple of afternoons and on weekend and made enough to cover my rent. Much more than I could make waitressing.

    I went home and took the panties out and tried them on and they fit. The feeling of another woman's panties drove me crazy and I was soon masturbating . That night I felt like penetration and used a dildo that was left over from one of my broken relationships. I passed out from the orgasm and woke up naked staring at the fan turning overhead. Every time I wanted to masturbate I wore the panties and used the dildo, having another woman's panties on and using another woman's dildo, neither of which I ever washed created a tension in me that could only be released by a large orgasm.

    I met Erika at the detail shop. She was new and didn't speak English and young, maybe seventeen. One of the men in the wash had his eye on her so I decided to take her home with me. She was very quiet and very scared so I held her and put her head on my breasts and stroked her hair. I got very, very horny for her and convinced her to let me bathe her and I put my panties on her when I got her out of the bath. I put on the panties I found in the Mercedes and I was hot for her and ate her through the panties. I told her in my High School Spanish, and what I had learned living along the border, that it was either she lived with me and let me love her or that man was going to take her and fuck her and get her pregnant. He was looking for a woman, so, my woman or his woman.

    I was hot for her, so hot that I stripped her, ate her, made love to her. And used my dildo on her. I showed her how to kiss and I held her at night and cupped her breasts. She was going to be my girlfriend yes or yes. And that man, Marco, from the wash section wasn't going to fuck her. When I wanted to have sex with her I put my panties of the day on her, put on my Mercedes panties and I was hot immediately and showed her how a woman should be loved on. No dick, no fear or pregnancy, no STDs. She was mine, and I intended to keep her that way,

    My heat for her never did ebb or go away. After a while, months, I knew that she was not prone to be a lesbian but life has its twists and turns and being lesbian was better for her than be thrown to the pack of wolves, so like it or like it she was going to be lesbian, my lesbian and I was going to teach her everything she needed to know. I finished college and got a real job with benefits and put her in English school. Everyday I dressed her, I put on her clothes, I combed her hair, I put on her makeup. I kissed her a hundred times. I was obsessed with her, in love with her, infatuated, hot for her. She was my baby lesbian, my baby doll. She was going to fall in love with me yes or yes.

    I was at work, she was going to school, her English had improved to the point where she could get around, she knew where she lived and how to get home. She was very independent. I found her on the floor where she fell, not responding, breathing, but not responding. I took her to ER and they revived her slowly so I could take her home, patching the cut on her forehead where she fell.

    I tossed the panties away and the dildo, from now on it was holding and cuddling and helping her go to sleep. It was time to be her mother, not her lover. Kisses were on the cheek, bathing was gentle with a mother's touch. Never in my life had I wanted to be a mother so bad. I wanted a baby so bad, I went to friend of mine, a man who I've know for a long time, and asked him to do the dirty deed, cautioning him that it was something I had never done. I got pregnant, I was going to be a mother, and she was going to be a mother with me. WE were going to have a baby, although in my quiet moments I had always thought she would be the pregnant one.

    It's been several years, our daughter is going into elementary school. She is a good mother, a very good mother. We make love quietly and softly, gone are the days of wild sex. But we do make love, deep, deep love. I hold her, cup her breasts, smell her hair. She's my baby too and I have to take care of her. To love her. Whether she was born to be a lesbian we will never know. She's a lesbian now. And the car wash man is a monster from long ago, a monster she never had to know.

    And she has her papers, I married her.

  • My Girlfriend Lived Next Door To Me

    I was working in the gazebo in my back yard and I saw my neighbor walk out to her garage with another woman. They stood for a few minutes, opened the garage and walked over wherein the visitor got in a car and backed out. My neighbor reached in the window of the car and kissed her, on the mouth, and I heard quite clearly tell her that she wanted her to spend the night.

    An unexpected moment that cleared up much about my neighbor, Why for instance she lived alone, she didn't have a boyfriend or husband, didn't have any children. Now I knew, she liked other women.

    I paid attention and the stranger's car was in her driveway and I watched the lights go on around her house, and off and her light go on in her bedroom. Why that day I watched, I don't know. But I did, the sheer curtains were pulled but not the curtains themselves and they were silhouetted by the light behind them, they kissed, undressed, and one of them laid back on the bed and the other put her head between her legs. I couldn't see who was who, just two women, making love projected as shadows against the sheer curtains of the room.

    I waited until the lights were turned off and I went to bed and that night I took my vibrator out and laid on my bed and worked myself into an orgasm. Convinced that I could make friends with my neighbor, she is an attractive woman, a lawyer, and instead of someone who needs to drive over, I could put my head between her legs. Now that I knew,

    I went to her house, it's next door, and I walked across our backyards and knocked on her kitchen door and she let me in and I made up a story just to talk to her, this time looking for every clue I could spot about her lesbian behavior. She had only women in photographs, a sure sign, in her bathroom she had a nude I remembered from a visit sometime earlier. She was curious about my visit, I asked for a glass of wine. I sat on her couch and let my breast hang under my shirt, I did not wear a bra, and crossed my legs high so my skirt walked up uncovering my panties.

    It took a long time before she asked me if I was on the make. I said I was, I saw her, I knew, and I had admired her from afar. She walked over to me, put her face against mine and told me that it would never be a good idea to get involved with her neighbor, plus she had just started seeing this other woman. But she kissed me. And she told me to go home and cool off.

    She came across the yard to my house and walked in, she did not knock, She told me to get my clothes off, she wanted to see what I had to offer her, before she made up her mind. I stood naked in my living room, and she sat on my couch, reaching out to touch my breasts, to touch my thighs, before reaching out to touch my pussy with her fingers. She asked me if I wanted to see her naked. I shook my head and she disrobed, piece by piece, each piece that came off she tossed to me, and put her underwear in my face and told me to smell her.

    We went to my room and had sex, I won't say we made love, we had sex, our first sex so we did everything, everything, no hole was left untouched. I lost count of the orgasms, hers and mine, we recovered and started again. All those months of living next door, and now here she was, with me, naked in my bed and we were making out, our faces wet from our pussies, our fingers tired from fingering, our breasts and nipples massaged so much that the mere touch sent fire through me.

    She said she was going home to sleep. I said no. She said to tell her then, to say it out loud. To tell her I was queer. She stayed with me and we slept, her arms around me, her hands cupping my breasts until I fell asleep.

    She is 37 and she's been queer all her life, I discovered my feelings much later, in college but never had someone real close to me. She had to work her relationship with that woman so it would go away, and she put me under her watchful eye. The one thing I have always known about lesbians, they are jealous to a fault and she is no exception. But, it's the way, it is what it is, she's more butch than me and I'm the girlfriend who cooks and folds her panties and her bras.