We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

My Daughter

Last year during international woman’s day, the wife and I decided to get home early from work to go out to eat.

We have a teen daughter together who is an amazing athlete and never gives us trouble in school. Sarah is around 5’8 blonde with brown eyes, and has the typical volleyball physique with tone legs, full butt, slim waste, small tits.

I went upstairs to grab my id and saw her door was slightly opened. I figured it needed to be closed so I crept up to close it. To my horror I find Sarah prone facing her window on her phone scrolling with no pants, panties on the floor, her pussy is completely red and puffy, with an unbelievable amount of cum covering her back and dripping everywhere completely covering her ass crack. Her hair was a complete mess and the smell of sex reeked in the whole room.

Sarah initially didn’t notice me thinking I must have been someone else because she began cat stretching and let out a little giggle. She started wiggling her ass and gave out a little moan and that’s when I screamed out “Sarah what are you doing????!!!”

She turned around and we were both mortified. Immediately she started screaming “Dad GET out!”” Her face and mascara were runny and I was in complete disbelief.

My wife ran upstairs screaming “What happened what is going on?” It was a lot of shouting and confusion before we figured out what to do. I was furious but the wife calmed me down and Sarah who was completely crying and having a breakdown. To this day I don’t know who Sarah was with nor did my wife and I see anyone when we came in the house but we took her to a doctor to get checked and made sure she was healthy. There was no car parked outside and whoever it was was slick and quick enough to bail without a single trace. There were no cameras in my home during that time but now that has changed.

My wife made a pact with Sarah for trust and anonymity to help get the story out of her and make sure she wasn’t taken advantage of. I was upset I was never told who it was but I think my wife does at this point and has assured me it’s okay. Unfortunately this upsets me but I think they are doing it to protect whoever it was.

  • Experimental Temperamental

    been exploring new things like semi-lesbian lust porn. looking up tits and orgasming to loud moaning of male and woman sexual scenes and forcing myself to orgasm fast on demand so much it made me go deaf and dizzy and shake all over to the point my body went to jelly completely from head to toe. I never used to be like this. Until my 20s because before that I could orgasm multiple times and go and walk off and clit bang standing and walk off easy now . its like I feel like I am sometimes just gonna collapse. I have tried lesbian type sensual body pleasuring before to just get in touch with my own tits and pussy. The more I explore and get to know the levels of the JAWS of my vagina and what it can do kind of evokes a new woman inside of me. Less afraid of having real sex with a good cocked guy. I just don't think I can live up to the sexual act as an exhibition or partner swap. I got horny watching a movie about a couple who test out swap sex and I am not sure my body will react that way in that confident sexual way for my age. I am shy by nature and fearful. I am likely to shake out of nervousness and fear and over breath and hyperventilate like before. It wouldn't matter what man it was I would still feel that of "oh shoot , will I live up to what he wants? can I do that in public or swap?" I don't think I can. and literally, last night I could not get a hard on clit no matter what the fuck I did. My clit actually was feeling pain rather then pleasure. But tonight made up for it and yet the orgasm on demand was a loose and weak but needed orgasm. and sometimes it is just like that due to the time of the month. but I never had before that feeling like I had no sexual hard on clit and no pleasure at all had me extra worried of "can I perform? what if that happens when I am with a man I desperately love? what will he think of me?" I think I have a temperamental clit.

    Work Party

    Our company hired 4 university students for the summer. They were all guys which was a relief since for me since the company I worked for was all women except for me, one other guy and these 4 students. The summer was coming to an end and so was their summer work term. Our company decided to throw them a going away BBQ party at a nearby beach. Not all employees showed up but 18 of us did. It was a good party and then the incident happened.

    The 4 students decided they were going to go for a swim which normally wouldn't an issue but no one brought swimsuits. They stripped to their underwear and told me I was one of the guys and to join them. I didn't feel comfortable doing it but the students pressed me on joining them. I was being called a party pooper and not one of the guys for not wanting to join them. They kept it up and I finally gave in to the pressure. I stripped down to my underwear and was now being seen this way by 13 female coworkers.

