What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

Afternoon At The Dollar Theater

In my early 30s one afternoon I decided to go to the dollar theater to kill some time and relax it was in the fall. The movie was Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger, I had a copy of it at home.
This theater is usually quiet and I could go there and just zone out for a couple of hours. The young men that were ahead of me in line were teenagers. I'm guessing high school, and they were doing the roughhousing, talking loud thing, I decided to stay anyway.
Once I enter the actual theater, which these aren't overly large, I was glad to see these young men had moved down to the front to watch the movie. I was glad to see they would not be that close. There was an elderly couple about the center of the movie theater center of the seats as well, I went up to the second row from the back and a little closer to the wall.
I was just relaxing a bit waiting for the movie to start when this woman a little older than me came in and looked around and she saw the young man down below. She had a lightweight jacket over her arm and more of a summer dress, the kind of tight at the top and then pleated at the bottom, Fuller below the waist to above the knee. The movie started and I didn't pay any attention to her.
In just a few moments, I felt the presence of someone next to me, and she was standing in front of the seat next to me, leaned over and ask if I would mind if she sat next to me because the teenagers had made her a little nervous. I told her that would be OK and noticed that she smelled very nice.
As she sat down she pulled her jacket over the arm of her chair and I went back to watching the movie.
When the first explosion wracked the theater and lit up the room, she grabbed my arm and me not ready for it. My arm was in her lap before I realized what had happened. She apologized, and I told her it was OK and moved my arm back on the armrest.
With the next bright light and loud noise, she grabbed my arm again and didn't release it this time my right hand was essentially on her left knee. I was now way more focused on her warm knee and nice smell than the movie that was on the screen.
She had her right hand on my right bicep, and her left hand around my forearm. As the movie progressed, she initially hugged my hand up her leg when she was "startled".
At this point, my elbow is nestled in her chest, and her cheek is on my arm, just below the shoulder, and the next time the movie startled her she gripped my arm tight and slid down in the chair a few inches and at this point, my right hand is just above mid thigh, right under the edge of her skirt, which has been pulled up in her lap by my hand being controlled by her hands.
She scooted down this last time and didn't push herself back up and I could feel the tops of thigh high hose under her skirt. I continue to watch the movie, but I wasn't paying any attention to that at all.
I took a chance and eased out just my right pinky, and rubbed her thigh very gently above the top of her hose. It was very warm, very smooth and by now I couldn't stand up if I needed to. She jumped again, pulled her self down further and my hand up further and I am right next to the crotch of her panties. I can feel the heat so I did the same thing I did earlier and reach out this time with two fingers not just my pinky and rubbed her crotch gently right on her mound, she was wearing lace panties, which drive me nuts. She was now holding my arm with both hands very tightly, so I simply started to rub exactly what I should've been rubbing. She would alternate opening her legs a little bit, and then closing them on my hand, I finally moved just a bit and slid my fingers under the thighband of her panties, and my middle finger inside of her extremely hot wet pussy . I started to slowly fingerfuck her. She kept a tight hold on my arm so I added the first one then another finger in her pussy now I had three of them nice and slowly fucking her up and down. I started to apply pressure from the inside to lift her off her seat with my one right arm, she closed her thighs around my hand and started to thrust back. Keep in mind this took most of the movie to build this up and get to this point, and I was ready to explode and as I massaged her I finally felt her entire body tense up and shudder all over. I stopped all motions, except for holding her tightly slightly elevated in place with my three fingers imbedded .
She relaxed her tight grip on my arm. I slid my soaking wet fingers out of her, and she slid up in her chair straightening her dress, and told me she appreciated me, helping her not be afraid in the theater, got up and walked out.
She left me sitting there with a raging hard on and the front of my jeans relatively wet. Thank goodness for newer jeans. It was easy to hide the damp as I left the theater.

  • Yes, I AM Serious!

