Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul. Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!

I Cheated With My Brothers Friend Again

I recently my wrote how my boyfriend is in jail and I ended up fucking my brothers friend well it happened again last night . I knew what I was doing I had a few drinks and then rang him and invited him round . As soon as he got to my house he was kissing me and lifting my dress up feeling me and so on so I pushed him on to the couch and was grinding on him , I undid his belt and pulled his pants down and starting sucking his cock I deepthroated him for around 5 minutes but he said he didn’t want to come he pulled me off him he stood up and pushed me over the couch lifted my dress up and pushed my panties down and started fucking me really hard it was really forceful but sexy he grabbed my hair and went even harder before he came he pulled out turned me around made me sit and he came all over my mouth and face so being a slut I licked my lips lol we cleaned up then half an hour later we went to the bedroom and I rode him until I came then let him bend me over again we carried on drinking and fucking all night then we past out when we woke up I gave him a hand Job and then spent a few hours cuddling and kissing in bed then he went home and I wrote my boyfriend a letter telling him I love him like everything is normal

  • Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater.

    I have been with my wife since our last year of High School and we married soon after we both finished College. Not long after she secured a government job and I secured a job in a construction business. We have 2 kids that were basically conceived by her jerking me off or blowing me and then inserting myself in to her and blowing a load. She says that intercourse hurts due to the size of my cock...hitting her cervix she says. No matter what we try it doesn't seem to help and she tells me there is no way I am putting that thing in her ass.

    She is really awesome though, a great Mother, Wife and I never have to ask for head or hand jobs and yeah she likes to swallow. She just fails with big cock. I to have become an expert in eating pussy judging by the number of times I have nearly had my head squeezed off by her. Early on I knew that I would have to go outside the home for intercourse and this is where the cheating started. Most have been with friends or family be they single or married so long as they are ready for cock I am there.

    My first cheating experience was with Danielle a girl from the office. A stunning 21 year old who I felt was beyond me, but she loved my personality, sense of humor and told me that I should not discount myself. I never thought of myself as the rugged handsome type, but at 6 foot 4 and 235 pounds I guess I appealed to the ladies and especially the ones small in stature. I drove her home several times and she ended up giving me head in her parents driveway. After that I ended up fucking her on many lunches.

    My second experience was a 46 year old divorced woman named Sharon at another company I worked at. She worked alone in a climate controlled office doing the companies reconciling of invoices. I was 26 at the time and I knew that she was in to me. I would need to consult with her many times during the course of the day and I'd always catch her crotch gawking. I would make a joke about it and tell her "eyes up here" and laugh. She rarely wore a bra and had these natural hangers for tits. There were many days wear she would wear a top with buttons undone or loose knit sweater where her nipples would protrude.

    One day I just came out and asked her when the last time she had sex was. She replied that she had not had sex in 4 years plus. I pointed to my groin and asked if she would like to see what she had been staring at all those times. With a slight quiver in her voice she said she would. I knew she lived close by so we arranged to meet there on lunch the following. This woman was insane in the bedroom and allowed me to do whatever I wanted to her. She loved cum, in her ass, in her pussy, in her mouth, face and tits...she did not care where. She loved anal the most though. We carried on for many months before she had to quit for health reasons. Sadly, she died not long after, but I was happy that we could spend that time together.

    Experiences 3 to 6 were pretty much the same in that they were women I worked with. Only one of these women had an issue with my cock as she tried and then backed out of intercourse and would not entertain anal. I got head from her though and in exchange I put my expert level tongue to work.

    Number 7 is my MIL. I have been fucking her steady for the last 2 years plus. She was always flirty with me and was always dropping hints about my cock size. One day I just called her on it and pulled it out. She gave me head right there in the kitchen and swallowed. She is a cum fiend and will fuck anytime and anywhere. Last year, we did a road trip to see her friend and I received road head and fucked at our stops along the way. While at her friends we fucked every night as she had told her friend what had been going on prior to our arrival.

    Number 8 was the MIL's 57 year old friend. The MIL gave the go ahead while we were there. She gave me head as I watched my MIL eat her out. I fucked her friend and gave her the first anal experience of her life. Found out after that her friend is on the transplant list and she wanted her friend to enjoy our visit. Still banging the MIL.

