Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

It Only Gets Better

Have a few fuck buddies that have been going on and off for a while. I love when the sex gets amazing though. One night stands are hit and miss. Regular sex with a f0ck buddy gets better and better. This morning had my one f0ck buddy show up and absolutely pound my 4ss hard and deep, and blow his load deep in me, made my cock leak tons of precum. He has one of the biggest cocks I’ve f0cked. Thick and long. White guy, blue eyes, 6 foot 4. His cock fills me up and goes in deep but I can handle it like a seasoned porn star now. He loves to eat my ass, suck and lick my balls and cock. He probably enjoys that I’m a short at 5 foot six, muscular and fit. Sex is so good with him now. I blew a load thinking about it right now, he’s load is still in me it normally is so deep in me it will stay in me for few hours before coming out. I certainly attract a certain type of guy and that is hung white guys. I look like a white supremacist even though I’m Mexican ethnically and by birth, I’ve noticed minorities seem cautious around me, little do they now I’m one of them lol. Not sure if a curse or blessing but for now I’ll enjoy my hung white guy’s cocks balls deep in me. Got a few of them that I f0ck on the regular. I swear my city is the Mecca for hung white buy because I’ve been fucked by lots of them here in my city.

  • Accepting That I’m Bi

    Coming to terms and accepting that I’m bi was a big deal for me. Especially because of my sexual experiences

    I first had sex when I was a senior in high school. A friend and I lost our virginity together on prom night. Kinda corny I know but she thought it would be hot to do so. So that was my first time with a woman

    Sex with a guy was very unexpected. I went to prison when I was 19 and a guy there took my virginity. Mouth and butt virginity. My 9 months there I had sex with one guy the whole time.

    After getting out of prison I figured I’d only want women. But by age 25 I realized I kinda craved guys. But this time I had no plans to bottom.

    So finally at the age of 26 I realized I was bisexual as I was fucking a guy in the back seat of his car after hiking in a trail. Honestly the sex was more enjoyable then fucking a woman.

    Morning Sweets

    The sun was just rising and illuminating our bedroom this morning which cast a golden light on my still sleeping lover, who was laying next to me. He was fully stretched out with his beautiful cock laying on his belly pointing in my direction, so my hands found their way to it and it slowly began to grow as I gently stroked his shaft and cupped his balls.
    Last night we both sucked each other off twice filling our belly's with hot, sticky loads of delicious manspackle and I just needed more, so slid down, sucked him right in and laid there as it grew in my mouth.
    Few minutes later he woke up, said to me how wonderful that felt as I popped it in and out and circled his knob ravenously with my tongue then took every inch of him and sucked. About ten minutes later, he was throbbing and pulsing then shook as his balls emptied their sweetness. Thought he had squirt a lot last night but now he really gushed.
    Oh so fucking sexy feeling gob after gob spurt down my throat. Awesome. Never get enough. Can hardly wait for tonight.

  • Things Happen.

