What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..


It all started when I was twelve. I noticed the light in the room of the girl next door coming on about nine o'clock most nights. Normally the shade was drawn down, but one night it wasn't completely down, so I decided to take a look. The girl's name was Sue, and she was a grade behind me in school, so I think she was eleven at the time. As luck would have it she came into her room with a towel around her, as she must have just taken a bath. When she dropped the towel I saw that she had pink, puffed nipples, and a small bush of dark hair. I got instantly erect at the sight and started to stroke my small dick. I had a dry orgasm almost immediately. In the years that followed, I have voyeured a large number of girls and couples. Thankfully, I was never caught.

  • Caught Saving Nudes

    I used to use Image Capture on my Mac to save nudes from girls. At one point I was talking to like 10 different girls, coercing them for nudes. It was great getting bites, and going through saving a bunch of devious snapchats in a row. No idea when it happened, but one day either Snapchat or Image Capture changed. I made my usual round, and didn't notice until afterwards that every girl on my list got notified. Not just of a screenshot. It said I took a "screen recording". That was it. I was caught. I was fucked. I didn't get as many nudes after that.

    I'll never forget the last video I got that day. Kayley had such a gorgeous body and ass. She spun around in her underwear and shook her ass in the camera for me. I still use it to this day.

    I Promoted My Husband Affair And It Gives Me Peace

    I suspected my husband was cheating on me. I knew his code for his phone and went through it and sure enough he texted regularly with this woman from work. The texts were intimate but not explicit. He is the controller for a company and for the week of close they work late, not to mention year end.

    I angst about it for a long time, kept reading their texts, imagined what they did when he wasn't home. I followed him one night, he drove home and I had to make up an excuse why I wasn't home. After several months of reading their texts I was hooked on their life and I had to restrain myself not to interfere. I had no direct evidence but their exchange was enough for me to believe they were in a love affair and it was active. No woman I know talks to a man about her most intimate thoughts and feelings unless she is very intimate with him.

    I went as long as I could before confronting him. He answered that she was the proverbial work wife. I whipped out an answer before thinking, how could he abuse her like that, lead her on? If he had no intentions of following through leave her alone. He looked at me, I was crazy, I wanted him to act on it? I answered yes, or leave her be. Either he formalized things with her or let her go.

    I talked to her. She sat without a word listening to me tell her to get her act together, claim what was rightfully hers. I just wanted what was right for her. And if that meant I had to share, so be it.

    It took a lot of self reflection to understand that I wanted their relationship to come to life. She deserved real physical love. And he needed to man up and be that man for her. I was on the sideline already, so I pushed them to go physical. I monitored their texts, I masturbated to their sex, I waited to have sex after he had gone to see her. I had gone crazy. I was infatuated with their love affair.

    That's what happens when you're lonely. I'm in therapy, they are actively sexual, I'm passively sexual, mostly I masturbate and imagine I'm her. If she's happy I'm happy. Crazy? Yes, but everyone's crazy. This is my crazy.

  • Sucking A Black Man For The First Time And Became An Addict On BBC

    I really need to get this off my chest because I can’t stop thinking about it. I thought I would go and see what all the fuss is about with black men and If they are bigger than white men. I didn’t want to suck on one because I’m straight. I just wanted to see if black men have big cocks. So I found a black homeless man and I asked him if I could see his cock and I’d give him £20. He pulled his cock out and it was about 6 inches long on floppy I couldn’t believe it was so big and it wasn’t even hard yet. I don’t know what happened but I really wanted to see him hard so I started stroking him slowly and his cock started growing. I didn’t know at first but my mouth started dribbling and he said to me. If you want you can put your mouth on it. Once my lips touched his bellend I knew I was in love with a homeless black man’s cock and nothing would stop me now. It was the best day of my entire life. I must have sucked him for about 2 hours and he cummed on my face 3 times. His cock was 11 inches long when he was hard. While I was sucking him a group of girls walked past us and he pushed his cock down my throat all the way to his balls infront of the girls and I choked and gagged and he pulled out and I laughed and begged him to do it again. I fell in love that day and it grows stronger every day

    Obsessed With Nudists

    I'm obsessed with images of nudists. There is nothing more stimulating than images of nude families. I often fantisize and cum alot over what I see in each image. Are there other men here that have similar obsessims?

  • Obsesssed Cocksucker

    Good day..
    It has taken me 30 yrs to admit i am obsessed about sucking big black dick. I cant say a day goes by i dont think about calling up any of the guys i know to see if they will use my mouth. I love deepthroating, slow deliberate head, hours on my knees or on my back taking cock.

    But by far, prolonged dicksuck service with cumplay on video drives my inner slut wild. Its my fantasy to have 100 videos out there on the free porn sites of me milking black guys dicks. Id guess ive already played parts of 30 or so and ache to make more. When im sucking a nice dick and they talk nasty, i like gazing into the camera like a good cumdumpster. Born to help hard dicks bust♡

    Im hoping to find more black guys who will put me on my slut knees over and over, who enjoy publically putting out pics and videos showing the world how much cum ill swallow for you all to enjoy.

    Hopping On That Confession Thread

    Can I jump in on this confession thread about a d0og? I love open-minded people who think this is totally fine. I too was ashamed at first, but after doing some soul searching and talking to others online, I think it's one of my most fulfilling experiences.

