What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

Longterm Fantasy

I confess to having a lifelong fantasy that began when I was around 15yrs old.
I was babysitting for my cousins, two little girls who were asleep when I arrived and almost never got up til morning. We all lived nearby in the same neighborhood and if my older cousins wanted to go to a movie or a dinner date or whatever, they'd ask me to watch TV and babysit the girls.
This particular night I had come across a hot stories stroke-book, one of those small format magazines like Penthouse Forum, if you're old enough to remember them.
My cousin must've got it and maybe the two of them shared the stories and stuff, I have no idea.

Anyway, I remember reading a story about a couple who were either swingers or had an open marriage or just liked to mix it up and have a threesome. This was a couple and the husband's buddy from out of town I think. So to cut to the chase, the guest has a pretty long but not too thick cock and the husband's shorter but more girthy. The wife loved being the center of attention of the two men and she liked cock in her mouth, pussy and I was soon to learn, in her ass.

The three of them were on the bed. Husband lying on the bottom with his wife on top in a 69. He's loving eating her pussy and tonguing her clit. She's sucking him and fondling his balls. After a bit she stops sucking and idly wanks him so he won't cum too fast.
Meanwhile, the thing that still sticks in my mind all these years later was the way the husband told it from his point of view like this:

I was licking and sucking at her sweet soaking pussy and looking up between her thighs. I saw Ralph move behind her and could see his dick looked kind of shiny with lube. He moved in between her cheeks and slowly sank his dick into her bowels.
She groaned, "Oh, god..." as he bottomed out in her butt.
After a minute or two to let her get used to it, he began easing it in and out, then more forcefully and quicker. Soon his was fucking her in the ass and talking dirty, saying his dick was up her slutty ass, he was gonna cream in her poop chute, crude shit like that.

She took hubby's dick in her mouth whie he was watching inches away from her taking the assfucking of her life. He blew his load in her mouth and ..(continue confession)

  • I Lie For Attention

    I pretend I'm 18 when I'm actually younger to get grown older mens attention online. I send them pictures of my body and naked pussy and tits, but im actually much younger than what I tell them. I get off on them looking at my tight holes and wanting to fuck me becuse I look young. I love to go out in thin shirts and small skirts with no panties or bra on. It turns me on to see how old men look at my little tits through my white shirts and small skirts. If I cam get away with it, I'll even spread my young pussy for the ones I really like and tease them when no one is looking. I've never had sex so my pussy hole is small and unused. Idk what it is but I live the attention. I wish I could walk around jn micro bikinis around older guys just so they can stare at my body. Sometimes I go to the beach in my regular bikinis that afe a little to tight and spread my legs infront of a whole family so the dad can see the outfit of my slit and my sipple when then get hard. I would love for one of them to take me being a Boulder and rip off my bikini and shove their daddy cocks in me. I'm a bad little girl and want someone's husband's cum leaking out of my illegal pussy.

    Can't Leave Him

    My father became a non functioning alcoholic when I was 10. He was a dentist but his alcoholism resulted in his loosing his practice and his income. My mother got a job as a secretary for a metal fabricator. With my father at home, usually drunk he took his frustrations out on me, and that included sexually. When my mother found out he was tossed out and he killed himself. I was 15.

    I really never felt anything about it, it is like a movie I know really well. I was always focused on school and guys were always immature even in college. It wasn't until I met a man at work that I developed feelings. He was attracted to me and we became lovers. I decided to change jobs after an incident at work when he had me adopt the position. It was a joke but I took it seriously, and he took the opportunity and I had sex in his office like some low class slut.

    After I changed jobs he asked me to rent a small house with a garage. The affair turned serious, I wanted a more permanent relationship. Being told I was a fun girl but not wife material hurt, I asked for a ring. Marriage or I called off the relationship.