    I have always considered myself to be pretty straight. Over the years I will have to admit to being a bit curious at times. I am divorced at this time and a few times when I have drank too much I have experimented with a little anal penetration.
    It is just something that I do when I drink too much. I watch porn jack off and end up with the Vaseline and something in my ass.
    No one knew about this until about two months ago when my best friend and I were drinking at my house and the more we drank the more we talked and once we started to talk about sex I asked him if he watched much porn. He said sure so I put some on and right away both of us were rubbing our crotches. I asked if he had any fantasies and he asked me too. Once I told him I was curious about anal sex he looked at me and asked me what I was. Talking about. I started to explain to him that when I drink a lot I will get naked and watch porn and I end up with the Vaseline and something stuck up my ass.
    He couldn’t believe I was telling him this and I noticed the bulge in his jeans and knew he was at least wanting to hear more. He asked questions and I answered and then I took a chance and put in some gay anal porn.
    His jaw dropped and both of us were pulling on our crotches and he asked me if I would take my clothes off with him. I said sure then he told me he had always been curious about sucking cock. I told him I was too and if he wanted to we could get naked and suck each others cocks and no one would ever know he said we should try it. Then I smiled at him and said if I sick your dick good enough you think you might want to fuck me. He thought a minute laughed out loud and asked if I had some Vaseline.
    We were both naked in a few seconds standing face to face rubbing our cocks together when he dropped to his knees and started to suck my cock. We took turns on each other awhile then went back to my bedroom where we got in to a very nice 69. Both of us sucking and gagging on each others cocks and I knew he was getting close and I decided to let him cum while I was sucking his cock.
    Once he started to cum I lost it and I started to cum. I was taking his cum as he took mine. We both drank it down and continued to suck on each other and we both enjoyed sucking on each others nuts.
    I got him hard as a rock then excused myself. I went to my bathroom and shoved some Vaseline up my asshole then hurried back to bed. I laid face down and spread my legs and asked him to fuck me.
    His cock was pretty thick and about 7” long and it wasn’t that easy to take but I got him up my ass and he fucked me good. Really hard and it felt so good I came all over myself as he told me he wanted to cum inside of me. I told him to do it and in a few seconds I was taking a pretty big load of my best friends cum up my ass.
    He spent the night and I got him to fuck me two more times before the sun came up. Two days later he called and asked if I might want to do it again. I said I couldn’t wait and he came over and we fucked two more times. Ever since then about every other day he comes over after work we shower and suck each other off then he fucks me a couple of times and my ass is dripping when he leaves.
    I went and bought me two nice butt plush that I like to wear around the house and the other day when he came over to fuck me he had to pull one out of my ass before he could put his dick in me.
    Now he likes to watch me fuck myself with most anything and the other day he brought two big fat cucumbers over and asked me if he could use them on me. It was pretty exciting to let my best friend put Vaseline up my ass then work a big cucumber up my ass. He got so excited that he came on my ass fucking me with the cucumber.
    He is hooked on fucking me and I am very glad that he is because I love getting fucked and taking his cum up my ass. Now I have this wild fantasy of several men fucking me one after the He and I watch gay gang bang porn and he admitted that he would really like to be part of the gang bang you should have seen his face the other day when I let him watch this big black guy with a huge cock fuck this little white guy up the ass. He shot a huge load up my ass watching that.
    Just yesterday I got him to tie me face down to my bed and fuck me. We both lived it and plan to do it more often. My best friend and I are really good friends now and his big fat cock feels so damn good in my ass I want it in me all day long

