Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them. This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, flatulent uncles, and slutty sisters.

.. She Knows What She Is Doing... My Niece

Since she turned 16 my niece has been a constant tease, her parents think that butter would not melt in her mouth as she is the model teenager, only I know she is not that cute little innocent girl. when I visit she always makes a beeline for me, hugs and wrapping her arms around me, even going as far as sitting on my knee even though I told her she was too old now.

A few weeks ago I was out with some mates in the local pub when we were all talking and admiring the younger ladies at the bar, it was then one of my mates said "see the girl in the white jeans black top, well she gives amazing hand jobs, we all enquired as to how he knew and he explained that he had offered her a lift as it was pouring with rain a couple of weeks ago, as she was dressed in a flimsy top and tight miniskirt he said he didn't want her to be out in the rain, apparently she accepted, and when she reach the village where she lived she had him pull over and before he could say anything she took his cock out and wanked him off pulling her top down and letting him explode of her breast before kissing him on the cheek and getting out of the car.

It was then she turned around and I saw that It was Ellie, my not so innocent niece, I almost choked on my drink, she walked over and kissed me, not like a niece .. she kissed me on the lips and winked. "you ok my fav uncle ... oh... has he been telling tales" she said pointing at Dennis .. the rest of the evening she was watching me, winking sticking her arse in my direction, looking over her should and smiling. eventually they all left the pub and we went home at closing time. as soon as I got home I asked my wife for a hand job, she was happy to give me one and I closed my eyes and pretended it was Ellie.

I called on my brother a week or so later only to discover he and his wife were out, Ellie was there with her younger sister who was camped in her bedroom Ellie asked me to stay and offered me a drink, putting the kettle on she shot upstairs, when she returned she was dressed in the tightest black legging and white vest top, clearly no underwear and the seam pulled so far up I could see her pussy lips, and her nipples sticking out against the near sheer vest top , she walked straight past me to the kitchen and the black material was wedged between her arse cheeks, I instantly became hard and managed to adjust myself before she returned. She put the drinks down and jumped on my knee squirming to get comfortable she ended with my hard on wedged between her buttocks.

I knew who he was... I knew he was your friend.. I knew he would tell you, she informed me. she explained she waited for Dennis to leave the pub and walked in front of him knowing he would see the mini skirt and how wet she was, she said she had removed her knickers and shoved them in a random blokes coat in the bar after she had fingered fucked herself in the pub thinking about her plan. she asked if I got aroused after he told me what she did, I was honest and said yes. she asked if I wanked over it... I told her I went home and got her aunty Jenny to give me a hand job but pretended it was her doing it.

She squirmed on my cock, You want one.. you want me to jack you off... you can cum on my face if you want she said. I told her it was wrong and we couldn't do it she shoved her hand down her leggings and pulled her fingers out , then shoved them in my mouth, she tasted so much better then her aunt, sweeter like pure heaven, all the time she was saying dirty nasty things how she was going to fuck me... she wanted to rim my arse she wanted me to fuck her face, her arse and pussy, she said she wanted me to get a hotel room and pick her up and take her there, she said she had been fucking older me since she was 15 but wanted to wait until she was 16 before she made a move on me.

It was then we heard a car pull up and her parents were home, she jumped from my knee and I stood up, she reached down and grabbed my cock leant in and whispered .. Aunty Jen won't mind... I asked why.... Because I have already fucked her ... she informed me ...

What the fuck should I do ?

  • Family Circumcision

    Probably one of the most weirdest family decisions ever made but my dad, myself and younger brother all recently got circumcised.

    To be honest it was kinda a family discussion that actually turned into something that was debated. It all started last November.

    My mom brought up circumcision to me one day when I was at my parents house. Asked my opinions on it. Then she told me my dad who is 59 is going to get circumcised. My dad reached his decision based on a current issue he’s been having plus my mom thinks it will be much cleaner. Even though my parents are fans of intact penises, my dad is was wanting to be circumcised after all those years and my mom was ready for it.

    So the topic always came up if myself or my brother would ever get circumcised too. I had never really thought about it. But with issues my dad has had in the past I told my mom I’ll go talk to the doctor doing my dads circumcision to just get an idea of it.

