What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

Step Daughter

My Partners daughter lives with us and she is so beautiful and sexy with amazing breasts. She is 32 and I have been fantasising about her for a long time. I've started masterbating with her panties which I think she knows but as said nothing. She leaves them in bathroom and they are always on top of washing. She always wears tops with most of her breasts on show too. I don't have sex because her mother is not well anymore. I would love to strip her naked and make love with her.

  • Advise Please

    I'm mwm and have a most wonderful wife. We have great sex life and are extremely compatible. Both are very excited with oral pleasures both giving and receiving same.
    I have particularly found I'm loving the rimming of her wonderful anus. This is not news to me since I first did this many years ago as a teen with my first girl partners learning and trying different positions and so on.
    Have done it with many women and many have been surprised but then gone wild for it.
    So now with the quarantine and being together constantly we have been having more sex play than before and I am craving to spend long time with her face down and ass up being kissed and licked in her butt. Have sometimes made her climax with regular intercouse but the surest way is by oral using my tongue on her clit. Pleases us both very much.
    Now I'm obsessed with her backside and orally making love to her little hole.
    Wife allows such and once passed the initial surprise is now accepting of this proclivity of mine.
    My only regret is she has been conditioned by many years of strict religious upbringing that this is a sinful perversion and makes her recoil somewhat fearfully. I am yearning to have her and want her to enjoy as much as myself or even more.
    I know many former lovers were over the moon with pleasure from this act but have very much limited and restricted my self from doing so in order to not make my wife uncomfortable.
    In the nutshell I'm asking here for advise to how to proceed and make her enjoy being object of my lustful craving.
    I would delight in getting the female perspective and advise on how to proceed.
    Please ladies or gents with experience share your thoughts?

    Careful What You Wish For

    Obsessed with being confined in rubber, and made to suck cock endlessly, with multiple "partners" - many years of addiction starting at age thirteen, have resulted in this obsession, which I am lucky enough to fulfil pretty regularly...Truly needy males have no problem with the rubber, as long as they get what they need, as often and as long as they want- some even enjoy the absolute power and total control, they automatically get. Keep hoping for a permanent arrangement, for the rest of my life...

  • Sick Desires

    I'm mwm with a cute wife in her 30s and very sexual. We do it every way and she can almost always go for more dick and more cum. We used to hang at a sort of swing club where a lot of couples and single sluts would have some drinks and hook up at someones apartment or even go out and do stuff in the dark area at the back of the parking lot.
    This enforced clossures and isolation thanks to the virus has really made it hard to keep my slut satisfied.
    I know some men are thinking how lucky is this guy?
    That's the truth I am very lucky because lots of buddies say they hardly get sex from there wives after 10 years of marriage.
    She likes what some women would call being degraded and called dirty names.
    And she deserves those names too. LOL
    It's a good thing we have some strong vibrating dildos and butt plugs to give me a helping hand.
    She has one little pink butt plug that has like tapered round parts almost like anal beads and it has a tiny vibe built in to the back by the handle.
    She loves to have me stick it all the way in her dirty hole and turn it on, then make her gag on my fat cock while I pinch her big red swollen nipples and slap her big tits while calling her whore and tramp and slut.
    I make her beg for my big dick in her never satisfied c**t and then give her a good load.
    What a great wife.

    Gangbanged Oiled Up Like A Fuck Pig

    I'm obsessed with being a completely shaven naked fuck pig with a pig nose on all fours oinking and squealing as I gulp on juicy swollen meatey cocks fucking my face and I'm pulling an anal train.
    Oink oink oink suck slurp, mmmmmm mmmmm good!
    I can't stop thinking about it! Being spanked, slapped and spit on as rough studs pull my hair and pound my holes.
    What's wrong with me!!
    What should I do?
    I'm a gorgeous hot bod twink and I could make $$ if I was willing to degrade myself, but I can't seem to take it that far.
    Oooh but how l crave it everyday!!

    Suicide Thoughts - Skip This If You're Horny

    You know what just occurred to me. I'd like to find an online group of people contemplating suicide.

    Not the help lines and recovery crap, I'm talking people in the midst of planning that they are going to wait until 3am when there is no traffic, unbuckle, get the car up to 140 mph just crush that concrete bridge wall or post... People who already bought the shotgun shells and trying to decide if it's better to saw off the barrel or not... Just saying, those are ideas.

    Anyhow...I laughed at first. A suicide group, if effective, wouldn't have many "lifetime" members, if you know what i mean? There'd be pretty high turnover as each week a new webmaster picks up the pieces... "Where's John?" "Finally drown in the tub." "How about Sally?" "remember she was on the quest for a taller bridge...found it..."

