Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul. Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!

Another Gym Slut

My wife has 34H GG tits. They hang down to her elbow crease not because they are saggy but because they are so damn big. She packs them into sports bras with ample overflowing cleavage, its like meat on a plate for hungry wolves.

She goes 6 times a week but I know not everyday is spent at the gym. I have seen evidence in her worn yoga pants and showers immediately when she gets home make it obvious.

We've run into several well built young men when out. She never introduces me as her husband and rarely wears her rings to the gym. They laugh, chat, hug, etc.

I know shes fucking a few of them. She likes big chests to match her big chest. I have her Apple ID and track her on Find My iPhone.

I'm sure she thinks she's pulling a fast one, but once I found out I gathered my own supply of FWBs for regular fun.

  • Tattoo Artist

    I’m fucking my tattoo artist and I’m married but this man fucks amazingly he even will close the curtain when we’re at the tattoo shop and rub my pussy or touch my breast and it makes me so wet I wanna fuck him right then and there latley we’ve been doing it at his house for “private” tattoo sessions the hottest one by far is he wore a Halloween mask and ripped my clothes and panties off with a knife I love the way he just ties me up and uses me then I go back home to my husband like nothing it’s so hot and full of passion when I fuck my tattoo artist my husband never touches me anymore guess I solved my problem

    My Neighbor

    I am a 67 year old married male. Sad to say it has been a few years since I had sex because both my wife ad I have bad backs.

    We had a new neighbor move into the trailer in front of us. She has a boyfriend and her mom living with her.

    She sometimes will leave the curtains open in her kitchen. One night I was on my front porch and looking at her trailer I noticed she was in the kitchen in just her bra and panties.

    I began getting hard really fast as I watched her cooking. I could not help myself I had to jack off while watching her.

    Well it was a couple of nights later the curtain was open again and I noticed her coming into the kitchen again, this time she was totally nude and had a really nice body.

    She was walking around in her kitchen from her stove to her refrigerator and her huge tits were bouncing like basketballs.

    I have to admit I got so hard that my balls started hurting and it left me no choice but to jack off and I came there times that night while watching here.

    I really want to fuck her so bad that now I get hard everytime I think about her.

    She doesn't leave the curtains open as much anymore but occasionally I do still get a great view of that hot big lip pussy.

  • One Screen Shot Ruined My Married Life

    I was chatting with my bro who was a bit upset about his life and I was laughing at him and I sent some screen shots to my wife. I forgot to crop it. Secretly I have tinder account which I access only in office and do chatting with hot girls. I didn't realize that tinder pop up captured in screen shot. When I was sleeping my wife took my phone, installed tinder and put my phone number and logged in using OTP and read all chats. Hell she was about to kill me. Past 5 days I was trying to justify my situation but she is still mad on me. Don't know what will happen next

    Prim N Proper Neighbour 5

    Lunch time and Sally and I went to the hotel bar by the pool. There were stools by the bar and we took one each. The drinks at the bar were lethal if you drank gin and tonics like Sally but the beer was quite week. So after a couple I am stone cold sober as Sally was getting a buzz on. The guy behind the bar was a cheeky young chap called Nick. He asked were our partners were and we told him about there trip. He rolled his eyes and said he didn’t blame us for not going. Sally went to the ladies room and while she was away Nick came back and said he could not believe Sally’s husband had left her there all day with me! Instead of denying anything instead I said quietly to him that I had already fucked or many times that morning and I intended to spend the afternoon doing the same! Nick joked that he got off work in half an hour and if I needed any help to give him a call. Just to see if he was full of shit I pushed my phone to him and told him to enter his number just in case. A few more drinks in Sally and we are in the lift back up to the room for the afternoon. I asked Sally about Nick and if she fancied him. If I was a few years younger she said! We get into the room and I get Sally naked. I cuff her hands behind her back and fit a ball gag into her mouth. I then fit a collar around her neck with a lead attached. After 10 minutes teasing Sally with the hitachi I bend her over and slide the remote butplug into her ass. Sally is flushed and coming as I ask her if she would like Nick to join us! She nodded. I smiled and asked if she thought I was joking and she nodded. I put my phone in front of her phase and displayed Nick’s name and a Greek dial code. She realised I was serious. I said to her this is when I find out how much of a slut you are Sally. Do you want to be fucked by both of us? She flushed red as a tomato and nodded. I called Nick and told him our room number. Two minutes later there was a knock on the door and I led Sally by her lead to open the door and let Nick in. I opened the door wide and was in no hurry to shut it as Sally was on show to the corridor. When the three of us were in the room I made Sally spin round and show Nick the plug in her ass. I pulled Sally down onto her knees and removed the ball gag so she could suck my cock. Nick got out of his clothes and also offered her cock for to switch from one to the other. Secretly I was glad of see that Nick’s cock was not as big as mine but as he was a lot younger I was pretty sure what he lacked in inches he would make up with energy. I pulled Sally onto the bed on her knees and stuffed my cock in her mouth while I laid back against the pillows. This left her pussy on full view and Nick wasted no time in starting to fuck her. Sally came a couple of times before I pulled her forward so she mounted my cock. I told Nick to take out the plug and fuck her ass at the same time which he was very eager to do. Sally screamed orgasm after orgasm and Nick came in her ass and pulled out. I fucked for a while longer and Nick stood in over us in front of her phase and made Sally suck and lick his cock clean. I could feel I was about to come so I pushed Sally off to the side and came over her face as she lay panting. I told Nick to be on his way and he got dressed and left. Sally was lying on the bed with cum dripping out of her ass and all over her face. I went to the shelf by the room TV and retrieved the GoPro I had placed there earlier. I stood over Sally and showed it to her and told her I had the whole thing recorded showing what a total Slut she was. You are mine now anytime I want! Do you understand I said, and she nodded her head. I uncuffed her wrists and told her to show me by master bathing for me. I then continued to record her as she frigged her self off, and finger fucked her ass and pussy. It was now getting near the time that the other two would be back from their coach trip so we had to clear up and shower. We were back by the pool chilling when they returned and they were concerned that we might have been bored! That night the four of us were in the bar and Nick was back on duty. Sally was red and flushed nearly all night with embarrassment.
    Again I stuck to the week and watery beer as the others were drinking spirits and when I got Sue into bed I fucked her sensless including up the arse as it took me ages to come after my busy day. Sue was soon fast asleep and I went out onto the balcony to cool off. Sally was out there too on her balcony as Neil was snoring away. I made Sally masterbate for me again as she looked at me, calling me a basted. When she had come I told her to be a good girl for me as I might get more than one guy to join us next time. She went bright red and ran back inside. This needs planning I thought!

