Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?


As my virility declines , I want more and more to be a girly.
I’m 65, married for 40 years.
My breasts are growing larger and are very attractive, they look great in a nice bra. I have many pictures. Now, having tried it for the first time, I realise I want to suck suck and swallow cum. I’m not interested in my wife’s pussy , although she needs to cum quite frequently.
Dressing up , wearing my bra and panties turns me on. So does sucking cock . I need a man’s spunk on a frequent regular basis. I want to be a cum bucket for men who need to release their cum.
What should I do.
Wife doesn’t know that I now just want cock. She would divorce me if she knew and I’m too old to start my life over again.

  • Seduced By Older Man

    I work in a hardware store and since Covid we have been busier than ever. The owner of the store is a 70 yr old gentleman who knows everything there is to know about the hardware business. He is been coming around a lot more to check inventory since the pandemic started. At 30 I was tired of dating women and seeing Eugene the owner around a lot inspired me to do everything to keep the store humming along in order to please him .I have admired him since I started working here 5 years ago and I noticed he was paying me more and more attention.

    I stayed late a lot and so did he .He has a big office in the back with a fridge ,stove and pull out couch as well as the standard desk and shelves filled with hardware manuals. We often chatted back there and had something to eat and drink .I was enjoying his company so much I would lose all track of time. Somewhere deep down inside myself I was noticing the emergence of these insistent gay feelings when around him. At first I thought I was just horny and deprived of sex .But then these sexy feelings became both lust and love connected. I pictured myself in his arms admiring and pleasing him .I thought my god he is a 70 yr old man but the feelings only grew stronger the last few months. I had never been with a man before but gradually I wondered more and more if I was a closeted gay man.

    Eugene is around 6ft 3 and slim with grey hair and a well trimmed moustache. He was unmarried and never talked about women in a romantic sense. I suspected he was gay but not sure as he was not overt in any way and masculine. Last month we were working together late one night and he asked me to the office for a drink to relax. He gave me a brandy and had one for himself .I noticed his pull out couch was made into a bed and already had bedding on it. I was feeling a warm glow as we sat on the edge of the bed. He moved close to me and slowly kissed my mouth. His kiss electrified me and I kissed him back. His moustache felt sexy against my clean shaven mouth .I felt myself surrendering and kissing him urgently with mounting passion as we necked wildly. He then took my clothes off and quickly his so we were both naked on the bed .His bigger cock was hard and my cut cock was stiff as well. He lay beside me caressing my body all over as he kept kissing me. Later he went down my body and took my hard cock wetly into his mouth. He sucked me knowingly taking the head and shaft fully in. I moaned and could not last long it felt so good. My body shook and my cock spurted my seed into his mouth as he took it all down. After I was emptied he guided my head down to his big cock. I sucked the head on it and wetly kissed it. I took as much of his 7 inch cock in my mouth as I could and gave him the best blowjob I was capable of at that moment. He eventually blew his load too and I swallowed it all greedily .I loved the taste of him. We both lay back as he lit us a cigarette to share. We smoked in contentment and fell asleep in each other's arms after finishing the cigarette .He made sure we were both up before anybody came to work and we had a big bacon and eggs breakfast together. He told me he is in love with me and I feel the same about him and told him so .He is proud he has awakened my gay sexuality and wants me as his lover. We have had sex in that fold out bed ever since that night a month ago.

    Gone Straight

    I was 20 when my young wife and son were killed by a runaway semi. I lost my head and ran away and joined the Airforce and was stationed in Germany. I learned to suck and fuck with another airman. After my discharge I moved to Southern California for college and joined a gay party club on campus. Between professors and students the parties went on all night. After graduation I moved to a conservative campus in Texas, met a lesbian grad student and we decided to marry for appearances.

    After grad school we took jobs in Houston and found an active gay community. The bad part was the behavior which turned us off, we had outgrown the behavior and the politics and decided to just live straight. Getting a family going, investing in our jobs, a couple of good property investments got us started in real estate which my wife works at full time. We have a portfolio of a couple of million debt free, two great kids and a lot of history to keep undercover.

    I won't say that we don't get horny for same sex, when we do we breathe hard, have sex, and remind ourselves not to screw up our kid's lives. Maybe we were never gay, but we sure worked hard at it. Living straight is a full time commitment.

