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Paying My Way Through College

During college I worked the front desk at a Marriott hotel. One morning an older man checked out with this statuesque blond in a see thru blouse, no bra, her breasts in virtually plain view. I couldn't help staring, my coworker had to shake me to get my attention. The woman probably didn't notice.

The incident became an inside joke at the hotel, I had shown my colors, I got teased every time a nice set of breasts walked by, I was asked if legs mattered, long legs in short skirts, the hotel had more than its share of models, it catered to the cosmetic companies. The truth was quite different, that day that woman shocked me with that man, and that her breasts were in full view. My interest were elsewhere, not that I didn't appreciate a nice set of breasts.

I was drawn more to something different, something masculine, something only men had. My interest, my secret, was with men not women. Men who liked college students like me. Men who came to the conventions, men who called the front desk asking for suggestions of clubs where they might find what they were looking for. In the unwritten language I did my best to let them know I could help them, and in return I often got nice tips.

So many nights, after my shift was over, I left the property coming back later in a security guard uniform, knocking on doors to earn my way through college, and enjoy a few hours with a man starved for my company. I knew better than to ever give myself away to coworkers, although more than a few would have been fun to know. I focused instead on guests, some of who I had entertained before.

I still admire a nice looking woman, I acknowledge their beauty, and that their breasts are an important asset. Now after many years I am the one on the lookout for a college student who is looking for a bit of contribution for their studies in return for company in a guest's room. Or better still if a conversation in the bar goes the right way, company from another man like me.

  • I Might Have A Thing For Race Play

    I'm a black gay guy, and recently I've been fantasising about a white dude spanking me and fucking me and treating me like dirt, all with a racial element

    Motel Work

    Working at a motel putting in new electrical connections, I entered a room thinking it was empty. In fact there were two men inside, and the older man was fucking his younger friend.

    I said sorry and was about to leave, when the older guy asked me with a concerned voice, if I wanted a blow job.
    To this day I'm not sure why as a married heterosexual man I didn't just walk out, but I didn't.

    Instead I walked over to the bed they were on, and watched intently as he re continued to fuck his friend.
    Telling me to feed him my cock, I lowered my work shorts and surprised myself by how erect my cock was, then let the younger guy suck in my dick.
    It had been some time since I'd had any kind of sex, other than a right hand shuffle. So feeling his wonderful hot wet mouth giving me such a fantastic thrill, I began to enjoy and accept the fact I was having sex with a male.
    I briefly thought of my non sexual wife, but soon re focused on the mouth of the young man and began fucking it.

    The older man after a few minutes, mentioned they had condoms.

    It didn't seem at that point too much of a stretch to fuck him. After all I'd fucked women's assholes in the past, including my wife's before she gave up on sex.

    We exchanged positions and I realised my cock was much larger than the older mans. I put on the condom he gave me, stretching it, and after a bit of shuffling about, my cock finally slid up the young guys ass.

    There was to me, absolutely no difference in fucking a guys ass to fucking a woman's. So I lost all of my inhibitions and fucked him just as hard if not harder and deeper than I had any woman.

    I didn't know either of the men, but by the time I was ready to cum, I just didn't care.
    The older man was encouraging me to fuck him hard. He kept on telling me to drive my cock hard up 'Sonny', and I definitely enjoyed fucking the young guy until my cock erupted inside of him. Pulling out, I was about to remove the filled condom and throw it in the bin.
    But the older man had me give it to his fuck friend. He lifted it up and drank every drop he could squeeze out of it.
    I got myself together, thanked the men and left the room.
    As I was about to close the door, I turned to see the older man sliding his cock back into his lover.

    I worked in another two rooms renewing the electrics, then went to reception. Speaking to the owner I told him I'd get back to number 11, as there was someone in it. Not looking up, he said "Oh yeh, I forgot about Hal and his son".
    I instantly thought to myself 'No wonder he was quick to have me involved, and fucking the young guy'. I could hardly go and tell anyone in future, could I.

    The following day number 11 was empty and clean. I was a little sad about it. Not because I was going to say anything about knowing they were father and son, but because I wanted to fuck the young guy again.

    The motel episode has had a very positive effect on what was my non existent sex life.
    I joined a gay hook up site, and after posting pictures of myself erect, I got plenty of replies from younger guys who liked the look of my eight inch cock.

    So far and it's only been ten months, I've met and fucked seven different guys, some multiple times. Plus and this was by pure chance only a few weeks ago. A neighbors son asked me if I knew of any way he could earn some cash. He'd caught me on my way to meet another young guy for car sex.
    Thinking on my feet and having suspected for a while he was gay, I told him he could ways always clear my garden and drive of leaves and snow. And if he wanted to, my balls of cum.

