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Paying It Back To The Black Community

Okay, so here's my confession

I'm a High school history-teacher in the US and every Black History Month I select one or two students from my classes to, let's say "repay" for the black suffering over the years.

I have three criteria which I use to select the student or students and these are:
- They need to be African-American
- They need to have proper hygiene
-Students from a low-income family have priority.

For the past 10-13 years or so I have at some point during February invited an African-American student to my office where I offer them a blowjob and sometimes let them fuck me. On a few occasions, I have let two students fuck me at the same time. It's very gratifying to kneel in front of a teenager or lean over my desk and do what I can to make him feel better about his familys past.

I'm fairly certain that the African-American students in my school know that this is going on, but I don't think they have passed this on to the rest of the school. This is just my way of making it up to them

  • You Have To Play The Ace In Your Hand When You Are Holding The Ace

    I suppose this is politically incorrect. Back when I was 22 I had a job for Brand X, a large multinational firm and I worked in the Logistics department as a trainee. My boss was a gay man, well hidden, but gay. Mid fifties, never married, wore better clothes than any woman, and his desk was clean as a whistle. Nothing like all the other men in company. We became friends, me being a girl and he being an old gay man. He took me under his wing.

    Then there was this tenth year lunch for this woman that worked in our department. Ten years was the first milestone that was celebrated with the 'brass'. (I should confess that I had no idea what the 'brass' was much less who the 'brass' was). I went with my boss in his car, a really clean Cadillac. It was my first ride in a Cadillac. I noticed that he had this diamond ring on his pinky finger. He usually didn't wear it and I asked him for it and he answered in an ever so matter of fact way, his boyfriend had given it to him for his birthday. Back when I was 22 no one ever admitted to being gay and no gay would ever admit to having a boyfriend, much less to a 22 year old intern. And then, with a small laugh he said 'he owns my ass, if you know what I mean'.

    At the lunch with the 'brass' he introduced me to a heavy hitter, one of the 'honchos'. A man in his fifties with a beer belly and salt and pepper hair. You got over his looks pretty fast once he spoke, he was one of those 'honchos' that owned the room. My boss made sure I sat beside him and he pushed the conversation for me to talk to him. It was uncomfortable because I didn't know what to say so I just answered questions, 'name, rank and serial number'. (I learned all those expressions from my boss who had served in the military for 20 years before retiring, before he had a boyfriend).

    Several days later my boss told me about this dinner that was going down. A dinner in which he was invited and he wanted me to come with him. At the dinner that fat old man was there, the 'honcho' man. I got shoved on him, shoved like right up to him so that he put his arm around me. He held me against him wanting me to lay my head on his shoulder or something. Back in those days young secretaries and interns got their butt spanked or grabbed and he grabbed my ass. He had to let me go when we took our seats. Again my boss stuck me between the 'honcho' man and him and told me to be nice. The old man kept touching my knee under the table. Grabbing my thigh. When I got my hand down to push his hand away he grabbed my hand and wouldn't let it go.

    Between dinner and desert I excused myself for the ladies' room. My boss got up and went with me, he was going into the 'little boys' room. But he stopped me and told me 'it works like this, he gets your ass, and you own him. This is your chance, bend over and take it'. He pushed me into the ladies room and told me to think about it. 'Don't blow it', or I guess he really meant meant, blow him.

    After the dinner my boss pushed me to have the 'honcho' man take me home. He whispered in my ear while we were waiting for our coats 'bend over, he's an ass man' . At my apartment things did not go well. He grabbed me hard and pulled me to him and grabbed my ass. He kissed me and I almost puked. But he got his tongue in my mouth while he grabbed my ass and told me to settle down and grow up. He pushed or pulled me into my room and tossed me on my bed, grabbing the waist of my pants and pulling my pants down. Once he had me 'exposed' he lowered his pants and his awful dick pointed at me. The only thing I could think of was that he was an 'ass man'.

