We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

My Friends Bare Ass

I have a friend that thinks its funny to sit her bare ass on my face when im laying down. She has done it a few times and won't get off of me until I "kiss her asshole." She only does it when no one else is around but it is still so embarressing for me. What should i do? Is it normal between friends to sit on their faces?

Wife Makes Me

My wife who is 12 years older than me, crossdresses me, fucks me, and now mounds me. She pushed my balls up into my body cavity, stretched back my little penis, and superglued the sac skin up over it on both sides. It looks like I have a pussy now. I can't go to the gym as they have open showers. She says that I have to go this week

It Happened At The Kitchen Table

This was embarrassing to me, but I’m hopping no one saw it, it happen about 5 years ago, my wife didn’t know I had been on gay men sites, chatting snd it led to me sending nudes and then to having gay sex with a few of them, but what happened one night while friends where at our home must have made my face blood red,
We had eaten a nice dinner ,the wife had cleared the table and brought coffee and desert , my laptop was close by snd my wife ask me to show them pics of a resent trip,
Not really realizing I had forgot to delete some nude pics of myself
I started showing them pics, when all of a sudden I saw nudes of me,!!!!!!!!!

Damn what a head rush, I quickly took the lamp top into hand leaning it back
And quickly deleting the pics while never stop talking about the trip,
I hope and don’t think his wife saw the pics, and I know my wife didn’t from her seat, but if she did she got an eye full!!!

It never bit me but damn it was close

  • Ooo ... Some Neighbors!

    I am a twenty-nine year old woman and I am four foot nine inches tall. I am very youthful and flat chested and look more like I’m about twelve or fourteen at a glance. My husband is thirty years old and five foot ten, or average height.
    And yes, the two of us have often joked, with his saying that having sex with me is like fucking a twelve year old. Believe me, he is not a child m****ter or anything like that. This just happens to be a long standing joke between the two of us.
    Well, at the beginning of this summer my husband I moved. I will admit that I often go nude around the house, and yes I shave, so I look probably pretty prepubescent, I know.
    My husband and I had the very embarrassing experience that someone called the police on us and reported that he was a child m****ter. I had to show my birth certificate, my driver’s license as well as our marriage license, and of course he had to do the same. Of course we got it all straightened out n the end, although for a moment we both thought that we were going to be arrested. I have to admit that this was probably the most embarrassing experience of my entire life!

    Barefoot Cousin Fred Ruined Thanksgiving

    Me and my Family was having a Nice Thanksgiving Dinner until an Uninvited Turkey showed up for Dinner. My Cousin Fred was wearing a Turkey Suit and was barefoot and he was also carrying bottles of beer and after thinking a gulp of Miller Lite he climbed on top of the Dinner Table clapped his hands and stamped his bare feet into the Mashed Potatoes and did the Turkey Dance and then farted right in my face.

    Fred then jumped off of the table and ran inside my bathroom and locked the door and the next thing I heard was farts, turds hitting the water and him Fred Gobbling and Grunting while taking a shit in my bathroom.

    Then Fred emerged from my Bathroom wearing a Turkey Mask and a Thong with Turkey Feathers as he came back into the Dining Room, he picked up his Foot and SMELLED HIS FEET as the Pies were being Passed around the Table and ME and my Kids were all getting grossed out by Fred's behavior. Then Fred snatched the Pumpkin Pie Put his foot in my Pumpkin Pie and began to suck his toes on my Pumpkin Pie in front of everyone but the Pie was still hot as Fred clutched his foot in pain as I took a Pie and hit him in the face with it. Fred retaliated and threw the Pie he just sucked his Toes on at me and before you know it an all out Food Fight broke out in the Dining Room as Food went everywhere. Then I grabbed a Plate and smashed Fred in the head with it as my Uncle and Husband dragged Fred's Drunk Half Naked Ass out of my House

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


    At the beginning of this summer my mom caught me and my friend Kevin sitting naked together on the sofa. Luckily we weren’t actually doing anything at that moment, although we both had an erection. Of course we were surprised and my mom was surprised. Kevin hurriedly got dressed and left, and my mom just looked amused. She said that she didn’t know that I liked to do stuff like that with other boys, and I said just with Kevin.
    She didn’t have any problem with that and was very casual about it. And there I was still naked, talking to my mom, although my erection had gone down. I was so embarrassed, although so thankful that my mom didn’t think that I was gay. At least after that I didn’t have to worry about her knowing.

    Therapist Upskirts

    Every time I go to the therapist for a session, I get a good peek up her skirt. She has a small L-shaped sectional in her office, with me sitting on one end and her sitting on the open end at the other side, like an ottoman. My therapist is a tall brunette with long legs, very attractive body but a very plain face. She usually wears a business suit or skirt and shirt or sweater, with the skirts usually a little to moderately above the knees, though not quite what I'd call "mini". Sometimes a dress that would be appropriate for the office, again with hem above her knees, sometimes mid thigh or longer.

    But how she sits...sometimes with her knees together or just slightly apart, or legs crossed but with enough of a gap that I can clearly make out what she is wearing. Nylon, cotton, silky, lace. A few times form her panty lines I knew she had on parties, a couple of times thongs. Twice now she moved her legs apart enough as she moved to stand up or reach for her desk that I could tell she had on a thong just looking up her skirt. I can occasionally make out her brown bush underneath the fabric and once I could see little brown hairs stick up through a white lace pair of panties. So far never commando.