    His smile told me I was correct and I didn't bother going for my meet as he replied 'How about now'. Corey, who's just turned eighteen, and I have been fucking at every opportunity since.

    The motel started my love of gay sex, and I've used the motel a few times to fuck guys. The owner doesn't even charge me now, as I often fix things for him when I'm there. He knows I'm fucking guys in his rooms, but like Hal and his son, the owner couldn't care less.

  • Farmers Fuck Hole

    For just over two years, from twenty to twenty two years of age, I worked as a farm hand in France.
    I lived in a side building to the main house. And it was in there every morning at five thirty, I was fucked by the farmer.
    He expected me to be up, ready for the day, but with my work trousers around my ankles and my arsehole lubed up ready for him to fuck.
    He'd enter, decide how he wanted to fuck me that particular morning and fuck the shit out of me bareback, until he unloaded his cum up my arse.
    We'd work until lunchtime when he'd go off and do his paperwork every day.
    I'd mostly have lunch outdoors on my own. But if his wife had made me some lunch for me, and she'd managed to get out of his way, i'd eat with her before she had more chores to do.
    After about nine months their son Alex returned from his farming college. And I thought I'd be let go. However the farmer decided to keep me on, mainly because he enjoyed fucking me every morning.
    I also suspected his wife had supported me staying too, as it kept him from wanting to fuck her.
    Even with his son home, the farmer still fucked me in the side building I lived in every day.
    I really enjoyed the sex and made sure I was up and ready. And given his cock wasn't that big, it never failed to make me shoot my load too.
    His son had been home for a month or so. We'd all had a long day working on the large farm and I'd worked through lunch. After finishing, showering and eating with them all in the farmhouse, I went back into my rooms. No more than twenty minutes later, Alex knocks on the door and I invite him in.
    He tells me in much better English than his dad, he's horny and knows about my morning ritual with his father.
    Taking off his trousers and boxers without asking me, I see he's already erect and is much bigger than his parent.
    He didn't so much as ask, as much as he dragged me down and thrust his cock in my mouth.
    Instinctively I sucked on his cock and carried on as he fucked my mouth. He fucked my mouth for a while, then quickly pulled out.
    Saying something in French I didn't know, he moved us both into my bedroom.
    Striping me, he didn't waste any time in having me kneel up before him and forcing his cock up my arsehole.
    Like his father, he went at it like a bull in a china shop.
    Fucking me so hard for only a few minutes making me moan loudly with each thrust, he came deep inside me, and stayed inside me pulling me down so he was spooning me.
    His cock didn't soften and eventually he began to fuck me again. Only it was with much more control, and he reached around to masturbate me.
    After a few minutes, he had me lay on my back and entered me missionary. Kissing my neck and face, he fucked me ever so slowly, then began to kiss my mouth.
    I wrapped my legs around his back and had the most intense orgasm, cumming in between us after he'd been fucking me for such a long time.
    When he did cum in me for a second time, he lifted up arching his back and I could see pure pleasure on his face.
    He left ten minutes later, telling me his father would want his daily fuck in a few hours.
    And he was right. Id showered before he entered and he caught me totally naked. It was the only time he ever fucked me on my bed.
    From then on, Alex visited me at night and his father fucked me in the morning. I swear some days, especially if Alex was super horny, I had a arsehole full of semen as I worked.
    It was a wonderful time in my life and thinking back a very sexual time too.
    When I left to return home, both men fucked me. Only Alex's dad, fucked me in his truck on the way to the ferry port.
    I have been back many many times to visit. Alex now lives and works in Lyon. And I always call in on him for a couple of days, and have sex pretty much the whole time I'm there.
    His father still fucks me when I visit their now smaller farm, after selling some land. But its not at five thirty I can tell you.
    His wife knows only too well when we dissappear into the tractor shed for twenty minutes, he's fucking me. She's never said anything, but I know she's known all along.

    Life Choices

    I'm not the first man to share his wife with other more well endowed men. Nor am I any different to the many other men who indulge their wives lovers, who also love to have me suck their cocks, or fuck my arsehole.
    What does make me somewhat unusual, is I'm also cheating on my wife with her father.
    He owns the company I work for. He's also the first man to have fucked me. And that's been happening since I was fifteen.
    Nearly half my life I've been having sex with Peter. First in a park where I sucked his married cock. Then as we had more and more oral sex, in a hotel where I lost my anal virginity to him.
    And he's been fucking me ever since. Now that I'm his personal driver, he fucks me most weekdays. Often in the car, but now with not so many people about, he loves to fuck me naked in the countryside or woodlands.
    I'm really not sure what my wife would say, since we have an open marriage so to speak. But I want to divulge everything to her, as I think she deserves to know. My only concern, is the effect it will have on father and daughter. I'll think it over carefully, and decide before we invite the three men over for her birthday fuck in February.