    Then I started thinking, imagine the sex you could have if both partners don't care in the long run? I'm straight, so that sad-sack hottie with the rocking body that has no confidence, hook her up with that guy with a decent body who just can't get out of his own way but wants a few more hot dates to bars, clubs and hotels before he calls it a life. Call the website "Final Flings" or "Sexy Suicidals" Limited concern for STD's - of course if there are also loved ones in the picture, don't infect them...can't condone that. But some real free-form fucking... My ideal would be to lay on the roof edge of a tallish building and time the orgasm for just as you take your pile of bodies over the edge...weightless orgasm, maybe?

    I'm imagining one last grand vacation. Go to an exotic locale, maybe lay on the beach for a while, take a long hike somewhere majestic...a few romantics meals and long passionate nights in bed...but then before the world can come back in or our own minds can interrupt with the truths of life, it just ends.

    My Dr. screwed up my meds this month and I'm out of lexapro and abilify going on about 10 days now, and running on a half-dose of wellbutrin. Can't remember which are long acting versus running immediately through the system...but I'm feeling something.

    If you work out the kinks in my business plan, or come up with a better end scenario, I would love to hear it.

    My Own Damn Fault

    I grew up in a very strict, controlled, Christian household. My clothes were bought for me, my day scheduled down to the minute, and my life planned out meticulously. I hated it but could do nothing about it. I fantasized constantly about what I would do with freedom.

    When I was 17 I was sent to college to get a general four-year degree and meet candidates for a future marriage. I decided "Fuck no". I decided to be a total slut and commit every offense my parents warned me about. So I deliberately lost my virginity to two guys whose names I never learned before I even found my rooms and kept that up for four years. Two a day, more if I could manage it, and tried for a gangbang at least once a month. I also became familiar with pussy, pot, and beer, along with a passing familiarity with all sorts of other vices (I've indulged in some hard narcotics, BDSM, and even sampled dog-sex).

    My parents died in an accident in my last year of college. Apparently their God didn't care about them dying in their 50's from a random car collision.

    Then I left college and went home.

    My sister Mary picked me up at the airport, and her son Mickey was with her. In her grouchy way she told me that Mickey was "having problems" and she brought him with her to keep him from "acting out". She also made me sit in the back seat with Mickey because people in the passenger seat made her "nervous" (our upbringing turned me and all my siblings into neurotics).

    I soon discovered what she meant by "acting out" as Mickey whipped it out and began massaging it. Mary happened to see it and began berating Mickey for it.

    Then I discovered how my lifestyle of the past four years had affected me. I began my slut-life voluntarily, a conscious rebellion. But now I couldn't help complimenting Mickey on his organ, and I truly enjoyed leaning over and blowing him. Mary was disgusted and horrified and told us that, but we were on the turnpike and there was noplace to pull off the road so all she could do was berate us.

    I soon discovered part of Mickey's problem when he blew a really sweet load in my mouth. Apparently he was an early bloomer and getting horny before his time. I had no problem with that, and Mickey was overjoyed to find someone who understood him. We had fun on that backseat on the whole two-hour drive home. I don't remember when Mary stopped bitching.

    When we got home, Mary told me that I could stay "for now" but she wanted me gone as quickly as possible because she didn't want me "tainting" her other children. And since Mickey was already a "damned sinner", I could take him with me so he didn't "do things" with the other kids.

    It took me three weeks to find an apartment for the two of us. When we left, my asshole brother-in-law told us that he had "consulted the Bible" and that Moses was the product of a aunt-nephew marriage, so he gave ..(continue confession)

    Car Fun

    I am a 27yo married woman and I am obsessed with masturbating in my car in public parking lots. It started when I got my license at 17 since I still lived at home and my car was the only place I could masturbate in peace. I worked at the mall and wore dresses or skirts every day, so it became normal for me to go without panties so I could quickly rub one out in my car during lunch or after work. Doing it in public was such a thrill.

    When I was about 19, I was really going at myself when I heard a car door shut, I looked to my right and there was a younger woman about 19 or so standing right next to the car parked near me, she obviously saw what I was doing but just sort of shook her head and continued walking into the mall. I was so embarrassed but so turned on at the same time!

    Since then, it has become an almost every day obsession for me to masturbate in public with the hopes of getting caught. I especially look for youngish hot women dressed slutty, like in braless tube tops or dresses, and daisy dukes or miniskirts. If they are wearing heels it really sends me over the edge! I go to a busy parking lot after work almost every day and get to work, the mall still seems to be the best place to see scantily clad hotties. I often strip full nude and keep a large towel in my car to cover up if a mother with her kids or old person walks by. I have also gotten way more brazen and daring over the years, but it is actually rare for me to get caught, I usually just end up finishing looking at a hot girl walking.

