Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

The Old Man Fucked Me

When the lockdowns were first implemented my elderly neighbor came over complaining. It became a thing with him, knocking on my door at all hours. Kind of hard pretending I wasn't there, through the thin walls you can hear the TV. At one point he asked me if I missed the old hide the weenie trick. He was tone deaf to calling him out for being forward and gross. Several weeks into the lockdown I was in the kitchen fixing my dinner, he came over and walked in, I went back to my dinner and I felt him on my back. He asked me what was I fixing rubbing himself against my behind.

He grew an erection, and held me around the waist, humping my behind harder and harder until he came in his pants. I got out from his grip and said oh fuck to myself, took a hand towel and gave it to him to clean up.

The next time he came over I told him to stay on the other side of the island. By then I was fixing dinner for him every night. I set the table, he stared at me the entire time. I served our dinner and sat down and asked him if he even understood how gross it was what he had done. He didn't answer so I ended the conversation telling him he couldn't fuck me.

Two weeks later, mid afternoon he fucked me.

  • So Many Seaman

    I went on a fishing trip on a boat that slept 10 men they were all over 70 after a day fishing we dropped anchor in a secluded bay no one for miles.The booze flowed after dark and cocaine as well
    They got me very drunk and high and got me naked to kneel on the floor while they stood around me me masturbating on my face trying to get it in my mouth
    They were drinking and laughing and making me snort lines of coke of a guys 10 inch cock
    They made me perform oral sex on all of them multiple times made me swallow there sperm
    They had dinner while i went and had a shower to clean all of the cum of my face hair and body I was covered
    I showered and had a nap till I was woken at at 3am
    They were all sitting naked stroking there erect cocks looking at me
    Undress he said,I did I got on all fours on the bed did about 5 lines of coke and a triple scotch it hit me just as the first cock slid in my asshole
    For the next 8 days and nights all of them fucked me in unspeakable ways degrading ways that make me want to cry about I feel ashamed because I didnt say no I said yes more I enjoyed being used by a group of dirty old men.
    I cant think about anything for long the images of what I did always come out to taunt me
    I can here the constant moaning and groaning as they jerked off fucked me and came all over me and inside me
    I feel so ashamed of my desires they haunt me
    peace and love

    The Cop Scoped Me Out And Came For Me After I Was Out

    Following a stint in the city jail I got a night clerk job at a no name motel. One night after midnight I have to call the cops because a drunk was walking around knocking on doors. Two cops showed up, one was a cop who had arrested me and gave me a hard time during my six months. He remembered me and I remembered him. They caught the drunk and arrested him for drunk and disorderly.

    After they had him subdued the cop opened the door and told me that after the drunk was booked he was coming back to question me. I was the innocent victim but I did not want him giving me an interrogation, about anything. He returned around 4 in the morning, I had the front door locked and had to let him in. He did a 'security' check, including the small manager's office. Then he got down to his business.

    'I've been watching you boy. I think that what you need is a man to keep you from getting into trouble.' Let's relax and show me some love'. And with that his dick was out of his pants and his hand on my head and I was facing his dick straight on. For a nanosecond I thought about fighting back, but his dick was too much to pass up so I gave him the love he wanted. If that manager's office could talk it would tell the story of the night I dropped my pants and bent over for the man.

  • I Let My Creepy Stalker Do Me

    I was ovulating and was extremely horny. I couldn't think of anything other than getting dicked down real hard.

    This guy had been following me around the college campus and had been hitting on me non-stop. And he was... disgusting, to say the least. He would talk while standing really close to me and both his body and breath were simply disgusting. He was the only quick fuck I could get at the time so I brought him to my place.

    But, I hate to admit that I enjoyed it. He made me come twice. Like, I came so hard that accidentally blurted out, "I love you!"

    Without any warning, the motherfucker straight up nutted inside me.

    I'm quite worried because of my ovulation but what I'm more worried about is that I enjoyed it even I found him disgusting.

    What should I do? Is something wrong with me?

    Rough Threesome With Younger Coworkers

    This was a couple of years ago I use to work at a factory. I got along with another woman named Lana. She younger than me only 21 and she had only recently turned 21. I was 28 at the time.

    We got along swimmingly. And this was an early time of my budding bi sexuality. Well she ended me over to her apartment to drink and I agreed. She eventually told me she invited another guy from work. I figured whatever until it was a guy who I didn't really care for named Kyle. Mostly because we were always picking up his slack. Overall he wasn't a bad guy, just young and dumb. What I didn't know was Kyle was only 18 at the time.

    So Friday night after work I went home. Got showered and went off too Lana's. Kyle hadn't shown up yet. So Lana and I started drinking, talking, and she let it slip she'd already had sex with Kyle, and that he was hung. Dominate. And pretty good in bed.

    Well by the time Kyle did show up we were already pretty drunk. And she started pestering him to show me his cock. Which I can't deny I didn't help egg on. I was drunk.

