What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

Hidden Cam Tinder Dates

Whenever I hookup with girls from tinder, I would bring them to my place and take them to my room. I have two discreet cameras that can also record in the dark. Im obsessed with discreetly recording me fucking tinder girls in my room. I would have a collection for when im alone to jerk off while blasting on my tv for how loud i made them moan to bring back memories.

  • I Don't Seem To Be Able To Quit

    In college I started porn modeling, fake name, fake school, mostly soft core coed nudity. I got paid, some weeks a lot, some weeks a lot more. I stayed in college and didn't drop out. After college I recruited models, ran my studio, not all of it soft core, I made a lot more money. Somewhere along the line I realized I was hooked on the girls, the mostly nude girls. So I quit the business and moved to Iowa to work for a Hyatt in hotel management.

    I met, got involved with, and photographed a front desk clerk, sold the pictures and did not tell her. The chances of her seeing the pictures is low, they are on a foreign language website run out of Eastern Europe. I felt bad and broke it off with her. When a position in Chicago opened up I took it.

    I realize, I know I'm addicted, in posing, recruiting, seducing girls. I'm currently dating a nice girl, dating, treating her like a princess, doing my best to be mature about her. But, when I'm alone I go to the internet, log onto my favorite web sites and masturbate until it hurts.

    I could make many times what I make as a hotel manager. I have an offer from Europe, I turned it down. Even if it involves beautiful Eastern European girls. When I make love with my girlfriend I have to be careful not to get weird with her. She just wants to make love.

    Feels Too Good

    When I was ever asked about anal sex, anal penetration, anything anal I would recoil and answer with "Sorry! It's and Exit not an Entrance!"
    It totally disgusted me.

    I know I have a nice ass because I work very hard at it. I love leg and butt day when I go to the gym.

    One day in the locker room one of the women made a comment about how nice my ass was. I thanked her and then she said that the boys must have lots of fun with that. Again I answered my standard answer. She laughed and said yeah right. I used to think the same way as you but all that changed.
    I said no way.
    You never been tongued back there?
    Ewww, NO!
    Again she laughed along with several other women who were listening.
    One of the other woman said I should play with my ass in the shower and see how it feels.
    I said I don't think so.

    About a week later I was reading about the pros and cons of anal sex. The article said some women are more sensitive than others back there. I started to wonder how sensitive I was. The more I thought about it, the more curious I was becoming.

    I decided to jump in the shower. I washed my hair and lathered up my body. I rinsed off and then I put some creamy Coco Butter body wash on my fingers and proceeded to massage and lather up my asshole. I couldn't believe how incredible it felt. I kept circling my hole until I slid my middle finger in. Amazing! My eyes closed, my mouth was agape from this new incredible sensation. I slipped a second finger in and kept playing and digging. I wasn't sure if this alone would bring me to orgasm. So I took the pulsating shower head and aimed it at my clit while I still finger fucked my ass! It didn't take long! I leaned up against the wet tile as my legs began to shake, knees buckling. It was a very different orgasm than my usual ones. This one radiated through my pussy and ass. Then I took the shower head to rinse my ass. My ass was so sensitive now that when the pulsating water hit my hole and my pussy at the same time I braced myself. I was cumming again! I did not want it to end! I could barely lift my legs to get out of the tub.

    Since then I've been very attentive to my ass. I went out and purchased a couple of different sized butt plugs and a nice duel headed vibrator. I am fucking obsessed.

    I'm working on getting a guy to mount and fuck my ass! I am so ready! I do have a date this weekend! We'll see how far it goes. I'll report back later!


    Cum Kissing

    I confess, I'm kinda rare in that I love love to suck dick! There i said it.. I get an amazing thrill from making a man cum, love the taste of him, the feel of him in my mouth, tje sounds he makes and tje reward, I would drink his cum every day if I could. Odd woman, I know.

    I work from home and he has to go out to the office a couple days a week. I do watch a little porn here and there when the mood hits. Sensual stuff, made by women for women. I came across this thing called cum kissing that I hadn't heard of before and became obsessed, completely obsessed with this idea. Weeks and weeks of sneaking in these videos, I couldn't take it any more.

