We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

Embarrassed Bbw

I'm a fattie. I am 5f.t 4in tall and weigh 200lbs. I've very big, have nice big boobs (which has kept me in boyfriends and now a husband), I have a big belly, wide butt and thick thighs. I don't shave below unless my husband asks for it. I have shaved completely, trimmed, made shapes out of my hair down there all for him or other boyfriends in the past. I do try to keep any old boyfriends or now my husband interested sexually and like to do whatever they would like. I do pee sex, oral, anal, regular, any positions, stand naked in front of windows, even go naked in hotel halls and stairways.

I'm very conscious of my fat body, but my husband likes to show me off. During the summer we regularly go to nude beaches. I don't like it but he wants me naked in front of other people. sometimes at the beaches he will have sex with me or have me give him oral in front of others. I don't like showing off to so many people. I don't like people staring at my body. I'm really big and I know that and my husband likes me this way, but I don't want to be a show piece for so many others to look at. Before the virus he took me to an on-premise swing club and though I had no other requests, he did it to me in my pussy and my butt in front of people. I didn't like them watching me having sex, and had to stay around for a couple of hours totally naked watching much sexier bodied women having sex with so many men asking them.

But i do it for him, he likes it.

  • Pants Pulled Down

    Our best couple friends (or once were) live two houses down. Lisa and my wife taught school together before my wife took the principal job at their school. Lisa is also an RN and still works on weekends some to help pay for their kids college.

    A few years ago i begsn getting testerone injections due to low test, but tryinf to manage gping.to the doctor's office every two weeks was hard to manage. Whem COVID hit, my Urologist agreed to let me self inject, which i tried to do, but id much rather someone else do. So my wife asked Leslie if she minded. Ths first 3 or 4 times went as expected snd things seemed to be normal. But about the 5th injection, i walked over that Saturdsy morning and Lisa was hime alone. I was wearing gym shorts, and Lisa pulled them down completely below my butt cheeks, exposing my entire ass. I never mentioned it, but as the weeks went by, i noticed that she arranged it when her busband wasnt home, and each time she pulled my pants down exposing my ass. Then one day I go over and tbis time she pulled them so far down, my cock flipped out. She was behind me, but still.... so,. I pulled them up to cover myself, but actually was getting aroused at the liberties she was taking with me. Finally one Saturday she called and told me to come over early. When i go their, another woman (Kristi) was their. I had been around Kristi several times at parties. She was a real hoot... brautiful one with huge tits. I always thought she aould cheat on her husband. I figured Lisa would dial back yanking down my pants. With Kristi in the room (facing me) LIsa pulled my shorts almost to my knees, exposing my cock to Kristi. Kristi's eyes went straight to my cock as i started to pull my shorts up, but as soon as i got them up, Lisa pulled them all the way to my ankles and looked around me to see my cock. She laughed and said, "Ill be damned if Kristi is going to see it and I dont get to." Her face was inches from my cock and she looked up at me and said " Dont tell Dana and Marty"(our spouse) and she grabbed my cock and started strking it hard and put it in her mouth. I looked up ay Kristi and she had moved closer to get a better view. She finally bent down and said "my turn". They pushed me down on the sofa and continued to swap back and forth until i started to tremble. I exploded my cum into Lisa's mouth and ahw swallowed most of it. She pulled back and a strand of cum stretched from her lips to my cock, and Kristi jumped back in, licking my cum clean. She grabbed my balls and started squeezinc them and put me in her mouth. She was twisting my cock as she sucked. At least 10 minutes passed when I felt I was cumming again. I had an orgasim but nothing came out. When it was over, i left without even getting an injection. Sincd that day, Ive fucked both women and a couole times while the ogher watched. More recently Lisa asked me to fuck her ass (she had never been fucked in the ass). She hss now!!!

