What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

Ear Fetish

I have an ear fetish for girls with big ears. I’ve always wanted to play with a girl’s big ears (pull, fold, rub, flick, suck, bite), but I’ve never, ever gotten the chance to. I can’t find a girl anywhere with big ears and that likes her ears being played with.

  • Cum Obsessed

    I'm just an average 30 something single mom. I've been divorced for about 4 years now. I'm not a milf, I'm just a plain Jane I guess. 5' 4" 132 lbs, small boobs big butt brown hair and hazel eyes.

    I have an obsession with cum. I love it. In me on me but mostly I love to taste it and swallow it. I haven't dated much since my divorce. I really just don't have the time. I have two teenage kids who I have to get to soccer practice or band practice. I hardly have time to myself ever.

    So what was I going to do to satisfy my unending desire for cum? Now y'all might think I'm a sick woman. I may be. But I found an almost unlimited supply of cum. Teenage boys. My son is 15 and has lots of friends and I suck off two of them as often as possible. The great thing about them is I can suck them off two or three times within an hour. We have a routine of sorts. They will come over to play video games with my son but always show up early when they know he gets home late from his job at McDonald's.

    They are sworn to secrecy but I do worry that one day they'll let the cat out of the bag. But I can't help myself. It's all I think about. I love sucking their little dicks over and over drinking their salty sweet cum.

    This has been going on for about 4 months now. I think I've swallowed at least 100 loads of their cum.

    If I could get more of it I would though. I know it'll have to end some day. But I hope it's after my kids are off to college. I'll have to find more sources. I'm open for ideas.


    First Dildo Use

    So to start things off I'm a major bottom and I get horny for this one guy real bad. We've known each other since elementary school and during our middle school to highschool years, I'd fantasize about him a lot.
    Weird part is I hate the guy. We used to be friends but eventually he started being some degenerate weeb with an ego, but fuck it, maybe I'm into that.

    One day I was feeling a lil extra horny and I decided to buy a dildo, and a more realistic one at that. I was super glad when it came in and I tried it. First time I hurt my ass and decided I'd try another day. Some time passed and I was feeling pretty horny again so I decided to stick it to the wall and suck it off, making sure to lick the balls and all. Sadly my throat skills weren't great, so I only made it about halfway.

    Again some time passed and here we were earlier today. I woke up super horny and decided today was the day. My cock was throbbing and my dildo sat clean and unused for a good while. First I stuck it to the wall and lube it up. It still hurt for a little bit, but when I moved it down and got on my knees, it slid in a bit easier.

    Eventually I said fuck it and suck it to a relatively sturdy and short flat box and decides to ride it. This worked fucking WONDERS and while it still hurt a little bit, it got better and i made it all the way down to the balls. With only some minor moaning I rode that bitch and nutted.
    I rate it like a 9 out of 10

  • I'm A Total Little Manslut And I Want To Be Naked All The Time

    Hi, I'm a total little closet nudist slave bitch boy wannabe and I'm obsessed with being naked in public high on crack and even smoking it at will wanting to be caught and made a spectacle of as I would be VERY pleased to be manhandled and spat upon, lubed oiled and spanked and whipped with a lot of jizz splattering my jiggling oiled flesh.


    Then I will just lay face down spread eagle and slither around in the spent floor goo!!!

    One time I smoked a gram of rock, wrote "I'm gay "on my ass cheeks with a green Sharpe and ran around outside for hours shaking my ass cheeks up and down the main drag wanting to be caught and punished by pigs or strangers.

    It was so fun and I REALLY wanted to be caught and enslaved but I got home without apprehension and I finally masturbated creatively with my gaping twitching anus longing COCK.

    Helping My BFF Get Her Groove Back

    My BFF Cammie had a double mastectomy about six months ago due to cancer (they were unable to reconstruct cleanly and she is terrified of implants) and it wrecked her confidence and sex life with her husband. Thankfully, she is in remission and her prognosis is very positive, even if her self esteem is shot.

    She and I had many conversations about where she "almost" got in the mood, but her scars, or flat chest, or the cancer that took her breasts, would crowd her mind and rob her of feeling attractive. She said it numbed her to any attempt by her husband to make her feel sexy or touch her beyond a hug. Honestly, she said one night, all she wanted for the rest of her life was to be held while she cried.

