We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

Home Invasion

Me and my girlfriend Bayley bought our dream house right after getting married at just 23 years old. Our families had connections so we got amazing paying jobs right out of college. We had only been dating for 2 years before we got married. We hooked up after a college party and we fell for each other. Funny thing is as most college girls bayley had gotten around a lot in her 1st 2 years of college. It didn’t bother me because after all she did choose me in the end but I did always get a little concern she thought my cock was too small with it only being just under 5 inches. She never said anything so I figured it was just me being stupid. Now to the night of the break in, it was 2 am and I went to go get a glass of water from the kitchen. When I walked in the kitchen I suddenly saw a man in my house looking through my stuff. I yelled at him to get out of here but he just sprinted at me and tackled me. I have no idea what happened to my security system but it had not gone off. I’m a prideful guy and am in good shape from working out 4 times a week but I had no chance against this guy, he best the shit out of me. He probably would have killed me if it weren’t for my wife running into the kitchen to see what was going on. Of course my wife sleeps in a thong and a t-shirt every night so that’s all she had on when the intruder took notice. He completely forgot about me and ran after my screaming wife who tried retreating to the bedroom. I chased after them and right before she made it to the bedroom the man grabbed her and through her into the wall and she Laid on the ground crying in fear. I ran in to make the heroic save but was caught immediately my a hard right hook that led to my head hitting the wall and me going out cold. Now this is where I become very embarrassed in my cowardness but for some reason turned on? I was not out long and when I woke up I was in the hall just outside of my open bedroom door. I couldn’t see in from where I was but I could hear everything. I heard some gurgling and gagging followed by the man yelling “ya you like that you whore, and don’t think about biting down or I will kill you and your pussy husband” I realized my wife was being r**ed. It was only her mouth at the moment and I thought I could stop it before it got any worse. I knoew I didn’t want to take another ass beating I was already in too much pain, I knew I was too afraid to actually grab a knife and kill somebody, so the only thing I could think was too call the police. But then I stopped a thought about it, for 1 thing I was too much of a pussy to call because I didn’t want him to hear I was awake and I selfishly and ..(continue confession)

Grandma Caught Me

Been stating at my grandmas house for about a year now since it’s close to where I work. Definitely has its perks. She does all my laundry and always makes excellent food.

I have the whole upstairs to myself so I’m very comfortable walking to and from the bathroom in just my white briefs at night and in the morning. Plus that’s all I wear to bed too. I know they are popular but they are comfortable to me.

I tend to masturbate often due to me being a virgin. Sometimes it’s daily and other times it’s every few days.

Well a week ago I was in my room in just my underwear watching some porn. Decided to get on the bed and rub one out. Took off my underwear and got on the bed. I don ever shut the door because it is very squeaky. Plus I ha s the whole upstairs to myself.

So I get out some lube and start going at it. I close my eyes when I masturbate. Not even thinking about it being laundry day, I didn’t hear my grandma walk up stairs.

Next thing I know is I hear my grandma speak up and say what are you doing! I opened my eyes, let go of my dick and didn’t know what to do. My grandma was seeing me naked and erect! It’s nothing special down there, just 5” and all natural hairy.

I get off the bed grab my briefs and put them on. Talk about an awkward moment. My grandma tells me that I shouldn’t be doing that, she is old fashioned and doesn’t believe in masturbation.

Lost Bet-Lost Bush

I grew up in a different era. All you younger guys on here probably have rarely come across an honest to goodness old school bush. You older guys know what I'm talking about. I graduated high school in 1983. Every girl had a bush. A bald girl would have been really strange. Now it's the opposite. Back then your mom would show you how to shave your pits and if you were lucky your legs. There was no mention of shaving your pussy or even trimming it. Girls used Nair to keep their bush from poking out of their bathing suits and I was no different. I thinks guys back then got their first big thrill catching a glimpse of an older girls bush peeking out at the pool.

Nowadays pretty much every girl starts shaving young and are taught by their moms. My best friend taught her three girls how to shave their privates when they were thirteen years old, said she didn't want them to be made fun of for having a bush. They would get a reputation and guys would think they were "gross." She also taught them how to put condoms on at fourteen and how to give head (using a realistic dildo) at 15. My friend is not alone worrying about her daughters being ostracized for sexual reasons.

