Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

Assisting A Client

I previously worked in a group home for developmentally delayed adults. Part of staff's responsibilities were to assist with their bathing. One client, who was non verbal, would always get a sizable erection when I was assisting him. When putting skin lotion on him after showering I would put some on his boner and give him a handjob. Even though he was non verbal he was able to moan pleasure as he came. When I worked the overnight shift alone he would sometimes wake up in the middle of the with a obvious erection in his pajamas. I would redirect him back to his room and once he was in his bed I would lower his bottoms and give him a blowjob. I enjoyed hearing his moans as much as he enjoyed the release.

  • Everything Happens For A Reason

    When I was still living at home I was asked often to run errands. My mother sent me downtown to this specialty store to pick up an order for her. I borrowed her car and drove to town (it was already heavy traffic) and I had to park a couple of blocks away in a small garage, with only one elevator, so I took the stairs. I parked on the roof and had to walk down the four flights and I came across two men, one was in a suit with his pants down and the other looked like a laborer. I stood above them, looking down and the laborer got behind the man in the suit and slowly inserted his dick in him.

    The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes, the suited man gave some money to the other man. When he did he looked up and he caught my eye. I was scared and backed up and went up the stairs back to the roof and waited for the elevator. When I exited the garage the man was waiting, leaning against the wall. He stopped me and forced me to talk asking me if I liked what I saw. He told me he liked it very much, he told me it was his hobby and every once in a while he needed a thick dick in his ass. How about me? Did I like dick, I looked like I would like dick, and he grabbed me by the dick and he told me he wanted to kiss me. He took me by the arm and walked me back into the alley between the buildings.

    We got between the dumpsters and he told he wanted to kiss. He told me he was going to kiss me and I was going to enjoy it, he could tell. He started kissing me, I moved my face aside and he grabbed it with his hand and he started to kiss my lips. The more he kissed me the less I tried to stop him and he settled into a long French kiss with one arm around my neck and the other grabbing my dick in my pants. He was kissing my neck while he worked on my pants and and he got my dick out and held it in his hand. i was hard by then and he reached down and sucked it for a minute and then went back to massaging my dick and kissing me on the face and neck. He got my pants down to my knees and he told me it was going to feel real good, he promised.

    He had me put my hands on the wall he spit into his fingers and rubbed his fingers across my anus and then he spit hard and pushed his finger in my anus before pushing his dick in me. I went into a trance, feeling his dick, as he penetrated and he was soon fucking me in and out in a rhythm. I had lost track of time, when he pulled out and I started to come to I got worried that the store would be closed. He let me get my pants up and told me to call this number and he would be waiting for me whenever and wherever I wanted to meet up. He didn't let me go without one last long French kiss telling me I was the best thing that had happened to him that day.

    In the morning I had two big red marks on my neck, I looked like a girl after the prom. I spent the day drifting in and out of awareness, In school I was completely absorbed with had happened, and when I got home my mother was out and I called him. He asked how I was and he told me he really wanted to see me again, but we would meet in a more secluded place. He asked me if I new about the Concordia Hotel, I could go in the back door and up the stairs and he would give me a room, call him back in 20 minutes. I rode my bike into town, it took me an hour but when I knocked on the door the man was there and the first thing he did was kiss me and ask me to take off my clothes, He undressed while I undressed, he turned down the bed and got a towel out of the bathroom and started to suck my dick. He laid me on my back and got between my legs and pushed my legs up over my head and he kissed and ate my anus.

    He told me to hold my ankles and he took this lube and lathered my hole and lathered his dick and told me that he would slide in like it was meant to be and he was sure I would enjoy it. He did slide in, and it did feel good, we started on my back, but changed over to doggie style and then flat on my stomach. He said he had this cream that held him back from cumming and he hoped I was in agreement. It was ok with me, it took him a long time before he had to cum. He sprayed my anus with a spray, he wiped his fingers around and he went down on me and ate me for a long time.

    We met at the Concordia Hotel about once a week, at least once every two weeks. I had to hide the bruises on my neck and chest, and stopped dating and hanging out with my friends. I was hung up on him and couldn't wait to see him. All through my last year of high school and while I was in college we met up when I was in town for Holidays. In March of 2021 he got a promotion and he moved to Atlanta and the most we do is text once in a while. But he helped break the ice for me and I have a boyfriend that works the utility company in town. It's a quiet thing, I introduced him to the Concordia and that's where we meet, he takes the room under an assumed name and no one asks any question. I'm sure the Concordia has a bank of stories to tell, it's that kind of Hotel.

