Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them. This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, flatulent uncles, and slutty sisters.

My Mom Protected Her Daughter

My Mom walked in on me fucking the holy whining shot out of my little sister. She was 4 and I was 10. I’d been playing nasty with her since I tricked her into putting my cock in her mouth. She was easy to trick and enjoyed the things I did to her. After my Mom caught me she started catching me alone (usually horny and masturbating) and would say something like; I don’t want you fucking Jenny anymore. That’s why I’m taking care of you that way. If I suck your dick eat your cum and let you pound out your Mommy’s hot fun c**t. Of course I told her ok and had wild crazy nasty sex with my Mother for a few years. Loved French kissing her with my cum in her mouth or fucking her with Dads cum in her. Anyway, I kept fucking (some may call it consensual insect r**e) Jenny and even fuck her when I can today (63 and 56). Never had a c**t as fun and ready whenever I wanted (3or 4 sessions a night). When me and Mommy got to know each other sexually we told each other nasty things. She told me she gang fucked a group of ROTC cadets in her bedroom to keep them from telling on my dad for sucking their cocks. I laughed and eat a mouthful of her squirt c**t juice and probably my cum out of her c**t and told her, I’m still fucking Jenny and I have been making her fuck my friends and strangers (they paid me 100 buck each to fuck a 11 year old girl who was as turned on as they were (she was amazing at sex and fucking. So good she had a phase where she was ok with and turned on to know that many guys knew she was an easy hot fuck. Kinda the whore of the town. Funny thing I walked in on my mom helping her with a gang bang of 6 or more very large crazy horny black stud cocks. The looked so hot and overwhelmed by so many really big aggressive cocks. I just sat down and started jacking off. My mom and slut baby sister totally forgot I’d walked in. They were totally into those multiple fuck tools in their pussies mouths and asses. Both covered in cum moth, c**t, ass, tits and face. I shot cum on both of the it was so hot. I’m masturbating like crazy just remembering how I was so lucky to have long term i****t with my sister and mother. I wish I’d fucked them together but, I fucked each of them at least 100 or more times and I’d double fucked both of them with my little brother. Watched Jenny get really hard fucked by group after group. Some nights all black others mixed. Even though she worked as an escort for a couple of years she is not an out of control whore. She will fuck for money or fun and I’m proud of her. I hope she’ll let me pimp her pussy to a group of guys next time we visit. I know I’m a freak, bastard, pervert. Exactly and I love it. I’ll do anything sexual to anyone anytime. I’m such a fucking loser, I pick up dogs from the shelter, bring them home and either jack them off until they cum or I fuck the bitches and shoot in them. Love i****t r**e piss and sex for money.

Want To Fuck Almost Everyone In My Family

I don't know. Im fucked up I think but I sometimes get horny thinking about my own family. The other day, my girlfriends sisters were staying over and one was in the shower. While everyone was in the living room, I said I had to go grab something real quick but I went into the room they were staying in and I grabbed a pair of her used panties. I saw the wet spot where her pussy was. I began to smell it and got immediately hard. I jerked off with them. Then at night, I was having a dream that I was fucking both of her sisters. One of them I was just straight pile driving with my dick. The other was munching carpet. Then sometimes, I think about my girlfriends mom. Like what if one day...she came onto me, would I? Probably yes. I would smash the heck out of her mom doggystyle. One of my sisters is pretty fine and I'd eat her pussy honestly. My niece who is 21...I'd smash and eat her pussy. But out of all them, I want to fuck my girlfriends younger sister. I just wish I could. Judge me if you want. Im going to get my hands on a pair of all their panties and start a collection. Moms panties, sisters panties. Cum in all of them.

I Hate MY Sister And I Really Wish She Was Dead

I am really sick and tired of my sociopathic sister and her bullshit and she is pissing me off to the point to where I am about to get a gun and blow her fucking head off. Every time she doesn't get her fucking way she acts like a bitch to everyone an to tell you the truth we are all getting sick of it, she's fucking 40 years old but acts like a 4 Year Old and all she does is throws tantrums and treats my mother and the rest of the family like trash and talks to them like animals. But when she makes a mistakes she blames it all on the rest of the family and refuses to own up to her mistakes and in all honesty I am getting to the point where I really want to m****r my sister.

