Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!


Ive always dreamt of fucking a trans girl. I don't really comprehend my feelings, since I dont feel attracted to men. Ive even tried watching gay porn but it just doesnt do it for me. I do like the image of a dick bouncing on my stomach as a tranny rides me.

I sometimes drive through the streets where tranny whores wait for clients. I once kissed one and dipped. Ive matched with some on tinder, although she found me attractive we never met. I wish I could meet a sexy trans to chat with and exchange pics.

  • One Of Many Stories, This One Still Makes Me Feel Good Inside

    I thought I would sit and relate about an assignment I had offshore. At the time I was in my early thirties, a technician for an equipment company, sent to run some tests on a piece of equipment that was behaving poorly. I got assigned to a bunk room with an Australian mechanic. A big man, late forties, heavy set, big beer belly, hairy chest, two day old beard, loud and obnoxious. I was straight out of training, clean cut, shaved, no oil or grease under my fingernails. He wanted a blowjob and had his cock out of his pants giving me orders to get down and suck his cock.

    I had heard about this, sort of like prison r**e, and I told him to fuck off. He grabbed me by the small of my neck, his hand was very strong and he was able to maneuver me to do what he wanted, falling off the top bunk onto the floor and down on my knees, his horrid cock in my face but not having any choice I had to do what he said and opened my mouth and let him push his cock right in. His cock was nasty, both in smell and taste, but I knew I was beaten so I did what he said and started to suck on his cock, and run my tongue around its head and pee hole and I got him to calm down and settled back so I could give him a blowjob.

    I have no idea how big around his cock was, but it was big enough, my hand held it but it wasn't a small cock, and my mouth went around it, and it sure wasn't a small cock. I wanted more than anything to get him to go off, if I didn't I knew the next step was taking his cock up my ass. I tried, but he wasn't going to cum and I resigned myself to what was going to come next. The beds were too small so he had me take ahold of the washbasin and lower my pants and he took his cock and lined it right up against my ass. A dry fuck like that is always painful, but I got up on my tiptoes and opened up as best a I could and swallowed his cock up to his balls and let myself enjoy it. It was a mighty good fuck, and he did reach orgasm and filled my ass with his junk.

    We were friends from then on and I convinced him to let me lube up, his cock slipped in nicely and he gave me several more good fucks. I gave him the best I had, but blowjobs never did do the job. He laughed at my penis, compared to him I did not have a cock. He sucked it because he liked it and I let him finger my ass while he blew me and I got off well enough. I got my job done and three days later I was on a helicopter back to shore. I had carried a condom with me but never got a chance to have him use it, his bare cock just felt too good for that.

    Twenty years later newbies ask me why I like going offshore. Dumb question really. There are men out there who know how to make you feel welcome. And sometimes you are lucky and you happen to share a room with one of them.

    Bit My Friend’s Penis

    One day, me and my friend were hanging out, and we were just relaxing in his bed.

    Actually, before I tell my story, let me give some backstory.

    I had already seen my friend’s penis 3 times already:

    1. We were sitting in his room and he said “Hey Charlie look!” and he pulled out his penis and laughed.

    2. We were out in the woods and I had to piss, he then came over and said he had to piss too, we both pulled out our penises and before we started peeing he jokingly said “hey we should cross streams” and since I was in a “goofy mood” I agreed. So while we were “crossing streams” I just sat there and stared at his penis, and after we were done I looked at him and we locked eyes while he kinda just stood there and held his penis.

    3. This is “the juicy one”

    One night I had a sleepover over his house and he came over while he thought I was sleeping and put his penis on my face and started laughing, I sat up and went to yell at him and I swear to god, he penis went into my mouth. He quickly pulled it out and we just sat there and stared at each other, we then just laughed it off and then went to bed.

    Now that you know some backstory, back to the main story

    We were chilling in his room and he goes “Remember when you put my dick in your mouth?” and then started laughing his ass off. I just dismissed it and said “yeah yeah, real funny, do it again and I’ll bite it!”

    He looked at me and laughed, probably thinking I was bullshitting and pulled out his dick and walked over to me.

    So being dumb and proving to him I wasn’t joking around, I got on my knees and I put his dick in my mouth and my teeth on it but I didn’t bite down.

    So I was sitting there, with his dick in my mouth, his cock laying on my tongue and my teeth resting on it as well, and I think he both knew where this was going but I don’t think he was ready for it.

