Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

Weird Dreams

I’ve had a lot of dreams anoit going to prison and getting fucked in the butt by my cellmate or a guy in the shower.

Actually it kinda turns me on. Having a guy make my straight ass his bitch.

How often does that happen in prison?

  • Multiple Guys

    I am a very small framed guy, don't get a lot of girls, but have always had older boys and men come on to me. In short, most of my sex has been with other guys. I like getting sucked, but very rarely will I fuck a guy. I prefer being the bottom in m2m sex. Until today I've only done one guy at a time, and only once about 2 years ago I got fucked by two different guys in the same day. I don't know why but today was different. I got fucked this morning by the man who spent the night with me. He left about 7 this morning, at 10:30 I met a good friend at the coffee shop who was in need of some sexual relief. I commented that I was VERY relieved and several times of getting it last night and again this morning. He said it was easier since I'm a bottom to get more sex. I offered and he accepted. So by 11:30 this morning I had the second cock of the day inside me and the second load of cum. He jacked me after and I shot and licked it off his hands.

    So this afternoon I visited another friend at his place, to get some smoke (my older man from last night is coming by again and he likes us to get high together). Ken had some guys over, they all looked very straight, so I didn't act gay. But Ken offered up that one of his friends hadn't had sex in over 3 months and if I wanted to help him out I could get some money deducted from the stash. I agreed, and was a little baked already, and we were making out, him stripping me in front of everyone as it's only a studio apartment. We went on the bed, separated by a bookshelf from the rest of the place and soon I had one of the biggest cocks of my life pummeling my insides. It only took him about 5 minutes to shoot off. When I looked up one of the guys was holding an even bigger cock in his hand and got on top of me missionary kissing me, and kissing my nipples while fucking me for almost an hour.

    Exhausted, I had to just lay there, and Ken and the last of his friends, were naked and came to bed. I gave Ken a BJ while the other guy fucked me. I just laid there after and the first guy came back for a second go. He wiped me as best he could, I tried to push it out, then he fucked me again. It was difficult to walk, as I walked around the bookshelf, got my clothes and my smoke. I just put my underwear in my pocket and walked out. I have sperm leaked into my pants, and I've been on the toilet several times since.

    I got fucked today by 5 different cocks, and the older man is coming back again about 6. I'm going to rest up, I'm stretched and exhausted.

    In The Bubble

    At the start of the pandemic my close female friend and neighbor Sandra, a full figured chatty 54 yr old blonde suggested her and I stay together in a bubble to avoid Covid. This was find with me as we enjoyed our friendship and spent a lot of time hanging out in our apartment building.

    One day a few months in, Sandra suggested we add one other person to our social sphere .She had an older gay male friend who had moved back to our city and wanted to hang out with us .I said sure not knowing much about this guy .Kevin came over one evening to her apartment and I realized when I dropped by to meet him he was a nice guy and very talkative as well. We had a few drinks and a great time chatting. Later in the evening he mentioned the pandemic had really curtailed his sex life and looked at me suggestively .Sandra laughed and said join the club.

    There was a long pause then Sandra winked at me and said Kevin can release any sexual tension you have hon .I felt awkward but I could feel the stirrings of a raging hard on. I had never been with a guy though I must admit I was curious about it .Both of them were looking at me expectantly and this added to the sexual atmosphere .Kevin was in his late 50's, slim with thin longish hair and a beard. He had some softer mannerisms but was not overtly gay acting. The thought crossed my mind that Kevin was likely a big pleaser and work my cock like a boss and this made my cock rock hard .I lit up a cigarette and took a deep inhale. My erection was plainly obvious and they both noticed it as I was wearing tight jeans. Sandra cooed softly"Just lay back hon and relax while I enjoy the show".With that cue Kevin moved beside me on the couch and slowly unzipped my jeans as I took another deep drag of my cigarette .He quickly had my erect cut cock out of my pants which were now on the floor.He gently squeezed my cock fondling it softly before engulfing the leaking head in his willing mouth .I gasped with excitement as he sucked my cock with slow loving wet slurps .Sandra watched intently as she pulled down her track bottoms. Kevin bobbed steadily as I moaned in excitement .It was like the best blowjob of my life and I guided his head up and down .I exploded in climax and noticed Sandra was fingering her wet c**t frantically in orgasm. Kevin gobbled down all my cream making sure I was fully emptied. I lay back blissful seeing Sandra shaking in a lengthy orgasm .The 3 of us ended up naked in bed taking turns necking with each other sensually .I went down on Sandra and soon her wet pussy flooded my face with her juices as she convulsed again .I was hard again only to see Kevin sucking me once again. He soon had my second load. Later before we all fell asleep I sucked my first cock loving how velvety his smaller circumsized cock fit in my mouth.I sucked him eagerly until he unloaded his sweet cum in my virgin mouth .I swallowed it all surprised how erotic that felt to drain a man of his seed.

