We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

Submissive Wife Allowed To Be Fucked By Her Boss

We have been married for last four years and were a model couple around. With good apartment, a car in our possession and all the good things. We were also planning for a child in 2021 after making some savings as our apartment, accessories and car were on loan. I had a good job and wife too have a nice income job. With my pay all the loans were managed and wife's income for our good living. Due to the covid lockdown and recession I lost my job. Wife's job continued as WFH. As unlockdown started she started to attend office. The other day she came home upset and was disturbed. After much pacification she told that she may too become jobless if not meeting certain demands.
Around 50% staff have been terminated and her company is further planning to reduce the staff to bare minimum. She revealed that her Boss is a stake holder of the company and is also eager to retain her but sexual favors are to be met. That night we cuddled each and other and had a vigorous sex. While lying together exhausted I told her if we both go jobless, we are heading for much trouble. After much thought I asked her why not agree to the offer of sex provided the job is guaranteed safe for the time being. Once the present situation improves we can plan for a better future. She asked "Are you saying that I should be whoring". I said 'No darling I love you, but keep them happy and when things improves, we can look for better job and plan accordingly. I have no problem but I being jobless we are in problem. Otherwise in the present situation if you too lose the job it is impossible to maintain ourselves'. She fell silent and we had a bad night sleeping.
In the morning, while leaving for office I asked what's your plan. She replied 'Have to think over it' and left. Feeling too bad I surfed for job for a while and then searched for pimping, cuckold, wife sharing, whoring etc. Found too much material and even confessions of similar cases all over the Internet. Watched some porn and for first time masturbated over wife sharing videos. Felt better and prepared myself to accept the fact. Moreover, the thoughts of my wife having sex with other men, thinking of different cocks in her pussy etc. unknowing was giving me a huge excitement. In between she called and we talked good nice things, but I avoided the subject of sex for saving her job.
In the evening when she reached home, she was keeping calm and after dinner when we sat down she said 'Boss asked me about my decision'. I asked 'Did you reply you are willing to have sex'. She just nodded. My heart was beating too fast and I just cuddled her and asked 'Did he have sex with you at office today'. She said 'No'.
She began to explain in detail that it was as if an agreement and he wanted her consent without any strings attached. Boss told her that no sex at office and shall plan sex session at another city some 200 KMs away. He also asked what about the attitude of ..(continue confession)

  • I Let Him Now I Am Hopelessly In Love With Him

    During my freshman year in college I lost my father to a heart attack. I had to drop out and get a job. It took a year for me to get student loans lined up, I lived at home and worked part time. We lost the house to foreclosure, moved to a rent house but the rent was just too high. Either I dropped out and worked full time or we would have to move to an apartment.

    During my senior year I met a man who was taking a six week business program. He was in a studio apartment and he took me there and I let him do the unthinkable. I let him have both vaginal and anal sex with me. He wanted something virgin. I have not been able to get over him.

    Wife's Nude Breasts Pressed By Male Doctor

    Yesterday I had to visit the doctor for my wife with some pain on her breasts. In the clinic she had to remove her top and bra. With his gloved hands the doctor pressed her bare breasts in my presence and I could see her nipples hardening. Seeing some male pressing my wife's breasts my cock got hard with an excitement as he was testing. I checked whether the doctor is also having and hard cock. But in his gown it was not clear. I thought if it was gyno and he had to check her pussy what would be my condition. I may have cum in my pants. Have any one had such experience ?

  • Hardly Getting Hard, But Wet

    Like some other guys, I've been begging for a few years for my wife to cuckold me or at least chear on me and tell me details...maybe that's the same thing...my motives are a little different, though.

    We had a good sex life and I bought lingerie and skimpy party dresses for her to wear and we'd go out to hotels for romantics getaways. Then my blood pressure spiked and it was anxiety related. I went on a mix of meds and got back on track, but our sex life crashed. I could hardly even get an erection let alone keep it, and ED meds didn't do all that much or did so infrequently. I reintroduced the idea of her taking other men, and slowly got her to come around.

    A few things have happened now...

