Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.

Walking Buddy

A lot of our lives have changed since the virus hit us all last year. My life went through a particular transformation which I will now share.

Last spring I started working from my apartment after our company transitioned a lot of us to zoom calls and doing our business from home instead of the office .I live in a large 2 bedroom apartment in a hi rise building in the east end of the city near some very walkable parks .I began a routine where I would get up early grab a take out coffee at a local coffee joint then go for a long walk through the nearest park before settling back home for the work day .I enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. I was a single fortyish male divorced with no kids and was not currently dating a woman.

As the spring progressed I noticed this older gent around 20 years my senior was also grabbing a coffee regularly at a similar time .I would see him on the park trails and say hi to him and he would smile and respond in a friendly fashion back .He was around my height though of slimmer build with silver hair and glasses and walked at a similar pace. For some reason I began looking forward to seeing him. One morning he must have sensed this and approached me asking if he could walk with me. I said sure and we walked together for over an hour and had a great conversation. He was retired so had more time on his hands than I did .We agreed to start walking together daily as we enjoyed the company .We got to know each other better and better and I noticed we were getting more animated with one another in our chats .It did not dawn on me there was a growing attraction between us until one weekend morning he asked me back to his apartment to continue chatting. He lived in a neighboring hi rise and had a nicely furnished place.

I was very at ease with him and as I sat on his couch he poured us each a shot of brandy. After a couple shots of the liquor I felt a very warm glow from the brandy and the walk .I looked at his face more closely for the first time and felt the first stirrings of real sexual attraction .I was surprised as I had not really had any gay feelings towards men in my life before but this was insistent .His eyes met mine intensely and he smiled .He moved close beside me and I felt my heart begin to pound .I was scared but wanted more to happen .His head moved close to mine and he kissed my mouth softly. His kiss had the effect of exciting me further and making my cock stir in my pants. I kissed him back and felt myself let go into the kiss .Our tongues and lips explored the other's mouth and the kissing became more and more passionate. He got up and led me to the bedroom and I went willingly .We took our clothes off and both our cut cocks were hard and ready. He told me he was gay and knew what to do and asked me to just lay back and enjoy this first time .I did what he asked and soon his head was bobbing eagerly on my cock as he gave me a wonderful deep throated blowjob probably deeper and more intense than any a woman had ever given me .He soon took my gushing load and gulped down my seed without hesitation .My orgasm had fully satisfied me and I lay back somewhat blissfully. He lit us a cigarette which we shared as we talked quietly together. He asked me if I regretted what happened in any way and I said no I wanted it .He smiled and said he would like this to be a regular thing and I nodded me too. This first time broke the ice sexually and after this I ended up in his bed every weekend and usually once or twice during the week if I was not too tired from work .A few months in I recognized he was now my lover and I wanted to explore it fully .I learned how to suck his cock and please him .I discovered I loved sucking his cock as much as I loved him sucking mine. I savor swallowing his cum as well. Beyond mutual oral I would sometimes fuck him in the ass as he was more of a bottom that way .I have deep orgasms in his ass as well and especially love when he rides me on top .He has got a trim tight little ass that really squeezes my cock when it is inside of him. We still love our walks together and some days we can hardly wait to get to the bedroom after to have sex.

Anyone Else

Okay, maybe it's a little obsessive but I was wondering?
Does any bottoms remember and get excited about the first time that they got topped and what underpants they had on?
I recently hooked up with a older guy who's a great lover and he fetishes about me in the same brand of underpants that I was taken in. After doing it with him novelty underpants like I had on as a kid with the older boy its been quite the turn on! How about you?

First Time

Took my first cock last night. Meet a guy off a4a and had him come over to my place. I was home alone last night so finally wanted to try getting fucked.

Wow! I’ll say. It hurt at first but felt so good after that

Recently divorced and tired of women so definitely going to find me a regular guy. I have no urge to fuck any ass yet. Rather just take dick.

The Man In The Window

After joining a multinational accounting firm I was sent to their offices in Amsterdam for training. I was given a small efficiency apartment on the bus line to the training center. The first night there I stood looking out the window which looked out upon another building. At night the lights came on and I could see people going about their evening activities. I had a small pair of binoculars I used in Boy Scouts and I sat on the only chair gazing from window to window.

