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Adopted By My Boss

!0 years ago I went with my mother to see her older sister in California. She is a History professor at a community college. It did not connect that she was single because she is gay. My mother never commented on it. When I started to get feelings for other girls my mother took it in stride, even when she found me in bed with an older college girl who was student teaching at my high school. She told me to be careful and told her to keep her hands off underage girls.

In college I was promiscuous, with several obscene experiences. After college I moved to California to live with my aunt. I met a girl at work. My boss, a 50 year old man told me to drop her or he would take matters into his own hands. He met my aunt and put an end to me dating the girl from my work.

I am back at my mother's, thanks to my exboss. I have a remote job and I talk to him several times a week. I understand that he feels protective of me, he is not a supporter of 'alternate lifestyles', but I am little old to all of a sudden have a father in my life. Right now meeting someone is more than a remote chance, pardon the pun. I also understand he is helping my aunt who lost her job.

  • Thoughts About The Holidays Without My Lover

    Holidays are a bummer. My lover is at home with his wife and kids, I spent Thanksgiving with friends. I know that he is not going to leave his wife, and if he went there as much as it would hurt I would leave him too. Our time together is important to me, and being alone in a crowd during Holidays is the worst kind of loneliness, but I could never ask him to leave his wife and kids alone to spend the Holidays with me.

    Owning Up

    My wife owned up to having sex with a co worker when I challenged her.

    I'd gone down on her in bed after she'd returned home late from her late shit. I could taste something different about her pussy and just knew another dude had cum inside her.

    Challenging her about what I thought I knew, she finally confessed telling me she'd been having sex for months with a teenager.

    After a relatively brief discussion because I was getting more and more turned on, she told me he has the largest cock she's ever seen.

    Making her kneel up in front of me, I slid my cock into my wife's pussy and fucked her like I would any slut.

    All I could think about was what it would be like to see a younger guy fucking my wife. And a young guy with a large cock.

    Certainly in the last few years, fucking her that night was the best sex we'd had for in a long time.

    When I came inside her after lots of different positions, she insisted, made me go down on her again, but with her sitting over my face. And as I licked and sucked on her pussy, she began to describe how her teenage coworker fucked her.

    She sent herself wild, orgasming all over my face a couple of times in quick succession, before lifting off of me and kissing my mouth hard.

    My face was literally bathed in my cum and her pussy juices. And what's more, is because she was so turned me, like myself, I slid my cock back into my wife, but deep inside her asshole.

    We fucked in the spoons position, until I had an almost dry orgasm up her tight little ass. Lying behind her, still with my cock up her ass, my wife said "I guess you're ok with me fucking the young guy then".

    This was ten months ago. We're still very happily married. And I'm still licking and sucking my wife's pussy and asshole out, after they've had sex. Only I now get to watch young Chris fucking her from time to time, before I have the pleasure of tonguing my wife's fuck holes.

    We're hoping he can stay over in between Christmas and New year. If he does, my wife has told me, she has lots of new sexual acts she wants me to try.

    She won't say, but I have an idea what they are. We'll see if he stays over, and what her dirty mind has in store for me.

  • Joie 11-22

    On Sunday after my husband left for work, I was not sure that I would carry this thing on with Danny anymore because I do not want it to ruin our marriage. So I called CW while he was driving to work. Sometimes he is a lot better about talking when he is not face to face. In that conversation he told me that he was having a hard time dealing with the idea that Danny, (he still doesn’t know it’s Danny), and I masturbated together. He admitted that it turned him on like crazy though. I asked him if he wants me to stop? He said he did not know. He said that I should have a good day but that he does not want to know about it unless he asks. I took this as an open invitation...

    I got in to the bourbon and took two shots. I went upstairs and put on a pair of black lace thigh highs. A tiny pair of black g-string panties and a black see through lace bra. Then I put on jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers so that I would look very casual. I had not seen Danny in a few days, I had actually avoided going on that side of my house. I was kind of scared that he would come out and try to talk to me with my husband around and CW would find out it was him and get angry. So I walked out front to see if Danny’s car was there and then planned to go to his side door. He saw me though and came right out as if he were waiting. He probably was. He said, Hey! As if seeing me was the best thing ever. Another neighbor that both my husband and I know was walking his dog and he was looking at me kind of suspiciously. I had a buzz though so I did not really care. Danny said, Is your husband at work today? At which point I shushed him because now that neighbor was really staring. I said let’s go inside and we went in to his house. (Not that this looked less suspicious). Inside his house was a typical bachelor pad. Well for a bachelor with some money. He had a little movie watching area with the biggest TV I think I have ever seen. A bar. A pool table. Some old video game machines. He even had a juke box. I also noticed that he had windows all along that side that he could see my upstairs porch all the way to my driveway.

