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Why Men Should Be Gay

I have just finished reading an article relating to the world population. Too many people are inhabiting our planet and the damage is starting to become a serious threat to the future. The solution to my mind, is patently obvious. Every man should be encouraged to be gay!

I have been gay all my life and, being a promiscuous cock loving slut, I can tell you that most of my enjoyably sordid encounters have been with married men in their middle age. This is the root to the solution. Fathering children should be limited and no man over 35 should be married to a woman. Divorce should be compulsory and only gay sex allowed for men from that age onward. I would personally be prepared to volunteer to help with their training and help them settle into their new sexuality. A salary for this role would, I think, be acceptable.

As women generally lose any interest in men anyway, and only keep them around for financial benefit, they should be compensated and then banned from forming any kind of sexual relationship with a man. Dildos and lesbians could be made available by the state. All women should be required to work after raising children, a duty which will be designated as a social duty only to those who qualify.

Mature men, released from obligation to women, would then no longer be required to ever work again and will be expected to seek sexual adventure with each other in specially designated national parks and designated buildings open only to men.

That would be my dream world. Oh, if only!

Queenie XX.

  • My Life

    He offered me to house sit his house while he was on assignment in Europe for a year. He left me in charge, a monthly maintenance and repair allowance. I moved into one of the spare bedrooms. Halfway thru the year he told me he had an R&R week coming up. Why didn't I fly over. We spent the week in Paris. When he got home he said I should stay, why pay rent.

    That's how I got 'involved'.

    With him home I felt obligated to cook and clean. He let me, One day he said he was having company, a woman, his sister. Just relax, I was part of the house. His sister was a cop lesbian from Los Angeles. She stared at me the entire weekend. That weekend I felt uncomfortable.

    I asked him if it was OK to go see my parents for a week. Who would cook for him? I didn't go. We went to Las Vegas instead, saw a couple of shows, and got married. Then we flew to see my parents.

    On the fifth anniversary he offered me to have a child, if I wanted. I wanted.


    A long time ago. She's a support dancer with the Berlin Ballet. Tough as nails. You don't fuck her, she fucks you. She has a girlfriend, a dancer for the Moscow ballet. She wants help, get her girlfriend out. The deal, I get the dancer out, she surrenders to me.

    The opportunity presents itself via Oslo, Moscow is moved to a safe place. Berlin's controller won't give her up, another trade and Berlin comes over to me. It's the way it was. Berlin, Moscow are moved to Nicetown, USA. Berlin is hard as nails, she knows how the game is played, I fuck her, she knows the game.

    Moscow, Berlin, are one. The game has no end, Berlin is mine.

  • Hello World

    I made a friend on Tumblr. She is from the other side of the world. We've met several times. Ive had relationship in my local area, and kept her a secret. I always thought europeans were taller, but turns out she is my height.
    Anyway, she has introduced me to new things. And she likes to be nasty. I hope I can eventually leave with her.

    Taking Out The Trash

    A long time ago I became a volunteer for an election campaign for a candidate I really liked a lot. I was 14 at the time and filled with political wonder.

    I was also naive.

    My candidate won the election. It was for state senator. A year into his two year term I learned that he was corrupt as hell and had been taking bribes ever since he was first elected to city council twenty years earlier. He was talking about running for congress and I was pissed and disillusioned. I was still a volunteer for that party but I hated that I helped get that particular guy elected. then someone approached me with an idea to get him unseated. I was so proud they chose me to help them. I didn't even care that they were going to exploit the fact that I was 15 and looked 12 and have been described as a "Lolita" type. Yes I knew what that meant and I didn't care. I'd have the last laugh. I'm 43 and I still get carded. Recently a boy young enough to be my son hit on me. I do not at all mind looking half my age.

    So as you might have guessed the plan was for me to seduce him and get photos of him and me having sex. The manager of this politician's favorite motel was in on it. He'd been seeing prostitutes for years and had a favorite room. So the guy from the party sent me on a shopping spree. He told me buy clothes that made me look like a 12 year old slut desperate to please her Daddy. I knew exactly what he meant and watched a few episodes of a famous TV sit com that included a red headed couch potato and a stupid blond daughter who was sexy as her. I emulated her look but made it a little more slutty. Then I was driven to his favorite hangout place and I strutted in and sat down at the bar. I was still only 15 but the manager asked what I would like and I said "something legal that looks illegal" He handed me a rocks glass that looked like it had whisky but it was ginger ale and apple juice with some ice.

    It took the congressman wannabe all of about two minutes to notice me and walk over and introduce himself. We had already met several times but he didn't recognize me. He offered me $3000 to spend the night with him. I asked how he got all the cash (something few hookers would ever do) and he simply replied "expense account" he then went on to tell me about how they don't have good oversight with the state legislative budget and he was on the budget committee and could pretty much get his hands on as much cash as he wanted. He didn't know I was wearing a wire. Tee Hee.

