Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?

Walking Around Outside Naked

I'm a total fucking freak but I'm hot looking at least so basically I love walking around outside naked and I want a free pass to do so because I have a phobia of clothes constantly constricting my skin.
I could collect $ for selfies and pay a nude tax to contribute to society. WTF!

  • Should Be Still In The Closet

    As a child I always had jealousies with other girls. In high school I went into a deep depression because a girl I liked moved to Switzerland. In college I was in love with my freshman roommate. All of them were straight, going out with guys, getting dicked. When I went to work I decided to stay straight at work. 2003 wasn't open like it is today. I didn't date, but I kept my real likes secret from everybody.

    A man liked me and arranged for me to go to Mexico with him, to learn about foreign operations. I was 25. He had other ideas. In the hotel he arranged for me to have the room next to his, it was a room with a door between the rooms. He told me to unlock my side. I sat on my bed for sometime and decided to unlock the door. It was time for me to find out what was so great about getting dicked.

    He wasn't new to girls, he did everything. It wasn't bad, I had never actually been kissed or touched and it felt better than I thought. It was more of him ordering me around, but once I learned to let him it was all right. After six months I married him. I'm 42 now, still married, with kids, working in my profession. Still in the closet. I've had three affairs with other women. My current affair has lasted for seven years. She is also in the closet. But not married like me.

    Sex Therapy Has Helped Me Become A Kinky Sex Addict

    In 8th grade I had a traumatic experienced that closed me off sexually for years. Eventually I ended up in sex therapy that has worked wonders. I've started blogging about my time in therapy and found sites like this where I can read and learn about others sexual thoughts or deeds.

    Needless to say it's been an eye opening and fun experience. I find myself now in my late 30's trying new things and becoming a bit of a sex addict.


    My confession is simple. After many years of hypno porn I'm finally ready to be ass r...d. I'd like a guy or guys to drag me to there lair rip off my clothing and use my holes as they please. It's free with no comebacks, except cum on my back of course if that's your thing.

    Not Sure If I'm Really Trans Anymore

    basically I'm doubtful about my gender identity.
    I'm a trans man, I started taking testosterone 6 years ago and I've got to the point where I can pass as a normal guy to other people. I never liked the idea of undergoing top surgery so I mainly wear binders and loose shirts and sweaters.
    basically this all started like last year, well into quarantine , when I started touching and experimenting with my body. I never really did it before since I felt really disphoric when looking at myself when naked, but for some reason I started touching and playing with my boobs and my vagina. I also began to do so while looking at myself in the mirror. although scary at first, I eventually grew fond on masturbating myself that way. however, even tho I felt like a guy while wearing all of my accessories and clothes, I didn't while masturbating like that.
    I also started seeing this guy three months ago. he's bisexual and I was immediately drawn to him. we would eventually start sleeping together, which means I lost my virginity to him. and it felt fucking amazing, much better that what I could achieve on my own. he knew it was my first time with somebody and he really made sure I enjoyed it thoroughly. however, something just fell wrong while we were doing it. It didn't really feel like we were two guys fucking, but rather like just a straight couple having sex like any other. kinda like our bodies couldn't lie no matter how hard we tried to. I felt like he could see through me the entire time, like I was lying to him about something he already knew. and maybe I did.
    we hooked up a few times after that until I recently told him I needed space to figure things out on my own.
    now, after giving myself time to accept my body, to accept it, to love it, to pleasure it, to experiment with it and to let someone else see and touch it, I'm not really feel like a man anymore. I feel like I really needed to listen to my body and its needs instead of trying to force it to be something it shouldn't after trying so hard and putting so much effort into shaping it in a way that I thought would make me happy. idk what you guys think, I still have a lot to think about, but I guess that means I'll probably stoo trying to like like a man which means there's a lot of work to do, not only on myself but on my environment and the people around me as well. I guess that's all I gotta say for now

  • My Guilt Is That I'm Gay And Engage In Sex For Money

    Growing up I struggled with being called by God to be a Minister. I went to Seminary in Arkansas and part of my experience was a prison Ministry. The prison I went to was white collar crime, money crimes not violent crimes. One embezzler came out to me during a one on one. My heart skipped many beats, I didn't know what to do. I listened, he was matter of fact, he was gay. He had reached his conclusion right there in prison.

