Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them. This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, flatulent uncles, and slutty sisters.

Lonely And Wanted Some Company

My daughter finally got married after 2 year delay and i felt alone.i knew my nephew liked me for nearly 10 years and started getting a little friendly with him and not to long ago we ended up in bed.that day it was what i call a normal day just flirting and next minute im in my bed with just my tights on that was ripped open and had my nephew eating my pussy.i was grabbing his hair to make sure he didn't stop and had a orgasm.my nephew quickly gets up and i got to see his dick and it was impressive and i was basically folded in half.i like it a little rough.i had my legs up near my head and he wasn't gentle in putting his dick in and was saying no when he grabbed my throat and fucking me hard.when i was saying no it wasn't for him to stop that was just me playing around.i can honestly say ive never had sex with anyone like it before.we had sex in 4 different positions i let him do what ever he wanted to me.i don't regret it for one second i wish we done it sooner.

  • My Mother And I Have The Same Man

    Caught up in a vortex of prohibited love. My mother found this boyfriend, the boyfriend found me, my mother and I both had babies by him. We all live in the same house, and he has sex with both of us, not at the same time but if we are in the same room he will still have sex with one of us. My mother never met a man like him, for me he is the first and only man. I am going to start college next fall, at least that is the plan. I am not going away, there is a small college in my hometown. I won't fit in with the other freshmen, first because I have a baby and second because I won't date, I'm taken.

    Her Teasing

    Since the Covid restrictions have been in force and having gone through two lockdowns, my eighteen year old step daughter Ellie hasn't stopped sexually teasing me.
    From saying sexual innuendos, to bearing her breasts, and ultimately sitting across from me and her mother, exposing her pussy to me.
    Each day she's either said or done something sexual. And its getting increasingly difficult not to rip her clothes off and fuck the shit out of her.
    There's no mistaking she knows what she's doing. Not at all. Indeed I hears her the other day speaking to one of her friends on her phone. She was telling her friend she's watched me masturbate several times and wants my cock in her mouth, her pussy and in her words "So deep up my arsehole".
    I knew she'd seen me once having a wank, but apparently that was just the last time.
    I do have a reasonably large cock, but have always been faithful to her mum.
    The reason I'm masturbating so much recently however, is Ellies mum has been refraining from sex.
    I'm not saying I don't find Ellie attractive, I do. It's just difficult as I've brought her up from being six years old. But Ellie doesn't see it that way, not if last night was anything to go by.
    As her mother made us our evening meal, Ellie used a banana to fuck herself with in front of me, saying "I wish this was your cock Phil".
    Before we ate, I had to go into the bathroom to wank, otherwise I'd have been sat at the table with a boner.
    After we'd eaten, my wife spoke to her daughter telling her she was visiting her sister in a few days time. She asked Ellie if she wanted to go, but asked in a way which suggested she thought Ellie would like to stay with me.
    Ellie responded by telling her mum "I think it's time, don't you".
    My wife simply said "I won't be here honey".
    Now I'm thinking my wife and her daughter have agreed on Ellie having sex with me. Either that or I'm reading something else entirely into it.

  • We Are Now All Living Together

    In 2017 I worked for a small family construction business in the back office helping the wife. I was 22 and she was 27. She had a miscarriage and was very upset. An in depth examination determined she had uterine cancer and she had a complete hysterectomy. We became very close and she asked me if I would have a baby for them. I gave birth in early 2018 and again in late 2019.

    The pandemic closed down the business. She stayed home taking care of the babies, I got a job working remote for an advertising agency, he got a job as a supervisor for a remodeling business. It took both our salaries to pay the mortgage. No one suspected that we would end up together, it was never the plan. It's impossible for me to just walk away from my children, not that anyone is suggesting it. What was a surrogate arrangement no longer is.

    Me And My Older Brother

    My brother and I are 2.5 years apart in age

    I am obsessed with sucking dick, I honestly cannot get enough of it and its all thanks to my big bro and what happened when we were younger

    It started back when I was 13-14, i had a boyfriend and my brother asked me to give him a blowjob, I wasn't sure if he was serious although i could tell he wanted it, I told him no and was like wtf why you asking me that? He said its not a big deal and that I should try it, but I told him its not happening

    Over the next few weeks he would ask me at random times to suck his dick, I kept saying no but each time he asked I got a little more curious.
    One day after a few weeks he was super horny and kept asking me to suck his dick all throughout the day, then that night while we were stoned he asked again and I finally gave in, I told him i'd do it just this once to shut him up, but never again.

