Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

Dirty Sex

Had sex with a 20 year old guy from work. He’s a bottom.

I was fucking him fairy rough because that’s how he likes it. I came deep in his ass.

As I pulled out my dick was covered in shit. He said I swear I rinsed out. I told him it’s okay it comes with the territory.

We both got in the shower to wash up and he was saying sorry the whole time.

  • Got Grossed Out

    Boy, my new neighbors are two lesbians. And nice looking. The younger one knocked on my door, their toilet backed up. And she was anxious and uncomfortable as hell. I sent her straight to my toilet. Then go see what was going on. Mind you this duplex is old, 1940s construction.

    Well it was clogged. I went down to the hardware store, rented a power driven snake, started at the access to the sewer line outside and man, her line going back into her side was packed with tampons and pads. One or both of them were flushing their hygiene stuff down the toilet.

    To get to where I'm going, I did clean out their line, sat them both down, not accusing one or the other and told them, never flush that stuff down the toilet. The older one, I'm talking like 25, said her family had lots of problems with their sewer, and gave herself away.

    So where are we today, the younger one cooks pasta pretty well. The older one pretends to clean up. When it's pasta night they have me over. The younger one is all over me, I'm not planning on grabbing her ass or anything, but she acts like a bitch in heat signaling the street dog she's ready, willing and able. Damn I want to fuck her. But her 'partner' never leaves her alone with me.

    I Love Being Gross Apparently

    So I had a roommate once with this large husky type dog.
    He didn't care for the dog or do anything for it.
    It pissed me off so I started carrying for it.
    He was a super problematic roommate and ended up leaving, trashing his room, and left his dog.

    Now, I don't consider myself into beastiality. I don't get turned on by dogs. I also consider myself totally straight.

    A while back I was a little drunk and was rough housing with the dog.
    I'm down on the ground with him, hands and knees, and at one point he kind of hops on my back with my head kind of between his back legs.
    I thought he was just goofing around but then he starts humping against my shoulders and the back of my neck.
    I thought it was funny at first.

    Then, I'm not sure why, I kind of sit up a bit, grab his cock through his fur. Was I just curious?
    I don't know but when I did that he really went to town. Basically jacking himself off with my hand. Well before I can even process what is happening he's cumming.
    Just spraying me.
    He came all over the side of my neck, down the inside of my shirt, all over the hood of my sweatshirt, and on the side of my face.
    I was shocked.
    It was dripping down my body under my shirt.
    It stunk like musky dog.
    It was super grossed out.

    .... But then that grossed out feeling is what turned me on.

    I got this huge rush of like disgusted with myself mixed with being super fucking turned on.

    But then I noticed the time and remembered I had to run up to the store quick before it closed.

    It was a combo of not thinking that straight cuz I was buzzed and also wanting this feeling to last but I kind of barreled out my house without cleaning up. I walked up to the store a half block away.
    I walked around this brightly lit store with people walking all around me.
    I stink. I am covered in nasty skunky dog cum. I have it drying on my cheek. I can feel the damp wetness of it all over my clothes. On my skin.
    It was such a rush.
    Was it humiliation? Was it degration?
    I don't know but I hurried home and actually jerked off on my porch (it was dark).

    From then on I still do it.
    I jerk the dog off on my face, on my shirt, just as much all over me as I can then I go places.
    Sometimes I wear light colored clothes so that it shows.

    Sometimes I don't shower for a while and do a few sessions of it so it's like extra gross.
    Sometimes the smell is so bad I almost gag and that'd when it's the best.

    I also have started cumming on my jeans or shirt and not changing or wearing that out. Like I love being at the gas station with a few days worth of dried cum on my jeans.

    I'm like obsessed with this and can't stop.
    What the fuck is wrong with me?

    Growing Up

    After my grandmother died my mother and I had to move out of her apartment because my mother couldn't afford the rent by herself. She found a garage apartment which was a one room efficiency. The man who owned the house and the apartment let use the washer and dryer. My mother gave him sex and we cleaned his house. I lost my virginity to him.

    We moved into his house and he rented the apartment to an older lady. I've had sex with three men, him and two others after I moved out when I joined the Army. Both of the other men are old men too. I guess I'm broken, I only like old men.

    I Quit My Old Job

    My supervisor had been injured in the military, he had a Purple Heart and was on disability. What I didn't know was that he had been injured in the junk and he was not a man. He took medication to make up for his disability and that made him sexually aggressive. I though he was a jerk and stayed away from him.

    Several coworkers went to a Friday after work happy hour on a whim. Some other people from work showed up, including my supervisor. I was bending over a table talking to one of my female coworkers when my supervisor grabbed me between my legs. I screamed, and the next thing I knew he was out on the floor and this man was holding his fist.

    I sort of had to be thankful, and talk with the man. To me he was older, like 35. To him I was just the right age, 24. When I left the happy hour I got in his car and we went out to eat. I got home the next morning nursing my holes, after spending the night with him.

    At work on Monday I learned of his disability and his medication. It was up to me as to whether he was fired or not. If he stayed, I was assigned to another department. For me I got screwed anyways, my knight in shinning armor kept calling me, my supervisor's job was in my hands. I did the only thing I knew to do. Put that weekend behind me, let my supervisor stay and the company had to figure out what to do with the manless man. Me, I quit and went to work with my new boyfriend who wanted a full time girlfriend.

  • Creampie Party

    My friend's wife has recently become pregnant. He invited a group of his single male friends over and we were drinking and gaming a bit. He announced the news that his wife was expecting to us and we all drank even more in celebration for him.

