If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place! Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Did you hit another vehicle and keep on driving? Need to get something off your chest? Was it something you did, or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes..

Hard And Cumming

I went out fishing last weekend so my wife decided to have a bunch of her girlfriends over to swim, drink and have some fun. I ended up coming home earlier then anticipated so when I got there they were all still there swimming and all a little hammered. I told my wife I was going in to take a quick nap. As I walked through my bedroom door, there was one of my wife's friends laying on our bed with her bottoms down around her ankles and she was playing with herself. We were both startled. She cover her pussy with her hands and instantly turned red in the face. I said "sorry" but could not make my self not look or walk out. We looked at each other for a second , which seemed like an hour and then she smiled and moved her hands and ask me if i wanted to watch. I told her you are drunk and she said so what. I said what if we get caught and she said don't worry about it and started to play with herself again. I could not look away. She is 40m years old, blonde, nice tits and a great body for her age. As i watched i could feel myself getting hard, so i pulled out my cock and started stroking it while watching her. When she realized what i was doing she asked me to move closer so i did. Now i was standing next to the bed with my cock inches from her pussy. I told her that's as far as we can go and she agreed. I asked her to turn over one her hands an knees soo i could watch her in that position and she did. There was her sweet wet pussy and tight ass staring right at me. It did not take long after that and I shot my load all over her pussy and ass. She rubs it in and said good job. I ended up rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her pussy and ass a few times and we stopped there. She cleaned herself up and went back to the party. All i can do now is think about sliding my cock in the sweet pussy and ass of hers.

  • Sex With Trans Guy!

    I'm newly single and decided to using Tinder and some other dating apps. A few months ago I struck a really awesome conversation with this trans guy (I knew it from the beginning, he had it in his profile). I have never been with a trans man or woman before, so it was definitely knew to me and I wasn't sure how to feel about it at first. So as our conversations progressed and we talked about hanging out, I watched a few porn videos to just see what it was all about and what I may experience. I was not disappointed in the videos at least!

    The first few times we hung out we didn't hook up, which was fine. But on the third or fourth date (I can't remember exactly) he initiated sex. I told him I had never been with a trans person before and wanted to make sure I was making him comfortable and what not. He told me that nothing (on his body) was off limits. The first time we had sex he gave me some amazing head and even let me cum in his mouth. Afterwards, he let me return the favor. As I pulled down his boxers it was so weird seeing the happy trail leading to a freshly shaved pussy. It was not weird in a bad way though, just new to me. I asked him what I could refer to it as, since I didn't want to offend, and he just said he called it his pussy, he wasn't offended by that.

    So after eating his boy pussy, we made out some more and we ended up fucking in a few different positions. He even let me try anal, which he seemed to really enjoy and felt great for me too.

    Since that night we've had sex together two other times and it's been quite the experience! It's kind of like the best of both worlds - getting to fuck a guy with a pussy. But at the same time, I am worried about the societal pressure or expectation set on me specifically. Since I was born a man, and am bisexual at that, it seems life people might try to invalidate my experience or say that I'm weird for having sex with a transgender person. Even though it was a wonderful experience and I really enjoy his company!

    Am I? Or Am I Just Messing Around?

    I drank to much at my friend's house and she let me sleep over. I woke up in her bed, unclothed, dry mouthed and hung over. She was asleep beside me, also unclothed. I managed to stand, find the toilet, wash my face and wash my mouth with toothpaste and my finger. I fell back on the bed and passed out.

    The second time I woke up I was on my back, she was naked leaning over me, her hand totally on my lady parts, letting her hair wave across my face. I opened my legs, and she gripped me with her middle finger pressing into my slit. "what are you doing?', I asked, she answered that she was waiting for me to wake up.

    After a cup of coffee I asked her how come I was naked, in her bed, and she had her hand in my crotch. "You were there, I was there, it just seemed like the right thing to do". I stood up, walked over to her and grabbed her boob. I said 'it was there, I was there, it seemed like the thing to do'.

    i can't recall a feeling of desire, what I do recall is pushing her onto her back, pulling her pants off and tasting her woman thing. It was there, it seemed like the right thing to do. Having upped the ante, she took her top off and pulled my pants off and gave me a tongue lashing down there too. Having gone too far we agreed on a truce. Our truce lasted three days, until a kiss started it all over again.

