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What Its Your Opinion About It?

i am a 21 year old guy. boys from what age could they have gay sex with me(me being the passive and submissive one), what is the youngest boy who could have sex with me and its ok?

  • She Just Fills My Need Me Of A Sister

    My husband went out with coworkers and wasn't home when I woke up at 1 a.m. I got worried and used the find my phone to see where he was. He was at the apartment of his number one girl at work. I felt like calling him but decided I wouldn't scare her at 1 in the morning. At 6 a.m. he was still there. He showed up at 8 to shower and change. He told me where he was and that she was in need of support. I didn't have to ask him, he volunteered they had a a few drinks and at her place they got carried away in bed. She was traumatized about him leaving so he stayed the night. His phone was there, the rest seemed far fetched.

    A week later he brought her home, her roommate had walked out and she wasn't able to keep the apartment. I talked to her and she confirmed they had had sex. I put her in the spare bedroom upstairs but I told her it was short term, she needed to find a roommate. They had sex again while I was working nights, I found her panties in my bed. She apologized so I told her not to leave her panties in my bed.

    I never had a second of jealousy, I was more worried about her than him. I looked and found a garage apartment in our neighborhood but after looking at it I told her to just stay put where she was. When I work nights she slips in bed with him, sometimes on weekends she crawls in bed with me and we sleep in late. I thought it best for her to change jobs, close to the house, I don't want her commuting alone.

    I admit I always liked her, from when he hired her. Her and me are like the sister I never had being an only child. When I saw he was with her I was glad it was her, I still feel that way. He has always catted around, now he stays home.

    Born To Get Married

    As a Pakistani American, born in Dearborn, to a MED DR and a Chemistry professor. My first trip to Karachi was when I was 10. In college I became very active in fighting for women in Pakistan, particularly against arranged marriages and child brides. I graduated from Michigan State. At the tender age of 22 my mother informed me I was getting married, to a Pakistani doctor. A man I had never met, 12 years older than me, who needed to come to America and my citizenship would accomplish that. The answer was for me to do what I was told, not embarrass the family, my father, accept my adulthood, get married, be a good wife, have children, and shut up.

    I understand the pressure on women now. Don't think I got away, I didn't. I married a man I never saw, he performed his duty on my 'wedding' night. A marriage without children is not a marriage, I gave birth to a son, thank God, before I had been married 10 months. Muslims have sex, believe me. My one luck is we live in the US and not Pakistan. My husband is in practice with my father, he passed all his board exams.

    He is not western and I have to dress in Pakistani dress, think of my grandmother. As a young couple I stay pregnant, and run the house. If you think arranged marriages, child marriages will end, think again. Not in Pakistan or any other Muslim country. A fresh young girl is an asset to the family. I survived until 22 because of one thing, I could bring a man here. Personally he thought I was too old when he married me, and probably today still won't accept that I was virgin to him.

    I'm not even Muslim, just by birth but not raised as a Muslim. Oh, excuse me now I'm Muslim, now that I'm married.

  • For A Grade

    I was bad in maths but I needed to pass this particular course. I could not afford to fail and retake the subject. So, I slept with the course teacher. He was young and had a healthy cock. My tight pussy enjoyed every bit of it. So, it was a double win for me as I ended up with a A- to avoid suspicion. I heard a few other female students also did work around his cock but the names were not revealed.

    It Was My Boyfriend

    I was out with a meet up for friends and my carer drove me home and when we got there his wife was found fucking a guy so he stormed out in a hurry demanded I get in the car and I ran and we went to a strange parking spot had a talk and he touched him up a little on the boobs and leg and asked if I liked him better that way as his wife said I dreamed of him and she found things in my room so, I said yes and he asked me to tell him honestly what had been going on and we had a fight and he was so angry that he grabbed me and took me on the stiring wheel ,up from behind and did anal. ass beating me for being a bad girl he liked too much I cried and he finished and got in the car and drove home silent til we got back and he asked me over to his seat and I came all over him at the car while his wife was loudly fucking my boyfriend he tried to comfort me . so we were there for each other.

  • Fucked My Trump Obssessed Neighbor

    She's like really Republican, American flag outside her house and all. somewhat religious I didn't know actually she was like "Yeah, I think god exists" "We are all born for a reason" but without being too aggressive about it. She hates taxes.

