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Never Thought We Would Be In A Three Way Relationship

As a college senior I became pregnant by my college boyfriend who was already working. He was too friendly with a coworker, which I reacted to. Little did I know that when I became pregnant she did too.

He had to pick. He said we needed to pick. Of course we each picked ourselves. Flip a coin? Pick a card? He procrastinated while we got bigger and bigger. I was petrified of having an out of wedlock child. So was she. We though that he could marry one of us, divorce her immediately, at least that way we were not 'unmarried'.

What we did was not legal, he married me in my home state, he married her in Lake Tahoe. She agreed not to push it, not change her name immediately. The babies were both recognized by him, they both got his name.

We lived in separate addresses, but spent all free time together. After awhile we just moved in together. We passed ourselves off as 'friendly girls'. Neighborhood wise, that's what we were, and after some time that's how we lived publicly. He kept his marital privileges, spent weekends and holidays with us. We 'managed' his apartment living conditions.

At some point we no longer role played, we did what needed to be done when it needed to be done, lots of chores we did together. Our center responsibility were the children. Slowly, ever so slowly, we stopped being 'strangers'. At some point we stopped caring. At some point we were acting out what we had pretended living.

We are both still married, he 'insists'. He also pays the bills, he 'insists'. It's okay with us.

  • Who Knew Being Haughty Could Be So Much Fun !

    My husband has been after me for years to fuck another man. I was always resistant to his suggestion thinking that proper wives didn't do such things. But I'll admit the thought of another mans cock deep inside me was thrilling and exciting, I was such a naught girl for even thinking about it. I think my husband could tell I was intrigued with the idea, just not ready to actually commit to doing it. ( my loss)
    One night we had his friend Tom over for dinner and some drinks. Now Tom is a real hunk! 6'2" 180 lbs, muscular, and very good looking. I noticed that he has a very big bulge in his pants and that intrigued me to no end, my husband noticed me starring at it and just smiled at me. I think Tom's interested in me as he's always flirting with me and watching me. Now I'm pretty good looking myself, 5'10", 105lbs, long red hair and nice 36dd tits, with a tight ass. After an hour of drinking we all were getting relaxed. Tom was flirting with me when my husband Dave said lets have some real fun. He then removed my blouse, of course I wasn't wearing a bra so my naked tits stood out for Tom to see. Dave started to message one and told Tom to help himself to the other. Both men were sucking and fondling my nipples which got me really worked up. Tom reached into my panties and started fingering my pussy. This pushed me over the top and I stripped off the rest of my clothes. I told the guys to do the same and they couldn't undress fast enough. I dropped to my knees and began to suck both mens erect cocks. Tom was huge! easily three times bigger than my husband which just got me even more horny and excited. I definitely wanted to fuck him now.
    I asked my husband if this was what he really wanted as there was no going back. He replied it was absolutely what he wanted. So Tom sat me down on the couch and went down on me while I continued to suck my husband's cock. Soon Tom positioned himself between my legs and slowly inserted his huge cock into my waiting pussy. It was instantly heaven, he was so big, I could feel him stretching my pussy out and I came immediately. He continued to go deeper and started a slow rhythmic pumping motion completely filling my pussy. Nothing had ever felt so good, he was hitting places I never knew existed! The sensations his big cock gave me were beyond anything I had felt before, totally gratifying, I never wanted him to stop fucking me with his big cock, it felt so wonderful and satisfying. I was in a place I've never been before. I had multiple organisms for the first time. I actually squirted, something I've never done with my husband. It was the most fantastic fuck of my life. A good half hour later Tom came in me and I could feel him cuming in my pussy, it was phenomenal!!!! he filled my pussy with his cum, I could feel it running out of me and down my ass, such a turn on! I was going to be sore for a couple of days but I was already looking forward to repeat sex with Tom. My attitude about fucking another man had definitely changed.
    Dave had cum while watching us fuck and couldn't be more happy. He told Tom he wanted to watch us fuck again and Tom said he'd love to. Then Dave asked me if I had any regrets to which I replied that I wished that I had done this years ago. I had missed so much by being the proper wife. Well that's changing as of today, I'm ready to fuck more big cock and thank you for enlightening me to what I've been missing. I' m going to be your slut wife and we're both going to enjoy my new lifestyle. Thus our journey begins.

