You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)

I Like Big Sweaty Men

For the past fifteen years I worked as a stores clerk aboard offshore drilling rigs, usually working a month on and a month off. The obvious reason is the money, the real reason is the men. Since very young I have always been attracted to construction types, hard labor types. Some of them like small smooth men like myself. The twist is I have always been the top, hooking up with meaty rough men who want their ticket punched, and I have never gone without.

  • I Sure Am Glad The Statute Of Limitations Has Been Up For Years

    In 1968 when I was 15 years my mom went to work as a volunteer on a campaign for a congressman. I was a skinny short long haired sissy boy who loved both boys and girls but loved cock slightly more than pussy. From the neck up I looked like a very pretty 12 year old girl. From the neck down a slightly small 15 year old boy. One day the congressman came to visit the local headquarters for his campaign and it happened to be the day my mom talked me into coming in with her to help with some grunt work. The congressman looked me in the eyes as he shook my hand and then pulled me into a hug and said "a pretty girl like you could go far in politics" into ear. I corrected him and said I was a boy. He had a stunned look on his face and then continued with introductions. He went into the office to talk to some of the volunteers and then came out and slipped a piece of paper into my hands. Mom asked me about the piece of paper (I think the congressman was trying not to be noticed) and I opened it and told Mom he wanted to talk to me at a restaurant in private. Mom was one of those naïve women who idolized leaders of our party and believed they could do no wrong and so she was very excited that I was going to be spending alone time with him. '

    I knew exactly what he wanted so I made myself look as pretty and feminine as I could and still be able to convince some people I was male. I curled my waist long blond hair and added a hint of eye make up and a light subtle shade of lipstick. I spritzed myself with a hint of my sister's perfume. I put on a pink satin paisley shirt and white bell bottoms with flower appliques sewn on and touched up my pail pink finger nail polish. Dinner turned into an overnight in a hotel with him being convinced his was the first cock ever in both my mouth and ass. He wasn't bad looking and let me take a bunch of photos of him (dressed) but I also snuck some photos of us naked together with his cock all the way in my 15 year old mouth. Once I had my evidence I knew I was going to get a lot of nice things.

    He got me a nice paying fake job where all I had to do was show up and punch the card then go home and I'd get $300 a week. A nice paycheck for a 15 year old high school sophomore in 1968. My Dad didn't get that at the post office as a mailman. I should mention that my parents were divorced.

    By the time I graduated high school, rumors of the end of the Vietnam war coming to an end soon was rampant but meanwhile a lot of people I knew fled to Canada to avoid the draft.

    Also by then I was blackmailing two of my teachers, the congressman and a police sergeant. Nothing major with the others. I never asked the congressman for anything but a mouthful of sperm. it just seemed to him the best thing to do is keep me happy if he wanted to keep coming back to fuck me. I got lots of cum from those two teachers and the cop. From the teachers I got a bump up in grades and from the cop I got a get-out-of-jail-free card and got away with a ton of petty crimes and a few not so petty ones like the time I was 18 and in my senior year and he caught me fucking an 11 year old girl in the bushes in the town's memorial park. The cop scolded me not for fucking her but for being careless. after he told her how old I was she said "I thought you were 12!" Then she put her tongue back in my mouth.

    While that state has changed the statute of limitations for that last incident, I'm grandfathered in so after after 10 years I'm in no danger of arrest let alone conviction Thanks in large part to a cop's penchant for fucking a young boy's mouth.

    Being generally a coward and not wanting the stigma that staining my record I asked what the congressman could do to keep me safe but in uniform. I don't know how he pulled it off but he got me enlisted in the Navy, arranged for me to have an easy time of it in boot camp and then be assigned to a ship that frequently visited Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Gitmo. My job was basically cruise director for Marines. An older sailor took me under his wing and helped me along in my career in exchange for my keeping it a secret that he liked the way I sucked cock, a big taboo in the military though somewhat less so in the Navy. I got shore leave almost every week and spent half my time collecting seashells and the other half sucking as much cock as possible.

