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Way Back Then

I recently shared my first male sexual experience with a guy on line I was chatting to. I am 68 and he was 26.
I shared it because my first experience with a man was when I was 28, and my initiation was with a 63 year old. He masturbated while I told him my story and ejaculated. He told me it totally aroused him, so I am sharing it here now.
My wife and I were in France on holiday in 1979 and her sister came over from London for a few days. The girls had been to a church school in New Zealand and they wanted to visit the convent of the same order of nuns in France so left me in the villa we were renting, for 3 days, while they went to the convent.
On the first day I went down to the village for lunch. I was sitting at a little table on the street when a guy drove up in a convertible car which he parked outside the café a few feet from my table. He looked amazing. He was in a casual cream linen suit with an open neck white shirt. He wore dark glasses and his wavy salt and pepper hair was brushed back.
By way of background, we were 20 when we got married in 1971. I had jacked off with guys at college but had never touched another guy sexually. I was however pretty curious and had been tempted on a few occasions to experiment sexually but had never gone through with it. Things were very different in 1971. Homosexuality was very much below the radar in conservative New Zealand and I had supressed and urges to test my sexuality and married my long time girlfriend.
So when I saw this incredibly good looking guy step out of his car and walk into the café it sparked something in my brain and I became very aroused. I was in white shorts and a black polo shirt and had nice loafers on. My black hair was a little longer than I usually wore it as we hade been away a month, and I had sort of parted it in the middle without my wife around and used some hair cream to fix it in place. I had also put one of her silver bangles on. Why had I done this? I felt free and for the first time felt the urge, in a foreign country, to express my feminine side in a public place where I knew no one. It was a little reference to being overtly not the usual me.
After a few moments the guy came out of the café and looked around for a seat. The only free one was next to mine, at my table. You sit side by side at the sidewalk tables in France.
He looked at me and smiled and then walked over and asked if I minded if he joined me as the café was very full. I was quick...a little too quick probably, to say sure and that I would enjoy his company. He introduced himself as Michel and put his beautifully manicured hand out. I stood a little clumsily in the cramped space and shook his hand and introduced myself.
We ..(continue confession)

  • Football Fuck

    The wife was out at her mum's (She's her carer) and I'd been watching football all day.
    During the whole second half of the second televised game, I was fucking my wife's son Adam. He's eighteen, gay and loves dressing up in his mum's clothes.
    My team won, but I didn't care either way as I was balls deep up Adam's shit box, fucking him until I came filling a whole that's become extremely familiar to me.
    I've been fucking him for the past eight months, ever since I was furloughed.
    I guess we were both bored when I caught him trying on one of his mums lingerie outfits. Because instead of ignoring him, or taking the piss, I got Adam to suck on my dick.
    He was so good at it, it became a daily thing when his mum went to care for his nan.
    Some days I'd force him to swallow, others he'd control the blow job.
    The first time I fucked Adam, was actually with his mum at home. She was still in bed asleep, I'd woken up with a morning glory and felt extremely horny.
    Entering his room, Adam was already awake, so removing my boxers, I had him suck me then flipped him onto his stomach.
    Dragging his boxers off, I did what I always do to his mum before, during and sometimes after I fuck her, I licked the hole I was about to fuck.
    Tonguing his arsehole seemed perfectly normal to me, and he began asking, begging me to fuck him.
    I didn't need a second invitation, so I moved up his body, put my cock to his puckered saliva coated arsehole, and thrust in.
    I wasn't his first, not even the second or third, but he'd not taken a cock with as much girth as mine, and he cried out.
    Luckily his mum didn't hear, because I wasn't going to stop once I felt his arsehole envelope my dick.
    Lay on top of him pumping my cock slowly at first, he soon began to moan with pleasure and that's when I turned his head and kissed another male for the first time in my life.
    Knowing his mum was only down the landing from where I was fucking my step son, I dared not get to rough, but I did move us into the missionary position so we could kiss more easily.
    I came up him after a few minutes, then did something I'd not yet done, I sucked on his little cock until he busted his nut in my mouth.
    Not wanting to get it everywhere, and risk his mum seeing me with a mouthful of cum, I swallowed it all.
    And from then on, each time his mother has gone to her mums home, I've fucked Adam.
    The lingerie and clothing for me, just adds to my need for his mouth and gorgeous arse.
    I'd go as far as to say, I now much prefer fucking Adam than his mum. And with my wife now calling round to her mothers two to three times a day, we get plenty of time to suck, fuck and play.

