Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them. This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, flatulent uncles, and slutty sisters.

My Brother

I was 12 when my brother, 14, stated fooling around. Both parents worked and we had all day to ourselves. It was summer vacation, we were bored and it all started with some ill show you mine if you show me yours. It quickly progressed and the next day we had lost our virginity to each other, it was great!. We kept it up, we were lucky not to have a pregnancy!. When I was 20, our parents died, leaving us the house. We set up as husband and wife, no one ever knew the real story. We now have 3 beautiful, healthy kids together, we are raising them as nudists, as we are. It sounds weird, but we are happy!

  • Not Sure How This Happened

    I read Confessions as they get me in the mood when I am not feeling particularly horny. I had no idea I would be contributing my own but I know that I have to tell someone.
    Literally a couple of hours ago I got home and my Father-in-Law is inside our house opening the door for me. I asked him what the problem was as I was a little worried initially. Dave my FIL said that he let the roofer in as Darren couldn't get home and he didn't want to leave it to me to sort out. I said I'll put the kettle on if you want a cuppa as I was pulling of my coat and kicking of my shoes.

    I hear Dave tutting behind me, and then he says, " So our Darren let's you go to work like that then?"

    Like what? I ask defensively.

    "Like you're off to a Nightclub, everything hanging out skintight"
    I am getting annoyed. Darren doesn't tell me what to wear Dave .... Times have changed!

    "He's gone soft or he enjoys blokes looking at you? I wouldn't let my wife dress how he let's you.""

    I snap now. "He doesn't fucking LET me I've told you once. "
    Don't use your foul language with me young lady. If you were my daughter you would dress properly or I'd spank you as big as you are.."
    I answer rather cruelly that you I am not your daughter thank god.....

    He is fuming, actually in law you are my daughter and I'm going to give you a fucking hiding and takes his belt off, ...your father obviously let you rule the roost and so has Darren. And in lightning time he his pulling me over to the sofa and has me forced over the back and he's spanking me. I should have told him leave, but I acted totally out of character I spread my legs and said harder you kinky bastard, spank me harder, next he's pulled my tights down then my panties and said mmmm let's see how wet you are slut.

    He pushed his fat fingers in my pussy shoved then under my nose .
    And then he fumbles with his jeans and his cock his out.

    Fucking hurry up your limp ducked son will be home in a bit, that was it he was innl me no niceties just forcing my pussy lips apart and fucked me. It was so carnal so unexpected i orgasmed before dave did. I wanted his cum to absolutely flood my pussy but thought better off it . Put it in my mouth please Dave. I turned round and boy he was the lucky one when it came to handing out cocks. Darren is about 5in this was easily a couple of inches longer and fatter. I deep throated him and then licked his slit wanking his foreskin with his mouth, i could feel the tenseness in his body then he shot in my mouth about 5 times. He was calling me a dirty little whore and he hopes he can call round next time and I'll be dressed decently and my language is better.

    I don't know why I done this but i tore at my blouse buttons came off and said I'll dress how I fucking want. He grabbed me again and was fucking me with such force. My god I rarely orgasm with his son anyway and here I am acting like a complete whore.

    In my mind I am thinking my marriage is over or I don't think I would have done this in the first place. No excuses I'm in totally in the wrong but I know I'd tease his dad into fucking me again at the first opportunity

    Could Have Been Really Bad

    Over the holiday weekend I got oral from my niece on my brothers couch while everyone was asleep. My wife did not want to show up, some family drama amongst woman, I don't know. I spent the majority of the time with the kids, including my favorite niece Leida. She was always hyper active as a kid. I was shocked, she looked like a young woman. Still pretty young in the face but the body of a plump college girl. Definitely talked like one. My brothers wife is a gorgeous blonde foreign woman he met in Europe. Only had girls with her, four of them. I was practically babysitting the whole day. I got tired and put on a movie after dinner. I had worked out the day before in my brothers gym, and felt stuffed. After the movie ended Leida fell asleep on my stomach and all the other kids went to bed. Mid sleep I felt her tug my cock, I woke up and kissed her and our lips met. Truthfully I was super erect from sleeping, thinks got the best of me. I pushed her head down and she gave me a wet sloppy blowjob while we were laid out on the couch. I was about to finish in her mouth when one of her sisters turned on the lights and scared us. She didn't notice but it got us to stop. We both went to bed afterwards. It was a little awkward the next day.

