Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

Sick At My Stomach

I am a 42 year old preschool teacher at a private school. I am sick at my stomach at these rich women driving expensive SUVs, diamond rocks on their finger, expensive clothes and handbags, discussing their hard life, yoga schedules, maid problems, furniture delivery, husbands travel, paying $1000 a month for preschool like if it is a fast food drive through.

Somethings Are Just Disgusting

I have had a time or two with another girl. When I was in college. I married my husband at 26, although not a virgin, I had little real experience. I have kids so he has been in there.

What my confession is, is that I find blowjobs disgusting. I can't do it. I know that many women find eating a woman disgusting, I don't. I like that, having a woman in my mouth is very erotic to me.

Not As Open Minded As I Thought

Last year I met a girl in Freshman English. We started hanging out, studying together till she popped the old kiss on the cheek. After getting close and personal she whispers in my ear. She has sex with her brother, hope I don't mind.

I did mind. It blew my mind. First I mind she has sex with someone else. Second I mind it is with a guy. But third I really mind that it's her brother who is jumping her bones. I'm liberal, open minded, but not that open minded.

Hate It

The guy I date (when he's not with his wife) is 34. It was a working late thing, and I fell for his money, him, his stories from working all over the world, is sophisticated demeanor. I went hook like and sinker. I was literally aglow after our first sex. I maybe should have put BI in the description, but there was only the one woman, and she broke my hymen using 3 fingers together in me. I really didn't like the taste of her but after 6 months and literally getting fucked with strap on dildoes, including anally, that kept getting bigger and bigger, I stopped seeing her. I guess it was that story that got him.

After the sex it felt great, he got up and pulled me into the bathroom with him. "Kneel" was all he said, then he turned to me and pissed on me. He did it all over my boobs, on my pussy then moving to my neck.. I closed my eyes and he peed all over my hair, with it getting all over my face. Then for some reason I opened my mouth and he finished there. I pushed it out but the taste was not going away soon. He pulled me up, kissed me deep, and knelt down in front of me licking all the pee off my pussy and then gave me my first standing orgasm with his tongue.

I thought it would stop, but it didn't. I got fucked then I got soaked in pee, even in my mouth swallowing it, after anal he peed into my opened butt. He was always comparing me to his wife I know. He told me, after I told him about the woman using bigger and bigger dildoes on me, that his wife was tighter than I was, in both holes. Sometimes he made me pee on him, and he on me and we'd lay down on the floor and have sex. The one time he was on top of me, pulled his cock out and moved up with his cock between my boobs. I pushed them together but instead of him using my boobs to get off, he started peeing which I was used to, but then I heard it, smelled it, and felt it. He shit on my pussy. My this time I was full grown bush down there at his request, he liked that it held the pee smell better, and his wife was shaved. Now he's shitting on my pubes. He sat in it, moved it around, I let him get between my legs again and have honestly; the absolute best sex ever. When we left the motel, I said goodbye. The next day I quite my job and I'm never seeing him again. I was just someone for him to do things his wife, and most women wouldn't let anyone do. I honestly went back to my older woman friend now.

Wife’s Ass

My wife’s ass is hairy and loose from years of anal fucking and toys. She goes to get surgery to repair it in two weeks. The doctor told us no more anal sex till then and no anal sex after sex.

We have anal sex almost ever time we have sex. That will be hard to adjust too. I gonna miss her loose asshole

Work Sex

I’ll start by saying I was a virgin up until 5 mo the ago. Yes you heard it I lost my virginity when I was 43. No big deal to me.

I’ve been working at the sane job for 23 years now. The woman who works in one off offices has worked there for over 30 years. She’s a chubby Hispanic woman who has gotten more chubby over the years.

5 months ago she really started hitting on me. I know she had gotten divorced a year prior to that. Ever since her divorce she’s been kinda slutty. I’ve seen a thong showing above her pants a few times! Being a virgin I liked the sight.

Then one day when she was wearing a shorter dress she bent over and I saw up it! She had no panties on! Caught a glimpse of her hairy pussy! She noticed that I noticed. Pretty sure it was intentional.

She asked if I liked what I saw! That made me embarrassed, I didn’t know what to say. She looked at my crotch and said looks like you did. She asked if I was getting hard in my boxers. I told her I wear briefs and yes I’m hard. Then it was time for my lunch break. She said she’d join me.

We ended up parked down the road in a vacant parking lot behind an old abandoned building. We were in my truck. I folded the back seats up and she got in first. She pulled up her dress a d I saw her very hairy pussy! The bush was thick, she had hair all over her thighs, her lips were hairy and her butthole was hairy. To be honest her pussy looked kinda disgusting. She was creaming a lot.

