Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!


1983, over at neighbors, and it was after 7 or later. I'm 6'4 and 147lbs, he's 45 5'8 200lbs and 6.5" cut. He's sitting on barstool and smoking a cigarette. I'm clothed and on my knees, licking his balls and up his shaft as he looks down enjoying my mouth. His phone rings and he answers it. I stop and start to listen. He says hello and the guy on the other end says how are you doing Billy and my guy says actually I'm sitting here getting a blow job. And then says baby move yours lips to the top of my dick and swallow it. The guy on the other end says I'll call you back I think, because my guy says nonsense her mouth is the one that's full, I can talk. They start talking about me, because my guy says this baby just comes to my door and knocks, I say come in and she comes in and crawls over to me and unzips and pulls my dick out and just starts licking and sucking several days a week. He then tells him fuck yeah she swallow or takes it on the face. If I want I'll bend her over the couch and shove it up her tight ass. I'm salivating down his dick making loud slurping noises. He positions the phone by my mouth so the guy can hear me sucking his dick. I slurp louder taking him down to his balls moaning also. My guy takes the phone to his ear. This babies a great cocksucker, he says. They talk for a few minutes not about me but general, he then says next time your in town come over we can hit this bitch from both ends. I tighten my lips and swirl my tongue around his dick head. He says oh shit got to let you go. Hangs the phone up and grabs my head and starts slamming his dick to my lips burying his cock in my throat. He's facefucking me for a few and then I feel his balls and shaft tighten and he start cumming in my mouth he moves my head a little milking his dick. The back of my mouth is filling with cum. He pulls his cock out and lays it on my lips. Says don't worry he doesn't know you're not a girl, he doesn't fuck guys. He stands up and then I do and I swallow and go home.

  • I Want To Feel Cock Between My Thighs

    I've always likes my thighs, i'd say theyre a pretty nice feature of me. However recently, i've REALLY liked my thighs.

    There's nothing I want more sexually than to get thigh fucked by a big cock, feeling it rub against my balls and ass. I just wanna pleasure him and make him feel good with my soft thighs.

    I want to look down and see my legs covered in cum and milk his dick for every last drop.

    No doubt about it, i HAVE to try this out one day.

    Part Of The Club Part 3

    So I have made two visits to the group labeled " GENTLEMEN INTERESTED IN COCK" and it has been an incredible experience so far and I find myself thinking about it constantly. I have been with the same man both times and I get satisfaction sucking his cock to completion to give him pleasure. Our last time together he gave me his phone number and wanted me to call him saying he wanted to talk some things over with me. I made the call that same night and he said he wanted to tell me two things, one, he was more than pleased with the way I gave him incredible oral and hoped we could continue meeting and second he wanted me to know he was a very successful businessman and if anything ever got out about our group of men it would ruin him. I made it clear that I also had much to lose because I had children and grandchildren and no one had any idea of my secret, if I was to be found out it would ruin my life! We realized we were both on the same page and agreed to meet again in one week. with that out of the way I couldn't wait to see him again. So the day came and I couldn't believe how excited I was, maybe more than the first time. I felt so comfortable now, feeling so at ease with this man and realizing and admitting to myself I was becoming his personal cocksucker. Never though I would see the day that I would want another man's cock filling my mouth but I find myself almost becoming addicted to it. So once a week we meet and the routine is much the same, we go into another room to take off our clothes and then we go into a room full of other men and we find our place either on a couch or chair or the floor. I get between his legs and now I take my time playing with his cock stroking him and gently squeezing his balls watching his large cock come to life. It isn't long until I feel his hands guiding my head to his cock. I want to make love to his cock now, kissing and licking around the head and licking up and down the shaft until I hear him quietly moaning and telling me to suck his cock. I lick the pre-cum and then I take this magnificent 8" cock in my mouth. I hold my breath and stick out my tongue and much to my surprise, and his I feel his cock go past my gag reflex and slowly into my throat.............I am deep-throating him for the first time ever! For the next few minutes I take him all the way out and then back down my throat again and again and I hear him whisper he is going to cum. He holds my head hard and this time I take and swallow all of his man-seed. I don't know what has come over me but I love this man's cock and I love swallowing his cum and he is breathing so hard and telling me how good at oral I have become, I am so pleased to hear that! As usual we both get up, get cleaned up and dress and we leave together. Before we leave he tell me he is really starting to like me, he wants me to know that the way I suck his cock is better that he has ever experienced and wants to continue meeting and I whole heartedly agree.


