Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them. This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, flatulent uncles, and slutty sisters.

Incest Love

I guess I'm just a freak but while I absolutely adore mother son and aunt nephew confessions on here.... like they drive me way past wild, I have never once thought about or been attracted to my mom. Mother son i****t has it's own beauty and it's fucking hot and I'd love to experience it... just not with my mom.

  • Showing His Love

    Right now I'm letting my pussy and asshole cool off and my jaw relax from nearly two hours if sex.
    For the past nine months my husband Calub has shared me with his older brother Nathaniel.
    He moved in with us when his home got flooded, and its still in the process (Covid) of being sorted.
    Within a fortnight my husband invited his brother to fuck me, and they've both been fucking me ever since.
    However, since restrictions eased there's also been a third member of the family to join the brothers. It's Thomas, the brothers nephew.
    He's just turned seventeen, yet has the largest cock and the biggest libido of them all.
    His extremely impressive cock measures just under ten inches in length and over six inches around.
    All three guys have fucked me today, with my husband watching the other two for the last hour.
    But it's been Thomas who's really been making me orgasm over and over again, fucking my asshole after his uncles opened it up for him.
    Before any of this started nine months ago, I'd only had sex with two guys, one of them being my husband.
    Now I feel I want to experience sex with more men, probably older men. And possibly I'd like to experience sex with a woman too. Who knows given what Thomas's mother has been saying, it could be her.

    Nervous Now

    So my brother and me have done stuff for a while like it started with watching porn, we like got where we would each play while watching. Then we like kinda started playing together. Tonight he wanted to do it but we didnt have any condoms but we still did. He said he would pulk it out before but he didnt. He said it was a accident but he definetly didnt try to take it out before and like stayed in after. He kept saying sorry and we should be okay cause it was the first time but I looked at my tracker app and its definetly not okay. I'm not gonna lie, it was like the best it ever felt but im like super nervous now. I'm about to shower but it's been in for like a half hour and like it isn't like coming out. I've been sitting in the bathroom waiting. Can a boy think they comed and nothing comes out? I'm kinda shaking but like the more I think about it, I kinda get horny again lol. I wanna again but I'm kinda scared like maybe its okay but would it happening again be bad? Gonna ask my friends sister to get me that after pill tomorrow. Had to tell someone, sorry. Thanks for listening.

  • David And Sue's Free Spirit

    My name is David and I was her only son , and 23 years old with a 55 year old natural birth mother Sue . I am blond blue eyed , tall skinny 135 pounds , and have a large 8 inch cock . My mom is short 5'5" and 150 with big sagging breasts 44D. My mom has been recently widowed due to my dad's alcohol abuse going on for 5 years now , and I am trying to keep my mom happy , taking her to movies , museums , camping . But nothing seemed to work . Something that I didn't notice before was that my mom has always been a free spirit , sort of a hippy type , sun dresses , no bra , or panties . So when the sun hits her , you can see the silhouette of her hairy underarms and pussy . I have always loved my mom , but during this time in my youth I am finding less and less attraction with girls my own age , and I 'am not very mature , just a glance at a pair of a nice woman wearing a bikini will almost send me home with a hardon to masturbate. Well one day my mom and her free spirit was very active , and she felt like doing the housework nude while I was at school . She would walk around the house nude a lot , even when she knew I was looking . Well one day I didn't come home the usual time , I had some free time from school for three hours because all my work was done on time. As i walked home I anticipated of what I would find when I got home , would mom be naked , would she be home at all . So when I got home I walked in finding my mom bent over the kitchen trash can without a stitch on her. I said with surprise "Mom , what are you doing mom ?"She was startled and turned around and said "Oh , David , I'm sorry , I didn't hear you come in , I didn't know you would be home so soon . I was just cleaning around the house ." I stood there with my hardon getting bigger by the minute in my jeans , with my mouth open staring at her beautiful hairy body .Then my mom said with out a thought , "Do you want to help me clean David like I am cleaning with out all that clothing ?" Now mom has never seen me naked before or at lest as far as I can tell . So at this time I thought why not get naked in front of her . And without a word I took off my shirt and jeans , shoes and sock and underwear . My mom said "you can wash the counter over there David , while cleaning the living room ." No silhouettes anymore or far away looks of her walking around the house nude . This was up-close and personal . So I am watching her clean while I try to clean and masturbate at the same time . I could not take it anymore , I went over to her and said "Mom I want to taste your pussy ." and she said "O.K David ." and spread her ass cheeks while lifting up her leg so I could go down on her from behind , I love that sweet pussy juice she has . Than I rimmed her hairy asshole for a while . We did this for a long time , it seemed like hours , then I stood up and started kissing her and she said "I love you David , and I want you to be inside me ." So she laid down on the coffee table , and said "Come in ."For hours we made love in all different positions and , when I came I almost passed out . From that day on , we made love every day till we got married , She gave birth 9 months after that to a girl . Well that's a another story I'll tell later.

