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Fluffer Nutter

At 15 I got kicked out. I was caught stealing. It wasn't that much. A package of cupcakes. I had a sweet tooth. Maybe it was worth fifty cents. That was 1972 and early summer and I had no money and no place to live and school was no longer an option.

So I did something absolutely insane. I hitch-hiked all the way from Rhode Island to California. I figured if I'm going to be homeless I was going to do it in L.A.

It took two weeks to get there. I had no idea how incredibly dangerous a thing that was. At the time it was an adventure. Sometimes I walked for hours and never got a ride offer and another time I got a ride from Pittsburg to St. Louis. The average was probably about 20 or so miles. There were just not a lot of people going a long distance westward. I probably met almost a hundred different people that way. They ranged from Roman Catholic priests to truck drivers. About half expected me to give them something in return and being a young slender and dare I say cute fifteen year old boy with long hair and a hippy persona about half the people who gave me a lift expected some sort of sexual favor and about a third of them were girls. I've heard that between five and ten percent of men are gay but I think that's closer to maybe 25% and the same number probably are bi. I sucked at least 40 cocks before I got to L.A. Before I started I'd probably describe myself as slightly bi curious. I had been attracted to hundreds of girls and women of course but could think of only two guys I'd do it with and like me both were young, slender, effeminate and had long hair, in other words, kind of girly. That's probably why I got as many rides as I did and why I had to pay for those rides with sex of some sort at least half the time. But surprisingly I got the same requests from a lot of women. The oldest was a woman in her sixties and all she wanted was to suck my cock. So I agreed and she took out her fake teeth and gave me the best blow job ever.

The youngest was also fifteen and in her western state, fifteen year old's could get a driver's license. She claimed I was her first but she had already decided it would be a one night stand when she saw me hitching rides. She only got me five miles further up the road but was by far the best fuck and almost convinced me to take up cattle herding to be near her.

I finally arrived in L.A. a couple of weeks later and managed to hustle a couple of hundred dollars along the way. Truckers have the deepest pockets and the greatest hunger for getting their dick sucked and you'd be shocked by how many want young pretty boys to suck them off. In 1972 $200 was a lot of money, perhaps three to four weeks wages as a dish washer back home. But it didn't last long. Even at $15 a week in a cheep motel, the money dried up fast and was almost completely gone by the end of the summer. When everyone else my age was going back to school I got a job as a dish washer earning enough to keep my place and eat and occasionally catching a movie but never much more than that.

Then one day I was standing in front of a window at a shop in a fancy neighborhood ogling some mostly naked manikins dressed in about the sexiest lingerie you ever saw when a sleazy guy in flamboyant cowboy gear walked up to me and introduced himself. I thought he was a pimp until he explained that he made x-rated films and wanted to know if I needed a job. I told him about my dish washing gig and he laughed and said he could pay me three times that much and still be paying me less than I was worth. I agreed to my new job and got into his Caddy and rode with him back to his studio which was in an old warehouse in a run down neighborhood with a lot of bars on windows and doors. You wouldn't know it was a porn studio from the look of the outside. Inside it was a hotbed of activities mostly involving naked people and technicians.

He explained to me that most of the male porn stars are gay so they have a hard time getting hard and staying hard around naked women. He explained that he needed a cute young boy to get their motors running and my job would be "fluffer." Mostly I smiled at them, let them kiss me some and then suck them hard and then be available off camera so when they got soft in the presence of a woman I would jump in and suck them hard again so they could continue the scene. For that I got $200 a week. That was more than my Dad made in the factory and he considered that a decent job that paid the bills. Due to my small cock the producer didn't want me to join in on screen but I was exactly what the guys needed to stay hard. Technically, my job title was "preparations technician." It was something I could put on my resume and I even had my name appear in some credits. I did this until Halloween and had almost a grand saved up by then. The day before Halloween one of the actors told me about a better job I could get actually appearing on screen and making a lot more money. I told him my cock was way too small for porn and he told me that with my looks the size of my cock didn't matter as long as I smiled and looked into the camera while getting my throat fucked by huge gay cocks. So I agreed to the job and that was how I got on the other side of the camera. I was in a lot of demand as a twink porn star. I got my photos on the cover of over a hundred 8mm films. We made three films a week in those days, all shot on 8mm and almost all of those were silent. By 1973 they started making some 16mm and those had sound and were higher resolution and faster speed so they were higher quality.

