What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

Looking For The Man With An Iron Fist

As the daughter of the Chief of Police I grew up around men in high political office, men in high positions in business, and senior men in the police and fire department. Wimps need not apply.

As a nineteen year old I got taken down by a military officer. I went from hating him to loving him between penetration and withdrawal. He was my first.

In college I met a professor of philosophy who turned my head and brought me to heel. He was my lover but I wasn't his only lover.

After college and before law school I traveled for a year across Europe. I met a retired Colombian General living in Barcelona. A man with a highly developed taste for pain. Some of it was erotic and some was help me understand whose cock I was supposed to suck.

And that brings me to now. I am an attorney, a Partner specializing in international taxation for multinational corporations. I am unmarried but not unattached. I met the man I grovel for when my law firm was representing his company. My moment happened one afternoon when I saw him walking towards our offices. My impulse took me by surprise, I ran until I caught up with him and jumped on his back locking my legs and arms around him.

I am well aware that I suck cock to let him know I am his bitch dog. I give up my pussy for his pleasure. I wash, iron and fold when I want to show him I'm domestic. Master, Sir, Papa Bear, Daddy-o, are all words I use to remind him I am his babe and I need attention. Some of my colleagues get off by ball busting, I get off by setting them up for an unwelcome fucking. And my man can fuck them and fuck up their head while he's at it.

I Let Him See On Purpose

I had my 19 yr old neighbor boy coming by to fix my bathroom sink. I told him to come on in the door was unlocked. I went to bathroom on purpose to pee and change my panty liner leaving the door cracked so he could accidentally see my pussy. And he did but acted like he didn’t. When he left I masturbated


Im 37 for ten years I've wanted to watch a huge monster black cock fuck and breed my now 35 year old wife.
At around noon my wife came home with a work friend Jerome. We smoked his blunt we matched a blunt.
Things got friendly he gave my wife Melissa a back and shoulder rub.
My wife enjoyed it.
With my with changing into comfortable after work clothes. I followed her into the room and gave her a pair of cut off jean shorts and tight shirt. Jerome kept looking up and down and offered her another back rub she took it and a foot rub. He shorts show off her pussy.
Before long this lead to some intense passionate kissing and touching . he stripped my wife down and pulled a monster black cock ten inches.
My wife 34 average soccer mom type. Slightly chubby and Jerome 26 and athletic muscular cut.
He takes her to our room i bring the blunt and watch.
The foreplay was hot but it was his ten inch long thick cock fucking my wife that got me off.
Melissa always makes her rare play dates wear a condom not today. Jerome put his dick in my unprotected fertile white wife. And it was her first black man to boot. My sexy milf wife fucked this monster cock black stud untill 6pm tonight and he came in her fertile ovulating pussy several times they took a few breaks but it even got to the point where. Melissa was begging for Jerome to knock her up.
Just before he came in her the first time Melissa told him im not on birth control cum in my pussy
At 6pm they left and at 12:30 Melissa came home from her his house where i guess three black men kept taking turn trying to impregnate Melissa. Her pussy was red swollen and filled with cum. I finely got what i wanted

  • Cucked

    I've always wanted to watch a woman having sex.

    Today me and my wife went to the lake we fished had a BBQ and got joined by a younger man who smelled the foid lol. My wife invited him over and he had lunch with us.

    Sarah is 38. 5ft6 dark red hair pale skin. She is a size 7 with huge tits i love her body.

    We hangout run out of beers so Sarah walk over to his camper with him to get some more beers. It took a good long time about an hour.
    When they got back i knew something had happened but not sure what.

    They got flirty but not too far then i watched him grab Sarah's butt. We got slightly drunk and it happened. Sarah pulled his dick out and sucked it right there he pulled her cloths off and this young man fucked my wife in front the camp fire opening her legs up plowing her sucking her tits it lasted twenty minutes or so untill he came in her they fucked again in the van and he came in her again.

    Sarah and I relived it when we got home and i fucked her thinking about it i think labor day opened up my fantasy.

