Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?

Almost Losing My Fertility Shocked Me Into Becoming A Mother

I left for college at 18, met and had my first lesbian love affair. During college I went home for a week, and returned for summer. I was very active in the lesbian community on campus, with several sexual partners. My father died of a heart attack and the money was gone overnight and I had to return home mid semester. Living at home it was impossible to date and participate in the small lesbian community.

I was out one night, with a girl I met at an art supply store. We were kissing and fondling in the car outside a restaurant when my mother showed up with her sister. We were caught, we didn't even have the doors locked, and my mother opened the door and found us in full make out session with our shirts open.

I was disowned and thrown out. Our town is so small that the word spread overnight, and the girl I was with was fired the next day. My aunt on my Dad's side let me stay with her and she made arrangements with a cousin in Oakland for me to go stay with her. She was a high profile lesbian and showed me around. Every night it seemed I had sex with a different girl. I got a serious case of gonorrhea's that didn't respond to antibiotics. I was threatened with losing my fertility.

I was put on a cocktail of nauseating antibiotics to get rid of the infection. A Fertility doctor and OBGYN followed up on my fertility. She was able to harvest viable eggs and she told me I could have problems getting pregnant. Overnight I went from never wanting children to deathly scared I couldn't get pregnant. Having my fertilized egg implanted in a surrogate sounded like a sentence worse than death. I wanted to get pregnant, fast before I lost the ability to conceive.

I called my cousin that I grew up with and begged him to help me. He asked if I was giving it up yo him? What choice did I have. I got pregnant after three miscarriages. He just had to keep trying. I was lucky that my second pregnancy went easier. And my eggs are still available.

So, to sum it up, my mother can have a lesbian daughter or a daughter who submitted to i****t to have her grandchildren. I live at home again, with my two kids and my cousin. We can't get married, but he can gave sex with me and get me pregnant.

  • I Can't Stop

    I'm a married man who loves to suck dick. I've been sucking cock since I was eleven. I've always hid it and never talked about it to anyone. Iv always loved looking at the cocks of anyone who I could see whether in the locker room or in the men's room. I never considered myself gay because I only love cocks and nothing else. I started going to the adult book stores when I was twenty. When I went into the movie room where the booth are, I went in one too check it out. I had no idea what was really going on in those book stores. The first time I went into the booth, I sat down and tried to lock the door. Before I could get the door locked, a guy pushed it open and came in. He shut the door and turned and faced me. As I was sitting on the bench, he opened his pants and put his cock in my face. I sat there inches from his vock staring right at it. He put his hand behind my head and pulled me forward. I was staring straight at his hard cock and I lost all control. I opened my mouth and his cock slid into my mouth. I sucked him until he came in my mouth. When he was done he zipped up and left the booth . I felt used and still had his full load in my mouth. I didn't know what to do with it so I swallowed the whole thing. It made me feel so horny and I wanted to do it again. That was fourty years ago and I still go to the porn shops and suck dick. I love everyone that I can remember and still can't get enough. I am a porn shop cock sucker and love admitting it. I go to cupids in Kutztown and love walking out with cum on my face.

    I'm A Night Nurse And We Hid In The Closet To Make Out

    Working nights opened me up to a totally new world. Police, other nurses, doctors, EMTs, all worked nights. Around three or four in the morning I got horny, I thought about this or that nurse and imagined that I had talked her into meeting me in a closet someplace. But it never happened, I never approached a specific nurse. I went to the closet to masturbate.

    One night, things were slow at the hospital and I went off to masturbate. I had a butt plug with me, and I lubed up and inserted the plug, stood and stretched so I could feel it in my ass. It felt good that night and I decided to leave it in when I went back from my break. I did my rounds and other duties with the plug in my ass. I rode home on the bus with the plug in my ass. I didn't remove it until I was home and took a shower before going to bed.

    I told another nurse about my closet thing, and my butt plug. She didn't believe me so I showed her my plug. She went with me to the closet, it was way too small for two people and I showed her how I lubed myself up and inserted the plug. Then we kissed. She got horny too and we gave each other a pretty intense rub down before going back to work. The next night she asked me to insert the plug in her ass.

    I lubed her up, plenty of lube and fingered her as deep as I could go. I told her to bend over as much as she could and I inserted the plug in her. I could tell she wasn't used to it, I moved it around with my fingers, kissing her. I got her to open her shirt and I kissed her breasts and nipples while moving the plug around. When we got done and had to go back after our break she asked me if the plug felt like when a guy fucked you in the ass. I told her I didn't know, I had never been fucked in the ass, or up front either.

