Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

My First Time

My mom's best friend's husband who was basically an aunt to me, her husband was the first guy to ever fuck me I was on summer break before my senior year and I was helping them do some rearranging at their house. My aunt is hot and super sexually open and joked about if I kept bending over I might end up with something in my ass I joked don't threaten me with a good time. She said she wasn't joking, well she smacked my ass walking past me saying one more time my ass is in her way something was going in it, I said bring I ain't scared of her. Well I intentionally blocked her path and she said that was it and got in front of me and started undoing my pants with a smirk she took off my shirt then kneeled down and pulled of my shoes and socks then pulled of my pants she got close to my cock for me to feel her breath on it and slowly stands up and grabs me by the wrist leading me to the bedroom and sit me on the foot of the bed she pulled straps from the end of the bed and strapped my hands down then went to the headboard and dragged straps from there down to me and put them around my thighs and tightened them down I asked her what was she going to use she smirked say she never said she was going to do it just something was going to go in my ass.... She says I Know you're into toys but it's time for you to experience a real cock, and called her husband in the room he said don't mind if I do and proceeded to strip and my aunt gave give head to get him fully hard and lubed his cock and my ass them grabbed the camera and told her husband not to be gentle, so he shoved his cock hard into me and I yelled and moaned then he started pounding me he fucked me for about 45 minutes before he came in me then yanked out of me I laid there recovering as he walked off to go smoke I asked if she was going to untie me and she said nope he's not done he's just catching a breath before he comes back for round two. And he does come strolling back in hard as fuck he puts his cock into my ass just the tip anyways then my aunt put the camera in my face and ask if I like getting fucked in my ass by my "uncle" and that's when he rams fully in me so I just moan out yes. He slow deep pumps my ass for awhile then speed pounds me for 20 minutes before he comes again in me again. When he pulled out he just walked off and my aunt untied me and said when was I gonna learn she doesn't bluff but she showed her best friend a few pics of what she was putting me through for being a smart ass. All her friend says was too bad she couldn't see it in person to.

  • Starting My Love Of Gay Sex.