A nutter was someone who would shoot their load on camera usually on someone's face or pussy. In gay porn a nutter was the same but in my case, I mostly came without being touched with a big cock up my ass. It happened by accident the first time. After that, directors wanted me to do it every time. Turns out if a cock is big enough and is rubbing against my prostate I cum involuntarily, especially if I'm horny which I always am with a cock up my ass. So we would start the scene with me sucking off a well hung stud then he'd take me in his lap and He'd fuck my ass or we would do it doggy style with him behind me. We would change positions a few times then the director would tell me to cum and as long as the guy fucking me had a big enough cock and was fucking me hard and fast enough I would. Then he would pull out and either cum on my ass or on my crotch. Other scenes I'd just have him cum on my face. But due to my reputation I now always got fucked in the ass in a position where you could see on film my cum squirting while I'm getting fucked without having to touch my cock or have anyone else do it.

But, doing gay porn does not mean you get to continuously suck cock and I was REALLY into sucking big cock. There just wasn't enough work even for what I did so despite earning $500 a film ($1000-$1500 a week) as a bottom or twink, I also worked part time as a fluffer still and getting another $100 to $200 a week doing that. Some weeks I made almost $2000.

So in porn circles in the early 70's I became known as the "Fluffer-Nutter."

But such things didn't last.

By the time I turned 18 directors lost interest in casting me. I had grown up and so was no longer as appealing as once I was. Unfortunately my cock didn't grow up with me and was little bigger at 18 than it was at 15 so there was no demand for me to ..(continue confession)

  • Worst Mistake Of My Life

    As a young boy, I knew I was different. I never enjoyed the things most young boys enjoyed, like young girls. As long as I can remember, I was always attracted to other boys.

    My parents grew up in the years just as progressivism in America was on the rise. They recognized my differences and encouraged them. Dressing up like a girl wasn't really my decision. My parents suggested I might be happier dressing as a girl since I was more "feminine" and I was made to believe that was normal for me.

    At that young age, nobody could tell if my physical features were male or female. The only way strangers would know was by how I was dressed which was always as a female. Nobody ever made it an issue, but my parents told as many people as they could. Even though it made me uncomfortable, they always made sure every new person we met knew that I was a transsexual.

    The way they presented it was always how brave I was, but it was always presented in a way that also made them appear brave. Especially among their progressive friends who were always complimenting them on how enlightened and forward-thinking they were.

    Many times, I would dress myself as a boy and my parents would tell me things like, "Don't let ignorant people choose who you are. You were born a girl, so be a girl.". Through high school, I would change from week to week dressing as a boy and a girl. Some called me confused or said I was doing it for attention.

    My sophomore year in high school, my parents moved me to a larger school district known for its diversity. I instantly settled into a group of about a dozen kids who were also outcasts and oddities.

    We all had similar stories and, either by themselves or with help from their parents, decided we were all transsexuals. At that point, I still didn't think I was a transsexual, but with most of my friends identifying as transsexuals, I did feel more comfortable in a group.

    As a high school graduation g*ft, my parents decided that they would pay for my transition from a male to female and the process began. My first step was lengthy psychiatric sessions with a Dr. specializing in transsexual transitions. I've already heard everything he had to say because my parents were telling me the same things my whole life. They must have read the same studies and books.

    The times I tried to tell the Psychiatrist of my doubts were used as argument points as if he were debating me. Over the next year, I was more convinced it was my idea and what I wanted.

    Even the day of my transition surgery, I wasn't sure it was what I truly wanted, but figured so much effort and money has been invested in this process. It's too late to stop now.

    It's been three years since my transition and I know I've made a horrible mistake. I never was a girl and I'm certainly not one now. I was and have always been a gay male. I should have stayed a gay male. I know I would have been much happier.

    Growing Up

    I grew up with my mother and grandparents, you could say my grandfather was my father, As young as I could remember my grandfather was making me a man. I had to learn how to mow the yard, work with tools, clean the gutters. When I was older how to fix the truck, how to load and unload the truck, how to fix the furnace. I went to school but after school I was his 'helper'. One thing for sure, I was going to be a man.