    Today the sun was shinning and as I walked through the woods I came across a stud against a tree sucking his own cock! That's right he was enormous enjoying himself, I just froze and watched. He looked up and held my stare, I new what was required. As he pleasured himself I walked over and took his balls in my mouth eventually tracing his massive dong with my tong. I looked him in the eye and he gave way so I could take over the cock sucking duties. He made me gag before glazing my face. What a perfect day.

    My Experience Growing Up And Being Gay

    For my 14th birthday I got a new bike. I was on Scouts and we had meetings on Wednesday evening on a round robbing schedule at the homes of the members of the troop. That afternoon it was at another house and I got permission to ride my bike. The best way to get there was to take the path under the highway following the creek. Riding I came to an area that was heavily wooded behind the water treatment plant. I heard voices, and noises and I stopped to investigate.

    I left my bike by the path and walked into the woods and I came across a boy from my school dressed as a girl bent over holding onto a small tree trunk and the man who ran the gas station behind him fucking him. I stood and watched, I couldn't leave, or back up, I watched the whole thing, When the man finished and he pulled up his pants any my schoolmate pulled up his panties, he looked just like a girl going to church. The man kissed him and then walked back towards the treatment plant and I found myself face to face with my schoolmate. He offered to suck me if I kept quiet. I couldn't resist and I sucked him too. I got to my Scout meeting late and said I had gotten lost coming over.

    I had lots of wet dreams over that incident. We were schoolmates but not friends and we didn't repeat the encounter. When I was in my second year at University my parents signed me up for a six week Art Appreciation class in Rome. There were many students from all over Europe and America and Canada. I roomed with five other boys, three to a room, in this school sponsored apartment building. Everyday I saw these boys get dressed or undressed, and peeing in the toilet, sometimes naked coming out of the bathroom. I wanted to suck cock so bad, I relieved myself as quietly as I could masturbating in bed.

    My staring didn't go unnoticed and this boy from Ontario, Canada came to me one afternoon when we were alone and stood beside me with his cock out of his pants and touched my face with his cock. I sucked. And sucked. I didn't know what I was doing but he came all over my face. I was his bitch after that and he got into my ass and when I went back home I felt abandoned and depressed.

    It wasn't until I was working after University that I met this couple of guys in my apartment block and they invited me to a party. They introduced me around and I got to talking with this older very masculine guy who was a graphic artist and I ended up with him in his apartment. Completely naked with him, he was gentle but firm and I went naturally to my role as his boyfriend. I had found my group and friends and I was as good a boyfriend as I could be. When we had sex, I envisioned my schoolmate in a dress and panties, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

  • College

    I met a guy in college who saw me fighting with my girlfriend one night. We got drunk in his dorm and he liked straight boys. I kind of wanted to at first, but I couldn’t get hard. He stood up and I said please don’t tell a soul! That’s when I got on my knees and shut my eyes while he guided his into my mouth. After a minute I was gonna stop but his hand pushed me back on. He came on my face and mouth and I swallowed it. He told people about it and I felt my life was over.