    So he laughed and I pulled his dick out of my mouth while I did one good suck on the way out, and he let out a soft moan and a little breath.

    I just laughed and went back on his bed, and we just went on normally with our day.

    Looking back on it now I wish we finished what I started, if I had the chance to go back and suck him off, only god knows how I would have slurped up all of his cum LMAO

  • Me And Brian

    When Brian and I were pre pubescent we started fondling each other which led to blow jobs. Blowjobs that obviously didn’t have a happy ending. He moved away and our relationship didn’t end well for fear of me being outed. 4 years later I ran into him at a party. I told him I was sorry I treated him like I did but asked if he wanted to hang out some time. He said like we used to at your grandmothers house which is where we had our blowjob experience. I said yes if you want to, you know where I live. 4 days later I’m standing by the beach and he shows up. We go to my house. We sit on my bed and start kissing. I feel his cock and take his shirt off. I ask him to stand up and take his shorts off. I lick and suck his cock for about 5 minutes when he explodes in my mouth. I swallow and then lay back and ask him to do the same. He obliged and I cum within . Minutes. We are cuddling afterwords and I ask him if he did anything anal. I had two dildos tha I rode sometimes while masticating. We talked and I realized he was hard again. He said it was because of our sexual talk so I said I would fix it. I got up and got some lube. I put it on his cock and stroked him. I then put some on my ass and slowly sat on his cock. I rode him slowly then got off and rolled over. I asked him to fuck me and guided his cock in me. He pumped me hard and i told him to cum in my mouth. I jerked myself off right before he came . He shot his load on my face and then licked up my cum on my chest. We kissed with our cum mixing together. We then jumped in the shower. Came out and spooned in bed for a nice nap! We were 17 and 16. We continued our relationship for two more years until his family moved and I lost contact. I have always misse him.

    Fifteen Years Ago.

    Fifteen years ago I was minding my own business standing at the urinal in a public toilet in the local park. While I was standing there this older guy came and stood right next to me even though there was heaps of room. As I finished peeing and was about to put my cock away the guy said "don't put it away yet, I like looking at it".
    I looked at him and asked him what his game was. He told me that I could make 20 dollars if I would let him touch my cock.
    He took the money out and handed it to me so I let him touch me.
    I had done things with girls by then but guys were something I never even thought about.
    But his hand on my cock felt so good. My cock got really hard very fast. He asked me if I liked it and I said I did.
    He asked me to move into a cubicle away from the urinals. I refused, so he handed me another 20. I followed him into a cubicle and he sat on the seat and pulled me toward him, taking my cock in his mouth. I was shocked initially, but soon got into it. I had been sucked by a girl in my class at school, but this older guy really knew what he was doing. It felt amazing. I soon had my hands on his head pulling him towards me. He seemed to like that and was making appreciative noises as he sucked me. I looked down at him and realized he'd unzipped himself and was stroking himself as he sucked me.
    I told him I was going to cum soon, so he stopped. He stood up and kissed me on the mouth, pushing his tongue in my mouth. This freaked me out a bit. More than having my cock sucked.
    He turned me around and pushed me down onto the seat and shoved his cock in my mouth. Gripping the back of my head he roughly fucked my mouth. Several times I almost gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat. Then eventually he shot his load into my mouth. I was shocked that he hadn't told me he was going to cum.
    Almost immediately he pulled me to my feet and went down on my cock again. My cock was rigid and almost bursting and it took hardly any time at all before I shot into his mouth.
    He stood up and kissed me again.
    He told me to be there same place same time the following week if I wanted to earn some more money.
    I thought about it long and hard and decided it was just too weird doing it with a guy, BUT the following week I found myself hanging around outside the park toilet block around the same time. The guy turned up in his car and tooted the horn waving me to come to the car. When I walked over I saw there was another guy in the car with him.
    He told me I could earn double if I'd do them both. I needed the money so agreed.
    We went back to his house and to cut an already long story a little shorter we all got naked and wanked, sucked and fucked one another. My first ever anal experience and although I expected it to hurt, it didn't. It actually felt pretty good. The guys gave me 40 dollars each and told me I could make 150 if I would party with their friends.
    That year I had sex with a lot of men. Most of them old enough to be my father or grandfather. Many of them I'd seen around town and some I even knew by name. Knew their wives and kids.
    I'm now 30, married to a wonderful woman who knows nothing of my past life. We have one child and another on the way, and I love her very much, but I still have relationships with men behind her back. It's always older men. I have 2 regular guys at the moment. Both of them pay me for sex. Both are in their 60's. I guess I'm an addict for old man cock!