    Deep In The Closet, Below The Thermal Barrier, Happy As A Clam

    I attended a state school in the Southwest. I studied Agricultural Economics. I would say that most all the students in the Agriculture school were from rural areas or small towns. In the first semester of my senior year we were assigned a joint project and my name was pulled with another senior I'll name G. G was from a rural town and his family was prominent there. One evening, it was still not dark, we were at his apartment and messing around. We sat close to each other working on the paper. I kept looking at him wondering what it would be like to kiss him.

    I wanted to kiss him, bad. The feeling surprised me. When he said he had to use the bathroom I followed him and stood beside the toilet to watch him pee. Also a never before done behavior. He was uncomfortable, we kept looking into our eyes, I wanted to kiss him but his penis also screamed for my attention. I heard him finish and I bent over holding myself up with one hand on the water tank of the toilet and took his penis and put it in my mouth. He pulled away hard, yelling obscenities at me, I responded to let me, I had fallen to my knees, his penis still out of his zipper, I walked to him on my knees and, he had backed up against the wall and I took his penis in my hand and into my mouth and closed my eyes. I've never found the right word for it, enjoyment, pleasure, it was way beyond that. I think the word lust is the only one that fits. The urge, overwhelming urge. He had developed an erection.

    I stood and holding his dick in my hand I kissed him on the mouth and still holding his dick in my hand we went to the bedroom, I stripped my clothes off until I was totally naked and grabbed at his sweater to take it over his head and his pants and there he was on his back on the bed, his has lost it's erection but was still full and appetizing. His eyes said no, I told him something, and got on the bed and kissed his dick again and got on top of him grinding against him, holding his face and kissing him. He surrendered and the kisses became kisses, the embrace an embrace, i got his hand on my dick and then his head and mouth and he sucked me with passion. Minutes passed before the urge to have him on my back got the better of me and I laid on my stomach and asked him to get on.

    G was hard and he refused but I needed it, it's not that I begged, I demanded that he get on my back and his hard dick between the crack of my ass was more than I could take, I lifted my hips and told him to fuck me. I could feels his tears on my cheek as he fucked, getting stronger and more and more aggressive, again the lust for it, the feeling of his dick in me, grabbing me , writhing on my back, his breath on my neck, he had stopped crying, over and over he repeated the same thing, 'fuck you, fuck you' and he fucked me and came,

    Seeing him naked was a pleasure, I wanted him to kiss me but he stood apart from the bed. My dick wanted to be sucked, to have him tear at it with his hand, but all I could do was tear at it with mine. He wouldn't suck me or jerk me off. It was the most disappointing ejaculation laying on my back looking up at him, his naked dick hanging there, his eyes glazed over.

    I left, my adrenaline still high, he was angry beyond words, when he didn't show up in class the next day I went to his apartment, there were no cell phones back then and few if any students had phones of their own. He didn't answer the door and I went home by myself. He never showed up in class again and a neighbor of his told me that he had moved out. I never saw G again.

    I graduated and got a job at a bank, I met some people and through this one girl at the bank met her friend who had just graduated and needed to get married to stay in the United States. I didn't care and I married her, totally fake, but after many months the girl at the bank told me that she was despondent because I had never touched her and she was married. Out of some sense of obligation really, I fucked her one night, she gave up her virginity and got pregnant. Whether I wanted a wife I had a wife.

    During her pregnancy I met a realtor and we went out to look at properties he wanted the bank to finance. He was in his thirties, I kept looking at his hands. And during the walk through of this one property I got the urge to kiss him, but he beat me to it. His kiss was aggressive, powerful, demanding, he kissed me into submission. Soon I was sucking on his dick, his hand holding my head by my hair, fucking my mouth which was totally okay. I kept looking up to him, his eyes hard and dominating me, I sucked his cock, he was hard, very hard, that kind of hard that a man gets when he's going to fuck. I dropped my pants and bent over leaning against the wall in the empty bedroom and he fucked me completely and every stroke was heaven. More, more my mind yelled, harder, harder my mind yelled.