    Bi ??? I Guess So

    About 3 months ago I started fucking and, dating as such as we can during the virus days, a transexual, a guy with tits. She prefers that pronoun, so She is very effeminate, not tall at 5ft. 8in, very thin with an incredible body. She has large A cup tits, that may be a B cup, without implants, it's all hormones. Her clit as she prefers to call it, is about 3 inches long, very thin and even when it gets hard it's only about 4" long, a bit thicker than my thumb. It doesn't get really hard and sometimes not at all. She gives great head, prefers to keep her panties on during sex, though it's usually a thong, so her magnificent behind is on full view. I really like anal sex and even when I'm doing her missionary and we call it her pussy, it's her ass that I'm fucking. To mix it up she'll turn over on her stomach, or bend over the bed or another piece of furniture and we have "anal" sex that way. Either way her ass is like something out of heaven.

    I had experience when I was 15, I fucked another 15 year old boy. I probably did it to him a dozen times over the next year, stopping when I got a girlfriend. Well it didn't stop then, it stopped when I started fucking her and pretty soon when she let me fuck her ass to keep from getting pregnant. I had no use for the other boy then. Other than him, I'd not done anything with another guy. By the way, he moved to New York, and he did finally come out as gay to his family. Thanfully, he never said anything about my relieving him of him mouth and ass virginity.

    Last night, my tranny girlfriend, got fucked and while doing it was using her hand on her clit. This is totally unusual but she was very turned on. I have sucked her off about 4 times, and let her cum in my mouth twice, then kissed her and gave it all back to her to swallow. I didn't feel good about it, I never did that to the boy that I fucked when I was 15. But, to keep with this super hot, beautiful fucking doll I did it. Last night after I had cum in her for the second time, I went to suck her. She was harder than ever before, and she pulled out from under me and got on top of me. She was rubbing her clit with some lotion in the crack of my ass. Thinking this is what she was going to do I let her. I asked if it felt good and she mumbled how good I was making her feel. After about 5 minutes, she lined up to my ass and inserted. I got fucked, and I got cummed in. She doesn't cum too much, but I knew she'd cum in my ass. I've never expected her to do that.

    We talked about it, she knows I didn't like it, but she also said it's all mental and not physical. It was OK that I was hard again, so soon after cumming for the second time. I am now DEFINITELY bisexual. I've fucked a guy, I fucked a tranny, I sucked a tranny cock, but still a cock, and now I've been fucked, I had a cock plugging in and out of my ass. I got sperm in my ass from a cock. She is great, she is beautiful and she says that is the first time in many years that she's been hard enough to do that and that I make her that hot and excited. She emphasized that I'm still the man, and she is still a girl. But she's a girl who fucked her man and gets BJ's sometimes. I guess it won't be too often though.

  • Creeper Alart

    I've been working at a thrift store for three weeks now.
    I just moved to baltamore a month ago.
    For three weeks there is this older 40s maybe 50s guy who comes out and goes all uber peeper on me stairs me up and down. Weirdo i thought this kept up and i got a little worried.
    Later i learned his name was Lester. He is a older black man homeless lost his family in a fire.
    I started talking with him leaving cloths out in his size sometimes we would get soaps things we cant use.
    I would donate them to Lester.
    I bought him lunch a few times.
    One day he chaned in the ally. I saw everything. He is fat older out of shape long curly hair. But he has a big dick i tried not to notice.
    Lester walked me to my car and we smoked my vap as we strolled in the old ally.
    He stopped to pee by a dumpster and again i kept my eyes on his dick or what i could see of it.
    After a blunt and half an hour of dirty talk im looking right at his big dick he flashes me.
    I should be weirded out but im curious. I give him head and he puts me on a old couch in an alley.
    Yoga pants off panties dangling off my shoe he poors into me opening me up and stretching me open. Im loving it. Most I've ever had in me yes he is fat older and ugly as fuck. But im loving it my pusdy is overflowing i feel myself cumming it hurts a little bit feels amazing. Before long im folded in half and getting smashed im moaning and can't control myself.
    As im cumming hard on his big dick in my pussy im moaning loudly.
    I look over and see my boss Anglia shevis stopped and looking at me being fucked in a pile of trash on a old couch by a homeless guy we all help out.
    At the same time lester is grabbing my tighs pulling me onto him. Im moaning and obviously wellingly enjoying myself. Lester starts grunting and cumming in my pussy.
    I start moaning loudly and fucking him back. The whole time im looking at my boss Anglia and she is looking at me.. She walks away.
    Lester gets done and gets off me. I took him home and let him use me all the rest of that day and most of the night.
    The next day my boss calls me into her office. She asks if im okay was that willing i turned beat red. Yes that was willing. She gives me a warning not work related but about public laws in Maryland and Baltimore. Now im dead beat red. Anglia says dont feel bad I've taken lester home twice.

