You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)

Sexy Associate

With all of the recent quarantining, business has been slow. I was told I needed to terminate one employee from my group and it was my choice. There’s a hot young girl in my group that I thought of right away and came up with a plan.

I justified that I went with the least experienced. She isn't paid all that much, but there were no rules about who to terminate. I'll call her Lauren. Lauren is 24 and looks vaguely like Selena Gomez with a girl-next-door sort of vibe. She has been written up on a couple of occasions for wearing dresses and skirts that pushed the limit on hemlines, but she’s not some sort of office slut or anything. Letting her go would probably check a box with HR.

I called Lauren and asked her to meet me in my office at the end of work. I thought it would be the best time to do it. She came in and I thought again about how cute she is and what a great body she has. I also thought that her husband is a lucky bastard. Even today she was probably breaking a dress code policy. Her pleated skirt came probably no more than 5 inches or so above the knee. Her legs were so smooth.

I told her I had to fire her. I said her performance was just okay and reminder her of her warnings on file. She began crying immediately but didn’t say anything at first. I passed her some tissues. I explained HR would meet with her to go over her severance, but that she would only be eligible for a couple of weeks since she was relatively new at one year in. I looked her over as she sobbed. She finally said “I can’t lose this job. I really need this job.”

I asked “What can you do? It’s not easy right now. We need people growing with the Company.” “I can do that!” she said, “Let me, please.” I looked at her and already knew what I was going to do. “You’ll need an advocate, someone to really be your cheerleader with senior management. You need to find the right person.” “Okay” she said as she tried to perk up “How do I do that?” I came around the desk and sat next to her. I put my hand on her thigh right where her hem rested on her leg, and I pushed the hem up ever so slightly. “It depends how serious you are.” I said. “Hey, you can’t do that!” she replied sitting upright and stiffening her legs together.

I jumped out of my seat. “You’re so right, I’m so sorry. Okay, let’s set you up with HR for your exit interview tomorrow morning. They will call you at home.” She paused and looked at me a minute, then she said “I really can’t lose this job.” “I’m sorry.” I replied. She paused another minute still looking at me. “What does it take to have an advocate?” she asks.

I smile and ask her “You realize you are making a commitment? It’s now or never.” She looked at me again and said “tell me what you want.” I sat down beside her again and gently lifted her skirt so I could see the white crotch of her underwear as she sat. She froze and just kept her arms to her sides and looked down. “I need you to go to your desk and email me that you need to see me as soon as possible. You have something you have to tell me and it can’t wait any longer.” She looked at me slightly confused but said “Ok.” I let her skirt fall back in place and she got up and moved to the door. I got just behind her and gently rubbed my hand over her ass and said “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” She stood and let me rub her ass a second then I patted her and said “Ok, go send the email.”

I watched her go to her cube, then come back. I made sure she hadn’t stopped to talk to anyone, but the office was very quiet. She came in and I locked my door. I looked at my email to confirm it was there. She stood in the middle of the room. I instructed “go to the table” I said pointing to my little round conference table. “Now, take off your jacket.” Her eyes sank for a second, but she unbuttoned her jacket to reveal a perfect chest in a white bra. “Take off the bra, too.” She set the jacket on a chair and removed her bra. Two firm round breasts, B cups I’d guess, fell into view. They were perfect with ripe pink nipples. She stood like a statue, arms at her sides. I walked over and cupped her breasts. She flinched for a minute, then tried to relax and said “Sorry.” “That’s okay.” I said. I took each breast in turn and sucked her nipples until they were hard little bullets.

“Now, turn around and lean over the table and put your hands on the table.” I said, as she did as instructed. Her cute little ass stuck out for me. “Arch your back a little bit. Stay there” I lifted her skirt again, and flipped it up over her back. She had on tiny white string bikini panties. I hooked a thumb into each side of the panties and slowly pulled. She moved slightly and wiggled a little to help me free her panties and pull them down to her heels. With her shoes on she was at a great height. Then I examined her – no hair! She waxed it all off. I put my hands between her legs and ran my fingers over her pussy lips – no hair at all. Kids these days!