    If I am. I am. I don't think I am, but I can't deny I've been playing around a woman's lady parts. But I am, and letting her play around mine. But that is not what concerns me, it's the kissing that makes me believe this isn't just something to do, this is real, real enough to seriously make me believe that I am, and she is too. And this thing is for real, it's not just fooling around.

  • Making A Decision

    Three months ago, my wife who's whole idea this was, and myself, indulged in watching each other have gay sex.
    After a whole lot of badgering and pleading from her, I finally gave in to her suggestion that we BOTH at least once in our lives experience gay sex.
    Her suggestion was really based around her wanting to see my 'cute arse' being fucked.
    The only way I'd agree, would be to watch her having sex with another female, so she reluctantly said yes.
    She had sex with an older woman who we contacted through a website, and we travelled to her home.
    I sat masturbating as I watched them make out. My wife did get into eventually, but I could tell she wasn't really comfortable.
    The night came when my wife got to watch me with another guy. Again an older person, but someone who I instantly felt comfortable with.
    He's forty six, divorced and most definitely into dominating guys like me.
    Getting naked in our lounge was so relaxed as he had me remove his boxers. Looking at his much larger cock, I instinctively opened my mouth and let him slide it over my tongue.
    Before I knew it I was giving him, he said, the most wonderful of blow jobs. I was even able after a few attempts to do so, deep throat his eight inch meaty cock.
    We moved from our sofa where he'd been sat, up to our bedroom and my wife followed.
    There we got into a sixty nine, but he concentrated on licking and tonguing my arsehole. And it was then I heard my saying "Yeh, I can't wait to see you being fucked".
    She was sat in a chair playing with her pussy, but neither of us was interested with her at that point.
    When it did come to Andy easing his cock into my arsehole, he'd put a condom on and coated my arsehole with lube, I'd bought.
    That initial feeling of pain I was expecting was there, but no where near what I'd read up about.
    There was discomfort, however it soon changed to the most amazing and beautiful feeling of immense pleasure, as Andy really began to fuck me.
    It was then I heard my wife orgasm.
    No more than a minute after that, she got up and left us to walk back downstairs to our lounge.
    Andy fucked me initially doggy, then had me mount his gorgeous cock, fucking him as he stroked my dick.
    But the best and my favourite position, was Andy fucking me for a long time in the missionary position.
    It was far more intimate, and although it may sound strange, I found kissing him as passionately as we did, more revealing in a gay sense, than his cock plowing my arsehole.
    We kissed pretty much throughout us fucking missionary, and I found myself gripping his arse cheeks and pulling the older far more experienced man into my body.
    It was so good of a fuck and so intense, when I came in between us, it was if my whole body was orgasming.
    Every nerve ending was firing and I just knew I'd want more.
    Moving off me, Andy positioned us so he was spooning me, and he absolutely hammered into my arse whilst kissing my neck.
    Cumming up my fuck hole that way, he held me tight and I loved the feeling of being taken.
    So much so, when he removed the condom and had me lick and suck on his cum coated cock, I devoured it.
    We stayed in the bedroom another half hour kissing and talking, and it was then after he asked, I made my decision to see him again.
    My wife seemed a little sullen when we went downstairs, but she didn't say much. Only when Andy had gone did she complain about me liking it too much.
    And her final comment was "No more, that's it".
    Her kink, her fantasy had been fulfilled, and then some. And she didn't like it.
    The fact is, I loved every second of having sex with Andy.
    We now meet up at his place, but also outdoors which I now know is a huge turn on for him. We've fucked in lots of different places since we began having sex. And after tests, we now fuck bareback.
    Feeling his cum spurt up my arse, or down my throat is just awesome. And I don't intend to stop anytime soon.
    Only a few days ago, he asked me if I'd like to move in with him. I'm now seriously thinking of leaving my wife and living with Andy as a gay man.

    Creepshots And Upskirt Photos Should Not Be Considered A Bad Thing

    Nobody is negatively affected by them, as they often don't have the face of the girl. I don't understand why people taking them is considered so bad.

