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Sex Is Good If You Make It Good For You

For the last three years I have lived the life of the 'little slut' of my married boss. He liked dirty and slutty behavior, short shorts, thongs, shaved, braless, pixie hair, sex on demand, oral, vaginal, anal. I went to this therapist and she says I go along to get along.
No, I go along because I like being a slut. The therapist says I like being used and demeaned. Bring it on.

How boring. Honey, would you be agreeable for a moment of intercourse? How about putting it on the calendar, would next Tuesday work for you?

You have to be kidding. Get your ass slapped, your tits pinched, your pussy fucked. My boss doesn't get 'any' at home, his wife is a heavy church lady, ex school teacher, stay at home mom. Going to a therapist was his wife's idea. I went once, once was enough. She ruined the mood.

  • Photographing Myself

    Sometimes when I'm horny and alone, I use my phone camera to take photos or videos of myself naked or masturbating. I imagine what kind of photos or videos would turn my wife on if she watched them; what she would like seeing.

    This makes me rock hard and I enjoy doing it with this thought in mind, even though she doesn't know and I've never showed her. Usually I delete the photos, but some I did save to a secret folder on my computer. I had more, but I deleted them as I thought maybe they were silly and she would be embarrassed or turned off if she saw them. I'm a bit embarrassed to ever show her as I'm scared she won't like them.

    One time I sat in the shower against the back wall, naked, but not with the water on. I just wanted to be able to cum hard without worrying about the mess. I propped the camera up against something on the floor, facing towards my stiff cock as it stood straight up in my hand - long, hard, and again extremely aroused. I masturbated to a powerful climax and let myself cum hard, spurting it straight up in the air, everywhere. Drops landed all over my thighs and after the most powerful first few spurts had subsided, I continued pumping my hand on my engorged cock. Cum dripped and ran down my pulsing, messy, slippery shaft; all over my hand, my balls, the shower floor. It was wonderful to finish like that and then just wash off nicely in the shower and go back about my day.

    I think my wife would be very turned on looking at these kinds of videos and photos I have of myself, that I ultimately made for her. One day, what I'd like to do is have her come in after she takes a shower. Make her sit down at my computer and show her them as surprise. Let her look through them, and then as she becomes turned on, I would crawl under the desk, open her towel and begin playing with her pussy. I would bury my face between her legs and make her cum with my mouth while she looks at me in the photos and videos masturbating for her.

    Amped Rider

    I fucked ms pat for hours in my flattop Pete, I slid my cock between her big wide dimpley ass cheeks as I savored the sight of her bent over against my ball sack. Smack! I spank her hard a began telling her dirty things other truckers wanted to do to her. She moaned as I gave details of how many want to fuck her from behind and make her ass jiggle everywhere. I rammmed deep hard and fast and would not cum. I fucked her for hours and she watched me in a big mirror. Then I pulled out a big black dildo and shoved it in her pussy along side mine. Aaaaaaaaaaa! She screamed! I’m being fucked by a Trucker and Mandingo bull. I pulled her and swueeezed her tits hard and bit her back. I finally came all over her quivering ass cheeks.

  • Overusing My Power For Some Fine Bitches

    So I been a director for this convention, anime convention and such and making sure everything goes okay. Had a run in with two very fucking fine cosplayers and ended up going out with them, paid for drinks and food when I was with them and they were definitely fucking pressing onto me. So one thing lead to another and they were fully down to give me a good time if I promoted them and their only fans on twitter

    after which we got a hotel and I rearranged some guts and it was fucking fine tearing them apart.

    in this industry it’s who you know
    and how you service them under the table.

    I Just Want To Feel That Again

    A couple of years back, I was being ridden by a cute milf about my age, 120 lbs, 5 feet tall. She was cute, not hot, and the girl loved to suck so there was lots of that before we got to business. All she wanted beforehand was for me to finger her while she played with her clit and she came good herself.

    Anyway, she was riding me and something different happened, like this pulling sensation into her while I came. Hard, unprotected, into her fertile pussy. She slowed down and just kept gently riding me, and something about it made me burst into tears. I sobbed into her shoulder while she held me. It felt incredible to be like that with her - I wasn't sad, I was overwhelmed by her and just lost it. She held me for a good fifteen minutes while I calmed down.