She gave a soft “hah” as my finger hit her clit lightly. “Ok, not a single sound.” I said. She tensed her ass a little and said “Wait, I’m not on birth control.” “Okay” I said “But you better get some because I’m not wearing condoms.” I unzipped and let my pants and underwear fall to my ankles. My erection pointed directly between her legs. “Remember, not a sound.” I wet my dick and pressed it against her pussy lips. She stiffened slightly, then relaxed again and whispered “Sorry.” I pushed again and my penis head popped into her. She hung her head. I reached around and grabbed both tits for leverage. Then I worked her back and forth on my pole until I was buried up to my ball sack.

“No sounds.” I whispered, then started to pump my shaft into her pussy. Her vagina was heavenly. I pumped in and out, burying deep every so often to feel her warmth. “Do you think you can cum for me?” I asked her. “Uh huh.” She replied and shook her head slightly for yes. I picked up the pace and held onto her breasts squeezing her nipples gently. Her legs trembled and her body shook as she orgasmed. She was so tight on my dick I could feel I was about to blow.

I slowed down before I lost it. “Do you want to swallow for me?” She shook her head slightly for yes and I slowly withdrew. She turned around and with her bare ass on the table, she leaned over. She brushed her hair to the side with one hand and reached for my dick with the other. She tasted my head and licked up and down to lube me up, plus drink in some of her own juice at that point. Her head slowly started to bob up and down as she blew me. I didn’t last long and began to shoot in her warm little mouth. Obediently, she began swallowing jizz, but she couldn’t keep up with it and a few drops began falling on my underwear. She kept swallowing as much as she could and slurp it in as I shot. I was so horny I shot more than I had in years! When she was done I stepped back and reached for the tissues. We wiped up and I even caught her licking her thumb. I said she could get dressed as I pulled up my pants.

“So, we’ll work on you keeping your job, but not a word to anyone.” I said. She looked at me and nodded. “I know” she replied. I moved closer and kissed her forehead. Then I squeezed her ass one more time. “Good girl, you’ll be fine.” I said. “You can go.” “Thank you” she said shyly ..(continue confession)

  • First Butt Plug

    So recently I’ve been wanting to get a butt plug and I came up with plan to let my boss leave so I can get one. I told him I was going to the dispensary and instead I went to an adult store and purchased a silver one with a cute pink diamond on the bottom. I returned to work and went straight into the bathroom and shoved it in me. I’m currently writing this as it’s the in me ☺️ God it felt so good feeling it stretch my tight hole.

    We Had Sex In The Police Station

    I am late shift desk Sargent, the dispatcher is twenty seven year old and newly married.

    Having problems she tells me. Says she is not doing things the way her husband wants.

    He is unhappy and considering asking for divorce. She gets so upset crying, I shift calls to the 911 center.

    Took her to the break room, she says she does not blow her husband to make him happy.

    He does not know what to tell her, but she’s not doing it right.

    I offer to help her, she ask me to never tell anyone. She is hurting me with teeth, not using her tongue and not sucking hard enough.

    She gagged when I came in her mouth, says her husband has never cum in her mouth, he stops her before then.

    That helped she tells me. So she practice with me, to get better.

    Husband said pussy sex is boring and she is dry inside,

    We are working on that now

  • Bosses Daughter

    My bosses daughter has worked at his business for years. She’s currently 24 and a recent college graduate. But this all started back when she was 18 and fresh out of school.

    It was on a weekend and things were slow. It was just me, her and a few others there at work. We got to talking and she admitted she liked me. I was 42 at the time. Plus she admitted that she had no experience to go off to college with, stated she was a virgin. Yeah surprised me when she said that. Judging by her body and what she wore ; yoga pants, thongs showing above her jeans sometimes, thong outline in her yoga pants. I figured she was sexually active.

    That day we went into the back stock room. I unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them. She grabbed the waist band of my white briefs and pulled them down holding them under my balls. She said my dad wears the same underwear. I got hard instantly and she started to suck it.

    Wow was she good for a virgin! She told me she had sucked a guy off before in high school. She also said he wasnt hairy like me. It had been years since I had sex so I didnt groom anymore. It didn’t take me long to cum, she jerked me off as I came over her tongue and mouth area. She put my briefs back up over my dick and I pulled my pants up. I thanked her and she said it was fun and we should do it again sometime.

