Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

Lost My Virginity To The CBP

My work friend and I went to Mexico for a good time. Driving back the officers said the canine units responded to cocaine in the car. We didn't have any, and they didn't find any. But not before I got a full body search, x-rays. Apologies all around but a digital search up my ass you don't forget.

So Ashamed

I'm recently married, quite frankly to find someone to marry me I had to move to a different town. I moved to a big city. I had to leave because everyone in town knew I was a slut and a whore. I let boys fuck me starting at 13, and sucked a little before that. I got it anally when I was 17 by 3 guys taking turns. It hurt, it was terrible, they wouldn't even let me clean up. I was in the backseat, they all went twice and then pulled up my panties and my jeans and took me home. I couldn't help it, my pants were soaked with mixed brown and so much sperm. By the time I was 18 I'd had married men, grandpas, daddies, single guys, fathers and later their sons. I was forced to do it with other girls, to please the boys. It was probably 80 plus guys that had fucked me by the time I was 18 and there were 14 girls, and 5 older women. One woman even took me on a cruise with her. It was a nudist cruise and I was her sex partner, even on the open pool deck. I let boys take pictures and videos of me, and during the time I got hooked on meth. I was doing anything people wanted for meth or for money to buy it. One guy gave me a big amount, all I had to do was let his dog fuck me. Only it wasn't just one dog. There I am on video with 3 different dogs doing it to me. The second, the biggest, got it in my butthole and was slamming me and it hurt a lot. I was crying and begging for them to stop him but they didn't, it all went on video. I went back to him and his friends many times, each time having to suck them, let them fuck me, and then the dogs came in. I let one so-called boyfriend, get his whole hand in me and fist me.

I had to move, I was so ashamed, even my parents knew about me. My neighbor showed them some video. So I left, cleaned up, joined a church, met the pastors son and eventually I fucked his brains out and he married me. I am waiting for someone from my town to show him what I have done.

Getting Paid To Shit

When I was on grindr anonymously just to get my cock sucked cause I was a horny fuck, one guy in particular wanted me to shit in his mouth for money. I laughed it off until he sent me an etransfer of 100$ after I gave my email just to send a picture of my shit. He said he would pay me 400 for me to shit in his mouth but upped it to 600 instead. He asked me to eat alot of eggs prior so I would shit alot and i liked eggs so i ate alot and i had a whole lotta shit to shoot. He came to my garage and got on the floor where I took my pants off and squatted over his head. He started licking my ass and i began shitting down his throat. It was a long shit but he started to eat it and acted like he was having an orgasm. After i was done i took the 600 and said i had to go but then he said he had another 600 if i would fuck his throat with the shit in his mouth. This is a true story cause i was like what the fuck i aint doing that but he insisted because he said he liked my cock. My cock is 8 inches so it caught his attention. I asked him to send an etrasnfer of 1000 which he did so i just fucked his throat and came in it quick, my cock was fucking nasty with my shit. It was disguting but i got like 2 grand in a day

  • I Have Not Desire To Surrender To Her

    Please don't repeat this. I am currently living with a divorced lesbian woman, I rent a room in her house. Her exhusband has residual rights to her and she gives him sex. He has taken to giving me sex too. I started getting head from her after he started having sex with me, basically she wanted to lick out his cum from me. It's pretty disgusting but it has happened more than once.

    I am straight woman, sex with him is better than no sex at all. He knows his way around and he can keep it up long enough to get an orgasm out of me. I won't eat her, I just won't. She has sat on my face after he gets off of me to force her nasty pussy in my face and she locks me down putting her whole weight on my face.

    I got spanked twice by her for not 'obeying', both times with a wooden spoon. She jumps on me when I am not expecting it and demands that I surrender once and for all. He won't do anything about it and won't make her stop getting on me. I lock the door to my room, but I have to go out to use the bathroom and to eat and stuff and she is waiting. I try to keep the table between us but she is faster than me and she is very strong.

    I don't want to move, I don't want to stop having sex with him, he does it for me. I can even take her obsession with licking his sperm out of me, basically because I don't deserve it. It's her riding my face that disgusts me. I don't see how anyone can go down on a woman, I just don't.

    I'm Not Like Other Women

    My boss told me I had to work in the office. When I got there it was just me and him. He got what he wanted, I suppose I got what I deserved.

    Sex for me is not what it is for other people. I don't enjoy it, I tolerate it. Except when I can't do anything about it, like with my boss. Then I can't get enough of it.

  • Dissappointed In My Mom

    In the sixth grade my mother told me a 'friend' of hers was going to live with us for a while, she and her son. We lived in a two bedroom house, one was my bedroom so where were they going to sleep and where was I going to sleep.

    When mom's friend showed up she was a well dressed woman older than my mom, her son was more of a bookworm. After unloading their car her friend's things were put in my mom's room and her son's stuff in my room. My mother told me we were going to be a blended family, the boy was going to be my brother and my mom's friend my other mother. That's when I learned my mother was gay.

    For several months they had sex which we could hear through the walls. The noise from the bed, talking, asking for sexual stuff. They got married, my new mom was the boss. As to her son, he slept in one bed and me the other. He knew his mom was gay, I didn't. Walking into their room I saw them naked in bed, they kissed on the mouth, they said 'my wife'.

    I don't like her, my mom's wife. I went to live with my dad. I am not against lesbians, just my mom being a lesbian, that ruined my life.