    I told him I needed a drink and asked if he had wine. There was a grocery bag on the counter with the exact brand I was drinking when he was over at my house. I was beginning to think he had been planning this moment. I sat at the bar area and he sat next to me and we chatted for a half hour or so. All small talk and nobody discussing what happened only days before. Danny had music playing. An Adele song came on which I love so I stood up and took his hand and he objected. He said he was not a very good dancer. I told hike neither was I. That is a lie though, I took 10 years of different dance classes. He was very clumsy while we were dancing. We continued to dance in to the next song and our bodies were pressed tight together. I slid my hands down and squeezed his tight little tush to let him know what I wanted. His hands slid down on to my ass also and he had his hands wandering all over, even down my ass cheek and “accidentally” bumping in to my crotch. I was so wet and shaky again. I after a while of this, I pushed him down on the couch in his theater area and turned my back to him. I was dancing erotically and backed my ass up to his crotch and began to grind on his hard cock. It felt even bigger than I remembered it. He slid his hands across my breasts and I let him. I kept grinding away. After a few minutes he slid his hands up my shirt and I pulled it off, still grinding on him. He immediately pulled my bra down and began playing with my nipples. They are very sensitive, so I felt myself getting really hot and shaky. For a minute, I collapsed back on him. Once I regained my composure though, I guided his hands to my pants button and he undid my jeans. I stood up and slowly stripped them down for him. I kicked them off and was dancing in tiny thong panties, thigh highs and a bra that was underneath my boobs. Facing him, I reached behind me and undid my bra. I came closer and squatted on his lap, grinding to the music. He leaned in and started to kiss on my left breast while fondling my right one. I got swept away by a heat wave coming over me and did not even really notice I stopped dancing and was just grinding in his lap. He started to kiss me and this time I let him. We made out for a long time before he picked me up and then threw me down on the couch. He grabbed my panties and pulled them off, leaving me naked with only stockings on. I was so horny. I ran my foot over his crotch and began to rub. He lifted his tank top off as I continued massaging his massive dick and then pulled his shorts and underwear down. I was was still rubbing his huge, naked member with my stocking covered foot. He stopped me and climbed on top of me before he started to push his huge uncircumcised cock in me. I wanted him to, but I felt guilty. He had only gotten the head in and I said we can’t, pushing down on his shoulders. He stopped and instead began to slowly kiss down my body. I told him “don’t” when he got to my stomach, but I didn’t mean it and he knew it. I said, “we shouldn’t”but I spread my legs as he got down there and he started licking me anyway. I don’t know where he got his talent or if I was just that turned on, I have never had oral like that before. He even licked my butthole. Nobody had ever done that before and I had no idea that could even feel good. I came over and over again. I lost myself and did something I had decided against.

    After cumming over and over again, I reached down and pulled his head up. I wanted to fuck him so bad. I pushed him back on the couch. I kissed down his muscular neck and on his chiseled chest. Down his tight tummy and along his thigh. I kissed on his balls, something I have never enjoyed and then up the side of his penis. I felt butterflies as if I was crossing some line as I let him enter my mouth. I kissed on the head and could taste myself on him. Finally, I took him as deep as I could without gagging. I slid on to the floor and kneeled with my head over his dick. I sucked him and he pulled my ass towards his face and fingered me while I did. I kept my hand on his shaft so that he couldn’t push in too far as he started thrusting faster and faster until he finally exploded in my mouth. There was sooo much cum it got everywhere.

