Coming out of the closet is never an easy thing to do. Where you forced out by an unfortunate circumstance? Did you come out on your own terms. What and how did you finally come out? To who?

I Am No Longer Hiding From My True Attractions

Starting in college I got into the gym and became a physical trainer after college. I work with both males and females but I much prefer females. For example, I walk around the spin class and stand behind women to see their crotch work as they peddle. I am hugely attracted to women's breasts, especially if she has dark nipples. But I never acted on these attractions, I kept dating men but was very hard to get. I only had intercourse twice and I regret it.

I have one client who works out at her home totally nude. Her home gym walls, and ceiling and floor are mirrored. When she invited me to work from her at home I was floored. A beautiful, fit, nude woman working out and I was there. She asked me to go nude with her and the whole experience of being nude with 360 degree mirrors, both for admiring myself and to better admire her. I had an orgasm watching her, which did not go unnoticed.

She was quick to let me know she was into me and invited me into her sauna. We enjoyed the conversation, followed by an in the sack get together. She surprised me, she told me she was 39. An incredibly hot 39. My first time with a woman proved to me that my regrets at having intercourse were valid.

  • In The Woods

    I found a nice patch of woods. I'd go there and take my clothes off. I'd pretend that a man that was fucking me. I'd work that dildo or cucumber up in my pussy and pull up my panties. My clitty would get a real hard stiffy. Lube up and walk some and pull down my panties and masturbate. I'd do all sorts of things with them. I'd pretend that the guy i was with had me give him a blow job. I'd take it down my throat just to see if i could do it. It surprised me how easily that the dildo or cumber slide down my throat. I bought a cucumber once that when I took it up my ass hole , it took my breath away and made me almost pass out cause it was really big and round. Once I had it in me, I would sit on it raising up to my feet and it would slide out of me some before til it was almost out of my pussy before sitting back down on of carefully again. Talk about making my precum flow. I had a paper cup to catch my delicious precum with. I love that texture and taste. I eat my own cum after I masturbate. But I would go there every chance I got to have fun. There was never no one around. I'd walk several miles naked. I never took my clothes. If I did, it was panties and a bra. If I got caught, that would've been exciting.

    Am I Gay Or Am I A Deviate

    Way back in college I had a friend Steve and one night after a few too many beers I sucked his cock. Over the last 40 years I've sucked several men. I'm going to retire and I'm thinking of coming out as gay. What I am still struggling with is what is gay? I have never been attracted to a man emotionally. I am attracted to sucking cock, and I've participated in anal sex, as the bottom.

    Mostly I have felt that my attraction is a deviant sex attraction. For those who care to comment, am I gay? Or am I straight with a deviant streak?

  • Porn Fuck Still My Best

    I starred in a Girls Do Porn vid. Most of the interview was BS, but some of it is true like how my ex bf didn't know. I did it out of pure curiosity. I love sex like I still have regular fuck buddies even with covid. We just fuck with masks on, whatevs

    The guy that fucked me in the vid was thicker than my ex bf and it was a bit much to take at first but it felt real good after I got used to it. Just having that stamina is crazy, there are definitely times when my ex bf was a one pump chump and it made me think back to my time on camera. The best was when he fucked me in doggy, my fav.

    I took a few days to vacay in San Diego. Yes, I fucked the camera guy too. They were really nice people!

    If you're curious, iceporncasting GirlsDoPorn 361.