    I was forced by my partner's to swallow cum and it's disgusting, the smell the taste the texture everything was disgusting yet I swallow caz it makes him feel better and it became a habit from once a week to trice a day and I prefer getting heavily drunk when I swallow. Last time I was in Miami this fat guy I hooked up with I was starting with a blowjob and suddenly he bursted and ejaculated a whole ton of that disgusting shit in my mouth with no heads up and I had to swallow , at first I thought I hated it but it's sweet and we continued to have sex the whole night and everytime he's gonna cum I put my mouth there, it's so delicious and I have him several blowjobs that day and swallowed a lot ,, I liked it maybe because i was high and the cum was super sweet and I couldn't find such cum anywhere. I have sex pretty often and found 2 sexual partners with no strings and I started to suck their Dicks trice a week just so I could get the taste and now I try to blow my partners dick at least once a day. I force him to eat lots of sweet stuff just so I could swallow. And it's pretty good.

    Had Sex On My Period For The First Time

    My boyfriend really wanted to fuck. I told him I was on my period, and blood would definitely be involved. It was nearing its end, so it wouldn’t be a lot of blood, but it’d still be there. He asked me if it would hurt me to have sex. I said no, and he told me as long as it didn’t hurt, he wouldn’t care.

    A part of me wasn’t interested, but that other side wanted to do it because I love making my boyfriend feel good. It’s just such a turn on for me to hear and experience how great I make him feel. But even so, it was still... blood. Messy, smelly blood.

    I reluctantly agreed, but made sure to tell him that there would be an odor. He said he didn’t care. I tried to go at least change my pad (couldn't take a shower), but he didn’t care about it at all, and told me to just chill while his hard dick was already springing out of his pants. It was humoring, yet embarrassing.

    So I got ready too. When the inevitable smell hit, he faltered briefly, and it made me want to fade away from existence, but he told me he’d adjust to it.

    We fucked on a lumpy bag, on a patio. I was concerned about the mess we could make, but his wandering hands and sexy ass groans made the worries slip away. He really lived up to his word. He fingered me, rubbed my clit, and gave me rugged kisses whenever he’d hike my legs up to fuck me deeper. It was so exhilarating, but hard to keep quiet as we were sneakily having sex during nighttime. Anyone could’ve came to the patio, and it was so difficult to keep caring about that. I just wanted to keep getting fucked and hearing the pounding I was getting.

    A while into it, my boyfriend pulled out suddenly, and idly rubbed my clit as he just stood there for a while. I didn’t know what he was doing, and for a bit we were in silence until he asked me if he could eat me out. I freaked out and shot up, and told him no because I did not want to get ate out on my period! More specifically, I didn’t want the blood and taste in his mouth. But that man is very stubborn, and tried to play off that he wasn’t gonna do it. But before I knew it, his tongue was burrowing into my pussy, and I couldn’t—or rather, didn’t—want to stop him anymore. He sucked, and licked, and feverishly swirled around my clit and it drove me into a frenzy. I started to get that explosive feeling in my gut, and it was there when I had to push my pelvis away before I started waking people. He stood back up to fuck my sensitive and slick hole a few more times before finally pulling out for the night.

    As soon as we finished, I made sure to give him some wet wipes to clean off and water from my bottle to rinse his mouth. It was like as soon as the high went down, I was embarrassed and panicking about the blood all over again. After brief, awkwardly positioned cuddling, his ass grabbing, and goodnight kisses, I left shortly after. I’m not sure if I’d do it with blood as a guest star again... but it was quite the experience.

    I Let Him

    I'm 19 as of about a week ago. I've always been a heavy girl, I don't think I'm really pretty in the face though I'm not bad I guess. I weigh 225lbs, have really big boobs, and am only 5ft. 3in tall. So I'm really a big girl. I've had this one guy I've been seeing for about 6 months now. I've always let boys do anything they want, and I've always had someone to go out with. I realized young that I'd better have sex and in the years have done it all. Anal was my last try, I did that when I was about 15, and have come to actually like it. The guy I'm seeing, and he is one of the guys I have sex with, took me anally last night. He's got a really thick one, so to relax and take it I'm always opened up back there when he's done. He likes to play with my opened hole after so I keep it relaxed.

    Last night he told me just kneel there, spread open, my face and boobs on the mattress and I felt his cock back at my entrance. Then I felt very warm, and he pushed more of his cock into me and it felt really warm, I knew it was liquid. I was afraid to move and knew what it was but asked him what he was doing. He wouldn't say, just said "let me do it, don't move" after he was done he told me to close up and tighten as much as possible. His pee leaked out onto the bed, and down my legs as I went to the toilet. He asked me to turn backwards, so I sat on the toilet facing the back and he watched me open up and his pee and his cum flushing out of my butthole.

    I was so embarrassed that I let him do that, but he's really good to me and I mostly enjoy sex with him, unlike a lot of others. He called me over to fix lunch at his place, and mentioned that he'd been drinking a lot of water. I was having anal again, then got peed in again. This time he had a towel under me so I could use that when I got up and I didn't have to clean the sheets again.

  • But I Liked It

    A lot. Happened a few months ago one evening after supper. GF was going to bathe before bed and I was really in the mood to give her lots of oral. She has great climaxes while I tease and suck her prominent clitoris. So I wanted her as she was but she refused and said she'd be all sweet very quickly. As she past the barstool I was sitting on I wrapped my arm round her waist and drew her close for a kiss. My free hand took a handful of her bottom and I slipped my middle finger very gently into her damp crack. Figured after she went past I would casually sniff my finger while waiting for her.
    Total surprise when I carefully lifted my finger and saw the first digit was not just musky it was actually dirty. Directly that fingertip was in my mouth and my dick was throbbing hard in my shorts. Filthy, nasty, shameful and I wouldn't tell a soul but fuck it was so goddam exciting.