    Being the BFF I am, I kept listening to her pain and I'll be honest it hurt me, too. So I started researching mastectomy support groups and created an account for her to talk to other folks, which I ended up using to get her advice, tips, things to try. I took her bra shopping and we found her some super cute ones that could be used with padding if she wanted, and some that didn't. We looked at beautiful mastectomy tats together, and she was in awe of the power these lent some women. She debated getting one, but ended up changing her mind, afraid of the needles. We found mastectomy erotica, caressing techniques, affirmations, and the like. I told her she should create an Onlyfans account, make some money while partaking in a very specific kink for some folks, maybe that would boost her self esteem.

    Two nights ago, she sends me a video of her blowing her husband. I was in shock, it was set up like a hidden camera vid. First, she sits in front of the camera in the cutest bra and panty set we bought together in light robin's egg blue - the one without pads. I recognize the angle - she's at the vanity that sits near their bed where she used to do her makeup. Tonight she's wearing none, she's beautiful even though she looks tired. She sighs nervously, then starts to caress herself awkwardly, but she slides her hand down her panties (I can see her blonde bush, wow she really hasn't shaved in awhile). After some minutes, her breathing increases and she whimpers, calling out her husband's name. She's cumming, it's a small one that causes her to groan a bit and push forward into the hand down her panties, eyes closed and messy blonde hair spilling slowly over her shoulders and over her face. She calls her husbands name again, a bit louder but it sounds weak. She breathes a few more times, then loudly calls for him, sliding down to the floor and turning so that it's clear this will be a side view blowjob video.

    He enters, concernedly calling Cammie's name and asking if she's okay, then seeing her in the floor (this angle is perfect to see his reaction go from worried to amazed). Take it out for me, she says. He does, walks over. She grabs his dick with her tiny hands - it looks huge even though it's only six inches - and she inhales it greedily, immediately. She never takes her eyes off his face, stroking his dick with one hand, the other caressing her chest. He moans loudly, and she reaches up and pulls her bra down, exposing her flat chest and the scars. He erupts all over her chest, she leans back and raises her hips so that all his cum rains onto her body, then immediately begins using her hands to rub it all over her chest, tummy, and legs where it landed. Thank you, she says, and hops on the bed, pulling him down for a kiss. You may go now. After a few moments of confusion, he leaves. She reaches over and shuts off the video.

    Cammie hasn't uploaded the video anywhere (and no I won't share it), but she has asked me about it. I jilled off to it several times, not going to lie. My BFF was so hungry, sexy, and downright hot. I couldn't help it. I hope this is the start of my friend returning to normal - I will continue to help encourage her if it helps her feel she can live normally and be pleased like that. I hope she sends me another video, too.

  • She Is Making Me Suffer, I Can't Stand It Any Longer

    I am living with a college friend. We were not roommates in college, just friends. We are 26, have jobs, pay our way. Since June of last year I work remote, she's a nurse so no such luck. Anyway to get to what this is all about. Our apartment is a two bedroom one bath. For the longest time seeing her naked, or getting dressed, or in a nightgown and me being naked in front of her, or getting dressed or in a nightgown meant nothing.

    But then I started getting push sweat when she bent over to shave her legs, or when she pulled up her panties, or when she wiped after peeing. I saw her boob under her night shirt, her nipple.

    I was wet. She noticed I was looking, trying to catch a view of her crotch, of a tit, her ass. It made things uncomfortable. She started locking the bathroom, dreading in her room. It got pretty bad, one night I tossed and turned for an hour. My clit was sore. I took my pillow and knocked on her door and asked if I could sleep with her.

    She said I was projecting, I needed to get out, she was a woman not a man, as if I hadn't noticed. But she let me get in bed with her, and she took me in her arms and spooned me. She fell asleep, my pussy was dripping, my hand between my legs. Her hand reached around and cupped my tit, she pushed her hips against my butt. I worked my way around until I was on my back and kissed her cheek. I pulled her to me and kissed her mouth. She woke up and told me to behave, turned around and gave me her back.

