Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul. Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!

Exploring My Limits

I am a mostly happily married woman for 18 years. I’m 38 years old, my husband is 15 years older than me, and still very handsome and attractive, but he doesn’t have much of a sex drive anymore. I on the other hand am hitting my peak. When we do have sex, it’s very good, it’s just not very often. I’m short at 5‘1“ tall and average build I’d say. I’ve had one child by C-section, and I was very young at the time so he did’t destroy my body. I am not a fanatic, but I work out and watch what I eat so I’m not model attractive, but I would say I stack up better than most women my age. I have not cheated on my husband until a few months ago. I travel out of town to conferences for work a few times a year. I have always enjoyed showing off a bit when I’m out of town because I’m pretty conservative when I’m at home. I like that I still get looks from men when I’m in a bikini by the pool or if I dress up nicely to eat in the hotel restaurant or go down and have a drink at the bar. The first man I ever cheated on my husband with I met at the hotel pool. We happen to be sitting next to each other talked on and off for over an hour. He revealed that he was a massage therapist and I told him that I’ve never had a professional massage, only for my husband. Nothing happened that day. That night I was eating down in the hotel restaurant and he came in before my food arrived and asked if I was expecting anyone and when I said no he asked if he could join me. We again had a great conversation, he was obviously very charming. Nothing happened that night either. The next afternoon after the conference activities were done for the day and I was by the pool again he again came out and sat next to me. We were pretty comfortable with each other by that point and we were having a couple of drinks. I honestly can’t tell you how we got on the conversation, but it ended up with him offering me a free professional massage. Between being comfortable with him, a couple of drinks, and the warm sun, I took him up on his offer. He rubbed my feet right there and it was amazing. He then said he really couldn’t do anymore by the pool so he said we could do the rest of the massage in either of our rooms if I was comfortable with that. He has been a complete gentleman and I feel completely comfortable with him so we went back up to his room for the massage. I thought I was just going to be in my swimsuit, but he laid out a towel and said that he would step into the bathroom until I was changed. Again, I was not expecting more than a massage, and I was comfortable so I did. I started off on my stomach with a towel over my behind, and the massage was amazing, I almost fell asleep when he was doing my back and arms and my feet again. When he did my thighs, it was definitely a turn on, but he never pushed and never touched inappropriately, but I was definitely turned on. When I rolled over I was turned around, I never thinking I wish I had two towels to cover my chest and my hoohaa. He dried the oil off his hands and did my scalp and face first, and that was heavenly. He did my upper chest and folded the towel down to where it was barely covering my nipples. Well in the course of him massaging my upper chest, my nipples fairly quickly became exposed. He acted like it was completely normal and just kept talking, never missing a beat, and I found it very exhilarating. No man other than my doctor can I have seen my breasts other than my husband in the most 20 years. I don’t feel my nipples work very hard. He eventually folded the towels down to where it was only covering hoohaa, And massage my breasts and abdomen. My nipples are very sensitive, and it was a huge turn on, even though he wasn’t tweaking them or doing anything overtly sexual. Did my legs and when you got to my upper thighs I slightly open my legs and he folded the towels and half and then took it off. He got incredibly close but never actually touched my hoohaa. I could feel how wet I was and I was sure that you could see it. I know my breathing was giving me away. He then got the towel and covered me up. He was incredibly professional. I left went back to my room end couldn’t believe I just done that. I usually talk to my husband at night but I called him that afternoon. Of course I didn’t tell him anything. We met again that same night in the dining room. In retrospect I think he was timing it. We had some drinks and I told him it was an amazing massage. He offered me another one, and I didn’t even finish dinner. We ended up having sex in his room, with me being the aggressor. It was amazing. I was so scared and excited and turned on all at the same time being touched by a new man. I was there for two more days and we had sex several times. I’ve never told my husband. I’m leaving in a couple of days for my next conference trip I will be gone for four days. I’ve lost contact with my massage friend, but I’m looking forward to teasing and finding someone else. The affair with my massage friend has made me feel powerful and desirable. I’ve worked out more, I’m more conscious about what I wear and my make up and hair. I noticed men noticing me more. I love my husband and I will never leave him, but at this phase in my life, I can see my out of town conference trips being my time to explore and experiment.

