Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?

Change Room Hookups

I'm a married horny bi man. Lately I've been going to my local pool for some hot laps in the heated pool. Now I find I can't wait until I'm naked in the changeroom shower, tweeking my nipples and fisting my Cock just wishing and hoping someone would cum to me push me to my knees and face Fuck me right there, fill my mouth with his salty cum and leave. Then guy after guy would take their turns with my mouth as word got around until finally the 50+ manager would cum in with a life guard and take me from both ends. Oh did I say I was a horny bi married man ?

  • My First Love And My Only Love

    I grew up in what I would call a typical midwest, middleclass, public high school, 10 year old car when I turned 16 home. I did well in school, all the women in my family do well, it's a thing with us. I got a scholarship, arranged by our church to go to a Christian college, lots of nurses and teachers. Sorry very few guys, and they are all limp wristed. Even the ones who pursue the ministry,

    At college I was roomed with Claire. She also came from a midwest, middleclass, public high school, no car when she turned 16 background. The first thing, first thing when we met and shook hands in our dorm room, first thing before anything else, our eyes met and we didn't look away for five minutes. The connection was immediate. When we broke the moment I eyed her up, her face, her hair, down to her boobs, her waist, her hips, between her hips, down her legs. I took it all in, slowly and deliberately and then back to her face and her eyes.

    The first words out of my mouth to her were 'do you mind seeing me naked'. It was because we were in this very small room with two very small beds and two very small desks. She said no, she had sisters. I said so do I but we aren't sisters, In this room we are going to see each other naked, I don't want to have to be covering myself all the time. She said it was expected and no she didn't have a problem if I was naked. "How about you?" She said she would work on it. I said "How about now" let's get it over with and I stripped down to my bare feet and let her take it all in, my face, my hair, my shoulders, my boobs, my tummy, my hips, between my hips, my thighs before she looked back at my eyes.

    "Now you", she took off her clothes, very slowly, looking at me with each piece she took off, not taking off her bra until she was in her bra and panties, and after her panties came off she covered her boobs with her arm and covered her pubes with her hand. "Show me everything, everything" I'm not going to live here with you and fall in love with you and you don't let me see.

    We fell in love that day, she did show me everything, then we got dressed and we went over our first semester classes, went over the campus map and I asked her if she wanted the wall or the outside, we turned her bed on its side, we made my bed and we kissed to seal the deal (my father owned a used car dealership).

    We didn't make love, not till much later, we were like to caged animals being fed for the first time. It was awful, terrible, the stuff we did those first few weeks. We were both embarrassed with each other, kissing certain anatomical parts where the sun don't shine embarrasses you afterwards, but it had to be done. That's the way I see it. It has to be done, no stone left unturned.

    Of course our parents didn't send us to college to discover that what we wanted was to fall in love with our first semester roommate. But 'they' put you together, we don't choose. The powers of the school did that, their computer paired us, so it's their fault. We may have just as easily ended up being cheerleaders and dating jocks (but not from our college all the boys had limp wrists). But fate intervened, fate put us together, and fate pushed us to want each other, to fall in love with each other, to cross the great divide between a high school kid and a college woman. The good news is we didn't get pregnant.

    She doesn't cover up to undress, but the truth be told we are both naturally modest and once the hormone charge settled down we went back to being normal. Sure I love to see her naked, and I love to get naked for her. But we are an old married couple, we go to bed in pajamas and sleep side by side, from time to time, we cop a feel, grab a little ass. We make love, in the real sense, make love. At 18 with your first discovery, your first hormone rush, your first God I can't believe I'm doing this, your first touch and first kiss you don't make love. You consume each other, love has to wait.

    My Secret Desire To Suck On A Big Cock

    My Name is Ticket Shirt Lover and this is my Confession

    I have a sexual Women's clothing fetish for a certain style of a Woman's Shirt. The Shirt has a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags, and Pockets. I have a "Fetish Name" for this style of a Woman's Shirt. The Fetish Nane is "TICKET SHIRT." To define and explain what a Ticket Shirt is: a TICKET SHIRT is a “Shirt” with a Pointed and Notched Collar, Collar Tags, and one or two Pockets. A Ticket Shirt has frontal button closure with the buttons being visible, not hidden. I LOVE Ticket Shirts made from silky polyester. I prefer solid colors ONLY. All of my Ticket Shirts are Women’s Ticket Shirts. I'm wearing my Lady Manhattan Ticket Shirt in my profile photo. I call my clothing Fetish for women's Ticket Shirts my "Ticket Shirt Fetish."

