Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

That Is How It Is For Me

I read on here about a guy who was asking if guys had an erection and ejaculated during anal sex. I can’t answer for all guys, and I’m not gay but just occasionally bisexual with a friend.
But I always have the stiffest erection while I’m being butt fucked, although I have been fucked when I did not have an erection, which was mostly because I was only being accommodating and not really turned on.
I have ejaculated spontaneously a number of times . It was like I was just so excited and turned on that I just couldn’t help it or keep that from happening. Usually I think that this was in anticipation of the moment, and almost right after my friend put his penis in me. When that happens I really squirt and it goes about four or five feet. One time it went eight feet! We measured.
But to sum up, typically in my case, being butt fucked always gives me a super hard erection and I prefer doing it either on my hands and knees, or standing, in both cases getting it from behind. I have tried it many other ways, lap sitting and facing, but those are the best positions for me.

  • Family Ties

    There's a young manager in work, Andrew, I've been fucking for the past six months.

    He's such a cock slut and really enjoys my nine inches.

    Once he knew I was well endowed, he was giving me sexual innuendos. Eventually I fucked him in a store room, after he'd given me one hell of a blow job.
    Now most week days we'll find time and a place for me to empty my balls bareback up his shit pipe.

    He's not the only guy I'm fucking however. I have an extremely high sex drive, which means I'm also fucking a neighbour of mine, Gareth, who's in his late forties.
    He's divorced after his wife caught him tied up on a dining room chair, being fucked by a younger guy.

    And that's how he likes me fucking him too. He loves being tied up, cuffed up, or held and being fucked roughly.

    We began having sex when he saw my cock hanging down after I'd had a shower.

    He'd called by to give me back a drill I'd loaned him.

    I was stood naked at my patio door when he appeared. Within ten minutes I was balls deep up his arsehole, riding the older man as if we'd been fucking for years.

    Last month however, I was fucking him in his home when I saw a picture, a new one, of him stood next to a young guy.

    When I asked Gareth who the young guy was to him, he replied "He's my son Andrew".

    He went on to tell me how his son's a manager and doing well at work. And then told me he's a lot happier these days as he's met a guy in work he's fallen for.

    Instantly I knew there was a close bond between them, as Gareth spoke so lovingly of his son.

    And that's my dilemma. With lockdown slowly easing, Gareth has invited me to a barbecue he's going to have for his sons birthday.

    It's in a fortnight's time, yet neither know I'm fucking them both.

    So now what do I do?

    First Time

    My first time having sex with another guy happened just 2 years ago. I met an older guy on a gay hookup site , we were a perfect match, both married, both with no experience, but eager. I was in Boston for a meeting and he managed to fly up on some business pretext (he traveled a lot, so it was easy). I met him in his hotel room, we chatted a bit, and we both started to get stiff. He made it clear that he wanted to be sucked, but would not reciprocate. That was fine by me; Ibgot on my knees, undid his pants and out sprung a beer can of a cock! I immediately started to lick and suck his meat. We moved to the bed , and lust came over me, and I started licking his ass. That drove him nuts. I sucked and rimmed him for about 40 minutes until he blasted my mouth with cum. I swallowed all of it. Then I did the walk of shame back to my hotel, smelling of cum and ass. Finally, I sucked a cock!

  • Becoming Gay?

    I started becoming friends with another guy back at the beginning of this Covid thing. We were the same age and both single.

    Well, we were bored with all of the restrictions and not being able to get out, and we thought that maybe it would be fun to mess around together as guys. So we tentatively tried it. We got naked and played around and engaged in some very fun and satisfying mutual masturbation. Both of us thought that was great. We did this and we started to become more relaxed with each other and about doing that together.

    We discovered how nice it was being able to be that way with another guy. It was just enjoyably and satisfyingly masculine. The two of us became cautiously more adventurous and finally we had anal sex with each other. I had never thought about ever doing that with another guy, but I was amazed by how thrilling it was to feel him fucking my butt. I didn’t mind fucking his, but I sure loved having him in mine. It was such an extraordinary thing doing that together as guys.

    Both of us began to eagerly look forward to being together, to just lounging around naked and having sex. It was so great. Neither of us thought of ourselves as being gay, just friends . But now we are roommates and having this very nice relationship. So gay or not it sure is great.

    I was just wondering if there are other straight gay guys out there and what they have to say about this.

    Car Sex

    Most mornings, before just recently, during the week, I'd park up and watch a little gay porn.

    When he arrived on his bicycle, he'd quickly put it in the back of the van, then join me in the front.

    Nine times out of ten, my cock would already be rock hard and out of my work trousers.

    Welcoming him in, I'd give Michael a long kiss, then press him down to suck on my cock.

    Depending on the time, or how quiet it was, once he's enjoyed my cock in his mouth, we'd either fuck in the front of the van. Outside if it's warm enough, or in the back of the van.

    We both love bareback sex, and I especially love cumming deep inside his eager arsehole, after fucking him hard and rough.

