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Smell My Feet

Anyone want to Smell My Feet?

  • To The Racist Troll Below

    This is to the Racist Troll who posted about hating Muslims, what do you say we drag you out of your Parent's Basement or whatever Trailer Park your retarded ass lives in and kill you since you serve no purpose other than being a pathetic loser.

    I Hate Muslims

    I hate all Muslims they should be rounded up and thrown into a volcano.

    They should be rounded up, dumped with crisco and be burned alive

    They should be rounded up, and be roasted over an Open Pit Barbecue.

  • Allison Jones Chicago Area Therapist Escort Dove Kelley

    Allison Jones, or a "Dove Kelley" (formerly Nadia Inanna) charges $10,000 per day and while she has a nice body and tight pussy, no woman is worth $10,000 per day. I wonder Allison Jones is taking new patients in Chicago? I wonder if she uses her bedroom talents on any of her patients at Depth Counseling Chicago?


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    My Ideal Size

    Haven been sexually active and been with more guys then I’d like to admit I’ve determined what my perfect dick is

    I’d love it find a guy who is anywhere from 6.5 to 7.5 inches. Decent girth and uncut

    The length is perfect for my vagina. Would hit all the right spots.

    The more girth the better to fill me up.

    And I like uncut because I think it’s so sexy to pull a guys foreskin down to expose the head for a bj. And uncut feels so much better for anal

  • Had A Child Not My Husband's

    My husband and I have a lot in common and we knew we wanted to build a life together. One of those things we have in common is we're not monogamous types. Not before we married or after. We were both as discreet as possible. Neither of us were poly in the sense that we wanted other people in our domestic lives.

    We wanted a child, and I put the extracurricular fun on hold until I conceived. We adored our daughter, but we both decided our family was complete. I was scheduled to get a tubal, but my husband got very sick from covid even though the pandemic was on the wane. It took him 8 weeks to recover. I took care of him and of course I still had our daughter to care for. I got stressed and had a quickie with an old FWB one afternoon. My perscription for birth control had run out, but I used a condom which failed. I was nervous, but I thought, what are the chances? Then I missed my next period.

    I was going to terminate, but I kept putting it off. I guess the pregnancy hormones started working on me. Although I wasn't showing much visually yet, one night after my husband fully recovered, we were making love when he felt a slight hardness under my usually flat tummy. My husband is not st*pid. He figured it all out before I had a chance to fully explain. He was mad and I broke down in tears, and he didn't speak to me the rest of the night. The next day, however, he sat me down and said this could have happened to either of us. He could have got a girl pregnant and part of our salaries would go to child support. He said he'd raise the baby as his own. We had another adorable daughter, and he's been as devoted to her as he is toward his biological daughter.

    We haven't told my FWB he's the bio father. I know that's not right, but it's just so easy to go on as if I conceived by my husband. We've told no one the truth.

    Rocking A Bush In The Late 90s

    The year was 1999 I was 33 years old . I was well into my career by that point. As a flight attendant I had a great job by my love life lacked.

    I hadn’t had sex since 1988. I was just too busy I said but I really missed sex all of those years that I didn’t have a guy in my life.

    The last time I had sex at 23 bushes were still popular. It was the 80s so at least where I was from and all my friends all had a full bush in our panties.

    Thought out the 90s all my friends got married. And the few that I saw naked occasionally still rocked a full bush. So I never thought anything of me not grooming mine

    But in 1999 around new years I decided I was finally gonna get me some dick. And I had my eye on a pilot i regularly flew with.

    He was a bit older than me but single and good looking.

    We were staying in Denver. Supposed to head back to our hometown the following morning.

    After running into him in the hotel restaurant we hit it off. Within an hour we were in his hotel room. As I’m pulling off his jeans I could see the obvious lines of his hard dick in his white ftl briefs.

    As I pulled his briefs off I noticed right away he had no pubes. His cock was bare! What had I missed? Guys had pubes last time I saw a dick. But I got right to sucking. It felt great to have a dick in my mouth again

    But as he tossed me in the bed and worked his hand up my skirt I forgot I was hairy! My skirt came off and he pulled my panties off. He said holy bush! I blushed!

    I said sorry I don’t.. as I was talking he said I haven’t seen a bush since the 80s and I actually miss them. His face was in my pussy instantly eating me out. And it felt amazing!

    As he fucked me he ran his fingers through my bush. Complementing my body and my bush.

    Before I knew it he had pulled out and was cumming all in my bush. Rope after rope of cum. Obviously he needed the orgasms too. As he was cumming on me the hot cum on my clit make me orgasm again.

    I Fucked Crazy Mary

    I was in my mid teens. Worked in a neighborhood strip mall. Crazy Mary was this older woman probably in her 50s, acted crazy all the time, yelling at people on the street, having a ton of men up to her apartment and fucked them loudly with the windows open. I tried to get her to fuck me, for my first time, I was desperate, but no go. My boss knew her and knew her before she got as strung out as she was. He knew her ex husband and her two daughters. Mary was 52 and looked in her 60s. She was high most of the time, and finally my boss convinced her I was hi son and she should "take care of me".

    I snuck in at night, not wanting anyone to know I was going to fuck the old broad. She let me in, and immediately got naked and told me to do the same. We had a beer while naked, and she started playing with her pussy, very loudly telling me she liked rubbing herself. She got up and came over to the couch, pushed me down on my back and straddled my face with her hairy pussy. She told me to start licking, especially taking time on her very large (though I didn't know it at the time) clitoris. It was 2 inches long and when it got hard it looked like a little three inch long cock. She rode my mouth and got off screaming several times. Then she lifted up, walked to her bed and laid down. I went over and got on top of her, and fucked her. After I wanted to stay and do it again but she didn't like to fuck more than once at a time she said. She kept my underpants on her dresser as a souvenir. She told me to come back the next day.

    I fucked Mary off and on for about 4 months, I don't think she even paid attention if I fucked her pussy or her ass, she just wanted fucked. She still fucked a lot of other guys. One time I went up and there were 4 guys waiting while one was fucking her, she'd been through 5 other guys before that. After they all left, I looked at her laying there, cum all over her bed under her, dripping out of her pussy, all over her hairy pussy on the outside, on her little tits and in her hair and on her face. She'd had no idea how many times she'd been fucked. I got on and stuck my cock in her asshole and fucked her hard and fast.

    That was my last time fucking her. A month later she was found strangled, a bad sex act gone wrong was the general thought.

    Faked It

    i faked an orgasm with my boyfriend the other day instead of asking him to stop. i just wasn’t enjoying myself and i felt bad asking him to stop. i know my boyfriend and if i had asked him to stop, he would have. for whatever reason though, i figured faking it was a better option. i’m the only person he’s ever fucked so i know he’s insecure with that kind of stuff which is why i feel bad about lying to him. i don’t think i’ll ever tell him that but i hated not telling anyone

  • My Wife

    My (25M) wife (29F) admitted to wanting to have sex with my brother (32M). It gave me my biggest orgasm ever

    One night we were having sex and dirty talking, I demanded she tell me the kinkiest person she’s fantasized about and she said “your brother”. As she said it I felt her get wetter, I came very soon after. Ever since then, we’ve been having lots more sex and it always leads to this way of talking, she’ll moan his name and sometimes even looks at pictures of him while I rail her. I’m not sure why it turns me on so much but it does.

    Snap me at ‘hatethis03’ for more