Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

First Traffic Fuck

I got stuck in the I-95 traffic with no water, no food, and no extra clothes. Getting out of my car to walk around wasn't enough to warm me up, I was getting real anxious thinking that I was gonna freeze. It was so bad that I ended up sacrificing my dignity and knocking on the door to the RV a few cars down from mine.

An older man with a pot belly and greasy shirt answered the door. He just looked me up and down before roughly asking, "What you want?" I begged him to let me in just to warm up for a bit, he eventually allowed me inside. The warmth calmed me quite a bit even though he wasn't much for conversation.

After some time sitting at the kitchen table, he comes up to me and flat out says, "Heat's not cheap, babe." I look up at him puzzled then realized what he meant because he started undoing his pants. "Um excuse me, I didn't sign up for this..." I tried to tell him, but he blocked my way out. Honestly, it was a half-assed attempt because I didn't want to be stuck in the cold again.

His cock pops out and I nervously take it into my hand. I stroke him slowly until he says, "Get to it bitch before I do it my way." My eyes glance at him nervously before I slip his cock into my mouth. I thought my days of sucking strangers' cocks were over after college.

I blow him until he exploded in my mouth without warning. It took me by surprise and I pulled back out of instinct, which led to him squirting a few spurts onto my face and shirt. He just laughed and pulled up his pants, going back to the driver's seat. There I was like a college kid, just shocked and not really sure what just happened. I cleaned myself up at the sink and plopped back down at the kitchen table. At least I wasn't cold.

He didn't bother me for an hour or so. When he approached me again, I simply nodded and undid his pants for him. He let me blow him for a couple of minutes, then grabbed my arm and brought me to his bedroom. The door closes behind me and my pants fall almost immediately. He bends me over his bed and rubs the head of his cock against my entrance. "Mmm good girl," he moaned. I guess he felt that I was somewhat moist.

He rams everything into me. I yelp at suddenly getting stretched while he moans in pleasure. I guess he couldn't help himself but pound me until he came a few moments later. At least this time, I could feel it splatter outside all over my ass.

We continue this trade pretty much until the road opened up again.

  • New To Blow Jobs And He Came In My Mouth Without A Warning

    Rewind to a long long time ago, I was 14, almost 15 (yes, a week before I turned 15). I gave blowjobs before but the thought of having cum in my mouth always grossed me out back then. No worries, I'm a big girl now and I learned to get it in my mouth and swallow easily. But back then: hell no no no... and no no no again!!!

    I was curious and exploring and experiencing guys. As most girls my age, I was more into a bit older guys. Guys too old according to my parents, but hey, I was a young girl, and I didn't care what my parents said. Sooooo.. .shocking, but I had a short relationship with a 19 year old boy. Ooopssie, yes, that's way old.

    He was sweet, but tough, smoked, drank, had tattoos and he repeatedly said he wanted to have sex with me. But I didn't do that yet when I was 14. So one afternoon when I met him after school and he asked me to suck him, and I gladly obeyed.

    It was not my first blowjob and not my first blowjob for him but he always pulled back or warned me so I wouldn't get the yucky stuff in my mouth. But this time was different, he also held my head which was kinda hot. But after a few minutes I felt something thick, goey and yucky in my mouth and I wanted to pull back but he kept my head pressed down. Then he pulled back and said "sorry, I came quicker than I expected".

    I immediately spit the cum out and I was totally grossed out. I had the gag or vomit response but I didn't really really vomit. I had tears in my eyes from the gagging as it was sooo nasty. It tasted really really nasty. In hindsight I am sure he did it on purpose. Yeah, that was no fun. I broke up with him not long after that.

    Later on I learned to like or at least to enjoy cum, but not back then.

    I Recorded Myself Jacking Off And, Oh My God, It Was Fucking Horrible

    I'm here with one more confession and this one is somehow related to the one about me loving to try different kinds of pleasure (confession number # 54143, from October 8). Someone made a similar confession and she gave me this idea, so... I'm here with this one.