    Now You See It, Now You Dont

    I met a woman and we totally hit it off. She was tall and statuesque. Blond hair, Blue eyes, beautiful boobs. To top it all off she was a former MP in the military. She was beautiful inside and out and tough as nails.

    We went to a bar one night and met up with a bunch of her friends. It felt like we were together forever. I felt like I was one of her gang. We had so much fun! The night couldn't be more perfect.

    We left and walked to her place that was a block away. We made out in the street and we almost fucked in the alley of her apartment. As we were going up the stairs we were stripping our clothes.

    When we got to her room we were naked. Our hands were all over each other. She practically hip tossed me on the bed and and I'm a big guy 6 ft 230. She asked if I had a condom. I did but it was in my duffel bag at the bottom of the stairs. She said Don't worry I have one. I opened it and put it on. I'm about 6 inches on the thinner side. I put this one on and it was like a magnum. It went on with ease and wasn't snug. As soon as I got it on she jumped right on it. She really knew had to fuck. The way she rode me was beyond sexy. We fucked for about 10 minutes then I got on top of her without withdrawing. I pounded away at this hot wet pussy. She then flipped me back without disconnecting again. She started to cum. I then came right after her. She collapsed on top of me. We kissed, I held her and ran my hands up and down her sweaty body. She rolled off me, disconnecting. I got up to go pee and clean up.

    I got to the bathroom and started washing up. I'm washing my cock and realized there was no condom. I shit! Oh fuck where is it? I looked around the bathroom. Nothing. I crawled on my hands and knees naked all the way down the hall checking the floor. When I got to the room I looked all over the floor by the light of the TV. Nothing. I looked at the bed. She was sleeping already but I had to wake her. Hey, Deb... Deb...

    She answered Hmmm?

    Deb, we have a problem.

    Hmmm, what?

    Deb, I can't find the condom.

    Where is it zzzz?

    Deb, I think it's still in you.
    Deb, the used condom is still in your pussy. You hear me?

    My pussy? Feels so goo...

    I throw the light on and she hurries her head in her pillow.

    Why did you do that? I was sleeping!

    Deb, the condom is still in your pussy!

    Her head pops up... What?!?!?

    Yes the used, cum filled condom, is still in your pussy!

    Oh my God!!! She got up and ran to the bathroom.

    All I heard was muffled cursing.

    She comes running back in.

    Are you sure? She asks desperately.

    Yes. I looked all over. Plus it was big on me to start.

    Shit! As she starts shoving her fingers up searching for it.

    Just calm down. Sit on the edge of the bed I'll look. I stuck my fingers in and I thought I felt it but couldn't grab it.

    She was upset. She was teary and she started searching again. She was at it for a few minutes then... Abracadabra! She pulled the condom from the pussy... An empty condom...

    She held it up and stared at it. Shit! It's fucking empty!

    Yeah, it looks empty to me too.

    She threw it into her waste basket, shut the light and collapsed on the bed.

    You know, good thing I'm still on the pill. Getting pregnant is not in my plans right now.

    Me either I said.
    Deb, can I ask you something?


    Who's fucking condoms were they? He must've had a monster cock.

    Do you really want to know?

    I thought about it and then said No I don't.

    We snuggled together and she started to doze.
    Deb? One last question... Was he black?