    I was a new college graduate starting out at a job in a city I had never been to. It was real lonely, had to go into a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, but at least he agreed that adopting a d0og was a good idea. So glad I did because only a few months later, my sister confessed to sleeping with my now ex on a regular basis. That betrayal sent me down a dark path.

    To cope, I usually got real tipsy in my apartment, browsed on Tinder for a hot minute, and had a guy knocking at my door after not much swiping. I would pull his pants to the ground, get his cock in my mouth, just barely after the door closed behind him. Once he was nice and hard, I turned around to bend over standing up. He would easily slide into my wet, drunk c**t, pound me until he came, then leave because he just wanted some quickie before whatever. I don't know how many guys came over like this, but it was quite a bit.

    It just wasn't enough, I wasn't satisfied. I often found myself watching porn afterwards to scratch the itch. One night, I was real into my video when the smoke detector went off. I had forgotten about my pizza in the oven. I ran naked to take the charcoal out of my oven and vent the kitchen a little. My nightly therapy was ruined, I just stood at the counter defeated.

    I guess he must've smelled something interesting, a mix of my juices and another guy's cum, because he walked right up to me and stuck his muzzle between my legs. It caught me by surprise, I jumped but I couldn't really move away. His tongue lashed out and started to tickle me like no man's tongue could. My mind got lost in the sensation, my body melted until I was bent over the counter, legs spread, giving him full access to me. An orgasm racked my body so hard that I bruised my knee from jerking it hard against the counter.

    I closed up, turned around, and slumped down to his level. He was so happy with himself, I could see a red hot tip poking out from underneath. I remember debating it in my head, I had always let my ex fuck me after he ate me out. Getting up, taking a big swig from my fireball, I lead him into my room and onto my bed. I get on all fours, close my eyes, then wait for it.

    Nothing happened. I was a bit confused, but he was just taking in my scent. I try to motion him to get on, but he didn't get it. I sigh, slumping down into my pillows, ass still in the air, when suddenly he mounts me. His weight pushed me down into my pillows even more. I sort of reconsidered it because I was getting scratched a little and his poker was hitting me hard in the wrong places, but I didn't have much choice because as a small Asian girl in this awkward angle with so much weight on top, I can't do much. I buck up the courage to reach back and guide him into me.

    I remember softly moaning when I felt him enter me then screaming like mad as he ravaged me. He clamped down against my waist and didn't spare me any mercy at all. I gripped at anything I could as I felt him grow inside me without letting up on the pounding. Another hard orgasm rocked through my body, I think my eyes literally rolled back.

    Then I felt one mighty push before getting stretched so hard that I had a tough time breathing. It kept growing inside me before I started feeling a warm sensation filling me. I don't know how long we stayed like this, but I'm sure he loved it because he never pulled away. When I started feeling him shrink, then he pulled out with a loud plop. I dropped into my bed exhausted, but he kept trying to lick me clean down there.

    Imagine how I felt after waking up the next day. Happy to reply to comments or add more experiences!

    Cum Eating

    Another great day for edging. My girlfriend is working and i just got done edging.
    I've been saving my cum for a week now. I was able to edge about a teaspoon full of cum without blowing my load.
    So after I squeezed out the last thick drop of pearly cum on the spoon I took off my cockring and went to shower.
    Still real horny so while i showered I held the spoon full of cum in my mouth for about 15 minutes. Squishing between my teeth. The best time was when i saved up over 60 loads of cum in a pull bottle. Freezing after each deposit. Thawed it in warm water and poured all of in my mouth . 60 loads of cum is a MOUTHFULL. OMG.
    I hope i can encourage someone to try the bottle saving of cum. It stays fresh and still thick as long as it frozen .

    Wifes Cousin Tiffany

    I want to drill my wife's cousin Tiffany soo hard and make her my own personal sex toy and babymaker! I love that the whole family knows that I want to taste her clit and asshole with my tongue to start until I stretch out her holes with my big thick cock! It sucks that her boyfriend breeded her first! But I want next! Tiffany! I would do anything to impregnate you babygirl! I collected all ur pictures from Instagram and Facebook and beat my meat to them every night I am horny for u! I fucked my wife thinking of u and screaming for u as I bust inside of her! Go ahead ask her! I use to say "tiff makes my cock stiff!" I love getting off to u! Forever and always!

  • I Know That Escort

    Ok i am married and I step out this escorts from time to time. Don't judge me I need variety.

    Anyways, I recently found my kid's teacher on an escort site. I was shocked. I did some digging and it is really her. Judging by her ad and reviews history It appears it is something she did mostly a number of years likely in her college years and occasional slips in and out of it now much more rarely. I know teachers are not paid well, so I am not judging her. She likely has debt.

    She is smart and on weekends that she does this she does it a couple counties over to not easily be discovered. Fortunately for me when I cheat with escorts I do the same thing for the same reasons and that's how I found her ad.

    Now that I have seen her and read her reviews I can't I see he luscious nude body and want to rent it out so bad! Her ad history shows she is doing less and less and I have no idea how long until she just stops altogether. The thing is she is smoking hot ... I mean fucking really hot... and I read her reviews and know what she offers. I really want to take her for a ride but we clearly know each other. What do I do? I don't want to freak her out, or think I am outing her. I appreciate what is does takes huge risks. I don't want to mess her up. I'd never do that. But she is so fucking hot and has a great menu with lots of extras... And recent reviews shows she still offering a full menu. It's so hard not to engage.