    I have a small penis only 4 inches long when hard. I have a “Fetish Name” for my penis. The Fetish Name for my penis is “Ticket pp.” My sperm also has a “Fetish Name.” The Fetish Name for my sperm is, “Ticket sperm.” I LOVE to wear a Woman’s Ticket Shirt, jerk off, and spurt my hot Ticket sperm from my little Ticket pp! Now I have said all of this to reveal my secret desire!

    My Dream and Wish is that I would meet up with another Male who has a Big Cock! I would LOVE to suck on another Male's Big Cock while I'm wearing one of my Women's Ticket Shirts! The Guy whose Cock I suck on would also be wearing a Ticket Shirt. We would both be naked from our waists on down and wearing Ticket Shirts! I'd LOVE the other Male to have a 6-inch to an 8-inch Cock. My Dream ad Wish is to have a Big 8-inch Cock in my mouth and to suck on it for hours and hours! I would LOVE to stroke and lick His Cock and jerk Him off too!

    I talked to my Wife about my desire to suck Cock and She is open-minded to the subject, but nothing definitive yet! My Wife told me that I could suck Cock if I wanted to. I told my Wife that I wanted Her to watch me suck on a Big Cock but She hasn't said anything about doing it. I think about having my Wife watch me suck on a Big Cock while I and the other Male are wearing Ticket Shirts. Oh, how I wish that my Wife will say "YES!"

    My Wife is also into my Ticket Shirt Fetish with me. My Wife also wears Ticket Shirts and we play "Ticket Shirt Mistress" and "Ticket Shirt slave" while we both wear our Ticket Shirts. My Dream and Wish is to have my Wife watch me suck my Male partner's Cock while She is Fully Clothed and wearing one of Her sexy Ticket Shirts! I want to play Ticket Shirt Mistress and Ticket Shirt slave where my Wife orders me to suck on my Male partner's Big Cock while we are both wearing Ticket Shirts. My Wife would also order me to swallow and eat the sperm He spurts from His big Cock into my mouth! I have been practicing sucking Cock on a Big, Cock shaped dildo and I think I have a good Cocksucking technique!

    There is so much more I want to say, but I'll leave it to another confession later!
    Ticket Shirt Lover

