What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

Hot Braless Bitches.

I'd love to get feed back from women in the comments...

Maybe it's the current heatwave in the US of just a fade but I am traveling a lot the summer are there are so many braless bitches out here. It's amazing!!!!

I mean sure it's a lot of younger women with perky tits going braless but also women of all ages and shapes. It's so fucking beautiful. There are hard nipples everywhere this summer and women seem to have no shame about it.
I love looking... fuck it's beautiful to see the outline, shape, and nipples of complete strangers. My pecker is constantly hard lol.

But seriously is it OK to look? Women....you clearly know we can see everything. Some of you barely havev any top on at all and almost see through. Are you offended when I gawk or do you see it as a compliment? I won't be creep and hit on you but I so want to gawk and beat off later. Is that ok?

Don't get me wrong I'd gladly fuck you if my wife is not around and you want some but I'd settle for gawking. I fantasize you do it on purpose. That your a braless bitch that wants random men to get hard from your tits. Women is this true?

  • I Want To, But...

    i have a newroomie. she is great--she does her share with rent and costs, she even help with doing the chores. she is perfect! maybe a little too perfect.

    her idea of casual home attire is a panty. nothing else, just a panty.

    i've been around naked women all my life, and i'm not attracted at all, but recently i have found myself looking, staring, at her breasts. they are the most perfect i have ever seen! for the fist time in my life i feel jealous!

    i've started wearing baggy tops to hide my own--30D's, not huge, but i ger looks. i am very self conscious about mine because her's are so much better.

    i think about them all the time. it used to be because i as so self conscious about mine. now i find i am thinking about felling them. they are so perfect, i want to feel them.

    i thought, they must be fake. but she has no scares. i really wasn't to feel her pressing those perfect breasts against me. i fall asleep at night thinking about having sex with her, just so i can touch them.

    i feel like i am totally losing it mentally... what is going on with me!!! i am not like this... ever!!!


    I Love This Place

    I love the way people confess their dirty deeds on here. Lately I've ditched porn and j.o. exclusively to stories on here. I'll read these stories discretely in public or around family, and think about them later. Keep them coming! It keeps me cumming!

  • I Sucked A 25 Yr Olds Black Cock His Cock Was Very Thick Uncut 8.5 I

    I got to suck a nice black you mans cock and it was so wonderful I was sucking it for about 10 min when he put his hands on both side to hole my mouth steady and he slow fucked my mouth I was loving it so much after about 15 min he exploded in my mouth and down my throat it was so awesome . I really loved his cock so very much I want more black cocks now so baldly I been posting for black cock on the doublelist out of Lexington Ky I am hoping so much now to find black men to suck and serve As a white man I think I was always obsessed over black cocks My real fantasy is have a black man fuck me and feel him unload inside me That will make my day and make me his happy man bitch I want this in my life now more than ever I was told by another man who sucks black cocks that once you such the first one you will want to suck black cocks the rest of you life I do want black cocks the rest of my life I know my place will be me on my knees for all black men to use my mouth and ass as they wish too


    So I dont know how to start. But please no jokes about religion. I respect any religion and any race.

    Well lets start by just saying. I am a Christian and I really believe and have gone through a lot.

    But I feel like I am a sinner and at the same time that I am not.

    My wife and I have both been raised Christian and wel at some point my wife and I started exploring. She told me about her past that turned me on and about this one ex of hers that she really loves and never had sex with him.

    She started having fantasies about mfm and it came that she wanted to have sex with her ex and I agreed to it. Even went as far as letting her contact him. And just before things got hot something happened and it made her more religious. So she stopped fantasizing about mfm and her ex or so she says. But I had to ask her to remove her ex.

    Anyway she really does love me and wont cheat but I still have thoughts of her having sex with another man and I feel bad but cant help it.

    On side I feel like it's wrong other side is like if it is consent is it still wrong?? It cant be cheating if it is consent.

    Its just fun between a couple who loves each other. People in the past had many lovers.

    I dont know.

  • Adult Toy Store

    I am a married male. My wife is out of town. Today I went to adult toy store I was looking at video for sale also looked at doodle who there are so many sizes. After a while I got video credits .I walked in the back with the viewing booths are I went into 1 it had a gloryhole in it I entered the code and select tranny vids sat down flipped through channels found 1 I liked .started rubbing my cock. I looked through hole there a guy stroking his cock . I looked at his and pulled my coco out and stroked it I looked at the hole the guy stuck his dock through ..ask for more details of you want to know more...

