Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

Sex With My Neighbors

I had an affair with my married neighbor and his teenage son. The affair with my married neighbor started 3 years ago, about 2 years after his wife passed away and only lasted for about 2 years. The still ongoing affair with his 19 year old son started 4 months ago, almost 18 months after his dad and I stopped fucking.

The dad, unlike his son, was a complete bottom. He was only happiest getting fucked. I’ve known the family for years and I would never have believed that the dad was anything but straight. At 6’ 4” and 230 lbs he was a giant compared to my 5’ 11 and slimmer body.

I remember our first time well. He had been flirting for weeks before he turned up at my apartment late one night slightly drunk. We both stripped and I had him on his back with his legs up and parted wide, my tongue licking and fucking his pucker as he moaned in pleasure. He wanted to be fucked. I soon had his firm round ass ready for a nice hard fuck. He wasn’t a virgin but it had been years since the last time.

I slid my cock in, pushing straight through to bury myself deep inside his ass. I brutally ravaged his hole, fucking in and out and withdrawing almost to the head and ramming back in. He was like a total whore. He loved every minute of my cock in his ass, moaning in pleasure as I fucked him. I had him on his shoulders, his ass up high and I made him watch my hard cock fucking his hole balls deep.

I paused mid-fuck and asked him what he wanted. He begged me to fuck him, to fuck him harder. I asked where and he replied in his ass. I repeated that question three times before he said in his pussy. That’s when I knew I had him and that’s when I really started pounding his ass. We carried on like that almost every night for two years until the day he and his current love, a very lovely lady, started dating.

The son was similar in height but less muscled. Unlike his dad, he was an extremely dominant and aggressive top oozing this raw big dick energy. It was only when I noticed him checking me out that I decided to make a move. I can’t say I was that surprised that he was also bisexual.

I knew I was going to be in for a rough night the minute he pushed me back on my bed, ripped off my shorts and underwear and stuck two lubed fingers straight up my ass. I nearly screamed when he sunk his cock in me, he had half his massive cock in me and was pushing in hard until he finally bottomed out in my ass. The pain was excruciating, it was like he was rearranging my insides with every inward thrust and pulling out half my guts with every outward stroke.

It finally started to feel good, really good after 10 minutes of nonstop fucking. He had me on the verge of cumming when he suddenly creamed my ass. It left me frustrated in the extreme but he was good to go again in less than 5 minutes. His cock felt so good in my ass that it barely took a few minutes for me to cum. We’ve been having sex almost every night since that day, often 2 or 3 times a night and 4 to 5 times on weekends.

His dad and I have similar cocks (about 7”) but he was larger and thicker than both us at 9” or maybe 9.5” and it was one of those beer can thick cocks. I’ve often wondered if they ever hooked up. If they did, they never said. I imagine that it would have been like having sex with your younger self, just with a bigger dick.

The sexual compatibility between the two would have made for a very hot homemade video. They would have also made such awesome partners in a threesome. Whenever I passed them in the hallway, the dad usually has this sheepish smile while the son has this cocky smirk. Just thinking about the 2 of them especially the 3 of us together makes me horny as fuck.

  • Forced Buggery

    Has anybody experiences forced male buggery, i did in the army when a small troop of us went on an observation exercise, on the first night the sergeant said at bed time i had to go through an initiation to become one of the troop, i guessed what it was i didn't let on i was bisexual, i pretended to i wasn't gay and it was a new experience, i will leave the details out ?


    Post Covid

    During Covid, being a bi sexual married guy has been really difficult.
    I need cock...
    When I travelled a lot on business pre Covid it was easy gettting men into my hotel bed.
    Since May I have been having sex with our new apartment manager. He is in his mid 30's, something of a jock, and loves to fuck gay ass.
    He has a smsll studio apartment. When my wife is at work...she is a nurse on night duty, he fucks the shit out of me.
    I feel bad, but better now I have confessed.