    My Hot Wife

    Im in good shape i hike take care of my health. My wife Lilith is also 33 and looks 20 adorable face with beautiful features. Seductive body curvy and athletic.
    It was not to long ago we watched a few porns. My wife and i watched a married woman get picked up and taken to a motel on girls night out. The buy was a black guy and he fucked this cheating wife for 189:45 minutes of this 203:00 porn. Then we watched a porn where the wife dresses like a hooker and the husband picks her up.
    Pick up and interracial porn got her off hard core.
    For a few months we roll played this hooker porn scenario out. On a Saturday night i dropped her off. A blue skirt that stopped at her ass cheeks. A. See through shirt with no bra no panties fish net thigh highs four inch heels with straps that tie up and around her legs. Cheap neon make up.
    Her 40 cup tits covered by a little jacket. I rented a escalade for the night.
    Lilly has an amazing body pudgy yet tone curvy yet athletic. I dropped her off on a in an ally and waited twenty minutes. I drove off and was going to pick her up. I saw my wife and was going to pick her up but was forced over by a drunk driver im pretty sure i went around the block almost got lost. Came back and lilith was gone. So i parked and waited i called her no answer. I drove around could not find her headed back waited.
    I drove around for a bit and got a text that said head home.
    When i got there her eye shadow was faded and smeared. Her make up had ran and her clothes where a mess.
    What happened i asked.
    Ha a black escalade pulled up i got in it drive off and i freaked and explained to a sexy man our thing. He was cool and understanding we drove around and looked for you but then he pulled out his dick and i wanted it.
    He took me to a cheap motel and fucked my face i licked his ass. I begged him all the way there treat me like a real hooker.
    We got into the room and he did he told me What he wanted i gave him a price.
    I ate his asshole sucked his dick he fucked me for a few hours then fe fucked my ass and then he passed me off to a young dude for a twenty of weed. Here my wife handed ..(continue confession)

  • Allure Of The Milk Shake

    I will be rather circumspect here as I understand my particular confession is not common nor is it "acceptable" among my friends and cowerkers.
    The thing is, I have this fucking compulsion to enjoy my sweet wife's crack. I love kissing, sniffing, licking and french kissing my wife's wonderful butt. Cannot get enough.
    In a perfect world I would get her bent over after a nice run or a few sets of tennis.
    I'll put it really plainly; I want to rim her dirty fucking sweaty asshole and taste her funky natural little crack. My dick is throbbing as I'm writing this.
    I absolutely need her to feed me her spicy bunghole.
    Her tight little c**t is a real pleaser and she makes a cock feel so at home in her holes...
    I fucking love my little c**t!

    My Dutch Mother-in-law

    My mother-in-law came to London when my wife was expecting a baby. My wife suggested that I took her to a London pub, because they don't have pubs like that in Holland. I took her to The Half Moon in Putney, and she really enjoyed it. On the way home, because she was Dutch, I took her to see the windmill at Wimbledon Common. We began to kiss. One thing soon led to another, and I finished up fucking her outside on the ground in the open. There was no moon, so people in the other car there had no idea what we were doing. When we got back home, my wife was asleep, and I fucked my mother-in-law once more before we went to our beds.

    I Did It Again

    Have been getting good sex from the missus and giving as good as I get. Very few things that we won't try at least once. Naturally there's lots of stuff we like in common and also some stuff that's a turn on for one but not the other of us. We are both very oral, both giving and receiving and I also love to more or less tongue bathe her. There's nothing and nowhere on her sweet body that I don't want to enjoy with every sense possible. Just bonkers about her and particularly her little round bottom.
    I'm out of my mind for her ass.
    Squeeze it and pat it and rub it and kiss it as much as possible.
    My honey will never understand that I have an absolute obsession with her ass, and especially rimming her. I know she's shy about it and wish she'd relax and enjoy it because I try so hard to make her feel good.
    Knowing she's really not into it does suck, but sometimes my dirty mind gets the better of me and I make her give it to me.

    My Escort Cousin

    I've got a hot cousin that would never give me the time of day, but I just found out she's an escort when she tells her mom she's out of town with her friend for the weekend.

    I am seriously tempted to confront her and make her my sex slave for a weekend to keep quiet.

    It would be nice to keep her naked, and have her eat me on command because she has to.

  • Showing Off

    As a seven and eight year old I loved opening my legs while my uncle tickled me. I mainly wore dresses and my mother constantly reminded me to sit lady like and not show my panties. It didn't work, I love to flash, I love wearing thin see through panties, flashing on the train, in the office, in a restaurant. I flash men but also women I think might enjoy a wet pussy in soft panties.