  • Conflicting Fantasy

    This has been on my mind recently and I needed to find somewhere to talk about this so here it is. So truthfully I don't get along with most of my family and I am pretty estranged from a lot of them which is honestly fine by me. I don't really align with them politically and we all have essentially nothing in common but the relationship isn't really hostile outside of a lot of pent up frustration from past situations.
    Well to be honest about a week ago I had seen a photo of one of my cousins, he is quite a bit older then me. Wife, Kids, Military, whole nine yards sort of thing and because of his job hes taken to working out quite a bit. I would be lying if I said he wasn't physically attractive, especially for a man over10 years older then me. A lot of feelings about some of the not so nice experiences I have had with his side of the family sort of rushed in along with truthfully horniness and all I could think about was pushing his head between my legs and having him go to town on my clit. The thought of hate fucking him was so hot I was dripping wet and I honestly came a few different times to the thought of riding his dick and him sucking on my tits. Now I feel like I have sort of developed a fetish for these fantasies. I don't know if I would ever act on them, considering I don't ever see a time where I could outside of some of the family I do see often but overall I get along with most of them but the thought still drives me crazy Has anyone else ever wanted to hate-fuck a family member?

    My Wife

    My (25M) wife (29F) admitted to wanting to have sex with my brother (32M). It gave me my biggest orgasm ever

    One night we were having sex and dirty talking, I demanded she tell me the kinkiest person she’s fantasized about and she said “your brother”. As she said it I felt her get wetter, I came very soon after. Ever since then, we’ve been having lots more sex and it always leads to this way of talking, she’ll moan his name and sometimes even looks at pictures of him while I rail her. I’m not sure why it turns me on so much but it does.

  • A Whole Year

    I have been fucking my wife’s best friend for a whole year.
    Kate’s husband died suddenly in a car crash. Super cool guy but suddenly left her unable to support herself she moved in with us. Super tough at first but she kinda took over the house car like she’d done with him.
    One night of drinking she and my wife ended up making out. Asking if it was ok. I was like sure if I can creep and watch. They liked the idea. They ended up fucking while I jerked off. Super hot. That continued for a while. After a few talks the pleasure was shared three ways. Started hitting link events.
    Orgasms became life. We got more and more toys, fuck dolls and machines. She greets us at the door with our favorite drink. She cooks and cleans. It’s amazing. Granted I’m
    Working more and more but I do get videos and audio bites to get through the cold nights. I know it won’t last but while it does I’ll enjoy it.

    A Thanksgiving To Remember

    So, i dated a woman for 5 years and last summer our relationship came to a painful end. I found out that she had cheated on me with a guy she worked with.
    My ex had kids from her first marrage, 2 boys and a girl being the youngest. When we got together, she was 13, her brothers were a few years older and one had already moved out.
    On Wednesday, i get a text from my ex's daughter asking what i was doing for TG, and i told her that i was going to fry a turkey and my mom (who she loves to death) was going to come by. She said she was doing the family thing, but wanted to know if id mind if she came by afterwards. Of coarse, i thought it was a great idea.
    Fast forward to the next day, i woke up early and finished all my cooking. My mom showed up around 11 and we had dinner around 12, and around 1 there was a knock on the door. My mom went to answer it and was surprised to see her standing there. They hugged and came inside. We sat around for a couple hours and talked while watching some ball games, then my mom left around 3:30.
    Jenna walked my mom out with me, and after she was gone we went back inside.
    Once we were inside, i sat in my chair and she came sit next to me on the edge of the couch. She started off by telling me how much of a dick her mom's new boyfriend was and how she thinks he "eye fucks" her.
    I expressed my disgust with him, and what he was doing, then she says, "It wasnt like how you looked at me. I can tell you genuinely care about me, he is just a pervert."
    So i asked what she meant by that, and she explained that she knew that i looked. Which, of coarse i did. Shes always been a beautiful young woman. She was never one to wear a bra around the house, and would always prance around the pool in bikinis during the summers. Id look, but not anything innapropriate, just couldnt help but to notice.
    She explained that he makes her so uncomfortable, and she cant wait to move out. "I always felt flattered when id see you looking, but i was always comfortable around you."
    I tried to play it off like i didnt look, but she saw right through that and caught me blushing. Then i changed the subject and we talked about her graduating in a few months and how proud i am of her. Shes an awesome student. She told me how she is already accepted to the state university, and is starting right after this summer.
    I got up to go to the kitchen, and a couple minutes later she comes in behind me. I was washing a couple dishes, then when i turned around, she was standing there. Something was different, so i looked a little closer. I could see that she was no longer wearing her bra, and her nipples were clearly poking out under the thin fabric.
    "Thought id get a little more comfortable" she said with a smile and a little shake to make her breast jiggle a little. "What are you doing?" I asked her, and she explained that its okay for me to look now. She said, "you're not with my mom, and im legal now. You dont even have to hide that you're looking. Im okay with it." And she pulled the fabric of her shirt back to show her tits even better through her shirt.
    My dick started to get hard in my jeans, and I tried to avert my eyes and hide it by turning around, but she came up behind me and turned me back around. When i looked into her eyes, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me.
    We kissed for what felt like forever and an instant all at the same time, and her hands were all over my chest and back. She pulled away and looked me right in the eyes as she pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor.
    I couldnt believe what i was seeing. Her breast were so full and perky, her stomach tight. She ran her hand down my face, chest, and abs down to my jeans where she found my fully aroused bulge and she grabbed ahold of it and traced the impression with her hands and told me that she wanted to "take care of that" for me.
    She grabbed me by my belt and led me into my bedroom, where she pushed me back onto my bed and began pulling my belt loose and then my jeans, and finally pulled my briefs and jeans down to my anckles. The took my cock in her hand and started stroking me. "You have no idea how many times ive masterbated thinking about this dick." She admitted while she moved in closer and took it into her mouth. While she was sucking me, she slid her leggings down her legs and i motioned for her to let me see, so she stopped sucking for a second to stand there over me, completely naked. Her well trimmed little patch of pubic hair was just above her little slit. No inner lips to be seen, other than a slight parting where a glimpse of her clit was peeking out at me.
    She started to suck on me again, but i rolled her over. I had to taste her. She moaned and giggled while i ran my tongue up and down her clit, and i pulled back a little spreading her lips open to see that her hyman wasnt broken yet. "You're still a virgin?"

