This category is for ALL things political. They say the only two things you never discuss around the dinner table are "religion" and "politics." That's good advise! Politics are polarizing by nature and can stir emotions like nothing else. This is a designated SAFE place though. Confess all your political options to the World right here. Don't worry, we'll most likely debate you back, but debate is good for the flow of good ideas now isn't it? Here's a hint! ..Don't be racist, misogynistic, homophobic (or whatever else the new offensive word of the day is today) and you won't have your confession promptly REMOVED.

I Chose To Support A Man And Pinned My Star To His

At that time I was a Junior Auditor in the Internal Audit Department at Mega X. By happenstance we had discovered that a vendor was owned by a company owned by two Directors and that no bids were taken. The manager had slipped up "you know who owns them? Don't you?" No we didn't, to protect himself for not going out for bid he spilled the beans.

My boss had a professional issue on his hand, disclose to the Audit Committee, or cover it up. He would go to the Audit Committee. And get fired for it. That night I not only slept with him, I gave myself to him. We had sex until it was time to get ready for work. He made his presentation, he had the evidence. but he was fired.

He told me to get my purse, and we were without jobs. My future career was in his hands, I had to stay close to him, sexually. In time he got a consulting job, then a permanent position, we moved to another state. I followed. Sex was the glue. Without a job I kept the home fires burning. Sex. That's what I remember most. Following him made me his girlfriend, and my career path went away.

He has lived up to his male duties, he earns the money, I look after it. It's all out of 1955. Roast chicken, scrambled eggs with bacon. Pressed shirts, cleaned and vacuumed. Inventive sex, Kamasutra, thongs and push up bras. He calls me his wife, but I don't have the ring. Once I walked away from my job with him, I sold myself to him. He's OK with it, I had to learn to accept reality.

  • Once Opposed Abortion

    The news of the day brought me to this confession. I once opposed abortion. I thought it was m****r. I even believed this for a few years after I abandoned the Catholic faith of my childhood. But this was before I thought carefully about the difference between a full human life, a personal life, a biographical life, full of desires, thoughts, judgments, and wisdom, and a merely biological life, with cells dividing and growing and moving around, but with no mind present. In my youthful ignorance I thought that all human life was equally valuable. And as I result I said various offensive things to people, exposing my ignorance to the world.

    And now I've grown up and learned better about these distinctions. About how mere biological life and potential doesn't make us valuable, but only actual mental capacities do, capacities which develop gradually, and even just before birth are still only incipient, taking off rapidly after birth. About how many fertilized eggs fail to implant let alone come to term, so that birth is hardly a uniquely natural or divinely-ordained outcome of conception. About how most "pro-life" people don't really believe that the fertilized egg is itself terribly valuable, as they would certainly not rescue a tray of 100 frozen embryos instead of a child from a burning fertility clinic--no they consider those less valuable because their potential is not "natural"--i.e., not in the bodies of women who are "supposed" to get pregnant, and whose pregnancies are not their own to choose or control, but under the yoke of someone's religion or society or state power. About how potential is not actuality, any more than an acorn is an oak tree. And about how restrictions on abortion have oppressed women--with actual, full human lives--for centuries, and will now do so again.

    In becoming wiser about this, I have perhaps also gained a certain amount of humility, knowing how wrong I once was about this topic while feeling so certain that I was right. That doesn't keep me from making judgments about this and many other topics, including some which don't affect me personally as a straight, cis male, but it does remind me to seek to become better informed from those more affected as I make my judgments. And it makes me both angry and sad to think of those who have not yet understood what I have come to understood, and who have perhaps through sheer naivete, and perhaps by choice, continue to accept simplistic, distinction-erasing, and oppressive mantras about "the value of human life" or "God's g*ft of life," which in practice results in de-valuing the lives of many actual adults who do not wish to become parents.

    I am ashamed of my past beliefs and expressions, and can only hope that it can to some degree help me to patiently explain to others who still hold such views why they are wrong, and why they should change. To those of you who knew better all along, I am glad to have caught up with you, and to be accepted as one who respects the value of a fully developed human life.

    I Got One But Funny Confession

    I masterbate to Marjorie. She's so hot. Honestly if she cheated on her husband I don't blame her. If I looked like her
    The amount of men I'd sleep with would be a high list.

  • Can't Fight Evolution

    I'm studying evolution in my high school bio class and it got me wondering why does society value big breasts and big cocks. It's cuz evolution, duh. It all makes sense now. We're drawn to those things cuz it's good for us!

    I decided to test my theory and made a fake Tinder account. I got guys to send me dick pics. What did I find? I got more turned on by the bigger ones. I decided to dig even deeper and slept with a few of them. The bigger cocks were definitely more fun. I enjoyed sucking them more and the stretch was just phenomenal.

    Sorry guys, but bigger really is better.

    The Slap

    So Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is some kind of cultural movement? A guy told a bad joke. Another guy snapped and hit the first fuy guy, he clearly needs some help. That's it. Fucking hell it's like by the hour this slap has been recontextualized to became a sacred event. There is an insanity to the level of mental gymnastics taking place to reframe a pretty simple situation. Why?

  • Got Dismissed For Not Being Gay

    I was invited to help with the League of Women Voters. Of course there were only women working there. And to me after meeting the 'crew' I felt these women were gay. I'm fully aware that you aren't supposed to draw conclusions or pigeon hole or observe that someone might be gay. But Jesus gay is gay and these were gay women. Gay is the nice word.