    After he finished, he pulled me up on the couch and we lay there quietly , me dr**ed across his young body. He was gently running his fingers up and down the crack of my ass and the urge to fuck him still had not gone away even though, I was exhausted and my thighs hurt from cumming so much. I reached down and started to stroke him again. He immediately got erect again. We started kissing and I was going to fuck him. I knew I shouldn’t, I knew I might regret this. He began fingering me, I was still wet and it made that squishing sound. I opened my eyes for a second and it was like a jolt of electricity to my brain. My husband’s car was in the driveway. I said, Fuck I be gotta go. I started to throw my clothes on as quick as I could. Danny asked when we were going to do this again? I said I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t have come here today. He sounded ..(continue confession)

    Joie’s Saga 11-20

    I made my first post called “Am I am Exhibitionist?”, then followed up with “Danny’s Show A” and “Danny’s Show B” because it was too wordy for one post. Anybody who is interested I suggest reading them to understand what’s going on.

    So on the last post, there were some questions I did not answer. Only because I was too busy. Simply, nothing more happened at the beach than what I posted, but sit tight. It got a little naughtier.

    My husband, CW, got more jealous over the next few days. He got angry a few times and picked a fight with me over what I did. He still does not know who the guy is, but started referring to Danny as “Your Boyfriend”. Every time though, right after, CW would apologize and would make love to me like when we were first married. We are now having sex every day, at least a couple times a day. We even had sex 4 times on Saturday. On Thursday night, CW was pushing me again. He asked me if I was going to stop “seeing” my boyfriend. I explained that he was not my boyfriend and I was not seeing him. He asked me again anyway if I was going to see him again? I said probably and CW got mad again. So I went upstairs to our room and made sure the curtains were open enough. I did not know if Danny was watching but the thought of it turned me on. I slowly stripped of my pajamas and started to rub myself facing the window. Then suddenly the door opened and CW walked in. He immediately asked, why are you standing there naked??? I turned toward him and said, Uh, Hoping you would come get me. I was shaking with adrenaline, fear, sexual energy, and I do not know what else. He came over to me and started kissing me, and I pulled his pajama pants down. He was hard. I knelt down and started to give him a blow job. Something I probably have not done in over a year or more until this month. That is when it happened. While I was sucking him off. He asked again. Did you fuck him? I pulled off just long enough to say no. He asked, did you want to? I did not answer. So he asked again. I said, Does it matter? CW said, yes, please tell me. So I said, yes. He did not get mad though. I thought he would. He got harder and started pumping faster. Do you still want to? I just said, Mmmhmmm. He started cumming in my mouth. This is something I haven’t let any guy do since my first boyfriend. I was so turned on though, I was actually enjoying it and swallowing. I started fingering my self and cumming with him. As soon as he was done he threw me on the bed and started to eat me out. He asked, are you going to fuck him? Caught up in the moment I said, yes. Does he know you are married? I said yes. I was cumming at this point for probably 5 minutes. CW climbed on top of me and started fucking me hard. I could smell myself on him and his face was wet from me. It was a huge turn on. He asked me again, are you going to fuck him? I said tomorrow. CW began to cum inside of me and thrust hard, until it almost hurt. Afterward, we lay there so long, we both eventually fell asleep with the lights on and the curtains open.

    The next morning, I woke up and could hear what I thought was CW rustling around getting ready for work. I went downstairs, still nude and walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He kind of half smiled and avoided eye contact. He said to me, last night was just bedroom talk. Right? I asked which part and he said all of it. I asked if that is what he wanted? He asked me if I actually wanted to fuck this guy? I told him yes. He said and you plan on fucking him? I said only if he wanted me to. CW started to get mad, but I stepped in to him and could feel he was hard again. I pulled down his pants and started to give him head again. I said I can tell you want me to. He just moaned. I said admit it. He was still silent. I just started to jerk him. I said, tell me. He whispered, I do. I said, really? He whispered agian, I think so. I put him in my mouth and finished him off. He took the day off and we had a lot of fun that day and Saturday. On Saturday, we had a marathon sex session, during which I finally told him everything that happened at the beach with Danny and CW then finally agreed to go to the nude beach with me on Sunday. (I think I’m addicted now). But when Sunday rolled around, CW started to run cold again. He said that he had to go in to work for a few hours and asked what I was planning to do with my day? I asked what he wanted me to do with my day? CW said, clearly I can’t tell you what to do. He said he loved me, kissed me and went to work. What happened later that day got a little crazy and I will save it for another post.

    A ONE OFF ?

