Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?

Cum Eating

Well I'm 50 and still horny as hell. After masterbating for years when i was younger and just wasting my load.
I decided to taste my precum one nite. Not to bad.
I got so horny and hard I discovered edging.
So I have been edging and tasting my thick sperm for 25 years.
After my girlfriend goes to work. I put in some porn and put my cock ring on. I edge until I'm about to explode then i stop and use a dildo to push on my prostate. Omg I can push out some really thick cum without blowing my load.
I usually use a big spoon to catch my cum on.
This morning I got almost a teaspoon full of thick white cum to swallow. And i still get to bust a nut later. My favorite is when my sperm is really thick and after I have waited to weeks. I can save up a huge load of cum and edge for hours.
So far I haven't run out of cum but my cock and balls are aching like hell.
Just writing about this makes me want another taste.

  • I Always Liked It, From The Very First Time, It's An Open Secret Now

    Bear with me if you have heard of this happening before, or similar. The summer I was 13 I was too old for some form of summer day school, and too young to work. My parents decided that I was old enough to stay home alone. After several weeks of boredom I started riding my bike around, day after day I would go out riding for a couple of hours. I drifted further and further from home and I came upon the construction site for the new sewer system that was being built for what would later be the big industrial park in our town. I hung around around watching the machinery and the men. One man saw me and came and asked what I was doing and I told him and he told me I had to stay behind this line, a line he marked in the dirt with a branch.

    I went to watch the construction a couple of days a week. I was there one afternoon around shutting down time and came over and asked why I wasn't at home. I told him because my parents worked and didn't come home till around seven. We talked and now that the work had stopped he offered to show me around. We went in and out of holes in the ground and around machinery and here and there and he showed me these huge concrete tubes that were going to be put in the ground for the sewage line. They were big enough that you could walk in, if you hunched a little. We went into one, about the middle and he told me it was a great place to get away and be alone.

    Of course he showed me his dick and told me to hold his dick. He got my dick out of my pants and held my dick and he compared his dick to mine. He told me that the difference between men and boys was the size of their dicks. He jerked me off and I had my first ejaculation caused by another person and he got my pants down and he told me it was going to hurt but feel good, he used some of my ejaculate to lube me up and he worked his dick into me and he was right, it did hurt but it felt good and he finished fucking me and told me that whenever I wanted to I could come down to the construction sight and we could be friends like that.

    That summer I learned how he wanted me to hold his dick, how he wanted me to suck his dick, how he wanted me to position myself so he could fuck me. I had my dick sucked, my dick jerked off. That summer I got fucked more than a dozen times. I liked it every time but not every time I went out to watch the construction did he have time to spend with me. Those days I went home disappointed and rejected, the other days when he fucked me I went home happy and content.

    The construction came to an end, school started and it was a summer thing that just happened in the past. I met a Mexican man working at the Sears warehouse who fucked me, and later I met a night auditor of a motel who fucked me, and later I met a man who worked at the bank who fucked me. But it was just that, men who wanted to fuck me and I wanted to be fucked.

    Not until I was 52 working for natural gas company did I meet a man, and older man who I became friends with and he liked me and was attracted to me and for the first time I made love with a man, all the soft stuff, kissing and caressing, showering, mutual oral sex, and of course he was an alpha male and he liked to fuck me and I liked that very much. I became the partner, the boyfriend, and I met other friends of his who were also homosexuals and I started to associate more and more with the older gay crowd. It was an open secret that he and I were having sex, and it was an open secret that other men were having sex, the alphas got together with the alphas and I got together with the betas. I thought of way back when I was growing up when my parents got together the men sat in the living room and the women in the kitchen and here I was in the 'kitchen' with the other 'girls'. I was now in a social setting that I liked and my parents had passed and no one cared. It was ok if my partner kissed me in public. It was ok with me if we left and the other people at the party knew we were going home and he was going to fuck me. I wanted to be fucked.

    And that's the way it is, I remember that summer, it is always on my mind. That first time I got fucked in the sewer line, I don't remember the pain, I do remember just how much I liked it.

    My Friend

    I'm a long time nudist and a friend of mine new. Him n i wear working at my hunting camp. Drinking beers n chatting outside. I asked if he minded me talking naked. He said now n asked if he could to. No big deal to me so we both did. He asked if I wete I said no and asked why. He said he thought I was. Well we sat there and I went n got more beer. Gave him one and dropped my can in front of him. Bent down to get it. Sat up and asked if it was ok. He said go for it. I sucked him. It was so nice sucking of. He the done me. I then layer on the picnic table and he layer on me. Two of us naked. Frist time for me n him.

  • Discovering My True Colors

    I got divorced after 30 years for a lot of reasons, but at the center we had drifted apart. She is a good woman, but she is also a difficult woman and as time went by she became more and more difficult. After my divorce I moved into an apartment and started to make a friends group of other divorced or single men. It was then that I met Jack, he was also divorced, had been a college professor and then went with a small company in an executive capacity. We got along well enough and had lunch once or twice a month.