    Finally, number 9. Marilyn is the married 63 year old Superintendent of a friends building that I am performing some work in. I have been working with her to access the units and elevators so I can move construction materials. She also is a crotch gawker. She for the record does not look at all her age and has a very small build but with huge tits. Every time I see her all I can think about is tit fucking her and spraying my load all over them.

    So months of working there and seeing her almost daily has finally resulted in getting my wish. Again, I just asked if she was interested and not 5 minutes later I was tit fucking her. Blew my load on her tits, face and shot a stream or two in to her mouth. We have done this multiple times now. She won't allow me to fuck her though but she has allowed me to fuck the ass off of her. She is such a tiny woman aside from her huge tits and it feels amazing to hold her tiny waist as she moans away. As I type this I can hear the sound of my balls slapping off her ass in my head. I love cumming deep inside her ass.

    I have had many turn me down as well, but I do pretty well. In short, don't be afraid to ask as you never know.

    I will likely never stop cheating. Sad I know...

    My First Time Of Cheating

    My Husband worked abroad. The Middle East, I stilled lived at home but he was organising the paperwork for me to come over with him.
    His 4 or 5 month trips away was hard I missed sex but contented myself with masterbating, fingers or a vibrator.
    Finally the paperwork visa arrived and I was able to join him, our let's say quarters was a small compound, mainly singles, horney single guys who made it plain when the Husband was not around what they would like to do to me, I just laughed it off.
    My Husband would come home for lunch so I was not completely alone all day, one lunch time he came in and asked if one of his office works could come for lunch the next day he had just come into the area, a young lad who does not know anybody, hey I said why not he's welcome.
    Next day in walks my Husband with a young Mid East guy, quite good looking and about 25, or 26, who told me his name was J---- he was a really pleasant guy to talk too and we got on very well, so for the next 4weeks twice a week he came to lunch, it was always enjoyable.
    One night after work my Husband told me he had been relocated to another office so would not be coming home for lunch.
    Well Monday arrived I had just settled down for a coffee when there was a tap on the door so opening it there was J---- hello he said I hope you don't mind, no come on in I told him, so for the next hour we ate and chatted and asked me if ok for him to come for lunch again no problem I replied.
    So for the next 3 weeks twice a week J---- came for lunch, as he walked out one day to go back to his work he turned to me and said MrsA I like you thank you I told him then he said I want to fuck you I did not know what to say as he walked off.
    Yes he was a good looking and yes I think I quite fancied him, But.
    The rest of the day and the following two my head was quite Well let's say do I want or would I like him to fuck me.
    So two days later J---- turns up he looked a bit embarrassed, I looked at him, my mind made up, come in I told him, the door closed I asked him do you really want to really fuck me Yes he replied I took his hand leading him to the bedroom I told he and I want you to fuck me. .
    We watched each other undress, he had a really beautiful body, and his cock maybe a bit bigger than my husbands but a lot thicker.
    For the next 20, 30 mins we kissed, bit stroked nibbled licked sucked each other his fingers inside me did wonderful things finally turning on my back opening my legs for him yes I whispered fuck me he lay between my open legs feeling his cock at my pussy entrance, I opened my eyes to look at him yes I want you at that he slowly entered me apart from my Husband he was the only other cock for 10 years that had been inside me J---- felt wonderful inside me, what ever sounds I made I know they were of enjoyment, I told him how nice he felt inside me, it was not long before I had the most glorious orgasm, oh god J---- your cock is wonderful, don't stop I want you to fuck me harder, how many orgasms I had I don't know Wow!! Then J----was thrusting into me deeper, knowing, feeling he was about to cum I told him yes cum inside me its ok I want you to cum inside me, J---- give one one more deep thrust and hold his cock deep inside I grabbed his ass as I felt his seed shoot deep inside me.
    we lay still for a few minutes as he completely emptied himself inside me.
    Finally J---- rolled off me, I lay there feeling wonderful I had just let another guy fuck me and I had enjoyed it so much.
    J---- jumped up telling me he had to rush now as he was a bit late for work. I just lay there I could feel his cum leaking out of my well fucked pussy.
    Thank you J---- I enjoyed that, your cock is wonderful, he came over to me we kissed, as he walked out of the bedroom door he turned round and told me yes MrsA we gonna fuck lots more. then he was gone.
    I got out of bed went to the shower I could feel J----,s cum running down my legs, I cleaned washed my pussy but not his cum out of me.
    Bed clothes yes I had to changed them as thet were marked with wet patches of cum, and my juice's.
    So over the next 6 or 7 weeks J---- came for his lunch, once or twice a week I gave him what he wanted my pussy, and what I wanted his cock.
    My Husband of course knew nothing, that J---- was fucking me regular.
    Then it happened my Husband announced we were leaving in the next 3 or 4 weeks, he had been relocated so I had to go back home for a while, over the next few weeks before I left I got as much of J---- cock inside me as we could both manage.
    I even had the silly thought of coming off birth control and letter J---- plant his seed deep inside me.
    But no that would have been too much.
    No I do not and have not cheated again it was what is was that was it.

