We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

I Lost My Judgement During The Lockdowns And Now Here I Am

My son is one years old. For a 38 year old lesbian attorney that's something. He was conceived in a moment of carelessness, I was caught off guard. Stuck in our apartments, my neighbor and I we saw each other feeling guilty for not respecting the law. He complained of the months he'd been masturbating, something I never had a need for. One moment later he asked for my pussy. I am not sexual but for some reason I complied. He agreed to withdraw, but he came almost immediately without warning. And for a lesbian with no priors with a man I got pregnant and now my son turned one.

  • Masturbating For 40 Years

    this is embarrassing. sometimes when I cum I vomit and go dizzy and collapse and can't walk and shake so badly for ages afterwards. I get ringing in the ears and deaf as well for about 10 minutes after orgasm. Its like a whole body sensation.

    Older Sister Pinned And Tickle Tortured By Fat Friend

    One of my friends from school who I'll call Danny is a good mate. Abit unpopular but he's cool and I had him over at my house last night. Thing is he has a crush on my older sister who is 8 years older than us. Shes always friendly and he takes what chance he has to talk to her. Anyway one time after having to visit the toilet I was coming back up and heard shrieking and laughing and when I peeked through Danny was on my older sisters legs tickling the hell out of her bare soles as he had ripped her socks off. She barely struggled to fight back and near the end he went up and got her belly Abit as well. After he finished she playfully slapped him and said that was just as mean as last time and he laughed and blushed
    Last time?!
    Should I be worried?

  • Rim Job?

    Just wanted to reach out for some opinions about something.

    The other night i hooked up with a chick and she super horny for sucking a cock. I obviously obliged and let her go to town. While she was blowing my she paused and asked me if i wanted her to eat my ass?? all i said was no just keep sucking which she did and a couple minutes later blew my load in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop. my question to anyone reading this is, is that normal? should i have said yes? if i say yes does that make me gay? i dunno it caught me off guard. How does everyone else feel about it?


    My Pics

    I like to wear panties and bras. Always have. It started along time ago. I never grew out of it. I was in the closet about that and somethings else too. My wearing deepened when I married.

    I loved the softness against my little you know. I felt secure wearing them. My wife never knew that I liked them. I took some pictures of myself wearing her black panty set. I really liked them. They felt so good against my skin. I got turned on by it. I took pics of you know what. Wow! I used my wife's camera since didn't have one. I took about thirty pictures that day.

    We left on a trip to obseve the colors of the trees a couple of weeks layer. I was driving. My wife was taking pictures of all the reds and orange colors. All of a sudden, she says, nice, real nice. .

    Handing me the camera then with a disgusting look on her face, I froze in deep embarrassment...I had forgotten to delete my pictures that I took of myself in her black panties and bra. I had some explaining to do.

    Six years had pasted since that day. She brings it up one weekend out of the blue. Saying she knows the real reason why I took pictures of myself. I said really? Yes she said. You were sending those to men online. I just laughed and walked out of the kitchen. She will never know how right she was. Because I WAS sending them to men online.

  • Sometimes You Just Have To Be A Little Girl And Take Your Punishment

    I have a very inappropriate relationship with my boss. First he's a much older man. Second I let him kiss me intent. Third I let him cop a feel on my boobs. But the thing I agreed to is really why I'm here. I went out with my roommate to this club with a reputation. My roommate got picked up. I got cold feet and I called my boss and asked him to come get me. I was sitting on the curb when he showed up.

    He was very upset with me being there, with my skirt, my makeup. He called me out for going even after warning me of that place. He finished his tirade with 'you need to suffer some consequence for your behavior'. I answered 'so punish me'. And he did. When he got me home, my skirt was very short, he took a ping pong paddle off the kitchen counter, bent me over and spanked me. The first swat stung to high heavens, the second swat hurt, and the third one caused me to start crying.

    And that is why I ended up in his arms, my panties coming off and giving up and letting him 'show me who's boss'.

    Drunk Barefoot Elvis

    I was having dinner at a Memphis Barbecue Restaurant until in comes a man dressed as Elvis as the crowd applauded as the man as Elvis came in holding a guitar, a bottle of miller lite, and he was barefoot as he climbed on top of an empty table, played his guitar and started singing All Shook Up very loudly until Elvis fell off the table and landed on his ass as everyone began to laugh at him.

    Then a employee noticed Elvis's bare feet and told him he can't be here without a pair of Blue Suede Shoes but Elvis makes his way to the restroom and I was so grossed out that Elvis would go take a shit in a public restroom with bare feet.

    Than about 20 minutes later Elvis comes out of the bathroom this time in a Sequin Speedo and his feet was covered in brown suede turds as he begins smelling his nasty feet in front of everybody while we were trying to eat, I almost felt like projectile vomiting at Elvis.

