What gets you off? Is it sniffing panties? Could it be rubbing your private parts on inanimate objects like balloons, or possibly fake fur? Is it aiming that shower nozzle at the right place? Do you like watching porn videos of other people having sex or cheating on their partners and imagine it was YOUR partner cheating on you? Do you have a sexy wife or husband that you imagine getting pleasured while you watch? What gets you moaning with pleasure just thinking about it? What are the sexual obsessions that just won't leave your mind? Confess it here and get some temporary relief..

My Son Is Driving Me Up The Walls.

I'm a 36 year old mom who has been divorced for almost 3 years now and my 16 year old son is driving me crazy. After overhearing some conversations, I made a big mistake and took a look at his phone.

Holy shit, my little boy has grown into a young man. I saw several selfies of him naked and doing muscle poses in the mirror. I couldn't believe how beautiful his hard young cock looked. At 16, he's tan and toned and the kid's cock is bigger than his dad's. He's at least 6.5" inches and I'm sure still growing at that age.

Suddenly now I can't keep my eyes off the bulge in his shorts in the morning at breakfast. Last week after he got out of the shower, I opened the door to give him some fresh towels. He was nude and he quickly turned away, but not before I got a good look at his profile and his erect cock !

Since then I've been so horny, I even called up an old family friend who had been hitting on me for about 6 months . We went out for drinks and wound up back at his apartment and had sex. I closed my eyes and had several strong orgasms, but all I could do was to imagine that my young Daniel was fucking me with his beautiful cock.

I know now that not only is he dating, but judging by those pictures, someone else is getting that beautiful young cock and I want some too. What's a Mom to do, He's driving me crazy here !... Sylvia

  • Want It Bad

    Too much porn watching lately. Have become enchanted and almost obsessed with thinking about how I want to be subby oral bottom to a exotic man.
    Have been very turned on by thoughts of hispanic or oriental men. Sometimes it's young fellows and sometimes it's older more mature types.
    Mainly my fantasies revolve around me worshipping the fellow's big, mostly hairless dark brown and musky balls. Then sucking the juicy and heavy precum.
    Then turn him and start licking up his sweaty crack tasting salty and funky ass. Making his dick hard and dripping. Then let him face fuck me and feed me his load.