    I was ready to go for the swim but we weren't done. The 4 students pulled off their underwear and I was completely caught off guard by this. Once again they are shouting at me and peer pressure kicked in so I did it. We then all went running into the water naked. It was fun swimming naked like we were but once we came out of the water is when the realization of what I just did sunk in. All my female coworkers were seeing me naked but even though they were I somehow was very relaxed. The guys began posing and so did I. I think I was in a daze and just followed what the students were doing. There were some things I probably shouldn't have done as they were close to crossing the line, and maybe some things actually did cross it, but with the students doing them I got caught up in the moment.

    Finally we were done and got dressed and that was pretty well it for the night. We said goodbye to the students as they would no longer be coming into the office.

    The next work day was pretty well very embarrassing. Everyone at work heard about it and that's when it came to my attention there were pictures and video of everything that happened. It didn't seem too bad when I was doing it but seeing the videos made me realized how much we crossed the line. Seeing myself naked was embarrassing enough but we posed and stroked ourselves hard. After that. one by one we each stood and stroked and cum . We each did it and there were quite a few videos with different angles of each of us cumming. Seeing myself doing that and having my coworkers see it too made me feel very embarrassed and a whole lot of other feelings. The students were no longer working there so I was the sole one who got all the comments from the women about everything we did.

    The comments went on for quite a while but did eventually subside. They did still occur along with the videos and pictures being brought up every so often. I learned to deal with it but what occurred frequently made it difficulty to put behind me. Anytime there was a new hire at the company I was usually introduced as the party guy and they were shown the videos and pictures.

    I will add, one day at work I was teased about it and the women just wouldn't let up or stop and I reached my breaking point. They were taunting me and I had a mental breakdown. I stripped naked and did what I had done that time with the students. I masturbated in front of everyone as I was yelling at them. I was calling them all "Cunts" and asking " Is this what wanted to see?" as I was stroking. I finished cumming and I think they realized they over did. They were telling me to get dressed but I refused. I remember yelling "You wanted to see cock! I am not getting dressed. I am staying naked! I am going to be working this was for now on and cumming everyday!!!" . I then went back to my cubicle.

    A couple of women brought my clothes to me and told me to get dressed. I told them to go away. They did and I continued working naked. I walked around the office naked and even masturbated 2 more times in front of some of the women. It was hours before I finally cooled down and got dressed. That was the final day the women teasing me to that extent, or at least to my face.

  • The Spa With The Happy Ending

    When I graduated from high school my family took me to Hawaii. Or rather my family went to Hawaii on the excuse that I graduated. Mother, father, brother, grandmother everyone in one room. I got the pleasure of sleeping with grandma and my brother got the rollaway bed.

    There was a Spa special, 100 dollars apiece. My grandma said she would treat the 'girls' and the boys could find something to do. I had never been, I thought you kept your underwear on. But no, not at that spa, show your nakedness to the lady, she's seen it all so get over it. Mom and grandma naked on the other beds behind the curtains.

    Oils and hot stones, hands on my neck and my shoulders, and under my breasts and over, with delight in her eyes as she felt me up, over and over she 'massaged' my breasts that no boy had ever touched. A long hot kiss to each nipple, her cheeks between my breasts, her hands went further down my sides, my hips, across the top of my thighs, my feet and back up my legs, my knees, up my thighs, in between my thighs, a kiss on my lady lips. "Grandma paid for a bull Brazilian wax, I'll be gentle I've done this many times".

    Open your legs, put a pillow under my hips, she lathered me with hot creams and shaved me clean. Now on your knees, bend down and keep your legs open, she rubbed some hot cream and rubbed it in to my anal entry. Here, she said, spread your legs and she lathered me up between my butt cheeks and shaved me. Stay like that, keep your legs apart, my butt hole up and out in the open, she layered wax on between my cheeks, and rubbed her thumb in my anal entry, that's for pleasure she said, but I do need to wax your little butt. And with that some hot wax and ouch!, she got the hairs off my butt hole.

