Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

Random Hook Up

Saturday I met a woman while out at a baseball game. She was smoking hot and her thong was poking out of her shorts.

Ultimately we both decided it would be fun to hook up so she came back to my hotel room. I don’t drink but she had a few and was super horny.

I explained to her we didn’t have to do anything but she insisted she needed to suck my dick. So as she’s pulling my shorts down and commenting how big my bulge is in my tighty whities she’s pulling her shorts off. She’s got on a black thong.

She pushes me onto the bed and starts sucking my dick. She’s pretty amazing at giving head. But then she threw up all over my dick. Yep. I guess the combo of some alcohol plus stadium hotdogs and deep throating my dick wasn’t the best combo. Thankfully I shave my pubic hair off!

She was so embarrassed. I just told her let’s get in the shower. I was off then pull her in the shower. She gets out and drys off. After I’m done clean my dick and under my foreskin I get out of the shower. I walk out of the bathroom and she’s passed out on the bed.

So I just get her on one side of the bed and cover her up then I get in bed. Come morning she was still embarrassed about what happened so she sucked my morning wood. Then I fucked her nice and good. Such a tight wet pussy.

  • Hard Lesson To Learn

    One time only. That's what I told myself. But one time was once too many. I woke up beside a guy I didn't know. It was obvious someone had sex with me. Who? I don't know. I got out of bed, got my things, went downstairs, I didn't recognize anything, outside on the sidewalk I didn't know where I was. I walked up the street, I asked a man which way to the train. I managed to get home an hour later, took a shower and then it hit me. What I took I don't know, who had sex with me I don't know, one or more than one I don't know.

    It's been five years, I had an STD which fortunately responded to medication. I didn't have AIDS.
    My love affair with Chicago ended, I went back home to Akron, enrolled in college and got out in four years. I work for an unknown company in an invisible role. I have not had sex since that night, not even dated.

    I Could Call Rape But I'd Be Lying

    I got a job for a gig helping in a private home for a corporate party. Bartending. An overly aggressive man grabbed my behind, he stopped my slap mid air, twisted my wrist until I had to kneel before him, my face inches from his zipper. His eyes, his tone, his physical domination, but I went wet like I had never gotten wet, and he could see it in my eyes. I got fucked over the dryer in the laundry room, my clit rubbing against the edge. He finished by thrusting hard against me, triggering the orgasm I dreamt of, but never experienced.

    On the one hand it was forced, on the other hand I gave in and let him get my pants down. On the one hand he used force to control me, slapping my thigh to keep me bent over, on the other hand his hot dick slipped right in. Everything is wrong, but the experience ranks as the best fuck of my life.

    It's a random thing, but I felt all grown up. Just saying.

  • At My Lowest

    When I was at my lowest before rehab and getting sober I use to let my boyfriend pimp me for dr*g money and dr*gs.

    I had blocked mostly until it come up in my support group and it all flooded back. I tried to justify it that we were just having wild sex or threesomes and horny freaks in the kink lifestyle but I have finally come to terms with that is not what was happening.

    I mean i was not a prostitute or on websites (that i know of) ... it was not like i was sent to hotel to bang strangers. But when things got tight he'd invite "friends" over for what he'd tell me was our "kinky games" and he had convinced me that i was just being a good little "slut" for her man since i am submissive sexually. Funny thing was he only let me play like the when we were all out of dr*gs or jonesing. Otherwise he was super jealous and controlling and would not let guys around me. And either right before or after the "kink games" money or dr*gs we'd been hurting bad for suddenly showed up.

    Some of the guys i knew, they were common friends, many of the guys I'd never saw before or after. Sometimes it was threesomes or Moresomes, sometimes my BF just watched and occasionally he just left me alone with them (much ore rare). I enjoyed the sex, i won't lie. I thought it was consensual and i was suppose too, i thought it was a kinky play, so i let myself go all in and get into it. The truth is most times i was either too high or too crashing to judge or understand what it really was.

    I am not ashamed i was with multiple guys or passed around (even sober i lean submissive) but I am ashamed I was basically sold, and its worse that it was for dr*gs. I feel like it makes me question the whole time we were together. Did he just keep me around for a fall back pussy to loan out when he couldn't make fix?

