Infidelity. Cheating. It can weigh you down. If you've been unfaithful to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, you should know that confession is good for the soul. Tell us all about what you did, when you did it, and who you did it with. Was it a neighbor? A co-worker? An in-law even? Maybe you had a lapse on a business trip, or you're maintaining a cyber-relationship. Heck, do you have multiple spouses? We want to know!

College Guys In South Beach

My husband and I went down to Miami in the middle of May. We take an annual trip to get away from the kids for a week while my parents watch them. We always have a lot of fun and sex and it’s nice to get away from the daily responsibilities.

We decided to go to south beach this year.

The first two days we hung out on the beach. It was really hot in Miami this week but the beach had a nice breeze and the water was really nice. My husband bought me several skimpy thong bikinis which I was nervous about wearing. However I quickly realized thongs were far more common than full coverage bikinis in south beach so I quickly relaxed and felt sexy showing off my body on the beach. For being 38 I still keep my body in great shape. I def don’t have a 25 year old face anymore but my ass can def compete with any of the 20 somethings on the beach and my husband agreed. My husband said he married me because of my juicy ass lol

The third day a group of college guys showed up at our hotel and were being rowdy at the beach. Talking about getting laid when they go out to the clubs that night , getting wasted , talking about the hot asses on the beach etc etc. my husband drank a lot the night before so went up to nap in the afternoon while I stayed down at the beach. Several of the guys had left but two stayed and when I rolled over onto my stomach I heard the one whisper to his friend to check out that milf ass over there. I smirked and then turned my head away so they didn’t think I was listening and they talked a bunch of shit about how they’d love to hit that ass etc They were both cute and had nice bodies. After laying out for about an hour I got up to go back to the room and felt their eyes on my ass I was walking. I decided to tease them a little as I walked by and gave my ass a quick smack and told them that they wished they could hit this ass and then I left. They laughed and said we sure fucking do. I then went back up to the room and fucked my husband hard

My husband had to get up early the next day for a fishing excursion he planned and wouldn’t be back until later in the evening. I planned on hanging out at the beach all day to enjoy the last day before having to go home. I went down to the beach at around 9 and several of the guys didn’t show up til around noon including the two who were making comments about my ass. They were hung over and didn’t have any luck the night before getting pussy from what I heard if their conversation.
Several of the guys went off somewhere but the two guys from the day before stayed back and started to smoke pot to help with their hangovers. I had several drinks on the beach and felt flirty and jokingly asked if they had a rough night. I casually flirted with them for a bit and asked them were they were from if they had girlfriends and talked about the fun I had in college. After about an hour I told them I was getting hot and was going to go up to my room to eat lunch and chill for a bit. They asked if they could come up with me. They said they were sick of being in a crowded room with 4 other guys and had been sleeping like shit and wanted to rest for a bit in the AC of my suite. I was pretty tipsy and also enjoyed their attention and said sure even though I knew I shouldn’t have.

We get up to the room and I offer them some food. They gobble it up and ask me if I want to smoke some pot with them. I hadn’t smoked since college but I thought what the hell and smoked a joint. It was stronger than I remember what I smoked in college or else I was out of practice but
I felt really good. I joked and said I forgot what this felt like and that after I smoked pot I usually sucked a dick. Their eyes got big and they laughed and said maybe we can relive your college years.

I laughed and was feeling really good. I was also still wearing my thong bikini and could feel their eyes on me everywhere I walked. I decided fuck it and asked them to join me in the shower together. I was super horny and loved how they immediately stripped and followed me into the bathroom. They were both rock hard too and the one guy was really big. Once in the shower they were all over me sucking on my tits, rubbing and spanking my ass, fingering my pussy. They both said they hadn’t had any pussy in awhile.
I stroked their cocks and after we were cleaned off we got on the bed and they used my pussy and mouth for 2 hours. Most of the fucking was me in doggy style while sucking one of them. Sometimes I’d ride one of them while sucking the other and occasionally if one came he would sit and watch his buddy fuck me until he got hard again. Average dick guy came 3 times before he left and big dicked guy came 4 times. I really enjoyed him and made him stay after his buddy left for a one on one with me. I came so many times I lost count esp with his big cock in me.

  • This Is About Nicolle

    Hey Nicolle, I hope you read this.

    One day I went out with some friends, I hadnt seen them in a long time and the night went out long. The bar closed and we took it out to a friend's house. Nicolle was just a few blocks from the house at another bar. I hit her up and pick her up in my car.

