What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..


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  • Concert Groping…by Dad’s Friend…

    This confession is a couple of years old, but I’ve been reliving it and masturbating to it a lot lately. It's pretty far-fetched, but it's what happened without making this a novel. Hope you enjoy...

    I took my daughter Tara and her friend Beth to a standing room only concert. There were a couple of bands playing one after the other. It’s not pop music, but more like rock and metal mixed. My wife and Beth’s mother both complained the girls’ skirts were too short, but I defended them saying they were fine for a rock concert. Well, I was wrong.

    As soon as we were among the crowd trying to find a place to stand, the issue was both girls were pretty exposed. My daughter had on a denim skirt that was high on her waist and barely covered her ass. Beth’s pleated skirt was just as short but a lot easier access. Within minutes both girls were whispering that people were grabbing their asses.

    We found a good place to stand, but then filling in behind us were a bunch of mostly younger boys, and they were all taking turns poking and rubbing the girls’ asses. Tara told me someone poked her in the butt and I said “It’s okay, it’ll happen.”, and she said “No Dad, in my buttcrack.” We whispered a little more and then I said “How about this?” and I cupped her ass just at her hemline. I could feel her bare ass cheeks with part of my palm, but otherwise I was blocking her pretty easily. I asked if she had on underwear, and she said “Yes, a thong.” Odd to be cupping my own daughter’s ass, but that’s how it happened.

    Beth meanwhile was in worse shape. The guys behind her were pulling up her skirt and putting their hands underneath. At one point she jumped forward half a step. I whispered to her that I’ll try to shield her and I put a hand over her ass, too. They guys were more aggressive though and kept grabbing, poking and trying to dig in her ass, even with my hand there. They pulled up her skirt from under my hand and I ended up hand planted on her ass because all she wore was a thong. Then they yanked the thong so I realized it was uncomfortable, but to head them off I pulled Beth close to me and put my hand deep in her asscrack and kept her thong from digging in, but I was so deep I touched her asshole with the side of my hand and pussy with the tips of my index and middle finger by accident. I heard the guys behind me cheer but the pulling stopped. But what I realized that whenever I leaned in to talk to Beth, she’s bend slightly too and her pussy would press into my fingers. I enjoyed it. I kept making excuses to talk to the girls (more like yell) and each time they’d lean in with their hems crawling up and me getting more of handful of Tara’s ass and more of a feel of Beth’s pussy. I never penetrated Beth, just enjoyed feeling the puffiness of her labia and the warmth of her asshole.

    Even I came to my senses though, and after the first band I guided the girls out of the concert. On the way home I said we probably shouldn’t mention it to their mothers since neither mom would like that they got groped because of their skirts. The fact I fondled both and sort of violated Beth never came up.

    I Can't Explain It, I Can't Stop It

    I have a dirty obsession. Starting about six years ago I got involved with a man I met at work. I am a carpenter by trade and that Christmas season I was working part time at Lowe's. This man is retired on disability and one night after closing he invited me to join him for a beer at his apartment. For me it had been a bad week, my sister sued me because she claims I did a bad job on her kitchen cabinets, my car needed the left strut replaced and a customer complained I had touched her. The beer sounded like a good idea.

    We were watching nothing on tv, he dropped the idea that I could use a blowjob. He leaned over with his hand on my lap, he licked his lips and I just let him do what he did. Six years, now I suck his cock, I adopt the position and take it up the ass, I give him hand jobs, I've let him dribble pee in my mouth. Just last week we watched deliverance and I squealed like a pig while he pounded me like the bitch I've become.

    I can assure you I'm no queer, I fuck my girlfriend and I fuck her good. I don't get this obsession to go see my friend and suck his cock and eat his cum. And how the hell could I get to the point of bending over his kitchen table and getting fucked in the ass.

    Am I Obsessed With Big Cocks

    I just bought a 10 inch black king cock dildo and after of hour of fucking it against my wall, I managed to have all 9.5 inches in my ass, just last week i tried half a curved cucumber which was super thick and was curved like 9 inches and i rode it for 2 hours moving from shower to bed and i ended up taking the whole 9 inch cucumber in my ass and when i came, i clenched my ass and the cucumbner went into my stomach but luckily i was able to push it out. now im obsessed with monster dildos cause im shocked taht i can take every inch in my ass and now i want a big 9 inch plus cock to fuck me in my dorm.