    After a year I was sent to Pearl and mostly we just sat in the harbor doing lame training exercises while I gave comfort to a few of my fellow sailors. They say any port in a storm. Well if loneliness is a storm then my mouth was any port. I added to my shell collection spending a lot of shore leave on those black beaches then we were sent to Japan. Finally we were sent to help evacuate troops and the Cong were taking pot shots at a lot of ships and of all things I got hit in the arm by a stray small bullet. I didn't even feel it at first. A fellow sailor pointed out the blood then it felt burning and then someone yelled for a corpsman. So despite my cowardly inclination and never having picked up a weapon other than in training, I ended up with a Purple Heart, a service medal (we called it the participation award) another medal just because our ship was within the war zone for a few hours and I also got a good conduct medal. I ended up with one more medal than my Dad who was a real hero in WWII. Go figure. All I did was go for stroll on deck since at that moment I didn't have any duties to perform other than keep my eyes open. The captain made a big deal out of it back at Pearl. I was mostly healed up before we got back.

    OK so it's really not my point to talk about my experience in the Navy. I merely used it to get a job at the post office and that is where my real crimes took place.

    One thing I learned in the Navy was paperwork. The military loves it's paperwork. I got really good at it. In fact I got so good at it that I figured out real quick how to cook the books. I was able to make our postmaster look very good by playing with numbers and I also figured out how to steal lots of things. The government of the United States is the most convoluted bureaucracy ever created and as such it could take centuries for a team of expensive experts to find out a single postage stamp is misplaced. I also discovered that it is easier to hide a big theft than a small one. So for the next twenty years I gave myself multiple promotions which the postmaster signed off on oblivious of what was going on. I faked my overtime to where it looked like I was working two full time jobs. I got free stamps to add to my stamp collection. I worked my way up to assistant post master and when the post master retired I got promoted to postmaster. That's when I was able to pull of a major heist. I won't go into details but I ended up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in stamps and several truck loads of stolen mail and I was also able to route all the dead letters to our post office and dead letters often contain money and valuables. I also pulled off tons of mail scams on businesses all around the world.

    Then I decided to retire and and my crimes were discovered but all of them were attributed to the prior post master who by then had died. They would have stopped his wife's pension but she died before they had a chance. So they closed the cases, all of them and I was left to enjoy my comfortable retirement in peace.
    <..(continue confession)

    Better Than A Sopapilla For Desert

    I stopped at this Mexican restaurant for a late lunch. The waiter was a thirty something obviously gay man. He was nice, attentive, we talked, I reached for his hand to admire his ring, holding on for an extra minute. We exchanged names, he helped wiping the dirt off my jeans, nice bottom pats. I met him in the restroom, a one person bathroom, locked the door and sucked on his delicious Mexican cock. I'm a sucker for Mexicans, and I kissed his sweet lips before sneaking out of the bathroom and out into the parking lot with the sweet taste of his cum in my mouth.

  • My First Sale

    Too much to drink. It was my first time at a sales convention. And I had too much to drink. How I ended up in that room with that man I simply don't remember. In bed, nothing on. I woke up with a hangover, the bedside clock said 6 a.m., I was schedules to attend a breakfast at 7.

    I found my clothes and decided to shower in my room. But I wasn't in my hotel. I got dressed, slipped out the loading dock door and flagged down a cab from the front to my hotel. Where the convention was being held. I got to the elevator, my room, a shower, got dressed and met my boss in the restaurant.

    The customers came, I stood to shake hands and the man in front of me was the man I woke up with. He was just too nice, friendly nice. I sat there, the fog lifting, something about puking in the toilet. He was the man holding my head over the toilet. He offered to walk me home, back to my hotel. Which did not happen. No, I ended up in his room sitting on the edge of the tub, watching him pee. Waiting to suck his cock when he was done, before shaking the last drops free.