    Here we are in October 2021 and almost 2 years later the three of us share her bed most nights as we Kevin and I sleep over .Kevin and I have had intercourse many times with each other and I love receiving his cock in my ass as he loves receiving mine. Him and I often take turns fingering and eating Sandra as she much prefers oral to intercourse. Occasionally I mount her when she is especially horny .This is the best sex I have ever had and the sex with Kevin has become the most satisfying.

  • How It Came To Be That I Sucked Earl Too

    Early one Sunday morning I met my boss out at the warehouse. I guess he felt like fooling around. He unleashed his God awful cock from his pants and told me to get over there and give him head. A couple of minutes later I was doing what I'm inclined to do in such a situation, I was giving him love. Things got bad when he noticed that Earl drove up, Earl is the Maintenance Superintendent and old Joe sure didn't want him finding out I sucked his cock.

    Took me a couple of hard knocks on the head and shoves to unlatch my mouth from around old Joe's cock, too long of a time, because Earl walked in with me on my knees and old Joe trying to get his pants zipped up. And that's how I started sucking Earl too.

    Craving Dick More And More

    My first time experimenting with dick was when I was 23 and in prison. The 3 years I was there I was definitely scared and felt I needed protection. So with that came favors. Blowjobs at first to my cellmate then eventually he fucked me. I was fine taking his bog dick in my ass as long as it meant no other guy would try to get me. And yes I said big dick, he wasn’t small.

    Eventually that cell mate got released and one of his buddies took me in. He was hung and uncut. I finished out my time in his cell till I got out on good behavior. I had to give a blow or ass every night.

    Then once I got out I did t even think about cock. Now at 37 I’ve had the desire to have sex with guys. I am married with 2 kids. I was away on a work trip three weeks ago and I ended up fucking a hotel worker in my room. His ass was so tight, it was my first time fucking a guy. And my first time doing anal with someone other then my wife.

    As I was fucking the guy I was thinking about when I was his age. When I was his age I was getting fucked in the bit by my hung cellmate. Only took me a few minutes to flood that guys ass with my load. The next night I flooded his ass again. Same for the third night. I have nothing special, just a 6” cut dick but he says it’s nice and big.

    Now back home I have the desire to get more ass to fuck and I’m wanting fucked again. Never thought I’d ever want to take dick again but I do. The most that has been in my butt since I was in prison I’d my wife’s finger during blowjobs. She has no clue I took dick in prison.

  • The Trans Woman

    My friends and I went to a bar in Miami one night and for the most part stood around until 2 cute girls asked me and other friend to buy them drinks. We chatted at the bar with the girls for a little while, and noticed a woman (evidentally a trans woman) staring at the both of us and smiling

    My friend and i exchanged looks and blushed at the idea at first but caught eachother staring back at her multiple times

    A little while later I got up to go smoke a cigarette, and as soon as I got out the door I spotted the trans woman in the back alley smoking a cigarette herself

    She smiled when she saw me and said, “too embarrassed to talk to me inside so you followed me here?”

    I laughed nervously and told her it was simply a coincidence and that I was enjoying a smoke myself

    She got really close to me and asked, “is there anything else you enjoy?”

    “Do you have something enjoyable for me?” I replied (still thankful for my smooth reply)

    She got right up on me and said it might not be what I’m used to, but I’ll certainly enjoy it

    “Show me don’t tell me” I said
    (I was on a fuckin roll)

    “With pleasure!” She gave me a sexy kiss on the mouth before getting to her knees

    She pulled my dick out and frowned, “I usually only suck cock when it’s bigger than mine but you’re too cute to not have a taste”

    (This line alone was enough to make me cum, but I held it in to let her continue her work)

    She then proceeded to give me the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten, saliva dripping down on her chin as she deepthroated me like a professional dick sucker

    At one point I saw her jerking her own dick under her skirt while she sucked me and I told her I wanted to see her cum on the floor

    I took a step back and jerked my cock while watching her rub her big dick until she came all over the ground outside

    She gasped as she came and smiled and she pulled me back to her mouth, “your turn baby”

    She resumed sucking my dick and eventually swallowed my entire load and kissed me one last time as a thank you

    “That was fun! See you back inside sugar” she said and she fixed herself up and went back inside the bar

    I took out another cigarette and contemplated about the fact that I let a trans woman blow me and ended up getting hard again before going back inside.