    I was out in my car meeting my new girlfriend. She was supposed to have turned up at the parking spot half an hour before, when she messaged me. She can't make it, as her car won't start.
    Frustrated and horny as fuck, I decide to masturbate in my car.
    I'd been stroking my dick for no more than two or three minutes, when I notice an older guy (40's) watching me whilst playing with his cock.
    My side window is down, so when he sees me looking his way, he asks me if I want a blow job.
    I'm not sure why, as I've never had any gay thoughts before, but I'm completely turned on and say yes.
    He gets in my passenger seat, leans over to me and begins to lick, then suck on my cock.
    His mouth feels amazing on my dick, and this guy really knows how to give a blow job.
    He licks my balls, up and down my cock shaft and sucks on the head while swirling his tongue around my glands.
    Deep throating me for a minute or two, he then does something I've never had done before. Wetting his middle finger, he sucks my cock back into his mouth and slips his wet finger up my arsehole.
    Moving his finger in and out of my hole and sucking incredibly hard, my cock erupts. And I swear I have the most intense long lasting orgasm I've ever experienced.
    I cum so much, it's spilling out of the sides of his mouth, even though he's doing his best to swallow it.
    When I stop shaking, he rises up, scoops the cum from the side of his mouth and licks it up.
    Smiling at me, he tells me his name's Rob and he visits the area most early evenings.
    Getting out of my car, he tells me I have a beautiful cock and says he'd love to feel it up his arse.
    That's the last thing he says before walking off to a dog I see tied to a fence post.
    All that night and throughout the next day, all I could think about is the older man who's given me the best blow job of my life.
    And that evening I cancel on my girlfriend and drive over to the same parking spot.
    Sure enough Rob is walking up the country lane as I pull up.
    He asks me if I'm horny, so I ask him if he knows a place.
    He understands what I'm getting at and leads me along with his dog to a side trail that eventually comes to a stop before a drop down into the valley.
    Getting his dog to lie down, Rob stepped up to me drops down. My cock is ins mouth in seconds and it's just as good a feeling as the day before.
    But it's the expectation that I think makes my seven inches super rock hard.
    I've never known it, but the knowledge of being about to fuck a guy, is totally appealing to me.
    Rob stands up quickly, turns around and lowers his shorts. He's got no underwear on and I can see his arsehole is lubed up. I'm no shy boy, so moving into him I put my cock to his fuck hole and thrust in.
    It's incredible. Utterly magical for me and I just know it's exactly what I should be doing.
    So holding Robs hips, I begin to fuck my first male sex partner.
    He's moaning and groaning and telling me to fuck him hard. So in another first I reach around him, take hold of his thick cock and really begin to hammer his arsehole.
    I know I'm not the biggest cocked guy, but I also know myself and how I can last and last. And that's exactly what happens for the next twenty minutes as we fuck and fuck.
    We move from being stood up, to me spooning him on the ground. Again I toss his cock, but also turn his head and kiss the older man.
    He responds and I fuck him with a wonderful rhythm as we carry on kissing. Rob is just as enthused as myself and I feel his passion in our kiss.
    Switching positions again, the older more experienced man has me fucking him as he lays on his back. With my cock sliding into his arse all the way, he pulls me to him and I remember now just how perfect it all was as our tongues wrapped over each others.
    For a first time fucking another guy, I couldn't have had a more involved and perfect initiation into gay sex.
    When I came, and this is genuine, I found myself in total and utter rapture. It was the most special feeling I could, can ever remember having sex.
    And part of that, was Rob cumming just seconds later in between us, as our kiss intensified.
    Pulling out of him, he lifted me up his body so my cock was over his mouth. Lowering myself Rob sucked and licked on my cock, and I heard him fully enjoying the taste of my cum and his arsehole on my softening dick.
    Walking back to my car, I promised Rob to contact him. We met a few days later after his invite, in the home he shared with his wife. She was working at the time I slipped my cock into his arse as he leaned naked over their coffee table.
    It was a one position fuck and I made sure he understood I was the alpha male. Fucking Rob hard, he was moaning loudly when we both heard "What the fuck".
    It's not his wife, it's my new girlfriend and she's instantly annoyed and crying.
    There was a lot of shouting and finger pointing, but I knew my sexual status was already set.
    And what's more, so did Robs daughter.

    I'm not saying it was right, in certain aspects, however the look we gave each other said it all. We both knew I'd enjoyed fucking her father, than I had her.

    I'm not sure how, but my ex's parents have worked things out. Rob contacted me a few days afterwards and thanked me for the fun, but it was over for him. I sent flowers and a personal written letter to my ex, explaining I was totally to blame. I also let her know neither her father or myself knew she was involved as an associated third person.
    I'm now involved with a twenty seven year old shemale. She's unbelievably sexual and I'm loving the relationship, and sex.
    No matter where my life leads me, I will never forget Rob, and his wonderful introduction for me, into my real self.

    Partied Hard

    My best friend fucked me while he thought I was passed out drunk in front of his wife. I found out because his wife left her phone on the kitchen table and I woke up first and snooped through it and saw the video of him doing it. I jacked a couple nudes of her I saw as a thanks for fucking me. Not sure if I'm going to say anything because it was hot.

  • First Tranny

    I was out of town at a hotel for work. We could finally travel. I'm in a large socal surburb, and after the second day I went out at night to the club across the street. Upon entering you could tell it was a gay club, then later in the evening it became apparent it was LGBTQ friendly. I really didn't care, talked to a few guys, had my drinks and listened to the music. One older guy in his 30s kept asking me to dance, and I wasn't interested. Finally he said it really didn't make any difference that I was straight he just wanted to dance, not have sex. I kinda chuckled and went out on the dance floor. After a couple of dances he thanked me and had the bartender put a drink on his tab and went back to his friends at the table. In another 30 minutes a lovely girl came up and sat two stools away from me and we started taking. From the voice, I thought she might be a transvestite, but couldn't tell from the boobs if a TG or TV or just a guy who liked to dress up. We danced a couple of slow dances and I wanted to find out what "she" really was.

