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We Need To Help Each Other Right Now

I am at home with my mom, and my newborn baby girl. Across town, well out in the suburbs is his other mom with her nine month daughter. She tried making it on her own but she had to move back with her parents. At least I can fake it and blame Covid.

I met her after I was confirmed pregnant. As to him, daddy boy, well he is out in Wyoming working for an oil company. More stress because his job is insecure right now. My parents can pick up my support and my baby's support. If he loses his job I have had several talks with his other mommy girl about moving her and her baby ..(continue confession)

I Wish I Wasn't A Virgin Anymore.

Hello anonymous chatters, I will try to have the strength to start telling you my story because I feel embarrassed for my "condition" and this may seem to be a joke for you but for me it is very real and a very uncomfortable fact.
Ummm, so I am a 30 year old woman who is still a virgin at this age, I know it's a little shocking but it is true. I never had a boyfriend before,never been kissed by a guy before, never slept with anyone because my parents were very strict and I wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend until I was 20 years old. This made me very frustrated and made me kinda depressed because my ..(continue confession)

The Surprise

I am divorced and my 16yo daughter lives with her mom. Well my daughter sent me nude pictures of herself by mistake. Naturally I was surprised and ashamed because my penis became hard. I stared at the picture of her nice perky breasts and shaved pussy and pulled my penis out pleading myself. Another text popped up asking show me yours.
Not thinking I snapped a pic of my dick and sent it to her.
My girl realize her mistake and called me, apologizing and questioning me both of us embarrased and turned on. To make story short Kelli and I ended up having phone sex.

Town Slut

I have been the town slut since I was 13. My ass is huge, even know and really tight. My tits are perky c cups. I have long brown hair that I xont like to cut and blue eyes. I was also blessed with a small waist. I'm short, so thankfully its small. I live in a small town in Kansas and I will probably get old here too. Yes my parents found out I was hooking up with the older men in the town around the time I was 15, but I didn't stop and I never gave any names. I still won't. I want it ND provoke it. Everyone knows it. My pussy loves old man cock and ill keep ..(continue confession)

Normal Sad Post

Just spitting things into the void, to expell some of the dark matter.

I am planning to off myself, probably hanging. I'm typing this out here just because it's always on my mind and I have no one to tell.

I am trying to stay alive while my mother is still around, because I think it would be unfair to her, as she's basically the only person who cares for me. But it is really, really hard to hold on.

Every day I fantasize about doing it, and wonder when when when will I finally be able to go? My only comfort, and the only thing that keeps me from doing it, is reminding ..(continue confession)

Gay Men That Have Had K9 Sex Step Up

I want to here about men having sex with k9’s, I confess I do too, but I want to hear as much as I can about the Experience and how to get it to happen

My Dark Thoughts

I want to fuck Mom. Fuck her senses out. Alone in bed with her in the room, she writing in pleasure as I eat her puffy pussy while she pushes my mouth deep inside her. And Priyanka next to us playing with herself. The whole night just me fucking my Mom slapping her face as she laughs back at me madly. And then Priyanka . Holding her by her hair shoving my cock deep inside her ass. Fucking her as her mother watches us through the door rubbing her wet pussy. And then sharing her with her father as he takes her from behind groping her big breasts. And then gang fuck her like a slut calling her name loud. And ..(continue confession)


I've gotten off from many stories from this site...feel like I need to contribute. I'm an attractive firefighter in California...definitely look the part with too many stories to write about in 1 post...but this is the most common question I get from my female lovers and male friends...

I've had sex in an ambulance, fire truck, on top of a fire truck, and inside a fire station...all different women.

Ambulance- female partner, we were flirting and had nothing to do. We parked in a secluded spot behind a grocery store. We both needed to pee, and went behind a bush...I'm not shy, so just started going. She laughed, so unzipped her uniform ..(continue confession)


We have a friend of the family who basically is like family now. She is about 50 years old and has a daughter who is 23 years old, My wife and me were at her house and her daughter was there too. She as a pool and we were all going to go for a swim. She has some extra swimsuits in case people come over and didn't bring theirs. My wife and me each borrowed one of the extra suits. My wife's suit was fine but mine turned out to be a little more surprising the longer I wore it. My suit was very comfortable but it was very form fitting. When I started to get a bit of an erection ..(continue confession)

Lockdown Friends

I don’t know quite how we managed it, because neither of are gay. But during the height of the lockdown a neighbor and I started have guy sex. We’re both the same and single, and we were feeling bored. So for fun we decided to try messing around together.
Well, we did this together a few times and then we got brave and decided to see what it was like to have anal sex with each other.
We were both surprised by how easy it was, and between us it was just so casual and relaxed. Now things are easing up, but we are still continuing to enjoy ourselves in having this friendly between-guys relationship.