    In a few minutes he bought me another drink not realizing it was ginger ale and apple juice on ice and asked me how old I was. I said "old enough to want it and young enough to be a sin." He was drooling at that point. He asked if I'd like to come back to his hotel room with him. I asked if I would get to choke on his big hard cock. I complained that all the boys in my school had puny dicks. I said the name of the school and it was a middle school. I was actually in high school but I wanted to give him a few miles of rope to hang him as our conversation was being recorded.

    We got to the hotel room which was wired and had half a dozen cameras. We spend five hours in that room fucking every way two people can and a few ways I didn't think were possible. He was a horrible person but a really great fuck. And is dick really was huge. I only guessed it might be due to his hand and shoe size. Well it is true what they say about that.

    About three O'clock in the morning he told me to put on my clothes and leave. I didn't mind. I had what I came for. Not only did I have his $3000 but I had the $1000 the party gave me AND I got to take down a man I mistakenly thought was a good guy.

    Two weeks later congressman kid fucker held a news conference where he announced his resignation and how he had been stealing from government coffers for years and was going to turn himself in to the state police which had a car waiting. There was no trial. He made a plea bargain. No mention was ever made of what we did together. His party showed him the recordings and video tape and issued him an ultimatum. Resign and stay out of politics forever or have evidence of him having sex with a 15 year old girl broadcast all over the news and then go to jail for having sex with a 15 year old girl. He chose door number one. The penalty for corruption was 5 years in state prison. He could have gone to federal prison but the feds let the state handle it. I ended up getting a five grand bonus for my work and that came to $9000 for a few hours of work that I didn't even count as work. Funny story. When he got out of prison he looked me up and asked me out again. I was 20 by then and tempted but I was in college studying political science and didn't want to get mixed up with him again. But I did really like his cock. Today I work for an elected official on the state level and he knows exactly what I did for the party all those years ago. After all, he was the one who hired me to do it. No we are not lovers. He did something hard to do for the good of the party but more importantly for the good of the people. He's one of the good guys.

  • MLK Day Surprise.

    I was at the gym yesterday morning and a white girl came up to me and said she wanted to show her appreciation to black people for MLK day. I just nodded to her and had no idea what she was getting at. Then she said she wanted to show her appreciation by sucking my dick, and that she was leaving soon. I cut my work out off halfway through and went out with her. She pulled us into an empty back corner of the lot and we got in the backseat. She was sucking my dick for a couple minutes and I asked her to sit back so I could go down on her and get her ready for a fuck. She stopped my advances and said we couldnt have sex because she had a boyfriend. So she just sucked my dick and I blew my load down her throat. White girls are crazy.

    We All Have To Pay Our Bills, One Way Or Another

    I met this girl who was big into hiking and we dated for a while. She told me that she had been invited to climb Kilimanjaro. I told her, I suppose I should have suggested, but I told her not to go. A girl alone in Africa with people she didn't know was not my idea of a safe thing to do. The discussion, argument really, revolved around me telling her what to do and if I didn't think she should go then I should go with her and make sure she was safe. That's how I ended up on Kilimanjaro.

    The climb was staged, they do it all the time. But the truth is that if you are not in condition it is a tough slog. She went up like a Billie goat, I went up like a lumbering jack ass. On day three of the climb she slipped on some loose rocks and took a tumble. I went after her, sliding down the slope. She had broken her ankle, tibia and fibula. The guide helped stabilize, they have experience, a helicopter was called in, expensive, and she was evacuated to a local hospital, I went with her.

    After surgery I asked that she be evacuated to a hospital in Europe, we ended up in Switzerland. There she was operated on again because she had a bone infection. Expensive but the Swiss covered a lot of it with their health insurance even if we were not Swiss. By then my Amex was up over 100K. After ten days recovering, more expense, I got a first class ride back home. At least we were back where insurance paid.

    I never got a blowjob, all I got was complaints because of how she was treated, which was rather well under the circumstances. My overall bill, which I paid because she does not have any money amounted to over 130K. No pussy mind you and I rightfully felt I owned her pussy by then. Ten months later she walked without crutches, pins in her leg, and a sad story about her climb of Kilimanjaro.

    Now, the question is what do you do? Let it slide, or get your pussy? I got my pussy no thanks to her. I took what I had paid for. I took what I was owed. I told her not to go, she didn't do what she was told. She went without any kind of insurance, her little policy does not cover you out the country. If I didn't have the money (which I don't anymore because I shelled it out) she would be in a rest home in Tanzania working it off as a laundry maid.

    It is my pussy, I paid for it and I intend to use it.

    Ongoing Question

    So, since I was a teen I was always shy and my confidence wasn't as good as I have now. I consider myself good looking, good physical shape and really good health for my age. There is an ongoing question and I hope I'm not crazy.
    Here is the scenario:
    A guy makes a pass at a woman at work. 3 possible things can happen
    1) They go to his or her place and have sex
    2) she turns him down and end of story
    3) she turns him down and notifies HR and gets him fired.
    I have seen the 1st possibility happen over and over again but if it were
    Me, I think it would be #2 or #3 if I tried.
    Why is that? Why are there some guys who "Have it" and some just it never works out that way?