    Works Pet

    The first guy to fuck me in work was a technician. There are over forty men who I work with on a daily basis. From shop floor, lower management and senior management. Its a very male dominant environment and most of those men now know I'm available for sex.
    The technician and I got caught fucking in the bathroom. He was balls deep up my ass when a manager walked in.
    We were dealt with by a senior manager who strangely, it seemed at first, just sent the technician back to his work station.
    Telling me I was lucky it was him, he had me bend over his desk as he fucked me from behind.
    I must be one of the few passive gay individuals who doesn't enjoy sucking cock. I'll do it, but I much prefer, indeed adore being fucked.
    And over the next few weeks in work, that's exactly what my senior manager did every day. He fucked me without a care others could hear us fucking.
    News soon got about and after some initial doubts from me, I had sex with a driver who fucked me at work in his van.
    It was after him, I made it my thing that anyone fucking me from then on had to wear a condom. And that meant my senior manager too. Who didn't bat an eyelid when I told him. Making me put it on for him that morning, he screwed me on the floor of his office.
    After the driver I had a couple of guys, both married, want to enjoy themselves in me. Because they didn't have condoms I refused their advances at first, but was soon taking their gorgeous cocks up my asshole. We'd find quiet areas in work, or an half empty store room to fuck in.
    The bathroom was always somewhere too, even if I had been caught in there previously.
    Four guys turned into around eight or nine depending on shift rotas, and I was soon being fucked by three to four men a day.
    Now eighteen months on I've become the works pet. And what I mean by that, is I don't hardly work at all. The bosses understand if their workforce is happy, they're more productive. So I'm kind of left for the guys to fuck.
    It also helps three of the senior management are now using my asshole as a cum dump. Condoms of course.
    In those eighteen months I've been fucked by twenty different men. Some have only fucked me the once. I guess to see what the fuss is about. But the vast majority still fuck me on a regular basis.
    And you'd be surprised by just who is prepared to empty their balls up my ass. So called straight married men are so devious I can tell you.

    Van Man

    At the age of twenty I was effectively homeless, living in my van.
    I'd drive around picking up bits of work, but it was talking to another homeless person in a park that I learned, if I could do it, that I could earn money sucking men off, and or having them fuck me in my van.
    After not getting any work for a couple of weeks and needing petrol, I decided id try offering myself for sex.

    I'm not kidding, within an hour of me letting certain people know I was considering it, I had a married father wanting his dick sucked.
    I'm not sure how I went through with it, as I'd never sucked cock before. But I did suck him off in the back of my van. And received twenty pounds for what he said, was the best head he'd had in years.

    The next day he was back, and that time I took my time to learn how to deep throat him. He paid me afterwards and again said I was amazing.
    An hour later an older guy knocked on my van door. I sucked his balls dry in less than ten minutes, and received my money.
    Easy money I thought and I actually enjoyed giving them pleasure.

    The following night after parking across from a well to do area, I was flashed by a man in a top end car. He got out, got in the back of my van with me and had me sucking on his dick for a long time. Pulling out of my mouth, he asked me how much for a fuck.

    Reaching for some hand cream I had, I unrolled the condom down his cock, turned around and knelt in front of him, then smeared my arsehole with the hand cream. I didn't let him know I was a virgin, and he didn't ask.
    He thrust into me and I gritted my teeth. He gave me one hell of a fucking and didn't stop until his cock erupted up my arse filling the condom, a good twenty minutes later.
    Sliding his cock out, he told me whatever I was charging, it wasn't enough. I was going to say fifty quid and be cheeky. He gave me a hundred pounds like he was paying me a penny.

    It was then I decided id try and sort out the van.
    I cleaned it out properly, painted the inside and got hold of a really good single bunk and mattress. Making it look a million times better, I drove down to a town I'd worked in before.
    It took a couple of days, but word got out and I had the most unexpected guy turn up for sex.

    It was noon, I was cleaning the outside of the van down by a stream, and a man I'd met a few times before asked me if I'd give him a blow job.
    It was nearly two o'clock by the time he got out. It had been just a blow job he'd wanted, but we ended up fucking and I ended up taking his bare cock up my arsehole over and over again.
    My arse was literally dripping with his cum loads when he handed me far more than I'd asked for.
    Before he left me, he asked that I be discreet. All I'll say is he wasn't carrying his briefs briefcase.

