Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

Riding On Top

Went out with a close friend and went back to my place afterwards. We were chilling on the couch and I ask if he wanted to see my room. He didn’t hesitate to head back there. As soon as he stepped through the door he was taking my clothes off and I began to return the favor. He took off my boxer to reveal my hard 5inch cock. I kneel down to take his off and his was a hard 7 or 8 inches. I pushed him on the bed and crawl up to his cock.

I begin to lick up and down his shaft. I work my way down to his shaved balls and suck on them as I work his cock. I proceed to deep throat him while keeping eye contact. My cock is raging at this point. I reach over to the night stand and pull out some lube. I work the lube all on his cock and start to straddle him. I have one hand on his chest and reach behind me with the other to guide it. I get the head of his cock inside me and begin to lower myself. I work my self up and down until he is all the way in. I begin to gyrate my hip to work his hard cock inside me, which causes mine to flop around.

He grabs my cock and jerks it as he is inside me. I didn’t lad but only a few minutes. I bust my load all on his chest. That must have turned him on because he grabbed my hips and started thrusting hard. His balls were slapping against me and I could feel his huge cock destroying me. I lean over top of him and he thrusts even harder. I hear him moan and feel the rush of his hot cum fill me up. I crawl off and he pours out of me. I asked if he wanted to shower, which really just meant round 2.

  • Drunken Suck Off

    My best friend and I were 16 years old out camping on the river fishing and just having fun. We had a bunch of cold beer and drank all day. Close to dark he and I went for a swim and both got naked. We had seen each other naked many times over the years but today was different. We were both very drunk and horny.
    We ended up with hard one and started making comments to each other and on a date I sucked his dick standing out in the middle of the river. There was no one around and as he stood in knee deep water I got on my knees and sucked his dick. We both got excited and a bit carried away and I let him cum in my mouth. And he shoved his dick in my throat and pulled my head into his crotch as hard as he could until his nuts were empty and his cum was in my stomach.
    About 30 minutes later we were up in the woods behind our tent and he was on his knees sucking my dick and I shoved my dick down his throat and came in his stomach.
    That night we slept naked and after going down on each other we got in a 69 and took a very long time to make each other cum. We were gagging on each others dick and swallowing cum at the very same time. We spent the night sucking each other and sucking on each others nuts.
    Just before the sun came up he got on top of me and was rubbing his dick in the crack of my ass and he came on my ass and his cum shot up my back. Two hours later after I suggested it his dick was up my ass and he fucked be and I asked him to cum in my ass. The rest of the weekend his dick was in my ass and I had a lot of cum in me.
    I never fucked him but we continued to suck each other off and he fucked me all the time for several years. The night before he got married he and I were out by the lake drinking and talking and I got him to fuck me bent over the end of a concrete picnic table in the dark. He came deep in my ass two times and that was the last time he and I had sex. I asked for it often but after he got married he wouldn’t fuck me anymore
    I miss those days and wish I had a friend with a big cock that would fuck me two or three times a week if not more.

    Good Friend

    I am 65 white straight acting male. Always very horny. Not much sex at home these days. I have very limited experiences with other men but I am very anxious to enjoy this with a good friend
    I am looking for a white or Hispanic man much like myself. Bi curious and wit would be great if you like hunting and fishing.
    I think often about having a good friend to hunt with and have oral sex with. I really get excited thinking about sucking a dick outdoors on my knees I would also like for a man to suck my dick. Maybe we take out time in a very long hot 69.
    I have over the years enjoyed anal penetration with sex toys and many other objects. I would be very open to taking a real cock in my ass and want to get fucked really bad. I want to talk to other men like myself. Just a good friendship between two straight acting masculine men but in private we have great sex and keep it between us. I live in south Texas. Have a great place to hunt just need a horny friend any age is fine just be serious about mutual oral and want to try fucking me. I will check this post from time to time if any one is interested we can make contact and maybe get together for dove season. I think it would be pretty hot to be out dove hunting drinking beer and step back in the brush to suck each others dicks I. The great outdoors.
    I did this with my best friend many times as a young boy. I want to do it again very soon. I hope to get a good response.

  • I Enjoy Reading Your Confessions, Place Myself In Your Shoes

    Starting during 2020 I discovered this website. My reason for searching for a site such as this one was a search for closeted gay men and their struggles with gay sex. Mostly I wanted to hear or read about closeted gay men how, where, with who they found to have sex. I think what differentiates us, is that sex is purely self serving, we want cock, suck cock, shower with another man, and let a man fuck us. No strings attached. We are not looking for a relationship.

    I'm now 61, and have strong desires to be face to face with a man. I look for sex in all the wrong places. My last encounter started in a doctor's office. I have hooked up on a cruise ship, at a wine bar, at a pizza parlor in Iowa. Always men my age or older, educated, also in the closet. Out gays do nothing for me. Their carriage, their attitudes, their politics.

    Let me say I enjoy reading your confessions, your stories, maybe even your fantasy. Keep us posted, let it all hang out, a good cock confession is worth reading it.

    Gay Garage Fun

    Two of my married neighbours are fucking me on a regular basis.
    I have a classic car, so we make out they're calling by to help me maintain it. When in reality I'm sucking their older (54 & 61) cocks and being fucked in my garage.

    I'm no longer married, so it's easy for me, but they have to be careful.
    It's not happened yet with them both being able to have sex with me at the same time, but they both know about one another.