    I struggled with his confession, his admittance, I could not set it aside. It would take me another ten years to admit the same to myself. By then I was a youth minister at a small church, fighting off being set up with all the nice girls. I had other feelings, urges, I went through periods of masturbation, always the same thing. My focus was that man in prison. I knew for a fact certain he was gay.

    I reached out to him in a letter, it came back unanswered. I went on a retreat, I came back unanswered. I went to spend a week in the Metroplex with a friend from Seminary, he was married with a gentle wife and three kids. But I was obsessed with something else. After
    I returned to my town and my job and a man in the street offered to perform oral sex for twenty dollars. I gave him forty, my guilt of having a sexual experience with a man, a street bum, homeless man was overpowering. But I had experienced it and I found more and more sex with the homeless community.

    I spent too much money, I stole from the church to pay for my habit, by then I was engaging in sex actively, a thirst I could not quench. I was discovered and fired for embezzling, I went into a spiral, I offered myself to men for sex if they paid me. I reached rock bottom.

    I am not ok with being gay, with stealing, with selling myself for money. I regret it. I am currently in a street Ministry for the homeless. And guilt ridden I engage actively in sex with men who are strangers and use the money for my Ministry,

    After All I Am Gay And I Find That I Need A Professional

    OKAY, this is the bottom line. Since I can remember I was always comfortable around gay boys. They were my friends. I never did anything but my friends group were gay boys. As an adult I have been around gay men all my life. I socialize with them but have never gone beyond that. Now I am retired and I find that my friends group is gay men. I never met a woman who did it for me, never married. I will also say that if by chance a gay boy touched me, or a gay man put his arm around me it never turned me off. As far a genitals, I am and always have been attracted to cocks and always circumcised. I cannot find anything appealing about an uncircumcised cock. Do I dream of cock, yes. What do I masturbate to, never about a woman, I cannot see myself with a woman. I have seen women's genitals and i don't get anything out of it, I do like breasts, but full breasts, not little girl breasts.

    I know I have the gay gene. I just never acted on it. I decided, that being retired to do something for myself, I had the time and money for it. I chose to go to Rio de Janeiro. I had the name of a man who could fix me up, I wanted to meet a man I would never see again. I am specific about my likes and dislikes, the man has to be worldly, traveled, intelligent, a man of the world so to speak. I also have no interest in some thirtysomething trying to prove himself. A sophisticated man. A man like myself.

    This gentleman, who made arrangements to pick me up and get me to my hotel made all the ground arrangements. I met this man at a fine restaurant, eating outdoors of course, and we had a nice chat. An Architect in his fifties. Obvious from the first moment, a top, an Alpha. Took me back as I tend to be assertive, but I was there for the experience and I played along. After dinner he invited me to his place, a penthouse overlooking the bay, very nice, appointed. Fine liquor and wine, fine paintings on the wall. We disrobed, until we were both naked and he told me that he wanted to make me fell comfortable and we should start out on the veranda, all those floors up. He had me hold onto the veranda and adopt the position, he was generous with lube and stuck his cock right in me. All the thoughts and imaginations were shattered in that minute. Why had I waited so long? I knew in that moment that I was never going to be a top, I was where I wanted to be.

    The rest of the weekend he showed me around town, the best places to be and be seen. He knew many people and introduced me as a client from out of town. Back at his place things were different. Of course he fucked me, goes without saying. I spent a good amount of time with his cock in my hand and in my mouth. It wasn't until the next day that we got around to kissing and fucking with him between my legs. I was there, where I wanted to be. Looking in my eyes while he fucked me all I could think about why did I wait so long?

    I spent a total of four days in Rio, it cost me a pretty penny. This man, an Architect by trade, but a gigolo by profession was not cheap. But he did his part, he was gracious and pushed but not out of bounds. Definitely a top, an Alpha, for sure. And after the evening on the veranda there was no doubt in my mind that was fine with me.

    Truthfully I have not met another man here who can hold a candle to this man. I know he is a professional, but if only? But no luck so far. I have met a man who I went with but he was a disappointment. I just could never let go and surrender myself like I did in Rio. I know that a return trip will not be the same, so when things become clearer I may make a trip to Italy, this man who fixed things up for me in Rio promises that Rome has a man who can make me remember more than the Colosseum.