    Awkward Situation

    I stopped over my mom’s house on Wednesday around midday. I figured I would surprise her and see if she needed any help with the food for Thanksgiving.

    When I arrived, her car and another (unfamiliar) car were in the driveway. My dad was at work and my younger brother wasn’t home either.

    When I came in, I did not see anyone, but I certainly heard my mom in the basement. She was getting fucked. I stood there for a minute or two and the fucking continued. The filth coming out of my mom’s mouth was horrifying. This man, who obviously was here by my mom’s invitation, was fucking the shit out of my mom.

    I left within a few minutes, making sure I was silent. Later in the day, I texted my mom and asked her if she needed any help and she answered ‘no, I have been preparing all day and I am good.’

    She literally was caught cheating on my dad. She literally lied to me under the pretenses of a direct question. How on earth can I face this over dinner?

    I called my dad and asked how his day was going. He said good, work was about done and he was heading home. At this point, I was sure he wouldn’t walk in on anything, but the damage is done.

    Thanksgiving dinner was terrible. I could not look at my mom and I felt terrible for my dad. I will say something soon, but I am just not there mentally to deal with it.

    Embarrassed At Thanksgiving

    Hanging out with the family after dinner. I overhear part of a conversation between my mother and aunt about gay, lesbian trans etc. My mother drunkenly blurts out "I wouldn't know how to react if one of my grandkids told me they were gay." I hollered back at her "Pretty sure you don't need to worry about it!" I realize that I said the quiet part out loud. I look over at my niece and nephew and they are beet red with embarrassment. The reason I walked in on them fucking each other a few months ago. I've also bought my nephew condoms when he's asked. (Didn't know they were for his sister at the time.) Anyway, I had to get up and walk away so that I could have a chuckle about it in private.

  • I Used To Watch Mom

    I was a child of a single mom, never knowing my dad. My mom generally had average jobs, so we struggled a bit at times. For a long time we lived in a one bedroom apartment. My mom had turned a 6 by 8 closet into a small bedroom for me.
    When the door was closed, there was a fairly large gap at the bottom. I found I could use a small mirror and see into the room outside, my moms room. I would lie in my bed waiting for her light to come on at night. Watching her unzip her dress and let it drop, and stand there for a minute in her bra and panties. She has dark hair, and a very hairy pussy, which I could see through her panties. She always removed her bra first, rubbing them a bit after they were free. Her boobs are small, but with large pink areola. They were very firm looking. Then she would remove her panties. Looking from below, (under the door), I could see her large pink lips, hanging from her hairy mound. She has short hair, is tiny, 5 foot, slender, with a nice shaped ass, very pretty face, but I loved her big lipped pussy the best. I loved it when She bent over for something so I could see it good.
    Of course, I used to beat off after, thinking about that nights show. I was 14 then.
    Then, about a year later, it changed. One night, the light went on, and when I looked my mom was with a guy. They were kissing and he was feeling her ass. She was unbuttoning his shirt and he took over while she quickly got undressed.
    She got on her knees and started licking his cock and balls. She looked up at him and smiled and began to give him a blowjob. I saw she was fingering herself as she did. She got up and he picked her off the ground, he was a big guy and she is tiny, she guided his dick into her and he fucked her with her legs around his arms, him bouncing her on his dick. I could see my moms c**t getting drilled deep, dripping. She moaned as he fucked her, then told him she wanted to be fucked doggy. He put her down and she got on all fours. He entered her and fucked her hard, eventually moaning as he came in mom. He got up put his clothes on and left some money on my moms dresser.