    And Still They Come

    I'm a Black Master and I want to tell you white men your women are seeking use out in droves. Your women are very liberated, they'll do anything for my cock and I'm not alone. We exchange stories of how we get to fuck your girls and show each other pictures of them on our phones. We love fucking them as much as they do. I've bred young girls, old girls, single girls, married girls yes your wives, daughters, mothers, sisters. I use them, their mouths, their pussies, their arseholes. They swallow like sluts, they don't seem to mind being cum dumps and shamelessly ask to be bred and their asses are always available for our cocks. QUESTION. Are they so compliant for you? Thought not beta's. You must be really hopeless and useless as we abuse them tell them they're sluts, no one should return but your women do time and time again. Look at them I bet they've gone black at some time. YOU'RE DOOMED , WE'VE BEATEN YOU. YOU'VE LOST. Don't believe me! WELL WHITE GIRLS TELL THEM. TELL THEM HERE ANONIMOUSLY RIGHT NOW, It's time to educate your boi's.

    Obsessed With Blowjobs

    I am obsessed with blowjobs. I want them all the time, or at least every day. They are so good, and I wish I got better quality ones more frequently. I know where I can get better ones (and I don't even mean by paying for it) but I don't want to cheat.

    I've kept what I think are pretty good records of how they all went (not of every blowjob, but how each woman tended to do it). I've had about 60 sexual partners, 50 of whom gave me blowjobs, so I can make some comparisons. I invite others to compare notes here as well. Of the 10 who didn't suck me, five either had never done that and weren't ready, or positively disliked doing this; the rest might have if we had gone out longer.

    The best ones are with women who could either deepthroat (3, maybe 4) or who let me push their heads up and down to control the sensation until I ejaculated (at least 4, and one other said she would have let me do this if I had asked, but I wasn't read to try that yet). Or both (exactly one--she would have been a keeper except there were so many life incompatibilities between us, showing that despite my obsession, blowjobs aren't everything).

    I think 16 were one-time events, one more gave me two blowjobs in consecutive weeks; the others were all longer relationships, from a few months to years.

    I love having the woman suck me steadily until I come, but variation in the speed is sometimes helpful. Some used their hands, some did not, and I'm not sure one is consistently better than the other, it all depends on how it is done.

    21 women made me cum in their mouths; at least one other always pulled off me at the last moment and finished by jacking me off into her waiting mouth, and another always had me do the jerking, but again let me deposit my semen onto her tongue. Most of these women swallowed. 17 more let me cum on their tongues, usually with me jacking off, but one always finished a blowjob by pulling back and jacking me off into her mouth, another never sucked deeply but just sucked the head while jacking me off, which eventually led to my coming. Five of these also probably could have made me cum in their mouths with a blowjob alone, except that either they got tired or I wanted to do something different and cut things off too soon. So that means that roughly half the women I've gotten blowjobs from are able to make me cum that way, where they actually did or not, while about 80% were ok with cum in their mouths, at least briefly.

    Most of these women swallowed my cum, but one, a Vietnamese immigrant, would usually only let me cum on her face, and I could only cum in her mouth when she was in my car bending over my crotch and I pumped her head down, holding it in place during my orgasm. Both times we did this, I eventually finished and let go of her head, then she got up and opened the car door to spit it out onto the ground. I didn't mind that at all; to me the important thing is getting it in the woman's mouth and having her stay on my dick until my orgasm is complete. What she does with it later is her business. Another woman let me ejaculate in her mouth several times, but then said, with cum in her mouth, that "I don't know what to do with it," and eventually went to spit it out in the bathroom sink. There might have been 1-2 more who spat, but this was rare, surely no more than 10% of those willing to suck my cock.

    31 let me cum on their faces. Most were ok with that, though at least three clearly found it completely revolting, one of whom nevertheless told me I could keep doing it if I wanted to, which I did, the others I spared repeat treatments. So that's roughly 60% who either accepted, loved, or just occasionally tolerated it.

    Almost all my blowjobs were one-on-one. Once at a sex party a woman I had just met sucked me to orgasm while another woman watched (there were at least three other people in the room, but they weren't watching me but busy with their own activities). A month or two later at the same locale, I alternated between the mouths of two women who were lying on a bed while someone else fiddled with their lower parts, but I didn't ejaculate or have both touching me at once. Finally in the last year I got to feel two women sucking me off at the same time, but the second partner didn't last so I'm back with a single primary partner for now.

    The youngest to suck me was 17, though that same woman didn't let me cum in her mouth until we met again two years later. I'm pretty sure that was my only teenager. She was also 13 years younger than me, and that's also the greatest gap in that direction so far. I'm not sure how the oldest was, one was around 60 but I don't know exactly, but that was only recently so the age gap wasn't that large. When I was 37 I was sucked by a woman who was at least 15 years older than me, so that was probably the biggest gap in that direction.

    Coincidentally, the number of women I've had vaginal intercourse with, slept with (non-metaphorically), and gave oral sex to, are all exactly the same: 32. There is significant overlap between these three lists, especially the first two, but not perfectly. I would have given oral sex to most of my other partners if they wanted it or the relationship lasted longer, though at least 3-4 refused it, saying either explicitly that they didn't like it or being vague about their refusal or redirection.