  • I Cheated On My Boyfriend With My Brothers Friend

    My boyfriend got sent to jail a few months ago I love and miss him like crazy it’s going to be around 15 months until he’s home . I went to the shop yesterday and when I got home I noticed my brothers friend who I hunt seen since I was little so I invited him in for a drink he’s ten years older than me so he was saying how shocked he is that I’m grown up now . The conversation was flowing easily and we ended up going to the shop to get more beer I told him about my boyfriend being a n jail and he told me about his long distance relationship she lives on the other side of the planet and he hasn’t seen her for 3 yers so we ended up talking about sex and how long it’s been for us both . Cut a long story short he started touching my leg and eventually kissed me and it felt so great to have human interaction again things escalated fast we ended up undressing each other I sucked his dick for about ten minutes and he drew me on my back and ate my pussy it was amazing I came faster than I ever have before so I dragged him to the bedroom and strangled him he had a massive cock really thick as well I was riding him and kissing him at the same time and he was telling me how good my pussy feels I came hard again and bit down on his neck as I did witch made him crazy he got faster and asked me to bite him again I felt like I was in heaven I ended up cumming twice then he bet me over and went really hard I called him daddy and asked him to cum in my pussy he ended up cumming straight away it was amazing ! We got a bath together then fucked again after we got out in total we fucked 4 times then fell asleep cuddling . He went to work this morning but missed me goodbye and I feel so guilty ! I’m in love with my boyfriend but the sex last night was amazing am I honestly hope in the back of my mind that it happened again but I feel so bad for feeling that way ! Sorry it’s kinda long

    I Hate That I Enjoyed Being R*ped

    I have a very high libido. My boyfriend is able to make me orgasm but once was never enough for me. After he is done, he uses vibrators to satisfy me and I enjoy it a lot. But I wished he could last longer by himself. But one day he had to travel somewhere for a month. I became very depressed because of no sex.
    One guy noticed that I was alone. He was a lowlife thug who used to bully my BF a lot. My BF would retaliate by calling him racist slurs since he's black but then he'd get beaten up by the black guy. He kept hitting on me but I didn't want to do anything with him. One day when I was feeling very lonely, I let him come over just to hang out. I soon regretted it as he soon forced himself on me. He was so strong and could move me around like I was nothing. I wasn't able to put up any fight as he soon pinned me down on the bed and stripped me naked. I cried as he fingered me and made me cum. I hated it. I hated that I enjoyed being toyed with by him. I was too aroused and scared because I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold back if he penetrated me. As soon as I felt him inside me, I turned my face to hide my arousal. But he started thrusting hard and I couldn't hold it in. I tried but tiny grunts escaped my lips and when I looked at him, he was smiling. Smiling at how he was making me react. I was ashamed but it felt so good. He drove me closer and closer to the edge until I looked down at his abs and saw his cock disappearing into my pussy and I lost control. I came like I never came before. My eyes rolled back and my hips moved up and down on their own to feel more of his dick. I thought I was gonna pass out. He stayed still inside me the whole time I was cumming and then flipped me around and started humping me from behind. I begged him to stop and let me rest but he did what he wanted to. I orgasmed three times from this r*pe and I was so ashamed when he finished inside me that I curled up into a ball and cried as he left. I tried to call my BF for two days but he didn't answer. I was beginning to feel in need of sex again and I had no one. Somehow I ended up deciding to meet up with the thug again. But he ignored me. I don't know what I wanted from him but I kept trying to talk to him but he always pretended like I wasn't there. When he finally listened to me, I said I wanted to talk to him in private but he humiliated me. He told me to say what I wanted to in front of the other guys that were there. I listened and told him that I wanted him to fuck me. I was embarrassed but I needed it. He made me ride him and I kept cumming from sex with him. I don't know how I am going to tell my BF about this.