    There was more, taking our clothes off, sucking dick in a 69. With his hands holding my buns. I don't remember fully but I was so hard I tried to fuck his mouth, so he fucked back, and I let him. Maybe it was a fantasy, but he was too far along, too big to hold off and we got real friendly. And he was right there in front of me. And the fog was gone and I remembered everything. And we got the account and I was assigned to it. And to my new friend. And he never got drunk that night and has a very clear memory of that night.

    I've Been Very Naughty

    I'm a stripper in a strip club. No, I'm not an exotic dancer. I can't dance to save my life. I take my clothes off in front of men and they tip me for letting them feel me up. By the end of the night I am so horny I often I'd fuck anything with a cock.

    The club where I work is owned by a woman who was a stripper a long time ago but now would only appeal to men over 70 who like big girls. Her husband is a police officer who had in the past arrested her on prostitution but later fell for her. But she got old and fat and ugly.

    So what's my confession? I fuck my boss's husband almost every night. She's 50 and looks 70 and has gained 25 lbs every year of their 15 years of marriage. She takes a bath once a week whether she needs one or not and has the stringiest ugly grey streaked hair you ever saw. He's 45 and looks 30 and is a gorgeous uniform wearing muscle stud. She's not worthy of him and I don't know why he stays married to her other than maybe she has a lot of money. So every night when my last set is over and I settle up with my boss I get dressed and go out the back door and he's there waiting for me and drives me home and fucks me for about an hour before going back to pick up his wife who spends about two hours every night counting her loot.

  • My New Job

    So I started a new job during covid which means all of our training is done over video chats while we work from home. On this particular day I was so horny my body hurt, since I was only listening to calls I didn't need to be on video chat so I figured I could quickly get off so I could think straight again. I spent most of the morning with my vibrator completely unable to satisfy this urge. With the ache only growing worse I decided I needed penetration to really get off, so I bust out my dildo and get comfy. I start really getting into it roughly fucking myself with the dildo while I torture my clit with the vibe I am so close to cumming when my mentor asked to video chat so he could explain something. I quickly right myself leaving the dildo in me but shutting off the vibe so he wouldn't hear and accept the chat. While he is explaining I mute myself and turn the vibe back on and start subtly rocking on the dildo, I NEEDED to cum right then. Only it turns out that I didnt actually get muted and he heard!

    He quickly figured out what I was doing and asked if I was masturbating, I tried to think of an explanation that wasn't fucking myself while at work but was coming up blank. Luckily for me all he did was ask if he could watch. Now playing with myself while someone watched was not something I did often but I was so keyed up I needed it in that moment so I said yes. I angled the camera down so he could get a clear view of the dildo stretching my pussy while I rubbed my clit. He guided me told me how to use the dildo told me how he wanted to fuck me and make me swallow his cum. Then he told me to mute myself and continue fucking myself like he told me to while he took another call, and I wasn't allowed to cum until the call was over. I barely managed to hold out cumming right when he clicked off the call. He had me bring my webcam closer and slowly pull the dildo out of my pussy so he could watch as all my pussy juice leaked out. He told me to rub my cum all over my pussy while i sucked the didlo for him. I got so wet it leaked out of me and dripped down into my ass. I told him i was getting horny again but this time i wanted my asshole filled.

    He told me he wanted to see me fucking myself until lunch (we had about an hour and a half) while he continued to take calls but this time I couldn't cum until lunch because this time he wanted to hear. So I got on my knees my ass facing the camera so he could see me better. I even got a second dildo out and deep throated it since he enjoyed it so much and I love the feeling of choking on a cock. I was so wet at this point it was running down my thighs I went to put the second didlo in my pussy but he told me I wasn't allowed until lunch when he could hear me but he did want me to put my vibrator to use again and play with my clit while I fucked my ass. When lunch finally came he undressed and started stroking his cock for me and told me to slowly slide the second dildo in my pussy and once again guided my hands fucking me through the screen. I came multiple times over lunch before he finally came all over himself right before he had to go back to the phones. Neither of us got dressed after that I took some time to recover then we started up again he picked the positions I got into and how I played with myself while he jerked off for me. We came multiple times throughout the rest of the day until I had to go back to class training so we had to stop. He is now my exclusive mentor and we have played together many times both during and after work although we now use our phones video chat not our works video chat. He really likes when I leave my phone under my desk and play with myself while I am in class training on video with my boss and I use my headphones so he can tell me how he wants to fuck me. We have decided to meet in person this weekend so he can finally fuck me in all the ways he has promised to I cant wait!