    Going onto college was my first time away from home. I was the handyman, I could fix most anything, from changing the brakes on a car, to fixing a dishwasher. I was popular with friends and neighbors, the go to guy for anything. I got recommended to help this man with his air conditioner. I went there after he got off work. The minute I saw him I saw my grandfather. HIs cock in my mouth, his cock in my ass was the same as my grandfather's. I couldn't get enough, I wanted more.

    That's when I knew my grandfather had made a man out of me.

    Ummm Cum

    I’m becoming a great married cock sucker, but I’m new and the only discrete site I know of is sniffles, there’s so damn many cock suckers and so few cocks to be sucked that have a safe place to let me suck cock, I want it bad

    I Want To Have Gay Sex

    I'm in a happy relationship with my girlfriend. We have sex from time to time. We enjoy each other. I experimented a little when I was young but never really got to have the full experience. I want a man to do things to me. I want a man to grab my head and force his dick down my throat. I don't know how to contact gay men or schedule a time or anything like that. Before I get married, I want to have a secret meeting with someone just to check it off my list. Then I can be happy. I want a nice cock. Someone with a good body. Someone with a big dick. I want to learn how to properly suck a dick. I want to taste cum. I want to pleasure him til he blows his load. I just want that at least once in my life.

    Need Some Tips

    As a married bi guy, I am looking for some tips from gay men on what outward signs I can embrace to indicate my availability to men while staying discreet.
    Clothes, mannerisms, accessories etc. Any thoughts please guys?

    Hungary Today

    I’m a happily married dad, horny this morning, hopping my regular feeder text me today and forces his cock onto my throat and I take every drop of cum in his balls, letting me please him and draining him, leaving with the taste of cum on my mouth, being his disgusting secrete fag cock sucker

    Horrible Day

    Here’s how I serpent my thanksgiving day.

    I was getting fucked in the ass in jail by two Hispanic guys. This was all started by some family problems and I ended up getting released early this morning because the charges were false.

    Now I have a sore asshole and feel degraded. Going to get an std test today since both guys unloaded in my asshole. I feel embarrassed about this

    Tennis Coach

    I have been married 2 years. My wife is an ace tennis player and has been trying to get my game lifted to a state where I can at least be a little competitive.
    Before we were married I had enjoyed men sexually as much as women. I also know that my wife has enjoyed a fair share of pussy. I fucked one she had enjoyed two nights before the wedding and heard all about her skills with her tongue.
    Neither of us has confessed our lust for same sex encounters. We fuck constantly and I hadn't enjoyed cock or ass since the wedding until the tennis lesson she arranged.
    I changed into my tennis gear at the club house and headed for the court.
    One look at him and I knew I was in trouble.
    The perfect hot look. Curly dirty blonde hair. Square jaw. Ice blue eyes. Tan. The teeth...and the smile to beat all smiles.
    Tight white polo shirt. Pale pink tight short shorts. Thighs. Biceps. Pecs. Butt.
    We hit up and he did his job.
    He then got behind me and put his hand on mine as I gripped my racquet handle. His other hand on my hip.
    He told me to pull my hand back and to push out my chest. My ass pushed against his groin.
    He stayed holding on as I slowly swung my racquet through the mock shot. His warm breath on my neck.
    Again, he said.
    And again.
    Keep it slow he said.
    Each time I swung his groin pushed harder into my butt. I pushed back.
    My cock stirred in my jock strap in my shorts.
    His warm breath...and then his lips on my neck. I tilted my head and reached back with my free hand and slid it down the front of his little shorts. He turned me and kissed my mouth.
    I want you to fuck me he whispered.
    He took my hand and led me into the pavilion. He undressed as I watched. I was quickly nude.
    He placed his hands on the back of the lounge chair and arched his back. His head turned towards me. That smile.
    I entered him and in one movement drove my rigid cock deep into his beautiful tight anus.
    I fucked him, and fucked him, and fucked him until I exploded deep inside him.
    He purred as consumed him.
    He then pulled away, letting my softening cock hang dripping. He kissed my mouth and said she told me you were hot. And left.

    Lonely Job

    I work for the MUD in our neighborhood. It's a lonely job stationed nights at the sewage treatment plant. Roy, the Sheriff's Deputy stops by once a night to check in. Last night he brought some fried chicken. I thanked him the way I always do, I gave him the best blowjob I know how. His cum helped wash out the taste of chicken out of my mouth.