    I want to feel that again, just being completely taken on some kind of interdimensional sex journey through the whole universe inside a woman's pussy. I think about it all the time and hope every time I slide into a woman that she can take me back to that place. Sometimes I think about a woman lovingly penetrating me and ending up in that kind of place as well.

  • What's Wrong Withe Me?

    so i have this thing i feel so guilty about ... i live about 2
    hour's drive from my home town, which means when my friends visit they sleep over. a few months back this was the case with my best friend and his wife. i normally consider her a very good friend, but when i get drunk i have the most perverted thoughts about her ... which leads me to this confession. my wife & her husband were asleep, while to two of us went on drinking. as we were talking as we always did i started looking at her lips & felt the urge to kiss her. the drink had me thinking doing this is a good idea so i went for it, to which she pulled away & went on with her part of our conversation. i felt embarressed & started hitting the drink even harder. a few hours later she's halfway to passed out and in my state i'm horny. i start out with kissing her again to which she half responds (i assume in her drunken state she thought it was my friend) she's wearing a long dress which i pull up to look at her panties. again in her state she let's this continue. i then start pulling down the shoulder straps of her dress along with her bra to reveal her b cup boobs. her nipples look too good to resist so i start sucking her left nipples ... to my surprise she still lactates so my mouth is filled with breast milk. i try the second nipples and it spurts milk as well. i swallow ... turned on like i've never been before. my dick is so hard it hurts ... precum dripping from my tip. i go for the grey panties next ... i need to see this pussy ... delicious clean shaven ... clit produdes slightly ... this is when the guilt of what i'm doing sets in & i cover her up. i feel so bad ... i consider her a good friend too ... my wifes wants too spend time with them, but i can't face her

    Got It

    She was such a snooty brat. Treated everyone like servant and just acted like a typical 23 year rich, beautiful girl. I admit I thought she was sexy But I have no interest in because she was just such a pain to everyone. Even when A girlfriend of mine told me that she had a question I was not interested. I did realize though after attending a party at her huge pool side veranda this past weekend that I had one interest and that was tapping the pussy. I got a too. It was a big group with a lot of people in at one point the music was loud and everybody was dancing and swimming and she walked by me and said hi and asked me if I would help you bring some more beer out from her kitchen. I agreed and walked in with her. Almost as soon as we got in she turned and kissed me and pulled me into an office study type Room. When she grabbed my hard cock through my shorts I spun her around, pushed her shoulders down over a desk or a perfect little tight round ass was in the air. I pulled her little thong swimsuit bottoms to the side, drop my shorts and put My long long thick penis on her slit. When she moaned opMy long long thick penis on her slit. When she moaned I pushed myself deep inside of her. She gasped And I grabbed her hips and began pounding her tight little pussy as she was clawing at the desk and screaming harder. I just laid her pussy open slamming her until I could hold no more and shot huge gobs of my seed inside. I step back and watch my cum flow out of onto the floor as she lay heaving with her ass still in the air. I pulled my shorts up and walked out

    I Expose Myself

    Yes that's right, I expose my penis and testicles, any chance I get. I also masturbate when a girl looking. I the summer it's easy I wear shorts that are quite short with loose legs. Add to that I haven't worn underwear for over 20 years. So I'll sit somewhere outside casually, pull the right leg of my shorts up higher, pull my penis and balls out so they are fully visible are start touching and stimulating the head of my penis, it doesn't ever take long till I have a good solid erection. then I keep my legs partially together until one or more girls are in a easy viewing distance and I'll open my legs wide and start stroking my erection most glance and walk away, some stand and stare, especially if they have a friend with them. And I look at her and keep masturbating. I am such a sick pervert, because I love doing this.

    Stop Myself From Cummin

    It’s been a week since I cummed, jerk my dick but I keep squeezing my dick not to cum for 20 times and didn’t cum

  • Things I Love

    I love being naked. I love going on Omegle and the like and getting naked for guys to beat off to. It excites me knowing my body turns someone on. And I love dick. I love the look of it, the feel of it, the taste. I feel like I’m always horny. I masturbate way more than any other girl on earth probably.