You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)

I know a cop who works in a small college town with a major party school. As his side hustle, he works as a bouncer at the biggest club downtown. His favorite thing is when he gets to arrest freshman girls with fake id. Penalty ranges from a minimum of a bj to a full cavity search.

26 and with the world out there to conquer I took a job in advertising at a midsize Manhattan firm. Yes, I was an intern, low pay, assigned to Miss know it all with all the connections, to watch and not comment, dress nice, you are purely window dressing right now. But I was in, I had the internship and I was in Manhattan.

We went to see an established client, my boss made the presentation, I carried her bags and kept my mouth shut. At the end of the meeting the client asked me what my name was, school credentials, and he asked for my views and opinion. My boss said we had to leave, he said he wanted my opinion. Worst moment of my life. I tried to repeat what my boss had said, he said he wasn't impressed and he wanted me to give him the proposal. He dismissed my boss, and said he had a call and to come up to his office with him. Past secretaries, offices, into a corner suit, a reception room, into his office. Huge, living room, conference room, office all in one. He offered me the bathroom, in his office, shower and all.

He took his call, talked in front of me, when he was done he took me to the massive windows and asked if I liked the view, his windows darkened in the sun so he didn't need window treatments, then his finger goes from my neck to my tail bone and he says I really looked pretty. We go to the living room section, I get the background of the paintings and sculptures and how about sitting beside him, just give him a kiss, what a nice derriere, we need to get to know each other. Hands, fingers, hugs and kisses on the cheeks, forehead until he lands kiss on my mouth, hands everywhere and then hands grabbing my boobs, by then I am on my back on the couch. Intercourse was uncomfortable, clothes in the way, but bottom line he gets what he wanted.

I replacing my boss, he is sure she is owing to take it very hard. One day I was am going to be out, replaced. But how much money she has because she drives the account, a couple of million at least, not to mention the other accounts. Every one has their shot, now it's my turn.

I work for Best Buy's Geek Squad servicing computer systems. It doesn't pay well and there's a constant feeling that each year will be our last. I would have quit a long time ago, but each day working on other peoples computers potentially adds to my early retirement plan.

Since 2014, I've been collecting customers Bitcoin wallet information. So far, I have data for almost 200 Bitcoin wallets totaling just over 500 Bitcoins. As of today, Bitcoin is valued at over $11,000 USD per Bitcoin. When the time is right, I'll transfer and collect over $5,000,000 as my own. Untraceable retirement fund.

  • A little over a year ago I asked my boss if he had a thumb drive, he reached for one out of the drawer and gave it to me. I used it for my presentation and was going to return it when I got curious of a sub folder that looked like it was part of the thumb drive software. It had various excel files, a couple of word documents and some pictures. I looked at the pictures first, my coworker a girl from Puerto Rico, but younger like early twenties. A few were pictures of her topless or nude. The excel files were year by year registers of payments to her, several thousand dollars per year. The word documents were agreements, if she received the money she would accept that as fair support. The second document a formal agreement giving up parental rights to a child, a girl born to her and she gave the girl up for adoption to my boss and his wife.

    The child is now seven, my coworker works in government relations for the company, she is not married, the excel files detail payments up to four years ago. And the pictures a pure innocence, a girl very uncomfortable at being photographed like that. I deleted my files and returned the thumb drive to my boss, he said for me to keep it. I have the thumb drive, I still look at one photograph in particular. When I see her with him I imagine what she is feeling, he is very gentle with her in an intimate way. Does he love her? Does she love him? What about her daughter, does she know who her mother really is? How often does she see her daughter? Does he still support her?

    Now some years on, my boss would still go ballistic if he knew just who I was fucking, and whom I now fucking from his family.
    Within weeks of taking my old role for his company, I was screwing his wife, who only saw him and still see's him as a cash fund.
    She's a little younger than him, and believe me a pure slut when it comes to my cock. She found out I have a large penis, and soon after, manufactured a meeting with me away from the business. It was on the pretense of quickly promoting me. Yet the only promotion I got for a while, was fucking her mouth, pussy and ass in a motel room as often as we could find time.
    Sometimes she'd invite me over to their home when he was away on business, and I'd spend the night if her daughter was sleeping over with friends. Something she often had her teenage daughter do. The sex in their home, if anything was even more frantic and dirty, and she'd often have me using toys in her, or me using my fists to fuck her.
    Everything kind of broke down when I began to date a girl my own age, and Mrs boss didn't like it.
    Around nine months back, I went to a party and hooked up with a really stunning young woman. We hit it off and within a week or so were having some of the best, most intense sex I've ever had. And so it's carried on that way.
    I swear until a couple of months ago I didn't know who her parents were, as we'd only see each other sporadically. When we did/do meet up, we'd have sex for hours and she and I just are just perfect together. Then one afternoon after having sex, she told me she knew I'd once been her moms lover. It shocked me, yet at the same time, it made sense. Especially when she told me, she'd once watched me fucking her mom on their couch.
    Explaining to me she'd been fascinated by what she'd seen and later masturbated to, she had made a bee line for me at the party, to initially guage me and then found we were so alike.
    Her mom and dad have no idea we're an item, and she's just told me she thinks its about time we came clean so to speak, to her parents. I'm really nervous thinking I'm going to meet her mom again, definitely with me having fucked her the way we had sex. And I'm so sure her dad will find his little princess dating me, to be a backwards step for her.
    I'll know all soon enugh I suppose.

