Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul. Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!

Saving Up

Every time I go to the grocery store, I get an extra $20 or $40. Slowly, the money is piling up, and when I get to $250, I'm DEFINITELY reaching out to a woman I've been dreaming of on the local message boards! She's everything I've always wanted and never had--tall, slim, wild red hair, tattooed, and totally sexual. Can't wait to watch her sweet little ass rocking back and forth as she rides me into oblivion!


I've had my share of mutually satisfying liaisons over the years. Women wanting physical affection we were both lacking from home. Over the years their desire seems to shrink, life gets in the way, and we wonder if the liaisons are worth the effort.

For a lot of us the sexual desires are still there, but the women, around me anyway, dont seem interested. I've noticed all the women having new lesbian relationship posts here lately. I never would have thought I would have any interest in a bi thing, but when your other choices run out you start to think outside the box, so I understand now.

You have a friend, same sex, in the same boat, pent up sexual needs that are never going to get satisfied. It's someone you can trust, someone you are around all the time, and you do what you have to do. I have a friend who has made sexual advances, made it obvious he wants to play. I don't have any other options, and if it's discreet, why not I guess. Sex is sex. Life is short.

Vacation On The Beach

Back in 2019 my husband and I went down to a small resort in the Caribbean to get away for a week in February. My husband is not a big beach guy and prefers to golf.

I would go to the beach every day and he would join me after his round of golf around 3 in the afternoon. I enjoyed going to this resort as it was a topless beach and I would wear a skimpy thong bikini to work on my tan lines. The first 3 days were uneventful except a young black guy would come up to me and ask me if I wanted a massage. I noticed he was going to all the women alone on the beach and asking if they wanted a free massage. He had a small tent set up about a half mile down the beach where he gave his massages and I noticed maybe 3-5 women each day would go down with him and return about an hour later.

The fourth day I decided to take him up on his offer and walk down the beach with him to his tent. I had not had a good massage in ages and not going to lie admired his buff body as we walked down to his tent. When I got in the tent he asked me to remove my bathing suit and cover myself with a towel while he got his stuff ready. He returned a few minutes later and started to massage my back with some oils.

He definitely knew what he was doing and it was awesome to hear the sound of the waves in the background as I got the massage. It proceeded normally with him then massaging my neck, legs, and feet for a good while. As I started to kind of doze off he asked if it was ok to remove the towel so I could get the full body effect. I sort of moaned a yes and he started to rub my lower back and ass. I did start to get aroused at this point and his hands were like magic and getting closer and closer to my pussy as he massaged me.

He asked if I was enjoying myself and wanted more and I just nodded my head not knowing exactly what he meant but feeling so good that I didn’t want the massage to end. This is when he spread my legs further apart and started to graze my pussy lips. He asked me to lift my butt in the air and he proceeded to expertly finger my pussy from behind. It felt amazing and I couldn’t help but wonder what it looked like with me face down and ass up on his massage table being fingered by this young black man. He definitely knew what he was doing and got me off with his fingers in about a minute.

I then flipped over on my back and saw he had removed his swim trunks to reveal a very large and hard black cock. He was kind of showing it off to me to gauge my reaction to see if I would pay him back for the pleasure he gave me. He then asked if I wanted it.

I knew I shouldn’t have but I nodded yes. He pulled out a condom from his shorts and put it on. He then climbed on top of me on the massage table and slowly started to penetrate me. It took him awhile to get all the way in but once he got in balls deep I have never felt so full in my life. At this point I started having an uncontrollable orgasm as he sped up his thrusting. After I came, I spread my legs wide on the table and let him use me how he wanted. He fucked me for a good 5 minutes missionary and then flipped me over on my hands and knees and finished pounding me doggystyle. He gripped my hips and gave it to me very hard and fast until he pulled out and shot his load all over my back and ass. I wish I could say I felt guilty but I didn’t feel guilty enough. I invited him up to my room our last day there while my husband was golfing. There was no massage this time.

We took a shower together which involved me giving him head. After that we had pretty rough sex all over the hotel room for like 45 mins.

Three Weeks Of Bliss

In college I got my first real taste for sex. I loved it and had sex as often as I could enjoying my freedom and all those guys. I got into having sex with black men back before it was a thing. Had sex with six black guys during college and a couple after then started dating my future husband and it was white cock for me from then on.

Turned forty, sex life had evaporated, husband and I had talked about swinging or threesomes and nothing ever materialized. I was feeling neglected, unattractive, and started self loathing and turning old before my time. Husband was interested in exploring sexual options but we were stuck in neutral. I was waiting for him to pull the trigger, bring up to a sex club, a swinger event, maybe meet with a swinging couple see what it was about, maybe even just bring home some guy to fuck me, anything but we never got out of the starting gate.

Husband hired a work crew for a home renovation job and yes there is where things get ridiculously cliched. He hired a company owned by two white brothers but day one the crew was made up of one of the brothers and three young black men. Nice looking guys who reminded me of my college days. Days in bed with guys who just wanted to get their dicks sucked and to fuck me. The good ol' days.

