Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul. Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!

Cheating Wife With A Twist

I want to tell my story it's a little different no doubt. I have been cheating on my husband for four years. We got married when I was 24. Our marriage was struggling and it was pretty obvious. My mother in law of all people encouraged me to have an affair. She sat me down, explained that she's been having affairs her entire marriage. When things get stale or tense she would have an affair. Never been caught, very easy for her a lot of men were interested said it just takes the courage to flirt and just ask outright if the guy doesn't get the hint. Said to stick to married guys who just want to get laid and won't blow up your marriage and she insisted that if I did have an affair that I go all out. Do all the things I haven't been brave enough to do with anyone else. I was shocked, thanked her and let it lie but she kept pushing it saying my marriage would improve just give it a shot.

She talked me into fucking around on her own son. I fell into sex with a dad from my oldest daughter's class, we were waiting outside school he made some joke and instead of just laughing I actually flirted with him, chatted, became friendly and we talked for a few weeks then one morning after drop off he asked if I wanted to grab a coffee. I was really nervous, especially when he put his hand on the small of my back walking me into the coffee shop. He purposely drove out of town to "keep people from getting the wrong idea." I asked "what Idea is that?" he said "that we're having sex." In the boldest moment of my life I said "Aren't we going to though?" He said "if you want to yes."

We fucked in his car parked in the far corner of a cemetery. I sucked his dick like a fiend and he fingered my asshole and I responded by masturbating until I came which no man had ever seen me do. For awhile I sucked him off constantly swallowing his cum and letting him do what ever he wanted. I snuck him into my house every so often and we fucked the mornings away and you know what-my mother in law was right. I was much happier, this made my husband relax and he was much happier, way less acrimony and arguing and yes our marriage was much improved. My mother in law once day was over and said she was expecting to find a man in my bed because things were so improved. I just shrugged, she said don't say anything just remember my advise-be careful, don't get caught and don't stick with one guy too long.

I've followed her advise for four years, had six affairs and have a fantastic marriage and a great sex life. I've been offered the opportunity for a threesome with another woman and my current boyfriend and i think I'm going to try it. Like my MIL said-try those things your wouldn't normally do.

  • EverydayDyevushka

    24 yo female. I was at party at my bestie, she is singel I am not. One of my last parties before lockdown, things were different then, it was pretty wild. My bf left early he had to work next day. I spent the night, as did two handsome guys who I didn't know from before. I slept with older one (I think around 30), he was buff, tall with beard and domineering personality. His dick was actually somewhat smaller than my bf (who is very big), but boy did he know how to use it! He plowed my pussy missionary and from bhind, made me cum much harder than ever before so much so that i screamed. He had stamina, he lasted longer than anyone I've been with before or since. I let him finishs on my tits, even though he wnted to do it on my face. We fucked one more time before going to sleep. I could hear my friend from the other room, the poor girl did not nearly get as good a fuck as I did, which made me smmile. Next day, I gave him a blowjob before he left, once again he finished on my tits. He wanted to get my number, but i pprefer to keep my side dicks as a one time thing. After the pandemic hit I would regret that. In the evening, I brushed my teeth (it's the little things in life, like brushing your teeth after stanger blowjob, that show true love), went to my bfs apartement, and gave him a great and sloppy blowjob with cum in mouth and me swallowing. Little does he know that I only let him do that when I have been cheating the night before, as a form of restitution for my infidelity. Again, it is the little things that show true love

    During the lockdown, my chance to meet other guys in Oslo became significantly smaller. Fewer parties, and I and my bf moved together after I lost my job, things are not as before, which really upsets me. None of the few side gigs has been nearly as great as the one i wrote about. But now summer is approaching, the city is opening up, and my bf is visiting his family for the next two weeks. I think the next sevral days will be filled with a lot of good times. And when bf gets back, he will hopefully have earned at lot of cum in mouth blowjobs ;)

    Neighbor And A Nice Jerk

    My wife has no idea that I watch my neighbor a few houses down. He's a Viking looking guy with a really fine wife. I watch him from my back deck as he mows the lawn or works in his yard. I've spoken with him a few times and his wife, too. I'm always polite to the point of being completely submissive to both of them.