    To me it was not much of a surprise, to others maybe not. At the time I was an energetic just turned 35 year old traveling the world on behalf of the company I worked for. My job was in Supply Chain and I went to various suppliers to work out kinks in the chain, check on standards, sometimes to line up new suppliers. I had been trained by a senior Supply Chain manager and he gave me all the rope I needed to become the best in the field.

    We opened a new line and the company wanted to line up a supply chain out of Mexico, right next door. After all those trips to Korea, China and Thailand, Mexico seemed like a waste of time. But I went because I was sent. The company was really an assembler using materials produced in China. They had small operation, not enough to be our supplier, the volume just wasn't there. The quality was also not that good, good enough for Mexico but not good enough for the US Retail Market. I had to turn them down.

    Paco the owner was surprised, he felt that he had what we needed and for him we would have been a good deal. I suffered through his presentation, his complaint really, trying to convince me that in fact they could produce what we needed, keeping in mind that meant that the Chinese product had to be improved because he just assembled. He was persuasive and we ended up going to dinner. After dinner he offered to show me his house. He lived alone, the house was big and he had lots of art on the walls and sculptures of various sizes, the decorating was professional, everything worked together real well. He had one servant, Jose, a man in his sixties. Jose was just a little bit too presentable, his pants a little too tight and his shoes a little too polished.

    We had a drink by the pool, he was still selling and I was doing my best not to encourage him. The night was clear and warm and his pool was very nice and he said that we should take a dip and maybe have a drink in the jacuzzi. He called Jose who brought out two large towels and robes like the ones you get at fine hotels. Paco stripped down to his nothing, he just got naked and asked me to join him. He jumped in the pool, obviously an accomplished swimmer. I was not ready for that and didn't join him. He got out and standing there beside me totally naked persuaded me to undress, with Jose's help of course, who took each pieced of clothing and folded it nicely and set it on a chair as he had done with Paco's clothes.

    I had never skinny dipped and it felt very strange standing naked with this man who took me by the hand and jumped in the pool. The water was warm and we swam around a bit and he suggested we get in the jacuzzi and we sat across from each other while Jose brought us fresh drinks. I supposed I relaxed a bit too much and without warning he put his drink on the side and pushed himself under water towards me and bit my dick. A bite, small definite bite. He surfaced took a deep breath and went down again and shoved my hand aside and took my dick in his mouth and held onto it with his teeth, not biting in but certainly making me very aware that he could bite my dick off.

    He stood up on the step and put his dick towards my face and said he wanted me to make him a very happy man. He repeated we were alone, of course Jose was over there watching, he offered me his dick again, he took my head in his hands and put his dick on my face and told me to open my mouth. Paco voice changed and it was a command, like when he spoke to Jose. His dick was all over my face and he got hard enough that he pushed his dick on my lips until I opened my mouth and he got his dick in. It was a minute or more before I started to suck on it, or maybe he fucked his dick in and out of my mouth.

    He called out to Jose who left to get his room ready and he invited me to go with him, he had my dick in his hand and he pulled on me to go with him. He told me that I should relax, nothing was better than what we were going to do. His room was big with a large round bed and it was decorated with erotic Greek prints, it had the ceiling mirror and the wall mirrors and Jose standing by to help. Here he said we can be men, no women to bother us, no children to beg, here we could be men the way that men have been together since the earliest Greek got together to have fun.