    My Stories About Lauren.

    read in order 47505, 47520, 47521 and 57522.

    I wrote it out first and tried to cut and paste. I wrote too much. I was trying to cover everything.

    Basic message, I have 24 year old girl at work that does anything for me and I quickly did as much as I could. She went from everyday girl to a train of guys in three weeks, and I think I can get more.

    Couple of commentary said I'm a pig. F you. I'm living a dream.

    Sexy Associate, The Last Time In The Book Store

    We got in the room I could count 11 guys in the dim light. Everyone was middle age or older except for Lauren. She looked like a real porn star come to life. I heard a couple of “Wow’s” and a “Holy Shit” as she walked in. This place was super shady. Everyone stared, but three guys walked right up to her and said very polite, formal “Hello’s” and “Hey there”. One of the guys went up and hugged her, then another hugged her and grabbed a bare ass cheek under her skirt. Lauren jumped for a second, then relaxed and hugged him back. From that moment on, everyone knew she accepted them touching and grabbing her. The third guy moved in and put his index finger under her chin to lift it and then began kissing and tonguing her. While they sucked face, a fourth guy came up behind her and pulled up her tube top and started man-handling her tits. Everyone in the room moved in except me and I stood by the door watching dumbfound. One guy went aggressive and immediately stuck his finger in her pussy and began fingering her aggressively. She backed her crotch away slightly , but only to adjust her position and then left him jab away at her hole. Another came around and grabbed an ass cheek. Another began grabbing at her tits even as the other guy was grabbing them both from behind already. I saw that two other guys were about to dive in and grab something.

    “Whoa.” I said out loud, “let’s do this right. Lauren, you get on the chair here.” It was a low back chair sort of like a cheap wooden kitchen chair, and I probably shouldn’t have used her real name. “No honey, put your knees on the chair and stick your butt out.” She basically looked as if she were in a crawling position, hands on the chair back, knees on the chair seat, feet spread slightly. Her tube top was now a belt resting on the top of her skirt. Her skirt was a belt around her hips. Her forgotten feet dangled with her heels still on.

    Looking back, it became more of an assembly line than any sort of erotic experience for me or for her. About half of the guys lined up for a blow job, half lined up to sink into that luscious pussy. There was tit grabbing form both angles as each guy walked up and took a turn, usually lasting about two minutes. There were thumbs and fingers in her ass, some just up to the first knuckle, others pushed all the way in her butt. A couple of guys who I’m sure were gay didn’t get involved. No other women showed up that night. A couple of guys left after their first hump or blow job. A few rotated in to get one if they had the other. Some new guys came in and got in line. Some others turned around or sat on the sidelines. A couple of guys came in and actually blew each other instead of touching Lauren. Fortunately no one was too rough, though as I watched I knew she had to be getting sore. I knew it was more of an event than something sexual when I realized I wasn’t getting hard watching. One guy was pretty big and when he stepped up to fuck her she stopped sucking dick. He pounded her for a few minutes and most guys watched as she shivered and bucked against him as he rammed his cock in her pussy. He was a big boy, and he stayed in her a long time when he came.