    Of course I feel tempted, I always felt this way with her. We use to share desks, one in front of the other and multiple times our legs would cross and we would just discretely stay there. Yes, at this time she was already with Carlos, her boyfriend and my senior. Not my friend but and acquaintance, a very known acquaintance. Anyway, I picked her up and drove to my friends hosue. Big house and only use 4.

    We drank and sat outside with not much space. I stand beside the column, Nicolle asked for the bathroom, I being her only known accompanied her. She went on with her business as I waited by the bathroom's wall, far inside the house away from the front porch. When she opened the door she asked to come in and show me something cool in there. It was small and I got close to her. Our nose almost touching as we crossed eyes. Nothing happened.

    We came back and drank a few more as we talked and introduced you to my old friends. She offered me a sit, between her legs. I thought chill, jaja of course but I wanted to he there. I took my beer with a hand, and my other was around her left leg. She answered back by caressing my lower back.

    After a 4 beers each and a habano, plus a few more conversation topics I excused ourselves. Her sister, I said, but I just wanted out of there.

    We drove and without doubting much more, I kept caressing her leg but this time higher. Just above her dress, I wanted her to give the next step before we actually came back. Neither talked. Not until we got back at her bar. We she said goodbye and I asked,

    "Did you already let your sister know you were coming back?"


    And that was it, I reached for the door and closed it. Put my face nose to nose once again, left hand reaching her left thigh, the other on your neck, I swiftly touch your lips but stay just close enough for her to make the rest.

    We went to a hotel, but I wanted to try everything I could, so I started in the car, I pull her neck and made her give me head without saying anything as I pulled back into the motel room. As we stationed, I had already unscrewed made my way through her panties with my right hand.

    I pushed her back into her sit and Nicole was this voluptuous woman from the hood but, amazingly smart and educated. The perfect woman. Too bad she belonged to someone smarter and I to someone else. But tonight, we were each others. And the first thing I wished the most was sucking her tits.

    On confidence she had told me how being young her breast grew and she was conscious, she told me she had only let her 2 lifetime bf suck on them. And now I was third. I loved her, she was without a doubt my best friend too. Still I wanted to just give her the best pleasure ever, I sucked one of her breast, played with one hand on the other while my other hand finally slid down to her treasured. I longed to know how it tasted. I pushed the sit back, I know she loves this and hasn't done it in a long time, oral car sex.

    My tongue is big and long, a yogurt meme at 12 made me self aware. Now I took profit. She screamed. I felt happy, that scream that escapes her for the first time just as I made her pussy vibrate with my hands and tongue, success. Now I know what she likes. I go crazy and end up with back pain and my face wet. We go inside.

    Part 2 later


    My husband works out of town and since school had ended I’m left with my neighbors kids home alone. To the right of me is a Teen girl and boy ages 12 and 14. They are quiet and can be heard out back every once in a while. To the left of me is a 18 year old who is fit and good looking. All 3 of us have pools in our back yard and I sometimes during the sat will lay out. My husband likes some tan lines so I wear this tiny micro bikini. My bottoms are a thong and while my cheeks are tanned I have a very noticeable area wear my thong covers that’s really white. My top is the same while I don’t have massive tits my C cups are nice and my big nipples make up for the size. My top barely covers my nipples and the tan line is very noticeable when I am topless. Again I wear this at home when no one is around. Or at least that what i thought. My 18 year old neighbor also lays out but he doesn’t like tan lines. I was laying out I heard noises so i casually made my way to the fence that separates our yards. I peeled over and I had to stand on a bench because I could not see over the fence. I’m only 5 foot 3. I’m also a brunette shoulder length hair. Like I mentioned I have c cups but my rear has always gotten attention. I meant to be quite but as i stood up on the bench it nearly tipped over I got my balance and stopped it from tipping bit when I stopped it I slammed it again the fence making a loud bang. My neighbor was stroking himself and I was looking directly at him. We where staring at each other while he was jacking away. Not sure why but I kept watching. He waved and I waved back and was beer red. He stopped and came to the fence and started to chat me up. He was very confident and aggressive. Before I k we it he was in my back yard. He had hopped the fence. Did I mention that he was nude. Yes buck naked talking to me all I could do was stare and smile. I was frozen didn’t know what to say. All I heard was him asking me why such a tiny bikini. He said that it would give me bad tan lines. Cock still standing hard as a rock. He spun me around and put his hands on my ass cheeks. He slid his finger under my thong and between my cheeks. I went to shove his hands and he stopped my had with his free hand and told me to not do that. Not sure why but I stopped and didn’t move his hand away again. He stopped and pulled my top off my chest so my untanned tits where exposed. He fondled my tits and said that he dug the look. He slipped a finger in me and proceeded to tell me how wet I was. It was true I was getting extremely excited from him telling me and doing what he wanted. He never kissed me he sucked my boobs turned me around facing the fence and slid his cock into my slit. He pinched my nipple and forgetting where I was he railed me up against the fence. He took me back inside after unloading what seemed like a gallon of cum into me. When we where back in my house he had me lead him to my bedroom where he proceeded to fuck the life out of my poor little pussy. It was very rough and I got fucked I mean fucked. He was like the energizer bunny. Shortly after cumming he would get hard again the next time lasting longer then the other. This went on for a few days after the first time. Finally one morning when he came over I told him that my pussy needed to rest it was sore and beat up. He agreed to let it rest. Instead he flipped me over and fucked my ass for the next 2 days. It was no gentler then when he fucked my pussy. After 2 days I asked for a break. He got off having me ask him. He made me ask him by saying. Babe can you please fuck my pussy and not my ass. Then when that needs a break he has me ask if he can fuck my ass instead. I get off my how controlling he is. He treats me like a love of meat and I cum hard almost every time he fucks me. It’s been 3 weeks and all I want is the cock. Up my rear in my mouth or puss. I have turned from a quiet reserved wife to a complete fuck doll for an 18 year old. My biggest fear is that he has me fuck his friends as well. I have always wondered about a DP. I think I could take it