  • Canal Boat

    Invited back to their canal boat after enjoying an outdoor classical concert, I knew why I was being asked back.
    Or at least I thought I did.
    We'd met months before and I'd mentioned then in a semi drunk state, that I have a big cock.
    We get to the boat and Mark says to me "Please fuck her hard. She loves it".
    Michelle his wife is a slut as I've found out. She adores cock and as a nineteen year old then, I wasn't going to disappoint her. Or more to the point, miss out.
    So there I am after lots of mutual oral sex, in between her legs fucking her missionary.
    I'm really pounding into her when I feel Mark spread my arse cheeks and begin tonguing my hole.
    It's not unpleasant, so I carry on fucking his wife.
    This bit I'm unsure of.
    Somehow after maybe five minutes of him tonguing my arsehole, I feel his hard and what seems like huge cock, enter my arsehole and I'm immediately loving it.
    There was some pain, but no where near as the wonderful pleasure his cock is giving my arsehole, cock and mind.
    It's absolutely amazing. And I genuinely couldn't help myself from telling a man I hardly knew to fuck me.
    I'd had sex with girls my age before, but never had gay sex. So having Mark make me experience anal in such a way blew my mind. It wasn't just good, it was absolutely amazing.
    And Michelle got the benefit as well, as Mark fucking me only made me and my cock more rampant.
    When Michelle orgasmed, and wow what an orgasm, she shook violently. Mark stopped fucking me and pulled out. Which I was instantly disappointed at, then Michelle got up from beneath me, put on a robe and went to sit outside.
    As soon as she left, Mark pulled me up so I was kneeling, then reentered me. If being fucked almost flat on top of his wife was amazing, then having just his gorgeous cock pounding into my arsehole as he fucked me doggy, was simply undescribably brilliant.
    I'd never felt so in tune with my body. Every nerve ending was alive with sexual pleasure and Mark knew it.
    He changed his pace, his depth and the force in how he fucked me.
    Mark was telling me things too. Telling how beautiful my arsehole felt on his cock. How I was a natural receiver, and how if I wanted to, he'd teach me to enjoy gay sex more.
    And all this information came through a fog of sheer joy he was giving me.
    My orgasm nearly had me crying, it was that intense and everywhere throughout my body all at once. My cum shot down onto their bed, but Mark just kept on thrusting into my arse. Then like a freight train going through me, he came hard and pumped every last drop into my bowels.
    Wrapping himself around me, he kissed the back of my neck, then withdrew to lay next to me. Only then did I see his gorgeous cock.
    It couldn't have looked more similar to mine. Same length, same girth and even has the same upward curve.
    Pulling me to him, we kissed, my first male kiss. And at the same time he had me massage his cock and balls.
    After some time kissing and caressing where he massaged my arse cheeks, he pushed me down so my face was at his cock. It was rock hard again by then, so doing what I'd had girls do to me in the past, I opened my mouth and sucked in his dick.
    That didn't come as natural to me, but Mark guided me over the next twenty or so minutes.
    When he decided he wanted my arse again, he had me put my ankles on his shoulders, then Mark slid his cock back into my cum filled hole.
    We fucked for a long time in the missionary position, not changing once. And throughout we kissed too.
    Michelle which I didn't know at first, came back into the boat and watched her husband fuck me. Only when he'd cum for a second time, deep inside my body did I know she was there.
    Her words were "Utterly beautiful".
    For two months I visited their canal boat. Sometimes I'd fuck with them both, but mostly as Michelle worked shifts in a hospital, Mark and I had sex.
    He taught me everything over those two months before they decided to sell their boat and move to Portugal.
    They didn't move straight away, but by then I was also having sex with a married guy I met in the shop I worked at.
    He was more into fucking me like a sex toy, than any real intimacy. But I enjoy that type of sex too.
    I miss Mark and Michelle, but I do hear from them time to time.
    They are returning to the UK for a couple of months soon, so Michelle can do some medical training. Mark's already asked if I'd like to move in with them whilst she does her training.
    I've already said yes.