    My Underwear Is A Turn On?

    I wear white briefs or tighty whities as some call them. I’ve been experimenting more with hooking up with guys recently and finding that guy think my underwear is hot. Kinda taken me by surprise.

    Secret Subject You Never Hear About

    I confess that I was so turned on the first time a young secret dominant man told me he had something different in store for me that day, once he came to my home, I dropped to my knees once he was inside the front door, in just a few seconds of me sucking his cock he ordered me to go get on my knees in my wife’s bathtub, I did as he wished, he stepped in with me and said he had been drinking water all morning and it was all for me, I was kinda taken back but did as he told me, I never thought of golden showers as anything but weird and dirty,
    In just one instant my whole world changed,
    He stepped in close and let his piss flow, on my lips, ordered me to open my mouth, and he turned it on and off, he pissed str8 into my mouth, then he ordered me to swallow,

    It turns you so submissive ,
    I have only done it two times ,both with him.
    Got busted by wife shortly after, but I crave it now,,
    I can only wish,

    I know is a hard subject to broach with anyone, but if you get up the nerve and find another man to indulge you, go for it, amazing doesn’t do it justice

    Cock Sucking Dad

    This has been an amazing week for this mature married dad ,this wee I found time and men that I found pleasure with, wow,,,
    This week I got to suck cock four times, twice with my reg buddy ,once with a new buddy and then a TOTALY new experience yesterday, I meet a meet on a hook up site, I thought I was with the man I had meet earlier in the week ,there location was very close to each other, he had me meet him at his storage unit, he said it was private and temp controlled ,I have never had public gay sex before,
    Also he told me he wanted to fuck me, I haven taken cock in me n years, it got me very turned on...
    I really didn’t know what I was getting into, but we meet, when he got out of the car I was surprised it was not who I hoped it was nor was he in the age group I like, a much older man, well kept, lean but older, I said oh well we are here, it will be a new Experience ,
    We entered the building and got on the elevator, he kept saying different things like thx for coming to help me with the unit, laying down cover Incase someone heard us, we got off the elevator and walked a short distance to his unit, he unlocked the door and raised the door, we stepped inside and he left the door up, the light was on , I was surprised to see the walls didn’t go up to the ceiling, only screen up high, he motioned me to the left ,the unit was small, he had two boxes stacked and a chair behind them, the door was open and he motion for me to set,I set down and he pulled his pants down and pulled his cock out, he also had women’s panties on.
    He did have a nice cock, I took him in my mouth, I’m sucking his cock in public in the middle of the day,,,,
    I was working him good then he pulled me up and pulled my pants down, turned me around, I saw him placing a condom on and he bent me over, it did fell good being fucked again ,,,,but before I could really get into it enough to come myself he pulled out, and dove on my cock, well after being fucked I shot in a few seconds,,,then he jumped up and yanked off the condom and wanted me to suck him off, I had just cum and that really dulls my drive, I took him in my mouth but he was frantic to shot, he pulled backed much to my surprise he started spraying cum everywhere, damn that old guy came all over the space,!!!

    I went home and shortly after my reg buddy reached out and I went to him and really enjoyed his cock and his huge load... a little weird but an amazing day

    Once A Cocksucker Always A Cocksucker

    I should call this, "the day I tried". Prior to that day it had not been a part of my conscious mind.

