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I Was Molested By My 7th Grade Teacher

I was m****ted by my 7th grade teacher several years ago. His name was Mr.Bermonte and everyone loved him. He was always overly friendly to the female students.

I was a troubled yet attractive female student. So naturally he went after me like no tomorrow.
He would ask me to meet him in class alone after school to "discuss my grades". Naturally, I would go to these meetings. There he would put his hands down my pants and told me that if I told anybody about the meeting he would fail me and make me repeat grade 7. I was terrified of failing the grade so I never told anybody about what he did. He would force me to give him oral sex in exchange for better grades.

As a result of giving him oral sex, I passed grade 7. I was relieved to be free of him so I never looked back

  • A Little Family Fun

    This all got started about two years ago. I was twenty-six at the time and my brother was twenty-eight, and we’re both single, and mom is divorced. It was the beginning of summer and my brother and I were both over at mom’s house. The weather was very hot and we joked about getting naked, and decided to become at home nudists. That was fine, except that my mom and me were feeling very uninhibited and we teased my brother, and we all ended up having sex. Well, it was great and a lot of fun.
    This has now become a normal thing for the three of us, and my mom and me have even enjoyed some mother-daughter bisexual moments with and without my brother. I know that lots of people would think that this was terrible, but in all truth none of us have ever been happier.

    Night In A Diaper

    My lesbian wife is 38 years old, and is wonderful. I love having sex with her and will try to please her in anyway she wants. She does the same for me. she will often have me dress in a miniskirt with no panties or bra, usually a very light material type of blouse so my really dark nipples show. Last night she wanted me to wear an adult diaper. I guess I knew what was coming but I did it for her. She's never asked anything like this before.

    I had on a pair of female depends, an ultra short miniskirt, white blouse made of very thin material. We went to a restaurant. After a couple of drinks I excused myself telling her I had to visit the ladies. She asked why and I told her I had to pee, I'd waited too long after a full glass of water and 3 mixed drinks. She said to sit and let it go. I really was self conscious but within about 15 minutes I couldn't hold it. By my silence she knew I was peeing in my diaper. She asked and blushing I said yes that I did it in my diaper. I stayed at the table and through dinner and more drinks, I let it go again. She by the way got up and went to the ladies room. I had to stay at the table. When we left, the diaper was hanging low between my legs, visible from the back under my mini skirt. I was almost in tears leaving.

    She wouldn't let me change out of the diaper when we got home. But she took off my clothes leaving the sagging, wet diaper on me. Sitting on the couch cuddling in front of the television, I tried to get up to go to the toilet, again was told no. I explained that I didn't have to pee this time, and she said she wanted me right there, next to her. I finally couldn't hold it and I went. The smell was terrible, and she got me up, guided me by my hand into the bedroom where she took the diaper off me. There was plastic on the bed and with all the dirt and liquid still on me, she licked me to orgasm, I did the same to her, and then she and I scissored outway to another few orgasms. She kissed me and told me to go get cleaned up.

    I came back all clean, she moved the plastic off the bed and I started to get in bed with her, but she held up another diaper. I slept the night in the diaper and instead of getting up in the night and the next morning I let it go. She's never made love to me like that before. I'll keep doing what she wants to have the best sex we've ever had. It's not my thing, but it gets her flaming hot and I want to do it for her.

    After Graduation Fun

    So, after I graduated from high school i was invited to a party by my best friend. When I got there I saw that I was the only woman there, only other people where four black men including my best friend.

    My best friend asked me about this before and I told him I would be down for it. I began to strip down and they got undressed as well. The gathered around me and blindfold me then spun me around. When they where done i wrapped my arms around one of there neck and began kissing.

    I did that with everyone before moving on to the main event. I was bent over a bed and fucked hard. This happened over and over. They all cummed inside me, which me being infertile is kind of good, I get to enjoy men fucking me raw and feeling there cum inside me.

