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My First Sexmester At College

I grew up in a small town in deep east Texas. School, Church, Family. My upbringing was over protective and off to college forced my mother to have the talk with me. Don't talk to buys from the big city, they don't respect girls. Remember the most important g*ft for my husband was my chastity. Just in case, and not even a remote suggestion, a box of Trojan condoms.

As soon as I was settled in my dorm room and I had met my roommate I went to the Commons to find and settle on a Church to go to. I looked into the clubs and signed up for the Senior Reading which I volunteered for in my home town. I saw but did not pay attention to an invitation by the Fraternities to a welcome mixer for incoming freshman girls.

My roommate also saw that and told me she was told by her older sister that the Fraternity rats used any excuse to attract fresh 'pussy'. We both agreed we would not go.

Friday came around fast, and we agreed to go to the mixer, on the condition we stayed together. I met Joel, a Senior. I woke up in his room, no longer a virgin. Not a virgin in any hole. Joel was nice and he took it upon himself to break me in and train me. I was his standby, if he didn't get a date with a more experienced girl. Or midweek when he needed 'relief'.

My first trip back home I told my mother I had a boyfriend, but I kept from her that he had punched my three holes, and I still had my unopened box of Trojans.

When the semester was over Joel let me know I had passed, but needed more experience. I needed to work on being more available, not waiting until he called, if I wanted to consider myself girlfriend material.

  • I Went Wild

    I'm a divorced mom of two grown children. I have always been miss goodie goodie. I let one boyfriend feel me up all over, even naked, we were 17, I used my hand on him for relief, and eventually used my mouth. I didn't want him fingering me, though I did let him put lotion between my buttcheeks and rub it back and forth on me till he came, not in me. We were together for 2 years then he met a slut who I know had been fucked by at least 15 guys and went with her. Two years later I met my husband and he was my first real penetrative sex in my pussy and a few years later my butt. About 3 years ago he was lured away by a 20 year old colombian girl he met. So I was alone. I used my vibrator for my own sex and then it happened.

    Last week I was in another city for work. I got really drunk with some guys from the convention, none of whom I worked with or even knew prior, and I ended up in my hotel room totally naked with 4 naked men, and having sex. In my mouth, in my pussy and once in my butt. I laid down multiple times between the four of them. The first thing on my mind after it was all over, was that I'd let any and all cum in me. I'm not old enough yet for the change. So it was off to plan B.

    I'd never done anything like that, never even fantasized about it, only my husband has been inside me until that night. Now I've had 5 men in my vag, 2 in my butt, and 6 in my mouth. The problem is - I don't feel bad at all. In fact, two days later I called an escort. No not a guy, I called for a more mature woman. I had my first sex with a woman and she was fantastic, she was 35, looked 20, had a body any teen would want. She took me places I never thought possible.

    Now that I'm back, I don't know what to do. Do I look for more men, multiple men again, or a woman? Multiple women? I enjoyed letting go so damn much. I think it's about time I had some sex for me!


    Growing up I liked the look of small lips almost closed pussy. As a man now I like the look of all pussies, especially those dripping sopping wet pussy grool.

    I especially love the look of over sized labia (big pussy lips) and those pussies that end just at the start of her ass hole.

    For those of you that have passes, play with it and feed it often....it's a gorgeous thing to have between your thighs.

  • Saw Friends Ex OF

    I had a very close friend in high school that would easily get girls. One night we were hanging out with a girl we kinda knew at her house with other friends. Her younger sister who was 14 at the time liked my friend and they went to the back of the house and made out most of the night. He was 17 so he only dated her for a short time before he decided to end it.

    Years later I was on Instagram and stumbled on her Instagram. I think she was 21 at the time. She had turned into a raver girl and her whole profile had semi nude pictures. Then I saw she had an OF link at the top of her page. Curiosity got to me and it became the first one I subscribed to.

    In her profile she said it was just lewds but I was happy to find out she did post nudes. She has a petite body with small perky pierced tits and a small bubble butt. She was dating an older guy and posted videos of her sucking his dick and trying to titty fuck him with her tiny tits.