  • Unfaithful Fun

    I’ve been married ten years now and quite frankly with work etc our marital sex life has dwindled to basically nothing. When we do have sex it’s good but my husband doesn’t initiate it like he used to.
    I’ve always kept myself reasonably fit and three years ago I made the gym part of my regular routine. My husband was happy I took care of myself and I know liked it when his mates said I looked hot whilst ignoring that guys would hit on me when working out though I always laughed and said husband would not like it.
    At my office I got close to a guy and yes I ended up sleeping with him several times. It was fun and I felt sexy again. It lasted six months and when over I started a brief encounter with the gym owner. Yes I knew I wasn’t his only girl but he was charismatic and frankly had a ripped body of which I had never had that type before. The sex was crazy and off the charts.
    Meantime I had been trying to encourage my husband as I still love him. One day I came home early and found him watching porn stoking his cock. Rather than shout I actually told him to continue watching and as he did I knelt down and sucked him which led to him fucking me over his desk whilst the porn still played.
    Afterwards I mentioned how I noticed the girl in the film was the fake blonde huge fake breasts type and did he especially like that. He admitted he watched a lot of similar porn and I asked if he would like me more if I looked that way. He admitted he had fantasies about me having larger breasts and as we talked I got more turned on. That week he showed me various porn girls and each time we ended up fucking whilst watching them be fucked.
    Shortly after I had my own enhancement to 30DDD and once recovered we went away for a holiday. To surprise him I had my hair dyed platinum blonde the day before and as a special treat told him for the next ten days I was his own personal porn star.
    Back at the gym I’m certainly getting more attention and inside and outside of my marriage I have the sex life I want.

    One Slip Up Turned To 8 Year Relationship

    We my husband son and I moved into our new home 9 years ago almost to the day. We get along great a with our neighbors who are close in age with a son as well that’s a year younger then ours age 5. About 9 months after moving in at a fourth a July block party and having a lot to drink I made a mistake and had sex with our neighbors husband. It was pure raw drunk one night stand sex. We agreed never to do anything like that again but a week later no drinking involved we let it happen again. Since then once or twice a week we have some alone time during the week since our schedules are flexible and we take full advantage of it. Except when kids were in the plan we both wanted to make sure my husband would be the dad. We took a break and shortly after being prego I was getting fucked daily My hormones where flaring and I was a nympho. While a short time later his wife had baby fever he got the treatment and was getting laid by her and me almost daily. Me with the same time frame as usual and her on her days with him. I know it’s weird but we both have very little to no feelings for each other. He likes how I fuck and I like his thick cock. I have always been very sexual and you throw a big cock in the mix and it makes it tough. Nothing like cumming with a huge cock my rear. I love my husband but he could use some size down there. He gets the job done but has to really work at it. My neighbor makes me feel like I will be ripped in half while cumming the hardest I have ever cummed. I’m talking loud vulgar comments coming out of my 5 foot frame. Yes I’m 5 foot tall weigh around 110 lbs. When he rests he fill’s erected cock on my ass while I’m on all 4s it sits almost to my lower back. I like for him to take pictures when he is balls deep in me so I can see. He laughs because the faces I make and watching a few videos we have made he does make my eyes dance and cross a few times. It’s a good set up and works for us. I love my husband he loves his wife we both get along as a family we just use each others parts.