    Jose turned on the TV which had no sound but had clips of men having sex, masturbating, sixty nine, kissing lovingly, r****g, I watched standing there naked while Paco held my dick in his hand. He asked me what I liked, I shook my head and he pulled me over to the bed and he sat down and sucked my dick until I was rock hard, he pulled me on top of him and we started together to kiss and grind our dicks together. He shoved me down to suck him, he got down in sixty nine, hands everywhere, he called for Jose who brought over some warm stuff and while he held me on top of him Jose lubed my ass, Jose stuck his finger in my ass while we were kissing and rubbing dicks together, he whispered if I wanted Jose to fuck me and he told Jose to go ahead. Jose was big I guess and he had years of experience and he fucked me while Paco held me on top of him, I had trouble holding myself up with Jose on top. A command and Jose withdrew and Paco got out for under me and adopted a crouched position and Jose lubed him up and struck sending his dick into Paco while Paco asked for more. Jose finished by pumping him full of his cum and Paco asked Jose to kiss him before Jose got off the bed. The mirror on the ceiling had us both naked on the bed, our limp dicks in full view and Jose bringing warm towels to clean us up.

    I recommended that my company work with Paco to assemble from higher quality China product and to help finance an expansion of his facility. Paco always finds the right gifts for me, erotic paintings and drawings of big dicks and boys, key chains of hard dicks, dick kissing videos, soft erotic artistic drawings of his dick. Paco has a dick fetish and his favorite dick is Jose's, and Jose serves his master well. I have to say that Jose knows how to fuck, he takes his time, he knows the ins and outs, pardon the pun, and he can get you up until with one final shove he shoots his cum and milks your dick with his hand. Jose's a pro. That wooden mahogany dick in the living room, that's Jose in his youth when Paco first met him. Paco is our largest supplier for this line, and his quality is certainly good enough and his volume has increased to meet the demand. I got brownie points for lining him up.

    Working in Detroit for the auto industry with a mid size supplier I had a job as a designer for door hinges. That's what I did, this was before CADCAM was used in the company we worked for. I made hundreds of drawings of door hinges, varying by the most miniscule sizes and orientations. My job was pretty much eight to five and Monday to Friday. On weekends I took care of errands, laundry and stuff. My life was normal.

    A new designer was hired and he was put into our drafting room and he was given the job or designing door latches. That's all he did and all I did was hinges. We became friends and after several weeks he suggested that we go see the new movie that was out, Jaws. In the packed movie theater, between all the screaming girls, he kept trying to grab my hand. At one such grab he missed my hand and grabbed my pants and he did not let go. He maneuvered his hand until he had my dick in his hand and as much as I tried to pry his hand off my dick I couldn't. So I sat quietly with my hands over his hands and his hand on my dick playing with it. During a particularly dark scene he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

    After the movie we got up and I had to go the men's room and he followed and stood beside me as we peed into the urinal looking over the urinal to get a look at my dick. In the car, he was driving that night and we were up on the fourth floor of the parking garage, he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me over to him and kissed my mouth. He let me go but not by much and said he was horny and he wanted a blow job and he undid his pants and got his dick out which was fully erect and bent my head down until his dick was touching my face telling me to open up and suck his dick. I sucked him as best I knew how.

    We went to his apartment that he shared with another guy and he told his roommate to get lost he wanted to be alone. He stood me against the refrigerator and kissed me while he put his hands down my pants. He pulled me and we went into his room and got undressed, I didn't resist and when he was totally naked on the bed with his hard dick I got on the bed and sucked him until he grabbed me and pulled me up to kiss and ground his dick against mine. He put me on my stomach and got some KY Jelly off his nightstand and he buttered me up and got on and I was his boyfriend.

    The whole scene was out of this world, the movie theater, being kissed in the car and sucking his dick in the car, making out in the kitchen and getting naked and ending up becoming his boyfriend. To tell the truth I dreaded the moment that I was going to become a boyfriend, the whole thing scared me no end. I thought about it, I dreamt about it but when the day it happened came I surrendered to the most erotic thing there could be. I was totally overcome and he and I became lovers and roommates and I reveled in being his boyfriend, I enjoyed being his boy Friday vacuuming and washing our clothes, wearing those small tight underwear he bought for me, making out to all hours of the night, and anything and everything to do with his dick. That was a long time ago now but just thinking about it makes me want to get dicked right now. It's in my blood. He was my first and in many ways he is who I think of most often.

    I was working late one night doing a server upgrade which was going to take hours. My boss was out of town so when his wife showed up I was a little surprised. She had only come in to pick up some mail. We talked for a bit and when I mentioned y back was stiff she offered to give me a back rub. I didn't know how appropriate that would be but she pushed the issue being that it was about 9:00pm at night with no one around I gave in. She took me to her husband's office which had a couch in it. She had me take my shirt off and lay face down on the couch. She began massaging my back and it felt pretty good. She said she had to get to my lower back and ask for me to pull my pants down to get to it as they were in the way. I had to unbutton and unzip them to be able to do that. I figured she only needed them down a few inches so that is as far as I pulled them down. She said they needed to come down further and took it upon herself to just take them right off me. She then takes my socks off which I thought was a little strange given that she was only massaging my back.