    When we worked the same shift we went to the closet. She got very wet when I sucked on her vagina and she learned to enjoy having a plug in her ass. I bought one for her, with a big red ruby on it. We went back to my place and we had sex on my bed before we showered. She had gone a long time without having a girlfriend and we had a honeymoon couple of weeks. I bought a vibrator and when we used it we had orgasms. For some reason it was easier to get an orgasm with another girl using the vibrator than doing in on your own.

    We work at different hospitals now, because we didn't want to get caught and fired. We have all day to play and have sex and make love. She's a night owl like me, we have sex for a while before we go to sleep for the day. I don't use the closet any more, I have a girlfriend now.

  • I Touched My Cousin While She Sleeping

    I want to confess that... I touched my cousin sis body while she sleeping. One day it's a cold night and i was feeling so horny and watching porn, Everybody was sleeping, i was hard so i went to my cousins room and touched her boobs and vagina, I' really feel guilty about this i don't why i did it

    Via Gra Buzz

    Well I'm 51, my girlfriend is 50. So one Saturday night we have a few drinks then about an hour before we start fucking I take 2 via g ra.
    We get our showers and then to bed. I usually eat her out for about 30 minutes until she cums on my face . Her pussy tastes so good. After she cums I put my cockring on and bang her til I cum deep in her pussy.
    After we fall asleep fast. Last time I got up after she went to sleep because I got so hard again I needed to cum. I went out in our living room quietly with a throbbing cock again. It wouldn't stop until I shot another load. So I was stroking my cock and tried putting my legs over my head and then I shot another load straight into my mouth.
    That's my favorite part After we fuck. The second load is thicker and she dosent swallow anymore. I do this every weekend now. If you use via g ra try doing this after your first load. You will love it.

  • First Time Suck

    I was about 20 something and incredibly horny that Friday night. Home from work, showered and dressed up went for some drinks and maybe get some fun at the adult video store in the next town. This was back in the days of VHS tapes!
    So I was pretty high and horned and was checking out the video boxes with the teaser pics of sluts taking three at once and some gay shit too.
    I went to the back of the place where they had some preview booths where you could check out some films in case you wanted to buy some.
    I was watching all kinds of porn flicks and had just a tee shirt and gym shorts with no underwear on and my dick was stiff and I was stroking.
    I got a wild urge and cracked the door of the booth a lot so anyone passing could see that I was sitting on the board and stroking. After a few minutes a nice looking slim middle aged guy came in the booth and stood pressed almost against me cause the booth was so small. I opened his jeans and dropped them to his knees. He was wearing tighty whiteys and he smelled musky and a little sweaty and very manly and exciting. When I pulled his shorts down he had small but hairy low hangers and I took one in my mouth and gently sucked his salty scrotum making him moan and say stuff like Don't stop... suck my balls bitch... make me feed you this dick...
    I could smell a hint of piss along with his sweaty musky body odor and his cut dick was really drooling a lot making me moan and swallow hungrily. It was pretty quick when he grunted and without warning he spurted three shots of bitter cum down my throat.
    He pulled up his shorts and jeans real fast and left the booth without ever saying a word.
    I was ashamed but blew a good load on the floor and went home temporarily satisfied.

    Nursing On It

    I have had a recurring fantasy for years involving pre come. I find myself at the door of a nice condo and the fellow who opens the door is in a dressing gown and sandals. He's older, perhaps 60 something and very fat. He leads me into a room and he throws off his robe and waits for me to drop to my knees. He's holding his soft fat cut cock in his fist and lifting it so his big hairy balls are hanging inches from my face. I can smell his man musk and my dick is hard.

    He lifts his dick and rubs his big balls on my lips. I open my mouth and try to suck on one huge hairy ball as he's moaning with pleasure.

    I'm really pushing my face between his legs and sucking his balls when he lifts one foot off the rug and onto the coffee table.

    That has the effect of spreading his cheeks a bit and his sweaty, hairy, musky crack is tantalizing me. I lick up the steamy trench of his ass, salty and bitter and drive my tongue in, frenching his pink hole deep.

    I can hear him saying filthy things like suck my balls faggot and eat my dirty ass you filthy mother fucker. When he's good and worked up and his dick is drooling loads of juice he rubs the head on my lips and says Now suck my cock you bitch and don't disappoint me.