    We kept gaming and drinking and he brought up that his wife cant get more pregnant, so we could all cum in her and not worry about getting her pregnant. We though he was joking and laughed and kept gaming. We played for about another 10 minutes and then he said "Seriously, if anyone wants to cum in her, you can. She has always wanted to get gangbanged but was scared of getting pregnant." At this point we kinda started to think he was serious, but we all just laughed again and didnt make a move.

    We kept drinking and then one of the guys was going to grab more beers and said "I am going to stop by your bedroom real quick and fuck (host's wifes name). The guy said "be my guest." We started talking in the room with the Xbox and discovered that our host was very sincere about offering his wife up to us, and that this was infact a dream of hers. At this point we were all very drunk and did end up running a train on her. At time time I was turned on by putting my dick in her cum filled pussy from the other guys, but ever since I have had mixed emotions of regret and horniness. I dont want to tell my other friends, but i also wanted to tell someone.

    The Biggest Loser, Me

    Having graduated from college I interviewed for and was hired at a Fortune 500 company. My boss told me I was going to be evaluated to see where I fit. They liked my degree, the generalist degree, my school and I interviewed well. But fitting in was what I had to work on. And just like that he assigned me reception, the idea was for me to learn the company and the employees.

    I was not so much devastated as I was humiliated. I chose to resign. My boss told me with that I told him everything he needed to know about me. Not so much good bye, as good riddance. From employed, with a comfortable wage, to unemployed looking for a job. I was not able to land an interview much less a job. I took a job as a waitress at a neighborhood restaurant. After ten days I was fired, I distinguished myself for the lowest tips ever.

    I had no choice but to go home. My mother did her best but I was so deflated I couldn't send applications. When the Christmas season came I got a job at a cart in the mall selling candles. It was there that a high school guy ran into me. I thought you went to ???, I heard you had gotten a job with ???. This guy, Mr. Nobody actually offered to introduce me to his company, they were always looking for sales people. T Mobil.

    Let me say, I was more than humiliated. Embarrassed. My mother made me go, or move out. I got the job, at the store near the mall. My high school friend fucked me at his apartment. He fucked me in my ass. I had reached rock bottom, so low that lower did not exist. My job was in his hands, put out or walk out. I swallowed my pride, spread my legs, sucked him off, kept my job. A girl that worked there told me you always sucked the man that gave you your job. There were after work parties, I had to go with him. Everyone in town knew I had sunk so low to work at T Mobil and fucked the high school loser Joe.

    I am in grad school, one last chance for redemption. My Grandfather is giving me this chance. At least I don't have to suck Mr. Nobody anymore.

    Lost My Virginity To The CBP

    My work friend and I went to Mexico for a good time. Driving back the officers said the canine units responded to cocaine in the car. We didn't have any, and they didn't find any. But not before I got a full body search, x-rays. Apologies all around but a digital search up my ass you don't forget.

    So Ashamed

    I'm recently married, quite frankly to find someone to marry me I had to move to a different town. I moved to a big city. I had to leave because everyone in town knew I was a slut and a whore. I let boys fuck me starting at 13, and sucked a little before that. I got it anally when I was 17 by 3 guys taking turns. It hurt, it was terrible, they wouldn't even let me clean up. I was in the backseat, they all went twice and then pulled up my panties and my jeans and took me home. I couldn't help it, my pants were soaked with mixed brown and so much sperm. By the time I was 18 I'd had married men, grandpas, daddies, single guys, fathers and later their sons. I was forced to do it with other girls, to please the boys. It was probably 80 plus guys that had fucked me by the time I was 18 and there were 14 girls, and 5 older women. One woman even took me on a cruise with her. It was a nudist cruise and I was her sex partner, even on the open pool deck. I let boys take pictures and videos of me, and during the time I got hooked on meth. I was doing anything people wanted for meth or for money to buy it. One guy gave me a big amount, all I had to do was let his dog fuck me. Only it wasn't just one dog. There I am on video with 3 different dogs doing it to me. The second, the biggest, got it in my butthole and was slamming me and it hurt a lot. I was crying and begging for them to stop him but they didn't, it all went on video. I went back to him and his friends many times, each time having to suck them, let them fuck me, and then the dogs came in. I let one so-called boyfriend, get his whole hand in me and fist me.

    I had to move, I was so ashamed, even my parents knew about me. My neighbor showed them some video. So I left, cleaned up, joined a church, met the pastors son and eventually I fucked his brains out and he married me. I am waiting for someone from my town to show him what I have done.

    Getting Paid To Shit

    When I was on grindr anonymously just to get my cock sucked cause I was a horny fuck, one guy in particular wanted me to shit in his mouth for money. I laughed it off until he sent me an etransfer of 100$ after I gave my email just to send a picture of my shit. He said he would pay me 400 for me to shit in his mouth but upped it to 600 instead. He asked me to eat alot of eggs prior so I would shit alot and i liked eggs so i ate alot and i had a whole lotta shit to shoot. He came to my garage and got on the floor where I took my pants off and squatted over his head. He started licking my ass and i began shitting down his throat. It was a long shit but he started to eat it and acted like he was having an orgasm. After i was done i took the 600 and said i had to go but then he said he had another 600 if i would fuck his throat with the shit in his mouth. This is a true story cause i was like what the fuck i aint doing that but he insisted because he said he liked my cock. My cock is 8 inches so it caught his attention. I asked him to send an etrasnfer of 1000 which he did so i just fucked his throat and came in it quick, my cock was fucking nasty with my shit. It was disguting but i got like 2 grand in a day