    My Cuckold Fetish

    A few years back me and my wife Cara had started discussing my cuckold fantasy.
    After several months of talking it overwe would watch a few cuckold porn vids together.
    I started letting her pick the vids.
    She got into the role play and the videos alot .
    She even got into chatting and video play with other man for a few years.
    She felt sexy with all of the attention the lingerie sexy skimpy dresses getting her nails done and new make up.
    Cara is 33 we never managed to have any kids. She is a bright vibrant woman 5ft5 shoulder length brown hair.
    She is a beautiful woman looking like a classic beautiful actress looking just like gene tierney in the face same hair stopping just below her shoulder.
    Beautiful body size six eight. 40DD bra killer legs cute little butt.
    Im going to skip forward to our vacation me and my wife went to Hawaii on vacation.
    We got a cool two bedroom hut with wifi ac and tv not that we would need it much.
    We went on cool donky ride that half sucked a few hikes hit the beachs saw the pearl harbor memorial from land.
    It was a cool night and i wanted to pick out my wife cloths.
    I did not give her bra and panties i pulled out a ntlin and lace baby doll linger set black with white thigh highs.
    She looked amazing in it.
    I picked out her favorite little slutty black dress. It exposes or shows off her sexy pin up modle body. She put it on i had a mental laugh the first time she put it she said she would never wear it out of the house.
    The sexy black dress with its red trim white thigh highs with there red seam up the back and black and red high heels.
    We smoked a joint before going out. Cara scored a half off of a hula dancer.
    She looked amazing.
    We hit three bars . cara was buzzing glowing from the attention she was getting. I know and everyone who see her know she is stunning. But she has ugly duck syndrome not seeing how beautiful she is. She feels it through the attention she gets.
    Along the way we got several drinks bought for us she had several dances with strangers and got groped or talked dirty to alot.
    It was bar number four.
    We got smoked up by two young men from Tennessee. They bought us a drink while we waited on a balcony over looking a beach they asked us if we wanted a molly then kinda explained what it is how it works we agreed. We had a molly got smoked up again.
    Cara went and danced with Harman. Stocky tall early twenties boyish face kinda chubby on summer break from college. We me and Lonnie sat and talked for a little bit. He started telling how sexy and slutty Cara is how she is made for young black dick. It turns me on hearing her discribed as a black cock slut.
    I start to feel the molly.
    I watch Cara she is fully feeling the molly. She is letting Harman feel her up and down and she is moving and dancing like a cheap slut. All i can think is Cara marie your such a good hotwife. It never goes anywhere but im ready to explode see this alone.
    I love how i feel im blitzed enjoying myself.
    Cara and Harman join us again. Cara glowing big smile she slides in the bench seat between lonnie and Harman. We sat together having another drink i did not notice at first.
    I smelled it her hot wet pussy and its sweet smelling.
    I noticed she bit her lower lip and her hands gripping the table we sat at. I could hear a moan or two escape her. I look over the table she has her legs open on over Lonnie one over Harman.
    Harman and Lonnie have there hands on her legs and pussy.
    Im excited for this more then i should be. We started walking to our resort along the way she sucked both of the two young men off swallowing there cum.
    I walked them into our hut with Cara.
    I started to explain the rules but could only watch.
    They had her tits out like it was nothing.
    They where pulling there dicks out.
    Kicking off their shoes.
    Cara is standing there in her black babydoll and thigh highs.
    She is dripping wet they have her standing on her in the middle of bed one kissing her neck one sucking on her full big tits.
    They are both kissing licking and touching her.
    Awe yeah bro she ready to be own by black dick.
    Owe for sure my n guy .
    Im listening to them watching Cara dry hump the air and hold on to them.
    One is eating her pussy one sucking on her tits.
    She is opening her legs toching herself.
    She gets on her knees and starts sucking them off. Vigorously sucking and hand fucking them into her mouth.
    She is completely in need of being used.
    Its like seeing her alabaster forearm and hand disappear in a sea of black skin.
    Laying on her back like a switch blade her legs spring popping open.
    Harman is nicely hung but thicker. Lonnie cums Cara swallowed it gulping it down.
    Harman in a power stand on his knees maneuvering Cara under him Lonnie takes the chair next to me and rolls one up i do as im asked making a drink.
    Owe yeah boy boy we fixing to open her up to a world of being a black cock owned snowbunny bro last chance to call us off. Im cool with tonight happening i said.
    Word bro your alright dougy doug Lonnie said.
    I hear and see it at the same time his black dick entering her body. Her legs in his hands her body laying out seductively.
    Moaning out a seductive breath and sounds.
    It was not quick or power ot was deep passionate and eroticly lustful how Harman started.
    I noticed the rules that are not being followed. No kissing he is fondling my wife body his dick deep inside of her. There lips and tongues locked together. Condoms are a must. There is no condoms involved at all. No love making like dont make it intimate or passionate that is exactly how it is starting.
    She is literally wrapped around his black cock.
    I have been faded out by her im videoing this on my phone on a go pro i set up on her end table and on a hand held camera.
    Her body is moving and flexing in new ways making new moans reacting differently acting sexually depraved she has been moaning and making lustful sounds i have not heard.
    He moves into sex being more forceful going harder and deeper inside of her. Her hips and legs move differnt more frantically desperately.
    He fondled touched and felt everything on her that caught his eye. Kissed or licked everything in his mouths reach intimately or passionately.
    The sounds she made the motions that came from this.
    I started to feel inferior and unable to satisfy jealous nervous she was enjoying it way to much i tried to ask her a few questions insert myself she did not notice or register me at all.
    She only kissed and fucked her young lover.
    I watched his heavy large frame start to fuck her like an animal. I watched her feet transform shape tightly arched on the top curved arched curled toes. Legs tightly flexed i swear every stroke made her cum as he fucked her. I felt guilty nervous regrets instantly popped in my head.
    I sat down Lonnie handed me a blunt i hit it nervously.
    Her legs spreading wider open her hips dancing under him rolling rapidly. Her tits in his hands kissing her neck and lips.
    Where you want my cum baby he asked her. Owe she moaned out loudly not answering.
    Dont worry bro she only gets addicted to black dick if we nut in her.
    He keeps fucking her. Baby girl im fixing to cum.
    She started moaning out louder
    Were you want my nut at.
    Cum in me She cried out. Moaning loudly several times.
    Owe cum in my pussy. I want your cum in me.
    Her body kept rolling and arching bucking and fucking back. Im about ..(continue confession)