    Married And Love Sex With Men

    Spent the afternoon at an adult bookstore while my wife was out with her mother. She has no clue on my deep desires and cravings. I spent the afternoon satisfying other men orally at first, I love the taste of a man. As the afternoon progressed, I could not contain my carnal cravings and gave in to a gorgeous man who totally entranced me. He was well built and “g*fted” beyond what my mouth could pleasure and gave into his touch and wanton needs. He took me into a booth and undid my shorts and pulled me close and put his hands inside my undies and cupped my butt then spread my cheeks and fingered me. I moaned and arched my back in response. I grinded against his hard penis and he pulled my undies down and pushed another finger into me. It felt wonderful. I stated into his hungry eyes and bit my lip. He smiled and said turn around. I complied and felt his hands grab my waist and he whispered in my ear “you know what to do bitch” so I guided his rock hard black penis to my ass and arched my back so he could penetrate me. He pushed himself into me as I moaned in total submissive pleasure. Within moments I felt all of him deep inside me. He began working me slowly at first increasingly harder and faster. It didn’t take long before my arousal peeked and he brought me to ecstasy and my first orgasm. He rewarded me by lifting me off the ground impaled on his glorious big thick penis. I made cummies. He put me down and pushed me forward bent at the waist and fucked me like his whore. He pounded me hard and deep until I heard his breathing get deeper and rapid. He asked “what ya want bitch?” a couple of times before he said “ take my load bitch” and pulled me tightly against him and grunted and I could feel his big penis throbbing inside me. I knew he was cumming in me bareback. I could not contain myself any longer and moaned I’m cumming baby I’m cumming. He was still in me still hard as I recovered from another orgasm when he began fucking me again. I could feel his cum running down my legs into my undies as he pounded me again. After 10 minutes or so, his breathing got deep and quick again and knew I was close again to taking his load again. It was wonderful

    I Want My Wife To Watch Me Suck A Dick

    I actually want to do much more than that with men. I don’t feel gay or even bi—I’m not really “attracted” to men the way I am with women, and I don’t have any romantic feelings for men. But I am very attracted to cocks and the idea of gay sex. And my main fantasy is that I really want to suck a guy’s duck while my wife watches.

  • Finding A Friend And A New View On Life When I Needed One

    Another chapter in my life. I am 55, I got laid off las July and haven't managed to land a full time job. I do consulting but not that much and have had to move out of my house into a small apartment complex near the University. I wasn't aware that a couple of blocks over was the edge of the gay neighborhood.

    At first I ignored it and didn't go close. But after six months I started going there because of the restaurants and since I am alone I needed places where I could eat and be left alone. At this one place, a sort of Italian place I started frequenting the waiter got friendly and we started to talk. His name is Alfredo and says he is a transplant from New York. We talked between service and one night he left a phone number on the check, with a note 'after 11 p.m.' when he got off.

    I took the check with me, paid of course but kept the piece of paper and after 11 I called him and we chatted on the phone. He told me that if I needed company to come over. He lives is a second story room in a duplex with two other guys. He got a couple of beers and we went to his room, he sat on the bed and I sat on the lonely chair and we talked. He lost his boyfriend some months back to a 'younger man' and I lost my wife because she walked out. He told me he liked me and figured I needed company and if I wanted to spend the night with him I could.

    There was not pressure, not outward pressure. He got undressed and laid back on his bed totally naked and told me to come lay beside him. He knew I had never gone there before and he would take his time getting me comfortable but for that I needed to take my clothes off and come lay beside him. As soon as I did he grabbed my penis in his hand and told me to relax, gay sex is all about the penis so I needed to take his penis in my hand and get used to the idea. He sucked my penis and asked me to correspond. He ran his hands across my body, chest, thighs, up between my legs and asked if I wanted to kiss.

    He was very slow and methodical, the difference between knowing and not knowing. He grew an erection and between sucking on my penis and handling it he got me into an erection. He asked me what I wanted to do, he was flexible and he got out a condom and bottle of lube and told me if I wanted we could go that way, either way was fine with him. We spend the better part of thirty minutes just holding and sucking on our penises. The more I did the easier it became. Until he started to finger me and offering to give me the ride of my life. The first time, he said, is the moment you will never forget.

    Maybe it's my nature, I was ready to agree and it was, as he said, a moment you will never forget. Alfredo lost his job during the pandemic and I had him move in with me. He takes care of things, and we get along fine. I work and cover the bills and he writes and looks after things at the apartment. At night, when the lights are off and the moon is up he maneuvers on top of me and he treats me to a ride I can't resist. I am afraid to admit that I not only enjoy it, I look forward to it. When I see his penis, when his penis is erect it is all I can think about.