We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

Caught In The Act

So working from home worked out good for me but also led to an embarrassing situation which I'll keep short for you.

So It happened during a normal work day me and my gf sending dirty texts I was working in one room and she was doing something in another and I said about her giving me a little visit which she did. She walked in completely naked, pulled my dick out and started riding me while I was with a customer and all was good. I needed to start typing so my gf lent right forwards and held on to the foot rest so she could keep going. Then an emergency meeting was called. The boss wanted to do a video call so I told the gf and she said she wasn't  stopping so I took the call.

Adjusted the camera so I could move round and give my gf more room and started talking to my boss. She was talking about this and that it was hard to focus but I got what she was saying. Anyway she asked if I had anything I'd like to ask I said no, I asked her if she needed more details and she said yeah. I asked what she needed to know and she said why has your girlfriend been naked having sex with you throughout the meeting. I then realised she could see the mirror behind me which shows the full mirror on the other side of the room so she could see everything including my girlfriend who had just taken my full load and was dipping her fingers into her pussy and eating it. My boss wasn't impressed and I got a warning but at least it wasn't a group meeting.

  • Mother In Law

    About 15 years ago when I first met my wife to be, she was still living at home with her mother...who at that time was a divorcee and 41 years old. I was in my mid 20's and my wife to be was 19.

    Because i lived out of town, i would occasionally stay the night there. In a spare room because the future mum in law didn't approve of me and her daughter having sex under her roof. As you can imagine for a red blooded male, i found this very frustrating. They say that you should always check out your potential wife's mother to give you an idea of how your wife will look in 20 years time.

    Frankly i liked what i saw.

    I was now doubly frustrated. Wasn't allowed to have sex with my girlfriend and extremely aroused by her mother.

    One morning waking up horny as hell I go to have a shower but the door is locked and i can hear the shower going. Thinking it was my girlfriend i go outside to see if i can peek in through the window. The glass is that opaque glass so i cant see through it but the window is open just a nick to allow the steam to escape. I manage to get my fingers through the gap and open it a little wider. I can now see the shower cubicle but its not my girlfriend in there, it's her mother. She has her back to the window as she showers so i stand to one side so i can see through the gap, and i pull out my cock and start masturbating as i watch her soap herself and rinse off. I let out an unintended very audible moan when she bent over to pick up the shampoo bottle on the floor of the shower. Her legs were parted and the water was flowing off her ass and her pussy lips. She was maybe 3 metres from the window but the view was clear. Im outside wanking hard as i watch her and she bends over again and washes between her legs. Again i moan out loud. This time she stands up quickly and turns off the shower and stands there cocking her head this way and that listening for whatever had disturbed her.

    I quickly push my cock back into my jeans and zip up and go back inside and hide in my room...across from the bathroom. As my girlfriend's mum opens the bathroom door, i hide and wait until she has passed by and closed her bedroom door and then go into the bathroom closing the door behind me. First thing i see are a pair of white lace panties on the floor. I pick them up and examine them. The crotch is wet and has a filmy sheen to it. I rub a fingertip over it and lift my finger to my lips and taste it. Instantly my cock hardens up again. So i unzip my jeans and pull out my cock and start to wank myself while i sniff and lick the crotch of her panties and picture her in my mind bending over in the shower and begging me to fuck her.

    I put her panties over my head so the crotch us touching my lips and i lick and suck on the lacey material as i wank my shaft with one hand and stroke my balls with the other. I'm getting so close to cumming. I lean back against the sink, sucking the crotch of her panties deep in my mouth, when the door opens - I'd forgotten to lock it when i saw the panties on the floor - and in walked my girlfriend.

    She assesses the scene comes in, closes the door beyond her and hisses "what the fuck are you doing with my mothers undies?" So that's embarrassment number one.. it continues.

    Thinking on my feet I say "fuck! your mothers ?? Oh god no i thought they were yours."

    I pretend to be horrified and eventually she starts to laugh and tells me that i must be so frustrated going without sex for so long. She locks the door and starts the shower running, gets naked and asks "how do you want me"?

