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Truth About TJ The Racist Ignorant Dumbass

This is about a loser named TJ who is nothing but a racist, homophobic asshole who thinks i'm gay despite the fact I have a girlfriend. Hey Dumbass did it ever occur to you the reason why you don't have a girlfriend is because no woman is stupid enough to fuck your dumb, ugly, goatfaced ass? Obviously the guy is an asshole and is beyond toxic and is no wonder no one wants to be on any team with him during Online Survivor Games on Facebook because he is such a dick always trying to force his racist, homophobic agendas on everyone and whenever someone gets eliminated he becomes an asshole to them. It's no wonder no one wants to be around you and why just about everyone hates you so much TJ and why you've been kicked out of so many games in the past and it's because you're nothing but a racist, homophobic asshole calling me a faggot and the N word all because i'm black. Yeah you lucky you don't say that to my face because I would beat the fuck out of your stupid ass. I'd like to know how you are in real life, I bet you probably work at McDonalds and won't serve any blacks or gays which is why your dumbass won't get hired anywhere else.

TJ I bet you're the same dumbass on here bitching about Sports and the NFL since you wanted to make a flag mocking Colin Kapernick which nobody wanted nothing to do and yet you bullied everyone into following your lead in our Survivor Game. I can tell it's you with your bitching about Politics in the NFL and shit, yeah bitch you have no job; if you do why don't you go work at Wendy's or Chick Fil A since they don't serve Gays you can fit right in with the rest of the Homophobic and ignorant bigots such as yourself.

Fuck you TJ, get a fucking life and get fucked you dumbass fucknig loser.

  • TJ Is A Dumbass

    TJ is a Racist Loser who has no friends, will never get laid, sucks at sports, is a bully, is a p**ophile and is an embarrassment to Sports Fans everywhere

    I Need Cock

    i wrote a while ago about my fantasies and what i wanted to do but right now i just want to know what others would do to me.

    when i first started masturbating i would think about being bent over a bathroom counter and getting fucked so hard id almost cry. i would play with my nipples until i felt almost dripping wet. i was sexually frustrated and just wanted some cock inside me but i didnt even realize thats what i wanted. i was so wet, i know any cock would have slid its way into my slit.

    i was rather petite back then, long black wavy hair to give you an idea. i wont lie, i had an ugly face but had a nice ass, my boobs were never big. what would you have done to me? please comment. im horny and i want to sit on a nice long cock.


    I love a girl's boobs who lives nearby my house. She is just 13 and has got amazing boobs at this early age. I really want to suck her boobs , press them real tight that she would cry and exploit her sexually.

    Have It All

    Once I received my first load of sperm from a boy when I was 15, I fell in lust with it. I love cum. I love it in me, on me, I love to eat it, swallow it, play with it, rub it into my skin. From the very first a couldn't get enough. When I was 17 I let an older man have sex with me for my first time. I wanted him to cum in me so badly but he wouldn't. It was OK, he pulled out and shot on my little boobs and I licked it all up. Eventually I got what I wanted and he came in me several times. A few weeks later I let a boy from school have sex with me and he didn't care, he was bound and determined to give me his cum inside me. After a while the man started having anal sex, I came like a rocket. Vaginal was good, I had orgasms most of the time, however with anal I was fucking him back, I couldn't get enough. The boy from high school wouldn't do anal with me, to him it was dirty. My best was when a friend asked if he could share me with other men. We went from him and one other to full on gangbangs. It's sometimes tough to get a larger group together who will go after one another as I don't want to clean up during, I just like it all sloppy, but it used to be mainly 3 to 5 or 6 guys, I did 11 guys once and 13 guys twice. I was in cum heaven.

    I started taking anal, followed by the man pulling out and sticking his dirty cock in my mouth. I felt it was the best of both worlds, dirty anal sex, and dirty cumslut oral. I have progressed to not feeling fulfilled until I've let a guy have sex in all three places and between my little boobs too. I love it and I love getting cum. Starting at 19 I went on birth control and get plenty of cum in me that way too. One repeat guy calls me his cumdumpster, another calls me his cock and cumsleeve. I like it, when I was 21 I did it with my first couple, involving a woman and I licked her husbands cum from her and I loved that too. I've only done it with 3 different women, that married woman was always in a threesome, but the other two were alone. I wish I had the nerve, but I'd never do it . . . I want to have cumdump tattooed over my vagina, and buttfucked tattooed on my bottom. I won't but I really want ..(continue confession)

  • Day Of Wonderful Bi Sex

    Yesterday I secretly meet with my regular buddy, I entered his home, the storm door closed and the front door open, the light pored in, he ask me if I wanted to take care of his cock while he set in his chair facing the open door, cars driving by!
    I really got on my knees one the cushion he had placed for me...
    At once I knew this turned him on, he was hard as he pulled his cock out of his shorts, normally I suck him up to a nice hardness,,,,,

    It was amazing sucking him in front of the door ,knowing people were driving by, my back to the door!