    Micheal does have a large cock himself, and recently has wanted to fuck me. So only a few weeks ago in the back of the van, over bags of sand and cement, my sisters son fucked me until his cock unloaded up my arse.

    It wasn't pleasant for a while, and he had to stop every now and then so I could get used to his dick being deep inside my fuckhole. But once I got used to his size, and being fucked, I began to enjoy the feeling.

    Now when I park up, it's a flip of the coin as to who fucks whom.

    I'm still fuckin my nephew more, but I do now enjoy him fucking me every now and then.

    I just wish we could fuck and enjoy one another indoors sometimes.

  • My Hypersexual Dad

    I discovered that my straight masculine dad is an over-sexed bottom, that my mom knows, that she has seen him getting fucked, and that he’s on PrEP because he likes it raw.

    I discovered all of this after I found him in the guest bedroom asleep, completely naked with his ass leaking cum - I’ve seen my fair share of asses leaking cum. According to my mom it started after he suffered some kind of brain trauma following a car accident when I was 10.

    I couldn’t believe that my mom was understanding enough to accept his hyper-sexuality and homosexuality or that she loved him enough to let him. He was on medication to reduce his sexual urges but he stopped his treatment years ago.

    The next time I found him was just after his hookup had left. He was naked in bed on his tablet and for all I know arranging another hookup. He didn’t seem bothered that he was nude or that his ass was leaking cum.

    I couldn’t help staring at his week-fucked hole. His hole was more a gash than a hole, it was what I imagined a whore’s pussy looks like. I think he secretly enjoyed it. He knew that my mom had told me his secret. I was tempted to stick my fingers up his ass, to feel his fuck hole and the cum out of his ass.

    Several nights later he asked if I wanted to bone him. His hookup was a no-show and he was desperate. I was briefly tempted but I declined. He was again an hour later, he said that his dildo wasn’t a satisfactory substitute. This time I relented and I not going to lie, he wasn’t tight but sex was fucking amazing. I enjoyed watching my cock fucking his ass and how his ass lips looked on my cock.

    We’ve been having sex almost every day for several years now. I don’t know if my mom knows or suspects - I doubt that she’s that understanding. We usually fuck when she’s out or asleep but sometimes we drive out a local cruising area to fuck. I’m not his only sexual partner but I like to think that he enjoys having his son too his manly ass.

    Learned A Valuable Lesson When I Was A Kid

    Back when I was ten I lost my ball into the neighbor's back yard. I went around to the gate and let myself in. After getting my ball I walked by a bedroom window and saw my neighbor fucking a younger man in the ass. I watched, when he got off the young man he turned and saw me in the mirror. I ran home. He came over and asked to speak to me and told me never to tell anyone what I saw.

    I'm an older man living alone and from time to time I pay a young man to suck my cock or to bend over and get fucked. I make sure the window coverings are shut. I don't want some kid having something over my head, especially now with phone cameras. I make sure it's all consensual and the young men are legal.

    Lifelong Friend

    I grew up in a somewhat urban neighborhood, all of us guys around my age were very close. This made my experience all the more exciting. At about 13 one of my friends made a move on me at a sleepover. It felt so good I didn’t resist. We carried on all summer jacking each other off when ever we could get time alone.

    I felt guilty about it every time I did it but just could not seem to say no to him. He was not an alpha type like me, he was skinny and not athletic but a great friend. In some odd way I felt sorry for him prior to our jerking each other and even more so after. But, when HS rolled around I. Got a great new GF and stopped with him. He tried many times since we were still close friends and hung out together, I just tried to keep from being alone with him.

    Years later we were graduating HS and after a party we ended up together. I was sad about all my friends going their on way and got a little drunk, I wasn’t a big drinker, I preferred getting high. It had been years and I hadn’t even thought about what we used to do as young teens. He was driving and we were smoking weed and drinking beer and ended up in a very secluded area near our neighborhood. When I saw where we were headed I had a feeling he was going to come on to me again. He did and I didn’t resist at all. I was hoping he was going to blow me, he never had dates and I figured he must have been fooling around with some guys somewhere. So I thought he had progressed into oral.

    Soon my jeans were down and he was stroking my dick and playing with my balls like we were 13 again. I finally felt bad and reached for his crotch and he hurriedly pulled his jeans down. When I reached over in the dark I was very surprised by the size of his hard dick. I immediately positioned to see it and it was way thicker than mine and about two inches longer. I had a subtle downward curve. I started complementing it, telling him he was so much bigger than my 5.5” skinny dick. Then we positioned to hold them together and compare. I became extremely aroused seeing his bigger dick held up against mine, wondering if the girls I had fucked ever had his they would like it a lot more.

    We sat back up and I had an enormous urge to suck his dick. I had never had an urge to suck a dick. After a minute or two I just went down on him. He was thrilled and I just loved sucking on him. Suddenly I didn’t care if he sucked mine, I just wanted to make him cum. I did and he sucked me right after. We must have sucked each other 10 times over the next few days.

    We continued to do this for the next five years. He told me once we started oral he had no interest in girls and he wanted to continue even though I always had girls and he knew I preferred them.