    Then Elvis goes and grabs a Pulled Pork Sandwich off my table and placed his turd covered foot in it and started to suck his toes on my sandwich, as I grabbed Elvis's Guitar and smashed him over the head with it as Elvis Shook, Rattled, and Rolled on to the floor as the staff dragged Elvis's Half Naked Ass out of the Building, thank you Elvis for Ruining my Dinner.

    Thank you very much.

    I Need The Truth

    Due to a medical condition, I've been rendered unable to participate in hard, pounding sex anymore. I have a weight limit of 30 lbs that must be observed or I could die due to strain. It sucks, I'm too young for this foolishness and wasn't in bad health to begin with.

    My wife says she is still very much into our sexual relationship, altered as it is. As it stands, for about 10 years now our play has been she busts out the vibrator, massages her clit, I stroke, finger, and tease her labia and insides until she cums. I've found her g-spot several times and she has intense orgasms that leave her dazed and sweating, those are good ones. We repeat as many times as we feel like it, in various positions My favorite is with her on her her back while she sucks me and gets herself off - the visual is amazing.

    Penetration is anxiety inducing for me now, due to the limits and the fact that I know I'm not making her happy in that way any longer. Of course she says she's pleased, but I need to know if she's just being nice. So laides - would any woman really be sexually satisfied by a man that can only use his hands to help her orgasm?

    My Most Embarrassing Moment

    This event happened in 1997, I was an experienced 16 year old traveler, in the airport in Frankfurt Germany. I was coming home from spending a few weeks with my mother's family in Germany. My layover of four hours for New York was in Frankfurt. I went to a restaurant, had a plate lunch and spent an hour reading. The waiter came over and told me I had to leave. I left, walked around, and went to my gate. When I tried to board I couldn't find my passport or my ticket. I froze, fear overtook me. The gate agent made me move aside, the plane got boarded, the door closed and I watched the plane push back. I had no way of knowing my bag had been offloaded.

    I hung around the gate, the gate personnel left. I probably looked pretty sad. A ground agent came over heard my story and took me back out of the gate area, talked to another agent, they called the restaurant. Nothing. She took me home with her to this small apartment, loaned me a nightgown, she fixed a small dinner and told me the next day I would have to get a replacement passport. I slept on a small couch. I felt her close to me and she put another blanket on me. She saw I was awake and took me to her bed.

    Close to her in bed she was much bigger than me, I worried she might be one of those women you hear about. I woke up alone in bed, she was over by the kitchenette. I washed my face, got dressed and went through my purse and in the pocket was my passport and ticket.

  • I Sold My Body To Pay The Bills

    A couple years ago my husband ended up in jail for his 3rd DUI. Lost his job, lost everything, leaving me with our son all alone for 18 months. A friend who cleaned houses for a living offered to give me one of her bigger clients to get me started and help me make some money.

    First day of cleaning this millionaires house whose married to the fakest woman I've ever seen, with five kids and he starts flirting with me. Long story short I'm cleaning one of the kid rooms when he starts telling me how he knows about my situation and he can pay me extra if I'm willing to "go the extra mile".

    I'm not dumb, I knew all along what he was getting at. I ask him what he had in mind and he tells me to pull down my pants and bend over so he can show me. Then he's behind me rubbing between my legs and smelling my vagina.

    With his nose touching m vagina he asks "Whens the last time this pussy has been fucked?". I tell him it had been close to a year which was true and he asks if he can "fix that problem". I nodded too nervous to say anything, and next thing I know he's fucking me on his 4 year old daughters bed.

    He was rough, never let me sit up just fucked me bent over. When he finished he pulled my underwear all the way up telling me not to get cum on her sheets. He pulled my underwear up so hard and fast that it hurt like hell. Then he threw several hundred dollar bills on the bed and left the room.

    I finished cleaning the house that day felling gross but happy I could afford some groceries after picking up my son from school. This became a weekly thing for this client and after a couple months recommended me to one of his rich friends.

    For the better part of a year I only worked two days a week cleaning two different houses, letting two different married men have sex with me and I made more than enough money to keep the lights on and food on the table.

    The crazy thing is I don't regret it at all. I actually started to enjoy it and look forward to it. One of the husbands actually gave me over a thousand dollars one day when he asked me to wear some sexier underwear and not my usual "granny panties". I told him I couldn't afford any new underwear so he gave me a bunch of money. I went out and spent about half of it at Victoria secret buying a few push up bras and sexy panties for him.

    I never lied to my husband either. I'd visit him in jail regularly and while he was hurt I made it very clear it was his fault and I had no other choice. I left out the part about actually enjoying it.

    Once a month we were able to do extended family visits with my husband. I remember it being very thrilling having just had sex with a stranger and then the same day having sex with my husband.