Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?

I A Homosexual

I didn't really want to do this but I confess for real that I am a sissy homosexual that wants to be cuckold by my alpha wife. I want to eat women lingerie and make up. I've told my wife ,15 years ago that I am a homosexual after she tricked me with alcohol. After a few drinks without eating anything all day, she had me slam down vodka and cold drinks that she prepared for me. She kept forcing me to drink up shoving glass after glass intoy hand and glass up mouth. She gote naked instructing that I was to keep my legs opened the entire time. She asked questions that made my small cock to pulsste when her questions about being with women failed. It was when she asked...,,,",,who said that I was talking about women,,,? Ever been with a man before babe? Man??u little penis jerked and pulsated!! Ahhhh she said now we're getting somewhere. Been with a me and huh, hon?? Kidding and hugging on bed? I in etbhe was good looking huh?? I bet his cock was nice!!? My clit was going crazy. Did you give him babe job bab?
I bet you fucked him good huh? It his ass feel good to your little cock, babe?? Did he find you or did you go looking for him, hon?? Tell me hon,,!! We're being truthful here right? So tell me that you went to bed with another man! Tell me
I won't tell anyone!! (She did) I've fucked a fewen when I go on businesses. I just sit there drinking my drink and men will hit on me

So now you tell me you've been to bed with a man doing that homosexual thing with each other. Do you start or did he start? You kids and fuck don't you? I know you
You can't go long without giving. Was he cute, you know, the one that you fucked? I bet he was! My cock was now swollen. Each time shed say was he cute and did he have a nice cock,,,??? You sucked him? My clit would pulsate. My precum was oozing out andy shaft was covered. I see you have your cock is giving you away since I mentioned you being with a man
I know you've been with a man
Tell me hon?!! You've been with a man in your hotel room. Fucking on him
Be as man for once. Step up to the plate be truthful
You know you have. Iny mind I'm confused. I know I've been with many men while on the road. She kept pressing and pressing
Finally I said ITS TRUE!!! I've been with a man
before. She stood there over me drilling. She let out " I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT!!!! I LNEW UOU WERE A FAGGOT. YOU'RE A FUCKINH FAGGOT...I KNEW IT! She had a shitty eating grin on her face from one ear to the other. Are you the guy on bed?? No...when they fuck me I'm the woman. Her mouth fell open. "THEY"?? Yes I said. THEY I said...Yha to shut her up. They use you as a woman?? Yes. They use me as a woman. They bringe nice lingerie to wear. I like it very much. We sat there and talked. She asked if I took care of the men? I shook my head slowly yes
You suck them off? Yes I said. Do you swallow or spit? I smiled and said I swallow. PHEW she let out. GOOD!!! CAUSE IF YOU SPIT, YOUR NOT ANY GUN FOR THEM!
So for the record, br ca ho is not just a faggot, but a sissy faggot on his way to become the best cuckold beta husband ever.

  • Such A Lovely Treat Part 1

    Ran into an old pal of mine yesterday. Greg and myself have known each other since grade 1 but have not seen one another in probably 15 years, give or take. When we were in maybe grade 10, there were constant rumors of Greg being gay which way back then, was a whole different ballgame than it is today.
    Anyways, it turns out that he and I are both really into building and fixing computers. He invited me up to his place today, to view a new processor. So since I was awake early this morn, I text him and he was just climbing outta bed and told me to come up for coffee. Roughly a half hour later, I was sipping fresh brew while he showed me what he was working on.
    Still in his pj's, we sat there yakking computer lingo and about old times then suddenly I decided to ask him if those old rumors were actually true. He turned to me, smiled and asked me why I wanted to know.
    Without a word, my hand ended up on his leg, then moved to his crotch. Nice, is all I could utter. He looked in my eye's and I knew right away that he was as horny as me. We stood up, kissed and sucked each other's tongues then he led me to his bedroom. On our way there, he slipped off both his top and bottom then spun around and helped me undress. By the time we made it there, we were both totally naked and touching.
    I gasped. His cock is about the same length as mine (7 inches) but a lot thicker. His balls are very big too. I immediately knew what I wanted so I sank to my knee's and was greeted by such a beautiful specimen of male anatomy. I giggled, looked up, then managed to swallow almost half. He put his hands on my face, massaged my neck and told me that he wanted to face fuck me really hard and fast. My mind started to work overtime as I thought about having such a thick dick being rammed down my throat, but there was no way that I was gonna stop so I relaxed as much as possible as he began.
    I almost blacked out from the intensity and constant gagging but loved every second of it. When he really got going he held my head with both hands and just face fucked me like crazy. Few min later, he slowed right down. Kept his cock balls deep down my throat, throbbing then spurt the biggest load that I can ever remember swallowing. My mouth was a bit sore from being stretched but I loved it all.
    Ended up fucking and sucking most of the day. Maybe in part two. Am kinda sore.

    Treat At A Glory Hole

    This was many years ago. I had gone to an adult shop in a neighboring town to suck cocks. I was at the rear of the store by the booths, when I saw my dad walk in the front door. I dodged into a booth, and peeked out to see what he was going to do.
    He slowly worked his way back in the shop, and went into the booth next to where I was. I thought, why not? I wiggled my fingers through the hole, and it didn't take long before the cock came through.
    I had seen hos cock several times over the years, but never when it was hard. Not a giant, about five inches hard. I started by stroking him, then took him in my mouth and sucked him as well as I knew how. It must have been good enough, as he shot his semen into my mouth. I enjoyed swallowing the seed that had made me. It remains my favorite cock sucking memory.

