What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

My Class

I'm a math teacher at a high school and majority of the job is fine, but I have this senior class that has 5 really sexy girls. I hate to admit it, but I would love to bend them over my table and fuck their wet little c**ts. I don't want to risk it, since I don't wanna lose my job but the thought of them staying after class and sucking my cock until I cum gets mr turned on every time.
Maybe after they graduate I can fuck them, I hope so.

  • Obsessed Since Having A Dream. Part 2

    If you've read part one of my obsession, you'll know that since dreaming about my good friend fucking my wife....and me sucking his cock in my dream...I had become obsessed thinking about his cock and wanting to suck him.
    This is about how I made it happen.
    I invited my friend around when my wife was out.
    I told him that I had had a dream about him fucking my wife and how much I'd been turned on by it. I didn't tell him about sucking him in the dream.
    I asked him if it would turn him on to see photos of my wife in the nude.
    He said yes of course it would.
    I opened up my laptop and plugged in a flash drive and my friend sat at the table and I sat next to him as he scrolled through the photos.
    "Fuck mate, she's a hottie, fucking hell look at her posing with her legs apart.....and you say you had a dream about me fucking her?"
    "yes" I said "it was the horniest thing I've ever dreamed of"
    He then said that he'd love to get his cock into her and that he had a huge erection just looking at her photos.
    I told him he could get it out if he wanted. He looked at me oddly for a second, but unzipped and started to masturbate looking at her photos.
    I unzipped and got mine out and started to pull on my own cock watching him masturbate to my wife.
    He held the base of his cock and balls in one hand and wanked with the other, but had to keep stopping to change the picture to the next one.
    I asked if I could help him out and he said yes, so I reached out and took his cock in my hand.
    He suddenly stiffened upright in his chair and told me that he meant to help him by changing the photo, not by wanking him....then said that I could carry on anyway if I wanted.
    I asked if it would be better if I was out of sight, maybe under the table, so he could pretend that it was my wife wanking him off.
    He agreed so I slipped under the table and once under there told him to raise his ass off the chair so I could pull his pants right down.
    With his pants around his ankles, he sat there looking through her photos while I was under the table fondling his balls and stroking his shaft.
    I told him to let me know when he was getting close. He said he would.
    He was talking to me all the time commenting about my wife's tits, her pussy, how kissable her lips were etc.
    Then he said "fuck I wish she'd do that to me".
    I asked him what and he said "what she's doing to you in this pic...sucking your cock...fuck I'd love to get my cock in her mouth".
    I put my mouth over the head of his cock and started to suck, licking around the head...working my way up and down from tip to balls and back.
    I had expected him to stop me but he just said, "Oh babe (then my wife's name) that's it suck me...make me cum".
    He was getting into imagining it was her under the table pleasuring him.
    This got me even harder, so I had one hand wanking him, with my mouth on him, and one hand wanking myself. Oh my god it was so exciting.
    Suddenly he shifted position, called out my wife's name again and unloaded into my mouth.
    This set off my own orgasm and I shot mine all over the floor.
    Afterwards we sat and had a coffee as if nothing had happened. He got up to leave and asked if it was ok with me if he tried to seduce my wife. I gave him the green light - when ever he wanted, where ever he wanted, as long as she was a willing participant....and he told me every sordid detail.
    As he walked out the door he turned and said "Oh yes and we should do this again sometime soon".
    And we did!
    I've sucked him several times now but I'm still obsessed by his cock, and want it even more.