    I became his lover, his go to boy at the bank. He did very well and the market was ripe and I got promoted for improving production, during the day it was all business, he taught me all about the realty business, and on weekends, or during lunch, he kissed me until I fell to my knees. I didn't think about it at the time, but I was definitely in love with him. My wife, pregnant and after her child, was a burden to me, emotionally and financially. But he insisted I keep her, it gave us cover. More than anything he pushed me up the ranks, he had connections and he used them and I became a Vice President, and the picture of my wife and child was necessary to fit in. She eventually had a second child, our marriage is just what it was the when we got married, a marriage of convenience.

    Me, after 30 years I am deep in the closet, I've had several long term affairs, and several one night stands at conventions. I'm definitely more comfortable with men my age, the younger men today are too dangerous with their social media and mental issues. No, a man of experience, with a manner and hand who knows how to get me on my knees, knows how he wants me to look up to him, with his dick in my mouth. It's in the eyes, if he kisses me passionately he has me where he wants me and that's where I want to be.

  • I Have Always Been Gay Since Early Childhood And I'm A Happy Queer Now

    I think most everyone that is gay has those feelings when their young. You know, you like that boy in the sixth grade, you want to see another boy's penis in the bathroom, in Junior High you really like being naked with those other boys after track. You can't keep your eyes off the coaches penis when he showers with you and you like how he looks at your penis and ass. When he is talking to you all you want is for him to kiss you. You dream of sucking your friend's penis for your first wet dream, later you dream of your coach sticking it up your ass.

    In the town I grew up in there wasn't an active gay scene or any kind. Among the boys they talked about gays and how they thought that Chris was gay because he was so 'pretty', he looked like a girl. Chris was a boy a couple of grades below us. I didn't like him anyway, he was gay but he would go to New York and be a dancer on Broadway. I would be stuck in our town.

    I got a job after I turned 16 working in the mall at the Jamba Juice Bar. The Indian shoe salesman in the women's shoes at Macy's came by to talk to me and buy a smoothy and complimented me on how good a job I did. He was older than my father, white hair, and when he smiled at me he had crooked teeth. Little did I know that I would lose my virginity to him in the storage room behind the women's shoes after hours. His dark penis, uncut, salt and pepper pubes, wrinkly balls, I knew every inch of his penis both from sucking him and the feeling of his penis in my rectum. I never knew if he was prematurely gray because he always got a very hard erection. This was a penis, not those jokes of penises at school. And I loved it and went to the back door of Macy's and knocked after I got off of work and he let me in. It' still the best after school job I ever had.

    Later on, like when I was a freshman in college, I saw my dormmate masturbating, and I felt the urge to suck him. He was offended and called me a queer, and he laid back and let me suck his penis and when I lay naked on my stomach on my bed he asked what I wanted, I only had to say 'you know' and he said something like 'oh fuck' and he got on my back and together we got his penis inside and he did a lousy job. It was memorable for being a bad fuck. He just didn't have his heart in it. He's turned out to be a frustrated top, I still know him and he's married and works at a bank and sneaks around picking up high school and college freshman where they hang out.

    I got into my first formal relationship with Gregg from Altuna, Pennsylvania. He was in a band and had an on fire desire to fuck. He is also the first guy I kissed with, made out. He had it figured out, he was going to be the next Bruce Springsteen, except he was gay, He wore tight pants on stage, he liked showing off his 'cock'. I worshipped him, and was his boyfriend for a couple of years until it just flamed out.

    Later on, I studied Accounting and work for a large Insurance company. I met a man there, he reminded me of Raj from Macy's, an older man to me, in his mid forties, dark skinned from Louisiana, heavy beard, strong hands for an auditor, and a definite personality. I fell hard for him and loved being his partner, a very experienced lover he was patient enough to teach me and he made love to me, as in made love, and I learned that the one making love expects you to be receptive and let his hands do the work and you follow his lead. I loved his 'cock', he has an amazing penis, like Raj his penis is the penis of a real man, it feels good in my hand, I make a fist around it and hold it while I suck him, sometimes he comes, sometimes he wants to get aroused and I lay beneath him and he fucks me. He fucks me face to face, or on my stomach with a pillow under my hips, which is my preferred position. That's how a queer should be fucked, IMHO.