    Let's just say your the biggest white guy I ever fucked.
    Does that put your mind at ease?

    Yeee.... Zzzzzzzzz

  • Wrong Cock

    Drunk and not sure where I was, I thought I'd walked to my boyfriend's place. Which in reality I had.

    Only I'd somehow walked into the wrong apartment.
    He's in bed, so I get naked, pull the duvet down and begin to suck on his what seems larger cock.

    Its dark, I'm drunk and after he gives me one hell of a tonguing making me orgasm multiple times, he fucks me so deep from behind as he spoons me.

    I remember climaxing over and over again and shouting out just how good he's fucking me.

    I'm not sure how long he fucked me for, but eventually he pulls out and cums like a fountain all over my face and hair.

    He never cums outside of my pussy or ass, so its new for me.

    Utterly satisfied, I drift off as he gets up behind me and we both fall asleep.
    When I woke up, I instantly knew I wasn't in my boyfriend's apartment and turn over to see Eric, my boyfriend's neighbor.
    He's in his mid thirties and from what I instantly saw, much more athletic than my boyfriend and has a huge cock.

    We both make out its a huge mistake and after him letting me shower and drinking coffee with him, he apologizes and I leave.

    Later the same day, this is something I've learned, my boyfriend apparently spoke to Eric and said he'd heard him fucking the 'chic' he had round.

    My boyfriend told Eric her voice sounded familiar, but he'd never heard a woman scream so much.

    He obviously didn't say anything to my boyfriend, but Eric and I subsequently chatted. We agreed it was all my stupid mistake, but what I didn't tell Eric, is even now I cannot get his wonderful body and cock out of my mind.

    I've even masturbated ( a lot) thinking of the blurry memories I have of him fucking me.

    Recently and because he lives at the same apartments, I've seen Eric quite a few times. He's made a couple of comments, not crude, but with sex at the root.

    I know it's only a matter of time, because each time I see him, my pussy and asshole crave his cock.

    My boyfriend's away shortly for a month, and I've already agreed to visit Eric to try and make some sense of that night.

    But we all know why I'll be going round, don't we.

    Drunk Barefoot Disco Dancer

    Last Weekend I took my Kids to Chuck E. Cheese for a Birthday Party until a drunk man showed up wearing a disco suit, an Elvis wig, and he was barefoot climbed on top of a Empty Table and began Disco Dancing as a Disco Ball lowered from the ceiling and I couldn't help but laugh at how stupid this Disco Dancing Fool was Dancing.

    Then Disco Music began to play and lights began to strobe as Chuck E. Cheese himself began to join this Disco Dancing Fool and started to Disco Dance too and as this Barefoot Disco Dancing Fool stood on his makeshift dance floor me and my kids said We Want No More No More.

    Then as the music stopped the barefoot disco dancer tripped and fell off the table as Chuck E. Cheese staff told this Disco Jerk to put some shoes on or leave the restaurant as they helped him onto his bare feet as the Disco Jerk began Disco Dancing towards the restroom and I was grossed out seeing a grown man walk barefoot inside the restrooms at Chuck E Cheese's.

    Then Some Fat Guy showed up wearing an Elvis Suit and he too was barefoot and he began Disco Dancing as we tried to ask a staff member for a refund because we can't eat in peace as the Disco Jerk from before exited the restroom wearing a silver sparkle thong and a bowtie as the Disco Jerk started to smell his fucking feet after exiting the restroom and there are kids here witnessing this stupidness.

    Then the Barefoot Disco Jerks took my Kids Pizzas, put their damn dirty ass feet in my kids' pizzas, and sucked their fucking toes on my kids' pizzas as I then grabbed the Disco Ball and hurled it, hitting one of the dancing fools with a Disco Ball and chased the other Disco Jerk, the one wearing the Disco Thong and Bowtie out of Chuck E. Cheese's.