No matter how many times people try to help her out, she never shows any goddamn appreciation at all and she always yells and screams at everyone if they make a mistake and it really enrages me to the point where I just want to fucking slit her goddamn throat. It's easy to see why she has no goddamn friends and why nobody wants to be around a selfish spoiled little bitch like her who always treats everyone like garbage.

Anytime she is nice it's only so she can get money from all of us even though she has a good paying job, but she just wants to be a greedy bitch. Anytime you talk to her on the phone she fucking mumbles and anytime you tell her to speak up she yells at you, hangs up on you, then starts demanding shit. Every time she doesn't get her way she starts acting very demanding and no matter what we try to do to help her, she throws us out of her house and then plays the victim thinking we did her wrong; and believe me she is pissing me off to the point that i'm about ready to get a gun and unload every bullet onto her.

Karma really bit her on the ass when her house burned down and you know what she deserves to get her house burn down, the only thing that fire should have done was taken her miserable life from this planet. But as always she shows no appreciation at all to the people who try to help her, got mad at my mother and sister over her stupid dogs and now she's getting mad at every one over a fucking Christmas Tree and i'm really getting to the point where i'm about to send all of her g*fts back because she doesn't deserve a goddamn thing for Christmas except for a bullet to her head and a Tombstone.

I feel bad for her newborn baby because my bitch sister is going to be abusive towards her as she gets older and I hope it's no too late to call both Homeland Security and Child Protective Services if anything it's about time my Stupid Bitch Sister finally get a taste of the real world, I am fed up with her bullshit to the point where I really do pray to God every day to end her miserable, worthless, useless pathetic life,. Believe me there's not a soul on this planet who will miss her except for my spineless and gutless mother who always lets her getaway with all of her bullshit. I hope it happens sooner than later because my bitch sister doesn't deserve to breath on this planet another second.

  • Role Models

    I do not understand how my parents are together, and I never have. But they are in their early 50s and more into each other than just about anyone else's parents I've met.

    My dad looks like one of those punk rock cooking chefs - tattooed sleeves, kind of a greaser hairdo, works on old cars (he has this gorgeous black '70 Skylark that one day will be mine). He's the stoic type, and no other woman exists outside of mom.

    My mom, I hate to say it, looks like a white trash bimbo. I love her but she's always looked kind of plastic and is genuinely ditzy. So much pink, big sunglasses, dressing way below her age but still rocking it. No matter, she's absolutely crazy about my dad and is a good mom.

    Growing up, I was probably raised in the most sex positive house you could imagine. I walked in on them having sex probably two dozen times - I caught her sucking his cock, him pounding her in the garage, or just heard her talk dirty to him (she can't whisper for shit) or make lewd gestures at him on the regular. We had many talks about what I had been exposed to as a kid. I knew what a blowjob was before middle school, for example, and how many fingers should be used when getting finger fucked (apparently dad's specialty). But they always told me that doing things like that was special and I should only do that for someone I really cared about that cared about me. I believe in that personally - my hotness is a g*ft for someone, not a toy.

    Anyway, so obviously I'm home for Thanksgiving from college, and I've been away from them and that made me bold. So after dinner last night we were out on the back deck having wine, just me and mom. I'd never asked her before, but I was feeling brave so I blurted out "how are you two together?"

    And she told me that the guy she was with before Dad was an asshole, always basically using her and not seeing her as a person. One night, he tried to force her into anal, and when she resisted, he hit her - gave her a black eye. She left that night, went to move in with her best friend for awhile (my "Aunt" Lucy) and Lucy introduced her to my Dad during that time. Lucy apparently was feeling out my Dad for herself, but realizing my mom needed someone that would treat her better she set them up. I was shocked, I'd never heard this story and it's kind of terrible on a couple of levels. Also, what could have been, right?

    On one of their first dates she still had the black eye and was feeling super self conscious about it and was trying to hide that side of her face all night. My dad lifted her chin, told her she was beautiful, and kissed her bruise. Mom said that was it, and giggling a bit, she knew right there she was going to be his slut for the rest of her life. She said slut, too - I'm not making that up. When you find a man like that, you do anything to keep him, she said.

    Except for anal, she said, incredibly serious.

    "Your dad gets enough of this good good, no anal."

