What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

(almost) Unconditional Surrender

I am really surprised I can't find one or more males, insatiable for receiving oral services, while keeping me confined in a vintage Vietnam-era rubberized canvas body-bag, with a zippered opening, giving limitless access to my mouth...guess it's going to require a true sexual sadist, of whom there seem to be surprisingly few...I live alone, am financially pretty independent, and could accommodate in comfort, or visit...I would offer total privacy, and unquestioning obedience, to (almost) anything...my captor(s) can be any age, appearance, weight, ethnic background, as long as he-they were demanding, and pretty cruel of mindset...

  • Cock Craving

    During the day I don’t think about it much, but at night I want a dick so bad.

    Last night I masturbated with another man on cam. We didn’t chat or talk, just stroked to each other. I came first, him shortly after.

    I know I would cum so hard if I had cock in my mouth. Just it exploding in me would be enough to do it.

    I put a realistic dildo in my ass tonight and gasped from pleasure as it went all the way in. It was so thick.

    I’m definitely not straight…

    Public Wank

    Want to start off by saying that I love to masturbate in public. You name it and I probably jerked off there. This particular day I was so horny after watching porn and cute girls walking outside wearing little shorts or skirts. I could feel a wet spot in my underwear, all I wanted to do is grab my dick. I went into a public bldg where I knew there was a bathroom , it wasn’t busy so I thought this would work. I went to the urinal and pulled out my dick. I like the urinal because of the chance of being caught. I looked around and saw some liquid soap, so with dick hanging out I went over and got some. I shave my dick and balls , so it is so smooth as I stroke it. It feels so good in my hand , i want to cum yetI want it to last for ever. A few minutes go by then I hear the door open , hoping he goes into the stall, but he stands right next to me with no partition between us, if he looked down he could probably see my dick in my hand. My hand is still on my dick but I stop stroking and my heart is going 100 mph. As he stands there and my hand on my smooth dick I feel the cum building up inside. Thinking I can’t cum with a guy right next to me. I can’t stop it, I slide my hand on my dick just a little and I feel my dick about to explode, suddenly with him still there I start to cum hard several times, I can here it splash against the urinal, thinking omg can he hear it too. He finishes and just leaves as I have a cum covered hand, I bring it up to my mouth and give it a lick. I clean up and walk out just as someone else walks in.
    That was kind of exciting I thought.

  • Obsessed With This Site!

    Love reading all these confessions, and love having a place to get my naughty secrets off my F cup sized chest!

    I want more people to make an account so we can track each other’s posts! It’s fun! (Loving you, WalkingTongue!)

    Cant Stop My Panties Obsession

    I'm obsessed with panties. I have been since I was a young boy. I'm 30 going on 31 and yes I'm still obsessed with panties. It's to the point where I'd be okay with never having sex again as long as I have panties to enjoy. I don't know what it is. I mean I guess I do. It's the smells. The feel of the fabric. Knowing where they've been. Who wore them. It's the thrill of doing bad things to them while no one's looking. Every pair is different. Playing with them almost feels as good to me as sex. Nothing can get me off quite as well as a pair of panties. Every time I quit my addiction, a few years later I'm back. Right now I don't have any but I'm buying some off of a girl next week. I told her to wear them all day and then give them to me. It all started when I was 13. I was living in a foster home with 2 girls and 2 boys. All the laundry was in the same room. At the same time. The clothes would just be sitting there. I was walking by one day and saw a pair of my hot foster sisters panties sitting on top. They were dirty and crumpled up. I put them to my face and it just lit a fire in me. So I took them. Used them for a few days. Snuck back in a returned them in a random hamper. I've cum in so many panties its unbelievable. Yes, I'm ashamed but even my own sisters and moms panties. In fact, I kinda liked my moms panties the most. I would lay on her bed naked with her panties on me, imagining she opens the door in shock. But I never once got caught. God I just want some now. I love them.

  • Can’t Stop Thinking About Her

    So there’s this girl at work. She’s 25 and I’m 20. I find her so hot and I love her personality too. We have lunch together at work through the week and I enjoy the time we spend together. I’ve tried to stop myself from getting a crush on her but I can’t resist.

