If you can't quite figure out where to put your confession, then this might be just the place! Did you steal a pack of gum from the grocery store? Did you hit another vehicle and keep on driving? Need to get something off your chest? Was it something you did, or something someone did to you? Tell us all here at Anything Goes..


Just curious to know about the people who read the confession and mastrubate..and do tell me you're from which country and age..so that we get an idea about our audience

  • DP With Casual Girlfriend

    A few years ago I was casually dating a woman, Ginnie, who often talked about Emit, the last guy she had dated. I eventually figured out that she was actually still dating him, and told her I knew and that I was ok with this, but I wanted to meet him. She was surprised both to have her secret discovered and not minded, but she had to check with Emit about this. It sounded like we had a lot in common, both living off of investments, both dating Ginnie casually and not seeing her as a potential spouse, but really enjoying her somewhat submissive, passive approach to sex where she did fairly little but allowed herself to be fucked or cummed on as her partner desired.

    Well, we did meet, and got along pretty well. Soon we discussed the possibility of a threesome; I had always wanted to fuck a woman while feeling another male shafting her in another hole. Ginnie was surprised, but soon agreed. I was to fuck her vaginally on my back while Emit fucked her ass. It was fantastic for us, but Ginnie seemed to just be putting up with it and found it overwhelming. I asked her how she felt while being double fucked and she looked at me seriously and said she felt like a pincushion or a sex doll. She also felt like she was being used for our pleasure, although she had said when alone with me that she was ok with that feeling. She didn't look too happy, but I loved the feeling and soon Emit and I both came inside of her. She did not come, but we soon pulled out and lay in bed a long time. An hour later I felt horny again touching her and asked Emit if he wanted to cum on her face, something we both often did when alone with her. He did; we didn't ask Ginnie, but simply stood in front of her and jacked off at her face (she almost never gave blowjobs, but again often let us cum on her face when with just one of us). Emit came first, then I spewed my semen onto her face, mixing a bit with his. It was beautiful. Yes, we used her, but this was a woman who didn't mind being used, though being with two guys was perhaps a bit much for her.

    Quick Question?

    Anyone else here addicted to naughty roulette? I can’t seem to stop visiting it and playing with all the random strangers on there. I love the reactions the guys have when they see me in stockings and lingerie. I keep trying to see how many guys I can make cum for me everyday.

  • Solo Nasty Freak Shit

    So lastnight I was being nasty having i****t and gay thoughts.
    And my sister came to mind. I always thought about fucking her, but that will never happen. So I did the next best thing, I found her dirty panties


    Wondering what was y'all thought about last before making yourself come or making y'all lover come. Male and females please comment

  • I Like My Own Smell

    I know this sounds strange, but I do. Like this morning, I was sucking my husband and his cock got so hard that I just had to take a ride. So I turned around and fucked him. This made me very wet and sweaty, and when I turned back around to suck it some more I could smell my ass scent and taste my pussy all over him. I found myself turned on by it. Especially since he is unshaved. Sometimes he shaves, sometimes he doesn’t but the smell plus his hair made a very erotic sensual experience for me.

    Do any other women know what I mean?

    Was Doing It Wrong

    So this is a weird confession but I've been it all wrong my wife and I have been married for 10 years she's on birth control and every time we have a good fuck session I would always nut outside her lovely fuckable pussy I think I can count the times I came inside her beautiful pussy, and while having sex one day I asked her the question and she said yes baby I've been shooting all that strong sperm on her sexy belly for nothing when I could have enjoyed the proper feeling of a man coming inside a women's hole. And it started I don't know how but it did I asked her so that means the men that created us, fills their wives and she was like yes baby they been filling their wives with hot milky sperm cause they knew their wives were on the pill, I have no idea why am afraid of coming inside her pussy I mean my father probably fucked my mum till he bust a nut deep inside her so did my father in law am pretty sure she put his cock as deep inside my mother in laws thick body till he filled her with sperm and they will seasoned people and am sure if they sex it up they coming inside their pussies, and to know that I was doing it wrong and even tho I might have fucked my wife more times then they did too their's they still while ahead of me in doing it the wrong way which is filling pussy with sperm when you done.. Is their anyone who is going thru this or am I just a fool wasting my time not getting the prue pleasure of fucking a pussy till you bust all inside of it? Please comment ladies and gents..

    She Stole My Heart

    I took this girl home with me, we met at a dance hall outside of town. She got in bed quickly, cuddled up to sleep. In the daylight she looked 17, thin, underfed thin. It took a few questions to establish that she was a runaway. I knew that I had brought home a minor, I had fucked her.