    He pulled out his cock and immediately my attitude changed when i saw it, it was so big but also really nice looking, like a perfect pornstar cock. As soon as i saw how good it was my mouth latched onto his cock and i started sucking, about 5 mins into it i was already deepthroating his entire cock. I told myself im probably gonna suck his cock again because i was enjoying the experience so much that I knew i would want more

    During our first bj I made him cum twice, down my throat both times although i gagged on the 1st load a bit, but managed to swallow it, kept sucking and told him im not gonna stop till he cums again.

    After I finished sucking he still thought it was a one off so I didn't really say anything, but for
    some reason I couldn't stop thinking about sucking his dick again, it was annoying but i could not help myself, so a couple hours later i went and found him sitting at the desk on his pc playing games.
    I got under the desk and started sucking his dick while he played, i practiced deepthroating and got him to skullfuck me in between games with his hands on my head, made him cum again and this time he plastered my face and tits until i was soaked in his load.

    I walked around covered in it until my mum got home, then i cleaned myself up and we had dinner. Later that night when it was like 12-1 in the morning i was suddenly craving his cock again, so i decided to go to his room and sneak into his bed.
    When i got into his bed i started sucking his dick while he was sleeping, luckily his boxers were so loose that his cock was practically hanging out already, so by the time he woke up his dick was rock hard and i was deepthroating. Sucked nonstop until he came deep down my throat, then I went back to bed without saying a word.

    I woke him up to another blowjob the next morning before school, i made sure to get up before him so i could get into his room and wake him up to the feeling of my mouth on his dick.
    He was very happy and ever since that morning i've been sucking my brothers cock ever since and i don't ever plan on stopping.

    After that i started sucking off other guys and the more i did it the more of a reputation i had for sucking cock, until eventually i was known for it. After getting so addicted to my brothers cock, i started giving guys from school blowjobs either at school or at parties and eventually i was sucking off all sorts of men

    I still suck his cock to this very day, in fact im living with him at his house at the moment so i can suck as much as i want without having to hide it.
    Whenever we are in the car and he's driving im literally always sucking his dick, i cant remember the last time i got into a car with him without putting my mouth on his cock.
    I've also sucked his dick under the table at restaurants, under his desk at the place he works, on the beach, on the side of a street with cars going past and many more places just like that

    Basically my brother made me the cum slut i am today, and i am very happy with the way things turned out. Has anyone else had this type of experience before? Or do you know someone who has?

    Going to be sucking his cock until i'm dead lol

  • Roleplaying Pretending To Be My Teen Daughter Having Sex In Her Room

    The confession below is moreless a part 2 from confession 55828 - by Ingrid77 January 3, 2022
    I received a lot of comments on that one so I took things to a next level!

    Last Saturday I already planned what I wanted to do and the timing would be perfect as Nicole would be going out and spending the night at her BFF. My 15 year old son would be going to a friends to game and on a Saturday night he usually wouldn't come back before 1am or even later. And my youngest son needs to be in bed by 9:30pm on a Saturday but he usually gets tired earlier.

    So that means we would have some privacy in the house, outside of our own bedroom. Once Nicole left I went to her wardrobe and I picked one of her favorite outfits, an outfit for which we both gave her compliments. A beautiful young lady outfit, sexy but classy, something you wouldn't wear on a daily but on nights out. I also went through her underwear drawer which was always a mess. I found a beautiful sexy black thong, which was partly see through. My heart was racing as I was picking a hot outfit which our daughter would wear but I would be the one wearing it. All of this to turn my man on, dressing like his little girl! I found another thong way back in her drawer, which was more girlish, something she would wear when she was 13-15. I did not know yet which one to wear.

    Half an hour after our youngest went to bed we talked some, I got closer to him and we did some kissing, which we always love to do. Then I told him I would take a quick shower and I told him to meet me in Nicole's bedroom. He looked suprised but didn't question it at all. After my shower I walked into Nicole's bedroom, turned the lights on and decided to put on the sexy black thong and her lovely outfit. It fit perfectly and when I looked into the big mirror I felt super young, super sexy. Wow, these clothes really look good on me! I spiced it up by using some of Nicole's lipstick which is way more red than anything I would use nowadays. To top it off, I put on some of her high heels which were slightly too tight for me as her shoesize is a bit smaller.

