What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

Wife's Cheating Turned Me Sissy

My wife and I had been married for 4 years before she started having an affair with a coworker. She admitted it when I pointed out sex stains on our bed, after returning home from staying at a friend's for the night. The affair lasted at least 2 more years, and she would lie about it continuously unless I caught her, which I did several times.

This emotionally crushing scenario steered me towards a fetish with cuckold porn. Long story short, cuckold porn eventually led to an obsession with sissy porn. Sissy porn evolved into an interest in trying that lifestyle. I became hyperfixated on sex, but my wife stopped having sex with me entirely, except on very rare occasions. We've had sex probably less than once a year for the last 7 years.

Sissy porn encouraged me to try becoming a sissy. I began wearing my wife's underwear, until I got the courage to buy my own. Not long after trying that for the first time, I started only wearing women's underwear. I branched out into lingerie and trying makeup while at home. I obsessed about the idea of trying sex with a man while dressed as a woman. This was especially difficult for me because I don't find men attractive - just their penises. After a couple years of chickening out, one night I got drunk and posted a personal ad on a hookup site. I snuck out of my house and sucked and swallowed two cocks in the front of their cars, parked down the street of my house. I went from one car to the other. I made sure to show them my ass in that thong. This was the most exhilarating sexual experience of my life to that point.

I remained very hesitant with sexual encounters over the next few years, but continued obsessing over sissy porn and becoming more feminine. I decided to no longer allow myself to masturbate to completion. I edged constantly, and only came from using one of my dildos. This is now the only way I allow myself to finish.

About a year ago, I finally cracked, as a result of our marriage worsening further, and began finding sex partners almost constantly. I've lost count, but I've gone down on at least 100 new cocks in the last year, and many of them much more than once. I let about 20 fuck me. About 4 months into this new sexual extravaganza, I contacted therapists about transitioning to be a trans female. It took some time, but a few months back, I finally started HRT, and I'm already seeing some changes, particularly to my breasts and nipples. My wife decided she wanted a divorce, prior to me starting HRT, but we did have sex one time since then. Due to my constant edging, I couldn't perform and I came almost immediately after inserting my cock into her. I then licked her clit until she finished. After she fell asleep that night, I snuck out to suck someone's cock too.

I somehow managed to keep my feminization a secret from her, and she still is unaware of my ongoing transition. I'm officially moving out this summer and can't wait to see what I get myself into.

In the last few months, I've heavily dieted, so I am fairly petite now, I shave my body, and I've gotten confident to the point that I sometimes go out dressed as a woman and flirt and hook up with men.

To put a bow on this, I am still amazed by how much my life has changed over the last 7-8 years, all stemming from discovering a cum stain on the sheets of my marital bed, that I knew wasn't from me.

  • Old Man Obsession

    My father died when I was young and I was severely physically abused by my mother when I was young. Throughout my whole life I've always hooked up with older woman. Now that I'm in my 30s im finding myself attracted to ever older woman 60s & 70s and also old men. I am constantly fantasizing about what it would be like to get on my knees for a fat disgusting slob. I like the thought of shock and horror on my mother's face if she saw me pleasing really repulsive men older than she is. I've started to download Grindr multiple times a day to look at everyone's profiles and exchange photos. Never the face, but when a 65 year old guy sends me a naughty picture and asks me to come over I feel my knees shake. IDK what's wrong with me.


    I am straight but had a strong desire to suck a cock and it happened. There is this park nearby where men go to have sex. I walked through this park daily but never saw anything until one day I heard someone moaning, I went to investigate, as I got to the top of the hill down below was a naked guy masturbating. I laid there watching him, my cock got hard as I watched, I was breathing heavy and I became excited. The blew his load and I left. When I got home I started thinking about his cock and yes I got hard, so I masturbated fantasizing about his cock. The desire only got stronger, I even tasted my own cum. I started to suck on a zucchini just before cumin. I went back to the park and went where it was secluded, so I took off my clothes and masturbated hoping that I would meet that person for a session. I laid down and beat off when suddenly I heard someone walking towards me. It wasn't the guy but a different one. He said hello and if I wanted company. I just looked at him and nodded, He took off his clothes as his cock stood at attention, I continued to masturbate watching his cock. It was cut about 5 inches and sexy. He noticed that I was interested in his cock and walked up to me as I sat up. He masturbated in my face rubbing his precum on my lips. He knew that I wanted to suck his cock badly so he toyed with me some more. He told me that I was a cock lover, so I told him that I never sucked one before, he smiled as he said a virgin.
    Then he laid down beside me and played with my cock, play with mine if you want before you suck it. I felt embarrassed as he knew that I wanted to suck his cock badly. He stood up and told me to get on my knees, so I did. He got close to me as he held my head and put his cock on my lips, I was so excited and couldn't wait to have it in my mouth. He pushed it hard and I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his head, he pushed further as I gaged and choked. I pulled back just to have his head which I sucked with passion. Once we got acquainted he fucked my mouth as I sensually sucked it. Man Having his cock on my tongue and licking his frenulum and slit, he moaned like a wild coyote as I sucked him. Then he held my head as he blew his load, at first I wanted off but eventually I enjoyed his cream and cock.
    He laid down breathing heavy, as I masturbated beside him, I didn't last long as I blew my load as well. He looked at me smiled from now your name is COCK LOVER, are you sure that you were a virgin. Not after sucking your cock I'm not, I'll be back if you're interested. Don't worry you're my COCK LOVER. We got dressed and left.