    We only got more drunk and Kyle said he would show it off if the two of made made out in front of him. Lana was down and so was I so we started making out. Which really helped get me on the mood as I did find Lana pretty attractive. He quickly changed the deal saying it was unfair he was showing himself off and we weren't showing anything off. So we both got topless.

    He showed off his cock and I can't deny I was impressed. He was bigger than any guy I had ever been with. And Lana wouldn't let up about it. How good it felt, how he could go multiple rounds. Singing his praises. So after we all did some more drinking, body shots, things got a bit more hot and heavy between me and Lana on the couch with him watching.

    Lana then asked if it would be okay for him to join us. Because she wanted some dick. I was drunk, horny and having fun so I said fuck it.

    Kyle took us to the bedroom and his demeanor quickly changed. Saying how he was in charge. We were to only refer to him as Daddy or master. Pulling our hair and saying we were his sluts whores until he was done with us. Lana ate it up but it threw me off at first but I was drunk and hadn't had sex in a while so figured what the hell.

    He took turns fucking both of us. Lana and I would eat each other out while he was doing it. He pulled our hair. Slapped our faces and asses. Then eventually he laid us on our backs and took turns face fucking us until he came. Then he told us to cum swap. I said no and he slapped me so hard my head felt like it spun. Before I could get my bearing he slapped me again. Then he "punished" Lana for my disobedience by grabbing her by the hair and slapping her repeatedly until I was willing to do what he said. So I did it. It wasn't really that bad but the situation was just a little weird.

    We took a break. Got more drunk and all started fucking again. We were calling ourselves Daddy's dirty whores. He'd slap our asses until it hurt. Then he started using a belt. ( We both actually had welts for days. ) After fucking for a bit I was laying in the bed while Lana was one the floor giving him head again when he told me to get over here and not to tell him no again.

    I got off the bed as he came in her mouth again. I crawled over and getting ready to kiss her and cum swap with her again. Our lips connecting she began to pour the liquid into my mouth. It was way to runny to be cum and when I tasted it was piss. I gagged and thought I was gonna throw up. He just grabbed my by my chair pulled my head back and told me to open up or he would punish me. I said no again and he slapped me repeatedly until I had tears running down my face and Lana finally came close and literally spit his piss into my mouth.

    It was disgusting but it didn't stop there. He literally peed on both of us. And either because or I was still drunk or whiplashed from the beating we ended up having sex again. He fucked us both while covered in piss. Dumped rum on us and eventually I passed out somewhere along the way.

    Woke up the next day in Lana's bed with Lana. Feeling like shit, sore, covered in alcohol some cum and smelling like piss. Didn't know how to feel. Was whiplashed. Ended up taking a shower with Lana. She wouldn't stop talking about how fun that was. And hoped for us to have fun again.

    I did eventually end up having sex with just Lana. And even a couple more threesomes. But never again with Kyle. I didn't mind the rough stuff as we had a couple of dominate guys. But the piss thing was way too much for me. Not to mention I felt pretty gross to find out he was only 18 too. Legal but still felt wrong.

  • Forced Cuck

    I'm in a horrible situation. I don't see a way out and I really don't know what to do.

    Since covid hit I've lost my job, lost my sense of smell and taste and my self esteem and self respect. At least my smell and taste are coming back.

    My wife on the other hand has an online business and has flourished during these last two years. She is a very progressive, confident, attractive and dominant kind of person. She used to also be sweet, kind l, caring and supportive.
    Today she is the breadwinner, the queen of the castle as she calls it, and has taken my manhood.

    When I caught covid I was miserable and she was very nurturing and helpful. But I was so sick and it took literally months to get back anywhere near normal. In that time I was not up to satisfying her sexually. My wife has a very high sex drive which I loved since day one! She likes it all! Giving head, getting it, anal, toys, role playing, we even have had numerous threesomes with both men and women. She loves to get eaten while getting fucked either anally or vaginally. She will even eat pussy if it's a young girl. (She has a thing for skinny little blondes.)

    After not having any kind of sex for 3 weeks she told me she needed some dick. I could either watch her get it or she would just go out and get it. I objected. We fought. Ultimately she said look Bill. You have two choices, accept that I'm going to fuck who I want with or without you and you can like it. Or move on.

    I was devastated. I still love her, she's been my wife for 13 years and we dated for 2 years before that. I had to submit.

    She now has a stable of studs who service her regularly. I can either make myself scarce or make myself useful. I can lick her pussy while she's getting fucked. Then eat her cream pie after, whether it's from her ass or pussy.

    When at first I just made myself scarce she had a talk with me. She said I really want you to be my cuck. I want you to service me while I'm getting fucked and you will clean my holes with your mouth after. You have to make sure to get all the cum. And if one of my studs wants you to clean his dick, you will suck and lick him clean. Do this and you can have any car you want for your birthday. If you don't, I really have little use for you, and you might consider finding a job and somewhere else to live.