    My wonderful mother, everyone. I love these two weirdos. Happy Thanksgiving.

    I'm The Baby Sister In The Family

    Some men talk about their conquest. Some never say a word. My work boss is one of those. A quiet man. I had no idea he kept women, young fertile women. I never thought that one day I would he chosen by him. I never thought about anything like that.

    It wasn't like you want to imagine, he introduced me to Ashley, a little older than me with two small kids. He told me he was looking for a sister for Ashley, a girl more her age. She lived in a small house next to a big house up the hill, the main house. We went next door and met Laura and Daphne, both in their thirties with teen age kids. We had a big family meal. They all welcomed me. They wanted Ashley to have a sister, did I want to be Ashley's sister, to become part of the family, to help the family grow bigger and stronger?

    I moved in with Ashley, she taught me the ropes. Laura is the big Mama. If something bothers you Laura helps set things straight. Papaw doesn't want problems from the women. My first came quickly, and my second a year later. Ashley's experience helped me, she took me as her little sister, taught me everything. I am pregnant again, this time with twins. Papaw is happy, his first set of twins. He picked right with me he says.

  • My Father In Law

    When I first started dating my future wife her parents made an impact on me particularly her father. Her parents lived in a slightly remote area with no nearby neighbors. The first day I met her father was very unique. He was naked. I was then told that's how he always is. I accepted it and there were even attempts by him get me to join him but I always turned him down. Any family events where they had people over he would be naked when everyone else was dressed. It was a bit of a joke with her family about how he was always naked and I think he did it deliberately to annoy them. They always asked him to get dressed but instead he always told them to get undressed. Aunts, uncles, daughters, even friends of the family would come over and he just stayed naked.

    One morning we went over to their place and my future wife along with her mother, sisters, aunts and a family friend were going out for a ladies day and would not be back until later in the day. I stayed with my future father in law to help him with some work around their house. We worked outside and It was very hot and I was sweating. I took my shirt off and immediately he told me to just take everything off as I would feel better. This was the first time I took him up on the offer and stripped down. The 2 of us were both naked and we worked that way.

    I was very surprised when all the ladies came back a lot earlier than I thought they would. I had nothing to cover up with as my clothes were all in the house and all the comments from the ladies began. "Wow". "Dad, you found a friend to share your pastime with". "Welcome to the family". "If you are trying to show that you got what it takes to join the family you got a lot". One even said "Two heads are better than one". That was just a few and there were more as the day went on.

    I never got dressed, and maybe the fact me and him were drinking a lot, caused me to just stay nude. All the ladies had now seen all of me like they had seen him many times before. They all teased me with comments and my future wife even thought it was funny. It wasn't until the next day when I realized how much I showed before it sunk in. I saw pictures of me that they took and in some a certain part of me was basically standing at full attention. It was embarrassing but it was the day things changed as it was now not only him but me and him being the guys who were now nude regularly.

    My Father

    I am a 30 year old nurse that also takes care of my disabled father. My father is in a wheelchair and needs help with his chores. I cook for him, bath him, and anything else he needs, i do for him. Just recently he asked if i could do him another favor. He said he jerks off daily and needs another sexual release. I asked him what he meant and why he is telling me. He told me he doesnt have anyone else and just needs a sexual release from a female. I could tell he was pretty embaressed and uncomfortable telling me this. I then asked him what he wanted me to do about it. He asked if i would be comfortable sucking him off. I said not really but i knew he needed help so i blew my father. I felt so uncomfortable with him looking at me so i told him i would ride him doggy for now on. Now i regularily bounce on my fathers big pole and actually enjoy it. I still cant look at him during sex though so i only fuck him doggy.

    Swinging With My Sister

    My wife and I recently began swinging, and we went from never having tried it to doing it once per week now. The issue is, we're swinging with my sister and her husband, which means I'm now sleeping with my younger sister (all adults here...).

    We were visiting my sister and her husband, Laura and Ted, when the subject came up. My wife, Becky, and I were enjoying some drinks with them and we were all pretty hammered towards the end of the evening...not sick drunk, but in no shape to drive. We were sort of calling it a night when Ted said "Going to feel strange sleeping in my own bed tonight." My sister Laura gave him a playful shove and a stern gaze and said "Let's not go there, shall we?" I got curious and asked "Go where...?"