  • Prim N Proper Neighbour Part 4

    As two couples we went on holiday to Rhodes. We had been there a week and I had only managed a quick grope and snog with Sally. Sally and her husband were in the next room to us and I loved fucking the living daylights out of my girl knowing that Sally was next door and could hear the banging, moaning and screaming. One day chatting to Sally in the pool she started giving me grief about the fact she knew we could heard and that her husband would be snoring away beside her. Later that night my girl, sue and Neil started going on about some intellectual coach trip around the island to see Ancient Greek cities and the like. Sue and Neil could tell by mine and Sally’s reaction that we were not in the slightest interested. Being the “ gentleman” I offered to keep Sally company for the other two to go off being intelligent. It was all agreed and a little later I managed to whisper to Sally that while the other two were on their trip, I intended to fuck the living daylights out of her!
    Come the day of the trip the other two had to get up early, Sally and I stood on our respective balconies as we watched the coach leave the hotel. I looked to Sally and told her to come to my room, right away. I opened the door for Sally and she came in wearing a beech dress which was on the floor as soon as the door closed. I took Her in my arms and kissed her hard as I cupped her pussy feeling it warm and moist. I led Sally into the room and to the bed. On the bed was a black bag which contained a selection of toys. I told Sally to take them out and lay them on the bed. When they were laid out I took a cordless hitachi and held it on her clit as I turned it on. This was a first for Sally she had not used one before and her eyes rolled as she bit her lip. While doing this I picked up two pairs of handcuffs and led Sally out onto our balcony. We were on the top floor and had no balconies either side of us. I made Sally lay on her front on a sun lounger and cuffed her wrists to the arm rests. The hitachi was back on her count and clit. I kept toying with her as she came twice. I then left the hitachi in place and went to get another toy. I had used a butplug on Sally before but there was a new one on the bed a little larger than she had used before. I took some lube on my finger and worked her asshole until I was all the way in, still using the hitachi. I then worked the butplug in gently until it was all the way in. I then went round to her head and sat on the end of the lounger with my cock in front of her mouth. Straight away she licked the tip and opened her mouth as I slid it in. At this point she found out that the butplug was both battery powered and remote control as it started to buzz away and giggle backwards and forwards. I kept Sally like this for while as she orgasmed many times. After a while I took my cock out of her mouth and walked around behind her. I drew her up onto her knees and slid my cock into her dripping pussy the same time switching the butplug up to Max. After a about another ten minutes I came in her pussy as she begged me to stop as she could not take anymore. I uncuffed her and almost had to carry her into the room and onto the bed. After a few minutes rest I gave the butplug a little wiggle which was like electricity through Sally. Not yet she pleaded please? So instead I got Sally to slide down the bed and lick and suck my balls. Sally was really good at this and soon ended up with both of my Harry balls in her mouth, after a few minutes of this I pushed her head down further and felt her velvet tongue around my asshole. I was soon hard again and pushed sally onto her fron and replaced the butplug with my big hard cock and fucked her untill she could not take any more orgasms. Sally begged me to come in her ass but I had other ideas. I withdrew from her ass and rolled her over just as I started to come over her face leaving it glazed in cum. I ran my fingers over her face scooping the come into her mouth until she had swallowed every drop. We were both pretty knackered then and as breakfast was still being served we showered and went downstairs to eat. We got into the lift on the top floor and I stopped at the next one down and a family of four got in. We were side by side at the back of the lift and I slid my hand under her skirt and aside her thong and massaged her ass and pussy. The lift took ages to get to the ground floor as it kept stopping at each floor. I am sure she came again as her pussy was soaking wet again. When got out of the left Sally glared at me saying she could not believe I did that too her.
    We chilled the rest of the morning by the pool but by lunch time I was feeling horny again!