Back in the 80's though, when you put on a bikini there was a huge bump of hair where your bush was tucked in. The first time I shaved my bush was because I lost a bet. I was 18 just graduated high school and my friends and I were staying in a beach house on Cape Cod. There were parties every night and we met a lot of guys. I was a perpetually horny (and desperate) virgin. I wasn't the hottest girl nor the plainest. I was fit with c-cup boobs and never thought I was attractive but later I've found out a lot of guys thought I was. I was shy with guys but very outgoing with friends.

One night after being on the Cape for about half the week, and not so much as even having a guy try to do anything with me, a few guys talked me and two friends into hanging at their hotel with them. They were from another town and I basically only knew these guys for a few days. So there were us three and five guys. We drank and then things got a little "wild" for those days. The guys showed us their bare asses. High excitement. They tried to get us to show our tits or asses and none of us did. Eventually they brought us back and that was it but they asked us to meet the next night. I had wanted to stay (being an excited virgin and all) but my friends wanted to go.

The next night it was just me. The guys were at our place and trying to get a few of us to go back. Four girls went back. Me and three girls I'd never met before who'd just been partying at the house. There were about eight guys at the hotel including the same group from the night before. Lots of drinking and guys ..(continue confession)

  • Bladder Issues

    I have to wear depends guards because I have bladder issues. Kinda embarrassing buying them and wearing them, back to wear tighty whities to keep the guard in place.

    Hotel Maid

    Hotel maid in Cleveland walked in on me masturbating this morning. I’m no exhibitionist so I was embarrassed. She saw my hairy dick in my hand and the small bottle of conditioner beside me probably too.

  • Got That Thing I Wanted!

    Hey, I love oral pleasure with my wife.
    Been eating her out for years and LOVE feasting between her legs. Better than fucking.
    So I've been trying to catch her when she's real tangy and pungent, before she showers,
    I was right about it all along; I was just in the right place at the right time.

    So I got to eat her sweet ass when I wanted, before shower too.
    She was absolutely delicious.

    I was licking up her crack and tasting her leftover shit from when she last went and wiped.
    Just the tiniest dregs, but it was enough to have a wonderful scent and a bitter flavor.
    I swear, when she gets me so turned on, I would lick and suck her fucking shit right out of her sweet ass!

    My Mom Caught Me!

    I moved back into my moms house a few years ago because it was just the best thing to do. Sold my house since my mom is getting older. I’m an only kid. I’m single and never been married so why do I need my own place really. Just that living with my mom really affected my sex life some. But I make it work, I have the pole barn to use if I have a woman friend over to get some.

    Anyways yesterday morning I was laying in bed. In just my underwear, I wear and sleep in only shite briefs. What I’ve always worn so if my mom sees me in my underwear it’s no big deal. Had Friday off work so around 7am when I woke up I figured I’d get a morning cum in. Grabbed my albolene off the bottom of my night stand. Pulled my hard dick and balls through the fly of my briefs and got some albolebe on my fingers and rubbed it on my dick.

    Didn’t tell me mom I had the day off so when she saw my truck in the driveway she must had thought I over slept. I’m a welder so my schedule is pretty flexible. So I’m laying in bed, enjoying myself. Giving myself lots of head stimulation. The blinds are wide open because I always leave them up so The sun is shining in on me.

    My mom who is 74 comes down the hall and opens my door. I had my eyes closed but heard her gasp. I was jerking my dick and didn’t even have time to stop when I made eye contact with her. Once I made eye contact I stopped stroking it. She asked if I had to work and I said no all while I was sitting up in bed with my dick out the fly of my briefs. So my mom is seeing my hard dick and my low saggy balls flop around. She said okay and shut the door. That was the first time ever she caught me masturbating.

    Once she shut the door I hurry up and cummed on a pair of my dirty underwear that I wore the previous day to work. Then I went to shower.

    Nothing was said till this morning . Said next time I will knock. I told her it was Okay. She told me she forgot that my bedroom is my personal space and that she should had just figured I was doing that since the door was closed all the way. Once again I told her it’s fine, it’s a part of life.