    Ultimately it was my decision and I was definitely curious about being cut. My girlfriend didn’t care either way but told me she favored cut ones. So after thinking about it for about 3 months I decided I’d get cut too. The next time I was at my parents house I told my mom I’ll get cut with dad so he’s not alone. My mom was surprised to hear I’d get cut too and told me your brother already has said he’d get cut too. My brother wanted to get rid of his foreskin to avoid potential problems later in life.

    My mom took care of scheduling all of our circumcisions. What’s funny is my dad was scheduled to get his done on September 2nd at 10 am. Then mine was on the same day at 12 pm and my brothers was the same day at 2 pm. Kinda worked out perfect I guess lol. My mom thought it was great we all could get cut the same day. And the doctor doing it was surprised to see a whole family get done the same day. He cut me just like he cut my dad, low and loose. Our scar lines were kept close to the head and enough skin was left to make erections and masturbating comfortable.

    I actually love my cut cock, I think it looks great. My girlfriend loves the look of low and loose.

    Was funny because the day we all got cut we all walked in very uncut, we had long foreskin and all walked out with a freshly cut dick in our tighty whities.

    I actually had sex for the first time since getting cut a few days ago. Sex feels way better! My girlfriend definitely says it feels better. Awkward enough my mom asked if I used my new penis yet. I told her yes and I happy I got cut. She asked how long I waited, I told her 6 weeks which was recommended. She told me my dad only made it 4 weeks, she gave him oral because he couldn’t go that long without sex but she like his newly cut penis.

    I’ve yet to try masturbating, the doctor said I might feel more comfortable using lube at first.

    My brother who is gay loves his too. I was with him yesterday and asked how he’s feeling. He said great then I asked if he’s used it yet. Then he shows me a picture of his dick in a guys butthole! Surprised me but glad to see he’s active. I always thought he was a bottom and I even told him that. He told me generally he is but he needed o try out his new dick.

    Best Lover

    I knew my late younger sister had left behind a son she gave away for adoption. I didn't think I'd ever meet him even in my wildest dreams, but there he was, a full grown man in his 20's had tracked me down after finding out I was pretty much the last of his biological family. He was no child that needed taking care of, so I didn't mind staying in touch and getting to know him.

    Long story short, I started to find him attractive, he was just my type of man: tall, athletic, clean cut, masculine, confident and slightly dominating. I could see it wasn't one-sided, I caught him looking at me and I couldn't blame him. Let's just say I've taken measures to ensure time doesn't take that much of a toll on me ;)

    And I thought why not? There were no older family members to worry about, we were clearly mutually attracted, and I have always been very open-minded about sex. I've always been single or on open relationships, to ensure I can enjoy my sexuality with whomever I please. And this kind of relationship wasn't exactly alien to me. I had lost my virginity to a much older cousin and for years I let him have his way with me almost on a weekly basis. We kept fucking casually almost until the year he died.

    So just under a couple of months after meeting him, I seduced my nephew, and he didn't put up much resistance. He turned out to be an amazing lover, everything from his attitude to his size is just what I like about a man in bed. I have a few, open-minded friends who know exactly who he is, and somehow, people knowing he fucks and cums inside me just makes it hotter. He's also shared me with other men, and I've shared him with other women. It's been going on for a couple of years, and now I can't think of not having sex with him so frequently.

    I'm a little sad now, because he says he wants to settle down, form a more stable relationship beyond the sex and form a family, which clearly he can't do with me. He says we can go on on an open relationship until he meets someone. Deep down, I don't want him to, but I guess I'll have to let him go.