    She's relatively young and only a few years out of school, so I imagine it's mostly due to her being a little immature in person or that no one ever cautioned her how to sit. I wish it was something more and that I'd have the guts to say something to her about seeing up her skirt, but I'm also afraid she'd be embarrassed or offended. So for now I enjoy the show but it is awkward.

    Shopping Chance Meeting

    Hi everyone,

    Im 27 yr old married female.

    I had a rather embarrassing moment shopping that turned into something quite nice and unexpected..

    Last Wednesday was a rather warm day, i had been shopping and was putting groceries into my car when the wind caught my dress and lifted it enough to give a much older gentleman in car parked alongside me quite the view of my panties. I finished putting groceries in my car and as i stood up he said hello. I said hello back . He told me he was from out of town and did i happen to know any good cafe's. I told him of a nice cafe and he invited me to join him for a coffee . I told him i was married but flattered by his offer. He said a coffee won't hurt and be nice for him to have some company. I said ok and we went for a coffee . While having a coffee my husband called and told me he had been asked by his work to go away for 3 days and had to leave within the next hour. I told him i loved him and to have a safe trip away. The older guy Tony had heard my conversation and became very flirty. Tony suggested i join him for dinner that evening . I said ok and gave him my number . Tony phoned me later and we arranged a time to meet at the motel he was staying at restaurant. I showered and got dressed for dinner . I wore a tight fitting mid length red dress that is designed to show my ample cleavage has splits up the sides giving quite the view of my legs. I caught a cab to restaurant so i could have a few drinks . We had a lovely dinner ,great conversation and drinks . It was time for me to go and i was about to call a cab when Tony gently took my hand and led me to his motel room. Once inside Tony began kissing me ,Tony was a lot older than me he was 61 . I didn't resist his advances . He whispered that he had been thinking of glimpsing my panties earlier that day and the thought gave him a hard on. I kissed him back as he unclasped my dress and slid it off my shoulders,letting it fall to the floor. I wasn't wearing a bra and his hands and lips found my nipples instantly. I took off his shirt ,dropped to my knees and undid his jeans ,pulled them down . I took a double take at the buldge in his boxers Tony's cock was huge. I freed his cock and tried taking as much as i could into my mouth. Tony stood me up took my panties off and we 69er on the bed me on top . I was wiggling on his tongue and came almost instantly.Tony pulled out of my mouth ,laid me down with 2 pillows under my bum and slowly entered me with his big cock. Tony screwed me on and off till nearly 4 am . All different positons . I have never before had a cock anywhere near the size of Tony's . I went home and felt so guilty . I phoned Tony had a chat. He calmed me down and yes i ended up back at his motel got screwed senseless for the next 2 days. We will keep in touch. Hubby arrived home late Saturday and of course wanted sex ,so glad it was a quickie ,my poor pussy was still aching from so much sex with Tony's lovely big cock.
    Shopping had never been so much fun .


    We Are Now Sisters Forever

    I'm a single teacher. My best friend got pregnant with twins. She already had two toddlers. When she was given bed rest at six months I moved in with her to help with the kids and the house. Her husband came to see me one night and he got me pregnant.

    I don't have an excuse, it happened. We were best friends now we are sisters.

    Drunken Discovery

    Out with friends, I had way too much to drink and phoned my boyfriend. He picked me up and took me to his and his sisters shared house. As I didn't want my dad to see me drunk.
    His sister was away that weekend, so when I began being sick, instead of sleeping in his room, we used her bedroom, as her room has an en suite bathroom.
    My boyfriend left me in the bed in the early hours, when he went to work for a four am start. However I didn't know he'd gone as I was totally flaked out.
    Feeling my boyfriend putting his hand into my knickers from behind, he began to play with my pussy and clit.
    Then I felt him shuffling about in the dark. Next thing I knew, he had his cock sliding into my pussy from behind, spooning me.
    His penis felt larger than usual, and he was far more forceful, fucking me like a slut. Before I knew it, I was orgasming and that's when I cried out telling him how amazing his cock felt inside of me.
    Suddenly he pulled out, jumped up and turned the bedside lamp on.
    I turned round to see my naked boyfriends, sisters, boyfriend.
    Max stood there naked with a huge erection bobbing in front of him saying "What the fuck are you doing in ******'s bed".
    I must have sobered up somewhat, because I couldn't stop looking at his massive cock and thinking, he's just fucked me with that.
    He asked me again, but didn't bother to cover up. Telling him what had happened, he said he'd totally forgotten ****** was away for the weekend.
    Still very much erect, he asked me to go back into my boyfriend's bedroom. But I could see him checking me out.
    I definitely saw the lust in his eyes, but I guess both embarrassed, I did as he asked and walked back into my boyfriend's bedroom.
    Later that morning as I sat in the kitchen drinking water, he asked me not to say anything. Only this time it wasn't out of fear for my boyfriend, it was because he also told me, I have a gorgeous body and unlike his girlfriend, I could take his cock real good.
    In other words, he'd love to have sex with me again.
    Nothing like that has happened since. But we all live in the house now, and we flirt all the time.
    We did have a very prolonged kiss only a week ago, where I massaged his cock through his shorts. My boyfriend was asleep in the lounge when we kissed in the kitchen.
    It's just a matter of time I feel, if he can past his fears about my boyfriend.
    I hope so, because I'd love to feel that huge cock of his inside of me again.