    I asked a few guys to get water for Lauren from out front, which they did. I noticed only a few condoms in the group, maybe a half dozen. Otherwise, it was bare dick all the way. Lauren took everything they gave her and never stopped in that position. One guy came up to her and asked politely, “Can I fuck your ass?” I was surprised when she answered back, “Okay, but go very slow and gentle. Please don’t hurt me.” The guy bent over and actually ate her ass for a minute, spitting in her anus as he tongued her. He rubbed on her pussy to get lubed from everyone else’s jizz, then he slowly and very gently buried himself up to his balls in her ass. She had to adjust positions to let him in that way. Again most everyone else stopped and watched as she took him in her ass. I thought then how erotic she looked as she arched her back a little more to get a good angle for her ass fucking. The guy took his time, then said “here it comes.” After he finished, he leaned down and kissed her ass cheeks. There was a lull in the action at last. Only four guys in the room. I asked Lauren, “Are you okay?” and she replied, “I’m getting pretty tired.” I looked around the room and asked “anyone else?” The guys looked at us and said “No” or “thank you” or “you’re beautiful” and stuff like that.

    I helped Lauren out of the chair, never actually fucking her myself at the book store. I pulled her clothing back into place as much as I could as she just stood tired. We walked through the store and out the door, me holding her up as she walked as if she were drunk. The clerk called out “Have a good night.” From behind the glass. Outside I got her jacket out of the car and put it on her. She settled into the car seat and sort of curled up out of exhaustion. I thought back on it as I walked around the back of the car to get in the driver’s side. I think she probably had 28 guys fuck her from behind and maybe 15 in her mouth. I got in the car and asked “Are you okay?” and she replied, “let’s stop at McDonald’s and get something to drink.”

    The car ride to the hotel was weird. After we got drinks at McDonald’s Lauren sort of perked up. She started asking me where I take the family on vacation. Then I asked her where they went and she said “Nowhere really, we can’t afford it yet.” We laughed at some billboard signs about cigarettes and other book stores…one of us would say “Book Store” and then we’d laugh a little.

    We made it to the hotel, exhausted. I booked a room for each of us, so she got a hotel key. The weather was nice, so she looked a little odd wrapped up in her raincoat and 4 inch heels. We were on the same floor. As we rode up the elevator, she asked, “Should I sleep in your room?” I replied, “It’s okay, you can do what you want.” She paused in silence for a second then said, “I’ll stay with you if that’s okay?” I was shocked but said sure she could stay. We go t in the room and she took off her coat. I admired her body again but knew she was tired. She undressed what little she had on and took a shower. She came out in a towel and I had on shorts and a t-shirt to sleep. She took off the towel and crawled in the bed naked. I saw what she did and I stripped down to get into bed.

    We laid separate for a while then Lauren broke the silence, “I can’t believe what just happened. Oh my God I’m so tired.” I laughed a little then said, “I think you pleasured 30 guys at least between blow jobs and fucking.” “Oh my God!” she half exclaimed, then rolled over to lay on my chest. “I promise I won’t make you do that again, at least for a while.” I said. She laughed lightly and asked, “Can I keep my job?” “For now.” I said. Then she really surprised me and rolled on top of me to straddle me. “Can we make love?” she asked. I was semi hard from her laying on my chest, and sprang to full erection as soon as she asked that. I hadn’t had any sex yet that night. She eased herself over my dick and slowly worked her way onto my penis until I was in. She felt very warm and her lips were full and tight, almost like she was swollen from all the cock she had. We kissed for the first time. We didn’t go fast, we just slowly moved to grind up and down until I finally came. She was so ..(continue confession)

    Sexy Associate, The Big Time

    So now this is me turning my cute little office girl into my own little slut. After our first two encounters, I went crazy thinking about what I could do to top everything. Lauren’s not completely willing, but willing enough. After what happens in here, I seriously plan to settle down and just get some casual sex in with her and calm things down so she doesn’t freak or get too uncomfortable. Again, if you don’t like what I have to say or can’t believe it, don’t read. This is for me to confess and relive it “out loud”.

    I didn’t leave Lauren rest long and on Friday I called her in my office again. She had on leggings and a comfortable sweater and had been casual dress on Thursday too. After she closed (and locked…) the door, she said “I’m sorry, I just really needed to dress down today.” I said “That’s okay, don’t worry. That’s not what I was thinking about. Take a seat.” She sat semi-casually in her seat as I finished some work. She didn’t look nervous for once, as she was getting used to things.