    Younger And Naughty

    When I was just 18 I moved in with my boyfriend now husband, he was my first and only, we lived in this little flat where you could see out both sides we had a family that lived behind us the mother was extremely gorgeous and friendly we got along really well with her. We had another young couple that lived 2 doors up from us she was nice with long legs her boyfriend was tall and worked shift work so she spent a fair amount of time at our place. My boyfriend was at home when I had to ring our neighbor to get her to get him to call me we didn’t have a phone back then. So I few days later when I’m cleaning the house I find a pair of panties that didn’t belong to me so I thought he must have been fucking our young friend from 2 doors up I wasn’t mad I was just turned on I just couldn’t keep up with him. Later night when we were having sex i asked him did he enjoy our friends wet pussy he said he didn’t fuck her, I said I’m not mad I’m turned on by it he then said it wasn’t her it was the married lady behind us. I exploded with the biggest orgasm I’d ever had, he said she arrived in a sun dress and as the wind blew her dress came up showing her little panties covering her pussy. He said he just pulled her inside and kissed her she just opened her legs as he rubbed her pussy so he took her to our bedroom and fucked her until she had to go home.
    I asked him if he enjoyed it he said yes I would love to fuck her again I said don’t get caught her husband will kill you.
    I said it might be better if I set you up with T from 2 doors up he smiled and said yes please.
    I couldn’t wait to hear about their time together I was always wet thinking about how he fucked them and always had me every night.
    We’re still married and still have sex not as much as we did but after 38 years together I’m happy

  • Bbw Girls

    Since having sex with a plump girl , when i was 13 . I have been obsessed with plump women . My favourite time was when i was in my 20s . Fucking an 18 year old plump girl . It started with me making a move on her . In my home . Not sexual . Just passionate kissing Using tongues . Then i had my hand up her dress . Feeling her boobs . I moved down to her pussy . It was dripping wet . I undressed her , and lay her on the sofa . She was so sexy . I was eating her pussy . I asked if she wanted to go to mt room . When we were there , i undressed . She was feeling my penis . I wanted to fuck her . Laying her on the bed . I got in to her pussy . Feeling her plump body next to me and kissing her . Made me cum . When i jhad finished , she asked me to lick her and give her an orgasm . I was licking her lovely plump pussy , and drinking the juices mixed with my cum . She had an orgasm . Then we got in to bed . Spending the night together . The following day was Sunday . She stayed , i helped her to shower , she helped me . For the rest of the day , we had sex . Not bothering to dress . After that day , she came to stay with me at weekends . She was so dam sexy . I can still get an erection , just thinking about her . Writing this has made me hard , and wanting to masturbate . I am stroking my penis now . With my pants down . I need to find some plump porn pictures .

    Obsessed Since Having A Dream.

    I considered myself a happily married man...very straight. But then I had a dream a few years back.
    In the dream I walked down a long hallway and as I neared a door I could hear a woman having an orgasm. The door was slightly ajar so I pushed it open and walked in.
    At the far side of the room as a bed and on the bed a guy with a big thick cock and a woman riding him. Her back was to the door all I knew about her was she had a nice ass and long blonde hair.
    I approached the bed and came up close behind her and got down low so I could get a close up view of this guys cock stretching the blonde's pussy.
    I got my own cock out and started to wank myself. At this point the woman glanced over her shoulder and saw me wanking while looking at her gorgeous pussy wrapped around the guys thick cock. I was shocked and excited to see that the woman was my wife. She didn't seem surprised to see me.
    I looked past her to see who the guy was and it was a friend of ours and an ex work colleague of mine.
    My wife started to grind hard against his upward thrusts and was soon orgasming again.
    She moaned so long and loud and then told me to lick her clit while she rode our friends cock.
    Naturally I licked her, but at the same time couldn't help licking his shaft as he pushed in and out of her. The dream was so real. I could taste her juices on his cock.
    This got me very hard.
    Our friend (obviously the Alpha male in this dream) then told her to lift up off him, which she did. He then told me that since I'd licked his shaft I made it obvious that I wanted to suck him.
    I started to deny that, but then thought why not?
    I put my mouth over the end of his cock just in time for him to ejaculate into my mouth. This shocked me awake and I was very surprised to find that I myself was cumming right then in bed next to my sleeping wife. I gripped my cock and dashed to the bathroom trying not to shoot cum all over the place as I went.
    Since then I have been obsessed by my friend and wanting to suck his cock.
    More to be revealed about this in later confessions.