    When I was 15 I fucked another boy in his bedroom while staying overnight. He was my first and I was his first. He went on to only guys, never a girl but we fucked for about 2 years. Once I had a girlfriend I never went back. Before the girlfriend I did have sex 4 times with an older guy. I got fucked and sucked his cock in those encounters. So though my last encounter with another guy was slightly over 3 years ago, I've never looked back, I love fucking women in all three holes, and I certainly didn't miss being the one getting fucked. I really didn't like that.

    So back to the bar, I took the girl back to my hotel room. She was hot, gorgeous face, great body, very shapely, nice sized tits that bounced just right on the dance floor. I really had to see if the tits were real or just falsies, and to be honest her face, her body gave me a hard cock and I wanted to cum inside her, I have fucked boipussy before and didn't care about doing it again. We got into the room, and with low lighting, she started pulling my clothes off and hers. She stopped me at her underwear, and made sure that I knew "what she was". I did and off came the bra revealing very natural, very soft, full B cup or bigger tits. I squeezed, I sucked on them. We kissed more and sitting on the bed, her back against the headboard I lain across her lap and nursed those perfect titties for at least 30 minutes, all the while she was jacking my hard cock and I was squeezing what I could of her tight ass. Soon she was sucking my cock, her panties still on, I could finally see a small bulge and I reached through the leg hole and was finger fucking her asspussy. I could see the bulge rising as I shot off in her mouth. After I relaxed with my finger in her ass, she lain on her back and all the while with now three fingers in her love hole, I pulled down her panties and sucked a 4 inch long, cock till she warned me she was going to cum. She had little balls, and didn't cum much, and I took it on my face. Kissing her after she thanked me for relieving her and was wiping the cum off me and taking her own cum in her mouth. With her panties back up covering her cock, I got between her legs, lubed her up, moving the panties to the side I slide into a very nice, warm boipussy. It felt so good to be inside her, and when I came it was like lightning in my brain. I don't think I've ever cum that much with anyone. We rested, and she sucked me hard again, and by the time I finished cumming in her boipussy the second time, the third cum of the night, I sucked her off once more and she left.

    She left her number and I dated her for 3 weeks exclusively. Going back home I went back to fucking a couple of hot girls I knew, and after 2 weeks I called the gurl again. I'm heading back there for a long weekend of great sex. I think she's the best fuck I've ever had in my young life. I don't know if she does it, but if she wanted to stick it in me, I'd let her just to keep fucking her.

    Swapping The Roles

    What's the most unusual situation sexually, you've ever been in regarding your wife, husband, partner.
    Mine was walking into our apartment on holiday, to find two men fucking her at the same time.

    Both men we'd met earlier at a Greek bar, and believe me when I say this, they were both built like man mountains.
    As soon as they saw me, one of the men pretty much ordered me to suck his dick, after he pulled out of my wife's arsehole.

    His cock was huge and extremely thick. But instead of being enraged or jealous of my wife cheating on me, I resigned myself to doing as he asked.
    You might ask why I didn't react differently. The answer to that is simple. I'm five feet eight, eight and a half stone.
    The two men who I'd seen dismantling three idiots outside the bar, are both well over six feet tall, muscular and from what I'd seen, extremely violent.
    And being a lover, not a fighter, I eventually did as he commanded.

    I could taste my wifes anal juices on his cock, as I sucked on the large mushroom shaped head of his Greek dick and I found it turned me on.
    Holding my head, he fucked my mouth and I heard him telling my wife that I sucked cock really well.
    Her response was to tell me and them "Good, because his little cock doesn't do much for me".

    I spent the next hour pretty much sucking on either of the mens cocks, or when they told me to, I tongued out my wifes pussy and arse.
    Humiliated, feeling inadequate and a little frightened of the large men, my final act of complete submission, was to lick both of their loads out of my wifes cum filled holes. And in doing so, set the tone for the rest of the holiday and our marriage.