    Want Some Raunchy

    Been getting some from this haf milf who works at the Target near me. I got a big old Ford Clubwagon with deep tints all around and the back fully carpeted, sweet velvet sofa and a wet bar and great sound system. She will meet me on her lunch break at the far end of the parking lot behind a semi trailer they have parked back there. She gets in back, we hit the bong and play kissy face for a minute then she kicks off her sneaks and lets me take off her pants. She's been working for about 4 hours and nothing gets me so excited like sucking on her hairy pussy and her big clit. Except after she has her first cum, I get her turned over and spread her cheeks. Her ass crack tastes so fucking hot and her natural musky scent makes my dick throb. She never gets rim jobs from anybody the way I do her. While I'm sucking her shitter she's working her clit and always cums like wild fire with my tongue in her fudge hole.
    Sometimes I will blow my load on her hole and make her work the rest of the day in scummy panties. Sometimes she spins around and gives me some great head and swallows my load after showing it to me in her dirty mouth.
    I like the idea of her working the rest of her shift with my scum in her belly or in her dirty panties.

  • Obsessed With Hot Guy Peeing

    A few days ago I found a new obsession of mine. I met this guy who I totally clicked with. He was hot, sweet, smart, and had a pretty good job. He had a pretty nice house and a badass truck. We have hung out several times. We haven’t had sex yet because we still want to know each other better and we both want the other to know that we aren’t in this just for sex although I’m sure we will eventually do it. I get turned on just by how hot he is. Well, a few days ago we were hanging out. We went and had a small lunch, went bowling, went to a movie, had a nice dinner, and then went to play top golf. We were both pretty tired from our busy day but we were still enjoying being together so he asked if I wanted to come to his place. I said yes. Maybe this would be the night. He decided to take the freeway home since it was quicker. A few mins later we came up on stopped traffic. There was a pretty bad wreck up ahead that hadn’t been there long so it was probably going to be awhile. We hoped it wouldn’t be too long but enjoyed taking and saying how we needed to hang out a lot more. I noticed he has started to squirm and move around in his seat some like he was uncomfortable or something. I asked if he was ok and he said yes: I figured he was just getting restless. A few mins later he started to do it again and even undid his seatbelt but I didn’t bother him about it. I guess he could tell I was still concerned about him so he looked at me and smiled an said he was ok but that he needed to pee reply bad and had had to for quite a awhile. I asked how come he didn’t pee at any of the places we went to and he said he was going to at the top golf place but the men’s restroom was out of order so he figured he would just wait until he got home. He said he had to go pee since lunch but that we had been having such a good time that he kind of ignored it. He said the urge really hit again during top golf. He seemed kind of embarrassed about it. I knew he was miserable and uncomfortable because he was starting to groan. I secretly felt turned on seeing him so desperate but I did truly feel bad for him because we had been sitting there for almost 45 min. I couldn’t believe it was turning me on like that but he would grab himself every once in awhile not even knowing he was doing it. I told him he could open the door and either pee by his truck or try to pee out the door but we were in the middle lane of traffic and he said the car next to us would look over every once in awhile and they would probably see him. I asked if he has a bottle or cup and he said he doesn’t like to keep trash in his truck and he wouldn’t want to disgust me by peeing right there. It honestly would have been hot for him to piss in a bottle. I really wanted to help him but was turned as well. I asked if he wanted me to drive so could relax some but he said concentrating on driving might help. After about an hour and a half traffic finally started going. Poor guy was trying to take him mind off it but I knew he was miserable. We were still 15 min from his home but traffic was moving slow. We finally exited and then hit every red Iight along the way. He was so desperate that I hurt for him but was still turned on. We finally turned into his driveway and he had his seatbelt off before even pulling in and had the door open before stopping . Now I knew he for sure was very desperate. I had to unlock the house door for him because he couldn’t even concentrate and said he hoped he could make it to the bathroom. Poor guy had to pee so bad that he had lost his train I’d thought. When we walked in he already had his pants undone and practically ran to the bathroom and slammed the door. He didn’t realize I had followed him down the hall. I wanted to listen :). Within two seconds after him slamming the door I heard his pee hit the toilet water and heard him let out a sigh of relief. It sounded like a good hard stream. I was really turned on now. And boy let me tell you. He absolutely really really had to go! He kept peeing and peeing and it went on for over a min. He sighed several times. God the relief he must be getting! I bet it felt wonderful! I was happy he was finally getting relief but wanted to hear him pee longer. Poor guy had to have been in pain after holding that for so long. I had never heard anyone pee so much in my life. The relief must have been blissful for him with the way he was sighing. He must have really been enjoying emptying all that pee out of him. I wish I could have seen all that pee come out of his penis while he held it and aimed it. He sighed again! God he must be overwhelmed with relief! I wonder if he closes his eyes and puts his head back as he feels that wonderful relief take over him. His stream finally stated to slow down and I slowly moved away from the door as I knew he was almost finished. His stream finally stopped and I heard a few little squirts of pee and one final sigh. He then flushed, washed his hands, and came out. I was then in the couch acting like I was looking at my phone. He came and sat down next to me. He let out another sigh. I asked if he felt better and he told me he felt a million times better and more then I could ever imagine. He said it was the most satisfying and relieving pee he had ever had and it felt amazing. Boy I could sure tell ;) He said he usually doesn’t say things like this but it almost felt as good as sex. Boy that must have been some pee! I think he was then kind of embarrassed having said that but it turned me on a lot! He apologized for abandoning me when we walked in his house but he said he thought he was going to explode and he almost didn’t make it. God I wanted to have sex with him right then and there. Never knew hearing someone pee could turn me on so much but I’m hoping to hear him again soon. I found I have a new obsession with it. He has no idea either! I think we will have sex next time we hang out! We are getting closer every day.