    We are back in the office, at first it was our choice, but now it's everyone back to their cubicle. During the shutdowns he and I played house, I stayed at his place most of the time, but now we have to be careful, he is a Director and his is a position of responsibility. So at work it is yes sir and no sir, and when I see him after work, in the dark at night, under the covers, I hold and suck his 'cock' and he gets all over me and fucks me like the queer that I am.

    Changing Desires

    Years back I was in my 30s before I received my 1st blow job from a girl friend. I was married but wife refused this and would always be angry. The relationship ended with the girl . The wife did not want sex with me. I read about a city park that guys went to looking for guys. I got a blow from a guy it was great. I would go there once or twice a week and get blown. After a couple of months i enjoyed this action so I gave my 1st. Was not bad. Now after a few months i would go and suck a couple of guys a week . Next i would go and try and suck 4 or 5 at an outing and twice a week . I love sucking cock cannot get enough. I am basicly gay . Also proud to be called a queer. I think there are many men that also love to suck guys too.

  • My Neighbor The Chiropractor

    My parent's neighbor moved. He retired from his practice of Chiropractic. Sold his business and moved to the Northwest. He was the man who introduced me to what has been since then my secret side. I'm married now, and live the proverbial married life, wife and three daughters, suburbs like I grew up in, management rank, make decent money. But once I was a college bound high school graduate and my father sent me to clean out the brush against the back fence.

    From there I could see over the fence into our neighbor's yard. He was laying back on the lounge chair and a young man was beside him sucking his cock while our neighbor ran his hand through the young man's hair. I stood still, I couldn't not watch, and my neighbor looked my way and we locked our eyes. He smiled at me, stroking the young man's hair, blew me a kiss and pointed down at the young man and lifted his chin, as if asking me if I wanted to try.

    That night I stroked hard, just thinking about what I had seen, our neighbor was gay and that explained why he was divorced and why no one ever saw a woman over there, not even the maids, it was a couple of young men who came over to clean. I came hard. Cleaned myself up. I had trouble sleeping that night. I caught myself mouthing the pillow, dreaming of sucking his cock.

    He came over to our house a couple of days later and asked my Dad if I could help him with cleaning out his garage. My Dad sent me, neighbors helping neighbors, don't accept any money he told me. It was hot, worse in the garage. We moved everything out of the garage, he wore shorts that were a bit too tight, his bulge obvious. He took off his shirt, he was a very well built man in his forties at the time. He got me to take off my shirt and told me that I was a good looking young man. We talked about college and he asked if ever thought about being a Chiropractor, you could make a good living.

    We took a break and went into his house, the first time I was in there. Both of us still in shorts only, it was cold because of the air conditioning and I felt my nipples get hard. He reached and with his fingers twisted my nipple and asked me how my love life was going. We went into the den, the curtains were closed and he hit the remote and started up his VCR and he started playing a tape of a young man sucking cock. "How about it?" and he unzipped his shorts and they dropped to the floor. He was in white briefs, his banana poking to one side. He peeled the briefs off and he stood naked with half an erection "Come over here and show me some love".

    While the young man was sucking the man on the TV I was sucking his cock on the couch. His cock for me then was bigger than anything I'd seen. It was just so good I couldn't stop, I wanted to suck his cock, he held my head with his hand and from time to time he ran his hand down my back. I sucked for a while before he told me to stand up and let him see what I had. He took my cock in his hand and sucked it. I thought I would cum. "Why don't we go to my room and let's get comfortable" and we went to his room, he led me holding my cock in his hand. We lay down on the bed and he started making love to me, stroking my cock, his hard cock knocking against my thigh. He was kissing me "I've had my eye on you for quite a while young man" and with that he got on me spreading my legs and he ground his cock into mine.

    He got up and told me to lay still and he got this tube out his nightstand and a condom and asked me if I wanted him to wear one, he preferred to go natural but it was up to me. He lubed up his cock, stroking it, getting it harder. He knelt on the bed and took some of the lube and put his hand under my cock and lubed up my ass. "It won't hurt I promise". And he wiped his hand clean with the sheet and got back between my legs and pointed his cock at my ass and told me to hold my legs up and he got penetration. "There's nothing better than a young tight ass". "How do you like it?" I liked it, but all I could do was nod my head.