    I spend a lot of time fantasizing about me licking the cream from his gorgeous wife, or watching helplessly as he walks into my wife and throws my wife on the bed and takes her.

    I usually jerk off two or three times a day after I've watched him.

  • My Neighbour

    I'm 21, I live with my boyfriend who is 23 but some nights ago I had sex with my neighbour who is 38, is married and have 2 kids. He dominated me like my boyfriend never could. He sat on my face, forced me to suck him, grabbed my hair, fucked me in several positions, called me a slut and a whore and forced me to take his cum in my mouth. After the first round he put me on his lap and spanked me as punishment for my cheating while i begged him for more. I have never orgasmed so hard before. I love my boyfriend, but oh god I would do it again in an instant if I had the chance. Unfortunately, the neighbor and his wife are seperating and he is going to move out of state. But he has taught me so much about myself and opened my eyes to what I am sure will be an exciting and wonderful lifestyle


    Ever since I got my first girlfriend at age 22, I realized that there is nothing I like more than cheating. Flirting with and having sex with other girls behind my girlfriends back really turns me on. I also love having sex with taken girls. I have stayed singel for three years but these last six weeks I have been dating. She is beautiful, loving, intelligent and funny, and we share the same interests. She is the perfect girl for me. Last week, we officially became girlfriend and boyfriend. I immediately contacted a cheating wife I have had an on-and-off relationship with during the pandemic, and this Wednesday, we both skipped work to meet up.

    She licked my balls and sucked my dick all the while scolding me for being such a bad boyfriend, cheating on a girl just five days after she became my girlfriend. After I came all over her boobs, I called my girlfriend to ask her how her day had been. We then proceeded to fuck each other twice before she had to pick up her children from daycare. I can't remember the last time I came that hard. Hopefully, this girlfriend will last and I will have plenty of more opportunities to cheat on her behind her back.

  • I Wish He Was Mine

    My sisters husband used to date me when we were younger and we did a lot of stuff together. I even lost my cherry to him (I was a late starter at 19) anyway we split up because I said some mean things and he ended up with my sister.

    I tried to win him back I even offered to be his bit on the side and my sister would never know but it didn't work.

    He married my sister and they've got kids now but she doesn't deserve him.

    I've got a bf and 2 kids. but every time i have sex with my bf I think about my b.i.l and how he felt.

    I have also taken to whenever I visit my sister I'll not wear underwear just in case he notices.

    I know its bad and sounds crazy but I love him. I got so excited when I went round to borrow their shower when I was having work done because it was just him and I dropped the towel by "accident " and I saw him get hard I just carried on walking through naked saying I guess I don't need that now hoping he'd follow but he didn't.

    How can I win him over. How can I be his true love..?

    Helping Neighbor

    A nearby neighbor had about 60 bags of dirt delivered to her house. She was going to do some yard work in her backyard but the company that delivered them refused to put them in her backyard. Given she was about 55 years old and not all that strong I decided to help her move them to her backyard. These bags weighed about 50 pounds each and it was a work out moving them. After I was done she invited me in for something cold to drink. My back was feeling a little stiff and tight and so were my legs with all the lifting and squatting. When I mentioned it to her she said she would give me a back rub. I declined but she insisted and off came my shirt. She had me lie down on her couch and began massaging my back. When she was getting to my lower back she mentioned she would need to pull my jeans down a few inches to get to that area. I was reluctant but I was convinced to unbutton and unzip my jeans so she could pull them, and my underwear, down the few inches she needed. Only a few inches of my ass was exposed to her so it wasn't a big deal. She continued massaging my back and mentioned she had to pull everything down a little further. I would say she had more than half of my ass fully exposed to her. She then brought up my complaint about my legs being tight and said she was just going to take my jeans right off now as they would need to come off later to get to my legs anyways. I was now in just my underwear with most of my ass exposed to her as she massaged my back. She finished doing my back and told me she was going to start on my legs now. I expected her to pull my underwear up to cover my ass but instead she pulled them down and removed them completely. I was now naked and made the comment that I didn't know how my wife would feel about this. She told me to relax and it was only a massage and she didn't need to know about any of this. I guess I may have been over worrying as nothing sexual had happened and all that was exposed to her was my ass.
    She was doing a wonderful job massaging me and it was feeling really good. I did feel her hand brush up against my balls numerous times when she was massaging legs. It went on for a while when she tells me to roll over onto my back. I did as she asked and now had my front, cock and all, fully exposed to her and was surprised by what I saw. She was naked. She made mention that my back and legs weren't the only things that were stiff and jumped on top of me and began fucking me. I wasn't expecting this and was feeling too good to stop it. After it was all done she told me she couldn't let me get away without giving me a happy ending. She asked me how my wife would feel about this and smiled. She then told me she wouldn't find out unless I told her and if I was ever interested to come back again.

