Who doesn't have an Uncle Bubba, with the beer belly and obnoxious belching, or the Aunt Petunia with the bright red lipstick and too-tight pants? We all have at least one person in the family tree we'd all wish would be plucked. If your relatives would make a good comedy routine, then we want to hear about them. This category is for all those stories about loud aunts, drunk brothers, flatulent uncles, and slutty sisters.

She's Beautiful, But I Shouldn't Want Her.

A few weeks ago I caught my mother cheating on my dad.
I'd left college early and walked into our house to hear my mother making all kind of moaning sounds. Then I heard her say "Yes, yes fuck me there".

I moved to the lounge door, pushed it open a bit and was able to see my mother knelt up on the rug naked. Behind her was a young naked guy I didn't know and even from where I was, I could see him fucking my mums arsehole.

She was loving every thrust and constantly telling the younger man to fuck her arsehole harder.
I know it shouldn't have, but I became turned on and got an erection.

I watched for about two or three minutes before they changed position. My mother mounted the guys large penis and that's when I moved away because she could have seen me facing my direction.
I've not said anything to my dad or mum, however I did masturbate that night in my bedroom remembering what I'd seen earlier.

I know the young guy has been round to our house again since, and I've just found out my mother has had other younger lovers.
What's strange, is I now think my dad knows she's being fucked by young guys. The other strange thing is, I cannot stop getting boners around my mother, and she's definitely seen me horny a couple of times.

Only last week when she was stood in our kitchen wearing just flimsy almost see through knickers and a short t shirt, clearly showing her hard nipples, I got a hard on in my shorts and my mum said "Maybe you should go and sort that out" pointing at my cock bulge.

As I walked away, she added quietly (but I heard it) "Tempting".
My mother is very attractive, and I shouldn't be having the thoughts I am about fucking her, but I am.

  • Our Dirty Secret

    i just wanna put it out there that my older half-sister and i are in a sexual relationship. it's been our dirty little secret for over a year.
    i won't get into details of how it started, but it's a very intense relationship. once we started, we couldn't stop or even slow down. she was frustrated with her marriage so she just decided to end it so nothing would get in the way. she says she's sexually and emotionally much more satisfied with me. i don't care that she's much older (she's 38, but so obsessed with her self-care that she's so fit and hot and even looks younger than me). I'm addicted to fucking her, but i also love her.
    it's our secret, no one else know, not even our closest friends. i guess some people suspect because we're way too close. we meet up "for lunch" way too many times every week and we "crash" in each other's places too frequently. i know it's wrong and that she's my sister, but i can't picture anything that's sexier and more loving that what i have with her.

    Another Year, Same Sister.

    My sister an I are chalk and cheese, nothing in common and no shared interests. I managed to escape the hum-drum social housing and unemployment dead end life that she seems to relish, I run, I gym and I diet, she's huge, eats junk and waddles like a duck due to her size, but here's the thing... Every year just before Christmas we both feel compelled to treck 100 plus miles and miles to visit our parents in the old family home to deliver cards and g*fts. Every year it's just me and her (wife, husband and kids all left at home). Every year we say that she will sleep in the spare room and I will have the sofa.... And every year we always end up in the same bed having the most magnificent passionate sex together. We both look forward to it... I love feeling her big heaving fat body, big soft belly and rounded droopy tits close up against mine, and she seems to love my gym body for similar reasons.. We've always fucked, it used to be more often when life was tough when we were teens in the era of mass unemployment and strike action it was all we had that was free and warm and loving, but now with sepearate lives it's become a special and deeply meaningful yearly g*ft to ourselves... One night of fantastic, dirty secret loving amazing sex.

  • Night Before My Wedding

    Leading up to my wedding 3 months ago i made a confession to my best friend. My confession was that i have had strong feelings towards my cousin,I knew she would keep it secret.that night before i was getting married it was meant to be just us but she had a surprise for me.around 8 o'clock my surprise turned up,my 28 year old cousin. I said to my friend how's this a surprise it's my cousin ? she said she had told my cousin my confession,as i was upset and letting her know she betrayed me my cousin started groping me hey one last night of fun he said,I didn't know how great a night it would turn out to be.it wasn't just me my friend joined us.the sex was amazing on off for a while and drinking plenty before we all passed out.wake up in the morning to find my friend and cousin fucking next to me and i joined in,that last night of fun turned into an affair.

    Family Visit

    As they are in between houses right now, my aunt (dads sister) and her daughter are staying with us for a time. They get in the way and we have to consider them for meals and things like that, but I found a way to make it even more tolerable.
    I love that it is summertime because having an open window isn’t something that people notice. The bathroom that they use is on the main floor and just before nightfall, I sneak into that bathroom to make sure that the bathroom window is up just enough that I can peek in from the outside. I only raise it about an inch so that nobody will suspect. Seeing my young niece with her hairless body is a bit of a thrill, but it is my aunt that drives me insane. She is certainly no beauty as she is about 50 years old and is of Greek heritage. She has a bit of a belly, but the most enormous tits on her 5 foot tall frame. I never imagined that a woman could be so hairy on her pussy.
    I can almost never wait for nightfall as that is when my aunt chooses to shower and I get to see it all every time. I would love to bury my face in it, but for now, picturing her naked body and imagining sucking on those humongous nipples gives me a lot of great jerk off material. I would love to have her walk in on me sometime when I am jerking off thinking about her.