  • First Time Adult Bookstore

    I got into a girls pussy when I was 16 the first time. She was a slut around the neighborhood, she fucked everyone, and I had her many times, sometimes alone, and sometimes with other guys. She was the first one that I actually took on a date and she let me buttfuck her. I really enjoyed that. After her there was a girl that sucked me a few times and I fucked her, but when I stuck it up her ass, she went crazy telling me I was forcing her. I immediately stopped but hadn't been inside a butt that tight and I started cumming when I stopped and as I pulled out. I said I was sorry but never saw her naked again. Then a girlfriend that was lasting a couple of years.

    It was during that last girlfriend that she was out of town with her parents, I was18 at the time and horny as hell. I even tried to get my first fuck, the slut to fuck, but she was pregnant and that made her find religion. I live in a large midwestern city, and was downtown and went to an adult bookstore. I just wanted to watch some porn and jack off, but there were holes in the walls and guys would jack off, I could see them. Some would watch me, even whisper for me to pull down my pants, to stick my cock through the hole. One guy wasn't too pushy and for some reason I pulled my pants down and laid them on the bench and let him see me naked. He even put his hand and arm through and felt me in front and in back. I got really hard. He said to let him in and he moved. Then a knock on the door, I opened it and it was him. He came into my booth and locked the door behind him. He sat down and started patting my butt, rubbing it, feeling it, and rubbing my cock and balls. He kissed my cock and brought me down to sit on his lap. He reached up under my shirt to my hairless chest and started pinching and pulling on my nipples. Lifting my shirt he was sucking one while feeling me all over.

    Pushing me up, he lifted his hips and took off his pants and had a long cock that wasn't too thick and told me to sit on his lap again. Sucking on my nipples, rubbing my cock, he reached into his pants and got something. He started lubing my butthole. I jumped up and told him I didn't do anything like that. He followed me up, grabbing my balls and squeezing and told me in a loud voice that he doesn't care what I want, he was getting what he wanted and he wanted my twink ass. I told him no, that I had never done it before and he said in a loud voice again that he'd pop my virgin boipussy for me. He shoved me hard into the corner next to the screen which he switched to some gay porn. I saw a face in one of the holes, and heard the guy in the next booth tell him to get it, do what he wanted, to pop my pussy. Then two guys in the other booth. Three watching as a man I didn't know, a man very rough and tough, pushed his cock into my ass. I was gritting and groaning, almost crying, asking him to stop. After all 7 inches were up me and I was pushed even further into the corner, he told me to squeeze down all I could. I did it and he told me it felt great. With that he started slow fucking me. There were several guys in each booth, someone told him to unlock the door so they could watch. Then there were several more watching at the door as I got my cherry popped without my consent. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it. The watchers were all egging him on, telling him to fuck my virgin ass, to make me a boiwhore with a cocksleeve in my cheeks.

    After what must have been about 15 minutes he spasmed and rammed it fully up me and finally came. At that he shut and locked the door again, pulled out of me and pulled me down on his lap as he sat on the bench again. He was kissing my neck playing with my nipples again, and whispering how good it was and how good I made him feel. There were others still watching, and he made me kiss his cock, and take it all the way in my mouth to clean him up. I could still taste his sperm. With that he sat again, I stood and he blew me. I came in seconds after he stuck two fingers up my "just fucked" ass. He stood up, patted my ass again as he pulled up his pants, and said "That's a good girl". He left. I immediately tried to lock the door but two guys came in. I just turned around and let them do it. One stuck around and told me to suck the cock sticking through the hole and he watched and made sure I swallowed it all.

    That was the first and last time I ever went into that place. My girlfriend was back in a week and I was damn glad. When the time came for me to pop her virgin butt, I was very slow, very careful, and used a ton of lube.