    From then on I seemed to get more and more men wanting sex. Word quickly spreads and in the local towns I was visiting, I was sucking dick for reasonable money, but fucking for really good money.
    And what's more, is I became extremely good at giving them everything they wanted and then some. So much so I exchanged my van for a nearly new one and had it fitted out. And all from being a really really good fuck.

    Some might ask why I stayed in a van. It was because I hated being in one place permanently. Plus my mothers boyfriend had kicked me out, for daring to eat some food.
    I loved the freedom and increasingly loved being fucked. The money was fantastic and I had to open a bank account.

    After a year I had a very healthy bank balance and decided to rent a place. It was ok for a short while, but even though I was having clients visit, I didn't like that some were put off by where I was. And I'd lost a unique selling point, their mobile escort was stationary.

    It didn't take long to realise I was losing money, so I gave up the rented place. And my first fuck happened the moment my van parked up near to a place discerning men knew to come to.

    It was a man of means shall we say. I parked away from his chauffeured vehicle and had over an hours sex with him. He loved that it was in a van, and he loved the fact he knew where I parked at different times of the month.

    Three more years. That's how long I enjoyed myself in my vehicles. And I was living in a motorhome by the time I gave up the life.

    It was a beautiful stunning and extremely caring woman who eventually persuaded me to stop. I'm married to her now. She knows everything about my past, and understands every now and then I like to indulge my need to be fucked.

    We live in a very old, but beautifully renovated cottage and I paint for a living. Not that I need to work.
    I enjoy our life and I adore that she gives me freedom to express myself in every way.

    By the way, I have heard recently someone else, a young guy is living out of a van (far nicer than my first few vans I can tell you), enjoying selling his sex to live.
    I wonder where he got the idea from.

    Group Fun

    Every week on a Friday, even now, we meet up at Ron's place for gay sex. There's six regular fuck partners and I'm the youngest by some margin. The others, other than Ron, are all like me, married. And they're all in their late fifties to late sixties.

    Because I'm the youngest and love being fucked, I get a lot of anal attention, which most weeks means I'm taking at least three loads up my ass. But throughout the evening, they will all fuck me at some stage.

    I do enjoy emptying my balls up a willing ass too, and I get to choose between three of the guys who are ok with being fucked.
    But its generally a free for all with lots of cock sucking, Kissing, frotting, rimming and with me sometimes, anal fisting.

    Ron has an array of dildos too, and sometimes ill put on a show to get everyone in the mood. However the show is more often than not, interrupted by one of them replacing the dildo with his dick.

    There is one guy I do meet away from our weekly fuck fest, and that's Rick. He's the oldest and most well endowed of the group. We meet up at a motel every Wednesday lunch time, so he can fuck the shit out of me. He's very dominant when we're at the motel and I just love how he destroys my hole.

    If my wife ever found out, id be out on my ear. Luckily she works every Friday night, finishing at two am. So after being at my card game with friends every Friday night, I pick her up. And I'm often full of spunk when she gets in my car.

    She's a very religious person and wouldn't understand why I love gay sex. But then having said that, she doesn't complain when we're having the dirty sex she craves. Its where I got my love of being fisted from.

    Thirty Years

    At the age of fifteen I lost my anal cherry to a forty year old businessman. It was in a hotel room and I'd gone there at the request of the night concierge.
    I earned really good money for what took an hour and a half.
    Thirty years on and having kept myself fit, healthy and been a very convincing cross dresser, I've just had my one thousandth male lover.
    I have the ability to remember them all. Whether that be in the hotel, where I entertained over three hundred men. Or in my own home where I later set up sex rooms for my lovers to enjoy me.
    I also meet men without my slim fitting dresses, wigs and makeup. Often being fucked outdoors which I absolutely adore.
    My thousandth lover was a younger married guy, someone who I got to know through the Internet. He fucked me in a hotel in the countryside, and we spent the night together.
    However I'm here to tell you about the start of two thousand lovers.
    A friend tracked him down and I booked into the same hotel, using their best suite.
    He's the forty year old, then, businessman who took my cherry thirty years back. He was only too delighted to be given the chance to fuck the boy he had all those years before.
    As a seventy year old he still had the sexual passion I remember and stayed overnight with me.
    We spent an age sucking on each others cocks, as he enjoyed himself by finger fucking the hole he kept on telling me, he was going to destroy.
    With a little help from a blue pill, he did precisely that all night and through into the morning, fucking me until he'd drained his balls four times.
    It was a beautiful way to experience my first of my second thousandth. And before he left I told him everything was free, and whenever he wanted sexual relief to get in touch.
    He and I have had sex several times in my home since. A home I might add I now share with a very understanding woman.
    We don't have full on sex per say, as I don't fuck her. But most days when I'm not entertaining, i'll gladly spend an hour or so giving her cunnilingus. It helps with giving larger cocked men a blow job. Works your jaw muscles in all different kind of ways. And she loves the oral attention.
    I hope you enjoyed my confession, as its my life in part. And something I really enjoy in my life.