    Between lockdowns I went to the cinema. In the dark sat watching the film I felt this strangers hand rubbing the bulge in my pants. I instinctively squirmed but with nowhere to go. I half heartedly pushed him away with no success so I gave up and let him play.
    I just sat there eyes fixed in the screen being slowly aroused, what else could I do? The rubbing became more intense with a little squeeze now and again, OH MY GOD. I didn't know if it was intentional but he was edging me. Slowly but surely I was soaking my pants in precum.
    'Don't stop', I whispered, 'Please don't stop'. He decided to stop, BUGGER.

    Danny's Show 2 (B)

    (continued)... Danny was hesitant. I said, please, don't you want to jack off to me? He said, OK, you too though. I felt the butterflies in my stomach again and began to shake uncontrollably. He sat facing each other with our legs interlocked so that it was semi-private. He started stroking his huge cock while he stared at my tits. Finger yourself, he panted at me. I started to stroke myself. We sat there interlock for only a few minutes playing with ourselves before I started to shudder and came. We continued and I came to more times, creating a huge wet spot on my towel. I leaned back a little and Danny started stroking faster and breathing heavier. Then boom, all of a sudden he let out a moan and he started squirting all over my chest and even landed some on the side of my face into my hair. I looked up and we had an audience. People in close proximity watching us, so we decided to leave. We cleaned ourselves up and got dressed and went home. I told Danny, that I had fun and to keep an eye out for me at the window. You know I will he said.

    When my husband got home that night, I was only wearing a robe. I was so horny, I didn't care, I dropped my robe while the front door was still open. We started kissing and again he asked what's gotten into me. He didn't even notice right away that I had a full-body sunburn. When he did he said, what the fuck? I looked at him and said you didn't want to go to the nude beach with me so I found someone who did. Yeah right he responded. I said OK. He asked me if I was serious and I said yup. He asked who and I told him it was none of his business. He started to get really mad and said so now you're fucking some other guy? I said I didn't fuck him, but I can next time if you want. He asked again, seriously you went to a nude beach with some guy? Again I said yup and again I refused to tell him who. He asked again, but you didn't sleep with? Nope. The hubbie was getting really turned on and we had sex for probably an hour and a half. Something that we haven't done in years. I still don't know if he believes me about what happened but I was honest even though I haven't told him everything. One thing I do know is that we had sex two more times this morning and he keeps asking me about this guy. Apparently, jealousy is what my husband needs to spice our marriage up again.

    Danny's Show 2 (A)

    I made a post called "Am I an Exhibitionist" three days ago. If you haven't read it, some of this might not make total sense.

    After writing the post, I was really turned on and tried to bring my husband into my new-found thrill. I haven't been all that honest with myself, but over the past couple of weeks, I came to realize that I have to admit our sex life over the years has gotten really boring. It's still good and all, it's just not that exciting anymore. I told my husband I wanted to try a nude beach. We live in Florida and there are several around here. He just told me, no you're not. First of all, that is not how our relationship goes, he doesn't tell me what to do and second of all I'm an adult and can do what I want. So I was a little annoyed, but I let it go. Kind of. Later that evening, he was sitting on the back porch where the neighbors could potentially see us. I started kissing on him and trying to start something. He pushed me off and asked me what was the matter with me? So I told him that I wanted to spice things up a little and he told me to get over it, that I was just having a mid-life crisis. He said I should just knock the bullshit off. I told him, fuck you and stormed off. I told him he could sleep in the guest bedroom. He goes to work late, so the next morning before he left, I tried to talk it out with him. He told me that he didn't know what was wrong with me but everything is fine. I tried to explain that I didn't think so and I thought it was something we could easily fix if we work on it. He told me that I'm crazy, and he left for work.

    I don't usually day drink, but I poured Kahlua in my coffee that morning and a half-hour later, I had my buzz on. I went upstairs and started to get ready for my day and but then thought what for and decided to drink some more. I was sitting on my upstairs balcony, still in my robe. I had nothing on underneath. So that was as far as I had gotten. The Danny came out and yelled across, hey neighbor. Like usual he wasn't wearing a shirt. I waved. He yelled out if he could ask me something, I nodded and waved him over not really considering how he would take it. I had moved on to wine and was feeling really good at that time. He went downstairs and came through my gate and climbed up the stairs to my porch. I saw him looking through the window into my bedroom. I realized that he was thinking about the show he got watching me and I felt myself get wet. I offered him a glass of wine. He said no thanks I'm more of a beer or liquor guy. I said I think my husband has some beer in the fridge lets go downstairs. My robe is a short satin nighttime robe. As I got up, it lifted and gave Danny a full view of my spread legs. I expected he would be discreet, but instead he said, Wow! I felt butterflies in my stomach and began to tremble a little. Actually a lot. I acted like I didn't hear him and walked past him into the house and down the stairs. He followed me. By the time we got downstairs, he was audibly panting. I opened the fridge and bent over to pull a beer out of the vegetable drawer at the bottom. I felt the robe slide up on my ass cheeks and give Danny a show. He mad a whew type breath. I pulled out a beer and stood up and handed it to him. I asked him if he was OK? He said yeah, he just thought our house was really nice. We both knew that wasn't it. I invited him to have a seat on the couch.

