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Brilliant Marketing Plan

I remember when I was younger a brand of roll on deodorant specifically for young women and teens. I can’t remember the brand but the Ads were on TV and the Bottle was about 5 Inches Long with a Rounded Cap (and Nice Girth) with raised beading molded onto it (very vein like but stylish)

Clearly they meant it to look very Phallic and over the weekend a female friend told me of COURSE they made it that way. In the Days before the Internet and Mail Order the young Ladies would clean up the bottle and it became a very effective "My First Dildo"

and you didn’t worry about your Mom finding it because it was just Deodorant LOL

Please check Juicy if you are aware of this or WTF if not (and comment if you can) Female Sexuality is fascinating!

  • Woah.

    Over the weekend me and my girlfriend Lucy got drunk - I mean finish off a whole fifth drunk. We were watching movies, having a pretty good time awkwardly groping each other, clothes all over the place 98% naked. Good stuff.

    This girl, skinny red head with the most perfect tits I've ever seen and the cutest freckles and catgirl glasses, says to me with my cock in her hand...

    "What's your fantasy?"

    I play it safe. "You."

    Drunken kisses ensue for a few moments. I ask "what's yours?"

    She looks away and grins. Oh no. "What? What is it?" I figure she wants to get railed by two guys.

    "I wish I had a cock. No balls, just a cock."

    "Umm...." That wasn't what I expected at all.

    "Wouldn't a cock be cute, just right here?" My hand was on her mound, her hand closes over mind. "Not a big one, a cute cock."

    "What about me...?" I ask. My cock is still in her hand at this point. It's confused, not sure what to do.


    Weird way to end the night, we pretty much passed out. She claims she does not remember this conversation.

    I'm not all that freaked out to be honest. She reads tons of guy-on-guy manga. And tells me the story lines (spares me the details). She also really likes body swapping between genders, so again not surprised.

    IF she had a cock, and I was with her, well I guess I'd take care of it.

    And I Loved It

    When I was about 11 or 12 I was gang fucked. I say fucked and not ra ped for a reason. I loved it. My parents took me to a holiday party, I dont remember which ones company it was, and I was just alone, not many kids were there, but there were some. I've always been considered "pretty". J have blue eyes ND dark brown hair and pale ish skin. At the time I hadn't really developed breasts but they were lightly budding. I remember my dress vividly because I loved it. It was the first time I was allowed to wear a strapless dress. It was a dark green and fell to my knees in an a line shape, velvet material with a thick gold ribbon for a belt. The green velvet was sparkly and felt like a million bucks. I got to wear my first pair of heels with it. They were gold Mary Jane style shoes and my mom did my hair and make up. I had on red lipstick for the first time and some mascara that made my eyes look big. I remember hanging out by myself because I didn't know the other kids when I had some punch not knowing it was alcoholic. My parents were too involved in a conversation with god knows who to notice. I had my second cup and was going for a third when a man stopped me and said I shouldn't be drinking that. I said it was really good and he laughed at me and said he wouldn't tell my parents, but it would be a good idea to hide from them if I was going to drink. Being super young, the second cup was enough to make me tipsy. I followed this man to a separate room to drink my third cup of punch. He sat me down and asked my name and made idle chit chat. I noticed he had been texting the whole time we were talking but I didn't really care. After a few minutes of talking, 4 more people walked into the room. The first man I walked in with asked how I was feeling after my third cup and another man offered me a 4th. I took it and sipped as they chatted amongst themselves. At some point, the first man walked over to me and asked me if I would remove my dress. They said I was pretty and wanted to see my bra and panties. I didnt wear a bra yet and I told them something like "I dont wear a bra but I'm wearing panties." The first guy lifted my skirt and i think he showed everyone and they all ..(continue confession)

    Lawn Care For Don

    I have always taken care of my own lawn as far as mowing and keeping it looking good. just before mowing season this year a young black kid came to the door and said he was trying to pick up some lawns to mow. I asked how old he was because he looked young. he told me he was 20 years old and wanted to earn some money before school started. I thought about it for a minute and decided I was tired of doing it so I told him lets do it once a week.
    the first week he was here, I watched him out the window and got a little turned on but knew looking was all it was going to be.
    after about 3 weeks or so, I had been watching him and decided to take him a bottle of water. He took the bottle and we talked a bit while he drank it and once he was done, I told him anytime he wanted water or anything, come to the garage and knock on the door. The next week He was mowing and when he was about half way done he came and knocked on the door. I answered the door not thinking that I had only a pair of skimpy shorts on.
    Anyway he asked for the water and went back to work. I closed the door and was really turned on. While he was finishing up, he spotted me watching him and gave me a strange wave. I thought he must of thought I was some kind of weird-o.
    he loaded his mower and came to the garage door for me to pay him. he said he saw me watching and hoped I was happy with his work. I told him I was really satisfied. We kind of talked a little bit and he was really acting kind of awkward. Not sure how my nerve was so built up but I just blurted out, is there anything else I can do??? He kind of him hawed around so I just asked if I could suck his dick. he looked relieved that I ask so I hit the button to close the overhead door and dropped to my knees and unbuckled his pants and pull them down to his feet along with his underwear. My god he was 8 inches long if he was an inch.
    I took his huge black dick in my mouth and worked him over pretty good. he seemed to be a little aggressive holding my head and thrusting in and out some. It wasn't very long before I felt him stiffen up and pulled out and jacked off ..(continue confession)

