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FIL,s Spunk

Over the four years I've known my father in law, married to his daughter the last two years, I reckon I've swallowed or had pumped into me, over five to ten litres of his cum, possibly more.

Every week day over that time, and recently Sunday mornings too, as I now play golf with him, he's had me suck him off, or he's fucked me.
It's usually in the work van we share every day as Landscaping and building contractors, that I suck him off. But we have had oral and anal sex in many various places.

Chris basically caught me looking at gay porn on my phone as I was resting during my lunch hour, and whipped his cock out. Telling me to suck him off, or I walk home and finish with his daughter, I lowered my head and gave my first ever blow job.
When he came, Chris held my head and forced me to swallow his spunk. And I've been swallowing it ever since.

He does fuck me, but as he says, he's really got to be in the mood, telling me he's not gay, just horny.
What's brought me here, isn't what I've just confessed to, but something that was said to me a month ago.

We'd played golf, he was horny and the woods on the back of the seventeenth were, along with the course at that time, quiet.

Carrying our clubs into the wooded area, Chris had me lower my shorts and boxers. Getting up behind me, he put his wetted fingers all over my hole, then thrust in.
Fucking me hard and fast, he busted his nut up my arse in less than five minutes.
Pulling my boxers and shorts up with his cum deep inside me, we finished the round.

At home later after I'd showered and changed, my wife put some washing in.
She walked from the kitchen into the lounge as casual as you like, looked at me and said "That spunk in your boxers and shorts, I guess it's my dads".
There wasn't a great deal I could say, so I pretended not to hear. She didn't push the comment or seem annoyed, but she did later say "Make sure you're both checked before we have sex again".

Chris and I got STD checked out through an old nursing acquaintance of his. We also had the Covid test too.
Both negative, I let my wife know by leaving the piece of paper on the kitchen table.

Her response was to drag me up to ..(continue confession)

  • My First Few Experiences

    I was completely unaware hoe easy it is for a guy my age to find sex. Loads of guys in their 20s love some older dick. Especially my hairy dick. I never groom it. Also been finding out that my underwear of choice is a turn on for lots. I wear white Calvin Klein briefs, always worn briefs.

    Just recently as of this year started fucking guys. Earlier this week I was buying condoms at Walmart and got hit on by younger worker there. Around 9 pm when he got off work he ended up at my house bent over my bed as I fucked him. Now he knows why I buy magnums.

    Bosses Driver

    Every morning for the last ten months, I've been walking round to my bosses house, which is literally five minutes walk. Then after half an hour or so, driving us both in his truck to work.
    My boss who is fifty four and built like a man mountain, was disqualified from driving for a year and used to have his wife take him to and from work, but now I perform that task, and also another.
    His wife has invariably left for work herself by the time I arrive, and my boss will be waiting for me.
    He'll make me a coffee, but we both know I won't be drinking it, not until I've sucked him off and swallowed his cum. Or he's fucked my arsehole and dumped his load deep inside my bowels.
    It began when I took the driving part of the job, and my wife had been given notice of redundancy. The extra money he paid me each week, helped immensely.
    However on a drive into work one morning, he told me if I was to give him a blow job there and then, he'd double my weekly bonus.
    Down a side country road, I sucked on my first cock and actually loved the taste of his cum when his cock erupted, filling my mouth.
    The following day we didn't wait to get in his truck, I blew him in his kitchen.
    The first time he fucked me, his wife had just left after making me coffee. I'd sucked on his cock for a while, then he just said "I'm gonna fuck you boy".
    Bent over at his kitchen sink, he slid his cock up my arsehole. It hurt a little, but that soon went and from then on it was pure pleasure.
    At work that day, putting in a drainage system on a lawn, he fucked me again in the woods behind the clients house.
    From then on I was hooked.
    His wife knows he's fucking me, and also knows I'm married. She was the person who put in a good word for my wife, when she applied for and got a job.
    I no longer have to drive my boss, as he's able to drive again. However we'd both miss our morning fucks, and his wife would have to cope with his large cock and his massive sex drive on her own.
    Three days ago in his lounge, he was fucking me from behind on the sofa. We were both semi naked and I was close to cumming.
    That's when his wife walked in. She'd left her lunch in the ..(continue confession)

    Getting Back Into Sex

    Had sexual for the first time since all this COVID stuff. Haven’t took duck since March! My moms neighbor is a sexy older guy. Great body and great guy overall. I knew he was bisexual but I’ve never hit on him.

    Over the weekend I was painting some parts of the house and he started talking to me. Once I was done painting I took off my shorts and shirt. I had a speedo on underneath my shorts. I cleaned the paint off me with the garden hose then decided to get in the pool for a bit. My mom was at work so when I saw the neighbor guy out working in his yard I told him that he Can join me if he’d like. He didn’t have a bathing suit on and I told him just wear your underwear. With out hesitation he took off his shirt and shorts. He had on dark blue fruit of The loom briefs.holy fuck that was sexy! Nice bulge too. He jumped in the pool.