    She was withdrawn, answered in one or two words. She ate and ate and ate. I drove her to Target, got her clothes, underwear, shoes, toiletries, including menstrual pads. I put her in my spare bedroom but she came to my room to sleep. She wanted to have sex again but I turned her around and held her until she fell asleep.

    A week went by before she volunteered her home and her parent's name and she gave me permission to call them. Her condition was that she not go home. Her parent's wanted to get the police involved until I convinced them she would run away again. They came to me, it was the worst reunion I ever witnessed. I offered to be her guardian, support her, send her to school. They agreed, and signed papers I had a lawyer friend of mine draw up.

    She is a fine young woman, healthy body, intelligent, studied art in college, she has a long way to go with self esteem, love, those things. I admit she sleeps in my bed, she sleeps and dreams about I don't know what. I have a therapist, a mental health specialist, but I'm not sure it helps.

    Her painting is her therapy. She is 25 now, not that it matters. She is safe, that's what matters.


    At the start of the last lockdown, my neighbours wife Amy, caught me whacking off to porn on my phone.
    Busted, I tried to apologise later on when I saw her in her garden.
    Instead of shouting at me, or accepting my apology, she said she'd enjoyed watching me wank. But would have preferred to have been jacking me off herself.
    Asking me if I could go more than once in a day, I told her if she was sucking my dick, I'd be ready every time.
    In less than a couple of minutes, I had my shorts around my ankles and her mouth wrapped around my cock in their conservatory.

    Amy is forty four, slim, brunette and married to a guy who I'd hate to get punched by. However she tells me he's only got a small dick. Mine apparently is much bigger and thicker.
    I'm no virgin and have a girlfriend who enjoys sex. But she's not a patch on Amy who loves anything dirty and hard.
    That first time in their conservatory, once she'd sucked on my dick making me ultra hard, she had me fuck her from behind as she knelt on a two seater sofa.
    Telling me to "Fuck me silly". I'd never heard that before. I shagged my next door neighbour as rough and as deep as I wanted to, and she still wanted more. So much so, when my cock slipped out and I thrust forwards, but into the wrong hole, Amy screamed. But also shouted out for me to carry on fucking her arsehole. So I did. My first ever anal.
    Once I shot my load up her beautiful arse, she wouldn't let me stop, almost dragging me back in until she orgasmed so hard.
    Even then she had me do something I'd never done before. Amy had me tongue out her pussy and arse, cumming all over my face as she shook violently. Only then did she say I'd better go as her husband would be home soon. Swapping phone numbers first, I hopped back over the fence like it wasn't there.
    I swear when I got in, I had a shower, became hard again thinking of what had just happened, and tossed myself off in the shower to almost dry cum.

    The next day just before my mum left for work, I got a text message.
    It was from Amy. A naked picture of her playing with her pussy. As soon as my mum left for work, I called by Amy's house and was fucking her the whole afternoon.
    Well I say fucking her the whole afternoon. What I should say, is she was fucking me the whole afternoon.
    I've never had a woman take charge like that. So when she literally sat on my face and had me eat her out after we'd fucked, I was licking and tonguing her holes for a long long time.
    It's also the first time I'd fucked anyone in the shower. She had me fuck her arsehole whilst she used a her fingers to massage her clit furiously.
    When she orgasmed, her arsehole clamped on my cock, making me shoot so intensely up her back tube.

    And I've been fucking my married neighbour since then.
    It's not always convenient for us, but we do have sex at least a couple of times a week. We'll even sneak in quickies if we can.
    But I much prefer it when we have time, so I can learn even more from my dirty, yet amazingly horny neighbour.

  • It Was Only Supposed To Be Cuddling

    As I get older, I get more in touch with the side of me that needs human contact that isn't sexual. So I initiated a genuine cuddle with my wife - taking turns holding each other and stroking each others' hair. Fully clothed, hands away from one another's naughtier bits.

    Very soothing, actually. I had a really weird memory of my estranged mother, who I haven't seen since I was 5. My wife randomly has the ability to make me dig deep when we are cuddling some times and I have a lot of interesting feelings surface that I am thankful to experience with her. No one else has ever had that ability to make me feel like that.

    Somehow this ended up about 30 mins later with her fully naked and splayed across me having two orgasms courtesy of my fingers and me with a huge wet spot in my shorts. I was still dressed, so cleanup was fun.

    What the fuck happened? Guess I was REALLY appreciative.