    I suppose that what developed was a bromance, he more than me, but loneliness leads to relationships that may otherwise not happen. I started to question his orientation, but I couldn't put my finger on it. But we were getting closer as friends and sharing more openly and on one occasion I shared something with him that I had not really ever talked to anyone about. How when I was a boy my neighbor and I became actively sexual, including having anal sex. I shared with him how much I liked it, the whole penis in the mouth and hand and being mounted. But I had outgrown that and moved on.

    He shared with me that he had messed around a couple of times, in college and once as a professor with a student aid of his and he also had enjoyed the penis in the hand and in the mouth and he had also had anal sex with him. That relationship lasting three years. But he got married to another professor, a short lived marriage and since then he had not been deeply involved. He questioned me deeply about my feelings about all that and asked me to share what it felt like when I first put his penis in my mouth and more importantly what it felt like when he mounted me. I didn't lie, I told him I liked it, I just outgrew it.

    We were at his apartment when he reached for me and kissed me I stepped back, but just as quickly surrendered to him. His hands were strong as he ran his hands over my chest and then put his hands around my back for a deep kiss. He was hungry to kiss, couldn't stop and I let him, it felt good and I suppose I was just as hungry. We got undressed and I took his penis and put it in my mouth and all those feelings came rushing back, my hunger for his penis was obvious and he moved us to the bed where we were quickly performing fellatio on each other.

    I don't know, I suppose it is just something that comes over you. He caressed my bare behind and started to push his finger against my anus and he was soon on my back and his penis was penetrating me, I arched and moved to give him room and he was able to mount me to completion, withdrawing and slapping my behind with his bare hand. All that pent up desire had come up from within me and he obviously had as much a desire as me. I know now that it was probably this that caused my wife and I to grow apart. Jack and I became fast friends, and we became steady lovers and still are.

    There is life after divorce, it may just not be around the corner you are first going to.

    My Gay Seduction

    June 2009 I was promoted to Senior Internal Auditor and sent on my first overseas assignment. My assignment, my company's Dutch trading subsidiary based in Amsterdam. My flight a non stop KLM from Chicago to Amsterdam. At the airport waiting lounge waiting to board I met a man, the international counsel for a multinational also headed to Amsterdam. He was flying Business and I was in coach. He told me he was loaded with miles and we walked up to the counter and he upgraded me to business with him.

    We sat beside each other, he showed me the ropes and we watched a movie and slept on the flight. He invited me to change hotels and join him downtown. We checked in and agreed to meet for a drink at seven and dinner afterwards. Two drinks, a cab drive to a nice restaurant, a bottle of wine. We walked back to the hotel, stopping at a club for a nightcap. He knew the club well and it took a bit of time to realize I was in a gay club, and he wanted to dance.

    That night I went to his room with him, he took his time, introducing me to the pleasures of gay sex. My mind was in one place, my body another. Slowly I agreed to his advances, oral sex, body massage, kissing, ending with anal sex. I couldn't believe what I had just done, I begged my way out and went to my room where I went through several anxiety attacks. The next day my work product was horrible. Back at the hotel I ordered room service.

    He came to my room, he did not take no for an answer and after a lot of persuading and caressing and kissing I again submitted to anal sex. That night I cried myself to sleep. I somehow knew I was gay, I wanted his attention, I wanted to have to have sex again.

  • I Truly Ashamed Of Myself

    My name is Jose Bermudez, I work in the commercial insurance industry, I am 53 years old and I am a cock sucker. This is the first time that I write this down. I have a family, my children are out of the home living their lives. Last night I went to a bar that I know is frequented by men looking to hook up with other men. I met a man in the restroom. I sucked his cock to completion. I went with him to his apartment and he fucked me to completion. After I have anal sex I have a strong urge to lick the man's cock to lick his anus.

    I am not proud of this. It is a disgusting habit. I am a practicing Catholic, at one time when I was younger I wanted to be a priest but my homosexual tendencies were discovered and I was asked to step away.

    This is my confession.

    I Confessed

    So a few years ago I confessed to my wife that I was very curious about sucking cock at first she didn’t believe me, and then she was pissed off.
    Now she just calls me a cocksucker even though I still haven’t ever found a guy to try it out.
    I tell her it’s her fault because she gives such good head and I want to see if I can do as good as her.
    Differences I want all that cum down my throat and she doesn’t like me to cum in her mouth.


    Since I was about fifteen I have always had this secret bisexual side, discovering that sometimes I just enjoyed being with another guy. I never did it all that much, but I had a few experiences that I thoroughly enjoyed. Of course not being gay, it was not easy meeting other guys who felt the same way. That was just sort of the thing that you never admitted to and kept secret wanting to avoid the gay stigma.

    Well, about a year ago I started to become friends with a guy at work. We’re the same age and we’re both single. There was this good chemistry between us and we started to hit it off, and we both began to become curious about each other, like if there couldn’t be maybe a little something more there.

