We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

I Seem To Have A Curse Involving My Modesty...

I remember my sweet 16th birthday... that one big party that is stereotypically portrayed as a grand thing. Well, I can certainly say that mine was grand, but not in the best way possible.

In California, exactly two years ago, at this same time of writing, I was having my birthday at a beach house that my grandparents own. It was sort of a party for all my friends... Well, I had this one-piece swimsuit, a beautiful golden one that went well against my black skin.
I put it on in the changing room after all my g*fts and my cake were done, and was about to go on a swim...

The water was rather calm for a half-hour, I was just doing my own thing... I am a good swimmer, and was enjoying swimming circles around most of the people I know.
I took one dunk under the water, and begun to swim below the surface, juuuust when a wave was coming in... didn't hear the warnings when I was underwater.

I don't really know what happened, but I had been a bit too far out when this had happened, and was nearby a few rocks... suddenly, I get knocked around by the wave that caught me off-guard, and I am pushed against these rocks! Well, whatever happened was a blur, but when the wave died down, and I came to my senses, I had found out that while I was surprisingly fine, but apparently my one-piece swimsuit had been ripped off, and snagged on a rock far from where I was.

Realizing what had happened, I begun to try to swim towards it, until I was scooped out of the water by a life-guard. Lemme just say that I tried to point out the swimsuit, but he rushed me back to the shore, water that kept getting my mouth and interrupting what I tried to tell him...
Aaaaand that's when everyone got to see me in my birthday suit, bare naked before a lot of people I know.

By the time I could point out where the swimsuit was, and have someone go and get it, I think it was too late... I know for sure a few people snagged photos before I was covered with a towel and the crowd were shooed away.

The worst of it? A few people still laugh about the story... granted, they at least are happy I am fine, but they still tell the story... Nothing worse then everyone you know seeing what you look like uncovered!
I was, uh, really popular in school and in our neighborhood for awhile after all of that.

... If you thought that was the end, well, then I can say that on 3 separate occasions after that, that I've been seen nude... Walked in on in the locker room while still in high school, after graduation I had been spied on once through a window by the neighbor boys...
then the latest one was when I was in public: Not fully naked, but by jeans split where my butt and crotch were, and I had not put on underwear... embarrassing, especially since I had to walk home like that.

I just know there are some photos somewhere on the web of all of these, but despite the "shame", I actually think not be that bad for some people to see my unclad state, and it actually makes me feel a bit excited.
This year, on the birthday I am writing on, that I think I'll at least intentionally attend my party in the nude this time, make an interesting spin for tonight. It helps that it's a party my bf is hosting, and only my friends will be here!

Wish me luck, sweethearts!

Girlfriend's Parents

Back when I was 26 I started dating this girl. After a couple weeks we went to visit her parents. I was nervous as it was going to be the first time meeting them and I wanted to make a good impression. They lived a little out of the city and we were going to make it a whole day affair. I get introduced to my girlfriend's father, mother and sister who also was there. I didn't end up being as nervous as I thought it was going to be. They had a nice place and even had a pool. it was a warm day and at one point my point her father asks if I wanted to go for a swim. I told him I didn't bring anything for swimming. He laughed and told me not a problem and that they had everything I needed like towels. He asked if anyone else was going to join us but they all said they might a little later.

We went up to the room together to get ready and he begins to undress and so do I. His wife comes in with 2 towels. At this point he had just slipped off his underwear and was naked but I wasn't. I asked about swimwear. He said he never wears any and she says that it is norm around here. Wanting to make a good impression with them I took my underwear off too. I was embarrassed and felt awkward being naked in front of my girlfriend's parents as I had never been naked in front of the parents of someone I was dating. We made our way to the pool which had me be seen by my girlfriend and her sister. I was in the pool with her father for a little while when the women decided they would join us. All 3 went inside to get ready and when they came out I was surprised. All 3 were wearing swimsuits. I asked the father about it and he said only he ever swims naked. He goes on to say I have been the first boyfriend to join him naked and that he would be proud to have me as a son-in-law.