    I was now just in my underwear with my bosses wife, who was about 20 years older than me, massaging me. She asked how the massage felt and I answered truthful which was that it felt great. She then says she will give me a full body massage and without warning pulls my underwear off. I am now naked in front of my bosses wife. Her massage felt more than just great and I could feel hands brush against my balls when she went between my legs. I was worried if she was going to ask me to roll over on my back and when she asked me to I did it with no hesitation. I was fully exposed to her with my cock very erect. She noticed and mentioned she could see I was enjoying the massage. She massaged my whole front but avoided my cock and balls which I figured she might do. We were pretty done when she began to work on my cock. She was stroking it and asking me how I liked it. I told her I liked it very much. She was teasing me and was very good at it. I was close to cumming and she knew when to slow down to prevent it. This went on for a while before she finally did it. She had her hand wrapped tight around my cock stroking and I blew like I never had before.

    She helped clean me up and we talked for a while. I didn't even bother getting dressed until she said she needed to leave. The next time she saw me there was no mention of anything that happened and for awhile never was. One time I asked her about it. She told me I was a little too old for her liking but wanted to at least get a look at my body for her own curiosity.

    I am 22 years old and have been working in a horticultural business for two and a half years.

    I am the youngest of five other colleagues.

    My boss is called a few times a week by her mother that she has to send someone to help her with something. Then she comes to me and says with a deep sigh that it is that time again. She knows that I will be gone half a day and would prefer that I continue to work in the horticultural business.

    My boss's mother is a bored, old, fat 68-year-old widow who likes some break in time. She often let me come only to talk to me to keep her company. If I had spent an hour with her and wanted to leave, she would stop me and ask me to stay or call her daughter that it might take longer before I have finished with her.

    To be honest, I liked being with her because she always spoiled me with tasty snacks, is very nice to me and I could watch her huge boobs endlessly. She seemed to be well aware of this and, unnoticed, probally I had been too naive, came from one another and I lay with my head between those huge boobs. It felt so wonderful and soft. She held my head and encouraged me to suck her big round nipples.

    It was only a small step before she got me into her bed. I actually only had experience with two girls, one was a slut and toke me in a park for sex. It was my first time and did not know what to do. Although I managed to get into her pussy, it was done in a minute and she never asked me again.
    The other girl was at her home, where we were caught by her mother and I was kicked out of the house forever.

    Anyway, I was surprised how exciting it was in bed with my boss's mother. Despite her thickness, she was quite mobile in bed and her pussy felt pretty good. I actually came to her very quickly that first time but she said I could do it again and we did.

    So the real reason is that often I am called to my boss's mother to satisfy her horny lusts. She can't get enough of it and I also find it very exciting to have sex with such an old horny fat woman. And she teaches me a few things like that. And the boss's mother knows that I am crazy about her and she really likes to take use of it.

    I'm from Belgium so please forgive me the errors.

  • What kind of sick fucks uses the fitting rooms as rest rooms at Wal-Mart? Anybody who takes a shit in a Wal-Mart restroom is clearly either drunk or stupid as fuck; I also found a pair of dirty underwear laying on the floor covered in shit laying on the floor.

    It is just so damn nasty when people use our fitting rooms that are meant to change clothes in as restrooms, not to mention in the restrooms how so many nasty ass people take shits and stops up the toilets by using a half a roll of toilet paper to wipe their asses with and we end up seeing turds smeared all over the walls and floor. Do you all shit like that at home? Don't even get me started on people who fucking masturbate in the restroom or even one time I heard a guy in the fitting room making a lot of noise and after he left I found cum inside a pair of jeans that were meant to be sold in the store.

    Then there are the unwashed people who come in stinking worse than shit out of fat people's asses and have never taken a bath in their miserable lives and they spread their God Awful stench all over the store especially in the groceries. That is just unsanitary and if I was allowed too I would throw your asses out and never let you back in until you take a fucking shower.

    Then I saw a man walk out of the restroom barefoot; now that is really unsanitary, you actually want to walk barefoot in a place where people piss and shit. What's even more fucked up the guy started to smell his feet in the store as employees and customers witnessed a grown man smelling his feet in a public place; fellow employees came to escort this foot smelling idiot out of my store I swear I am going to work at Target from now on too many nasty ass people at this one Wal-Mart.