    Starting with the first online guy we found, my wife insisted I be in the room and hold her hand while she's getting fucked by the other guy. At first I did it sitting bedside, then laying beside them as they fucked. She started to grab at my crotch so that now at a minimum she will hold my limp dick as I lay naked beside them while they screw. More often I will sit at the head of the bed and she will put her head in my lap to suck and lick my flaccid dick and balls while her lover drills her from behind.

    Which brings me to the next thing...I'm still extremely horny and I can ejaculate while limp. Nearly every time now she'll be partway through getting pounded from behind while kissing or sucking on my dick and without much control I'll shoot a load in her face. And it's still a big load despite my ED.

    Both of these issues are strange in that her lovers tend to laugh...we have a couple of repeats plus seem to be adding more first times with different guys. So while I'm cumming they are laughing at my shriveled little pecker gushing cum. It's also strange in that I'm cumming harder and more frequently the more times we do it like this.

    The last aside is that she now likes to pee during foreplay or sex. She has, and the guys have encouraged, her to wet herself in public before heading to the hotel room. Most times though, she likes to pee when riding them or frequently when they are on top of her. She tries to get her bladder full, then let's out bursts of pee while she orgasms and then let out a big full gush at the end when her partner cums in her. Meanwhile I'm laying by her side while she holds my dick, and more frequently now I'm cumming...still limp...during these session too.

    If I do get a real erection, she's a different woman. We've canceled or postponed dates so we can get a solid meaningful fuck in. She'll be extremely intimate and want me to hold her after sex. The issue is there's no way to plan when I'll get a usable erection.

    We're going on 3 years of doing it like this.

    I Am An Exhibitionist

    As a child growing up my parents were teachers in Samoa. Life in Samoa is laid back and we stayed for two three year assignments. We returned when I was 17. Samoa was both conservative and open. Boobs were no big deal. My parents were not supportive of me going topless, but I did, no tan lines.

    After we returned I had to embed in high school culture after six years of home schooling. Kids were weird, strange, hung up, snotty, and up tight. And stupid bras. I got a boyfriend of sorts, a real nice Saturday my mom suggested I ask him to an afternoon swim and hot dogs on the grill. My chance to get the uptight out of him. I took my top off for the afternoon, it felt so good after being strapped in.

    The poor boy, yes my mom's words, the poor boy did not know where to look. His unease, discomfort, did it for me. I got hot between my legs, my first ever pure sexual turn on. I discovered I got hot, wet and horny showing off my tits. As for him he cringed, hid his eyes from me, would not look at my tits. Putting his hand on my tit freaked him out. My mother put an end to it by making me put a top on.

    All these years later I love showing off. I have nice tits and long legs and I work out and keep my ass and thighs in shape. I love the feeling and the stares.

  • Drunk Barefoot Banana

    I was at Dairy Queen ordering a Banana Split and then in came a man dressed like a Banana and was wearing a banana mask and he was barefoot too and was holding a bunch of Bananas too. The Banana then got on top of the counter and began dancing with The Bananas and shouting Peanut Butter Jelly Time as Dairy Queen staff began yelling at the Rotten Banana to stop and to go put on a pair of Banana Shoes. Then the Barefoot Banana went inside the restroom and after that I instantly lost my appetite to eat any more of my banana split.

    Then about 20 minutes later the Rotten Banana came out of the restroom wearing a Banana Mask and a Yellow Banana Thong as he listen his mask over his nose and took his foot towards his face and began to smell his fucking feet in Dairy Queen after leaving the restroom.

    Then he took a Banana and then did a split on the floor with his thong covered crotch on the banana and began to masturbate in Dairy Queen with a Banana as the Rotten Banana then peeled the Banana and put his foot on the Banana he masturbated with and began to suck his fucking toes on a Banana in Dairy Queen.

    I was getting really tired of this Rotten Banana's Antics so I hit him in the face with my Banana Split and then my Husband showed up wearing a Gorilla Suit and began to chase the Rotten Banana out of Dairy Queen. Well I can now no longer look at Banana Splits or look at Dairy Queen the same way after what happened today.