  • Faint Fuck

    My stepson was 17. His dad was working and he and I were home alone. I decided that after my morning run I would hit the hot tub in my bikini and with a small glass of wine. Well that glass was refilled more than it should have been. My stepson came home from the gym and joined me in the tub. After a bit I got very lightheaded and as I tried to leave the tub I fainted. My blood pressure has always been low but I guess the heat of the tub and wine made it too low. When I came to I found myself on my bed nude, perfectly dry and my stepson sucking on my toes. I was startled of course but for whatever reason I did not stop him. He kissed and licked my feet, calves and inner thighs as I writhed in anticipation of his mouth reaching my wanting wet pussy. He ate me so well that in no time I came and came hard. He then rolled me over, I got on my knees thinking he would take me doggie style but much to my shock he licked my anus. This was a first for me! It was okay. He seemed to really get into it with no rush to stop. He final sunk his erection into me and pumped me for all he’s worth until he came. As soon as he came he left. He and I have never spoken of what happened and have never repeated the act which as of today has been over a year.
    A one off I guess and probably for the best.

    My Hot Aunt

    My Dad is an IT Executive, he's done very well for himself. They have a huge house with a pool.

    Every 4th of July they have all the family over for a party and BBQ. My grandma can't drive so they go pick her up. I come down for the party as do other relatives, including my Aunt.

    There was lots of food and drink. My Aunt was pretty blitzed. As the party was winding down my parents took my Grandma home just leaving my Aunt and I at the house. My Aunt went inside since she was drunk and I did some cleanup from the party.

    After I finished I went in to take a shower and noticed my Aunt's room door cracked. I peeked in and apparently she had taken off her bikini top and passed out sitting up in her bed. She's in her 50's but still smoking hot, 5'8 a few extra pounds that go straight to her 36DD tits.

    I walked in and said her name and she didnt respond. Her tits looks like big melons hanging down with her nipples pointing down at a 45 degree angle. You could probably say big floppy tits like giant baby bottles with pointy eraser nipples, fucking hot.

    I called her name a few more times and got no reaction. She has always been flirty with me after I got out of college. I took a chance and walked over and softly squeezed her fat tit and tweaked her nipple.

    I wanted to suck it so bad, but I thought I was already pressing my luck, so I sqeezed them a few more times, took a few pics, and went to the shower and came a bucket thinking about her. I think I might need to "help Aunt with some chores at her house" some time.

    Man, I love floppy tits.

    Wasn't For Me

    My parents divorced when I was 12. Soon after dad came out as gay and I guess started a mid life crisis. He became a party guy.
    The upside of this was the lack of rules. When I visited him I was basically free to do as I pleased. I was too young to realize this was not a good thing. When I was 16 I wanted to live with dad full time just for that reason. Mom was pissed but she said OK to avoid conflict.
    Dad treated me like a buddy and I got to do whatever I wanted. I quickly realized dad was even a bigger partier than I thought. A lot of different guys would come and go. He didn't do anything sexual in front of me but the walls were thin and I heard a lot!
    Also the guys that were always around noticed the 16 yr old boy. I got hit on a lot. Dad thought it was funny.
    One day dad wasn't home and a guy I had met several times stopped by. He came right out and told me he wanted to fuck me. I don't know exactly why but I led him to my room. After we stripped he made me lay down on the bed. He sucked my cock until I came in his mouth. After he looked up and asked me if I had ever sucked a cock. I said no. A minute later his cock was in my mouth. It took me awhile to get him off and I choked and gagged trying to swallow his cum. Most of it ended up dribbling out. We laid on the bed for awhile and he asked me a lot of questions. He got up and started to walk out but he told me to stay put. He went into dads room and came back with a bottle of lube. He stood beside the bed, poured lube on his cock and stroked it until he got hard. He grabbed me, rolled me over on my stomach and poured lube on my asshole. He fingered me for a minute then pushed his hard cock inside me. He fucked me hard. Yes it hurt but I took it. After he came inside me we cooled off, then dressed. When we came out of the bedroom I realized dad was now home. I figured he would be mad since I just had sex with one of his boyfriends. Instead he acted proud of me.
    From that point on dad was more open with his sex life. He started leaving his bedroom door open and I saw him having sex several times. I found out dad was definitely a bottom.
    Over the next couple of weeks the guy came back specifically to have sex with me a few times.
    The night I decided this lifestyle wasn't for me things got way out of hand.
    The guy I was having sex with stopped by with a surprise. He had two men with him. One I had seen before and the other was a stranger. He took me into the bedroom and the two other men stayed in the living room with dad. We played around for a little, mostly he wanted to give me a blow job. After I got off he took me by the hand and pulled me off the bed. He opened the door and tried to lead me out of the bedroom. I tried to grab my clothes but he insisted. He led me back into the living room. Immediately I was hit with the sight of my dad and the other two men naked. Dad was on all fours with a man fucking his asshole while the other had his cock in dads mouth. We sat on the couch and watch for awhile until my friend became too horny. I ended up on the floor getting my asshole fucked . The three men took turns on me and my dad for several hours.
    A few days later I went back to moms .

