We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

Why Are We Embarrassed About Masturbating?

I’ve really been thinking about this. What is there to be embarrassed about?

This comes after my mom walked in on me last week. I’m currently unemployed so I just do housework all day for something to do. But I do masturbate twice a day, I’ve been doing that for so many years that I lost track.

Last Friday I was laying in my bed in the afternoon after showering with my underwear around my thighs taking care of my erection. I was horny so I needed to cum. So I grabbed a towel and got on my bed. As I’m stroking my dick my mom walls in to bring in my clean clothes and asks if I want to go to the store with her. I’m scrambling to pull my underwear up as she’s in my room. I asked if I could get some privacy and she said there is no need to be embarrassed about being naked and erect. Is that like she hasn’t seen that stuff before she told me. She also told me everyone knows guys masturbate too so don’t be embarrassed, your a grown adult guy you have needs.

I told her I’d go to the store with her bit I’d need a few minutes first. She said okay finish up then meet me downstairs. She also said to make sure I rinse the cum off the hand towel before putting it in the laundry basket too.

  • Trying To Live Down My Past

    Sex for money. In college I had a lady friend who made the arrangements and I went out with men who were in town and a lot of the times sex was involved. I never thought about it being prostitution, but it was.

    I met a man through work after college and we had a thing going. When I met his father he was one of the men I went out with and had sex with. He recognized me immediately and
    I recognized him. My relationship with his son was over that night.

    I try to ignore, forget about that part of my college experience. But I can't. I was a prostitute in college.

    It Doesn't Always Work As Advertised

    My 40th was this past January, and my wife Amy and I went on a little trip together to celebrate, a long weekend in a city she picked out as a surprise, Vegas. While there, we met a wonderful girl and wifey said she wanted to give me a very special g*ft - my first threesome. What surprised me is that this girl - gray blonde with tattoos, large breasts, and the bluest eyes I've ever seen - and my wife hit it off so well while we were out at a very nice bar. My wife is shy, skinny, brunette, and is scared of needles so has never even talked about getting inked. But when we met this girl, Jenny, she really went wild over her tats. Okay, so my Amy fell for an alt girl. I figured there was no way this would go down anyhow, so I said let's go for it.

    I honestly don't know when my wife got her number, must have been the first night we met her - we were at that bar for awhile and I had enough to drink to have to hit the bathroom more than a few times, and each time I came back to find Jenny and Amy a bit drunker and having a great time like they were best friends.

    So Amy calls Jenny and sets up our "date" for dinner at a nice restaurant and drinks, the plan is that I'm to drop Amy off with Jenny and then join them in a bit. I'm nervous, so I killed about an hour and then showed up. The girls are again like best friends and they both start flirting with me throughout the night pretty much from the get-go. A lot of light touching, compliments, jokes. It feels pretty good.

    I ate very little, the girls had their fill and then dessert (of course) and it's getting late. Amy recommends we all go for a walk back to our hotel, and so a girl on each side of me holding my hand, we leave. Wow. Feeling like a million bucks for sure.

    We get back to the hotel, and we're still flirting and goofing around and it feels pretty natural. Lots of playful touching, Jenny showing us her hidden tattoos (all around some very sexy matching black lace underwear). And just like that, I have two beautiful women in their underwear pulling off my clothes down to my boxers.

    The image of these two women, blonde in black underwear, brunette in a pink thong and no bra (my wife's amazing perky tits defy gravity) is burned in my mind. The two of them are holding hands and walk to the bed, my heart is pounding. And then we're all kissing playfully, slowly, and I'm grabbing anything I can get my hands on - it's incredible to just slide my hand up the back of both of their necks and pull the to me to kiss, or to each other, just moving them around feels powerful.

    Jenny is naked at this point - pierced nipples of course, and she takes off my wife's underwear with her teeth while pulling my cock through my shorts to ..(continue confession)

  • Maintenance Guy

    This happened back when I was 19. I had moved to Orlando for school and had gotten my own studio apartment. That was my first time living on my own and I was 1200 miles from home. So my sex drive definitely was peaking at that point.

