Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in? Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities? This is the place to confess it all!

Continued From 46521

So after telling my husband everything I had done with all the men and I have to say I loved it all and I would have done a lot more but I didn’t tell him that but I’m sure he’s going to read it. So last night he ripped off my clothes and tied my hands behind my back and forced me out to the garage where he had my hands above my head and put a hook in the rope and I was lifted up and my ankles were tied to pull them up then he put a traffic cone that had a vibrator on the top and I was lowered on the vibrator. He told me that if I loved being a submissive slut then that’s how I’ll be treated. I got so wet thinking about how he’s going to treat me. I told him yes do anything you want to me and I will love it if you make me your whore and be as perverted as you want. He told me that is exactly what is going to happen and he said that he’s a very big perv and he’s going to do things that I can’t imagine . And he lowered me so the the vibrator popped into my pussy as he was telling me about the first thing he is going to do to me.

He is a construction company and he said he wants to give his 10 workers a bonus and that I’m going to be that bonus to them. He said he was going to have me tied to a mattress in the garage wearing a mask. And he is going to have a bbq for the guys and will tell them that I will be gone for the weekend and then he will tell them that there’s a big surprise for them in the garage and they can do what ever they wanted to do to me for the whole day and he wants them to fuck me silly. As the vibrator did its job on me I told him I couldn’t wait for the weekend and he told me that the old men of the neighborhood that always looked me up and down they might also get a little of my attention and he told me that this might become a regular thing for weekend fun.

I’ll keep you up to date with this

Continued From Post 46513

Now I’m at the party and I’m getting stares from my uncles friends and I know they remember me from back then and my husband was asking me if I knew them because they’re staring at me like they know me. I told him yes I know them they’re my uncles friends and I haven’t seen them in many years. My husband went to get us drinks and they were coming over to me and they asked me if I was dee and if I remember them I told them I was and I did remember them. They asked if I wanna get together with them like I did in my past and they told me how great of a slut I was and they were talking about the time they were fucking me when my husband got back he heard the things I had done with them. That opened up the can of worms.

So after he read the post I wrote he said he has a lot of questions to ask me and I told him I would answer them all. He said he will be off from work until next week and he wants to settle this before the weekend so I agreed with that.

He asked me at what age I had i sucked my first cock I told him I was 10 or 11 and it was the neighbor boys they were 16 and 17 and they had a fort in the yard it was an old shed and they had talked me into going to see it and i saw the magazines on the floor. I asked them what they were and they showed them to me and said they jerk off to the pictures. I saw two men and a woman who was used like a sex doll and at that age I was getting very aroused. I told them they were pigs but the thought of being in the womans place is making me tingly inside and I said how big the men are in the pictures. I asked if they were as big as them they said they will show me If I would let them feel me up and take my clothes off and it’s our secret and they won’t tell anyone about it.

As I talked my husband was very quiet so I went on. The boys started kissing me and I felt hands all over me and they were talking my clothes off when they got to my panties they told me I had to take them off and as I did they were taking their clothes off so ..(continue confession)

Train Molester (part 3)

This is the third part of the story, so if you haven't read the other two, I recommend reading those first.

After walking for a little while the man stopped in front of the restroom (the one for disabled people) and then looked me in the eye. That was the first time that I got a good look at his face, even though I averted my gaze shortly after. The man looked to be around 50 years old by my estimation. Before I could ask him what he wanted with me he opened the door to the restroom and pulled me in with him. Surprised at his actions I could only mutter "Hey wait", whilst offering minimal resistance. He was much stronger than a small girl like me anyway.

Once I was in with him, he locked the door and looked straight at me again. I must have looked like a frightened kitten then, since part of me was scared at what he was going to do. The other part which was still feeling good from being m****ted earlier was looking forward to it. Deep inside, I knew what was going to happen, but I did nothing to stop it.

Again, the man repeated what he had said to me earlier on the train. "Quite the dirty little slut aren't you?" he asked. Of course I denied it, but he continued mockingly by saying that I let a old man that I didn't know m****t me for 3 days and even let him take me into the restroom with me. The man continued further, saying that a slut like me wearing such a short skirt is just looking to get rap*d. He then asked me rhetorically "It's true isn't it, that a slut like you is looking to be rap*d?"

I could mutter out a quiet "no", whilst my body just stood frozen. I'm not sure if the man even heard me, as it seemed like he wasn't planning on waiting for a reply. He immediately forced himself on me. He unbuttoned my shirt leaving it open and pulled down my panties, smiling as he saw my smooth vagina. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock which I could see for the first time. It wasn't extremely big, but it was bigger than what I've experienced before. It might have been around 7 inches, it was hard to say. Before I could get a good look he turned me around and I could feel his hard cocked as it rubbed on the outside of my vagina.