  • I Asked The Question

    I have been living with my boyfriend for a year , he has a daughter who has her own flat, It was Saturday morning we were awake but still in bed talking. we were laying like spoons i had my bottom in his lap, he said i have asked my daughter to stay for a long weekend, i said don't mind, before we started to live together i asked if either of us had any skeletons in the cupboard we wanted to tell each other about that might come back to bite us on the arse ,we both said no except i was i was lying i am bisexual i occasionally i have a lesbian weekend with a friend, as i said we were talking in bed, i asked him how long they lived with each other after his wife walked out, he said about 18 months i asked did you get on ok ,yes he he said perfectly we were very close he told me different things about her , he got a huge erection humping my back slightly, i don't know why i asked him i said did you fuck her, he went silent i thought shit i done it, i said its ok i don't mind i know when the wife leaves the daughter and dad fuck, he was harder than ever, i turned over rolled him on his back and mounted him and slid his cock in me
    and said i don't mind at all, now ell me all about it,

    I Will tell the rest later Jackie

    Neon Lights And Vip Rooms

    So I'm finally gonna put this out there because I recently found out a similar situation is happening. So back when I was 22 almost 23 I went to a strip club I normally never sit center stage but would walk up to it with a 10 dollar bill, sure most of you know what the dancers do to get the money get the close up view. When I finally went up there for a dancer she slid doggy style ass first towards wiggling close to my face I stuck the money in her band and went back to my seat. After the dancer I tip came off stage she came straight to me and straddled my lap with her tits in my face jiggling them then say down asking if I wanted a lap dance and we finally looked face to face turns out it was my 26 year old cousin. She instantly covered her tits and stood up and panicked saying not to tell the family and ran off to the back and came back out with a top on and sat at my table to talk but the only thing I said to her talking was yes I'll buy one while holding a 20 she eventually said we need to talk about this and took me over to their booths for my dance. As she stared dancing on me I told her she doesn't have to be weird about this just think of what it is I'm a customer your a stripper get out of your head about the other shit. She wanted me to promise that I wasn't going to tell anyone she was stripping and I told her that I wouldn't because I didn't want people to know I went to the clubs. Her stage name was willow, so when my lap dance was over I bought another one. Now the club I went to allowed touching I didn't do it during the first one because I didn't want to freak her out but when she started on the second one I squeezed her tits and she seemed to enjoy it, when she turned around and grinded her ass on my cock I reached up and kept squeezing her tit and with my other hand slid it from her hip to her crotch and just before I touched her vagina she grabbed my wrist holding it for a bit before letting go and letting me rub her on the outside of her thong. We stayed like that till the song ended. As she put her to back on I asked her to send the stripper on stage to me when she was done. A few minutes later she came over and saw my hardon through my jeans and grabbed it and rubbed it, and asked why willow left me hard instead of inviting me to VIP,for 200 hundred I got vip and a bottle and emerald led me to my vip room. I used the hour I paid for the room trying to make emerald sore the next day. I at least made her legs shake and left. I went back to the club once a week sometimes just get vip with emerald again other times just get lap dances. I visit there I saw willow go to VIP and when she came back down I got a lap dance from her didn't talk didn't touch just sat back with a smile when the song ended I stood up and smacked her ass and left. I didn't go in for a month and I came back and got vip but paid 500 for two dancers. Emerald asked who else I wanted but she knew the only other dancer I spent a lot on was willow. She took me to VIP and went to get willow. When they came in willow seemed surprised as emerald let her by the hand to me. I fucked them both and came on their faces. And left I took willow to VIP 3 other times then just stopped going. She danced there for a year. We've never talked about it until recently while chilling in her pool she told me that she was doing it again and what club it was. I started chuckling and asked if it's vip was like the other place and she said yes plus you can film it for extra money. Finally I asked about years before and she said it was weird at first but I was right about it's a job and to get over it. But when it came to VIP emerald had talked about how I made her legs tremble but not by who. But again it was a job the fact that it was really good just made it better. She told me that emerald figured out through Facebook who I was and made her feel better by not thinking it was disgusting. So we got back to talking about the new place and I told her that it seems like she was telling me about it to get me to visit. That or she was wanting me to come get vip but I'll consider it. Well I went Friday night and got vip she's still going by willow but in that room I used her real name while she gave me head till I came in her mouth she swallowed and opened her mouth wide to show it was gone my rebound time is quick so I spent the rest of my time fucking her. When time was up and we were leaving vip I joked about telling my dad to see if he'd come visit. She got pissed though not taking the joke, I went home the next morning I woke up to a text from her saying sorry for getting upset she's panicked but said I could tell him if I wanted. Just not all the details please. Well I told her I would let her know if I tell him. I already have a plan forming.