    Part Of The Club Part 2

    So I finally did it, I went to meet the group of men "Interested in Cock" and had my first experience with a man giving him oral sex. I have to say I am amazed how enjoyable it was feeling a man's cock in my mouth. On the way home that afternoon I realized I wanted to do that again very soon and before I even got home I had a text message from the host. He said the man I was with thoroughly enjoyed my company and for it being my first time he was more than satisfied. It actually made me feel good to see that and also very excited to meet him again. So when I got home I sent a message back saying I could meet with him whenever it was convenient for him, so we both agreed in one week. The day finally came and this time I wasn't nervous at all but extremely excited! I entered the gates and was greeted at the door and saw him there already. He came over to me and we hugged and together we went into the room to take off our clothes and put them away. As we undressed I noticed he was already starting to get hard and just the sight of that alone had me so aroused, I couldn't wait to taste this man again! We walked back into the other room with his arm around me and I liked that, there were several other couples of men and most were already having oral sex. This time instead of sitting on the couch we were given a blanket to lay on the floor which was pretty much right in the middle of everyone else. He layed down and told me to lay beside him, which I did and he took my hand and placed it on his chest, I started rubbing his chest and nipples ( which were very hard) then down to his stomach and then down to his rock hard cock! I stroked slowly until I saw some pre-cum appear then I got between his legs and on my knees and took a second to admire his huge manhood. I couldn't stand it any longer so I leaned down and kissed the head of his cock, licked around the head and up and down the shaft tasting his pre-cum just before I lowered my head down taking as much as I could before I started to gag. I felt his hands on the back of my head pulling me down on his wet cock moving in and out of my mouth. I didn't care who was watching me sucking this man's cock all I know is I couldn't love sucking him more! I heard him quietly moaning and knew he was going to cum soon. After our first time together I thought everyday about the next time and I wanted to give him the ultimate pleasure and swallow his cum. He picked up the pace and was moaning and I felt him hold my head tight and felt him shoot all of his load in me without a warning! I didn't care because it's what I wanted and I did swallow as much of his cum as I could and some rolled down my chin, oddly enough the taste was nicer that I though and the look on his face was even nicer. I layed beside him for a few minutes then he suggested we get up and get dressed, so we did. In the other room he said he loved being my first and was surprised how well I did and how much I seemed to enjoy sucking his cock! I told him I must have found the right man and wanted to do my very best to please him. Before we both left he said he wanted to talk about some other things with me and get my feelings on them and if I was comfortable with it he would give me his number so we could privately discuss it. I was so excited and said yes so he gave me his number and said to call when I was ready. I was imagining a million different things, all of them exciting, so later that night I called him.

    I Turned My Daddy On With The Vacuum Cleaner

    Ten years ago after High School I got a job in the mail room of a downtown bank. I lived with two other guys I knew, we were wanabe musicians. I played bass. None of us were jocks, we were small and skinny, we slept in one big bed together. More than once I had been dry humped with a dick between the cheeks of my butt and woke up with cum on me. I masturbated into the sheets and mattress. It felt good to be dry humped, when I got a chance I pushed my underpants down to feel his naked dick against my ass.

    One night I had this urge to kiss him. I reached for his dick and put it against my hole. He got on me and it felt so good, it was the best feeling I had ever had. It didn't hurt, it just felt good. The next morning he told me I was gay. I guess he thought he wasn't. It hurt my feelings. I didn't want to kiss him anymore.

    At the bank there was this note on the bulletin board of a man looking for a roommate. I asked around and they told me it was Peter in Accounting. He was an older man, in his forties, and his roommate had moved out. He agreed and the first night I was there he told me what my chores were, the bathrooms and vacuuming. He did the kitchen and straightened up. He expected a very neat place, and he expected me to make my bed every day and keep my room picked up.

    On Saturday when I vacuumed I asked permission to do it early and he agreed. I got the vacuum out and only in my underwear I started to vacuum. He stood against the wall and watched me, he walked over and grabbed my dick with his hand. He pulled me my dick and he sat down on the couch and took my dick out my underpants and sucked me and with his finger in my anus me made me cum. He stood, wiping his mouth and chin, and dropped his pants to the floor and his dick was hard and to me it looked really big. I grabbed it in my hand and put it in my mouth. 'That's it boy, show your Daddy you're a good little boy'.

    I leaned over with my hands on the coffee table and he stood behind me rubbing his dick against my hole, I was ready, but this time it hurt a lot, it hurt so much, but I kept my mouth shut and the tears rolled down my cheeks. He pulled his dick out and I thought I was going to die. He walked off to the bedroom and came back and sprayed my hole and he sprayed my dick and his and after milking my dick for a moment, he got behind me and this time it went in without a problem.

    After he was done he sat on the couch and sent me to the bathroom to get a hand towel and he wiped his dick clean and had me bend over and he wiped my butt. 'Good boy, Daddy likes having a little boy in the house'. I finished vacuuming with nothing on, while he watched my naked dick dance with me as I vacuumed across the living room floor.

    Gay Thoughts For A K-pop Singer

    I don't even know where to begin. To give you some background, I'm 25, a male, and I'm a fitness trainer.

    I got into K-pop a few months ago, solely for the music before I fell into the trap like everyone else.

    There's this group I started listening to a few weeks ago and now I'm mentally having sex with one of the members.

    He keeps haunting my mind every time I close my eyes. I can't sleep at night, I can't focus in the morning. It's all I can think about.