    I still was a virgin so I masturbated a lot. One morning I was up early because the maintenance guys were supposed to come check the fire alarms and the appliances in all the apartments.

    I was sitting on my futon wearing just the tighty whities that I slept in with my boner out the fly. I had headphones in and was watching and masturbating to porn. I never watched porn till I moved to Orlando.

    As I was sitting there beating my meat I did t hear the maintenance guys knock at the door. They must had thought no one was home. The door opens up and two maintenance guys walk in. Both are older, in their 50s for sure. I turn a d make eye contact with the one and not realizing what is happening. I’m still jerking my dick. I pull my headphones out of my ears and I hear him tell the other maintenance guy to back out the door for a moment. He asks why and sees me stand up with my boner out the fly oh my tighty whities. He says oh crap sorry and they back out and shut the door.

    I get my hard dick and my balls back in my briefs and grab my robe. Tie it shut then open the door for them. The one tells me sorry for the inconvenience as he checks what he needs to check.

    Dared To Strip

    I smoked some weed with 4 boys in my neighborhood. It was only my 2nd time doing it and after a few hits I felt so amazing, all bright and shiny and happy! The boys were horny and one of them dared me to strip!

    At first I just laughed it off but they all started telling me how hot I was and how much they wanted to see me naked. I felt so scared and yet turned on at the thought of doing something so naughty! I was wearing denim shorts and a tshirt with bra and panties underneath, my feet were bare.

    I nervously took off my shirt and felt my pulse quicken. They begged me to keep going so I wriggled out of my shorts and stood there all awkward and redfaced in just my underwear! I closed my eyes... omg was I really going through with this? but part of me wanted to surrender to the sensuality of it so with trembling hands I unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor, exposing my 32B breasts! As my whole body quivered I stripped off my panties and stood there in front of 4 guys I went to school with , totally naked and exposed!!

    Seeing me all bare they couldn't help themselves and started touching me. I just stood there and let them explore my body with their hands, all over my breasts and my ass and my pussy!

    They laid me on my back on the basement floor and started taking turns! I had only ever gone all the way once before but now I totally submitted to their lust and let them fuck me bare and pump their sperm loads in my belly!!

    I feel like such a slut now but going thru with it made me cum so hard and intense like so many times!

    Rick's Nasty Ass

    I will never forget that time Rick came over to visit and gave me something that I would love to forget all about. He came over to stay a week with us and one night was a night that I wish he would have stayed home; my daughter yelled that she thought there was sewer damage in the house, so I went to track the odor and oh dear GOD, there was Rick sleeping on my couch barefoot and the odor was coming from his shoes. I was so disgusted I grabbed his shoes and immediately tossed them in the trash, what was he thinking wearing those in my house and not going over to wash his damn feet. The next day he actually went and found his shoes in the trash and thank God he left town after that day but I never saw him ever again though I do talk to him. Well the last I heard he was trying to get a job and failed to get one all because he actually farted during the interview. He also told me that he farted in the line at Walmart and even farted on the bus causing other passengers to leave the bus. It's no wonder you can't get a job or make it in life because you are so damn nasty with your god awful foot odor and your habit of farting out in public and worst of all you never made any effort to come and visit me you disgusting trash, but I am thankful because I don't want you stinking up my house with your feet or your farting seriously unless you learn the meaning of hygiene and manners than you'll never make it anywhere.

    Unexpected Attraction To This Beautiful Girl

    I am 33, I feel I have just come into my own. I have a neighbor, a young 23 year old recent graduate. I befriended her, invited her over. She has a crush on me, she kissed my cheek, she touches a lot, sits and follows me with her eyes. I am not into women, but this girl is making me question my feelings.

    Last night we made spaghetti, we cleaned up and watched a movie on the couch. A chick flick, tears and giggles, I pulled her over to me and held her and she snuggled into me. I kissed her gently and caressed her face. When the movie was over I couldn't ask her to go to her apartment so I put her to bed with me. She snuggled in tight, kissed my cheek, told me hold her tighter, until we kissed on the mouth.