    The following weekend we did it again. Though that time she had on a skirt and she took her thong off to show me her nicely groomed hairy pussy. I was surprised it wasn’t shaved. She told me that she liked some hair down there, her and her mom didn’t shave. I was all for that groomed bush. She undid my pants, pulled my briefs down and sucked me off again.

    I told her of she wanted she could stop by my house tomorrow evening. I have the day off work. With no hesitation she said I’d love too. That morning I went out for my normal run then showered and groomed just a tad. Used scissors to trim my long hairs on my bush. Put on a new pair of briefs that I had just got and went to rite aid to get some condoms. Been years since I had bought any. Grabbed a box of magnums and went home. Kinda felt odd buying them..

    Later that night I took her virginity. Holy fuck was it sexy. She has an amazing body and that groomed pussy is so sexy. I blew a massive load in the condom. She stayed the night. Following morning she wanted more dick. I was already hard because I get morning wood every morning. Only I was fucking her pussy and she said I want to see if it will fit in my butt. I was all for trying that because I had never fucked a woman in her butt. Used plenty of lube and I fucked her ass. Ended up cumming in her ass because she took the condom off of me. Was the hottest sex ever!

    Now every summer break from college I’ve been her fuck buddy. Up until she recently graduated. The sex has been going very steady since then. Seems like we have sex every night at my place when she’s on her way home from work.

    Loss Of Respect

    I have lost total respect for a my boss. His a whinny big bitch and I can’t stand it anymore. I dread having to call him, which I don’t and I avid him.... we’re all busy I don’t want to hear your bitching when I call. I just don’t like him anymore... I feel like his pathetic, useless and shouldn’t be in a management position. Corporate America for you! Mean while I’m going to milk the clock not give one fuck and put me first. Corporate America take
    Advance of me lol, I’ll milk the clock and take trip to hook up with people and have sex while on the clock before corporate America fuck in the ass I’ll fuck it first. Work of advise to men, don’t fucking complain or whine, do something it move on. I personally don’t respect a man bitch and no one will.

  • A Sister Of Sorts

    I found out I was not alone. At work a new receptionist was hired. She is also latina. We talked and we became friends. One lunch she told me she was going to this town on the weekend to see her father. The town is where my father lives. It is the state penitentiary. Her father is there serving sixty years for a killing which also killed a police officer, my father is there for sexual assault of minors. I do not go see my father for obvious reasons.

    We have become very close, we grew up in different parts of town but pretty much the same. We both have this thing for older white men, it's funny but also sad. We fantasize a lot about the same men at work. Maybe one of them wants a girlfriend?

    Workplace Competition

    I work on a team of 3 with two other girls. We are all managed by the same person. I always end up getting stuck with the shit end of the stick and I know for a fact that it's because he's fucking those bitches.

    I saw a pair of underwear under his desk after one of them had been in his office for 2 hours. Someone else saw the other one blowing him in his car in the parking lot.

    And the worst part is that there's nothing I can do about it because they won't go with it.