  • Public Masturbation

    I love hiking and pulling out my penis, if somebody comes by I just lower my tshirt. I touch it or stick it out as much as I can and will jerk off anywhere. I’ve never been caught but just the chance of it excites me until I cum.
    Does anyone else do this or caught somebody jerking off?
    Please reply

    Restroom Jo

    I’ve been reading these confessions all afternoon making myself so horny. I just wanted to stroke my dick so badly.
    I decided to go into this dept store where I’ve been to many times and the restrooms are in the back. I went by the shoe isles first so I could pull my dick out and see it in the mirrors as I walk by. I then head to the bathroom . They have that liquid soft soap , so I put some in my hand and go to a urinal and start jerking off. I hear someone in the stall but I don’t care I need to finish even though he might hear the squishing sound from the soap on my penis.
    In no time at all I start to come and I put my other hand in front , catching some of it on my fingers. I put my fingers to my mouth licking them clean. I don’t know if he saw me through the space of the stall door or not, but didn’t care at the moment.
    That happened about 10 min ago and now I’m in the car telling you.

    My Wife Let Me Pick What She Wears

    Today my wife was really tired and allowed me to pick her outfit out today and I decided to dress her a little sexier today with a white t-shirt and a thin brallette that when she’s cold you can see her nipple through it and I picked one of her small purple thongs and a pair of black leggings and after she got dressed I had her bend over the bed so I could see her and I could easily see the outline of her thong through the leggings and it turned me on knowing other men can see what my baby is wearing underneath ;)

    High Horney And Craving

    Hi Yall,

    First things first, I've always wanted to try banging 3 guys at once just something about having a cock in my mouth, pussy and ass all at the same time and being manhandled really really turns me on. I'm married and my husband knows i want this but is unsure how to deal with it. Well over this past weekend he didn't need to "deal" with it anymore because he took part in it. YES! So to start we were drinking with some old friends and a couple of new friends. Everyone was having a great time. Half way through the night on of our new friends came up to me and my husband asking if we wanted some Molly. I've never tried Molly before so we said sure. As we continued to drink we could both feel it start to kick in. the feeling of calm happiness and intimacy. We went off to do are own thing like make out, touchy feeling stuff. I was SUPER wet and his cock was rock hard. (oh yeah this was taking place in a basement living room). So while on the couch my husband takes out his cock grabs the back of my head pushing towards his dick. I quickly slap his hand away saying laughingly (what you think i don't WANT to suck your dick) then he replied i know you want to i just wanna fuck your mouth hard which really turned me on. I said you can fuck my mouth but know body can use there hands. So i got down sitting on my knees my husband stood up and i started my no hands mouth fuck. It was fucking hot knowing there were people outside and we are down here fucking away. As i gasped for air while this is going on one our new friends, another random guy and a girl walked in on us and were very caught off guard by it all. They walked in and were like "holy fuck" hahaha my husband didn't even bother to put his dick away. We apologized saying sorry that we were just caught up in the moment and the random guy said " no worries you need another" the girl was like gross and left and our new friend asked if he could have a turn hahaha. So now me and my husband have a real chance of having a group fuck which is what i told him i really wanted. He was not sure when all this was going on. So my husband talked to the other 2 guys to lay down some ground rules IF he said yes. So as they went over the rules i sat and listen. #1 no kissing my wife, #2 no cumming inside my wife and #3 only I can put it in her ass. My husband asked me if i was good with that and of course i said yes and the 2 other guys just said yeah no problem. I mean i was ready to try this, something I've always wanted to do and its happening now. We locked the door so no more surprises and everyone got naked. So i will describe myself so yall can imagine in your minds what i look like while getting plowed lol. I'm caucasian thin 5'5 blonde hair about 125 to 130 pounds tits are a nice C size and a nice round ass. What I'm up against is my husbands hard cock about 7inch and the other 2 guys average cocks but still smaller than my mans dick. So we start out with me still kneeling on the floor ready to suck. By surprise my husband looks at the 2 guys and says she already sucked me so go ahead if you want. I have a cock in each hand sucking and jerking back and forth and trading back and forth for a couple minutes when my husband joins. looking at him he looks nervous and i can tell, i say relax and just enjoy it, have fun! He smiled back and so now i know we can do this right. I suck all 3 cocks deep, long a little sloppy. This went on for about 10 minutes when one of the other guys turned me over to doggy style. He was fucking me hard while i kept sucking my husband and the other guy. pound after pound it felt soo good. Finally i say to my husband " i want your cock in my ass" he grabs my head fucks my mouth harder than ever then gets up to go around back. the other guys switch. I'm riding the other guy now and sucking a cock that was just in my pussy..fucking hot! I can feel my husband behind me not in me yet but his presence. He grabs my ass spits on my ass hole and puts his thumb in first while my pussy is being fucked. i moan over and over and over again, i continue to tell him to put his cock in my ass not yet babe he said. I'm so hot and horney that i am sucking this other guys cock so good, im deepthroating him when he says "im gonna cum" he pulls out and lets go a thick white load hitting me in the cheek,eyebrow and hair around my ear and I'm laughing because I'm happy but as soon as that happens when I'm distracted with cum my husband takes the opportunity to shove his cock into my ass and i scream with pleasure. Im sure other people had to of heard me. suck,pussy fucking and ass fucking all at once and i couldn't be happier. I am moaning louder and louder saying fuck my ass fuck my ass(which is hard to say with a mouthful of cock lol) the other in my pussy says 'im goona cum soon" my husband tells him to pause for a minute and we will cum at the same time. My husband is tearing my ass just fucking me so hard grabbing my hips and literally plowing my ass. About 2 minutes go by and my husband says ok! he pulls out, other guys pulls out, i take the cock out of my mouth and turn around saying cum on my tits but before i could even get a word out my husband put his cock that was in my ass in mouth again. The other guys jerking it getting ready to jizz when my husband takes it out of my mouth pushes my shoulders down so i am lower looking up and just says " no not on your tits I'm coming on your face" and just lets a massive load dump all over my face. He cumming so hard and moaning loudly when the other 2 join him and jerk-off on to my face too. load after load after load just cum covered. Cant see anything all I can smell and taste is cum. I was gonna say cum on my tits and my husband said i know but this way we both get what we want and giggled a bit. Very surprised by my husband but than again super turn on that he degraded me a bit and that he enjoyed it. The guys gave each other high fives cleaned up and moved on. My husband helped me get cleaned up called a taxi and made our way home. While on the way home my husband asked if this was going to be a regular thing or something like that because he didn't know if he could do it again. I said no probably not now that i have tried it and that i wouldn't push him to do it again. He asked me what my favorite part was and i told him when all 3 were inside me at once that good eh? he laughed i came 8 times during all that it was unreal, good he said. And yours i asked him all of it but my favorite was fucking your ass then you sucking it and me pushing you down to give you that facial...it was very hot. He then asked me how did my dick taste from your ass and to be honest it didn't really taste like anything but at the same time i was so hot and horney caught up in the moment i wasn't really focusing on taste. The entire thing was amazingly incredible. I'm sure the other guys had a good time and i even told my husband that we might have to do more anal and facial more often..he didn't disagree at all.