  • I Love My Uncle

    For the first 13 years of my life I didn't even know I had an uncle.

    My father had never mentioned his much younger half brother (same father). Actually my drunken asshole of a father never mentioned much of anything about his side of the family.

    It wasn't until one summer day when I was 13 a beat up old car pulled into the driveway of our rural rundown home and the young man who go out introduced himself as Jake, my 20 year old uncle.

    I didn't believe it at first. But he gave me a crash course on our family tree (more than I had ever heard before, apparently grandpa was quite the cheating man whore). He had heard of me through the gr**e vine but him and my dad didn't get along so he never got the chance to meet me. But he had heard that my mom had passed away and he wanted to check in on me.

    My father was at the bar and not home. And when my uncle noticed the house was a mess and there was no food he took me out to eat.

    He was so kind and funny. I felt so comfortable with him.
    Turns out he was semi-homeless at the time and living out of his car but that didn't stop him from coming over almost every day that summer and spending time with me.
    He gave me new(ish) clothes and I always had food when he was around.
    We would often sit in his car late at night and talk. Just talk. About everything.
    We talked about how we both had shitty childhoods. He shared with me that he had been abused by some of his mom's boyfriends and I shared that a friend of my dad's had done the same.
    I had never had anyone care so much about me. I felt so loved.
    I started having sexual fantasies about him.
    One night we got talking about sex. And the conversation was turning me on bad and I made a move on him in the dark. I was so scared he was going to be mad or reject me but he was the opposite.
    Honestly I can only explain it as making love. He was so gentle and checked in with me so much and kept asking me if i was sure before we moved further.
    I count that night as losing my virginity.
    After that I kind of just didn't go home and was with him all the time.
    He would tell me he loved me and talk so sweet to me.

    Fast forward a few months of us living together sort of on the streets and he ended up getting in legal trouble and got arrested.
    I was able to lie to folks about us and how he was just my uncle taking care of me and he didn't get in any trouble about me but I got sent to a foster home.

    I didn't hear from him after that and was so honestly crushed by it. Felt so abandoned. So alone. I never even tried to look for him.

    But, fast forward again until I was 18. I had graduated school at 17 and had been living on my own in a little studio apartment and working.
    One day I am going out to work and there is my now 25 year old uncle Jake leaning against my car smiling.
    He apologized profusely about leaving me and explained how he ended up getting involved with a felony and had been in prison. But he said all the right things and I was so happy to see him that we ended up back in my apartment having sex again within a few minutes. I was late for work that day. Lol
    He moved in with me and we have been together ever since. I am so happy with him. He is still the most kind and gentle person I have ever met.
    We have different last names and we now never tell anyone that we are actually related or that we got together when I was so young.
    All of our coworkers and new friends have no idea.

    Tit Wank

    I woke up with a boner and come downstairs only to bumped into my my who was off to the gym she noticed it and made a comment like i guess you will be having a wank when im gone or do you my help and my dick twitched and she came face to face with me and asked me what i wanted i froze and she got me to go with her and she sat me on our sofa she pulled down my boxer shorts and stuck my dick up her sports bra and have me a tit wank she was spitting down on my dick and squeezing her tits around my dick and before i knew it i was cumming and she lifted her tits up to let my dick free and winked at me and said she never lets a hard-on go to waste and fucked off to the gym with my cum over her i haven't slept tonight im planning on waiting for her to get up