    His Drunk Barefoot Ass didn't make it far as he tripped and I started to pummel his drunk half naked ass. I was pulled off of the barefoot drunk as I had no choice but to take my kids and leave and it's ridiculous my Kid's Birthday Party was ruined by a couple of Drunk Barefoot Disco Dancing Fools.

    Family Knows The Secret...

    My wife is 12 years young than me. After a couple of kids, she put a lot of effort into being in shape and she's truly a hot wife. I, meanwhile, am still in good shape but sex just isn't as active and exciting as she would like. TIffany needed a little more, and I knew it, so I slowly introduced her to threesomes and swinging, though mostly swinging is her with other partners and me occasionally joining in or hooking up.

    We've been doing this for two years. This weekend, for her 36th birthday, we shared photos with my in-laws of her birthday since we aren't traveling right now. The pictures scrolled while we talked and her parents saw the kids and us having a good time hiking then eating cake and ice cream afterwards. General birthday stuff.

    I walked out of the room after that to do something else while Tiffany continued talking with her parents. As I was sitting down to watch TV I heard my wife start screaming "Oh My God!!!" and she started yelling my name.

    The pictures were on my tablet. When they reached the end of the birthday, the pictures kept going in a slide show. After a few pictures of a new garden we put in, and some of the kids in the pool, there was a picture of my wife naked kneeling in front of a big black dick with the stranger's spunk all over her face. Then a couple of pictures of her being spit-roasted by two black guys, then a couple of her blowing me while one of the guys banged her doggie-style from behind.

    We're fairly religious...in a way...and my wife is from a big religious family who constantly pray for everyone and go faithfully to church every weekend. They've visited our church and they have met the black guy doing her doggie-style and seen him every time they visited our church...him and his family. The other guy is a friend of our friend, but he's married, too.

    My in-laws had just seen their precious daughter being fucked by me and two other guys, with a final shot of her still in a church dress pushed up to her belly while she's riding on top being impaled by one of the guys while she laughed to the camera. I shut down the slide show but it was too late. My in-laws quickly said their goodbyes and we ended the call.

    Not sure what the aftermath will be, but I'm completely turned on by them knowing and having to look at their beautiful little girl with a new image of her taking a few guys at once. My wife, on the other hand, is completely embarrassed. Not so much that she won't continue doing it, I doubt, but still she has to face her family someday!

    Why Do Men Use You?

    He calls it a one night stand. It hurts me, to me it was a lot more. I don't know if the sex was great, I don't have that type of experience. For me it was genuine, for him another lay. It hurts, l feel like a disposable diaper.

  • Of Course I Married Him, I Love Him

    My older brother, by one year, had a best friend. They were old enough to drive and had these hot rally cars. I was 15 and I was head over heels in love with my brother's friend. In my house there was no secret, my mother used the opportunity to teach me on how to attend to a boyfriend. Fix something for when they came by after school, a cake, a pie, cookies. Serve him. Pick up after him. Sit next to him on the tv couch. Invite him to Sunday lunch and fix him his favorite dessert.

    I was all in, he was all in, my brother made fun of me, my mother encouraged me. My father, an Army doctor, couldn't wait to get the boys in the Army, break 'em down and build them up. Make men out of them. My spoiling him was just going to make his Army life more difficult. But love is blind, deaf and dumb. All I could do was jump when I heard the exhaust from his car pull up.

    It was Easter week, we were off from school. The boys were outside working on their cars, the girls inside fixing them lunch. I was sent to call them in and they split up to wash their hands. My total love interest went down the hall to the kid's bathroom. Only after he closed the door did it come to mind that my used menstruation pad was in the waste basket, my rinsed out panties drying on the shower rod.

    I cried, really cried, the embarrassment terrified me. My mother wasn't at all concerned, 'so now he knows your a woman'. Easy for her to say. Serving lunch was impossible, looking in his eyes impossible, sitting beside him impossible. But not a word, not a comment, all he did was say thank you, can I have another sandwich, more lemonade, was I free to go with him and my brother to the movies that afternoon.

    That day when we walked out of the house he took my hand to walk me to the car.