After about an hour I caught a man watching television. Focusing on the tv the show was a gay porn show. The man sat in a chair, when he stood he was in shorts and a t-shirt. It was still warm and his window was open. Night after night the scene repeated itself, I caught him putting the tape in a VCR, watching the same tape. He stopped, rewound and watched a scene of a man fucking a younger man. The scene is burnt into my memory.

I watched him in the morning and saw how he was dressed, I spotted him get on a bus, I followed him all the way to his job in a building. I took that route several times on my way to the training center. At night I watched the porn film with him, imagining that I was the younger man and he was the man behind me. As the days went by, the desire to approach him got stronger, until one day I sat beside him on the bus and said hello, he spoke a little English, but was reserved and didn't want to converse.

It took several days of riding with him, talking to him, telling him where I was staying, about my training, about how lonely it was not knowing anyone. He finally spoke, told me of things to do. I touched his arm, I looked into his eyes, I put my hand on his hand. He invited me to his apartment, I knew it from watching him. I asked him if he had family, I had to take the lead. I asked him if he liked me. I let him touch me. Finally he touched my face. I looked into his eyes, begging for more.

That night, I leaned over his coffee table, with my hands holding me up, he stood behind me and I imagined myself as the young man on the VCR. The window open, I knew that anonymous nobodies could be watching me, it made the whole experience that much better. For the rest of my six week training I went to his apartment and had sex with him.

Last Customer

A few years ago I left a crummy paying job in a retail book store that went out of business. I had worked mainly in retail and the only other job I could find at the time was another low paid position at an adult video store located in this strip plaza along a highway.

I worked evenings until midnight, changed the rotation of the porn movies in the video booths, worked the cash register as we rented and sold porn dvds and toys etc .I also did some clean up duties and locked up .There were fewer and fewer customers coming in as it is a bit of a dying business as you can stream porn in your home easily .Of course some guys came in for the purpose of blowing each other or having sex in the booths so for sure the store attracted that crowd .I was bi curious I suppose and watching so much porn on the screens overhead had the effect of making me horny as hell some shifts .I would sometimes beat my meat in the washroom a couple times a shift to relieve the sexual tension.

One older middle aged guy of average build with vaseline slicked thinning hair and glasses showed up 3-4 times a week just before we closed and always took a booth closest to me at the cash .I could see him look relaxed when he emerged so I knew he had likely masturbated one off watching porn in the booth. A few months later I worked a day shift because a guy was sick and I discovered this customer was the owner of the strip plaza as I saw him directing a couple contractors who were doing renovations in one of the stores .I recall him saying he owned the fucking place to the men and expected better work. He then went upstairs to his office above one of the stores .One night he came in at his usual time .He approached me and said he was sad that the store was going to close soon due to lack of business and being behind in the rent .My boss had mentioned nothing to me about it. He then smiled and said he had a proposal for me .He said he was thinking of moving the video booth he frequented to his office once the store was sold and recapturing that experience in his office late at night by using the booth and watching porn .He asked me if I would be interested in helping him get off in that booth regularly and he would offer me other duties as a paid position helping him out with the plaza .I was dumbfounded and did not know how to respond to his offer or just walk away .He then said hey join me in the booth now and see if it is your thing .He then entered the booth and waited for me. I thought well I need a job and I am bi curious and I do not want to be unemployed. So I went into the dark booth to join him in there. He already had his pants down, a porn playing and his cock out which was hard. He reached out for me and guided me close .He put my hand on his cock and I began feeling it .It felt kind of sexy and I noticed it got stiffer .It was circumsized and of average size .I milked it a bit and could feel the precum oozing from the head .He gently pushed me onto my knees and aimed his cock at my mouth. I looked at it then opened my mouth taking it between my lips .I sucked on the head and realized I quite liked sucking him. He groaned and I took more of his hard cock in my mouth. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth ,He exploded real fast and his cum spurted into my mouth .I swallowed it not knowing what else to do and felt slutty doing that .He said that was real good boy you got the job. We left the booth and I had to go to the washroom to masturbate off my load I was so horny from sucking him .He left the store and I locked up. Sure enough a couple months later the video store was sold and closed for good .And as he promised I began sucking his cock and servicing him in that booth now located in his office .I also worked for him and did all sorts of jobs around the plaza .It has been 5 years ago and I am real used to draining that horny cock of his and taking his loads. Sometimes he jerks me off in the booth but I am mainly his cocksucker .I am kind of addicted to pleasing him now one would say.