    “I have a proposal I need you to think about.” I said. I explained my plans. We would drive up to the other office our company had a few hours away. I’d pick her up at her house and could even say hello to her husband. We’d leave on an evening when her husband would be home from work. She grimaced when I suggested the hello but kept listening. We’d drive out of town and then make a stop where I would give her a special outfit. It would be very sexy. She should bring a jacket to cover up in. Some of the areas we’re driving through are a little seedy.

    “Have you ever been to an adult book store with a theater or movie room?” I asked. “No, never.” She said. I asked her really no and she said really no. I explained the outfit would be for the adult book store. There are a couple along the way and we would stop at a good one I knew. I have been to some of them, but only to browse and to buy something for my wife, but I knew what could happen in there, especially at this one. Then I asked her “Ok, now be serious with me, would you have sex with other men?” I asked in plural. She stiffened in her chair, “No, I’ve never done that!” “I didn’t ask that” I said “Are you willing to have sex with other men for me to be your advocate?” That’s how decided I’d phrase it. “I don’t think so…” she trailed off quietly. “Ok,” I said, “just curious. That’s all I needed to know.” Lauren sat for a second, “Wait, what does this me for my job?” “Nothing,” I replied, “but I’m trying to be your advocate and that’s up to you.” “Would you fire me?” she asks nervously. “No, not over that.” I said, “But, you need to be really careful about your errors.” Her shoulders drooped instantly. “You seem to feel good during our little sessions, right?” I asked. “I…I…I don’t know…” she stammered trying to think. “You go home and think what you want to do, it’s your call.” I said. She stared down at the desk again, then looked at me and said, “No, it’s ok, I’ll go.”

    Tuesday evening this past week came and I told her I would pick her up after work so she had time to go home and get ready. We could have left from the office, but I wanted to meet the husband. I got to their little townhouse and rang the doorbell. Her husband opens the door and we meet for the first time. He’s a nice looking guy, similar or maybe slightly smaller build than me. He’s very polite. He’s an assistance manager at some fast food restaurant but I don’t remember which…who cares? “Lauren” he calls to the stairway. Down comes Lauren, just as cute as always, dressed in a sweater, skinny jeans and a pair of flats. She has her overnight bag, a medium length camel color raincoat and her purse. That would change soon enough. “Ready to go?” I asked. Lauren stopped by her husband as he leaned in to kiss her. They gave a quick peck and “I love you” and we headed to the car to load the trunk.

    I got Lauren to talk in the car…more than a few sentences. We talked current events of which she knew some but mostly as if she reads People or watches E! on tv. We got further out of town and I said, “time to pull over.” We get to the rest stop I had in mind. At the trunk, she gets out her jacket and I give her a black bag with her new outfit. I bought it online, had to overnight it to be sure it arrived early enough, and had to be careful my wife didn’t open it first. Lauren said, “Ok, I’ll go change.” I call out as she leaves, “don’t wear anything you have on, only what’s in the bag.” She’s in the restroom for a few minutes, not forever, but I’m sure long enough to be worrying about her new outfit. She comes out with her regular clothes in the black bag and her raincoat closed tight. The only difference is that instead of flats she has on a pair of 4 inch platform heels with red soles and the shoes are probably a half size big. Oops. “Do you still want to do this?” I ask. She gives a short reluctant laugh, very nervous and says, “Let’s go.”

    Beside some really meaningless small banter to pass the time and pretend there wasn’t tension we did have one frank conversation before we got in the book store. I asked her, “Did you get birth control?” She replies, “No not yet, but I made an appointment.” I replied “Holy shit Lauren, this isn’t going to work.” She sat quiet, then said “I get my next period in like five days, maybe seven. My husband and I try to keep track and he pulls out.” My immediate comeback, “He doesn’t cum in you?” “No”, she replies, “he always goes on my belly.” I say, “Damnit Lauren, this ruins it.” She starts to panic in silence a little, I can sort of tell, then she says, “I don’t think it’ll happen and my period is coming soon. I should be okay.” “Are you sure?” I ask and she replies, “Yes, it’ll be okay. We go a few more minutes in silence, then I ask, “did he ever cum in your ass?” knowing I had just done that two days ago. “No,” she says, “he always pulls out and comes on me somewhere else.”

