Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul. Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!

Fertility Center Fun

I am a nurse and used to work at a fertility center for 5 years back when I was in my late 20s. I was married and cheated on my husband with one of the patients

I have not cheated on my husband since and what I did would have gotten me fired but thinking about it now has me very horny and I’d like to share.

We saw many patients on a daily basis at the center who have trouble conceiving. Usually the husband will go into what we call the jerk off room to provide a specimen of fresh semen to be implanted into his wife. Some guys have trouble so we have magazines etc for all types of interests. Sometimes they have to come back multiple times as well if the implantation is not successful.

So anyway this one husband I found extremely attractive. I have a huge crush on khal drogo from game of thrones and he looked a lot like him. Big and muscular with long hair. This was his third time coming back to deposit a sample and he was having trouble.
He came out and said he couldn’t do it because of the pressure and it not working the past two times. I told him we had magazines but he said he just couldn’t do it today and was going to leave.

I’m still not exactly sure what overcame me other than I thought he was hot but I told him to come back in the room with me. I knew what I was about to suggest was extremely risky especially if he told on me. However I know I am attractive. I’m a petite brunette about 5 ft 3 and 115 pounds with a sexy round ass.

So I told him I could help him out but he could never tell a soul. I locked the door behind me and he gave me a funny look. I told him I was dead serious and that we didn’t have much time if he wanted to get this done.

I gave him a specimen cup to hold and then I unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear to reveal a quite impressive half hard dick.
I could tell he still couldn’t believe what was happening but I started to stroke him and he got fully erect quickly. I stroked him slowly at first selfishly as I wanted to enjoy this too.

Not much more was said verbally between us but as I was stroking him he started to rub his hands down my back ..(continue confession)

Fringe Benefits

My husband and I work from job to job trying to pay bills. I have a job in fast foods. I really am a good worker. My manager has two children and had a vasectomy. My boss was a flirt and I flirted back with him.One day he called me into his office and bragged on my work. He then unzipped and pulled out his erect penis. He asked me to give him relief. I started blowing him then he stopped me and pulled down my pants. Lean over his chair and he enters me and we both climax . This is something we do often and put a napkin in my panties to collect his cum and I go back to work. He made me assistant manager and give me some paid hours off often. I look forward to our “stress” breaks.

My Younger Years

I haven’t cheated on my husband 25 years now. After high school graduation I got married. My husband had just graduated college and had a good job we have done well. I started college and attended classes full time. Birth control didn’t work well with me so we did whatever not to get pregnant. My husband was very over weight so we had only limited sex. Starting my second year in college I had class with who became my lover. My lover was the example of a perfect physical hunk. Over 6 ft tall very fit and built a hunk of man. We started talking often and even studied together. I was attracted to him and didn’t think he would find me attractive. One day he invited me to his apartment for lunch. I shouldn’t have accepted but I drove us to his apartment. After closing the door he walks over to me and started pulling my shirt over my head and I let him take it off. He fondled my breast and sucked them then started taking my shorts off. I stood before him totally naked. He took me to his bed and did everything a woman wants except full sex. He then got undressed. He has a perfect penis size and shape and I had to have it. In my orgasmic condition I didn’t tell him to pull out. He climaxed in me twice in an hour. I had many incredible orgasms with this lover for years. Off the chart orgasms compared to my husband. I had classes 3 days a week and we had sex almost every day I had classes. I did get pregnant and had my first daughter at the end of second year of college. My lover enjoyed pregnant sex but my husband didn’t want to hurt me or risk hurting he baby. My lover called me at home often after birth and I invited him to my house while husband was at work. My husband honored doctors order to wait six week before starting sex again. My lover loved my milk breast and we had sex his first visit. The sex was amazing as usual with him. I started my 3rd year of college pregnant again finished fall semester and had my second daughter 10 months after our first daughter. My husbands mother agreed to babysit the girls so I resumed college and my affair. We tried protected sex for a while but the ultimate was feeling my lover climax inside me. Got pregnant with our third daughter. After her birth my in laws paid to have my tubes tide because quote my husband and I can’t be responsible to ..(continue confession)

  • Not Feeling Guilty

    I got pregnant and then married at 23 to a 47 year old man. I had number two back to back. For fifteen years sex was there, never exciting but sex twice a month. My husband is now 67, on a series of medications, total ED, he hasn't fucked me in seven years.

    I met a handyman three years ago, he is no one you what to marry. He is rough and can get physical. I learned to avoid getting a black eye by getting on my knees and sucking his cock till he calms down. He is a beast, he tore me open and I needed two stitches in my ass, he fucks on impulse whether I'm ready or not. I spat on him once and I got slapped around.

