Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul. Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!

Sister In Law

My younger brother married a cute girl . They dated through high school so we all welcomed her in the family for years. I have joked around with her and sometimes some harmless flirting. My brother called me at worked and asked could I go jump start his wife’s car at her work. I knew they had a weak battery so I bought a new battery and put it in her car. She kept saying that she would someway pay me back. I asked her if she had keys to get into the business where she work and she did. I really needed to clean my hands. After clean up flirting I asked her where in the office did she and my brother hid for sex. She smiled and said follow her. We got in a supply room and she started removing my clothes. She started a blow job which I was about to fill her mouth. She told me to lay down which I did. She removed her clothes and got on top. She was hot and wet it wasn’t long we both climaxed. She was so intensed and I could feel her muscles moving. She asked me could I get hard again so I got on top and surprisingly got hard again. I used her until we both cum again. While getting our clothes on she told me next time we would use a condom. She had finished her monthly about a week earlier and hope it was a safe time. We almost got caught because my brother pulled up as we were about to leave. She didn’t get pregnant which I was relieved. Over time we played it smart and could get together for a fling. I didn’t father any of their children but could have if I was selfish. My wife has aged out of sex so my sister in law is the only pussy I get about once a month. I think our flings keeps her sexually active for my brother and I.

  • Playing With Her

    It started the moment I walked into the work canteen, and she was walking out. About 5'2, long black hair, dressed in a skirt and heels. Oh man I'm gonna get in trouble. I might have even said this out loud to myself as she paused and walked past me.

    We sat on opposite sides of the office, out of sight of each other. Over the weeks and months, we texted on Skype. Rarely did we chat in person as people know I'm married, and the last thing I want is to be talked about. Some days I don't even think I did any work, just spent the day chatting and flirting with her waiting for the bar to flash on my momitor that I'd received a new message.

    The tension built up between us was incredible. So vivid I could touch it. For months we'd been teasing each other, talking about what we'd do to each other. Always on text. The moments I could glimpse her in the office were what I came to work for.

    Christmas Eve and it's a half day. We started talking about kissing and she said if we were together she could hold out and not kiss me longer than I could. So I took the bait.

    'Go upstairs. There is an empty floor in our office building. At the back is a shower room. Meet me there in ten minutes.'

    I went up, into the shower room and waited. A quiet knock on the door and I pulled her in. She was wearing black tights, a dress and a pink overcoat.

    I pressed her to the wall. She moved her lips forward to kiss me and I moved my head back. I put my finger to her lips and said 'no, no. I told you I would hold out longer than you.' She didn't care for the game and tried again. I turned my face and she kissed my jaw. She was annoyed, but my body was pressed against hers. 'Kiss me' she said.

    I moved my mouth to her ear, and hovered at her neck. Feeling her body against me was sheer bliss. But I didn't want to cave in. I breathed her in. Pressed my erection against her, and she reciprocated, pushing against my cock.

    I ran my finger tips through her hair, then teased a line down her chest. I skipped to her thigh just above the knee. I traced my fingers to the inside of her thigh slowly moving upwards. Barely inches above her knee I feel soaking wet. I'd made her pussy drip down her tights. I had never made any woman react like this before. My lips softly grazing her neck she wrapped her arms around my shoulders pulling me in against her, gripping my hair. She tried again to turn my head to kiss me. I didn't let her. Instead I looked her in the eyes as my lips were by hers. I stroked her wet tights up to her knickers. My cock was bursting against her stomach. I rubbed her pussy over her tights, feeling the wet on my hand. Her breath on my lips tickled. We stayed like that for a minute but it felt like ever.

    I smiled and said 'told you I could hold out.' She was irritated yet still pressing hard against me.

    Eventually I moved back and let her go. She straightened her clothes and left the shower room.

    It may be the single hottest, most powerful I have ever felt.


    In high school my two best friends were prom queen, head cheerleader, most beautiful and etc. I was the class scholar and my friends used me to help their grades. We married three close friends so we have in our adult life hang out a lot together. My husband and I had children soon while the beauty wife’s wanted to keep their figures longer. Me being short and plump I always felt inferior. What I don’t understand is why their husbands are always wanting to have sex with me. Over the years I have had sex with their husbands many times. My satisfaction is my husband is much better in bed of the three men. I have the private satisfaction knowing I have the best husband. My tubes are tide so they can have sex with me with no restrictions. I really hope my husband never finds out what I have been doing. The beauty wives have had one child each and their husbands aren’t satisfied in bed with them. I have hinted that I was going to stop having sex with the other men. My private satisfaction is I’m the best.