    I'm Not Made Of China

    Before my husband died, we'd often have threesomes with younger men.
    I've always had a very high sex drive and being a mother, nanny and widow hasn't diminished that.
    Eighteen months after my wonderful husband passed away, I decided it was time to stop wearing out dildos and find a younger male lover.
    It didn't turn out that way initially, as I discovered in the swimming baths I attend, a young married woman who has just as much sexual energy as me.
    Getting dressed after my long swim, I caught her eyeing me up. Usually I wouldn't have been interested, but my pussy began to twitch and I knew instantly I'd enjoy sex with her.
    Long story short, we ended up in my bedroom having the most wonderful of afternoons, where she taught me all about lesbian sex.
    It was a real pleasure to give her oral sex. And to receive such a long and amazingly beautiful time having my pussy lips, labia, clitoris and rear hole licked, tongued and sucked.
    Over the next few weeks, I explained how my husband would introduce me to well endowed men, often just watching them fuck me as he masturbated.
    Every time we met, the sex between us was special, so with enormous regret I was sad when she told me she and her husband were moving to a different country.
    Within days of her telling me, I got talking to a new neighbour Alex.
    He's twenty two, but was twenty when we met. He's a bit of a geek, but as I've learned, extremely well endowed and loves older women.
    It wasn't long before I seduced him, asking him to help me in my kitchen.
    Letting my dress drop, I revealed I was naked and asked Alex if he'd like to fuck me.
    Bent over my kitchen table, he didn't waste any time, but as he entered me, Alex only fucked me with slow gentle thrusts.
    Getting him to pull out, I saw his enormous cock for the first time and started to suck it.
    Releasing his beautiful penis after gorging myself on it, I told him "I'm not made of China, you won't break me".
    That's when he pushed me back over the table and thrust much harder into my vagina.
    It was the most wonderous of feelings to be fucked hard again. And with his huge cock, I soon had him giving me orgasm after orgasm, whilst also playing with my clitoris.
    Wanting to prove my point of not being fragile, I lead Alex into my lounge, had him sit on the sofa and put my thighs over his.
    Lowering myself, I guided his cock to my answer and sank down. My husband would often say I enjoyed anal sex more than vaginally. And many many times he was right.
    Once Alex fully got that the good looking older woman wouldn't crack open, he gripped my small breasts and started to thrust upwards, meeting my arsehole as it plunged down his thick cock shaft.
    When he told me he wanted to cum, I kept myself low on his cock and squeezed my muscles.
    It was like an explosion going off deep inside my bowels as Alex's cock erupted up my arsehole. It had been too long and I vowed to myself, as long as I wanted sex, I was going to enjoy younger men.
    Two years and bloody Covid getting its deadly grip on life, my relationship such, as it was with Alex, has almost stopped.
    He still calls round when his girlfriend isn't able to satisfy him, but it's not enough for me.
    That's where my swimming has brought me lovers. And I do mean lovers.
    As I sit and type away on my lap top, I'm looking at a naked young man. He's lay smoking at the moment, but half an hour ago, he was giving me cunnilingus as I was felating his gorgeous cock.
    He's a rugby player who uses the swimming facilities where I go. We met in the cafe where he complimented me on my figure and looks.
    I told him his package looked amazing in his swimming trunks, and half an hour later I was sucking on that beautiful package.
    It's been a couple of months since we first met, and he tells me I'm the dirtiest most passionate sexual woman he's ever met.
    But he's not my only lover. There's another man I've met at the swimming pool. He's in his mid forties and going through a divorce.
    We're very well matched in terms of sexual needs, and his cock is the thickest I've ever seen.
    It's so thick, I can only suck in the head of his penis. However my pussy and rear hole just adore how he stretches them.
    It's only been a fortnight since we first had sex, but already I know if he wants to, he could move in.
    He knows about Alex and about my rugby player, but tells me, if he became my live in lover, he wouldn't mind me having outside interests.
    The thing is, I don't think I'd want to if he carries on fucking me the way he does.
    So my message is clear and simple guys, get out there and discover an older woman for yourself. You'll be surprised by just how much she wants a damn good fucking.

    Matched With My Daughter

    About a year before the pandemic I was Inbetween girlfriends so I used an online dating app. After a few weeks I'd matched with and had a number of very fun one night stands. I wasn't looking for anything deep, I was single and horny and after a few dull relationships, I was enjoying pumping and dumping.

    I'd seen this one girl suggested a number of times. She was taller than I normally go for, generally I love petite girls, but Rae was 5ft 9. She has amazing curves, beautiful caramel skin, her profile made it clear she wanted an older guy for regular fun. I couldn't resist, I swiped and we matched immediately. Something inside me told me that we were definitely going to fuck.