    So Much Better

    After years of being curious and buying a lot of sex toys and spending many hours of pleading myself trying to satisfy my cravings for anal sex I finally got to experience a real cock.
    For years I have fucked myself and toyed my ass and used most everything you could think of to penetrate myself and I have learned many ways to give myself a really good hard deep fucking. I have even used big rubber cocks that shoot fake cum and I have shot hundreds of loads of the fake cum up my ass.
    I am married and have been for years. My wife is aware of my anal fetish and we have played with toys and strap on cocks I have been very open and honest with my wife until recently when I was out drinking with the guys at work and it got late that night and it was just me and Scott left at the bar We were both pretty drunk and of course talking about sex and it got pretty close and personal.
    We began to share our secrets and once I felt comfortable enough to tell him about my life long anal fetish I began to tell him. Right away I noticed he was very interested in my story. Once I told him most of my history with anal and my use of sex toys he began to tell me that he was not opposed to bi sex and he had enjoyed several hot encounters with men but never anal sex.
    The longer we talked the more we wanted to go somewhere and do something about what was on our minds. Finally he invited me to his place and once we were there our clothes came off and he started to suck my dick right there in his living room. He was on his knees sucking my dick and guided his hands back to my ass then pushed his fingertips into the crack of my ass. He took the hint and started to put a finger up my asdhole.
    Once he started to finger Mr I grabbed his head and started to fuck his mouth and got my dick in his throat several times. He gagged but never stopped sucking my dick. He knew I was about to cum and stick another finger up my asshole and pushed it up my ass really hard and I shoved my dick in his mouth and down his throat and shot a huge load right down his throat. He sucked and licked my cock and balls then stood up and we headed towards the shower.
    We got in this huge walk in shower and in no time he was behind me on his knees licking my ass then he spread my ass open and started to lick my asshole and suck on it. I was going crazy and started to push my ass back towards him and he got his tongue in my ass and he was pulling on my cock. I was going crazy and it felt so good I kept thinking he was going to fuck me just any second.
    In a few minutes he stood up and turned me around and pushed down on my shoulders and his big fat cock was right in my face. I thought about how his cock was going to feel in my ass and I started to suck on his dick.
    He stopped me and asked me if I still wanted him to fuck me. I told him I was sure of it. I went right back to sucking his dick and in a few minutes swallowed my first ever load of cum.
    We made our way to his bedroom and he had a big king sized bed in a very nice bedroom. He and I laid down and he turned me face down got between my legs and then started to rim my asshole and eat my hole then his tongue back in my ass.
    Once he was on top of me I felt that fat cock pushing on my asshole and I slowly opened up and it went right in. It seemed like an hour before he got all the way up my ass but it was only a few seconds. He started to fuck me slowly then he told me how hot and tight my asshole was. Then he asked me if I wanted him to cum in my ass or should he pull out and cum on me.
    I told him to just fuck me and we would figure that out later.
    Man he fucked me good for a very long time. Nice and hard getting derp in my ass and the head of his cock felt so good going in and out of my asshole. After a goid long hard fuck he swelled up in my ass and told me he was about to cum then he told me it felt so good he really wanted to cum in me.
    I never told him yes or no I just pushed my ass up to let him get deeper and he took the hint and started to cum deep in my ass. Damn it felt so good to have his long fat cock balks derp on my asshole and feel his cock pulse inside of me each time he shit his warm thick cum up my ass.
    It must have been good for him too because as soon as he shit my ass full of cum he continued to fuck me again. This time it got wild. He penetrated me several times and got pretty rough with me and I was face down with him on top of me pounding my hole hard.
    He pulled out flipped me over lifted my legs up over his shoulders grabbed his cock touched it to my asshole which was pouring cum and he shoved his cock all the way up my ass then fucked me hard and then closed his eyes and shot a bunch of cum up my asshole. His cock started to get soft and I felt if start to slip out of my ass and I knew I had been fucked and already wanting to come back and get some more very soon
    He has fucked me several times and it just gets better

  • I Was Straight

    i was totally straight until i was got at by a black dick, now i'm a slave, a fucking whore for black dick....i can't get enough and worship black dick...fuck my fellow wytes...i'm all team black now.


    After a very nasty divorce three years ago and a lot of dating and one night stands I became very curious and decided to act on something that I had thought about for many years
    I started watching gay and bisexual porn. I have never been attracted to men but a hard cock or any cock for that matter gets my attention. I enjoy watching men jack off and shout a lot of cum. Watching men suck cock is very hot also but what I really enjoy most is watching a well hung man fucking another man.
    I went so far as to buy several dildos and suction cup rubber cocks and lots of lube. I started to play around with my toys and watch porn and the first time I ever took one of my toys up my ass I fucked myself and it was great.
    Once I tried it I wanted it more often and I found myself fucking my add every day after I got home from work then I bought a couple of butt plugs that I like to insert and wear around the house. I have tried out a few fairly large toys. I bought one a few weeks ago and it is one of the best feelings ever once I get it in my ass. It was a challenge the first few times because it is very thick. A big mushroom head and it is 11” long with a suction cup base. I set up a couple of mirrors and I was able to actually see it go in my ass. It was pretty exciting to watch suck a big fat long cock disappear into my ass. Not to mention the stretching it took to take it in my ass. Once I got it in and got used to it I fucked myself until I came very hard two times then I took it out.
    I wanted it every day and started waking up early enough to fuck my ass with it before going to work. After some time playing alone I began to wonder how a real cock might felt and I joined a couple of gay and bisexual dating sites. I talked to a lot of men swapped muse pics dick and ass pics until I picked out two men that I enjoyed taking to. Both lived away from where I lived and I sent both of them pics if this big rubber cock in my ass.
    After weeks of talking I decided to meet these men and drove to the town where they lived I spent the weekend in a nice hotel room sucking cock and getting my ass fucked by both of these nice young hung men. One the first night then the other the second night then both of them the third night. I got spit roasted a couple of times and it took some work but I got both of them in my ass at the same time.
    I still have a few girlfriends but these weekend out of town trips to suck cock and hey my ass fucked are going to continue. I am really anxious to try a gang bang with several men taking turns on me and my darkest fantasy is two huge hung black men some day. I like being fucked and getting my dick sucked but getting fucked and sucking a dick at the same time is pretty hot.