    He got home, I pushed him into the bedroom and told him I was hungry. 5 minutes later I have a mouthful and immediately climbed up and planted my lips on his, full tongue, cum sharing and kissing. He shocked the shit out of me by grabbing my head and really kissing back. He liked it!! It was so so hot. We've been doing it often ever since. I love it, hes into it and I think my obsession with this has actually brought us closer.

    Wildest Panty Theft Story

    I grew up in many foster homes. Often times the foster mom was never attractive to the point where I would even think about fucking them. But I had one foster mom named Sharon Carter. We never fucked or anything but I would steal her panties and cum in them. I would lay on her bed naked and masterbate when she was gone. She had those sexy black silk panties that felt so smooth and silky. Her dirty panties had that mature women pussy smell. She would often leave me home alone while she went out shopping or to work so it became a regular thing to go into her room, raid her panty drawer and pick my favorite ones. The first time I ever did it, I just pulled my pants down. But then I started to get completely naked and lay on her bed and put her panties all over me. I would only cum in her dirty panties because I didn't want to get caught. I would moan and say her name. Sharon. Sharon fuck me. Then I would grab a pair of her dirty panties and wrap it around my dick and I would go faster until I felt it cum. I never thought I'd get caught. One day she did. Like I was in her room and stroking with a pair and I heard her come inside. I quickly grabbed them and got up to throw them in her hamper. There was no time to run out her door and into my room so I stayed in her room hoping she wouldn't come in. I heard her coming down the hall. My heart racing. I think she saw her door cracked open which she always left closed. Then she said my name. She peeked in and I was standing naked in the corner next to her hamper with her semen stained panties hiding my crotch. She said, "I'm going to come in okay". She came in and walked right up to me. She said, "I'm going to take these okay". She reached for the panties and slowly started to pull them away. She grabbed them and then I was completely naked standing in front of her. She saw the cum oozing of them and the glistening semen shining in the light. She looked down and saw my now limp dick with a little bit of cum on the head and a strand of precum hanging from the opening about to touch the floor. She then pulled the panties near her face and smelled them and winced a bit. She said, "wow". It was a strong smell. Then she looked back at me and then looked down again at my dick. It was still shining with fresh cum. To be continued...

  • Dream Wife!!!

    I'm 51... My first time I got laid was when I was 16. Beth was 15 going on 25. She was fast, experienced and incredible. She fucked me, blew my cock and blew my mind.

    We didn't go out for very long. It was a 2 month romance but then she moved on.

    6 years later I'm at a bar and they had Karaoke. I was waiting for a friend by the bar when I saw
    Beth on stage singing Dim All the Lights by Donna Summer. Beth was a professional singer, so basically she was a ringer.

    After she was done the bar erupted! She killed it! When she got off the stage she walked up to the bar. She was standing right next to me and ordered a vodka tonic.

    I was nervous. I couldn't believe I was standing next to her. She was wearing a tight black turtleneck sweater, maroon leather mini-skirt and high heel knee high boots. Stunning! I took a shot of tequila and then I said Let me get that for you. Beth turned and said I'm with somebody sorry. But then she recognized my face. She smiled and put her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug. She was more gorgeous than ever.
    You were incredible up there.

    Thank you! It's so good to see you. What are you doing here?

    I was meeting a friend here but it doesn't look like he's coming. So you're with somebody? Where is he? I'd like to meet him.

    No. There's nobody. I was waiting for my mother but she said she wasn't feeling good. I figured I'd sing one song, have a drink then go home.

    Well, I'm glad you stuck around or else I might've missed you. You look incredible!

    So do you!

    We sat there had a few drinks, reminiscing. We were having so much fun catching up. The place was about to close, so we bought a six pack from the bartender and went out and sat in the back seat of my car.

    We drank some more, had a few more laughs. Then she jumped my fucking bones. We kissed like we were the last 2 people on earth. She ripped her sweater off letting her humongous jiggle in her lace bra that barely held them up. She then pulled that down underneath her giant luscious globes. She hiked up her leather skirt to show me her pussy. She had no panties on. I whipped my pants down and she hopped right on my cock. As I slid in she threw her head back and I sucked on those giant titties. Her pussy was sucking and deep throating my cock. She was moaning so loud I thought someone was going to call the cops. Beth reached back and squeezed my balls as she was climbing to an orgasm. She the grabbed my face and kissed me while she came all over my cock and balls.

