Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?


When I was seven years old my parents divorced. I haven't seen my Dad since I was five and I barely remember what he looks like. When I was ten Mom told me that I was supposed to have been a girl and we moved and when we got to the new school she told everyone I was a transgender female. The thing is I thought the whole thing was a fun game. I always enjoyed playing dress-up and role playing games so this was just another one except full time. Mom had been making me grow out my hair for five years so it was down to my waist by then so I already looked like a girl and a lot of people mistook me for a girl but I didn't care. I always thought of myself somewhat ambiguously anyways being interested in both feminine and masculine pursuits. I enjoyed sewing, collecting seashells and Barbie's but I also enjoyed baseball, football and helping the neighbor Mr. Barnes work on his car and collecting "action figures". I was just as likely to make my mom a new dress as I was to be covered in grease. Mom said that if I had been born a girl I'd have been a very feminine Tomboy.

But it is one thing to have feminine interests mingled in with masculine ones and quite another to change from being male to female. Though on that day when she took me out clothes shopping for a new wardrobe of girl's clothes including some pretty dresses and to get my ears pierced and my hair permed, I stood in front of the mirror at the end of the day looking at a pretty girl looking back at me I felt a tingle between my legs and I liked it.

I had attended 4th, and 5th grade as a girl in another town and nobody noticed that Mom had changed my birth certificate from male to female simply by using an old typewriter to add "FE" to "MALE." With a name like Drew on my birth certificate no change was needed. I had met both boys and girls with that name. At the beginning of sixth grade Mom sat me down and had a talk with me. I already knew and understood both the mechanics of reproduction as well as the basics of the sex act itself though I was short on some of the details. So I thought that was what Mom was going to talk to me about and that was the general topic of the conversation.

What Mom wanted to talk to me about was whether or not I might one day want to be a Mommy (she was still running with the idea that I would grow up to be a woman) and broached to topic of masturbation ("everyone does it"). Of course to me it was an awkward topic but Mom was straight forward not beating around the bush which somehow made the conversation more comfortable. She had always been that way. Mom wanted to know if I had started to masturbate yet and more importantly did anything squirt out when I did. When she saw how embarrassed I was about this conversation she switched gears a little and said that it was also normal for boys to have a "nocturnal" emission. And then wanted me to inform her when that might happen. Well I had absolutely no intention of telling my Mom anything at all about such things.

A few months later just before I turned 12 Mom pulled me aside again for another talk. This time she informed me that she found by the dried semen stains on my sheets that either I had masturbated (which she said was very good for me to do) or I had a nocturnal emission and either way it was an indication that I might be ready to "donate" a sperm sample to a doctor. So she made an appointment and had a long private conversation with the doctor and then I was brought into the exam room and the doctor examined me while I sat naked on the exam table, no gown. He poked and prodded and touched me everywhere and honestly I couldn't tell if any of it was appropriate or not but I trusted the dr. because my Mom was right there. Then he told me he wanted me to go into the bathroom and masturbate into a cup for him and that I could bring a laptop in with me and watch porn while I did it (I later found out this is illegal).

I jerked off while watching an orgy of two transgender females, two guys and one girl doing all kinds of things I hadn't seen before. I successfully "donated" about a teaspoon worth of fluid that was whitish but not completely white. I had only masturbated in the dark in my bed so I had no idea what the stuff looked like until then.

After that Mom made appointments for me to go to three different clinics where I would "donate" sperm at each one. We had to fly to two of them and I'd never flown before. That part was fun. one of the places had a stack of dirty magazines for me to look for. I think I was in there for almost two hours.

When we were done with that Mom had me start taking a bunch of meds. She called them "special vitamins." I found out a year later they were hormones. I noticed after a few months that I had begun growing breasts. I had previously had small "man boobs" though they weren't much trouble but now I had actual breasts with big puffy nipples that ached all the time but in a way that made me like it. I'd also would have sworn that my penis had shrunk bit in that time and hardly ever got hard any more.

The following year I was supposed to start 7th grade. But in 7th grade they make the boys change clothes for gym and take showers. So I changed schools again this time going to an all girl's Catholic school that had private changing booths and private showers for the girls. It was the same school my Mom had gone to. The idea, as Mom explained it, was to avoid having anyone see what I looked like naked. By the end of 8th grade I had full C-cup breasts and some curves and I had a very feminine sounding voice. I was also really interested in boys which there weren't any at school of course except some of the teachers and only one was interesting looking. There were dances but they were very heavily monitored and nobody could actually have a date. We just simply all went, danced with a variety of boys then left.

I am very lucky that I already had feminine features. Mom once showed me a photo of Dad in drag from his high school days. He had dressed that way for Halloween one year. In it he had little make-up and actually looked like a girl not just a drag queen. So I was g*fted with good genes.