  • Sweet And Spicy

    I've been watching some ladyboy porn from Bangkok and can't get those sweet, pretty little brown girls off my mind.
    My buddy has traveled there often and has sampled both regular bar girls and ladyboys.
    I confess I have this wild hunger for a ladyboy.
    I want to have a hot little ladyboy on all fours so I can get nasty between her legs.
    I want to lick and really suck on those sweet little low hanging brown balls. Gotta be real low hangers so I can take them right in my mouth and taste her sweat while the musky scent of her crack is making me throb. My mouth filled with her nutsack and my nose pressed against her musky hole.
    I will run my hungry tongue all up and down her crack, savoring her and then focusing in on her flexible little asshole.
    I want to dig really deep and clean that sweaty little hole and more.
    Want to deep clean that hole and invade her rectum and make her squirm and her little cock get all dripping wet, then suck every drop of sweet spicy semen out of her.

    My New Boyfriend

    So I have a new boyfriend. Up until a few months ago that would have been a ridiculous statement. He is married so we get together whenever we can. I dress as a woman for him and he says it drives him crazy. He says no one, particularly his wife sucks his cock as good as me, and she never swallows, I always do. When he fucks me I feel so feminine and adore his pulsing thrusts in my ass. I'm crazy for this man and let him know it. He is the only man I've ever been with and hopefully we can keep in touch, so far so good.

    Ex Sister Magdalen

    I am now an ex Nun. When I went to school, I attended a Catholic school for girls. A novitiate who helped me with the school seduced me and ate me. I reciprocated some days later. She was 19 and I was 16 at the time. She went on to become a Nun and moved to Africa but I never forgot her.

    When I was old enough I followed my calling, and became a Nun and was posted to Jamaica. I spent four years there thinking of nothing but her, only her. My Uncle bought a ticket for her to come back to Brussels and we got together and spent two days and two nights naked in bed, everything I read about I did with her. She wasn't prepared but she welcomed every bit of it. We are lesbians and we renounced our Order and now live in Bruges, we live openly as a lesbian couple, we work for my Uncle and do as much charity work as we can.

    Nuns should not be heard saying these words, I love her pussy. I love my pussy. That day she ate me for the first time I found my true calling. The day I ate her for the first time I knew that I was born to be with her. I am only sorry we wasted so much time and guilt before being able to be together. The pleasures of the flesh, such pleasures cannot be ignored.


    If there's a beautiful, sexy and horny femboy out there i'd love to talk. Who knows a 'hole' new world could be awaiting you. XxX

    Since I Decided To Come Out...

    Since I decided to come out all the way, I've made a Xhamster account under the name friesbaconnekkid, and on Silverdaddies, Somersfuckhole. Xhamster for worldwide spread, and Silverdaddies so local people I know will see me.

    Closeted All My Life

    After my service commitment I enrolled in college on the GI Bill. To help with living expenses I got a part time job as a weekend night clerk at a Marriott hotel. I made friends with the night bartender, a 35 year old Mexican guy. He got off around 3 after cleaning and setting up and stopped by the front desk to talk, the early mornings were very slow.

    He invited me to go with him to a street fair on Sunday suggesting I stop by his place after work. When I got there, an older clapboard house he let me in. He was in bed, wearing only his briefs. He asked me back to the bedroom and he got in bed and held the covers up inviting me to join him.

    Being in the Air Force I wasn't naive but it was always off limits. He pulled his briefs off and lay on his back, staring into my eyes. A minute or five minutes I don't know, I got nervous, I switched my eyes between his and his penis. His voice was faint in my mind asking me to get undressed and get in bed with him, telling me over and over again that he could see I wanted to get in bed.

    He got out of bed and unbuttoned my shirt, rubbing his hand across my dick. He kissed my nipple, grabbing my crotch and continued to undress me until he was sitting on the bed stroking and sucking my dick. He pulled me into bed, rubbing his hard dick against me, taking my hand to hold it and pushing me down until I took his dick in my mouth. All my inhibitions abated and I let him have me on my back.

    I felt guilty afterwards, ashamed and kept my friendship with him a total secret. For the next few semesters we were lovers until he moved to New Mexico. It took many years for me to accept my proclivity for men. Not until after my divorce in my mid fifties did I actively seek out other men. All during my marriage it was always midnight runs, one night stands. Fortunately for me I have lived in a very large metropolitan city where I knew where to go when I needed to satisfy my urge.

