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I Had My Turn, I Learned A Lot, Now It's Time To Move On

When I was 24 I took a job as a clerk in the engineering department. My job was travel arrangements for field service personnel. That's how I met him. He was the CFO and he had an emergency trip to Amsterdam, he had to be there the following morning. I managed a connection via Frankfurt to Amsterdam. After getting his ticket settled I took him the itinerary.

He told me I needed to dress office professional. No jeans, tennis shoes, Ts or tank tops. Also, get my hair done, and my nails. He left to catch his flight. The next morning his secretary called me, to make some time and come talk to her.

She carried one of his credit cards. Took me to dress me up, later to introduce me to a make up professional. By the time he returned I looked like a lawyer. He patted my cheek, an atta girl.

I got promoted into marketing, customer relations. I went along with the sales group to meet the customers and watch so I could learn. The head of sales reported on me. When he was calling on a customer he took me with him. He told me I was almost ready, all I had to do was stick close to him.

When he said close, he meant 'close', body heat close. He took me under his wing, taught me everything. Everything about pleasing him. Sexually. It pleased me, sex was new to me, sex between adults. I learned, I liked learning. But I liked being with him sexually. The longer he kept me asI a lover, the more I wanted to be 'his' lover.

Sometime later I learned that at one time his secretary had been his lover. But he had moved on from her. I did not want that to happen to me. When the day came that he found someone else, I helped her like his secretary had helped me. I only wanted him to be happy with her.

He told me I was free to find another lover.

  • I'm Running Out Of Steam, I'm Really Needing A Bit Of High Living

    As a professional activist, I have met some of the most deranged people. I happen to swing with the fair sex, but in a face to face discussion I want to argue with a man. I find men more focused, and cutting your throat doesn't bother them. I wish I had balls.

    My career started in college and just went on from there. I am what some disdain, a trust fund baby. Well? Tough shit to you. I really like being with girls who understand where I come from, and have trust funds too. Live theatre, travel, pretty dangling earrings, nice clothes, they all make the ensemble.

    I'm really losing my interest in marching, yelling and screaming. I walked off with my personal favorite and we went to have dinner. One day I know I will face my hard p1ll to swallow, when a proud male wipes my table clean and I shut up and listen. That day is coming, I feel it in my bones.

    Sex For Votes

    I was an 18 year old college student at a state university, in the Midwest of the US during the 2008 election. I was political back then, before I realized there is no difference between a Republican and a Democrat, and none of them do anything good for us. I had been very into the idea of being a dem, since I was about 14. Everyone in my immediate family were outspoken union advocates and democrats, so all I knew, or thought i knew, was they were the good guys. I also, was an 3 sport varsity athlete in high school (cross country, swimming, and track), and continued for a couple years in college cross country, so I was in good shape and I got a lot of attention from men.

    When I got to college that year, I was all in on helping Obama become president in any way I could. I became a volunteer for his campaign, and made hundreds of phone calls and knocked on doors left and right. Early that fall, a handful of the female volunteers at my school got pulled into a meeting, where we were strongly encouraged to meet guys that are on the fence about who they're voting for, and persuade them in any way they want that voting democrat is the right way to go. A couple of the women quit on the spot. At the time, I was so in that I couldn't understand what the problem was. If this could help us win, we should do it. We were provided with as many condoms as we needed, plan b, and even scripts for antibiotics if need be.

    I spent the next two months going out almost every night, handing in barely passable homework assignments, and missing cross country when it conflicted with dates. Luckily, I didn't need any of the antibiotics, but I needed everything else. Who knows if I actually swayed their votes, but I talked these guys ears off for hours about why they should vote dem, and ended the night letting them have me any (yes any) way they wanted. I was never a very sexual girl in high school and haven't really been since beyond occasional sex with boyfriends, so the degradation of this really hurt me in the years to come. I'm not blaming anyone in particular. I was technically an adult, but wow this really hurt my soul once the gravity caught up with me. I have since given up on politics and can't believe anyone out there still has any faith in our broken system.

    Anyways, that's my story about how I slept with as many men as I could to sway them to vote the way i wanted them vote duringrhe 2008 election.

  • Its Just Something I Can't Do

    .... xxxxxxxxx ....

    I Could Be A Princess, But I'd Rather Be Ordinary Than One Of Them

    As a child I was in love with the romantic portrayals of the 19th century. It took a lot of growing up to realize that was for the very, very rich. For everyone else it wasn't romantic.

    Now I'm 34, I know lots of very, very rich. My husband is one of them, I'm his 'ordinary' wife. These very, very rich live a very romantic life, so unaware and distant from everybody else. I hear things, lies they believe. My husband is not one of them, he knows 'from whence I came'.

    There is one more thing, these very, very rich will fuck anything, male or female or in between. They somehow forget how to respect themselves.