    I started having wet dreams about him. Then one time, while I was scrolling through his pictures on Twitter, I started jerking off to him. The thing is, he's got an amazing body and being into fitness and fit guys, I was literally drooling. I kept looking for sexy pictures until this audio of "him" came up. It was a moaning clip that was probably taken from a porn video, but it sounded so much like him.

    I kept listening to it while picturing myself kissing him, licking his body and doing unholy things to him. I came twice, and felt extremely guilty afterwards.

    This guy is making me feel like a horny teenager and I don't know what to do to get these thoughts out of my mind.

    I feel helpless.

  • Part Of The Club

    First of all let me say this story may seen far fetched but it is true. About a year after my divorce I decided it was time to try dating and I soon found out it was worse than I imagined. There was so much drama or most of the women wanted a commitment. I finally just gave up and after a while I started looking at different sites not really sure of what I was looking for. So one day I came across a site called Locanto, it's very similar to the old craigslist except this one has personals. I looked at everything, women for men (who knows why) men for men, casual encounters, fetish encounters, just about everything. One day my curiosity got the best of me and I looked at men looking for men to see what other men were looking for. For weeks I looked almost everyday and I found myself looking at men for men more and more often. Maybe it's my age but I started thinking about being with another man around the same age who was in the same boat as me, tired of the dating scene and looking for something new. Well one day I was looking at men for men and this one particular ad caught my attention, it read exactly like this........GENTLEMEN INTERESTED IN COCK! So I read the entire add and an older man was looking to put together a group of older men who were interested in cock. He divided into three categories, those who want to be sucked only, those who only want to suck and those who want to do both. For days I read that ad over and over and I decided to reply. Two day later I saw I had a response and was told that he was looking for married men but I would be considered. A week went by and I saw on my email I had a message. He said that I was accepted but everyone must meet with him one on one for an interview so I agreed. He sent a time and an address and I have to admit I was starting to get excited. I was thinking on my up to his place and hoping it wasn't in some shady seedy part of town and when I arrive I could not believe what I was seeing, it was a beautiful home just shy of being a mansion! At the gate I got on the intercom and gave him my name and the gates automatically opened. I was greeted at the door by a man around my age and went inside. He offered me coffee and I said I was fine so he wanted to get right down to it as he had other interviews that day. There were a lot of questions and he wanted to make sure we were on the same page and that I only wanted to suck and I said yes, that alone got me aroused. So he went over the rules with me and I had to agree to all to be part of the group. He would look over all and put together who he thought was a match. He said the first time together we would all be in a very large room and wanted to know If it would bother me to be in front of other men, I said no and we shook hands and I left. On the way home my mind was spinning, was I really going to go through with this? By that evening I admitted to myself I wanted to. It was almost two weeks later when I finally got the message and the date and the time were set. That morning I showered and dressed nice and when I got there I was amazed how many men were there some of them already naked. The host shook my hand and told me where I could put my clothes so I went into the room and took off everything and nervously walked back into the room where everyone was. Th host thanked everyone for coming and then he read off the names of the men who were to be together. He read off my match and I was very surprised, a tall man around my age, very well kept and in very good shape. As he walked over to me to introduce himself I couldn't help to notice how well endowed he was. So he suggested we find a corner somewhere so we did. We sat on the small couch together and talked for a short while and I had to confess I have never done anything like this before. He said he was perfectly fine with that and not to be nervous and just take my time, what a relief! So for the first time I was sitting naked with another man and he took my hand and put It around his cock which was starting to get hard and thicker. I slowly started to stroke him and to my amazement he got even bigger, he leaned back on the couch with his hands behind his head and closed his eyes as I stroked him and I noticed some pre-cum starting to leak. I was fixed on me stroking him and then I heard him say "kiss it and taste it". At that very moment my heart was pounding and I was trembling a little but I took the leap! I leaned over and kissed the head of his cock and licked the little bit of pre-cum from the slit, I have to be honest I wanted to feel a man's cock in my mouth for the very first time so I got up positioned myself between his legs and lowered my mouth down on his cock only going half way as he was so large. I did it! I didn't think I would go through with it but I did and soon I was enjoying it as much as he was hearing him moan and pushing his hips up hard making me gag a little just before he said he was going to cum. I wasn't sure I was ready for that but he had a towel and soon as he was going to cum he pushed my head back and shot all over his thighs. I just stayed on my knees and then we both got up went into the other room to clean up and get dressed. I said I hope I did ok and he assured me I did and insisted we meet again. I quickly agreed!