    My craziest experience was in 2017, it was later at night and I was in the mall lot near the food court where a bunch of girls pre-gaming for the nightclubs often went. I had been in my car masturbating for over 2 hours and hadn't been able to finish. I was completely naked and had my legs spread and feet on the dash. Two GORGEOUS girls about 19 or 20 years old in their micro dreases and heels left the mall and started walking towards my car. They were parked on the opposite side of a medium between our cars. I was rubbing my clit like mad hoping they'd look over and see me but they seemed too preoccupied in how they looked in the car mirrors. I wa so close and had a sex clouded brain that I finally got a little annoyed and honked my horn. They both looked over at the same time and saw me all my glory, legs spread on the dash and my hand working between my legs to a frenzy. It took them a min to realize what was happening, but then they both broke out laughing.

    Neither stopped watching tho!

    The taller girl actually pulled out her cell and i assume started recording me, but i didn't care at that point. I even raised my hips and tried to angle myself so they could see better. My ..(continue confession)

    Wishing I Were A Girl

    I'm not gay, but prayed for a few years between ages 12 - 15 that God would kill me or make me a girl.

    I was a decent kid but not macho enough to fit in with the jocks and cool punks in my family. I didnt go to Vo-Tech where all my cousins did. They were real men and planned to work real jobs. I was the faggot destined for college. My dad was good to me as a son, but even he told me I wasn't tough enough.

    My mom on the other hand had it good. She struggled to stay thin, but when she was on her game, guys would do a lot for her. It was the late eighties and she was under 40. She was tall, had a natural size DD bra (i think, I know her bras left dents in her shoulders from the weight...she eventually had then reduced to I think an E, so they may have bigger naturally...something like that) and wore more mini skirts and tight jeans than any other mom I knew at the time. My dad used to point out any time he was looking up her skirt and say to me "this is what it's all about." I look up women's skirts sometimes aggressively even today its such a part of me. Today my mother is your typical round granny, but back when she card she was known as a bombshell.

    My mom and I also had a bond. On weekends when I was 4-9 or so we would lie together naked in my parents bed while my dad went hunting or fishing. She would kiss me from head to toe roll me over and do it again. Then I would kiss her the same way. To this day if I kiss my wife down her body I think of my 30-something mother naked in bed. I learned early on that my mom had a great ass...I learned later that it was white girl flat. I married a curvy girl and love it. My dad would come home on Saturdays and walk in on us cuddling. I don't think he ever saw us body kissing, but he saw us snuggle naked several times at least that I can picture. Only once that I can remember when I was maybe age 7 did he get into bed so he spooned her naked while she spooned me naked. I realized when I was older that the way they moved against me that he fucked her from behind while she held me.

    Years later I have discussed all this with my wife. She also had sexual encounters when she was 9 and 10 with her mom's boyfriend who would enter her room at night and pleasure her in bed while her mother slept. When we first shared our stories with each other while we were dating, and a few times after that, we'd have powerful organs each reliving our stories. We probably haven't done that in 20 years now.

    This all back story to me wishing I was a girl when I was 12-15. I saw how easy my mom had it versus how much of a soft weak lower I was as a young ..(continue confession)

    Can't Stop Showing

    I'm not so experienced, I've only been sexual with 3 guys before my husband, and though I am straight I have made it with an older woman for a few months. I am actually a bit shy, not very vocal, though I try to make things exciting for my husband. I'm a mom, a wife, not that great at sex I think, I work for a minister at the church, I'm active in the PTA and all the stuff a prim, proper woman should be.

    Back when I was 9 till about 11 I would pull off my panties and let male cousins, and friends see me. After that I let them feel me on my bottom and in front too. I had no boobs yet but a few guys squeezed my nipples and I loved it. I loved the attention, I even would see their cocks get hard, little things though the size of a finger or thumb. When puberty hit, I stopped showing off but once my boobs came to their Bcup size, and my pubic hair was full. I started again. I'd stop on the walk to school and pull off my panties and put them in my purse. I'd get really wet after showing myself to people. Sometimes on the street, at school, even a few male, and female teachers. I would soak myself and have to excuse myself to go to the toilet and wipe up my juices. I'd even wear the sheerest panties I had when I was on my period so people could see my pad.

    The thing is, it wasn't just a youth thing, I still do it. I take all kinds of risks and have made sure plenty of men women even some teens have seen all parts of me. I especially like the park when the teens are out walking around, but stores are good too.

    My husband, my kids, my sisters, my boss would be shocked if they knew this. It's just something I can't help. When my husband wants sex, I think about the looks on guys faces that day and knowing that so many men have seen the most personal parts of me, the parts that are reserved for my husband . . . Then I get wet, and I get sex from him.