What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

Never Enough

Have been enjoying my delicious wife's sweet pussy and tight little rosebud with my fingers and tongue for several months now thanks to isolating for covid safety.
Have always loved eating pussy since I was a teenager and had my first helping.
So delicious to slip my tongue into that soft set of lips and fill my mouth with a woman's arousal.
At the risk of turning some folks off, I will admit I have even done the deed when her monthly is very light.
The real cause of this confession though is the back door. Gently kneading her sweet cheeks and spreading her open to reveal her most secret place. Gently kissing all around and squeezing her cheeks, slowly working into her crack with my lips and tongue. When I'm about to burst I'll tell her I'm gonna french kiss her and want her to kiss back.
She was originally very, very scared and sensitive back there, afraid it was a mistake and I'd be put off. Boy was she ever mistaken!
These days I will get her up and open and happily push my tongue as far up her arse as I possibly can, kissing and sucking her backside. Have loved her taste from the very first and makes me dick throb and drip. Have got as far as using a very lubed finger and a tiny little tapered toy in her arse. Have not been able to fit my fat veiny member in there but to be honest, I'm more interested in kissing and tasting her dirty little hole.
The pussy is always a great wet fit and a fine little fuck, but my tongue loves getting dirty.
Cannot wait for the summer when she will be even muskier. LOL

  • The Handyman

    I have lived in this older semi industrial neighborhood of the city all my life and I know everyone .I am an accountant for a medium size company nearby so I do not have to commute. My long term relationship with a local girl ended just before the pandemic and I am a 28 yr old tall, lean single guy.

    My house is an older small semi detached house that always needs lots of work I am not very handy so have had various contractors in to fix stuff and renovate .I was tired of paying top rates for mediocre jobs. There is a very handy older guy who does odd jobs around the neighborhood and can fix almost anything .He was great at plumbing too so during the pandemic I wondered about hiring him .I was hesitant because this guy appears to have a huge crush on me and has told me I am very handsome lots of times in casual conversation .He is short, stocky, balding with a bit of a beer belly and around 58 or so.

    Finally in April I decided to call him in as I felt I could deal with any crush and redirect him back to work. I had lots of work for him to do and would pay him decently. He was excited to start working and began coming over every day. Since I could work from home this was no problem .He worked well and was soon fixing tons of stuff and replacing pipes .I was pleased at his efficiency .He was eager to chat during breaks and we smoked cigarettes as we discussed the work. He was staring at me intently and glancing at my crotch .I was embarrassed about it but did not know what to say. I realized he was probably sexually obsessed with me .One Saturday about 2 weeks in he worked especially hard and completed the biggest job .It was early evening so I rewarded him with take out pizza and some beers .Bill was appreciative and I noticed was moving closer and closer to me when we were talking. At one point he pulled me close with his strong arms and pressed hard against me so I could feel his hard bulge .Instead of resisting I felt myself become passive surrendering to him. His desire for me appeared too strong to fight off anymore .He kissed my mouth hard and pulled me down on the living room carpet. He took his clothes off as I lay there on the thick carpet. His fat thick stubby cut cock was sticking in the air hard. He then took my clothes off and I noticed my own slimmer cock was stiffening. He started caressing my cock and kissing me wetly on the floor .I became more and more aroused and kissed his full lips back. As we frenched he masturbated my cock. He made me shoot a big load all over my stomach .He pointed at his cock and said I like mine sucked .I had never sucked a cock but did not feel I could resist him at this point. I went down his body and still had my cum on my belly. I guided that fat cock into my mouth and found I enjoyed kissing the head then engulfing as much of it as I could. As I sucked him steady my own cock stiffened again. I loved sucking his fat cock and when he shot his load I gulped it down greedily enjoying the salty taste of it. After I had my orgasm he suggested we lie down in bed so we did. He told me how much he wanted me for years and now he has had me sexually he wants me all the time. This made me feel a strange glow inside to be so desired by him and realized I could get used to this and become his sexually .He lit us a cigarette which we shared as I thought about what he said. We slept together in bed. Bill got horny in the middle of the night and found some vaseline to lube up my asshole with .At this point further resistance was futile and I realized he was going to fuck my ass .I was afraid of it hurting but he reassured me by saying it is gonna hurt at first but once you get used to it you will love it. He fucked me from behind like a dog and it did hurt a lot .Bill filled my asshole with his wet sperm.

    Over the next few months Bill was proven right .Now when he fucks me I beg him for his fat juicy cock and all I feel is pleasure when his cock goes in my ass deep until it blows cum in me .He finished all the jobs now pops by all the time to sleep over fuck me or be sucked by me .I crave him now and need his fat cock inside me. His obsession for me is now mutual love and desire between us .He is my strong sexy older boyfriend and I cannot get enough.

    I Paid For Pleasure And I Will Get Me Moneys Worth

    Waitress told me money is tight, no customers and those who are don't tip like before.

    "Maybe I start selling sex" laughed and walked away.