He then thrust inside me, one hand on my hip, the ..(continue confession)

  • Fantasy Gone Wrong

    I have a fantasy to watch my wife with a younger man.

    My wife Jessica lynn and i had talked my fantasy over and she was okay with it.
    Jessica is 38 as am i
    We met a guy on mingle. They hit it off Jessica and Greg they talked face chatting masturbating together.
    They where instantly sexually attracted to each other Greg is active duty military in Fort Riley Kansas we live in fort Scott kansas two months later my wife Jessica and Greg had a hotel meet she said it was the most intimate sexual experience of her life six months of sex meets and we decided to let Greg and Jessica conceive a baby. Eight months into it and Jessica is pregnant.
    Fourteen months later Greg and Jessica are looking at paper work when Jessica was 17 she had given a baby up for adoption.
    It was ancestry that made the link and match Greg lenny masterson birth mother Jessica lynn masterson now Jessica lynn Stuart her age her birth date her high school photo. Jessica and Greg looked at the adoption paper work Jessica is 38 Greg is 18 Greg is for sure the father of my hot cougar wife Jessica baby and Jessica is for sure Greg birth biological mother.
    Now since that day i have caught Greg and Jessica not having sex but making romantic sensual love slowly and passionate ive caught greg really fucking her hard twice but I've caught them making love to many times to count
    Everytime i confront her she freaks out and panics im slightly intimated by Greg he is 3rd Rangers or some damn kill machine unit platoon whatever
    Sad thing is im kinda of turned on by the whole thing

    Showing Off At The Show

    Can't wait for the terrible covid crisis to finally end. I've been wanting to take my sexy younger wife to an adult bookstore or movie theater and this public health problem is cramping my style.
    She's often excited by some level of naughty exhibitionism and it would be fun to play with her, maybe show off her tits.
    I'd like to make her blow me with a small group of men watching and seeing what a slut wife she is. Maybe even let a few lucky men have a sample of her sucking skills.
    I have mentioned something about this idea a few times and she's definitely curious. Can't say how far she would go, but it's sure hot to imagine what could happen.
    We did do some semi public play in the past but not for a few years and I think we both miss it.
    If it ever does happen I'll be sure to confess about it.

  • Train Molester (part 2)

    This is the next part of a previous post, if you haven't read that yet I suggest you read that first before continuing.

    After being m****ted on the train the man released his cum from behind me. His hot cum went on my panties and had dripped down my legs. He also used my skirt to wipe his dick. As soon as the train had reached the next station I quickly ran to the restroom to clean his cum off.

    That night, I went into bed masturbating while remembering the events of that day. The next day, I did my usual routine. I went to school, remained for a couple of hours after school and then caught a full train home. As usual, I stood near a group of older men, however I wasn't expecting much to be perfectly honest. From my experience, even if I went out of my way to wear short skirts and stand close to men I would only get m****ted once every 3 or 4 weeks. So getting m****ted 2 days in a row is rare.

    To my surprise however, I felt a hand on my butt. Of course, I put up my usual weak resistance. After a short while the m****ter had his hands all over my body. It felt like only a couple of minutes had passed before his hands had touched everywhere: my thighs, butt, breasts, belly and vagina.

    Just a quick mention (as I didn't mention it in my previous post). I have a smooth vagina with no hair down there and have had it smooth since I was around 13.

    Back to the story. Same as yesterday, the m****ter pulled out his cock which was caught between my thighs. I felt his hard cock as it rubbed itself on my panties. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but it wasn't long before he gave me an orgasm while he ejaculated at the same time. My body convulsed while his stream of hot cum dripped down my legs just as it did yesterday. Also, this m****ter had also used my skirt to wipe clean his cock.

    The events of yesterday had essentially repeated itself and I was beginning to wonder if I was having deja vu. Anyhow, I did the same thing as yesterday, wiping myself before going home and masturbating at night.

    The third day. I continued on normal, sticking to my usual routine. As I was catching the packed train home I felt a hand on my butt. This was what had happened the previous two days. It was really strange however ..(continue confession)

    Dress Up

    Around Christmas, I met Angie at a party. She was dressed up as a sexy Mrs. Claus which surprised me because it wasn't a costume party. We talked and flirted and she gave me her number. We texted a few times and decided to go out again. We agreed to meet at a local pub and when I walked in I saw her dressed as Jessica Rabbit! It was a little embarrassing, but we ate, drank and flirted . Eventually we walked out the door and as we were walking down the street , she pulled me in to a dark doorway and we started making out . In a few minutes Angie was on her knees and ended up giving me some of the best head I'd ever experienced. After a few more dates, she ended up moving into my apartment.