    The Good Ol Days

    When I was about fourteen I would often go nude around the house. Mom would get on me doing that, especially in front of little brother who was only ten. A number of times when mom wasn’t home, my brother would go nude around house too, and I even saw him having an erection. Not that I was about to play around with brother. Although I suppose he was too young, I didn’t want to take the chance of getting pregnant, which was a very scary thought. At that time I also had a bisexual love affair with another girl. Mom would have died if she had ever found out about any of that.
    That was twenty years ago. Now I’m divorced, and my brother is as well. Recently we got together and we started talking about the old days, and the subject of our shared nudity came up and we both laughed about it. We remarked on how now it would different and mom wouldn’t know and couldn’t squawk. Well, feeling suitable uninhibited we decided to be naked together again, although this time with far less constraints and,as was quite predictable, we had sex.
    It was so amazing after all these years actually getting to do that with my brother and to have his penis in my vagina. We both loved doing this together and for the last year we haven’t stopped. Sometimes good things are worth waiting for!
    And no, mom still doesn't know!

  • Graduated To Being His Wife And Mother Figure

    Starting when I was 17, during the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I began a sexual relationship with a man. A man, not a boy, or a college kid, a man. During that summer it was all sex. Nice sex, this man sees women as either a daughter figure, a wife and mother figure. I filled his daughter needs.

    He helped me attend college, bought me a car, sent me to Europe for a semester. I don't think it ever crossed his mind that I would have sex with any one else. All through college, including my semester abroad I bit my lip and kept myself for him. The longer it went the harder it was for me to understand his obsession about being the only one to have sex with me. I was horny, he is a grown man, sex is nighttime cuddling, with sex as the goodnight kiss.

    I took a job with a large E&C company as a Treasury Specialist. I was going crazy, I was having sex once, maybe twice a month. Every time he pulled me in for sex I wanted it pretty bad. I could go twice, but he wanted to talk, love me, talk about the future. And all this led to being alone with a guy I met at work and getting to the point of penetration. When his penis bumped up against my vagina, I froze, screamed, pushed him off. Right then I felt, understood that I belonged to him, exclusively.

    I was the young girlfriend, he was a grown man, and my outlet had to be masturbation, not sex with another man. Ina discussion with a female coworker she told me I was a wife, when I was still in high school his girlfriend, but now I was his wife. Learn to get my kicks by cooking, being his warm body wife at night. But I didn't live with him. And that was where I needed to adjust my expectations.

    A wife lives with her husband, wakes up beside him every night, cooks for him. If I belonged to him, like I felt I did, then I needed to move in and get married. Me, twenty five, he forty seven, time to be a grown up. So I moved in. we got married, and when he has sex with me I feel I belong to him. When I prepare breakfast I feel I belong to him. When I sign my married name I feel I belong to him. When I twirl my wedding band I feel I belong to him. As his wife and one day mother figure.

    Stepdad Update #5

    My stepdad is now my own private sex toy.
    After i told him i have been recording his little wanking missions in my bedroom once he thinks he is home alone and the fact he practically forced fucked me at the weekend when he thought i was drunk.
    I asked him if he could drive me to a friends because it was her birthday party and he knew he had to say yes.
    Half way there i said pull over and i want you to lick my pussy,
    He found an empty pull in point and I jumped into the back seat and he followed.
    I lifted my dress up over my hips and opened my legs and pulled my knickers to the side revealing my freshly waxed pussy,
    He started to take out his dick so I asked him what he thought he was doing.
    I told him I wanted my pussy licking and nothing else.
    He started licking and sucking my clit i held his head by his hair with both my hands just like he did to me last weekend and i was thrusting myself against his mouth and face.
    I could feel his face was getting really wet and slippery .
    I starting calling him names but he didn’t react.
    I had a great orgasm and told him to clean me up with the tissues he keeps in his glove box .
    I climbed back in the front seat he stayed in the back and tuck his hard dick out i told him to get driving right away before I phone mum to let her know what a prevert her husband is.
    I told him if he needs to cum he can do it while driving so I wouldn’t be late.
    He did just that,
    He came all over his seat and floor while driving in about 2 minutes.
    Once we arrived i said now clean yourself up before you get home and expect a call tomorrow when I need picking up.
    I shut his car door and walked away.
    I love my new found power over him,it’s given me so much confidence.
    Im going to enjoy my power.
    Hayley x

    Relationship With My Cousin

    So this is a completely true story and I’ll try to be as detailed about it as possible.

    So, I’m 19, I have one sister who’s 21. I have 2 cousins. One is a 20 year old girl, other is Her brother, a 15 year old.
    Only the 20 year old one is relevant to this story sexually.

    We all used to meet up for sleepovers since we were kids, it was quite fun. But one day maybe when we were 11-12, she asked if I wanted to show her my pp. I was astonished, but I agreed. Then I asked her to show me her body and she complied. We were just standing there naked. I touched her boobs and pussy, she touched my dick.
    A few years passed, nothing happened. Now I was 16. We were at a sleepover and it was just us at the house. My parents had gone on a trip. My sister and cousin brothers are early sleepers. So they fell asleep around 10pm. Then it was just awkward for a bit. Despite meeting for sleepovers, we didn’t talk much and weren’t super close. Anyway, somehow the topic of what we did a few years back came up. She said she had a faint memory of what we did, she asked me if she had touched it or not. I said yes, she had. She seemed to disagree.
    The conversation went on, and I said “well you if you saw it now, it’d be much bigger than what you saw that day”. She just gave a cheeky smile.
    She said “the same thing would apply to me”.