    I know you prob couldn’t see in ,but it was amazing, my cock was hard and dripping pre-cum....
    After a short time I felt him tense up and shoot some cum in my mouth,
    I worked him slow, I was enjoying his cum, when he pulled back and jacked his cock, slow...
    I then realized he wasn’t through, I ask him to shoot on my face, I let my tongue dance on his cock head as he jacked off, all of a sudden he said I’m cumming!!!!!
    I took him back in my mouth, it was amazing how much he came,,,
    I’m ready for more........
    Then later at home my wife invited me to join her in the bath tub,
    It’s was amazing then we went to bed, she knows how to get me going with nipple play, then she gave me an amazing BJ which she rarely dose, I kept thinking how it felt getting and giving head, wow,wow,wow!!!!,
    I moved between her legs and she tasted so good ,soon she was cumming so hard.....then I mounted her and emptied my full load in her,
    I only wish I had them in bed at the same time

    South America Disappointment.

    Invited a guy over for sex because he had a beautiful uncut cock in the pictures that he sent. But once we got together he had a beautiful nothing, Cock was weird and thin and uncut but much, much smaller than the seven inches he claimed and grinder. This is the third or fourth person from South America who has had great looking pictures of their cock and body but when they show up they’re a Fucking disappointment, the cock is ampler, they don’t look good and the sex is terrible. I can’t fucking believe it, I fucked this dude out of pity. I don’t like the hike these dudes gives themselves. I’m disgusted with myself. They say seven inches and a distorted picture of their cock and show up with a smaller cock. I say 6.5 inches and turnes out I have a bigger dick.

    The only Latinos that I have had good luck with are Mexicans and Brazilians. Know a few Brazilians guys, great in bed, hung, hot . Also know some with weird dick and bad attitudes.
    Same goes for Mexicans met and fucked several hung, hot, and great in bed, the only issue with Mexicans is they are all about the emotions and how you treat them. Blah blah blah. One Mexicans guy had the most beautiful cock and hung, thick and uncut. Wanted to take a picture and turn it into wall art.

    Know one Venezuelan guy who’s hung and a nice guy but met some arrogant pricks from that country I steer clear.

    Colombians. Thought you were hung naturally sense we hear you’re all hung. But you’re average dicks prove you wrong.

    Chile. Average, nice meh

    Peru. Meh kind of weird, one was plenty

    Central Americans like to play kind games and The Who’s fucking who game, annoying.

    Argentina, have also only fucked one twice and he was alright too, liked being balls deep in his ass.

    I’m done fucking Latin America.

    Back to my good old white, black, and Mexicans America’s those are my base, my people Ana who I enjoy the best sex with.

    Maybe I’ll start fucking Europeans next. Have already fucked a French guy and a English guy... lol we’ll see

    Fucked My Wifes Ass Finally

    My wife and I have been married for 20 years. We have 3 kids. Our sex live has always been great but I’ve always wanted anal and she never has

    So this past Saturday night when we had the house to ourselves we were having sex. Well she was sucking my Hairy dick at the time. I was ready to eat her out then fuck her. As I was eating her out I put my finger in her butt. I did that regularly.

    I started to fuck her. She gets very wet. We get in doggy position and I start fucking her in that. I put my thumb in her butt as usual in that position. Then I heard something I’ve been waiting to her for years. She said fuck my ass. I had to stop and say what did you say! She said fuck my ass. I was excited!

    I reached over and got the lube out of my night stand. Lubed her up and myself. Then began to penetrate her ass. It was so tight and she was making all kinds of noises. Took a few minutes till I finally got in. Then I sank my dick in balls deep. I held it there as she rubbed her clit. When her breathing slowed down I started to slowly fuck her ass. I picked up the pace and in minutes I was Cumming in her butt. I was morning like crazy and so was she.

    I pulled out and collapsed in bed beside her. She said that was an intense orgasm for you. I said the same to her in which she replied that she couldn’t believe that she orgasmed from anal.

    Sunday morning she was kinda pissed. Her asshole was sore she told me. I laughed and said let’s do it more regularly so that your asshole is used to it. She looked at me and said I’ll do anal often but only on Friday or Saturday nights.


    I don't know what is wrong with me I'm 23 been married for almost a year I have a great sex life, my husband has a good job.
    It's my neighbor I can't stop watching him, I go round the back of the house and peek through the window, he never wears clothes indoors he has a great body and the biggest fattest penis I have seen, while my husband and I are having sex I have been fantasising about having him fucking me and I have the most explosive orgasms.
    I don't know if he knows that I watch him or want him, I don't know what to do next, there is an elephant in the room he's 67

    About Starting Something On Twitter

    I actually wanted to review different porn videos to help people find amazing videos that I actually liked and share thoughts on videos but I can't do it on instagram or Facebook the only way is twitter and reddit.
    My choice is twitter and I really want your opinion to decide I should do it on not because I love porn I like to write porn scenes. So please tell me if it will workout or not?....