    He sat on the couch and I said, what did you want to ask me? So he said, do you think the HOA will let me keep a boat in my driveway? I said that's really what you wanted to ask? He nodded. I said, well I have a question for you. Have you ever been to the nude beach at the Canaveral National Seashore? He said, what? I said do you want to go with me? Now he asked? I said yes now. He kind of mumbled umm OK. I said great, you're driving, let's go. I threw on a sundress and grabbed some towels and beach stuff real quick and we were off. On the 35 minute drive to the beach, I found out that Danny is actually 28 and he works from home in IT. But still, no one addressed the elephant in the room and by the time we got to the beach the sexual tension was so thick, I almost couldn't stand it.

    We got out of the car and there was a little bit of a walk until we got to the part of the beach where we started seeing naked people. To my surprise, they were almost all men. Dongs walking around everywhere and they were all staring at me. Danny was really quiet. Finally, I said to him, you ready? He said I guess. I said let's see it. he looked around as if he was trying to be secretive about it. C'mon I said. He obligingly pulled down his shorts, his dick was big and I was surprised to see uncircumcised. I took his shorts and underwear and put them in my bag. I was really turned on started to tremble again. He said, are you going to, you know? I said, me? no. In a joking way. Let's keep walking. He was blushing and it was cute. So there I was walking on a beach with a hundred or more naked men and I was the only one with clothes on. I found something new that turned me on. There were more uncircumcised guys than I expected and I mentioned it to Danny. Danny kind of in an embarrassed way said, My parents are English, I was born there but grew up here. I said I don't think you have anything to be embarrassed about. He quietly thanked me. Truth be told, his body is perfect. I wanted to reach out and squeeze his perfect round bum, but I controlled myself. Eventually, we got to where there were only a dozen or so people, all men and Danny asked if we could sit. I said sure.

    I pulled out the towels and laid them on the sand. He promptly sat and I positioned myself right in front of him. I looked around. All eyes were on me. I was so wet. I made a da-da-da-da sound, like burlesque music, and lifted my dress off. I was topless and feeling pretty sober by this time. I looked around at all the men watching me. I turned my back to Danny and pulled my panties down, fully bending over for him. I stayed in that position while I buried them at the bottom of the bag so he wouldn't see how wet they were. I sat down next to him and noticed he had a gigantic erection. Echoing him earlier, I said, Wow! He was bright red in the face. I was so turned on and looking for the right words when the moment was interrupted. I don't know what I was going to say or do. Then I hear this voice, do you have a light? I turn my head and there is a super tanned penis with some kind of ring around it and the balls almost in my face. A guy and he was checking me out up and down and openly touching himself. Nope, I said, and feeling brave I spread my legs apart to give him a peek. It was a powerful feeling. I looked at Danny and said, Honey, you want to go swimming? He said sure. We walked to the water and the guy went back to wherever he came from. The waves were crashing and it was cold. A wave pushed me into Danny and his throbbing dick pushed right into my crotch. If it had been aimed just a little different he could have slid in me. Danny's arms wrapped around me and grabbed my ass, he planted a kiss on my mouth but I backed off even though our bodies were still pressed together, His strong fingers just inches from my crotch. I said I'm married, I'm not going to sleep with you. I ..(continue confession)

    Three's Company, Fours A Crowd.

    Right now my wife is upstairs with two of our neighbors, who are brothers.

    They're both fucking the shit out of her pussy and ass, and I can hear her moaning from their huge cocks hammering her holes.

    About twenty minutes ago, I was allowed in to watch for a few minutes, and to lick out the cum loads they'd already dumped inside her pussy and ass.

