Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in? Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities? This is the place to confess it all!

Her Sexy Lips

My wife is several years younger and is tall and slim with curves in just the right places.
She's also an incredible cocksucker. She has practiced long and well and before we met she was pretty slutty about it. She would sometimes even suck off more than one guy in a day.
Anyway, she's a wonderful wife and I have the benefit of all her practice and these days she only sucks my dick unless I decide to share her.
Well, my confession is that just kissing her can give me a hard-on. I'm also very oral oriented and I love to kiss, lick and taste her all over her beautiful body.
When we're kissing the thing that gets me so hot is thinking about what a nasty slutty girl she was and how there were so many cocks in that talented mouth of hers.
We also have a fantasy of taking her to an adult theater where she can blow me while men watch and stroke off. Maybe I'd let them have a turn in her mouth. Gets us both hot to think about it so maybe one of these days...
In the meantime I'm enjoying her dirty little mouth and knowing how sexy and slutty she can be.

  • Mom And Daughter Fun

    I am nineteen and I am still living at home right now with my mom. She has been divorced from my dad for about five years and she and I have always been close and have had a good mother-daughter relationship.
    About a year ago, just feeling casual and comfortable, I started walking around the house nude. My mom had no problem with this, and she began to do the same thing. It was fun and we both liked doing that and it was somewhat titillating. Without any awkwardness we began engaging in some really pleasant mutual masturbation sessions, which was exciting to do as mom and daughter. Well, since then we have moved on in our being sexual together and are doing things which neither of us ever imagined doing with another female. It’s like we just can’t get enough. We have oral sex and use a dildo on each other, and with a dildo, we have even had anal sex.
    I know that you hear about mothers and daughters doing things like this together, it’s just that we never thought we would being doing this together, and it’s great!

    Backdoor Mommy

    I have long had a sexual secret, which is that I thoroughly enjoy anal sex and anal stimulation. I sort of cautiously tried to get my husband interested, but very quickly I found out that he was not interested in such things and thought that it was perverted. So for many years I just quietly satisfied my cravings with a dildo when I could.

    I wasn’t until several years after I was divorced that my grown son and I quite happily and consensually began having sex that this changed. My son had no problem in participating in anal sex with me. He not only found this exciting, but incredibly personal as I do. Now almost half of the sex that I have is of the anal variety and I have never been so thrilled!

  • Dog Cock

    I've got a fetish for dog cock have sucked a thew before and had two in my arse. It turns me on more than anything I'd try any animals with a cock have sucked off a horse twice before with a women I know. I'm going to take a male dog for a walk see if can get to suck his cock in the woods be fun if can be fun to get caught

    Looking For The Kick

    I'm a straight male in my early thirties though maybe its better not to label me. But its how i feel, even if my story below describes more layers of me.
    I have and had a lot of sex which I definitely enjoy. I have a high sex drive and i just need this to function. Its kind of important for me.
    A couple of years ago I started to feel restless in my sex life though it was fullfilled and plenty, so i started looking for some additional kink. Porn and vanilla sex doesn't apply as kink in my book.
    I started with gradually dominating-not hardcore- and some BDSM and proceeded with watching which is very much underrated if i may say so.
    First loved to watch a woman masturbate. Much better was watching girl on girl action.
    This was my first step to the threesome sex because at some point i joined them. FMF action is fucking amazing, no doubt but the special part i felt was that i loved the feeling i got sharing my date with somebody else. This pattern became my new addiction and as much as i loved girl on girl action, i wanted to see my "woman" getting fucked by another man and me watching. So when opportunity came up, i tried a threesome mfm, which absolutely blew my mind.
    After a great time of watching and getting off, my dick was still hard and wouldn't get soft even after i fucked my girl several hours. I came a few times and every time only looking to my male partner fucking her made me hard again. Fucking amazing night I'm telling you.
    So that was my thing and I didn't believe that it could get much better but in another adventurous night, the peak came when I discovered that i absolutely fucking get off dominating both of my partners during our session.
    At some point the yearning became that high that I set my male partner to suck my dick which was one of the best heads i received.
    After a couple of other sessions, I couldn't forget the feeling I got from getting head from a man, I felt the thirst for my tongue to touch a cock and my mouth got watery to suck a cock as well. I tried it at the very moment and i utterly enjoyed it especially the feeling of the soft skin on my tongue, the precum and the hot cum afterwards. Needless to say i swallowed every drop of it. I got off that much that afterwards I fucked my female partner senseless. I just couldn't ..(continue confession)

    Orgy In The Woods

    When I was in my early twenties I heard about a wild couple who were friends of a friend. I didn't know them very well personally, just saw them like at an occasional BBQ or something like that. We were friendly but never got to know each other well. Sometime later I heard about the events I'm about to tell and have always wished I did get close with this couple.

    The guy's name was Ralph and he was about 30 I guess, maybe six or eight years older than me. He was good friends with my friend and co-worker Eddie. I always thought Ralph was a bit of a blowhard and one of those guys who liked to take over whatever was going on. I just couldn't really get past his loud manner and wondered what my buddy saw in him.
    Ralph's wife was kind of his female counterpart, an attractive bleached blonde with big boobs and she dressed very sexy and wore a lot of makeup. She also was pretty forceful and dominated her group of friends. My wife couldn't stand her and I think they had some past issues because they were the same age and had known each other from before any of us were married.
    Strange, but I can't quite remember her name. I think it was Marie, so I'll use that for the telling.

    So it turned out that Ralph and Marie had a pretty kinky and open marriage. They were into some BDSM stuff like restraints and some light whipping and paddling and they would switch off who was the top and who was the slave.
    I heard about a handful of kinky stuff they did but the thing that stands out the most was their gangbangs in the woods.

