Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

First Time

When I was a young boy. Of 8 I ran around our small town with older boys anywhere from 12 to 18 my dad had left along time and my mom worked 2 nd shift and 3rd most of the time so I was alone most of the time anyway there were 2 boys we will call them bo and Luke they were brothers 12 and 14 years old who always asked me to come to there house to play but there house was 6 miles down a dirt road on the river . One day I was bored so I rode my bike out there and when I pulled up bo and Luke were happy I came they let me meet there mom dad there sister who was my age and pretty as anything I ever seen she had red hair to the middle of her back freckles on her face and blue eyes her name was Rena she had shorts and a tee shirt and she was filling out already her boobs were showing anyway me and the boys went out back to the barn and up in the loft where they pulled out a stack of dirty books and gave me one and I was hooked on naked ladies we looked and bo snuck 3 beers from his dad's cooled and I drank mine and felt funny well Luke had homework so me and bo stayed looking and bo ask me if I ever seen a real girl naked and I said no then he said stay here and he left but came back in 2 min but he had his sister with him and he ask me if I would like to see her naked I said only if she doesn't care so bo told her to take off her clothes and she did and my eyes popped out of my head bo told me to touch her any place so I put my hand on her leg right below her pussy and I looked up at her and she smiled and spread her legs apart and bo told me if I touch her I had to remove my pants so I did as I was rubbing her everywhere lost in her soft skin I didn't notice bo was laid in front of me licking my dick and nuts but when I noticed I didn't stop him he kept licking everywhere Rena sat in front of me and kissed me wildly her tongue going crazy she laid back and pulled my face to her pussy and she showed me how to eat pussy and bo fucked my ass and I loved both and I did a lot while I was young

  • My Wife's Younger Brother

    Just over two hours ago, my twenty four year old brother in law, Alex, got in a taxi to go home.
    He'd spent the night in our bed, pretty much receiving my eight inches in his mouth and arsehole, all night long.
    We began fucking ten months ago when he discovered my profile on a gay hookup site.
    He figured out it was me, even though I don't have any facial pictures on my profile, by viewing the tattoo I have on my lower abs, just above my cock.
    Alex had seen the tattoo not long after I had it done and put two and two together.
    The same day he saw my profile, he contacted me. We met at a car park where he showed me screen shots of my profile. When I asked him what he intended to do with the pictures, thinking Alex was going to inform his sister, he put his hand on my cock bulge and said "Fuck me".
    Alex sucked on my dick after we got into the back seat of my car, then using a condom he gave me, I fucked him doggy, then missionary, before he came all over his stomach and chest.
    When I came, I'd pulled out of his arse, moved up, removed the condom and jerked above his face. But I also filmed myself cumming all over his outstretched tongue and neck,
    as Alex pleaded with me to "Feed it to me" .
    After the sex and getting cleaned up, he asked me if I'd like to make it a regular thing.
    The following day we fucked in his car, with Alex dressed up as a girl. It was by far the horniest sex I'd ever had to that point, as we had two guys watching and wanking close by.
    We still fuck at the car park, but usually there's no one at the old rough roaded place.
    Last night my wife was in Prague on a Hen party, so Alex stayed over.
    Believe me, he had trouble walking to the taxi this morning, as I'd just fucked him again over our kitchen table. He got in the taxi sore but happy and with my cum load up his fuck hole.
    In about an hour, I'll go and pick up his sister. No doubt she'll have had a good time in Prague, and possibly gotten herself fucked by some lucky guy.
    I'm not jealous, in fact it'd be horny if she's been fucked over there.
    If I ever found out she'd been screwing around, and believe
    me she's pretty and fit enough to do so, then I'd confess about fucking her brother Alex. Until then we're just going to have to carry on fucking in secret.