    Its been nearly a year now since they first fucked my wife, and in that time, I've learned how to suck cock too.

    They haven't fucked me yet, but my birthday is next weekend, and my wife has just said Hal the oldest of the two, wants to screw my ass.

    I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. But then I don't get a choice. I reckon I better get used to a cum filled ass.

  • Am I An Exhibitionist?

    About a year ago we had a new neighbor move in. A young guy, Danny, probably in his mid-late 20’s. He is a good looking guy that I admit I have watched work out on his back deck. He is about 6 foot tall and fit. I have not felt all that sexy in years, but still it is obvious Danny likes me. He always finds an excuse to talk to me when I am outside and has come over three or four times, each time my husband was not home.

    I get ready for bed around 7:30 at night. I have a vanity by a window that faces Danny’s house. When the AC kicks on the curtains move around but I never though anything of it. I usually sit at the vanity in my undies and take off my make up before I get in the shower or bath. A couple of weeks ago, It was right after time change, I heard a loud crash outside. I couldn’t see out the window because it now got dark early and my lights were on. So after I got my pajamas on, I went and looked at the camera footage. I was home alone so I was not going to go out there. I was relieved to see it was just a raccoon tearing my garbage cans apart. The camera though catches the corner of Danny’s deck and I could see him leaning way over and straining to look at my window. I realized that he could see my in my underwear at the vanity and it turned me on to know he was watching. I was shaking uncontrollably.

    The next couple of nights after, I left the curtains gapped a little and made sure the AC fan was on. I even went out in the day to look at it and I was surprised that he could probably see about half of my room. I kept checking the camera footage, but I could only see part of his deck and he probably didn’t need to lean over to see now. I imagined he was watching but became disappointed that I don’t know for sure. So I dug out our old go pro and set it on the railing of our deck facing his.
    I wasn’t disappointed when I looked at the go pro. He was standing there in the shadow of his deck, wearing only shorts and watching me get ready in my underwear.

    Last week, I came out with nothing but a robe on. I casually faced the window and and put my hair up, to seem like it wasn’t intentional. I was shaking like crazy and soooo turned on knowing what I was about to do. I opened my robe and stood there fully exposed to Danny. It had been years since I got naked for a man besides my husband. I started to take my rings off while I was standing there and placing them on the vanity next to me. Because I was shaking so bad, I dropped one on the floor. I turned around and bent over to get it, imagining Danny watching me naked with my ass up. I was shaking so bad and was so wet. When I watched the go pro, Danny stood there watching me and stuck his hand down his pants to play with himself, O started to touch myself watching it but waited. When my husband got home, I could hardly wait for him to walk in the door. I pinned him to the couch and fucked his brains out. He asked me what got in to me, I wanted to tell him but I did not.

    The next day was even better. I was feeling more brave. I opened the curtains a little further and dropped my robe again. I kind of wanted Danny to know. I took some lotion and began to rub it in facing the window. I rubbed my breasts and had a small orgasm as I did. I got butterflies in my stomach when I started to rub crotch. I came almost instantly and got so weak in the knees I had to brace myself on the wall around the window, pushing the curtains wide open. I continued to cum for a good minute or more before I walked away to finish getting ready. Again when my husband came home I pounced on him. He asked what has gotten in to me and I said I don’t know, it must be the time change.

    When I watched the go pro from that night, the next day, it got even better. Danny was standing there is the shadow watching me. He never seems to wear a shirt, but when he took a step to the side, I could see he was naked too! I watched him stand there and jerk off to me! I watched it again and masturbated to it, knowing he was jerking off to me!

    Later when I went out to get the mail, Danny conveniently came out too. It was so awkward. He stated at me for a minutes and smiled. Finally I said hi and he did the same. I could feel myself blush and get shaky again. He uncomfortably said, if you ever feel like stopping over for a drink I would like that. I said, good to know. I smiled and went back in the house.

    It’s been 3 days snd I haven’t been hosting my evening show, I feel really strange about the whole thing and kind of guilty. Also, I don’t think my husband can handle anymore sex, we’ve been going at it everyday and twice on Saturday and Sunday.

    I have never done anything like this before and I don’t want to cheat on my husband. I mean if I was single that would be different. I’m kind of regretting that I did this with my neighbor but really turned on all the same.