Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?


I have to tell someone what's just happened.
I have been edging my cock to various genre of porn. I was onto a BBC servicing a white wife whilst her cuck was kissing her when the door flung open and a stranger walked in. I was triggered and announced I was going to cum. He pushed my hand away and replaced it with his mouth. I couldn't stop myself and as an ferocious orgasm came over me. I was trembling and bucking as I filled his mouth, he just pushed down on my stomach to control me as he drank my love juice. Then he got up licked his lips, lifted my leg slapped my arse and was gone. Wow I hope that can happen again. Oh my balls really ache.

  • I'm A Homosexual Sissy

    I've always loved panties and bras. I like wearing woman's clothes especially lingerie. I feel so natural wearing them. I enjoy letting other men see me in them too. Maybe it started out being the only boy in our family. My mom would watch over me. Mom would take the girls shopping and I'd go with. My dad never wanted a boy. I remember always vying for his attention and getting hardly zip. It was hard getting him to do anything with me. I always felt rejected cause I wasn't good enough for him in sports or school work. He said I never "applied" myself. I had learning issues that plaqued me. But someone from across the street saw this. He knew that one, I was always with my mom and sisters, and very little with my dad. He wasn't my friend. I'd get up when the baby sitter got me up. My sisters never watched me
    They all did their own thing. I'd always go outside to play. But this boy came over and befriended me. I liked playing with trucks. I also liked playing with dollies. I found one. I played with her. I fed her, bathed her too.
    But this boy wanted me to go to his house. He asked the babysitter. He knew her. So she let him take me.
    Once we got to his house, he'd close the dr**es and lock the door. He told me to talk my clothes off. The first time he told me to do that I just froze. He told me again. I took my clothes off for him. Ye liked that.


    I stumbled across this guy at work today. He was having a wank in the woods. 'Sorry', I blurted. Not really knowing what to do I started to retreat as I took a good long stare at his cock. 'Hey where do you think you're going'. I stopped, fozen to the spot. 'Like my dick eh, now get over here'. I walked over to him my eyes lowered as I did so. In front of him he started to unbutton my jeans, I pulled away. 'Did I say you could leave', he barked assertively. 'No'. 'No sir' he said. 'No sir', I replied meekly. I looked down witnessing my cock being exposed by him. then he took me into his mouth and to my suprise I became erect and aroused. 'Like that eh faggot'. I nodded, 'Yes sir'. he pleasured me with his mouth and hand whilst his other hand groped my bum and a finger probing my anus. I stood there as he did as he wished with me. I could feel my orgasm building and I guess so could he. All of a sudden he stopped, pushed me to my knees and jacked himself off over my face. Glazed and socked he made me watch my cock go limp laughing as I did so. 'Now put it away slut'. I did as ordered and then found my face being fucked as he unloaded again. He didn't have to say swallow, I did it automatically. He promised to use me again even though I had not wished it. Still on my knees I watch him walk away, my face cold as the breeze dried his spunk on my face. I'm not sure what he meant and I'm not sure who I am anymore, I can't believe I allowed this man to dominate me like that.

  • Currently Engaged Sexually With Another Man

    My wife died after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, four months later. It left me alone. My family, children and siblings all live at a distance. I have thought about moving, but does any of them want me that close to them. I live alone, I sold my home and purchased a condominium. It is mixed use, some retired people, some young couples, most everyone works for a living. At the condominium I met a man who was divorced and equally lonely. He rented there, he wasn't sufficiently able financially to purchase any property. We became friends, in a casual way.

    One afternoon he let me know that he had been thinking that he would like to have a relationship with a man, and that I was the one he was thinking of. Both alone, without families. To think about it, we would take small steps. I asked him if he had ever personally experienced intimacy with another man. He was hesitant, but he admitted to it, and that was was what led to his divorce. So you are gay? I asked him. His answer was maybe. He liked the sex part, but had never considered him self gay or homosexual.