Mom had warned me that boys probably wouldn't accept me as an authentic girl and so suggested I avoid school romance. Funny thing is that in my freshman year, a girl who was a junior, two years older than me, started to covertly flirt with me. Since I was certain I had been bi all along I didn't mind at all though thought we should be discrete. Even though I was fairly certain that half the nuns were lesbian, lesbian relationships were not openly tolerated and we were even warned against their evils.

Her name was Emily and boy was she surprised when she felt me up that first time we had a sleep over at her place. Mom warned me against letting her see me naked but Emily insisted that I would easily fit on her full size bed and we started kissing and feeling each other's tits then her hand went up my dress and that was it. She sat right up with a shocked look on her face. I though at first she was pissed to learn I was a guy but she was really just shocked that I had completely deceived her into thinking I was all girl. But then she just explored my whole body feeling everything and looking at everything and then became fascinated by my soft little penis. The best part was when she sucked on it. I didn't get as horny as I had before the special vitamins but I did get somewhat aroused and feeling a mouth on your dick feels wonderful regardless of your hormone levels. I never got ..(continue confession)

  • Does It Exist?

    So a few years ago I was looking at the old craiglist ads and there was a guy who described himself as a fit 30 something who really loved a nice blowjob and cumming in the cocksucker's mouth. He was no recip straight or married and preferred the same but in a cocksucker.
    The thing that set him aside and why I remember was he said he wanted a long edging session.
    He was going to have a bunch of straight porn playing and wanted a cock lover to get between his legs and suck and slurp what he said was massive amounts of precum. He said when he was hot he would drip precum like he was pissing and he wanted someone who really loves to swallow his jizz juice and finally to take his load.
    I wonder if there's any truth to that or if he was just BSing. Are there any guys who really make a ton of precum and can just drain it into a cocksucker's mouth?
    I haven't had m2m in at least 25 years but have a real thing for salty sweet precum and would like to drink it from the tap.

    It Can Be So Good

    I saw on here about how significant bi-sexual experiences are and I quite agree.
    My first bi experience happened a couple of years ago with a friend. I was over at his place and we were both feeling in the mood to have some fun. So we got out of our clothes and had coffee and a cigarette naked. It felt so good having a boner together and to let our male-feelings show like that with one another without being all embarrassed about it.
    We played around and, feeling daring, we sucked on each other’s penis. It was great doing that, and it encouraged me to let him butt fuck me. For me this was quite an eye-opening experience, and I know that it was for him, too.
    We didn’t use a condom, feeling safe with each other, and when he ejaculated in me it was so unbelievably incredible to actually have him put his sperm into me. About half an hour later I got to do the same with him, and I remember thinking how I was actually giving him my sperm as another guy and just how significant this was. It was such a fantastic way for two friends to be close. I suppose kind of like being “blood brothers” but only much more pleasurable I’m sure.
    Since then we have continued to both take pleasure in our being biologically intimate in participating in the reproductive act together as guys. I would not say that we are gay as neither of us feel attracted to other guys, just that we have come to appreciate male closeness and friendship on a far more meaningful and significant level that is worth experiencing, and I am glad that I have.

  • Why Not II

    I read on here the story, Why Not? And I have to add my own.
    I don’t think of myself gay, but over this past year I have now had regular experiences with a friend.
    The first time I remember thinking how I could not believe that I was actually being fucked by another guy. It felt very exciting, though, and I was amazed by this.
    More than that, I was surprised by just how significant it was to have another guy give me his sperm. And this was just as true when I fucked him and ejaculated my sperm into him. It was so incredible having that male experience with each other.
    Like I said, I don’t think of myself as being gay, but I am starting to think of myself as being bisexual, and so is he, and we can now both understand why this is becoming so common.

    Why Not?

    A friend and I started having a bi-friendship about a year ago. No, it wasn’t like either of us are gay. We both like girls. It’s just that with each other it’s fun and convenient, and we both appreciate how good it feels being all-male together.
    At first we were both a little cautious, as could only be expected, and it took us time to feel comfortable with this. We finally managed to start having sex with each other. I know that we were both surprised by how significant it is for one guy to give another guy his sperm and basically to biologically impregnate one another as males.
    I would have never believed how rewarding or satisfying this is.
    While we are discrete, we are really quite open about our being bi. Of course everyone thinks, oh, you have to be gay. But it’s not like that at all. We are just friends and I think that this is a whole lot more common than people think, and that it is becoming much more common all the time. I just hope that we all finally start getting past this gay thing.


    I just turned 18 and I have never been attracted to girls. I am wondering if I would be attractive to males?

    I'm 5'11", 180 pounds, and am average looking. My penis is circumcised, 3 inches when soft and on the thin side. I'm not very hairy so I don't shave.


    I Don't Know Where My Life Is Going

    I did not go to college, I went to art school instead. I am 26, the best job I've had is working at a Coach store in the mall. All the girls there are good looking and young. I got laid off last April, furloughed but never called back. I live with another girl, we both are food servers and we both need to pool our tip to make rent. We decided to share a room and sublet one room to another server where we work, we just don't work enough hours (part time is all we've worked since Thanksgiving).