    First Time With Jay

    I knew Jay for years and only when I began having fantasies about cocks did I begin discreetly befriending him. He understood we shouldn't be too open about it. He was gay and slim and girlie, nice fair hair, a bit long.

    First time we went to the movies, one afternoon midweek. The place was less than half full and we sat on the back row. There was another guy on the back row, and wasn't near us.

    Fifteen minutes into the movie Jay put his hand on my leg, so I put my arm around his shoulder and drew him near. He put his head near mine and I kissed his neck. I had a hard on and moved his hand towards it so he could feel it. I felt his fingers moving over it. He looked at me and smiled.

    I took my coat off and put it over my lap. Then I unzipped myself and eased my cock out. Jay watched me do it then put his hand under my coat and then his hand was touching the skin of my cock, stroking it . I took his face and kissed his lips. He squeezed my cock and kissed me back. When I came I blew into the palm of his hand, then felt the wetness of it run down and over my balls. Hadn't worried about a hankie or tissue. I took some of it and held it up to his mouth, asked in a whisper what did he think about the taste of it. So he licked it and whispered back it tasted of honey. Bullshit of course but he meant it tasted good.

    I put my coat over his lap and undid his jeans. His cock felt smaller, was nice and firm and I could feel the foreskin. We kissed a bit more, then I went down and sucked him. All these things I was doing was for the first time. He didn't cum, he said he was too nervous. When I came up I saw the guy had been looking our way, but he never bothered us.

    Jay lived with his single mother, small two bedroom place. She played tennis on the weekend. We sat on the wall. When she drove off to tennis we went in to Jay's bedroom and undressed. We got completely naked and lay down on the bed. He lay on his back and I got over him and rubbed my cock on his. I felt so good doing it. We just kissed and rubbed our bodies together, did a bit of cock sucking.

    Jay lay face down and I rubbed my cock up and down on the crack of his buttocks and shot my load all over his back . Then he did it to me and I felt his hot cum on my back. We didn't try anal penetration. That came later.

    My first gay sex

    When It's Time For Mexican I'm All In

    I worked at a technical college in the housing department. I was just 19, and my job was make ready, and clean up. My boss was Miguel. A heavy set Mexican man in his fifties. Miguel liked nice young white boys and before I got my first paycheck he had me sucking on his dick. I won't say he introduced me, because in high school I sucked dick. Also a Mexican.

    The thing is that I started sucking Mexican dick, and during that job with Miguel I also got fucked by him. That was an experience I didn't want to have. But Miguel wanted to have that experience and one night when he had me over to suck dick, he went ahead and fucked me. That made me gay all around. As long as I had that job, Miguel had me suck his dick and he fucked me more than once.

    I ran away and joined the Army on an impulse. At that age I didn't know where I was going or how to get there. In the Army everyone had to dress the same way and shower in the communal shower and shit out in the open. Jose was from El Paso and he had a dark dick. Don't ask me why, but his dark dick turned me on and I sucked him. We almost got caught, in those days it was a dishonorable discharge and it went on your record, HOMOSEXUAL. We took care not to get caught. It was during my stint in the army that I figured it out, if you like having a man fuck you, that's makes you gay. But the man fucking you is also gay, right? That meant Miguel was gay, and Jose was gay, not just me was gay.

    I lasted four years, it was during peace time, so I didn't have to go to the front. I served out my stay at several locations and left in good standing after my commitment was up. I went out with a profession, I was an electronics guy. I went out and the first night I was out I sucked this big Mexican's dick and stood and held onto the dumpster and got my white ass fucked. Man, I was so hungry for Mexican dick I never thought about it, a total stranger, not even his name. It was only after he fucked me that I got nervous about AIDS and other stuff.

