Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul. Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!

Our House Warming Party

We had been married for 3 months . My wife wanted to hold a housewarming party . Really an apartment warming . Lots of friends , with wives and girlfriends . Some singles . I was 22 . My wifes young friend J from work was there . She was 18 , she only knew us . Just after midnight , my drunk wife . Told me to give her friend some attention . Talk to her . My wife and everyone else was dancing . I went up to J , and talked to her . She was a little plump , wearing glasses . I For some reason i had always found her sexy . We got to kissing . I could tell that she was enjoying it . I know i was . Knowing that we would not be missed . I took he to the door . Walking out , and through the apartment blocks . To a local wood . There was no one else arround . I walked her in to the wood . Finding a place away from the paths . We stood kissing . She was weaing a dress . I put my hand up her dress , and pulled her panties down to her knees . I fingered her wet pussy . Rubbing her clit . We were still kissing , tongues and all . She started to breath different . Then i could feel her knees sag . She was having an orgasm . When she had finished . She thanked me , and kissed me . Tongue down my throat . I turned her round . Bending her over , she was holding on to a tree . I lifted her dress and slid my cock in to her pussy . Fucking her , i had my hands under her dress . Feeling her boobs . I was cumming . I wiped her with some tissues out of my pocket . Rubbed her pussy . She must have been still at peak arrousal . We were kissing , and she was cumming again . When she had finished . She pulled her panties up . Thanking me for nice orgasms . We stood kissing for a short time longer . I was hoping to get another erection . When it did not happen . We walked back . Hand in hand . Stopping every so often to kiss . We had one last long kiss . Before we went in to the apartment . No one had missed us . Later in the early morning hours . When everyone had gone home . Me and my wife fucked . It was one of the best fucks . Knowing where my cock had been earlier . Made me extra horny . Knowing that it had not been washed . J s dried juices were still on it . Mixing with my wifes juices . I don't know if this was definitely the night . My wife was pregnant . Counting back , she was sure this was the night .

  • We Fucked

    I did something very bad recently. My fiancé and I are getting married in the new year and it’s been wall to wall wedding prep for the past few weeks. Her younger sister is a really talented singer and recorded a track for us to play during the ceremony. She came round to drop off the track one Saturday whilst my fiancé was out browsing table setting designs and… well, we fucked. I’m not even sure how it happened. There’s always been mad sexual tension between us and she’s gorgeous and there we were listening to her track on the sofa and the next thing I know we’re tearing each other’s clothes off. The sex was insane. I think we were both really turned on to be doing something so forbidden. I felt terrible after but there’s no denying how much I enjoyed it at the time. We agreed to keep it a secret and vowed it could never happen again. Trouble is I can’t stop thinking about her.

    Cheated A Month Before Wedding.

    My husband and I recently celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We got married back in 2013 when we were both 26 and this made me reflect on some events leading up to our wedding
    A little background my husband and I met when we were 19 in college and have been together ever since. We are now 36. He was my first and only guy I had sex with. Prior to him I had given a few blowjobs and handjobs but that was it. I was pretty sheltered for the most part. Anyway we had a great sex life and still do and I’m going to recount the only time I have cheated on him in our relationship.

    So I’m a nurse and back in 2013 I worked at a hospital. Pretty high stress environment and lots of interactions between doctors and nurses. One doctor took a liking to me. I was 26 and in really good shape at the time. I still am but with kids can’t work out like I used too. He was older and divorced. Prob mid 40s. He would flirt with me a lot and make comments about how beautiful I was and that I should start making babies soon. I’d just laugh it off but was secretly flattered but the attention. He was good looking and of course being a doctor made him attractive as well. So on one of the slower shifts which was rare he was talking to me about my upcoming wedding and joking about our wedding night. I said I’m not a virgin so I don’t need any sex pointers but my husband is the only guy I have ever been with. He was pretty shocked and half jokingly said if you want to get that out of your system before getting married let me know and he winked. I laughed and said well my husband is going to Vegas for his bachelor party next weekend and he said he will probably be getting his single life out of his system there just fyi. Guys go crazy. This worried me in the back of my mind.
    So my husband left for Vegas on Friday and Saturday I got a text from the doctor saying if I needed company while my husband was gone he was free to come over. He said we could get some dinner and just watch a movie.
    I know I shouldn’t have but I invited him over

    So we have a nice dinner and start to watch a movie on the couch in my condo. He asks me if I’m nervous and since he had been married goes through how the day will go down. I appreciated him calming me and then he once again half jokingly brought up the wedding night with my husband and told me he could SHOW me how that would go down. I laughed and told him once again I am no virgin. He said I still deserved to know what it would be like with another man prior to marriage to one guy forever. Part of me agreed but I kind of dismissed him. We finished watching the movie and he said he wanted to do something for me. He turned on some music and said I’m sure your husband is getting this now so you deserve it too. He then proceeded to give me a lap dance which made me laugh.