    I was 27, I felt I was really mature. He said no to the marriage, and no to breaking away. I am 36 today, I am his long term lover and mistress. He found another woman, who is fully aware of our almost 15 year relationship. She is younger than me, he is 25 years older than her. I made a mistake in not ending my relationship when marriage wasn't going to happen. I am never going to voluntarily leave him, he isn't going to ask me to leave him either. I am resigned to his new play date, she will run her course.

  • Becoming Obsessed

    I have become completely obsessed with my wife's delicious little ass.
    Cannot get enough squeezing and manhandling her.
    Eventually I just cannot stand it anymore and I have to pull off her panties and give her a real deep and thorough rimming.
    I will never be able to explain the turn on to her; she just accepts it. At first she was very shy about it, afraid I'd get turned off, but now she sees and feels how wild I am about her ass and I think she's finally beginning to enjoy it.
    She's the sweetest and finest wife in the world and I will french kiss her ass all day long.

    My Husband Introduced Me To BBC And I Love It. I'm Obsessed Now

    My husband knew I was a slut when he married me. I'd already fucked several of his friends when he finally got around to having me. I'd had a crush on him since I was in Jr. High and he was a popular, senior jock. I swear we fell in love that first time and after that we just couldn't get enough of each other. Eventually I weened myself off of the other guys and we became exclusive. He didn't care who or how many guys had had me. And, he blew off all the other girls he had been doing at the same time.

    When I graduated from HS we eloped against our parents wishes. He had a good job and we were living the dream. We'd been married for nearly 3 months when he got a call from his college frat. brother. Literally a Brother. The two of them talked for a long while and when he got off the phone, he asked me if I'd mind if he came to visit. Of course I said, no. When he told me he was Black, my heart skipped a beat and my breathing changed noticeably.

    We'd been watching porn together since before we were married and a lot of it was interracial. He knew damned well that it was a huge turn on for me. We talked about my having Black a couple times but, I never confessed my interest. He noticed my reaction and never said a word about it. We both knew. He said, "you'll like him, I'm sure" and we parted so I could get my breathing right.

    The following week he took me to two of our favorite lingerie stores and we loaded up. I didn't ask what the occasion was. We both knew so, I went all out on slutwear.
    (More later)


    I am the fifth of six Boys. My mother wanted a girl and to her I was the girl, she dressed me as a girl, let my hair grow out, taught to help her in the kitchen, I went by my feminized name, not Steven, I went by Stephanie or Steph for short. I was taught to always use the bathroom alone, sit to pee and never give my sex away as other girls would not understand. I was in the fifth grade when the nurse at school figured out I was a boy. I hated being a boy, hated dressing as a boy, when I got home I changed into my girl clothes, in my house I was a girl, the only sister.

    All my life other than school I have lived as Stephanie, lived my life as a woman. I went to college as a woman. My family has always treated me as a woman. I am a woman except when I get an erection and I need to find a way to relieve my urge. I do not find any pleasure with a man, and I have tried very hard to find pleasure with a man. I need to impose my will on a woman, to have sexual intercourse with a woman. I am not particularly interested in her pleasure, or her wish to participate.

