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It's Not An Confession, But An Question.

Hey guys! So, first of all, my name is Capovski (no, it is not), I'm close to my 20's, straight male and I never had attraction to other men, that's why this post is strange. The thing is, I'm a writer and artist and I'm working on a LGBTQ+ comic that I won't give many details, but the least I can say is that the MC is lesbian and it's a story about maturity and self acceptance. Why I'm doing that? I don't know, I just want. But here's the funny part, I'm not gay or bi, I don't have LGBTQ+ friends (I don't have friends at all), so I'm searching for opinions or other things related to some of the details of my work, more specifically, the age and the way some of you accepted yourselves, if that was ever a problem.

So here's my question. At what age did you guys discovered yourselves? 9? 10? 57? Did you have some problem in your self acceptance? Please, answer me and give your opinions about my work, if you think it will be trash, crap, horrible, bad, more or less, okay, interesting, good, with some potential... I know that it isn't the right place to ask for that, you can mark "remove it" if you want, but I have something, so here's an confession for you guys.

When I was 17, I had a girlfriend. Her name was Lana (no, it wasn't) and we lost our virginity together. We fucked over and over and over again, and we were open about our wishes. I told her that my wish was to fuck two at the same time and she surprisingly accepted. So we marked to do it at a saturday, when no one was home. She brought her friend, both of them started, I had an pussy in my mouth and a mouth in my dick. They changed their positions and them I licked my gf's pussy and fucked her friend's pussy. Then, I fucked my gf while fingering her friend's pussy. It was the best night of my life, but unfortunately, we never did that again and my girlfriend broke up with me a year later.

So that's the confession. Bye!

  • Are Some Confessions Here Even Real?

    Some females here in some confessions seem like huge sluts.

    I don't say this to blame them. I just wonder if they are truly so lucky to have these sexual experiences they said.

    How can they be so shameless about get fucked by various men? It's really so easy to happen?

    If their stories are real I don't blame then though, in fact i wish i was like them.
    Getting advantage of my femininity and had any guy i wanted, getting pleasured by cocks as much as i want.

    But i know i can't. i wouldn't could manage all these men who might want sex with me.
    I am not so comfortable and shamless like these women.
    But i wish i could. Women who are sluts it seems like they are more valuable, desirable and get the most attention in society.

    I never was a slut. I was always modest with long clothes which cover my body. I mean i don't wear short skirts or short shirts. My breasts are always covered. I don't know if i'm feminine enough.
    I'm 27 and look like 19-20 (i don't have a problem with that, i love it)
    i am overweight but not so much.

    Some men say i look too innocent.

    As i grow up i wish i was like these women.
    At least they have fun and so many opportunities for sex wherever whenever they want.


    The basement of our house flooded back in 2016 and the insurance adjuster refused the claim as we were away on holidays when it happened. My husband and I were totally discouraged as the damage was substantial. We spent 45 minutes on the phone discussing the damage with the representative and we didn't really go anywhere.

    A few days later, I took the day off work and made an appointment with the adjuster to come to the house and inspect the damages. He was a fairly good looking guy and I ended up sucking his cock.

    Turned out the insurance had a change of heart and our basement was all fixed. I never told my husband.

  • Writer

    I want to become a writer. I like to write fairytales so i can express my childish side

    I also like to write pornography. Not normal pornograpghy but something more abnormal.

    For example i started (and i hope to finish) a book story about a 27 year old woman who falls in love with a little boy. It's her boyfriend's son.

    The woman's character is introvert and kind and social awkward. Had failed relationships before and she seems weird by her best friend who tries to help her being more social.

    By the time she starts having desire for the little boy and wants to be near him as much as possible. That desire was very new to her and she couldn't explain it. And she is friendly with the boy, being like a mother to him who wants to take care of him in so many ways. I won't mention the boy's age in the book but in my mind he is 8-9 year old.

    She admires his innocence and cuteness. From the outside she seems very good mother to him but in reality she wants to touch him and pleasure him. She found out the best moment of the day to touch him is when he is asleep.

    When she has sex with her boyfriend she fantasize that it's his son.

    And finally her boyfriend see naked pictures of his son on his girlfriend's phone and kick her out of his house.

    The woman has so much guilt inside her and wants to go to therapy. Found out she was also abused as a little girl by an adult man and she remembered she was enjoying it and she wanted to share this pleasure with the boy.

    Her ex boyfriend along with her best friend go to the police to denounce her.

    The trial done and she doesn't go to jail eventually (because her therapist said she is sick) but she must not see that boy again.