    I heard my husband come up and shower. I am into many things but role playing always gives me the giggles so I'm not a big fan, but hey, let's give this a try. After his shower he came into Nicole's bedroom, only wearing his boxers. I said "Oh hi daddy, I have been waiting for so long for you to visit me!" My husband was speechless and didn't know how to respect and he stuttered that I look gorgeous. I tried to take control as he clearly was a bit confused, haha! I got closer to him, both standing and touched him over his boxers, feeling his already hard dick. We talk Dutch, so I will do my best to translate this the best way I can into English. So I said "daddy, I have been so curious for you so many years now! can I please see it?"

    Within a second he whipped it out and like a good girl I got on my knees... teasing him hard I slowly took it into my mouth. He now got more into it and said "oh baby girl, you suck so well, you will turn into a great little cocksucker, just like your mom!" That fueled my desire even more and I began to blow him the best way I could. In between the sucking I said "I can be a better cocksucker than mommy!"

    After a while my man got more curious and said "Let me see your naked body and your teenage pussy!" Very slowly I started to take off Nicole's clothes, while I was just in her thong. I turned around, bend over her bed and slapped my own ass. My man got out of the roleplay for just a second and said how beautiful my ass looks in Nicole's thong. He came closer and took Nicole's thong off. He threw me on her bed while I eagerly spread my legs for him. He moaned "fuck baby, your slit is as smooth and hairless as your mother's. If only she knew what I want to do with you!" I smart replied saying something (in Dutch, again, not everything translates easily here): "Well dad, mom is not here. Tonight you are all mine. Please give my pussy a little lick. I fantasized about this for so long!"

    He always likes to eat me out but this time he was even way more into it and I was turned on so much. After a bit I got into the roleplaying again and layed down further on Nicole's bed, and said "Please do it with me dad, fuck me with that hard cock!" We started missionary and when he penetrated my mature vagina he closed his eyes and moaned "Oh Nicole, your pussy is so fucking tight!" which made me even hotter! He was fantasizing about having sex with Nicole but it was with me. It was a total turnon for the both of us!

    We did some doggy and riding as well and we both thought it would be the hottest way possible if he would ejaculate inside my vagina so one more time I tried to be the 18 year old I was pretending to be and said while I looked him into his eyes "Fill me with your juice daddy, I want it!". Just seconds later we came back to "normal" as the cum oozed out of me so I immediately cleaned up, got dressed and decided to wash Nicole's beddings as well as her clothes.
    I'm still in a hot mood because all of this and I wanted to share it with you guys right away.

    Mom Comes Home Drunk At A Bad(?) Time

    So one night when I was about 14 I was hanging out with one of my friends at my house because my mom wasn't home. While talking we somehow got to a conversation about our fetishes and I admitted that I had a big foot fetish. My mom came home while we were still discussing this topic and my friend thought it would be funny to inform my mother about my fetish. My mom was obviously very drunk, stumbling over words and fumbling as she walked, and in her drunken mind decided that this newfound knowledge was hilarious and she wanted to pick on me for it, her way of doing that was taking her shoes and socks off and putting her foot up right in front of my face and asking "does this turn you on?" and giggling like it was a joke. As a matter of fact, it did turn me on. I got a very visible erection from this which she thought was hilarious, so she stepped on it and rubbed my bulge over my pants with her foot. Part of me was telling me this was fucked up because she's my mom and I should get her to stop, but mostly I was thinking this is hot as fuck and I hope my friend doesn't stop her. My friend thought it was funny as hell too and decided to film the event. My mom eventually thinks the best way to escalate the 'joke' is to actually pull my pants down, panties included, sit on the couch next to me, and give me an actual footjob, all the while giggling like it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen. My friend, definitely getting off from watching this, egged her on. "If she came it would be fucking hilarious" he insisted. My mom agreed that this would be the funniest possible outcome but after a minute or two got impatient and decided the fastest way to finish me off would be to deepthroat my cock, and that she did. To be honest it was the best head i've ever received even to this day, same goes for the footjob. It didn't take long for me to explode in my mom's throat and she was delighted, except this time not laughing. Something about swallowing my cum flipped her horny switch, and she wanted more. So she climbed on top of me and made out with me. She was a great kisser but her breath reeked of booze. She got her bottoms off and pushed my dick inside her, she started to ride my cock and I was prepared for the best sex of my life, but it didn't last long as after about 20 seconds she drunkenly passed out on top of me. My friend helped me carry her into her bed. We didn't want her to remember this so we took a vibe from her drawer (I borrowed her toys sometimes so I knew where they were) and put it inside her, basically framing it as though she passed out masturbating with it in her bed. My hope was when she woke up she would think she was merely fantasizing about me. My friend fondled my sleeping mom's breasts for a bit until I convinced him to just come to my room so I could deal with his horniness before he woke her up. We had fucked a few times before so I was perfectly comfortable sucking him off in my room, plus it gave me a chance to experience another fetish of mine we discussed, having my mouth overflow with cum. We went to bed and in the morning my mom was already out of the house, presumably heading to work. I sucked my friend's cock a couple more times (horny kids we were) before he went home. My next birthday my friend reminded me of the event (as if i could ever forget) and also reminded me that he had filmed the whole night. My birthday g*ft that year was that video, which i cherish to this day. I've had a few more experiences with my mom since then (stories for different times) but that night always remains the best sexual experience of my life.