    Now my wife has other lovers back home. And each of those has progressively taught me through my wifes sexual needs, to be more involved to the point, two of her lovers now fuck me too.
    I hated it at first. Not only the feeling and initially pain, but the total denouncement of my manhood in tems of being an alpha male.

    However more recently I've grown to love being fucked, especially by a guy who now prefers fucking me to my wife.
    He's in his early fifties, has a big cock and a sex drive to match. And recently has been fucking me alone at his place.
    I go most afternoons after I finish work.
    Having my own business, I finish when I want, drive over to his place, shower and suck and fuck until his balls are fully drained.

    He has asked me a few times now, to leave my wife and move in with him. And I'm now seriously thinking of swapping roles for good. After all when you orgasm as amazing as I do from being fucked, and have a wife who doesn't see me as her 'man's anymore, why shouldn't I.

  • Memories That Need To Be Let Go

    Back when I was in college I had a summer job working as a waiter. The bartender was a Mexican man in his thirties and he befriended me. At one point he invited me to his apartment, a non airconditioned garage apartment in the run down Mexican neighborhood. Inside he got undressed until he was only in his briefs, and he danced for me and laughed. Laying back on the bed he invited me to lay down with him.

    He stroked his dick into an erection, blowing me a kiss, he invited me again. I fought the urge to leave but surrendered and went over to him and he helped me undress, rubbing my chest and back, kissing me, stroking my dick until I was totally naked. He took his briefs off and his erection rubbed up against me. It took a few moments before I was sucking on his dick and he was toying with my ass. He got up, brought a bottle to the bed, fingered my ass with the content and then mounted me and inserted his dick in my ass.

    Laying back naked on the bed after he had fucked me, he took a camera and took several pictures of me naked. A few more with his dick against my lips, his dick in my mouth, his dick in my hand, and after getting erect again his dick in my ass. I cooperated, enjoying the moment.

    A few days later I was at his apartment again and after we had spent time having sex and getting fucked, he showed me the prints of the pictures he had taken earlier that week. Back and white, a couple 8 x 10s, the rest 4 x 6. I loved them and after begging him he let me have them, keeping the negatives. These pictures went into a shoe box hidden under my bed.

    From college, to my first apartment, until today this box has been with me. I've had several lovers these many years, some a day or two, some for a time, But my heart never forgot Samuel, and when I needed too I relived my summer with him by touching, remembering with these old black and whites.

    I know I need to get rid of them, they are a memory of a very long time ago. But if I die someone will find these pictures of me makes on a bed, of Samuel, his beautiful dick in my hand, against my lips. I love these pictures, very naughty pictures of when I was young.

    Crossdresser Nightmare

    I'm a bi male but at the time of this story, I'd only had GF's and had never been with another man. But I did crossdress and after a while had become very proficient at making myself look like a woman, albeit a trashy one.

    One of my friends was getting married and as a sendoff for him, we all went to a small greek island for the last vacation of his single life. We had a great time, lots of alcohol and local girls. On the second to last day, the bachelor boy decided that we all dress up as women as it would be funny. I didn't know what to, do I make myself look ugly so they don't think I dress up all the time or go to town and not care. I went to town, full makeup, wig and black cocktail dress and black pantyhose I'd bought from a store.

    Everyone else looked terrible and here I come looking like some hot teen looking for action. I made some excuse that I'd watched my sister getting ready that I'd learned how to do makeup, not sure they bought it but as the alcohol flowed I didn't care.

    Towards the end of the night, we were all very drunk and in one bar this really handsome guy started to hit on me. To begin with, I ignored his advances and just laughed, trying to tell him that I was a guy, but he couldn't speak a word of English. He started to get a little more forward by constantly putting his hand on my thigh and stroking my leg. I kept pushing his hand away but he was very insistant. I thought i was with my friends so didn't want them seeing me with another man, but to my horror they'd left the bar without me noticing and now im on my own.