    My Wife Dragged Me Out

    It was my wife who pulled me from the closet. She always has keen sense about who was a homosexual. I covered my fem side up for years or so I thought. When my wife was fucking another man behind my back, I never knew it. But she came home one night wanting me to eat her pussy our. I was on my back in bed. She crawled over my face with her pussy in it. It was already creamy, creamy from another mans cum. She said it was her cum that dripped out of her puss and butt hole. She asked if I liked it? I said it was delicious. So whenever she went out with the girls, she'd stay out til three or four AM. She'd always had me lick her out sucking everything out of her puss and ass. I was wearing her panties once when she was gone. I fell asleep with them on. She came
    home threw back the covers and saw me in them. Thats not the first time she saw me in lingerie. There were pictures of me in bra and panties. that I had taken of myself. I sent them to a guy. But I forgot to delete them. She found them. She didn't say anything to me. She just got drunk and passed out naked. I've always wanted to smell her ass. She'd never let me do that. Well I did that night. I luvd her stinky dank moist ass hole smell. I kissed it. I licked it. I sucked it. I even tried to fuck of with my little clit of a penis she'd call it. I cummed all down in her crack. I just suck up al my warm cum from her crack. She did that for a month. She also didn't wipe real good. I found dried bits of hard poop around her butt hole. I licked that up too. But after that, that's when she started going out with the girls. But she had drinks lined up on the counter for me. She told me to get I got naked. She had me sitting in a low all chair. I just. got home from work. I was hungry. She handed me two drinks before I sat down. Drink. Drink them up. There's more for you. Drink. So I did. I felt the vodka. She handed me more to drink. She had her business suit on still. She stood over me. Let's have some fun she said. She tied my legs opened. Tied my arms as well. But I could reach the table bit nothing else. My wife gave me compliments on how good looking I was. You can get anyone that you'd want couldn't you? I just looked at her. Ever steal a kiss she asked? No I said. Ever just pick up someone and just go fuck somewhere? I just looked up at her. Your a good looking guy. I'm sure you have. I looked at her and told her I've never been with another woman. She said who says I'm talking about another woman???!!! How about with another MAN babe, been with another man before huh babe? Hugging and kissing naked on bed huggin and kissing touch in and feeling each other huh babe have ya hon? My cock started to move. Ahhhh my wife said, now we're getting somewhere. So you've been in bed with another MAN huh babe? I just sat there hoping my little cock wouldn't move. Naked with another man huh hon? Did he pock you up in hotel bar and you found yourself going back to his room. Drinking and kissing babe? Then you both took each others clothes off babe? Did you take off his clothes? Did you stuff his hard cock into your mouth babes huh?? Did he suck you off babe? Its OK if you were with another man, I know how you are. Out there on the road. You get lonely. So you were with another man huh babe?? Naked and kissing. Each time she'd say that my cock would get more and more stiffer. Hugging and fuckin what homosexuals do to one another. Did you enjoy it hon? Do you fuck him like you try fucking me? I bet you enjoyed fucking him and being with him in bed. My little stiffy was pulsating everytime she'd say on bed! I had been in bed with another man... My stiffy was pumping out precum. Massive amounts ran down my stiffy. She would look at it. Just tell me that you've been with another man in bed doing homosexual things to each OK babe? Let's be truthful with each other. I let other men fuck me when I travel. Now, its ok hat you've been with another MAN hon. Its OK if you have hon, it's just the way you are. I looked away from her. She took her two fingers under my chin lifting my head up. Our eyes locked. She said have you been with another man hon?? I didn't have to say a word. My ryes told of all. She let's out a shout shouting out loud I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT!!!!. I KNEW YOU WERE A HOMOSEXUAL...MAN!!! She untied my feet and legs. She started asking me questions. Since I pulled you out of the closet how does it feel?
    l said it feel? Afraid that id divorce you? I slowly shook my head yes. Tell me she says, are you the top? I shook my head no. Oh she let's out. Your the woman??!! Like in the pictures that I found in my camera?!?!??!! I shook my head yes. So that man fucked you and did you wear pli tt for him? Yes I said, I wore lingerie and other things for him. And he fucked you then? Yes i said. You like cock fucking you in your ass hole she asks. Yes, it feels so good for him. How old were you when you had someone do something to you? I was very young. You enjoy having your ass filled by a cock? Yes, I like cock very much. I replied. It does feel good she says!! Do you suck their cock? Oh yes. I take real good care of them. Them she asks?? Yes, them I said. Do you swallow or spit? Oh I swallow of acourse. Goooood she ketsvloosr, cause you you dont, your not much gun for them.

  • Confessed To The Wife

    Over the weekend I finally worked up the courage to come out as bisexual to the wife. However, as I suspected, she said she has known for years and probably before I even came out to myself. It was one of the toughest things I have done but also a huge weight off my shoulders. The only thing she said was be careful who you come out to and no cheating with men or women. I just told her I would only do that if she was included. That turned out way better than I had hoped and I’m blessed to have an understanding wife! Now I just need to convince her to allow someone else to play with us!


    I'm bent over my bed watching porn. I'm naked from the waist down, my ass in the air. I can feel the cool air at my hole. Well that's my confession. Just wandering if anyone would like to warm it up and how

    Chickened Out

    Yesterday I was on the casual gay hookup site called Sniffies and I was about to meet up with this guy at a local park to give him a blue job in his car but before we could finalize plans I froze and my anxiety got the best of me. I didn’t talk to him further. I haven’t done anything with a guy in over 15 years and so I don’t know if that’s it or if it’s because of guilt of being married but I fantasize about playing with guys all the time. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

    A New Side Of Me

    I worked at a local company with 50 employees. We took a student as an unpaid intern for the summer to help me get caught up. My boss agreed on the condition I put her up for the summer. She didn't have any money so it all fell on me, food, toiletries, and some clothes which my boss reimbursed me for. There was also entertainment, I took her along, got her a fake ID so we could go to clubs. Where ever we went she stayed close and I held her hand in a crowd.

    We had a bad thunderstorm one night and I went to her room to check on her. I asked her if she needed a hug and got in bed with her and held her tight. She fell asleep and my hands went over her breasts and I touched her between the legs, she just cuddled tighter. I fell asleep and we woke up in the morning embraced with her head on my shoulder and her hand on my breast.

    I kissed her forehead, not thinking. The storm was over but we stayed tightly cuddled for over an hour until nature called loud enough we had to pee. After that night I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me and she moved in with me. Lots and lots of hugging and cuddling, kissing her forehead, cheeks and nose. Long talks until the wee hours, and from time to time if my hand went across her breast, across her butt or hear hand rested on my breast we rubbed noses.

    One Sunday morning, after she showered and her wet pubes clung tight to her panties I kissed her through her panties and ended up eating her and skipping church. I held her tight and kissed her on the lips and let out that I loved her. There is no turning back, she lives with me and goes to class and we are in a full blown relationship. When she is out, in class or with college friends I ache for her to come home. I love how she holds my hand, how soft her breasts are, how wet she gets when I make love to her.

    You see, I never thought I would be in love with a girl. I just jumped in and out of bed with men never being able to click. A true one night stand Mary. I'm discovering this part of me, with a college kid.

  • Craving

    I have today off but my wife has to get ready for work. I’m bi and most of the time I like women over men but this morning I was craving dick real bad. So no more than three minutes after she walked out the door I was watching bi porn and had a dildo in my ass. I had the best orgasm I have had in a long time. It has been over 15 years since I have felt a real cock and I don’t know much longer I can last!