    Dr*gs and the kinds we did make you do shitty things. Maybe i should just let it go. I am 9 years sober and in a good place. But when I realized what I had been really used for all those years with him, it hurt fresh. What pisses me off is my open minded sexuality for with I am still very proud of was used against me.

    I don't know why it hurts realizing this. I have been over this guy for years.
    I am struggling to not feel gross about myself now.

    Business Trip

    While on a business trip in Cleveland I fucked a married guy who was also there on business. Fucked him in his hotel room.

    Not sure how often he got fuck but all was going well till I pulled my dick out of his ass and it was shit covered. Thank god I had already cum and I was wearing a condom.

    I put my tighty whities on . Put my pants on the left that messy scene! He was definitely embarrassed but I told him it’s no big deal. It’s anal it happens. He was 41.

  • My Boyfriend Promised Me To His Friend

    So this is a short confession that took place about 5 years ago, when I was 24. I was dating a guy who was 28 years old and we had been together for about a year. He had a friend who was 29 who we used to hang out with since they worked together and they were pretty close. One evening when we had come over to his friends place to hang out and drink my boyfriend brings up that his friend was a virgin. I didn't know this, but it didn't really come as a huge surprise either - his friend is a pretty geeky guy who likes anime, manga and all that kind of stuff.

    I didn't really know why he brought this up, but then he followed it up with that he thought that I could "help his friend out". Apparently this is something they had talked about before, since his friend didn't look embarrassed or show any signs of being surprised - he just looked really eager. I tried to laugh it off as a bad joke, but he didn't quit, he really meant it. I told him that I'm not just going to fuck his friends just because they can't get laid, but his actual response was "Well, I already promised him, so.....".

    I tried to object again, but he just dismissed it, instead he started talking to his friend about how good I am at sucking cock, how great my tits are and all that nonsens. He even started lifting up my shirt to show off my body. The whole situation just felt absurd.

    i tried objecting to it again, but he just wouldn't have it, in his mind he had pretty much already promised it and that was that. After a while his friend was taking off his pants and my bf was removing my shirt. I had no idea what to do or what to make of it, so when his friend came over to me and put my hand on his dick, I just sighed and though "whatever". So I ended up sucking my boyfriends friends cock right next to the dinner table, while my boyfriend was sitting next to us, watching and touching me. They talked to each other about how good I was while I was sucking him off, it was just surreal.

    After a pretty short period, maybe a minute, maybe less, his friend came in my mouth. It was a lot, I had to run to the kitchen sink to spit, I thought I was going to throw up. When I came back, his friends pants were back on and he was back by the table. my bf told me that it was "great", but I hadn't actually taken his friends virginity, so I'd just have to do it the next time......

    He's now my ex boyfriend.

    Something I Should Have Never Seen

    Cleaning out my grandfather's office after his passing I found a very old sealed manila envelope. In it was a small 8mm real and film. No label, no comments. My grandfather was a prolific defense attorney and finding this film real without any reference was very out of character. I decided to take the real with me as opposed to putting it in the trash.

    Several months later I mentioned the find to a friend and mentioned that I kept it, but had no idea what the film was and had no way of finding out. A day later my friend said he had located an 8mm projector. We decided to intrude and watch the film. We set up the projector, used a wall as a screen, turned the lights off and watched.

    A young woman or girl was nude, black and white grainy film, she was grabbed by the wrist and tied to a bed. One man after another got on her over several minutes, ending with a penciled note in Spanish on a sheet of paper from what appeared to be a ransom note in pesos, we have no idea from what country. We burned the film, what evidence this was, why my grandfather saved it, we will never know. A reminder that all is not well in the world, not now, not then.

    Tricked Into Fucking His Friend

    My husband was at a fishing trip with the guys one weekend, so, because I was horny, I met up with a man I met on a dating social media site. We met up at a bar. He was very hot and looked way better than his profile picture. The night was awesome as there was live music and we took on many shots.

    One of his friends was there. This friend had a noticeable beer gut, had raggedy beard, and was balding. I chatted with him and he told me that he had a hard time meeting women because of how he looked. I assured him that there was a girl out there for him and to stay positive. The rest of night was spent flirting with my date, making out with him at the bar, and grinding him every chance I got to feel his hard on.