    What really got me was when she said I’ve been seeing lots of your underwear in the laundry since you moved in that are wet or stuck together. That made me embarrassed. Nudity I’m not really embarrassed about. My mom sees me naked occasionally if I strip naked when coming in the house after work or if I shower outside after doing yard work. I’m all natural down there too, never have groomed it ever

    First Time

    My cousin and I decided to shave it all off. We were fifteen and on summer vacation. We shaved our legs, our thighs and our pits. Then we took scissors and trimmed down our bush, we then got in the shower and lathered up with my dad's shaving cream. Using new cartridges in our Lady shavers we went to work, but it was impossible to do it right. That's when we stood while we shaved each other. Between our legs by raising a leg onto the toilet. Well, bend over and shave up our butt cracks.

    That afternoon I touched a pussy with my fingers, I touched a butt crack and a butt hole. That afternoon we touched our boobs, kissed our boobs, kissed on the lips with tongue. We got on my bed, and kissed, and felt up, we fingered each other but never came. That it was with my cousin I think was good. It made us grow closer than sisters. Today we still kiss, with tongue, maybe a hand on a boob, maybe a swat across the ass, maybe we get on a bed and relive our teen days. I say maybe because we know we should never have done what we did that afternoon and we shouldn't be kissing like this.

    Shoe Thief At Walmart

    I was at Walmart looking for a pair of shoes for whenever School opens up and as I went to try on shoes some weirdo came over and he grabbed my shoes and I asked him to put them down, and then he started running with my shoes.

    I gave chase to the shoe thief but I was running in Walmart in my socks and the floor was slippery and there were so many dumbass people in the way and I ended up slipping and falling on my face nearly crushing my glasses as I could hear some shoppers laughing at me.

    My Mom caught up to me and went to go find an employee as my knee was bruised up from the fall as a Walmart Employee approached as we explained what happened. My socks were dirty from running and my knee was sore since I wore shorts today and I was kind of turned on at the sight of my legs and socked feet in Walmart.

    Walmart decided to sell me a new pair of shoes which was good and all but i'm so pissed and so are my parents, and I hope that creepy man who stole my shoes in Walmart gets caught.

    Perils Of Texting Part 2 Continued From #46359

    So it's been a few weeks since I posted up my initial issue with a 16 year old niece (Tracy) stealing dick pics from the MIL's phone. The MIL had an opportunity to confront her on the July 4th weekend as we hosted her 17th birthday party at our home as we have a pool. I really didn't want to host it but my wife agreed to so I was told that I need only to man the BBQ. Also bothering me was the fact that she was allowed to invite around 8 of her friends with her. Now there is little to no fear of Covid as these girls and their parents are all in the same group bubble. I have also told the wife that any guests are to be restricted to using the outdoor change rooms which are equipped with washrooms and other amenities.

    As I said above what was bothering was that I am 100% certain that many of these 16 - 19 year old girls have seen these dick pictures which makes me feel uncomfortable knowing this. I figure I will do what is needed on the BBQ and retreat to the den. The MIL had stayed over the night before to help set up for the event and was unsure of how she would confront her granddaughter when I asked her. That morning was spent setting up chairs, tables and cleaning the pool and the change rooms from top to bottom. My wife identified a few things we forgot to get the day before from the store and would head out to get them when her SIL arrived. Around 11:30 the SIL showed up and they were to head to the store taking the MIL with them. Wife comes out and tells me they will be back in 1.5 - 2 hours but Mom is staying as she doesn't feel well. They leave and I head in moments later to shower.

    I head towards the shower and fire it up when in walks Diane with a towel and a change of clothes. It turns out Mom wasn't feeling badly at all but wanted to use this time for some cock. I can immediately feel my dick growing and strip down to release it and head in to the shower where I am joined by Diane. I start off by going down on her while she is seated on the shower bench with her legs over my shoulder. I make her cum twice causing her to squeeze my head tightly. Now she wants what she had yet to have which is good fucking. We get in to it and to my surprise she is taking it all with relative ease and no complaints. This made me happy. Apparently at home she had been working her way up the dildo sizes in anticipation of this day. Bottom line is I dump my load in her and she tells me the next time she wants anal...amazing!

    Wife and SIL return home and we finish setting up. Guests arrive and wife lays out the ground rules for them all prior to getting started. It is like a mass exodus of 16-19 year old girls to the change rooms. One by one they emerge and I can tell you that ..(continue confession)