    He was far more experienced than I was. He started with purely oral. After a while he invited me to perform oral sex on him. The next step was enjoying total nudity together, physical caresses, rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples. It's become a problem for me, as I now have an urge to arouse my nipples. It culminated by him showing me what anal intercourse was. And I found it much more enjoyable than I would have thought. This introduction, or seduction, took several weeks before I was comfortable with engaging in sexual activity with him.

    I don't identify with anything homosexual. The sex is much like sex with a strange woman you never see again, or a prostitute. It's not emotional, it's physical. But I do look forward to it, and do engage with him totally. I don't believe that he is not gay, I am very sure that I am not gay.

    Me And My Stepcousin

    i live in a gated community on the suburbs of a midwestern U.S. city, whereas most of my family are originally from a farming community down south. so, i'm not close with my dad's side... i think i last saw them altogether when i was a young boy.

    i was 26 at around the time of the story, with a gorgeous fiancée. my aunt wanted to host a huge reunion at her farmplace in rural alabama, and i took it as a chance to show off my future wife. but, considering i hadn't seen her for a while, i wasn't told about her marriage, and new son.

    honestly, i never had any siblings so i was excited to see my new step-cousin. he was 18, with a fresh air to him, slim and thick curly hair that fell to a mullet. it was never brotherhood with him... we were more friends at the start since we didn't grow up together. i went around greeting my family, and left my fiancée to mingle with them, while we snuck out to his bedroom.

    he was immediately touchy-flirty with me, his hand on my thigh, and laughing at my dum jokes. it was genuinely nice to feel wanted, since i was growing bored of my relationship. we were grade school sweethearts, after all. and, i never thought i would try it with a man but, i craved to have passionate relations with anyone at this point.

    and he had gone off to shower, telling me i should experiment with his new console, so we could play together once we're back. in my head, he was a kid to be honest... it was brotherly to play with him. but he came bag in a towel, and he had a feminine build that suddenly made me see him differently. he had a slim waist and skinny, toned stomach that wasn't beefy whatsoever, complemented with a scrappy happy tail. and that light fur on this chest that made my dick surprised. i was confused but excited to feel this way again since i was a teenager myself.

    i eagerly jumped up and put a hand on his waist... i whispered a question about how his shower went and he, just slowly walked in and locked the door behind him. his towel dropped as if my head had commanded it. it was a telepathic, mutual agreement, although a slow burn. he started off by telling me, he was thinking about me in his shower. he confessed to having nasty thoughts about me since he already knew who i was from photos my aunt had shown him. i was a swimmer back in highschool, i was packing but, we had to wear tight team-logo briefs no matter our size, and my body wasn't too bad either.

    i double-checked to confirm we were really doing this, and then the next thing i knew, i was against his bedroom wall, with him stroking my leg and kissing me passionately. it was the same for him: that he hadn't thought of a guy this way before me. it was an intricate and desperate love-making. the age, kinship, gender, and other relations, weren't a problem to me.

    i started off slow, and he was needy and hungry for me, so it happened like he pushed me on my bed and perused my body, because we were craving each other so, so bad. i even took him inside me... and admittedly, it felt so good for him to cum inside me, that i was confused afterwards. it had never been that passionate with my fiancée... it was always something we just did because we did it. even after we had finished, he was lying on the bed and i licked the cum still oozing down his dick. in fact, we did it again, and i got his number.

    i don't know if i'm gay. me and my fiancée are still going strong but, if she's not around, im probably sexting him. he makes me cum through the phone... it's gotten so bad that i picture him every time im deep inside my girl, hearing his moans inside my head and picturing his 'O' face... she says ive gotten better and more happy in bed but, she doesn't know. i don't think anyone can know im fwbs with my own stepcousin.

  • Coming Out Is Easy

    I'm pleased at how easy it is to come out. I find that when I do a search for "Somers, Montana cock sucker", it takes me to pages where I have posted name and location, along with explicit pictures, and descriptions of me sucking men off and being fucked. I hope my x wife Danielle sees them so she can see what she turned me in to. Danielle, I will be forever grateful for you turning me into a total cock slut faggot. I would have never realized I was born to service cocks, had you not asked me if I was gay they day you came home and found me fucking myself with a dildo.