    Obsessed With Panties

    Ever since I was about 11 or 12 I have been obsessed with women's underwear. I have been wanting to let this out for a while and finally I can talk about it in a safe place (hopefully). When I was 11 or 12, I just...became obsessed with panties. The smell of them. The feel. I started out by stealing my moms panties and then some of my sisters. Whenever my mom would leave the house and leave me by myself, I would strip naked and sneak into her room. Then I would go into her drawer and pull out my favorites and then lay on the bed naked on with them. I would put them on my face, around my dick, master masterbate with them. I would even put them on sometimes. I loved smelling her dirty panties. I loved smelling her juices. I didn't want to get caught or leave or any trace so I would do my best not to cum on them or take them to my room. Those were my two rules. No cumming on or in them, don't take any. But one day...I just couldn't control myself. I was stroking my dick and had a pair wrapped on my dick. I had another pair on my face, next thing you know, I came all over a pair of her black lace panties. Like thick loads of cum. Big white dots on black panties. I hear the front door open. Keys jingling. I freaked out because I had no idea when she would be home. Here I am in my moms room naked with her cum stained panties in my hand. I flipped off the bed and threw the clean ones back in her drawer. Heart pounding. I had no choice but I had to take the ones I came in with me. I peeked out the door and heard her in the kitchen. My room was right across and down the hall from hers. I sprinted out the door naked with her panties balled in my hand. I got to my room and hid them under my bed. I got dressed and acted like everything was totally normal. This was only the beginning. I did this for years. I am 29 years old and still obsessed with panties. I can tell more stories or answer anything. Those risky moments of almost being caught with semen stained panties were some of the best years of my life. My mom never found out or maybe she knew but didn't say anything.

    Baring It

    A year ago I moved out to a small place on the edge of the country where there’s lots of undeveloped land. I love my new place and all of the privacy, and this has allowed me to become quite a serious at home nudist.
    Well, with the nice weather at the beginning of this summer I was very tempted to venture outdoors. So figured, why not?
    Then I became more adventurous. I had hiked around the empty land some and I had never seen anybody. So one morning I just bravely walked out my door and kept on walking. I hd absolutely nothing on, jst head to toe naked. I made it over a mile before I turned back. This was such an incredibly exhilarating experience for me. Just me, anked, out there in the middle of all that nature and without a stitch of clothes handy.
    Since that time I have now made several dozen trips and have walked much father, staying out for hours. It is so wonderful and I positively love the sense of daring!

    Ass Obsession

    When I was a kid I was always jealous of my cousin who was four years younger than me. She got a lot of attention from our family because she kept winning beauty pageants. She was drop dead gorgeous and I had a crush on her, knowing that it was wrong because she's my cousin.

    We used to have this game ... thing (or whatever you want to call it) when we were younger where I would be sitting in a chair and she would stand directly in front of me but facing away, giving me an intimate and close-up view of her ass. She would let me pull her pants down and then her panties. I would stare at her perfect bare ass until we heard the grown-ups coming down the stairs.

    One morning when we were sleeping on the same sofa bed as kids I woke up before her. Her pajama bottoms were super tight and I couldn't help it, I just started kissing her ass. She woke up and rolled over on her belly more giving more of her ass to kiss. I tried to pull down her bottoms so I could kiss her bare ass, but she wouldn't let me.

    We never ever spoke about our little game or me kissing her ass. Ever. Now that both of us are in our late 30s we recently reconnected on Facebook. She's now married with two kids and doing really well for herself. I admit, the fact that we just found each other on Facebook a few weeks ago and are planning on re-connecting in person sometime soon has me wondering ... will we ever talk about what happened when we were kids? Would she be open to offering me her ass to kiss again? Is it wrong that I'm thinking that way?

    Well, I don't know if I'll bring it up or not, but for some reason the main thought of reconnecting with this beauty queen has me wondering if she'll offer me her ass again.

    Ready To Go Over The Straight Gay Line

    I am divorced, I live alone in a high rise condo. These last months working from home, I do IT consulting, have been liberating. Like why take a shower, why not wank off mid morning, why get dressed? These and other questions. I have expanded my self actualization profile. I had a couple of butt plugs mailed to me, along with a nice supply of butt grease. I like using them, they make my moment alone with my cock that much better.

    I found a forum, I found a lonely guy, and we jerk off together on Zoom or FaceTime , we have gotten pretty good at positioning the camera and lighting for effect. My Zoom friend has a very handsome cock. He is all gay, all his life. He has related good stories while we stroke together.

    We have plans to meet up, get to know each other personally. I really want to hold his cock and put my lips on it. I have to know if this is what I've been missing. I've trained my ass to take a nice sized plug, I'm sure I can take a nice sized cock.