Day two its just the three black guys and pretty much just them except for when the one brother would drop in in the morning to be seen and check on things. No problems. I offered to make lunch one day and got to talking with one of the guys who tended to be the one who was always there while the others were hit or miss.

We'd eat together and one day he asked me if I'd ever been with a black guy. I was enjoying this guys company and honestly his attention and I told him the truth I said yes and asked why he wanted to know? He said he was thinking about sex with me a lot and was wondering if I'd ever consider being with a black guy. I told him the truth, yes I used to love sex with black guys and since they'd been working at the house I was thinking about it again, a lot. He asked if I liked big dicks and yes I did and do! Of course.

He surprised me, he stood up (we were in my living room) and he pulled his dick out. He was about three quarters hard and yup very big. He stroked himself hard and asked what I thought. I was hot as fuck that's what I thought but I didn't want to cheat either. I would masturbate ten times a day thinking of his dick but I didn't want to give in and fuck him. He was humorous about it and told me he would show it to me as much as I wanted. We had a nice conversation while he stood there with his dick out in my face. And yes I masturbated thinking about right after the crew left for the day and again in the shower.

Three more days of him showing me his dick, then he asked me what I would do if I was single. I told him I would kiss the head of his cock then slowly suck him until he came. He said he wished I would. He took my hand and put it on his dick and I squeezed the head, then squeezed the hard shaft, and felt his balls. I stopped, he started stroking, kept stroking I touched, then stopped, he kept going, he was close to cumming. I was thinking he'd stop, he didn't. His got close and pushed his dick at my face and he groaned loudly and I saw the first drip of cum and I reacted taking his cock into my mouth and sucking his loud out and gulped in down just like the old days-fuck now I'd done it, played with fire and ended up with this guy's cock in my mouth and his load in my stomach. I flushed and stammered, he was thrilled and I spent the rest of the day feeling guilty and mortified by still horny and really wanting to suck him off for real.

The next day, out came his cock again and I was of the mind to just blow him. I had already sucked him and swallowed his cum so what the fuck right? This time I did what I'd said, I kissed his cock head, tongued it, and swallowed his cock for real, stroked him, sucked his balls and made love to his cock. I fell back on my ol' cock sucking skills, and drained him. A few hours later, I did it again.

Next day three times, and I wanted more. He busted my chops about me becoming a true cocksucker and I admitted loving it and wanting more. He surprised me, offing to get the other guys involved. I didn't say yes didn't say no but the next day I drained three cocks a total of six times. Same thing the rest of the week.

The next week, I was super horny and after dreaming of fucking these three young guys I did. One after the other in my bed. I made them pull out and cum in my mouth. The next day one just came in me and soon all three were fucking me and cumming in me. This went on for three weeks, me sucking and fucking, feeling guilty but wanting it even worse the next day. The end of the project sucked, I was depressed when the guys moved onto their next job. Our last day I sucked and fucked each of them and was lucky enough for my buddy to stop in the next week to fix something and Jesus I fucked the ever living cum out of him.

He'd snuck over a few times as had the other guys but not nearly as often as I needed and I was getting concerned about getting caught and since I've met the main guy for a couple of car fucks but it's all over now. Logistically it just fizzled out. I'm back to masturbating in the shower and fantasizing all day. Sigh.

Quickie Confession

As we all sit here, my brother in law Michael is playing with and fingering my pussy.
My husband is watching his football team in the next room with his dad. They're drawing 1-1 at half time. During the second half, Michael and I are going attempt and have a quick fuck. I hope we can as I love his cock.

  • I Cheat

    I'm a female, and I have been cheated on multiple times. Eventually, I started cheating. It feels so good knowing that I turn other men on. I find it really satisfying when I sext and flirt with someone new. The feeling I get when I am talking to another person other than my partner is amazing. It makes my current relationship feel boring, though. I usually do it over the phone, but it's cheating nonetheless. I know I would feel crushed if my partner did this, but somehow knowing it doesn't make me stop.

    Anal Love

    Greg my husband used to enjoy fucking my arsehole. Now he thinks it's dirty and only for whores.
    That's because he chosen to become a born again christian.

    I haven't chosen that path and adore anal sex. Indeed other than a guy clamping his lips around my clit and sucking on it, I orgasm the best and with the most intensity when I'm fucked up my arsehole.

    So you can see my dilemma. Or it was a dilemma until I met two of my clients privately.
    They're both in their late forties, have larger than average cocks and they couldn't care less of its my mouth, pussy or arsehole they're fucking.

    My business puts me in touch with lots of builders, tradesmen and company operators. So not long after Greg made his decision, I made mine.

    Both men are married. They fuck me separately, but know about each other. And on average, have sex with me once or twice a week each.
    They both understand I love having my arsehole fucked, and that I like having them cum up my arse too.
    One of the guys even enjoys tonguing my hole after he's cum in it. Something that's fast becoming a favourite of mine as well.