    I moved to San Diego and worked for a government contractor, they hired a lot of servicemen. I didn't care about them hiring service women, I never noticed. In San Diego I met a lot of Mexicans and I sucked a lot of Mexican dick. I liked young Mexicans to suck dick, but I like older hefty Mexicans when it came to getting my lily white ass fucked. I hung out at this place frequented by Mexican truckers. Sorry, I know that very few truck drivers are gay, but all I needed was to meet one.

    I'm a lot calmer now. I'm friends with Tito and we hang together, I do the cock sucking and he does the fucking. I'm the white gay dude and he's the Mexican top.

  • Learning About Lifes Ways

    As a teenager I absolutely hated school. I was constantly bullied and often punched by those who took pleasure in making my life a living hell.
    As such I often stayed away from school as 'grassing' only gotten you more bullied.
    During one of my truanting days, I ended up in the woods about two miles from where I lived.
    I'd only just entered when I was grabbed by a big guy who I guessed to be in his forties or early fifties.
    He told me immediately I shouldn't be in his woods, nor should I be missing school (uniform).
    He mentioned telling the school, my parents and the police that I was 'wagging it'.

    So when he took his cock out, and it was big, fearing the bullies more than him, I didn't try to stop the man when he pushed me down and forced his cock into my mouth.
    I'd not even kissed a girl by then, so I didn't have a clue what he wanted me to do, but over the next however long it was, he taught me how he liked his cock sucked.
    He wasn't gentle about how he fucked my mouth, but he wasn't overly mean either. And in that respect as I think back now, I kind of accepted my need to pleasure him.
    I had wanked many times by then, and sometimes in the woods I was now sucking on a grown man's cock.
    But he wanted more and had me totally strip naked.

    I knew by then he was going to fuck me, yet I didn't try to run. He'd have easily caught me I and didn't want to anger him.
    As soon as my undies were off, he grabbed me and had me lean up against a tree. That's when I felt his hot breath on my arsehole.
    He spent the an absolute age tonguing my rear hole, telling me all the time how beautiful my arsehole was and how he was going to take my virginity.

    When he did stand up and slowly slide his cock up my saliva coated hole, it was like trying to fit a train through a man hole opening.
    It hurt and that's when I did struggle, but he was far too powerful as he held me fast.
    Not once did he stop talking to me as his cock eventually bottomed out up my arsehole. That's when he brought my head back, turned it and kissed my mouth.
    He was fucking me and kissing me at the same time and strangely the feeling up my backside changed. Like flicking a light switch, the pain stopped and was replaced by an overwhelming feeling of pure joy throughout my entire body.
    It was so powerful, my knees buckled which made me push back onto his cock.
    He took that as encouragement and fucked me harder. Which only made those feelings more intense.
    And before I knew it, I was cumming all over the tree in front of me.
    My arsehole tightened around his cock then, and I felt his cock explode up my rear passage.

    He still held me and began kissing my neck telling me I was a good boy over and over.
    Releasing me, he had me get dressed and he lead me deeper into the woods. We talked as we walked and I explained why I wasn't in school. It was the first time I'd told anyone why and it angered him.
    He'd built a small fire and that's where his back pack was. Offering me a drink and part of his sandwich, we talked for some time before he said I should go.

    Before I left he said if I wanted to enjoy myself again, he usually walked from ****** **** to the woods most days.
    For the rest of that school term when I didn't go in, and through most the summer break I visited those woods and each time he fucked me, or had me suck his dick to completion.
    One day he didn't show up and I found out later on he'd been killed in a car accident.

    Throughout those months however we talked a lot about the people who bullied me.
    Once I returned to school after the summer break, those who bullied me found out I'd found my fighting mojo. I didn't win every fight, but no one bullied me again.

    What's bizarre, is one of those who bullied me is someone who I recently fucked at a cruising spot, and the reason I'm here confessing my story.
    He obviously didn't remember me from school, but he'll sure remember me destroying his arsehole as others watched me fuck him. One of those wanking and cumming over his face and hair.

    This is a 100% true confession. And I've left some parts out. I didn't want to overstate anything, but what I will say is, be careful who you tread on, on the way up. You never know who you'll meet on the way back down.