Sex With A Black Man

I’ve been married for eight years. My husband and I still have a good sex life. Confetti was out of town visiting my sister and staying in a hotel. I struck up a conversation with a man while in the hot tub. Here goes some drinks and we talked for a few hours. We ended up having sex that night. My husband and I are both white and this man was black. I can’t tell my husband, he would never understand. I feel guilty but I also want to do it again, but I don’t want to ruin my marriage.

Dreams Of My Disabled Friend

I had reconnected with a friend via a hook-up site when I was still in high school. He was two years older so he had already graduated. Since then we have still kept in touch, and he's always complained about how he cannot find a girlfriend. He doesn't understand why, and neither do I. He is disabled with missing one arm from the shoulder, he has a cleft lip and blind in one of his eyes. He can do pretty much everything that everyone else can do but the state obviously does not think so, so he is considered disabled. He was born this way, he can't change it. He isn't an ugly guy, but he isn't all that attractive, either.
I do feel bad for him that he has to deal with what he has to deal with, but I have also developed a very sexualized fantasy of myself being with him and all the things I want to do to him and his virgin body.

Like I said he is a virgin, he has never slept with someone before. I want to take advantage of that and of him. I want to show him how he can enjoy himself, I want to see how he gets himself off and introduce him to raw fucking, anal and BDSM. I want to see the way his face lights up when I suck him off and when I slide my pussy on him and make him feel good the way he deserves to feel. I'm tempted to text him and have secret phone sex conversations with him.

Is it so wrong that I want to just have that sexual relationship with him? I am in a relationship right now, so I can't just mosey on over and push him down on the bed and dom him. But I think in the future I want to try out the most kinkiest things imaginable with him.
I have never thought about taking a man's virginity, but the thought is so hot and I desperately want to be his first.

Builders Debt

Just before Christmas 2019, we were having work done in our home.
Then my husband lost his job. With his parents due to be staying over the festive period, my husband really got into a mess with himself.
I was sat in the half finished kitchen when my husband entered saying he'd sorted out the builders. When I asked how, he sheepishly told me, they would finish the job, IF, they could have sex with me until his parents arrived.
It was eight days before they were due, so after lots and lots of arguments, and my husband begging and pleading with me, I finally agreed.
The sex with both builders, one married, was simply the best sex I'd ever experienced.
Especially with the younger guy Olli.
Both were more well endowed than my husband, and both during those eight days fucked me every afternoon. Sometimes together, but mostly one after the other.
My husband stayed out of the way each day. And each day the sex became dirtier and dirtier. I did things with them I'd never heard of, and certainly never done with my husband.
Double penetration, lots of cum swallowing and outdoor sex with the younger builder away from our home some days.
When the work was finished, my husband booked a room at a nice hotel. I spent the whole night with the older builder being fucked from one orgasm to another.
The remaining part of the bill for the work was paid in kind, and our Christmas with my husband's parents, was a good one.
Only during my morning runs throughout their stay, I was also meeting up with the young builder for sex.
I couldn't stop craving the kind of sex he very much wanted. It was all so powerful, so much more to my new desires for spontaneous sex.
Christmas eve. We met just inside the national park we live next to. Telling me to strip, I walked naked close to a very well known cliff top, overlooking the home where my husband and his parents probably still slept.
On my knees facing the edge, I waited as he took pictures of me, then spent the next twenty to thirty minutes being fucked from behind in both my pussy and arse, with his large cock, and his right hand.
It was utterly thrilling looking down onto the neighbourhood I live in, whilst having a young lover take his pleasure from my body.
I walked back in from my lustful run, to find them all having breakfast.
After showering, my husband kissed me and asked how my run went. My reply was "Refreshingly scenic".
I have those pictures now and look at them to remind me of that beautiful morning.
I also have a short video of Olli sliding his cock out of my pussy, as I beg him to put it back in, only he thrusts his cock up my arsehole instead.
You can hear me cry out "Oh fuck yeh, that's so good".
It cuts off before I have my first of three orgasms, and before Olli fills my rear hole with his hot sticky cum.
But over this past year, we've made other videos in lots of different places. Some now on the Internet.
If my husband ever watches those sites, or this one for that matter, then he'll know myself and Olli are now very much lovers and in love.

Former Coworker

In 2017. I had been working at a casino for nearly a year. During the time I had been working there, I had gotten to know a few women, particularly those who issued the player's cards. Three of them had enjoyed talking to me. Two of them I knew liked me, but I was always one to keep it professional since I didn't want to get a talking to from the strict manager. One of the two flirted with me openly. She looked like a slut and I knew I could get far with her, but nothing came of it because I rarely saw her. The other, we flirted with each other. She had a good set of breasts and a good looking ass. There was a third, Stacy, who talked to me in a professional manner. She never gave off the impression that she felt anything towards me. When she saw me, she would say, in a bored tone, "The other two are always talking about you."