    He wasn’t a very good dancer but he did have a very nice body and he stripped down to his boxers while placing my hands in his body as he stripped. He then gave me a devilish look and turned around and pulled his boxers down and started to grind his ass into me. I laughed and was drunk and turned on too. He guided my hand to his front and I felt his semi hard cock. He asked if I liked it and I giggled before he turned around to show me his thick long cock. I must admit it was impressive and he grew erect in my hand.
    He then started to kiss me as I stroked him. We made out and then he took me. I let him use my body for the entire night. He stripped me naked as I sat on the couch and he kissed and sucked his way down from my neck and tits to my stomach and finally my pussy which was soaking wet. He expertly ate me out better than my husband ever had at the time. I taught him what I liked later on so he is quite good now.
    After he finished eating my pussy we went to the bedroom. He bent me over the bed and smacked my ass. He then pulled my hair back and whispered in my ear that on my wedding night my husband wil make love to me but tonight I was going to be fucked so I’ll always remember what it is liked to be fucked by another man besides my husband. He then pushed my head down onto the bed and penetrated me from behind with his large cock. He fucked me hard fast and steadily in multiple positions. We ended up having sex 5 times up until noon the next day. He came on my face in my mouth and on my ass each of those times. However the last time he said he wanted my last memory to be more sensual of him. So that morning before he left he made love to me like my husband did on our wedding night. I was sore anyway so I enjoyed the slow steady rhythm. We looked in each others eyes and sensually kissed each others lips until he was ready. I locked my legs around him and he came inside me.

  • Hurting Sitting Staring At My Husband's Empty Seat At My Table

    In high school I was a loaner afflicted with severe acne. After medication, and a change in climate I cleared up and went to college. I became involved with another girl in a pretend lesbian relationship. She is a lesbian, me not so much. I met a man at work, he put a fence around me and I got married last summer.

    But I've cheated on my husband with my college girlfriend. I tried, I said no, but my resolve wasn't strong enough. My husband took it badly and he moved out over Thanksgiving.

    I'm hurting so badly, I was a fool, and I don't think I can live with the consequences.