    I got it on my back, holding my head and neck as far away from his face so he couldn't kiss me. His dick was all the way in me, and he shoved and shoved. Then like nothing he stopped, he got off and told me to turn over. He opened my butt cheeks and stuck his tongue in my hole and then got on me and stuck his dick against my hole and told me to take a deep breath and he shoved his dick right up my ass. A couple of more shoves and he ejaculated, pulled out and grabbed my ass cheek really hard and told me I had a tight ass.

    My boss, when I told him, told me to get used to it. I owned him now and all I had to do was play my cards right. He bought me this lubricant and told me to keep it around and when he was going to come over for some ass fucking to lube my ass first. To use my finger to lube myself well, it would avoid me getting my ass torn.

    Over time I got promoted, I went up the ladder pretty quick, I was on the 'fast track'. My boss from Logistics, the gay man, kept me well stocked with lube and which he selected because he knew it worked. When my friend, he was my friend, retired he told me that I was his special purpose employee. From the day he met me he decided he was going to push me to the top. He confessed to me that when he was in the service he kept this Light Colonel happy, who eventually became a General Officer. He retired from the service when the General retired. He had run out of cover. The General was a good friend of the 'honcho' man and that's how he ended up working there.

    The 'honcho' man owned my ass, and in return I owned his. He was a big baby and he liked being suckled so I suckled his dick. He also liked being catered to, so I catered to him. I taught him not to grab my ass in public, it was enough for him to just run his hand across my ass, the other men would get the message as to who owned my ass. I rose in the 'ranks' and as I write this I am a Director of an important department reporting to the 'honcho'. He is now THE HONCHO man. The hooking bull. Curiously my ex boss and his boyfriend are dinner partners of ours, they own a Bed and Breakfast and we have spent more than one long weekend there. Bending over and taking in the view of the harbor.

    I'm Out, But My Heart Is Still With My Prison Wife

    During my college experience I attended a party and got busted by undercover cops for possession and selling to a minor (an undercover cop pretending to be a freshman, but told me she was in high school and was there with a friend. I gave her some 'stuff', she insisted on giving me some money for it and I was caught on a wire). I got 5 years, 18 incarcerated and then probation.

    In prison I was in an 8 person dormitory. One of the ladies took me and let it be known I was her wife. She got the top bunk girl to swap and put me on the top bunk and she took the bottom bunk. This gave her the opportunity to touch me, breasts, crotch. As her wife my role was to look after her. Make her bed, police the area, keep her personals orderly and clean, prepare her laundry. Wife meant wife. The guards never interfered, I was her wife. P.S., wives socialized with other wives, the doms socialized with other doms.

    In the showers one morning, some of the other women screened us so she could get her tongue in me and consummate our marriage. Once it was established that I was her wife and I became her wife life got easy. Day in day out, we did our chores, and we were left alone. No sex, but that could be covered up. At one point I realized she was a born lesbian and she had fallen in love with me. I became the best wife I could be.

    When I was released to a halfway house I went through the worst time, I wrote her everyday, she answered until one day she told me she had another wife, she loved me but I wasn't going back. I had to accept this, it broke my heart. After my six months at the halfway house I went home to serve the rest of my probation. During my probation I succumbed to a man's advances and became pregnant. I got married and I became a man's wife.

    I miss my 'real' wife. I try to be a good wife but a man's hands are not the same. Maybe it's because I don't love him. Sex is ho hum, I'm good at faking it, but my heart's not in it. I returned to class to finish my degree. A married student with a baby, which my mother helps me with babysitting. I hope my real wife's new wife is good to her. It's lonely in there if you are alone.

  • Tired Of PC

    This isn't really a confession of sorts but, honestly really fucking annoyed with "cancel culture". There's too much political correctness in today's world. You can't say a fucking thing without someone getting offended. Do I support certain movements yes, to an extent. However, I've been in a situation where a lady was the worst offender but when it was beneficial to her, she used things against me to screw me out of a job. People, lighten the fuck up. If someone offends you and you don't like the person, why the fuck would you follow them on Twitter to post hateful messages to them? Why not just unfollow them? People have their knickers too far up their asses!