    Fun Times

    I'm having an affair with a 19 year old girl I work with.

    I Could Really Use A Night On Queer Street Right Now

    When I was sixteen I had my driver's license and I was allowed to take my mother's car out. I had a friend from school and I went to his house and we decided to go out. We went to this party he heard about, it was boring and we left. It was around nine that night. He told me he had heard about this place where people went to make out so we went over there to watch. What he hadn't gotten straight is that place was where the queers went to make out. And we saw queers making out, queers standing beside cars getting blowjobs and this one queer over the trunk getting a stab in the backside. I came in my pants. That night I came again in bed thinking about those queers making out.

    A few weeks later at my house my friend and I rubbed our pricks together, played sword fight, held our pricks and got down and sucked our pricks. I came in his mouth. I tried to get him to come but he didn't, but I did poke his ass with my finger. We also kissed. Kissed, made out. We were embarrassed about what we had done and didn't talk to each other for several weeks and when we did we swore we would never talk about it. In the meantime when I borrowed my mother's car I would go down to the queer street and watch the queers make out and I would jerk off in the car.

    One night this guy knocked on the window and asked me what I was doing there. He went around and got in the front seat and sucked me off. He made me come, only he was happy about it and licked my prick and told me that he came out mostly on Thursday nights. He showed me his car and told me drive around and give him my high beams and park and he would come over. I didn't tell my friend about it, it was Thursday nights and I sucked on a man's cock and he felt me up and fucked me in the back seat of my mother's car.

    My friend didn't grow up to like it like I did. He knew it but we didn't talk about it. Life in our town didn't have room for that kind of a reputation and I kept my activities to the queer street, After growing up we got jobs, got married and had families. As far as I know my friend didn't go to Vegas and find a cock to suck, nor did he find a man to fuck. But I did, Vegas was my go to town and I went under a false name and address and a credit card in that name. Vegas became my queer street and I met several men who were also there under false names.

    There is nothing to be gained by coming out, not for me or my family or my business. The last year has been hard but I am looking for Vegas to open up again and go spend a couple of nights there and have fun.

  • 2nd Woman

    The first cheat was with B. I only delved into the first time with her, and will go into another time or two later.

    For this particular post, we're going to focus on T. She and I had hooked up several times while I was single and had told her it was off once I started dating someone. She understood. For a while.

    About 6 months into me dating someone I received an evening text that said simply, you still dating that girl? I said I was, but had recently been hooking up with B regularly. So I followed up by asking if she was looking for a booty call. She immediately said yes. I said I'll be over in a few.

    T is just super sexy. About 5' 9", rail thin black woman. Very flat chested but nice round ass. Think of a track sprinters body with less muscle. So I couldn't wait to get back with her again.

    Once I arrived I knew she was already started bc she was in skimpy panties and no top. Instantly hard. She more or less threw me on her bed and stripped me naked. T loved pleasing. So I would always get great head and no matter what else happened, you can be assured she was swallowing my cum.

    This night though, after teasing me with her tongue and mouth, she wanted to ride me. And ride she did. She was using me to get herself off. It was clear that i was only there for her pleasure. After she came the first time she turned around for the reverse position. She wasn't a fan of anal normally, but when she turned around she told me to thumb her ass at the same time. She came a 2nd time within a few pumps.

    After laying her on her back I made sure to give her the hard fuck she always used to love and texted me to give her. When I was getting close to cumming she told me to cum in her mouth as usual. Normally T used to ask for my cum, this time it was a demand. After swallowing it all down she said thanks and that she needed that one last time.

    This was the last time her and I got together. But I'm glad we saved the best for last.