    I ask how much would this sex cost and what would I get. She wanted to blow me for $50, but I wanted to penetrate her. She said sucking and I could finish having sex inside her. $75

    I met her at her apartment, it was cleaner than hospital operating room. Everything in place. She was showered with make up, her hair fixed up,
    wearing a robe with sexy night gown under the robe.

    This was not like a bang and go, she was giving me boyfriend treatment. Took me
    to her room, we kissed she took the robe off, did a little dance for me, then started sucking my cock. I finger her and she tells me her vagina is sore, hurts
    so be easy with me fingers, they are rough.

    We got to the point of sex, she laid on her back legs open and I tried to get it in her. She said it hurt if I put too much in. Just put part of it in her. I did went slow and she came. Pussy was wet and now i wanted mine, but she said it hurts. I told her that I paid for sex, I needed to get mine or this would take

    all night. She said go ahead, I got mine the way I wanted and that was cock buried in her and letting my cock soak in her after i came. She wanted me off and out of her, She went and washed, came back complaining of soreness.

    She told me that's not enough money for that kind of pain. I ask if she could take it in her ass, She did not know, never tried. Told her I would pay again if she would try. She said ok but if it hurts that bad she would just blow me.

    I said no, if it hurts, you take it till I finish. I get what I paid for. She agreed. We used baby oil for lube, I say her ass took it better than the vagina. Got cum and
    little shit on her bed. She was upset about that.

  • Practically Naked In Public

    I secretly love the cold weather because I have a kink where I shop wearing a long coat with nothing beneath.

    All I need is a my coat, heels, purse, face mask, and occasionally a butt plug lol, and I’m off.

    I was in Target today naked as a newborn under the thin trench coat. It feels so sexy as my hard nipples brush against the fabric as my tits sway freely. I can feel the air on my wet pussy.

    If there’s a male cashier, esp a young one, Ill open up my coat a bit. Not enough to see my nipples but enough that he can be sure there is nothing under the coat but some naked horny wife.

    I want to show them my pussy but I’m nervous of cameras. Someday I’ll build up the courage to unbutton the coat and ask an employee to look at my pussy. How will they react? My guess is be shy and awkward as many young men are in the face of a confident woman. I kind of enjoy the power.

    Excuse me sir, can you take a look at my pussy?

    Ill rub my naked breasts and twist my erect nipples. Then close my jacket, tie the belt and walk out. He will probably grab a coworker and follow me out the door. Maybe I could casually put one heel up on a bench or the car and slide the silver buttplug out my ass as they look on.

    Fuck now im horny again. I wonder if there are any more errands I need to do?

    Picky, Picky

    My wife wants another man in our sex-life, but not just any man! He must be educated, interested in history, and happy to have her delegate my 'torture' to him, under her casual supervision. She offers my unconditional, unquestioning obedience, while kept in bondage, to his every need and whim, hopefully, in her eyes, my helpless compliance to being fucked at both ends, and driven nearly insane with endless orgasm-denial. She's not terribly interested in sex for herself, but would enjoy watching me being endlessly abused and subjected to ever- more imaginative bondage, involving sensory-deprivation, erotic asphyxia, and long spells of total isolation, in a small sound-proof closet, with a strong door and locks, to fantasize about the next 'torture' session.
    I'm pretty sure she'll find someone to fit her specifications, sooner or later. Not sure if it scares me or arouses me, probably both...

  • Got A Little Tail

    Wife has the cutest little round bum and obsessed is the only way to describe my thoughts about her. Love giving her sexy panties and tights that show her arse off.

    Never miss a chance to steal a feel or a bit of a handful.

    So this morning after breakfast and some snogging on the couch I had her panties off and her legs over my shoulders.

    I started to kiss and lick on her toes which always gets us both real turned on. Gently rubbed just one finger in her soft, bare pussy.

    She's fully shaved all over and smooth as a baby. Her quim was all pink and shiny with her nectar and I made sure to lick and suck her good.

    I took a slim little bead toy she's got and slipped it up her bum while fingering her, then went back to sucking her tiny toes.

    After awhile I was desperate for her little bud and hoped the toy would open her up and put her in the same state of mind.

    I got her up on her knees facing away with her arms on the back rest and her beautiful bum right there in my face.

    Slowly and gently pulled the toy out bit by bit, making sure not to hurt her.

    Finally I kissed all around her arse, her sweet cheeks and crack.

    Put a good few kisses right on her tight little hole, then started to lick gently until I really couldn't help it and pushed my tongue into her bum as far as I could. The toy had loosened her just a little and there was a slight bitter taste that near made me wild. I had stowed the toy beneath the couch and determined to check it later.

    I really did cut short my tongue fucking rimjob because I want to get her to like it little by little and not make her too skittish. Let her lie back down for some more good pussy licking and gave her a nice climax with my tongue and fingers.

    Later I retrieved the toy and saw it was just a little shiny with the lube and just a little dirty from being up her bum. I didn't hesitate but licked it and sucked it like a piece of candy, tasting the last bit of her assjuice.