    Pegging To Cock

    During sex one afternoon with my wife, she slipped a wet middle finger up my arsehole when I was fucking her missionary.
    I liked the feeling and it certainly made me cum with amazing force deep inside her pussy.
    That lead to her on another occasion, using a small dildo to fuck me with as we showered together.
    And that with some persuasion by my wife, ended up with us buying a strap on dildo.
    She would fuck me during sex, and I'd always have an outstanding orgasm.
    Then when we'd been pegging for about nine months, we went on holiday to look after my uncles place and his dog.
    During the two week long trip to Spain, I discovered a gay beach walking my uncles dog. My wife hated taking the dog for a walk, so I'd do it alone in the mornings and then again just before dusk.
    And it was during a walk as it was beginning to get dark, that I met a Spanish guy who didn't mess about.
    Once he knew I was English, saying hello to me, he quickly asked me if I was gay, and was I looking to suck cock.
    My answer even surprised myself when I told him, I prefer cock up my arse.
    His smile said it all and I soon found myself at the back of the beach in the tree line sucking on my first cock.
    It bizarrely came natural to me and I soon had the older man moaning with my mouth wrapped around his fat dick.
    But with my own cock aching because I knew what I wanted, I stood up and asked him if he had condoms. His response "Si".
    If you've never been fucked by a dildo and a hard cock before, you'll not understand just how different they are.
    As he slid his cock up my arsehole I was instantly smitten with just beautiful it felt up my fuckhole. I could feel every raised vein on his thick cock and it felt far far better than the dildo my wife fucked me with.
    He went at it like a Spanish bull. And in hardly any time at all my cock erupted spurting my cum all over the sandy ground in front of me.
    It wasn't too much longer before he cried out and came up my arsehole.
    Pulling out, he was about to pull the condom off, but I suddenly had the urge to do something, something that had him swapping phone numbers with me.
    I removed the condom after kneeling in front of him, then wanting to taste another mans cum, I sucked in his dick and was immediately fascinated by his taste and the texture of his creamy seed.
    I was hooked on the taste and gripped his slim arse pulling his cock deep into my mouth. And his cock eventually responded by becoming rock hard again.
    The thing was though, he didn't have another condom. Not wanting to risk it, I carried on sucking, licking and gently biting his cock and balls, which made him fuck my face.
    Holding my head firmly, he gave my mouth and throat just as hard a fuck as he did my arsehole.
    When he finally came for a second time, he held me there and I was forced to swallow his beautiful load.
    Telling me he'd text me, we went our separate ways and my wife who had been drinking wine all afternoon, was asleep on the sofa when I got in. It gave me time to find a clinic and to text Pedro.
    Walking the dog in the morning, I met Pedro and we were the first at the clinic. Tested and out of there in under half an hour, he invited me back to his home. We sucked, fucked and kissed naked on his bed, as my uncles dog enjoyed his back yard.
    Two days later I got an email stating I was clear. Within ten minutes of receiving mine, Pedro text me.
    We met that evening at the same place at the back of the beach.
    The sex was some of, if not the best sex I've ever had. We swapped blow jobs and Pedro fucked me three times. Twice he ejaculated up my arsehole and the third time, it was a small amount of watery cum over my face.
    But in a new experience for me, Pedro had me kneel on the ground, got up behind me and tongued my arsehole for a beautifully long time. When he pulled me around, we kissed and he passed me some of his own cum from his mouth.
    Breaking off the kiss, only then did we notice a guy masturbating nearby. Pedro said something in Spanish and the guy walked over.
    I didn't know his name and I never met him again, but that evening I tasted two mens jizz, as he offered me his small cock to suck.
    It didn't take long for the much older man to cum, but when he did, it was like a fountain flooding my mouth.
    Every day during my holiday I would meet Pedro, either in the morning or evening time. And every day he fucked me, emptying his balls up my arsehole. He even gave me an offer to stay longer with him at his place. But I had to get home and my business.
    In the last three years since our holiday in Spain, I've gone on to have sex with eight different men. They've all been in their forties, fifties or older and I'm now being regularly fucked by a sixty one year old neighbour.
    He's an ex con and uses me roughly when fucking my mouth and arse. We fuck on average around three to four times a week. Which if you think that all this started for me with my wife's middle finger sliding up my bum, it's definitely given me a whole new sexual life.
    As for my wife, let's just say her personal trainer at the gym she uses, isn't just appreciating the outside of her body. I should know, I get to enjoy his cum when she has me going down on her, after they've fucked.
    We both cheat, but we'll always be there for each other. Indeed my wife was the one who let Alf know next door, my arsehole could be his.