    We get to the book store and I park to the side near one of the few lights. There’s a truck stop across the street and even now there were two truckers walking across to the book store. The store is just a cement block building with a small sign saying “XXX Books and Movies”. I look at her and put a hand on her arm lightly. “The coat stays in the car.” I say. She exhales and says “Oh, God.” We get out of the car and she takes of her coat and throws it on her seat. I come around the car to stand a few feet away and take her in. Lauren looks a little like Selena Gomez like I said, maybe even better and has a hot body. Her hair is down to her shoulders, straight and lightly parted on the left side. The outfit is fantastic. Her perky chest is covered by a little black tube top that just covers her boobs. Her midriff and flat stomach are exposed. The skirt is fake leather and measures 8 inches long, just covering her crotch where her legs meet but nothing more and probably less when she moves. I motion for her to turn around and she does, still looking down. The skirt hangs on her hips, but it’s not enough to cover all of her ass cheeks. It has slits on the sides that are two inches high and are already stretch with how tight the outfit is. Maybe an inch or so of cheek poke out the bottom as she stands still. Her legs are amazing and stand out in the 4 inch heels. “Ready?” I ask, and motion ..(continue confession)

  • Sexy Associate, Second Time

    After my first time with Lauren, I didn’t pressure her or do anything until last week. I loved writing about our first time and have more. From the feedback on my last post, you may not like it, but I have Lauren as my sexual partner now. And I’m reliving every little detail as best I can. Screw you if you don’t like it, I’m living out a fantasy and so far it’s perfect.

    Lauren was nervous around me, but continued to do her work. She did okay, but still is just average at best. Two weeks ago she screwed up something and gave a really bad answer that upset someone in senior management. Last Monday I called her into my office and close the door.

    I started by saying , “I told you I’d be your advocate, but it’s not easy when you make mistakes.” She replies, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen.” I look at her and shake my head no slightly. “I know you didn’t MEAN for it to happen, but it did and it makes both of us look bad.” The error wasn’t the end of the world, but I played it up as if it was a major mistake.

    We continued to talk about the error, and finally I said, “I think we need to try something.” What?” Lauren asks me. I reply “I think first of all you need to dress up a little more, and maybe you and I need to meet more often.” She freezes a little as she immediately understands where I’m going. She stares at the stapler of my desk and I continue. “You have great legs and a great ass. I’d like to see more of that. You’re breasts are perfect, so maybe we figure out something to show them off sometimes, too.” She doesn’t look up or nod her head, so I ask, “Are you listening.” She nods yes. Then I continue, “Okay, by Wednesday, you need to find a very short skirt and put on some hot shoes. Wear a tiny little thong underneath.” She just stared at the desk. “Lauren, it’s okay if you don’t want to do this, I just want to help you out.” Lauren looks up at me, stress on her face, “I’ll do it, I promise.” I reply back, “Are you sure you want to?” She timidly gives a reply of “Yes, I do.” Then she asks, “But what about HR? They already wrote me up for not dressing right, and this will be my third written warning.” I said “They won’t fire you. I’ll tell them I need you to be here now that I laid off Tammy in your place.”

    Wednesday came and Lauren did as she was told. She came in wearing a close fitting black sweater with a white bra underneath that you could sort of see through the shirt fabric. The skirt was a large tartan pattern – blue background and white stripes. The skirt was pulled up to her belly button and the sweater just ever so slightly went past the waistline of the skirt. The skirt only covered a few inches of her thighs. She wore a pair of heeled black boots that went up to cover her knees. From behind her ass was covered but just barely.