    I Hate Canada

    I fucking Hate Canada; Canada really thinks they are better than us Americans but in reality Canadians are stupid as fuck.

    A Country that is famous for disgusting Maple Syrup, Mediocre Hockey Teams, being cold as balls in the winter all I can say is that you fucktard Canadians are just jealous of everything we Americans have, Successful Sports Teams, Nice Beaches, better looking women.

    Another reason why I hate Canada and Canadians in General is these dumbasses actually think Bret Hart being screwed out of the WWE Championship in Montreal is as tragic as 9-11. You Canadians really are fucking stupid and you're lucky i'm not President because I would declare war with Canada over an idiotic logic like that. BRET SCREWED BRET for God's sake it's been 20 Years Shut the Fuck Up and get over it you dumbass Canadians. Leave it to a bunch of braindead fucktards to compare Bret Hart losing the WWE Championship to a national tragedy; fucking dumbass Canadians.

    Remember Justin Carter? Yeah some Candian Karen wouldn't leave him the fuck alone because yes there are Female Pedophiles in Canada you didn't know that did you? She git Justin Carter arrested over a joke he made about a School Shooting as a way to get back at him because he refused her sexual advances. What's bullshit is the dumbass Cops who arrested the kid they are just as much of a disgrace as every other Cop in this Country that can't do their fucking Jobs right. If anything that Canadian Karen should be locked up for life for making a false report and for trying to ruin a kid's life all because she couldn't have her way sexually with him. In fact that right there would be a Declaration of War against Canada and believe me I would have Canada nuked as a result of that.

    Here's an idea Mexico is not our enemy and neither is Iran maybe China but our real enemy is the braindead fucktards up north. The Hell with Canada I say we should go to war and destroy Canada.

    Gay Ass Black Men

    This is not a racist rant; this is just how I feel about certain gay black men and to tell you the truth, they are the most rude and annoying people to ever walk God's Green Earth. Seriously any straight, bling wearing, ghetto thugs have better mannerisms than any of these fruity fucking faggots that they share the same skin color with. One they talk in their annoying try to be feminine voices alot, and they are so damn loud, that I just want to punch them in their throats. They have a bad attitude all the time talking about "How they want everything done right for them before they smack someone or hit someone." If you're going to have that kind of attitude in society than you're not going to make it in life other than being the miserable failures that you deserve to be; and I wish you would try to smack someone who's straight and could very well kick your ass; and don't think you have the advantage because your black, no your not even a man and you would get your ass kicked by a straight man, and if you get your ass kicked you fucking deserve it.

    I especially cannot stand this one gay black guy in my class; who is always loud, rude to everyone, and annoying as fuck. He has a stupid looking face that I just want to so badly disfigure, he looks like the love child of Bill Cosby and Steve Urkel, always wearing sweaters to try to look smart when really he's dumb as hell. Trying to act hard wanting to smack someone in class who don't know the work in class. I wish you would try to smack me, I would give you the beating of your life you fruity, twinkie tits, retard. Also you need to go to the gym and lose some weight because obviously your tits look like they're carrying every hostes snack ever made, not even any gay white men would find that attractive at all. This fag is so annoying and disruptive it's hard to learn anything in this class with this idiot here and if I wouldn't get myself expelled I would beat the life out of this stupid faggot and kick him in his throat and put his stupid, retarded, gay ass in a coma. I wish death on this faggot so I won't half to see his stupid looking face, and hear his obnoxious voice ever again. Also to any gay black guys who act as annoying and rude like this twinkie tits mother fucker I hope you and him all get shot by any straight ghetto thugs if ..(continue confession)

    When I First Met My Husband

    So I am a happy responsible Mum of two but since I turned thirty my mind keeps going back to the time when I was single and experimenting. I'd like to share this story from when I was in my mid to late teens and started dating the guy who became my lover, husband and father of my children, He is just a couple of years older than me.