  • I Want To Be Naked All The Time

    Why do I love being naked soooooo much??
    I want to be naked all the time in public even if I'm the only one naked!
    I want to dance naked and shake my ass cheeks wildly as strangers slap spank and spit on me and laugh, eventually doing me in a voluntary doggy style gangbang in the middle of the street.
    Then we would do it again tomorrow.

    Body Count

    I know my body count is abnormally high. but I'd love to know others body count. mainly to make me feel more like a slut.
    M 64
    W 22

  • I've Developed Two New Fixations

    So a few months ago, after rough housing with some of my friends pretty consistently, I had a subtle inner moment of realizing a part of me liking it was that I thought it was hot.
    Flashforward to the past few weeks, I've been obsessing over some content creators who participated in the Creator Clash. The Creator Clash was a boxing charity event thing with a bunch of creators, there were 9 different pairs to go up and fight.
    The reason I bring it up is because a lot of the people boxing in it had a body type I really enjoy. It feels very embarrassing to admit but half of me watching the fights is like a horny aspect of it. During the first heavyweight round I was so excited and had this mini crush on the fighter that won. I also haven't really watched more of the fights cause I keep getting turned on and its embarassing.

    So it feels like I'm hyperfixated on something that I don't know how to find. It's not like a full on dad bod but it's wider and they're so strong. Like I think I'm obsessed with the idea of the size gap between me and the person, it's genuinely been all I can think about. I feel embarrassing getting into details but also it's a sex site. A lot of people can pick me up fairly easily and I'm not that tall so I'm really into the idea of riding someone and just feeling them like controlling me. The easiest term to compare it to is like a fleshlight. Also sidenote a lot of men with the body type I'm looking for have chest hair and I absolutely love it.
    Anyways x o x o :)

    Obsessed With Kinky Sex

    I go through cycles in my head. Sometimes I'm normal, and sometimes all I can think about is really kinky sex. I'll look at porn all day, jerk off several times without cumming. I'll be so horny my cock will just leak precum. I'm feeling that way now. I just wish my wife was more experimental. She's great in every single way. I just wish she was a bit more of a deviant, like me. It's frustrating knowing most of my desires will never be fulfilled. I have so many.

    Who Knows What Inertests Lay Dormant

    until the door of opportunity and desire arrived. I have slept through and dreamed most of it away but I do have a lusty heart that gets me in a mess often. Contrary to many opinions my vagina is rather need and clean compared to theirs.

    Addiction Freak Can't Help It

    I'm a total little bitch boy and I'm addicted to crack, exhibitionism and constantly being naked.
    Every time I smoke it I put my long blond hair into pigtails and put some girly glitter tats on my ass cheeks and frolic around outside like the nude fairy l am.
    I love watching hard core phone porn and fantasizing of being the anal gangbang oiled up fuck pig.

  • Certain Days

    There are certain days that I'm extremely horny! I jerkoff at work several times a day. I watch porn on my phone. I watch all kinds of porn. Straight, Lesbian, TS, pee play... I get so worked up. My precum starts dripping. I love the taste of my precum! It's so sweet and delicious! I just wish I could produce more! It turns me on to spread it on my lips and tongue. I edge, edge, edge myself at my desk until I finally can't take anymore and I cum in my hand then slurp up the pooled cum in my palm. Once I'm done I start watching porn again. I get myself aroused and start the cycle again. I swallow anywhere between 4-7 cum shots in my work day. Like I said. I only get extremely horny like this 1-2 times a month. It consumed me! I've only eaten my cum but when I get horny like this I would suck cocks for their thick delicious cum!