    There is another guy who calls by too. He's someone I met through the classic car club I'm a member of.
    He likes quick hard fuck sessions, so I take time out for him (I work from home) and we usually enjoy rough suck and fuck sessions on the sofa I have in my garage.
    When he's not out there making sure we're all safe, or at home with his wife and kids, he's at my place fucking the shit out of me.

  • Park Play (In The Bushes)

    I'm a married older bi man and was a young man when I was turned on to man-on-man sex in the bushes at the local park near where I lived! I gave it up when I got married, until the sex at home dried up and my thoughts turned back to sex with men came back to me and that is all I can think about!
    Now I go to parks every chance I get too! I go on the trails in the bushes like I did when I was younger, looking for other men that are also looking to play with other men! It's something I started doing years ago at a young age after I found out that men were in the park in the bushes looking for sex! And it was great! There is just something about meeting a man in the bushes and wondering what he has in store for me in his pants! Large, small, thick, thin, cut or uncut cocks! Their all good, I believe that every man deserves to get his cock sucked on! No matter the size or shape of his cock!
    It's such a turn-on to see what I'm going to find and what they want to do! No matter what it is I'm up for it! Suck them off or them suck me off or them fuck me or me them! Sometimes it turns into a group fun too! I never know who I will find in the bushes and that makes it so much fun and exciting to do! I wear panties when I do this, and it seems to be a turn-on for a lot of men, and I find a lot of other men wear panties too!
    I guess the saying is true! After you have sucked cock, you never lose the urge to suck cock again and the same thing for having sex with men!

    Tasty Time

    I was picking up some parts for my truck when I ran into an old friend whom I have not seen in ages. Greg and I worked together back in the 80's but we lost contact after I quit and moved. He and I gabbed for almost an hour then he asked if I would like to get together at his place and continue getting reacquainted. Since he lived only 10 minutes away and I had no other plans, I said sure. When we arrived, he showed me around his place and we ended up on his back porch having a cold drink. Since it was a rather hot, humid day we both slipped off our t shirts and then the real fun began to take place. We were sitting next to each other on his outdoor couch and I noticed that he had quite the bulge under his shorts. He caught me looking and asked me if I liked what I saw. Told him very much so and he said go for it. My hands felt his cock thru his shorts and I was amazed at the size of it as it started to get nice and hard very quickly. Told him that I really needed to suck him so I laid next to him with my head on his belly, slipped down his shorts and was greeted by his beauty. There was already a fair amount of pre-cum which I licked up in a hurry then swallowed his cock almost balls deep down my throat. Oh my. Given the opportunity, I could easily spend the day sucking such loveliness. He didn't last very long which was fine by me and he emptied his balls in a hurry. After I finished swallowing his cream, we got into a sixty nine and spent the rest of the day sucking each other off. Three loads later and we were both totally spent. Iv"e always enjoyed cock but his was the best by a landslide. Never swallowed so much sweet cum before. Now we get together as much as possible. Don't fuck. Just suck.

    Tried Sex With A Guy

    So I was married to a sexless loveless woman. No sex, nothing for years. So we moved to a new city for a job change. Same shit. No sex. I decided to visit an adult bookstore. I saw the sex toys and noticed the booths in the back. I was pretty naïeve at the time. I went in one saw I could feed it dollars. I put in a 5 and sat on the small bench and pulled out my cock and started jacking. I must have been doing it for 2 or three minutes. I was so into it I didn’t notice the hole in the wall in the next booth. Next thing I knew there was a hard cock sticking through it. I thought what the hell why not. So I jerked it. I got super hard. He pulled back and I decided to visit his booth. Stood up and walked into his unlocked booth. He had his pants down with a huge hard on. I pulled my pants down and he sucked me like a pro. I was about to cum when he stood up and I started sucking his cock. I went crazy with lust. Licked it, rubbed it all over my face. He pulled out of my mouth and turned around and spread his ass. OmFg I was so turned on I spread it and licked his ass all around. It had been years since I had sex. I was rock hard and kept fucking his ass hole with my tongue. There were no words between us. He leaned over and spread his ass wide. I knew he wanted me to fuck him. So I stood up and positioned my cock at his ass hold and slid it slowly in. No condom. I don’t know how long it lasted but I came harder that I ever had deep in his ass. When my cock slid out I could see my cum leaking out his ass. He had shot his load on the floor. I pulled up my pants and left. On the drive home I thought “holy fuck what did I just do?” Mix of guilt and relief. When I got home my wife was sitting on the couch watching tv. I went to the bathroom and took a shower and went to bed. A few days later I got tested for STDs. Thank god I was negative. Never saw the guy again. Amazing what lack of sex will drive a man to do.

    First Time

    I had been divorced for about 8 years, had a couple of different females that I played with. In fact, one of them that I played with was on Fetlife, that is how we met. Her husband-wife was trans. Very open relationship. I was checking out the spouse, watching her get spanked while the other person was playing with her balls. I usually turned gay porn off, but the more I watched, the more interested in it. On another web site, a guy reached out one morning and asked about sucking me off. I had been chatting with others. Not sure why I got brave enough to try it that morning but invited him over. We end up in my bedroom, he starts sucking me, I asked to see his cock. Moved him around till I had it in my mouth. I understand when guys say you remember your first. I had him going so much he quit on me and let me finish him off. The feeling when he came in my mouth, the throbbing, the taste. Tried another guy the next morning. And have been with about a dozen guys over the last couple of years. Still hooking up when I can. Amazed me how many guys are bi.

  • Cum Swallowing

    I just shot a load on my hand and licked and swallowed the whole load. Tasted so good, wish I could take a real load from someone's Cock into my mouth and swallow the entire thing.