    Still with the vision of her mother bent over in the shower, i tell her to bend over and grab her ankles. With the water running over her ass i soap her up and then get down behind her and take a good close look. Her pussy lips didn't hang like her mums but it was close enough for me to fantasize about. I started to lick her pussy and then moved to her ass and pushed my tongue in her anus. At the same time I'm stroking my cock. I'm rock hard. I stand and take hold of my girlfriend's hips and ease the head of my cock inside her. She felt so silky smooth i couldn't help but think of the wet juicy slime on the crotch of her mums panties. As I'm gerting closer to ejaculating my pace picks up until I'm slamming into her from behind and all that can be heard is the slap slap slap of flesh on flesh, the running water and my girls pants of encouragement. Knowing she loved being slammed into made me hornier still. I grabbed her hair in one hand and her shoulder with the other and as i thrust deep and held her there, and the cum started to spurt....i called her by her mother's name! So yep that was the embarrassing moment. It took some time to live that down, but she still married me.

    They Called Me 3 Hole Punch

    When I was in high school, I got the nickname 3 Hole Punch after a party. My boyfriend’s football team had just had a big victory, and his parents were out of town, so he had a big crazy party. We were all pretty messed up on stuff that makes you horny if you know what I mean, and I went into his bedroom with him and his friend. We got naked and started fooling around. They were both sucking my tits, I would take turns sucking them, then we started to all fuck. They DP’d me and I was loving it. I didn’t realize other people had come in the room. When one of the guys finished, a new guy would take his place, and guys started putting their cocks down my throat too. I was completely filled. Someone filmed it and the tape got passed around. After that everyone called me 3 Hole Punch because I’d had all my holes filled.

  • I Hate Security Cams

    Ok, so I was staying with a family friend for the summer cus she wasn't doing great on her new meds and I had no plans and my mum was paying me good money for it.

    Anyway I'd been there a week and I like to masturbate but was discrete so had no issues. That was until when she went out on her own. It was only to the shop but I knew I had an hour so grabbed my vibe headed to the garden and enjoyed feeling the sun on my body and a world shaking orgasm which I needed.

    Sure enough hour passes and V comes back babbling about her security system sending her texts. I thought it was the mess and ignored it and carried on with my day. Then at dinner we're eating at the table and she's watching a video and biting her lip like she's loving what she's seeing and all I can hear is buzzing. The video stopped and she looks at me smiles and turns the tablet around and pushes play to show me in all my glory.

    I ran to the bedroom so embarrassed. I didn't want to be seen and I'm not an exhibitionist.

    About half hour later though she walked in and sat by me, told me I'm a beautiful woman and it's nothing to be ashamed of then said it was nice to see me relaxed and enjoying myself. Which made it a bit awkward but was nice how reassuring she was especially when she said it would be our secret. When I turned around to face her she was holding a huge vibe smiling and said its her fave. Turned it on and gave me a quick poke and I was surprised how strong it was. I heard her using it a few times after that I also caught her watching the video of me a few times but I trust her not to share it. It does seem strange though cus she's 18 years older than me and my mums friend.

    Thank you for reading I just needed this out there. Hopefully it's not to boring x

    Drunken Mishaps

    So years ago me and my bf had my sister round for drinks and there were a lot of them as she was staying the night. Lots of laughing and joking and I decided I'd give my bf a treat as it was quite early and I knew he'd have a 2nd run in him, and I was very drunk at this point and made him cum in my Baileys but without thinking I walked back through and put the drink down quickly stumbled back to the kitchen for my phone and returned just in time to see my sister finishing it.

    It was an OMG moment but I just acted like it was all good and it really excited my bf thinking I'd just swallowed his load. Anyway later on I decided I wanted some more of my bf so pulled a blanket over us and started playing with him not realizing that we weren't covered properly and my sister had a full view of me rubbing his meat on my pussy, we were all ridiculously drunk at this point so I was a bit all over the place and she jokingly asked if I was to drunk to get it in and we all laughed. I remember deciding to just go for it and ride him and then I stopped and told my sister to give it a go practically throwing her on him as she was older and probably really needed good dick. Long story short she did and he came and he said she should share it and started scooping it out to feed me. Woke up the next day and felt rubbish she only remembered the sex luckily and my bf forgot she was even there so was surprised when the person he tried to wake up with his dick wasn't me. Never drank that much again.

  • New Birth Control...