    Looking for one or more, preferably, truly sick assholes, willing to keep me in a rubber bag, permanently...easy access to mouth, ass, and cock...anything possible - apart from actual physical wounding or trauma...mental agony a definite plus...maybe sedate me once a week, and hose out the bag, or not...your decision...I'm told cum has some nutritional value, but the zippered opening over my mouth, permitting access to demanding cocks, would also accommodate hot digs and such...hydrate me with piss....the possibilities are endless, for the right person(s)...now wait for the deluge of dump this votes...oh ye of little imagination...

    I Love To Cum In Food Of Females

    I love to sneak my dick out through my zipper at dinner with my girlfriends family.. Every sunday it's me, my gf, her smoking hot sister, and her milf of a mother. The dinner table has long cloth so it enables me to tuck myself in so nobody can notices. The fact that they have no idea makes me so hard i am always excited for dinner time. I also make sure i'm the only one on one side of the table, i have a "favourite seat". Every sunday i do this and i love to edge myself slowly until exploding unto the carpet beneath us. One day will try to get a vid, they all have beautiful feet too it would be great. Sometimes i'll also help make dinner and sneak my fresh load into the food. I cant describe the feeling I get when i watch them swallow my cum..

  • My Neighbor Growing Up

    I was 12 when the new neighbors moved across the street. I went up and introduced myself and met C the wife and D the husband. They had one little one a boy 2. C was 27 and D was 25. He was gorgeous and I think probably for the first time my little pussy that was finally sprouting some hair got wet, I mean really really wet. I didn't notice as I helped them but I had soaked the crotch of my shorts. Walking back to my house I was holding my legs tight so no one could see. My older sister saw when she came into our room and I was changing. I explained about D.

    They had a pool, and my family could come over uninvited and use their pool. It was really only used by my brothers and us girls, my dad had died a year earlier and my mom I think went over a couple of times, though she and C were getting to be good friends. At 14 I had a nice body, though only A cup boobs, I was a big embarrassed that they were so small. Once I was in the pool with D and he and I were just swimming around. He stood up against the edge of the pool I bent over into the water and as I came up, the weight of the water pulled my bikini top down and he could see my tits clearly. I pulled up my top and he told me how good I looked. I told him I didn't like them because they were small. He remarked that they looked to be the same size as his wife and had the same size and color nipples as hers. He said he like that type. With that I bent over again, and with him shielding me from the view from their kitchen window I let him seem them again. Within a minute I had leaned up again the pooside and in the water he reached down and pulled my bottoms down in back to see my butt. He told me how good it looked, and asked what else I was going to show him. He said that afterall he'd see me almost totally so we might as well make it fully. With that I turned around and pulled my bottoms down below my crotch so he could see my now fully brown haired bush. He reached down and rubbed between my lips and I felt like I would faint.

    A couple weeks later, C was gone and when D and I got out of the pool, with more feeling and touching, this time I was touching him too. We went inside to change. I went into the bedroom with him and he tried to tell me to go into another room, but I wouldn't. I told him after all, I didn't have anything he'd never seen or felt before, and the same for him. We took off the wet suits and I went to him, arms around him and kissed him. I asked if I was OK for him totally naked finally with him, he told me I looked just like C, same tits, same bush on our pussies, and it was what he liked. I got to see her a few times, changing and she remarked that I should watch for D since I clearly was the type he liked.

    He got super hard and I said i wanted him. He wouldn't do it, wouldn't even let me suck him. I wanted him so badly but he said i wasn't old enough. I started pouting and he held me, gently laid me on the bed and got on his knees on the floor and begin licking me. I came three times. Then he got up and pulled me up and we dressed. I asked to do the same to him and he didn't want me to do that, I asked if I could use my hand and he said we could, but later.

    When I was 20, I went to work for D in his company. We were out in LA in a hotel. I had the room next to his. There was a terrible storm and I called to his room and begged to come over. He said he wasn't wearing any clothes and I told him I wasn't either. I was no longer a virgin but I still wanted him desperately, even though C became a really good friend. He unlocked the interlocking doors on his side, I did the same and walked in, crawled under the covers with him. That was honestly the best sex I've ever had, before and even now after. We shared each other for two years before I moved on to another job.