    The Democrat Woman Down The Hall

    I’m part of the city council in a small town and people think there is this big feud between me a d the democrat council woman. When actually there isn’t.

    When in fact the only feud we have is weather I’m gonna fuck her ass or pussy in her office. We have sex a few times a week. She is the same age as me and sexy. Always wears a dress and a sexy thong underneath. Never took her as a thong woman till we started having sex about 3 years ago.

    Yesterday she was giving me a blowjob in my office around lunch time. It was so hot! I keep my dick shaved for her as she likes it hairless down there. I’m only 6 inches long so nothing special but it’s plenty big enough for her.

    Today I’m definitely going to be put my dick in her asshole before the day is over. Except I think we are out of condoms, I’ll have to go get a pack in a bit.

    I’ll probably stay at her house tomorrow night so that we can have some fun all night long and she wants to peg me.

  • Sports Are Fake

    I'm not actually particularly angry about the World Cup. Sure, I'm not into soccer and I find it pretty damn boring but I don't doubt or rue the fact that a shit-ton of people around the world to enjoy it. It's fucking boring as shit to me. I'd rather watch grass grow, watch paint dry, or watch a fucking game of GOLF before I'd watch soccer.

    It's so fucking painfully long and boring that I'd rather do ANYTHING else. Plus, what's the deal with the players flopping on the fucking ground and acting like they were just SHOT or fucking STABBED because an opposing player bumped into them? Trying to draw a penalty? Seriously, get up off the fucking ground and quit being a bitch. I've seen fat children throwing tantrums, crying, screaming their fat little fuckin' heads off at the Wal-Mart store that have more composure.

    No, what I'm ranting about is the fact that the World Cup coverage has taken over my favorite local channel. I don't watch much television as it is, usually at night before I go to bed, but Good God is this shit getting frustrating.

    All morning, the pre-game World Cup bullshit. After that, the actual games. Then, you might think it's over after 4PM but fuck no. They fool you into thinking that it's the normal programming, then bam, at midnight which is when I usually go to bed and watch my fuckin' shows, they have some bullshit late night talk show about the fuckin' World Cup on. This is fuckin' asinine. I can't imagine the viewership they must be losing.

    Listen, I know you really, really want it to change for whatever fuckin' reason and open up a market for soccer in the U.S but it just ain't gonna fuckin' happen. Very few people here even enjoy watching soccer.

    We just don't have the same type of exposure to it as those in Losers in Europe do. In short, we don't fuckin' care about soccer, most of us. I get that it's a Fox Affiliate which means they have to broadcast whatever Fox tells them to, but who's fucking idea was this? Put in on Fox Sports or some shit and advertise it that way.

    The thousand or so people in the U.S who actually give a fuck about soccer will go watch it there. Leave everything else the fuck alone. It's bad enough that during baseball season the fuckin' games run long and delay shows constantly. Most of us don't give a fuck about soccer, especially when the American team shat the fuckin' bed and didn't make it far.

    Who cares? Who gives a fuck? We like real football here. Fuck off with all this mess.

    Speaking of football, next season, could you bastards put more fucking commercials in? I really miss the commercials when a play goes a little longer. You know, try to squeeze in some more fucking ads.

    You dig, some of those awesome fucking 'Bud Light' ads and boner pill ads. This is sarcasm by the way. For fuck's sake, what's next? Are you gonna put ads on the player's uniforms? Are you gonna stop the game after every play for a fucking ad? Seriously, this is fucking ridiculous. Bud Light with their fucking Dilly Dilly bullshit trying to become some viral fucking marketing campaign. Fuck off.

    Seriously, it's making it hard to watch fucking FOOTBALL for crying out loud, a game I actually fucking love. Pregame, commercials. After kickoff, commercials. Team scores, commercials. Time-out, commercials. Half-time, commercials. Player gets injured, sad music and commercials. Other team scores, commercials. Interception or fumble happens, recovered, commercials. Touchdown, commercials Fucking seriously, cut this shit out. Between all of this nonsense and the fucking bullshit last year about players kneeling and shit, it's like you're not even watching fuckin' football anymore.

    In regards to that last part, fucking stop trying to shoehorn politics into every single fucking aspect of American life. You don't like Trump, big fuckin' whoop. He got elected, Shillary lost, get the fuck over it. You like Trump, again, big fuckin' whoop. He's not God-Emperor. I mostly approve of him but I really don't want to hear about him every fuckin' minute of every day. Let the man work, give his name a break.* I want to watch fucking football, not hear your political opinions. Save that shit for some other time.

    Move the soccer to another fucking channel and get your fucking commercials and politics out of my fuckin' football. You're making me not like football.

    *Although I must admit, it's kind of funny how Big Don lives rent-free in these people's heads. By bitching about him, they're playing right into his hands. He loves to piss them the fuck off and he is doing so with flying colors. It's been nice seeing just how upset the leftists are. But not during football. Get that shit outta here and that Colin Kaepernic is a stupid n****r and this Pandemic is a Hoax