  • Alex My Best Friend Comes Out A Sexy Femboi

    Im a 45yo straight m who has a childhood friend that has finally decided to come out the closest.
    Alex and I grew up next door to each other and became really good friends.
    Alex did act a little different than the other boys in the neighborhood.
    He would wear short shorts and almost dress like a girl.
    He was really feminine and was always holding on to me or holding my hand in the dark.
    When he spent the night at the house, he would sleep with me either at the house or camping but alex was cuddled up with me.
    When we were getting to our teens, I knew that Alex was going to be gay and I didn't think nothing of it.
    The first time Alex and I were camping and we were in the tent during a rain storm,it was lightning and thundering, Alex was being a little more than just hanging on to me than usual.
    I asked him if he was okay?
    He said he was a little scared and he was freaking out about the storm.
    So I put my arm around him and we held each other as it stormed.
    Alex held my hands and wrapped my arms around his waist.
    I asked Alex if he was feeling better, answering me" yes I am as he gently caressd my arms, I didn't think anything about it.
    As Alex caressed my arms as I held him close, he moved closer to me and put one of my hands on his leg and grabbed my hand and moved it up and down his thigh.
    I started to feel a little bit tingly and I was getting a bit aroused feeling his soft smooth thigh.
    I could feel my cock getting a little hard, Alex felt my cock moving to a slow throbbing feeling on his body.
    Quickly I moved my self and pulled alex on my lap.
    Wrapping my legs around his waist as he sat between my legs.
    I been in this situation many of times with girls and knew what to do.
    But this was a first time I had no idea what I was doing with Alex and what was going to happen.
    Breathing heavily as my body was shaking.
    Alex looked at me" are you ok? You want me to stop? You are shaking and I don't want you to be uncomfortable!
    Feeling a bit of excitement and arousal, I said to Alex im good! It's something I have never thought I would ever think of ever trying.
    Alex turned around and sat on my lap with his legs wrapped around my waist.
    Putting his arms around me,he leans his head against mine.
    We can stop and never talk about it! But I just want to tell you that I have fantasized about you and I and I wondered about the way you would feel about a romantic situation just you and I.
    I said to Alex I thought about if you and I were ever to get in a sexual romantic situation one day and how or what my reaction was going to be.
    Alex says to me with a huge smile" well what are you thinking? You want to give it a try?
    Feeling like I did the first time I was with my first girlfriend shaking and breathing hard, I said Alex" you and I have been friends for the longest time and we have been through alot of first times together and the way I am feeling and it is making me feel a bit curious about what is going to happen next,
    I grab Alex with both hands, pulling him up to my face.
    You want to put our friendship to the side and see what you and I are romantically willing to give a try?
    Alex leans his lips against mine as they touch he answers"yes" as he gently kisses my lips.
    My body trembling as our lips kiss,we kiss again.
    I feel light headed and pull him closer to me as I turn my head as I lick his lips as I put my tongue in his mouth and passionately kiss.
    My body shakes in ecstasy as I move my hands feeling his body.
    We lay down together on the floor as we kiss and feel each other.
    I grab Alex and pull off his shirt as he pulls up mine.
    Kissing his lips I move to his neck and kiss and suck it.
    Licking my way down to his chest I kiss and lick his nipples.
    Alex moans softly as his hand moves to my shorts as he rubs slowly on my cock as it gets harder and starts throbbing with his hand touching me.
    He unbuttons my shorts unzipping as his hand goes inside my boxers!
    I get shaky and I tense up as I feel his hand go and grab my throbbing hard-on.
    I suck on his neck as he strokes my cock slowly.

    I move my hand down to his crotch and put my hand in his yoga pants I feel his silky panties.
    Gently I rub his cock feeling his balls, Alex is shaved and smooth!
    We kiss as our hands feel each other's cocks.
    Alex sits up pulling me up and says" let's go to the room and take off the rest of our clothes and lay down on the bed.
    So we proceed to the room and get naked as we continue to kiss and touch each other passionately.
    I am so sexually aroused with every kiss and with every touch of Alex's lips and hands.
    Alex lay's me on my back as he kisses my lips as he licks my neck and gently nibbles it down my chest kissing and sucking my nipples as his hand strokes my cock and gently squeezing my balls.
    Im enjoying every kiss and touch, he rubs his cheeks against my throbbing cock as he glide's his lips all over my cock as it pulsates in a hard throbbing motion.
    Alex looks at me as he kisses the tip of my throbbing hard on as he opens his mouth wrapping his lips around my cock and slowly swallows my cock I feel his warm mouth going down my cock as I feel it going into his throat he softly gags as he starts sucking my cock up and down he goes as he gets as much as he can down his throat.
    My legs trembling and shaking with excitement and ecstasy his hand squeezing my balls as his other hand slides between my ass cheeks, I feel his fingers rubbing my butthole he puts his finger in my mouth as I suck it he then puts his wet finger with my saliva back down to my ass slowly works it in a circular motion into my ass,as he rubs my hole he slides another finger in my ass as he stretches my ass with his fingers.
    I'm moaning as I shake with pleasure, Alex sucking my cock and fingering my ass.

    I pull Alex off my cock and up to me and turn him on his back I lick him from his lips down his neck as I pinch his nipples licking my way down his stomach until I get to his throbbing cock.
    Not knowing what or how to suck his cock, I lick it up and down, all around his shaft down to his smooth ball's.
    I lick them as I spread his legs open and lick between his balls and ass, I turn him over as I kiss his smooth ass, licking his crack I spread open his cheeks as I lick his hole I can taste his ass getting juicy I suck his hole as I stick my tongue in his ass as far as I can get my tongue as deep into his hole.