    I am now 47, have three kids of my own, married for the last 19 years. I've grown fat, my husband is fat, and my mom moved in with us. On her birthday C and D came over to the house. He still looks incredible, and now I'm just a fat old mom. But I have the memories of the two years of incredibly great sex to remember. Before he left, I got him aside and thanked him. He returned the thanks.

    Mrs R

    My best friends mom has always been a big flirt. It seemed to have picked up after I turned 18. She is a small woman short mayb 5 foot tall curvy fake blond with decent sized boobs. Her husband my buddies dad is an overweight Mexican dude that drinks a lot. I was always over there and she is a touchy feely kind of person. Always talked to you with her hands on your arm or shoulder just always touching me.
    We graduated and this fall my buddy went away to school. I would still come over to see Mrs R as she asked if I could stop in so she would not be lonely. With my buddy gone it would just be her and her husband and most of the time in the evening after work he was sloshed. I came over the day after my friend left for school and that day I decided to touch her back. We were talking and she had her hand on my arm. As we were talking she said she was sad because of her son leaving for school. I gave her a hug and as I did I made sure to grab on to her cheeks and squeeze away. She did not stop me and our hug lingered. I was rock hard and her hand wondered down and she proceeded to rub it through my pants. Her husband was past out on the couch and we where in the kitchen.
    She dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth right on the spot. She must have sucked for 30 seconds before I blew my load. She swallowed as much as she could and cleaned me dry. She said that now that I had blown a load I would last longer. She took me by the hand and led me to the garage where there was a couch. She undressed and laid down on the couch and had me lick her pussy and ass for a while. She sat me down after a while and sat on my dick. I could not believe how tight she was. She mentioned a few times how much bigger I was then her husband and by the noises she was making I could tell she was not lying. She got hit with an orgasm and she shook uncontrollably for a moment. I never stopped pushing in and out of her and all she said was god I love you. We fucked for a while and had me put it in her butt. It looked like I was going to rip her in half. She let me put it all the way in I had her impaled on my dick. When we where done we walked in to the house and her husband was till past out. I got hard again and ended up fucking her holes 1 more time. This time I did her in her bed. The first time I fucked her was mid August. I know go over every day and we fuck. She will sometimes come by work at noon and ride me in her car on my lunch. Some Friday’s we go out for dinner just her and I. She says that her husband has a really bad drinking problem and is in very poor health. I don’t mind because I’m using her holes and treat her as my wife. Her husband never says anything she just keeps the booze stocked up at there house for him. One Friday after dinner when we got back he was past out on the couch and I did her as she was bent over the couch. She says that I have taken over husband duties and have I ever. I have fucked more the last few months then I ever did while i was in school.