    So let's go back to the early fall of 2003. Between anywhere and nowhere I lost control of my car and slid off the road into the cornfield. Turns out I lost my passenger side rear wheel which had not been torqued up right. I sat there for a while, until I could get out and stand up. Miraculously I was alright.

    I heard some noise and this man was walking through the trashed out corn towards me. A truck driver who sat up high and saw my car at end of the debris field. He was relieved to see me standing. He asked if I was alright as he walked around the car. He is the one that noticed that the wheel was missing, and noted that the lug nut stud was sheered off.

    Not much we could do, he offered to get me to the next town. Iowa is nothing but cornfields. We stopped at the next town with a flatbed tow truck, dispatched them knowing that the wheel was missing and went into the local coffee shop diner to eat. We talked, he was a man who had been around a lot. He talked about New Orleans, the strippers and the whores. My only experience with a hooker was one night at a Denny's in Orlando.

    We got done, I paid and had to ask him how I could pay him for helping me out. He suggested I pick up the tab for a room at the motel, he could get some rest and leave in the morning. Of course I would pick up the tab. We stopped by the service station and they told me they had to call out a bigger truck with a bigger winch, hauling my car up out of the ground onto the flatbed without a wheel was too much for their tow truck.

    We got two rooms. Walked down to this bar and found a booth. We were friends by then, we had a couple of drinks. He stared me down "Jack, how about we go back to the motel and you give me a blowjob". Straight face. I had to answer, what came out was "you do that stuff?". Yes, he did. And he had made up his mind driving me into town.

    We went back, he got undressed and told me to get undressed, he grabbed my cock and told me to ahold of his and get to sucking. Well it was more complicated than that, but I did get to sucking and I was harder than hard and he kept my cock in his hand and I jerked him right into my mouth. Cum don't taste like anything you ever out in your mouth. That night I found out your nipples are a sex organ, not just on women. I found out that you get to the point where you just want his cock up your ass.

    That’s how I paid him, getting my car towed in and back on the road cost a whole like more, I got fucked twice. Once ..(continue confession)

    Two Days To Remember

    My confession is one of a str8 married mature man with a kinky bi side that has had an amazing few days, for some time my ability to be the once great lover I was has become harder and harder to keep my hardness, but being a secretly bi married man his lead me to enjoy anal and as of late I have decided to include becoming a cock sucker, very little experience over my life, but I meet a regular buddy online and have with practice become pretty good secrete cock sucker ,I have found I can with ease get his load every time, which pleases me and him very much...
    I regular feeder has been very busy over the last few weeks and has not been feeding his personal cock sucker, I wasn’t sure if that was the reason and having my own needs started looking for another cock...
    My regular feeder has a Farley small cock, but a grower, about 5” hard...
    I meet a new guy 19 years younger than myself, married too, that needed great cock sucker too, I meet him in his basement and it was an amazing experience .
    His cock was perfect for sucking, 6.5” ,thick and uncut...
    I took him deep and before it was over he erupted a huge yummy load, we both loved,,,, yesterday my regular feeder contacted me and again I loved servicing his cock, another great load of cum and cock!!!!
    Then at bedtime my wife put moves on me and it was amazing too,,
    My nipples are sore this morning and I’m still flying high, I dumped my load in her pussy , I wanted do bad to go down on her and eat our juices but I lost the urge
    As soon as I came, when I jump right in I love eating cum from her, I wish it was another man’s

    What A Wonderful Experience

    Well I’m a happily married man of many years,I’m bisexual and have enjoyed sex on both sides of life, as I have aged and many years of no or mediocre sex with my wife I turned to gay sex, easy to find and can happen on short notice,
    I’ve not played in many years but as of late I have found myself exploring giving head to another man, maybe 25-30 times now, yesterday I meet with a married 42 you man ,many years my jr., I was pleased when we meet and so was he,
    He has a nice sized and shaped cock, a bigger head and shaft and uncut, new to me.....