I guess I made a good impression with him but him mentioning son-in-law was a little premature. On the drive home my girlfriend brought up my swimming nude. She said she didn't feel too good about the fact her parents saw me naked before she did. She begins taking about my cock and tells me she didn't want to have me flash my goods to her mom and sister. I told her I was just trying to make a good impression with her parents. She said I did make an impression but not the kind she wanted. She mentions that she thinks I am pervert. No boyfriend would show himself off the way I did. I didn't know exactly what she meant and was completely oblivious it even happened. She told me a had a hard-on and made no effort to hide it in anyway. She said it was like I wanted everyone there to see my big hard cock. I didn't believe her but when she pulled out her phone and showed me pictures I realized it did actually happen. I apologized as I truly didn't know it happened. I think I was more worried about impressing the parents as opposed to realizing what was happening below my waist.

A week later we broke up. She was bitchy that whole week and of course she sent me an email with the pictures, and included most of her friends, with the subject "OOOOOPPPS, I didn't know you were naked in these pictures and had a hard-on" .

Caught By My Daughter

Divorced single dad of two daughters and one son here. Been divorced for 10 years bit on good terms. Ex wife and I get along great and actually are FWBS as if last year but that’s a whole different story.

My son is a junior in college, my one daughter is a freshman in college and my youngest is a junior in high school.

Last week I had a few days off work so I spent my time going to the store a d doing some stuff around the house. That pretty much turned into me doing house work in just my underwear and a shirt. So as I finished up cleaning I decided to go sit down on the couch in my tighty whities and watch some porn.

I was feeling all horny and good because I had went to the local salon I go to for a hair cut and a wax. I get all my pubic and butt hair removed. Been getting regular waxes for 4 years now. Prior to that I was always unshaven and natural.

So I’m on the couch, shirt on the back of the couch. My tighty whities on the floor and my iPad in front of me with porn on. My dick was very erect and ready to go. I’m 6 inches, maybe a bit longer. Nice and thick and uncut. So my foreskin is covering my head, I pulled my skin back to let my head be exposed.

I’m sitting there all relaxed. Enjoying my time masturbating. It feels great, been a few days since I had done it. I can feel my balls starting to fill up. I have very saggy big balls. They are flopping as I’m jerking off.

Then in walks my youngest daughter! I didn’t know she was coming over but she walked in the back door which is by the living room. She looked at me and saw me naked, hard and me jerking my dick. I sat there kinda shocked and my daughter says oh sorry for walking in. I stood up, grabbed my briefs and put them on. Like tighty whities would hide my hard dick.

My daughter said she needed to shower so she walked back to the bathroom. Since I knew I had some time I went back to the couch, slid my briefs down and unloaded my cum onto my stomach and pubic area. It was almost instant. Big load all over me.

Grabbed the towel beside me on the couch and wiped the up off me. Then walked into the kitchen area to grab a tissue to wipe the cum out from under my foreskin. I felt super embarrassed my daughter saw me masturbating. Nudity is no big deal but masturbating was.

I repositioned myself in my briefs and put my shirt back on. About 20 min later my daughter came back out in the living room. I was sitting on the couch in my briefs and a shirt. Very common for me to lounge around in my briefs so my kids are used to it. My daughter too only has a shirt and underwear on. She says so this is kinda awkward a d kinda embarrassing. I said yeah but everyone masturbates. She agreed there but said I never expected to catch you in the middle of the day like that. But her attention quickly we t to asking me how long I had been getting waxed. She could tell I was waxed because she takes a cosmetology class in high school.