    I lay on his bed naked, and he stood naked at the foot of the bed. He smiled. "We need to get back to our chores" and he put on his shorts and I got up and put my shorts on and we went and got our shoes in the den and after a drink of water went back out to the garage. "You're welcome to come over whenever you want". He gave me a magazine, rolled up and told me not to show it to my Mom. A magazine of gay men, cock and men on young men, thick cocks, smiles, bearded guys, young naked men. I still have it.

    He's moved. But during these last 25 years he showed me the ways, how to be gentle, how not to be gentle, how to be the boy, how to be the man. He introduced me to this young man who came by to clean, and vacuumed in his briefs, and this young man with all kinds of head trips that I didn't like. He introduced me to some friends of his, grown men like himself, but he made sure they understood he had his eye on me, I was not for them. I learned that they went on fishing trips to Mexico, and that they liked young Mexican men.

    Now I'm the one going on fishing trips, and keeping a place where I can take a young man if I meet one I like. One evening, my wife was out of the town at her parents, I met this young Mexican serving tables and had him over. I put him to vacuum for me in his underpants, his dick growing heavier as he went back and forth, I sucked him hard and pulled down his underwear, I lubed him up and lubed up my cock, but I controlled myself, I put on a condom, then did what we were there for.

    In The Closet

    About 15 years ago my wife and I stop having sex. For get about getting sucked that stopped way before the sex stopped. After getting tired of using my hand, I was on the internet in chat rooms. I started chatting with men that lead to camming with them. I hooked up with a guy and he sucked my cock in my pick-up truck. That lead to me going to a ABS that had booths with glory holes. I started sucking and swallowing there loads. I met a guy that was older and he lost his wife a few years back. We became lovers. He fucked me so good with his uncut 7-inch cock. My family and friends have no idea I am a cock loving homosexual as I gave up on pussy.

    That Was Not What I Expected

    So Sunday evening I was relaxing. Got on grinder to chat. One guy said he was horny and looking. I saw the pics looked like a decent cock. So I said sure come on over. He shows up and I start to give him head and to my surprise hai cock was huge thick eight inches. I had told him I was in a hurry and needed to get down town before he showed up, so I was expecting a quick fuck. Get on my knees on the office chair and begins to plow me deep, I felt full down there and it was going balls deep. He kept telling that I feel great. He boned me like that for a few minutes then we moved positions to staying up, man did he rails me deep and hard, came deep in and left.

    Today he reached out and asked what I was doing, we made plans to meet again. I sucked him off taking his cock down my throat as far as it would go, gently sucking and kissing his cock head, gentle but deep throat, was giving him great hard. I asked him to face fuck me and I laid on my back on had him burry his cock balls deep down my throat. Every time he did that he moaned. He said I want to plow your behind. We got the lube and he went balls deep, saying f man your ass is so tight. Then he contiene to plow me balls deep in everyone position imaginable for the next hour or so. I felt it so deep it was unreal. When we was back on my office chair, knees on the chair butt out exposed to what ever he wanted to do with it, he was going balls deep long strokes and every time he went balls deep it felt so incredibly satisfying and pleasurable I can’t explain, I had precome dripping from my soft pipe down on the office chair and my calves. Had not ever had that happen. I was getting tired so I laid on my stomach butt exposed and he plowed me so deep hard and unreal I was making a lot of noises and doing my best to cope with the seriously railing. He came balls deep. Jesus all mighty that was wild.

    After we sat and chatted after catching our breath, I was impressed. Small talk before long I grabbed his cock and gave a quick kiss and suck and sat back down. He said don’t stop, so I got back on my knees and gave him a soft but deep threat blowjob, he was moaning with pleasure. This time round his big penis went down my throat easier sense he had gone balls deep earlier. Gentle, deep throat. He laid back cock in the air signaling for me to ride it so I did. I sat on it balls deep. He moaned that I “feel so good” it was deep and I’m a bit sore now I was riding it and he was loving it, telling how perfect I look riding his cock. I periodically slipped it out but he kept saying put it back in. I did just that but he was beginning to most of the work pumping. As I was about to slip out he said wait. So I stopped and left his throbbing hot cock balls deep in me. Be plowed me good and come a second time balls deep in me, this time it only lasted 10-15 minutes. Which I’m glad sense I’m spent rn.