    Bikers Girl

    I'm sat in our garden right now wondering what I've just done.
    I have a glass of wine in my hand and my husband has just finished tonguing out my pussy and arsehole.
    This afternoon he brought three men home from his bikers club ( It's not a hells angels thing) and all three men had me sucking their cocks and then fucked me.
    At one point on our sofa, I had one guy lay under me as I mounted his fat cock. Another stood at the end of the sofa feeding me his slim upward curving dick, and the third pounding away at my asshole.
    My husband has filmed everything and I've just watched that exact part.
    It's my birthday today and my husband decided it was time I was truly initiated into his bikers club.
    What that means for me, is any of the three men who fucked me this afternoon can call by and fuck me. Just like my husband can fuck their wives or girlfriends, if they're initiated.
    I had to choose who would be the guys who I had sex with, but my husband took it a step further and invited three instead of two.
    I have to admit it was truly awesome sex and I especially enjoyed Tony, the oldest of the three fucking me.
    When the guys left, my husband had me sit out here and spread my legs for him. He filmed my fucked holes first, then buried his face into my pussy.
    When he'd made me climax, twice, he stood up and had me suck him to completion. That's because as I've just found out, when a biker member calls by a wants you, your husband isn't allowed to fuck you that day.
    I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. I just know my husband seemed to enjoy it as much as I did

  • Always Helps

    My parents have a widowed neighbor named Celisa. She is a very small framed women in her mid 40s. Her and her husband had lives next to my parents for almost 10 years. Her husband Nick passed during covid. I remember it’s was a a really awful time. Both were really nice and it was a shame what has happened. After a few months she still sad she started coming out of her house with the help of some close friends and family including my parents.
    In the last Celisa had always really taken care of herself. Even for her being in her 40s she was slim maybe 5 foot tall 105lbs span and wet. Always did have her makes up had small boobs and a little bubble butt. Being a horny teen you noticed girls or women that showed some skin. I had not seen her for a while when one morning my mom had her over for coffee. I came downstairs and said hello she stood up and gave her a hug. It had been a bit since seeing her. She did not have on any makeup on but was still very pretty. What I did notice was that she had gained a little bit of weight around 20 lbs I’m guessing and it had gone to good spots of her body. Her tits looked a little bigger she was in running shorts and her thighs where thicker hips seems curvier and her bubble butt was what I noticed. It was sticking out a lot more than usual.
    I made small talk with her she enjoyed the conversation. It quickly turned to her asking if when I had time could help her out around the house. She had let a lot of things go and had not done much maintenance over a 6 month period. I agreed to go over and see what she needed and help her out. I figured I could catch a glimpse of her in a more comfortable setting.
    Is went over about an hour later she answered the door and she was correct there was shit every where nothing was picked up and the back yard looked like a jungle. I spent the day hiding my boner as we were cleaning up by starting in her living room. I would make it so I was behind her as she bent over and i snapped some pictures of her ass as she bent over and it was dangling out. After a full day we had not put a dent in it. I had never her know of her drinking. Around 3 she had made herself a cocktail and offered me a beer. I gladly took the beer and she gulped her cocktail down and had another. After 3 drinks I could tell that she was feeling the effects of the booze. She was being really friendly and touchy I encouraged another drink and she gladly made herself one. I started to play grab ass and was now slapping her ass every time she would bend over putting away clothing in the boxes. After the last slap I let my hand rest on her ass and started squeezing her ass cheek. The tips of my fingers felt the heat of her holes. While she bent over I slid a finger into her and she tensed up and felt her push back. As she humped my finger I pulled my shorts down and replaced my fingers with my dick. I moved my fingers grabbed the sides of her shorts and pulled them down. She stayed still and noticed her eyes where closed. She was bent at the waste with her panties and shorts around her knees when I bent down and pressed my tongue in her little rosebud and started to lick it. I lapped my tongue between her lips and up to her ass. She just moaned and finally she opened her eyes and asked if I wanted her to give me head. I told her afterwards when I was done she was going to clean me up. I spent that later afternoon and evening with her. I even told my parents I was going out with buddies and would be back the next morning. I used Celisa that night anyway I wanted. She was wild in bed would do anything. At one point while in bed she let it slip how she and her late husband were always looking to spice there sex lives and flirted with swapping. She asked me if I would want to ever share her. I told her no way I have more then enough to keep her feeling full. This started when I was 17 I am not 24 and yes i keep Celia’s ass mouth and pussy stuffed. She is a totally different person is happy and after some persuading she has agreed to keep the little weight she gained. She has cut down on the drinks. She says she prefers protein instead.