    It all started last year, around august, because before that, i've stayed 101 days without fapping. 2021 was a difficult year for me, related to pornography, after these 101 days. I couldn't stop more than 3 days, except for september because of that nofapseptember bullshit. So, in 365 days, I've passed 131 with no jacking off. But in the days I did, I changed my desires.
    I was jacking off one night and after I finished, I got me looking on the internet for different ways of giving my pleasure in the masturbation without using female clothes or putting things inside my ass, so I saw new ways of masturbate and I saw different stimulations, like recording yourself while doing it. And then, days later, I tried. I put my phone to record me, but... when I saw that, I've felt disgusted not because of my body, but because... I couldn't see me there. I only saw something not human. It was horrible. I've tried doing it again, but everytime I was disgusted. So I gave up doing that.
    I like masturbate, the feeling is so amazing, I love cumming, but I definitely don't want to see myself doing that.

    Did you guys do it before?

  • A Bad Night In New Orleans

    I'm sitting here trying to understand why I did it. I let this Nobody, this nothing, this piece of shit fuck me. There will never be something, only a nothing fucking me. All I wanted was to get away but at the same time compelled to let him. I have no idea if he was cut or not, what his name is, where he's from. I don't know if he was older or younger, all I know he's a piece of shit for fucking me.

    I'm not one of those that fucks strangers, I'm a self respecting woman, except for last night and now, I can't respect myself right now, letting that piece of shit fuck me. I am not at risk of getting pregnant, I don't think I've been on BC for a decade since I went to college, but I am scared of some transmittable disease, including HIV. I will have to be checked for that when I get back home next week.

    So much for going out on New Year's Eve, and why did we go to that bar, and let that piece of shit grab me.

    Too Much To Drink

    This happened a few years ago. Not disgusting, but a bit gross, depending on your point of view.

    One evening, I went to a singles bar in a city near where I live. I started talking to a young woman, danced with her a few times, had a few drinks. This went on for a while and pretty soon, she was rubbing up against me in her slinky dress, even cupping my crotch with her hand.

    By this time, she was pretty drunk, not very good at controlling herself. I whispered to her that we should move ourselves to a more private place. I was thinking maybe get a cab and take her back to my place, but she was close to falling-down-drunk, so we only got as far as the alley behind the bar. We started making out and I slipped my hand down her panties and could tell she was very wet and ready for me.

    I pulled down her panties as she leaned up against a wall and spread her legs. I dropped my pants and easily got my cock inside her from behind. I grabbed her hips and as I fucked her, she moaned. I thought she was enjoying the sex, which she was, but then she started to vomit from too much liquor. I knew I should have stopped, but just couldn't, and she didn't try to pull away. Each time she heaved, her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. She kept her legs spread and pushed against my cock. I found myself waiting for her to heave, knowing her pussy would squeeze me like a hand around my cock. It felt great. She kept moaning, and I wasn't sure if it was because she was so sick or was enjoying the fuck or little of both.

    Finally, she had one final heave and I orgasmed and pulled out. I helped her clean up and ended up taking her back to my place, where she passed out for the rest of the night.

  • Did It For Him, Now I'm A Whore

    My boyfriend broke up with me just before christmas. We've been together for 2 years, he was my first at anything and all things sex related. He was first in me in all three places. I would do whatever he wanted, I just wanted to please him. First he had me then to spice things up I gave oral to another girl while he watched, then gave BJ's to another guy while he watched. It progressed to full fledged, oral then vaginal,then anal gangbangs. Two years ago I finally had one guy, one cock. Now it's 59 inside me another another 20+ in my mouth alone. 43 in my butt. He dumped me saying that I was too much of a slut and whore for him to marry. He even said It seemed that I liked having sex with girls more than with guys. Yes I came from the girls, and I came with him, but not with the other guys. So now I'm a lesbian slut and whore and he's too good for me.


    I Cannot Forgive, I Cannot Forget, Hate Is In My Heart

    I was born into a house with an unemployed alcoholic father and a dysfunctional mother. I was placed in a foster home with five house sisters, no boys. My house father is a dentist and a Christian. My house mother is a school teacher and stay at home Christian Mom. We went to church on Sundays and our home social life was mostly with church friends. I am a Christian.

    When I was 14 I visited my birth grandmother after we were informed my birthmother had OD and died. While there my birthfather got on me and r***d me. As a Christian I'm supposed to forgive. I can't.

    I went home to my foster family. The worst mistake of my family was to agree that I go to my birthmother's funeral who I never really knew.

    Sorry for the hate. I just can't believe my birthfather r***d me.