    She let me take a shower with her, she lets me sleep with her, she doesn't lock the bathroom any more, she doesn't cross her arms across her chest. But she doesn't let me make love with her. The most she allows is a kiss, or sitting close. She says she is considering. In the meantime I'm going nuts, my pussy is wet. And she kisses my cheek and goes to work, and when she comes home she takes her scrubs off and puts on a cotton top without a bra on.


    I'm wanking to femboi cock again.

    Omegle Obsession

    I constantly think about going on Omegle and being a slut. Sitting there, playing with my hard nipples, and finger fucking my wet hole while hundreds of disgusting men, curious eyes, and other slutty women watch me. Should I do it???

    ...But When We Do, It's Going To Be Awesome

    I had MAJOR emergency surgery about two months ago, and have been in steady recovery under care of some great docs. I've been home for about six weeks, getting stronger every day.

    About a month ago, I started getting erections again, and began checking out some of my favorite, let's call them research sites. I have not jerked off, kind of scared to do so for now, been told by the docs to wait another month before trying any sexual activity.

    So I've been teasing my wife instead, walking up to her in the kitchen and kissing her neck, sliding my hand down her pants and stroking her bush, feeling her tits. When we watch movies now, my hand is on her thigh about as high as you can go without hitting the honeypot. When she drives (can't drive for a few more weeks), I stroke her inner thigh or massage the back of her neck. And I kiss her as often as I can, especially when she goes to shower - like a pervert I follow her into her bedroom, sit on her bed, watch her undress, and beckon her over to get kisses and rubs (she has great breasts, so they get lots of attention every day).

    Yesterday, she got MAD at me and yelled "Enough! Do you know how horny I am? My pussy hurts! Why are you being so bad when the docs said you couldn't have it." I pretended she hurt my feelings, just saying "because I love you and really want to just touch you."

    She saw through that shit, ha ha. She says to me "you know masturbating alone isn't any fun for me, so I haven't had it other than when you helped me out last week. You're bad, winding me up when I can't have it." Last week I fingered her while she vibed, needless to say that was a success for her. I took nothing in return, totally worth it. "You're driving me crazy," she says, and literally storms off (stomping and all, super cute). "What did I do?" I yelled after her, grinning ear to ear.

    She calmed down a bit later. I'm not going to stop messing with her, and I plan to finger her again this week if she will get in the mood. I LOVE this little game we're playing of teasing, trying to get her to mess with me back. She can't resist grabbing my hard cock right now and I've showed it to her a couple of times and got a nice hard lick or nibble for my efforts. But this game of winding her up and then pulling away, showering her with attention and watching that frustration grow in her, has been awesome. Making her pussy hurt for me has become my daily goal, certainly a focus (maybe an obsession).

    When it finally happens and I'm cleared, I'm going to absolutely enjoy this woman. She has no idea. I think it's going to be epic for both of us. Can't wait until I'm able to rub my face in her hairy pussy, smell her, taste her again (we've been eating so much fruit due to a diet change, she will probably taste divine). Yesterday, she was slightly sweaty as we were working outside and that smell on her neck, it was driving me nuts and I had to taste her sweat. She's told me all she wants to do is suck my cock as soon as possible, she misses the taste.

    I'm going to stop here, I think you all get the idea. This little game may shorten my life, but what a way to go.

  • My Building Staircase Is A Sex Toy

    Late nights, I smoke weed in my staircase and im a freak to be getting fully naked stroking my cock knowing no one would be walking in at 3 AM with no security in the building. The railings of the stairs is a solid frame that goes up but has a bar handle that goes on top leaving a good two finger gap in between the frame and the bar handle that is stacked on top. I put my cock in between and started to thrust and it was something where i was stroking hands free while smoking. I was only able to cum when i had my fingers under my frenum to rub my cock as i was thrusting but then i came across my vaseline jar and a zip loc bag. I rip the bottom part of the zip loc bag so its open and put vaseline in and put it in crack between the frame and handle and it felt like wet pussy. Im addicted to it, I get fully naked and fuck that staircase till I have a mind blowing orgasm. Fuck spending money on a sex toy when I have that hole and some vaseline with a zip loc to viciously fuck.