    Should I Ask Him Outright

    Absolutely shattered after days of little sleep, I went to bed having drank a few glasses of wine.
    We'd been out earlier and my husband had invited a guy he knows from his old army regiment, back to our house.

    I'm woken up by my husband getting in bed behind me. He puts one hand around me and cups my breast, the other hand he slides in between my legs.
    I begin to get horny and open my legs and feel my husband slip two fingers inside my pussy, after moving my knickers to one side.
    After a couple of minutes I go to turn around, but he stops me. And then I feel his rock hard cock poking at my pussy opening.
    He thrusts in and his cock feels much bigger for some reason.
    I'm not complaining though and the fucking he gives me, soon has me climaxing.
    Moving us around so I'm now in the doggy position, he re-enters me and I can really feel his cock extra deep inside of me.
    My hair is hanging down over my face as he fucks me, and unusually he's not saying anything.
    Most times during sex he's telling me how this feels, how such a thing makes him want me, but mostly how much he loves my toned body and tight pussy.
    Even when he grunted as he came inside my pussy after id had yet another orgasm, it's different. But I was still half asleep and my head was fuzzy from the wine earlier.
    Leaving me to go to the bathroom, I lay there feeling content and dozed back off.

    I'm woken again, but this time my husband completely removes my knickers.
    I'm turned onto my back and he immediately goes down on me. It's not unusual for him to tongue me after he's just cum up my pussy, yet his enthusiasm is way more sexual than usual.
    He makes me orgasm again, then moves up my body to kiss me.
    At the same time he enters my pussy.
    His cock feels different, but I put it down to me just having climaxed.
    My husband fucks and fucks and fucks me in the mission position and at the same time he's kissing and talking to me.
    Then he cums and he literally floods my pussy. I can feel his sperm almost jetting into my body and I have a mini orgasm.
    Lay next to each other, he tells me I hope I enjoyed the sex, all of it.
    I didn't understand the comment, but I was too tired to want to know what he meant by it.

    The following morning my head is a little heavy from a hangover, but my husband is in a very cheerful mood.
    He makes us breakfast then does something he's not done for a while, my husband pushes over onto the kitchen table and tongues out my pussy and arsehole.
    It feels incredible and I orgasmed twice. Then as I'm calming down from the second orgasm he pushes me down and has me suck his extremely hard cock.
    It's actually pulsing in my mouth as I suck on it. And sure enough after several minutes my husband cums making me swallow his load.

    It's only later on after I've showered and he's about to, that my husband asks me if I enjoyed having his old army friend around the previous night.
    He has a peculiar look on his face, but doesn't say anything after I tell him it was nice to finally meet *** in person.

    It's been five weeks since *** visited and my husband has asked me if I'd like to see him again, saying he thinks *** should stay over at the end of May.
    He's not directly said anything, but my husband is definitely skirting around sexual inferences in regards to his ex army buddy.
    Now I'm beginning to think it might have been *** who fucked me first that night five weeks ago and my husband enjoyed having him fuck me, as much as I enjoyed the sex.

    Yet he's not said anything concrete and I'd feel silly if I said something and *** hadn't fucked me.
    It would sound like I wanted sex with *** and it might sound really bad.
    What I do know, is even though I was half asleep and still tipsy from the wine, I really enjoyed how it felt being fucked from behind that night.