    I will probably meet him again and get naked. It’s some of the wilder men I’ve met. I love it.

    Something I realized tho was that my prostate sits deep in my hole and probably the reason I like the bigger men and feel more pleasure from big men. I’m not a size queen but definite prefect bigger. I remember being able to take deep and feeling amazing with big rods balls deep from the get go. And I remember falling for a guy hard that was on the bigger side and would make me feel that amazing feeling balls deep. My conclusion is that maybe just the same as women have the g spot at different lengths in their vagina men have their prostate and different depths in their hole. Some gay men only like average men, they say it feels the best. I prefer big and I’m a little guy 5’6”. Anyhow just an observation. I can take cock like a seasoned porn star and have a few men who are hung and have stamina on the roster.

    Wow was an amazing hook up. My ass is sore but I’m guessing he’ll be back I can handle and take a rough railing with a big rod.

    I’m a bisexual man, who you’ll never know I like men but also doesn’t give a flying fuck about peoples opinion. I’m a man and I do what I want. Intimacy is personal and no one’s business and I don’t believe in coming out to please people, I’ll decide how I live my life, if you don’t like it. I’m sure your people are out there for you. I’m very conservative but I have my wild side

    Brief History Of My Sexual Activities

    The first time I touched and sucked a penis I was in the fourth grade with my friend Alan. It was his idea and we both held, touched, felt, handled and sucked each other. He 'pissed' in my mouth, but on reflection it was probably his first wet orgasm. It is enough that I liked kissing and sucking Alan's penis and Alan dry humped me and poked my hole with his hard penis.

    Over the years that followed I sucked several boys in school and let several boys in school use my butt to hump me and ejaculate on me. The place we did it at school in Junior High was behind the track field and I went to class with cum on my back, butt and on my face. In Senior High school I had sex, with the band director. He was a large hairy man, and he had a pretty big cock, and he drove it in all the way. He did this in the instrument room. I suppose he would be a bear.

    In college and beyond I gravitated to older big men like the band director. Big men, not just taller than me. Heavy set, big torsos and thighs, big hands and big cocks. If they wanted to kiss and rub me down, and have me rub them down that was fine. But for me it was all about being fucked, that's what I wanted.

    In my late twenties I met a Turkish man, he was very hairy, even on the back of his hands, big around the middle and stood about 6 foot tall, just a bit taller than me, but much heavier by 50 pounds. He was out and out alpha top, I had never met someone like him, that aggressive and with that power. I was always prepared and I prepared myself for him and he took it all, I felt that he was the one that first screwed me. Really screwed me. Everything before just playing around.

  • Getting Our V Cards Punched

    In 1974 we were high school seniors and my friend and I went to Denny's late at night (around 1 a.m.). After finishing up at Denny's we walked home which was about two miles. An easy walk, and the night was cool. The street was very dark between built up areas when we were stopped by a cop car asking us what we were doing out that late at night. It was then around 3 a.m. We told the truth and he told us he had to take us in for vagrancy and he put is in the back of the squad car and handcuffed us down and put bags over our heads.

    He got on the radio and told someone that he had to Bambis in his car and what did they want him to do. He drove us to this shed and he got the door opened and we drove in. We were taken out and we were handcuffed to a work table and the sack still over our eyes. Our pants were pulled down and the cop went to his car and came back and spread this stuff up our backsides and stuck his finger in us. After a while we heard a car and these two other guys came in and in a couple of seconds we had dicks in our ass.

    When they had finished one of them got down underneath us and started sucking us and playing with our dicks and balls. He got me to cum first and then he got my friend to cum. We were fucked again before we heard them leave. We were uncuffed from the work table and allowed to pull out pants up and still bagged were taken back to the street and told to stay out of trouble.

    It's been a lifetime since that happened to us and sometimes I can't help but reminisce about that night. I went on to have many other experiences, Early on as a young man about town and later on as I grew older I found I enjoyed the company of a young man now and then. But as far as memories and experiences go, that night is the best experience I ever had. I can't think of a better way to have your virginity card punched.