Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

My Quick Trip To The Mayan Riviera

Long, long weekend. Three of us went to Mexico. The first night we were there we met some Mexican guys. I went with one of them to a bar, then ended up at a beach house somewhere out of town. The two of us, and an older maid. The whole thing was about sex. Morning, noon and night. I had a flight back on Monday, which I barely made.

During the long weekend I found out that being the one with the pussy takes away any say so, whatever he decided was it. The maid only spoke Spanish and kept out of it. At least I didn't have to cook or pick up. The dress code was naked, or wearing his shirt. The bed was hard, no air conditioning, the bathroom primitive but it did have a toilet, no cell phone service.

Alcohol was beer and rum, just a man on a mission and I was the mission. I've heard of being the bitch, I felt like the bitch. No hole was off limit, no place was off limit, no time was off limit. When I was dropped off at the airport I had my purse with my passport and the clothes I wore when I arrived, my friends were told to mind their own business. They left my bag at the hotel.

Jose was not his name, it was the name he gave me. I returned home with Mexican cum in my pussy, my stomach and my ass. The longest weekend of my life.

For My Bf

I like having my boyfriend and do anything he wants. A month ago while it was still warm days he got me to sit and fuck my pussy on his gear shift in the car while he watched calling me names. The big knob and thin shaft really didn't do anything for me but I was wet and he thinks it got me off. He started calling me names, nasty names, even wrote on me with magic marker. My mom found some of the markings when she came in while I was in the shower. This past weekend I spent the whole weekend with him, and he got me really stoned, and was talking about how he needs more excitement in our sex life. I promised to do anything he wanted as I always have.

In shame, I got on the floor on my hands and knees. He put a blanket over my back, and led in his dog. The dog licked me, sniffed me and with some trouble mounted me. He came in me, then pulled the knot out with his cum splashing out of me and dripping all over. My boyfriend immediately replaced him and was pumping me from the back and came inside me. Over the weekend the dog did it to me in both my vag and my butthole. In my butt, twice the knot wouldn't slip out and he turned around and we were butt to butt for over 15 minutes each time. My boyfriend took pictures. When not taking pictures he was slapping my breasts calling them saggy, hanging udders.

I feel like total crap about it, my boyfriend treats me like a piece of meat just there to satisfy him and now talks even dirtier about me. He marked "Filled with Dog Sperm" on my belly and "assfucked by dogs" on my butt. I just hope no one sees it before it fades away.

You Can't Turn Back The Clock

There is no tenderness in anal sex. You might as well be an animal.

Witnessed Thai Lady Boy Having Sex With Young Thai Boy

Stayed in room Pattaya above a closed bar. Lady boy bar across the street,
so some lady boys stayed on my floor. Woman with kids working in bar lived
there too.

To save money on AC I kept doors and windows open. So did most of the others.
breeze felt good, mid day would escape the sun in my room. Across the hall one of the woman's kids was called in Thai lady boys room.

He had the young boy give him a blowjob. His dick was tiny (don't think all Thai men have small cocks) the boy knew how to suck. He pulled the boys shorts down, put him on the bed. Sucked the boys dick till the boy pushed him away.

Thats when he laid the boy on the bed, Lady boy oiled his ass and lady boy cock,
then fucked that boy in his ass. The boy was uncomfortable and the lady boy came fairly quickly. He washed the boys ass then got him dressed. Reached in fridge gave the boy milk and some chips.

I told the lady boy that was wrong, he told me thats what they did to him, he is doing the same for that boy. One day that boy will work at the bar.

Taken In By A Fraudster

I was 19 that summer working as a day care worker. One little boy clung to me and I talked to his mother about it. She apologized telling me she worked two jobs and he had another sitter in the evening till she got home from work. I offered to keep him for, free.

On a Sunday several weeks later she and I took the boy to a park to play, she gave me the background, she was made pregnant in high school by a drifter she met with a friend, he disappeared and has never seen him, she worked to support herself and dropped out of school. The bad news continued.

