Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

Yep, I DID IT! Not Ashamed!

I am currently living in Florida waiting for my kids to come live with me. I am divorced. I was just in a cab. It was a 40 minute ride. As I sat there I put my had in something wet on the seat. I smelled my hand and it smelled like cum. It looked like cum, smelled like cum, but did it taste like cum? I put 2 fingers in the little puddle and scooped it up and shoved my fingers and the goo in my mouth. Yep! It was cum! It tasted wonderful! I felt my face getting hot and my pussy was soaked. I hiked up my skirt and pleasured myself. The driver, I believe, was watching me but I didn't care. That taste of cum turned me on so much that I came so hard! I even had a nice little splash! So good!!!

  • Just Curiosity

    I'm 28 mother of two Aubrey Lynn.
    Whole Time I was pregnant I had a major craving for sperm. Before becoming pregnant I never really swallowed. I did not enjoy it I though it was gross. While pregnant I loved it the tastes the texture bitter salty tangy I enjoyed it. I kind of enjoyed it after my first baby girl was born. So from time to time I swallowed after giving birth.
    My second baby also a girl I got the same craving. This time I cheated several times letting several different men fuck me. Has anyone else ever had a craving to swallow while pregnant

    Getting Sober

    Sex addiction is no difference than alcohol addiction. The difference is when you ate a sex addict you can hide it easier. The hangover is the same. I'm both a sex addict and an alcohol addict.

    Let me confess. I started drinking when I was 13. I became sexually active at 14. I drank to cover up my sexual behavior, so really it was sex that drove my alcohol addiction. But be assured I was a drunk teenager and a teen prostitute. I dropped out in the ninth grade and ran away. After several months supporting myself and my alcohol addiction with prostitution. Fathers and grandfathers and brothers fucked me and paid me.

    In LA I got into porn, straight and lesbian, sex and not sex. Lots of not sex porn. At 19 I looked 35, but I was drunk. I weighed 105 pounds. At 24 I was passed out behind a Chili's, that's where I was found by the manager. He called the police, I was put in the drunk tank for public urination and being disorderly. A day later he came to the jail and bailed me out.

    He took me to his house and his wife. After bathing me and feeding me they told me their daughter OD'd. The clothes they had loaned me were hers. Clean up, and they would help.

    That's why I'm able to write this, I'm not dead. I'm sober. I'm in school. I have chores. Quitting alcohol is easier than quitting sex, but if I don't quit I'm out on the street. No second chance.

    Now I've confessed.

  • I Hate That He Still Owns Me

    Four years ago I took a one year assignment as an English teacher in Central America. Everything about the recruiting process was a lie. The school was not an idyllic campus, the staff was not professional. The apartment was small one room barely habitable. The students were the only thing worth the experience.

    A couple of examples, I got sick with an amoeba, the so called doctor gave me some medicine which was not real. Finally a kind lady told me that I needed something a lot stronger. I spent four months with diarrhea, including several embarrassing leaks. I didn't get paid for three months of work so I quit.

    The same kind lady asked her husband to help me get home. I had to trade sex for a ticket home. When he comes to the US he looks me up, I've moved on but he still looks me up. Last night he was here, in my apartment and I had to give the old man a blowjob and let him perform anal sex with me. When he says he owns my ass he means it. "Tu culo es mi culo".

    I hate the whole experience.

    Fucking My Wifes Ass

    My wife and I were on vacation last week and she decided she wanted to have anal sex for the first time in 10 years.

    I was all on board for it.

    Until she realized that seafood we ate didn’t agree with her and I ended up with shit all over my dick. Thankfully I shaved my pubic hair before our trip as I’m normally hairy. I had shit under my foreskin too.

  • This Pain Has To Stop - Looking For A New Bright Path

    I am a shy single woman and I am not working at all and I just have not been able to find a man ever. I crave sexual pleasure and watch a lot of porn and I enjoy it but it is hard to say how different real good sex is compared to porn or what I have experienced in real life like assault that was not pleasurable or fulfilling and not a beautiful thing. I like to appreciate the body and its a beautiful thing like sex is. Why feel shame for wanting to have sex expression because were I live its literally like sex is only for the pushy nasty people and not for the nice good people. Like I am so fed up with it. I used to be beautiful and I never got sex then anyway. I had literally 3 nights of cruel gross as shit sex by a scanky dirty old big violent man when I was a virgin and I wanted a young single man with ties to wife or kids and man who looked better then him and acted better then him. I wanted someone who would treat me better as well. I just nothing to compare it to and I would love to have a great genuine romantic sexual experience rather then the bullshit sex and violence. That is too hurtful and not somewhere I ever wanted to go.

    My old neighbor wanted to marry me and r**e me and that was shocking to me to think what dumb people are thinking. Nothing stops the hurt of young men my own age shutting me out and wondering why I was not good enough. Then you see so many ugly awful bad people getting all the sex and money and it makes you sick to see it and for once I want the good stuff to happen to me. I just wanted a sweet normal natural romance and wedding. What the cops is wrong with that?