  • Obvious Erection

    Years ago, when i went back to college to get a Msster's degree, I met a dirvorced mither of two teen daughters.
    Sheree had not dated since her divorce a year before, so she was a very horny woman. When the girls were with their father I got all the sex I could handle, plus oral sex all the time. One Saturday I was sitting on the couch, totally relaxed abd enjoying Sheree giving me nice, slow, deep head. Apparently, Sheree's ex gad something come up and dropped the girls off. The first we knew about it was when we heard the back door open and heard the girls coming in. Sheree sat bolt up right in a flash leavjng me with a massive, erection pointing straight up. There was no way i was going to stuff my cock back into my pants in time. Sheree grabbed the light weight blanket off the back of the couch and tossed it over my lap. Instant tent, but covered before Stephanie, age 16, and Savannah, age 13. Came in the room. Stephanie recognized that her mother's hair was disheveled and her face was flustered. She looked at me and instantly spotted my erection under the blanket. She said that their dad had something come up and dropped them off. Stephanie asked if we could all go to a movie and Sheree told the girls it was up to me. Stephanie immediately hopped in my lap, wiggled her bottom and bent my cock fown. She turned to me and winked and started pleading yo go to the movies. This teen girl was very aware of my erection under her well rounded and firm bottom. She knew what she was sitting on and knew what she was doing!
    She leaned towards me and hugged me as she squirmed on my hard cock. Looking straight into my eyes, she pleaded to go to the movies,wighling her botyom on my cock. I could not take it any longer and my cock stiffend and began to pulsate as i shot off under the blanket. She knew what she had done because she was smiling a wicked smile as she felt it spasm under her. I told her we would go,but she and her sister needed to go change first. Dhe kissed me on the cheek snd hopped off and took her sister down the hall with her, closing the hall door.
    Sheree looked at me and asked if I thought they knew what she had been doing. I told her I didn’t think so and noved the blanket and she saw my softening cock and the cum. I told her I came as soon as she covered me. Sheree leaned over and cleaned up my cock with her tounge and mouth. She licked up all the cum her daughter wiggled out if me. We enjoyed a movie that night znd I fucked Sheree half the night thinking about the lap dance I had received.

    Caught Masturbating

    Years ago I took a summer job in California and would occasionally walk to abandoned areas nearby the house I was staying in to masturbate outside, but taking my bike to go far enough away that I wouldn't be seen, or known if I was seen. One area seemed like an unfinished project with various levels of concrete layered on each other with lots of dirt and overgrown areas on it or nearby, possibly a intended skating park. I did this occasionally for several weeks, maybe 1-2 times a week, when on one occasion I was laying down on my side and taking a good wank I heard some girlish tittering and gasping nearby. Obviously some teens had seen me, but I looked around and could see no one or anything obvious they could be hiding behind. I quickly composed myself and hopped home on my bike, taking some circuitous routes and looking around thoroughly so I knew I wasn't followed. That spoiled my cumming that night, I jerked off in bed but that wasn't as satisfying. Perhaps a month later I was at a mall and I heard someone say something in my direction, and saw a girl directing her friend's attention toward me. Again, I quickly left the area figuring she recognized me from that time in the dark. I was more careful in the future and I'm sure we never saw each other again as I've never been back to that city.

  • Hotel Whore

    I'm a good girl in high school with a secret. I love to go onto chat sites and talk dirty with old men. I usually never send pics or do anything other than chat, but one day I was talking to a guy amd he was from nearby. We kept talking and after a while he convinced me to meet him at a hotel. I went to the room he had gotten wearing an outfit he chose. Im 5'6 120lbs, with brown hair, green eyes, glasses, a cute face and petite body. I was wearing my shortest skirt amd tightest t shirt without any underwear on. As soon as i walked in he made me pull up my skirt to show i wasnt wearing anything underneath. After that we made out and he felt me up then made me strip naked and show off my boobs, pussy, and butthole. He made me get on my knees and suck his cock then he held my head and face fucked me. Soon he had me bent over facing a mirror as he slid his cock into my teenage pussy. Hr fucked me hard and soon put a finger into my asshole. He was calling me names and soon started fingering my ass. I came on his cock as he did this and he pulled out and made me suck my juices off his cock. Then he made me lay on my back ans beg for his cock in my ass. I begged him and he slowly took my anal virginity. He was gentle for a while then fucked me harder until he came in my ass. He kept me all weekend doing all sorts of naughty things to me. I left covered in cum with my pussy, ass, and mouth all well fucked.