    I feel alex trembling with pleasure as I enjoy the juices from his ass.
    Alex on all fours as I pleasure his hole with my tongue I pull his hard cock back between his legs as I kiss the tip of his cock licking the precum dripping from the tip I open my mouth as I take the throbbing cock in my mouth.
    My mouth full of his throbbing cock I spread his as as I bury my nose in his ass.
    Sucking his cock I enjoy the delicious taste as it throbs in my mouth.
    Alex moaning says he wants me to put him on his back and put my throbbing ..(continue confession)

    Nude In Public Fetishes Again And Again

    I'm baaaack again and this time I want to make it perfectly clear that I am obviously out of the closet, though I have admitted it before, I was born to get high and gangbanged by many meaty cocks for the pure pleasure of being manhandled and soaked in jizz.
    Don't get me wrong, I love delicious petite pussy and the only ass I want to lick suck and fuck is extra small of age nice body nymphomaniac honeys, especially freaky hoes like my little blue hair neighbor who probably weighs between 90 and 105 maybe.
    Shes got sexy blue dyed hair and is a mysterious little reclusive average face cutie, but I again emphasize that she's petite and completely edible looking and I'd love to suck and lick her asshole, vag and every square inch of her from the neck down to the ground!!!
    Under the right circumstances she could enslave me and I'd do such a good job that we'd cum so violently together that she be addicted to me and we'll
    That's that!!


    I'm trying so hard to be straight however I can't resist thinking about sucking a mighty fine piece of meat. I'm desperate to try, I'm eager to please, let me pleasure you.

    Straight Guy Looking For Out Of Closet Guy

    I'm a straight guy 48 yo.
    I enjoy watching gay anal porn especially twink porn with there smooth shaved bodies,
    I love pleasuring my ass with suction cup dildos,butt plugs, I love to wear thongs and stockings when I watch gay anal porn with a nice 10 inch dildo up in my ass.
    I would really like to meet someone out of closet to enjoy the arousing pleasure of dildos and a real cock up inside of me.
    I am ready to experience this with the right guy.

    I Legit Never Thought This Day Would Come

    When I was 16, I lost my virginity with my girlfriend, who was 14 at the time (it's not wrong in my country, we were minors and she was at minimal age to not be considered r**e) and she was moaning so hard while I was putting on her. Since that moment, a thought came on my mind: does a dick really feels that good? But I'm not gay and I wouldn't serach for a man only to suck his dick, so I thought about a dildo, but as I said, I thought it would be gay to buy one and I was living with my parents, so there's no way I couldn't buy one or receive one by delivery without them noticing. But now, things had changed.

    I'm almost 22 now and living on my own, so this thought came on my mind again and considering I am single at the moment, I thought "why not?". Then, last week I went to a sex shop and bought a dildo. It's big and nice, it's not black but not white, it's like in the middle, almost 7 inches, not that big but good enoigh. I was surprisingly excited and rapidly went back to my apartment, closing and locking the door behind me. Then I went to bed, sat on my knees... and looked at that dildo. And when I realised, I was already hard by the idea of getting that inside me. Having my experience with pornography and real sex, I knew what I had to do, so I held that on my hands an started to lick it. I enrolled my tongue throughout the entire dildo, licking up and down, putting the tip on my mouth and licking it and after a few minutes, i finally put it in my mouth. Then I started to put in and out, sucking and till that moment, I didn't realised I was moaning and till that very moment, I wasn't even jacking off even though my cock was hard as a rock. So after sucking it for a few minutes, I don't know what happened, but I felt like I was about to cum only because of a blowjob in a dildo, so I had to stop befora that happened. After that, I thought about waiting a moment before continue to my cock calms a little, but I couldn't, I simply wanted more and more and more. Then finally, after a awesome blowjob, I was ready and somehow scared to do the next part.