    She went down and down between my legs, waxing and tearing out the hairs between my legs, she turned me over, with the pillow under me to hold me up high, she waxed me and peeled me and left me smooth all over. And I thought it was done but she told me I had to turn over again she was going to lighten up my bottom hole. Bleach it. She took a picture with a Polaroid type camera and showed me my bleached back side, not a hair to be seen.

    Grandma paid for a moment of pleasure, with the music getting old and the breast massage and nipple kissing and the massage of my vulva with the palm of her hand, the spreading of lips and hot tongue inside, her tongue poking my vagina. And hot already, streaming wet, she took my clit in her mouth and between her thumbs she massaged my clit and sucked it at the same time. My climax, orgasm, the Big O, call it what you want, was loud and my mother and my grandma giggled.

    My Very Special Relationship

    Sometime ago I went with my boss to an outlet in Jacksonville. We sell truck tires all over the nation, and other truck equipment, batteries, wipers etc. As an aside, no one measures tires by unit, we measure sales by the pound, end of aside. The shop is a shop, dirty, blue collar, and the bathroom is filthy. Stand on the toilet and squat dirty, guys don't get it. Short story, I fell off and hit my head.

    My boss and the store manager heard the fall, the door was locked, I didn't respond, they used a crowbar to get the door open, I was trying to sit up, my boss shoved the store manager out of the way, my legs open, my panties and pants were off so I could squat on the toilet, he stared at my naked lady parts. He got me up, helped me step into my panties and pulled them up and accom8dated them, and then my pants while I held onto him.

    And that's why my boss and I have a 'special' relationship, which has grown to be deep and wonderful. Would I have sought out an affair with my boss? Not likely, I'm a staff attorney. But after your boss knocks down a door to save you and puts on your pants and panties your no longer an employee, you belong to him in a way you would never have admitted.

  • Big Butthole

    My wife is super hot, the hottest I've ever had, and one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. She is a former covergirl model. She is also 34 and is very domme. She has always made a game of stretching my butthole. Everyday she puts half liter bottles in me, and is now stretching me to 1 liter bottles. My butthole has gotten very big, and somewhat dilated.

    I was in the gym and in the showers some guys were half laughing behind me. Others in the changing room stopped cold when I dropped something and had to bend over to pick it up. They were looking at my dilated butthole. It's probably 2 to 2 and a half inches long top to bottom, and the puffiness looks almost like vaginal lips.

    It is so embarrassing to me. I'm not going back to that gym at least not at a time when people are there. I'm not gay, she just enjoys putting things in me back there.

    We Are Not As Free As We Sometimes Think We Are

    I'm a self diagnosed lesbian oriented artist. I'm from a country where gay is bad and it]s better not to tempt the authorities. I was doing fine, I had my studio. I met this woman, an American who was traveling with another woman in our country. I learned they were lesbians and that intrigued me, the first I knowingly met. They were very open and enthused me to experiment.

    I applied for and was accepted for a study program in France. There I met a woman and jumped in to experiment. It was so so, but I had no emotional investment and I felt like it was a waste of time. I focused on my study program and learned a lot about other mediums. Then like a lightning bolt I met this girl. Younger, a 19 year old, from Berlin, a vocal feminist and lesbian. But I was stricken.

    This time I was emotionally invested, head over heals, but totally put off by her attitudes and her group of friends. I went home upset, emotional, torn up. I went home. There I met an older man, just returned after his residency, and looking for a wife. I was a little older but single and I swore the truth to him. I had never engaged in sex, with a man. We became engaged and married. Two children, a new house, a new nanny, an au pair, from Switzerland where my husband studied Medicine.

    Blood boiling, hands sweating, heart racing, nap time for the babies, between the sheets, wild, open, all engulfing sex happened. She was a lesbian and open to a relationship with me. We were careless, and it was a fact certain that my husband found out, he accused me of cheating, guilty, of behavior that was embarrassing to him and his reputation and family, guilty, of disregard for my children, guilty. I feared the worst, divorce, losing my children, banishment from my country.