  • Struggling Between Religious Beliefs, Family, I Cheat On My Husband

    As a lifelong Christian I renewed my commitment to Christ the summer before college. In college I agreed to tutor a girl, who complained of her roommates' multiple boyfriends. I sympathized with her objection to boyfriends in the apartment. While sitting on the couch one afternoon she asked me to tell her if her breasts were feminine, she thought they were too masculine. Topless on my couch, her breasts exposed, very feminine breasts, with very prominent nipples. Nervous I touched her breasts, she held my face in her bosom.

    I had crossed over, with our clothes left behind on the floor of the living room, my roommate found us in bed the next morning. My conflict between my religious principles and my love for her haunted me through the rest of college. After college I ran into a marriage with a boy I grew up with. As quickly as I could I added four kids to our family.

    But, my college girlfriend moved close to me, not 'jealous' of my husband and family, she sought out a clandestine relationship. Being a home based housewife allowed me time that I didn't have to account for. And a continuation of our college love affair.

    My religious vows, my husband and family, nothing keeps me from my girlfriend. I'm an adulteress with another woman.

    I Hate That I Did It

    I had two twin boys really young with a wealthy father who moved me to the suburbs. Never had issues in our neighborhood, but a few years ago my bois started hanging out with a kid older than them who was rubbing me the wrong way. They had a group of 4, I would get constant complaints. My sons and their friend were a few years younger and very nerdy. Having an older kid who was much stronger than them and talked rough made me feel vulnerable. He was always flexing his muscles, talking about my tits to them, and peer pressuring my bois to go outside all the time. I confronted him one day and ended up pissed off because he didn’t take me seriously. Instead he joked about how the men in my family were weak. It struck a nerve, I threatened him and didn't want him inside our home.

    A year went by, he ended up being held back. I spoke to my husband, asked him to come with me to talk with his family. My husband being an idiot told me he was busy. I went alone, huge mistake. His single father was a pos, I spotted signs of abuse. In his kitchen he smacked my ass, pulled my hair. Told me he could give me a good fuck. He poked his huge erection into my ass. I hate to say it, I was wet, but immediately ran out. I was disgusted, yet the sensation clouded my judgement. I kept wondering if his son was big for a while. I didn’t speak about it to my husband and he never asked.

    It was summer now, I opened the door one day, it was his son again. He looked different, bigger, muscular, handsome. I should’ve never opened, but part of me wanted to talk. He asks if my bois are home, he had been trying to contact them. Turns out all his friends had outed him. I felt bad, he sounded empty. I offer him water, we talk. He’s incredibly charming now, more modest. I could feel him staring at me when my eyes drifted. My mind is racing, I’m a little scared when I notice the huge bulge in his pants. I want to tell him about his father, I freeze. He gets up and excuses himself, apologizes for taking time from my day. I stop him, I grip his shirt without thinking. He takes my lips, then turns me around, rubbing up on me and massaging my breasts. It felt good being taken, he was a man now. Harder than his father, bigger. I lose my touch, I’m bent over our couch being tongued out, flooding into his mouth. No words, until his shorts come off. He asks if he can fuck me. I stutter, I want to say no, he’s huge, now rubbing his head on my clit. I expect him to thrust but he pulls my neck back, orders me to push my hips into it. I should’ve stopped, I knew he wanted me, I wanted it, it hurt. Then he filled me up, the orgasm I never had. There was no hesitation, purely wild rough sex. I couldn’t think about anything but pleasure, his pace was exhausting. We hear the garage door opening, my husband was home. We scramble for our clothes, I’m a mess. He runs out, I’m in disbelief.

    That night was painful, I don’t know if I lost my touch. I want it so bad again, I’m not sure I should ever see that kid again.

    Videos For My Ex

    I confessed about the fabulous fuck I had with my ex previously. He’s visited me since and fucked me hard with my dildo and his fingers before I gave him a tit wank and he came all over my 36 G tits.

    I love how much he wants me. And now we regularly do video sex or I send him videos of me fucking myself with my dildo.

    I am on holiday and alone for the first week, and I’ve had so much fun.

    I spent a whole afternoon doing videos for him. I think making him hard is my favourite hobby.

    I recorded myself in lots of different outfits

    See through Lacey negligees where I lower them to show my tits and then raise the hemline to finger my pussy.

    See through tops which I pull up slowly to let my tits pop out.

    Short shorts that when I bend right over you can see up them and see my wet pussy

    Short dresses and skirts that I bend over to reveal my arse and my pussy.

    Then I did videos fucking myself with my dildos and others where I am riding a dildo on a chair.