    “Where tf were you this whole time?” my friend asked “the girls left me like 10 minutes ago dude I thought we were gonna get some action!”

    “Trust me I did” I smiled and nodded towards the trans woman

    He looked at me and back at her and started laughing, “you’re joking right?”

    He sat there in shock as I told him everything that occurred and I saw him begin to rub his crotch. “Dude do you think she’ll blow me?” he asked

    “I don’t now let me ask”
    I caught the trans woman’s attention and pointed at my friend questioningly

    She smiled slyly and grabbed her cigarettes to go back to the alley

    “She’s all yours bro” I said to my friend, and watched him head to the back for some fun himself

    Boys Will Be Boys

    Going down the rabbit hole. Way back when I was in my youth I had a neighbor friend who was on the swim team with me and we spent a lot of time after school together. Who suggested it is lost to poor memory, but suggested it was and suggested taken and his delicious boner was in my hand and in my lips. He reciprocated, but I have to admit I was the bigger fan.

    I swam in college, and anyone with half a brain knows just how nice a boy in a speedo looks, and his not always slack banana hung in his hammock just begging to be massaged and loved on. Boys will be boys, and the dicks came out, and the dick lovers went to town. I need not confess that I was one of the dice lovers. Some boys adopted the position and a boy with a boner took him and made his deposit. All I can say, is yum.

    After college I went into real estate sales. I never landed an office job, but I was good in sales concentrating on condos in town. I met more than one client who appreciated a personal touch from his real estate agent. Think of this, way up on the 20th floor, not a stick of furniture, clear skies, on my knees making my client happy while he scanned the skyline of the condo where he was going to live. I'm sure he knew that I was just as happy as he was, and I got my share of a fat commission.

    Well, I confess, boys will be boys and a good hard erection, a set of soft warm lips, an able hand makes the game a win win experience.


    First Time In A Long Time

    I put bi in the description, though I fucked a friend for about a year when we were both 15. He liked taking it and I liked fucking someone, not caring if it was a girl or a guy. In fact his sister, younger by a year, was my first girl. I fucked her in her ass during the same time I was fucking him, and eventually I popped her pussy too. Since then it's been pussy, ass and mouth from girls and women, until yesterday.

    I was getting a massage, having some back problems and after stood up off the table, and was moaning and groaning, he told me to bend over the table and started working on my back again. I was naked and Carl, the masseur was always in shorts with no underwear. I don't even know why, but I reached back and then up the leg of his shorts and was touching his cock. He shot some lotion on my butt hole, rubbed it in, pulled his pants down and started rubbing himself up and down in the crack of my ass. I reached back and put his head to my hole. with that I got it very slowly, but I got it. 9 inches of cock up my ass. He bottomed out, and I could feel his pubic hair pushing against my ass. I squeezed to get used to my backside being stretched. It was my first time getting fucked ever. He started slow strokes and about 15 minutes later started picking up the pace and asked me if I wanted him to pull out. I said "No, give it to me, all the way". He was moving faster and faster, and leaned over me and whispered that he was cumming, with several deep pushes he was shooting into my ass.

    After he gave me some tissues, I wiped up, got dressed and left. Nothing more was said between us, other than the normal after-massage talk like nothing happened. I went back home and directly to the toilet. My underwear had some sperm in it from where some leaked out of me. I pushed the rest out, and was left with myself, wondering why I did it . But I liked it, I don't regret it. I liked getting fucked and really liked having sperm inside my body.