    Tensions rose and he said we should get in his hot tub. So we walked over to his yard. I could see a perfect outline of his dick! I was quite big flaccid. When we got to his hot tub he said that he prefers to go naked so that he doesn’t contaminate the water with any clothes that had laundry soap used on them. So he pulls his briefs off. There is his bald cock on display. He says yeah I shave so no hair gets in here. He gets in. I take my speedo off and get in. He sees that I’m shaved too and said I kinda figured you were shaved. Tensions grew more

    Finally he asked if I had been getting any since Covid, I told him no. He said the same. He finally asked if he could fuck me. I was waiting for that! We got out of the hot tub and went inside his house. We dried off and went to his bedroom. He was hard as a rock! Holy fuck was that dick thick! It was around 5 to 6 inches long but very thick! He lubed his dick up and then my hole.

    It hurt when he first penetrated me! I was so tight from no sex. But it felt so good. I ended up cumming all over myself minutes into sex. He followed by blowing g his big load in my butt. I hardly ever have bare sex but I figured he would cum in me when he didn’t put a condom on.
    <..(continue confession)

    Greek Hospitality

    A year ago today, I flew home after an extended stay on a beautiful Greek island.
    The reason my holiday was extended by six weeks, was my ex girlfriend and I split up during our last week on the island.
    Basically I found her being fucked by an older guy in our apartment, after I'd fallen asleep by the pool.
    Out the same night, with her moving rooms into his apartment, I got drunk and told my troubles to a bar owner.
    I'd be lying to say I didn't remember him fucking me that night, but it was all a blur.
    The following morning in his huge villa, was no blur and neither was sucking on his gorgeous cock, then being fucked on his massive bed.
    A few hours later after phoning my parents, I moved from the apartment into his home.
    I told my mum and dad I'd split up with my girlfriend and was staying longer, working in a bar.
    Which was basically true. I did work in the bar taking drinks out to customers. However the main reason I was given free accommodation and money to spend, was every morning and night, I had my arsehole fucked by the bar owner, and after a couple of weeks, also by a business associate of his.
    They shared me for a month, sometimes fucking me together, but mostly I'd have one or the other fucking me every day.
    The weird part, was being fucked by the bar owner when his wife was around. He couldn't have cared less, but I felt awkward sucking on his fat cock with her sometimes watching.
    When I left to fly home, both men fucked me by the pool, then drove me to the airport. I still had their cum sleeping out of my arsehole on the flight home.
    All my friends and family think it was because I was heart broken over the split, as to why I stayed. None of them know the reason I returned in January for a week and was due to stay for a month recently. Covid stopped that, but I have provisionally booked for next May.
    Both men have kept in touch, and each week they send me messages of desire.
    I cannot wait to feel them both fucking me again.

  • Catching Gay Parents Doing It

    This is my first post & not good at long form & English not primary language but I hope it's good. I'll need to give a little background first so you dudes can understand the confession. It's totally true as I think it says it needs to be here. I'm 18 & my name is Justin. I live in area north of Montreal. I was adopted when I was very young so I don't remember anything before my adopted parents who are like bio parents to me. I consider myself a regular dude for my age but there's one thing different about me than most people I know. My parents are gay men. I say dads or fathers for plural but at home it's dad & father. My dads aren't naturalists but nudity was never anything to be ashamed of so I seem them nude lots but just from bathroom to their room short distance. They don't usually walk around house nude. Our house is one I grew up in & very small cause my dads are saving cash for early retirement. They are both 42. I mention small house cause my bedroom shares heater with theirs in the wall. It means I can hear stuff in there but they never knew that cause they leave an old type TV on when they fuck. I use Bluetooth for cool music so I usually never hear now. I know lots about them they don't think I know. I know usually, Mon, Wed they fuck at 11pm about 20 min. The fuck Fri 11pm about an hour n cum few times then same on Sat night. I know my father is top & dad bottom cause my dad moans whole time of sex n have heard him say to cum in his butt. My father is total top & he gets long orgasms like me but moans loud getting close then in orgasm which his orgasms are like full minute long. I've heard him say he's gonna nut up the butt sort of thing. I know they almost always butt fuck but maybe they start out oral.

    There were always house rules but I've always had it good cause my dads do kind of spoil me mostly because they worry about me being a dude who has gay parents so what others might say but I never had problems. Rules always were NEVER lock inside doors. In fact, there are no locks on any doors. ALWAYS knock before entering if a door is closed. They always respected my privacy and never just opened my door. I never opened theirs either. Bathroom is only one so my dads shower together then I shower. They go in nude then come out ..(continue confession)


    Gave my maintenance guy a very hard time and one day he got fed up and
    turned me into his boi. Payback is a hard thing to endure!

    My Moms Boyfriend

    My moms boyfriend is a very sexy very fit 49 year old guy. A very sexy hairy body and a very nice guy. He has a great bulge to stare at too!