    I felt guilty of cheating on my husband, I don't any more, I hide my bruises, take what he dishes out on me, kneel and suck if he is in a bad mood, and if not I take it and keep my mouth shut. My husband is like an older brother, he provided me with a nice life, my kids are in a good college. I can't complain considering what triggered my marriage. If he discovers me he will through me out, but not seeing my lover boy is not an option.

    Cum To Visit

    Bonnie and Charlie came too visit my mother and father in law. Day one and too they spent around the house. Day three we went out to the K.C.M.O zoo. We rode the train an old steam locomotive. We took them out for dinner and a movie.
    All three days i was hounded by my mother in law to give her a grandbaby. Day five Bonnie was wanting to go out and see a few shopping malls. My husband was made to go out with his mom for the day.
    I popped open a big bottle of yellowtail red wine and sat in a hot bath tub.
    I soaked and shaved my legs and my lady parts.
    I figured that if Bonnie heard me and Thomas her son and me making the grandbaby she would get off my back.
    At 90% of the bottle gone i didn't think much of i put on my robe and head to my room.
    On the way Charlie's my father in law caught me and chit chatted with me.
    Charles checked me out a few times. Charles is very charismatic funny slightly handsome in a sexy way for age 60. Charles is also in great shape and had a lot of stamina we had taken runs around city park together.
    So between charles checking me out being flirty and nervous a bottle of wine i looked right at Charles and said want to make a grand child mister.
    With out hesitation. Charles pinned me to the wall kissed down my neck to my tits and sucked my nipples hard.
    He opened my snatched and rubbed my clit.
    Charles fingered me and kissed me.
    He walked me to my room put me on my bed opened my legs. Charles ate me out and fingered my pussy with more skill then i thought he could have being married to Bonnie.
    He made me cum several times and watched me squirm and crawl and i exposed myself in seductive positions.
    Charles is not huge seven or eight inches so above average. That didn't matter though i hated Bonnie and excluding hurting Thomas themis is my level of hatred towards my mother-in-law.
    Vindictive spiteful sex with my father-in-law had transformed into the best foreplay of my life.
    Me on my back a over stuffed pillow under my butt and hips. Half drunk and really not expecting what Charles was bringing to the table. It had been a few minutes and i was surprised to feel his girth and how powerful his grinding deep thrusts. He was very enthusiastic and very energetically ..(continue confession)

  • Giving Oral At Work Out Of Boredom

    I was begrudgingly putting my husband through college by working at a fast food place that I hated. I was on break with a coworker liked least from my shift. I was bored, disgruntled and not thrilled to be there. The coworker caught on to my misery and asked if I wanted to flip the script and make our break exciting. How so? He told me to give him a bj.

    I scoffed and asked, Why would I do that? I'm not attracted to him at all. If I had to rate the men on my shift he'd be nearly the last man to mess around with. I don't even like giving head. I basically stopped doing that as soon as I lost my V. Good luck with convincing me, I thought.

    He basically replied along the lines with; Because it would make your whole day exciting. Because you want to. Because when you kiss your husband tonight, only you will know your mouth that you are kissing him with had been on another man's dick. And only we would know how to make this boring as hell job fun. He got me, I had to admit to myself. I got on my knees to blow him. I still wasn't attracted to him. I had no place to spit and was fully dressed so I reluctantly swallowed.

    Some word spread and I eventually became the most popular girl for men to want to take breaks with. Eventually, any guy, that was in on it, that took his break with me got blown by me while I was topless. I still didn't like giving oral but I did it mostly because it made my day less terrible and the men loved it. I made the change to topless mostly so I didn't have to swallow, I could am them at my chest when it came out. I still didn't let them have full sex with me but I loved being lusted for by them.

    One day at the start of my shift, our franchise manager called me in to the office. He wasn't normally there. He was visibly freaked out and informed me that he learned from regional management about what I had been doing during my shifts. All the regional managers knew. Didn't I know there was cameras? As I realized this I expected to feel mortified but I felt mostly aroused that all the regional managers saw. I wondered what exactly they saw. I was soon fired.