    Never Thought I Would.........continued

    So here I am a 72 year old man and after years of no sex with a Woman I am enjoying sex again but in a totally different way! I have hooked up with a very nice college kid and we have met twice now and both times I have given him oral sex and find myself constantly thinking about it. He enjoys it because like I said before his girlfriend isn't into that and for me I found the feeling of his hard young cock going in and out of my mouth is starting to change me. Yes, I pay him as we both agreed because college kids always need the money and I am comfortable doing that. So after several weeks we are trusting each other more and more so we exchanged phone numbers so we no longer needed to use the site where we met. Our late night conversations were getting more and more sexually erotic and I was admitting things to him I never imagined I would. He said he really enjoyed the way I sucked him and thanked me for giving him the much needed money. Then he asked If I was interested in doing anything else that I have only thought about since he met me and I took a deep breath and answered YES! I said if we could manage to find a place inside, just the two of us I would want to sit back and watch him slowly undress in front of me until he was totally naked and I could see all of his toned young body for the first time. I also reminded him that I would be willing to compensate more for anything we did beyond oral sex, he readily agreed and I was getting very excited! Then several days later he told me his parents were going on vacation for two weeks and he was going to be alone some nights except when his girlfriend stayed over, she lived quite a distance away and she worked so she would just be there on the weekend. He said late at night would be better just to make sure there would be no one stopping by unexpectedly so we picked a night during the week and I went to the address he gave me. It was late, around midnight and I could not believe how excited I was while driving there. He greeted me at the door and I was so relieved to see him there alone. We made small talk for a few minutes then he went to the kitchen to get us something cold to drink. He got up put on some music, set down his drink and walked over and stood before me. He put his foot on my knee and told me to take off his sandal, so I did and then the other one. I watched as he started rubbing his chest and shoulders and stomach and then he reached down and pulled his shirt over his head and off. It was as I thought, he looked so athletic and smooth and I was starting to get very warm! Then he unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down the zipper letting the shorts fall to the floor, stepped closer to me wearing bikini underwear and at that moment I could not take it any longer so I slid my fingers in the waistband and slid his underwear off. In an instant I was on the floor on my knees with his semi-hard cock in my mouth feeling it grow and getting harder by the second. I realized at that very moment that I was changing and rapidly becoming a cocksucker, I wanted his cock so bad and didn't care that I was paying for it! He told me to stand up and for us to go in his bedroom. We did and he layed a towel down and I once again on my knees took his big cock in my mouth and struggled to take as much as I could and then it happened! I held his hips, stuck out my tongue and held my breath and for the first time felt his cock slide past my gag reflex and into my throat. He gasped and moaned as he pulled out and then slowly back in again and again as I realized he is actually fucking my mouth and throat. Why that made me feel so good I'm not sure but it did, I'm getting to be quite the cocksucker I though to myself. After several more seconds he said he was going to cum so I gently squeezed his balls feeling him tense up and I grabbed his hips very tight and he let out that familiar groan and as he shot his cum into my mouth I wrapped my lips tightly around the head of his sweet cock and this time I was brave enough to swallow his young cum. The sensation was unbelievable and it was nothing like I expected, I loved it!!! He fell back on the bed catching his breath and told me I was awesome. We walked back into the living room and he gathered his clothes and we walked to the front door I gave him a $100 and of course he said thank you and reminded me we had about two weeks. Driving home I could still taste his cock and a trace of pee and cum and realized I wanted to do more with this kid............way more!

  • Horny As Hell

    The last few years I have found my sexuality evolving.From straight porn to gay porn it is cocks that turn me on now.

    During the start if the pandemic I have often gone to a local cafe for a take out coffee and breakfast egg sandwich.Since I am a regular I found myself chatting with the servers.

    One guy around my age was very friendly and we chatted animated while he served me.He had dyed brown hair with a trim beard and was on the slim side.I found myself thinking of him when I masturbated and this gave my orgasm a deeper sensation.

    I started watching my gay porn after going to the cafe and shooting a nice load picturing his face and body.I developed erections in my pants while chatting with him.Being 60 I found my hardons were like when I was young while thinking of him.

    One morning I got my order from him and had a big hard on in my pants.He checked me out from the counter and told me excitedly he could close up for awhile.I felt a rising thrill as he locked the door and closed the blinds.There was no customer around so this was perfect timing.He led me to a back room and hurriedly undid my belt and pulled my pants then underwear down.My 6 inch cut cock sprang out erect and he went down on his knees before quickly engulfing my cock in his willing mouth.I guided his head as he sucked me hard.It felt incredible and I almost came right away.He pulled away so I would not cum too fast and stood up caressing my chest and face.He looked up and kissed my mouth softly which made my cock stiffen more.He cupped my balls as he frenched my mouth with his tongue.God he was a great kisser.I kissed him back excitedly.He went on his knees again and gave me a complete blowjob swallowing my load as I exploded in his mouth.I stood there emptied as he took my last drops.I felt so satisfied.He guided my hand to his cock and I masturbated him into a nearby sink.He came hard which made me feel sexy in a strange way.We dressed and he reopened the cafe as I left.

    Since then we have gotten together many times at his place and mine for sex.I now know how sweet his cum tastes in my mouth and blow him as much as he blows me.