    I truly enjoyed myself, and as he pulled his paints off I saw he was rock hard, wow It was amazing taking this nice thick hard cock in my mouth and working it,
    It was obvious how much he was enjoying my work, I could feel the wet spot in my paints and my preCum was flowing...
    I was turned on so much watching and hearing him enjoying my work...
    As I worked his thick cock I began to want his juice...ummm

    I ask him to give it to me, he then said I he was holding back but would let it happen if I wanted it, and ask if I swallowed, I said yesss...
    During our session he ask how long it had been and I answered him, he then ask if I had a regular friend in the past and I told him yes...

    At that point I knew he like my mouth and wanted more of these pleasures,,,,


    as soon as he calmed down he started asking me if we could become a regular thing?

    He had no idea how bad I want that to happen, his wife would be home soon and he started trying to give me his email address to set up open communication ,

    But as I’m saving his info in my phone I realize that’s a great way to get busted,,

    We left it that we would check the site regularly to connect,

    If anyone on here old help me with a good ,safe, discrete way of connecting
    Without much risk to either of us I would appreciate at a lot,

    suggestions please, help two married guys get what they need, thank you.

    My Virginity

    I lost my virginity when I was 18 a week before I graduated high school. A history teacher from a school a district over responded to a Craigslist ad I had. Following day I went to his house.

    He opened the door in his work clothes and invited me right in. We went straight to his bedroom. He let his pants fall to the floor as soon as we got in the room. He was very very hard in his white briefs! We started kissing. Soon enough he pulled my shorts down and was feeling my hard dick through my blue briefs that I had on.

    He tossed me on the bed and pulled my briefs off. He gave me oral. Then he took his shirt and briefs off, got me on my knees and had his big dick in my mouth. He had to be almost 8 inches long.

    He got me up, bent me over the bed and he put lube on my hole. He fingered it in, I was tight obviously. Soon enough he lubed up his dick and told me this is gonna hurt at first. He rested his head against my hole and said okay I’m ready. Then with steady pressure he pressed it against my hole till it popped in marked a suction cup noise. I moaned real loud and was breathing heavy. It hurt as he stretched me open. He just held onto my hips as he slowly slid it in telling me to relax.

    The pain subsided and he was then balls deep in me. I could feel his clock filling my rectum and fell how deep he was in me. He started to fuck me. Slowly at first picking up the pase. Within a few minutes he was pounding on my ass bad moaning like crazy as he pumped his big load deep in my butt. I could feel his head Pulsating as he blew load after load in me. It was a huge load till he rested balls deep against my butt.

    He slowly pulled out. That huge limp cock covered in cum. My ass was gapping open. He spun me around took me in his mouth and I came within seconds. Shooting my cum all over his chest.

    He got on the bed and laid down with that big dick between his legs still half hard. He told me he had towels beside the shower. I showered to clean up my butt. As I was dressing he told me do t be surprised if cum leaks out and good think your wearing briefs for that. Also told me to not be surprised if my ass is sore tomorrow morning.

    Sure enough next morning I woke up and my ass was so sore! I walked to the bathroom in my tighty whities holding my butt lol. School that day was fun.

    Cum In Me

    I’m a regular guy. With a regular job. What none of my coworkers know is that when I go home I put on a wig. I put on make up. I put on stockings. I wear a dress and sexy heels. I stuff my bra with water balloons. I look hot as fuck.

    I go to the park by the lake. I approach random men by themselves and ask them if they want to cum. They usually do. I suck cock in their their trucks. I make their cocks cum with my asshole while bent over a picnic table. Five hot loads of cum inside me is my record. It’s not enough.

    My pleasure isn’t important. What matters is making studly cocks cum inside me. Dressed like a slut. Total strangers. Men I know. It doesn’t matter.

    I cook, clean and sleep in heels and a dress and a wig. My wet asshole always pulsing with that need for abuse. My mouth salivating for the hot semen of a man. Any man. Can you fuck me? Will you give me your sticky load. Please don’t waste it. Deposit it inside me. Record it and put it on the web. Send it to your friends and family. I am a hot slutty cum receptacle. Feed me your penis?