    I don't remember how, but I remember being at his house, making out with him. He got me very wet, had me on his kitchen table, with my skirt up and panties off, spread. My blouse was lifted up to expose my tits. He took a step back and simply said, "You look slutty right now. I love fucking girls like you. But I know someone who hasn't been laid in a while, and I think I will let him have this one". I had no idea what he meant, until his disgusting friend walked in.

    I was in shock, that I couldn't move. I had no idea what was happening. My date simply told me that he was going to watch me fuck his friend. "You told my friend earlier that there is a girl out there that will one day have sex with him, well, today is that day, and that girl is you". Maybe it was the alcohol, but I just nodded. This disgusting man walked over, started rubbing my exposed pussy, looked me up and down, then began eating me out. Feeling his beard rub around my crotch, while he squeezed my boobs, all I could think is about how it would be over soon.

    The next hour was a bit blurry. I remember the anal, the doggy style, the spanking, the slapping me in the face, his spit being used as lube and me giving him a rimjob. My date would tell me degrading things while this disgusting man was doing me from behind. The sex ended with the man giving me a facial, then scooping all the cum into my mouth, as if he was feeding me.

    After, the disgusting man just zipped up and left. I remember my date telling him, "you see, cheaper than a prostitute. You can always find a girl horny enough to fuck anyone on these dating sites". I ended up sleeping on the date's couch and woke up the next morning with a huge hangover. He drove me back to my car, thanked me for the memories, and I never spoke with him again. I never had sex with that guy, but now I know, he only contacted me so that he could help his disgusting friend get laid. It worked.

    I will never trust another guy on these dating sites again. It's like these dating sites are legal pimps making money off of other girls holes. My husband never knew what I did.

    One Night That Won't Go Away

    Back when we were freshmen in college I was there when my roommate was anally assaulted. She gave her ass because she was scared of getting pregnant. She was a virgin front and back. I watched, it was messy and he called her all sorts of names because she lost control and messed herself and him. I'm being polite. I washed her up in the shower, and after hugging her and drying her with a towel I slept with her. She became my girlfriend.

    Yesterday I held our baby girl, she kissed my lips and she went to work. I'm the stay at home mom. We've been together now for thirteen years, one baby two years old. Along the way our baby's father adopted us and he pretty much supports us. She is working, but it took two of us to pay for a ratty apartment. We now live with him in his house and we have a home.

    I'm the male female wife. I am also the female female wife. She sometimes comes and watches when he gets sex. She is fixated on penetration and watches very closely. It's a little disquieting. If I complain she reminds me of that night when we were freshmen. I watched. Now she watches. And kisses me the next morning.

    we have never told him about that night, no need for him to know.

  • Women I Met At A Friends Wedding

    I met a woman at a friends wedding who obviously was slightly drunk and very horny. By the end of the night it was 1am and she wasn’t able to drive so I offered to take her to my hotel room.

    She was pretty demanding that she was gonna get fucked that night. So I gladly accepted but kept asking her if she’s sure. She said I’m sober enough to know what I’m doing.

    So we got naked and she started giving me a bj. A really good one. Thank god I shaved that morning because she was deep throating me and saying how she loves a shaved cock.

    After the bj I ate her pussy. Her very wet pussy. Then I started to fuck it. It was long till she said fuck my ass. She guided my clock into her tight asshole.

    She’s on top riding me. Riding me hard. She was definitely wild then all of a sudden I feel something warm around my dick and she pulls off my dick. As she did shit came out. She shit on my dick and pubic area. She grabbed her ass as she ran to the bathroom.

    It was very disgusting but I couldn’t help but to laugh. That has never happened to me before with any of the women I’ve fucked in the butt.

    I get up to walk into the bathroom where I hear she started the shower. I get in. Wash the shit off me first thing then take the condom off. She had just finished shitting and I grabbed her and pulled her into the shower. As I’m kissing her I told her to wash her ass with soap because I’m not finished.

    A few minutes late I turn her around. Bend her over then start fucking her ass again. This time I give her a anal creampie within a minute. We both were moaning.

    Once I cummed we finished showering. Then we got in bed and passed out.

    Come morning time I woke up and saw she already had her thong on and was going to put her dress back on. But I stopped her and gave her some of my sweat pants and my button down shirt. I told her she doesn’t have to run off. She was definitely embarrassed by the shit but I told her it’s fine.

    That happened back in January. Now in April I’m dating that woman