    Long story short - Ted was referring to the fact that most times they had another couple stay over, it was so they could partner swap with whoever they were entertaining. They were swingers and we were hearing about it for the first time. I was floored. They are both fit, attractive people, but Laura in particular was always straight-laced and trouble-free growing up, even became an accountant, and here she was admitting to her brother and his wife that she liked other cocks besides her husband's. Becky and I were both speechless, but then Becky laughed and said "So I guess I should be offended you aren't taking me to bed, Ted."

    She was half joking but half daring Ted to suggest the two of them hook up. We haven't been swinging before, and we're faithful to each other, but we have toyed with the idea in role playing other people. Never Ted though, and certainly never my own sister.

    The banter continued and it came back around to Becky's question. Ted said "You know, I'd take you to bed in a heartbeat if Lance (me) would let me." We all started looking around at each other, and I inevitably started looking at Laura and she at me, knowing this was a step beyond swinging if we were to participate. Becky didn't seem to fully grasp it all at first. "We can't do that" Becky said "Lance and Laura would be stuck out here while we were in the bedroom..." Ted laughed and Laura began explaining to Becky "If you're getting Ted, I'm not going to bed alone. If we're already swinging, Lance and I could get along just fine by ourselves."

    It bothered Becky the most. "Eww," she said "you would sleep with your own brother?" Then Becky looked at me "And you, you'd fuck your own sister?" Laura and I both admitted in that moment we would definitely have sex together if Ted and Becky went off to do it. "Okay" Becky finally said "but I can't watch that, it's too weird." We looked around the room again and Ted said "Okay then, let's do this!" Ted got out of his chair, came over to Becky and took her bu the hand to lead her from the sofa back to their bedroom. Laura and I sat still the whole time, watching them leave to go fuck, probably not thinking nearly as much about them as what we were about to do.

    Laura stood up and I looked her over. She has a great body as a runner and college cheerleader. She was also very obsessive about her weight, so she looked just so. She stood there in skin tight waist high leggings and a cropped sweatshirt and just looked so hot. I think it helped that she was wearing glasses to give a little of that hot librarian look at the same time. I didn't feel self conscious about my looks either, I'm athletic too so we were probably pretty compatible that way...other than being related, I guess.

    Laura looked down at me sitting and said quickly "stand up." I did and she went down on her knees in one fluid motion, right in front of me and started undoing my fly. Just the action of her kneeling there unzipping me made me instantly hard. As she fished out my cock I ran my hands through her hair and grabbed onto her hair to help guide her to my shaft. She was the perfect cock sucker. Her tongue darted in and out and she ran it along my shaft to my balls, then back to the head again. She slowly stroked me with one hand and pulled me into her mouth. I moaned in heaven and she stopped for a second "No cumming in my mouth, I want you to fuck me and squirt it all in me, understand?" She smiled and I laughed and nodded "Yes, ma'am." She went back to work and I did have to make sure to slow her occasionally so not to blow too soon.

    She stood up and took off her sweatshirt first. Her breasts were perfect melons, not too large or small and perky brown nipples. I bent over and began sucking each nipple hard, moving back and forth between them. Laura helped by holding my head firmly to her tits so I'd suck as hard as possible. I used one hand to go between her legs and massage her pussy through her leggings while she was grinding against my hand. We kept this up for another few minutes and then she pushed me back for a minute. "Help me open up the sofa bed." she said.

    We frantically opened the bed up and stripped. From there we pounced on each other and started first in a 69, sucking and licking for a while and also calming down a little so we wouldn't rush too much. The bed sucked, it dipped in the middle. Laura had obviously used this bed before because she then said "lie cross-ways at the end of the bed. I want to ride you." I laid on my back with my cock in the air and she came over and expertly lined me up and took me into her wet pussy. I cupped her breasts and pushed her to sit up straight on my dick while I looked at her for a minute. "What?" she asked. I replied "You are so hot, I can't believe I'm fucking my sister." She replied "just shut up and fuck me."