  • Army Daze

    Back in my Army days in Germany, my roommate and I became good friends. We would go out drinking whenever we had the next day off and I always drank in excess. I was 19 and Tim was a couple years older than me. I was barely out of high school and he took me under his wing and showed me the ropes.

    After a night of drinking, Tim would always insist on mixing me a glass of Alka-Seltzer. He claimed it prevented hangovers. I never thought it worked much because I always woke up with a hangover but he always insisted, saying the hangovers would be worse if I didn’t take it. I thought it couldn’t hurt so I drank it down. This became a routine until one morning I awoke and realized I was naked. I always slept in my briefs, with nothing else. Somehow my briefs had gotten stuffed between the mattress and wall. I didn’t think much of it at first, I just assumed I had taken them off while dreaming or something.

    The next time we returned from a night of drinking I noticed he had pulled something from his locker before he mixed the Alka-Seltzer. That’s when I had the crazy idea he might be adding something to the drink. I realized I was probably being paranoid and drank it down. The next morning I woke up as usual but noticed my anus was a little sore. I probably wouldn’t have noticed but remembering the night before, my suspicions were peaked again. Could my good friend be doing something to me while I’m drunk and asleep? Surely, if he was, he must be giving me something, otherwise I would wake up. We never locked our lockers when we were in the room so the next time he took a shower I decided to do a little inspection. Sure enough, I found a bottle of Benadryl on the top shelf. It was for allergies but I knew it was also used to help people sleep.

    I decided that the next time we go out I wasn’t going to drink much. We always went with a bunch of guys so I didn’t think he would notice if I wasn’t drinking as much. It was easy, I would have a couple of sips of my beer and then take it with me to the jukebox or to mingle with the other guys and set down the bottle while it was still almost full. I hated wasting the beer but I needed to be sober if I were going to find out what Tim was up to.

    When we got back to the barracks I was barely feeling a buzz but pretended to be drunk. I watched Tim like a hawk when he got the Alka-Seltzer and a bottle of water. I noticed that he went to his locker and he appeared to pull something from the top shelf. Then he mixed the hangover prevention and for the first time I noticed that he seemed to stir it a lot longer than necessary. He handed me the glass and I took a small sip and then waited for him to turn away so I could pour it into a large tumbler on the dresser.

    By this time I felt wide awake and sober but kept up the act of being drunk. I stripped down to my briefs and crawled under the covers. Tim did the same after turning out the lights. I laid there for about 45 minutes to an hour waiting for Tim to make a move. I was on my side facing Tim’s bunk so I could see what he was doing. I heard him get out of his bed so I partially opened my eyes. The only light was coming from under the door and the lights from our alarm clocks so he wouldn’t be able to tell my eyes were open.

    First he called out my name softly. I didn’t answer so he put his hand on my shoulder and shook me, calling my name again. I lay quietly pretending to be passed out. Then he pulled the covers off of me and started to pull down my briefs. I wanted to see how far he would go so I continued to lay there motionless. He completely removed my briefs and then grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I have to admit the warmth of his hand felt good and I started getting hard. After a few minutes, he took me into his mouth and started giving me the best blowjob I had ever had. I thought about jumping up and stopping him but it felt so good. I decided let him finish.

    He was truly talented with his mouth and within minutes I was emptying my cum into his mouth. Before I knew what was happening, Tim rolled me onto my stomach and was mounting me from behind. In one quick move he was between my legs and pushing his cock inside me. I was surprised at how easily it went in but then, he had probably fucked me ten times before.

    As I contemplated how I was going to confront him his pumping got faster and he was cumming inside me. Then he gently put my briefs back on. I decided I would just wait until the next day to say something, although I had no idea how I was going to do it.

    The next morning we woke up and Tim acted as if nothing had happened, just like every other morning. I know I should have said something to him and, hell, even report him but decided not to. If it got out that I had been fucked, even without consent, I would have been labeled a queer. Besides, Tim had been a good friend and the fact was, it felt really good being fucked. It may be hard to believe but I let this go on for almost 9 months until he was transferred out.