  • Getting Up From My Blues

    When I was approaching sixty, I hit a real low.......I was very sad......i had no children.....not many friends or relationships.......things were very rough for me.... I was living in a fifty five and over community ,but then one day I got the idea to sell at the flea market....I took a few classes in earthen ware pottery..it gave me a new purpose.....I'd go out sometimes with a friend and look for items to sell....it was great going out and selling at the flea markets.......I started to get in shape again.... things started looking up...... a nice would be boy friend sent me several pairs of clogs and a few pair of ankle sox to wear...... I wore it a few times around the house.......Things were going well so I rented a little shop not far from the beach for my business,,,,I got it fixed up to be very special.......The shop carried a nice line of scented candles,beautiful blouses and sweaters and a few skirts and dresses for my ladies ,,,,,,I got a coffee urn and carried a few tasty paistries and cakes for my customers...we had some wonderful art books and novels for my guys...... I put out a little bench outside the store with a table of free books to add to the ambiance......I hired a wonderfull young lady to help me manage the shop.She was a g*fted painter and she and I painted some T Shirts with sceans of the beach and ocean in shades of blue and purple.......I even painted a few dozen pairs of white panties in several designs......we had a blue robin egg design......and a nice violet and amber paisly design........ One day I modeled a pair of the robin egg painties for the clients and they really loved it.......We sold a few pair......I wouldn't ask my assistant Evelyn to wear them.....that wouldn.t be fair to ask of her,,,,,,and I thought that if i wore them to model them it wouldn't be so suggestive or as I was a woman of an older age.......I have to admit,,,,when I first moddled the panties I was very nervouse.....as I had never done so.....I am a little nerdy but attractive....I keep my blond hair short now to manage better,Iwith nice blue eyes and Granny glasses ......so I moddled my Blue Robin Egg panties with a fashionable waist length dark blue button down sweater with a belt....and my brown hi heel clogs and my white ankle socks.....I was feeling nervouse as my big fleshy legs and big ass were fully on display.......I have a few birthmarks on my legs that I am a little self conscious of but I wanted to sell my line successfully......At first i kept trying to pull my sweater down to cover my panties and didn't know what to do with my hands I kept on protectively touching my legs...... but my ladies were very nice to me...... they made me feel very comfortable.....they bought a few pair......later on in the day there were a few wonderful men that asked me about the panties as well......We served many cups of coffee and slices cake on the house for them......they were so nice to me i couldnt treat them well enough......I was really getting into wearing the panties in the store.....it made me feel very hot and bothered.......A few times I wore a pair of chunky black hi heeled Mary janes with my ankle sox and panties,,,,,,,I was getting good at concealing my arousal of my exposed legs and tightly covered ass and vagina.......sometimes I noticed a few curls of my blond bush escaped my panties......could be I was eating a little too much cake and coffee...... I pretended not to notice as it would have been uncomfortable to rearrange my bush back in my panties.I didnt want to draw attention to it.......so .I chatted with my guests while my bush a was exposed,,,,,, this excited me me some what,,,,,often Evelyn my student saw that my face was flushed....so she brought me a few facial tissues.....More than once i was chatting with a man who decided to buy a dozen pair of panties for his wife on the but he asked me to I sell him the pair I was wearing.......I was happy to take off my panties and wrapped it up for him......I felt very sexy I gave him a wink and wiggeled my hips for him a few times...... we established a connection, we bonded...after I wrapped up his order We had a cup of coffee together I had Evelyn pack him a little box of cake...i offered to help him flag down a taxi....but he declined ...he didnt want me to go out in my exposed state....I thanked him...but I told him that the people around here know me for what I am....( meaning ,an exhibitionist,,,,which was left unsaid)I gave him a little wink and a hug....don't worry I'm happy now I told him...After we closed the store I put on a pair of slacks and went to Murray the grocer I bought some vegetables and Salmon steaks to bring home to mama.....I always love talking to Murray he is so funny......I"ve gone to him in my sweater and panties outfiton occasion to get him interested.... We look out for each other,,,if it dosnt work out between us ...perhaps I can find him a date or he can find me one:)

    I Love Sucking Cock

    I love making a guy come in my mouth I would blow someone every day if I had the chance my dick gets so hard just thinking of someone coming in my mouth I never had a guy fuck my ass but I want to feel someone come in my ass now I’m horny so time to jerk off and eat my come it always taste so good

    We Are Just Looking For The 'right' Genes To Get Us Pregnant

    I have a friend, a work friend. She is obsessed with the 'right man'. To her it is all about the gene pool, and selecting the best of the best to impregnate her. Frankly that was never on my mind, to me it is compatibility, a friend. If he's short or tall, or smart or not so smart, never entered my mind.

    But since I have been around her, now when I meet a man, go out, I'm questioning whether he is mating material. You wouldn't let a street mutt into your backyard when your pure bred is in heat.