    I was crying in my dressing room and he knocked and came in. A woman's dressing room is off limits to a man, even a husband man. But he came in, told me he had decided to send the au pair home, he was going to leave it at that. One chance, one more and I was out.

    My country does not support gay behavior, granted that mostly they focus on male gays. But a scandal was what had to be avoided. Divorce would cost me my children. He loves me, I know that now, more than ever. I won't do this again, I won't endanger my home or my children, I apologized and genuinely asked for forgiveness. I will respect him and his home and honor, it's my name too.

    Sorry this is long, for women like me we are tied to our fathers, our husbands, our sons.

    It's Just A Word But Not Really

    I was on a date during my senior year in high school (he was a college boy home for Spring Break) and he asked me if I had a hairy 'c**t'. I told him to fuck off and further not to ever call a girl's puss a c**t. It was demeaning and sexist. So he told me that what I needed was for a good c**t fucking. We wrestled in the car until he pinned me down told me to get my pants down and ask him to 'fuck my c**t', he whispered that he could also fuck my ass.

    I asked him to fuck my c**t. Ever since then when there is sex involved or sex going to be involved I have to refer to my puss as 'his c**t'. It's just a word, but it has a lot of sex all over it, and fuck my c**t is a lot worse than make love to me. I know men are full of shit about sex and their power and their big dicks and how much pussy they've had.

    But fuck my c**t, lick my c**t, do you want my c**t, here's my c**t all make me fell like I'm his whore. I'll even go for pussy at this point.

    Elder Sister Fucked By A Big Black Cock

    I have seen my elder Sister fucked by a massive Cock in the barn. This big black man was employed in our farm to look after the buffaloes and milk them in that old days manually. Every morning in the early hours it was my elder Sister's duty to go and collect the Milk for our home use. One day morning unusually I was awake too early and saw my sister leaving our house through the backyard to collect milk. After a while I got up and thought to help her and followed. Nearing the barn I heard some strange voice and I cautiously peered through the gap in the wooden panels and astonishingly saw my Sister being fucked by this Big Black Cock just a few feet away. My sister was in a bending position with her skirts pulled over her back exposing her butts and hairy pussy. This man was fucking her pussy as if doing a rap dance and she was moaning enjoying the fuck. I felt my 13 year old cock trying to jump out of my trousers and had to masturbate watching their hot sex.

  • A Must Before Marriage

    My now husband and I were dating for three months, we weren't exclusive but he was. I didn't know it. I'd fucked a lot of guys and was open to him about it, he had one other girl before me. I was the only one who let him blow in her mouth, and take her anally. His prior gf would only suck it a little bit then when it was hard, lay back, spread her legs and let him fuck her. I was the first one he didn't use a rubber with as well. He liked the fact that everything was open to him, but was really put off that I was still dating others, which in my terms meant I was having sex with others. He wanted an exclusive relationship, and after another couple of months I agreed.

    During that time, I was taken off the pill on doctors orders, and he got me pregnant. I was in tears, I didn't want this but for me personally, an abortion was out of the question. He said we should get married, and after a couple of weeks I gave in. However; he took a much more dominant turn (and I didn't mind that) in our personal relationship. Before he agreed to marry me, by now I'm in tears almost everyday, he said that there was one thing I had to do or it was off. I was crying and agreeing to anything.

    He got my number from me, fucked at 14 the first time till the time now, when I was 20. I had 38 guys that I had sex with plus him. 10 were in a gangbang one night, and 5 others another gangbang. The rest were my normal dates. My husband to be insisted that we go to a tattoo parlor and he had a small light brown colored dot put on my pussy lips, 1 for every guy I had sex with. That was on my right, outer pussy lip. On the left he had a bigger dot put, about a quarter inch around. That represented him.

    Now, I have a constant reminder of my slut days, and he has me tell him all about it to get him hard. My daughter when she was about 8 saw the dots and asked me about them, I told her they were always there, I don't know why. When she was 18 she asked again, telling me they weren't natural, and I was super embarrassed but I told her about it.