    Went A Little Too Far

    We have a neighbors son who has always been really friendly with me and never really though to much of it. I’m married keep my shelf in good shape by teaching dance. I have small boobs but have a curvy bottom. I have dancers legs so thicker thighs and a plump ass is what my husband says. My husband had some friends over one night when I had been teaching dance. So I came home to a rowdy house on a Thursday night. This was for a football game. They had been in the garage and had the door open. I was cleaning up and was still in my dance skirt. I teach dance to women so I wear a tennis type skirt and a snug top. I usually wear just a thong and this night was no different. It gets really hot during the sessions and you burn a lot of calories. This being said when I got home I had a drink with my husband and his friends before me going out to the garage and picking up. I didn’t think anything of it when I went inside and got another one. My husband’s friend made me a cocktail and it was strong. I felt good so I went back outside and was picking up the mess that had made. When out of nowhere here is the neighbor kid. Asked if I needed any help. I gladly accepted and promised to pay him when we where done. I was by my car when I felt my skirt lift up a bit. As I was leaning over to pick garbage he would lift my skirt and check out my ass. It was kind of a turn on to have a young 18-19 year old check me out and I didn’t say anything. We kept talking about him and school when I felt his hands on my ass. I was not facing him and had my back to him when I felt his hand cup my ass. I jumped a bit and told him that maybe that wasn’t a good idea. We where done picking up I had finished my drink and was sitting up on my car when he walked by and slipped his hand in between my legs. If it wasn’t for my thong his fingers would have sled right in. I was caught of guard by his hand and even more when he kissed me. As he kissed me he rubbed my crotch and my body gave in and i opened my legs. He yanked my panties to the side and fingered me. I had a not realized how wet I was until I heard my pussy making sloshing noises as he fingered me. At this point I was close to cuming
    When he stopped and had me lean over my car. I felt his tongue touch my lips and he licked all around. There I was in my garage leaning over my car legs shaking with a 18 year old licking my rear and pussy. All I could do was moan a bit then I felt his tongue penetrating my lips. All I could do was push back to see if I could get it to go deeper. He licked my but some more I wanted his tongue back in there when I felt something else and it was his cock. It slid in with ease. I did not expect him to last as long as he did but the kids knew what he was doing. If someone would have walked into my garage the would have seen me bent over my car with an 18 year old with a handful of hair pounding his giant dick into me. He shot his nut inside me. When he shot hisblod he didn’t just pull out and leave me. He shot his load and then held me in place for a bit. Helped me up and kissed me. I could feel his dick inside me. As he kissed me I could feel it growing again inside me. He started to pump me again and I came quickly since I was still sensitive from the previous orgasm. He stoped for a minute I though it was for me to recover from my O when I felt his dick breaking into my rear end. I asked him to be gentle I had not really had anything back there. My husband had tried but I wasn’t feeling it and we had stopped. Before I could say yes or no he was half in and it was burning. My hole was on fire he forced it in and it hurt. He left it in me and pulled out about half way. He kissed and licked my neck and told me to do the work. So i pushed back on it until I felt it bottom out then I pushed myself off again and got into a good rhythm. He would pull my hair and head back and kiss the top of my head while doing my butt and would tell me what a good girl I was. I don’t know whey but this made me feel good and I would push back onto him harder. He played with my clit while pounding my rear. I felt another O hit me and he shot his load inside me at the same time. He softened and his dick slipped out. He kissed me and helped me clean up. I offered to clean him up but he said that he wanted to go home just as he was I panicked a bit after I saw that he had taken pictures and video of us. We found that during football is a good time. My husband is preoccupied and doesn’t really pay attention to what I’m doing. I taught my dance class the other evening leaking cum. He waited for my class to finish then I gave him a ride home and we parked around the block where he took e again. I tell him he turned me into his personal slut. My husband works in blocks so he is gone a few nights during the week and every other Sunday. During these days I get railed. He rails me while we watch me getting fucked from his videos in my room.

  • Widow Relief

    I’m 50 married and a an avid motorcyclist who enjoys the occasional 3-4 day trips. I was on such an excursion dropping by an old friend’s home as I have done, to pay respects to his widow Suzy. She has always welcomed me with open arms giving me a hot meal and a place to stay overnight on my way to other parts. Her husband Ryan and I did many such trips together having motorcycled all over North America. It had been four years since his passing from cancer. After dinner we sat by the fireplace sipping on a liqueur trading stories of the past. It was late and time to retire for the night. She gave me a very warm hug and then a long kiss something she’s never come close to doing before. We said our good nights and off to our bedrooms. I probably laid there for a half hour pondering what had just happened when a knock on the door occurred with her entering the room. She came to the side of my bed, opened her robe and let it fall to the floor, her body completely nude. “May I” she asked as she crawled into my bed. “I really need this” she said. “I really need you tonight.” We made wonderful warm passionate love. The next morning over breakfast she said I need not worry about anyone knowing what happened and hoped I didn’t feel guilty. I did but she softened that feeling somewhat when she said that it really meant a lot to her and her mental wellbeing.
    She said it made her feel somehow connected to her husband Ryan. I hope for mine and my wife’s sake she keeps it as our secret. And I hope Ryan isn’t pissed with me.

    My Desire For Her Turned Out To Be Incredible And Fantastic Sexual Fun

    I had an incredible desire for my girlfriend's best friend. She has big boobs and fantastic cleavage. She looks so hot in a two piece bathing suit. My girlfriend confessed to her that all I talk about is doing her friend while me and my girlfriend are in bed.My girlfriend has not so big tits but gives great blow jobs. I enjoy laying in bed as my girlfriend blows me. My girlfriend also has a very tasty hairy c**t holding my head there saying, " Eat me ! " I enjoy tasting her juices.
    Then one day my girlfriend asked me to go over to her friend's house and see what wrong with her car. Her friend was sunning herself out in the yard, my did she looked very hot ! She went into her house to get a beer for me and asked me to join her in there. Her tits jiggled about causing me to get a bulge in my pants. While she handed the beer to me ,her hand touched my bulge. I went behind her and wrapped my hands on her jugs setting the beer down. She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. We began kissing and groping each other. She started removing my clothes as I was doing the same to her, noticing the veins in her big tits, I began sucking her fat nipples. She pushed me onto the bed while I was sucking on her tits with passion. She went down on me grabbing my cock and slapped those jugs of hers while running her tongue up and down my shaft causing me to to put it in her mouth. She started bobbing her head up and down my my shaft. I grabbed her by hairs on her head and held her face on my dick.. She did the unexpected and took my cock down her throat. I started hump her mouth wise. Pulling it out and pushing it back in her mouth throat wise. She positioned herself on me so she could squeeze her tits while I gave what I had in me on her tits and wide opened mouth.
    I decided to leave my girlfriend for incredible sex with her cum loving slut friend with fuck able tits and mouth.