    As she wasn't online, it took a few days to talk properly. We exchanged messages, she seemed genuine, and very responsive. After exchanging numbers she made it clear she wanted to meet, I was already hard as fuck, I was around 42 at the time, Rae was 18. She had an older guy kink, and she was smoking hot. I made sure to quickly tidy up, in case it went how I wanted.

    She texts me where to meet her, around an hour from me, and I race there. Parking up at a local church, I see her, holy fuck even hotter in real life. She gets in the car and smells fucking amazing.

    We talk, but within ten minutes we're kissing. There's an energy between us that's beyond erotic. She takes my hand and slips it under her bra, she has very large natural breasts, I find her nipple and twist it. She rubs my hard cock over my jeans, 'Fuck you feel huge' she says, I'm around 7.5 inches. I look at her and say 'I want to take you to my home'. She smiles and says 'Fuck yes'.

    Driving to my house, she starts to masturbate next to me, 'I'm so fucking wet' she says as she pulls her finger out of her pussy, 'Taste'.

    I taste her finger and feel her rubbing my dick aggressively. I need this girl naked, soon.

    Eventually we're at my place, we have a walk around. The whole time the tension builds. I kiss her and tell take her hand, 'Time to show you my bed'.

    She strips, her tits are even more amazing than I hoped. She pulls my jeans down and starts sucking me. 'Mmm daddy' she whispers, not my usual thing, but I like it. She continues to suck me like she's going to suck god from my balls. I tell her I'm going to cum, she jerks harder and I can't hold it. I explode all over her tongue. She shows me her mouth full of cum, and she swallows. 'Yummy'.

    The rest of the night we fuck, for hours. She's utterly insatiable. Eating her pussy was like no other I've ever eaten. A sweetness I can't describe, her hands pushing my head deeper, she even squirts, and I can't help but swallow.

    That night was the first of three months of the hottest, dirtiest, most satisfying sex I've ever had. We talk about her staying with me while she's at uni, she tells me that she's falling in love, that night was one of the best we ever had.

    Everything changed when Rae confessed to me that her mum, who was originally from Trinidad, had a one night stand with a white guy who was a guest at the hotel she worked at.

    As she told me, I realised where this was going. 18 years before, I'd been in Trini for a family holiday. I'd hooked up with one of the hotel nails maids, we fucked a few times, and I thought nothing more of it.

    What I didn't know was I'd gotten her pregnant.

    Rae had matched with me, because she thought I looked like the guy her mom had slept with, she must have kept some of the photos we'd taken. I'd forgotten about them, and aside from a beard, I looked pretty similar.

    We'd already started sleeping together before Rae had realised, I didn't look like the guy her mom fucked. I was him.

    We fucked again. Everything had changed. Watching my daughter ride me, look into my eyes and say 'I love you, cum in me daddy' I honestly wanted to ask her to marry me.

    I knew we couldn't keep it up though. Admittedly I considered just keeping going, nobody else needed to know. We were happy and she would have been an amazing wife. But I wanted kids, and there's no way I could risk that, let alone what would happen if her mum had found out.

    We only fucked a few more times after that. I've never found anything as good as the summer my daughter and I fell in love.

    I completely left her life, I couldn't have trusted myself not to want to start up again.

    And at the same time, all I want is to bury my face between her legs and feel her moaning for me to lick her to a squirting cum again.

  • Sex With Second Cousin.

    Back in 2011 through 2012 I was sharing a dorm with my cousin. She was the same age as me. She was also a pure Tom boy, wanted to be a guy I swear. Don’t know how we ever were allowed to room together but they put us together

    The first few weeks were kinda awkward. Had to develop privacy boundaries. The beds were separated by a shelf to give you some privacy. But you could see reflections in each others tv. But at least there was some privacy because I slept in my underwear. Definitely still felt kinda embarrassed at first sleeping in just my tighty whities.

    After a few weeks went by things got more comfortable and by that point she had seen me in my underwear a few times by accident. Once I walked to the bathroom and she was already up and I didnt know. The other times was at night when I took my shorts off to get in bed. She took me as a boxer guy but I wasn’t. But seeing me in tighty whities wasn’t as big as of deal as I thought, she said her dad wore them too

    But trying to find privacy to masturbate was tough! I’d either do it in the bathroom while in the shower or cum in the toilet. Or I’d do it real quick while she was in the shower and cum on a few tissues. I was a virgin still so..