    I'm swallowing his big dick and tasting his juice on the upstrokes as he's fucking my throat just using my face to jerk off and cum.

    He's holding my head with one hand and fucking my throat and rams it in deep and says take it you fucking whore and I can feel his dick throb and convulse in my throat maybe 4 times before he slumps back and the nasty wet thing drops from my mouth leaving a lot of thick cum on my chin.

    The submissiveness of sucking his balls and eating his hairy steamy asshole really gets me excited and my wild wife wants to watch and help.

    Wife Knows And Approves

    My wife is Eastern European and unusually open minded. I am a Canadian and before we married we confessed everything about ourselves so there would be no secrets. We loved each other before the confessions and after. She had been through a lot so her stuff was residual trauma growing up in a war zone. My confession to her was that I once was seduced by an older male tourist when on holiday and felt guilty I enjoyed it. She told me not to worry that she knew I loved her and if I was ever attracted to men not to hide it.

    One night while drinking wine she had me share all the intimate details of what happened with him,got wet and then we made passionate love. She was intrigued by what visually he looked like and how we looked in bed together. As I described him,late 50's stubble on his face,slim and bohemian dresser her eyes lit up. I know a man who looks just like that who works in a flower shop near my office. I know also he is gay she added. After this my wife was excited to make an encounter happen between us so she could relive my gay experience with me. I was shocked and nervous about it but she had her way. She bought flowers from the shop and befriended the man. A few months later she came home beaming. It is all set up darling . Bruce will meet us for drinks in a hotel bar then we will go up together to the room so you two can have fun and I can see everything. Just say the word and it is a go. I nodded feeling strange elation inside.

    The night arrived and I was nervous as hell. I wore tight slacks and a nice shirt hugging my athletic figure as my wife wore a sexy black dress. We got to the bar and there was Bruce. He was relaxed and wearing a bit of a hipster outfit. He was as plain looking as my long ago 1 night lover. We had a few drinks chatted and went upstairs to the room. There was a minibar with more booze. My wife in front of Bruce confided that she hoped anything could happen and not for anyone to hold back. She looked me in the eye and said darling I have always known you are gay and married you because I love you now show me your true colors. Bruce told me he was very attracted to me and it would be his pleasure to seduce me. My wife sat on a big leather chair as Bruce undressed me and himself. He soon had me naked on the bed moaning as he sucked my cock. Bruce and I frenched as I saw my wife fingering herself in ecstasy out of the corner of my eye. I sucked Bruce's stubby fat cock with obvious delight and made him cum first. Then Bruce polished my knob taking all of my load in his needy mouth. We necked some more and my wife joined us in bed. I kissed my wife and fingered her to orgasm. Bruce blew me again in the middle of the night. In the morning we had a nice breakfast together. The next time Bruce joined us was at our place. This time I fucked him in our bed and filled his ass with my seed. Things progressed . Bruce started coming over and sleeping with us 3 or 4x a week. I began having sex more with him than my wife but she didn't seem to mind. When he moved in with us my wife joked that in some ways he was a better wife than her a better cook and housekeeper even better in bed. I told her not to worry she was always number one to me. Then an interesting thing happened. As all 3 of us got more intimate we all became loving with each other with no inhibitions.Bruce went down on my wife and made her cum. They neck quite often. Bruce and I have sex 3 or 4x a week. We neck every day. I go on trips with Bruce alone as a couple and trips with my wife as a couple. In the last year we realize that I am in love with my wife and Bruce and he is in love with her and me and she is in love with me and him. It us like the 3 of us are married to one another.

    Women Are Not For Me Anymore.

    There have always been two sides to me, one wants to have sex with women and the other likes to have sex with men. I’ve never been sure which is the strongest, although I’ve always known which is the easiest, which is why I married a woman, and shut the other side of me off. The way I looked at it was if I promised to be faithful in the marriage vows that includes men as well as infidelity with women.

    Even though I have remained faithful I do fantasies a lot about things I did in my teens. I always had to hide this part of me from my parents, I came from a traditional Northern Working-Class family and homosexuality wasn’t accepted, and still isn’t.

    I started experimenting at 14 with my best friend John. We shared a room on a school trip to France. The room only had one bed!! I woke up in the night and knew he was wanking; I didn’t ask and just took his dick in my hand and finished him off. The next night we did the same, but I took him in my mouth and let him cum.