    Seems that every so often, maybe every couple of months, Marie would get in the mood for some rough and nasty sex. The story was that she would tell Ralph she needed something and he would get in touch with a dozen or more men. Some were guys he worked with at an automobile plant, some were guys from his bowling league, some guys from the local tavern.
    Anyway, he'd set things up with a good bunch of horny men and let Marie know that she was getting what she wanted on this particular Friday or Saturday night.

    Marie would get all made up real slutty with super fancy eye makeup and blush and red lipstick, get her nails and her hair done at a salon in the fashion of the times. This was in the late '70s so pretty big ..(continue confession)

    I Like Getting R*ped (seriously)

    At least a couple nights out of the week around 1 or later in the morning I'll get all dolled up and head out with nothing on me. I know it's dangerous but that's kinda part of the whole thrill. I'll just walk around, make awkward friendly chat with late night strangers, hobos, whatever. At some point one of three things happens, one, I go home empty-handed but thrilled, two, I find a hobo that makes my heart skip a beat and either tease him or if he's sleeping or incoherent I'll just jerk him off till he's hard enough to ride. Three, I get somebodies attention and they take advantage of the opportunity. I fucking love fighting as I feel some dude pouring his strange cum in me. It's almost like an alien Impregnation fetish, feeling that gross hostile monster pin you down, force it's disgusting member inside you, then use you till it releases it's alien eggs in you. There's something so violating about it that never gets old.

    Me On My Knees

    I’m a very masculine married husband of over 30 years,I am bi and have had sex with women and men.

    Over time I have become more and more submissive ,it seem to have started when a much younger lover in his early 30’s started being more aggressive and making demands of me during our encounters ....

    It took me back at first but soon I realized how turned it made me...

    The first time we meet was at my home during the day, my wife was away.

    When he entered my home I was very taken back by his looks and I just dropped to my knees ,unzipped his shorts and took him in my mouth, wow....

    Soon he ask ( do you fuck ) I didn’t know what to say, it just came out, YESSSS

    We moved to my den where he told me to strip, I did as he told me, he walked up close leaning me over my pool table ...

    I felt each hand on my ass then he reached around and took my now hard nipples between his thumb and fingers and I became so turned on, then he dropped down and kissed my ass cheeks, then his tongue hit the right spot, he was tongue fucking and licking my hole...

    Soon he stood up and I felt his cock at my hole, long story short, he took me!!!!!

    It was amazing!!!!!i couldn’t hold on long and started shooting cum, I grabbed my cock to keep from shooting on my pool table and filled my hand with cum!!!

    I was shacking, and all of a sudden I became embarrassed that I had let this hot young stud fuck my ass, and put up no fight at all, and came harder than I ever have in my life...

    I didn’t look at him and I ask if I could go wash my hand off, he barked out HELL NO!!!!

    He told me to use my cum to lube my hole and his cock and get on my knees, head down ass up he shouted!!!

    I did as I was told, he entered me and the assault was on, he fucked me like a wild man !!! He came in me and I came a second time without touching myself..

    I could hardly get my breath as he pulled out, his cum poured out of me, then I heard him taking pics, that was so hot till I thought he might post them or my wife might see them.... <..(continue confession)

    Never In My Life.

    Just got home from a wild three day visit with my husband's boss. We had a wonderful time up until last evening when it got a little weird. To my utter surprise Tom and his wife Kim offered us some magic mushrooms before dinner. I don't remember dinner ending, but I have dazzling flashes of Kim eating my pussy, of Tom on his knees sucking my husband Bill's cock. I remember Tom fucking Bill in the ass, I watched as Kim sucked Bill's dick and got a face full of cum when Tom pulled out. The last thing I remember is the musky smell and taste of Tom's asshole as I sucked my husband's cum from his ass. Fun times.

    Turning Good Girl Into Anal Sub

    I started dating this woman several months ago. I met her online and after chatting for a couple of days we agreed to meet for coffee. The coffee date went well so we planned to go out to supper the next night. I ended up picking her up and dropping her off afterwards. She invited me in for a drink, and we’ll we never had a sip. She was horny as fuck and I fucked her good.

    Now I have always been interested in BDSM and I did have one GF years ago that started to explore it with me but then it ended before we could really talk things up.

    Well this new woman was not a prude but she also had never done anything wilder than try anal once. That has changed. Over the course of the last few months I have been slowly introducing more and more bondage and discipline things. Started off with just a few fun toys, a couple of vibrators. Then moved on to tying her up and other various bondage devices like a spreader bar with cuffs fit both ankles and wrists. Next, moved on to whips, crops and paddles. She likes having her ass spanked (much to her surprise) but absolutely loves having her pussy flogged with the flogger. She will actually squirt while I whip her pussy.

    The other night I had her wrists and ankles cuffed to the bar, spanking her ass (leaving some serious red marks) with a crop and toying her pussy with her favourite vibrator that is shaped like a wand with a small egg sized head. She had already squirted twice and I was not done playing with her. She then asked me to put the vibrator in her ass. I had been working her up to anal for a bit and we have fucked on several occasions with a plug up her ass and even fucked her ass three times. I happily obliged her request, lubed the toy up good and slowly shoved it in her ass while it was still vibrating on maximum. She came again. I then shoved my cock in her pussy and continued to shove the toy deeper into her tight asshole.

    Now when I say it is a powerful vibe, I fucking mean it. I could feel the vibration. She came again and I finally dumped a load into her. She then told me she is my “little anal slut”. I was surprised at those words coming out of her mouth as we never crossed that line yet with name calling like that. She loves dirty talk but I never called ..(continue confession)