    I'm not gay, what I am is athletic, petite, and I have dressed tomboyish since I was 2. I do not go down on a girl, I do not let a girl go down on me. I work with gay women, believe me in the fashion industry there are gays, not just the men, the girls too. I'm a lawyer, not a fashion designer, but I do have a fashion designer help put my wardrobe together for me. Oh, and I have never had a problem attracting men with my looks or chosen dress code.

    When the woman who invited me to join realized I don't do pussy, guess what she told me? They didn't need my skill set. I presume they meant legal skills. Not my skills of making a boy happy. I'm getting pretty tired of this gay cult thing.

    Please Stop Reabusing Because Of Your Vicarious Pleasure Need

    30 years ago I was 17, honor role student in my hometown of 14 thousand. I was cornered by a guy and dragged into this abandoned building and abused. He left me tied and I never saw or heard from him again. I got free, got my clothes on and managed to get home to change. I never told anyone, not until now. I've decided to speak out against vicarious reabusers.

    I joined the police force, earned an associates degree and work primarily with parole management. I also participate with abused women. Most of which are not truly abused, they are in over their head. No one did anything to them, they just didn't like it or the relationship ended. But some are abuse survivors and I focus on helping them. Finding the abuser is a fools errand, it doesn't help at all. Not for the woman or girl. Leave well enough alone, help them cope and move on. I know this sounds bad for many, but it doesn't help. If these abusers are caught, deal with them but keep the girl out of it.

    Your body recovers very quickly, it's gone before you know it. The experience goes away too. It's the need for others to relive it vicariously that doesn't let it die. So back off, you are not helping. Girls, women, are resilient. My goal is simple, get on with your life, make a family, get a degree, paint a painting. Reliving an abuse doesn't help. Sorry. It doesn't. As to the regret and revenge seekers, they deserve their misery, as to the rest of us we want to get up and enjoy our day. It happened. That's all.

    Now I Can Talk, I've Walked The Walk

    Walk the walk. For some time now I've been thinking about sucking cock. I've gone from some fit runner type, to maybe some older executive type. in any event walk the walk, don't just talk. Last Friday I was out with a couple of friends, we went to a club and got into a discussion about the current state of affairs. We had a few drinks, he paid I could never afford that kind of money. At one point it crossed my mind that he was hitting on me. And I went along. I left with him, we went to his apartment, I sucked his cock, he sucked my cock, he lubed me up, I took it up the ass.

    I tried it, I won't go so far as to say I liked it. I can say I walked the walk, I did it, I sucked cock, got fucked and now I can talk about it.

    My Home Towns Mayor

    I think it’s very funny that everyone thinks my home town mayor is a nice quiet small town guy. Well to tell the truth he is a great guy. Very nice loving guy. Cares about his community. And also loves to have me suck his dick. Lol.

    When he got elected 3 years ago a friend bet me that I couldn’t suck off our new mayor. So I gladly took that bet. I figured it wouldn’t be hard to suck a 55 year olds dick.

    Only a month I to his term I sucked his dick. Had picture proof of his hairy dick in my mouth to show my friend. Funny thing was it turned into regular head. I was sucking his dick frequently. It was always sexy to go to his office after hours and have him sit at his desk. I open his pants up. Pull his tighty whities under his balls and suck him. He has a thick 6 inch cut dick. So nothing special but he has pretty big loads. And pretty hairy too.

    One day feeling all slutty I was sitting on his lap in his chair and I took my jeans off. I’m grinding on him in my pink lace thong. I could feel he was hard through his pants. Next thing I know he’s cumming in his pants! Didn’t expect that! He opened up his pants and then opened up his tighty whities. Cum filled! It was a mess in there! He cleaned up with some tissues.

    After a year of just giving him blowjobs I decided I wanted to fuck him. I premuch informed him one day when I went to his office. My jeans and thong came off. I put a condom on him and he bent me over his desk. Let me say that man could fuck! He also knew how to eat pussy!

    By the time we were fucking he was inviting me over to his house so we’d have more privacy and a big bed to fuck in. Sure enough I was at his house two to 5 times a week. Thing progressed even more. After like 8 months of fucking with a condom I told him one day I’m on birth control and showed him my clean std tests I just got. He went and got a full physical and std check.

    Since he was clean too he started fucking me bare and cummimg in my pussy. Such a turn on that is. And his big loads make it fun. They always leak out. Sometimes he pulls out and cums on my body.

    Fun fact is that everyone’s favorite mayor used to have a very hairy dick. Well about a year ago he started shaving all the hair off. Yep he thought I’d love it avd I do. His dick hair free looks huge and it’s sexy. Took him a while to get used to it but now he loves being bald in his tighty whities

    Just a few weeks ago I let him take my anal virginity. What an experience. Boy was my asshole sore!

    My mom who’s single since my parents divorced years ago knows I’m pretty sexually active. She always is curious who I’m seeing so much. Then I just said the man I’m fucking is on the front page of the news paper. She looked and saw the mayor then looked at me. She had many questions!

  • Bridging The Gap

    No political arguments here, please.

    I just want to say that I am very very attracted to conservative men who let me suck them, eat them, and who will humiliate me. I love bigger men, especially, and as far as confessions go...

    Yes, I have sucked off men, swallowed their cum, and then gone home unsatisfied where I surf for pics as I jerk off my (very small) dick.