    Making New Friends

    All this happened after a road accident. I was driving to see my friend for Christmas, from college it was seven hours, and a car crossed the center line and sideswiped me. Broken hip, femur, internal injuries which required abdominal surgery. Far from anywhere. The nurses were nice, competent, small town feel. Adopted me really. The doctors, surgeon, orthopedist, all nice, competent. But I was lonely.

    My folks lived overseas, retired. I did have a college health policy. To be released I needed someone to take care of me. The wound, mobility. Again my folks couldn't take care of me. Worry yes. So I was in the hospital.

    One nurse, Helen, offered to take me home. She was single, 32, caring. A little plump, blonde, blue eyes. She set me up in the living room, on the couch, to make it easier moving around. Bathroom was difficult, I couldn't balance myself, I needed help. She was competent, knew just how to lift me and set me down. A sponge bath. While she was bathing me at her house she mentioned in passing that she was a lesbian, and if it bothered me.

    She cooked and left lunch for me, she sponge bathed me at night, helped me to the toilet in the morning and when she got home. A diaper while she was gone.

    Oh, the sponge baths, she changed my hospital gown, laid me on a towel, and spent her sweet time. She looked at me in the eyes while she bathed my breasts, between my legs, and took her time. When she took me to the toilet, I stood and held myself up leaning on the counter and she washed my butt. Day in and day out. When I had appointments drive to see the surgeon, xrays of my hip and femur, home again. Dinner, and then a long sponge bath, naked on the towel.

    I liked lying naked while she bathed me. She spent time on my breasts, and washed me gently between the legs. As I got better, she massaged me into an orgasm. As I got better she sucked on my nipples. As I got better she breathed on my pussy, before giving me long kisses.

    I was there for twelve weeks, the last four weeks I slept in her bed. She put some music on and danced in front of me as she took her clothes off. She spent time with her breasts before spending time with her pussy, before spending time with my breasts and my pussy.

    When I was well enough to travel she drove me to school.

    I'll be spending the summer with her. I'm going to switch majors, go into nursing even if it costs me two years.

    My Moment Of Glory, Although I Never Saw Him Again

    I was probably no different than anyone else. I had a lot of trouble maintaining a relationship after it went intimate, and I was in my late thirties and unmarried. I worked at my job and had a decent circle of friends. It was always easy for me to make friends with females, as long as it didn't go intimate. As to male friends, I had a lot. We were buddies.

    But then, I met this guy, I'll call him Paul. Paul wasn't interested in my circle of friends. He appeared to be more of a loner. We went out for Mexican a couple of times. We talked movies and agreed to go back to my place and stream a movie. That's where he kissed me. "now don't tell me you didn't like it". I was in shock, I didn't answer. I stood there. And he told me he wanted me. Nothing came to me, I was tongue tied. So he kissed me again, this time much more controlling, forced really, and it was a long kiss, or series of kisses on the mouth.

    I was surprised at myself, while he was kissing me I thought of kind of things to tell him. But nothing came out of my mouth. When he grabbed my crotch I reacted. "Where are you going?" and he grabbed my crotch again. Now I said something. "You have me confused with someone else". But he didn't let go of my crotch. And things started to happen. When he leaned in to kiss me again I concentrated on his hand and my crotch.

    This time he let me go of me and with both hands holding my head he kissed me and I couldn't do anything but let him. I wanted him to grab my crotch, that's what I wanted. But he stepped back and kicked off his shoes and lowered his pants. "Let me show you what you like" and he let his boxers fall the floor and his erection was in full view. He pushed me onto the sofa and rubbed his penis all over my face. "Here, open your mouth". Putting his erect penis against my lips my mouth opened and he put his penis in my mouth. Holding my face by the cheeks he started to slowly mouth fuck me. I was unable to do anything, except close my mouth around his penis.