    Did you cum? She asked

    No, not yet.

    She hopped off me and started to suck her pussy off my cock. In between sucks she was talking to me.

    I missed this cock so much! It tasted so good with my cum all over it! Mmmmm. Mmmmm. You going to cum for me? Give me your cum!

    Just as she said that I pushed her head all the way down and held it as I pumped her throat full of cum. She wanted every fucking drop! When she was done she sat up and threw her head back.

    Kiss me! She gasped.

    I kissed her and tasted my cum. Just like when were teens. We made out for another 15-20 minutes. She stopped kissing me and smiled.

    I gotta go. She said as she got her clothes back on.

    I walked her back to her car, we kissed and she told me to call her.

    I waited a couple days and I called her. She told me that she just got a job singing back up at in Vegas and that she was moving. I never saw her again.

    I'm 51 now and I tried to look her up. I found an old Twitter account that she never used. I found some recordings of her singing on YouTube posted by ItalianWitch. I then googled ItalianWitch and I found a whole bunch of crazy shit. She is in an open relationship with her husband and they have a girlfriend they share. On Tumblr she posts a whole bunch of shit about being a cuckqueen. She loves watching her husband fuck other women. She lives out in Arizona and she is a housewife. WTF? That could've fucking been me! Fuck!

    Cause And Effect

    When I was young I used to give head so often and with such enthusiasm that I often ended up with fleshy ridges in my cheeks and around my lips that, at their worst, made it difficult to speak without biting them. Once formed they burned with each subsequent load I eagerly swallowed. While uncomfortable, running my tongue over them was a pleasant, lingering reminder of what I'd done.

    I miss the feeling and am really surprised at never having readi of anyone else experiencing the same!

    Nudes Of Girls I Know

    Before people had fingerprint access on their phone, they were still using the passcode. In highschool from Grade 10 to now I would peek at their passcode and jokingly steal their phones and leave the class, id go to the washroom and go into their phones and go through their photos. Girls love to take photos of themselves in the mirror naked or trying on lingerie. 80% of the time they would have nudes and i would send it through text message and delete the text. I've done this to like 15 girls in my school who had their nudes in it. The ones with boyfriends had the most nudes of their pussy and tits and I'd have all of them. The best nude pics because its all raw and not selected if she were to send it to a guy.

    I Can't Stop

    In 1999 I was 16, my girl cousin 21. She was back from college and that afternoon she confessed to me that she was in love with another girl. She was matter of fact, she knew that her love was not to be. She told me because she had to tell someone.

    She married a family friend, lived her life as was expected. I went on to college, met a few women who loved women, I sought them out to try an understand how that could be. I went on to have a relationship, short relationship with another girl to see if I could understand. This I told my cousin, she told me not to play with fire.

    She played with fire, she managed to step away. I played with fire and have spent my life getting my fingers burnt. The obsession grew to the point that I refused to be with a man. My cousin worried about me, but in spite of her advise I did not quit. I know that what I have is a sex obsession, it happens to be for young women. Men, well I have to go there to.

    Stealing Highschool Girls Panties

    In highschool when I was around 16, I had alot of friends with sisters and alot of them were hot. One friend in particular who had a twin sister in the same grade who I've wanted to fuck for 4 years. I've had countless thoughts and fantasies of what I'd do with her if I ever had her to myself, but since I was friends with her brother, I would be over at her house hanging out with the guys and her brother. One day I asked to use the washroom and the washroom downstairs wasn't working so I had to use the one upstairs. No one was home but the guys and my friends sister had left to hang out with her friends. My friends sister who we will call Mystery had her room right next to the washroom and the door was slightly open. I went into her room and went into her laundry basket and found used dirty panties and thongs. They smelt like they have been worn for a long time and it got me so horny. One had blood stains and spotting marks. I found a bra in there and just sniffed and licked everything. At the time, I have been wanting to fuck Mystery for so long when i was in grade 10, having her used panties got me so horny. I took 3 of her used panties and the one with the period stains but I wanted to leave a mark. I went through her drawers and found her panty collection and came in one of her pink panties right where her pussy would be. I kept those panties to this day and I still think of fucking her.