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The Democrat Woman Down The Hall

I’m part of the city council in a small town and people think there is this big feud between me a d the democrat council woman. When actually there isn’t.

When in fact the only feud we have is weather I’m gonna fuck her ass or pussy in her office. We have sex a few times a week. She is the same age as me and sexy. Always wears a dress and a sexy thong underneath. Never took her as a thong woman till we started having sex about 3 years ago.

Yesterday she was giving me a blowjob in my office around lunch time. It was so hot! I keep my dick shaved for her as she likes it hairless down there. I’m only 6 inches long so nothing special but it’s plenty big enough for her.

Today I’m definitely going to be put my dick in her asshole before the day is over. Except I think we are out of condoms, I’ll have to go get a pack in a bit.

I’ll probably stay at her house tomorrow night so that we can have some fun all night long and she wants to peg me.

  • Sports Are Fake

    I'm not actually particularly angry about the World Cup. Sure, I'm not into soccer and I find it pretty damn boring but I don't doubt or rue the fact that a shit-ton of people around the world to enjoy it. It's fucking boring as shit to me. I'd rather watch grass grow, watch paint dry, or watch a fucking game of GOLF before I'd watch soccer.

    It's so fucking painfully long and boring that I'd rather do ANYTHING else. Plus, what's the deal with the players flopping on the fucking ground and acting like they were just SHOT or fucking STABBED because an opposing player bumped into them? Trying to draw a penalty? Seriously, get up off the fucking ground and quit being a bitch. I've seen fat children throwing tantrums, crying, screaming their fat little fuckin' heads off at the Wal-Mart store that have more composure.

    No, what I'm ranting about is the fact that the World Cup coverage has taken over my favorite local channel. I don't watch much television as it is, usually at night before I go to bed, but Good God is this shit getting frustrating.

    All morning, the pre-game World Cup bullshit. After that, the actual games. Then, you might think it's over after 4PM but fuck no. They fool you into thinking that it's the normal programming, then bam, at midnight which is when I usually go to bed and watch my fuckin' shows, they have some bullshit late night talk show about the fuckin' World Cup on. This is fuckin' asinine. I can't imagine the viewership they must be losing.

    Listen, I know you really, really want it to change for whatever fuckin' reason and open up a market for soccer in the U.S but it just ain't gonna fuckin' happen. Very few people here even enjoy watching soccer.

    We just don't have the same type of exposure to it as those in Losers in Europe do. In short, we don't fuckin' care about soccer, most of us. I get that it's a Fox Affiliate which means they have to broadcast whatever Fox tells them to, but who's fucking idea was this? Put in on Fox Sports or some shit and advertise it that way.

    The thousand or so people in the U.S who actually give a fuck about soccer will go watch it there. Leave everything else the fuck alone. It's bad enough that during baseball season the fuckin' games run long and delay shows constantly. Most of us don't give a fuck about soccer, especially when the American team shat the fuckin' bed and didn't make ..(continue confession)

    I Jerk Off To AOC

    Is it just me who thinks that she is sexy as hell and jerks off to her? Probably a feisty little freak that likes it rough. Her politics are garbage but she sure is one hot piece of ass.

  • Fuck Anger Central

    Fuck that Website Anger Central and it's Egotistical, Racist, Far Right, Trump's Dick Sucking, Narcissistic Webmaster. The man clearly has a serious Superiority Complex and acts like he's right and feels the need to insult ranters with childish footnotes to undermine people knowing they can't comment back unless they make another rant which the lazy bum only updates once a week while expressing his right wing views. to shove down people's throats as well as being a racist prick too by attacking black people and defending white supremacists.

    How can a 60 Year Old Man act like such an adolescent toddler much like the The President he sucks the nuts of and by attacking Democrats calling them Nazis when Trump is the reincarnation of Hitler himself and also gets triggered when you call him a Republin**i which is the truth. He also is a bootlicker for the Police and defends Brutality and calls Black Lives Matter racist when they are trying to put a stop to Racism. All Lives Matter should only be a thing if Black Lives Matter which clearly shows his hypocrisy.

    He is also quick to defend old people whenever there is a rant about old people when old people are known to cause problems such as back up traffic by driving slower than the speed of a snail making people late for work or old people starting shit with younger people and yet his old boomer ass would defend old people and attack the younger people. If some old fart thinks it's funny to harass young people about the way they work than I have every right to call some of the old dinosaurs a bunch of wrinkle faced dinosaurs who need to go home and stay home and sit on their hemorrhoid filled asses. Oh yeah I bet he would defend some old fart that caused a car accident because his old ass had no business being on the road.

    Not to mention he is so goddamn out of touch especially with his footnotes on the celebrities section where anytime someone makes a rant about a celebrity he tells them not to watch them. Asshole leave your pointless advice to yourself, why even have a comments section if you all you half to say is don't watch them or also telling people to move if they make a rant about their neighbors I mean you really are so goddamn out of touch and lazy that all you half to provide is yeah you honestly don't give a fuck about your shitty as site except pushing your Far Right Political Agenda which is why barely anyone comes to his site ..(continue confession)