    May Be Turning

    I was a straight male, I still think of myself that way but last weekend, I was at a party given by some gay work friends of mine. I'd been working so much the last year my girlfriend left me about 7 months ago and quite frankly I'd had nothing but my hand for sex since that time. At the party there was this guy who would step into the bedroom with a guy, then the guy would come out, eventually the first guy would come out. He was taking guys in getting fucked. Later as most of the women and straight guys other than me left, the same guy was pulled over and bent over the dining table and his shorts pulled off and fucked in front of everyone who wanted to watch. A few guys fucked him through the evening. Towards the end my work friend took him into the bedroom and put him on the bed where the guy passed out. My friend came out and announced that he was totally out of it passed out.

    Most people were gone and it was my friend, his partner and they both, knowing I'd not had any sex in a while told me to go in and fuck the young guy. I wouldn't do it, and they took me to the door, opened it and his very appealing ass was naked. I told him that it wouldn't be right with him out of it like that. Finally they persuaded me that he does this all the time and he won't mind. "If nothing else, just rub it off in his crack and get something with some actual human contact" my friends partner said. They shut the door to the room and regretfully I fucked the younger guy. I full on fucked him up his ass and shot my load up him. Never having any sexual appeal to other guys, he was good looking, and almost no body hair, he was kind of small framed, and did have a cute butt. I came out rather shamed, but they let on like it was nothing.

    Yesterday, I was back at my friends place, working with him on a project from home, and the young man comes by for a visit. My work friend introduces us, and told him that I was the last one to fuck him last weekend. Obviously; embarrassed I tried to apologize for fucking him passed out, but he just said that he was much better when awake and if I ever needed to get off again, without having a girlfriend, I could do it with him. We finished work, and with much prodding, I agreed to have a dinner "date" with the guy I'd fucked. Nothing going to happen, unless I want it, no obvious gay acting, just two guys having dinner. "But, you'll know I have this on under my jeans" he said, walking out of the bathroom with totally shaved legs, in a garter and stockings wearing lace panties.

    We went to dinner, and back at his place I fucked him. He asked if he could turn over during and we started in missionary position. He had put on some lipstick and eye makeup when we got to his place, knowing I was "straight". Half way though fucking him he tightened up and squeezed so hard I thought I'd shoot, he said it was "internal" orgasms that he very rarely had with anyone. He had three more begging me to pinch his nipples really hard when he had them. I couldnt' take it anymore and I shot off inside his beautiful butt. After he asked me not to pull out and pulled his legs behind my butt keeping my softening cock inside him. Until know he'd still had the panties covering his cock, but he pulled it out with me still in him and jacked off.

    He sucked me ass to mouth, and cleaned me off, then gargled and came back. I fucked him a second time, and again he had the internal orgasms, but didn't jack off after. I sucked on his nipples while fucking him and let him kiss me as I was cumming.

    So, I think I'm straight, but I might be turning now. He is very good, but he's also a total fuckwhore and I'm not sure I want that!

  • I'm A Faggot

    during the long hot summer of 1972 I would go bike riding around town. my mother didn't want me home until dinner time, which was 6:30. i was riding over by the old military base and I saw these two guys standing along the back wall of one of the old barracks. one of them got down on his knees and I saw him suck the other man's penis. i didn't know that much at the time but he didn't finish until the other guy came, he wiped his chin, that's how I know. my ten year old dick was hard and it was real uncomfortable. i took my penis out and it felt good standing there with my penis out in the air. that night when i was asleep i had my first wet dream.

    i went back there several times that summer but never saw anything. that summer i had lots of wet dreams and every time it was about reliving that afternoon. my mother put a towel under my sheet. i didn't even think i was masturbating.

    it was later when i was 13 that i was talking with a friend from my building about what i had seen that summer and he took his penis out and asked me to suck him. he called me a faggot and put his penis against my mouth until i opened my mouth and he pushed his penis in my mouth. it was half him pushing and pulling his penis in and out of my mouth and half me sucking on him. either way it was something i wanted to do and did it many times after that. he called me a faggot and he had me tell him i was a faggot.

    he told another boy and i was a faggot for him too, and he told the man on the seventh floor and i was a faggot for him. i loved it, wanted it. it was the man on the seventh floor who really taught me what i was supposed to do. he is also the one that first fingered me which i liked and let him. by fingering i mean he wet his finger and got it all the way in.

    the rest of my teens i was the faggot at school and in the building. i suppose i remember everyone i was a faggot for. going onto college, i went to a small liberal arts college and my first year english professor was quick to notice i was a faggot and i became his freshman faggot that year.

    being a faggot was always something i liked and enjoyed.