    In my freshman year of college I would visit a neighborhood park where men would cruise for sex. I came upon an older man sitting on a picnic table. The tables were placed along walking trails and were secluded from each other. He was a handsome man, about 40, wearing a business suit. We exchanged hellos and he took off his jacket and started rubbing his crotch. I just stared as I saw his dick grow under the fabric of his pants.

    I was wearing thin nylon running shorts with no underwear and a t-shirt. I slowly walked towards him as I pulled my shorts down exposing my own engorged manhood. He was sitting on the end of the table with his legs hanging over the edge and laid back with his hands behind his head. I knelt down between his legs. The table was at a perfect height for me to give him a blowjob. I unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled out his long uncircumcised member and began to lick and suck him as I stroked myself.

    I heard something move behind me and felt the presence of someone. It startled me at first but the person didn't say anything. I assumed it was just another cruiser who wanted to watch, which was not unusual. The man who was on the receiving end of my hot mouth didn't seem to notice as he was moaning and getting close to climax. A few minutes later he was shooting a hot load of cum down my throat.

    As I was cleaning up the remnants of his sperm with my tongue, I heard movement behind me again. I had all but forgotten about the voyeur behind me.

    Suddenly, I heard, "police, don't move." The man I had just blown was up on his feet and running in an instant. I tried to stand up but was grabbed from behind before I could get my shorts up.

    The cop had his left arm around my neck as he flashed a badge in front of my face. At least I think it was a badge, I couldn’t be sure. He shoved me towards the table and pushed me down so I was leaning over it. He handcuffed my hands behind my back, telling me I was under arrest. This was back before homosexuality was widely accepted and it definitely wasn’t in the small conservative college town.

    I was terrified of being arrested. I would probably be kicked out of school, not to mention the possibility of jail. I begged the cop to let me go and lied saying the other guy had forced me. He didn’t say a word as he started to frisk me, starting at my head and moving down my chest to my stomach and groin. My shorts were still around my knees so there was nothing to search. He grabbed my balls and then my still semi-hard dick.

    Then he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Don’t lie to me queer, I’ve been following you from the parking lot. Nobody forced you to do anything.”

    I tried to hold back the tears as I thought my life was over. He let go of me briefly and I heard what sounded like his zipper. I then heard him spit and felt his wet fingers rubbing the crack of my ass. It hurt as he forced a finger inside my virgin hole. He moved it in and out for a few seconds before pushing another finger inside. He removed his fingers and I could feel something thicker and hotter pushing against my ass. He was holding me down with one hand as he guided his dick with the other. It felt massive as it pushed at the forbidden opening. I thought it would never fit inside me.

    He moaned as he pushed the head in and then slowly pumped until he was in up to the hilt. The pain was awful at first but subsided as he pumped slowly in and out. It seemed to go on forever and became ever more pleasurable with each passing minute. Soon he was thrusting faster and grunting until he shot his load into my bowels.

    As he pulled out of me he said, “stay out of this park or next time you’ll get fucked AND go to jail.” He took off the handcuffs and I just stayed their frozen for a minute or two. When I stood up he was gone.

    I continued going to the park at least once a week until I graduated, hoping to be stopped by the anonymous lawman. I began to wonder if he really was a police officer or an imposter. Since that day I’ve fantasized about being taken in a similar fashion by cops. I have hooked up with a few. They never mind using their handcuffs on me but it’s not the same knowing it was just pretend.

    Pandemic Buddies

    Late in 2019 I took this job in a large distribution facility .One of my older co workers took a shine to me and we were soon fast friends hanging out together. Then the pandemic hit and we were both worried about visiting people and getting the virus that sort of thing.

    Ed who was 55 at the time suggested I move into his 2 bedroom apartment and hang out together and limit our social contacts .We were both divorced and single and had lots in common so I thought it was a good idea so I moved in with him and took the other bedroom. Not only did I save money we got along great .I was 41 then and got used to going to work with Ed then hanging with him at the apartment .He is shorter than me around 5ft 8 but quite stocky and muscular with short greying brown hair and a moustache .I am around 6ft 1 205 and cleanshaven with a full head of brown hair .We shared chores and became real comfy with one another.