    We are a married white couple. We have been swinging about 2 years and wife has a regular male, 10 years younger then her, she refers to as her boyfriend. He is black with a large penis. The other night he stopped by and I was enjoying the show as he had the wife on the bed with her ankles behind her ears and pounding away on her pussy. Then he suddenly stopped. He reached down and ripped the condom off and showed it to my wife. Then he pushed back into her pussy and went back to fucking. She was clearly loving it with the screams of pleasure. He knew she was not on any birth control! A minute later he announced he was close to cumming. I spoke up and told him to make sure and pull out. He looked over at me and said "you better get over here". When I did he told me to get down beside him and open my mouth. I said "hell no"! He replied back, "then hope you want a black baby cause I'm gonna nut in the bitch". At that point the wife yelled "just do it"! I lowered myself down on the bed beside both of them. He pulled out of the wife's pussy and put his cock in my face. He maybe stroked it a couple of times and the first stream of cum hit my tongue followed by several more. It felt like a quart! I gagged but managed to swallow it. They both laid on the bed making out while I cleaned up. I felt like such a sissy. They were both laughing and joking about her "new birth control". After a rest he fucked her again and I swallowed his second load. After he left I told wife that if he was going to fuck her bareback she should call her doctor in the morning and get on birth control. She laughed it off and said "I don't know, I kinda enjoyed this".

    Wife Likes Me Bi

    My wife is 40 to my 22. We've been married 6 months now, but seeing each other after her divorce when I was 17. She was my first sex ever, and she also helped me with some of her female friends alone and with her in 3somes. It was a lot of fun, we really enjoyed the sex, and nothing was off the table. She talked me into 3somes with other guys, then sometimes going with just the guy and me and telling her all about it. She preferred that I bottom, and especially liked me buttfucking her right after I had been fucked with a load or more up my own butt.

    She totally turned me bi, and I do it, she does bi sex, we do threesomes, and individual dates with others of the same sex. I was totally against it, but she managed to get me into it and I have to say I love being sucked, and I have always liked pumping her ass and even guys asses, but I've come to like getting buttfucked and sucking cock too. She loves me to tell her all about it when it's a one on one encounter. We still have a lot of threesomes, and she does send me off with a couple of her girlfriends. They aren't nearly as hot as she, but I don't mind chubby, or not beautiful as long as they are three hole girls.

    they all know that I take cock as well as give it.

    Walked In On My Wife

    I came home from my business trip a day early to surprise my wife on her birthday and instead when I entered the house I heard a squeal coming from the bedroom that sounded like my wife was hurt, I rushed to the door and realized it was actually moaning and squeals of obvious pleasure. My had her face buried in a pillow while in a clearly very well hung man was going to town on her from behind. They were clearly to into what they were doing to see or hear me so I walked away and out of the house, to embarrassed to stop them. I drove to a motel playing the scene over and over in my head and knowing he had most likely finished or would be finishing inside of or on the love of my life very soon. What I didn’t realize until I laid down on my motel room bed was that I had grown rock hard thinking about this. I was totally a cuckhold and my body liked it for whatever reason. I jerked off to the thought of my wife swallowing another mans cum. I still haven’t had the courage to tell my wife but I secretly installed security cameras in our room and found out there are actually about 3 guys she hooks up with and they’re all noticeably bigger then me. I somehow feel less of a man but also super turned on and constantly jerk off to the videos. What should I do?

    Embaressing Accident

    I guess i will just come out and say it. I accidentally shit myself yesterday in front of my husbands friends and am still so embaressed. Has this happened to anyother females??? What do I do?!

  • My Neighbor Part 2

    So just after 2 days i have gotten 24 likes on my story. But in This story im going to answer some of the Comments i Got and tell a little about how it went with me and my neighbor.
    No shes not married and yes i have talked to her before the incident of her seing me. We Dont talk over the phone since i dont have her number but if she asked me For my number i Would 100% give it to her.
    I always have had a little fantasie about her And hope someday I Can actually fuck her for real. Shea super hot Even tho shes 45.
    Im thinking about Writing my number on a piece of paper and Tell her that if shes interestet In some sexting and Dirtytalk shes welcome to Text me. Maybe call me and We Can watch eatchother from the Window. We Can watch eatchother stripping Down and maybe even masterbate while talking. I have this fantasie alot. Should i make it real and try ?