    The thought never crossed my mind that I’d get to see this girl riding a dildo or swallowing a load. Sometimes I’m thankful for onlyfans

    I Need To Be Supported, So I'm Giving In To My Sponsor

    I grew up in a safe quiet home. I went to OU and graduated in dance. My dream was ballet with a big city company. I'm 28 now and my dream won't come true. I have the talent, five six, one thirty right weight, nice legs, small firm bust, flat stomach, firm ass. My vulva is pronounced and shows a palm sized bump in tights. I shave daily, I don't wax, and a friend takes care of my butt crack and anal hair, in return for me grooming her too. I love my body, especially in motion, I am hugely attracted to firm dancers and I won't go down on pubic hair.

    My last get together was with a French girl here on an internship. She wants to be a physical trainer for a dance company, dancers drive her crazy. No one in my social circle is straight. I've done some nude modeling for a woman photographer, she really zeroed in on my prominent vulva. I refused to wax, so its there with pubic whiskers.

    I got 'screwed' once when I was sixteen by an older neighbor. He was back from Iraq and everyone forgave him for screwing me. My contribution to the men on the line. I guess that makes me not a virgin.

    I am the love emotion of a certain man who spoils me. I've started thinking of giving him the pussy he wants. Maybe it's a phantasy, but if he got serious I would go along with him. I can use a rich man right now, one who wants me to dance for him. I can't support myself and I've worn out my welcome.

  • Worst Hookup

    I matched with a girl on bumble on night. She was white skinny with no ass and looked very average. I met up with her because I didn’t mind meeting new people. I immediately knew I wasn’t interested in dating her but she was cool enough that I thought I would t mind fucking her.

    We hung out a few times and she constantly made sexual conversation. I took it as she was interested so one day when we were hanging out I just went for it and ended up eating her pussy. She was sweet so I made sure she came before I took my dick out and made her suck it. I was given the worst blowjob I’d gotten since I was 15. My dick isn’t that big and she would t even suck past the head and after about 2 mins she gave up and I had to jerk myself off.

    I let that one slide and since now I knew she’d fuck me I decided to take up that offer. We arranged to fuck at her place and one night I drove over. When I got into her place I was greeted by the dirtiest house I’d seen. She had 3 cats and their litter boxes were so full the cats began shitting on the carpet. The whole place smelled like cat shit but she blamed her mom for not cleaning. I was like whatever I came to get my nut.

    We go to her room which is much cleaner and right before we started I went to use the restroom. Her sink was swarming with ants. That also really bothered me but I was horny so I went back. We started, she gave me another terrible bj and she undressed and showed off her perky tits. That was her best feature her nipples were so pink I played with them nonstop. I started fucking her missionary and playing with her boobs. After a few minutes I don’t remember what I saw in her room that suddenly reminded me of how dirty her place and got grossed out which made me lose my boner. I told her I was tired and I just finished myself off. We had planned to have sex all night but that did not happen.

    My First Hookup

    I broke up with my serious girlfriend a little bit after the pandemic started. Since I was already introverted I found it easily to shut off and stay in my apartment for almost a full year. I was single and lonely but didn’t try to meet anyone new. Up until then I had only had sex with people I dated.

    Once things started to open back up I wanted to try hookup culture. I got on bumble and spent a few weeks trying to meet someone with a similar idea. I met a 21 yo Filipina girl. She had only been in the states for about a year and wanted to hookup.

    We met up to see how we vibed. She was on the chubby side with a pretty face. We talked and I could tell she was into me and we ended up making out. We quickly arranged to have car sex a few nights later.

    I picked her up and drove to a popular spot people hook up on. We picked a spot and moved to the backseat. We started making out and she was wearing a hoodie with nothing underneath. I reached under and started playing with her tits. I pulled it up and started sucking on her nipples. She moaned and started rubbing my dick. I unzipped my pants and pulled it out and told her to suck it. She gave me a much better blowjob than my ex would. She was okay with me fucking her mouth and didn’t seem to have a gag reflex. I couldn’t wait any longer since I hadn’t had sex in over a year and told her to lay back and take off her pants. I fingered her tight pussy and it was soaking wet. I quickly put on a condom and stuck it in. Her pussy wrapped around my cock and I started fucking her hard. Her pussy felt incredible and I thought it was so hot just how quick we went from meeting to balls deep in her tight pussy. I fucked her for a few minutes and felt like I was getting close to cumming. I didn’t want to cum in a condom so I pulled out and took it off and told her I was going to finish myself and cum on her tits . I started jerking off and without asking she got down and started sucking my balls. When my ex tried in the past it was painful, but this girl knew exactly how to suck balls. I edged myself slowly and played with her hair while she sucked. I told her I was cumming and she came up and let me bust in her mouth. She swallowed everything and kept saying “I swallowed it I swallowed it all” like she was surprised she did it.