    I sucked my first cock with pleasure what a delight it was.

  • WTF Happened

    WTF happened to all the sexual sadists? Any gender, weight, appearance, or race...been trying to find one or more to keep me confined in my rubber bondage-bag, as near permanently as practicable...okay it'll take a little thought, planning, and work, but then they have permanent blow-jobs, or clit sucking, plus a genuine eight inch cock to use and abuse...surely there's one or more sick b-stards out there that would LOVE to have absolute power, and total control over a willing sex-slave...?


    I live in England . Since i was 10 . I have been obsessed with panties . If young girls or women are wearing short skirts or dresses . I hope to get a look at their panties . I don't like thongs or lace panties . I like full ones , white if possible . It all started when i was 10 and at school . My school was mixed , boys and girls . I sat next to girls . The girls had to wear their school uniform . In the warmer weather . A light cotton dress , and school uniform panties . These were white panties . They were loose and baggy . In the breaks , the girls did handstands against a wall . To see who could stay up in that position . Longest . Their dress would fall down over their face . Exposing their panties , and their stomach . They mostly had their feet apart , to steady them . Their panties leg holes were loose . Always falling to one side . Exposing their pussy . I stood watching them . Even when they were older . Thy still wore the same type of panties . If i could get my hand up their dress . It was easy to get it up the leg of their panties for a feel . Only yesterday . I was sitting outside a large supermarket . It is on the way home for 2 mixed schools . Of 11 to 18 years old pupils . I always wear dark tinted , polaroid sunglasses for driving . I sat in the car . With the window open . Watching the girls , they were all wearing school uniform skirts . Very short skirts . Hoping to see some panties . Imagining what was under their skirts .

  • Revenge On Drone Users

    So I was just visiting a national park, where drones are illegal, and heard a loud buzzing in a public area. It wasn't long before I came across a group of four, a man and 3 women, all in their early 20's, who were just landing it on their picnic table. I asked I they had permission to fly it, and they said they didn't need any, because the area wasn't listed as being in a no-fly zone. I said that didn't matter; drone are illegal in all national parks unless there is a specific authorization for it. One woman said they wouldn't do it again, but all four acted put-upon, like I was the one harassing them. I first took pictures, then started recording them, and the man said he "didn't appreciate" this. I told him I didn't appreciate the drone, or his failure to apologize, but they kept escalating the confrontation by saying that they were only flying it for 10 seconds (no, it was 2-3 minutes), that I could only have heard it when I approached them (no, I heard it in a viewing area over 100 feet away at first), that I was stalking them (no, I just came across them), and that my issue wasn't over their illegal action but about my pride (no, it was their pride which prevented them from acknowledging their error). Only the one woman came close to apologizing, the rest kept insisting that they did nothing wrong.

    I later went to a ranger and said what had happened, and she didn't want to see the picture, just said if they did it again to let them know. Which I just did; so they didn't seem to be taking this rule very seriously.

    More bothersome than the original drone flying was their constant denials and attempts to reverse the blame, like I was in the wrong. They kept saying they did nothing wrong.

    But later while wildlife watching near my parking lot, I saw them go back to their car, get something out of it, and then leave again. They didn't see me, and there weren't many people around, so I waited about 10 more minutes, then walked to my car and wrote on a piece of paper I had lying around "I don't think I did anything wrong either." Then I took my Ryobi nailgun out of my trunk and quickly punched a hole in their tire, while putting the note on the windshield, before driving off.