    The problem, hers and mine, is that where we work there is such a thing as good genes, but they are all on seventeen. The street mutts all work with us. Reluctantly I've come over to her side, if I'm going to get 'bred' it better be by a worthy sperm donor and not a worthless never mind. We know that all the good genes are married, and why would those genes come down here for us? Are we the 'good genes' they are looking for when it comes to breeding, a couple of hard workers n the bottling plant?

    If we take the last two years, since we've returned to work, they don't come down here, looking and searching for worthy female. They have all that and more with the wives they find at good schools, bred to breed the best DNA.

    We don't necessarily have to get married, their genes is enough. It's not like our kind doesn't walk around pregnant from a 'lucky' night with a nobody they met in a bar. We are developing our tactics, to get to know them and show them that we are available for 'good time', the price of admission is to make their deposit, we will take it from there. We are not their usual mate, but men have spread their genes before. So here we are, hard up because we can't find the 'right guy', and the right guy is all around us, he just doesn't know we are waiting.

    Always Been Curious

    I was heading back from London and went to the head before getting on the flight. There was a glory hole id never seen on in person. Obviously myths and so on but never seen it. It had duct tape to protect your member and so on. I’d not gotten any and a long while. Seeing the hole actually gave me an erection and I stuck it in without much thought.
    “Oo big boy” said a falsetto
    Then warm wetness engulfed me I was so happy.
    “You can fuck me if you want I’ll put a condom on this big cock and slide you into me”… I knew they were talking me up I’m not a monster or anything.
    “Please… please do that…. Ppplleeeasee let me fuck you?” I fucking begged if never heard that kinda noise come out of me and before I knew it I felt a condom roll on and a few jerks spreading lube onto my cock and I felt a hole stretch around my cock. It was so warm and tight. I was gasping begging myself not to but. I didn’t want it to end. The falsetto moaning and begging me to fuck them harder got more extreme and unbearable I came what felt like gallons. My balls actually ached from the draining.
    They said I was a good boy and that I’d made them cum.
    First anonymous sex. Yea I know it was a bio dude but fuck I’d do it again in a heart beat maybe I’m a curious? No idea. Slept like a baby on the flight.

  • The Unexpected Sadist

    "I would DO that to you...really!" said the runt, all 125 lbs of him, his oversized glasses giving him an owlish appearance. "That surprise you?" I said politely "No not really..." but he knew I was lying. "Why is it so hard to believe? Do sexual sadists have a certain...appearance? I know I'm small and harmless looking, but it doesn't take much physical strength to keep you in your rubber bondage-bag...just the determination to actually DO it! I ought to warn you though...under my nerd-like body, lurks a true monster! I want it clearly understood though, that this IS a permanent arrangement...that you will never again see the light of day, and your mouth will always be full of either rubber cock, or the real thing...there is nothing I will ever need to hear from you, other than a muffled 'mmmmmmmmfff' sound as you try to beg me for mercy.
    That is a concept that I do not subscribe to, so let's be clear about that! You say you want 'permanent' - I'm offering you exactly that! So where's the problem? Too rich for you, suddenly? Not as crazy as you thought you were, now that you've found someone who IS that crazy? i'll be extremely disappointed if you back out...and I'm counting on your life-time of addiction to get us past that...so, there's the bag, you just have to get into it, and then it will be too late to stop me securing it, and making escape utterly impossible, which was what you kept boring everyone with, for what, a year now? Whining about where all the sexual sadists have gone...and complaining that you can't find anyone willing to make your confinement permanent!

    Well, now you have me, and that's exactly what I intend to do with you, as me and my many 'friends' use you as a cum-dump, and wank you to insanity, without ever allowing you to cum...what's not to love about that? We will move into this nice house of yours, and live in luxury, for as long as we can keep you alive...sanity optional - that won't affect your ability to pleasure us, constantly...we'll sedate you every week or two, wash out the bag, and you, then put you back in it, and you won't even be aware you ever got out! So, what are waiting for?"