    Paul Bunion Tore Me A New One

    I'm one of those girls who is small, petit. 5'1 110 lbs. Men have always fawned over me. I am a bi mostly fem lesbian, my work boss a 40 year old lesbian. She has this Paul Bunyan boyfriend and she gave me to him for entertainment. 6' 4" 220 lbs. he tore through me, breaking my ass in, and shoving his cock down my throat before returning me to my boss for an ass licking and slurping his cum out of my vagina.

    Nursing Home Fuck

    Years ago when I was in my early 30s I was visiting my grandpa who was in a nursing home because he had dementia. I stop by once a week to see him. Well there was this nurse there, or whatever she was. She was an older lady, probably in her late 50s

    She was kinda heavy set, huge saggy tits and to be honest not the best looking in her older age. But she was nice. She knew me because I visited every Saturday evening.

    One particular evening I was on my way out and saw her so I stopped to talk. She had a long black dress on that day. We ended up in an empty room to talk in a more private setting. There she made her move.

    She reached up in her dress and took her panties off out of the blue! I didn’t know what to do or say. That’s what she said listen it’s a stressful job sometimes and my husband died years ago and I haven’t had dick in years. And I know a young guy like you probably would fuck anything.

    So she asked if I was willing to give her dick. I asked if we’d get caught and she said no, I locked the door and no one ever comes down to this room until after midnight to take a nap if they need too. I finally said okay. Told her I didn’t have a condom but she said I can’t get pregnant so just cum in my pussy.

    She came up too me. Unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. She obviously had lots of practice doing that since she cared for the elderly. She pulled my jeans down and was in view of my hard dick in my tighty whities. She grabbed the waistband of my underwear and worked them down and over my dick. She Dedham practice taking briefs off too it seemed.

    Then she was staring at my dick. 6 inches long and about 6 inches girth. Low hanging balls and at the time I had a very hairy cock. She wasted no time and put her mouth on my dick. While sucking me she said she was glad to see I was circumcised, she deals with lots of uncut smelly dicks on residents there she claimed.

    Then she got on the bed. Pulled her dress up. I was looking at a hairy pussy that was obviously wet and very creamy. To be honest it was kind of disgusting. But she needed dick. So I fucked her. It was so wet that her pussy cream got all in my pubic hair and when she orgasmed she creamed more. Plus her pussy just smelt old.

    It was pretty noisy fucking her wet pussy. The sounds of my dick going in and out were loud. I wasn’t going balls deep the whole time, I just worked my tip in and out real well till she orgasmed a second time. Then finally I came in her pussy.

    Once I pulled out she cleaned my dick and pubes off with a wash cloth and warm water. After that she pulled my briefs back up making sure to position me comfortably in them then pulled my jeans up and even hooked my belt back up. That was kinda weird to me.

    She put her panties back on before we left the room. I fucked her quite a few times after that, I was single then so why not I guess. But many years later I found out a coworker also fucked her. But it was after I stopped fucking her.

  • First Sex

    I was 16, thought I was hot shit, nice tits, not too great looking, but not terrible. I'd been blowing guys since I was 13 and thought that was enough. But it wasn't, there was a guy I was so interested in, I thought maybe loved, I wanted to do anything for him except that. One night at a hotspot in the woods I let him take me in the back seat, he got me naked, he had me bending over the seat with my butt out the door and my legs spread and was licking my pussy and my ass and I loved it. He'd never done it to me before, actually no one had, I'd really only let two other guys feel my pussy without my panties on. He reached under me and was massaging my boobs, pinching my nipples so they hurt, then he stood up. He had taken down his pants and underpants and was hard. He pushed the tip in between my lips down there. I wiggled to get away but couldn't and he instantly shoved it in me. It didn't feel good at all, I was still trying to get away from the assault inside me. It was only minutes and he was spasming and pushing fully into me, pull out the push in all the way again. He was cumming inside me, and I had no BC at all and he knew it.

    He pulled out and another boy was at me, I had another boys cock in me. It was another boy I'd blown many times, he was laughing and telling me it was about time a cocktease like me got it. Others were laughing, I couldn't see them all. I was fucked my first time by 5 guys. All came in me, it was dripping out, I stood up and grabbed my panties and the boy I was with said no and took them away. Pushing me down again, he used some of the sperm I think to lube himself and he shoved his hard cock into my butt. They all followed.

    Since then I have let 23 others fuck me. I'm 18 and now am with another girl who had similar experiences with her first sex. Finally . . . gentle, nice, slow, loving sex.