    Just Got It By A Big One

    I just finished getting fucked and walking back to my parents house. They guy who fucked me had the biggest cock I've ever taken. He stayed the first time fucking for about 40 minutes, and with my mouth he came around again after another 20 minutes or so, then the last time he had that big monster (cock can thick and twice as long) up my ass for an hour. He got a mirror and showed me, my asshole has a puffy ring around it now, it looks like a pussy. He said it feels like one now too.

    I really enjoyed getting it by that big a cock, though I am a little concerned about how it may wreck my hole if he does it too much. I want it though, as much as he will fuck me, and he really likes being with a smooth twink.

  • First Gay Experience

    I was out late last night and got hit on by a guy older then me. Went to his place and got fucked for the first time. I didn’t tell him I was a virgin. My ass is sore today!

    Last night when I came home his cum was leaking out of my butt into my briefs. I just stripped down to my briefs and got in bed with my wife. Woke up this morning and fucked my wife, little does she know I took a load last night.

    Is is normal to be so sore after getting your ass fucked?

    Need For Cock

    I realized I was gay the summer of 1980 when I was 24.Thoughts of men danced in my head constantly filling me with lust and excitement .I had slept with a couple women but my desire towards men far exceeded the straight experiences I had. Like lots of gay men at the time I was repressed and closeted but yearning to open the door of gay pleasure. One night I decided to act on my urges and went to my first gay bar .Sure enough being young, slim and attractive I had lots of offers and went home with a middle aged heavier set gent .He blew me in his bed and we necked up a storm .I was so filled with lust I sucked his fat cock and swallowed all his cum like he did mine .I went home in the morning in a pleasant daze .After that I became a regular at that bar for years. I went home with all sorts of men young. old, lean and athletic ,chubby, average build, black guys, Asian, white guys .latinos etc .I loved cock and gradually became more a bottom gay male taking all sorts of cocks in my mouth and ass .I looked forward to the weekends and the easy sex.

    My accounting career was going well and I worked in a large office tower downtown. I was still closeted with my co workers though never denied I liked men .I was a bit tired of the weekend drinking and promiscuity but felt addicted to it. I began staying later Friday evenings as it was quiet being the only one there and I got lots more work done .In the course of that I noticed this mid 40's Italian cleaner who came to clean the office the latter part of the week would be glancing over at me a lot while cleaning up. We struck up a conversation one Friday and in his quiet ,shy way was easygoing and friendly .He said he noticed I was not leaving as early as before and working later .For some reason he was so easy to talk to I blurted out that I was tired of going to the gay bar Fridays and wanted to get more work done. To my surprise he was not shocked or taken aback .He started asking me questions about the gay lifestyle .He was divorced and had not dated in years and wondered why I preferred men .While chatting I noticed his bulge in his work pants had grown .I often checked out men and started thinking of what his cock might be like .He is 5ft 8,wiry with muscular arms and slicked back salt and pepper hair with glasses .He appeared somewhat plain but in a sexy way to me .Or maybe I was just horny. He was standing there shifting I guess because of his hard on .I boldly teased him I knew how to relax a man and he seemed nervous. He shook a bit after I said this .I asked him to move closer to my desk and he did .I unzipped his pants slowly and he let me continue. I slowly pulled down his underwear and unleashed a throbbing sexy looking cut cock around 6 inches long with a big mushroom head on it .I knew what to do and engulfed it right away with my wet mouth .I sucked him with need and desire and he quickly blew his load as he cried out in pleasure .I emptied his balls and made sure I gobbled up every last drop. He thanked me then was scared I would tell someone about this .I reassured him I would not and asked if he would like to relax like this every Friday .He looked relieved .I went home and masturbated thinking of blowing him.

