What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

To Be A Whore, Once

Since I was 18 I wondered how it will be to sell your body to an unknown stranger.

I sometimes drive to a parking place where there are prostitutes, standing in line.

I wonder how it would be stand in that line, and after a while selected, and go to the bushes behind the place, and get used for money.

Then how it will feel returning home to my husband, with my pussy filled, and kissing him while I am still dripping in my panties.

  • For My College Fest, Should I Wear... ?

    Hey, it's me again! The last confession that I posted happened a few months ago. I'm still in the same college and still teasing so many boys. I'm starting to learn Hindi as well, just to make it a bit sexier lol. If you're interested, feel free to check out my last confession lol.

    Over the few months after I joined a lot has happened, which, I'll probably share in the future. By being such a whore, I basically just gave away that they could touch me anywhere and I'll probably not do anything about it.

    They're freely grabbing me, placing their hands on my waist, my stomach, and on my thighs. Nothing serious as of yet but I'm kind of concerned whether it'll get to the point where I'll just be the easy lay for everyone lol. And surprisingly, I'm enjoying it a lot too. I get a lot of attention and usually make them do small favors. The part of me being treated like a whore isn't as much of a concern for me but I'm worried that my actions may actually create a bad image for other white girls who join Indian colleges or not. I do not want that to happen. It's just me that's the slut.

    Anyway, I want to ask a question from you guys. There is a college fest coming up where there are lots of activities and parties and DJ night. So, I was in class, discussing this with some boys and they asked me if I'd be there. I said yeah but was being a little flirty and asked one guy what he was gonna wear.

    He said he'll wear casuals and asked me the same. I just said what came to my slutty mind and said, "A saree. No blouse or bra."

    All of them went dead silent. A few girls, who were sitting in front of me, turned and frowned at me. I almost laughed.

    Now, I'm really considering it. It would be sooo sexy. Should I really do it?

    Also, if I do end up wearing it, I'll have sex with the first guy who grabs my tits or opens my boobs in front of everyone. Lol.

    My Dads Florida Condo Community

    this was about 5 years ago, my dad rented a condo in winter in Florida, I would visit him regularly and my wife would come sometimes, my wife is long and lean and pretty brunette 38 at the time, we wold often hang out at the pool mostly 70-90 year old people enjoying the golden years. there were two women didi and Helen who kinda ran the social scene and put together dinners out at restaurants and we would join with my dad and got to know a lot of the people at condo, one week my wife had to go back north to philly to get back to work and I stayed on with my dad for another week, I would do laps in the pool in the morning and nobody would be there but me, as soon as my wife was gone I noticed didi would come down to pool and hang out, so we would talk after my workout, she asked me about my wife and asked if I wold be ok with her gone back, I said of course! I plan to have some fun and golf and hang out with my dad and get into some trouble...was just kidding as my dad was older. she said I hope to see you at Dinner tonight with the group, I knew she was flirting and said we wouldn't miss it, of course she sat next to me that night and I went for it and rubbed her inner thigh the whole dinner, she was probably around 68 good looking and on the younger side of all the women at the place, when the dinner was over I told her I was going to tell my dad I was going to Walmart and I wanted to come to her condo, as soon as I got there she was so ready, still in outfit from dinner, we kissed for a long time then moved to her couch and she said, you can come here anytime you want, and you can do anything you want with me, so I told her I fantasized about her giving me a bj one day, so she went at it, I grabbed her hair and started telling her she was going to be my whore and I wanted to fill her head with cum, she loved the dirty talk and we started a week of intense fucking and taboo fetishes, she liked giving me head in my car in parking lots while people walked by, it was really a turn on to catch them stopping and staring, one couple came over and asked if they could see it through, so we let them and they were fondling each other and getting off watching her head bob on my cock, eventually we exchanged numbers with them and started having foursomes in diodes condo, I would fuck his wife a curvy latin girls and he would fuck didi, didi always said stare at me when you fuck here, and I want you to cum all over her face every time, lily the curvy latin girl got into it and when I got to florida now for business we still get together and go at it, thank god for florida!