    I'm a little surprised to see that I've only noted 21 who gave me handjobs, but maybe that's just because given the choice I always went for blowjobs, and I only count those involving seriously jacking me without a blowjob being involved, incidentally dick-touching doesn't count. 12 women made me cum that way.

    OK, your turn. It's ok if you don't have statistics, I'm also interested in hear about variations in technique, especially unusual ones.

    Too Curious

    I love fucking women, I love it SO much, but I am dying to suck cock. I fantasize about it almost every time I masturbate, and I masturbate a lot. I crave the feeling of a hard cock pulsing in my mouth and filling it with hot semen, or taking a load of cum on my face and my body. It would thrill me to give another man that kind of pleasure. I am also afraid that if I tried it, it would consume me. If not for the fact that I love fucking and eating pussy, I would be sure that I’m gay… so I guess this is what it feels like to be bisexual. I regret getting married so young and missing all those chances to experiment.

  • Fifty Years Almost To The Day I Ran Away With A Couple Of Hippies

    For some this will be a story they will not agree with. For others it will be their dream story. For me it is my story. Agree with it or not. It started fifty years ago.

    My parents decided that they would become missionaries and I was left with my grandmother. She was not happy about that, I was seven and she didn't have the money or the time or the inclination to raise me. Many times she told she just wished I wasn't there. At fourteen I decided to run away. A hippie type couple picked me up outside a gas station by the freeway exit. I was filthy and hungry and the girl put me in the shower at the motel clothes and all and washed me from head to toe. She washed my hair a couple of times, getting the rats out, and she washed my clothes on my back and then stripped me naked and washed me again until I smelled good. I hadn't cleaned very well between my legs and she washed me with vim and vigor, stuck her finger in me and all.

    She walked me out naked to the bedroom where he boyfriend was and she laid a towel on the bed and told me to lay down and she cleaned me up first with a pair of scissors and then got the shaving cream and a razor and she razored me clean, including my butt crack. She washed me again down there with lots of water and soap. Washed my butt too, up my crack and my butthole. When she was done she kissed my crack, bent down and kissed my crack and smelled me to see if I smelled clean. Then she washed herself the same way and had me wash her too, especially up her butt crack and her butthole. She shaved and had me shave her, like me up her butt crack too. She made me smell her to see if she smelled good. After all that, we were both naked and we stood in front of the mirror over the dresser and looked at our butts and front crack to see if we saw any pubes that needed to come off. She told me that she was just disgusted with the way pussy smelled. For the next ten years she washed me every night and I washed her right back.

    With me in the car, remember I was 14, they decided to head south and cross into Mexico where they could hide me and keep me away from my grandmother and the law. We crossed at a small point in New Mexico, they paid the Mexican police to let me in with them telling them I was her sister but I had lost my papers. Over the next many months we went up and down the Pacific coast. sleeping in the car, on the beach, in cheap hotels. Whenever there was a shower it was wash day and we got in the shower dressed and washed the clothes before getting naked and going though our routine. At this point it's safe to tell you that he didn't want a smelly girl in his bed so we made sure we smelled real clean and good before getting in bed with him. My virginity as such was long lost by the time we made it to Mexico.

    I got older and there was a family conference and they decided it was time for me to go back up to California with them, and pass the GED and go to college. They would get jobs and I would go to school. We went first to Sacramento then up into the mountains. While I was in college the babies came, out of her and out of me. It was the season, she said. Our season. After I finished college, we had four kids by then, they decided to get married, make it official. We had a real hippie wedding for them, she was bathed in the brook, her hair made up in braids, the kids were the flower girls and ring boys and I stood beside her holding her flowers and her hand. The lady who did the wedding was a traveling priestess of the Church of Who Knows What, the Moon Princess Church.

    I was 24, ten years after running away from home, with my two kids we went to find my grandmother. She had died three years earlier but left her old house to me, if I was ever found. We sold the house for not much money, but enough for a down payment for a house in California and we went respectable, getting jobs that paid money and being on the clock and insurance and paid vacation. We went conventional. One day we were hippies living in a run down house and the next we were in a three bedroom two bath getting kids washed and dressed for school.

    Our obsession with smelling clean has lasted all our lives together. And we passed it on to our daughters. We went through periods of sculpted pubes, no pubes, and lots of pubes. When we were young, when we first met, it was no pubes. But that's not so becoming on a fifty year old broad. Our daughters we kept nice and clean and smooth with pretty lips until they rebelled and told us to leave them alone when they were in their teens. I know for a fact that they are just as obsessed as us, and their little girls will be too. The big difference is they never looked like hippies after we went conventional and buying the house.

    As you may tell what marked me overall was the obsession with being clean as a bell down there, Once you go that way you don't really ever go natural. It's really not our way.