    Sucking Cock At Work

    When I started my new job one of the first people I ran into was Gary . We met at a party one night,He had just arrived and had to piss and walked in on me on my knees sucking some guys cock. I didnt want to stop so I didnt and he pissed then stood there and watched me suck the man off and swallow every drop of his cum .The man put his cock away ,pulled his pants up and left leaving Gary and me .He told me it looked like I enjoyed sucking mens cocks and told him that I did and asked if he wanted me to suck his cock.It didnt take long for me to make him fill my mouth full of his yummy cum and we both left the bathroom together and one of his friends called him by name so when I ran into him that morning I said "Hey Gary ,,long time no see" I didnt know if he would remember but not long after I was working and he walked over and told me that he remembered me from the party and asked how I liked working there.I told him it was going to turn out to be a good place to work and he said he needed something from me and would get with me just before break and he walked off.Just before time to go to break Gary came up to me and told me to follow him when the break whistle sounded .We walked through the shop and gary showed me different things ,pointed here and there making it look like he was showing me around and as soon as no one was close enough to hear he told me that he remembered that incredible blow job I gave him saying that for a guy I can suck cock better than any girl he knows .He told me that he wanted me to suck his cock and this was the safest place at work to do it.When we got there ha didnt say a word,,just pulled his cock out and I dropped to my knees and started sucking .He lasted a couple of minutes then came hard in my mouth and I swallowed it right down.After as we were walking back to the other end of the shop he told me that I was to meet him at that spot when ever he told me to be there and I would suck his cock or else .I said Yes Sir making him think I was going to do it because he ordered me to but really I wanted to do it . When ever he texted me I would go immediatly to where he told me to and sucked his cock.Usually it was before work,on break or during lunch but sometimes he would text me during working time and I would go suck him then .It was always exciting to be on my knees sucking his cock and people would be working just on the other side of the pallets of barrels that hid us from being seen.I was sucking Garys cock one afternoon and one of the other workers walked up and caught us.He was looking for a place to hit his pipe where no one would see him or smell the pot. When he caught us I freaked and was about to spit Garys cock out and stand up and Gary grabbed my head and told me not to stop ,,so I started sucking again.The two men talked and Gary told him not to worry ,,he could get high if he wanted to and we wouldnt say a word.The guy lit up his little pipe and watched me suck Gary off .Gary came and as he was putting his cock in his pants he told the guy my name and told him that I would suck his cock any time he told me to . Gary walked away and as I was getting off my knees the guy asked if that was true and when I said it was he told me to get back on my knees that he wanted his cock sucked too. I saw the other Man around the shop but never got the chance to talk to him or find out his name ,,he got my number and would text me when he wanted me to suck his cock and I came running. I was expected to keep my regular work done plus suck two mens cocks when ever they told me to so I was never standing around,I always had something to do

    He Liked Thick Mexican Girls

    Being a Mexican girl from the east side no one ever thought I would get a college degree, much less work as a professional in a multinational corporation. I am a little thick, but the guy that liked me liked thick Mexican girls, he had lived in South and Central America running company businesses and he liked girls who looked like me. He like it even more that I was degreed, that made me girlfriend material. Sure, he was older, had been around, only God or the Devil knows how many girls he'd screwed. I wasn't the first, I knew it and it didn't matter to me.

    When he came back from a trip, when I was tied to him, his dick in me I wanted to know about the girl he screwed on that trip. He told me, while he finished with me. I don't think he ever screwed me without having screwed another girl in the last day or two. He started telling me about this one girl that worked for a supplier, a clerk in their office who was Colombian, from Bogota. I wanted to meet her, I asked him to screw her for me, let me watch. That's how I got into watching, looking in her eyes while she was being screwed, watching her while he released his sperm into her. Afterwards he screwed me, I wanted to taste her on his dick, to feel her in me.

    In 2015 I ate her, not just any girl, I ate her, his favorite clerk, I wanted her so bad, eat it all out of her after he finished. My first taste of pussy. I never stepped back. When he screwed her, I ate her. Colombian girls do not look like Mexicans, Colombian girls have this beautiful honey colored skin, beautiful faces. That's why he liked her, that's why I liked her. That's why he gave her to me, mine, for me. I took her home with me, I told her that he had given her to me.

    For a Mexican girl like me to have a girl like Mercedes was like winning the lottery. To be the Mexican girl of a man like him meant that you only got screwed by a real man. In my neighborhood, back in El Paso no one believed a white man owned me, or that he had given Mercedes to me. It's true. Later he decided to marry me, today my name is Beth, I was born Beatriz Arriola. Mercedes is my girl.

  • I am going to call this RICH SHAMING

    First, right out if the box, rich girls like to fuck. What we don't like is a filthy bathroom, greasy hair, dirty fingernails. Filthy stinky dick.

    Rich girls are very aware, sympathetic. We are not stupid. Being poor is no excuse for being a dick, for treating women like trash.

    Third, rich girls know you are not rich. Believe me, you don't need to tell me. Your language, table manners, attitude, and your inferiority complex give you away long before you confess you are poor.

    We fuck you because you're fun to fuck, we aren't going to marry you.