    My Husband Helped Start My Affair

    My husband and I have been married 19 years. We have actually been a couple since the 10th grade. Two daughters when I turned 25. I had tubal litigation. My husband and I take advantage of grandparents and have a night out Clubing often. My husband after some years enjoyed me dancing with other men. I dress in revealing clothes that I wouldn’t want my daughters to see. Dancers hold my butt because I allow it. Many times dancers have reached into my top and give me breast squeezing. One time a good looking young man pull my strapless top down and started sucking my breast, my husband came over and pushed him away. We always have great sex following going out. We had a friend that is divorced. My husband wanted to go to his house and get plaster drunk. We were sitting around me by my husband when our friend put porn playing on TV. I started making out with my husband giving him a bj. My husband stopped me and told me to give our friend a bj. This would be my first man other than my husband. Both men are average in size, but our friend was more physically fit with abs. I was working our friend hard then he stopped me. He pulled me up, then kindly pushed me on my back on his sofa. He then mounted me and started hammering me. After approximately 5 minutes he screwed me. I cum severally times and really big when he came deep inside me. I then went over to my husband and strattled him and quickly drained him. Once or twice a month we would go over and have done most things a threesome can do. My husband really enjoys this. Our friend works evening shift, my husband day shift, and I work part time in a store. Our friend saw me one day in the store and we had a quick chat. He asked me to come over the next morning without my husband. I told him I would ask my husband but he said not to ask just come over. The next morning after my husband left for work I took a shower and shaved clean. I almost backing out but finally pulled in his driveway. I went inside and was greeted by my lover. We started quickly. We kissed and made out like teenagers. We did many foreplays. We then would have sex in many positions. Many orgasms and finally a big one when he cums inside me. We shower together then I leave. We still do our threesome thing with my husband at least once a month. I cheat on my husband with him often. My lover knows how to please me. , My lovers wife had huge breast. He loves my big b’s and makes my nipples sore. My husband cums quick when I get close to an orgasm. My lover is disciplined to hold out untill he is certain I have been satisfied. Most sex sessions with my lover last at least an hour. My husband is 10 minutes. I know we will slow down after time but I really feel younger with my affair. I have always stayed fit and trim so this is a reward. I know I’m getting an age I won’t be wanting to have sex as much. I even wonder how my husband will feel if we get caught.

    Oh, Sir!

    I've been a happily married woman for the last 10 years. We actually just had our anniversary three weeks ago. We don't have any kids and never wanted any either, so it's just been the two of us sharing a life since we first moved in together. Truth be told, it's been a wonderful and comfortable life. I've really had no complaints about him or our marriage.

    So it would probably come as a shock to some to know that I've been cheating on him with my boss, who I will refer to as Sir because that's what he likes to be called, for the past three months.

    I've worked at the company for almost 5 years now and directly under him as part of his team for the last 2. He'd never shown any interest in me as far as I had noticed for all that time and why would he? He's married with two children.

    Three months ago me and Sir were getting ready to lock up and go home, just finishing off a few little jobs before the weekend. Everyone else had gone home and I was about to do the same when out of the blue Sir came up behind me and put his hands on my hips. I was shocked, obviously but I didn't hate it. He's an attractive man with a voice to match so it wasn't like I had never looked at him that way, just not seriously. He whispered into my ear that he thought I looked lovely in my outfit, which was a black blouse, black pencil skirt and black tie. Honestly nothing out of the ordinary for me to wear. I wish I could tell you that it took more than that but Sir just has this way about him that means I can't say no. I turned around, we kissed, we fondled and eventually he bent me over my desk and took me with no hesitation from either of us. It was incredible and such a rush. I never even thought about my husband or his wife at any point while he was inside me. I was just so focused on Sir.

    I love my husband, I really do. I've never regretted marrying him or thought of leaving him but everything about Sir is better than my husband. His looks, his voice, his confidence, his skill and his MUCH bigger cock. The sex was so good that I couldn't resist telling him how much better he was at it, which he obviously loved hearing.