  • I Shared My Wife

    M52 I've been asking my wife to sleep with another man while I watch for years. It's always been my biggest sexual fantasy to be cuckolded and then eat her creampie after her lover had finished. My wife for years and years said no, that is about 6 months ago. I thought she was joking but I think I'd worn her down, plus she really wanted me to buy a house she'd seen overlooking the sea in Cornwall. There were 2 conditions, I buy her the house as a holiday home and she picked the man and everything else.

    My wife Sarah is 45, a really good figure considering she's had, 3 children. She brunette, size 12, 36D boobs and in my opinion very attractive. She wears the finest clothes, always has immaculate hair and makeup. I've always thought she looks a little like Nannette Newman. I couldn't wait to get my wish come true.

    About 2 months after it was agreed she advised me the man had been chosen and all I needed to do was organise a hotel for the 15th December. I organised an apartment as it was bigger with 3 bedrooms and overlooking the Thames. I arrived with Sarah about an hour before it was due to happen. She spent this time getting ready, she looked magnificent in a black dress with stockings and suspenders underneath.

    At the given time we got the call 'he' was waiting outside. Sarah went to collect him as there was a security guard on the front door of the apartment block. Paul was mid 30's 6ft tall, well built with black hair. After the introductions, they got straight on with it.

    It was really strange watching Sarah passionately kiss another man. I could tell she was nervous but the good old British stiff upper lip was winning over the nerves. Paul was soon down to his boxers and my wife to her stunning lingerie. He pulled her bra down release her wonderful breasts and started sucking her nipples. I could tell she wasn't really enjoying it but felt sure she'd get into it. I was loving it, my middle class reserved wife in just her knickers and stocking having her tits chewed on by a stranger, I was rock solid my cock aching.