    My Boyfriend Let His Friends Fuck Me

    So this happened a while back when I was 16 and had just gotten my first boyfriend. He was 25 and had a car, at the time I thought the fact that I had an older boyfriend was the coolest think in the world. My friends knew about him and most met him at some point, but I never told my parents, due to the age difference.He was the first guy I had sex with, and he wanted to do it pretty much all the time. I never got that much into it - I have since then realized that it was because he was pretty selfish and it was all about making him feel good.

    Anyway, so one day he called me up and told me to come over to his place and wear something sexy. Whenever he told me that, it meant a black G-string and a brah with a lot of push-up. I took the bus over to him, but when I got to his apartment, he had a bunch of friends over. With my boyfriend included, there were 5 guys in total, all of them around his age.

    I can't remember exactly what he said to me, but it was something like "I told my friends how amazing you are at blowjobs and they all wanted to try it. You don't mind, do you?". I remember how I didn't want to in any way, but my boyfriend argued with "I already promised" and "I love you" and a bunch of yadayadayada and I ended up agreeing to it. My boyfriend got a pillow on the floor that I could kneel of and he went first, meaning I started sucking my boyfriends cock in front of his friends. After a few minutes he pulled away and some other guy who I had never seen before took his place. At this point my boyfriend took a few steps back an watched as one of his friends fucked my mouth while the others stood around me and groped my tits or ass. Eventually my boyfriend and one more guy started taking off my pants and underwear and before I knew it I was sucking one strangers dick while getting fucked by another.

    When we were done, I had sucked off and been fucked by every guy in the room. My boyfriend broke up with me 3 days afterwards because "It wasn't working".

    Nasty Dick

    I was at a bar last night with some friends. I dont drink but was there to eat food. There was this older good looking guy that was staring at me for most of the night. When he got up to leave I told my friends I was heading out but really I was going to hit on that guy.

    Hit on that guy as soon as I saw him in the parking lot. We talked for about 10 minutes before I asked if we could get in the back seat of his truck. He was probably in his mid 40s.

    Got in the back seat. I got on my knees in front of him. Pulled his jeans down. He was then sitting in just gray briefs. I felt his bulge through the briefs then pulled them down. I was then looking at a nice average length thick uncut very hairy dick. He had all natural pubic hair.

    I reached up and grabbed his dick. Pulled his foreskin down and about gagged. There was a lot of smegma build up and it smelt bad. He just said oh fuck sorry, I should had told you I need to clean first. He reached under the seat and grabbed baby wipes. He cleaned his dick

    Once it was all clean I gave him a blowjob. Once he came he pulled his underwear then jeans back up. We then got out of the back seat.

    I got his phone number

    Butthole Girls

    During my first job after college I became friends with an Hispanic girl my age. She was married, and her husband was older than her. During one conversation that was a bit too personal she told me her husband had fucked her in the ass the night before and he must have hurt her because she had blood when she wiped and her hole burned all day. Not the conversation I ever expected to have with someone. It was the first time I ever spoke with someone about anal sex.

    The conversation didn't end there. She asked me to look at her, to see if I could see anything wrong with her butthole. I don't know if I agreed but the next thing I know the door to my office is closed and she pulls down her pants and leans across my desk and asks me to look. Her bare rear end, her butthole and her gaping open very hairy pussy. I saw a small spot, I touched it and she said that is where it burned, I kept looking at her butthole and her gaping pussy, her vagina hole and I noticed that I was wet and getting wetter and impulsively I kissed her butthole.

    We became lovers, dirty butthole eating lovers. Her pussy was a dark hole, her pubes thick and forbidding. She had pubes up her crack. When she licked me she would describe my butthole in intimate detail. The truth is that it was nasty, licking a girl's butt is nasty, but we did it. Never quite got to the point of licking a dirty hole, but we thought about it.

    I'm all grown up now. I got married along the way and my husband is not into butt sex. I have tried anal intercourse but I'm not enough into guys . Finding a girl to share my kink has been difficult, the subject is definitely a turn off, so I have to content myself with wishing my husband would lick me, and remembering the days we talked about a nasty wife is a happy wife with my friend from work.

  • Dick Cheese

    So last night I hooked up with a guy at a bar. Was good looking, well groomed and a sweet talker. We hit it up and ended up in a motel room where we started kissing and things got heated very quickly.
    He ran his hands over me and laid me down and proceeded to eat me out and I had one of the best orgasms in a while. I wanted to return the favor so I sat him down and stroked his dick and got ready to suck him off. So I've been with lots of uncircumcised guys before and his wasn't any different. As his cock grew I pulled his skin back and almost choked. He had a massive build up of dick cheese under his skin, and it smelled and tasted awful. Since I was already halfway through the deed I was too embarrassed to stop. I spat out what I could and finished him off as fast as I could and made up some lame excuse and left.
    That cheesy taste lingered for hours later. That orgasm he gave me wasn't worth the possible yeast infection he was going to give me. Yucks.