Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

Dirtyroulette Addiction

I have a new addiction. When I can’t get out to cross dress and hook up I’m dressing at home and getting guys off on Dirtyroulette. Watching these guys from all over the world stroking to me playing with myself in lingerie and stockings gets me off like a rocket. I know only certain guys are into me and that’s ok. Everyone has a preference. But for those who want to enjoy me it is so fun. Middle aged Married white guys from rural America seem to enjoy me the most. Hearing them tell me what they want to do to me and seeing them shoot their loads for me is incredible. Making them beg to see me cum is euphoric. I try to wear different outfits to change it up but the guys that want to really play want to see me in panties and stockings.
Wonder if anyone from here is also there since here is where I learned about it.

  • Asian Ass

    I met this guy online this summer and he would invite me over his condo downtown mostly late at night for a late night fuck session. He is asian, a bit older then me and probably weights 125lbs - he has this amazing small round girly ass - he is always horny ass hell - I'm 6'2" and fairly thick & hung and I love to stretch his hole and make him squirm. He is such a sub - he love to suck on my toes, my balls and lick my crack - I often slap his little ass red. I would make him drink every drop of my cum and the little bitch would suck me for more.

    The problem is that when I went back to school this semester, to my surprise, he is my Macro-Economics teacher.

    Total Enjoyment

    I am always looking for new excitement and a while ago I found playing with my nipples gave a new sensation, and the feeling is very sensual and I don't have to pull my dick out to feel good!

    As being one of the married no more sex with the wife situations, I started playing with other men with the same problem, we have all found how exciting it was having sex again with another person and one who actually enjoys it!

    I was over with a new friend for the 3rd time he was blowing me - then he got some lube an fingered me at the same time, I never had any ass play till then. He moved around and next thing I knew he got out a dildo and put my legs over my head and continued to suck and fuck me... while he was doing that, and I was now enjoying being fucked I started playing with my nips - by the time I was ready to cum, I have never felt as sexual as I did, with sensations in 3 areas of enjoyment... When I told him I was going to cum, he made sure he was down on my cock, I blew in his mouth and he kept going as I was having sex spasms - it was the best ever!

    Can't wait till return the favour...

  • I'm A Homosexual

    I'm married. Masturbate myself nightly. I get out of bed silently without disturbing her. I head for the computer room. I sit down. I turn on the computer. I pull down my panty bottoms. Sitting down I lube my hard clit as my wife referrers to it as, and masturbate to porn. Not of women, but to nice nude alpha men pictures. I really get turned on to think that i want another man on me again fucking my pussy. But I started having these feeling after my wife fucked another man for five months. I was away at a service school. She initiated it she said. She thought I was having fun at school. I wasn't. Going out and finding a man so she could spread her legs open for him to fuck her was her way of getting back at me for having so called "FUN" at school. What a c**t. Pretty sick I think. But I forgave her, I should've divorced her. I'd be BETTER OFF today without the bitch.thherat haven't has sex in fifteen years. She says she's dry and will tear. OK. I'm so little that I can't see how I could tear her. . She gives me compliments...left handed compliments that is. She tells me that we're really not married but roommates. She's nice to me when others are around but returns to being a c**t when we're alone. She told me that I was a re-bound and she has never loved me. I guess she loves the guy who got her pregnant at 16 and was talked into and aborted her child. She thinks she's found her voice. If that's so, then what little common sense she once had has flew the coop. I don't know how many times would get drunk call me filthy names which only turned me on. She'd pass out drunk naked on the floor while crawling to her bed. I'd butt fuck her. Then i would suck my cum out of her dank filthy dirty delicious ass hole. She told me that I was a homosexual cause she found pictures of me in her camera dressed in panties and bra. I was deep throating her thirteen inch dildo. She said its OK if you are a homosexual and you have homosexual butt sex with other homosexual men that you let fuck your feminine ass. I like looking at mens cocks. Sometime I'll chat with them. That gets heavy as we have sex. Bedford I know Ilnow it, my precum is dripping in long drips. I luv that taste and texture. I get as much of it that I can. I have a small cup that I collect it in. My tongue sure likes it. But I eventually cum which is warm and delicious. But I can't stand my roommate.