    Anal Pleasure

    I reluctantly admitted to my girlfriends at the bar that every time I have sex with my bf we finish with anal. I didn’t think it was that unusual but they were like wtf whats wrong with you! Whatever

    I enjoy anal. My secret here is that I have a fetish of finger my asshole in public or around company. Ive gotten really good at doing it discretely.

    Someday I want to take a bus and before getting off, lift up my skirt and blames you finger my horny asshole for anyone who cares to look.

    Eating My Words

    I am here to tell a story about a young employee named Graciela. She goes by Gracie in the office. Gracie was born on the road in Mexico when her mother was working her way north to get across the border. Her father is one of several men her mother met earning her way north. Gracie is a not so good looking, heavy, a quite brown girl. She works as a shipping clerk for us.

    My job is CFO and my duties rarely take me into the bowels of of the company. But that day I was down there because a large client was on an emergency delivery and the delivery was delayed. I had a heated, profane, discussion with the Director of Supply Chain. Unfortunately the door was open and Gracie overheard my overly aggressive chewing out. Her eyes skewered me, her face spoke for her. Who was I to speak to her boss like that? It had been a long time since I had felt embarrassed at work.

    I sent her a g*ft certificate to Amazon, with an apology. She refused the olive branch. I took her and her boss to lunch, she was not keen on being seen with me. This young woman put me in my place. And getting in her good graces was my new one and only goal. The question was, how low did I have to lower your head, surrender your pride? I went to her home, flowers, and an apology. I discovered in her mother a woman of doing, not words. In Gracie a woman of quiet honor, headstrong, but right. She accepted the flowers for her mother, gave me a talking to I deserved, questioned whether I had apologized to her boss.

    I called for a shutdown of the plant, brought the executive team with me, apologized to her boss, in front of her 350 coworkers. I promised our employees it would not happen again. Respect I was reminded, is earned, with your behavior. I learned from a quiet woman, a woman of character what Grace really means.

    Thank you for your attention,


    I once Thought i was home Alone and Thought i Had the chance to masterbat. I took my headphones and watched porn. I didnt lock my door Cuz i Thought Nobody was home. In walks my sister And her Friend. They Apperently needed to borrow something and didnt know i was home. My sister is 16 and so is her friend. I’m 14 and has a Crush on Her friend. Puts me in the spot when she cathes me Wanking. Great Day and i Never Saw Her friend ar out House agian While i was home.

  • Drunk Barefoot Genie

    I was having a peaceful Indian Curry Dinner at an Indian Restaurant and then some idiot wearing a Pink Turban, A Pink Vest, Those God Awful Genie Pants and he was barefoot as he came riding in to the restaurant on a magic carpet.

    The Genie began talking with an Indian Tone despite being w*********h as he took out a flute and began playing his flute to the annoyance of everyone in the restaurant.

    Then the genie stumbled off his Magic Carpet and knocked over my fucking Curry off the Table. I was so pissed as this drunk then went into the restroom barefoot.

    Restaurant staff had to calm me down and would make me another plate of Curry and as I was trying to enjoy my Curry a second time as the Drunk Barefoot Genie exited the restroom still barefoot wearing only his Turban and a pink Sequin Thong.

    Then the idiot went near my Table and started smelling his fucking feet in the damn restaurant I told him to get the hell away from me and let me eat my Curry in peace. Then he took my plate of curry, put his dirty ass foot in my curry and started sucking his toes as I was so pissed off at him I threw my cup of water in his face which caused the idiot to fall on the floor as I took my plate and smashed him in the head with it and then I took his Magic Carpet and wrapped him in it, and then kicked his drunk half naked ass out of the restaurant for ruining my Curry Dinner.