    The relationship and the sex were great, and I actually enjoyed the sex with Librarians, nurses, school girls cheerleaders and others versions of her dress ups. It wasn't until after the virus quarantined us that she came up with a new "game". I was on the couch playing a game when out of the corner of my eye I saw Angie dressed in an all white one piece catsuit, complete with tail and little ears come crawling in making little mewing sounds. She sat on the floor in front of me and started licking her " paws" and her leg. She crawled over and started licking the inside of my leg. I dropped the controller, and my shorts and she started licking my dick softly. Thats when I noticed the crotch of the leotard was cut out. I was licking her " kitty" and she kept licking me. Soon, she reached her moment ( she stops moving and kind of shakes a bit) and got off my face. Then she kept licking me until I came on my stomach and she licked up all the milk.

    Fun, right? Well, she must have really like that, because over the next few weeks she would dress up as various animals and we'd have " animal sex" in the style of whatever she dressed as. I got used to trying to play the role of those animals, and the sex was great. We fucked m" doggy style" , like bunnies, snake style ( lots of lube on a plastic sheet). One day, I found her dressed as a cow complete with a tail butt plug with her head between the uprights on the bed, mooing and swaying her hips until I bull fucked her.

    Well, last night she came into the bedroom in a monkey mask, with a ape-like chest piece on and her ..(continue confession)

    My World Of M4M Sex

    I guess what I have to say is short and sweet.

    I am not gay, but I have always enjoyed sex with another man, starting from when we were kids. The feel of a man's cock in my hand or my mouth is exhilarating in ways that sex with a woman can never be. I have on many occasions succumbed to the nature of man on man and adopted the position for penetration. A good man with a hard cock can make me want to get down for him. I can say that it not only feels good it is rewarding to have a man on my back and his cock in my ass.

    As I say I am not gay. I have no feelings for other men, have always crushed on girls and women, I enjoy their company and I have a need to have sex with them. But for fun sex, it has to be with another man.

    Learning My Place As A Personal Cock Sucker

    I’m married, bisexual and I guess I have been fir years, sometimes for real and sometimes in my fantasies...
    I haven’t taken a man on my bottom in years now, it’s on my mind most of the time,,,
    I have never had much opportunity to try learning cock sucking...

    But lately I decided to explore what it would be like being a personal cock sucker
    I found a devolved man with needs, we are both getting what we want...
    I suck his cock as much as we can secretly get together ,
    It is amazing ,I’m enjoying it so much, and he gets off in my mouth 100 percent of the time.....
    I have found that I really am a great cock sucker , I’m so good he raves about my skills...
    I’m wanting someone to watch me take cock and cum so bad...
    I even lock my love in chastity to only be the giver and not getting off myself,
    Submission is amazing to me...
    My wife performed oral on me last night and I came so hard,I’m not sure if it was because my mind had me sucking the cock but was great...
    I wish she would become my femdom ,strapon And use me

    Fantasy And Reality

    Me and my fiance took up a few new hobbies. im a Chef and she is a district manager of a oil refinery company. We where looking to involve each other and set time aside for us to do new things with one another.
    We took up salsa and swing dancing. We joined a hiking group took up archery. We both smoke pot and we went to a byob marijuana smoking bar and a Cabaret club called the clock tower. Our sex lives got more exciting we kinda got into public sex had two threesome and on a road trip Mara and a twenty five year old from a concert we attended had a long oral sex exchange and a quickie.
    We where at lone Hagler lake archery range they have fun target set ups and different ranges.
    Charles mara's boss happened to be there sighting in his compound bow. With his son Raymond. We joined them on the course.
    Charles and Raymond where getting pretty hands on standing close pressing into her grabbing her hips running there hands up to her shoulders and down her arms. They where getting hands on with her and i thought it was pretty hot.
    Charles is 6 foot 3 inches tall 55 years about 150 pounds old he looks like a mix between bill cody and George Custer. Slim yet athletic build and is. Looks likes he is in his early 40's.
    Raymond owns a ranch and surveys new sites 27 years old 6 foot 1 about 180 190 pounds strong and muscular curly blond boyishly young face.
    We get done shooting the course three time. All three times charles and Raymond got more and more Ballsz. At one point raymond ran his palm up her bubble butt. And Charles grabbed her camels toe.
    Mara is 5foot 5 curly long hair thats natural the metallic pink purple green orange red blue and yellow is died in. Mara is half hawiian half Norwegian her dad was Air Force and her mom a beautiful blond euro girl.
    Mara has the build of a hula dancer wide hips bubble butt thick shapely thighs sexy caves small size 5 feet curves in the places you want them voluptuous build. She has the build of the girls in the Olympic soft ball team. We are both 36 Mara has one 16 year
    old son.
    Mara look like she could be 28 beautify face almond eyes high cheeks soft round face full lips. Stunning.
    Mara is wearing a low wedge sandal thin black yoga pants no panties a loose fitting low cut top whote and black stripped. That covered half her ass and show a lot of her 44DD cleavage on ..(continue confession)