  • Lesbian Incest Foursome

    I want to fuck my wife and her sister and mother together. I sent anonymous dick pics to them both.

    Cheated On Husband On His Birthday

    3 weeks ago was husbands birthday and we went out to eat at nice restaurant. When we got home I sucked his dick, which of course he loved.

    After that we went out onto porch on back of townhouse and had few drinks. After while neighbor named Geoff came home so we said hi and he came over and had drink.

    We were outside fir few minutes but it got roo cold so we went to living room. By the husband Jason has had his limit of drinks and slumped of to bed.

    Well I always liked Geoff. Nice looking and to be honest very nice body, especially his butt lol. I told Geoff how I had sucked Jason off, and that I'd like to suck him too. He was bit nervous about it, but before long I was sucking him.

    His dick emwas pretty big, I would say 7.5 inches. Well I was so horny that I tossed off clothes, layer back on the carpet and we started to fuck missionary. After few minutes I screamed loudly as I had orgasm. Well, I couldn't help it, but it woke up Jason, who came downstairs. He lookwd pretty furious, but stood silently, I guess he didn't know what the say. I told him, "just go back to bed and let him screw me."

    The next morning Jason found me asleep on couch with Geoff's semen having run out my pussy down leg.

  • Older Men

    Every morning I would watch him masturbate and play with my breasts, pussy and clit.
    He knew I was watching, which made him toss his huge cock even more.
    After a few weeks it got to the point of us stood at our respective bedroom wondows and giving each other a show. But Covid stopped us from doing what we ultimately wanted to do, fuck one another.
    As soon as things relaxed, we met outside in a local park. I couldn't resist and had to feel that enough cock of his. It had been all I'd thought about all morning.
    Stroking it with people nearby, made it all the more horny for me and I desperately wanted to feel it deep inside my love holes.
    But my husband was at home that day, so we couldn't go back to mine.
    His wife was at home too, but without going too much into it, she wasn't capable of caring.
    So horny for sex, I decided to take Martin to a place just outside the park, and into some woodland.
    The sheer joy of opening his trousers and sucking in his cock after weeks of watching him masturbate, was a sexual relief.
    I gave his cock more attention than my husband had allowed me with his, all year.
    And when it became so hard and throbbing in my mouth, I knew I wasn't going to stop.
    Lifting my skirt, I made Martin remove my knickers.
    I'd leaned over and was expecting him to slam his cock up my pussy. But instead I felt his breath on my backside as he pulled my arse cheeks apart.
    That moment when his tongue snaked between my legs and began licking my along my pussy slit, and to my clit, will stay with me forever.
    As will the first orgasm he made me have, by sucking on my clit and fingering both my pussy and arsehole.
    Still shaking from the orgasm, he got up behind me, and I sighed loudly as he slid his beautiful penis deep inside my c**t. I know some women don't like that word, but when you're being fucked so rawly and so rough, it's becomes to me, my c**t.
    And Martin gave me the raw fucking of my life. I was like a rag doll on his cock, but I didn't care. I wanted the sex to be dirty, to be base and savage. I'd dreamed of Martin fucking me like that and in that woodland he just fucked me until his balls exploded and I felt his sperm flood my vagina.
    I'd climaxed twice as his cock pounded me, so by the time his cum filled my insides, I was totally his.
    When he pulled out, he wasn't finished. Going back down on me, he tongued away at my pussy and arsehole, making me orgasm one more time.
    Standing facing Martin, we kissed and he played with my breasts through my top.
    I wanted to be naked with him, but that had to wait.
    Just like our next sexual liaison.
    It was nearly a week later when I text him to call round. My husband finally back at work after being furloughed.
    Martin and I fucked all morning and again once he'd checked on his wife. By mid afternoon I'd taken three cum loads from him, and both my pussy and arsehole were throbbing from his attentions.
    Before he left me that day, I took my time to do something I'd never tried before. Martin had me ride his face, and believe me the fifty four year old gave me, my love holes and my clit, the tonguing of a lifetime.
    When my husband got in I was in the bath. He wanted his evening meal, so I cooked it going over and over in my mind what Martin and I had enjoyed that day.
    Like many many times before, my husband had his whisky and fell asleep in his chair. His cock useless to me, even if I tried to suck to life.
    It didn't matter though, because I knew the following day, my older lover would be pleasuring me all over again.
    It's been six months and Martin and I have sex two to three times a week. More if we can.
    I'll never go back to just one man, especially my husband.
    I enjoy sex too much to stop my liaisons with Martin, and I know he loves fucking a younger woman. From now on, older men are going to be my way of enjoying cock. And that's a promise to myself.