    I laid down on my bed with my legs wide open, got the dildo and started to rub it in my butthole. I kept doing it for one minute and a half more or less, and when I thought I was ready, I tried to put the tip inside. It took me some time, but I was able to do it and oh my god, just the tip was aleady making me harder than before. Then, I pulled more of it and more and more till it gets fully inside my ass. It was painful and didn't look good at the beginning, but then I took it out real slowly. Then put it again and took out again and I kept doing this for a few... seconds, ultil I realised it was starting to feel good. I started to put the dildo faster and harder inside my ass, but this position was kinda hard to do it. After that, I laid down with my face to the bed and my ass to the sky, starting to penetrate myself with that wonderful dildo. I put it again and again and again, my eyes were closed, I was moaning like crazy and... I didn't fap, I was so immerse on the penetration that I forgot to jack off. And then, five minutes later, after penetrate myself a lot, it happened. I came all over my bed and the cum went in me a little. I've never felt that before, it was one of the best things I've ever felt. I never thought a dick could be this amazing. After that night, I started to do it everyday and each one was better than the last one, because I search for methods to use the dildo better and it always help me.

    I decided to confess this because I saw a lot of confessions of straight men who tried a dick or a dildo and liked it, and how I am one of the men who liked it, I thought it was good to tell.

    I Want To Experience A Gay Encounter To Include Oral And Anal Sex

    I am 33 and I am admitting that I have strong homosexual behaviors. I also admit that entering into a homosexual act has been difficult. I have wet dreams, masturbations at night, dreaming about performing oral sex and receiving anal sex. I don't have a fixation on any one person, the fantasies are anonymous except for the type. Always the same type of man. I will admit to a homosexual episode in the fourth grade with a seventh grade boy which involved performing oral sex on him and receiving him on my back (both naked at the time) where he masturbated to completion with his penis in my crack. I often dream about that and I have strong feelings to have a man lay on my back and I want to feel a penis against me and I would like to be penetrated completely and fucked to completion.

    I was invited to a party several months ago and a man was there who was not overtly gay, but he and I talked for a long time and he hugged me and kissed me. He asked if I minded that he had done that and I told him I didn't. But that is as far as that went. I want to have another chance and I want it to progress to oral and anal sex with him. My friend who's party I attended does not know him other than casually, he is a friend of a friend. How do I get the message to him? I will need him to take the initiative.

    So yes, I am convinced that I am homosexual, gay.

  • Married For Money, He Gave Me A Sister And A Wife, We Have Two Babies

    Quick and dirty. My husband banged a first year employee and got her pregnant. I was at home in my seventh month waiting on a possible C Section. He comes home with her and tells me she doesn't want to work because people will make fun of her (she was four months then). So, his solution was easy, she stays home and helps me with the baby and recovering from my C Section. I look at her and all I felt was mothering, bringing her to my bosom.

    She moved in to finish her pregnancy, she helped me with all the housework as I was pretty tired and when I had my C Section she took everything over, from caring for me to caring for the baby to running the house and looking after my husband's needs. I don't think I had gotten so many kisses, no one had ever been that affectionate with me. She helped me hold the baby to nurse her, she did diaper duty and changed my sheets and cleaned the bathrooms. When she held my baby she sang to her and told her that mommy loved her.

    By the time her baby came I was out and about and I helped her after delivery, helped her learn how to nurse, wiped her bottom and helped her heal from her episiotomy. I don't think I have ever kissed someone so often. Our babies were both nursing and we got very good at cross nursing, no need to pump if there's a mommy close by. I gave up on the Mommy title and I became 'the mother', she is Mommy.

    I love her with all my heart, hook, line and sinker. I had feelings but these feelings have found purpose. My husband brought me the girl I was missing. When you are in love and the person you love is beside you nothing can hurt you. We hug our babies, both girls, one blonde and one dark haired, and we hug each other every morning, noon and night. Our kisses are kisses, not sister kisses, these are kisses that you kiss when you love her more than anything.

    I'm sorry my husband lost his 'girl', I'm not suggesting he find another one, it's difficult enough supporting two women and two children. But he brought me 'my girl', for the first time in my life I'm free to love her openly and completely. My wife, my sister, my baby's Mommy, Mother to her baby. Two peas in a pod, two girls in love, two babies to care for, a home, and a husband who can be very demanding. I'm out now, completely and totally, She got dragged out, but came our with a whole family, with a sister and wife and two babies. And a husband.