    There is another younger guy who I was initially having sex with when Greg began his church following. A neighbour of ours. And he's got the biggest cock I've ever had sex with. However he's got another fortnight before he returns from his oil rig work.
    He's already promised me he'll fuck my arsehole until I can't walk when he gets home.

    I honestly can't wait.

    Some Nice Things

    I've been with my wife for over forty years. (Yeah, my bio says I'm fifty-one but the correction doesn't seem to want to stick.)

    We've been through a lot and I love her, but I still have some confessions for you.

    She's got a nice hairy snatch and I love that. I love hairy women. I told her a few weeks ago that I really wish she would stop shaving her legs and armpits. I'd love for her to grow them out. She responded by asking why I wanted her to look like a man.

    I was a little humiliated by her refusal, but it turned me on. My thoughts turned to the bearded truck driver who lives two doors down and his Viking wife. I imagined taking his cock in my mouth, tasting and smelling his manhood, maybe in front of his beautiful blonde wife. I'd love to feel his hot cum flooding into my mouth, and the wonderful sense of arousal as I thank him profusely for allowing me to suck his wonderful cock. I have, on a couple of occasions now, spoken to him and his wife and I very much enjoy showing them my submissive side.

    I was so submissive to her when I spoke to her that her friend and neighbor glanced at her with a puzzled expression as I told her I would be willing to do anything to help her and her husband. I was imagining myself on my knees kissing her feet, and I think her friend saw it.

    Another thing that turns me on is cheating.

    I once pursued a woman at work just because I loved the thrill of bedding her behind my wife's back. It's even better if it's a friend of my wife.

    One of my friends went on hiatus with his girlfriend--a friend of ours--and I immediately tried to seduce her. I was successful and she not only screwed me, but she enjoyed something else that turns me on. I love licking the assholes of confident, dominant women. I loved sticking my tongue between her ass cheeks and licking her while I jerked myself off.

    As you can tell, another thing that turns me on is being perverted. The more taboo a sex act is, the more I'm likely to enjoy it. I can't confess everything here, but I am willing to correspond with anyone who writes me. I'm so submissive I'd probably do anything you want. If you're going to give me a WTF, at least write to me (my address is in my profile) and humiliate me.

    Fuck Off Matt

    Just caught by my boyfriend of 3 years cheating on me. So I sent him a snap of me having a threesome with my old ex boyfriend and his friend with the caption, "It's over when I say it's over. So it's over bitch". All day I've been getting messages from him saying, "what did I do?" Like bitch I have straight up proof you fucked someone else.

    Bye Matt you unloyal piece of shit cock ass.

  • My Path To Becoming A Hotwife

    I see a lot of perverted husband stories about slutty wives on this website. I feel like it is time I confess how I got started down this path.

    It was really hard for me to actually go along with any of my husband's sex ideas. Basically, it seemed like he wanted me to be a slutty whore. If I had known I don't think I would have married him. What kind of husband wants their wife to be a home nudist, cheat, get gangbanged, swap and swing with his friends? I didn't get it.

    I tried to get him to be satisfied with more normal couples stuff. I bought lingerie and role played with him. I let him take private photos and videos of me and us. I started letting him take me to nude beaches, resorts and even some nude house parties. I didn't like these nudist events but I went along with it more as a compromise. What freaked me out was suddenly my husband's friends started magically showing up at these nudist places and events. Talking to one of his buddies, at a nudist house party, I found out that my husband had let him see some of our private pictures and pornos. I felt very humiliated, betrayed and... aroused. This was the first time I felt aroused and happy to be at a nudist event. For the first time I felt like I could do the nasty sex stuff my husband wanted of me. I wasn't exactly sure how to go about it, or if I could go through with it, or if I could handle the guilt I was expecting afterwards.

    This was before the internet so I went about it basically two ways, I started flirting back at my coworkers when they flirted with me and I started tracking down my ex-boyfriends that I was still interested in. Even though I had permission before I even thought about it, I didn't tell my husband any of this because I didn't want to feel pressured.

    The guy I choose to go after at work I picked more because he was also married. I didn't want this to get out. I think because we were both so nervous, the sex was pretty bad. It got better over time though.

    The ex, I just went for the one that was interested back. Getting started was shockingly fast, even though he had a live-in girlfriend. It didn't take long before he became too much of a jerk to keep around and I broke it off with my ex. He didn't take it well and tried to blackmail me.

    So even with me cheating on my husband it still took a while before I was able to get myself to start to go along with my husband's pervy desires. I'm sorry but for me, I had to work up to it. So, he thinks my first time with anther man was four years after I really was. It was the first time with an other man that I let my husband know about and get all pervy about. This was a big deal, but I had to really work my self up to it.

    We did a lot of sexy, slutty stuff after that... for a long time. We've both tamed down. I've got mixed feelings on all that we did. I know I cheated on him, but I cheated on him to prepare to do the sexy stuff he wanted of me.