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The Old Road Behind The Golf Course

After I got my driver's licence I had permission to go to a friend's house. We spent some time in the car listening to the radio, after it got dark he suggested we go take a drive over behind the city golf course, that is where people went to make out. This was true, but the people that went there were homosexuals. He knew it and I knew it and we went anyway.

We cruised up and down the road with the lights off finding a car here and there pulled off the road in the bushes. This one car was rocking and we stopped further down the road and snuck back to see if we could catch the queers fucking. At the car was a man with a mustache and he was kissing this kid, he pushed the kid's head down now and then and the car rocked. After a while he pushed the kid back against the passenger door and went down on the kid, the kid pushing up on his heels as he got his cock sucked.

They got out of the car and took their pants off and got in the back seat the kid first and then he got in behind him and we could see his big ass through the window fucking him. By the time he finished we had both lost control and we both had wet pants. When we got back to his house we went up to his room and he got his pants off and his cock was hard and I sucked him, and I got my pants down and leaned over the bed and he got on my back and his cock worked into my ass. It wasn't our first fuck, but it was a real good fuck, I remember it to this day.

I got home late and my father grounded me for two weeks. At night I jerked off, found a mixing spoon in the kitchen and fucked myself with the handle. Two weeks later I was back at my friend's house sucking his cock and planning for the next trip out to the gold course road.

That road was closed by the time I was back from college, the rumor was that the had closed it down because of the homosexuals. I had accepted a job upstate and I never went out on that road for my own dates, but I imagine that for the homosexuals who lived in town it was a loss, the road was dark and wound around and there were lots of good places to park.

  • Virgin

    About to get my cherry popped today. Been hard in my briefs all morning thinking about it. Kinda nervous too. I kind it’s gonna hurt, a 50 year old guy is gonna be taking my virginity

    Wife Is Out Of Town So Gonna Fuck A Guy For The First Time

    My wife and i have been having a lot of problems lately and she decided to go out of town with a friend. So i stayed home and got some blow. I have been a closet crossdresser since i was 13 and stole a pair of my first gf thongs. I have been married for 6 years and we haven't been having sex much lately, so I am gonna try to hook up with a dude or another couple tonight.

    I am wearing black silk thongs with pink fishnets and black garter belts. Hoping for a younger couple, maybe early 20's late teens....

    I have always wanted to be with another guy or couple. The thought of pleasuring another guy while wearing lingerie has always been a fantasy of mine.

    To suck his cock, gagging on it. Being rough on him and having him be rough back. To be put on my hands and knees and have the silk string pulled out from between my tight cheeks and finger fucked hard.

    Or if its a couple, I want them to dominate me together. Have her force my nose into her asshole and forced to sniff her stink while her boyfriend or husband fucks my tight little virgin asshole. I am so fucking horny thinking about it i cant wait to see if i can make it happen.

  • First Time

    My wife has been out of town for the last few days. So last night I decided to finally explore my bi side.

    Been chatting with a guy on adam4adam for a few months. After my kids went to bed last night I invited him over. He’s a couple years older then me.

    We were in the spare bedroom in my basement. He was wearing boxers and I was wearing briefs. He pulled my underwear off and sucked my dick. Felt great! Then he took his boxers off. We are about the same size down there, both hairy.

    He lubed my hole, put a condom on and penetrated me. It hurt at first but I figured it would. He fucked my virgin ass for about 10 minutes till he came in the condom. Then he got dressed and left.

    It’s the next day and I’m laying in bed wearing just my briefs with a sore asshole! And a very hard dick.

    Wanting To Try A Big One

    I’m married, mostly str8, most people will never know or expect I’m bi...
    Over the years I’ve had great sex with both men and women
    As of late I have had that itch again, I’ve never had much of a chance to learn to suck cock, but I decide to explore that side of myself, I have meet another man
    He doesn’t have a large cock and he is only entrusted in oral, mostly me giving him head, I’ve sucked him off 16 times now and he has sucked me off two times...
    I really enjoy it, but really would like to sick a really nice big cock....
    I would also like to explore having a truly aggressive top With a big thick cock
    Force me to TOTALY give my ass and mouth to him for his please only!,

    My First Time.

    Back in middle school, I started to explore my sexual identity. I was 12 and my 18 year old brother introduced me to gay porn, by showing me magazines. We'd jerk off together and and I always found myself staring at his cock more than the magazine he was showing me. This translated into the gym lockers at school. I'd always spy on the guys changing or taking a shower after class and go back home and imagine them when I jerked off. I never had any cock, but I always fantasized about it.

    I was still in the closet a girlfriend when I was 14 and in high school. I still hadn't experienced my first cock yet, but I had lost my virginity with her. I wasn't that into the experience, but it was the catalyst that helped me I realize that I was gay. I did keep up the relationship with her as an excuse to see her hot twin brother who I had a crush on. We were never super close; our interaction was limited to a simple "Hi. How are you?" My girlfriend and I up at the end of sophomore year, when she moved away. I lost touch with her and her brother.