    I guess that we were both feeling particularly brave because we were over at his place, and we got to talking about relationships and things. Neither of us were seeing a girl right then and we talked about how relationships could be difficult and how it would be nice just to have something casual and fun. He made a remark and jokingly said, “Well, I guess that there’s always other guys.” I laughed and said how I guessed that there could be. So we joked about it some more and finally he asked me if I would ever be interested in doing something like with another guy. I said I didn’t see why not, and I asked him if he would be, and he answered the same.

    Having reached that point, we happily kissed and we made out for about fifteen minutes. Then we got out of our clothes and naked and we started seriously playing around. Somehow in our enthusiasm he butt fucked me. Man, I had the biggest hardest boner while he did that to me and it was so great. It had been a while since I had last been butt fucked and I loved it. With him it was just so easy and so much fun doing that. Well, two days later I butt fucked him and it was so incredible doing this together.

    During this last year we have been butt fucking each other all the time and a lot and it’s like we can’t get enough of it. We have both been wondering if we are gay or just bisexual. What does anyone have to say about this?

    We Knew Before We Knew That We Were Going To Be Together

    Being a girl from the poor side of town I resented, was jealous of, angry at my station in life. My father is a mostly unemployed alcoholic mechanic, and my mother an LVN at a nursing home. One of my friends lived in a mansion, pool, tennis court, her own room, bathroom, tv room. Her parents are a corporate lawyer and an oncologist. In the tenth grade we started fooling around. Her mother thought it was cute, my mother thought it was sick. This is how we graduated from high school.

    My friend went away to college at Yeshiva and I went to, drum role, work. She finished college, went to medical school, I continued working and went to art school thanks to her father. She finished medical school, went to her residency and I moved to live with her. Her mother thought how cute, my mother thought how disgusting.

    After residency we moved to LA where we grew up, had a totally Jewish wedding, after I converted. Her mother thought how cute, my mother? Not so much.

  • A Long Time Coming,

    I grew up in a small town. I was in my teens in the late sixties and I got an afternoon job working for Schwartz furniture, which sold to the blacks in town. The store had Mr. Schwartz, who was a Jew from Hungary who had come over after the war. The other employee was Bob, a big black man who helped move furniture, load furniture. He had been a cook in the Navy during WW2. The store was a building right off of Main Street and Mr. Schwartz lived upstairs, which you got to by going up the stairs behind the building.

    I was told by Mr. Schwartz that I needed to be there on Sunday early to help with the inventory. I rode my bike while my parents went to church. I got there and the store was closed so I went around back and up the stairs, something I had never done up to that day. I got to the top and I could see through the small window into the kitchen. Old Bob big black ass and he was bent over Mr. Schwartz pale white ass and he was fucking him across he kitchen table. The table made noises at is slid and Mr. Schwartz made noises and Bob made noises, while I watched.

    When Bob pulled out and reached down to pull up his pants I got out of there and got my bike and rode down a couple of blocks to the five and dime and waited. My heart was pounding, damn Mr. Schwartz was a faggot and Bob was the bull that was pounding him, just like some of the boys at school said.

    When I saw the lights on in the store I went over and helped count inventory. As always Mr. Schwartz had on his sweater and his hair was combed back and Bob had on clean clothes, he always dressed nice.

    As I grew older Mr. Schwarz died and left the building and the business to Bob. Bob became one of the richest black men in town. He died several years later. By then I was a newly minted lawyer working in Cincinnati. As I got older I remembered Bob leaning over Mr. Schwartz, the more I remembered the more I wondered how Mr. Schwartz liked it, having big Bob stuffing his big black sausage in him. The more I thought about it the more I thought well maybe Mr. Schwartz did like it. It the lawyering business you meet all types and I met a few good men who liked having a big sausage up their skinny ass. So much so that I could spot them a mile away and I spent way too much time wondering how it must feel.

    I met Leroy fifteen years ago, he worked as an orderly at the home where my mother was recovering from surgery. Leroy was big, like Bob. Nice, polite and always dressed well. And when I was nice to him he was nice back and took extra care of my mother. On one visit I caught Leroy in the men's room, we stood side by side and talked about the weather, but most of all I wanted to get a look, just how big was Leroy. I commented, just making an old joke, that the water must be cold, considering Leroy was big enough and he commented that I would never know and he laughed.

    Leroy was big, bigger than me that was for sure. He told me that many a white boy had found out what a black man can do and I told him I was a white boy and I wanted to find out what a black man can do, and told him about what I saw that morning at Mr. Schwartz' apartment above the store. He looked at me and asked if I really wanted that, and I looked at him and I said 'I do'. Just don't hurt me.

    Leroy was a gentle giant, I first took his big black hose in my hand and held it. I did what I always wanted to do, I kissed it, I put my lips around it and ran my tongue all over it. I dropped my pants and leaned over the kitchen table in my house and Leroy got behind me and the table squeaked under our weight, I made noises, and Leroy made noises and when he was done and pulled out I turned and looked at his soft cock and new full well that Mr. Schwartz really liked cock, and I told Leroy I really liked cock and I wanted him to do it again, not the next day, that day but this time don't be nice.