    I Found Out That I Like Cock In My Fifties And This Is How It Happened

    Ten years ago I wanted to attend an industry conference in Monterrey Mexico. I wasn't able to find a room at the hotel where it was being held and the Mexican Sales Manager offered for me to stay in his room, which had two double beds. Not my normal nature to do something like this but in the interest of expediency I accepted his offer.

    He met me at the airport and we went to the hotel, dropped off my bags and we went to dinner (Mexican's eat late and we got back around midnight). Getting ready for bed, I used the bathroom to change into some gym shorts and a tshirt. When I got back to the room he was standing by his bed naked, not a stitch on, not even his watch. He didn't blink and proceeded to put some things away in his suitcase and he pulled out a long tshirt and pull it on. No underwear.

    In the morning when I got up to pee he was on his back, the covers off and his penis totally in sight. For a man in his late fifties he appeared to be in shape, slight belly but otherwise not fat. I looked, I won't say I stared, but I looked. I used the bathroom and when I got back out he was awake, still on his back, still naked from the waste down, his penis still visible. He asked me how I slept and after a few minutes he got up and wandered off to the bathroom. I sat in the only chair and turned on the TV to catch up on the news. I heard him shower.

    He came out of the shower, totally naked, not a stitch on and came over to the TV to see what I was watching. He stood right next to me. I couldn't keep my eyes on the TV looking sideways at his penis less than a foot away. He spoke in Spanish asking if I liked his penis, he used the word verga which is Spanish is like Dick or Cock. "If you like it go ahead and suck it, you can suck all you want". Everything in Spanish. I understood, my Spanish is decently good.

    Then in English, he encouraged me to suck his dick. Only this time he had moved closer, maybe six inches from my face. I sat there and a power bigger than me took over and I picked up his penis between my fingers and leaned over and put it in my mouth. I had never sucked a penis before, for that matter I had never thought about sucking a penis. But I sucked his penis. He got hard and then harder and he was completely erect, holding my head still while he fucked into my mouth. He invited me to his bed and laid back and after calling me over three times I went and while I was sucking his cock he told me he was going to fuck me, all in Spanish.

    I got my shorts and underwear off and he played with my penis until I was erect and he sucked it. He asked me how I wanted to be fucked, on my back like a woman or on my knees like a man. He first pushed me down on my back and got between my legs poking his penis against me. He got off and told me to get on my knees and open my legs and he got on my back and got his penis in position and after a few hard shoves he broke in and fucked me. It was an out of body experience. Feeling his dick in my ass.

    During the two days of the conference he fucked me again and I sucked his dick several times. The damn was broken and I liked holding his hard dick in my hand and sucking him. I liked having him suck my dick and he managed to get me to cum in his mouth. He kept from cuming in my mouth preferring to fuck instead.

    It's been ten years and I have had several partners. I go to a web site for older men dating and have been successful in hooking up with men who want NSA sex. I prefer an older man than a younger man and I prefer if he wants me to perform oral sex on him. I get a very distinct pleasure out of holding a hard dick in my hand.

    Was Anyone A Prison Bitch?

    Always curious to find if any other guys who have been to prison sucked or took dick.

    When I was 23 I had to do some time in prison. Got 18 months but only had to serve half if I was good. Well being 23, skinny and good looking I drew attention. But my cell mate offered protection. I should had know what that would require but I had no father growing up so I was unaware of lots of stuff.

    It started at lights out, Id sucked his big uncut dick. That started two weeks Into my sentence. I had to get used to that and his dick never smelt the best being that it was uncut. But I did it for protection. I figured it was better to suck him off then have multiple guys fuck my ass in the shower.

    Few weeks went by and everyone knew I belonged to my cell mate. Then I remember it so well because this was on 9 11. That night when the lights went out I thought I’d be doing my normal sucking. Except that night he got off the top bunk already naked and told me to turn over. I definitely didn’t follow orders at first but eventually I gave in. I turned over and he pulled my underwear off. Knowing what was I was gonna have to do I laid there. He put a glob of something on my butthole then shoved a finger in. Seconds later his fat head of his dick was in my ass. Now it wasn’t extremely painful but it did hurt. As he went further in it was just very uncomfortable. I was very tense. He told me to take a breath and relax.