    Do you think she’d go for someone 5 years younger then her? We were having lunch today and having a laugh and when she took her jumper off, I had to try not to stare at her hah. Getting in too deep and I don’t know what to do?

    Obsessed With A Feminization Fantasy

    In the outside world, and in the bedroom (outside being a pegging-enjoyer), I'm a fairly typical manly-man, but I've had a feminization fantasy for years now. Since I was at least 19.

    A mommy domme of any legal age and I become regularly "involved." It would start out rather innocently with some mild crossdressing here and there until it becomes a regular thing - to a point where I am lounging around the house with her in girly outfits, lingerie, etc. 24-7 - and am almost exclusively bottoming for her. Eventually the question of "want to go even further? With more permanent things." gets asked.

    I say "Yes."

    So we put me on hormones and begin transitioning me. My features gradually become more feminine. My ass becomes rounder. I begin to grow breasts. My waist becomes more hour-glass shaped.

    I end up being passable enough when enough makeup is applied to where I can even go outside and pass.

    But she asks for more. I agree, once again. So we start planning feminizing surgeries.

    The first one is facial feminization.
    The second narrows my shoulders.
    The third is breast implants up to a 34D, since by this point - there is something for the plastic surgeon to work with, making them look better than they normally would. A fat transplant to my hips is also included.
    The fourth, and final one, is removal of my testicles.

    She seems happy. I am happy that she is happy. She doesn't cuck me or make me have sex with men or anything. It's just a mommy domme and her girlfriend in a lesbian relationship at this point.

    When I masturbate, it's all I can really think about. When I decide to go on a sex-chat, it's all I'm really interested in talking about.

    When I am not masturbating (living my regular life or just having regular sex) or on a sex chat, it's not on my mind at all. It, however, remains my favorite fantasy.

    I've Always Been Obsessed

    In high school and college I became obsessed with older men sexually only. I became obsessed with wanting to know if men in the 50s and 60s can still fuck and is it good.
    I'm Miranda I'm 25 have one baby girl I'm married and got my first hall pass.
    My husband's dad Philip moved in the house across the street to be closer. My husband's mom left when he was ten moved to Florida.
    Philip 52 retired from the army at age 50 and is a security guard for a Marijuana dispensery kinda cool.
    He is in great shape looks younger around 45 or so.
    Very athletic and muscular with several tattoos. He has short spiked hair weathered rugged face.
    He is over often almost nighty for dinner or to baby sit on his days off.
    His body makes my pussy wet.
    I told my husband I have a sexual crush on his dad and to my surprise he after a short discussion gave me permission to have sex with his dad.
    I guess my husband filled his dad in because that Friday night Philip and I went for a drive.
    I'm 5foot 6inchs curvy with a little weight from being pregnant 160 I'm bigger now then ever in my life.
    Size 9 chubby belly milf hips 42DD thick sexy legs thick butt curvy body.
    Cute average face curly black hair pale white skin.
    I'm wearing a summer dress that stops above my knee and flats no bra boy short panties.
    I'm surprised you find my sexually attractive he says to my.
    I nearly spit out my soda.
    I relaxed we talked over my obsession with older men like him and how it turns me on.
    We pull into a motel 6 two towns over.
    He gets a room following him in there is some of my high heels and lingerie. I got to raid your dresser and closet.
    I'm so wet since I got in his truck.
    I take my dress off standing there in my panties.
    I waist no time an 8 inch banana shaped ridged dick with a helmet head I start sucking his dick like some desperate slut. Deep throating him swallowing his dick down my throat.
    About and inch longer then his son but way thicker then his son.
    I have Philip naked in no time.
    He tackles me onto the bed and starts fucking me his string hands on my throat choking me. He is fucking me like a pro hitting all of my spots.
    It was a quick fuck Philip came in me quickly.
    Sucking my toes kissing my body on my side my tits in his hand fucking me with a powerful punching thrusts.
    Legs on his shoulders hands on my thighs.
    Pounding me he cums inside of me again.
    Blue silk nighty white thigh highs doggy style
    Black corset ridding him and missionary sex.
    We went through all my lingerie and high heels and where fucking all night long between quick or short rests.
    In every position every way including anally he fucked me I cleaned up showered
    When I got home my husband fucked me for several hours
    I was sore pussy throbbing wore out but very satisfied


    I’m completely obsessed with masturbating.
    I do it whenever i can,
    At work in the toilets and sometimes at my desk,
    At the park,
    In shopping changing rooms,
    At friends houses when they are out the room.
    I would love to hear comments of male or female masturbation stories (the naughtier the better).
    Alli xx

  • I Blew A Co-worker

    My co-worker used to intimidate me when I worked in a different department. He was so serious all the time and his demeanor was terrifying. It didn’t help that he’s a very big muscular guy. He’s also very competent and never shy about calling out incompetence.