  • Midnight Wishes

    I wish I had a boyfriend to fuck me.
    I NEVER had one,I never had sex with a man before, I push man away, I don't know how to act when men are around me and I tend to be a cold bitch,I hate myself for being this way but I don't wanna look vulnerable.
    I wish I was flirty and loveable.
    I touch myself everynight before going to bed but it is not enough,I need a man's touch.
    None of the men I dated knew that I was actually a virgin, when a guy at my last date tried to kiss me I freaked out and never answer to his calls again.
    I wish I wouldn't act like this, I wish I would know to talk to men.
    Men are so different from women, I don't get them at all.

    Get Going It’s Mother’s Day

    I have been dating a black chic named Pam. She is light skinned in her mid 30s with I found out recently kids and still married. We were together on a staff at a local high schools track team. It was my first year at this school and I won’t lie she immediately caught my eye. She is around 5 foo 4 shirt hair a nice pair of tits and of course built like a really hot black chic a curvy fat ass and some nice legs to go with it. She know ls she has the features and shows them off. From really thin material stretch pants to really short running shorts.
    The very first practice I found my self starring at her most of the time. Thank god I wore glasses that day.
    She was very nice easy to talk to and very easy on the eyes. Her eyes are very unique very bright and greenish hazel. She has a tendency of when she’s on her knees sucking off that she looks directly into my eyes as she sucks away. She is a dirty talker which after you duck her once you kind of get hooked wanting to go back for more. No holes are off limits and the face that we are coaches means we spend a lot of time together. When coaching it’s strictly professional when no one around we play like teenagers.
    We have fucked so many times at school after practice before school. We both have no classes at the end of the day so we have some time to get together before the end of the day.
    Let’s put it this way she is more then likely to show up to practice with cum in her then not.
    We have track finals and have been getting those who qualified ready. So days are long and around this area it won’t form mild cool weather to Mid 90s real fast.
    We had been at a small town on Saturday and got back to the school. Usually she has me drop her off at home after we fill around in the car. Today as usual we waited until it was clear and we got into my car we sat in there she leaned over gave me a kiss took my cock out and was licking the head like a lollipop. She would tell me how good my precut was. Before getting out of the parking lot she told me to head to my place. Not thinking about it because of her tongue trying to wiggle into my cock felling great she stopped and reached in her purse to pull her phone out. With her head back on my lap and her licking and sucking on the tip of my cock she answered her phone. Weird because it was the first time I heard her husband’s voice. The fact she was on the phone with her husband made my cock twitch and I kept shoving it in her mouth. I hear there conversation as she licked my cock and apparently he had taken the kids to his moms for Mother’s Day to celebrate Saturday instead of Sunday. His mom lives about 3 hours away and it was late. He was calling to see if it was ok if they spent the night and got up early and headed home in the morning. Pam told him that it was no problem she was fine with it as she was tired and she was going to grab dinner and drinks with Tracy the other track coach. She said to have a good night and she would text or call later. Right before they hung up she deep throated me and it felt amazing. We were going to my place when she said hey take me home and we can fuck in the hot tub.
    About 5 minutes later I parked in front of the house. She assured me there was No cameras and it was a real quiet neighborhood. It was getting dark she got out the car and we headed inside. The moment we got in she had me fuck her in almost every part of the house. The hottest was when she turned the front porch light and had me sit on one of the chairs she had in the front yard and in her tiny g string let me slip it in. The way we faced we could see that the neighbors were watching a movie. There she sat on my lap impaling herself with n my dick wiggling her hips. She came hard while I was in here there letting out a bit of a loud moan. We took it to the hot tub where well she and I licked and fucked for the next hour or so. No booze just lust she swallows my load and we sit in the tub. We order take out and it will arrive shortly. We get out of the tub and I see her body getting me hard again as we walk back inside to the living room we sat on the couch and with in seconds her legs are in dangling in the air pussy and ass fully exposed. Doorbell rings I grab a towel and leave her legs over the couch spread out. There is an old man standing there with his eyes popping out staring directly at her. I saw him other says sorry I say no problem she is a fine woman who likes to fuck and I’m the lucky guy fucking her. He says your wife is beautiful I agreed and close the door. I walked over and mounted her finished inside her and we ate. We moved to her bedroom and fucked like teenagers. She woke me at 7 and said you need to get going its Mother’s Day. Before o got out of bed I gave her a kiss and that lead to a round of sex and rough anal. She text her hubby who said they where about an hour away. Some kissing at the door and a quickie standing up she wanted to be full on Mother’s Day. Update later

    Garden Fun

    8.30 am where I live and I just masturbated naked in the sunshine in our garden.
    I feel good. That’s all, have a great day!