    Our bed is a double, it looked big when we first agreed to share a room. The other room also has a double. My bedmate is a cuddler, she wants to spoon. I prefer if she spoons me, but she always manages to get into my arms begore going to sleep. I get wet because she pushes the small of her back against my clit and I hump her. She waits for me to orgasm before going to sleep. I don't want to be a lesbian or even bi, but that's what we've become. We don't air kiss any more, we kiss on the lips. For the last several nights we have been sleeping without panties, we take our panties off after we get under the covers. Our new suitemate saw our panties on the floor and it's useless telling her it's not what she thinks.

    When I was a teen I dreamed of a big wedding, to an imaginary young man. Children and a home near my parents so they could help me with babysitting. Now I'm virtually broke working part time as a waitress, sleeping with a girl, kissing her face, tits and pussy and telling her I love holding her and telling her I will never leave her and I will take care of her. Last night we scissored and we both orgasmed together. I'm a lesbian. And I'm in love with her.

    Enjoying Myself After A Lifetime In The Closet

    I am widower, grandfather. After my wife died my daughter tried to get me involved in all sorts of activities. She also insisted that I move closer to her. After a year of living close to her and never fitting in to the life in her town I took the suggestion of a friend of mine to move to the Tampa area of Florida which has many more people our age. I moved to a senior complex, I bought a two bedroom condo close to one of the pools.

    I went to several get togethers and it was pretty obvious that women outnumbered men and that the women were not hesitant to make the first move. I just wasn't ready, I did go out with a couple of the women, but their forwardness turned me off. I found that I was better off on the golf course with men. There was also poker with the guys, and one of them had a nice boat and there were expeditions offshore for the day, well stocked pantry and bar and no women to ruin the day.

    It was on one of these trips offshore that I got to talking with a man who was on his first outing with us. He was from Philadelphia, a retired insurance executive and we got along pretty well. After returning to shore that evening he suggested we get something to eat and we went to a local Greek salad place close to my complex. We walked back to my condo and as we did the nickel tour of the place he told me he liked my company.

    Long story short, he dropped his drawers and I swallowed his cock, hook, line and sinker. Fifty years after I had swallowed my coach's cock in high school. A dam burst, a hunger inside of me came alive, his hands on my head keeping me still while he thrust in and out, I did the best to hold his cock in place, he came and he held my head while he jerked out his cum. My coach of long ago use to cum in my face and I closed my eyes while he came.

    I'm a natural bottom, I always knew that, my coach knew that and it was with great anticipation that I bottomed for him several days later. Looking out the window of my condo, with this man pounding me, filling me, jerking in my ass like my coach did when he fucked me. Fifty years is a long time, but the time went away, it is like yesterday. I have a friend now, and without anyone to tell me differently I am enjoying his company and showing him how much I enjoy doing so.

    No my daughter does not know, she is just happy that I have a friend to play golf with.

    Caught Crossdressed

    I own a small business so I had a place to play when I decided to explore my bi curiosity. Using Craigslist I started to meet guys for mutual oral, I quickly realized I was only interested in sucking. So I met CL guys and gave bj’s for awhile. I met one guy and we started chatting online, he wanted me to wear pantyhose at our next meeting. I did as asked and it was a huge turn on!
    After the pantyhose experience I spent the next few months adding lingerie, shoes, wigs even makeup.
    Eventually I lost my anal virginity. All was going great. I was meeting lotsa guys
    , dressing, sucking, fucking .
    I never gave a thought to the fact that several employees had keys to the store. They never went there after hours! Then it happened.
    I was all dolled up . Thigh highs, corset, wig ,makeup, spike heels. A large tall black guy, I didn’t even know his name, had me bent over my desk buried in my butt. The door opened ,it was Gary my salesman. We were both startled, he ran out.
    The next day neither said a word. He came to my office at days end, shut the door. He said,here’s the deal .....I took a deep breath and listened.....”I want what that guy was getting last night....or I’m telling your wife “ I gulped. And said “yes sir”
    I have been his bitch ever since. He even has me going out dressed. There is talk of pimping me out for cash! Secretly I’d love it,,,,

    I Won't Take Advantage Of A Younger Woman

    I live with three other women in a shared two bedroom. My roommate is making a big deal out of an innocent thing. I am not for or against women sleeping together. It is a matter of choice, both women should choose. Not any different between a man and a woman, both should choose. I also don't believe that just because you sleep together that means your having sex. Women can sleep, and if they happen to spoon then they spoon. She got in bed with me, and I spooned her. We did not have sex.

    She wants to sleep with me, when she sleeps with me she backs into me to spoon. I hold her, I don't feel her up, or make love to her. I spoon her. If I wanted to make love with her I would start by asking. If she wants to make love she needs to ask, I don't read body language when I'm falling asleep.

    She is six years younger than me, she is young in her mind too. I will not take advantage of her. She can sleep with me, she can spoon with me. But if she is looking to make love she needs to speak up, not tell our housemate that I'm not showing her the affection she is expecting.