    We'd been dating maybe a couple of months, and made out and messed around quite a lot and started fucking in his car in kind of lonely places late at night but we both agreed we wanted to do it nice when we got the chance. We always used a condom and were never fully naked in case we ever needed to make a rushed escape.

    There came a day when my boyfriends whole family were out and we had the house to ourselves for a good few hours and we had spent quite a while kissing on the sofa in the lounge. We were both feeling pretty excited and things stepped up when we were sure his parents were far away.

    The lights were low and he told me to stand on what was like a wooden step that he bought in from the kitchen - this made me a little taller than him. He unzipped the back of my dress and slowly moved the fabric off my shoulders and it slid down my body a bit at a time 'til I was just in my matching pale blue bra and panties. When I tried to react or talk he calmed me and told me to shush and be quiet and just let him enjoy the moment.

    He kissed my lips very gently until I started to retun his kiss, then he pulled back. He touched my body through my undies and stroked my skin and moved around me looking at my young body.

    He stood right in front of me and pulled me forward and kissed his lips again, but just very gently, no tongue from me, though he explored my mouth with his tongue. He reached behind me and unclipped my bra. It came loose but didn't fall off, though I dearly wished it would. The straps were lowered down my arms and I felt him staring at my teen titties and my puffy nipples which were quite sweiled up. He kissed each one gently and I moved to hold him and join the action, but he again stopped me.

    As he continued to kiss my titties and squeeze my nipples I could feeel an ache ..(continue confession)

    Self Conscious People Piss Me Off

    I am so angry at the fucking weak boned pussies who can't handle a compliment or fall apart when someone says something thinking their image has been ruined. I mean for God's sake you act like anytime someone says something to you or asks something of you, you act like it's going to fucking kill you. These people really have poor social skills and act like it's going to kill their fucking soul to be more social and come unglued over their own feelings.

    God people GROW THE FUCK UP nobody has said anything bad to you and if they did before than fucking GET OVER IT. Like for example these fucking Catfish losers who are interested in talking or seeing you and at the last second they get cold feet; yeah these people piss me off because of how dishonest they are and don't have the fucking balls to actually tell the fucking truth about how they really feel.

    Not to mention these losers have these so called goals on how to improve and they never do they just get lazy and say they can't do that I mean for God's sake stop with the excuses either do it or shut the fuck up. Oh yeah also it's easy to see why you have no relationships too because of your self conscious feelings; no one is going to waste their time having a relationship with someone too goddamn afraid of their own reflection in the mirror because you think you're not good enough for that person. Here's an idea the reason that person left you wasn't because of your looks it's because of your fucking self conscious insecurities, your inability to make up your mind, and finding excuse after excuse to put shit off and in the end it's too late for you that person you was into left you and moved on to someone who doesn't have a fragile image.

    Self Conscious people really piss me off, grow some fucking balls and stop being pussies all the time.

    Gogurt Babies

    My friend fucked some girl and put the rubber in the bathroom trash. As soon as he was out, I passed by to "pee". I didn't use the bathroom at all, I immediately fished out the rubber which was blissfully still warm.

    I added a tad of warm water, stuffed it deep in my pussy and squeezed it like a gogurt packet till it was all in me, then it was just a matter of clenching my pussy and pulling it out.

    God damn, I melted when I felt his cum warm watery cum gushing in me. I held it in me while I rubbed one out, focusing on not letting any leak.

    After about 15ish minutes I finished and it all came squirting out. Then I crawled in bed with my bf, slipped a rubber on his limp dick and rode it till he was hard and awake.

  • At The Gym

    Back in the gym still distancing . it was quiet on Sunday so i thought i would have a bit of fun when getting changed i did`nt put any underwear on or bra i have never done it before but i was feeling hot and sexy and there was only a few guys and girls in the gym, while working out i noticed a couple of people walking past me and looking a girl i had seen before stopped to say hi and sat down right in front of me she stayed for a couple of minutes while i was squatting i noticed a guy with his phone trying to hide the fact that he was taking pictures of me this was making me wet n horny i made out i did`nt see what he was doing,
    when i finished me workout i headed to the changing room as i was taking my pants off i notices that i had a big rip underneath and i must have been showing everything to anyone who looked, i got in the shower and frigged myself off massive orgasm, one more embarrassing thing happened as i came out of the shower the girl was standing there she had seen the whole show she simply said "next time i`ll do that for you" i smiled went to get changed and went home. As i was getting mt pants out of my bag i found a note from the girl giving me her number and when she goes to the gym, mmm i`ll see.