    Mom & Dad Caught Me

    OMG, so embarrassing...

    Mom & dad always thought I was like totally a good girl, a conservative girl. But one bad date a couple years ago changed all that. Found out about sex the hard way, and now crave it. Found out I'm into much older guys. But the one thing I had never done was meet a guy in my own house - well my parents' house - to fuck me. So one weekend my parents went away to visit my aunt, and I thought I'd finally do it. Invite an older guy to come fuck me in my own bed. And so I did. Little did I know my aunt wasn't feeling well and like with all this covid mess, she cancelled on my parents. My parents turned around and came home. When they saw my date's truck in the driveway, they didn't use the garage, so I didn't hear them come in. My door was open because nobody was supposed to be home!! But they came up and found me like in the worst frikkin possible position!!! This 50-something year old man was on top of me, fucking me, with holding my legs open - like wide open - like spread-eagle wide open!! OMG... So frikkin embarrassing... They kicked his ass out right away, barely gave him time to drag his pants back on. They took my phone and computer away for like forever. Totally not fair, 'cause like I'm 20, and I should be able to fuck. But they said their house, their rules. Might have to change houses one day!! :) Can share more directly at natalie071401 at g mail.

    Wish I Never Had

    I’m a divorced mom with a twenty-two year old son. About a year ago I had gone out several times with what seemed to be a nice man. Then one evening we went to his house and his son, who is in his twenties, was there. Well, they started teasing me about whether or not I could handle the two of them together.
    Don’t ask me why, and even though I really didn’t want to, I ended up naked and I let them both fuck me. Afterwards I was pretty much disgusted with the whole experience and surprised with myself for having done that.
    Shortly after that I was offered a job in another city, which I took, and thankfully I will never have to see him and his son again. I can only imagine, though, what my son would think if he ever found out that his mom let two guys, a father and a son, fuck her the same time.

    Barefoot Drunk At Walmart

    Two Years Ago I was at Wal-Mart to check out the Grand Reopening of the store in my neighborhood, that is until a certain Drunk showed up looking hammered holding a bottle of Coors Lite and shouting, and he was barefoot as he made his first stop into the restroom.Then as soon as the Ceremony was about to start the Barefoot man left the restroom now wearing a pair of dirty underwear and he was stumbling as he grabbed a bunch of bananas and made his way towards the stage as the speaker tried to stop the Half Naked Barefoot Drunk and told him that he will call security.

    Mr. Feet then picked up his foot and began smelling his fucking feet as me and other shoppers and employees all groaned in disgust seeing this idiot smell his fucking feet after walking out of the restroom, as a woman next to me ran to throw up and I could not blame her as the man began dancing with bananas; yes a grown man dancing with fucking bananas in a public store. Then he pulled his underwear down and exposed himself in front of everyone at Wal-Mart and we had kids here too and now they are traumatized because of this bastard.

    Things got worse he took a banana and began to stroke his dick with it as a store employee informed him that the Police is on their way, but he then took the microphone put it up to his ass and then farted as everyone in the store heard the fart as everyone began to get grossed out as he then began singing Let's get it on and then he stuck his foot in a banana and began sucking his toes on a banana as everyone in the store began to get tired of his antics but Mr. Barefoot then fell off the stage only to be caught and dragged away be store security and the Police. This man really needs some serious help; walking barefoot in a department store, stripping and being in his underwear and then exposing himself among other antics; I think this man needs to see Dr. Phil for his drunk, barefoot stupidity and behavior.

    Lost My Virginity But Mom Found Out

    My mom found blood in my panties when she was doing laundry. This comes a day after she knew I was out with my boyfriend at his house while his parents were away visiting family. This happened over the weekend.

    My boy literally popped my cherry. It was great, we both enjoyed it. But I did t even think about putting a pad in my bikini panties afterwards. When I got home I just took off my shorts and panties before going to sleep. Took them off in the laundry room before walking to my bedroom.
    I sleep wearing a long tshirt.

    Next day my mom did laundry. She found blood drips in my panties and also cum stains. We did the used a condom because I’m on birth control. My mom now wants to know what we did and if we used a condom.