    Five years later he found a guy and it stopped. I never sought out guys but over the next 30 years a few found me.

    Loving It

    Back in 1976 I was 20 years old and had just graduated from business college I left home and moved to a large city in the western part of the country to start my career .I was raised by my aunt and had few ties back home so this was a new life for me .I found a job in an insurance office in a mall in the suburbs .I was a virgin and though I liked women I was aware of an increasing attraction to men.

    During my lunch breaks I would have lunch then wander around the mall .There were the usual shoppers and people hanging out. One lunch break I ended up chatting with this chubby balding ,retired senior gent. He was well read and shared my interests in literature .We had a lovely conversation and made plans to meet up regularly at lunch to chat as he was at the mall every day .He was around 70 very easygoing and pleasant company. I very much enjoyed lunches with him in the food court for weeks and looked forward to them.

    One Friday lunch he invited me back to his place after work for drinks and further chatting and I was happy to join him .Work ended and he was waiting for me .He lived nearby so walked to the mall so I drove him home .At his small bungalow we conversed merrily over drinks and a pizza we had ordered. The drinks were mixed by him and quite stiff and I was soon feeling a buzz .We were sitting on his couch together and I began feeling warm with all the attention he was giving me .He was moving closer and touching my knee affectionately .I lit up a cigarette and felt this sexiness come over me .I wanted him to make a move on me and our eyes met more and more. I took deep seductive drags on my cigarette and as I exhaled shifted my tall slim body towards him .By this point his hand was caressing my thick longish hair .I put out the cigarette and his lips found my mouth eagerly .He kissed me wetly and almost sloppily but I liked it. I could feel his mounting need and began responding to his kiss by kissing him back passionately. We necked deeply losing all track of time .I felt like I was on fire and he had awakened all my repressed gay desires. Gordon led me to his bedroom slowly and undressed me then himself .He had a small circumsized cock which was hard in front of him while my bigger cut cock had become erect as well. He kissed me in the bed as our naked bodies joined together .He explored my body then took my cock deep into his wet mouth. He blew me knowingly and soon swallowed my explosive load as I was horny as hell by now. I lay back as we chatted quietly .He told me how much he wanted me and was soon blowing me again as I got hard almost right away. I spent the night in his arms and at some point I watched him masturbate himself which excited me a lot .After this night I began spending many nights in his bed .I learned how to drain his small cock as well and loved sucking him hard .Over time I began riding his small cock and feeling him squirt inside of me as that position me riding on top of my chubby lover worked best for him and for me .At work the gals wondered who I was seeing as I always had this glow about me .They thought it was a woman and I did not want to tell them I had a much older lover who fucked me as well as I did not think they would understand and I was closeted as a gay man .Gordon and I had 10 happy years together until he became ill with cancer and passed away .After he died I did not see anyone for a year. Then one night I went to a gay bar and went home with a jovial overweight guy in his 50's.We became lovers and by this point I had my own insurance agency. I was also now out as a gay man and did not care what anyone thought about it .Frank and I had a good life together and we lived as a couple for years. He especially loved fucking my tight ass from behind and had a bigger fatter cock than my first lover .He has been gone for 10 years now and I have had several affairs with men a bit older than me who are easygoing and have fatter bellies as I find that look sexy.

  • Sucking Up To Your Boss Pays Off

    After law school I got picked up by a large industrial company for there HR department. I worked closely with the HR Director and he got me involved and gave me more than my share of attention. I got invited to join him on a 10K charity run, meet him at his house and we would go together.

    After the run he invited me in. We stood in the kitchen, on his wall was a collector's plate. Greek looking, with figures. Upon examination the figures were men in all sorts of sex acts, anal, oral, back to front, front to back. It was curio art, definitely with a theme. We talked about our college experience, he went to college in San Francisco, I went to college and law school in Illinois. The wine, the cheese plate, the conversation in our running shorts. I suppose you only see something if you're looking for it. There on the side table was a wooden carving, the closer I looked I began to realize it was an 8 inch wooden stylized penis.

    I started to think that just maybe he was gay. I looked at him. long hairy legs, narrow hips, and I could see his jock strap under his running shorts. Is he or isn't he? That is the question. I took the carving in my hand to examine it, I asked him what it was. He told me it was a Polynesian dildo. It felt good in my hand, he laughed and said he had it carved for him. If I wanted he could model the real thing for me. And he stood and showed me his amazing dick.

    Not everyone appreciated phallic beauty, I do. My problem is I don't just want to admire it. I put the carving next to the real thing and concluded it might just be the real thing. Being a bit impulsive I took his dick in my hand and put it in my mouth, closed my eyes and gave it my all. His firm hand on my head told me I had done the right thing. Soon, we were on his bed enjoying the male smells of after run sweat. The taste, the firmness of unexpected dick. He let me experience in the flesh what others experience from a dildo.

    When, many moons later, I asked him to recommend me for an opening in corporate he was glad to do so. Blowjobs do open doors, if you give a blowjob to a man that's connected.