    Quick heads up, my cousin has a very hot face, she’s a brunette and wears specs. She’s not got huge tits, they’re just okay. But her ass, her ass is out of this world.

    Moving on, we didn’t do anything that night. Despite the tension. I still think I should’ve offered her to show my dick or something.

    Then a year or two later, her brother got sent off to boarding school, but she still wanted to sleepover with my sister. My sister at this point was 20 or something. She came over, they talked for a bit, and then my sister got a call from her boyfriend, she said she had to go for the night. That was weird, but okay. Our parents usually head out when they’re over, so the house was empty.

    It was just her and me, so I decided we’d play some game on my PS4. We were playing, and then she dropped the controller, and she blended over as seductively as she possibly could.

    A few hours passed, it was around midnight, I asked where she wanted so sleep and she said she could sleep in my sisters room. I was quite turned on, so I said “wouldn’t it get boring there, alone?”. She replied “I just have to sleep there right, unless you had other plans before sleepoing that would make me alone”.

    That got me, I just said “okay you’re sleeping in my bed, with me”. She smiled and complied.

    I went to the bathroom and came out, she had already got in the bed and under the covers. I got in too. That’s when I realised, she’s not wearing anything but her bra and panties. I didn’t act surprised. I asked her “Want to see my pp?” She laughed and nodded. I showed it to her, she said “that’s not a pp, that’s a cock”.

    I then started touching her, and soon enough she was giving me a bj. She was good at it. Then I ate her pussy out, it tasted so good.
    Then I put her on top, took her panties completely off. And then I put it inside her. She moaned so hard. He took it all the way in her pussy, then I went in doggy. Man her ass, I can’t describe it well enough. It was so hot, I came right there. I came a bit in her pussy, and pulled out and put some on her ass. We went to take a shower to ‘wash up’. Well, we didn’t wash up, but she did get another load in her pussy. She told me she’d taken b control before coming. I guess maybe she knew my sister would leave. She’s a horny bitch.

    This went on for a few years, and is still going on, she’s got a bf. yet I still get to bang her practically every week. Not on sleepovers, but we book a hotel room so it’s easy.

    I Want My Mother

    ever since i saw my mother wasing her naked body my days are filled with thoughts of having sex with her.ravishing her, kissing her all over,eating her pussy. but most of all i want to see her walking around the house,pregnant with my baby. i want to get her pregnant so bad. i want her to have at least 3 children by me and live with her as my wife and sleep with her and have unprotected sex with her every night.i want to take her out and dress her real sexy and tell everyone that she is my wife and expecting my baby.

  • My Sister And My Father

    So my sister and I used to have sex practically everyday till I was 15.
    She’s 2 years elder to me. She’s smoking hot, looks cute, has a big ass and some nice big boobs.
    We started fucking sometime when we were very young, not fucking, but being naked and dey humping. I took her virginity when she was 11. After that it was a great 6 years. Now she’s 20.

    We stopped suddenly one day when she said she wasn’t comfortable anymore, a few days later I got home and heard her moaning. She was being fucked by another dude. I was pissed. But I let it go. I couldn’t see the guy’s face.

    Fast forward to a few months back, I was getting really horny because I wasn’t seeing anyone at the time and ofcourse lockdown. So I planned out how I would make a move on her. She knew me, she had taken my cock hundreds of times, I had cum on every part of her body except in the pussy.

    So I decided, I’d try when she’s horny too. So I looked out for opportunities, one day I thought I’d try to hear her showering. Sure enough she was softly moaning.

    I opened the door, sneaked towards her, and I stuck my dick into the shower curtain, she said “Dad?”.

    I froze. What the fuck?

    Anyway, she grabbed it and started stroking it. And eventually I pushed the curtain and she saw that it was me. I took my shirt off and jumped in.

    She was speechless, but I didn’t need her to speak. She really wanted it.
    I pushed her to her knees and she blew me, and then pulled her up and fucked her standing. She then said “you can put it in my ass too”
    My dad must be really good at this. We fucked for a good 10 minutes and I came inside her ass.
    Then I asked, what was up with her and dad. She then told me that it was her dad who was fucking her years ago and that’s why she ended it with me. I was furious.
    I pulled her by the hair, took her to my room, and fucked her as hard as I could. Then I came inside her. A few days later I heard them fucking again. Again I was furious. So I decided to seduce my step-mom. It was easy, she’s a whore.

    Soon enough, whenever I hears them fucking, I’d call my stepmom and fuck her harder. We all knew what was going on at that point.

    So one day I just walked in on them, put my dick in her ass while my dad was in her pussy, and we ducked her DP. We do it everyday now, our stepmom joined us too.