Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them. This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, flatulent uncles, and slutty sisters.

I Always Wanted To... Now...tomorrow

I never, ever stepped into my sisters room. Never. I looked in several times to holler at her for school or dinner. One time I looked in to holler at her for taking to long to get ready to go out for dinner. She was standing in front of her mirror, her long dark hair over her shoulders, wearing nothing but black shoes and lacy topped white socks. No panties, no bra. Her hips are starting to get wide and her little titties aren't so little anymore. There is sparse, coal black hair covering her pussy. The prettiest flawless white skin I have ever seen. She knew I was gonna be looking in on her. She had to know. I ..(continue confession)

Son Follows Mom To Bookstore Gloryhole

When i was 16 years old i drove my mom to a local adult world book store and went in after she did bit could not see her,so i looked in the booth area and she was nowhere so i went outside and about 30 minits later she came out and i ask where she was she said she must have been in the restroom.Well a week later i told her i was busy so she drove and I followed her there and went in just after her and i watched her go into the video booth area and i saw the door number was 6 and as i walked in a guy went into room 5 so i hurried and jumped ..(continue confession)

Daughters Doubt

Listening to my daughter and her fiance having sex month after month, had been both exhilarating and frustrating.

There is no father, so my fingers and another new dildo I bought last year, were my sexual relief each night I heard their sexual exultations.
I knew from things my daughter had said, that Ben is well endowed and each time I heard them having sex, I'd imagine him fucking me as I slid the dildo in and out of my pussy and ass.

Nine months back my daughter tells me she's bought me a present for my birthday and it's on my bed. I presumed Ben was out back fixing his motorcycle, so I went ..(continue confession)

Can't Unsee It

I was playing spy and I saw something I believe I will never unsee or forget. No matter how bad I make myself feel about it I get a raging hardon and I have to jackoff...hard!

My aunt, my mom's twin sister, travels a lot and she normally stays with us for about 4 months of the year. They're identical twins but my aunt cuts her hair shorter and she a lot more tan.

One day I accidentally discovered how to spy on my aunt while she was naked in the shower. Our attached garage has a good size loft that I use as my man cave, seperate from my room.
It's opened to the ..(continue confession)

The Sister In Law

I have a massive crush on my sister in law, sometimes I think it's reciprocated by her actions and gestures.

I have masturbated into her panties on more than one occasion and cum tributed my favourite pic of her, too many times to count.

I know I'll never experience the delight of entering her smooth pussy, ( I know it waxed ) and feeling the sheer pleasure of emptying my balls into her willing c**t.

Still great to think about as I stroke my cock

Sister Watches Me Jackoff

Just found out my sister is quite the voyeur. She won't tell me where she was hiding.

Our parents still work and because of the situation these days they asked us to think about moving back home for a little while just so we could keep a closer watch on each other. They are professional types and are needed. Me and sis have jobs we can do at home at our leisure.

While the parental unit are away we just attend to what need attended to then we just sit in the familyl room or on the patio by the pool.

Sometimes we drink a little too much wine and we start telling secrets. ..(continue confession)

To Keep My Husband I May Have To Start Having Sex Again

Following a breakup, my then SO and partner got busted in a DUI in which some people were hurt. It was like a wake up call to her drinking. I started seeing a woman who worked for Channel but after a couple of months I was single again. My rebound was a man from work and I ended up with a couple of kids and a house in the suburbs.

In the last year I may have had sex with him once, he found another woman, one that finds being a housewife with him a good thing. I don't mind being a housewife or having my kids to look after, I am just not a housewife with him. ..(continue confession)

Spent The Night With My Stepdad

A few days ago, I decided to stop by and visit my now ex stepdad at his condo. My mom had a very messy marriage with him, marrying when I was 13 and separating 4 times throughout the time I was in high school, and their divorced was finalized in January. I always blamed him back then, but once he was gone she turned her rage on me and I realized it wasn’t him. So I went to his place to apologize.

He was surprised to see me but invited me in. He offered me some wine, while we caught up. Truth be told we never talked much while we lived together because of the animosity from my mom. ..(continue confession)

About My Husband And His Mom

I am tight to my 40s, married with 2 kids. Thats our social life for all to watch from outside.

Inside it is kind of complicated.

My husband has been seduced when he was a boy by his aunt (twin sister of his mother). she had sex with him from his 13th year until he was 16 or 17. she went to Australia with her husband and about half a year later she died in a car accident. but the years with her made a great impression on him. Since then Incest is one of his main fantasies.

I have never had any contact to Incest and for me it had a touch of abuse and m****..(continue confession)


one weekend me a buddy my sister and her friend all rented a campsite at the lake. That night after we swam in the lake my buddy passed out drunk by the fire and sister friend wouldn't stop talking on the phone. So I got up to go take a shower my sisters friend told her to go ahead and go she would shower when we got back. There was 4 little bathrooms with showers but we showered together and her naked wet body immediately made hard. My sister saw it and bent down the told me to hurry up and fuck her. When I told her I was going to cum she said don't you dare pull out I slammed ..(continue confession)