  • Avril Obsession

    I am totally obsessed with young Avril Lavigne. From age 18 to 28 I couldn't get enough of looking at her photos and videos. Google "Avril Lavigne Makes Me Horny", and you'll see me looking at Avril on the cover of Maxim magazine and having maximum pleasure.

    The Man Next Door

    Growing up there was a man behind our house who introduced me to sex. It was consensual, I spent after school there, I liked it when he played with my penis, touched my anus, kissed me, etc. No question I was the girl. He had a big cock, bigger than my hand could hold, the most I could manage was getting the head of his penis in my mouth.

    He moved away when I was in the 11th grade and I never had the nerve to look for another man to get together with. I married a girl from college, but we divorced three years later. Lack of intimacy. I've been a bachelor ever since.

    I moved to a cheaper, bigger place last October. My neighbor is a professional hairdresser. We've had several conversations, and I've been to his place a couple of times. I'm pretty sure he is gay, there is no indication of a female anywhere in his apartment. I guess he is in his fifties based on his high school decade. I have been jerking off to the idea of having sex with him.

    I am too insecure to make a move, I have a lot of anxiety about AIDS and STDs. I know I want to be the girl, when I masturbate I am the one getting fucked, I have a toy but in my mind it's real sex. I want him to kiss me. I know I'm projecting, he's probably not even gay.

  • Just Something I Had To Get Out Of The Way.

    When ever this young guy in his late teens was in the showers i just could not help at least one glance down at his cock, and i started to realize that it was becoming an obsession that no straight guy should be having but it just would not go away. He was really keen on mountain bikes and we'd tear though the woods shower and go on our way until the next time.

    I thought he'd be really mad and never speak to me again but he just stood over me pushing his cock in and out of my mouth saying he wound not come in my mouth but of course he did and that was the last i ever saw of him again. Once i'd done it, i lost all interest in ever doing it again.

    Family And Friends Sex Toys

    When I found my mum's 12 inch vibrator one day i was looking for porn to watch I licked it all over and rubbed my cock over it and drenched it in a huge load of cum. i did this to many aunties, and friends moms. Eventually I started fucking my ass with them too. It turns me on so much.

    Struggling With Rebound Sex Addiction

    Right after I graduated I married a guy I met on the internet. I got an STD, he accused me. Being young and scared I asked my department manager for help. She told me to stay away from him, he probably didn't even get checked. She also told me to ditch him and sent me to our corporate attorney for a recommendation of a divorce lawyer.

    I hired this lawyer, for a flat 500 dollars. He sent this PI to follow my husband and came back with pictures of him giving a fireman a blowjob. Further investigation showed he was working parking cars at a restaurant, he was bringing money home by charging men for sex. The case was watertight but he refused to give me a divorce unless I paid him.

    Recovering from the whole affair I ended up under a man I met at the complex I moved to after the divorce. I went crazy in love, he not so much. I ended up alone again after he moved from the complex. I didn't keep a count but it was a couple dozen one night stands before another girl took me to see her therapist.

    The picture of my exhusband sucking a man's dick is still in my head. I'm in therapy, I've been clean for seven months. I look at girls and ask why not. I am a poor masturbator, I need to feel a man's arms around me. I'm just lucky it wasn't AIDS my husband gave me. My current fantasy is my work friend's husband.

    Seeking Horny Woman

    I want to be a sex slave! I want to belong to one woman! I work full time, live with you give you all my money, clean the house when I get home. When you get home a cold drink for you! I will be bowing naked! I take off your heels or boots! Sit with you listen to your day while I massage your feet! I worship your feet! Worship your whole body! Worship your ass! Worship your pussy! Orgasm as many times as you want! I go run you a bubble bath. Candle light, glass of wine. While you soak I will have towels in the dryer so they are warm when you get out! I will make you dinner! Feed you one bite at a time! I clean up while you relax and pick out a movie! While we watch it I will give you a full body massage! When we go to bed a love note will be on your pillow! I will read you a poem out loud before bed!

    This is the time we have fun! I have a extremely high sex drive! Tease me! Do what you want to me! I have kinks and fetishes! I need this!