Now, Stacy was a woman in her early twenties, about 5'6". She had a somewhat meaty body, but her uniform made her figure look amazing, especially her black dress pants. Those pants squeezed her ass just right. When I say that Stacy had a perfectly round ass, I mean that she had a perfectly round ass - I've seen a lot of asses and hers was easily top five. I know a lot of guys (workers and guests) who stared at her ass, I always stole a look often, too. I had a coworker who kept telling me he wanted to fuck her so badly. I told him to take a chance and ask her out, but he said she looked too stuck up and she never really talked to him when he tried talking to her. I agreed, because she seemed very professional.

Fast forward to 2019, I had been out of the casino job for about a year and a half. I was in a relationship that had run its course and I was already looking for someone else. I'm at home and I get a message and it's from Stacy. She asks how I've been and I tell her that I've been fine. I ask her what she's up to and she says that she is at her brother's graduation in New Mexico. We talk a bit more and just catch up. It's kind of late and I'm just watching tv, and I ask her what she's up to. Then she says, "I'm just in the hotel room by myself and lying down. I wish you were here lying next to me and holding me." I reread the message over and over again, not sure if she was joking. Deciding to take my shot, I replied that I would like to be in bed holding her, but that we wouldn't get much sleep. She laughed and said, "Oh really? What would you do to me?" I proceeded to give her a small, discreet description of what I wanted to do. She replied, "Well, I better hurry up and get back there."

About a month later, she and I are still messaging back and forth. Meanwhile, I'm still fucking my girlfriend at the time, but it's becoming less and less. So Stacy and I are talking about getting together to hang out; we both know what for, but we never say it. We also talk about how all of it came about. I asked her how long she's wanted me for and she said since we started talking. Told her that I didn't think she did, but she replied that she did and just didn't know if I wanted her. She then asked if I still had a girlfriend; I told her not anymore - a lie. I asked her to send me a naughty picture of herself. She sent me a picture of her wearing a bra, and I was amazed to see that her breasts were big. Only because, from what I remember, her work uniform covered it all up. We had tried to get together on two occasions, but we could never get a day where either of us were free.

One night, I was home and decided to message her. I asked her if she was busy. She messaged back right away and said that she wasn't. So, I asked her if she wanted to come over. She said she would be able to and asked for my address. I gave it to her and she said she would head over. It was about 25 minutes later when she messaged me and told me she was outside. I texted my girlfriend and told her I was going to sleep; she told me to text her in the morning. I went outside and greeted Stacy. She was wearing a black shirt and jeans, and her black hair was down. We went inside my place and sat down. I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie; she said yes and we picked a movie, but then we decided to change it to a horror movie - The Strangers 2.

She and I sat (her to my left) watching the movie for the first 15-18 minutes. We talked about the movie then about our work. During this time, my cock is rock hard, but I'm trying not to focus on it. We continue to talk, but she knows why she came over and I know why she came over so I decide to put my arm around her waist. She puts her hand on my leg and continues to watch the movie. A few seconds pass and I can't take it anymore so I turn her face to me and I kiss her. She immediately kisses me back and she even shoves her tongue into my mouth. I run my hands over her body, squeezing her breasts, which were big in my hands. I then put her on her back and she pulls me down with her, continuing our kissing. I move my hands to unbutton and unzip her pants and I pull them off, along with her panties. I then take my pants and boxers off. She pulls my shirt off and I get on top of her. I pull a condom out from under the pillow (put it there before she arrived) and I put it on. I rub my cock up and down her pussy, teasing her clit. I then shove my cock into her and she moans. I fuck her in a steady rhythm and pull her shirt up. We stop for a few seconds as she takes her bra and shirt off. Her breasts look even more amazing up close. I continue to fuck her, while sucking and nibbling on her breasts. She pulls my face up and kisses me. I then put her legs on my shoulders and pick up the pace. It's at this time that she says, "You didn't tell me you were this good." It's at this point that I'm trying to keep from cumming. I stop and kiss her for a few seconds, allowing my buildup to go down. I then continue, reaching around and grabbing her nice ass as I keep pumping into her. She's moaning and grabbing on to me, while breathlessly saying my name. During this time, I'm looking down at her, my cock pumping in and out of her pussy, her breasts bouncing, and I still can't believe I'm fucking her. I suck on her breasts again and she runs her fingers through my hair. I then feel the buildup again, but I don't fight it this time. I tell her that I'm close and she wraps her legs around me. I feel my cum shooting into the condom and I make sure I keep pumping, enjoying the sensation. She pulls me to her and kisses me again.