    So after everyone fucked me three times, the blindfold was removed and I was that they put a buttplug in my pussy to keep there cum inside me. I left saying my thanks for a good time.

    When I got home I removed the plug and pushed out the cum into a cup. It filled the cup a nice amount. I drank the cum filled cup and played with the cum in my mouth as I did. I really enjoy these type of things.

    Neice's Underwear

    I find myself taking pictures of my young nieces underwear in her bedroom and stroking my cock while I do it. I think about her tight little body, her round bubble butt and her small but cute B sized tits.

    I feel weird because she's my biological niece but she has such a nice body I crave to see her nude.

    My Boss

    I work for a small company that only has 15 employees. I report to the president, who is also the owner, and she is 52 years old. Most people leave by 5:00pm but one day I stayed late and was there after that time. It was about 6:30pm when I went to go to reception area to do some photocopying. The layout of the office was such that I had to go down this one hallway do a sort of U-turn and comeback down another hallway to get there. My bosses office had 2 doors going into it with one on the side where my office was and the other where the reception area was so it was a quick shortcut from my office to where I wanted to go. I decided to use the shortcut and started to walk through the bosses office when I see her standing there.
    It was unexpected and even more unexpected when I see her in just a blouse and what looked like leggings. She didn't seem to be upset that I caught her that way and asked what I was doing there after hours. I told her that I was catching up on some work and was just going over to do some photocopying. She then jokes that I probably just wanted to take a peek at her in her underwear. I looked closer at what she was wearing and noticed they were pantyhose and they were very sheer and she was wearing no panties underneath them. She told me to go do my photocopying and I could cut through her office on the way back.
    I did my photocopying and cut through her office on my way back. She stopped me and asked if I was going to be a gentleman and let her see me in my underwear. I didn't know if I should but she pushed the issue and made it clear that we would not tell anyone about seeing each other in our underwear. I pulled my pants down and she wanted them right off, so off they went along with my shoes since I had to take them off to get my pants off. My shirt was hanging down covering my underwear so she wanted it off and told me to take my socks off too. I was getting aroused by what was going on and took my shirt and socks off leaving me in only my underwear.
    I am standing there facing her as she is looking me in just my underwear. She tells me she wants me to turn around and give her a real good look at my ass. She goes on to say that she noticed long ago that I have a great ass and wants me to show it to her. I thought this may be taking things too far but with how aroused I was feeling and her really wanting to see it I turned around and I heard a "mmmmm" sound from her. I pulled the back of my underwear down exposing my bare ass to her. I heard a "WOW, I didn't expect that". I told her that's what she requested. She told me she just wanted to see my ass in my underwear but wasn't complaining about me baring it. I let her look for a bit before I pulled them up and turned facing her.
    She said she got the best of this whole deal as she saw my bare ass , can see the outline of my cock in my underwear and goes on to say all I saw was her in her blouse and pantyhose which covered all of her. I told her she wasn't 100% correct and went on to say that her blouse fully covered her from the waist up but her pantyhose were very sheer. She didn't believe me about the sheer pantyhose so I mentioned I liked the way she was fully shaved except for the little "V" shaped hair she left right at the top of her pussy. Her expression changed and she quickly ran over to a mirror in the office and noticed for herself that I wasn't lying. She said she was embarrassed and truly didn't know how much she was showing and says at "least you haven't seen my breasts". I then asked if this meant her pantyhose were coming off now. She told me I was funny and then, pointing at my underwear, said those would have to come off first. I now she wasn't serious but thought it would be funny, and also a surprise to her if I did, so I actually did it and took them off. There was another "WOW" and a " I guess its my turn now" and then she did it and took her pantyhose off. I decided to go to her and started unbuttoning her blouse. She didn't stop me and after I removed her blouse she unhooked and removed her bra. We were both naked and she led me to a couch in her office where she lay down on and spread her legs. It was quite clear what was coming next and we made out on her couch.
    The next day at work she calls me into her office and brings up what happened the night before. She then tells me she wants an after hours meeting with me tonight to which I agree. Everyone had left and she was very aggressive with me. I walked into her office and she stripped me naked and went right to work on me. All she did was give me a blowjob and nothing else. Following meetings were quite different. They were always after hours but the sexual acts no longer occurred. She began to call me at my office desk and told me to strip there and come over to her office naked. I did as she asked and basically just looked me over. She told me we shouldn't have had sex and no longer will but she still likes seeing me naked. I then get told I better be OK with this otherwise my employment may change and she didn't elaborate how. I am an exhibitionist so I didn't mind but there still was the occasional sex act she had me do as she watched.