    I tried to last as long as possible but at some point it almost turned from a love-making session to a competitive brother-sister fight. I'd slow her down and she'd say "No you don't, I want it all" all and she'd ride me harder or bounce up and down with her tits flopping in my hands. I finally had to admit I couldn't hold out and said "Here it comes!" I pulled her down on my shaft by her hips and held her tight as I began pumping semen deep in her. She ground into me hard and we made wet sucking sounds between our privates as she and I both came. She was wet before but the excitement of having me in her was more than she first admitted. I could feel her juices running down the side of my hip as I continued cumming. When we finished she fell down on top of me and we had a deep passionate kiss. Then she said "You're right, I can't believe I just fucked my own brother."

    We kissed and fucked on and off throughout the night, just a small blanket from the sofa to cover us from time to time. Laura was like a sex addict. She licked me clean from our first session, then asked if I'd mind eating her out. I've eaten out my wife after sex, so didn't really mind. We ended up fucking again, missionary the second time, then more rest and foreplay, then I did her doggie late in the night or maybe early morning. By that time I was just erect from being excited, my balls were pretty much drained.

    After our third time we both fell asleep, only to be woken up a little later by Becky and Ted. They found us spooning under the little blanket, still naked and wet with sex. "aww", Becky said, "You look cute together, too bad you're going to hell now." Laura teased her back more playfully than I would have imagined "Oh you little hoar, I'm sure my husband took good care of you last night." "Oh, he did." Becky replied "but we spent a couple of hours listening to the two of you go at it...must have been a lot of sexual tension growing up." I laughed and Laura slapped me on the butt. "Don't encourage her!" Laura said.

    We all agreed that we would ..(continue confession)

    Anal At Home During COVID

    I'm working from home during COVID. My daughter is 20 attending college classes from home as well. MY wife and son both can go to work so during the day I'm alone with my daughter. I'll call her Lucy.

    About mid morning on Friday I came downstairs and found Lucy leaning over the kitchen counter texting on her phone. She had on really short shorts with her ass cheeks hanging out and a loose t shirt. I know she's my daughter obviously but I can't help but check her out especially when she's dressed cute or sexy. On Friday she was both. I came up to her to ask what she was texting and she playfully hip checked me bumping her butt sideways into my crotch innocently and laughed "None of your business!"

    I laughed back and without thinking slapped her ass and said "I'm your father and I can ask." She laughed out loud and bumped me again, so I smacked her ass again and then cupped my hand and grabbed between her ass cheeks giving her a wedgie and said "Watch it or you'll get in real trouble." As I cupped my hand between her ass my fingertips hit her vagina and I could feel the warmth. It all came over me at once and as she said "Oh yeah?" in a playful tone I started massaging between her legs, rubbing her pussy through her shorts and panties, still giving her a huge wedgie with her ass cheeks now hanging way out.

    She got a little quieter and put down her phone. "Dad, I think you're groping me now." I said, "I know" and I pressed in harder. I began pressing my two fingers directly into her crotch and rubbing one over her bunghole. She moaned lightly, then said "Shit Dad, I don't have any condoms." I came to my senses for half a second and asked, "You want to have sex?" She giggled and said "Your the one feeling me up. Usually that's how it starts."

    I told her I didn't have any condoms either, then the next few steps happened fast. She swung around and gave me a warm wet kiss and said "Let's do this. I won't tell anyone!" She got on her knees and quickly unzipped my pants and helped me fish out my erect shaft. Without hesitating, she began working my shaft with her hand and mouth, very skilled. "God you're good!" I said and she giggled with my dick in her mouth. She pulled her mouth away and said "Don't cum in my mouth, okay?" and I grunted in agreement. She pumped me with her mouth and hand a few times, then started licking my shaft and putting extra spit on me.

    She stood up with her shorts still wedged deep in her ass crack. She pulled them out revealing some thin blue cotton panties that she also pulled down. She turned back to the counter and virtually commanded me, "Fuck me in the ass." I pushed the head of my cock against her ass hole as I spread her cheeks. With a solid push, the head of my cock pushed inside her. I began adding more spit and rocking slowly into her, then with my free hand I grabbed up under her t shirt and found a naked tit and began groping and tugging it. I went slow but continued to push my way in deeper. She lifted and arched her back to work with me and I was eventually all the way in.