Once I've calmed down, I pull my semi-hard cock out of her and I lay next to her. She faces away from me and reaches around to grab my arm and put it over her. I take the condom off and toss it on the floor and I put my cock between her ass cheeks. We both lay there catching our breath. As we lay there, we continue to watch the rest of the movie. When it ends, we want to go again, but it's late and she says she has to work in the morning. So we get dressed and I walk her back to her car. We kiss and she heads home.

To this day, she and I still message off and on. We have yet to get together again. I still have the picture she sent me; still cum to it, too. If I could include the picture with this confession, I probably would (face cropped out, of course). I'd only be ..(continue confession)

My Husband Saw It

I really need to get this story off my chest and hopefully someone can tell me I’m not alone.

My husband is on the road constantly even in these pandemic times leaving me to take care of my own needs at 26 which sucks. I love my husband I really do but I was so stressed at work I broke down in front of my co worker Jason and told him everything at the end of work on Friday just as we were about to leave. He consoled me and made me feel better and offered to drive me home since I normally Ubered to and from work. On the ride home I again was feeling super lonely and horny and I glanced down toward Jason’s crotch and noticed a very obvious erection. We were just pulling into my driveway when I grabbed it over his pants and said “please come inside” we immediately began making out and quickly ran inside. We ripped off our clothes and I dropped right to my knees and took him in my mouth. I immediately could tell how much bigger he was then my husband and I felt it when he began blowing my back out. I didn’t hide it either telling him he was so much bigger repeatedly. Not even kidding it was my 1st time fucking a guy with a dick over 6 inches and it totally changed my mind about the size doesn’t matter conversation because it absolutely does. He obviously made me cum multiple times before he announced he was about too as well. I spun around and quickly directed his cock toward my face and got a face full of cum.

With me slowly pumping his still rock hard cock face covered in cum I suddenly heard the bedroom door open. My husband came home early from his trip to surprise me. Unfortunately he caught me dead in the act face covered in another mans cum and THE WORST PART, he clearly saw The size of Jason’s cock. He was frozen in shock as Jason scooped up his clothes and sprinted past him to leave. I looked at my heartbroken husband with tears starting to form in my eyes as I realized how fucked this situation was all along another mans cum slowly dripping down my face. He left for about a week barely speaking to me. I felt terrible but wanted a chance to explain myself. Which I did get too and promised to never do again but there was few problems that weren’t going away which is why I needed to tell this story. 1st problem is I can’t even lie and say he wasn’t bigger than my husband because my husband saw it wasn’t even close and he keeps saying he can’t get it out of his head and it makes him feel like less of a man, he says I probably loved the way he stretched me out and how deep he could go in me. I don’t even lie when he brings it up and just say I’m sorry. The 2nd problem is how much I love the power of making my husband feel this way. For 1 I now know how sex is supposed to feel with a real penis and I can’t stop fucking Jason. My husband doesn’t know he works with me so I have been “staying late to get work done” while I have Jason fuck me over the desk. My husband and I finally had sex and I couldn’t control myself, I wouldn’t really fake anything and just to help get me off when my husband had me in doggy I kept saying “deeper please go deeper baby”. He literally stopped when I started saying that grabbed a blanket and pillow and went to the couch without saying a word. I grabbed my dildo and made myself cum to the thought of my husband watching me fuck bigger men. I’m not sure what to do next

Anal Whore

I've been doing this thing for years where I just try to date a guy for as long as I can before getting caught cheating. The catch? I am a virgin and have to get checked up every now and then because of my parents but i take it up my asshole hard and deep and even when it's too big or dry and love it anyway. Currently i've been dating a guy for 3 months now and like with all the others, i give some stupid excuse that i want to wait until marriage to do anything sexual... but behind his back i find some guy to violate my cheating asshole. Where I live there is no lockdown so i am free to bend over around the place as much as i want. The realisation that i enjoy getting buttfucked, cheating as i pretend to be an innocent virgin makes me really want to keep my virginity for a long time and to keep my asshole gaping for my cheating hole. My biggest accomplishment so far is becoming my bf's boss' anal slave and it's our little secret. i don't even do it for money, nor to get my bf to be promoted. i just do it for the thrill and the feeling of my ass getting stretched in any way possible