    Kinky Minded Bi Dad Wanting To Be Fisted First Time WANT TO HEAR MORE

    I’m secretly bi. I have a few buds. one I’m his on call cock sucker. the other is working with me as a submissive gay bondage bottom. he lacks the experience I wish he had. but is working with me. very pleasurable .

    Any advice I could get from others would help me greatly.
    Please share anything you can with me. I want to receive his fist in me.

    I can take a 2.5” plug at this point with some work

  • Just Needed To Say

    been holding our secret in , literally. so sweet. my wife loves insertions of peeled sweet potatoes up her ass hole while I fuck her.

    Builders Bum

    There's a lay by I drove past every day down a long rural road. Last summer I stopped there to have a drink and a stretch of my legs.

    Another smaller van was already parked up when I pulled in and I couldn't help but notice the young guy driving it, had his cock out and was slowly stroking it.
    We kept on looking at each other, then away, then looking back as I became erect.

    I'd never been turned on by a guy before, but I definitely had a stiffy because of him.
    He signalled for me to walk over, so after thinking it through, I walked to his van. By the time I'd walked the thirty feet, I'd made my mind up, I was going to try and get the young guy to blow me.
    It didn't take much asking I can tell you.

    Within seconds of me taking my cock out, he was squatting down by his van and sucking on my seven inch dick.
    I'd not been that horny for a long long time, so I began holding his head and fucking his mouth.

    Enjoying myself immensely, he stopped sucking me, let my cock go and stood up. Using his van door to screen us, he leant over the passenger seat, spread his arse cheeks and asked me to fuck him.
    I didn't even know his name. In fact only ten minutes earlier I'd been driving and didn't know he existed.

    Even so I told the young man who introduced himself as Aaron, that if he sucked me off, I'd meet him the next day with a condom.
    That's when he reacher into his holdall and took one out.
    Passing it to me, I thought what the hell. In for a penny and all that.

    Putting it on, I stood right up to him, put my cock head to his arsehole and thrust in. He immediately said "Fuck yeh". So I just began fucking him as deep and hard as he could take it.

    It was such a spontaneous fuck, I didn't have time to think about anything other than having sexual fun.
    And it was definitely that.
    I screwed him for about five to ten minutes before my cock let go. And I came up his bum.
    Pulling off my cock, only then did I see he'd cum all over his vans door sill.

    Getting myself together, he passed me a piece of paper. On it was his mobile number. Asking me to message him if I wanted more sex, I said I would.

    Three days later in our beautiful summer rain, I text Aaron. We met at the same lay by and within minutes I was fucking the young builder in the back of my van.
    Since those summer fucks, we've begun to meet up at various places for sex. I've even begun sucking him off too. But I'm definitely a top because I love fucking too much. And besides, my builders bum isn't for shagging.

    Now it's winter, believe me, it's actually easier to fuck. Once it gets dark, there's no one around and Aaron and I have been fucking a lot recently.
    There are half a dozen places we now meet up, sometimes get naked and enjoy each others passion for fucking.
    I'm a married man, but I'm not giving up fucking guys from now on. It's too fucking horny.

    Fucking My Way To The Top

    So far I've fucked five difference men who have had the power to promote me.
    Two organisations. Two at the first, three up to now at the second.
    Many people would be surprised by just how many closet gay and or bisexual men there are in positions of corporate power.
    They have all the say so in regards to work, but when I fuck them, and I fuck them hard, I'm in full dominant control.
    What's more, is they love it. They absolutely love being subservient to me as I force them to swallow my cock. Then fuck them so hard, they sometimes have trouble walking out of the expensive hotels we have sex in.
    The two I'm fucking now, are at the top of their employment
    game. One's the CEO, the other a senior director. And I have fucked them both together recently. It helps me that they know about each other, because then there's no denial.
    It's not only women who fuck their way to the top.