  • Got Raped By Female

    So this is when I was a kid like 14 and I thought I should have sex to I joined this sex site and I went to meet this woman

    I went to her house and she opened the door and she was wearing this sexy lingerie and she asked if I was the guy and I said yes and she let me in
    After I went in I was shoved to the ground and there were 6 women’s on top of me and talking about how I’m there bitch now and how they are gonna use me and abuse me
    They told me to call them goddess and they said I’m gonna be there bitch and I will be taught a lesson I told them I’m 14 but they said you’re gonna remember us and they started ripping off my clothes and putting stuff on me
    After 10 minutes of coming in that house I was stripped and put into a leash and my dick was put into a lock and I was on my knees forced to call them goddesses and get insulted by them

    They said I’m a worthless bitch and they slapped me and told me to say yes I’m a worthless bitch they said say it louder and say I’m a slut that want to be abused and I said I’m a worthless bitch and I also said I’m a slut that want to be abused and they made me kiss there feet and I did

    They shoved there feet in my mouth and I gagged and I started tearing up from there feet in my mouth they said cry like a bitch and slapped me harder and shoved there feet in my mouth they spit on my face and then started riding my face and they took turns

    They said use your tongue and said put it in our pussys and I did I tryed putting it in and they said that’s like a good bitch and then they started squirting on my face covering it and when I got done my face was covered in squirt and cum and everything

    My face was so slippery and slimy they started taking pictures and said if I don’t follow any of there rules they will send all these pictures to everyone on my phone and I listen they told me to eat there pussys and asses ever time that want I was basically there pleasure slut forced to eat them every single day and night when ever they want and coved in cum and piss and everything they want and I’m not gonna lie

    I actually loved it I love getting slapped and forced to eat them

    Voyeurism At Its Finest

    Listening to my girlfriend, who's now my wife, having sex with another guy, was always a complete turn on.
    We were long distances lovers, so she'd have other guys fuck her so I could hear them fuck.
    It never failed to get me off, and when we did get together we'd fuck like crazy, often for hours and hours.

    Now married, I still enjoy her fucking other guys, but actually watching her taking their cocks in her mouth, pussy and asshole, is on a different level of voyeurism all together.
    It's so horny seeing her orgasm multiple times from men with larger cocks than mine, and afterwards I always get to service my beautiful wife with my tongue.

    We recently made a video of my wife being fucked by two men at the same time. I can't tell you just how much I've enjoyed watching that video over and over, masturbating as if I'm seeing it for the first time, every time I witness the men destroying my wifes pussy and ass.

    All I Needed Was For The Right Man To Come Into My Life

    The following upsets a lot of people, particularly women and of those lesbians the most. I was at the time ending a long term relationship with a woman, my first real relationship. I went out with a group of six people. We were four women, two of us lesbians and two straight girls from work, and two guys from work. I got pressed up inside a booth at the restaurant with his hand in my crotch and he was digging to get to my tits. I came, in a 'violent' rush. He got to my tits and he left his 'mark' all over me. It was my first time ever in the hands of a man and I didn't know what to do. He did, take me home and fuck me.

    I remember his beard brushing against my thighs as his tongue reached deep into my vagina. I was wet, I could tell, and I could smell myself, like never before. When I saw his dick, it looked like it was a baseball bat to my mind. I suddenly remembered that I wasn't on any birth control and I was probably at a time of the month to get pregnant. I hit him hard with my fist, I screamed out loud that I didn't want to get pregnant. He held me down, he already had himself between my legs and I could feel his dick trying to poke into my vagina. I begged, begged him not to get me pregnant. He told me to lay back and think of what a good mom I was going to be and he finished fucking me. One night, three hours of my life. I was fucked and I got pregnant.

    He never asked, he took me when he wanted me. Over and over, no matter what my mood was, if I was just back from work, if I was already carrying a seven month baby. I got wet every time, as soon as he put me under his control I got wet. As he fucked me I got wet. And I smelled it, every time. I don't know if it was because I was pregnant. I smelled him, his semen, his breath on me. And I smelled me, and he smelled me, sticking his nose between my legs taking deep breaths with his nose.