    My prick was hard and throbbing in my shorts and just a few strokes had me cumming on the toy and a pair of her panties I'd nabbed from the laundry bag.

    It was a fun experience but has not sated my obsession whatsoever.

    I want to really get my tongue deep and dirty up her bum.

    I confess this is an awful filthy obsession but its the honest truth and forgive me but I want it more than ever.

    My Obsession

    I always thought of myself as being a happily married wife and mother of 2. Ive been married to my husband for almost 20 years and have never even looked at another man with lustful intent but, recently I cant help but notice my nephew is developing into a very handsome young man. He's my husband's brother's son so not a blood relative of mine....i say that to try to convince myself that what I did is not so bad.

    My husbands work sometimes takes him overseas for anything from a few days to more than a month and so our nephew sometimes comes round to mow the lawn or tidy the garden when my husband is away to help us out and earn some pocket money on the side.

    This last year he has really developed some muscles, sprouted a little facial hair and become quite a handsome boy.

    Ok I should cut to the chase.

    Recently after mowing the lawn he asked if he could take a shower and get changed because he was meeting some friends afterwards. I said sure.
    I assumed he'd use the main family bathroom, but he actually used the one that is the ensuite to my and hubby's bedroom.

    I had gone into my room to change and had slipped out of everything except my bra and panties and headed for the bathroom.

    I dont know who was more surprised when i unwittingly walked in on him. He had showered and had dried off and had put the towel down and picked up his underwear when i barged in.

    We both stopped what we were doing and stared bug eyed at one another. His eyes seemed to be fixed on my breasts and i couldn't take my eyes from his penis which went from large but soft, to massive and hard in seconds.

    We both got embarrassed, him more than me as he tried to hide his erection with his boxer shorts.

    I should have apologized and turned and walked out but instead i moved toward him telling him not to be shy and how much i liked what i saw and i knew that he also liked whst he saw. I was now right in front of him. He was still staring at my boobs. I reached behind and undid my bra letting it fall to the floor. My nipples were erect. I wanted him to touch me but he just stood there. I reached out and took his hand and placed it on my breast.

    He went bright red but didnt move. I took his other hand and put it on my other breast. He dropped his boxers and now i could see his cock clearly. He was far bigger and thicker than my husband and i reached out and held it. Pulling him toward me i kissed him and he immediately ejaculated over my hand and my belly and legs.

    He stammered an apology. I told him not to worry and cleaned myself and him off on his discarded towel. Took him into the bedroom and sat him on the bed and kissed him again. This time he kissed me back. And we spent the afternoon on the bed exploring one another.

    We didn't have penetration but did pretty much everything else, helping one another orgasm several times.

    I can't wait for the next time he calls to mow the lawn.

    Step Daughter

    My Partners daughter lives with us and she is so beautiful and sexy with amazing breasts. She is 32 and I have been fantasising about her for a long time. I've started masterbating with her panties which I think she knows but as said nothing. She leaves them in bathroom and they are always on top of washing. She always wears tops with most of her breasts on show too. I don't have sex because her mother is not well anymore. I would love to strip her naked and make love with her.

    Advise Please

    I'm mwm and have a most wonderful wife. We have great sex life and are extremely compatible. Both are very excited with oral pleasures both giving and receiving same.
    I have particularly found I'm loving the rimming of her wonderful anus. This is not news to me since I first did this many years ago as a teen with my first girl partners learning and trying different positions and so on.
    Have done it with many women and many have been surprised but then gone wild for it.
    So now with the quarantine and being together constantly we have been having more sex play than before and I am craving to spend long time with her face down and ass up being kissed and licked in her butt. Have sometimes made her climax with regular intercouse but the surest way is by oral using my tongue on her clit. Pleases us both very much.
    Now I'm obsessed with her backside and orally making love to her little hole.
    Wife allows such and once passed the initial surprise is now accepting of this proclivity of mine.
    My only regret is she has been conditioned by many years of strict religious upbringing that this is a sinful perversion and makes her recoil somewhat fearfully. I am yearning to have her and want her to enjoy as much as myself or even more.
    I know many former lovers were over the moon with pleasure from this act but have very much limited and restricted my self from doing so in order to not make my wife uncomfortable.
    In the nutshell I'm asking here for advise to how to proceed and make her enjoy being object of my lustful craving.
    I would delight in getting the female perspective and advise on how to proceed.
    Please ladies or gents with experience share your thoughts?

  • Careful What You Wish For

    Obsessed with being confined in rubber, and made to suck cock endlessly, with multiple "partners" - many years of addiction starting at age thirteen, have resulted in this obsession, which I am lucky enough to fulfil pretty regularly...Truly needy males have no problem with the rubber, as long as they get what they need, as often and as long as they want- some even enjoy the absolute power and total control, they automatically get. Keep hoping for a permanent arrangement, for the rest of my life...