    Simping For MAGA Babe

    My girlfriend and I are both very liberal but god help me something about right wing men and women turn me on. I fell down the rabbit hole of right wing girls on insta, became obsessed with one, and when I was in the middle of a horny haze, decided to message her and pledge myself to her. She replied, very friendly and cordial, and we chatted about my attraction to her. She told me I could assert my surrender to her by sending her money and I can’t believe how much it turned me on but it did, and every time I get horny I end up sending her money. I regret it every time after I cum but in the eat of the moment it’s thrilling. Her kind but cocky words of appreciation make me cum harder than anything else ever has. My girlfriend has NO idea.

  • Why Men Should Be Gay

    I have just finished reading an article relating to the world population. Too many people are inhabiting our planet and the damage is starting to become a serious threat to the future. The solution to my mind, is patently obvious. Every man should be encouraged to be gay!

    I have been gay all my life and, being a promiscuous cock loving slut, I can tell you that most of my enjoyably sordid encounters have been with married men in their middle age. This is the root to the solution. Fathering children should be limited and no man over 35 should be married to a woman. Divorce should be compulsory and only gay sex allowed for men from that age onward. I would personally be prepared to volunteer to help with their training and help them settle into their new sexuality. A salary for this role would, I think, be acceptable.

    As women generally lose any interest in men anyway, and only keep them around for financial benefit, they should be compensated and then banned from forming any kind of sexual relationship with a man. Dildos and lesbians could be made available by the state. All women should be required to work after raising children, a duty which will be designated as a social duty only to those who qualify.

    Mature men, released from obligation to women, would then no longer be required to ever work again and will be expected to seek sexual adventure with each other in specially designated national parks and designated buildings open only to men.

    That would be my dream world. Oh, if only!

    Queenie XX.

    My Life

    He offered me to house sit his house while he was on assignment in Europe for a year. He left me in charge, a monthly maintenance and repair allowance. I moved into one of the spare bedrooms. Halfway thru the year he told me he had an R&R week coming up. Why didn't I fly over. We spent the week in Paris. When he got home he said I should stay, why pay rent.

    That's how I got 'involved'.

    With him home I felt obligated to cook and clean. He let me, One day he said he was having company, a woman, his sister. Just relax, I was part of the house. His sister was a cop lesbian from Los Angeles. She stared at me the entire weekend. That weekend I felt uncomfortable.

    I asked him if it was OK to go see my parents for a week. Who would cook for him? I didn't go. We went to Las Vegas instead, saw a couple of shows, and got married. Then we flew to see my parents.

    On the fifth anniversary he offered me to have a child, if I wanted. I wanted.


    A long time ago. She's a support dancer with the Berlin Ballet. Tough as nails. You don't fuck her, she fucks you. She has a girlfriend, a dancer for the Moscow ballet. She wants help, get her girlfriend out. The deal, I get the dancer out, she surrenders to me.

    The opportunity presents itself via Oslo, Moscow is moved to a safe place. Berlin's controller won't give her up, another trade and Berlin comes over to me. It's the way it was. Berlin, Moscow are moved to Nicetown, USA. Berlin is hard as nails, she knows how the game is played, I fuck her, she knows the game.

    Moscow, Berlin, are one. The game has no end, Berlin is mine.

    Hello World

    I made a friend on Tumblr. She is from the other side of the world. We've met several times. Ive had relationship in my local area, and kept her a secret. I always thought europeans were taller, but turns out she is my height.
    Anyway, she has introduced me to new things. And she likes to be nasty. I hope I can eventually leave with her.

  • Taking Out The Trash

    A long time ago I became a volunteer for an election campaign for a candidate I really liked a lot. I was 14 at the time and filled with political wonder.