    My Secret Sex Life

    My first orgasms were with another boy at age 14 in 1970. We would just suck each other but after about a year he didn’t want to anymore. The times bring what they were I was terrified of being outed as a fag. I over compensated and chased any girl especially the sluttiest ones.

    I tried being straight but in my early 30s discovered adult video stores. Initially I’d go and jack off. This progressed to letting guys suck me off.

    I met a hot younger woman and 30 years ago we got married. Sex was great and I discovered I really enjoyed eating ass. As time went on I started sucking cock at the video stores. I eventually gave my ass to a black trans with 9” cock. She came in me which got me so excited I came hands free.

    In 2001 she and I got into swinging. It was fun but I wanted to also have sex with the men which is mostly frowned upon. All told we fucked about 200 couples since 2001. Also in 2001 I started checking gay hookup sites. As time went on my wife’s interest in swinging and sex in general has waned coincidentally mine has also for swinging. But not for sex particularly gay sex. I truly have no desire for women. I want gay sex in all forms! Since 2001 I’ve easily been with 200+ men. Top bottom anywhere in between. I’m a closeted homosexual

    Wife's Driver

    Over the last eigh months I've been fucking my wife's driver. Who also happens to be her nephew.
    She can no longer drive due to medical reasons, so I hired a driver for when she's working on behalf of our company. He turned out to be unreliable, so when her twenty year old gay nephew Jacob said he needed a job, I trialed him for a month.
    The thing is I caught him masturbating in the car one day when he was waiting to drive my wife to a meeting.
    When he got back parking the car up, knowing we had at least a couple of hours, I asked that he join me in my office.
    It didn't take long for him to agree to sucking my cock, once I told him what I'd seen.
    And believe me, he's one hell of a cock sucker.
    My balls were dry by the time he had to go pick my wife up, having cum down his throat twice.
    The following day I didn't even have to ask. Once he'd driven my wife over to a clients business premises, he joined me at home, where I resumed my love of fucking young guys.
    It had been nearly a year since I last fucked a young man (A homeless guy) but that's another confession.
    Jacob and I fucked, sucked and rimmed the whole morning, with my wife's nephew telling me he loved my thick cock.
    Because they get on so well, my wife asked me if we should support Jacob more. So in January this year he moved into one of the five apartments we own. Now living only half a mile from our home, I get to fuck Jacob daily, sometimes twice a day.
    The thing is my wife is a very astute woman. She fully understands I'm fucking her nephew, but then again, I don't say anything about Anton, her black assistant that's fucking her.
    He's been screwing my wife for at least two years, and possibly before that as she knew the twenty two year old from his college business classes.
    We never directly mention anything, but she does ask for me to look after Jacob. Plus I also get to eat out her pussy and arse some days, fully knowing Anton has not long fucked her leaving his cum deep inside my wife.

  • Wondering

    When I was younger, nineteen, I had this kind of gay friendship with an older guy. He was in his late fifties and divorced, and he told me how sometimes he enjoyed doing things with another guy. Well, he talked me into getting naked with him and messing around, and it was fun. We this together a few times and then he said how he liked to have his butt fucked. I was a little reluctant, but I did it to him and he loved it and I found it wasn’t too bad.

    So after that I would go over to his house and we would spend time being naked together and I would fuck him. Then, feeling curious, I let him butt fuck me occasionally and I kind of liked it when he did, and I enjoyed having his penis in my butt and experiencing the maleness of that. We never used a condom and I found it quite exciting to have him put his semen into me. This went on between us for a little over a year and then I moved away for work, and eventually I got married.

    After fifteen years I was divorced, and without too much difficulty I rediscovered the pleasure of male sex. Now for the last four years I have tentatively started to consider myself as being gay. I don’t mind this although I don’t necessarily feel dedicated to it either, and I am somewhat put off by the negative connotations of this label. What I am wondering is are there any other older guys out there who find themselves in this same situation?