    About a month ago my mom had to go into work early. Her boyfriend happened to se staying the night. So come morning I was in the kitchen getting something to eat in just my underwear. I wear briefs, not much to imagine in those.

    As I’m finishing breakfast I’m walking through the living room and out comes my moms boyfriend from the bedroom! He was naked! He looked kinda shocked to see me but he proceeded to head to the bathroom.

    Not only was his chest and stomach hairy, he had a hairy dick too! Definitely a sexy amount of body hair and I could tell his pubic hair was all natural
    It looked sexy on him! Plus he had nice big low hanging balls and a decent sized flaccid dick! It definitely was thick and he was partially circumcised it looked, he had some skin over the bottom of his head.

    I was in my room but came back out to go do some laundry. He came back out of the bedroom with just a pair of white briefs on. God lord was that sexy! That bulge in his fruits, I was turned on! My moms lucky to find a sexy guy that wears tighty whities!

    We talked for a bit wearing just our underwear in the kitchen. As the sexual tension rose I had a full hard on in my underwear! He got up to put his coffee cup in the sink and I saw he had a full hard on in his briefs too! But holy fuck was he hung! I couldn’t believe it. So I said you fuck my mom with that monster!? He laughed and said last night was the first time, she wasnt expecting such a big dick. He then told me the condom is still laying next to the bed to prove it. I asked why he wore a condom and he said it was your moms request.

    So I blurted out I do t make guys like you wear one. A few minutes later I’m sucking his dick in the kitchen holding his briefs under his balls. Till we went into my bedroom where I bent over on the bed. His dick was so big, it felt like he was ripping my hole apart! He lasted a while too. Eventually he came deep inside my butt and I came all over myself. I ..(continue confession)

    Losing My Job

    When I lost my job last year due to the company I worked for going bust, my father in law Ian said I should work for him.

    He owns a Landscaping company, so the following week I started working at his companies base yard.
    At the end of the first week, he called by the yard as I was locking up, and asked me how it had gone.

    I was about to answer when he dropped his shorts and flopped out his thick cock. Telling me it was about time I paid the piper, I knew all too well what he meant.
    Ian knew through a mutual friend, that well before I met and subsequently married his daughter, I'd had a year long gay affair with a college teacher.

    At the wedding reception he let me know he knew, but said it would remain his secret as long as I looked after his daughter.

    Two years on from our wedding, my father in law was telling me his need to have his dick sucked was the price of my new well paid job.
    Ian's a tall man, muscular from his job and has a very thick upward curving cock. He's also a man who's used to getting what he likes.

    It had been six years since I'd been with a guy, yet getting on my knees and sucking in his meat, just seemed natural to me. I gave my father in law a lengthy blow job, getting him to the point of cumming, then releasing his cock. I did this a few times making him groan with anticipation and sexual need.

    Then with him gripping my hair and fucking my mouth, I finally took his load in my mouth. I didn't get the chance to not swallow his spunk, so I felt his hot sticky goo slide down my throat.
    Letting me go, Ian told me from then on I was going to 'earn' my wage.

    At home with his daughter, I was so horny still from the oral sex, I fucked my wife in the kitchen as she was making our evening meal. I fucked her again later on in bed and made sure that cute ass of hers took my cum.

    On the Monday morning back at the yard, Ian stopped by to pick up some materials and the assurance I'd be waiting for him at the end of the day.
    He was a little late, but I'd been so looking forward to him and his fat cock, by the time he got to the yard, I ..(continue confession)

    My Kink When It Comes To Men

    I suppose that my confession is that when it comes to sex I prefer to be the bottom. To me sex is not complete until I have been fucked and cleaned up.

    My personality is very dominant for work purposes, interactions with people. I am a C suite executive and my gayness is in the closet. My first fuck was of course in my tender years with an older boy who had what can be called an Alpha complex. I disliked him, but he did fuck me and he forced me to do various chores for him.

    As I matured I found that my preferred partner is a strong man, heavier than me who is interested in fondling, kissing, mutual oral sex and will fuck me on my stomach, I don't like missionary or on my knees. I want to feel his whole body weight on me while he is fucking me.

    Oral sex is foreplay, I am not one to suck to completion but if he does cum I will eat his cum because I know lots of men like to see you swallow for them.

    I currently am seeing a man who in real life was a police officer, he know runs an heating and air business. He is of course a large man, he enjoys playtime in the hot tub, nipple play is a favorite and I enjoy kissing and massaging his man breasts. He is well endowed, much more so that I am and I suppose in a very bottom sort of way it is a high to know that he is pushing that thing up my rectum. He isn't much into mouth to mouth kissing but he has relented a little, I need with a capital NEED to be kissed before being fucked.

    So that's about it, a married man of 36 years, who has a pleasure center being the bottom to a confident big man who wants to spend a long afternoon being naked together.