Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?

Cum Eating

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  • Bareback Mountain

    My college friend invited me to join him on a week in the woods camping expedition. A city kid I had always made fun of his Wyoming upbringing and now he was challenging me to his world. I never doubted his outdoorsman skills, or equipment. We went up country in late September for some fly fishing and rut participation.

    We drove up, left the truck and backpacked to an area that he licked and had camped in before. The tents were small, we did have ground covers but the hardness of the ground came right through. The toilets were downwind in the bush, take the shovel, dig a hole and cover up your poop, and use the TP he brought for the occasion. Roughing it was real.

    Fly fishing was hard, impossible. The river was ice cold, no bathing just wash your face. And the noise of the rut, it never crossed my mind it was the males fighting, not mating that we heard. We ate stuff, camp food, fish he caught, drank filtered water, no alcohol, and bugs.

    When he asked if I wanted to crawl in his tent with him I had to ask him if he was serious. Not my way, he assured me it was his and he always had feelings for me. This guy, big guy, outdoors guy tells me he is gay and he was serious, and he wanted me in his tent. You never know what you are going to do.

    Bareback Mountain is what I thought about, out there in the dark of night, in the cold, I was going to get my ass fucked. His hot body around me in his oversized sleeping bag, he came prepared with a thick greasy lube and a large index finger to start me off. His cock followed, slow deliberate penetration, gripped hard to him he slid it all in before fucking me in strong deliberate thrusts. I was surprised when I came hard into the sleeping bag, he came a few seconds later.

    The rut was what he took me up there for, and he proved to be strongest male that night.

    Cum Eating

    Yesterday after my girlfriend went to work I immediately put my cock ring on and started edging. Ok stayed hard for hours before i edged some thick cum to taste.
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  • Finally Coming Out

    Back on the 4th of July I finally told my kids, my ex wife and some of my family and friends that I’m gay. I didn’t think I’d ever tell anyone.

    My ex wife already knew, we separated 15 years ago. But not on a bad note, we still remained good friends for our kids sake. Our two daughters, one is 22 and the other is a senior in high school. Both fully understand and accept that I’m gay. Both actually love it. All the friends that I told accept it too.

    This comes as a relief because now I do t ha e to sneak around anymore. The guy that Ive been having sex with for the past 3 years can freely come over to my house now. And I can go over to his house without worrying.

    My daughters definitely had questions about my sexuality that I am perfectly okay answering. And now the know who the friend is that they saw naked in my house 7 months ago. The guy I have sex with was walking to the bathroom after sex and we both didn’t realize my daughters were coming over! My daughters saw him naked and semi erect! We just played it off like he was staying the night in the guest bedroom and he slept naked. But in reality he had just fucked and cummed in my butt.

    Embracing My True Self

    I was married for 17 years but differences in political views eventually caused us tot take our separate paths. After the divorce I accepted an Army buddy's invitation to move to Santiago, Puerto Rico. My communications specialist background and his introductions landed me a job with the local police department.

    The freedom of starting a new life, this time investigating my bi side. From around the fourth grade I have enjoyed sex with another not or man as I grew older. It was only after my enlistment that I went all in straight, mostly because I was with my wife. My freedom led me down to the restaurants and bars of the tourist area. It was there that I struck up a conversation with a man in Santiago on business. We had dinner, a bar, a few beers, and back to my new apartment.

    The sex was excellent, he heard my story and was more than happy to help me get back in the swing of things. Unlike a quick BJ he was interested is something more serious. He traveled to Santiago at least once a month, we became friends and lovers, I respected his wish for exclusivity, he respected it too. After eight months he accepted a posting in Santiago with his company and we are considering getting married.

    My kids and my exwife, are in denial. Their problem.

  • I Like Milfs This Days

    I used to like young girls I used to like young girls I used run behind a girl but now I hind older women more attractive than them I just don't know why this is happening but it's cool


    I have don e a experiment on myself by watching two porns of two different actresses one was curvy my all time favourite and other was skinny. When I was watching porn of my favourite actress I was actually trying not to cum my mind was set to not to quit easily but after some days after some rest and fitness and nice diet I watched porn of skinny pornstar and even though I wanted to not to cum I ejaculate quickly. So I observed that when you fuck someone you love your mind will set to not to cum quickly but for not favourite one even you try you will cum quickly.

    Cum Eating

    We'll I started edging years ago. I just dripped alittle clear precum at first. I always loved to lick it off my fingers while i was slowly stroking my cock.
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    Stopped Porn Forever

    I watched Vicki chase gangbang with soccer team it was extremely hardcore vicki chase was screaming to stop and tem of players kept banging. And after watching that extremely hardcore I stopped watching porn forever. I don't have any interest left in porn now that scene was really outrageous...she must have stopped walking for week...I don't want to watch porn again...had great but negative impact of it...

  • I Want To Suck

    I am married and over the last 10 years I have sucked three cocks. One guy once , one guy twice , and the third eight times. The guy I sucked once was my best friend from childhood. He is married too. He filled my mouth with his cum but did not swallow. The second guy I sucked twice. Met him online and he filled my mouth twice and did not swallow him. The third guy was older and I sucked him off eight times. I swallows his cum three times.

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