    After a few moments, he withdrew his penis and asked me to show him what I had. He grabbed my belt and worked it free and took my penis out of my pants. I had a semi erection, and he put it in his mouth, and using his hands to get me erect he was giving me a blowjob, and jerking me off. I came, without warming. He laughed and said it was his turn. And shoved me around until he was on my back and using spit he shoved a finger in my ass. Searching for my prostate he massaged before he got in position and ran his penis in me until he was flush against my ass. He 'fucked', "Oh God I like a tight ass", he fucked until he came, before he withdrew and told me to get a towel and wipe his penis clean for him.

    He left me alone, and lay on my bed, without my pants on, only my socks. I could still 'feel' his penis in me. I touched my butthole, scared to wipe it clean. I lay for a long time, when I fell asleep I don't know. I woke up around ten the next morning. Only then did I take a shower and wash myself off. I knew then that I was gay, that I liked being kissed, that I liked him grabbing my crotch, that I liked his penis in my mouth, that I liked him fucking me the way he did. I liked it all.

    Outed In Mexico

    I caution that my story starts with being witness to a narco atrocity in Mexico. The incident, nice word for a m****r, occurred ten feet in front of me. A hit. On purpose so their message gets out. A young woman in her twenties.

    I had to stay over for questioning. My family was allowed to leave, a drive to Cancun, a flight home. Alone at the hotel I moved out of the suite into a small bedroom, with a view of the parking garage and the dumpster. I didn't sleep, my head didn't let me. I went for a walk on the beach. A fellow turista was out, a Frenchman, for him it was early afternoon on his clock. We sat on the beach in the moonlight.

    What happened next was unexpected, unplanned, but nevertheless happened. Under the quiet sounds of the surf I found myself giving him a blowjob. It was exhilarating, what with the stress I was under. Oblivious, we got into a compromising position, a well deserved fuck when the cop with the flashlight hit him knocking him out from the blow to the head.

    I was being observed, followed. Sex on the beach between two men was just too good to pass up. What you do in your room is one thing, anal intercourse out in the open another. No fine, a year in jail. And the exposure to my family. The Frenchman had better connections, he was deported.

    I'm 'out' now, what choice did I have. A sum of money got me out after four months, leave, don't come back. No words explain it to your wife or children. The word gets out, I had to elect another place to work. I'm okay, more or less, in spite of the experience. It did remove me from the list of interested parties with the m****red woman.

  • I'm Moving To Be With Someone I Can Share Time With

    I have a hard time giving or accepting love. It's my childhood, my father abandoned us before I was old enough to remember him and our mother was distant and uninvolved. For all of my growing up years she never had a nice thing to say, especially when it came to men. Later in my teen years my friends would say that she was frustrated or that she was a lesbian. Both wrang true to me.

    Once I turned 18 I was old enough to join the Navy and I ran into a whole society of men. Men in authority, from petty men to the brass. There was always someone telling me what to do. Even how to do it, how to wipe my ass. There were also women who told me what to do, but what I remember is the men.

    I suppose that during the twenty years I was in the Navy more than once I sucked dick. Especially when I was young. As an older man younger men sucked my dick. It was a pecking order thing, you showed respect with a dick in your mouth.

    When I got out of the Navy, I'm an electrician by trade, I went to work for a large property management company in the Bay area. So many dicks. It was impossible to stay straight. The more I sucked the gayer I got. Finally one night after a tumble with a man who did what he wanted I had to admit to myself that I was gay. Only a gay man would like that.

    I met a man and I went with him to Puerto Vallarta where he had a time share. The gay scene was wild and I got hooked. I retired recently. With my pension from the Navy and with my retirement savings I am moving to Puerto Vallarta. I found a nice condo, small but serviceable for a single man. I will probably open up some form of an electrician business, but time will tell. For now I'm going to bask in the company of a certain gay man I met there, I have a good friend there now. Maybe it's time to accept love, at least I think it's love.