Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them. This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, flatulent uncles, and slutty sisters.

That Grandmother Thing

I read on here about a boy making it with his grandmother. This is not uncommon. At the beginning of this summer I started having a more intimate relationship with my grandmother.
I was over at her house one day and the weather was very hot. She joked and said how we could always just take our close off to be more comfortable, mentioning how she of course wouldn’t tell my mom – her daughter. It sounded like fun, and under the circumstances we had no problem in having sex.
I thought that it was great getting to do this with her, and she thought t was great getting to do it with me. It was fun and quite a turn on, and very meaningful doing that together.
My grandmother asked me if I had ever done this with my mom, and of course I told her, no. My mom would never go for something like that, and my grandmother said that she didn’t think so, either. But for the two of us this is a great arrangement which we have happily continued.

  • Step Dad Crush

    My mums still asleep from way too much wine last night. I stayed over at my mum and step dads, leaving my husband at home.

    Sam my step dad and I put mum to bed just after midnight.

    We went back downstairs and minutes later I had Sam eating out my pussy and arse.
    If there's a man who loves cunnilingus more, I'd love to meet him.

    He devoured my pussy, clit and arsehole for nearly an hour, making me orgasm over and over again.

    My husband has a larger cock than Sam, but he just hasn't got it when it gets down to dirty sex. And I love dirty sex, horny anything goes sex, and Sam delivers every time we fuck.

    After we'd fucked and I'd sucked his cock clean from fucking my pussy and arse, and he'd fucked me all over again, we went to bed.

    He slept with my mum and I slept in my old room.
    However this morning I jumped in the shower with him and had him fuck my arsehole. I love having my backside fucked in the shower.

    Once dried we went downstairs and Sam being Sam had me lay over the kitchen centre island as he tongue fucked my holes, before sucking on my clit for so long. I came multiple times as he was inserting fingers into my pussy and arse.

    When had me fuck him, he sat on a chair and me ride him. I loved it as he sucked and gently bit on my breasts and nipples, making me orgasm.
    He came deep inside my pussy, which I don't normally let him do. But then he did tongue out his own cum from my pussy afterwards, and fed it to me as we kissed.

    He's just sorting out breakfast right now, so well eat. But if mum doesn't wake up soon, I'm going to get him to eat out my pussy again in the conservatory.

    I've had a crush on my step dad now for twelve years. Long may it continue.

    Mother In Law

    Fucked my mother-in-law two months ago. My wife (her daughter) was out of town for work. My mother-in-law was staying at our house with me to help with our 3 kids.

    One night I was sitting in bed watching tv in just my underwear. Gray fruit of the loom briefs. She knocked and came in to make sure I didn’t need anything. She made a comment saying I took you as a boxers guy. I laughed and said no. Next thing I know her robe came undone and was open. She was naked underneath. Her nice tits were out and her hairy pussy was exposed. I said your daughter is as hairy as you.

    Then we ended up kissing and she took my underwear off. I tried to stick my dick in her asshole but she grabbed my dick and said I got take dick in my ass like my daughter. I was turned on by her dominant attitude. She stuck my dick in her hairy pussy. Fucked her for a good 30 minutes before cumming in her pussy.

    I pulled out and wiped my dick off with my underwear. She got up, put her robe on and left. I put on clean underwear and went to sleep.

    In My Sisters Nose

    My younger sister has always been a very sexy beauty. When we were younger and on family trips to the beach she would always walk beside me holding my dick. Yes our entire family are nudist. I have never touched my sisters body, never had intercourse or even tried. I have seen her do all the things a girl would do in private, like masturbate, shave, pee, poop and even insert tampons (YUK!). But she always teased my dick and no matter how many times the parents admonished or punished her she never stopped.

    One evening we were relaxing, watching tv after a long fun filled day. I was dead tired. Don't know why this evening was differrent but her touch was like electricity going though my dick. All she was doing was using her finger to trace up and down my dick and around the head and it got so fucking hard it hurt. She was laying long ways on the couch with her head on my chest when she put her fingers on the underside of my dick and pushed it against by belly and started moving up the shaft when I started cumming harder than I ever did in my life.

    I cum on her chin, it hit her in the mouth and filled both nostrils full. She jumped up and and stared at me wide eyed and standing there in the darkened tv room with the tv light behind her she looked like an angel from heaven. The parents just looked over and told me to go finish that in my room and don't come back with out my underwear on. Sis had to go wash her face and go to her room. Even though we're older I still see her fully nude and she still does her girlie routines aound me like always and I still don't put my hands on her and she's learned her lesson about playing with loaded guns.

    My Mother-in-law’s Panties

    Dont know how it started but I love to jerk off and cum on my mother-in-laws panties. She wears bikini or string bikini style. Maybe that’s why I like to cum on them. My wife only wears thongs. Thongs are sexy but some full back coverage panties are sexy too. I’ve only seen a woman (my wife) in just thongs for the last 20 years.

    My in-laws keep the laundry hamper in one their bathrooms. I go in there to pee and also too see if any panties are on top. Normally I’ll see two hampers. One for colors and one for whites. The whites bin is usually socks, shirts and my father-in-law’s briefs. Sometimes my mother-in-law wears white bikinis which is sexy to me.