    I never realized how easily and how much dirtier hookup sex could be versus relationship sex . I wanted to keep hooking up with this girl but she got really weird after this day and I stopped talking to her.

    Guy Kept Fondling Girl In Front Of Me In High School

    In sophomore year of high school I had world history but our teacher was sick most of the year and we rotated through substitute teachers daily. The class was a shitshow. No one did any worked and we all fucked around the whole period. The subs had no control over the class and just turned a blind eye to everything essentially.

    I sat in a row towards the back and in front of me sat a guy who was in the football team and a hot redhead who was a cheerleader. They weren’t dating but most days during class her would try to feel her up. It started with him just grabbing her ass from time to time to him sticking his whole hand down her panties in class.

    Since we were towards the back no one really noticed except me who was directly behind him. She would ask him to stop but didn’t really push him away. At first I was annoyed by it but as he got more brazen he would pull her pants down pretty low so I would sometimes get a nice peek at her nice white ass. I started to look forward to going to that class hoping she would get felt up

    Guys Have It Lucky

    Last night after I gave head to a guy I just met at a party I realized that guys have it so easy

    They can just whip out their dick anywhere to get a bj. Women don’t have it that easy. We have never get offered random head. I love giving a bj and seeing how a guys dick looks. And making them cum but I sure wish it was that easy for women

    If I wanted random head in a car I’d have to take off my pants and panties which can be a task. Then lay down and spread my legs open. Just too much of a hassle!

    The guy I blew last night was in his early 40s. Really nice hairy cut cock. If I would have had a sun dress on I would had rode his dick in his suv!

  • Best First Date

    I got dumped by my high school sweetheart when I was 21. I had very little dating experience since we got together very young and everything sexual we did was super vanilla. I got on tinder hoping to meet someone new and try out new things sexually.

    After a lot of failed talking stages I matched with a girl that was really fun to talk to but not at all my type. I’m a shy introvert and she was extremely extroverted. I was t sure if it would ever work between us but I liked her so I asked her on a date. I was so new to dating that I asked her to movie but she laughed and said we should meet at a bar instead.

    When I went to pick her up I was super nervous and I think she could tell. It was awkward at first but once we started talking and drinking at the bar I loosened up and we quickly got very well acquainted. We had a lot of chemistry despite our differences. We got pretty drunk and we ended up kissing and then making out. I really couldn’t believe I had gotten that far that I didn’t even bring a condom.

    We headed back to her apartment on an Uber since I left my car parked outside but when we got there she pulled me upstairs. My heart was pounding because I was so nervous and feeling so unprepared to have sex with someone new.

    We got to her living room and she sat me down and sat on my lap and made out with me. I started feeling up her body like crazy. She had tiny A cup boobs but they were so soft while her nipples were so hard. We made out for a while and she told me that if I wanted to date her I would need to be ready to have alot of sex because she craves it so much. I told her I wanted to have sex with her now but I didn’t bring a condom. She said it was fine she doesn’t have sex on the first date anyways.

    She was still pretty drunk and I could tell she still wanted cock. She pulled my pants down and started sucking me off aggressively. Fast and deep I moved her hair out of her face while I heard slurping and gulping sounds. I was super drunk and horny so I did not last long and told her I was about to cum. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and started jerking me off just as fast. She had hair stuck to her face from all the salvia on it. I started shooting cum and she didn’t want to make a mess so she covered my cock with the nice dress she was wearing. I came until my balls were empty and she sucked a little bit more after I was done. We ended up dating for about 3 years after this