    When I got home I told my husband I quit that day. Work just got too unbearable. I went through a lot ..(continue confession)

    Business And Pleasure

    Me and my boss Stanley or Stan went on a business trip. I'm 25 and Stanley's personal assistant. We went to a small one horse town in Vermont.
    Me and Stan the man had dinner at a cool little sea food shack. Hit a little bar had some drinks played some pool. Stan loosened up and told some jokes his dirty jokes cracked me up and kinda turned me on. A few hours later it was closing time we took a cab back to our hotel. He invited me into his room for a night cap from his hotel mini bar.
    I came in to his room we had a brandy on the rocks a screw driver and we sat and talked for a minute. Had another drink. I stood up was half drunk almost fell over. Stan caught me i giggled he stood me up. I looked uo in his eyes and i kissed him. I could not help it i kissed him. Stan is 58. He has mostly gray hair some color left. He has huge arms he still works out and jogs. He is in pretty great shape for his age and i myself have sneaked a peak or two at him.
    Stan kissed me back grabbing my ass and pulling me in close. I kissed him back and fondled his body. He was hard body strong and forceful in his grip.
    I got nervous im slightly chubby and he was stripping me naked. My blouse and silk shirt came off and my bra. My knee length skirt came off then my panties. He left my stockings on and took off my shoes. A minute later im on my back in his bed. My clit in his mouth he sucked my pussy and ate licked and slurping on my pussy. He kept licking and eating my pussy. He was getting his large tongue deep in my pussy. Stan got up and stood over me and made me suck his dick. His dick was pretty big twice as big as my boyfriend's. I sucked his dick hoping and trying to make him. Feel amazing. About me. I looked up into his eyes.
    He stood me up and licked my tits. His six foot tall body lon top of my five foot four body was a little odd at first he was my first tall guy. He put his dick in my vagina. It felt so good i gasped with pleasure i never fet so good by time it was done he said i love you and i hope he ment i feel in love with him. We plan on hooking up a lot more and ..(continue confession)


    My husband Jake stayed behind two days to finalize the sale and paper work of our old home.
    My name is zoey the day before the move i caught a flight to Denver. Got a rental car and hotel room.
    I got a rental car and checked out the new dream house and it was perfect. The next day the moving company showed up and it was amazing watching them work. By time it was done the house was unpacked by room and i let all six of them fuck me in each room the unpacked ordered pizza and gave them each a 100$tip the best pRt of that was being gangbang by a group of string mexican men

    I Cant Help It

    Im 36 I've been thirteen years since i turned and my husbands sex life slowly stopped not on my end im still aroused 24-7. My name is molly and I've always had a nymphomaniac sex drive.
    Since age 31 I've been letting younger men 18 i assume to no older then 21 fuck me sometimes its one a day sometimes its three four or five a day.
    But today i let two college kids double penetrate me this was a first and i really lived it. Im invited back to there college frat party. Now im think how many of there young cocks can i get in my pussy and ass

  • Morning Walk

    A few months ago my father in law greg moved in with us. At 55 his wife linda died of cancer my husband larry step mom.
    Greg has been joining me on my morning walks. Ever morning we talk and walk five miles he buys us a coffee and we head home.
    One morning a girl from the coffee shop starts talking romantic and sexually to Greg.
    He explains on the way home that he had taken the young lady to the movies and to her play and now she is obsessed with me.
    We talked our norm sports weather the news basically.
    Then i asked him how old is that girl?
    25 he says.
    Now im really curious.
    Boner pill i ask?
    Owe no no no im good there greg says.
    So how did you drive her crazy?
    Cause im hung like a moose and and im no minute man and i fuck like im twenty.
    We walked in the front door of the house. Bullshit Greg i say to him. What really happened i say to him.
    In his us nave jogging sweat suit Greg pulls out his very well well trimmed huge john Holmes dick.
    No joke fucking huge fat old wrinkled dick.
    Well ,i say out loud staring it. Holy shit old man i say out loud.
    I did not say a word i start undressing running shoes my jacket My tee shirt my yoga pants and my pink and black bra and panty set.
    Show me then i say to him if you fuck like your twenty and have a dick like a porn star show me i say to him.
    Well suck my dick then dirty whore he says to me. No joke he strips completely naked walks up slaps my ass puts me at wye level and stuffed his dick in my mouth. Pulling my hair he really forced me to suck his dick. Married whores like you always underestimate an old fuck but imma show you today hussy. Pinch your tits whore. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and slapped me. I said pinch you damn tits. I did as i was told and pinched and rubbed my tits. He took his teeth out and ate my pussy. Hard as a brick his cock jumped and popped up. It was huge thick as a can and long twelve inches easily. He put me on my back on my living room floor and started to fuck me.
    Yeah scream like cheap whore judy.
    I like dirty married milf pussy spread your legs and ..(continue confession)