I felt real bad for her and the boy and asked for help from everyone I knew, clothes, money, home items. Word got around and a cop got wind of it and decided to get his department to help.

They ran a background check looking for the father, the best way to help was to get him to pay child support. What came up was shocking, she lived with the boy's father, he was a bartender. She was a stripper after dropping out of high school, before she got pregnant. Her part time job after work was at the same strip joint. She and her boyfriend had been busted for running a scam with a church. I was her mark when I offered to help. Oh and they both had a record for theft and she had been arrested for prostitution.

No wonder the little boy needed to be hugged.

Disgusting At First. Tranny.

I once paid for an hour with an escort I found online. She was a t-girl. She looked hotter online. She was Latina. Thick. But you could still tell she was man. I was about 19 at the time. Horny. I wanted to try it. She came in. We sat on the couch. We started with just me pulling out my dick. She played with it until precum started to peep out. She had big fake tits. I noticed that her dick started to show from her pants. I stood up on the couch while she sat down and I face fucked her. Just deep throating her. Then I noticed that while I was doing that, she pulled hers out. Then I got down and was wondering what to do next. I sat down and she then did the same thing to me. She stood up. Her dick erect, inches from my face. Maybe she assumed that I had done this before. Hers was small. Smaller than mine but thick. I slowly inched toward it. It smelt funny. Then she grabbed my chin and motioned for me to come forward. I wrapped my lips around the head and she let out a "oh fuck". I felt her thrusting her hips. It tasted kinda good. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to keep going or not but I did. She started to face fuck me. I reached down and grabbed my dick and noticed I was hard as a rock. She was standing on my couch, face fucking me with her dick, letting out small "fuck", "yes", "come on". Then I felt her dick start to twitch. The head of her dick started to grow. Then I felt it. The warm, spunk. I pulled back a little and she pressed my head into her crotch. I felt her small pubes on my nose. The smell of her skin. It was warm. I closed my eyes and swallowed, checking a bit. Then she released me. Holy shit. Did I just do that? After that, she gave me a blowjob until I came. I paid her. After she left, I felt disgusted and used. But I kinda...liked it and want to do it again.

I Wish I Had Been Left Alone

I'm 37, I first had sex at 34. I am well aware that I am not attractive, I'm not fat, I'm skinny and have red hair, green eyes and freckles. More of a horse face than anything else. I am also socially insecure.

The day I lost my virginity I was 'laid out for fucking', a vibrator was used to arouse me sexually, the man ran his dick in me and ejaculated. No kissing or holding, just a quick fuck. The women who arranged this laughed out loud as I was being fucked. The man did his duty, paid for by the woman.

It really wasn't worth it.


She was fat, I mean really fat. I am 17 and she is married to a guy who doesn't care, he knew she was going to try to fuck me. She is 38 and looks 58, very short black hair, she weighs 300lbs. and has huge thick thighs that end at a black hairy pussy with soft pink inside lips. Her tits are massive, I can't guess a cup size but I'd say about a gallon milk carton size. She's been teasing me off and on for a year, even lifting her skirts up to her neck showing me her hairy pussy and huge tits in front of her husband. He would sometimes lift her belly and massage her pussy with me watching.

It graduated to me feeling her pussy, or sucking her tits while he was finger fucking her. She started getting totally undressed in the house with me and telling him to go to their room and stay there. It was that way I got my first blow job. I shot a ton of cum in her mouth and some dribbled onto her her tits and she licked it up. She made me lick her pussy sometimes, and sometimes you could taste that he'd fucked her already. She kept saying that anytime I wanted it I could do it. Just let her know and she'd make sure she didn't let him fuck her first.

We were outside in their back yard, she had on a short dress with nothing on under it. She moved a chair so we were behind their privacy fences and no one could see and sat down. Spreading her legs, and lifting her dress above her tits, she motioned me over. I licked her, and she said that she was clean, and wanted me to get her dirty. I fucked the fat old wife. Since I've fucked her at least 40 times. I even slept with her in their bed while he was on the couch. That was the night she let me fuck her in her huge, and I mean HUGE, ass.