  • More Incredible Than I Ever Imagined

    Ok... Back in 1974 I was 4. My parents took me to see the movie Freebie and the Bean. There is a part in the movie where a man dresses as a woman. I remember sitting there and feeling my cock getting harder. I was getting sexually aroused! That was when I started to think about sex.

    Since then Ive had an affinity towards Trannies. Tranny porn really turns me the fuck on!

    I need to have sex with one before I die!

    So, I was on line to get my COVID vaccine with my wife and my son. We get to the cubicle to get our shots and there are 2 nurses. One was a chubby asian dude who was obviously gay and the second was a latina woman with curves in all the right places. Even though she had a mask on you could tell she was gorgeous. While we were in the cubicle the hispanic woman was paying extra special attention to me. She was laughing and being very flirtatious. So I was flirting right back. I could see my wife getting pissed off. After the shots were over we had to go sit in a waiting area for 15 minutes to make sure we didn't have any reaction to the shot. The fifteen minutes was up and we were about to leave when my latina nurse stopped us. She said that since I take blood pressure medication I need to stay another 15 minutes but my wife and son had to wait outside. They went outside and the latina nurse guided me to an empty cubicle. She was even more flirtatious. Complimenting me on my beautiful eyes and that she loved my tattoos. Then she asked me if I like to party. I said sure. She then slipped me a piece of paper with her phone number on it. I took it and left. For a few days I struggled with the idea of cheating on my wife but there was something about the nurse that had my mystified. So I called her up. She was very excited to hear from me and invited me to a hotel party in her room. When I got there, there were a couple guys, couple women. It seemed like a cool party. They were all very friendly. We smoked some weed and had some cocktails. It was very chill. After a while most of the people started to leave. The only people left were me, the nurse, and another beautiful woman. She was a little bit thinner than the nurse with long blonde curly hair. My nurse put on some music and all three of us were dirty dancing and grinding on each other. Then they started taking turns kissing me, then kissing each other. It was so fucking hot. Then they pushed me onto the bed and they continued to kiss and dance with each other. Then they started stripping off their close. I couldn't wait to see my nurse naked. The blonde was naked first. She stood there and the nurse dropped to her knees to lick Blondie's pussy. By then I had my cock in my hand stroking it. She ate her pussy like a fiend. She got her whole face in there. Her face was soaked. Then they turned to me and both knelt in front of me and they started to kiss, lick, and suck my cock and balls!!! It was incredible. After about 10 minutes I stopped them because I didn't want to cum yet. Then my sexy as fuck latina nurse stood up. I figured it was Blondie's turn to eat her. My nurse pulled off her panties and then pulled her cock out from between her legs! I was shocked because I had no fucking clue. I was then fucking so excited. It was my dream come true, my obsession. I pushed Blondie out of the way, got on my knees and devoured this delicious cock. This was the first time I ever gave a blow job. She was rock hard and she started to fuck and punish the back of my throat. While I was getting my mouth r*ped Blondie started to tongue the nurse's ass! After a little while she gave my throat a reprieve. She told me to lay down. She pushed my legs up and Blondie started to lick and spit on my asshole. I never felt anything like it. Then the latina nurse got in between my cheeks with the head of her cock. She slowly forced herself into my virgin ass. It hurt but not for long. Once she started gliding in and out it felt sensational. While she fucked me, Blondie sat on my face. I am so glad I caved and called her number. This was the greatest sexual experience of my life.

    I ate Blondie's pussy until she started to tremble. She started to cum and her flood gates opened. I never tasted anything so sweet and delicious. Then my nurse started to grunt and groan. She then pulled out and shot her load onto my cock. She then fell between my legs and cleaned all her cum off my cock and started sucking my cock. It didn't take long at all I exploded in her mouth. She was so sloppy. She had my cum and her cum all over her mouth. She then came up, laid on top of my and continued to kiss me with cum all over her lips. I didn't give a shit! It was so fucking sexy. Then Blondie joined. All three of us were kissing and cum swapping. We laid in bed just talking and kissing and playing with each other until we were ready for the next round. We actually went 3 rounds all together. I am going to see them again in a couple of weeks. My latina nurse says she has an idea on how we can get my wife involved as well!!! We shall see!