    But this past weekend I pulled out some red string bikini panties out of the hamper. They looked like they were freshly put in there. I could smell the pussy smell on them as I picked them up. I laid them on the toilet seat lid and got my dick out. Came all over them in a matter of seconds! I folded them up and used a dry part to wipe under my foreskin before rolling the skin back over my head. Pulled my underwear up, positioned myself in my briefs before pulling my shorts up and heading back out to where we were at in the house.

    I Love My Son

    in april 2019 i went through a divorce that saved me and my teen son. we found a place to stay together and he was able to continue going to school normally while i took care of everything else. we got closer and closer as time moved on and the way i dressed at home slowly became more 'relaxed'. just 2 months after we had moved in together and i was blowing him before and after school. it was so wrong yet felt so right seeing my son feeling good in my mouth and it also made me happy that i could help him unwind.

    since becoming lovers i have never been so happy and my son looks like the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. he is quite handsome and has told me that he used to have a crush on a girl but now he would much rather date me than any other girl

    i have long moved on from simply sucking his cock. he takes me in all kinds of ways and all my holes are his. he is a huge fan of anal haha but i enjoy it too :) never would i have thought that i'd fall in love with my own son but i do not regret it one bit. i take care of all his needs while he just does his best at school

    No Laws

    My son, who is twenty-four and single, and I had been having sex now for several years. The fact that we live in New Jersey makes this quite possible, as New Jersey has done away with laws concerning i****t between consenting adults.
    And, yes, I would say that here this has become a lot more common now that it does not have to be hidden and kept secret.
    This is really just such a special thing for a mother and son to share, and I am so glad that my son and I do. I know half a dozen other mothers who enjoy such an arrangement. For anyone out there who does not think that this doesn’t take place, they are sadly fooling themselves, and for those who think that this is somehow wrong she just mind their own business and keep their opinions, please, to themselves. Nature does make this possible so it is quite natural.

    Trying It Up My Arse

    I confessed to my girlfriend that I have wondered what its like to have a dick up arse, she has offered to fuck me with a dildo on one condition, she ties me up and there is no backing out,
    as a reward she will let me fuck her up the arse, I would like comments from the guys who have tried it, Frank

    Busted, But Still Fucking

    Its almost nine months since my mother in law busted me as I was fucking a teenage girl from our neighborhood.
    My wife, her daughter, was working away for eight weeks, and I was so horny for pussy and ass.
    The neighborhood teenager I know, is a dirty little slut, and it took no time at all to have her sucking on my dick. A fortnight after first fucking her, I was balls deep up her ass in the living room, when my wifes mom Jane, walks in.
    I was busted and she knew it. She told the girl to get out and dont bother returning. I thought she was going to begin shouting about how much of a cheating bastard I was.
    Instead Jane stripped off in front of me, dropped to her knees and pulled me and my cock into her mouth.
    In total shock, it took me some time to respond, but when my mother in law released my dick and said "You better fuck me good boy". Everything changed.
    Three hours. That's how long we had sex for. And in those three hours, I fucked her mouth, pussy and asshole many times over.
    I also, and this was a first for me, fisted her asshole too. In fact Jane is extremely anal and often had me eating out her pussy, but especially her asshole over those three hours.
    She must have had dozens of orgasms by the time we showered together. Then in the shower she had me fucking her ass again.
    Sitting in the lounge afterwards, she phoned her daughter like nothing had happened. And indeed I thought I heard her say "Yes dear, she's gone, and I am looking after him".
    It was another fortnight before my wife got home and each evening Jane called by for sex.
    We experimented trying anything and everything. Jane revelling in having a younger mans hard cock to play with.
    Jane also introduced me to one of her dildos she brought with her. Again anal being a first for me. Having her suck on my dick as she fucked my ass with a dildo that first time, will stay with me forever.
    Some of the days, it was like our first time together. Long periods of sex, but others when she had things to do, were quick fucks, but still amazingly horny sex.
    When my wife returned home, it was like nothing at all was different. We were having sex, great sex, but after a month without seeing her mom, she shows up with my wife out shopping.
    We ended up fucking in ..(continue confession)

    On Loan Out

    My uncle died of a heart attack at age 45. He was a Church Deacon and missionary. He married a 35 year old woman from from the Philippines. She is five foot five one. She is super hot to me. Six months after my uncle dies my mom started loaning me out to my aunt .
    Im 19 first year of college and living at home because im broke.
    It was during a Saturday a few months back i kept looking up her skirt while i held her latter so she could put up new curtains. Once that was done i helped her take somethings down to the basement.
    I could not help it i kissed her and she let me. She even stood on the tip of her toes. She let me keep kissing her and i got bold and grabbed her ass then she pushed away. It was weird for a minute but we brought more stuff down to her basement.
    The last load i kissed her again this time she kissed back and i felt her up.
    He did some oral and had sex on a stack of boxes.
    She is the first experienced woman I've been with and its every Friday and Saturday now that we have sex. Its been three months out of six months that we have been having sex.
    But now im falling in live with her but i know for her its just sex