    Petty? Maybe. A Larry David move, doubtless. But they asked for it. If they think it's ok for a person to do something that harms others as long as the person doesn't think it is wrong, then in their book, too, my move was ok. I won't do it again.

    And I trust that after repairing a $200 tire they won't fly drones in national parks again, or try to turn the tables on someone who called them out for illegal, and annoying, activity.

    From Skinny To Solid And A Man Who Wants Me

    After college I was too skinny, no tits and bony hips. I wanted a more womanly look. For tits I was stuck unless I got a boob job. The doctor told me to get some meat on the bone before the boob job. I signed up for a trainer nutritionist to fatten me up.

    The gym workouts turned any fat to muscle, I gained 10 pounds, then twenty. After a year I had gained twenty five pounds and kept it. Solid is what I looked like, thighs and tooshie, arms too. My boobs looked nice, small but nice. Ten more pounds to go, my goal was 145.

    With meaty hips, and a solid chest I looked more and more like a woman instead of a skinny kid. I liked myself in the mirror. I started working out naked, I loved my body in the mirror. That's when I met 'her', a physical trainer. She promised to shape me. I started taking supplements she recommended. I got a nasty cramps, that took a lot of massage to work out.

    My boss told me it was the supplement, and by the way I didn't look fuckable. The supplements were primarily testosterone, and I was getting manly.

    I'm now a nice 135, I never got the boob job, I'm fully fuckable to my boss which makes me happy. I never dreamt being the girlfriend of a man like him. I do go to the gym for maintenance, but not to 'work out'. I like how I look when I'm naked, I like how my man looks at me when I'm naked.

    Married Men And Women

    About an hour ago I got back from a married mother of two kids.
    Her husband was out playing golf and the kids were being looked after by the grandparents at their house.
    So I popped round and fucked the shit out of the ever horny housewife, who just loves my long hard cock.
    We licked, sucked and fucked for over an hour, anal too, before she had to go and pick her kids up.
    I left her with a mouth and arsehole full of cum before driving back home.

    She's one of two married women and one married guy I'm now fucking, but she's the only one I'll fuck bareback (At the moment).
    The married man wants me to spunk up his arsehole, as I have plenty of times in his mouth, but he's not tested as of yet, so I play safe with him for now.

    The other married woman is someone who's husband knows I'm fucking her. Indeed he watches and records us fucking on his phone. He doesn't join in, but wants his tiny cock as I screw his wife.

    You'd be surprised by just how many married people are cheating on their spouses. So enjoying both sexes, I have more than my fair share to fuck.
    Last year I went through a phase of only fucking older people. Mostly in their forties and fifties, although I did fuck a married woman in her early sixties.

    She was a fantastic fuck, but her husband found out and it got a bit nasty for a while. What's crazy, is I recently found his profile on a gay hookup site. Maybe I should contact him and ask if he'd like a good fucking.

    There is one married woman I'd love to fuck. She's the wife of a local politician and extremely attractive.
    She and I have flirted a lot recently and she's always giving me sordid sexual innuendos. I think in the coming weeks I'm going to see if she'd like me to stick my large dick in her holes.

    I seem to be obsessed with married people for some reason. Maybe it's because I know they're already wedded and I feel free from any future obligations.

    Should I Or Not

    i have been obsessing about what makes me so interested in cocks1 I know if it were possible, to suck my own cock, I would do it! without question, but seeing as I can"t , and believe me when i say, i have tried! but I always fall about an inch and a half from achieving it, which is where my obession comes in, what would it really feel like, having a cock in my mouth! I have masterbated and tasted my cum, which i found to be quite tasty . so my question is, should i allow myself to l et this obession push me to the next logical step, and try sucking some one elses cock !

  • I Get So Much Pleasure With My Husbands Girlfriend

    Back in 2016 my husband's office girl had a baby by him. At the time I agreed to accept the baby and not make waves. Over these last eight years she has had another two babies and is pregnant again.

    What I can't get straight in my mind is why I want her to be pregnant by him. I am the one that has convinced her to have second family for him. I make arrangements for money and other things she needs, including a house in a nice neighborhood and schools. When he kisses her on the mouth I get that feeling in my clit, I've rubbed my clit several times while he kisses her and hugs her. And he kisses her a lot.

    I masturbate often and she is always in my mind. I've seen her naked many times. I have never seen her naked with him, I can only see them kiss in the kitchen or the living room.

    I lay in bed many nights wanting her with us. I know I have an obsession with her, she is now thirty one and she is hotter today than she was when we first met her. She is all woman, if I was a lesbian I would definitely pick her over any other woman I know.