    I added more spit and then took my hand from her ass and reached around to finger her clit. I could just reach and with my wet fingers rubbed and pinched her clit, rubbed and groped her tit with my other hand, and my stiff prick buried in her ass. Lucy moved one hand down to her pussy and while I continued pinching her clit she began stroking her pussy, working one then two fingers in and out slowly at first. "Okay, " she said, "you can start fucking me." I began moving slowly in and out of her ass, staying pretty deep both so I wouldn't hurt her by being too dry and also so I could continue rubbing her clit and massaging her breast.

    We picked up the pace a little but not by much. Occasionally I'd take my hand from her breast and add more spit. I really thought I'd lose it and cum in her ass in a minute, but I watched the kitchen clock and we went almost ten minutes and gave her two solid orgasms before I felt my balls start stirring. She felt it too. "Push in me deep and stay in while you go." I followed her instruction and we began fingering her pussy furiously to another orgasm as I shot a load deep in her anus.

    We finished and first thing that occurred to me, "How many times have you done this?" She laughed again as I was still buried in her while my erection receded. "With my Dad? First time for sure!" she laughed, "But with Derek, whenever we forget condoms we do it this way." Derek is her current boyfriend.

    We straightened up and she went off to clean up from our sex. That was Friday and this weekend I bought condoms and showed them to Lucy. She giggled and got her purse and showed me a fresh box she bought, too. It looks like COVID will be getting a lot more interesting around the house.