Feel Like A Slut

I cheated on one boyfriend when I was in college, that was with another girl and he didn't care. I got married to my husband when I was 21 and pregnant. I have not slept with another man, or woman, since our starting to have sex when dating. Through the years, he has cheated, and I found out, we've had other rough patches but I never cheated. I can't say that anymore. About 4 months ago my husband was away on business for a few days. Clee the 16 year old who helps with our pool and lawn due to my husband traveling, was in the pool after cleaning and I went out. We started talking, and he was staying in the pool. I was in a bikini, which I can still wear and look good, I weigh only 5 lbs more than I did as a svelte college girl. He wouldn't come out because he was hard. I got in the pool next to him (privacy fence so no one can see when we skinny dip) and as we were talking I purposely bent over with my chest into the water. With this bikini the water always pulls the top down and exposes my boobs. He sees my 34C chest and plump, very erect nipples. I reach for his crotch and then pull his head to suck on my nips.

I got him to admit he'd never had sex with anyone. Seems the most he ever did was feel his girlfriends tits, not even suck on them, and felt her crotch with her wearing jeans. Even then, she stopped him. We started fucking that day and did multiple times a day until my husband came back home. Even then for the week he was home, he didn't have sex with me, so I would meet Clee someplace and have sex. After a while he stopped being awkward, and was really doing anything I wanted to get me off. I finally got him to be quite good and I cum multiple times, which I've never been able to do before.

It's been 4 months, and I didn't do it to get even with my husband, I was lonely and in the past 4 months since I've started with clee, my husband and I have had sex only 9 times. I make myself available to him anytime, and at all times, but I think he gets it from his secretary before he comes home. I feel terrible about it, I feel like a total slut, a whore, and I just can't stop. I love the sex, love that I can teach someone to do what I like and he does it willingly. A few weeks ago I let him in my ass, something I was introduced to by another woman, but my husband won't do as it's too "dirty" to him. So I take teen cum in my mouth, in my vag and in my bottom. I never feel as whorish as when I'm in my marital bed with Clee buttfucking me like he can't stop. I feel every huge spurt of his cum no matter where he puts it.

Covid Stress

I’m a nurse and covid has taken a toll on all of us at the hospital. Some deal with it better than others and I was doing fine until the end of last month.

I have never cheated on my husband until this happened. Our relationship has been rocky recently and that with all the stress at work sent me over the edge. I work nights and towards the end of the shift I broke down crying. One of the doctors I work with told me to take some time and relax in his office away from everyone. I went in and he came in a few mins later to ask what’s wrong.

I just unloaded on him everything that was going on and he came up to give me a hug which I really needed. I know we should have but we work together every night. He hugged me while I cried for a few mins and then I don’t know what overcame me but I just started to kiss his neck.

He didn’t resist and we started to vigorously make out and run our hands all over each other. We were still on the clock and he said this needed to be quick so he went over to lock his door. He then turned me around and bent me over his desk. I ground my ass into his scrubs and could feel how hard he was. He then pulled down my scrub bottoms and panties and rubbed his fingers along my pussy to feel how wet I was.

I didn’t see his cock but could hear him untie his scrubs and then rub the head along my pussy. He then proceeded to slowly penetrate me and god he was big and thick. Once he got balls deep in me he started to pump faster. We both needed it quick and fast so he gave it to me hard for about two minutes before we both erupted in orgasm. I didn’t realize how much I needed that

We haven’t done anything since nor have talked about it but can’t guarantee it won’t happen again

  • Living Straigh

    Being gay, feminine and a feminist just doesn't seem to work. I have tried to be unfeminine but it's not me. Toning down my feminist sentiments is frustrating. Being not gay has been a rollercoaster. Man on top is difficult, I like him well enough but I am emotionally cheating with a girl at work.

    I am working with a lady counselor on restating my feminist views into a more neutral tone. But GI Joe is for me just not saying anything. Did the get him in my heart thing having his baby, but I can't quite put my lady coworker out of my mind. I broke down my issues this way. I am feminine, which GI Joe loves, tone down my views when speaking with GI Joe, angering him is unwise, gay I can't change, be GI Joe's baby Momma and somehow convince him that Miss Coworker is a special friend and I won't step out with her but I want her to be my best friend.