    My Cousins Dog

    I was 13 years old and i was on vacation in Mexico with my parents. We went to visit my dads family.

    I convinced my parents to let me stay for my whole vacation from school, 3 months. My parents only stayed a week.

    My family has a construction business theu build beach front homes usually for americans. So i would go with my cousin to help him translate. He was 34 years old and married. He always had his dog with him, a black lab.

    One day it started raining really hard, so we got stuck in a house he was working on. He was adding more rooms to it. No one lived there at the time since it was just a vacation home for the owners.

    My cousin continued working, i brought the dog in side since it was pouring. However he was in heat. He kept trying to jump on me and hump me. I would push him off and he wouldn't stop. My cousin was just laughing at me push him off. I low key hit turned on. I didn't want my cousin to notice so i locked him up in one of the bed rooms, so he could leave me alone. It was still raining and my cousin was done but we had to wait the storm out. We went to the living room and sat on the couch, we turned on the TV. After a few minutes the storm got worse she the lights went out.

    I got closer to him because i got scared. He put his arm around me and before i knew it he had his had in my shirt squeezeing my perky round breast. He leaned in to me and whispered in my ear and Told me how good it felt. He asked me if it felt good to me. I was already turned on with the dog trying to fk me, so i said yes. As soon as i said yes. He leaned in closer and lifted my shirt up, exposing my firm breast and erect nipples. He looked at me and said they were perfect. He pulled me to him. He opened his mouth and sucked on my nipple.

    I moaned as it felt so good. He stopped and asked me if i have ever done anything like that before with a guy. I told him only touching over my clothes. He smiled at me abs said it was OK. He would teach me. He pulled me closer and started to kiss me in my mouth. I kissed him back. It was the most passionate kiss i have ever had.

    He grabbed my hand and put it over his dick. It felt like he was going to burst out of his pants. He got up. And pulled me up he picked me up. And carried me to the room where the dog was. He put me on the bed and he got on top on me kissing me. He started to take my clothes off. He ran his hand between my legs and rubbed on my pussy. I was socking wet. He pulled my pants off and spread my legs open. He told me to relax and he started to eat my pussy. It was so good.

    The dog was trying to get on the bed. And wouldn't stop licking my leg. My cousin stopped, and said that he wanted me to close my eyes. So i did. He pulled me to the edge of the mattress, and sat next to me holding one of my legs open. Then i heard him call the dog .

    I felt the dogs nose poking my pussy, he licked me and pressed his long tounge in my slit. I tried to sit. But my cousin pused me back and told me not to or he would bite me. I laid there with my legs wide open and the dog ate my pussy. I couldn't help it it felt so good. I started coming. I opened my eyes and looked down at my pussy and i could see him licking my pussy as if it was his meal.

    My cousin was turned on telling me to take it. And enjoy it. He pulled the dog off me and put him out the room. He said that he was going to open me up . He got between my legs and pulled his dick out. He started to press it against my slit. He started to push him self in me. He went in me and started to thrust a bit harder, to get his dick in me, he gave me one hard thrust and he popped my cherry. He moaned out loud and said how good that felt. I was whimpering as it was hurting me. But as he kept going the pain was fading. It was not log before he pulled out and came on my tummy. He started to kiss me again. And ask if i was ready?. I didn't know what he meant. I was tired and out of breath. He opened the door back up and flipped over on all fours. He told me not to move.