  • Wife's Choice

    Two years ago whilst on holiday in Spain, my wife had me fulfill a fantasy of hers. She'd always said I had the cutest arse she'd ever seen on a guy.
    Her fantasy was to watch me having sex with another guy, and have him fuck me.
    I was totally against it for a long time, but on that holiday we'd gotten really friendly with a dominant gay Serbian guy, who worked in our hotel pool bar. And he like my wife thought I had a very fuckable arse. The inference for him to fuck me went back and forth in my mind over a few days. Then after returning from a night out, we saw him about to close up the bar. Instead we stayed with him for a couple of hours drinking.
    My wife mentioned her fantasy again and I somehow agreed.
    In our room I watched as he stripped off. And thought no fucking way when his large cock sprang up and out from his boxers.
    My wife couldn't have been more excited, so eventually I got on the bed with him and quickly, as not to deny my wife her thing, I sucked in his dick. She went crazy telling me how amazing it looked and how to suck him off, but he quietened her.
    After I'd say a good fifteen minutes, of what I thought in my semi drunken state, was the best blow job given by any man, ever, he literally flipped me around and over so I was knelt in front of him.
    Now he didn't know right then that I was an anal virgin. I hadn't told him otherwise, so he wrongly thought my wife watching me being fucked, had always been our thing. And because of that he wasted no time in thrusting his large cock up my arsehole.
    To my utter surprise given its size, his cock slid all the way in and it only felt uncomfortable.
    From then on I was fucked like a rag doll, with him giving me no concerns at all. If anything the more I moaned from his dick being so deep up my arse, the harder and deeper he screwed me.
    My wife simply couldn't contain herself and began masturbating on the bed next to my face.
    She was telling our guest to fuck me harder and he most definitely obliged her.
    When the feeling changed from uncomfortable to sheer pleasure, I found myself backing onto him. Which in turn drove his cock even deeper up my arse.
    I was completely his by the time my cock exploded all over the bed beneath me, and I couldn't help myself from telling him, like my wife had, to fuck me harder.
    It was only a minute or two later when he came spurting his load deep inside my arsehole.
    By then my wife had orgasmed twice herself and was asking our guest if he wanted to stay the night. He said he'd love to, just as my wife curled up and fell asleep.
    We moved outside onto the balcony where I explained what for me had just happened. He couldn't believe I was a gay virgin and apologised for being so rough. But I told him I'd thoroughly enjoyed him fucking me, and that I'd love him to have sex with me again.
    We had some beers I had in the fridge and sat talking quietly on the balcony. Then asking me to, I knelt in front of him and sucked in his cock. I took my time to discover my own way of sucking him off, and was delighted when he began telling me I was so good at giving head.
    Still on the balcony, he had me lay on our beach towels before he entered me missionary. In that position I had my first ever gay kiss, with him fucking me holding my legs back.
    He was in me so deep in that position I swear I could see his cock at my belly button.
    When he came in me for the second time, we were kissing passionately and I was pulling him into me.
    He stayed to sleep with me in the second bed. And that's how my wife found us, him spooning me from behind the following morning.
    She was a little put out and I figured a little jealous too. Yet it was her who had wanted the whole thing all along. I ignored her looks and her comments throughout the day about me cheating on her. And I also made sure my Serbian lover understood before he left, i'd definitely have sex with him again.
    Twice more I had sex with him during our remaining time away. My wife didn't find out about either time even though she was only feet away the last time, as he fucked me behind the bar.
    Two years on and I'm a complete cock slut. I meet up with men, mostly older men, who love to fuck guys my age.
    A few weeks ago just before lockdown took hold again, I met up with three men in the woods close to where I used to live. All three men fucked me in a frenzy of cocks, and then one of them stayed with me after the other two left, as it had begun to rain.
    We got completely naked and had sex for the next half an hour. It was amazing being fucked in a downpour and wondered whilst he was fucking me, if my wife would want to watch.
    She's opened a sexual box for me. One she's no longer part of. And given the choice which i'll make soon, i'll now take a full life of being gay.