    Fast forward to today and I can think of nothing else but Sir. It's a good thing he's my boss because my work is starting to suffer! My husband still has no idea about any of it even though me and Sir have sex 3 to 5 times a week, depending on our opportunities. I just can't say no to him. We've done things together that I would never have dreamed of doing with my husband or even thought that I would enjoy but I have so much fun with Sir that all I can do is look forward to the next time we're alone together.

    I always pictured myself as a good wife and never thought that I'd be in this position but now that I am, I'm loving it! I don't even feel guilty about it. It's like a whole new side of me has awoken and I'm going to enjoy the ride!


  • Real Confession

    Some of the things written on here are more boasts than confessions and some are patently untrue, but don't get me wrong I love reading them all.
    But this is a real confession and full of regret.
    My girlfriend and I decided a few weeks ago that we should finish seeing each other. She's single, I'm married and a lot older than she is.
    I'm holding her back.
    I was lucky, and had a great education and now i run my own business. She was lazy at school not really pushed and as a result she doesn't have a great job. But, though shy, she's one of the brightest and most observant people I've ever met.
    She's also sexy as fuck.oh my!!
    She's tall, slim, with the most beautiful white, white skin. She has long beautiful legs, an amazing ass, gorgeous small pointy breasts and the most beautiful tulip shaped c**t, which looks absolutely perfect when she comes to see me freshly waxed. My name for her is Tulip. She has a fabulous neck, and when she takes off her geeky glasses, the prettiest face and the most sparkly eyes I've ever seen.

    We met online and were intrigued by each other immediately. We are so different, and this has mystified and thrilled us from the start, the way we have got on being such completely different people and with contrasting backgrounds.
    The first time we met I hired a hotel day room. She arrived late and was so shy all she could repeat was 'this is so wrong', which of course it was but then suddenly somehow we were kissing then she was naked,and she was sucking my cock.
    The second time we met in a park near where she lives. It was a mild but cloudy day in spring. She wore a dress. We had a picnic on a park bench and drank champagne (we've always drunk a lot of champagne together) and then I was fucking her from behind with my naked cock on a park bench. (I swear I'm going to have a plaque made and screw it to that bench!). We smirked at the dog walker who went past shortly after we'd finished. That was the first time I had my naked cock inside her. It felt fabulous, but not just the sensation, it was like the commitment and trust we made to each other at that moment.
    We fucked in so many places: posh hotels, rough toilets, outdoors, cars in the rain, car bonnets in the sun, balconies, gardens,in front of mirrors in her kitchen. So many memories..
    I wish I'd cum in her mouth more often.
    I wish she'd worn stockings and suspenders more.
    I wish I'd fucked her in the ass more often.
    I wish I'd made a climax as powerfully as she made me cum
    I wish she'd woken me up with my cock in her mouth (but she's a lazy bitch in the morning)
    I wish we'd fucked in the cinema.
    I wish I had caned beautiful red parallel welts on her ass.
    I wish we hadn't ended.
    So many regrets, and yet I have had the best sex and the most thrilling excitement of my life.
    But she has to move on.
    We consoled ourselves with the thought that we would never get on IRL. And yet...
    I'm full of guilt, my wife doesn't deserve this.
    Early on Tulip said to me 'I'll fuck you but I don't want to relationship with you'. But (problematically) we have developed a relationship. We may only have seen each other a couple of dozen times, but we chatted online almost every morning, and now we're trying to get over things. And i know for me at least, its really hard.
    Once she accused me of pushing, pushing myself on her. I know shes right, i did. I couldnt stop myself. But we can't control how these things go and I genuinely fell deeply in love with her. I still think of her ALL the time. Its totally bonkers but as the married guy i think i've felt far more jealous of her occasional fucks with other guys than she did of the fact that im married .
    So what next? My wife doesnt deserve this. And yet i have wondered how life might be if i were with her. We often said to each other that we would quickly end up hating each other if we were together permanently. It would be reassuring to both of us if that were really the case . I hope it is for her. And yet for me i'm really not sure. We've spent 3 days together twice and once 4 days...maybe not so long, but not nothing, and no cross words at any moment.
    I know this is all wrong and fucked up. Perhaps I just want her to tell me to Fuck Off.To say to me that she really is ready to move on. (I think she is. She should be) but if she isnt , i can only think of the joy we're missing.
    What a selfish fucker i am!
    But if youd only seen the way she smiled and laughed with me and covered me COVERED ME with kisses when we were deeply entwined together, you might understand even if not forgive .
    Deep breath....