    At college I met Simon, who was gay and had a relationship with him for a couple of months, and then a few girlfriends. Just before I met my now wife I met a gorgeous man Jonathon, that I did fall in love with, I loved having sex with him more than with anybody before or since.

    The thing that upsets me is that after twenty-five years of marriage, and working with women, to be honest I prefer men. There’s a part of me that wished I’d have stayed with Jonathon. Unfortunately I married a narcissist, and it’s been difficult. Every woman that’s ever managed at work has either been a fruit cake, power mad or incompetent; some all three! Sure, I’ve had a couple of bad male managers, but they pale into insignificant compared to some of the dreadful women I’ve worked for. As partners women are always playing games with your head, I loved the simple honesty of a male and male relationship.

    My confession is that I’m going to leave my wife soon, the kids are grown up and I can’t stand her anymore. I see through all the deception, manipulation, and control now and want no more of it. She had no idea about my other side, and it will kill her when she finds out my new partner is male. I’ve not met them yet but one thing for sure is that it will never ever be a woman again.

  • My First Love Hunter & My 2nd Love Heather?

    Hunter & I were unseparable since Pre-School and were 2 ginger troublemakers.

    I went to his house for his seventh birthday party to find out that his family just moved overnight.

    I so wanted to kiss him that day and tell him that i love him. Instead, I went home crying. I refused to do my homework and up failing 1st grade. My parents sent me to an All Girls school for me to repeat 1st grade. My feelings towards Hunter went to Abbie. She & I were very close but I refused to pursue her just because I sensed I would see Hunter again.

    I came home from camp when I was 13 and I was told we had to move 90 miles away. A couple of days later an Japanese woman named Ali Wing was so friendly & welcomed us. She invited us next door to dinner and she knew her daughter Heather would be a great friend of mine.

    My parents were hoping that Heather would become my BFF. I was too that is until I met Heather. She ran into her room screaming Japanese once I was introduced to her. I must have been delirious and tired because the brief time that I saw Heather, she actually looked like a girly Hunter. What the flip flop is Heather doing living with a Japanese family?

    My parents too saw it. Mr. Brock Wing came in with a multiracial (BLack & Japenese) set of fraternal 14 year old twins named Gia & Greg.

    Mrs. Wing asked me to play with Gia & Greg outside while our parents spoke.

    Greg says,"Payton, you look like a nice girl, Heather will warm up to you." Gia says,"Greg, we have to tell Heather's story." I replied, "I think I already know that Heather used to be my BFF Hunter." I added, "but I don't know why she lives with your family."

    Both Gia and Greg filled me in on the fact that then Hunter moved there with his then parents 6 years ago. The Wings befriended then Hunter and his parents. Then Hunter's mom was dying from Cancer and their dad robbed a bank after catching Hunter dressing like a girl. Mrs Wing promised to raise Heather when her mom died. That year was a nightmare & shockingly Heather had to repeat 2nd grade.

    I was in tears. I asked Gia to teach me some Japanese. I walked in the house & in Japanese I asked Mrs. Wing if I could speak to Heather. My parents plus Gia's & Greg's were apprehensive. Next thing I know Gia tells me that Heather is waiting for me in her room.

    Heather says, "Payton, I'm sorry about earlier, I was afraid despite what my mom thought, you wouldn't be my friend."

    I hug Heather and we both cry.

    I said, "Heather, I want you happy and if being Heather makes you happy, I'll be happy too. I shouldn't be saying this but I wanted to kiss you at your 7th birthday party, and if like me, you also liked girls, I would kiss you now because youre a very hot girl."

    Heather smiles and says, "who would have suspected that we both would be bisexual or lesbian girls?"

    About 5 minutes later, we were invited to eat dinner. It was such a great reunion. The next Monday, Heather asks me to attend summer school with her. After a lot of hard work over the next 14 months, we got bumped up to high school to start on time.

    We both resumed being best friends and we knew neither of us were ready to date anyone. The Wings asked that we wait until we were 16 until we considered dating.

    On Heather's 15th birthday, Gia convinced our parents to let us date.

    On her 16th birthday, Heather had bottom surgery and was fully the female that she was meant to be.

    On the night of our High School Graduation, Heather was finally ready to make love to me. I had been wanting to do more than kiss, gives massages, and rub our breasts but i waited for her. We went all the way that night.

    On Valentine's Day (of this year and our freshman year in college), I asked Mr Wing if I could marry Heather. He jokingly asked what took me so long. He gave me his blessings to ask her.

    We're going to Japan for Spring Break & I already have bought the ring.