Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

Tried It Once

I saw this crazy video of some euro slut sucking a guys dick. Thing that made it different from a million other blowjob vids was the girl's mouth was full.
Her mouth was full of SHIT! She had a small turd in her mouth and was sucking this dudes dick. Took a few minutes but she got him off and he shot his load in her dirty mouth and the money shot was her mouth open filled with his cum and also the remains of a dirty brown piece of shit.
This was one really fucking sick vid and it makes me wonder are these girls strung out on dope for days and then they do what they're ..(continue confession)

Filthy Pleasure

One night, not too long ago, I was in an especially prurient mood: so I decided to retire to my bedroom to masturbate. Once I entered the room and shut the door, I stripped; strolled over to the bed, and laid naked upon my quilt.

After pleasuring myself for a few moments, I suddenly began to feel the strong urge to defecate. The urge came at a most inconvenient time, because I was so hot with sexual delight during masturbation that I didn’t want to stop, and run to the toilet.

I thought about my dilemma for a moment, and then began to see it as an opportunity to do something truly different, which was ..(continue confession)

Can't Seem To Move On

When I was 17 I was mugged and but for a miracle not r**ed in the stairwell of the store I worked for. My savior pushed him down the stairs and my attacker broke his neck and is paralyzed. My savior had to fight off a lawsuit by this jerk. Because of his injuries and he didn't actually r**e me he got probation.

My savior has had to look after me, my father never cared, he abandoned my mom and me when I was two. I am 29 and my savior is my father figure. He adopted me in so many ways. I got to go to college, I have a protective blanket around me. But I am 29 ..(continue confession)


Latino male here raised in the US. I’m a dirty slut and hookup with a lot of people. Lately with Venezuela having a crisis, many are moving to the us illegally using their passport to come in then overstay. Well I have hooked up with a few and the one thing I don’t get is the don’t have penis higiene, so fucking nasty. I mean uncut is hot but you got to have good higiene and clean it up. And it’s not just the men, fucked a Venezuelan bitch too and her pussy stunk in a bad way. Every time I see a hot Venezuelan on tv I think of their nasty smelling privates. So sick. ..(continue confession)

The Bible

He came to our house selling Bibles. My father sent him away, but I felt sorry for him so my father bought a Bible. If I remember correctly it was $69.00.

I thought I saw him from the bus when I went to school, when I went to the store. My mother had a bridge club on Tuesday afternoons. That Tuesday he knocked on the back door, I had strict instructions not to let anyone in the house. I opened the door to tell him to leave and he pushed his way in the house. He went to every room and then came back to the kitchen.

I had never been naked in front of a boy, ..(continue confession)

I Gave Her One Slap On The Ass And Told Her To Give Me What I Want.

I've posted here before but had an especially wonderful time with my lovely wife this morning.

One of my great pleasures is rimming my wife's sweet tush.

She's younger than I, she's in her 40s but is tall and slim with perfect little titties and a heart shaped ass that just begs to be squeezed and fondled and manhandled and she loves that treatment.

Every n*ght I use a few drops of moisturizing cream and massage her pretty feet for her, then her sweet ass cheeks and her back and shoulders. She enjoys the massage and I love rubbing her and probing her all over.

This morning we were making out ..(continue confession)

My Boss Fucked Me In The Ass

I had too much to drink, my boss fucked me in the ass. True story! He fucked me vaginally but this time he fucked my ass. I was humiliated to be held down like that, to have to give up my ass, to have to clean up my ass in front of him, to have to wash his dick.

He said I needed it.

Maybe I did, but did he have to pick that?

I fucked a guy Saturday night that hit me up on Grindr, he told me he was face down ass up for dick. I figured what the heck, I don't have sex often because I'm always working. I was at my parents house so I told them I was going to see a friend, I'd be back.

Hopped in my truck and went to the guys house. Turns out it was his parents house but they were gone for the weekend. He was only 25. He told me to just come in and he'd be in the bedroom right off the entry way. Walked in and yep there he was. Only his joke looked very used! It was cum ..(continue confession)

so ok after hearing ashlie lillie video on dahvie vanity issue not tea. and the competiton and people thinking they are wining. winning what? a tart of a hooker tranny dahvie vanity old tadpole toad with a chode? really. he is nothing to win. also, this proves to me these whiney little dumb sluts are all money and fame chasing and no legal thing is going to be done. ok. that is clear now. and today someone raised my attentions to the black nig cow tit maid showing legs and underpants at the interviewer and that was a disgusting act. OK this speaks what all this drama is. One big media free pay for play promotionals for this weanie wanker ..(continue confession)

this is my second confession on this topic. I love the homework she sets so far. aha. I see a therapist and she suggested to me I try masturbation and looking at women's bodies to start to like my body more. I told her I have never felt good about touching my breasts and feeling wet and smelly so she told me that it might help. I also told her that as a obese woman its hard to find lingerie and to feel good about the fat as so much fat shaming I have gotten. So she told me to google up some obese women in porn and to see how I might like feeling like that woman and touching ..(continue confession)