    Never Knew I Would Do It

    I am married and have a very good sex life with my wife. She travels a lot and sometimes for weeks at a time. I've always made do with masturbating, sometimes to porn,sometimes with her via videolinks. It had been 3 weeks with 2 more to go before she came home. That got extended though. I didn't want to find a woman but didn't want to masturbate more, I wanted sex. I went online and met a local guy and went to meet with him. He answered the door naked and I saw the most beautiful cock ever. I never thought cocks or men as beautiful but his cock was perfect. He stayed nude, he knew it was my first time, he had pictures of his ex wife and daughters around so I knew he was bi. He sat me on the couch and I got sucked off while I played with his cock. Hard it was 9 inches long about an inch and a half thick with a perfect tapered head. I asked a few questions, how long had he been with guys, what was the youngest he ever fucked with etc. I shot off in his mouth, he held it in, went to the toilet and spit it out, gargled and came back. I asked if I could give him a hand job and he leaned back while I got him to shoot all over his belly and chest.

    I went back the next three days only on the last day I sucked his cock he warned me he was about to cum I pulled off and finished him with my hand, this time I took a finger full of his cum and put it in my mouth. That got me hard again after his blowing me and he offered me his ass. Always loving to fuck girls in the ass, I did it and it felt great to be inside someone again. We fucked for a week, I got blown, and I sucked finishing with my hand. Then got the word it would be an additional 2 weeks for my wifes trip, that meant 3 more weeks till she was home.

    Fucking the guy (we'll call C) was good, he started telling me dirty stuff, telling me how hot it was having a married man fucking his pussy. He tried to kiss me while I was fucking him but I'm just not attracted to me, fuck yes, kiss or romance - NO. One day, while we smoked some and got high, he was blowing me and sticking his finger in my ass, finger fucking me. Added more dirty talk, and I was rimming his ass prior to fucking him. I fucked him and still felt horny. Two fingers in my ass on the couch, and I let him get down between my legs, kneeling on the floor while I scooted to the edge of the couch and he was generously lubing my hole.

    Being a total novice it took about 15 minutes to get about 4 inches into me. He was pinching and tweaking my nipples and licking my cock, I hooked my feet behind his ass and pulled him all the way in. I took a deep breath, and we held it there. I squeezed as hard as I could to get used to it. He very slowly started fucking me, while sucking and tweaking my nipples. I felt really good, and I felt like a woman, his woman. I brought him to me and kissed him. Soon I was being full on fucked and I didn't even make him pull out when he came. He had negative tests and I wanted to be fucked all the way, I wanted him to make me his woman, his pussy, his cumhole. After it was done he had my cock in his mouth with his cum still deep inside me and mentioned sharing me with friends. I told him I wanted to be his and his alone.

    Another two days, I had been fucked by him 5 times total and on the third day two of his friends came and they watched us fuck and suck, then I let them each fuck me too. After them another came, then another, then the big guy. T had 11 inches, C told me about him many times, his cock was like 2 soda or beer cans stacked on top of each other. I let him fuck me twice. That night for the first time I spent the night in bed with C as his whore.

    I now let friends of both fuck me as I can, I fuck the hell out of my wife thinking about getting fucked, and I see C and T at least once to twice a week each. I went in about 4 weeks from being someone who experimented getting a BJ to being a total cumhole whore for cock. My wife has started using a dildo and strapons with me, that helps explain my bigger cumhole.

    I'm a cockwhore, just like my wife

  • Straight Jock

    During the holidays the campus gets quiet and there is not much to do. I was on the student intranet site and some guy posted that he was looking for a "knob polisher". I was hoping that it was what I thought and answered the ad and started chatting with this guy - he was straight and horny - he asked if I would wear a blindfold and I said yes. So we arranged for him to come over to my dorm room and I put on a handmaid blindfold. The plans was for him to come in and sit on my couch and let me do the rest.

    He knocked on the door, then came in and locked the door behind him and sat on the couch. I cheated and could see through my blindford - he was a tall athletic jock and to my surprise extemely good looking - I got between his legs and rubbed his cock through his gym shorts - then pulled them down and started "polishing his knob" - he was a big boy and he kept growing and was quite a mouthful.

    Most straight young guys have never received a really good blowjob - so I licked and sucked with great enthusiasm - I edged him for a good 45 minutes - licking his balls, his taint and once in a while touching his anus with my fingers as I suck him. Athletic boy was super hard and he was twisting and breeding heavy and he finally shot cum deep down my throat - there was a bucket full.

    I have sucked him three times since the Holidays.