    Cheating At A Party

    About a month ago I was at a house party. It was predominantly my boyfriends friends all there. During the night my boyfriend was more interested in downing drinks, so much so that he didn’t notice his friends openly flirting with me and even copping a feel of my arse (which I playfully smacked away at first). Later on in the night as I had a few drinks I got ridiculously horny and mixture of lack of attention from my bf and attention from his friends led to me sucking off 3 of his friends at different times in the bathroom. I feel so guilty that I had to break up with him, but his friends still message me…

    Banging My Supervisor

    This happened years ago when I was still married. It was not something I planned on, but I had regular sex with one of my supervisors (I was her manager).
    I managed a company of 2,500 call centre associates (inbound customer care) and this chick named Janelle was one of the call associates. She applied and was accepted into the supervisor training program. Because of my years of experience she would often come see me in my office to ask questions pertaining to her training and asked for one on one help. I was happy to help her, unaware she had an ulterior motive.
    Things progressed to where we exchanged numbers and she would text me questions. Soon our texts and one on one meetings turned friendlier and sex came up once or twice.
    One day, I don’t even remember his it happened, I was in her car, parked at some empty lot and het sucking my dick until I blew a load in her mouth. After she swallowed my load, she looked up at me with a big grin saying this is what she was really wanting this whole time.
    We fucked pretty regularly (my soon to be ex-wife was pretty much shut down sexually at this point).
    One time I had her come to work in a skirt with no panties on and fingered her in my office while going over reports.
    Another time we went for a walk at a nearby park and she blew me right in the middle of the walking trail. About 20 seconds after I came in her mouth a guy came walking around the bend. I wondered if he saw anything.
    She was huge into role play and bondage. On one particular day off she had, she texted me that she would leave her outside apartment door unlocked (she lived in the ground floor) and wanted me to “break in” and find her masturbating and tie her up and use her. I took a long lunch and headed to her place. I got into her apartment and could hear her moaning in the bedroom. I quietly walked in on her, asked “what do we have here” and began tying her up with rope she kept in her nightstand. She pretended to resist a bit, but loved every minute of it. Then she asked me to fuck her ass. She had never done it before (although she had fucked her ass with a dildo) and was eager to have a hard cock up her brown hole.
    I lubed her up good and slowly entered her tight little hole. She came several times and I finally blew my load up her ass.
    She was a tight little package and as one guy put it as she walked by one day “nobody wears a pair or jeans like her”. Little did he know I was pounding that ass every chance I got.
    She eventually took a job elsewhere and moved several provinces away. I miss her.

    I Wish I Could Teach This

    I really love making married men cheat.
    I know i posted about this before and said I should stop doing this.
    I honest don't want too. I got another one last night.

    I kind of wish I could teach this. You know be a coach to married men to both give them the confidence to cheat and to teach them how to do it and not get caught.

    I know I am fucked in the head and many people would think I am just a slut. I am not. But He does not even need to be that attractive if he is married and willing to risk hitting one me the rush is so hot, the risk he is taking. More often than not, i'll reward him.

    I seriously wish i could encourage more men to do this and teach them how not to be caught.

  • Sore Ass

    New year has brought me a new love of anal sex. Not with my husband who's been pretty much drunk throughout the festive season, but with a neighbors son.

    I've always liked Jordan, so when he mentioned being on his own in between Christmas and new year, became his mom and dad were visiting relatives, I said I'd call by.
    My husband was drunk, so I went round with an idea of seeing if Jordan wanted to have some fun.

    Oh my word. Not only did he want sex, he practically fucked me until I couldn't take his cock anymore.
    Not wanting to risk pregnancy, I had the nineteen year old pretty much exclusively fucking my mouth and asshole.
    His dick isn't the biggest I've enjoyed in my life, but Jordan can fuck and fuck and fuck all day.

    We had sex three times that first time. Then again that night as my husband drank himself to oblivion
    I had Jordan visit us and even say hi to my husband. When he passed out on the couch, I took Jordans cock up my ass leaning over the kitchen island.

    And that has been the case every single day since. I even went out with Jordan to buy my husband more alcohol, so we could fuck more.
    We had sex in my car coming back from the liquor store, and I've never felt so alive.

    I'm not sure how long our liaisons will last, but I'm definitely not staying faithful from now on, to a man who can't keep me happy.