    One Summers Day Soon From Screen To Life

    my husband I met on line,
    the day I met my loved fate. It was not doom but gushing lust and desire.
    He walked into the room and with that first step he walked into my heart.
    the sex in his smile. the sex on his skin, the pure sex on his mind and in his eyes,
    I could feel it pulsing in his gait towards me to that place that makes me hunger for him.
    time not wasted or spent to slavery but to orgasms given in this eyes and straight to my
    love centers. I am aching still for another glimpse of that Fair and Free to Fuck. My obsession.

    BBC Obsession

    Why are black men genetically blessed with their bodies and cock. every black man i have sucked off had had such a hung big cock and was in good fit. im a downlow bi guy who was introduced to grindr and loved getting my cock sucked. didnt like guys, didnt like fucking but just like getting my cock sucked. but after this 34 year old black dad with dreads visited my dorm. i still remember it, Jan 27, 2020 he walked into my dark dorm and i was on my knees and he had compression shorts under his jeans and i felt his huge cock. It was just so thick and when i took it out i was shocked at how much thicker it was than my cock. i instantly submit to his bbc and sucked his soul for the next 40 min. he was 9 inch uncut but thick asf and ive wanted bbc since. i sucked him about 3 times until covid hit and i went back home, there i met another guy on grindr who lived in the opposite building. 24 black and he was waiting naked in the dark in his apartment and i got naked and started sucking him off wet. he wasnt as thick but he was so fit and his cock was long. he was rough with me and throat fucked me. i got so horny i came on the bed because i was rubbing against my cock so much when i was sucking his dick. When i suck dick, its only a black guys cock and they are always fucking huge. Why do black men have such dominant cocks and g*fted genetics. let me know what u think

    RSA BBC Going Nuts For White Pussy

    So I have been appointed assistant manager for a kiddies party venue located in the rich white suburb. So like you can imagine most of my clients are white mom's coming in with friends either to enquire or for discussion purposes for their kids birthday party...they come I their yoga tight pants some in short and revealing skirts.
    I can't stop thinking about fucking all of this lady's I have been wañking my dick for over a month now every Lil chance I get after a meeting, at night even as I type my dick is as hard as a rock. How I wish interracial sex was not such a big deal here.

    I Am A Nasty 19y Black Slut :))

    I’ve been eating my best friends pussy since I was the age of ten. I’ve always like pussy and being savagely licked while my best friend, Alexis, was either under the covers, bed, closet or bathroom with me. We regularly sent each other’s nudes on Snapchat and Kik. I was the one to make her eat my pussy, she’d always eat me out longer than I would her. I used her. I hated eating her pussy and only liked when she’d eat mines. I used to make her eat my pussy in the dark for hours. But none of what I told you is my confession. My confession is my obsession with barely escaping pregnancy from my brother. We’ve been having sex with each other since I was fourteen. My brother was the first to explore my body other than myself and my best friend. He made me a woman and I just cannot help but loooooovveee my brothers dick. I love when he records me being his private slut. Ever since he took my virginity and we broke up and years have passed (2) he’s the only person who can make me cum. I love when he cums in me and I have to take a pregnancy test just to make sure I’m not pregnant. I’m on birth control but it’s the thrill of my brother deflowering my pussy. I love him. I love his dick. I love when he records me and turns me into a fucking slut. I have videos and pictures of us fucking and me sucking his dick. Anyways another thing is my new obsession with white men. I am a black female so racist porn makes me feel like the nasty black pussy bitch that I am. I love when white men talk to me, a strong, black, independent woman and make her his slave pussy bitch. I love being humiliated so racist men fucking my pussy turns me on. The thought of being owned turns me into a bitch in heat. Like now, I’m pussy is as wet as a water park. Anyways I like sexting, role playing sext, sending nudes, being filled with cum by strangers in my asshole only— drinking my brothers cum every morning (I have videos of me drinking cum outside in the morning(s). ) I love when called all sorts of names. If you’re interested text me at ATLDreamers on Kik. Be nice.