  • The Forbidden Fruit

    When I was 14 my mother took a position in a home as a housekeeper. There was other staff, and I shared a large room with private bath with my mother, in the servants quarters in the basement. Don't get me wrong, these quarters had a living room, kitchen, dining and four bedrooms. My mother as the Housekeeper was in charge of all the staff.

    The house had a 14 year old girl. Smart, pretty, milky white pretty, she had small breasts and brown nipples. I know because I bather her. My duties were to be her private maid, her maid in waiting. I bathed her and did her hair and set out her clothes and made her bed and picked up her laundry, dirty panties, for the staff to take care of. I smelled her panties, get over it because it's what I did. I ate her, she didn't want to but I convinced her it was for her own good.

    We basically grew up together and I went to this private school, but not the one she went to. I didn't get the BMW at 16 either. On the outside, we were friends, on the inside I was her maid, and I ate her and she ate me. When it was time for college we did go together and we lived together and sex was wide open and we were on top of each other every waking moment. I liked it, and she liked it. We had a two bedroom apartment but we slept together. We just had to be careful on the outside, I mean I was her maid.

    After college, before she went on to medical school, we wanted to get married. No way, not with the maid. So we got married, eloped and she went to medical school and I got a small job so I could take care of her. By then the family had to accept the fact that their precious daughter was in love with her maid and her maid did more than just help her braid her hair. A social situation, is what her mother said. This is a social situation.

    She finished up in 2020, you know the pandemic. Her residency was in Rochester and because of all that was going on it was pretty intense. I worked from home, and took care of her. I bathed her and ate her after her shifts. She was tired and worn out and it was only when she was rested that she could make love to me. I was desperate and I met of all things a man who worked as a graphic designer and let him poke my hole.

    Intense, immediate guilt. Vomiting guilt. I kneeled before her and begged for forgiveness. Between us purity was our thing. But forgiveness wasn't in her. Once I was impure there was no going back. We had to break up, she is finishing her residency, I am living alone and I have a job teaching at a private school. I'm no longer her maid, no longer her lover, I'm just proof that girls like her shouldn't ever get involved with the help. My mother left her job with the family and is looking for another position.

    We are still technically married, but apart. I don't want her money, I have an education, but that's not the point. Divorce is worse than getting married to her maid. It's a social situation.

    Wet Session

    10am text from my Dom
    “I need my cock sucked”
    Me ‘Do you?’
    Him “10mins”
    Me “give me 20”
    Him “15 now”
    Me “getting dressed”
    Him “ready?”
    Me “on my way”
    And just like that we meet up after 5 long weeks apart.. he makes me get on the floor and remove my knickers so he can finger my pussy and rub my clit, almost instantly I cum… good old magic fingers.
    I can’t wait to suck his cock and push my head down so I swallow him whole… he tastes so good.
    It’s not long until he’s told me to get all my clothes off and he’s got me in doggy, clenching my hips and pulling my hair while he’s pumping his cock so deep inside me, making me groan with every thrust.
    He lays on his back and we 69 for an incredible amount of time then I ride him reverse cowboy, cumming hard again then he lets me turn around and ride him and I instantly start squirting like an animal. There is absolutely no control over my body as I flood him with my juices, the warmth is everywhere and the squelch is deafening. I apologise out of embarrassment and he tells me it’s ok, let it go!! He groans in delight, I lose count of how many times I cum as I grind away on his amazing thick cock. He giggles as I spray squirt him in the mouth.. my body has gone to a new level, he squeezes my nipples and makes me squirt even more. The floor is drenched, we’re both drenched, I can’t even put two thoughts together, I’m in complete ecstasy. I reserve cowgirl him again and grind hard up and down his cock until he pumps the hugest load of his cum inside me, groaning like he’s in heaven. You can tell by his groan, he loves fucking me and loves filling my pussy full of his cum. If he could fill me everyday, I would be the happiest girl in the world. Our sessions are so fucking hot.. and I love feeling bruised from his throbbing cock. Oh Daddy, can we meet again today? I know how to make you smile ;) xx

    Browsing Led To Buying...

    Back when Craigslist personals was a thing, I browsed the Casual Encounters section regularly. I was looking for a real woman to hook up with--hopefully someone discreet with a loveless marriage similar to mine. It only happened once. I got lucky at a conference in Boston and had amazing sex with a grad student who posted an ad for a quick orgasm.