    Stepdad Extortion

    Last year I discovered my step dad had installed a secret camera in my room to watch me getting changed.

    I took the memory card as proof and now he gives me £150 a month to not tell my mum about it.

  • It Was Over A While Ago

    I’m 5 foot tall i stay in shape dirty blond hair hit the gym nice lifted d cup boobs a tiny waist and a nice ass. I have always been hit on and I had always just passed or ignored them. I am married have been for almost 20 years to my high school sweetheart. We had 3 kids who are almost all grown up and out of the house.
    My husband had not been faithful and I just lived with it. I was a stay at home mom that worked for my husband who owned his own landscaping business. He is a horrible business owner but that’s a different story.
    He drank a lot and seemed to get worse as the years went on causing major arguments and he seems to always want to go out with his friends which I don’t care. Anytime I was invited and went his friends would constantly make passes at me when ever they got a chance. Some got handsy finding a chance when they could to squeeze my tits or fondle my ass.
    One August morning after a major argument I hit the gym in the morning. That morning the small gym I went to and was small was almost entirely empty except for 1 other guy. When I walked in we spotted each other and exchanged pleasantries. He was a tall dark and handsome type. He introduced himself to me and I did to him. He had on a muscle shirt that was fitted and I could see his arms and chest. It had been a while since I had these feeling and thoughts and I was tingling. I kept my composure telling my self to knock it off. I figured that he would eventually hit on me and that would usually turn me off. Problem was he never did. We talked about each other’s lives. He asked questions about me I asked about him. Before we knew it it had been almost 3 hours of us by ourselves just talking. He grabbed his stuff and said he had to go. I did something that I had never done before and asked for his number. We exchanged numbers and I text him later that afternoon. Just thanking him for the great conversation this morning. I felt goofy after sending it of course. He responded and asked maybe we could work out again some time as it was very nice to talk to someone.
    From that day on we met up at the gym and would workout together. This went on for about a month. At one point I asked him to sit in my car and talk. There I let him kiss me for the first time. I felt like a school girl all over again. I would meet him at random places like the gym the golf course the marina. The marina was very romantic we would sit and watch the waves and boat go by. The first day we met there was the first time that our kissing turned to full blown sex. There is time when women have sex or make love. No this was full blown me getting fucked. Railed to the point of squirting in my car all over the back seat. At one point i was getting fucked doggy style in my rear seat he slid a finger in my ass almost at the same time I started to cum and i let out OH GOD FINGER FUCK MY ASS IM CUMMING ! I was facing the window and looked up. There were people walking by my SUV looking to see where the lady was screaming from. After a bit we both sat in the back seat he was only in his shirt and I was just in my thong. I have a scare on my lower midsection that I am not fond of. It was from my sea section. He never saw it but he prefers women in there panties pulling the material to the side. He thought that was hot.
    With in months we went from work out friends to loving each other. From the first time we fucked i was on call. I told him I loved him screwed that he would run away he said it back. I knew that I had found the person I was meant to be with. I got careless and left my phone out. My ex husband found a few messages and things went sideways. All of a sudden he is an Angel and wants to work things out. I already knew I wanted out. He begged me to stop seeing him. I lied and said ok. We dated for 2 years when he asked me to move in. I asked if he was serious and he said he wanted me here by his side as much as possible with no strings attached. I am 10 years older almost to the day. That day I left my husband and was living with my new man. He flat out owns me and knows it. I have never had a sexual experience like I do when getting railed by my BF. Fuck what I have been missing. It take a bit to get used to his size in my ass. But with a vibrator down around my pussy i squirt from anal now. Thinking about it get me going and am going to wake him to tail me before he heads to work. That way he leaves me leaking all day the way I like it.