    One Sunday afternoon I was a little hung over and took a shower to wake up .I put on a bathrobe after the shower and saw a pack of Ed's cigarettes on the coffee table in the living room. I took a cigarette as I craved a smoke and lit it up lounging on a leather chair .I had that slightly dazed horny feeling I get after drinking the night before. My cock was stiff and poking from beneath the robe as I had nothing on underneath .At that moment Ed came out of his bedroom in a bathrobe and I realized that on his way to shower he may see my hard cock .Sure enough he smiled at me looking down and instead of going to the shower he slowly got on his knees and guided my erect cock into his wet mouth .It felt so good in his mouth that when he started sucking my cock I gently guided his head with my one hand as I smoked with the other .God he was good at this I thought and he soon had me moaning loud as I blew my load of semen between his eager lips .He made sure I was fully drained before standing up. His own cut cock stood stiff and erect from his body .Ed reached for my hand and said join me in the shower I need you to jerk me off quick .I went with him and we stood naked in the shower under the hot water .He surprised me with a passionate kiss as he looked up at me and wrapped his arms around me. He was so horny and passionate I kissed him back hard enjoying the mounting lust .I grabbed his stiff boner and began masturbating him hard. Ed was soon shaking as I milked his load all over the shower floor .We soaped and cleaned each other then retired to his bedroom for more necking .I realized we were becoming more than just buddies and wanted sex with each other too. That night we talked for hours in bed admitting we wanted the other sexually and to explore further .Before I went to sleep Ed blew me again and this time I lasted a bit longer before I filled his mouth with my cum .In the almost a year since Ed and I are now regular lovers and take turns sucking and fucking the other .I find now I am horny for him and him for me almost constantly and we now share the same bed every night .I am now just as used to his meaty thicker cock in my mouth and ass as he is used to my slimmer cut cock in his.

    Getting Auto Parts

    So I needed wheel bearings for my moms vehicle. They are kinda expensive. Went to Napa as usual to get them. It’s always the same older guys working in there.

    But I went to a Napa I typically don’t go too. When I heard the price of the bearings I was like jeez anything I can do for a discount??! The older guy kinda laughed and gave me 10% off. Nice of him.

    Went back out to my truck and saw a notification on my phone for my Adam 4 Adam app. It was the older guy in Napa! He sent me a smiley face. I instantly sent a message back thanking him for the discount. He said no problem and he then asked if I wanted to suck his dick in return for the discount. I said sure.

    Since he was the only one working in there I went back in. We went into the back room, way back in the back behind some parts shelves. This guy is 59 years old and I’m down on my knees in front of him. He unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his black dickie pants and lowers them. I’m now staring at nice a bulge in fruit of the loom tighty whities. He pushes his tighty whities down mid thigh and I see a nice fat soft uncut dick. I was surprised to see an uncut one sticking out under his big belly.

    I grab dis dick and put it in my mouth, it’s getting erect as I suck it. Once it’s fully erect it’s about six inches long and thick as fuck. So I pull his foreskin back to expose the head. Nice mushroom head, I continue to suck it. I’m getting very hard by that point.

    At that point the door alarm goes off because someone walked in the store. He says I need to take care of this guy real quick. Pulls his whities back up, tucks his dick in them and pulls his pants up. As he’s waiting on the customer I lower ,y pants, lower my red briefs and get back on my knees waiting for him to cam back.

    5 minutes later he comes back and is surprised by the sight of my dick out. He pushed his pants and whities around his ankles. I grab his hard dick and continue sucking it. A few minutes later he’s moaning and saying I’m gonna cum.

    He pulls out of my mouth, starts jerking his dick and lines it up with my face. Cum comes flying out and coats my face. I wasn’t ready for that big load, that was the biggest load I had ever seen a guy shoot. My face was covered, it was in my hair, dripping down to my chest and the last bit of his cum ended up dripping out of his foreskin onto my dick.

    He let out a big sight once he was done cumming. He was going soft with cum dripping out of his foreskin so I push the skin back and took his dick in my mouth to clean it off. He pulled up his pants and whities and grabbed a roll of shop towels. He wiped off his dick then repositioned his tighty whities and his dick in them. Then pull his pants back up and tucked his shirt in.

    He handed me the roll of shop towels and I began to clean up the mess of cum on my face. Once I got a fair share of it wiped off he took me to the bathroom they had in the back corner and said there a shower if I needed it. So I got naked and showered because there was so much cum on me.