    So a month in and I got caught masturbaing. I thought she was going to take a shower but she walked out of the bathroom and my bed was closest to the bathroom. I was caught with my tighty whities under my balls and my penis in my hand. I quickly put my penis back in my underwear and tried to change the subject quick!

    Two days went by a d my second cousin confronted me. She told me she was a virgin. I said I am too. Definitely made for less of an awkward talk I guess. She was curious about dick. So I said since we are living together and both want to lose our virginities I’m okay having sex with you. But no emotions, just sex. And we can’t tell anyone. After some more talking we both agreed

    She was t on birth control but I was goi g to wear a condom anyways. So around 10 at night we went down to Walmart to get some condoms. Definitely didn’t know they made so many condoms. I grabbed a box of the basic Trojans to start with, though I learned I needed magnums after using that pack up

    She was going to find a doctor on Monday to see about getting birth control too. We wanted to be extra safe. She eventually a week later ended up getting a nuva ring.

    So we got back to our room around 11 pm and decided we lose our virginity then. No kissing was ever gonna happen and we decided no oral sex this time. So stripped down to my tighty whities and opened the box of condoms. She stripped down to her underwear. I was unaware of it but she wore men’s briefs but in boys sizes, a Tom boy for sure. I was already hard and took my briefs off, she was amazed by seeing a dick. I let her touch it since it was her first. I was kinda nervous as that was my first time. My dick was also very hairy, I did no pubic hair grooming back then. I had quite the bush, my balls were hairy and my penis shaft.

    So she took off her shirt, bra a d then finally took her briefs off. She was nervous too and slowly turned around so I could see her front side. For being a tomboy she had a nice body. A bit chubby but who cares about that. Her pussy was definitely hairy! She did t groom either. I broke the ice and said I e never groomed my pubic hair but I might have to start if we become sexually active. She said the same, she’s never groomed and wasn’t aware people did because her mom was all natural too.

    I put a condom on for the first time and it was tight! I wasnt expecting that. She laid on the bed on her back and I got on the bed. Decided missionary was the position we’d try. I lined my penis up with her hairy pussy and slowly slide in. As I was working my way in she said it was kinda uncomfortable and put her hand out on my stomach to control how much I could slide in.

    Then all of a sudden she let out a good moan and I pulled out some to see blood on the condom. Her hymen broke, I officially popped her cherry. I told her I popped her cherry and she said I could definitely tell then she let me slide all the way in. I slowly started fucking. I only last 4 minutes before I was cumming in the condom. She was definitely interested in seeing the cum filled condom.

    Once I came she went to shower. I sat on the edge of my bed naked. When she came out of the shower she saw me soft and said it really is a lot small when soft. She was intrigued. I showed her more and said it’s pretty big when soft still, some guys shrivel up real small. Then I went to shower. Came out, put on some clean briefs and went to bed.

    The next morning she was a tad sore from taking dick. Bit she wanted to try more so I asked if she wanted to give me a blowjob. She was unsure how to give one so I looked up some porn. We watched some porn for 10 minutes and I was rock hard in my tighty whities. She obviously could see. So she decided to try. I sat on the bed and pulled my underwear off. She took my dick in her mouth. She was holding it at the base and sucking it pretty good for her first time.

    In minutes I was close to cummimg and I warned her. I took over and jerked myself off cummimg all over my pubic hair, stomach and chest. She was amazed by watching me cum. Plus she was curious about the smell of cum. She took some cum on her finger and I told her to try licking it off. She licked it off her finger, made a face then said it’s not really that bad. I told her some women swallow it during a blowjob. Which she tried that a few months down the road and actually liked it.

    So after our first times we continued to have sex. Pretty much daily too. Always before bed at night after school. I switched to magnum condoms and they fit way better! Plus she got a nuva ring which made us way more comfortable. Even though I never planned to cum in her.

    About 6 months down the road we tried anal, was her idea. What’s also funny is we both never groomed our pubic hair. Both kept 70s bushes and I still have mine. I’ve never groomed my pubes once in my life.