    Change In Manhood

    I’m a bi sexual very masculine lean muscular man. Though I had been with several men I was always an aggressive top and even with women I was dominant type. Not long ago I met this very attractive and effeminate Brazilian trans man. He is very sexy and we met in a club and we went back to my place and I fucked him. He for all real purposes walking around in clothes looks like a very sexy Latina women. Except naked he has a small cute ballsack and a pretty big uncut dick. We started fucking regularly and went and got tested so that I could safely cum in his ass. Soon after we got tested he started asking me to let him fuck me. I refused and said I never did that and did not want to. He let it go for a while but then started up again when I refused to suck his cock. Finally, recently we were in the middle of a very hot encounter and he said that he didn’t want to see me anymore if I wouldn’t at least let him try to top me. I think he knew I was vested in the relationship as I had quit seeing anyone else. I relented and said he could try but I was thinking that I would just make him stop and say it hurt too much. He knew what he was doing though and in pretty short order he had me lubed and was able to slide his fatcockdeep inside me before I could do anything but moan. To my surprise it felt wonderful and when he came deep in my bowels screaming I was still bucking my ass into him wanting more. Since that day he mostly fucks me now and I suck his cock often. I still fuck him sometimes but he gets his nut first. A strange phenomenon is that I don’t feel as masculine and often think when I am walking around, especially at the gym, that people know that I have been topped. I’m sure it is my imagination but it seems like men, especially good looking ones, kind of smile at me like they know they could fuck me if they wanted.

  • Another Adventure

    I finally met up with a guy I’ve been texting back and forth with for a while, who wanted his cock sucked. I went to his condo by the water during my lunch hour. We talked a little, then we stripped down, and I got on my knees between his legs. He has a beautiful 7-8” uncut cock. I started licking his balls and up the shaft, and he moaned in appreciation. When I started licking his ass, he really went wild, so I rimmed him for quite a while. Finally, I started sucking him I n earnest, and it wasn’t long before he started pumping his hot cum in my mouth. We dressed quickly, as we both had to get back to work. I can’t wait to suck him off again!


    There's a older white trucker I've found on a gay hookup app. He's shared pictures of his nice long cock and I've been wanting to hookup with him and show him how well I can pleasure another man with my wet eager mouth.
    I'm a trucker as well and I feel just like a truck stop lot lizard when I climb inside another mans truck for the purpose of sucking his cock, except I'm free of charge.
    I have my personal vehicle out here now and I could go meet up with him if I wasn't stuck out here waiting to unload. I really want to suck his cock bad. I want to earn his cum and approval.
    Doesn't look like it will happen on this trip although.

    My Darkest Fantasy

    I've always loved BDSM. I've fantasized about all kind of predicaments involving getting tied up, stuff inside a cramped cage, trained to take cock, and whipped until I submitted. The idea of being someone's personal sex toy gets me so hard, I can't stand it. I crave being objectified, humiliated, and enslaved. I often daydream about being in a fantasy world where I'm kidnapped by slavers, trained to become the perfect sex toy, and sold at auction to the highest bidder. For me it's gone so far that I now fantasize about living in chains, in dark cellars, basements, stored in heavy bondage in closets when I'm not in use. Speech restrictions like not being able to talk without Master's permission or being required to refer to myself in the third person or as an "it" also get me off. I dream about my cock being locked in chastity permanently, the only chance of having an orgasm coming when my Master mercifully decides to grant it or fucks it out of me. I want my Master to host parties and pass me around to all his friends to fuck or put me on display so they can tease and torture me for hours. I don't want the aftercare after it either. I want Master to just lock me up somewhere so that I'm out of the way when he doesn't want me. Put me out of sight and out of mind until he needs me to suck his cock or take his load again. I want to live naked, forced to crawl on all fours, polish his boots with my tongue, and be his personal fleshlight. He'll feed me the scraps of His meal in a dog bowl and punish me severely for even the slightest infractions. He'll use me as a footrest, cockwarmer, and a table. I'm a slave so I'm not an equal. I'm a thing. An object. I own nothing. I want nothing other than to serve Master.