    His hand then wandered down to her knickers, her hand instinctively grabbed it to prevent entry to her private place. She then released, his hand then went down the front of her knickers and I could tell was rubbing her pussy. Sarah's face painted a thousand pictures, she really wasn't enjoying this one bit. I should have rescued my wife, kicked him out and bought her the summer cottage anyway. But this was my ultimate fantasy, I just couldn't stop it.

    Paul was now stripping my wife, pulling her lacy knickers off, releasing her bra. She was nude and vulnerable. Sarah was on the bed Paul was on top of her, he quickly went down to her pussy and began to eat her out. I noticed a tear falling down her lovely cheek, she will start to enjoy it soon I thought to myself. He was chewing on her clit with 3 fingers's stuck up her c**t moving them in and out. He then pulled his boxers off, OMG this guy was hung like a horse. Sarah still looked upset but now also looked worried too.

    Paul presented his huge cock to Sarah's mouth which she reluctantly opened to allow entry. He then just started to fuck her mouth, she gagged a few times tears trickling down her cheeks. He was fucking her mouth for about 10 minutes, his back then arched and I could see his balls twitching. This was incredible, I got my cock out and started wanking I was so hard I could have hammered nails with it. Sarah has never allowed me to cum in her mouth, she was gagging and spluttering as she spits Paul's sperm out of her mouth. She had really hated that, he must have filled her mouth with a bucket of spunk, she had 2 candles sticks of man fat dribbling down each corner of her mouth. She looked over at me a look of desperation on her face, I was fucking loving this, but I wanted to see her fucked. I hoped he had enough left to do that.

    Paul was upon his knees and grabbed Sarah by the hair lowering her mouth to his prick. She took his flaccid dick into her mouth, "suck me hard slag", I thought that was a little strong to say to my wife. I liked my wife being used by another man, but he was showing her no respect at all. This was the mother of my children having her pussy abused and having her mouth used as a toilet by this thug who'd just dumped a load down her throat.

    She had sucked his rock solid again, Paul put Sarah into the doggy position. She shot another pleading look my way, I should really stop this. Too late he'd entered her with a smack on her arse. I could clearly see my poor wife's pussy lips stretched around the unwanted penis that was now being repeated rammed up her womanhood another slap on her arse. Her whole body was being rocked by the force of the fucking. Her lovely breasts were swinging like pendulums as his flesh loudly slapped against Sarah's flesh. "You slag" he shouted, another loud slap on her arse. She was silently weeping, I think to Sarah this was just consensual r*pe. He then started to fuck her even harder and faster. This was getting out of control, where had she found this lout who was now fucking her like a common prostitute. He stopped and virtually threw her onto her back. Climbing on top of her I could see she was trembling slightly, large globs of tears welling from her beautiful eyes. He spat on her pussy, which I thought was disgusting but also turned me on even more parted her pussy lips and again took to fucking her like a Jack Hammer.

    I moved to get a better look, it was amazing to watch, I could see my wife's pussy lips stretched tight around Paul's cock. His arse was hammering down, her c**t was being stretched in all directions by the power of this brutes dick. His balls were crashing against her arse, she was moaning either enjoying it or in pain I couldn't tell. He stopped got off her and immediately sank 3 fingers into her pussy and with amazing speed started figure fucking her. I don't know if she was now just silently resigned to her fate or was actually starting to enjoy it but she just lay there and took it. Next, he grabbed her legs put them over his shoulders and drove into her pussy again. Her knees pinned behind her ears and he was very deep into her.

    He was sucking on her tits, leaving love bites on her neck and breasts. It was pure animal lust, Sarah just took it. He was hammering her with real force, when he was fully in her pussy looked to be stretched it to breaking. I don't know if this was just human biology or she was starting to enjoy the pounding but I could see white pussy cream frothing around Paul's cock.

    Again he stopped and inserted 3 fingers into her again and started rapidly fingering her whilst chewing on her tits. He then sank into her again and began to fuck her harder than ever. He abruptly stopped, "mmmmm fucking bitch" as he exploded in the mother of my children's pussy.

    He immediately got off the bed, Sarah slumped onto the bed. "Your turn old man” clean your wife up. I licked her pussy clean, I took his spunk into my mouth and swallowed it. My wife was silently sobbing as I did.