All he says, even when we're alone is "thanks for making her feel so good and so sexy again"

Stranger Danger

Went to a hookup site for men, and joined a man in his garage.
He poured a jug of his stale piss over my head and all i could do was bathe with it and leave..i still smell awful....that dirty old bastard

  • Of Lost Virginities, Old Men, Gangbang And Piss.

    I lost my Virginity when I was 15, and it wasn't the best experience in my memory. Some girls in my high school were partygoers, and I wasn't exactly sure how they even managed to get into Nightclubs. One of my friends told me that there were a bunch of guys they knew who would get them in. I was curious to see this nightlife myself and asked my friend to let me join in the next time they went partying.

    The Party...

    And so, one Friday evening, I left for a 'sleepover' at my friend's house. As told by her, I put on my short Blue Cami dress and tried my best to look at least 20 (being skinny, short with small boobs doesn't help). I waited for her near my home and she showed up in a car with some guys. When I jumped into the car, I was surprised to see her and four older men. And by older, I mean '50 something' older. I was scared to death at what I had gotten myself into, but my friend kept joking around and flirting with them.

    An hour's drive later, we reached a hotel. It was a sleazy looking place with a cheap look to it. I asked my friend where the nightclub was. She replied, "We're partying here tonight. You said you wanted to join the party right?"....I had no idea what the hell was going on.

    After the guys spoke to the receptionist, and I think I saw one of the men slipping him some cash, we took the filthy elevator to the sixth floor (the top-most one). I kept asking my friend that I wanted to leave, that I had cold feet....but all she kept saying was "'ll like them when you get to know them. They're harmless".

    And a party it was. It was the penthouse suite with two bedrooms and a large terrace. The food and lots of booze were ordered in. The guys offered me some scotch, and that was the first drink I ever had. A few hours of joking around, a couple too many glasses of alcohol in me with the men dancing on some cheap bollywood songs and I knew that I was not ready to go anywhere that night.

    My friend seemed to disappear with one of the guys somewhere. (I later found out that she was already fucking one of them in a bedroom). I was left alone with three older men (old, and fat) on the terrace, with some sleazy tunes playing in the background.

    The Sex...

    The first guy, bald with a goatee approached me and asked me if I was a virgin. I have no idea what I said, but the next thing I know was him slipping his hand under my skirt and fingering me. I did not resist, nor did I protest.

    As the other two men stood at a distance smoking, I already had my mouth full with this guy's disgusting cock. I got paranoid at first, but then, I gave him a blow. The other men now saw us and came closer. I went with the three of them to the second bedroom and while one shove his dick in my mouth, the other one finally began fucking me. I was a virgin no more, and I still am not sure which one among the three of them had me first. The Smoker, The one with the disgusting teeth, chewing tobacco, or the bald fat one with a goatee. The smoke smell from their mouths and their disgusting fat bodies would have made me throw up, had I been sober. But not that night! They took turns and fucked me for three hours.

    The Next Day...

    The next morning, I woke up to a fat hairy slob sleeping next to me (the tobacco chewing bastard), and my pussy was on fire. There was cum crust all over my pussy and....I had a distinct feeling that they had taken me anally too....I could feel it. Oh yes...and I could not find my panties and my mouth had a distinct taste of pee. I collected my phone, saw many texts and missed calls from my then boyfriend (also 15, was in my class), and called him up asap. While on the phone, one of the guys decided that it was a good time to score some more and lifted me up and mounted me on his cock as he sat on a sofa. This time, I wasn't thrilled, but I said nothing...I didn't yell. I was pissed off though and it showed on my face. This fat bastard enjoyed my conversation with my boyfriend as he made me ride him. The call ended, and he came inside me!

    After showering up, and a few awkward goodbyes later, they dropped me and my friend off to her place. And all she could say to me was, "You're a champ! The first time with three guys? That's amazing". We did have a looooooong angry conversation about what she had gotten me into.


    That was when I was 15. I've had many other men inside me since then, but I still wish that my first time could have been better. Way better! At-least not with bucket loads of cum inside me, or the taste of piss in my mouth!