    Fucking For Our Troops

    For almost one year now, I have been fucking this hot blonde 28 yo military wife. Now, with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, her husband has returned home, and we have agreed to discontinue our affair. The last weekend before her husband returned, she placed their two year old son at her parent's house and came to my place, where we fucked and sucked each other silly all day long for three days straight. Since it was our last time together, she even let me cum in her face, which she has never let me do before. It was our last goodbye, and I don't think that I will ever see her again. I am however grateful that for the last year I have had this opportunity to do my patriotic duty by supporting a military family and fucking for our troops!

    Fun With A Guy

    I cheated on my wife for the first time and it was with a guy. She hasn’t put out for awhile and I got sick of asking. I went away for a work trip recently and met a guy at the hotel bar. We chatted a bit about sports and work I ended up drinking alot. The conversation went to sex and we both complained how our wives didn’t put out anymore.

    He invited me back up to his room to hang out and watch a game and after a few more drinks he asked if I wanted to watch a porno. To be honest I was horny and said yes. The porno starts and he whips out his dick and starts jerking. I did the same and we were talking about all the hot babes fucking. I had never done anything with a guy at this point in my life.

    I’m just laying back stroking and then all of a sudden he comes over and just Lowers his mouth on my cock. I’m like stunned but he starts sucking and it feels amazing. I hadn’t gotten head in so long so I just let him suck me while I watch the porno and shoot a massive load in his mouth. It was a little awkward after that but I told him I really enjoyed it and then he starts to suck me hard again.

    While he is sucking me he starts to like massage my ass and then slowly penetrate me with his finger and this gets me rock fucking hard again. He asked if I wanted to fuck him and I am checking out his ass and think why not. He was in good shape and I wanted to get off again. I lube up and he guides me telling me to go slow at first. He was in the doggystyle position. God he was tight and after a few minutes I really got into pounding him and start another load deep in his ass.

    Not going to lie I really enjoyed and def would’ve open to having fun with a guy again

    I'm A Slut, So?

    Ok I'm a little slut. I've been one since before hs. Once I had my first orgasm from an older boy in my neighborhood I couldn't get enough. I have fucked myself with everything from brush handles to various vegetables. I fucked every boy who ever wanted to and some older guys in various situations. It's easy to get dick if you are open to it. I have never said no to anyone. A friend's dad fucked me for two years. I was known in school as slutty Sami and I did not care! I still don't. I let more than one if my friends bfs fuck me. I keep quiet and don't tell. They like that and I get lots of texts asking if I want some dick. I almost always say yes. I'll do anal when I'm on my period. But I really don't like sucking dick. I'll do it if there's two dicks and I want to keep the second one hard til the first is done fucking me.

    I'm thinking about moving to Las Vegas to get a job at the chicken ranch. I might as well get paid I guess. I wake up wanting to get fucked and fall asleep dreaming about it.

    I really don't care what you think about me. I just want to get fucked then fucked again and again.

    I didn't write this so you pervs can beat off to this. But if you live by Midtown Atl... Come to Starbucks and look for Sami. You might get laid. I don't care what color you are or how old you are. Just no fat dudes. Y'all got tiny dicks and can't really fuck to good.

  • Gym Bitch

    My husband thinks I attend our local gym four days a week. When I actually only use the gym twice a week.
    The other two times I'm being fucked by a young guy I met at the gym.

    He didn't stop trying to get into my knickers for weeks, and eventually I said yes to going back to his after my gym session.

    If I'd have known sooner just how big his cock is, and how amazing he is in and out of bed, I would have been sucking on his huge cock from the day he first flirted with me.

    I do actually work out twice a week, but the other two times I visit my twenty year old lovers place and have him do what he wants with me.
    The sheer joy I've found from having such a large penis make me orgasm so much from anal sex, has been a revelation. My husband never fucks me there as he says it's dirty, but my young lover adores cumming up my rear hole.

    Last week and the reason I'm really confessing today, is when I visited a week ago, he had a mate round playing on his computer game.
    We began making out, then as I was sucking off my lover, his friend got up behind me and began tonguing my pussy and arsehole.

    Over the next two hours they either took turns to have sex with me, or in a beautiful first for me, I had both boys fucking me at the same time. The orgasms they drove me to were so strong and so long lasting, when I'd showered, being fucked by my lover alone, and gotten dressed, I could hardly walk to my car.

    Even though I'd showered, I'm sure I still had some of my lovers cum inside my pussy, when my husband decided when I got in, that he wanted to have sex. I made out I was tired from the gym, so instead of fucking me, he had me lay on the sofa as we gave each other oral sex.

    Telling me later I must have trained really hard, because in his words "Your pussy was really creamy".

    I know I'm bad for cheating on my husband, but then he knows just how much I enjoy sex. He should do, I cheated on an ex with him for a year before we got together for real.