This category is for ALL things political. They say the only two things you never discuss around the dinner table are "religion" and "politics." That's good advise! Politics are polarizing by nature and can stir emotions like nothing else. This is a designated SAFE place though. Confess all your political options to the World right here. Don't worry, we'll most likely debate you back, but debate is good for the flow of good ideas now isn't it? Here's a hint! ..Don't be racist, misogynistic, homophobic (or whatever else the new offensive word of the day is today) and you won't have your confession promptly REMOVED.

BLM Thugs

I have been dating my gf for almost 4 years now even though we are the exact opposites politically. She's a "woke" liberal brainwashed by her college professors and I am a big supporter of Trump. Fuck the libtards and BLM thugs for burning down our cities and erasing our heritage.

My confession is that I secretly fantasize about my gf being gangbanged by these black thugs at their so called protests.

Fuck The Police

Cops are allowed freedom because the Justice System is too goddamn gutless. Wake the Fuck Up people The Police Are The Enemy of the people stop licking their boots and grow a goddamn spine. How is it some of us black people spend life behind bars but the racist dumbass cops that killed Breonna Taylor are allowed freedom? Or why was one of George Floyd's m****rers freed from jail with a million dollar bail? Money that could have went to more charitable organizations instead of letting some pussy cop be free from jail all because he didn't want to be there. If you didn't want to be there you should have got Derek's Chavin's knee out of George Floyd's ..(continue confession)

I Jerk Off To AOC

Is it just me who thinks that she is sexy as hell and jerks off to her? Probably a feisty little freak that likes it rough. Her politics are garbage but she sure is one hot piece of ass.

Fuck Anger Central

Fuck that Website Anger Central and it's Egotistical, Racist, Far Right, Trump's Dick Sucking, Narcissistic Webmaster. The man clearly has a serious Superiority Complex and acts like he's right and feels the need to insult ranters with childish footnotes to undermine people knowing they can't comment back unless they make another rant which the lazy bum only updates once a week while expressing his right wing views. to shove down people's throats as well as being a racist prick too by attacking black people and defending white supremacists.

How can a 60 Year Old Man act like such an adolescent toddler much like the The President he sucks the nuts of and by attacking Democrats calling them Nazis when ..(continue confession)