Were you outed and didn't want to be? Need to talk about your very first time? Have a question about technique or about safe sex? Whatever it is, lay it all out here.

Not Wanting It

It started over a year ago. Ted was 20 I was almost 17. I hadn't had sex of anykind, only felt tits on two girls, one let me suck on them. That same girl let me feel her pussy under her skirt but over her panties. I at least got my fingers through the leg hole of her panties and got to feel her pussy hair. I admit I jacked off all the time, still do. I had seen some porn, some bi, and a lot of anal hetero porn. I was intrigued by the idea of buttfucking. I almost had the girl who let me suck on her tits and feel her pussy talked into trying it knowing she couldn't get ..(continue confession)

Black For White Cock

Being locked up is boring and being a bit of a perv I spend some quiet time on this site. Being pretty gay, being black and being a bottom drives me to read and beat off to boys in the hands of men. I though I would share my time.

I played ball in high school and in college on the defensive line, being six three and weighing in at two twenty in my college days. As part of the football squad we were housed in the athletic dorm and my roommate was the starter center, a big white boy with a small cock. So maybe because he was big and heavy but I laughed at his cock. ..(continue confession)

My Learning To Suck Cock Is Going Well

Just a few moments ago,I meet up with my secrete more dom friend that has let me become his personal cock sucker, he has a room mate and I just snuck in and quietly drained his balls, sucking him to full on hard then working him till he told me are you going to make me come quickly?
I took my mouth off of his cock and said it’s up to you,
I know he was nervous about someone else being in the house, I loved it,
I slowed down and worked him, he whispered you are the best Vick sucker ever,
I’m new to this do that turned me on, soon he ..(continue confession)

Learning To Be A Cock Sucker

I’m, married for many years, I’ve had gay sex with men from time to time over the years, but always rushed, Ive really never had the chance to learn if I can be a good cock sucker ,here recently I decided I wanted to see if I could be and get a man off with just my mouth, no hands needed, I met a guy on the net, he doesn’t live far from me, now I have meet up with him 6 times and I have swallowed his seed all six times, much to my surprise he says I’m the best cock sucker he has ever had, he said he wished I could teach his GF, I ..(continue confession)

My First And Only Gay Experience (so Far)

A few years ago, I was in Wisconsin working construction and maintenance for a big communications company. I got laid off and found a job working for an older guy who painted multi-story apartment buildings. We were working on a job in a different town and had been provided a room in the complex we were painting. One night, in the middle of the night, I woke up to find the man I was working for standing over me naked. He had a hard on and asked me to suck his penis. I have always considered myself straight, but for some reason, I decided to try it. I started stroking his cock and balls and he positioned himself with his ..(continue confession)

First Gay

I am 19 totally hetero male, and live in an apartment share with a 26 year old man. About a week into lockdown he came into my bedroom naked and I sleep naked too. He got under the covers and I asked what the hell he was doing. His reply was a quick smack to my face and then a grab of my ass. I tried to move away and was met with another smack. He said we could do this the easy way or the hard way, he'd get his nut either way. I resisted and he threatened. I asked if I could just suck him and the response was that it was a good beginning but only a beginning.
..(continue confession)

Older Brother

When I was about 9 years old my older brother would
make me suck his cock. If I refused, or was reluctant, he would beat the crap out of me. After the second or third time I started to like it. When he would cum in my mouth I actually enjoyed it. I liked the taste and texture of his cum. Eventually I was a willing participant in sucking his cock.
That got me started to look for other guys to suck. I became a cum craving guy. Since then I have given blow jobs to probably hundreds of men. I go to adult video stores and theaters to look for men to suck. I sometimes feel guilty that ..(continue confession)

Landlord Provision

The first time, it was because mom was behind on the rent. The landlord suggested my mouth and asshole as payment and for the next ten months mom didn't pay him anything at all.

He basically told me to suck his dick first, and once I became really good at blowing him dry, always swallowing like he taught me, he moved on to fucking my ass.

I soon got past the pain and eventually learned to enjoy his fat seven inch cock. Even calling by his home some days when I knew his wife was out. Those days were amazing, as he fucked me for much longer durations.

Mom tried to get our next ..(continue confession)


Married Hispanic guy here, I met up with a guy that I met on sniffies one night and let him suck my dick in the car. He was younger maybe 25ish, Hispanic. We talked for about a minute or two before he proceeded to swallow every one of my 8 inches of cock that I have to offer. Now let me tell you, I love everything that a women has to offer, there is nothing sexier on earth than a female. But the grip he had on my dick while he jacked me off, the suction his mouth created and to top it off he made sure he deepthroated me while I came. I cum a lot on the regular, that ..(continue confession)

Getting Fucked

Ever since this quarantine happened, I wasn't able to go out, that means no sex for me at all, which blows. Me and my roommate were drinking one night and then he told me he had blue ball and wishes he could fuck someone, I joked around saying he could fuck me if he wanted to, I went to bed and he opened my door and I saw his rock hard cock in his hands, he didn't say anything but he walked towards me and put his cock in my face. He knew I was bi so I went to work on his cock, it was 8 inches too. God his cock was so good, I was sucking his cock and ..(continue confession)