    My Secret

    When I was a kid, I woke up to my parents having sex (but I didn't know that's what the noises were) & I went to their room to see my sister looking in their room through the cracked door. I asked what was going on, & she said "They're playing, I wanna do everything they're doing. Comon, let's go to my room."
    She took my hand, led me into her room, and shut the door. I asked "How were they playing sissy?"
    "They were kissing at first. Lemme show you. Open your mouth & let me kiss you like grownups do", so I did and she gingerly put her open mouth on mine & we kissed super sloppy, her tongue instinctively slid into my mouth & played with my tongue.
    I broke the kiss and said "That feels really good sissy!" & started kissing her again, using my tongue like she was doing.
    We stopped for a breath & I asked "What else were they doing?"
    She told me to take my pajamas off & I said I would if she did too, so we got undressed & I gasped in surprise "Where's your penis sissy!?"
    She giggled "I don't have one, I'm a girl! I have a vagina!" & laid down "Here, get close and look at it."
    I got in between her legs and softly explored her bald little slit, completely entranced by it's beauty. She told me to put a finger inside her, so I did giggling "you're wet in there, did you pee sissy?"
    I took my finger out and smelled it, "It doesn't smell like pee." then licked my finger tasting it. "Doesn't taste like pee either!" & I put my mouth to it and slid my tongue insider her, making her groan, "Oooohh! Keep doing that! Unnngh!"
    I tried to lick all her juices out but they kept coming, so I kept licking.
    She squealed & her body started trembling, startling me so I stopped & watched her orgasm (having absolutely no idea what was going on, I got scared that I hurt her & started crying.
    She sat up and hugged me, "I'm ok! I'm ok! That happens when I play with my vagina with my fingers or hairbrush handle. Now it's my turn. Stand in front of me. I watched mommy do this to daddy & he loved it."
    She took my flaccid penis in her mouth, instantly making it grow hard & my knees went weak, "Sissy why is my weenie bigger & siff?? Is that supposed to happen? Am I ok? it feels weird but really good!"
    Taking my dick out of her mouth she said "Yea, you're ok! That's supposed to happen! You're bigger than my hairbrush handle! teehee!"
    She laid on her back and said "Now put your weenie inside my girl privates."
    I was so confused "How in the world do we do that?!"
    Spreading her toned hairless legs "Just lay on top of me like I saw daddy do mommy."
    I mounted her missionary & my dick slid in immediately on it's own.
    We both got SUPER wide eyed & gasped in unision, just staring at each other before moaning each others names.
    Instinct & nature kicked in. I started thrusting my dick in & out of her very slowly as she rocked her hips against mine, making her legs caress mine.
    The only words we could get out were each others names & I love you; the rest was moans, groans, sighs, grunts, & coos.
    She got really juiced up & wet sloppy sex sounds filled the room as we made love for at least an hour.
    She started getting louder, so I kissed her deep like before & she screamed in my mouth as she had a full body orgasm. Her little legs wrapped around my waist & she bucked against me.
    "Oh sissy! Your vagina is squeezing my weenie! I think I have to pee! UNGH" & I started really plowing away at her & let myself "pee" as a tremendously pleasurable feeling wracked my penis, but it didn't feel like anything came out.
    We kissed over & over as we kept connected together.
    I sat up & she slid out from under me "You're still stiff brother. Wanna do it another way I saw them do it?" & got on all fours, wiggling her little bum at me "Put it in this way! Like we see the animals do it on the nature channel!"
    I rubbed my dick up & down her taut crease, loving the feeling of how slippery her bare skin was before pushing myself inside her.
    Her bald lips wrapped hungrily around my dick & gripped me tight. "Ohh sissy! You feel SOO GOOD! I love you so much!" & nature kicked in again.
    I grabbed her hips & pulled her back, impaling her all the way making her groan "UNNGH! OMG YES! This is the BESTEST feeling EVER! I love you too!"
    My hips slapped against her butt cheeks as we fucked like seasoned lovers as we tried to keep our voices down; yet, still hearing our parents moan as they fucked at the same time we were.
    We orgasmed together again & spooned each other cuddling.
    Mom & dad were still fucking, so we went to spy on them again, this time I got first look.
    OMG DAD'S DICK WAS HUGE! I looked at my sister & asked if she saw the size of his thingy!
    Sissy smiled "I know right! See how good it's making mommy feel!"
    I was awestruck "How does he fit it inside her? She's small like you!"
    Grinning wickedly sissy said "She gets wet like me & helps it slip right in. Hear her telling daddy not to stop & how... fucking awesome his big cock stretches her out." She giggled when she cursed.
    I heard her whisper something & I asked her what she said "I said I want to suck daddy, make him big as my arm like he is now, & to make me feel fucking awesome & stretch ME out."
    I asked how & when she was going to do it, & if I could watch. lol
    She said she didn't know & that we should go back to our rooms before we get caught.
    We had sex almost every day & every night for a year.
    Then one day she came & woke me up, saying mommy was sleeping on the couch & she was going to do it with daddy.
    I watched from the foot of the bed as sissy slinked under the covers & oh so gently worked his underwear down just enough to expose his huge member.
    I heard her gasp & giggle, seeing her hold it in her tiny hand & HE WASN'T EVEN HARD!
    She then started sucking it & was pretty good from practicing on me for a year, so he was hard in no time. He started moaning my mothers name, telling her to "suck that big dick hun" making my sister really go to town.
    Daddy tried to pull the covers up a couple times but sissy pulled them down too fast for him to see her.
    Then sissy pushed the sheet over his head, crawled up his body, put his dickhead in her, & started working her pussy down onto it.
    Daddy threw the sheets off him & looked down at his little princess impaling herself on his cock. "Sweetie! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! WE CAN'T DO THIS! I'LL GET IN TROUBLE!"
    I heard sissy say "Do me like you do mommy & I won't get you in trouble. Unnnnnghh ooooff ahhhhh so big daddy!"
    "Sweetie... you've done this before, haven't you?" he asked
    She grunted out "Uh huh daddy. Me & lil bro have been doing it for a year. Plus I've done it with some classmates & a few older men after bro & I started; but, none are as big as you daddy."
    Daddy demanded who the older men were, & flipped her on her back, thrusting his entire 9" inside her 11 year old pussy making her yell out like a retard having a fit.
    "Tell me or I'll make you walk bowlegged for the rest of your life!" & started plowing her bald (& now gaping) slit.
    Sissy was crying, "UNNGH!!! OMG!! DADDY! UNNF! OWW! SO BIG DADDY!" I was worried & just about to stop it all when she wrapped her legs around him & bucked her hips, fucking him back & still crying "DON'T STOP DADDY! PLEASE! DON'T STOP! I'LL TELL! IT WAS STACY'S DAD, OUR FAMILY FRIEND, A GUY IN THE RESTROOM OF THE MALL, & ALL MY MALE TEACHERS!"
    Daddy pulled out, flipped her over on her belly, & pushed inside her butthole, "Bad girls need to be punished!" She started to scream in real terrorizing pain, but he shoved her head into the pillow.
    He started fucking her ass & she worked her head out of the pillow gasping out "I've been fucked ..(continue confession)