Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

It’s Hard To Do But It Pays Well

So I am a stay at home mom married with a son who plays Basketball. My husband Rob works hard to keep us safe and happy. With our son 12 and playing AAU basketball money is tight. I have time throughout the day and told my husband that I wanted to work part time. He was against it and he finally gave in. Problem is that most places that would hire me as a part timer there hours to work for us. I have to drop and pick up my son from a school. Coffe places wanted me there either really early which I could not do the drop or afternoon which I could not pick up my son who is out of school at 3. So I was screwed. I even checked with smaller grocery stores and it was the same. I walked into one where there was a heavy set older guy behind the counter he must have been the owner because he and a guy where talking and he was filling out a check for some items that where delivered. I grabbed a down cock and came up. I am by no means a super model. I’m short I dress down if anything. That day I was in leggings and shirt baggy at that. My husband says I’m stuck in the hair band days I have big curly hair that’s usually up in a scrunchie. At 39 I still look ok. Like most women my age I could loose a few pounds but when I dress up which is rare I look good. I have a round ass and a lot of natural double Ds. The girls could use a lift but in a v neck or bikini they still look good. I have puffy lips that my husband likes. I’m an ok looking mom wife. They finally finish the old guy rings up my cock and says anything else he could help me with. I asked him I could use a part time job. I go into how times are tough and just need something that would work between these hours blah blah blah. He smirks and says for a women that’s looking for a job you sure do have a lot of restrictions. I tell him the same thing I always tell him that my son. He says that he can’t use me with those hours available. Same thing it would be early or an evening shift. But that would mean me be gone from 4:30 to closing at 10 something to think about I figured I’d talk it over with my husband. There was nobody in the store and the old creepy guy says there is a way to make money with those hours. He says I bet you could Melanie say $50 bucks in like 30 minutes. Being a little excited and naive I said how please tell me. He says well if you suck me off il give you $50 bucks your a hot piece of ass use it. I was appalled and speechless I was getting ready to leave and he says ok $75 for any and job. I could sure use the money and it would be fast. I know the old guy has probably not gotten any in a long time. If he could even get it up. Embarrassed mad but broke I turned back and said $150 and il show you my tits. He got up went flipped the sign that said would be back in an hour and killed the lights. He led me to the back room he said take your top off he drops his pants sits down in a chair his floor is dirty I look at the floor looks him he gets up grabs a towel and puts it on the floor. I tell him what a gentleman I take off my sweatshirt and take off my bra his eyes are big he grabs the nipple squeezes it. His cock is about 7” maybe less it’s hard now and I spit on my hand and proceeded to jack him off. My hand is like a rabbit jacking away he grabbed my head and shoved it in front said suck it it was part of the deal. I’m jacking him off with the head in my mouth. I could feel he was going to cum he was twitching I slowed down after thinking about it and came to a stop. He says why did you stop. I need to get payed. He opened a drawer pulled out cash and says here I count out $160 and tell him o don’t have change. I put the cock all the way in my mouth and he says of fuck baby you tiny hand is getting tired and I feel it and hear him. I wasn’t going to let him cum in my mouth so I pulled off sped up the jacking he made a good awful noise and shot a load that landed on my hand it was warm and wet. I almost licked it off but I just kept a slowly jacking him and would rub the top of his head he was sensitive and kept telling me I was worth the price. I cleaned up felt dirty but had $160 extra bucks. He said that I could come back whenever I needed cash. I stop in twice a week he never complains and says no. For an extra $50 il let him cum in my mouth then spit roll it into his mouth with a kiss. My husband thinks I work there a few days a week for a couple of hours and paid under the table. I tell him yup under the table babe. It’s more like under his desk. No fucking he has offerd me $500 for a ride I’m not ready to make that turn quite yet.

  • Can't Get Past It...

    My wife got hooked on lets say "illegal substances". I admit at first I didn't notice the signs until it was too late. One day I found her passed out in the bathroom with a needle in her arm. Tried to get her help but she didn't want it. She walked out on me and our two kids.

    For about six months I kinda knew where she was. She was staying at a slum apartment complex being passed around by the brothers. Eventually I got notice she was arrested for prostitution and possession. She spent a few months in jail and then a forced rehab. I visited her a few times. She looked very different. Tattoos on her arms, a tattoo on her neck, lost a lot of weight.

    Following the rehab she begged to come home. I agreed to give it a try. It started with her sleeping in the guest room. Last night after the kids were in bed she walked into my bedroom. She wanted to resume our husband wife relationship. But when he undressed I nearly threw up. Her torso was covered in tattoos. Since high school her preferred downstairs grooming was to keep a thin landing strip. It was the same but on both sides of the strip just above her pussy were two disgusting tattoos. One said "Property of Deshaun", the second was "Black Cock Only". She saw i was immediately turned off. She began crying and walked out. Her ass and lower back had similar tattoos including a few Queen of Spade tattoos.

    What can I do. I am repulsed by the tattoos. I had intended to put things behind up but now I think I need to ask her exactly what kind of things she did while living with the black guys.

    Now You Know Why I Don't Go Into Parking Garages

    He kissed me against a cement post in the parking garage. After that I quit resisting. Whatever was going to happen was going to happen. He put me in the car and we went to a house with a garage. He insisted I heat water for tea. He asked that I take my shoes, pants, and panties off. He drank his tea. Then had me bend over in front of him.

    He then took me to a bedroom and ....

    He drove me back to the parking garage.

  • I'm So Ashamed But I Know I Will Do It Again.