    As he fucked me I laid there and just took it till he nutted in my rectum. When he finished he pulled out then got back on the top bunk. My ass was so sore the next day. But to be honest as time went on I got used to getting fucked. It definitely was a relief on nights he say I just want sucked off.

    But I did my time peacefully. Never had anyone try to come at me weather they wanted to fight or have sex with me. It was known my cellmate had a big uncut dick too. Heard from someone that he used to fuck his last cellmate too, another young guy that got out. My cellmate always got young ass as his cellmate.

  • Switching Roles

    Jay and Corin were my neighbours, but sadly Corin is no longer with us.
    She passed away five months after I began fucking her.
    It was one of her last wishes, that she enjoy herself sexually with another man.
    Jay is a wonderful loving and kind young man, so he approached me and asked if I'd become a second lover for his wife.
    Understanding her wishes, I said yes, but i'd not had straight sex for over ten years.
    Over a six week period I had sex with Corin, whilst Jay looked on and sometimes masturbated.
    Even though she desperately wanted sex, after the fifth week it was clear she wasn't able to take my size of cock pounding her, so including Jay, we gave her oral sex. And it was while he was tonguing his wife, she asked me if I'd fuck him instead.
    Apparently they'd spoken about Jay experiencing gay sex, but I wasn't sure at all about it. However when he himself almost pleaded with me to fuck him, I smothered his arsehole with lube and slowly slid my cock up a virgin arsehole, for the first time in a long time.
    With Jay still licking Corins pussy, I fucked her husband's arsehole with increasing force and it soon became obvious he was enjoying it.
    Corin orgasmed when she heard me telling Jay to 'take it like a man'. And that was the last time she enjoyed sex so directly.
    Sex was a true passion for her, so in many ways it was no surprise to know she wanted to watch her husband interacting sexually, alone with me.
    It felt a little awkward at first, almost as if we were putting on a show. But once I'd gotten Jay into a sixty nine and began teaching him how to suck cock, I soon got into the swing of things.
    Putting his legs on my shoulders I began fucking him and had another first for Jay, as we kissed on Corins insistence.
    When I came up her husband's arsehole, I heard Corin moan and knew she'd orgasmed from playing with herself.
    And that's how we as a threesome had sex from then to the time Jay told me Corin was too ill to indulge anymore.
    That day he told me, he joined me in my home, where I fucked him alone for the first time.
    He became much more involved and I could feel him physically relax when we sucked and fucked.
    It was a few months later when Corin died. Jay visited me often during the time before her death. Not from her wishes, but as a kind of relief to himself as he looked after her 24-7.
    Only when she slept did he visit, and even then he had a camera focused on her bed, so he could see it on his phone.
    After her funeral and all their family and friends had gone home, he asked me to read a letter from Corin addressed to me. I'm not going to tell you exactly it said, but a small part of it asked me to look after Jay for as long as we lived next door to each other. The last sentence before her private words to me, were "He's all yours. When you're fucking him, think of me sometimes".
    We played videos of them on holidays and at home in their garden. And it was in the garden we played out something Corin wanted from us.
    It was dark, no lights at all as their back garden, like mine, backs onto a farmers field.
    On the lawn with the stars twinkling above us, I knelt naked behind Corins husband and slid my hard bare cock up his arsehole. Jay was crying, but not from pain as I fucked him hard.
    His tears eventually subsided as he begged me to make him cum. Reaching round him, I took hold of his erection and in the same rhythm as I fucked my neighbour, I tossed Jay off.
    When he came, he shuddered on my cock, which drove me crazy with lust. And gripping his shaggy hair, I came up his arsehole.
    We both lay naked on our backs looking up at the night sky. That's when Jay said goodbye to his wife.
    The following week he stayed to himself and I kept away.
    When he knocked on my door, he brought some wine. The wine he often drank with Corin.
    Jay stayed the night and we had sex throughout the night.
    Waking up with him, he asked me as I tonguing his arsehole, which house are we going to live in.
    We actually sold both of our homes and now live together in a new place.
    Jay's role has changed from being the man of his household, to being my sub.
    We have sex pretty much every day. Sometimes depending on my mood, I'll even insist he dress up for me. He uses some of Corins clothes, make up and a blonde wig. And I swear when fucking him from behind with one of her skirts and a top on, Jay's a ringer for Corin.