    tl;dr: my drunk mom found out i had a foot fetish and decided to fuck me, yk, for the lols.

    I Think My GF Might Be Fucking My Dad

    So yeah.... as the title says - I think my GF might be fucking my dad. I haven't caught them in the act, and I Haven't seen any texts, but I have picked up on little things. A few times I have been in bed while my girl has been taking a shower, and gone to the bathroom as soon as she came back - only to find that my dad is in there. Despite me not hearing him enter it.

    For my latest birthday (20 y.o) my dad gave me a phone - he gave my girlfriend a car when she turned 20, saying that "turning 20 is a big deal". And I have noticed that my mom doesn't seem to like her at all any more. When I met her when we were both 17 she absolutely loved her, but that seems to have changed.

    And the last thing I've noticed is that they're a little bit too friendly with each other. They're hugging, I've caught him looking at her tits and but, and she's started wearing clothes that are a bit revealing when at our place.

    So yeah - I'm thinking that maybe they're fucking. Has anyone else ever encountered this? I'm not really sure how to feel about it, or if I'm even just being paranoid.

    Taboo Fetish PT 1

    This is probably the most private confession ive ever made:
    I have an i****t fetish, and really would love to f**k my mom.
    It all started with my mom and uncle. They are twins, and I strongly suspect they had a sexual relationship sometime in the past.
    My mom was always very casual about sex and nudity (but very bi-polar and controlling). She had no problem with us looking at porn mags and videos, in addition to casual nudity around the house. My uncle had a job that kept him on the road most of the time, but would stay at our house 2-4 days a month when he had some downtime. He had a box of stuff in the basement room, and of course we found our way into it (being me, my step sis & bro). He had porn mags in with his stuff, but the hook is that it was mostly i****t content. We were caught reading the porn mags numerous time, but got away with it. This led to fooling around with my step sis, but that is another story...
    The combination of i****t porn and my mom's nudity around the house instigated thoughts and feelings that still persist to this day...
    Part 2 to come later

  • A Helping Hand

    My 12-year old son was recently involved in a traffic accident and suffered two broken legs and a broken arm. He was bed-bound for several weeks. After one week it was necessary to help him take an in-bed sponge bath.

    I brought a basin of hot water and a towel into his room and sat on his bed to assist. After removing his pajama top, I wiped down his chest and back. After putting his pajama top back on him, I started to open his pajama bottom. He immediately tensed up. I wasn't surprised because I hadn't seen him naked for at least 3 years.

    I assured him that I would wash him quickly. I then proceeded to open his pajama bottoms. I really wasn't prepared for what I saw, and said, "Oh my!!" My son's penis was at least 5 inches long and as I started to wipe him his penis began to twitch and get hard. I pretended to not notice, but he got upset and started to cry.

    I then assured him that it was just a normal reaction to the warm water. As I wiped his erect penis I couldn't help thinking that he was already as long as his dad. I then finished wiping him down and closed his pajama bottoms.

    I had to repeat the procedure several more times over the next few weeks, but I must admit that handling his penis was not unpleasant for me.