    There was no way I could reasonably support myself with a baby. No way. I got married two weeks before giving birth and got pregnant again a month after giving birth without ever having a period. I didn't like his unshaved face, I didn't want his beard against my thighs. I spent another pregnancy in his hands, now with a baby to care for. Girls I knew from my lesbian days didn't understand. How could I like it so much? All I could say is that when it's happening you like it, like nothing you ever liked before.

    Sleeping alone was the worst. He sometimes had to go out of town. I hated it, I would take my blanket and my pillow and go sleep on the floor of my baby's room. I had never felt alone, but now if he wasn't there I was alone, all the time. When he left for work I felt it until he came home. If he was watching television and I was bathing the baby everything was fine. If he was not there I hated the silence. I tried not to call him at work. But I did. All the time. I was a pest always wanting to speak with him.

    The second baby kept me more occupied. I was a stay at home wife, a stay at home mom. I lived that life. I had friends who were stay at home moms and we had play dates for the kids. We met at the park on nice days. We talked about going for a third. Do it now while we were young. I told my husband that I wanted a third, born eighteen months after my second baby.

    I craved sex, and attention from him. I was like a child telling him every detail of my day. He listened and patted my head, he kissed me with deep kisses that drove me crazy, he grabbed my crotch holding me from behind. He spanked me when I was getting dressed or still wet from the shower. He liked to eat me, whenever, wherever. The children were real young but still, having him eat me while they were there was weird and uncomfortable, but I opened my legs for him, I wanted his tongue. I didn't ever want to be one of those wives who didn't give her husband sex.

    I'm far more settled down now, I have three kids in grade school, and I am that woman in the Suburban running them around to all of their commitments. I have big birthday parties for them, and I have a group of women friends. We have wine parties, and sex toy parties. We play sex confessions and they don't believe me that I never masturbate, I come with the real thing. Since that day that he grabbed me in the booth at that Mexican restaurant I have never been with another woman, or any other man. I am a true red, white and blue American wife. Apple pie and hot dogs and picnics in the back yard.

    When it's time for me to go to sleep I put my face in his arm and smell him beside me. My nose is over sensitive since I got pregnant. I love to smell him in the morning. And I love it when he grabs me by the crotch.

    Husband's Cock

    I love sucking my husband's cock.
    I don't mean just on occasion.I mean all the time.
    His cock is in my mouth every waking moment.
    When he's at work all I think about is sucking his cock.
    My mouth literally waters just thinking of his cock.

  • First Time I Cum

    I was 16 at the time, my parents were away so I had to stay with our neighbor.
    I went to bed around 9 pm and I started thinking about this married lady that was very good friends of the family, I used to see her nearly everyday and some days she wore short dresses and when she raised her arms I could see her pussy sticking out the bottom. She had panties on of course but that didn’t stop my dick from getting hard nearly every time I seen her.
    My dick was rock hard so I thought I’d have a little play and as I started rubbing it the feeling got better and better. I thought wow and this feeling wasn’t going away so I kept rubbing until I had an urge that something was going to happen so I stepped out of bed and snuck outside I kept rubbing and all of a sudden my dick exploded I had never cum before and I was fully liking how it felt my cum just kept running I was amazed at how much came out.
    I quietly got back in bed and went to sleep, about an hour later my dick was I think harder than it had ever been so I thought I’ll replay from my first wank, I was getting ready to cum again so I snuck out again to the same place as I did the first time.
    Half way through wanking and this second unbelievable feeling started again so I kept rubbing up and down the full length of my dick as I started shooting my second load the lady I was staying with walked in front of me and never said a word, she just looked at it and said ok time for bed now I nearly had a heart attack when I seen her there.
    The next day she said if I want to do that again let her know so she could watch, I knew I was going to do it agin that night so I was ready to let her watch.
    I absolutely loved her watching me and to this day I love showing my hard dick to as many women as I can, the feeling is the same and a little better when the ladies like what I’m doing.