    I managed to avoid going any further.

    I sent her home this morning so I can get some work done, but I can't work.

    Nightingale Syndrome In Reverse

    I studied nursing and got my masters in 2003. I had a neighbor, he was in law school at SMU . On his way to campus he was T Boned by a milk truck, breaking his femur, and severe internal injuries. I guess because I was a nurse I was sent by our neighbors to see him. The doctor assumed I was his girlfriend, when he found out I was a nurse he gave me the full medical background and making me responsible for his care post release.

    I had no choice, his parents were in Pennsylvania in a small house with all rooms up, my neighbors, the hospital and his doctor all looking to me to take care of him. I moved him into my apartment, my bed and I moved onto the couch. Nursing did not prepare me for taking care of a man in my bed who could not bathe, cut his hair, shave, use the bathroom, eat, without falling in love with him.

    He is my husband now, still thinks I should care for him hand and foot.

    I Still Think I'm Straight, But I Don't Know Anymore

    I don't want to call it a one night thing, it was a one time thing that fucked me up. An out of town wedding, I shared a room with another groomsman, I had a lot to drink but I wasn't drunk, he came onto me and I sucked him and he sucked me. He wanted to fuck, he had condoms and lube, he convinced me and I let him. No guessing here, he is an active gay guy and he predated on me.

    That was in January, I am still not able to have sex with my girlfriend which I am blaming on the pandemic. If I get into sexual mode I cruise gay sights, obsessed with cock and gay mounting videos. I masturbate to my experience.

    Well that's enough, I got fucked and now I'm fucked.

    My First Time Nude Modelling

    I just turned 19 and have been modelling for 4 years. Since I turned 18 a part of me has wanted to try modelling nude and part of me has been too scared to go through with it.

    Well, recently I contacted a modelling website looking for "art models". They were looking for models to do a series of poses totally nude. When I spoke on the phone with their booking agent, I started to feel chilled all over as I found myself agreeing to do a test shoot for them.

    Every night for the next week before the shoot, I laid in bed at night and stripped myself all bare n touched myself and totally masturbated thinking about exposing myself and allowing the images to be posted online for everyone to see!

    The day of the shoot I wore a short skirt and tanktop and panties, no bra and sandals. When I arrived at the office building and walked in knocked on the office door, my knees got weak and I had serious butterflies in my tummy! OMG what was I doing! Part of me felt like running away but the door opened and I walked in, feeling like I had crossed a threshold and there was no turning back.

    I met the agent I had spoken with and sat on a couch and chatted with him for a few minutes before he asked if I was ready to do my test shoot. I nervously nodded and he smiled: "Just take a deep breath and relax" he said, "naked is natural!" It felt anything but natural to stand there waiting to strip and pose for his camera but I was there and it was time to face my fear head on.

    He told me to undress and with trembling hands I stripped off my tanktop as I kicked off my sandals. I stood there quivering with bare feet and bare breasts, red faced and embarrassed! I pulled off my skirt and finally my panties. OMG I felt so exposed and totally vulnerable but.... all those erotic urges from all those times I masturbated, thinking of this moment; They all came flooding back and washed all over me!

    He had me do pose after pose: a profile on my knees, my back to the camera with my left hip pointed out a little, then full frontal, all bare and exposed with my feet spread apart on the floor and my arms behind my head. I felt so hot and horny submitting to the all seeing lens as pic after pic was taken of me. Dozens of pictures of me posing totally nude from every angle, including on my back with my legs spread wide open, my bare bald pussy on total display!

    My face was hot and red, my nipples were totally hard and pointy as my heart pounded in my chest. The guy taking all those pics couldn't help seeing how horny i had become posing for hi. He asked me to start touching myself! OMG I did it! I brushed my fingertips back and forth across my erect nipples and rubbed my tummy and... YES I wiggled my throbbing clit and spread my pussy wide open and ..(continue confession)