    I was also naive.

    My candidate won the election. It was for state senator. A year into his two year term I learned that he was corrupt as hell and had been taking bribes ever since he was first elected to city council twenty years earlier. He was talking about running for congress and I was pissed and disillusioned. I was still a volunteer for that party but I hated that I helped get that particular guy elected. then someone approached me with an idea to get him unseated. I was so proud they chose me to help them. I didn't even care that they were going to exploit the fact that I was 15 and looked 12 and have been described as a "Lolita" type. Yes I knew what that meant and I didn't care. I'd have the last laugh. I'm 43 and I still get carded. Recently a boy young enough to be my son hit on me. I do not at all mind looking half my age.

    So as you might have guessed the plan was for me to seduce him and get photos of him and me having sex. The manager of this politician's favorite motel was in on it. He'd been seeing prostitutes for years and had a favorite room. So the guy from the party sent me on a shopping spree. He told me buy clothes that made me look like a 12 year old slut desperate to please her Daddy. I knew exactly what he meant and watched a few episodes of a famous TV sit com that included a red headed couch potato and a stupid blond daughter who was sexy as her. I emulated her look but made it a little more slutty. Then I was driven to his favorite hangout place and I strutted in and sat down at the bar. I was still only 15 but the manager asked what I would like and I said "something legal that looks illegal" He handed me a rocks glass that looked like it had whisky but it was ginger ale and apple juice with some ice.

    It took the congressman wannabe all of about two minutes to notice me and walk over and introduce himself. We had already met several times but he didn't recognize me. He offered me $3000 to spend the night with him. I asked how he got all the cash (something few hookers would ever do) and he simply replied "expense account" he then went on to tell me about how they don't have good oversight with the state legislative budget and he was on the budget committee and could pretty much get his hands on as much cash as he wanted. He didn't know I was wearing a wire. Tee Hee.

    In a few minutes he bought me another drink not realizing it was ginger ale and apple juice on ice and asked me how old I was. I said "old enough to want it and young enough to be a sin." He was drooling at that point. He asked if I'd like to come back to his hotel room with him. I asked if I would get to choke on his big hard cock. I complained that all the boys in my school had puny dicks. I said the name of the school and it was a middle school. I was actually in high school but I wanted to give him a few miles of rope to hang him as our conversation was being recorded.

    We got to the hotel room which was wired and had half a dozen cameras. We spend five hours in that room fucking every way two people can and a few ways I didn't think were possible. He was a horrible person but a really great fuck. And is dick really was huge. I only guessed it might be due to his hand and shoe size. Well it is true what they say about that.

    About three O'clock in the morning he told me to put on my clothes and leave. I didn't mind. I had what I came for. Not only did I have his $3000 but I had the $1000 the party gave me AND I got to take down a man I mistakenly thought was a good guy.

    Two weeks later congressman kid fucker held a news conference where he announced his resignation and how he had been stealing from government coffers for years and was going to turn himself in to the state police which had a car waiting. There was no trial. He made a plea bargain. No mention was ever made of what we did together. His party showed him the recordings and video tape and issued him an ultimatum. Resign and stay out of politics forever or have evidence of him having sex with a 15 year old girl broadcast all over the news and then go to jail for having sex with a 15 year old girl. He chose door number one. The penalty for corruption was 5 years in state prison. He could have gone to federal prison but the feds let the state handle it. I ended up getting a five grand bonus for my work and that came to $9000 for a few hours of work that I didn't even count as work. Funny story. When he got out of prison he looked me up and asked me out again. I was 20 by then and tempted but I was in college studying political science and didn't want to get mixed up with him again. But I did really like his cock. Today I work for an elected official on the state level and he knows exactly what I did for the party all those years ago. After all, he was the one who hired me to do it. No we are not lovers. He did something hard to do for the good of the party but more importantly for the good of the people. He's one of the good guys.