    The woman end up alone with feelings of shame, guilt and thoughts of the boy and trying to continue the therapy.

    In this story the boy didn't hurt or had psychological trauma. He was too innocent to understand and he wasn't aware in his sleep that the woman was touching him.

    I Don't Even Know How To Categorize This...

    I don't know, it's not only an confession, but more like an talk.

    I said before about trying a dick, even though I'm straight, but it's an sensation that comes and goes fast, in minutes, and it goes away when I suck my own dick. More and more, I think about buying a dildo, but the thing is: my family. If I tell them about it, they'll have the wrong idea and even if I try to hide from them, there's no place I can hide, they would soon find the dildo. I'm thinking about trying it when I start to live alone, but it will take some time. And to be honest, I'm still a virgin. If someday I try a real dick, I want to lose my virginity with a girl first and then try with a guy, just to know the difference and to be sure if I like it, I still don't consider myself as bi. Or... I just don't want to believe it. I know that sounds homophobic, but it's not, I swear. I'm saying that because I never felt any romantic attraction to men, I never felt any physical attraction to men, I just have a urge to suck a dick sometimes and it's driving me crazy, just like when I want to fuck a girl. I'm not sure, I never felt that confused before.

  • End Of A Drought

    Met an older chubby guy at 1130 yesterday morning off of double list who wanted sucked while he jacked me off. First dick in my mouth in 2 years. Loved the taste of his salty balls and the bottom of his shaft. Six inch curvy cut dick super hard he wore a condom. Saw his ad for a lunchtime blowjob and messaged him at 9am with my number. He called right back and said he wanted a blowjob with condom on and would jack me if I wanted. Said he was 65 with a 7 inch dick and weighed 240lbs wanted to meet in his driveway just park behind his truck and get in the back passenger door. He sent his pic and address and meet at 1130am. Took a shower and ate some eggs. Got dressed and drove the 5 miles to the address and parked behind his silver GMC. The truck was running and I went to passenger side the window was half down he said it's unlocked. I looked in said ok. I got in and sports radio is on talking about the cowboys. I said you a football fan. He said not really. Said he was super hard pulled his shirt up and his dick was out with a condom on. I told him damn that looks good. I sit beside him and reach over he slouches down I start jacking him. After a couple minutes I put my mouth to the head and lick the head and suck it. I then lay my head on his thigh and lick the shaft while gripping his dick. Run my tongue down to his balls licking the skin and suck one of his balls into my mouth softly. He has his hand at the back of my head playing with my hair. I release his nut from my mouth and slide my lips up the bottom of his shaft setting his condom. Nice fat dick can feel the veins through the condom. Slide my lips over the top and suck the head of his dick running my tongue past the side rim of his dick. Take his dick all the way down till i feel the tip of the condom in the back of my throat. I start sliding up and all the way down and he's thrusting up with his hips. Getting a rhythm going doing this for awhile and my mouths getting dry. I suck real hard sliding up his dick and sit back up I get my water I sat in the floorboard and drink about half of it. He says my mouth feels so good. I tell him he has a great dick and I'm surprised he hadn't cum. He said he can't cum and he takes ed meds to get hard. He said he would jack me off if I wanted. I slid my pants down and slid my cock through the fly of my underwear. He reaches over and starts jacking me. I reach over and jack him. I'm starting to leak precum and he says you cumming? I said no just precum. I say hold up. I tell him to pull my head down and fuck my face. I lean over he pushes my head down I swallow his dick and he starts pulling my head up and down while he thrusts up. He says my dick is hitting the back of your throat and keeps fucking my mouth. My lips buried in his skin and balls. After a few minutes he pulls my head up and says he has to leave in a few but he wants to finish me. I lean back and my cock is hard. He starts stroking me I run my thumb over the tip of his and hold his shaft. He's stroking me I tell him to keep going in going to cum on my shirt. He jack's me harder till I ooze over my shirt. He said thanks for the blowjob and wants to do it again. I said sure I loved his dick. I slide my pants up and open the door, close it and get in my truck. It's 1215 I back out and drive home. He couldn't cum but I loved the taste and feel of his dick and glad he facefucked me. I'm jacking to it again right now.

    Social Worker Confession

    I am a social worker at a shelter. For a while I had a young man who was living there frequently and he became a long term client that I would be seeing on and off for a year or so.

    I had him as my client for a few months and I could tell that he was fond of me. I caught him staring at me quite often but never really payed much attention. As time went on and he was very comfortable speaking with me, he asked me a question that took me by surprise. He asked if he could see my feet. I'm not sure why but I went along with this, thinking that it was innocent enough.