    Stepdaughter Moans Too Sexy

    My wife was out late with girlfriends and her innocent ponyhaired daughter was looking so cute in a cropped t-shirt revealing her fit tummy and barely covering her smallish but firm tits. My stepdaughter was obviously not wearing a bra and the bottom of her tight ass cheeks would occasionaly peek out the bottom of her too short pajama shorts which were tight and thin enough you knew she was wearing a g-string. Good thing she was wearing panties I thought as I fought the idea that my stepdaughter looked a bit slutty and so fuckable. After turning away from her several times to keep from staring and to hide the tent in my pajamas, I decided it best to retire to my room to take care of my aching cock. Saying good night my daughter gave a little kiss to my forehead that made my pecker throb. Once in my room, I took it slow while thinking my stepdaughter is a sex goddes. Our rooms are quite close, so I was trying to be as quite as I could until I hear a little moan from her room, which was quite normal. Knowing the wife would not be home for awhile I was emboldened and curious enough to go to my daughters door to get a better listen. To my surprise and delight, my daughters door was not completely closed, I barely pushed the door open a bit more to get a better peek. I could not resist as my cock throbbed and she was purring enough she would not hear. My beauties eyes were closed so I felt invited to admire and enjoy forbidden art. Maybe she was thinking of daddy as layed uncovered and naked on her bed. Sadly her panties were on and covering her pussy. Mesmerized by her georgeous tits, tight tummy, soft moans, and fingers roaming under her panties, my desire to see that tight teenage pussy grew so much that I pulled my shorts down and began to stroke while imagining her fingers going in and out while making wet sounds. Then her hips started moving and she slid a red g-string off all while lying. Now staring at her shaved pussy with full lips and budding clit, I so wanted to fuck my stepdaughter. This was not the first time but it was the strongest urge yet. But I knew I had to walk away, but could not. Instead I stood and watched while edging my hungry dick. I had never before witnessed something so hot and sexy. My heart was pounding and I was trying to remain silent. Lust overcame me and I was about to walk into her room when I snapped knowing I was about to shoot my wad. I whisked to my bedroom where I had one of my best orgasms ever. This happened about six months ago and I want to masturbate everytime I recall. I only wish I could have lasted long enough to see my daughter come. My life will never be the same with the realization that I could be fucking my too sexy stepdaughter. The sooner, the better but the danger of getting caught stops me. If my daughter does not stop teasing, then she is to blame.

  • FIL Harley Davidson Good Vibrations

    My father in law is a tough and avid motorcycle rider. Unlike his son, my husband, he’s really rough around the edges. He’s all tattoos and smokes and drinks. I’m 27 now but at 23 I asked him if I could go riding with him having never been on a bike. I was wearing spandex tights and tight T. He said absolutely and so away we went with my husband’s blessings. Even though I’m very orgasmic, I did not anticipate the problem I had, that of my clitoris getting good vibrations off his machine. With every mile the stimulation grew more intense until as much as I tried not to cum, I did and did in a big way. I can’t be quiet when cumming and it became obvious to him just what was happening. He immediately pull off the road into a rest stop where I convulsed in orgasm aftershocks. He watch and laughed at my situation asking if I wanted a cig. What made matters worse, since I don’t wear underwear when wearing spandex, when I got off the bike the wet spot on the seat was large and in obvious view. I was embarrassed but that quickly disappeared when he put his nose to it made comment as to loving the smell and then licked it!
    I normally would find that gross but it turned me on, that and the bulge in his pants. I wanted so bad to have him fuck me, something I had never wanted from him and he knew I wanted to be fucked. There was no one there so I walked over to a picnic table took my spandex down and one leg out, spread my legs and invited him to fuck me. He hammered me, his dirty hands removing my top and touching my tiny B cup breasts. His cigarette breath, his rough stubble on my face and tits had me so excited and I gushed in orgasm. He then pulled out licked my pussy juice and plugged me again until he filled me with his cum.
    His son is a clean cut, clean shaved man, so I was shocked at how turned on I was to be man handled by his father who most certainly isn’t like his boy. On the ride home I must have cum easily three more times leaving one Hell of a mess in my pants and his seat. We have never told my husband, his son, or my mother in law about any of it. We have however gone for many rides and fucked every time, both of us look so forward to riding season and never have done anything outside our rides.