    Fortunately I don't live amongst them, I live an 'ordinary' life in an 'ordinary' town and our children do too. They know they live 'well', but have no idea how rich their father really is. When he first met me, I told him, don't take me away from who I really am. The 'indulgence' is being a stay at home Mom.

  • He-him-Her-she-they-wtf

    A while back I started talking to female friends younger sister (25ish) who is a biological female but saw herself as a dude. Besides a high and tight and more pit hair than me she is actually cute as fuck and has a tight little body. One night she came over to my house so I could check out a car issue she was having. We were just bullshitting, I was under the front of car replacing a lower radiator hose clamp and she was looking down in the engine bay watching what I was doing. After some untastfult jokes on my part, she joked about me being homophobic and I said, that's bullshit, I'd fuck your brains out anytime. She just stopped, I could make out a very perplexed look on her face and she says, you want to have sex with me? I told her the truth, that I thought she was super cute and I'd love to hook up with her. She kind of moved on to other topics after that, but later when we were in my house she brought it back up. At this point I knew she was thinking seriously about it. So I did just like I would with any other woman and started treating special and complimenting her constantly, doing little sweet things here and there. After about a week of that she was back at my house with the intention of doing something she had previously said she'd never do. Get fucked by man. I can't say it was all great, there was body hair in places that I was not used to, but fucking hell what a tight pussy. After being together for a short while she was back to just being her. I'm not saying all the confused girls just need a good dick to straighten them out, but that's all she needed.

    It's A Truth No One Wants To Talk About

    I grew up in the country, small rural school. I went to a small liberal arts school. After graduation a friend of the family got me a job at a large bank in Manhattan. He also helped me get a small efficiency. I didn't need a car, I used the subway.

    An older woman at work told me a big vice president had asked about me. She pushed me to join a group of women who went out with the big boys. The man was pretty forward, he wanted sex, and in return he offered to look after me at work.

    I chose not to accept his offer. Three months later I was downsized.

    The experience taught me that the big boys make the rules. Today I would think it over longer. For me my career was over, I work for a small publishing company. No place to develop a career, only women work with me.

    Inside The Inner Circle

    I am a journalist by education, a fact checker for a major news organization. My job is necessary but boring. I am in a sexual relationship with a man in power. This makes me unreliable, not independent. My job is on the line. And he's married, so scandal if it comes out in the open.

    At this point he 'owns' me and I know it. One word and I'll never again work at any major news organization. His wife is influential, family money. She's critical of me, but keep your enemies close, she makes all the arrangements. She 'likes' to watch.

    It's a power thing, sometimes it's embarrassing, at other times it's erotic because it's so nasty, her watching him fuck me. I can hear her, 'fuck the little bitch', but it's my imagination. As long as he fucks me he's not dangerous with some other girl. I'm really no different than having a loyal Lab who can sit on the furniture.

    She picked me, I'm not tv pretty, I'm competent and need the money. Journalism doesn't pay. The car picks me up outside a restaurant, it's disguised as an Uber, off to an underground and whisk into an elevator, searched and patted down by a female bodyguard who grabs my crotch with a smile, never imagined I'd look forward to a woman grabbing my crotch, then it's into the room to be with my 'lover'.

    Sometimes she watches, he likes her watching, sometimes she talks to me, tells me how lucky I am. Sometimes I think maybe she likes a pat down and a crotch grab by the female bodyguard, but my imagination runs wild.

    The Cross Dressing Doctor

    I masturbate with my best friends fiancé’s dirty panties
    Some time within the last year I was visiting a friend and his fiancé who I have known for years. I’ve had a huge crush on his fiancé forever and just lost control one day,While using their bathroom I noticed a dirty pair of her underwear laying in the hamper and was immediately turned on, I picked them up and saw the crotch was soaked in white creamy discharge and smelled and tasted what came out of her and literally got goosebumps, the smell and taste and thought of the discharge literally coming from inside her vagina made me feel like an animal. I grabbed some lotion from inside a cabinet and made myself cum while smelling, licking, and sucking on the crotch of her panties. The whole time she and my friends were right outside the door. Now every time I go over I do the same thing if she leaves any dirty panties in the bathroom. I feel bad but I want her more than anything and it’s killing me but at the same time I love both my friend and her. I know this is totally crazy I just had to get it off my chest

  • Looking For New Sexual Shapeshifters For Sex

    I have done this before and I am looking for a hot guy to do it with. Who knows the skills of sexual and body shape fitting via sex and mental telepathy for a great sexual body and sexual experience. I really think the more you do it with more partners the better you might become. I haven't done it in over 20 years but I am willing to do anything, well almost , to be thin again for great sex while I am still young. I tried it with celebrities and wealthy people and royalty and I willing to again to regain my sexual vrilia and powers. drop me a line if you are a skilled sex shape shifter and know what you are doing with it and beware of the electric volts in it because its a killer . contact me you won't regret it !