    The next time I saw him he was sitting across from me in the office and I had my had my legs crossed and my one shoe was dangling. I could feel him staring. He asked me again to see my feet. I was a little reluctant but gave in. I took my shoes off and put them up on the table between us. He reached over quickly and grabbed my foot! I panicked and tried to pull away! But he quickly said he just wanted to rub them. I was a little stunned but again went along with this.

    Then a feeling of arousal came across me. I tried hard to suppress it but just couldn't. This situation that happened so quickly was turning into one of the highest arousal moments in my life.

    He continued to rub my feet, his eyes were glued to me soles. Then, to my surprise, I asked him to kiss them. What was I thinking?!?! He looked up at me wide eyed and I gestured to him to do it. He did. He picked up my leg by the ankle and started gently kissing my foot. He continued for a few minutes then he still gripping my ankle, moved my foot down to him pants. I was shaking from the excitement of this, and blinded by my own arousal. I pulled my legs back and told him to sit beside me on the couch. He sat, I pulled his leg around so he was facing me, and undid his pants. It was obvious that he was very excited. I pulled his pants down a little for he could take his penis out. I turned to face him and began to rub him with my feet. I was trembling, had butterflies in my stomach, and my mind was going crazy!

    I continued until he finished. We quickly got cleaned up. The reality began to sink in. I new I was in deep trouble if this was discovered. I told him to keep this between us.

    Shortly after he left to live somewhere else and I have not see or heard from him since. To this day that was one of the wildest sexual experiences I've ever had.

    Watching People Ski

    I've never done illicit substances. (Mods say I can't type d r * g s.) Ok, aside from a drag on a spliff once but that's like saying I'm a vegetarian cos I ate a cheese sandwich one time.

    Taking substances never appealed to me. Perhaps it was growing up in the 90's and the news of overdoses from rogue E's, or the harrowing image of Leah Betts' slumped body with a syringe in her arm.

    I say this, yet the image of someone snorting powder intrigues me. Smoking is such a common sight and people taking tablets isn't particularly visually interesting either. But watching the act of snorting a line I find fascinating. I wonder what it feels like to have something go up your nose. The ceremony of cutting a line. I wonder how it feels to fuck on cocaine. I don't care for dr*gs, in fact I fear them. But watching someone snort them, I find... almost erotic.

    Maid In Santa Fe

    As a grad student I was so poor I had underwear from the woman's shelter. My girlfriend and fellow grad student worked as a part time receptionist at a law firm. One of the lawyers, recently divorced, was looking for a cleaning lady and she suggested I could trade cleaning services for room and board. At the time I never thought if it as being his maid.

    He agreed to try and he put me through the paces, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, floors, blinds, he used a list his ex used to hire cleaning services. I passed and my girlfriend told me not to worry she would come over and help me with the housework. He let me borrow a car when I needed it, I did all the supermarket, cooked meals, he gave me money to go out with my girlfriend.

    After graduation my girlfriend asked me what was I going to do? Nothing, he still needed a maid and I had no desire to work. I had a home, a house to look after, money when I needed it, a car anytime I needed it. Sure there was the little thing of sex with him, but it wasn't what you think. It was always plain vanilla wife sex. He's more sexually conservative than I am.

    I like being his live in maid, my girlfriend comes over and helps me, we have everything we need. She puts her nose up about the sex but it's part of the job. A hot bath with her after finishing the house is everything and we always clean house when he is at work. She's his maid too, not just my girlfriend, she makes his bed with me and we clean the toilets.

  • Hentai

    I like watching 3D hentai with young boys and girls on videos and pictures and comics.

    I watching them have sex each other or with adults.

    It turns me on and i get wet and masturbate with them when i'm horny.

    I can't understand if i wish i was there with them or being a little girl again and having those experiences with young boys and adult men.

    This thought turns me on too. Being a little girl again and having sex with young boys and men. With classmates and priests for example.

    I never watching real and never will, only fictional, but even though is realistic and i don't have desire for real children it turns me on so much and deep down i feel shame for this.

    Even though i feel shame i like to tell people anonymously and call me disgusting and pervert.

    In the past i told people on a forum anonymously and called me disgusting, sick and p**ophile and my post was deleted and to be honest i enjoyed it. Sometimes they thought i was a man but honest i'm female. Other times men were sending me messages to talk and told me they like these stuff too.

    But i didn't want to do something sexual with them, i just wanted to continue to enjoy watching these stuff or at least they could send me pictures and videos with what i said i liked.

    In person i wouldn't have the guts to tell to someone except if i trust someone very much.