    I was scared. The dog rushed over to me and started to lick my ass and pussy. Then my cousin helped him mount me. He stated to thrust so hard. My cousin guided him in my pussy. I stared moaning and screaming as the dog was pounding me. I could feel its long dick stab my sore pussy. He then stared to jerk harder, and i felt his knot getting swollen in my pussy. I felt it twisting up in side me. And then he stopped. But he was stuck in me.
    My cousin let the dog turn over and get off my back. It hurt so bad as i felt him pulling his knot. We were ass to ass. And my cousin kept calling him so he would pull me.

    My cousin got unfront of me, and started kissing me. Telling me to relax. I could feel the dog pumping his cum in me. After about 10 minutes we got sepetated.

    My cousin was hard again. He asked me if i liked it. AND I DID. I TOLD HIM I DID. It felt so good. After that we would always fk in clients homes, or get a motel. Since i was 13, he had to make a deal with the motel owner. He got to watch him fk me once and let him fk me once and he would give us a room when ever we wanted. I had to take my cousin, the dog and the owner in one day but it was worth it.

    I got to ride my cousins dick and get knotted up almost everyday for 3 months.

    I Am My Roommates Slave

    I’ve been sharing an apartment with this guy for almost a year and he’s really nice. I do most of the cleaning and stuff, but he has some money so he orders food and makes the place look nice.

    I had a girlfriend, and she stays at our place sometimes. When I came home one day she was naked in the living room.

    And then my roommate came out and told her get in the bedroom and she went in.

    I stormed in to yell at them but she only looked at him, like she couldn’t even hear me.

    My roommate grabbed me and took me out of the room but I kept trying to push him off, and then he grabbed my face and kissed me. And I didn’t pull away.

    It was honestly the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life, and we made out for a couple minutes while my girlfriend was lying naked just a few feet away not saying anything.

    He told me everything would be ok and told me to sit in the living room and wait. I don’t know why but I did. And I sat there while I could hear my girlfriend moaning from the other room calling him “master”.

    But I sat obediently until he came out naked with cum dripping from his cock and told me to lick it off. And I did. Which is weird because I’ve never done anything with a guy until this day, not even looked at another guy.

    After I finished he sat next to me and kissed me more. And then he told me how things would work from now on. My girlfriend is now his girlfriend not mine, and when I am home I will only dress in anything if he tells me to. He told me to quit my job, and stay as a live-in maid at our place and wear stockings, heels, and an apron while cleaning. He has money so it’s not a problem.

    And when his girlfriend is at home, I will also do whatever she tells me. I call him master, I call her mistress. And I will do anything they say, even the most sexually degrading things. And the way he said it, with his beautiful calm voice, just made me believe in it all. And I said ok.

    That was September and that’s just my life now. As I am writing this I’m standing in the kitchen wearing black nylons, black heels and a teal apron. I just finished cleaning so master says this is when I’m allowed my phone, until he and mistress get home.

    Usually after their work, they use me for cleaning up when they have sex. Licking their cock and pussy. And every now and then when I am sleeping, master comes in my room for a blowjob or to fuck me. Mistress knows but she doesn’t mind. I haven’t had sex with her since before that day, she only has eyes for my master.

    Usually the only thing she uses me for is as a footstool when she is watching tv or to give her back and foot massages. Sometimes she tells me to masturbate in front of her and she laughs at me, which is fun for her so it is ok.

    Anyway they will be home soon, but I like reading on here in my break time so I wanted to share what my life is like. If you want updates or have any questions, ask me and I will clear things up maybe tomorrow or in another post xx

    First Time

    I'm going to have my first guy experience. We are going to jerk and suck eachother off and after that I may fuck him in the ass. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.


    Is there anyone in evanston wyoming. That wants a one night stand with a guy that has a dad bod and a 6 to 7 in dick.