    At first I didn’t see Lauren, but I went over to her cube late morning to see what she was wearing. She sat stiff in her chair, legs glued together and hands in her lap to cover herself. I said, “Around 2:30, come to my office.” Right at 2:30, she hurried into my office and shut the door and locked it without me even asking. I got up from my desk and stood in front of her. “Has anyone bothered you about your outfit?” I asked. “No, I’ve been staying at my desk.” She replied. “That’s good,” I said, “have a seat.” She sat in one of the conference chairs around my little table. “Take your hands off your lap.” I said. She did, and the tops of her thighs were visible and the hem was maybe an inch from her crotch. I lifted her hem with a finger and saw her underwear was a small sliver of white fabric molded against her hairless pussy. I used both hands and pushed her skirt up around her butt, and she lifted to allow me to get the skirt up to her waist. The thong was amazing, just a landing strip of fabric maybe two inches wide disappearing between her legs, attached to a single elastic band running around her hips. Just a little piece of elastic for a thong in the back. Again I think of how lucky her husband is.

    I looked at Lauren and said “Spread your legs.” She starts taking off her boots and I let her do it. She spread her legs until they rested against the arm supports of the chair, then I lifted her knees so they could rest on the arms themselves. I went down on her pussy, kissing and sucking through the fabric. She pushed forward slightly to meet my mouth. I eventually moved the fabric to the side and began licking between her labia. Every time I hit her clit she gave out a small “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha”. Her clit is sensitive! I swirled my tongue on her clit and she grinds her butt in the seat. She shook her hips slightly to work her clit against my tongue. I stopped, undid my pants and pulled out my hard-on.

    “Are you on birth control?” I ask. “No not yet.” She replied. I looked down at her thong string disappearing into her ass crack. “Have you ever had anal?” I asked. “Yes.” She says. “With your husband?” I press. “Yes, but only a few times.” She replies. “Do you use lube?” I ask, and she replies, “Yes, we do.” I’m kneeling between her gaping legs, my dick pointing to her pussy, and we’re talking about whether she does anal. “Okay, if you won’t be on birth control, you better get lube.”

    Her pussy is wet so I move up to her and she wiggles her way to my waiting dick, we meet and I begin pressing through her labia. I get all the way in, but to get there, I’m on the balls so of my feet laying over her while she’s slid way forward in the chair, my hands clutching the chair back for leverage. Our faces are cheek to cheek while she stares at the ceiling and I sniff her perfumed neck. She is so wet and tight it’s amazing. I should’ve told her to take off her shirt, but too late for that. I keep pumping her up to the hilt. I can feel pressure building until she moans without opening her mouth and orgasms. “Shhh” I whisper and the orgasm caught me by surprise and I feel my dick well up with jizz. I almost lost it but I slowed and pull out. I get off of her and stand up. “Okay, stand up and turn around, lean on the table.”

    She takes the same pose as last time, palms on table supporting her upper body, back arched and ass sticking out at me. I spread her cheeks to see her little puckered asshole better, then spit on my fingers and begin to lube it. “I’m not ready for that.” She goes, “please don’t…” she trails off. I say “It’s okay, Lauren, relax. I won’t push all the way in, just the tip.” I spit and rub her some more, between spit and her juices on my dick I’m pretty lubed. I push against her and she’s tight at first, so I say “relax a little.” She does, and her asshole softens. She pushes back slightly as I push in and I slowly press my penis head into her ass. I’m in maybe two inches at most. I stay there and pump lightly, maybe moving half an inch. I pull on her hips to stand up slightly and she does. Now she’s not balanced on the table and sways more so I get a better angle a little more depth but still don’t ram her. I run my hands over her tits through her sweater and bra. This only lasts a minute at most and I begin to spunk in her.

    As I finish unloading my jizz, Lauren stands up more as if to move away. “Careful,” I say, “it’ll leak in your pussy.” I lead her by the hips and we walk backward ..(continue confession)