    So now I am a cuckold. I don't like it much. I don't like sucking big black dicks with my wife's and his cum all over it. I kind of like eating her cum filled pussy. But not her ass so much because sometimes it's a bit messy. But I do it. I'll be getting a new C8 Corvette next month. I keep telling myself that.
    I'm looking for work, but she doesn't know. She told me she likes me as a stay at home hubby and loves me just as I am.

    I have not fucked my wife now in over 6 months. When I ask her when I can fuck her again. She said cucks don't fuck Bill. But you can have a girlfriend or a boyfriend if you like, but they have to meet my standards and approval.

    I don't think I can live this way for the rest of my life. But I'll have to at least until I get a job and that car.

    My Husband's Behavior Sent Me Into The Arms Of A Woman

    As a young six months married 24 year old my husband was busted for male prostitution and dr_g dealing. He was accused after propositioning an undercover vice cop, for both sex and dr_gs. Under surveillance and with a wire he delivered the dr_gs and agreed to performing sex with the male vice cop for money. His lawyers argue all types of bull shit, but my marriage was over.

    It's been six months now, I'm careful. I am living with my sorority sister. For now it's me and her, I don't want anything to do with a man. I wake up with her, I love it.

    Was My Wife A Slapper

    My original post was about my wife to be letting two boys fuck her.
    It was…(but keep reading until the end..)
    One was 16 the other 17 and she was 23.
    The 16 year old had her first, but he came as soon as his cock was inside her… apologizing for cumin so quickly.
    She didn’t know if she had taken his virginity or not when I asked her!
    The 17 year old fucked her a few times before losing interest and started fucking girls his own age.
    Both wore protection.
    Suppose it was a dream come true for them, fucking an older woman?
    But the 16 year old continued to call at her place and have sex with her.
    I have since found out that there is more to it.
    Apparently there were more than just the two teenagers that used to go round to her place.
    I contacted one of them, and he told me that some of the party’s at her place were wild.
    Several of the other boys had fucked her… he said after one drunken party he went up to her bedroom to fuck her, and she was asleep in bed naked…but there were four used condoms on the floor!
    So four of the boys had fucked her that night!
    Although she has changed, do you think she was a slapper back then?
    Please don’t say get over it, I would like to know if you think letting young boys between her legs was wrong

    I Still Have Memories And I Haven't Been Able To Find A Boyfriend

    Only once have I been in a group sex situation. My only spring break trip as well. I was a junior at UTSA and three friends and I decided to go to South Padre. We drove and checked into a cheap hotel sharing one room with two beds. Then we went out to party. The first night we were there some guys we met invited us to a party at a private condo by the beach. There were a couple of dozen college kids there, lots of alcohol and some kids were smoking weed.

    The first clue as to type of party it was is when I saw a girl being screwed on the balcony on a lounge chair. She looked really young to me, like a high school girl, but I could be wrong. Some girls were giving blowjobs to guys standing in a row waiting their turn. Others making out on the chairs and couches, a girl being eaten sitting on the kitchen counter. I watched, stared. My friends were equally shocked but we couldn't tear ourselves away.

    Who spiked our drinks I don't know, probably one of the guys who invited us. I was being screwed in a bedroom. Another couple walked in and started fucking on the same bed. The guy screwing me couldn't get off and he turned me over and he was in my ass in a second. He fucked me hard till he came. When he pulled out I shit the bed. The other couple yelled at me and left.

    I grabbed my clothes and found a bathroom to wash up. I never saw the guy again. I found one of my friends, she was alright. We looked for our other two friends, they had been screwed too. We walked and walked until we got a cab to get us back to our hotel. We all took showers, tried to clean the guy's cum out of us, we desperately wanted to get rid of the cum. We slept till noon. The worst hangover I've ever had. We packed up and drove back to San Antonio.

    That's it, the worst nightmare you can imagine.

  • My Wife Wanted Anal Sex

    Maybe I’m a weird man but anal sex is nasty to me. I think is so disgusting to put my penis in that hole. That hole is used to empty body waste!

    My wife of 12 years is a anal lover. I’ve used multiple toys on her ass and she toy fucks her own ass often. But I’ve never fucked it till this past weekend.

    It was her birthday so I finally gave in and fucked her ass. It was in the afternoon. My wife and I went out to lunch before we had to go to a party her parents always have for her. That afternoon I told my wife I’ll fuck her ass, she got excited.

    Yes it was tight and a new feeling. And I did cum in her ass but it was just so disgusting to me. At any mom she could had left me dirty. And I was fucking her ass for a good 20 minutes. Towards the end I just got her in doggy and rough fucked get so that I could cum.

    The after smell was horrible. My dick stunk so bad. So we both got in the shower and I didn’t tell her I was digested by it. Thank god my pubic hair is shaved and I’m cut, don’t want ass juices stuck to me.

    In the shower we did make out plenty and I did have my finger tip in her butthole but as far as my dick, I rather just keep that in her pussy. Since I gave in and had anal I definitely will be required to do it more often now I bet. I think I’ll tell my wife I want to wear a condom for anal.