    The next Friday he unzipped himself and I eagerly blew him. This became our routine for the next month .He had become so relaxed we would share a cigarette after and chat .I had stopped going to the bar as I now was filled with thoughts of pleasing him .One Friday night he quietly asked if I would come home with him after his shift for more private time between us. This excited me and I found myself in a huge state of anticipation as I sat in his car as he drove us home. We got to his small apartment and went straight to his bed getting naked quickly .I kissed him passionately and he kissed me back wildly .I blew him in his bed and spent the night in his arms .In the morning I blew him again .From then on I just went home with him every Friday and stayed the weekend at his place .I was soon encouraging him to fuck me as well and he obliged by fucking me nice and steady and filling my hole with his seed. Over time we fell in love and we got a bigger place together ,a nice condo I purchased .We are out now as a couple and have been for 20 years .I love pleasing my man ,cooking for him and making sure his cock is always emptied when he needs it .We are both retired now and still make love 3-4x a week. For a 76 yr old man he still has a high sex drive and I love it.

    First Big One

    I put bi male in the gender description, though I have yet to fuck a woman. I've sucked a total of 4 guys over the last 2 years. 2 of them were early on, and oral only. The first a couple years ago was only three times, his mom found out and they moved away. I sucked him and used my hand on myself, he never sucked me. Next was a my my age and I sucked him for almost a year. I even started swallowing with him, and I would use my hand or he would used his hand on me. He sometimes licked me along the shaft but never sucked me. I am the type that has almost no hair on my body, only on my pubes and head. I don't even shave at 18. Sometimes after he'd used his hand he would take some of my cum on his finger and put it in his mouth.

    That ended with I met Carl, who was the first guy to fuck me. He and the others were all between 5 and 6 inches, and between and inch and inch and a half thick. Nothing too big. While Carl and I would meet up, I started seeing a married guy in his 40s who wanted my mouth, me to swallow, and to fuck me. Oral, swallowing and anal, all the things his wife wouldn't do, but I did for him and for Carl. Again, all pretty average in size.

    While I do like letting guys fuck me, I do dream of dating a girl who will let me do it. The married man has shown me nude pictures and videos of his wife naked,and him fucking her and I get real hard. A few times he's fucked her and didn't wash up and I got to taste her off his cock. I really like the smell and taste of her pussy juice.

    After last night though, I know what a big cock is. I should say a huge one. I got together with a man I've known for a while, just never thought he was wanting me, or any other guy. But last night I went to bed with him and it was HUGE. I really wasnt' sure I could take it in my ass. My mouth was sore from sucking him, it was over 2 inches thick all around, perfectly round like a canister or something. It is 10 inches long, with an even thicker head. After a lot of kissing, and playing, and pinching and stroking, and lube . . . LOTS of lube, I wanted it. I was begging him to go slow, but after I got used to it, I was begging to be fucked like a whore. I am so sore today. He fucked me three times during the night, then again in the morning, and once more about 2 hours ago before I left his house. I am in love with his big cock. I'm sore as hell, but if he called me over now I'd give it to him again. He cums more than any man should, it's got to be three to four times what the other guys do. I'm supposed to go out, which means get fucked by, Carl tonight. I don't think I can, and don't what him to notice how loose I am, I should wait, but in some ways I wouldn't mind him fucking a loose piece either.

    I still want to feel pussy, but I really like HUGE cock. I don't think I'll ever be the same.

    Uncle Frank

    I've been round at my uncles all day. He'd taken a little blue sex tablet before I got there, and now my jaw is aching and my arsehole feels stretched and a little sore.
    Frank is married, but his wife loves golf. She's played in a ladies comp all day, and is now watching The Open in the club house.
    He's just told me he wants me to lick his balls which are only inches from my face right now.
    I guess it's time to feel his huge cock fucking my boy hole again.
    BTW, Franks now been fucking me over the last four years.

  • Their Cocks

    So here's my confession. I have sucked cock for years. Any time a guy showed me his cock I would be on my knees and sucking him. I have sucked several of cousins, uncles and in laws and swallowed all the seed they provided. One brother in law says I swallowed more of his cum than my sister. I just love eating other men's cum and can't get enough. I have gone to glory holes and sucked many men off during a day as many as 20. I have a co worker feed me his cum every time he wants to cum. I know I'm a slutty cum dump but I just can't get enough cum!