  • Dressing

    I am a bi-sexual guy who loves dressing in ladies clothing. I have worn ladies panties every day for a number of years. They are much more comfortable to wear than men's and make me feel so sexy. During the last few months I decided to go even further and now wear a bra, undies and either hold ups or stockings and suspenders under my day clothes. Even wear these to work. Once I get home in the evenings I go completely girly and wear dresses or blouse and skirts. At bedtime I slip into a little nighty. Being bi-sexual I have worn for a number of men who seem to enjoy seeing me dressed but I long to not have to keep this secret. I want to act and be a woman all the time but it would shock my family and work colleagues. I wish I had the courage to just do it.

    My CD Friend

    I cannot believe I am confessing this!

    One of my best friends - since childhood - revealed to me that he is a crossdresser. I thought he was bisexual, so okay. He told me that when I least expected it, he would find me when he was in full dress.

    Sure enough, he calls me Friday night and says I am on my way over to your house. Are you busy? I told him no and said maybe we could go out to dinner.

    His car pulls in the driveway and out he (she) comes. She is a stunning brunette! What the holy fuck is happening?

    He walks in and says ‘say hello to Patrice’. His name is Patrick. You would not have even known that a man was inside of that exterior!

    I am straight as an arrow…pussy for me for sure…until Patrice started working on me. It took her about an hour for me to admit I would fuck her. Later that night I was sucking her ‘clit’ and licking her ‘pussy’. Patrice did the same for me.

    I literally cannot get this night out of my head!!!

  • Liked Playing Around When I Was A Kid And Still Like It Today

    I come from a very conservative value family, so when I started acting out with other boys I was put in therapy. The whole thing was swept under the rug and the therapist, an old man who looked at me funny, peed in the toilet without closing the door. I was too young to appreciate it.

    I had my moments with boys during high school, some were pretty flaming as it was called then, pink shirts and sister's panties. Others were more like me, looked normal but loved to suck cock and get naked. By then my family had lost hope in me and the therapist was part of my boyhood.

    At one party, it was held at a friend's house where we all got naked and were sucking cock and kissing, the boy I was with told me there was a man who paid for having fun with boys like us and was I interested. I went with him to this movie theatre one afternoon after school and the man came over and sat with me, grabbed my dick in my pants and sucked me. He held his dick out and I sucked him. He left me some money and told me that If I wanted more he was there on those afternoon at the theatre.

    For the longest time, I'm talking through college and as a young professional I frequented theatres where men came for blowjobs, except for that first time I never took the money. I had some men that I became their boyfriend, these were men in business and the professions, so the boyfriend thing was in the closet. I had one relationship with a man who wanted me to wear panties, I wasn't into the sissy thing, but I wore them anyway.

    I got married when I was 42 to a young woman from my work that I got pregnant. It was a pure accident, I never did fuck with women. But she was nice and she was pregnant and i married her anyway. Because of that I have to be careful and keep my other life in the closet. I have children, and that makes it an issue. We live in a large metro area, and there are places I can go to meet up with men when I get the urge, which is more often than I like to admit.

    No relationships, just sex. Which has been my pattern all my life. I like sex, like being naked with a man, like sucking cock and having my cock sucked and I will present myself if I like the man and he looks like the type that can really do it. It's safe sex always, but I do remember the pleasure of just wild sex when we got together in high school and had our queer parties. Good memories.

    Now Fully Active

    I am now exposed.. many pictures are being viewed. crossdresseing and sissy type Power points.. head to toe naked and being asked to share which i do

    First Time Bi Male

    I have always loved the way cocks look. I’m not attracted to men but I am attracted to stiff hard cocks. My wife first learned of this when we were having a 3 some with another guy. She was on all fours getting fucked by a 8” cock and I loved watching it. He was looking at me and asked me if I liked looking at his cock fucking my wife. I said yes I do and he called me out and asked if I wanted to touch his cock my wife spun her head and looked at me and smiled and said that would be so hot so I reached down and wrapped my hand around his thick meat I started stroking it and I was licking my lips he said go ahead and suck it if you want I didn’t even hesitate and took as much as I could in my mouth it tasted so good. He started fucking my mouth and I could tell he was getting close then he said I’m going to cum I sucked harder and he blew his cum in my mouth I tried to swallow it all but some ran down my chin it was so good. My wife just smiled and said she has a cock sucker and a cock slut for a husband. This was the first and it definitely won’t be the last.

    Sissy Cuckold Abdl Crybaby

    I just confessed to being a cockloving sissy diaper wearing cuckold. And gave my hot wife's and my real names. Please pretty please expose both of us to the world. Let everyone know we both are Black dick only whores and I've always been a whiny sissy crybaby. Thank you

  • Sissy Cuckold Abdl Crybaby

    I am Marcel McCardle and I'm a black dick loving cuckold to my hot cheating wife, Brenda McCardle. I want a sex change