    He stood there talking to me as I was in the shower. My dick was still hard. He put some hand soap in his hand and said let me help you out. Grabbed my dick and started jerking it! I came in less then a minute. Huge load all over the shower wall. I sighed with relief as my last bit came out. He said damn that was needed.

    My dick looked little in his big hand! The guy was like 6 foot 2 inches. I’m 5 foot 8 inches.

    Dried off and got dressed. Then headed out. Later that night I was talking to him on Adam 4 Adam and he said next time I need an auto part to message him on there first. He’d make sure he has a condom and lube with him for next time!

  • Enjoyed Every Bit Of It, Always Have

    Everyone, male that is, one day is forced to wonder what it would be like to have a cock in their mouth, maybe even to have a cock in their ass. Most guys will tell you they never thought about it, but I think a lot of them did. Certainly I did. For example,

    In high school I got a job in the afternoons working at the mall in a woman's shoe store near the anchor store. Boots and high heels. The manager was a guy in his early thirties. Most of the week the business was really quiet, it picked up in the evening and Saturday's were the best days. During the week we worked on inventory, stocking the back room, setting up the displays. I was on a foot ladder and he was passing boxes up to me and he passed his hand over my cock. And just as quickly he grabbed my cock. And just as quickly he asked me if I liked that, followed a second later asking if I wanted to suck cock.

    From where he stood he could see the store. It was quiet and he got behind the counter and took his cock out and told me to get over there and suck him while he kept his eye on the floor. My instincts were to tell him to fuck off, but his cock hanging there overrode my instincts and I got on the floor behind the counter and I sucked his cock. I wanted to suck his cock. His cock got hard, I held it with my hand and I sucked him. He had to tell me several times to be quiet, then he came, shots of cum directed at me, what fell in my mouth, around my mouth I licked in. That same day I knew I wanted a cock in my ass. It was that simple.

    I wanted to be fucked so bad. I sucked him many times, almost every afternoon. But he didn't fuck me. That had to wait until I was getting ready to graduate from high school. I had a part time job working as a groundskeeper assistant at the nine hole country club in town. The Mexican who ran the place called me 'chulo'. I didn't know what it meant. One day this other Mexican kid told me it meant pretty, nice, good looking. He made a joke, chulo rhymed with culo, and he told me I was chulo and he wanted my culo.

    He fucked me, in the shed where the bags of seed and fertilizer were stored. I pulled my pants down and I leaned over this bag of fertilizer and I waited for him to fuck me. He fingered me first and then licked my ass, then he fucked me. I was wet from his spit which didn't amount to much, it hurt but I took it, he got his cock in me and that is what mattered, what I wanted, I wanted to be fucked and he fucked me. He cleaned his cock with a rag and then I sucked him. I was his boyfriend at work, he called me chulo and he touched my ass.

    Going to college was a new experience for me. I met a girl and she became my girlfriend. I fucked her and that really made her my girlfriend. She wanted to get married as soon as we graduated. I was too stupid to understand what I was doing and we got married and I went back home with her to work in my family's dealership.

    At the dealership they hired this salesman in his fifties, he was a professional and had worked for many dealerships before he came to our dealership and town. He and I became friends, and he asked me to come over to his apartment and see his new stereo setup. He was a big cocked man, big. Sucking him was a new high, just holding his cock in my hand. Fucking me was what I had dreamed of. He got on my back, holding me against him, fucking me hard until he came. That's what I wanted, that's what I liked. Not like my boss at the country club who fucked me leaning over and him standing up. I found that I liked being held and fucked. He is the first man I really fell in love with. And it showed. Enough that my grandfather fired him to get him out of town.

    Over the years I have sucked a lot of cock, and I have taken a lot of cock up my ass. In that sense I am a true bottom, I want to be kissed and fucked, I want a hard cock. I stayed married for thirty years, had three kids. My wife divorced me for a lot of reasons, but primarily because she wasn't in love with me. As a single, divorced man I have gotten around.
    I don't get involved in town, I am the VP of Sales now for the dealerships, we have three now. No, I go out of town, take my trips to Las Vegas, hook up with a guy playing black jack or some thing like that. A lot of older men exploring their gay side in Las Vegas. But now, with the lockdown I go to our place in Puerto Vallarta and enjoy hooking up there.