    I somewhat follow politics, I'm just a Social Democrat, I spoke with her twice. We got along well regardless of her positions, she told me how much she misses her husband (He isn't dead, he's just working out of town) I remember being "Ah, sure. I assume you miss sex as well" She first stared at me wide eyed but then was like "Yeah you can say so"

    All I'm about to say that she was 52, A nice curvy fat ass, above average tits, and somewhat normal weight for her age, Loved her, cummed on her ass, smacked it and left.

    If You Are Female In Haiti There Is No Hope

    I ask this question because it has to be asked. Why are we subject because we are born without a penis? Add to that, we are born into poor families, into a poor country. We read of demonstrations on abortion, demonstrations on equality. But here their is only one truth. If we are born without a penis nothing else matters.

    Being The Favorite Has Its Rewards

    This all happened before Covid and we all worked in the office. The owner and boss, his nickname was the 'old man', liked to look down blouses and pat our behinds. If you didn't get your ass patted it meant he didn't like you. Of course this was a small office, don't think I worked at a major corporations with all kind of rules. If you wanted your ass patted or a quick hug you wore tight pants, with a tight crotch. One of his favorite things was for you to stand beside his chair with a tight pair of pants on. He liked me.

    One day I wore a dress to work, in a business like that a dress was way out of the norm. Women wore pants, and some of us wore tight pants with heels, but pants not dresses. But I had bought a pair red heels and I wanted to wear them and they went best with a dress. The dress meant that he didn't have my butt to pat and there was no crotch to stare at. Beside his desk, that's where we had to stand when we went to see him I could see that he missed my tight pants. I slowly, and I mean slowly, lifted my dress until he could see my panties. He told me to pull my panties down and do it again.

    I got my panties half way down my thighs and lifted my dress again, slowly, really slowly until he could see what he wanted to see. I could see that he was arranging his pants, his dick was hard and caught in his pants. So I asked him if he wanted Mommy to fix his dick. That' his nickname for me. I got down on my knees, his favorite position, and I worked his pants open and got on his dick and gave him the love he wanted. I'm pretty good at it, he taught me well.

    After that day the dress code changed for women, dresses, skirts, anything that let him look up and find a pair of white or pink or orange panties. An added bonus is that when we stood beside his desk he put his hand up the back of our thigh and squeezed a handful. We had to have a code, and if it wasn't appropriate for him to be getting his hand up our legs we wore pants.

    As his favorite, it was part of my duty to make sure he got enough so he wasn't chasing some girl down on the plant floor. Covid caused us to shut down for nine months. He had to let go of most of the staff, but he kept me. When I went to his house to help with some paperwork that still needed to be done for the government loans I wore nice everyday clothes. I had to sneak a kiss or a grope and once in a while his wife was out and I went over to take care of his needs.

    We are back open now, but not everyone is working at the office. The old atmosphere is gone, we are back to pants and careful pats on the ass, but with new hires things are really toned down. And we have this one woman in accounts payable who is all fired up about women's rights and firing her is not so easy, she should never have been hired.

    Feeling A Bit Of Guilt About Using This Girl

    What's hot? Attractive? Is it in the eye of the beholder?

    For example, I have a Latina Accounts Payable clerk on my staff, 27. Stocky, 5' 6", 145 ponds of muscle. She works out, runs. Keeps a well groomed pubic zone. Labia well behaved, no hanging Chad's, perfect pussy. Nice ass, nice tits. I have always liked brown girls, I spent a few years in Latina America.

    Now the reality. Not much between the ears. No intellect. GED. Forget a conversation.

    So is this only a fuck doll situation? Use her and put her back on the shelf? in the sack she is in my top three fucks. But she is at the bottom of the intellectual ladder. It is really a case of keep your mouth shut and your legs open.

  • I Won This Woman In A Poker Game, I'll Keep Her If She Gets Pregnant

    Ten years ago I won a woman in a poker game. Her husband had lost a lot of money to me, and I offered him a deal, double the money if you win, your wife if you lose. He lost again.

    We went to his house and he told his wife he had lost her at poker and I had won her. We packed a bag for her and I took her with me. That night I 'consummated' the arrangement. She was upset but resigned.

    She had never seen him again, she lives with me and has been a good 'wife'. I hired a lawyer to get her divorce, which he signed without comment. She is 33 and I told her to go ahead and have a kid if she wants, a woman shouldn't go through life without children. I really believe that.

    I had a wife once, back when I was young. She was not for me. She was then a woman with issues and she is now a woman with issues. I'm relieved that she never go pregnant.

    If this woman goes ahead and gets pregnant I decided I will marry her legally, she's served me well for ten years already, I've told her, it's the carrot, push some babies out and she gets the ring and the house.