    I was transferred to another department (not his) but where I see him and work closely with him. Turns out he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met whose also sexy as hell. I’m 41 (in July) he’s 56. He is extremely confident all the time so much so that it’s a huge turn on for me (and the two women who share the office next to mine who both talk openly about wanting to fuck him).

    Point of order-he’s married, I’m married. The more we e chatted the more open we’ve become and the stronger my attraction has grown. One of the girls next door mentioned that she heard he was really well hung and I’ll be fucked if I couldn’t stop thinking about his dick and trying to catch glimpses of his bulge without being to obvious.

    I love my husband. I’m sure he loves his wife. At home tho I’m in a rut and the wheel is about to run me over. Been with my husband since college, he works all the time, and after twenty years neither of us does it much for the other any more. We’re comfortable and we have passionateless sex usually twice a month. I haven’t sucked my husband’s dick in ten years. I find myself thinking of passed boyfriend when I get myself off. And of him and his supposed big dick.

    We grew close. I hinted about my marital problems, hinted about sex, take every opportunity to either bend over in front of him to give him a clear view of my ass (still nice from my dedication to fitness) to giving him opportunities to look down my shirt. I’ve even given him a few camel toe shoes trying to stir him but he’s married and our company is very strict regarding sexual harsssment that he never seemed to notice.

    So a few weeks ago my husband and I ran into he and his wife at target. Introductions all around, some chit chat.

    Next time I saw him he said that my husband seemed like a nice guy. I made a snide comment that obviously showed my discontent. He closed my office door, asked what was wrong and I let it out. I love him but our sex life is terrible. No intimacy, no adventure, no real pleasure. I made it clear I needed more. I even made the comment-I’d be satisfied with a nice dick to suck once in awhile. He understood was very nice about it, made no judgements, actually made suggestions including having an affair or just hook ups but never even hinted at himself doing so with me.

    Last Friday, me, him and another women met for an hour. We finished, she left and I asked him to stay I had a few things to discuss. I closed and locked the door, thanked him for always being there for me, and stood in a way that showed off my body. I was wearing snug jeans (casual Friday) wishing I’d worn a sundress and said, I know your hesitant and please if you don’t want to it’s ok I won’t ever bring it up again and please don’t judge me but can I please just pleasure you. I one will ever know, ever I promise it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

    He nodded, said that he’s always found me attractive, was hesitant for many reasons and asked what I wanted to do. I said just give him oral. He said ok where when? I said now, right now.

    I went right to my knees and looking him in the eye I took down his pants and almost cried when his dick came free. It was beautiful. My husbands is below average about 5 inches and not thick. He was about 8 and a half to nine inches and very thick, and hard, with an upward curve and such a big shiny head, it’s a beautiful dick that I’d needed for so long.

    I settled in and kissed it, sucked it, traced my tongue around the head and up and down the shaft and damn I sucked it as deep as I could. I enjoyed him for half an hour wringing the most amazing moans from him just on the other side of the wall from two co-workers who were always talking about wanting to fuck him. I did start thinking of fucking him but stick to the plan.

    I gave him the BJ of my life and when he came I took every drop and savored it. Then I kissed and kissed his cock until I had to let him go.

    Now I want to do it again, I want to hear him Moan, hear the pleasure I’m giving him, swallow his cum and kiss his cock for hours. I think about it so much. At this point I’d fuck him too. I think we could keep it discrete, undiscovered, I want to feel him inside me, feel him finishing after I’ve cum on him.

    I don’t know or even think this will happen. Most likely that one time was it. It even if it was it was worth it I needed to suck him off so bad.

    We’ve seen each other a lot since.