I didn’t eat her out, just fingered it some. I didn’t tell her I was a virgin. She then sits up and undoes my belt and jeans. She pulls my jeans down far enough to reveal my now tenting white jc penny briefs. She said looking very excited in your shorts. Not only was I tenting my briefs, I had a huge wet spot from precum. She rubbed my dick through my underwear for a minute.

Then she grabbed the waistband and slid them down. Out pops my uncut dick. Nothing impressive, I’m a tad under 6”. She slide my foreskin back and starts licking my head. I almost came from that. She said she loves uncut. I’m shaved myself, i find pubic hair dirty and uncomfortable. She complimented how sexy it was shaved.

After she sucked my dick for a few minutes she laid back. I knew what that meant. So I lined up my dick and slid it into her pussy. Honestly her pussy stunk but I wanted to fuck it. I really enjoyed myself. It didn’t take long for me to cum, I blew my load in her pussy within minutes.

As I pulled out I noticed I had her pussy cream all over my crotch, my dick was covered in pussy cream. And to top it off I had some of her stray pubic hairs stuck in the pussy cream on my crotch and dick. Plus a few were under my foreskin! That was nasty to me but it was part of sex I guess.

I got out of my truck with my pants and underwear around my ankles. I grabbed a small towel out of the door and wiped myself off. I pulled my underwear back up leaving her pussy cream under my foreskin. Then pulled my pants back up. As she was getting out of the truck cum started to leak out of her some. I asked her how she is going to deal with that since she has no panties.

She squatted down and push my cum out onto the ground. Then said most is out and let her dress go down where it belonged. After that we went back to work. That whole ordeal took us around 20 minutes. When we got back to work I went to pee, when I pulled my foreskin back it reeked of pussy! Needless to say I masturbated thinking about it when I got home later that evening.

And honestly I’ve been fucking that very hairy creamie pussy ever since. Usually once or twice a week. We do it at her house now. Usually right after work when her kids aren’t home yet. I would do it at my house but I live at my moms house. Used to have my own place but sold it to eventually build something else on the property around my moms house. My mom doesnt need to see me bringing a big woman home to fuck her!

Seared Into My Mind, His Penis Kept Me From Losing My Virginity

Our parents were divorced when I was 12. We are five sisters, I am right in the middle. My mother found a two bedroom house to rent, with us all piled into one room. The landlords lived next door and offered a room for two of us, it was me and my number 4 sister.

The house was also small, two bedrooms one bathroom. Early in the morning I got up for the bathroom, their room was across the hall from ours, he was laying naked on the bed. His naked penis clearly visible in the light of the hall. A great big fat worm, his hairy legs, arms and great big naked belly. I stood and looked, until I caught myself and turned into the bathroom.

Until I was pretty much grown up my vision of what was going to happen to me was that naked man, my only reference to a penis was that big fat worm. I'm sure that in my imagination that penis grew bigger and fatter, but to me that was my frame of reference.

Walked In On My Father-in-law

I stop over at my soon to be father-in-laws house with my fiancé over last weekend. She never knocks, just walks right in. At first we didn’t see him.

So after a walk to the back of the house to look to see if he was outside we passed the room where his computer is. There he was naked with his dick in his hand and a dildo sticking out of his butt. My fiancé freaked and ran away pretty fast!

Her dad was completely shaved, no hair on his chest, stomach or cock. Nice fat cock too with a jar of Vaseline sitting on the computer desk. He stood up real quick to pull his underwear and pants up only to ha d the dildo fall out of his ass


My Name is Shawn and I am Deathly afraid of Peaches.

I don't know why but anytime I see a Peach I run for the hills, I remember running out of the Grocery Store after seeing a peach and people were looking t me like if I was running from a serial killer.

I one time went to take a shower and my wife bought Peach Scented Shampoo and I ran out of the house naked as the entire neighborhood all laughed at me and tried to report me to the Police for being a pervert which I am not I told them I ran out of my house because of my Wife's Shampoo.

I have been laughed at and ridiculed over my Phobia of Peaches and i'm sorry but I just hate peaches, there fuzzy, there slimy, and I jsut hate them.

I Hate Peaches.

  • Mustard

    My Name is Louise and I am deathly afraid of Mustard.

    Mustard is Disgusting, I don't go to Supermarkets because I know Mustard is there I refuse to go down the aisle.

    I Love Ketchup but I hate Mustard.

    I one times called 911 because a Jar of Mustard was in my Refrigerator and they gave me a summons to appear in court for misuse of 911.

    I was fired from my job at Burger King for lying to customers by telling them we don't have Mustard.

    My Pervert Neighbor that goes outside Naked on his Front Porch and has Sex With His Picnic Table; poured Mustard all over my car and I couldn't even go to work and it was all because I confronted him about his disturbing Picnic Table Sex.

    I Can't stand Mustard, plain and Simple.

    I Hate Mustard.