    A couple of years ago, I was searching for the next Craigslist, but only finding ads for escorts. I searched all over, and eventually found Skip the Games, which seemed like a pretty straight-up advertising service for working girls. I browsed my area weekly, titillating myself with the possibility. After a while, I noticed the patterns: some ads were too good to be true, some were clearly guys, some were so vague as to be impossible, and some looked legit. Once I found a review site, I took the plunge and met a woman at a hotel on the way to work. For $150, she sucked me almost to the point of orgasm, then slid a condom on me and rode me slow and deep until I exploded. She was good, but not really my type in person, so I thanked her and moved on.

    Since that time, I've been scared a couple of times but had no problems. Every couple of months, I try a new woman. I've gotten head in the car at a public beach from a chubby redhead. I've worked hard to get my dick inside a super-skinny tattooed girl in a shabby apartment. I've had several unenthusiastic blowjobs that I had to hand-crank myself just to finish up and get out of there. On two occasions, though, I met happy, beautiful women who seemed to genuinely enjoy their work. I'm not rich enough to make this a more regular thing--it's more a case of stashing 20's periodically than anything--but I love the thrill and the danger.

    Husbands Mate

    Friday night my husband and I went out to a local bar to watch a band. It was a good night and part way through we persuaded one of his (our) friends to stay and carry on drinking saying he could sleep on our sofa and pick his car up the next morning.
    Back at the house we had a couple more drinks before husband and I heads upstairs to bed. I’ll confess I’d had some naughty thoughts as our friend is a good looking guy and I think we both knew we were checking each other out.
    In bed I sucked my husband hard and we had good sex. I made some noise thinking how hot it was our friend might hear me getting fucked.
    The next morning, still early, I went downstairs. As usual I was naked and halfway down realised our friend was there but thought he’d be asleep. As I walked past the lounge door I could see him just in boxers sitting upright on the sofa. We didn’t speak but I brazenly walked in and smiling knelt down and pulled his cock out. I stroked twice and he was instantly hard. Did you hear us last night I asked and he nodded. I stood up and straddled him, sliding his cock into my already wet pussy and as I sank down his length I said I wanted you to. We didn’t speak again as he put his mouth on me, sucking and teasing my nipples as I rode him hard. His hand found my clit and it felt so good that I knew I would come quickly. Together he whispered Please I replied and as I felt him start to shoot I shuddered to my own orgasm. After a minute I stood up and leaning down put my mouth over his cock licking both our juices. Then I walked out staring over my shoulder and went back to my husband.
    Such a slut but I hope it’s not a one off.

  • I Cheated With An Old Flame

    During junior hi and high school I was an aggressive predator, particularly with younger girls. Because this was all between girls, and I had a nose for picking baby lesbians there were no repercussions, except for a couple of girls who fell in love with me.

    Moving onto college the field opened up considerably, I made a couple of mistakes coming onto straight girls but I was successful in breaking in baby lesbians, and dragging out a couple of closet lesbians. Then in my junior year I met a girl, I fell hard for her, crushed to death by her. She is a lesbian, but she was into the sex not a relationship.

    I rebounded into a sexual encounter with a guy I just met, my first sexual intercourse, more properly a fucking because he did what he wanted, including a 3 am anal fucking. I was dragged along, he took his rights to me, he fucked me pregnant. Out of fear, embarrassment, I eloped and married him. No one thought it a bad idea, I had met my match, put in my place, forced to grow up, given the kitchen rag, the dirty diapers, the baby bottles. I was also forced out of college for a year. The cock of the walk did his things, the hen laid the eggs.

    Five years, another baby, ten years another baby. Then out of the blue I got called by my lost love from college. She had followed me all these years on Facebook and decided to call, she found our number in the phone directory online. I went into chills, heart palpitations, cold sweats. She was in town, she came to my house, we kissed instinctively having barely said hello, we ended up in bed doing everything lesbians do, and only after our desires were quieted did we talk.

    She confessed her love, apologized for being an ass. But now I am married, I have three kids, and it was my turn to push her away. My heart hurts, my body hurts, but I'm a married woman. And my adult me tells me not to follow my heart, not over an old flame. I confessed to my husband, sat through his anger. I'm truthfully sorry I cheated.