    I am an older white guy and Ive been a crossdresser most of my life. I've managed to keep it in check until recently. I got to the point that I was ready to go out in public "dressed" and decided to go to the adult book store because I knew I would not too out of place. I dressed,went to the abs and every thing was going well , I was at ease just sitting watching the movie. A heavy set black man came and sat beside me. In just a short time he had his cock out stroking it. I had never seen a black man's cock in person and I was taken by surprise at how turned on I was. I watched for awhile and worked up the courage to put my hand on his leg,he stopped stroking his cock and I put my hand on it and started stroking it. He must have liked it he leaned back and watched as I jacked his very thick cock. I'm no stranger to sucking cock but they have been white and average to small in size. I leaned over to take his cock in my mouth and he gently pushed me back, not letting me get my mouth on him. he stood up and dropped his pants, bent over slightly and spread his ass cheeks, I though he wanted me to fuck him so I whispered that I was a bottom. He said I know. If you want my cock you have to lick my asshole first. I was floored, I had never done anything like that before in my life. He just stood there in front of me his plump black ass inches from my face. He was stroking his cock again and I wanted to suck it more than anything . After a little while I spread his ass cheeks and looked at his hole then I moved in and buried my face between his cheeks and started licking his asshole with my tongue. I that I would be disgusted but I felt myself cumming in my panties,not even touching myself.I started to really get into it and began to tongue fuck him, licking and kissing his ass and loving it. He pulled away and turned around and put his hard cock in my mouth. I began sucking him like a whore wanting to feel him fill my mouth with his cum and he soon did. I was so horny my mouth was full of cum, I didn't want to swallow just yet it tasted so good. I did swallow and began sucking him again and after awhile I had another mouth full. He pulled up his pants,zipped up and said your a very good cocksucker and handed me a piece of paper, it had his phone number on it. I felt proud that I had pleased him so well at at the same time I was ashamed for having desired eating his ass like I did. I thought,I will never do it again but I knew I would,I already wanted to do it again. I would be calling him soon,I knew it and even it was so nasty, I loved it.

    What Has Happened To Our Schools Is Disgusting

    I went to a small Lutheran college and graduated with a degree in Library Science. I left for a job in a small town school district. I was surprised at the animosity I ran into by the staff there. Being unapologetic heterosexual and religious I was frozen out by the powers to be. I was young and had support from family and I got out of there as fast as my legs could carry me.

    Fifteen years later I am well married, kids in school, part time at the high school library. What I experienced as a new graduate is alive and well in schools, except on steroids. God forbid that you want sex with a man, you want to take his hand in marriage, you look forward to your new married name, and announce you're pregnant. Fortunately my principal supports me and keeps these views out of the classroom, but he can't keep this narrative out of the dialog.

    I don't support the union, I won't be a member of their positions. When I was in high school I was definitely better educated, I spend way too much time with remedial reading. I have to make a choice, send my kids to private school. I can't ruin them for life, leaving them in this school district.

  • I Don't Have Sex With People That Have Bad Body Odor

    I was at a park that is known for men cruising men. I love to suck cock and swallow his man juice. Last week I saw a man I was interested in, but didn't know if he was interested in me.

    He took out a couple of walking sticks and started walking down the road, moments later he returned and put the sticks in the trunk of his car. He went to the front of the car leaned on the hood of his car and stared at me. Still not sure if he's interested I walked into the woods on a path.

    After a few minutes I look back and see he's following me. Now I'm excited because I'm going to have sex with him, so I thought.

    He had some of the worst body oder I ever smelled. He asked if I suck cock I replied yes he said he did too. He wanted us to suck each others cock. I told him I wasn't in the mood to get sucked off, he said He wanted to give and receive.

    So I left, I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Should I have told him the real reason?

    Hypocritical Site

    I confessed this yesterday and this hypocritical site erased it. I guess because it wasn't my fantasy or dream. AssHoles!
    I am a young, white, inexperienced girl. I let a bunch of nasty black men have group sex with me. I cannot blame the alcohol or marijuana. I did it. I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I feel so dirty!

    I Did It, Now Have To Live With It

    Since discovering this site I find it safe to assume some would consider my confession to be a fantasy come true. To me it was disgusting. I can't blame the alcohol or marijuana, only myself. I gave in to pressure from a so called friend I wanted to impress.

    I am a 26 yr old white female and not very sexually experienced. But 3 weeks ago I allowed a group of black men to have group sex with me. I guess the term would be "pulling a train" on me.

    I am completely ashamed and disgusted with myself. I feel so nasty, dirty and I can't shake it. The details of what happened are unimportant and it would be a long story. I could go into the ugly details as each minute of the experience is burned into my mind.

    Sucked Off By A Crackhead

    I'm putting this here in the disgusting section, not that I didn't enjoy it, I just don't recommend others do it. Might catch something. I got checked out myself just to make sure I was clean afterwards.

    I got sucked off by a crackhead last week, probably a new low for me. All she wanted was 60$ though, and damn it man she sucked the soul right out of me.

    Getting strange, especially poor black women with those big dick sucking lips...they'll make you cum fucking hard as shit!

  • I Adore Drinking My Piss

    Ever since I was 13 I’ve loved the taste of my own piss. It started as just being curious about my body and I peed a little in a glass. It smelled ok, so I drank a little bit and quickly got hooked on it. I used to take a bottle with me to school and got really good at filling it right to the brim without wasting any and just necking it in the toilet, now I drink it every day at work and have a breath mint after it and nobody knows.

    Some of it is a sexual thrill of the taboo of it but I do just love the taste of it more than anything like coke or flavoured water.