    I Am My Wife's Grateful Shemale Slave Wife

    When I was 15 years old (no this isn't a "when I was a kid confession") I had a huge crush on my English teacher. She was an incredibly beautiful 30-something brunette who was tall and curvy and probably three times my size but was more muscle than fat. She was a very dominant person and wore three inch pumps and a short pencil skirt and stockings with a seam up the back and her hair in a severe bun. She also wore blood red nail polish and matching lipstick and her voice was as severe as her bun. But nothing happened because I was only 15 and unworthy of such a goddess. But I drooled every day and took matters into my own hand every night while thinking of nothing but how I might one day get to worship her more intimately.

    On graduation night after the official ceremony everyone was posing for pictures with their favorite teachers and their friends. While I did want a picture with my then former English teacher, it had been three years since I had her as a teacher and thus three years since I'd talked to her though occasionally we had exchanged innocent glances. Ms. B came right over to where my Mom was taking a picture of me and my math teacher and said "hello Brian."

    She smiled and my mom smiled and Mom took a picture of me and Ms. B who I think had grazed her finger across my ass. I was 18 so she didn't commit any crimes by doing so and not even due to being my teacher since as of 15 minutes earlier I was officially no longer a student. I'm not even sure that it wasn't my imagination. But as she was about to leave to have her picture taken by another student she slipped a piece of paper into my hand which I discretely slipped into my pocket.

    When I got home and into my bedroom and locked the door I took the paper out of my pocket and read it: "Brian, I've been watching you since you were in the 7th grade and you are the prettiest student that I have ever seen. Now that we can do things legally, if you want to become my personal property call me at this number..." I had an instant erection. I got out my phone and called her immediately.

    She knew it was me when I called and invited me over the next day to discuss my future. When I got to her place she had said that from the first moment that she saw me she knew that one day I would agree to let her turn me into a girl and would marry her and become her slave wife. I was stunned. I had never even thought about cross dressing before much less a sex change. She told me I was far prettier and more feminine than any of the girls at the high school and all I needed was a few procedures and I would be the girl of her dreams. I asked if I could keep my dick and balls and she said "just until you've given me some babies then off they must come." I was stunned. I was really attached to my genitals but Ms. B was the most beautiful goddess I'd ever fantasized about. I hadn't even noticed her until I was in her sophomore English class but she'd seen me three years earlier and had been tracking my movements and even got me switched into her class so she could get a good look at me every day.

    My mom was not happy when I told her I was going to marry my former English teacher who was then 41 years old. She was livid when I told her I was really a girl inside and Mr. B was going to pay for my transformation. In all honesty it was a forced transformation and that is the way I prefer to remember it. I liked the idea of being forced to become her wife. My blond hair was already very long, down to my waist by the time I was in her class three years earlier and now down to my knees. I knew I looked like a girl and had to constantly correct strangers who were confused by my gender. I was somewhat short and very slender so that added to my girly looks but I had no idea my appearance was so convincingly feminine until Ms. B told me that she was a lesbian and not the slightest bit attracted to any man and so therefore I must not be a genuine male, her logic. Honestly I'd have climbed into a wood chipper for one kiss with her. That's how bad I had it for her.

    My sister, some cousins and one aunt were the only family to accept my fiancé's invitation to our wedding. My mother was having none of it. She didn't consider us legally married after the ceremony. Ms. B had bought me a huge engagement ring, a gorgeous wedding gown and white lingerie to go under along with white pumps. My breasts were still sore from the implants a few months earlier and we had just come back from Korea where I had a procedure to feminize my voice using a revolutionary technique that reduced recovery time, required very little voice training and had far superior results than previous methods. I already had a soft high pitched voice for a male. Now I sounded like a young teenage girl. We had sex for the first time in Paris where the first leg of our honeymoon was. we spent two weeks there, two more weeks in Hawaii and two more in Disneyworld. It was a dream come true. We were like mother and daughter during the day and at night we were Goddess and grateful slave. When we got home at the end of the summer I got a tramp stamp that read "MOMMY'S GRATEFUL SISSY BITCH!"

    That was a little over a year after I graduated from high school. I'd already been living as Ms. B's housewife for almost a year having moved in with her only weeks after graduating.

    We've been married now for four years and have two children, a three year old daughter and a one year old son. Mom refuses to have anything to do with any of us. She won't acknowledge her own grandchildren. On my 24th birthday Ms. B is going to have my testicles ritually removed. Basically they will be ritually mutilated out of existence without anesthesia. the louder I scream the more my screams will turn on Ms. B. I can't wait. Then I will go in for my bottom surgery and after that my facial feminization surgery and tongue lengthening which I didn't even know was a thing but it seems it is.

    My only regret was that all this couldn't have happened about 12 years ago.