    It wasn't until the second year of college that I met him again. It turned out that he transferred to the same school. By this point, I was out of the closet, but I still hadn't slept with any guys yet. I had a couple boyfriends, but I never got super intimate with them (only kissing). I caught up with him, learning about what I missed in the 4 years since I saw him. We became close and started hanging out more. One day, while he was at my apartment, while my roommates were out, he came out to me. I decided it was the right time to reveal my crush to him and come out as well. He didn't have the reaction I hoped for, since he had a doubt that I was straight when I was dating his sister. We kept talking for some time after about our different experiences. He was surprised to hear that I had never slept with a guy yet and how I only kissed guys. He took the chance and leaned in to kiss me. I kissed him back and we had a good make-out session until he started to strip me. I reciprocated. I dropped to my knees and sucked him with great enthusiasm. After a good amount of time, he came down my throat.

    He had to leave after, but he returned later that night and we continued from where we ..(continue confession)

    Still At Home In The Closet

    I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone. My high school was small we had grades 7 through 12 on one campus and some upperclassmen dated junior high girls. There were several married students and we had a daycare on campus for teachers, staff and students. No one was a virgin, except me.

    I dated, did my part, got to third base but never a home run, I graduated with a lot of pent up frustration. During my last summer before college I worked at the movies. During the afternoon showings there were some men that came alone. One of those men showed me his cock in the bathroom. I went into the movie where he was watching Django and he was grabbing his cock beating off. He saw me and motioned for me to come over. My first cock, first I held it, then I sucked it.

    When I got to college a History professor liked me, I went to his house after dark sneaking in through the back yard under cover of the empty lot behind his house. I got all the cock I wanted, jerking him off, sucking and of course being his boy and getting fucked in the ass. He had a large painting of a squirting cock over his bed. He had a Polaroid camera and we took lots of pictures which I still have hidden away.

    Being gay was a midnight thing. On a trip home one of my high school classmates wanted to get married and we eloped. For forty plus years we have been married. For forty plus years I have been a midnight cowboy. I like it that way, NSA cock tastes better that way. I have no desire to let my night owl interest into the daylight.

    From Night To Dawn

    Couple of months ago ,I went out with my buddies,picked up some chicks,moved the party to my buddys flat. We drunk, layed down the girls and passed out finally on his bed. Before dawn I woke up sandwiched between the girl and my mate. Trying to get comfortable I turned around and came face to face with my mate.At the same moment he opened his eyes and we kept staring each other for a while until he put his finger in my mouth which i sucked eagerly. Next moment we kiss feverishly and my cock is rockhard. I feel his hands feel my body and do the same to him. I feel his nipples and he's moaning and i put my mouth on them and suck and bite. He is in a frenzy, touches my cock and strokes me. Up to this point Im crazy horny, think my dick will explode and want more.  We take our make out to the bathroom and as soon the doors closes, feel his mouth on my cock and get the best blow job in my life. I cum on his face hard, he lubricates his big cock with my cum, turns me around and pushes in one move in my virgin ass starting to pump. I got hard again and with him hitting my prostata,come again pretty fast. He takes his time fucking me, pushes me on my knees and put his cock in my mouth making me gag. He cum in my mouth and I swallow every delicious drop of it. We are out of breath and spent af. Then we go back to bed with me spooning him. I cant wait the moment i fuck his tight ass as well.  
    P.S.This was my first gay experience and I know my buddy since we were kids. There was never a vibe like this between us.

    First Time Sucking Cock

    I used to lay in my bed jerking off imagining me sucking a cock, it would run through my mind all day. At this point I've never actually been with a guy before. All my friends where straight and banging girls. There I was hanging out with them, talking about girls with them, but when I was at home in my room, I would imagine that I was on my knees and my friends where standing
    around me with their cocks out taking turns letting me suck them.

    I couldn't stand it no more I needed to suck a cock, so I went on craigslist dating section and put and ad out, I got plenty of replys from horny guys looking to break my mouth in. One guy stood out, he was older white man in his 50s send me pics he was in shape and had a yummy looking cock. I had him pick me up and take me to his place. I set on the corner of his bed hart stumping and nervous, he was standing in front of me and pulled down his pants to reveal a hard cut cock. I looked at his cock for a second and couldn't believe I was actually doing this. I learned in and put it in my mouth and couldn't believe how horny I got from tasting it.

    I've been sucking cock ever since then, I just love the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth. Oh how I miss craigslist dating section.

    Ten Years Passed Before He Found Me Again

    In Junior High I confessed to my priest after a date. I got a hundred Hail Mary's, and a lecture. Several days later I was at the church on teen night and the priest decided to talk to me. He invited me into the office, he worked to get me to admit that kissing a thirteen year old was wrong (thirteen year olds are having sex). He stood behind me rubbing my shoulders, asking me to repent. I had not told him that I had kissed another boy, but he knew. That night I was sure I was going to have sex with him. I leaned my head back against him, looking up to him. He wanted to kiss me but he didn't.

    I had finished college, was working in Chicago and I ran into him at a department store. We talked and he told me he had left the priesthood and was teaching at a private school. We had dinner, his hand on my hand was strong, when we left the restaurant he put his arm around my shoulders. We went to my apartment, he was insistent, he was so fit, his cock so perfect, he was able to get me to surrender. This time he kissed me, many times. I was right back then, and ten years later he proved me right.