    All of this done in the sunroom of the house I am in. It’s secluded but if anyone has binoculars in the houses further down will get one hell of a view.

    He sent me a note saying he wanted to see me come riding the dildo on the chair.

    I had a better idea. I took the chair in the garden and took all my clothes off and set up the camera I straddled the dildo and fucked myself hard recording it for him to see.

    I then did videos around the garden finding different spots to record myself fucking my self with my dildo.

    There are houses a few metres away, but the garden is secluded, anyone outside would here me groaning with pleasure but I didn’t care. I must admit I was so fucking horny I wouldn’t care if they could see me.

    I came out there riding my dildo and my ex watched them later and he sent me a video of him masturbating. I wish I was there for him to come in my mouth.

    Next time we see each other he wants me to use him, he wants me to sit on his face and cum over his face and he wants me to ride him like I ride my dildo. And he wants to take me out for a walk and bend my over fucking me from behind as he pulls my ponytail back so he can fuck me deeply.

    I am still on holiday alone.

    I’ve fucked myself on the bench on the patio.

    When out on my walks I find places to pause and get my tits out to send him photos. And sometime take a stop to pull down my walking trousers and finger myself.

    I love posting photos on my social media feed of my face after I’ve fucked myself just as part of my holiday snaps. Everyone says how amazing I look but only my ex knows the reason why - a post fuck glow suits me.

    I’ve one last night on my own before my husband arrives. And all day tomorrow to myself. So time for some more videos and playing with my toys as I dream about my ex fucking my mouth, my arse, my pussy.

    I’m feeling wet again so off to play with my toys .

    Becoming Me Again

    Tired of being treated as just 'Wife' or 'Mum' I asked my husband if we could go on a date night, and then possibly drive somewhere and have some sexy fun in the car, or outdoors.
    His response was to tell me he needed his shirt ironed and that our sons school trip needed sorting.
    I wasn't expecting an immediate response, but an acknowledgement of my desires.
    The following day, I reminded my husband what I'd said the evening before and this is exactly what he said "I'll look in my diary to see if I can fit anything in next month".
    Utterly frustrated I went to the gym, something I did to keep myself looking good for my husband.
    This isn't an excuse, however I wasn't looking for anything outside our marriage, yet at the gym I was approached by a young guy who asked me why I was so glum.
    He was good looking, fit and confident in his manner.
    Without thinking about my answer, I told him half under my breath "Because I need a damn good fucking".
    In his car, still sweaty from the gym, I had my gym pants and my knickers around my ankles as he devoured my pussy and clit. For such a youthful guy he certainly knew how to eat pussy and suck gently on my clit.
    When he lowered his shorts and boxers, I went down on him like a woman possessed. His cock has an upward curve on it, which when I was deep throating his cock, enabled it to easily slide down my throat, something I have trouble with my husband's really thick penis.
    Knowing it was a risk, I had him get up behind me on his back seat and boy did he give me what I needed doggy fashion.
    I can't remember how many times I orgasmed altogether on his tongue and cock, but it was over half a dozen, as he fucked me over and over again.
    And possibly because of his youth (around 20) once he'd cum deep inside me, he stayed hard.
    It gave me the opportunity to do something I love, and that was giving him a cum coated sloppy blow job.
    He told me after I'd swallowed his second load, it was the first time anyone had sucked him, after they'd fucked.
    It's been four months since we first had sex in his car and we've gone on to fuck many times since, although recently that's slowed right down.
    My husband and I never did have our date night, he was too busy drinking with his mates.
    Well I've been busy too. My young lover is just that, someone who enjoys fucking an older woman.
    But I prefer older men, as my husband is (11 years older than me).
    So these past few weeks I've begun having an affair with an older man, someone I used to know when I was in my teens.
    He always wanted to get into my knickers and now he is whenever we get the chance for sex.
    I'll come back here and let you all know about it soon. Believe me it'll be a very dirty confession given what we've been doing together.

  • My Anal Needs

    Am I the only woman out there who loves anal sex more than vaginal sex.
    When I'm fucked anally I have far more intense and linger lasting orgssms than I do if I have my clitty licked or my pussy fucked.
    My husband absolutely will not fuck me anally as he says it's dirty.

    Even so I get my anal fix for now from a work colleague whenever we get time to have sex.
    Its not always convenient, so maybe twice a week he indulges my passion for back door action.

    I wish my husband would fuck my ass, as he has a beautifully thick cock.
    I have tried numerous times, unfortunately he's always denied me my pleasure. That's why I seek other men to give me what I need.

    So far during our marriage I've cheated over a dozen times. I'm not proud of that. It's the only way to have my asshole utterly Annihilated.