    Never Thought I Would............continued

    I did something I thought I'd never do, I met a younger man, a college kid and gave him $50 dollars to let me suck his cock! I have to say the experience was awesome, he was a very nice kid we got along nicely and we both left satisfied. After that I though about meeting him again and as the days went by the urge kept getting stronger. We chatted everyday on the site where we first met and I learned more and more about him. He did have a girlfriend but he said she did not like oral sex, giving or receiving, but he on the other hand loved it. He said to let him know when I wanted to meet again and I said on Sunday which was two days away. This time I wasn't nervous but very excited so Sunday came and we met at the same park. This might sound strange but I brought with me a folder that I had when I refinanced my home just in case someone approached us and wondered what we were doing and I could say I'm helping him readjust his college loans. Well it couldn't have worked out more perfect because when we both arrived we went to a picnic table which was close to the woods and sat talking for a few minutes when the park patrol drove up and asked what we were doing and I showed him the folder. He seemed ok and said that we had about 20 minutes until the park closed. He drove off and we walked a short distance into the woods, found a secluded spot and he leaned up against a tree and I immediately got on my knees as he slid his shorts off, again no underwear, and I held his hips as he pushed his rock hard cock between my lips! That feeling overcame me even more than the first time and he was pushing his hips forward while he held my head fucking my wet mouth! I didn't think about someone catching us I was enjoying his young cock going in and out of my mouth sometimes so deep I had to gag and then like before he started to moan and said he was going to cum and as soon as started to pull out he shot his warm seed on my face. He pulled up his shorts and I wiped off the cum with my T-shirt and we headed back towards the cars. He said on the way that I made him cum so easy and that I was really good at sucking his cock, oddly enough I said thank you! We stood talking as the park patrol went by and I gave him the money and he looked at me and said don't let anyone see your shirt, there was cum all over it. As I started to leave I said maybe next time to avoid cum all over me maybe I should get brave enough to swallow..............his reply was "that's a great idea!" Already I can't wait for the next time!

  • Never Thought I Would

    I'm a 72 year old man and I did something I would never confess to anyone except confessing here. I got divorced 24 years ago and like most men after a while I got involved In the dating scene and found it worse than I ever imagined. So it wasn't long before I just quit altogether and found other things to keep me busy, working around the house, going to the fitness center four or five times a week and spending more time with the Grandkids. That worked ok for a while but when the colder months came around I was spending a lot of time alone. Like most men I spent time every day on the computer and I stumbled across a site called Locanto. You can advertise many different things on there and I noticed that they also had a personals section, haven't seen that since craigslist was around. I looked over everything including Man for Man and found myself going back to that at some point everyday. I noticed there were a lot of ads from younger men looking for older so I thought to myself what the hell I'm going to respond to one, so I did. It was from a college kid and we started chatting and that went on for a few days. Finally he wanted to know exactly why I was on the site and after some hesitation I replied back that I was a very lonely old man and I wanted to spend some time with a younger man. My next sentence shocked even me...........I said I would be willing to compensate for his time. Well he could read between the lines and said since he was a college kid he could use the money so we agree to plan to meet some Sunday evening. After I sent that message I though to myself what in the hell am I doing..............I'm going to meet this kid and actually pay him to let me suck his cock! I went back and fourth over the next few days and decided that I was going to go through with it. So we agreed to meet at a park close to him and further from where I lived which I liked. Sunday evening came and I messaged him and told him I would be in a new GMC Sierra and he told me what he would be driving. He pulled in got out of his car and I have to be honest I was very excited. He was tall and thin as I would have guessed and a really nice looking kid. He got in the truck and we talked for a while and I started to feel at ease with him. Then he asked if I was ready and I said yes I am and he said we should go somewhere more private so we did, It was getting later in the evening and we didn't pass anyone and when we stopped there was no one around. I put the middle section of the seat up and he slid around with his back against the door and that's when I heard his zipper being pulled down. I was so nervous and so excited at the same time when he slowly slid his shorts down and he wasn't wearing any underwear. His young cock popped out and there is no other way to describe it except it was perfect He slowly stroked it as I watched it grow and It was at least 7" . He put his hands behind his head and said to me "it's all yours" His left leg over the front seat and his right on the floor I slid between his legs and without hesitation I took his cock in my mouth for the very first time. I could not believe the sensation of my mouth going up and down on his hard smooth cock, I couldn't get enough but there was no way I could take all of him, I reached under him and squeezed his tight balls and He let out a moan and said he was close to cumming and don't stop! I came prepared and slid a small towel under him as soon as he said he was cumming and he pushed my mouth off of him just before he shot his young seed all over the place, We were both breathing so hard as I moved away and he pulled up his shorts. Then he said " are you sure this was your first time?" We both laughed and I assured him it was and he said you really suck a nice cock! So I gave him $50 dollars which made him happy and he said whenever I wanted to meet him again to let him know. He jumped in his car took off and so did I. While driving home which was about 45 minutes I couldn't believe how I felt, I didn't feel guilty or ashamed I just felt way different but in a good way. This is something I need again I told myself! To be continued...............